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Jjf ;:; ' .y.i :;: : , fff ' . ' • " ' B ' 1 P I KJ Mr 1 ■1 S ' ■ 11 j L ;- ; 3i K%1 D v ' iP A. J V 7- 4 Wtent . . . . r;r © T ' . t; „ c HOMECOMING -FRESHMAN WEEK . .-;;■• - , I ' d RATH ER HAVE J ESU S REV L.G. GATt-l N N OV. 6-15 4 4 ■ i lyii iift ► ' - ' - .1 - --, _-va - y ft ;IJi — - - " ■ ' — = ' «■ " B i Ss sH v n -.- ■• ' ■ y ir}- i.ypi u, ■— _ r v,. » • ♦ ' •-♦ , ■- Ai- r - . ' • „ » T» ' ; N»r7 p V ! ' " ' J ri. xr - ' - !5. ' -» ». ■ ' ' - . ' ' I c- WL« t £: Si «£W-»» ' ' , ftt • ?i. WJ T V-j. S« t £g£ £ . f - msg$- ig% Ssg ri fe J March saw h As tola was c r owne r r ni SUpre ™ Mex,ca„ m ura ls made „« L ° Ur recrea,i ° " Jheo , n blackface was h , ° ra,ions - Talkine Blues " „« hard ' ° b ea. ese corny hill bm; an , unusu a beat. Wer e par, of a " h an ? " " " li,e Service BanH April broughi sorin Pr ° gram «» reallv w W i!e sis.er MafvT ' T ' ° Joh " BeU £ ' 9ra ° d - 0a TTT — " • " : . i V • C— r k t- " W M HI r i, ' i 4v ' " ' fro th e O " °tn e " aoT ° °d s , ° d Ph v er e ' » " ' so „, Ur " °n. , Ca «s» ,Cs - aL e e a,° c ' 4 „. Se o . d «d Tm ° £d fp c3 p ! { 1 ' ? r " t» «W ■ ' V J T V ' " ;v; " ■ - ' - — fig IRT! DEDICATION To a spirit undaunted To a character strong and vigorous To an individual who is individualistic To a person whose loyalty to duty is exemplary To one, who has become a Symbol of Union University To our friend who has inspired us t0 ica°te tnts S annuT ar : ° f 194? Sem ° r ClaSS pr ° udl Y ded " Gs ■• - " — ' ■ " ■ ■ " OUR PRESIDENT Modest and soft-spoken, but progressive and iron-willed. Warren Francis Jones has served Union well as president for two years. During this time Union has seen her greatest period of physical expansion and her largest student enroll- ment. WARREN F. JONES . The HARRIETT HELEN BLYTHE English FRANK M. BLYTHE ... Business Manager GRACE BRUCE Commerce FLORA HAAS Biology JULIA HAMMACK Public School Music and Choral Classes MABEL HARDIN English ANNE HAWKINS Voice CAREY HESTER Assistant Librarian BETTY JACOBS Secretary to Dean WILLIAM A. KEEL Bible ETHEL LUCKEY Walton Hotel DIXIE MARTIN JONES Education. Psychology MATTIE SANDERS Dean of Women FACULTY BEULAH MALLORY Mathematics JASPER N. MALLORY Mathematics HAZEL MANSFIELD Secretary to President FRANK MATURO Modern Languages CHARLES MILLICAN Commerce A. WARREN PRINCE Chemistry MYRTIS RAMER Secretary to Dean DEE RICE Latin; Hostess. Crook Hall MRS. JAMES F. ROGERS Hostess. Lovelace Hall THEO ROYER Mathematics ROSA RUTLEDGE History. German MRS. SAMUEL STANWORTH Piano and Theory SAMUEL S. SARGENT I «■ »- FACULTY LOUISE SUBLETTE . . . Dining Room RENA SUBLETTE Dining Room EMMA W. SUMMAR AMOS TEASLEY INA RANKIN TRENTHAM Coach and Social Sci English and Social Science SHANNON O. TRENTHAM Biology FRANK L. WELLS . . . Education and Psychology FLOY S. WISE History GRACE WILLIAMS Home Economics: Physical Education TROY YOUNG Alumni Director 8 «Sm£ fl|r £ WADE CARVER DAVID RAGAN President Vice-President NOIS JETER Secretary WILLIE FRANCES BRYANT Treasurer SENIOR CLASS Ojfjf cerJ CO co ANNE ANDERSON Jackson Tenne Chi On lege A.B. Er glish Hypat ' 45. ' 44 (Reporter. ' 46): Home Echo, 43 44, ' 45, ' 46 (President, ' 46); Euphero- synean, ' 43. ' 44- Madison County Club, ' 45. •46 ' 47; Footlights Club, ' 47; Chi Omega Pledqe Mistress ' 4546; Associate Editor Lest We Forget, ' 47; Cardinal and Cream Bus- iness Staff. ' 44, Reporter, ' 47; Play Tourna- ment 47- One-Act Play Night, ' 47; Spanish Club, ' 47; Seven Keys to Baldpate. ' 47. MARSHALL BOROUGHS Steele, Missouri A.B. Religion Booster Club. ' 46- ' 47- Pioneer Club ' 45, ' 46, ' 47, (Vice-President. ' 46- ' 47)- Footlights Club, ' 45- ' 46, ' 47 (Vice-President ' 46- ' 47J- JRG ' 4S- ' 44. ' 44- ' 47; Tau Kappa Alpha ' 47- Basket, ball Team, ' 45- ' 44- One-Act Play Night ' 45- " Magnificent Obsession. " ' 46- Play Tourna- ment, ' 44; One-Act Play Night, ' 47; Stunt Night. ' 46; Southwest Baptist College- " Seven Keys to Balpate, " ' 47; Strickland Medal Con- testant. ' 47. WILLIE FRANCES BRYANT Pan- Hellenic, ' 44 ' 47; Enonian, ' 44 ' 45 ' 46 ' 47; Mississippi Club Oueen ' 46- Secretary ' ' 44- ' 47; Footlights Club, ' 45, ' 44 ' 47- YWA, ' ' 47; Life Service Band, ' 44 ' 45; Glee Club, ' 47; Music Appreciate ' 46- ' 47; Spanish Club! JAMES E. BURRESS Trenton, Tennessee Phi Delta B.S. Commerce West Tennesse Club, ' 45, ' 46. ' 47. WADE LESLEY CARVER Alpha Tau Omega A.B. History History Majors, ' 46. ' 47; Rutledge History Club, ' 47, (President, ' 47); Booster Club, ' 44, ' 47, (President, ' 44, ' 47); West Tennessee Club. ' 44. ' 45, ' 46, ' 47, (President, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47); B.S.U. Council (Chorister, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45); JRG (Chorister, ' 43 ' 44), (President ' 45, ' 44, ' 47); Life Service Band (Chorister, ' 44)- (Vice- President, ' 44); Glee Club, (President ' 45 ' 44 ' 47). Class President for four years- State B.S.U. Presidert. ' 44; Worthy Master A.T.O. ' 46; Athletic Committee. ' 44- President Adams Hall. ' 44. ' 47. PRINCE E. CLAYBROOK Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.B. English West Tennessee Club; Footlights. ' 3? ' 40 ' 41 46. ' 47; JRG, ' 44- ' 47; Glee Club ' 39 ' 40 41, ' 47; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 46- ' 47- " Death Takes A Holiday, " ' 41; Veterans Club ' 44, ' 47; Play Tournament, ' 44. CHARLES E. CLOYD Marion. Kentucky A.B. Bible Kentucky Club; JRG. ' 45, ' 46 ' 47- A.D.S.; Council Adams Hall, ' 46; Campbellsville Jr. College, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Secretary JRG Spring. BETTY M. CRAIG Marion. Kentucky B.S. Mathematics Palladians, ' 44- ' 45, ' 45 ' 46, (Secretary ' 46- ' 47); Kentucky Club ' 44- ' 45 ' 45- ' 44 ' 44-47; YWA, ' 44- ' 45, ' 45 ' 44 (Pianist), ' 44- ' 47 (Presi- dent Circle No. 2); Life Service Band ' 44- ' 45. (Pianist), ' 45 ' 44, (Secretary); ' 44- ' 47 (Pia- nist); Glee Club, ' 46 ' 47, (Accompanist) ' 45- ' 44- Mallory Math Club. ' 45- ' 44 ' 44- ' 47- Music Appreciation, ' 45- ' 44 ' 44- ' 47 (President). GEORGE L. DOWD ■ersity of th Club, ' 44 ' 47- 1 ' 47; Veterans Club uth, ' 43, ' 44; Histor JOAN EASON Leapwood, Tennessee Chi Omega A.B. English Chi Omega President, ' 47- Pan. Hellenic, ' 44- ' 47, (Secretary, ' 47) ; Hypatia, ' 44, ' 47. (Vice- President ' 46. Secretary-Treasurer ' 47); Palla dians ' 46, ' 47; Booster ' 47- West Tennessee Club, ' 46. ' 47; Footlights Club, ' 46 ' 47; Glee Club, ' 46; Tau Kappa Alpha. ' 47; Play Tour nament. ' 46; One Act Play Night, ' 47; Spanish Club. Vice-President, ' 47; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart, ' 47; Freed-Hardeman College; " Seven Keys to Baldpate, " ' 47; Strickland Medal Contestant, ' 47. EVA MAE ELDRIDGE Beaver Dam. Kentucky A.B. English Kentucky Club; YWA, ' 44 ' 45, ' 46, 47; Life Service Band ' 44, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47- Glee Club. ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Intramural Basketball. ' 46 ' 47; Stunt Night, ' 46. CLINT O. HANNA Silerton. Tennessee B.S. Mathematics MARJORIE HERRON Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega B.S. Biology Euphrosynean. ' 46 ' 47, (Vice-President ' 46- ' 47) ; Madison County Club; Doctors Club ' 46- ' 47; Footlights Club. ' 44-47; Lambuth Col lege, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. GEORGE HOLLAND Jackson, Tenn B.S. History Co sketball Te Club; History Ma HERMAN E. JACOBS Memphis. Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.B. History Eminent Archon Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 47 History Maiors Club. ' 42, ' 43 ' 44, ' 47; Mad ison County Club; BSU Vice-President ' 46 47; JRG ' ' 42, ' 43. ' 47; Life Service Band ' 42 ' 43; Glee Club, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43 ' 47- Tau Kapp; Alpha, ' 41. ' 42, ' 43, ' 47; Lest We Forge- Photographer, ' 43, ' 47- Cardinal and Crearr Photographer ' 42- ' 43; Veterans Club ' 46- ' 47 Music Appreciation, ' 47- Cheerleader ' 43 ' 47 Kardinal Key Klub, ' 42 ' 43- Student ' rector Intramural Sport ' s, ' 46 ' 47- Student Council, ' 46- ' 47, (Secretary ' 46- ' 47J; Spanish Club, ' 42. ' 43. ' 46. ' 47; Male Ouartet ' 41. ' 42, ' 43, ' 46 ' 47; Mixed Ouintette ' 42 ' 43 ' 46 ' 47. HENRY GUY JACKSON Springfield. Tenne Club- JRG. ' 44. 45. NOIS JETER Zeta Tau Alpha A.B. English Hypatia, ' 46, ' 47- Home Echo ' 3? ' 40 ' Enonian ' 39 ' 40. ' 41. ' 46- ' 47; West Tern, see Club- Footlights ' 44. ' 47- YWA, ' 39, ' • ' 41 ' 44 ' 47; Glee Club. ' 39. ' 40 ' 41. ' • ' 47- Trio. ' 39. ' 40; Girls Ensemble. ' 46- ' - Lest We Forget Staff. ' 40- Cardinal ai Cream Reporter, ' 39-40; Associate Editor. ' ' 47; Secretary, Senior Class, ' 46- ' 47: My- Appreciation, ' 44- ' 47- L ' Alliance Francai: ' 39- ' 40; Kardinal Key Klub. ' 39. ' 40; ' 40- ' ' Strickland Medal Contests-- 47 LEARLENE LOWRY Rowland. North Carolina B.S. Home Economics Home Echo. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. 44. 47 President ' 44- ' 47); Greater Dixie Club. (Vice- President ' 46- ' 47- YWA Circle C 1 -- ' 47; Life Service Band. Secretary. ' 46 ' 47 : Glee Club ' 45- ' 46- Basketball Team Club, ' 46- ' 47- Reporter, Senior Class, ' 46 ' 47. » C 3 Theo Lancaster LILLIAN LUCILLE McKINNEY Rural Hall, North Carolina A.B. Religion Dixie Club; Footlights Club ' 46- ' 47; YWA, ' 46, ' 47, (Circle Program Chairman); Life Service Band, ' 45, ' 46. ' 47; Glee Club, ' 47; One-Act Play Night, ' 47; Campbell Junior College. HV.NCES EVELYN NICELEY Perryville. Kentucky A.B. English H patia ' 45. ' 46, ' 47; Kentucky Club ' 45- ' 46, (Secretary 46-47); Latin Club. ' 46- ' 47- Campbellsville Jr. College ' 42. ' 43 ' 44- BSU Council. , 43- ' 44; YWA Pianist, ' 45 ' ' 46 ' 47; Life Service Band. ' 45- ' 46. (Pianist ' 46- ' 47, Secretary ' 46); Glee Club, ' 45, 46- Stunt Night, ' 45, ' 46 ' 47; A.D.S. JOHN B. NICELEY Perryville, Kentucky B.S. Mathematics A.B. Re igion Kentucky Club. ' 45 ' 46. ' 47; JRG ' 45 ' 47; Glee Club. ' 45, ' 46. ' 47- Stunt Night ' 47; Veterans Club. ' 46, ' 47; Campbells Jr. College. ' 39- ' 40 ' 40- ' 4l; Carson-Newr ' 4l- ' 42; Mississippi State College, ' 43. SAM T. PARKER Jackson, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega B.S. Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Worthy Maste Doctors Club. ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 45 (Vice-President ' 4l- ' 42)- Business ' Cardinal and Cream, ' 4l- ' 42- Freshr Vice-President. ' 4l- ' 42; Veterans C President ' 45- ' 46. WILLIAM T. PEPPEH, JR. Paducah, Kentucky Booster Club, ' 45- ' 46, ' 46- ' 47- Kentucky Club Footlights Club. ' 45, ' 46. ' 47- BSU Council ' 46, ' 47; JRG ' 35- ' 36. ' 36- ' 37 ' 45- ' 46 ' 46- ' 47 Life Service Band. ' 35- ' 36, ' 36- ' 37 ' 45- ' 46 ' 46 ' 47; Glee Club. ' 45- ' 46. GEORGE H. TURNER, JR. A.B. English Greater Dixie Club; Latin Club. ' 47; lights Club, 45, ' 46, ' 47- BSU Council dent ' 46 ' 47; JRG. ' 45. 46 47- Life S Band. ' 45. ' 46. ' 47. (Chorister 45 J6i- Club. ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Music Appreciate ' 47; Campbellsville Jr. College. 43 ' 4 PILLOW Blylheville. Arka B.S. History History Majors Club. ' 45, ' 46. erans Club, ' 46, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Pioneei G, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Vet ANNE PRESSLEY Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Chemistry and Biology ' 44. isurer, Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 46- Enonian ' 45, ' 46. ' 47; Madison County Club ' Doctors Club ' 45, ' 46 ' 47. VIRGINIA MAE PYRON Jackson. Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Commerce Zeta Tau Alpha, President ' 46- ' 47, Historian ' 46; Pan-Hellenic, (President ' 46, ' 47); En- onian, ' 44. ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Palladians ' 46- ' 47- Booster Club, ' 46- ' 47; Madison County Club- Life Service Band, ' 44, ' 45; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 47; Music Appreciation, ' 46- ' 47; Mis- sissippi State College for Women. DAVID RAGAN Jackson, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega A.B. English Booster Club ' 46- ' 47; Alpha Tau Om; Scribe ' 45. Palm Reporter ' 46- Madison Cou Club; Footlights Club, ' 45 ' ' 46 ' 47 (Pr. dent ' 46- ' 47); Tau Kappa Alpha ' 47 ( porter ' 47); Organization Editor Lest ' Forget, ' 47; Editor-in-Chief Cardinal £ ' 45- ' 46, ' 46- ' 47- Stunt Night ' Magnifi Obs ment ' 46; One-Act Play Play ' 47; Junior Class Senior Class Vice-Preside Appre :iation, ' 47; Publici Week ' 46; Editor Unio " Sever Keys to Baldpat Medal Contestant, ' 47. ' 46- Pla Night, ' 47; 1 So " 3 ' 45- 46- M F, -us ' 44- -: ' - ickland KATHERINE LOUISE REAVES Memphis, Tennessee Chi Omega B.S. Chemistry ' 45; Annual Staff. ' 47. VERNON SISCO Halls. Tennessee ■ B R i West Tennessee Club; JRG, ' 46. 47. ANNIE LOU SMITH Medon. Te nnessee A.B. Education Madison County Club- Union Univers Basketball; Enonian Literary Society KATY JO SMITH Toone. Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Chemistry Home Echo, ' 45- ' 46; Enonian ' 45 ' 46 ' 47- Booster Club, ' 45- ' 46, (Secretary); Doctors Club, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; U Club. ' 46- ' 47- Mallory Math Club, ' 45- ' 46 ' 46- ' 47. ALVIN L. STOBAUGH Jackson, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon B.S. Commerce Madison County Club. LYNDON T. STONE Alpha Tau Omega B.S. Mathematics Greater Tennessee Club, ' 46, ' 47- Mallory Math Club, ' 46-47; Veterans Club. ' 46. ' 47. NANCY JEAN STONE Petersburg, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Mathematics Enonian. ' 46, ' 47; Greater Tennessee Club- YWA. ' 46, ' 47; Mallory Math Club ' 46- ' 47 (Secretary ' 46- ' 47); Tennessee College for LACY EARL WILLIAMS Bells, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega B.S. Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega Pledge Master, ' 46- Booste ' Club. ' 46-47; West Tennessee Clur Club. ' 47; Footlights CL: in- Chief Lesf pmatic Ac 46 ' 47; Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent ' 46 ' 47- Mj M ' 47- Vet erans Club. 47. BARTON HALL ADMINISTRATION BUILDING GLENN HARWOOD LACY WILLIAMS DOLLY BANDY President Vice-President Secretary JANET FORGY Reporte JUNIOR CLASS OfflcerA CO Jim (Count) Frey " C7 x Mr . v 3te ' MB f i I? 1 k: V ■■ ' .. V Jte 4T Ml CI HELEN ADAMS Tupelo, Mm AUDIE ANDERSON DOLLY BANDY Danville. Ky. TOM BRANDON Benton Ky. POLLY BRETT Jackson. Tenn KATHERINE BROWN Memphis, Tenn MERILYN COTTER FRANCES CROSSON WANDA CULP Leachville. JUNE DARLING Jackson, Ten MARTHA TUTTLE DAVIS Humboldt, Tenn, GEORGENE DAY Laconia, Tenn. JIMMIE DIAMOND Jackson. Tenn. JOHN DICKINSON ROBERT ELAM Jackson. T JANE EVANS LUDIE FEATHERSON GEORGE FERGUSON Covington, Ter JANET FORGY JAMES FRANKS Falls Churc JAMES FREY Springfield. DOROTHY GOOGE Marietta. Mis LE BERTA HART GLYNN HARWOOD JEAN HICKS Elizabothto HERVEY HUDSON BOB HUNDLEY Mercer, Tenn. DALE JOHNSON Jackson. Tenn. JOYCE JOHNSON HUBERT JONES Dyersburg. Ton LE ROY JONES THEO LANCASTER JOY LILES Humboldt. Tenn. ROBERT MIZELL Jackson, K JIMMIE PHILLIPS Jackion. Te MARY WALDROP WILLIAM LOGSINS Loberville, Ti ANNIE KATE MOORE Greenfield, Tenn DOLORES RANDOLPH Jackson. Tenn. RACHEL WALDROP KENNETH MAYS Pinson. Tenn. BILLY MOORE Jackson. Te WILL HAYS ROBERTS Jackson, Tenn. HENRY G. WEST Ecru, Miss. MARY FRANCES MAYS Jackson. Tenn. WILLIAM MOSIER VIOLET SILLS ANNA MAE WILLIAMS Paducah, Ky. JOHN MEADOR Jackson. Tenn. MARY JANE MURPHEY Rossville. Tenn. HAROLD SUBLETT MARCELINE WILLIAMS Humboldt. Te nn BILLY MclLWAIN Trenton, Tenn. MARIE NABORS Smithville, Miss. ANNE TAYLOR Jackson. T NANCY WILLIAMS Memphis, Ten KATHERINE MILLER Bruceton, Tenn. BETTY PEARCE CHARLES TAYLOR Jackson. Ten HAROLD WOOD ALICE MIZELL GWEN PETWAY Benton. Ky MRS. BILLIE TURNER Covington. ■V i ■ " ■. ,. v . " ' ? " ir " .v- 5 " - ■ -- • SOPHOMORE CLASS O pcetA ALFRED ROYER President JIMMY EAVES Vice-President BETTY JONES PEARCE Secretary c » aJ JOHN PRIMM JEANETTE JEAN ADAMS BODKIN CARLISLE Trenton, Tenn. Trenton, Tenn Lucy. Tenn. JUNE BLANCHE JUANITA ADAMS BOMER CASTELLAW Union City. Tenr Brownsville. Tenn Maury City. Te CALVIN LOIS GERALDINE ANDERSON BOOTHE CLARK Huntingdon, Tenn. Burnsville. Hiss. Adamsville, Te PEGGY J. B. DODSON FRYE Halls. Tenn. Jackso RUTH DOWLAND CARL DUCK Mobile, DEANE GRAVES MILDRED HOLLAND Blu- Springs. CLARA JANE HOLLOWAY Jackson. Tenn. JANE CHARLES HAMNER HUDSON Jackson, Tenn. Dyer, Tenn. EDMUND ANTHONY Ripley. Tenn. SHELBY DEE BREWER Hackleburg. Ala JIMMIE CLARK Union City, Te KATIE LOU O ' NEAL W. W. DUNAGAN HARDY HUMPHREYS Trenton. Tenn. Ripley, Tenn. Memphis. Tenn. BILLY PALMER BETTY BAXTER BRIGGS COGBURN Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Alamo, Tenn. JOHN FRANK FRED BELL BRUER CROSSON Louisville, Ky. Jackson Tenn. Jackson. Ten MARY JANE HAROLD GWYN BELL BRYANT DAILEY Louisville Ky. Osceola, Ark. Hazel, K BEVERLY CLARA JAMES BILLINGSLEY BURDETT DEMING Jackson. Tenn. Martin, Tenn. Henderson IRENE BISHOP PAUL BURNS EDWIN ELLIS BIVENS BUSE Jackson, Tenn. Tupelo LUCILLE DEW CAROLYN DODDS JOYCE JIMMY ANN JOSEPH EAVES HARRISON ISAAC Jackson, Tenn. Popular. Bluff. Mo. Jackson, 1 JEANNE THOMAS BILL EAVES HARWOOD IVY Jackson, Tenn, Trenton, Tenn. Paduca , Ky AUTRY IRVIN DOROTHY EMMERT HAYES JONES Jackson, Tenn. Trenton. Tenn. Dyersburg. T EVELYN EPPS Courtland, Mi ' ALMA RUTH FRANKS Falls Chur RALPH HENDERSON LOU ELLEN HILLS Le.ingto DOROTHY KING WALTER HARRY J. L. FINLEY HICKMAN KNUPP Jackson, Tenn. Petersburg, Tenn. Kavel. Ky BETTY LANON RALPH LAWLER EVELYN MORELAND REGINA PEELER Stanton, Tc VIRGINIA JEAN E. E. LEGGETT MURCHISON PHILLIPS Gates. Tenn Jackson, Tenn. Henderson GEORGIA MAE LOWRANCE Jackson, Tenn. ELIZABETH NELSON Bells, Tenn. JIMMIE PHILPOT CLYDE PAY CLARENCE McCORD OAKLEY RANDOLPH Beech Bluff, Tenn. Dyersburg. Tenn Jackson, Tenn. BROOKS JERE MILDRED CHARLES DOROTHY C. M. McLEMORE OMAR RICHARDSON SCATES STANLEY WARREN Jackson. Tenn. Jackson, Tenn, Jackson. Tenn. Jackson. Tenn. Ripley, Tenn. Clifton. Te MARGARET MARY SARA MABRY OSWALT FRANCES RILEY Water Valley, Miss. Memphis. Tenn. Tupelo, Mis MARVIN THELMA WILLIAM MILLER PARKER ROARK Jackson, Tenn. Medon. Tenn, Malesus, Te PERRY BUDDY JOYCE MOORE PATEY ROBERTS Jackson. Tenn. Tupelo, Miss. Jackson, Tenn H. G. MARY DWAYNE ROBERTS NELL TUCKER Blue Springs Miss, SINCLAIR Parsons, Te MARGARET ANN ROGERS Jackson, Tenn. MOLLIE SMITH KYLE SCATES TOMMY STEADMAN RUBYE CLAIRE GEORGE H. B. HERSCHEL GLENN WILLIAMS WINSLOW WOODWARD WOODY YANCEY Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Wewoka, Okla. Humboldt, Tenn. Savannah. BILL TURNER Covington, ALFRED LORRAINE LOLA ROYER SMITH USERY Memphis, Tenn Memphis, Tenn. Bradforc FRED TRUDELL FRED SANDERS SMITH WALDEN Humboldt, Tenn Decaturville. Tenr Tupelo. M i LYDA WHITE BILL JAMES THELMA SHELTON HOLLAND STRAWN WHITLOCK Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Pulaski. Tenn. ROY J. w. ANDREW SIMMONS TODD WILLIAMS Henderson. Tenn. Lexington Tenn. Jackson, Tenn CROOK HALL 38 ■ ROY SIMMONS President TOMMY STEDMAN Vice-President BUDDY PATEY Treasurer JACK HILLIARD Reporter FRESHMAN CLASS Oiiictn C 9 Tom (Strolling) Eva ft. a 1£ JAM g » c p. © I 113 f? e. JOYCE AUSTIN Taylor, Mi FRED BAKER JOE BAILEY Shelbyvill JEAN BALL Ripley, BOB BANE CLIFFORD BARNES Beech Bluff. 1 JAMES BARNETT Parsons, Tenn. WILLIAM BERRETT Henderson, Tenn. MILTON BASDEN Blue Springs BILLIE BASS Trenton, GERALDINE BECKHAM Lutts, Tenn. LESTER BISHOP ROBERT BOGLE RAY BOONE JOE BOMAR HUNTER BOND BILLY BOND STANLEY BOWDEN Covington, Te HERSHEL BREWER HOWARD RAY BREWER Henderson. T WALLENE BREWER Lavinia, Tenn. MARY BREWER ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Bells, Tenn. ELIZABETH " PANN " CARR Tupelo, Miss, REBA NELL CASEY Milan, Tenn. PEGGY CAUDLE Trenton, Tenn. CELESTE CHAPMAN JAMES CHATAM Humboldt, 1 ROSE CHESTER GEORGE CLARK GRADY CLEMENT JACK JEAN BROWN CLIFTON Vicksburg, Miss. Memphis, Tenn FRED JAMES BRUMBELOW CLOUD Hickory Valley, Miss Henderson. Ten CHARLES GLENN BUNTIN COLEMAN Jackson, Tenn. Trenton. Tenn. JAMES EDMOND BURDETTE COLE Martin, Tenn. Aberdeen, Miss ED ALTON THOMAS CONNER DANIELS ESTES Ripley, Miss, LaGrange, Ga. Blue Mounlai JIM GENE THOMAS COOPER DAVIS EVANS Greenfield, Tenn. Gates. Tenn Oarden, Tonn JOE BROOKS COOPER RICHARD De BERRY JOE EXUM Jackson, Tenn. Humboldt, Tenn Jackson. Tenn PAUL WILLIAM GEORGE COOPER DICKINSON FEATHERS Jackson, Tenn. Ripley, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn GENE SOUTHALL J. L. COTEY DICKSON FORD Memphis, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn BOBBY JACK GENE COUCH DITTO FORRESTER Jackson, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Jackson. Tenn MILTON WILBUR WILLIAM COX DOUGLAS FOSTER Booneville, Miss. Jackson. Tenn. Jackson, Tenn DAMON WALLACE CRABTREE B. B. DOUGLAS FOSTER Bells, Tenn. Ripley. Tenn. Jackson. Tenn FRANK GEORGE MOZELLE CRAWFORD DRINKARD FOWLER Memphis, Tenn. Ripley. Tenn. Martin, Tenn. PERRY CLARENCE DAVID CRIMM DRIVER GARDNER Trenton, Tenn, Humboldt, Tenn. Jackson. Tenn. MARTHA BOB MARGARET CROCKER EPPES GARNETT Kenton, Tenn. Jackson. Tenn Mayfield. Ky. RUSSELL MAXINE GILL CROUSE EPPS GIDEON Dyer, Tenn. Courtland, Miss. Whiteville, Ten CARROLL JEWEL SARA CURTIS EPPS GILL Memphis, Tenn. Courtland. Miss. Jackson. Tenn. C 3 Peg 9 a a £• ; £ ft ■b ■ m ■■■■- ::: - Cl ffl «1 A SI • .■.-.. e 9 Q « :-T • 1 A JL 1 Alt. | £ 9 G r v $k IV ?■ ' W. T. SILL Bragg City, RUBY DEAN GLENN luka, Miss MARTHA SUE GOAD JE SSIE GRAY CLELL GREEN TRIPPE GREEN laGrange, Ga BILLY GREGORY Jackson, Tenn. MARY LEE HAILEY Brownsville, Ten RAYMOND HALE Halls, Tenn. EVELYN HALEY Memphis, Tenn ROBERT HALFACRE Jackson, Tenn. ROBERT HAMBLIN Aberdeen, Mi: MARK HAMRICK Jackson, Tenn. HUGH HARROL Detroit, Mic WAYMON HARRISON Mobile. Ala. DONALD HARTMAN Gates, Tenn. JOHN HENDREN Ripley. Tenn. PEGGY HENRY Pontotoc. HERBERT HIGDON Memphis, Te JERE HUEY BROWN HUGHES GALE ISAMINGER Memphis, Tenn. ERED JACOBS Humboldt. CHARLES JOHNSON Tupelo, Miss. FRANK JOHNSON STRATTON JAMES E. HILL JOHNSON Humboldt, Tenn. Elaine. Ark. KATHERINE JACK ANN HILLIARD JONES Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. JIMMIE TED HINSON JONES McGehee, Ark. Humboldt, Tenr J. B. WARREN HOLLAND, JR. JONES Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. MARIE ROBERT HOPKINS JORDAN Henning, Tenn. Toone, Tenn. RAY JIMMIE HOUSE JOYNER Martin, Tenn. Huntingdon. Te WENDELL OZIER HUDIBERG KELLY Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. IOf KING PAUL KING SHAROLENE McAULEY Jackson, Tenn. EDWIN McCAULEY Jackson, Tenn. JAMES McCUNE RALPH MclNTYRE ELBERT McLAURIN Elaine. Ark. LYDIA McLEMORE JENNIE MAE MARY JO MATHIS Jackson, T WILLIAM MATHIS BUFORD MATLOCK HARVEY MEEKS JOE MEEKS G. G. MIDDLETON Leiington, Tenn KOFFMAN McMINN MILLER Jackson, Tenn. Lavinia, Tenn Ripley. Tenn. MARY LOU DAVID HOWARD LANKFORD McPEAKE MISKELLY Ripley. Tenn. Jackson. Tenn. Faulkner, Miss. BILL MERL GERALD LEDBETTER McVEY MONTGOMERY Henderson, Tenn. Tupelo. Miss. Lexington, Tenn. NORMAN W. G. JUNE LEVINE McWHORTER MOORE Woodsocket. R. 1. Jackson. Tenn Fullon. Miss. LINDY BOB ROBERT LEWIS MALONE MOORE Kevil, Ky. Jackson, Tenn. Greenfield, Tenn. JIMMY GEORGE DAVID LITTLEFIELD MARTIN MORGAN Adamsville, Tenn. Henderson, Tenn. Lutts. Tenn. FRED KENNETH ROBERT LOLLAR MARTINDALE MORRIS BOB NAOUIN Nashville, Tenr SARAH ELIZABETH NEELY Jackson. Tenn. ANN NORTON JIMMIE OAKES Memphis, J. Clark (Esq.) ?JL3L lift W. B. OAKLEY Halls, Tenn. BILLY OSBORNE HARRY PALMER Memphis, Tenn. HARRY PARSONS Shelbyville, Tenn ROBERT PATTON WILLIAM PATTON MARY LOIS PEYTON Memphis, Ten JAMES PHILLIPS Corinth, Mi: WILLIAM McKAY PHILLIPS Jackson. Ter JOHN L. POWERS Bethel Springs, Te EMAJEAN RAGAN Jackson, Tenn. WILLIAM T. RAWLS Jackson, Tenn. WILLIAM R. REDDIN Pinson. Tenn. DAVID REID Denmark, Tenn. ROBERT RICHARDSON Jackson, Tenn. MARY JEAN RIDDLE Jackson, Ten CARMACK ROBERTSON Jackson, Tenn. SUE SCRIVENER BILL SCRUGGS Wallisburg, Ky. BARBARA SEWELL Jackson, Tenn. WOODROW SHANKLIN Dyer, Tenn. JEAN SHELLABARGER Jackson, Tenn. THOMAS SHELLEY Jackson, Tenn. FRED SHORT ERNESTT SIMMONS Humboldt, Ten CHARLES ROY ROBERTSON SIMMONS Jackson. Tenn. Jackson, Ten JERRY EDWARD SMITH TILLMAN Sclmor. Tcnn. Jackson. Tenn LOWERY CHARLES SNIPES TURNER Tupelo, Miss. Alamo, Tenn. HERBERT WILLIARD SORRELL VICKERY Memphis. Tenn. Tallahassee, F WILLIAM H. TUBBY SPARKS WALBURN Henderson. Tenn. LaGrange, Ga P. J. BETTY SPELLINGS WALDEN McKenzie, Tenn. Nashville, Ten JANE BETTY STALLINGS RUTH Halls. Tenn. WALKER Jackson. Tenn MAX JAMES STONE WALKER Petersburg, Tenn. Booneville. Mi HAROLD STOTT Spring Creek, Te MORRIS STRAYHORN Atwood, Tenn WILLIAM P. WALKER DAN WATTERS Blue Springs. Miss. VIANA WEST BARBARA WHITTLE Memph Ten CLAUDE WILKINS Kosciusko, Mi HOMER WILKINS Lexington, 1 DORIS ANN WILLIAMS Jacks Tern WILLIAM WILLIS Trenton, Tenn MURL WILLOUGHBY Jackson, Tenn. MILDRED WILROY West Helena. Ark. KEITH WILSON Bardwell, Ky. MACK PHILLIPS WAYMOND ROSS IRA SINGLETON JAMES W. SUMNERS JO WAXMUSKI BERNARD WOODSON Jackson. Tenn. Beech Bluff, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Booneville. Miss. Harriman. Tenn, Jackson, Tenn. NELDA PICKLER BILL SANDERLIN HOBART SIPES GARY SURRATT MARSHALL WELLS LELAND YARBER Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn, Memphis. Tenn. Belmont. Miss. BILL POLLARD JOHN SANDERS DAVID SMITH JEAN TANNER JOE WEST EDGAR YARBRO Greenfield. Tenn Jackson. Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tcnn Riploy. Tenn. Lexington. Tenn. ! g STUDENT COUNCIL JOHN MEADOR Dr. W. F. Jones Frank Bruer Robert Elam OFFICERS President HERMAN JACOBS Secretary FACULTY Dean S. S. Sargent Dean Sanders Prof. Charles Millican MEMBERS Glynn Harwood Herman Jacobs John Meador After an absence from the campus of sev- eral years, the Student Council reappeared in the school year 1945-46. Membership in the Council is composed of representatives, one from each of the four classes, elected by the class. President of the Council is elected by the student body. Council meetings are held monthly with the president of the school in his office. At such time, student affairs are discussed. One of the main works of the Council was the creation of the Booster Club, whose members often work side by side with those of the Student Council. Also, the southern inter-collegiate athletic committee of the school has student members appointed by the Council. This group also backed the election of the student body president. The very nature of the organization makes it one of the most respected organizations on the campus. Considering this year ' s ac- complishments, we can expect even greater things from this Council in the future. A M Activities LACY WILLIAMS. Editor-in-Chief ANNE ANDERSON. Associate Editor Will hh hBHU BBHHHHE L — loyalty to Union and all we hold dear A — for achievement all through the year C — for courage to try new ideas Y — yearning to put out an annual without any peers. W — for work he was willing to do I — for integrity and interest too L — for leadership which he did possess L — liberty to others their ideas to express I — for intelligence and A — for ambition M — eant S — uccess in his position. To Lacy Williams our editor-in-chief We proudly offer this laurel leaf, As a symbol of victory in your task For a finer editor we could not ask. For associate editor Of our " Lest We Forget " We chose Anne Anderson XeM We A choice we knew we ' d never regret She gave of her time, her talent, her work Not one little duty did she ever shirk. She classified, sorted, identified, too Pictures of you and you and you. Her ' s was the job the manuscripts to write On this she labored night after night. A chief cannot work without a right hand man This job was capably filled by Anne. This versatility and capability Enabled her to be The finest associate editor That ever we did see. OPPOSITE PAGE STAFF MEMBERS To the other staff members, too The credit for this annual is due. They worked from morn till late at night It left them looking like a fright. They looked at pictures Till their eyes were crossed Still more taken by Herman Into their laps were tossed. From Moore ' s to Wooten ' s They beat a path To see their struggles Made people laugh. Till one fine day, they wore a grin. ' Twas the day the annual was handed in. 48 Our hats are off To big old Theo, He ' s a boy that can really go. His ability to get ads And money, too Helped him a Difficult job to do. He tramped all over this man ' s town Never letting discouragement Get him down. A helping hand he did extend Encouraging all with a cheery grin He was the busines manager Of our " Lest We Forget " And we truly believe, the best one yet. 9»f t STAFF THEO LANCASTER. Business Manager 4s ■ I I •N 1 DAVID RAGAN NOIS JETER DAVID RAGAN Editor NOIS JETER Associate Editor " SPIKE " JONES Business Manager STAFF DOROTHY JONES Feature Editor HELEN ADAMS News JIMMY PHILPOT Sports JUNE ADAMS Sports EUGENE COTEY Circulation PALMER BRIGGS Humor JEAN RAGAN Society VIOLET SILLS Society ANNIE LAURA TOWATER Assistant Business Manager MARCELINE WILLIAMS Assistant Business Manager HELEN ADAMS It was on February 25, 1946 that the Cardinal and Cream resumed publication after a three-year absence from Union ' s campus. At the helm then was David Ragan as editor. This year he repeated in that position, with Nois Jeter ably assisting, and " Spike " Jones doing more than his share as a very capable business manager. The Cardinal and Cream fairly reported upon all the events of the school, and equally publicized the varied organizations upon the campus. The cardinal principle of the paper, " which frankly stated it never expected to be another New York Times, was, " Just to be a Good SCHOOL paper. " CARDINAL AND CREAM . " «=». VETERAN ' S CLUB The Veterans Club is an organization made up oi the veterans of World War II. The purpose of this organization is to aid the students who are veterans in all benefits to further their education. This is the largest organization on the campus. OFFICERS BILL TURNER President FRED SANDERS Secretary-Treasurer JACK H1LLIARD Reporter H. G. ROBERTS Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS John Adams, Audie Anderson, Calvin Anderson, Robert Ar- mour, Fred Baker, loe Bailey, Gus Ballard, Robert Bane, Wilford Barnes, lames Barnetle, William Barrett, Jack Bar- ton, Milton Basden, Billie Bass, Taylor Beare, Lester Bishop, Edwin Bivens, Robert Blaine, Robert Blair, Arthur Blanken- ship, Joseph Bomar, Ray Boone, Stanley Bowden, Robert Bogle, Hershell Brewer, Howard Brewer, Shelby Brewer, William Bridges, William Brien, Palmer Briggs , Jack Brown, lames Brown, Frank Bruer, Fred Brumbelow, Maurice Brum- below, Harold Bryant, Charles Buntin, James Burdette, Ellis Buse, Newton Carver, Herman Cavender, Robert Chapman, James Clark, Ed Claybrook, Grady Clements, James Cloud, Eugene Cofer, Edwin Cole, Harold Coftman, Hugh Coltharp, Ed Conner, Calvin Cooper, Joe Cooper, Eugene Cotey, Bobby Couch, Milton Cox, Damon Crabtree, William Crawford, Perry Crim, Alton Daniels, Jr., James Daves, Gene Davis, James Davis, William Dawscn, Richard DeBerry, James Deming, James Diamond, William Dickerson, Jack Ditto, Lydle Dick- son, Oulnton Dodson, George Dowd, Gerald Duncan, James Eaves, Robert Elam, Autry Emmert, Thomas Evans, Ermon Evans, Lee Ewing, Joe Exum, George Feathers, George Fer- guson, Walter Finley, Gene Forrester, Billy Jack Foster, Billy Fox, James Frey, J. B. Frye, Fred Fugitt, David Gard- ner, David Gardner, Jr., Donovan Gary, Gill Gideon, James Goodwin, Jesse Grey, Clell Green, Trippe Green, Wayne Greer, Billy Gregory, Homer Guy, Robert Halfacre, Robert Hamletl, Mark Hamrick, Clint Hanna, O ' Neal Hardy, Hugh Harreld, Kenneth Hartman, Glynn Harwood, Thomas Har- wood, Irvin Hayes, John Hondren, Elvin Henr.l , Hilliard, James Hinson, John Holland, Herbert Hoov l , doll Hudiburg, Charles Hudson, Henry Huey, W. W. Hum- phreys, Bob Hundley, Carl Hutchison, Joseph Isaac, William Ivy, Herman Jacobs, Paul James, Charles Johnson, James Johnson, Jones Jones, Ted Jover, Robert Jordan, William Keenan, James Kelly, Joseph King, Paul King, Harold Koti- man, Everette Lafon, Theo Lancaster, Ralph Lawler, Bill Ledbetter, Horman Levine, William Loggins, Fred Lollar, Thomas Maddux, Bobby Malone, Julius Marlow, George Mar- tin, Kenneth Martindale, William Mathis, Buford Matlock, Kenneth Mays, John Meadow, Joe Meeks, Guest Middleton, Thomas Miller, William Mills, Howard Miskelley, Robert Mizell, Robert Morris, Eugene Morrow, William Mosier, Fred Muse, Edwin McCauley, Robert McCoy, James McCune, Bill Mcllwain, Ralph Mclntyre, Elbert McLaurin, Brooks, Mc- Lemore, Merle McVey, Robert Naguin, John Niceley, A. J. Northcutt, J. L. Oakes, Billy Osburne, Stoten Outlan, Billy Owen, Carmen Owens, Neal Owen, Richard Parker, Sam Parker, Harry Parsons, Roy Lee Patey, William Patton, Harry Phillips, Henry Phillips, James Phillips, William Phillips, James Philpot, W. T. Pillow, Billy Pollard, John Powers, Joe Pyron, William Rawls, William Reddin, Robert Richardson, William Roark, Henry Roberts, H. G. Roberts, Will Hays Roberts, Charles Robertson, Carmack Robertson, Waymond Ross, Bill Sanderlin, Fred Sanders, John L. Sanders, Andy Saunders, Charles Scates, Kyle Scates, William Scruggs, William Shelton, Fred Short, Ernest Simmons, Roy Lee Sim- mons, Roy Leonard Simmons, Ira Singleton, Hobart Sipes, Jerry Smith, Trudell Smith, Howery Snipes, Herbert Sorrell, William Sparks, Percy Spellings, Thomas Stedman, Alvin Stobaugh, Lyndon Stone, Morris Strayhorn, Harold Stott, Robert Stout, Harold Sublette, Bill Tatum, Charles Taylor, J. W. Todd, Dwayne Tucker, Charles Turner, Bill Turner, William Vickery, Jerre Voegeli, Laverne Walburn, Fred Wal- den, James Walker, Lavonia Washburn, Dan Waters, Frank Webb, Henry West, Joseph West, W. A. West, Ralph Whicker, Roy Whitworth, Claud Wilkins, Homer Wilkers, Andrew Williams, David Williams, Lacy Williams, William Willis, Murl Willoughby, Ernest Winslow, Hershel Woody, Wright, Glen Yancey, Leland Yarber, Edgar Yar- Wade Yarbrough. :?¥m 4 » LT ' ; - m That pin they we r is like a magnet Ii pulls men in just like a dragnet. Whenever you need a sparkling date With these girls you have to rate. These hard-working girls claim they have a finger in every campus pie. Known as big-time girls, they run true to form and throw an annual winter party of no-mean proportions. Eason keeps all the ladies on their toes, Day notes the gossip, while Mur- phey counts the cash and Forgy trains those outstanding pledges. Helen Adams, Anne Anderson, verly Billinsley, Merilyn Colter, lu Darling. Second Row: Martha Tuttle Davis, Georgene Day, Carolyn Dodds, Peggy Dodson, Ruth Dowland. Third Row: Joan Eason, Jane Evans, Janet Forgy, Jane Hamner, Mrs. Mable Hardin. Fourth Row: Margie Herron, Lou Ellen Hills, Clara Jane Holloway, Betty Lanon, Joy Liles. Jean Murchison, Mary Jane Murphey, Sarah Neeley, Betty Jones Pearce, Regina Peeler. Mary Dolores Randolph, Katheri Reaves, Mrs. Rosa Rutladge, Barba Sewell, Jean Shellabarger. Seventh Row: Mary Nell Sinclair, Betty Ruth Walker. Lyda White, Marceline Wil- liams. These cute little girls of Z.T.A. Have things going just their way. They ' re the " brainy bunch " at Union U, Popular, pretty, and talented too. These girls are known far and wide as clever and good-looking and generally ' on the ball. " Famous for prize-winning home- coming float and classy parties. Pyron pre- sides while Petway spends idle moments with the pledges. Johnson keeps records, while Mays boards the cash, refusing to sign checks. First Row: Jean Ball, Irene Bishop, Willie Fr. Bryant, Laura Burney, Jean Carlisle. Second Row: Elizabeth " Pann " Carr, Reba Nell Casey, Celeste Chapman, Betty Cogburn, Frances Crosson. Third Row: Gwyn Dailey, Martha Goad Davidson, Sa Gill, Dorothy Googe, Evelyn Haley. Joyce Ann Harrison, Peggy Henry, Miss Carey Hester, Mildred Holland, Nois Jeter. Filth Row: Dale Kease Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Do thy Jones, (Catherine Ann Jones, Virgil Leggett. Sixth Row: Mrs. J. N. Mallory, Mrs. Howard Ma field, Mary Frances Mays, June Moc Marie Nabors. Seventh Row: Gv en Petway, Anne Pressley, Virginia Pyron, Emajean Ragan, Mrs. Dee Rice. Eighth Row: Mary Jean Riddle, Sara Frances Riley, Joyce Roberts, Violet Sills, Katy Jo Smith. Ninth Row: Jane Stallings, Dorothy Stanley, Nancy Stone, Annie Laurie To-.vater, Mary Wald- rop. Tenth Row: Rachel Waldrop, Nancy Williams, Rutye Claire Williams. fc ?$£k The A.T.O. ' s are the boys to know With friendly smiles their faces glow Always regarded with high esteem These handsome lads are on the beam. Parker and Carver preside and spend idle moments perfecting new methods of torture for pledges. Pope keeps records of the bull sessions, while Saunders advises the boys to conserve their (his) money. Famous for their winter formal and parties at Mother Edd ' s. flTT r J First Row: loo Bailey, James Barm win Bivens, Hunter Bond, Chesley Bowden, Palmer Briggs. Second Row: Wade Carver, Colie Chandler, James Clark, Ed Conner, Frank Crawford, John Dickinson. Third Row: William Douglas, George Drin- kard, Aulry Emmert, Thomas Evans, James Frey, Homer Guy. Fourth Row: Roy Haggard, John Hendren, Jimmy Hinson, Herbert Hoover, Charles Hudson, Bob Hund- ley. Fitth Row: Hubert Jones, Theo Lancaster, Prof. F. J. S. Maturo, Ralph Mclntyre, Brooks McLemore, Tom Miller. Howard Miskelly, Fay Oakley, Jimmy Oaks, Sam Parker, Harry Parsons, Bill Pollard. Seventh Row: David Pope, Duane Pope. David Ragan, Fred Sanders, Andrew Saunders, Kyle Scates. Eighth Row: Horace Stokes, Lyndon Stone, Max Stone, Gary Surratt, Char- les Turner, C. M. Warren. Ninth Row: Fred Walden, Joe West, Noel Weaver, W. A. West, Lacy Williams, Harold Willis. Murl Willoughby, Harold Wood, Lawrence Wright, Ed- gar Yarbro. c: ( f s r fteetfi e ft ft ft o ft i?, o ft ft ft (f. ft r ft ft ft ft ft K? ft ft ft £ The SAE ' s are a lively crew And the socialites of Union U. They have the money and cars on the hill And strickly give the girls a thrill. . •caasfc: Noted for their Spring Splash. Really the athletic type. Chief en- gineer is Robert Elam. Crosson records the small talk, Phillips squanders the funds with reckless abandon; while Jacobs instructs the pledges. Jere Huey is chief godsend to the women, but Phil- pot raises a howl at this point. ft ft ft Si 25 First Row: Robert Bogle, Billy Bond, Jack Brown, Frank Bruer, Harold Bryant, Wendel Cofer. Second Row: Ed Cole, Paul Cooper, Fred Crosson, Alton Daniels, Rich- ard De Berry, lames Diamond. Third Row: Clarence Driver, Robert Elan Robert Epps, Lee Ewing, Jo Exum, George Ferguson. Fourth Row: Walter Finley, Gene Forrester, Wallace Foster, Gill Gideon, Bill Gregory, Ralph Hender- Fiith Row: Stratton Hill , Jack Hilliaid, Wendell Hudiberg, Jere Huey, Fred Jacobs, Herman Jacobs. Sixth Row: Frank Johnson, James John- son, Ted Jones, Warren Jones, Jr., Don Joyner, Bill Keenan. Seventh Row: Harold Koffman, Ralph Lawler, James Kelly, Bill Mcllwain, Elbert McLaurin, Merl McVey. Eighth Row: John Meador, Harvey Meeks, Billy Moore, Bob Naguin, Neal Owen, Buddy Patey. Ninth Row: Jimmy Phillips, Mac Phillips, Jimmy Philpot, H. G. Roberts, Will Hayes Roberts, Bill San- derlan. Tenth Row: ' Bill Shelton, Roy Simmons, Trudell Smith, Tommy Stead- man, Alvin Stobaugh, James H. Strawn, Dwayne Tucker. Eleventh Row: Tubby Walburn, James Walker, Dan Walters, William Willis. Hershel Woody, Glen Yancey, Troy Young. }» v»«f »+, ?« ■ ' T Jt t,J fvo ft rfift ft ft |S f ft ft ft 1 a ft 0 fS n ft O ft ft x ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft| ft ft ft ft ft ft f ft L A h. A AAA .. ft ft ft ft ft ft J P » . ENONIAN LITERARV SOCIETY OFFICERS VIOLET SILLS President DOROTHY JONES Treasurer VIRGINIA LEGGETT Vice-President JANE STALLINGS Reporter EVELYN HALEY Secretary MIS S JULIA HAMMACK Sponsor MEMBERS Jean Ball Irene Bishop Willie Frances Bryant Elizabeth Ann Carr Jean Carlisle Reba Nelle Casey Celeste Chapman Betty Cogburn Frances Crosson Gwyn Dailey Sara Gill Dorothy Googe Evelyn Haley Joyce Ann Harrison Peggy Henry Mildred Holland Nois Jeter Joyce Johnson Catherine Ann Jones Dorothy Jones Virginia Leggett Mary Frances Mays Marie Nabors Gwen Petway Anne Pressley Virginia Pyron Emajean Ragan Mary Jean Riddle Joyce Roberts Violet Sills Katy Jo Smith Jane Stallings Dorothy Stanley Nancy Stone Rachel Waldrop Nancy Williams Rubye Claire Williams Enonian Literary Society is an organization composed of those young women on Union ' s campus who appreciate the finer things — music, art, and literature. Meeting twice each month the club presents programs featuring the best in these fields, emphasizing the lives and works of current creative artists. Black and gold are the club colors. The yellow tea rose is the club flower. Motto: " Seek the noblest things in life. " First Row: lean Bail, Irene Bishop, Willie Frances Bryant, Elizabeth Ann Carr, Jean Carlisle, Reba Nelle Casey, Celeste Chapman, Betty Cogburn, Frances Crosson. Second Row: Gwyn Dailey, Sara Gill, Dorothy Googe, Evelyn Haley, Joyce Ann Harrison, Peggy Henry, Mildred Holland, Nois Jeter, Joyce Johnson. Third Row: Catherine Ann Jcnes, Dorothy Jones, Virginia Leggett, Mary Frances Mays, Marie Nabors, Gwen Petway, Anne Pressley, Virginia Pyron, Emajean Ragan. Fourth Row: Mary Jean Riddle, Joyce Roberts, Violet Sills, Katy Jo Smith, Jane Stallings, Dorothy Stanley, Nancy Stone, Rachel Waldrop, Nancy Williams, Rubye Claire Williams. t $@® £k£ i First Row: Beverly Billingsley, Mrs. Frank Blythe, Carolyn Dodds, Peggy Dodson, Ruth Dowland, lane Evans. Second Row: Alma Ruth Franks, Jane Hamner, Gale Isaming er, lean Murchison. Sarah Neely, Regina Peeler. Third Row: Barbara Sewell, Mary Nell Sinclair, Betty Ruth Walker, Lyda White, Marce- line Williams. EUPHROSYNEAN LITERARV SOCIETY OFFICERS JEAN MURCHISON President SARAH NEELY Secretary-Treasurer MARGIE HERRON Vice-President MRS. FRANK BLYTHE Sponsor MEMBERS Beverly Billingsley Mrs. Frank Blythe Carolyn Dodds Peggy Dodson Ruth Dowland Jane Evans Alma Ruth Franks Jane Hamner Gale Isaminger Jean Murchison Sarah Neely Regina Peeler Barbara Sewell Mary Nell Sinclair Betty Ruth Walker Lyda White Marceline Williams The Euphrosynean Literary Society is an organization made up of Chi Omega pledges and a few non-fraternity girls all having com- mon literary interests. Founded essentially to promote and cultivate good literary taste and intelligent criticisms, the club meets once a month. Interesting book reviews are given by members of the organization. " Girls hand in hand for the best in science, music, art and literature " is the motto of Euphrosynean. B. S. U. COUNCIL OFFICERS GEORGE TURNER . . . GWEN PETWAY . . . HERMAN JACOBS . . . TOM BRANDON . . ALMA RUTH FRANKS ANNIE KATE MOORE CARL DUCK ALFRED ROYER . . . . MARGARET ANN ROGERS PAUL BURNS .... President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chorister Pianist Publicity Director THELMA WHITLOCK Reporter DR. J. N. MALLORY Faculty Advisor DR. FRED KENDALL Pastor Advisor JOHN BELL Life Service Bank Representative LOIS BOOTHE North Jackson Church Representative LUDIE FEATHERSTONE South Royal Church Representative BOB MIZELL . . . Calvary Church Representative JEAN HICKS .... First Church Representative DOROTHY JONES West Jackson Church Representative The Baptist Student Union is an organiza- tion, not just on the campus but of the cam- pus, in which we join hand and heart in Christian fellowship to make " Christ " live on our campus as we prepare ourselves for better service to Him and our fellowman. Together with the First Baptist Church we were host to the State Baptist Student Union Convention, October 25-27, 1946. In the name of B. S. U. Brother L. G. Gatlin, Pastor oi the First Baptist Church of Pulaski, Tennes- see, and former chaplain of the U. S. Navy, conducted a student revival during the fall quarter. The theme of the revival was " I ' d Rather Have Jesus. " B. S. U. endeavors to wield a golden thread of influence that will help each student as an individual and Union University as a whole to put Christ preeminent. First Row John Bell, Lois Boothe, Tom Brandon, Paul Burns, Carl Duck, Ludie Featherstone. Second Row: Alma Ruth Franks Jean Hicks, Herman Jacobs, Dorothy Jones, Dr. Fred Kendall, Dr. J. N. Mallory. Third Row Bob Mizell Annie Kate Moore, Gwen Petway, Margaret Ann Rogers, Alfred Royer, George Turner, Thelma Whitlock. ft ft P D First Row: Belly Craig, John Dickinson, Katy Lou Dunagan, Bob Hundley, Dr. J. N. Mallory, Mary Frances Mays. Second Row: Perry Moore, Jimmy Philpot, Nancy Stone, Harold Sublette, C. M. Warren, Lacy Williams, Harold Wood. OFFICERS OB HUNDLEY President NANCY STONE Secretary-Treasurer C. M. WARREN Vice-President DR. J. N. MALLORY Sponsor Betty Craig John Dickinson Katy Lou Dunagan Bob Hundley MEMBERS Dr. J. N. Mallory Mary Frances Mays Perry Moore Jimmy Philpot Nancy Stone Harold Sublette C. M. Warren Lacy Williams Harold Wood The Mallory Math Club is open to all math- ematic majors and minors whose ability is outstanding. Though intended for upper- classmen, sophomores having twelve or more hours in math may be associate mem- bers. It is the desire of the club to encourage wholesome research in mathematics and physics, and to foster good fellowship among students having a common bond in their mathematical studies. MALLORY MATH CLUB 3 OFFICERS MOLLIE SMITH President MARY OSWALT Vice-President DOROTHY JONES Secretary JUNE ADAMS Treasurer The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary has as its The watchword is: " They that be wise purpose to enlist the young women on the shall shine as the brightness of the firma- campus in active Christian service both at ment; and they that turn many to righteous- home and abroad. This is done by giving ness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel of time, money, talents and through prayer. 12:3. THE Y. UJ. A. 64 THE PALLADIANS GWEN PETWAY ANNIE KATE MOORE OFFICERS President JANET FORGY Secretary-Treasurer . . . Vice-President HELEN ADAMS Reporter MRS. ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Sponsor Helen Adams Betty Craig Joan Eason Ludie Featherstone MEMBERS Janet Forgy Alma Ruth Franks Annie Kate Moore Jean Murchison Betty Pearce Gwen Petway Virginia Pyron Violet Sills Annie Laurie Towate Ann Taylor Nancy Williams Palladian is a literary society whose fifteen members are drawn equally from the ranks of Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Omega, and the In- dependent women. Its meetings are held twice monthly when literary reviews are given and group discussions held. The original Palladian Literary Society was founded in 1886 and sponsored programs of dialogues, debating, and readings. 65 HISTORY MAJORS CLUB HUBERT JONES W. T. PILLOW OFFICERS President TOM BRANDON . Vice-President HERVEY HUDSON Secretary -Treasurer Reporter MEMBERS Edwin Bivens Tom Brandon Wade Carver Carroll Curtis Carolyn Dodds George Dowd James Franks James Frey Robert Hamblin Glynn Harwood Irvin Hayes George Holland Hervey Hudson Herman Jacobs Hubert Jones Norman Levine Bill Mclllwain Jean Murchison Mary Lois Peyton William McKay Phillips W. T. Pillow Emajean Ragan Marshall Wells Dr. Floy Wise The History Majors Club is an organiza- tion to promote closer fellowship among those who are pursuing a major in the field of history. The regular meeting of the club is the first Tuesday evening of each month. At this meeting an historical film is shown, fol- lowed by a forum consisting of reports on current events in the nations of the world. Following this is a period of informal dis- cussion and refreshments. The club was organized in 1945 under the sponsorship of Dr. Floy W. Wise, head of the history department. First Row: Edwin Bivens, Tom Brandon, Wade Carver, Carroll Curtis, Carolyn Dodds, George Dowd. Second Row: James Franks, James Frey, Robert Hamblin, Glynn Harwood, Irvin Hayes, George Holland. Third Row: Hervey Hudson, Herman Jacobs, Hubert Jones, Norman Levine, Bill Mcllwain, Jean Murchison. Fourth Row: Mary Lois Peyton, William McKay Phillips, W. T. Pillow, Emajean Ragan. Marshall Wells, Dr. Floy Wise. » ■ . ' I f : H P A T I A OFFICERS I A NET FORGY President FRANCES NICELY . . Program Chairman JUNE DARLING Vice-President ANNE ANDERSON Reporter JOAN EASON Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MABEL W. HARDIN Sponsor MEMBERS Helen Adams Anne Anderson Dolly Bandy June Darling Georgene Day Joan Eason Eva Mae Eldridge Janet Forgy Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Jean Hicks Nois Jeter Joy Liles Annie Kate Moore Mary Jane Murphey Frances Nicely Gwen Petway Dolores Randolph Hypatia is a literary organization, com- posed of the English majors of the Junior and Senior classes. The club meets twice each month to enjoy a review of some outstanding literary work — ranging from the classics to the most modern books. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin, the members are acquiring a deeper appreciation of the best in literature. First Row: Helen Adams, Row: Eva Mae Eldridge, Row: Annie Kate Moc n, Dolly Bandy, June 1 Mrs. Mabel W. Hardii Murphey, Frances Nic arling, Georgene Day, Joan Eason. Second , Jean Hicks, Nois Jeter, Joy Liles. Thud ?ley, Gwen Petway, Dolores Randolph. a. .. rs r ft r o e F " % The main function of the Doctor ' s Club is to stimulate interest in all phases of pre- medical work. The club meets bi-monthly and programs are presented, made up of lectures given by local doctors, and papers on medical subjects are read by members of the club. Prof. S. O. Trentham is faculty sponsor of the club. It was originally organized back in 1938 by Dr. Reid Davis and twelve mem- bers of the student body. OFFICERS JOHN MEADOR President AUTRY EMMERT Vice-President MARGARET ANN ROGERS Secretary PROF. S. O. TRENTHAM Sponsor MEMBERS Robert R. Bane James D. Barnett Edwin H. Cole James F. Cooper Autry C. Emmert James D. Franks Stratton Hill Robert Glenn Jordon Marie Nabors Robert G. Naquin Andrew Saunders Katy Jo Smith S. O. Trentham Mary Jane Bell Merilyn Cotter David S. Gardr Don Joyner Sam T. Parker Jane Stallings First Row William House Bond Second Row Wanda Culp Third Row Sara Gill Fourth Row Charles L. Lewis Fifth Row Anne Pressley Sixth Row Robert Stanworth Seventh Row William C. Willis Velma Brown Geraldine Clark Peggy Dodson Clarence Driver Margaret Jane Hamner Marjoric Herron John R. Meador Thomas E. Miller Mary Delores Randolph Margaret Ann Rogers James Holland Strawn Sidney Gary Surratt Murl W. Willoughby MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Paul Davenport Hugh A. Deaton Southall Dickson George F. Drinkard Walter Finley William T. Gill Jesse Mac Gray Clell J. Green Carl A. Hutchison Joseph H. King Mary Jo Mathis William N. Mathis Kenneth S. Mays Robert Lee Moore William Blaine Mosier Stolen Allen Outlan Richard Parker William M. Phillips Bill Pollard William R. Reddin Henry C. Roberts Carlene B. Smith Harold T. Stott Robert T. Stout Norman E. Tillman J. W. Todd Charles L. Turner William P. Walker Mildred Wilroy Joe T. Woodson H. B. Woodward DOCTOR ' S CLUB w - J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY The J. R. Graves Society of Religious Inquiry was organized in honor of J. R. Graves in 1877. The pur- pose of the society is to bring ministerial students face to face with the problems of the ministry and to give them practice and training in their life ' s work. The J. R. Graves Society has enriched the lives of hundreds of preachers during these 70 years of its con- tinuity. The lives of these preachers in turn have blessed, and are still blessing the lives of Southern Baptists and others. HENRY WEST GLYNN HARWOOD OFFICERS . . . President WILLIE JOHNSON . . . Vice-President CHARLES E. TAYLOR DR. R. E. GUY Critic Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Ladell Ar: Warren Armour M. M. Ayres Billy Baxter John Bell J. W. Bomar Marshall Boroughs Tom Brandon Perry Brookshire Paul Burns Wade Carver R. B. Chatman George Clark Ed Claybrook Charles Cloyd Stephen Cobb Cal Cooper Eugene Cotey Russell Crouse Carroll Curtis Carl Duck Jimmy Eaves E. M. Evans J. L. Ford James Franks Lacy Freeman Leo Gailey Dr. R. E. Guy Robert Hamblin O ' Neal Hardy Joe Harris Glynn Harwood MEMBERS Irvin Hayes Herbert Higdon Hervey Hudson Brown Hughes W. W. Humphreys Henry Guy Jackson Herman Jacobs Willie Johnson Hubert Jones L. D. Kennedy J. L. Knupp John Lowrance Tom Maddux Dr. J. N. Mallory Clyde McCord James McCune Bill Mclllwain Ralph Mclntyre Bob Mizell Gene Moffatt Glenn Morris John Niceley A. J. Northcut Willie B. Oakley R. B. Owens Gerald Palmer W. T. Pepper McKay Phillips W. T. Pillow Buran Richerson M. T. Robertson Waymond Ross Alfred Royer Jerry Seabough Woodrow Shanklin Ira Singleton David Smith Chester Smith Jerbert Sorrell Charles Taylor James Tharp King Thetford Bill Turner Charles Turner George Turner Henry West Daniel Wigginton Courtney Wilson Keith Wilson To aid the student in living a life ol fruitful service while in college by preparation through group studies and by practice through Christian work rend purpose of this band. PAUL BURNS JOHN BELL . . . LEARLENE LOWRY OFFICERS President JAMES McCUNE . Choister . . Vice-President KATHERINE MILLER . . . Pianist . Secretary E. CARROLL CURTIS ... Reporter LUDIE FEATHERSTON Treasurer Joyce Austin June Adams Tom Brandon Lois Boothe Mary Brewer Paul Burns Dolly Bandy John Bell I. W. Bomar Lester Bishop Geraldine Clark Peggy Caudle Gene Cotey Jean Clifton E. Carroll Curtis Martha Crocker Rose Chester George Clark Betty Craig Juanita Castellow Cal Cooper Wanda Culp Lucille Dew Carl Duck Katie Lou Dunagan Eva Mae Eldridge Jewel Epps Maxine Epps Jeane Eaves Jimmie Eaves E. M. Evans Ludie Featherston MEMBERS Mozelle Fowler W. W. Humphreys Herbert Higdon Bob Hamblin Marie Hopkins Jean Hicks Irvin Hayes Evelyn Haley Gale Isaminger Dorothy Jones Dr. W. A. Keel Dorothy King J. L. Knupp L. D. Kennedy Mary Lou Langford Georgia Mae Lowrance Learlene Lowry Annie Kate Moore Billy Mcllwain Lucille McKinney James McCune Glenn Morris Margaret Mabry Katherine Miller Jean Murchison Frances Niceley W. B. Oakley Jere Omar Gerald Palmer W. T. Pepper Waymond Ross Alfred Royer Ira Singleton Sue Scrivener Lorraine Smith Kepler Sorrell Bill Scruggs David Smith Mollie Smith George Turner Jean Tanner Annie Laurie Towater Lola Usery Thelma Whitlock Jo Waxmunski Anna Mae Williams Keith Wilson Betty Walden LIFE SERVICE BAND RUTLEDGE HISTORY CLUB First Row: Wade Carver, Carolyn Dodds, Brooks McLemore, Jean Murchii Second Row: Mrs. Rosa Rulledge, Mollie Smith, Nancy Williams. The Rutledge History Club, organized by Professor and Mrs. Rutledge, in 1929, is com- posed of students who are majoring in his- tory or show a marked interest in the cultural value of the history department. The purpose of its members is to become better acquainted with the field of history and to become fully conscious of the place that the knowledge of history occupies in the lives of educated people. OFFICERS WADE CARVER .• President CAROLYN DODDS Vice-President JEAN MURCHISON Secretary-Treasurer MRS. ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Sponsor WADE CARVER CAROLYN DODDS MEMBERS BROOKS McLEMORE JEAN MURCHISON MRS. ROSA D. RUTLEDGE 72 MOLLIE SMITH NANCY WILLIAMS Firsl Row: Willie Frances Bryant, Joan Eason, Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin. Second Row: Mrs. J. N. Mallory, Virginia Pyron, {Catherine Reaves. VIRGINIA PYRON IOAN EASON Vii .id. n ' MEMBERS WILLIE FRANCES BRYANT Zeta Tau Alpha Senior Representative IOAN EASON Chi Omega Representative MRS. MABEL W. HARDIN Chi Omega Faculty Sponsor MRS. I. N. MALLORY Zeta Tau Alpha Faculty Sponsor VIRGINIA PYRON . Zeta Tau Alpha Representative -•CATHERINE REAVES Chi Omega Senior Representative PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL The creed of Pan-Hellenic Council is this: " We. the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special pri- vileges, but an opport unity to prepare for wide and wise human service. " OFFICERS CHARLES MILLICAN President HERMAN JACOBS Vice-President CAREY HESTER Secretary-Treasurer DAVID RAGAN Reporter MEMBERS Marshall Boroughs Herman Jacobs Ed Claybrook Theo Lancaster Joan Eason Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Carey Hester Charles Millican David Ragan Tau Kappa Alpha was founded at Indiana University, May 13, 1888. Organized in 1926 as Alpha Phi Epsilon, it was chartered as Union chapter of T. K. A. when this fraternity absorbed A. P. E. in 1935. A student, to be eligible for membership, must be in the upper twenty per cent scholastically, and must display unusual forensic ability having participated in speech activities of the school in a creditable manner for at least one year. National publication of the fraternity is the " Speaker. " The colors are purple and lavender. The society annually sponsors a high school speech tournament, intramural contests and inter-collegiate de- bate contests. First Row; Marshall Boroughs, Ed Claybrook, Joan Eason. Second Row: Carey Hester, Herman Jacobs, Theo Lancaster. Third Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, Charles Millican, David Ragan TAU KAPPA ALPHA 4 v SCENE OF PLAY M ' I M " A play for every taste " — that must have been the thought of Mrs. Loyd as she chose the one-act plays that were produced in February. " How The Great Guest Came, " " Time For Everything, " and " My Late Es- poused Saint " made up the One-Act Play Night program. For the Spring Play " Seven Keys to Bald- pate, " with its clever comedy, its good act- ing, direction, blackmailers, thugs, and graft- ing politicians, was a welcome event. It can be marked up as another solid hit on Mrs. Loyd ' s scoreboard of successes. . FOOTLIGHTS CLUB The Footlights Club is under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, director of the Speech Department. Membership of the club is composed of students who have shown an interest in, and a talent for, work of a dramatic nature. The club sponsored Stunt Night, Play Tournament, One-Act Play Night, and the major production, the Spring Play. OFFICERS DAVID RAGAN .... President MARSHALL BOROUGHS Vice-President GEORGENE DAY Secretary GWEN PETWAY Treasurer MEMBERS First Row: Anne Anderson, Jean Ball, Palmer Briggs, Katharine Brown, Willie Frances Bryant, Reba Nell Casey, Jimmy Clark, Gene Cotey. Second Row: Goorgene Day, Carolyn Dodds, Peggy Dodson, Joan Eason, Janet Forgy, Margii Hester, Jack HUllard. Third Row: Clara Jane Holloway, Brown Hughes, Bob Hundley, Nois Jeter, Dale Kease Johnson, [Catherine Ann Jones, Dorothy Jones, Theo Lancaster. Fourth Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, Ralph Mclntyre, Lucille McKinney, Gene Moffatt, Marie Nabors, Buddy Patey, Gwen Petway, David Ragan. Fifth Row: Andrew Saunders, Roy Simmons, Kyle Scates, Dorothy Stanley, Tommy Stedman, Betty Ruth Walker, Jo Waxmunski, Lacy Williams. Members Not Pictured: George Clark, Edward Clay brook, Jimmie Eaves, Joe Harris, Le Berta Hart, Sharo lene McAuley, W. T. Pepper, James Tharp, George Turner. kk iv c c % c o M l w " ' » Jfc £ A c • tfe. 0M I Miss Julia Hammack came to our campus only in the fall of 1946, and has already made great strides toward making Union more acutely music-conscious. She has reorganized the Glee Club and other such musical groups as the girls ' en- semble, girls ' trio, men ' s quartet, and double quartet. In general she has tremendously encouraged part harmony groups on the campus, and these groups, in turn, have added greatly to Union ' s reputation as a cul- tural center. Miss Hammack, like her predecessor Mrs. Ruth Stallings, is a native Kentuckian, having been born in Sturgis, Ky. She received her A.B. degree from Murray State, and her M.A. at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. She has done postgraduate work at Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N. J.; and at Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, Maryland. Before coming to Union she taught at Dixon, Ky., Clarksville, and Hagerstown, Md. Edmund Anthony lean Ball I. W. Bomar Lois Boothe Hershell Brewer James E. Brown Maurice Brumbelow Margaret Burdette Elizabeth Carr Wade Carver Betty Craig Carroll Curtis Martha Sue Davids Jack Ditto Otis Couglas Jean Hicks Marie Hopkins Nois Jeter MEMBERS Leroy Jones Jimmy Littlefield Georgia Mae Lowrance Margaret Mabry Mary Frances Mays Bill Mcllwain Willie B. Oakley Jere Omar Gerald Palmer Joyce Roberts Margaret Ann Rogers Sue Scrivener Herbert Sorrell Jane Stallings James Tharp Mildred Wilroy Ralph Whicker IXED CHORUS V ' ? ' flnsIHKSEi KBHIB BHr MRS. SAMUEL STANWORTH Head of the Music Department GIRLS ENSEMBLE Dolly Bandy, Elizabeth " Pann " Carr, Jeane Eaves, Alma Ruth Franks, Nois Jeter, Nelda Pickler, Jane Stallings, Annie Laurie Towater, Mildred Wilroy. GIRLS TRIO Alma Ruth Franks, Mildred Wilroy, Nelda Pickler GIRL ' S ENSEMBLE 79 MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Edmund Anthony, James Burdette, Betty Craig, Lucille Dew, Jeanne Eaves, Alma Ruth Franks, Marie Hopkins, Herman Jacobs. Second ' Row: Dorothy King, Margaret Mabry, Mary Frances Mays, Ralph Mclntyre, {Catherine Miller, Mary Jane Murphy, Jimmy Phillips, Nelda Pickler. Third Row: Virginia Pyron, David Ragan, Violet Sills, Ann Tahlor, Mrs. R, S. Stanworth, Mildred Wilroy. Other Members: (Not Pictured) Palmer Briggs, Jimmy Clark, Tom Evans, Betty Hipps, Harry Jerold Palmer, Jr., Mac Phillips, Emajean Ragan, Margaret Ann Rogers, Betty Seabough, Jo Waxmunski. The music lovers of the campus, the peo- ple you hear discussing Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin with as much ease as you would speak of Tom Sawyer — these are the mem- bers of the Music Appreciation Club. The aim of this organization is to promote a growing knowledge and appreciation of music among the student body. Firsl Row: Anne Anderson, Mary Brewer, Elizabeth Campbell, Georgene Day, Ruth Dowland, Jane Evans, Le Berta Hart, Virginia Leggett. Second Row: Lsarlene Lowry, Margaret Mabry, Betty Pearce, Katherine Reaves, Jean Shellabarger, Jane Stallings, Mildred Wilroy, Mrs. B. C. Williams. 07FICERS ANNE ANDERSON Presiden! KATHERINE REAVES Reporter LEARLENE LOWRY Vice-President GIORGENE DAY Program Chairman BETTY PEARCE Secretary-Treasurer MRS. B. C. WILLIAMS Sponsot MEMBERS Anne Anderson Mary Brewer Elizabeth Campbell Georgene Day Ruth Dowland Jane Evans Le Berta Hart Virginia Leggett Learlene Lowry Margaret Mabry Betty Pearce Katherine Reaves Jean Shellabarger Jane Stallings Mildred Wilroy Mrs. B. C. Williams " Home Echo " was organized in 1935 by members of the Home Economics Depart- ment and since that time has grown until it occupies a prominent place among other clubs on the campus. Membership is limited to girls making a scholastic average of " B " in Home Econo- mics. The club meets twice each month. At these meetings programs of interest to all college girls, as well as home economics students, are presented. The club motto is: " Great home-makers from little ' home echo ' s ' grow. " HOME ECHO CLUB OFFICERS JEANE EAVES Presidenl ANNE TAYLOR Vice-President VIANA WEST Secretary MARGARET BURDETTE Treasurer ALICE MIZELL Program Chairman LUCILLE TURNER Program Chairman RS. CLUB First Row: Jean Eaves, Alice Mizelle, Betty Pearce, Second Row: Ann Taylor, Lucille Turner, Viana West. Other Members: Blanche Baxter, Barbara Bruer, Mar- tha Davis, Martha Danislson, Margaret Burdette, Theo Rover, Leona Richardson, Betty Seabough, Annie Kate Cooper, Gladys Ballard, Alma Harwood, Carlene ' Smith. The Mrs Club is an organization for all married girls on the campus. The purpose of this club is to promote a closer fellow- ship among the wives. Problems and phases of religious work, entertainment, and quali- fications which tend to make us better help- mates are discussed in the monthly meet- ings. Because of her capability in helping with problems of wives, Mrs. W. A. Keel was chosen as sponsor for the club. SPANISH CLUB El Ateneo is the nucleus for Sigma Delta Pi, the national honorary Spanish fraternity. Only the outstanding students of the Spanish classes are eligible for membership. The colors of the club are red, yellow, and green, taken from the Latin American flag. The activities of the club include monthly programs on Latin American life and culture and a series of lectures to the public on this subject. Celebrations observed are Bolivia Day, Pan-American Day, and Columbus Day to unite the two Americas in spirit. Later in the year a queen and retinue are chosen to reign over the court of the club. First Row: Helen Adams, Anne Anderson, Irene Bishop, Katherine Brown, Willie Frances Bryant, Eliza- beth Ann Carr, Frances Crosson, June Darling, loan Eason. Second Row: Jean Eaves, Joyce Ann Harrison, Herman Jacobs, Joyce Johnson, Dorothy Jones, Warren Jones, Jr., Ann Taylor, Marceline Williams, Nancy Williams. Not Pictured: Dolly Bandy, Beverly Billingsley, Clara Jane Holloway, lune Moore, lean Murch- ison, Elizabeth Nelson, Jean Tanner. First Row: June Adams, Marshall Boroughs, Tom Brandon, Jim Cooper, Carolyn Dodds. Second Row: loan Eason, Gene Forrester, Eveiyn Haley, Hervey Hudson, Warren Jones, Jr. Third Row: Theo Lan- caster, Charles Millican, Annie Kate Moore, Marie Nabors, Betty Pearce. Fourth Row: Virginia Pyron, David Ragan, Alfred Royer, Thelma Whitlock, Lacy Williams. MEMBERS June Adams Theo Lancaster Marshall Boroughs Charles Millican Tom Brandon Annie Kate Moore Jim Cooper Marie Nabors Carolyn Dodds Betty Pearce Joan Eason Virginia Pyron Gene Forrester David Ragan Evelyn Haley Alfred Royer Hervey Hudson Thelma Whitlock Warren Jones, Jr. Lacy Williams OTHER MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Gus Ballard Robert Kennedy Dale Johnson W. T. Pepper Dorothy Jones Tommy Steadman To Unionites, The Booster Club is a " backer " club. The members are chosen by election from the geographical clubs in pro- portion to the number of members in these clubs. The school paper, the election of cheer leaders, student body president, the two edi- tors, school parties, and special programs are sponsored by the Booster Club. It is the aim of the club to keep school life interesting and the students actively en- gaged in campus affairs. BOOSTERS CLUB S3 , v .. m mA r • • 4 I 1 RICE LATIN CLUB Motto— Scientia Craesat MEMBERS Colors — Purple and White First Row Joe Bomar Jimmie Clark Flower — White Rose James Chatham John Dickinson Alma Ruth Franks A limited number of young men and wo- Second Row men, sponsored by a member of the faculty, Woodrow Humphreys Fred Jacobs composed this club, which is both literary Gale Isaminger Leroy Jones and social. Only students making a " B " William Phillips average in Latin may belong. The purpose Third Row of the club is to grow in the knowledge of Nelda Pickler David Keea Latin and its background. Frances Niceley Mrs. Dee Rice Will Hayes Roberts OFFTrTRQ Fourth Row l rru_£,nO Alfred Royer Herbert Sorrell LEROY JONES President Ira Singleton Lacy Williams JOE BOMAR Vice-President Hershel Woody Secretary Members Not Pictured JAMES CHATHAM Treasurer Robert Armour George Turner MRS. DEE E. RICE Sponsor Jimmy Joyner Larry Wright 84 Ill— ■ eatHteA (HISS mflRV DOLORES RANDOLPH MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Jim DinmonD MOST POPULAR BOY miSS mflRV DOLORES RflnDOLPH QUEEN OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA u V. miSS LE BERTH HART QUEEN OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON THEO LflnDCflSTER BEST ALL-ROUND BOY r 4 I I ■■■■■iv y miSS GUJEn PETUJflV BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL miSS LOLA USERV BASKETBALL QUEEN " " •H tA|B J ■■ miss DOLLV BflnDV FOOTBALL QUEEN ALPHA TAU omeG A MISS JOAN EASON MISS SARAH FRANCES RILEY SWEETHEARTS GLvnn HARWOOD PRESIDENT OF STUDENT BODY Athletics t i II f 9 U " CLUB The purpose of the Union University " U " Club is to promote better understanding and cooperation among the athletes of the college and to establish athletic ac- tivities on an ethical plan in keeping with high purposes of education. Every man who has made a letter in athletics is eligible for membership in the " U " Club. OFFICERS HUGH COLTHORPS President HAROLD KOFFMAN Vice-President GUS BALLARD Secretary-Treasurer TOMMY STEADMAN Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS George Ferguson, Tubby Walburn, Ray House, Elbert McLauren, Buddy Patey, Kenneth Martindale, Jack Hil- liard, Fred Crosson, Bueford Matlock, Wendel Cofer, I. C. Davis, Clarence Randolph, Taylor Beare, Gill Gi- deon, Jimmy Joyner, Don Joyner, Billy Fox, Alton Dan- iels, Jack Brown, Bill Tatum, Glen Yancy, Jack Ditto, Milton Basden, Merle Willoughby, Fred Baker, James Stokes, W. G. McWhorter, Hershel Brewer, Charles Hud- son. CHEERLEADERS " They helped to lead us on to victory " Georgene Day Herman Jacobs Gwen Petway Gene Forrester Clara Jane Holloway Frank Bruer Carolyn Dodds «T ' - r ..v COACHES AMOS TEASLEY HOWARD MANSFIELD DONOVAN GARY COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS Left to right: Jack Brown, co-captain, Coach Amos Teasley, Coach Howard Mansfield, Coach D Gary, Gill Gideon, co-captain. 18 39 16 10 « 3 Vfl, 86 ae T | I? as THIS WAS OUR After a four year lapse, the Bulldogs re- turned to the football field in ' 46. Coach Amos Teasley arrived on the campus and imme- diately started prepar ations. When the season opened only two men of the Cardinal and Cream squad had ever been on a college field. They were co-captains Jack Brown and Gil Gideon. The squad was composed al- most entirely of freshmen. In their first encounter the local lads lowered the boom on Bethel to the tune of 20 to on Union ' s home turf. Cumberland was next on the list and they fell 39 to 6 on the Bulldog ' s first road trip. In the next two games the fortunes of the Canines fell upon lean times. Middle Tennessee State brought down a surprisingly strong team to defeat the locals 14 to 7. Union out passed, out ran, out kicked and did everything but score the Vanderbilt " B " team to end up a thrilling game 7 to 6. The red shirts came back to score a 14 to win over George- town in the next gridiron battle. Then came the game with Morehead. We don ' t talk much about this game. The score was 55 to 6 and not in Union ' s favor. The field at Louisville was conservatively described as muddy. It looked as if the Mississippi river had made a new bed. Louisville took this one 25 to when the Bulldog ' s aerial attack bogged down. Cum- berland fell again by the score of 33 to 0. The Ouachita game is considered by many to be the finest game of the season. At any rate it was the most thrilling. The Unionites pulled this one out of the fire in the final seconds when Jim " Candy " Joy- ner tucked a long pass from Jack " Slingshot " FOOTBALL SEASON BULLDOGS IN ACTION flUmjJmsfcrV yfr ' , m •• » f ■ j: m«vvM ' r Spring Practice GILL GIDEON Brown under his arm and stepped across the goal. Jim scored all three of the touch- downs in this game to give the Union team a 21 to 19 edge. Elbert McLaurin ' s educated toe added the vital extra points. " Slew " Kotiman, " Bubba " Beare and " Hands " Teas- ley did everything but take up tickets in playing their finest game of the season. In the final game with S. L. I. the locals were blanked for the second time of the •-m § : M JACK BROWN Quarterback season in spite of a beautiful forty yard run by " Buddy " Patey. Final score was 25 to 0. Although Coach Teasley will be the last to admit it, things look good for the coming FRED CROSSON. Guard JIM JOYNER. End BUBBA SHELLER. Guard JACK DITTO, Guard RED YARBOUGH, End JACK H1LLARD. End ELBERT McLAURIN. End BUFORD METLOCK. End BUBBA BEARE, Tackle WENDELL HUDIBERG, Tackl GEORGE FERGUSON, Tackle TOM STEDMAN. Tackle season. Most of the Union squad of last aggregation, the Kentucky boys had their year is back along with fresh talent. In a hands full to win 6 to 0. spring game with the powerful Murray State BUDDY PATEY, Halfback KENNETH MARTINDALE. Fullback JIM JOYNER, Halfback GLYNN YANCEY, Quarterback 3 n ? WENDEL COFER, Guard M BBI Fighting the Foe DON JOYNER, Quarterback TUBBY WALDEN, Halfback BILLY FOX, Fullback 1. C. DAVIS. Fullback CARMEN OWENS, Forward CHARLES HUDSON, Forward FRED BARER, Forward THEO LANCASTER, Center BASKETBALL The Union basketball squad was also composed al- most entirely of first year players. The boys came out with a record of nine wins and ten defeats. The Bulldogs started the season off with a bang, winning five out of the first six. Then Coach Mansfield came down with the miseries and had to be sent to the hospital. Don Gary stepped in to capably fill Mr. Mans- field ' s number eleven shoes, during the few weeks the Coach was absent. High point of the season was the defeat of Lambuth in the Tennessee College Tournament. The gun went off while the ball was in the air for the winning basket. Cumberland, a team previously flattened twice by the Bulldogs defeated the locals for consolation in the tournament. Co-Captains Carmen Owens and Charlie Hudson played outstanding ball all season and Owens was named on the All-Tournament team. Union 58 Union 43 Union 65 Union . . . ' 42 Union 53 Union 55 Union 42 Union 51 Union 49 Union 53 Union 48 Union 48 Union 55 Union 42 Union 67 Union 65 Union 53 Union 42 Union 50 SCORES Paducah Jr. College 52 Austin Peay 60 Cumberland 47 Memphis State 38 Bethel 52 U. T. Jr. College 33 Austin Peay 62 Florence State Teachers. ... 58 Delta State Teachers 71 Cumberland 42 Paducah Jr. College 49 U. T. Jr. College 46 Memphis State 67 Delta State Teachers 83 Florence State Teachers 53 Bethel 55 David Lipscomb 64 Lambuth 41 Cumberland 52 JIM JOYNER, Fo GLYNN YANCER, Guard MERLE WILLOUGHBY, Forward GEORGE HOLLAND, Forward HERSHEL BREWER CHARLES HUDSON MILTON BASDEN 1AMES CHATHAM OUR BULLDOGS IN ACTION 1U E PROUDLY PRESENT THE PATRONS OF THIS EDITION OF " LEST WE FORGET " IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. 1947 STAFF a " I ia A (A •» I ■r A if n THIS BOOK D E S I G n E D A n D P R I n T E D BY L omsvn p b i jTin c c o m p a n y n a s h v i l l e 3 h 9 I 8. THE MOORE STUDIO J ictorial rronte of- the o-C d Maintaining a standard of prompt, courteous and efficient service — offering always the latest achieve- ments in photographic art. -K 215 N. Liberty St. Jackson, Tenn. Between innings . . . have a Coke CONGER PARKER LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Union Ave. and I.C.R.R. Jackson, Tenn. McCALL HUGHES VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES 144 N. Liberty COMPLIMENTS OF rov Simmons used cars " Used Cars That Can Be Used " Tel. 4247 Jackson, Tenn. WDDTGN STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION Telephone 27 207 E. Main COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHEF " Where Students Meet " DIAMONDS — WATCHES QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY L P. JACKSON REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY WILSON-GEYER CO. 307 E. MAIN Imperial Washable Wall Papers HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON TENNESSEE M ■mc ■ Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Cc jrporation WELCOME STUDENTS! TO THE WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND DEADERICK) On Direct Bus Line From Royal to the Church Door YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME IN THIS FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE You are assured of educational ana spiritual development through op- portunities for service DR. R. E. GUY, Pastor Norton Hall THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ELLIS A. FULLER. President Louisville, Kentucky THE BOOTERY Beautiful Shoes and Hosiery COMPLIMENTS OF FENNER RADIO AND ELECTRICAL CO. Pi D? . W. FRED KENDALL Pastor WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE THIS YOUR CHURCH HOME WHILE IN JACKSON THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH EAST LAFAYETTE STREET " Only Four Blocks From Union ' s Campus " THE NEW SOUTHERN Remember THE READ HOUSE Chattanooga, Tenn. THE DIXIE-CARLTON Birmingham, Ala. THE OWENSBORO Owensboro, Ky. Are Also ALBERT NOE HOTELS An easy Economical Shopping trip at T tfjf.i. m. .ttJii:i " : it ii if i,f. Phone 4780 srox L uPc COMPLIMENTS WEST SERVICE 222 W. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee CflLUflRY BAPTIST CHURCH Lexington Avenue at Tomlin Street EXTENDS CHRISTIAN GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS It is our earnest desire to provide an environment like the " church back home. " Union students read- ily find a place to serve and train here at Calvary. We major in friendliness. Affectionately, SHEET MUSIC MUSIC SUPPLIES UUallich ivlusic MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ELITE CLEANERS Five Points BILLIE MAINFORD Phone 446 Since 1912 HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED We Appreciate Your Business Service That Satisfies TRUEX CHEUROLET compnnv •$ ♦§♦•!• College and Church Telephone 108 LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South JACKSON, TENNESSEE K omptimenti of BDND SHOE COMPANY ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW NATHAN ' S JACKSON, TENNESSEE ( onaratulationA «3t l 9 emors PEREL AND LOWENSTEIN Diamond Store of the South 211-215 E. Main Jackson, Tenn. • ft H ghland College CO. Phone 5187 PAINT — WALL PAPER — VENETIAN BLINDS PIANOS— MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS— RECORDS RADIOS AND PLAYERS— SHEET MUSIC HARDEMAN MUSIC COMPANY Jackson, Tennessee Telephone 390 Authorized Maytag Dealer Uineuardd FLOWER SHOP 320 E. Lafayette St. J au it w it n J lowerA HOLLflnD ' S Established 1871 JACKSON ' S DOMINANT STORE COMPLIMENTS Of BEARE ICE AND COAL COMPANY Main Office— JACKSON Operating Ice Plants and Coal Yards at BOLIVAR, JACKSON, HUMBOLDT, TRENTON, MILAN rail rn oLlne . . . 1 lake Aackbon S kl ine STANDARD DRUG COMPANY " The Store of Courtesy and Carefulness " Phones 158 and 159 COMPLIMENTS BURNLEY FLOWER SHOP Phone I 120 210 E. Baltimore ELECTRICITY . . . The power in which there is knowledge adds years to your life and lite to your years — JACKSON ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT KIRBY- JONES FURNITURE CO. Lj o u (jet I ill ore Zr o r Uj o u r furniture JJotlar ZJkan -jQny Jther Jjoitar VJou Z pend Compliments of rsodenbio om 6 COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving this section since 1873 A BIGGER AND EVEN BETTER UNION UNIVERSITY IS THE THEME AND GOAL OF ALL OUR PATRONS. WE, AS STUDENTS, ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR INTEREST AND CO-OPERATION. dif f ee drugs COMPLIMENTS OF NDLEN ' S JACKSON, TENNESSEE AGAIN WE SAY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! LEXINGTON INN Have Your Eyes Scientifically Analyzed DR5. LaGRANGE and LaGRANGE OPTOMETRISTS I 18 E. Lafayette Phone 148 COMPLIMENTS OF THESE CHURCHES PASTORED BY UNION STUDENTS ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH Tl BBS, TENNESSEE W. T. PILLOW, Pastor SALISBURY BAPTIST CHURCH SALISBURY, TENNESSEE GLYNN HARWOOD, Pastor MADISON BAPTIST CHURCH HERMAN JACOBS, Pastor MERCER BAPTIST CHURCH MERCER, TENNESSEE CHARLES TAYLOR, Pastor FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH HALLS, TENNESSEE VERNON SISCO, Pastor COTTON GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH PRINCE ED CLAYBROOK, Pastor BETHEL " H " BAPTIST CHURCH JIMMY EAVES, Pastor SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH MT. VERNON BAPTIST CHURCH W. B, OAKLEY, Pastor GATES BAPTIST CHURCH HUBERT JONES, Pastor UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 1834 CO-EDUCATIONAL A four-year college with a remarkable history of achievement as attested by its many successful alumni in all walks of life. An institution which puts quality above quantity. Recognized and accredited by a great many graduate departments of larger universities. Member of American Association of Colleges, of Liberal Arts College Movement, and of Tennessee Association of Colleges. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular course in the College of Arts and Science: English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Sociology, Greek, Latin, Spanish, German, and History. REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Information, Address: DR. WARREN F. JONES, PRESIDENT Tutoafaplt a rap Tutoaraphs arap Arutoaraphs

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