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This yearbook was owned by Dr. A. W. Prince, Academic Dean at Union University 1918-1937. Donated by Mildred Frey Thurman, sister of Mrs. A. W. (Mayme) Prince December, 2000 Heritage CoHectioi. % Summar Library 1050 Union University Dr. Jackson, TN 3 305 After Three IfearJ LEST WE FORGET has returned to the campus bringing with it the memories you wish to preserve through the years. l si FRIEND- SHIPS FUN AND FROLIC THRILLS AND DRAMA DORMITORIES M en the CAMPUS fo e 4 i c a t i c H TO MRS. A. W. PRINCE " O ' er the modern waste a dove hath whirred: Music is love in search of a word. " A dedication, planned for one whose heart was thrilled with expectancy, has now become a loving tribute to the memory of a great teacher, of a life devoted to all that is beautiful, rich and cultural; of a life dedicated to magnifying what is good and noble, to the giving of a rare musical talent to serve and inspire others. To such an ideal life and to the promulgation of all that is great and lovely in music and fine arts, this annual is dedicated. 0 m 5?y ■■?= =%, -V fe r V ft . V ■ ?;•■ — • ■ — ». l b i I - ii , " T mS . Alma Kj iatet -T " v B ' (Tune — " Juanita " ) ■ ' i B O, Alma Mater, our affections cling to thee, ' " N B Faithful and loyal may we ever be, May our Master ' s watchcare O ' er us one and all extend H ' Til again in Union i • ' " | Heart and voice we blend. fl Dear Alma Mater, hear thy offspring ' s plighted vow! - H Firmer and truer may we be than now, 1 Memory fondly lingers, • g - - M Calling back departed days. 7 « Every task grows lighter i ili iv ' H As we sing thy praise. II B Loved Alma Mater, o ' er us shed scholastic light, 1 j i i i I E ' en as we wander from thy halls tonight. f T " H And though years divide us, ,t» 1 And in distant lands we roam, 1 1 1 1 Oft in dreams we ' ll gather i mj if HH ' Round our " Home Sweet Home. " Jp Chorus: Union, dearest Union, • -. V Yes, We ' ll sing thy spreading famel • Union, dearest Union, Honored be thy name. — Words by Frank Klmsey. Class of ' 21 z , , : ™ - ' M x . ' .. • - HBBi DR. WARREN F. JONES President J UteAAatfe The return of the college annual is another event in the life of post-war Union that aids in re-establishing traditions that have been maintained through the years. We extend a hearty welcome to the 1946 edition of " Lest We Forget. " The college years provide opportunity for many experiences which are not only pleasant but profitable. Among these are contacts, acquaintances, friendships that are meaningful and of lifelong value. These experiences soon become memories which deepen as the years pass and mature into invaluable possessions. The college annual provides one of the most valuable media through which old acquaintances may be renewed, activities lived over again, friendships continued and strengthened. The annual serves not only in the foregoing capacities, but it binds class with class, generation with generation in the perpetuation of the aim to build a Christian citizenship and leadership which are fundamental and essential to our democratic way of life. To the staff members who have worked diligently to issue a worthy book; to the senior class who promoted its publication; and to the students and faculty who have made it possible with their contributions, I wish to extend sincere appreciation. Lest we forget many of the experiences of 1945-46 on the campus of Union — lest we forget those deeper attributes that will ingrain themselves in our lives through the years, let us read its pages often. bean argent BECAUSE — of his constant devotion to ideals of education and of Christ, his vision of great things and sym- pathy in little things — BECAUSE — he is kindness incarnate to all freshmen needing a friend; be- cause he loves and understands youth, commands the respect of young people and never loses faith in them; because he is " of " Union and " for " Union, he has in years passed and will in succeeding years be enshrined in the hearts of all Union students. He is DEAN SAR- GENT. faculty A. WARREN PRINCE FLOY S. WISE Social Science MABEL WHITSON HARDIN English ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE German, History, Sociology SHANNON O. TRENTHAM Biology SAMUEL STEGALL SARGENT English ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Speech and Drama FRANK L. WELLS Education faculty CARROLL L. PELL Modern Languages MRS. RUTH STALLINGS Public School Music and Choral Classes HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Manager ISINELL McCLANAHAN Physics and Assistant Bursar WILLIAM ARNOLD KEEL GRACE WILLIAMS Physical Education and Home Economics CAREY FRANCES HESTER Assistant Librarian ClaAMA c DAN BATES President BROOKS RAMSEY Vice-President THEO LANE Secretary CURTIS VAUGHN Reporter DR. J. N. MALLORY Faculty Sponsor The class of 1946 has survived the war period and has helped to bring back to the campus some of the sus- pended activities. An unusually large group met last fall to organize the class. We elected our officers and asked Dr. J. N. Mallory to be our faculty advisor. Among the many activities of the year, the first was to revive the pub- lication of an annual, " Lest We For- get. " Memories of our freshmen week inspired us to work and have the best week this year in the history of the school. We endeavored to create in the freshmen a feeling of fellowship with the seniors. We accomplished this by abolishing hazing and by having a freshmen- senior party at the end of the week. Dr. R. G. Lee accepted the invita- tion to speak at the senior banquet held the night before graduation. The class voted to erect two brick pillars at the Lexington-Hays en- trance to the campus, to remain as a memorial to the class of 1946. £T e h i c r Class A DANIEL BATES Jackson, Tennossee Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.B. English J.R.G. ' 43 ' M, ' 45, ' 46 (Sec. ' 45, Treas. ' 46); L.S.B. ' 43. ' 44, ' 45, ■16: B.S.U. Council ' 43, ' 44, ' 46 (First Vice President ' 46); Foot- lights Club ' 43, 44, ' 46 (Vice President ' 46); Kardinal Key Klub ' 44; Booster Club ' 46; Yankee Club ' 45 (President ' 45)- Pioneer Club ' 46; Senior Class President ' 46; Co-Chairman of Religious Focus Week ' 46; President of Student Body ' 46. RUBY BOULAND Newbern, Tennessee A.B. English Kentucky Club ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 46)- J.R.G. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 44); L S.B. ' 43, ' 44 ' 45 ' 46 (President ' 45)- B.S.U. Council ' 45; L ' Alliance Francaise ' 43. ROBE RT BENSON Jackson, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega A.B. History J.R.G. ' 42, ' 43 ' 44. ' 45; Madison County Club ' 45- History Majors Club ' 43 ' 45; Lambuth College ' 41, ' 42; Footlights Club ' 45, ' 46. MARGARET BROWN Selma. North Carolina A.B. Religion Cambell College. Buie ' s Creek, North Carolina ' 43, ' 44; L.S.B. 45 ' 46; B.S.U. Council ' 46; Y.W.A. ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 46); North Carolina Club ' 45, ' 46. THOMAS T. CRABTREE Bells, Tennessee A.B. Bible and History J.R.G. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (Treas. ' 45); L.S.B. ' 43 ' 44 ' 45, ' 46; B.S.U. Council ' 46 (Treas. ' 46); West Tennessee Club ' 45. ' 46- Adam ' s Hall Council ' 46; History Major ' s Club ' 46. JOHN E. CURRY Mercer, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega B. S. Business Administration President of Alpha Tau Omega ' 45; Kardinal Key Klub ' 44; Madison County Club ' 45, ' 46; Booster Club ' 46- Intra-Mural Basketball ' 43. ' 44; Doctors Club ' 43. SARA LOUISE DARLING Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega A.B. English Vice President of Chi Omega ' 45; Euphrosynean ' 43; Pan. America ' 43; Hypatia ' 45. ' 46 (President ' 46); Footlights ' 43. ' 46 (President ' 46); Lest We Forget Staff ' 46; Madison County Club ' 45, ' 46; Rutledge History Club ' 46 (Reporter ' 46). DOROTHY BOND DAY Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega B.S. Home Economics Secretary of Chi Omega ' 45; Home Echo Club ' 43, ' 44 (Reporter ' 44); Madison County Club ' 45, ' 46; Glee Club ' 43; Euphrosy- nean ' 43. DAN BATES THOMAS CRABTREE RUDY BOULAND JOHN CURRY 80B BENSON SARA DARLING MARGARET BROWN DOROTHY DAY ST e h i c t C I a J J SHIRLEY DeBELL Samuels, Kentucky A.B. Religion J.R.G. ' 45. ' 46; L.S.B. ' 45. ' 44 (President ' 46); Southern Baptist College ' 42, ' 43; Ouachita College ' 44; K entucky Club ' 45, ' 46; B.S.U. Council ' 45, ' 46. DOROTHY DOWLAND Trenton, Tennessee Chi Omega A.B. English Y.W.A. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. ' 46 (President ' 45); B.S.U. Council ' 45; Glee Club ' 43, ' 46 (Secretary ' 46); West Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46 (Secretary ' 46); Euphrosynean ' 43; College Sextette ' 45, ' 46; Hypatia ' 46. THOMAS DRAKE Jackson. Tennessee A.B. Religion J.R.G. ' 43. ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; L.S.B. ' 43, 44, ' 45, ' 46 (Treas. ' 44); Footlights Club ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Greater Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46 (Vice President ' 46); Booster Club ' 46. LANDIS DUNAGAN Trenton, Tennessee B.S. Biology Memphis State College ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; West Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46; L.S.B. ' 46. CLINTON HAMILTON Leland. Mi ' ,ippi A.B. History Mississippi Club ' 45, ' 46; Lest We Forget ' 46 (Bus. Mgr. ' 46); Freed-Hardeman College ' 43, ' 44; History Maiors Club ' 46; Rut- ledge History Club ' 46 (President ' 46). GAYTHA HUDSON Enville, Tennessee A.B. English Freed-Hardeman College ' 35, " 37; West Tennessee Club 45. ' 46; Hypatia ' 46. VOYD HUTTON Sardis, Tennessee B.S. Biology Freed-Hardeman ' 35, ' 36; West Tennessee Club ' 46; Doctors Club ' 39, ' 41. ROBERT W. IVY Paducah, Kentucky B.S. Education Kentucky Club ' 46; J.R.G. ' 38, ' 39, ' 40. ' 46; Murray State College ' 36, ' 37; Forensic Club ' 39, ' 40; Veterans Club ' 46. DOROTHY DOWLAND GAYTHA HUDSON THOMAS DRAKE VOYD HUTTON LANDIS DUNAGAN ROBERT IVY Renter C I a A A BETTY JUNE YOUNG JACOBS Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha A.B. Religion Treasurer of Zeta Tau Alpha ' 45; Secretary of Freshman Class Class ' 43; L.S.B. ' 43; Chorus ' 43 ' 46; Sextette ' 45; Footlights Club ' 44, ' 46 (Secretary ' 46); Madison County Club ' 45 ' 46; B. S. U. Council ' 45 (Corres. Sec. ' 45)- Secretary fo Dean ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 ' 46; Enonian ' 43. ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; MRS. Club ' 46 (Secretary •46). JEANELLE LUES JARRELL Humboldt, Tennessee Chi Omega A.G. English President of Chi Omega ' 45- Euphrosynean ' 43; Hypatia ' 46; History Club ' 45 (Sec. Treas. ' 45); West Tennessee Club ' 46; Lovelace Hall Council ' 45; SAE Queen ' 45. THEO LANE Sardis, Tennessee B.S. Mathematics Y.W.A. ' 43 ' 44, ' 45 ' 46 (President ' 44)- B.S.U. Council ' 44 ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 46); L.S.B. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (Secretary ' 45, ' 46); Pan American Club ' 43; Palladian ' 45 ' 46 (Reporter ' 46); Lest We Forget ' 46; Secretary of Senior Class ' 46; Lovelace Hall Council ' 45; Assistant in Registrar ' s Office ' 43 ' 44, ' 45 ' 46; West Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46; Lovelace Hall Religious Leader 46- Mallory Math Club ' 46 (Vice-President ' 46); Co-Chairman of Religious Focus Week ' 46. CATHLEEN LEWIS Jackson, Tennessee B.S. Education Y.W.A. ' 41, ' 42, ' 43- L.S.B. ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Madison County Club ' 45, ' 46. VERL E. MASTERS Paducah, Kentucky A.B. Bible President of Freshman Class ' 43; J.R.G. ' 43 ' 44 ' 45 ' 46- L.S.B. 43. ' 44; Tau Kappa Alpha ' 43 ' 44, ' 46 (President ' 46); Foot- lights Club ' 43 ' 44; Debate Council ' 43; ' 44, ' 46, (Vice- President ' 46); Kentucky Club ' 45 ' 46- B.S.U. Council ' 45 46- Student Council ' 46; Editor of " Lest We Forget " ' 46. ELOISE McCALLEN Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega A.B. English Footlights Club ' 43, ' 44. ' 46; B.S.U. Council ' 43; Madison County Club ' 45. ' 46; Euphrosynean ' 43; Hypatia ' 46; Pan American Club ' 43; Music Appreciation Club ' 46- Lest We Forget ' 43, ' 46. HELEN DELOISE LOCKHART Pinsonfork, Kentucky A.B. English Georgetown College, Georgetown Kentucky ' 44 ' 45; Baylor ' 43; Pikeville ' 40, ' 41; Carson-Newrnan ' 39 ' 40- Kentucky Club ' 46; Hypatia ' 46 (Sec. Treas. ' 46). MARY McLUCKIE MASTERS Metropolis, Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha A.B. English Footlights Club ' 43, ' 46; Home Echo Club ' 43, ' 44 ' 46- Y.W.A ' 43, ' 44; L.S.B. ' 43, ' 44 ' 45; Enonian ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 ' ' 46- ' Hypatia ' 46; Yankee Cl-ib ' 45; Pioneer Club ' 46 (Secretary ' 46) MRS Club ' 46. BETTY JUNE JACOBS VERL MASTERS JEANELLE JARRELL ELOISE McCALLEN THEO LANE HELEN LOCKHART CATHLEEN LEWIS MARY MASTERS £ e n i c r C t a J J BERNARD MATTHEWS Maryville, Tennessee B.S. Mathematics and History Adams hall Council ' 46; Maryville College ' 30, ' 31; L.S.B. ' 41, ' 45; J.R.G. ' 41, ' 45, ' 46; Greater Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46 (Presi- dent- ' 45, ' 46); Veterans Club ' 46; Mallory Math Club ' 46; History Majors Club ' 46; Glee Club ' 41, ' 45, ' 46; Male Quartette ' 41; Male Chorus ' 46; Intramural Basketball ' 41. MARY LOUISE MATTHEWS Bolivar, Tennessee A.B. English Y.W.A. ' 41, 42, 43; Enonian ' 41, ' 42, ' 43 (Secretary ' 42); A.D.S. ' 42; Home Echo Club ' 41, ' 42; L.S.B. ' 41, ' 42; L ' Alliance Franc9ise ' 44, ' 45; ZTA Pledge ' 41. CHARLES MELTON Memphis, Tennessee A.B. History West Ten ' nesse Club ' 45, ' 46; L.S.B. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; J.R.G. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (Ireas. ' 43); Glee Club ' 43, ' 46 (Vice Presi- dent ' 46); History Majors Club ' 46. MARY EVELYN MONTGOMERY Rutherford, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Commerce Y.W.A. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 (Secretary ' 45); West Tennessee Club ' 45, •46; Enonian ; 43, ' 44, ' 45. ' 46 (Secretary ' 44, President ' 45). MARION MOORE Chi Omega A.B. English Memphis State College ' 43; Tri-V ' 44- Palladian ' 45 ' 46 (Vice President ' 45 ' 46; Footlights Club ' 44, ' 46- College nessee Club ' 46; Glee Club ' 46; Coi Chi On 44. Covington, Tenne Home Echo Club ' 44; resident ' 46); Hypatia extette ' 46; West Ten- sponding Secretary of MARY HELEN MOSS Chi Omega A.B. English President of Chi Omega ' 46; Y.W.A. Echo Club ' 43 ' 44, ' 45 (President ' 44, Euphrosynean ' 43- Footlights Club ' 43 of Sophomore Class ' 44- Palladian ' 45 ' Hall Religious Leader ' 46; Assistant i Tennessee Club ' 46; A.T.O. ' 43 ' 44, ' 45 ' 46; Home ' 45); B.S.U. Council ' 44; ' 44, ' 46- Vice President ' 46; Hypatia ' 46; Crook i Library ' 44 ' 45- West Queen ' 45. EUNICE NORTON Jackson Tenne Euphro Lab Assistant ' 44 Club ' 46 A.B. English Footlights Club ' 43, Madison County Clut 46; Hypatia ' 46- Biology ' 45, ' 46; Music Appre- Girls Glee Club ' 46; Echo Club ' 43, ' 44; Assistant Editor Lest We Forget ' 46. . PARRISH on-Newman A.B. Engli 10, ' 41- Greater Te Club ' 46; J.R.G. Jackson, Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46; Glee BERNARD MATTHEWS MARION MOORE MARY LOUISE MATTHEWS MARY HELEN MOSS CHARLES MELTON EUNICE NORTON MARY EVELYN MONTGOMERY J. C. PARRISH 26 £ e h i c t C I a A A OSCAR W PATTERSON Jackson, Tennessee A.B. Religion •45; Madison County Club ' 45, ' 46. WALTER LLOYD PHILLIPS Grubbs, Arkans J R.G ' 45 ' 46 (Secretary ' 46)- L.S.B. ' 45, ' 46; Glee Club ' 46; Pioneer Club ' 46; Southern Baptist College ' 43, ' 44. JEANETTE TICKLE Dyersburg, Tennosse. Zeta Tau Alpha B.S. Chemistry Home Echo Club ' 41, ' 42; Chorus ' 43; Doctors Club ' 46 (Sec Treas. ' 46); Enonian ' 41, ' 44, ' 45; Palladian ' 45; West Ten nessee Club ' 44, ' 45; Chemistry Lab Assistant ' 44, ' 45. West Tennessee Club ' 46 ' Y.W.A ' 44 ' 46- Home Echo Club ' 41 ' 42; Tri-V ' 43. ' 44; L ' Alliance Franciase ' 42, ' 43. BROOKS RAMSEY J. R.G. ' 42 ' 45 ' 46; L.S.B. ' 41, ' 46- Vice President of Senior Class ' 46- History Club ' 42- Rutledge History Club ' 46; West Tennessee Club ' 45 ' 46- Memphis State College ' 43, ' 44. MARY NELLE STEELE McKenjie, Tennessee Chi Omega B.S. Biology Y.W.A ' 44- Footlights Club ' 44, ' 46; West Tennessee Club ' 46; Biology Lab Assistant ' 46; Basketball 46; Freed-Hardeman College ' 43; Bethel College ' 45. JEAN TIPPIT Pocahontas. Arkansas Zeta Tau Alpha A.B. English Pioneer Club ' 46 (President ' 46); Southern Baptist College ' 42; Oklahoma Baptist University ' 44; Enonian ' 46. CURTIS VAUGHAN Memphis, Tennessee A.B. History L.S.B. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 46); J. R.G. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. ' 46 (President ' 46); West Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46; Latin Club ' 43; History Club ' 43; Rutledge History Club ' 46; Boosters Club ' 46; President of Sophomore Class ' 44; Reporter of Senior Class ' 46; B.S.U. Council ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; President Adams Hall Council ' 46; Kardinal Key Klub ' 43. ' 44. OSCAR PATTERSON MARY NELLE STEELE WALTER PHILLIPS JEANETTE TICKLE LOUISE RAINES JEAN TIPPIT BROOKS RAMSEY CURTIS VAUGHAN ST e h i r C I a A A MARVIN WAYLAND Iron City, Tennessee A.B. Education State Teachers College. Murfreesboro. Tennessee ' 29; State Teachers College, Florence, Alabama ' 38. ' 41; J.R.S. ' 45. ' 46; Greater Tennessee Club ' 45. ' 46; L.S.B. 33. DAVID THOMPSON WHITE Hickman. Kentucky B.S. Chemistry and Biology University of Tampa ' 41 : Glee Club ' 42, ' 44, ' 46; Male Chorus ' 42. ' 44, ' 46 (Sec. Treas. ' 42); Mallory Math Club ' 46; Double Quartette ' 46; Doctors Club ' 42. ' 44, ' 45, ' 46 (President ' 46); " Lest We Forget " ' 46. AUDREY WILLIAMS Jackson, Tennessee B.S. Education Baylor University ' 42, ' 43; Greater Tennessee Club ' 45, ' 46; MRS. Club ' 46 (President ' 46). RALPH E. WILSON Osceola. Arkansai Alpha Tau Omega A.B. English United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland ' 43. ' 44; L ' Alliance Francaise ' 40, ' 41; Pioneer Club ' 46; Arkansas Club 41, ' 42 (President ' 41. ' 42); Debating Council ' 41. ' 42. ' 43; Tau Kappa Alpha ' 41, ' 42, 43; Kardinal Key Klub ' 41, ' 42; Cardi- nal Cream Staff ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Boosters Club ' 46; Mallory Math Club ' 46; Footlights Club ' 42, ' 43; Intra-mural Basketball ' 41. ' 42. HARRY LEMING WINTERS Benton, Kentucky A.B. Religion J.R.G. ' 43, ' 44. ' 45. ' 46; L.S.B. ' 45; Kentucky Club ' 45, ' 46. MARV N WAYLAND DAVID WHITE AUDREY WILLIAMS RALPH WILSON HARRY WINTERS 28 2M p ClaAMA c MARSHALL BOROUGHS DOROTHY BRANCH Jackson, Tennessee CHARLES E. CLOYD Marion, Kentucky WILLIE FRANCES BRYANT VIRGINIA RUTH DICKERSON Huntingdon, Tennessee JAMES E. BURRESS Trenton, Tennessee JOAN EASON Leapwood, Tennessee JOSEPH M. BURKS Akron, Ohio EVA MAE ELDRIDGE Beaver Dam, Kentucky 30 UiJk • First Row: ANNE ANDERSON, Jackson, Tennessee; ERNEST GUY, Jack- son, Tennessee; HENRY GUY JACKSON, Jackson, Tennessee; HERMAN E. JACOBS, Memphis, Tennessee; LEARLENE LOWRY. Rowland. North Caro- lina; HILDA MOUNT, Friendship, Tennessee. • Second Row: WARREN ARMOUR, Henderson, Tennessee; MARY GAULT NABERS, Booneville, Mississippi; FRANCES EVELYN NICELEY. Perryville, Kentucky; MARGARET VIRGINIA PEARSON, Jackson, Tenne PEPPER, JR., Paducah, Kentucky; ANNE PRESSLEY. Jackson, Tenn. • Third Row: MARTHA FRANCES BATES. Jackson, Tennessee; VIRGINIA MAE PYRON. Jackson, Tennessee; DAVID RAGAN, Jackson, Tennessee: DOLORES RANDOLPH, Jackson, Tennessee; KATHERINE REAVES. Memphis, Tennessee; BETTY STINNETT Cleveland. 1 GEORGE H. TURNER Chickamauga, Georgia JUNE RHOADS WELBORN Osceola, Arkansas ANCES WILLIAMS WALKER Bells, Tenn. OFFICERS JOHN DICKINSON President DALE KEASE Vice-President GWEN PETWAY Secretary i SOPHOMORE • BELOW, First Row: ELIZABETH APPLE TON, Trenton, Tennessee; CARL BOON Jackson, Tennessee; DOROTHY BURNETT Jackson, Tennessee; DORIS CHESSOR. Jack son, Tennessee; STEPHEN COBB. Mayfield Kentucky; BENNIE COLE, Buena Vista. Ten nessee; BETTY CRAIG, Marion. Kentucky. • Second Row: FRANCES CROSSON. Jack son. Tennessee; JUNE DARLING. Jackson Tennessee; GEORGENE DAY. Laconia Jen nessee; JOHN DICKINSON, Mercer. Ten ness;e; J. T. DRACE, Water Valley, Ken tucky; LUDIE FEATHERSTON. Newbern. Ten nessee; GEORGE FERGUSON, Covington Tennessee. « Third Row: FRANCES FISHER. Rives, Ten- nessee; JANET FORGY, Jackson. Tennessee; JAMES FRANKS, Falls Church. Virginia; FRANCES GABA, Jackson, Tennessee; GLORIA GARAVELLI, Memphis, Tennessee; MONETTE GUY. Bradford, Tennessee; JAMES HAM- MONDS. Jackson, Tennessee. 3? CLASS. • RIGHT, First Row: TRACY HARDY. Ripley. Tennessee; JOE HARRIS, Camden. Tenne;see; LeBERTA HART, Boonville, Mis- sissippi; BETTY HIPPS, Ashville, North Carolina. • Second Row: GEORGE HOLLAND, Jackson. Tennessee; MARTHA HUGHES, Tupelo. Mississippi; CLOVER JACKSON, Linden City, Tennessee; JOYCE JOHNSON. Jackson, Tennessee. • Third Row: WILLIE JOHNSON, Arlington. Kentucky; HU- BERT JONES, Fowlkes, Tennessee; DALE KEASE. Jackson. Ten- nessee; MARY FRANCES MAYS, New Orleans. Louisiana • Fourth Row: KATHERINE MILLER, Bruceton. Tennessee; ANNIE KATE MOORE, Greenfield, Tennessee; BILLY MOORE. Jackson Tennessee; LaVERNE MORRISON. Jackson, Tennessee. • BELOW, First Row: JO MULLINS, Trezevant, Tennessee MARY JANE MURPHEY. Rossville. Tennessee; MARIE NABORS Smithville, Tennessee; GWEN PETWAY, Benton, Kentucky JAMES PHILLIPS, Jackson, Tennessee; JAMES PHILPOT, Jack son, Tennessee; REBECCA RAMSEY, Memphis, Tenn • Second Row: HILDA RAMSEY, Dyer, Tenn SMITH. Toone. Tennessee; MELBA SMITH. D nessee; BOBBIE JEAN STEPHENS. Memphis, Tennessee; JAMES THARP, Bardwell, Kentucky; ANNIE LAURA TOWATER, Jack- son. Tennessee; FRANCES TRENTHAM, Jackson, Tennessee. • Third Row: MARY WALDROP, Boonville. Mississippi; RACHEL WALDROP, Boonville, Mississippi; RAYMOND WARREN. Bemis, Tennessee; JAMES WILLIAMS. Jackson. Tennessee; LAWRENCE WILSON, Painesville, Ohio; MAYLA WINTERS, Benton, Ken- tucky; HAROLD WOOD, Jackson, Tenn W i 4 FRESHMAN CLASS • First Row: JUNE ADAMS, Union City, Tennessee; DOYLE ALEXANDER. Trenton, Tennessee; DENNIS ANDERSON Ma- rietta, Mississippi; GEORGE ARCHER Melber, Kentucky; IRENE ARCHER, Melber, Kentucky; GUS BALLARD, Tupelo, Mississippi; INITA BANNERMAN, Jackson, Tennessee; WAYNE BAWCUM Camden, Tennessee. • Second Row: JOHN BELL Louisville Kentucky; FAYE BIGBIE, Olive Hill, Tennessee; BEVERLY BILLINGSLEY, Jackson, Ten- nessee; IRENE BISHOP. Jackson, Tennessee; EDWIN BIVENS, Jackson, Tennessee; JEANETTE BODKIN. Trenton, Tennessee; GRADY BRADFORD. Collinwood. Tennessee; LOIS BOOTHE. ■ille. Mi ' ■ ' PPi. • Third Row: TOM BRANDON Benton, Kentucky POLLY BRETT, Jackson, Tennessee; HERSHEL BREWER, Savannah, Tennessee; PALMER BRIGGS, Jackson, Tennessee; RALPH BROWN, Toone, Tennessee; HAROLD BRYANT Osceola, Arkansas; LAURA BUR- NEY Jackson. Tennessee; PAUL BURNS. Pulaski, Tennessee. OFFICERS TOM BRANDON President DOYLE ALEXANDER Vice-President BETTY JONES Secretary • Fourth Row: VIRGINIA BURNS Pulaski Tennessee; DOROTHY BYRUM, Jackson, Tennessee; JEAN CARLISLE, Lucy, Tennessee; JUANITA CASTELLAW Maury City Tennessee; ROBERT CHAP- MAN, Memphis, Tennessee; GERALDINE CLARK Adamsville, Tennessee- JAMES CLOUD Henderson, Tennessee; BETTYE JEAN COGBURN, Alamo, Tennessee. • First Row: EVELYN COOPER, Humboldt, Tennessee; MARY COOPER. Rawlins, Wyoming; BOBBIE COPELAND, Benton, Kentucky; MERILYN COTTER. Jackson, Tennessee. • Second Row: KENNETH COTTON, Medina, Tennessee; FRED CROS- SON, JR., Jackson, Tennessee; GWYN DAILEY, Haiel, Kentucky; PAUL DAVENPORT. Jackson. Tennessee. • Third Row: LUCILLE DEW. Jackson, Tennessee; VIRGINIA DICKER- SON, Huntington, Tennessee; MARY DITTO, Memphis. Tennessee; CAROLYN DODDS. Columbus, Georgia. • Fourth Row: RUTH DOWLAND, Trenton. Tennessee; SHIRLEY DRAKE, Cedar Hill. Tennessee; CARL DUCK. Mobile, Alabama; KATY LOU DUNAGAN, Trenton, Tennessee. e Fifth Row: JEAN EAVES, Jackson, Tennessee; JAMES EAVES, Jackson, Tennessee; EVELYN EPPS, Courlland. Mississippi; P. A. FOUTCH. Jack- son. Tennessee. « Sixth Row: ALMA RUTH FRANKS, Falls Church, Virginia; MARTHA GILL, Memphis, Tennessee; DOROTHY GOOGE, Marietta, Mississippi; JAMES GOOGE, Marietta, Mississippi. • Seventh Row: DEANE GRAVES, Trenton. Tennessee; HARRELL RAY GRAVES, Jackson, Tennessee; MARGARET JANE HAMNER, Jackson, Tennessee; VESTER HARDY, Burnsville. Mississippi. • Eighth Row: O ' NEAL HARDY. Ripley. Tennessee; JOYCE ANNE HARRISON, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; GLENN HASSELL, Jackson, Ten- nessee; A. L. HELTON. Pulaski. Tennessee. 4 h FRESHMAN CLASS • First Row: HARRY HICKMAN, Petersburg, Tennessee; MARTHA JANE HIGDON, Jackson, Tennessee; MILDRED HOLLAND, Blue Springs, Mis- sissippi; MARY EDNA HOLMES, Oakfield, Tennessee; GLADYS HUNT, Jackson, Tennessee; BETTY JACQUES, Covington, Tennessee; BETTY JONES, Jackson, Tennessee; DOROTHY JONES, Dyersburg, Tennessee. • Second Row: MARION KELLY, Bemis. Tennessee; L. D. KENNEDY, Treievant, Tennessee; BETTY LANON, Jackson, Tennessee; BARBARA LATHAN, Norfolk, Virginia; RALPH LAWLER, Trenton, Tennessee; GEORGIA MAE LOWRANCE. Dyer, Tennessee; JOHN LOWRANCE, Dyer. Tennessee; DAN McCORKLE. Henderson, Tennessee. • Third Row: MARVIN McCLUISTIN, Boonville, Mississippi; MARTIN McGUIRE, Mobile, Alabama; MARY HATCHER, Knoxville, Tennessee; ADDIE JEAN McKINNEY, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; MARGARET MABRY, Belden, Mississippi; OMEDA MALONE, Jackson, Tennessee; PERRY MOORE, Jackson, Tennessee; DAVID MORRISON, Henderson, Tennessee. • Fourth Row: F. H. MUSE, Boonville, Mississippi; HOUSTON NABERS. Boonville, Mississippi; MARTHA ELIZABETH NELSON, Bells, Tennessee; FAY OAKLEY, Dyersburg, Tennessee; JERE OMAR, Jackson, Tennessee; MARY OSWALT, Memphis, Tennessee; BUDDY PATEY, Tupelo, Mississippi; THELMA PARKER, Medon Tennessee. • First Row: MARTHA ALICE PARR, Milan, Tennessee; REGINA PEELER, Stanton, Tennessee; ROBERT PEARCE. Jackson, Tennessee; JAMES DUANE POPE. Grand Junction, Tennessee. • Second Row: T. E. POUNDS, Boonville, Mississippi; CLARENCE RANDOLPH, JR., Jackson, Tennessee; SARAH FRANCES RILEY, Tupelo, Mississippi; JANE ROACH, Sebree, Kentucky. O Third Row: JOYCE ROBERTS, Jackson, Tennessee: MARY JANE ROBERTS, Memphis, Tennessee; MARGARET ANNE ROGERS. Ripley. Tennessee; JEAN ROOKER, Memphis. Tennessee. • Fourth Row: ALFRED ROYER, Memphis, Tennessee; VIRGINIA SAIN. Nashville, Tennessee; HAZEL SEXTON, Collierville, Tennessee; HOUSTON SIPES, Jackson, Tennessee. • Fifth Row: MARY NELL SINCLAIR, Jackson, Tennessee; MOLLIE SMITH, Kenton, Tennessee; ROY SMITH. Henderson, Tennessee; RUTH SMITH, Mulberry. Tennessee. • Sixth Row: T. A. SMITH, Camden, Tennessee; DOROTHY STANLEY, Ripley, Tennessee; CHRISTINE SULLIVAN, Greenfield, Tennessee; JAMES THOMPSON, Stanton, Tennessee.. • Seventh Row: MAX TOWNSEND, Parsons. Tennessee; BILLY TURNER. Covington, Tennessee; LOLA USERY, Bradford, Tennessee ; FRED WALDEN. Tupelo, Mississippi. • Eighth Row: BILL WALKER, Henderson, Tennessee; C. M. WARREN, JR., Clifton, Tennessee; WILL WELCH, Jackson, Tennessee; THELMA WHITLOCK, Pulaski, Tennessee. te • First Row: MARGIE WHITNEY. Sebree. Kentucky; DANIEL WIGGINTON, Jackson, Tennessee; MARY WIGGINTON, Jackson. Tennessee: NANCY JANE WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tennessee. • Second Row: ANNE WILLIAMS. Jackson, Tennessee; RUBYE CLAIRE WILLIAMS, Jackson, Tennessee; EDWARD WINGO, Bradford, Tennessee; GEORGE WINSLOW, Jack- son. Tennessee. • Third Row: EVELYN WITT, Jackson, Tennessee; H. B. WOODWARD, Memphis, Tennessee; FRED WRIGHT, Mobile, Alabama; GLENN YANCY, Savannah, Tennessee. FRESHMAN CLASS 1 38 SERVICE ROLL Allison. J. V. Armour, Thomas B. Arbuclcle, Roy O. Abney, A. C, Jr. Anderson. Harry Armour, Harris Archer, E. B. Alexander, Ara M. Alexander. John Abernathy, Eddie Anderson, Calvin Arnold, Bishop Andrews, Henning Abernathy, Robert Atterbury, James Bailey, John Baker, Harley Bailey, William Ballard, Thomas Barfield, Webb Barnett, Jere Barnette, Herbert Bell, Pacaud Berryhill, Leighman Bickers, Horace Bivens, David Blackford, E. J. Brazeal, Robert Bragg, Dudley Brooks, Leslie Brotbeck, John Brown, Cecil Bryant, Stephen Burchfield, Harold Bell, Odell Birmingham, Russell Blackwood, Mayo Brady, Vester Ball, Ernest Browning, Joe Barnes, Walter Benson, Robert Baldridge, Robert L. Brooks, Dean Bates, J. A. Batten, Baxter Brandon, Ed Baraga, Stanley Brazelton, Henry F. Beck, John H., Jr. Brown. Walter C. Basden, Merle Brown. James E. Bruer, William E. Brush, William H. Buse, Ellis Boone, Roe Burks, Joseph Brewer, Shelby Baker, Levoy Benson, Joe Brewer, Julian Butler. Charles Blackmon, Agnes Elizabeth Billington, Charles B. Brown, Willee A. Briggs, Nina Brown. Aubrey Brazelton, James E. Butt. R. E. Beard, Ciay Bates, John Will Campbell, John ♦Canady, W. R. Carrington, Royal Cain, Earl Carroll, Marion Carmack, George Chism, James H. Clay, Frank Cole, Billy Cole, Prentiss Cook, T. A. Cook, Marvin Cravens, William Collins, James R. Counce, Elmer Crow, John Claybrook, Edward Coats, Harold Craig, Mac Callahan, Catherine Cole, Sue Margaret Curry, John E, Counce, Shelby Carr, Franklin Charton, Frank Carrington, Floyd Cates, Malcolm Connelly, Darrell Cole, James Coltharp, Hugh Cantrell, George L. Crider, James Coleman, Marion Crockett, Robert Clayton, Richard Carroll, Alton Carr, Fred, Jr. Carver, N. G. Condra, James Campbell, John Bruce Cooper, O. C, Jr. Dalton. Harold Danieul, Claude Deere. Charles DeLong, Walter Diamond, William Dowling, Thomas Duckworth, William Davis, Harold Dye, Richard Davis, Raymond Davis, Woodrow Duncan, Oscar L, Jr. Duncan, Harmon Davis, L. B Dalton, Henry Dodson, Quinfon Dorian, Gordon Day, Franklin Daves, James Denman, Smith Davis, Reid Dean, Claude M. Diamond, James Day, James Dunn. Wallace Elston, Woodrow Elliott. James Edenton, Frank Elam, Robert Eubank, Lewis Elvert, Maurice Etheridge, Henry T. Evans, Malcolm Fisher, John Moss Fitzgerald. William Fitts, William T., Jr. Francis, William Franks, Houston Franks, Cecil Freear, Everett Freeman, Joseph Fly, Hugh Fuller, Woodrow Foote, Thomas Fitzgerald, Robbie Loi Ferges, Mark Frazier, Roy Ferrell, Lewis Fishman, Henry Ferguson, Everett Fitzgerald, John A. Foster, Edward P. Frey, William Frey, James Fields, W. S. Farris, Dwi q ht Friedell. Wilhelm Lee Friedell, Deupree J. Forbis, Max Ferguson, George Garrott, James Guy, Ernest P. Gary, Donovan Geyer, H. D., Jr. Gilliand, Harold Garland, David Garrett, Fheldon Grisham, Howard Garrison, Joe Grady, Walter Garrott, Greer Goodrich, Lucy F. Glover, Jack Graves, R. E., Jr. Gardner, Sam Gideon, Gill. Jr. Goodwyn. Robert L. Graham, Devoy Hamilton. Frank Hanna, Clint Harwood, Harry Glen Hicks, Kenneth Hill, Willse Holloway, Lloyd Hudgins, Joe Lane Hunt, Eugene Hill, John E. Hooker, R. W. Hester, Granville Hardy, O ' Neal Holt, Robert Hundley, William Holland, J. B. Hester, Phillip Earl Hensley, Elven Helm, Leonard Hester, Henry L. Hale, Norman Henry, Edward Hays, Irvin, Jr. Hundley, Robert Henderson, Ralph Hines, J. W. Hall. John Harrison, Daniel ' Hurt, Raymond Hurt, Harry Hoppers, James House, Charles Hamilton. Con D., Jr Hatcher. M. L. Holley, Herbert S. Holley, Charles L. Hooker, Alban W. Heath, Milton Ivy. Robert Ivy, William Isbell, James Ingram, Alvin liams, Carroll James, Joe W. Jean, Wilburn Johnsey, Harry Johnsey, Fred Johnston, Stephen Johnson, Dixon Jacobs, Thomas W. Jones, Jasper Jones, Ben Jobe, Kenneth Jennings, Robert Jacobs, Herman Jones, James (Casey) Joyner, M. C. SERVICE ROLL Jones, Ralph Johnson, Karl Johnson, J. C. Jones, Ray Jackson, I. D. Kelly, Robert Klmberlin. Wallace King, C. B. Koffman, Thomas Key, Hillard Keathley, Ralph Keller, Cecil Keathley, William Kelso, Don Keathley, Franklin Kaley, Jack King, Jack Koffman, Harold Long, Harry Luckey, Freeman Lett, Fate Lawler, Guy Lindsay, Charles Latham, Willard Lauderdale, Malcolm Leigh, Robert Luna, James E. Luckey, Hugh Lloyd, James, Jr. Lee, Ewell Long, Eugene Latta, Roderick Mayfield, Wayne Mahon, Robert P. Mansfie ' d, Howard Mansfield, J. W. McDonaid, Rush McFarland, Charles Meador, John Medlin, Thad Mills, George Medling, Paul Moody, Calvin Moore, Thomas Morris, Tandy Murphey, Leon Means, Ernest McCarthy, Dan McLeary, Andrew Mahan, Angus Medling, Richmond Mahon, George S. McCorry, Thomas Mcllwain, Billy Murphey, William Mainord, Jewell Mauldin, Emily McKee, James Mills, Marlin McCollum, Richard G. Miller, Harley Morgan, Raymond Matheny, C. W., Jr. Magruder, Robert N. Michael, Von Meeks McPeters, Bill Mansfield, Earl Wayn Mansfield, Richard Meacham, W. Calvin Matthews, Bernard Murphey, Elton Manley, Mildred McCorrv, Mercer McCutcheon, David, Norman, Telford Nichols, H. S. Nield, Thomas Niceley, Gillon T. Newman, Robert L. Newman, Fred Northington, Dewey Nicoll, Clyde D. Nicholson, Lucian Nuckolls, John Outla Franklin Parrish, Rcge-r Prescott, Joe Pudor, Howard Peery, James Polsgrove, A. B. Pettigrew, Edward Peery, Fred Pounds, Charles Patton, Martha Ann Phillips, Leon Philpot, James Pounds, Arlie M., Jr. Porter, Rose Parker, Sam T., Jr. Pentecost, Miller Pennington, Herschel Parrott, Billy Edward Parker, J. V. Parsons, James Max Powell, Quinton Perry, Isaac M. (Budd Pickler, J. Elwart Phillips, Thomas Phillips, William M. Pope, David Palmer, E. Tansil Phillips, Raymond Peeples, Earl Rocky) Raines, Hugh Rampley, Milton Randolph, Jack Rayder, Olynder W. Ripley, William Ira Roberts, H. C. Robinson, Jack Rogers, Carl Roote, Jesse T. Rubel, Abe Ruddle, Guy Rutherford, Rudy Rudd, Russell Rodgers, Hawkins Reed, Russell Reitzammer, Louis Roberts, Will Hays Rutherford, Odell Riddle, I. G. Rainey, Irvin Robertson, Earl Rogers, James F. Rich, Frank Royer, Alfred Rochelle, B. G. Sharp, Tasso Siler, Rush Siler, Noel Simmons, Aaron Simth, T. Q Spencer, Ed Stubblefield, Dewey Sutherland, Robert Simth, C. C. Sanders, Ivo Swinney, James H. Sharp, Maurice R. Smith, Thomas O. Smith, Leslie Scott, John M. Sublette, Harold Stutts, Charles B. Stobaugh, Alvin Snodgrass, Homer Sanders, Fred Sublette, Norville Sadler, Robert Stanfill, David Stott, William Shelton, Norris Scott, Buford Smith, Willard Seaman, Byron Sullivan, Robert Sawyer, Robert Smith, Chester Stanfield, Edwin Tayl or, Clayton Terry, Edward Tanner, H. C. Thomas, Joseph Tickle, Paul Tigrett, A. K. Tipton, Dick Tull, U. A. Turner, James Taylor, Tip Terry, McDonald Turner, Guy Thompson, Earl Tucker, Dwayne Taylor, Dennis Townsend, Edwin Taliaferro, Louis Taylor, Charles D. Tate, Hugh Truex, Hugh Tillman, William J. Thomas, Lloyd Tatum, Francis I. Trevathan, Robert D. Thompson, John E. Truex, Allen " Tilghman, Robert Ray Tigrett, John B. Vaughan, Earl Verser, Joe Vestal, Howard L. Voyles, Walter Vinson, Cesie Varnell, J. B„ Jr. Wallace, Sam Walters, Joe Webb, Don Williams, Robert Wilson, Will Nathan Wray, Cletus Wilmoth, Don Wood, Brancey Wright, Lester Wright, J. D. Williford. Theo Walker, W. E. Wood, Spurgeon Witt, John B. Whitson, Ed Woodward, H. B., Sr. Wood, James William, Andrew L. Wingo, Leland Waller, Warren Whitlow, Glen Whitlow, Alton Wrather, Louis Williams, Harold Webb, Clarence Weiland, Hugh Womack, Ennis B. Weaver, Noel Warren, James Williams, Lacy Wortham, Herbert Wilson, Ralph Wilson, Wallace White, Donald Eugene Woolley, Clifton W. Wiggs, N. S. Williams, Leo Wray, John Yarbrough, Herron Yates, Tom Young, Carl D. Younger, Malcolm Zachary, Claude ' ?% - — , ■CIONS OF VD TH WC FIO OCEAN ORGANIZATIONS £ k lU ' U.I k ir - MpAiten OFFICERS HELEN MOSS President ELOISE McCALLEN Vice-President DOROTHY DAY Secretary JUNE WELBORN Treasurer ANN ANDERSON Pledge Mistress JO MULLINS Herald £ $£ t £H ik Chapter c$ CHI OMEGAS Product of the University of Arkansas in 1895, Chi Omega came to this campus in 1924. Wearers of the Chi O horse shoe pledged a prize-winning group this year who kept pace with their " big sisters " in taking campus honors. Presi- dent Moss added her beauty and charm to the feature section along with " Ella " McCallen who reigns as queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ann Williams and Jane Murphey were " royalty " at the West Tennessee Club banquet. Captain of the girl ' s basketball team is Jo Mullins with Carolyn Dodds alternating. Geor- gene Day, as cheerleader, helps keep that quality known as school spirit going. Martha Hughes edits this years " Hoo- Hoo. " Fall and Spring Eleusinia (times for actives, alums and pledges to meet and re-meet) the skating party, banquet honoring the pledges ... all were high- spots on the I 945 social calendar. MEMBERS First Row: Ann Anderson, Elizabeth Appleton, Dorothy Branch, Doris Chessor, June Darling, Sara Darling, Dorothy Day, Georgene Day, Dorothy Dowland. Second Row: Joan Eason, Frances Fisher, Janet Forgy, Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin, Martha Hughes, Jeanelle Jarrell, Eloise McCallen, I sine! I McClanahan, Marion Moore. Third Row: Helen Moss, Jo Mullins, Mary Jane Murphey, Eunice Norton, Dolores Randolph, Katherine Reaves, Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, Mary Nell Steele, Mrs. M. M. Summar. Fourth Row: June Welborn, Beverly Bill- ingsly, Merilyn Cotter, Carolyn Dodds, Ruth Dowland, Monette Guy, Jane Ham- ner, Gladys Hunt, Betty Jones. Fifth Row: Betty Lanon, Regina Peeler, Jane Roach, Jean Rooker, Mary Nelle Sinclair, Margie Whitney, Anne Williams. Seta Oftte a OFFICERS JEANETTE TICKLE President MARY E. MONTGOMERY . . Vice-President MARTHA F. BATES Secretary ANNE PRESSLEY Treasurer MARY E. MASTERS Historian GLORIA GARAVELLI Guard Chapter ojf ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15, 1898 at Virginia State Normal, Farm- ville, Virginia. Beta Omega chapter was founded in 1935. Although the youngest fraternity on the campus, Zeta continued its reputation of being one of the best. From its group of outstanding pledges, Mary Cooper was chosen cheer leader for the Bulldogs along with active, Gwen Petway. Willie Frances Bryant reigns as queen of the Bulldogs. Gloria Garavelli was a member of " royalty " at the West Tennessee Club banquet. The only young lady to have two pages in the feature section, Gwen Petway, was chosen as queen of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and Best All-Round Girl. Zeta has led all fraternities in scholas- tic achievement since her appearance on the campus. Highlights of 1945 were the annual Founder ' s Day banquet, hayride, winter formal honoring the pledges and the an- nual Mother-Daughter luncheon. MEMBERS First Row: Martha F. Bates, Willie F. Bryant, Bennie Cole, Frances Crosson, Frances Gaba, Gloria Garavelli, Betty June Jacobs, Joyce Johnson, Dale Kease. Second Row: Mary E. Masters, Mary F. Mays, Carey blester, Mary Montgomery, LaVerne Morrison, Mrs. J. N. Mallory, Mary Gault Nabers, Mrs. Howard Mans- field, Marie Nabors. Third Row: Margaret Pearson, Gwen Pet- way, Anne Pressley, Virginia Pyron, Katy Jo Smith, Jeanette Tickle, Annie Laura Towater, Frances Trentham, Rachel Wald- rop. Fourth Row: Irene Bishop, Laura Burney, Dorothy Byrum, Jean Carlisle, Mary Cooper, Bobbie Copeland, Dorothy Googe, Betty Hipps, Mary Edna Holmes, Barbara Lathan. Fifth Row: Sara Frances Riley, Mary Jane Roberts, Joyce Roberts, Virginia Sain, Melba Smith, Dorothy Stanley, Jean Tip- pit, Mary Waldrop, Rubye Claire Wil- liams, Evelyn Witt. Not Pictured: Bettie Jean Pomeroy, Bobbie Maxwell, Mrs. S. S. Sargent. Seta Tau ) j (,▼«. • 5S-» f f«. f -J " l T» =rJ tt a. Chapter ctf ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia, on September II, 1865. Beta Tau was established in 1893, making it the third oldest chapter in existance. Worthy Master, Wade Carver, holds office of president in Booster Club, Junior Class, West Tennessee Club, Glee Club and is state B. S. U. president. Bully Guy and Joe Burks come forth to claim high honors as most popular and best-all- around boy respectively. J. C. Dixon coached Union ' s basketball team in a sucessful year and was boosted by cheer- leader, Faye Oakley. Highlights of the year were the Coro- nation banquet when Gwen Petway was crowned queen, and the annual founders day banquet. MEMBERS First Row: Bob Benson, Joe Burks, Wade Carver, John Curry, John Dickinson, Ernest Guy, Hubert Jones. Second Row: Sam Parker, David Ragan, Raymond Warren, Lawrence Wilson, Harold Wood, Wayne Bawcum, Palmer Briggs. Third Row: Colie Chandler, Paul Daven- port, J. C. Dixon, George Holland, Her- bert Hoover, Dan McCorkle, Fay Oak- ley. Fourth Row: Duane Pope, Andrew Saun- ders, Roy Smith, Billy Turner, Fred Wal- den, Bill Walker, C. M. Warren. Not Pictured: Julian Brewer, H e r v e y Hudson, Ralph Wilson, Hugh Coltharp. TenneAAee Cta Chapter ojf SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856. Today it is the largest social inter-collegate Fraternity in America. Union University is honor- ed by having the fifth oldest chapter of the Fraternity. Tennessee Eta was founded July 4, 1857. This year the chapter was strengthened by the return of " Siq Alph ' s " who fought the war on every front. Strictly off the record: Boon ' s nervousness on the night of Queen Eloise ' s coronation; all the members wondering whose pin Phillips is wear- ing and where his is; Bates ' election to President of Student Body; Fergu- son ' s winning smile and display of collection of Fraternity pins; Jacobs the model husband; Randolph ' s Sinatra ties; all the girls trying to pick Moore up; T. A. Smith ' s beautiful singing voice; and last but not least, the cherished memory of all the boys harmonizing on " Violets. " MEMBERS First Row: Dan Bates, Carl Boon, C. H. Farnsworth (Faculty Advisor), George Ferguson, Irvin Hays, Her- man Jacobs. Second Row: Bill Mcllwain, Billy Moore, Jimmy Phillips, Jimmy Phil- pot, Clarence Randolph, Gerald Reece. Third Row: Frank Carr, Fred Cros- son, Glenn Hassell, Martin McGuire, Perry Moore, Robert Pearce. Fourth Row: Leamon Phillips, T. A. Smith, Bill Welch, Ned Williamson, Fred Wright. Not Pictured: Jim Diamond, Gus Ballard, Aubrey Compton, Barton Currie, Ralph Lawler, Ewell Lee, David Morrison, Richard Parker, Buddy Patey, Ed Townsend, J. B. Witt. ■dj " ' ) MARGARET V. PEARSON President FRANCES CROSSON Vice-President KATY JO SMITH Secretary OFFICERS MARY COOPER Treasurer DOROTHY STANLEY Reporter MRS. B. C. WILLIAMS Sponsor MEMBERS First row: Martha Frances Bates, Irene Bishop, Willie Frances Bryant, Laura Burney, Dorothy Byrum, Jean Car- lisle, Bennie Cole, Mary Cooper, Bobbie Copeland. Second row: Frances Crosson, Frances Gaba, Gloria Garavelli, Dorothy Googe, Betty Hipps, Mary Edna Holmes, Betty June Jacobs, Joyce Johnson, Dale Kease. Third Row: Barbara Lathan, Mary Masters, Mary Frances Mays, Mary Evelyn Montgomery, Laverne Morri- The Enonian Literary Society is an organiza- tion composed of those young women on Union ' s campus who appreciate art, literature and music. The club meets twice each month with programs featuring the best in these fields with an empha- son, Marie Nabors, Mary Gault Nabers, Margaret V. Pearson, Gwen Petway. Fourth row: Anne Pressley, Virginia Pyron, Sara Frances Riley, Joyce Roberts, Mary Jane Roberts, Virginia Sain, Katy Jo Smith, Melba Smith, Dorothy Stanley Fifth Row: Jeannette Tickle, Jean Tippit, Annie Laura Towater, Frances Trentham, Mary Waldrop, Rachel Wal- drop, Ruby Claire Williams, Evelyn Witt, Mrs. B. C. Williams. works of current outstanding k the noblest things in life sis on the lives and people. The Motto is: " S Club colors are black and gold with th yellow tea rose as the club flower. ENONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 50 EUPHROSYNEAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS ALMA RUTH FRANKS President ANN WILLIAMS Treasurer MARGIE WHITNEY Vice-President BETTY JONES Reporter CAROLYN DODDS Secretary MRS. FRANK BLYTHE Sponsor Beverly Billingsley Virginia Burns Merilyn Cotter June Darling Carolyn Dodds MEMBERS Ruth Rowland Betty Jones Alma Ruth Franks Dorothy Jones Jane Hamner Betty Lanon Le Berta Hart Regina Peeler Gladys Hunt Jane Roach The Euphrosynean Literary Society is an or- ganization composed of Chi Omega pledges and a few non-fraternity girls who all have common literary interests. It is founded pri- marily to promote and cultivate good literary taste and intelligent criticisms. Jean Roofer Mary Nell Sinclair Bobbie Jean Stephens Margie Whitney Ann Williams The club meets once a month and enjoys interesting book reviews given by members of the organization. Euphrosynean has as its motto: " Girls hand in hand for the best in science, music, art and literature. First Row: Beverly Billingsley. Mrs. Blythe, Virginia Burns. Merilyn Cotter. June Darling; Second Row: Carolyn Dodds Ruth Dowland Alma Ruth Franks Jane Hamner. Le Berta Hart; Third Row: Gladys Hunt. Betty Jones. Dorothy Jones. Betty Lanon Regina Peeler; Fourth Row: Jane Roach, Jean Rooker Mary Nell Sinclair, Bobbie Stephens Margie Whitney. Anne Williams. £ 4p1rA WfcfiKl Theo Lane Dan Bates Dale Kease Curtis Vaughan Hilda Ramsey Thomas Crabtree Martha Frances Bate Tom Brandon Wade Carver Margaret A. Rogers Dr. J. N. Mallory Walter Warmath Alma Ruth Franks Ludie Featherston Annie Kate Moore Fourth Row: Joyce Roberts Verl Masters Margaret Brown Virginia Dickerson Doris Chessor OFFICERS THEO LANE President DAN BATES First Vice President DALE KEASE Second Vice President CURTIS VAUGHAN Third Vice President HILDA RAMSEY Recording Secretary THOMAS CRABTREE Treasurer MARTHA FRANCES BATES Corresponding Secretary TOM BRANDON Publicity Director WADE CARVER . . Chorister MARGARET ANN ROGERS Pianist . f J. N. MALLORY Faculty Adviser REV. WALTER WARMATH ALMA RUTH FRANKS . . LUDIE FEATHERSTON . ANNIE KATE MOORE . . JOYCE ROBERTS VERL MASTERS MARGARET BROWN . . . VIRGINIA DICKERSON . . Pasto West Jackson Church Rep South Royal Church Rep First Baptist Church Rep Calvary Church Rep J. R. Graves Society Rep ... Y. W. A. Rep Life Service Band Rep DORIS CHESSOR Non. Baptist Church Re The Baptist Student Union is a unifying link binding each student to his school, to his church, and to fellow students. The officers are elected annually by the Baptist Student Union. This year three special meetings were planned to help guide the spiritual enlightment upon the campus. In the fall quarter, the council brought J. Chester Durham state student secretary of Kentucky, for a week of en- listment — Union For Christ Week. In the winter quarter V. Floyd Starke, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Elizabethton, Tennessee, came to conduct the student revival with splendid spiritual results. During the spring quarter Union University observed her first Religious Focus Week when a team of workers consisting of religious leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention came to counsel, plan, guide, and lead in special services and in classroom discussions. Dan Bates and Theo Lane were elected by the faculty to serve as co-chairmen of the Focus Week. Religious Focus Week will long be remembered as a source of lasting inspiration. B. S. U. COUNCIL A L L R Y MATH CLUB TRACY HARDY THEO LANE . OFFICERS . . President MARY FRANCES MAYS Vice-President BERNARD MATTHEWS . SPONSORS Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Mallory Secretary Reporter June Adar Doyle Alexander Kenneth Cotton Max Townsend C. M. Warren Margie Whitney The survival values of mathematics have been made paramount by the present post war economic upheaval. This, and the desire to encourage wholesome research in mathmatics and physics together with good fellowship ideals, gave rise to the formation of this club. It is open to all mathematic majors and mathematic minors whose ability is outstanding. While intended for upper classmen, sophomores who have twelve or more hours may be asso- ciate members. MEMBERS First row: Betty Craig, John Curry, John Dickinson, James Franks, Gloria Garavelli, Tracy Hardy. Second row: Hubert Jones, Theo Lane, Bernard Matthews. Mary Frances Mays, Katy Jo Smith, Jeanette Tickle. Third row: Frances Walker, David White. Lawrence Wilson, Harold Wood, June Adams, Doyle Alexander. Fourth row: Kenneth Cotton. Max Townsend. C. M. Warren, Margie Whitney, Dr. J. N. Mal- lory, Mrs. J. N. Mallory. f Y. W. A. MARGARET BROWN President DOROTHY DOWLAND Vice-President ANNIE LAURIE TOWATER Secretary EVA MAE ELDRIDGE Devotional Chairman THEO LANE Program Chairman HILDA RAMSEY Mission Study Chairman LUDIE FEATHERSTON . . Personal Service Chairman GLORIA GARAVELLI Publicity Chairman GWEN PETWAY Literature Chairman GEORGENE DAY Social Chairman BETTY CRAIG Pianist ALMA RUTH FRANKS Chorister LEARLENE LOWERY Stewardship Chairman MRS. JAMES F. ROGERS Counselor The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary was begun by young women who wanted to learn more about God ' s plan for His world and His work in ac- complishing that plan. The purpose of Y. W. A. therefore, is to unite Baptist young women to advance missions through a definite study of missions in programs and study courses. Young women need to know the plans, the work and the opportunities of our denomina- tional missionaries. They desire fellowship with each other and with missionaries and Christian leaders. The Young Women ' s Auxiliary fulfills this natural desire and need. 5; S »sa|p (s - - ' £ £} £- OFFICERS MARION MOORE President BETTY CRAIG Secretary-Treasurer GWEN PETWAY Vice-President THEO LANE Reporter ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Sponsor MEMBERS Bennie Cole Alma Ruth Franks Eloise McCallen Gwen Petway Betty Craig Gloria Garavelli Marion Moore Jeanette Tickle Joan Eason Martha Hughes Annie Kate Moore Annie Laurie Towater Ludie Featherston Theo Lane Helen Moss The Palladian Literary Society, 1886-1936 Breakfast at the " Little Tea Room. ' ' Mixed Programs including readings, dialogues, Literary reviews, group discussion. debating etc. The Palladians, 1942- The Palladian Breakfast Club, 1936-1942 Composed of fifteen young women and the Composed of fifteen young women and the sponsor. sponsor. Literary reviews, group discussion. Meet twice a month. THE PALLADIANS 55 fT ,r •»« fiE flft j .« _-. First Row: .■■111 m vi inia D;ckerson ■ % (P 1 iB 9ft H S| ' Second Row: 1W } f _ -1 Cl in to „ Hamilton George Holland Herman Jacobs Hubert Jones Third Row: Bernard Matthews Charles Melton Walter Phillips Brooks Ramsey Rebecca Ramsey Fourth Row: Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Virginia Sain Bobbie Jean Stephei Curtis Vaughan Dr. Floy S. Wise OFFICERS BROOKS RAMSEY President REBECCA RAMSEY Secretary and Reporter WALTER PHILLIPS Vice-President CURTISS VAUGHAN Treasurer DR. FLOY WISE Sponsor MEMBERS Bob Benson Tom Brandon Wade Carver T. T. Crabtree Virginia Dickerson James Franks Clinton Hamilton George Holland Herman Jacobs Hubert Jones Bernard Matthew? Charles Melton Walter Phillips Brooks Ramsey Rebecca Ramsey Members Not Pictured M C: W. T. Pillow Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Virginia Sain Bobbie Jean Stephens Curtis Vaughan Dr. Floy S. Wise Gerald Rowe The History Majors Club is an organization to promote closer fellowship among those who are pursuing a major in the field of history. The regular meeting of the club is the first Tuesday evening of each month. At this meet- ing an historical film is shown followed by a forum consisting of reports on current events in the nations of the world. Following this dis- cussion is a period of fellowship and refresh- ments. The club was organized this year under the sponsorship of Dr. F. S. Wise, the head of the history department. HISTORY MAJORS CLUB ] [ 56 DOCTOR ' S CLUB OFFICERS DAVID THOMPSON WHITE President JEANETTE TICKLE Secretary and Treasurer JERREL REECE Vice-President MARIE NABORS Reporter PROF. S. O. TRENTHAM Sponsor MEMBERS Merilyn Cotter Earnest Guy Martha Gill Gladys Hunt William Moore Dan McCorkle Marie Nabors Mary Oswald Sam Parker Duane Pope Anne Pressley Jerrel Reece Margaret Rogers Katy Jo Smith Roy Smith Jeanette Tickle Jimmy Thompson Ann Williams David Thompson White H. B. Woodward C. M. Warren The Doctor ' s Club was organized in 1938 by Dr. Reid Davis and twelve members of the stu- dent body. This year the club is composed of twenty-one members and has as its faculty sponsor, Prof. S. O. Trentham. The primary function of the club is to stimulate interest in all phases of pre-medical work. It meets bi- monthly, with programs consisting of lectures from local doctors and papers on medical sub- jects by members of the club. Back Row: Mr. S. O. T Smith Ernest Guy, Da Jeanet e Tickle Anne Cotter, H. B. Wood 5 ntham, Sam Parker, Marie Nabors. Duane Pope, Roy id White, Jerrel Reece. Front row: Gladys Hunt, ressley, Mary Frances Mays, Dan McCorkle, Merilyn rd, Ann Williams, Margaret Rogers, Katy Jo Smith. - ERNEST " BULLY " GUY OFFICERS President JUNE WELBORN Secretary Ernest Guy June Welborn Hubert Jones Roy Martin Smith Verl Masters After an absence -from the campus of several years, the student council has been re-organized. Membership is composed of representatives from the classes, elected by the class, plus a president elected by the student body. Council meetings are held monthly with the president of the school in his office. At this time student affairs are discussed. Many organizations have been backed by the council this year and are functioning with great enthusiasm each day. One of the greatest is the Booster Club, whose members often work side by side with those of the student council. One of the oustanding accom plish- ments of this organization is the re-establishment of the school paper, Cardinal and Cream. The southern inter- collegiate athletic committee of the school has student members appointed by the council. This group also backed the election of the student body president. Several enjoyable social events which added much zest to campus life were sponsored by the council. The very nature of the organization makes it one of the most potent organizations on the campus. Meas- uring by this year ' s accomplishments, we expect great things from this council in the future of the school. STUDENT COUNCIL 58 MRS. CLUB OFFICERS AUDREY WILLIAMS President JEANNE EAVES Treasurer VIRGINIA BURNS Vice-President SHIRLEY DRAKE Reporter BETTY JUNE JACOBS Secretary MRS. W. A. KEEL Sponsor MEMBERS Martha F. Bates Virginia Burns Shirley Drake Jeanne Eaves Betty June Jacobs Clover Jackson Mary E. Masters Mary Gault Nabers The MRS. Club is a new organization on Union ' s campus. The one and only qualification to become a member is to be a student with an MRS. degree. The club meets once a month in the different homes to discuss problems and phases of re- Rebecca Ramsey Frances Walker Mary Wigginton Audrey Williams Mayla Winters Mrs. W. A. Keel Marjorie Crawford Mary Alice Olds ligious work, since most of the members are ministerial wives. Because of her capability in helping with problems of a religious nature, Mrs. Keel was chosen sponsor for the club. First Clove a Frances Bates. Virginia Burns, Shirley Drake, Je Mary E. Masters, Mary Gault Nabers, Rebecca Wigginton, Audrey Williams, Mayla Winte ves. Second ■ ... Betty June . Third ro» : Fr nces Walk W. A. Keel. Anne Anderson Dorothy Branch Doris Chessor Sara Darling June Darling President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Dowland Joan Eason Janet Forgy Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Gaytha Hudson Ann Anderson Dorothy Branch Doris Chessor Sara Darling June Darling Second Row: Dorothy Dowland Joan Eason Janet Forgy Mrs. Mabel W. Ha Gaytha Hudson Third Row: Martha Hughes Jeanelle Jarrell Helen Lockhart Eloise McCallen Eunice Norton Betty Stinnett BETTY STINNETT Reporter MARION MOORE Program Chairman MRS. HARDIN Sponsor Martha Hughes Jeanelle Liles Jarrel! Helen Lockhart Eloise McCalien Helen Moss Marion Moore Mary E. Masters Frances Niceley Eunice Norton Betty Stinnett Hypatia is a literary organization, composed of the English majors of the Junior and Senior classes. The club meets twice each month to enjoy a review of some outstanding literary work — ranging from the classics to the most modern. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin, the members are acquiring a deeper appreciation of the best in literature. The club has been reorganized this year for the first time in three years. H P T I 60 RUTLEDGE HISTORY CLUB CLINTON HAMILTON CURTIS VAUGHAN . OFFICERS President ELOISE McCALLEN . . Vice-President SARA DARLING . . . MRS. ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Spcnsor Secretary-Treasurer .... Reporter Sara Darling Clinton Hamilton Eloise McCaNen Brooks Ramsey Rebecca Ramsey Mrs. Rosa D. Rutledge Curtis Vaughan Dr. Floy S. Wise The Rutledge History Club, organized by Professor and Mrs. Rutledge in 1929, is com- posed of students who are either majoring in history or show a marked interest in the cultural value of the history department. The purpose of its members is to become better acquainted with the field of history and to become fully conscious of the place that the knowledge of history occupies in the lives of educated people. LIFE SERVICE BAND SHIRLEY De BELL WADE CARVER . THEO LANE . . Quarter CHARLES MELTON Choiste BETTY CRAIG Pianis BENNIE COLE Treasure CURTIS VAUGHN Pi BROOKS RAMSEY Vice-Pi ANNIE KATE MOORE Si BENNIE COLE Tr Winter Quarter ssident LUDIE FEATHERSTON Reporter ;sident T. T. CRA8TREE Marshal cretary GEORGE TURNER Choister ;asurer THELMA WHITLOCK Pianist BROOKS RAMSEY J. T. DRACE . . . BETTY CRAIG . . Spring Quarter sident THELMA WHITLOCK Reporter iident HERVEY HUDSON Marshal retary ALFRED ROYER Choistei ALMA RUTH FRANKS Pianisl MEMBERS Doyle Alexander Mary Cooper Ludie Featherston Margaret Mabry Mary Jane Roberts Dan Bates T. T. Crabtree Alma Ruth Franks C.narles Melton Margaret Ann Rogs Martha Frances Bates Betty Craig James- Franks Katherine Miller Alfred Royer John Bell Shirley DeBell Mary Hatcher Annie Kate Moore Woodrow Shanklin Fay Bigbie Lucille Dew Harry Hickman Elizabeth Nelson Mollie Smith Lois Boothe Virginia Dickerson Hervey Hudson Frances Nicely Ruth Smith Tom Brandon Mary Ditto Dorothy Jones Jere Omar Betty Stinnet Margaret Brown Carolyn Dodds Hubert Jones Mary Oswalt Annie Laura Towate Virginia Burns J. T. Drace L. D. Kennedy W. T. Pepper Billy Turner Wade Carver Carl Duck Theo Lane Walter Phillips George Turner Geraldine Clark Landis Dunagan Helen Lockhart Brooks Ramsey Lola Usery Betty Cogburn Eva Mae Eldridge Georgia Mae Lawren e Rebecca Ramsey Marvin Wayland Bennie Cole Evelyn Epps Learline Lowry Hilda Ramsey Thelma Whitlock Bobbie Copeland Curtis Vaughan The Life Service Band ' s a religious orgar Izat ion which The ba id has been active this year in doing miss WADE CARVER J. T. DRACE . . W. L. PHILLIPS DAN BATES . DR. R. E. GUY OFFICERS Fall Quarter Pr ssident WARREN ARMOUR •-• P- Bsident ERNEST OLDS Pianist Sp cretary BERNARD MATTHEWS Tr Cor esponding Secretary Critic Winter Quarter . . President TOM BRANDON Vice-President VESTER HARDY JAMES WILLIAMS . . . . Secretary MARVIN WAYLAND DAN BATES Treasurer BERNARD MATTHEWS . Co DR. R. E. GUY Spring Quarter THOMAS CRABTREE . . . President TOM BR •President STEPHEN NDON . J. C. PARRISH . Vice COBB . Sergeant-at-Arms HENRY GUY JACKSON . Secretary VERL MASTERS . Cor DAN BATES Treasurer DR. MEMBERS R. E Critic A. G. Aguillera David Cavanaug 1 Harold Graves John Lowrance Alfred Royer George Archer Charles Cloyd Dr. R. E. Guy Thomas A. Maddox Jerry Seabold Warren Armour Stephen Cobb Vester Hardy Dr. J. N. Mallory Woodrow Shanklin Dan Bates Leon Corley Joe Harris Verl Masters William Smith John Bell Thomas Crabtree Parker Hay Bernard Matthews King Thetford Robert Benson John Cranford A. L. Helton Charles Melton James Tharp Marshall Boroughs Shirley DeBell Hervey Hudson J. C. Parrish Bill Turner Rudy Bouland J. T. Drace Robert Ivey W. T. Pepper. Jr. George Turner Grady Bradford Thomas Drake Henry Jackson Walter Phillips Curtis Vaug tan Tom Brandon Carl Duck Herman Jacobs W. L. Pillar Marvin Wayland Carl Bunci Jimmy Eaves Lee Roy Jones W. A. Powell Daniel W.gginton Paul Burns H. W. Farris Herbert Jones Brooks Ramsey James Williams T. L. Campbell James Franks Willie Johnson Homer Robertson Edward Wingo Wade Carver Hal Gallop Dr. William Keel L. D. Kennedy Gerald Rowe Ha-rv Wir-e-s The J. R. Graves Society of Religious Inquiry was organized in honor of J. R. Graves in 1877. The pur- pose of the society is to bring ministerial students face to face with the problems of the ministry and to give them practice and training in their life ' s work. J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY ■ jjjjjujj4jjj ., LUjjirutrrtM 0Wt £ ' ' Dr. Warren F. Jones FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. William Keel Dr. Floy Wise Mr. S. O. Trenthan OFFICERS JOE BURKS President BARTON CURRIE Secretary-Treasurer SAM PARKER Vice-President RALPH WILSON Sergant-At-Arms Calvin And. Sus Ballard Edison Bell Edwin Bivin; Robert Blai. Julian Brew, Chauncey B Ralph Brown Harold Bryant Joe Burks Frank Carr Robert Chapm James Cloud Hugh Coltharp ' i Aubrey Compton Barton Currie John Currie James Diamond Ouinton Dodson James Eaves George Ferguson P. A. Foutch Earnest Guy Clint Hanna O ' Neal Hardy Tracy Hardy Irvin Hays Alvie Helton MEMBERS Charles Henderson Phillip Hester Herbert Hoover Robert Ivy Herman Jacobs Elmore Johnson Marion Kelly Ralph Lawler Ewe 1 1 Lee James Luna Thomas Maddox Bernard Matthews Bill Mcllwain Francis McQuiston Fred Muse Houston Nabors Charles Padgett Richard Parker Buddy Patey Sam Parker Robert Pearce James Philpot W. T. Pillow Duane Pope Thedrell Pounds Alfred Royer Abe Rubel James E. Rushing Andrew Saunders Roy Simmons Houstin Sipes Alvin Stabaugh Robert Sullivan Edwin Townsend Billy Turner Fred Walden William Welch Ralph Wilson George Winslow John Witt Lawrence Wright Glen Yancey The Veterans Club posed of the veterans purpose an organization com- their f World War II. The tion f this organization is to aid the stu- Unic dents who are veterans in all benefits to further education. This is the largest organiza- 3n the Campus. Therefore, we are behind 1 1 00 per cent. VETERANS CLUB OFFICERS VERL MASTERS President RALPH WILSON Vice-President CAREY HESTER Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS C. H. Farnsworth Elizabeth Loyd Carey Hester Verl Masters Herman Jacobs Ralph Wilson Tau Kappa Alpha was founded at Indiana University, May 13, 1888. Organized in 1926 as Alpha Phi Epsilon, it was chartered as Union chapter of T. K. A. when this fraternity ab- sorbed A. P. E. in 1935. To be eligible for membership a student must be in the uper twenty per cent scholastically, and must display unusual forensic ability having particpated in speech activities of the school in a creditable manner for at least one year. The national publication is the Speaker and the colors are purple and lavender. The society sponsors annually a high school speech tournament, intramural contests and inter-collegiate debate contests. TAU KAPPA ALPHA First Row: C. H. Fransworth, Corey Hester, Herman Jacobs. Second Row: Elizabeth Loyd, Verl Musters, Ralph Wilson. MEMBERS Jeanette Tickle Betty June Jacobs Helen Moss June Welborn Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Mrs. J. N. Mallory The College Pan-Hellenic was organized on Union ' s campus on January 30, 1946. We the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through the charac- ter building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, frater- nity life is not the enjoyment of special privi- leges, but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service. " First Row: Jeanette Tickle. Helen Moss. Mrs. Mot Second Row: Betty June Jacobs. June Welborn. Mrs. J. N. M PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 65 DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC OFFICERS WADE CARVER President DOROTHY DOWLAND Secretary CHARLES MELTON Vice-President BETTY POMEROY Accompanist MEMBERS Front row: Mrs. Samuel Stanworth, Mary Nabers, Addie McKinney, Monette Guy, Inita Bannerman, Betty Pome- roy, Charles Melton, Harry Hickman, Doyle Alexander, Vester Hardy, Laura Burney, Annie Laura Towater, Irene Bishop, Katerine Miller, Betty June Jacobs, Mrs. Ruth Stallings. Second row: Bobbie Stephens, Ruth Dowland, Eva May Eld ridge, Dorothy Stanley, Evelyn Witt, A. S. Aguelera. James Hammonds, Jere Omar, Walter Phillips. Beverly Billingsly, Velma Brown, Learlene Lowry, Marion Moore. Third row: Frances Nicely, Katherine Reaves, Mary Jane Murphy, Jean Rooker, Georgene Day, Martha Hughes, Tom Brandon, Bernard Matthews, George Tur- ner, Max Townsend, Verl Masters, Jerry Seabough, J. C. Parrish, Margaret Mabry, June Adams, Hazel Sexton, Eveleyn Cooper. Fourth row: Lola Usery, Dorothy Burnette. Gwen Pet- way, Carolyn Dodds, Willie Johnson, H. W. Farris. John Dickinson, Wade Carver, Parker Hay, W. T. Pepper, Joan Eason, Eunice Norton, Mary Cooper, Alma Franks, Dorothy Dowland. Fifth row: Joyce Harrison. Frances Fisher. Bobbie Cope- land, Ludie Featherston, Betty Craig, C. M. Warren, David White, Stephen Cobb, Brooks Ramsey, Curtis Vaughan, Warren Armour, Jane Hamner, Betty Lanon, Betty Jones, Thelma Whitlock, Betty Jacques, Margaret Anne Rogers. 1 M I X E D CHORUS MRS. STALLINGS Mrs. Ruth Stallings, who came to Union only last fall, has already made her place on the campus. Not only has she built up the Glee Club, but also organized various musical groups such as the double quartet, double trio, mixed quartet, and in general greatly encouraged part harmony groups on the campus. These musical groups have added greatly to Union ' s reputa- tion and have helped promote interest in po- tential students. Mrs. Stallings is a native Kentuckian, received her A. B. from Georgetown College and Dip- oma in Piano from the School of Music there. She earned her M. A. degree at the University of Kentucky and was for a number of years the Superintendent of Music in the Public Schools at Winchester. For the past five years she was the director of music at Kentucky Wesleyean College. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Usery, Betty Jon Eunice Norton. F Hughes, Al garet Anne Roc Front Row: Betty Jacobs Ruth Franks, Evelyn Witt, 3 rs, June Adams, Frances Fisher, Mary Gault Nabers, Annie Laura Mrs. Ruth Stallings, Mrs. Samuel •) - , SEXTET Frances, Fisher, Anna Laura Towater, Marion, Moore, Dorothy Dowland, Alma Ruth Franks, Martha Hughes. MEN ' S CHORAL ENSEMBLE Walter Phillips, Harry Hickman, Jerr Seabough. Max Townsend, Willian Ed mondson, John Dickinson, David Thomp- son White, James Hammond Matthews, To Brandon. f I If First Row: Betty Cogburn Bennie Cole Bettv Craig, Dorothy Dowland, James Hammonds, Betty Hipps. Second Row Barbara Lathan Eloise McCallen Margaret Mabry Mary Frances Mays. Katherine Miller, Mary Gault Nabers. Third Row: Eunice Norton Waiter Phillips, Houston Sipes, Mrs. S. S. Stanworth, George Turner, David White Margie Whitney. USIC APPRECIATION CLUB OFFICERS BETTIE JEAN POMEROY Presiden MARY GAULT NABERS Vice-Presiden ELOISE McCALLEN Secretary-Treasure BETTY HIPPS Reporte MRS. STANWORTH Sponso MEMBER Irene Archer Eunice Norton Irene Bishop Mary Gault Nabers Betty Cogburn Walter Phillips Dorothy Dowland Bettie Jean Pomeroy James Hammonds David White Betty Hipps Margie Whitney Barbara Lathan Jerry Seabough Margaret Mabry Houston Sipes Mary Frances Mays Betty Craig Eloise McCallen George Turner Katherine Miller Bennie Cole J II Luna The Music Appreciation Club was organized this year under the direction of Mrs. Samuel Stanworth. The club meets once a month to study theory and harmony and works of great composers. An interesting highlight of the club is learning appreciation of finer music through the use of phonograph records. The group also makes trips to Memphis to the operas and concerts that appear there. This year a large group attended the Metropolitan Opera Carmen and the Cincinnati Symphony. The club has already done much to arouse musical interest on the campus and build up our splendid music department. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA Plays presented by the Footlights Club and directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd have always been an enjoyable tradition on the campus. Variety was the keynote of the revived custom of One Act Play Night presented during the spring quarter, " Thank You Doctor " being quite melo- dramatic, " Search Me " in true comedy style, and " In My Name " a religious interpretation. This year ' s three act drama was Lloyd C. Douglas ' " Magnifici- ent Obsession. " Proceeds for this final production were used to purchase pro- perties and lighting equipment for the stage. ' ■ ' .: V Hipps Eloise Margs iow: Dan Bates, Bob ir, Stephen Cobb. S s Fisher, Janet c --- Martha Hughe McCallen Mar ret V, Pearson, ' ,,. SI, ietty Jac Sarah Darling, Georg I Boroughs, Dorothy B Johnson ;s, Mary ch Willie „,jce, Thorr Harris LeBerta Hart Fourth Row ' ' Dale Keas Gault Nak„ id Ragan, Mary Nelle Steele, ' J M i Nabe Eun Drake, Joan Eason ,. Carey Hester, Betty E. Masters Verl Maste Norton. Fifth harp, George SARA DARLING DAN BATES . . OFFICERS . . President BETTY YOUNG JACOBS Vice-President ELOISE McCALLEN . . Secretary Treasurer Dan Bates Bob Benson Carl Boon Dorothy Branch Marshall Burroughs Willie Frances Bryant Doris Chessor Stephen Ccbb Sara Darling Georgene Day J. T. Drace Thomas Drake Joan Eason Frances Fisher Janet " Forgy Gloria Garavelli Joe Harris LeBerta Hart Carey Hester Betty Hipps MEMBERS Martha Hughes Betty Jacobs Willie Johnson Dale Kease Verl Masters Mary Elizabeth Masters Eloise McCallen Marion Moore Helen Moss Marie Nabors Mary Gault Nabers Eunice Norton Margaret V. Pearson W. T. Pepper Gwen Petway David Ragan Mary Nell Steele James Tharp George Turner The Footlights Club is under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, director of the Speech De- partment. The membership of the club is com- posed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work of a dramatic nature. The club sponsors one major production a year and several minor productions. FOOTLIGHTS CLUB BOOSTER CLUB WADE CARVER TOM BRANDON . President Vice-President KATY JO SMITH BETTY JONES Secretary-Treasurer . . . Reporter Doyle Alexande Dan Bates Wayne Bawcurr Tom Brandon Wade Carver Doris Chessor John Curry Carolyn Dodds Thomas Drake Betty Jones Annie Kate Moore Billy Moore Mary Gault Naben W. T. Pepper Katy Jo Smith Frances Trenthar Curtis Vaughan To Unionites, The Boosters Club is a " backer " club. The members are chosen by election from the geographical clubs in proportion to the number of members in these clubs. The school paper, the election of cheer- leaders, student-body president, s chool parties, and special programs are sponsored by the " Boosters. " It is the aim of the club to keep school life interesting and the students actively engaged in school affairs. First Row: Doyle Alexander, Dan Bates, Wayne Bawcum, Tom Brandon Wade Carver, Doris Chessor. Secon Row: John Curry, Carolyn Dodds, Thomas Drake Betty Jones, Annie Kate Moore, Billy Moore. Third Row Mary Gault Nabers W. T. Pepper, Katy Joe Smith, Frances Trentham, Curtis Vaugnan. V»H MEMBERS First Row Jean Carlisle Evelyn Cox Georgie Mae Lowrance Errol Rushing Warren Armour Wade Carver Fay Oakley Deane Graves Frank Carr O ' Neal Hardy Geraldine Clark Third Row Jimmy Burress James Cloud Christine Sullivan Frances Fisher James Thompson Katherine Miller Lola Usery Fifth Row John Lowrance Monette Guy Ann Williams Marion Moore Voyd Hutton Mary Nelle Steele Katy Lou Dunagan Dorothy Dowland Helen Moss Frances Walker Betty Jacques Seventh Row Katherine Reaves Bennie Cole Bobbie Stephens Billy Turner Joan Eason Annie Kate Moore Martha Parr Brooks Ramsey Mary Jane Murphy Ludie Featherston Virginia Dickerson Robert Chapman Katy Jo Smith Charles Melton Mollie Smith Mrs. Frank Blythe Gloria Garavelli Ralph Lawler Theo Lane L. D. Kennedy Dorothy Stanley David Morrison Alfred Royer Dan McCorkle T. A. Smith Billy Walker Second Row Fourth Row Irvin Hays Duane Pope Dorothy Jones Curtis Vaughan Billy Mcllwain H. B. Woodward Nancy Williams Elizabeth Appleton Roy Smith Juanita Castellaw Regina Peeler Sixth Row Hervey Hudson Gaytha Hudson Elizabeth Nelson Rebecca Ramsey CM. Warren Georgene Day Betty Cogburn Mary Jane Roberts Ewell Lee Ruth Dowland Jeanette Bodkin Thelma Parker Hubert Jones Jeanne Rooker Thomas Crabtree Faye Bigbee Wayne Bawcum Jeanette Tickle Bernese Cox Margaret Anne Rogers Doyle Alexander Mavine Cox Martha Gill Ralph Brown WEST TENNESSEE CLUB 76 ADISON COUNTY CLUB First Row Clarence Randolph Billy Moore Dorothy Branch Joyce Roberts Annie Laura Towater Betty June Jacobs Frances Gaba Omeda Malone Second Row Glenn Hassel Rubye Claire Williams Betty Jean Pomeroy Irene Bishop Margaret V. Pearson Dale Kease Mary Frances Mays MEMBERS Martha Frances Bates Laura Burney Third Row Fred Crosson Beverly Billingsley Mary Nell Sinclair Betty Lanon Jane Hamner La Verne Morrison Virginia Pyron Fourth Row Joe Harris Jimmy Phillips Eloise McCallen Doris Chessor Dorothy Burnette Evelyn Witt Kathleen Lewis Eunice Norton Fifth Row Joyce Johnson Sara Darling Ann Anderson Jean Eaves Anne Pressley Inita Bannerman Sixth Row Jerell Reece Isinell McClanahan Janet Forgy Pete Warren John Dickinson Bill Welch Seventh Row Harold Graves Tracy Hardy Lawrence Wilson Carl Boone Palmer Briggs Jimmy Hammonds Eighth Row Jere Omar George Holland Bully Guy Paul Davenport John Curry David Ragan Oscar Patterson GREATER TENNESSEE CLUB MEMBERS Seated Bernard Matthews Virginia Burns Thomas Drake Harry Hickman Paul Burns Henry Guy Jackson Standing Clover Jackson Virginia Sain Marvin Wayland Shirley Drake William Edmonson MEMBERS First Row Mayla Winters Betty Jones Jane Roach Bobbie Copeland Margie Whitney Betty Craig Mrs. Ruth Stallings Eva Mae Eldridge Gwyn Dailey Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Frances Nicely Helen Lockhart Second Row Willie Johnson Charles Cloyd Tom Brandon James Tharp Daniel Wiggington Harry WinTers Stephen Cobb Rudy Bowland David Thompson White John Bell Robert Ivy Verl Masters J. T. Drace Dr. R. E. Guy KENTUCKY CLUB " 8 NORTH CAROLINA CLUB MEMBERS Back Row Dr. Frank L. Wells Mrs. S. O. Trenthar Mr. S. O. Trentharr Front Row Margaret Brown Frances Trentham Betty Hipps Learline Lowry ■? I U k MEMBERS Seated Walter Phiiiips Mary E. Masters Jean Tippit Mary Cooper Standing Addie Jean McKinney Dan Bates Joyce Anne Harrison PIONEER CLUB GREATER DIXIE CLUB MEMBERS Seated Mary Gault Nabers Willie Frances Bryant Sara Frances Riley LeBerta Hart Lois Booth Evelyn Epps Mildred Holland Margaret Mabry Dorothy Helen Googe Marie Nabors Standing Mrs. Ramer Rachel Waldrop Martha Hughes Mary Waldrop Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Joe Burks James Googe Vester Hardy C. L. Pel! James Luna Fred Muse Clinton Hamilton Quinton Dodson Dean Sargent Abe Rubel Houston Nabers Marvin McCuiston Thedrall Pounds Dennis Anderson Gus Ballard Buddie Paty Fred Waldon MEMBERS Front Row Barbara Lathan Fred Wright Alma Ruth Franks Back Row George Turner Carolyn Dodds James Franks I S S I S S I P P I CLUB A £ 6 Row: Anne Anderson, Elizabeth Appleton. Margaret Brown, Georgene Day, Ludie Featherston Second Row: Frances Fisher, Gloria Garavelli, LeBerta Hart, Learlene Lowry, Mary E. Masters. Third Row: Jo Mullins Katherine Reaves, Melba Smith, Jeanette Tickle, Mrs. B. C. Williams. GEORGENE DAY OFFICERS ssident FRANCES FISHER Secretary-Treasurer GLORIA GARAVELLI Reporte MEMBERS Ann Anderson Elizabeth Appleton Margaret " Brown Polly Brett Evelyn Cox Georgene Day Ludie Featherston Frances Fisher Gloria Garavelli LeBerta Hart Learlene Lcwry Mary Masters Jo Mullins Katherine Reaves Katy Jo Smith Jeannette Tickle Mrs. B. C. Willian " Home Echo " was organized in 1935 by members of the Home Economics Department and since that time has grown until it occupies a prominent place among other clubs on the campus. Membership is limited to girls making a scholastic average of " B " in Home Economics. The club meets twice each month. At these meetings programs of interest to all college girls, as well as home economics students, are presented. The club motto is: " Great home-makers from little ' home echo ' s ' grow. " HOME ECHO CLUB c Athletic ■£» ' to? 1 COACH Coach J. C. Dixon, having returned from serving as civilian PT instructor a year and a half in the service, assumed the great responsibility of furthering sports here at Union by coaching inexperienced basketball teams to a successful season. During Dixon ' s days in Union he played four years of football, serving as co-captain the last two years. It was by no accident that he was a spark on the SIAA champion- ship team in 1942. Also he played one year of basketball. Incidentally, the honor of being president of the student body was bestowed upon him during his last year in Union. ha BASKETBALL Score 25-49 39-38 40-26 33-40 18-19 45-2° 39-41 47-7! 29-43 53-39 34-20 29-17 46-93 29-51 37-35 62-35 First Row: W Jim Diamond, Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. SCHEDULE Team Results 18 C.A.P. of Union City Lost 23 U.T. Jr. College of Martin Won 8 Bemis " Y " Won II Southwestern University Lost 15 Dresden All-Stars Lost 17 Milan Arsenal Won 18 Memphis State Lost 23 Arkansas State Lost 25 C.A.P. of Union City Lost 8 Alabama State Teachers Won 9 Milan Arsenal . II Savannah All-Star 12 Arkansas State . 18 Won Won Lost Bethel College Lost Lost 2 Southwestern University 5 Fourth Ferrying Command Lost Roy Smith, Fred Cr oughs. Third Row: Doyle Ale » ' rf JULIAN BREWER JIM DIAMOND DAVID MORRISON J. B. WITT TOM BRANDON ROY SMITH JOE BURKS WAYNE BAWCUM GLEN YANCY Union has again resumed all sporting activities! No football was played this season due to the lack of football players, but we are now back in the basketball world with great possibilities of having a winning team by the end of the season. The boys began practicing basketball the first week of November and several versatile, but young men began grueling work to get in shape for the first game. Several games were played with in- dependent and all-star teams located in near-by cities. Several of the independent opponents had strong aggregations, such as the C.A.P. unit in Union City and the local team of Bemis. Our first college opponent was the University of Tennessee Junior College of Martin, whom we nosed out by a score of 39-38, in the final seconds of play. We journeyed the week-end of January I I to Memphis to combat Southwestern University and came back a disheartened group of boys due to our loss to them by a score of 40-33. The following week-end we tackled Memphis State, a much better team than Southwestern, and were lucked out of a ball-game by a long one-hand shot that knotted the ball game for Memphis State. We combined our feeble efforts to beat Arkansas State Teachers, but our expectations fell short, dropping them two games by scores of 71- 47, and 93-46. Bethel College also provided a very strong quintet. The boys were tutored by coach J. C. Dixon, a graduate of 1943, and a resident of Union City, Tennessee. He came to us in order that the sport- ing spirit might again be resumed and has done a splendid job. The team has shifted players from time to time, but success was greatly due to the efforts of Julian Brewer, Marshall Boroughs and Tom Brandon. Joe Burks, Jim Diamond, John Witt and numerous others have played outstanding games. We are anticipating a much more favorable season next year with the support of all the student- body. V OTHER SPORTS A series of intra-mural tournaments was held this spring to promote stu- dent-wide participation in athletics. After gaining the most points in soft- ball, tennis, horseshoes, archery, ping pong, volleyball, and croquet loving cups were presented during a chapel ceremony to the Independent girls (better known as the Terrapins) and SAE ' s. Though our boys tennis team played some fast tennis they lost to the visit- ing team from Mississippi Delta State. GIRL ' S BASKETBA 1 I. Bottom Picture Front Row: Carolyn Dodds. Mary Nelle Steel, Regina Peeler Katy Jo Smith, June Adams. Back Row: Elizabeth Apple- ton Gladys Hunt Jo Mullins. Virginia Burns, Coach J. C. Dixon, Frances Trentham, Mollie Smith, Learlene Lowry, Betty Cogburn. OO GIRL ' S SPORTS Under the leadership of Mrs. B. C. Williams and Mr. J. C. Dixon, Union University girls began their fall season with a series of softball games. The sororities and non-frats each organized a team and played several intra- mural games. Led by pitcher, Frances Jean Trentham, the Zetas topped the Women ' s Intra- mural Softball league in its first season. While these softball games were in progress, a tennis tournament was well underway. There was always a large crowd to watch the tennis matches which proved very enjoyable to many on the campus. Many entered the tournament, but Tom Brandon and Laura Burney came out victorious in the end. The final game wasn ' t played because of cold weather. Cold weather came and winter sports took over in December, basketball having the largest turn out. There were many out- standing players. Mary Nelle Steele was the only senior out and Learline Lowery the only junior. Katy Jo Smith, Frances Jean Trent- ham, Jo Mullins, Elizabeth Apple- ton represented the sophomore class. Carolyn Dodds, Regina Peeler, Betty Cogburn, June Adams, Gladys Hunt, Virginia Burns, Mary Ditto, and Mollie Smith came out as Freshmen. The girls played several games and showed that they learned rapidly. They were defeated by the Union City C.A.P. ' s but put up a hard fight throughout the entire game. They defeated Bemis three times and won over Dresden, ran Milan a close race but lost by a small margin. For their captain, Jo Mullins was elected and Carolyn Dodds was chosen her alternate. Mrs. Williams held a volley-ball class at the local " Y " with several girls entering. Although all the girls were just learning, they en- tered into the game with en- thusiasm and when the class was over, there were ten expert volley ball players. The basement of the recreation hall was fixed up for the girls who did not care to enter into the other sports. Several ping pong tables were added and a shuffle board set up. When any one had any time off, they would go over to the recreation hall for a game of ping pong or shuffle board which proved very enjoyable to those who en- tered into the games. These were constantly in use. When Spring rolled around, the girls had their choice of sports in their physical education classes. There were softball, tennis, swimming, soccer, archery, and marching. The sports- minded students are looking forward next year to increased sports activity at Union. L OFFICERS J. C. DIXON President BOB SULLIVAN Vice-President HUGH COLTHARP Treasurer JULIAN BREWER Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS J. C. Dixon Julian Brewer Bob Sullivan Joe Burks Hugh Coltharp J. B. Wiit Jerrell Reece To be eligible for membership in the Union University " U " Club one must make a letter in a major sport. The " U " Club ' s purpose is ro promote a higher standard of athletics, and to promote better cooperation between the athletes anc the college. t is financed by the members. " U " CLUB BOARD OF TRUSTEES D. A. ELLIS President R. E. GUY Vice President WALTER WAR MATH Secretary Term of Office Expires 1946 V. E. BOSTON Memphis, Tennessee GLEN DILLON Jackson, Tennessee J. B. FUOUA Milan, Tennessee NORRIS GILLIAM Nashville, Tennessee GARLAND F. JONES Jackson, Tennessee J. CARL McCOY Memphis, Tennessee HERRON PEARSON Jackson, Tennessee W. G. ROBINSON Trenton, Tennessee H. H. WALDROP Jackson, Tennessee EUGENE WOODS Memphis, Tennessee Term of Office Expires 1947 H. H. BOSTON Martin, Tennessee C. L. BOWDEN RJply, Tennessee J. L. CROOK Jackson, Tennessee D. A. ELLIS Memphis, Tennessee E. A. HARROLD Millington, Tennessee J. G. HUGHES Memphis, Tennessee R. G. LEE Memphis, Tennessee R. PAUL CAUDILL Memphis, Tennessee I. B. TIGRETT Jackson, Tennessee WALTER WARMATH Jackson, Tennessee Term of Office Expires 1948 TOM PATTON Jackson, Tennessee R. E. GUY Jackson, Tennessee W - S. HALL Jackson, Tennessee H. J. HUEY Milan, Tennessee ROBERT ORR Brownsville, Tennessee H. C. SANDERS Selmer, Tennessee ROSS ROGERS Paris, Tennessee FRED WEST Jackson, Tennessee PAUL WIELAND Trenton, Tennessee S. R. WOODSON Humboldt, Tennessee 93 LEST WE FORGET STAFF OF 1946 In answer to your request for an annual, we have resumed the publication of the LEST WE FORGET. You elected Verl as the editor; Eunice, associate editor; and Clinton, business manager. After the selection of an exceedingly co- operative staff and sponsor, work was begun on Union ' s first annual in three years. Countless hours of mental and physical exertion are pent up in this pictorial record of 1945-46; but we had fun too. It is with pride that we present this, our " brainchild, " to you. STAFF VERL E. MASTERS Edito EUNICE NORTON Associate Edito CLINTON HAMILTON Business Manage ELOISE McCALLEN Organization Edito SARA DARLING Feature Edito DAVID WHITE Phorog.-aphe JUNE ADAMS Assistant Photographe TOM BRANDON Boys Sports Edito FRANCES TRENTHAM Girls Sports Edito THEO LANE Class Edito MARY FRANCES MAYS Class Edito GWEN PETWAY Miscellaneous Ed MRS. MABEL W. HARDIN Sponso i te On March 12, 1943, the Cardinal and Cream student publication of Union, became defunct. On Monday, February 25, 1946, the first issue of a new Cardinal and Cream was distributed. The interim between the two dates, of course, was War. We, as editors of the resurrected Cardinal and Cream, hope that the paper will become once again an essential and integral part of Union. We have not tried to copy the Cardinal and Cream of days past, either in make up or text. Nor do we expect to. The paper in former years, we understand, was a fine one, but, not believing that an imitation of a good thing is ever as good as the original, we still plan to run the Cardinal and Cream today as though it had never had such a noteworthly past. Simply, our policy is " For the Present and Future —Not the Past. " What kind of paper will yours be, we were asked at the outset. Our answer then was the same that it would be now. " Not a fraternity or sorority paper, though certainly we shall use such news. Not a gossip sheet or a joke book, though gossip and jokes perhaps have a place in a school publication. Not a religious paper wholly, despite Union ' s being essentially a religious institution. Nor a society paper, for no one of us at Union even professes to be of the upper social classes. " But, by combining the very elements which we don ' t want our paper to be, we arrive at the thing which we do want it to be — and that is, an all-round School paper, one reflective of every student in the entire body of Union. CARDINAL AND CREAM 95 k JeatuteA ■ % fl£ N te- Helen ItfcJJ Most Beautiful Girl v : $HiM (juen Petoaif Best All-Round Girl Jce KurkA Best All-Round Boy HflUA (jtoeti Petoaij Queen of Alpha Tau Omega IH ' tiA ClcUe IflcCatleh Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon OheJt " Sutiif (fuif Most Popular Boy •■■ f- hah SateA President of Student Body . £ha tJhctJ £hapj tctJ £hapj tetJ WE APPRECIATE THE PRIVILEGE OF MAKING THE PICTURES FOR THIS ANNUAL All Negatives Are On File. We Can Make Additional Portraits Any Time. McCAULEY STUDIO 803 Highland Avenue JACKSON, TENNESSEE McCAULEY MOTORS JACKSON, TENNESSEE r ' rm y 2j? =. " , ' = CHRYSLER • PLYMOUTH Sales and Service See Us For A Great Car FINE SERVICE— FAIR DEAL A Complete Line of Gen uine Chrysler and Plymouth Parts and Accessories tuhc-up now FOR SMOOTH PERFORMANCE MAKE SURE YOUR CAR IS READY TO GIVE YOU GOOD SERVICE! Bring It to the Men Who Know It Best HAROLD ALISON COMPANY DODGE— PLYMOUTH Phone 4790 Chester at Church Have a Coke BfH wp-, L iff a 8e£1 Hfci v 3rr r Jj HflrT j wk AfimtSk JzuLZmTSm ,HO " ' " 01 ,HI coc coli co ELITE CLEANERS Five Points BILLIE MAINFORD Phone 446 Since 1912 HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED We Appreciate Your Business Service That Satisfies TRUEK CHEUROLCT compnnv «l» 4. «f College and Church Telephone 108 SHEET MUSIC MUSIC SUPPLIES l l aiiick i v ladle i ompan ipanu MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH L ordiailu WelcomeA l fr Students to all _j« er viced DR. W. FRED KENDALL Pastor COMPLIMENTS WEST SERVICE 222 W. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee Uineuardd FLOWER SHOP 320 E. Lafayette St. S au it wit It jr lowers McCALL HUGHES VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES 144 N. Liberty Compliments of r o3enbtoom 3 WEST JACKSDN BAPTIST CHURCH L ordiailu lA eicomes lA S tuaenti to all S5i eruicei DR. R. E. GUY Pastor " THE CALL TO PREACH IS A CALL TO PREPARE " For Catalogue, Write: THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ELLIS A. FULLER, President 2825 Lexington Road Louisville, Kentucky THE MOORE STUDIO Pictorial Home of the Co-Ed Maintaining a standard of prompt, courteous and efficient service — Offering always the latest achievements in PHOTOGRAPHIC ART!!! 215 N. Liberty Street CONGER PARKER LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Union Ave. and I.C.R.R. Jackson, Tenn. HOLLflllD ' S Established 1871 JACKSON ' S DOMINANT STORE CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH • • L ordialiy lAJelcomei Off Students to all «3t ervicei • • • REV. WALTER WARMATH Pastor WOOTTON ' S STUDIO FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS 207 E. Main Telephone 27 COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON TENNESSEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF NDLEN ' S JACKSON, TENNESSEE PIANOS— MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS— RECORDS RADIOS AND PLAYERS— SHEET MUSIC HARDEMAN MUSIC COMPANY Jackson, Tennessee Telephone 390 Authorized Maytag Dealer srox cife i omplintenti of BOND SHOE COMPANY ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW NATHAN ' S JACKSON, TENNESSEE ieniorj L-onqratuiationA 3e PEREL AND LOWENSTEIN Diamond Store of the South WILSON AND WEIR SERVICE STATION GENUINE PRE-WAR SERVICE Service Calls Anywhere in America. We ' re Veteran Boys. Come See Us. Phone 3292 Chester and Royal Sts SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. COMPLIMENTS KIRBY JONES FURNITURE COMPANY JACKSON, TENNESSEE WILSON-GEYER CO. 307 E. MAIN Imperial Washable Wall Papers HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS FINE DIAMONDS QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY L. P. JACKSON Jeweler and Optometrist STANDARD DRUG COMPANY " The Store of Courtesy and Carefulness " Phones 158 and 159 THE BOOTERY Beautiful Shoes and Hosiery COMPLIMENTS OF FENNER RADIO AND ELECTRICAL CO. THE NEW SOUTHERN AN ALBERT NOE HOTEL Headquarters For All Social Functions Have Your Eyes Scientifically Analyzed DR5. LaGRANGE and LaGRANGE OPTOMETRISTS I 18 E. Lafayette Phone COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South JACKSON, TENNESSEE J-or the 25th Jime We S au (sonara tulationi LEXINGTON INN diffee drugs L-onara tula tiond to the la33 4 46 P E N N E Y ' s Jackson ' s Shopping Ce n+er COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving this section since 1873 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIENDLY CD. • PEPSI COLA HITS THE SPOT COMPLIMENTS Ol BEARE ICE AND COAL COMPANY Main Office— JACKSON Operating Ice Plants and Coal Yards at BOLIVAR, JACKSON, HUMBOLDT, TRENTON, MILAN JONES SERVICE SINCLAIR PRODUCTS All Union Students Are Welcome College and Royal Phone 58 I UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 1834 CO-EDUCATIONAL A four-year college with a remarkable history of achievement as attested by its many successful alumni in all walks of life. An institution which puts quality above quantity. Recognized and accredited by a great many graduate departments of larger universities. Member of American Association of Colleges, of Liberal Arts College Movement, and of Tennessee Association of Colleges. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular course in the College of Arts and Science: English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Sociology, Greek, Latin, Spanish, German, and History. REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Information, Address: DR. WARREN F. JONES, PRESIDENT Heritage Co!)eci?on Sum mar Library 1050 linior- i i n . . Jackson, T. .. Ji 3

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