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a JACKSON, TENNESSEE fcj ■ ■ jLz 10 3 JACKSON, TENM LEST WE fOHEl PRESENTS UNION UNIVERSITY fyosimal and JACKSON, TENNESSEE MILDRED WARREN EDITO ' R CAL GUY BUSINESS MANAGER :-. : " -: ' - ' " N (Presenting UNION FORMAL SCHOOL BEGINS Matriculation, Introductions, invi- tations, books, ceaseless chatter — and another school year begins. CO Q Q Z Q Q o HISTORIC OLD BARTO GO o I go LOVELACE HALL Comparable to ships without rudders would be Union without her two greatest guiding forces: President Hurt and Dean Sargent. Both sym- pathetic and just, wise and kind, conscientious, loyal, and intelligent; wholeheartedly " for " and " of " Union ; at all times striving for the purest and noblest in behalf of the institution they love — Union ' s guiding lives! Yet, with all these admirable qualities both are typically human and, like all mortals, have an eccentric habit or two: Proof: Dr. Hurt ' s magazine; Dean Sargent ' s rhyming announcements in chapel. DR. HURT AND DEAN SARGENT obs He who enters the stately portals of Union must well be aware of that time-honored say- ing, " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, " or vice versa. Evidence of the fact that we work and we play is seen over the campus at all times of the day. Entering said por- tals, one gazes right, one gazes left. What does one see? Classrooms, full of bowed heads, busy fingers, or heads and eyes straight forward attempting to gather those bits of knowl- edge coming from the lips of learned professors — the Library where some fain would browse through dusty volumes? On to the Book Store and there they are — those who have nothing better to do than entertain themselves with a friendly chat and a " pause that re- freshes. " And to the open spaces! There a group is ready for the take-off in a campus auto to forget for awhile their more serious nature. T - " ■ , v ¥r$$ , V 3 A K The mad scramble of rushing! The boys do it and the girls do it. The first day of matricula- tion is the worst. Onlookers observe this frantic struggle with perhaps just a tinge of disgust, but all participants happily float along and some are sorry, some glad when it is all over. You first push through to the Dean ' s office, then dash with great speed to the Bursar ' s office, only to stand in line for hours. But what could be more fun? Then you stagger to the movies with someone you never saw before only to discover that by some miracle he knows Great Uncle Archie ' s half brother ' s third cousin — whereupon you be- come great friends. This is the time when first impressions are made and the first of very lasting friendships formed. Of all the interesting events of college life, these first two weeks of every year are the most outstanding in every way. CROOK HALL . . . DATING Old custom at Union University. The more scholarly observers have named it Carnpusology; on Friday and Sunday nights this ancient pas- time assumes the dignified title of date. Some go to the picture show, and others just go . . . Tis a most delightful way to spend a vacant evening. Z) I— CO CO o GO Tis one of fun and frolic, ye ole Union campus. Varied are the activ ities which go to make iy) that most popular course, Campusologry. Now take baseball, there males participate heartily. And while you ' re taking, take bench-sitting. There ' s a sport for both males and females! — There ' s skating for those possessing the vital factors of excess energy and a pair of skates — All for fun! o o ca THE ART OF COOKERY " Superfluity of culinary art- ists renders worthless the consomme. " ( " Too many cooks spoil the broth, " to you less informed), may be a true and noble saying but not when they ' ve been brought up under the very capable guidance of Miss Suella Susong, who, as Head of the Home Eco- nomics Department of Union, offers complete study for those interested in the preparation of food. HOME ECONOMICS HOUSE LU LJJ I A LETTER FROM HOME ADAMS HAL The Staff of the Lest We Forget consists of the fol- lowing students: May Guy, Assistant Editor; Daniel Harrison, Sports Editor; Elizabeth Mann and Mary Dee Rose, Organization Editors; Dorothy Jacobs and Hugh Luckey, Feature Editors; Wilma Johnson, Bill Cravens, Mary Sue Wesson, and Dorothy Lee Knight, Class Editors. The Cardinal and Cream is the bi-weekly publication of the Student Bodv. Associate Editors for the year have been Calvin Meacham, James Riley, and John Busby; Assistant Business Manager, Duncan DeMon- breun; ' News Editors, Margaret McNatt, Virginia Clay- brook, Mav Guv, Hugh Luckey, and Mildred Warren; Feature Writers, Jessie Lee Bickers, Rebecca Cobb, Mary Dee Rose, and Eva Allen; Sports Editors, Daniel Harrison, Bill Francis, and Joe Foster; Religious Edi- tors, Rush McDonald, Raymond Morgan, and Zona Briggs; Circulation Managers, Truett Abney and Joe Hall. o o o GQ In preparing this vol- ume of the Lest We Forget for presentation to the Stuudent Body, we have endeavored to present in picture and story a colorful re- minder of college days. The C ardinal and Cream has enjoyed a very successful year under the direction of Fred Cole, Editor, and Jack Glover, Business Manager. The edi- torials have been thought-provoking and the news, up-to-date. The Publication Governing Board consists of Dean Sargent and the two English professors, Mrs. M. L. Hardin and Miss Onnie Skinner. Tommy Pierce, a Freshman, elected by the Sopho- mores ; Franklin Keathley, a Sophomore, elected by the Juniors; Willard Huggins, a Junior, elected by the Seniors, are the student members of the board. The board nominates three stu- dents for the Editors-in-Chief and Business Man- agers of the Lest We Forget and the Cardinal and Cream. These names are submitted to the Publications Supervisory Committee for a pre- scribed test and after examination of the tests the names are presented to the faculty for ap- proval, after which the faculty recommends to the student body for election. The members of the Student Council are elected by the Student Body. There are ten members: Four Seniors, three Juniors, two Sophomores, and one freshman. Those elected to the Council this year are Daniel Harrison, Orion Jane Price, Mildred Warren, Leland Wingo, Fred Cole, John Moss Fisher, May Guy, Rebecca Cobb, Hugh Howser, and Bibie Zelma Crittendon. COUNCILS oAlma SMater O Alma Mater, our affections cling to thee! Faithful and loyal may we ever be. May our Master ' s watchcare O ' er us one and all extend, ' Til again in Union Heart and voice we blend. Dear Alma Mater, hear thy offspring ' s plighted vow: Firmer and truer may we be than now. Memory fondly lingers, Calling back departed days; Every task grows lighter As we sing thy praise. Loved Alma Mater, o ' er us shed scholastic light, E ' en as we wander from thy halls tonight; And though years divide us, And in distant lands we roam, Oft in dreams we ' ll gather ' Round our ' ' Home, Sweet Home. " Chorus: Union, dearest Union, Yes, we ' ll sing thy spreading fame! Union, dearest union, Honored be thy name. — Words by Frank Kimsey, Class of ' 22. I W ' ' -_ ' ' . -..■. Sexior Class Leland Wingo President John Busby Vice-President Alma Erv.n Secretary Sophomore Class Aubrey Brown President Charles Millican . Vice-President Carolyn Ramer Secretary CLASS O [24] Junior Class Franklin Keathley President Joe Hall Vice-President Virginia Claybrook Secretary Fresh max Class Ernest Guy President Joe Lane Hudgins Vice-President Mary Lou Old Secretary F F I C E R {JntrooL ' ucinq THE FACULTY AND CLASSES UNION ' S PRESIDENT JOHN JETER HURT Born and reared in Virginia; graduate of Bryant and Stratton College; student of Richmond College and grad- uate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Th.G.) ; received D.D. Union University, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and LL.D. at Georgetown (Kentucky) College; served as pastor of churches in Arkansas and North Caro- lina and was pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson from 1923 to 1932; in 1932 became President of Union University; was vice-president of Tennessee Baptist Con- vention and of Southern Baptist Convention; President of Southern Baptist Education Association; Editor of The Baptist Advance and author of religious books; a Trustee of Baptist Bible Institute; a Mason and Rotarian; dis- tinguished gentleman; genuine friend of education; out- standing leader and faithful servant in behalf of human- ity; esteemed by citizens of Tennessee and beloved by the entire student body. [26] mi OUR FACULTY S. S. Sargent, A.B., M.A., Dean C. H. Farnsworth, A.B., B.S., M.S. Georgrapliy, Commerce M. M. Summar, A.B. Business Manager A. W. Prince, A.B., M.A., D.Sc. Chemistry Mrs. M. M. Summar Librarian Jasper N. Mallory, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Fred L. Hicks, B.S. Bursar, Commerce Mrs. Jasper N. Mallory, B.S. Mathematics Reid Davis, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Miss Suella Susong, B.S., M.S. Home Economics Wilburn Jean, A.B. Physics, Mathematics Mrs. H. E. Watters, B.S., M.S. Home Economics Mrs. Mabel Whitson Hardin, A.B., M.A. English O. Olin Green, A.B., Th.M., D.D. Bible Miss Onnie Skinner, A.B., M.A. English Louis B. Matthews, A.B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Greek, Bible Mrs. L. DeWitt Rutledge, B.A., M.A. History and German Russell Redd, A.B., M.A., Alumni Secretary, Sociology L. DeWitt Rutledge, B.S., A.B., M.A. History and Political Science Mrs. Arthur Warren Prince, B.M. Director of Conservatory of Music Mrs. Dee E. Rice, A.B., B.S. Dean of Women, Latin Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Director of Department of Speech AND MORE FACULTY THE O S T S S E S MRS. D. W. LUCKEY MISS LOUISE SUBLETTE MRS. RENA SUBLETTE STUDENT ASSISTANTS First Roiv: Allen, Bryant, Duncan Fisher Second Row: Fitzgerald, Fleming Glover, Harrison Third Row: Holmes, Jeter, Jones Keathley Fourth Roiv: LUCKEY, NOWELL, WOOD First Row: Abernathy, Allen AUSTON Second Row: Busby, Campbell, Coop Third Row: Copeland, Duncan Dunn Fourth Row: Ervin, Fleming Francis N O R Robert Abernaty, A.B. BANDANA, KENTUCKY C. L. S., ' 35, ' 37; J. R. Graves Society, ' 35, ' 39; Athen- ians, ' 37, ' 38 ; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 38, ' 39. Harry Thomas Copeland, A.B. BARLOW, KENTUCKY J. R. G., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; C. L. S., ' 36; Life Service Band, ' 36. Eva Jewel Allen, B.S. MORRIS CHAPEL, TENNESSEE Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Social Chairman, ' 37, ' 38; Homeco Club, ' 36; Tri-V, ' 37, 38, 39, Historian and Reporter, ' 38, President, ' 39; Spanish Club, ' 37, ' 38; Palladian Breakfast Club, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 39; Stu- dent Assistant, ' 38, ' 39. Ruth Virginia Duncan, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSEE Zeta Tau Alpha; Life Service Band, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Sec- retary, ' 36, ' 37; Glee Club, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Palladian Breakfast Club, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 38, Reporter, ' 39; Hypatia, ' 39, Reporter, ' 39; Tri-V, ' 38, ' 39; Student Assistant. W. T. Auston, B.S. TIPTONVILLE, TENNESSEE Wallace Dunn, B.S. HALLS, TENNESSEE Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President Sophomore Class. John C. Busby, B.S. PADUCAH, KENTUCKY Tau Kappa Alpha; History Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Latin Club, ' 37, ' 38, President, ' 37, ' 38; Debate Council, ' 37, ' 381 39, President, ' 38, 39; Varsity Debate Team, 37, 38, 39; Vice-President Senior Class, 39; J. R. G., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Associate Editor Cardinal and Cream, ' 39; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 38; Intramural Debate Tournament, ' 37; Intramural Basketball Tournament, ' 36; Tennessee State Forensic Tournament ' 39, First Place Impromptu Speaking; Member of Team Placing Second in Men ' s Debating. John Robert Campbell, B.S. STANTON, TENNESSEE Southwest Mississippi Jr. College, ' 36, ' 37; Footbal ' 38, ' 39; " U " Club, ' 38, ' 39. Leander M. Coop, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSEE Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Counci Alma Ervin, A.B. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary, ' 37, Devotional Chairman, ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 36, ' 38, ' 39; B. S. U. Council, ' 36, ' 38; Palladian Literary Society, ' 36, and Breakfast Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary Senior Class, ' 39. Sarah Elizabeth Fleming, B.S. VARDAMAN, MISSISSIPPI Chi Omega; Freshman Maid; Glee Club, ' 36, ' 38; B. S. U. Council, ' 36, ' 38 ; Palladian Breakfast Club, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 39; Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 39; Football Sponsor, ' 38; Hypatia, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, •39; Junior Class Reporter; Student Assistant; History Club, ' 39; Speech Club, ' 39; Intramural Basketball, ' 36 ' 37, ' 38, ' 39- William Francis, B.S. DECATUR, ALABAMA Footbal, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Basketball, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Captain Football, ' 38; Vice-President " U " Club, ' 37, ' 38; President " U " Club, ' 38, ' 39; Assistant Sports Editor Cardinal and Cream, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Assistant Sports Editor Lest We Forget, ' 38, ' 39; King of Home- coming, ' 38; President Student Body, ' 38, ' 39. First Roi Glover, Gray Second Rote: Harrison 7 , Key, Makers Third Row: Matthews, Mays, McAdams Fourth Row: McNatt, Meacham Murphy N O R J. P. Glover, Jr., A.B. UNION CITY, TENNESSEE Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Student Council, ' 37, ' 38, Presi- dent, ' 38 ; ' Chemistry Student Assistant ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Nestor Club, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 39; Doctors Club, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 39; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 38, Treasurer, ' 39; B. S. U. Council, ' 37; Business Manager of Cardinal and Cream, ' 39; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 38; Vice-President Student Body, J 39; Best All-Round Boy, ' 38, ' 39; Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 39; Intramural Basketball, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, ' 38. Clive Matthews, B.S. LAFE, ARKANSAS Life Service Band, ' 38; Glee Club, ' 39; Jonesboro Baptist College. J. T. Mays, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSEE J. R. G., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Life Service Band, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 38; G. M. Savage Literary Society, ' 36 ' 37 ' 3 8, ' 39, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 38. Mary Pauline McAdams, A.B. Alden H. Gray, B.S. KENTON, TENNESSEE Jane Hargett, A.B. HALLS, TENNESSEE Chi Omega; Hypatia, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 39; Y. W. A., ' 361 37 ' 3 i ' 39; Glee Club, ' 36, ' 37; Euphrosynean Literary Society, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary Sophomore Class, ' 37; Most Beautiful, ' 39. Daniel R. Harrison, A.B. UNION CITY, TENNESSEE Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Chemistry Assistant, ' 39; Nestor Club, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary, ' 38, President, ' 38, ' 39; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 38, ' 39; " U " Club, ' 38, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 39; B. S. U. Council, ' 37; Glee Club, ' 38 ' 39; Student Council, ' 39. Eloise Key, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSEE Zeta Tau Alpha; Palladian Literary Society, ' 35, ' 36; History Club, ' 38, ' 39; Hypatia, ' 38, ' 39; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37, ' 38, President, ' 38, ' 39 Nellie Maners, A.B. BATH SPRINGS, TENNESSEE HURON, TENNESSEE Freed-Hardeman College, ' 35; Home Economics Club, ' 38 ' 39; Tri-V, ' 38, ' 39; Dramatic Club, ' 37, ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 38, ' 39. Margaret McNatt, B.S. ATWOOD, TENNESSEE Zeta Tau Alpha; Freed-Hardeman College, ' 36, ' 37; State Teachers College, ' 37; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Y. W. A.; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Debate; Debate Council; Enonian Literary Society; Glee Club; Speech Club; Tau Kappa Alpha. W. Calvin Meacham, A.B. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE J. R. Graves Religious Society, ' 35, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Life Service Band, ' 35, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, President, ' 38, Chor- ister, ' 37; Calliopean Literary Society, ' 35; Athenians, ' 37, ' 38; President, ' 37, Secretary, ' 38; Lest We Forget Staff, Poet, ' 38; President Junior Class, ' 37, ' 38; " U " Club Minstrel, ' 38; Glee Club, ' 37, ' 38; Mission Band, 37 ' 38, Vice-President, ' 37, ' 38; Student Volunteers, 37, ' 38, ' 39, State Vice-President, ' 38, ' 39; Nestor Club, ' 38, ' 39; Poems Voted Best of American Poets, ' 38, ' 39. William L. Murphy, B.S. FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA Alpha Tau Omega ; Graduate Gordon Military Col- lege, Barnesville, Georgia; " U " Club, ' 38, ' 39; Foot- ball; Trainer for Football Team; Intramural Basket- ball; Intramural Champs, ' 38; " U " Club Minstrel, ' 38. First Row: Owen, Pettigrew, Pope Second Row: Price, Prince, Riley Third Row: Sii.er, Tickle, Townsend Fourth Roiv : Warforo, Warren Winco, Young m N O William Marshall Owen, B.S. NEWBERN, TENNESSEE Football, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Alternate Captain, ' 39; Numeral Club, ' 36; " U " Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Intramural Basketball, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39. Edward Pettigrew, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSEE Paul Tickle, B.S. DYERSBURC, TENNESSEE Doctors Club, ' 39. Mahlon Lynn Townsend, B.S. PARSONS, TENNESSEE Alpha Tau Omega; Tau Kappa Alpha; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; Tennis Club, ' 36; Member of Varsity Debating Team, ' 37, ' 39; Degree of Bach- elor of Laws, Cumberland University, ' 38. Thomas W. Pope, A.B. MERCER, TENNESSEE J. R. G., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 38, ' 39 President, ' 39; Latin Club, ' 38, ' 39; Athenians, ' 37, ' 38 Life Service Band, ' 39. Earl Warford, B.S. KEVIL, KENTUCKY J. R. G., ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Latin Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; History Club, ' 39; Debate Council, ' 39; Glee Club, ' 38, ' 39. Orion Jane Price, A.B. BOONEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Zeta Tau Alpha; Grenada College, ' 36, ' 37; Student Council, ' 39; Y. W. A., ' 38, ' 39; Enonian Literary Society, ' 39; Latin Club, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary, ' 39. Morris Prince, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSSEE J. R. Graves Society, Vice-President, ' 39. Mildred Warren, A.B. HALLS, TENNESSEE Chi Omega; Hypatia, ' 38, ' 39; History Club, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Secretary, ' 38; Euphrosynean Literary Society, ' 36, 37 ' 38, ' 39, Secretary, ' 36, President, ' 37; Student Coun- cil, 37. ' 3 8, ' 39, Secretary, ' 37; Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, Treasurer, ' 37, ' 38, Vice-President, ' 39; Pub- lication Governing Board, ' 36; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 38, ' 93, Secretary, ' 39; Freshman Queen, ' 36; Best Ail- Round Girl, ' 37; Football Sponsor, ' 37, ' 38; Editor- in-Chief Lest We Forget, ' 39; Queen of Alpha Tau Omega, ' 39. James S. Riley, A.B. JACKSON, TENNESSSEE President Freshman Class, ' 36; Fresh man Football, ' 36; B. S. U. Council, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; President B. S. U., ' 38, ' 39; Cardinal and Cream Staff, ' 37, ' 38 Club, ' 38, ' 39; J. R. Graves Society, ' 36, Robert Siler, B.S. JACKSON, TENNESSSEE History 39- Leland Wingo, B.S. BRADFORD, TENNESSEE G. M. S., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Student Council, Nestor Club, ' 39; President of Senior Class, ' 39; dent Assistant, ' 39. ' 39; Stu- Carolyn Young, A.B. BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Chi Omega; Hypatia, ' 38, ' 39; Secretary of Junior Class, ' 38; Euphrosynean Literary Society, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; Intramural Basketball; Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39. First Roiv: Allmond, Armstrong Averv, Ball Second Row: Bell, Bryant Brigance, Claybrook Third Roiv: Cobb, Cole Cravens, Curdts Fourth Roiv : Evans, Fisher Guy, Hall Fifth Row: Hamilton, Harris Harwell, Henson Dorothy Allmond Jackson, Tennessee Virginia Ann Armstrong Jackson, Tennessee Lena Avery Halls, Tennessee Martha Joe Ball Lexington, Tennessee Pacaud Bell Jackson, Tennessee Stephen Bryant Booneville, Mississippi Fred Brigance Henderson, Tennessee Virginia Claybrook Friendship, Tennessee Clyde Cobb Dyersburg, Tennessee Fred Cole Camden, Tennessee William Cravens Rives, Tennessee Margaret Curdts Jackson, Tennessee Teddy Evans Memphis, Tennessee John Moss Fisher, Jr Rives, Tennessee May Guy Jackson, Tennessee Joseph Hall Jackson, Tennessee Helen Lorraine Hamilton Jackson, Tennessee Evelyn Harris Jackson, Tennessee Donna Bell Harwell Saulsbury, Tennessee Rebecca Henson Kevil, Kentucky J U N I O [37] R First Row: Holmes, Hundley Ivy, Johnson Second Roiv : Jones, Keathley Lamb, Lambert Third Row: Mann, McFarland McDonald, Morcan Fourth Roic : Rainey, Ray Reynolds, Rose Fifth Row: Sii.er, Smith, Terry Weir, Young Maurine Holmes Oakfield, Tennessee Thelma Hundley Jackson, Tennessee Robert Ivy Hickory, Kentucky Wilma Johnson Jackson, Tennessee Dorothy Jones Jackson, Tennessee Franklin Keathley Dyer, Tennessee Edna Lamb Cottage Grove, Tennessee Knox Lambert Jackson, Tennessee Elizabeth Mann Bells, Tennessee Charles McFarland Jackson, Tennessee Rush McDonald Memphis, Tennessee Raymond Morgan Booneville, Mississippi Jasper Hardeman Rainey Henderson, Tennessee Elsie Ray Jackson, Tennessee Mary Lee Reynolds Jackson, Tennessee Mary Dee Rose Jackson, Tennessee Rush Siler Silerton, Tennessee Mary Nell Smith Henderson, Tennessee Mary Madeline Terry Henderson, Tennessee Martha Lou Weir Bemis, Tennessee Fred J. Young, Jr ■ Jackson, Tennessee J U N I O [ S9 ] R Abney, Anglin, Appleton. Baker, Bickers, Bolton Briggs, Brown, Carroll, Chesier, Cobb, Cox Dalton, Davis, Demonbieun, Diamond, Dunahoo. Dyer Elliott, Ferguson, Fleming, Former, Gleaves, Halliburtc Harrison, Herrington. Holmes, Howser. Ivy, Jacobs Jeter, Key, Killett, Long, Luckey, H.. Luckey, L, S OPHO MORES Truett Abney Pensacola, Florida Geneva Axglin Jackson, Tennessee Evelyn Appleton Trenton, Tennessee Norman Baker Sugar Tree, Tennessee Jessie Lee Bickers Mercer, Tennessee Lula Mae Bolton Booneville, Mississippi Zona Briggs Jackson, Tennessee Aubrey Brown Porterville, Mississippi Carolyn Carroll • Jackson, Tennessee Cynthia Cheshier Bethel Springs, Tennessee Rebecca Cobb Brownsville, Tennessee Margaret Cox • Bolivar, Tennessee Harold Dalton Corinth, Mississippi Raymond Davis Mooresburg, Tennessee Duncan DeMonbruen Jackson, Tennessee William Diamond Beech Bluff, Tennessee Martha Donahoo Jackson, Tennessee Leslie Dyer • Brownsville, Tennessee Harrell Elliott Jackson, Tennessee Everett Ferguson Raleigh, Tennessee Boyd Fleming • Covington, Tennessee Eunice Fortner Covington, Tennessee Kathleen Gleaves Memphis, Tennessee Estelle Halliburton Dyer, Tennessee R. Neater Harrison . . . • Humboldt, Tennessee Irene Herrington Memphis, Tennessee William Edgar Holmes Humboldt, Tennessee Hugh Howser • LaFayette, Tennessee William Ivy Hickory, Tennessee Dorothy Jacobs Humboldt, Tennessee Evelyn Jeter Vildo, Tennessee Kate Key Jackson, Tennessee James Killet . • Lenox, Tennessee Marguerite Long Bethel Springs, Tennessee Hugh Luckey Jackson, Tennessee Louise Luckey • Humboldt, Tennessee Lumpkin. Mathis, Mauldin, McLean, Medlin, T., Medling Merryman. Miller. Millican, Morris. Myers, Neisler Owen. Ozier, Parrish. Peeler, Pierce. J.. Pierce. T. Ramer, Rhodes, Ricks, Robinson, Smith, Stanphill Thomas. Tomlin. Vanden, Warmach. Wesson. White Widick, Williams, A. W., Williams. E.. Williams. R.. W.ngo. Wood. Wright S OPHO MORES Oscar Lumpkin Whiteville, Tennessee Marjorie Math is Jackson, Tennessee Emily Mauldin Baldwyn, Mississippi Jane Frances McLean Alamo, Tennessee Thad Medlin Jackson, Tennessee Pauline Medling Jackson, Tennessee Ida Lee Merryman Union City, Tennessee Leola Miller Jackson, Tennessee Charles Millican Memphis, Tennessee Tandy Morris Jackson, Tennessee John R. Myers Jackson, Tennessee Loretta Neisler Lexington, Tennessee Mildred Owen Covington, Tennessee Lucy Frances Ozier Pinson, Tennessee Roger Parrish Jackson, Tennessee Evonna Peeler Stanton, Tennessee Jealoux Pierce Lexington, Tennessee Thomas Pierce Union City, Tennessee Carolyn Ramer Bethel Springs, Tennessee Josie Lee Rhodes Lexington, Tennessee Marjorie Ricks Jackson, Tennessee Louise Robinson Dyer, Tennessee Mary Kate Smith Decaturville, Tennessee Tommie Mae Stanphill Bethel Springs, Tennessee Joseph Thomas Stanton, Tennessee Rachel Tomlin Bolivar, Tennessee Nancy Vanden Jackson, Tennessee Frances Warmath Jackson, Tennessee Mary Sue Wesson Ripley, Tennessee Florence White Jackson, Tennessee Hugh Widick Springfield, Tennessee Anna Wista Williams Bells, Tennessee Eldrane Williams Hollow Rock, Tennessee Robert Williams Walnut Ridge, Tennessee Monda Wingo Bradford, Tennessee Spurgeon Wood Corinth, Mississippi Clinton Wright Nashville, Tennessee I 4S I First Row: Arwood, Atkins, Bailey, Barnett, Brooks Second Row: Brumbelow, Canada, Cashon, Caudell, Cavender Third Row: Cole, Cooke, Cooper, Crider, Crittendon Fourth Roiv: Curdts, Ellis, Foster, Galbraith, Guy Fifth Row: Hamilton, Harting. Hill, Hooper, Huckabee Sixth Row: Hudgins, Hucson, James, Johnson, Jones Seventh Row: Judy, Kelly. Knight Mary Nelle Arwood Jackson, Tennessee Edwina Atkins Jackson, Tennessee William A. Bailey Dyer, Tennessee Margaret Barnett Jackson, Tennessee Hugh Brooks Jackson, Tennessee Inez Brumbelow Hornsby, Tennessee John Reed Canada Dyer, Tennessee Virginia Lee Cashon Jackson, Tennessee Wilna Caudell Parkin, Arkansas Ruth Cavender Bemis, Tennessee Sue Margaret Cole Jackson, Tennessee Marvin Cooke Jackson, Tennessee William David Cooper Bolivar, Tennessee James Crider Jackson, Tennessee Bibie Zelma Crittendon Halls, Tennessee Edna Earle Curdts Jackson, Tennessee Rebecca Ellis Memphis, Tennessee Joe Foster Jackson, Tennessee Frances Galbraith Corinth, Mississippi Ernest Guy Jackson, Tennessee Frank Hamilton Jackson, Tennessee Joseph Harting Kevil, Kentucky John Edgar Hill Late, Arkansas Marjorie Hooper Brownsville, Tennessee Foy Huckabee Bethel Springs, Tennessee Joe Lane Hudgins Union City, Tennessee Mary Frances Hudson Dyer, Tennessee LaVerne James Union City, Tennessee Mildred Johnson Jackson, Tennessee Mildred Jones Mercer, Tennessee Raymond Judy Dyer, Tennessee William Robert Kelley Jackson, Tennessee Dorothy Lee Knight Harrodsburg, Kentucky R H M E N First Row: Lay. Lowrey, Luckey, Mahan, Manly Second Row: McClanahan, McClure Medlin, Morgan, Newman Third Row: Nowell, Old, Patton Peery, Pillow Fourth Row: Reynolds, Roberts, Sanders Seaman, Smith Fifth Row: Stewart, Stutts. Tate Taylor. Taylor, R. Sixth Rote: Wagoner, Warford, Webb West. D.. West. R. Seventh Row: Wilkinson, Williams, Wood Wray Lucille Lay Jackson, Tennessee Robert Boothe Lowrey Blue Mountain, Mississippi Nelle Luckey Humboldt, Tennessee Angus Mahon Mariana, Arkansas Mable Manly Jackson, Tennessee Isinelle McClanahan Jackson, Tennessee Luise McClure Jackson, Tennessee Thad Medlin Jackson, Tennessee Elizabeth Morgan Jackson, Tennessee Jessie Newman Jackson, Tennessee Delbert Nowell Trenton, Tennessee Mary Lou Old Waynesboro, Tennessee Mary Kathryn Patton Middleton, Ohio Martha Linnie Peery Trenton, Tennessee W. T. Pillow Blytheville, Arkansas Margaret Reynolds Jackson, Tennessee Elizabeth Roberts Jackson, Tennessee Fred Sanders, Jr Humboldt, Tennessee Elizabeth Seaman Jackson, Tennessee Clifton Smith Smyrna, Tennessee Jonas L. Stewart Jackson, Tennessee Charles Stutts Dyersburg, Tennessee Frances Tate Bemis, Tennessee Clayton Taylor Huron, Tennessee Mabel Sue Taylor Mason, Tennessee Nelle Jean Wagoner Camden, Tennessee Charles Warford Kevil, Kentucky Donald Webb Jackson, Tennessee Dillard Aaron West Bemis, Tennessee Robert West Jackson, Tennessee Dorothy Wilkinson Bolivar, Tennessee Mildred Williams Bells, Tennessee Edna Louise Wood Jackson, Tennessee John Wray Jackson, Tennessee R H M N mmmmmsmmmmtim BOARD OF TRUSTEES D. A. Ellis, ' 02, President Memphis I. B. TiGRETT, ' 98, Treasurer Jackson TERM OF OFFICE EXPIRES 1939 J. L. Crook, M.D., Surgeon Jackson, Tenn. D. A. Ellis, Pastor Memphis, Tenn. E. A. Harrold, Merchant Millington, Tenn. Nestor James, Banker Gibson, Tenn. W. W. Jones, Banker Martin, Tenn. A. V. Patton, Banker Jackson, Tenn. R. L. Sanders, M.D., Sure eon Memphis, Tenn. I. B. TiGRETT, R. R. President Jackson, Tenn. G. T. Webb, Cotton Factor Memphis, Tenn. TERM OF OFFICE EXPIRES 1940 Fleetwood Ball, Pastor Lexington, Tenn. C. O. Simpson, Pastor Trenton, Tenn. H. C. Sanders, M.D., Physician Selmer, Tenn. N. M. Stigler, Pastor Martin, Tenn. Homer H. Waldrop, Lawyer Jackson, Tenn. D. C. Warren, Banker Halls, Tenn. R. E. Guy, Pastor Jackson, Tenn. H. J. Hl ' EY, Pastor Milan, Tenn. TERM OF OFFICE EXPIRES 1941 Dan Majors, Banker Ripley, Tenn. J. Carl McCoy, Pastor Memphis, Tenn. R. N. Owen, Pastor Paris, Tenn. W. F. Powell, Pastor Nashville, Tenn. H. P. Naylor, Farmer Union City, Tenn. W. G. Robinson, Educator Selmer, Tenn. R. J. Bateman, Pastor Memphis, Tenn. A. M. Voi.lmer, Pastor Dyersburg, Tenn. V. E. Boston, Pastor Memphis, Tenn. Ontrooucincf THE ATHLETICS COACHES FRED DeLAY Head Coach PETE CRAIG Assistant Coach HARRY JOHNSEY Freshman Coach V A R S FOOT! I T Y The coaching staff of the Bulldogs was under the leadership of Fred DeLay, head and backfield coach and basketball coach. Because he is really interested as much in boys and boys ' lives as he is in putting out good teams, the head coach has well estab- lished himself in the favor of those whom he coaches. DeLay graduated from Mur- freesboro State Teachers ' College in the class of ' 26. He has coached football thirteen years, eleven in high school and two in college footba ll. Pete Craig, assistant and line coach, and a member of the class of ' 36, University of Tennessee, made his debut as a coach when he came to Union this year as a mem- ber of the coaching staff. He knows foot- ball, works hard, and consequently is well liked on Union ' s campus. Harry Johnsey, himself a Union man and former Bulldog star, was in charge of the Freshman team. He needed no proving to become popular on the campus, but he is retaining his popularity by applying to his coaching Bulldog spirit typical of his playing days. To the coaching staff, Lest We Forget expresses its gratitude for the work of the past, and proposes its sincere wishes for future success. FRANCIS, Captain The Bulldogs went to Decatur, Ala- bama, to play the opening game of the 1938 season. There they defeated Ala- bama State Teachers College by a score of 6 to 0. In this game, Captain Bill Francis was put on the injured list with a twisted knee, adding to the three players already out because of appendicitis operations. The second game of the season was played at home with the Lynx of Southwestern. This was the first game played on Roth- rock Field, the municipal stadium of Jack- son which was completed this fall, and it proved disastrous to the Bulldogs, the score being 42 to against them. The next game, played with Austin Peay Normal on Rothrock Field, was won by Union by a score of 19 to 0. For the fourth game of the season, the Bulldogs journeyed to Jack- son, Mississippi, to meet the Millsaps eleven. The Bulldogs began this game with a lot of pep and drive, but scored only 12 points to their opponents ' 0. The fifth game was played at home. The Union MANSFIELD 9 i ■ : . £ eleven played enough good football to score 20 points to Cumberland University ' s 13. The sixth game was played in Mobile, Ala- bama. In this game the Bulldogs received several bad breaks, and, despite the efforts of Union to catch up with an early ob- tained lead, which efforts were almost suc- cessful but lacked just a little being hard enough, the Springhill Tigers were victori- ous with 14 points to Union ' s 7. The next game was the focus point of Union ' s Homecoming festivities, and it well de- served being the center of attention. Un- der the handicap of numerous injuries in the line, the Bulldogs put up a game fight, never yielding, never letting up a moment during the entire game. In contradiction to the score, the game was well played by Union, as well as by their hardy opponents, the Thoroughbreds of Murray, who won the game by the score 30 to 0. The eighth game was perhaps the most exciting of the season, being played against West Tennes- see Teachers College, the S. I. A. A. V- Champions of the 1938 season. The game, played at Memphis, with a large group of Union students attending, was close and hard-fought from beginning to end, and time after time it seemed that the Bulldogs would push over one more touchdown and at least tie the game. The Bulldogs lost the game with 7 points to the Teachers 13. At Conway, Arkansas, the Bulldogs met a spirited, vigorous plaving team which rep- resented Hendrix College. Union ' s eleven did not seem to be a ble to get started, and lost the game, 6 to 0. The final and tenth game was played on Thanksgiving Day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, against Hatties- burg State Teachers College. The game was a scrap from beginning to end, with the Bulldogs losing by a 32 to score. And so ended the 1938 season for the Bulldogs. Ten games were played, of which four were won and six were lost. The schedule included games with the best and most outstanding clubs in the S. I. A. A. The team was necessarily composed of many sophomores, who had ability but lacked experience, and who promise to be the sturdy backbone of future teams. The squad has suffered many unfortunate in- juries both on the practice field and on the gridiron. Here ' s to them, one and all, who have endured the toil of many gruelling practice sessions and the brunt of many shock-packed games for Union, and with the spirit of Union. Here ' s to them! THOMPSON s The West Tennessee Teachers defeated Union 13-7 in a bitter battle staged at Crump Stadium, Memphis. This scrimmage scene is a typical fall afternoon one, familiar to the entire campus and arousing in each student that old school spirit. [55] ■td ti±z±T± - -J- -LLLL LLLLLLLLLLI ' I LLLL ■ i. ii . ' . , ' T, I T S LL h LL S L K LI % Ww BASKET L L Union VARSITY ' ' January 10 23; Murray 49 January 13 Union 39; Freed-Hardeman January 14 Union 27; Austin Peay 53 January 18 Union 27; Delta State .39 48 Union Union ' ' January 19 32; West Tennessee Teacher j 26 30; Bemis Y. M. C. A. 47 Union Union Union Union January 27 . .37; Murray 75 26; Freed-Hardeman 51 . 41; Middle Tennessee Teachers 53 ' ■ ' February 4 .20; T. P. I. .48 Ui Union February 8 .20; Austin Peay 37 February 10 34; T. P. I. 47 Union 34; Middle Tennessee Teachers 59 February 16 Union 39; West Tennessee Teachers 43 ' ' February 18 ,41 ; Freed-Hardeman 34 Union February 21 Union . ' . 43; U. T. Junior College Home Games. .42 g aXlM FOOTBAL L Harry Johksev, Coach 7; North Mississippi Junior College . 7 Union . Union . . 26; Humboldt High School o; Murray Stale Teachers College . . 25 Januarj Januar Januar Januar Januar 10: Unio 13: Unio 14: Unii 18: Unio 27: Unio 43 ; Murray 51; Freed-Hardeman 57; V. T. Junior Colle 40; Freed-Hardeman 26 ; Murray .... BASKETBALL Union February 3 Union February 18 Union February 21 Union Union 35; Freed-Hardeman 32; Freed-Hardeman 42; Freed-Hardeman 39; Stella Ruth . . 29; Freed-Hardeman 36 40 47 19 33 FRESHMEN TEA The Dorcas Hall Lassies were the champs among girls in the intramurals in January. The final boys ' game was a tie between the Alpha Tau Omegas and the Dorcas Hall Gluttons. Officers William Francis President Daniel Harrison . . . . . ■ Vice-President Marion Carroll . Secretary-Treasurer T. J. Thompson ■ . . Sergeant-at-Arms Alonzo Bates Aubrey Brown- John Campbell Marion Carroll Raymond Davis Wayne DeLay William Francis Daniel Harrison- Members Granville Hester William Hudson WlLLARD HUGGINS William Isbell J. B. Key Guy Lawler Howard Mansfield William Murphey Marshall Owens James Peery T. J. Thompson- Howard Vestal Robert Williams Will Nathan Wilson- Hugh Woosley Cletus Wray The purpose of the Union University " U " Club is to promote a better understanding and co-operation among the athletes of the college and to establish athletics activities on an ethical plane in keeping with the high purposes of education. THE 1 1 U CLUB Introducing THE ORGANIZATIONS mini— iimniiiimi Armstrong, Bolton, CLaybrook. Cobb, Cole, Ellis Evans, Guy, Henson, Jeter, Luckey, McDonald Millican, Morgan, Riley, Tomlm James Rilev P,. Fred Cole First Vice-Pr Virginia Clavbrook Second Vice-Pr Charles Millican Third Vice-Pi May Guy 7V Officers ident Evelyn Jeter Secretary ndent Frances Elam Corresponding Secretary idem Lula Mae Bolton .... Baptist Student Reporter ident Raymond Morgan Local Reporter isurer S. S. Sargent Faculty Advisor James Riley Evelyn Jeter John Myers Virginia Claybrook Rush McDonald Teddy Evans Hugh Widick Delbert Nowell Members Charles Millican Knox Lambert Virginia Ann Armstrong Raymond Morgan Frances Elam Rebecca Ellis Margaret Jernigan " Our field is our otvn student body our aim is its Spiritual Enlightment. May Guy Dr W. C. Boone Dean S. S. Sargen Clyde Cobb Rebecca Henson Rachel Tomlin Louise Luckey Lula Mae Bolton The Baptist Student Union is not a group of some students set apart from others on Union ' s campus. It is a unifying link binding each student to the other through Jesus Christ and so connecting the original home life and the church life with new contacts made on the college campus. The officers of the Baptist Student are elected by the student body and from the council, the functions of which are in the interest of all students in endeavoring to strengthen these connections and give him peace and security. Such an outlook on life and such a calm in his soul are greatest of all in preparation for progressive learning through the church — a thought uppermost in the minds of the council. In January, Union ' s Baptist Student Union received its banner for First Magnitude, highest award for excellence and attainment. This is our third year in succession to reach this goal within the first few months of the school year. On -this foundation this year ' s council hopes the Baptist Student Union of the future may build each year a part of its glorious structure in the image of Christ, who is ever the Guiding Spirit of the Baptist Student Union. B. S. U. COUNCIL r r-i f Abernathy, Baker, Busby, Cobb, Cooper, Evans, Farnsworth Guy, Harting, Huckabee, Ivy, Lambert, Matthews, Mays McDonad, Meacham, Morgan, Pillow, Pope, Prince, Riley Stewart, Warford. West, Widick, Williams Officers Ralph Kerley ....... President David Cooper . - Marshal Morris Prince ..... Vice-President Earl Warford . Chorister Teddy Evans .... Recording Secretary Raymond Morgan . Corresponding Secretary Edwin Oldham ...... Treasurer Dr. L. B. Matthews Critic W. C. Agnew Norman Baker Cecil Brewer John Busby Clyde Cobb David Cooper Harry Copeland Teddy Evans C. H. Farnsworth Lewis Ferrell Dr. O. O. Green Cal Guy Alvin Gilliland Malcolm Griffin Dr. J. F. Hailey Galen Hargrove Members Joe Harris Joseph Harting Hayward Highfill Foy Huckabee Hardy Hughes Robert Ivy Ralph Kerley Knox Lambert J. T. Mays Rush McDonald Calvin Meacham Cooper L. Moody Raymond Morgan Delbert Nowell Edwin Oldham Dr. I. N. Penick W. T. Pillow Thomas Pope William A. Powell Morris Prince James Riley R. C. Ryan Vernon Sisco Leonard Sanderson Braxton Sams Jonas Stewart Joseph Thomas Wheeler Thompson Earl Warford Buell Wells Dillard West J. E. Williams Hugh Widick Dr. L. B. Matthews The J. R. Graves Society of Religious Inquiry was organized in 1875. The purpose of this society is to discuss problems that face young ministers and to enrich their lives for a greater service. The motto for this society is, " Search the Scriptures. " Many members of this ministerial band serve as pastors of rural, village and town churches of West Tennessee and the states adjoining. They are making a mighty contribution to the progress of Baptists and the cause of Christ in this territory. J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY Ball Bickers Bolton Second Row: Caudell Cheshier Clavbrook Cobb Cox Cr, " 1 rHNMON Third Row; Ellis Fortner Fleming Galbraith Harwell Henson Fourth Row: Herri ngton Holmes James Jeter Knight Lamb Fifth Row: Luckey, L. Luckey, N Mauldin McNatt Mann Merrvman Sixth Row: Neisler Old Owen Ozier Peeler Peery Seventh Row: Price Ramer Robinson Rice Smith, M. K. Smith. N. Eighth Rr.w: Stan ph ill Taylor Terry Wagoner Warren Wesson Ninth Row: Williams, A. W. Williams. M. Wingo Williamson White [64] Colors: Nile Green and White Hymn: " O, Zion, Haste " Officers Evelyn Jeter President Mildred Warren • Vice-President Lula Mae Bolton Secretary Martha Joe Ball ..... Treasurer Lena Avery Eva Jewel Allen Martha Joe Ball Jessie Lee Bickers Lula Mae Bolton WlLNA CAUDELL Cynthia Cheshier Virginia Claybrook Rebecca Cobb Margaret Cox Bibie Crittendon Nelle Davis Rebecca Ellis Alma Ervin Eunice Fortner Sarah Fleming Frances Galbraith Jane Hargett Members Rebecca Henson Irene Herrington Estelle Halliburton Lorene Holland Maurine Holmes LaVerne James Evelyn Jeter Dorothy Lee Knight Edna Lamb Louise Luckey Nelle Luckey " Emily Mauldin Margaret McNatt Elizabeth Mann Ida Lee Merryman Mary Lou Old Mildred Owen Lucy Frances Ozier Martha Peery Orion Jane Price Carolyn Ramer Louise Robinson Mrs. Dee E. Rice Mary Kate Smith Mary Nelle Smith Tommie Mae Stanphill Juanita Stevens Mabel Sue Taylor Mildred Warren Mary ' Sue Wesson Monda Wingo Anna Wista Williams Dorothy ' Wilkinson Florence White Nelle Jean Wagoner Mildred Williams Carolyn Young The Young Women ' s Auxiliary has a three-fold purpose: first, to develop a symmetrical Christian womanhood ; second, to bind together the young women of this college for world-wide service for Christ and unite them with young women of like interests in other colleges throughout the world ; third, to give instruction in the methods of mission work for Southern Baptist Convention. The watchword: " They that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for- ever and ever. " (Daniel 12:3.) YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Anglin, Cobb, Cooper, Evans, Hundley. James, Mann Mays, McAdams. McDonald, Meacham, Morgan, Neisler, Peery Pope, Tomlin. Wagoner, Williams, E.. Williams, M., Wright Officers P -P ■esident Nelle J resident Norman san Wagoner . Baker .... Cor. Secretary Treasurer Loretta Neisler . • Via Elizabeth Mann . . Rec or ding OMAS s ' cretary Braxton Sams Th Pc Rcporti r Members Geneva Anglin Oscar Lumpkin D. D. Smothers Norman Baker Elizabeth Mann Braxton Sams Clyde Cobb Clive Matthews Juanita Stevens David Cooper Paulinf McAdams Wheeler Thompson- Alma Ervin Rush McDonald Rachel Tomlin Teddy Evans Calvin Meacham Nelle Jean Wagoner Estelle Halliburton Raymond Morgan Hugh Widick R. Neater Harrison Loretta Neislfr Eldrane Williams Lorene Holland Edwin Oldham Dorothy Wilkinson Thelma Hundle Martha Peery Mildred Williams LaVerne James Thomas Pope William Powell Clinton Wright " Serving the Lord with gladness. " There is always in the lives of college students, along with the many other activities, a need for the inspiration that can only come through the Life Service Band. It is the supreme aim of this organization to aid the Christian student in living a life of fruitful service day by day, not waiting until college life is over to live. LIFE SERVICE BAND Abney, Avery, Briggs, Clayuiu Johnron, Lambert, Luckey Millican, Pope. White Glover, Guy, Ha :iaybrook, Curdts, Fisher Officers Thomas Pope ■ President Knox Lambert ■ Vice-President Virginia Claybrook Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Curdts Reporter Russell Reed Sponsor Truett Abney Lena Avery Zona Briggs Virginia Claybrook Marcaret Curdts Members John Moss Fisher J. P. Glover, Jr. Cal Guy Daniel Harrison Wilma Johnson Knox Lambert Louise Luckey Elizabeth Mann Charles Millican Thomas Pope Florence White The Kardinal Key Klub, a booster club, was organized to sponsor any movement betterment of the school spirit, clean sportsmanship, and love for our Alma Mater. It of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. The membership consists of sixteen students elected because of their outstanding in forwarding any project sponsored by the school, athletic or otherwise, one faculty and the cheerleaders, who are elected by the student body. The club has had much success this year in creating an unusually fine school spirit, the projects of the club this year are Homecoming, Intramural Basketball Tournament Campaign, Freshman Week and others equally significant. Motto: " Union first! Winning or losing — Union first! " for the is one interest advisor Among Hello KARDINAL KEY KLU Allmond, Armstrong, Ball, Curdts, Duncan, Fleming Guy, Hardin, Hargett. Johnson, Jones, Key Lamb, Rose, Warren, Young Officers Jane Hargett President Sarah Elizabeth Fleming rice-President Martha Joe Bali Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Mabel Whitson Hardin Sponsor Members Dorothy Allmond May Guy Dorothy Jones Virginia Ann Armstrong Jane Hargett Eloise Key Martha Joe Bali. Marcaret Jerntgan Edna Lamb Margaret Curdts Wilma Johnson Mary Dee Rose Ruth Duncan Mrs. Hardin Mildred Warren Sarah Fleming Carolyn Young Hypatia meets twice each month to enjoy a dinner and a review of some outstanding literary work — a work which may range from the classics to the most modern. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hardin, the sixteen members are acquiring each year a deeper appreciation and a more thorough knowledge of the best in literature. H Y Colt , B. Cole, F., Cravens. Fisher Glov r, Guy Harr Keathley, Meacham, Pnnc Members -, Wo Tommy Ballard John Moss Fisher Franklin Keathley Bill Cole J. P. Glover Calvin Meacham Fred Cole Cal Got Leland Wingo Bill Cravens Daniel Harrison Hugh Woosley Dr . W. A. Prince, Sponsor The Nestor Club consists in membership of twelve Juniors and Seniors who have maintained good scholastic records, and of one representative from the faculty, who has been for many years Dr. Prince. The officers of the club are elected quarterly. The club has two dinner meetings each month, at which time papers are read and discussion held concerning curr ent literary and scientific topics. The purpose of the club is to promote scholarship and encourage intelligent fellowship. NESTOR CLUB Curdts, Evans, Fleming, Guy, Huggins, Key McDonald, Rutledge, Mrs., Rutledge, Mr., Warren, Riley Officers Cal Guv President Teddy Evans Vice-President Margaret Curdts Secretary-Treasurer Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Sponsors Members John Busby Cal Guv Helen Schultz Margaret Curdts Willard Huggins Earl Warford Teddy Evans Eloise Key Mildred Warren Sarah Fleming Rush McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Rutledce James Riley The Union University History Club is a dinner club composed of students who show a marked interest and ability in the social sciences. This club meets twice a month for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with the field of history and to become fully conscious of the place that the knowledge of history occupies in the lives of educated people. HISTORY CLUB rong, Aveiy, Bell, Cobb, Ho inn. Pope, Price, Rice, Rober Warford, Weir, Wesson Officers Earl Warford President Pacaud Bell Vice-President Orion Jane Price Secretary Elizabeth Mann Treasurer Rebecca Cobb • Reporter Mrs. Dee E. Rice Sponsor Members Virginia Ann Armstrong Lena Mae Avery Pacaud Bell Rebecca Cobb Lorene Holland Marcaret Jernigan Hugh Howser Elizabeth Mann Orion Jane Price Thomas Pope Dr. John Jeter Hurt, Honorary Elizabeth Roberts Earl Warford Martha Lou Weir Marv Sue Wesson The members of the Latin Club of Union University are young men and women who have made high scholastic records in Latin. The club meets the second and fourth Mondays evening of each month. The time is divided into three sections: business, programs on varied and selected subjects, and a social hour. One dinner meeting is held each quarter. Motto: Scientia Crescat. LATIN CLUB f ' 1 Jt arnett, Ball Bickers, Cashon, Carroll, Cobb, Cox, Crittendon, Curdts, Galbraith n, Hargett, Henson, Hudson, Johnson, M., Johnson, W.. Jones, Key, Knight, Manly Mauldin, Medlmg, McClanahan, Old, Owen, Ozier, Patton, Prince, Ramer Roberts, Seaman, Smith, Vanden, Warren, Wingo, White, Young Officers Lucy Frances Ozier President Nancy Vanden Vice-President Edna Earle Curdts Secretary and Treasurer Members Martha Joe Ball Helen L. Hamilton Mildred Owen Margaret Barnett Jane Hargett Lucy Frances Ozier Jessie Lee Bickers Rebecca Henson Mary Kathryn Patton Carolyn Carroll Mary Frances Hudson Carolyn Ramer Virginia Lee Cashon Mildred Johnson Elizabeth Roberts Rebecca Cobb Wilma Johnson Elizabeth Seaman- Margaret Co.y Dorothy Jones Mary Nelle Smith Bible Zelma Crittendon Kate Key Nancy Vaden Marcaret Curdts Dorothy Lee Knicht Mildred Warren Edna Earle Curdts Mable Manly Florence White Frances Elam Emily Mauldin Monda Wingo Frances Galbraith Pauline Medling Carolyn Young Kitty Gleaves Isinelle McClanahan Mrs. A. W. Prince Mary Lou Old The Euphrosynean Literary Society is composed of young women with a keen interest in literature, art and music. Contemporary works in these fields are reviewed and a social hour held each month. Colors: Pink and silver. Motto: " Girls hand in hand for the best in science, music, art and literature. " EUPHROSYNEAN SOCIETY £y Allen, Avery, Briggs, Duncan, Ervin, Flem Lamb, Mauldin, Medling, Owen, Ricks Robinson, Rutledge, Stanphill, Wingo Officers Eva Allen . President Sarah Fleming Vice-President Tommie Mae Stanphill Secretary Edna Lamb Treasurer Ruth Duncan Reporter Mildred Owen ....... Friendship Chairman Mrs. L. D. Rutledge ■ Sponsor Eva Allen Lena Avery Zona Briggs Ruth Duncan Alma Ervin Members Sarah Fleming Margaret Jernigan Edna Lamb Emily Mauldin Pauline Medling Mildred Owen Marjorie Ricks Louise Robinson Tommie Mae Stanphill Mrs. L. D. Rutledge MONDA WlNCO Members of the Palladian Literary Society, unwilling to relinquish their literary pursuits and to surrender the ideals, " Taste, Industry, and Wisdom, " for which the society was noted and which had been perpetuated since its founding by Dr. G. M. Savage, more than fifty years ago, decided to change the method of its activities to meet the needs of a changing age. The result of this decision was the organization of the Palladian Breakfast Club in October, 1936. This club is composed of a sponsor and fifteen young women maintaining high scholastic records. PALLADIAN BREAKFAST CLUB Atkins, Bolton, Cavender, Cheshier, Claybrook, Cole, Davis Dunahoo, Ellis, Harris, Harwell, Holmes. Jeter, Jones Lay, Loyd, Long, Luckey, L., Luckey, N., McClure. McNatt Neisler. Newman, Price, Tate. Terry, Wesson. W.lkinson, Willi: Officers Madeline Terry President Nelle Luckey Secretary Wilna Caudell Vice-President Lucille Lay - ........ Treasurer Loretta Neisler Reporter Edwina Atkins Mary Louise Black Ruth Cavender Cynthia Cheshier Virginia Claybrook Sue Margaret Cole Nelle Davis Rebecca Ellis Evelyn Harris R. Neator Harrison Donna Bell Harwell Irene Herrington Members Mauri ne Holmes Lucille Lay Louise Luckey Nelle Luckey Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Evelyn Jeter Louise McClure Ida Lee Merryman Martha Peery Jealoux Pierce Orion Jane Price Margaret Reynolds Josie Lee Rhodes Frances Tate Madeline Terry- Frances Warmath Mary Sue Wesson- Annie Wista Williams Dorothy Wilkinson- Mildred Jones Margaret McNatt Martha Dunahoo Jessie Newman The Enonian Literary Society, one of LTnion ' s most outstanding organizations in the past vears, and revived this year under the capable direction of Mrs. Loyd, is a society of young women who have a keen interest in and appreciation of the best in music, art, and literature. The club meets twice each month and has varied programs on selected subjects in the above- mentioned fields. The motto is, " Seek the noblest thing in life. " The colors are black and gold, with the yellow tea rose as the flower. ENONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Left to Rit (Seated): Mills, Briga (Standing): Taylo Tickle, Maha Glover, Old, Bland, Fitzgerald, Hutto uley. (Prone): Fisher Officers J. P. Glover, Jr. ... ■ • Praident HughLuckev • • Vtce-Prestdent Mary Lou Old Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Reid Davis • • Sponsor Members William A. Bailey Thomas Ballard Emery Bland Dudley Bracg Fred Brigance Dr. Reid Davis John Moss Fisher William Fitzgerald J. P. Glover, Jr. Jack Gray Ernest Guy Frank Hamilton Voyd Hutton Hugh Luckey Angus Mahon George Mills H. S. Morgan Mary Lou Old Clayton Taylor Paul Tickle Donald Webb Hugh Woosley The Doctors Club was organized to promote the interest of Pre-Medical students. It is composed of twenty-two members of the student body and faculty sponsor, Dr. Reid Davis. The club meets bi-monthly, with programs consisting of moving pictures of surgical operations, lectures from local doctors, and papers on medical subjects prepared by members of the club. DOCTORS CLUB Allen, Briggs, Dunahoo, Duncar McAdams, Mauldin, Rainey, Susong, Warmath, Watl Hundley Officers Eva Jewell Allen President Thelma Hundley Vice-President R. Neater Harrison Secretary Martha Dunahoo Historian and Reporter Miss Suella Susong Sponsor Mrs. M. M. Summar Mother Eva Jewel Allen Evelyn Appleton Zona Briggs Pauline Davis Members Martha Dunahoo Miss Suella Susong Mrs. H. E. Waiters Mrs. M. M. Summar Ruth Duncan R. Neater Harrison Thelma Hundley Emily Mauldin Jasper Rainey Tri-V is an honorary Home Economics Dinner Club composed of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who have been prominent in Home Economics activities. Its purpose is to help its members in preparing for professional and home life, to promote interest in Home Economics, to develop personal ability, and to contribute to the social life of the college. T R ! CLUB Allen, Atkins, Bickers, Briggs, Carroll, Cheshier, Cobb Cole, Dunahoo, Herrington, Jones, Key, Long, Luckey Manly, Mathis, Mauldin, McClure, McAdams, Miller, Ozier Patron, Reynolds, Ricks, Stanphill, Susong, Warmath, Watters, Wingo Officers _ , . ..... President Lmily Mauldin ■ ■ ,» tj „ ... Vice-President Marjorie Ricks Jessie Lee Bickers Secretary Lucy Frances Ozier Treasurer Miss Suella Susong Sponsor Edwina Atkins Evelyn Appleton Jessie Lee Bickers Zona Bricgs Carolyn Carroll Rebecca Cobb Sue Margaret Cole Cynthia Cheshier Members- Martha Dunahoo Frances Elam R. Neater Harrison Mildred Jones Nelle Luckey Kate Key Mable Manly Emily Mauldin Leola Miller Luise McClure Lucy Frances Ozier Mary Kathryn Patton Margaret Reynolds Marjorie Ricks Tommie Mae Stanphill Frances Warmath Miss Susong The Homeco Club was formed in i 9 35 for Freshman and Sophomore girls who were interested in Home Economics. Miss Susong is the sponsor of the club. The club meets tw.ce each month and at each meeting programs are given concerning different phases of Home Economics. Any girl taking Home Economics is eligible for an invitation for membership. HOMECO CLUB Abernathy. Briggs, Busby, Farnsworth, Guy Lambert. Loyd, McNatt, Rose. Townsend Founded at Indianapolis, Indiana, May 13, 1908 Colors: Light and Dark Purple Official Publication: " The Speaker " Officers Knox Lambert President Hayward Highfill • Vice-President Mary Dee Rose .......... Secretary and Treasurer Cal Guy .... Reporter C. H. Farnsworth ....... Faculty Ad-visor Robert Abernathy Zona Briccs John Busby Members Cal Guy Hayward Highfill Knox Lambert Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Margaret McNatt Mary Dee Rose Lynn Townsend The old Alpha Phi Epsilon, an honorary literary and debating fraternity, became a part of the National Tau Kappa Alpha in 1935, and the principal qualification for membership is an inter-collegiate oratorical contest or debate held each year. The aim of the fraternity is not primarily social, hut intellectual. The outstanding forensic activity sponsored by Tau Kappa Alpha this year was a High School Debate Tournament in which thirt.v-four teams were entered from schools throughout West Tennessee and Kentucky. TAU KAPPA ALPHA Briggs, Busby, Cobb, Coop, Crittendon Farnsworth, Harting, Ivy, R., Knight McNatc, Myers,, Townsend Officers John Busby President Rebecca Cobb . . . Joseph Harting Vice-President C. H. Farnsworth . Zona Briggs Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Lovd Publicity Director . Debate Director Women ' s Coach W. C. Ag new- John Busby Zona Briggs Inez Brum below Rebecca Cobb Leander Coop Bibie Crittendon William Diamond Members Frances Elam C H. Farnsworth Rebecca Henson Hayward Highfill Robert Ivy Dorothy Lee Knight Jeff Law- Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Oscar Lumpkin Marcaret McNatt Charles Millican John R. Myers Braxton Sams Lynn Townsend Earl Warford Each rear Union becomes better known throughout the Middle West and South as the pro- ducer of top-notch debate teams. Union ' s veteran team of ' $7-%%, composed of Hicks and Busbv, was undefeated in thirty-two debates. Teams such as University of Illinois, St. Louis University, University of Chicago, Loyola University, DePaul University, Marquette University, Wayne University, Butler, DePauw, Purdue were met in these debates. The other varsity teams were likewise successful, winning ninety-five per cent of the debates engaged in. The women ' s team placed second in the state tournament and won the Shurtleff College Tournament. Union is proud of her success in forensic circles. She deserves her recognition as a leader in this section in the training of students as public speakers, orators, and debaters. DEBATE COUNCIL Officers Jack Glover President Earl Warford Librarian Tandy Morris Vice-President Mrs. E. E. Taliaferro .... Director Martha Joe Ball Secretary Brownie West Accompanist Sopranos Jessie Lee Bickers Wilna Caudell Ruth Cavender Eunice Fortner Members Nana Harcis Mary Frances Hudson Margaret Jernigan Dorothy Lee Knight Edna Lamb Luise McClure Jessie Newman Mildred Owen Frances Tate Altos Lena Avery Martha Joe Ball Virginia Claybrook Ruth Duncan Rebecca Ellis R. Neater Harrison Irene Herrington Dorothy Jones Ma rca ret McNatt Tenors Truett Abney William Bailey Everett Ferguson- Jack Glover Dan Harrison Oscar Lumpkin- Howard Mansfield John Myers Tandy Morris Braxton Sams Bass Tommy Ballard Fred Cole Joe Huggins Pete Garrett Franklin Keathley Hugh Luckey Angus Mahan Ed Stanfill Charles Stutts Earl Warford Robert West GLEE CLUB MRS. JUDD BROOKS Graduate in Piano, ' 39 MRS. A. W. PRINCE Mrs. Arthur Warren Prince is a musician of whom Union University is justly proud to have as Director of Music. Her artistry has been recog- nized not only in Tennessee but in the entire South. Mrs. Prince is a teacher of rare ability. Her students have won first honors in the State Music Contest of Federated Clubs, Chicago Musical College and Curtis Institute. As well as being an unusual teacher and concert pianist, Mrs. Prince is an organist of note. In 1930 she held the organ scholarship with Dr. Ar- thur Davis, of Birmingham, England. She is a member of the Organist Guild of America, the MacDowell Music Club of Jackson, and organist of the First Baptist Church of Jackson. As a pianist, teacher and organist, Mrs. Prince has contributed much to the musical development of Jackson and she occupies an enviable position among the artists of the South. CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD Members of the Class Eva Jewel Allen Evelyn Appleton Cynthia Cheshier Virginia Claybrook Martha Dunahoo Ruth Duncan Sarah Fleming Rebecca Henson Florence Maurine Holmes Dorothy Lee Knight Mable Manly " Ida Lee Merryman Margaret McNatt Mary " Kathryn Patton Jasper Rainey Margaret Tickle White The Speech Department has had an unusu- ally successful year. The organization of a strong Dramatic Club and the presentation of several plays and r ecitals of merit have been events of major importance on the campus this year. The Department is under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd. Mrs. Loyd received her first training from her mother, Rena Ruther- ford Breland. She received a diploma in ex- pression from Ruth Vale, Whitworth College, Brookhaven, Mississippi, in 1922. She con- tinued her study of dramatic art at Union Uni- versity, receiving a certificate in expression in 1924. Mrs. Loyd then took post-graduate work in the Curry School of Expression, Boston, Massachusetts. She was a student of Univer- sity of the Theater, New York, in 1928, The American Academy of Dramatic Art and Co- lumbia University, 1930, and a student of Co- lumbia University again in 1938. Dunahoo. Duncan. Henson, McNatt Merryman. Patton, Knight, Rainey SPEECH DEPARTMENT www Qntrouuc ' iYKj THE FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES First Row: Bailey, Bates Bosto n, Br gance Brooks, Cain. Second Row: Canada, Cole, Craven , Dalt on. Third Row: Demonbreun, Diamor d, Dy «, Fisher, Fitzger aid, Gl over. four A So,.- Hamilton. Hs rrison, Holm Hudgins. Fifth Row: Judy. Keathle , Kell y, M ihan, Matheny. McFarland Sixth Row: Medlin, Mills Morri , Nov ell. Seventh Row: Parish, Pietce Spens ■r, StU Williams. Wil son. Eighth Row: Wood, Woosl y. Wra y. Young. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Frater in Facultate Fred L. Hicks William B. Cole Fratres in Universitate Class of 1939 J. P. Glover, Jr. Daniel Harrison Earl Cain John Moss Fisher, Jr. Class of 1940 Franklin B. Keathley Charles McFarland Tandy G. Morris Hugh Woosley Fred J. Younc, Jr. Benjamin Boston Duncan DeMonbruen Class of 194.1 William Diamond Leslie Dyer Thomas Pierce Spurgeon Wood William A. Bailey Alonzo Bates Fred Brigance Joe Brill Hugh Brooks James Reed Canada William Cravens John Crowe Harold Dalton Pledges William Fitzgerald Frank Hamilton- William E. Holmes Joe Lane Hudcins Raymond Judy William R. Kelley Angus C. Mahon C. W. Matheny Thad Medlin Georce Mills William T. Moffitt Delbert Nowell Roger Parish Edward Spencer Charles Stutts Dick Tipton Eldrane Williams Will Nathan Wilson Cletus Wrav Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the Uni- versity of Alabama March 9, 1856, by Noble Leslie DeVotie, John B. Rudulph, John W. Kerr, Wade Foster, Nathan E. Cockrell, Abner Patton, Samuel Dennis and Thomas C. Cook. The fra- ternity magazine, the Record, is edited by Lauren S. Foreman and is published quarterly. The chapter publication is The Lion ' s Roar. The badge is diamond-shaped, a little less than an inch in diameter, and bears on a groundwork of black enamel the device of Minerva, with a lion crouching at her feet, above which are the letters " 2 ' A E " in gold. Below are the letters " 3 A " on a white ground in a wreath. The colors are royal purple and old gold and the flower is the violet. Tennessee Eta Chapter was established in 1857. First Row: Abney, Auston. Bell, Coats. Second Row: Cole, Cook, Davis, Delay. Third Row: Dunn, Fleming, Foster. Guy, C. Fourth Ron- Guy. E.. Hall, Howser. Huggins. Fifth Row: Key, Lambert, Luckey, Murphy. Sixth Row: Smith. Stanfield. Townsend. Seventh Row: West. Williams, Wray. ALPHA T A U OMEGA Fratres in Facultate Dr. Reid Davis Prof. Russell Reed Dudley Bragg Wallace Dunn Thomas Ballard Pacaud Bell Fratres in Universitate Class of 1939 Cal Guy Class of 1940 Fred Cole Lewis Ferrell WlLLIARD HUGGINS Lynn Townsend Joe Hall Knox Lambert Truett Abney Harold Coats Raymond Davis Class of 1 94 1 Wayne Delay Boyd Fleming Hugh Howser Hugh Luckey William Murphy Robert Williams W. T. Auston Homer Besshairs Marvin Cooke Melvtn Cornwall Richard Dye Pledges Joe Foster Ernest Guy Joe Harting Hillard Key Edison Robbins Braxton Sams Howard Vestal Robert West John Wray Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia, on the 11th day of September, 1865, by Otis Allan Glazebroolc, Alfred Marshall, and Erskine Mayo Ross. The official organ is The Palm, a quarterly established in 1880 and pub- lished regularly since that time. Frank W. Scott is the present editor. The badge of the fraternity is a cross formee of black enamel with a circular central panel upon which is shown, in gold, a crescent near the top, three stars immediately be- low the crescent, the letter " T " in the center and at the bottom two hands clasped. The arms of the cross display the letters " A " and " JW " ver- tically and the letters K Q " and " A " horizontally. The colors are sky blue and old gold and the flower is the white tea rose. Beta Tau was es- tablished in 1893. First Row: Allmond, Ball, Barnett, Bickers, Carroll. Cashon. Second Row: Cobb, Cox, Cnttendon, Curdts. E., Curdts, M., Elam. Third Row: Fleming, Galbraith, Gleaves, Guy, Hardin, Hargett. Fourth Row: Henson, Hudson, Jacobs, Johnson, M, Johnson, W., Jones. Fifth Row: Key, Knight, Manly, Mathis, Mauldin, McClanahan. Sixth Row: Medling, Merryman, Old, Ozier, Patron. Peeler. Seventh Ron .• Ramer, Ray, Robeits. Robinson, Rutledge, Seaman. Eighth Row: Smith, Summar. Vanden, Ninth Row: Watkins, White, Wingo, You ?.$■$ A «■ ..-- ■i §3 !! £0C CHI OMEGA FRATERNITY Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Sarah Fleming Dorothy Allmond Martha Joe Ball Margaret Curdts Jessie Lee Bickers Carolyn Carroll Rebecca Cobb Margaret Cox Kitty Gleaves SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. A. W. Prince Mrs. L. D. Rutledge SORORES IN UxiVERSITATE Class of 1939 Jane Hargett Mildred Warren Class of 194.O May Guy Rebecca Henson Nelle Watkins Class of 194.1 Dorothy Jacobs Kate Key ' Marjorie Mathis Emily Mauldin Pauline Medling Lucy Frances Ozier Evonna Peeler Mrs. M. M. Summar Carolyn Younc Wilma Johnson- Dorothy Jones Elsie Ray Carolyn Ramer Louise Robinson Nancy Vanden Florence White Monda Wingo Marcaret Barnett Virginia Lee Cashon Bibie Zelma Crittendon Edna Earle Curdts Frances Elam Frances Galbraith Pledges Mary- Frances Hudson Mildred Johnson Dorothy Lee Knight Mable Manly isinelle mcclanahan Ida Lee Merryman Mary Lou Old Ruby Mae Old Mary Kathryn Patton Elizabeth Seaman Mary Nelle Smith Chi Omega was organized at the University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895, by Ina May Boles, Jobelle Holcomb, Alice Carey Simonds, and Jeanne Marie Vincenheller. They were assisted in planning their organization by Dr. Charles Richardson, Kappa Sigma. Publications include the Eleusis, which is issued quarterly and edited by Christelle Ferguson, The Owl, and the Mysta- gogue. The chapter publication is the Hoo-Hoo. The badge is a gold monogram of the letter " X " over the " O, " which letter displays on its arch the letters " P B Y H - " and an owl and skull and cross-bones in black enamel. The " X " is set with pearls or diamonds, no other stones being allowed. The colors are cardinal and straw and the flower is the white carnation. Upsilon Chap- ter was established in 1904-1911 and re-established in 1924. First Row: Armstrong, Atkins, Avery. Bolton, Cavender. Second Row: Cheshier. Claybrook. Dunahoo, Duncan, Ellis. Third Row: Harr.s. Harwell. Holmes, Jeter. Key. Fourth Row: Lamb. Lay, Luckey, L.. Luckey, N., McClure. Fifth Row: McNatt, Newman, Price, Rainey, Rice. Sixth Row: Rose. Skinner, Stanphill. Seventh Row: Tate, Terry. Wesson. Z E T A T A U ALPHA Miss Hazel Ei.i.is SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Dee E. Rice Miss Onnie Skinner Ruth Duncan SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1939 Elois Key Margaret McNatt Orion Jane Price Virginia Ann Armstrong Lena Avery vlrcinia claybrook Evelyn Harris Class of 194.0 Donna Belle Harwell Marcaret Jernican Edna Lamb Katherine McC. Lambert Jasper Rainey Grace Smith Mary Dee Rose Mary Madeline Terry Lula Mae Bolton Cynthia Cheshier Class of 1941 Martha Dunahoo Louise Luckey Tommie Mae Stanphill Mary Sue Wesson Edwin a Atkins Mary Louise Black Ruth Cavender Pledges Rebecca Ellis Evelyn Jeter Lucille Lay Nelle Luckey Luise McClure Jessie Newman Frances Tate Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15, 1898, at the Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia, by Maud Jones Horner, Alice Bland Coleman, Ethel Coleman Van Name, Rugh Leigh Orgain, Frances Yancey Smith, Delia Lewis Hundley, Helen Crafford, Alice Welsh and Mary Jones Batte. The official magazine is the Themis and other publications include The Link and The Chain. The Chain is a newspaper published daily at conventions. The badge is an artistically shaped shield with a smaller black shield raised upon it. In the center is the symbolic five-pointed crown, flanked by the initials Z T A. Below, in Greek, is the word EMH. The colors are turquoise blue and steel gray and the flower is the white violet. Beta Omega Chapter was es- tablished in 1935. I " Hardin, Skinner Claybrook, Guy Warren. Key Officers Eloise Key President Mildred Warren Secretary Members Virginia Claybrook May Guy Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Eloise Key Miss Onnie Skinner Mildred Warren " We, the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges, but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service. " The college Pan-Hellenic was organized on the Union campus January 30, 1936. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL UntrooucLYKj THE FEATURES eMiss fane argett MOST BEAUTIFUL (£M.iss (Louise (Luckey BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL eMiss dM.ild.red c Warren A. T. O. QUEEN eJXCiss Nancy Uanden S. A. E. QUEEN oMiss oMonda Wingo FOOTBALL OUEEN o Miss Smily oTKtauldin MISS HOME ECONOMICS aMr. Jack Q lover BEST ALL-ROUND BOY eMr. " Dudley ragg MOST POPULAR STUDENT MISS MONDA WINGO AND MR. BILL FRANCIS L Ki na ana , tie en OF HOMECOMING lfC ' (fQ T T4il Hfes ia cw fapS! pT 1 g 1 Bulova-Ham Iton-Gruen-Elgin Watches Fine Diamonds Quality Gift Jewe ry L. P JACKSON JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST Jackson, Tenn. McCALL HUGHES CLOTHING COMPANY Lafayette and Church Streets SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Have Your Eyes Scientifically Analyzed DRS. LaGRANGE AND LaGRANGE OPTOMETRISTS I 18 E. Lafayette Phone 148 REFRESH YOURSELF Drink In Bottles AROUND THE CORNER FROM ANYWHERE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. CLARENCE S. GOBELET Eye Sight Specialist Glasses Fitted Ph one 363 Jackson, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF NEELY HAT SHOP SMART HATS AT POPULAR PRICES COMPLIMENTS OF E. E. TALIAFERRO The Sorority and Fraternity Jeweler GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 5c to $50.00 WILSON GEYER CO. Wall Paper P. int Artists Si pplies When Better Ice Cream and Dairy Products are Made MIDWEST Will Make Them MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Phone 322 ' The Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South " COOK PRINTING CO. South Church Street COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON CHARTER MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH WHERE UNION STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AND ALWAYS FEEL AT HOME COMPLIMENTS BOND SHOE CO. QUALITY FOOTWEAR ALWAYS 107 East Main A. W. WILLIS, Mgr McGEE-ROSS HARDWARE CO. Headquarters for Tennis and Sporting Goods China and Gifts Phone 2548 COMPLIMENTS OF ELITE CLEANERS Wm. (Billy) Mainord Phone 446 Five Points COMPLIMENTS OF VINEYARD ' S Say It With Flowers Phone 510 100% for Union EAT MRS. SULLIVAN ' S Pecan Pies and Cocoanut Tarts Phone 233 BAKED FRESH DAILY Ask for Them by Name 461-463 E. College Jackson, Tennessee Manufacturers of The South ' s Finest Flour, Meal, and Stock Feeds MODEL MILL CO. Incorporated Jackson-McKeniie, Tenn. FRANKLAND ' S COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF SILER ' S PHARMACY 110 North Market Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? At 10-2-4 STEGALL ' S SHOES HOSIERY Teddy E.: All extremely bright men are con- ceited. John B.: Oh, I don ' t know; I ' m not. For 18 Years in Succession We Say CONGRATULATIONS LEXINGTON INN PINKSTON SCRUGGS Drugs Phones 800 — 801 Judge: Have you ever been up before me? Joe Foster: I don ' t know. What time do you get up? The flivver chugged painfully up to the gate of the race track. The gate-keeper, demanding the usual fee for automobiles, called: " A dollar for the car! " Don Webb and Bully Guy looked up with pathetic smiles of relief and said: " Sold! " " A bride wears white, " said the speaker, " as a symbol of happiness, for her wedding day is the most joyful in her life. " " And why do men wear black, " someone asked. WOOTTON ' S STUDIO for BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR UNION UNIVERSITY I 14 N. Liberty St. Telephone 27 M0f JACKSON, TENNESSEE f s COMPLIMENTS OF GULF REFINING CO. C. E. DAVIS Distributor JACKSON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF BEARE ICE COAL COMPANY Main Office — Jackson, Tenn. OPERATING ICE PLANTS AND COAL YARDS AT BOLIVAR, JACKSON, HUMBOLDT TRENTON, MILAN Compliments of CAWTHON MOTOR COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE OLDSMOBILE Compliments of PEARLOIS BEAUTY SHOPPE VISIT OUR STORE You Will F ind the Piano of You r Choice ENOCH T. WALTON PIANO CO. 309 E. Lafayetts St. Phone 339 TOASTEE SANDWICH SHOP To Be of SERVICE TO YOU Is a Pleasure to Us BUDDE AND WEIS MFG. CO. Designers and Builders of HIGH GRADE BANK FIXTURES CHURCH FURNITURE JACKSON, TENNESSEE Compliments of THE FRANCES SHOPPE 1 12 North Church Phone 127 Compliments of SOUTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY PLUMBING AND HEATING East Orleans Phone 94 ALWAYS THE NEWEST IN Dresses Lingerie Blouses Fan Tan Hosiery m NIGEL ' S 109 E. MAIN THE MOORE STUDIO PICTORIAL HOME OF THE CO-ED MAINTAINING A STANDARD OF PROMPT, COURTEOUS, AND EFFICIENT SERVICE- OFFERING ALWAYS THE LATEST ACHIEVEMENTS IN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART 2 15 NORTH LIBERTY STREET JACKSON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF H. M. FELSENTHAL CO. The Home of Good Candies Tirestone CHAMPIONS McCOWAT-MERCER PRINTING COMPANY Printers — Stationers — Engravers JACKSON, TENNESSEE We Print for Union University the " Cardinal and Cream " " Queer, isn ' t it? " " What ' s queer? " , — t) " Why the night jjpffff falls — " UK " Yes. " 1 Hi " But it doesn ' t jIbHW break. " unjm " No. " MsMm " And the day wtflftA breaks — " m K " Yes. " " But it never ws falls. " M-J C He: " What | 0fOU» P»T Of« charming eyes you have. " She: " I ' m glad vou like them. Thev were a birthday present. " THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CORDIALLY WELCOMES UNION STUDENTS TO ALL SERVICES Special Sunday School Classes and B.Y.P.U. ' s for You UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 1834 CO-EDUCATIONAL A four-year college with a remarkable history of achievement as attested by its many successful alumni in all walks of life. An institution which puts quality above quantity. Recognized and accredited by a great many graduate departments of larger universities. Member of American Association of Colleges, of Liberal Arts College Movement, and of Tennessee Association of Colleges. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular courses in the College of Arts and Science: English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Sociology, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, and History. REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Information, Address: DR. JOHN JETER HURT, President Compliments of FIVE POINTS LUMBER CO. BLACK AND WHITE STORE Jackson ' s Largest One-Floor Department Store PHONE 1662 TRUEX CHEVROLET COMPANY College and Church Telephone 108 For economical transportation. We appreciate the business given us by Union faculty and student body. Spencer Truex John F. Cox Mildred W. got on a trolley car and, finding that she had no change, handed the conductor a ten dollar bill. " I ' m sorry, " she said, ' but I haven ' t a nickel. " " Don ' t worry, lady, ' said the conductor, " you ' ll have just 199 of ' em in a minute. " COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON, TENN. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF UNION UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE BOOKS, STATIONERY SUPPLIES CANDIES AND COLD DRINKS o H flu H Q A M Mi »d S- p n i n t i n g c o m p a n y n a s h v i ll e a ■• A © I YL LIBRARY UNION UN1VE1 JACKSON, TEN!..

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