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% ' T.. ' ! fiy ' mmm ii ■ •■ ■ ' - " ,■•» ' ' - ' ' ■i -. ' m TS aHBSmMxi{.m:R«iiffiir«»aitf:i»:feM MARGUERITE SKINNER Editor C AL GUY Business Mandiger - LIFE AT UNION ■iDr " :a " :; ' ' -;LX ' ,vi: ' i-i , ' ' r ' ty5-,s3;aT!!imgEEa v»? C I PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY OF UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE I;:; A TRIBUTE There is a seriousness in her spirit that burns out all shams. There is a sym- pathy in her heart that lifts up the dis- couraged. There is an unselfishness in her life that inspires students to be better. There is a thoroughness in her work that is her best preachment. For these reasons the Lest-We-Forget Staff says. Mere s to you, MISS ONNIE SKINNER " L ' ; ,) id 1, yit ,w,!.P!!ia!K!J]aswiMC!i nriiTOgrjMriiasMMrMimmRmwmmgai A WORD IN ADVANCE In 1875, Union University formally opened at Murfreesboro In 1848 was moved to Jackson, where West Tennessee College — established as an academy in 1834 — was con- solidated with it, and was rechartered as Southwestern Baptist University. Adams Hall was erected in 1895 and ' 96, Lovelace Hal! in ' 97, and Powell Chapel in ' 99. In 1907, the name of the institution was changed from Southwestern Baptist University to Union University. In 1912, fire de- stroyed Powell Chapel and the main building, and In 1912 the present administration and chapel building was erected and named Barton Hall. In 1927 Hall-Moody Junior College, Martin, Tennessee, was consolidated with Union. Since its founding, Union has had thirteen presidents; and eight professors who served twenty years or more. Fur- thermore, the ideals of Union have always been of the highest both intellectually and spiritually, and Union ' s pur- pose has always been to produce in its students fidelity, zeal, and mental alertness, tempered with brotherly love and sealed with wisdom. CONTENTS THE UNIVERSITY THE ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS THE FEATURES S ' iSSSil ' SZSS?®5-Ki5 Sgs?SS • • « o • . .vj; WcUi-» f r 1-f , p,M,!i..i!i " iarm....iM i i.sii;fmiitn.TO Mjmm„r,.i ' ?is?iia di, ' jtoJ.WAVit..) Atitsa i i i i-vu n t t» •Ai )L.l Uf PRESENTING ji » THE UNIVERSITY r.f- ; m . ' ?mk:yi ' !i miwm ' ' } xxm crsxi ' :»fVf.sr£mim F ' s- ,Km) ' These are the laboring hands in college; The hands of those imparting knowledge ' X. . JOHN JETER HURT D.D., Th.G., LL.D. ' His life is gentle, and the elements So mixed in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, ' This is the man ' ! " OUR PRESIDENT mi ' rfV Ai . i f ' mm T,Vi ' rs2rrtffnrm mr,TX ' m ■He is wise who ■ MR S S SARGHNT, D,jn and asMst us in ihi- business of da livine ' -Cr y e Commerce Subj. THE FACULTY O. Olin Green Charle s B. Williams H. C Cox Frank L. Wells A.B., TH.M., D.D. A-B.. M.A. B,D., D.D., PH. J. A.B.. TH.H. A.B., M.A., PH.D. BibU Gree k md EthiC! BMc jnj Religious Educ inon Education Carl Schoggins Modern Ljngu gej Mrs. Dee E. Rice .Mrs. Louis B. Ma De n of IVomci. Latm Spjniih Louis B. Matthew a.b., m.a., b.d.j ph. i Sociology Reid Davi Biology C. H. Farnswc Geography. Con Phyuu Mrs. J. N. Mallory B.s. MalhcmMCS Arthur Warren Prince A.B., M.A., D.sc. Chemutry -? " T?r.t,» , ■ " ' 1 c-n . inu.n ' T- ' ; !:?!a;,i ' Mr ' ;j.aT t?arh,!m. ' ia? , i««ffn ' f:i THE FACULTY Mrs. H. E. W ' atters B.S., M.S. Home Economic, Mrs. a. W. Prince Mrs. M.abel W. Hardin William R. Re Dnccu,, of ConscvMiy ' • ' -. " ■ " ■ B ' " -A- o A .,.iV £ng .A A lumnue Sccelj f 1 1 f t L, DrW TT Rl MUS I . l l : H.i orv jnj C,i Mrs. E. E. Taliaferro L. H. Snavelv Mrs. L. C. MeRvi ' ir D,r, ' .(or of Speech Dep.,„me,u Freu DeL e.s. AlhUlic D„ec a t ton Mall ■- r ' n ' X m ' r- ' mi ■-: imKl■ m mmlm mKfi _ _ (} V e I a cc jTici 1 1 n- a. a m ;7i ull - , - " .ari r ' ..n..x ■r-gr;?t-n.w ,; -. fMr " ft« CTMy»S! iMii«SBigiMj?w»:r rwq S;;; ' 5 ' S :- ' y«»2V= " ' ' ' ' inc— 1 Icikct J j c iL AC v took 7i- all - ' - TT-n?Bl . -nn -y ry-::a .n r ' ' ' t,tf7s-}-j»P--- ,- ; ' TOayT f. ' CTmyt " Mlttci tlo u l Va IL Mrs. C. M. Roberts Hostess of Crook Hall Anna Armstrovg Tommy Ballard Jean Bell Gwendolyn ' Boling I LEEK Bolton Nina Bricgs HOSTESSES Mrs. Rena Sublette Ilostrss of Diitinij Hall STUDENT ASSISTANTS Dorothy Nell Jernican Margaret Jernigan Edna Lamb Eugene Luckey Hugh Luckey John Myers Louise Sublette Hostess of Tea Roor, Wilbur Odle James Rozzell Marguerite Skinner Clarice Thomason Earl Thompson Allen True.y .Armstrong, Ballard, Bell D. N. lernigan, M. Jernigan, Lamt Odle, RozzcU, Skinner, - loling, Bolton, Briggs z. Lu ' :kev, Hugh Luckev, . Thompson. True: y ■ zs . p,:oi ' ■! " - ' ,; , -- ft ,y ' ? K.. «M , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Chester Abney President Annie Louise Johnson Vice-Prendent Mary Simonton Secretary ' Tis hard for us to say adieu With dignity and pride: To Alma Mater we ' ll be true: We ' re Seniors dignified. " Chester Abney, A.B. PENSACOLA, FLA. Alpha Tau Omega; B. S. U., ' 35, ' 36; Glee Club, ' 35; Student Publication Gov- erning Board, ' 37, ' 38; W. A. Owen Law Club, ' 38; History Club, ' 38; King of Homecoming, ' 38; President Senior Class, ' 38. Anna K. Armstrong, A.B. BLACK OAK, ARK. Humboldt State Teachers ' College, Areata, Calif., ' 34- ' 3 5; B. S. V. Council, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38; Recording Secretary ' 38, Correspond- ing Secretary ' 37; Life Service Band, ' 36; Homeco Club, ' 36; Y. W. A., ' 36, ' 37; Devotional Chairman, ' 36, Program Chair- man ' 37; Palladian Breakfast Club, ' 37; Palladian Literary Society, ' 36; Snooper, ' 37; Associate Editor Caidinal and Cream. ' 37; Secretary to Dean, ' 37, ' 38; Hvpatia, ' 38. Carl H. Barrett, A.B. .MEDINA, TENS ' . Lambuth College, ' 3 s, ' 36; Glee Club, ' 37; Athenians, ' 37, ' 38; G. M. S. Literary So- ciety, ' 37, President ' 38 Chorister ' 37; Life Service Band, ' 37; Intramural Basketball, James Basden, A.B. .MEMPHIS, lENN. Alpha Tau Omega; Cheerleader, ' 38; {Cardinal Key Klub, ' 38; Law Club, ' 36. ' 38; President Junior Class, ' 37; Intra- mural Basketball, ' 38; B. S. U. Council, ' 35 ' ' 36. ' 37; Reporter ' 35, Vice-President ' 36; J. R. Graves Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Student Publication Board, ' 36 ; Cardinal and Cream Staff, ' 37, ' 38. Emma Jean Bell, A.B. LEXINGTON, TENN. Chi Omega; Hypatia, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ' 37j ' 38; Who ' s Who .Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, ' 38; Y. W. A.; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 36; Enonian Literary Society, President ' 35; Student Assistant, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38. Gwendolyn Boling, B.S. MAURY CITY, TENN. Tennessee College, Murfreesboro, Tenn., ' 35; B. S. U. Council, ' 36; Y. W. A., ' 37, ' 38, Vice-President ' 38; Tri- ' , ' 37, ' 38, Vice-President, ' 38. P35C. --7 ai,c .s , ' Yirr ' : msm ■-. SR lm r m1m •:1 1 3 ' — ■■i l If.JII-N- ]]()I.T() ' , A.M. IIOO.S ' KVH.I.E, MISS. Zfta I ' au Alpha; Hypatia, ' 37, ' 38; Hu- plircjsvjRaii l.itcrarv Socictv, ' 35, ' 36; . V. A., ' 3S, ' 36, ' 37; ' 38, Vicc-PresiiliMit ' 37 ' , Program Chairman ' 38; Student A sistant, ' 37. ' 38; Lksi y FoKGKT Staff, ' 38. Nix. Briggs, A.B. JACKSON-, TEK ' X. Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary ' 37, Vice- President ' 38; Student Assistant ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Palladian Literary Society, ' 35, ' 36. Secretary ' 35, ' ice-President ' 36; V. W. A., ' 35. ' 3 ' , ' 37, ' 38; Library Chairman, ' 36; Poster Chairman, ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 35, ' 36, ' 38, Secretary ' 35, Vice- President ' 38; B. S. V. Council, ' 36, ' 38; ' inner Summar Loyalty Medal, ' 36; Pal- ladian Breakfast Club, ' 37, ' 38. President ' 37, ' 38; Debate Council and Varsity De- bater, ' 36; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 38. Verx.a IVI. ' VE Browx, B.S. JACKSON, TEN.V. Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club, ' 35; Life Service Band, ' 35; Enonian Literary So- ciety. ' 35; Homeco Club, ' 36; Football Sponsor, ' 36; Secretary Junior Class, ' 37; Tri-V, ' 37, ' 38, President ' 38; " Miss Home Economics, " ' 37; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 37. ■38, Treasurer ' 38; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 37; Alpha Tau Omega Queen, ' 38; Stu- dent Assistant, ' 37; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Tniversities and Colleges, ' 38. Albert Burch, B.S. TRENTON ' , TENN. Football, ' 34; Basketball, ' 35, ' 38; Track, ' 35; Governing Board, ' 34; Hitch-Hiking Club. Albert F. C.aso.v, A.B. JACKSON, TENN. Lambuth College, ' 35 ' 36, ' 37. Joe Cl.app, Jr., A.B. FULTON, KV. Alpha Tau Omega; G. NL S. Li:erarv So- ciety, ' 35. ' 36; J. R. G., ' 3 5, ' 36. ■37 " , ' 38, President ' 36; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 38; B. S. v. Council, ' 36. ' 37, ' 38, Treasurer ■37. President ' 38; ' ice-President Student Body, ' 38; Business Manager, Cardinal and Cream, ' 37, ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 3 . ' 37. ' 38. President ' 37. McKxiGHT FiTE, A.B. MILTON, TENN. Austin Pear Normal School, ' 3+, ' 35; Al- pha Tau Omega; Life Service Band, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38; J. R. Graves Society, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Calliopean Literary Society, ' 36; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 37, ' 38; Lest We Forget StafF, ' 37; Editor Cardinal and Cream, ' 37j ' 3S; Student Council, ' 37, ' 38; B. S. V. Council, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Most Popular Student, ' 37; Nestor Club, ' 38; President Student Body, ' 38; G. M. Savage Literary Society, ' 38; Athenian Cluh, ' 37, ' 38; U ' hn ' s ' ho Among Student in American Colleges and Universities, ' 38. Fave Gibson, B.S. BETHEL SPRINGS, TEW. Freed-Hardeman. ' 34- ' 35. ' ss- ' s i; Lambutli ' 36- ' 37; Tri-V, ' 38. Jewell Taylor Hart, A.B. SPRlNGFIEI.n, TEN ' N. G. M. Savage Literary Society, ' 35. ' 36, ' 37. ' 38; J- R- Graves Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 37, ' 3S; Athen- ian, ' 38. J. B. Hester, A.B. MEMPHIS, TENS ' . J. R. Graves Society, ' 35. ' 36, ' 37 ' 38, President ' 37; G. M. Savage Literary So- ciety, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37_, ' 38, President ' 36; B. S. V. Council, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Vice-President ' 37; Glee Cluh, ' 35, ' 37; Debate Council. ' 3 5 ' 36. ' 37, ' 38, Vice-President ' 37; Var- sity Debate Team, ' 36- ' 37, ' 37- ' 38; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 38; Athenians, ' 37. Eldie Hicks, A.B. PAnUCAH, KV. J. R. Graves Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; G. M. Savage Literary Scciety, ' 35, ' 36, Presi- dent ' 35; Student Council, ' 35; President Sophomore Class, ' 36 ; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 36; Debate Council, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38, President ' 37; Alternate Debate Team, ' 35; ' arsity Debate Team, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Winner South Atlantic Extempore Contest, ' 37; Winner T. K. A. Oratorical Contest, ' 37; History Club, ' 37, President ' 38; Nes- tor Club, " ' 38, ' 37, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 37. Mixnie Hicks, A.B. nVERSRIJRG, TENS ' . MJ SENIOR CLASS fmm mms pm m mmm smmmm m k iik EuLA Hill, A.B. JACKSON ' , TF.SN. Chi OmeKa; H patia, ' 38; Glee Club, ' 35, ' 3 ' ' . ' 37; Euphrosynean Literary Society, ' 35. ' s ' ' ; Ilramatic Club, ' 38, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 38. Marie Hollomon, B.S. KF.NTOK, TENM. University of Tennessee Junior College, Martin, Tenn., ' 34, ' 35; Tri- ' , ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary and Treasurer ' 38; Hypa- tia, ' 38. Reporter ' 38; Glee Club, ' 36, ' 37; V. V. A., ' 37, ' 38, Pianist ' 38; Kardinal Kev Klub, ' 37, ' 38; Student Assistant, ' 37, ■38; G. M. S. Queen, ' 38. Robert Jelks, B.S. TVI.ERTOWN ' , MISS. Alpha Tau Omega; Pearl River Junior College, ' 35, ' 36; Football, ' 37, ' 38; Box- ing Team, ' 35, ' 36; Basketball, ' 37, ' 38. AxxiE Louise Johxsox, A.B. JACKSON, TENS ' . Zeta Tau Alpha; Hypatia, ' 38; Enonian Literary Society, ' 35, ' 36; Glee Club, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Vice-President Senior Class, Thomas W. Joxes, Jr., A.B. .MARTIN, TENN. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nestor Club, ' 37, ' 38; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 37, ' 38; Doc- tor ' s Club, ' 38; Calliopean Literary Socie- ty, ' 34, ' 35; Intramural Basketball, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Adams Hall Governing Board, ■35; Tennis, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. Minnie Bradford Leeper, A.B. JACKSON, TENN. Chi Omega; Hypatia, ' 37, ' 38, President ' 3S; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37, ' 38, Presi- dent ' 38; Homecoming Queen, ' 37; Eno- nian Literary Societv, ' 35, ' 36. Eugene Luckey, B.S. HUMBOLDT, TENK. Alpha Tau Omega ; Student Assistant, ' 37, ' 38; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 38; Basket- ball, ' 35; Intramural Basketball, ' 37, ' 38; All-Star Team, ' 38. O. C. Markham, A.B. PULASKI, TEXN. J. R. Graves Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Re- cording Secretary ' 36, Vice-President ' 37, President ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 36, ' 38, President ' 38; Athenians, ' 37, ' 38, Secre- tary ' 37, President ' 38. Robert L. Newman, Jr., A.B. PARIS, TENS " . J. R. CSraves Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Pres- ident ' 38; Life Service Band, ' 37, ' 38; B. S. r. Council, ' 38; G. M. S. Literary So- ciety, ' 35, ' 36, ' 38, Vice-President ' 36; Glee Club, ' 37; Dramatic Club, ' 38. Wilbur P. Odle, B.S. I.EXINCTOX, TEXX. Adams Hall Governing Board, ' 35; Cal- liopean Literary Society, ' 35; Student As- sistant, ' 37, ' 38; Student Council, ' 38; Nes- tor Club, ' 38. Flora Roberts, B.S. HENDERSON, TEXX. John W. Robrixs, B.S. COVIXCTOX, TEXX. Alpha Tau Omega; V. T. Junior College, Martin, Tenn., ' 35, ' 36; ' arsitv Football, ' 37, ' 38; " U " Club, ' 38; Intramural Bas- ketball, ' 37, ' 38. ki s c E N L A O R S S :, !?y . " iy ..■ " ' ■: 1 1 n;a . »i lrT Ef?!?1 .l ' | ' |gy. | ' ' t!iter» !!1aIiSi»al1 j ' pfj SENIOR CLASS James D. Rozzell, A.R. GIBSON, TKN ' S. Alpha r.iu ()iiu-k:i; Ha-ki-tlKill, ' 35; Ten- nis, ' 37; Stiiik-rit Assistant; Nestor Cluh, ' 37i ' 38; Doctcir ' s Club, ' 38, Secretary and Treasurer, ' 38; Intramural Hasketball, ' 38; Best AII- ' Rounil Player, ' 38. Mrs. Audexa R. Sadler, A.B. BOONRVlir.K, MISS. Da in Satterwhite, B.S. MEMPHIS, TENS " . J. R. G., ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38- S. R. Sherman ' , A.B. OXLV, MO. Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, Mn. Mary Rachel Simoxtox, A.B. ERIGHTOV, TENS ' . Zeta Tau Alpha; Hypatia, ' 37, ' 38; B. S. U. Council, ' 35; Enonian Literarv Society, ' 35; Y. W. A., ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Glee Club, ' 35 ' 3 1 ' 37? ' 38; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 37; Student Council, ' 37; History Club, Secretary ' 37, Vice-President ' 38; Secretary Senior Class, ' 38; Most Beauti- ful Girl, ' 37; Student Assistant; Who ' s ' ho Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities, ' 38. Zella J. Sipe, A.B. X.ASHVI1.LE, TEXX. V. W. A., Personal Service Chairman ' 36; Life Service Band, Treasurer ' 3S; Palla- dian Breakfast Club, ' 37, ' 38, Reporter ' 37; Student .Assistant, ' 35. Marguerite Skinner, A.B. N ' ASHVIM.E, TENS ' . Zeta Tau Alpha; Hypatia, ' 37, ' 38, Vice- President ' 38; Enonian Literary Society, ' 35. ' 36, Vice-President ' 36; B. S. U. Coun- cil, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, Reporter ' 36, Secretary ' 37; V. V. A., ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ' 35t Vice-President ' 36, President ' 37, ' 38; Spanish Club, ' 37; Publicaticin Governing Board, ' 35, ' 36; Student Council, ' 38; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ' 38; Student Assistant; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 37, ' 38; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, ' 38; Most Typical Student, ' 38; Editor-in-Chief Lest We Forget, ' 38. Thelma Stigler, A.B. MARTIN, TENN. Chi Omega; University of Tennessee Jun- ior College, Martin, Tenn., ' 35, ' 36; Hypa- tia, ' 37, ' 38; Tri-V, ' 37, ' 38; Student Coun- cil, ' 38; B. S. V. Council, Reporter ' 38; Kardinal Key Klub, ' 38; Winner Tau Kappa Alpha Debate Tournament, ' 37; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and ITniversities, ' 38; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 38; Y. W. A., ' 37, ' 38. Lanier Swain, B.S. JACKSON, TENN. Enonian Literary Society, ' 35, ' 36; Home Ec Club, ' 35; Tri-V, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ' 36, President ' 37; Spanish Club, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary and Treasurer ' 37, Presi- dent, ' 38. Clarice Thomason, A.B. WESTPORT, TENN. Zeta Tau Alpha; B. S. U. Council, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38, Treasurer ' 35; Life Service Band, President ' 36; Palladian Literary Society, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, Treasurer ' 35, Vice- President ' 36; History Club, ' 37, ' 38, Re- porter ' 38; Debate Council and Varsity Debater, ' 38; Palladian Breakfast Club, ' 37, ' 38; Y. W. A., ' 38; Student Assist- ant, ' 38. Earle Crosland Thompson, A.B. BOONEVILLE, MISS. Alpha Tau Omega; Nestor Club, ' 37, ' 38; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 35 ; History Club, ' 35 ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Vice-President ' 36; Stu- dent Council, ' 36; Publication Governing Board, ' 36; Cardinal and Cream Staff, ' 37i ' 38; Student Manager Bookstore, ' 37, ' 38; Tau Kappa Alpha, ' 37, ' 38. Roy Thompson, B.S. RIPLEY, TENN. Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football, ' 36; Nestor Club, ' 38, Vice-President ' 38; In- tramural Basketball, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; In- tramural Tennis, ' 37 ; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 38. ' 3m ■:g " y- s---m " , ' -■ « i®:te rrAi " i3 t ' :?, ' i ' SENIOR CLASS Allen Truex, A.B. JACKSOV, IKN ' N. SiKiuM Alpha I ' .psilim; Stuilerit Assistant; N ' cstdr riuh, ' n, ' jS; Doctrir ' s Club, ' 38; I.Ksr Wk I ' okci;] Staff, ' 37, ' 38. Martha Williams, A.B. iii:m)kkso.v, tenn. Zeta Tau Alpha; Frced-Hardemari 0 - ' ' Sf, ' 35, ' 3 ' ; liethfl College, ' 37. James A. Wood, A.B. HL ' NTINCDON, TENN. Kardinal Kcv Kluh, ' 37, ' 38, President ' 38; J. R. G, -35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; (;. M. S. Lit- erary Society, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Life Serv- ice Band, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, President ' 36; Athenians, ' 37, ' 38, President ' 38. Audrey ' arbrolc.h, B.S. JACKSONj TENS ' . Chi Omega; Enonian Literary Society, ' 35, ' 36; Home Ec Cluh, ' 35, ' 36; Tri-V, ' 37, ' 38, Secretary ' 37; Miss Home Economics, ' 38. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Ruby Adex McKcnzic, Teim. John ' Ale.vander . . . BUthcxilk-, Ark. Pascal Bo.v Hooik-mUc, Miss. JoHV Allex IUrxette . . Rii-iizi, Miss. SiiELTox Carter . . Ti|iton ilU-. Tcnn. Mll.(] W ' ll LE ' Florence Kent .... Jackson, Tenn. Lawrence Greex . . . Holconib, Mo. Pete B. Kixs()L [Xi; . . . Jackson, Tenn. ( SA Smith Hciulcrson, Tenn. Jessie Waller . . . Brownsville, Tenn. Midilleton, Tenn. cA ' T arting Wish (Ded ' uatiii In llie Gradiuiluiij Class of Q_;S) With reverence we pause today, Expressing love and gratitude: Thro ' deep devotion tributes pay To Alma Mater s fortitude For Christian principles. We pray That each of us may be endued With character refined; obey God ' s will in all our tasks pursued. Our Master calls: O Union U ., This graduating class must part: And yet, our thoughts remain with you, Expressing love from sincere hearts For all our faculty so true: For wisdom, principles, and art. Forbid that we should e ' er eschew Our duties now as we depart. Adieu. — W. Calvin Meacham ' .• " ' %m- ?, " i -.. i»B» ' t !-? » ' ' g»TM tet ' iWit ' -:V ' g ' ?fflay - ?!i«Mi»«;t JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Calvin Meacham President Jack Glover Vice-President Carolyn Young Secretary Tis our third year at Union U , If only ne can pais In all litis work ihal we must dc We ' ll be the Senior Class. " — C. M. JUNIOR CLASS Robert Aberxathy jackson ' , tennessee E ' A Jewel Allen MORRIS CHAPEL, TENNESSEE W. T. AUSTON TIPTONVILI.E, TENNESSEE Pacaud Bell JACKSON, TENNESSEE John Busby PADUCAH, KENTUCKY Clyde Cobb DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Prentiss C. Cole JACKSON, TENNESSEE Leander M. Coop JACKSON, TENNESSEE Carl Curtis evansvili.e, indiana Ruth Duncan jackson, tennessee H Sg g .Tr-.-» g:s. - .--%- ' . ' -VJ .V QyirSasiw slUSB.,, JUNIOR CLASS W M.I.ACR DfXN IIAI.I.S, IKSNRSSEE Alma Kr ix nash vii, i.e, tesnesscf. Thei.m.x Etheridge jacksox, tennessee Sarah Fi.EArixc VARIJAMAN. MISSISSIPPI Bill Fraxcls DECATUR, ALABAMA Jack Glo er UNION ' CITV, TENNESSEE Mahih, Fraxks Greex jackson, tennessee Cal Gl V JACKSON, TENNESSEE XE Harcktt II Al.l-S, TENNESSEE I ) II KRLS(I LMON C l , lENNESSEK JUNIOR CLASS Ha WARD HlGHFILL PARIS, TENNESSEE Cecil Keller TOON ' E, TENNESSEE Ralph Kerley JACKSON, lENNHSSEE J. T. Mays PINSON, TENNESSEE Pauline McAdams huron, tennessee Cal in ' Meacham MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Elrert Ioxtgomery halls, tennessee Hubert Morgan HENDERSON, TENNESSEE WiLLIA.M MuRPHEY FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA 15. A. Partee TRENTON, TENNESSEE :: : grat ' ' " ff ' ' --g ? « - gg. r ' .- ' %»» -i- - JUNIOR CLASS JACKSON ' , •] KNNKSSKE Thomas Poi ' E mi;rci:r, iksnessee Orion Jane Price BOONEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Morris Prince JACKSOX, TEWESSEE [ames Riley JACKSON, TENNESSEE Clyde Thompson KENTON, TENNESSEE Mildred Warren HALLS, TENNESSEE Lelaxd Wingo bradford, tennessee Mary Jane " V ' arbro JACKSON, TENNESSEE Caroian ' ol no nRADlORn, TENNESSEE Clinton ' oi ng BRAIHORO, TENNESSEE oAlma 3 idter O Alma Mater, our affections cling to thee! Faithful and loyal may tve ever be. May our Master ' s watchcare O ' er us one and all extend, ' Til again in Union Heart and voice we blend. Dear Alma Mater, hear thy offspring ' s plighted vow! Firmer and truer may we be than now. Memory fondly lingers, Calling back departed days; Every task grows lighter As we sing thy praise. Loved Alma Mater, o ' er us shed scholastic light. E ' en as we wander from thy halls tonight; And though years divide us. And in distant lands we roam. Oft in dreams we ' ll gather ' Round our ' Home, Sweet Home. " Chorus Union, dearest Union, Yes, we ' ll sing thy spreading fame! Union, dearest Union, Honored by thy name. — Jl ' ords hy Frank Kimsey, Class of ' 22. ;..; r;4VKv. :.-.V-f;. -i Ngissf-. .fejffit , •i :! f :y!smi m! ' f ' Wmmm» ' imM SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Knox Lambert President Dorothy Nell Jernigan Vice-President Nelle Davidson Secretary " Nov we ' re passed ihroiigh lite " greenie " stage With all its ridicule: Upon the Sophomores you gaze. We ' re loyal to our school. " —C. M. I SOPHOMORE CLASS Dorothy Alln Virginia Ann Louise Ashby Lena M. Ave ToM Joe Ball Ballard . Virginia Bartholo Martha Boone . . HORTENSE BrINKLE Earl Cain . . . . Warren Clapp , . . Jackson, . Jackson. . Halls Lexington, Teni Jackson, Tenn . Parkin. Ark, Jackson Virgin LA Claybrook Bradford, Tennessee Sarah Clayton Ripley. Mississippi Fred Cole Camden, Tennessee Dent Conley Halls, Tennessee Margaret Curdts Jackson. Tei Nelle Davidson Brazil, Tei Pau Da ' iUe Fran Dedmon Brow Ralph Doud Centreville, T. Lewis Ferrell Springfield. Ti John Moss Fisher Sarah Nell Fly I . . . Mercer, Tennessee ..,vvr ...y-,u ..j ,-a - : . ' »««B . I ., ,. s.,Mds.n , .,ta ' .,»■ teWlP K«!!.B»a? Mai ■ Wta sMM SOPHOMORE Thomas Foote Mercer. Martha Moore Frey Springfield, Anne Grove Jackson. Mae Elizabeth Guy Jackson. Ernestine Hall Jackson. Joe Hall Jackson. Helen Lorraine Hamilton . . . Jackson, Ralph Harder Humboldt. Evelyn Harris Jackson, Donna Belle Haru-ell .... Saulsburv. Helen Haven Whitfh.iven, Catherine Herron Jackson. Ruth Marbu Theln CLASS Hl Robert Ivy . . . . Charleen Jackson Dorothy Nell Jer Margaret Jerniga; Wilma Johnson Dorothy Jones . Franklin Keathle Ma Mis iippi . . Hickor ' . Kcnruckv Brownsville, Tennessee , . . Jackson, Tcnncssea , . . J.ick5 Jackson. Tcnncssci Jackson. Tcnnessci . Dyer. Tcnncssc. C. B. King Jackson. Edna Lamb Cottage Grove. Knox Lambert Petersburg. Tcnni . . . . Bells. Tcnnesioe SOPHOMORE CLASS . Jackson. Tenne: Memphis. Tenne; . Jackson. Tenne; Mae Old Waynesboro, ON Jackson, Stanton. Tennessee Katherine McClu Rush McDonald Charles McFarlai Raymond Morgan Boonevi Elizabeth Mann B Lucille Nowell Tren Rub Martha A Evonna Peei Helen Powe Sarah Jane Proctor Trenton, Tennessee JUANITA PUGH Friendship. Tennessee Elsie Queen Trenton. Tennessee Elsie Rav ....-■ Jackson. Tennessee OteV Rhodes Searcy, Arkai Mary Dee Rose Jackson. Tenne David Sadler Booneville, Mississi A. G. Sanders Hayti, Miss. Rush Siler Silerton, Grace Smith Booneville, Mississippi Isabelle Snipes Jackson, Tennessee Irene Stevcart Brownsville Virginia Tate Bemi; Joe Varnell Jackson. Tei Earl Warford Kevil. Kentucky Martha Lou Weir Bemis Frances Williams Bells. Tcnn Margaret Williams Bells, Tenn .:. =Tr BW?K.-.--; ' »»gK»S ;P ;vi , ti -am ' iHW ' ' ig 3affi FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Hugh Luckey President Dan McCarthy Vice-President Zona Briggs Secretary " When anything is green, ve know that life exists. As long as there is life, there ' s hope, we all insist; So cheer up, Freshmen; cease your sorrow. For you ' re the Seniors of tomorrow. " FRESHMAN CLASS Charles Burton A Corinth. Ml ippi Anderson ;entrevilU, T. Anglin , Sue Barton Jackson. T Jessie Lee Bickers Tiptonville, Tennessea ethel Springs. Tenn ROLD Coats Greenfield Rebecca Cobb He, Tennessee iippi Raymond Davis Mooresburg, Tennessi Claud Taylor Dean Corinth, Mis ■J DeMonbreu Jackson, Tenne: Beech Bluff, T. J cks. Leon ; Elkins Wickliffe, Kei Imogene Eubanks Jackson, T. EvERETTE Ferguson Raleigh, T. IICE FORTNER Covington, Tei Mary Helen Gaither jack-son. Te e see Frances Gilliam Friendship, Tennessee ,», s. , . ry m ...ri amtife, | ,. . ui ' ft» ' , .Mvi.gwn ' S!»Tiaui!»irfaMSi ' -MSi miil.gi« ' sm ■■I FRESHMAN CLASS EsTELLE Halliburton Dyer, Tennessee Nana Hargis Milnn, Tennessee R. Neater Harbison Humboldt, Tei Hart Jackson. Tennessee Irene Herrington Memphis. Tennessee Edith Hill Lafe. Arkansas William Edgar Holm Humboldt. Tei LaFavette. Tenn Hickory. Kentucky Kate Kev Jackson. Tennessee James Killet J MES Claxton Legg Martin. Tenness ETTE Long ethel Sprinps, Tei Hugh Luckev Jackson, Tennessee Sybil Marbuhy Bells. Tennessee Marjorie Mathis Jackson. T. James Medlin Sardis. Tennc; Pauline Mldl Jackson. Te. Dan McCarthy Balduyn. Mis Jane McLean Jackson, Tcnn Leola Miller Jackson. Tennessee George Mills Palestine Mitchell Jackson. Tennessee Thomas Moore Greenfield. Ter Tandy Morris Jackson, Tennessee Loretta Neisler Lexington, Tci Mildred Owi Covington, Tci Luc Frances Ozii-:r Pinson. Tenne; wm FRESHMAN CLASS Roger Parrish Jackson, Tennessee Carolyn Ramer Bethel Springs, Tennessee JosiE Lee Rhodes Lexington, Tennessee Marjobie Ricks Jackson, Tennessee LiLlIA N SiGLER Sadler Booneville, Mississippi Helen Schultz Jackson, Tennessee BuFoRD Scott Btownsville Tennessee Mack Sherrod Senath, Missouri Bever „Y Smith Memphis, Tennessee .Marv Kate Smith Mildred Spain Booneville, Mississippi roMMiE Mae Stanphill Bethel Springs, Tenness jOSEI-h Thomas Vildo, Tennessee Robert Thweatt Sparkman, Arkansas Rachel Tomlin Bolivar, Tennessee John B. Turner Covington. Tenness Nanc V Vanden Jackson, Tennessee Frances WARM. TH Jackson, Tennessee Mary Sue Wesson Ripley, Tennessee Florence White Jackson, Tennessee Ann E Wista Williams Bells. Tennessee John Eldrane Williams Hollow Rock, Tennessee Leo Williams Trenton, Tennessee Robert Williams Walnut Ridge, . rkar MON da Win go Bradford. Tennessee Spurgeon Wood Corinth. Mississippi Clinton Wright Nashville, Tennessee -T ■. IIT-■l- .:r,s v, rc M ■ " «■ea■ Kv. Tg-R7m)ll,■ ' ■ - " W w " » VH ' i:.f_3 PRESENTING gwfty . ' ' ' v V ,v, ■:ni. ' i •v;■;v7 ' ,: ' ■v ■ii ' : ; Tl ' ' i .T.. ' , THE ATHLETICS iS!(Vj; AK.?i.Mi ?!)T« -.« mm :f.,JWg|. Yea Bulldogs Fightl Fight! Fight! CHEERLEADERS James IJasuex LkNA A KK ' i THE COACHES Head Coach Fred DeLav started his football career in Massey Military School, where he played two vears in the hackfield. From Massey he went to the Middle Tennessee State Teachers for four years of regular play under the coaching of Alf Miles, now Athletic Director at Van- derbilt, and Guv Stephenson, former U. T. player. He started coaching the fall of his graduation at Shops Springs. The following year he went to Summer County High School at Portland, Ten- nessee. He traveled from r928 to 1931, and then took over the fortunes of the Carthage High School athletics. In that time he won 51, tied one, and lost eight grid games. In that time his team won the Upper Cumberland Conference two out of the three years of its existence. In bas- ketball his team won three district tournaments, two regionals, and a junior high tournament. Since maki[ig his debut in Jackson, few coaches in the history of Jackson athletics have created so favorable impression as Coach DeLay has in his work with the Bulldogs. Arthur " Monk " Williams, Assistant Coach, came to Union with Coach Fred DeLay this fall from Vanderbilt. In his Junior year he was captain of the baseball team and through the next two years saw continuous service on the gridiron, playing half and quarterback. " Monk " coached the varsitv backtield in offensive work, the best that had been seen by a Union squad in some time. Ernest Mullins, the I ullpups ' head coach, came to Union in 1933 from the Greenfield champion- ship team. On his arrival he started playing varsity football, although a Freshman. During his four years he was known as one of the best defensive ends that has been on a Union roster, and was substituted only three times in four years. Although graduating last ear, his knowledge of line play made him an inside choice for the Freshman coach and has put the Freshmen through a season that promises to turn in a varsity squad to Coach Fred DeLay that will be tops for a Freshman team. John .Xlexander, assistant Freshman coach, came from Blytheville, .Arkansas, and played four years of arsity football in Union. " .Mex " earned the reputation of being o[ie of the best blocking backs that has ever played on a I ' nion team. d " RESUME OF FOOTBALL SEASON The skill and value of a football team is not always told in the number of games won. Union Bulldogs have quitted them- selves like men this season in spite of the odds they had to face. Ten of the regular squad graduated last year, leaving only Juniors, Sophomores, and Junior College men to carry on. Added to this, the new coach, Fred DeLay, had no opportunity to run them through the regular Spring train- ing. Then, perhaps the greatest task Coach DeLay dealt with was that of converting a defensive-minded team into an organization that could take the offensive and manage the defensive play as well. So really this year has been spent in laying the foundation of a coming great Union team. The varsity has made some of the greatest improve- ments that any team in this part of the country has shown. Rated as the underdogs in all their games, they went into the first game with Millsaps and should have emerged victors, but nervousness resulting from i I ' LL. 160 lbs.. Bjck Pope. 160 lbs. Bj.:k TTX. 165 lbs., hjik Hester. :io lbs . Tjckl Gfi. 175 lbs.. iU KlLZER. 180 lbs. Tj klc HUCGINS, 75 lbs.. Cujrd FOOTBALL the " first-game " fever caused a fumble on the two-foot hne, ending the chances of a Union victory. On the next week-end the Bulldogs hied away to Memphis, where they met the powerful Southwestern team. Our boys held the Lynx to a 6-0 lead for the first half, only to have the su- perior reserve strength of the Mem- phians take sway in the second quar- ter, causing a 32-0 loss. Their third and second home game with the West Tennessee State Teach- ers, the Bulldogs were favored by way of their smashing defeat over the Tigers last year, but the appearance of seven players on the Tiger team, who had played together for the last two years on the U. T. Junior College team, proved to be too much for the Bulldog pass defense that had not yet been perfected and they lost, 12-2. The next two games were staged on Kentucky territory, the first with the University of Louisville, who won, 14 to 6, and the last with the powerful Western Kentucky State Teachers of Bowling Green. The Hilltoppers won, 21 to 0, as their huge 200-pound line cracked the Union offense and ran over the de- fense. Then came the game with the Union jinx, the Murray Kentucky State Teachers. The game was played on neutral ground in Dyersburg, Tennes- HORNHILL, 190 Ihs., C.n- Martin. 190 Ihs., Cei:ni JOHNSEY, 160 lbs., End C,. MPBEl.L. 160 lbs., Bjck Carroll. 175 lbs., Gujrd Castle, 190 lbs., B ck Francis, 150 lbs,. .- r,-I ; , v m■ rr . c■ N ;r Bln . ;, ' .■■ . Fv,■g craff «,n!;,l,WVW« MiMHMMHMI Box. 190 lbs., CjflJin. Hjck MANMrKLi). I.s lbs.. Tjckl ROBBINS. 175 lbs., Gu rJ Jelks. 170 lbs.. End RlLEV, 185 lbs., B ck MURPHr. 180 lbs.. Gujrd 0«EN. 195 lbs.. Tjckir Rutherford. 175 lbs.. ii.J Allfnj e Cjp Jin [53] FOOTBALL sec, before one of the largest crowds during the season. Against the Bull- dogs the Thoroughbreds threw every- thing that scored in the air to consti- tute the 21 to victory. From Dyersburg the team trans- ferred their action against the Missis- sippi State Teachers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In this game even the ele- ments were against the Bulldogs, as the stadium lights went out for thirty minutes, leaving the boys dressed out on the field in the bitter cold weather. The Mississippians won, 33 to 0. Homecoming celebration and a chance at the University of Chatta- nooga Moccasins was next on the schedule. The Chattanooga Moccasins, along with Southwestern, were perhaps the strongest teams the Bulldogs played this year. Against such a pow- erful aggregation the prophecies of the wiseacres came true and the Bulldogs were defeated, 32 to 0, although for the first time in the season they showed that they w ' ere in possession of some semblance of an offensive. In the last game of the year the Bulldogs in their Thanksgiving game at Mobile, Alabama, went up against the only other team in the SIAA Con- ference which hadn ' t won a game. Per- mission had been obtained from the governing board of the conference to let the game run until one squad was declared victor, either by exhaustion or by points. The Mississippians won hv points, 18 to 14. BASKETBALL TEAM The Union University basketball team this year has had a most suc- cessful season. They won thirteen games out of twenty-two, and in points they outrated their opponents by a margin of forty-three to thirty- five. They played some of the best teams in the South, including " Ole Miss, " Millsaps, Murray, and such professionals as the original world champions, " The Celtics. " Union lost to the Celtics by a difference of three points. Davie Banks, the big ace forward, paid the boys very nice compliments and said that if the boys did not give the teams in this section a hard game just call him up. Coach DeLay and the team also had the honor of being one of the twelve teams invited to the S. I. A. A. tournament held at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Odell Rutherford Chisholm Gtiiird Center Mansfield Castle CutiTd Guard RuDV Rutherford Forward .--a7JS ■? T ■ 1,■.,vw.Ta w.■=»r;;t■!n«■« ra.ll, , 1.TO JELKS Martin Guard Guard BURNETTB KlLZER ForWiird Forward VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Si wol Vs Them Middle Tenn. Teachers 56 32 Tenn. Polytechnic 28 29 Ole Miss 40 36 Ole Miss 38 30 Delta State 41 49 Austin Peay 53 29 West Tenn. Teachers 68 32 Murray State 38 47 West Tenn. Teachers 40 26 Millsaps 37 30 Murray State 40 47 Tenn. Polytechnic 44 24 Middle Tenn. Teachers 57 24 Celtics 41 45 Celtics 43 46 Freed-Hardeman 57 41 Delta State 32 47 Mississippi College 56 34 Millsaps 41 43 Freed-Hardeman 34 49 Ole Miss 39 50 Western K. State Tchrs. 28 49 THE ■■BULLPUPS " BACK THEIR COACHES . WITH A " U. " « THE FR ESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD THE FRESHMAN TEAMS The Freshman athletic teams, under the able tutelage of Coach Ernest Mullins and Assistant Coach Alexander, have been highly commended this year. Coach Mullins is to be praised for his initial success this year with the " Bullpups. " They fought like the " Bulldogs " which they will be next year, and from the results of their games this year the varsity of next year should be greatly augmented by the up-and-coming " greenies. " Captain Box. Football Queen Lena Avery, and Alti Captain Rutherford » FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RESULTS October S Austin Peay . .19; Bullpups . 21 At Clarksville, Teiin. OCIOBER 21 C. M. A 12; Bullpups . 1+ At Union Stadium October 27 SoutliwVrn Freshmen . 20; Bullpups . o At Memphis, Tenn. November 6 Riverside 23 ; Bullpups . 6 At Gainesville, Ga. November 16 J raughon ' s Bus. Col. . o; Bullpups . 65 At I ' nion Stadium m INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS Zcta Tdii Alpha: .Martha .M(k)ri; l• " Rl■: ■ Maurixe Holmes Elizareth Hodges Irene Herringtox Louise Luckev Hortense Brixkle ' LuLA Mae Roltox Coach Mili.ixs Alpha 1 an Omega: Him. Mlri ' hea ' Dan McCarthy- Roy Thompsox James D. Rozell Neville Triplett Tommy Rali.ard EuGEXE Llckey Coach Rasdex ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA THE U Officers CLUB VViLLARO Hi GGlxs President Bill Franxis Vicc-Pi-esidcnt Odell Rl therford Secretary Members Stanley Baraga Pascal Box John Bl rxett JoHx Camprell Victor Castle Thomas Chisholm Bill Francis Granvill Hester WiLLARD HUGGINS Dan Harrison Bill Isbell Bobby Jelks Harry Johxsey Paul Kilzer Jim Martin Howard Mansfield Bill !Mcrphy Marshall Owen John Robbins Odell Rltherford Neville Triplett Harry Thornhill The U-Club is composed of Union athletes who have won their letter in football or basketball. The purpose of the club is to promote good fellowship among the athletes and to encourage all worthy student activities. £22= - ' ■ " ■ ' ■■ " " " " " " ' " I MflfaiBii—inr nirmriTi 6Riwi8 a«Bas«»ii3«im(!fiis«««M»B«s ■ PRESENTING ORGANIZATIONS mmf " OUR SPIRITUAL LIFE " God ' s Holy Word in darkest lands Shall be proclaimed by Christian hands L. M. Bolton, Briggs, J. Clipp, Fite, D. N. Jcrnigan, Jeter, Lambert, Louis Myers. Newman, Riley, Sargent, Stii uckey, McDo Wright BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL Officers Joe Clapp , . J. B. Hester Mae Guv . . James Rilev McK NIGHT Fite ;M Prrsidrni . First I ' iie-Pn ' sidcnl Second J ' ice-Presidenl . T iird Vice-President Treasurer S. S. Sargent . . Anna Armsironx Secretary Hei-EN Haven . . Correspondintj Secretary OoROiHV Nei.le Jermgan Baptist Student Reporter Thfi-MA SiiGi.ER .... Local Reporter . Faculty Advisor Joe Clapp McKnight Fite Anna Armstrong James Rilev Helen Haven DoROTHV Nelle Jernigan Thei.ma Stigi.er J. B. Hester Members Mae Guy Evelvn Jeter Buck Clapp Knox Lambert Rush McDonald Nina Briggs R. L. Newman LuLA Mae Bolton r field is our niiii student body, ■lim is its Spiritual Enli itenmenl. ' Brownie West Dean S. S. Sargent Dr. J. R. Bl.ack A. Donald Anthony Mildred Spain John R. Mvers Raymond Morgan Louise Luckev The Baptist Student I ' nion i not a group of some few students set apart from others on Union ' s campus. It is a unifying linlv binding each student to the other through Jesus Christ and so connecting the original home life and the church life with new contacts made on the college campus. The officers of the Baptist Student Union are elected by the student body and from the council, the functions of which is in the interest of all students in endeavoring to strengthen these connections and give him peace and security. Such an outlook on life .ind such a calm in his soul are greatest of all in preparation for progressive learning through the church — a thought upper- most in the minds of the council. In January, Union ' s Baptist Student Union received its banner for First Magnitude, highest award for excellence and attainment. This is our second year in succession to reach this goal within the first few months of the school vear. On this foundation this year ' s council hopes the Baptist Student Union of the future mav build each year a pirt of its glorious structure in the image of Christ, who is ever the Guiding Spirit of the Baptist Student Union. iunusjtmtmmmm S= f f f ? f f f t J . •f 9t f f I f « 5 Aberr,.,thv, N. Baker. Barrett, Busbv, I. CUpp, W. Chpp. Cobb. Farnsworth. Fcrr, Fitc. L. Green. C. Guv. J. T. Hart. Hester. HighfiU. R. Ivy. Kerley. Lambert McDonald. Matthews. Meacham. Morgan. R. L. Newman. Pope. Prince. Rhodes. Sattenvhite. Sherman. J B. Thomas. Thompson. Warford. Williams. Wood J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY OF RELIGIOUS INQUIRY Officers RoBKRT L. Nkw.m.w MoKRis Prince . . R.M.PH Kf.ri.ev . . . . . . Pres ' idnil . . I ' icr-Pn-sUcnt Ri cor Jim Siuri-tary Teiidv Ev.- n " S . . Cnnrs ' orulin ) Secretary JOH Busbv Treasurer J. B. Hester Marslial Robert Abern.vthv W. C. Agnew Norm.W " B. ker C. RI. B.arret j.ames b. sden ' Trum.ax Bovd Cecil Brewer JoHV Busbv Joe Cl. pp, Jr. W.XRKEV Ci . pp Il.XRRI CopEi.wn I ' ROF. H. C. Co. - Br.xdiord Currv Teddv Ev.ws I.0U1S Ferrei.i. J.VMES F.XRRAR McKmcht Fite Ai.viN GiM.LWn I.. RFscE Green ' iir. o. Oiin Green- Members Cal Guv Dr. J. F. Hailev Galen ' Hargrove Jewel Tavlor Hart J. B. Hester Eldie Hicks Havwari) Highfili. Joe Hudson " Robert Ivv Ralph Kfrlev P. B. KlNSOI.VINC Knov Lambert (). C. Markham Dr. L. B. Matehews J. T. Mavs Rush McDon-alh V. Calvin Meacham Cooper L. Moonv Raxmoni) Morgan RORFRI I.. Xf " . l n, I Edwin H. Oldham Dr. I. N. Penick Thomas Pope Morris Prince Otev Rhodes James Rilev Leonard Sanderson D.wiD D. S.mterwhite S. R. Sherman- Wood ROW Singleton Vernon Sisco Joseph Thomas Ci.vDE Thompson J. -. Walker Earl W. rford Dr. H. E. W.vtters Hugh Widick Dr. C. B. Williams J. E. Williams James Wood ch tll( Flic piirpnsc of this - Ii c tor a greater The J. R. Graves Siiciety of Rclinioiis IiKiiiiry was ori;aiLi socictv is to clisriiss prolilt ' iTis that faci- yoiiiif; ministt-rs, ami to service. The motto for this society is " Search the Scriptures. " Fhe Great Commissioi ' that Our I.orii ami Sa lour Jc us Chri-t f;a e to His disciples is lu ' inji cnrrieil out to a j;rcat extent in the evangelism of West Femi-.-ssee ami the adjoining territorv. YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Officers Marguerite Skivxer Gwendolyn Bolixg . Preshient J ' ice-Presideni Lui.A Mae Bolton Mildred Warren ■ Secretary Treasurer Members Eva Jewell Allen Evelyn Appleton Lena Avery Geneva Baddour Martha Joe Ball Jessie Lee Bickers Jean Bell Gwendolyn Boling Ileen Bolton LuLA Mae Bolton Nina Briggs Zona Briggs HORTENSE BrINKLEY Cynthia Cheshier Sara Clayton Rebecca Cobb Loretta Neisler Margaret Cox Mi Ow; Fran Dedmo Helen Powe Eunice Fortner Mrs. Dee Rice Nana Hargis Ernestine Sipe Irene Herrington Edith Hill Elizabeth Hodges LoRENE Holland Maurine Holmes Don Ha Marie Holloman Evelyn Jeter Charlene Jackson Edna Lamb Louise Luckey ' Marguerite Long Elizabeth Mann Ruth Mabbury Sybil Marbury Emily ' Mauldin Sybil Combs Ruby Mae Old Nelle Davidson Juanita Pugh Sara Flemming Carolyn Ramer Helen Haven Elizabeth Robertson Zella Sipe Marguerite Skinnef Grace Smith Mary Kate Smith HE Mae Stan ; Stewart Thelma Stigler Clarice Thomason Rachel Tomlin Mildred Warren Margaret Willian Mary Sue Wesson Mo Carolyn Young Dent Conley Lucille Nowell Nora Lee Crawley Lucy Frances Ozier Alma Ervin Elsie Queen R. Neater HARRISo JosiE Lee Rhodes Mary Simonton The Young Women ' s Auxiliary has a three-fold purpose: first, to develop a symmetrical Chris- tian young womanhood; second, to bind together the young women of this college for world-wide service for Christ and unite them with young women of like interest in other colleges throughout the world; third, to give instruction in the methods of mission work for the Southern Baptist Convention. The watchword: " They that are vise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and the that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12:3. Colors: Nile Green and White Hymn: " 0. Zion, Haste " 7,. ,7:u,. n, ,rJ,. wy, ■, AHm»»:■s,■W :nMa ' t IMIMNMMIilMiaMIMMHHMi II % § t t Avcrv, Ball. Bell, Bickers. Boling. L. M. Bokon. Ilcon Bclton N. Briegs. Zon.i Briggs. Brinklcj-. Cobb. Conley. Co.v. Davidson Dcdmon, Fleming. Former, Frcy. Gilliam. Hargis. Harwell H.ivcn, Hcrringlon. Hill. Hodges. Jackson. Jeter. Luckey Mann. Mauldin. Neisler. NowcU. Old. Owen. Ozier Peeler. Powell. Price, Queen. Ramer, Rhodes, Rice Skinner. B. Smith. G. Smith, St.gler, Thom.ison, Warren, ' es.son An. W. Williamj, M. Williams, Wingo, Young McDonald, Mc, Briggs. J. Clapp. Warren Clapp, Cobb, Ferrell Haven, Hill, Hundley, D. N. Jernigan, Kerley n, Satterwhitc, Spam, Thomason, Wood, Wright McKsinin Fite J. T. M.ws . . LIFE SERVICE BAND Officers . . . . Pre:.idinl R. Neater Harrison " . . rirr-Presidi ' iil Zei.i.a Sipe . . . , ' 1RC1NIA Clavbrook Repnyler Srcri ' tary Treasurer Evelyn Appleton Carl Barrett Nina Briggs Joe Clapp Clyde Cobb Teddy Evans McKnight Fite Frances Gilliam Estelle Halliburton R. Neater Harrison Edith Hill Thelma Hundley Louise Luckev O. C. Markham Calvin Meacham Raymond Morgan Members R. L. Newman William Powell Ernestine Sipe Mary Kate Smith Joseph Thomas Clyde Thompson Allie Webb Hugh Widick Clinton Wright Norman Baker ' iRGiNiA Bartholomew Warren Clapp A ' lRGINlA ClAYBROOK Alma Ervin Lewis Ferrell Henry Foote Decve Goff Joe Harris J. B. Hester Elizabeth Hodges Dorothy Nell Jernigan Ruth Marbury J. T. Mays Cooper Moody Rush McDonald Edwin Oldham juanita pugh Zella Sipe Mildred Spain Clarice Thompson Rachel Tomlin Mary Sue Wesson Frances Williams " Serving the Lord ivilli Gladness. " Tlu-re is alwaxs in tlu- live of college students, along with the many other activities, a need for the inspiration that can onl conne through the Life Service Band. It is the supreme aim of this organization to aid the Christian student in living a life of fruitful service day by day, not wait- ing until college life is over tn live. This year the organization has grown to be one of the larg- est on the campus ant! has proven to be of untold value in the lives of those who desire to live the fuller life. L r..,.:m.TP-.;m»..IIIH. . ' m mfni. Uiiii amtmmmm THINGS LITERARY " The challenge comes for hands to do The things which God commanded you. EEB Armstrong. Bell. Bolton. Fleming. Hardin. Hargett Hill. Johnson. Leeper. Simonton. Skinner. Stigler Warren. " I ' arbro. C. Young HYPATIA Officers MiNME Leeper President Marguerite Skinner Vice-President Jean Belt Secretary Members Anna Armstrong Jean Bell Ileen Bolton Sarah Fleming Jane Hargett EuLA Hill Marie Hgi.lomon Annie Louise Johnson Minnie Leeper K. te McCoy Mahon NL rv Simonton Marguerite Skinner Thelma Stigler Mildred Warren Mary Jane Yarbro Carolyn Young Mrs. M.«el W. Hardin " Hypatia has meant much to its sixteen Junior and Senior members and sponsor, Mrs. Hardin. Twice each month new books an- reviewed and intelligently discussed during delightful dinners. The outstanding evening of the ear for Hvpatia is its joint meeting with the Nestor Club. May Hypatia continue to grow n usefulness as inspiration to its members. " ■ ,.»..„r.,XT».,»,.,.,.r.:.„ii.-.,.,T.o . »..rajj|.j ■na f If 1 1 nkirai, ■ite. Glover. Harrison. Hicks. Jones Rozelle, E. Thompson, R. Thompson NESTOR CLUB " Ex Aninio Unitas Llttcnitura et Scientia. " Members Carl Curtis McKnicht Fite J. P. Glover, Jr. Daniel Harrison Eldie Hicks WlI.KENS JOS ' ES Wilbur P. Odle B. A. Partee James Rozzell Earl Thompson Rov Thompson Robert Trevathan Dr. a. W. Prince, Sponsor The Nestor Club consists in membership of twelve Juniors aiul Seniors who h.ive m.Tint.iined good scholastic records, and of one representative from the facultv, who has been for many years Or. A. W. Prince. The officers of the club are elected quarterly. The club has two dinner meetings each month, at which time papers are read and discussion held concerning current literary and scientific topics. The purpose of the club is to promote scholarship and encourage intelligent fel- lowship. Boone, F,te, Glover, Guv, Keathley Moore, Odle. Warren, Skinner, Stisle: STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Jack Glover President Martha Booke Secretary Members Martha Boone McKnight Fite Jack Glover Cal Guy Franklin Ke. thley Thomas Moore Wilbur P. Odle Marguerite Skinner Thelma Stigler Mildred Warren ' ' The student body of Union is governed entirely by a Student Council. The members of the Council are elected by the student body. There are ten members: Four Seniors, three Juniors, two Sophomores, and one Freshman. This plan of student government has proved very satisfactory. ' • " " ' " ■ " " •• " • " ■■•T ' " IWMNHiiiiliMIM«li ■■■■■■■■■■ Abney, Carl Curtis, Guy, Hicks, Mrs. RulUdgc Mr. Rutledge, Simonton. Thomason, Thcmpson, Wan HISTORY CLUB Officers Eldie Hicks Prvsidenl Mary Simonton . rice-President Mildred V. rren Secretary C. Ri. Curtis Treasurer Mr. .and Mrs. L. D. Ruti edge Sponsors ME-MBERS Chester Abney Mildred W.arren Carl Curtis John Busby Eldie Hicks Cai. Guy Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Mr. L. D. Ruti.edge Clarice Thomason M. ry Simonton Earl Thompson 1 he rnion I ' niver ity History Cliih i cnmposed of students showing marked ability and interest in the social srienccs. I ' reshmeii inny, on the recoinmcndatii ' n of the sponsors, become members of this organization, a privilege r.ot granted them by any other club. This group meets twice each month for the purpose of becoming better informed in the tield of historv. Allen, Almond, Matthews, Pettigrew Schoggins, Swain, West EL CLUB ESPANOL Officers Lanier Swaix President Eva Allen Secretary anil Treasurer E -A Allen Mrs. C. H. Little Edward Pettigrew Lanier Swain Members Elizabeth Ethridge Mrs. L. 11. Latthews Dr. Carl Schoggins Brownie West El Club Espanol is a dinner club composed of students with a keen interest in and appreciation of the Spaiu ' sh lantjuaiie and Spanish-speakintr people. The business ses- sions are conducted in Sixuiish and tlie laniruaire is spoken as much as possible at the meetings. The members find particiiiation in this club both interesting and valuable. ■■ Allmond. Bill. Finger, John Cobb, Cos. Conlev. Curdts. Davidi Grove, Hall, Hamilton, Hargett, Ja, auldin, Mcdiing, Nowell, Ozier, Pat , Vanden, Warren, Wingo, Young EUPHROSYNEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Officers M. RG.ARET Curdts President Helen Powell Vice-President Dent Conlev Secretary Josephine Finger Treasurer Nelle Davidson Reporter ] Iembers Dorothy Allmond Mav Guv Helen Powell Jessie Lee Bickers Anne Grove Martha Ann P.-vtton Martha Jo Ball Ernestine Hall K.ate Kev Dent Conlev Helen L. Hamilton Lucv Ozier Margaret Curdts Jane Hargett Lucille Nowell Margaret Cox Dorothy Jones Carolyn Ramer Rebecca Cobb Wilma Johnson Elsie Ray Frances Dennison Charleen Jackson Mildred Warren Nelle D.widsok Emily Mauldin Monda Wingo Josephine Finger Pauline Medlivg Nancv ' ANDEN Kitty Gleaves Carolyn Young The Euphrosvnean Literary Society was nrfjanizeci eleven years ago. The work of the societv is directed toward hi h ideals, the motto bcinR, " Girls hand in hand for the best in science, music, art, and literature. " Books and plays of high literary value are reviewed. Social meetings are held once a month. The colors of the club are pink and silver. N. Bnsgs. Brown N. Jcrnisan. M. Jemigan. Lamb Rutledge, THE PALLADIAN BREAKFAST CLUB Officers Nina Briccs President Ruth Dunxan- Vice-President Edna Lamb Secretary ' erna Mae Brown Treasurer Sara Jane Proctor Reporter Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Sponsor Eva Allen Lena x- verv Verna Mae Brown Nina Briggs Martha Boone Ruth Duncan ] Ieaibers Alma Ervin Sara Fleming Mabel Franks Green Helen Haven Dorothy Nell Jernigan Margaret Jernigan Edna Lamb Helen Powell Sara Jane Proctor Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Clarice Thomason Minnie Hicks Members of the Palladiaii Literary Society, unwillinij to relinquish their literary pursuits and to surrender the ideals, " Taste, Industry, and Wisdom, " tor which the society was noted and which had been perpetuated since its founding by Dr. G. M. Savage, more than fifty years ago, decided to change the method of its activities to meet the needs of a changing age. The result of this decision was the organization of the Palladian Breakfast Club in October, 1936. This club is composed of eighteen young women maintaining high scholastic records. KHMi IMU mmm f iS % f LATIN CLUB Officers JoHV BusBV President Lawrenck Greev l " tci-l ' rfsidi-nt Margaret Jernigan ' . Secrclary Lena Mae Avekv Treasurer DoROTH N ' kij Jern ' igax Reporter Mrs. Dee E. Rice Faculty Sponsor Members Virginia Ann Armstrong Leonard Sanderson Lena L e Averv S. R. Sherman John Busby Earl Warford Laurence Green Rush Siler Dorothy Nei.i. Jernigan Pacaud Bell Margaret Jernigan Orion Jane Price Elizabeth Mann NLartha Lou Weir The Lalin Club of ( " uion l ' iii ' frsit i tMnnpo ed i)t oMn nit n am! women who ha -e niatie hi h scholastic records in Latin. Mrs. Dec E. Rice is sponsor. Dr. John Jeier Hurt is a distinguished honorary member. The club meets twice each month and ha varied proj;ram- on selected subjects in Latin. One dinner meetinp; is held each ipLirter. at which time an original paper is presented. Mnllo: Scientia C ' rescat Z. BriBgs, Busby, Diamond, Farnsworth, Hester. Hicks HighfiU, Ivy, Pioctor, Rose, Thomason DEBATE COUNCIL Officers Hayward High fill President J. B. Hester J ' icc-President Mar ' Dee Rose Secretary and Treasurer JOHX C. Blsev Reporter Members W. C. Agnew f LoiE Hicks Zt)XA Briggs Roeert Ivev Billy Diamoxd Sara Jaxe Proctor Clarice Thomason The Debate Council has had a very successful year. The debaters made a tour through- out Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Se eral tournaments were taken by the teams. TV. T. ..T-«fV..r.- Wri iMMMMiMaiHMMMaaMHMti THE DRAMATIC CLUB Officers Ch ri.es Mii.i.ic.w President Ella Hill I ' icc-President Louise Luckev Secretary Mrs. L. C. Mer i Director Me.mbers Evelyn Appleton Chester Abney Carl Barrett LuLA Mae Bolton ' Verna Mae Browm Joe Ci.app Alma Ervin JosEPHiN ' E Finger Fay Gibson EuLA Hill Lorene Holland Louise Luckey Pauline McAdams Charles Millican Raymond Morgan R. L. Newman, Jr. EinviN Oldham William Powell Sarah Jane Proctor Marjorie Ricks D.xviD Sadler Zella Sipe Frances Warm.xth Clinton Wright . UDREY VaRBROUGH The aim of this club is tn train the iiu ' inhfrs nt tin- Speech Deiiartnient in dramatic work. Several oiitstanilini: ilramaric pciturniaiKrs ha e been fiiven b tlie club this year under the direeticin uf Min. I.. L ' . Merwin. f? t f Barret, Cohh. Ferguson, Fite, Green, Lambert Mavs, Holloman, Morgan. Sadler, Satterwhilc, Thompson Wingo, Wood, Wright G. M. SAVAGE LITERARY SOCIETY Officers Carl B. rrett President Joseph Thomas Jiee-PrcsiJeut J. T. M.AYS Secretary and Treasurer Br. oiord Curry -Ittorney Teddy Evans Corresponding Secretary Leland Wingo Cheerleader Raymond Morgan Chorister William Agnevv Senicanl-at-Arms Marie Hollomon Queen Members William Agnew J. B. Hester Edwin Oldham Carl Barrett Steve Johnson William Powell Bradford Curry ' James Killett David Sadler Clyde Cobb Knox Lambert David Satterwhite Warren Clapp J. T. Mays Joseph Thomas Teddy Evans Charles Miliken Clyde Thompson Everett Ferguson C. L. Moody Eldrane Williams McKnight Fite Raymond Morgan Leland Wingo Lawrence Green R. L. Newman, Jr. Clinton Wright Jewell T. Hart James Wood The G. M. Savage Literary Society was founded and named in honor of Dr. George Martin Savage, the grand old man of liiion. The society continues to he one of the outstanding organi- zations on the hill. It is noted for its splendid work, and for the manifestation of the G. M. S. spirit on L ' nion ' s campus. It is composed of some of the best talented and most earnest students on the hill. For that reason it continues to furnish to the debate team the greatest number of debaters. ..r.,v, .m .-Man-rmmii. -J-. Abcrnathv. Barrett, Clapp. Markham Mcacham, Pope, Prince. Wood THE ATHENIANS Organized Fdiriiary 26. 1937 Officers O. C. Markham Pri-siJi-iil Morris Prixce • I ' icc-Picsidcnt Teddv Evans Scirciary Robert Abernathv Treasurer ! IE rBERs Robert Abersathv Teddv Evans Morris Prince Carl Barrett J. T. Hart James Rilev Joe Ci.app O. C. Markham Dr. C. B. Wii.i.iams Bradford Clrrv Cai.vin Meacmam James A. Wood Thomas Pope This is a social, cultural cliili iiri;aiii f(i tu stuil tlu ' pliilnsuphv. art ri-liuicin ami litt-ratiire iif the ancient Greeks. . v CJreik stutltrits in tlii« eluli, whitli meets t i(e a iiiiiulh, we eujin con- tacting Homer, the poet; Phidias, the artist; l ' )emn thenes, the orator; Snerates. the philosupher, and other celebrities of ancient . thens, tn enrich our thoughts, to wiileu the iiilluence nf mir lives. [79 1 DOCTOR ' S CLUB Officers B. A. Partee President James Rozzeli I ' iee-President Hugh Ll!CKEV Secretary and Treasurer Dr. Reid Davis, Sponsor Members Allen Truex Tommy Ballard Jack Glover WiLKiNS Jones Hugh Luckey Raymond Davis H. S. Morgan- Tandy Morris B. A. Partee James Rozzell Bob Trevathan Hugh Woosley The Doctor ' s Club Ava orpcanized this year to promote the interest of Pre-Medical students. It is composed of twelve memhers of the student body and its faculty sponsor, Dr. Reid Davis. The club meets bi-niorithl , vith programs consisting of moving pictures of surgical operations, lec- tures from local ductor , and papers on medical subjects prepared by members of the club. Allen, Boling. Bn Stiglcr. Swain, Va TRI-V CLUB Officers Versa M e Browv Prcsidrni Gwendolyn " Boling t ' icr-Prcsideiil Marif Hollomon . , Secretary and Treasurer Eva Ai lev Historian and Re (sorter Members Eva Allek Marie Hollomon ' GwEKDOLVK Boling Thelma Stigler Versa Mae Brows Lanier Swain Fay Gibson Audrey Yarbrolgh Ho -oR R - Members Mrs. M. M. Slmm. r Miss Sleli.a Slsong Mrs. n. E. Waiters Tri- ' is an honorary Home Economics Dinner Club com posed of Juniors and Seniors who have been prominent in Home Economics activities. Its purpose is to help its mein- hir- in preparing for professional and home life, tn pro- mote interest in Home Economics, to develop personal ahil- itv, and to contribute to the social life of the college Phis vcar the bono: of beinj; cho ■A ii. Ho„.c iV,..u. .j,.-.-- went Miss . vdrey Varbrough J. Armstrong, Baddour, Bickers, BrinkUy, Chcshier. Cobb, Curdti Duncan, Finger, Frey, Hall, Herrington, Holmes, Marbury Hundley, Long, Maiildin, McLean, McClurc, Newell, O ier Patron, Pugh, Ray, Smirh. StanphiU, Tate. Watters HOMECO CLUB Officers Josephine Finger PreslAcnt Elizabeth Robertson ' Vice-President M.4RTH. BooxE Secretary K.WHERINE McClure Treasurer Mrs. Ethel W.viters Sponsor Evelyn Appi.etom Genev. B.addour Jessie Lee Bickers Martha Boone Zona Brigcs HORTENSE BriNKLEV Cynthia Cheshier Sara Louis Clayton Rebecca Cobb Margaret Curdts Members Martha Dunahoo Josephine Finger Martha Moore Frey Ernestine Hall R. NE.4TER Harrison Irene Herrington Thelma Hundley- K.ATE Key- Marcueritte Long Louise Luckey Frances Warm.wh Emily Mauldin K. therine McClure Lucille Novvell Lucy Frances Ozier Martha Ann Patton Elsie R. y Marjorie Ricks Beverly S.mith TOMMIE NL E Stanphill ' lRGINIA T. TE The Homecci Club was foniied in 1935 for Fre limen and Sophomore .ijirls who were interested in Home Economics. Mrs. Ethel Watters is the sponsor of the cluli. The club meets twice each month and at each meeting programs are given concerning different phases of Home Economics. Any girl taking Home Economics is eligible for an invitation for membership. n.m-,.r..,.„— .— » «- S 3. : r Avery. N. Briggs. Brown, Conley J. Clapp, Claybrook, Curdts, Glover. Guy, Jo Lambert. Proctor. Stigler. Wood KARDINAL KEY KLUB Officers J. MES Wood President J.ACK Gi.ovER riii-Prrsident Versa Mai Brown " Secretary and Treasurer Dav Harrison Reporter Members Lena Mae Averv Dent Conlev Marie Hollomon James Basden Margaret Curdts Wilkins Jones Nina Briggs Jack Gi.over Knox Lambert Verna Mai Broxvn Cai. Guv Woodrow Singleton Joe Clapp Dan Harrison Thei.ma Stigler Virginia Clai brook James Wood The Kurtlinal Key Khili. a hcinster club, wav organizt-d to sponsor any movement for the bet- terment of school spirit, clean sportsmanship, and love tor our Alma Mater. It is one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. The members of this club stand behind and encourage the student body to support the school ' s competitive teams, football, basketball, baseball, track, and debating. The membership consists of sixteen students elected because of their outstanding interest in forwarding any project sponsored by the school, athletic or otherwise, one faculty adviser, and the cheerleaders, who are elected by the student body. The club sponsored Homecoming in a bigger and better way this year. The program was a carnival, a football game, a parade, and the election of the king and queen. A minstrel has been planned for the benefit of the V Club. Other projects are the Freshman ILaiul- book, the " hello " campaign, and a scrubbing system for cheerleaders. Motto: " Union first! Winning or losing — ( " nion first! " JJ N. Briggs, Guv, Farnsworth. Hester, Hicks, Highfill Lambert, Rose, Skinner, Thomason, Thompson TAU KAPPA ALPHA Foiiiulid lit liuHiiiuif ' oHs. lndi(Hia. May I_ , igo8 Colors: Light and Dark Purple Official Puhiuation: " The Speaker " Officers H.A ' iWARi) HiCHFll.L President Nina Briggs Vice-President Mary Dee Rose Secretary and Treasurer Members NivA Briggs J. B. Hester Mary Dee Rose McKn ' ight Fite Haywari) Highfill Marguerite Skinner Cal Guy Knox Lambert Clarice Thomason Eldie Hicks Earl Thompson F.ACULTV Members C. H. Farnsworth Dr. C. B. Williams The principal nialiticatii n for membership is a participation in an intercollegiate oratorical con- test or debate. The aim of the society is not primarily social, bnt intellectual. The old Alpha Phi Epsilon, an honorary literary and debating fraternity, became a part of the National Tail Kappa Alpha in 1935. One of the outstanding forensic activities sponsored this year by Tau Kappa Alpha was an Intramural Oratorical and Debate Contest. m . C. Abnev. T. Abnev. Basden, Cain. Cole. Dean McCarthy. Proctor. RutledBe. Mrs. Rutledge. Varnelt THE W. A. OWEN LAW CLUB Officers E.ARL Cms Pnsidrnl J. MES B. soEN- ricc-Prcsidcnt S.AR.A J.ANE Proci ' OR Secretary Mr. .a d Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Sponsors Me.MRERS Chester Abnev Trueit Abney J.AMES Basden Earl Cain P. C. Cole Claud Taylor Dean ' Bn.i.v DiA.vioND Dan McCarthy Sara Jane Proctor L. D. Rutledge Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Joe N ' arneli. The V. A. Owen Law Club is one of the most outstanding dinner clubs of the cam- pus. It is composed of t elve students who are interested in the stuch of law and gov- ernnient. The club meets twice each montii under the direction nf Mr. aiul Mrs. L. D. Rutledge. The club ' s motto is: " There is a higher law than the Constitution. " When Greek 3Vleets Greek When Greek meets Greek, no matter where or when, they forge a chain, the fellowship of men — too strong or true for word of tongue or pen; knowing that each has been a chosen man, knowing that each is a scion of a clan, though each has worshiped at an alien shrine, back in the dear old days of Auld Lang Syne. When Greek meets Greek, it is no matter where the stranger comes from, we are welcome there, although our badge be cross, or shield, or square, for hearts beat ever high and handclasps true, and college dreams that bless and sometimes burn, like half-forgotten memories return, when Greek meets Greek- • " ' Tumi ■miMM mttmuammMimmmmm OUR FRATERNITIES ■ ' TI,roi,f;h brother- . luiujcluffy .. . Faithhil to our IruU-rnilyr Bates Cain Carr DeMonbreu Diamond Dyer Fisher Foots Glover Harder Harrison Keathley Keathlev McFarland Medlin Morgan Morris Parrish Partee Robertson Scott Thweatt Truex WOOSLEI Wray VoUNG unammauaaasiMtaaa ■ ' i MMM SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Foiiiiilcil lit till [ ' iiivi rsily of .1 liiliiuiKi, Miik h ij. lSi6 Colors: Roval I ' lirpU- ami OKI CI. .Id Nathan ' E. Cockrem, Thomas C. Cook Jack Glover Founders Samuel Denkis Noble Leslie Devotie Wade Foster JOHV W. Kerr linn: " I ' he Recurcl, " Laiircn S. FirpinaEi, Edito TENNESSEE ETA CHAPTER Establislu-d lS}7 PubthiUiou: ■ ' The Lion ' s Roar " Frater IX Facultate Prof. Fred Hicks P " raTRES IX L XI " ERSiTATE Class of iQjS WiLKENS JON ' ES Class of IQJQ Daniel Harrison Robert Trevathan Carl B. Curtis Abner Pattov John li. Rudolph B. A. Partee John Moss Fisher Charles B. King Class of IQ40 Charles McFarland Franklin Keathi.ev Ralph Keathlev Tandy Morris Leslie Dyer Bob Thvveatt Rocer Parrish Duncan Demonbreun BuFORD Scott Bill Diamond James Medlin Harold Dalton Pledges H. S. Morgan IIenr Foote James Lecc Claude Dean Bill Wilson Tommy Pierce Eldrane Williams Spurgeon Wood Hugh Woosi.ey Ralph Harder Ben Boston Otis Carr James Peerv Cletus Wray Alonzo Bates Clinton Young Earl Cain Earl Robertson C. Abnby T. Abney Anderson AUSTON Basden Blackwood J. Clapp W. Clapp Coats Cole Davis DeLay DOUD Dunn Ferrell FiTE Fleming FOOTB HOWSER HUGGINS H. LUCKBY E. LuCKBY McCarthy MURPHEY ROBBINS ROZELL Sherrod E. Thompson R. Thompson 1 ' ' •■ wmmm mmmmm ■PIMII m ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY Fdiiiiilnl liri iiii i Mililiity liistiliilt . Sip ci i nr II, lS6i Colors: Skv-BUie and Olil C,n d Vlnii-ir: While ' l -:i-Rn Founders Otis A. Glazkbrook Ai.ikkd Marsiiam. F.rskinf; M. Rose I ' ulilhalion: " ' I lu- Alplia I ' au Omcua Palm, " Frank V. Sccitt, Edilor BETA TAU CHAPTER EsluhlishtJ I-rhiuary 2g, Soj Fratres in F.aclltate Dr. Reid Davis Prof. Russei.i. Reed Chester Abney James Basden Buck Berrvhill FraTRE.S 1 UxUERStTATE Class of iQjS Joe Clapp, Jr. Sh ELTON Carter McKnight Fite Robert Jelks Paul Kilzer euce.ve luckev James D. Rozzell Earl Thompson Rov Thompson Wallace Dunn Class of igsg Cm. Guv WiLI.ARD HuCGINS Dudley Bragg Class of 1940 Thomas Ballard Joe Hall Ralph Doud Truett Abnev Ken.seth Anderson W. T. Auston Mayo Blackwood Warren Clapp Harold Coats Fred Cole Pledges Raymond Davis Wayne DeLay Lewis Ferrell Boyd Fleming Hugh Ho vser Billy Ivy Robert Ivy Hugh Luckey Daniel McCarthy Will lA.SI MURPHEY JoilV W. ROBBINS A. G. Sanders Mack Sherrod Kenneth Thompson Neville Triplett ]onK B. Turner Ildw AKi) ' estal Bon Williams Bickers Boone Cobb CONLEY Cox CURDTS Davidson Dennison Finger Flemin Fly Gleave: Grove Guy Hall H Hill Jackson Johnson Key Leeper Mahon Mathis Mauldin Medling NOWELL OZIER Patton Peller Powell Raher Rav SCHULTZ Prince Stigler Vanden Warren White Hardin - --.— mmmmmmmmmmtm gfgi CHI OMEGA FRATERNITY Fdiiiitlid at the I ' liivciwiiy if .1 rkdiisas, Fdyil livillc , .Irk., l ' iil ■;, lH JS Colors: Cardinal ami Straw Flo ' ujrr: White Carnatiiiri ForxDERs Dr. Charles Richardson ' JonKr.i.t; Hoi.comb Ina Mae Boi.es Alice C. m. Simokds Jean: ' en ' cenhei.i.er PURLICATIOXS •Tl„- Elnis ' u ' . . . . " Till- Mysliiiini iie CllRlSTEBEI.LE FERGUSON, Editor " Tlu- ()v.r Chapter Publication " Iloo-lloo " UPSILON CHAPTER Estatilislu-d lQ04-igli Rr-cstahlisliid IQ2.4 SORORES IX FaCULTATE Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Mrs. A. W. Prince SoRORES IX L XIVERSITATE Class of igjS Jean Bell Janice Elrod Sarah Fleming Kate Mahon Martha Joe Ball Martha Boone Dent Conlev Margaret Curdts Nelle Davidson Dorothy . ' LLM0Nn Jessie Lee Bickers Sue Barton Rebecca Cobb Margaret Cox Sarah Nell Fly Kitty Cleaves Minnie Leeper Thelma Stigler Class of 1 939 Jane Hargett EuLA Hill Ann Watson Class of 1940 Frances Dennison Josephine Finger Ann Grove Ernestine Hall Charlene Jackson Dorothy Jones Pledges Mae Guv Emily Mauldin MARJORIE M. ' iTHIS Frances Means Pauline Medlinc Lucille Nowell Lucy Frances Ozier Mrs. M. M. Summar Audrey Yarbrough Mildred ' arren Mary Jane Varbro Carolyn Young Wii.MA Johnson Martha Ann P. tton Helen Powell Elsie Ray Isabei.i.e Snipes Sarah Jane Proctor Carolyn Ramer Helen Schultz N ' ancv Vanden Genevieve Wall Florence White MONDA WiNGO ■, I ' li Armstrong Avery ' ' BC Bartholomew I. Bolton L. Bolton Brinkley Brown Cheshier Claybrook Clayton DUNAHC Duncan Frey Harwell Haven Herrington Hodges Holmes D.NJt M. Jern JoHNSOb R. Marbury S. Marbury " McClure Price Rice Rose M. Ski O. Skin B. Smit G. SMn Stamphi Thomason Wesson Williams mmm mmmmsmsm ZETA TAU ALPHA FRATERNITY F ' niiuL.l „l l ' ir„:n,„ S ,i , Sonniil. I ' ainivil I, . I ' ir,),„„i. ),l„h,r •,-, ,SV;,V Cnlors: TurciiinNi- liluc ami Steel (irav White Vinlet Marv Batik Alice Bi.ano Coi.emax KoLXDERS Hf:i.ev Crm ioki) Mauu Jones Horner Della Hundlev Ethel Van Name Plulicatioxs Rum Orgain Frances Smith Alici; Welsh Shirley K. Krieg, Editor BETA OMEGA CHAPTER Establislird pj ' 5 sorores ix f.acultate Miss Hazel Ellis Mrs. Dee E. Rice Miss Onme Skinner SoRORES IX UXIVERSIT.ATE Class of iQjS Ileen Boltom Verna Mae Brown Annie Louise Johnson Marv Simonton Marguerite Skinner Clarice Tiiomason (J lass of IQJQ Ruth Duncan Eloise Kev ' iRGiNiA Ann Armstrong Lena Mae Averv Virginia Clavbrook Class of IQ40 Sarah Clayton Mar ' iiia Moore Frev Donna Bell Harwell Margaret Jernican Rl ' TH Marburv Marv Dee Rose Grace Smith ' iRciNiA Bartholomew LuLA Lae Bolton HORTENSE BriNKI.EV CVNTHIA ClIESHIER Martha Dunahoo Helen Haven Pledges Irene Herrincton Elizabeth Hodges DoROTin- Nell Jernigan Edna Lamb Louise Luckev Kaiiierine McClure S niL Marburv Orion Jane Price Eitse Skinner Bkveri.v Smii n TclMMIE L E SlANPHILL iRGiNiA Tate i L Rv Sue Wesson Kev, Skinner, O. Skinner, Lecper Hard.n, Warren PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Officers Minnie Leeper President Marguerite Skixxer Seeretary Members Mrs. Mabel W. Hardix .Miss Oxxie Skinner Eloise Key Marguerite Skinner MixxiE Leeper Milhrep AVarren " We, the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for ser -ice through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges, but an opportu- nit ' to prepare for wide and wise human service. " The college Pan-Hellenic was organized on the Union campus, January 30, 1936. wK t msm ff SSSSP PUBLICATIONS ' As hmy as the honcy-bccs. These hands spell ' Union ' on the keys CARDINAL AND CREAM STAFF McKnicht Fite Edilor-in-Chief Joe Clapp Business Manager Earl Thompson issistant Editor Buck Clapp Issislant Business Manager Rush McDonald Religious Editor Louise Ashby Feature Editor James Riley Feature Editor Ann Grove Music Editor Mildred Warren Society Editor Fred Cole News Editor Earl Cain Sports Editor Dan Harrison Assistant Sports Editor James B.asden Circulation Manager Russell Reed ilumni Editor The Cardinal and Criain is the bi-weekly publication of the student body. The staff, under the direction of the same Editor and Business iXIanager as last year, has sought to make the publication tridy the of- ficial organ of every student. Early in the fall term of ' 37-38 the size of the paper was made considerably larger in order to gi e the students and friends of Union one of the best college newspapers in the South. Through its efforts the staff has tried to carry out fully the motto, " (uirdintil iiii l (j ' rcai i Is the Voice of L nion. " mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmKesiamnmamii THE LEST WE FORGET STAFF Marguerite Skinner EJilor-in-Chicf Cal Guv lius ' nuss Manat cr Marv Dee Rose hsislant Editor Roy Thompson S om Editor Dorothy Nem. Jermgax Reliainus Editor Thei.ma SllCI.ER •■;■«,■ . ,( Editor MiiDKii) Warren Feature Editor RA I()Nl) Morgan Organization Editor John Busby Joke Editor Jerrel Reece Cartoonist Dan Harrison Historian Eugene I.ucke Snapshot Editor Ali.en Truex Issistanl Snapshot Editor IiEEN Hor.TON Issislant Snapshot Editor Calvin Miaciiam Pn,t To record in picture and story the colorful e ents of ()ur college career; to keep before ou the real spirit of Iriion; to recall the pleasant memo- ries and enduiinij friendslii|is of the past; and to remind ou of the chal- lenges of the future has been the aim and purpose of the staff in present- ing this issue of the Lest We Forget. Skinner, Hard.n, Sai PUBLICATION GOVERNING BOARD Officers Dean S. S. Sargent Chairman EvoNNA Peeler Secretary Members Chester Abney WlLLARD HUGGINS EvoNNA Peeler Dean S. S. Sargent Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin Miss Onnie Skinner The Publication Governing Board consists of the Dean and the two English pro- fessors. The student members are : One person from each of the Freshman, Sopho- more, and Junior Classes. The Seniors elect a Junior, the Juniors a Sophomore, and the Sophomores a Freshman. The Board nominates three indi iduals for the Editors-in-Chiet and Business Man- agers of the Cardinal and Cream and the Lest We Forget. These names are sub- mitted to the Publications Supervisory Committee for a prescribed test and after exam- ination of said tests the names are presented to the faculty for approval, after which the faculty recommends to the student body for election. - l (il ei?M ykiflisfev ' A«i-f ' PRESENTING I S THE FEATURES at!t«ffi«« wwmm ' »itffi?«i :ywRm ' !i?A%W ' !y)i w ' Tor the beauty of a lovely woman is like music. ' ' -George Eliot. fii L LtqLma iauutook MOST BEAUTI FUL • 1) ... taw a THE A. T. O. QUEEN 4i tlia 00 aae THE S. A. E. QUEEN yl il i y Xleiu = JJ)avLa aii EST ALL-ROUND GIRL THE FOOTBALL QUEEN yVit jack K iavet EST ALL-ROUND BOY a l iataiutde a knine ' . MOST TY P I CAL STUDENT ■ — I wamwM mw mm ' rr»ii.fv-rrm: -r- .- -irr.-!,-—-:- ■ - ' r-r-m.- c5Mr. Chester cAhney and iss ' irgima Qlajhrook THEIR MAJESTIES ' He l L icj and , Lie en OF HOMECOMING! Mr. Roy Thompson Mr. McKnight Fite Mr. J. P. Glover Miss Mary Shnonton Miss Marguerite Skinner Miss Verna Mae Brown Miss Jean Bell Mr. Calvin Meacharn Miss Thelnia Stigler Those from Union ' s Campus Selected to Be Listed !n WHO ' S WHO Among Students In American Universities and Colleges for 1937-1938 W!n " - ' € ' ' ■ : " f wry ' yf ' " ' " »w- t ff ' - ' j- n -HERE AND THERE ON THE CAMPUS - ,, ..„ ,._ ,,..,„..m-r MORE SNAPSHOTS ' These hatids belong to sliidcnii n Who know it pays to adycrlise. " ■ ' yr- ' - f f. ' " -: ' ' v-nr - Bulova-Hamilton-Gruen-Elgin Watche FINE DIAMONDS QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY L. P. JACKSON Jeweler and Optometrist Jackson, Tenn. McCall Hugkes Clotning Company LAFAYETTE AND CHURCH STREETS Society Brana Clothes Hate Your Eyes Scientifically Analyzed DRS. LaGRANGE and LaGRANGE Optometrists 118 E. Lafayette REFRESH YOURSELF Drink In Bottles AROUND THE CORNER FROM ANYWHERE THE WOOTTON STUDIO Evcrythhig in ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY To Serve UNION Is Our Delight 114 North Liberty Street Telephone 27 THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CORDIALLY WELCOMES UNION STUDENTS TO ALL SERVICES Special Sunday School Classes and B.Y.P.U. ' s For You Dr. j:)avi •i in e mbrvol ogv cl iss: " Is I ' t it derful lu»v little chicks get ou t •)£ the ir sh ells? " Sarah Fl " ining •Wh at g et me IS h iw thev get 111 Kno X Lai nhert: •Let lie iff at the nt . t stop, ciiiuluctor. I thought th is « as a lunc h va gon. Prof . Rut edge ■Vou are t ent mini te s late again. Do 1 ' t vt u kno h It tune tl is class begins ?■• Mar V lai ? Var irough : -X ' ir, viH ve a waN- h.KUl, uher I get here. ' Compliments of VINEYARDS Say It With Flowers Compliments of E.E.TALIAFERRO The Sorority and Fralernity JcmoIo COMPLIMENTS OF G ulr Renning Co. C. E. DAVIS Distributor JACKSON, TENNESSEE Compliments of NEELY HAT SHOP Smart Hals at Popular Prices GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 5c to S50.00 WILSON GEYER CO. VCall Paper P.iint Artl.sts Suppli, COMPLIMENTS BOND SHOE CO. Quality Footwear Always 107 East Main A. W. WILLIS, Msr. McGEE-ROSS HARDWARE CO. Headquarters for Tennis and Sporting Goods, China and Gifts MRS. SULLIVAN S Pecan Pies and Cocoanut Tarts Phone 233 BAKED FRESH DAILY Ask For Them by Name 461-463 E. College Jackson, Tennessee Manufacturers of The South ' s Finest Flour, Meal, and Stock Feeds MODEL MILL CO. Incorporated I Jackson-McKenzie, Tenn. TRUEX CHEVROLET COMPANY COLLEGE AND CHURCH TELEPHONE 108 for Economical Transportation We Appreciate the Business Given Us By the Union Faculty and Student Body SPENCER TRUEX Manager LION J Gi44Axduk The Neiu Ty e Motor Oil SAVES t WAYS • Save Power • Save Gasoline • Save Wear and Repairs • Save Carbon Cleaning Save On Oil Purchases LION OIL REFINING COMPANY Southern Jylaae for South ern Trade MURRAY DANIEL, Distributor for Jackson and Surrounding Territory EL DORADO, ARKANSAS Compliments of ELITE CLEANERS WM. (BILLY) MAINORD Phone 446 Five Points Compliments of LEXINGTON INN Where Students Meet Since ' 21 New and Modern Phone 9198 Compliments of DR CLARENCE S. GOBELET 1 Eye Sight Specia list Glasses Fitted Phone ?63 Jackson, Tenn. Compliments of TOM THUMB CAFE " For Union 100% " L " Phone 1585 " OSCAR " LEARNING WHILE SERVING From boyhood it vas said of Abraham Linco n that he was a " learner. " n his ambition to post him elf he sat at the feet of wh oever could teach him. 1 n time he overtopped them a II. • The " learner " rises above his competitors m all ife ' s activities. He masters conditions because he learns all about them. • We sit at the feet of the public wherever we have stores, le rnlng and posting ourselves jf the needs of home and person as best v e can. • Diligently applymg oursel es to the responsible task ol providing those needed wh en needed is the virtue to w iich may be traced much of the ex- traordinary development of this compc ny. J. c PENNEY CO. 119 E. Lafayette St Jac son, Tenn. THE COFFEE CUP STATE THEATRE BUILDING Presents — FOOD FOR THOUGHT SEE IT PREPARED FASHION-WISE CO-EDS Dresses Coats Suits miincEL ' s Lingerie Blouses Fan Tan Hosiery 109 E. MAIN Try if! Colonial " " - ' ' " " " " ' cJo CJie Sluaenl Jjooij: Inspired by lasting friendships we have labored with a sense of sincere loyalty to present each personality at best. May the pictorial section add much to the realism and joy of endearing memories The Moore Studio 215 North Liberty Phone 69 y ' W lW ' w r !! ' ' f ' ' - ' ' ! ' • -- ' vA . v J ' P li J JACKSON, TENNESSEE BUDDE AND WEIS MFG. CO. Designers and Builders of HIGH GRADE BANK FIXTURES CHURCH FURNITURE JACKSON, TENNESSEE Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? At 10-2-4 Compliments of The Frances Skoppe 112 North Church Phone 127 FRANKLAND ' S Jackson ' s Largest Service Station Compliments of H. M. Felsentkal Co. The Home of Good Catidies THE G. H. ROBERTSON CO. Market and Main Street EXCLUSIVE OUTFITTERS TO MEN AND YOUNG MEN Home of Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothes CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH W here Union Students Are Always Welcome ana Alivays F eel at Home TOM LAWLER ' S Typewriters, Adding Machines, Office Supplies 114 North Church Jackson, Tcnn. CotnpUments of Toastee Sana icn Shop iVe Deliver Phone 31? Compliments of West Tennessee Power ana Light Co. Compliments of Pearlois Beauty Shoppe Prof. Farii vo ■th ill Phy -ics CI If a tr; leaving Ne« ork makii g 50 miles an h( ur meets o lie 111 ikii K ho mile s toward N e v Vo ■k, lunv old am I? " Paul Kilze r: ' 30. " Prof. F.: • Til It ' s r ght. How did MHl ' it ? " Paul K.: ■ 11, Pr if, it s like this. I h a VI ;, nephf» that ' ' and he ' s half erazy. ' Compliments Tke National Bank of Commerce of Jackson JACKSON, TENN. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF UNION UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Books, Stationery Supplies CANDIES AND COLD DRINKS Compitmetits of SILER ' S PHARMACY 110 North Market HAM HOWSE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY, Inc. Equipping the athlete and sportsman Is our bus! We have nothing else to do. McCOWAT-MERCER PRINTING COMPANY Printers — Stationers Engravers JACKSON, TENNESSEE We print for Union University the " Cardinal and Cream " Complhnents of LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Jackson, Tennessee Complhnents of Beare Ice 0 Coal Co. Phone 3320 BURNLEY ' S Corsages — Bouquets — Funeral Flowers Two Phones— 1120 and 121 Compliments of City Lumber Company D ixie Castle System The 3est 5c Hamburgers Dixie Minute Steaks All Kinds Toasted Sandwiches, Coffee, and Cold Drinks Prom pt Deli very on Large or Small Orders at All Hours ' WE ARE FOR YOU, UNION " Black and Wliite Store Jackson ' s Largest One-Floor Department Store Com pliments of Ragl and Potter Co. ncorporated Who lesale Grocers Hurvir Hicks rushing intci Kdit..i Kite ' s sanctum. " What do vnu mean? " he liliirteH. What do ou iieaii hv insulting me as vou did in Fridav ' s Cardinal and Cream f " " Just a moment, " replied Fite. " Hidn ' t the storv appear as ou gave it to us, namelv, that von had resigned as Bursar? " " It did. But you put it under the he ad of ' School Improvements. ' " T. Ballard: " Dr. Hurt is going to speak in chapel again todav. His speeches remind me of a cat ' s tail. " S. Brvant: " How ' s that? " T. Ballard: " Fur to the end. " S. Brvant: " Mavbe vou ' re right, hut Fd sav the « orst thing about Dr. Hurt ' s speeches is that thev are like a mongrel dog ' s tail. " T. Ballard: " And whv like a dog ' s tail? " S. Br ant: " Bound to a cur. " - — - " - - " - nfTI UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 1834 CO-EDUCATIONAL A four-year college with a remarkable history of achievement as attested by its many successful alumni in all walks of life. An institution which puts quality above quantity. Recognized and accredited by a great many graduate departments of larger uni- versities. Member of American Association of Colleges, of Liberal Arts College Movement, and of Tennessee Association of Colleges. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular courses in the College of Arts and Science: English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Sociology, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, and History. REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Itiforttiation, Address: DR. JOHN JETER HURT, President Coni ' hments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation When Better Ice Cream and Dairy Products Are Made MIDWEST Will Make Them Midwest Dairy Products Co. Phone 322 Steve Bryan : " Sir, I want vou r dau ghter for my wife. " Papa Armstronp;: V( ung inan vou go home and tell vonr wife tl at she can ' t have mv danghter. " Talkative tn urist ( o[l hoard sh P): •Can you Hnn? " Sailor: " Onl V at time , ma ' am. ' T. T.: " On at im cs! How stra nge ; anil when do these mome Its of ability come to you ! " S.; " When I ni in t u- water ma ' im. " COMPLIMENTS OF WEST S SERVICE STATION 222 West Main Where Service and Quality Await You PHONE 558 COMPLIMENTS OF Ca vt]lon Motor Co. Sales and Service PLYMOUTH DeSOTO OLDSMOBILE Compliments of Five Points Lumber Co. " The Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South " PRINTING CO. South Church Street flu n n M inline c m p A n y tv n A s H V I LLE o o «a 3 s. JOKES It is almost impossible to grow bananas ill nortln-rn Siberia, even though the fruit Hies there are relatively scarce. I heard it said the first time J. B. Hester used free air in a garage he blew out four tires. Kinsolvin: " Abernathy, yoiu ' head ' s just like a tack. " Abernathy: " How ' s that? " Kinsohin : " Ought to be hit with a hammer. " Airs. Hardin: " What make is Dr. Davis ' new car? " Mrs. Rice (rather vague about such things) : " I think I heard him say it was a wow. " Prof. Farnsworth (as he slowed down a bit on a debate tour): " Boy! Don ' t you feel glad to be alive? " Eddie Hicks (breathing easy for the first time) : " (jlad isn ' t the word. I ' m amazed. " " The process of thinking draws the blood from the feet to the head, " ex- plained Dr. Da is. This explains, per- haps, why, in so many cases, if you think twice about a proposition, you get cold feet. ' How could he went How did he gone How could he lea e I here alone? Us could alwa s go to he Hut him coidd never come to we. How could it was ain ' t it? ' ' -.- , ,.„-.„r .,.-.vjTOi r i 6iiM UKi: eKf:: niii.rxi»ataeia»ij JgJJ i-.IWBtMMBgiMea MW Iffll WiHa - " " " ' 1 Us ' ' ( ' U " ' s t., ■ V r W ' : I t ,v ' ' - " -.i

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