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v ociMiz 3 5tf Lest We Forget 1928 Published by° The Students of Union University Jackson, Tennessee .;.s ' jMtfflS? aER Staff Editor-in-Chief - Robert B. Howard Business Manager ------ A. L. Waddi.f Associate Editors: Nane Starnes and Mary Maude Barfield Assistant Business Manager - - David Mai.onk Class Editors: Mildred Roote and B. M. Huey Literary Editors: Walter Fisher Jack Simms Gladys Ricf. Velma Jones Esther Carr Edward Carr Snafshot Editors: Martha Cross and Hillman Willis Fine Arts Editor ----- Henry Dalton Joke Editor ------- Don Wilmoth Art Editors: Thomas Jennings and Robert Argo Athletic Editor ----- Victor Stripling Advertising Manager ----- Aubrey Reed Circulation Manager - - - - Dixon Johnson v zr3 9z?g prf zrf :r Foreword .With pleasure we present the fifteenth volume of " Lest We Forget " . If it effec- tively represents the present Union, and forcibly serves to bring back living messages of your pleasant associations, it will have ful- filled our greatest ambitions. The Editors " .k " " " " " . -: to ' to m m ?m TO tm fa m w m to m, ?%® m see m to $m to sm to TO m to to to £»6 to SSG to m, to m to m, TO ma ; " r 5 - Q ; ;Sr. Sr c ' ;Sr;. . i. P p . P i 5C$ ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY CAMPUS TO TO 3 " £ Sr 5? 9 v Sr Sr Sr ' ■otr--w---r)(? ' - ' w- ' i?- ' ii ' - (7--; 4 ' ' -r)i?-v; ' ' ff--w---0(?-- ' •Wit Wit • ! ?C " ii ' - ' (7 ' ' ii " -r)C ! -ii " (7-- ' . (i...V..--iJ!i--.V..--iy(i--.;. , .---i)Ci--.T. , ..--J(i--..V..--iJ!J--. .■■ u-- :..-ij( J ,.. ' V-oQ ' -. .- ) ' J .--. ..i)Q--. .-i)a--. TO TO TO TO TO $ TO m TO m TO m m TO TO TO m to TO TO TO TO to to to to m to to to to ADMINISTRATION BUILDING TO TO to to to to M M :-- rm yyyy Sue am see K ems S»G ftiB g B SiiB TO EWB 3 M ADAMS HALL EMS SSB TO i cj-i5r. : r. i ' i£?2 : ? . $£ I 5 . ; ;5r: £ £ . ' r w ■ ' " 11 ' »l ' ' .X ' :,;;JL 5r m CROOK HALL Sue Q5 G ' ftp? TO P " r : D i2 sue BE Sua SflS TO ma sm ot £ ftp ?m sob $ ' JUL ' : pnrv BUG LO ' ELACF. H.M.I. )0 , ' jr ' jiWi ' jrv ?m rm y SiiB s«3 $ m £ } am TO m m to m to to m am to to PS TO $ TO p TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO DINING HALL ■-i ' G-. .•■s)tj-.:. ..ixj-. .-i ' ;. .•iO-. .- (i-..V.-iXi-.I .-i)(i-. -i ' ti-. 5r rK?-- i-r)fr--;; ' -T)(?--w--nff 5J ; 5rv5 ADMINISTRATION . HENRY EUGENE WAITERS, A. M., D. D., LL. D. President Dr. Watters is outstanding among Southern college executives. His depth of thought and eloquence of speech places him in demand as a public speaker. His profound reasoning makes of him a wise counselor, an extraordinary instructor, a successful manager, and a respected leader. Union has made remarkable ad- vancement in both scholarship and attendance under his presi- dency. Dr. Watters is also president of the Tennessee College Association. GEORGE MARTIN SAVAGE, A. M., LL. D. President Emeritus Chair of French ARTHUR WARREN PRINCE, A. M. Dean of Uniz ' ersity Chair of Chemistry ISAAC NEWTON PENICK, A. P,., Th. M., D. D. Chair of Theoloev WILLIAM W. DUNN, A. M Chair of Physics L. R. HOGAN, D. D., Ph. D. Chair of Education L. I). RUTLEDGK, A. M. Chair of Historv and Economic CHARLES B. WILLIAMS, A. B., M. A., B. I)., Ph. D. Chair of Greek and Bible Interpretation CHARLES W. DAMS, M. S., Ph. D. Bioloirv and Agriculture E. L. CARR. A. 1!., M. A. MRS. MABEL W. HARDIN, M. A. Chair of Mathematics Chair of English Pjgc sixteen MISS ONNIE SKINNER, M. A., A. 1! Associate in English PRINT HUDSON, A. B., M. A. Associate in Agriculture and Biology H. C. COX, A. B., Th. M. Associate in Theolgoy MRS. RUTH BARNES, . I!. Chair ot L.uin and German ■MRS. GR lT P. HUDSON, 1!. S.. M. A. Chair of Home Economics MARY EVANS SAUNDERS, A. M Director of Dramatic Art MISS CATHERINE ROUTON, B. S. Associate in Home Economics MRS. A. WARREN PRINCE, B. M„ M. M. Director of Music MRS. E. E. TALIAFERRO Associate in Music M. M. SUMMAR Business Manager R. A. TATE, A. B. Associate in Historv and Education MISS VERA ROUTON Chair of Spanish MRS. M. M. SUMMAR Librarian MRS. ]■ ' .. L. STANKIKLD Dining Hall Superintendent MISS BESS CROWDER Bursar MRS. FLORA YOUNG BAKER Dean of Women MRS. A. E. HOWLING Matron of Lovelace Hall zsum£ Latin -------------- RUTH M ' XX Biology ------------ PHILIP AQUINO French - - - - MARY WILLIAMS English - CAROL WHITSON, MARY EDNA UPCHURCH Home Economics ------ LENA URY Mathematics ----]. D. WORRELL Chemistry - - - JACK McKENZIE, CHARLES DEERE, JOHN NUCKOLLS Physics ----------- A. E. CALDWELL, FRANK IRELAND Education --------- BERTHA WILLIS Agriculture - EDWARD FULLERTON Bible - - - - - KATE PENICK PAULINE BOOTHE, A. B. Joneshoro, Arkansas Jonesboro College ' 26; Hypatia Club; Miner Club; Euphrosynean ; Senior Play. Major, Foreign Languages; Minor, English. ROBERT B. HOWARD, A. B. Paris, Tennessee S. A. E.; Editor-in-Chief " Lest-We-Forget " , ' 28; C. L. S.; Aggie Club; Senior Play; Track Team ' 26- ' 2S; Cheer Leader ' 25- ' 26; S. A. A.; Chm. Senior Council; C. C. Staff ' 27; Best All Around Man ' 28. Major, Foreign Languages; Minor, English. MARY EDNA LTCHURCH, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee Howlers; Home Ec Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Minerva Club; Latin Assistant; English Assist- ant; Chi Omega. Major, Mathematics; Minor, Latin. RUTH SHAW, A. B. Ridgely, Tennessee Howler ' s Club; Palladian; Booster Club Captain; A. T. 0. Queen ' 25- ' 26; Euphrosynean; Hypatia; Foot Ball Maid ' 27- ' 28 5 Vice President Hypatia ' 27- ' 28i Chi Omega. Major, English; Minor, History. DON D. WILMOTH, B. S. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma A. T. O.; Appolonian; Nestor Club; Aggie Club Vice President Senior Class; Annual Staff; Sen ior Play; Foot Ball; Basket Ball; Track. Major, Science; Minor, English. k JOAN PATTERSON, B. S. Trenton, Tennessee ian; Home Ec Club; Pres., Secretary, Treas Hypatia; Senior Home Ec Club; C. C. Major, Home Econo rench. Minor, English, I). D. WOODY, A. B. Henderson, Tennessee Graduate Freed-Hardeman College. Major, Education; Minor, English. CELIA UTLEY, B. S. McKenzie. Tennessee Bethel College; Palladian; Home Ec Club. Major, Home Economics; Minor, Englii BONNIE MERCER, B. S. Ripley, Mississippi App. .Ionian Literary Society ' 23; U Club; Bas- ket Ball, Captain ' 26; Foot Ball, Assistant Line Coach ' 2 ; Four Square League; Doctor ' s Club; Honor Council; Hall Governing Board. Major, Science; Minor, Education. KATE PENICK, A. B. Martin, Tennessee Hall-Moody, ' 24- ' 26i Life Service Band; B. S. U. Council; Palladian, President ' 27- 28; Bible Assistant ' 27- ' 28. Major, English; Minor, Education. ATHA S. THOMAS Alamo, Tennessee Peabody College ' 22; Nestor Club. Major, Science; Minor, Education. MRS. GUY C. HALL, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee Palladian. Major, English; Minor, Education, Scif BOYCF. SMITH, B. S. Chalybeate, Mississippi Foot Ball Letter Man; Nestor Club; President Nestor Club ' 28; U Club, President ' 28; Hall Governing Board. Major, Science; Minor, Mathematics. ROSALINE FULLERTON, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee Pailadian; Sec ' y. Pailadian ' 27- ' 28; Statistical Educational Secretary ' 26- ' 28. Major, English; Minor, Education, Science. ROBERT MAHLON WARREN, A. B. Humboldt, Tennessee Four Square; Calliopean; Growlers; Strickland Contestant. Major, English; Minor, History. k ; ' ' ■ ' ■ " - ' -■-- ' - ' ii ■ " »■ ■- ' -■- ' - ' - ' V ' ■■■ ' ■ I " -Wi. IRIS ADAIR, A. B. Decaturville, Ten Enonian; Y. W. A.; Governing Board. Major, Mathcmaticsi Minor, French. ELWART PICKLER, A. B. Eagleville, Ten G. M. S. ' 25- ' 26- ' 27i Calliopean; Nestor Club; President Nestor Club; Four Square League, President; Growlers; R. S. U. Major, English; Minor, Education. EVELYN ROUTON, A. B. Beaumont, Texas Chi Omega; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Enonian; Hypatia; kome Ec Club. Major, English; Minor, Mathematics, Science. Page twenty-eight K . ' ■!■■- ' . " .V. ,-.— ' ■— 1- ICO - F=3 A. E. CALDWELL, B. S. Union City, Tennessee Major, Mathematics; Minor, English. KATHERINE CALDWELL, A. B. Baldtuyn, Mississippi Palladian, President ' 27- ' 28j Hal! Governing Board ' 27- ' 28 ; Y. W. A.; University Orchestra. Major, Latin; Minor, English. GEORGE EDWARD FULLERTOX, Jackson, Tennessee Union University Mail Carrier ' 24- ' 27; in charge of Union University Dairy Farm ' 24- ' 28 As- sistant Teacher in Agriculture ' 26- ' 28; President Aggie Club ' 27- ' 28. MARJOR1E HUNT, B. S. Jackson Tennessee Palladian; Home Ec Club. Major, Home Economics; Minor, Educate DALE GLOVER, B. S. Troy, Tennessee Foot Ball; Nestor Club; U Club. Major, Science; Minor, English. MRS. R. A. TATE, B. S. Colliersville, Tennessee Minerva Club; Foot Ball Queen ' 25- ' 26; Palla dian; Home Ec Club. Major, Home Economics; Minor, Education. J. C. GILBERT, A. B. Mercer, Tennessee Major, English ; Minor, History. EULA MARTIN, A. B. Rawer, Tennessee Lambuth Colleges West Tennessee State Teach- ers ' College, Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Lambda Sigma; Y. W. C. A. Major, Education; Minor, English. E. R. HARPER, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee A. L. S.i Life Service Band; Glee Club; Mem- ber of University Quartette ' 26. Major, Bible; Minor, Education. LULU CUMMINGS, A. B. Dyer, Tennessee Freed-Hardeman College ' 27; Union University ' 28. Major, English, Education; Minor, French. VIRGINIA CROOKE, A. B. Henderson, Tennessee Major, Foreign Languages; Minor, English, Mathematics. BESSIE JONES, B. S. Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega; Enonian; Hypatia; C. C. Staff ' 26- ' 27; Pan-Hellenic Councils Home Ec Club; University Orchestra ' 25- ' 27; Senior Home Ec Club ' 28. Major, Home Economics; Minor, English. zmsm VIRGINIA LEE PARKER, A. B. Lexington, Tennessee Home Ec Club; Palladian; Euphrosynean; Sec. and Treasurer; Cardinal Cream Governing Board; S. A. A.; Hvpatia; Prcs. Hypatia; An- nual Staff ' 26- ' 27. Major, English; Minor, French. LURLINE WILKERSON, B. S. Union City, Tennessee Vice President Home Ec Club; President Senior Home Ec Club; S. A. A.; Manager Blue Grotto. Major, Home Economics; Minor, English, Science. MARY ALICE LOFLIN, A. B. Huffman, Arkansas nonian; Y. W. A. Major, Education Minor, English. MRS. O. L. DODDS, B. S. Milan, Tennessee Senior Home Ec Club. Major, Home Economics; Minor, English. AUBREY EUGENE REED, A. B. Trenton, Tennessee A. T. O.; A. L. S.; Cheer Leader, ' 25; Asst. Bus. Mgr. of C. C.j Pres. Junior Class; Bus. Mgr. of C. C. ' 27; Pan-Hellenic Council; Cheer Leader ' 27- ' 28; Senior B. B. Team; Pres. Senior Class. Major, English; Minor, Science. JAMIE CARR, B. S. Jackson, Tennessee Enonian; Home Ec Club; Y. W. A. Major, Home Economics; Minor, English. i =m LORENE YKARVVOOD, B. S. Alamo, Tennessee Palladian; Karry Karnes Barry Contestant; Latin Assistant Summer ' 26. Major, Mathematics) Minor, Science. L. W. FERRELL, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee Calliopean Literary Society ' 25- ' 27; Life Service Band, President ' 25- ' 26- ' 27- ' 28 ; J. R. Graves Society, Vice I ' resident ' 25, President ' 27- ' 28. Major Bible, Education; Minor, Science. MABEL DOWLING, B. S. Jackson Tennessee Major, Science; Minor, Mathematics. thirty-eight MARY DF.F. McILWAlN, A. B. Trenton, Tennessee Palladian; Life Service Band; Y. W. A.; C. C. Governing Board. Major, English; Minor, French, Education. MARY LAURAH MOUNT, B. M. Jackson, Tennessee Enonian Literary Society; Assistant Music, His- tory, Harmony; C. C. Reporter. Major, Piano, English; Minor, Saxophone and Voice, Education. LILLIAN HYNDS, A. B. Martin, Tennessee Hall-Moody; Palladian; Home Ec Club; V. W. A. Major, English, Education; Minor, History. ESTHER CARR, B. S. Jackson, Tennessee Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois; Palladian, Vice President; Hypatia; Minerva; Student Ac- tivity Association; French Club; Honor Council; Senior Play; Basket Ball; Tennis. Major, Mathematics, Science; Minor, English. J. B. CALDWELL, A. B. Pontotoc, Mississippi J. R. Graves Society; Life Service Band; G. M. Savage Society; Glee Club. Major, Education; Minor, Bible. MAGGIE JO GRAY, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee Palladian Literary So sistant Librarian ' 26- ' 2S; Winner Barry Medal 1927. Major, English; Minor, French French Club; As BERNICE CARTER, A. 1!. Maury City, Tennessee Library Assistant ' 28; French Club; Hypatia; Y. W. A.j Student Council; Governing Board; Pal- ladian, Summar Loyalty Medal ' 28. Major, French; Minor, Latin. CLAUDE H. BURNETT, A. B. Ridgdy, Tennessee A. T. O.; G. M. Savage Society; Manager Foot Ball and Basket Ball ' 26- ' 28; Foot Ball ' 24- ' 2S; Basket Ball ' 25- ' 27; President Sophomore Class ' 26, Annual Staff ' 27; President Student Body ' 27- ' 28; Nestor Club; Strickland Medal Contest- ant. Major, Education; Minor, English. MARY EMILY BLACKMON, B. S. Jackson, Tennessee Arkansas A. M., Jonesboro, Ark.; Enonian; Home Ec Club; Senior Home Ec Club. Major, Home Economics; Minor, History. HAYDEN STEVENSON, B. S. Martin, Te Hall-Moody ' 2+- ' 25; U Club; Aggie Club; Cal- liopean; Senior Play; Foot Ball ' 26- ' 28. Major, Science; Minor, Education. VELMA LOFLIN, A. B. Huffman, Arkansas Ouachita College ' 24- ' 26; Enonian; Governing Board; Hypatia; Senior Play; Strickland Con- testant. Major, Latin; Minor, Modern Languages. BF.RMCE B. OZMENT, A. B. Halls, Tennessee Hall-Moody Junior College, Martin, Tenn.; Ap- polonian; Foot Ball ' 26- 28; U Club; Senior Play. Major, Science; Minor, Mathematics. MRS. SUDIE McNEAL, A. B. Malesus, Tennessee Major, Education; Minor, English. DAVID MALONE, B. S. Jackson, Tennessee Doctor ' s Club; Calliopean; S. A. E.; Assistant Business Manager Annual ' 28; Growlers. Major, Science; Minor, Education. GLADYS ANDREWS, B. S. Spring Creek, Tennessee Enonian; Hypatia; Chi Omega; Home Ec Club; Basket Ball; Howlers; Student Council. Major, Home Economics; Minor, Science. STANLEY ANDERSON, A. B. Chicago, Illinois Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School, Minneapolis, Minn.; Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois ; J. R. Graves Society. Major, Bible; Minor, Greek. ELIZABETH BLACKMON, A. B. Jackson Tennessee Arkansas A. M., Jonesboro, Ark., nian; Dramatic Club. Major, English; Minor, French. 26; En JOHN D. WILSON, A. B. Jackson, Tennessee G. M. Savage Society; Dramatic Club; S. A. A Charter Member West Tennessee Dramatic sociation, Secretary and Treasurer. Major, English, Education; Minor, Histo As- SMILING FOR PORT ' SENlORjll JUNIORS r» r ,LJ,N j JACK SIMMS Milan, Tennessee RUTH NUNN Hills, Tennessee CAROL WHITSON Trimble, Tennessee CLYDE HILL Wheeler, Mississippi WALTER FISHER Marked Tree, Arkansas ONEIDA NICHOLSON Whiteville, Tennessee B Page forty-stx ED. M. SKINNER Jackson Tennessee ERNEST PINK ERTON Eaton, Tennessee IDA MARSH GREENFIELD Jonesboro, Arkansas LA NELLE WILEY Jackson, Tennessee WILLIE A. BROWN Jackson, Tennessee MITCHELL BENNETT Humboldt, Tennessee VIRTUS BUZBEE Marked Tree, Arkansas MABEL RILEY Arlington, Kentucky MARTHA CROSS Whiteville, Tennessee J. D. WRIGHT Jackson, Tennessee PHILLIP AQUINO Caruthersville, Missouri SYBIL GRISHOLM Chalybeate, Mississippi VIVIAN .MAYO Rector, Arkansas JULIA BRUCE Jackson, Tennessee . D. WORRELL Bells, Tennessee LEWIS D. HANSBROUGH Rector, Arkansas L. B. COBB Crockett Mills, Tenne T. C. URY Jackson, Tenness, IRVING HARRIS Jackson, Tennessee VERA ROUTON Paris, Tennessee ALICE HAYES Jackson, Tennessee MARY BELLE WARREN Fulton, Kentucky D. OTHO McNEELY Farmington, Kentucky A. B. POLSGROVE Tupelo, Mississippi EDWARD BLACKMON Jackson, Tennessee THOMAS JENNINGS Parsons, Tennessee FRANK IRELAND Bardwell, Kentucky A. M. OVERTON Jackson, Tennessee GENEVA ROBERTSON Maury City, Tennessee MARY PINKER TON Trenton, Tennessee MARY ELIZABETH BALL Lexington, Tennessee CLARENCE CRAWFORD Ripley, Mississippi MALCOLM YOUNGER Memphis, Tennessee JOE ARNOLD Bruceton, Tennessee H. F. BAKER Jackson, Tennessee 1928 Sophomores EDWARD CARR VELMA JONES RUTH ELIZABETH HALL JOE FREEMAN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ROLL RUSSELL ARNOLD M. B. AUSBAN IRENE AUSTIN ALICE BALLARD ROBERT BALDRIDGE JOHN BAUCUM HUGH T. BENNETT EDWARD BLACKMON MATTIE BLEDSOE CECIL BROWN MARY BAKER W. A. BOURNE WAYMON BURKS VIRGINIA BAIRD BARBARA BOWMAN MRS. CLARENCE CRAWFORD HORACE COLVETT MUNSON COOPER WALTER CHARLESWORTH EARL CARR PAUL CAYWOOD EDNA EARL CLOAR HENRY DALTON W. Q. DAUGHERTY LILLIOUS DAVIDSON INMAN DAVIDSON JUANITA DAVIS LEILA DAVIS MARY DOAK EVELYN DODDS WADFORD DONNELL MARGARET DORIOT GRADEN DORRIS LENA DAVIS JIMMIE EASON ELIZABETH ETHERIDGE ZELMA FISHER ROY FRAZIER W. J. FREEMAN C. J. GLENN ELIZABETH SUE HALL RUTH ELIZABETH HALL RUTH HARDIN ALLENE HARRIS TOD HARRIS ROBERT HASSELL LEONARD HELM LLOYD HELLEN GEORGE HENDERSON JOE HEWGLEY KATHRYN HOPPER VIRGINIA HOUSER E. O. HURLEY DIXON JOHNSON VELMA JONES J. SAM JOHNSON EDWARD KELTY RUTH LANIER MARY A. LOCKWOOD MRS. J. L. McALILEY K. F. McRAE LANDIS MEDLING EUGENE MEKKS WILLIAM MILLER RENA MITCHELL MADISON MURCHISON JESSIE MUSE JOHN NUCKOLLS MARION NUCKOLLS JOE ODLE FAYE PATTON RUBYE PATTON CHESTER PILLOW JEFF PRATT ADDEAN RAY MARIE ROBERTSON FRANK REED LEONARD SCHAEFER LOWELL STALCUP RAYMOND STEWART MALCOLM THOMPSON JOHN THOMPSON MAGGIE TODD LENA URY SAM WALLACE MARDEN WATTERS ORA LEE WEBB NANCY WELCH LANELLE WILEY MAE WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS BERTHA WILLIS HILLMAN WILLIS LOUISE WILSON r mmmw •»•»• Fresh men OFFICERS JACK RANDOLPH S. W. HUDSON NORMA CAWTHON President Vice Preside Secretary and Treasurer W. C. ATKINSON HARRIS ARMOUR ELIZABETH ATKINS MILDRED BAINE MARY BAKER TALMADGE BELTON ROSA BORUM W. A. BOURNE ELIZABETH BURGESS MARGARET BRUCE HARVEY BURTON TERA CARTER BESSIE CARROLL NORMA CAWTHON FLEETWOOD CATES ELRY CATES BERTHA CLARK MARIE CLAMPETT NINA CLEEK EDNA EARLE CLOAR RUBY COLWICK LORAIN COOK LILLIOUS DAVIDSON GRADEN DORRIS MARGARET EDWARDS HENRY ETHERIDGE GRAY EVANS RUSSELL FARMER VIRGINIA FOLLIS JAMES FRAZIER JOE FOWLER MARIE GOOGE MRS. J. D. GREY LELA HATTON MARGARETTE HARRISON ALLINE HARRIS EDWARD HENRY HENRY HESTER FRED HICKS MATT HILL JANE HILLSMAN DORTHA HOCKER ROLL LURLINE HOUSTON NINA LEE HOWARD S. W. HUDSON NANNIE MAI HUNT JOHN HURT THOMAS JACOBS JOHNNIE SUE JENNINGS T. K. JONES LAMAR KITSON RUTH JENNINGS RUBY LAKE 1 RUTH LAKE V JULIAN LEGGETT CURTISS LONG CARRIE LEON LOVELACE MATTIE MALONE JOSEPH MARTIN ESTELLE McCUTCHEN travis Mcdonald JAMES McGREGORY linnie Mcknight a MARY DELL McLEAN ANNIE MILOM JAMES LOUIS MITCHELL JAMIE MITCHELL JOHN MOORMAN VIVIAN MOORE NITA MONTGOMERY JESSIE MUSE THELMA NELSON LEONARD OSTEEN HARRY OWEN KENNETH PARKER OLIVER PERRY HELEN PHILIPS JACK RANDOLPH J. H. RICHARDSON DORIS RICHARDSON BENNETT RILEY MAYOMA ROBBINS SUZAN ROOKS JESSIE ROOTE CHESTER ROBINSON MARGIE ROBINSON ERSKINE ROSE HELEN ROUTON ANEVA RUSSELL RAYMOND SADLER RUBY SANDIFER VIRGINIA SHAFFNER ELOISE SHOCKNEY EDWIN SILER ROBERT SMITH E. L. SMOTHERS EVERETT STRATTON VELMA STROUP LOUISE SUBLETTE RUBY TAYLOR NANCY THOMAS ALICE THOMAS ROBERT TURNER BERNICE WARDLOW S. S. WALKER CLARA MAY WATLINGTON LOIS WEBBER R. J. WELSH MARY WHITESIDE MARY WILSON KARNESE WRAY I. G. WRIGHT GRANVILLE VAUGHN HENRY JONES VIRGIL LUCKEY YANCY MASSEY WHITSON WOOTEN EDITH BAIRD JUANITA CLANTON T. A. MORRIS G. G. RAGSDALE RALPH GIBSON GLEN BATTON A. L. BRAWN OFFICERS W. W. DUNN ------- PrssiJcn MARTHA CROSS ------ Secret, NANE STARNES ----- Vice Preside, J. D. GREY -------- At or, JACK McKENZIE - Sergeant-At-Arms MEMBERS Charles Deere, Dr. C. W. Dm is. Marv Elizabeth Ball, Mrs. M. W. Hardin, Bemice Carter. Dr. E. L. Ca Skinner, Gladys Rice. Joe Odle, Katherine Rogers. Mary Main],. Barfield, Miss MEMBERS Esther Carr, Prof. Print Hudson, Cecil Brown, Dr. C. B. Williams. Mrs. .1. D. Grev, Prof. A. W. Prince, Bonn Mercer. Mary Belle Warren, Mabel Iiilev. Sluderi} OFFICERS CLAUDE BURNETT ESTHER CARR President Secretary ROLL MARY ELIZABETH BALL EDWARD CARR AUBREY REED MARY MAUDE BARFIELD VIRGINIA PARKER JOE ODLE MABEL RILEY JOHN HALL JONES LURLINE WILKERSON ROBERT B. HOWARD E. L. RUSSELL mi iiL BOOK 3 Organizations Chi Omeg,a Sorority Founded University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Ark., April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation FOUNDERS DR. CHARLES RICHARDSON [EAN YINCENHELLER ALICE SIMONDS INA MAE BOALES lOBELLE HOCLOMB PUBLICATIONS The E ei sis The Mystagogue The Owl " " - The Ufsilon Hoo Ho HELEN NIEMAN, Editor ANNIE C. WHITESIDE, Editor - HELEN NIEMAN, Editoi CHAPTER PUBLICATION Upsilon Chapter Established 1904-1911 Re-established June 2, 1924 SORORES IN FACULTATE GRACE POWERS MRS. CATHERINE ROUTON MRS. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS OF 1928 PRINCE SUMMAR CATHERINE ROGERS RUTH SHAW GLADYS ANDREWS MARY ELIZABETH BALL MILDRED ROOTE RUTH NUNN JIMMIE EASON JUANITA DAVIS ZELMA FISHER MALCOMB THOMPSON LELIA DAVIS NORMA CAWTHON ONEITA MONTGOMERY MARION NUCKOLLS ROSA BORL ' M NINA 1 EE HOWARD MARGARET BRUCE ELIZABETH BURGESS CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930 PLEDGES BESSIE JONES MARY EDNA UPCHURCH EVELYN ROUTON CAROL WHITSON MARY MAUDE BARFIELD BERTIS BILLINGTON ELIZABETH HALL MARY ALICE LOCK.WOOD ROSALIND GOOCH VELMA JONES KARNESE WRAY MILDRED EAINE MARY WILSON MARY BAK.ER TRAVIS McDONALD MARGARET DORIOT Si ma Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama March 9, 1856 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet FOUNDERS NOBLE LESLIE DeVOTIE lOHN B. RUDOLPH JOHN W. KERR ABNER PATTON WADE FOSTER SAMUEL DENNIS NATHAN E. COCKRELL THOMAS C. COOK PUBLICATIONS The Record -------- ERIC C. DAWSON, Editor Phi Alfha -------- LAUREN FOREMAN, Editor Lion ' s Paw ---------- Convention Daily Tennessee Eta Chapter Established 1867 PROF. PRINT HUDSON ' FRATRF.S IX FACULTATE R. A. TATE, Assistant Coach FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS OF 1928 ROBERT B. HOWARD DAVID MALONE WALTER FISHER CLYDE HILL CLASS OF 1929 ROBERT ARGO EDWARD CARR HILLMAN WILLIS LLOYD HELLEN MARDEN WATTERS fOSEPH FREEMAN CLASS OF 1930 SAM WALLACE CECIL BROWN LEONARD SCHAEFER DIXON JOHNSON EARL CARR MATT HILL THOMAS MrCORRY HENRY HESTER EDWARD HENRY PLEDGES KENNETH PARKER GLENN BATTEN GEORGE RAGSDALE S. W. HUDSON 1928 Alpha Tau Ome a Founded at Virginia Military Institute September 11, 1865 Colors: Sky Blur and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Ros FOUNDERS OTIS A. GLASBROOK ALFRED MARSHALL ERSKIN M. ROSS OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS The Alpha Tau Omega Palm Congress Daily FRANK W. SCOTT, Editor R. G. M. SAVAGE Beta Tau Chapter installed February 29, 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROY STEWART, Coach FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS OF 1928 CLAUDE H. BURNETT AUBREY REED JOHN H. JONES DON D. WILMOTH DR. C. W. DAVIS CLASS OF 1929 FRANK REED IRVING HARRIS JACK SIMMS J. D. GREY I. D. WRIGHT RICHARD STEWART JACK. McKENZIE CLINTON A. LARGENT WARREN SMITH A. B. POLSGROVE CHARLES DAVIS W. Q. DAUGHERTY PAUL CAYWOOD ROBERT HASSELL EARL PEEPLES RALPH GIBSON CLASS OF 1930 GEORGE HENDERSON RAYMOND STEWART LOWELL STALCUP PLEDGES JACK RANDOLPH HENRY JONES R. J. WELCH JOHN MOORMAN MUNSEN COOPER WILLIAM MILLER JOHN HURT HARRIS ARMOUR Alpha Phi Epsilon Honorary Literary and Debating Fraternity Founded at Atlanta, Georgia, April 29, 1918 Colors: Garnet and Green Flower: Red Rose FOUNDERS Founded by representatives from the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Emory University, Howard College, University of Mississippi, Richmond University, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Stetson University and the University of Tennessee. The Garnet and Green OFFICIAL PUBLICATION - . - - - - [ULIUS A. GOODFRIEND, Editor Alpha Beta Chapter Established January 27, 192: FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. ' C- R. WILLIAMS 1 R IRIS IN I l ERSITATF L D. GREY ------- Paducnh, Kentucky |OII HALL JONES - ■■ - Fort Myers, Florida MARTHA ELIZABETH CROSS Whiteville, Tennessee MARY ELIZABETH BALL - Lexington, Tenn. NANE STARNES - - Aslieville, North Carolina JOE T. ODLE West Frankfort, Illinois EDWARD CARR Jackson, Tennessee eTllC dGUlfl »■■——■ t i ? jfga CLYDE HILL SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON LEONARD SCHAEFER DIXON JOHNSON CHI OMEGA MARY ELIZABETH BALL MARY EDNA UPCHURCH RUTH SHAW JOHN H. JONES ALPHA TAU OMEGA JOHN MOORMAN J. D. WRIGHT Four Square Club OFFICERS FIRST TERM JACK McKENZIE ---------- President MAHLON WARREN --------- Vice President MITCHEL BENNETT --------- Secretary SECOND TERM BONNIE MERCER ---------- President ELWART PICKLER -------- Vice President MAHLON WARREN ---------- Secretary THIRD TERM ELWART PICKLER ---------- President CHARLES DEERE --------- Vice President JOE DAMS ----------- Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS DR. C. IS. WILLIAMS MADISON MURCHISON MITCHELL BENNETT ELWART PICKLER CHARLES DEERE HUGH TAYLOR BENNETT JACK McKENZIE JOE T ODLE NANE STARNES JOHN NUCKOLLS JAKE JOHNSON WADFORD DONNELL JOSEPH FREEMAN WARNER WILKES MAHLON WARREN HENRY DALTON PLEDGES JOSEPH MARTIN JAMES RICHARDSON RUSSELL FARMER « « ■ nty-icvcn 3 928 FIRST QUARTER BOYCE SMITH President CLARENCE CRAWFORD JAKE IPHNSON Vice President Cardinal and Cream Reporter JACK McKENZIE Secretary JOHN H. JONES Cheer Leader SECOND QUARTER J. P. fOHNSON President ]. D. GREY, Cardinal and Cream Reporter ]. D; WORRELL Vice President BOYCE SMITH Cheer Leader DALE GLOVER Secretary THIRD QUARTER ELWART TICKLER President FRANK IRELAND - ' f. D. GREY ------ Vice President Cardinal and Cream Reporter CLARENCE CRAWFORD - - Secretary JACOB JOHNSON Cheer Leader MEMBERS J. D. GREY J. I). WORRELL CLARENCE CRAWFORD JACOB JOHNSON BOYCE SMITH JOHN H. JONES FRANK. IRELAND JACK McKENZIE A. S. THOMAS DALE GLOVER ELWART PICKLER JACK SIMMS A. W. PRINCE - - - - - - .- Faculty Member VIRGINIA PARKER RUTH SHAW MARY MAUDE BARFIELD MEMBERS JOAN PATTERSON PAULINE BOOTH ONEIDA NICHOLSON MARTHA CROSS MARY BALL MARY BELLE WARREN BERNICE CARTER VELMA LOI- ' LIN K.ATHERINE ROGERS CAROL WHITSON MABEL RILEY MRS. HUDSON ESTHER CARR MRS. HARDIN Faculty A dvisor OFF1CKRS .lnA.N I ' ATTKRSUX M l! M U UK I3AUF1K1 BESSIE FARMER President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer OFFICERS EDWARD FULLERTON --------- President D. OTHO McNEELY ---------- Secretary ROBT. HOWARD ---------- Treasurer PROF. HUDSON --------- Faculty Advisor MEMBERS CLYDE HILL LLOYD HELLEN DON WILMOTH ROBERT ARGO GRANVILLE VAUGHN HAYDEN STEPHENSON JAMES FRAZIER FRANK REED GILCIE MAJORS ROBERT HOWARD SAM WALLACE MUNSON COOPER ERNEST PINKERTON WADFORD DON5KLL I . JEFF PRATT Senior Pebatirur Team Junior Jtebatinqr Team ' jSii J The Minerva Club is composed of the s ' sters, wives, sweethearts and queens of the hoys of Sigma Alpha F.psilon Fraternity. This c ' ub was lirst organized in Tennessee Eta Chapter at Un on under the direction of Mrs. Grace Powers Hudson, Misses Catherine Routon and Evelyn Watters, for the interest of the fraternity. From it much benefit has been derived both by- the bovs and the members of the club. MFMHFRS mrs. print hudson m:ss Catherine routon mr 1 -. . w. prince maryeilizabeth ball leila davis esther carr MALCOLM THOMPSON M RY EDNA UPCHURCH PAULINE ROOTII LANDIS MEDLING VELMA JONES MRS. R. A. TATE KKSM tSE i siMJZGMyitta? MRS. ARTHUR WARREN PRINCE, B. M., M. M. Director of Conservatory of Music Mrs. Prince, who is director of the Department of Music, Union University, is a bril- liant performer and a teacher of widely recognized ability. Pupils graduating from her de- partment have been very successful as teachers and public performers. Besides being director of the Fine Arts Department, Mrs. Prince is an organist of note, and for a number of years has been organist of the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Prince has meant much to the musical development of Jackson and she occupies an enviable position among the artists oi the South. MRS. A. W. PRINCE, Director PRESENTS IN " PIANO RECITAL Graduates MARY LAURAH MOUNT MARTHA FRANCES RAY HELEN GALE BUCK Assisted by J U ANITA DAVIS, Soprano UNION UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM Frid.iv, Mav II, 1928, 8 O ' clock PROGRAM Sonata D Major _ -— - Haydn Prelude Opus 28, No. 20 ..Chopin Etude Opus 10, No. 12... Chopin Marv Laurah Mount ..Bjc i Chromatic Fantasia Sonata Opus 27, No. 2 Martha Frances Ray Fugue A Minor - Bach Sonata Opus 14, No. 2 .Beethoven Helen Gale Buck Tell me, My Heart.. April Rai. ..Bishop Crist Juanita Davis Mrs. E. E. Taliaferro at the piano Prelude G Minor -—Rachmaninoff Valse Triste Sibelius Novelette :. MacDoweU Mary Laurah Mount Impromptu B Flat Schubert Licbestraume Number 3— Liszt March from Tannhauser. —Wagiier-Lisxt Martha Frances Ray Czardas —MacDouiell Gavotte Gluck-Brahms EtuJe Opus 25, No. 9 -Chopin Polonaise A Flat Opus 53 Chopin Helen Gale Buck MRS. E. E. TALIAFERRO Head of Voice Defartment Mrs. E. E. Taliaferro is in charge of the Voice Department of Union. Mrs. Taliaferro has studied with the foremost teachers, of America. She has also been soloist in some of the most prominent churches of the United States. At present she is soloist and choir director of the First Baptist Church of Jackson. Mrs. Taliaferro ' s return to Jackson has meant much to the musical life of the city and especially to the Music Department of Union. ' R H B ' ARSE 5 JCift ' Ci VIOLIN, VOICE AND PIANO STUDENTS MISS MARY EVANS SAUNDERS, A. M. Principal Expression and Dramatic Art Miss Saunders is a reader of talent and has appeared on important programs in Washington, D. C, and on the Cincinnati program of National Association Teachers of Speech. Her Dramatic Department at Union has attracted talented and ambitious students, who have featured both Classical and Popular Drama. Miss Saunders is President of the West Tennessee Dramatic Association, and is Director of the Summer School of Speech of Lake Junalueka, North Carolina. DRAMATIC STUDENTS Rosa Borum, Dorothv Birchett, Elizabeth Blackmon, Ellender Browning, Margaret Edwards, Sarah Elston, Elizabeth Hamlet. Elizabeth Hamlin, Evelyn Jones, Estel e McCuteben. Dorothy Menz-es, Ruth Merri- wether, Lily May Newman, Rita Pontius. Elizabeth Parker, Lucille Parker, Rov Pearson, Marie Robertson, Mary D. Rose, Gladys Rosenbloom, Ruth Russell. Annie I). Rice. Joe Varnell. Billy Varnell, John David Wilson, Mrs. Mozelle Baker Harrer, Mrs. Celia Buttenvorth. JOHN M. SWANNER Head of Instrumental Department Union and the Fine Arts Department are indeed fortunate in having as one of their instructors Mr. John Swanner. Mr. Swanner is a very capable artist on a large number of instruments and he is also talented at leading and organizing orchestras. He, along with his tutorship at Union, is leader of the Lyric Theatre Orchestra. Mr. Swanner has done much toward the advancement of the instru- mental department in Union and although his classes have been small, his untiring efforts speak for him wonderful success. The Fine Arts Department is without doubt a credit to any institution and no exception can be made of this Department at Union. The Editors, at this point, wish to commend the instructors one and all on the good work which they have accomplished and wish for them more wonderful success in the future. Roll of Officers of Calliopean Literary Society FALL TERM 1927-28 NANE STARNES .... President JOE ARNOLD ---------- Vice President A. L. WADDLE ----------- Secretary J. D. GREY ----------- Treasurer WINTER TERM :: 1927-2S E. M. SKINNER ---------- President JOE T. ODLE ---------- Vice President JOSEPH MARTIN ---------- Secretary J. D. GREY -.---------- Treasurer SPRING TERM VIRTUS L. BUZBEE HARNEY FLOWERS WM. A. BOURNE L. H. HATCHER President I ' ice President Secretary Treasurer W. C. ADKINSON HOMER APPLETON JOHN P. BATJCUM WM. A. BOURNE VIRTUS L. BUZBEE EARL CARR EDWARD CARR MARVIN CROWE HENRY DALTON CLYDE DAVIDSON GRAY EVANS WALTER FISHER BARNEY FLOWERS J. D. GREY L. H. HATCHER F. L. HICKS CLYDE HILL ROBERT HOWARD THOMAS JENNINGS HENRY Y. JONES T. K. JONES joseph martin eugene meeks james McGregor JOE T. ODLE ELWART PICKLER G. B. RILEY JACK. RANDOLPH J. H. RICHARDSON R. S. SADLER NANE STARNES ROBERT SMITH E. M. SKINNER ROBERT C. TURNER GRANVILLE VAUGHAN A. L. WADDLE T. V. WOOD Apollonian Literary Society OFFICERS OF ' 27 AND ' 28 FALL TERM AUBREY REED ----------- President A. S. THOMAS ---------- Vice Preside,,! MADISON MURCHISON --------- Secretary JOE DAMS ----------- Treasurer WINTER TERM A. B. POLSGROYE - - - - Preside,,, A. S. THOMAS ---------- Vice President WADFORD DONNELL -------- Secretary JOE DAVIS ----- ---- - - Treasurer SPRING TERM MADISON MURCHISON --------- President JOHN THOMPSON --------- Vice President T. A. MORRIS ----------- Secretary GRADEN DORRIS ---------- Treasurer ROLL HARVEY BURTON MADISON MURCHISON BONNIE MERCER JOE DAVIS AUBREY REED JACK McKENZIE A. B. I ' OLSGROVE WADFORD DONNELL HAYDEN STEPHENSON T. A. MORRIS DON WILMOTH OLIVER PERRY A. S. THOMAS JOHX G. THOMPSON GRADEN DORRIS Enonian Literary Society OFFICERS FIRST TERM MARY MAUDE BARFIELD -------- President IRIS ADAIR ---------- Vice President MALCOLM THOMPSON --------- Secretary MARY DOAK ----------- Treasurer SECOND TERM MARION NUCKOLLS --------- President VELMA LOFLIN --------- Vice President EVELYN DODDS ---------- Secretary ZELMA FISHER ---------- Treasure- THIRD TERM MARY ELIZABETH BALL --------- President VELMA JONES - - - - - - - - - - Vice President BERTHA WILLIS ---------- Secretary NINA LEE HOWARD --------- Treasurer IRIS ADAIR MARY ELIZABETH HALL EDITH BAIRD BETTY BURGESS BERTIS BILLINGTON MARY MAUDE BARFIELD MARGARET BRUCE JULIA BRUCE LOUISE BUMPUS JUANITA CLANTON NORMA CAWTHON BESSIE CARROLL MARY DOAK ROLL EVELYN DODDS ELIZABETH ETHERIDGE ZELMA FISHER NINA LEE HOWARD ELIZABETH HALL LORA JACKSON VELMA JONES MARY DELL McLEAN LiNNiE Mcknight RUTH NUNN MARION NUCKOLLS JOAN PATTERSON HELEN PHILLIPS MARY PINKERTON MILDRED ROOTE WILLIE MAE ROGERS HELEN ROUTON EVELYN ROUTON RUBY SANDIFER VIRGINIA SHAFFNER ALICE THOMAS NANCY THOMAS MALCOLM THOMPSON CAROL WHITSON MARY WILLIAMS BERTHA WILLIS Euphrosynean Society Motto: Girls, hand in hand for the best in Art, Science and Literature Colors: Rose and Silver OFFICERS FOR ' 27 AND ' 23 FALL TERM LENA URY - ---------- President MABEL RILEY ---------- Vice President MARGARET DORIOT --------- Secretary RUTH SHAW ----------- Treasurer WINTER TERM ONEIDA NICHOLSON --------- President RUTH E. HALL ---------- Vice President MARY B. WARREN ---------- Secretary LILLIAN GREY ---------- Treasurer i. SPRING TERM RUTH SHAW ------ President MARTHA CROSS --------- Vice President IUAN1TA DAVIS ---------- Secretary VIRGINIA PARKER ---------- Treasurer ROLL OF MEMBERS LELIA DAVIS BESSIE FARMER MARTHA CROSS ONEITA MONTGOMERY JUANITA DAVIS ONEIDA NICHOLSON MARGARET DORIOT MARY WILSON MILDRED BAINE ROSA BORUM DORIS RICHARDSON DORTHA HOCKER VIRGINIA PARKER MARY BELLE WARREN MABEL RILEY LENA URY mrs. j. d. grey virginia follis tera carter ruth e. hall aneva russell mary barer travis Mcdonald k.ornese wray pauline roothe edna erle cloar ruth shaw goldyxe drumright ruth holmes Palladian Literary Society Motto: Taste, Industry, Wisdo? Colors: Green and White OFFICERS OF ' 27 AND ' 28 FALL TERM GLADYS RICE ------- ■ President BERNICE CARTER --------- Vice President ROSALIND FULLERTON --------- Secretary HELENA HOPPE - - - - - Treasurer MAGGIE JO GRAY -------- C. and C. Reporter WINTER TERM CATHERINE CALDWELL - President ESTHER CARR --------- Vice President MAGGIE JO GRAY ---------- Secretary HELENA HOPPE - ., ... Treasurer MAGGIE JO GRAY - - , - - - - - - C and C. Reporter SPRING TERM KATE PENICK ----------- President MRS. G. C. HALL --------- Vice President MRS. TUCKER ----------- Secretary HELENA HOPPE ---------- Treasurer MAGGIE JO GRAY -------- C. and C. Reporter ROLL OF MEMBERS VIRGINIA BAIRD MARTHA BASFORD PEARL BUNDRANT CATHERINE CALDWELL ESTHER CARR BERNICE CARTER MARGARET EDWARDS ROSALIND FULLERTON MAGGIE JO GRAY MRS. GUY HALL RUTH HARDIN HELENA HOPPE MARJORIE HUNT LILLIAN HYNDS MABEL LYTAL JESSIE MUSE THELMA NELSON ROBERTA OLIVER KAY PATTON RUBYE PATTON KATE PENICK ADDEAN RAY GLADYS RICE VERA ROUTON ONNIE SKINNER LOUISE SUBLETT MARY EVANS SAUNDERS ORALEA WEBB LOIS WEBBER MRS. PARRISH LESSIE MAE WHITE MATTIE MALONE MARY D. McILWAIN GEORGIA CURRY MARY PRESCOTT LILLIOUS DAVIDSON IDA GREENFIELD LORENA YEARWOOD MAY WILLIAMS RENA MITCHELL RUTH LANIER MAGGIE TODD CELIA UTLEY ALICE BALLARD GENEVA ROBERTSON MARIE ROBERTSON RUBY TAYLOR VIRGY LUCKY BERTHA CLARK JANIE MITCHELL VELMA STROUP ELIZABETH HAMLIN MRS. LUCILLE TUCKER MABEL DOWLING IRENE AUSTIN MAGGIE SUE PATTON BERNICE WARDLOW MRS. FAROW MRS. EXUM NANNIE MAE HUNT BARBARA BEAUMAN MRS. PARNELL HAMMONDS CLARA MAE WATLINGTON J. R. Graves Officers TERMS OF EIGHT WEEKS FIRST TERM E. B. ABBINGTON President J. T. ODLE ■ L. B. COBB Vice President A. B. POLSGROVE - Secretary - Treasurer L. B. COBB - - L. W. FERRELL SECOND TERM - - President S. S. WALKER Secretary ' ire President A. B. POLSGROVE Treasurer L. W. FERRELL J. D. GREY THIRD TERM • - - President W. L. BUZBEE Secretary Vice President W. P. LITTLEFIELD Treasure? J. D. GREY - - C. H. PARRISH FOURTH TERM ■ - - President S. R. WOODSON Vice President A. M. OVERTON Secretary Treasurer C. H. PARRISH V. L. BUZBEE FIFTH TERM - - President J. R. MARTIN Secretary ' ice President A. M. OVERTON Treasurer W. A. BOURNE E. R. ABBINGTON S. E. ANDERSON S. S. WALKER S. R. WOODSON J. D. GREY GRAY EVANS W. F. CARLTON I. N. PENICK. G. M. SAVAGE L. R. HOGAN C. E. AZBILL C. B. WILLIAMS W. L. HOWSE H. C. COX H. E. WATTERS B. B. MURPHY ROLL OF MEMBERS .1. R. MARTIN W. CHARLESWORTH J. B. HOLLAND W. C. ADKINSON T. K. JONES A. B. POLSGROVE E. G. DORRIS J. T. ODLE V. L. BUZBEE C. H. PARRISH A. M. OVERTON J. F. HAILEY E. L. SMOTHERS W. C. NEVIL L. W. FERRELL T. C. VRY W. P. LITTLEFIELD ALTON COPELAND BARNEY FLOWERS L. B. COBB J. B. CALDWELL T. A. MORRIS E. L. CARR W. D. EDWARDS J. P. BAUCUM E. G. STEPHENSON C. B. PILLOW M. A. YOUNGER J. W. KLOSS T. O. PHILLIPS |. B. HAYES A. L. BISHOP T. V. WOOD OFFICERS 1927- ' 2S |. D. GREY ----------- President MABEL RILEY ---------- Vice President MARY BELLI ' . WARREN --------- Secretary DR. H. C. COX ---------- Faculty Advisor MEMBERS ABBINGTON, E. B. CARR, EDWARD COBB, L. R. COX, DR. H. C. FERRELL L. W. GREENFIELD, IDA GREY, J D. JONES, J. H. LOFLIN, VELMA NICHOLSON, ONEIDA ODLE, JOE OVERTON, A. M. POLSGROVE, A. B. RICE, GLADYS RILEY, MABEL STARNES, NANE WARREN, MARY BELLE OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM E. B. ABBINGTON President IDA GREENFIELD President MARVIN CROWE Vice President J. B. CALDWELL Vice President RUBYE PATTON - Secretary-Treasurer MARY D. McILWAIN - - Secy.-Treas: THIRD TERM A. M. OVERTON President VIRTUS BUZBEE Vice President IRENE AUSTIN - - Secretary-Treasurer IDA GREENFIELD JOHN BAUCUM E. B. ABBINGTON GRAY EVANS KATE PENICK C ' . H. PARRISII JOSEPH MARTIN IMI1V TA1 l.dl! MRS. C. .II. PARRISH A. M. OVERTON MEMBERS J. B. CALDWELL MARVIN CROWE J. D. GREY MRS. J. D. GREY VIRTUS BUZBEE W. A. BOURNE IRENE AUSTIN GRADEN DORRIS S. S. WALKER RUBYE I ' ATTON LOIS WEBBER E. L. SMOTHERS L. W. FERRELL WALTER FISHER 1 RV 1). McILWAIN GLADYS RICE JOE (IDLE LESSIB MAE lllli: .1. II. HAVES ( ' . R. PILLOW OFFICERS OF 1927- ' 2S Fall Term: Oneida N ' ickolson. Pies.; Velma Loflin, Vice Pres.; Gladys Rice. Sec: Dortha Hocker. Tveas. Winter and Spring Term: Mary Belle Warren, Pres.; Bernice Carter, Vice Pres.; Edith Baii ' d, Sec: Dortha Hocker. Treas. The Staff ROBERT B. HOWARD - A. L. WADDLE NANE STARNES MARY MAUDE BARFIELD " DAVID MALONE - B. M. HUEY ) MILDRED ROOTE ' Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Associate Editors Assistant Business Manager- Class Editors LITERARY EDITORS WALTER FISHER GLADYS RICE JACK SIMMS EDWARD CARR ESTHER CARR VELMA JOKES MARTHA CROSS HILLMAN WILLIS HENRY DALTON DON WILMOTH THOS. JENNINGS ROBERT ARGO I VICTOR STRIPLING Fine Am Editor - Joke Editor _ . - - - Snapshot Editors - Athletic Editor AUBREY REED .....----- Advertising Manager DIXON JOHNSON ------------ Circulation Manager The Staff MARY ELIZABETH BALL ------- Editor-in-Chief AUBREY REED --------- Business Manager EDWARD CARR ) ,.,,.. -_.--.--- Associate Editors MARTHA CROSS ) FRANK REED -------- Assistant Business Manager RALPH GIBSON ---------- Sport Editor KATHERINE ROGERS -------- Society Editor LITERARY EDITORS VELMA JONES MALCOLM THOMPSON JACK SIMMS LEONARD SCHAEFER BERTIS BILLINGTON MARY BELLE WARREN MARY MAUDE BARFIELD ------- Exchange Editor Page one hundred eleven WMMMmll 1928 one hundred Iwel 1928 t ATHLETICS V. W. DUNN Athletic Director ROY STEWART Varsity Coach R. A. TATE A s si st a nt Coach CLAUDE BURNETT Student Business Manager Girls ' Basket Ball Coach VARSITY SQUAD The year of 1927 was Union ' s second year as a member of S. I. A. A. and with the Freshman team of ' 26 and the remainder of the ' 26 varsity team combined, a real " fighting " machine was built. Union enjoyed one of her banner years in football but more is expected for next year. This year was Coach Stewart ' s first experience as a varsity coach and much praise should be contributed to him for the record SEASON RESULTS Arkansas A. M._ .. . __ 6 Union . 14 Mississipp i College — - 18 38 Union .. .. Lovola . Union 8 Georgetov n College ennessee N College rmal -- 28 .... 13 Union Middle T Union 33 Millsaps Union 6 Tennessee Junior C, tucky Norn College ... liege ..... .... 6 Union 38 West Ke Union .... 19 Arkansas Union 24 Springhill 6 Union Men playing on the varsity were: J. Johnson, captain, tackle; B. Smith, end; D. Stewart, captain elect, end; R. Stewart, half; Stripling, half; Caywood, quarter; Wilmouth, half; Ozment, full; Glover, guard; D. Johnson, end; Wallace, quarter; Largent, full; Hellen, guard; Mercer, guard; Burnett, tackle, W. Smith, half; Miller, center; Askew, center; Wright, half; McRae, guard; Stalcup, end; Baldridge, center. All of these men received letters who had plaved a certain number of quarters with the exception of Wallace, McRae, D. Johnson and Baldridge. At the beginning of the year Coach Tate, who was commencing his career as a Univer- sity coach, was faced with a small group of green material with which to mold a typ ical L ' ivon freshman team. Very few of the men had played any football and knew nothing of the game, but with these men and a few other recruits, a fighting team was formed, for which much credit is due Coach Tate. Mitchell, the fiery little quarterback, was elected captain, and to support him on the team he had such stars as, Parker, fullback; Burks, center; Leggett, tackle; Rose, guard; H. Jones, guard; Fisher, half; Frazier, tackle; Hester, end; and Ragsdale, end. Boys ' Varsity Basket Ball Team LETTER MEN STRIPLING CAYWOOD D. STEWART R. STEWART MILLER LARGENT HUEY MERCER YOUNGER Forward and Captain Forward and Caftahi-Elect Center - - - Guard - - - Guard - - - - Guard - - - - Center Guard Forward SEASON RESULTS Tennessee Junior College 34 Cairo Aces 32 Bethel (By.) 34 Tennessee Junior College 36 Murray State Normal 43 Jonesboro College 32 Louisiana College 30 Louisiana College 33 West Kentucky Normal 33 West Kentucky Normal 35 Mississippi College 4S Mississippi College 64 Millsaps 46 Millsaps 21 Southwestern 47 FRESHMAN " BASKET BALL SQUAD After finishing a successful football season, the Freshmen, under the most capable coaching of their ew mentor. Coach Tate, came through one of the most successful basket ball seasons a freshman basket all team at Union has ever experienced. THEY WERE UNDEFEATED ' With such high school stars s Hudson, Parker, Frazier, Belton, Peeples, F. Cates, Massey and Welch as captain. Coach Tate is to be nmmended for turning out such a record breaking team. SEASON RESULTS Pope All Stars 16 Alamo _ 1 6 Brownsville All Stars _.. 18 Malcsus - 9 Maury City ' . _ 13 Halls ...... 2S Friendship 1 7 Brownsville All Stars 19 Freed-Hardeman _ _ ._.. 20 Milan High 25 Halls 17 Pope High School 21 Freshmen 55 Freshmen __ 27 Freshmen 5 1 Freshmen 48 Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 32 27 53 Track Team For the first time Union has installed track as a major sport. With very few men to work with, Coaches Stewart and Tate rounded out a well balanced team and experienced a very commendable season. With the installation of track as a major sport and a modern cinder track around the athletic field, Union expects to develop a first class track team in the future. This year three meets were held with Union winning the one with Arkansas A. and M. by a decidedly large margin. Also an inter-mural meet was held from which the Junior class emerged the victor. Letter men for this year are: Wright, dash; Stewart, dash and field; Wilmoth, middle distance; Largent, field; Hellcn, field; Stripling, middle distance; Worrell, jumps; Carr, field; Miller, field; Willis, dash; Smith, distance; Reed, distance; Deere, distance; and Fisher, middle distance. GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKET BALL The Union Terriers enjoyed one of the most successful seasons since the Terriers were first organized. Under the coaching of Claude Burnett, and led by their captain, Nancy Welch, they lost only two games during the season and those by very close scores. Those playing " bang-up " games for dear Ole Union were: Welch, Robertson, McLean, Clanton, Davis, Clark and Sublett. Bethel College U. T. Junior College. Freed-Hardeman .. Middle Tennessee Nor SEASON RESULTS 33 Union 47 Union 26 Union 36 Union U. T. Junior College 37 Frced-Hai deman __ 1 3 Bethel College 30 West Tennessee Normal _ 61 Page one hundred twenty-fou AUBREY REED Cheer Leader " Little Reader " was " pep " personified this year and our teams were victorious man - times by his undying efforts to instill in them that " ' Ole ' Union fight " by means of the student body. Hooray for Reed! (Qsncu J-rbG nxz y Most Beautiful Girl Sweetheart of S. A. E. ' Queen of A. T. O. " " H wm ■¥»£. . (J Queen of Doctor? Club Miss Home Economics KeSSHSJSHE Best All-Round Man ' ••T)(5--ii-x)(?-w- l ?- " ii " -5 ?- •f)(?--:i--?)(?-w-f)ff-w--?)(? 9 »r ? ' ' »i ' - - ) ? ' »»-9 ?- ' fust b ig rush at a dance : gn that she isn ' t nice. | Mo ore s Studi 10 Presenting Today ' s Standard in Progressive Art Photography Ka .-..-.. .. . . + q A modern Scarlet Letter is one that a college man writes to his girl back home. 8! TJ +. Union University Book Store g " !£ Cultivate the mile that feels its oats — it pavs. ;j . ; .+ £? !G ft as !G ft £? !.£ ft 5G ® G ft 1 ft £ ft £ i ,- 5G 1J as ! Owned and Operated by STUDENT ACTIVITY ASSOCIATION UNION UNIVERSITY Service is more than Efficiency. Efficiency is perfection, but Service is the same lawlessness, together with the added something which comes with the personal interests of an individual or a corporation. We believe this is a goal toward which we all can strive. Gulf, Mobile Northern Railroad Co. " The Road of Service " " Greetings Guenevere and may I ask what tooth paste thou uscthf " " Salutations, Salome, verily, verily, why should I use any, when none of my molars are looser ' ; ? o? Os;or:Y:5 -■ •.!J.--;xi3- ' ' .-2 - i)(i-..V.-jyti-.T!.-i)ti-.!!.-iXi.. .-i)(i-..!!.iXi-.;;.-iD(i-. ' ■•S (Vw--!)( ;tWji ' - ' 9 rx7--i4-T)(7--;;-r)C- ' 1 i--r)(?-;;--n(7-»i--!D(?!-- vC jgs ajs S? ft P ' ft ; ft, $ ft ft 0 ' ft ft 0 ' ft ft S 1 ft ft , v ft P ; ft p ft u ft $ ft, 0 ' ft ! ft S: ' ft ; ft y ft ft ft $ ft ft $ ft 0 ' ft Co-eds arc to college what peanuts are to a circus. Irate customer: " What the h — ! Here ' s a needle in my soup. " Waiter: " Must be a typographical error sir, it should be noodle. " £ ? l i! S; : ft that doesn ' t w -+ + i rk both wa} The Primrose Shoppe 206 E. Baltimore Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear, Neglig ees and Millinery Exceptionale Jackson, Tennessee " Say It With Flowers " WITH %i $fr % X FLOWERS Main and Church Phones 16 — + Compliments of I The Standard Drug Co. ; w Welcome Union Students to Our Soda Fountain +——■— ' I i — + +- _,. — + +- i ! ! I Corner Lafayette and Market — . ■ + Frankland Carriage Co. £3ms3 ' We Repair Everything on a Car Except the Engine " Corner Market and Chester Jackson, Tennessee A Pupil ' s Idea of What Is A Creditor Buying on credit instead of paying- cash apparently lias its ludicrous side in Prague as well as in this country. According to the " Humoristicke " . a comic weekly printed in Prague, a teacher asked a young pupil, ' ' What is a Creditor . ' ' ' The pupil quickly drew from his ob- servation at home and replied: " A man who must be told that my father is not at home. Paying cash as you go has no at- tending embarrassments — it assures a life of independence. You are permitted to buy where you will and where you can get the most in quality and satisfaction for what you pay. J. C. PENNEY CO. 109 E. Lafayette street + + The man with the sand raises the dust. iC r ■ ■ if e f.. ■■■■■•; m 5S iC i ■ - a. - . ■ r; ■ ■ m mom rmm : Child (in bus to stranger): " Daddy, daddy. " Mother: " Hush darling, that isn ' t daddy. It ' s a gentleman. " ft 05 $ ft ? ft ft $ ft V u ft $ ft : ; a! a! ■:;■ ft Iff ft $ ft ft ft ft ■ - ft Budde CBb Weis MANUFACTURING COMPANY Designers and Builders of HIGH GRADE CHURCH FIXTURES BANK FIXTURES Write for Catalogue and Prices PRICES REASONABLE Jackson, Tennessee + , . + , „_„ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ .. „ „ .. ., .. ., ,. .. n n .. .. .. •■ ■■ — .. — ■■ • — ■■ — - + ! J. C. Edenton Company Wholesale Grocers 249-251 West Main Street Jackson, Tennessee Mrs. Hardin: " Do you know Shakespeare well? " J. Freeman: " G ' wan, you can ' t kid me, Shakespeare is dead. " ' i f ? i The song of the aluminum salesman: " I have a nice little weigh with me. " T. A. Wootten Photography and Kodak finishing, SERVICE UNEXCELLED Over Whitlow ' s on East Lafayette Street J. Sam: " Did you really understand the lecture you heard last night? " M. Warren: " No, but that didn ' t matter, I had a free ticket. " ax 8 t p Clyde: " Do vou think it is unlucky to marry on Friday: " Stalcup: " Certainly, why should Friday be an exc:pt ' onr " " We Keep the Most Collegiate Goods in Town " We Served Union in 187 1 and We Are Serving Union in 1928 May We Continue Such a Record of Service? Holland Dry Goods Clothing Company Jackson, Tennessee z, c 95 95 U u 95 9 u m a ; ■ -■■-•- : a : 9 u u r £.: •: 9 u u y 95 J m 9i DELI CIO US— REFRESHING DRINK » Bottles Iris: " But if you dislike him why did you let him kiss your Velma: " Well, one can ' t he downright rude vou know. " E ra O , !K£SI?S £SS5S 3£ S S £ £ ! i S S S ft 3 " Why is the English language called the mother of languages? " " Because lather never gets a chance to use it. " + + Remember The first money you earn should buy a life insurance policy. For you will want to borrow money sometime and your banker will think more of you, if you have your insurance. Investments, too when you are ready for them A. V. PATTON ! COMPLIMENTS OF McGee-Ross Hardware i i Company ! SPORTING GOODS — GIFTS 1 209-211 E. Lafayette St. j Phones 148 4., — . — . — ._. ._. + . . . | THE EFFECTS OF ULTRAFASHION- j ED COLLEGE PARENTS I Father: " Doris, your mother has told me | vou Have been misbehaving. I shall have j to punish you tonight. " I Doris (age nine): " Not tonight, father, j 1 shall be too busy with my dancing les-- : sons, but speak to me again tomorrow re- iding an appointment. + + ,_.„_.. .._+ + . Hillman Doctor: Hillman just broke. " Mothe " Doctor, I ' m going to die. " ' What makes you think so: " " Mv lifetime fountain pen " You are at the foot of the spelling class, are you? " Earl Carr: " Yes ' um. " Mother: " How did it happen? " Earl: " Got too many z ' s in scissors. " Dr. Carr, answered the phone. Turn- ing to his wife he said: " Quick, give me my hat. The man says he cannot live without me. " Mrs. Carr: " fust a minute, that call is for Esther. " An optimist is one who hops out ot bed on a cold morning saying, " Well, old bed, I ' ll be back to vou in seventeen hours. " A pessimist is one who hops in bed say- ing, " Gee, up again in seven hours. " The farmer named the hawk + + ' Mayflower ' did know Ozment was " How stewed? " " He was having an awful fight with the that prove that he was " How dc drunk ' " " The dean " wasn ' t there at 1 the time. " because it lands on his PI mouth Rocks % iC ■ ■ ! r , SG m ' r iC rJ ■ SG ■ r; m (C: rj m a rj rj " C rj Ct 5G iC V S iC ' ■ ' , -. L ■ J. D.: " I ' d like to propose a little toast. " Mrs. Grey: " Nothing doing, kid, I want a regular meal. " -f + Wood Mosaic Company Incorporated Jackson, Tennessee Hardwood Lumber, Flooring and Veneers Always in the market for White Oak, Poplar, Walnut Logs and Standing Timber. a! 05 r m u 95 U m 05 U 05 0! 05 Z C 05 ai u 9 u 9 ai 95 a! 9 a! o; a 1 9 a ' o a 1 05 05 a! 0 a? a! Bedna Young Lumber Company Our Aim — Q uality — Service First Mill and Office: Belmont Avenue and N. C. St. L. R. R. Jackson, Tennessee -■+ t I i We Congratulate the Faculty of Union University at the close of another successful year Bond Shoe Co. East Main Street + You Can ' t Beat Them Hart-Schaffner Marx Clothes Manhattan Shirts Knox and Dobbs Hats Edwin Clapp and Walk-over Shoes G.H. ROBERTSON CO. Dress Well and Succeed ,i „ „ „ „ .. ..j, •!■„. The flappers serious problem is how to wear fewer clothe summer than she does in winter. ! K a(i-.;. ' ..-tf(i-.. .-t)!i-.;;.-ixi-. ■••!?(?••; ;-fl(?-w--r)(T-;;--f)(? ■••iT)(?-w--ir)(7-»i--T)ff o ' ic c c i i: jc jO c ' Uc jC c ' c ' jC ' ji: ' ? " Jl I ' " W " Say, Steve, I ' ve been sitting here for an hour and this vanishing cream hasn ' t moved yet. " + I a! Lyric Marlowe ; R. L. Burgess Drug Co. 35 Publix Theatres j DRUGS, SODA, CIGARS AND S j CONFECTIONS iC ! y " Always the Best Shows r. j " Trade With Us " ifC Q . in Town " j 7 1 1 New Southern Hotel IT , h 4 1 i J " We Fit Glasses That Fit " X? 3 PATRONIZE P-: Dr. Weinberg j id J 31 years experience in this profes- j OUR ft 0 ' sion in Europe and America j r. 205 E. Baltimore Cumb. Phone 2259 1 ADVERTISERS ft J ' i Union ' s Business Appreciated j rv . : r. • r y j % 1 g Security National j Gem Ice Cream Co. ft ■ j iC- 3? Bank j Manufacturers of ft S ( j i r, -h ? ? i£ji i y Quality Ice Cream r 0: This Bank Solicits Your j ft Business and Promises = ' r 7 J you every Courtesy and j Care in any matters en- ! Brick and Frozen Specialties ft y trusted to us. j r PHONES: T: ; ■ r t ft " The University Bank " j Cumb. 322 Home 608 ft £ ; r- 0 « !• 3 Rosa: " I think that I hear ht rglars. Are you awake? " J DeWitt: " No. " . ' 8 C:-. C.-r r. or or p f or .OO O " »r .tOroC or or or r " , - r; o r , •K5 g2 s8s2s8£ 95 95 Q Or :J) Si a! 95 ; u Or $ ; 95 $ or 0! OS " U or :■:: 9 " i ! 95 :;: 95 3 . $ 95 95 a! 95 a ; 95 Just because a girl can talk is no sign that she isn ' t dumb. Ueaoe University JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 18 12 CO-EDUCATIONAL One of the greatest Baptist Colleges in the World. Only two others in the South have a greater enrollment, and only f our in the North, and two of these claim to he non-sectarian. A remarkable growth in the past ten years. From 157 to 1560. " There is a Reason. " COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular courses in the College of Arts and Science: English, Mathematics, The Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Sociology, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, History. OTHER DEPARTMENTS Home Economics, Agriculture, Education, Theology; Music (Piano, Voice, Violin, Band Instruments) ; Expression, Pre-Medical. GREAT SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Information, Address H. E. WATTERS, President A laundry is a place where clothes are worn out. 95 P ; 1 i A ' p Si 5 0! Si Si gy Si s 3. Si 95 3! Si Si Si Si $ Si Si Si Si s. Si Pollv B.: " How long had you known your husband before- you were m.irri Mrs. Hammons: " I didn ' t know him at all. I only thought tint I did. " Thompson Baking Co. .A Clean New Bakery Modern Shop Methods, etc. ■ + ■■ I i McCaU-Hughes Clothing Co. CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS FOR MEN AND BOYS j J Jackson, :-: Tennessee , I Corner Lafayette and Church Streets 1 ! _ ! ,j„, ull aB .. ., D . BH P , ,„ „ .. „ ., nl na ua g, I I i I I I i 1 ! I I I I I I i I I II _ i j j Brooks News Company j I Memphis Commercial Appeal j A Specialty in I j St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, New j | York and Memphis Papers I I Cigars, Candies, Magazines ! i McGee-Ross Hardware Company Queensware and Glassware D. M. Sporting Goods Phone 148 R. C. Westmoreland Jeweler - Optomerist DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY We Fit Glasses SPECIAL STUDENT PRICES STEGALL ' S I ! Smart Footwear for Men and ! Women at Popular Prices j Hosiery Department is Complete in all ! New Shades and Colors i STEGALL ' S South Liberty St. Both i ' hones 217 . . ._.._+ Rodgers Flower Shop " Say It With Flowers " Cumb. 308 111 N. Church Meet Your Friends at B. B. Drug Co. H. J. BERRYHILL, Mgr. The Place Where Union Students Trade I .._4 ■ — + I I I Five Points i Both Phones 140 •■+ + — - Pinkie: " How do you like the Shakespeare Club? " Ruth: " Wonderful! Whv, I made three grand slams at the last meeting. I SB r iC 5G m m se sb se ■ as ft STi -■■n as i A? VB A? - iC? rj .■ ■■■n • 0C»O ' CO»r C ' jC C C ' H ' C c e ' c ' C C COi - Elopers: " Five dollars for a marriage ceremony! We haven ' t that much, judge. " Modern Justice of the Peace: " Well, I can give you a trial marriage for two dollars. " Wilson-Geyer Co. Wallpaper, Paint, Glass, Var- nishes, Brushes, Artists Supplies 307 E. Main St. Don ' t Say Varnish — Say " 16 " -+ +•• The First National Bank Jackson, Tennessee Your Business Solicited . + j, . + . — , + Stop ait,d Eat At The Corner Lunch Room Cumb. Phone 2113-W C. ENGELS Union Students are Invited to Eat With Us Corner Lexington and Stoddard I i Rainev-Mercer Com. Co. Feed and Produce Phone 244 121-3 West College Street Quality Merchandise for Young Women Fine Garments and Hats For Young Men +— ! ! i ! 1 Have Your Engraving Done at Brnton Printing Co. Engraved Cards High Grade Printing 115 E. College Street — + +. ■— + +■- I I I i i i i I I I I I I I -4 +, -+ +■- I COMPLIMENTS OF Henderson Pharmacy Crego ' s Old Stand We Welcome Union Students Lawrence Stores, Inc. Groceries " Sold Right " all kinds of j j School Supplies, Candies, Fruits, j Etc. + 4 . 4- Stranger: " Ah, voung man one-half of the world is ignorant of how the other half lives. " Doc. Stew: " Not in this college, sir. " if; ss ■ T ' pr c r t - ' ? S r Dr 7 ' Hudson to dietitian expert or: " I ' ve never heard one " And doctor do yju tl complain. " ink healths i Schools — j Theology Religious Education Sacred Music Missionary Training SOUTHWESTERN Session BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL oj,«ni SEMINARY If THE OLD BOOK Southwestern Seminary is Christ- filled anil world-girdling in its spirit. It is orthodox and fundamental to the core. It accepts the Old Book page for page and without qualifi- cations. Its history is rich and its future promising. AFTER COLLEGE, WHAT? ie Seminary welcomes college iic.l men and women who plan rowTi their education with special- ill the religious field. SPECIALTIES Special courrses offered embrace preaching, teaching and training- Scholarship and evangelism have set apart the " Southwestern " men and women. The spirit on the campus is 100% in cordiality and fellowship. Men and women are trained in 10 distincl lines of religious educa- tional work, and gospel singers are prepared for every phase of activity in the music field. EXPENSES K pensi- are kept at the minimum with no tuition and Low rents and board. Special homes are offered to married students and hundreds make their way through school preaching, directing educational activities and singing. Two and three years are required for the completion of the various courses and the outlay is negligible as compared with the in- creased efficiency in service. CLIMATE The great open spaces of the Southwest offer splendid health con- ditions. The majesty of the plains is unparalleled, and the beauty and accessibility of the Seminary is everything to be desired. COME JOIN WITH US. + An Open Letter to College Students ■■— t S5 $ Si U Si a! m m u m S5 m u m S5 U m Si 3 Write for Cutaloqur L. R. Scarborough, D. D., LL. D., Pres. Seminary Hill, Texas I Norton Hall One of Five Modern Buildings THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY " The Beeches " Louisville, Kentucky Our students enjoy a modernly equipped new suburban home admirably located midst numerous student-served churches, and a world-famous faculty of sound Christian thinkers who offer a comprehensive curriculum based on genuine Christian scholarship, making it possible for them to thoughtfully face truth under safe guides and affording them an atmosphere of evangelism and missions. There is no tuition, expenses are low and aid is given where needed. u 1 Boy to girl friend: " What ' s the matter with her running gear? 3 Girl Friend: " Nothing, only her band is slipping. " - ,C ic ■■ - . e HZ !? ' rj ■■ ; - ;c . L Q % % :c fa h 9 ®. % Q 95 n; r - : - $ a u u u % 95 95 8! p 95 ?! 05 £! 95 $ .:•■: !J y S5 $ 9 a! 0 ' 9 95 $ 95 iV a! 9 Rosa Borum: " I think college is so interesting. " Nita Montgomery: " Yes, there arc so many personal touche Some dresses aren ' t so bad for the shape they are on. % iC !G iC 5S m SG e: ss ft ' id i s as- v c ft !G a? £ R3 ' , „:5o, ( orr,r J HO O , t DC 6 l :S ,, 1 or,5 i; 5 ,5 5r l , j 5r f ' kf " . s u She ain ' t my best girl. Just necks be st. P i ,, " , P ' Bill M.: " Do you believe that people are living longcrr " Dick S.: " Certainly I ' ve never lived so long before in my life. " vy- 3g SS §g " Did your father have any last words to say? " " No, mother was with him to the last. " ag aa fid 0Q DO CO College Life: One-third of it is spent in bed and two-thirds of it is spent in bad. §6 9S m First Mother: " Did your boy win many prizes at College? " Second Mother (proudly): " He was presented with bath towels by forty different hotels. " §g m n i Kornese Wrav: " How arc you getting along with your Greek? " Margaret Doriot: " Now, leave my boy friends out of this. " i " ; OB DB OQ l Prof. Rutledge: " Is Aquino here? " Aquino: " Yes, sir. " Prof. R.: " Fine. That ' s the first question you have answered this year. " CJ ' -. 35 95 35 " y i Dr. Hogan: " You missed my class yesterday, didn ' t you? " Marv E. Ball: " Not in the least, sir, not in the least. " §§§«§§ Dr. Williams: " How many seasons in the year are there? " Dick Stewart: " There are three. Doctor — football, basketball and baseball. " Marv Wilson: " Are you going to the Union-Southwestern game? " Ruth Nunn: " I don ' t know. Who are they playing? " £ ; ' : §€ §5 §€ A ' ? The real time saver is the fellow who does his daily dozin ' in class. " gg §g §g Claude Burnett: " I graduate in May. Nane Starnes: " Allow me to congratulate the school. " 35 35 95 Prof. Hudson (on field trip): " You will observe that these trees have been well j » ' v ' i pruned. Travis MacDonald: " They certainly have. Why, I can ' t see a single prune. " §g §g §g People who live in glass houses should charge admission to their front yard. §g §€ §g ' Tolly " Polsgrove: " Is love an emotion, an instinct, or a passion? " " Doc " Stewart: " Brother, it ' s an art 05 One good way for a man to learn all about women is to marry one, and then he ' ll J learn all about all of the other women he ever looks at. u 95 Autographs Autographs Autographs

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