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; m EX Ll KlX " S u U»N , 133 I Iftf-ff do TIOT SCQTrl ikru oomh ages, WW does ad ihese hum P a 9 O drea.msof z)o itk. he zuil U5 .1 -O rnr " " Yr J CLASSES ATHLETICS =§ BARTON HALL [ 1+ ] CROOK HALL 15 ] ADAMS HALL LOVELACE HALL [ I? ] FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH | is ] PI 90s Dr. H. E. Watters is a man of myriad abilities. He is noted throughout the South for his executive ability. His affability has won praise from all who know him. His ability to accomplish those thing ' s that are most worthwhile and of most benefit to others makes him conform to Shakespeare ' s famous characterization: " He is a man, take him for all in all, We shall not sec his like again. " Henry Eugene Watteks, AM., D.D., L.L. D., President I 21 ] Davis Charles W. Davis. M.S.. Ph D. Chair of Biology and Agriculture. Arthur Warren Prince, A.M. Dean, and Chair of Chemistry. George Martin Savage, A.M., LL.D. President Emeritus; Chair of Logic md French. J. R. Mantey, Th.M., Th.D. Chair of Greek. L. R. Hogan, A.M., D.D. Chair of Education and Sociology. I. N. Penick, A.B.. D.D., Th.M. Chair of Theology. Hogan Penick Mantey [ 22 George W. Hess, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Chair of Mathematics. William Wallace Dunn, A.M. Chair of Physics and Astronomy. William P. Powell, A.B., A.M. Chair of English. W. L. Howse, A.B. Frank T. Kincaid, A.B., C.P.A. Commerce, Finance, and Accounting. L. DeWitt Rl ' tledgf., A.M. Chair of History and Political Science Howse Kincaid Rutledge Mrs. Taliaferro Mrs. Prince Mrs. Edward E. Taliaferro Head Voice Department. Joe N. Guyon Athletic Director. Mrs. Arthur Warren Prince, Director of Fine Arts. B.M ., M.M. Mrs. L .D. Rutledge, A.M. English Department. J. VI illis Stovall, A.B. English Assistant and Cur itor of Museum. Vivian Whitelaw. A.M. Teacher of German and S ' ere tary to President Mrs. Rutledge Stovall Miss Whitelaw Martin Davis GaACE POWER! Miss Charlotte Watson Director of Home Economics Martin Davis, B.S. Vocational Agriculture. Miss Grace Powers, A.B. Home Economics. Mrs. Ruth Barnes, A.B. Chair of Latin. Ms. Grant S. Huey, A.B., B.M., Th.M. Gospel Music. Miss Mary Evans Saunders, A.M., B.O. Expression. Mrs. Barnes Grant Huey Miss Saunders Mrs. Boaz Mrs. Maer Miss Tate Mrs. Summak MATRONS Mrs. Della Boaz - Matron Crook Hall Mrs. Mattie Maer - - - Matron Lovelace Hall Miss Mattie Tate - Assistant Matron Mrs. Emma Watters Summar - Librarian Paul Sloan Helen Baine Hal Carter Louise Benge Y. A. Pennington ASSISTANTS Chemistry French Mathematics and Chemistry Registrar ' Chemistry Paul Sloan Helen Baine Hal Carter Louise Benge Y. A. Pennington [ 26 ] A. S. Andrews Claire Gilbert Grady Evans Catherine Ronton R. W. Mank A. S. Andrews Claire Gilbert Grady Evans Catherine Routon R. W. Manker Vocational Department English Biology Home Ee. Greek Lyle T ho mason - c. n. coleman Jennie Ellen Houck Griff Dodds Talmadge Miller - Vocational English Physics Librarian Vocational Math. » iS Asst. Bookkeeper Lvle Thomason C. N. Coleman Jennie Ellen Houck Grift " Dodds Talmadge Miller [ 27 ] CLASSES yzssscrs — ■. % s E Thurman T. McLean. A.B. . Tennessee Appolonian Literary Society; Football; Baseball; Basketball; President Senior Class; Nestor Club; Alpha Tail Omega; Annual Staff; Card- inal and Cream Staff; Pan Helenic Council; Athletic Manager; President " U " Club. Russell Reed, A.B Tennessee Alpha Tan Omega; Appolonian Literary So- ciety; S. A. A.; President Pan Helenic Coun- cil; Assistant Manager Cardinal and Cream 1923-24; Manager Cardinal and Cream 1924-25. Catherine Stanfield, AB. . Tennessee Enonian Literary Society; Chi Omega; Hypatia Club; Annual Staff; A. T. O. Queen 1924; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Secretary Senior Class. Tennie B. Cole, A.B Tennessee Palladian Literary Society; Student Council; Hypatia Club; Strickland Contestant. Lacy R. Keele, A.B Tennessee Appolonian Literary Society; President J. R. Graves Society; Treasurer Four Square League; Business Manager S. A. A.; Manager Tennis Hub; Student Religious Council; Summar Med- al, 1922; Business Manager of 1925 " Lest We Forget. ' C. B. Baxter, A.B. . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Appolo ciety; Football; Baseball. . Tennessee an Literary So- I 30 ] t, " -- Grant S. Huev, A.B Illinois Nestor Club; Alpha Tau Omega; Bull Pup; Th.M., B.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Cecil H. Franks . . Nestor Club; Four Squ; Society; Annual Staff; S.; Cardinal and Cre; 1923-24; " U " Club. . . . . Tennessee re League; J. R. Graves Volunteer Band; C. L. m Staff; Cheer Leader Mrs. Grant S. Huey Illinois Hypatia Club; Chi Omega; B.M.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mrs. Ruth Barnes. A.B. . . Tennessee President Palladian Literary Society; Head of Latin Department 1924-25. Vergil A. Rose, A.B Tennessee Calliopean Literary Society; J. R. Graves So- ciety; Alpha Tau Omega. Justus M. James, A.B. . . . Kentucky J. R. Graves Society; G. M. Savage L ; terary Society; Four Square League; Mission Band. I 3 J ] Joe H. Parker, A.B Tennessee Appolonian Literary Society; Foo ' .ball; Basket- ball; Baseball; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Raymond A. Tate, A.B. . . Mississippi Appolonian Literary Society; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; " U " Club; Football; Baseball. Neva T. Speight, A.B. . . . Kentucky Enonian Literary Society; Hypatia Club; Chi Omega; Home Ec. Club; Annual Staff; Card- inal and Cream Staff; Student Activity Asso- Lorena Maness, A.B. . . . Tennessee Enonian Literary Society; Chi Omega; Hypatia Club; " U " Club Queen io- ' 4-- ' 5. W. E. Walker, A.B Tennessee Four Square League; G. M. Sayage Literary Society; T. R. Graves Society; Volunteer Band. W. G. Robixsox, A.B Tennes [ 32 ] James Hal Carter, A.B. . . Tennessee Nestor Club; Doctor ' s Club; Appolon ' an Liter- ary Society; Four Square League; Chemistry Assistant; Math. Assistant; Editor-in-Chief " Lest We Forget " ; Strickland Contestant. W. A. Pennington, B.S. . . Tennessee Nestor Club; Four Square League; G. M. Savage Literary Society; " U " Club; Football; Chemistry Assistant; Annual Staff; President Student Body 1924-25; Strickland Contestant. Claire Gilbert, A.B Tennessee Chi Omega; Editor Cardinal and Cream. 1925; Associate Editor of " Lest We Forget. " 1923- 24, ' -M- ' -S; Hypatia Club; Palladian; Author and Director of Home-Coming Pageant, 1924; Best all-Around Girl, 1924; Assistant in Eng- lish, 1923-25; Strickland Contestant. Gladys McMinn, A.B. . . . Tennessee Palladian Literary Society; Chi Omega; Hypa- tia Club. Kyle Davis, A.B. . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Appolc ciety; Aggie Club. Tennessee Jterary So- Frank L. Ricketts, A.B. . . . Missouri Four Square League; Nestor Club; President Student ' s Booster Club; Annual Staff; CalH- opean Literary Society; L R. G.; Volunteer Band; Cardinal and Cream Staff.. [ 33 ] Bruce E Kirkman, A.B. . . Tennessee Chi Omega; Hypata; Home Ec. Club; Enonian Literary Society. Mary Nell Hardeman, A.B. . Tennessee Graduate Freed-Hardeman ColleTe; Editor " The Skyroeke " ; Union University 1924-25; Chi Omega; Hypatia. Berta Akin, A.B Texas Palladian Literary Society; Chi Omega. Helen Baine, A.B Tennessee Enonian L ' ' terary Society; Chi Omega; Hypatia Club; French Assistant. Mabel Dunn, A. B Kentucky Chi Omega: President E. L. S.: Cardinal and Cream Staff: Home Er. Club; Student Council ' •-•-•23, ' 24. ' 25; Hypatia Club; Doctor ' s Club Queen. Evelyn Watters, A.B. . . . Tennessee Enonian Literarv Society; Hypatia Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Queen 1023- ' 24; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Annual Staff; Chi Omega. Harry D. McCormick, A.B. . . Kentucky G. M. Savage L iterarv Societv; T. R. Graves Society; Bethel College, Russellvilie Ky. W. K. Summitt, AB Missouri G. M. Savage Literary Society; Graduate Freed-Hardeman College. Kathleen Morrison, B.S. . . Tennessee Palladian Literary Society ; Karrie Karnes Bar- ry Medal Contestant. Leon A Warren, A.B Tennessee Palladian Literary Societv; Y. W. A.; Home Ec. Club. R. W. Manker, A.B Missouri Nestor Club; T. R. Graves Society; Card nal and Cream Staff; Greek Assistant. E. D. Brigance, A.B Tennessee - Fern O. Skiles, A.B Tennessee President Calliopean Literary Society; Bull Pup; Baseball, 1925; Four Square League. Robert Vern Kinsey, A.B. . . Tennessee Vice-President Calliopean Literary Society; Gym Class; Adam ' s Hall Governing Board. " Nina Curlin, A.B Tennessee Hypatia Club; Home Ec. Club; Preside it Enonan Literary Society; S. A. A.: Cardinal and Cream Staff; Queen of 1925 Student Bodv. Willie Sue Smith, A.B. . . . Tennessee Enonian Literary Society; President fiirls " TJ " Club; Student Council; Home Ec. Club. Ellis Eckstein, A.B Tennessee Nestor Club; Four Square League; CaJiopean Literary Society; " U " Club; Footbail; Gym Class. Carl Belew, A.B Tennessee Appolonian Literary Society. wmmmmmmm0 { 36 ] s enior ci ass T. T. McLean . W. A. Pennington Catherine Stanfield OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary BURLESQUE FOR SENIORS we ' ve come to the Seniors, a dignified gr ■ stately ther step as they forward troop. it be that four years have flown away e first thev entered? — Seems but yesterday And speaking of lovers brings to my mind Cat Stanfield and Helen— they ' re two of a kind. And our social lion is Russell Reed. In his garden of parties he allows no weed. Well we remember how with faltering feet We entered rooms where Profs and pupils meet ; How we crammed that first year to be able to sa " Oui Monsieur " to Dr. Savage in French every da: We labored in Trig, and in English we toiled Writing long book reviews — burning mid-night oil. Chemistry was a Jonah — how we passed no one There is Mabel Dunn— Doctor ' s Club Queen. A cuter girl you ' ve never seen. And queen of the U-club is dainty Lorena, You ' ll always remember once you have seen her. Que ith the Se re a specialty. Tennie B. reigns o ' er the Calliopean Society While queen of the student body is N ' na, Of all the girls you ' ll not see a finer. The girl we ' re so proud of is none other We ' ve featured in clubs, athletics and classes. We ' ve managed to pull through the deepest 1110 rasses. But before we leave, a word just here About some who ' ve made up the class this year. First, there ' s our president, Thurman McLean, His wonderful looks drive the girls all inane. And " Preacher " Pennington, of the student body president; When there ' s something to be done, is ne er lies ' taut. She ' s brought us more honors than anyone here And Raymond Tate is a regular clown. When he ' s about, it ' s impossible to frown. Joe Parker ' s the shiek when it comes to looks. Mary Nell ' s a shark when it comes to books. And there are " Poppie " and " Momnre. " our " Mr. and Mrs. " The still ikes Taken all in all we ' re a goodly bunch. And in days to come I have a hunch We ' ll all make good in this world of ou Although the path is not strewn with flu " Thor " Speight is the wittiest girl in school; She is a girl who is nobody ' s fool. Hal Carter ' s so in love with Louse Benge That on her words his whole fate doth hinge. Then farewell. Union, comrades and friends Fur we must not stop ' till our journey ends And when we ' ve come to life ' s setting sun May it be truly said of us each— " Well do: JUNIOR CLASS [ W ] JUNIOR CLASS ] __ __ " " " H JUNIOR CLASS Junior Class OFFICERS Gkady Evans President William Howse Vice-President Mary Hakkis Secretary BURLESQUE FOR JUNIOR CLASS Here ' s to the Juniors, God bless ' em! In most respectful tones we address ' em, For have they not wisdom, dignity and grace. And all that ' s becoming to ones in their place? Look at Grady, the president, so genial and joll But for all that, we know he ' s in love with Pol: And Charlie Dodds is the biggest flirt That ever made eves at any skirt. The man who gets Cat Routon for a wife Ought to thank his stars the rest of his life. They say a romantic lover is Stew, That he writes wonderfully thrilling love lyrics you. Benetta is one who is always well dressed. The boys all grant her slightest request. Maleita Everett, too, is a popular lass, You ' ve got to hand it to her when it comes to class. Aspiring maid When Everett proclaims— " L mustache! " One of the very nicest boys ( Tall, dark, good-looking— that hopes despairingly crash :laims— " Love me, love 1 Mistress Mary — but not contrary — How do your honors go? The most beautiful girl in Union U, And queen of A. T. O. A jolly good fellow is Andy, And with his feet most handy. The G. M. S. sought a queen, and so They bestowed that honor on Cora Lynn Lowe. A charming and beautiful girl is Juanita, Wherever she goes, men clamor to meet her. " I ' ll try anything once, so what do I care? " Asked lone, as the barber ' ponjolaed ' her hair. Dorothy and Carolyn, two Louisiana girls — With eyes of blue, and teeth like pearls. Freeman Priv ett, nightwatchman so tall. And his keen eyes skip nothing at all. Speaking of eyes — there ' s Donald Hinkle. His have the very merriest twinkle. And Givens Wright is one of those men Who is always just as neat as a pin. Juniors, enjoy all you can as you go along, For next year you ' ll sing the farewell song; And yuur heart will break too, when on that day They give you your diploma and send you away. 43 ] SOPHOMORE CLASS Harris Robinson Clifton Ma lone Polly Fite Mabel Donns Theohosia Irwin Russell Patterson I. W. T. SlLER T. I. Miller John Turner Russell Moore Gobo Mercer Ari hk B. Ross Lucile Donns Corinne Mllligan COTYS WlLLINGHAM I. P. Sloan Thos. Roote WlLSIE BENGE C. H. Robi VSON Zed Aydelott Boyte Thomas EniTH Peck Vernon Tomerlin George Payne Voleria Heaslet Ik a Cole SOPHOMORE CLASS Robert L. Bolin Sam Dowty Louise Carter J. A. Hart M. B. Howard Mrs. V. A. Rose Carl Young Ke Francis Arthur Rauscher Emma Sloan Y. C. Johnson F. A. Weeks Lucile Harmon t 47 ] • «► SOPHOMORJ a .ASS Joe Noryell I. 0. Dearing Troy McPeake RoiiERT MAGRUDER Cordelia West Alban Hooker NoRINE BRAMLEY Bruce Hanna Bessie Ray John Moorefield Leon Blrxett Reggie Ray Harvey Williams Alfred Mooxeyh M Florexce Ray Ara Alexander [ra M. Gordon- Morris Rachel John Moore A. E. Gurlev Gwendolyn Humphrie [ 48 ] Soph omove CI ass OFFICERS Harris Robinson President Corinne Milligan V ice-P resident Ara Alexander Secretary sophomore: The Sophor ■es ar e a happy lot. They thii lk they ' re vise, di jn ' t =av they ' re not. Among thei ranks are the w ise a nd dumb, Some are f r du ty a .id son- le fo r fi in. S OF TWENTY-FIVE Alfredo Mooneyham, known as Mooney, A mighty good fellow but a bit loony. Leon Burnett is built for a runner. But listen to his line— it ' s a hummer. Harris Robinson, the president, For Mabel Dodds has cast his net. Mabel is also queen of the Apps, Her merry ways win all the chap: Zed Aydelott is serious and sincere, While old Hooker doesn ' t worry or care. Turner and Miller are strong for books. And we all know it ' s Patterson for looks Georgie Porgie Puddin ' and Pie, Can kiss the girls and they never cry. The Katzenjammer Kids are Johnnie and Russe ' l, To escape their pranks you ' ll have to hustle. Ara Alexander is buddy to all. And manager and captain of basket ball. Lucille Dodds is meek and quiet. Much unlike Miss Polly Fite. Carl Young is to us King Sol, He furnishes the heat at Adams Hall. Fifty Hill is the kind that never thinks. His mind is as mixed as are his drinks. And then we have Voleria and Ke, Who like Sophomores can never agree. And there ' s the song bird Edward Kane, And Sheik Mercer our country swain. Harris and Thomas the chemistry sharks. Find they can ' t mix studies with larks. Givens Wright of the Student Council. Is sought by each erring damsel. In this class are many more still Good representatives of the school on the Hill. But it is not wise to mention them here. For the price of space is very dear. You the Sophomores of twenty-five. In twenty-seven will be Seniors tried; In twenty-eight and years to come The world will judge you one by one. Then prepare ye while ye may, No time ' s as good as is today. If while here you do your best Facing the world you ' ll stand the test. L. A. S. [ 49 FRESHMAN CLASS Alberta Young Clio Bailey Virginia Parker Chas. Howse Grady Carper Alfred Earn heart Laura Belle Jennings Maurine Morgan Gladys Andrews E. B. Abington Mary Rozzell Sidney Pugh Jacqueline Sexter Don Wilmoth Ella Wahl J. H. Jones Ruth Shaw Lillie Mai Nabors Irene Grimes GOLDYNE DrUMRH HT Claude Burnett Catherine Rogers Aubrey Reed Louise McCullough J. K. Jones DoRRIS KlRKMAN Robert Jones Evelyn Bryant Mary Follis Ann Pressnell Geo. Mahon Ben Collins [ 52 ] FRESHMAN CLASS Brownie Sandling Len Askew Audrey Barr Homer Appleton Ara Reed Eva Blount Robt. Howard Rosaline Fullerton Pete Walker Nell Cox Elizabeth Arnett Ryan Jones David Malone Jimmie Eason Mahlon Warren Louise Kee Frank Ray Mary Brady J. P. Johnson Mildred Gibson Almer Sublett Alma Joe Meals C. B. Laws Ruth Hardin Ernest Gullett Louise Freeman Sunshine Hudson J. B. Caldwell Catherine Upchurch James McMorris corinne koonce Gordon Pogue [ 53 ] FRESHMAN CLASS Clara Greene Jewel Bradford Ernest Parrot T. H. B ratten Roy Lanier Ida Mae Thomas Ki th Adair LOREXE YEARWOOD L. A. Moon- James Wiseheart Grace Hart Carrie B. Reynolds Berxile Carter Wm. Rutledge Robt. Ekrct Alma Deloach Alberta Gillespie Mrs. J. E. Sum mitt Freed Bell Earl Barnes Edward Fullerton Mary D. McIlwaine Ruby Manning Glenn Boon Nat Porter Boyce Smith Grady Martin- Iris Adair Milo Whalev Sara Pennington Tyson Cole Mrs. Y. F. Smith 54 ] Freshman Class Charles Howse Nat Porter FRESHMAN OFFICERS President Secretary BURLESQUE FOR FRESHMAN CLASS Seniors were born for great things. Sophs were born for fmall; But it is not recorde d why Freshmen were born at all. But listen dear readers and you shall hear Of our Freshman class ' personnel. They ' re young and they ' re green, but they ' re bad lot, Now listen and I ' ll tell you some ways that got. Charles Howse is the president, and he ' s ( dandy — With the girls is always handy. Shep is a lion ' mongst the ladies too. He always knows just what to do. Who is il : so happy all the day Who ' s ah •vays merrily humming •Tis one whom people call Loui The char; ning queen of S. A. A girl as popular as Mildred Really ha s no right to be sore - But no n latter how many swai She Mc In classes Aubrey doesn ' t a thing But wonder when the bell will rinf. Vet with the girls he ' s not so slow As Jimmie can probably tell you so. Nat wishes on a star so bright For a date with Jacqueline every night. Some girls like soup and bouillon too, But Ryon will have nothing else but Ste Lillie Mai is not only football queen, But also o ' er Tate ' s heart she rules supr Famous lovers — Bob and Cleo, A ' - ' ; edition of Juliet and Romeo. " If you can ' t get along with one or two. You ' re much better off with three " — He puts this theory into practice too. Bob Howard from " Gay Paree. " (hiii L T pchurch for wit is noted. Than Shakespeare, she ' s more probably quoted. Tall, blond, good-looking is Sidney Pugh — And secretly adored by the ladies too. Nell Cox the piano surely does play, She ' s also played Jack ' s heart away. A perfect dear is Alma Joe, Just ask the boys -- they ' ll tell you so. A confirmed philanderer is Claud Burnett. No one could help but discern it. I could tell you of others would space permit But since it doesn ' t, right here I must quit. [ 55 ] SPECIAL STUDENTS E. B. Abbixgtox Ruth Archer Lex Askew Frances Aosban Mary Math Barfield Mary Beard Berxadixe Brixkman Ramsey Hawkins Haak E. R. Harper R. D. Hollowell C. L. Kxight Mrs. Beatrice Keeler Irexe Lowe Axxie B. Clopton G. E. Cole max E. C. Crawford Miss Eunice Dawks Mabel Edextox Lucille Fowler J. L. Hall Axxa Hall McDougall Katie Ray Elizabeth Rice Mrs. J. W. Stovall H. A. Turner Mardex Waiters Mrs. Jewell D. Mann R. J. Westmoreland II Department of Fine Arts Mrs. A. W. Prince, B.M., M.M., Director Under the able direction of Mrs. A. W. Prince, the Conservatory has been making splendid progress. The enrollment has been increasing and this year shows marked success. Mrs. Prince is widely known for her musical ability both as a teacher and as an artist. She has been organist at the First Baptist Church of this city since 1909 ; and Director of Conservatory of Music, Union University, since 1910. The piano-forte occupies a place of dignity and value, and rightly deserves treatment commensurate with its place as a factor in musical education. Post-graduate, graduate, and work for teachers of piano is offered. [ 57 ] ..%W inn Ml ■■ III i S Catherine Stanfield . . Diploma in Piano Grace Powers Certificate in Violin Frank Ricketts Certificate in Violin Helen Buck . . Winner Medal State Federated Music Club PIANO STUDENTS I •- , Voice Department Mrs. Edward E. Taliaferro Head of Department The Voice Department is indeed fortunate in having at its head Mrs. Edward E. Taliaferro. Mrs. Taliaferro is a native of this city. The enrollment of the Department is indeed increasing and the outlook for the coming year is very promising. Mrs. Taliaferro has studied with the best teachers in America. For several years she had a private studio in Nashville. She was elected head of the Voice Department in Union University in the fall of 1924. Under her leadership, the Department shows much development and we are sure this will steadily increase. VOICE STUDENTS BENETTA BlLLlNGTON Willie Deaton Ke Francis Edward Kane Louise Kee Jacqueline Senter Miss Charlotte Watson Department of Gospel Music Mr. Grant S. Huey, B.M., Th M. Head of Department The Department of Gospel Music was added to the University this vear, under the direction of Mr. Huey. Mr. Huey is a successful Gospel singer, and has finished the work with Mr. Reynolds of the Southwestern Baptist Seminary. We are expecting this department to be very popular, since there is a great demand for Gospel singers. BOYS QUARTETTE Department of Instrumental Music Prof. Raymond Guyon Head of Department With the beginning of the .year of 1923,-24, Union University saw a new department in action. It was then that Union first added this department of Fine Arts Courses. The school has not mis-judged the need of this department and a large number of students enrolled for this work. Mr. Guyon is a capable teacher and director, having been director of several large orchestras and bands. His mastery of the stringed and wind instruments shows his ability, intellectuality and musicianship. The University band and orchestra are making much progress, and we feel sure that the future shall be bright for the entire department. [ 61 ] SAXOPHONE ORCHESTRA VIOLIN STUDENTS V. Allison Wtllie Deaton Ke Francis Beanton Heathcock Sunshine Hudson Velma Jones Billy Kirbv Thomas Love Grady Martin Dora Mooxey Virginia Moore Preston Omar Dorothy Penrose Grace Powers Max Ray Frank Ricketts Leonard Schaeffer I 62 ] Department of Expression Miss Mary Evans Saunders, A.M. Head of Department The Expression Department is one of the many strong departments of the Conservatory. Under the able direction of Miss Saunders the department has increased its enrollment be- yond that of recent years. Miss Saunders has studied extensively. South and has always been recognized as i She has given many programs throughout the reader of no little renown. 6s ] EXPRESSION STUDENTS Alice H. Allen Mary Beard Jvaxita Booth Virginia Baird Leslie Brooks, Jr. Louise Carter Wilma Cherry Ira Cole Eula May Collier Callie May Croswell Tennie B. Cole J. O. Dearing Sara Elston Louise Freeman Lucille Fowler Mrs. E. M. Ferrell Grace Hart J. L. Hall Lucille Harmon Marie Keaton Lacy Keele C. B. Laws Cora Lynn Lowe Mrs. Leonard Loyd Lester Moon Maurine Morgan- Earl Peoples Rita Pontius Millard Pratt Morris Rachel Elizabeth Rice Earl Robertson, Jr. Ardie B. Ross Mary Rozzeli. Lucille Stone Virginia Stone Billy Varnell Joe Varnell Ella Wahl F. A. Weeks Nancy Williams Elsie Wolfe [ 6i Department of Home Economics Miss Charlotte Wat.- Director Under the able direction of Miss Charlotte Watson the Department of Home Economics has made splendid progress. The enrollment is more than double that of last year. Miss Watson has charge of the entire science division of Home Economics. Union University now offers courses leading to a B.S. degree in Home Economics which qualifies a graduate to teach in any Smith-Hughes or Vocational High School department. Teacher training and related art courses are included in the curriculum. A six-room cottage is furnished and decorated for senior students taking laboratory courses in Home Management. They occupy the house for one term, assuming the responsibility of household operations under the direction of a supervisor. The girls have organized a Home Ec. Club and are doing splendid work for the depart- COOKING CLASS SEWING CLASS I 66 ] Department of Art and Interior Decorad ion Grace A. Powers Head of Department Miss Grace Powers, teacher, trainer, holds a B.S. degree in Home Economics from Union University and has done special work at the University of Tennessee. She has under her charge the Art Department which includes courses in Art, Clothing, and Home Economics Education. Miss Powers was instrumental in obtaining for Union the rank that it has in Smith-Hughes Vocational Training. This rank makes it possible for teachers having a degree from this department to teach in Smith-Hughes Vocational Schools. [ i; " ] ART STUDENTS Iris Adair Ruth Adair Gladys Andrews Ruth Archer Elizabeth Arnett Cleo Bailey Mrs. Audrey Barr Louise Benge Eva Blount Jewell Bradford Noreene Bramley James Branch Bernadine Brinkman Evelyn Bryant Louise Carter Nina Curlin Morgan Davis Willie Deaton Alma DeLoach Lucille Dodds Mabel Dodds Mabel Dunn Jimmie Eason Mabel Edenton Pauline Fite Sunshine Hudson Gwendolyn Humphrey; Gladys Hunt Marjorie Hunt Irene Johnson Ryon Jones Lol ' ise Kee corinne koonce Irene Lake Cora Lynn Lowe Louise McCullough Alma Joe Meals Corinne Milligan Johnny Moorefield Lillie Mae Nabors George Payne Edith Peck Sara Pennington Azalea Preston Edna Reams Carrie Belle Reynolds Katherine Rogers Eunice Roy Ressie Smith Willie Sue Smith Catherine Stanfield Mrs. J. E. Sum mitt Ella Wahl Leona Warren evely ' n watters Alberta Young I 68 ] AT«i ETfctS ' •f h,,iiiu7: .,jr,A . ' —r j T) Joseph Napoleon Guyon Born in wigwam on the White Earth Reservation of the Chippewa Tribe in Minnesota, Nov. 26, 1894. NOTABLE EVENTS IN CAREER ( 1 ) Ran ten miles back to Reservation the first time that he saw a train. (2) Entered Haskell Industrial School [or Indians at the age of eleven, and had repu- tation of being clumsiest boy in school. (3) After two years in Haskell Institute, he spent four years on the Reservation. (4) Entered Carlisle in 1912. Played tackle on the team with Jim Thorpe that same year. Played halfback on the same team in 1913, making Walter Camp ' s All-American. (5) Entered Keewatin Preparatory School at Waukesha, Minn. Played football, basket- ball, and baseball. (6) Entered Georgia Tech in 1916, starred on the Freshman team. Won four first track meets. (7) Made letters in football, basketball, and track in 1917-18 while in Georgia Tech. The " Big Chief " carried the ball against Vanderbilt in 1917 for almost 300 yards. (8) Coached Union football squad and played professional baseball in 1919. (9) Played baseball with Atlanta Southern League Club 1920 to 1923 and was rated as one of the best outfielders in the Southern League in 1923. (10) Coached the Union Bulldogs in 1923-24 and played professional baseball with Little Rock Southern League Club in summer of 1924. He was one of the best hitters in the League, securing 201 hits during the season. (11) Coached the Union Bulldogs again in 1924-25 and turned out a football and basket- ball team that LInion will always praise. He is noted for the pep and fight that he instilled into his team. [ 69 CAPTAINS Robert Westmoreland Football Joe H. Parker Basket Ball Roy Stewart Base Ball Ara Alexander ' Basket Ball ( Girls ' ) Russell Moore Bullpups MANAGERS T. T. McLeax Football T. T. McLean Basket Ball T. T. McLean Base Ball Ara Alexander Basket Ball ( Girls ' ) Lacy R. Keele Tennis ASSISTANT COACHES Roy Stewart Football Roy Stewart Basket Ball ( Bovs ' ) Sam T. Dowty Basket Ball ( Girls ' ) Roy Stewart Base Ball YELL LEADERS Everett Watters Aubrey Rked Robert Howard I 70 STEW ENDEAVORING TO BREAK THROUGH IN U. T. DOC. GAME Roy Stewart Halfback 172 Pounds One of the best halfbacks ever seen on a Union University gridiron. He won the respect of all. especially that of his fellow players. He will be back next year to help the Bull Dogs work their way into the ranks of the best teams of the South. Joe Parker Quarterback 160 Pounds R. A. Tate Halfback 170 Pounds Tate ' s last year on the team was a glorious one. He went through the opponent ' s line as if it were made of dummies. When a first down was needed Tate was sure to be called on. The " Bull Dogs " will miss this very valuable man next vear and his position will be hard to fill. Robert Westmoreland Fullback 180 Pounds Parker H Ur this year with the friend- ship and respect of all the fellows, " tote " that oval on a broken-field run and is con- sidered one of the best quarterbacks that ever gen- eraled the Bull Dogs. He was voted best all- around man by the team. style. and led his te ty.4 " SEE THE CRISS-CROSS ' Alfred Mooneyham Fullback Pounds ' " Frog Foot " fought hard in carrying the old pig skin. He still holds his reputation as a line plun- der. When his opponents saw him coming they ; ' shore did shift ' em dogs. " He was also a good man on the defense. .Grady Evans Center-Guard 200 Poun: " Big Boy Grad " was out last season on account an injured knee. In the first game th ; s season slightly injured it again but after a short rest was back in his old stride of two years ago. He 11 be back next year ready to hit Alabama hard. Thurman McLean End 175 Pounds " Hack " was a bulwark on the defense and a master of the situation on the offense. He was a sure tackier and a good receiver of passes. He was always a terror to his opponents. He leaves this year with many honors and the respect of all. Charlie Dodds, Captain-Elect Guard-Tackle 173 Pounds " Charlie Our Boy " was dependable, aggressive, and very consistent. He will be back early in the ' 25 season to start his Bull Dogs to work. By his hard work he will be able to lead the Bu(l Dogs through a real successful season. [ -3 ] ' HERE COMES THE RUNNER AROUND THE END " Raymond Jiixger Guard 190 Pounds " Rabbit " Juinger always hit hard and quick. occasionally " Dug Under " but when he came out he was hard to handle. He was characterized bv his hard work and true fighting spirit. He will be back next year to don a Bull Dog uniform. Bex n ie Mercer Tackle 185 Pounds Those who saw him at Alabama need no intro- duction as to his tenacity and fighting spirit. He could always be depended on to get the man who [ loyal fighter vhistle blew. stopped until the final W. A. Pennington End 170 Pounds " Preacher " did not make his letter until his Senior year, but he played the game like an all-American. It was next to impossible for the opponent to gain around his end and he was " death " on forward passes. There was not a more determined fighter on the team. Ellis Eckstein Center 190 Pounds This was " SkinneyV first and last year as he leaves Union in June. He had the tenacity of a true Bull Dog and never said " Give up. " He was one of our hardest scrappers. [ 74 ] " STEW NABBED Jack Harris End 165 Pounds Jack made his first letter in football this year. He always played hard, was a game fijhter and through his loyalty won an everlasting place in the hearts of the spectator and his teammates. Claude Burnett Guard 185 Pounds Claude made good his first year. He had to fight hard for his place, however, he had the determina- tion which won out. He will be back next year ready to enter the first fray. THIS ONE " Walter Sheparu Tackle 175 Pounds " Shep " was a very aggressive player. He made the team his first year. He is expected to be back next year to don a football uniform with his fellow- Bulldogs. He is a clean sport and a hard fighter. Jacob Johnson Tackde 180 Pounds Johnson was one of the mo:t enduring fighters that ever wore a Bulldog uniform. He fought like a veteran all the time. Johnson got a letter and also won a likable place in the hearts of his team- mates his first year in Union. John Jones Guard 185 Pound; " Hungry " was late in getting started but after he once got under way he sure did show his stuff. This is Jones ' first year in Union and he is to be commended for making a letter his first year, espec- ially after getting such a late start. [ 75 ] SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL SEASON VARSITY University of Alabama 55 Ouachita 12 Bethel College 6 U. T. Doctors 33 West Term. Normal University of Chattanooga 6 Cumberland University 13 Carson-Newman 2j Spring Hill 6 Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Total I si Total no BULL PUPS Murray, Ky., Normal Brownsville H. S 6 Hall Moody 13 Union City High 12 Total 31 Pups Pups Pups Pups Total 71 F 76 ] SUMMARY OF BOYS ' BASKETBALL SEASON Jonesboro Y. M. C. A 28 Cairo Aces 34 Jonesboro College 17 University of Mississippi 39 University of Mississippi 21 Jackson Y 21 Jackson Y 23 Bemis Y 34 Bemis Y 26 Hall Moody 24 Marble Hill, Mo 44 Marble Hill, Mo 29 Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un Un 48 54 ■29 23 39 34 2A Total ■340 Total 402 [ 7! RESULTS OF SEASON Union Terriers had a short season in 1924-1925, only playing five games. They met some of the strongest teams the south can claim, including Peabody, Ole Miss (2), and V. W. C. A. (2). With many of this year ' s letter girls back the outlook for 1925-1926 is very bright. Forwards Burnett Whaley Bradford Andrews Centers Alexander (c) Cox Guards Upchurch Grimes Arnett t 80 ] : i — -— - , - — n — - — n — g -i ,i m»»mi , i » » ' - ■ ' »■ i n » i ■ -y J i ? f y » 0 ' v.f io i SUMMARY OF BASE BALL SEASON March 28 — Hall-Moody, at Jackson — Union 4, Hall-Moody 1 ; Union 12, Hall-Moody 3; Union 10, Hall-Moody o. March 30-31 — University of Mississippi, at Oxford, Miss. — Union 2, " Ole Miss " 9; Union o, " Ole Miss " 10. April 13 — University of Wisconsin, at Jackson — Union 3, Wis- consin S. April 21-22 — Memphis Normal, at Memphis — Union n, Nor- mal 4; Union 10, Normal 8. April 23-24 — Joneshoro Agricultural School, at Jonesboro — Un- ion 6, Jonesboro Aggies 4; Union in, Jonesboro Aggies 9. May 8-9 — Memphis Normal, at Jackson — Union 4, Normal 3 ; Union 15, Normal 2. May 13-14 — Oglethorpe University, at Jackson — Union 0, Ogle- thorpe 7; Union 3, Oglethorpe 12. May 15-16 — Jonesboro Agricultural School, at Jackson — Union [2, Jonesboro Aggies 0; Union 10, Jonesboro Aggies 1. April 25 — Jonesboro College, at Jonesboro — Union 11, Jones- boro 1. May 5, 6, 7 — Jackson Giants, at Jackson — Union 0, Giants 7 ; Union 6, Giants 5; Union 2, Giants 15. Games Won 13 TOTAL Games Lost 7 [ 82 ] THE TENNIS CLUB IN ACTION FAVORITE i ' ■ - " Trim ' MISS MARY DEAN HARRIS MOST BEAUTIFUL FAVORITE OF A. T. O. FRATERNITY MISS NINA NORVELL CURLIN QCEEN OF STUDENT BODY MISS LILLIE MAI NABORS QUEEN OF FOOTBALL MISS CORA LYXX LOWE FAVORITE OF G. M. SAVAGE LITERARY SOCIETY MISS ANNIE MABEL DODDS FAVORITE OF APOLLONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY [ 89 MISS LORENA MANESS FAVORITE OF U. CLl ' B [ 90 ] MISS TENNIE B. COLE FAVClRITL OF CALLIOPEAX LITERARY SOCIETY t 91 ] MISS MABEL DUNN FAVORITE OK DOCTOR ' S CLUE MISS LOUISE LOVE KEE FAVORITE OF S. A. E. FRATERNITY MR. ROY STEWART union ' s best aix-round « 1 9.3 ] Associate Editors • Claire Gilbert, Givens Wright Class Editors Cecil Franks, Cora Lynn Lowe Art Editors Catherine Routon, Carl Young Literary Editors T. T. McLean, Neva T. Speight, George Payne Photographic Editor Frank Ricketts Fine Arts Editor Willie Deaton Athletic Editor W. A. Pennington Joke Editor Evelyn Watters Advertising Manager Russell Patterson Circulation Manager Harris Robinson Assistant Circulation Manager .... ... Catherine Stanfielh 1926 Manager Freeman Privett CARDINAL AND CREAM. STAFF Claire Gilbert Russell Reed William Howse Cora Lynn Lowe Harris Robinson lorena maness Thomas Silek Bess Stanford Evelyn Waiters Clifton Malone Catherine Routon George Payne Willie Deatox C H. Franks Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Frank Ricketts Nina Curlin Freeman Priyett Catherine Stanfield T. T. McLean CARDINAL AND CREAM UNION UNIVERSITY, JACKSON, TENN., FRIDAY, MARCH G CARSON AND NEWMAN DEFEATED IN DEBATE gle ■r : CI, I B TO STAGE M1NSTRE1 Organization Contributes t Mississippi Champions STUDENTS ELECT PRESIDENT AND QUEEN STAR END RE- Preacher Pennington Gets V It WS SE S( l Hl K ,iest Honor and Miss Nabors Is Made Foot- McLean Tells of Year ' s ball Qu Tribulations and Vic- tories on Gridiron. CARDINAL AND CREAM CVKIIIN VI. M ( ' HEA)I ; f.M.-..«V ■ N ■■,• ' ! William Howse Ira C. Cole Neva T. Speight Lacy R. Keele STUDENT ACTIVITY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary look Store Manager rt ! a O. STUDENT ACTIVITY ASSOCIATION mmmm—mmmm Mabel Dunn Hal Carter Tennie B. Cole STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Hal Carter President Givens Wright Vice-President Mabel Dunn Recording Secretary Tennie B. Cole Corresponding Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL [ 101 ] Gfp a y ' h - " v v % TOfTHOQ F5WgM¥0 i SijSS Joe H. Parker T. T. McLean . R. A. Tate PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary S. A. E. W. L. Howse, Jr. Joe H. Parker R. A. Tate A. T. O. T. T. McLean Givens Wright Roy Stewart CHI OMEGA Catherine Routon Claire Gilbert Mrs. Grant 5. Huey [ 104 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was Founded September n, 18.5 Colors : Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower : White Tea Ro e Otis A. Glazebrouk FOUNDERS Alfred Marshall Erskin M. Ros OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS THE ALPHA TAU OMEGA PALM Frank W. Scott, Editor CONGRESS DAILY CHAPTER PUBLICATION THE BETA TAU OUTLOOK By Members Alumni Associations Fifty Six Active Chapters Eighty Seven FRATRES IN URBE Dr. G. M. Savage Dr. C. W. Davis Dr. J. R. Mantev F. T. Kincaid A. V. Patton W. P. Moss Dr. S. M. Herron Joe S. Gest W. R. Phillips Giles Grady C. T. Starkey I. A. Nunk M. L. Taylor F. H. Phillips H. G. Arnold Lamar Hicks W. W. Pope W. H. Jernigan A. D. Muse Roy Hall Judge W. W. Faw John Muse Judge J. W. Ross Jack Harris FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. G. M. Savage Dr. J. R. Mantey Prof. F. T. Kincaid Dr. C. W. Davis FRATERNITY YELL Ruh-Rah-Rega, Alpha Tau Omega. Hip, Hurrah ! Hip Hurrah ! Three cheers for Alpha Tau. Rah! Rah! Rah! CHAPTER YELL Co Whic Co Whac Co Jicita Jack Jackita Jick Jicata Jo Hullabaloo for A. T. O. Hullabaloo, rah, rah. Alpha Tau Beta Tau ! Rah, rah, rah, Hi ricta, umptie o, What ' s the matter With A. T. O? [ 105 ] FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1925 T. T. McLean Alamo, Term! Kyle Davis Jackson, Term. Russell Reed Dyer, Teim. Grant S. Huey Jackson, Term. Class ok 1926 Grady Evans Liberty, Term Givens Wright Nashville, Term Hersell Jennings Halls, ' enn Roy Stewart Haskell, Texa: A. S. Andrews Spring Creek, Term Charles Dodds Savannah, Term Griff Dodds Savannah, Tenn Class of 1927 H. M. Williams Eagleville, Tenn. John Moore Halls, Tenn. Russell Moore Halls, Tenn. Jack Harris Jackson, Tenn. A. A. Hooker Memphis, Tenn. Wm. Hill Jackson, Tenn. Ke Francis Guntown, Miss. Harris Robinson Jackson, Tenn. J. A. Hart Halls, Tenn. Clifton M alone Jackson, Tenn. Arthur Rauscher Memphis, Tenn. Class of 1928 Aubrey Reed Dyer, Term: Sidney Pugh Halls, Term. Dux Wilmoth Ada, Okla. Roy Lanier Brownsville, Tenn. Claude Burnett Ridgely, Tenn. Ben Collins Lewisburg, Tenn. Pledge Haley Scott Jackson, Tenn ID W r " i ' I CHI OMEGA Founded at University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Ark., April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: While Carna.iun Dr. Charles Richardson Allie Simonds THE ELEUSIS THE MYSTAGOGUE THE OWL ... FOUNDERS JOBELLE HOLCOMB PUBLICATIONS Jean Yincenhellef Ina Mai Boales Helen Nieman, Editor Annie C. Whitesile, Editor Helex Niemax, Editor CHAPTER PUBLICATION THE UPSILON HOO HOO Claire Gilbert, Editor SORORES IN UBRE Mrs. George Bbandean Mrs. Harris Brown Sarah V. Clement Catherine Clement Mrs. Robert Grove Mrs. George Rauscher Mrs. William Shires Laura Grady Mrs. Irving Raixey Mrs. Jewell Coppadge Sunshine Derryberry Maki Axxa Lanier Virginia Jackson Mrs. Claude Roper Mrs. Zeke Johnson Marie Rutledge Ann Warden- Lucille Rice Mrs. J. T. Warmath Lillian- Watters SORORES IN FACULTATE Vivian Whitelaw Grace Powers Mrs. A. W. Prince Mrs. M. M. Summar Charlotte Watson YELL We ' ll try, We ' ll vie. We ' ll never, never die, Chi, Chi Omega, Chi. [ 108 ] UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1904-191 1 Re-established June 2, 1924 SORORES IN Class of 1925 Berta Akin Marshall, Texas Helen Baine Bolivar, Tenn. Mabel Dunn La Center, Ky. Claire Gilbert Paris, Tenn. Mary Nell Hardeman ... Henderson, Tenn. Fraxkie Hi ' EV Jackson, Tern. Lorena Maness. Henderson, Tenn Neva T. Speight La Center, Ky. Catherine Stanfield Jackson, Tenn. Evelyn Watters Jackson, Tenn. Class of 1926 Bexetta Billixgton Wicklitfe, Ky Florence Booth Maury City, Tenn. Willie Deaton Bethel Springs. Tenn. Dorothy Donn Shreveport, La. Carolyn Fisher Keatchie, La. Mary Harris Jackson, Tenn. Catherine Routon Paris, Tenn. UNIVERSITATE Class of 1927 Ara Alexander McKenzie, Tenn. Louise Carter Bolivar, Tenn. Voleria Heaslet Clinton, Ky. Class of 1928 Nelle Cox Bolivar, Tenn. Jimmie Eason Jackson, Tenn. Mildred Gibson Paris, Tenn. Ddrris Kirkman Union City, Tenn. Ryon Jones Wicklif fe, Ky Alma Joe Meals Gibson. Tenn. Katiierixe Upcfiurch Paris, Tenn. Pledges Elizabeth Arnett Bolivar. Tenn. Sunshine Hudson Malesus, Tenn. Louise Kee Bentonville, Ark. Corinne Koonce Memphis, Tenn. Edith Peck Little Rock, Ark. t. r 6 , [ ni SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alabama, March o, i£ Colors: Royal Purple and Old Go!d Flower: Violet Noble Leslie Devotie John Webb Curr Wade H. Foster FOUNDERS Nathan Elam Cockrell John Barnett Rudolph Abner Edward Patton Samuel Martin Dennis Thomas Chappell Cook THE RECORD PHI ALPHA LION ' S PAW PUBLICATIONS William C. Levere, Editor T. Gibson Hobbs, Editor Convention Daily SOME ACTIONS OF ETA CHAPTER PUBLICATION Joe H. Parker, Editor A. M. Alexander A. M. Alexander, Jr. Ralph Alexander Eugene Anderson H. C. Anderson Asa Jones Biggs Lennie F. Biggs W. F. Barry, Jr. T. D. Bledsoe C. G. Bond R. H. Bond S. S. Bond C. H. Brown C. B. Brown F. W. Budde Perry Callahan Dr. E. B. Campbell O. V. Chesbro Burns Carroll John M. Carroll R. T. Carroll Dr. C. H. Crego, Jr. H. L. Dement James J. Diffee FRATRES IN URBE S. J. Everett John W. Enochs Howard Emboden L. L. Fonville Lawrence Garland Percy Glisson Charles Gates C. N. Harris B. M. Hereon Dr. W. L. Howse C. L. James S. B. Johnson T. C Long W. C. Lowe Thomas McCorry Dr. E. D. McDoigall I. B. Tigrett Charles McGee John Merriwether Ike Merriwether Hewitt Merriwether H. R. Moore, Jr. T. J. Murray, Jr. Roger Murray David Murray J. R. McKinney Cason Nichols F. M. Patton C. E. Pigford Harry C Ross W. G. Saunders Hearn Spragins W. L. Stegall Albert A. Stone Charles Steen C. M. Thompson W. T. Thompson A. K. Tigrett W. G. Timberlake Carl D. Vineyard H. W. White, Jr. T. J. White, Jr. Dr. R. B. White J. L. Williams J. L. Wisdom Roger Wooten YELL Phi Alpha Alicazee, Phi Alpha Alicazon, Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ! Rah, Rah, Bon Ton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ! Ruh, Rah, Ruh. Rah, Ruh, Rah, Reel Tennessee Eta, S. A. E. [ Hi ' ] TENNESSEE ETA CHAPTER Established 1867 Guv Leepek FOUNDERS H. W. McCorry Stoddert Caruthers FRATRES IN FACULATE Prof. W. L. Howse FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1925 Joe H. Parker Jackson, Tenn. Raymond A. Tate. . ' . .Water Val ' ey, Miss. Class of 1926 Everett Watters Jackson, Tenn. William Howse, Jr Jackson. Ten ' . Robert Westmoreland Jackson, Tenn. Donald Hinkle Jackson, Tenn. Joel H. Clark Gre:nfieU, Tenn, Class of 1927 George A. Payne Bardwe ' l, Ky. Watt H. Moore Jackson, Tenn. Vernon Tomerlin Mercer, Tenn. Carl Young Nashville, Tenn. Zed Aydelott Greenfield, Tenn Morgan Davis Mercer, Tenn. Class of 1928 Walter Shepard Penton, Miss. David Malone Jackson, Tenn. Charles Howse Jackson, Tern. Bransford Whitlow Jackson, Tenn. Nat Porter Paris. Tenn. Robert Howard Paris, Tenn. George Mahon New Or ' eans, Li. Wendell Spragins Jackson, Tenn. Lamar Spragins Jackson, Tenn. [ U3 ] I 114 J THE FOUR SQUARE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Paul Sloan Hal Carter Lacy Keele OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Hal Carter YV. A. Pennington Ellis Eckstein Fern Skiles J. M. James W. E. Walker Grady Evans C. H. Franks Oda Teague ROLL Lacy Keele John Turner Lyle Thomason Hubert Prathek C. N. Coleman B. M. Mercer Frank Ricketts Cotys Willingham J. W. Stoyall Givens Wright Raymond Juinger Paul Sloan Russell Patterson Thomas Siler Freeman Priyett Talmadge Miller The Union University Branch of the Four Square League of America was chartered May i, 1923. The first meetings were held in the Calliopean Literary Society Hall on th_ first Thursday night of each month. With this beginning we have grown and developed until now we have thirty members, every one prominent in Union activities. We are proud of our achievements this year and feel that we are better situated to be of benefit to more of the voung men. The purpose of this organization is that each member live up to the principles by our name and be " Four Square " to all the world. jested L i FOUR. SQTJv Ieague OP AMERICA m s ftk • V ► v Vi :: 44 y y V s 117 ] t rj OFFICERS -irjr 1 erm Seeo id Term Hal Carter President Cecil Franks Pr esident Cecil Franks Vice-President Frank Ricketts Vice-Pr esident V. A. Pennington Secretary R. W. Manker Se •retary R. W. Manker . C. and C. Reporter Thi, Roy Stewart . T. T. McLean C. N. Coleman Ellis Eckstein 11. VV. Prather I Term President Vice-President Secretary . C. and C. Reporter . C. and C. R ' porter MEMBERS Grant S. Huey C. H. Franks Hal Carter R. W. Manker A. W, Prince C. N. Coleman T. T. McLean H W. Prather Frank Ricketts Ellis Eckstein Y. A. Pennington W. F. Privett Roy Stewart Claire Gilbert Nina Curlin Evelyn Walters Helen Baine Benetta Billington Tennie B. Cole Nina Curlin Mabel Dunn Claire Gilbert HYPATIA CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Nell Hardeman- Mary Harris Mrs. Grant S. Huey Cora Lynn Lowe LoRENA MANESS Prof. W. P. Powell President -President Secretary Neva T. Speight Catherine Stanfield Mrs. J. W. Stovall Catherine Routon Evelyn Watters hubert prather Boyte Thomas Harvey Williams Thomas Route J. E. Sum mitt David Malone A. A. Hooker Boyte Thomas Thomas Roote Harvey Williams Givens Wright J. W. Stovall A. W. Prince Russell Moore Roy Lanier Carl Young DOCTORS CLUB Iohn Moore B. M. Mercer Oda Teague George Mahon J . K. Jones Tyson Cole Hal Carter T. H. Bratten Hersell Jennings Homer Appleton Robert Magruder Bernis Etheridge President ' ice-President Secretary C. Reporter ' Prather Bell Andrews 120 ] Cora Lynn Lowe DORKIS KlRKMAN Ruth Shaw- Ella Wahl CoRINNE MlLLIGAN Katherine Rogers Catherine Routon Louise McCulloug Catherine Stanfie Jimmie Eason LoRENA MANESS Ryon Jones Ella Wahl Jewell Bradford HOME EC. CLUB OFFICERS Edith Peck Eva Blount Evelyn Watters Carrie Belle Reyi Cleo Bailey Cora Lynn Lowe Leo.na Warren Bruce Kirkman Wilsie Benge Lucille Dodds Evelyn Bryant Louise Carter Mabel Dunn corinne koonce Miss Watson Dorris Kirkman Mabel Dodds Mrs. J. W. Stovall Willie Sue Smith voleria heaslet President Vice-President Secretary Treasur er SUNSHI ne Hudson Paulin E FlTE Willie Deaton Tennie B. Cole Louise Benge Grace Powers Sara P ennington Albert a Young Louise Kee AGGIE CLUB Winter Term Griff Dodds A. S. Andrews Lyle Thomason OFFICERS Spring Term President Grady Evans . . . President Vice-President Harold Self . . . Vice-President Secretary Cotys Willingham . . Secretary MEM HERS Albert S. Andrews Lex Askew Leon Burnett Charles Dodds Griff Dodds Bernis Etheridgz Grady Evans Troy McPeak Alfred Mooneyham Harold Self Lyle Thomason Cotys Willingham 122 ] " •U " CLUI OFFICERS Winter Ti nil Spring Term T. T. McLean President r. T. Tate .... President J. H. Parker . Vice-President C. H. Franks . . Vice-President Grady Evans . Secretary B. M. Mercer .... Secretary MEMBERS Albert S. Andrews Jack Harris Alfred Mooneyham Claud Burnett John H. Jones Joe H. Parker Ellis Eckstein Raymond Juinger A. K. Penick Grady Evans J. P. Johnson W. A. Pennington Ke Francis T. T. McLean Roy Stewart C. H. Franks B. M. Mercer R. A. Tate Robert Westmoreland [ 123 ] APOLLONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Motto: Veni, Vidi, Vici. OFFICERS First Term Cmfton Malone President Harris Robinson .... Vice-President A. C. Rauscher Secretary Paul Sloan Treasurer Hal Carter . . Corresponding Secretary M. J. Rachel Marshal K. Penick Scrgeant-at-Anns Second Term H. Y. Prather President H. Jennings Vice-President Pall Sloan Secretary Ke Francis Treasurer Thomas Roote . Corresponding Secretary A. U. Earnheart Marshal C. J. Malone .... Scrgcant-at-Arms Third Term H. M. Williams President Grady Evans Vice-President Zed Aydelott Secretary Thomas Roote Treasurer George Payne . Corresponding Secretary Freed Bell Marshal H. W. Prather . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Len Askew Lacy Keele Freed Bell C. C. Meeks Bernis Etheridge Hal Carter Grady Carper Joel Clark Hubert Prather Leon Burnett Grady Evans ROLL Don Wilmoth Ke Francis Zed Aydelott Charlie Dodds Harvey Williams Russell Reed C B. Laws Paul Sloan Clifton Malone Hersell Jennings Aubrey Reed T. T. McLean John Moore Boyte Thomas Bonnie Mercer Morris Rachel Thomas Roote Harris Robinson Carl Young Arthur Rauscher Alfred Earnheart A. E. Gurley George Payne 126 ] % v V k S [ 127 ] ENONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Motto: Hitch Your Wagon to a Star. KFH I- RS First Term Neva T. Speight President Nina Cuklin Vice-President Lucille Dodds Secretary Corinne Milligan Treasurer Lorena Maness . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Second Term Xixa Curlin President Catherine Routon . . . Vice-President Corinne Koonce Secretary Laura B. Jennings Treasurer Catherine Upchurch . Sergeant-at-Arms Third Term Lorena Maness President Helen Baine Vice-President Pauline Fite Secretary Catherine Stanfield .... Treasurer Corinne Koonce . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Gladys Andrews Corinne Koonce Neva T. Speight Willie Sue Smith yoleria heaslet Mildred Gibson Corinne Milligan Nina Curlin Mabel Dunn Katherine Upchurch Norene Bramley Sunshine Hudson Irene Grmies Pauline Fite Catherine Routon Katherine Rogers Ara Reed- ROLL Carrie Bell Reynolds Bruce Kirkman Mrs. V. A. Rose Catherine Stanfield Edith Peck Ann Presnell Sara Pennington Louise Carter Nell Cox Helen Baine Ara Alexander Evelyn Bryant Lucille Harmon Ryon Jones Alma Joe Meals Lorena Maness Grace Powers Eyely ' n Watters Elizabeth Arnett Mary Harris Iris Adair Ruth Adair Benetta Billixgton Ione Burnett Eva Blount Louise Freeman Laura Bell Jennings goldyne brumright Cleo Bailey Dorris Kirkman Lucille Dodds Mabel Dodds Willie Deaton [ 129 CALLIOPEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Moito : Nil Desperandum. OFFICERS First Term F. L. Ricketts President Fern Skiles Secretary Second Term Fern Skiles . . Robert Howard President Secretary Third Term Ellis Eckstein President John Moorefield Secretary Fourtli Term Thomas Siler President Wm. Rutledge Secretary Albert Andrews Robert Jones Nat Porter M. B. Howard Charles Howse C. H. Franks ROLL William Howse Robert Howard C. H. Robinson Troy McPeake Harold Self Mahlon Warren- Ellis Eckstein- David Malone V. A. Rose Vern Kinsey George Mahon Fern Skiles Thomas Siler John Moorefield Freeman Priyett Russell Patterson- Raymond Juinger Donald Hinki.k Pete Walker Homer Appleton Givens Wright Frank Ricketts PALLADIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Motto : Industry, Taste, Wisdom. OFFICERS First Term Cora Lynx Lowe President Theodosia Irwin .... Vice-President Wilsie Benge Secretary Jennie E. Houck Treasurer Lyda Roy Marshal Second Term Tennie B. Cole President Leona Warren Vice-President Alberta Young Secretary Jennie E. Houck Treasurer Glenn Bolin Marshal Third Term Mrs. J. W. Stoyali President Louise Benge Vice-President Kathleen Morrison .... Secretary Jennie Ellen Houck .... Treasurer Brownie Saxuling Marshal Ruby Manning Mary Follis Annie B. ' Clopton Rebecca Hogan Ruth Shaw Cordelia West Ida M. Thomas lorene yearwood Alberta Young Theodosia Irwin Mary Brady Ella Wahl Eyelyn Wyman MlLO W HALEY Louise Benge Bess Stanford Emma Sloan- Bessie Ray Florence Ray Katie Ray Ardie B. Ross Eunice Roy Lyda Roy Brownie Sandling Louise McCullough Kathleen Morrison Virginia Parker Jennie Ellen Houck Cora Lynn Lowe Lillie Mai Nabors Glenn Bolin Grace Hart Bernice Carter Leona Warren Rosaline Fullerton Alberta Gillespie Jewell Bradford Clara Green Mrs. J. W. Stovaix Gwendolyn Humphrey: Jacqueline Sexter Claire Gilbert Ruth Hardin Tennie B. Cole Wilsie Benge [ i£ G. M. SAVAGE LITERARY SOCIETY Motto : Labor Omnia Vincet. OFFICERS First ' Term C. N. Coleman President W. E. Walker Vice-President T. I. Miller Secretary W. C. Nevil . . Corresponding Secretary R. L. Bolin Treasurer W. F. Smith -ittomey James Wiseheart Marshal John Turner Sub-Marshal Second Term Y. ML Pratt W. C. Johnson .... J. H. Jones H. D. McCormick . Corrcspondin J. A. Hart Robert Ekrut Tyson Cole C. N. Coleman 5 " President e-President Secretary g Secretary Treasurer Attorney . Marsha 1 ub-Marshal Third Term W. C Nevil President Everett Watters .... Vice-President Cotys Willingham Secretary W. K. Sim mitt . Corresponding Secretary Earl Barnes Treasurer Sam Dowty Attorney G. B. POGUE Marshal VV. M. Pratt Sub-Marshal Fourth Term I. C. Cole President Oda Teague Vice-President John Turner Secretary Grady Martin . Corresponding Secretary Robert Magruder Treasurer J. O. Dearing Attorney W. E. Walker Marshal W. C. Nevil Sub-Marshal J. L. Courtner J. A. Hart Gordon Pogue Lester Moon F. A. Weeks James Wiseheart C. N. Coleman H. D. McCormick Millard Pratt Joe Norvell Bruce Hanna J. E. Summitt James McMorris Reggie Ray ROLL Robert Magruder Grady Martin John Turner W. E. Walker Ben Collins W. A. Pennington Boyce Smith S m Dowty Robert Ekrut J. B. Caldwell W. C. Johnson J. H. Jones J. ML James Tyson Cole Earl Barnes Lyle Thomason Ira C. Cole J. O. Dearing R. L. Bolin T. H. Bratten R. L. Leopard W. K. Summitt Almer Sublett Oda Teague Talmadge Miller Everett Watters Cotys Willingham 134 ] [ 135 ] Freeman Privett Thomas Silek Cukdelia West DEBATING COUNCIL Dr. H. E. Waiters, Director President Vice- Preside, I Secretary R. L. Bolin Leon Burnett J. B. Caldwell Cecil Franks W. A. Hembrek Ruth Hardin Raymond Juinger J. H. Jones ROLL C. L, Knight C. J. Malone Lester Moox C. C. Meeks W. C. Nevil A. K. Penick Russell Patterson Homer Robinson Freeman Privett Thomas Siler Bess Stanford Pete Walker F. A. Weeks Cordelia West Milo W HALEY James Wiseheart I 136 1 Lacy R. Keele State Cluiin. Term. Baptist Student ' s Conference Thomas Siler Cora Lynx Lowe Lyda Roy W. L. Huwse, Sr. Lacy Keel Cora Lyxx Lowe Jacqueline Senter W. L. Howse, Sr. Student Religious Secretary OFFICERS ROLL Millard Pratt Thomas Siler R. L. Bolix Theodosia Irwin Thos. Siler President Student Religious Council President Vice-President Secretary ■ ' acuity Adviser Morris Rachel Lyda Roy- Homer Robixsox STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL [ 138 ] President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer C. and C. Reporter Second Term .Laura Bei.l Jennings. Third Term . Cordelia West . MlLO W HALEY First Term Annie B. Clopton. .Theudosia Irwin Alberta Young. Lyd Roy Bern ice Carter Ruth Hardin ' .Pe rl Love Bessie Ray Mary McIlwain .Willie G. Bolin Theodosia Irwin Jennie E. Hou :k Katie Ray Bessie Ray Evelyn Wyman Ara Reed Emma Sloan Glenn Bolin Eunice Roy Annie B. Clopton ROLE Theodosia Irwin Milo Whaley Florence Ray Mrs. V. A. Rose Jennie Ellen Houck Laura Bell Jennings Cordelia West- Sara Pennington Lyda Roy Ruth Hardin Bernice Carter Mary Dee McIlwain Jacqueline Senter Ruth Adair Leon a Warren [ 139 ] J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY OF RELIGIOUS INQUIRY Motto : Search the Scriptures. OFFICERS First Te President . . . . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer , . . . Marsha! W. E. Walker W. C. Nevil . W. M. Pratt . R. L. Bolin . Thomas Siler James Wiseheart Third Term R. W. Manker President H. D. McCormick . . . Vice-President C. H. Robinson . . Recording Secretary I. C. Cole . . . Corresponding Secretary L. A. Moon Treasurer W. E. Walker Marsha! Second Term V. A. Rose C. H. Franks Vice M J. Rachel . . . Recording E. B. Abbington . Corresponding Thomas Siler James Wiseheart Fourth Term L. R. Keele Thomas Siler E. M. Ferrell . W. C. Nevil . L. A. Moon . . W. E. Walker . . . . Vict . Recording Corresponding President ■President Secretary Secretary Treasurer Marshal President -President Secretary Secretary Treasurer Marshal Dr. L. R. Hogan Ira C. Cole Dr. G. M. Savage Lacy R. Keele Dr. J. R. Maxtev E. B. Abbington J. O. Dearing Lester Moon W. E. Walker R. W. Manker ROLL C. B. Laws Thomas Siler V. A. Rose Morris Rachel R. L. Bclin J. M. James C. H. Robinson Reggie Ray Frank Ricketts C. H. Franks M. B. Howard F. A. Weeks If. D. McCormick James Wiseheart Millard Pratt John H. Jones J. B. Caldwell Gordon Pogue W. L. Howse, Sr. CITY PASTORS Dr. C. L. Skinner Dr. J. L. Hailev Dn. J. J.Hlrt I WO ] [ 141 ] VOLUNTEER BAND First Term Second Term Third Term Leader Thomas S:ler E. B. Abbington Annie B. Clopton Secretary Bess Stanford Mrs. C. H. Franks Morris Rachel ROLL Morris Rachel Thomas Siler Bess Stanford Annie B. Clopton E. B. Abbington W. E. Walker Jacqueline Senter Evelyn Wyman Frank Ricketts Homer Robinson ANNUAL TENNESSEE 142 ] •is SIC B A N D 11 T Tp MISSION BAND OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term President Homer Robinson Annie B. Clopton ... Laura Bell Jennings Vice-President Mary Dee McIewain. . Gordon Pogue Mrs. R. E. Morrison Secretary-Treasurer. .Jennie Ellen Houck.. Theodosia Irwin .... Mary Dee McLlwain MEMBERS Annie B. Clopton Homer Robinson Laura Bell Jennings Rosalind Fullerton Lyda Roy Mrs. R. E. Morrison Jennie Ellen Houck Cordelia West Gordon Pogue Theodosia Irwin Mildred Williams F. A. Weeks Mary Dee McIlwain Milo Whaley F. T. Kincaid The Mission Band is a very worthwhile organization at Union. It ' s motto is " I am debtor. " It ' s object, is to study missions in a helpful, spiritual manner, and to promote missions in even- possible way. BAPTIST STUDENT CONFERENCE [ 143 I l« ] CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 15. Matriculation begins. 16. Matriculation and formal opening. 19. S. A. E. Smoker. 21. Sunday — Rules oft. 26. Bull Dogs off to Alabama. 2J. Opening football game. Alabama 55 ; Union 27. Bull Pups o ; West Kentucky Normal o. OCTOBER Union vs. Ouachita. (14-0). A. L. S. Open Program. Bull Pups 18; Hall-Moody 13. Union 40 : Bethel College 6. " Preacher " Pennington elected student president. Home Ec. Club organizes. Union ; U. T. Docs. 33. Davis and Bryan picked in straw vote. 25. Union 25 : West Term. Normal 0. 25. Bull Pups 26; Union City High School 12. NOVEMBER Union 26 ; University of Chattanooga 6. Freshman social. John J. Tigert visits Union. Union 19; Cumberland 13 — Armistice Day. 15. Dr. Mantey operated on for appendicitis. 17. Social — First Church. Terriers meet Ole Miss. Knights of Apollo crown Mabel Dodds as Queen. Union o ; Carson-Newman 20. 25. Campus on hum — leave for Mobile. 26. " In the land of Satsumas. " 26. Union wins over Carson-Newman before State Baptist Convention. 27. Thanksgiving Day. Union o; Spring Hill 6. On the trail back to Tennessee. [ 145 ] CALENDAR -G .xti.nted DECEMBER 4. Home Ec. Club entertains. 9. Student President in hospital £2. Elections— Mary Harris— Prettiest Girl. Nina Curlin — Queen Roy Stewart — Union Best. 19 Exams over — School closes for Holidays. 19. S. A. E. Xmas party in honor of Miss Minervas. 20-31. Quietude rules Campus. JANUARY I. Return from Xmas at home. 5. Congressman Lowry of Mississippi speaks in Chapel. 7. Nestors head Honor Roll with s S - 8. " Sophs " win elass championship Basketball. 9. Union 58 : Jonesboro Aggies 35. 10. Union 41 ; Cairo Aces 19. 23,. Union 39 ; Jonesboro College 26. 23. Union Terriers 16: Memphis Y. W. C. A. 61. 28. Shaqespearean plays — Everybody enjoyed ' em????? FEBRUARY I. Union mourns loss of faithful teacher — Mrs. Rutlcdge. 6-S. Baptist Student Conference at Jackson. 9. Bull Pups win over " Y " Pilots. 21. Senior Play — " The College Town. " 23. Dr. M. E. Dockl holds school revival. Kind-hearted Profs lighten the load. 2 3-3°- Great Revival in progress. [ 1 ] CALENDAR— Continued MARCH 3. Bobby Howard proves fire hero. 5. Baseball practice begins. 6. Chambers wins Marathon. Burnett handicapped 50 yards. 13. Junior-Senior reception. 16. Third Term opens. 20. Stunt nite — Savages win trophy. 21. Hypatia banquet. 21. A. T. O. Founder ' s Day Banquet. 30. O ' e Miss downs Bull Dogs in baseball. APRIL 2. Millard Pratt elected President of Religious Council. 7. Wright and Privett head 1923 " Lest We Forget. " 10. Four Square Banquet. _ 10. O. J. Nance inter-society contest. Clark wins a gold watch; Bennett wins Stovall Medal. 13. Union loses to Wi sconsin. 17. " U " Club Minstrel. 23. Hypatia outing. 25. Sophomore Class sun rise breakfast. Cardinal and Cream banquet. 28. Nestor Club annual banquet. MAY 7. Doctors ' Club banquet. 8-9. Union vs. Memphis Normal. 13. Union vs. Oglethorpe University. 15. Union vs. Jonesbc.ro Agricultural School. 24. Baccalaureate Sermon, First Baptist Church. 21 J. R. Graves Annual Sermon. 25. J. R. Graves final meeting and contest for J. W. Porter award. 25. Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees. 26. Alumni Reunion. 27. University Graduation Exercises. Retrospect A mere book, perhaps, but, unlike other books, the end of " Lest Ye Forget " is just a beginning, for in this annual we have placed the hope and promise of what is g;oin " - to be. [ 1 8 ] 3illlllllllll[]||||||||||||[]||||||||||IOIIIIIIIIII|[]|| IIUIMII Il[]|||||ll UIIIIIIIIIIIIU IIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIII [] [] [Ill It, 1 UNION UNIVERSITY | | Jackson, Tennessee I I Founded 1842 1 j CO-EDUCATIONAL I One of the greatest Baptist Colleges in the World. Only 1 | two others in the South have a greater enrollment, and only four I S in the North, and two of these claim to be non-sectarian. ; = A remarkable growth in the past ten years. From 157 to 1225. | I " There is a reason. " | I A remarkable record for training men for great leadership. | 1 Great student body, thorough work, modern courses, strong fac- | I ulty, fine fellowship, deep religious spirit. 1 COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS [ I The regular courses in the College of Arts and Sciences | 1 ( English, Mathematics, The Sciences, Philosophy, Bible, Soci- | 1 ology, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, History). | I OTHER DEPARTMENTS 1 I Nome Economics, Agriculture, Education, Theology, Music, 1 I (Piano, Voice, Violin, Band Instruments) Expression, Pre- | j Medical. | GREAT SUMMER SCHOOL. I For Catalogue and other information, address | ; H. E. WATTERS, President. | !!!!!lll!IIC3!ll!IIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIIIOIIIII!llliO!l I C 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 ET 3 [Ill Illlini IC1 1 1111 1 1 IIMItllll IIIMIIIIE3IIIIHII IIIIC3I1II 1 1 till I IE3! IIM lltll I IC«2 Teacher — " Say, Johnnie, can ' t you learn at all: Why, when George Washington was your age he was in the 8th grade. " Johnnie — " And when he was your age he was President of the Unite:! States. " •S 3I]lllllIMIIC3llllllllllllC3lillllllllllCailtlllllllllC3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIlrilltllC3llllllllllllC3lllllilllIIIC3IElllllllillEallllllltllllC3lltll[|||||ICai[lllllIIIIICaillIllllllllC IIIIIIIIIIIIIE «£• | BAPTIST BIBLE INSTITUTE | I New Orleans, Louisiana 3 | A school for the training of preachers and other Christian workers for the g | highest type of service. Prepares workers for the mission fields at home and | | abroad. = = Thorough courses offered leading to standard degrees in Christian Training;, 1 1 Missions. Gospel Music. Religious Education and Theology. Pastor ' s Assist- g I ants given special training in Bihlical subjects, bookkeeping, stenography an 1 | | typewriting. Well developed correspondence course offered free. Practical | | Christian activities featured. I | Send us voting men and voting women who want to he made useful in the = | 1 ,ord ' s service. | | 1220 Washington Avenue B. H. DeMent. President | | WRITE FOR CATALOGUE | ■Z 3IIIIIItlllTIE3III]llllIIIIC3lllll(llllllC3Illllilll1IIC31ltlllllirilC3llllltlllIIIC31ltllllJlltJC3llllllltllllC3IIIMtlllIJIC3lllllTI!III]C311lll]llllllC3flllllllIlliC3MIIM]lllllC3]IIIIXIIllllC - Z John Moorefielii — " Give me victory or give me an alibi. " 3l]lillllini£311IMIIIIIIIC IIIIIIfMIIIC3llllllt«ll1IC:3lltlllllllllC3ltllllMlllIC3MlllltllHIE3EIIH_lllllllC3llllHllllllC31ltllfilllllC3inilHIIII!C3IIIIIIII1IIIC3HIIIIIIIlllCallllllllllllE = Compliments of | The Grand Leader 9 McEwen Bond I LINCOLN FORD FORDSON | | CARS TRUCKS TRACTORS | Poplar and LaFayette Streets Phones 61-62 3ITIll!IIIfllC3IIllllli::itC3lllTliiril]rC3lllll[lllllJC3lltMM[|lirC3riliriltMI!C3IT!llllll1liC3IMIIII1IIIIE:3llfMltlIIIIC3il]IlllMIIIE3IMIIIIIMIIC3lllllllMltlC3lllJllirilltE3IIIMMj?IIJC«-: Frankie Huey (consulting Cook Book) — " Oh, my cake is burning and I can ' t take it out for five minutes yet. " »:.]IMIIMIMMU!MMMMMIC]IIMIIMIIMUMIMIIMMiUlilMMIIMIUMMMIMMIUMMMMMMUMMMMIIM[]IIMMIMMIUIIMM Cll IIIIIUIII IMIUMI 1111(31 nunc.:! J. C. EDENTON COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 249-251 West Main Street Jackson, Tennessee 5 :i|H|||!!|HHIMIMIlMll[]IIMIIIIIMIUIIMMIMMIC;iMMM!ii:iUllllMIIIIMUIIMIMIIlllt]IMIIIIIIIIIC]IIIIIIIIIIIIUMinillll!l[]IIMIIIM!IIE3IMI lOIIMIMMIOIIII Il[ Uncle Cy — " Now I ' ll teach you to milk the cow. " Polly (visiting from College) — " Oh, Uncle, I ' m afraid of the cow. Couldn ' t I learn on the calf ? " A]iiiniiiiiiiE2iiiiiiiHiiiauunniiiiniiuniKiiiE::iinniiiuaiiuin iiinniimiiaiii nircnini iiaiiiiiiiiiiiiauiiniiiiuai iiehii iiiiiiiiiiiittKtg Patronize Our Advertisers McCALL-HUGHES CLOTHING CO. Clothing ' and Furnishing ' Goods for Men and Boys Corner LaFayette and Church Streets IjHinHMMIUIIMII [31 IIIIHIIIIIIIIIMIH Ill!i[2llllllllllll[3llll EJ [3111 EJ IIIE3 IINIHIIIII ElllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIE Bob— " You and I have something in common, Geo. " Cleo — " What is it. Bob? " Bob — " I like vou and so do you. " Freeman Pkivett — " Andrews, are you going to kiss that girl? " ANDREWS (straightening up) — " No, ' course i ain ' t. " Privett — " Here, then, hold my flashlight. " •:•]! nullum [] iiiioiiiiiiiiuiu a nun mum iniiiiiiiiiiiiQiiiiiiiiiiioniiiiiiiiitii imo niiiuiiiiiiiiiint.; LEXINGTON INN OPEX ALL HOURS Students, we treat you right. Linton and Carroll. Proprietors LYRIC THEATRE The Pride of Jacksox Theatre Goers Offering Daily Picture Plavs o Distinction and Merit KNOW YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Opportunity is ever present ! Acres of diamonds have been discovered where least expected ! Wealth, glory, success, often is where Vit stand. Before we go away to prospect let us first investigate at home. At the great inspirational convention of this Company held last January at At- lantic City, such notable speakers as the Hon. William Jennings Brvan, Dr. Rus- sell H. Conwell, " Gold Rule " Nash, Fred B. Smith, Rabbi Wise and others, pointed out that life ' s greatest opportunities are found close at hand. The shrewdest of all the World ' s shop- pers, the American woman — knows her opportunity, for experience has taught her that as a result of the outstanding " buy- ing power of this great National Institu- tion she can enjoy savings in this Store and in every one of the 571 J. C. Penney Co. Stores, that are peerless. Your opportunity is here! Will yo ' J grasp it ? 1. C. PENNEY CO. sb ;!IIIM!linMIIIIIIIIIIE]IIIIMIIIIII[]Himilllll[]|||||||l!lll[]||||||||||||[]|||N|||||||[]|||||||||||!U|||||||||||| A beautiful horse is comparable to a beautiful woman— but you can ' t shoot a woman if 1 breaks her leg. ]|iiiiiiiiiii[]miiiiimin luiuini nn iiiiiiiiimiiiiimicimii tjiiiiiimmni a 1 ejh uiiiiiiiiiinciiiiiiiiiiiiiuiii ;:.♦, Delicious -- Refreshing DRINK IN BOTT L E S vimillllllliuiliiilllllioillllllllliuilllllllllliuiiuilllllliuill niiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiminimi muni ciiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiiitMiiniiiiiir Mr. En Staxfiei.ii— " I hear that Dr. Watters left everything he had to an Orphan Asylum. " Mrs. En— " Is that so? What did he leave? " Mr. En— " Twelve chi ' dren. " Dr Savage— " Can anybody tell me the earliest reference in history to a theatre? " Neva T.— " Yes, Sir, i ' read in the Bihle that Joseph was taken from the tami.y circle and put in the pit. " .J.31111 [Jin iiaHiiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiiimuniiiiiiiitiiii luiiimiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiniiiiimiiiiniiiiiuiiiuaiiiiiimiiiHiiii ntc| WHAT OTHER PEN CAN 1 YOU BUY THAT IS PER- j PETUALLY GUAR- [ ANTEED i THIS remarkable pen carries with | it a perpetual guarantee of frea s service, covering accidental break- n age as well as wear. I Long iiiid short model, red or black | with gold clip and band, $7.00. | With ring cap for women. Small mod- I el for men $5.00. | Other Conklin Pens $2.75 up. | Conklin Pencils $1.50 up. | Conklin | ENDURA j hiiiiiiiiimciiiiii inin.miiiuHHiiriiiiHiuiiiiiiiiiHiHiHiiiiiiHitiiiiiiHmiiHHimiiiiHciiHiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiitaiiii Automobile Salesman— " This is the type of car that pays for itself, Sir. " LACY KEELE- " Well, as soon as it has done that, you can have it delivered at my garage. " uHiuiiioiiiiiiiiuitiHi nam omnia ...aim. mummi una lunaon iitii.nm.iH.tin.nHinuniuHiH.HKi 3 THE THOMPSON GROCERY COMPANY j j GROCERS AXD BAKERS j 1 Corner Church and Lafayette Streets 1 Phones 30 I I WOOD MOSAIC CO. S Incorporated a Jackson, Tennessee | Hardwood Lumber 1 Flooring and Veneers | Always in the market for White Oak, I Poplar and Walnut Logs and | Standing Timber. NORTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY j i EVANGELICAL EVANGELISTIC POSITIVE j | PRACTICAL, MISSIONARY BAPTISTIC | ! New Buildings - Increased Facilities - Larger Faculty - For College and | ! Non-College Men and Women. | I Chicago Baptist Institute conducts evening classes for lay workers. | I George W. Taft, D.D., President. 3040 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, HI. | iMiiniinB , tiuuiHuuiti „nH.tii..Hninnti.u...uHnti.H.nnmiti..u..iiHi.tinuu.un.ti 1 .uu.iu..ti..n..n.niaH..uun.ti „H..iti.ui........t Parson Jones is liking city life fine; he says that he has already stopped putting gravel n his shoes, and he ' s been here only eight months. First Ream er) — " Think. " Second Read( er ) — " What ? " First Readier) — " What a wonderful necking party a couple of giraffes could have. " •;.; |[] IIIIIC3 IIIIIC3IIIIII ICailll IIEllll !!in i Mil E3IIIIIIIMIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE1IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIII I[]llllllllll!l[ : j HAAS BOOK STORE | Headquarters for | The P. Goldsmith Sons | Athletic Goods | Spring and Summer Sports | Baseball Supplies, Tennis Racquets, Tennies Accessories | Bathing Suits, Athletic Shirts | and Jersies, Athletic Hose, | Athletic Shoes. | Call and See Us HAAS BOOK STORE | 209 Main Street Jackson. Term. ELITE )ry Cleaning, Steam Pressing- Shoe Repairing Shoes repaired while you wait. ' hones 446 Five Points Satisfaction Guaranteed GEM THEATRE We appreciate your patronage ALWAYS 10c and 20c v2iiiiiMiiiiiE]iiiiiiiiiiiinMiiiiiiiiiic3iiMiMinM[2iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]!iiiiiiniii[]iiMiiiiiMitiiiiiiiiiiiii[:iniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiE] iiiiiiiu iiiiniaiiiiiiiniitrt Parrot— " How do you usually get on a gallon? " Mooneyham— " All depends on what ' s in the gallon. " JIIHIHIIIIinilllllllllllBIIIIIIIIIIH ' H IIEllll II1IE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIII IE1IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIII3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3I IIIIIE.; STYLISH, UP-TO-DATE FOOTWEAR AND HOSIERY E3 AT THE LOWEST PRICES j § Buv here and SAVE the difference. JampleJhqejtore We sell the same shoes for less money. SECOND NATIONAL BANK j Capital $100,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits $130,000.00 [ j Your Account Will Be Appreciated Interest paid on savings accounts and time certificates of deposit. | )pen Saturday Evenings 6 to 8 o ' clock. : - 3III IllllliriEC3lll(llllllllE31ll]irilllllC3lllll»lltlllC31IIIIIIIIlllC3lllllllllllf C31 tIltllllIllC3IIIIIIIIIIllCaillllIII1IilC3il)lll1IItllEC31l]|||llllllC3lllllril1[IIE3IIIIIII]llllC9IIilllllllllC Griff Dodds requests us to run this ad — " For Sale: 40 R. I. Red Pullets now laying 1.00 apiece. " Dr. Davis— " Does the moon affect the tide? " Lyle — " No, merely the untied. " MI HMIIIIIIHIIIimiminMM1IMIUHMimiHIOIIIHlimOHUIHIl Southern Supply Co. j Jackson, Tenn. Building Material Barrett Composition Shingles j and Roofings Galvanized Steel. Nails, Floor Paint. Etc. Well Material Myers Deep Well Pumps A. D. Cood Strainers Pumping Engines, Cylinders, Etc. Pipes and Pipe Fitting Mill Supplies, Machinery and Heavy Hardware Both Phones 94 Hicks, Lawrence, Hall Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS We Arc Union Boosters " Service " Our Motto Cumberland 681 Home 40 | Jackson, Tennessee % mm „,„„, nil. iiimiiii. ouHiimio. ,„oNuiim,oMu„mi, H miMimn n mm,imoHimiim H ii ...unu..HU.iiin.m...m..c8 Inquirer— " Are you the fellow with the falsetto voice? " Dh! Hess— " No I ' m the fellow with the false set of teeth. " ?lll „ uonmimiiH ih.ii.hii mwwmmmma uiiiikhi n...ii...i.un..ui.......n....u......H.mi..n...a.n.m...uH...........« j 11871 HOLLAND ' S 1925 j 1 Holland Dry Goods Clothing Company j I Jackson, Tennessee | ! We congratulate Union on this their publication of " Lest We j I Forget. " This store has had the pleasure of having an advertise- | | ment in each issue. | I And we have enjoyed the pleasure of serving; the students of the j 1 old S. W. B. U. and Union for over fifty years. | I May we continue such a record of service. | l wmmm ,„„«.„,«,. I ,„n,„„,n„n„ 1 ,H,,nHnnn,,,,nnu I1 N,, 11 nH, 1 n 1 , 1111 n, 1 „H,,H, 1 ,, 1 .n n mm »» ' " » " « Courteous Raymond Juingeu— " Might I kiss your hand? Jewell BRA™-»Oh, but its much easier to lift my veil than to take off my glove. LOST— New Black Hip Bout, left hind foot, return to Uncle Billie Howard, for reward. ]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiuii i;i[]llllll!lllll[]llllllllllll[]ll!l!lll!lll[]llllllllll!l[]llillllllll!:v The SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY j Courses of stud}- include all departments usually found in | Theological Seminaries. Tuition Free. Moderate Cost. Session 32 weeks opens September 23rd. 1925. Special features : English Bible courses, devoting y 1 - hours per week to careful study = under professors who are experts in the original languages of Scripture; School of § Biblical Theology ; School of Comparative Religion and Missions ; School of Sunday 5 School Pedagogy, School of Christian Sociology; School of Church Efficiency. = Catalogue giving complete information sent free upon request. Address g E. Y. MULLINS, President. Norton Hall, | Louisville, Kentucky. = Y. M. C. A. Jackson, Tenn. Its dividends are character. A community character huildins. center. PATRONIZE Our Advertisers ! )pen 365 days in the vear. 3::?EI)IIIIII £31 iE:i:iIliriC3ll1E:TilillSCai(IITIltMIJC3I]|IIII)llTIC3llII!ili:ill£3iij9IIi[JlllC31fMIIIMIIlC=lTi]llllIiMC3[|lll]llIlliC3lill1lllllllC311IIIIlll i[C3IlIliE:iMlfC31lltllll!lf(E This sign was seen in Bradford. Belew ' s Garage — Dodge work a specialty. 3lllllll(lll[CaillllillIlllC3llllllllilllC3tlllt]IIIIIIC3illllf IIIlllE3rt lrillIllllC3lllIIIIIIItlC3IIII]IEIIII1E3l]IIllI1ll]lC3IIIIlillIlllC3llllllllllllC3]lllllI1lltlC3l1IIllllllllE3llllIl)IIi1IC « | BUDDE WEIS | Manufacturing Company i Designers and Builders of I HIGH GRADE CHURCH FIXTURES I BANK FIXTURES | WRITE FOR CATALOG AND PRICES PRICES REASONABLE Jackson, Tf.xx. :illlllllllllHIMIIIIIIIII[]| IIIIIIC]lllllli;!lll[]llllllllllllt]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]|||llll!llll[]IIIIIMIIIII[]llllllllllll[]ll!IIIIIIIIIC]|||||||IIIIIC]llllllllllll[]lllllllll!llt]||||||IIIIIIC : Dr. Maxtey — " Well, Ricketts, do you know any good jokes this morning? " En ketts— " Yes, Sir, two good ones, K. Penick and Joel Clark. " Mrs. HoGAN — " I want a pair of shoes for this little girl. " Shoe Clerk — " Yes Ma ' am — French kid? " Mrs. Hogan (sharply) — " Well, I guess not. She ' s my own child, born right here in Jackson ! " " «2 iEi-r{ii:jijC3Mi!i;!||i|||:3 |i|j||||i||C3llilllllllllC3lilEl(lll1IIC3l|] 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 C3 1 II 1 1 II 1 1 II I C3 9 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 ll»l C3 1 1 II li 1 1 III LC3 lllil 1 1111 1 IC3II I II 1 1 llll I C3 II I) 1 1 II 1 1 IIC31 1 1 II 1 1 1 tl 1 1 E3 1 1 1 1 li 1 1 1 if l£T- Frank Bond Shoe Co. Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store The Home of Good Shoes Stacy Adams and Haywood Shoes for Men and J. T. Cousins Shoes for Women ' Phones 28 107 E. Main Phone us for your hurried wants WHITE DRUG CO. 445 Both Phone " Quality First ' 445 Congratulations Class of ' 25 FISHMAN ' S I Where Society Brand Clothes | are sold. When you come to Jackson to | see your children, | stop at THE SOUTHERN HOTEL I 11 ' here [ r uiou has its Banquets | 2lllllllll!i|[]||IIIIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIIII[] IIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIC3llllllllllllt3IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIII!IIIIIlllllllllllllt3lllilllillllHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIinilllII llllllt Evans — " Stew called for you in his slumber last night. " Ryon — " Oh, I ' m so sorry that I was out, I didn ' t know he had a car. " ,yu i [iiiiiiMiiiiuiiifiiiiiiiiuii iiirjiimiimiir] micaii niiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitJiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiJiiiitJiiiiiiiiimt SECURITY NATIONAL BANK This Bank solicits your business and promises yon every courtesy and care in any matters entrusted to us. ( (FFICERS Bruce Michell -------- W. G. Morgan -------- |. |. Hicks --------- A. V. Patton P. C. Stovall President Vice-President Vice-President Cashier Assistant Cash ier " The University Bank " -■ niiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiii iinimiiiiiiiinii aiumuima iiiiiiicjiiiiiiiiniitJiiiiuiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiitJiiiiiiniiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiHi ik»hiiiiiiiiii4 Carl Young— " Is Miss Juanita Booth at homer " Maid — " Sorry, Sir ; but she ' s in negligee now-. " Carl— " That ' s too bad. I am just leaving for Europe myself. " Red Rose— " That man is the ugliest person I ever saw. " LUCILLE — " Hush dear, you forget yourself. " :«jlllllMlllll[]llllllllllloillllllllll[]| iiiiii:]iiiiniiiiiic]iiiiiiiiiiii::iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiii!it]iiiiiiiiiiM[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiit]iiii!iiiiiiii3iiiiiiimi!:.:. | 1866 1925 I = ? YOU CAN ' T BEAT THEM j | Hart, Schaffner and Marx Clothes, Manhattan Shirts. | Knox and Dobbs Hats. | Edwin Clapp and Walk-Over Shoes. | I " We sell everything that men wear; men ivear everything that we sell. " 1 j G. H. ROBERTSON COMPANY j Dress Well and Succeed § : 3iMiMiMiiiE3ii]riiiiiiiiC3iMiriiriiitcjiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiiC3iiiiMiiitiic , aiiiiiifiitiicaiiiiiriiiii«c2iiiiiii]iiiic3iiiitiiiiiiiC3iiiMiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiiiiiiiiiic]ifiiiiiiiMiC ' Ode i m a wild night — $21.00. 3ll!IIIMIMlC:3liMl!MIIIIC3IMIIII1llllE3lllllllMIIIC3llllllllllllC3llllllllllllC3llllllllllll C3 1 1 1 1 II I III IIC3 llllllllll IIC3I I 111 II] III IE3lllllllt Ml IC3III lit III IKCailllli llll HCaill ■IIIII1I1E i ; WHEN IX NEED OF § Plumbing, Heating, Roofing or Tin Work CALL EITHER PHONE 33 j j MATERIAL AXI) WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED | ESTIMATES FREE | | SANITARY PLUMBING AND METAL WORKS j S. M. LAWRENCE AND COMPANY Coal, Grocertks and Feed All Kinds of School Supplies I Candies. Fruits, Etc. I Both Phones No. 6 Imvk Points I We arc ahvays glad to sec Union students in our store. | fciiiiiiiiiiiiinnii [JiimmiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiniiiiiioii iioiiiiiiiinoiiiiiiiinic] 1 cim iiioiiiiiiiiiiic] iimiiuiiiiiiimiiii Mabel Dodds — " Run along. I ' m saving my kisses. " Harris Robinson— " That being the case, let me add to your collection. " Pkhk. Rutledge — " If the President. Vice-President and all of the members of the Cabinet lied, who would officiate? " Collins — " The Undertaker. " •: 2!llililillllLSI!il!llillll[]llll!lll!lll[]|||||||||||IC3lll illllllll |[]|IMIII1IIII[]||||IMII!II[]||!IIM []llllllll!lllt]l!l IIOIIIIIIIIIIOI lit] IIIIHE THE TOMLIN CO. Featuring Men ' s Fancy Furnishings and Young Men ' s Ready-to- YVear Clothes. School Representative C. C. MEEKS Jackson, Tenn. = " Lest You Forget " | Don ' t say Varnish, say " 16 " = Waterproof, long wearing. I Finish for all surfaces, 1 indoors and out. 1 WILSON-GEYER CO. McGee-Ross Hardware Company Queensware and Glassware D. M. Sporting Goods MacGregor Golf Clubs A complete line of Hardware and Anything in the Hardzvare Line. ' Phones 148 | 212 Main St. Phones 259 I Wall Paper Paint Glass llllilllllllHIIIIIIllllllHllllllllllllHllllllllllllHllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIICJIIIIllllllllrillMHIIIIlin llllllinillllllllllinillllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIO l!!IOimill!N!E»: Old Lady — " Pardon me, Sir. are you a minister? " McLean— " What the be— 11 did you say? " Old Lady — " Nothing. " :.]iii!iiiiiiiiE3iiii!iiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiii!ic: minium □iiiiiiiiiiunimiiiiuiiniiiiiiiinntiiuiiiiiiiiimniiuiiiniiiiiiiti nn iiiiKJiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiniiiiiir. SOUTHERN COAL COMPANY Incorporated Miners and Shippers of HIGH STEAM AND DOMESTIC COAL Memphis, Texxessee •3IIIIIIHIIIIC1I iiiimn iiiiniiiiiimiioiinmiiioiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniii mm iniiiiiiimiinii nut Minium ni mif! Charlie (after she she refused to kiss him)— " Oh well, I was only joking. " Carolyn — " What a pity ; so was I. " Bill — ' " Father, there ' s a big l lack bug on the ceiling. " Jli Rutleuge — " Well step on it and leave me alone. " HiiiiiiiimiHiiiiiiiiiiiiuii timi ioiiimi ci iiiiiiuiiiiiiiiniiniii ncan uimiii a cum tiniiiiifiiioiii nt j Start the Day Right — Can Sleep Better Nights Ask Your Dealer MADISON MATTRESS COMPANY [ackson, Tennessee ! ' 3tllIllllIlllCailfIII}lllItC3III1IIIIIIilC31IIIllllirllC3IE1lllllll1IC3IIIIII1l|]IIC31llllri]IIIIC31IIIIIIIf IIIC3ll]IIIIIIIirC3IIIIIIIIIIIIE3tlIflllll1IICailtlllllllllC3IIIIIIJIIlirC3ll]llllllll!C- Gi.exx Jones (arriving at a small hotel) — " Can I have a private hath? " Clerk — " Well, I hope so. " ]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]llllllllllll[]IIIIIMIl!ll[]IIIIIIMIIIIt]li:illllllll[]llllll C]IIIMIIIIIII[]llllllllllll[]IIIM!!lllllt]llllllllllll[]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]ll!!!lllllll[]lllllllllli::, C L. H1GHT0WER Tennessee Representative tar Engraving Company I [( ust m, Texas Class Rings, Pins and i xyitations Five Points Lumber Company W. X. Sheddan. Mgr. Successors to Enochs Lumber C Dealers in All Kinds of Building Material : caiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiiEaiiiiiiiiiiiicaitiiiiiiiiiiEaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiitiiiiiiiicaifiiiiiiiiiicsiiiiiiiiiiiiEaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiimiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiiEiS -AKv — " Were you advertising for an ass? " WIS— " Why ' -. step right in. " Dk. Mantey (in Ethics) — " I will lecture today on liars. How many of you have read the twenty-fifth chapter? " (Nearly all raise their hands.) Dr. Mantey — " That ' s fine, you ' re the very bunch to whom I wish to speak. There is no twenty-fifth chapter. " iiiiNiiiHioiiiiiiiiiioiiii [iiii.iitiiiiiui.iiiiiii.iiumim.miu nimaiiii iui iiuiniimiiiiniiiiiHiiiiiumiiiiiiiiin mint] inning SOL LOEB CO. Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Millinery — Corsets and Hosiery 109 East Main Street Phone 67 Drs. Gobelet Gobelet Eyesight Specialists Gobelet ' s glasses are scientifically correct. 10% discount to students. Do not neglect your eyes. Visit I Wooten ' s Studio For Fine Portraits of all Kinds | Kodak Finishing 117 ' ' LaFayette Street § Cumb. Phone 27 | ..; ' , :i: 1!!l! :3i inn nniiniiiinniiii iiitmiiiiiinHH iinnonn iinimiiiiiiiiniiiniiiniKJiHiininion iiutiiroti niiiinumic Dr. Powell— " Wake that fellow next to you, will you? " Skiles— " Aw, do it yourself, you put him to sleep. " .j.3 , laiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiitiiiu niiumiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiniuiiiii iicaiiiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiuiiioiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiraiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii 2fe osenbloonis | Quality Merchandise 1 For Young Women- Gossard Corsets Kayser Silk Hose and Underwear Fine Garments and Hats For Young Men — Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats Manasco Underwear Fine Clothing J. C. FELSENTHAL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Puck Flour, Plain Puck Flour, 5elf-Risin Jack son- Memphis Humboldt Henderson Tennessee L ,„„„,„ no. ....« wmmmm , u.n.....n..u ....no. mmmmmmmmam ■—- Old FRiEND_ " And you have been successful in affairs of the heart whtle you have been 34 " SSL MooRE-- " Yes, I have been very successful. I still have my pin. " Headline— " FACULTY DECIDES TO CUT OUT NECKING. " Hooker — " Next thing you know they ' ll want the students to, too. " MMIIUIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIiaillllllllilOlllllllllliaillllil []llllll!IIIIIC3llllllllllll[]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]llllllllil!l[]llllllllllll[]||||||||||||[]|||IIIIMIMC]||llllllllll[3llllllllllllt.; I STEPHENSON-DINKINS CANDY AND COMMISSION COMPANY ! If its new, we have it. } ; We carry a full line of Candy and Specialties at all times. We are for Union. I I Climb. Phone 613 Home Phone 150 = I FIVE POINTS I H. L. POPE Groceries — Coal Wood and Feed Phones 151 Jackson School of Business Fully Accredited Thon Highly equipped Positions for Graduates Write for Literature •3 mime]!!! nmnmiiiinii miitiimmiminmnmimc: iiiitiimiimiim iiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiinai! mucin mwu iiiiiiiuiiimiiiiiirt Cat — " Yes, Mother. Preacher did kis me last night — hut I sure sat on him for it. " MlllllllllllinilllilllllllUIHIIIimilUIMIIIIIIIIU Illl[]llllllllllll[] milium! IE] mn tlllCIIIIIIIIIIIIIfl IINIUNINIININClllll HIE, ' DRINK rWJtm mViJVJ J JmJii NUGRAPE BOTTLING COMPANY STEGALL ' S Smart Footwear for men and women at popular prices. $5.00 $7-5° $8.50 Hosiery Department is complete in all the new shades and colors. STEGALL ' S 118 E. Lafayette 3ii]iMiiiiiic3iiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiiiiiiiiircaiiiiiiiriiiic3tiiiiiiiiiiicat)iiiiitiiitc3iiiiiiiiiiiiC3iiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiiiiiiiiiiC3iiriiiiiiiiic3iiiiiii[iiriC3iiiiiiriiiiiC3iiriiifiiiiic3iii[iiiiiinc Nat Porter— " Be frank now, tell me when you want me to go. " Jacqi eline— " Let ' s not discuss the past. " Tate — " See that guy? He ' s an atheist. " Lillie Mai — " Is that a good fraternity? " MiMiiiiiiiiiniii iiiej ii!iiiuiiiiiiiiiii!C]i!iimiiiii[]iiiiiiiii!iic]i[iiiiiiiiioiiiiiiimi[]iiiiiiiiiiio!iiiii nmiii u iiiioi iimuiiini u ' Say it zvith Flowers ' from VINEYARD ' S Cut Flowers Corsages Pot Plants s A fain Church Phone 16 Star Laundry Jackson Cleaners Modern Equipment and Hig-h Class Work. Dveing " of All Kinds. Our service satisfies. Call 195 i ' JIIIIMIIIIIOIIIIIIIIillUIIIIIIIIIIIIClllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIMIIMIIIUII [311111 |[]IMIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IIMIIMIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIII!IC]IIIIIIIIIIII[ : A. T. O. — " Did you pledge any unusual freshman this year ? " S. A. E. — " Yeah, we gotta goofy hird what eats with his fork. " S 3IJ(I1IIIIIII C3llllllIlllllC3IIIIIIIIIIIIE31IIIIIIIIIIIC31IIIIIIIIIIIEailtililillllC3IIIIIIIIIil)C3IIIIIIIIilllC3llll[lllIIlJC3lll(l1ltllllCaill(illlllllC31llllllll IICaillllll1M IIC3 IKIIIIIIIilCS TAXICAB Prompt Service Day or Night. Home Phone 316 — Cumb. 1585 Business Trips, Joy Rides, Wed- dings, Funerals. Price 25c to all parts of the city. Five and seven passenger cars driven by experienced white chauffeurs. Roberts Auto Service THE STAR no N. Karket St. Jackson, Tain. Featuring men ' s wear of known relia- bility at a lower price. Schloss Bros. Fine Clothes for men and young men. Coopers Union Suits and Hosiery, Emery Shirts, Chelson Felt and Straw Hats, etc. io% discount allowed students and fac- ulty of Union University. We sell for cash only, therefore, we say that " THE STAR " " Sells it for Less. " Your Patronage is Appreciated Alexander Furniture Company 127-129 East College St. Jackson. Tennessee BRUTON PRINTING COMPANY Engraved Cards High Grade Printing 107 Highland Ave. :♦] a ica niiica nut] inn imioiiiiiiiiiiiai umimiiiioiiiiiiiiinn iiiiiiiq iiiiiiun nmii u : Mrs. Watters— " Everett, wake up. " Mrs. Watters— " Why can ' t you? " Everett — " I can ' t ' Everett — " I ain ' t asleep. " Ai.mkk Sublett — " Dr. Hess, could you tell me in round numbers what I made in the test? " Dk. Hess — " Yes, zero. " V3llllliriMIIE3MltllllllllC3IIIIIIMIIirC3liriirilllltC3i!iril]rilllC3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3lltlllllllllC3IIIIIMIItllC3llllllfMIMC3l1MIIMllllC3IlllltllllllC31lllllllllIIC3tlllllllllllC3irEi::irtilIC , « I. B. TIGRETT CO. ]!uy and Sell Municipal and High Grade Investment Bonds The Members of this Firm Take Pride in Their Relationship with Union University. OFFICES ackson, Term. Memphis, Term. Nashville, Term. ' S ' 31II1I tlllt1IE3llllllllllllC3lll1llllllllC3llIlll]1l)IIC31IttIIIIIIIIC3MIIII]lll1IC3IllUIIlllllC31lllllllllllC31llIIIIIttllCailllllllllllC3ltll[lllllirC3.l1lllllllIIIC31llllltl]IIICai1IIIIIIllllC«S Irene Grimes — " We made forty-five miles an hour coming home in Lacy ' s Ford, last night. " Mrs, Grimes — " What did you quarrel about, dear? " George — " Did yo u ever see a cat fish ? " Zed — " Sure. " George — " How did it hold its pole? " -2[ililllllIII C3 ll lllllllIIC3llltlllMII]C31lll1llllllIC3IIilIMli[I1C3lllllllllllIC3llltllllllllC3lllIllirilllC31lll)lllllllC3llll lllllllC3llIllltlllllC3llllllllllltC3llllllllll f 1C3 llilillilliir.. MOORE ' S STUDIO Jackson, Tennessee Today ' s Standard in Modern Art and Photography $iiiiniiiiiii(]nmi tmni iniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiDiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiHiiii iiiehiiiiiiiiiioiiiii c Stew— " Can you tell me a sure cure for love-sickness? " K. Bennett— " Yeah, jump in a river three times and swim out twice. " : .jHj; n[ ]| iiiiiuiuil E3IIIIIMIII1ICSIIIIIMIIIIIE3 III1IIIE31III1IIIIIIIE31II1IMIIIIIC3 1IC3III11 IIC1III [Ill IllHIIIIIIIIllllIlllllIlfliiHCS j GEM ICE CREAM CO. | Manufacturers | Quality Ice Cream | Brick ami Frozen | Specialties | Phones 1 Climb. 322 Home 608 | 103 College Street 1 lackson. Term. CALL 1 W. J. LANIER J FOR | GROCERIES [ Prices Right : Union Boosters | Phones 117 | McCowat-Mercer j Printing Company | Church and LaFayette Streets | Stationers. Printers and Engravers | College Annuals, School Papers and | Catalogues. Sporting Goods. | Jackson, Tennessee. i m iiiiiQiiiiiiiiniiEiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiKiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiHiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiuiiiiiiimiiiii iiaiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiioiiimiiiiK Mr. Stovall— " You ' re three quarters of an hour late. What do you mean keeping me standing here like a fool ? " Mrs. Stovall— " I can ' t help the way you stand. " Mrs. Stanfield — " Katherine, Paul brought you home very late last night. " Katherine — " Yes, it was late, Mother. Did the noise disturb you? " Mrs. Stanfield — " No, dear, it wasn ' t the noise, it was the silence. " ;.]iiiiiii [] i uiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiim iimoi uiiiiiiiihiihii imniiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiEiiiiiiii caiiiiniiiincai mint. " Union " Penants 50c to $3.00 " Union " Stationer}- UNION UNIVERSITY BOOR STORE Owned and operated by Students of Union University " MY COLLEGE DAYS " Memory Books " UNION " Photographic Albums $1.00 to $4.00 EVERSBABP matched by WAHLPEtf WORKERS— hard workers, long workers, per- fect workers are Eversharp, America ' s foremost pencil, and Wahl Pen, the all- metal pen that holds more ink and cannot crack. Buy both — they will last you for life. UNION Pillows $3.00 to $6.00 3llllllllllll[]||||IIIIMII[]||| ci []iniiiii[ ' i[]ini mini iiiiiiniiiii mm miicummimimu n ciinii niiiiiiMiiimiiiiiiiiiiMC Mr. Harris— " Where ' s Mary? " Mrs. Harris— " Gone to see ' The Barber of Seville. ' " Mr. Harris— " If that girl gets her hair bobbed. I swan I ' ll spank her. I don ' t care if she is eighteen. "

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