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m X i 0} _ rrz A V Vj v m mi ' v. - m zm m ■ : m ■ ..V H a i v:i Vv .-v ij«n i Hiiiimiiiimiii iiuiHumuiBnumm i ii i iinji ii ijiniiiB. : Lest IDe Forget I 1. aJ SKm ' w ■jjjest tDe forget f To Charles Wesley Davis Scientist—teacher— soldier— Christian Gentleman— loyal friend we affectionately dedicate the ig2_{ Lest We Forget r-nrt tft I - ] flltsttDe Forget f — a _ f W [ 3 ■ J i mtmcFopti = Q oreipor j It, in the days to come, you can look through this volume and recall again the golden hours of yesteryear, we shall have fulfilled our object. With Bob Service we can say " Some is bad and some is worse, " but we have tried to make it a true picture of life on the Ole Hill, and we send it forth with a prayer that you may he charitable to- ward its shortcomings. — Tite Editors. r-« ?m 1 Y - ■| Iggt TSe forflet ||j 1 BARTON HALL— ADMINISTRATION BUILDING I 5 1 -mtfc f- ■ j lest tDe forget | CROOK HALL— GIRLS ' DORMITORY " - ■ £ W I 6 ] ■jlesttHeForflet F ADAMS HALL— BOYS ' DORMITORY [ ' 1 - gp - " jjj lest tDe Forget jp LOVELACE HALL— WITH DORCAS HALL IX BACKGROUND S ] [ 9 ] f ; )Iest tDe forget |p — r-W f- ) lest tOe Forget ||p - STUDENT LIFE J W- «t I 11 ] f- jl lest tDe forget -=» ' UP ON THE HILL " — BARTON HALL SPRINGTIME VIEW OF JACKSON LIBRARY — 3o I I- I Administration Facult Mf " ■jliesttQe Forget f President Watters came to Union as a student in 1903, and received his degree the following year. He then accepted the presidency of Hall-Moody, which he held until 1915. He returned to Union as professor of History and Political Science, receiving the A. M. de- gree in 1916. Prom this position he was called to the presidency of the College of Marshall (Texas). In 1918 he came hack to Union, this time as President. As student, teacher, and president, Union has always come first with " I ' rexv. " He has given of brain and brawn to Alma Mater and as a result of his labors the enrollment has been increased six-fold, and the school has been brought to a place of leadership among the schools of the South. - _= ££ 1 14 ] [ 15 ] r ;|]jg8ttne forget f -=a George Martin Savage, A M., LL. D. President Emeritus; Professor of Logic and French. Arthur Warren Prince, A. M. Bean and Professor of Chemistry. J. N. Mallurv, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics. William Wallace Dunn, A. M. Professor of Physics and Astronomy. [ 16 ] p " flltst tDe Forget | George Early Shankle, A. M. Professor of English. J. R. Mantey. Th. M., Th. D. Professor of Greek. James ' Luther McAliley. A. M. Bursar and Professor of Latin. L. R. Hogan, A. M., D. D . Ph. D. Professor of Education and Sociology. 1 r- flS p - sfcw. jl lest tDe forget ||: L. DeWitt Rutleuge, A. M. Professor of History and Political Scic Charles W. Davis, M. S., Ph. D. Director of Vocational Department and Professor of Biology. W. L. Howse. A. E Training School. N. M. Stigler, A. B.. A. M. Principal Training School. [ 18 ] ■jlest taeForflet fc Mrs. Arthur Warren Prince, B. M., M. M. Director of Fine Arts. Raymond Guyon Director of Band and Orchestra. Miss Mary Evans Saunders, A. M„ B. 0. Expression. Mrs. Emma Walers Summar Librarian. % »- - f M I [ 19 1 r z} [lwtJIIc Toraet r - J. Willis Stovall Professor of Geology. Mrs. L. D. Rutleuge, A. M. Training School, Print Hunsox. B. S. Vocational Agriculture Miss Grace Powers, A. Home Economics. [ 20 ] Y fl lest tO e forget I. N. Pexick, A. B.. D. D.. Tii. M. Professor of Theology. Miss Charlotte Watson Director of Home Economics. Martin Dams, B. S. Vocational Agriculture C. A. Derryberry Principal Business Department. - 4$ [ 21 ] ■ j lest TOe forget r -= s ?kw= Joseph N. Guyon - - Athletic Director Mrs. Della Boaz - Matron Crook Hall Mrs. Mattie Maer - Matron Lovelace Hall Miss Mattie Tate - Assistant Matron I A [ 22 ] Miss Louise Bence Harold Jones Wayne A. Cox Claire Gilbert Lucie Mae Siler W. A. Pennington Frank A. Woodson % r- ■j lest tQe Forget |p Registrar Physic English English S S Chemistry I — £ [ 23 ] f jjlesttne forget Nfxle Hundley W. S. Ferguson - - Training Sclwol Ross Harton - Vocational Department Mabel Be dles Lewis Beard French iology J. Y. Boulton - Vocational Department Miss Vera Routon Bookkeeper rr K I 24 1 ■ Classes Seniors A SKIN Ya»- LoycTo Toolch I- K ; )IiestTDe forget f John Wilson Frost, A. " Salute our class p Kentucky rident as lie passes Pi Kappa Alpha; G. M. Savage Literary Society Cosmopolitan Club; President Doctors ' Club; Presi dent Adams Hall Governing Board; President Se Earl Dorris, A. - - - - Tenna nan within the limit of Ollie Mae Burgess, A. Kentucky Hall-Moody Normal; Palladian Literary Society. Marie Skinner, A. B. npouud of f Headline and fun. " Tan froth Hypatia Club; Pr Palladi; Lil Tri ' dve Chilcoat, B. S. Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma; Enonian Literary Society; Cheer Leader; Manager Basketball, Captain Bas- ketball; Cardinal and Cream Staff. Madge Phillips, A. Mississippi ■■Tender hearted, full of glee, A truer friend you ' ll never : Wm. Shepherd Hanner, Jr., A. B., Arkansas ■■Prince of manhood, daring and bold. " Arthur Raymond Dixon, A. " A lion among the ladies, a most dreadful thing. " Alpha Tau Omega; Apollonian Literary Society; Cosmopolitan Club; Business Manager Cardinal and Cream; Manager " Lest We Forget. " -« ( [ 26 Y°- [f; : ■■ [jlesttQe Forget f Floyd J. Waldrop, A. B. - - Tennessee " If there ' s any good work to do, he ' ll do it. " President T. R. Graves Society; President G. M. Savage Literary Society; President Nestor Club; Intercollegiate Debating Team; Student Council; President Junior Class; Editor Cardinal and Cream; Delegate Student Volunteer Convention, Ind an- Robert F. Bryant, A. B. - North Carolina " He walked amonci us, did mucli aood, and said little. " G. M. Savage Literary Society; Four Square League; J. R. Graves Society. Lillian Wattees, A. B. - - Tennessee " The -eery essence of all things artistic " Sigma Sigma Sigma: President Hypatia Club; President Palladian Literary Society; Delegate Tri Sigma Convention; Cardinal and Cream Staff; " Lest We Forget " Staff. Mam Anna Lanier, A. B. - - Tennessee " Queen rose of the rose-bud garden of girls " Sigma Sigma Sigma; Palladian Literary Society; Home Ec. Club; Student Council; Karrv Karnes Barry Medal; Y. W. A.; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Student Activity Association; Graduate - Home Economics. Mrs. Ruth Barnes, A. B. - - Tennessee " Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. " President Palladian Literary Society. Ia Verne Harris, B. S. - - - Tennessee " As frank as rain on cherry blossoms " Hvpatia Club; Home Ec. Club; Enunian Literary Society. H. C. Murchison, A. B. - - Tennessee " May Socrates attain the desire of his heart, lawyer, debater, judge or prof I " Apollonian Literary Society; Intercollegiate Debat- in g Team. J. J. Holland, A. B. - - - Tennessee " I dare do all that may become a man. " G. M. Savage Literary Society; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Four Square League. " % -« £■ [ 27 ] fllest tne forget f_ Harry Hudson, A. B. - - - Tennessee " One Senior who has gotten by the whole factulty without any knocks. " Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Apollonian Literary Society. Oxif. O. Williams, B. S. - - Alabama " Although he had much wit, he was ' eery shy of using it. " Apollonian Literary Society; Cosmopolitan Club; Student Activity Association. Martha Evelyn Phillips, B. S. " The suffragette of the Ho Department. " Kentucky I ' .illa.lu Society; Ho Ec. Club. Ruby Houck, A. B. - - - Mississippi " And those about her from her shall learn the -ways of perfect honor. " Blue Mountain College; Palladian Literary Society; Y. W. A.; Mission Band. Troy G. Young, A. B. - - - Tennessee " If it is a friend you want, he is true and tried. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President Apollonian Liter- ary Society; President Student Activity Associa- tion; Athletic Council; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Religious Council; Quartet, Orchestra; Nestor Club; Four Square League; Circulation Manager " Lest We Forge.t " Mabel Beadles, A. B. - - - Mississippi " If the world were a stage she ' d play her part. P. B. Baldriuge, A. B. - - - Kentucky " He that worketh faithfully should be justly rewarded. " President G. M. Savage Literary Society; Presi- dent J. R. Graves Society; Cardinal and Cream Staff. Elmer A. Langford, A. B. - - Tennessee ■■Just like a Ford, ever ready to do his best. " Nestor Club; President G. M. rcollegiate Debating Team. -wt [ 28 ] p- ■jlegt tQeforflet |fc Clara Rhea Cox, A. C y - Ira Hunter Love, A. B. - - AY; " Ait honest man is the noblest work of God. " ary Society; Mi: Staff; Four Squ; tv; President Calliopean Liter- al Band; Cardinal and Cream League; Volunteer Band. Kentucky Connie L. Hargrove, A. B. " Where ' er lie met a stranger he left a friend. " President J. R. Graves Society; President G. M. Savage Literary Society; Nestor Club; Four Square League; Student Activity Association; Intercollegi- ate Debating Team; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Delegate Student Volunteer Convention, Indian- apolis. Pearl Harris, A. " One of the Tcnncs class. " Hypatia Club; President Enonian Literary Society; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Student Religious Coun- cil; Student Activity Association; " Lest We For- get " Staff; Calliopean Queen. Mary Kay Mewborn, A. B. - Tennessee " A red haired American beauty. " Sigma Sigma Sigma; Hypatia Club; President Enonian Literarv Society; Stude: tain Basketball; " Cardinal and Cn Pep Leader. Ross, Henry Harton, A. B. - Staff; Girls ' Ten ncs and she -.All dredths true. " Hvpat ' a Club; President Palladia! etv; President Student Volunteer and Cream Staff; Mission Band; get " Staff. W Emmett B. Pryor, A. B. " Perseverance conque Hall-Moody Normal School; Society; President J. R. Gr William S. Ferguson, B. S. Tennessee ? all things. " CalHopean Literary Tennessee cad to Apollonian Literarv Society; Nestor Club; Foot- ball; Basketball; Baseball; Cardinal and Crean Staff; President Athletic I til! Ai 29 ] w jl lest tne forget f J. E. Short. A. B. - - - - - Texas " A mind not to be changed by time or place. " Marshall College; Alpha Tau Omega; Apollonian Literary Society; T. R. Graves Society; Football; Basketball; Baseball; Football Manager; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Athletic Council; Intercollegiate Debating Team. " M. E. Luper, A. B. - - - - - Texas " Our Texas Pal,— May lie some day in the near future find him a sweet gal " T. R. Graves Soc ' ety; Apollonian Literary Society; ' Mission Band; Student Volunteer Band; Student Religious Council; Cardinal and Cream Staff. Mrs. Frances Ford. A. B. - - Tennessee ■■Worth, courage, honor, these indeed your sustenance and birthright are. " Hall-Moody Normal School; Palladian Literary So- Bernice Vivian Polk. A. B. - Tennessei " Her memory is a chronicle of the fast. " Enionian Literary Society. Hope Pool. A. B. - - - - - Tt " As deep as her name implies. " Jacksonville Baptist College; Palladian Lite Societv; Student Volunteer Band; Cardinal Cream Staff. Mary Elizabeth Rather. A. B. - Tennessee " Abscnec made our hearts grow fonder. " Enonian Literary Societv; Cardinal and Cream Staff. Tennessee Lewis Beard, B. S. " Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful. " ' C. M. Savage Literary Society; President Agg D. Webster Allen. A. B. Tennessee •A country lad and full of cocklcburs. " U. Club. — « ? [ 30 ] =1 Lest tQe Forflet % — S. S. Sargent, A " As proper W. C. Robinson. Jacksonville Baptist College; J. ... G M Savage Literary Society; Nestor Club unteer Band; Mission Band. Lucy Elizabeth Stark, A Sigma Sigma Sigma; Hypatia Palladian Literary Society; H dent Council; Cardinal and Nelle Hundley, A. B. ' ■The personif to: President Eno Chemistry Club; Card Ec. Club; Student Council Ionian Queen Mell King, A Jackso Wayne A. Cox -H: ville Baptist Colleg . ciety; J. R. Graves dent Volunteer Band. ..._ -he school chool ooat, loyal, Alpha Tau Omega; President Apolloni Society; President Sophomore Class; I--- League; Student Council; Cardinal and Staff; Student Activity Association; Athletic Coun- cil; Cosmopolitan Club; President Nestor Club; Editor " Lest We Forget. " Harry L. Carter. A " If there ' s joy to President Apollonian Literary Society; T. R. Graves Society; President Volunteer Nestor Club; Four Square League ball; U. Club; Editor Cardinal an Medal ' President Student Booster Club; Delega Student Volunteer Convention, Indianapolis. Paul Meadows, A. B. ■■He speaks not for I for h Alpha Tan Omega; Apollon Cosmopolitan Club; Band; O [ 31 ] w 4 | lest tOe forget f - H. I. Roland, A. B ■■When he OICK i, we didn ' t fo nal; Apolloniar William A. Cox, A. ■He to Bill, he speaks for In Tennessc nself. " President Freshman Class; Calliopean Literary So- ciety; U. Club; Rhodes Medal; Student Activity Association; Intercollegiate Debating Team; Four Square League. Mrs. Tessie B. Laws. B. S. - - Tennessee " She bears the mien and manner student. " of a West Tennessee State Normal; Palhul Society. an Literary Belle Froman, A. B. Tennessee -So quiet and sweet a style. Palladian Literary Society; President Mission Band. Y. W. A.; Henry D. Hagar, A. B. Tennessee " He has proved himself ' eery uscf shrewd. " il and Hall-Moodv Normal; Calliopean Liters J. R. Graves Society. ry Society; Leasy Lewis. A. B. Tennessee " Her even temperament and loyi have endeared her to all her elas. 1 heart mates. " Palladian Literary Society; Hypatia CI and Cream Staff. lb; Cardinal Daniel Throgmorton, A. B. - Tenn ■■Speak of me as I am— the class Calliopean Literary Society. Jack Henry Brewer. A. of smil, Tcnncss Literary Society; Alpha Tau Oioego; Apollo Soccer Football; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Stu- dent Council; Manager Cardinal and Cream; Sti dent Activity Association. A [ 32 ] w John Wilson Frost W. S. Ferguson Mari Anna Lanier Harry Hudson |j lest tO e Forget j= Joseph A. Lax. A. B. - - - Tci " One of the most faithful Bull Pups G. M. Savage Literary Society. Ten M. D. Barron, A. B. - - - " He is a man, take him for all West Tennessee State Normal. Mrs. Bertha Carr Browning, A.B., Tc " Yet 1 do fear thy nature is too full the milk of human kindness. " Apollonian Literary Society; Cosmopolitan President Adams Hall Governing Board; C and Cream Staff; " Lest We Forget " Staff Harold Jones, A. So the b, fa, ng approach of a good-. Ten pla SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Contestants for Strickland Medal m President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Floyd Waldrop Wayne A. Cox Colors : Cardinal and Cream Nelle Hundley Mari Anna Lanier Flower : Marchcal Neil Rose Motto: " Deo adjuvante. .— rrrtTV [ 33 ] f l lest TOe hornet | ( %w- Senior Class History Four years ago our class of fifty embarked on the grand old ship " Union " and started on a perilous voyage. During these eventful years of storm and stress, our courage has never failed us and now we find ourselves coming; into port. As we anchor in this port, each will leave the ship with a degree in his possession. Then we may see the land of success lying out before us. As we separate and travel through this land each in his own chosen path, we will ever cherish the memories of the happy days spent in the spacious staterooms and on the rolling deck of the grand old ship. Never will we forget our trustworthy captain and his faithful crew who have so carefully guided our course for these years. As we, the passengers of 1924, bid farewell to our ship and those following our course, we treasure them and their lessons of greater service to humanity in our hearts. As we go, each to his chosen profession, we hope to plant the flag of our Alma Mater on the highest pinnacle of success. [ 34 ] Juniors w ?bfrr- j| lest tDe Forget |p John Ay cock - - - Tennessee Pi Kappa Alpha; Football; Basketball; Baseball. Bess Hammons - Tennessee Sigma Sigma Sigma; Palladian Literary Society; President Home F.c. Club; G. M. Savage Queen. Frank L. Ricketts - - - Missouri Calliopean Literary Society; J. R. Graves Soci- etv; Students Activity Association; Four Square League; President Mission Band; President Ju- nior Class; Orchestra. Robert Kyle Davis Alpha Tan Omega; Agg Tenness Nell Jack Davis - - - Tenne: North Eastern State Teachers ' College. Ralph W. Masker Missouri William Edward Walker, Jr. - Tennessee 1. R. Graves Society; G. M. Savage Literary Society; Four Square League; Student Activity Ruth L. Drewery - Mississippi Enonian Literary Society; Basketball. ' .-3;Home Robert Verx Kixsey Calliopean Literary Society Clarence W. Baxter Alpha Epsilon; Student Council; Ath- juncil; U. Club; Football; Baseball. Robert L. Leopard G. M. Savage Liter; O. McMillon - - - - Kentucky T. R. Craves Society, Mission Band; President Calliopean Literary ' Society ' 33. n-rt rtfc I 36 ] lest tOe Forget « Rex Hughes ----- Tennessee Chem. Club. Doctors ' Club; V Club. Raymond A. Tate - - Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Half-back on Varsity Football Team. J. W. Boulton - - - . Tennessee G. M. Savage Literary Society. Justus M. James - - - Kentucky J. R. Graves Society; Four Square League; G. M. Savage Literary Society; Mission Band. Alvin Pennington - - - Tennessee G. M. Savage Literary Society; Nestor Club; Student Council ' 24. Claire Gilbert - Tennessee Sigma Sigma Sigma; Hypatia Club; President Palladian Literary Society; President Sopho- more Class; Associate Editor " Lest We Forget; " Delegate Quadrennial Conference, Indianapolis; Best all-round girl. Georce E. Eckstein - Tennessee Calliopean Literary Society. Nina Nohwell Cuelin - - Tennessee Enonian Literary Society; Hypatia Club. Thurman Thursten McLean - Tennessee Alpha Tan Omega; Apollonian Literary Society; Football; Basketball; Baseball. Glen Jones ----- Mississippi Calliopean Literary Society. Evelyn Watters - - - Tennessee S : gma Sigma Sigma; Hypatia Club; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 24; President Enonian Liter- ary Society; S. A. E. Queen. [ 37 ] w ;jliesttDc Forget |p Gladys McMinn - - Tennessee Sigma Sigma Sigma; Hypatia Club; Palladian Virgil A. Rose Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega; Calliopean Literary Society; Four Square League; J. R. Graves Society; Re- ligious Council; U Club; Mission Band; Base- ball. Frank Woodson - Tennessee Apollonian Literary Society. Fern O. Skiles - Tennessee Calliopean Literary Society. Joe Henry Parker Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; Basketball; Baseball; Apollonian Literary Society. Clyde N. Coleman - Tennessee G. M. Savage Literary Society. Willie Sue Smith - - - Tennessee James Hal Carter - Tennessee Apollonian Literary Society; Cosmopolitan Club; Nestor Club; Student Council; " Lest We For- get " Staff. Cecil H. Fr Tennessee Calliopean Literary Society; J. R. Graves So ciety; Four Square League; Nestor Club; Mis- R. W. Fitzgerald - - North Carolina J. R. Graves Society; G. M. Savage Literary Carl C. Belew - - - Tennessee Doctors ' Club; Aggie Club; Apollonian Literary r- S | 38 ] jf Tarttne forget f 7 Junior Class Officers Frank L. Ricketts ----___ President W. A. Pennington --.___ Vice-President W. E. Walker, Jr. ------ - Secretary Gladys McMinn ------- Treasurer Motto: " The elevator to success is not running; take the stairs. " Junior History In September, 1921, a jolly group of Freshmen came on the old Hill looking tor a short road to success. We soon learned that " The elevator to success " is a back-number. Accord- ingly we sought the old dependable stairs, resolving to ascend to that coveted height of gradu- ation. We began the first stage of our journey under the leadership of William Cox. After nine months of toil, we came out on the first landing of our ascent. Miss Claire Gilbert was chosen as our second leader. She faithfully conducted us to the landing at the top of the second flight of stairs. As we came back to our places at the beginning of this school year, we saw new heights to be attained. The Seniors were to he entertained and sent out properly on their new ventures of life. Indeed there was much for us to accomplish during this dignified period of Juniordom. Frank Ricketts was chosen as the general for this year ' s attainments. Faithfully we have worked and now we look toward the consummation of our achievements as we go out in 1925 as Graduates of our beloved Alma Mater. 2 = __ A [ 39 ] f- jj lest tOe forget |p CLASS FLOATS I |:l Sophomores r ■] lest tDe forget |j; ■ GROUP XO. i— SOPHOMORES r-axS [ « ] I J lest tOe Forget -«to GROUP NO. 2— SOPHOMORES [ « ] R w IiesttOe forget f_ Sophomore Class Roll Qroup Number 1 Harold Self Douglass Raines Lula Mae Powell Russell Reed Cora Lynn Lowe Catherine Routot Everett Waiters Millard Pratt Evelyn Routon Louise Tomerlin Roy Stewart Sallie Jewell Ston Freeman Privett Herschell Jenning Bess Sakford Rayborne Harris EULALA KlNZEY Eunice Roy Albert Andrews Katherine William Lucie Mai Siler Wray Alexander Louise Benge Qroup Number 2 Dennie Holt Helen Baixe Ernest Essary Helen Lowe LORENA MANESS Robbie Latta Sadii (iI.I Wl - Robert Hicks Lloyd Mathis B. E. Etheridge Lyda Roy Stokey A. Barri? Charlie Dodds Dwight Faris Donald Hinki Ruby Muse (George Carmack Grady Evans Catherine Stanf Challie Meeks Tennie B. Cole Robert Wests, oreland Inez Heaslet Mary Harris Willie Deaton Willie Perry Hubert Prather Dorothy Fulghu SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President -------- Freeman Privett Vice-President ------- Willie Deaton Secretary -------- Tennie B. Cole Treasurer ------- Louise Tomerlin Cardinal and Cream Reporter - Ewing Johnson Historian ------- Catherine Routon Motto: " To be rather than to seem. " Colors: Black and Cold Flower: Jonquil It was thq fall of 1922 that the present Sophomore class made its first impression on the Hill. nd an impression it was, too, with over a hundred members and the usual characteristics " green and fresh. " Our president, C. L. Dodds. proved very faithful ti the ship he piloted. We struggled along with Chemistry, Math., and English with the grit that none others have done, and at the end of the year we were duly repaid, because the breaking-in year was over. And now we are in our Sophomore year and find ourselves " overly wise. " With our presi- dent. Freeman Privett, our accomplishments have been very creditable. On the gridiron we find from our ranks Captain Roy Stewart. C. L. Dodds and Grady Evans: on the basket-ball court Captain C. L. Dodds, and on the cheer leader stand. Bus Latta. We are just beginning to rea- lize how much there is yet to learn, so may we cherish in our last two years the same hope and same ideals that we have cherished in the past. — ■rf ' KS [ « ] Freshmen JT j| lest TDe Forget f FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Fred Fowler Virginia Tyree Willie Margaret Jo C. H. Robinson Virginia Baldy 1). B. Burgess Reggie Ray Louise Cart Roy Die Ha Wi SON Jennie Ellen Ho " D. L. McCutcheh Mattie Brasher v ' oleria heaslet Pauline Fite Harvey Upchurch Bessie Ray Morris T. Rachel Bob Yeaman Kate Browder Elizabeth Bkeelan Theodosia Irwin Cordelia West [ 46 ] w fllesttnc forget f FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL les Rice M sa Russell Thomas Roote Ardie B. Ross Mary Jo Reeves Paul Thrasher Harris Robinson Hi i ' Ruth Roue Bruc I:. . MllZH Lou Stallings Ambrose E. Smite Mary Moore T. L. Meals Ruth McFarl Talmadce Mil lw -rrf ff? [ 47 ] w jj lest TDe forget r - -• £ FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Bruce Hanna Russell Moore James Ralph Peel Mabel Dolus Clara Crenshaw T. A. Hart, Tr. Ruth Harper S. 0. Price John Owen Dearing Morgan Davis Ira ( ' . Cole Troy McPeak John Moorefield Aim Alexander Russell Patterson C. T. Malone Jack Harris Freeman Estes Alban Hooker M. B. Howard Robert James Irma Dickerson Ione Burnette Oneida Nicholson Thomas Siler Robert Lee Bolin Lucile Donns Caul Young George Payne Charles K. Lorenz Key Francis Watt Moore Elizabeth Owen Robert Taylor William Hill —«f£ [ 48 ] lest tDe Forget f Freshman Class Colors: Green and White Flower: White Carnal ion Officers President — Givens Wright Vice-President — Thomas Silee Secretary and Treasurer — Voleria Heaslet Yell Leaders — Roy Green and Pauline Fite Song Writers — Robert Lee Bolix and Ara Alexander C. and C. Reporter — C. J. Malone The Class of ' 27 was organized under the supervision of Prof. G. E. Shankle. With the large roll of one hundred and twenty-two energetic Freshmen, it has been able to accomplish every task. Mr. Givens Wright our president, has proved to be an excellent captain and has always steered clear of the rocks. One of the notable achievements of the class was the unique float prepared for Armistice Day. It characterized the class as a newly-hatched chicken breaking through the shell of Col- lege Life. On several occasions the class enjoyed refreshments and games. Out of the class was born the " Bull Pups. " who made a substantial record. We are hopeful, ambitious, and not lacking in courage. We are determined to imbibe the spirit of our Alma Mater: — « [ 49 ] Y ■jlesttDe Forget r % 0, Alma Mater, our affections cling to thee; Faitliful and loyal may we ever be. May our Master ' s zeatchcare O ' er us one and all extend; Till again in Union Heart and voice we blend. Union, dearest I ' uiou. Yes, we ' ll sing thy spreading fame; Union, dearest Union, Honor ' d be thy name. Dear Alma Mater, hear thy offspring ' s plighted Vi Firmer and truer, may (itie be than now. Mem ' ry fondly lingers. Calling back departed days, Every task grazes lighter As zee sing thy praise. Lcre ' d Alma Mater, o ' er us shed Scholastic Light, Wen as zee wander from thy halls tonight; And tho ' years diz ' idc us And in distant lands zee roam, Yet in dreams zee ' ll gather " Round our Home Sweet Home. " W- _ A [ 50 ] " ' ■- Departments f jjlesttne forget f " " " Colors: Green and U ' liitc Flower: WAifc Jose B»rf Motto. To-night we launch; Where shall zee anchor? Charles Howse Fk£ed Bell Ruth Day Millard Curlin Katie Jo Jones Millard Curlin Annie B. Clopton Kate Ray Ruth Day Mozelle Chalker Katie Jo Jones Waldo Nevil Lillie Mae Nabors ROLL Florence Gillimore J. B. Couch Charles House Marden Watters I. D. Baker Frank McKissack Parnell Hammons Bessie Blocker President l ' iee-P resident Secretary Treasurer Reporter Lester Moon Carl Berlin Martin McKoy Freed Bell Ramsey Hawkins Hazel Bishop (Catherine Caldwell Mildred Crawford %h»- — « [ 52 ] pa- lest tUe Forget « 1. B. Cain R. M. Slatox B. F. Demmings E. B. Palmer W. H. Mullen A. H. Ross S. A. Barrix Herman H. Robixs F. M. Gaba Charles A. JAKEK DCATIONAL AGRICULTU S. L. Russell Toy Brush C. H. Cole H. L. Melton R. O. S. Gibbons W. W. Barnes H. J. Walker T. I L- Nc Hi K R. L. Leopard Lloyd Mathis Roy G. Savage B. F. YVyatt Fid M. Belew N. A. Houston R. W. Fitzgerald A. W. Tucker IQ22. At first there were fifteen This unit was established at Union University Nov. trainees ; it has grown until the number is sixty-five. Among this number, are men who have faced the shell fire on the front lines of almost every sector in France. Ten divisions are here represented. Among this number is one who has been decorated with the Croix de Guerre ; with the Palm ; the highest honor given an American soldier by the French Government. He also has a Distinguished Service Cross given by the United States Government. The training given in this department is for the purpose of preparing the disabled soldier to overcome the physical handicap which he received during his period of service. Union is to be congratulated upon being one of the few institutions, which enjoys the privi- lege of doing her part in this great work. - t4§ [ 53 ] p - jlest tDeporflet ||j Docational Department Officers Fid. M. Belew --------- President Herman H. Robins - - Vice-President Charles A. Baker - ■ - - - - - - - Secretary Roy G. Savage -------- Treasurer Lloyd Mathis --------- Reporter ADDITIONAL MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURE A. R. Arnold W. T. Barnes Robt. Bryant M. C. Bowman H. Cobb VV. P. Cagle Geo. Coleman S. C. Crotts A. F. Campbell J. M. Desmond VV. W. Dun ivan T. DeLoach R. H. Fesmire M. E. Fuzzell VV. S. Fielding N. A. Hutchinson Roy Ivy C H. Johnson Hugh Jones II. O. Clutts W. II. Lott V. L. Morris H. L. Maness N. Raney G. O. Reed B. Shelby W. T. Scott C. H. Stayton E. M. Teuton J. F. Thurman E. R. Trueet VV. G. Thweatt W. S. Vinson J. VV. Williams J. T. Williams J. F. Wheatley F. L. Wheatley A. G. Walker " ° ,-« 54 ] f jl Iiest tDe forget f 1 Department of Home Economics Miss Charlotte Watson With the beginning of the year ' 2 24 Union University saw a newly- equipped department for Home Economics. This department has grown so rapidly under the direction of Miss Watson that it was forced to seek larger rooms and equipment. It was therefore moved to Crook Hall. Another teacher. Miss Grace Powers, who is a graduate of Union University, was given charge of Domestic Arts department. The B. S. degree is now offered in Home Economics. Teacher-training and related art courses are given. A six-room cottage has been provided this year for Senior students taking the laboratory course in Home Management. They occupy the house for one term, assuming the responsibility of household operations. The Girls have organized a Home Ec. Club and have been doing splendid work for the department. «W- _-« [ 55 f ;|lgst tDe jForflrt r COOKING CLASS ™ SEWING CLASS %??»- ART CLASS I • ' " ] — «ra ■j Lest tDe Forget f Department of Fine Arts Mrs. A. Warren Prince, Din-do, Under the able direction of Mrs. Arthur Warren Prince, the Conservatory has been making splendid progress. The enrollment has been increasing and this year shows marked success. Mrs. Prince is widely known throughout Tennessee for her musical ability both as a teacher and an artist. She has been Organist at First Baptist Church of this city since 1909; and Di- rector of Conservatory of Music, Union University, since 1910. The piano-forte occupies a place of dignity and value, and rightly deserves treatment com mensurate with its place as a factor in musical education. Post-graduate, graduate, and work for teachers of piano is offered. Mary Jo Reeves Catherine Stanfield Maurine Morgan Ramsey Sykes Texnie B. Cole Florexce Gallimore Sam Gillespie Dennie Holt Evelyn Phillips Prof. Geo. E. Sh ankle Annie B. Clopton Ruth Harper Inez Heaslet Troy Young Emma Laura Walker Leon Clark PIANO Laura Frances Moffatt Helen Buck Jim Hurt Mary Lee Hurt Martha Ray Minnie Lee Morris Lynne Heathcock Ruth Drewry Willie Deaton Elizabeth Irwin Margaretta Clark Glenn Jones Mary Rozelle Mary Peeples Walter Morgan Virginia Hawkins Earle Hawkins Norene Stafford Frank Ricketts Emily Randolph Certificate Troy Young Ruth Drewry Diploma Willie Deaton Maurine Morgan- Mary Rozelle Post Graduate ' 24 Inez Heaslet -« £ [ ■ ] w ■ fl lest tOe Forget r — » Troy Young Whxie Deatc Maurine Morgan Ruth Drewry Mary Rozelle Ixez Heaslet, Graduate Student MUSIC CLASS hkrr- — « I 58 | w fl lest tOe forget f Uoice Department " - " Mrs. Anna Belle W. Hawkins Head of Department A The Voice Department is indeed fortunate in having at its head Mrs. Annie Hawkim number of students have been enrolled and the outlook for the coming year is promising. Mrs. Hawkins is a native of this city. She has studied with the best teachers in America. Witherspoon not excluded. Mrs. Hawkins has had a private studio in the city for several years. She was elected head of the Voice Department in Union University in the fall of 1923. Under her leadership, the department shows much development and we are sure this will steadily in- crease. Johnnie Gray Bernadixe Brinkman Ruth Harper Ella Fay Phillips Dale Sewell Mary Rozelle VOICE STUDENTS Maurine Morgan Ei la Coxxally Floy Springs Evelyn Waiters Mr. W. B. Muse Edward Kane Jack White Bob Yeaman Key Francis R. K. Bexnett Dax Throgmortox ■aW [ 59 p " [(lest tPe forget f BOYS ' QUARTET VOICE STUDENTS - £? [ 60 ] Ij lest Tile forget {= ■ Instrumental Mr. Raymond Guvc Conductor BAND AND ORCHESTRA DEPARTMENT With the beginning of the year of 1923-24, Union University saw a new department in ac- tion. It was then that Union first added this department of Fine Arts Courses. The school has not mis-judged the need for this department and a large number of students enrolled for this work. Mr. Guyon is a capable teacher and director, having been director of several large orches- tras and bands. His mastery of the stringed and wind instruments shows ability, intellectuality and musicianship. The University band and orchestra are making much progress, and we feel that the future shall be bright for the entire department. « K [ 61 ] jj lest Hie Forget |j; « Cornets Raymond Guyon Print Hudson Lawrence Cochran Clarinet Mrs. Raymond Guyon T. Gaither Dorris Burgess Clyde Moseley Inez Heaslet Members of Orchestra Violins Frank Ricketts Grace Powers Hite Gilbert Lacy Boone Troy Young Saxophones Margaret Gilbert Trombone John H. Moorefield Earl House Bass Drum Snare Drums Piano Print Hudson- John H. Moorefield Henry D. Gilbert D. B. Burgess Hite Gilbert Lacy Boone I. T. Gaither Kenneth Wyatt Members of Band William Kirby Frank Ricketts Cheslie Parham Lawrence Cochran Raymond Guyon Mrs. Raymond Guyon Clyde Moseley Troy Young Raymond Tate Hugh Mason J. E. Short Earl House R. T. Smith John Green W. H. Jones Margaret Gi lbert " I lest tOe Forget j - Department of Expression Miss Mary Evans Saunders Head of Department The Expression Department is one of the many strong departments of the Conservatory of Fine Arts. Under the able direction of Miss Saunders the department has increased its en- rollment beyond that of recent years. Miss Saunders has studied extensively. She has given many programs throughout the South and has always been recognied as a reader of no little renown. m l ffS 63 ] W " I lest tDe Forget f ■ Ausban, Frances Allen, Alice Hulda Aylor, Dorothy Archer, Ruth Brelaxd, Elizabeth Bishop, Hazel Baker, Mozelle Blackman, Elizabeth Bradford, Robert Cole, Tennie B. Cox, Clara Rhea Cowell. Eloise Cunningham. Dorothy Cox, William Dixon, Raymond Dodds, Mabel Elston, Sarah Friiman, Belle EXPRESSION H inkle, Donald Hinkle, Martha Hammons, Bess Hicks, Mary Hicks, Jack Huff, Helen Hicks, Marguerite Hargroye, Connie Horner. Leland Hays, Eya Hays, Evalyn Johnson, Willie Margaret Keele, Lacey Moore, Mary M a nf.ss, Lorena Meals. J. m ii.ligax, corinne Owen, Elizabeth Phillips, Faye Pontius., Rita Powers, Grace Routon, Vera Robinson, W. C. Rogers. Katherine Rozzell. Mary Ross, Ardie B. Speight, Neva T. Smith, Willie Sue Short, Grace Wilkes, Katherine Walfe. Elsie Watt, Mildred Williams, Nancy Ward, Eyelyn Waldrop. Floyd Phillips, Eyelyn ? M [ 64 ] ; jlest tQ e Forget p Department of business C. A. Derkyberry, M. Acc. TYPEWRITING CLASS « r-i ftf§ [ 65 ] fllest tDe forget r gfcw- SHORTHAND CLASS BOOKKEEPING CLASS 1 -« $ I 66 1 jl lest tO e forget |j: -=« Born — In wigwj November 26, 1S94. Joseph Nax ' I White Earth n LEON GuYON servation of the Chippewa tribe in Minnesota, Notable Ei (1) Ran ten miles back to the reservation when he saw a train for the first time. (2) Entered Haskell Industrial school for Indians at the age of eleven, and had reputation of being clumsiest boy in school. (3) After two years in Haskell Institute, he spent four years on the reservation. (4) Entered Carlisle in 1912. Played tackle on the team with Jim Thorpe that same year. Played Halfback on the same team in 1913. making Walter Camp ' s All-American. (5) Entered Keewatin preparatory school at Waukesha, Minn. Played football, basket-ball and baseball. ( ' ,) Entered Georgia Tech. in 1916, starred on Freshman team, won four first track meet. (7) Made letters in football, basketball and track in 1917-18 while in Georgia Tech. The " Big Chief " carried the ball ten times against Vanderbilt in 1917 for an average of over 28 yards. (8) Coached Union football squad and play- ed professional baseball in 1919. (9) Played baseball with Atlanta Southern League Club 1920 to 1923. and was rated as one of the best outfielders in Southern League in 1923. •(10) Coached the Union Bull Dogs in 1923- 24, and turned out one of the best foot- ball and basket-ball teams that Union has ever had. Thus reads the history of one of the greatest athletes the world has ever known. Many of the leading coaches and sport writers of the country class him as Jim Thorpe ' s only rival. Heisman, coach at Georgia Tech. and later at University of Pennsylvania, says : " Jo Guyon is the best man I ever coached. " Glen Warren says: " The only man that will rival Jim Thorpe. " ■ Coach Guyon has won the heart of every one in Union. He is a gentleman, a true sports- man and a real coach. By the end of the 1923 football season he had every man on the squad as tricky as an Indian and playing the greatest game of his life. Coach Guyon has turned down more than one tempting offer to be back at Union next fall. Fie wants to help old Union win the respect and admiration of the larger schools of the South. Look out for Guyon and his Bull Dogs in 1924. [ « ; 7 ] fr- jj fteat tOe forget [ UNION UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC COUNCIL Faculty Members — Du. T. N. Mallory Prof. W. W. Dunn Prof. J. L. McAlily Prof. A. W. Prince Student Members — J. E. Short Roy Stewart C. W. Baxter Troy Young Wayne Cox Alumni Membei Joe Gest Eugene Anderson The Union University Athletic Council is an organization consisting of four Faculty mem- bers, two Alumni and five Students. It has for its purpose the promotion of intercollegiate athletic contests. It controls and manages all athletics, by appropriating money and arranging for games. - [ 68 ] yj lot tDe forget - Captains - Football Boys ' Basketball Girls ' Basketball Baseball - Roy Stewart Charlie Dodds Ara Alexander W. S. Hanner Managers Football Boys ' Ba Girls ' Ba Baseball ketball sketball Assistant Conches Mar J. E. Short J. E. Short Kay Mewborn C. W. Baxter Football Football Bull Pups Basketbal Cheer Leaders - W. S. Hanner C. W Baxter Grady Evans Roy Stewart Earl T. Latta Carl Young [ 69 ] ■ I lest tOe Forget r Union Sportsmanship When the umpire calls you out. It ' s no use to stamp and shout, Wildly kicking dust about — Play the game; And though his decision may End your chances for the day. Rallies often end that way — Play the game. When the umpire shouts: " Strike And the ball seems wild to you, There is just one thing to do: Play the game; Keep your temper at the plate. Grit your teeth and calmly wait. For the next one may be straight — Play the game. When you think the umpire ' s wrong Tell him so, but jog along; Nothing ' s gained by language strong Play the game; For his will must be obeyed Wheresoever baseball ' s played, Take his verdict as it ' s made — Play the game. Son of mine, beyond a doubt, Fate shall often call you " out, " But keep on, with courage stout — Play the game; In the battlefield of men There ' ll come trying moments when You shall lose the verdict — then Play the game. There ' s an umpire who shall say You have missed your greatest play, And shall dash your hopes away — Play the game; You must bow unto his will Though your chance it seems to kill. And you think he erred, but still Play the gome. For the Great Umpire above Sees what we sec nothing of. By His wisdom and His love — Play the game; Keep your faith in Him although His grim verdicts hurt you so ; At His will we come and go — Play the game. — ? I ™ Athletics Foot Ddll r jjltsttaeroryllp j ' Foot 13 . It guee Tnr Rov Stewart, Captain Halfback - - 172 Pounds ideal leader and ill,- ,-!-,. of the squad. He will be back next year to help put over another his work the past season he was voted bv the team as their most valuable man. Joe Parker Quarterback - 15; Pounds One of the two best quarter- backs that ever directed a Union team. A good field general, a unnd briikent !,-l,l nmiur, a p, , pil- lar fellow with the bovs and a Sheik with the girls. Besides this, our •■Queen ' s " best beau. Shepard Haxxer Quarterback - 135 Pounds " Shep " leaves old Union this vear with the friendship of ail the fellows. His work with us has been of the highest quality. A heady quarterback, that was alwavs ready to sacrifice personal honor for tlie sake of the team. %W- I 72 ] w jf| lest tDe Forget |jj; % Robert Westmoreland, Capt.-Elect Tackle - - 172 Pounds Bob is one of the best football players that ever donned a Bull Dog uniform. He was in every game and in almost every play. Westmoreland will make a real leader for the 1924 Bull Dogs. John Aycock Guard - - - 173 Pounds John made good from the sta He can always be counted on open holes for the backs when th play is coming over him, and he i there when it comes to stoppini plays that are directed at him A man that can always be count ed on to give his best. Charles Rice End and Center, 182 Pounds " ( " lunik ' s " first game at center, to with only three days ' practice, against an All-Southern man was enough to convince Coach Guynn that he was readv for a place on the varsity. Rice will be found at the end position next year. Frefi Mays J. E. Short Tackle - - - 192 Pounds Center-Tackle - 178 Pounds Big Mays was slow getting started, but he was right there once he did get going. With this year ' s experience to help him he should be a great help to the Bull Hogs in their fall drive for football glory in 1924. The most efficient manager Union ever had. Short really found himself when Coach placed him at center, and it can be said of him that he is one of the great- est scrappers among the " Bull Dogs. " Box x ie Mercer Guard - - - 1S5 Pounds He may be bashful, but when you get him on the gridiron " you ' d be surprised. " He was in the game fighting all the time. A hard worker, full of fight and r- m [ 73 ] p- ; j lest " CD e Forget |f Thurman McLean E»d - - - - 170 Pounds " Mnc " is the fastest man and surest tackier un the team. It was next to impossible for oppos- ing backs to circle his end. He will be back next vear to lend a helping hand in Union ' s fight for football honors. Raymond Tate Halfback - - 170 Pounds .ined more ground than any i man on the squad this past ' il. Tate has plenty nf grit full of the old Bull Dog fij Ike Merri wether End - - - - 140 Pounds Little Ike was one of the small- est men on the squad, but what he lacked in weight he made up for in fighting spirit. He had to drop out of school in mid-season. We miss him very much. Clauence Baxter Fullback - - 183 Pounds The old " Truck Horse " is on. .if the best athletes that ever Stepped nil a local gridiron. He leaves us this year. He goes out from old Union with the best wishes of his friends and team- Wiixtam Ferguson End - - 160 Pounds Old Guard •eUable Bill alwa whether in a gam practice. A game fighter, snort and a clean fellow fighting spirit and loyal him an everlasting place hearts of his teammates. II ., :k Brewer - - 160 Pounds He plaved the gam. ran at all times. t - and a likeable chap nf S I " + 1 r j| lest tag V orflet |p -= Alfred Mooneyham Fullback - - 172 Pounds " Frog Foot " made quite a repu- tation as a line-plunger his first year in college football. He can back into an opponent harder than a mule can kick down the hill Charlie Dodds Tackle - - - 1 3 Pounds Dodds broke his leg during the fourth game of the season and was out for the rest of the time. He was playing the greatest game of his life before this misfortune. He will be ready to go back next season and will be in there with the old fight. Grady Evans 150 Pounds. On account of injuries received in action, Evans failed to make varsity squad. His success as coach of the " Pups " entitles him to representation. SUMMARY OF SEASON VARSITY RECORD Sept. 29. Oct. 6, Oct. 13. Oct. 20, Oct. 27. Nov. 2, Nov. 10, Nov. 1 , Nov. 23. Nov. 29. University of Alabama 12 University of Louisville 6 U. of T. Docs 14 Russellville Aggies 13 H oward 27 ; Hendrix it o; Miss. A. M 6 Union vs. Birmingham Southern — Canceled. Union 39 ; Mo. Osteopaths Union 13 ; Spring Hill o Union o Union 13 Union o Union 7 Union o Union 27 ■ Union o - W I 75 ] w ■jlest taeforfletjp Alvin Pennington, Captain Douglas Raines Ellis Eckstein Fern Skiles Lannie Warren Russell Moore UNION BULL PUPS Hershell Jennings William Cox Russell Patterson Ned Smith Bovte Thomas Joe Lax Roy Green Raymond Juinger Harvey Williams J. A. Hart Jack Harris Roy Williams Union Bull Pups ' R Ct. 10, Pups 12 Nov. 2, Pups o Nov. 16, Pups • 26 Nov. 24, Pups 7 Nov. 29. Pups 12 Lexington ..... Humboldt Halls McFerrin Tippah Co. Aggi - n C Jl [ 76 Basket ball pr- ■ j lest tQe ?orflet|f BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM The basketball season of 1924 was one of the shortest that the Bull Dogs have played in years. There were only eight regular scheduler! games. The season, though sh ort, was a suc- cess in many respects. The team was one of the best that has been turned out by the school in a long time. Every letter man except one will be back next year and it is hoped that the season will be longer and more successful. Results of the Season Betnis V — 23 Union — 20 Cumberland — 1 1 Union — 46 Normal — 27 Union — 20 Ole Miss. —30 Union — 25 Bemis — kj Union — 25 Ole Miss. — 35 Union — 16 Normal — 24 Union — 20 So. Y. Col. — 16 Union — 33 Dodds (Capt.) Ml I.I ' N Parker Letter Men Green Mercer Westmoreland Rice Short Aycock r-rtW I s ] w ■jltattQe Forget |p 1 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Although the Girls ' Basketball team lost a majority of its games, it was one of the strong- est that has ever represented the school. Man} - new players were on the team and it took them some time to become adjusted. The team played some of the strongest teams in the South. Results Union City High School 27 — Union 32 Friendship High School 26 — Union 20 Alamo High School 7 — Union 14 Peabody College 44 — Union 19 Western Ky. Normal 24 — Union 4 Tagan College 19 — Union 10 West Tenn. Normal 24 — Union 20 University of Mississippi 16 — Union 25 University of Mississippi 19 — Union 11 Varsity: Alexander, G., (Capt.), Mewborn, G.. (Mgr.). Phillips, G., Warden. J. C. Bre- land, R. C. Burnett, F.. Chilcoat, F., McClanahan, F. - t [ 79 ] w jl lest to e forget |f " WHEN THE STUDENT BODY ACCOMPANIED THE BULL DOGS TO MOBILE I " base Ball lot tOe Forgetfc " " BASEBALL Before sending the ' Annual " manuscript to the press, it was impossible to know the out- come of the baseball season. However, with such a beginning as the Union team has made, nothing short of a victorious year is anticipated. The games with Transylvania College are only typical of those played by former teams of old Union University. Players W. " Shep " Hanner. S. S. (Captain). Albert ( " B. B. " ) Andrews, L. F. Roy Stewart, C. F. Clarence ( " Phil " ) Baxter. 3rd B. ( iYIgr. ) Alfred ( " Frogfoot " ) Mooneyham, C. Charles ( " Chunk " ) Rice. 2nd B. Virgil ( " Red " ) Rose, R. F. 8. Toe Henry ( " Hiney " ) Parker. 1st B. 0. Edward ( " Slim " ) Brower, P. Grady ( " Liberty " ) Evans. P. John Aycock, C. Thurman ( " Baby Blue Eyes " ) McLean. R. F. Carl ( " Sheik " ) Belew, 1st B. W- W [ 82 ] ■jlesfDJe Forget |jj u 5» TENNIS CLUB GYM CLASS IN ACTION - [ 83 ] f- ■jlesttDe forget r CAMPUS DECEPTION [ 84 1 . - " .,. ' «?; ' ■ " : ■•■i-:;..: ? Activities w jl.e«t tOe Forget j jj Lest VJe Forget Business Manager Raymond Dixox Advertising Manager John H. Moorefield % r- Editor-in-Chief Wayne A. Cox Associate Editor Claire Gilbert Circulation Manager Troy G. Young Associate Editor Harry L. Carter I 85 ] r Lillian Watters Catherine Routon Photograph Editor Givens Wright lesttne Forget r THE STAFF Literary Editors William Howse. Jr. Pearl Harris Humor Editor Neva T. Speight Athletic Editors Hal Carter Harold [ones Class Editors Clara Rhea Cox George Payne Fine Arts Editor Inez Heaslet - « £ I 87 ] r ■jltattDe forget r CARDINAL AND CREAM ICAMPAIGN LAUNCHED TO BUILD SAVAGE MEMORIAL CHAPL . .i;i;ui iwr.am Ev L " n ion J? il. Past and Ili-l ' l Mil V. Kill KIM ' S HI- MI HUM £ Pre i .- Have Opportunity Xk , iii ' i) jri?.r - eat Leader. K UM(»A1.LX .S " ■ ' •• ' •VMM n - L- ivki ii v vni: i. " lsi.M. m-iok i.M H ,.- Ul ' vfilT,! IIV-lMHUSr- = JK ...,. •;.. ' IV.MHHM- V-- ' TO HWE FULL QUOTA AT ;; f : v V , ATIONAL CONVENTI ; - S iVaiv «T )- . 27 .l!l; |;| ( l ,| ; 8 c sb iks««c UNION BULL 00b-6 ikuUNCE CUMBERLAllf " ' hi.SuS o - MEMBERS OF STAFF F. J. Waldrop - - - _.--- Editor-in-Chief Troy G.Young - - Associate Editor Nelle Hundley --------- Associate Editor J. E. Short - - - - - - - - " . Athletic Edi tor Harry L. Carter ------ Alumni and Booster Edito, Lucy Stark - ------- E ch ™?i lT P. B. Baldr.dge - - - - - " " - Chapel Report Hunter Love Local Editor Robbie Latta - ' " • " ' % ' . tt-d __---- Loco Editor Hope Pool ----.- Inez Heaslet " , " " ' " ' ,- " ; ' J. J. Holland - - - - L»f «irj « Givens ' Wright ZZZpaftor u __--- Literal v Hanoi Charles Howse - . . . Library fidifor Bess Ham mono. - - - -, £( ,,., o ,. " • T S -J° NES - - - - _ Li t emr y Editor C. L. Hargrove - . £rfl7(J) . Evelyn Watters - ----___ Class Reporter William L. Howse, Jr. - _ Class Reporter W. S. Ferguson - . _ _ c , r , 0) ., ( , ; - Catherine Routon - - - - Cft( Reporter Mary K. Mewborn - c |(() Rc H 0ricr Kate Browder - " c (Js . ? Reporter Claire Gilbert - - _ Btwrnew Manager Jack Brewer " " " ... 4« . Siwa ATanaffw Russell Reed - - - — £: I S8 1 p- jjItsttQe forget | - IN SPITE OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL ,-f [ 89 ] w j) last tae Forget fc Student Actiuity Association OFFICERS i 924 Troy G. Young Jack Brewer Neva T. Speight Lacy Keele Dr. H. E. Waiters President J ' ice- President Secretary Manager Book Store Business Manager MEMBERS William A. Cox Russell Reeh Li cy Stark Thomas Siler Claire Gilbert M rv K. Mewb Connie Hargrove Helen Lowe Pe ri. Harris Robert M. Hicks Willie Deaton William Howse, Jr. W E. Walker r- W jjlottneForflel [ STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. A. W. Prince p E0F . y. Dunn Dr. L. R. Hogan. rj K j ; j , - STUDENT .MEMBERS C. W. Baxter Helen Lout; Lucy Stark Catherine Routc Nelle Hundley Alvin Pennington Hal Carter Jack Brewer William Howse, Jr Margaret Johnsoi % r- r- [ 91 ] Y fl lest tPe forget CAMPUS PLAY 1. m, §sr c f » t.w — Queens f jj| Lest tQe Forget [p %!»- MISS CLAIRE GILBERT Best All-Arou kd i 94 ] -rt rtfc f Htottae;po jj MISS RUTH HARPER Most Beautiful - «t£ an [ 95 ] jfl lest tQc forget f MISS EVELYN WATTERS Queen or S. A. E. [ 96 ] - - g jjlIegttaeBwflrt r n % — MISS CATHERINE STANFIELD Queen of A. T. O. [ 97 ] -« (£ f ■jlitst toe Forget |p MISS BESS HAMMONS Queen of G. M. S. gfcw. rffc [ 9S ] v %K- fl lest tOe Forget j; MISS NELLE HUNDLEY Queen of A. L. S. [ 99 ] t f fregttDe Forget F MISS PEARL HARRIS Queen of C. L. S. ■ -- « [ 100 ] Fraternities 1 | Lest tQe Forget | 1 Sigi 1 . Tia Alpha Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama, March 9, 185I Colors : Flower : Royal Purple and Old Cold Violet FOUNDERS Noble Leslie Devotie John Barnett Rudl ' lph John Webb Curr Abner Edward Patton Wade H. Foster Samuel Martin Dexxis Nathan Elam Cockrell Thomas Chappeli. Cook PUBLICATIONS The Record -------- William C. Levere. Editor Phi Alpha - - - -- - - - - T. Gibson Hobbs, Editor Lion ' s Paw ---------- Convention Daily CHAPTER PUBLICATION Some Actions of P-ta --------- Active Members JACKSON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Perry Cai.lahax ------- President Eugene Anderson -------- Vice-President J. D. Bledsoe ------ -- Secretary A. M. Alexander Judge L. L. Fonville Dayton Sackett A. M. Alexander, Jr. Lawrence Garland W. G. Saunders Ralph Alexander Percy Glisson Hearn Spragins H. C. Anderson Charles Gates Y. L. Stegall Asa Jones Biggs C. N. Harris Albert A. Stone Lennie F. Biggs B. M, Herron Charles S. Steen W. F. Barry, Jr. Dr. W. L. Howse Robert N. Smith C. G Bond C. L. James C. M. Thompson R. H. Bond S. B. Johnson W. T. Thompson S. S. Bond Thomas McCorry A. K. Tigrett C. H. Brown Dr. E. D. McDougal W. G. Timberlake C. B. Brown I. B. Tigrett H. W. White. Jr. F. W. Budde Charles McGee T. J. White. Jr. Dr. E. B. Campbell John Merriwether J. L. Williams O. V. Chesbro Ike Merriwether J. L. Wisdom Burns Carroll Hewitt Merriwether Roge r Wooten John M. Carroll H. R. Moore. Ir. Carl D. Vineyard R. T. Carroll T. J. Murray, " Jr. Amos B. Jones Dr. C. H. Crego. Jr. J. R. MuKinnie T. C. Long H. L. Dement Cason Nichols W. C. Lowe James J. Diffee F. M. Patton Roger Murray S. J. Everett C E. Pigford David Murray John W. Enochs Harry C. Ross YELL Phi Alpha Alicazee, Phi Alpha Alicazon, Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ! Rah, Rah, Bon Ton. Sigma Alpha Epsilon! Rah, Rah, Bon Ton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon! Ruh, Rah. Ruh, Rah, Ruh, Rah. Reel Tennessee Eta, S. A. E. [ 102 ] pr- Itsttae Forget |p - %V — [ 103 ] pr- j) last tOe Forget |jj Guy Leeper Tennessee Eta Chapter Established 1867 FOUNDERS II. VV. McCorry PRATERS IN FACULTATE Stoddert Caruthere Prof. W. L. Howse Prof. Print Hudson FRATRFS IX UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 Harry H. Hudson Clarence YV. Baxtei Everett E. Waiters Earl T. Latta George A. Payne Roy F. Green Watt Moore Carl Young Class of 1925 J oh H. Parker Class of 1926 William L. Howse, Jr. Class of 1927 Robert G James Bob H. Yeaman Zed Aydelott Troy G. Young Raymond A. Tatl Thomas H. Farmer, Jr. Ri ibert West m orel a nd T. Morgan Davis Dorris Burgess Charles K. Lorenz Vernon Tomerlin The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity is at present the largest college fraternity in the world. It has a total of 94 Chapters installed in the leading institutions of the United States, with a total membership of 28,500. This fraternity has Alumni Associations in the United States, France, and Germany. ?b r- ffS r 04 1 w j lest tne forget |jp -= sigma §.a. epsilon ■ SKjHSS 1 alpha S. A. E. SNAPSHOTS [ 105 fresttaeForfleHl = Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was Founded Sept. II, 1865 Colore Flower : Sky Blue and Old Gold ' I 7 " ' ' ' " Tea Rose FOUNDERS Otis A. Glazebkook Alfred Marshall Erskin M. Rose OFFICIAL PUBLICATION The Alpha Tau Omega Palm ------ Frank W. Scott. Editor Alumni Association Fifty Five Active Chapters - - - Eighty Two FRATRES IN URBE G. M. Savage C. W. Davis A. V. Patton M. L. Taylor C. T. Starkey W. W. Pope W. P. Moss H. G. Arnold S. M. Herron A. D. Muse Joe S. Gest Judge W. W. Faw W. R. Phillips Judge J. W. Ross Giles Grady F. H. Phillips Jiles Grady Lamar Hicks Ike Nunn J. R- Mantey FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. J. R. Mantey Dr. G. M. Savage Dr. C. W Davis CHAPTER YELL FRATERNITY YELL Co Whip Co Whac Rar-Rah-Rega, Co lieita lack Alpha Tau Omega. Jackita lick Hip, Hurrah! Hip, Hurrah! " licata Jo Three cheers for Alpha Tau. ETullamaloo for A. T. O. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hullamaloo, rah. rah. Alpha Tau Be ' .a Tau! Kali, rah, rah, lii ricta, umptie o, What ' s the matter With A. T. O. %W- [ 106 ] p- ■j lest tDc Forget f 1 it t. £.YC % 4 4 J d iff TfiiZi i; " " " O lM c % « W m Mm W- P II mP w_ J [ 107 ] w j Iits tO e Forget ™ ACTIVE TAUS C w of 1924 Wayne A. Cox - - Troy, Tennessee Jack Brewer - - Bolivar, Tennessee A. R. Dixon - - Trenton. Tennessee W. S. Hanner - - Conway, Arkansas P. O. Meadows - Bradford, Tennessee Class of 1925 V. A. Rose - - Brighton, Tennessee Kyle Dayis - Jackson, Tennessee J. E. Short - - Blytheville, Tennessee T. T. McLean - - Alamo, Tennessee Class of ;y. ; 6 Y. G. Evans - - Liberty, Tennessee R. L, Stewart - Haskell, Texas A, S. Andrews - Spring Creek, Tennessee C. L. Dor. ' iis - - Savannah. Tennessee Y. R. Reed - ■ - Dyer, Tennessee Clas W. R. Hill - - Givexs Wright R. E. Stevenson Haryey Williams Jack Harris Charles Rice J. F. Moore R. L. Moore of WIT Jackson, Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Eagleville, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Dyersburg, Tennessee Dyersburg, Tennessee Hershell Jexxixcs - Dyersburg, Tennessee Arthur Ralscher - Memphis, Tennessee Pledge Alban Hooker - Memphis, Tenne %W- -rf X$? ■jlegttneFor etlf - S TEIVNES5EE Beta-Tau A. T. 0. SNAPSHOTS r [ 109 p - jl lest tDe Forget jj -= ? Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded at Virginia State Normal College Farmville, Va., April 20, 1898. Colors: Purple and While Flower: Violet FOUNDERS Margaret Batton Sallie Mitchie Marie Louise Davis Lelia Scott Martha Trent Featherstone Elizabeth Watkins Isabel Merrick Lucy Wright PUBLICATIONS The Triangle ------- Mrs. Ludwig Schmidt, Editor Sigma Script -------- Mrs. M. C. Kohler, Editor The Convention Daily ------ Mrs. Ludwig Schmidt. Editor LOCAL PUBLICATION The Violet Ray --------- Senior Members SIGMA PHI CHAPTER Established April 9, 1909. SORORES IN URBE Bernice Barky Laura Grady Lucile Rice Mrs. Randall Vann Mrs. Spencer Truex Marie Rutledce Mrs. Edwin Peters Virginia Jackson Mrs. Richard Smith Mrs. R. C. Hinton Bessie Ruth Moore Adele Thompson Sunshine Derryberry Mrs. A. C. White Mrs. Charles Webb Lessye Davidson Mrs. Ed McLeary Mrs. James McClaran Winnie Davidson Mrs. Omar G. Chessor SORORES IN FACULTATE Vivian Whitelaw Grace Powers YELL Skull and crossbones, Rah, Rah, Rah! Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Ha, Ha, Ha ! Death and destruction to all that is wrong. Strength and Protection, we are the strong, Skull and crossbones. Rah, Rah, Rah ' . Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Ha, Ha, Ha ! _ t [ no ] f ; jjkst tOe forget |f 1 t in i f- Nelle Hundley - Mari Anna Lanier Lucy Stark Claire Gilbert Bess Hammoks Helen Baine Inez Heaslet Lorena Maness Catherine Routon Ara Alexander Elizabeth Owen nnif. Mae Parker Benetta Billixgton Kate Browder Willie Deaton Hlest " OJe forget r -« SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1924 Mercer, Tenn. Mary K. Mewborn Jackson, Tenn. Springfield, Tenn. Trudve Chilcoai Lillian Watters Class of 192? Paris, Tenn. Gladys McMinn Selmer, Tenn. Evelyn Watteus Class of 1926 Bolivar, Tenn. Evelyn Routon Clinton, Ky. Neva T. Speight Henderson, Tenn. Catherine Stanfield Paris, Tenn. Sali.ie Jewell Stone Class of 192 McKenzie. Tenn. Covington, Tenn. Ruth Archer Annie Mai Warden Macon, Tenn. Amory, Miss. Jackson, Tenn. Trenton, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. Beaumont. Tex LaCentre, Ky. Jackson. Tenn. Union City, Tenn. Jackson. Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. PLEDGES Jackson, Tenn. Wickliife, Ky . Selmer, Tenn. ethel Springs. Tenn. Louise Tomerlin Ruth Harper Mary Harris Martha Russell Louise Carter Mercer, Tenn. Rives, Tenn. Whiteville, Tenn. Grand Junction. Tenn. Bolivar, Tenn. HONORARY MEMBERS AND PATRONESSES Mrs. H. E. Anderson Mrs. C. E. Roper Mrs. L. R. Hogan Mrs. M. M. Summars Mrs. W. W. Dunn Mrs. E. L. Stanfield Mrs. A. W. Prince Mrs. R. R. Taylor %W- [ ll- 1 ] f- ;jlit8t ttle forget f 1 r— it W [ US ] y ;j last tne Forget r - PAX-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS First Term William L. House, Jr President . . . Roy Stewart Vice-President . A. Raymond Dixon Secretary. . . Second Turin ..Russell Reed .Joe. H. Parker .Troy G. Young MEMBERS Alpha Tan Ome,ja— Sigma Alpha Efsilon— Russell Reed William L. House. Jr. Roy Stewart Joe H. Parker A. Raymond Dixon Troy G. Younu ■-rrfff ; [ 114 C £4j, Clubs w JH lest tDe forget C W. C. Robinson Cecil Franks Prof. J. L. McAliley Wayne A. Cux Hal Carter W. S. Ferguson Connie Hargrox NESTOR CLUB P. E. Balmridge Troy Younc Harry L. Carter W. A. Pennington Elmer A. Laxgford Floyd J. Waldrop W. S. Hanner _ f?S I H6 1 r lest TOe Forget 7 Nina Curlin Evelyn Watters Prof. G. E. Sh ankle Pearl Harris Leasy Lewis Nell Hundley Gladys McMinn Claire Gilbert HYPATIA CLUB Marie Skinner La Verne Harris Clara Rhea Cox Grace Powers Mary Kay Mewborn Lillian Watters Lucy Stark Madge Phillips — f S [ 117 ] p " j lest tOe Forget P Connie Hargrove William A. Cox U. E. Luper Alban Hooker Cecil Franks Virgil A. Rose Robert L. Bolin fi ptus M. James FOUR SQUARE LEAGUE W. C. Robinson Frank L. Ricketts Robert M. Hicks Harry L. Carter W. E. Walker J. J. Holland Paul Sloan Rorert F. Bryant Freeman Privett Floyd J. Waldrop Troy G. Young Mell King Wayne A. Cox Tom Sii.er Elmer A. Laxgfot Giyens Wright %»r- w US ] f lest tDe forget f m DOCTORS ' CLUB Prof. A. W. Prince Carl Young OliA Teague George Payne Boyte Thomas Jack Harris Robert Westmoreland Giyexs Wright Wra ' Alexander Jack Frost Fred Fowler Hubert Prather Prof. J. W. Stovall Trudye Chilcoat Robert G. James Roy Green Alban Hooker Robert Magrl t der B. C. Etheridge H. S. Jones Harvey Williams Bonnie Mercer Hersfiell Jennings ■ — « [ 11!) ] w jjj) lest tDe Forget |j: COTVS WlLLlNGH M Martin Gaba John Aycock S. A. Barkix Lloyd Math is Troy McPeak Grady Evans Trudye Chilcoat AGGIE CLUB Kyle Da is Albert Andrews Lewis Beard ■ " " A. T. Mooneyham Harold Self Bonnie Mercer Ernest Essary Frank Wo( Lysle Thomason n( $: I 120 ] f j|Inst tOeRirgel f Willie Deaton Helen Lowe Tennie B. Cole Miss Watson Evelyn Phillips Lucille Dodds Miss Grace Powers Clara Rhea Cox Marianna Lanier Catherine Routon HOME EC. CLUB Pauline Fite Mary L. Stalltngs voleria hjeaslet Evelyn Watters Lula Mai Powell Catherine Williamson La Verne Harris Virginia Tyree Martha Russell Ollie Mai Burgess Ruth McFarland Elizabeth Owen Helen Baine Lorena Maness Ruth Drewry Nell Hundley Mable Dodds Sallie J. Stone Neva T. Speight Kate Browder Bess Hammonds - « [ 121 MP - fl lest tDe Forget f — Preside n ! Vice-President Sccrctarv-Treasii, Clarence Baxter Bill Ferguson Charles Rice Roy Stewart H. S. Jones W. S. Hanner Jack Brewer Virgil Rose U CLUI OFFICKRS Roy Stewart Joe Parker Bill Ferguson United U ' s for Union R. A. Tate Bob Westmoreland Roy Greene Frank Mays Bill Cox Bonnie Mercer Charlie Dodds J. E. Short T. T. McLean C. H. Franks Joe Parker H. L. Carter John Aycock Rex Hughes Webster Allen Grady Evans Henry Greer 122 ] Literary Life Ah) Vvov V ov o T ' a(j7. iv cicg i - ™ f- u ■ -« G. M. SAVAGE LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Term Third Term President - - F. J. Waldrop President - Robt. F. Bryant Vice-President R. F. Bryant Vice-President - - E. A. Langford Recording Secretary C. L. Hargrove Recording Secretary - - John Turner Corresponding Sec re ary - - Joe Lax Corresponing Secretary - - L. A. Moon Treasurer J. W. BoultoN Treasurer ----- Mell King Attorney - - - P. B. Baldridge Attorney ----- I. C. Cole Marshal - Robt. Hicks Marshal - W. C. Robinson Sub-Marshal W. E. Walker Sub-Marshal - - - C. L. Hargrove Secoi d Term Fourth Term President - - Connie Hargrovi; President - - - - E. A. Langford J ' ice-Preside nl - - W. E. Walker VicePresident - - - J. J. Holland Recording Secretary R. L. Bolin Recording Secretary - - Joe Noryell Corresponding See re ary - R. K. Bennett Corresponding Secretary - - Mell King Treasurer - - J. W. Boulton Treasurer - - - - J. 0. Dearing Attorney J. M. Jamec Attorney - - - - P. B. Baldridge Marshal - - - W. M. Pratt Marsha} - - - - Lyle Thomason Sub-Marshal F. J. Waldrop Sub-Marshal - - - Robt. F. Bryant Douglas Raines W. E. Walker C. N. Coleman Everett Waiters R. W. Fitzgerald R. L. Bolin Millard Pratt J. W. Boulton R. L. Leopard P. B. Baldridge I. C. Cole Connie Hargrove Edward Kane E. A. Langford J. J. Holland L. A. Moon Floyd J. Waldrop Jack Frost S. O. Price Carl Berlin Robert M. Hicks J. L. Beard J. M. James R. K. Bennett COTYS WlLLINGHAM W. A. Pennington Joe Lax Robert F. Bryant Lyle Thomason W. C. Robinson Waldo Nevil Bruce Hanna Mell King J. O. McMillon John Turner J. 0. Dearing Reggie Ray D. B. Burgess Robert Magruder Oda Teague Talmadge Miller [ 124 ] f iu— . .1 ™« M v ::A; ' f ! : V ; c 4 4 " OMNIA LABOR VINCET " K _ $ [ 125 ] ■ p- -a PALLADIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First Term Second Term President ----- Lucy Stark Prcsi lent Mrs. Ruth Barnes Vkc-Prcs. - Willie Marc aret Johnson I ' ice- Pres dent - - - Miriam Carter Secretary - - - Gl dys McMinn Seere Third Term lary Ollie Maye Burgess Pre sidcnl - - - M. R1E Skinner Vie •-President - - - Leas y Lewis Sec ■clary - - Mrs F MEMBERS JANC es Ford Florence Gallimore Mrs. M. M. Summar Madge Phillips Marianna Lanier EULALA KENSEY Ardie B. Ross Helen Lowe Clara Rhea Cox Mary Lou Stallings Mrs. C. B. Laws Mrs. Ruth Barnes Marie Skinner Cora Lynn Lowe Ollie Mai Burgess Eunice Day Bess Stanford Claire Gilbert Theoiiosia Irwin Leasy Lewis Liij.ie Mai Nabors Ruth Sappington Willie Margaret Johnson Bessie Ray Mrs. Boaz Gladys McMinn Clara Crenshaw Cordelia West Lyda Roy Pennie B. Cole Evelyn Phillips Katie Ray Ruby Houck Lucy Stark Gladys Boone Bessie Blocker Irma Dickerson Lillian Watters Bess Hammons Hazel Bishop Mary Jo Reeves Hole Pool Louise Bishop Eddie Mai Hartman Lula Mae Powell Belle Froman Jennie Ellen Houck Florence Ray Mrs. A. W. Prince Ruby Muse Mrs. Frances Ford Oneida Nicholson Lucie Mai Siler Annie B. Clopton Mozelle Baker I 126 ] r lest tDe forget f — " TASTE — INDUSTRY — WISDOM " A [ 127 ] p — - f- u -■ - APOLLONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS First Term Second Term Harry Carter President Troy G. Young - - - - President • M. E. Luper Vice-President Harold Jones - - Vice-President Russell Reed Secretary George Carmack - Secretary Lacy R. Keele Treasurer Lacy R. Keele - Treasurer Grady Evans Marshal Harry Carter - Marshal Wm. S. Ferguson Scrgcant-at-Arms Harvey Upchurch - Sergeant-at-Arms Third Term Raymond Dixon - President Zed Aydelott - Vice-President Arthur Rauscher - Secretary Lacy R. Keele 1 reasurcr Troy G. Young Marshal Harvey Williams - Scrgeant-at-Arms ROLL T. T. McLean Freed Bell Ross Hakton Bob Yea man Frank McKissack Jack Brewer Hal Carter Grady Evans Morris Rachel Bill Ferguson H. S. Jones J. E. Short J. B. Leeth Wayne A. Cox Ralph Peel Russell Reed Raymond Tate Hubert Prather H. I. Roland W. S. Hanner Dutght Fakris Harvey Williams Harry L. Carter A. R. Dixon George Car mack Joe H. Parker Lacy R. Keele Paul Sloan George Payne Clifton Maloxe Roy Green Frank Woodson Troy Young Harris Robinson Arthur Rauscher Thomas Roote Zed Aydelott Paul Thrasher Roy Stewart Ambrose Smith Leon Burnett Harvey Upchurch II. C MURCHISON Carl Young Freeman Estes Charlie Dodds [ 128 ] V 4| lest tOe Forflet F " ESSE QUAM VIDERE " frr- [ 129 ] pa- lest tDe Jorj 3 ENONIANS Founded September, 1920. Colors: Pink and Green Flower: Pink Carnation First Term Evelyn Waiters Mary Kay- Mewborn Will ie Deaton OFFICERS President V ' ice- President Secretary Second Ter Nelle Hundley Neva T. Speight Robbie Latta President Vice-President Secretary Pearl Harris Katherine Routox Catherixe Stanfield President -President Secretary Mrs. C. W. Davis Mrs. C. A. Derryberry Mrs. W. W. Dunn Mrs. Maer HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. J. N. Mallory I Mrs. J. L. McAliley Mrs. L. D. Rutledge Mrs. G. M. Savage s. N. M. Sticler Miss Charlotte Watson Mrs. H. E. Watters Miss Mattie Tat Alma Ruth McAliley MASCOTS Wallace Dunn Millard Curlin Mary Harris Eva Hays Pearl Harris Robbie Latta Neva T. Speight Vivian Polk Trudye Chilcoat Benetta Bilungton Catherine Stanfield Sadie Gleaves Ara Alexander Louise Carter Corinne Millican Helex Baine Nix a Curlin ROLL Nelle Hundley voleria heaslet Kate Browder lorena m.vxess Elizabeth Owen Virginia Baldy Mabi.e Beadles Willie Sue Smith Sallie Jewell Stone Louise Tomerlin Martha Russell Virginia Tyree Katherine William si Evelyn Routox Evelyn Watters Dexxie Holt Mable Dodds Ruth Drewry Margaret Thompson Willie Deatox Mary Kay Mewborn Et h el T h orx to x Inez Heaslet Ruth Harper La Verne Harris Lucille Dodds Grace Powers Mildred Crawford Charlotte Watson Mattie Tate Ramsey Hawkins Catherixe Routox W- [ 130 ] Y lest Hie forget -«to " HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR " rr-r t m I L83 1 f- j Iest tDe Forget |[ ■ CALLIOPEAN LITERARY ' SOCIETY 1S47 - 1924 Colors: S£v S »c a»rf Old Gold Virgil Ruse Frank Ricketts Hunter Love OFFICERS President -President Secretary 1 hird Term Hunter Love - - - - Preside! Freeman Privett Albert Andrews 1 " ice-President Secretary Second Term J. O. McMiixon - - - - President Hunter Love - Vice-President Chas. Howse - - Secretary Fourth Term Givens Wright - President Fern Skiles - Vice-President Russell Patterson - Secretary Harold Self Yern Kixsev Donald Hinkle Ralph Manker Givens Wright Yirgil Rose Ellis Eckstein H. D. Hagar Frank Ricketts Raymond Juinger ROLL E. B. Prvor William House, Jr. Martin McCoy Rayborn Harris W ' kav Alexander Louis Welch Fern Skiles Albert Andrews Charles Howse M. B. Howard John Moorefield Russell Patterson Hunter Love J. O. McMillon Freeman Privett Cecil Franks Dan ThrOGMorton William A. Cox Tom Siler D. L. McCutcheon !%Xfr- .- l L32 ] F ■j lest " CD e Forget jj - " NIL DESPERANDUM " %W- [ 133 ] r ■jlest tPeforflet f DEBATING TEAM AXD COACH Connie Hargrove George Carmack W. E. Walker Prof. N. M. Stigler M. E. Luper Floyd J. Waldrop Robert L. Bolix C. J. Maloxe Freeman Privett Lucie Mai Siler Elmer A. Langford Tom Siler DEBATING CLASS P. B. Balukidge J. D. BOULTON R. L. Bolin D. B. Burgess Kate Brow der Mozelle Baker Tennie B. Cole Ira C Cole George Carmack C. X. Coleman H. L. Carter R. K. Bennett D. L. McCutcheon A. R. Dixon- Mary K. Mewborx Claire Gilbert W. E. Perry Bessie Ham mons O. A. Park T. I. Holland E. D. Pryor Harold Tones F. . Privett Mell Kixg Lucie Mai Siler R. L. Leopard Harold Self C. I. Maloxe Thomas Siler Alice McCrory Neva T. Speight J. 0. McMillon F. A. Weeks ??W- [ 134 yr jj ' Iggt tOe forget f - V. W. A. Motto: Daniel 12 : " They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " OFFICERS Belle Froman Ten n ie B. Cole Ruby Houck Eunice Roy Mary Jo Reeves President Secretary Vice-President . Issistant Secretary Treasurer Eunice Roy Florence Ray Florence Gallimore Lula Mae Powell Ruby Muse Tennie B. Cole Lyda Roy Irma Dickerson Voleria Heaslet Bess Stanford Belle Froman Mary Jo Reeves Lucy Stark Bessie Ray Oneida Nicholson Hope Pool Ruby Houck gfcw- rfW [ 135 ] r •J lest tnc Jorget|p -« THE J. R. GRAVES SOCIETY OF RELIGIOUS INQUIRY The I. R. Graves Society of Religious Inquiry is a society for the ministerial students. It was organized in 1877 and named in honor of Dr. J. R. Graves. It meets every Friday afternoon in its own well-furnished room. Here the most interesting religious subjects and doctrinal ques- tions are discussed. Seven members of the Faculty are members of this society and add much to the i nstructiveness of the programs. Motto: ■■Search the Scriptures: Organized in 1877 The Largest Pastors ' Conference in the South. OFFICERS First Term Third Term H. L. Carter - - - - President C. L. Hargrove - President P. B. Baldridge - - Vice-President W. C. Robinson - Vice-President E. B. Pryor - - - Secretary J. B. McMillon - Secretary Second Term P. B. Baldridge - - President J. O. McMillon Vice-President Thomas Siler - Secretary Fourth Term E. B. Pryor - President J. M. James - - - Vice-President Mell King - - - - - Secretary Dr. L. R. Hogan L. R. Keele W. C. Robinson E. B. Pryor Frank Ricketts W. M. Pratt Morris Rachel R. L. Bolin M. B. Howard J. O. McMillon Y. L. Howse. Sr. Gr. G. M. Savage ROLL OF MEMBERS Mell King J. O. Dearing J. M. James R. W. Masker D. L. McCutcheon Harry L. Carter Dr. H. E. Waiters Connie Hargrove Hunter Love Dr. I. N. Penick I. C Cole Prof. N. M. Stigler J. E. Short Dr. J. R. Mantey W. E. Walker R. K. Bennett Robert M. Hicks Tom Siler W. C Nevil M. E. Lcper Virgil A. Rose Floyd J. Waldrop L. A. Moon « ffl r ■j lest tDe Forget |{: ™ l P £ y «j, ' ' % 1 «: 4 7 tv- ' [ 137 ] Lest tde Forget TDFXT KFl.K.IOL ' S COl ' XCIL OFFICERS Meix King Frank Ricketts VOLERIA HeASLET Dr. J. R. Mantey Troy Young Virgil A. Rose Tom Siler Mell Kixg voleria heaslet Lyda Roy " S President Vicc-Prcsidcni Secretary Frank Ricketts Cora Lynn Lowe Pearl Harris r-rf TO [ 138 ] p fl lest tag forget | l THE STUDENT VOLUNTEER BAND Motto: " The evangelization of the world in this generation " OFFICERS First Term Second Term President ----- Melt. King President - - - Clara Rhea Cox Vice-President - - Clara Rhea Cox Vice-President - - W. C. Robinson Secretary ----- Hope Pool Secretary - Volehia Heaslet Third Term President ----- H. L. Carter Vice-President - - - M. E. Later Secretary - Irma Dickerson M. E. Luper Morris J. Rachel Irma Dickerson Bess Stanford Voleria Heaslet Mell King Clara Rhea Cox y in- W. C. Robinson Hope Pool Bessie Blocker Tom Sixer Harry L. Carter W. E. Walker Hazel Bishop Lucy Stark Helen Lowe Annie B. Clopton I [unter Love Frank Ricketts Mary Jo Reeves -rfrt45 [ 139 ] w ;jle«t tQeJorfletljj ■ THE U. C. U. CLUB. The United for Christ and Union Club was organized about March I, icu_i. The first members were those who had attended the student conferences at Murf reesboro and Indianapolis. The purpose of this club is to study conditions on the campus. The meetings are open forums for the discussion of student problems and their solutions in light of the ethical teach- ings of Christ. P resident Vice-President Secretary C. C. Repo Marshal Hazel Bishop A NX IE B. Clopton VOLEKIA HEASLET Dexxie E. Holt J ex x ie Ellex Houck J usti s James Huntek Love J. O. McMillon Mrs. J. O. McMillon Lester Moon Frank L. Ricketts Morris Rachel Lucy Stark Belle Froman Cordelia West W. E. Walker Willie Margaret Johnson Helen Lowe F. L. Ricketts Justus James Voleria Heaslet J. O. McMillon Morris Rachel Ruby Muse Lulu Mae Powell Mary Jo Reeves Lyda Roy VlKGIL Rose Liza Spann Theodosia Irwin Mary D. MgIlwaine C. H. Robinson .-rt rtffl t HO ] j lest tDe : Forfletjp " - CAMPUS SCENES [ " 1 ] r- mZ , f- ■jLesttaeForfletJ; Calendar SEPTEMBER Matriculation begins. Matriculation and formal opening. A. T. O. ' s hold smoker. S. A. E. ' s hold smoker. Palladian open meeting to Sunday. Rules off : boys rejoice. Begin real work. Increased enrollment. Tri Sigma Informal Tea. Opening football game. Union v OCTOBER new students University of Alabama. Sigma Sigma Sigma Japanese Party; Bull Dogs meet University of Louisville. Faculty entertain students. Union loses to U. T. Doctors. Freshman class organized. Nestor Club meets. Sigma Sigma Sigma Quilting party. Bull Dogs meet Howard Colloge on local gridiron and win a great victory. Freshman " Get-Together " part} ' . NOVEMBER Union Bull Dogs defeat Hendrix College. Home Ec. Club entertains. Bull Dogs defeated by Mississippi A. • M. Armistice Day Parade. Seniors win prize for best float. Bull Dogs " eat up " Osteopaths from Missouri. Last game at home. Team leaves for Mobile. " Prexy " and scores of students and faculty members go along. Seeing the sights in Mobile. The Turkey Day game. Union Bull Dogs victorious over Spring Hill. Homeward bound from the " Sunny South. " S. A. E. Masquerade Freshman Frolic. Football banquet. Lovelace and Cri u ik as a photographer. Examinations. Close for Holidays. Christmas Day. Santa came last Hargrove. Waldrop, Carter, Wri; vcntion at Indianapolis. DECEMBER Hall girls have Xmas Tree. Givens Wright demonstrates his ability ?ht ! . and Claire Gilbert leave for Student Volunteer Con- — I 142 ] p- Ij lest tDe forget j; LOVERS — DESTINY UNKNOWN - r-lt 4 fZ [ 143 ] i - Y U • - Calendar — Continued JANUARY 2 Winter term begins. 3 Reports from Student Volunteer Convention in chapel. 4 Apollonians have open meeting. 6 Tri Sigma " At Home " at the home of Miss Luciie Rice. ii Calliopeans have open house. 14 " 1200 Day " Parade. One o ' clock classes missed ! ! 18 Alpha Tau Omega entertains. 19 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledges entertain for Brothers. 24 Enonians entertain Palladians. Lucy Stark and Floyd Waldrop win the prize. FEBRUARY 8 Sigma Sigma Sigma pledge dinner. IS G. M. Savage Literary Society have open house. 16 Tri Sigma annual Valentine Party. 17 University revival begins. Mr. Fred Schol field sings, " Roll Billows Roll. " 18 Dr. Hurt conducted chapel. -24 Delegation of thirty left for Baptist Student Conference at Murfreesboro. -7 Glowing reports from the Conference. Bob Hicks ' speech most enjoyable. -9 Alpha Tau Omega Founder ' s Day Banquet. MARCH 6 Burnett wins Marathon race. Claire Gilbert elected Edittu -in-Chief of Cardinal and Cream for 1925. 5 Societies elect speakeers for Stovall Medal. Apollonian — Clifton Malone, Calliopean — William Cox. G. M. Savage— Millard Pratt. 10 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founder ' s Day Banquet. ii Sam Lancaster spoke in chapel. 13 . Inez Heaslet appeared in piano recital. M Dr. Mallory goes to Jonesboro, Ark. 15 . Exam, week ! Nuff said. I« Girls entertain the boys, victors in the Sunday School contest. IS . U. Club organized. 21 . J. R. Graves has an open meeting. 21 . Enonians held memorial program for Miss Ena Williams. 2-1 . Ara Alexander wins prize for best slogan for the U. Club. Aggies hold chapel. " Here Comes the Bride. " oj Enonians hold open house. 2 f . Ca ' liopean Backwards Party. [ 1« ] fresttDe forget r Calendars-Continued 4. Stovall Medal Contest. 4. Sophomore party. 11. Palladians hold open house. 12. Sigma Sigma Sigma Founder ' : 26. Junior entertainment. Day Banquet. MAY Doctors ' Club Banquet. Juniors entertain in honor of the Seniors. Tri Sigma " Skid-doo " party for Seniors. S. A. E. Tea. A. T. O. Gypsy Tea. Contest for Eaton Medal. Baccalaureate sermon, First Baptist Church. J. R. Graves Annual Sermon. J. R. Graves final meeting and contest for J. W. Porter award. Rhodes ' Medal Contest. Annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. University Graduation Exercises. Home-Coming Day. Alumni Reunion. University Graduation Exercises. fX [ 145 ] w j|Ie8ttne?oiaet|f Jokes WHEN THE TRUMPET SOUNDS — Tennie B. will be thinking of Robert — Sallie Jewell will be dignified. — Reed will be playing foot-ball. — Nellie " Dear " will be writing to Homer. — Martin McCoy will be looking up. — Paul will be looking for Cat. — Sweet potatoes will be served in the dining hall. — Helen will be looking for her glasses. — Inez will be talking about Joe. — Lacy Keele will own the campus. — Hambone will be a house-maid. — Dan Throgmorton will be a grown boy. — Hope Pool will be doing her duty. — Connie Hargrove will be using hair tonic. — Harry Carter will still be contradicting his own arguments. — Floyd Waldrop will be courting Jack Da- vis. — Claire Gilbert will be looking down on people. — Mr. Rutledge will be looking for his class- room. — Prof. Shankle will be grading " papers. — Louise Carter will be late. Luper : Lacy, do you know the difference between a preacher and a doctor ? Lacy : No ; what is it ? Luper: Gee! I ' d hate to send you for a doctor. Hope Pool : I don ' t know whether I like these photographs or not. They seem rather indistinct. Photographer: Well, you must remember. Miss Pool, that your face is not at all plain. Mr. Shankle : Have you ever read " An Ode to a Louse? " Red Rose: No. sir; I can ' t keep them still long enough. He : Oh, I say. Miss Smith, don ' t address me as Mr. Stevens. She : But really, Mr. Stevens, I hardly know you. Why shouldn ' t I call you Mr. Stevens ? He : Because my name is Jones. Inez : Oh, Joe, dear, why did you turn out the light? Joe: I wanted to see if my cigar was still cut. Dr. Watters : Everett, what for you go up der stairs two at a time? Everett: To safe my shoes. Papa. Dr. Watters : Dot ' s right, my son : but look oudt you don ' t split your pandts. " Red Ro se : Can vou talk with your hands ? Troy : Yes ; but I usually get slapped. Ollie Park (to shoe salesman) : 1 would like to see a pair of shoes to fit my feet. Salesman: Yes, Mister, so would I. Mr. Mallory: If I said, " I am handsome. " what tense would that be ? Martin McCoy : Past. Harvey : Nobody seems to understand me. Kate: I don ' t see why ; you seem perfect- ly smiple. Lillie.Mae: Raymond means all the world to me. Pearl Harris : You ' d better see more of the world. Mr. Shankle: Everett, make a sentence using the word " letter. " Everett : The man pulled the trigger and " let her go. " Dan : Ham. do you use Colgate ' s tooth- paste ? " Hambone: No; I don ' t room with him. Hanner : Did you know that Dixon talks in his sleep? Paul : No ; does he? Hanner : He certainly does. He recited in class this morning. Jack: Well, I must be off. Grace : So I noticed a long time ago. Mr. Rutledge is a busy man, His jaws keep working some; When he doesn ' t chew the rag, He works on chewing gum. Helen Lowe: Are you taking Shake- speare ? Claire : Yes. Helen: What are you studying? Claire: Richard III and King John. Helen : Who wrote them ? 2Sto=_ lest TUe Forget -« Jokes Continued Dr. Davis moulting? Wayne : Lavin. Mr. Cox, what is meant by . I guess. Claire : Where ' s the funny paper ? Nelle: Why, this isn ' t Sunday. I told you not to take a bath last night. Cat: Paul, if you don ' t hush, I ' ll go in- sane. Paul : I ' m going, too. Reed : Have you taken Anti-toxin ? Jennings: No; who teaches it? Mr. Cox: Say, Dixon, I ' ve got a " Brindle mule " with as much sense as I have. Dixon: Well, Wayne, don ' t tell anybody; you might want to sell that mule. The Poor Unfortunate Freshie The Freshie ' s road is a rugged one, His subjects he tries not to lag. But instead of carrying one gracefully He lets them everyone drag. He failed in psychology, He flunked in English B, He busted flat in Freshman Math, Almost passed Chemistry. A Fool There Was A fool there was who took an exam. For this he had long stayed home to cram, But the fool he found his brain like a clam. Which enabled him not to pass the exam. The hours that he spent and the time he lost, Was spoiled by his future doom, For when he had finished the horrid exam, He was almost ready for his tomb. This fool there was, various things he took. He begged for mercy, but the Prof. ' s head shook. All the teachers wrote " 20 " in his little blue book. This gave the poor lad a very stony look. Then the tears fell fast. And his face was like marble ; His knees played a tune Like a joy-bird ' s warble. Oh ! it wasn ' t the trust and then the BUST That hurt, his feelings so ; It was coming to know that he never would pass And his grades would always be low. There ' s many a flunk twixt the green cap and the sheepskin. Knowledge of the Holy Book No. I don ' t dread my exam in Bible, If some do flunk, why, I ' m not liable. Though my classmates get nervous and quake. Oh! There ' s nothing to make me shake. ' Cause I know for certain that Eve and Ely Were hurriedly called forth on the fourth of July ; That Adam built the tower of Babel, And Matthew killed his brother Abel. I know Nell Abram spat up the whale, And Peter held a rummage sale ; That Lot by himself built the Ark, And two years later sent out the lark. God was baptized in the river Jordan, And Dives helped people from a heavy bur- den. Now, if my teacher is fair at all, I ' ll not knock an " A. " but it ' ll just fall. Tragedy Handsome man, Great big moon. Sweet Maid ' s pretty pout. Gentle whisper. Heavy clinch ; Anotber pin put out. A kiss, A sigh. A long good-bye, And she is gone ; A glance, A curl. Another girl, And thus the world moves on. Two hearts yearn, In love ' s sweet prison, Where his is hern, And hern is his ' n. What a wonderful bird the frog are: When he stand he sit. almost ; When he hop he fly, almost; He ain ' t got no sense, hardly. He ain ' t got no tail, hardly, either ; When he sit, he sit on what he ain ' t got, al- most. Kisses Though a kiss be amiss, She who misses the kisses, May miss becoming a Mrs. And he who misses the kisses of misses, May miss all of the blisses Of becoming a Mr. to Mrs. -.twyi 147 ] w 2 lest TUe For Jokes- Continued - ■■ Funny Accidents I saw a cow slip through the fence, A horse fly in the store ; I saw a board walk up the street, A stone step by the door. I saw a mill race up the road, A morning break the gloom ; I saw a night fall on the lawn, A clock run in the room. I saw a peanut stand up high. A sardine box in town ; I saw a bed spring at the gate, An ink stand on the ground. They met by chance, They had never met before. They met by chance And she was stricken sore. They never met again. Don ' t want to, I ' ll allow; They met but once — Twas a freight train and a cow. A kiss is something like gossip — it goes from mouth to mouth. Never stop a man running with a hat box in his hand — it may be his wife ' s hat that he ' s trying to get home before the style changes ! There Are Smiles, Etc. She smiled. And I smiled back ; I met another — She smiled, I smiled, too. ( So would you. ) They all smiled — I thought it queer. I began to fear, (So would you) And then I found MY sock was down Over my shoe — And then 1 knew. ( So would you. ) " Lives of great men all remind us, We can have our pictures took, And departing, leave behind us, Just exactly how we look. " When love is only a dream, the marriage is an alarm clock. To kill a quarrel, shut your mouth. There is one place we can bear a boil and smile — on the other fellow ' s neck. Do not kick at the squirrel that runs up to you in the park ; it may be only mistaken identity — he thought he saw a nut. % r- [ l- s ] 3lllllllll(IIC3tlllllllllllC3tlllllllllltC3lltlllllllll C3 ■■llllllllllC3lllllllllltlC3IIIIIIJIIIII C3 ■■[llllll[ttC3llllllllllll C3 lllli[UIIIIC31111lllltillC3llllll[lllllC3ll1llll[ll1[ C3 1 1 1 1 ■ [ 1 1 ■ I ■ ■ C 3 » | " UNION " " UNION " | = Pelt Goods Stationery [ j 50c to $8.00 $1.25 J PALMOLIVE SOAP COLGATE TOOTH PASTE | I UNION UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE | j Owned and Operated by Students of Union University. 1 " MY COLLEGE DAYS " [ MEMORY BOOKS j WAHL FOUNTAIN PENS I " UNION " " UNION " 1 Photograph Albums Belt Buckle 1 $1.00 to $4.00 $2.25 THE BAPTIST BIBLE INSTITUTE j NEW ORLEANS, LA. LOCATION— New Orleans, the Metropolis of the South, a city offering un- surpassed opportunities for practical Christian activities. FACULTY — Thirteen competent professors and several assistants and tutors. j COURSES — Standard courses leading to the usual degrees in Christian Train- j in " -, Missions, Religious Education and Theology. Also a three years ' j course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Gospel Music. Good courses j in Business and a comprehensive Correspondence Course. REPRESENTATION— Though only six years old, the Baptist Bible Institute j [ has enrolled 250 regular students, representing twenty states and several j foreign countries. : EMPHASIS— Special emphasis is laid on the spiritual, the intellectual and I ! the practical. ! ! ACCOMMODATIONS— Dormitories for men and women and apartments for j married students. j LIBRARY Fifty thousand volumes. Very valuable. ! SUMMER TERM— Eight weeks, June Hi— August 1. j I REGULAR SESSION— Eight months beginning September 16. BYRON II. DEMENT, President, 1220 Washington Avenue, I New Orleans, La. • UNI iiiiuiiiilllllll|[]||||||||||||[iiiiiiillllll[]llllllllll!l[]lllllHlllll[imil M[iiiiiiMiiiiinmiiiiiiiiiniiiiimiiiiniiiiiMiiiiiniiiiiiiiminiiiii!iiminiiiiiMiiiiic : I 160 | 3 iiilill[]llliii iciiiinii muni c: [] [j ii cum inu i niiiiiiiiiinn I [iiiiiiiiniliC] I uiiiiiiiiiinu. ' LOOKING AROUND! " Just looking! " Sometimes a visitor to our store tells us this. It pleases us. We then are aware that she is in- terested in knowing more about us and the goods we sell. When people study us il does not take long to realize that your store rad- iates with warmth and a welcome and, too, that money has an unusual pur- chasing power here. It always is a pleasure to have peo- ple come in just to look. These visits result in eventually adding new faces among our host of customers. J. C. PENNY CO. J. C. FELSENTHAL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors PELCO FLOUR— Plain ROCKDALE FLOUR— Self-rising -Jackson Memphis Humboldt J. C. EDENTON COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 249-251 West Main Street Jackson, Tennessee Mann mm " t] ci i a i a inciiiiii [] i uiiiiiiiimic] i []iiinmiiiini nmni iiiiiic:iiiiiiiiiiiir.: f 151 ] ]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiui niiiiiiiiiiiiciimmiiiiiniii iiiiniiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiMiiiiiiit]ii:iiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiMiiiiiiHiiii iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiick FARLEY COMPANY 210 X. Liberty St. Open a Charge Account Ladies ' and Gent ' s Ready- to- Wear Cash and Credit Buy and Pay this Easy Way LYRIC THEATRE die ( ' ream of Photoplay Always a Good Show McCALL-HUGHES CLOTHING CO. Clothing and Furnishing Goods for Men and Boys Corner LaFayette and Church Streets Phone us for your hurried wants WHITE DRUG CO. 445 Both Phones 445 " Quality First " METROPOLITAN CAFE SERVICE WITH A SMILE L. L. WATT, Prop. KRESS 5_l()_25c Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE STATIONERY READY-TO-WEAR TOILET GOODS CANDY :]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiM Minium []iiiiiiiiiii![]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiMi[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiuiiii[ :iim icjiiii iiHinn ileum inniii in aiiiitiimiiniii iinimmiiiiiniiiii raiiini inmii in iiiiiiihiiii u | SECURITY NATIONAL BANK | I This bank solicits your business and promises you every j ! courtesy and eare in any matters entrusted to us. | 1 OFFICEES I 1 Bruee Mitchell President j I W. G. Morgan Vice-President j I J J Hicks Vice-President | A. V. Patton Cashier I P. C. Stovall Assistant Cashier " THE UNIVERSITY BANK " I PARAGON | Cleaners- Dyers- Pressers I ACCORDION PLEATING Phones 1300 = E. H. CAMPBELL I Jackson, Trim. ORDER THE BEST SMITH ' S PASTEURIZED ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phones 750 .■ .[] iinciiiiiiii en i [iiiiiiiiiiiiiEiinii iinniiimimn lira i a unites iiihiii cu a m i m f 153 ] ]ini [] mini tin iiiiinin a minium a minimi n n nil mil] nniiiiniiiit; , Phones 11. " ) Phones 11. ' EACH DRIVER A COURTEOUS ESCORT Owned and Iperated by RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. MOVING HOUSEHOLD (iOODS, PIANOS AND GENERAL DRAYAGE, TRUNKS EATJLED TO ALL PARTS OF THE CITY PHONES 115 RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. .nnniiiniiiiiinnniiinniiinniiinnnniiiiiiiiun inininiinnniiiinniiinnniniiinniinin niiiiimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiii ' : I 154 ] ]MIIIIHMIOIIINIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIII|[]||imilllll[]IIIIMIIIIII[]IIINIIIim[]IIIIIMIIIII[JIIIIIU | McGEE-ROSS HARDWARE COMPANY I QUEENSWARE and GLASSWARE 1). M. SPORTING GOODS MacGREGOR GOLF CLUBS | A Complete Line of Hardware and Anything in the | Hardware Line. ! Phones 148 I FRANK BOND SHOE COMPANY I Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store | The Home of Good Shoes | Stacy Adams and Heywood Shoes for Men y J. T. Cousins Shoes for Women □ Both Phones 28 107 E. Main REMEMBER— The first money yon earn should buy a life insur- ance policy for you will want to borrow money sometime and your bank- er will think more of you, if you have your insur- ance. We can fix it for you. Investments too, when you are readv for them. A. V. PATTON Security National Bank Buildim «S C3III l1lilllllC3IIIIIIIII1]IC3llllIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIICflC3lllttlllllflC3ITIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIIIIIJIIC3llllirilUllC3IlllllltllllC3IMItllMlllC3llllllllll1IC3liaillllllllC3lllll(rilllfC3IJ(rilllllllC- [ 155 ] ;.j iiimniiiiiniiiiiniiiii ii[:iiiiiimiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiimi[]iiiiiiiiiiiil] [] ii!iiii[] nimimiiiici iniuiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiimho: A TALK ON CLOTHES PHELPS BARBER SHOP A made to order garment represents the highest skill of the tailoring art. It is made to your individual measurements, hand-sewed and secures for you the easy grace of a well-made garment. Special Attention Given Union Boys and Girls New Location in Basement of Peoples Savings Bank POPULAR PRICES AT PARIS CAFE (uptown on Main St.) THE OXFORD BEST FOOD IX CITY TAILORS COOKED RIGHT — SERVED RIGHT PRICES REASONABLE 106 8. Liberty St. Eat with us once and you eat with us always DELICIOUS — REFRESHING DRINK Coca- Cola IN BOTTLES . u [] nin iii[]iiiiiMiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiNiiinic)iiii iiiniiiMiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiini[]iiHii inuiiiiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiic.; [ 156 ] ]II!IIIIIIIM[]IIMIIIIIIII[]MIIIIIIIII|[]|||||IMIIII[]IIIIMMIII|[]MIIIIIMIII[]IMIIIIIMII[3MIMMMII1[]IIMIIIIIMI[]IIIIIIIIIMI[]IIIMIIIMII[:IMIIIIIMII[]IIIMMIMM[]IMIIIIIIIII[] 1866 1924 G. H. ROBERTSON COMPANY, Inc. Home of HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES " The Men ' s Store " J. E. THURMAN, Manager I PRUITT CANDY CO. I High Grade Candies and Confections | UNION STUDENTS eat our 1 Candies Wholesale Only | 119 Highland Ave. Jackson, Tenn. = Phone 126 When in need of — PLUMBING HEATING ROOFING or TIN WORK Call Either Phone . ' J:) Material and Workmanship Guaranteed Estimates Free Sanitary Plumbing and Metal Works »:«[]iiiiiiiiiiiic]iiiiiiiinii[]iini i[]iinmiiiii[]iiii nm mum mini ic» iioiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiun iiiniiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiif: [ 157 ] ;.]iiMiiiiiMiuiiiMiimii(]i!iiii!iiiiinniii:iniiicjmn iniiiiiiiiniiniii iciniiiiiiiiiiniiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiniiiuiiiiiiimiinniiiiiniiiniiiiii at The Southwestern School of the Prophets Seminary Hill, Texas The Southwestern Seminary has entered upon its sixteenth session with the very finest conditions— a full faculty in .-ill lines, teaching Theology, Re- ligious Education, Missionary Training, Gospel Music, and so on. .Students enrollment of til!) the second term; great Practical Work Department, with the finest reports from the work of students during the year; and Extension Depart- ment with an enrollment of 797; a happy band of professors, and students pre- paring themselves for the ministry in preaching, teaching, singing and King- dom work; more than 125 preachers with pastorates; tides of spirituality and evangelism running high; a great brotherhood working together in the Spirit of Christ to prepare for the best possible service. Students can enter at the beginning of each ten September 17th. For further information write to , ' iv two months from L. R. SCARBOROUGH, D.D., Pres., Seminary Hill, Tex. 1874 1924 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEPOSITORY UNITED STATES STATE OF TENNESSEE CITY OF JACKSON Savings department, under Federal Supervision 3% interest paid on Certificates of Deposits and Savings Accounts JUST REMEMBER You can buy Iliu-li Grade Stylish Footwear for less money at THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE WE SELL THE SAME SHOE FOE LESS MONEY ? C3irilllllllllC3MIMiMI[IlC3llllllilllirC3llfllllllMIC3llllirilllllC3llirilllllirC3Mlllllll]|IC IIIIirilllllC31lllllllllMC31IM[IIIIIIIC3IMIIIIIIIIir3IIIIMIIIlllC3lilIIIIIIIIIC3illllIIUI iic X- [ 158 ] Mill mum iiiitiiiii mnii iuiiii iiciiu nn i icmi iiinimi mini Minimi nun iiniim inmiiiniiiit].; The Thompson Grocery Company Grocers and Bakers Cor. Church and LaFayette Streets Phones 30 Connallv Furniture Co. j 217 B. College St. We Need More Business and Need it Bad We are loyal to Union and we expect you to be loyal to u. Long Furniture Co, 205 N. Market Street Jackson, Tcnn. | Your Patronage is Appreciated j Alexander Furniture Co, | 127-129 East College Street 1 Jackson, Tenn. Bruton Printing Co, Engraved Cards High Grade Printing 107 Highland Ave. The Globe, Inc. Our Specialty Tailor Made Garments Men ' s Furnishings Join Our Pressing Club $1.50 Per Month Liberty near Main Jackson, Tenn. LILLARD ' S Better Merchandise for Less Money " A Union Booster " MOORE MOORE Save Money by Buying Your Suit from the Individual Tailoring Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, leaders in Tailoring for 35 years. Von can buy an all-wool hand made suit for $30. When better clothes and prices are made we will make them. 8AM WILLIAMS The Man Who Put " T " in Tailoring. See This Line at 118 LaFayette St. .•Ullllllllllliuiiini uiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiu nm cj iniiiiniiii noun iiiniiiiiiiiimniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiK [ 159 ] ]iiiiiiiiiiii[]|||iiiiiiiii[] ii niiiiiiiiiiiinnii []iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiii!iiii[]ii nimiiiiiiiiniii iiiuimniiiiiiniuni it]»; THE STAR (DAY BROS.) 110 North Market St., Jackson, Tenn. This Store Stands for Christian Education and is Ever Ready 1 " Lend a Helping Hand to Students of Union University Only Merchandise of Quality Value Finds a Place in This Store. We Sell Everything Men Wear Except Shoes Our stock is now at its best with a complete assortment of spring and summer wear. Suits, Hats, Caps, Pajamas, Shirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Notions, Etc. Our prices are always lower when value is given due consideration. When you plan to make a purchase, keep this fact before you. THE STAR " SELLS IT FOR LESS ' 10% Discount Allowed to Students of Union University FIVE POINTS LUMBER CO. W. N. Sneddon, Manager (Successors to Enoch Lumber Co.) Dealers in ALL KINDS OF BE ELDING MATERIAL PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK Jackson, Tenn. Capital and Surplus $300,000.00 (Jet Acquainted With Us We ' ll Welcome Your Account " THE BANK FOE Aid, THE PEOPLE " :-nilMIIIIIIII[:illMMIIIII[]IMIIII!lll|[:iMIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIMI!MI[:MIIIIIMIMniMIIIIIMII[]IIMIIIMIM[]IIIIMMIIIinilMIIIIMI|[]MIIIIMIIII[]MIMIinill[ IMIIIIII!l[]IIIIIIIIIMI[ | 1(10 ] -1- 3 c;ii mi ii j .fini. ' iiiiii ij iilziiii.iiii ' j: ' ::j!i.iiiit.ii!:.ii. ici iiii-..:i;irri iiii ' C]iiif ic im 1 : c: .111: r . START THE DAY RIGHT CAN SLEEP BETTER NIGHTS ASK YOUR DEALER MADISON MATTRESS COMPANY JACKSON, TENNESSEE GO TO HA-KE ' S FOR THE BEST IN THEIR LINE 108 Liberty St. Tel. 507 STEGALL SHOE CO. The Modern Achilles Too often the only vulnerable point of attack in good attire is in tlie shoes. Shoes of smart appearance combined with the power of endurance are a nec- essity to the modern good Dresser. Latest, patterns in Sport, Street and Afternoon are here for men and women and we shall be delighted to show you our line. We carry a complete line of Shoes for the young man and the man who wishes to remain young. (AA to EE). STEdALL SHOE 00. Jackson, Tenn. •HIIIIIIIIIIIII] llll[]MMI!IIMIinilMMIIIIII[]llllllllllll[]lllllllllll|[]llllllllllll[]llllllllllll[]lllllllllll|[:illMIIIIIMC]llllllllllll[!llllllllllll[]llllllllllll[]llllllllllll[ [ 161 1 5IIII [] [] Illlin I [] IMIIIIC] IIIIIIIC3IIM []|| Illll[]lllll IE] [] lira; ' I [Jl I I! Ml [j.; SOL LOEB CO. LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY— CORSETS and HOSIERY 109 E. Main St. Phone 07 GRAND LEADER 10.3 N. Market St. SPECIAL Bain or Shine Umbrellas, made of good quality, taffeta silk, n Q nr all colors...... tyO.yO Full fashion pure thread silk hose, all colors, regular $2.00 TM CQ SOUTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY Jackson, Tenn. BUILDING MATERIAL Barrett Composition Shingles and Roll Roofings, Galvanized Steel Corrugated Roofing, Xads, Flour Paint, Ete. WELL MATERIAL Myers Deep Well Pumps, A. I). Cood Strainers, Pumping Engines, Cylinders, Etc. Pipe and Pipe Fitting MI LI, SUPPLIES. MACHINERY AND HEAVY HARDWARE Both Phones 94 • NIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIII C]IIIIIMIIIII[:illlllllllll[]IIMIIIIIIII[:illlllllllll[]llllllllllll[]llllllllllll[]IIIIIIINIII[]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]IIIIIIIIIIIIC]llllllllllll[ [ 162 ] :.]iiiiiiimii[]iiiimiiin[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiimiiii[]iiimiiiiii[]iiii iiuiiiiiiiiuiicii iicji iiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiimiiuiimiiiiuicK Quality Merchandise For Young Women — Gossard Corsets Kayser Silk Hose and Underwear Fine Garments and Hats For Young Men — Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats Manaseo Underwear Fine Clothing HICKS, LAWRENCE, HALL CO. Wholesale Grocers We Are Union Boosters Cumberland Phone 681 Jackson, Tenn. School Catalogs and Illustrations Dance Programs and Invitations Leather Dance Favors and Covers Fraternity and Class Stationery The Chas. H. Elliott Co. The Largest College Engraving House in the World Commencement Invitations, Class Day Programs, Class Pins and Rings Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Avenue PHILADELPHIA Wedding Invitations Calling Cards. Menus Fraternity and Class Inserts for Annuals tallllllllllllU i nniimiiiiicjiiiiiiiiminm [] u niiim cm ci minium iniiiiiiiiminiiiiiiimiiniiiimiiiiin limit-: [ 163 ] ]ii iii[]iiiiiiii[inc3 minium [iiiiii i[]iii!iiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiii iinnn iii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[;iiiiiiiiiiii[:iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiii iih.« HOLLAND DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING CO. " A Good Friend of Union University " 1 THREE COMPLETE STORES IN ONE j Men and Young Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings | Dr Your Patronage Greatly Appreciated 1 Lafayette Liberty Streets HOLLAND ' S | o -+ rH o ' •SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " 1 o y FROM 1 1 d , pq i x - I ! N I 1 o 1 i p a il Everytl: to see us Satisfy E i Y ! A I I 3 Ml CUT J J FLOWERS n 1 CORSAGES D 1 ] PQ 1 Five Points | Dr POT PLANTS § | Main Church Phone 16 1 C31lllllllllllC3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3llllMirilllC3llllllllllll[:3lllltll|]|IIC3)ltlll1llltlC31IIIIIIJJIIIC3irillllll11IC:jll[lllllllllC3IIIIIIMII1IC31IIIIIIIIIIIC3IIIIIJIIIIIICaillllliriJIIC3IIIIIIIIIIXJC •£» [ 164 1 :mimiiiii[]iiimiiiiii[j , icaiuiiutiiiiuiiii iicn mucin iiiiinjiiii ncaiiiiiiiiiiiicaimi nu iniiioiii moniii iiniiiiiiiniiin THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY I Courses of study include all depart nts usually found in theological seminaries t ! TUITION FREE MODERATE COST [ j Session of 32 Weeks Opens September 23rd, 1924. I { SPECIAL FEATURES— English Bible courses, devoting 7V. hours per week 1 i to direful study under professors who ure experts in the original languages of - ; Scripture. School of Biblical Theology; School of Comparative Religion and I ! Missions; School of Sunday School Pedagogy; School of Christian Sociology I j School of Church Efficiency. Catalogue giving complete information sent free E ; upon request. Address, | E. Y. MULLINS, President, Norton Hall, Louisville, Ky. I H. C. BRYANT CO. The Low Price Store The One Price Store Drs. Gobelet Gobelet j Eyesight Specialists Manufacturers of Optical Lenses = HOT East Main Street Chimb. Phone 363 | Jackson, Term. I BUDDE WEIS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Designers and Builders of High Grade CHURCH FIXTURES BANK FIXTURES Write for Catalogue and Prices Prices Reasonable Jackson, - Tei [31 " " " " mranraiiiHunnflmiiuiamiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiimiiinnniimiiin iiiimui i caiiiiiiiiinimiiiiimiiicaiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiuiiicaitiiiiniiiic f 165 ] E 3IJJ»IIIIJtllC3rilllJtlllllC3lllllllllltlC3l llllllltltC3IIIIIIIIItllC3lllllllllltlC3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3lllllllll[JIC3lllllll]JIIIC31llllJ1IIIIIC3llllllllJIIIC3»IIIIIJ(tlllC3lirlllllllll C3I ■ ■ ■ IJII1I I1C3 -S WEST TENNESSEE BUSINESS COLEEGE JACKSON, - TENN. ' ' Union Boosters " I., G. PBEY DILL COLLINS CO. ' S High Grade Printing Papers. Tile incomparable papers for school ami college publications. Manufactured by DILL COLLINS CO. -Master Makers of Fine Printing Papers PHILADELPHIA WOOD MOSAIC CO. Incorporated. Jackson, Tennessee HARDWOOD LUMBER FLOORING AND VENEERS Always in the Market for Whit Oak, Poplar and Walnut Loos and Standing Timber BARNES-ECHL1N PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS We make the photographs for more College and High School Annuals than any other studio in the South. One feature of our contract is, we do all mounting ' , grouping, etc., in preparing pictures for engraver, without additional cost. We have an especially attractive contract for this next year, (iet our proposition in full before you close your contract for pho- tographs. CONWAY, ARKANSAS []IIIIII1IIII|[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIII[]I II1IIIC]IIIIIIIIIIII[]I IIIIIIIIII[]III!IIIIIIIIC]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]I!IIIIIIIIII[]IIIIIIIIIIII[]IMIIIIIIIIIC«: • ]iii!llllllll[]iillininii[]|iiiiiiiini[]ii[|||||iiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]|||||iiiiiii[]i!iiiii niiniii MM ' :i ' nil ,i|-ii mm it: :iir: iinri! :im! !ii[i,im: ,iim;c:.-. UNION UNIVERSITY Jackson, Tennessee Co-educational Founded 1842 One of the greatest Baptist Colleges in the world. Only two others in the South have a greater enrollment, and only four in the North, and two of these claim to be non-sectarian. A remarkable growth in the past ten years. From 157 to 1 ' 2l2. " ). " There is a Reason. " A remarkable record for training men for great leadership. Great student body, thorough work, modern courses, strong faculty, fine fellowship, deep religious spirit. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The regular courses in the College of Arts and Sciences (English, Mathematics, The Sciences, Philosophy, Bible Soci- ology, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, German, History.) Other Departments Home Economics, Agriculture, Education, Theology, Music (Piano, Voice, Violin, Band Instruments), Expression, Pre- Medical. GREAT SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalog and other information, address H. E. WATTERS, President t]IMIMIMMI[]IMIIIIIIIII[]IIIMMIIIM[]||IMIIIIIII[]IMMIIMIM[]MIMIMIIII[]MIIMMMM[lMllnlllMI[]MMIIIMMI[]MIMMIIlM[]IIMIIIIIMI[]IMIIMMIII[]llinMIIMI[]||llllllllll[ : [ 167 ] ]IMIIIIMIII[]IIIIMIIIIM[]IMIIIIMMI[]MIIIIIIIIII[]IIMIIIIIIII[]MIIMIIIIIIC:mIIIIMIIII[]IIIMMIIIIIC]|IIIMMIIIIC]IIIMIIIIIMC]||||||||||||[]|IMIIIIIMI[]IIMIIIIIMI[]MIIIIIIIIIIC] TOMLIN ' S The Quality Store For Men and Women Satisfaction ( hiaranteed THE TOMLIN CO. MASCARI BROS. Wholesale and Betai] FRUITS and PRODUCE 110 Lafayette St. Cumberland Phone 394 Home Phone S74 ROSSER SHOE CO. Successors of Rosser-Price Sevier. FASHION FOOTWEAR mart and Snappy New Models, in tl very latest designs in all leathers for the college ehaps. W. C. DIFFEE CO. ' Always Your Money ' s Worth ' FIXE TAILORING GENT ' S FURNISHINGS 214 E. Lafayette St. Jackson, Tenn. R. N. SMITH Special Agent Bankers Reserve Life Ins. Company Protection and Investment Guaranteed. Lest You Forget— Don ' t Say Varnish, Say " 16 " Water proof, long wearing finish for all services, indoors and out. WILSON-GEYER CO. 232 Main St. 1 ' hones 259 Wall Paper— Paint— Glass Jackson Cut Flower Co. | Xext to Lyric Theatre. | Here you will find the season ' s choicest flowers. Gifts particularly pleasing | and appropriate for (iradua- E tion Day. | Miss Ll ' LA BENTON, Ugr. I Phones 184 BEARE ICE COAL CO. Three Ice Plants Three Coal Yards :.[]||iiiiiillil[]llllllllllliC]lllllliliiii[]iiMilliilll[]illlllllllli[]iiiiiiiiliilC]llllllllllll[]llllllliilll[]iiiiliniill[] iiiiiioilllMllllOllllllllllluillllllllllOlllllllllllK [ 168 ] •MM IIIIOII M[]MMIMMMIUIIIIIMMMI[]MMMMMM[]IMMMINM[]MNNIMMI[]MMIIIMNI[]NIMMIMM[]MMIMMMI[] MMI[] MMM[]I IMM[]MMMMIIII[]. ELITE | Dry Cleaning Steam Pressing [ Suits pressed while you wait j Shoe Repairing [ I Shoes Repaired While You Wait I Phonos 446 Five Points 1 Your Business Solicited = Satisfaction Guranteed 1 S. M. LAWRENCE COMPANY Coal, Groceries and Feed All Kinds of School Supplie Candies, Fruits, Etc. Both Phones No. 6 Five Points We are always glad to see the Union bovs in our store. GEM ICE CREAM CO. Manufacturers QUALITY ICE CREAM Brick and Frozen Specialties Phones Cumb. 322 Home 60S 103 College Street Jackson, Tenn. ' • ' []MMMMMn[][MMMMMI[]MMMMMn[]MMMMMM[]MMMMIMinMMIMMMinMMIMMMI[] INMM[]MII!MIMII[]MMMIMII|[]||llllimi|[]IINIIIIIIII[]IIIIMINMI[:NNMMNII[ : [ 169 ] Autographs Autographs Autographs

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