Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH)

 - Class of 1953

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Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Tj- .A if Ex 4 En 5. ?A 55 'f if 55? if E T Q. if ' inf, F 24 . , 1 tk 3fkQs'.:g: XR xX xx xx xx xx xx xx xX xX xx e CXwm'Cx Gm I9 3 Annuafff EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR SUBSCRIPTIONS TYPISTS PHOTOGRAPHY Beverly Dougla Ruth Powelson Carol Mason Ruby Eckerle Dolores Donnelly Gene Caudrll Ina Woodrum Janrce Ferrell Joyce Harper Vrrgmra Fugate Bob Long Dolores Marsh Shrrley Camp B111 Beles Jerry Wood Wrll Grate LAYOUT Shirley Brate Dons Fetter Betue Mrller Y Morrxs Redmond Shrrley Rub Anna Rutz ADS Luckey Cyrus Charles Mason ANNUAL ADVISER Stella Brooks ,alia ,af Www W Compllments of fjz: E YORK BODY SHOP 4 0 A Comphrnents of Wheel Angnment 9044,-' " FIRESTONE STORE Glass Installed 115 M111 St VA 5224 Sunoco Gas 8: O11 - e Lockland 15 Oh1o Phone 3263 ' 0 Ss ..,.. I xl' .... '. y I ' U, - 'EQ 3 Q? 1!1HLlgI'16S, IOBIDYIC BODDLBDHYE L I I - 1 - I 1 ing , 1 ' lk So , , - 3 I '- Mas on Oh1o ibecbca fLOI'l 4'5- f,,, 54 III AK' For her patlence guldance under t dm thoughtfulness and never ceas s an g mg devotlon to the Semor Class and all 1ts act1v1t1es we wlsh to dedlcate our annual to our good frlend and teacher Mrs Stella Brooks I , T2- fug L. fi 4 'x .K 91' 'Y 'Fl WW RISC' 5 I -f ? , . -4- I 'K 'I Z 25 4-5- Q 3 'V' gat, 1. r W Q s 2' I x 'u xc 1 nn , I I I , g 5 Fi if - ' Y 5 4 4- ' . ' "' K if ng," 4 f ,Lf '1- Ts N' ma T .Sw 353314. .su f ,C 47 ulaerin fenolenf The publfcation of the Chanticleer marks one of the last achievements of the class of '53 as a group, Being a mem- ber of the Senior Class of '53 indicates that you have the faith, courage and a- bility to meet and master many conditions and circumstances. Armed with experiences already gained, you will be called upon to meet many more. Waste no time in find- ing fault with conditions as you find them for they are really your opportunities and your degree of success will be measured by how we ll you master those conditions. May the class of '53 keep in mind that nothing splendid will ever be achiev- ed by any individual except those who dare to believe and know that the strength and guidance of God is superior to any circumstances. Do right, because it is right not because you are afraid to do wrong. It is sincerely hoped the patterns learned in your home, community, church school, civic organizations, and from every individual in the community will strengthen you in your efforts. D, Russel Lee rincayaa 'May the Giver of Gifts give unto you that which is good, that which is true, the will to help, the courage to doga heart that can sing the whole day through, whether blueg May the Giver of Gifts give these to you." Best wishes Mildred Haggard Q u W q "3" , di ff' r I F554 This is the way you open the door." "Will it run?" - ,k- The Drivers' Education Class at Union Township School jf ,S wishes to thank GORMANS GARAGE R Z5 Gano, Ohio for the contribution of a motor for their class "Grease Monkeys." li .P :Vx 'N' ,105 .,.,,,,.A-1-"I "Whoa , Smitty. " Compliments of Cornplirnents of IHLE WHITE VILLA STORE 6 SOHIO INN AND MOTEL West Chester, Ohio R0l1t6 25 ,1 2 "And this is the part that ---------- ----- - Asn-Krsna., f'- er GCU FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Allen M1ssWe1ssmger Mrs Brooks M1ss West Mrss W11ey Mrs Senour Mrss Engle Mrss Van Pelt Mrss Haggard Mrs Rexsenberg Mrs Barnes SECOND ROW Mrs Jones Mrs Maddox Mrs Farmer Mr Lee Mr West Mr Young Mrs Hardmg Mrs Edwards Mr Wrlliams Mr McDonough Mr Sloneker Compliments of CROSSROADS STORE Maud, Ohlo 'r MISS FROST New Teacher 2nd Semester 7 X , . . I i ' M- rm ' . , no -' X U K ., ,. W L 5 K ' , ' - f.,-,451 , ' , ' 1 . 3 ' R - , , ' W J 1 W , ' 'F L ' 'f 'fl 7 li R , X, , 1 , of V if 5 sn ' ' f , V L V Q if .I ' X 5 uk. O f ,, I ..... W gy: My V Mnwwlv LWTMQ 'mf ,iQi,til'.11gi.t 'T 3 . , s . . ..!. Y -H . .X-'v 1 f'r1"1E 'f'rJv'f" V7 , I : - r I . I I v 0 I , . . . . . ' . ' . ' . , . ' , . . : . , . ' I I I 0 I . ' I ' I ' I . g . l , . , . . -x Rf , 6 -' . 1 1 , . . I S, -1 . .. .Iv v . 4 '- r 1, 5 w5,, 4 vii' 4 Mfr' ' ' 5'7 4 ,A f 5 2 P I Qi ,g -, 1? 1-'W fn, 'ff' ,w..,3.,. ' ,f R . , W, . 5, ' 5 H ,JQQ51 . ,mfg .f-1 c .V , wwe x K AA. 5 , ,5-jL, X , 4 W , f he W . ,+L ,A 2 "W I WILL GRATE PRESIDENT Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Chorus4 Annual Staff FTA Ir Class Play Volleyball 3 Chester Chatter Iota Tau Cross Country 3 4 Track 3 There s mlschref at work behlnd that shy grrn Just get htm on your srde and you re bound to wrn Dependable W1ll should have been hrs name He s the krnd of frrend you re proud to clarm VIRGINIA FUGATE VICE PRESIDENT Ir Classxcal League GAA FTA Chorus Trrple Trro Junror Play Iota Tau FHC Annual Staff A sweet happy smrle a questronrng gaze Prove that sometrmes she rs caught rn a daze Yet she s never unhappy Just a lrttle a twrrl And that makes Vrrgrnta a pretty swell grrl BEVERLY DOUGLAS, SECRETARY Annual Edrtor FTA Iota Tau Chorus Trrple Tr1o Chester Chatter Staff GAA FHC Iunror Courtesy of READING FEED MILL Play So demure and unusally wee A mrghty ftne grrl we re sure you ll agree Brrllrant clever more besrdes On Statron Road she restdes BETTIE MILLER TREASURER GAA Srgma Alpha Rho Chorus Trrple Trro Volleyball 2 FHA Annual Staff Crazy loud but oh so nrcel When she s around you don t need to look twrce Compllments of READING FLORISTS Flowers for all Occas1ons 110 W Benson Street Readmg Ohlo VA 6264 DORIS FETTER SAFETY COUNCIL Chorus GAA Iota Tau Student Councrl FHA Annual Staff Edrtor of Chester Chatter Qutet Reserve wrth twrnklrng eyes One that laughs rnstead of crles A happy heart that knows what s nght That rs Dons our lovely lrght NORBERT SICKINGER, SAFETY COUNCIL Srgma Alpha Rho Drstxngutshedl you say and you d be half rtght But you haven t heard all so Just srt txght He s drstrngutshed hrmself as our class s greatest tease So just gnn and bear rt, won t you please? -wg 4 ,.., . W I I I I I U Reading, Ohio CAROL MASON, NEWS REPORTER G,A,A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1,2, Class Officer 4 Annual Staff, Triple Trio 2, F.H.C. 2, Volleyball Team I, 2, 3, K.K.K. 1 Junior Class Play, Chester Chatter Staff. A versatile girl--she can sew and cook, And the next moment freeze you with that siren look, CHARLES MASON, STUDENT COUNCIL Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A, 1,2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3,4, Boys Quartet 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Track l, 2, 3,4, Class Officer 3, Annual Staff, Chester Chatter Staff, Student Council He divides his time between work and play, And really has managed to make it pay. For everyone thinks he's a pretty, grand guy, He's just "Charlie", that's the reason why. Compliments of WALKER'S FEED St SUPPLY For Poultry-Hogs-Cattle- Coal-Chicks Lumber, builders supplies eff' ' V ua x 1 4 an Ihy' I " , . y , ,X It Q MORRIS REDMOND, STUDENT COUNCIL Basketball 1, 2, F.F.A, I, 2, Baseball 1,2, 3,4, Class Officer l,4, Annual Staff, Junior Class Play, Chorus l,2, Track l,2, "Always late for everything, To be early would be new. But he s such a nice guy that we have learned, How to be slow pokes too," GLENN BAKER F.F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball Team 3, 4. "A farmer boy he wants to be, We're sure he'll make it--Just wait and see," Compliments of SPAETH BROTHERS CLEANERS Mason, Ohio Phone 2682 If we please--tell your friends If we don't---tell us. t ,, 4 4 34,t BILL BELES Ir. Class Play, Basketball I,2,3,4, Baseball I 3,4, Track, Cross Country, FFA, 1,2 3 4 Chorus 1,2, Annual Staff, Tennis, Volleyball Christmas Operetta. "He may be small but that's not all, He backs his school in basketball, lf you want htm don't look around, Just lend an ear and he ll be found. SHIRLEY BRATE Annual Staff, FTA, Iota Tau, Chorus Band Triple Trio, GAA, FHC, Chester Chatter Staff "Determination so steady and strong, Calmness and hope that keep plodding along, A shining example of seriousness and fun A trustworthy friend--Shirley is one. SHIRLEY CAMP Chorus I 2 3 4 Triple Trio 3 4 Iota Tau 2 3 3 Annual Staff 4 She finds a lot to laugh about And is easily confused But when there s any help that s needed She s never yet refused EUGENE CAUDILL Ir. Class Play, Basketball, Cross Country, , 4, FTA 2,3, GAA, UBZI, Chester Chatter Staff " ' ll . I , . ' . Q, 'f-is " , ,. I ve' LUCKEY CYRUS f Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball, I, 2, 3, 45 Volley- ' ball 3, 4g Annual staff, Chester Chatter Staff, Class Officer 2, 3. Our candidate for the title of "Our favorite guy", And if you know Luckey, you won't have to ask why, For indeed he's the friend- liest person we know, Conversation with him sets your day all aglow. TRUMAN DAVIS F.F.A.g 4-I-lp Iota Tau, Chorus, Basketball Like a stalk of corn he grew very tall, N. Until he could look down on us all, Compliments of SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY C. W. Bercaw, Robert R. White, Agents Mason, Ohio ROBERT DENNY Basketballg Cross Country lg Annual Staffg Chester Chatter Staff, Track, Volleyball I He speaks only when he has something to say, Thar's full of good humor in his special Southern way. DOLORES DONNELLY GAA-President-4th, Chorus 1,23 Class Officer I,2g Annual Staff, Chester Chatter Editor, KKK: FHC 2.3, Triple Trio I Volleyball Team I, 2, 3, Iota Tau 4. A helping hand when there's work to be done, In any group she's just .loads of fun, Ambition and joyfulness are her trade-mark, And wherever she is, life's never dark, Annual Staff, Chester Chatter Staff. A sweet mannered boy with a love, of course, Who else could it be but a girl named Dolores. Compliments of LOCKLAND LUMBER COMPANY Lockland Ohio tk '45, if Kr if U11 Wu? xgJ Tm RUBY ECKERLE Iota Tau, Chorus Ig GAAg FHCg KKK, Chester Chatter Staff 3, Annual Staffg Tr. Play, Volley ball Team. A red-headed bombshell bursting with pep, S all you bachelors better watch your step, IANICE FERRELL Chorus I,2,3, 4, Band, I,2, 3g GAA: 4-H,I,2 3 FHCg Annual Staffg Chester Chatter Staff 2 UB2 Clubg Volleyball Team, Iota Tau. She's not very tall but she's very slim, And always looks so neat and trim. , V'-9' Compliments of KOEHL'S FEED MILL Coal--Feed 10 E. Vine St. Reading, Ohio VA 0163 Ed. G. Koehl, Inc CAROLYN HUGHES Triple Trio, Chorus, Sigma Alpha Rhog GAA Chester Chatter staff- Annual Staff' FHC UB2 Clubg KKK, Volleyball Team 2g GAA Student Council A speechmaker's voice till that "and-a" comes out, She's an all around sport, about that there no doubt, JOYCE HARPER GAA: Band I,2, 3, KKKg Chester Chatter Staff: Annual Staff: Triple Trio 25 Chorus, FHCg UB2 Club, 1 . E, 3 Q, K- J ' . ' f lla' f' 1 V sis sf, A E 7 5. Our teeniest girlg she's five foot one, Always ready to have some fun, Compliments of SHARONVILLE BANK Sharonville, Ohio EVA MAE ISAACS Chorus lg GAA, I,2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 35 FHCQ Chester Chatter Staff, 4-H Club. A very small package of shyness and quiet, Until she gets started---then things are a riot, ROBERT LONG Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I,2, 3, 4g Class Officerl, 2g Chorus I,2, 3, 4, Annual Staff: FFA 1,23 Jr. Class Play, Volleyball Team Ig Chester Chatter staff. Don't you know it's a rule, That pupils should not sleep in school? T' SHIRLEY RUB DOLORES MARSH Valleyball Team 2, 3, Basketball Team 2, Chorus I, 2, 3,4, Triple Trio 3,4, Sigma Alpha Rho 3, UB2 1, F.H.C. r,2, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Annual Staff, Chester Chatter Staff. "A smouldering fire of talent lies, Still unleashed behind those eyes, She's chuck full of energy, power and fight, But her restless spirit still holds the spot- light." RUTH POWELSON Annual Assistant Editor, F.T.A., Iota Tau, Junior Classical League, Chorus, Triple Trio, G.A.A.. Class Officer 2, Junior Class Play, Science Club. "A soft lovely voice and a mystic smile, That 'fascinates' you all the while. Add to this her dark black hair, And there's the evidence that Ruth was there." Compliments of KITCHEN GREEN HOUSE RR 42 North of Sharonville, Ohio F.H.C., Sigma Alpha Rho, F. A.A., Annual Staff, Chester Chatter staff, Class Officer l, Valleyball 2,3, UB2. G.A.A. "She giggles until she has to blush, And resembles a lovely rose one cannot crush. A real blonde beauty who wins our prize, For those sweet dimples and dancing eyes." ANNA RUTZ Chester Chatter Staff, G. A. A., F. HJC., Annual Staff. "A girl who is timid and shy, Yet with all her heart she does try, " Compliments of TI-IE JOHN MUELLER CO. Building Material . Coal Roofing . Face Brick 321 - Z7 E. Wyoming Avenue Lockland, Ohio Phone VA 0071 IOANNE SMITH G.A, A., Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff, Valleyball team. "The poor man's substitutes for Milton Berle, That's why she can't understand why she had to be a girl. Her childlike frankness could upset a city, But she could never pretend for she's just plain old "Smitty," JERRY WOOD Basketball I,2,3,4, F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2, Iunior Class Play, Class Officer 2, 3, Annual Staff. "Laughter and wistful shyness make him the center of fun, Here's a sweet, lovable guy if there ever was one." FRANCIS THOMPSON Basketball Manager, Sigma Alpha Rho. His picture's not hereg the reason is clear I-Ie's just been so awfully busy this year. l-le has a lovely voice but stays quiet as a mouse. ls happiest when he's building a bird house. INA WOODRUM Chorus Triple Trio G A A F T A Iota Tau Sigma Alpha Rho Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff K K K Volleyball Team Those expressive blue eyes bare an ambitious heart That s always looking for a new Job to start Her quick witted nature keeps a Joke in the air And her friendly spell is everywhere Heave Ho' Will Grate We nke Ike ' Luckey Cyrus Cornphments of Compl1ments of BUTCH'S PORT UNION SOHIO SERVICE Steak House STATION Ch1cken Steaks Port Un1on Oh1o 14 Chops Sandw1ches .hm Emerson Prop Phone PR983O Sharonv1lle 9 I . 1 I I I I .l, .H . . ., .7 , , -I,,,..a e Q A . N51 . , . , U . s15, g59'5'wfW5?5I X, Q 4 . . . f , ' f 2. .gf . at .l J Nag. A , . - 5. . fr- ., . .Q ' . I ,I . I A. . . 1- . ' . . :L H .' .-lv T. -."5lf 1, .- .M ' Y in ' . . xl . ..b.., . ,F 1 J ,L .iii ,GQ 4-Q Donald Carr Rt I Mason 'Urs 1 X Armelda Farmer Rt I Hanulton ,-at Mona James Rt 8 Hanulton Presrdent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer News Reporter Student Counctl Ann Carson Rt 1 Sharonvllle ai?-' sf' 35' Margle Farmer Rt I Sharonvllle .av Kenneth Joseph Maunce M111er Anna Mae Prather Margte Farmer Sh1r1ey Chance Mary Lou Homan Hubert Patterson Mona James Sh1r1ey Chance Vlaud Okuo ,Q Q Howard Cromer Rt I Sharonvrlle 'Q Kathleen F1scher Mary Lou Hemtzman Rt I Mason Rt I Sharonvllle Carl Maddox Rt I West Chester R1 1 Mason JoAnne McMak1n Rt I Sharonvxlle ,QI YA x B111 Dlck West Chester Mary Lou Homan Rt I Mason mall! Maunce M111er Rt I Hannlton Comphments of THE FIRST MASON BANK C0mPl1me1'1fS Of Member F D 1 C WELLINGS JEWELERS Mason, Ohm Lockland Ohxo VA 0065 15 O .5 . K I 01 TCL 5 Nj! 1 C213 X U I y .... . M a y -J . . Q I .,--4 ' . .' , f . ,- A .':"'x' - . vs 'H - I , ' ' V A wi, ,, C t . ' 3 ' I . LM 1 - 1 'Aff .noni sf.. .sg .L 7' -- Q ' -.. -A P -is QP -1 . 'O' N I V-'4 B . J I A , . V FRANCES REEVES HUBERT PATTERSON ANNA MAE PRATHER SONDRA SMART ANNA LEE WYNN Rr, I, WestChesrer RL, 1, Sharonville Rt. I, WesrChesrer Maud, Ohio West Chester X L Compliments of BARR BROTHERS GROCERY Mason, Ohio .Qin F' I Compliments of HI TAVERN Liquors--Beer--Fine Foods RR 42 Pisgah, Ohio 16 '11' ' " 1v.J', 6 54555 B115 we - M1 4' Al V T 6 M - 7 ..... 37 Cm, . Dfw L 5'0" , V 11 N 2 x p e Q f A A E5 ft K f , , Q fm? 'Q 211, Q i i .u f- f 1 Xt fXQhl ' -i- ' 1 llxxn x Qnitx 2 S liftewffn ll M x1Y 1 Km lflll Hu will an M? Clara Bolser West Chester Judrth Ferrell West Chester 'Q Jeannette Brandenburg Rt I West Chester Q ,R 'if Mary Gallaher Rt I, West Chester omp C hments of H CHARLES BOYER BARBER S Sharonvtlle, Ohro IXX Nm ' 'X iii, 4 4 ..?.-."'--1" ' 24 Q O 40 I Betty Cole Rt I West Chester .4 'W Carol Hamm Rt. I, Sharonv111e P 17 N I if ,fxd h K .wg A Qt ' u a 'T 'A-Xxx X ,.:2..:V VA YK xxx X .-Jag., :W X ,XX .xxx X 65' -S -if 'X l .1 find? 'Q-k x f H X -f.j1f k- ,tx 5 ' , I F X X gi.. ik, S: N P3 C E A 5 V Z ' :E N f -. 2-'v 'K - R299 'A , -'E 'I ' ' :- S f a s -Nga:-, . 4 :sis-'fi - ,asf ' Q E' R xt TTL! is ' i tex 1 J-.,-fri 34 352222 saga? H o f . . I gr F' y Q V1 r H 'Egg h W ASQ? I A 3' ,M e , ,.. l y , A A , I Q - ' Ir, ,i 'Q t ' f l f rfigl A 5 V 1 Nana Lou Beaver Rt I West Chester Carlene Douglas West Chester ,lv Delores Harper West Chester Mary Beck Rt I Mason Mary Fan Rt I Sharonv111e K 4 1-vi Helen Haven, Treas Bethany, Ohro Comphrnents of ELLA SHOPPE 2.06 Dunn St. VA 9778 Lockland, Ohto Janet l-leflin President Rt. I, West Chester iw' as 9 rf. A If I J , ' Z Barbara Kimberline Rt. I, Mason Christine Miller Rt. I, West Chester 3 , 9 I ill 5. John Rhodes West Chester flu 3 I , Dale Uetrecht Vice President Rt. I, Sharonville Billy Hinkle Maud p 4' 5 If 1 r Betty Kline Secretary West Chester ,, Harry Miller Rt. I, Sharonville Bob Saylor Rt. I, Mason 4 fm. ig - ,A 55, f Carol Wardwell Student Council Maud Compliments of PAINTERS RESTAURANT Sharonville, Ohio -lf? Robert Huening Rt, I, Sharonville ,-...W 4 3 5 lg W 'Q fs Wayne Lindsey Student Council Rt. I, West Chester Tommy Marshall Rt. I, West Chester A 'M "1-", -7 ' Q. I ' , r-,sh 'ft ,iz V F K :Ayer .,,. It Dixie Scudder Rt, I, West Chester -6 , J... r .1 Frank Williams News Reporter Maud 18 ji-4r'r Q---rf f 'ul Don Jones Rt, I, West Chester 1,-:UQ v-as ? ,... ij. mf", . -P-9 Donald Mansfield Rt, 1, Sharonville , "TV Stanley Needham Maud Ohms? 1 uv ' gr 3 ,QL f Ronald Sickinger Rt, 8, Hamilton at A -1 lg' .... K enneth Williams West Chester '- 1301 oo- l- Mary Jane Richards Maud ' 4 'J 2 ti -Q Tommy Mercer Maud .isa so it s. - ,ij 7 Lf: ' Ralph Powers Rt. 8, Hamilton ff .gl Q-V' I Eleanor Simone West Chester ,fir "".? William Willsey Rt. 8, Hamilton Compliments of SHARON GRILL Sharonville, Ohio 1-1. x 5: WVWQ ,Es- ,.,-- ,lf-S ,iii -li--f i,--1 I Compliments of X.: HENRY NEUHA US DISTRIBUTOR Gasoline and fuel oil West Chester, Ohio Phone BE 2241 J 63 - 7: X XX' Lynne Browning Secretary-Rt. I, Box 75A, Sharonville V 'U' 3 o .Q 'Yi qs - Roy Denny West Chester Janis Glass News Reporter Rt. 8, Hamilton vO'8 n", qs K' Compliments of REEVES DELICATESSEN -us ' Q .5 -fx, -of Wayne Carr Rt. I, Hamilton , .. fx ,. tl ' v 12141 , ft 2' I Gerald Emmert Rt, 1, West Chester Ja mes Gullett President Maud P 4 A A --QV West Chester, Ohio x'-13 .A S, Isl, , gif w I Kenneth Caster Rt. I, West Chester '- 4, norway' 4 .hy -wi ,ff . , . Gordon Farmer Rt. 8, Hamilton Lois Heintzman Rt. I, Sharonville Donald Allen Rt. l, Hamilton A? A , A IX Bill Ballinger Box 38, Mason ...sr ry I Ray Ballinger 5515 Hamilton Mason Rd. 'ws Wayne Cole West Chester ,, -Q , ' 1 ' wa , ...pr 4 I Carl Ficke Rt, 1, West Chester David Henry Rt. 8, Hamilton if Mary Althauser Rt, I, Sharonville Q . 6 'rv Phyllis Ballinger Box 67, Maud ' it Phyllis Bowman Rt. I, Hamilton ,, f .hir 'K 1' Nancy Curtis Rt. 8, Hamilton 1 ' Q ,113 H-W AQHA Trigg Fortner Rt. 8, Hamilton C linton Needha m Maud -I 1Q .- Homer Hinkle Box 52, Maud t ,l nv y if of Frank Kirk Rt. I, West Chester 'IQ at T17 Clifford McGuire Box 57, Maud Lawrence Rosenbalm Rt, I, Sliaronville Sandra Walter West Chester ., .C ,fm vC 41 Phyllis Hoelle Rt. 8, Hamilton G- J i H 'Ln Deborah Kopp Student Council Rt. Box 88, Sharonville 9? K. 4' , L., 53, . , Leroy McGuire Rt. 1, Middletown ,ga t ' 4 , 1 fi., V .. X. Ronnie Rub West Chester Ar 1 l" . fs Floyd Whitaker West Chester Compliments of MONROE NATIONAL BANK Monroe, Ohio A -on -rig. X Judy Homan Rt. I Box 27, Mason 6 ff' SI "Za" Neil Maddox Rt. I, Mason t Don Peters Rt. 8, Hamilton Shirley Self Treasurer Maud James Wicke West Chester 20 1-Te Fern James Rt. 8, Hamilton - as i 1-it 3 . - W' T51 Arthur Marsh Rt, I, Sharonville 1- 4 1-.xi Q2 Thelma Roberts Safety Council Box 362, Sharoriville IM X ' F, , , : I ' t Janet Simone West Chester J J T? i lg 5 Margie Willsey Safety Council Rt. 8, Hamilton Compliments of THOMPSON S HARDWA Dutch Boy Paints General Electric Mazd lamps and appliances Mason, Ohio as if Q21 ,fed cfigkfh Qmle Vivian Baker James Ballinger Jo Ann Ballinger Marlene Ballinger Rosalie Beaver Jimmie Carr Kenneth Cromer Jo Ann Depew Paul Drago Larry Edwards Dale Farmer Shirley Glass Paul Harper Leroy Hinkle Shirley Lawwill Jack Long Edith Marsh Jenny Meddings Larry Mohrfield Charles Moore Roy Price Arnold Rogers Lawrence Rogers Janie Rub Marcia Sheerwood Diane Smart Leah Rae Spradling Cora Sue Stevens Mattie Taylor Margie Vance Shirley Van Skaik Jimmie Weber Dick West David Whitaker Patricia Wilson Compliments of VORDENBERG CHEVROLET CO. New and Used Cars and Trucks Madison Rd. at Brotherton Oakley, Cincinnati, Ohio Tel.--Melrose 5600-5601 Salesman: Eugene Cramer Bethany 2428 J K, J 1 ,, .. fs. ,, 4 - Q V., 4. f I ' 'J 1 ' 1 1 R ENN 'J ,, sf ef fs . 1 1 4' - Q 2' A, y ,KV ', ,' 'ki L . f 1 4 - -we J , X! ' X f ' .1 .. A 4, 5,5 HT- 1 1 A, nf 4,51 ef ' 1 it , .K .R 4 1 6 1 T f t It r K I4 A 1 if 3 , W M 'liz tx J C: A OJ' '37,-.fi -9 K ..g Z PM V I X L, l ' X K :W x 4' I ""-Et i 'J' --:PQ 431 fl' , ' L 1 O I P Qlhpvt ld I 4 K I 46 li., 22451 21 I J J 1 'J EB , 'V 4 X., 6: ' , , 1 ' -:I H Nu gi, 1 2 5 L f ' C fi 1 L, UL. gf if ' 7 X. it 21 Congratulations THE COORS BROTHERS COMPANY 5106 Cray Road Cincinnati 32, Ohio KI 3271 PQ. - 45 I ' x I ' 4' 1115 PF! T 'B if! - f9 A1 X SZ? 23 , 1 -nr A. -,-.-M H. ds' Hifk fr- 3 0 23 4435? --7-I 1 --' ' ns ag., +-JJ Ln 'Q W 42 1 4 , -7.04 M Az 1 'Q '31 --.r vw 'Q-v-fp fi Q If-7. C .anti in 7? ""b Qlfefl A PCL Q Ray Abrams Paul Balllnger Norman Carpenter Betty Chaney Lenv1ll Clark Sh1rley Cole Freya Dafler Tommy D1ck Barbara Fa1r Lmda Fetter Charles Gu1ler Larry Gundler Doyle Hampton Donna Harper Dale Hughes La1ry Johnson Jerry .Tones Bonn1e K1mberl1n Esther K1mberl1n Dave Lawwlll Manuel Lykms Melvln Maddox MA '51 T' ew 'aff' -'Sa 114.42 49' G. If It's iw' the -s-X.:-' 4 i 4 .uw 41 47' ,,.mi'-1, 3 kpiv Plurnomg 8: Heatxng Compllments gf C SIMPSON ronv1lle Ohlo PO 1743 PR 8804 MYRON AUFRANC Betty Mercer Paul1ne Mercer Thelma Mercer Rubln Needham Leroy Neuhaus .Tuan1ta PCTk1nS Ann Powelson Wayne Rees Charles Rlggs Joan Rmck Jun Rose Dave Schm1dt .Toan Srn1th Drck Stewart Mlldred Taylor Sh1rley Vance Maynard Warw1ck 11m Whxtaker Rlchard Wylds 'H . ,fff 'I ' v f , :QL E-rfkly V vm, H Q., - "fc ' Q M 1, 5 I .. ' l 'wh - - . . M ft , if f M n h .. 4 M Q, 3 4, , ,M . ..- X ' Q' LM -v , :W ix 1154 fi-,.l Z y W' i 7 fp Q 1 l.-iz-:-.r'5lj KM ,A 'rr-.M 4 -5 , . ' an 1 .. M f' ,J 1 . I 12 . - 8 p Q y y . S.. M 1 s' ev 'qu . ' n ' -o-1' 0 M 2 0..- .. xl 4' "W V . M , 'TE-'I ,E -L I , s r 4 if D Nh - ' , 't my P . 1 1 '4 M f A Q Qifflg r- " ' X A X My M M iii '. -sz M . rf f ff - if op . t . ,. M-, y 0 ,' 4? v p lp -M y M 1 . . . Cyl N t 'S t '-' 3 . . ' ' Vi ,I " lhlr E y fr , . - M f M ff Q' at cf' N, M A 'S p h "my 'N MN 'IL 4 it ,213 ' ' ILL l "f 7 ' My ki K I N 1 'ww - 5, 5' ' af' Q K M' " HI! A2 - .f 1 ' "' "' "' 'W -i if-.. My Z" N' 'rl "wtf "" 4- MM , M Mrlrr 2 Q. , I ...- ' 3 dl V it l V X g L' I K . ' , ' T I l ,Q xx! r ... . 4 , I -- N . 'J , . ' ' 0-A ' .J A if? M fn' M -5- B - I' . y .7 , xl a 1 'H' , ' A - 0.7.1, ,V 4 4 V' A all o 4 L 5 -ff f' ,ff XL, ' H , . . , 14121 ' , ' .SMA Q10 James Breezley Joyce Cramer Mildred Dingman Billie Eckerle Robert Ell Alice Fisher Carol Hanna Celia Houston Gail Humphries Barbara Meeker Delores Melampy Janet Murray Thelma Oldfield Jacqueline Tate Elaine Waggoner Charlene Weaver Delores Whitaker Ernie Abrams Gary Albertson Ethel Allen William Aufranc John Campbell Mary Douglas Glenn Drago John Edwards Robert Ferrell Anita Gillespie Errol Gundler Betty Hale Donnie Hampton Ronald Head Charles lnlow Michael Jones Michael Lewis Priscilla Lynch Ronald Marsh Philip McKibben Frank Moore Harry Norris Herschel Prather Charles Price Lawrence Redmond Donald Rhodes Ronald Richen Harriet Rutz Marilyn Sheerwood Gerald Smith Eva Stamper Duane Waggener Wayne Waggoner Henry Wicke Robert Winsted Compliments of POP WEHR Compliments of JACK DURHAM A i, ,V 1 - a- vf. mn A - 5' . A 4 he x , Q Q 'll x it :L 7 A -.13 3 X A V f " 4 lid P K x J,, r 3 'E .O Q Ve V- aa ff- y 41... -. ff.. sf- AV -' I' Q'f'jDV " W ,.,, if V 4 X 4 -ht.. :ff A K , "' .. , 2 .. ,., ' 2- fv- 1 ,L ,yp, J' 3. ' in i,, , I .. 4 A .4 L. ew 4 vi 5' as , f-' v l J -.ff 1 - J ,gg ' l .f--i V, J V 2 0, "' 'Q .Jr ix "3 J 4-aff, "Jr 14:3- A ' fl ' .ni A L I r A f A fag V' 4 ,,, l 6 3 55 .f , V I A 1' c hs w-4 , VM , fi' .f H I K, - Q teflon " J' 3' "J, S FW i .1 , ' ML.. -4 , V . V g Vvlx V p, AVTLN vw' ,Y '. 1 Vg , J, I , l A v "" Lk ,O J ., Q he i 3 l L '4 V .l r . J -If , 1' W A .Q V-vi 4 A . 'fo f i .Q ' , 4 .,. 1 ' V ,Q C P' Q-Q fl va-uv . x ' QL ' - r J' ' x '45 -9 , .Q . V Cf. av' 3 -41' 9 1 J 1 ,il Y? 1 'S' fo-3 'C' V -.va .7 an 'G sk-ls I 1 sw, g Bonnie Alexander Louise Back Bonnie Baker Barbara Ballinger Sandra Bryan Ida Chance Carol Dietz Joy Jones Stephene Kimberlin Marilyn Mc Vicker Carole Richen Berneita Rogers Dorothy Rogers Elane Schobert David Althauser Gordon Ballinger David Bullock Clifford Farmer Mark Hall Robert Hampton Winford Hubbard Jerry Jones Jimmy Little Larry Lock Jesse Moore Garry Plummer Lonnie Rose Edward Sunberg David Taggert Richard Whitaker Jimmy Wilson Lola Carr Gerald Davis Mary Gadberry Charlotte Houston Malcolm Ison Mary Kline Loretta Prather Robert Rinck Charles Simpson Compliments of ASHBROCK ELECTRIC SHOP 132 W Benson St Reading Ohio - VA 2989 FRED'S SHELL SERVICE Reading 8: Walnut Pattie Stewart John Watts Dorcas Lykins Sharonville Ohio Phone PR 9863 Formerly operated I FRED S PURE OIL STATION Lockland Lubricating, Accessories ui? M....! Minor Repairs 81 Washing SIGMA Q Donald DeBord Mary Dxngman Mary Esshnger Cheryl Farmer Kathleen Hanna Davxd Kopp Mary Marlow Benton Mmller Arthur Penrnngton Mxchael Stearns Dorothy Taggart Carolme WdTW1Ck James Wh1taker Marlene Allen Janlce Balhnger Sharon Carver Mary Coffee Donna Cornett Betty Cumm1ns Bonnle Fee Karen Fuhrman Harrlet Crallaher V1ctor1a Green Norma Harper V1v1an Hubbard Judy Khne Joan McCord Sandra Mercer Joyce Re1d Delores S1mpson Donna Splvey Karen Stewart Lmda Waggoner Gary Aufranc Gene Beaver Jack Beaver Jerry Caster Ernest DeBord James Dmgman James Fuhrman W1ll1am Hendrlx Herbert Houston Mxchael Meyers Toby Moyers James Rmggs Barry Sharp Donald Stewart Rxchard Sunberg Complxments of RED LANTERN TAVERN West Chester Oh1o I' A Ili Q-rf 454184 avi' Gd L., -a Jw er mf! 'im 3 CAM tv wg fl ,,,, nn I-Jr '!"'.Y A4 non """' 'A' x..f' .J Q"r hs? rn L-if .3 Q11 1 X -5 rd' E if 'IJ' lb- 56 1 ff-,v U J 1-0 X .V -. J -' fr up I 1 g V A 1 3 or 3 A , ra e ' A ' J - H . l , . J' 1' P' I .J .,. A t 1 oi 5 Y 'I Ml 40 'V v 4: D ' -A 'J ' " Ii 'V I ' JJ A Q4 A V11 , . . 'A lr , "' X, I it nb f tv- , I. '-"" .V , " ' f--. ' f H -' 4 . 1 . - V' M A- ' 1, - ' F ' , f- 'e J ,. .- . . -W N-fi VV - J L X' 1 4 J , "S-' ES. J , V , IQ fi Q "Un . 4 I "fp J 5 Qs--ca 3 I I , ' l P ' y "" f to f J A . . V V' .uv ,iw M f x in 'S 'Q' g .,, . . , 1 .. . lp v r 4 W-,V A it ' 2 I Q . 3 ,Q-4, y p .Ma , 'L rv I I J L 'Q 1 J 'I 'A ' I - f -0 4 " N 45, .5 W Q Q I . . . . -' - -1 V' ' 3: -VFP, 2 A . q R. ' A' 3 I . .5 - ll L I W 1 l Y 'lf --,. ls' " +9 'Q , 'Q' . "gf -f L 'O' ij' ,. ,l . S, f-. ., , J l 25 A , "' ' I '. 4' ' " 'J' jj, . 'Q la wi: -I vw? -X -0' J 1. s L..- Jeanne Baumann Joanne Baumann Jacqueline Gorman Joyce Little Mary McClanahan Eileen Mercer Donna Miller UA!! l 'O L' if '4..E4.1i. 2 E Georgia Chance G cl S I L 2 I x 49 ? - 39. . 49 J-3-,g JL J J 1 JA" ,--avi. ..-Q A J 1 J, il Y I J ,Val 'J LT'--J 411, Li N' J I J X g J J, l V' if .fo-f!z,'U i ,.,J J P 1,5 y .Lia yi f,""i J n T94 Q"7'i 7 l w- at -Sw l - J ff, J My JJJQJ -,, R ffm I Jf.: J J -J --it J i -ff ' ls ' A i 7 J if ii J fd V -.. I J Jli. I. l i P ' ,J cv if. rf... V-if .-.JP 1 i, Q A ati -J! .avi .Q .. - , efiif 1 f I, ,Ji N 1:-.sr JD, Janet Widmeyer Ronald Abrams Carl Allen Danny Back Russell Baker Ben Collins Glenn Cromer Danny Davis Donald Donahoe Roger Dunlap Doyle Harper Howard Hendrix Bobby Hubbard Jackie Hunt Thomas Kimberlin Todd Kline Gerald Marshall Steven Meyer Ronald Needham Cledis Perkins Terry Ping Dewey Rogers Jimmy Shell Jack Spivey Dallas Vance Troy Vance William Woods Hershel Allen Bobby Beaty Virginia Bley Charles Dingman Carol Edwards David Humphreys Janet May David Meddings Donna Morath Kenneth Needham Thelma Neuhaus Herschel Pennington Floyd Roberts Lucellus Scudder Ronald Stewart Gerald Vance James Wright Compliments of ,x ' ERNIE BROOKS T. ' The Jeweler 4...-L JJ Sharonville, Ohio ' Complirnents of DUERMIT BROS. GARAGE General Repairing Sharonville, Ohio QCOIQCJ QPCLCIQ Sandra Ballinger Judy Breezley Paul Carpenter Diana Davis Diana Duckwall John E11 Lynn Es slinger Barbara Ferrell Gary Field Patsy Fi ins Larry Gii?espie Doris Humphries Robert Hale David Hanna Tanya Ison Robert Jones William Kline Walter Long Kenneth Lykins Judith Mc Makin Diana Mehaffie Geralding Osborne Yvonne Patterson George Reid Jerry Roberts Gita Simpson Jack Uetrecht Coulman Westcott Ill Ronald Lee Whitaker George Baker Rosie Barron Anna Berryman Barbara Bowling Donald Bullock Herbert Bullock Sondra Campbell Gerald Fuhrman John Gadberry Caroline Gregory Billy Hilshorst Larry Humphreys Freddie Kimberlin Robert Kline Judith McKibben Michael Marsh Carol Martin Billy Mobley Grover Morath Ronnie Oldfield Danny Overbey Char otte Pickett Daniel Price Robert Rhodes Peggy Schooler Karen Sharp Billy Sieg Yvonne Stevens Betty Wright Dinna Wright Patricia Wylds Courtesy of 1-1 A. SURFACE General Hauling Gano, Ohio Compliments of 'W El-IRS TAVERN Gano, Ohio Beer 81 Wine Qoups 8: Sandwiches Phone PR 6134 On U. S. Z5 l 4 A s.a - Q4 11. I v in y 1 4 fl? ,i x 'J ...- ' , -A '5' og Af -it A A A -S A Q A 4 fi .4 L1-sf' eff- ' 'J 4 0 Q l fl i 'KIA 5 5 v 4 N 4 4' 4 ' .i ' ' J r' A X11 : A 4 ru " ""'i' " Mi '. "' 'V 1 ' .J EA, . -as ,5 4 'V' -531 -. A fr "" 'P' f ' yy I' fy --d x 0 ,. i Y' Q ,V , fa 40 ' -' -6 w .J f I .,. V 4,j1,.- x A 'ai -ll., I 1' I z-4 X A 5 bf' A , 1 ,- Q A 5.1 A. s ' " 1 ui, 1 , A ., 5 t, , 4, I -v 0 . .I',,.' l , 'iz' ' Q, fl -, rs 'L ' 0 ,J 1 -I xf 1 A fl ,f -sc' n Ae .- .ll rr 1 J " A f f K , ,. - 4, ,,. ,,, L' X -6 N'Z.'I' 'ur l 1 ,N xv in lf, AJ' A f, :X ,Q , v A ...4 " 'S' ' " 'I' , 1 if "' 4 1- -Q A R -I lg Q In . I ff , -, in ...qv fi J soqg , C' ff ,il 1 f i,t '1 'til -4 I ... 'S' I L ,, J b FO -f f' -1 A It C' X K . ' U -.0 ,z Q if T ,Q T V , 1 I J A 'W f 3 an " L I 4 0 gi ,Ll " ,L 'I' ,Q , K A lag.-.J Nab, J ' p. -fi , 1 . f ' 1' ,as fn 2 ' If I, .0 1 ne, 5' 4-af., 11 " L I ' 1 - y 4. . Yi' ' f J 1 'E . 4 1 v1 4 Y y -A y A 1 -6 L. 4 gi 7. 1 X " Judith Back James Baker Louis Baumann Frederick Bley Michael Bryan Douglas Clawson Mary Ann Cummins Ph llis Daniel William Dingman Gloria Jean Donahoe Geor e Fisher CharTes Gabbard Richard Gadberry Chester Gregory Larry Hubbard Daniel Hellmuth Dennis Humphreys William Igo Jack Ihle Steven Maupin Michael Meyer Jeanette O'l-lern Charles Powers Cynthia Ramsey William Schooler Flora Stewart Donna Van Skaik Katrina Westcott James Wroten Pamila Wright Shirley Wylds Betty Allen Sarah Ballinger Patricia Brate Dennis Britton Carl Bullock Richard Carpenter Karl Chaney Dennis Dafler Gerald Dingrnan Beverly Donnelly Sue Evans Donald Farrington Linda Farmer Barbara Gorman Diana Green Judith Harper Richard Hendrix Shirley Houston Judith Humphries Patricia Kline Brenda Lewallen Sharon Long Patricia May Jimmy McVicker David lvlorath Carman Needham Wayne Schobe rt Jerry Shell Marian Lee Stabler Marcus Stephens Stephen Taggart Thomas Taulbee Edward Williams Dennis Back PCLCJQ Easy Terms - Phone VA 6747 HANLEY JEWELERS Watches-Diamonds-Appliances 208 Dunn St, - East Lockland Compliments of WM. F. DUDLEY 81 SONS Compllments of LEWIS PURE OIL SERVICE Repa1r Work Sz Grocery RR 42 Pxsvah Ohlo 'Swv' And dld you hear the latest'P 'xlx how those football huddles hue changed! We want some Acttonl 1 ll s not hcaw at a lrorxsatd Marehl Dlg that trazx Cllatlestonl Watch those fmbersl I don t get II Tommxl Z... S 5-. 5.4 50x X. IINDY SHADE I-'ARM e tChe5ter Oh1o The breedmfv prooram at Wmdy Shade Farm 15 Dullt upon the blood ot NN mterthur Posch Ormsby Fobes one ofthe really wreat all t1me Holstem sxres The remarkably unlform type of lub oftsprln thelr fme productlon on Zx and thelr Superb conformatton and 51ze Stamp them as one of the remarkable gets of any I-Iolstem s1re pf X , 4 4 fs, ' ' ' 1 t .','- -1' 1 I C A' 1 Y . f ' A' -, A ,. ,L , P 'J l "1 r , ,, ,I I Al . 1' s A I I FR I I . ' , . 1' H V ' ' A . f 2. . 5 I 5 5' K' N! ' 1' K , , y, , 3. H H Y V H . f 4. "wt I ' Mya 111" A X - 6. ' 1' "' . 7. V1 L W X J, L I r L . K . . -M-H--+ v I I I ' 4 : .. I . A ., - 3:94:- - is 1 .-fi-U" N - gxf- I Cf' ful -f - - 1-N 'T' f f- fl 1 'fe , . fig., - K T. I , . 'iii 1 - I ,V . VI A vw' S , H I I: o . . ' " - ' r ' - e Y . . . l . , -7 - - g grsd Compllments of TOWERS SOHIO SERVICE We Care For Your Car Opposite Route No. 42 Road Service if rganizafiorw Join .7 A1-bm MEMBERS Anna Lee Wynn Anna Mae Prather Beverly Douglas Ruth Powelson Vrrgm a Fugat Shrrley Brale Ina Woodrum Niona James Nilss West Aduser NIISS Haggard Adxlser Comphments of READIING GARAGE INC Sales CJ Servmce 1300 Readmg Rd Readmg Ohlo TN .47 Tuuumuuv Our Secretary Compllments of HYDES DAIRY BAR I-Iamllton Ohlo 31 TRIPLE TRIO all R Al sr , I ' '4 ' we I ., . 3 , r' X ' 1 ' il I A7 . 3 -g 7?- 4114- aridezi Cornphments of REEDS TAVERN West Chester Oh1o ..--al OUR CAFETERIA COOKS 10? 32 S -Al Comphments of OSBORNE STUDIOS INC 1521 Central Avenue M1dd1etown Oh1o r'f,. f-gl - ,, I X ' ,S 6-fl w N 'Agn u 'e ng f .1 1. 51,2 D , A t I W V knit .r 'Nix 4 V gi f - ',." I " 1. Y A V , 'wr 5 xt, t 'WJ 1 4 Q. 4' ' 5 n , . Y -! ....m............, , . ... ,..,... , 2 .. -MRM- . 551' ' A .............--........,..-. sg P0 f' wr 9 'i Comphments of C0mP11meHfS Of LEUGERS FURNITURE STORE RANEY REAL ESTATE 33 413 417 W Benson st Readme 01110 Readmg Oh1o VA 4777 VA 4778 MRS. BARNES Our Physical Education Instructor Junior and Senior G. A. A. Freshman and Sophomore G. A. A. Complirnents of Compliments of J. O, WYLE ELL POULTRY 81 PLANT FARM Bethany Ohio U. S. 42 Groceries-Shoes-Furniture Sharonville, Ohio Field Fence-Fence Posts Ph. 6121 Hardware 34 Q, N Q- in 3 f '.,, ixx - my 'Sig AC "n 3 Z?W! mf MISS WILEY Our Music Director GOIWJ5 Compliments of Compliments of CAMPS GENERAL STORE WEST CHESTER HARDWARE Pisgah, Ohio West Chester, Ohio 35 William l-Ieupel . Sylvia Long , , . Miss Tessie Tingle Betsy Brown . . . Mrs. William Heupel Clara Heupel , , Anna , . . Paul Harden . . Gregory Long . A police officer . Compliments of BIDDLE'S MUSIC SHOP House of Music Radio, Television AI-"S TOGGERY SHOP Refrigeration and Appliances VA9744 Established 1915 Men and Boy's Furnishings 430 Benson St. Reading Ohio I Surprlsel 2 Prcmc 521 Boys Reallyl ,.,g B111 Ferrell Charlie Powelson Jake Woodrum Lucky Rutz Bobby Smlth Jerry Harper Glenn Brate WI1l Douglas Wmdow Washer Muscle Gxrl Order in the Court Bob Mason IP" fi 'Z I 5,45 if-u Comphments of C0mP11ment5 of FRIENDLY INN THE ENTERPRISE BUILDING gl LOAN Maud Qhlo 117 119 M111 Street Lockland 01110 .RX I 2 Q ' 71, fx ' 'i ' ' S- " x ia' 'vs A ' A bl ' V . 'V4' J'- 3L. . ' ' 3b. ' ' M 35 sc. 3d. A 36- ' ----- 7 sf. "e---M , az- , I - sh. ' E I L: 4. ' 5- ' I 4- 6 Lg, 3 7, .3 H Y . , A --2 b f' , Q f I ' ,1 ' " . -I I , I . v 1 fx I 4- -W 1 9 5 ' 1' f , 5 I "' X , 37" 7 ' A. 'Q I 'jx x I ,a 1 '4 ' . , as I .I ' -'Iv' Q 31-I I CA QQPAQ JQP5 Carol Wardwell, Mary Lou Homan, Shirley Chance, Janet Heflin, Judy Homan. Compliments of SHARON BARBER SHOP Ralph 8: Charlie Sharonville, Ohio ww 'H T elim C A , ' Z 5- yJ'1 Qll, s 1 ',f'L:' ' , ' 1 :,A L, Q, 2 Compliments of AMBER LANTERN 81 FLORAL 81 GIFT SHOP Franklin, Ohio VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Charles Mason Luckey Cyrus Hubert Patterson Jerry Wood SECOND ROW John Rhodes Manager Howard Cromer Frank Wxllrams Truman Davls Glenn Baker W111 Grate LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Trigg Former Tommy Marshall Ronald Siclunger J1mGullett Don Mason SEC OND ROW Bob Huenlng Leroy Needham Harry M1l1er B111 Wlllsey Don Jones B1l1Ba1l1nger Compliments of MASON SUPER SERVICE Kaiser 8: Frazer Mason Ohio 39 Compliments of ACNIE WELL DRILLING CO. R 25 Sharonville, Ohio L S Elifeglflf eanl THE VORHIS FUNERAL HOME GLORIA'S RESTAURANT 8: L. J. Russell TRUCK STOP M. F. Rabius Tasty Food, Quick Service Directors Complete Fountain Service 310 Dunn St. , 5501 Montgomery Road Dinners, Lunches, Sandwiches Lockland, O. Norwood, Ohio 18 Miles Northeast of Cincinnati VA 0062 ME 4884 on 3 C's Highway OCCQI' Cline .gn pI'OgI'255 F' V 2, me-..y 5 O Q I, Studying? or Comic Book? 2, ls there a Doctor in the House? 3. Hurry! Only 5 minutes. 4. Rubyl Another Pass? 'T 5. Reading the Dictionary, Beverly? 6. Set itupl v A P. 4 7. Don't loiter in the halls girls, v 8, in the basket, Joyce! 6 'F ' T Compliments of C. A. CLARK 8: SON Electrical Appliances--Sports Equipment 37 Main Street Phone Z-4891 Hamilton, Ohio 41 Y A -- ,,.,...., 3 'N' Compliments of M. GOLDBEIRG A SONS Reading, Ohio -xhgg W5 'X "N. mv aff! I all 6:5l6ll'I'l2l'lf We the Sen1or Class of 1953 be1ng 1n our r1ght m1nd we hope do bequeath and bequ1t leave g1ve and get r1d of the followlng members of the Sen1or Class 'S-" to put 1n the1r h1gh place these lowly creatures JOANNE SMITH leaves her ab1l1ty to be a tomboy to Kenny W1ll1ams and her lev1s to Mr West NORBERT SICKINGER leaves h1s ab1l1ty to stay out of trouble to Wayne Carr ANNA RUTZ leaves her government book to any Jun1or who w1ll need lt next year SHIRLEY RUB W1llS her mole '7 to anyone who has the courage to wear It To B111 H1nkle goes MORRIS REDMOND'S ab1l1ty to be on t1me always RUTH POWELSON'S ab1l1ty to get out of classes 1S hereby left to Jeaunette Brandenburg BETTIE MILLER 15 leav1ng her shower room vo1ce to Mona James CHARLIE MASON leaves h1S basketball ab1l1ty to h1S brother Don To Clara Bolser goes all of JOYCE HARPER'S serv1cemen's letters and addresses DEE MARSH hereby leaves her ab1l1ty to play basketball to all the Freshmen g1rls and her qu1etness to Chr1st1ne M1ller CAROL MASON W11lS her d1mples to Kenneth Joseph 1n hopes he w1ll use them often WILL GRATE Qafter a great deal of thought leaves h1S pos1t1on as pres1dent of the Sen1or Class to some unsuspect1ng Jun1or To Anna Lee Wynn goes VIRGINIA FUGATE'S great ab1l1ty to always remember any Jvf"'-'- DORIS FETTER hereby w1lls her ab1l1ty to wr1te "really" condensed book reports to anyone who's fountam pen IS always runnmg dry Carlene Douglas IECCIVCS from BOB LONG h1S ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class FRANCIS THOMPSON leaves h1S soprano vo1ce to Howard Cromer To Maur1ce M1ller goes JERRY WOOD'S ablllty to get good grades 1n Mr W1ll1ams classes JANICE FERRELL leaves her Z4 1nch wa1stl1ne to MClV1n Summy And to Mr W1ll1ams goes RUBY ECKERLE'S sk1ll 1n dr1v1ng DOLORES DONNELLY hereby W1llS her perfect f1gure to Marg1e W1llSCY BOBBY DENNEY leaves h1s ab1l1ty to do bookkeepmg to Dale Uetrecht To Kenny Caster goes TRUMAN DAVIS' he1ght TRUMAN feels he can spare It LUCKEY CYRUS hereby leaves h1s sen1or1ty to Bob Saylor on the cond1t1on that he Wlll use lt w1sely Hubert Patterson rece1ves from GENE CAUDILL h1S DeSoto F1redome E1ght SHIRLEY CAMP leaves her tmy shoes S1ze 9 to Anna Mae Prather CAROLYN HUGHES leaves her cold walks to school to the S1mone s1sters BILL BELES hereby W1llS h1S he1ght and ab1l1ty to play basketball to Don Peters SHIRLEY BRATE leaves her place on the honor roll to all present and future lnellgl ble basketball boys To B111 Ballmger goes GLENN BAKER'S ab1l1ty to dance INA WOODRUM hereby w1lls her fly rod to M1ss Haggard 1n hopes she w1ll f1nd SOME use for lt EVA MAE ISAACS leaves nothmg to nobody 'cause everyth1ng she has she needs BEVERLY DOUGLAS fw1th a Slgh of rel1efj leaves her long black Whlp to the next Annual Ed1tor Now we the Sen1or Class Just leave Compl1ments of Compl1ments of LOCKLAND FLORISTS PAINTERS RESTAURANT 725 Wyorrung Avenue Sharonv1lle Oh1o Phone VA 3931 Lockland Oh1O 42 5,1 6 51 -"1 Ol' 'MU .7 f IQ. I W 4, ff . ' 3-A .1 1 Q In . .' I. ' . K L H ,. 1 thing and everything. U U . 1 H . - . Q ' .. l , . 1 . I .. . 5513? ,A as 5 I' -'tid' Q5 r ec Dear I-'nend You are cordrally rnvlted to attend the Reuruon of the Class of 53 on May 26 1973 at Unron Townshrp Hall A banquet dimer w1ll be served at 6 30 p m Come early and stay latel After all tt has been 20 years and rt surely IS gomg to be rnteresung to fxnd out how everyone has made out s1nce that fateful May 26th twenty years ago Yours slncerely Chesterl-I Chantrcleer Tlus was the mvuatron that was taken out of 32 marlboxes one mornmg Tlus was also the tnvuanon that brought 32 hearts a new thnll and an old trall of memones thrs was the rnvrtauon that sent 32 excxted people ruslung to Unron Townshrp Hall agarn Just the way they used to way back rn 1953 Needless to say the Reumon was a great success and no one was prouder than Mr Chester H Chantrcleer He felt a strange surge of pnde situng there at the head of the banquet table looking over the faces of these fine nuddle aged men and women Myl How they had changed Or had they? His eyes travelled around the table and suddenly rt seemed as though a thrck fog clouded hrs eye srght And when the fog had lifted there mstead of 32 people were 641 He rubbed hrs eyes but rt d1d no good There were stl1l64l He stared And then rt hit ham hke a bolt of hghtrung A mtracle had happened! There sat each person as they were He couldn t help smtllng as he looked around the table at all of them Ah yesl They had changed Now that he had therr ghosts to contrast wrth them he could see lt They surely had changedl Why there sat IOA NNE SMITH now a professional racer who s latest vrctory had been at the Indranapohs Speed way Well hadn t she learned that rn Dnvers Tralmng Class? And CHARLIE MASON the great polmcal figure who was at present touring the country grvmg lectures Who would have thought it back ln 53 when he gave that oral book report? DORIS FETTER S lrfe had certalnly been rnteresung She had come all the way from Alaska to attend the Reuruon She had gone there as a nurse and marned a doctor and the two of them had opened a large hosprtal She had tndeed fulfilled her dearest dream And LUCKEY CYRUS was really famous He owned pracncally all of General Electnc A real busrnessman who had many wornes Lrttle dld even his closest fnends know where most of hrs money went Thanks to lus generosity West Chester now had a new recreanon center called the Luckey Canteen SHIRLEY BRATE had really made a name for herself Soon after graduaung she had formed an orchestra and began playing at local dances But the orchestra was destined for greater things and now they are seen weekly on a televrsron program known as I Love Shlrley And such a Jazzy bunch you never heard before WILL GRATE now a professor at Mramr was thrillrng the world wtth hrs new screntlfrc discoveries The Grate theory has now taken the place of the Elnstern theory And there were mmors that he rrught even be sent to Hawau to rid the country of those darn old boll weavrls DOLORES DONNELLY had found her place ln the world too As the first woman presrdent she had done wonders She had been elected on the slogan A new car m every garage and a new government book rn every desk and had honestly carned it out Her latest speech had put the enure male populauon ln a wlurl when she uttered those fateful words I say every woman should have a m1nk coat GENE CAUDILL S latest novel had Just lut the book stands and was selhng hke hot cakes It was only flfty pages long and yet it was being prarsed as the greatest story of all time Why? Well because on the dedtcatron page was written these words Dedrcated to the unfortunate students who don t reallze they have to grve book reports unul the day before they are due Then there was RUTH POWELSON with nrne children at present And my you should hear them srngl There are three sopranos three altos and three seconds They have a triple tno all thelr own And INA WOODRUM had managed to become the most sought after mtenor decorator alive And all because of the expene1ce she had gained when she decorated the school for the Sweetheart Dance way back ln 52 and 53 BETTIE MILLER was the current rage of the Metropohtan Opera Her verslon of Carmen was fast becomrng the hit of five continents And DEE MARSH S new dancrng school was going strong. Krds who didn t have a brt of talent came away from Dee's school like professionals. And manl Could they ever do the Charleston. Compliments of COm'p1i1T18ntS of BUTLER FARM COOPERATIVE ASS'N. JOHN KEENER Everything for your farm needs Feed Seed General Hauling Machinery-Fertilizer-Fence-Hardware- R 3 H8-mi1t0Il, 0hi0 Pamt-Petroleum Products, Etc. Buy Coope rative lv and Save Plants at Hughes Statton Seven Mrle McGon1g1e Off1ce and Store 365 South "C" Street, Harrnlton, Ohlo n D N - . ' -. 5 S -, : .J uf' , ' :NJ Q , -7 .!'::u fr '- 11 - ' ' T 0,9 9 , .77 -: X . - ,,. - now and next to them were their ghosts. Ghosts of the way they used to be in "53"l BOBBY DENNEY was dorng well too Hrs latest Job was selhng Smrley toothpaste on Super Crrcus Oh yesl And JOYCE HARPER was the marn attractron of Super Crrcus Three hundred pounds and rt s all Joyce She s qurte a srght Who d have belreved rtl CAROLYN HUGHES had always been qurte a fashron expert so no one was very surprised when she opened her new shop rn New York And the dresses were all Parrs orrgrnalsl ANNA RUTZ had reahzed her great ambrtron At present she was head nurse at Mercy Hosprtal GLENN BAKER had set the entrre commuruty buzzrng when he bought all those farms But he knew what he was dorng and the appearance of the farms showed rt They were wonderful SHIRLEY CAMP had opened a boardrng house Loved by all her boarders she was happy Just helprng them It was sard that every mormng she practrcally forced her boarders to drrnk a glass of Florrda orange jurce wrth the excuse that rt would be good for them TRUMAN DA VIS had perhaps recerved more honors than anyone else known He was a frve star general now and had Just recently returned from Afrrca Retrrement rumors followed hrm everywhere he went But Truman Just told them he wasn t ready to retrre yet After all Old soldrers never dre CAROL MASON was a great name rn the world of Journalrsm She was edrtor of the WEST CHESTER CHRONICLE But then Carol always did have a knack of gettrng hold of all the latest news And speakrng of news FRANCIS THOMPSON had really managed to make lus name recogruzed all over the country Why Just a week ago hrs name was rn the headhnes of all the newspapers Notonous Playboy Drvorces Wrfe Number Ten Wrth all of the ahmony he had to pay rt was only natural that he turned to an old pal for help Dr NORBERT SICKINGER who specrahzed rn psychratry It had been sard that Norbert s favorrte method rn hrs cases was hypnotrsm What secrets he had learned that wayl MORRIS REDMOND preferred country hfe to crty ways He was now owner of a large ranch rn Texas So large rn fact that when people spoke of Texas they called rt Moms Redmond s State BOB LONG however had chosen teachrng as hrs professron And a poll that was recently conducted had found that hrs class was the most popular among the students He was teachrng the students the proper way to rest And the once t1ny vorce of EVA MAE ISAACS was no longer trny As a top sargeant rn the WAC S she was perfectly capable of makrng every one of her commands heard VIRGINIA FUGATE S vorce was also famrhar especrally to those who vrsrted the Albee Theater often She had her own lrttle peanut wagon whrch she parked everyday rn front of the theater She was doing good busrness too Al most anytrme dunng the day you could expect to hear her shoutrng Hot roasted peanuts for sale RUBY ECKERLE was the current box offrce attractron at the Crncrnnau Wrestlrng Bouts Her rough house tactrcs had brought her fame Throughout the wresthng game she was known as Red Hot Ruby JERRY WOOD was now a publrsher of a ladres fashron magazrne He was the pace setter for the entrre fashron world The latest editzron of hrs magazrne whrch rncrdentally was called the Fashron Whrrl featured as rt s cover grrl the most gorgeous model rn the busrness none other than SHIRLEY RUB She had made beauty marks almost compulsory for every fashron wrse woman JANICE FERRELL had just recently arrrved rn Crncrnnau She had brought her great Ice Frollcs to the Netherland Plaza Her performance as the Ice Frolrcs star was bexng prarsed by critrcs everywhere BILL BELES had kept hrs vow never to settle down He was always on the go for he was now conductor on the B 8: O line that ran from New York to New Orleans and between him and BEVERLY DOUGLAS Cincrnnatl was very well advertised Everyday Brll would go through all the coaches shouting All out for Uruon Termrnal It s the only termrnal rn the country that has a cigarette grrl just like the big night spots Stop and see our crgarette girl And there would be Beverly crgarettes and all Why there wasn t a traveler rn the country who hadn t met her And that was the whole gang Mr Chantrcleer s eyes suddenly frlled wrth tears tears of prrde But the ghosts of 53 were laughing Lauglung hke they always did They laughed until the hall rang and then vanished forever rnto the past leavrng the room rn complete srlence A large lump seemed to form in Mr Chantrcleer s throat as he rose to propose a toast He raised hrs glass and said very proudly Well who would have thought you krds would get far We didn t even think you d make rt to Washington And yet Just look at you now You re Chester Hrgh's representatives all over the country and I m very proud of you So here s a toast to the magnrfrcent memories of the past and to all good tlungs yet to come ln the future Complrments of Complrments of MASON FOOD BANK Loveland Ohro Mason Ohro 44 J'ULIA'S 20 MI. HOUSE and MOTEL West Main St. Mason 3101 'ff' 1XIYERS457f MYEARBOOKS MYERS AND CO. INC TOPEKA KANSAS c".o. .o' ob," 'o"l' ff : 'Q.' - .f.a .o:.' . Q. 'Q "p.'O THE PACEN1fXIxERSOf OU-'XUTW a,'u.'g. 'O o,'o,' I 0. 'Q o.'- ' I

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