Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH)

 - Class of 1952

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Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1952 volume:

'Q-'qsazi I - . fa f gzgf - ,, f ,Q -- f x :mg ,f,,q,,,, M 4.19. , sp! . A .. U- , 4 - 5 -gr ,, ,f giiff- -V 'wa xi +,,,g-.-., lf . 4- ,E f xf , ,151 n g lll 1 ff. vi, fk, V ,A 9 . . . Mawr 'U X-Q WS- -1' -K 1' If-P-" 1.1 ...- fxsgm M B ' .IL vhs- KS ,.dC" I 1 f f Mx ff 'A -N-Q-Q"'em., I I 'a :xii ,, i Q 4 51? 4: 'E' 92 1 vi: I. .5 N, 5 5 V an ii S F" : '5 Q . Ai Q '7l5l-535711, 55' T731 ,VY Y f'-735 ' x f5'f7"Y L, 'L 'TL' iv- 'J-f 'f" ,ff ' f vff-' ,.., M , ..-x --V.,-., . :V A. ,,,,,,v-f.-X.,m, ' A 'V G-,V ..-f- ,- v., EI 'L as-'22 hu THE CHA TICLEER Edited By UNION TOWNSHIP SCHOOL West Chester, Ohio H Stella Brooks Faculty Advlsor llllllil .Teanme Fee Janet Fetter Edxtor Asslstant Edltor Typlsts Mar1lyn M11ler Mary Ehzabeth Baker and Jo Ann Clemons Art Anne Benner .hm Marsh and Don Self Photography Don Reeves and .hm Marsh Layout Marlene Sheerwood Mllly Baumel Loretta Farmer Dolores Wh1taker and Semor Class Ads Jlm Arnold Dave Mansf1eld, Denver Allen Chnton Beaver and Homer Carr Subscr1pt1ons Edward Emr1ck Don Self Homer Carr Floyd Rosenbalm, and Shxrley Froehllch Complxments of ComP1lment5 of C. H. ROSSELOT AND SON HENRY NEUHAUS DISTRIBUTOR Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fertxhzer Gasolme and fuel Oil Seeds and Feeds Farm Implements West Chester, Ohio Phone BE 2489 west chester, ohm Z Phone BE 2241 I I I 'JN Q IQ 45163 2? For your kmdness consnderatxon and thoughtfulness to others for Iendmg a helpmg hand and mspu-mg us to some of llfe s greater thlngs the class of 1952 would hke to ded lcate thls annual to you Mlss Mxrlam Engle 3 l N I ff' 4 . C -0 ' Principal uperintendent NOT TO ADVANCE IT TO RECEDE Publlcatlon of the 1951 52 Umon Townshxp School Annual marks one of the last school actxvlty achlevements of the class of 52 Even though you cease to achteve as a class may you begln to make noteworthy strldes as mdlvlduals lt takes very llttle strength to do thmgs but lt requxres great strength to declde what to do Be ever alert to an alyze the Job at hand by keepmg Ln mmd that you can change any sxtuatxon by changmg your mternal attxtude toward lt That whlch man does not alter for the better txme alters for the worse Many thanks to the class of 52 and Mrs Brooks for thelr efforts ln publlshmg thls annual Thelr efforts have exempllfled the warmng of Don t walt for somethmg to turn up Get a spade and dtg for lt D Russel Lee You are an Lndlvxdual God has endowed you wlth some talent and there lS a Job for you to do Your Job LS lmportant what are you golng to do about lt.7 Are you golng to throw the oars of your boat mto the stream and drtft downward and some how feel that someone wxll take care of you or are you golng to put your hands to the oars bend your back and go to work and paddle up Stream? The questlon must be answered by you along You are an Lmportant person ln our Republlc xt depends upon you for strength Be a good cltxzen and Good Luck Compllments of BIDDLE S Mlldred Haggard House of Muslc Radlo Televlslon Refrlgeratlon and Appllances Establlshed 1915 430 Benson St Readlng Ohlo 4 .5 5' I ,. k B gl X .fy b Sf ' 1 n Y . 1 . . - I Q , . Y . . . . . l , . . . I I . ' . . ' ' - 1 . . '-t a . I ff . ' U 1 1 Q 1 X YK, sl, BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mrss Mrldred Haggard Mrs Nora Jones Mr Ralph West Mr LeRoy Wrllrams Mr Paul Struewrng Mr Edward Grrestnger Mr Malcolm Sloneker Mr Gene Abercombre Mrs Add1eHard1ng Mrs West Mrs Frances Greenawalt Mrs JoAnn Allen Mrss Marran Fern Wetssxnger Mrs Helen Struewmg Mrs Ellen Rresenberg Mxss Martha Van Felt Mrss Mrrlam Engle Miss Jane Wxley Compltments of Compltments of CROSSROADS STORE OPEKASIT CENTER Maud, Ohto Farmall Tractors Internattonal Trucks Mtnneapolts Moltne Tractors Equtpment Purma Chows Baby Chtcks 110 N Erte Hwy Hamllton, Ohro Phone 4 6565 Christine Maddox, Mrs. Ona Senour, Mr. Russel Lee. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Stella Brooks, Miss Thelma NAME Denver Allen Jame s Arnold Mary E Baker M1ldred Baume Cl1nton Beaver Anne Benner Homer Carr JoAnn Clemmons Edward Emerlck Loretta Farmer Lols Jean Fee Janet Fetter Sh1rley Froehhck Davld Mansfreld James Marsh Mar1lyn Mxller Donald Reeves Floyd Rosenbalm Donald Self Delores Wh1t3kCT NICKNAME ' D ' m B1ond1e 1ll1e nme ' Farmer" Ol! Crank "Jeann1e "Jan "Sh1r "Reece "Swampy Mauld1e "Don:ne "Shoes IlDanl I "Boots Marlene She erwood "Lena emor Personalities LIKES Females from 15 Women hotrods late hrs Govt 8: to be frlendly danc1ng 81 malts F F A tr1p to Chlcago horses sports 1ce cream almost everyth1ng movles and dogs women and basketball mov1es dogs and govt dates danc1ng, 1ce cream be1ng w1th other people movxes 8: spaghett1 g1rls dr1ve 1n theaters Mr W1ll1ams women, hotrod Fords 8: Bookkeep1ng shorthand class Sz readmg novels L1ncoln conve rt1b le wh1te castle hamburgers shows Sr women women sports baseball 81 sports tomato JUICE 8: steak 6 DISLIKES Macbeth Govt Shakespeare none women broken bones Enghsh 81 Macbeth dog k1llers school govt 81 splnach read1ng Br1t1sh author books be1ng sk1nny 8: not belng prompt Enghsh author books conce1ted people conce1ted people show offs govt r1d1ng school bus 8: d1ll p1ckles my spare t1re modern dances 81 conce1ted people oral book reports 8: speeches nosey people read1ng books AMBITION Ch1ropractor Rad1o announce r Receptlomst to be happy craftsman veter1nar1an to teach g1rls Phys Ed nurse to go to college to be successful to be a teacher nurse draftsman br1cklayer 81 6' tall teacher or secretary th1n man 1n c1rcus a1r force mechanlc go to college 81 be wlth good 1ook1ng g1rls automoblle me chan1c be a good cook I I O ' . A." -50 ' ll , , . - . Il ' H . ' ' ' ' 1 HM' ' ll ' ' "Clint" . . . ' ' IIA ' ll , ' ' , . . . , HJ ' - ' , ' ll ll ' "Red" ' , . ' ' ' air stewardess . . I, . . . . ,, . . . . . . lu . . . . . ,, . . -. . , . Q ll - ' ' . . ,, . ,, . . H . . 1' , . H . H . . . mba f'5 DAVID MANSFIELD Senror Vrce Presrdent Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff Basketball Volleyball Iumor Play JANET FETTER Semor Secretary JAMES ARNOLD Senror Presrdent WV. Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff FFA UB2 Band JCL Student Councrl Iunrot Play Basketball flhvy "'ll'sJ if Annual Asst Edltor Glee Club Chester Chatter staff GAA KKK FTA Iota Tau Junror Play 4 H Complrments of PORT UNION SOHIO SERVICE Port Unron Ohto .Ttm Emerson Prop STATION Complrments of TOMMY S TAVERN Sharonvtlle Ohto ANNE BENNER 56l'110l' Class Treasurer Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff GAA, KKK Glee Club Iota Tau JCL MARILYN MILLER Annual staff Chester Chatter Staff GAA KKK FTA Complrments of AL'S TOGGERY SHOP Sharonvtlle, Ohro LOIS JEAN FEE Student Counc1l"Sen1or Annual Edrtor Chester Chatter Edt tor GAA KKK, Glee Club Trtple Iunror Play FTA DENVER ALLEN Annual staff Chester Chatter Staff Iuntor Class Play CLINTON BEAVER Student Counc1l"Sen1or Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff FFA UB2 Band MARY ELIZABETH BAKER Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff GAA KKK, Glee Club Safety Coun crl UB2 4 H Iumor Play 9 Complrments of CAMP'S STORE Prsgah, Ohro 5 5 'QP ' an Triple Trio: 4-Hg FTAg Junior Play. Triog Iota Taug 4-Hg Band: UB2g A 'Q 1 4 4 x I when W- 9 IAMFS MARSH DONALD REEVES Annual Staff Chester Chatter staff Annual btaff Chester Chatter Staff Saftty COllllL1l Jumor Play DONALD SELF Annual Staff Chester Chatter staff Class Offtcer Basketball Baseball Volleyball MARLENE SHEERWOOD Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff GAA KKK, Class Offxcer Glee Club Trlple Tno Student Counctl Cheer leader Jumor Play :QQ A4 Compltments of HAMILTON AIRPORT Atr Taxt to and From 1 Atrlrne Termtnals k FLOYD ROSENBALM Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff UB2 FFA DOLORES WHITAKER Annual staff GAA JCL Compltments of SHARONVILLE BANK Sharonvtlle Ohto g ' , 3 g H , . 1 ' ' S . I - 5 5 : S 3 I - I 1 - 1 v ' . I I ' Q n W . K .- 21 , W Jw. ff .F X3 1519 ' gn , 1 Q .i ' 1, ,. " W. pi Q. Z L-L -:Q - , X ,psi nw. f, , f Qsliff 5' "T Y Gr W MILDRED BAUMEL HOMER CARR Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Basketball Chester GAA KKK Glee Club Trlple Trlo Chatter Staff FFA IUDIOI Play Student Councll EDWARD EMRICK Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff Baseball Basketball Volleyball Establlshed 1901 LORETTA FARMER Annual Staff Chester Chatter staff GAA KKK Glee Club 4 H IO ANN CLEMMONS Annual btaff GAA KKK Chester SHIRLEY FROEEILICH Annual Staff Chester Chatter GAA KKK Glet. Club Compltments of the J O WYI-E HAMILTON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSIN Bethany Ohro 11 ocerles Shoes Furmture Fteld Fence Fence Parts Hardware 'IB' . , ,n 5 ' 'Dg f gg , G Chatter Staflg C-lee'Club.' 5 S ' .'r- I fri A 3 ' Staff I Q, Q3-0 s , A S f 1' I jk 277' ""5'.." ,G if "' Wood Charles Mason any Presrdent Vxce Pfesldem nm ,Q , wr Vrrgmra Fugate Treasurer -44 Annlce Abney Shrrley Brate ws ,bf fqqv ?""'7 11 tat AA INN etry M1 I let Sect'-3 ar Homer Hardrng Luckey Cyrus James Moreland Student Counc1I Student Counctl N .IG-'Q PM 'HV r X"-:J Glen Baker William BEICS 941 -oo Shirley Camp Eugene Caudrll Complrments of SMITH INSURANCE AGEN Robt R Wh1te Manager Mary Beaver -PQ lv Truman Davls CY Comphments of 12 MASON GAS 81 ELECTRIC SHOP Mason Oh1o Mason Ohro I f I ,. PV.. lb ' ,g it 4: A 0 . Q x 51' en My Q. Ie- ,sw ' A , ' A I I .X ' . 3 n I , . , I y I K , W Q9 wi, , y-in Vi? V8 '39 ' "' f gf' A 7' IL 4 - ' ' 1 . I I -Q 4, rf' rya.. . I I I y, y I YYWL V 'X 1 3 at - xw, V T , V A v . V V ' L I 1,7 -Q, f' 1 ,AI K X f A ' I A -W ' 4 A ews Reporter Bob Denney Dolores Donnelly Beverly Douglass Ruby Eckerle Janice Ferrel Doris Fetter William Grate Joyce Harper Carolyn Hughes Eva Mae Isaacs Robert Long Dolores Marsh Carol Mason Ruth Powelson Morris Redmond Carolyn Rose Shirley Rub Norbert Sickenger Joann Smith Herman Wallace Lois Wardwell Ina Woodrum Compliments of W. H. AUFRANC INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service Mason, Ohio Compliments of MASON FOOD BANK West Main St. Mason 3101 Mason, Ohio 13 35? RO' --5 mv if -it f.,,,x '7 'hm We I '52 Q- '-7 , -J .7 'I l i Xa? Q' 'Zi ...- , -1 fr .9 4' - 'JV' " I av 2,4 1 , 3? ypyp . ffl" A -:wx 2 . . Q p . Q3 'V I -.3 s I W fmlfww 'W' Margxe Farmer Secretary Hubert Patterson Vlce Presldent Maurlce Mlller C65 George Carr Mary Jane Rlchards Safety Counc 11 Presldent 3 38 '19 An- 'fl-nu -19 Mary Lou I-loman Mona James B11lD1ck Student Councll Wm Irv! 'M' .. X3 Compllments of BUSAM MOTOR SALES INC nnatl 16 Ohlo Phones Va 2202 03 Joe E Busam Presldent Cmncl Treasurer Shlrley Chance News Reporter Jo Ann Baumel Donald Carr Anne Carson Armelda Farmer Kathleen Flscher James Hannah Complxments GRPY S FLORIST 900 Erle Boulevard Hamllton Ohxo .A I 2r r A 4 . 4 1, V -'-""' l ' S v K 'la A , ' AJ: img. U l . - . 35. -J 'I 1 A 'S 2 + J q 4 A by 'Q V I W, 2 :fa -aw e do or A sl' A .' J A X - " , ' t A rv . J N Q, l qu J f J ,f Q , X I ..,,,. 1 Q Mary Lou Heintzman Eugene Hines Kenneth Joseph Carl Maddox JoAnne McMakin Dolly Merry Lois Peters Anna Mae Prather Frances Reeves Bobby Saylor Sondra Smart Sarah .To White Wanda Winsted Anna Lee Wynn Compliments of Compliments of BUTCI-I'S G. W. EASTER AND SON Steak House Distributor Chicken-Steaks Standard Oil Products Chops-Sandwiches Phone 3475 Mason, Ohio Phone Pr. 9830 Sharonville Q' 5 svn- ? Vfx Janet Heflm Presrdent Marretta Shecrwood Carol Hamm Vrce Presrdent Treasurer Bgny lxllng Jean Wallace 5 C,-,Ian News Reporter 6 5 .a l ,M CW H1 ent, ,.... -gr ""' ef 42: af. Robert Drck Mary Farr Tommy Marshall Carol Wardwell Safety Councrl Student Councll fiawem Compllments of MASON SUPER SERVICE Mason, Ohmo Comphrnents of WM F DUDLEY 81 SONS 16 Q 'T "' in A' f -1. I . -sz. ' 5 'W -,.... , X , -. I . - . , ,W , C . Q , ' 9 f it J ' taa 4. 4 X ' gf gi W q, ' . -I mf 1' 5,523 J ' I 5 :q-'f.f.f- 'ag 4 5 4 ., , ----M ----- N i V Paul Allen Clara Bolser Betty Jean Cole Judy Ferrell Mary Gallagher Delores Harper Reglna H1nes B1ll Hlnkle Robert Huemng Barbara K1mberhn V1rg1n1a Ladw1g Wayne Llndsay Donald Mansfleld Tommy Mercer Chr1st1ne M11ler Harry Mlller Stanley Needham John Rhoades Clyde Schmldt D1X1e Scudder Ronald S1ck1nger Norma Thomas Dale Uetrecht Frank W1ll1ams Kenneth Wxlhams B1l1y W1lls ey Comphments of DUERMIT BROS GARAGE General Repa1r1ng Sharonv1lle Oh1o Comphments of MONROE NATIONAL BANK Monroe Oh1o f 'X-,N '71 A? .414- 'GQ' .5 -6 .4-was X """P ii" I x 5.4 I' z-Q 17 if-6+ 1 43 49-'J' GRADE Charles Abney Gene Abney Mary Jane Althauser Bill Ballinger Phyllis Ballinger Ray Ballinger Phyllis Bowman Lynne Browning Kenny Caster Wayne Cole Nancy Curtis Roy Denney Gerald Emmert Gordon Farmer Carl Ficke Elbert Fortner Janis Glass Jim Gullett David Henry Homer Hinkle Phyllis Hoelle Fern James Frank Kirk Deborah Kopp Neil Maddox Arthur Marsh Don Mason Clifford McGuire Denzil Oldfield Thelma Roberts John Rogers Charles Rose Ronald Rub Shirley Self Thelma Simpson Shirley Walden Herbert Wallace Floyd Whitaker Margie Willsey James Wyld Compliments of PAINTERS RESTAURANT Sharonville, Ohio Compliments of LEUGERS FURNITURE STORE 413-417 W. Benson St. Reading, Ohio VA 0907 i ,lg , A H '4 K' .9 Fl Q 4 im M 1 .N q' 014' A , AQ A F A 9 'Q' VCV' . ' 1--D 'i 4 T Ni ji J K ..., 1 ,v ' 4 "jg" x Q J 9 ,QL t , ' ' Tift' x , . -A X Y Z: J i ' an AL. 'T-A .......- 11,75 i Qi 4 - C A.. M , K 4 Y -A , V ...Q 3 1-7-, J -- J . -1- 1 .A Q JC" J 2. 1 3 ' -4l"1 4 md 13 G A A , 'S' A A N . i T 33 2242 ini 'hir' on -3 ig any ' r" ' 'J 'X M Q A1 In 31 J-qv 'P '? ,WI Q 3. ., ,, V ua. pi 'Qi -4 2 'Q -, .,, Q N" 'J' fi ' el "' 'Pf Q A T auf .4 il ' 4' vi? ' I' V v-7 1 wi X' 'Z' , in V r , K n.-Ti I I FIX'- . A " A tt-I-Z. A afiww? 5 'ftsir .W 3' is V, J , y 'r - X- F- V .ga . 'Y 'tix--.-3' V .4 pi r ' X'- Q lk.: ,colt Q? GRADE 7 Vivian Baker James Ballinger Jo Ann Ballinger Marlene Ballinger Janet Carpenter Jimmie Carr Jo Ann Depew Paul Drago Dale Farmer Joyce Gaunt Shirley Glass Paul Harper Leroy Hinkle Charles Johnson Jackie Long James Loveday Shirley Lowell Edith Marsh Genevieve Meddings Charles Moore Pauline Needham Roy Price Arnold Rogers Lawrence Rogers Janie Rub Marcia Sheerwood Dianne Smart Cora Sue Stephens Margie Vance Shirley Van Skaik Dick West David Whitaker Compliments of CLIFF HARDWARE 8: PAINT SUPPLY STORE Open Daily: 8 A.M 6 P M Friday : 8 P M Sharonville PR 7415 Compliments of ASHBROCK ELECTRIC SHOP 132 W. Benson St Reading, Ohio VA 2989 GRADE 6 Ray Abrams Paul Ballinger Gall Burgjohann Norman Carpenter Lenvxlle Clark Betty Lou Chaney Shlrley Cole Ora Lee Depew Tommy Dxck Eddxe Erwln Barbara Farr Llnda Fetter Charles Gurlder Larry Gundler Doyle Hampton Donna Harper Clours Hlnes Dale Hughes .Terry James I..a1ry Johnson B onme Lou Kxmberlm Esther Kxmberlm Davld Lawwrll Manuell Lyklns Melame Maddox Melvm Maddox Betty Mercer Pauhne Mercer Donrue Merry Rubm Needham Leroy Neuhaus .Tuanxta Perk xns Ann Powelson Charles Rxggs Ioan Rlnck Ixm Rose Davld Schnldt Dxck Stewart Ralph Stuard Shlrley Vance .T1m Whltaker Rxchard Wylds Complxments of l ELLINGS JE WE LER P adlng Ohlo R 2 gag, Aa' ' 1 N T' 4"'!Y A-v ' ov- n N, 1 41- "-ow ' A! -at if mf 'Z 'J , 1 -N --., A - y-u ' 5 'J' st Q? ' I I J ' Y 49 It YU 7, hw I f Q fight Nfhg, fir 'W L54 'if' .of-G: 'J s...,v fx ff? fhl Sigh Compllments of "Q Readlng Sand 81 Gravel READING TRANSIT MIX Read1ng Oh1o VA 1988 SQ f'? ".'F'llf Seen! 1, Q 5 Q , A -ii' 43 , TTC V I Z- lf, A ',- V' A . U ' S .ah , V rr 4 MA, .L - , .,,, A V U 1 -. M ,, ,cyh,,,. , y 'A Q, - A. ,f M ,L cfm . tif' Vu 'r fr-v K 7 .L . . . -- , Ji . .- va' K' - I - ,,.AyJt K A l D 4 , -E, I Ira 'X lk, if 4 Mii. If A , ga . . A ,A K 1 x tk E .Ti 1: lv' 'L ' . . ,, .yy ,Q C Q I AQ I q u C Granite 81 Jefferson AA i I ,Q zo Qf f" C 'Y A 1 S' '-71 Q A 1 h' "l' L 1 ' I 'm-. 'lf' '3?P.g... A- s ii : 'V YC , "4 vm '11 I yr 1' x 4, ld 2 . Y' 'i or 'V' ' url 'IQ " '.'Tl5, 1 'A' ?h 'Q .,, s .. A-f . , I . A, 1 ...ly .y'-::- fy 7 m -' 42 ' A :J . Q K as 5:5 't, 2 it Vfrf dir 1 'S+ tg KQV -A f fee? 1 TGA 7' s .An , 3 at I 1 , be l , : , I f " .4 . 7' GRADE 5 Ernest Abrams Gary Albertson Ethel Allen Billy Aufranc James Breezley Joyce Cramer Mildred Dingman Mary Douglas Glenn Drago Billie Eckerle Bobby Ell Bobby Ferrell Alice Fisher Anita Gillespie Errol Gundler Betty Lou Hale Donnie Hampton Carol Hanna Celia Houston Gail Humpheries Michael Lewis Priscilla Lynch Ronald Marsh Jerry Maschino Barbara Meeker Carolyn Merry Delores Melampy Philip McKibben Frank Moore Rodney Needham Harry Norris Thelma Oldfield James Prather Charles Price Larry Redmond Donald Rhodes Ronnie Richen Marilyn Sheerwood Jerry Smith Eva Stamper Fritz Stuard Jackie Tate Donald Thomas Larry Thompson Duane Waggoner Wayne Waggoner Gladys Walden Charlene Weaver Delores Whitaker Hank Wicke Bobby Winsted READING FEED MILL Compliments oi SHARON GRILL Sharonville, Ohio Dorothy Royers GRADE 4 Bonnie Alexander Barrid Atthauser Louise Back Bonnie Baker Barrbara Ballinger Gordon Ballinger Anna Marle Brownlng Lola Carr Ida Mae Chance Carllss Chapman Gerald Davls Carol Dletz Cllfford Farmer Mary Gadberry Mark Hall Robert Hampton Charlotte Houston Wlnford Hubbard Malcolm lson Brenda Jones Jerry Jones Stephene Klmberlm Mary Ellen Klme Jlmmy Lxttle Larry Lock Dorcas Lyklns Jesse Moore Nancy Moreland Garry Plummer Loretta Prather Carol Rxchen Bobby Rlnck Berneltta Rogers -Q. UJQQQQ' gr. 1 l "'6' A-l ' 1 . t .. 0 'W Y L ' 3 y -'- Q t, f K .115 fl .LSL f lf, V .A ll A uf .rf wa " W . P. 9' I 1 Lonnle R ose Sherry Sllcy Patrlck Ann Stewart Dennls Taggart James Thomas Johnny Watts R lchard Whitaker James Wllson Comphments of WALKER S FEED at SUPPLY For Poultry Hogs Cattle Coal Ch1CkS Mason Oh1o Mason 2163 Compliments of ELL POULTRY 8: PLANT FARM S Sharonvllle Oh1o Pr 6232 Kamal vd M m ,eo 'W ev i -ow 'TE ,Ag H41 -413 L-4. 4f,m eff? gg! .flf ' l -V ff 3 N73 tl PM . It ff -vw l V K 4 1 'V ' -nf -1' if Y' . 3 ,,,j,,Vj Ar. f V. K 'Q N ' A' I ' T' f T an 1- . , XI 7 6 l g fe f ' 'W -a,. , ah , P ,M , . 4 1. ' f ' . 1 - I V 3 MIK -AV 1: . 5, 14 . Q A, 'tr ' 1: x-5 W 'W , H: , - 'M S J i W , F 5 , . . G tll q 'A W ' A. A J' ff 'G IN '. W e E we 1 Q ,- X .. ,rw A, 1 . C l 43' 1 , lk P y ,,, ,. b ' G L Q R7 . ' L' if Elane Schobert A' N AA t'hnV Q I ' 'L - nf I n f f - nh L? ,em ' v I hr I I ty, I V ' ' rrfl ' - 2 J- f he W- G ,g Z2 ett' - L an 'Ea' Q ra I GRADE 3 Hershel Allen Marlene Allen Gary Lee Aufrane Janice Ballinger Bobby Beaty Virginia Bley Judy Burgjohann Sharon Carver Jerry Caster Mary Kathrine Coffee Donna Cornett Ernest De Bord Charles Dingman James Dingman Bonnie Fee Karen Fuhrman James Fuhrman Harriet Gallaher Vicky Green Norma Harper Billy Hendrix Vivian Hubbard Carlos Hines Sonny Houston Judy Kline James Madden Phyllis Marcum Janet May Toby Moyers David Meddings Sandra Mercer Judy Merry Michael Meyers Donna Marath Kenneth Needham Thelma Neuhaus Donna Payne James Riggs Floyd Roberts Lucellus Scudder Barry Sharp Betty Stewart Karen Stewart Ronald Stewart Gracie Stuard Dorothy Taggart Jerry Vance Linda Waggoner James Wright ,. ....., Compliments of Courtesy of READING FLORISTS M. GOLDBERG Flowers for all Occasions 81 SONS 110 W BensonS Reading Ohio Readumg Ohio Va 6264 GRADE 2 Flora Jean Abney Ronald Abrams Carl Allen Danny Back Russell Baker Sandra Ballrnger Jeanne Baumann Jo Anne Baumann Georgra Chance Donald De Bord Mary Jane Drngman Donald Donahoe Roger Dunlap Mary Alrce Esslrnger Cheryl Farmer Jacqueline Gorman Kathleen Hanna Doyle Harper Howard Hendrtx Hugh Houserrght James Hunt Bobby Jones Thomas Krmberlrn Todd Klme Davrd Kopp Roy Lenox Joyce Lrttle Walter Long Mary Alrce Marlow Gerald Marshall Mary McClanahan Elleen Mercer Steven Meyer Benton M rller Donna Mrller Brenda Needham Ronald Needham Bobby Hubbard Gard Ogdrn Cledrs Perklns Paul Perklns Terry Prng Jerry Roberts Dewey Rogers Janet Self Jrmmy Shell Mrchael Stearns Charles Troy Vance Dallas Vance Nancy Walden James Whrta ker Janet Wrdmeyer Rebecca Wlnsted William Woods Frank Woodsrde III Complrments of .5 'fini' ,af CHARLES BOYER BARBER SHOP Sharonvrlle Ohto Complrments of 'gi ,YJ NWN 4 I. '45 wi 'Ti Q9 al fu Suv 'Q-uv lb Q-.4 'T 4711 , fi H I 1'--.af ,, is 0 in 'ISP W2 A-f -M aaf L's B.. 345. x"" 5' 1 4 'ui' 1' ,,, --I MASON LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Mason, Ohro ' " .. ...S Q15 A if . , ah A 2- , , ,, 5- -r TQ 'gp S '34 ' .f - X J- , Ak- .X Q 01 UA 1. , " I ' Y -ulyv, 1 LL , ,,.,-1-.fra in-S --f A or f . ' QA 5 5 4 A gg. Q 'X is t R-'f-J C7 A " C4 ' I- it 4 111' ""' y or lf'l , J J , ' . gr - K -, 51,55 . I ' ' ax , l . llgv 1 I.. -Q, J . -vi-sa if LJ. 'A' '24 .Iv Q -qi A ' ff ' K' gig .A . i ' 9 ' . ,, W f AVO: ' . .a v- 'J C 'va v F A ef- 3 "'-. A -"' O QW A 5 - Q O 4 V ,V r , W Gavin fag -. ' A., Q1 ,g ' V-:Ha il. ' A , ,, -.agfi f' ' A ' J-,S i' 4 d hx -- r pf J' - .fw 4 1 'df ' O ,,, ' . 1' f - . H K. -1 ,, U ' f. X ,- ,. ' Q A 1' pl 4 I 'F Y ' ' A 79.9 :.l -Q 4 :Af 11-Q M , Nj, K of 1, A W ' e- Q r . -r E .. h N rv ' O 'Ri 1 -.,-'z , ' " ti" O " 12 ., :b S fs-I ,gg f 'P I A - V r ag: h X f 3 D A or f"f'!a fl' Q-9 . . . Ni ff V . '- , x ,A 4 ' B' ' A-" M' O' '5' ,, . .. ..:- v f N - V - 'L Vs' ,'-, f yy -A .. - . ' K' A 3-. Y M' .A J j J ' f 1 .,44 ,z A . . R 2' .- lg my Hills I . 6 5' . ' 3-A. ' af an f "..- H.: ' - '-:a A " .,- '1 ,If-, f,-' ., J Q x N 'D' t ' ir' fr- 'L 1.4 'WN S A 546' iff Xi R , .J WV I H " J z vf LJA xv W ID QV I L. 7 1 J 'VLA IN 4157" IJ!! .am-.Q f if Fw. sf' as -. A nano Qin: lv' suefir o Q, in X 4 'Vt V34 " gaikiu ,al . 'i --., -.Y 1 x ""- '- , 1 0'0- il my GRADE Paul Abrams James Baker Barbara Bowlrng Patncta Brate Judy Breezley Gary Bullock Paul Carpenter Jane Ann Dawson B1lly Dlngman Glorxa Jean Donafoe Dlana Duckwall John Ell Lynn Esslxnger Barbara Ferrell Gary Fleld Patsy Frggms John Gadberry Larry Grllesple Carol1ne Gregory Lucy Gregory Bobby Hale Davxd Hannah Bllly Htlshorst Dons Jean Humphrxes Tanya Ison Freddre Krmberhn B111 Kl1ne Bobby Kl1ne Kenneth Lykxns Mlchael Marsh Carol Ann Martrn Davrd Maschmo Jud1th Mc Klbben Judith MCM3k1H Dtana Mehaffre Terry Meyer Grover Morath Ronnre Oldfxeld Geraldme Osborn Danny Overby Yvonne Patterson Roger Proctor George Rerd Robert Rhodes Wayne Schobert Karen Sharp Bllly Sxeg Yvunne Stevens Bobby Stuard Lester Trapp Jack Uetrecht Betty Walden Coulman Westcott Ronnel Whrtaker Constance Woodrey Donna Wrrght Patncla Wylds Compllments I of 25 BUD'S BARBER SHOP Mason, Ohto 5 A ig V Bl I: .gi ef- V , are as ,lay gm 14-1 -, f--l W h I. 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SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruby Eckerle, Dolores Donnelly, Lois Wardwell, Joan Smith, Mary Beaver, Annice Abney, Dolores Marsh, Carolyn Hughes, Betty Miller, Shirley Rub, Ina Woodrum, Mrs. Greenwalt. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Sheerwood, Anne Benner, Dolores Whitaker, Loretta Farmer, Jo Ann Clemons Virginia Fugate, Shirley Camp, Shirley Brate, Carolyn Rose, Ruth Powelson, and Carol Mason. G. A. A. FRE HMAN AND SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Armelda Farmer, Ann Carson, Wanda Winsted, Mona James, Lois Peters, Jo Ann Baumel, Margie Farmer, Jo Ann McMakan, Kathleen Fisher, Mary Lou Heintzman, Anna Mae Prather, and Sondra Smart. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delores Harper, Norma Thomas, Dixie Scudder, Janet Heflin, Christine Miller, Regina Hines, Virginia Ladwig, Mary Gallaher, Clara Bolser, Barbara Kimberlin, Jeannette Brandenburg, and Judy Ferrell. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Cole, Carol Wardwell, Carol Hamm, Mary L. Fair. Marietta Sheerwood, Betty Kline. Jean Wallace, Shirley Chance, Mary Lou Homan, Mary Jane Richards, Sarah Jo White, Anna Lee Wynn, Frances Reeves, Dolly Merry, Mrs. Greenwalt. Compliments of C0mP1imCf1fS Of I-IYDES DAIRY BAR GUIDO TERZO, Photographer Hamilton, Ohio 29 Hamilton. Ohio 1115? fggru gb! 945!5"""' MP FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Charhe Mason Bobby Long and Jrm Arnold SECOND ROW Jrm Moreland Truman Davts and Homer Hardrng GIRL CHUR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mary Gallaher Margre Farmer Mary Lou Homan Chrrstrne Mrller Janet Fetter Regena Hrnes Jo Ann McMak1n Vtrgrnra Fugate Prather Betty Jean Cole SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mrss Wrley Vrrglma Ladwrg Carole Hamm Mary Farr Carol Wardwell, Shrrley Camp Carolyn Rose Ann Carson, Dolores Marsh Mrller Joyce Harper Janrce Ferrell Mona James Anna Lee Wynn Judy Ferrell THIRD ROW Jeannette Brandenburg Marlene Sherwood Anne Benner Mrldred Baumel Jeanme Fee Mary Elrzabeth Baker Jo Ann Baumel Janet Heflrn Marretta Sherwood Jean Wallace Barbara K1mberlrn Betty Jane Khne Mary Jane Rrchards Shuley Chance Dolores Harper Norma Thomas Ruth Powelson Anna Mae Carolyn Hughes, Berne CQrnP11rr1ent5 of COl'I1pI1II1EI'lICS of BOB'S SERVICE STATION MYRON AUFRANC Gas O11 Trres and Acc 30 Maud Ohro nl I 5 1 Y . . I y I fl . pu S X I 1,1 S . -33 f Miss Wiley. ' ' I FF ' F. T. A. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Rose, Shirley Camp, Janet Ferrer, Marilyn Miller, Beverly Douglas Mona James, Virginia Fugare. SECOND ROW: Miss Haggard, Shirley Brate, Ruth Powelson, Jeannie Fee, Will Grate, Ina Woodrum, Anne Benner, Anna Lee Wynn, Miss West. 'J BA 0 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Van Skaik, David Schmidt, Gail Humphries, Margie Wilsey, Mary Jane Althauser. SECOND ROW: Neil Maddox. David Henry, Gerald Emmert, Janice Ferrell, Joyce Harper, Eva Mae Isaacs, Anna Mae Prather, Carl Maddox, Miss Wiley. Compliments of CLARKS SPORTING GOODS Hamilton, Ohio 31 CIE CE CL B LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Paul Allen, Donald Mansfield, Jim Hanna, Dale Uetrecht, Donald Saylor, Norbert Sickinger, SECOND ROW: Armalda Farmer, Ina Woodrum, Io-ann McMakin, Vir- ginia Fugate, Ruth Powelson, Anne Benner, Loretta Farmer, Mary Jane Richards. THIRD ROW: Mr, Williams, Betty Miller, Bill Hinkel, Will Grate, Wayne Lindsey, John Rhodes, Harry Miller, Bill Dick, Dolores Marsh, Shirley Rub. F. F. A. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: George Carr, John Rhodes. Carl Maddox, Bob Heuning, Jerry Woods, Wayne Lindsey, Bill Beles. SECOND ROW: Harry Miller, Eugene Hines, Bob Dick, Maurice Miller, Tommy Marshall, Dale Uetrecht, Hubert Patterson, Homer Harding. THIRD ROW: Mr. Struewing, Charles Mason, Clinton Beaver,Glenn Baker, Truman Davis, Jim Moreland, Jim Arnold, Homer Carr, Bill Willsey. Compliments of Compliments of WARREN CO. FARM BUREAU PURTEE SHELL SERVICE STATION COOP. ASSN. Batteries-Tires-Accessories-Tire Repair Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Fence, Wilson F. Purtee Pr. 9863 Farm Supplies, Petroleum Products At Traffic Light Sharonville, Ohio Farmer owned Farmer Controlled We buy Corn-Wheat-Soybeans 32 Ph. Mason 2331 Lebanon 355 l0TA TA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Ina Woodrum Shirley Brate Beverly Douglas Shirley Camp Jeannie Fee Marilyn Miller Doris Fetter Janet Fetter SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Ruth Powelson Virginia Fugate Anna May Prather Donald Carr Will Grate Truman Davis Hubert Patterson Anna Lee Wynn Mona James Anne Benner Mr West Sponsor fHubert Patterson did not finish his pledgej STUDENT CUUNCIL FIRST TOW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Baumel, Jeannie Fee, Anna Mae Prather, Mona James, Carol Wardwell, Debbie Kopp. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommy Marshall, Clinton Beaver, James Arnold, Doris Fetter, Luckey Cyrus, Homer Harding, Neil Maddox, Mr. Lee, Sponsor. Compliments of Compliments of SOHIO INN AND MOTEL 33 RED LANTERN TAVEZRN Route Z5 West Chester, Ohio F. H . C . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Gallaher, Virginia Ladwig, Sondra Smart, Lois Peters, Mary Homan, Sarah Jo White, Katheleen Fisher, Mary I-leintzman. SECOND ROW: Betty Cole, Dixie Scudder, Dolores Harper, Norma Thomas, Clara Bolser, Reginia Hines, Christine Miller, Ann Carson, Anna Mae Prather. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Greenwalt, Sponsor, Frances Reeves, Margie Farmer, Carole Hamm, Mary Fair, Carol Wardwell, Jean Wallace, Betty Kline, Mona James, Shirley Chance, Joann Baumel, Mary Jane Richards, Anna Lee Wynn, Dolly Merry. Sn. THE owes Ponca THE SLONEKER IMPLEMENT CO. INC. 6th and Rigdon Sts. Hamilton, Ohio J. I. Case Farm Machinery and Tractors Flint and Walling Water Systems Phone 2-1882 -P' , 0115 is H W' A f :Wi -T I Complunents of Cornphments of ERNIE BROOKS SPAETH BROTHERS CLEANERS The Jeweler Mason Ohlo Phone 2682 Sharonvmlle Oh1o If we please tell your frlends If we dont tell us " I .4 F A 'N' Wu I 1, "O ' f fl!! ! I 'P 7. -X A CHEERLEADERS Sh1r1ey Chance re se rve 1 Mona James vars1ty Ann Carson reserve Yea Team' ' Mary Lou H Janet Heflm varsity Sondra Smart reserve varslty f Compllments of Cornphments o WEHRS TAVERN COUNTY LINE TAVERN Gano, O h1O 36 Crescentvllle, Oh1o XL 01713.11 1 A Y X . ,J vg if L. - 6 ,ffl V ,g 5 E , ' 'X . if I E ' X 'X i K f 3 ' 1 , 'f f 3 J r . ,f . , M,,l:4w 44 ' ll I 5 , . -, qv ,...--f ..44' X A xr wh" f FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Griessinger, John Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Glenn Baker, Billy Willsey, Bill Hinkle, Frank Williams, Wayne Lindsey, Hubert Patterson, Harry Miller, Bob Dick, Tommy Marshall, Jim Hanna, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Griessinger, Francis Thompson. SECOND ROW: Don Self, Bill Beles, Charlie Mason, Luckey Cyrus, WillGrate, Bob Long, Jerry Wood, Jim Moreland, Eugene Caudill, Truman Davis, Dave Mansfield, Ed Emrick. Compliments of Compliments of RALPH II-ILE SI-IARONVILLE BANK General Store 37 Sharonville, Ohio West Chester, Ohio Don Self, Forward Ed Emrick, Center b Jerry Wood, Forward f Glenn Baker, Center Truman Davis, Center Charles Mason, Guard Luckey Cyrus, Guard Hubert Patterson, Guard Will Grate, Guard Eugene Caudill, Forward f,' . 'di 'T Compliments of VORDENBERG CHEVROLET CO New and Used Cars and Trucks Madison Rd. at Brotherton Oakley, Cincinnati, Ohio Tel. --Melrose 5600-5601 Salesman: Eugene Cramer-Bethany 2428 Dave Mansfield, Forwardi-, . g A,- I vii .ii fd Compliments of MILLER BROTHERS Rt. 25 and 42 Reading Rd Sharonville, Ohio 'ire BABY BOOK auf! Jbuil- L 7 -L.. 'gf' fr' S4 Compllrnents of REEVES DELICATESSAN West Chester Oh1o 39 ffgs LAT WILL A D TE 'FAME T We the Semor Class of 1951 of Umon Townshlp School West Chester Oh1obe1ng students of sound mlnd and memory do hereby make publ1sh and procla1m th1s to be our last w1l1 and testament 1n the manner and form as follows To the faculty we g1ve our thanks for therr generos1ty and pat1ence 1n helplng us pull through these four 1mportant years 1n our 11ves To the school board, we return the books we have used We want them to know we apprec1ated them very much To our parents we gwe the peace of mlnd of know1ng that they have helped us to ach1eve our goal To the .Tumors we bequeath the deslred t1tle of "Sen1o1' We do hope they treat 1l',W1tl'1 proper respect and ardent love for 1t can be kept for only one year To the Sophomores we leave our ab1l1ty to make money so they can sponsor as n1ce a prom as the .l'un1ors of '52 d1d for us To the Freshmen we convey our experlence dur1ng our four years at Chester We now come to the 1nd1v1dual bestowals whxch are glven to people who are entlrely worthy of them I DENVER ALLEN hereby w1l1 my sllmness to Anna Lee Wynn and my good features to any bum that needs them I JAMES ARNOLD hereby w111 my loudness to Beverly Douglas and my ab1l1ty to graduate to Luckey Cyrus I MARY ELIZABETH BAKER hereby wlllmy math book to Mr W1l 11ams and my Vocatlonal Gu1dance to .To Ann Baumel I MILDRED BAUMEL hereby w1l1 my ab1l1ty to keep mn contact w1th fellows 1n the A1r Force to Anmce Abney and a "John Power s Modellng Course to Glenn Baker I CLINTON BEAVER hereby w11l the seat back to the school board and my bashfulness to .hmmy Moreland Also to V1rg1n1a Fugate lleave my t1me l ANNE BENNER hereby wxll my knowledge of baseball to Ann1ce Ad ney and my horse Trxgger to .hm Arnold I HOMER CARR hereby w1ll my Pontlac to .hm Moreland so he won t have to be bothered wxth Fords I JO ANN CI..EMMONSherebyw11l my government book to anyone who wants It and my ab1l1ty of r1d1ng a motorcycle to Janet Carpenter You Needn't Be R1ch To Retlre on A Guaranteed L1fe Income Your Salary W1ll Stop Someday BANKERS LIFE COMPANY Elmer A W1ll1ams Spec1al Agent Bethany 2537 Telephones Ma1n 1901 02. 1513 Carew Tower C1nc1nnat1 Oh1o , fn-Q4 f-. IH! nl 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . . . . . 'I , 1 1 . I 1 Y . 1 ' " 1 . . . I . I I . 1 1 . . , - 1 1 ' . . . I 1 . -1 . 1 1 I EDWARD EMERICK hereby w1ll my tallness to Don Carr and my ab1l1ty to play basketball to J1m Hanna I LORETTA FARMER hereby w1ll my good grades to JoannSm1th and my study halls to any underclassman who m1ght need them I LOIS JEAN FEE hereby w1ll my n1nety sevenpounds and my twenty one 1nch wamstlme to Mary Jane R1chards and my chewmg gum to Mrs Greenwalt I JANET FETTER herebyw1llmy ab1l1tyto get along wlththe teachers to all those who thlnk school1s a prlson and the teachers the wardens I SHIRLEY FROEHLICHhereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to understand Mr W1l 11am s teachlng of Math to any Jumor that w1ll have to take 1t and my chewxng gum 1n Health class to Mrs Greenwalt I DAVID MANSFIELD hereby w1ll to MISS Engle and Luckey Cyrus my b1 stomach and to Morr1s Redmond my ab1l1ty to stay out t1ll 4 OO A M and go to school at 8 O0 A M I JAMES MARSH hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to move fast to Frank W1ll1ams and my shortness to Truman Dav1s I DONALD REEVES hereby w1ll my g1rl1sh f1gure to Sh1rley Rub and m ab1l1ty to be bull headed and stubborn to Mr W1l11ams I MARILYN MILLER hereby w1ll myquletness to Delores Marsh and my government book to my brother Harry I FLOYD ROSENBALM hereby w1ll my government workbook to any Junlor glrl that wants It and my curly halr to Joann Sm1th I DON SELF hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to p1tch baseball to J1m Hanna and my ab1l1ty to play basketball to Kenneth Joseph I MARLENE SHEERWOOD hereby w1ll Webster's vocabulary to Dee Marsh I DELORES WHITAKER hereby w1ll my ab111tyto get to school on t1me to those teachers and pup1ls who are always late IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereto subscr1bed our name and af f1XCd our seal th1s 23rd day of May 1n the Year of our Lord One Thousand N1ne Hundred and F1fty two Seal Presldent WWO Cornphments of BUTLER FARM BUREAU South C Street Hamllton Ohlo 41 r . 1 . , - - 1 9 ' ' . ' . . . . . . . 1 . . . 1 . 1 y - . . v . 1 . 1 1 . 1 I - J 1 ' 0 D 1 T3 I W Pnovnm Q15 The year IS 1982 A woman walks slowly along the street Her hand grasps the head of a cane as It makes tts tap tapp1ng sound when strlkmg the pavement Her ha1r once so dark IS now srlvery T1me has shown 1ts marks pla1nly except for her sm11e that has not changed As she cont1nues on her way she sees a dlstant hgure approachlng As the f1gure draws nearer the old woman recogmzes It Why Stella Brooks' She says M1r1am Engle' My 1ts been a long t1me "' The two women stood re m1n1sc1ng for qu1te a wh1le Flnally Mrs Brooks sald I wonder what became of the students 1n the class of '52 Well sa1d M1ss Engle "l ve heard from a few of them and som I st1ll know personally Let's just name as many as we know of Take DEN VER ALLEN for xnstance I st1ll take I..1ttle Ford' to h1m He s a Car o practor you know Not really' Say d1d you know that JIM ARNOLD he s bald now IS a wonderfulAtom1c P111 salesman? And Just to thxnk he started out w1th pots and pans I understand he d1d away w1th gasollne It s Just as well " sa1d M1ss Engl 'I was always runmng out of that stuff' MARY BAKER well 1t's not Baker anymore you see she marr1ed her boss when she was a secretary and from all I ve heard has had a very happy l1fe and 1S now a grandmother " "Yes slghed Mrs Brooks Most of them marr1 d such a p1ty Tha rem1nds me MILLIE BAUMEI.. d1d well for herself She marrled a local boy and offthey went to Texas boughta huge cattle ranch and l'll have you know they STRUCK OIL' ' My goodness you don't say so"' saxd M1ss Engle I hear that ANNE BENNER has llved up to her dream w1th a few rrunor changes She owns qu1te a strlng of race horses and qurte a number of 'llttle ones seven I thlnk countlng the last " "CLINTON BEAVER madeaplace for hlmself all rxght After attendxng cooklng school for a number of years he fmally passed all the qual1f1cat1ons to be head cook at Chester Hlgh School HOMER CARR IS also back at West Chester He teaches G1rls' Phys1calEducat1on and Health Ihear he has some very xnterestlng d1scuss1ons " JO ANN CLEMMONS has traveled throughout Europe ma1nly Fran teachlng women all over the cont1nent how to be beautlful She certalnly IS a famous beaut1c1an 'Yes I guess she really told those French womenhow to f1x themselv up By the way remember how httle EDDIE EMERICK had those del1cate f1ngers'? Well he grew up 1nto the most sk1lled watchmaker' He ran the Gruen Watch Company out of busxness He replaced lt w1th the Crank Watch Company later though ' 'Say Stella the last t1me I went to the Stork Club 1n New York Imet LORETTA LAMARR fused to be FARMER but she changed lt, servxng as hostess "No klddlng' l'll bet you wouldn't know JEANNIE FEE 1f you saw her She has put on a httle we1ght she wexghs about 295 double ch1n and all She manages an orphanage for homeless 11tt1e wa1fs D1d you know the poor glrl was left a w1dow'?" 42 74 N x , I' Q,Q'UK67 E7 Y .-' C 4 , h . , . S . . , . . . . ' ' ll ll , . . . ,, . . . . . , . - .. . . . . . H . . , ' ll H ,ll ' ' , I e . . , . . , - - ll , . rv ' , ' c 1 D' i . . . H ,, , . I . . eu, - . i U- , . f , . I ," ' . . " 'e -- ' . t . 3 . . . i I I ll ' ' ll , . . . . Q . . ,H , , . , . H n- ' Ce, ' ' ll ' , ' es ' i . , . I , . , . . i I . . ll . . 3 . , . . No' but I do know that JANET FETTER had qu1te a career Iunder stand she was a dancer at the Lat1n Quarter Of course she s ret1red now She was really QUITE famous SHIRLEY FROEHLICH has a w1dely known name too She des1gns all those wonderfulfoundatlons for men women and etc You ve probably heard her slogan Bone those bumps wlth No Bulge G1rdles ' Of course Oh M1r1am " sa1d Mrs Brooks 1na low confldentlal tone wasn t lt a shame about DAVE MANSFIELDV They fxnally caught up wlth h1m or d1dn't you know about 1t9 Yes wh1spered M1ss Engle "Poor fellow Do you know when he ll get out? ' Not exactly I th1nk1t was for 30 years Let's see who else oh yes .IIM MARSH 1S really the unusual one 1n that class He was ln pol1t1cs for a wh1le made a p1le of money and went to Egypt Ihear he has one of the world s most beautlfulharems and 1t's a large one too " As soon as Mlss Engle regalned her composure she was qu1te shocked Mrs Brooks con t1nued You can see MARILYN MILLER pract1cally every t1me you turn on telev1s1on She s a 'torch s1nger ' You know the klnd that makes the men look as 1f they re about to have heart attacks And that's someth1ng for a 47 year old woman but then she always d1d have charm Speaklng of char DONALD REEVES was a m1ghty powerful wres ler wasnt he? Cruncher Reeves he was known as Of course now that s too old for that busmess he sells greetrng cards Does rrght well too Oh M1r1am' ' Mrs Brooks remembered excrtedly I went to a movle the other n1ght and guess who was the star' FLOYD ROSENBALM' The name of lt was 'The K1nsel K1d' and he just thr1lled my old heart to p1eces' Not nearly so thr1lled as I was when lwent to summer school last year at Vassar sa1d M1ss Engle smuggly DON SELF 15 coach there and you should just see h1mmak1ng those glrls go through thelr exerc1ses one two three k1Ck one two three KICK" ' MARLENE SHEERWOOD owns that w1dely known TransportTruck1ng Company She employs only women truck drlvers and has really shown the men of the world how powerful the llttle woman' IS Her name 15 belng llnked w1th Susan B Anthony s Wonderful' exclalmed Mlss Engle DOLORES WHITAKER walked mto a man s world too She was respons1ble for most of the 1nvent1on of the new Jetmob1le for land sea and a1r and when anyth1ng goes wrong wxth them she repa1rs It herself Remember how she wanted to be an auto mob1le mechan1c'P Well she just added a l1ttle to xt Ah yes THAT was the class and those were really the good old days Mrs Brooks smlled w1th molst eyes Mlss Engle nodded her head 1n agreement And Just to th1nk hardly a one of them could tell an adjectwe from an adverb' ' 43 II ' . , . . , . D ' I , . ' I II H . . . . . . ' ! ' I D Il I ' ' ' ' . ' ' II , . II II ' ' I , . . I II ' ' -- -- . . , . , . , . -Q . . , . 1 I I ' ' . . , , . , -- . . , . - . ' II - , , " m-- t- I I I , . . I ' ' ' II he , . , . II ' ' I ' Il ' . . . . . . ,, Il ' II ' ' II ' l ' I ' II I Y ! I D 9 l ' ' ' YI ' ' I . . . . ' ' I II . . II II ' ' II . , . . . , . U l I I ' ' . . . . . H . , . II Il I l . . H . . . . II "G1amour! ! ? ?" '9' Anna Lee W nn A M P th Don't work too hard' Junior Classlcal League Q' K y nna ae ra er ar1e a eerwoo PTCS1dCht Student Counc11 Ml' West Secretary G fi A Ruth Powe 1s on Sponsor Treasurer ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Courtesy of H A SURFACE General Hauhng Gano Ohlo Cornphments of Lols Wal-dwell READING GARAGE INC Sales Ford Servxce 1300 Read1ng Rd Va 1306 Readxng Oh1o Herb Gardner and A Tuchfarber Anne B e nne r Energetic 3 M tt Sh d Arme1daFarmer V1ce Presldent Safety Counc11 LP 'T V1 rg1n1a Fugate J k 'Y-v gl f f 0 o .Q 4' S ' L V , , ,L , I ' I Y ,, X ' ny ' 1 rw -vi 1 A ,ui . ' L I ,l H 1-5 I 5 In if, V! , " f L .Q W 4' . al A Iii TT, at ' 'if Y f. ' ' F5 fi ' , ' P E :A -5 f" , ag ,V , . 'TP- ,' A 4335? 0' . 3' -V F ' it ' . - Qgg frzg -gf. . V f V 3 L K ye , . S . A ,J ' A f Q ,-,,,. 1. . A ' ' V ,A O' , ' -at - ' 1 Q - . '? . . QQ, 1' Gs-. 3 gpg Cya, -3' -.., l ,- ' :V , girl" ' F '- , ' "Hg , x- . 137 ' , f l f :-- A, Q-E1 .A 'fmt-.,..-af . N ,gi Aw y ivf., r fi 1- . . if :Q A '5, 'L I' 6.3 . . I . x11 HOOKS l L17 3 S shi' A KANSA X I' R TOPEK f N' C nf YHISANDCO 'N M V I L , 414' gg .- xx Q" 0000 ' ILA' 0000 , slqi'-' ,, 00 V - Vg, ' 1 -9000 1 gif' P to 0 an ' . 09 .' O 1 ,,. 000000 . J. 00000000 .. 000000 . .fill ., 0000 . 000' QI , b L . ,X L Q T ix . .Q .:...lTQ if . ,Q QR in .X b I ,fi -' . . , 1, 9 ' 'Www ,Q ,gin -ml I' -it - v ' "1 K 'fi ." we '15, .T J' r . ,Q X -gay A F 31X Q, 1. x x N' 'LD'-'3't""1' --:F - V.. ii A A ggxk K ,V g,1L!LhAd ' 1. S 2' 4 "'6'5V-sm -5i':uQ.,k , "lin ,ex-. - tq1'..3,,,e " .gwxmv ' 1' ia . , 5-.,,1fF ' A 'YLST , ' - - :eh ,M K N q in ,x . N Yfgafivw N X - 1 1 ' Ar, A - i .,, ' fri - ., J.X.,4i,lJ?5','.-Fi Yxx H- "3f"i1epf X fi qynmsvx ' - f-'iw-x :qw , Vqiigf FL , , U i 'Wi-iffl L., Q-K - F

Suggestions in the Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) collection:

Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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