Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH)

 - Class of 1951

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Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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94'V"L1 . staff S-XE zx ii .V ,X 1 R '7 1 'SL P QQ 2 in n iz? H 'M 2 ' V ' "W .,,., was 4, Q15 1" 4' ,ff Q 335, ' U ,393 m 4 ,."'y,p X-ig' kpqff 'S l55 Editor GENE CARR Assistant Editor Vlncent Utrecht Makeup Patty Wagernan Pattie Wardwell Alberta Rinck Sports Jim Oshust Floyd Richards Bob Dudley Typists Senior Girls Proof Readers Betty Hendrix Joan Davis Vivlan Stewart Jeanette Fair Jean Fair Faculty Advisers F Mar1on Duckwall Stella Lovitt UNION TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL West Chester Oh1o 1951 Advertising ........ Charlie Woods, Senior Boys DEDICATIU We the Sen1or Class of 1951 of Un1onTownsh1pSchoo1 w1sh toded 1cate thls annual to Mr F Marlon Duckwall for h1s fr1endl1ness court esy pron'1ot1on of sports and other student act1v1t1es wh11e serv1ng as a teacher and Super1ntendent of our school SUCCESS The rung of aladder was never meant to rest upon but only t hold a man s foot long enough to enable hxrn to put the other some what h1gher Thomas Huxley It IS 1ndeed an honor to have the Sen1or Class of 1951 dedxcate thxs Annual to me One of the pr1ce1ess Joys of bemg a teacher 15 to see puplls ach1eve success and recogmze that h1s or her teacher had some small part 1n that success Th1s Sen1or Class has an abundance of talent amb1t1on and w1ll to do r1ght I would l1ke to leave th1s thought w1th them as expressed by Phoebe Cary Th1s applxes also to g1r1s OUR HEROES Here s a hand to the boy who has courage To do what he knows to be r1ght, When he falls 1n the way of ternptatxon, He has a hard battle to flght Who str1ves aga1nst self and h1s comrades W11l f1nd a most powerful foe, A11 honor to h1m lf he conquers A cheer for the boy who says, "No"' There s many a battle fought da11y The world knows noth1ng about, There's many a brave lxttle soldxer Whose strength puts a legxon to rout And he who f1ghtS s1n s1ng1ehanded Is more of a hero, I say Than he who leads so1d1ers to battle And conquers by arms m the fray. v W 1, , - 'jf ' 4 1 , K -"L -t , - a ll , O I . ' ll I I I ' L0 GEST-SERVICE MRS. FRIEDA FARMER As you graduate from high school and take your place in society, you have the same natural urge that we all have. The urge to do something big But it is the little things that when added up throughout a life make that life significant and worthwhile Whatever happens do not lose hold on the two main ropes of life hope and faith I have been a teacher in Union Township School for tw nty one years but the class of 1951 was my first fourth grade To them I give my very best wishes for a happy and suc cessful life 3 MISS MILDRLD HAGGARD W Life 15 what you make 1 " My twelve years of association in your school have been years of interest and Great concern for your welfare Pledge to develop a deeper appreciation of yourself your school your country and your Creator Believe 1n yourself have con fidence to pursue successfully your vocation and to attain your goal 1n life Your school provides the opportunity to acquire the skills of your vocation th know ledge to earn your living and the culture to teach you howto live Your count y has made available to manthe world s greatest bulwark of freedom Pledge yourself to keep it Believe in a Supreme Being Life s gifts and privileges are ultimately derived from God Without faith you will perish -fl' W 'VA Jar. .rx '11 -il' N54 ,aiu .-X Q,-an my al. fix 'Q MIRIAM ENGLE ROBERT MCCORMICK College Herdelberg College College Ohlo Slate Degree B A Degree B S lI'lAgl'1CU1ll1l'6 DOROTHY PENNOCK College Cznclnnatl College ufMus1C D ree B M U S WILLIAM CRUMP College Nllallll Umversrry Degree B S STELLA LOVITT College Mramr Uruversrry Degree B S HAROLD HILL College Mlamr Umversuy Degree B S DOROTHY SIMISON College M1am1 Umversxty Degree B S RALPH WEST College Wrllmrngton Mramr and Ohro State Degree B S U ,phi PAA' Swx xg YK pil dexbexgox :sg e 6 06 wxavige O65 Cgfnplxmentg Of COITIPIIITISDIS of MR. GOLDBERG 8L SONS WELLINCV5 IEWELER5 Readmg, Ohro Lockland, Ohro MARTHA VAN PELT Frrst Grade College Adnan Degree B A NORA JONES Flrsl and Second Grade Combmatron College Eastern Kentucky Stare Teachers College MARIAIN WEISSINGER Second Grade College Mraml Unrverslty an Cedarville College CHRISTINE MADDOX Thlrd Grade College Mlaml Umversuy Degree T C THELMA WEST Thlrd and Fourth Comblnauon College Unlverslty ofC1nc1nnat1 Degree B S LENORA GREGA Flflh Grade College Mlaml Umversxty X CO RED G D GA 8r :nance I ee fe A 1-3177 E '1"'?i:FA ER C0 rid gf? M lam 1 Um versity 1-in 'di ,easily 1-45 lt? Q11- 'lynn- EVERETT BEGGS Slxth Grade College M1am1 Umversrty Degree B S Compllmenls of Compllme TOMMIE S TAVERN Sharonvllle, Ohlo 5 It lf' -1 -for fbi' ONA SENOUR Seventh Grade College Ohro Umversrues DLS OI MORlNE'S COLONIAL FABRIC SHOP Maud, Ohxo .onqqf ..,,, and Mxamr : E: Q ' I I P . ' f A Y , . 1. . , T C, , g, A P - age Q, V V 1 : . . . - , C ii t g yi r . . . 4 X- V I ' X f ' '-,. . A ' ,xr : . ., I Q I Vs W K - , , e J gh b. xt Q A ,- ' MILD ,. " f A X Hegel ,M ,. g . rjndohfa ' RD E S , lx . F f f 8. ' I, R1 T, 1 , S' Fo RM 1 f ' I A ., " 116. l e ja 'J N I 0 J NX P5 XRS' 6 524 Be Ro T FF ANNUAL X ORK 'P Bo YS Cornphments of EARL I-IENDRIX'S TAVERN Cresccntvllle Ohlo Comp11ments of BUD S BARBER SHOP Mason Oh1o -uf PHYS E ,Q OUR 9. 17 , ,H Z 5 Q f' ' ' A sv es , ' ' ,N V html-fV.Ql,l.A . ' D 6 Compllments of MASON SUPER SERVICE Mason Oh1o Comphments of WM F DUDLEY Sf SONS Mason Ohmo IIN1 OSIIUST P estdent J L, L Basketball and Base ball Manager Chester Chatter Staff Cho rus Junlor Class Play Student Councll Band Annual Staff IILGII JAMES Xrce Presrdent Basketball Baseball Vol Q all F A Stu ent Councrl Chorus JOAN DAVIS ecretary G A A K T J C L lota Tau Chorus Junlor Class Play Student Councll Volleyball Class Offrcer other years JIM SELF Treasurer Iota Tau Basketball Baseball V lleyball F T A Chester Charter sraff Iunlor Class Play Class Offrcer other ears BOB DUDLEY Student Councll Basketball Baseball Vol leyball Chorus Chester Chatter Staff Junror Class Play Annual Staff FLOYD RICHARDS Student Counctl, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Chester Chatter Staff, Annual sraff, Chorus Compllments of COITIPIIYIICUTS Of SMITH INSURANCE, FRENCH B. SOHIO INN Mason, Ohxo M81-ld. 0l110 8 A ,' f ,, . , gf V - I 1 I 1 1 ' ' lyb , . F. A., F. T. ., d .im ' 4 .Q AA, Q, ' l S , . . ., .K.K.,F. .A., O V 9' . .1 I' r 1 y . 'Es ' I I I J ' . EUGENE CARR F F A Chorus Scrence Club Basketball Manager Annual Staff GENE CARR F F A Iota Tau Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Basketball Manager JAMES DCBORD Chorus Basketball Manager Annual Staff Reporter of F F A G A A K K K Chester Chatter Staff Chorus Trlple Trro Annual Staff STANLEY DUDLEY B Annual Staff Treasurer of F BONNIE ECKERLE G A A K K K Chester Chatter Staff ota Tau VICE Presxdent or JC L Cho rus Class Offrcer GUIDO TERZO F1ne Portra1ts Hamrlton, Ohxo 9 I . VERNA DRIEVER F l 4'H1 U- -21 1 . F.A. David Webb 81 Sons JEAN FAIR G. A. A. , Safety Council, Glee Club, Club Officer, Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff. JEANETTE FAIR Chester Chatter Staff, Chorus, Class Offi- cer, Reporter, G, A. A, , 4-H, MAMIE FIELDS G.A.A., Chorus, Chester Chatter Staff, Class Officer, Dramatics, 4-H, K.K.K. Annual Staff, Junior Play, GERALDINE FISCHER G.A.A. , Chorus, Chester Chatter Staff, K, K, K, , 4-H, Annual Staff. BERYL HARPER Basketball, F, A, A, , Annual Staff, Chester Chatter Staff. BETTY HENDRIX G, A. A., Iota Tau, K, K. K, , ChesterChat- ter Staff, Annual Staff, 4-H. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Hamilton, Ohio 10 BOB HINKLI' lor lay Chorus Ba d Basket .1 Volkyball 'Frank Cross Country Iota Tau Chtster Chatter Stair Anuual btaff Class Oflrcer County Chorus NORRINE HOERST A K K K Choru Annual Sta VERINA HUGHES Juntor P1615 G A A J C L Trlple Trto Chorus L, H Class Officer Iota Tau F COEMA .IOHINSON G A X Chorus Iota Tau Chester Chatter Stafi Annual buff Clxss Oifrcu I-It Y Checrleadtr 4 H Jun1orPlay MYRTLE MOORE G A A K K K Chorus ChesterChatter Staff Annual Staff DORIS MAE LINDSEY G A A 4 H Juntor Play Chorus Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Cheerleader K K K Tr1p1e Tr1o QA 3 J. O. WYLE. Bethany Oh1o I1 Jun' P . , ' , n , ' b' ll, G.A.. .. . . .. s, ff, ' 4-H. ' , T. A. , Annual Staff, County Chorus. wav- A 5 . , In I OPAKASIT CENTER I-Iamllton, Oh1o ROBERT MOORE Iota Tau Baseball Basketball Manager and Player 4H UB2 Chorus Annual Staff Band Track RONALD PRATHER Chorus P1ngPongChamp1on Jumor play Annual Staff Secretary of F F A and other elass offrces ALBERTA RINCK C oru G A A K K K Iota Tau Class Offrcer OLLIE MAE ROWLAND G A A Chorus K K K Iota Tau An nual Staff Chester Chatter Staff Jumor Play Club Offrcer VIVIAN STEWART G A A K K K Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff 4 H GEORGE THOMPSON Safety Councrl Chester Chatter Staff An nual Staff MYRON AUFRANC 1 West Chester, Ohlo VINCENT UETRECHT Iota Tau Iunlor Play UB2 Vrce Presxdent of F F A and other class off1cets PATRICIA WAGEMAN Chorus K K K Chester Chatter Staff G A A Student Councrl Iota Tau J C L Class Offrcer Cheerleader Annual Staff PATRICIA WARDWELL G A A K K K 4 H Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Chorus Class Offtcer Iota Tau JC L Juntor Play Prompter Student Councll MARY FRANCES WILLSEY G A A Chorus 4 H K K K Annual Staff Club Offrcer LaVERNE WINSTED K K K G A A I C L ChesterChatter Staff Annual Staff CHARLES WOODS Basketball Baseball Volleyball Track Juruor Play Annual Staff Chester Chatter Staff Chorus Class Offxcer 34 1 ii HAMILTON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASS'N 803 F1rst Nat1ona1 Bank Bu11d1ng Harrulton, Ohm 13 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Petter-Secretary, Anne Benner-President, David Mansfield-Vice Presi- dent, Marlene Sherwood-Treasurer. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary E. Baker-Safety Council, Mildred Baumel-Student Council, James Marsh-Safety Council, Jeannie Fee-Student Council, Marilyn Mil- lcr-News Reporter. JU IORS 2 I I ' , V, Ai A I " ' if E22 . 'A A ' .' . Irv' -5 L iv A ,, W Q i -an L. Betty Allen Denver Allen James Arnold Mary Elizabeth Baker Mildred Baumel Clinton Beaver Anne Benner Homer Carr Joann Clemons Edward Ernerick Joan Farmer Loretta Farmer GORMAN INS. AGENCY Monroe, Ohio Jeanme Fee 'Q U Janet Fetter Shlrley Froehch Kenneth Hughes 'S 4 Russel Lawson sv JUN 0R was WM Dav1d Mansf1e1d Jxmmy Marsh .,.,. Floyd Rosenbalrn Don Self DUERMIT BROTHERS Marlene Sheerwood GARAGE Sharonv111e Oh10 15 f-J -ug Q Annice Abney ' f' ID 0 f' g'.'3- 41 ,7 V, , "' 2 Glenn Baker .ak , , 4 h . is Mary Beaver Q 5 n e shmey Brate .A ,J -H 1 ll A l an Shirley Camp "Ire 5, 4' fw Eugene Caudill , ml Q f ' Q C ., ,pi .y Ronald cO1e f x -my -4. ctr' , C A ferr 1, Luckey Cyrus l l sis? Ruth Powelson, Sec. A Bob Long Treas. Shirley Rub, NEWS RCP' Eugene Caudill, Safety Coun Charles Mason, Stud. Coun CarO1MaSOn, Safety Coun. Lucky Cyrus, Stud. Coun K fe xx :' I ' 1 . . or ,C c p A C ia' 'I - ". . r . .r 5' Y' Q' hi xl Y :C 5 c , 1 f C c c 133 n 1 V7 'o.N.hw,, "' M -ver Jerry Wood, Pres. xv W Delores Donnelly, Vice. Pres. L if Cl', Am - Q, Truman Davis r L:-' 525 N, :NA Robt. Denny 'J 1 ' .N l".'I"' Delores Donnelly ' R Beverly Douglas X fifil 3 ,Q iq Ruby Eckerle 4' 29 ' . "' A ,," Janice Ferrell 'd A ' '3' A p Doris Fetter ' Homer Harchng jr! i 5 P My K Joyce Harper 'A 4 Frances Hoskins Carolyn Hughes Eva Mae Isaacs 1: , F ... , 1HLE's W1-HTL: VILLA 5, 'J GR ocERY -:K West Chester, Ohio 7 A Kaur ' .sw - ,. 3 mg. m 473' " 'Q X' Carolyn Rose James Rub Slurley Rub 'giv- ,ag 'O ,QL Robert Long Delores Marsh Carol Mason Charles Mason Bett1e Mlller James Moreland Ruth Powelson Ronald Rohmg 0PHOMORE 00 'Q.,,,. -1:7 --- rv' Norbert S1ck1nger Joanne Srruth Francls Thompson Faye Vance Herman Wallace 50' Lo1s Wardwell ,Q Jerry Wood lna Woodrum 11? ,.,,. W H AUFRANC Complete Insurance Servlce Phone 36 K 'viason Oh1o 17 ..! lt ' af .Q ,Q D - . .A i f 1 Y, 9 1-0-r at In K K K K F V fa K A 8 , l ' 'L' 1' '49, ,W V ',.' Qi gl ,, D t A Vr f A. Q I ,Q 0 F V, lllbl 'R M All U iii? I 5 - is -' A Y' W M . A Al W M 'A f " -Jr M3 -A ' Q. vvjf' T? 1, . I T ,WJ C L A., at 'ff' '-2' an 'I' W Z1 4'9" tai do-I 4""5Q wwf? 5? tv- '65 '93 -cr' -- fa as l "'4 '94 -qu ? out 3- ,-qu. , 44 ,gr 'Www 'Q- 11141. 'JM 'fi- K. 3 .To Ann Baumel, Jack Broxterman, Donald Carr, George Carr, Ann Carson Sh1rley Chance, Brlly D1ck, Armelda Farmer, Margle Farmer, Kathleen F1seher James Hanna, Mary I-Ie1ntzman Ellsworth Holley Mary Lou Hornan, Mar1etta Hughes SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Hubert Patterson Treas urer Dann Ruffrn Preerdent Maurrce Mrller V1ce Presxdent Margre Farmer Secretary STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Brlly Dtck Student Councxl Lors Peters Student Councrl Mary Lou Homan Safety Councrl Mona James News Reporter MARCO GROCERY Maud, Oh1o 18 'Mi W 'VV ,W 91 " y t A ' I: if -... ' ,x V , A, ,yn V x 1 to A ' 1 I .J 1 I if W 'Nm 'N -,1 ' . , I , r '92 Lx -dx . U., "N , f I I 5? . .- f 4. . 4 I . . . . 4 I, , RL ,1 ' V , r X Vx E I 1 a ,,, M I I " . 3 Q , it 1' get . , f ' ff A5 ., ' J Y G C' 'ff -rf I ,'1, Q I J. I I n ' L ' . . , I . . , , c . ,. 'SR 'Qu ""'W ed' 'OA .eau 1" -4.-1' Xhvfy 1-a'if F 4--5 if l 'Uv' -...fl QW eq' 'ti "gf rs, ww 19' ...K nm HQ-f 'ii'-7-P N00 6395 wav' -1' Mona James Kenneth Joseph Carl Maddox Maurlce Mxller Carl Muntz Hubert Patterson LO1S Peters Anna Mae Prather Frances Reeves Mary J Rlchards Joe Rohrlg Danny Ruffln Robert Saylor Sandra Smart Sarah Jo Whlte Eva W1cke James W1111 ams Wanda Wmnsted Pearl Wood Anna Lee Wynn FRE HME Eller Howard BUTLER FARM BUREAU Hanulton Oh1o 19 W Q ' sw f.. J, 3 M l 1 P 4 ww y f fs JE P pst J ,W "-. f- am 1' 9 1 X , I ,A Q P f'5x 'M iz' gn :X ,Ju ! -6 1 -6.1 r-fn 'JV 323, J f VLIA V' , w P "' E Q, T V, ,QQ Qs , - I at Aj f Y t P Q A l 'S J P .i 0-6 , ' ' l 5 , A- , J P 5---' 'V' P' f, .+ N " 5 1 i. l l ' Jin " I P rywf . ya K . . I K? V 5 fa Q ,sV,l. 5 W" J , J n a J ,4 h il.. A , V I Y K , . 4, L P ' A J. '1.- x. f. f P . 1 .P S P ff 4 D I ! U 7 ' . . 3 l f 2 I ' . I A .' I ' I I , M 4'-NU nal., di' i .-ui' in 'Qi -eng., "' 342' '4' 1-19 ,fl ceq, it T013 ,vig ...nv 'S 0:15 OO! ,an hi """"' gc.. f' 'IIS' 'C.'..2 Z-D Paul Xllen L,VCI't,lf Baum ef .WA -4, ,V '-:7 Sx l 008 :qv ,ff 3' ,rn-.9 ii X' SP' 7""V '5- 'Q ht' 4"'? -N,-J' if 1 """ H' 555' A.. W, TOUX5 'A-2', Q 'Ol '9' -1'-an '45 l ...za mf.:- .0-uv ""' ,M ill 5 Ulu-,. lllllllllh GRADE Clara Bolser Betty Cole Bobby Dlck Judy Ferrell Carole Hamm Delores Harper Janet Hefl1n B1lly Hlnkle Llnda Hughes Barbara Klmberhn Betty Kllne Wayne L1ndsey Donald Mansfleld Lloyd Mansfleld Tommy Marshall Tommy Mercer Harry Mlller Nora Mae M1tchell Stanley Needham Mary Ann Pushka Johnme Rhodes Gerald R1nge1sen Clyde Schrrudt D1X1e Scudder Mar1etta Sheerwood Ronald S1ck1nger Melv1n Surnrny Norma Thomas Dale Uetrecht Jean Wallace Frank W1ll1arns Kenny W1l11afT1S Bmlly Wmllsey Penelope 'Wardvuell Donald Van Skalk 'www l RED LANTERN NITE CLUB ff ? ,, West Chester Ohmo f' x Qu 'V , -l. . ,f l ',," X '?1',f7 'l Y i V 745' EVE TH GRADE Debbie Kopp Lowell Hamm Gordon Farmer Thelma Roberts Don Mason Neil Maddox Shirley Coldiron 'Wayne Cole Nancy Curtis Homer Hinkle Jimmy Wicke Frank Kirk Charles Abney Kenneth Caster David Henry Margie Willset Phyllis I-Ioelle Jimmy Wylds Bill Ballinger Genelle Williams Shirley Self Denzil Oldfield Ronnie Rub Herbert Wallace Gene Abney Jane Glass Carl Ficke Gary De Lotelle Jimmy Gullett Mary Jane Althauser John Rogers Fern James Ray Ballinger Gerald Emzne rt Floyd Whitaker NEUHAUS SERVICE STATION West Chester, Ohio Clifford Meguire Roy Denny Phyllis Ballinger Charles Rose -L.. ' "' 'G' il ',vf fv' S' o-9 K . .0 L . q X 'J fiat, E L dl .Jf ,full . V ai'-6 53,5 far If 5 ot! fi 7 ' as .. ,,.., V 1' ',,' ,V I za' 'Q Q pi, wx , . N., Zig? E 3. C IL i ,f , I 7 V 'ww ' I J fm 7,1 ,A Q , - in il i .fi H-5 ,C ,. 4 1- , 3 J." aw! CE' .,,A "i3w:, fi 1 . 4 Q , " rl:- N--mf a Q 5 'M' H? A , 'llg 'J J . if l f 1 ' n"'7 fs .2fN 4,5 Riff. t if , A ,fl l L, X i 1 gm!! 'ISTKZE 4' A t rn, 'X ff f"" 3 ef fu 'fl X f , -.- " V-gy K it -ag ,g 2 Ay -J-A V H if 1 W: if , W ' QR ah ' , 19 - 4 6. l .Yu ', A .l .,v h rG- . i , x ., f ., . yi N 1 fl QW' ,X I 14 ' . x , f , ' M .f g, f rl' K 3 i , ,s 'Q :vi ' wi' ,...- K'--:al wp-fl ii 'Y-Q Q ,' - vw ff , pd' "' y i wc "' 41'-05' X ' 4 "N" fl, KI IXTH GRADE James Ballinger Lawrence Rogers Patricia Marsh Diane Smart Marcia Sheerwood Jimmie Car Mar vie Vance , 1 X ,.,, .nn 1 ."' fl , nf- f :AJ 'A , -an IT lv 4-'Q if .. .ff it Y A Q ' 1 J ff? P'-,f . Pi' "'? . ,. X -5 ,ff U. 'f,J'.+ .eff-,. --f ,J ,f Q i , H 4 .of , --ali ,T ,U V l' f pk ,M 4 il f . 4 X f v- , 1 an . ' 7 ' F x, -' AQ, 2, I . 5, - A Pv- Lu '-A 1:2 'Q ,.a-H 'J '16 ln Pauline Ne cdham James Wickline Paul Drago Nelson Wood Joann Baer Vivian Baker Shirley Glass Edith Marsh Shirley Vanskaik Patricia Wilson Charles Johnson Genevieve Meddings Roy Price Raymond Hendrix Janet Estridge Dale Farmer Paul Harper Jack Long Charles Moore Hal Underwood Larry Mohrfield Cora Sue Stephans Dick West Janie Rub Joann Depew Marlene Ballinger Arnold Rogers Jo Ann Ba linger Helen Puska REEVES DELICATESSAN West Chester, Ohio RA Dav1d Lawwull I.,1nda Fetter Thelma Mercer Betty Mercer Dale Hughes Betty Lou Chaney Lenrull Clark Gall Bu1gJohann Judy Hagedorn Leory Neuhaus Shlrley Cole Ralph Stuard Ann Powelson Donny Holley Eddle Erwln Bonn1e K1mbe rlxne Larry Gundler Davld Schmldt Esther K1mberl1n Jlmmy Rose Ramona Marsh Dlck Stewart Tommy Dlck Paul Balhnger Donna Harper Ora Lee Depew Bobby W1nsted Juanlta Perklns Shlrley Vance Charles R1ggS Pauhne Mercer Melv1n Maddox Raymond Abrams Bobby Hughes Melan1e Maddox Manuel L.yk1ns Rubln Needham Joann Rxnck R1chard Wylds Doyle Hampton -45 'N A afi- JJ r"'v -.,, 46 fm Ji 'G' 315, an-3 as 6f"I"-. 4, Lv ""' uf' vw ff- 0-vm WN if '95, '9 0.-5, 'RG ,,, 14 '-'Z' ff' AQ' 'W 'Gu vt 1 Qs N5 Nif .44- Real Estate h' fa M 0 121 W Benson Street Readlng Ohmo ,410 r ef 1- w by l " f s- ' I 'U' lib 41'-Z. Ig .J 5,4 Q -J ' r I .v W Q V 94 l H-fy' V 'I Ja , K Y 1 V 'rv ' Y 13 'vu ' V W M --,V N nr- wi' r'-:, 1" K , C: 'C W b ' 1 3 ' Q, " B 'P' ' f fb sn 0 . ' .., 5, C i ' -- 4 g v v-- ' ' f- ' -Q. 7' pi I ' A 1 Q I . n ,A A . 40- vu Y ' Q IV' ,. W . ig v N. n K, H. y . . 'Y i -4- x -. ...- ws- lf' , e if K ...... jd 'W A f 5 tnrt. . V' , all ,- X ' in- -sa XA v -- -1 ' H... A ' at ' . Y v- . - - 'K ' Z . .,., ,Q --f , ei, A , rl. -lj B '-Q' ' N L - t "i A, K A - l A es . . U I KX , 'ini ,n I xx 0 nv 7 ,Q QI ' -XP t -.r 'Q ' 14 l I X x ll iv ' f fl as A V ' y ' 0 N' V w iq. 'H x51 ',' ,W yy -7' 4, . s K - f il 'wr ' . J F' ' X Ms, lj"'-v Y vi- - ,L '4' - ' we gf A ' ROY J. WINTERROWD, . ' ri f' Q 4:5 Cx l , , ' 5 2' f .TIL ' LL 'Q f- be v- -v - R ' 4 """ I V ' 'F' 'Q 2 w Q A 4 v I .K 4 4 ' T4 Q . X 1 . v ,V IL l " 5014 ,Q I7 I J X' F0 RTH GRADE if l. 061. Pi? 1 '.,.u.-Q' 1 -dl' it 'Wi' ,fx s-I Soo Lll Cella Houston JL my MaSLlllHO l xrol Gundlc r ll sChLlP1a1uer l'l1elma Oldfleld lflthel Allen D4 lor s Melampy Charlene Weaver Duane NVagf oner Ca ol Hanna l rme Ablams Marxlyn Sheervnood Ph1l1p MCK1bben Bonnle Baker Patsy Hoskms Joycy Cramer Ronn1e Rxchen Frank Moore B1l11e Eckerle James Breezley Glenn C1-ago Eva Stam er Hank W1c e HYDES DAIRY BAR 130 S Erle Hlghway Ham1lton Ohm 1 gf-' 'UV' if ,--4 l ag uofvn If nd Mary Douglas Bobby Ferrell John Estmdge Wayne Waggoner Fmtz Stuard Ronald Reece M1chael LEWIS Marllyn Underwood La ry Redmond Elalne Waggoner Jerry Smlth Mxldl ed D1nUman Baxbara Meeker B1lly Aufranc Donald Rhodes Don lld Thomas Charles Puce J lLl1L Ta e ljOIlIl1Q llanmpton ll ry I wompson Davmcl lifr art Afnes Allen Podney N edham Ga ry Albe rton 'Q fi :bv ev all 'T 'O' 'V IA X"" JODQ. ,. mill 'IU 1 '7 "Q 4 if -at 'Q 'Q-9 'QDQNI -ow- 1,,A,. f 95554. on -P . V ,SQ .Y f-X V v. ,, f, . i .0 ' , 'iii ' Q 15,4 . 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P' M .1 . 4 .1-rs-. fa M Q "vl'1"3 K' :fi F. .ml THE 1 it , .ig v , . 1 X 45 I--f is I id air , Ida Mae Chance Jerry Jones Sherry Sibcy Arlie Lenox Richard Marsh David Althauser Dorothy Rogers Carol Dietz Carl Hendrix Phyllis Wood James Thomas Carole Richen Sandra Johnson Jesse Moore Louise Back Dennis Ta gart 8 Barbara Ballinger Donald Reece Donald Stewart Dorcas Lykins Berneita Rogers Lonnie Rose SLONEKER IMPLEMENT COMPANY 6th and Rigdon Hamilton , Ohio , S , fa 1 , ' 40 I' 4 'I .9 , V V n 'ml' FQ . A 'Q' R' 'Ji I ' , ar . V -.4 ..,.. , , K - -,I LK -af ' rl A , I . , 'A Q f 6 iw, 4 I . -re :S T J' hh "rS Herbert Ill 1 .zn o V If 1 at "M 'A ' .4 ' , ' ' - f, Q' x iV', C ,A """ A Q , 4 . ,ld i to E U K if - . -Q ,K -F fv A X' a H21 ,M I W, A W ' ' I' 'I . I ,fn Q . w , 2 I I , ' - - 6 Q Ea ,, x ROY L X .ix I A nf' 1. , . - M 7 ,,,VxX I. 11 u f 3 1 1 VV 6 :V It Vg, uv- 4 V 4 -0 - A , 'JS i ' .J J , ' st "" A Q ,. l - .V ,- - , . V+ V V W If .- I J C X EV .' 1 , V, V 1? 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Ronald Puska Dax1d Mal sh K nneth studgje Charles Dlngrnan Sand a oallmgez Judy I l1nf ,ff vw. L1nd'1 Wa goner Dorothy Taggart Ronald Stewart kenneth Needham Sl 1rley Manuel Thelrna Neuhaus Sanlce Balllnf er uv- Janet May 1971 L,-Q tif! Floyd Roberts Vlrgxnla Bley Ronn1e Abrams Tleoxrlas Wlllxarns Hugh Housewrlght Grac1e Stuard Doyle Harper B1 enda Needham Sharon Carver J1mmy Dlngrnan Jerry Caster Norma Harper Lucellos Scudder Karen Stewart Gary Aufrance Ernest Debord Donnal Cornett Bobby Beaty Janet Wldrneyer Betty Cummxns James R1ggs B1lly Hendrlx Marlene Allen Dallas Vance V1v1an Hubbard DR R T. WELLING, Optornetmst Lockland, Ohlo PATRICK APPLIANCE and ELECTRIC COMPANY West Chest, Oh1o L. I Jucy Burgjoharma Bomue Fee V'1Cky G1 een Cledls Perkms nv Hi' " fag -an 'IP' All 1.0.25 I6 E' 4 J AJ inf .,f' I 6' 4+-.13 -7 X I I ' 494 ' U Q so -. 0 5 Q 1 P l.,..-I ' ' .M Qi .J '-.'I J!! U FIR T GRADE Walter Long Steven Ixleyer Judy Coldi ron Caroline Gregory Beverly Baci' Ronnie Cldfield Jerry Hendrix Jeanne Baumann Kathleen Hannah Jerry Robcrts Donna Miller Joyce Little Danny Price Sandra Ballingc 1' Ronald Needhani Howard Hendrix Grover Morath David Kopp Mary Jane Ding Bobby Hubbard rn an Tommy Kirnbe rline Freda Burns Becky Winsted Eileen Mercer Frank Woodside Benton Miller .4 f 4.5, , - xs ff " K so v-' , 4 9. 2 r --4 Y 'cp A .- I ills '49 X 'J' Q PA "J," at :'. tl.-' , 1 f -' J .. wwf? il - rv-3 1. "Se ' .. -. is 3 - .. it , J: L X l A 'Q' Q 7' 1 . Q N.. ' mls., AQDJJQ. Y fa Q 3. ff- lf- ' 4: - H 'f P- 5+ 1 J f"' 4 ,J T f fl A A A if ffm Q 6 M Q: -A " "' ' A 'ff' 4 ,v 'lf-ull' 'bn ,ll 5-I if fl I by 'ea if ' 'NFL 4' ' lm "' fail' ., ' Q L . I r 1" 1 nr 0 5 la ' 4 6.2 -4: V -A P ,A If 7 'A X: ,,,: J 'L - T-J' an f , wi x ,TA 30 , Q 55 f Aflac' - --A - 5 f ' I ' fli ' Q 3 X V 5 -J ,, " '? Lf' r lf' 7 I 'Y -A E 7? '9 -6 Todd Kline Roger Dunlap Mary Alcie Marlow Georgie Ann Chance Russell Baker Paul Perkins Troy Vance Michall Wilson Dewey Rogers Donald Debord Joanne Baumann Jerry Ping Flora Abney Jane Self Roy Delsotelle Lucy Gregory Jerry Marshall Danny Back Earl Dick Kenneth Brast Bobby Jones Jacqueline Gorman Ester Wood Cheryl Farmer Donna Garrett THE MONROE NATIONAL BANK Monroe , Ohio HCTIVITIES WA0?B0"' 9 !l.-.w Alb rw IHA Ixflllll TA Ll A G N x iff, mIll JCL . I Compl e ts of 5, I SHARON GRILL Sharon He Oh1O 1 t f f Comp me S 0 F A READING DEPARTMENF STCRE 226 W Benson St eet Read ng Oh1o 'syrqgstid-Egggif' V N 4 5 . '1 Q W ET . 's A Nag. ' mb - my aft' 5MB '.-'Wg .xxxg .'.!l' G47 -. L hcl K A MHA. :eff If " AV' 1... . .yT',mv," E X U . -JK. R V , ft' H - X 1 V im n xx , W , K. QW- 4-1? . . ' v L Q, V1 , i n 1 . I i , ' Money Makers for the Annual Annual Typrsts LEUGERS FURNITURE Read1ng Oh1o THE STEWART CO Men s 8: Lad1es Sportswear Sharonvllle Oh1o 29 Editor and Assistant Editor of Annual. Layout A rtlsts E ye x ' 5 bat 4496 d 1150 r an ter C'0ax'te Chee' d ASS15tant Edl for Wa tch Out ' ' Here Comes the Dar1ng Trlo JIMMY W RIGHT Sharo nv11Ie Oh1 O 30 CLIFF HARDWARE PAINT SUPPLY Sharonville, Ohio X 1, any 2,156 -5 we vw 'ef EXpTCSS1OnS Help' 6? YC Compllments of 1 1 D al-dn 91-1 ROSSELOT AND SON West Chest r Ohxo Comphments of RELDS TAVERN West Chester Ohlo ui Ndi -, 'ur --4 if ft., 'he' 1 s. 'SG if-Sw 'T G -19- 'Vi f 1-ei T3 ix IOTA TA Shlrley Brate Iota Tau V1ncent Uetrecht Iota Tau Alberta Rmck Iota Tau Hugh James Iota Tau Patty Wagaman Iota Tau Verna Hughes Iota Tau Joan Davls Iota Tau Ollle Mae Rowland Iota Tau Jeanme Fee Iota Tau Pattle Wardwell Iota Tau Gene Carr Iota Tau Bonma Eckerle Iota Tau Janet Fetter Iota Tau Anne Bender Iota Tau Ina Woodrom Iota Tau Coema Johnson Iota Tau J1m Self Iota Tau Shlrley Camp Iota Tau Ruth Powelson Iota Tau Ruth Powelson J C L Verna Hughes J C L J1rn Oshust J C L J1I'l'l Arnold J C L Bonn1eEckerle J C Laverne W1nsted J C L Anne Benner J C L an '17 bag 'fi Lo1sWardwel1 J C L 47- AL'S TOGGERY SHOP ERNIE BROOKS JEWELERS Readmg Oh1o Sharonv1l1e Oh1o 32 4: 4: ' A u ' ' a S , , I .. to , I . a I I X' . -- U ' V f' I 4 I ' - - aa, Q f , 4 'V j Il' -- .,, , ' -4 -D 1 " I f, , -L "V. 3 , it , Q' I-'X ,K v ,,,. I '. ,A 44. K K A, J' . . - - -W VV VJ WV, 7 "' 'GA ' I -- -- 1 4 Vw W I ' at I Quik E ' kr, fr. . , .Q I ' , 'z . d, I A ---- . K MJ 'J 'J' Ai ig - -- . F I -, ' - ' Bob Hinkle--Iota Tau I L- I J sk m G -- l In I ' L. J . -- . D . tio, I in . "-J ' ' 3 f . " od f l . ' I I Q l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Beaver, Joann Smith, Shirley Chance, Mary Jane Richards, Ruby Eckerle, Beverly Douglas, Janice Ferrell, Joyce Harper, Eva Wiclce, Dolores Dotinelly, Marietta Hughes, Margie Farmer, Shirley Rub, Sandra Smart, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pearl Wood, Anna Mae Prather, Carolyn Rose, Ann Carson, Mary Heintz- man, Mary Lon Homan, Carolyn Hughes, Faye Vance, Kath- FRE HMA A ll UPHOMORE G. A. A. leen Fischer, Sarah White, Francis Reeves, Ina Wooorutn THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Lee Wynn, Mona James, Eva Isaacs, Carol Mason, Shirley Brate, Betty Miller, Dolores Marsh, Shirley Camp, Ruth Powelson, Lois Wardwell, Annice Abney, Joanne Baumel, Armeldia Farmer, Lois Peters, .Vanua Winsted, Doris Fetter, Miss Simison, F. H. C. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanette Fair, Jean Fair, Mary Francis Willsey, Norrine Hoerst, Doris Lindsey, Jo Ann Clemmons, Shirley Froelick, Foan Farmer. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Myrtle Moore, LaVerne Winsted, Janet Fetter, Mary E. Baker, Mildred Baumel, Patty Wageman, Alberta Rinck, Verna Hughes, Coema Johnson, Jerry Fischer, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Simison, Marlene Sheerwood, Marilyn Miller, Loretta Farmer, Vivian Stewart, Betty Hendrix, Ollie Mae Rowland, Bonnie Eckerle, Joan Davis, Verna Driever, Pattie Wardwell, Anne Benner, Lois Miss FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Chance, Mary Jane Richards, Beverly Douglas, Kathleen Fischer, Sandra Sniart, Anita Mae Prather, Mary Heintnman, Marg1cFarrner. SEC- OND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pearl Wood, Lois Peters, Ann Carson, Jo Ann Baumel, Mary Lou Homan, Dolores Donnelly, Betty Miller, Carolyn Hughes, Shirley Rub, Ruby Eckerle, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Lee Wynn, Marietta Hughes, Eva lsaccs, Mona James, Carol Mason, Dolores Marsh, Wanda Winsted, Shirley Brate, Doris Fetter, Armcldta Farmer, Francis Reeves, Sarah White, Miss Simison. JUNIURA D E IOR G. A. Compliments of R. C. JONES West Chester, Ohio Compliments of K. C. JOSEPH West Chester, Ohio A. lIRbT ROXN Carl Maddox George Cole Standley Dudley Lllmorth Holly Bobby Long Maurice Niiller HOlllLl'H3l'LJ1Ilg Hubert Pauerbon Jerry Wood Ronald Prather Vinee1itU reeht Morris Redmond HomLrCarr Georg.. Carr Nlr Mc Cormick THIRD ROW Jim Moreland Jim Arnold Jim De Carr Hugh James Floyd Rosenbalm HRST ROW Carolyn Rose Verna Hughes Hugh James Jeanie Eckerle Joan Davis Ina Woodrum Shirley Brate Anne l-cc JBHLI Petter SECOND ROW Shirley Camp Bonnie Benner Ruth Powclson Marilyn Miller Miss Haggard Comphments of Comphments of PRQVIDENT SAVINGS BANK CHARLES BOYER Barber and TRUST COMPANY Sharonville , Ohio Sharonville , Ohio 34 I O I Charlie Mason. SECOND ROW: Clinton Beaver, James Rub, Bord, Dannie Ruffin, Glenn Baller, Truman Davis, Eugene ' ' 'J , , . ' ' El' , . - I O I I 0I'll FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Shrrley Chance Mary Jane Rrchards Berne Mrller Beverly Douglas Armeldra I-armer Alberta Rrnck Ewa Wrcke Delores Donnelly Eva Isaacs Mary Lou Homan SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Carolyn Rose Ann Carson Mary Hremzman Anna Mae Prather Pearl xl ood Janrce Ferrell Joyce Harper Verna Hughes Carolyn Hughes Faye Vance THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT MrssPer1nock Carol Mason Dolores Marsh Mona James Anna Lee Wynn Shrrley Camp Ruth Powelson Lors Wardwell JoAnn Baumel Loretta Farmer Shlrley Brate Verna Drrex er Patue Wardwell Joan Davls 0I'll FIRST ROW LEI T TO RIGHT Ronald lrarhcr Robert Lonb James Oshu r Jerry Wood Charles Nlason Nlorrrs Redmond SECOND ROW, LEI-T TO RIGHT lame Arnold Tr rman Dams Bob Hrnkle Hugh Iamc Cornplrnuntb ol Comphments Of INTERNATIOR xr, H xRX ESTER READING FEED MILL KOEHLER HDVN L CONIPANS Readlng 01110 Readuw Oluo 35 r ' , ' , I ' l 1 ' l r ' , , 1 5 ' 1 ' f ' . , . . , . . . . v 4 Y . , . . , . . I I I I V I 3 ' X 1 1 I I I r : . 1 s . , , V ' I - 1 u A 5' n r' , r ' . ' .' ' ' : 5 , 'V' I Y ng ' V 7 A r ' , l X .,- , . , , r . 1 O, FIRST ROW Davld Schmldt Janms 1-errell Anna Mae Prather Eva Mae Isacs Gale Humphry Joyce Harper Shlrley Van Sk1ak Janet Estudge Mrs Pennock SECOND ROW Davtd Henery Clyde Schmxdt Jerry Emmert Bob Hmkle Ronald Prather Nell Maddox UPERETTA FIRST ROW Anna Mae Prather Ruth Powelson Verna Hughes SECOND ROW Mrs Pennock Jrm Aronld J1m Oshust Bob Hlnkle Hugh James Ronald Prather Cornphments Cornphrnents of READING FLORIST BLUE SI-IUTTERS ANTIQUE SHCP Readlng Oh10 West Ch6StCI', Ohlo 36 1 1 I . . . of . i- I L um I, 'Mak' CLA S HlSTORY Glancing back over the last four years we find that we have lost a few of our classmates but they have not been forgotten We also welcomed a few new students that have entered in the past four years There were 44 of us Freshmen that entered West Chester H1ghSchool1n the fall of l947 We still remember many exciting things that happened that year We felt as though we owned the world now that WE were in high school but we soon changed our minds when Freshman initiation came along We all remember that big event Next came our Sophomore year that wasn t quite so exciting as our Freshman year but we still had Just as much fun We entered more activities this year This was the year that we got to initiate the Freshmen then it was our turn to laugh The following year our Junior year was one of the most important years in our high school life Because this year we had our Junior play which was a mystery comedy called Mumbo Jumbo "We puta lot of hard work into that play but everything we did seemed to bring us a lot of fun too Then came our Junior Senior prom That was a night that we looked forward to for weeks and we d1dn't forget it for weeks either My but it was exciting At last but not least came the most important year that was to end our high school career our Senior year But we didn t have too much time to think about this being our last year We had our Senior play to put on and also there was the prom which always brings alot of excitment. We took trips to differnet plants during this year, and then graduation. This is what we have waited and watched for. How many times have we said, "Gee, I wish graduation day were here! " And now that it's here we can hardly believe it. We almost wish that we were Freshmen again, but that is impossible. And now looking back over these four wonderful years, there isn't much left to say except--Gee, ain't life been grand! Lets keep it that way. 2 ,,-2 'gif Compliments of C01'1'1Plil'r1Cr1tS Of READING GARAGE GRAY Body 8: Fender Work The F101'iSf Reading, Ohio Hamilton, Ohio 37 'iff' 5 n T' T ffm l' 0 0 Ii Q, " - 1 ik I N Ar W if I rf g -li Qu r K f" 4 S' F, - 3 - J-Ti-Eg Q-Q.-ni' X ' , . I . . . , . . - . 9 ' P ' ' - . ll I Q I , U l . . . I ee: f J" WII It Illllth S -- I Eugene Carr hereby w1ll my Jeep to Carl lwladdox I Gene Carr hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get good grades to Homer Har dxnv and my Bookkceplng book to anyone who wants I Joan Davls he eby wxll my alarm clock to at Paterson and leave Charlle to all the glrls that WON T have l111'1'1 I Jam s DeBord hereby w1ll my Chevrolet to Re ce Mansfleld I Verna D11eve hereby vull my he1ght to Donme Carr and my ha1r to M Duckwall I Bob Dudley herebywlllmybasket ball ab1l1ty to Donnle Reeves and my ab1l1ty to get out of school to Iuckey Cyrus ab1l1ty to be on the honor roll to J1m More land and my good conduct to Cha1l1e Mason I Bonnle Eckerle hereby Wlll my pos1t1on on the basketball team to Wanda Wlnsted and my 5 IO to Joan Farmer I Jean Falr hereby w1ll my long ha1r to Faye Vanc and my ab1l1ty to play basketball to Shlrley Brate I Jeanette Falr herebywullmyfalse teeth to Jo Ann Clemmons and my long legs to Shlrley Camp I Gerry F1scher hereby w1ll my bl okenglasses to Mlss S1m1son and Al to Ca1olWardvnell I Be1yl Harper herebywlll mygood Grades 1n Gove 1 nment to 'Swampy' Marsh and my POSIIIOU on the basketball team to Don Self I Bob H1nkle hereby w1ll my helght to J1m Marsh and my Chemlstry book and Grades to Bob Saylor I Betty I-Iendrlx hereby w1ll my helght to Itty B1t' I-Ie1ntzman, and nay photography to J1m Arnold I Norrlne Hoerst hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to understand Math to anyone who needs It and my h1gh grades 1n Govern ament to Mlllle Baurnel I Verna Hughes hereby wxlla box of Sweetheart candy to M1ss Engle and my Latm book to Jerry Wood I Hugh James hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to play basketball to Truman Dav1s and my ab1l1ty to smg to Charhe Mason I Coema Johnson hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to keep qulet to Babe Flscher and my red ha1r to "L1ttle Swampy I, Dor1s Llndsey hereby w1ll a new escalator to Mrs Pennock so her tups to the Off1CG won't be so t1r1ng and my ab1l1ty to cheerlead to Donn1e Reeves I Bob Moore hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to s1t on the bench to Jel ry Wood I Myrtle Moore hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w th Mlss Slmrson to Sm1tty and my ab1l1ty to get klcked out of gym class to Loretta Farmer I J1m Oshust hereby w1llmybr1ght socks to Jerry Wood and my corny Jokes to "Pat ' Paterson I Ronald Prather hereby w1ll my good looks to Jake Dav1s and my pmg pong ab1l1ty to Denver Allen I Snag Rlchards hereby w1ll my basketball ab1l1ty to Cl1nton Beaver and my bookkeepxng book to anyone who wants I AlbertaR1nck hereby w1ll theback seat of the "Dodge" to Reece Mansheld for h1s coupe and the cold rooms to the future freshmen I Ollxe Mae Rowland hereby w1ll my senlor cred1t and knowledge 1n Math to Mr Crump and my chewlng gum 1n class to M1ss Lovltt I J1m Self her eby w1ll my curly ha1r to Crank Emer1ck and my quletness to Bob Long I V1v1a.n Stewart hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to understand Mr Crump s teachlng of Math to any Junlor that w1ll have to take It and my ab1l1ty to take plctures to Jlm Arnold I George Thompson hereby w1ll my shape to Mona James and one pa1r of brlght socks to Denver Allen I V1ncentUetrecht hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to speak to George Cole I Patty Wageman hereby w1ll my cheerlead1ng ab1l1ty to Donme Reeves and my bleached ha1r to Don Self I Patty Wardwell hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to referee basketball to Mlss Slmxson and leave Reece under the pro tect1on of M1ss Haggard I Mary Frances Wlllsey hereby w1ll my lost Math book to any Jurnor that w1ll need 1t next year and my Hamllton Hxgh class rxng to Ina Woodrum I La Verne W1nsted hereby w1ll my cold walk to Math class to my slster Wanda and my mustache to Mr Crump I Charhe Woods hereby Wlll my automob1le to Jo Ann Baumel and my heart to her slster Comphments of Comphments of STOLL'S FLOWER SHOP MIAMI MART, INF. v '1 0 st-Q v ' -- -- - 0 QP: ' 6 'U ,gi ' in - Ji if ziffg ' 1 - F - ' Q I ' ...Q1x.! ' A Q- '4' , I JI: E M ' Ts 1 'C , Z , -- . ,Q --4-153 3:-.-:E " ' by Q Nr V. . 7 , 7 ' l . . . - 7 A ov . 'J . f A . ' 1 1 A it. ' ' . J l I T1 Y. Y , .- UP H ' . . i . , . . . , H . H . . . 7 I I I 1 e 1 un 1 1 s D l A C . I I , . 1 , 1.. L., 1 l . 1 I Y Y. 3 A A.. . . . . I - , 1 1 , 1 8 1 , 1 ! I Y . . 3 J .. . . , I, Stanley Dudley, hereby will my it. , . 1- , . , . v 7 . 1 1 . , 1 ,- , 1 . 1 I Y ' I Il ' ' - ' , 1 ' . 1 1 1 , , .l 1 1 . 1 , 1 2,1 1 I 1 1 1 1 . , ,1 I 1 Y Y 4 I lx 1 , 1 .1 1 ' 1 I . Y. . . , 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 l 1 , 1 1 1 . I . 1 1 C 1 1 ! . Q Q Q I V ' , 1 I I 3 1 1 , , 1 I 1 .9 . 9 'l - ' I . v I 1 v , ' l Z 1 I , 1 1 1 , 1 7 3 I . I ' vl ' 1 ' ' . 1 , , 1 1, , . 1 1 1, , D 1 1 1 1 I 1 , 1 - , 1 1 . - ' 1 . 1 I . I ,. 1 , , 1 A 1 1 v 1 , 1 , V 4 I, I I l ' ! . . , V F . . . . . I ' , 1 l " I 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 , Q I 2 D 1 . l ll A J Hamilton Ohio 38 Hamilton Ohio 215, YT" Prophec will f Let us gaze deep 1nto the crystal ball and see the future of the class of '51 West Chester has grown consxderably w1th C1nc1nnat1 as one of It suburbs We shall go V1S1t West Chester 1n our new blue Jet Upon board1ng the Jet we not1ced that we d1dn'tnave enough fuel to make the tr1p all over the c1ty of West Chester so we stopped off at the very modern servlce stat1on wh1ch occup1ed two blocks The attendant told us that the manager of the statlon was none other than CHARLIE WOODS one of our old classmates We asked the attendant 1f we could speak to h1m but the attendant expla1ned that only speclal people were allowed mn the off1ce of Mr Woods After show1ng our 1dent1f1 cat1on we were shown 1nto Mr Wood's offlce He told us that VERNA HUGHES was secretary to the Umted States Pres1 dent VINCENT UETRECHT and that GEORGE THOMPSON and BOB MOORE were h1s body guards In order that we make the rounds we sa1d good bye to Charl1e and went on our way Farther down the street we saw a large mans1on Upon 1nqu1r1ng we d1s covered that It was owned by two bache lors BOBBY DUDLEY and FLOYD RICHARDS After r1ng1ng the bell we were shown 1n by the1r butler BERYL HARPER Beryl seemed to be do1ng very well ln h1s pos1t1on and showed us 1nto the draw1ng room where we walted for Mr Dudley and Mr R1chards Wh1lewe were wa1t1ng the ma1d entered We talked to her for a Whlle and she told us that MYRTLE MOORE PATTY WARDWELL MARY FRANCES WILLSEY and ALBERTA RINCK were marr1ed and l1v1ng on Easy Street Just then Bob and Floyd entered and were ver glad to see us They told us that West C ester now has a telev1s1on stat1on and asked us 1nto the T V room to watch 1t When they turned It on Crooner HUGH JAMES was appear1ng as a guest star on JIM OSHUST S d1sc Jockey pro ram lt seems that Huglue has flown 1n rom Hollywood Followmg the d1sc Jockey rogram, News Reporter BOB HINKL announced the latest news COEMA JOHNSON'S program was next on telev1s1on She IS known from coast to coast for her goss1p She announced that DORIS LINDSEY and PATTY WAGEMAN were members of a dance team that was appear1ng at the mght club 1n West Chester that mght. The mght club was owned by GENE CARR. It was about tm-me for the show to start so we left Bob and Floyd and went to the mght club. Gene Oreeted us at the door and show ed us to a spec1a1 table and sat down to talk to us He sa1d that VIVIAIN STEIN ART and BETTY HENDRIX, the acrobat1c stars were appearlnv the followlng week e sa1d we were sorrywe couldn't stay over to see them but asked Gene to say Hello for us Gene also told us that JEAN and JEANETTE were wamtresses at the club but th1s was the1r mght off That n1ght we spent the mght at the greatest hotel 1n West Chester wh1ch was ownedby JAMES DEBORD He gave us the best room 1n the hotel and told us that we should v1s1t the c1ty hospxtal the next day for he was sure we would probably run 1nto some old classmates there The next day we sa1d goodbye to James and went to v1s1t the hosp1tal We were greeted by two of the head nurses, JOAN DAVIS and LAVERNE WINSTED They seem to be ve ry good at taklng pulses and really l1ke the1r Jobs They sa1d that BONNIE ECKERLE and OLLIE MAE ROWLANDhadvery goodJobs 1n the off1ce of the hosp1tal They also told us that JERRY FISCHER has brought her pet cat rn that mormng to be exanuned It seems that lt got sxck Whlle Jerry was on one of her trlps to Georgxa They then told us that we could see VERNA DRIEVER and NORRINE HOERST ln the G I Ward for they were entertame rs for the G I 's We sa1d goodbye to them and left We dec1ded to V1S1t the school before leav1ng so we stopped off there We were greeted by none other then JIM SELF He sa1d that he was head coach and that hxs basketball team was Class A State Champs that year We congratulated h1m and then went on our way As we were go1ng on our way we saw two lovely bxg farms We flagged down a man 1n a b1g l1mous1ne com1ng down the road It was another of our classmates STANLEY DUDLEY He told us that he was the owner of one of the farms and RONALD PRATHER owned the other one We were 1n a hurry to get on our way so we sa1d so long and left Our Journey was now complete and see mg that everyone of the Class of '51 was do1ng well, we put our Jet back 1n the garage and settled back to recall some of the happy tunes we had had together But that was the future rn a crystal ball, W1ll It be true 'P Can It be a dream? TIME WILL TELL' ' ' Complunents of: Comphrnents of. GENERAL MILLS, INC- HAMILTON AIRPORT, INC, 0 vent? Ci ,,, - Q-V. N ge Uxrg- mf' x V , ' n- 9:1 --9 5 I XX I f 4' A -,.-,215 D -N 1 hu h , r - 1 K I , 1 gg , :,Q- Ly . C 1 V , ' ' Y If l T Y I Q E . V Q . W . ' ' ' ll ll . . . . . , , . 1 1 ' I , . I J - , . 0 . ' . , ' ' 0 1 EP ' ' ' 1 . ' Hamilton Ohio 3 9 Hamilton Ohio SPORTS fi QW If J 955 ZQQQA f I W 0213- , .1 -- ,5va',uL, - ' -"1 "' f J ' .V ' if ""g w Q A f F - A .5 -, Q' I -. ... ,D 0 A . X , V . - .Q 314, . Q 5 ' ' J a A 5 ' l . A ql 4' I I v in -fm: ,' 7' ,, ' ' J'u!. ,' A, v - ' un , I 'K V ' - X 1 up J . "' Q ff , 4 I L' I 5-4-'-.D W J- ! nqm Q' is xii' Game Won Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Feb Oxford Stewart Sharonv1lle Sharonvllle Holy Tr1n1ty Mason M M Relly League Games League Record 2 WIHS 7 losses Season Record 9 w1ns 9 losses Tournament Record 2 wlns 2 losses Gam Lo t Nov Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Holy Tr1n1ty Morgan Hanover Wayne Trenton Seven Mlle Morgan Fa1rf1eld Var lty Ba ketball Floyd Rlchards Bob Moore Charlle Woods Jlm Moreland Coach Harold H111 Bob y Dudley Hugh James Ed Emrlck Reece Mansfwld Don Self ,hm Self C ompllments of Cornpllments ot MONROE GARAGE MASON GAS and ELECTRIC SHOP Monroe , Oh1O Mason, Olno V . 17, :lc . 21, ' . 12, ' . 15, ' ' . 19, . 9, O. . I. . 23, O. . I. . 2, ' aj: . 10, ' ' . 1, :jz Dec. 8, Rossa? I 5, rf: . 12, :jc . 19, :lf 0 26, ' :1: . 27, . 9, ' ' O 0 41 Charhe Woods Guard J1m Self Semor Forward Huglue James Sefuor Center Cornphments of YOST PHARMACY Mason Ohxo Cornphments of SPAE TH BROTHERS CLEANERS Mason Oh1o 42. Snag Rlchards Guard Don Self Jun1or Forward . r r r N Senlol-" Senior-- Y U James Moreland Bob Dudley Scnlor Forward Ed Emrlck Juruo Center Comphmcnts of LARRY'S PLACE Gano Oh1O 43 Boo Moor Senlor Guard Davld M8HSf1L1d .Tunlor Forward . F-- 1 1 Q Guard " ! Re erve Z X FIRST ROW: Beryl Harper, James Oshust, Jimmy Hanna, l-Iuberr Patterson, James Rub, Jerry Wood. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hill, Bob Dudley, Danny Ruffin, David Mansfield, Truman Davis, Edward Emrick, Jimmy Moreland, Bob Long, Luckey Cyrus, FIRST ROW: Bob Moore, Joe Rohrig, Luckey Cyrus, Bob Long, Hubert Patterson, Charlie Mason, SECOND ROW: Hugh James, Floyd Richards, Bob Dudley, Jim Self, Charlie Woods, Don Self, James Oshust, Mr. Hill. Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO, Hamilton, Ohio 44 X vresrrr Qrrrerrrrres X Varsrty And Reserves Cheerleaders Compliments of BERCAW'S GARAGE Mason, Ohio V Reserves Cheerleaders Mona Jame s Mary Lou Homan Annice Abney Compliments of MASON LUMBER and COAL CO. Mason, Ohio Jean and Jeanette ull M . .e jyqlsf N LQ ig? 9 as-lblhzfsg Betty ndrlx Verna Bob Dudley Alberta a Vincent .V lit I E 'M V1vian snag Huohle dn lim Self ,..4ss--f- ,.,..pp-nw Dons Joan of JOHN A DAVIS Highland Valley Farm Harnilton Uhio 46 ,ff Cornphments of Comphrnents of DeBORD'S CROSSROADS STORE RALPH FEE Maud, Ohlo West Chester, Oh1o 47 Y' Y V, .K x N X H N, 'W 4 H What manly features you have Coema Always s1tt1ng behlnd bars Maln Attrachon if 5,551- Dagrnar f 1 ,mb l What a shape' Oh' Sharpy' She won a blue vm -nv 'Sf' Jifsfidal 43 1 Defendlng the flag She made State Champ r-49" -.Ng rlbbon 48 f RS L-in XRBOO X I L? KANSAS 'fy I TOPEKA ! Mvzns AND co 'Nc K 41A og V Oo.. .- M4 , V Dog. ' ., X-.1 v, ., Oo V 1 K Athirx , Q., 4 X ,-, ' no 0 ' M' - ' 1. I A I 1. Og . o., oq,,.. 1. Cog. . 's .0ag..:.. o . op,,, - -. OI.. 1 .lov ,Q

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