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ANNUAL of 1950 Izflztor XIRFINIA XNN DOWINELLY As zstant Edztor Ramona Patterson Nlakeup Sports Typzsts Proof Readers DRLPI' Ronme Farmer Laura Trapp Jerry MOfhfl6ld Jerry Carter Semor Grrls Julle Summy and Agnes Rosenbalm Faculty 4flll9Pl'S F M DLCKW ALL D A PxTLn , X, W , v v . I L . : L L r 4 fb. ' ' 4 ....................... . ..................................... . ........... . ' ..,.....,....,.......,..........,...,............................... V , Advertising ............. .... ............. .... .......................................... . ............... S e n i or Boys . . II . . 7 - . . . .- DE DI C A TI ON f We, the senior class of 1950 of Union Town- ship School, wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. A A Welssmger for h1s twenty-one years of servxce, hxs fnendshxp to students and teachers ahke, and for h1s wzllxngness to help Durmg the 21 years as custodxan of the Umon Townshxp School I have seen 21 classs of seniors graduate-475 students parncxpatmg, of these 51 attended college or some other mstxtutrons of learnmg Some have become doctors, nurses, mxmsters, teachers, vocatxonal mstructors, farmers, ect. The fxrst year I was here the faculty consrsted of 11 tteachers and 224 students today, there are 20 teachers and 500 students Great zmprovements have been made durmg these years rn the bulldmgs and school system to help meet the de- mands of today, so that the students can be better fltted for the problems ahead and to help them become better cxtxzens Endeavonng to make hlgh school more practlcal, typmg and shorthand were added to the curriculum later musrc was added for the whole school The Townshxp Hall was completed and rented to the Board of Educatron ln 1930 and later the audltorrum m the Old Bunldmg was remodeled 1nto four rooms and offlce The halls mn the Old Bulldmg and four rooms dxnmg room and kltchen ln the New Bulldmg were covered wlth asphalt trle and the audltorxum ce1l1ng was covered wxth acoustical maternal New equipment ln the laboratory was mstalled The old plumbing system has recently been replaced Many mmor changes and lmprovements have been made through the years To me a school system IS l1ke a watch wlth the Supermtendent as the mam sprmg, and each department a wheel each wnth xts specxal work to do yet workmg m harmony wlth each other to attam the desxred goals Io the graduatmg class of 1950 I would l1ke to say that as you travel down the jerlcho Road be a Good Samarxtan domg your share and more Learn to l1ve and to work wlth people harmoniously A A Welssmger Custodran e 0 I 7 ! - Y . . 7 - ' l 7 7 . . . - ! 7 , . , . . . . . Y - . Congratulatlons to the Semors of 1950 May their years spent ln Umon Townshnp School always be remembered as some of the best years of their lwes. They have made lxfe-long fnends of teachers and fellow-students. A friend as a Jewel that shxnes brightest m the darkness of mnsfortune The Semors have achxeved one goal ln lxfe and now as they start out to achneve others, we wxsh them-Success F MARION Ducxwau. What You Are To Be, You Are Now Becommg It does not take much strength to do thmgs, but xt requnres great strength to decide what to do I hope that twelve years of school has helped you to decide what you are going. to do and has given you the strength to accomplish your goal. Always remember God gave man five senses-touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearmg the succesful man has two more, horse and common. May the Umon Townshxp School class of 50 realize that they are now becoming men and women m a society that makes many demands. The best way to meet these demands is to do thoroughly every job every day Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The suns rays do not burn untnl brought to a focus. I extend my very best wishes D RUSSELL!! Q and congratulations to every member of the class of '50. 4 , , 1 -...-9' FAC LTV 'NJ MR' DVCKWAU' Mlss HAGGARD Superzntendent ' f - Prmczpal -ui MR MCCQRMICK MISS ENPLE MR HILL MR FREASE Mathcmarzcs Agriculture Enghsh Coach M1ss SIMISON Home Economics Mrss PATER Corzmerczal We9ll Remember After the hustle and bustle of graduatmg rs over and everyone has settled down many of the graduatmg class wxll thunk of school and teachers They wxll remember the teachers for dxfferent thmgs. Thmgs they wlll never forget Such as Mass Engle-for her speech classes and Macbeth, and for directing the Jumor and Semor plays. Mr Duckwall for grvmg us an xnterest m scxence and math and especially for the scnentnfnc expenments. Mr Hull for bemg a wonderful coach and for hrs fme biology classes. Mxss Srmnson for teachmg us to cook and sew and how to play basketball Mr McCorm1ck for glvlng us a true picture of farmmg Mr West for teachmg us to apprecuate Latm and for sponsormg many student actxvmes. Mrs Pennock for showing us how to smg and how to appreciate music Mass Pater for her commerclal classes that we will never forget, especlally bookkeeping and typmg Mr Leefor bemg a wonderful supermtendent and for glvmg a helpmg hand when it was needed. Mr Frease-for hrs mterestmg geometry class and hrs hght assxgnments. Mns PENNOCK Music 'N 29 'f' 13 JJ N at Miss Haggard-for teaching us that history isn't a dead subject. 'nf ful? MR WEST MRS SENOUB Miss FAN1' :f lg Miss Wssx' Miss WEISSINGI-:R MRS JONES Mas FARMER 'iyvv Mns Mfxnnox 41 CN' MR Bsccs M25 00 oo Miss VAN Pr-:LT 1 , '95 ,J W x M R la Al 7'-8 5-8 '6 X s ' 9 ,V 5 '4 My A4 U, Q- ssfs A 0 000 3-4 -3 ' .3 of ' M X' 2 1.-2, M455 1.-WGLE MAF' sw NR AEE FQTIQN HRSFHRMFR H0775 My DUCKMMLL CLASS HISTORY Breezmg back over the years to 1937 we fmd that slx out of our twenty three members mn the semor class started to Chester rn the frrst grade They are Harrlet F1cke Lmda Redmond juamta Dlck V1rg1n1a Donnelly Jerry Mohr fxeld and Terry Stewart As they came up through the years, many moved but we had Just as many added to make nup for the lost Then came our freshman year ln 46 and the 1n1t1at1on by the sophomores whlch made us part of the h1gh school Our turn came ln 47 as sophomores to mmate the freshmen Our Junlor year came brmgxng to some of us the oppor tunlty to try our actmg abxhty m the Jumor play It was a comedy called, He Couldnt Marry FIVE wxth Gladys Hardmg and Gordon Smxth crowned as Queen and Kmg To some of us I th1nk that was about our blggest year but the bxg year was yet to come And that was 1n 1949 and 50 we are senxorsl That tltle IS supposed to make us more grown up than when we started rn 46 but xt also brmgs memorles such as the work on the annual our graduatlon plctures, the semor class play 1n Aprll the prom m May and then the really brg nlght--Commencement Its been work but we ve had fun too wlth the help of teachers and par ents we were all able to be there May 23 1950 to turn our tassels And each one of us know we have a Job 1n the future but we are gomg to work and do our best and we wlll make xt we wlll w1n , . , . , . . , . . . , - ' 9 . , . . . . 7 ' SK H ' ' 1 ' I 7 . . . l . . y . . - . . . . . . . U 7 ' 37 The Junior-Senior prom in May was an occasion we all worked hard for, ' ' GK ' 77 7 7 7 . , . . . . , . . , . . . i Y l , . . . - ' A an ' 77 ' ! ! ' s 1 , - 1 1 -9 ' 7 ! 7 ! ' Y 1 9 -' CLASS We the Senlor Class of Chester Hlgh School Umon Townshxp State of Ohxo the Umted States of Amenca bemg of sound mmd and body do establxsh thus to be our last w1ll and testament. Artlcle I To the freshmen we leave our dlgmfxed manner Art1cle II To the sophomores we leave our expen ences as upper classmen. Art1cle III To the Jumors we leave our semor prxvxleges. I Madlyn Beaver hereby wlll my abxhty to stay off the Honor Roll to Anne Benner and my shortness to Reece Mansfield jerry Carter hereby w1ll my abxllty to play basket ball to jam Arnold and my car to Patty Wageman I Peggy Curt1s hereby will my abllxty to get on the Honor Roll to Kathran Hall McG1nn1s and my abrlnty to make home runs to Anne Ben ner I Vrrgmxa Donnelly hereby wlll my posltlon as semor class presldent to jlm Self and my long nails to my sister Dolores. I Clarence Faber hereby will my curly halr to Jerry Wood and my helght to Bob Hlnkle I Exleen Farr hereby will my long hair to Verna Hughes and my fur coat to Joan Clemmons I Ronme Farmer hereby w1ll nothxng to you under classmen because everything I have I need I Harnet Fxcke hereby w1ll my abxhty to do nothing o anybody who needs lt. I Irene Hargxs, hereby wlll my western overalls and cowboy shxrts to joan Smnth and my ambltlon to work rn study hall to joan Farmer I Dolores Moreland, hereby wxll my pmk sweater to WILL Snag Rxchards and my posmon as forward on basketball team to Carol Mason I jerry Mohrfleld hereby wlll my abrhty to watch basketball games to George Thompson and my love for shuffle board to Mlss Haggard I Ramona Patterson hereby w1ll my beat up casuals to Patty Wageman and my 50 Ford to Lucky Cyrus. I Lmda Redmond hereby wlll my gxrlxsh fngure to Mark Keller and my blood red fmgernanl pollsh to Dons Lmdsey I Corbm Reece hereby wlll my figure to Mass Pater Bookkeepmg that rs and my abllxty to speak to others xn study hall wrthout gettmg caught to Lucky Cyrus I Agnes Rosenbalm hereby will by Sr Math and ad- vanced Algebra to anyone who wants xt. I Juamta Ruffm hereby wnll my quxetness to Manlyn Mae I Frank Stansbury hereby will my mxstakes to all underclassmen with foresight I Terry Lee Stewart hereby wlll my practlce sets and all to Mxss Pater and my ablllty to say poe ry m class to jam Oshust I Julianne Summy hereby will my abxlnty to get on the Honor Roll to I-Iughre james and my lxttle feet to Anmce I Laura Trapp hereby will my ablhty to get my dlrec lons mxxed to Betty Hendnx and my love of basket ball to Carol Mason I Glenn Wllll8mS, hereby will my dirty shoes to Coema Johnson and my shortness to Reece Mansfxeld. I john Wolfe hereby wxll my razor to Clrnton Beaver and my mustache to Mrs Engle. . , . , . . , ' . . , . . , . , . . . . I, , . . . - . , . . , . . . I, Juanita Dick, hereby will my suede oxfords to Pat Miller and mY L C Smith 3 Corona Typewfitel' to Ollie Name Known As Ambmon Mzght Be Madlyn Beaver Jerry Carter Peggy Curtxs Vllglfllii Ann Donnelly Juamta D1ck Clarence Faber Ronald Farmer Harrlet Fxcke Irene Hargxs Dolores Moreland Gerald Morhfleld Ramona Patterson Llnda Redmond Corbxn Reece Agnes Rosenbalm Juamta Ruffm Frank Stansbury Terry Lee Stewart Jullanna Summy Laura Trapp Glenn W1ll1ams John Wolfe Beaver Jerry Peg Gmny L1ttle Dlck B1lly Ronme Hatty Renee Dee Jerry Mona Lmdy Coffln Aggxe Neachle Frank Terry Juhe Laura Glenn .lawn Work at G M To be rlch Housew1fe Teacher Mllllonalre Dxesel Engmeer T W A Pnlot Work 1n 5c and 10 Bookkeeper Photographer Successful Farmer Secretary C To get name on Unemployment Further Educatxon Work at Securlty Bag Company Secretary Presldent of U S To get a Job Nurse Nurse To be a success Successful farmer Bus Drlver Home Ee Teacher Street Sweeper Scrub Lady Pauper Baby S1tter Bum Dog Catcher Dxscus Thrower Carpenter Dxtch Dlgger Lady Boxer Teacher Lumber Jack Wmdow Washer Pltcher for Cleveland Indxans Loafer Wrestler J amtor Street Car Conductor G1rls Physxcal Educatlon Teacher Duck Doctor Eilene Fair Fearless To get to Tulsa Pin Boy VIRGINIA ANN DONNELLY Chorus GAA KKK FTA Student Council Iota Tau, Jumor Class Play Class Offi cer Chester Chatter Staff, Volleyball Annual Staff Ambitious and Cute PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL SECRETARY y LAURA TRAPP Chorus Triple Trio Class Officer Student Councll Iota Tau Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Volleyball Bram and an original laugh RAMONA PATTERSON Chorus Juniar Class Play Class Officer Student Council Iota Tau G.A.A. K.K.K. Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Volleyball. Always talking JERRY CARTER F.F.A., Basketball, Baseball, Class Officer, Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff. Handsome and mischievious VICE PRESIDENT FRANK STANSBURY Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Student Council A friend to everyone TREASURER JULIANNE SUMMY- Chorus, Iota Tau, Junior Class Play, K.K.K., G.A.A., Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff, Volleyball. Studious and friendly DOLORES MORELAND- G.A.A., K.K.K., Chorus, Ches- ter Chatter Staff, Annual Staff, Cheerleader, Volleyball. Athletic interest and a quiet man- ner CLARENCE FABER- Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff, Student Council, Class Officer, Basketball, Movie projector operator. Nice and nev r a dull moment GERALD MORHFIELD FFA Cnester Chatter Staff Annual b t a f f Basketball Baseball Cheerful and handsome t wwf-I' MADLYN BEAVER G A A K K K Chester Chat ter Staff Annual Staff Loud and friendly LINDA REDMOND- Chorus Junior Class Play G A A K K K Student Coun cil Annual Staff Friendly and dynamite Af HARRIET FICKE- GAA KKK Chorus Ches ter Chatter Staff Annual Staff Quiet with a friendly smile AGNES ROSENBALM G A A K K K Chester Chat ter Staff Annual Staff Quiet and tim d TERRY LEE STEWART Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Safety Council Always willmd to help JOHN WOLFE- F F A Annual Staff Good friend and a loud laugh gm. 1,,.,.,f 'i"c:'1' PEGGY CURTIS- G.A.A. Chester Chat- ter Staff Annual Staff Sedate literary JUANITA RUFFIN- G.A.A., Chester Chatter Staff, Annual Staff, Class Officer, Ti Volleyball, Chorus, Triple Trio, Iota Tau. A talkative Personality GLENN WILLIAMS- Chorus FFA Annual Staff Basketball Athletxc ab1l1ty CORBIN REECE- Annual Staff F FA F F.A Photographer Easy gomg if l IRENE HARGIS- G A A K K K Chester Chat ter Staff Annual Staff Volley ba Wlld and vonderful JUANITA DICK GAA KKK Chorus Ches ter Chatter Sta.ff Annual Staff Jumor Class Play Safe ty Councll Blg thmgs come ln small packages RONALD FARMER Class offlcer Jumor Class Play Chester Chatter Staff Annual Staff Volleyball Movxe projector operator Quxet and frlendly EILENE FAIR- G.A.A., K.K.K., Chorus, An- nual Staff, Chester Chatter Staff Junior Class Play Witty and fun ha 'WU' SENIOR COSMOPOLITAN Most Popular F rlendllest Best Dressed Best Dlsposltlon Most Ambxtxous Llterary Cutest Quletest Athletxcs WlttleSt Most Dated Blggest Fllrts Crazlest Worst Glgglers Most Talkatxve Most Hair do s Nxght Owls Pretnest Halr Prettlest Gxrl Handsomest Boy Ramona, Ronnie jerry D Terry, Ronme Dee Clarence Frank juhanne Terry Corbm, Julxanne, Vlrgmxa Peggy John Vxrgxma Ramona, Jerry M Agnes, Frank, Harriet Dee jerry C Juamta D Clarence Ellene Llnda, jerry C Linda, Glenn Madlyn john, Terry Laura, Corbm Juamta R Irene Juamta R Madlyn Exlene, Glenn Laura Jerry M All Semor Gxrls All Semor Boys ANNUAL STH!-'F All Left to nght, standzng R Farmer, J Morhfleld, J Carter, C Faber, J Wolfe, G Wll hams, C Reece, T Stewart Second row J Dxck, V Donne11y,J Summy, L Redmond, R Patterson,J Ruffm Tlurd row A Rosenbalm, P Curtls, H F1cke,I Hargls, M Beaver, L Trapp CHESTER CHATTER -WYPISTS G Carr D L1nsey P Wageman O Rowland P Wardwell B Hmkle J Oshust J Self J Fxsher P Curtls R Ferrell B Harper B Moore Left to 'rzght top Madlyn Beaver Irene Hargxs Juamta Ruffm Mlss Pater Vlfglnla Ann Donnelly Ellene Fa1r Ramona Patterson HIGH SCHOOL COSMOPOLITAN Halr Eyes Lxps Hands Dxsposxtlon Smxle Proflle Nose Chln Ears Teeth Complexlon Phg s1que BOY AND GIRL Loxs Burlxle Mamle Fxelds Vlrglma Donnelly Dorls L1ndsey Carolyn Rose Joan Farmer Shlrley Cornett Irene Harg1s Mal lene Sheerwood LOIS Wardwell Betty Cold1ron Anmce Abney Shirley Froehllck Jerry Morhfleld Floyd R1chards J 1m Self V1ncent Utrecht Charhe Mason Homer Hardmg J1m Arnold J 1m Moreland Bob Dudley .hm Oshust Morrxs Redmond Ronme Farmer Clmton Beaver . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,- 1 ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,f , v 1 1 r 1 ' X1 K V . . Y, . . . ,A ana. an-fr J' WY! mia :Terry YH Pj w e S Irene 31 VY? 1 L'aU.Y'6L n x hlxgf Q Tu I i xm 5-FDC 3 3 5 5 X' ' it L va Yi 2 To fe, 5 3' R HINKLE Preszdent 19 -4' R FERRELL B ECKERLE JUNIOR CLASS V HUGHES H JAMES '41 E CARR P WAGEMAN JOAN DAVIS Vzce Presrdent A RINCK 'K -12 Jf 'k . 9:--Q Pl G THOMPSON Q 2 - --' ' 1 X ,-, .i ,gjgfi . 11-1111 L 1. if , - :J I' H v LW! .iiilff M. FIELDS J. OSHUST M. F. WILLSEY C. WOODS I I Qu. - I V V xi ' rj , ff x ' L44 ,Ah N I . , 4 , avi' 1 113 Ld' I J SELF V STEWART V UETRECHT O M ROWLAND G CARR M MOORE B HARPER F FARMER 1 R PRATHER B HENDRIX L R MOORE D LINDSEY R DUDLEY C JOHNSON J DEBORD P WARDWELL J FISCHER N HOERST L WINSTEAD D SELF Preszdent M K HALL 'G' v C BEAVER J FETTER SOPHOMORE if CLASS -3 ud- i GLASS L BURLILE MARSH J ARNOLD Vtce Preszdent REECE F RICHARDS B ALLEN D ALLEN C2 J CLEMMONS .4 -L F ROSENBALM J FARMER AQ' A BENNER R MANSFIELD R LAWSON ,fum I NELSON R COLE FARMER KELLER M E BAKER snsmnwoon '-3" af HARPER M MILLER S CORNETT , an MCGINNIS J NEEDHAM M KELLER Q x . A A 0 A , ' 'G' A " -f zz ff , ,g '..' N . . . . M. P. 1 I A 2 , - I, F: ,A , , - Q . J'L"v J". f '. .A .J A , . L. D. , .A 'Q A E' ' kj 1 7 Xl V L w Y X MQ , JA-N1 l . s . - . J. - . SQ 0 f . ' X F' A S' Q FRESHMEN CLAS5 D DONNELLY Preszdent A LJ"'r'l E CAUDILL ABNEY F THOMPSON C ROSE J RUB R ECKERLE ,pv- N SICKINGER J GUILER R ROHIG 54:1 J MORELAND Vzce Preszdent ii S RUB C MASON 1' Q' 954: WOODS J FERREL .72 '3 E M 1ssAcs LONG .S ,...., ' A XX v , r ' J, , .S 7 f -B , f in J -,,f VK. ' JW 'lf -J S J X, 1' 5 E- J . 1 - A ,... y' ri S .F f 3 , , f -1 ' . -44 'ff K - X lf' ,X JT I .V I :Q ip . , . J. . ' ip ' f ..a J Q iv ,. ' V f xH 8 - ,. J A ' Vg J if 'F' ' 1 Q O Q . , . . . B. .3 l 1 'i CYRUS L WARDWELL 1' ,gf -' It I. S BRATE T DAVIS Vi X -qi G BAKER '?'? I J HARPER REDMOND D COLDIRON I WOODRUM 'Q' J SMITH M BEAVER E WICKE D MARSH J DUNLAP C MASON D FETTER F HOSKINS S CAMP C HUGHES F VANCE We wish to dedicate this page to Miss Mirian Engle for her patience, co-operation, and fine direction of our junior and senior class plays. fl CURTAIN CALU' Juhe Summy Ellene Fan' Ronme Farmer Vlfglflla Ann Donnelly Carey Hllhard Shxrley Leber Lmda Redmond Sh1r1ey Rodgers Juamta Dxck Ramona Patterson swneff? mary? COHQH C, mfs STEAD I Dfzffvg shi! Srrzcff' sfvffcff' Tip Uff TFHM RAH Boo' C TE Eff? .2 . , .I s r 1 nfss WEST new 'CLICK , Cl ,Ty WHO5 SCARED? JR HIGH It 4'-1 1 EIGHTH GRADE Top row Mr West Billy Dick Mary Jane Richards Sondra Smart Carl Maddox Eugene Johnson Kathleen Fischer Shirley Chance Kenneth Jloseph Second row Pearl Wood Mona James Hubert Patterson Oras Reece Billy Hmkle Gerald Ringeisen Billy Willsey Anna Lee Wynn Frances Reeves Thzrd row Norma Abrams Margie Farmer Anna Mae Prather Ann Carson Wanda Winsted Ruby Merry Armelda Farmer Saiah Jo White Janie Herrin Marietta Hughes Fzrst row Donald Carr Ellsworth Holley David Bradbury James Williams 0 'il -ky. wr X--N 'MSX SEVENTH GRADE Top row: Bobby Dick Dixie Scudder Linda Hughes Judy Ferrell Stanley Needham Wayne Lindsey Barbara Kimberlin Mary Ann Pu ka Dolores Haper Clayton Need- ham. Third row: Harry Miller Dale Braschear Everett Ballinger Frankie Williams Donald Van Skaik Jim Rose Melvin Summy Tommy Mercer Donnie Mansfield Mrs. Ona Senour. Second row: Norma Thomas Carol Wardwell Janet Heflin Marrietta Sheerwood Betty Jane Kline Phyilis Behan Betty Cole Clara Bolser Irene Abrams Nancy John- son. First Tow: Clyde Schmidt Charles Melampy Stanley Meighen Johnnie Rhodes Ken- neth Williams Paul Sharpshair Paul Allen Ronald Sickinger. The close of the football season paved the way for the openmg of the long and excxtmg basketball season rangxng from early November to early March Practically every hugh school throughout the entlre land has :ts team and :ts loyal and enthuxastxc fans Each game IS a topxc of major mterest wnth a large segment of the cxtxzens of every commumty the games are wxtnessed by crowded houses and are revxewed m countless stones on the sports pages and sports broadcasts Wxthm a sxngle generatwn high school basketball has won the mterest and support of mxllxons of cxtxzens both young and old and now ranks as Amerxcas most popular amateur sport There are undoubtedly a host of reasons for thas widespread mterest m mterscholastxc basketball It xs fast and thrnllmg nt requxres skxll on the part of the players and expert guidance on the part of coaches xt ns a provoker of stxrrmg emotxons A lnfetxme of elatnons and depressnons are experxenced 1n one hour of game tlme Cmzens place great emphasxs upon hxgh school contests great as the emphasxs ns, the opportumty for ut: llzmg these actlvxtles for deslrable responses I8 equally challenging In some states for Instance much good has resulted from the campaxgn emphasxzmg the following basketball tenets Basketball ns a game-not a fxght or a battle Basketball xs played for the fun and enjoyment nt produces and not to provoke bxtterness and sorrow Vxctory should develop a spmt of tempered elatlon mnxed wnth tolerance A study of the sportsmanshxp dnsplayed nn athletnc contests of all types wall reveal that the mterscholastnc affaxrs rank near rf not at the top of all HAROLD E HILL r , , . . Y . . .. .. ., 7 I l 'D , - ' 7 Q - : . . 3 9 ' . ! S CHARLIE Bo B CHEERLEADERS M D d y D la d Ab y Pos: PRETT7' 041V '94 BASKETBALL The West Chester Varslty won 4 out of 18 starts thls year They played good basketball m most of thexr games They lost many of the games by only a sllm margm The reserves won 5 out of 18 games domg somewhat better than the xarslty The reserves made up mamly of fleshman and sophomore boys CHESTER OPPONENT Morgan Rexly Glendale Mason Falrfxeld "'Stewart Farmersvllle fSharonv1lle Morgan Ross Glendale 'FI-ianover Wayne Farmersvxlle 'kTrenton Sharonvllle 31 "' Seven Male 'Denotes League Games 5Overt1me 4 35 34 43 I 53 32 70 18 36 31 :if ' ' 32 34 " 39 24 Hanover 53 40 ' 48 S4 -' ' 56 50 H1 49 57 45 44 61 42 77 33 36 51 ' 54 36 67 62 ' 53 ' 70 I JUNIOR SENIOR CAPTAIN FORWARD CO CAPTAIN GUARD JUNIOR JUNIOR FORWARD FORWARD VARSITY Left to nght top C Faber J Self G Wxllxams B Hmkle J Carter H James Mr H111. RESERVE Top Row left to nght D Self E Caud1.l1 R Mansfield E Emerxck F Rlchards Fzrst Row Mr H.11l,J Woods H Hardmg B Long D Harper B Dudley J Oshust Second Row: E. Caudill, C. Mason, F. Richards, B. Dudley, D. Self, J. Oshust. BASEBALL Top left to nght J Oshust F Rxchards D Self B Long J Morhheld D Harper J Self G Carr Mr H111 BASEBALL West Chester had a good baseball team thus past fall and we are lookmg forward to another good season Here are the players' Catcher Hugh james PltCh6fiCh8Tll6 Woods and Jxm Self First Base--jerry Carter and Bob Hmkle Second Base-Bob Dudley Shortstop-Floyd Rxchards Thxrd Base-Charhe Woods and j1m Self Right Field Bob Moore Center Fxeld Don Self Left Fleld Jerry Mohrfneld .................-...l .........-....-- Second Rows B. Dudley, C. Woods, J. Carter, B. Hinkle, B. Moore, H. James. clues B B om mu Top Row, left to right: B. Moore, J. Self, L. Burlile, P. Wageman, J. Summy, J. Ruf- fin, P. Wardwell, B. Hinkle. Second Row: G. Carr, O. Rowland, R. Patterson, J. Davis, A. Rinck, V. Uetrecht, Mr. West. First Row: B. Hendrix, V. Donnelly, V. Hughes, J. Fetter, J. Fee, C. Johnson. STU DENT COUNOL .LC L Left to right top L Burlile L Wardwell P Wardwell A Benner F Farmer Third Row L Wmstead J Dunlap P Wageman E Reece V Hughes B Hendrix , . , l 0 o 0 Second Row: Mr.. West, J. Oshust, J. Davis, J. Arnold. : . ' , . , . , . , . , . ' . KKK Top row, left to right: M. K. Hall, D. Moreland B. Allen M. Baumel E. Reece M. Baker. Second Row: M. Sheerwood I. Woodrum, E. Isaacs, F. Hoskins, A. Benner, E. Wicke F. Vance. Third Row: Miss Simison, D. Fetter, J. Smith, L. Wardwell, C. Hughes, S. Brate, J. Guiler, B. Coldiron, D. Donnelly. Fourth Row: S. Rub, D. Marsh C. Mason, J. Fetter, F. Mee, M. Miller, J. Harper GAA Left to nght top M Beaver J Dunlap I Woodgum R Eckerle E Isaacs F Hoskms C Hughes E Wlcke Left to nght top M1ss Haggard H FlCke J Summy F Vance E Farr L Redmond P Curtls M1ss S1m1son Second Row M1ss Sxmlson C Rose C Mason S Rub First Row M Beaver V Donnelly R Patterson J D Marsh L Wardwell S Brate J Guxler B Rufflrl A Rosenbalm J D1Ck Coldlron Thzrd Raw J Smlth D Donnelly D Fetter S Camp Left to nght top D Lmdsey P Wageman J Flscher J Davls O M Rowland P Wardwell Second Row M1ss Haggard L Wmstead F Farmer Left to nght top M K Hall S Cornet! M Sheerwood A Rmck B Hendrlx C Johnson M1ss Sxmlson A Benner Thzrd Row M Moore M Fxelds V Hughes N Hoerst Second Rou. M1ss Haggard S fxl'O91lCk D Moreland M F Wlllsey V Stewart B Allen E Reece L Farmer L Burhle M1ss Sxmrson Third Row J Farmer L J Fee J Fetter M Mxller M Baker M Baumel a 0 g I 1 7 ! l Y , . O o 0 ' , : . ,,.. ,.. n, . ' . I ,. ,. ,. ,. , I , - D , , . ,.. , . , . : ' " , . , . , - , - I , - , . I , . , . , . , . , - , - - ' .' . . , . , . , . , A. Abney, J. Harper, J. Ferrell. N l l V f U I , . y' - - I I ' , f . . , . , . , I f'- - - V , - v - v 'f A v ' 1 - A -1 . . , . . .. , . , . , . , ' :. , .. ,. , . ' , Left to rzght standmg M1ss Haggard J Self J Davls A Benner H James Seated V Hughes B Hendnx V Donnelly J Fetter E Reece Left to 1-zght top C Beaver J Carter J Morhfxeld J Wolfe, G Cole Second Row R Prather J Arnold J DeBord H James T Davxs Mr McCorm1ck Fourth Row M Redmond R Long J Wood S Dudley D Abney H Hardxng D Harper Top Row Left to nght Mr Beggs E Holley F Thompson C Beaver T Davis, T Stewart Mr West Second Row J Dxck J Fee S Chance B Klme D Donnelly T Rogers B Hendrlx Fzrst Row P Dragoo K Caster L Fetter J Depew R Wyld D Uetrecht I Q a A l 6 I 0 0 Third Row: V. Uetrecht, C. Reece, G. Baker, G. Carr, J. Moreland, C. Mason, H. Carr, CHORUS GIRLS Y Left to ngm wp M Baker B Allen M sheerwood R Left to wht wp J' Kel1er,G W11113m5,G Carr B H111 Eckerle M K Hall D Moreland E Reece S Camp 9 C Rose A Benner L Farmer Second Row Mrs Penock P McG1nn1s H James, J Second Row S Brate M Baumel P Wageman D Arnold Marsh L Wardwell D Donnelly J Ferrell P Thzrd Row K Hughes, J Wood J Oshust, B Long R. Wardwell F Hoskms C Hughes Prather Thzrd Row Mrs Penock F Farmer E Isaacs M Moore S Cornett F Vance C Johnson L Woodrum L Burlxle Fourth Row J Farmer C Mason M Flelds V Hughes J Fetter JZ Fee J Harper 'rr BAND - Frrst Row left to nght Joyce Harper Shxrley Van Skank Anna Mae Prather Davxd Schmxdt Wayne Lmdsey Clyde Schmldt Second Row Mrs Penock Shxrley Chance Eva Mae Isaacs Darrell Harper Carl Maddox Jeanme Fee Robert Hmkle Third Row James Marsh manager Charles Melampy Davre Henry, Nell Maddox Gerald Emmett James Gullett 'Y W, ' , .I V 7 ' E . , f . , . , . , . ' : : ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 ' - 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' . , . , . . : . , . ' ' , . . , . . , . , . , . ' : . . , . H . , , . , . . . ' : . l , . , . , . , D. Lindsey, A. Rlnck, J. Davis, J. Fischer, E. Wicke, ' 7 ' ! ' I Y ' f . , . , . ' , 1 . ,x . , . , . . ? V Q +-' r .:. . I . I: y .. . , , . l ! ' : ' . I . . Y ! I 1 I ' , . ELEMENTARY '1- N. SIXTH GRADE Top Row Carl F1Ck6 Denz1l Oldf1eld James Wxcke Arnold Rogers, John Rogers B111 Balhnger Gerald Emmert Fourth Row Homer H1nkle Wendell Reece James Wx lds Raw Ball1nger Ronald Rub Frank K1rk Don Mason Waxne Cole Mr Beggs Thzrd Row Nell Maddox Deborah Kopp Shul v Coldlron Charles Rose Floyd Whltaker Jan1s Glass Phxlhs Balhnger Second Row Fern James Genelle Wllllams Mary Jane Althauser Thelma Roberts Margxe Wlllsey Phylhs Hoelle Nancy Lou Curtls Shlrley Self F1rstRou Kenneth Caster Gen Abney Gordon Farmer Davld Henry Jlmmy Gul lett Garv DeLote11e Charles Abney U0 FIFTH GRADE First Row Marlene Balhngel Paul Harper Bruce Johnson Paul Drago J1mm1e Carr Rox Prxce James Ballmger D1ane Smart Second Rou, Jo Ann Depew Margxe Vance Helen Puska Daxsy HOSKIDS Patr1c1a Wllson Vlvlan Baker Shlrley Van Ska1k Marcla Sheerwood Jenny Meddlngs Patrlcla Marsh Edxth Marsh Thlrd Rau, Shlrley Class Pauline Needham Lawrence Rodgers James Wxckllne Leroy Hmkle Cora Sue Stephens Jo Ann Ballxnger J'an1e Rub MISS Fant Fourth Rou Jack Long D1ck West Dale Farmer Charley Moore Nelson Wood Roy Hendrxx, Hal Underwood, Chfford Meguxre r .1-.,..-.,....,,,. -W ' ga ,Q -.- r .gf 'r 1- nb- N oo- ' 'nf' 4 A " ' .- -.9 5, Q ff 5 , 4 Q t Q A f.6" 'q .- ,Q ,Q 4'0- Fr' 4 FOURTH GRADE Top Rou Doyle Hampton Dorrrs Jennrngs Shlrlev Vance Lrnda Fetter Gul Burg Johann JoAnn Rrnck Anna Mae Norrrs Juaruta Per kms Larry Gundler Thvrd Row Denny Jones Charles Gurler Jerrv Maschrno Jrm Rose Lenvrlle Clark Frank Moore Larry Johnson Charles Rrggs Second Row Mrs Farmer Ramona Marsh Melanre Maddox Betty Lou Chanew Paulrne Mercer Ora Lee Depew Thelma Mercer Janet Merrw Joan Johnson Thelma Oldfreld Esther Krmberlarn Ftrs! Row Paul Ballmger Melvrn Maddox Ralph Stuart Rubrn Needham Rrchard Stewart Davrd Schmrdt Donald Holley 0' V THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE Bari R011 James Br rsnear Bob Ell Cell: Houston Roun x Needham lohbx Wrnstul Gltnn Dr rho Donald Thomas Cul llumnhrles Jicltre Trtc Frrtz Stuard Mzdril Pm Rrxmoni Abrams Lerm Neuhrus Drx1dLaxxvx11l Tommx Drck Pobbx Hughes Judw Reece Dale Hughes Rrchard Wwlds Joxce Cramer Mrss West Front Row Delores Melampx Bonnre Krmberlrn Brllre Eckerle Charlene Weaver Donna Harper Betty Mercer Elarne Waggoner Marrlwnn Underwood Barbara Meeker Shrrley Cole VZ, , H 5 A 4 ' Y re ' - ov, f I , - 1 - THIRD GRADE Top row Herschel Prather Ernxe Abrams Ronald Rxchen Donald Hamptom Gary Albertson Bllly Aufranc Bobby Ferrell Errol Gundler Thrrd row Ethel Allen Donald Puska Mark Hall Harry Norrxs Davxd Althauser Wayne Waggoner Duane Waggoner Hank Wxcke Phllhp McK1bben Larry Thomp son Betty Lou Hale Mrs Maddox Second row Emma Morrxs Eva Stamper Jacqualme Behan Agnes Allen Patrxcla Hoskms Elane Schobert Bonnle Baker Marllyn Sheerwood F1.rst row Charles Prlce M1chae1Lew1s Larry Redmond Chfford Farmer Gerald Smlth Donald Rhodes SECOND GRADE Top row Patr1c1a Stewart Garry Plummer Jerry Jones Johnny Watts J1mmy Llttle Charlotte Houston Carl Hendrxx Kenneth Needham Bonme Alexander Third. row Mxss Wexssmger Lola Carr Mary Ellen Klme Karen Wleland Nancy Moreland Rebecca Douglas Bernetta Roger Larry Lock Arlxe Llnox James Thomas Second 'row Ida Mae Chance Llnda Jones Barbara Ballxnger Sherry Sxbey Loretta Prather Alxce Mane Ward Phylhs Wood Sandra Johnson Carole Rlchen Louise Back First row Jerry Davls Bobby RIDCK Ronald Stewart Ronald W1l11ams Gordon Ball mger Donald Stewart Robert Hampton Dlck Marsh A LJIQA. T 'P FIRST AND SECOND GRADE Top 'row Mary Jane Johnson Curt1s Jennings Dorothy Rogers Winford Hubbard Second row Mrs Jones Judy Behan Mary L Gadberry Jesse Moore James Wilson Lonn1e Rose Michael Meyers Donna Payne Jack Sharpshair Sanna L Johnson Stephene Klmberlin Third row James Coldlron Donna Cornett Charles Dlngman Gerald Bradbury Vxr gmia Bley James Wilson Galen Strautman Judy BurgJohann Karen Stewart Front row Bobby Beaty Lucellus Scudder Cledls Perkins Doyle Harper Roger Dunlap Jerry Caster Thomas W1111ams fra I -. Mi uf an 4...-I BJ1 FIRST GRADE First Row left to right-Norma Harper Donna Lou Morath Sandra Mercer Gracie Stuard Vixian Hubbard Janet May Esther Wood Armilda Winkler Mar- leena Allen. Second Rou-Walter Long David Marsh Freda Burns Roy Lenox David Meddings Ronald Puska Donald Donahoe Jerry Roberts. Third Row-Miss Van Pelt Judith Anne Kline Russell Baker Janice Ballinger Mary Katherine Coffee Jerry Vance Janet Widmeyer Herbert Houston Toby Moyers Dallas Vance. Top Rom-Linda Waggoner Bonnie Fee Thelma Neuhaus Ronald Abrams Floyd Roberts Billy Hendrix Gary Lee Aufranc Bobby Carson. ,.A....... Rv Q 'S s 1' 'lvl Q5 La K ff! oi? ff? lfff ffl ,YD Q NJ ,Q f X Ll' Q as ? RT A226 K ,FCSDA Boo 1 Q k "' ? Q! . 04 'A ,ANQXX QQ Af KD Ja WV M x 35' A A111 Q I 4QE We ,ff If QHEEZELX N 'J CK 2 f A 3 Q R? B fi ay X K 'CAN ,Af 9, 1? ' , o 'g . J ff . ,H ,O 6 A . U H U K , U W PM N " 6, N e: - - M 0 I . 72.1of,9A7n,D-N7 OLfR N, MRS UNDERWOOD NONE FUN CfLfl3RlTl E5 corwvm The Followlng BUSIHCSS Men Have Made It Possible TO PUbllSh Our Annual Please Help Us To Show Our A ppreewtlon By Patromzlng Them VORHIS FUNERAL HOME LOCKLAND OHIO WELLIING JEWELRY SHOP LOCKLAND OHIO DR R T WELLING LOCKLAND OHIO ANDY HERRIN S BARBER SHOP LOCKLAND OHIO READING DEPARTMENT STORE READING OHIO ROY WINTI' RROWD REAL ESTATE READING OHIO READING OHIO THEISS MOTOR 8: CROSLEY SALES READING OHIO SHARON GRILL sHARONvILLE OHIO SHARON THEATRE SHARONVILLE OHIO TOMMY S TAVERN SHARONVILLE OHIO BOB SCHATZEL CAFE SHARONVILLE Omo BUD S BARBER SHOP MASON OHIO FRENCH B SMITH INSURANCE MASON OHIO MASON SUPER SERVICE STATION MASON OHIO CO1NOWER'S GARAGE WRECKER SERVICE MASON OHIO GUIDO TERZO STUDIO HAMILTON OHIO GRAY S FLOWERS HAMILTON OHIO MOBILOIL SERVICE STATION HAMILTON OHIO GENERAL MILLS INC HAMILTON OHIO NEUHAUS SERVICE STATION WEST CHESTER OHIO IHLE S WHITE VILLA GROCERY WEST CHESTER OHIO WEST CHESTER OHIO DeBORD S CROSS ROAD STORE MAUD OHIO FRIENDLY INN MAUIJ OHIO SOHIO INN MAUD OHIO J O WYLE BETHANY OHIO ELMER WILLIAMS INSURANCE HAMILTON OHIO GORMAN INSURANCE MONROE OHIO MONROF NATIONAL BANK MONROE OHIO MEEKER S GARAGE MONROE OHIO MADDOX SERVICE STATION MASON, OHIO V 7 REG. ROSSELOT. HIGIIWAY INN WEST CHESTER HARDWARE 9 9 The FOllOWlHg Buslness Men Have Made It Posslble TO Publlsh Our Annual Please Help Us To Show Our A pprecmtlon By Patromzmg Them JOHN J KEEHNER GENERAL HAULING WILLIAM F DUDLEY 8: SONS HAMILTON s OHIO MASON OHIO PORT UNION CAFE WALTER MOHRFIELD 8z SONS PORT UNION OHIO LAMP S GENERAL STORE PISGAH OHIO HAMILTON AIRPORT INC HAMILTON OHIO KENTUCKY TRUCK STOP NO 2 MAUD OHIO CHARLES 8 MARCELLUS OSNER wEsT CHESTER OHIO JOHN DAVIS HAMILTON OHIO MYRON AUFRANCE HAMILTON OHIO CARPENTER MEMORIAL STUDIO HAMILTON OHIO SLONEKER IMPLEMENT CO INC HAMILTON OHIO REEX ES DELICATESSIN WEST CHESTER OHIO BLUE SHUTTERS ANTIQUES WEST CHESTER OHIO SHOE STRING RECORD SHOP READING OHIO SUBURB SUPPLY CO READING, OHIO YORBOROUGH SERVICE SHARONVILLE OHIO SPRINGDALE INN SPRINGDALE OHIO WEST CHESTER OHIO BIDDLE S APPLIANCE READING OHIO RED LANTERN CAFE wEsT CHESTER OHIO C ROSSELOT 8: SONS WEST CHESTER OHIO FERM S PLACE SHARONVILLE GARAGE SHARONVILLE OHIO ERNIE BROOKS JEWELERS SHARONVILLE OHIO DUERMIT BROS SHARONVILLE OHIO FLORANCE APPLIANCE SHARONVILLE OHIO JACK AHEON FLORIST LOCKLAND OHIO HANLEY JEWELERS LOCKLAND OHIO AL S TOGGERY SHOP READING OHIO LEUGERS FURNITURE READING OHIO STEWARTS MEN SHOP SHARONVILLE OHIO PATRICK S APPLIANCE WEST CHESTER OHIO I C O Q O O I O Q 9 U , , N Q Q ' 9 Painting IQ Papering GANO' OHIO I 9 7 I P The Followmg BIISIIICSS Men Have Made It Posslble TO Publlsh Our Annual Please Help Us To Show Our A ppreclation By Patromzmg Them FIRESTONE STORE LOOKLAND 15 OHIO VALLEY FABRIC SHOP LOCKLAND OHIO GOLDEN BAKERY LOCKLAND OHIO HARTMAN 8: BAILEY INC LOCKLAND OHIO LOCKLAND LUMBER CO LOCKLAND OHIO M GOLDBERG 81 SONS READING OHIO READING OHIO GARDNERS FORD SALES READING OHIO READING FEED MILL READING OHIO CHARLES BOWYER BARBER SHARONVILLE OHIO CLIFFS HARDWARE SHARONVILLE OHIO SHARON DRY CLEANER SHARONVILLE OHIO ED G KOEHL INC READING OHIO SHARON WELDING CO SHAIIONVILLE OHIO JIMMY SHEVLINS HI TAVERN NORTH OF SHAEONVILLE SPAETH BROS CLEANERS MASON OHIO BUCKEYE LODGE MASON OHIO MASON LUMBER 8: COAL CO MASON OHIO ROY WINTERROWD, REAL ESTATE READING OHIO HAMILTON OHIO DAVID WEBB 8: SONS HAMILTON OHIO BUTLER FARM BUREAU CO OP HAMILTON OHIO STOLL S FLORIST HAMILTON OHIO PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO HAMILTON OHIO OPEKASIT CENTER HAMILTON OHIO READING FLORISTS ANTHONY WAYNE MOTOR INC. V'x'NL'QN FRHNTINIJ C 1N1f'-Iv Y Mffi' . IU

Suggestions in the Union Township High School - Chanticleer Yearbook (West Chester, OH) collection:

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