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uymm- U i 1 , I vv,. 'P A--"""NR'q1-Routmi ""Q 4furn"L'Wa1 1 ""'m'3.'m m'?:fp 5 N nu Q F r i , : A' X xx x Try, , . Q 45 F 'F Q 'veg lg fs,-145,444 6 Y f if DEDICAII N To those who have gone from Union High School to enter the service of their Couhtry, that we might continue to enjoy its many freedoms, we, the Class of 1946, dedicate this Annual, meaenpbqm, UNION HIGH SCHOOL ' CAR AVAN' Annual Staff Editor-in- Chief. . . . , . . . . .Charlotte Rude Assistant. . . . . . . . . . Mary Ann Hickman ArtEditor..,,,.,, .,,,,joAnnMoh1er War Service Editors , , . . .Wi1da Gentis David Long Business Manager, , , , . , Robert Gross Assistants ,,,,,, , , , john McGraw Bobby Myers Photography , , ,,,, Patty Hewitt john Sevegney Facult-1 Sponsors Leicester Brown Paul Bur oker fi? f fs 1 I 1 .J 1 1 ,J-.1-I 41, K .Ii ,Q 6 Y' 5 1 -1 I G 1 I x K ' . X ,-N, .- 1- 5, fx ' r w ns, -1 iii.-ri, ' ' 9' ', F " ' us .NL -,. 5 ,Jxf . xl, .'. X-' U f - , - x fr t, 1 s. ,W . b - l, ,, ,tx M- xl, rvs 1, ,1- - - " J '. ' 1 an 5 , K lv '.,, .EEZ .3 . . ,. A. , ,. Lk V gggfigg . , 4 +,J.' P b, 'j11'. R 1 .iv y 315- 'iqizfs V , R: gg' Y f 1? ,?s'5'wg,effxMg,'g1',,,,2:' mi "gg-'jf,1 til ., , - f . ?rlm fc:f33l3.,,g vT M wi ll? :Q 1-A I , , If ' ' ' " A ' f' A 'S-Y .H Q - , ' , - jgg,,,EQ-- ,-2,!f?VT'1'1 f' , . W? A , . A. .- Q " ' A "W ir ' M F b?i U -5 ? y - muhwpalqm SERVICE MEN Frederick Hinshaw Muriel Wimmer Emerson Pickering Max Springer Homer Simpson Ralph Tucker Leonard Mickelson Lee Kendall John Pettay John Randolph Ward johns Frederick Foland Roger Evans Earl Heathcoate Willard McCoy Lou Berne Fox Philip Schrader Gene Carter james Hatton Virgil Jamison John Colescott Wayne Mickelson William G. Ellis Eugene johns Lee Eugene DeWitt Carl Patterson Zana jane Lord Robert Carlile Jaxnes Miller Merrill Kingery Walter Charles Frank Conway Harry St. Pierre Floyd Ellis Loren Reed Donald Graf Robert Renbarger John K. Surnmers Charles Bovfman Robert Kirkpatrick Floyd McKinney Francis Carlile Eugene Kingery john Hoban Walter Wimmer Farrell Heathcoate Charles Hill Joe Bryant junior Harrell Donald Lee Spencer Christopher Lamb HA . , 4 . . rAcul.1Y nawkmlwtffux RUTH MILLER HELEN BARGERHUFF English Music and Art DURWARD PADDOCK PAUL BUROKER FRANCIS ECHELBARGER Voc. Agnculture Principal Junior High LEICESTER BROWN SAMUEL MARTINDALE Commerce 5Cie1'1Ce ' - -" W -Q ,nv-K -' gan 'f K ,. Nv.. x' qv.:-,gi . SENIORS Hg "U . 291. ' ,, ' ' !iem'q..,-'ku'-,-, '11 ,- '- fb. In , 38 51' 5 -253. ninefeenfaalqubr WILDA GENTIS ' Sec. 8: Treasurer, junior Play, Senior play, Newspaper Staff, Annual Staff CHARLOTTE RUDE f-WH:Q ,fimxffpH5', Senior Play, Newspaper staff, Annual staff, District Latin contest, Athletic Board IO ANN MOHLER President, junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff PATTY HEW ITT junior play, Senior play, Newspaper staff, Annual staff IOHN MCGRAW Basketball 3, Baseball 4, Junior play, Senior play, Newspaper staff, Annual staff, ROBERT GROSS Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Junior play, Senior play, Newspaper staff, Annual staff, Athletic Board niaefeen foalaf abr ' SENIOR HISTORY We the Class of 1946, started our school career at a very young age. Since then there have been many changes. When we set out on the great sea of study our crew consisted of--George Beatty, Martha Copp, Robert Gross, j'oAnn Mohler, Dorothy Metcalf, Manuel Mitchell, john Mc- Graw, Charles Summer, Max Kingery, Wilma Pettay, and Mary Symons, who joined our crew later in the voyage. Our first years were spent trying to acquire all the knowledge possible, It proved to be quite a struggle, but we managed to make the eighth grade up to standard. Our Fresh.man year started with an enrollment of fifteen: Jaxnes Bridges, Barbara Fowler, Robert Frazier, Wilda Gentis, Robert Gross, Patty Hewitt, Philip Hood. Robert Johns, Juaneta Miller, Manuel lviitchell, JoAnn Mohler, Rosey Shelton, joseph Swope. Beginning our Sophomore year we found our crew deminishing with the loss of james Bridges, Philip Hood, Robert Johns, Joseph Swope, and the addition of a new member Cha- rlotte Rude who hit the deck during the last semester. As we set sail in our junior year a new member, Lindell Buroker, joined our crew. This year we began in earnest to make and record history. First carne our junior Class play, 'DON'T DARKEN MY DOOR,' which was presented very successfully. As the year continued we were represented on the first squad in bas- ketball by two members, Robert Gross and John McGraw. With spring carne the junior-Senior Banquet. The table and surroundings were dec- orated in green and white, and additional decorations of lavendar and gold. It was enjoyed ' by all. As the year ended all of us seemed to be very happy to think our next year would be our last voyage at sea, . During the summer of 1944- we lost two members: Barbara Fowler and Lindell Bur- oker, Those who will receive diplomas at the April Commencement are: Wilda Gentis, Robert Gross, Patty Hewitt, john McGraw, JoAnn Mohler, and Charlotte Rude. Class Officers are: President, JoAnn Mohler, Vice President, Charlotte Rudeg Secretary and Treasurer, Wilda Gentis. Athletic Board representatives are: Robert Gross and Charlotte Rude. , We shall leave school wondering where our ship will anchor as we set sail on the great sea, with our destination unknown. Wherever our destination may be, we will always remember that 'Good Old Class of 194-6,' and the many memories and swell times we had at Union High, xivvxxmooe: CLASS PROPHECY - One evening, as I sat by the fire, Ibegan to think of radar. I became so interested in it, that in my dreams I took a trip. Naturally my mind wondered back to the Union Township School and the happy year of 1946. What had become of the 1946 Seniors and what had they made of themselves? My first stop along the highway was an antique shop. I was interested in antiques and was attracted by the beautiful and odd china in the window. As I walked in, I saw a farniliar face: I asked who she was. She said she was Wilda Gentis and had started this shop about ten years ago, Her hobby had always been collecting dishes and various things. The shop was located on 5th Avenue in New York City, She had a very interesting shop and flourishing trade. As she was very busy and I had many other places to go, Iwent on drifting toward the moon. While gliding along, I saw a well-known naxne on a barn. The title was 'john Mc Graw and Sons.' I stopped to inquire what John had been doing. Whe I opened the door, four lively girls and five curly headed boys came running. John told me about his wife nawabmjwtlfwu and nine children. just as Iwas ready to continue on my way I noticed another large build- ing, Iwas soon informed that it was a skating rink. It seemed that he and his wife and children loved to skate so well, that they built one on his farm. Maybe you have heard of 'johnny's Skating Club.' Continuing on my journey I saw a familiar figure playing in a yard. I ask if she was Charlotte Rude, but Iwas mistaken, it was Charlotte's daughter. just at that mom- ent Charlotte ca.rne to the door, she was the saxne friendly person. Ilearned that she had married an old 'Flame' from Howard. She had two children, Nancy and Max jr., who were then on the Quiz kids program at the new I. Q. station at Chicago. She WGS i!lfC1'C5f0d in knowing about her class and asked me to keep her informed of any news that I might be able to obtain. Iwas getting deeper into Dreamland. As I was going over the Pacific, I found my- self on a large island called Hawaii. Soon after I arrived, the new governor and his wife carne to welcome me. It was none other than Joseph' Bryant and his wife the former Pat- ty Hewitt. The Hawaiians informed me that they thought Patty was becoming as popular as the former leading lady Mrs. Paul V, McNutt, Patty was hoping to stay for a long time, she had enjoyed some interesting experiences. Getting closer to the moon I came to Europe. ln Paris a large coliseum caught my eye. There were several people quite excited over a newspaper article. For curiosity I bought a paper. In big headlines: 'Woz-ld's Famous Bobcats Versus the European Famous Bearcats.' In smaller type it had the lineup for the teams. Bob Gross was captain for the Bobcats. It had a brief history of Bob. He had been playing with the team for many years. The game was to be played that night. It was a 'thriller' to the last second. The Bobcats won the game by Gross' famous last second field goal. Bob was crowned captain for the all-astars. He had some very thrilling experiences that he told me. He was also interested to know what had happened to his classmates. I was very close to the moon and nearly out of Dreamland, when I turned on my tele- vision radio. As the picture grew more visible I saw that it was JoAnn Mohler. She had taken Cass Daley's place on the radio. She had become a famous actress on the stage and radio. She now lived in Hollywood and owned a cattle ranch. I found that she was on a tour and was planning to appear in person at Kokomo, Indiana and from there to Phlox. I had now come to my journey's end. - It seemed that on my trip I had drifted in so many different directions, just as Fate had before scattered in the Class of 1946, vakrsvxarxmarsv 'CLASS WILL ' With weary bones, worn down pencil and borrowed paper, I, Robert Gross, do here- by bequeath my belongings in U. H. S. to my underclassmen. To Robert Helms I will my place as center on the basketball squad. To Max Downing my height, comes in handy some- times. To any of the Freshman boys who have to help at home, I bequeath my ability to stay out of school and get by with it, To the coming Juniors, I will my place in Agriculture Class along with those rough talking up and coming Seniors of '47, To prevent all arguments and misunderstandings, I, john Melvin McGraw do not will some of my earthly possessions at dear old U. H. S. I leave my excellent ability to sleep in the assembly to anyone who can get by with it. To Melvin Myers I leave all my left over scrap paper. Wad'er up and put it back in my desk if you'want to. To jim Hill I will my position fkeeping the benchwarml on the basketball squad. And last but far from least, I will with great syrnpathy my Civics book to any unfortunate Senior of '4-8. With a regretful sigh and a backward look, I, jo Ann Mohler, another Senior on the forward march do will to julia Swope the maid part in the class plays. I will to anyone who wants it, my worn out typewriter. To Bobby Myers I leave my job as president of the Sen- ior Class. To David Long, Iwill my Civics book: there's many unread pages in if. S0 please treat it gently. To anyone who has a strong leg I leave my seat in assembly. I, Pattie Hewitt, now a dignified Senior at U, H. S. being of sound mind and mem- ory, do bestow the following possessions to these underclassmen. To Forest Foland I leave my place in the cafeteria. I will my shorthand book to anyone who desires ity just hope you like it better than I ever did. I leave to john Addison my green reindeer sweater, take care of it. I leave to some warm-blooded person my seat in the assembly during the winter months, I, Charlotte Rude, with a big sigh of relief, but with a heavy heart wishes to leave some of my precious and hard-worked-for belongings. To Evelyn Sinna.mon my seat in the assembly providing Melvin still sits in his same seat. To some junior I will my a- bilityto fill out work-books. I will my typing speed to Mary Jane Gross and my ability to get on the honor roll to Roscoe Sartain. To Mary Ann Hickman I leave my place in the store. To my sister Mary I will all my books so that she may carry on the tradi- tion of studying hard. I, Wilda Ruth Gentis, do hereby prepare my last document and leave the following of my possessions to some of my friends. To Mary Ann I leave my seat in the assembly To Mary Jane Gross I leave my typing book with the hope that her little finger will hit 'A' instead of 'Q' or 'Z' like mine does. Ileave my Physics book to Gene Murphy know- ing that he will use it diligently. Last but not least my ability to get along with all my teachers I leave to every boy and girl left in dear old Union High. an . , . g'2 xr xt u q ,g p - x I CJ 'N Y' x in Zdagff x uNnERGnADs f' 1- I 1 w , SOPHOMORE Melvin Myers, john Addison, Paul Risk, Mrs. Bargerhuff, Bob Graf, Bob Helms, First Row: Gene Murphy, Evelyn Sinnamon, Mary jane Gross, Melbadeen Foland Virgil Kepner. - 1 JUNIOR CLASS Back Row: Bobby Myers, Mr. Paddock, john Sevegney Front Row: Max Kingery, David Long, julia Swope, Mary Ann,1-Iickman, Forest Foland, Max Downing - 1 FRESHMAN CLASS' Back Row: Mr. Echelbarger, David Hite, Ivan Richardson, Jim Hill, Max Smith, Max Harrell Front Row: Mary Rude, Lois Lindhorst, Norma Wood, Anna May Passwater, Billy Clifton I EIGHTH GRADE Back Row: Mr. Martindale, Tom Sartin, Gene Rosier, Roscoe Sartin, Ray King, Lee Morman, Paul Teters f , - Front Row: Franklin Foland, Donna johnson, joan Gross, Miriam Graf, Mary Beeler, I.rene Wilford, Marvin Brown. . - SEVENTH Back Row: Mr. Buroker, Lawerence Hensley, Paul Myers, Max Mohler, john Belzer, jim Belzer, Bill Siler, Walter Smith, Clyde Weitzel Second Row: Sue Conway, Marlene Irwin, jacklin Hood, Lorinelle Hinds, , Della Harrell, Doris Richardson, Melody Sanders Third Row: Charles Sanders, Wayne Smith, Gene Wimmer, Marion Ellis, Tommv Beeler. Harold Smith I . Q FIFTH AND s1x'rH , K ' Mr. Miller, Mary Lou Johnson, Bernice Wantland, Loretta Armfield, Rose Marie Gross, Barbara Campbell, Leticia Hite, Phyllis Campbell, june Kennedy, Second Row: Authonal Smith, Ronnie Simpson, Charles Echelbarger, Roy King, Everett Rude, john Miller, james Irwin, ,Third Row: Barbara Passwater, Judy Conway, Martha Smith, Joyce Belzer, 'Mary Colescott, Phyllis Teters, Roberta Murphy, Shirley johnson, Fourth Row: Gene Glass, Floyd Smith, Robert Hinkle, Kenneth Shane, james Lanning, jim Hill. uulunpatqm FIRST AND SECOND GRAUIL, Back Row: Mrs. Buroker, Melinda Foland, Doris Smith, Joan Conway, Janet Smith, Karlene Horine, Patty Hinkle, Betty Hood, Joyce Foland, Phyllis Hite, Carolyn Dean , Second Row: Billie Duncan, joe Glass, james Echelbarger, Morris Weitzel., jackie Graf, john Knote, jimmy Teter, Philip Hinkle, jackie Ellis, Kenneth Kepner Third Row:-Jerry Hatfield, Barbara Smith, Shirley Plurnmer, Susann Simpson, Ann Lanning, Marjorie Miller, Mary Caxnpbell, Carol Siler, jean Kennedy, Frank King. Front Row: Paul Buroker, Harry Smith, Marvin Foland, Richard Bennett, Carl Siler, Charles Hinkle, Walter Shirk, Paul Shane - E THIRD AND FOURTH Mrs' Kelli?-', jim Siler, Leonard Ellis, Marilyn Rominger, Nancy Colescott, Jeanette Shirk, Raymond Riddle, Max of Banion Second Row: Earl Shane, Billy Reed, Slisie Belle Hatfield jerry Johnson Sonja Brownm, Judy Plummer, jack Riddle, Wayne Dean, Larry Langley: 'I:hird Row: Charles Reed, Leon Richardson, Charles Lindhorst, junior Wolford, jim Glass, jackie Downing. we W x N 1 5 4 Q sw 'ei I X 5 T . 1 Q' i Wlfl -e , W L 'F 13555 I 'MQ ,y n ' f 11 W M , 1 . . ,M 1, I ATHLETICS I I ga JJ ., 4 Bob Myers Forest Foland John McGraw Bob Helms ' Gene Murphy Max Downing Mr. Brown Coach pf Melvin Myer s Bob , Gross Y Vir gil Kepner Jim Hill BASKETBALL VARSITY Union anticipated a good season since the second team of last year won practically all games and all of them were back in school. Mr. Brown guided the team in Basketball and had a most successful season. Six straight games were won before a losseto Greentown. And in all the regular season play only three games were lost. Max Downing was out most of the year with a head injury in the Sharpsville game. Sickness finally brought the tearn to a low tide for the Greentown game. They were not back in trim for the Howard game and lost. The Converse game was a plain loss, The team got a great deal of pleasure in winning from jackson both games of the season. It just seemed like Jackson could not win from Union this year. 0 Gross and McGraw will graduate and cause a new arrangement of the team play for next season. S CHEDULED GANIES ,Union Opponent Score Union Opponent Score 47 Somerset 17 18 W, Middelton 16 43 Sharpsville 4-Z 2.9 Converse 34 49 Ervin 2.7 ' Z6 jackson Z4 35 Swayzee Z7 35 Swayzee 34 Z9 jackson 26 31 St. Paul Z0 39 Clay Q1-Iowardj 37 53 New London 26 Z4 Greentown 50 39 Russiaville Z7 38 Howard 50 41 Clay 32 TOURNEY PLAY County , Sectional Union 4-7 New London 33 ' Union 24 Kokomo 41 Union Z6 Ervin 23 Union 33 W, Middelton 37 SUlvIM.ARY OF POINTS Games Field Free Total Played Goals Throws Points FO1aIld 20 71 ' 47 189 Gross h 20 60 37 157 M. Myers 18 52 27 131 Downing 12 31 32 94 Kepner 19 27 6 60 B. Myers 17 17 19 5-3 McGraw 14 g 5 21 Total 266 173 705 Average points 'per game 35.25 COUNTY CONFERENCE STANDING Team W. L. Pct. 1 Greentown 2 0 1.000 Union 8 2 .800 Howard 7 4. .663 jackson 5 3 ' .625 West Middelton 7 5 .583 Clay 7 6 .538 Ervin 5 7 .417 New London 3 3 .273 Russiaville 0 9 .000 SECOND TEAM Back Row: Mr. Brown, Paul Risk, Ivan Richardson, Billy Clifton, Max Smith, Max Harrell, David Hite Front Row: john Addison, Robert Helms, Gene Murphy, Jim Hill, Max Kingery BASEBALL 1945 Back ROW: John Addison. Mr. Buroker, jim Hill, Pam Risk Front Row: John McGraw, Max Downing, Gene Murphy, Bobby Myers, Forest Foland, Bob Gross, Melvin Myers nuwtemfwtifiu BASEBALL Union started the season with much more promise than in previous years, With most of the players of last year back on the squad the outlook appeared brighter. A County League was organized in which each tea.m was to play four other schools. This made an entirely different picture than in the past when the east end schools always played each other two games each. Forest Foland and Bobby Myers at the battery for Union. Gross at first base, M. Myers at second, Murphy at short and Dovsming at third. In the field, Addison in left field James Bess in Center and john McGraw in right. Theron Brown, Paul Risk and James Hill were the utility men. - james Bess was found to be ineligible and all games played by him were forfeited. This caused Union to again be in the position of not winning a ball game for the season. It is hoped that the boys on next years team will play summer ball and be ready for the fall confer ence play. Surnmary A Uni on A Opponent 8 Rus siaville 4 5 Ervin 8 0 Clay 2 2 Greentown 3 10 New London 1 7 Howard 2 ' Batting Average AB Runs SO Ave. M. Myers 19 5 2 Hits .555 B. Myers 17 5 0 10 .353 Addison 15 5 4- 6 .333 Gross 15 Z 5 5 .266 Downing 12 2 6 4- .250 Murphy 15 3 Z 3 .200 Foland 16 1 5 3 .187 Bes s 17 4- 5 3 .13 3 McGraw 12 l 3 2 .000 Risk Z 1 0 0 .000 Hill Z 0 2 0 .000 Br own l 0 0 0 1.000 akakaoffooewraeruerae: 1 TRACK AND FIELD For the first time in several years Union took part in Track and Field events. The County High Schools organized a County Track and Field Meet that took place near the close of school. Our tearn consisted of Seniors Don Spencer, junior Harrell, Howard Lord, Chris Larnbg Sophomores, Max Downing, Forest Folandg Freshmen, Virgil Kepner, Melvin Myers Gene Murphy, Robert Helms. Since this was the first track meet for these boys, they did very well. Don Spencer made second place in the Shot Put. Others in their events were in fourth place, just out- side of winning points. The mile Relay team, Downing, Murphy, Kepner, and Helms won second place with Greentown, in first place and Ervin in third place. junior Harrell wa-s i.n the finals of the 120 yard High Hurdle but did not place in the first three places for points. Spencer was in the 100 yard Finals but did not place in the fir st three. Downing and Kepner ran the low hurdles but did not place in the final running. Lord and Spencer failed to place in the trials but did not get into the finals. Shot Put. . . . . .Don Spencer. . . . . .35'll lf2" Helms and Kepner ran the 4-4-0 yard dash but failed to place. Murphy and Foland ran the 880 yard run but did not place. Lord ran the mile without placing. In the field events, Spencer put the shot 35'1l1fZ' for second place. Harrell's dis- tance was 35'7 3f4-" lacking only Z" of placing third. In the Broad jump, Harrell did 14-'3 lf2" and Lamb did l5'8". But neither placed. The winner made 17'3 3f4-". Lord and Lamb entered the Pole Vault but did not place. Lamb and Harrell did not place in the High Jiunp but came very close. aoraecsfacwfwrar JIMIMY BOICE NEEMORIAL MEDAL Max Downing, a junior of Union High School, was the winner of the Jimmy Boice Mem orial Medal. This was given for the best mental attitude and sportsmanship displayed dur- ing the County Basketball tourney. This is the highest individual award given to a County basketball player. Ikilvkllfiivilfklifilr ' ' LETTER MEN Those eligible to receive the coveted 'U' letter in basketball for 1945-4-6 are those who appear on the picture page of the first team. This is true unless someone drops out of school or by his conduct causes this honor to be withheld. ' The lettermen in baseball appear in the picture with the exception of Theron Brown who was ill at the time the picture was taken. Track letter men are Don Spencer, Max Downing, Virgil Kepner, Gene Murphy, and Robert Helms. Local Track and Field Records ' High jump . . Pole Vault . , , Broad jump . , . 100 Yard Dash , 220 Yard Dash , 4-4-0 Yard Dash . 880 Yard Dash , Mile ........ 200 Yard Hurdle 200 Yard Hurdle lfZ Mile Relay, 1 mile Relay. . .None .None .Chris Lamb , . .Don Spencer . . .None .None ,None .None .junior Harrell. . .None .None Downing , Murphy, . 0 '1508il . , .12 Sec. , . . .l8.7 Sec. Kepner, Helms 3:50 sec IES jUNIORQ'CLASS PIRTXY The junior Class had successful play October 23. The name of the play was 'A Pair of Country Kids.' The story took place at a little place called joggins junction where Mrs. Starr conducted the Starr Hotel. There were two paying customers Lucindy Appleby, looking for husband number oneg and Susan Grimes looking for husband number two: Lucindy finally succeeded in getting Ambrose Sneggins, one of the most comical characters of the play. Mrs. Starr had village pest, 'Hi' who was the mischievous imp, and was always trying to get money enough for he and 'Sis' to get hitched, Sis the maid-of-all-work at the Starr Hotel, As the time goes on there are two men enter the scene. Albert Roomer tried to get Lucindy's money. Arthur Roberts came to buy the hotel because he thought there was oil on the place. Truthfully, there was no oilg Hi had spilled oil in the well. The play ends happily even though Roberts finds himself outwitted by a 'pair of country kids'. There were five screamingly funny comedy parts in this play and the comedy scenes were sure-fire roars of continuous laughter. CAST 'Hi' Hawkins ........ .Forest Foland Ambrose Sneggins ...... .David Long Philip West ......... John Sevegney Albert Roomer . . . . . .Max Kingery Arthur Roberts . . . , . Bobby Myers Mrs. Sarah Starr. . Mary Ann Hickman April Starr ........,. Wilda Gentis 'Sis' Spooner , . . .... JoAnn Mohler Lucindy Appleby . . .... Julia Swope Susan Grimes. . . . . . Patty Hewitt JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The junior Class entertained the Seniors at Hotel Courtland on Saturday evening, April 7. . The grand march to the dining room was led by the junior Class President. After the elaborate three-course dinner the prophecy of the Seniors was given. The Seniors then willed their cherished school treasures to various members of the junior Class and faculty. Following the toast the juniors entertained their guests by attending a mid-night Sh0W- held at the Sipe theatre. - arsoraavssfarfo: HILARITY HOUSE A farce comedy in three acts presented by a Senior Class of 194-6. From start to finish was a hilarious carnival of fun and incomparable entertainment. The action of the play began when jeff Jordon from out of the West, suddenly appears on the horizon of his widowed sister-in-law, Isobel Jordon, and Kathi and Bettes. Uncle jeff, is a crusty old bachelor, supposedly doomed with heart disease. When he finally emerges and views civ- ilization o'er, he is shocked to pieces at the manners and dress of young Arnerica. Uncle jeff thinking he would drop dead in a few weeks informs his young nieces that he would ma- ke them his heirs providing they stop jitterbugging, lengthen their frocks, .and not have any dates until they are eighteen. After disobeying their Uncle's wishes Jeff informs them that he intends to change his will in favor of the two daughters of his old sweetheart who jilted him in his youth-Dora Devine. One of the funniest characters in the play--is the mournful maid. Lucindy Peck from Cabbage Neck. Lucindy adores going to funerals and discussing diseases. Isobel Jordon Kathi Jordon, Bettes Jordon Lucindy Peck Wally o'shane, , , , , Charlotte Rude jo Ann Mohler , Pattie Hewitt , Wilda Gentis ,john McGraw CAST Buzz Bassett. . . . . .Max Downing Stan Lawler . . . . . . . . John Sevegney Jefferson Jordon. , , , , , , , ,Bgb G1-oss Dora Delfine. . . . .Mary Ann Hickma.n Dixie Devinej. . . . . . . Max Kingery X JUNIOR- CLASS PLAY BIG SUCCESS 'Don't Darken My Door' was presented on October 24, 194-4. The scene took place in the living room of Roger Kent's country home, in midsummer. When 6. girl read too many romances she didn't want just a plain man, The writer of the romance books tried to repair the damage her books had done, Under her direction, Tom and Alec were soon spouting romantic speeches and making a hit with the girls. There were strikingly funny scenes as Tom was coached on love-making, and two fluttery spinsters from the neighbor- hood kept a thrilled eye on the romantic going-on. The final caxne with an elopement in which everybody had a hand, and Alec and Poppy played a serie-comic scene. - CAST ROSSI' Kent ....... Lindell Buroker Alec Stubbins ........ 101111 McGraw Rosemary Kent ....... Pattie Hewitt Jane Perkins ...... Barbara FOWICI' Tom Garrick . . ...... Bob Gross Louisa Featherstone . . Charlotte Rude Poppy Foster . . . . . jo Ann Mohler Susie Featherstone ..... W ilda Gentis Iaraeoeorxwwrwrs THE UNIONETTE Once each month the students of Union saw a great deal of activity by the news pa- per staff. They saw them feverishly rushing about to get the news together or get the pa- pers sent out on time. 'Room 5 on the day the paper was sent out resembled a busy news- paper office with typewriters clicking, papers being folded and starnps placed on them. The students anxiously awaited the paper to see what had been written about them. Some had a few anxious moments wondering if certain news was printed---some were disappoin ted and some were pleased, THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief. . . ....... . . . . Assistant Editor , . , , Sports ........... .. Features ...................... . . . .john Sevengney Evelyn Sinnamon . . . . Theron Brown Pattie Hewitt and Mary Ann Hickman Grades....................... Departments ...,. Township News .... Business Manager ,..,.,., Assistant Business Manager . . Circulation Manager ,.,.,.. Advertising Manager .............. Assistant Advertising Manager ....... CLASS REPORTERS Senior Reporter .................. Junior Reporter ..,, I. Sophomore Reporter. . . Freshman Reporter .... . V Eighth Grade Reporter ,.,,,, R ,,,,,. Seventh Grade Reporter ............ FACULTY ADVISORS Paul Buroker . . . . julia Swope , , , Wilda Gentis , ,Charlotte Rude , , , , ,Bob Gross , , .Gene Murphy , , . Forest Foland . . .john McGraw , , , , Bobbie Myers , , , Pattie Hewitt , , . . john Sevegney Mary jane Gross , . ,Lois Lindhorst , , , Mary Beeler , , , , Marlene Irwin THE YEAR BOOK This year's staff did not have any previous experience in building an annual. Of course, it waited very late to get started. One day a representative of the company who published the annual called and took the four senior girls on an all-day trip to surrounding towns selling advertising. They had a very successful day as the advertising in this year book will tell you. Pictures for the annual were taken and then the task of complying the book started. Work-work-work was the order of the day, Next year's staff will have some experienced 'members and the book should be out A e ar ly. 888888888 SCI-IOLASTIC AWARD Each year the member of the graduating class to have the highest average of grades for the four years receives a medal. This is the medal presented at commencement. Last year Rosemary Mohler earned the award. The class of 194-4 had Marietta Smith Wimmer as the one receiving high honors. This year Charlotte Rude will have the high average and will receive the award, 888888888 SCHOLARSHIP TESTS Each year several scholarship examinations are offered to graduates of high school who are in the upper one-third of the class. This year Charlotte Rude took the Pepsi- Cola Test which provides a four year scho- lar ship in the college of her choice if she wins the test. Charlotte also took -the State Scho larship examination to enter Indiana University. 888888888 SENIOR TR IP Annually the senior spend their hard earned money on a trip. This year Chicago is the objective. The class and sponsors stay at the Y. M, C. A. Hotel which is managed very well to take care of visiting students. The students can eat there as cheaply as any- where in the city. The days are filled with sight-seeing, shows, walds, and lounging ar- ound the hotel watching the people come and go. Last year we visited Great Lakes Na- val Training Station and was treated royally and shown the inside workings of training sailors. 888888888 BLOONIINGTON TRIP All members of the senior high school had a chance to go by school bus on a trip to the Brown County State Park and thence to the football game at Indiana University. A full bus load enjoyed the trip. Mr. Echelbarger drove Mr. Hickman's bus assisted by Virgil Cooper, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Ellis with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buroker supervised the trip, Those making the trip were .,.,., Billie Clifton David Hite Ivan Richardson Theron Brown Gene Murphy Mary Ann Hickxnan john Sevegney Bob Gross Max Harrell Lois Lindhor st Mary Rude Mary jane Gross Evelyn Sinnamon David Long Julia Swope john McGraw Charlotte Rude Jim Hill Anna Passwater john Addison V Melvin Myers Max Downing Bobby Myers Wilda Gentis JoAnn Mohler Mmm AUTQGRAPI-ls Q, if K' W9 Q54 x ea I' PM S 1 f ' I ' ' i r. - 90" ' . P 'v S wk f- ADVERTISING? Con-xplirnents to the Class of 194-6 See us For your new Farm :,EH1iiPUICBt Trailers - Wagons and Oliver Tractors ,Br Etc, Special Elevator this year, Bolinger Bros Windfall, Ind. 'l HARDWARE VPAINTS APPLIANCES PLUMBING TYDOL GAS Sz VEEDOL OIL Tires Br Accessories Solar Petroleum Corp PHONE 684- GLEN BARKER W INDFALL , IND IANA Eleva Best wi shes Seniors gf,-, w.'.:A' I . V Jff. -,M I ' S' tors 84 Mills, Inc WINDFALL, INDIANA We Wish to Con and Wish You Succe gratulate Each of You ss in Your Chosen Fields mitchell Farms Indiana' s L argest Producers of Certified Seeds Windfall, Ind, I T ' ' Compliments' of Fred Richer e i Your Allis - Chahner Dealer I Phone 197 Greentown, Ind Perkins Standard Service Corner of Wash. 8: Sycamore Richard Perkms, Prop. Phone 9975 Kokomo, Ind CIO d A. Petro Dealer in Hardware - Appliances Sz Radios Implements john Deere Farm Equipment New Idea Farm Equipment Greentown, Ind. 9 Rudy S Drug Store DRUGS Ice Cream -- Paints WALL PAPER - CANDIES Phone 69 Greentown, Indiana l 1 DON'T SAY BREAD - SAY Corn-Top or I-Iolsum Baked by D1etzcers C ompliment s of i I-1 Armstrong Farm Equipment M2Cormick Deering Farm Machines International Moto'r Trucks - Phone 150 Parts at Service Swayzee, Ind. Compliments of C. T. IVICCO Groceries and Meats Poultry and eggs Phone I'78'FZ6 Phlox, Ind. V THE SIGN OF QUALITY Mieller Bab Chick Co Satisfaction with Every Transaction P hone 17 3 Windfall, Ind. Complixnent s of Shorty's Hamburger We treat you as if you were our only customer Phone 53 Windfall, Indiana I Highway Cafe Our pleasure is serving you the best D, COLE Phone 1 Greentown, Indiana Compliments of Kroger Grocery 84 Baking Co Greentown, Indiana jack M-eKinney, Manager L 84 M MFG. CO. Tools, Dies, jigs and Lester C, Shuck Production Machining Kgkgmo, Indiana Phone Z-2105 Lon Kemper and Sons Gifts for every occasion Wallpaper for every room Paint for every purpose Phone 99A Greentown, Ind. Pring-Wilson Implement Sales 519 North Buckeye Street Phone 4-726 KOKOMO, INDIANA +A' --- Li Gartin Grain ,Company 4 Grain - Coal - Feed Sims, Indiana L, Paul Lake Hazel Downey Lake Publisher Editor The Svvayzee Press E stabli shed 1895 Western Grant County's Leading Weekly Commercial Printing Of A11 Kinds Telephone 47 Swayzee, Indiana Gentry Tire Service Greentown, Indiana Long's Bargain Super Market Groceries - Meats Fresh Fruits .81 Vegetables Mamgef -- Bill wmwn Phone 199 Greentown, Indiana . Earl C. Most B Furniture Gm Undertaking U Philco Radios 8: Refrigerators Monarch Electric Ranges Speed Queen Washers Greentown, Indiana Kokomo Electric Hatchery WM, w, ULLMAN, Mgr, E BETTER BABY cr-ucxs ' - f WAYNE FEEDS - POULTRY SUPPLIES 507-509 N. Buckeye St.- Phone 7211 I l ig Jl-'.1' ---L l i MECoy's Variety Store Greentown, Indiana "A Gift For Everyone" 5 N Compliments of Smith's Goodie Shoppe Phone 8 Greentown, Indiana COLE SERVICE Shell gas - oil - tire repairs Phone - 146 Swayzee, Indiana MAPLE CHEVROLET SAL Shell Products - Tires 8: Tubes General Repairs Service Greentovm, Indiana. 1 1 V 'F Il: I STANDARD FOOD MARKET Phil Sheridan, Mgr. The Complete Food Store Phone 214 Greentown, Indiana Cnmplirnents of VIC ROBER'I"S GROCERY Greentown, Indiana Sporting Goods Wallpaper S C H R A D E R S Kokomo, Indiana Paint Furniture Appliances GREENTOWN AUTO COMPANY Ford Sales and Service R W 1 , M , ' Phone 62 oss yu S gr Greentown, Indiana I A SCHOOL WORTH CONSIDERING A school close to home with a superior training and employxnent service A INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE. Kokomo, Indiana LA MODE SHOP "A Delightful Place To Shop" Ladies Ready to Wear 205 N. Main Kokomo, Indiana SCHROCKS' AUTO SERVICE General Repairing, Wheel Balancing, And Z4 hr. Wrecker Service Phone 4-4 Greentown, Indiana Bu 's Sales 81 Service G1-eentown, Indiana Telephone 68 . ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I Lighting Fixtures - Cabinet Units - Bottled Gas - Oil Heaters - - EXTENDED SERVICE - - , L. C. SMITH gl CORONA Typewriters service - supplies - rentals - Beckley Typewriter Co, 306 N. Main St. Kokomo, Indiana K E N N Y ' S Beauty Shop Greentown, Indiana GRACES' BEAUTY SHOPPE Perm. S5 -Up-Coldwave Mon. Tues, Evenings by appointxnents Phone 147C Sirns, Indiana ZECK 8: PETTY Shell Service Maryland 8: Washington Goodrich Tires 81 Batteries Shell Gas 8: Oil Phone 4-055 Kokomo, Indiana DAVIS - GARAGE Automobile Repairing and Radio Service Phone 420 Sirns, Indiana See Roger's for Clothing and Shoes Phone Z Greentown, Indiana Complirnent s of THE CARL-ANN SHOP 204- No. Main Kokomo, Indiana Every Thing For The Lady 7 Q' BARNEY'S SANDWICH SHOP A Friend1y,P1ace to Eat 130 N, Union St. Kokomo, Indiana

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