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Il k 5 fi W. A 5 S 3, wi' LY' I' rf' E 91' a ? E E. E' k. A n Q4 5 :I gf E? fn f. G. rl: i Q, 5 E F if .4 L El gg 5 5 ,f F, N W ills THE Fnoummc RINGS CENTRAL SCH Springs, New York CONTENTS Title T T TT,, T T Foreword TTT. TT T Dedication TT T T T Administration TT Principals TTTTT TTTT TTTTTTTT T T Board of Education TTTT TT Advisor TT TT TTTTT T Junior-Senior Faculty T TTTTTTT TT Honor Roll TTTTTTTTTTT T T Seniors TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT American Field Service T Junior Prom TTTTTT TTTT T Senior PlayT TT TTTTTTTTT TT T .T Senior Store T Baby Pictures T TTTT TTTT T Frontenac Staff T T T Snapshots T T TT Statistics TTTT T Classes TTTT T,TT Grades TT TTTTTT T School Life Snapshots TTTTTT Activities T TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT l l3 Autographs, Farewell TTTT TT T H4 Snapshots T TTTT Advertisements T TTTVT TTTT TT ll5 2 FS CENT FOREWORD hope 6 wlfh As we To our end but phase of build The fe a foundatlon upon which We wish to dedicate our Yearbook to Mr. Coman Chappell who has helped us in many ways. Whenever decorations are needed for any reason, the first thing said is, "Let's go see Mr. ChappelI." Whether we are decorat- ing for an informal dance or for the most important event of the year, the Prom, Mr. Chappell helped us decide what to do and how to do it. He has given many hours of his time to help us with the yearbook. We appreciate all that you have done for us, and we have chosen this way to say thank you. DEDICATIQN Miss Johnson, we wish to dedicate our 1960 FRONTENAC to you in appreciation of the help you have given us as our Junior High advisor. When we needed advice on such matters as our first dance and our ninth grade graduation, you were there to give us the information we sought. As a teacher and an advisor, you inspired us to our very best. lt is a privilege to have you as a friend and a teacher. ii MISS JOHNSON .J KE iRWHIPSMEIM!iMWiW!d B4 1RMRiE3i1xiL.iEEF WSP35i3i ?,Sl!W.9Wi:U53i121N'!Fi,JSi., Lm,l Ri' 'AAAS' 553-1 M? W ,.. HBE, .I.IFSEd,.,!.l2l.5'k?RE5 WQEMZN SSSSNMTEEEI ,EES'E2iS',i,ik 2 RASM WM! '11i.E,I13i.lIi.5..k l1..L.H3i2,i,iiui?iiWQE, Sn!-,iii MESSAGES FRG MR. SMITH I am happy to observe the enthusiasm, pleasure, and eager anticipation which you, the members of the Class of 1960, are displaying as you prepare for your graduation from high school. It is my earnest hope that this spirit of ioyous enthusiasm and happy anticipa- tion, and the satisfactions arising from it, will continue with you wherever you may be in the years ahead and will brighten and lighten the activities in which you may engage. Best wishes for good health and for many challenging opportunities. May the satisfactions which come from having tried to do your best at all times with a cheerful smile and a willing heart and hand reward you richly. Andrew J. Smith MR. DUR PRINCIPALS M00 Let me add my congratulations to the many others you will receive upon the suc- cessful completion of your high school career. It has been fun having you, the Class of 1960, in our school. Your accomplish- ments have been a credit to our school and we are proud to have had you as our students. You are going on into further schooling, or the work a day world, at one of the most exciting times in our history. Your opportunities to be successful are much greater than they have ever been before. Be quick to take advantage of these op- portunities. We will be anxious to hear from you from time to time, and please remember to be an active member of your alumni association. It is through this group we are able to keep in touch with the many successes of our former students. We are proud of you. My sincere congratulations are added to those of the other members of the school faculty. Sincerely, Richard J. Moon, Principal Junior-Senior High School BOARD OF EDUCATION L - D A d P Lawrence Gould ' f f President Lloyd JF ! Vvz ' . Schenck Q W e I O yi! 5 3 ,!'! - L I Oscar WX' x f .. Z Schlappi QM .5 If f 5 X w Ralph 5 Webster f r O rr rr 9 5 O John r D b Reohr rn of-bi 'LE W Harvey Smith V Harold Orchard Dr Paul Newma ve g ,Q 55 , gp g R O rd rrOO r rrrr 1 dJAO n ' H bi I X A fl 1 E 4 - mswrf. ' W f . 1 W 0 I nl . 4 e Q in Donovan Webb The class of nineteen-sixty takes this op- portunity to thank Mr. Thomas Eldred for all the help he has given Us as our high school advisor. His good humor and his friendly interest helped us meet each "crisis" as it arose. He has steered our class on a straight, sure course to our final goal-graduation. ADVISCR JU IOR AND SENIOR HIGH FRANK VAZQUEZ-World History B.A.-University of New Hampshire 28 Hrs-Syracuse University and Cornell University THOMAS G. ELDRED-American History B.A.-Albany State Teachers College 30 Hrs.-Syracuse University DONALD CLIFFORD-American History, Consumer Ed. B.S.-Lemoyne College M.S.-Syracuse University CATHERINE HOCKEBORN-Mathematics B.S.-Syracuse University M.S.-equivalent A. J. PURCELL-Mathematics B.S.-Cortlancl State Teachers College DONALD DEREAUX-Mathematics B.S.-Cortland State Teachers College HOWARD BAER-Science B.S.-Cortland State Teachers College 'I7 Hrs.-Cortland State Teachers College ALAN SHOTWELL-Guidance B.S.-Cornell University M.S.A.-Cornell' University ENID TANNER-English M.A.-Oswego State Teachers College 14 Hrs. beyond M.A. SHIRLEY OUTHOUSE-English B.A.-Keuke College ELIZABETH WEBB-English B.A.-University off New Hampshire LAURA M. JOHNSON-English and Latin A.B.-Hope College M.S.-equivalent GLADYS HICKMAN-English, Latin, and French B.S.-Syracuse University M.A.-Cornell University JOHN CONNELL-Science B.S.-Cornell University 30 Hrs.-Cornell University ELEANOR COLGAN-Science B.S.-Cortland State Teachers College 32 Hrs.-Cortland State Teachers College PAUL TANNER-Cit. Ed. B.S.-Cortland State Teachers College HAROLD McBRlDE-Physical Ed. B.S.-Ithaca College M.S.-Syracuse University FLORA M. O'CONNOR-Physical Ed. B.S.-University of New Hampshire DANIEL L. JESMUR-Physical Ed. B.S.-Michigan State 30 Hrs.-Michigan State EUNICE HICKS-Home Economics B.S.-University of Dubuque I2 Hrs.-Cornell University EDWARD M. SWITZER-Vocational Ag. B.S.-Cornell University ARCOLA BOOMER-Library 8.5. in L.S.-Geneseo State Teachers College B.S.-Buffalo State Teachers College IDA J. SMITH-Health, French M.A.-Colby College B.S.-Cornell and Syracuse University HAROLD S. BOOMER-Industrial Arts B.S.-Oswego State Teachers College M.S.-Cornell University FACULTY FRED GARDNER-Business B.B.A.-Clarkson College of Technology M.E.D.- St. Lawrence University JEAN STRESS-Secretarial B.S.C.-Albany State Teachers College EARLE H. KLOCK-Music B.S.-Ithaca College M.S.-equivalent ARNA DERSHEM-Music B.S.-Bucknell University MARJORIE JUMP-Dental Hygiene School of Dental Hygiene-Rochester BEULAH PETHYBRIDGE-Nurse R.N.-Auburn Memorial Hospital Nursing Certificate at Cornell and Syracuse University COMAN CHAPPELL-Art B.F.A.-Pratt Institute M.A.-equivalent JAMES DePASQUALE-Special Class M.Ed.-Springfield College 33 Hrs.-Springfield College U SHIRLEY MAE AXTON "Shirl" Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Store 4, Senior Play 4, Accompanist i, 2. DAVID P. DYGERT "Dave" F.F.A. i, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football 1, 2, Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, Senior Store 4, Sen- tinel 3. JANET TERPENING llJanll Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Honor Society 3, 4, Science Congress 3, Man- lius Math Contest 'I, 3, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, All-Star Hockey 2, 3, 4, Dance Band l, 2, Select Band 3, All-State Band 4, All-County Band 3, Workers Squad 3, Treasurer of Class 1, Senior Store 4, Valedictorian 4. RONALD RAY IIFUZZYII Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, Select Band 3, Male Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, All-County Band 3, All-County Chorus 4, All-State Chorus 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Stage Manager for Play 4, Workers Squad 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Recreation Coun- cil 2, Student Council 2. Lois Wright Penelope Austin Lester Day Sue Kierst Elaine Osborne Robb Newman Martin Davis Fred Gentile Patricia Lawrence HONOR ROLL 1960 VALEDICTORIAN JanetTerpening 91.545 SALUTATORIAN Margery Campbell 91.342 89.812 89.468 89.032 87.620 87.218 86.662 86.600 86.571 85.166 Kathryn Kohinke Ronald Ray Marilyn Scofield Anne Wolfe Shirley Axton Mary Ann Hopkins Mary Jayne Yannotti Judith Dygert Richard Bower Janice Wright 80.181 CLASS COLORS Wine and Silver CLASS MOTTO Be Sure You're Right Then Go Ahead. CLASS FLOWER White Rose 85.133 85.060 84.428 84.058 83.437 80.818 80.818 80.483 80.343 TIMOTHY WILLIAM QUINN "Quinner" Class President 3, 4, Vice-President 1, 2, Cross Coun- try 1, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Usher at Commencement. LESTER WILLIAM DAY lIFoggerll Yorker Club I, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4, Vice-President of Student Council 4, President of Honor Society 4, Vice-President of Honor Society 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Usher at Commencement 3, Football I, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Vice-President of Class 1, Science Congress 3. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT QFHCERS I 960 SECRETARY TREASURER MARILYN SCOFIELD "Marilyn" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Store 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Select Band 2, All-County Band 2, All-State Band 4, All- County Chorus 4, Prom Court 3, All-Star Volleyball I, All-Star Hockey 3, All-Star Basketball 2, Traffic Court 3. ELAINE L. OSBORNE Yearbook Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Newspaper Club 1, 3, Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, G.A.A. Secretary 3, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, Cheerleading Manager 2, Senior Store 4, Prom Committee 3, Usher at Commence- ment 3, Traffic Court 3. SHIRLEY MAE AXTON "Shirl" Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Store 4, Senior Play 4, Accompanist I, 2. DAVID P. DYGERT "Dave" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football I, 2, Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, Senior Store 4, Sen- tinel 3. RONALD RAY IIFUZZYII JANET TERPENING llJanll Senior Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Honor Society 3, 4, Science Congress 3, Man- Iius Math Contest 1, 3, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, All-Star Hockey 2, 3, 4, Dance Band I, 2, Select Band 3, All-State Band 4, All-County Band 3, Workers Squad 3, Treasurer of Class 1, Senior Store 4, Valedictorian 4. Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, Select Band 3, Male Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, All-County Band 3, All-County Chorus 4, All-State Chorus 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Track 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Stage Manager for Play 4, Workers Squad 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Recreation Coun- cil 2, Student Council 2. lIBobll Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Football 3, F ,- 1 I 'fe - IIT TVMT , -I V ROBB WELLINGTON NEWMAN "Robb" Aids I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4. ROBERT W. DOWNING 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Audio-Visual LOIS WRIGHT "Lois" Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Male Chorus Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Select Band 3, Gewauga Yorker Club I, Honor Society 3, 4, All-County Band 3. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Prom King 3. KATH RYN ANN KOHINKE IlKathyII Transferred from Homer 3, Varsity Cheerleading 3, murals 3, 4, Chorus 3, Student Council 4, G.A.A. 3, All-Star Basketball 4, Queen's Court 3. 4, Intra- Wf-ff W'fBMliW1gi0u M"3 -LI llGenTll DON ALAN SIMPSON llsimpll Transferred from Auburn 3, Football 3, 4, Wres- tling 3, Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, Camera Club 4, Chorus 3, Volleyball 4, Prom Committee 4, M.C. of Variety Show 3. PENNY J. AUSTIN llpennyll Yearbook Staff 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Club 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Referees' Club 4, Student Council 4, All-Star Hockey 3, 4, All-Star Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Star Volleyball 3, All-Star Baseball 1, 3, Senior Store 4, Usher at Commencement 3. 20 FRED GENTILE, JR. Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. KAREN ELIZABETH EMERY "Karen" Yearbook 4, Basketball Workers 2, Referees' Club 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Store 4, Senior Band 2, 3, Senior Chorus 4, Senior Play 4, Usher at Commencement 3, Prom Committee 3. it SYLVIA SCHMOKE IISYVI Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4, All-Star Hockey 2, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, Newspaper Club 3, Yorker Club lf Senior Store 4. X DONALD HORAN "Hornie" Football 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Track 3. GERALD BACHTA llGerryll G. PATRlClA LAWRENCE llpafll Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 41 Usher at Commencement 35 Newspaper Club l, 3, All-Star Hockey 2, 37 All-Star Basketball 2, 3, G.A.A. President 3: Camera Club Vice-President 4. CHARLES HENRY BOWMAN "Boni1o" Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Senior Chorus 45 Male Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Audio-Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4. LORETTA BLAISDELL "ReITs" Intramurals 1, 3, 4, All-Star Hockey 1, 3, Senior Chorus 4, Intermediate Band If F.H.A. 3, 4. JUDY DYGERT WILLIAM PATTERSON, III HBHIII Science Club 1, 3, 4, Traffic Court 3, Audio-Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior S1ore 4. 'lx ANNE KATHYN WOLFE llAnnell Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Select Band 35 Basketball Workers Squad 37 Yearbook S1aff4p Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. ULF OLSSON "Bert" President Camera Club 47 Male Chorus 47 Tennis 45 Student Council. MARY ANNE HOPKINS "Mary Anne" Senior Store 45 Senior Play 4. PAUL EDWARD STRYKER IIACerlI Cross Country If Track 1, 3. ARTHUR JAMES DAY JR. IlJimll Transferred from Auburn 3, Band 3, 4, Intra- murals 3, Track 3. 24 DONNA JEANNETTE BRAMBLEY uDonll Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Usher at Commencement 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Committee 3, Senior Store 4. WILLIAM F. DELAN EY IIBHIII J.V. Basketball I, 2, Football 2, Track I, 2. CAROLE LOUISE BRANT "The Mohawk Indian" Intramurals 3, 4, All-Star Basketball 4, All-Star Volleyball 3 All-Star Hockey 4, Chorus 3, Varsity Cheerleader 4, News paper 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Camera Club 4, Prom Committee 3 1 SUE E. KI ERST llsusell WILLIAM JONES "Bm" Baskevball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Volleyball l, 2. Transferred from Tennessee 3, Girls' Intramurals 3, 4, Usher at Commencement 3, F.H.A. 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Workers' Squad 45 Senior Play 4. Q l IIXIWIIMQ , 5 : : JANICE WRIGHT lIJanII Senior Chorus 3, 45 Senior Play. MARK DOTY F.F.A. 3: Senior Store HOLLIS E. ROBBINS IIHOI lyll Cross Country lp Football 25 Basketball If Band 25 Usher at Commencement 37 Recreation Com- mittee 2, 35 Student Council 47 Senior Store 45 Class Play 4. BARBARA ANN MURRAY "Bobbie" Transferred from Auburn 2, Chorus 2, 3, 45 Maiorettes 2, 3, 41 Traffic Court 3, Senior Store 47 Prom Queen 3, Usher at Com- mencement 3, Basketball Worker 3, 47 Yearbook Staff, Senior Play. ED HYLAND llEdlI 3: Senior Play 4. ' l 1 X wi, PATRICIA L. ROLOSON "Pat" Chorus 3, F.H.A. lg Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Club I, 37 Prom Court 35 Prom Committee 35 Workers' Staff ip Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Store 4: Recreation Committee 4: Class Play 4. J.V. Football 1, 2: Track, Wrestling: Varsity Football, Baseball RICHARD ROBERTS IIDickII Football l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 37 Intramural Basketball Team 27 Intramural Track Champion 3, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Vice-President 3: F.F.A. President 4, F.F.A. Chap- ter Meeting Contests 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. State Convention 3, 4, Basketball Team Af Yearbook Staff 4. CHARLES BUNNELL "Chuck" Track I, Wrestling I, 4, Yorker Club I, 2, Senior Store 4. MARTIN L. DAVIS lIMarTyII J.V. Football 1, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4: Volley- ball 3, 4, Male Chorus If Honor Society 3, 4, Science Con- gress 'l, 2, Prom Committee 3, Senior Store 4. JAMES HEALY l1Jimll J.V. Basketball 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 3, Wrestling 4. MARGERY I. CAMPBELL 'fMarge" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 47 Yorker Club ly Student Council 1, 2, Student Council President 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 41 In- tramurals l, 2, 3, 4, All-Star Hockey 2, 4, All-Star Volleyball 3, G.A.A. lp Salutatorian if Class Secretary lp Senior Store 45 Student Director for Play 4, Workers' Squad 'l, 2, 3. THOMAS J ETTY IIJ etll Band 1, 2, 3, Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, Male Chorus 2, Class President 1, 2, Basketball Manager I. GERALDINE MARTINO "Gerri" F.H.A. l, 2, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Referee Club 4, Library Club 'lp Senior Chorus 1, 2, Senior Store 47 Junior Prom Committee 37 All-Star Hockey 2, 3, 4. RICHARD SCOTT "Scottie" Yorker Club 1, Basketball Manager 1, Baseball Manager 2 Tennis 3: Track 4, Senior Store 4. 28 RICHARD BOWER llRickll Band 1, U2, 3, 4, Male W .. 5 ef 'V ,. 1 xy fs 279 5- V! MARY JAYNE YANNOTTI "Mary Yayne" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Store 4, Student Assistant 3, Chorus 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Band 1, 2, Senior Play fMake-uplp Stationery Chairman 3, Camera Club 4, Prom Committee 3. Chorus 3, Yorker Club 1, .2. ROGER WALTERS ll I Track 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH MINTURN lIRaIphll Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball l, 2, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 4. Football l, 2, 3, 41 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 29 NEAL WILSON BERNARD SWEENEY "WiIIie" "Bernie" Band 35 Chorus 3. Track 1. Gone but not forgotten. There's Pa iiEx AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE ULF OLSSON One of the highlights of our Senior year was the arrival of a foreign student from Sweden. When Ulf Olsson arrived, we knew that we had received one of the finest persons we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There were no problems with Ulf's fitting into our high school environment. Ulf was constantly in demand to speak about Sweden to various clubs, classes and organizations. An accom- plished organist and pianist, Ulf often played at our school dances for entertainment. ln school, Ulf was frequently found in one special place-the dark room, developing pictures. He, also, plays a very good game of ping-pong. Ulf has been active in many other school activities. ln the spring, he did a recording for the Senior play. He is an honorary member of the student council and also president of a new organization, the Camera Club. Ulf has succeeded in being accepted to sing in the Male Chorus. He also won the honor of being the photographer for the FRONTENAC. lt was through the efforts of the Student Council and the American Field Service that Ulf was given the privilege of making the voyage from Sweden to America. The students in our school will be sorry to see him leave. The seniors wish Ulf success in the future and hope he can soon return for another visit. 3I f if X, Z if Ze li S99-lxlafff I K fy K OUR PROM . . EQ his iii !!! El AF gr f 3 E K X43 -Z 2 5 ,, A g ali if 32 THE COURT For our prom, we chosen An Evening in Paris as the theme. Our decorations consisted of a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower on stage, and a cafe motif on the dance floor. The red-checked tablecloths on the tables, and the gay colored street scene made the prom an unusual, and fas- cinating one. Hundreds of stars were strung from the ceiling, as the couples swirled below to the music of Speigal Wilcox. Queen Barbara Murray and King Robb New- man reigned over the event. The Court consisted of Marilyn Scofield, Elaine Osborne, Donna Bram- bley, Pat Roloson, Kathy Kohinke, and Lee Car- mody. We are sure all the Seniors will agree that the prom was an enioyable event to plan for and to attend. VENING IN PARIS The C The Gra SENIOR SENIOR PLAY Our Senior Play, a comedy, was en- titled "Father's Been to Mars." The play was based upon the family life of a radio program space hero. Captain Galaxy, as Larry Gibson was known to his radio au- dience, had quite a bit of difficulty chang- ing worlds after each program. His space talk and his uniform didn't seem to fit in with his tamily's routine. The evening that the family chose to revolt, happened to be the night that Captain Galaxy's boss dropped in to talk about a promotion for the space hero. This play was a great deal of work for the members who took part in it, how- ever, they did everything possible to make it a success. Mr. Fordham, our ca- pable director, ably mixed work with fun. The result was enioyable entertain- ment for everyone. PLAY ST Penny Austin and Mr. Gardner Goofin' off. Mr. Tanner and his "driver ed" students have snow trouble Wlwu-.,,' sr, 45' Kathie Kohunke Sylvia Schmoke Donna Brambley QM ,U ,, . 9 1 Q i' i l A K L i. ,. Pai Roloson A , ,. if l i Q , , i J' 'i M W fl Lester Day VLmkh, ly 2 if + i r J' Marty Davis Tim Quinn X Ralph Miniurn 1 N ' 'W g ' K Q A lv K vw 1' l i z ff F is-M 1 i+"",,-e -if 'M 'qfi' ' LEW? H- ., ' gg -' .Q-0532. A ':. iii, K. Sf 9 3: fi .Sf N A ,Q r-.,. f. Jim Healy 36 Holly Robbins Q 2 4 Bill Jones Karen Pat Lawrence Lois Wright Elaine Osborne SPRI GTI E 'Si - -' Robb Newman wg. Barbara Murray Y v , W g e .I : Q. if -w.J.,-1!'!iL... A .- Shirley Axion : .V Eddie Hyland Judy and Dave Dygerf nf X Chuck Bunnell ii M. J. Yannotti ubyyr Janice Penny Austin Wright Roberts, Patterson, Bower Ma,-ge Campbell Sue Kierst Ron Ray 37 THE FRO TENAC STAFF MR, CHAPPi:u. SEATED: Dick Roberts, Boys' Sports, Karen Emery, Circulation Editor, Anne Wolfe, Literary Editor, Shirley Axton, Editor-in- Chief, Lester Day, Assistant Editor-in-Chiefp Mary Jayne Yannotti, Chief Typist. STANDlNG: Donna Brambley, Assistant Typist, Carole Brant, Assistant Art Editor, Sue Kierst, Girls' Sports, Ulf Olsson, Photographer, Elaine Osborne, School Life and Ac- tivities, Pat Roloson, Chief Art Editor, Penny Austin, Business Manager, Mr. Chappell, Advisor. Our staff has worked diligently for many months to produce the 1960 FRON -TENAC. Although the work has been trying and tedious, we hope that you will find the finished product most enioyable. 0 Nfs, ' 6' 1 ff f , ge 1 .Ziyi X Going some place, Chuck? Hungry, Eh? Bucket sisters What is it, Fred? ZIZI Here comes Karen Scottie and George That old Gang NAME 1. Penelope Austin 2. Shirley Axton 3. Loretta Blaisdell 4. Richard Bower 5. Charles Bowman 6. Donna Brambley 7. Carole Brant 8. Charles Bunnell 9. Margery Campbell 10. Martin Davis 11. Arthur J. Day 12. Lester Day 13. William Delaney 14. Robert Downing 15. Mark Doty 16. David Dygert 17. Judith Dygert 18. Karen Emery 19. Fred Gentile 20. James Healy 21. Mary Ann Hopkins 22. Donald Horan 23. Thomas Jetty 24. William Jones 25. Edward Hyland 26. Sue Kierst 27. Kathryn Kohinke 28. Patricia Lawrence 29. Geraldine Martino 30. Ralph Minturn 31. Barbara Murray 32. Robb Newman 33. Ulf Olsson 34. Elaine Osborne 35. William Patterson, 36. Timothy Quinn 37. Ronald Ray 38. Hollis Robbins 39. Richard Roberts 40. Patricia Roloson 41. Sylvia Schmoke 42. Marilyn Scofield 43. Richard Scott 44. Donald Simpson 45. Paul Stryker 46. Bernard Sweeney 47. Janet Terpening 48. Roger Walters 49. Neal Wilson 50. Anne Wolfe 51. Janice Wright 52. Lois Wright 53. Mary Jayne Yannotti 40 CHIEF ATTRACTION Colorecl Socks Freckles Quietness Good Humor Electronic Knowledge Stubbornness Dancing Friendliness Laugh Curly Hair Walk Height and Humor Red Hair Friendliness Glasses Friendliness Brown Eyes Tallness Build Irish Wit Petiteness Humor Slimness Athletic Ability Green Eyes Slimness Size Laugh Carefree Manner Looks Hair and Figure Looks and Manner Personality Green Eyes Brains in Science Personality Flattop Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Humor Walk lnnocentness Smile Build Glasses Friendliness Smoothness Fingernails Quietness Quietness Frankness Clothes Height Unique Hairdo WANTS TO BE HBPPY Secretary Housewife Scientist Band Leader Secretary Contented A Genius A Cornell Coed A Millionaire A White-Collar Walker Lucky Rich Richer HBPPY Rich Herself Medical Secretary Engineer A Scotchman Model A Funny Guy Radio Technician Rich and Famous Herself Taller Rich Secretary Rich Model Engineer An American Dental Hygienist Scientist Trackman Teacher Pilot' Mayor of Rochester An English Teacher Slimmer HaPPY Himself In the Air Force Test Driver President of P8iC Teacher Contented Of Legal Age Nurse Secretary Secretary Different USUALLY FOUND 1. On the phone 2. Home 3. Vince's Trailer Park 4. Home 5. Cayuga Transport Co. 6. Home 7. With Dick 8. Anyplace but home 9. Around 10. In school 11. With Marilyn 12. Miss Hockeborn's Room 13. Home 14. Making 138 in wrestling 15. Home 16. With Charleen 17. Home 18. With Paul 19. Astoria 20. Home 21. With Paul 22. In school 23. With Terry 24. Goofin' off 25. Sleeping 26. Erma's 27. Talking 28. Around 29. Traveler's Inn 30. Home 31. With Holly 32. In the halls 33. In the darkroom 34. Talking on the phone 35. Garage 36. In Cayuga 37. Out 38. 12 Basin Street 39. Rochester 40. Hunters 41. Supporting a school activity 42. On Davis Road 43. Home 44. Patti's 45. On the drag strip 46. O'Neils 47. Out 48. In school 49. Joe's 50. Home 51 . Home 52. Babysitting 53. Away from home FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh! Nuts! Oh, sugar! Oh, for Heaven's sake How about that? What the 4I9SD""8t'M:'Ms4lf Jeepers You dummy! Da-Dum Really Holy cow! Precisely I'Il bet ya' a coke atfS8fl'M:"Dilf'MwM:"Ma8M1?S"l Dah-horse . . . shoes Oh, yeah! Great Gobbies You'd be surprised Oh, yeah! Ratsafratzen Pecaloomer Oh! Nuts! Honestly! YIPES! How about that? Yeah? What Do You Mean? Where? Honestly! So-o-o-o 20,000 Negroes can't be wrong Why? m-m-m-bye Oh! No! Oh! Boy! Well! Ah! Sure they do! Drive you buggy! How about that? l've got to go!! Hec! You big dumb nut You kidding? How about that, sports fans? Oh, yeah? That's life Don't race on bad rubber! WHY NOT??? Quit it! Why? Out with it! WelI--- Oh, well!!! Oh, dear! Some people!! WHAT HE OR SHE LIKES The Kingston Trio Roller skating Chuck Science Trucks Chevys Sports and dancing '51 Plymouth Coupes Tall men, Old Spice Food Marilyn Sports and Girls Cars Sharon and food girls Sports Fords Paul Food and Louise Food Paul Drag races Terry Basketball and money English IV Boys and dancing Robb Boys, pizza Boys, vacation Driving Holly Kathy Wine, women and iazz Ronnie Fords M.J.'s expressions Going outl Barb! Rochester and food Johnny Mathis Food Jim and tartar sauce Food Italian food Mary Ann Figures Dancing with Ron Sports Chevys People Music Music and school Tim and pizza 4I TOP ROW: Claudia Chappell, Paula Dun- das, Nancy Hares, Margaret Simmons, John Cavalaio. SECOND ROW: Helene Sautter, Dick Lang- ley, Sharon Walters, Dick Evans, Richard Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Ron Jones, Roger Jorgensen, Gary Whitehead, Berry Jones, Nancy Schenck. FOURTH ROW: Michalene Lavey, Lillian Fletcher. 4. ., K 5, T: f 1 K y 5 .5 x K X T , 'J 5. ,nv-I , a t4gx:f.xfg:2.. . wygw,g,, x 'if,:.lQ ,,f,ig:Sff ,S-, mi CLASS Ol TOP ROW: Judy Ludwick, Edward Tanner. :SECOND ROW: Charlene Schriber, Chuck Saunders, Shirley Probst, Eleanor Smith, Glenn Francis. THIRD ROW: Cathy Shutter, Mike D'Agos- tino, Cathy Tanner, Nancy Walters, Shirley Baier. FOURTH ROW:'George Vantine, Ken Cas- bohm, Frank Zenlner, David Pinckney, Charles Seamans. 44 96I TOP ROW: Pat Lawton, Mable Sawyer. SECOND ROW: Roseann Martino, Terry Llewellyn, Bea Benham, Jeff Ward, Sue Lee. THIRD ROW: Jack Burnett, Joyce Smith, Carl Pethybridge, Kathy Owen, Dick Mid- dleton. FOURTH ROW: Audrey Cook, Bruce Sim- mons, Jack Worzbyt, Bill Patterson, Con- nie York. 45 TOP ROW: Ed Dann, George Hopper, Peg Bussey, Roger Granger, Betsy Pratt. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Rymph, Ken Gable, Lynn Perkins, John Fairburn, Mar- ilyn Roudabush. THIRD ROW: Pat Pesek, Pat Sautter, Chuck Rief, Pat Ryan, Judy Jetty. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Mullally, Nick Moon. 'S-i'1'1 lll:'11:'r'-H' A 'f SOPHOMORE MRS. SMITH BACK ROW: Jack Smith, Bruce Bowman, David McGeever, Tim Wavrick, Bruce Watkins, Charles DeGroff, Ted Jorgensen, Martha Sproull. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Smith, Bob Gable, Mike Clark, Sandra Lee, Ronnie Rotunda, Harold Luther, Richard Cul- leton, Virginia Barnhart, Mike Moon, Terry McQuay. FIRST ROW: Carol Webb, Barbara Scanlon, Nancy Duckett, Kathy Grubb, William Thurston, Terry Oliver, Karen Hyland, Diane Kufhta, Mary Lou Roy, ABSENT-Bonnie Day. BACK ROW: Don Garland, Gail Orchard, Paul Henderson, Doug Murray, Archie Lowery, Robert Melle, Mike Surace, William McLoud, James Forsythe. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Vasquez, Ronnie Day, Barry Gould, Elaine Pollard, Carol Smith, Mary Lavey, Charles Ammerman, Sam Tata, Carol Watkins, Ronald Vantine. FIRST ROW: Shirley Blaisdell, Barbara Donovan, Patricia Cooper, Martin D'Agostino, Joe Simmons, Sandra Wilson, Betty Knapp, Allan Russell. SOPHOMORE MR. VAZQLIE M 'A' R ' , fs . . . .ER M,,,,N,,,m,l SOPHOMORE MRS. WEBB BACK ROW: Brian Schrieber, Tony Drury, Roger Post, Terry Hurlbutt, John Coapman, Ann Bobbett, Carol Derring, Jim Maleski, David Conley. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Webb, Ed Kohinke, Mary Lou Kierst, Betsy Patterson, John McLoughlin, Charles Lawrence, Jim Minde, Dennis Wheeler, James Stamp, Dick Salato, Ron Davis. FIRST ROW: Louise Wright, Bruce Graham, Charles Lawton, Diane Tavener, Jean Atkins, Shirley Granger, Betty Smith, Ann Newman, Marie Stevens. BACK ROW: Lynn Walter, John Pearce, Mike Costisick, William Clark, Thomas Connor, Fred Delaney, Jerry Wells, Robert Reohr, Donna Infanger, Gary Sweeney. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Colgan, William Jetty, Ted O'Hara, Leslie Granger, Carl Amer- man, Roger Fries, John Healy, Gary Power, Fred Gardner, Carol Watkins, Stuart Hoskins. FIRST ROW: Judy Lawrence, Pat Goodrich, Cheryl Lane, Robert Rymph, Donald Lowery, Jerry Quill, Betsey Evans,' Kay Downing, Laura Patterson, Judy Tratt. ABSENT-Linda Hares. FRESHME MRS. COLGA -6 .15 91:3 S S S FRESHME MR. GARD ER BACK ROW: Bill Partick, Ronald Mahalik, David Gelsi, Betsilane Ward, Roger Doty, Gary Hart, Susan Powers, Neal Webster, David Terpening. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Gardner, Louis Connell, Robert Cooper, Jean Hitchcock, Carolyn Body, Sharon Adams, Sylvia Covert, Royal Howard, Janet Jones, Thomas Dygert. FIRST ROW: Mary Lee, Judy Platten, Iska Graham, Charleen Ford, Linda Spinney, David Ganthier, Bonnie Gulliver, Robert Schmoke, Sandra Stamp. BACK ROW: Chester Hovey, Larry Joyce, John Snyder, James Salls, Thomas Zentner, Carol Clark, Marilyn Post, Linda Fritz, Elaine Moon, Daniel McLoughlin. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Enid Tanner, Mary Pine, Larry McKenzie, Robert Yannotti, Robert Bower, Sharon O'Connor, Bernice Jones, Patricia Gansz, Judith Daratt, Sandra Drury, Donald Puryear, Richard Tate, Kay Dashnau, Patricia Conrad, Miss Jane Carlson, Cadet Teacher. FIRST ROW: Sharon Fleurry, Phillip Brambley, Jane Owen, Mar- iorie Axton, Susan Oliver, Carol Kapcha, Lillian Hollenbeck, Alan Kelly, Keith Lavey, Walter Stevenson, Carol Kohinke, Michelle Waldron. EIGHTH GRADE MRS. TANNER Maxim w ,-i , EIGHTH GRADE MISS PURCELL FRONT ROW: Ronald Casbohm, Gary Knolls, Richard Newman, James Salvage, Margaret Maleski, Yvonne Blaisdell, Betty Lou Thurston, Jennifer Jennings, Scott Coapman, Bill Lowery, Ann Waldron. SECOND ROW: Miss Purcell, Karen Werbeach, Linda Pinckney, David Chapin, Robert Rusinko, Lonnie Day, Diane Kahn, Paula Christensen, Sharon Mallory, Wanda Smith, Sandra Walter, Karen Lawton, Clara Pethybridge. THIRD ROW: Pamela Baker, James Post, Carol Horan, Melinda Hawkins, Wayne Jones, Cheryl Seamans, James Phillips, David Zakielarz, Bonnie Dygert, Lawrence Drown, Janet Fox, Karen Mullally. FIRST ROW: Edith Lont, Carole Schmoke, Robin Schreiber, Phyllis Simmons, Elizabeth Graham, Philip Patterson, Glenn Wal- ters, Sally Clark, Penny Jorgensen, Ann Tate, Steve Hall, Ken Reohr, Jean Downing. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clifford, Dick Hartwell, Ron Kreydatus, Ann Mulvey, Barry Cummings, Tom Dundas, Randolph Foster, Fred Patterson, Kathy Middleton, Linda Terpening, Linda Rider, Sharon Allhusen, Jackie Large. THIRD ROW: Richard Anthony, Bob Minde, Stanley Walters, David Wright, Franklyn Lyons, Edward Butts, Keith Hitt, James Sproull, Charles Chappell, Karen Case, Meta Riester, Susan Fairbairn. EIGHTH GRADE MR. CLIFFORD SEVENTH GRADE MR. BAER FIRST ROW: Nancy Traver, Allen Tanner, John Baity, Edward Adarnus, Ronald Minturn, Dorothy Fox, Dorothy Walter, James Saunders, Richard Robinson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tanner, Joan Donovan, Rodney Davis, William Lawrence, Ellen Orchard, Christine Walton, Sally Bowman, Linda Wells, Kathy Kapcha, Linda Sheldon, Linda Gulliver, Marie Henderson, Richard Potter, Mr. Baer. THIRD ROW: Sharon Middleton, Judy Hovey, Robert Laird, Gladys Brant, Mary Ringwood, Mary Clark, Patricia Schmelzle. ABSENT: David Fox. FIRST ROW: AI Webster, Carol Stotler, Connie Powers, Valarie Williams, Bill Lawton, Jim Carter, Sharon Meyers, Dick Walters, Claire Tanner, Judy Hand. SECOND ROW: Mr. Devereaux, Linda Olsen, Al Saxton, Sharon Lawton, Sandra Waldron, Laurie Jacobs, Thelma Graham, Cregg Ford, Gary Worzbyt, Bill Walters, Mary Bowen, Lowell Davis. THIRD ROW: Larry Potter, Cliff Blaisdell, John Patrick, Tom Brennan, Craig Christensen, Maureen Connell, Dick Shutters, Bob Reuman, Bob Covert, Bill Robenolt, George Larkin, Sharon Dickinson. SEVENTH GRADE MR. DE EREALIX f I fsuiainzc .1 fim:f,: if SEVENTH GRADE MISS JOHNSON FIRST ROW: David Kuhfta, Rhondha Vazquez, Pat Mamuscia, Shirley Adams, Irving Rancier, Bill Austin, Gregory Shutter, Frank Walters, Charlene Lawton. SECOND ROW: Miss Johnson, Donna Webb, Margaret Clark, Joe Ptasek, Sally Wright, Mary Fronce, Mildred Walter, Darlene Burnett, Michael Burtless, David Hoskins, David Denman. THIRD ROW: Linda Schenck, Paul Richard, Susan Chappell, Linda Smith, Malcolm Doremus, Lee Lashbrook, Dorothy Kohinke, Marion Gulliver, Gary Con- nor, Dan Gardner. FRONT ROW: James Baity, Milton Cline, James Bell, Glen Hopper, Carl Whiffin, Mary Seal. SECOND ROW: June Winger, Bruce Watkins, Dave Bacon, Mr. DePasquale, Harold Taber, Tom Walters. SPECIAL CLASS R. DEPASQUALE :EQ-Efifwwiwwmii-M-irriiUfviiiaihf ,M f'iW ELEME TARY PRINCIPAL MR. LEO A. SOUCY Graduation from high school is the first important milestone in your edu- cational preparation for life in our free society. The perseverance, determination, and hard work that brought you this far will carry you onward to success in the challenges ahead. Congratulations, and good luck in your future endeavors! BACK ROW: Mrs. Cora Brigden, Mrs. Miriam Davis, Mrs. Hazel Robbins, Mr. Joseph Finn, Mr. Malcolm Fish, Mr. Harold McBride, Mrs. Ann Tyler, Mrs. Margaret Bar- rett, Mrs. Frances Perkins, Mrs. Hannah McMichael. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Jane Myers, Miss Beulah Pethybridge, Mrs. Louise Pearcy, Mr. Leo A. Soucy, Mr. Ralph Slade, Miss Martha Hopkins, Mrs. Catherine Healy, Mrs. Eunice Anthony. ELEMENTARY FACULTY X- f as 4' H I rl, 62. 'lll. tl 4 f Nei- 1 -Gi- v H f ..., as-5.1 "rr g A -L I-52553 55 IXTH GRADE MR. SLADE BOTTOM ROW: Jack Kapcha, Barbara Pesek, Roberta Adams, Gary Pickard. SECOND ROW: Mr. Slade, Walter Christensen, Julia Knapp, George Lakielarz, David Lynn, William Knapp, Darby McBride, Janet Reohr, Stefanie Hecht. LAST ROW: Eline Christensen, Patricia Mullally, Kathryn Jarvis, Marion Benham, Douglas Fox, Patricia Hall, Barbara Osborne, David Soucy. Absent from picture-Raymond Pike, Eugene Gabbard, Robert Ward, Joan Day. FIRST ROW: Gloria Davis, Deborah Avery, Beth Shotwell, Paul Schenck, Laura Cuykendall, Rebecca Loomis, Timothy Marquit, Edward Duckett, Mr. Fish. SECOND ROW: Steven Scofield, Dale Walter, Stanley Hoskins, Glenn Jorgensen, Monica Bratek, Joanne Osborne, Barry Kahn, Donald Seitz, Ronald Bower. THIRD ROW: James McGeever, William Gabbard, Cynthia Sco- field, Larmne Bends, Robert Healy, Cheryl Walter, Eugene Wells, Kathleen Scanlon. SIXTH GRADE MR. FI H ' 'D L, ' ' l :H'7,' --:V :Lim ,'.'Z5l!i3E5J fit-V3 Filir iSj,2'5':J in FIFTH GRADE MRS. MCMICHAEL ls ROW I CFRONTJ: Donald Woodruff, Agnes Walton, Mort Hollenbeck, Sharon Simpson, Elizabeth Avery, Gardner Frazier Edwin Stark, James Hand. ROW 2 CMIDDLEJ: Nancy Knapp, Linda Post, William Cornell, Mary Lou Lowery, Mary Kaye Hart- well, Margaret Vrooman, Penelope Davis, Rosemary Martins, Nancy Pasternak, Donald Clark, Mrs, McMichael. ROW 3 CTOPJ: Linda Ptaszek, Allan Minde, Joan Becker, Michael Bilak, John Whitehead, Edward Fletcher, Linda Morgan, Kathryn Body, Un- dine Hollatz. 1 TOP ROW: Barry Shafer, Carol Gulliver, Richard Casler, Carl Pagano, Craig Mallory, Shirley Simpson, Ina Hoffman, Ruth Bratek, Thomas Jackson. MIDDLE ROW: David Neugent, Barbara Baity, Martha Minturn, Edward Clark, Edwin Eggleston, Sherryl Oliver, Erika Rindfliesch, Virginia McClary, John Raymond, Robert Herriger, Mrs. Shotwell, Csubstituteb. ROW I CFRONT: Robert Smith, Robert Graham, Ellyn Shutter, Ronald Woodruff, David Welowsky, Sandra Smith, Robert Bayea, Jane Lavey. FIFTH GRADE MRS. A THO Y f . . : - , .I "i ' -iv" S Y, I I I EW - r - Y? ,, . W 353 'imap ,H J w-wk sf iw 1,4 ,ggi ff 4 Mix ff ' - . W X.f--. , - e I W xx KK ,Y 3 w jigs if .gf ' Q gm .. . , rffiii - ., , ,f2::gw5g1M'gfi1:51.311 ' 4 ig sy Q: :.Qf.f,w,, f .sw :Wm if .Qsgw mm .. gk K fm, Q .. . .. ..,,. , Mg ff 3 -,fgu,'Lz' 22'.gf14 1 v ' ,y-ga, -9i:9.nfam:g,?ig':ia .ya W2 '4 4. we .QM 't'wi3,g,Q-"Lf 2 ::. , I 5 W ' X' y . X Q -2 S In 'if , t im ' 1 fi V N 7 X 1-E3 ', - A , wi N Q .- . Qs! we if i aw gm gg , Y Q ' ky . EW, A -V wr- -1 2 kiiiiyg wif iv -iii? 4' M5 ,,., I ,ily i 1 --f 'x U , ' ' , . .ev 5 2 wf A A W L . :iw f W I K - THIRD GRADE MRS. PERKINS FRONT ROW: Erma Lee McCIary, Kenneth Kapcha, Ralph Smith, Debra Harris, Teresa Stotter, Paul Saxton, Thomas Oliver, Thomas Shutter. ROW TWO: Frances Perkins fteacherl, Steven Adams, Sharon Pinckney, Brenda Weaver, Kathleen Connor, Lorraine Reiman, Rodney Wheeler, Paula Benda, Philip Wilson, Michael O'Connor. ROW THREE: William Hecht, Diane Larkin, Michael Davis, Marsha Hall, Bonnie Wells, Sandra Baker, Kenneth Fox, Richard Vrooman. FRONT ROW: John Becker, Linda Kahler, Alan Avery, Nedra Flinn, Beth Dougherty, Jacqueline Shutter, Marsha Knapp. MID- DLE ROW: Mrs. Brigden, Robert Minturn, Thomas Lee, Sharon Hoffman, Carol Post, Timothy Gardner, William Raymond, Laurie Wilson. ROW THREE: Irin Pagano, Kenneth Hall, Richard Myers, Michael Vazquez, Jacqueline Raymond, Charles Schreiber, William Waldron. THIRD GRADE MRS. BRIGDE ,M , , : 'ff I Sri 'U . .. . ..:.r v-.w M.: sta ECOND GRADE MRS. MYER FRONT, left to right: Signe Shutter, Cindy Gaston, Barbara Sheldon, Ginger Raymond, Vicky Clark, Michael Wilson, John Jorgensen, Kenneth Post, Linda Minturn. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Hess, William Smith, Dolores Pagano, Terry Pinckney, Judith Mallory, Michael Tanner, Priscilla Hall, Gary Duckett, Donald Graham, Melinda Cumm. BACK ROW: Bill Taber, Deborah Cord- way, Karson Schlappi, Carol McElwain, Jeanne Hall, Debra Dygert, Kathleen Pinckney, Deborah Gilful, Cheryl Bilak. FRONT, left to right: Clifford Clark, Georgia Knapp, Wanda Stark, Terry Shutter, Lee Cordway, Linda Baity, Linda Clark, Jean Whaley, Bonnie Walter. MIDDLE ROW: Jackie Wilson, David Jump, Dennis Wolowske, Lester Walter, Deborah Potter, Judy Smith, Richard Kahler, Leonard Large, David Whitehead, James Jorgensen. BACK ROW: Robert Pethybridge, Wendy Schwarz, Rick Pittinger, Robert Jordon, Judy Peck, Patricia Stotler, Kevin Schreiber, Marcia Hitchcock, Corinne Holbert, Mrs. Healy. SECO D GRADE MRS. HEALY A i AEK FIRST GRADE MRS. DAVIS FIRST ROW: Paula Capocefalo, George VanDerveer, Leonard Nye, Walter Stotler, Marc Seidenberg, Richard Kapcha, Lee Fortier, Donna Knapp. SECOND ROW: Barbara Loomis, Dona Cornell, Julie Kahn, Randy Walters, Grace Smith, David Shockey, Craig Schwarz, Susan Rozell, Sandra Simpson. THIRD ROW: Vivian Zakielarz, Donna Gulliver, Allan Hawkins, William Signor, Randy McEIwain, Gary Pethybridge, Carl Weibezahl, Paul Bratek. ABSENT: Lois Vreeland, Nancy Ward. FIRST ROW: David Casler, David Jorden, Donald Bowen, Donna Porter, Veronica Knapp, Debra Smith, Carla Walter. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Dowd, Mary Lib Ryan, Jamiela Fitch, Mark Sturrier, Barbara Lee, James Willis, Deborah Zemmett, Daniel George. THIRD ROW: Karen Soucy, LaVonne Clark, Michael Hares, Deborah Giles, Harold Jackson, Mary Ellen Post, Donna Wilson. FIRST GRADE MISS HOPKI S R EEIIEQIRLNJ- iii F51 I- Mui-f --IJ ,ffw9fH.,lKl!52" 56 I KI DERGARTE MRS. TYLER FRONT ROW: Marty Pollard, Penny Shutter, Tom Bilak, Cynthia Stotler, Bob Waldron, Bob Hope, Susan Kahler. SECOND ROW: Sarah Ann Bacon, Billy Laxton, Ricky Gulliver, Darcel O'Connor, Nancy Post, Dawn Knolls. THIRD ROW: Jack Horrier, Dale Walter, Lynn Marquit, Susan Hitchcock, Patty Pasternak, Carol Ann Cumm, Frank Pinckney. ABSENT: Anne Marie Bratek, Edward Flinn, John Saxton, Fred Walton. FIRST ROW: Margaret Pagans, George Lee, Anne Marie Watson, Susan Waldron, Lee Ann Hares, George Woodruff, Law- rence Hand. SECOND ROW: Paul Pinckney, Stuart De Groff, Barbara Stotler, Jeanne Bredy, Debra Bell, Craig Nyc, Fred Schalappi. ABSENT: James Campbell, Robert Powers, William Webb, Patricia Baity, Susan Benda, Barbara Buckout, Su- zanne Gauthier, Barbara Kelly, Alice Holland, Donna Large, Deborah Temple. KI DERGARTE MRS. PEARCY 49?1'lil,?i'3eff:aMisiI at ' ,tw-g.,, -JM,-9, in 'M YS ' hifi? .wif W ,. l, ..-nt, 7-AW, 1 ma? SSE . . W 5 Y f g X I ,ig ,.-: I QQ? A , i 5 K ' Q Q is ..., Y ,mf f - . .,.... -' 'v-- ,,, ..,. 2 . X S ww - , ., P36 'wshv i. ggifg , f J I SIXTH GRADE MR. FORDHAM SEATED: Ollie Thomas, Gerald Patience, Lloyd O'Hara, James Shernesky, Maureen Casler, Linda Rouda- bush. MIDDLE ROW: Sandra Hares, Nancy Granger, Cheryl Rancier, Patricia Bell, Sarah Brant, Margaret Butts, Mr. Fordham. BACK ROW: Ronald Bench, Stephen Case, Karen Costisick, Harold Van Patten, Daniel Rigby, Kristine Emmett. ABSENT: Duane Groesbeck, Marjorie Graham, Wanda Hares, Darrell Dann, Fred Bergerstock, Marvin Hopper, Burtan Watkins. FIRST ROW: Jean Lashbrook, Sandra Clark, Connie Ryan, Michael Jones, John Mundt, Peter Pine, June Salato, Joseph Puryear, Becky Rancier. SECOND ROW: Sharon Zentner, Shirley Lont, Richard Burch, William Crane, Boyd Foster, Virginia Hanna, Rich- ard Rymph, Te-rry Fleury, Peter Mulvey, John Costisick, Mrs. Muldoon. THIRD ROW: Margaret McAvinney, John Grubb, Julia Campbell, Carole Rosekrans, William Crolick, Cathy Thurston, Kenneth Hitt, Terry Crane, Ted Kohinke. SIXTH GRADE MRS. MULDOO FIFTH GRADE MRS. GLINN BACK ROW: Robert Coapman, Joseph Bell, Kenneth Ferguson, Patricia Waldron, Paul Fleming, Sara McQuay, Trudy Kreydatus, Lorraine Whipple, MIDDLE ROW: Michael Adamus, Jane Grubb, Barbara Redfield, Lorraine Rider, Lynn Treat, Donna All- husen, Cheryl Willis, Christine Burtless, Mrs. Gunn. FIRST ROW: Betty Lawton, Dennis Roy, James Wright, Gene Grubb, Marian Aldrich, Charlene Verstreate, Harry Slywka, Linda Rymph. FIRST ROW: Mary Ryan, Linda Wicks, Elizabeth Kufhta, Jacqueline Mamuscia, William Dougherty, Constance Riley, Robert Howard, Michael Kuhfta. MIDDLE ROW: David Paczkowski, Donald Wayne, Nancy Snyder, Norma Carter, Maurice Ahearn, Richard Kiesznowski, Suianne Biford, Joanne Panek, Donald Fleury, Mrs. Devereaux. BACK ROW: Margaret Doty, Mary Beth Gransz, Sharron Currier, Paul Taverner, Robert Laxton, Paul Shuler, Nancy Barden, Carol Turner. FIFTH GRADE g MRS. DE EREAUX , H H if - xxsm FOURTH GRADE MRS. URE - fi ,. : W is S. . r ri- QQ Firsts My " ,, -' 's is FRONT ROW: Ronnie Godkin, Terry Lawton, Jerry Paczkowski, Michael Casler, Bonnie Dickinson, Paula Tata, David Moon, Susan Sanders, Carol Haymes, Margaret Ryan. SECOND ROW:' Sharon Rotunda, Kathleen Walczyk, Bertha Grubb, Linda Mix, Cathy McAvinney, Kathleen Carter, Mary Burlingame, Katherine Fritz, David Wayne, Teddy Slywka, Donald Watkins, Mrs. Ure. THIRD ROW: Billy Clark, Leonard Rosekrans, Paul Smith, David Terguson, Donald Robinson, Jama Denman, Patricia Fleszar, Mari Calimeri, Gary Wright, Sharon Blaisdell. BACK ROW: Barbara Middleton, Sherry Robenolt, Lynn Webster, John Gauthier, Susan Middleton, Susan Williams, Donna Haggett, Brenda Bench. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Salvage, Amy Traver, Elaine Patience, Curtis Clark, Ronald Clark, Charles Butts, Christine Ramsden, Patricia Llewellyn, Sandra Shank. FRONT ROW: Kathy Freed, Linda Bell, Diane Cuff, Deborah Kohinke, Gerald Hares, Phillip Wright, Brenda Horr, Peter Hoskins. THIRD GRADE MRS. CLARK : write, ., firiii-,grim - r. 12 -W A 'lulwk 'Y .,,, .. .. .., 'x K ,, -in . :, M' Lkfff ' fra: yi ww , 15 ,W f, NH x 1 1 W W Um 4' 4 T232 ff M15 fff V52 Y 1 - 3' f, .11 ff "2,SU,,S3'iWf 5 1534? 5 K 1 Yeifwmh ,ffMfX2V.f5'T+gifj xtingg E! k in gig? Fifi? 7 , gm ,V '3 'fl K' f - K' wp .fwf A . -. 1 vw ' WX? ,L T- . AW V. A A ,.-G , , K K V ' 4 'ff :A , . . ' 'fllffflf . : Nfviwff A 4 vw. 'W V f ' Q ' Fw ,A J 1 X- Q-1 gi 12 'A gf isigmmxifg 'A ' 1592-,g Q R , --,,Kw,'fw V 'F' I ' 4 96 K I . , '--' ' - 'iff M3?f5'3E3 X' ., if 'f yn ' . f, GHTIT -Tfibii - ,V Q ..:.ifg:twwf?':?' 'f WW- ff 'esac I Sf-' ya 1 v:44:::: f - , ' -Lf - V: - ax, ? ' . 1 5 H NVQ' K' W 66 'iii I , p1.iL'5':'3Lf , . y' 4' ,glw W ff K ME' g M' A m.,,.., f gg L K , Q , , , , , gg I T ii..,,U 1 V, 5 1 X 2 , 2 A K i xi: :' .I ' ia i i k v ut 1 x Lx V. NM- rg 1 31525 kj, . 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H H + X - W ff'b wx Hz, h ., 5 - .W 9 Q. yn., A - H H 'L I . K 1 A ' , 'L A ,Q f A egg. M. . - .- .U za.. 2 gf, , 59:11 7 '- I . - Q F. . K 1 X W.. K ' ' " ' 3 V 'xg' T ' 4 55 .K , 6 f I Fw ' 'F - ' K ff. ' , 4. .154 , A 'F M wg'-ff K Y R N. x + Q f. 3 Q' .115 5 ,. A in Q: , Q Y ,K h .f 7 ,V I A x ' 015.gif WY' vsxsszrsn kim w i Wx' swf? H L 2 1 E ' B ! Q2 . . I L . QW. . --x W fC""W" ff if! bw " ' " ' , K 152 .125 .. . ,, Q 4' . V .fif k Mm . V My R T32 'J .4 E . ' A M f 4 . ff 9 ,ml My 'L-L Q5 U -4515.5 il N- it Wxzqgw My K W, .. 'fiswf f ,,'l. 7 ., M W5 s ,- g X 3? f f My . M 2" , Q .fp-N., f Q ' , .5 ,, . . K ' A F Wai ' ,-..L, ig,:,,gjMjV. E N fn 4 ' ,,.,, me ,J " W . K ' Q 5? . 4. ,.,,.,., .X I I A ...saw 1 X I 6 -- Ik Mg, 1 I , .TQ M .5 .Z A 1 , as A fn' 1,4 A warm IJF SCHOOL MR. TANN ER ATTENDANCE The purpose of the attendance officer is to keep the cards and records of school attendance. We report to him for illness or injuries that keep us out of school. He tries to keep all students in school. We are grateful to him for his fine work. 72 MR. SHOTWELL GUIDANCE The purpose of the Guidance Depart- ment in High School is to help students select their own course of action based on careful analysis of ideas. The Guidance Counselor through in- formation on iob opportunities, higher education, test information on individual interests and aptitudes, aids in solving these problems. MISS PETHYBRIDGE MRS. STONER SCHOOL NURSES The nurses of our school work very hard to take care of all ill and injured students. They also provide us with eye tests, audiometer tests, and one complete physical a year. Any defects or problems are brought to the attention of the par- ents. Without a school nurse, the stu- dents' health would not be as good as it is today. MRS. JUMP DENTAL HYGIENIST Mrs. Jump tries very hard to keep all students' teeth clean. She notifies those parents whose children's teeth need dental assistance. Those students whose parents cannot afford to pay for dental care are taken care ot by the school through our Dental Hygiene program. 'sims GENERAL WOODWORKING CLASS: Richard Scott, Mr. Boomer ' ' Ch rles Lawrence, Roger Walters, Louis Fmz, Don Garland, a Edward Tanner, Paul Stryker I DLISTRIAL ARTS CAYUGA MAI TENANCE Howard Langley Fred Gleason f , ,N ,, fQq.LwM:zg,g, . MT. .f.FM,, ,I Y ,V - ax wzfwf f 2 mis f " 45 jxlfi 5A 1-" , - Q f L if VY 4 ,i' - W" 'fk ' E!.f?'i3?-3" ig , ..,. ' .1111 -Afzswll , N -mg. me , :M 4 7451:-gp. .JYML :M 31 ' ,, 4 W 'Quia-'f ,s-Zi:5I'5i:WsI'ifg.:!: , w . szszjriww 'N ' ,5:f-. M :- vw :L bas? - .M-SU x ' - ,Lai 50 - K :',.'r'eS9"l.iw:-,'f::f'i1-?'p,l'ie bg .1 5 .lf , ww--.4 f f, a'.:::' ' V2 f zgif- " ' shew U- uf' L A yf K K W , J.x.,5is1?i A .mai ,-kffc-I A 2 X . Zzhffmw K OFFICE TAFF Mr. Black Mrs. Forsythe Mrs. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Peihybridge. Mrs. Hurlbuff 'l5Lz+,2veLlLt.I- , gs I sw' f-fWA?'Z:7TrV iilff -fill 5 -fE'i'f'L?l4 FRONT ROW: Arthur Davis, Lewis Chapin, Warren Van Liew. SECOND ROW: Howard Willis, Roy Noble, Jeff Gaston, Glenn Walters, Glenn Gaston MAI TENANCE A D MECHANICS William Conrad and Frank Walfers. V, fr- f D 912 fs' X K rm., W 2 J Z Q 1, wx k I M Zi, , Q K Q A Q - - A .. wr wk WA x , X . ff WSJ M7 .Aww A -H A ww .Mx ws, 3. ws ' 5 -N. 7 x 1 If Q5wfee'n1-qby.-'Q5-'fiwig 'iizff , . Wgqziiilff -iff' 5f:'1:f'fEaf:2K- 1 15. Xt:Lf:w's'ihf+,x,S: .,., 5,3-:wiv "Ei-if Q' HM. ,, 7- , QE 1- f- ij vw - 4? E if WY f Msgs m K as .mv A Q xy k .Q - fx xg 1 W c an , r .., 4, nf v- 8 if f I' f, ,wx 3, .- 3' 9 V, 1 5 f bg: X , X 1 R 4, A N Q Q L A 'Q' :,5i-i'fffiif I - 2 ggi A 5 V 1 Z 5 5 1 A gg M, i l wi' ,. .g ni, If , my f if X 445 ' 1' ' 35 Wamwizm Camera Shy-Ha! H ' b ' '? Working on what Prom? ow 5 Usmess Bobbi and Holly l Ulf-You're a funny guy At Elaine's Party V ff-V., Qi 51-Q All is well Lasi Summer . . . , . . .m.'ngri,: i 'l . , ,ywwm C'mon, Barb, smile Bashful "Pen" One, two, three, . . . Made a mistake? Whafsa' matter, John? CTI ITIES J SENIOR Woodwind Picture FIRST ROW M Lee, L. Spinney, J. Large, S. Allhuesen, S. Schmoke, R. Newman, P. Sautter, K. Downing, S. Tata, S. Powers SECOND ROW K Kapcha R Fost r A. Wolfe, M. Scofield, M. Campbell, L. Wright, M. Moon, R. Evans, W. Jetty, L. Dox, N. Moon, C. Brant THIRD ROW A Newman J Jetty S. Doremus, B. Ward, J. Fox. Absent from picture: L. Perkins. The Senior Band this year consists of 58 musicians. This is the largest number of members that this band has ever had. We had a fine summer season this past year marching in four parades and giving two concerts on the school lawn. We also paraded in Auburn for the Veterans' Day Parade in November. A concert was given at school for the October P.T.A. meeting and the Senior Band par- ticipated in the Christmas program. After the first of the year the band began working on their music for Spring programs, exchange assemblies and state con- test in May. Later, in the Spring, practice for Memorial Day Parade and summer parades will be done. Participation in the Senior Band exemplifies the highest achievement in instrumental music at our school. ' BAD 9 BRASS AND PERCUSSION PICTURE FIRST ROW: Martin D'Agostino, Mike D'Agosfino, C. Bowman, J. Ward, R. Bower, K. Cashbohm, S. Lee, R. Howard, S. Hoskins, L. Terpening SECOND ROW: Mr. Klock, L. Davis, J. Terpening, T. Oliver, J. Smith, R. Jones, B. Bowman, G. Francis, C. Seamons, R. Ray, D. Pinckney, E Kohinke, K. Hitt. THIRD ROW: M. Clark, N. Schenck, M. Sproull, J. Murray, J. Day, R. Day, B. Pratt. Absent from picture-J. Ingalls. MR, KLOCK 83 SEATED-ROW l: M. Kuhfla, L. Rymph, P. Pine, H. Slywka, D. Wayne, L. Wicks, J. Wrighf, Mr, Finn. STANDING-ROW 2: D. Allusen, T. Fleury, S. McQuay, M. McAvinney, T. Kohinke, M. Carter, R. Laxton. BEGINNING BANDS SEATED-ROW I: C. Kohinke, P. Mulally, K. Body, E. Adamus. STANDING-ROW 2: L. Post, R. Robinson, P. Davis, S Oliver, J. Salvage, D. Kohinke, S. Waldron, J. Whitehead, T. Marquit, Mr. Finn, D. Seitz, S. Hoskins, J. Saunders. , -- :'. W fa m fgwiff , W, m f- mg., f,,.,q dm K " ' Kflgf g-41,5 W , , Q. QM: Q5 K W .Q V ' VM. . 17, . Q., 94141 5 pq W Z ma ,X 5 X 2 N wiv 32 s QQ i, 2 Q 5 ,M 5 Aw E Q WWW n -mln-nv , pm M H3540 ff ,EW ALL- COU TY BA D This year, for the first time, a concert was given by an All-County Junior High Chorus and an All-County Junior High Band composed of students from the eight Central Schools in Cayuga County. The Junior High Band was composed of 75 members from grades 7 through 9. We had i2 students selected from our school. On Saturday, November 7th, all of the participants were at Port Byron Central School to rehearse. The concert was played that evening. A guest conductor, Mr. John Kinyon, of Brighton, New York, conducted this group. lt was a thrilling experience, both as a band member and as a member of the audience that evening. ALL-COUNTY SENIOR CHORUS On November 7, 1959, se- lected members from chorus participated in an All-County Chorus Festival at Port Byron. This was the second annual festival sponsored by the Cayuga County Central School Association. The most proficient Senior Chorus members were chos- en from each school festival. The guest conductor was Mr. Austin Truitt. 86 SEATED: Ann Newman, Shirley Probst, Terry Oliver, Barbara Scanlon, Shirley Axton, Patricia Cooper, Diane Kuhfta, Kathy Owen, Paula Dundas, Martin D'Agostino, Charleen Ford, Bonnie Gulliver, Judy Platten, Kay Downing, Sylvia Schmoke, Orlen Jennings, Janet Terpening, Kathy Mul- lally, Connie York. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Dershem, Nancy Schenck, Sandra Lee, Mary Lou Kierst, Rose Ann Martino, Karen Emery, Teresa Mc- Quay, Claudia Chappell, Barbara Murray, Margery Campbell, Virginia Barnhart, Carolyn Body, Mary Lavey, Loretta Blaisdell, Janet Jones, Royal Howard, Marilyn Scofield, Nancy Hares. TOP ROW: Charles Bowman, Doug Murray, Ronald Ray, Jack Burnett, Larry Newman, Kenneth Cas- bohm, David Pinkney, Bruce Simmons, Martin D'Agostino, Michael Moon, Michael Clark, Donna Infanger, Betsielane Ward, Ann Bobbett, Audrey Cook, Susan Powers, Carol Derring. SENIOR CHORUS The Senior Chorus is a select group of mixed voices who take pride in their organization and work long and hard to give as fine a performance as they are able. The group is working on "con- test" music in anticipation ofthe annual Cayuga County Festival to be held at Weedsport in the spring. The next important event will be a trip to Ithaca College where our chorus will compete with groups from other schools for State Honors. A spring concert at U.S.C.S. will conclude the list of performances for the year. MISS DERSHEM 1 87 i ii.. lVNii21f'MiU?kli'lV-I -, SEATED: N. Schenck, E. Graham, R. Newman, S. Oliver, J. Jennings, C. Kohinke, D. Burnett, N. Traver, M. Bowen, M. Fronce, C. Kapcha, C. Powers, D. Fox, L. Jacobs, R. Vazquez, D. Kuhfta, S. Meyers, C. Stotler, J. Downing, A. Waldron, M. Waldron, C. Lawton. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Dershern, R. Davis, D. Kahn, P. Mullally, L. Terpening, J. Daratt, C. Schmoke, M. Clark, M. Gulliver, S. Bowman, L. Sheldon, C. Walton, K. Kapcha, S. Drury, P. Christensen, S. Clark, G. Larkin, S. Lawton, L. Olson, D. Webb, R. Casbohm, S. Allhusen, M. Henderson, S. Fleury, J. Owen, M. Axton. TOP ROW: P. Baker, J. Post, S. Middleton, M. Hawkins, K. Hitt, C. Seamans, C. Blaisdell, K. Case, M. Riester, S. Fairbairn, S. Chappel, M. Post, L. Schenck, E. Moon, J. Fox, A. Mulvey, G. Connor, C. Christensen, M. Clark, L. Pinkney, K. Middleton, E. Orchard, J. Donovan, M. Ringwood,.R. Foster. .IU IOR CHORLI The Junior Chorus members are chosen for their interest and ability in choral singing. These students, under the direction of Miss Dershem, represent the highest achievements of our junior high students in the vocal department. At the present time, they are rehearsing forthe Cayuga County Festival. l -Hlw f 'J' fm 4. . - J-. wry?-'nu I 0 122' CY? A A ' x 13"'fb n f 5 ' 88 BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Klock, Lois Wright-Accompanist, A. Russell, M. D'Agostino, R. Howard, N. Moon, S. Hoskins, T. Oliver, O. Jennings. MIDDLE ROW: M. Moon, U. Olsson, T. Hurlbutt, K. Casbohm, B. Simmons, W. Jetty, M. Clark. TOP ROW: J. Forsythe, R. Jones, C. Seamans, C. Bow- man, J. Murray, R. Ray, M: D'Agostino. Absent from picture: L. Foster. MALE CHORUS The Male Chorus is now in its fourth year and is growing in number each year. This year we have 22 members. The organization was formed in order to interest more boys in high school singing. We participate in the Christmas program, As- sembly programs and in the Cayuga County choruses and feel that there is a great need for this organization. We sing primarily for the "fun" of singing. In- cluded in our repertoire are Sacred numbers, Spirituals, Secular numbers and num- bers "iust for fun." 89 Eleanor Smith, Beatrice Benham, Cathy Tanner, Sharon Walter. The Color Guards and Maiorettes are a very necessary part of our Senior Band organization during The marching season. They add much "coIor" and "snap" To our showings. We are one of The few bands in this area to have a complete summer marching pro- gram and also one of The few to have our own color guard. Pat Cooper, Susan Oliver, Barbara Murray, Cathy Shutter, Karen Hyland. .gmseee ARSITY The girls who wanted to go out for cheerleading began practic- ing during activity periods. The iudges this year were: Miss Monk, Marty Jones, Mr. Doremus, and Mr. Mosher. There were only six girls chosen this year, one of whom was the alternate. They were selected for the following qualities: iump, coordination, voice, enthusiasm, and appearance. Our girls were always on the top where the iobs of the cheerleaders were concerned. These iobs in- cluded: To keep the boys on the path to victory, to keep the crowd worked up to fever pitch, and to always act and look like we are winning, so the boys won't be discouraged and give up. The girls attended the Annual Cheerleading banquet at Spring- side Inn, to discuss rules and new cheers. O O The J.V. Cheerleaders were selected in the same way as the Varsity. The squad consisted of six girls, one of whom was al- ternate. Q Cheering for the players are, BACK ROW: Carole Brant, Beatrice Benham, Sharon Walter. FRONT ROW: Cathy Shutter, Kathy Kohinke, Eleanor Smith. ,y..4 , iw i will ' in 5 an Ready to shout are: Mary Lee, Shirley Granger, Jean Hitchcock, Louise Wright, Karen Hyland, Maryi Lou Roy. 9I TUDE T COUNCIL MARGE CAMPBELL Last June the student body elected Margery Campbell, President of the Student Council for the year 1959-60. The council elected Lester Day, Vice-President, Sandra Lee, Secretary, and Robb Newman, Treasurer. The Student Council held events such as the Christmas Dance in De- cember, and a record hop in March. As usual, the money earned through these events will go toward sponsoring an American Field Service student. Last September, Ulf Olsson, our foreign student from Sweden, arrived at school as a result of the Student Council's planning and financing. This year the senior members have made the introductions for some of our assemblies. Arrangements have been made, also, to have the Student Council schedule assemblies in the future. Awaiting the rap of the gavel are, ROW 1: Sandra Lee, Margery Campbell, Lester Day, Robb Newman. ROW 2: Connie Powers, Ronald Casbohm, Kathy Kohinke, Bonnie Gulliver, Marion Pesek, Penny Austin, Charleen Ford, Ann Newman, Daniel Gardner, Richard Newman, Jim Saunders. ROW 3: Elaine Moon, Patricia Ryan, Ted Jorgenson, Ronald Mahalik, George Hopper, Michael Surace, Ulf Olsson, Bob Rheor, Nancy Schenck, Ann Mulvey. ABSENT: Hollis Robbins, Bill Austin. STANDING: Mrs. O'Connor, Paul Stryker, Carol Derring, Roger Jorgensen, Bea Benham, Bruce Bowman. SITTING: Mr. Jesmur, Dorothy Fox Malcolm Doremus, Barry Cummings, Pat Roloson, Meta Reister. RECREATION COUNCIL The Recreation Council set up a program for recreation periods, cluring lunch. We have table tennis, dancing, volleyball, and basketball. 93 ATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Kenneth Casbohm, Robb Newman, Lester Day, Mr. Moon, Ron Ray, Larry Newman. SECOND ROW: Janet Terpening Paula Dundas, Margery Campbell, Lois Wright, Marty Davis, Nancy Schenck, Nicholas Moon, Elaine Osborne, Penny Austin. This year, the National Honor Society has greatly expanded its membership. Along with this expansion came a great feeling of prestige. Members of the Society are chosen on the basis of service, char- acter, leadership, and scholarship. As members, they all enioy numerous privileges. This year, the Society sponsored a highly successful record hop. In the future, we all hope that the Society will continue to sponsor dances and other social events. The results for the election for officers were as follows: Lester Day, President, Paula Dundas, Vice-President, Janet Terpening, Sec- retary, and Penny Austin, Treasurer. Best wishes to the Class of i960 from the National Honor So- ciety. 94 LESTER DAY QR BACK ROW: Donald Simpson, Gearldine Martino, Fred Gentile, Mr. Connell, Ulf Olsson, Carole Brant. SEATED: Mary Jane Yan notti, James Forsythe, Patricia Lawrence. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club was again started after having been disbanded for about tour years. We have used the darkroom in the new Science Lab- oratory. After most of the members had learned how to develop and make prints, we made many pictures for the yearbook. We also took pic- tures ofthe athletic groups and sold them. President, Ulf Olsson, Vice-President, Pat Lawrence, Secretary, Mary Jane Yannotti, Treasurer, Carole Brant. A ml 1 'S REFEREE CLUB Getting the rules are: Laura Patterson, Marion Pesek, Judy Lawrence, Betsy Evans, Kathy Mullally, Mrs. O'Connor. BACK ROW: Judy Ludwick, Jean Hitchcock, Claudia Chappell, Susan Lee, Beatrice Benham, Karen Emery, Gerry Martino, and Carolyn Body. Referee's Club was established this year to give all interested girls an oppor- tunity to prepare themselves for officiating in intramurals, gym classes, and class playdays. The group met every Wednesday during the first part of activity period to discuss rules and regulations of the seasonal sports. Many a "wild and wooley" discussion period ensued, but the eventual realization of the whys and wherefores of a certain rule were gradually evolved. Many fine referees have developed since this club was begun and many more are becoming interested in membership. Our thanks to the girls who started this referees' club and have worked hard all during the year to make themselves amateur officials. ' 'th- Blaisdellr 'Anne J0YCe Sml SENKDR UBR RY CLUB Wowe Nanf-Y Duclsell' 'ludy 1 BBT BACK Rovollivlullrlalllrlfi Roudabushl FRONT R ' JU ' leY ie Gulllvell lon. Shu' n BON' bara Scan 3 DOUBVB ' X Hen BBT bar Mrs. Boomer' A ns 'TM' ts Eva ' Y Lawrence' Be The Senior Library Club, under the supervision ot Mrs. Boomer, assists in extending many library services. These services include circulation, shelving books, room duties and magazines, assisting with reference problems, and general clerical work. The club, this year, has been particularly in- terested in publicity and public relations , processing books M 1- OW: Sh Joe mda Hawkin aron Otonn , an Donova 5' Carol CI off Marily RONT RO '7' Lind Wk " P - W: - H Sch ' Ann M 1 os" K-are ,arol Kohinke. Michelle Waigfclz 'after Fgxve-ye Karhleelzv jizz, Cheryl Sea , ary Bowzenaren Mullen etonl MI mans, P 'OR LIBRAR Cam, Ka Y, Donna DDLE RO amela B Pcha, M, Webb, ci W: Edffh Me" l. S Boomer, Jeila. Perhybridgll' mfer Jennings. Y CLUB services. Members have planned and made many outstanding bulletin boards. The aim ofthe club.is to help foster and expand the appreciation of libraries and their services. The Junior Library Club is a service organization in which the students from seventh and eighth grades volunteer to assist with a variety of library activities. The aim of the Club is to have each member feel that he is an ambassador of good will for the library as well as a valuable assistant. 97 GE AUGA YORKER FRONT ROW: Mr. Eldred, Patricia Ryan, Marian Pesek, Sarah Doremus, Ann Newman. SECOND ROW: Nancy Duckett, Barbara Scanlon, Betsy Patterson, Theresa McQuay, Shirley Probst, Sharon Walter, Barbara Donovan. The Senior High Yorkers selected Marion Pesek as President, Sally Doremus, Vice-President, Pat Ryan, Secretary, and Ann Newman, Treasurer. We spent the 'year making a movie of the History of Cayuga Village. We recall the Saturdays spent filming a scene at Bowmans, cutting ice on Cayuga Lake, and filming at the various churches. Costumes were procured at the Cayuga Museum. Most of the film is based on the History of Cayuga written by Florence Macintosh. We wound up a busy year with a dance and a picnic at Old lrelandville. ofalflt 692' 7 9 1 J, u 6 uf gf 0. if' 186 , , . Q, 1 giviillgf WM 3411115 ff 'N S ox ' 1899 ' 98 FRONT ROW: Laurie Jacobs, Dorothy Fox, Rhonda Vazquez, Connie Power, Linda Dann, Mariorie Axton, Jennifer Jennings, Richard Tate Mar garet Maleski. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Tanner, Jane Owen, Sharon Fleury, Linda Olson, Linda Sheldon, Christine Walton, Kathy Kapcha, Sharon Lawton Paula Christensen, Sharon Alhusen, Sally Bowman. LAST ROW: Karen Mullally, Joan Donovan, Ann Mulvey iPresidentJ Linda Terpemng, Elaine Moon, Marilyn Post, Patricia Schmelzle, Meta Riester, Sharon Middleton, Richard Anthony. FRO TENAC YORKER CLUB The Frontenac Island Yorker Club, heir to a rich and colorful local history, has been very active this year, carrying out our projects under the guidance of Mr. Paul Tanner. Officers chosen to lead our club this year were Ann Mulvey, President, Dorothy Fox, Vice- President, Meta Riester, Secretary, Joan Donovan, Treasurer. Committees were set up for the various phases of our program. The Indian Research Com- mittee, headed by Rhonda Vazquez arranged an effective exhibit of Indian artifacts in the Science Showcase. This was especially interesting to us in view of the fact that our area was the heart of the Indian territory before the arrival of the white man. The committee for the Antique Show carried out their proiect by displaying in the Conference Room of the library a fine selection of antiques. The trip committee with Richard Tate as chairman, planned a fine program. This included a trip to Corning Glass Works, a visit to the Syracuse Salt Museum, and an old French Fort, and a Spring iaunt to Watkins Glen. Jane Owen and her flag committee members took an interest in a series of flags. To make sure that our club was not having all work and no play, Dorothy Fox and her fellow committee members, planned a Halloween Party, a Christmas Party, and a Spring picnic. A handbook was printed and distributed as a record of the activities of the 1959-60 Frontenac Yorker Club. SEATED: J d Tr tt, Pe Busse , Louise Wright, Eleanor Smith,,Bonnie Day, Barbara Scanlon, Kathy Mullally. MIDDLE ROW: Peggy Mullally, Sue U Y 3 9 Y Temple, Sandra Wilson, Mary Lou Roy, Nancie Walters, Diane Kufhta, Cathy Tanner, Betty Smith, Kathy Grubb, Carole Webb, Nancy Watkins. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hicks, Karen Hyland, Sharon Walter, Jean Atkins, Loretta Blaisdell, Roseann Martino, Terry McQuay, Elaine Pollard, Sue Kierst, Virgina Barnhart, Carole Horan. F.H. . The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of girls studying homemaking in high schools of the United States and territories. Each year, members of the club develop a program of work including proiects and experiences which will help them work toward the purposes of F.H.A. The motto is "Toward New Horizons." This motto is a challenge. lt reminds members that their contributions to home life today will influence the kinds of homes they have tomorrow, that the family life of members will influence the community and the world. ta, , ll, QMAKERS 'ix A Ellis oil 0 Q' 'Q' iif 1 NZD A K7 mlb S: ' 2 lllui i ' 5, GIF gi I - Ml 6 l to LJ' 2- Q -- O? I ' 1" 'Y' W 'PD NEW HQ? I00 FRONT ROW: Roger Granger, Treasurer, Mark Doty, Seoretary, Mr. Switzer, Advisor, Dick Roberts, President, Ronald Day, Sentinel, Bob Down ing, Reporter, BACK ROW: Jerry Quill, Tom Dygert, Ronald Davis, Leslie Granger, Bob Lytle, David Dygert, Charles DeGroff, Jerry Wells Charles Sanders, Charles Amerman, Dennis Wheeler, Gary Power. F.F.A. The F.F.A. has had an active year. Some activities include: A Calf Contest, Seed Selling, Christ- mas Tree Selling, Judging Contests, Chapter Meeting Contests, and Public Speaking. F.F.A. aims to develop rural leaders and compliments work done in the Vocational Agriculture classroom. 4'-'rag K' rxxQ 5- fin ' -Q A.. f . u I , X Q. ' f ' s H1 A .f . XT A. ' ,, "'5iIL1o X' U V 'X l0I ARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Manager, Charles Bowman, Robb Newman, Bill Jones CCaptainJ, Roger Jorgensen, .lack Burnett, Ron Mahalik. SECOND ROW: Manager Steve Hall, Coach Devereaux, Jim Pearce, Jeff Ward, Carl Pethybridge, Fred Gentile, Tim Quinn, Captain. The team shot a good 35M from the floor led by Bill Jones with 39'Xp. Foul shooting was the weak point as they shot a poor 42'Xw, again led by Jones' 56'K,. The big rebounder was Jeff Ward as he pulled down l44 rebounds. Robb Newman, scrappy playmaker, led the team assists with 27 "feed-offs." Carl Pethybridge was the defensive "ace," he was handed the tough iob of guarding the opposition's high scorer at each game. Bill Jones was one of the top ten "outstanding players" in the Cayuga County Leagues. STATISTICS Points Percent Rebounds Steals Assists Jones ................ ...... 2 49 39 66 60 21 Pethybriclge ....... ...... l 47 33V3 l'l6 33 22 Newman ......... .,..... l ll 37 79 42 27 Warcl ........... ...... 9 l 37 T44 33 T0 COACH DEVEREAUX .l.V. BA KETBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: Sam Tata, Richard Salato, Ted O'Hara, Jim Maleski, Fred Gardner. BACK ROW: Fred Delaney, Ted Jorgensen Jack Pearce Bryan Schrieber, Bruce Bowman, Mr. Baer, Jack Smith, Gail Orchard, Tony Drury, Bill McCloud, Bob Reohr, Mike Moon. ABSENT Lynn Walter The 1959-60 Junior Varsity Basketball Team had a very successful season in league competition. With a strong group of sophomore boys and strong support from the freshman boys, the team showed good offensive potential and a strong defense. With Bruce Bowman, Jack Smith, and Gail Orchard under the basket, our defensive rebounding was strong. Dick Salato, Ted Jorgensen, Fred Gardner, Mike Moon, and Bill McLoud showed uncanny skill in hitting the baskets from outside. Toni Drury, Brian Schrieber, and Lynn Walters playing at forwards, provided the final polish needed to make up the team. Our only bad defects were to a strong Weedsport JV Team, who outplayed both games. Our final standing was a record of ten wins and four losses. This put us second in the league. Below are the scores of the games played. Union Springs ....... Cato Union Springs ........ Genoa Union Springs .....s. Moravia Union Springs ........ Cato Union Springs ....,.. Sherwood Union Springs ........ Moravia Union Springs ....... Port Byron Union Springs ..,..... Sherwood Union Springs ....... Weedsport Union Springs Port Byron Union Springs ....... King Ferry Union Springs Weedsport I ARSITY FOOTBALL SITTING: Barry Gould, Roger Walters, Martin Davis, Bob Downing, Roger Granger, Richard Salato, Ralph Minturn, Sam Tata, Ronnie Vantine SECOND ROW: Kenneth Casbohm, Don Horan, Don Simpson, Roger Jorgensen, Dick Roberts, Jack Burnett, Larry Newman, John Coapman Terry Hurlbutt, Mr. Clifford. THIRD ROW: Ron Ray, Mike Surace, Ken Gable, Fred Gentile, Carl Pethybridge, Jeffery Ward, Bruce Bowman George Hopper, Robb Newman. This past season Union Springs gridders enioyed one of their better seasons in the football his- tory at U.S.C.S. They finished second in Cayuga County Football league. The victories over Cato and Port Byron were the first over these teams in several years. Again the team was one of the small- est in the league, but will be remembered for their clean, hard fighting and "never say die spirit." Seniors contributing to the success of the team were Marty Davis, Bob Downing, Fred Gentile, Robb Newman, Don Horan, Dick Roberts, Ron Ray, and Roger Walters. Special credit should be given to Fred Gentile and Don Simpson for their yeoman work on offense. Defensively, Ralph Minturn, Robb Newman and Dick Roberts were standouts. Having a good nucleus to build from another good season is expected next year. This year's graduating Seniors wish next year's team good luck and remind them to "hit 'em hard." US I9 ....... ,....... C ato 7 US 0 ...,... ........ W eedsport I9 US I3 ...... ,....... P ort Byron 6 US O ....... ...,,... M anlius Prep JV O US 0 ....... .....,.. M oravia O US 12 ......., ........ T ully 7 US 0 ........ ,....... W indsor 'I9 IO6 TOP Ed KROW- s o ahrni' 'iffy sou, y 9, J d, F Qerr, Dennis cwgeflilclougiggl Djlaney Ja k 6 , ' C . Eff Ron Va Phu Coa Smith, Bru hh,-,el pman' Ted Ce Bowm o'Hara an' Co ' Jim M, 'Captain nde. FR Ted J ONTR orgeh OW. C sen. Mm l 0-Capfafn DLE RO Sam T W: C05 ara, Ron ch Jesm Davis Ur' , rom . . FGCTBALL The JV Football team under the co-captaincy of Sam Tata and Ted Jorgensen completed the sea- son with a two wins, one loss, one tie record. Bruce Bowman, Barry Gould, Rog Jorgensen, John McLoughlin, Ron Vantine, made up the first string and provided the bulwark of defense and offense. The Varsity should be aided by the addition of these boys next year if they play as determined- ly and as hard as this year with the JV's. Of course, without the substitutes no team can be good. So much credit must go to these boys who will be playing for the JV's next year and not as subs. Moravia 14 ,,....... ..,,,,,,, O U.S. Cato Meridian 13 ...,,,,,., ,........ 2 0 U.S. Weedsport I3 ,,,,,,,... ,.,,,.... I 3 U.S. Port Byron 28 ........., ,,,,,.... I 2 U.S. TRACK FRONT ROW: Roger Fries, Martin D'Agostino, Jack Worzbyt, Tim Quinn, Bob Martens, Don Simpson, Ed Kohinke. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Connell, Ronnie Ray, Ronnie Rotunda, Don Horan, Roger Walters, Larry Newman, Gary Whitehead. BACK ROW: Paul Henderson, Fred Gentile, Gail Orchard, Joe Quinn, Jack Walker, Chuck Rief, James Forsythe. Track is a tradition at Union Springs. Being a track star is not easy. When an athlete does his very best-and then does a little bit more . . . he becomes a star. Every boy in the picture above deserves this title. Outstanding on the team was Fred Gentile. He is an excellent all-round track star and made the sectionals in the discus. Special praise goes to the freshmen on the team who turned in very good scores, Gail Orchard and Ed Kohinke. Paul Stryker did very well in the mile, especially in the County Meet. He was selected as a County All-Star. The team looks forward to further success next year. l08 WRESTLI C5 ON MAT: Coach Jesmur, Jim Healy, Alan Russell, Dennis Wheeler. KNEELING AND STANDING: Ralph Miturn, Co-Captain: Bud Lawrence: Ed Kohinkef Bruce Simmonsp Dick Langleyf Bill Clarkf Ken Gableg Chuck Bunnellp Roger Walters, Co-Captaing Don Horam Bob Downingp Dave Clarkp Leith Fosterp Orlan Jennings. The 1959-60 Wrestling team finished with a 6-4 record and for want of one more experienced man could have done better. The team captains Rog Walters and Ralph Minturn were team high scorers with Ralph being -undefeated and Rog losing but one match in dual meet competition. Chuck Bunnell, Bob Downing and Jim Healy with Don Horan were other Senior members of the team who added points for the team. The Wrestlers as individuals and as a team showed much spirit and determina- tion this year and with the same qualities showing in following years, the team should develop into a very good outfit. The Dual Meet Record ls As Follows: Auburn JV 6 ,,..,.... ,,,,,,,, A 8 US Newark 15 ,..,v.... ,s,,,,.,, 3 7 US Geneva 31 ......... ,,,,,,,,. 1 7 US Waterloo 25 ,,..,,,.. ,......., 2 1 US Mynderse 27 ..,,,,... ,.v.,..,, 2 0 US Wayne 31 ,,,,,,... .,,,,.,,, 2 O US Penn Yan 29 ,,,,..... v.,,..,., 2 5 US Marcellus 30 ,........ ,,,,...., 1 1 US Canandaigua 21 s,,,,,,.. ..,,,,,,. 2 9 US Auburn JV 8 ,,,...... ,,,,,,,,, 4 1 US I09 TENNIS STANDING: Ted Jorgensen, Bob Gable, Doug Murray, Dick Scott, Harold Verbeck, Dick Roberts, Coach Jesmur. KNEELING: Terry Hurlbutf, Ed Dann, Ken Casbohm, Marty Davis, Dave Clark. Joe Mulvey was absent when picture was taken. The Tennis team with Joe Mulvey as Captain enioyed a successful season. They lost only three dual meets. Twice to Weedsport perennial league champions and once to powerful Auburn, who ranked very high in their section. U.S.C.S. defeated Elbridge, King Ferry and Port Byron twice while finishing second in the league and compiling the best sports record of the year in Senior High Athletics. Main stays for the team were Eddie Dann, Dave Clark and Captain Mulvey, who is the only loss by graduation. Therefore, the tennis team should make a strong showing in the coming season. I 4 llO READY TO PLAY, FIRST ROW: Peg Bussey, Kathy Shutters, Paula Dundas, Penny Austin, Marion Pesek, Betsy Evans, Kathy Kohinke. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Smith, Judy Ludwick, Sally Doremus, Beatrice Benharn, Carole Derring, Susan Lee, Carole Brant, and Mrs. O'Connor. ALL-STAR BASKETBALL Basketball, a popular sport with plenty of excitement and competition, found many girls staying after school Fridays to take part in the in- tramurals. The All-Star Basketball team was chosen shortly after we had finished our playdays. The girls on the All-Star team are the girls who put "their all" into playing the game. They are the ones who wasted no time in starting and thought only of working together and winning. . Q ,I XE: 1' X31 All-Star Hockey started shortly after school opened. We were fortunate to have a cadet teacher from Cortland State Teachers College, who assisted Mrs. O'Connor during gym classes and girls' sports. Those chosen for the All-Star Hockey team were the girls who worked hard to kills and who showed the most interest in having a winning team. with us improve their s They were the ones who worked together to play this rough and exciting game the best. ALL-STAR HOCKEY READY, JUDY? FRONT ROW: Shirley Granger, Penny Austin, Pat Lawton, Paula Dundas, Marion Pesek, Marilyn Roudabush, Janet Terpening Judy Ludwick. BACK ROW: Carole Derring, Susan Lee, Gerry Martino, Mary Lavey, Louise Wright, Carole Brant, Eleanor Smith, and Mrs.-O'Con nor Funny, Paul? Which is which?? Watch the birdie Little Squaw Watch that. Elaine and her DAY WOW!! Thar Yannotti Kid Half, Santa! XY SIMKIN HARDWARE Plumbing Sheel' Mefal Service POPULAR RIDGE. N. Y. AUBURN OFFICE SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY School Supplies ancl Equipmenf TYPEWRITERS SOLD - RENTED- REPAIRED 7-9 Exchange Sireef AUBURN. NEW YORK A. T. "GUS" PINE Besl' Wishes 'ro Ihe Class of I960 BUCHKO CABINET SHOP Specializing in Sfeel and Wood Kifchens Phone 2- I 736 2-I 906 I7 CoHage Sfreel AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimen+s of ROTO SALT UNION SPRINGS Besi Wishes and Good Luck +o +he Gradua+ing Class G. L. E. PETROLEUM PLANT Yorlr S'I'ree'I AUBURN, NEW YORK Courlesy of LOBLAW FOOD STORE Seminary S+. AUBURN. N. Y. CompIimen+s of CAYUGA LANES, INC. Auburn, New York PERFECTION DRY CLEANERS HENRY M. TAMBURO, MGR. 57 Norih Sfreef AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimen+s of DlCK'S DEN Complimenfs of EDDIE'S FISH FRY 29 Gran? Avenue AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 3-96I2 Complimenfs of F. S. JOHNSTON PAPER CO. 24 Merkel Sfreel Complimenfs of MARSHALL'S CLOTHING STORE I3I Genesee Sfreel' AUBURN. N. Y. PHONE 2-255I AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 2-452' Complimenfs of DOUGLASS BOOK STORE E. J. EMERY II6 Genesee S+. Auburn Nex+ Io Nafional Bank of Auburn EMERY'S I G A STORE Books, S+a+ionery, Office and School Supplies Cayuga' New York Hallmark and Gibson Greefing Cards Complimenfs of MAPLETON STORE GROCERIES-GENERAL MERCHANDISE Roberf H. Body R. D. I, AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 2-7494 Complimenfs of WM. R. SMITH, JEWELERS UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Complimenfs of MUTUAL CANDY COMPANY 4I Wall S+ree+ AUBURN. NEW YORK COURTESY MOTORS I76 Clark S+ree'I' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of ANN'S RESTAURANT 98 Clark S+ree'I AUBURN, NEW YORK Besf Wishes +o +he Class of '60 GREAT GULLY FARM FLOYD E. cl-IAPIN, Mgr. Complimenfs of OCKENDEN DAIRY BAR Wesl' Genesee S+. Road AUBURN, N. Y. Complimenfs of "THE STAMPS" Ellen and Lamoni' BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP CpI+f THE COWLES DISSOLVER COMPANY, INC. CAYUGA. 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HORAN Complimenfs of RED at WHITE TOP O' THE HILL FOOD STORE Groceries and Meafs ooms sci-IMELZLE UN'fg',fTQ',f,EI',hGS Blanchard Road, Cayuga phone 7,22lI Complimenfs of SHERWOOD GROCERY WILLIAM POWERS CompIimen'I's of TATA'S GROCERY 283If2 Clark S+ree+ Poplar Ridge-7782 AUBURN, NEW YORK Wifh Congra+ula+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o 'I'he Class of I960 BEACON FEEDS AND BEACON SERVICE Developed Through 40 Years of Research and Farm Tesiing THE BAG WITH THE STARS 1-lg fl f FEEDS 4 1' 4 I Q . 41 4- 2 1 44 4 QEH CUN -ang' - A 1+ ' 1+ if 4 I Beacon THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY A Division of Spencer Kellogg 8: Sons, Inc. CAYUGA, NEW YORK YORK. PA. LAUREL, DEL. EASTPORT, N. Y. BROADWAY, VA. "AL" BYRN'S SPORTING GOODS JOHNSON SEA HORSE SALES AND SERVICE 3, 5112, 7lf2, I8. 40. 75 H. P. RAWLING, WILSON, McGREGOR SPORTS EQUIPMENT Dial 3-5432 5-7 Genesee Sfreel' AUBURN, NEW YORK ComplimenI's of ALBERT CURRY AND COMPANY INC. I Mani+ou Lane CAYUGA. 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PI'lOne VEEDOL I0-30 FLYING "A" SENACA FALLS- N- Y- MOTOR OIL TIRES PHONE II2I Com plimenis of CAYU GA GARAGE CompIimenI's of TOWPATH MACHINE CO Congrafulafions from CENTRAL EXTERMINATING COMPANY Jordan. New YorIr Complimenfs of BASILE BARBER SHOP Cayuga. New YorI: GEBHARD TRYAN AND LAT-TIMORE "Auburn's Leading Agency" General Insurance I9 SOUTH STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of RANDAL MARKET Cayuga, New Yorlr Phone 2-668I CompIimen'I's of SEAL'S CAMERA STORE CARDS AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT II Norfh Sfreei AUBURN. NEW YORK CompIimen+s of PAULINE NEWSSTAND CompIimen'I's of COOPERATIVE FARM CREDIT ASSOCIATIONS OF AUBURN NEW YORK SHEET METAL and WARM AIR HEATING George and Greene Souih Sf. Road Complimenfs 'Io CIass of '60 CUSTOM CLEANERS 81 TAILORS 60 NorII1 Division Sires? or 203 Sfaie SIree+ AUBURN, NEW YORK CAYUGA GLASS COMPANY IO7 Osborne SI'reeI' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenis of FLEMING LUMBER CO. Longbell Kitchen Cabineis MASURY PAINTS Building Maierials of AII Kinds FLEMING, NEW YORK Aub. 2-I095 Complimenis of CLARK 8: TENITY CO.. INC. I44 Ross Sireef AUBURN, NEW YORK ST. CLAIR TV REPAIR SERVICE Radio-TV Appliances New and Used Se+s Sold US 7-7646 UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Complimenls of AURORA'S I.G.A. STORE W. ROBERT CLARK GREENE LUMBER CO. I3 Hulberl Slreel AUBURN NEW YORK "Your Firsl' Thoughi When BuiIding" Complimenfs of AURORA GRILL AURORA. New YORK Complimenls of POWERS ELECTRICAL SERVICE Eleclrical Con+rac+ing Union Springs, N. Y. You Never Oulgrow Your Need for KENT DAIRY MILK 40 Bur'I' Ave. Auburn Besl Wishes -Io The Class of I960 ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP Pinclmey Road AUBURN, NEW YORK Besl' Wishes +o Ihe Class of I960 MARTLEW MARKET Auburn, New York VOLPE FLOOR COVERING 81 PAINT 9 Genesee S'Iree+ Auburn, N. Y. Phone 3-79I2 PITTSBURGH-DUPONT PAINTS Complimenfs of LAWRENCE NEDROW'S RED 81 WHITE STORE Groceries and Meals King Ferry, New Yorlr Complimenls of McGLYNN'S 5c 'I'o SI.00 Union Springs, N. Y. THE SENECA FALLS SAVINGS BANK Seneca Falls, New Yorlc MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COLELLA'S I.G.A. SU PERMARKET CiI'y Line 2II Soufh S+. Rd. AUBURN. N. Y. PIen+y of Free Parking L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY A+'l'Ieboro, Massachusefls "JeweIry's Finesl Craf'I'smen" CLASS RINGS AND PINS Represenfed by: LELAND LEE, Mgr. ALFRED HORROCKS LOUIS DWORSHAK GOLDEN GUERNSEY Give Golden Guernsey a Trial- Be Convinced of Ifs Superiorify CHILDREN LOVE GOLDEN GUERNSEY Children who ordinarily refuse milk soon gof fhe GOLDEN GUERNSEY habif. Mofhers find fheir worries and froubles are over wifh GOLDEN GUERNSEY. Children prefer if fo ofher foods and ifs complefeness of food value makes if unnecessary fo urge children fo eaf foods for which fhey do nof care. Scienfisfs fell us fhaf fasfe buds on fhe fongue grow less acfive as age progresses, perhaps fhese youngsfers can make a choice for fhemselves so long as fhey have plenfy of milk. Two-fhirds of a glass of GOLDEN GUERNSEY gives as much nourishmenf as nearly a full glass of ofher milk. The appefizing habif forming flavor of GOLDEN GUERNSEY may be due fo fhe exfra milk sugar of fhe increased buHerfa'I'. Profein, minerals, and vifamins give if a "fuIIer- bodied" flavor. AUBURN GUERNSEY FARMS, INC. Wesf Genesee Road PHONE-AUBURN 2-6332 Complimenfs of P. 81 C. FOOD MARKET, INC. SEMINARY ST. AUBURN, N. Y LESTER E. BREW LESTER E. BREW, JR. FUNERAL DIRECTORS JENKINS LABORATORIES. INC phone 3,6293 I7-I9 Wall S+ree+ 48 Soufh Sf. Auburn, N. Y. AUBURN' NEW YORK Complimenfs of CLASS OF I 960 RONDINA FURNITURE CO. 56-64 S'I'a+e S+ree+ AUBURN. NEW YORK I23-I25 Main S+ree+ A Comple+e Line of FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS and G. E. APPLIANCES DELOS L. HOSKINS Rambler Aufomobiles J. I. Case Farm Implemenis CLARK STREET ROAD Rou+e 5 and 20 GARDNER'S COLLISION SERVICE 5 Lincoln S+. AUBURN, NEW YORK Bee Line Frame and Fronf End Aligning Complele Collision Service Aufo Painfing PHONE 2-564l UNION SPRINGS HARDWARE STORE BoI'+led Gas Appliances Plumbing Healing PHONE 7-734I AUBURN ARMATURE CO. Elecfrical Power Equipmenl' MoI'ors Generalors Ven+iIa+ing Equipmeni' Phone 3-5388 29I GranI' Avenue AUBURN, NEW YORK BEN F. LONG INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Phone 7-763I UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK Complimen+s of THE IDEAL CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Specialisi' 247 Genesee S+reeI' AUBURN. NEW YORK DELIVERY SERVICE IN UNION SPRINGS AND CAYUGA Phone 3-35l I CLARK 81 WHALEY Fuel Service Cifies Service ProcIucI's MASSEY-FERGUSON FARM EQUIP. Old Company's Lehigh Coal R.F.D. No. 3 Phone 2-9832 JIM 81 FLOYD'S RESTAURANT Spaghe'H'i and Meaf Balls STATE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimen'I's Io Ihe Class of I960 'From DAW DRUG COMPANY RIVER view PLAZA Complimenis of BLUE MOON CO. I39 Clark S+ree+ AUBURN, NEW YORK Phone 2-I3l I L. L. STREVY ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Sfandard-Elecfric-Porfable Sales-Ren+aIs-Repairs I0 SOUTH STREET AUBURN, N. Y. I ' J.a..LHgA- s .?Em1fM,KNiE.Wii.E ml - ug x I II' ' - L 1. sa:-' ' ff I' Eff: II.-1 :I 1 1 . I Iii, I 5 , iI. I V YI II 'Xu 'I I II 1 1 Nr I .KU ,,,.,.. 4 EWmfF? . NIM? lf III' . I I L. v 1-. 1 I I 1 . .U .. , -in .. . , .....,,, II I If-E I . I I I I I I I I I4 I I I -, ,I. V 'fir Is I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I X I ,Q 1, : I .,. L ,. k I A .I ' I - I IT ,I iff . I , I: ,. 1? .,, .-'j --' a. 'I xr. 1 I L-.,.... .,.. . 5 3 WIIEFLQKAZ' fl' I I I I: I I I ,..,.,...-,,.., ,. IL., .. , , I I . ,fx I Hu.-. .r - If '1 I M .MM , gf L IHIr14f" 1 I ,, ,-.,4. -.iswisw ,I , 7 I: J '- 1U'T.cv'f WI " x - -..cI. 1-1: ,-,tg I ,In ,L ,-,--T-. . . ,M I -, III, . 2.41, V L 'I I, -I-N" I ssiusannm' ' mmfsi-na ' -Irv . . ,.,f. I. F...., lu E, x ' I-I 'r I .1' A, II I. uw I If :ff 5 .I .I mf. I- I, I 1: ' 352 I. 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Suggestions in the Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) collection:

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