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 - Class of 1959

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Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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U 'lim 'f:fwH-...,. +ff S ' N S-s W' ' is finf. ,wit s , . 'N Lv," ,zmwf 64, v5:q?.?:,:,, ' - ,tv iw Q R .NRM . aa D M . g..,- Iv Vrmgb 7, , .t 'qs g l rw 'rjqixiliig dl Y 'Q ....-2.1, S ,M W s wx. W . WY... L., .B Lf -Q 1 W, xsm JM nf , fag: W5 'fvgtfutfj F.. 1, ,vw . ' 3 'wwf? 114 p'i"V'P1 QQ lt. . 3, 'fphvi f A I ,rw " ",",fff'fT' F2 M 4 'f vs 4 Q A vs'9A Q45 L ""'1 'YI ,J 1. '1 fa, ' n h ..... . v ,.. fm. .. - A'lk xx vffw 4' ii E .y,Qfi gg 71 g 1 . x XX kr- A a J -x 3 Lllitimi VME!! fj i ' LB, 4. H959 1 HE L x ? in 1" hu ... Ea!! !. Iwi ' -f------ .rg l Ii '- ' fig -5 ' -.N IH ' N -- 52 ff --3,2 'f j ,fJ:,f !, .f-"A" , fxij M- 4 5? ' ' .,0- W! 4 EE A ff d J' M 49 ?f T!!! V, K A ,if 6 K3 3 N I ,:,.f-J-" y X1 . 'SDJ ,ff 1. 5, , X47' 'I -f' , Q jg F LZ? Y x 'zu f 4 -'ff f with .... Q- ,,, - - - rn, A M ...1,.if -.,. .. Y-kgrrf-.L,, - . 1- ..-i:-f,,,-"-'-'..f":""1- -'-.5 ' f A.. Spnlllfc Y THE FRO PUBLISHED E uNloN SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOOL ENAC I9 9 HE CLASS OF I959 uNloN SPRINGS, NEW YORK 4 gx f ff- Xi SIL ?Xl NN 4892 " 'L malls FT M 'ag 0' c x'f.2"f 261, .BZ 3 53' lf i 47-51,59 i ff HAZ X K X XX Aff! , , , fv, C 4 ' M' lN ,r , , .- t 7,-'aff Z A-,X ,f -, f x "' pfigf, 'F ' ,gh f' ff . 'if' ' c s sf . xx rf- 1124 -2? , Yr,-. ' 'll -lv fo!- K ku-aff," "l Q53 f .X L, Z, ! . 5 I V ! v Q !f Q N- .. C Nw , A A f lu f f jlf, K X X A- 7 X if ,1 . 1 liciiizx 'K- BQM 1 igixlf, ' ff 5 -2- .Mi B Lqdv N ie 7 we , ESQ' ivfilta' f +1 se? 1 "'- s-me lst: 475 ---.- -..ji N My 'ffl-1-A-Q - U7 - ,. A yfi' , 55, Jrxiv M , , ii-L.-f3loI.l4'f We, of the yearbook staff, have worked steadily for many months to produce this volume of the Frontenac. Within these pages we have tried to record the many memorable events that have happened to us during our iourney through high school. We hope that, not only at the present but in ine years to come, this book will be a treasured keepsake and that it will recall many happy occasions. 13216 QFD f g '?HJi F aim" PTC aj into x 1. -X ,, -j, Sensors- ..,. '- , ' X " 'o fl N' 4 , 'W I., . , aw ict? SchoolLHe,W.M wwe Activities H 2, I iw- - , 6' .f' "' J! n Ig' f 1: jk' iw" I,'Hf' vt Vg, K I Y .-,,, 'Arte' ,Yi 8 1 ilk' J 1 " " tl qi A It h ' I 9:54-.gg 'qq ' 1 f a'4!"f f .5 , W ,A la' 'fur'-Q' Mrik J-ye fi.. I 'H AQ. vu! :MM 5 Lal' A A 'I br., TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page -Sh V f'ET DEDICATIO MR. FRANK VAZQU EZ We, the graduating class of 1959, are proud to dedicate the 1959 Frontenac to our class advisor, Mr. Frank Vazquez. As our class advisor, he has inspired us to do our best during the past four years. His wise guidance and friendly advice has helped us over many of the rough spots. During the times when we were in need of assistance, he was always there to lend a helping hand. Because of all these things, he has helped us make our final years successful ones. With this thought in mind, we wish to extend this well deserved honor to a truly great and wonderful friend and teacher. 'wt 47 fs-Sfi' is y :,,s,!,. K, Working on the yearbook are, ROW 1: Barbara Hollatz. ROW 2: Judy Palmer, Nancy Murdock, Glenda Davis, Sherrill Young, Beverly Gove. ROW 3: Nancy Presto, Nancy Shook, Patricia Roudabush, Mr. Chappell, Charleen Ward. The Yearbook Staff has tried to make this yearbook the biggest and best book ever produced in the history of our school, Our aim in the publication of this year- book is to present the over-all picture of our school activities, both regular and extracurricular, Credit must be extended to each and every member of the staff. All of these people have worked hard to produce this book. We sincerely hope that you may keep this book as a lasting record of the persons and events that have played a part in your lives this year. Editor-in-Chief GLENDA DAVIS . Assistant NANCY tviuRDocK tl Art Editor L BARBARA HOLLATZ WW fu, Assistant BEVERLY oovE ill ' HM Business Manager NANCY SHOOK A K, Circulation Manager L JUDY PALMER . - , . ' Literary Editor NANCY PRESTO ,f W' Sports Editor L L CHARLEEN WARD A Assistants , L BILL RYAN GEORGE ivttNTuRN 2 E School Life and Activities Editor L PAT ROUDABUSH Typist L 1 H SHERRILL YOUNG ,....1--- - ..-. -,,- ,.,.- ,r"" If - gf F ," - Q--QT M- 9 , ' nmsmamo - ,-Q l I-'hifiagg -- 'fb ' gm- 'Q 'fy ' N A 1 1 wi., My U ,1 W' J L my ' fl I I I , f 1 ,if J, , f f D 7 1 V' I 1 I 'A "jf Ir' iw fl 1 j hi ff ' 1 1 l A f 1 , , . , Y A 1 I V 'I a I! -ff f 7, 'V ' VW J 1 'Lvf' fi? 7 "2 ff fd f I' if ur 1 I ff 'ff 7 ' 4.4 J df 7 6 fi ff .I X, ev y , , r Y f J y bb-3 ?l'3' fy f ' 1 ' 'Si ii:2'I2i"3 if-3-3 N ml -li, -.5,,o-lg--'aggg-I if 5- ' 1-fe? 'Y 92 :5 , -.,-1v1',,g,1?,?'aK, . . 7 V - 2-' i 1. ' " ,222-13 -4 . . A T ii - 5:3 V5 2 ' ---:sig-2. 'X 1355 fw- . -gkgxr , ' Z' Q f'E5i1:1' V N -Q " ff 4,5 ' 2119? 'Ziff ,.- , ---2-432' D- -- X - -if-'fa XX , ,j - --3-M - 1 X299 - 323-' ' -viii'-, 'f:--:4.1'E A f V f'::4'Q? 'Z' ' -T? fa- ff-1 4 225 c f. luwn , 59 'f Owl Qooooooooooaq, :Zi 1' .,g'Pr1ncn ...S 6 ' M 7 KXXXXXQN I f 4 1 ef? E6 -i SX HE D MAN Congratulations and best wishes to each member of the Class of l959. The completion of your high school studies is only another stop along the road of life. Your next stop may be further formal education at college or informal training on a job. You can never avoid the opportunity to learn and to improve yourself as long as you live. My wish and that of all your teachers is that each of you will use your oppor- tunities and will enioy a life rich in rewarding and satisfying experiences. ANDREW J. SMITH Supervising Principal AN FRID Y To The Class Of 1959 This is the day. You've waited thirteen or more years for this, so take a deep breath, sigh and really enioy it while you can. Graduation day at lastg commence- ment for your future. As soon as you finish one job, you begin another. Life is like that. Congratulations on successfully completing the first iob and the best of luck for your future. Sincerely, RICHARD J. MOON High School Principal OUR BCARD 0F EDUCATIO The Board Members work hard to solve our school problems. SEATED, left to right: Harvey Smith, John Reohr, Dovovan Webb, Harold Orchard, Lawrence Gould, Andrew J. Smith, Oskar Schlappi, Paul Newman, and Presi- dent Ralph Webster. Every third Monday of the month, the decision men of our school, the Board of Education, meet to discuss our problems. These nine men work unceasingly to improve our school and to keep it up to date. They study our problems of finance, and are always ready to help an em- ployee. Our thanks go to these willing people who work so hard to keep our school going, though it may take time from personal pleasures. The Board of Education does much for our community without reimbursement for their time and effort. OUR FACULTY A Al- . ROW l: Miss Pethybridge, Mrs. Smith, Miss Purcell, Mr. Moon, Mr. Kane, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Boomer. ROW 2: Mr. Gardner, Miss Hockeborn, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Hicks, Miss Russell, Miss Stress, Miss Dershem, Mrs. Polanski, Mrs. Colgan, Mrs. O'Connor, Mr. Crull. ROW 3: Mr. Connell,-Mr. Eldred, Mr. Baer, Mr. Towne, Mr. Vazquez, Mr Klock, Mr. Tanner, Mr. Shotwell, Mr. Chappell, Mr. Boomer. Year after year, for six years, we have had the help of the unsung heroes of our school-our teachers-the High School Faculty. Our teachers never really receive the credit due them, the student always takes the honor, and yet if a student doesn't do well, the teacher is to blame. We owe much To our teachers who have so much patience when homework isn't done on time, when everyone wishes they were outside enioying the spring weather, and when papers start flying across the room. All these things the teachers stand, and then still teach us too! It goes like this. What is that? ADMINISTRATION ANDREW J. SMITH 7I7,, , , ,U ,, ,,,, 7 Supervising Principal of the District RICHARD J, MOON , Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Secondary Education LEO A. SOUCY U , L 7, , Elementary Principal and Supervisor FACULTY ARCOLA BOOMER , HAROLD BOOMER L, , as Library , W Industrial Artsg Director of Adult Education DONALD CLIFFORD ELEANOR COLGAN JOHN CONNELL HOWARD BAER DONALD DEVEREAUX THOMAS ELDRED WUNICE HICKS FRED GARDNER VIRGINIA POLANSKI CATHERINE HOCKEBORN LAURA JOHNSON JEAN STRESS AGNES PURCE.LL MARY RUSSELL ALLEN SHOTWELL IDA J. SMITH ls he typing? Citizenship Education I Science Science H L Science Mathematics Citizenship Education Home Economics , Business Subjects , English , , Mathematics English, Latin L Secretarial Subjects I Mathematics English Agriculture French, Health BEULAH PETHYBRIDGE ENID A. TANNER PAUL TANNER FRANK VAZOUEZ , B. COMAN CHAPPELL ARNA DERSHEM ELAINE ERBY , JOSEPH FINN , MARJORIE JUMP , ERWIN KANE L EARLE KLOCK ,L MARIAN REDFIELD , HAROLD MCBRIDE , 7 DOROTHY MARKS , DAN JESMUR ,, RUTH MYRICK . Nurse , English Citizenship Education Citizenship Education Art Vocal Music Vocal Music Intrumental Music Dental Hygienist Guidance , , Instrumental Music Elementary Library and Reading as ,, Driver Education , Elementary Physical Education , Physical Education Speech Therapy FLORA o'coNNoR I T 'I I I Physical Education RUTH PARKER so ,sss , Elementary Art MR. BRADMAN Psychologist Paying attention? I II. D . I z xi' A 5, Q 5. v 2 .. Q ROSEMARY PRATT NELLIE HEWEY EVELYN WOLFE BESSIE TANNER AUDREY WORZBYT JANET CLARK EDITH SEVIER NANCY BERGGREN ETHEL URE DONALD FORDHAM DORIS MULDOON LEONA STONER Busy? This is a class? ELEMENTARY CAYUOA DIVISION UNION SPRINGS DIVISION , Kindergarten LOUISE PEARCY C. O Kindergarten Grade I ANN TYLER I Kindergarten L , Grade I MARTHA HOPKINS . Grade I , , I Grade 2 MIRIAM DAVIS Grade 'I Grade 2 CATHERINE HEALY Grade 2 , Grade 3 JANE MYERS , L, , Grade 2 Grade 3 CORA BRIGDEN ,C C , , Grade 3 ,, Grade 4 MILDRED CONNOR C L Grade 3 , Grade 4 HAZEL ROBBINS C I Grade 4 Grade 5, Head Teacher MARGARET BARRETT , , L, L Grade 4 Grade 6 HANNAH MCMICHAEL O C LL,a Grade 5 , ,,,, , Nurse LORENA GUNN -. ,,,., . Grade 5 Music EUNICE ANTHONY Grade 5 ELAINE ERBY DOROTHY MARKS , Physical Education MALCOLM FISH ,C RALPH SLADE L One-two-three-Play! It's Donel! Grade 6 Grade 6 , U L45 ' ""'- '5 Y QQMYPI Q1-L"'i K S 9 x 3 riffs ' 4 tfly, v ,vixxxuf hx -XXX NX. 0 WXWNNN ' X v .X -xx: X Q J Q' X x , , X5 E A Email x-, "?.'xT2Lv'i ix xxx-.:--,gl -Z I V' f -Q 4 ' sf: ' , X X 4 A Af mf' -W1 ' 'N M M X L mikgxb' xmx W- 5 g:5 s h x f .XX ty X Xf, , NF ' 5 ,ff ' J L...-1 , X.. 4 ? 'NV-f1-lli "ln ' ' ,Z .- MN !uI limit? I Q xi R 1 ! I X x X , 4 ' W X f im M wg H J X X 1 uf ' Ahh! ill'SxxxBhihli A 1 an 7 0 0 A ck, S "s, 5 nil 55: . fe, s X X l l ff X I I 4 W I I 3 f j X f K l, 1- xx X-XXX XNX5RXXsxNw X ! v 'S f5cii5Ef9ifh ,11- 1 ,M L '-f i ies fi Ari, ' ua ,L :V 21' W Q Q, 1359 ggezpglb l.1T6'Qg.g3.7 ?fl11fAQy .5 ruannxvv 2.9- LDT 329.13111 .co Qfiiriil ' . 9 ug hawgivau fine-Q,a1 5' fb TJ 5-53336 aww' Qgmiumjggfwagg bf UQ 011193 President GEORGE MINTURN x x ' llshonyll Track l, Baseball 3, 4, Prom King 3, Class Plays 2, 4, Traffic 4 'l i I? Court 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Volleyball 2, 4, Vice-President 2. 2 , 1 Barber l -,. U, r A V ,- '- 1 fel 'ir l Class President 4, Football I, 2 3, 4- Wrestling l, 2 3, 4- xl gill " . N if S A s T os., ,ff Vice-President PATRICIA ROUDABUSH "Pot" Class President 2, Student Council 2, 3, Student Council President 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Empire Girls' State 3, Class Plays 2, 4, Basketball Worker l, 3, Student Assistant 3. Cortland State Teachers College Secretary JOSEPH MULVEY "Bony Joe" Class Secretary 4, Class Vice-President 1, Class Treasurer 3, Bas- ketball I, 2, 4, Baseball l, 2, Cross-Country Manager l, Football Manager 2, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball Worker l, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Empire Boys' State 3, Play Stage Crew 4, Traffic Court 4, Volleyball 2, 3. University of Buffalo i ,, W X" Treasurer QM " 5 M CAROLYN JEAN CLARK 2 JG , Class Treasurer 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, National 'gf ,CS Honor Society 3, 4, Stationery Chairman 3, GAA v-js -,r O Geneseo State Teachers College FRAN K EDWARD Undecided MAXINE LUCILLE JORGENSEN uMaX:1 Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, All Star Basketball 2, 3, 4, All Star Volleyball 2, 3, All Star Hockey 2, 3, All Star Softball 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, GAA Officer 3, 4, Recreation Committee 2, 3, Student Council 4, Class Play 2, 4, Senior Store 4, Student Assistant I, 2, 3, 4, Queen's Court 3, Traffic Court 4. Undecided PALEGA Intramurals I, 2, 3, Senior Store 4. BEVERLY JEAN MCBRIDE uBevn Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council President 3, Student Council I, 2, 3, Traffic Court 4, Class Play 2, 4, Prom Queen 3. Byran and Stranton Institute ROBERT L. MARTENS murals 2, 3, 4. Bo Transferred from Port Byron 2, JV Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3 4- FFA 2 3- Student Assistant 4- Senior Play Crew 4- Intra- Muck Famter I 1 20 .tt if I-1,1 1 Q' E fit 'l lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Play Stage Crew 4, Recreation Council 2, Senior Store 4, Traffic Court 3, Cheerleader 2. 'fi' NANCIE NOREEN CONNOR EDWARD BRUCE WADE "Eddie" Undecided , A "Nance" Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant I, Senior Store 4, Class Play 4, Basketball Worker 2, Usher at Graduation 3. Undecided ANN LOUISE TANNER "Red" Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, All Star Basket ball 2, 3, 4, All Star Hockey 4, Queen's Court 3, Class Play 4 Senior Store 4, Student Assistant l. Beautician JAMES H. STEBBINS "Ernie" ll student Council l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baalaatlaall 3, 4, lv Basketball l, 1,2 I, 2, Varsity Baseball l, 2, Intramural Volleyball Tournament 2, Class S-Ny Play 2, Class President 3, Vice-President Student Council 4, Traffic Court 4. Auburn Community College GEORGE A. STAPLES FFA 1. Mornsvulle PAULINE GRUBB Mpeg., FHA 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 3, Ap Chorus 2, 3, 4. Beautician CYNTHIA LAVEY "Cindy" Intramurals 1, 2, 37 FHA 2, Spanish Club I CLAUS EGGERS HBUlCl'1H Class Plays 2, 4. Auburn Communny College N '? swim NANCY JEAN LYTLE . P ,.Nan,, Ar x' ' 45, - .iron FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 4. gi X Hausa Morrisville JUDITH ANNE PALMER njudyu Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Senior Store 4, Queen's Court 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Usher at Graduation 3, Class Plays 2, 4. Auburn Community College . . .. rr l ei: f i . z V V , 'sas JOHN OTTO RINDFLEISCH "Ons" Wrestling Manager l, 2, 3, Track l, Track lEe533fifi1?w-55 SHIRLEY ANN TRATT "shaft" Student Council 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Store 4 FHA 4, Class Plays 2, 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Cheerleading Mana ger 2, Cheerleader 4, GAA Officer 3. Secretary 'Ns Ls.,."':s,h Manager 2, Senior Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Male Male Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Library l. Auburn Community College GEORGE W. RYAN JJV Basketball lg JV Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, JV Football 1, Basketball Worker lp Class Play 2, 4, Traffic Court 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Student Assistant 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 45 Baseball Manager I . Navy -r. r Avg.. J V .-Ng. li- M4110 0 . ' J I JOYCE L. ANTHONY "Rosie" FHA 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 4, Class Play 4. Undecided 3, 4, Senior Store NANCY JOANNE SHOOK ,,TWee,,, Library Staff I, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2 3 4 Band 2, 3, 4, Queen's Court 3, Student Director Play 4, Select Band 4 All-County Band 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Traffic Court 4 Student Assistant 3, 4. RAYMOND WALAWENDER ffwallylf Cross Country if Intramurals i, 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Toumament 2. Service Fredonia State Teachers College 24 rx 2 I l.. C? 'X e NANCY CAROL PRESTO "Nance" Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Library Club 15 Senior Store 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Class Play 45 'Basketball Worker 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Assistant 4. Rochester institute of Technology . ' ll '+V' 1 Y . ri JOYCE ANN VERBECK "Dimples" GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 FHA 2, 3, 45 Class Play 2 Usher at Graduation 3. Secretary CHARLEEN WARD "Charky" FHA 2, 3, 45 FHA President 45 Class Play 2, 45 Usher at Gradua tion 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary mlb BEVERLY ANN GOVE uBevu Senior Store 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Class President 1. Undecided ELBERT LOUIS LAWRENCE Elble lntramurals 3, FFA Reporter I, 2, FFA Treasurer 3, FFA President 4, Male Chorus 4, Senior Chorus 4. Cornell BARBARA HOLLATZ "Barbie" Usher at Graduation 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, FHA Vice-President 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Class GLENDA DAVIS "Glendora" Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 'I, 2, 3, Student Council I, All-County Band A, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant 1, 2, National Honor Society 4, Queen's Court 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Class Play 2, 4, Class Secretary 3, Cheerleading I, 2, 3 4 Science Congress 4, Valedictorian 1, 4, Chorus 4, GAA Officer 2, 3. Cornell I x 4 . R 26 DAVID MEYE RS "Dave" Play 4, Queen's Court 3, Science Congress 4. Airline School Senior Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Male Chorus I, Wrestling I, 2, Senior Play 4. it SHERRILL EMMA YOUNG "Sherri" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, Library Club I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 2, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Store 4, FHA Treasurer 2. Undecided NANCY MURDOCK uNanCu Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Class Play 2, 4, Select Band 4, Library Club 4, Senior Store 4, Basketball Worker 4, Student Council 4. Cortland State Teachers College EDWARD MILLAS lIEdIl Transferred from Auburn 4, Navy GRACE ELLEN TAVENER "Gracie" GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Select Band 4, Dance Band 3, Newspaper Staff Editor 4, Senior Store Manager 4, Cheerleading Manager 4, Class Play 2, 4, Traffic Court 4. Auburn Community College 27 MPI' i , . N' NAME Joyce Anthony Carolyn Clark Nancie Connor Glenda Davis Claus Eggers Pauline Grubb Beverly Gove Barbara Hollatz Maxine Jorgensen Cynthia Lavey Elbert Lawrence Nancy Lytle Robert Martens Beverly McBride David Meyers Edward Millas CHIEF ATTRACTION Eyes Quietness Brown Eyes Blond Hair and Brown Eyes Eyes Eyes Shortness Hair Laugh Laugh Eyes Brown Eyes Casual Manner Hair Loose Joints Laugh George Minturn Eyes Joseph Mulvey Bashfulness Nancy Murdock Personality Frank Palega Height Judith Palmer Hair Nancy Presto Dimple John Rindfleisch Height Patricia Roudabush Freckles George W. Ryan Personality Nancy Shook Hair George Staples Clothes James Stebbins Laugh Ann Tanner Hair Grace Tavener Eyes Shirley Tratt Size Joyce Verbeck Dimples Edward Wade Hair Ray Walawender Good Humor Charleen Ward Red Hair Sherrill Young Slimness N5 E9 X Elm? x U N7p STRICTL WANTS TO BE Rich Teacher Happy Successful Pharmacist Beautician Taller Stewardess Secretary Beautician Disc Jockey Dietitian Muck Farmer Secretary ln the Navy Owner of Sports Goods Store Barber Pharmacist Teacher Airline Stewardess Secretary Chrysler Corporation President Teacher Officer in the Navy Music Teacher Mechanic Chicken Rancher Beautician Accountant Secretary Secretary Millionaire and Sports Car Driver Banker Secretary Contented SQ VO' 0 W P- o Twx,Qiff itil' 'PN x 1 'Z if-x sxgitz xy! HE FACTS USUALLY FOUND In Auburn Almost Anywhere With Dave and at Erma's Swimming at the Women Fishing, Hunting With Hazel and Fred Library Studying Erma's or with Bob Skating With "Twangy" Guitar Homemaking House Legion or Max's With George Rammin' Around Cayuga Hill Top At McBride's Anywhere But Home With Nancy With Paula With Fred Around At Dick's Den Around Erma's or Cayuga With Larry Lee's Hunting Ducks With Ken If Looked For Senior Store With Raydie Speeding to Trinca's Bowling Alley With Dave Enioying Herself 's Union FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh, Swell!! Oh, Sugar! Why You Idiot You Know What I Mean Ratza Fratza Pega Lumer Who? Me? Welllll For Crying out Loud If I told you, you would me Gosh Gag a Maggett Hello, Tweek For Crying Out Loud Hello, Charlie Why Certainly Stup That's the Way the Ball Mamma Mia For Crying Out Loud Lots a 'Luck Ug! I Don't Know! How is it? Contound it!! Get Mad Now! You Never Know Stupid Tough Man! That Love Hi There, Tweek Is That Right? Gee Whiz Hummmmmm Q , AGT ff' ' wggfgiy Xt-TX ,Z n't believe Bounces WHAT HE OR SHE LIKES Cherry Cokes Baloney Sandwiches Dave Roy People Fred Money Germany Bob To Eat Record Hops and B.B. Millionaires Beer, Max and Cars Sports, Pizza and George Pop Music, Dancing Duck Hunting Sports, Horses, Bev Money, Golf, Dancing A Certain "Line" Fast Cars Fred Bowling Pepsies, Girls, Cars "Fooling Around" Sports, Girls Larry and Soft Music Lee Duck Hunting and Poker Sports and Ken Alec Tom, Dancing Raydie Italian Girls Sports Dave and Sports Certain Ford and Dancing WE LQOKED S0 A Georg Miniurn v M John Rindfleisch Beverly McBride Judy Palmer I Bev Gove Nancy Lytle Joe Mulvey Pat Roudabush x l Clau EQQEYS Barbara Hollaiz Nancy Presto Nancy Murdock l N Cynthia Lavey Elbert Lawrence GELI THE - Carolyn Clark Davrd Myers A, 9 Bull Ryan Glenda Davrs Joyce Verbeck I D we . s w""' J Q- 'hu M .4 Ed Wade Joyce Anthony Grace Tavenor Nancie Connors 'PE ED? Shirley Traft Charleen Ward James Stebbins '45 Fl N . .., A., 1. llfxllli 1 yr Q if ge 'QR R lr f 1 Q43 wwf 1 ' ab 3 I? A., A ' i?g'fL-X 1 1 gli ' .. ' fy NA xi w ff r- ' C ' ' J ' Surveying their subiects are, TOP ROW: Queen Beverly, King George. ROW Davis. ROW 31 Ann Tanner, Kathy Connor,.Michael Vazquez, Maxine Jorgensen. BOTTOM ROW: Former Queen-Diane Dundas, Judy Palmer, Barbara Hollatz, Former King-Roland Campbell. Q , wif 1 I 1 Glenda I . wlv fu. 3 S 1 We Mi ,, .Mx 1 'lim s I rl. I QQ P 4 rx ,P 1 ,g" mhi X lf we an ' . . .le L.. . LY ir 1+DA EOFTHEYE R , N9 s tiff I, c-sg wr 1,1 i X 'l dffxf' i I :. Xdfif f , f'J ,X T -' k wr' 'wif The Tropical Islands provide a colorful background for the music of Speigal Wilcox and his orchestra. The whirling c o u p I e s danced gracefully beneath our breathtaking mobile mer- maid, which hung in the cen- ter of the gym. At her side was a revolving chandelier, which reflected a myriad of rays throughout the gym. On stage, as the pictures- que sunset sank slowly be- hind the mountains, the soft music of Speigal Wilcox and his orchestra faded into the darkness and brought our Junior Prom to a close. -Shi' , 5 sk, w 4 ut, Sify ,F md 1 - 'fig-' ' v 1 K' 1 n .hi 5 ,v, v EW 5 ag in .32 c Q' 5 1 :uh ,7 ' 1, rs SENIQR STGRE - UPPLY CEIQQNTER OF THE SCHGCL Working at the store is Frank Palega. Looking in are Grace Tavener and Mr. Gardener. The Senior Store, run by those Seniors who have free time or study halls, pro- vides for every student a place to buy needed school supplies. This year the store, under the management of Grace Tavener, added a few new supplies. Small Union Springs dolls and autograph dogs were a new addition to the store supplies. This store is a means of revenue for the Senior Class to increase our treasury. More than one hundred dollars has been cleared from the supplies we have sold. IN- OUR PASSING PARADE of memories will contain both the pleasant and the tedious. The campus, tem- porarily scarred by graders and building lifts, still re- tains tlte beauty for which it is remembered. 9.-A 'st-ww,-5 rt., A . .,,,,, A ,W Q W ,,M"'lt1f V t t' ,,.. A ' "ir"-'i, 3'?? A' i Nmlit 7 Qfjgffffff' "5i7ff'Qm 414' ' Q , , ywafj, W" , , i , it . ,N w ' 1, ,t ,. We-f ,W ram- r f A., s 'eye W I, W A ,H ,J n i TNQ XX -n -Z I, LIL' 7 T ,Nt ff .wr .W 'L XWXX N. ' i,nuuzff5l, f,'t'4?' A , , QQ L- 5 Q isl- E-' . - U tw: Q tr i A ' K ., 5 NW . 1 l l' lin, . ' ' 1311" N ' nt- ,,r -' ' 'Q - 1'gi I ,,t, I EES' li Qi? F ' E133 .. K -tk 1 1 2 MA ,wa Yr' if .13 - 'i' -.13 Us? Tired? Never 11 00 Q X 'Sis Q i , ,mi ' 5 . 1 f ' fl -f. .w 1x N. ,-1: 4' A , S w .- Q 5 , .F .!. w I zu Q7 I 5 3 'Z Q if ,,, . . V A ff' fr H gf' H, 331132 53 N , I sis -al. ,BB 3 - X up KA ,if-'gym as , 'f , 1551, 1- an in in -uw 5555? s , I ff, . X--ii A,-f I W.. Q .R 4 . 1 A '5- N C K 2 I Z 4! A fl ,f fry' f ' I af? J'-'tili- I 1 f Wi Y f ,ff ' r 7 -o f " M f W4 X al " af 1, lj ?' K r f f WW" . 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X C cf, Y I Nm,- Jr- b qx S '3?ZN52fi37i-fx, Qmht, X4 ti , Q SP 5 7 5 ."4g,-ffiiisj U ',::: 7,N 1 . xi ,J -4, - Y v, ', ...VI , -N ' fff .'0f"4'5rv ,J1':'::"'f': 'K- ,' V ,'-A -' ,jf, I' . ' -, ,f f 1 , .1 ,f,':rgf'11. 4 ,W ' llgzfll' ' Ng., N-wr ff Q -x xx , .i I 5 Kg! '- --sk ,",f , " -QQNTQN-f, . ' 5 up Q v'e,.1f Ss:fff XL N , , ..,. lg:-S -f- - IL-. "5" I X, ' ff ff f X 1' ' X7 I. ' , 14411 'Xxx f lx' X 1' X ,ff X! f f 1" ELEMENT RY PRINCIP L , f My sincerest congratulations go to the class of 1959 on the completion of the thirteen years of elementary and secondary education. This in itself represents a large measure of success and indicates your intent to accept bolder and more diffi- cult challenges in the years ahead. The hard work and perseverance you have shown thus far will enhance your chances for success. LEO A. SOUCY THE ELEME ARY FACULTY In the library we see Mrs. Cora Brigden Mrs Hannah McMichael Mr Malcolm Fish Mr Leo Souc Mr Ral h 1 - , - 1 - Y1 - P Slade, Mrs. Hazel Robbins, Mrs. Marion Redfield. ROW 2: Mrs. Margaret Barrett, Mrs. Miriam Davis Mrs Eunice Anthony, Mrs. Ann Tyler, Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Catherine Healy, Miss Martha Hopkins, Mrs. Jane Myers, Mrs. Louise Pearcy. Although we may not realize it, we owe a great deal to our elementary teachers Without them we would be very unfortunate indeed, for they are the ones re- sponsible for teaching us the basic fundamentals of life. We must crawl before we walk. Elementary teachers give us the basis for our future education in high school. They, so to speak, teach us to crawl. We thank you for all you have taught us in preparation for High School and life. Q25 'F wi ir ' X ' I QQ ,X i 4' ,, . ala f , ffl? 9511.942 sa q s? rung i f ffl g',j.ig,gfj,j 5.: , g.',5:,5 f,',1f,.,.,J,,f,' A f '3ItI1,Lf,l,,rf.,!:I.lLC',ff.ltrxjfigr I ' - 'I ft. fmt Al rl ' ,". '," f'-:ff 1 ,V 4 2-f .U RP A jrfcgx W W 5, H f ii' " M Q w - K X A 1 ss: W 1 - R' If . . V K ffm-:. 1g:S:?-"f- ' "1:. 'i!,,.,, 'S gif vi T W '. g W A' Q , -' S 5, 4 ,,W'M.:P E 5 V ,, .. i Q' 51452,-r' ' + x QRS. 1 . , , y X "'75!!'Ef ,, ' 4. T 1' rf' 'vvf' fi , 21. 1 ' HF W W X , , , , ,. . , V918 N M UQ - 'f K :Ei W 15 ev , if SK . . -,,, X .',-g z f 1 "'- W Q1 4 1 1 5 , . SEA VE' ., 2 " 13 A , fu ju '- , , xxx? 7 , f Q61 S, " , . q ,jk ?7 , M, 'R "jf 5 'R Q i L ,QW 0. ,gi 5, ,fi-I-fm? 1 Q 4 A wifi? 4 A nr- wh ' Y -. W 2, .5 , N M ,H .fg,, 2- . , in A Q, - ' fs . ,A 1 A "W 1 1 q- - . " ' an , W ' AM may fp -.... Ab, MAY V ' k .Q L- wg. 4' Qin. inf .f. ' , , I' ' 1 1 3 N 1 q f 2 - 'f , . . 1 ,-,Q V- if N55 JY' W 1 fig Q V? . A W fm Tm' .fs f wc 'vii' . f F , 5 1 an-f -fr fi E QW! 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A ', 'XPQTQ Lg' 1 f 1 W ' gf L Viv A . 2, ws, vf, , 7 . ,. ., ,pw ,. 2" K'- ,1 .+ K U' L, I 5: ', 35- J wh , , . 'Qu gffi-gf!-as ' :Q X51 ' , ff 2.9 f v 1 W , f' N ,U 1 D ZLL , .- 1. H-'VF , 3 ,1431 ' ' V, 1 :Sp fm 'iih fgf 511.54 '17, 1 T ,, 9 J fn," E. vw. J-T -A-,lim- -fs.w -v - ' A -A ,:',:::.-., .....,.-auf' -1 - 2,25 uv- " , 'fi f f' Q, 5.-gwax . V A xl Q, Q , -- 1 4 MRS. ROBBINS FOURTH GRADE ROW l: Richard Casler, David Walowsky, Edward Clark, Donald Clark, Michael Kuhfta, Mort Hollenbeck, Donald Woodruff, Larry Stamp, Robert Graham. ROW 2: Penelope Davis, Jane Lavey, Margaret Vrooman, Sherryl Oliver, Mary Lou Lowery, Peggy Burroughs, Jane Adams, Joan Bussey. ROW 3: Thomas Jackson, Rita Bratek, Jerry Alnutt, Shirley Simpson, lna Hoffman, Kathryn Body, Mrs. Robbins, Rosemary Martens, Pauline Smith, Erika Rindfleisch, David Paczkowski, Craig Mallory, Michael Hill. MRS. CONNORS THIRD GRADE ROW l: John Hill, Gerald Dygert, David Meyers, Robert Wood, Brad Hitchcock, Timothy McGlynn, George Pesek. ROW 2: Nancy Morrissey, Vicki Leggett, Karen Gaston, Shirley Duckett, Cheryl Casler, Mary Patrick, Nina Adams. ROW 3: Robert Smith, Robert Walter, Paul Pethybridge, Valerie Capocefalo, Caryl Bilak, Dwight Dann, Ronald Hess, William Walter, William Davis, Marie Patten, Cary Dru Gardner. ROW 4: Mrs. Powers-Sulcr stitute. is . UBL -34' ' MRS. BRIGDEN THIRD GRADE ROW iz Raymond Weaver, David Saxton, Neil Kane, Norman Clark, William Neugent, Ronnie Godkin, Gerald Paczkowski. ROW 2: Jacquelyn McElwain, Gloria Dauberman, Sharon Fleming, Tena McClary, Sharyn Scofield, Fay Knapp, Evelyn Stotler. ROW 3: Eric Lynn, David Kapcha, Bruce Bommersback, Jeffrey Peck, Keith Pethy- bridge, Mariorie Patrick, Judith Jones, Donna Jacobs, Catherine Becker, Keith Alnutt, Richard Comell, Richard Myers, Richard Whaley, Mrs, Brigden. MRS. MYERS SECOND GRADE ROW lr James Bussey, Robert Minturn, Thomas Lee, Richard Lidgard, Stephen Dowling, Thomas Oliver, Donald Graham, Robert Schriver, Kenneth Kapcha, ROW 2: Laurie Wilson, Teresa Stotler, Nedra Finn, Donna Paczkowski, Linda Kahler, Beth Dougherty, Jackie Shutter, Erma Lee McClary. ROW 3: Kenneth Hall, William Hecht, George Wood, Kenneth Coolbaugh, Cathy Connor, Emilie Wyckoff, Lorraine Reiman, Brenda Weaver, Steven Adams, Kenneth Dauberman, Rodney Wheeler, Philip Wilson. ROW 4: Mrs, Myers. ,T fm krw1,'4alif' i J? qv wr .5 Q x l I MRS. HEALY SECOND GRADE ROW I: Charles Butts, Thomas Stamp, Timothy Gardner, Thomas Shutter, William Waldron, Paul Saxton, Alan Avery, John Becker. ROW 2: Sharon Pinckney, Cathleen Signor, Betty Schriver, Sharon Hoffman, Beth Loomis, Cynthia Day, Carol Post, Bonnie Walter. ROW 3: Diane Larkin, Michael Davis, Michael O'Connor, Bonnie Wells, Michael Vazquez, Sandra Baker, Marsha Hall, Paula Benda, Diane Jacobs, Kenneth Fox, David Ingalls, Richard Vrooman. ROW 4: Mrs. Healy. Absent: Iris Pagano, David Schenck. MRS. DAVIS FIRST GRADE ROW I: Edward Dowling, Veronica Knapp, Jere Jacobs, Arthur Wood, Albert Jacobs, James Jorgensen. ROW 2: Theresa Pinckney, Leonard Large, Signe Shutter, Richard Kahler, Linda Baity, Barbara Sheldon, Linda Mintum, Kenneth Post, Karen Philo, Patricia Schriver, Debra Dann, Mrs. Davis. ROW 3: William Smith, Jackie Wilson, Michael Tanner, Marcia Hitchcock, Delores Pagano, Betty Blaisdell, William Taber, and Robert Jordan. Q. f W, :S ig lf lli, A g 5 ff 1 'P' A"' Q E , , ' ' ,......- . . "H" .,,,, , W A xxx Wg,W,.h ,, A V . W ' it X xj. I ,V , fm? w E Bi 3 Q 9 V. at if Y , N Q' . W' 1 Lf! h I I- Q, wwf , L 'saw' Mir ,V Xi, , 2,121 X Wg' 1 L ' 1 Tim . Z ' ,, VE- "ff ? ' ,:f. ' ::.,'.fg, Y 'H ,, "l"' ' 2 1 3, , rv Q. 2,31 - 4 ,251 ,gk d a Q ,S 5 Us xy A . , A ' psi' , 'Q '4 A 2 5 iff . ' -Z ,-LL 1 1 H-' If ,, X 5 X A - K 1 543:14 4 k 3? H 217211 H ' , 2, 1-Q s A a ' ' f 9 ', ' x A - ..-Q ' J ' , A K ' 2 ' .- gf: 5 A f' ' if 1 1 , 5 f nf X 4 of . N' Y xxx-mx 'Q 'A QQQ' rp A, L .', 2-Q f" -M ' -....,Lf-'::""'-H Q - ' IT:,,"' 5' 5,-,, , 'M "i...-nu " M 1 I-wtf' E- V, .A "S-.,. P J on 6 V. 'nfl' ' - .' .i-"HQ Y .. - UMA . A 'hu mu id J 1 J it Qis. N gr , - WW, X, v N 'ge .M-.auf .M M: W 1 'W 1, .- an 1 I . 1 3 fu-- f A in 1 5 i - H gl ' if ' Y ' ' T' s ' fl- : c I ,. y' . L . 3 1: ' K E I f J ,www ,V 4 ..---f wisp I Rid' 1,,X . f M"x I f if f Fw, ' 1: ,pf 1?"m...f ,. N' em ' THE 90100 ax Slleel we THE CAYUGA FACULTY SEATED, lef-t to right: Mrs. Worzbyt, Mr. Fordham, Mr. Soucy, Mrs. Wolfe. STANDING: Mrs. Erby, Mrs. Sevier, Mrs. Muldoon, Mrs, Tanner, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Berggren, Mrs. Ure, Miss Hewey, Mrs. Pratt CAYUGA SCHOOLS Center Streei School ur", Ir,,n, 4'- lr,A' V A V ,A V 4 I. -I A I A VI v 'S T n'nv in A1' ' v p ' I A J .:. ,Aim -11, . . A 59+ ,, ,X v ,- Q y 'mg' i K' 'RW pfw? fb fX Ai win YS' 'M ' ' , W" 2' -FIT . ' f I EEY if h ,uf 5 Km , N 1 ,, r xy. 1' x1 5 .. . i 5' 1 ,Qj2a'W if 'fha V ' - rf K in , M gi' 1 Ax 75 X N! wig: .P ff? lulgix w,- U as ,I ' an Y- Lv' ul 'Q' ll . ,. :wr '- auf fr' an ,AR-H R .1 ' O ,S x - f Fx T , i ll- Q vii , . ' 1 U ws ex X J x 6 I s Q 9 I. is 4 1? 4 -4 - if 4 it -ff h 9, w.. is 4 ' J FSA 'fx jf 'i f' of '22 43. . 'f Jr! ' .ff 'g . 5 5: I v Rw,m, f Q , Q-J' V L . ' 'QM A 3213-1.,L i., A ",1 tv ,M ,625 r Ju V kk.k ' sk H -... I , ,. zu vs' VY REF, A., ,..-- W ' ..., L W' - 5231 I .Q H iii 155, R -1 - X. Q 52 - W, yt'-.M 1 - - - ' 4 Q ' if: ' 1 - ii , ' . V A 5 . -J, ' -' I 6 Y' I rf 3 . ,ggi QQ, ii" K gm! M ai? 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A ' W f ' , k " , - "V R , WSJ f 1 ., L H4 X . f - ., i , 6 'i' a W .x.s.4 W Q Q El , 'il fuizrv ,wig J 'V V' ' W Y L i 21- fig ,- I F ,V ,L 1 nj, LL .sg-,Q fs- Q4-1 J 'Q , I R f 4 u p ' -.N Q f Wa Vg ' u - -. ' ya .K M ,naw K 3 06 Smiling for the photographer are: Kenneth Robinson, Stephan Walczyk, Melody Rancier, Diane Williams, Darlene Casler, Patricia Moore, Ronnie Robinson, Cynthia Cline, Stanley Cuff, Michael O'Connor, Richard Rosier. ROW 2: Debra Lawton, Susan Bowers, Steven Miller, James Hoxie, Robin Freed, Douglas Wayne, William Ryan, Mary Bowman, James Calimeri, Deborah Horr, Rhonda Hooks. ROW 3: Susan Roudabush, William McAvinney, Gary Crane, Vivian Case, Nancy Ferguson, Rodney Foster, Rodger Foster, Bradley Wheeler, Mrs. Pratt, Diane Chappell, Bradley Snyder. I N D E R G A R T E N M R S o P R A T T l W , Pl. fit 2 4. . 0 M Q 'N Q I wyxzf. Jw 0 sl. fx' L,-tj ggkismk lj-Z ,, X 8 HAVING FUN? is W r 'rl flw- 1 M 1 K . 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V ' ' f ' 1" ' f W ,- Q A1 4 f f 7 if Q 2 - f- N ' 1 ' f f ,. --,.. djjfi Wm Jfj. , A ' K Ms- ff" Mxxx y- 'gr if fy,-' 1' ,f ' 'K -- "' will mx ff- 1' N ,ff i -1--N Lv' Q -Q wx fs -,o,41,jLT'.amxx ,Q F2 yr ka as ,ski wg: I L as x I. '- 'E -J f X 55. , f f if . A' ,fzfe f' :I ! - 5 , af 'c.f ?Q5, , ' ' f f , f 2? ,ff "'-'iffuw "iasS.5Ti7-N 1- Z, frlg 'xgiqv I Q jf . ,QI - W 1 '-' .2271 'A , f ! ' fp -11-'S' K V" 916 jg. Zgf r X f ,, N" has 11211. f f 1 4Ei A fl! 1 ,425 ?? 5+ 2--- , f' 411' fp 4-f f f f f f '- x 1 - 7-.-1: V, If VXI. '-il, 9 N! I D ...-Q ,...4' I 'Z ,VK 1' I Fi' I f f Wg: -... If l V! If I' Af If Zi' , g f ,,.., 74' f 7 1,1 ATTENDANCE CFFICER GUIDANCE OFFICER MR. TANNER MR. KANE Mr Tanner is busy checking his files Giving Glenda advice on her future plans is Mr. Kane. THE OFFICE STAFF Taking time off to pose are: Mr. Black, Mrs. Connors, Mrs. Pethybridge, and Mrs. Forsythe, 68 CDUR Cleaning Elaine Osborne's teeth Mrs. Jump. Gi A j 9 Y OUR Checking Marie Henderson's height are Mrs. Sioner and Miss Pethybridge. 3.53,-D H. .K X ' rl IN APPRECIATIGN T0 THE CAFETERIA STAFF From left to right are: Charlotte Nickles, Doris Walker, Gladys Davis, Janice Smith, Nellie Mosher, Mary Ryan. We the student body of Union Springs CS. in our appreciation of the never ending iob of the cafeteria staff, would like to thank each and every member of h ff f k' l h o e leasant with their friendl smiles t e sta or ma ing our unc es even m r p y and generous servings. With this thought in mind, the graduating class of '59 would like to extend their personal gratitude to the cafeteria staff. fb ' te' ' Y - r 5 T3 N Y j . jffz -"J 'Ron'5t"C'l:5t! 'Q P 3 ,,,..,...-s egg.. , ' 66552 nv Lil 1 i Qt' . Y I ' , lt 56 , l ll' f A A 0 ' ' 9' - if Q S. ' '-57 V , , If ,7 -T: - Q Eiyzy' - li K 61,4 ab , Q , mfr.. 6 l JZ, ' I ' If , ii r 'p x' X I if 1 E Eye' no y E f ' Eau , 11119 1 A ' A J f . ihitfb qbufr Jbeen- ? 5- if ' ,N ll f F f ,. 5 clrhglbfffy f7D.1l.Cf, I , r rv-,vvk f lc- ws A V Al Q 111429. 65990169 ' 'e ,, . 4141511.71 9-bun m Y ,TI t ff Qi ' .ICECFYIIIEQ Q. -.-- M- QM., 5' t l If 56542: goo mag 0T4Qf 1 I' X 'l El i 5oll 1555254 i 4 fr- ' il' ..... . ," a' N ' ?1zr'-f-my .fTZ77!! fff 'ly' n l Tga fiigil ' X V ' :tl " .Sg. x xgrfil.. ""5-M l gn. iff Q I 0 1Q'4 xg 0 .fe 0 'ri H 3054. e e J"fr' lx N S xt :EQ 2 Q MI" 3 SM ,Af FQ- X, 1 ,-. wvfmk " 8 9' ' xv .Kg gag. ' if D 'Tay -' .1 j i 45571 ."" ,, ug xt,-'Q 'sie-N 'J 1 . .g 'isigx-sl .:' ' -u 'Q 'V X xx? N 'X is ' Q, a+ I X ' 5:-z""" - 41325 K- L Q SSM 'Ji 21 .A V. WX I dk i ,v Q Q I A dummy' ,ul 1 aa0W"H" Mtn!! K QQNGW 8- X in ' 5 Q I 54521 "4 if , rf 'lax' I fi, Q. 4 1 u 'I ,QL .:,, ,X A. ..,, - Q 52 W-- 4 - . . ' A ' - M 5' V ' 9 r' Nifzzfiijfi-'f , 'W l ' 53: YS-,xx ' I ., ,. s."z9l7? ' A7 K V , A- k M Y fx F N , S .,. W . I 3. W K? I, .... Vjiigikwih gf' se X ,-LL 1 X- - W .. . 1 W1 -' ,Z-Tfixl-633.11 1 Y. .3 i " ' 1 s at - if in ,. ' - ix, X ' Q,- e A 195 '- 1 - as - ' qw ? A ' -gl ,. ,41- N?Qkm 1f J fy 1 6 ii fix ,. ii' " S2 L 3 . vi M, ,, M 4 I dr 1 f Z li am Z. vi X E 71 A 2 1 f I fu f uf 'L ,H A A X "x X 4 N 1 ' I l L ' l Z f f 0 Qc A rv',: 9 X " 1 'Egfr ' S 4 Y 1" YW 6 X r ' ' "Tx ' f 1 I 7, wi Xgjd, 17' fl ig! X ,Q 'fo W p!f.'a'V' . fy k A f X ffe:r,,ff K , V, KA , ,, I 1' - J .0 A tg 'N , 5 - A- -QPLw,,x gf, CA 'T , 571 4 6 WW- -df 43 ?' Q95 may 0 - 'Z .- --.-, 1 1' r f ' pi ff 3 .f -- A - -f ., ,f . , , ' Ill- fl 2 f ff , ' ' A f f T Z X ' f l if I f f -' . rf' .ff 4 9711334 f X Z 4 f Z X 'Z ff! 7 ff X ' 1 2 g il ff 2 ff!! fx j VV f IQ' fl! A ffl, 'Y I! f 'fri ?"!'ilf X - f. ., 1' Yl! - 1' fl 74! 4--' ft-,-,. uf rf! X X' 1 5 NIE! sr. ,. X15 " ,. A 453 ' 6, Q Q ,-A .' 'Q yn .. X 0 reibiv V ?f 1, Q7 Q 41, Q Q 2 ? W 9' . '- - YQ ' ,,'g5,g4a4f- . ,L STUDENT A 454 4-fa, jzsfmf'-5 -7-.1 C f ' ff: f Ag. F.f5,95f ,QQ - OUNQL 4 3 N ,I fi-1 gif. 4 Y fu 'Q 1 . - 4V JB '-- ffffff .HF 1 - H'- X 4' f f7iX W Mi - ! E T x ---ll ' If ..- 1 I 1. 49 f " 2 - IJ firpfflv g, any Q ,,W7,lI,! Y .: .. - f' 'I -' K "' r E '7" pf 1 .. f f - - 5 f , f 4 - ' ' ' 'ff 5 ' AZ!j,. js v 5' W f LZ, f 7 jf f f ff f a f f all ? " g s A YI X--1 . ' W' f . V 'L Z Mx : 'r ff' . Jw " fi HXX .K G X , X l --11:-' Q f I 4 : f"' 'N fi l i ...f ' f - .-,. 4 'T -ff""'h xi' ,gi-40 a f , ff f if - 14, if 1 ,f f K' X X ff f ? X ' -1 f .11 ,,. i -A-5 it The U.S.C.S. Senior Band consists of ROW 1: M. Scofield, L. Wright, A. Wolfe, M. Moon, S. Schmoke, N. Shook, J. Jetty, A. Newman, G. Davis. ROW 2: R. Evans, K. Emery, M. Lee, M. Yannotti, M. Campbell, P. Campbell, J. Terpening, G. Tavener, N. Murdock, B. Bowman, B, McBride, S. Powers, P. Sautter, K. Downing, L. Dox. ROW 3: P. Campbell, R. Howard, C. Seamons, S. Scofield, L. Terpening, R. Bower, T. Jetty, G. Francis, S. Lee, R. Ray, L. Davis, C. Bowman, M. D'Agostino, J. Ward, N. Wilson, R. Jones, J. Smith, W. Jetty, J. Walker, N. Moon, S. Tata. ROW 4: S. Hoskins N. Schenck, M. D'Agostino, B. Pratt, S. Walters, B. Benham, E. Smith, K. Tanner, R. Newman, D. Murray, R. Day, J. Day, Mr. Klock. Absent were S. Allhusen, L. Spinney, K. Kohinke, R. Minde, L. Perkins. What would a school year be without band concerts? Our school has been very lucky, for the band had a concert on the lawn in late August and we enioyed playing for the Christmas Program put on by the music department. We were also able to see a Cornell-Colgate game at Cornell in late summer. During the halftime, we were to have participated in a special Band Day performance, but this was canceled by the rain. We look forward to another eventful and successful year which will be a result of our wonderful director, Mr. Earle Klock. f + 3 " , Q at V Pg. Y A W L, H H , Q if me A . vi EE . KQV 3 xi v W , Q K? K .vg . -F . . 'E - : , . . ' ' ' , L 1 7 ffl' , if 2 ' I 'V V , As " ,WW kg I ' N F 1 JN I 1 ' ., Bmw QM P fi X. 5 Wig:-ima 1 i W 'V KA af 1551? iii 1 Q K H 'xt X X if is I 5 v 1. sg . W .. . ff 2 , 11 Q if A r. W 'f fefirr 2 4 Qi - M, Vihffgif H U. Y , ' 21 2,5 K iiifwih x fgXr,1.m,x L W' 1 .- -I 1' ' v ' I f K fmfu f ',k' MW., T5 y ny f' W- ' . R . ::. '- E k L N. 9. 1,5 f3,w ,,,,w- f -Q E' yi . H L ' ' by 1 x ' 0 if ' Q ,gi - '--app W wif- ' 1 '2i?5?gfVE32!S , I , 'fis-AEM-L-'mf V ' Q Q5 5 A 15,5 R 2 Q gf, , 'A Ig. Mr A "' Q2 1"':L7ii, '24 X ' M .Qu MAJCRETTES Posing for the photographer are Carol Casler, Mary Lou Roy, Judy Tratt in the tirst rowg Pat Cooper, Kathy Hyland, Kathy Shutter in the second rowp and Barbara Murray and Paula Smith in the last row. Susan Oliver was absent. Both the Color Guards and the Maiorettes accom- panied the Band when it went to Cornell University to participate with other bands in a special halftime program. This, unfortunately, was canceled because of rain. X 1 it lf X l.-6 Q 4' l "ff i CCDLOR GUARDS Displaying their pretty smiles are Bea Benham, Kathy Tanner, Sharon Walters and Eleanor Smith. The Color Guards and Maiorettes marched with the band at all of the parades held throughout the county during the summer. The Maiorettes worked very hard on clever routines for the August and Christmas con- certs. 159 - , , R ig 1 if x X X , 4' W fx: I ' 's ,, , 9 mE',:e'Sifx.gR F5 lime! A4 K- 5 'L xi ' .- - - a 21 1 AI!-ACA 1? T. M f 'V .I qi n J 2 ,f S11 I ': fx 1 XXL ' K ' xg' mx Q9 gpwnk f 4 f fi 1 O 'fa H x Q ' 9 W- 'af 3? ' g i i E, s I f 4 """Z7IZ WMA! STUDEKY CGA!! WCM A root. TNM H! wounrlruktoutsuaooi. Q 'T l frflttrutlff , f X QM ,I T 7 5 !f"f f X 72 Z ' X Blending their voices in perfect hamtony are chorus members, ROWT: M. D'Agostino, J. Rindtleisch, J. Terpen- ing, K. Kohinke, D. Meyers, K. Mullally, B. Meyers, A. Newman. ROW 2: G. Martino, N. Presto, P. Campbell, H. Sautter, C. Webb, E. Smith, P. Roloson, P. Dundas, B. Scanlon, K. Grubb, P. Cooper, K. Hyland, S. Scofield, S. Schmoke, K. Shutter, S. Axton, N. Murdock. ROW 3: J. Verbeck, M. Sproull, N. Schenck, A. Cook, C. Chappell, A. Burwell, S. Young, M. Campbell, B. Murray, P. Grubb, A. Bobbett, M. Scofield, J. Wright, N. Hares, N. Shook, K. Owen. ROW 4: R. Ray, D. Simpson, L. Newman, K. Casbohm, R. Langley, T. Jetty, G. Vantine, R. Evans. Accompanists: G. Tavener, G. Davis. Director: Miss Dershem. The Senior Chorus is a select group of mixed voices who take pride in their organization and work long and hard to give as fine a performance as they are able. Miss Dershem, our capable director, spends much time and effort in rehearsing and directing us. We, as her students, owe her much credit. The chorus is at present working on contest music in anticipation of the annual Cayuga County Festival to be held this spring. The next important event will be the trip to Syracuse University where we will compete with other schools for the State Honors. If yearly plans go as scheduled, our chorus will belpresenting a spring concert at U.S.C.S. .. 'e 2 ' "3"- 'Mlmie.c5.,. v J 0 o ' t' - xqugr gig 1, FE' 5 o Q .10 3 ?0UNO hu u:V' Leno M FAR I 9,-r:EfLK:EN1NoFu-NgR School.- - , N . ' 4155 ,X 'Ig Y 'Z lk 5 'X 'l X 'W .. Q':e ff - X - X-1 - - These smiling faces belong to, ROW 1: C. Bowman, J. Ward, B. Bowman, R. Ray, C. Seamons, R. Jones, K Casbohm, L. Foster, B. Lawrence, J. Rindtleisch, M. Clark, M. D'Agostino, M. Moon, O. Jennings, Mr. Klock Accompanists: L. Wright, G. Tavener. Members not in photo. M. D'Agostino, D. Murray, B. Simmons, D. Simpson N. Wilson, J. Bumett, A. Lawrence, G. Vantine. Under the congenial direction of Mr. Earl Klock, the Male Chorus has worked hard on their music. The requirement for male chorus is an enjoyment of music. Plans are being made to go to Moravia for the County Festival and then to Ithaca for the State Festival. r JU iOR HJGH CHORUS Rehearsing tor the tinais are, ROW is Linda Pinckney, Margaret Niuttatty, Mariorie Axton, Caroi Capcha, ' ' V w Taber, Jean Downing, Jane Owen, Susan Oiiver, Caroi Kohinke. ROW 2. Theresa MCQuay, Sandra Lee, La Joyce, David Terpening, Royai Howard, Richard Newman, Aian Keiiy, Ronaid Casbohrn. ROW 31 Betsieiane Caroi Derring. ROW A1 Karen Muiiaiiy, Pauia Christensen, Bonnie Guitiver, Mary Lee, Linda Terpening, Haroid rence Ward, Judith Piatten, Barbara Donovan, Sandra Waiter, Betsy Evans, Sharon Aiihusen, Janet Fox, Eiaine Moon, Kay Downing. ROW 5: Susan Powers, Caroi Watkns., Jean Atkins, Meiinda Hawkins, Jean Hitchcock, Janet Jones, Caroiyn Body, Meta Reister, Peneiope Campbeii, Shiriey Granger, Barbara Scanion, Corien ingaiis, Mariiyn Post. Ptccompanist: Shiriey Probst. Miss Dershem is director. The .junio - . V Cho singing Thes VUS membe . ' e stud 'S are Ch iiitievements of Ouernrs, tmder the diregjjft for their interesf nd e they are rehearsssgeg high students rqn0tihMiss Dershem ripreabiliw in chord V T e Cayu a 9 Vocal cl ' Sem the H C GPG 'Qhe Q Q Vim ST unty Festival' ent, AT The present Chatting with Mr. Moon, left to right: Carolyn Clark, Phyllis Campbell, Lester Day, Patricia Roudabush, Glenda Davis, Mr. Moon, Janet Terpening, Margery Campbell. The National Honor Society was established in our school only last June. The people pictured above are seven Jf the eighteen charter members as the others have since graduated. In order to be elected to the society a person nust possess the following four qualities: scholarship, leadership, service, and 'character. A few of the faculty vote and thereby select a few from each class to become members. The Society recently elected officers. Carolyn Clark was elected for President, Lester Day for Vice President, Janet Terpening for Secretary, and Phyllis Campbell for Treasurer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X 3 S I 1 Q ' 1 ""' '.- ff 1 Z 5 Z Qi l t. As members of the Society are highly respected they have been given some privileges They can skip study halls and activity periods when they dont have an activity Another privilege is that these people may ride to all away basketball games on the bus These members have earned the right to do such things as they possess the four qualities mentioned above. 5 President CAROLYN CLARK TU DE T COUNCIL Last June, the student body voted and elected Patricia Roudabush President of the Student Council for the year i958-59. At the first meeting in September, we elected Jim Stebbins, Vice-President, Shirley Tratt, Secretary, Robb Newman, Treas- urer, and Phyllis Campbell, Corresponding Secretary. 'The Student Council has had several major projects this year. We have been corresponding with a high school in Japan since September. We have sent athletic awards and descriptions of our courses, activities, and sports to this school and expect to receive similar material from them. The Council will take a more active part in school life from now on by helping to arrange assemblies for the student body. Next September, the Council will sponsor a foreign student. We have spent most of this year raising money for this project. PAT ROUDABUSH l Waiting to begin a Student Council meeting are, ROW l: Mr.Vazquez, Jim Stebbins, Patricia Roudabush, Shirley Tran, Phyllis Campbell. ROW 2: Lester Day, Nancy Schenck, Bob Martens, Maxine Jorgensen, Sandra Lee, Elaine Osborne, Louise Wright, Linda Terpening, Marion Pesek, Mike D'Agostino. IC The Yorkers Club, which deals with the history of New York State, consists of, ROW I: Mri Eldred, Linda Spinney-Treasurer, Sandra Stamp-President, Susan Powers-Secretary, Pamela Baker. ROW 2: Ann Mulvey, Kay Coolbaugh, Marilyn Post, Paula Christensen, Judy Ward, Judy Platten, Carole Schmoke, Kathy Middleton, David Gauthier, Tommy Dundas, Linda Pinckney, Pat Conrad, Margaret Maleski, Fred Patterson, Phillip Patterson, Richard Newman, Jennifer Jennings, Jane Owen, ROW 3: Fred Delaney, Robert Reohr, John Healy, Don Lowery, Fred Gardner, David Chapin, Larry Drown, J Meta Reister, Melinda Hawkins, Mary Pine. Local and state history are the interests and pursuits of the Frontenac Island Yorkers. The club was divided into committees this year to work on various activi- ties. Susan Powers, as secretary, headed a group which issued a monthly bulletin of information for the club. Sharon Lawton's Social Committee planned two parties and a spring picnic. David Gauthier was the leader of a group which prepared articles on our local area featured in the Bulletin of the Archeological Society of Central New York. The'Slide Committee, with Richie Newman in charge, set up T6 ditterent scenes of local events on slides to be used in local history classes. An Antique Show was held in the Library exhibiting items brought from home. In charge of arrangements for the show was Judy Platten. A committee under Fred Gardner planned a historic pilgrimage to George Eastman's and Susan B. Anthony's homes in Rochester, to the Mormon Shrine at Palmyra, and to Old lrelandville. The club also attends the District Jamborees and the State Convention, FRO TENAC ISLA D YORKER CLUB RR ay. 5 Busily straightening our library are, SEATED: Cathy Shutter, Barbara Meyers, Judy Jetty, Mable Sawyer, Connie York. ROW 2: Mrs. Boomer, Barbara Donovan, Anne Wolfe, Audrey Cook, Joyce Smith, Nancy Murdock. ROW 3: Martha Sproull, Shirley Probst, Barbara Scanlon, Sherrill Young. SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Learning about books from Mrs. Boomer are, SEATED: Anne Tate, Sharon Fleury, Judy Tratt, Ann Waldron. ROW 2: Jennifer Jennings, Carol Kapcha, Carol Kohinke, Penny Jorgensen, Laura Patterson, Elizabeth Graham, Karen Lawton, Elaine Moon, Kay Downing, Betsey Evans, Judy Daratt, Sharon Allhusen, Judy Platten, Bonnie Gulliver. ROW 3: Pamela Baker, Ann Mulvey, Karen Mullally, Marilyn Post, Kay Coolbaugh, Carol Clark, Carolyn Body, Janet Jones, Susan Powers, Larry Joyce. ' tw: ms mn outs Ol' A LIQAFX BOOK :aq- f . Discussing a traffic violation are Bill Ryan, Nancy Shook, Lester Day, Grace Tavener, Mr. McBride, Beverly McBride, Joe Mulvey, George Minturn. TRAFFIC COURT The traffic court consists of a group of six former Driver Education students who at the end of the twent -week i Y term, are elected by the entire driving class. This group is in office for the following twenty weeks, in which time they are responsible for enforcing the driving rules on school grounds. Anyone found guilty of a violation is brought before this court and is tried and penalized. A Driver Education student may be denied his blue card CMU-2851, which gives a seventeen-year-old the privilege of obtaining an operator's license, if he appears before the court. Q11l,'l'.2..'!'.-'l.'!.'!..?.1.'-L"i'nii'i'il'iI7l " D i f M. M34 iii? . s . D i A... 59 ai My M-W Mr. McBride explains the transmission to his students. L are a- " it D il .I A "TJ llll - lam Muriel ' mg-.XJ Govoon 5' hmmm A F af' Ready for your lesson? l. l FUTURE FARMER ELBERT LAWRENCE OF AMERICA 1 li r-Tlo AAR My Qlcu L1 -45 Q. .1 Q' fe" ff' X G ,,,N . W 4 ff. at O.- of President Planning the next F.F.A. proiect are, ROW I: William Patterson, Dick Roberts, Elbert Lawrence, David Dygert, Harold Verbeck, Kenneth Gable. ROW 2: Dennis Wheeler, William Thurston, Ronald Davis, Ronald Vantine, Leonard Dox, Charles Amerman, James Maleski, Robert Lytle, Roger Granger, Dick Langley, William McLoud, John Stamp. ROW 3: Charles DeGroft, Ronald Day, Robert Downing, Mark Doty, Paul Granger, Stephen Emmett, Bob Burnet-t, Gail Orchard, Carl Pethybridge, Jack Smith. Advisors: Mr. Shotwell, Mr. Towne. The F.F.A. is an organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture. Its chief goal is training and rural leadership. It strives to teach its members not only leadership, but also brotherhood and cooperation. Our emblem is made up of an owl, a plow, the rising sun, the letters FFA and the words Vocational Agriculture arranged within a cross section of an ear of corn. An American eagle is at the top. The FFA colors are corn gold and national blue. We wish to thank Mr. Shotwell, our advisor, for seeing to it that we do the right thing and Miss Hockeborne for keeping our finances straight. PVPSICIGFII ELBERT LAWRENCE Vice-President ,,,,, ,, RICHARD ROBERTS Secretary , W ,,,,.. ........ K EN GABLE Reporter , WILLIAM PATTERSON Treasurer H , ,.,,,,.,. HAROLD VERBECK Sentinel , , , DAVID DYGERT Advisor , , MR. RICHARD A. SHOTWELL RLEE FuTuRE HCMEMAKERS or AMERICA QMAKHQ ,boil Sw H, ' '79 5 mhz if sitdwei J '70 1' ,p x NEW Hog President Smiling prettily are, ROW 1: Teresa McQuay, Shirley Tratt, Eleanor Smith, Barbara Scanlon, Peggy Bussey, Nelsa Hitchcock, Bea Benham. ROW 2: Sharon Warner, Lois Wright, Barbara Hollatz-Vice-President, Charleen Ward- President, Sharon Walter-Secretary, Joyce Anthony-Treasurer, Hazel Knapp, Mrs. Hicks. ROW 3: Betty Smith, Virginia Barnhart, Elaine Pollard, Alice Burvvell, Bonnie Day, Nancy Watkins, Jean Atkins, Helen Sautter, Nancy Lytle, Pauline Grubb, Joyce Verbeck, Sandra Wilson. Under the supervision of Mrs. Hicks, the members of the FHA are learning to handle problems that arise in homes today. Any girl who is taking or has taken a homemaking course since ninth grade is eligible for membership. Each' year rallies are held with other FHA chapters to discuss proiects and to get suggestions for improving community living. This year the FHA members made Christmas candles and held a dance to raise money for their treasury. 0 . 3 4 O LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Leaming more about France are, STANDING: K. Lavey, L. Pinckney, E. Moon, H. Taber, D. Zakielarz, C. Seamans, B. Dygert, J. Fox, E. Graham. SEATED, behind table: M. Axton, C. Pethybridge, Mrs. Smith, J. Jennings, A. Waldron. SEATED, front, left to right: P. Conrad, M. Waldron. Absent: S. Coapman, E. Lont. 1 Xi! if f NZ ,Qi Z Z .41 N zz , " A V f 7 I i C 'll 2 X S-ff ff 6, I I I ,f W 71 ffl- ' lt, 'I f " R Af, ll " ii1i' ,f"f , 'Fiji 'T' TW' fl, iffgf' ' l, fl it 1 X 5 A bl lla gr,-7, 36 . M fifffs J. 2' Z F' ll' .- 'QA N 1 , X ,,s4f.g7, Q, X 4, . V Q, X ,X X 'bfi' it rf ' ' I A Tl 7 gf X Qglel X ff! U 2 gc, W wl 90 1 l X Q H-A f f t .' Le Cercle Francais is a group of seventh-graders who are interested in becoming more proficient in conversa- tional French. Le Cercle has met twice a month during the current school year. Holiday parties "French style" and a talk by Miss Linda Corcoran of Denver, Colorado, about her experiences as a "foreign student" in France last summer have been high- lights of the program. THE WGL ERINE STAFF Typing up the newspaper are Mr. Gardner, Mary Jayne Yannotti, Penny Austin, Sylvia Schmoke, Barbara Myers, Pat Roloson, Elaine Osbome, Shirley Tratt, Nick Moon, Grace Tavener and Nancy Presto. Absent from the picture is Nancy Murdock. The newspaper staff: Grace Tavener, Editor, Pat Law- erence, Assistant Editor, Elaine Osborne, News Editor, Nick Moon, Boys' Sports, Sylvia Schmoke, Girls' Sports, Nancy Murdock, Circulation Editor, and Penny Austin, Literary Editor, have been working hard during the last semester of the '58-'59 school year to provide the students with all the news every two weeks. Included in the paper is grade news, high school news, jokes, special features, and special events. Credit should be given to our typists and those mem- bers of the staff who typed and put out our paper. Editor GRACE TAVENER W ' !ff ff Qff Xf3fiQ2' Qf:?15gi,. " ff if , f 4x Z ,f X , I, I f f 'I x X f ff , fiffff I, R X 1 Y' , I, , , if ,ff I, , ,f f XX 'ff f k ,Q L , . 7 1 -V, Q I any-QL! If Z, f- " ' ,X f' 1" ' f ff 6 f W , f f X fx W: 1 ff' ff SLN Ay f X f' , R X, Mx 72.12 ,wwf ,f , ,f , fl, I X I I -I . .' I I ' ' QQ' ,. 52 ,f f f A I :Qin-4 i I 1' I, , W. fy vb XL f , , , ' ' ' f X f jg, L Q Q2 f :QQ ff y ffff f ' - f f f :2 A " I' " ' ' - 7 1 fl -" W 1' N".,7.f'751i iff? ltfL'?', if M,,,.,- , v .a,. ,irgggw ,nam ff, , ,f " " ' 7 - - " " "i"1551"-Eiifzaf f Q - 'ff' , f f x?" K4 I fa, 1 A f' Hi 1 , ,f , - f l' rf , X , j ' 'K ' xxx '- ,, - -, , , X fmna '-. 'QS 1 ' -: f- - 1 Qtfgzf 12 "Q ' . 'Lf' A: .V i' if-':QZv1', '5 Q . ' 1' ff f x !! x , W 'iv' 1' xi ii f , . X , V1 , lg 511:41 -S X NR S: .V V -V.: 5' Q. L S , ff X- NRLQPW f ff N'KiXS4:?s. 4 I Hr:fa.f2'z mf.. ff ,if 59 ""'xng ..x.Tf1'i5'f, M 1 f f Q- M Q! - ff L, N- fi XQSF., if ' 555 uf N - f ', ' 'a 'iff 4, "E: 4 'XF ,Al ff f""j. ff , ff if I I X ' f I . 2 ' P I lo ax f n ,J 2':g,,,!.k,y1L L4 -vi gr., ' -N g 2- '4,,,4 5 A X f 4 I-,jj ,171 KL, - E -.. . If ,QQ - x x' Q-Lx. f f ' 4 .5 , I X4 4,1 Qfigerpm- mx 475 'A I 23 f W ---ma- --1' . 41 Q'- ,' V d , f 9, ,fig f - - Q f -2 f A 1- ff 4 fQ, A Mi - MV ' A - -+ ' 5-:P ff 5 - Cl 3X , -L Z 7 x 2, H 1f. .4 f qz ? , A , ,, x 1? WUQ ,ff- , ,, 1... f wi w- r fsif ' . , , --, Rx, IL" lf, V Wei V7 -X- ff' 4, f, 7 'f -U' A' I fiat, 0 ' ' 'Qi , "' f f X .M .. ,av ,. , Af, W 2 mf "f iff' 4 ,Ja r l"f'XX 2 "' ffyf .gli ' v XNNx K! ff f'Ce?'f' fx my .V -lv' 4llhl-lb ' c0g,:?Z" " ?9 -Rai n' Wi vigrx' XX iifi, T ,::. IM' ' Q ,ay ff .wa ' f if-si- I f . ' X ,V ffx iff f , f f-W mf f f ,l' ,f ,K .f " ff 4' ' - 4 6 I f XX! BRLIISES ANI ARE PAR 3 2 Our football team includes Bill Ryan, Roger Walters, Don Simpson, Dave Dygert, George Minturn, Fred Gentile, Ralph Minturn. ROW 2: Bill Patterson, Dick Roberts, Glenn Francis, Marty Davis, Larry Newman, Jack Burnett, Jeff Ward. ROW 3: George Vantine, Ron Ray, Robb Newman, Clarence Seal, George Hopper, Ed Hyland, Gary Delaney, Bob Bumett. ROW 4: Managers Ron Mahalik, Fred Gardner, Archie Lowery. Coach-Don Clifford. THE ARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 7 This was Union Springs first year in eleven man football. The 1958 varsity foot- ball team had only three lettermen left from the 1957 team. Our line was probably the lightest in the league, averaging only 156 lbs. per man. However, in spite of the lack of experience and size the team showed tremendous spirit and effort in every game they played. Special thanks and recognition should be given to George Minturn, Bill Ryan, and Bob Burnett, our only seniors, fdr their outstanding performance throughout the season. COACH CLIFFORD Won 2 Lost 5 Union Springs ,u.,, 77 12 Elbridge 7, 26 Union Springs euo, 7 13 Moravia 77 7 Union Springs 7 .u,e 7 7 Cato 77 20 Union Springs 7 7 O Weedsport 7 27 Union Springs .,,.,,., 7 Port Byron 7 13 Union Springs 7 7 14 Dryden 7 77 7 12 Union Springs u,,., 7 9 Tully 7 77 7 13 94 'RAINS GALORE F THE FUN Our J.V. Team poses for the camera. ROW 1: Robert Gable, Co-Captain, Dan Jesmur, Coach, Richard Salato, Co-Captain. ROW 2: Ron VanTine, John McLoughlin, Roger Jorgensen, Bill Jones, Bmce Bowman, Bob Downing, Rog Granger, Ted Jorgensen, Sam Tata, John Coapman ROW 3: Bud Lawrence, John Stamp, Walt Hovey, Steve Emmett, Carl Pethybridge, Harold Verbeck, Joe Lavey, Lynn Walter, Gary Whitehead. COACH JESMUR THE J.V. FOOTB LL TEAM The J.V. football team of U.S.C.S. playing eight man football in the County League found the competition very rugged. The team won their first game quite easily but from there on lost some hard fought close games to end with a i-4 season in league play. The J.V.'s also played two il man games losing a game to Mt. Carmel fresh- men and beating the previously unbeaten Auburn freshmen by a 6-0 score on a wet muddy field. We are looking forward to next year with anticipation of having an improved and more experienced team, which makes the prospects of a better season seem a certainty. 95 THE CRGSS COL! TRY TEAM MS 'n"" 4 -P9 Coach: MR, CONNELL 04" The Cross Country Team consists of Ed Kohinke, Charles Lawton, Dave Conley, Mr. Connell. ROW 2: Captain Charles Reif, Dave Pinckney, Dick Langley, Jack Worzbyt, Mike D'Agostino. Ot all the sports, none is more grueling or requires more training or conditioning than that ot Cross Country. Many an athlete runs 2.5 miles or more in a match but he never does it in l5 minutes or less, which most Cross Country men are trained to run the course in. Each lad in the picture above can be proud of his achievement this year. Among the races won, the boys can loe most proud of the victory against Skaneateles which they will long remember. They did very well in the others also. Second to the actual running, the men enioyed their away trips. Trips were taken to various schools. The high point of the season was the trip to the Sectionals at Greene Central School with Mr. Smith and Mr. Connell. Special praise goes to the team tor their sportsmanship and cooperation, A short story of the season, as we have here, wouldn't be complete unless we mention the Captain of the Cross Country Team who showed sportsmanship, leadership, and achievementfCharles Re-itfwho was named Cross Country man ot the year and received the annual Cross Country Trophy. THE TRACK TEAM The track team consists of Teddy Jorgensen, Mike Fitzgerald, John Fox, Bob Gable, Mr. Connell. ROW 2: Roger Granger, Gary Whitehead, Charles Reif, Nicholas Moon, George Vantine, Roger Walters. ROW 3: Jack Worzbyt, Paul Henderson, Jeff Ward, Dale Hallett, David Wright, Carl Pethybridge. ROW 4: Kenny Casbohm, Tim Quinn, Larry Newman, Jim Day. ROW 5: Bob Smith, Tim Campbell, Jack Ludwick, Eddie Hyland, Fred Gentile. In many a boy's life, sports play a great part. The days spent on the high school varsity fields are pleasant and vibrant memories. Of all the sports in our school, perhaps none have the keen and driving appeal of the sport of track. The boys in the picture above are Track Stars. They try to demonstrate emphati- cally that there is almost no predictable limit to the amount of speed and stamina an athlete can achieve with the proper training and attitude. To excel is to be a track star. They carry the attitude that one must get a little bit farther, a little bit faster than the next man, and a little bit faster than they, themselves, did the last time. To single out one member of the team for praise would be a hard iob, but one must mention Tim Campbell, undefeated in the mile run, and Bob Smith equally good. John Fox was Co-Captain and one of the four county track stars. He was "Trackman of the Year" and received the annual track trophy for 1958. THE AR ITY BASKETBALL TEAM From tallest to shortest are, Left to Right: Lester Day, Joe Quinn, Fred Gentile, Jeff Ward, Joe Mulvey, Bill Ryan fCaptainD, Tim Quinn, Robb Newman, Jim Stebbins, Bill Jones, Sam Tata CManagerJ. Missing: Carl Pethya bridge and Coach Devereaux. This year's Varsity Basketball team had a rather unfortunate season due to the loss of last year's senior team. We finished the season with a total of 2 wins and TO losses, but are looking forward to a successful season next year. The four seniors on the squad were Jim Stebbins, a fine ball handler and out- side shooter, Joe Quinn, the team's leading rebounder and scorer, Joe Mulvey, the defensive stalwart who came on well as the season progressed, and Bill Ryan, the team captain and second leading rebounder and scorer. Joe Quinn and Bill Ryan led the team in rebounding with l33 rebounds and llO rebounds respectively in 12 games, while in the ball-hawking department, the team was led by Bill Jones who stole Al balls. Joe Quinn was second with 19. In the ever important scoring department, the highest field goal percentage went to Joe Quinn with 3306 and Jeff Ward with 3229, The leading foul shooters were Joe Mulvey with olok and Jim Stebbins with 5506. ln spite of the losing streak this year, the team can be proud of the fact that they consistently displayed good sportsmanship and exhibited plenty of team play and spirit. 98 COACH DEVEREAUX THE JU IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The '58-'59 edition of the J,V,'s are, BACK ROW: Charles Reif, Bob Gable, Dick Middleton, Bruce Bowman, Don Garland, Jack Smith, Jm Quinn, .lack Burnett. FIRST ROW: Coach Jesmur, Gary Whitehead, Larry Newman, David Clark, Mike Moon, Richie Salato, Ted Jorgenson, Roger Jorgenson, Jim Maleski-manager. The J-V Basketball team, as the football team, won their first game, and then only two more in league play to finish the season with a three won eleven lost record. Throughout the season the team played hot and cold ball and lost some close games to better teams in the league. lt seems that the freshmen of this year and those who are coming up from the undefeated J.J.V. squad should give us a team of considerable strength and ability for next ear. This of course oints to a much better season and we all ho e this Y P P proves true. J ! TY 5 'fm- l ft l li 5 THE .l.J. . BA KETB LL TEAM OUR CHAMPS- FIRST ROW: Ron Kreydatus, Fred Gardner, Don Lowery, Jack Healy, Richard Newman, Gary Knoll, Steve Hall, Dan McLaughlin, James Hall, Coach Clifford. SECOND ROW: Ed Butts, Larry Joyce, Bob Reohr, Leslie Granger, Roger Doty, Ron Mahalik, Ted O'Hara, Jack Pearce, Jim Pearce. Missing: Gary Sweeney, John Snyder. UNDEFEATED J.J.V. The Union Springs' J.J.V. team experienced its first undefeated season this year. The team improved week by week as their record indicates. Their aggressiveness and will to win were the factors which helped the team obtain such an enviable record. The team's big four were Jim Pearce, who alone rolled up 86 points, Fred Gardner who takes credit for 48 points, then Jack Pearce with 28 points, and finally a seventh grader, Steve Hall, with 12 points. The stars of this year's team should provide a strong nucleus for next year's Junior Varsity Team. 7 Wins O Losses Union Springs Genoa ,ouu,eu,,, Union Springs Weedsport Union Springs Sherwood , euou Union Springs Moravia Union Springs King Ferry ,L Union Springs Port Byron Union Springs Cato .,o,,,o,.., OUR WRESTLI G SQUAD Looking on with interest are, Left to Right: Mr. McBride, Nick Moon, Ed Kohinke, Mitch Meyers, Don Horan, Orlan Jennings, Leith Foster, George Minturn, Robert Downing, Roger Walters. Center: Ronald Vantine and Ralph Minturn. The T958-59 Wrestling Squad had a good turnout compared to previous years. The coach, Mr. McBride, was able to get practice meets with schools out of the league. The squad went to the Christmas Tournament at Windsor where George Minturn placed third in the T27 pound class. On February 28, the boys went to the Section 4 Sectionals at Harpur College. The Co-Captains of the squad were George Minturn and Ralph Minturn. Plans are being made for the team to enter a league next year. If these plans are carried out, there will be anywhere from ten to fourteen matches scheduled. Wrestling is a wonderful sport and we hope there will be more boys participating next year. The chances of succeeding are very good. THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM 'A Members of the baseball squad are, ROW 1: Roy Smith, Dick Dann, Dick Mahalik, Jerry Jorgensen, Roland Campbell. ROW 2: Mr. Mulligan, George Mintum, Bill Jones, Robb Newman, Charles Bowman, Eddie Wade, Roger Jorgensen. The T958 Baseball Team was composed mostly of Seniors who had had ex- perience on previous U.S.C.S. baseball squads. The team, showing all-out hustle throughout the year, ended with a winning season of seven wins and five losses. The long-ball hitting of Harold Crane, Roland Campbell, Jerry Jorgensen, Dick Mahalik and Roy Smith kept producing runs while three veterans, Campbell, Crane and Smith were the mainstay of the pitching staff. We, the Class of 1959, wish next year's team the best of luck in their coming SGBSOFI. xg 1 f X 2 gh X Ji A wi A l .Qt R TENNIS I9 8 Ready for a tennis match are Mr. Devereaux, Davifl Clark, Marvin Davis, Joe Mulvey, and Eddie Dann. This year a new sport was introduced to our school-tennis. Tennis, like wrestling, urges individual competition more than team play and you must be in top condi- tion to keep up with the fast moving pace. This year's tennis team was composed of: Freshmen-Dave Clark and Ed Dann, Sophomores-Marty Davis and Holl-y Robbins, Junioredoe Mulvey, and their fine Coach-Mr. Devereaux. The team loses no mem- bers by graduation so it expects to have a fine season next year. Matches this year were held against Elbridge, Port Byron, and Weedsport. Next year the tennis team hopes to have more boys out to urge competiton on the team and hopes to have more matches against schools in the area. So Iet's go out and support the tennis team! 's qifsm x KM is X' A. 1 .... i..ii..:in1:g:g:.' 1:-A111 '-Aft:t.:1::,::zt':tlt. :titty IAQ 04 T HQCKEY Maxine . Pat Lawrence' B verw I P ny A551101 Ward, 8. Bircic ROW: GerwD:Z:g'o3,,d3n ruawgclfhsClQZileri2uaabush,Sf-mfgll I , 3 , t Q the all-star hockev Cgizbgl? Ann TER,ni6vi?Tlll?aula Dundasghifgfa Sylvia Smoke' Susan Memlws 0 Lee Mafgeftf . noe. PRO . ' er can ' gusan Mrs. QCOH Marion Pes I J gensenf - - I nd . b sh, higrrde, Lorivwreillzpsell, Marilyn Rouda u GranQe" P ls Janet T9fPemng' A few weeks after school opened the girls began to limber up their muscles and prepare for the coming hockey season. After several weeks of learning the techniques of driving, dribbling and lunging, Mrs. O'Connor picked the girls who she felt were best at this exciting game. The girls have to work hard to get on this all-star team and once a member of the team each girl works hard mastering the skills of the game. Each girl does her utmost to make the sport enioyable an proud to be part of this exciting game. dis Xl.l.-STARS BASKIZTDA . . ww" Ward, Sally -page 'wwf Suzon Pesek, Pat Law,- , , enc , mus, Beatrice' Benham Judy Ludwlck, AnneTPenny Ausfln, . anner, Maxine At the end of the basketball season, an imaginary girls' varsity was chosen. These girls were chosen on the basis of their ability, enthusiasm, skill, effort, and knowledge of the sport. Although the girls were limited to one practice, they engaged in a combination faculty-adult education team, and defeated them 28-21. This game which took place February 27 was a preliminary to the Senior boys' and Men's faculty game. Both games were for raising money for a new gym clock. Ili! IDL THE ALL-STAR OLLEYBALL TEAM Getting ready to practice are, ROW 1: Cathy Shutters, Louise Wright. ROW 2: Carol Brant, Penny Austin, Marion Pesek, Marilyn Scofield, Shirley Granger, Nancy Shook, Glenda Davis. ROW 3: Bearice Benham, Sally Doremus, Charleen Ward, Susan Lee, Maxine Jorgensen, Margery Campbell, Judy Ludwick, Mrs. O'Connor. Soon after volleyball season started an all-star team was organized. Mrs. O'Connor chose the girls she felt had the co-ordination and ability for the game. Eighteen girls made this team. Out of the eighteen girls, Mrs. O'Connor chose twelve to go to Weedsport for a Sports Day on March 14. These girls were ones who showed extra interest and ability in volleyball. They were: Eleanor Smith, Beverly McBride, Marion Pesek, Susan Lee, Nancy Shook, Cathy Shutters, Charleen Ward, Maxine Jorgensen, Glenda Davis, Penny Austin, and Carol Brant. Sally Doremus was timer. The girls played hard and ended in fourth place. GIRL ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Q 5 I2 The G.A.A. Officers are, BACK ROW: Paula Dundas, Maxine Jorgensen, Elaine Osborne. FRONT ROW: Mary Lee, Karen Lawton, Pat Lawrence. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association is to offer every girl in school the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities, sports, games, and tournaments, regardless of her ability. lt offers to those girls possessing a higher degree ot skill the opportunity to participate in play days, sports days, and inter- school activities, and also promotes leadership. The G.A.A. organizes a girls' pro- gram in which the ultimate aims are to develop a well-rounded personality, both in school and in future years. There are several activities in which the girls may take part which include hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, table tennis, badminton, archery, tennis, and cheerleading. All of these activities are set up under a point system which enables a girl to earn letters and awards which are presented at the Annual Sports Banquet held in the Spring. The officers of the G.A.A. for this year are: President, Pat Lawrence, lnterclass Director, Maxine Joriensen, Secretary-Treasurer, Elaine Osborne, Social Chairman, Paula Dundas, Seventh Grade Representative, Karen Lawton, Eighth Grade Repre- sentative, Judy Tratt. Mrs. Flora O'Connor, acts as advisor to this group and much of the success of the organization can be directly attributed to her help and assistance. i . 1 X. li 'i l 1 " 7 'Sw ARSITY Ready to cheer are, BACK ROW, left to right: Glenda Davis, Ann Tanner, Maxine Jorgensen. FRONT ROW: Grace Tavener, Kathie Kohinke, Shirley Tratt, Patricia Roudabush, Beverly McBride. Early this fall, girls who wanted to try out for cheerleading began practicing any and every free activity period. Mrs. O'Connor, Mr. Jesmur, Miss Russell, Mrs. Tanner, and Mr. Devereaux were chosen by the girls to be their iudges. A point system was used to select the cheerleaders in which a maximum of five points can be earned in the following categories: iump, coordination, voice, and appear- ance. The seven girls with the most points then become the cheerleaders. Ann Tanner, Beverly McBride, Glenda Davis, Maxine Jorgensen, Shirley Tratt, Patricia Rouda- bush, and Kathy Kohinke were chosen to cheer for the fellows. These girls selected Grace Tavener as their manager. Gray slacks and white sweatshirts were worn during the football season which were replaced by a purple and white princess style uniform for basketball games. Besides encouraging the boys to do their best, the cheerleaders found time to attend a cheerleading banquet at Springside inn to discuss the rules and regula- tions, and to master the familiar cheers while learning original cheers. LET'S REAI CHEERLEADERS -Y YELL. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS I gN is 1 1 I if ',-5 s ' e Q R Q E Z "Yeah TeamI" shout Eleanor Smith, Susan Lee, and Louise Wright. FRONT ROW: Sharon Walter, Cathy Shutter, Mary Lou Roy, Karen Hyland. Absent: Beatrice Benham. The Junior Varsity cheerleaders were chosen early in the fall of i958 by the same iudges and point system as was used by the Varsity squad. The girls selected as cheerleaders were Beatrice Benham, Cathy Shutters, Eleanor Smith, Louise Wright, Susan Lee, Mary Lou Roy, and Karen Hyland. Sharon Walters was chosen as manager for the team. The football season saw the girls attired in gray slacks and Union Springs sweat- shirts, while for basketball, they switched to a uniform with a short, full purple skirt, and a weskit, with a long sleeved white blouse. The Junior Varsity cheerleaders also attended the cheerleading banquet at Spring- side Inn and worked hard to cheer the fellows to victory. gg- Ihh 'r ,."f,'v, I Vwxff' WW J X ff .2127 X v by 7 up " 1 C'! T X B - I x 54, f Ang J . f wx. ' 3.2 Z X fw 1 SW-LVN W J Lf - , v A 7 f X D Q-75 1- ,X f -v 1044- f, X XX Q51 LN 4 'Q S ff gbk W ff 5 ,, - ' s' , '4-f jj Z! ff Hg X Q71 :I .gf X X5 . 7 X Qffj qty .EQRSQC T. -X J L- Q Vx ' f QW J vii X 1- A '37 gl Xu Owgez mY,.,J'2 SLCWA JK Q 'If M Xa f .Q X "f , X We 7 QL N S L l 1 inf' . K fi Vlf X .f lQ?4.5eQ cQf ff- W K2 fr "fQj4 'lx 'NH , l' f f 3 ,-'S 4 xx Q .. -- is 'gf ..-E' S f 4' Nf Ez- fm f' .-v-1152" , ' no 2 '- - 4. Y A .3 ,,....1-" .f .,,'?7 7 y Y n 'S' y xf- 14- ?-Z ,fx , t-'iff Rfb lf! Xw X X L iii? 9 J NK I2 XXIII ff X X57-4' V X5 Ci? Q! d f x X ! R fx I N-"1 Xi X-H . xh Z if ff! S X 53 X X N- ,. - .ez X X . A-I ,j QD N Z wa R I X 3' I2 X 5 X XX X fi 4 , iff fx- '--4, ' - M X " L K D KJ g 7 7 :31g,g.X x - .QQ . go.- xx Nl: X j lg I --I Q1 49 ' , f f X 3, ,p. 5 .-1.-1:65, 4 ,X 1,1 ?',,'1gW S-2 J- -T. " ffff,of", 5 . A2 , iw jf I ,f- N Sify, I 1 :if Xjf: ay y X ' Hldfmw -'T f l 3 f , WX 1' 'Z 'X ,f' A ' fg QQ ZA QQ Xe f 1 E E 5.4 A Q ' -E vu fi -1- Q X Q. xgffi 2 ix Z--- Sf- ,.-- ,'. if " ' -.ffl ' X' fy 5 fx Qt 3 af , 65 X'qf f f ,E - Q 54 ..-f ,f 'Q' - P Xi? X N "0 X Q , - ,' - -,,,-..- S -'X -ll ' 4 f , f V" - -4- Tl xffaib :sg :El f f 72 i,?:.: C ' 'x ji , If I f -::2h f S45 ' - -. " ' in l 1311 Y- 1 Ill I Sales and Service GEORGE H. WARD, INC. 20 Waier Slreel AUBURN. N. Y. Phone 2-7268 Imperial- Chrysler Plymou+h - Simca Complimenls of ASTORIA HOTEL JOHN c. HORAN Complimen+s of MORAVIA DAIRY BOWL MORAVIA. N. Y. TI'IE SENECA FALLS SAVINGS BANK Seneca Falls. New York MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Congraiulalions fo +he Class of I959 HUNT SERVICE STATION Besl' Wishes Io Ihe Class of I959 UNION SPRINGS LIONS CLUB UNION SPRINGS NEW YORK Complimenls +0 I'he Class of I959 COLLEGE CITY PROVISION ITHACA NEW YORK 1 Wifh Congra+ula+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o +he Class of I959 BEACON FEEDS AND BEACON SERVICE Developed Through 39 Years of Research and Farm Tes+ing THE BAG WITH THE STARS I ' T 4 1' -rr 11- 1 .'5eHCUff f,'5.' 19 - f FEEDS 4. : ' 1+ -A- at 4,41 THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY A Division of Spencer Kellogg 8: Sons, Inc. CAYUGA, NEW YORK YORK. PA. LAUREL, DEL. EASTPORT, N. Y. BROADWAY, VA. BEACON THE BEACON MILLING CO., CAYUGA, N. Y.. YORK. PA.. LAUREL, DEL EASTPORT, N. Y. RONDINA FURNITURE CO. 56-64 Shale Sf. AUBURN, NEW YORK I23-I25 Main S'I'. Porl' Byron A Comple+e Line of FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS and G. E. APPLIANCES Complimenls of THE CAYUGA COUNTY SAVINGS BANK AUBURN, N. Y. COURTESY MOTORS I76 Clark S+ree+ AUBURN. NEW YORK DRANCSAK'S MARKETS 86 N. Division Sireel' AUBURN, NEW YORK LUKE WILLIAMS 8: SONS. INC. Lumber ancl Building Supplies H J Q I9-2I Norih Green S+. ' broprie-for AUBURN. N. Y. Complimenls of AUBURN UNIT PARTS 2I Dill S+ree+ II Lincoln S+. AUBURN, NEW YORK AUBURN. N. Y. Free Delivery Bari' Auarelli Bee Line complains Over 35 Years Experience Auburn Owned C H' ' ROYAL DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS Ffame and Q 'W' 35 E. Genesee S+. Auburn, N. Y. ' ' ervice Men's SI1ir+s Phone 2-I86I From' End AIIgnIng I C I' e 'I' of , , JULlgIINII0ImINIFiANT'S Au+o Pamhng AND CHlLDREN'S CENTER. INC. Tois Io Teens PHONE 2-564i I34-I36 Genesee Sheer Auburn, N. Y. AUBURN ARMATURE CO. Elecfrical Power Equipmenl' Mofors Generalors Ven+ila+ing Equipmenl' Phone 3-5388 29I Granf Avenue AUBURN. NEW YORK I I I Complimenrs of DON'S BEAUTY SHOP AUBURN. New Yomc Complimenfs of TOP O' THE HILL BEAUTY SALON DORIS SCHMELZLE Blanchard Road, Cayuga Lei' Me Help You Wilh Your Insurance Problems AUTO-FIRE-LIFE W. P. SCHERMERHORN Compleie Insurance Service Phone Auburn 2-7040 SOUTH ST. RD. - NEAR FLEMING Complimenfs of CAYUGA EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Farm and lnduslrial Equipmenl' Soulh Slreef Road AUBURN, NEW YORK Tel. 377l2 FORDSON MAJOR DIESEL - :Jw-A-fn I 0 ll I NURS IETTEI WORK-NUR! PIUBUCTIUN lfilm QZJUI MQNII FORD TRACTURS ANU DEARBORN FARM EQUIPMENT - PARTS AND SERVICE Svuubnd lg CAYUGI EQUIPMENT CU., INC. FIRM I INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SOUTH ST. ROAD AUBURN, NEW YURK Bes+ Wishes 'Io Ihe I959 Graduales JOHN LITTLE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 26 Miller SI'ree+ SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK Phone-Logan 8552! THE POWDER PUFF FLORENCE FANTACONE, Prop. Auburn's Leading Beaufy Shoppe Where Price and Qualify Prevail Specialisls in Permanenl Waving I Soufh S1-ree+ Phone 2-0I7I 1 1 1 1 l u Your School Jeweler L. G. BALFOUR CO. Leland Lee Al Horroclxs Louis Dworshalc WHEAT BROS. General Eleciric Appliances Hearing and Plumbing Building Maierial UNION SPRINGS HARDWARE STORE B01-Hed Gas Appliances Plumbing l'le0IIn9 PHONE 7-734l Complimenis of Archie Murdock Represeniaiive of CAYUGA COUNTY FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY TEL. 2-2029 AUBURN, N. Y. Courfesy of LOBLAW FOOD STORE Seminary S+. AUBURN, N. Y. Complimenis of CASTELLI'S MARINA Foo'I' of Basin S'IreeI' UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Compliment of Lawrence Nedrow's RED 8: WHITE STORE Groceries ancl Mears King Ferry, New Yorlr See "Al" or "Max" for AuI'o Service A 8: M SERVICE STATION King Ferry, N. Y. P.R. 3642 Complimenfs of BlLL'S RESTAURANT AUBURN. New YORK There Is o Big Difference Try DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION "Bes+ Wishes fo +he Class of '59 Who Will Malce a Brighf' Fufure and +he World a BeHer Place in Which 'Io Live!" GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK Manufacfurers of QUALITY MOLDED PLASTIC PRODUCTS and ELECTRO-MECHANICAL ASSEMBLIES A Good Place +o World Complimenfs of DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE AUBURN. N. Y. Complimenfs of FLEMING LUMBER CO. Longbell Kiichen Cabinels MASURY PAINTS Building Maferials of All Kinds Fleming, N. Y. Aula. 2-I095 Jas. Roe S'I'evenson CAYUGA FRUIT FARM Norlh Side of Cayuga Village R+. 90 Apples in Season LESTER E. BREW LESTER E. BREW. JR. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 3-6293 48 SOUTH ST. AUBURN, N. Y. Gasoline - Healing Oils Accessories GEORGE BROS. Acme "QuaIi'I'y" Painf R.D. No. I Souih S+ree1' Rd. AUBURN. N. Y. Dial 2-534I BEE-LINE SERVICE Wheel Alignmenf and Balance Frames and Wheels Sfraighiened 2 Seminary Ave. AUBURN. N. Y. Phone 2-283I Com pIimen+s of CAYUGA GARAGE AUBURN ornce SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY School Supplies and Equipmeni' TYPEWRITERS SOLD-RENTED-REPAIRED 7-9 Exchange S'I'. Aubum, N. Y. A. T. "GUS" PINE Complimenfs of GASTON'S FLYING "A" SERVICE Union Springs, New York Veedol I0-30 Flying "A" MoI'or Oil Tires ITALIAN VILLAGE RESTAURANT Serving 'Ihe Finesl' in I'IaIian American Foods Pizza Pies and Gianfs 'Io Go Phone 2-98l7 Auburn, New York Complimenfs of CHARLES M. SHAKELTON FUNERAL DIRECTOR PHONE AURORA ssol Complimenrs of SARAH'S FRIED CAKE SHOPPE 3I Easl' Genesee S+. AUBURN WORDEN'S PAINT HEADQUARTERS s. M. RIDLEY, Prop. Wallpaper, Pain+, Varnish Venefian Blinds, Window compliment of SI1ades,hPlcI'ure Framing P one 2-9593 DURATECH 48 Genesee S+. Aluminum Boais Burden E. Ray AUBURN, New YORK Union Springs GILLING 8: NEDROW, INC. Sales and Service Farm Equipmeni, Trucks Surge Equipmenl' Phone 223I KING FERRY, NEW YORK Complimenfs of HOWARD BROS. APPLIANCES 3I E. Genesee S+. AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. RICHARD G. WRIGHT VILLAGE MARKET Qualify Groceries and Meal Free Delivery S8xH Green Sfamps PHONE 7-733I SHAW 81 BOEHLER Florisfs I40 Dunning Avenue Auburn, New Yorlr "BesI' of Luck" P. M. BRYAN OpIome+ris+ Complimenls of AUBURN CEMENT PRODUCTS CO. Dial 3-326I 22-24 Perrine S+ree1' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of DOWD-LEO'S l27 Genesee Sireei' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of ROSE'S BAKERY 286V2 Wes? Genesee S+. AUBURN, NEW YORK FORD SALES-SERVICE lSince l9l7l 0 HENDERSON Complnmenfs of 81 LATHROP. INC. Auburn, New Yorl: P. 8 C. MARKET I . ST. CLAIR TV ' REPAIR SERVICE SEMINARY ST. AUBURN, N Radio-TV Appliances New and Used Se+s Solcl Union Springs, N. Y. US 7-7646 JENKINS LABORATORIES, INC. I7-I9 Wall Sfreel' AUBURN, NEW YORK Compllmenls of +l1e Complimenls of AUBURN, NEW YORK W. ROBERT CLARK Complimen'l's of NOLAN'S SHOE STORE Glamour Deb and Moxee Spor+ Shoes for Girls Roblee's for Men AUBURN SENECA FALLS HUNTER DINERANT Downfown Auburn Down'l'own Syracuse Nexl' +o Wilsons Complimenls of CAYUGA OLIVER Frecl Whifehead Harold .Pinclmey R.F.D. No. I Auburn New York I-inf' f X AUBURN f ,r ' SW- f sAvlNes 1, 3 I BANK Under fhe Town Clock- Genesee af Soufh MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complimenfs of SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION of AUBURN, NEW YORK Auburn's Thriff and Home Financing Headquarfers Corner Exchange and Genesee Sf. GOLDEN GUERNSEY Give Golden Guernsey a Trial- Be Convinced of lfs Superiorify CHILDREN LOVE GOLDEN GUERNSEY Children who ordinarily refuse milk soon gef fhe GOLDEN GUERNSEY habif. Mofhers find fheir worries and froubles are over wifh GOLDEN GUERNSEY. Children prefer if fo ofher foods and ifs complefeness of food value makes if unnecessary 'ro urge children 'Io eaf foods for which fhey do nof care. Scienfisfs fell us fhaf fasfe buds on fhe fongue grow less acfive as age progresses, perhaps fhese youngsfers can make a choice for fhem- selves so long as fhey have plenfy of milk. Two-fhirds of a glass of GOLDEN GUERNSEY gives as much nourishmenf as nearly a full glass of ofher milk. The appefizing habif form- ing flavor of GOLDEN GUERNSEY may be due fo fhe exfra milk sugar of fhe increased bufferfaf. Profein, minerals and vifamins give if a "fuller bodied" flavor. AUBURN GUERNSEY FARMS, INC. W. Genesee Road PHONE-AUBURN 2-6332 CompIimen'I's of SEYMOUR L. BOWEN AND SONS Union Springs R.D. ifl New Yorlc GEBHARD TRYAN AND LATIIMORE General Insurance I9 Sou+h Sheer AUBURN. N. Y. Complimenfs of AUBURN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Coca-Cola Royal Palm Flavors "76" SAMUEL SCHWARTZ, SONS, INC. Iron and S+eeI-Nonferrous Me1'aIs 23 Perrine SI'ree+ Auburn, N. Y. Phone 3-6205 CompIimenI's of CLARK 81 TENITY CO., INC. I44 Ross Sireei' AUBURN, NEW YORK BORST BROTHERS. INC. In+erna'l'ionaI HarvesI'er I Farm and IncIus'I'riaI Equipmeni' Mo+or Trucks II2 Clark S+reeI' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of BOB NOLAN'S SPORTING GOODS "We Sei' +I1e Pace in Spor+s" Phone 2-I72I 49 Genesee S+reeI AUBURN, NEW YORK Besi' Wishes Io 'Ihe Class of I959 MARTLEW MARKET Auburn, N. Y. KINGS AUTO SUPPLY G.M.C. Sales and Service 264-268 Clarlc Sfreei Auburn, N. Y. ' CLUB DICKMAN Dancing Every Friday, Saiurday, Sunday Nighfs AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenfs of WOLFE COAL YARD Blue Coal and Oil Union Springs Phone 7-2245 CompIimen+s of POWERS ELECTRICAL SERVICE Elecfrical Confraciing Union Springs, N. Y. I Besi' Wishes and Good Luck fo Ihe Graduaring Class G.L.F. PETROLEUM PLANT York Sfreei' AUBURN NEW YORK Complimenfs of BLUE MOON CO. I39 Clark S+ree+ AUBURN, NEW YORK Phone 2-I3I I Congraiulafions fo I'he Class of '59 THE NATIONAL BANK OF AUBURN Member of Federal Deposii' Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve Sysfem BRANCH AT LOCKE, N. Y. Complimenfs of WILLIAM E. BOULEY CO., INC. General Conlracfors 265 GENESEE STREET AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenfs of ROTO SALT UNION sPRlNes CLARK 81 WHALEY Fuel Service Cifies Service Producis Old Company's Lehigh Coal R.F.D. No. 3 Phone 2-9832 Complimenls of SYRACUSE PAPER 81 TWINE COMPANY Syracuse, New Yorlr Com pIimen+s of G-ARUCCIO'S MEAT MARKET SCHICHT SYSTEM SHOP O'F'Fice Supplies-Prinfing Founfain Pens-Pencils Gold Sfamping 34-36 STATE ST. AUBURN. N. Y. PHONE 3-94I Y ,- Y 1 FINGER LAKES OFFICE MACHINES CO. Typewrifers-Adding Machines Cash Regis+ers- Dic+aI'ion Equipmenl' Chairs-Deslcs-Files AEi5I'rnN?:I 'Y Telephone 2- I 089 MRS. MARY A. HOXIE Regislered Spencer Corseiiere Individually Designed SPENCER Foundafions and Brassieres Complimenls of GI11' QQQLSN McGLYNN'S Sc TO su.oo 55 Wafer Sfreef Auburn, N. Y. N. Y. Bes'I Wishes Io Ihe Class of '59 GREAT GULLY FARM FLOYD E. CHAPIN. Mgr. SMOKEY'S TAVERN Lunches Legal Beverages Our Specially All S'IyIe Dishes Auburn, N. Y. We also cafer Io clambalxes. Complimenfs of WEBSTER POULTRY FARM AUBURN, New YORK Cong raI'ula'l'ions Class of I 959 Wll.KE'S TIRE Division of Lee Rubber 81 Tire Corp. I209 W. Genesee S+. SYRACUSE. N. Y. "Take Up fo Two Years 'Io Pay" N. E. NICHOLAS JEWELER 25 Norfh SI'ree+ Aubum, N. Y. Phone 2-3I96 Complimenis of F. S. JOHNSTON PAPER CO. 24 Marlcel' Sfreef PHONE 2-255I AUBURN, N. Y. DELOS L. HOSKINS J.. I. Case Farm Implemenis Rambler Aufomobiles CLARK STREET ROAD ROUTE 5 AND 20 DANKSHA'S WOOD ACRES Roufe 5 Corner of Granf and S'I'andard Aubum, New York Phone 2-9769 Complimenis of CAYUGA LANES, INC. AUBURN, New YORK SIMKIN HARDWARE AURORA INN Plumbing Sheei Mefal Service POPLAR RIDGE. N. Y. Famous for Good Food Since l833 -' BOBBE-I-T - For Reservaiions IMPLEMENT COMPANY Sales and Service JOHN DEERE-NEW HOLLAND Farm Equipmeni' ONTARIO Drills-PAPEC-FORAGE Harvesfers Goodyear Tires-DeLAVAL Milkers Fennell S+. SIcanea+eIes, N. Y. Phone Slran. 34 Phone Aurora 598 I MR. AND MRS. JOHN PIERSON Managers STREVY' S TYPEWR'ITER STORE ROYAL TYPEWRITERS SI'andard-EIecI'ric-PorI'abIe Sales-Ren'IaIs-Repairs I0 SOUTH STREET AUBURN. N. Y. You Never Oufgrow Your Need for KENT DAIRY MILK 40 Burr Ave. Auburn Complimenis of CAROL'S USED CLOTHING II S'I'eeI Sireei' AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimen'I's of Clyde C. Lowry 'WEBSTER DAIRY PRODUCTS PHONE 7-2I I3 UNION SPRINGS. N. Y. BRUCE'S GULF SERVICE Genesee and Bluefield R.D. 3 AUBURN, N. Y. Besi Wishes +o 'Ihe CIass of I959 BILL'S RED 81 WHITE Auburn, New York Complimenis of PAULINE'S NEWSSTAND GIBBS BLUE SUNOCO GAS STATION Wi-I-h Green Siamps Clark SI'reeI' on 5 and 20 Nex'I' Io Finger Lakes Drive-In CongraI'uIa+ions +o Ihe Class of l959 SCOFIELD HARDWARE SENECA FALLS VINCE'S RESTAURANT and TRAILER CAMP RED 81 WHITE AJiIiRNi'REfNR'4'25'RK F009 5T0RE " "' ' ' Groceries and Mears Complimenis of S. B. Ferry ED CARRIGAN'S BARBER SHOP Sherwood, New York UNION SPRINGS PHONE 7-22 I I Compliments of SCHOOL LIFE PICTURES RICHARDS AND DONOHUE WEBSTER, NEW YORK GEHERlN'S MUSIC CENTER Reliabilify ls Our Wa+cl1worcI" 22 North Sh-eel' AUBURN. NEW YORK Dial 3-75I3 JIM 8: FLOYD'S RESTAURANT Spagl1e+'I'i and Meal Balls Sl'a'le Sfreel AUBURN, NEW YORK "AL" BRYAN'S SPORTING GOODS Johnson Sea Horse Sales ancl Service 3. SV2. 7V2. la, 35, so H.P Dial 3-5432 5-7 Genesee S'I-reel' AUBURN NEW YORK Complimenis of THE SEIDENBERGS Complimenis of TATA'S GROCERY 283If2 Clark S'I'ree'I' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenis of MA-VEN FOODS Cayuga Counfy Nearly Everyone Wears Panis and Slaclrs From AUBURN PANTS FACTORY IO Sfafe Sfreei Auburn, N. Y. CompIimen+s of LARKIN'S GROCERY PERFECTION DRY CLEANERS HENRY M. TAMBURO, Mgr. 57 Nor+h Sheer AUBURN. NEW YORK SHEET METAL and WARM AIR HEATING George and Greene Souih S+. Road General Insurance 7 Cenfer Sfreei' UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Tel. 7-7483 Complimenfs of WM. R. SMITH JEWELER uNloN SPRINGS. N. Y. Com pIimen+s of GRAY'S TEA ROOM AURORA. New YORK Complimenis of HOMlCK'S MEN SHOP Clorhing, Shoes, Furnishings Formal Wear Ren+ecI Open Evenings I47-I49 S'Ia+e S+. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenis of COOPERATIVE FARM CREDIT ASSOCIATIONS OF AUBURN. NEW YORK I-Ai ?L... I c H svnoglj '?'l E" ll '- Besf Wishes +o rhe Class of '59 GORDON C. PALMER Chevrolel-New and Used Cars Frigidaire Appliances Mobil Producfs SERVICE WITH A GRIN "WE ARE NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOU SHOULD BE" C' Xf.00n,5rEAn,v Q XX TIRES -- Congra+ula+ions Cgngllninliqlo +o +he Class of '59 CUSTOM CLEANERS 8: TAILORS 60 Norlh Divii n S+ I' ROY A. TUTTLE 203 S+ +1os+feIfe 0' King Ferry, New York Complefe Line of Farm Machinery NEW HOLLAND. COCKSHUTT OLIVER, FERGUSON. DELAVAL Phone-Poplar Ridge 2452 a Auburn, New York P. M. HERRON HARDWARE CO. 77 Years in Service AUBURN. N. Y. BEN F. LONG INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Phone 7-763I UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK JOHN WORZBYT Plg. H+g. Sales and Service Cayuga. New York Phone: Auburn 3-5522 Au+horized Lennox Dealer Complimenls of SHERWOOD GROCERY WILLIAM POWERS Poplar Ridge-7782 SAMUEL B. SILBERT Opfician Dispenser Dial 3-7032 I2 William S'Iree'I Auburn, N. Y. BINOCULARS-BAROMETERS MICROSCOPES-MAGNIFIERS EYE GLASS FRAMES CONTACT LENSES CAYUGA GLASS COMPANY I07 Osborne Sheef AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenls of CLARK FLORIST 27I Clarlz S'I'ree'I Aubum, N. Y. Flowers for AII Occasions - - 1 - - - HAPPY COOKING Mefered Bo1I"I'Ied Gas Ceriifiecl Premium Reading Coal E.F.M. Au+omaI'ic Heal' MONROE AND DAVIS I3I Seymour Sfreef Aubum. New York "The Man Who Knows Wears RICHARD'S CLOTHES" LUSK MUSIC STUDIO 90 Dunning Avenue Privafe Lessons Wi'I'h a Universi+y Graduaied Teacher DIAL 2-860I AUBU RN, N. Y. CompIimen+s of HUGHES CLOTHING CO MORAVIA, N. Y. Complimenls of AURORA GRILL AURORA, NEW YORK Besl Wishes BUCHKO CABINET SHOP Specializing in STEEL AND WOOD KITCHENS CompIimen+s of phone Bos SCHRAMN'S 21232 BARBER SHOP Cong,.a+ula+ions I7 COTTAGE STREET Ffom AUBURN, N. Y. CENTRAL EXTERMINATING COMPANY Jordan, New Yorlr Compliments of THE COWLES DISSOLVER COMPANY, INC CAYUGA. NEW YORK M I I of CHEMICAL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Congrafulafions Class of I959 MATTHEWS DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY also Speed Wash-SeI's LaundereHe WE CATER TO OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT Union Springs 7-2 I 22 Complimenfs of "THE STAMPS" Ellen and Lamoni' BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP Compliment of ERMA'S RESTAURANT and Her U.S.C.S Head-Aches SCHRECK'S FURNITURE I4-I4V2-I6 E. Genesee Where Your LiI+Ie DoIIar Treafs You Besi' Aubum. N Y. Complimenfs of CAYUGA GRILL CAYUGA, New Yomc WAYNE AUTO ELECTRIC. INC. Disiribuiors of Au+o EIec+ricaI and Carburefion Equipmeni SMALL ENGINE PARTS AND SERVICE 26 Easr Genesee S+. Aubum, N. Y. Phone 3-538I EDWARD F. JONES Golden Guernsey Milk RETAIL WHOLESALE Union Springs Cayuga Complimenis of BEARDSLEY AND BEARDSLEY AU BU RN NEW YORK Best Wishes AUBURN G. L. F. SERVICE FARM HARDWARE Complimenis of DICICS DEN Complimenfs of McCLARY'S ELECTRICAL SERVICE UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK Complimenis of AUBURN MUSIC Everyihing in I-he Musical Line Complimenis of FRANK RICHARDSON UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK CompIimen+s of WEBSTER DAIRY AUBURN, N. Y. CompIimen'I's of THE IDEAL CLEANERS Dry Cleaning SpeciaIis+ 247 Genesee Sfreei Auburn, New YorIr DELIVERY SERVICE IN UNION SPRINGS AREA Phone 3-35II NICHOLAS COBLIO 8. SONS General ConI'racI'ors GENEVA, N. Y. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AURORA AURORA, New YORK CompIimen+s of DR. N. L. WOODFORD TRAVELERS INN On RouI'e 5 and 20 MOTEL "Your Home Away From Home" THE H. R. WAIT CO., INC. "Try Wai+'s Firs'I"' 77 Genesee S+reeI Auburn, New York GEORGE H. WARD, INC. 20-26 Wa'I'er SI'ree+ Auburn, New York Imperial, Chrysler, Plymoufh CompIimen+s of MUTUAL CANDY COMPANY 4I Wall Sheer AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenis of SEAL'S CAMERA STORE Cards Audio-Visual Equipmenf II NorI'I1 S'Iree'I Auburn, N. Y. HERRICK'S DINER Besi' Wishes 'Io +I1e Class of '59 From Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Herrick 99-IOI Granf Ave. Aubum. N. Y. HERRICKS' USED CARS HERRICKS' DINER Complimenis of AUBURN TRUST CO. MARINE MIDLAND BANK Auburn, N. Y. Por? Byron. N. Y. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complimenfs of C H R I STOPH E R 8. WRIGHT, INC. AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimenI's of GENEVA BAKING COMPANY GENEVA NEW YORK Congra+uIa+ions Io Class of I959 GREAT GULLY FARM Complimenis of A FRIEND Pafronize our AcIverI'isers O 'P N a chance 10 Pose' do You l 3 Where did r he bu 90? d rwav The Frontenac gels Un e IN APPRECIATION We would like to thank all the advertisers who helped to make this edition of the Frontenac possible. We are most grateful to them and hope that you will help us to show our gratitude by giving them your patron- age whenever possible. Tell them you saw their ad in the Frontenac. Thank you, THE FRONTENAC STAFF Union Springs Central School Union Springs, New York for all 4 Mf in -.515 7 x ' Q! ok, ,. I 1'-lf! -... W. 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