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4. 1 ru -, H-M., , I-mm! if 1- 2 V -!t'2i1U?"5??"vvF' 2 5 5 i I E f K L 5 1 I Im... IIIIIIIIIIEEIII 0 QE f I -1.sN fix' X If IS' f 9? X , Y IIII 3 X X VS , .4 'V 1 5 1 I g 1958 PUBLISHED BY THE I958 SENIOR CLASS OF UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOOL UNION SPRINGS, N.Y. I 958 THE FRCNTENAC UNION SPRINGS, N.Y. GS YEARBOOK STAFF Co-Editors in Chief JOYCE OANS PAT GANS Art Editor so E JOHN FOX Assistant JUDY OSBORNE Advertising Manager CAROLYN FARRELL Circulation Manager ssss MARION SAXTON Sports Editors I Boys ROY SMITH Girls JANET OUINN Literary Editor I I DIANE DUNDAS School Life and Activities Editor S KAREN PERKINS Typist as cAi2oL BOBBETT and the entire Senior Class rar M . , ........-umm M-MN., 3 CONTENTS Introduction Title .....,,TTT Contents ,.A,TT Foreword ,ooo Dedication .,o.,o,ooooooooAoo Board ot Education Principals cccccccccccccc Senior High Faculty Administration .,...oov... Honor Roll ,,,,o Seniors ..oo...,,. Baby Pictures ..... Statistics ,c,., Snapshots oooooo Junior Prom ,..., Field Service .,..,o Senior Play cccc. Classes ....... School Life ....., Activities .,..o Sports ccc.,cccc..... . Advertisements ..,.. 2-3 24 5 2 oco, S 27 O 1 l 2-25 222226-27 -2228-29 222,30-31 222,32-33 ..o. M34 -,-....36-60 226 l -67 22268-83 84-lOl clO2 THE FOREVVORD WebsTer's big dicTionary defines a yearbook as a book published annually, vviTh each issue conTaining new or addiTional informaTion. Truly The FronTenac of T958 has fulfilled This definiTion, for iT has come a long way since ThaT firsT paper-bound issue. The Theme chosen for our yearbook This year is The vvord "Friendship," Disraeli once said ThaT friendship is The giff of The gods and The rnosT precious boon To man. We all crave friends in whom vve can confide. Prior To now, The maioriTy of our friends have been made in school. Here was The nucleus of our socieTy, and our friends were The elecTrons revolving around iTs orbiT. We feel ThaT This has been a mosT irnporTanT elennenf in our school life. The Class of T958 sincerely hopes ThaT This year's "FronTenac" meefs your approval, and will bring you enioynnenf ThroughouT The years To come. DEDICATIO This year, by vote of the class of '58, we are dedicating the Frontenac to two separate individuals on our school staff. After careful consideration, we feel that they are both deserving of the honor, and hope that they will accept this small tribute. MR. FRED GARDNER MR. LOUIS CHAPIN MR. GARDNER The Class of l958 is happy to dedicate their yearbook to Mr. Fred Gardner, our Senior Advisor. We appreciate all the advice and guidance that he has given us this past year, and are sincerely thankful for the extra time he has devoted towards our class activities. We realize there were times when we needed discipline, and as we glance back, are glad that there was a hand, wiser than ours, at the helm. We hope that you will prize this book throughout your future years, and may those years be happy ones. Best Wishes From The Class of 1958 MR. CHAPIN Whom do we call upon when there is a leaky faucet, a broken desk, or a iammeol locker? Who answers these calls without the least complaint or grumble, and wears a pleasant smile even though his work is often tedious? This person is none other than "Lewie" Chapin of our maintenance staff. To many, Mr. Chapin has not only been one that we can rely upon, but also has been a trusting friend. For these reasons, and because we wish to show our gratefulness, the Class of 1958 wishes to dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Lewis Chapin. A B0 RD OF EDLICATIO STARTING AT 12:00 CLOCK-WISE: Ralph Webster, Harold Orchard, A. C. Mathews, John Reohr, Jr Donavan Webb, Paul Newman, Lawerence Gould, Oscar Schlappi, Harvey Smith. The nine members of the Union Springs Central School Board of Education are elected at the annual school meeting on the second Tuesday in July to represent the voters of the district in the business of operating the schools of the district. Terms of office are arranged so that some members are elected each year. The Board of Education formulates the policies by which the school and its program are administered They review the applications of the policies at least once each month in their regular business meeting on the third Monday. They study the long range program necessary to keep the schools up to date the school plant required, the financial resources available, the personnel both teaching and nonteaching presently employed and that which may be needed as the school population increases and the equipment and supplies which are used each year. They talk with patrons of the school with the educational and non-teaching personnel, and with others interested in the operation of the school. The Board of Education is called upon to spend many hours at their job and is one of the few municipal governing bodies which cannot be reimbursed for time spent and services rendered. APPRECIATIO TO THE ADMINISTRATIO MR. SMITH lt is my sincere hope that each member of the Class of l958 has utilized the opportunities of school days at U.S.C.S. to display to others liberal amounts of cheerfulness, generosity, helpfulness, kindness, loyalty, patience, sincerity, tolerance, and unselfishness. In return I hope each has received the reward of respect, understanding and devotion from those with whom he has been most closely associated. It is my wish that in the years ahead each of you will find these friendships growing stronger. May each year add new friendships from your everwidening circle of associates and acquaintances. MR. MOON Please accept my sincere congratulations on the suc- cessful completion of your high school course of study. Your class has been one of the better academic classes that I can recall. Most of you have done your iob well. In view of recent events, the launching of Sputnick I and ll and the Explorer, the theme for your book, Friendship, is especially apropos. Friendship between individuals, states and nations has become an economic necessity. Be sure you make your friendships here at school and in your later life lasting ones. We of the Union Springs Central School faculty, will long remember and cheerfully recall many of you as our friends. Sincerely, RICHARD MOON SENIOR HIGH FACULTY FIRST ROW: Miss Johnson, Mrs. Smith, Miss Northridge, Mr. Chappell, Miss Purcell, Miss Hockeborn, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Finn. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clifford, Mr. McBride, Mrs. Boomer, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Colgan, Miss Russell, Mr. Moon. THIRD ROW: Mr. Devereaux, Mr. Vazquez, Mr. Mulligan, Mr. Connell, Mr. Kane, Mr. Eldred, Mr. Boomer, Mr. Gardner. ADMINISTRATION Andrew J- Smllh ------,------..-.-....... ........ ...A. ... ... S upervising Principal of the District Rlflhafd J- MOOD -----..-.-4. Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Secondary Education Malcolm Fish-Donald Fordham .....4.,.....v.......... Elementary Principal and Supervisor FACU LTY Arcola Boomer ............,........,.....,..,ooooooo..o. Library Harold Boomer .....,,.oooo Industrial Artsg Director ot Donald Clifford ,.,,c, Eleanor Colgan ,,cc Adult Education --,,--c-Citizenship Education --,zc,c------,-------,,---Science John Connell ,,,,.,..,,, ,,,,.............,...... S cience Donald Devereaux ...... ....c,,..,,A..,,A,. M athematics Thomas Eldred cc,,c, Jane Finn ,.,c,,,,,,,, Fred Gardner ....,c,,,, Virginia Gregg ,,,,.,c,..,. Catherine Hockeborn Laura Johnson ,,,c.... Citizenship Education --,,---,----Home Economics , ,,cc.,,. Business Subiects lish --,,,,z--czMathematics Englishg Latin Hazel Northridge ,cc,co .oc,ccLo S ecretarial Subiects Agnes Purcell ccco.,co Mary Russell ....,, Allen Shotwell ....c, Ida J. Smith ...,..., ------------,,,,Mathematics -,zzzzc,z,,-,--EngIish Agricu lture ------Frenchg Health Beulah Pethybridge Enid A. Tanner Paul Tanner ,c,,,,,,,, Frank Vazquez ,..,sc B. Coman Chappell Arna Dersham c,,.,cc c,...-,..,Nurse Eng I ish Citizenship Education Citizenship Education L.,,,,-......,V0caI Music Elaine Erby .......,ccc c,,.c,,,,,..., V ocal Music Joseph Finn cc..,cc ,..... I nstrumental Music Mariorie Jump ccocccccc ...,.....c D ental Hygienist Erwin Kane ,,,.,,,...,...,s.,.,....,,,,s,sA,,,,,,,,s,,, Guidance Earle Klock occ,cc,,,,.,.,,.....,,,s,.., Instrumental Music Genevieve Neu c,,, Elementary Library and reading Harold McBride ...,....,,,.,,ccc.,cc,cccc Driver Education Hilda McNally c,,,,c,, Elementary Physical Education Robert Mulligan cccccccccccccccccocccccc Physical Education Ruth Myrick ....,. ccc,...ccccccccccc,ccc. S peech Therapy Flora O'Connor ,,,c, Ruth Parker ..... Rosemary Pratt ELEMENTARY Cayuga Division Nellie Hewey ,,..c. Evelyn Wolfe ,.,..... Bessie Tanner ,,..,.. Audrey Worzbyt Janet Clark .cccc.cc.c Edith Sevier c,.c,.,c. Nancy Stansfield Ethel Ure ,cc,.cccccc. Donald Fordham ,..c. Doris Muldoon ,cc... Irene Campbell ..,.. Louise Pearcy ....,cc Ann Tyler ,,,.,,o.,,, -.,---.PhysicaI Education ----..EIementary Art Kindergarten I ,.-,,,,,,,,Grade -,c,----,Grade I c,,,c,,c,Grade 2 ,,,,c,zGrade 2 c,,,.,,zGrade 3 c,,,,,vGrade 3 Grade 4 4 c,c,,,Grade 5, Head Teacher UNION SPRINGS DIVISION Martha Hopkins .,,,c,c Miriam Davis c,,,c,,, Catherine Healy c,,ccc, Jane Myers ,c,,c,,,,, Cora Brigden ,c,c,,c. Mildred Connor ....,,, Hazel Robbins ,....,,,., Margaret Barrett .,,cccc.,c, Hannah McMichael Eunice Anthony ,,..,c,.., Howard Baer ,,.,,.,,, Malcolm Fish ,,,,. Ralph Slade ...se.. ,Grade 6 N urse ,z,Kindergarten ----,-,.Kindergarten I c,,,.---.Grade -zc,,,.zzGrade c,,,c,c,,Grade I c,,.--,,,Grade 2 ,----,zcGrade 2 --,,c,c,,Grade 3 z---,,,Grade 3 ,c---,.LGrade 4 A c,,z--.oGrade 5 ----,,-.Grade 5 c,--,-mGrade 6 --,,---,Grade 6 ,,z.-Grade 6 HONOR ROLL VALEDICTORIAN SAI-UTATORIAN John Ludwick 94,6 Roland Campbell 93.4 Charles Cuykendall Diane Dundas ,a,,a, Patricia Gans as.,, Joyce Gans Alec Davis ,,a,aa7a Marion Saxton ,.,., Marcia Mosher ,,,,,, Elaine McBride ,..,. Judith Osborne Kay Ward ,,,,,,,,,.... Roy Smith -. ..,, .- James Eaton so,,,, Dale Hallett ...... Sandra Walters AVERAGE ABOVE 80 ....... -91.4 -------.89.4 --------89.3 -------.89.2 1 --------87.0 --------86.7 -------.85.9 2,285.5 --------85 .3 1 -,-----8-4.9 ---,---o84.7 ----,--.84.6 'X' CLASS COLORS N Janet Quinn as,,.,,s,,,, ,,,,,AAAs Sandra McDonald John Fox uuuuuuuu-u..,,,s,,,,, ,,,,,,,,v Timothy Campbell Charles Herrick O,,,,, Carolyn Farrell .,s,, ,,,,,v,,, Harold Crane uuuuuuu ,,,,,,,,, Marilyn Kahler ..u,A Jane Jennings sss,. ,--,,,,,, Arlene Bennett ,,,,, ,-,,,,,,, Richard Dann ,,c,,,c,.. Waneta VanHorn Ronald Derrung .,s... ,,,,,,,,, Kathryn Macko .,sss ...,,,,,s Claudia Jorgensen Pink and Charcoal Gray CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation CLASS MOTTO The Brightest Star Shines Alone 84.3 ,.----84.2 83.9 83.2 82.7 82.5 82.0 81.9 81.8 81.2 80.9 80.5 80.5 80.5 80.0 to . ' 'i il. llfl , ll? ' 'lf ,lfgyli E 'J I Mmm... x" -X 4x4-S51 51' 4-TQ? - . X Q fn f li x" 'T 4 " f fxx' I va' xx, ' ' 1 X Q gf M .fn we 5 JOHN LUDWlCK Jack Salutatorian 1, Class Vice President 1, 2, 3, Class President 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Manlius Math Tournament 1, 2, 3, 4, County Table Tennis Champ 3, 4, Traffic Court 3, AFS Foreign Exchange Student 3, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Science Congress 1, 4, Intramurals 4. College GEORGENE JANE PINCKNEY George Class Secretary 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Court 4, Queens Court 3, Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA President 4, Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4, All Star Teams 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 4, Senior Store 4, Library Staff 3, Recreation Council 3, Newspaper Staff 2. Auburn Community College aMwaam.3ssW,,a,rists2sgsmig,4,W:,stsssss.s.eWasW..s,,....sas,ts4s.3.-5-5WY ,l Sa Z5- PATRICIA JEAN GANS Pat Class President 3, Class Vice President 4, Class Secretary 1, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Student Council Secretary 3, Traffic Court 4, Basketball Worker 2, 3, Class Play 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Auburn Community College l l MARILYN JAYNE KAHLER l Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramuralsl 1, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Court 3, All Star Hockey Team 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Senior Store 4, Cheerleader .l, 2, 3, 4, Usherl at Graduation 3, Prom Court 3, Newspaper, Staff 2. Q Undecided - we msmwwvswmyifmmw-WWW, V- --.- ,....,.W, wssamami ROLAND CAMPBELL Rol Band I, 2, Cross Country I,'2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, All Star Baseball 3, Boys' State 3, Class President l, 2, Prom King 3, Male Chorus 3, 4, Traffic Court 4, Dance Band 1. Cornell RICHARD JOHN TALBOT Dick FFA 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of FFA 3, 4, JV Bas- ketball 2, Baseball 3, 4, Football 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Intramurals I, 2. Undecided PAULETTE LOUISE ERHARDT Pee Transferred from King Ferry 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Senior Store 4, Senior Play 4, Play Usher 2, Junior Prom Court 3, Intramurals 3, 4, Archery 3. Telephone Operator JOAN ANN KUHFTA Pole Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 2, 3, 4, FHA I, Traffic Court 4, Prom Court 3, Class Plays 3, 4, Usher at Commencement 3, Basket- ball Worker 4. Auburn Community College ARLENE BENNETT Lightning Chorus l, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, FHA Historian 2, FHA Secretary 3, FHA President 4, All Star Hockey 4, Play 2, 3, 4. Secretary CHARLES CUYKENDALL Cuyk Male Chorus 3, 4, Senior Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, FFA I, Varsity Basketball Manager 2. Auburn Community College DIANE MARIE DUNDAS Di Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Chorus 4, Senior Band 2, 3, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Prom Queen 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Chairman of Basketball Workers 4, GAA Officer 2, 4, Student Assistant 3, Student Council I, 3, 4, Student Council Vice President I, Stu- dent Council Secretary 3. Teacher RONALD DERRING Toby Senior Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 2, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Male Chorus 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Rifle Club I. U. S. Navy . Electronics Technician JANET l. QUINN Jay Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, All Star Teams 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Basketball Worker 2, Student Assistant 4. Secreta ry SANDRA MCDONALD Sandy Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Chorus I, 4, Traffic Court 4, Student Council 4, Queens Court 3, Class Plays 2, 4, GAA 3, All Star Teams 3, 4, Basketball Worker 3, Lilshary Staff I. Physical Education Teacher JOHN MICHAEL FITZGERALD Mike Football I, 2, 3, 4, Football Co-Captain 4, .lV'BasketbaII 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 'I, Track 2, 3, 4, FFA 'I, 2, Stuclent.CounciI 2, Volleyball I, Class Plays. Undecided JOHN WILLIAM FOX Flyer Transferred from Fallsburgh Central School I, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4, Basket- ball 4, Basketball Manager 3, Volleyball I, 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Recreation Council 3, Class Play 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Traffic Court 3, Class Secre- tary 2. Morrisville ! 'tt' MARCIA MOSHER M-M-M Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Student Director 3, Usher At Commence- ment 3, Band I, 2, Basketball Worker 2, 3, 4, All Star Teams 3. Auburn Community College LINDA MacDONALD FHA I, Senior Store 4. Beautician ROBERT HAROLD JOYCE Duff Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, .IV Basketball I, 2, Varsity Basketball 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, .IV Football 2, Senior Store 4, Class Play 4. Navy HAROLD BAITY Harry FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 'I, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club If Cross Country I, 2, Football 3, FFA Vice President 4, Delegate FFA Con- vention, Kansas City. Delhi Agricultural College TIM CAMPBELL Transferred trorn Trumansburg 3, Vice President FFA 3, President FFA 4, Cross Country 4, Basketball Manager 47 Track 4, Intramurals 3, 4. Undecided CLAUDIA JORGENSEN Recreation Committee I, 2, Intramurals T, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, All Star Teams 3, 4, Usher at Graduation 3, News- paper Statf 2, Class Plays 2, 4, Senior Store Manager 4, Chairman Stationery Sales 35 Student Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. Sec reta ry SALLY EDWARDS Sally Intramurals 4, Archery 3, Chorus 'I. College ,awake f KAY WARD Library Club I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 47 Intramurals I. Elementary Teaching CAROLYN FARRELL Kay Transferred from Auburn 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, Senior Store Worker 4, Basketball Worker 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Class Plays 2, 4. Beautician ROY SMITH Sucky Science Congress 4, Football 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 'I, 2, 3, 4, Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Male Chorus 4, Student Assistant 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 2, Class Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Chorus 4, Volleyball 'I, 2, Dance Band I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer I, Student Council Vice Presi- dent 4. Auburn Community College JAMES EATO N Jim Class Plays 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, FFA I, Secretary 3, Traffic Court 4, Male Chorus 4. Auburn Community College RICHARD DANN Cherry Lips Cross Country I, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Traffic Court 4, Class Play 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Chess Club I, Male Chorus 4. Auburn Community College JUDY OSBORNE Dudee Band I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading Manager 2, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball Worker I, 3, Library Staff I, Dance Band 3, All Star Teams 3, 4. College. ROBERT SHELDON Bob Basketball l, Class Play 2, 3, Cross Country 1, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Track 2, 3, Recreation Council 2, Male Chorus 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4. Auburn Community College BEVERLY AVERY Bev Chorus 1, Archery 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, A. College ,,.. ,, 1 , ,.'MM--zmaseafg RICHARD MAHALIK Mo Track Manager I, Intramurals 1, Varsity Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, JV Football 2, Volley- ball 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4. College GERALD V. JORGENSEN Jorgy Baseball I, 2, 4, JV Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Co-Captain 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, FFA 'I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, Recreation Council 3, 4, Class Plays 3, 4, Chorus 1, Rifle Club 1. Navy AUDREY PAINTER Kelley Senior Chorus 2, 4. Auburn Memorial Hospital KAREN PERKINS Karen Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Usher at 'Play 3, Basketball Worker 2, Usher at Graduation 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. College NANCY TANNER Nano Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Basketball Worker 2, 3, 4, Senior Store 4, All Star Hockey Team 4. Auburn Community College JANE JENNINGS Jinx Transferred from Lancaster, Pa., Class Play 3, 4, Library Club 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Senior Chorus 3, 4, All Star Teams 3, 4. Nurse's Training LONA BEULAH PETHYBRIDGE Beulee Chorus 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, All Star Volleyball 3, All Star Hockey 4. Auburn Memorial Hospital mm A 5 EL 2 2 3s ,V D CHARLES HERRICK Chuck Wrestling I, 2, Cross Country If Class Play 3, 4, Traffic Court 2, Football 2. General Motors Institute SUSAN PALMER TYLER Dee Intramurals I, 2, 35 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 lClass Plays 2, 4. Auburn Community College SANDRA ANN WALTERS Sandy Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, All Star 3, 4, Class Play 2, Usher at Play 3, Senior Store 4. Private Secretary RICHARD HAWKINS Dick Transferred Gardner High, Gardner, Mass- achusetts, Senior Band 4, Senior Chorus 4. General Electric 41.11 -Qwwava.. JUIIIH , I 'F VaY"l's."v4"lN""N"'a ELAINE FRANCES MCBRIDE Strings Intramurals 'I, 2, 45 FHA 2, Basketball Worker 4, Class Play 4. Elementary Teaching DALE HALLETT Transferred from Whitesboro 25 C ross Country 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Intramurals 45 Science Convention 4. College GENA D'AGOSTl NO Senior Band I, 25 Senior Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 25 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Newspaper Staff 25 Atten- dance 45 Science Convention I. College ' CATHERINE ANN MACKO Kathy Senior Chorus I, 25 Intramurals I, 2, 4 Class Plays 2, 3, 4. Housewife ERIC VAN BUSKIRK Undecided HAROLD CRANE Mong Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 'l, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 'I5 Traffic Court 45 Newspaper Staff 25 Class Plays 2, 3, 4. Navy ms:'va,a:s 4.sim5fhQ::l:sfi. CAROL MAUDE BOBBETT ALEC C, DAVIS Carol Track 1, 2, Cross Country 4, Band l, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, All Star Volleyball 4, Senior Chorus 4, Male Chorus 3, 4 Team 3, FHA 1, Basketball Worker I, 2, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Traffic Court 4, Valedictorian i, Student Council 2, 3. Class Plays 2, 3, 4, Usher at Junior Play Business Administration 3, Prom Court Committee 3. Secretary WANETA VAN HORN CARLTON BENHAM Wonnie Rody Transferred from Savannah 4, FHA 4, ln- FFA 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Cross tramurals 4. Country 4, Varsity Basketball Manager 4 Secretary Air Force Pilot r 13 ' -i - qv, f"l l Y ffl- V, L,l , V J., f ,.,-' X 2' L4 'gyf .fQ , few NPRINTE R L W KNE fx N-.J vvALT S c.Ag0LyN rAIRREu. ap INO 9 Manny , Q ,. , 'Juoy DVI ROM W '- f bERAInc-r . ,. if 'H Ji 8 3 ns , , W Q 5 A ff 2,5 V7 9 " 4' 'Agn W- mg ff ' il QKQQ ' 3 f f mm: 7 Macao .A CHRRL HLALY BACK fr W 1 we 'Z 1 , If' 5 Ex ' A is M f 5 1 5 : L ,V:. , f!'Ml ig,l 'i 'f' . , 7 ' .fN S' 5 Y s gkgifg.-5.1 'ie,w-BET' AuJEUE W EKHHYVT Q f Ac I 3 V "i'S.s lr JANE JENNYNGS EJ ,ffm w ,,'3 U V. ' . ij 1 Wi lu- Qjj, , igj! it ii. N , 4 . fa H' 52 v vi Q P' , M 'g9wQgx f unmpeeu. RRION SRiTON at E .Mrk Y ,, ef 5 Qui ' ,fu n s ue f I F I 4 f WYE ww 5, 2 A 5 Q Q X AJ fm 1 will ANJA N05 E HARU5 CRYKENDALL NAME Beverly Avery Harold Baity Carlton Benham Arlene Bennett Carol Bobbett Roland Campbell Timothy Campbell Harold Crane Charles Cuykendall Gena D'Agostino Richard Dann Alec Davis Ronald Derring ' Diane Dundas James Eaton Sarah Edwards Paulette Erhardt Carolyn Farrell Michael Fitzgerald John Fox Joyce Gans Patricia Gans Dale Hallett Richard Hawkins Charles Healy Charles Herrick Jane Jennings Claudia Jorgensen Gerald Jorgensen Robert Joyce Marilyn Kahler Joan Kuhfta Nancy Lawton John Ludwick Kathryn Macko Richard Mahalik Elaine McBride Sandra McDonald Marcia Mosher Judith Osborne Audrey Painter Susan Palmer Tyler Karen Perkins Beulah Pethybridge Georgene Pinckney Janet Quinn Marion Saxton Robert Sheldon Robert Smith Roy Smith Richard Talbot Nancy Tanner Eric Van Buskirk Richard Verbeck Wanita Van Horn Sandra Walters Kay Ward 28 CHIEF ATTRACTION hair hair height laugh height dignity carefree manner boisterousness brown eyes hair blue eyes laugh build hair iitterbug plaid sneakers eyes eyes red hair and clothes height brown eyes laugh walk fickleness carefree manner shortness hair glasses whiskers broad shoulders personality figure smallness big vocabulary temper quietness thinness petitness height hair personality clothes quietness hair long hair height voice hair neatness witty remarks smooth talking quietness calmness height quietness red hair quietness WANTS TO BE Beautician Farmer Race Car Driver Secretary Secretary Engineer Farmer Sailor Engineer Journalist Elvis Boy Scout Executive Electronics Technician Teacher On the radio Beautician Telephone Operator Beautician Test Driver Football Player Successful Teacher Engineer Pool Player Farmer Engineer Nurse Secretary Chief Petty Officer ln Athlete Telephone Operator Secretary Secretary Engineer Housewife Engineer A Fat Teacher Eric's Wife Secretary Happy Nurse Housewife Sociologist Nurse Secretary Secretary Accountant Doctor Farmer Engineer Rich Accountant Farmer Sailor Secretary Secretary Librarian Navy USUALLY FOU N D with Sally with Arlene with Tim with Harry Talking to Sandra in Union Springs in his car yelling for talking! playing ping-pong with Bev with Janet with Grace in the cellar behind a book in Cayuga at Bev's with B. J. Loblaw's Palmer's Garage With one of the boys in school at home reading a book dragging working on the farm with Kay riding horses with Ken not home at PauIette's at Jerry's with Harry around playing ping pong with Bob home at parties rodding in Auburn with Nancy on the phone telling iokes with Stan with Janet in her car ramming around at parties arguing with Jane roddin' around with Glenda making out with Marcia in "Dutch" out at home with Janet reading FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh Horse! Hot Spit Well, you know what I mean Come on, let's go! You do and you clean it up! Hey Whip! Why don't chickens? Jop! Raunchy You're crazy! Oh, Pifflel I don't know nothing Oh, great! Hello Gourmets Raunch Heavens! But listen, honey Look out! "Oh!?" Oh, sugar Oh, Nuts! Duh- Oh yeah Ah- Aw Jeepers chip, chip, chip Holy Cow fl !'?"81S Rats I don't know Oh, stop that Oh, Yeah Aw feces Oh son of a Dutchman Well, no kidding Is it really Tha's nice Oh boy Beulah baby Golly In case you're interested You buzzard Well, I'll be Oh--- It affects me. Bull shoes Hey, Snap Think of that! "':'?J84,z For goodness sakesl Well- Give and take a little I don't know What'd you say? Oh, Fudge WHAT HE OR SHE LIKES Gene Arlene Wilma Harry Rock n' Roll Music Marcia Donna Joan, Navy, baseball Girls Horses Janet Grace girls David Doug Bill B. J. to go out Chevys food sports to keep busy to cause trouble Marilyn hunting and fishing Kay Queenie Kenny Marilyn Paulette, Navy Kids music, dancing, Harry food, rock and roll Luxembury Wine Bob Karen sports, pizza Eric, sports Roland to waste time red-heads Stan sports to have fun Morg and sports sports records and radios Jane hot rods and girls Glenda to make out pizza Sandy trouble food iitterbugging Chuck 29 SNILING PRETTY e 'A 1 Q ' I YY .ar-49' SZTTZHG PSRTf HGH FSHC! A Q, , ' im ri if Xu THE EIDWICHT GAY 51 3 km. -, 5 ...Lrg 1,-V 3Q 2 tw if h3v5iWwvgJQ ff2iE A CLEAN I , ' V ., If 35 5 ig? Qi , :g g in . ' a, 165 I K wk ' al '-11 , ' T .. r 1 EAPFY QIQTHQBY 1 D Gkg TMJ .5.,i..H.J .. CG QF MINE SLE VLACK JOE WV?Y'R? DGNH FOR . i f f"5f7'YZAf f 1,1 L ,J H 1-w rw- ar If J' -UDQA1 W, ,. 'ha .l JUST A LITTLE FUN f ii'3'3"I"j"'fj XT'fw N"T'f'1'Q' TJ I f"If'V51 T74 GY? ff, C153 9LIGifE QQQ Af U ww- ,,. W . ,, r ' , :., ,,-. .,. .- V .. . - .. . .- faf I? L I " -VW. ,MFE -fp , wsvw'rfWs?? 1 S 1 V 4 V , H . f 5 X -4 xx M4tzJN , ,WihM SU " EEL LV A M1 ll HLA w 1 'N WM +++s11raQ? .,i X 5 T,..,, 12,2 xx K AXIQDYQF Ragga? ' M H E 5 5 Is E H, E 41 2 K 5 32 GLIR JU IDR PRC Add an array of colors, The fresh smell of flowers, and The sound of a fine orchestra, and The sum is ThaT of our Junior Prom. Every corner of The gym was decoraTed To creaTe The effecT of an orienTal garden in all iTs beauTy and enchanT- menf. Much of This decoraTing was organized by John Fox, chairman of our Prom decoraTions. Diane Dundas and Roland Campbell were eIecTed queen and king. They saT upon a Throne ThaT Typifieol a Temple of The EasT. The Queen's CourT consisTed of PauleTTe ErhardT, Jane Jennings, Marilyn Kahler, Joan KuhTTa, Sandra McDonald, and Georgene Pinckney. Her aTTendanTs were CaThy Signor and Timmy Gardner. As MounT Fuji Towered over The room Tull of dancers, The Prom finally drew To an end. However, The warm glow of lanTerns and The Tinkling of chimes will long be remembered and ThaT evening of May 24, 1957. 33 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE In the summer ot '57, Jack Ludwick was sponsored by the American Field Ser- vice and Student Council as one of the 750 students to go abroad. He visited Luxembourg and made his home with the family ot Jean Reschard. His tvvo European brothers were Jean, seventeen, and Henri, twenty-one. We were amused to discover that in Luxembourg the girls and boys have separate schools. Also, their school lasts two years longer than ours, so it they should enter college in the United States, they are classed as Juniors. Luxem- bourg students indulge in tevver extracurricular activities than American students, and most ot their homework is memorized. No doubt, this has been a wonderful experience for Jack and one that vve hope will hold lasting memories for him. S NIOR PL FRONT ROW: Karen Perkins, Jane Jennings, Elaine McBride, Marcia Mosher, Gena D'Agostino, Sandra McDonald, Marilyn Kahler. SECOND ROW: Nancy Lawton, Claudia Jorgensen, Carol Bobbett, Janet Quinn, Carolyn Farrell, Beverly Avery, Sally Edwards, Joan Kuhtta, Diane Dundas. THIRD ROW: Roy Smith, Alec Davis, Jack Ludvvick, Harold Crane, Bob Sheldon, Ronald Derring, Charles Cuykendall, Paulette Erhardt, Dale Hallett. Absent-Georgene Pinckney. The Senior Play, "Panic on a Pullman," had rather an unusual setting, as it consisted ot three compartments in a Pullman car. Here mingled all types of people, including several college students and a couple ot teen-age youngsters who filled the leading roles in the play. A detective and tvvo convicts completed the mystery setting. Extra comedy was added to the production by the use of walk-ons and a lady conductor. We would like to thank those who took much ot the responsibility. We, the class ot 1958, thank you, Mr. Fordham, tor all your devoted time and ettort. C2459 1 A g X ' ' 1 JU IORS MR. VAZQLIE FRONT ROW: Barbara Hollatz, Cynthia Lavey, Glenda Davis, Tom Schermerhorn, Judy Palmer, Joyce Anthony, David Meyers, John Rindfliesch. SECOND ROW: Mr. Vazquez, Maxine Jorgensen, Carolyn Clark, Sherill Young, Charleen Ward, Kathy Fronce, Ray Walawender, Charles Minturn. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Stebbins, Joyce Verbeck, Joe Mulvey, Bill Ryan, Carlton Benham, Jack Lawrence, Angela Martino, Ned Brightman, Grace Tavener. FRONT ROW: Naoma Minde, Nancy Lytle, Shirley Tratt, George Minturn, Beverly Gove. SECOND ROW Mrs. Smith, Pat Roudabush, Grace Walters, Ann Tanner, Sharon Hamilton, Nancie Connor. THIRD ROW Jerry Bachta, John Carrnody, Claus Eggers, Frank Palaga, Elbert Lawrence, Bob Burnett, Bob Martens. JU IORS MRS. SMITH SOPHOMORES MR. SHOTWELL MISS RUSSELL Judy Clark, Patricia Lawrence, Shirley SECOND ROW: Miss Russell, Ann Wolfe, FIRST ROW: Sharon Webster, Janet Terpening, Sylvia Schmoke, Mary-Jane Yannoti, Judy Dygert, McBride, Mark Doty, Richard Bower, Elaine Osborne, Roger Walter, William Jones, Hollis Robbins, Horrriinghouse, Lee Carmody, Peter Kowal. THIRD ROW: Barbara Smith, Marilyn Scofield, Lois Karen Emery, Stewart Foster, Edward Hyland, Thomas Jctty, Paul Stryker, Charles Bunnell, Powers, Barbara Murray, Mariorie Campbell, Paula Smith. FOURTH ROW: Robb Newman, Tim Dave Dygert, Neal Wilson, Fred Gentile, Lester Day, Joe Quinn, Charles Bowman, Richard Harold Verbeck, James Healy. FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Kowal, Pat Roloson, Donna Brambley, Ralph Minturn, Penny Austin, Axton, Herbert Charles Wright, Michael Quinn, Roberts, Wilma Black. SECOND ROW: Mr. Eldred, Janice Wright, Judy Wells, Martin Davis, Geraldine Martino, Nancy Hares, Phyllis Campbell. THIRD ROW: William Walker, Ronnie Ray, Eugene Pine, Richard Scott, Bob Downing, Bernard Sweeney. SOPHOMORES R. ELDRED 'il me FRESHME MISS GREGG FIRST ROW: Bud Lawrence, William Patterson, Marilyn Roudabush, Richard Wheeler, Leonard Dox, Peggy Bussey. SECOND ROW: Miss Gregg, Eleanor Smith, Theresa Llewellyn, George Vantine, Sharon Warner, Shirley Probst, Sharon Walter, Cathy Tanner, Charlotte Rymph. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Casbohm, Audrey Cook, Nancy Schenck, Jack Burnett, Susan Lee, Herbert Graham, Larry Newman. FIRST ROW: Mable Sawyer, Marion Pesek, Nancy Walters. SECOND ROW: Judy Jetty, Catherine Shutter, Patricia Lawton, David Clark, John Worzbyt, Mitchell Meyer, Shirley Baier, Carol Gurba. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Tanner, Betsy Pratt, Sharon Graham, Patricia Ryan, David Pinckney, Robert Lytle, Louis Fritz, Ted Black, FOURTH ROW: Nelsa Hitchcock, David Roy, Harold Edrnuncls, Charles Seamans, Beatrice Benham, Theodore Simmons, John Schmoke, Leslie Grubb, Michelene Lavey. FRESHME MRS. TANNER wim:a r A , v f a-:f ,Q is - f-mf aimuzr .ff FRESHME R. CONNELL FIRST ROW: Charles Lawton, Gloria Alnutt, Margaret Simmons, Paula Dundas, Joyce Smith, Irene Quinn, Mary Lou Roy. SECOND ROW: Roger Jorgensen, Nicholas Moon, Helen McKeen, Frank Zentner Paul Kinney, Suzon Scofield, Edward Dann, Richard Evans. THIRD ROW: Roger Granger, Gary Whitehead Richard Langley, Lynne Perkins, Judy Ludwick, Roger Northrop, Lynne Coyle, Mr. Connell. FOURTH ROW Edward Tanner, Ronald Jones, David Wright, George Hopper, Glenn Francis, Jeffery Ward, Carl Pethybridge, Paul Henderson, Gary Delaney. FIRST ROW: Terrance Oliver, Sant Tata, James Maleski, Denis Wheeler, Leith Foster, Barbara DeSI'1ane. SECOND ROW: Theodore Jorgensen, Ronald Vantine, Patricia Cooper, Sandra Wilson, Shirley Granger, Barbara Scalon, Karen Hyland, William McLoud, THIRD ROW: Mary Lavey, Sandra Lee, Carol Derring, John Walker, Fred Hamilton, Virginia Barnhart, Elizabeth Patterson, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Jean Atkins, Bruce Bowman, David Conley, Anthony Drury, Allan Russell, Kent Pitcher, Charles DeGrotf, EIGHTH GRADE MRS. COLGA . ummmw:,ii1px.::w:amr x n-r--Q .i:r fc1:.:I4f.u: if Qsifa- ::'11'ir " - 455' "kkk - " ' R '- EIGHTH GRADE MR. CLIFFORD FIRST ROW: Joe Simmons, Mike Clark, Mike Moon, Ron Davis, Bill Thurston, Tom Jennings. SECOND ROW: Ann Newman, Shirley Blaisdell, Charles Amerman, Diane Kutta, Kathy Grubb, Nancy Watkins, Nancy Duckett, Bruce Graham, Mr. Cliftordf THIRD ROW: Barry Gould, Ron Rotunda, Bernard NlcKeen, Bill Speed, Martha Sproull, Alice Burwell, Elaine Pollard. FIRST ROW: Richard Collaton, Deanne Tavener, Louise Wright, Barbara Donovan, Betty Smith, Donald, Wright. SECOND ROW: Ann Bobbett, Sharon Pine, Terry Hurlbut, John Coapman, Archie Lowery, Roger Post, Audrey Winger, Theresa McQuay, Mr. Devereaux. THIRD ROW: Craig Bergerstock, Gerald Wells, James Forsythe, Gail Orchard, Charles Fletcher, James Smith, David McGee-ver, Robert Gable, James Clark. EIGHTH GR DE MR. DEVEREAUX SEVENTH GR DE MISS PLIRCELL FIRST ROW: Richard Tate, David Gauthier, Royal Howard, Robert Rymph, Laura Patterson. SECOND ROW: Linda Hares, John Healy, Roger Doty, Richard Mahalik, David Terpening, Leslie Granger, Carolyn Body, Gary Power, THIRD ROW: Miss Purcell, Charlene ford, Susan Powers, Claudia Erhardt, Sylvia Covert, Carol Watkins, Carol Walker, Judy Lawrence, Jerry Dauberman. FOURTH ROW: Charles Bell, Bill Patrick, Bill Jetty, Donna lntanger, Jim Quinn, Lynn Walter, Ted O'Hara, Neal Webster, James Phillips, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Fred Gardner, David Gelsi, Robert Yannotti, Diana Pine, June Winger, Wanda Smith, Linda Spinney, FIRST ROW: Robert Schmoke, Sandra Stamp, Ken Robenolt, Stuart Hoskins, Roger Fries, Peggy Mullally, Kay Downing, Tom Northrop, Judy Tratt. SECOND ROW: Jim Sproull, Tom Golden, Wayne Jones, Bob Reohr, Bob Cooper, Edward Tratt, Gary Sweeney, Don Lowery, THIRD ROW: Carl Amerrnan, Iska Graham, Karen Werbeach, Sharon Adams, Fred Delaney, Michael Costisick, Tom Dygert, Pat Goodrich, Gary Hart, Janet Jones, Bonnie Gulliver, Jean Hitchcock, Betsy Evans, Miss Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lee, Tom Connor, Bill Clark, Dick Anthony, Bruce-Watkins, Bob Minde, Jim Pearce, Jack Pearce, Betsielane Ward, Henry Green, Judy Platten. SEVENTH GR DE MISS JOHNSO T x S12 Kg: E A K xxtf up A, i ii, ya X :riff SQ jg Xia M 49 P :-f-1: Q f -T----I l""" if f J - li? Q f fi Mgorwdw f 9362-NL' X, .g '? ELEMENTARY FACULTY FRONT ROW: Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Connor,. Mrs. Brigden, Mrs. McMichael, Mrs. Robbins, Mr. Baer. BACK ROW: Mr. Slade, Mrs. Healy, Mrs. Pearcy, Mrs. Myers, Miss Hopkins, Miss Dersham, Mrs. Tyler, Mr. Finn, Mr. Fish. N An elementary school endeavors to en- rich skills and the mastery of subject matter, and also to develope personality and proper attitudes in each child. lt was my privilege to have taught one- fourth of the present senior class during my first year ot teaching at Union Springs. Now, seven years later, I wish to extend my congratulations and best wishes to each senior. My good wish for your success in the future. MALCOLM FISH QW? iii gre DE MR. SLADE FIRST ROW: Ann Waldron, .lane Owen, Joyce Ingalls, Bill Lowery, Kieth Lavey, SECOND ROW: Margaret Maleski, Lynn Staples, Janet Fox, Bob Bower, Yvonne Blaisdell, Allen Tanner, Mr. Slade. THIRD ROW: Frank Pray, Tom Dundas, Jackie Large, Paul Pickard, Dave Zalcielarz, Sue Fairbairn, Ron Hopkins, Kathy Middleton. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Wade, Kay Dashnau, Garry Barnes, Bob Dauberman, Dave Wright, Melinda Hawkins, Cheryl Seamens, Marilyn Post, Harold Smith, SIXTH GR FIRST ROW: Shirley Adams, Dorothy Walter, Sharon Fleury, Jennifer Jennings, Sharon Meyers, Jean Downing. SECOND ROW: Anne Tate, Alan Kelly, Steven Hall, Diane Kahn, Elaine Moon, Penelope Jorgen- sen. THIRD ROW: Larry Kane, Clara Pethybridge, Mariorie Axton, Sharon Walter, Linda Nisch, Eddie Butts, Daniel McLaughlin, James Salvage. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Fish, Robert Rucinho, Harold Taber, James Post, Bonnie Dygert, Karen Case, Penelope Campbell. SIXTH GRADE MR. Fl H SIXTH GRADE MR. BAER FIRST ROW: Paula Kane, Carol Kapcha, Phyllis Simmons, SECOND ROW: James Salls, James Smith, Carol Clark, Mary Johnson, Randolph Foster. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Reohr, Judy Ward, Paula Christensen, Charles Chappell, Stanley Walter, Karen Mullally, Betty Lou Thurston. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Graham, Keith Hitt, Linda Fritz, Franklyn Lyons, Larry Joyce, Bernice Jones, Richard Wright, Mr. Baer. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Sally Clark, Susan Oliver, Linda Pinckney, Shirley Allvvood, Gary Knolls. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Fox, Gregory Shutter, Barbara Young, Barbara Bussey, Allan Saxton, Linda Minde, Laurie Jacobs, James Baity. SECOND ROW: Linda Sheldon, David Denmen, Kathryn Martin, Joseph Ptaszek, Cheryl Pray, Marie Henderson, Marjorie Graham. THIRD ROW: Gary Connor, John Baity, Maureen Connell, Marion Gulliver, David Fox, Christine Walton, Diane Golden, Sandra Waldron. FOURTH ROW: Rodney Davis, Daniel Gardner, Robert Reiman, John Patrick, Margaret Clark, Linda Wells, Craig Christensen, Carl Whiftin, Mrs. Anthony. FIFTH GRADE MRS. ANTHO Y FIFTH GRADE MRS. MCMICHAEL FIRST ROW: Ronald Minturn, Rhondda Vazquez, Mary Bovven, James Carter, Irving Rancier, Claire Tanner. SECOND ROW: John Kuhtta, Harold Van Patten, Robert Covert, Richard Potter, David Hoskins, George Larkin, Lovvell Davis, Allen Webster, THIRD ROW: Jerry Bussey, Linda Gulliver, Donna Webb, Leona Van Horn, Thelma Graham, Ellen Orchard, Alan Philo, Linda Olson, Richard Shutters, Beatrice Alnutt, Mrs. McMichael. FOURTH ROW: Robert Villiers, Linda Schenck, Mary Clark, Kathleen Kapcha, Sharon Middleton, Thomas Walters, Linda Smith, Clifton Blaisdell, Joan Donovan. FIRST ROW: William Stamp, Margaret Butts, Richard Anthony, Julia Knapp, Linda Dauberman. SECOND ROW: Patricia Hall, Terry Webster, Sharon Burroughs, Charlene Taber, Deborah Avery, Peter Meyers, Beth Shotvvell. THIRD ROW: David Pierce, Eline Christensen, Monica Bratek, Stefanie Hecht, Robert Ward, Janet Reohr, Darby McBride, Ronald Bovver. FOURTH ROW: Kathryn Jarvis, Robert Healy, John Gentile, Barbara Osborne, John McKeen, Glenn Jorgensen, Dale Walter, Mrs. Barrett. FOURTH GR DE MRS. B RRETT Qr. i - Ili -7 - EPI. 1.4M--'M .1 Q, .,. F FOURTH GR DE MRS. ROBBINS FIRST ROW: Gail Neugent, Barbara Pesek, Gary Rickard, Rebecca Loomis. SECOND ROW: Edward Duckett, Patricia Mullally, Walter Christensen, Stanley Hoskins, Laura Cuylcendall. THIRD ROW: Paul Schenck, George Zakielarz, Marion Benham, Steven Scofield, Joanne Osborne. FOURTH ROW: Donald Slellf LaU"a WYckoff, Chester Hoffman, Layonne Benda, Cheryl Walter, Mrs. Robbins. FIRST ROW: Robert Graham, Joan Bussey, Martha Minturn, Peggy Burroughs, Jane Adams. SECOND ROW: Michael Kuhfta, Edwin Stark, David Nugent, Ellyn Shutter, Terry Lee Kelly, Michael Philo, Ronald Woodruff. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Connor, Virginia McClary, Edward Clark, Richard Pierce, Linda Post, Suzanne Villiers, Richard Casler, Mary Louise Lowery, FOURTH ROW: Ina Mae Hoffman, Bruno Kerschner, Thomas Jackson, Lizabeth Nedwetsky, Rita Bratels, Sandra Willauer, Nancy Paternalc. THIRD GR DE MRS. CONNOR ' P iw., SI , ,.. 'TI U. I il Q I 1 . , mio air- 1 THIRD GRADE MRS. BRIGDE FIRST ROW: Donald Woodruff, Robert Beyea, Elizabeth Avery, Barbara Baity, David Walowsky. SECOND ROW: William Cornell, Michael Hill, Robert Herriger, Erika Rindfleish, Margaret Vrooman, Gardner Frazier, THIRD ROW: Rosemary Martens, Undine Hollatz, Paul Pethybridge, Pauline Smith, Penelope Davis, Sherryl Oliver. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Brigden, Linda Ptaszek, David Paczkowski, John Whitehead, Carol Gulliver, Linda Morgan, Jane Lavey. FIRST ROW: Gloria Dauberman, Gerald Marquit, Bruce Bommersback, Shirley Duckett, Jacquelyn McElwain, Keith Pethybridge. SECOND ROW: Robert Smith, Norman Clark, Mary Ann Patrick, Nancy Morrissey, David Myers, Judith Jones. THIRD ROW: Joseph Kearney, George Pesek, Tena McClary, Robert Wood, Sharon Fleming, Donald DeGraff, Richard Cornell, Donald Pettit, William Walter, Robert Shumate, Robert Walter, David Ferguson, Mrs, Myers. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Catherine Becker, Richard Knepp, Marie Patten, Russell Hetrick. S CO D GRADE MRS. MYER SECOND GRADE MRS. HEALY FIRST ROW: Gerald Paczkowski, Evelyn Stotler. SECOND ROW: Nina Adams, Sharyn Scofield, Raymond Weaver, David Saxton, Brad Hitchcock, Neil Kane, William Neugent. THIRD ROW: Ellen Burroughs, John Hill, Katherine Fritz, William Davis, Gerald Dygert, Richard Myers, Karen Gaston. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Hess, Caryl Bilak, Eric Lynn, Mariorie Patrick, .Iefferey Peck, David Kapcha, Valerie Capoceflo, Mrs. Healy. FIRST ROW: Kathleen Connors, Linda Kahler, Kenneth Kapcha, Deborah Giltus, Sharon Pinckney, Emilie Wyckoff, Linda Lee Pettit. SECOND ROW: Beth Dougherty, Rose Wood, Cathleen Signor, Steven Adams, Kenneth Hall, Thomas Stamp, William Waldron, Nedra Flinn, Donald Graham, Paul Saxton, William Hecht, Erma McCIary, Robert Minturn, Kenneth Fox, Elizabeth Loomis. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Davis, Bonnie Walter, Carol Post, Thomas Shutter. FIRST GRADE MRS. D VIS ef Q' ,A FIR T GRADE MISS HOPKINS FIRST ROW: Laurie Wilson, Alan Avery, Edward Dowling, Charles Butts, Michael Vazquez. SECOND ROW: Gertrude Nedwetsky, Philip Wilson, Lorraine Reiman, Timothy Gardner, John Becker, Jacqueline Shutter, Sandra Baker, Michael Davis, Marsha Hall. THIRD ROW: Richard Vrooman, David Schenck, Paula Benda, David Ingalls, George Wood, Brenda Weaver, Sharon Hoffman, Teresa Stotler, Lester Walter, James Bussey, Michael Dowling, Thomas Oliver, Miss 'Hopkins. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Thomas Lee, Rodney Wheeler, Diane Larkin, Donna Paczkovvski, FIRST ROW: Arthur Wood, Ginger Raymond, Michael Wilson, June Dauberman. SECOND ROW: Jean Whaley, James Jorgensen, Charles McBride, Gerald Dudek, Ralph Rigby, Kenneth Post, Theresa Pinckney. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Bilak, Marcia Hitchcock, Barbara Walter, Michael Becker, Leonard Large, Joan Burtless, Ralph Wright, Priscilla George. FOURTH ROW: Robert Jordan, Stephen Nedwetzky, David Whitehead, Judy Peck, Rick Pittinger, Kathleen Finckney, Michael Tanner, William Smith, Mrs. Tyler. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Betty Jean Blaisdell, Cathleen Burtless, Linda Minturn, John Colvin, Dennis Graham. KI DERGARTE MRS. TYLER .yztgih .kwa ph ge KI DERGARTE MRS. PEARCY STANDING: Jackie Wilson, Terry Shutter, Wanda Stark, John Jorgensen, Eloise Skillett, Jeanne Hall, Karen Philo, Karson Schlappi, Mrs. Pearcy, William Taber, Daniel Dougherty, Linda Baity, Linda Avreduti, Cynthia Gaston, Barbara Sheldon. FIRST TABLE: Gary Duckett, Dennis Walowsky, Darlene Fritz, Carole McElwain, Jean Burtless, Terry Pettit, Richard Kahler, Robert Pratt. SECOND TABLE: Veronica Knapp, Deborah Potter, Debra Dygert, Paul Cuddy, Barbara Kearney, Jere Jacobs. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Larry Hess, Boyd Knepp, Audie Wallace, Delores Pagano, Signe Shutter. FIRST ROW: Daniel Salato, Charles Moore, Tommy Moon, Laura Lawton, Matthew Casler, Deborah Grubb, Linda Lowe. SECOND ROW: Vicki Clark, Irene Lyons, Paul Pine, Cynthia Walczyk, Loyd Ritord, Susan Power, Linda Clark. THIRD ROW: Natalie Piels, Diane Watkins, Deborah Cuff, Linda Alexander, Timmy Quill, Virginia Potter, David Atwater, Stanley Burlingame, Barbara Rosier. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Chapin, Wendy Schwarz, Mary Jean Pearce, Jimmy Schrnelzle, Mary Jane Simmons, David Crane, Anne Hayes, Mrs. Pratt. DERGARTEN CAYLIGA MRS. PRATT :ErH lfMllilms a.fgfsn!la4sL27f2i'wHfz ' zg1 s.i !l. 21ll.ii3 ,1.: :imma CAYLIGA Wheat wee K School Center Street School CAYUGA FACULTY FIRST ROW: Mrs. Worzbyt, Mrs. Clark, Miss Stansfield, Mrs. Hewey, Mrs. Ure. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Sevier, Mr. Forclham, Mrs. Muldoon, Mrs. Tanner. MR. FORDHAM ln the Terminology of today's quiz show-you, the Senior Class of '58 have now reached your second "plateau," The first one found you finishing Elemen- tary School, the second finishing High School. It is to be hoped that ensuing "plateaus" can be achieved with the same success that you have had before. May continuing achievement and stellar success be with you always. Congratulations on this-your first giant step into the future. DONALD H. FORDHAM 55 IXTH GRADE MRS. MULDOO FIRST ROW: Scott Coapman, Walter Stevenson, Ronald Casbohm, Michelle Waldron, Philip Patterson. SECOND ROW: Lillian Hollenbeck, Phillip Brambley, Karen Lawton, Lawrence Drown, William Luther, Sharon Lawton, Richard Newman. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Muldoon, Barry Cummings, Mary Pine, Linda Terpening, Patricia Gansz, Sharon Allhusen, Ann Mulvey, Sandra Drury, Donald Puryear. FOURTH ROW: Frederic Patterson, Meta Riester, Thomas Zentner, Duane Hopkins, John Snyder, Glen Hopper, David Chapin, Sharon O'Connor, Carole Schmoke. FIRST ROW: Charlene Lawton, Connie Powers, Richard Robinson, William Walters, Mildred Walter, Linda Dann, Edmund Adamus. SECOND ROW: William Fustin, Frank Walters, Sally Wright, Mary Fronce, Darlene Burnett, Lynda Rosekrans, Richard Walters. THIRD ROW: Nancy Traver, David Gould, Ronald Pethybridge, Bill Crolick, Mary Ringwood, Cheryl Rancier, Gary Worzbyt, William Lawrence. FOURTH ROW: Cregg Ford, Carl Lenton, Sally Bowman, Robert Laird, Susan Chappell, Lee Ann Lashbrook, William Robenolt, Patsy Schmelze, Mr. Fordham, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: David Bacon, William Lawton. FIFTH GRADE MR. FORDHAM 'Pi -' '25 K ,,:a.:!a1L, ,,:,.,4..JQ,if..ae'El.L,A.i.:: ,.,g..:ais5gg FOURTH GRADE MRS. URE FIRST ROW: Carolyn Meyer, June Salato, Lawrence Hopkins, Michael Jones, John Costick, Becky Rancier. SECOND ROW: Linda Roudabush, Connie Ryan, Patty Bell, Sandra Clark, Fred Bergerstock, Peter Pine. THIRD ROW: Sandra Hares, Jean Lashbrook, Nancy Granger, Sharon Zentner, Terry Fleury, Kathy Scanlon, Lloyd O'Hara. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Bench, Richard Burch, Kenneth Hitt, Kristine Emmett, Stephen Case, Terry Crane, Julia Campbell, Mrs, Ure. FIRST ROW: Joseph Puryear, Elizabeth Kufhta, Alice Lyons. SECOND ROW: John Mundt, Ruth Northrop, Kathleen Funke, James Shernesky, Pasquale Tata, Timothy Marquit, THIRD ROW: Wanda Hares, Peter Mulvey, Peter MacDonald, Catherine Thurston, Boyd Foster, Richard Rymph, Harriett Walter, Miss Stansfield. FOURTH ROW: William Crane, Duane Groesbeck, Carole Rosekrans, Marvin Hopper, Burton Watkins, Margaret McAvinney, James Bell, FOURTH GRADE M SS STANSFIELD THIRD GRADE MRS. SEVIER FIRST ROW: Gene Grubb, Billy Dougherty, Charlene Verstreate, Marian Aldrich. SECOND ROW: Linda Rymph, Donald Fleury, Mary Ryan, Robert Laxton, Sooki Riford, Linda Wicks, THIRD ROW: Eddie Fletcher, Harry Hopkins, Donald Alnutt, Lynette Martin, Paul Tavener, Joseph Bell, Joanne Panek. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Barden, Michael Bilak, David Bowman, Lorraine Whipple, Paul Fleming, Kenneth Fergueson, Margaret Doty, Mrs. Sevier. ABSENT: Robert Coapman, Glen Larkin, Lorraine Rider, Peter Avveduti. FIRST ROW: Betty Lou Lawton, Billy MacDonald, Robert Howard, Jane Grubb, Mort Hollenbeck, Dennis Roy. SECOND ROW: James Wright, Donald Clark, Harry Slywka, Donald Wayne, Robert Allwood, Cheryl Willis. THIRD ROW: Robert Miller, Nancy Snyder, Christine Burtless, Lynn Treat, Mary Potter, Jill Staples, James Dowling. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Clark, Donna Allhusen, Norma Carter, Betty Lenton, Karen Costisick, Sara McQuay, Patricia Waldron, Paul Shuler. THIRD GRADE MRS. CLARK 'a.::wff a-an-1-11m.L.J::.w:- s:,1m..W-71-sw: -N M'-1,-We . 1 mu. -. ..-in . 1-M-w - SECOND GRADE MRS. WORZBYT BACK ROW: Mary Aldrich, Paul Smith, Patricia Fleszar, Gary Wright, George Marsh. MIDDLE ROW: Kathleen Carter, David Granger, John Desmond, Leonard Rosekrans, Linda Mix, Kathleen Walczyk. FRONT ROW: Linda Laxton, Susan Sanders, Michael Casler, Fern Walters, Sharon Rotunda, David Moon, ABSENT: Cathleen McAvinney, John Rider, Noreen Larkin, FIRST ROW: Margaret Ryan, Terry Lavvton, Penny Groesbeck, Mrs. Tanner, Patricia Bennett. SECOND ROW: Deborah Fleury, Ronnie Godkin, Mary Ann Burlingame, James Lashbrook, Gail Fronce, Paula Tata. THIRD ROW: William Slywka, Bertha Grubb, David Whipple, David Wayne, Jama Denman, Edward Allwood. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Blaisdell, William Clark, Donald Robinson, Linda Watkins, Donald Watkins, Beverly Nisch. SECO DGRADE MRS. ANNER FIRST GRADE MRS. WOLFE FIRST ROW: Susan Miller, Raymond Lowe, Robert Dowling, Laura Hurlbutt, Brenda Horr, Mrs. Wolfe, Roberta Hawkins, Deborah Mundt, Brenda Bench, Jennie Hopkins, Barbara Middleton, Kathleen Freed. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Allwood, David Desmond, Steven Gelsi, Donna Haggett, William Mix, David Witchey, Penelope Williams, Lorna Rosekrans, Elaine Foster, Michael Pethybridge, Gary Granger, Gerald Hares, Bartholomew Quill, David Bower. ABSENT: Susan Coapman. FIRST ROW: John Tata, Betsy Bennett, David Funke, Diane Cuff, Peter Hoskins, Tommy Sanders. SECOND ROW: Gary Shernesky, Rhonda Rancier, Michael Cutello, Sharon Salvage, Linda Ciulla, Phillip Wright. THIRD ROW: Timmy Rancier, Patty Llewelyn, Kirk Hares, Sherry Robenolt, Tommy Whipple, Francis Emmi, Amy Traver. FOURTH ROW: Rolland Clark, Bernard Riester, Sharon Salls, Patty Allwood, John Gauthier, Christina Case, Janet Hoskins, Miss Hewey. FIRST GRADE MRS. HE EY 'U -Q 'O' 5306606 JW GUXD ANCE Mr. Kane, our guidance counseror, has herped ing future security. the seniors Hn achkev LEFT TO Rl GHT' Mrs ' ' Con nor, Mrs. Forsyghel Mrs Path b ' Y ridg GFFICE STAFF e, Mr, glack' M' . ass Pefhybndgel our SCho . ol nurse, ,S checkin h 9 er medical records. Miss Ro bbins and Mrs. Jump cleaning Nancy CIark's teeih. DE TAL HYGIENIST V ZO-ZC Z-'7U'UV5 V10 JPQC-4390 O' -lb AFETERIA STAFFS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Mosher, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Nickles, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Smith. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Drown KNEELING: Mr. Hitt, Mr. Myers, Mr. Lowery. BACK ROW: Mr. Large, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Treeleven, Mr. Marz, Mr. Benda, Mr. Northrope. Our bus drivers are really the backbone of all our activities. They're always on call night and day, to take the boys and girls to ball games, band trips, and Sports play-days. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Walters, Head mechanic, William Conrad, Assistant mechanic. Here are the men who are"'behind the scenes." They always have the buses ready when we need them. LEFT TO RIGHT: James Forsyihe, Ron Rotunda, Mr. Wafham, Mr. Boomer. LEFT TO RIGHT: BOH Martens, Claus Egger-SI Harold C I ., :,,,,,,,,.,,:M rane, Mr, MC W! .ml 0 f it .-,, 1-lose: V ' if r y Q Bride, Harold Baity. emma ' I'-V,-Fiigf Y THI Q mn If' I Q ' 'I' Q of-",':',.....,fM5'....Fr :NWS W :W T, . ,. . K- in ,mm F Iwo fITf"'M "2fT'3'1Q'.Z."-m'uiv'SH!"""' "'L'I-'Hun an .,,ag,uagna51H- . agua!!! Z1":w, SLM imwo' ' F ' Sussman ":uF""'5'3": . ' I ' M A mi ,Q ow -' I .f V 'i , LEFT TO RIGHTS Eric VBI'1BU5k"'kf E R D II T I - : I -I L Frank Palaga, Bob Martens, Duck .. I I -.ff -- K ' f'?g"f" -I :Mr V 3 fy- 5-- V beck Harold Bait . , , -I I El' , Y -- I L.,L ,, ,V n., I? F.. A-.. ,.. M mv M. , ,, I , ffl, ' V . . In A ART L SHOP 66 4 8 I -,gfwigra-. 4,mm,,iu.I.:.,4,, Mr. Chapin and Mr. Walter Paulette Erhardt and Claudia Jorgensen LIBRARY STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT Betsy Evans, Connie York, Jean Hltchcock Janet Jones, Ann Wolfe, Susan Powers, Jane Jennings, Beatrice Benharn, Nancy Hares Shirley Probst, Sherlll Young, Claudia Erhardt Carol Walker, Kay Ward, Judy Platten SEATED: Mrs. Boomer. A- X XXX S NXN x I , 29 ' GQIUXCS :L X H , Jfffgw - A 5: . ew . 1 4 .J y Q i ,f'f' fy ' Q ! is I I 57 X-.1 SENIOR B FIRST ROW: M. Scofield, J. Gans, L. Perkins, R. Evans, S. Tata, N. Moon, A, Wolfe, L. Wright, K. Emery, A. Newman. SECOND ROW: A. Martino, S. Scofield, S. Lee, G, Francis, J. Fox, C. Bowman, G. Tavener, M. Campbell, P. Campbell, J. Jetty, Mr, Klock. THIRD ROW: L. Dox, R. Bower, T. Jetty, A. Davis, R. Ray, W. Jetty, P. Gans, J, Terpening, S. Schmoke, G. Davis. FOURTH ROW: G, Pinckney, B. Benham, H. Robbins, K. Shutter, R. Hawkins, J. Ward, J. Walker, R. Smith, N. Schenck, R. Derring, J. Smith, B. Pratt, L. Davis, L. Walter, J. Kuhfta. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: N. Shook, M. Yannotti, M. Lee, M. Moon, K. Downing, A. Bennett, B. McBride, C. Seamons, B. Bowman, N, Murdock, R. Jones, N. Wilson, M. D'Agostino, R. Sheldon, J. Murray. The Union Springs Central School Band, under the direction of Mr. Klock, had a successful T957 Summer season. We participated in eight parades, marching with four fire departments in our district. We won a trophy and about S65 in prize money during the season. We gave a band concert for the September meeting of the P.T.A. at Union Springs and participated in the Christmas program. At the present time we are working on music for our Cayuga County Music Festival and the State Contest in May. Our band this year numbers 55, the largest Senior Band we have had at Union Springs. TERMEDL TE BAN Kuhfra J Spknney, L., FJRST ROW: Connor, G., Cnnstensen, C. SECOND ROW. Fosier, R., Moon, NL, , ., Kapcha, K., If-Mnusen, S., Large, J., Lee, NL, Pkaszek, J., Lowery, W. THJRD ROW: Hosklns, S., HKU, K., Pknckney, D., Rotunda, R., Ward, B., Forsythe, J., Can'IpbeN, P., Fox, J., Terpening, L., Howard, R., Mr. FInn. FOURTH ROW: Ohver, T., CarnpbeJJ, P., PerRIns, L., Wnght, L., Minde, R., Martino, R., Powers, S., De Jetty, W., Newman, R. NOT PICTURED1 Mlnde, J., Dorernus, NL, Minmrn, R., Bowman, S. BEGINNING BAN FIRST ROW: vIIIIeIS R SECQND ROW. . ' 'I Bo M. Conn 'NJlI'1TUrn Wman 5 ' V or, IR., O I -I Joy NJcBrIde, D G-I MF. Finn' SbOrneI J., DOVSQQ I--I Cuykend C -I Pe k THIRD nm all L Onnell, M., Fleur Q BN Loomis R Shutrg-I '16 Patfersog P" CEGPSHBI K., Man. 3 ' -I orfh ' ' URTH ' 'I Fox, ' " al' ner, 'UI CW S . mp' T-I Kahn, B. Nogixfg SCOfieId, E" Sichmokef RP"TzfOwn, L., Helsgf L. , 'I Svensen W Ver, N M, SOn, ' 'I WII ht " mde, L, U RED. Seamansl C 9 . I S.I Gelsir D. 72 i THE FRO TENAC ISLA D YORKERS CLUB FIRST ROW: Robert Reohr, Ann Bobbett, Barbara Scanlon, Ann Newman, Michael Moon, Sandra Stamp, Roger Fries, David Gauthier, Donald Lowery. SECOND ROW: John Healy, Fred Delaney, John Coapman, Carol Derring, Theresa McQuay, Susan Powers, Nancy Duckett, Barbara Donovan, Terry Hurlbutt, Neal Webster, Michael Clark, Leith Foster, Mr. Eldred. The Frontenac Island Yorkers were led this year by Mike Moon, Vice President was Ann Newman, Secretary was Barbara Scanlon and Ann Bobbett was the Treasurer. The annual Almanac was published by a committee led by Barbara Scanlon and Susan Lee. John Coapman was in charge of a group which wrote local history articles as a feature for the Central New York Archeological Bulletin. Oral History from older persons in the community came closer to publication through the efforts of a committee led by Carol Derring. After many delays and changes the Slide Committee led by Mike Clark had the local history TV show about ready for production in the Spring. Ann Newman's Social Committee planned the Christmas Party, Andy Jackson Party and the Spring Picnic. The club went sightseeing historically to Fort Ontario, the Corning Glass Works, and Granger Homestead. They also attended the Jamboree at Phoenix and the State Convention at Rochester. GEWAUGA YORKER CLUB FIRST ROW: Richard Evans, Margery Campbell, Ricky Bower, Marion Pesek, Susan Lee. SECOND ROW: Larry Newman, Mr. Eldred, Sylvia Schmoke. Gewauga Yorker Club, made up of students in the 9th and lOth grades, was busy on proiects which brought them in contact with other schools. The Junior Department of State Committee had charge of an effort to start other Yorker History Clubs in other schools of our size in the county. Before Christmas the club held an antique show with historical items that members brought from home. The club again established reciprocal relations with other clubs to tracle information on the history of different areas. Officers this year were, Margery Campbell, President, Larry Newman, Vice President, Susan Lee, Secretary, Marion Pesek, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Hazel Knapp, Joyce Anthony, Charleen Ward, Arlene Bennett, Angela Martino, Geraldine Martino, Sharon Walters, Mrs. Finn, Pauline Grubb. The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of teen-agers study- ing homemaking in iunior and senior high schools of the United States and territories. F.H.A. helps teen-agers plan and carry out activities relating to the care of the future homes of America. Any pupil in junior or senior high school who is taking or has taken a home- making course may become a member. There are now 8,876 chapters and approxi- mately 385,75O members. Although started in 1944, F.H.A. clubs have already made a hit with young moderns. Our members have the opportunity of going to spring and fall rallies. The different chapters in one county meet together and discuss different homemaking problems. A speaker of interest to these students is often featured. This year we are especially privileged to be able to send four delegates instead of the usual two to the state convention in Syracuse. Our purposes are: l. To promote a growing appreciation of the ioys and satisfactions of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. President ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,,..., A RLENE BENNETT Vice President ,,,,,, .......,.. C HARLENE WARD Secretary ,,,,,, ,,..... . ANGELA MARTINO Treasurer ,,,, ...,..... .l OYCE ANTHONY SEATED: Leslie Grubb, Steve Thruston, Albert Lawrence, Gary Thruston, Tim Campbell .lack Lawrence Charles Minturn, Bob Burnett, Carl Pethybridge. STANDING: Mr, Gavet, Roger Granger Kenneth Cashbond, Robert Lytle, Bob Downing, Dave Dygert, Harold Verbeck, Dick Langley Mark Dotty Ralph Minturn, William Patterson, Mr. Shotwell. The F.F.A. is made up ot junior and senior high school boys who are interested in farming. The main proiect for the year was selling Christmas trees. President ,,,,,,,,,,, Vice President Secretary ..,,,,,,, Treasurer ,,.,,, Reporter ,,,, Sentinel ,,,,,, Advisor ,,,,..TIM CAMPBELL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,HAROLD BAITY HGARY THURSTON ,,.,,.,,sDlCK TALBOT JERRY JORGENSEN ,JACK LAWRENCE ,,,....MR. SHOTWELL l 76 i LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Kahler, Marion Saxton, Pat Gans, Roland Campbell, Ed Wade, Richard Dann James Eaton, Mr. McBride. TR FFIC CQLIRT When six hours behind the wheel and thirty hours in classes have been completed in the driver education class, an examination is given. If it is satisfactorily done, a blue card is issued, giving seventeen year olds the right to apply for a senior license. At the end of the twenty week period, a group of six persons is elected from this former class. This group tries minor cases of traffic infringements and recommends penalties. Thus, traffic on the school grounds is observed and taken into consideration. TLIDE T COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Judy Tratt, Donald Lowery, Roy Smith, Margery Campbell, Robb Newman, Carolyn Body. SECOND ROW: Pat Cooper, Cathy Tanner, Barry Gould, Pat Roudabush, Dave Clark, Mr. Vazquez. THIRD ROW: Elaine Osborne, Jim Stebbins, Glenn Francis, John Fox, Joe Mulvey, Nancy Schenck, Louise Wright. The Student Council at Union Springs this year has held two maior money-making proiects for our Foreign Student Funcl. These were a skating party and a record dance. In May ot last year we held our annual presidential election. By the use of petitions, distributed among our student body, Beverly McBride was elected Student Council President for '57-'58. In September of this school year, we completed our slate of otticers by electing Roy Smith, vice president, Margery Campbell, secre- tary, Robb Newman, treasurer, and Sandra McDonald, correspond- ing secretary. SENIOR CHORUS FRONT ROW: Sharon Walters, Eleanor Smith, Karen Perkins, Dave Myers, Paula Dundas, Nancy Lawton, Cathy Shutters, John Rindfleisch. SECOND ROW: Pauline Grubb, Marilyn Scofield, Susan Tyler, Barbara Hollatz, Nancy Hares, Larry Newman, Phyliss Campbell, Marion Saxton, Kay Ward, Grace Walters, Joan Kuhfta, Carol Gurba, Sylvia Schmoke. THIRD ROW: Ned Brightman, Alec Davis, Kathy Fronce, Tom Jetty, Jane Jennings, Barbara Murray, Grace Tavener, Sherrill Young, Nancy Schenck, Beulah Pethybridge, Audrey Painter, Margery Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Bob Sheldon, Dick Hawkins, Ronald Derring, Judy Osborne, Angelo Martino, Neal Wilson, Marcia Mosher, Joyce Verbeck, Janet Quinn, Charles Cuykendall, Carolyn Farrell. At piano, Joyce Gans. Director Miss Dersham. The Senior Chorus is a group of Senior High School students selected for their ability and interest shown in music and who enjoy singing. We take pride in our organization and worked long and hard to give the fine performance we did at the P.T.A. Christmas program. A great deal of credit goes to our capable director, Miss Dershem, who spends much time and effort in rehearsing and directing us. Plans are now being executed in anticipation of the annual Cayuga County festival to be held in Cato. Our next trip will take us to Ithaca where we will compete with other schools for State Honors. If present plans materialize we will be presenting a concert at U.S.C.S. in the spring. We are looking forward to a successful and most enioyable year of singing together. 'HU FRONT ROW: Bob Sheldon, Ron Deering, Ned Brightman, Roy Smith, Jim Eaton, Alec Davis, Dick Dann, Charles Cuykendall, Charles Bovvman, Ron Jones, Roland Campbell, Mr. Klock, SECOND ROW: Richard Bovvers, Neal Wilson, Tom Jetty, John Rindtleisch, Dave Myers. Joyce Gans, accompanist. Under the congenial direction of Mr. Earle Klock, the Male Chorus ot Union Springs Central School is in its second year, Meeting tvvice a vveek, this organization gives the male students of our school a chance to stretch their vocal chords and to enioy the friendly atmosphere ot a relaxed group. The boys have the privilege ot singing the music that they like and the hours of rehearsal are truly enioyable ones. The desire to sing and to have fun is the only requirement tor becoming a memloer of the male chorus. Joyce Gans and Lois Wright deserve praise tor their vvork as accompanists. JU IOR HIGH ORLI FRONT ROW: Laura Patterson, Barbara DeShane, Margaret Mullally, Leith Foster, Linda Hares, Judy Lawrence, Ann Newman. SECOND ROW: Michael Moon, Barbara Donovan, Mary Lee, Judy Platten, Michael Clark, Betty Smith, Miss Dersham. THIRD ROW: Patricia Cooper, Sandra Wilson, Janet Jones, Mary Lavey, Betsy Patterson, Nancy Duckett, Diane Kuthta, Karen Hyland. FOURTH ROW: Theresa McQuay, Claudia Erhardt, Carol Derring, Martha Sproull, William Jetty, Ann Bobbett. Af Piano, Barbara Scanlon, and Sandra Lee, The Junior Chorus represents the highest achievements of our junior high students in the vocal department. Members are chosen for their interest and ability in chord singing. The annual Parent Teacher's Christmas program was the first in which the group performed. At the moment, the chorus is rehearsing for the Cayuga County Festival. AJORETTE 4 LULUK UUHKU FIRST ROW Jane Jennings Judy Tratt, Patricia Copper. SECOND ROW: Cathy Shutters, Mary Lou Roy Karen Hyland THIRD ROW Georgene Pinckney, Beatrice Benham, Sharon Walter, Joan Kuftha. There are approximately eight parades during the summer in which the color guards and maiorettes participate. The tlag and gun bearers begin the formation, with the "high- stepping" maiorettes next. Baton twirling is taught to children in grades three through twelve. From this group, the maiorettes and color guards are chosen. Each girl must have good co-ordination and marching ability. ln working toward prize money and trophies, the color guard and maiorettes add much pep and color to the band. Susan Powers and Mr. Klock FRONT ROW: Pat Gans, Karen Perkins, Carol Bobbett, Janet Quinn, Marion Saxton, Diane Dundas Joyce Gans. BACK ROW: Mr. Chappell, Roy Smith, John Fox, Judy Osborne, Carolyn Farrell. YE RBOOK STAFF lt has been the duty of everyone on the staff to assemble and arrange the material for this yearbook, so that it reaches the publisher and can be presented to you on time. The yearbook staff hopes that it has created a book that you can be both satisfied with and proud of. Under the guidance of Mr. Chappell, we' have been educated in the unfamiliar methods of preparing a yearbook for publication. It is an expensive, laborious, and time consuming task, but the result of all this is more than gratifying. This gratification is experienced by the Sports Editor, who reads his stories in print for the very first time, by the Art Editor, who views his designs and drawings on each page, and by the Editor-in-Chief, who sees the product of her management bound together in a book. This is our reward. Co-Editors in Chief JOYCE GANS and PAT GANS Art Editor , E aa,ccccc, JOHN FOX Assistant ,,,, ,JUDY OSBORNE Advertising Manager aa,a,, CAROLYN FARRELL Circulation Manager ,, , MARlON SAXTON Sports Editors up E ,u,c , ,E JANET QUINN ROY SMITH Literary Editor , so uc,, ,,,,, D IANE DUNDA5 School Life and Activities Editor S EKAREN PERKINS Typist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C AROL BOBBETT '31 ,Mr 5' w ff lk if flu' vivid i , 2 QQ .- mii 5? 1 W I sm, f L Y S L , Q 3 L I0 "N f -3 - Y 9 M 4 I X- ' 2 Z FIRST ROW: Richie Salato, Don Wright, Managers. SECOND ROW: Dick Talbot, Bill Ryan, John Fox, Dick Dann, Dick Mahalik, George Minturn, Fred Gentile, Bob Burnett. THIRD ROW: Coach Mulligan, Bob Joyce, Bill Baity, Harry Crane, Roy Smith, Jerry Jorgensen, Mike Fitzgerald. The football team had what we considered a very successful season. It was probably the most even season ever played at U.S.C.S. as the team won two, lost two and tied two games. Composed mostly of seniors, the team tried very hard and exhibited a great deal of improvement over last year's team. A better record was hampered due to illness and injuries to key players. The highlight game of the year was a 25-i9 loss to the undefeated league winners, Port Byron. ln this game Union Springs rose to its greatest heights and played aggressive, tough and unyielding foot- ball. U.S.C.S. was finally downed in the closing minutes. lt was a hard, tough game and a hard one to lose, but proved beyond a doubt that the team had made great strides over last year in deter- mination and execution of the game of football. Out- standing in the line all year on offense and defense was John Fox. Other teams found it hard to run down the middle with the ever mobile Fox ready to nail their ball carriers before they could get started. Other seniors who contributed greatly to the cause of football this year were Harry Crane, Jerry Jor- gensen, Bob Joyce, Roy Smith, Mike Fitzgerald. Dick Dann filled in very well as center and Dick Mahalik was a strong blocker and good field general. To the juniors we hope they have as much fun as we did and will carry on the winning spirit of the team. 86 Union Springs Union Springs Union Springs Union Springs Union Springs Union Springs 'VARSlTY FOOTBALL Savannah - -------.-.--l9 Port Byron Cato 7 Weedsport Moravia 0 Hannibal - RO YL V.O FRONT ROW: Glenn Francis, Dick Middleton, Roger Granger, Ed Hyland, Ralph Minturn, Ed Dann, Bill Patterson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Clifford, Robb Newman, David Dygert, Dick Roberts, Marty Davis, Ron Ray, Roger Walters. The J.V. Football team ended its season with a 3-3 record. The Flu took its toll to the extent of forcing three games to be played in one week. The team was com- posed of: Larry Newman, Carl Pethybridge, Bill Baity, Ralph Minturn, Bob Burnett, Ed Hyland, Marty Davis, Robb Newman, Glenn Francis, Roger Granger, Harold Ver- beck, George Hopper, Roger Walters, Dick Roberts, Herbert McBride, Dave Dygert, John Stamp, Bill Patterson, Paul Kenney. RECORD: 3 Wins-3 Losses U. S. ..... ...... 8 ' U. S. ,.... s...,A...... 6 Moravia ,.c... ...... U. S. ..... ....s. 3 2 Hannibal ......c ........ l 2 U, S, ,..,, ..,..,.,. 9 Port Byron ..... .....,c, l 6 U, S. ,.... ......,.. 2 6 Weedsport .... A........ 4 l U, S, ,..,. .,.s., l 2 Hannibal .... .... - Moravia ..... ...... l 4 195 ,,,, 7 CROSS COU TRY TEAM FIRST ROW: Jack Worzbyt, Tom Schermerhorn, Ted Jorgensen, Manager Alex Davis, Jack Burnett. SECOND ROW: Nick Moon, Roger Jorgensen, Paul Henderson, Dave Clark, Charles Reif, Dale Hallett. THIRD ROW: Charles Foster, Bud Lawrence, Jeff Ward, Carlton Benham, Bob Smith, Roland Campbell, Jack Ludwick. The U.S.S.C. Cross Country Team was a team of some powerful runners. Heading the field was Tim Campbell. Although a senior and participating for the first year as a hill and dale man, Tim was consistently an outstanding athlete. Among the Freshmen, was a stellar runner, Jack Burnett. Jack took first place at a special freshman meet and received the C-C Frosh Trophy as best frosh runner. The years activities included a Freshman meet which the boys won, and two practice meets in which the boys did well. The original schedule was not followed because of the Flu outbreak. However no mention of the Cross Country team could be made without naming Roland Campbell. Roland contributed greatly to an excellent team by his leadership, sportsmanship and citizenship. This can readily be testified to, by the following scoreboard of winners of the annual Cross Country Trophy, which was again awarded to Roland this year. 1954 Roland Campbell 1955 Robert Smith 1956 Roland Campbell 1957 Roland Campbell . - - Ms.-.W if FIRST ROW: Mr. McBride, Roger Walters, Charles Minturn. SECOND ROW: David Meyers, Nick Moon Ralph Minturn, John Rindtleisch, Bob Downing, Bob Lytle, Larry Newman. WRESTLI C5 The 1957-58 Wrestling Squad was a little larger than last year's squad. Mr. McBride coached the squad. Larry Newman and John Rindtleisch managed for their first and third years respectively. The squad went to Windsor for the Christ- mas Vacation Tournament and had three practice matches with Auburn during the season. On March lst the squad went to Greene for the Class B Wrestling Sectionals. The squad members are Captain, George Nlinturn, Ralph Minturn, Roger Walters, Bob Lytle, Bob Downing, Dick Verbeck, John Stamp, Joe Lavey, Nick Moon, Larry Newman, Bruce Simmons, and John Rindtleisch. According to "Collier's Magazine," wrestling is well on the way to becoming high school's number one sport. We hope that more ot the school's seventy some eligible boys will ioin the Wrestling Squad for its seventh season next year. Next year, boys, let's support the Wrestling Squad. Wi. ,,...-W avgv gulf' n Harold Sf Stebbin Fox, Jim lm Talbot, Jo b Smith, Dick Bo Eaton, im J ith, Sm Roy pbell, H1 Ca : Bill Ryan, Roland ht NT ROW, left to rig FRO VARSITY BASKETBALL 195 7- I 958 This year the Union Springs Varsity Basketball team had a very successful season. For the second year in a row it won the Cayuga County League Championship by posting a 12-O record in league play. ln addition to this the team for the second time in three years also won the County playoffs by defeating Weedsport in the semi-final and Savannah in the final. Overall the team had a record of 16 wins and 3 losses. The team was composed mostly of Seniors, with Roland Campbell, Jerry Jorgen- sen, Roy Smith, Harold Crane, and Dick Mahalik, bearing the brunt of the attack. Mike Fitzgerald showed up very well in the playoffs and pulled the team out twice when points were needed. Roland Campbell, who earned the distinction of being on the County All-Star Team, was high scorer for the season with 241 points while Roy Smith was second with 191 points. lt was a well balanced aggressive team that exhibited plenty of team play and spirit. The team went on to the Section IV Tournament at Cortland and was defeated in the quarter finals by Marathon Central School by a score of 50 to 46. For the season this fine senior aggregation scored 1,058 points to a total of 777 for their opponents. On offense they averaged 55.67 points per game and allowed their opponents 40.81 points per game. It is hoped that the teams in the future will try to duplicate this fine record as well as the fine spirit, sportsmanship, and team play exhibited by this fine, predom- inantly senior aggregation. SCHEDULE U. S. ...... ......... 5 1 Moravia 29 U. S. ...... ......... 6 1 Genoa ........ . .... 36 U. S. ...... ....,.... 6 1 Savannah ,,,. .,.. , ,, 32 U. S. ...... ......... 5 2 Cato ............ ..... , 42 U. S. .,.... ......... 5 5 Port Byron . ............. 42 U. S. ..,,.. .,... , 53 Trumansburg . ,,,.. .. .. ,. 42 fChristmas Tournamentj U. S. ,..... ......... 5 3 Groton ...................... . .... 62 U. S. ....,. ......... 5 6 Mt. Carmel .................. . ..... 41 U. S. ...... ......... 5 3 Weedsport ..... .. . . 41 U. S. ...... ......... 5 O Solvay ........ ....... . 51 U. S. ...,.. ....,,... 4 8 King Ferry ..... ...... . . 46 U. S. ...,.. .....,... 6 4 Cato ............ ........ 3 9 U. S. ...... ...... 8 4 Sherwood .... ........ 5 O U. S. ..... ...... 4 O Moravia ......... ......... 1 9 U. S. .,,... ......... 6 9 Port Byron ....... ....... 4 3 U. S. ...... ......... 5 5 Weedsport ......................... 48 U. S. ...-,. ..,...... 4 4 Weedsport .................. L -. 37 CCounty Play Offs? U. S. ....,. ......... 3 8 Savannah ................. ........ . 29 U, S. ...,-, ......... 4 6 Marathon ....................... .... 5 O lSectionalsD FIRST ROW: Roger Jorgensen, Herb McBride, Jack Burnett, Robb Newman, Bill Jones, Dave Clark. SECOND ROW: Carl Pethybridge, Jeff Ward, Joe Quinn, Fred Gentile, Tim Quinn, Mr, Deveraux. JU IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The .l.V.'s started out poorly by winning only one of the first six games. The main Trouble was mostly a lack of scrap and hustle. All of a sudden they perlced up at mid-year and began to get a little fight in them. From then on it was a different story. They came on fast and won five of the last six games to end with a 6-6 league record and just miss the playoffs by one-half game. Captain Bill Jones was the most consistent scorer and did a fine iob of ball handling. Bill Ryan came along to spark the team with his hustle, rebounding, and scoring. Tim Quinn, Jack Burnett, Carl Pethybridge, and Jeff Ward came along fast at the end and turned in good rebounding and defensive ball games. Robb Newman and Roger Jorgensen, though they didn't score much, helped the team with their fine ball handling and hustling defensive play. All things accounted for, they showed some good potential for future years when the cubs become the Varsity Wolverines. FRONT ROW: Donald Lowery, Leslie Granger, Mike Moon, Gary Sweeney. SECOND ROW: John Coapman James Maleski, Ron Mahalik, John Healy. THIRD ROW: Donald Wrighf, William McLoud, Bill Speed Jack Pierce, Ted O'l-lara, Mr. Clifford. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Fred Gardner, Richard Salato. J.J. . BASKETB LL This year's Team ended The season wiTh a 11-2 record CMoravia game cancelledf snow conditionsl. The sevenTh grade placed Three sTarTers on The Tirsf Team and other sevenTh graders showed very greaT improvemenT before The season finished. Players were: EighTh gradefDick SalaTo, Bruce Bowman, MarTy D'AgosTino, Jim Maleslci, John Coapman, Bill McLoud, Tony Drury, Mike Moon, Ted Jorgensen, SevenTh gradefJim Pierce, Ted O'l-lara, Jack Pierce, Ron Mahalik, Jim Healy, Don Lowery, Fred Gardner, Gary Sweeney. Record U. S. 27 King Ferry ... .. 26 U. S. i8 Savannah . 33 U. S. 24 Sherwood .. .... . 26 U. S. 27 Weedspori 22 U. S. 20 PorT Byron ..... l 8 U. S. T5 Genoa .... . . T3 FRONT ROW: David Clark, John Rindfleisch. SECOND ROW: Don Simpson, Tim Quinn, Paul Stryker, Dale Chisamore, Charles Bunnell, Roger Walters, Mr. Connell. Third row: Dale Hallett, Jack Ludwick, John Fox, Mike Fitzgerald, Marty Jones, Duane Babbitt, Dick Moon, Ken Rouse, Jim Wayne, Bob Sheldon, Eric VanBuskirk, Fred Gentile. i957 TRACK TE Probably one of the greatest memories a high school boy can have is being a member of a team like the T957 Track Team. ln T957 the team made a perfect score in the county league. Sparked by such men as Jerry Jorgensen and Dick Moon, who often had perfect scores, the team had a successful season. Paced by such men as John Fox, Mike Fitzgerald, Duane Babbitt, Marty Jones, Dave Stryker, and others, the team rolled on to the county meet and won fifteen ribbons. Outstanding freshmen on the team were Fred Gentile and Roger Walters. At awards day Captain Ken Rouse presented the county trophy to the school and the team was further honored when Jerry Jorgensen, assistant captain, was selected as a league all-star. The U.S.C.S. Track Team members will deserve the title of "star." This is their goal, representing the ultimate in sportsmanship, effort, and achievement. The team now holds two sectional records, five county records, and many individual awards. With the close of one season and the advent of another at hand, the team looks forward to stellar victory and success. Leaders in scoring were: Duane Babbitt ,,,.. 117.25 Marty Jones ...,,,,.. N225 Dick Moon ....,..,..,., ..45.5 Mike Fitzgerald ,,,..,,. 22 Jerry Jorgensen ........ 44 Ken Rouse ., .....c..,., 19.25 John Fox . ........,. 27 Paul Stryker ,.s...v... O19 Points are given on the basis of 5 points for first place 3 points for second place i point for third place FIRST ROW: Doug Marsh, Don Chisamore, Bob Burnett, Harold Verbeck, Bill Jones, Joe Mulvey, Robb Newman, Jim Eaton, Richard Scott. SECOND ROW: Jim Stebbins, Roy Smith, Bob Joyce, Harry Crane, Roland Campbell, Dick Talbot, Dick Mahalik, Dick Dann, Coach Mulligan. l957 ASEB LL TEAM The Union Springs High School baseball team experienced one of its best seasons in many years. The team finished with a tremendous 8-l record, which was good enough to end up in second place in the league. The team was composed of just Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. Leading the team was the stellar pitching of Roland Campbell, Roy Smith, and Harry Crane, along with the booming bats of Campbell, Crane, Smith, Don Chisamore, Dick Mahalik and Dick Talbot. Due credit must be given Bob Joyce, a reliable catcher, Jim Eaton, a capable outfielder, and Dick Talbot, who filled in at many positions. The highlight of the season was the championship game with the powerful Port Byron Nine. U. S. down by one run in the last inning, started a desperate rally. With two men on base and two men out, Jim Eaton hit a tremendous blast towards the distant left-field fence, but through the great efforts of a Port Byron outfielder, the sure hit was turned into just another out, closing out U.S.C.S.'s chance for the County Championship. Although the team lost 3 to 2, the boys fought hard and were commended by Mr. Smith, who gave the team a well deserved trophy. In addition to our great year, U.S.C.S. was well represented in the All-Star game at Cooperstown. Roland Campbell, a great all-round athlete, carried the colors for old U.S. Roland did a tremendous iob and showed his versatility as he pitched, played left field, and shortstop. He achieved the ultimate in success at the plate as he hit a home run far over the 315 foot sign in left field. lt was the first home run Mr. Mulligan had ever seen a high school student hit at Cooperstown. VARSITY CHEERLE DERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Kahler, Claudia Jorgensen, Paulette Earhardt, Georgene Pinckney, Judy Osborne, Ann Tanner, Glenda Davis, Maxine Jorgensen. ln the fall, the girls who wanted to try out for cheerleading, came down to practice any activity period they had free. Just before we had the final tryouts, we elected the teachers whom we wanted for iudges, they were Mrs. O'Connor, Mr. Mulligan, Mr. Tanner, Miss Russell and Mr. Devereaux. The following girls were chosen to cheer for the fellows: Maxine Jorgensen, Glenda Davis, Beverly McBride, Georgene Pinckney, Paulette Erhardt, Marilyn Kahler, and Claudia Jor- gensen. Ann Tanner was chosen as an alternate because of the close competition. This was all done by a point system. The girls attended the cheerleading banquet at the Auburn lnn where they discussed the rules and regulations of cheering. The girls wore gray slacks and white sweaters during football season, and for the basketball season they got new princess style uniforms. They have worked on the familiar cheers to master them, and have tried a few new ones they made up themselves. Marilyn Kahler and Claudia Jorgensen went to the Cheerleading Clinic in Syracuse where they saw Lawrence Herkimer, a professional cheerleader from Texas. At this clinic he showed the girls the effectiveness of cheering. Q ,,, 29 ' HEERLEA9 FIRST ROW: Marilyn Scofield, Elaine Osborne. SECOND ROW: Susan Lee, Beatrice Benham, Sylvia Schmoke, Mary Lou Roy, Lee Carmody, THIRD ROW: Wilma Black, Cathy Shutters, JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS In the tall these girls were chosen the same as the Varsity Cheerleaders, with the same iudges and point system to tollow. During tootball season, they wore slacks and sweatshirts. For basketball they also had new uniforms, which were made up of a short full purple skirt and weskit, with a long sleeved white blouse. The following girls were chosen as cheerleaders: Lee Carmody, Wilma Black, Sylvia Schmoke, Mary Lou Roy, Beatrice Benham, Marilyn Scofield, and Cathy Shutters. Susie Lee was chosen as an alternate. The alternate is to take the place ot anyone that is ineligible to complete the season because ot marks. They all went to the cheerleading banquet at the Auburn Inn. Marilyn Scofield and Cathy Shutters attended the clinic in Syracuse, also. Most of the cheerleaders are new and they have made tremendous progress this year. G.A.A. CFFICER LEFT TO RlGHT: Glenda Davis, Maxine Jorgensen, Patricia Cooper, Georgene Pinclmey, Judith Tratf. The purpose of The girl's aThleTic associaiion is To give every girl an equal opporiunily To parficipale in a variety of recreaiional acfivilies regardless of her ability. fftacj ALL- GlRLSf HOCKEY h Shutters Sylvia Schmoke, l da Davis FRONT ROW: Janet Terpening, Marilyn"Kahler, Nancy Tanner, Caty , Marion Pesek. SECOND ROW: Miss Whissel, Marilyn Roudabush, Patricia Roudabush, Gen , Maxine Jorgensen, Claudia Jorgensen, Phyllis Campbell, Paula Dundas, THIRD ROW: Margery Campbell, Geraldine Martino, Jane Jennings, Judy Osborne, Joyce Gans, Susan Lee, Beulah Pethybridge. ALL-STAR HOCKEY School opened! A few weeks later the girls began to limber up their muscles and prepare for the coming season. After several weeks ot scrimmage and learning the techniques ot driving, dribbling, and lunging, Coach O'Connor announced the names ot those who had made the team. Even when the winter came too early, the girls were seen out on the field playing their final game. l "Short Corner," "Dribble down the field," "Into the Cageufand so go the J all-star hockey girls-onward to victory! rw' WST R GMS, Asicieta das, Maflon Paula Dun . 11-HRD . 3 fgensefh L dwtclt. Georgene Pinclcnetlf ilxziiltz .lrjargensem ggilriceu Benham- 1 er W'lma Black, Sandra mill?-llilln Tanner, itil l-Siinnf Judy Osborn W1 ' d a ' , FlRSTk RQECOND ROW:J iljnjgnnmgsl Joyce Gans Pese ' . Whtssel, 3 ROW: Miss Again This year a girls' all-star basketball team was organized. Mrs. O'Connor selected those girls from ninth Through twelfth grades whom she believed showed The ability, coordination, and interest to become a member of such a Team. All the girls worked hard together enabling them to increase their athletic ability and gain better sportsmanship. On January thirty-first the girls played the faculty and with much competition came out on top with a 25-23 victory. Other than playing between themselves, this was the only game that the girls played. The girls each earned tive points toward their athletic awards tor their work on the all-star team. LL-STAR VOLLEYB LL FIRST ROW: Susan Lee, Judy Ludwick, Glenda Davis, Claudia Jorgensen, Beverly McBride. SECOND ROW: Judy Osborne, Janef Quinn, Joyce Gans, Maxine Jorgensen, Mrs. O'Connor. Because iT was so early in The season a volleyball all-sTar Team had noT yet been chosen. The girls picTured above were selecTed To represent The school in a playday aT Moravia, March TwenTy-second. AT This playday a new sysTem of play was Tried. lnsTead of school Teams compeTing againsT each oTher, color Teams were selecTed wiTh girls of differem' schools playing TogeTher. The winning color Team played againsT The Women Physical Education Teachers To climax The end of The CounTy Playday. QQ. ff. gg? X0 9 1'-f", ' 3- Q- f f' " 4' o , 'Z'-'I' PD 6' ef ffff V QQ 41, gloo JP f, f , , Qing PP M. LQARBEP- 0 Pr 1 7 3 2 ob-V5 U L.. ,569 Q5 Ao - 4 "'6'2".' an ff' v Jfts A 570300 fp, 40,54 7 0 Q Oo, .P Q pf og!" 'O o '90 1' -1 - 1 V 1 f A xxx- P , J: ' H ff ie' ' I03 1 ounf-4 Y -'yn mm A Nl- l N 5 'iii-T-J A n ix A+ L,i- . H - cel. 1, x ,",1,. ff? M! M: Bum - ff A a V AA D T: :X W 64'-yrlv X 5 -:Q W N mi Lu ! I -'A ff' W4 I Wi+h Congra+ula+ions and Besf Wishes 'I'o +he Class of I'-758 BEACON FEEDS AND BEACON SERVICE Developed Through 38 Years of Research and Farm Tes1'ing THE BAG WITH THE STARS , . 4 X' -rr 4- 4 -Y T 4 QencUN fgff' 49 Q 1 ,f FEEDS 4 1 "' If -Ar nt 4 4 BEACON THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY, INC., CAYUGA, N. Y. YORK, PA. LAUREL, DEL. EASTPORT, N. Y. THE BEACON MILLING CCMPANY CAYUGA, NEW YORK YORK, PA. LAUREL, DEL. EASTPORT, N. Y. BROADWAY, VA. 41 Com plimenfs of JOBSON'S GARAGE Union Springs, New York AUTOMOBILE PAINTING Complimenfs of WOLFE COAL YARD Blue Coal and Oil Union Springs Phone 7-2245 CompIimen'I's of HOWARD BROS. APPLIANCES 3I E. Genesee S+. 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NEW YORK Dial 2-9938 CongraI'uIaI'ions Io Ihe CIass,of '58 ROY A. TUTTLE King Ferry, N. Y. Complefe Line of Farm Machinery NEW HOLLAND, COCKSHUTT OLIVER, FERGUSON, DELAVAL Phone - Poplar Ridge 2452 CompIimenI's of CAYUGA EQUIPMENT co., INC. Farm and IndusI'riaI Equipmeni' SOUTH STREET ROAD AUBURN, NEW YORK Tel. 377I2 FORDSON MAJOR DIESEL 111, , if XX fffdfmmmf a ff I nuns uma WORK-MOREPRUDUCTION mmiqug mm FORD TRACTORS AND DEARBDRN FARM EDUIPMENT PARTS AND SERVICE CAYUGA EQUIPMENT CU., INC. FARM I INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SOUTH ST. ROAD AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenls of DR. N. L. WOCDFORD JENKINS LABCRATCRIES, INC. I7-I9 Wall Sfre 'I' AUBURN NEW YORK Le'I' Me Help You Wifh Your CompIimen+s of Insurance Problems P- 8' C' AUTO - FIRE - LIFE FOOD MARKET, INC. Seminary S+. Auburn, N. Y W. P. SCHERMERHORN Courfesy of CompIeI'e Insurance Service Phone Auburn 2-7040 . Sou+h S+. Rd.-Near Fleming Seminary S+. Auburn' N. Y. L SYOKEY'S TAVERN L B unc eslaaug Slpigialayeverages I I SYSTEM SHOP AUBURN, rl? We Also Cafer +o Clambakes Office Supplies-Priniing Founfain Pens-Pencils Gold Sfamping 34-36 Sfafe S+. Auburn, N. Y. Phone 3-942I Bes+ Wishes +o +he Class of I958 MARTLEW MARKET Auburn, N. Y. VINCES azz.: fame O INC . HENDERSON 8: LATHR P, . Auburn, New York AND TRAILER CAMP Clark S+ree+ Road Auburn, New Y0rIK Complimenis of BOB SCHRAMN BARBER SHOP Gasoline-Heaiing Oils Accessories GEORGE BROS. ACME "QUALITY" PAINT R. D. No. I SouI'h S+. Rd. LESTER E. BREW LESTER E. BREW, JR. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 3-6293 AUBURN, N. Y. 48 Soufh S+. Auburn, N. Y. Dial 2-534i Complimenfs of PAINT HEADQUARTERS s. M. RIDLEY, Prop. Wallpa er, Pain'I', Varnish. Vene'Iian Bnnds, Window Shades. BOB NOLAN'S SPORTING GOODS . "We SeI' Ihe PicI'ure Framing Pace in Spodsil Phone 2-9593 Phone 2-I72I 48 Genesee STree'I' Genesee Sfreef Auburn, New York AUBURN' NEW YORK CLYDE C. LOWERY Grade "A" Pasieurizecl Milk and Cream Guernsey Homogenizecl Milk Fresh Eggs CoHage Cheese PHONE 7-2I I3 UNION SPRINGS. NEW YORK BEN F. LONG INSURANCE 8: REAL ESTATE Phone 7-763I Union Springs New York The Li'r'rIes+ S Treafs You Besi' a+ SCHRECK BROS. I4-I4If -le E THE POWDER PUF FLORENCE FANTACONE. A ' h P uburns Leading Beaui Wh F Prop. Y S OPPQ ere' Price and Qualify revail Specia is'I's in Permanenf Waving AUBURN.. ,fefsee I Soufh Sfreef Phone 2-OI7 Complimenis of Com HOIVIICICS MEN'S SHOP Clofh' Ing, Shoes, Furnishings Formal Wear Renfed O pen Evenings I59 S+a+e S+. Auburn. N- ADOLF C. HUSS SI'ocIcs-Bonds-MuI'uaI Funds 3 I4 Aub. Sav. Bnlr. Bldg. AUBURN. N. Y. BEE-LINE SERVICE I Wheel Alignmeni and Balance Frames and Wheels S'I'raigh'Iened 2 Seminary Ave. AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 2-283I RONDINA FURNITURE CO. 56-64 S'IaIe SI. Auburn, N. Y. I23-I25 Main SI. Y. plimenfs of GASTO N FLYING QA" seavlce Union Springs, New Yorlc Veedol I0-30 FI ' 's ying HAH Mofor Oil ' Tires Complimenfs of S. B. FERRY'S Complimenfs of GARUCCIO'S MEAT MARKET CompIimen+s of CLARKE FLORIST 27I Clark Sfreef AUBURN, N. Y. Flowers for AII Occasions Por'I' Byron A Complefe Line of FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS and G. E. APPLIANCES 55 FINGER LAKES OFFICE MACHINE CO. T ypewrifers-Adding Machines ash Regisfers-Dicfaiion Equipmeni' Chairs-Desks-Files C Ph. 2-I I76 GIB. BROWN Wafer Sfreef Auburn, N .Y. GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORA T "BesI' Wishes 'Io I'I1e Class of '58" for a BrigI1'I' Fufure GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Qualify Molded PIas'ric Producls Eleclro-Mechanical Assemblies A GOOD PLACE TO WORK! ION HERRICK US HERRICK'S DINER Besr Wishes +o +I1e Class of '58 From Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Herrick 99-IOI Grani' Ave. Auburn, N. Y. ED CARS HERRICK DINER CompIimen+s of AU BU RN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. COCA-COLA ROYAL "76" PALM FLAVORS FRED H. GARDNER General Insurance 7 Cenier S+. UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. TeI. 7-7483 Complimenfs of DICK'S DEN Complimenfs of DANIEL 8: STONE 3l-39 Garden S+ree+ Auburn, New York DODGE-PLYMOUTH DODGE-RATED TRUCKS Your School Jeweler L. G. BALFOUR CO. Leiand Lee AI Horrocks STREVY'S TYPEWRITER STORE Royal Sfandard, EIeci'ric and Porfables Sales--Ren+aIs-Repairs Louis Dworghak Exchange S+. Auburn, N. Y. THE H. R. WAIT CO.. INC. C I. "Try Wai+'s Firs+" omplmems 77 Genesee Sheer of AUBURN, NEW YORK A FRIEND Complimefm AUBURN OFFICE SUPPLY of and WILBUR VISUAL SERVICE, INC. EQUIPMENT COMPANY School Supplies and Equipmenf . D. N . I h TvPewri+erS AIiiburn, N. Taiiiygciyne Sold-Renied-Repaired MRS. MARY A. HOXIE Regisfered Spencer Corsefiere Individually Designed SPENCER Foundaiions and Brassieres A 7-9 EXCHANGE ST. Auburn, N. Y. A. T. "GUS" PINE Complimenfs of BLUE MOON CO. I39 CIark SI'reeI' Auburn, New York Phone 2-I3II CompIimenI's of AUBURN PLASTICS, INC. Auburn, New York CompIimen+s of WEBSTER POULTRY FARM Auburn, New York AUBURN ARMATURE CO. ELECTRICAL POWER EQUIPMENT MOTORS GENERATORS VENTILATING EQUIPMENT Phone 3-5388 29I Gran+ Avenue Auburn, New York COU RTESY MOTORS I76 Clark Sfreei' AUBURN, NEW YORK AUBURN MACHINE 81 TOOL I5 Wadsworih S+ree'I' Auburn, New York Complimenfs of TOP O' THE HILL Beau'I'y Salon Doris SchmeIzIe Blanchard Rd., Cayuga CompIimen+s 'I'o Class of '58 CUSTOM CLEANER 8: TAILORS 60 Nor+h Division Sfreef or 203 S+aI'e S1'ree'I' Auburn, New York nBeS+ of Luck.. Complimenfs of P- M- BRYAN BETTY eEAN's STUDIOS Op'I'ome'IrisI' Local Phofographer CompIimen'Is of MA VEN FOODS, INC. Union Springs CompIimen+s of A FRIEND DELOS L. HOSKINS J. I. CASE FARM IMPLEMENTS HUDSON AND RAMBLER AUTOMOBILES Clark S+ree+ Road Rou+e 5 and 20 CompIimen'Is of W. W. PATTERSON Cen+raI Freighi' Phone GR. 744686 Congra+uIa+ions Io +he Class of '58 THE NATIONAL BANK OF AUBURN MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BRANCH AT LOCKE, N. Y. ROBERT D. WALDR.ON Manifou Lane CAYUGA, N. Y. Phone 2-553I Complimenls of RICHARD AND DONOHUE, INC. Your School Life Photographer WEBSTER. NEW YORK Besl Wishes JOHN BUCHKO, Builder Specializing in STEEL AND WOOD KITCHENS THOMAS HALE Aulhorizecl Dis'lribu'l'or Equipped for Au'rh. Service CARBURETOR Specialized Aulomolive Paris and Service 26 Genesee S+. Auburn, N. Y Phone 3-538l Phone 2-I936 2-l906 Complimenls of WHEAT BROS. I7 Collage Slreel' MORAVIA NEW YORK Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of CompIimen+s of CAYUGA OLIVER FRED WHITEHEAD HAROLD PINCKNEY R. F. D. No. I Auburn New York BEARDSLEY and BEARDSLEY CompIimen+s of COOPERATIVE FARM CREDIT AUBURN N- Y- ASSOCIATIONS OF AUBURN, NEW YORK Bes+ Luck and Good Wishes 'Io +I1e Graduaiing Class G. L. F. PETROLEUM PLANT YORK STREET AUBURN NEW YORK HUNTER DINERANT Auburn, New York II Lincoln S+. Auburn, New York Bee Line CompIe+e Frame and Collision Fronf End Service Aligning Auro PAINTING Phone 2-564I Complimen+s of SAVINGS AN D LOAN ASSOCIATION of AUBURN, NEW YORK CompIimenI's of AUBURN TRUST CO. MARINE MIDLAND BANK Auburn, N. Y. Por+ Byron, N. Y MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SAMUEL SCHWARTZ. SONS. INC. Iron and S'reeI-Nonferrous Mefals 23 Perrine SI'reeI' AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 3-6205 DRANCSAK'S MARKET 86 N. Division S'I'reeI' Auburn, New York Complimenfs of CASTELLI'S MARINA FooI' of Basin S'I'reeI' UNION SPRINGS. N. Y. CompIimen+s of DON'S BEAUTY SHOP CompIimen+s of CITY FUEL CO.. INC. Complimenfs of A FRIEND Mill. -2- SAVINGS BANK Ss 55. Under the Town Clock-GENESEE AT SOUTH MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION In Appreciation We would like to say "Thank You" to all the people who appear on these pages, without whose help this issue of FRON- TENAC would never have been. The Yearbook Staff Union Springs Central School Union Springs, N. Y. LITHOGRAPHED BY IA' Lon PUBLISHING co. 'ji 'V",V' 5 DALLAS o TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE

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