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 - Class of 1957

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sw Q R533 ?5 Wm.. W... A .. ff'-VA ffiiafw s W' L1 1 QQ f H, ., S., iff, .Q ' F ' N fn , ..'A M112 ' f'1"!..3 .. ,- .gf 1 I 'rf as X Q-4 .- F -AK . 1" 545.1- Q s. 'li THE FRCNTENAC I957 I 20 QCC65 X O X , PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF I957 UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHGOL UNIQN SPRINGS, NEW YCRK THE FRC X I i LINIQN SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOGL JTENAC ' uNloN SPRINGS NEW YQRK T TAB LE 0 F c ONTENTS 1 CS Q, X 'AO 'Zh GXXO age 'Pa em fb. C age 'NBC Casa es ages 9 'O 0X XJ XX6 Sc e ages OS xl SAO 55 ' 'sau is 0 .....,...........,.-Vf-'--,------ WSE 611 5 'ow ,,,..,,,..,,,...,,........,.....f----,,--- W, S W 5 CX S5 S Avdrn'H'V,,"dV--,',,,,',,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Q gbes M, bb A ,,,,..,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,...,,,,,.... Q S SA. 55 0 Xie ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,. Q S 'VL P,Qg,fxgx 5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,...,..,,.,....,. Q S '51, SQ xs ,....,.,......,...,.--V-----f----f---'------ Y M exix' sg, .....V.-f-,---f------f---'-----f Y I 'Ea FOREWOR D U UWIIIIIIIIII4MUHIN X geo vlxitq oo xog xo sooX XQYXC ooo YUXQO oo sdooo ose 6056 eCaXX xo Xoaoome esle 'ooo ooo xo xeqoego os as fa oo Qoxo-25 XVAN 'oo eoe we s'oe.XX oesl es 'sox ek oox oooX oox ea60ooXL e ion goo o Goss ea vPosCo xsx aXX oX Qoego Xoese xoovl we xo xeseot Xomgoxs oo ooxsxooox X oo go Q v4oX fmego iowa soqo X X efoxsb owl es eoeoce om X951 N210 'KGS Xs Q. e oo xoioxe sXc 'oox X 'oe xo wg X o 'oar S1 60 mee eseol e X4 ss 'ooo oo c. A s 'ooo ost-16 xo Soo ecoi e gem o XooXk X 11 X eo eoeoc oo x a ooo ei oo 0 'I Yo'oXxca ev esioe ess goo o Q1 XX Xxoo Xeosoie Xoxoogo x ox ooX oo ox X 'Co COW ' 1 ss' X oX X00 QX woo xox go A eo ' ssw' xo X' os oiexo eqooe.kJX q ' s e oo A .xl 1 . QE S A vJeX 'xo sg .Yi-I ' ox, 1, Q vag- Q X eo XX ' ' a 'g, e sole ez Q' o 'og QYXX X i.'X S INC' e- XX ax Q o' to fa s. ' ' o ' 'axogk o X cX Q' e,e. ex . go 'X ' Q a X 'xo Wg, x 'Lo sg vlfo 'o easxo C. I 63 xAAAh L N0 X MX Swv xx Wx OM N N L.. hh . Qt- -g,,..g.g.:. V . . .f .... ,O '.' 'I-.'w'2g- .-, .' ..l,-. . 0 ,. ...., . r . ,'.'.',-.- ' .-993 :fg.'.'.-.-3. '. ,Ou .5.-.5.:.j,:g:j.1,:,.- x .'3-','4'.',,.. ,' 1, S -'- 12' ,-.-3. A . , J., ,A ,.'.,.,.,.., 0 X- A .'.'f'.' I .'-'.'.' 3, '. 'JJ .- -.-'.'.'.'.-.f,- b .'g',! U - 9' 'QR' .D . .4 '.-.5-. .Q -u 9, l, ..-.-. ,. y J. -,,.'.'.' , ,',5.'.0 .'. , ' 9 4, ,:,f,'.4.5 -,.-,o'. '-ff!'.'.-2 -' g.",-'. , 1.3-g.:-2. .2 v. ,-. ,'....,',f,.'- I... 4.1.3 .. . . . .. .. ... .. -5' . .-xg. . , if-gf. ,us '13 ,h . 1.4, gi, V ,.j,-,:,-- -.3 6.1, 4 , 'ff 9' ,'.'. 10,12 .',. - .-, .fi ' g . . 4 .6- I o 4 - Q. I? s. .', . ., . E a S .'.s---.'...x,-.-. s. .'.- --.-w ....4,. nu...-,-U. -.-, -an-n-0'--.-.,--. .-.....o, -uv.-U... .f ...-a-.nu-......--.f.'--- --.-.-.-..--Q-..'..'.,.-.f.-.....--. ...u-,.,.,--,.,,.. ,.....,-.xp-, ,,.-. Here "The Board of Education" is be-ing put to good use by Mr. Moon. Guess who the victim is? BOARD GF EDLICATICN Yu Mr. A. C. Mathews Mr, Lawerence Gould Mr. Harvey Smith is Mr. john Reohr, jr. Mr. Paul Newman Dr. N. L. Wfoodford ADMINISTRATION ANDREW J, SMITH ,.,,,, ,,.,,,,.,..,.......,,,,,,.,..............,.... S upervising Principal of the District RICHARD J. MOON ..,..,,.,,...... Assistant Principal and Supervisor of Secondary Education RAYMOND W. CHISAMORE .................................... Elementary Principal and Supervisor FACULTY ARCOLA BOOMER ......................................... :Library HAROLD BOOMER ............................ Industrial Artsg Director of Adult Education DONALD CLIFFORD ................ Citizenship Education ELEANOR COLGAN .................... Science, Mathematics JOHN CONNELL ........ ................................. S cience THOMAS ELDRED ...... .......... C itizenship Education, English NELSON GAMMANS ................ Citizenship Education FRED GARDNER ....................,......... Business Subjects VIRGINIA GREGG ......................,..................... English CATHERINE HOCKEBORN ................. t..Mathematics LAURA JOHNSON ................................ English, Latin JANE KIMBROUGH ........................ Home Economics HAZEL NORTHRIDGE ................ Secretarial Subjects AGNES PURCELL ........... ALLEN SHOTWELL ....... ....Mathematics .....,............Agriculture IDA J. SMITH .................. ENID A. TANNER ......... FRANK VAZQUEZ ................. FLORA ANDREWS .......... .,............,..,.French, Health ,..Citizenship Education .......,......Physical Education B. COMAN CHAPPELL ...........................,,............... Art JOSEPH FINN ................... MARJORIE JUMP ......,.... ERWIN KANE ................ HAROLD MCBRIDE ....... .......,...alnstrumental Music ,....Dental Hygienist .........................Guldance .........Driver Education, Physical Education ROBERT MULLIGAN .................... Physical Education RUTH MYRICK .........,..........,.....,......... Speech Therapy BEULAH PETHYBRIDGE BETTY PILGRIM ............... HAZEL RHOADES ........... ELEMENTARY Cayuga Division ROSEMARY PRATT ..... NELLIE HEWEY ........... BESSIE TANNER ................. AUDREY WORZBYT ......... JANET CLARK EDITH SEVIER ............. ETHEL URE ............................ .........Attendance Supervisor Music ......,..Kindergarten Grade 1 .........Grade 2 .........Grade 2 Grade 3 .Grade 5 EUNICE ANTHONY DONALD FORDAM, DORIS MULDOON .................................. IRENE CAMPBELL ......... ANN TYLER ................. LOUISE PEARCY ......... MARTHA HOPKINS ..,... MIRIAM DAVIS ........... EVELYN WOLFE ................. CATHERINE HEALY ......... JANE MYERS ,.................. CORA BRIGDEN ............... Teacher ........ Union Springs Division MILDRED CONNOR ............. MARGARET BARRETT HAZEL ROBBINS ........ JANE CHISAMORE ...... ' DIANE BERGGREN ...... ROBERT COONS ......... MALCOLM FISH ...... NADIA KLOCK ....... . ....... Grade 4 .........Grade 5 .........Grade 5 ........Grade 6 .........Nurse ........Kindergarten ........Kindergarten ............Grade I , ........ Grade I .........Grade I .........Grade 2 .........Grade 2 ........Grade 3 .........Grade 5 ........Grade 4 ........Grade 4 ........Grade 5 ............ Grade 5 6 6 Library and Reading SENIOR HIGH FACULTY SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: M ridge, Miss Pethybrid ' M . r. Moon, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Gardner, Miss North- ge, Miss Purcell, Miss Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Chappell, Mr. cBr1de, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Boomer, Mr. Boomer, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Colgan, Mr. Finn. THIRD ROW: Mr. Klock, Mr. Connell, Mr. Eldred, Mrs, Finn, Mr. Kane, Miss Russell, Miss Hockeborn, Mr. Gammans. BACK ROW: Mr. Vazquez, Mr. Mulligan, Miss Andrews. I3 A 2? xl Qmxxxxxxmxxxxxxxxitxx mm 3-'Si-23 ffl S + Qi, , Q f"'5' X If Lf? fu-f' ' '-f S 'gl 7 .gxixf E X, 69 Q N fg i x DEDICATION Miss Hockeborn, although never our class advisor, has done much for our class. She has kept track of our treasury for us, at the same time keeping the treasury books of all classes and groups. This is a big job and responsibility and we do appreciate Miss Hockeborn's efforts in our behalf. Those who studied higher Mathematics have also found her ready to give special help at all times whether or not she was inconvenienced. We really appreciate her sympathetic under- standing and kindness which she has shown to all of us. Our theme "Onward Toward Success" rep- resents to some degree the great inspiration she has given us to face and solve life's problems. In appreciation for her helpful- ness, cheerfulness, and friendly interest, the Class of 1957 dedicates THE 1957 FRON- TENAC to Miss Catherine Hockeborn. I6 Since 1937 Miss Purcell has served as our teacher, friend, and advisor. She was our mathematics teacher during our Junior High School years and our class advisor. Miss Purcell plays a vital part in Union Springs Central School life, and because of her serv- ice and her popularity with the students, we. the class of 1957, feel that she has helped us "Onward Toward Success." It please: us to dedicate THE 1957 FRONTENAC to Miss Agnes Purcell. is Q x4oeX4VY'OYs wt I s if 74 L F .e 'S .Zak ix Q -1, ?:-'E'i:2f--- N 1- ag- we .fag lt , Q ..., sg-'xtffl' 1, - 1 4 'K ' X 51' .9-.'4"'l9. X C '. t Q . . Q.-1 yd i SL - -, .. Q -ff.: Q.. 5, 0 , 1 In Memoriam "THE CLOCK OF LIFE" ,, , 1 . :C ls' ' f 1 ,Ffa -sf '. , The Clock of life is wound but once, - . Q And no man has the power gi- ' , To tell just when the hands will stop . . . At late or early hour, T ,' ' Now is the only time you own, f-'v ' Live, love, toil with a will, 1, 1 Place no faith in "tomorrow," for QI '. , . The clock may then be still. A 'n I Q ' ' - QAUTHOR UNKNOWND xx I .2 ,Q ' EDWARD E. BOBBETT 5 june 21, 1937-june 1, 1954 tvvx' l I. .QL 1 'Q',!.. , ' N 1' ' .FJ 4 ' L iw,-1. '-we ' J.. NX X 1 , R. oxl V5 f ' - . " .I+ T -' qf.:N1 4 -Eli? Tvtpz' ., ws., as 1 ' "Q --' -an-1 .. 1 'I . 3 . . - 45 4 1' y , -1 '-fs v "' A .1 I'- , J uv 1' ', s 4 ': 1 'xi 1 'Q' Q Q " 5- 'h .QM 1 , ' .4 st.. fu 5. . x,: . . " 4 -I . 'Z A i .L ' in . . -1 t xii. x yn' A A NQZ' . ,fa .MQ s 7,1 A 1-P33 ,. ' If f 'Q :il Sign . '1 ' - 'iles ' ' .fr '- 1 ' 114 vs' 1 4 :Til H , , D' ' lr a.. x msx'b,' x . . - ,-,-'SWG Q s 1 y 'lik N' "4 '-ll. Aef xl VI! ' ' -' "f',' - ' -X ' .'. , . I wg 'xs . .H w- N , .N .I Q-.'.-NM. :'o" ' -x 'H 55. 'lux v g x 1 WNIJR' . .I Y 1 'n .fm . s I. x 'I I - .fi ' .-gf. 25- iq' fm us' ' lt.-'iq N- ff: In I s I I ',.f,.l'- 'lf' 'Q .l,l'Sll.. 'I , , wg. , , 3:33-,,plXf1l1g5,,-9 1.,g,,q A 'V , ' f. 1,-'.--.-.tsf.u.-O..-.e.- ADVISOR MR. SHOTWELL We the Class of 1957 wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Richard Allen Shotwell for his friendly and wise counsel as our class advisor. His repeated exhortations about our money making projects have helped us to finally make our class a success. By Mr. Shotwel1's faithful and dependable backing, we have had fewer errors during our more discouraging times. Our theme "On- ward Toward Success" represents the hard work and headaches he has had in keeping us working for that goal. We hope that he will find happiness and success throughout the future years. ,A-wg 'gg it If .4 if ll.: TW B 'I'fTPJ1', Iv USFTA 'ILP F1 ,FIT fUf'Ig ' ? X. X, 1 J I I ry I' . LLUGUrQIf SMILE PRPTTY LINDL LCVLIY ywAl'5 SU IQ D0 I NG ? 1-,ff uxlg Yi 113 N' I 'I Lil O v F L- ff-Tv 1, La '--HP SEXY? '? '? X . IJ: -QW ffl vw 'VI'-'A 1- .-34 f 'ry 1 KT '-'NV 1 40 -4 . AND IMA DIN ITT-I 2 REz1TV f TT" A , if ? NJKVTNC E? 3 A rv' I .J q-3, fx '- ii' T 'WCW' VI if " A., . I957 Roll of honor VALEDICTORIAN Sharon Hatt .......,........... ................. 9 2.7 SALUTATORIAN Doris Smith ...................................... 87.7 AVERAGE ABOVE 80 David Speed ..A....... ........................ 8 3.3 Kenneth Rouse ........... v......... 8 0.8 joretta Scofield .......... ........... 8 2.3 janet Heidenreich ........... ........., 8 0.5 Celinda Kierst .......... ........... 8 1.5 Carolyn Wheeler .....,, .......... 8 0.2 Betty Horning ........ ........... 8 1.0 Wilma Tratt ........., .......... 8 0.1 HONORABLE MENTION - 79 Marilyn Mekeel Nancy Cunningham David Stryker Martin jones CLASS COLORS Rose and Silver CLASS FLOWER Carnation CLASS MOTTO "Onward Toward Success" Sandra Downing THE CLASS OF I957 PRESIDENT DAVID G. STRYKER "Dave" President 4 Vice President 1, 2 Empire Boys' State Prom King 5 Traffic Court 3 Junior and Senior Plays 5, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Male Chorus 4 Football 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Recreation Committee 5 Student Assistant 4 Cortland State Teachers College SECRETARY DORIS SMITH HFifv! Class Secretary 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 2, 3, 4 GAA Secretary-Treasurer 2 Basketball Worker 1, 2, 3 Student Assistant 3, 4 Cheerleading Manager 4 Senior Store Manager 4 Play Student Director 3 Play 4 Traffic Court 4 Valedictorian 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Queen's Court 3 Band Secretary 3, 4 Salutatorian 4 Cortland State Teachers College VICE PRESIDENT KENNETH ROUSE nKenll President 3 Vice President 4 Traffic Court 3 Class Play 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Chorus 2 Track 1 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Male Chorus 4 Barbershop Quartet 3, 4 Empire Boys' Quartet 3, 4 Drafting TREASURER lljiggyn Class Secretary 1 Class Treasurer 2, 4 Class Vice President 3 Debate Club 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 Recreation Committee 4 Usher at Commencemen Play Cast 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Undecided JANET HEIDENREICH t3 EMMA RANDALL HEMI! Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Prom Court 3 Senior Store 4 Senior Play fPrompterJ 4 Chorus 4 Basketball worker Junior Play lMake upj 3 Undecided ANNE CUNNINGHAM "Nancy" Usher junior Play 3 Usher Commenceme 3 Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 3, 4 FHA 1 Prom Queen 3 Senior Play 4 Recreation Committ 3 Newspaper Staff 5 C.C.B.I. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 nt ee FRED RYAN "Fred" FFA 2, 3, 4 FFA Centennial FFA President 4 Student Council 4 Recreation Council 4 JV Basketball Manag JV Basketball 2 Junior Play 5 Senior Play 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Undecided Cl' IANICE BRADSHAW ffjanll Intramurals 1, Z, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 5 Chorus 1 Senior Store 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Commencement Usher 3 Undecided RICHARD REOHR "Dick" Treasurer l Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Debate Club 1, 2 Chess Club 1 Wrestling 2 Student Council 2, 5, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 American Field Service JV Football 5 Col lege WILMA TRATT uuyimpu Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Usher at Commencement Play Prompter 4 Usher at junior Play 3 Housewife 3 LUCILE HOXIE "Luce, Porky" Band 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Debate Club 1 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Basketball Worker 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Prom Court 3 Stationery Chairman 3 junior Play 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Traffic Court 4 Student Assistant 4 Rochester Business Institute JORETTA SCOFIELD I ljoll Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2 Dance Band 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 junior Play 3 Queen's Court 3 Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store Worker 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Basketball Worker 3 Rochester Business Institute JOHN ADAMS uE11li.l'H FFA 1 FFA 2 Auburn Community College MARIA VIADE "Maria" Chorus 4 FHA 4 Senior Store 4 Student Council 4 Spanish Club 4 AFS Student from Spain 4 Liberal Arts RICHARD J. MooN HRJ.U JV Basketball 1, 2 Chess Club 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1 IV Football 2 Class Treasurer 5 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Football 3 Cross-Country 4 Track 4 "'- N Z 'Q if ' ll 3 Ink ' A MARILYN MEKEEL "Hank" Usher at Commencement 3 Undecided CAROLYN WHEELER "Carol" Transferred from Mass. 2 Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Recreation Council 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Student Council Secretary 3 Student Council Vice President 4 Prom Court 4 Traffic Court 4 Senior Store 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Basketball worker 2, 3, 4 FHA 2 Class Plays 3, 4 Athletic Treasurer 4 Student Assistant 4 Nurse CELINDA KIERST "Linda" Cheerleader 1, 4 Student Council 1 Intramurals 1, 4 Senior Store 4 Play 4 Salutatorian 1 Student Assistant 4 Transferred from Ohio 4 Undecided l ROBERT SEITZ llBobH JV Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2 Track 1, 2 Rifle Club 1, 2 Football 1, 4 Senior Play 4 FFA 1, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Traffic Court 3 Undecided DONALD NICKERSON "Don" Track 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3. 4 Traffic Court 4 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball Manager 1 Student Council 3. 4 junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Cheerleader 4 Service gn EILEEN CONNORS HEY! Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Store 4 Basketball Worker 1, 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Undecided SHARON HATT vrMumpIylf Transferred from Trumansburg 3 Band 3, 4 Dance Band 4 Chorus 3, 4 Intramurals 3, 4 Senior Store 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Usher at Play 3 Valedictorian 4 Nursing BETTY HORNING IIBe,ll Intramurals 3, 4 Senior Chorus 2, 5 4 FHA 1, 2, 3 Majorettes 2, 3, 4 Play Cast 5, 4 Undecided PRISCILLA HALL rlpercyll Usher at Commenceme Usher at Senior Play 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 FHA 1, 2, 5, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Typist fl DONALD FOSTER llD0nl! Recreation Council 3 Work LAUREENE DROWN "Rene" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3 Usher at Senior Play 4 Usher at Commencement Undecided SANDRA DOWNING "Sandi" Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 5, 4 FHA 1, 2, 5 Intramurals 1, 2 All-State 2 Work W4 5 DAVID SPEED "Dn11e' ' Senior Chorus 2, 4 Male Chorus 4 Dance Band 4 Intramurals 1, 2 Engineer Recreation Committee 3 Stage Manager of Plays 3, 4 S X .el SANDRA LANGLEY "sandy FHA 1, 2, 5, GAA 1, z, 5, 4 4 Senior Store 4 lass 1, 2 N 1-NX President of c Intramurals 1 Housewife AZ MARTIN E. JONES "Marty" JV Basketball 1, 2 Senior Band 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Track 5, 4 Gymnastics PTA Program Student Assistant 4 Paul Smith's College 5 . 'NJ 1- . . ,YL-1 n Y f 4 X4 rw '11 'fHv'r Wann WE 3, Y W A Y 4? an I V V r V '1 'J 1,Y C1',Y1Nu'fS 3 I 'nfs , V1 , 3 F Air! y mx r , x 1 I ' I f ' if im. A' -Xfdgriwr sf 1 121' , . xQSaw zFQ ,S 12 E -.. . .- Y I I H ' N JI' .1 I L 1 Q L ,Lv - . s 5 ' 4 . X II .T -hx 4' - - . K , ,F X - 1 ,' - ' 4 Kahne' iffy qi: X A . - ,Q sl -1 -1 - L- V K- 'ANKCE BELL m HAHLLYN ' ,QL Q-Q 11,11 gg, x 1 . 1 U. 'JP -,-A ,., i ini if Lili: T 'QL f, Vfff T, , ,,., -Q Yo UNE' r ,Q QE R n 2 Q ' WW . Y .x m 4 3 ' f . .. Ig 42,3 1 , - vu 735 3 c S Q ,s I 'M J IK 'I' Q' .H x, , s was 1 J K JL? ai, Fx- f 'f 'gi 5 EiPZ1,f ,f Q , h Sgr! 2 4 3, i ' 6 . iw g A i H, W, W 'T '1- g aff ' ff giQ.sq..,, v I ' ff ffff ' - .Y , lZg"- frf2f"'f , Tv E' IFA1 l ' Q 5, 4 I' has - mi enum-. -- fy f F' F1 XY' .TQ1 Nb f 9 , ' nr v vw x .14 . SX xy- - 1 K, . vj Kia J- 4-,, Y 1 1 -A nf-.7 1 1. "uf N L J P r- r T ..-- L- , .il 'f a 1- ., .,f. V f-, e. 3 1 wa v I . 3 I'r Guwufr f Y 4 g Tfl7 A L v H 'MR n A , .,,.,.X.,. Ya, v Q Q YjT12f,,,,fI"X!'X 1 L , A MA Ar . f- ' NYY " , ' . A 1 'egg "Wx" ,I ' 'ITA s , 'i' J' , f 'S- A gi I .S f ,r W fw Y' 1 4 K K K h . : s A QB ,, ,, . f N T ,,:e -L nrjiy Ti'5iky'1g:. X41 V-vwfi T :QQ f gwif 5 . 1 , K -n--, yr I Wg., r -qfvii i - I ,, "L, in 15" F J'-W J .. 'W-,.,, Q . Qi als N "' ' at X. M ' -inn' ,1!.'7 -,. . v , 'UL If. H jx tif! S ,g W . J KJ I A451 1 W3 J M 4:f'f' l R X-'Mp i fy Ry My SENIGI AY 'Wh The Senior Play, "No Boys Allowed," directed by Mr. Fordham was a lot of fun for all of us. The setting was a slumber party to which Rita, played by Linda Kierst, had invited her girl friends. Fred Dana, played by David Palmer, was the current "heart-throb" with whom Rita was a little provoked at the time. This comedy was hard work for all of us. Fred Ryan and Dave Palmer were a very successful pair of comedians especially when dressed in women's dresses and scarfs. David Stryker was the mysterious prowler in the neighborhood who went about scaring women, especially Doris Smith, the well padded Negro maid. Thanks to our make-up committee, Eileen Connors and Laureene Drown, the players all looked the part they played. Our prompters, Emma Randall and Wil- ma Tratt, and David Speed, our stage manager, did much to help make this play a success. We, the class of 1957, would like to thank Mr. Fordham again for his wonderful direction and assistance and for helping us to make a profit. OUR JUNIQR PRCDM - 1-.ff - .,,,.,gy...aP v0 One of the most enjoyable and exciting events in our school was our junior Prom which took place on May 18, 1956. Each year seven girls are chosen by popular vote to be on the queen's court and one boy is chosen to act as king. Last year these eight people were Nancy Cunningham who was o Stryker, our king Doris Sm'th , ur queen, David , 1 , Emma Randall, joretta Scofield, Carolyn Wheel- er, Carolyn Benderly and Lucile Hoxie who were chosen as the queen's attend- ants. The preparation for our prom was both hard work and enjoyment for the en- tire class. Our theme was Dutchland and the gymnasium was elaborately deco- rated with artificial tulips and painted scenes of Dutch boys and girls. This occasion is one with pleasant memories of an enjoyable evening. UAE COU i IIS' SW. 'll my ll El ll wf AMERICD This year the class of 1957 is very privileged to have with them Maria Teresa Viade Guimera from Barcelona, Spain. Maria is a nineteen year old girl who is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Hoxie. Maria arrived in America the nineteenth of August and will be staying with us until graduation, when she will tour the United States for four weeks and then start her voyage back to her Spanish home. We have all enjoyed having Maria with us a great deal and hope she has learned as much as possible in one year about American ways. Maria has started a Spanish Club and gets much enjoy- ment from teaching American students to speak Spanish. Among her favorite subjects are Driver Education and Typing. The class of 1957 wishes to express its gratitude to Ma- ria for teaching us so much and being such a wonderful companion. Also, we wish her great success in the future and hope she will remember all of us for a long time to come. MARIA FIELD I E DICK Again this year our school was fortunate enough to be able to send a student to Europe for the summer. Dick Reohr, who was chosen to represent our school, was sent to spend the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Peterson of Vester Skeinger, Denmark. Mr. Peterson is a veterinarian, therefore, Dick received an opportunity to compare the farms of Denmark with the farms of the United States. While in Europe, Dick visited six different countries: Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Sweden, and Denmark. This in itself was an exciting and unusual ex- perience. Dick says he is just waiting for the day when he can re- turn to Denmark and see all his European friends and family. We the class of 1957 feel that the American Field Serv- ice is accomplishing its goal of promoting better relation- ships between the United States and Europe through our contacts with Maria and Dick and their experiences in dif- ferent countries. YE RBGGK STAFF SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Wheeler, Priscilla Hall, Lucile Hoxie, Wilma Tratt, joretta Sco- The Yearbook Staff is a group of senior girls and boys who work together to produce the biggest and best "FRONTENAC" of all times. This year the yearbook staff has worked every had trying to carry out our theme "Onward Toward Success" as success- fully as possible. The members of the yearbook staff are: the Editor-in-Chief, the Literary Editor, the Art Editor, the Circulation Manager, the Advertising Manaer, the School Life Editor, the Sports Editor, and finally the Chief Typist. The Editor-in-Chief has to supervise the yearbook by seeing that all available information is supplied for the yearbook. The Literary Editor has to write the foreword, the dedication and help with many other stories. The Art Editor must do all drawings and ar- field. STANDING: Doris Smith, janet Heidenreich, Ken- neth Rouse, Mr. Chappell. rangement of pictures for the yearbook. The Circu- lation and Advertising Managers must sell and col- lect advertisements for the "Frontenac" The School Life and Sports Editors write the stories and infor- mation which help to make the yearbook more in- teresting. The Chief Typist must type all information collected and help get it ready for the publisher. The task of all the staff is to work together to give the public a yearbook which they will enjoy and which will help them to understand our school life. There is a lot of arduous work in putting out a yearbook, but we have all had fun doing the work and feel that our theme has helped us realize the importance of success. We hope this information helps people to understand our goal. x .J . ' Q Q ff'TNI2f :f T1 CVT f' VT I If I 1 1 i 15 n 1 5? ...--, ' F ,x. '- '5'-.','S-1" ! XIII "FII , A X T!LiTNG ABOUT pbmwnat UNE PA FUNNY- - - 'Q NI YQUSE MEIQ UO FATALE NAME John Adams Janice Bradshaw Eileen Connors Nancy Cunningham Sandra Downing Laureen Drown Donald Foster Charles Goodsell Priscilla Hall Sharon Hatt janet l-leidenreich Betty Horning Lucile Hoxie Martin Jones Linda Kierst Sandra Langley Marilyn Mekeel Richard Moon Donald Nickerson Emma Randall Richard Reohr Kenneth Rouse Fred Ryan joretta Scofield Robert Seitz Doris Smith David Speed David Stryker Wilma Tratt Maria Viade Carolyn Wheeler rin' .3 ' I ' , I' CHIEF ATTRACTION sideburns size hair pony tail eyes hai r Cadillac voice eyes brains glasses height complexion wavy hair jitterbug eyes laugh teeth hair figure Danish accent sports enthusiasm loud pipes on his Chevy D.A. clowning actions curly hair musical ability hair long blonde hair eyes tallness js SE I0 WANTS TO BE Accountant Secretary Out of School Secretary Nurse Undecided Dragster Farmer Typist Nurse Undecided Taller Different Paul Smith College Fatter Married Undecided Big gambler Big wheel It's questionable Back in Denmark Draftsman Millionaire Married Secretary Rich Phys. Ed. Teacher Electrical Technologist Phys. Ed. Teacher Housewife An American Nurse TATISTICS USUALLY FOUND roddin' around Cayuga Hilltop Cayuga riding horses riding horses Cayuga Hilltop Foster's Garage with money in his pocket debating with Mr. Gardner studying with Leroy babysitting with Ken practicing basketball Signor's working homeroom hunting rodding around around walking the halls Claudiafs roddin' around with Bob in his car roddin' around with his guitar talking to the girls with joe studying with Donnie i. s FAVORITE EXPRESSION gee's wouldn't that get ya! You're handy I say Thank you muchly Nibbling material Sad Foot Dear me suds Don't do that Love, it gets me! Hey, Ern ! jazzin' around Wait a minute Well, in my opinion- Leave me out of this All right! "Achtung" Tomorrow maybe "Bug out" Oh, No! "Nasty Break" An' that's a fact! Ya got a gripe Ohh, Glory! Horsefeathers Oh, Yeah ! Well, huh! WHAT HE O SHE LIKES R loud pipes everything Stebbie horses and Dick Ronnie Florida Cadillacs wine, women and song typing high marks Leroy water skiing "goofing off" horses and snakes Dick, pizza and dancing jim out of doors whisky, money and guns Student Council and Shirley three guesses Denmark Claudia Draggin' Chevys Bob and music wine, women and Fords hayrides and sports guitar "Glendora" joe America hayrides and Donnie Q7 jf X JW Cv W QQ K W S 1,- f' 4-vw I. si X. ,. ' -Q' u 1 1 4' Jw. - - s wi 4 Mx 14 df sm t ..1.. gn ?' A 5' 'H . xx X Q 4 Xt ' LQ S-3 ' 1 U V7.5 F as 5 s L? 1: V I fx ' YQ m MEM in L' 5, ,Ap , has gl ' Q I Vk" H Ai, I H if 'H Q l wini- W 5595... ,..!w ,n ,L 'N 1 Nye' A lyk' 1 4,49 b' s-15 ada' 4 4 LHF4 ., ,ct JU IORS MISS NORTHRIDGE aw'-ai of STANDING FROM l.EI:'l' 'IIO RIGHT: NanCy Lawton, Nanny 'I'.inner, Marilyn Kahler. Elaine Mcliritle, Karen Perkins, IIIIIUIILIN St'l1ermerliorn, Patricia Gans. SECOND ROXV: Mus NUI'II1I'ItIgt'. Kathryn Marko, james Eaton. I5O'l"I'OM ROW' FROM I.IfI:'lA TO RIGHT: Mr. Vazquez, ,lune I'iukar-l. -Indie Clark. Nancy Lytle, George Minturn. XX'ilm.i lllaclc, Peter Kowal. SECOND ROW: Pat Routla- huah, Lilentla Daxis, Grace NY'.iltei's, Naoma Mintle. Nancy Itlurdotk. Nancy Lee Grove. Sharon Hamilton, Virginia yawn Betty Akins. Carolyn Farrell. Harold Baity. Charle Cuy- kemlall. LAST ROVU: Alfe Davis. Charles Healy, Janet Quinn. Judith Osborne. -Iohn Fox. Roland Campbell, Hur- ton Hussey. XX'ertman. THIRD ROVU: Ineta Foster. Grace Tavener. Pauline Grubb, john Carmotly. Beverly McBride, Nancy Shook. Paula Foster. Maxine vlorgensen. FOI'R'I'H ROXV: joe Quinn, jim Stebbins, Ronald Marsh. -Ioyce Verbeck, Gary Thurston. Fred Barnes, Kathy Fronre. SOPHOMORES ' Ill W MR. VAZQUEZ 47 W-Wm, Q .M , 4 , ,R QE gwvf. 5 H v v' "Q,- gn!! 4 r A1-.M . 14 wr ,J Fm -."'aQ ch? .ft 1 . 5 ui.,x, Q S . fk a.4.,g, K t ,e. , " ,Q H 1 A Li r I 'X' 5 :Q 1 ,I -' 5 1' We 'Q - 4' my vs, 'QL L. I T""'x 19 QM ng ' I ' IQQ Q X wa, . , 1 1 ' 1 I! MQDF h,AmQ'l:- I- '1 4 43--, if 'iff 'f ,E bf' f .. ,, I ' 5 JW 1 P 1 Q 6 1+ Q- 9 . V I sl ,L , , . 0 ' , +f W -' . 1 5 Q nf . i wr 8155 EIGHTH GRADE MRS. TANNER re 5' ,. 'Os ,.-L " ,1 FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael D'Agos- tino. Carol Danhermom. Charlotte Rymph. Kathleen Mull' ally. Marion Pesek, Elizabeth Kowal, Mary Lou Roy. SEC- OND ROVU: Ronald jones, Edward Kirschner, Carol Har- gett. Catherine Tanner. Kenneth Cashohn, Richard Wheel- ITIRST ROV' FROM I.EF'I' 'FO RIGHT: Sharon Warner, Frank Romano, Roger Northrup. SECOND ROW: Nancy Schenck. Frank Zentner. THIRD ROW: Harold Edmunds, Mitchell Meyer. David Clark, Edward Dann, Connie York, Nancy W'alters. Roger Jorgensen, Buddy Lawrence, lfOI'R'I'H ROXV: Carl Pethyhridge, I.arry Newman. FIFTH er, Suzon Scofield. Richard Langley. Nicholas Moon, Leon' ard Dox, Mrs, Gladys Hickman lsuhstitutel. THIRD ROXV: Glenn Francis. Beatrice lienliam. -leffery XY'ard, Claudia Chappell. Judith Ludwick. Rohert I.yttle. Bruce Simmons. Patricia Ryan. ROWL Har-ry Edmunds, Charles Sanders, Helen McKeen. Lynne Coyle, Betsey Pratt. Nelsa Hitchcock, Paula Dundas, SIXTH ROW: Kenneth Gahle. Edward Tanner. SEVENTH ROW: George Hopper, Theresa Llewellyn. EIGHTH ROXV: Douglas Marsh, Sharon W'alter. Ella Hoffman, Michele-ne Lavey, David Wright, Eleanor Smith. Mrs, Colgan. EIGHTH GRADE MRS. COLGAN es MT' fp is 0 A .F Wg? F.. wr B wwblr. K fvzli 114 S ,HP vl-4 K. rw -J-'ff wu- Y 45, J A V, a V 7 fy Vfdfjx JA Wgfi :Q ,X is ,E ,Ag j - 4. big - -as ,gm ,L . 3347555 'K ! 1 1 'Z V?" .H ' ' Q nh S MMS- R! -nv 'N it 'Y A - .. t V' X 2 lkyx XL f ",, , X A m, H as m V K R Nr ' lyf' K BJ, IQ '-. ' 'K -iff' 'U Q igfi 5 QW72, 0 xx lin: 15. mf-N. , ,W SEVENTH GRADE MR CUFFCRD BOTTOM ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Culver, john Coapman, Terry Hurlhutt, Barbara Alnutt, Harold Luther, Mike Moon. Dick Salato, Denis Wheeler, Terry Oliver. SECOND ROW: Ron Rotunda, Nancy Watkins, Bob Gable, Anthony Durry, Charles DeGr0ff, Bill Speed, The Bottle Kids" 1 Surprise! ! ! .i X ur NJN... T KV " . 1 ,-.. A N ' I HL , V' If 1-.XR L 1 ,, Y gg xii. , , L KJ . ff rl: ,Q i. fr , r " N' 'Q ,. ,, 1T'i..XJM . 9,2 ,A, . v ,. '- ., -4 i . .Q ff I g ry rt www rj ' L VT. .. fx 3.5 E I. . XLM. ..,,XYN ,r "'f!"' ,xl . I1 1 A' .1 ig Q ,qw ' ? , Y 0 1 W, 2 E f I :J ,.'u If 'IIE-" 1 'T"f,P"' C W s+ an p X Q4 E X-. V., , Q 1 wx ,Cf 'Q X Q 55 ,-.- 5 -.-.. , -. .g .'. l lg.-I-..,.,.,., cf,- .",' Q ,. '..' . 'xx 1-If -. 'Z' '60, 'i -' 60. '.' ',.-' I , ,. .. .... . ,A 31. ,...,..- . - , . 4 .'.'. .ff.g:gf'."'13' , -, . .'.'. . . . 5' 'I Q., ,.,.'. . u .4.... . ,. . 93. JM.. ' x ' 4 . 3-' ' .,'. -.'.,'.'...- .A.-.5 - 4,-' .,'.'.-.. u Q . QV... . ,... 552' '.- Q .- , , 1.1, -,'.-4.5. ,., .-,s ,- ..-.'...',.-.' " -- ',.. ..',4.- 0 , .. .-.Q a,:,.-...- . f.-' ,n . . .. .-, , . ...cj '. 0: ,P 1- R X. 'ui w .X " .4- A f ELEMENTARY FACULTY SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Cora Brigden, Mrs. Jane Chisamore, Mrs. Margaret Barrett, Mrs. Hazel Robbins, Mrs. janet Clark, Mrs. Ethel Ure, Mrs. Ann Tyler. FIRST ROW, STANDING: Mr. Raymond Chisamore, Miss Nellie Hewey, Mrs. Margaret Connor, Mrs. Miriam Davis, Mrs. Diane Berggren, Mrs. Bessie Tanner, Mrs. Catherine Healy, Mrs. Nadia Klock, Mrs. Edith Sevier, Mrs. Evelyn Wolfe, Mrs. Rosemary Pratt, Mrs. Audrey Worzbyt. LAST ROW: Mr. Donald Fordham, Mr. Harold McBride. Miss Martha Hopkins, Mrs. Doris Muldoon, Mrs, Louise Pearcy, Mr. Malcolm Fish, Mrs. Jane Myers, Mr. Robert Coons, Mr. Earle Klock. fi gf-- 'vx X 'MF Q H Jeff ' Six ' I . Qui . 'ji j 3' -, '21 fi " '. - - 9 . , Q Q " 'lu . ,j..,Q" ,fn - .,',. '15 Q 'tif ml' P f-H M... 4-4-...,-AMW, g Wk , sffgvg , an P a uf U' JQ V . io s w 1-1 'Q-gm 1 . ,. A E U 'N l411l.M 'I 1, .4 1' 536: , sjfgg gf s 1 '-.1 4, la .gnu-Q w KJ! in' Y A IV., gi x , 184 .Th A 25, X we L STL K ' is 2,1 ,1'g J X ' iw . f gf F W M sf , kkf! "A, Z'-'tw 5 .fa llfvl E fy 1 - . if iw' ' 5157. W Q Av . 1 A 'G' in ,,, - -J'-' 4' is 'fa' , .V R! x . li' 5 'lk' V 'lip lj: rm 1, i ll 1 5 +A at 'Hmmm-Iv . Q . fl Nm if - 'ff ,Q sl ' f- --1 m 1.Hk334,1 Q ,Lv . ' I ,Q fi ,,, H QmM029:9 W Wmmw-.W 'fLws:s- gg V 3. 4 v..,., We rfg :J 'FM ' .L f.' hw 1 .1 ,Q 'u 5 Q .. .5 I V I ff . ! . Q5 1--X, ,fm '55 Q Q-I 1 n ,vii ,IA 'F--9 1-,ig nn- asf 51.31 'LT X? 'af mi It -,, 11,1 ,fi hi Q, Q 6912! , -V x Q , D H Viv' I . Rllimp-I, . W 5 VI? M, ., ,g X f Q fa , ,. W1 "" 1 . 452 X XX im! fr? hi 1 x, 4 D Q . Y , I 'Y' I P! ff ' ,...5,, I ,V S B ,' 5 was Q. 1 A ' I 1-PNP ' u .Qll V4 M., f 1 gk ,V -'Hi X .0-.' ,l:'f W , ,:: Y .h 6. int'-gg lla" 3 4 Q.: ng' -typ! 1 M I J 4 sn. 4 f 1 " K ,bm ,gi - 'ff 3 9 1 r, . 'i5' ij, "'5"' . . gf .- " ' 4 My L55 R ,Xi lm. uv RW . h 4 I ,' V1 '-I 3 1- Tl 'PH M Tit! 'x,.':fi: " 73415 MQ., - I al mi ' , , L- v . 4' wswij' Y, 0' 4 Z X.. ..x. , q ilk m K, , Y, if U1 1 x -ff. .Q L . " A49 Q. l xg . If L. if 1' mK"A--.Q KA Q. Q 4 CAYLIGA SCHCOLS Q Q , . if 15 ...-J I, V Q 5 , . --- f 14'w'f u Q ' x K 9. J ,l 1 H A, K . I 1 4 A Q Hx. CEQAD 'L A., ,, I "4 ,ffl . . .pf gfdpf' A Q5 JW 'Wa Qfngo 5, . . A. N. " X- ,i . ss. 4. is -Q ' ,z L - .3 if 1 5' A K 5X . A I an ' Uv Q ,ar Q Q is 1 'l A 'av 1 I fb --+4 L '51-QQ'-Q 150. FOURTH GRADE MRS1 URE FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Edmund Adamus, Darlene Burnett. David Gould, Charlene Lawton, Richard Robinson, Frand Walter, Cheryl Rancier, Harriett Walter, Mildred Wlalter, SECOND ROW: Nancy Traver, Bill Aus- tin. Mary Fronce, Cregg Ford, Richard Walters, Linda FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Jones, john Costisick. Ruth Bunn, Donald Clark, john Mundt, Peter Pine. Lawaence Hopkins, Rebecca Rancier, Carolyn Meyers. Dennis Roy. SECOND ROW: Terry Fleufy, Thomas Spingler. Ruth Northrop, Lloyd O'I-Iara, Peter Mulvey, Dann, Connie Power, Gary Worzbyt, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ure, Duane Groesbeck, Sally Wright. Patsy Schmelzle, Lynda Rosekrans, Billy Crolick. Sally Bowman, Susan Chappell, Mary Ringwood, Billy Rohenolt. Lee Lashhrook, Carl Lenton, Bobby Laird, Jack Scofield, jean Surace, Sandra Hares, Linda Roudahush, Nancy Granger, Connie Ryan. STANDING: Burton Wat- kins, Kristine Emmett. Terry Crane. Mrs, Sevier, Paul Fleming. Carole Rosekrans. julia Campbell, Susan Culver, Kathy Scanlon. Ronald Bench. THIRD GRADE MRS. SEVIER 1, , vnu-vm -. f. MRA x .eu xi xi rv W A M .wah 3, vm. VSQQM, 4j'4"'f Q, . V W A X 5. E LL, L Q ' 'ff h T i f '.m' R. Q I s K . , Q x , V V. ,4 K 7 - , ' x. s.., ' f Q - 'f - .A 1 M' ' W, if Af X F as -:,. -Q - N Hx' x H x in bm, Y x ge I T 7? VY . f f Q . K -.'f KW L 4 1- Qf - Q 'A- fa" F 1 V X:-. L' -rf' 1 . Q H - - - K L , A Q ,A Q g 5 1 W' A 4 jx 'I Q Q 5 ,yffffg 4 -'A mv 4 Y r ' 'MQW fi Wfim M fd.. if . , ,I A . K. K LA 5 ur' an 4 " x I A ff g 9 . af' F.. -y' Sm 'K V 1 V- , . fy ,"k K ' f .1 is " .. , 1 .gv iw, N bfi, gf www ,'1x Q Y :X TN K 3 0 V j K . A i .J A K 1 . , ,K ., A , Q4 ,, . gs. H .- QA 2 fe bl' 2 x, 4, , ,, if Z? g ? if - i ! I R 2 g.. X. ,X , -wg, mir: ! 5 9 5 JS 'V 1, 4 f .E rp, -Q ' ', V 1 1. ., ff-I , 1 MEA' , ' s. ,,,gYv. 2 .. ,. zur-.v:3?aDx H' '-N 1. J . Kiwi:-111 ,x,, -, g 1 .A l ', if O' Q 2, I . ' . an U? wfw ' 1 I a W L -gf link 4 X 1 3- 4 . A .QfXiN:- wi,HOO! 4 1 S , -su-g1,"f X ' . is 5 W-.. Q A 5 v K.-ax, , nfl ,Ti 'r V" 1 ffxk' F x J yi Y. -w 9 4 A ff? i 'Mfg' ZA ? xxx N QCYXQ fyg xf W X P ' 7 M, 'xx 4 lxxxxxs cvs." X Q SCHOOL NURSE Miss Pethybridge, our med ical staff, checking the re p0rKS to keep our school fit 0 NK. MR. KANE Ken Rouse conferring with Mr. Kane. our guidance counselor, on what thc: fu- ture holds. gm OFFICE STAFF FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Helen Pethybridge. Mr Charles Black Mrs DENTAL HYGIENIST MRS. JUMP A BUS DRIVERS KNEELING: Mr. Lowery Mr. Myers, Mr. Large, Mr Brightman. STANDING Mr. Northrop, Mr. Signor, Mr. Benda. Mr, Marz, Mr Allnatt, Mr. Hitt. 76 MECHANICS LEFT: Williani Conrad, Head Bus Driver and As- sistant Mechanic. RIGHT: Frank Walters, Master Me- chanic. CAFETERIA STAFF CAYUGA LEFT: Mrs. Gladys Drown, RIGHT: Mrs. Kar- en Olsen. CAFETERIA STAFF U. S. C. S. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Mosher Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Walker Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Nickles MAINTENANCE STAFF KNEELING, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Talbot, Robert Burnett, Charles Min- turn. STANDING: Ronald Marsh, Harold Baity, Gary Thurston, G ld nsen era Jorge , Robert Martens, John Lawrence, Elbert Law- rence, Mr. Leadley, Richard verb:-ck, Richard Treat, Mr. Shotwell. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Connell, Mr. Chapin, Mr. Davis, Mr Willis. AGRICULTURE INDUSTRIAL ARTS FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Boomer, Betty Smith, Kathy Mullally, Karen Hyland, Michael D'Agostino, john Rind- fleisch, Kenneth Cas- bolm. SECOND ROVU: Nancy Walters, Irene Quinn, Audrey Cook, Barbara Donovan, Carol Hargott. Cathy Shut- ters. Lynne Coyle. Georgene Pinckney, Sherrill Young. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hares, Shirley Probst, -Iune Campbell, Be- atrice Benham, Lynn Perkins, Roseann Martino, Anne Wolf. THE SENIOR STORE LEFT TO RIGHT: jerry Jorgensen, Lucile Hoxie. Doris Smith. The Senior Store, run by those Seniors who have free time or study halls, provides for every student a place to buy needed school supplies. This year the store, under the management of Doris Smith, added a few new supplies. Sweat- shirts, with Union Springs Central School and a wolf head written on them, were a new addition to the store supplies. These shirts sold very fast, and soon many students were wearing them to basketball games. This store is a means of revenue for the Senior Class to increase our treasury. More than one hundred dollars has been cleared from the supplies we have sold FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilma Tratt and Mr. McBride, DRIVER EDUCATIO Driver Education is a half year course. In order to be eligible for Driver Ed- ucation a boy or girl must be sixteen. Each must also have six hours of driving and twenty hours of class time. In class Mr. McBride usually shows slides or movies on how to adapt oneself to the car and prepare for situations which might occur while driving. Near the end of the course a series of tests is taken to aid a person in judging distances, reaction time in braking and the field of vision. Mr. McBride decided to try a new experiment in the Driver Education class. His idea was to make a scrapbook concerning Driver Education. This was very successful and proved to be helpful and will be continued in the next Driver Ed- ucation Classes. x ' -f xxx xxxxxxxx NNW EN Q X I xxxxxxxxxxxw' xx W xxxx xxxxmxxxxxmxxxxx Xxux fglii f -.----L X X Ny xx xxx xx xxxxx NNN WNW xxxx N lx L xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxXxX XX -3-,: xx' f 7 fi FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF AMERICA ' , , x g , FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Maryann Kowl, Hazel Knapp. Nancy Lytle. June Pickard. Barbara Hollatz, Judy Clark, Ivetta Foster. SECOND ROW: Nancy Murdock. Cynthia lsavey, Pauline Granger Cherl Y , oung, Grace Walters, Mrs. Finn. Mary Lou Pratt, Nancy Lawton, Maria Viade. Mary- ann Davis, Pauline Grub. THIRD ROW: Nancy Presto, Joyce Anthoney, Margery Campbell. Betty Atkins, Charline Ward, Joyce Verbeck, Angelia Martino, Priscilla Hall, Beulah Pettybridre Sh ge. . aron Webester, Kathline Fronce. MAMQ . QOQY .S Qt, The motto of the Future Homemakers of America is "Toward New Horizons." 44, ' 14,74 The purpose of this organization is learning to live better today in order that our 3' E Q lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. 4- ,I El ? 3 I I ' This year our Future Homemakers Club had the privilege of being a hostess school H- 3' for all the other Future Homemakers in the Central New York school district. ?, 3 We attended a spring rally and had a dance with the Future Farmers of America. 42, X19 Also during cherry week the girls made over seventy pies which they sold to raise '90 ao? money for their club. NEW The officers for the year 195667 are: Mary Lou Pratt, President, Grace Walters, Vice Presidentg Sherrill Young, Treasurerg and Arlene Bennett, Secretary. 84 FUTURE FARMERS QF AMERICA HT Hollis Rob- KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIG : bins, Mark Dody, Ralph Minturn, William Baity. Paul Granger, Robert Downing, William Walker, met. SEATED: Richard Verbeck, Mr. ' turn, .Timothey Stephen Em Leadley, Richard Talbot, Charles Mm Campbell, Fred Ryan, Gary Thurston, Harold Baity, h twell. STANDING: Lester . L Charles Goodsell, Mr. S 9 Day, Robert Seitz, Gerald Jorgensen, Richard Trea e, jack Lawrence, Robert Burnett, Da- Akins, Richard Elbert Lawrenc vid Dygert, Ronald Marsh, Charles Roberts, Robert Martens, Harold Verbeck. , FARM R5 Or , J FUTUP-E I , C I li----5 4v.,d'.n- lq xx fnzppqd. fI'i:R,W. A ff ' t 1 X Nflo Cs A Oo ' f s F 'fr 'da 'v Ia Q X K V' 5' . 'CTIL1 r are as follows: Presi- The officers for the Frontenac Chapte dent, Fred Ryang Vice President, Tim Campbell, Secretary, Gary rer Dick Talbot, Reporter, Charles Minturng Thurston, Treasu , and Sentinel, Harold Baily. Charles Goodsell and Harold Baity were the chapter delegates to the National F.F.A. Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri. We are planning our annual F.F.A. banquet to be held in the school cafeteria. This year we are having a crop demonstration on field corn. This plot is to be located on Harold Baity's farm near Cayuga. 85 FRO TENAC ISLA D YCDRKER CLUB FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Allan Russell. Patricia Ryan. Lynne Perkins. Larry Newman. Robert Lytle, Mr. Eldred. SECOND ROW: Carol Hargett. ,ludy jetty. Beatrice Benham. Ann Bobbett. Barbara Scanlon. Ann Newman, BACK ROXW: Sam Tata. Nike Clark. Terry Hurlbott. David Clark, Kenneth Casbohm. Mike Moon. Leith Foster. james Minde. The Junior High School Historians were led this year by Larry Newman. Vite Presi- dent was Lynne Perkinsg Secretary was Pat Ryang and Bob Lytle served as Treasurer. After publishing the Annual Almanac containing names of officers and committees and the Constitution of the Club, plans were made for the coming year. The Social committee, directed by Lynne Perkins. planned the Christmas Party, Old-Fashioned Valentine Party and a Spring Picnic. The Slide Committee chairman led by Ken Carbohm took a series of slides showing scenes of some early local history. Marion Peseks oral History Com- mittee wrote narratives describing interviews with older citizens in our areag these will be published. The TV committee led by Sam Tata planned a half-hour television show on local history to be presented on WHEN next fall. Barbara Scanlon and Mike Moon planned historical trips to Rochester. Syracuse, Auburn, Utica. Local District Yorker jamboree and the State Convention in Lake Placid. In order to raise money for the treasury, Susan Lee conducted a sale of local area history books. GE ANGA YORKER CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Eldred, Lois Wriglit. 'I'homasHletty. Sylvia Schmoke, james Healy. Margery Campbell, Richard Bower, This year the Yorkers' History groups expanded into Senior High School. The name adopted by the newly organized Yorker group was the Iroquois' name for the Cayuga Village on the site of Union Springs. The officers for the older group in the first year were: Tom jetty, Presidentg Margery Campbell, Vice Presidentg Lois Wright, Secretaryg and jim Healy, Treasurer. Leaders of this group met with other district officers in Syracuse to plan the district constitution. Communications were carried on with other clubs. We invited them to visit our area so that we might visit them at future dates and become acquainted with their area. W'e hope that this expansion into two groups of Yorkers will stimulate further interest in local history. L."""""'M ff ff THE TRAFFIC COURT FRONT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, McBride, Lucile Hoxie, Carolyn Wheeler. Doris Smith. BACK ROW: Charles Herrick, David Stryker. Donald Nickerson. The traffic court is selected every twenty-week term from former Driver Education classes. This court tries minor cases of traffic viola- tions of persons driving on school grounds. Guilty of a violation, a student will be given a summons to appear before the court. Penalties are then invoked against these students. Such penalties may include a Driver Education student's being denied a blue card QMV-2851 l S l . Q , Y 2 S g l P I N C Ps STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Klock, Marilyn Scofield, Ronald Ray, john Fox. Roy Smith, Donald Nickerson. Ronald jones, Kenneth Rouse, Doris Smith, David Speed. SEATED: Judy Osborne, joyce Gans, Margery Campbell, Alec Davis, joretta Scofield, Sharon Hatt, Lois Wright. Beverly McBride. Glenda Davis, sf, aa ' 4439 A ' ' , -S 3 ,r.,S'y - .rs ' 2 ffl' 42 'S pg ff f if , 47' af TUDE T CoUNc',l FRONT ROW: Albert Smith, Donald Nickerson, Carolyn Wheeler, Diane Dundas. Patricia Gans, Mr. Gammans. SECOND ROW: Maria Viade, Louise Wright, Betsy Patterson, Craig Bergerstock, Barry Gould, David Clark. THIRD ROW: Helen McKeen. Patricia Roudaboush, joseph Molvey, Robb Newman, Eleanor Smith, Catherine Tanner, Pauline Granger. FOURTH ROW: Lucile Hoxie, Dick Reohr. Fredrick Ryan, Lester Day, james Stebbins, Alec Davis, Beverly McBride. Marjorie Campbell, This year the Student Council at Union Springs has done much to further the fund for the American Field Service program. They have had a carnival, a dance, a music concert put on with the cooperation of the band and the chorus, and a skating party. Plans for the annual election for president are being drawn up and the council is trying to plan the election of all officers by the student body. These people will be elected after petitions are submitted by students wishing their candidates to be elected for these offices. This year for the second year the president was elected by the students after the petitions were submitted and Donald Nickerson was elected to serve as president for the school year of 1956-1957. The other officers were elected by the members of the student council. Those for this school year were elected as follows: President, Don Nickersong Vice President, Carolyn Wheeler, Secretary, Diane Dundas: Corresponding Secretary, Pat Gans: Treasurer, Roy Smith. RECREATIO CQLINCH FRONT RCIXV FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Mullally, George-nc Pinckncy, llliclma-l Munn S.mdr.l l.cc. l.1nct Hcidcnrciclr Roger Jorgensen. BACK ROXV: Maxine Jorgunscn. Paul Stryker Nr. lNlCl'lridc, john Fox. Edward Wfallle, Charles Goodsell. Ronald Ray. ,f At the skating party XX'.llCl1lIlKLZ thc fuutlmlll gllllll' -gd SENIOR CHORU 92 D l Chiiimore Betty Hnrning. john FRONT ROW' FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Marion Saxton. a e .4 , 1 Rindfleisch, David Myers. Maria Viade, Sandra Downing. Kay Wlard, joan Kuhtta. SECOND ROXW: Grace Tavener. Beulah Pethyhridgc. Ronald Ray. Sherrill Young. Audrey Painter. Mary lam Pratt. john Schmoke. Nancy Hares, Nancy Presto, Barbara Hollatz. Emma Randall. Karen Perkins. BACK ROXV: David Stryker. Neal Wfilson. janet Quinn. Charles Cykendall. -loyte Verheck. Daxid ' K -th Rouse. Edward Brightman. Betty Speed. Judith Wells. Kathleen Frunfe, Sharon Hatt. ennc Akins. Tliomas jetty. MALE CHORU 4 sis 'f 1 . LEQQ.EQDOAQIs:Gff?m.lZrif2iaEgapiTia Dlalvis. STANDING: Mr. Knock, FIRST Row FROM filly' Dale Chisumwre. David Myers, sfifcgiiiig Rlbiiilciilhgfrigi ,BOWISM John RfHdf'fiSfl1- Ronald all. john Schmoke, Stephen Emmett, Martin Davis Charlfg Foggzgrs' avid Stryker, Charles Cuyken- The Male Chorus is in its first year at Union Springs. It is composed of 19 boys from grades 9-12, divided into four sections, first tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass. Our goal is simple. We sing for the enjoyment of singing-for what better way is there of expressing our thoughts and emotions than through music? At the end of our first year we shall have a repertoire of approximately fif- teen songs including folk songs, spirituals, humorous songs, popular, old standards, light opera numbers and sacred songs. We hope that as the years go by this group will grow, and, in doing so, the members of the group will also grow in musical knowledge and taste, for music is enjoyed a thousand fold more when it is understood. We made our debut at the annual Christmas program and are now working for the Spring program. .-1 ff, 3 W 1 ixkkl 13 i A V. fl M ywgfy . L ! , .AVA E 6 3 v 4 . g f I rx 1 At , ' lA4!5x f , K vw-svaqmwfvggwwwxm .Qwvwwmwm-M if .I W J' Q V' K 5 .ww L ' K 'J N .. fnnwk- K QQ L. is 'L I A ff" ga ' gay , ' -fi is ? X 5' l i """sv l ln.. f if u Q - 5 Q s. Q 34' W f U gg' 1 3 Q- f., 4 4' ' 5 f' fQ ' lb 17 'Mick 141 , y I -1 '. ,M ' 'wq' as F ,ix R1 :fl 4. If A lf fl 4' .R .,,, ,lf W 3 1 ' I ll il -L. JU IOR P p BAD Ly, FRONT ROV' FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Kinney, Karen Fmcry. Lynn Perkins, Hetsilane Wfard, Eleanor Smith, Charles DeGroff, Mary jane Yannotti, Nick Moon, Ann Newman, Richard Evans, Sain Tata, Kennard Wzilters. SECOND ROW: Glenn Francis. Sharon Lee, Richard Bower, Suzon Scofield, Keith Hitt, Kay Downing. THIRD ROW: Bruce Bowman, Betsy Pratt. Mr. Finn, Rosanne Marino, jeffrey Wfartl. FOURTH ROXV: jatlc Smith, jack XX'alkcr. S Defra mrs cirkem -XWAW?l - 'IM - COLOR GUARD FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Kufta, Grace Walters, Helen McKeen, Georg- ene Pinckney. MAJORETTES: Nancy Cunningham, Betty Horning, Judy Tratt, Kathy Shutters, MaryLou Pratt, Patricia Cooper. FIRST ROW: Nancy Schenck, Diane Dundas. SECOND ROW: Mr. Klock, Doris Smith, Neal Wilson, Ronald Jones, Kenneth Rouse. THIRD ROW: Robert Sheldon, John Fox, Ronald Ray, Roy Smith. FOURTH ROW: Charles Bowman, Nancy Murdock, Thomas Jetty, Glenn Francis. FIFTH ROW: Grace Tavner, Eileen Connors, Dale Chisamore, Janet Terpening. SIXTH ROW: Alec Davis, Beverly McBride, Marjorie Campbell, Joretta Scofield. SEVENTH ROW: Glenda Davis, Ann Newman, Nancy Shook, Judy Osborne. EIGHTH ROW: Joyce Gans, Angela Martino, Wilma Black, Sharon Hatt. NINTH ROW: Marcia Mosher, Sandra MacDonald, Pauline Granger, Marilyn Scofield. TENTH ROW: Lois Wright, Patricia Gans, Anne Wolf, Phyllis Campbell, Sylvia Schmoke. ELEVENTH ROW: Ronald Derring, Betsy Pratt, Ken- neth Shutters, Donald Nickerson, Arthur Graham. SENIOR BAN At present, there are fifty members in the Senior Band. They are kept very busy preparing for programs throughout the year, not to mention all the parades during the summer. Some of the events of the year '56-'57 are: a concert during the summer at the Firemen's Carnival in Union Springs, an opening P.T.A. program in September and also a P.T.A. Christmas program. Each year in April and May the band takes part in the All-State Contest which was held this year at Cato-Meridian Central School and a Cayuga County Band and Orchestra Concert held at Weedsport Central School. In preparing for these two contests, the band puts on a concert each year the first week in May to help the Student Council earn money for an American Field Service Student. This concert builds up the Student Council A.F.S. Fund, and also gives the band plenty of practice. We have had a very successful and enjoyable year in our band. I Y X , . N gs. y A XX- A N K ,N Q,T"C L L. A J s. if .1 X -. CUR ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARADE v 1 2 - ' X U L iwgxlwi A w XS if P52564 KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Joyce, Charles Ward, jerry Jorgensen, Mike Fitz- gerald, Ken Rouse, Eric Van Buskirk. SECOND ROW: Richard Salato, Manager, Coach Mulligan, Bob Seitz, Richard Mahalik, Bill Ryan, jim Wayne, john Fox, Bob Burnett. THIRD ROW: joe Mulvey, Manager: George Minturn, Harold Baity, Roy Smith, Dick Dann, Roger Walters, Harold Crane. In the first year for eight man football the team won two and lost five games. The Senior class was represented by Ken Rouse, Dave Stryker, and Bob Seitz. The rest of the team was composed of juniors, and this year we had the largest Freshman turnout in the history of U.S.C.S. Fourteen Freshman boys reported for football. The boys seemed to like eight man football in preference to six as it gave more a chance to participate and placed a higher premium on blocking and tackling. The team started out very slowly and looked very poor in the first two games but as the season progressed they seemed to be trying harder and seemed to improve. At the end of the season they played a very good game against Weedsport even though they lost by one touchdown. Jerry Jorgensen was probably the outstanding back on the U.S.C.S. team and did most of their scoring. It is hoped that next year these green Juniors can deliver a good season. Ken Rouse and Dave Stryker, who graduate, have been members of the football team for four years. TRACK FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael D'Agostino, Richard Middleton, Williiiiii De- laney, john Rindfleisch, George Minturn, Alec Davis. SECOND ROXV: Bruce Davis, Donald Kenoyer. David Palmer, john Ludwick, David Stryker. THIRD ROW: Ronald jones, Martin jones. Duane Babbitt, Robert Smith, Michael Fitzgerald, Robert Sheldon. "Supermen in Spikes" was an apt name given to U.S.C.S., greatests athletic team in l956, Hitting a perfect record in the county-one which no other school could match, the U.S.C.S. track-stars rolled onto the county "meet" sweeping a record of all first places but three. Pacing a brilliant team was one of Section lV's top broad jumpers, captain Bruce Davis. Also at the top was the assistant captain, Ron jones, who placed high in the sec- tionals and was the first U.S.C.S. underman to run less than a five minute mile, High on the list was Dave Palmer, a senior who accumulated more than seventyvfive points during the season. Although every athlete in the picture above well deserves the title of "star," special attention is called to Duane Babbitt, master of the 440, Bob Smih, Cayuga County's "Mr. 880," mercury-footed Doug Pinckney and all the others. U.S.C.S. trackmen continually illustrate the aspect in sportsmanship, the ultimate in achievement, the maximum in effort, and the best in citizenship. The U.S.C.S. trackmen now hold two Sectional records, six county records and the Cayuga County Championshipfand a host of other achievements-all a worthy record for "Supermen in Spikes." Thomas jetty, Manager Kenneth Rouse .......... Rrchard Moon ......,..... Roy Smlth .............. james Eaton ..............., Richard Mahalik ........ Martm jones .......... Harold Crane .......,...,.. Gerald Jorgensen ........ Roland Campbell .,...... David Stryker .............. john Fox, Manager Bob Sextz .r.r.,..VYw.,....,.. Mike Fitzgerald .... GAMES POINTS AVERAGE ........18 59 3.3 ........17 36 2.2 ........16 45 2.8 7 2 .3 4 0 0 ........18 35 2 9 6 .7 ........18 355 19.8 ........17 172 10.1 9 7 .9 ........18 173 9.6 ..,,....14 34 2.4 VARSITY BASKETBALL The Union Springs Central School Varsity Basketball team finished the 1956-57 basketball season with a loss to Newark Valley in the Section IV bas- ketball tournament. The USCS team had a very good year with 11 wins and one loss in league competition and a 14-4 record over all. The team, led by Coach Bob Mulligan, won the Cayuga County League title, but dropped a game to Moravia in the finals for the County Championship. The USCS "Five" took a 60 bo 52 beating at the hands of Newark Valley in the sectionals held at Cortland. Newark Valley had a tall, fast team with exceptional shooting and rebounding. The USCS team's zone could not quite stop this well-seasoned team of red and white. This year, Union Springs boasted a good, tight zone, which allowed opposi- tion only 43.3 average points a game, while USCS hustled to drop in 52.7 points a game on the offensive. High scorers of the year were: jerry Jorgensen with 355, Roland Campbell with 172, and Bob Seitz with 173. All three managed to do a terrific job on the boards also. Jorgensen and Seitz were chosen to be on the county All-Star team. The team proved many times that the could come through when Coach Mul- ligan yelled, "Let's go!" This year's team boasted four flashing, hustling guards in Marty jones, Roy Smith, Ken Rouse and Dick Moon. The season was highlighted by the sectional game, a protested game with Port Byron, the County Play-Offs and three non-league games. Although not rated very high at the beginning of the year, the team surprised everyone by winning ten in a row. The boys never lacked the spirit that makes a good team. We wish to thank everyone on the team for a great effort, and special thanks to Coach Mulligan, without whose help we never would have come through, but we wish to thank most of all, you, the spectator, whose good spirit and loud voice carried us over many a dark spot! UNION SPRINGS OPPONENT 47 Ovid at USCS ............. ................ 4 8 60 Port Byron at USCS ....... ............ 3 9 54 USCS at Moravia ..... ........ 4 2 52 Genoa at USCS ......... ........ 2 8 49 USCS at Savannah ......... ........ 4 4 47 Vfeedsport at USCS ............. ........ 3 6 53 USCS at Chenago Forks ..... ........ 3 9 52 USCS at Hannibal ......... ........ 4 4 49 King Ferry at USCS ....... ........ 3 6 51 USCS at Weedsport ....... ........ 3 9 57 USCS at Sherwood ......... ........ 4 2 69 Cato at USCS ............. ........ 3 8 50 USCS at Cato ......... ......... 4 1 48 USCS at Port Byron ...... ..50 58 Moravia at USCS ..... ........ 5 6 49 USCS at Port Byron ..... ........ 4 4 52 USCS at Moravia ............. ........ 5 6 52 USCS at Newark Valley ......... ........ 6 0 OFFENSIVE AVERAGE 52.7 points per game DEFENSIVE AVERAGE 43.3 points per game CENTER: Donald Simpson, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Bowman, William Delaney, Robert Martens, James Stebbins, Timothy Quinn, Coach Kane, Lester Day, joseph Mulvey, Ronald Ray. james Healy, William jones, Roger Jorgensen. The Junior Varsity basketball team, even though the team made a poor debut, showed much progress and improvement over the season. They also showed their strength in a very well played game with exceptional shooting ability, in which they subdued Port Byron's jayvees 43-42. Even though this was too late for a playoff bid, they gave Mo- ravia a scrap to obtain second place in league standings. JU IOR VARSITY BASKETB LL Outstanding hardwoodmen were Bob Smith, who was pulled down from the varsity squad and helped the team with his marksmanship with 146 pointsg Lester Day, who showed much improvement in the latter games and ended up with 81 points, Bill Ryan with his driving-the-boards, collected 66 points. Guards Bill Delaney and joe Mulvey helped the team to a great extent as they tightened the defense at times of failure. Bill Delaney showed his ability and progress especially in the Sherwood and Port Byron games. With what this team has learned from experience this year they should show much improvement and more teamwork next year. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Hominghouse, Charles Reif, William McCloud, Paul Kenny, David Clark, Dick Salato, Mike Moon, Roger Jorgensen, Mike D'Agostin0. Ted Jorgensen. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Mulligan, Jefferey Ward, Carl Pethybridge. Charles Sanders, Gary Whithead, Edward Tanner, Richard Middleton, Jack Smith, Jack Burnett, Coach Clifford, Ronald Davis. J. J. V. BASKETBALL The team was composed of green material since most of last year's team moved up to Junior Varsity. Outstanding players on this year's team were Jack Burnett, Roger Jorgensen, Carl Pethybridge, Dick Salato, Ed Tanner and Bruce Bowmen. The team ended the season with a 3-3 record and decided improvement as the season progressed to its final stop. CROSS COUNTRY STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Connell, john Ludwick, Roland Campbell, Richard Moon. CENTER ROW: Hollis Robbins, Paul Stryker, Dale Hallet. FRONT: james Eaton. This year, 1956, was the third year of Cross Country at Union Springs. Spark- ing at the top of the team was one of U.S.C.S. top athletes, captain Bob Smith. Also on the team were Assistant Captain Roland Campbell, Dale Hallette, jack Ludwick, Hollis Robbins, Dick Moon, Paul Stryker and jim Eaton. The team had two top managers, Dale Chisamore and Dick Evans. Outstand- ing as a brilliant performer and sharing great expectation was a Freshman, Paul Stryker, who promises a brilliant future in Cross Country. The top event of the season was an unofficial country run, with the U.S.C.S. team earning an easy victory. The climax of the season is the Delhi sectional trip where Bob Smith and Paul Stryker placed among the firsts on their team. In 1957, the Union Springs gainers will again plan an excellent team in the field-headed by the mercury-footed Bob Smith and Paul Stryker ready to ex- hibit them to potential greatness. Special praise must go to the leadership provided by the Captains, especially Roland Campbell. LEFT TO RIGHT: David Myers. Roger Walters, Ralph Minturn, George Minturn, john Rind- fliesh, Manager. WRESTLING The Wrestling team, under the supervision of Mr. Harold McBride and the management of john Rindfliesh, went to the Wrestling Sectionals, Class "D," at Chenango Forks, where they closed a good season, with a total of 34 points. David Myers f98j, George Minturn 0235, and Charles Bunnell 0065 took second place, while Ralph Minturn 030, took fourth place. During the wrestling season, the team had six practice matches between Au- burn, Seneca Falls, and Geneva. Wrestling is a very good sport which needs more boys to participate in. Yi +5 1' V. fit , .- iw-- 'CQ -I of TQ" KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Jorgensen, Manager, Roy Smith, Art Graham, Richard Moon, james Stebbins, Wilbur Osborne. SECOND ROW Richard Talbot, Richard Dann, james Eaton, Robert Joyce, Richard Mahalik, jo seph Mulvey. THIRD ROW: William Pearce, Roland Campbell, Coach Mulligan Jerry Jorgensen, Larry Mosher. ,.. 9a G.A.A. SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Tratt, Doris Smith, Sandra MC- Donald. STANDING: Eleanor Smith, Glenda Davis, Patricia Cooper. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association, here in Union Springs Central School, is to offer to every girl in school the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities regardless of her ability. Those girls possessing a higher degree of skill have the opportunity to participate in plays days, and inter-school activities. Student leadership is promoted for those who show special interest in the program and who possess capabilities for leadership. A girls' program is organized in which the ultimate aims and objectives bring out and develop a well-rounded school and for future years. There are several activities in which the girls may take part which include hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, table tennis, badminton, archery, tennis and cheerleading. All of these activities are set up under a point system which enables a girl to earn letters and awards. These awards are presented at the Annual Sports Banquet held in the Spring. The officers of the Girls' Athletic Association for this year are: President, Doris Smith, Interclass Director, Sandra McDonald, Secretary-Treasurer, Shirley Trattg Social Chairman, Glenda Davis, Seventh Grade Representative, Patty Cooper, Eighth Grade Representative, Eleanor Smith. Miss Flora Andrews, girls' physical education director, acts as advisor to this group and much of the success of the organization can be directly attributed to her help and assistance. 9 FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Gans, Linda Kierst, Marcia Mosher, Maxine Jorgensen, Charleen Ward, Bertha Hopkins, Judy Osborne, Janet Quinn. SECOND ROW: Miss Andrews, Glenda Davis, Claudia Jorgensen, Georgene Pinckney, Sandra MacDonald, Emma Ran- dall, Penny Austin, Sandra Walters, Doris Smith, Wilma Black. In the middle of the basketball season, an imaginary varsity team was drawn utp of those girls whom Miss Andrews believed showed the ability, enthusiasm, skill, e fort, and knowledge of the sport to warrant having them on this honor team. Any girl named to this all-star team receives five extra points toward her athletic awards. These awards are given at the Awards Banquet sometime in April or May. The girls did not play at any other school, but divided up into two teams. The white team's captain was Claudia Jorgensen, the blue's was Doris Smith. These games were played during activity period with each team winning one game, and tying another. These girls deserve much credit for having the honor of being selected for such an imaginary all-star basketball team. Ps w VULLEYB FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Charleen Ward, Beulah Pethybridge, Joyce Gans, Mar- cia Mosher, Carolyn Wheeler, Angie Martino, Linda Kierst, Judy Osborne, Carol Bobbett, Janet Quinn. SECOND ROW: Miss Andrews, Paula Smith, Diand Dundas, Glenda Davis, Claudia Jorgensen, Georgine Pinckney, Sandra MacDonald, Emma Randall, Beverly McBride, Maxine Jorgensen, Sandra Walters, Doris Smith, Wilma Black. When volleyball season came, a girls' all-star varsity team was chosen by Miss An- drews. The girls showed the ability, effort, and knowledge of the sport to enable them to be named to this honor team. Almost every activity period for two months the girls worked hard and long to shape up an excellent team. Out of the twenty-two girls on this all-star team, ten of the most outstanding were chosen to play at a playday outside of school. These girls were as follows: Angie Martino, Maxine Jorgensen, Judy Osborne, Georgene Pinckney, Beverly McBride, Charleen Ward, Glenda Davis, Sandra Walters, Linda Kierst, and Doris Smith. The volleyball playday, representing all the Cayuga County schools, was held at Cato Meridan Central School, March 28, 1957. At this playday each team enters either a winner's or loser's contest, and play until every team is eliminated but one. These girls should be congratulated for having the honor of being named to this all-star volleyball team. T ARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Kahler, Donald Nickerson, Nancy Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Georgene Pinckney, Paulette Erhardt, Edward Wade. Celinda Kierst, Claudia Jorgensen, Doris Smith. When September of 1956 came, there was a change in trying out for cheerleading. This year, because of the interest of several boys, it was decided to choose six girls Qinstead of sevenj and two boys for the cheerleading squad. The squad was chosen by try-outs before Miss Andrews, Mr. Mulligan, and three other teachers. A point system was set up and the eight people with the most points are automatically the cheerleaders. For the football season, all the cheerleaders wore gray slacks and white sweatshirts. Basketball season came with the girls wearing the same uniforms as the last four seasons. Don Nickerson, the only boy left on the squad, wore the same uniform as football season. Eddie Wade faithfully cheered the team on even after he was dropped from the squad. The Varsity cheerleaders hope to have new uniforms next year to start the basketball season off. The Annual Cheerleading Banquet was held November 7, 1956, at Springside Inn for all cheerleaders of Cayuga County Schools. This was held to bring together all girls, and one boy, who are cheerleaders to discuss the rules and regulations of cheerleading. Few new cheers were learned this year by the cheerleaders, as they did their best to make better the more familiar cheers. Signs around the school and at the playoff games were done by the cheerleadersg cheering our boys on to victory. These few people worked diligently and did their best in cheering for the team whether win or lose. AA-. . JUNIGR VARSITY CHEERLEADER LEFT TO RIGHT: Maxine Jorgensen, Glenda Davis, Beverly McBride, Ann Tanner, Patricia Roudabush, Judy Clark, Wilma Black, Shirley Tratt. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders have worn the same purple and white uni- forms which they wore last year but by next year they hope to have new uni- forms for the coming seasons. On November 7, the cheerleaders attended the annual cheerleading banquet where the rules and regulations involving cheerleading were discussed. The cheerleaders helped to encourage the team on to victory and without their help the team would not have been as successful as they were with the help of the cheerleaders and the loyal fans. Sl Our football team in action! J N AI lLou mb c'ornPl,.- CZ-BZ-Q DOA, -6245-6:0 Men 'LS Af Huck r B2 fa 20 filler ggia ff' 77! IC. 1 .LD-:ai c 70 4 ff K uc ILE Affvo jffi4a21LVA1! :sf ,gfeufv Z f'7'4'ef1f gf, E 5.4 Eb M fx NX Qxg ff mX f S N Compliments of THE COWLES DISSOLVER CO., INC. CAYUGA, NEW YORK Manufac+urers of lnduslrial Processing Equipmenl' THE IAC WITH THE STARS ' 0 Wilh Congrafulafions and Besl Wishes QQFICUA, l 4 f 41 4- ,A 4 41.165.22- nfs' T 3'5- 513.-.sig if " 1+ 4 1 lo fhe Class of l957 BEACON FEEDS AND BEACON SERVICE Developed Through 37 Years of Research and Farm Tesfing 1 FEEDS 4 " " 4 f BEACON Showaller Feeds, Inc., Broadway, Va., The Beacon Milling Company, lnc., Cayuga, N. Y., Yorlc, Pa., Laurel, Del., Easlporl, N. Y. 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Sales and Service Farm Equipmeni' Trucks Surge Equipmeni' Phone 223l KING FERRY, NEW YORK Com plimenfs of SOUTHERN CAYUGA PRESS KING FERRY NEW YORK 1i DANKSHA'S WOOD ACRES Roure 5 Corner of GRANT AND STANDARD AUBURN. NEW YORK Phone 2-9769 Complimenfs 'Io Ihe Class of I957 MR. AND MRS. RICHARD WRIGHT Fosrenvlus, NEW Yomc CHET'S SUPREME DRY CLEANERS Dial 22552 Cor. S'I'a'Ie and Pulaski AUBURN. NEW YORK WORDEN'S PAINT HEADQUARTERS s. M. RIDLEY, Prop. Wallpaper, Paint Varnish Veneiian Blinds, Window Shades Pic'I'ure Framing Phone 2-9593 48 Genesee S'I'ree+ AUBURN. NEW YORK HAMILTON. ELGIN, BULOVA GRUEN AND CROTON Complimenrs of Warches af CHARLES M. SHAKELTON FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone Aurora 550 I RUMPH JEWELERS 24 Gran? Ave. Auburn, New York WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING THE G. W. OCKENFELS BOOKSTORE Books-Bibles-Greering Cards I2 Sourh Si. AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenrs of CLARKE FLORIST 27l Clark Sfreef AUBURN, NEW YORK Flowers for All Occasions Compiimenfs of LEWIS' RESTAURANT 300 W. Genesee S+. AUBURN, N. Y. Complimenis of LARKIN'S GROCERY Complimenfs of JOHN STEVEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 22-24 Sfafe S+. Auburn N. Y. Complimenis of O'HARA'S GROCERY THE H. R. WAIT CO., INC. "Try wan. Firs+" 77 Genesee S+ree'l' Auburn N. Y. Complimenis of AURORA GRILL Aurora New York HUGHS CLOTHING STORE Everyfhing for Dad and Lad Moravia, N. Y. Complimenis of AURORA'S IGA STORE W. Rober+ Clarke Complimenrs of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Aurora. New York CHRYSLER IMPERIAL - PLYMOUTH GEORGE H. WARD. INC. 20-26 Wafer Sireei' Auburn, N. Y. Sales Service FENNESSY AND TRACY Good Luck 'Io 'Ihe Shoes Luggage Class of l957 HOSIQYY Purses MR. ROBERT JONES I6 Norih Sf. Auburn. N. Y. Union Springs, N. Y. Bes'I' Wishes From DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM ITHACA NEW YOR l - 1 GEORGE AND GREENE Heafing-Sheer Mefal Eaves-Trouglws K DIAL 2-534i AUBURN, N. UNION SPRINGS HARDWARE STORE BoH'lecl Gas Appliances Plumbing Hearing Phone 7-734I ANN'S RESTAURANT Dinners-Lunches-Shorl' Orders Pizza Is Our Special+y 98 CLARK ST. AUBURN, N. Y. FINGER LAKES OFFICE MACHINE CO. Typewri+er.-Adding Machines Cash Regisiers-Diciafion Equipmeni' Chairs-Desks-Files Ph. 2-l I76 GIB. BROWN R. E. DIRNKLEBEGER 55 Wafer S+ree+ Auburn, N. Y. FRED H. GARDNER GENERAL INSURANCE 7 Cenier S+.. Union Springs NEW YORK Tel. 7-7483 SCHICHT SYSTEM SHOP Office Supplies - Priniing Founfain Pens - Pencils Gold S+amping 34-36 STATE ST.-AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 3942I KILBORNE BROS, INC. Farm Machinery-Mill: Coolers Truck Tires-Oil Freezers-Refrigerafors Sales-Par+s-Service Phone 3 Phone 4 MORAVIA. NEW YORK PHOTO AND GIFT SHOPPE PAUL E. ZELLERS Phofographer Phone 5I45 Aurora, N. Y. CLUB DICKMAN Dancing Every Friday Safurday and Sunday Nighrs AUBURN, NEW YORK GENEVA BAKING COMPANY The Besi' 'For Class of '57 SUNBEAM BREAD AND ROLLS Geneva New York Success Io 'the Class of '57 d Complimenis of for Success Kgainsf Pesr, Call CENTRAL DANIEL 8: STONE 3I-39 Garden SI'ree'l' Auburn, N. Y. DODGE-PLYMOUTH DODGE-RATED TRUCKS We Service Whai' We Sell EXTERMINATING CO. Jordan, New York Complimenis of TOP O' THE HILL BEAUTY SALON DORIS SCHMELZLE Blanchard Rd., Cayuga Besi Wishes io I'he Class of I957 From EARL TURNEY UNION SPRINGS. NEW YORK HERRICK'S DINER 99 Grani' Avenue Auburn, N. Y. IVAN HERRICK, Proprieior JAMESWAY BARN CLEANERS HUB SHOE REBUILDERS CLAY BARN CLEANERS Service-Courfesy-ReliabiIi'I'y JAMESWAY POULTRY EQUIPMENT 9 Norfh S'I'. Auburn, New York Painf of AII Kinds, Aflanfic Produces. Gas, Anfhony Serchia Fuel Oil, Moror Oil, and Grease. Feed. Seed, Phone 2-344' Ferfilizers, and Bean Seed. L. V. Coal Complimenrs of CAYUGA LAKE POST NO. II07 , . A . L . Moravia Tel. 9 and 26I .mencall eglon Locke Phone Popular Ridge 326I U"'9" SP""'95- N' Y' MARSHALL'S CLOTHING STORE Auburn's Leading Siore For Men and Boys I3I GENESEE STREET AUBURN NEW YORK Complimenis of BOB NOLAN'S SPORTING GOODS "We Ser fhe Pace in Spor1's" Phone 2-I72I 49 GENESEE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Special Aufo Insurance Raies +o Drivers Training Graduafes and Girl Drivers W. P. SCHERMERHORN CompIe+e Insurance Service Including Life Insurance Counseling AUTO LIFE FIRE POLIO Phone 2-I944 FLEMING. N. Y. CompIimen+s "ART MILLER'S" ROTARY SERVICE 68-74 Norfh S+reeI' AUBURN, NEW YORK BORST BROS.. INC. In+ernaI'ionaI Harvesfer Farm Equipment lndusirial Paris and Service Dealers for 43 Years Phones 36233 and 36234 II2 CIarI: Sireei' AUBURN, NEW YORK MOSHER REAL ESTATE Dial 2-427l COLWELL INSURANCE AGENCY Dial 2-634-I GROUND FLOOR OFFICES I2 Exchange S+., Auburn, N. Y. Congra+uIa1'ions 'Io +I1e "-ii CITES SERWCE Class of '57 Gasoline-Hearing Oils Accessories AUBURN SAVINGS BANK GEORGE BROS. UNDER THE TOWN cLoc:K Acme '-Qu,lgh,-- p,gn+ GENESEE AT SOUTH R. D. No. I Souih S+. Rd Member of The Federal Deposif AUBURN. N. Y. Insurance Corporaiion Dial 2-534l "Bes+ Wishes To The Class of '57" for a BRIGHT FUTURE GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION Union Springs, N. Y. QUALITY MOLDED PLASTIC PRODUCTS ELECTRO-MECHANICAL ASSEMBLIES A Good Place To World LUKE WILLIAMS 8: SON. INC. Lumber and Building Supplies I9-2I Norfh Green Sireef AUBURN NEW YORK Congra+ula+ions To The Class of I957 HARRY'S TIRE 8: SUPPLY CO., INC. 6-8-I0 Garden Sf. AUBURN NEW YORK Besf Luclr and Good Wishes JIM 81 FLOYD-S +o The Gradua1'ing Class RESTAURANT G' L' F' Spaghe'Hi and Meal' Balls PETROLEUM PLANT pina York 5+fe0+ STATE STREET AUBURN NEW YORK AUBURN' N. Y. Complimenfs of Your SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS ROCHESTER LABORATORY, INC. GI1 RICHARDS AND DONAHUEN INC. 950 Ridge Ra. WEBSTER, NEW YORK Home of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WURLITZER ORGANS AND PIANOS TELEVISION-HI FI NORGE APPLIANCES LESSON STUDIOS AUBURN MUSIC STORE 7-I I GENESEE ST. AUBURN. N. Y. AUBURN MUTUAL AGENCY, INC. 92 Genesee Sfreei Auburn, New York JAS. ROR STEVENSON CAYUGA FRUIT FARM Norfh Side of Cayuga Village C. E. MINER, INC. FORD SALES AND SERVICE Weedsporh N. Y. Phone 766l Corner Bru'I'us and SOLIIII Sis. R+. 90 Apples in Season FOSTER'S MIDWAY GARAGE Gas-OiI 24 Hr. Tow Service Comphmems of Accessories Phone Auburn 3-5848 H L Rouie 5-20 Cayuga. N. Y. AUBURN BEST WISHES NEW YORK FW" MR. RAY AIIen's Poinf Union Springs, N. Y. Complimenls of DICK'S DEN Prop. R. H. WEIDER FORD Q SALES-SERVICE lSince I9l7l HENDERSON 81 LATHROP, INC. Auburn. New Yorl: Complimenls of TATA'S GROCERY 283V2 Clarlc Slreel Auburn, New York Complimenfs of FRANK RICHARDSON Union Springs, New Yorlr Complimenls of GREY'S TEA ROOM Aurora, New Yorl: Your School Jeweler L. G. BALFOUR CO. Leland Lee LlBERMAN'S JEWELRY STORE Experl' Wafch and Jewelry Repair Eyes Examined and Glasses Fi'H'ed Over 60 Years of Service Weiches. Diamonds and Silverware Complimenls of McGLYNN'S Sc TO Sl.00 Union Springs. N. Y. 62 Genesee S+. Auburn. N. Y. SAMUEL B. SILBERT JENKINS Oplician-Dispenser LABOR A-I-ORIESI 'NC Dial 3-7032 I2 William Slreel' AUBURN. NEW YORK BINOCULARS-BAROM ETERS MICROSCOPES-MAGNIFIERS EYE GLASS FRAMES I7-I9 Wall Slreei' Auburn New Yorlr C566 Complimenis of BOB SCHRAMN'S BARBER SHOP HARRY F. ALLEN 8: CO. Fine Foofwear I44 Genesee S+. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenis of THE COTTON SHOP '2I Genesee Sfreei' Auburn, N. Y. Complimenis of JOHN STEVENS DEPARTMENT STORE 22-24 S'IaI'e S'I'. Auburn, N. Y. FRED L. LANES HOME TOWN MARKET Refail-Wholesale 25 Norfh Sfreei Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of LAWRENCE NEDROW'S RED 81 WHITE STORE Groceries and Meais King Ferry, New York Complimenfs of C I. + JossoN's GARAGE 'mp 'men S Union Springs, N. Y. of a FRIEND Auiomobile Painiing Always Being Too Perfeci' Makes One Too Demanding, Too Aggressive Too Ego+is+icaI. Too Boring and FinalIy-AIone,- Wiih Himself Complimenis of GEORGE SPEAR STYLE-RITE HOMES IHomes Io Your Plans or Ours, 69 Troop Ave. Phone 2-8225 for Further Informaiion LAWTON'S SERVICE Gasoline. Oils and Aufo Accessories Aufo and Truck Repairing I76 Clark Sfreei' Auburn, New York Besi' Wishes +o 1'I1e Class of I957 MARTLEW'S MARKET CHOICE WESTERN BEEF Dial 2-264I 1 BEE LINE COMPLETE ALIGNMENT SERVICE BLAINE M. BAKER Sialic and Dynamic Wheel Balance Frames. Axles. Rear Housings Slraighlened "26 Years of Fine Service" Phone 2-283l 2 Seminary Avenue AUBURN. NEW YORK METERED AND BOTTLED GAS Call L. P. GAS AND APPLIANCE SERVICE Phone 3I5I KING FERRY. NEW YORK SIMKIN HARDWARE Plumbing Sheer Mefal Service POPULAR RIDGE, N. Y. Complimenfs of HENRY J. COILEY, INC. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 276 Moravia, New Yorlr Complimenls of KINGS GARAGE 81 SUPPLY G.M.C. Sales and Service WH "General Aufo and Trucking Repairing" Re'I'ail Glass Wholesale 264-268 Clark Srreel' MORAVIA NEW YORK AUBURN. NEW YORK Dial 2-954i CLARK 81 WHALEY FUEL SERVICE Cifies Service Producis Olcl Company's Lehigh Coal R.F.D. No. 3 Phone 2-9832 CLYDE C. LOWERY Grade "A" Pasreurized Milk and Cream Guernsey Homogenizecl Mill: FRESH EGGS COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 7-2I I3 Union Springs, New Yorl: Complimenis of SIGNOR'S TEA ROOM HILLTOP LUNCHEONETTE Cayuga, N. Y. Pina Anal- 7 For ihe Besf of Everyfhing, Buy HersI1ey's Ice Cream. Phone H304 PLESZAR s. PROP. lNGERSALL'S LAWNCRAFT h Levanna-Scipio Road It Complimenh of P 3498 A .N Y , ""' """ 'W 0' noN s BEAUTY SHOP Lawn Ornamenfs, Signs, Giffs. Toys, Piclure Framing. Complimenfs of SCOFIELD HARDWARE SENECA FALLS NEW YORK Complimenfs of THE AURORA INN Aurora, New York Complimenfs of ROSE'S BAKERY 286V2 Wesi' Genesee SI. Auburn. New York THE DOUGLASS BOOK STORE Books-Slafionery-Porlable Typewrifers F-ounlain Pens-Pencils Greeiing Cards for All Occasions II6 GENESEE ST. AUBURN. N. Y. ST. CLAIR REPAIR SERVICE Radio--Television Appliances New and Used Seis Sold Elecrric Wiring-Guaranfeed Work AURORA. NEW YORK PHONE 349I GEBHARD TRYAN 81 LATTIMORE GENERAL INSURANCE I9 Soufll Sf. Auburn, N. Y. VAN DUZER APPLIANCE CO. Sfoves and Refrigeraiors Frigidaire Sales Backed Wiih Fac+ory Service NUGENTS I07 Genesee Sf. Auburn, N. Y. Dep+'s. 23 Nor+h S+. Auburn, N. Y. W""'e"'s 'nd Mlm" Phone 2-3422 Wearing Apparel WILLIAMS CITIES SERVICE Complimgnfg gf Gas-Oil-Lubricafion SCI PI QVILLE Tires-Bafleries-Accessories GARAGE Complimenfs of MUTUAL CANDY COMPANY 4I Wall Sfreel' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenls of HOWARD BROS. APPLIANCES 3I E. Genesee S+. Auburn. N. Y. STREVY'S TYPEWRITER STORE Royal S+andard, Eleciric and Porfables 'SALES-RENTALS-REPAI R I5 Exchange S+. - Auburn, N. Y. CAYUGA COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Our new building reflecfs our faiih in Auburn and Cayuga Counfy. I I I-I I5 Genesee S+. Auburn, New York Member of F.D.l. CORPORATION FINGER LAKES TAVERN Famous 'For ITALIAN-AMERICAN FOOD AND PIZZA PIES Nigh'I'Iy Enrerfainmenf Pariies and Banquefs Dial 2-9938 Clark Sfreei' Road Auburn, New York Complimenis of FRED H. TUTTLE Ford Sales and Service KING FERRY. NEW YORK CompIimen'I's of CAYUGA EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Farm and Indusfrial Equipmeni' SOUTH STREET ROAD AUBURN, NEW YORK Tel. 3-77I 2 Ford TracI'ors and lmplemenis LESTER E. BREW LESTER E. BREW, JR. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 3-6293 48 Souih S+. Auburn. N. Y. HAHN BROS. CITY LINE SERVICE KLOCK'S ROTARY Souih SI. Road and Auburn New York BLUE SUNOCO PENNSOIL SURPLUS CENTER GENERAL REPAIRS. Mofavw- N- Y- Complimenis of WOLFE COAL YARD Blue Coal and Oil VILLAGE MARKET BOB MYERS, Prop. Fresh Meals Groceries Frui'I's and Vegefables Union Springs Phone 7-2245 Phone 7-733' Complimenfs of THE IDEAL CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Specialisf Phone 3'35II Glamour Deb's Spor+ Shoes 247 W. GENESEE STREET for Girls 'TUBURN' Nj YT RobIee's 'For Men DeI"e'Y Se"""e "' AUBURN SENECA FALLS Union Springs Area AUBURN ARMATURE CO. ELECTRICAL POWER EQUIPMENT MOTORS GENERATORS VENTILATING EQUIPMENT Phone 3-5388 29I Granf Avenue AUBURN. NEW YORK FINGER LAKES SPORTING GOODS 79 Fall S+ree+ SENECA, N. Y. Complimenls of COSENTINO FLORIST I39 Dunning Avenue AUBURN. NEW YORK ROYAL DRY CLEANERS Tailoring and Dyers 35 Easf Genesee Sf. AUBURN. N. Y. R.D. No. I Telephone Auburn, New Yorlr 2l039 MRS. MARY A. HOXIE Regisfered Spencer Corsefiere Individually Designed Spencer Ph. 2,l86I Founclaiions Congrafulafions. Class of '57 SHAW 8' BOEHLER Tux Same Day 2 Days Florisk Renials on on Service Dry Cleaning Shirfs I40 Dunning Avenue Over 35 Yrs. Experience AUBURN- NEW YORK GOLDEN GUERNSEY Give Golden Guernsey a Trial- BE CONVINCED OF ITS SUPERIORITY Children Love Golden Guernsey Children who ordinarily refuse mill: soon gef 'lhe GOLDEN GUERNSEY habif. Moihers 'find 'lheir worries and 'lroubles are over wiih GOLDEN GUERNSEY. Child- ren prefer ii' fo oiher 'foods and ifs complefeness of food value malres if unneces- sary fo urge children fo eaf foods for which fhey do noi' care. Scienfisfs 'I'ell us fhal' 'I'as'I'e buds on 'Phe fongue grow less acfive as age progresses, perhaps fhese youngsfers can male a choice for 'lhemselves so long as 'I'hey have plenfy of mills. Two fhirds of a glass of GOLDEN GUERNSEY gives as much nourishmeni' as nearly a full glass of ofher millr. The appefizing habif forming 'Flavor of GOLDEN GUERNSEY may be due fo fhe ex+ra mill: sugar of fhe increased buHerfa+. Profein, minerals and vifamins give if a "fuller bodied" flavor. AUBURN GUERNSEY FARMS, Inc. W. Genesee Road Phone-Auburn 2-6332 Frigidaire Besf Wishes +o +he Class of '57 GORDON C. PALMER Chevrole+-New and Used Cars Frigidaire Appliances Mobil Producis SERVICE WITH A GRIN "WE ARE NOT SATISFIED UNTIL YOU SHOULD BE" A TIRES I Lys GO0D,'s?EARf We'II Deal Your Way Any Day COLE AND HINDS CHEVROLET, INC. 366 Genesee SI'ree+ AUBURN, NEW YORK Your Lifile Dollar Treafs You Besf aI' SCHRECK BROTHERS FURNITURE I4-l4V2-I6 E. Genesee S'Iree+ Auburn. New Yorlr CongraI'uIa+ions Class of I957 MATTH EW'S DRY CLEANERS Also COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE Union Springs 7-2I22 SPEED QUEEN AUTOMATIC WRINGER WASHERS WASHERS AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC DRYERS IRONERS SALES AND SERVICE RONDINA FURNITURE CO. 56-64 Side S+. I23-I25 Main S+. Auburn. N. Y. Porf Byron A Complere Line of FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS and G. E. APPLIANCES Complimenis of AUBURN MACHINE 8: TOOL I5 Wadsworih S'I'reef AUBURN. NEW YORK PERFECTION DRY CLEANERS HENRY M. TAMBURU, MG. Phone 3-544I 57 Norfh Sfreef Auburn, New Yorlr CompIimen+s of BERGEN ELECTRIC AUBURN NEW YORK Complimenis of GORDON MOTOR PARTS 209 EXCHANGE ST. GENEVA, NEW YORK Complimenis of F. S. JOHNSON PAPER CO. 24 Marlzei S+. AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenis of BLUE MOON CO. I39 Clark S+ree+ AUBURN. NEW YORK Phone 2I3I I Complimenis of CAYUGA GLASS CO. 4 E. Genesee Sf. AUBURN. NEW YORK Phone 36332 Complimenis of P. M. HERRON HARDWARE CO. Auburn New York Complimenfs of AUBURN UNIT PARTS 2I Dill Sf. AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenh of MUTUAL CANDY COMPANY 4I Wall Sireei Auburn, New York Compliments of AUBURN G.L.F. SERVICE 772 Q5-:U o gjisk ,gikgzfwz " ff iw f 23 5 fe '5'? f J! Q QXS Eng, AUTOGRAPHS 1 w yu , Arm, if V A : EK, ., Y. fav: 'ft J' 'ul w w 1 , -u, I N -iv, U, GL, w"f ' I Irv' U ,A .44 . 1 xv +u , x il ' -l. w u ,u X . w., '.". ,wuwwz W, -5' H. 2 YL H ju, u N , H, V . 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Suggestions in the Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) collection:

Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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