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Aim.. - ...H ff ii ! 5 3 J ,iii QS 5 ,,gwf,1-k,.Y,T1.-,, ,'. Q ., .. . .1 in W-1, P A .YZ .im Lk,5,7,g.miA v?MU,?5.a, ,1,4,g,1,,:, ,Ex A , X 5 - . .- 1 5igg:lQfg ' ,K ww .. .M X A .. 'ff-- W-tw wz.-X - vip! gg, my - if 2 xwx Mg K V .Figs if I Q ' A. fsi , xii? -YE! 3 lx -. l Qfxti :jfs ' 15-ix? . t , A Laiifib Lsqffw .F . gf,,,xQ'Q f 2- zz. X l L- 1, Mg -..L f-om, 'Us an-Q1 f T QQ?" 5 X :XA . KL Q4 5 5 l .S .Q.. ,wx . yiffil Lf Q ,Q . -315 .L X -Q ,-,M f-may fn M4 'Wav ' id" want' -ww. Q -3-4 1 L'- 'U QSM, Q9 'W "" N is QQSK J' 4"""" lv f 'QNQ - 'Ubin 4, M.-sq -.A ni-Q TTIEKFFUDDTTEHQANS ,a X 1956 Published by THE CLASS OF 1956 UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOOL UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. THE FRCDNT UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHGOL 0'-"""" v . f - . t .. AC I 956 UNION SPRINGS, NEW YORK Art Editors - Assistants ....... Sports Editor ...... Literary Editor ..... Advertising Manager .... Assistant ,.,,.,,....,....., Assistant ........ ...... YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................,,., MARLENE FRIES Assistant .,,,......... ,,...v. N ANCY WILDE Business Manager .e--, ,,-.,-- J ACKIE O'I-IARA Assistant .............,. . ..,,.,.. BARBARA KOCUR Circulation Manager .......... DIANNE BOULEY Assistant .eee.e...eee..,.,.v,........ JOAN ROBBINS BEVERLY THURSTON WILMA TREAT WILBUR OSBORNE JOEL CHAPPELL STANLEY TYLER BRUCE DAVIS WILLIAM PEARCE ANN PRESTO -- KATHLEEN NOVAK CCNTENTS Title Pages Table of Contents Foreword Administration Division Pages Principals Board of Education Senior High Faculty Senior Division Pages Dedication Senior Advisors Honor Roll Senior Individuals Snapshots Senior Play Junior Prom Frontenac Staff E American Field Service Representatives Senior Statistics Classes Division' Pages 'Classes Grades Division Pages Mr. Chisamore Cayuga Cafe Staff and Cayuga School Grades Elementary Faculty School Life Division Pages Guidance Counselor and Medical Staff Office Staff and Dental Hygienist Bus Drivers and Mechanics Cafeteria Staff and Maintenance Staff Industrial Arts and Agriculture Shop Senior Store and Library Staff Activities Division Pages FFA FHA Frontenac Island Yorker Club French Club Traffic Court Student Council Recreation Committee and Newspaper Staff Senior Chorus All-State Musical Contestants Beginners' Band and Majorettes Junior Band Senior Band Sports Division Pages J V and Varsity Football Cross Country J V Basketball ,UV Basketball Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Track Wrestling Girls' Volleyball Girls' Softball GAA Officers JV Cheerleaders Varsity Cheerleaders 1-3 4 5 6-7 8-9 10- 1 1 12-13 14-15 16 17 18 19-27 28-29 30-3 1 32-33 34- 35 36-37 38-39 4-0-45 4-6-47 48 49 50-62 63 64-65 66 67 68 69 70 7 1 72-73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86-87 88 89 90 91 92-93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 Advertising Division Pages 102-103 . A . ,V,. i -, ,,., . . :,. , , .. ' . 1 v -' , A .cfzfl-:J'?l.' '.":.-rf'S1Z'v- ,Q-C "'::. -?.qf3bf':Y'ff55s ar ,. Q X , M, sagiav-.s,g1.,, . Ty' 5-mg if-gt, K ,fs X .N 4 ' K U N I O 'NCS CENTR AL as . ,, , , K MN FGREWO RD This is the yearhook of our class for the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six. By means of this medium we have attempted to record'the happiness and activities of this year. In the hook we have tried to tell the story of our school and to present its life in words and pictures. We wished to make our yearbook not only a record hut also an interpreter of customs, traditions, and ideas. As the term "Time', plays such an all-important role in every phase of our school life, we have selected it as our theme. PF.. ...Yrs- 0 . iff, X J F M? - 2,1 ,...-75' if Q LQ 'Mm nzslfabo . . gm l' .r-, K "f C-NH, :SM "g ,-2' -.. - ' ' gw .- Xl ri F. -4, , ,gig , .. ,. F rj-9,3 .Q-f tr .., ,ff 1 7-'Z' -----is ,- -cr "fs ' 'l' 5 D' - .4 '- 'J Hi-fr' --..,:3-' Y. L xi W Ts A--Lb xt .4134 QC,-, ml -'A . xl' , 5 A .-. -, -5 1, , , L fr'-5 J -Q ,2 2 , A,,2 lf, il- - , L.. -- fr ,J -4' Y- ,Z Y-A-gr - S- I w 5 -HJ A . - . ,-."' 6- ff" " . 'A-4 , 'i A 2 -, H N - q - . I ' 7 4 An old proverb, author unknown, advises Hlmprove your time and your time will improve you." To each member of the Class of 1956 I express a wish that there will be many opportunities now and in the future for you to improve your time and that each of you will he alert to recognize these opportunities and wise enough to grasp and utilize them. Best wishes, Sincerely, ANDREW J. SMITH Supervising Principal OUI RINCIPALS Time is running out for you, the Class of 1956. Your high school program of education is nearly completed. Some of you have done your job well, have used your time wisely, others have not. The old sayings, "Tempus fugitf' and '6Time waits for no manf' were never more appropriate than they are today. There is apparently only one thing of which all of us have the same amount, and that is Time. Learn to use yours wisely. Best of luck, RICHARD J. MUON Mr. Harvey Smxth Mr. Lawerence Gould Mr A C Mathews OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Ralph Webster, Vice President Mr. Floyd Chapin Mr. Harold Orchard Mr . B1 ' 501111, . ack. Clerk .S11p,.,Viql,n . - H prjnc, 'Dal- y Mr' O scar Schlap Mr. John Rc-ohr, Jr.. President: Mr. Paul Newmang Dr. N. I.. Woodford, Medical Inspector for the School. if +f.+:,o .. 95 Pi, Board Memb f"f M, chasm B SENIOR HIGH FACULTY Back row: Mr. Hudson, Mr. Cammans, Mr. Vasquez, Mr. Eldred, Mr. Connell, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Bommer, Mr. Shotwell, Mr. Klock. Middle row: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Tan- ner, Miss Hockeborn, Mr. Mulligan, Mr. Kane, Miss Andrews, Mrs. Colgan, Miss Rhodes, Mr. Chappell. Third row: Miss Purcell, Miss Northridge, Miss Parsons, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Moon, Mrs. Boomer, Miss Johnson, Miss Torrey. TEACHERS' ASSGCIATION The Union Springs Central School Teachers, Association is a professional organization whose purposes are to promote the interests of education at all levels, local, state, and national, to consider matters pertaining to the welfare of teachers, to foster better relationships among members of the faculty, the administration, the board of education and the superintendent, and to pro- mote the good fellowship and cordial relationships of the entire staff by means of various social activities. Its members include all teachers and administrators in the school system. This association has its own constitution and by-laws which were adopted in June 1952. The organization is affiliated with the New York State Teachers' Association. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIRECTORS Left to right: Miss Flora Andrews, Robert Mulligan, Harold McBride. fe niors gg o 'xg xx YN X -.g TO MR. ROBERT MULLIGAN A dedication is a special honor expressing gratitude and respect, that is set apart from some work or duty. With this in mind, we wish to extend this honor to our friend and coach, lVlr. Mulligan. Since joining us five short years ago, he has hecome a friend and com- panion to all who know him. He has added something a little extra to our school life. ln recognition of his friendly interest and faithful service to us and our school, we, the Senior Class of l956, take this as our small way of repaying him. ZO'-4'-SPG'-'Ul'r1U Wa-. tha- 4-lass of l'Jn6. also wish to show our grulitufh' to Mr. Frml H. finrthn-r, who, through his control over any prohlm-ni or situation that arises, has In-Ipi-fl us km-p vool In-axis and Clear hrziins. By his uhh' Supervision in our nionvy-rnzlking projvrzts we have hccn uhh- to lu- an Slltfliifiifii-Ill vluss financially. VW- wish to 1-xtvnfl our wholeheartetl thanks to holh of our 1-lass advisors and wish th:-m the In-st that any future Can hold. OUR ADVISOR Tha' f.fI'lHilliltiIlQ' class of 1056 wishvs to show its zipmf-m'iation to Mrs. Ida J. Smith for tht- um'vusing glliduiice and mlvivv she- has given us to lift us gc-ntly ovvr the hurcilvs that at the time sc-vnu-ci to he our falling point. Our themv, "Tiim'." rm-prvsonts the time and putic-nt unch-rstzmding sho has shown towards vuvh and 1-very one of us. Again wi- give- our fhwotmwl thanks for hm' toil and um-mling 1-fforts. THE CLASS OF 1956 TREASURER NANCY WILDE Tuki Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Worker 1, 2, Senior Store 4 Traffic Court 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Cheerleading l Oswego State DOUGLAS PINCKNEY Doug Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4- Student Council 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 3 Class Play 3 Class Officer 1, 4 Track 4 Band 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 College WILBUR OSBORNE Will Baseball 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Valedictorian 1 Class Play 4 Electrical Engineer BARBARA KocUR Barb Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 CAA Officer 3 Traffic Court 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Quee-n's Court 3 FHA 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Secretarial Work 3,4 4 SECRETARY 5 ,fif 3 Sgifi 2: ' -1' f +4325 fy. QR Q in '3 2- ' f ' 521 - . fx 1 w g Y , ,.,,f, 5. s, .11 SE, 'EQ x 'Y e Q' x 3 L Lf V gi fQieS5ifigf il .W Q., ., if Qi, ix ww Qiiigf ' , . ' 5 9 aff 51 . , JB T W3 KA'I'III.I-:IIN NOVAK Klllll I f.IlQ'l'fI1'lIlIIlIQl 1,4 Yn'III'Iumk Fluff -I IVII 'K 3. -I IIIIrIIIIIIIrzIIs I, 2. 3. 4 I,I'llllI IIUIITI 3 I.IIII'IIry Nuff I Nure-ing IJIINNA JI:I.I lmgx IIIIIIImIII'IIIs I. 2. 3. II N!'W'NlliIlN'l4 SIQAII "I 'I'rIIIfiI- CIIIIIII I1 SI-Ilinr Share- XIlllI1lgIl'K' 4 I 4'lll'INHlIi SIIIII 3. II S1'4'l'1'ILH'Ii1I WIIIFIK SANIIIIA IIIKUSSCIHWIC SIIIIIII III-I-I'I'zIIiIm IIIIIIIIIIIIII-v I LIIIIIIIN 2. 3 IIIIFHIIIIITUIN I, 2. I1 f'Ill4'l'll.5 flour! 3 I 1-III'Imnk Nuff 3, 4 fivnior 5InI'1'II IAIII-r ul IIll4'1'ilIlilIl'I'8.If' IIIIII I.Hllllll!'lli't'lIH'llI 3 IIII-kvrlmll Work:-r I. 2. 3 I Imffu- f.IyIII'l 3 I'Iuy Prvmmplf-r 3 IN Ill'NIllg IIUIZFIIVI' LAwIII:NI:E Huff IIIINIU-IIIIIII 2 Wl'1'xIIIII:1 3 IIIHITIIN 2. 3 IHIl'illllIIl'ilI'- I. 2. 3 II. S. Navy IIoIm'I'IIY IIINCKNEY llrnnpv' GAA CUIIIII-il 3 IIIIYHIIIIIHIIS I. 2, 3. 4 IIIII-I'rI1-zIIIiIIg IVIzInIIg1-r 2 NI-wxpupvr Stuff 4 RI-I'rvIIIion IIIIIIIIIIIIII-4' 4 FIIA 3. 4 Claw I'IIIv 4 IIsIII-r III IIllllllII4'IIf'f'llll'lII 'NIvIIiI'uI S4-vre-tary VIIIGINIA OICONNOR Cinnv' IIIIrIIIIIIIruIs I. 2. 3. 4 Rifle- IIIIIII I, 2 I-'IIA 4 Nursing YUM 'vm 13 A, Mn, , k 'fig 'bi 1 .mg i - Lf-fv ' y A-f . M xg ,R . ,El S3 1 ,-- . - A 2 Q S 'E J X mx X A Q ' 4 .KL A wx,- - 1 A fm-. x f-'wx i ,5 . L '- sis:-firkf 3, . xg 'K is . in . 1 H v f gi Q x if A fi K s Y X 3 ,Avg if X K , ' ..,. 'T 1 W1-31: Q, I U- lids WM .Q ,7 if ww. i. xx N1 4 Q fs ,.-.,. 3 W 1 H .H . L. zz-Q H ... . .,,,, , . kgjgkm - -f if 'W -Q ag 9 -5 af QQ? T-5 , . Ag .1 :X 142 - 5.2153 K ifQf'l..' W. 1 ., M . X I-QQ-X, 7' T . X 6 wife, L fm? V Yllmlxi- . jfxff U bmi new . x wx ' 'sf sw nf ' , "ir , X JF. .L m:xe,fi.f -xv '23 Q A fi, . wi .5 ,M W-s bi -'Na If L 5 X fx R, S. Q1 3 'if N Q 5 ..,: 3 L 'gr Q Six-xg .g4i,fe,:gm. K N T3 Aw M My i A j f f ' ff i .iii NQQQQ- M 3 A Q " ,ffl uw - X QM 3' ini? ' f N X Q QE w Xb xv i S ' .. Q . A. . X S H S? N ,W ., , EA 'K 2 S 1 Wan. I .u. 1: Q- Y . A K A 5 x V - A. faq, 'gg ,1 ga-f 1. xy K J 5 k Qs X "' nf ' if wx e -,,iv.N xi iii? XL, S i. Sv my 1 ,Ms W as-if x fig, . , Q X s M uw 'N,3Sf X Q QR ,. A X Q 1. QSM X X,gX xx x N fi . Lf All? KW: f s H fig X 1 gli: lif- if - 1 .riff ii wi 1 - - Y wii X if ' .Erik S iq., , f Q N A f EAS? A 25 x xr 3.1- Picture Not Available JOEL B. CHAPPELL Harney Duals Class Play 3. 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Newspaper 4 Rifle Club 1 Wre-stling Manage-r 2 Basketball Worker 4 Oswego State RICHARD DELANEY Rirh Wrr-stling 3 Band l FFA Secretary 3. 4 Vice President FFA 4 State Convention Baldwin vlllf Undecided RICHARD HARVEY TAv ENER Burk lntramurals 1, 2 Rifle Club 1 Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4 Football 2. 3 Basketball l Teachers College- DAvID EMERY Dave Basketball 1. 2 Basketball Manager 4 Football 3, 4 Senior Store 4 Intramurals 2. 3, 4- Stage Manager 3, 4 Volleyball 2. 3 Navy ROBERT SHUTTER Bob Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Navy DAVID BABBITT Dave Basketball 1, 2, 4 lntramurals 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3 R.l.T. a. we A X .X , A 35,2 HWS 0999 tag 5 ,.,, ig iQ as My R'a' ? OH N0 SYN ' maya EASY! LAT 1 810012 LGGLLSQIQGS E AGAIN X Kit v ,SQPXJ LGVEEIRDS!! , .V HEAVY CGNCENTRATION LIKEABLE LOU 5 scam: FEARLESS FO RSOME BEp,..,. LLSTLN TO UCENA ' Tcl t1 vb HOT Ron QUEEN LOVER GIRLS Q nik I yv, V '11HRV5gyf' Sam YA' IN HfnIx'l'H Ili 1. THE SUNDAY-SCHOGL .LS Hb! MEDITATlNG'? Q'-0 4 T313 DDY Q 'J X 1 il " BELLESH WHO ' S THIS? Doug hifflL HI BJYONDIE . 12 W. R122 NL1-ANBRXCAN , , 98986 Our Senior play in action in the latest Broadway hit." Left to right: David Palmer, Barbara Kocur, Wilbur Osborne, Dorothy Pinckney, Frances Jones, Donna McBride, ,Ioan Robbins Joel Chappell, Joan Hetzel. 4'Glamour Cirlw was the title of our Senior Play. Barbara Kocur took the lead as the title implies, and Dave Palmer, the class of 1956's natural- born actor, played opposite her. It was a very rewarding comedy due to many factors, such as the able direction of Mr. Fordham, the realistic sound effects, and the acting ability of the players. A great deal of experience for this play was gained by our previous plays, "Let Me Grow Upf' our Sophomore play, and our Junior play entitled "Taming the Bratf' both under the direction of the renowned Mrs. Beswick. A grand total of approximately three hundred fifty dollars aided our class in the expense of the Washington trip. 559355 THE SENIOR PLAY wud- 1 "Our stage crew in action" Left to right: David Emery, Marlene Fries, Jackie O'Hara, Caroline Pinckney, Mr. Fordham, Mildred Walters, Robert Ray. naw 1 A at gg ix R L X , ,mgg 4 X .N W 4 ff-'sf 'SUM 3 Mr? OUR PROM For our theme we chose "Signs of the Zodiacf' an unusual but effective scheme. By popular vote of the high school students and faculty, Dianne Bouley was elected queen and Bill Pearce king. The court included: Donna McBride, Barbara Kocur, Kathi Novak, Sandra Crossgrove, Marlene Fries, and Jackie O'Hara. Attendants were Susan Powers and Bob Cum- mings, Jr. THE FRO TENAC STAFF YEARBOOK STAFF Seated, left to right: Mildred Walters, Nancy Wilde, Mr. Chappell, Marlene Fries, Bill Pearce, Jackie O'Hara, Joel Chappell, Donna McBride. Standing: joan Hetzcl, Joan Hopkins. Beverly Thurston, Dianne Bouley, Francis Murdock, Sandra Crossgrove, Kathy Novak. Ann Presto, Joan Robbins, Donna Juli, Barbra Kocur, Wilbur Osborne. We have made utimen the theme of our yearbook because it is the measure around which we have centered our work. The work has been arduous, but as a group we have enjoyed every minute of it. We hope that our yearbook will be treasured by everyone who buys it as well as by each member of the class. All the memories of our high school days have been bound together between the covers ofthe 1956 FRONTENAC-we hope you enjoy reading about them. XMBKILQAN 1"1l'.LLU SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES We were very fortunate to have our school repre- sented in the American Field Service Exchange last summer. ,Iaquelyn O'Hara and Marlene Fries, the girls who were chosen by scholastic ability, have well represented our school and country in Europe. ,laquelyn went to Germany and Marlene went to the Netherlands where they learned some of the customs and ways of the people there. The families with whom they lived were gracious hosts, making them comfortable and teaching them new and fascinating things. We are all honored to have been represented and hope that Union Springs Central School will com- pete in the program again this year. .IAQUELYN O,HARA MARLENE FRIES 35 NAME Raymond Barnard Dianne Bouley Gary Chapin Joel Chappell Sandra Crossgrove Bruce Davis Richard Delaney Elsie Edumunds David Emery Ralph Foster Marlene Fries Donald Groesbeck Nancy Heidenreich Elaine Henderson Joan Hetzel Joan Hopkins John Jetty Frances Jones Ronald J ones Charles Jorgensen Nancy Jorgensen Donna Juli Barbara Kocur Robert Lawerence Donna McBride Larry Mosher Frances Murdock Edward Murray Marilyn Myers Kathleen Novak Virginia O'Connor Jaquelyn O'Hara Wilbur Osborne Audrey Ott David Palmer William Pearce Caroline Pinckney Dorothy Pinckney Douglas Pinckney Ann Presto Robert Ray Andreas Rindfleisc Joan Robbins Harold Sanders Richard Tavener Beverly Thurston Wilma Treat Stanley Tyler Mildred Walters Nancy Wilde h CHIEF ATTRACTION Big feet Glasses Blond hair and blue eyes Dependability?? Figure and nose '4Collegiate" air Red hair Figure Whiskers Blush Innocentness Likeable ways Blue eyes Hair Temper Eyes Red hair Tallness Sharp shirts Curly hair Laugh Legs Talk Looks Hair Flat-top Red hair Manliness Eyes Cuteness Hair Size Brains Petiteness Color combinations Neatness Hair and eyes Long eyelashes Bachelorness Looks Manly physique Voice Neatness Disgusting ways Wavy hair, height Hair, shyness Good sense of humor Quietness Red hair Eyes and sports ability IGF WANTS T0 BE Admiral Secretary Draftsman Teacher Nurse Engineer A member of the A.A. Housewife Electrician Farmer Foreign correspondent Trooper Office worker Nurse Nurse Secretary Another Einstein Commercial teacher Farmer Forest ranger Housewife Secretary Private secretary He doesnit know Phys. Ed. teacher Yankee shortstop Married Naval Electronics Technician Office worker Nobody knows Nurse Tall and thin Engineer Office worker Test driver Millionaire Social worker Medical secretary Football player Rich Engineer Farmer Fatter Teacher Yankee Nurse Office worker President of General Motors Nurse Teacher TATISTICS USUALLY FOUND Clowning around With Ralph Questioning Mr. Gammans Working on the "Duces', At Bill's Out with the bees Ragget hunting With Dick Sleeping in history At Foster's Garage Prof's office Looking for a drag With Noel With Ronnie Baby-sitting at Fordhams, Studying ln the lab Wells College With Elaine Home With Ginny and Caroline Most any place Senior Store Y.M.C.A. pool Here and There Arguing At Young's "Goofing off" Reva Roller Drome Writing to Bill With Nancy and Caroline "Rodding" in her car With his hands on his hips With Bob At the garage Milking the cows Reva Roller Drome With Bob Wrong place Hilltop With Carolyn Home Drugstore At home Around Cayuga Home With Marilyn and Audrey In the Century Port Byron Evading Mr. Gardner "Oh, Yeah" "Hasta La Vista" "Oh, Bill" 66 66 "Well, I'll be dipped" as 56 56 S6 C6 SG "Gizus,' 56 "Oh honestly" S6 "Hi, doll" S6 44 G6 64 G6 56 G6 LS FAVORITE EXPRESSION Sure we will" Well chatter my gearbox" Hum-m-m" Bottoms upn Honestlyn "The I'I- with them" "Well, that's debatablel' 66 I don't know what you meani' Oh, Come on" "Really ? " "Oh, keep stilli' "Ekea-Dekav "Sure" GSGCCZSS is Ya really think so?" Holy cow!" G6 73 What do you want for nothing? What's your gripe?" Are you kidding?" Baloney" "Disgusting I " You're kinda' pressin' your luck" Oh, horse baloney" Well, pardon me" Good" Save your money" "Think so?" "Well, humph l" Ya Jap" I know itll Gee whizv Ya dirty deedern Ya want a medal?', Oh, birds" Cabass, cabassl' Oh, perchn Gee, thanksn Do you really mean that?" Oh, gee whizl' Oh, heck" Too hard" "Wouldn't that frost your cupcakes" C5 99 Howdy Doody WHAT HE OR SHE LIKES Navy Pizza, Cheerleading Webbie D.A. Haircut Bill Honey Mercuries Dick Wine, Women and Money "Mercs" Tall Men Blondes and the Navy Noel Ronnie Playing the Cornet Sports Science Phil and School History? ? ? I-Ie's not fussy Pizza and Coffee Rock n' Roll Food, Popular Music Everything Cheerleading Boats and Swimming Bob Wrestling Skating Bill and Parties Sports "Hill-billy" music P.M. Bob "Chevies"' Basketball Skating and Chuck Bob and Pizza Ronnie Knox To Tell Jokes Wine, Women and Song His Tractor A certain Marine Going Out Michigan State Home TV and Food Buicks Tap -Dancing Hawaiian Music mfwx JD ' IO ,im NN S 'L I. 53 2 Q 2. 3 9 JH ii! . "..'1" x QED -.L f' XX I J ,J f' 1 f, X L .L4,,. ' -s, -v 7 xi. f:""'gQ -ulgry ., if-'ali 41:91- N 5:4-1 Class S XQ. . --5, 'X N, p VX- A sa.. Qxxx bs. .....- .- wh Y.. V '94 xgmxxw. ix x XS Xx -...ig - - -,, Q-'..--r, . Zi 26 MISS TORREY llack row, left to right: John Adams. Dick Hoon, David Speed, Priscilla Hall. Kc-nny Rouse. Deck Rhcnr. Middle row: Doris Baim. Lucille- Huxit-. Miss Torrey, Laura-cn Drown, MR. SHOTWELL Back row. It-ft to right: David llabhitt. Frcd Ryan. David Ftrykcr, Donald Frist:-r, Marty Jones. Eric VanBuskirk, Donald Yuung. Lori-uso Farnnam, Robert Sietz. Middle row: Janet Hvinrc-ich. Marilyn MvKt-el. Nancy Blaisdcll. Mr. ghotwill. JUNIORS Mary Lou Pratt, Eilm-n Connors. Front row: lore-tta Scoficld. Wilma Trait. Nancy Cunningham. Doris Smith. JUNIORS Charlcs Coodsc-ll, Mr. Clifford. Ruth Sawyer. Carolyn Wln-Q-lt-r, Donald Nickerson. Front row: John l.awle-r, lim-tty Hurning. Clara Smith, Janice Bradshaw. Sandra Langle-y, Sandra Down- ing, Emma Randal, Rohr-rt Shuttm-rs. MISS NORTHRIDGE SOPHOMORES lim-k row: liurlun Hua-1-y. Nlurviu Xin-he-r. Hurulml liuily. llall1s.Hl'Uli1hl""ll!lll'i1lgu-,l"rnl1tl'uw:5:ulcIrnXvullm-l's.Ma1l'ilyll Us-nu ll'Agn-Iillu. flurulyn l"rurrn-ll, Mm' lluxi-. ,Iuvk IAlI1lWi4'k, K1llllQ'I', fIhul'l1'r. lla-rri1'lx. Diallle- lhlmlu-, KLll'l'll l'e'rkins. Paul- Nulwrt Flu-Imlnn. 'Vlislnllv row: fflzuulia .lwvrgvrw-11. ,loan Kuhfta. vile' Hurhzlrt. liarlmum Male-Nki. Vis- Nnrlhrimlgug Kif-llurfl Damn. l'ntrif-in MR. ELDRED SOPHOMORES Hawk row: x1i4'hill'l I"itzg1-ralfl, Robe-rt Fronve-, Hunulll llc-rrillg. Ifldre-fl, Dmmalml tilliNilIIlUl't'. Carol Uulnlwtt. Roy Smith, Louis lii1'hur1l 'l're-al, liivhurxi Tallmt, llvrulfl ,llll':lQ'llS1'H, Arthur Sululu. Front row: Marion Saxtmx. Fluinm' Nfclgrinla-. Kay Ward, ilruhum, liivlmrd Hurfhlwrgvr, Richarml Ve-rlwvk. Nlidxllf- ruw: ,'Krlu-nv H1-nm-It. wyilllvfil Yam llorl1.iQ1-org:-lu' Vim-lun-y, llrvnda liivhard Muhulik. Dale- Halle-I, 'I'hmnaQ Svluvrmvrlmrn, Mr. Warrivk. MISS PARSONS Back row: Robert Joyce. Duane Balilmitt, Charles Ward, Janet Quinn. Carlton Bvnliam. Judy Osborne, John Fox. Rnlwrt Smith. Roland Canlplicll. Middlv row: Linda Hcllonald. Susan Palmcr. Jolln Kowal. Xliss Parsons. Stvph:-n Thurston. Joyn- MR. GAMMANS Back row: Wlillianl Eddy. Joycv Vvrlmeck. Joseph Quinn. Kathy Froncv, Charlvc-n Ward. Yvilliam Ryan. Donald Kvnoyer, Angvla Martino. Jack l.awr4-nce. Standing: John Carinody, Sharon Hamilton, Naoma lVlinde. Joycr- Anthony. Nancy Presto. Judy Palnwr. Ann Tannvr. Cram- Tavflnvr. lzelta SOPHOMGRES Gans, Betty Atkins, CllLlTlf'S Kyla:-ndall. Front row: llc-lvn Black. Nancy Lawton. Nancy Tannc-r. llc-wrly ,Me-ry. Sarah Edwards. Sandra Mcllonald. fhldrc-y l'ainI1'r. 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Standing: Pauline Granger, Patricia Lawrence, Barbara Smith, Shirley Axton, Margaret Connors, James Healy, Harold Verbeck, Marilyn Scofield, Anne Wlolfe. Richard Scott. Seated: Charles MRS. COLGAN Back row: Nancy Schenek, Lynne Perkins, Sharon Warner, Shirley Probst, Paul Henderson, Sally Doremus, June Camp- bell, Glenn Francis. Standing: 'lfheodore Simmons. Gloria Alnutt. Irene Quinn, Carol Hargett. Robert Lytle, Mable Sawyer, Jerry Hopkins, Herbert Graham. Seated: Kathy Mul- EIGHTH GRADE Bunnell, Wlilliam Jones, Erie Rindfleiseh, Roger Wlalters, Miss Purcell, Kay Raymond. Elaine Osborne, Patricia Exley. Patricia Roloson. Front row: Robert Holmes, Ralph Minturn, Marita Jobson, Mary Jane Yannotti, Judy Dygert. Mark Doty, Hollis Robbins, David Ray. SEVENTH GRADE lally, David Pinckney, Mitchell Meyer, Larry Newman, Mrs. Colgan, Audrey Cook, Charles Dunham, Joyce Smith. 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A w s- if ,f fr- .. ,. , M Q 8 3 ,5 gl Ag 'X Ag L. , , Q.: .gy W ,- , f ' wm- , . . ZV,, W, ., my , V , ,K . ff, , 4- , 4 , WNW , 2 14 .3 , .J-gknx ,ffm JF v- 3 EFX . , 9 f K , V .Zvi . - 55-11.592 -L . ' , Q V WX I Q I "3 49 5 7 2 ,Q X iw iff? , , ' Q1 , 1 la N QE, ii? A 'M Q ' V A Q ' 'S f if 9, I wx I' V ,4 V L , 5.8! 5 9 , L' W , 45i?7f"'3g f . r .aby 45:52 fi wQ4ff4' i,?a:iHx? , ggxgwifgild , " I 44 2. :L 1 T41 li Ziff Sf' mm Aww . V , ffl V,-T' i ' 'Z 13 3553" 'ff L ,, V, .. ry 4 ,. Q32 , Q . .. . N .1 Nm WL " f 1 43 . ' X .. k- 15 " " Wig 4 x 1, . I X ' Q k 1 +1 A . ., ., .IQ k 3 Q lv ax QF X? Ms wi -V 5 ' x x. ' Egxgg., . Jian -Q' - ' , , if mf Eg? ' f , ffzzfk 'MJ ki , , 'GEL f- , wa -. If if" 'ES' ., wa ' K " if ' ., it ' QF?-my' -,T A uma: bg' ff 3 MM A X l Y , A , K Q K K . mg. Ar mm ' E Six? 3' Si- ' 'wif x ,. we-5-C X i. - S as 53 1 x 4.-, x - A---- . A 1 - , 1 .. 1 X . + ' g , .T A... ' aff if 5 Q ij? - ,. f .- 'Xu 9 1 2 , sis" . 52 4 h ..- ,. uf' 5,3 5 Q gli A4 U , , , .rl . W X x .. 1 5 1 s 2 + ff .- ' H ' ' " . waves. . ' ' .B X A V -uf.. . -, 5 . iw , Q f ,A V9 My C ' Q? ki M 4181. w.?'4'.A , , Rims 3 6 Y I um 1 -1' . f- -f ' 35- .1- I A W n Lk. L 'lffgb xgk fl-xfbs",,'5,:,2,j5.t E Y N, kwa s s ..',w'a R ,. +-jggllg. Y . saw, 1 . , x I rm. tg Li Q, - , X . , z Q2 mugm Q xi., W s lx Q 5 ,. Q, Q MRS. MULDOON SIXTH GRADE Back row: Bernard Watkins, Martha Sproull, Sandra Lee, Nancy Watkins, Alice Burwell, Shirley Granger, Lynn Walter, James Clark, Bruce Bowman, Louise Wright. Second row: Charles Amer- man, Tony Drury, Ronald Rotunda, Elaine Pollard, Dianne Tavener, Kathleen Grubb, Suzanne Marsh, Shirley Blaisdell, Ann Newman, Frederick Hamilton. Front row: Barry Gould, Richard Salato, Martin D'Agostina, Har0lcY'Luther, Joseph Simmons, Leith Foster, Robert Gable. 62 Front row, left to right: Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Worzybzt, Mrs. Ure, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Chisamore, Mr. Chisamore, Mrs. Pratt, Miss Hewey, Mrs. Davis, Miss Dingman. Second row: Mr. Mulligan, Mrs. S4-wer, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Healy, Miss Hopkins, Mrs. Muldoon, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Pearcy, Miss Andrews. Back row: Miss Rhodes, Mrs. Barret, Mr. Fish, Mr. Coons, Mr. Finn, Mr. Klock, Mr. Fordham, Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Brigden, and Mr. McBride. ELEMENTARY FACULTY We are justly proud, we feel, of our exceptionally capable elementary faculty. In 1936 when the Union Springs school was centralized there were six elementary teachers in the central building and six teaching in one room schools. Since 1936 the faculty has grown to twenty-four classroom teachers, an elementary librarian, and an elementary principal. In addition to these, three physical education teachers, two full time and one part time music teachers, one full time and one part time nurse, and one part time speech therapist and a dental hygienist are shared with the junior and senior high school. All grades are housed in regular classrooms at Union Springs and Cayuga. a w f xr 'KIT 'IT 'H . ' flf XX e xx ,f fl X --K 'f fl , 1 X N y I N ,V AX J 1?1-1-if '-Q41-QR. if 'lb' ,iiff-35 ," , 94 122916. fr JU 1 W i .4 X 0- x ' ' N w f f I 1.5 s, X 1 . 1 4 X X K kr-e ,M w sf 0 f' ff- x NK . v f"" S X i Q-Cf' ANXKX. ff "' S -- ,-., , my as ..- .. ,in 'cfz 00 Z D rl Qi 0 v 5 fm' .ma .Q?Mifw.jdl'. :E-iw. .V K 4 -fx' Ay- .-bf 3 ka, - , 4 f "1 'riff J ' mmfrk V V www . , . W X 1 Fifi Qi Xzeffwwf' L::5?fx7f3f i f mu, ll Nam 'WI 9 lx! In 4 5 : Q 'Ui .2 ig. :il-. 1 x A .fwwix V 35 if e if 1 V Qi mg -' x , Q l3sff.M 3 1 . . Viiil... :. " i:'5 .ik '59 ,-' :fe-i.li'." :IPL ki A 1 R x 4 E ji,-1 S , S Awiff ' ,iflfffi N wp --'-Q---...., mifiiiff' 5 my mm. has .Qi X f 'QQ ,- veg . 2 ' N e R Mg, age? Q A 5 + ,nv i ,M , n 'L 1: .. -,fr Y.. .. ,f.. . .. 1- . ,mg-M ' viii? 'f ' if ' "f,,1',,- " ' ,i X f.,""vw, xv , A :SQL ,,'Qfg5S:'5f-:--:gf . .A eg. HQ, A.. ,541 in i ':' . ' fm A I , M ,, sv , 5 .I '6- N F a' A 5. si f f W. er A Q , M . 4 t 33 1 ,uf -, 52 'ha ww f I .X S .,-, egg 4 - ' 1 1 6 fxyw " 1 'SQ A reg. ' ma M4 Af, ,x . 'xi V w Md ypmmwww A A ,vs ' V, H . w . 'T 1 iii-f?f - L 9122" K L 55' A4- .gfh Q if A 5 35' 15 - 4 if 2 , :fn 3 XX 6 .wg xygg f f K - 355' wbqnx, 'C' ,Sz if 1 P iq , 'H " Q Y X E wwwi ,- - xx x +X ig E X . E .i 3 wi :N f V 5 XY Q yu i an ,S N ,M Q U2 1, E S If, ' ,. f .ya ygg 5 R , 1 isa ' - -V n f K V. ih.. -,- f 'f' Hx Rfk fMswff ' V 'Q g,J ' f A'i' 2 ,Q k:': ff "aff Q "l' 68 X A '- K CAFETERIA STAFF l,4-ll to right' Nlrq Nivklvs. Mrs. Ryan. Mrs. Mnslier, Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Walker. Mrs Smitli. MAINTENANCE STAFF Left to right: Mr. Connell. Mr. Chapin. Mr. Davis. Mr. Willis. 7 , l, Q N ,J H' NA!" 5, fd . K F' xp vu wi' . R, -we 'f- P13 A I . -.....,"g-. A if MQ wwf V' ik . '95 , A haiusw 5 Ni -H . .W A- BQ vu., 11' Qi' sal In g ...... ,-our sy: e min 325322. Wf ki My i., f r A if , 1 I , ff?M K 5-sag 0 v lu wi a?ff2il1fi5S 4 X 2 M. m .,.. w g , ' X V ' g . 1 L 13 E Q 7 5 ' fix Sg 33 G 5 "3 ' , ' I-ME' 567 f k f -4 ' . I 'X ' if 1 SR? 3. 3 4 I .- V 'E Q X : ,. . ' 'f sf . -- . ,, X ix fs: Q gl F f ' Y 52 wg, F- ik .f. " - il' ' i f' f K mffrf- . ,. -4 ',-- . "iT.-w-N 1 2--L-fix -if I -. W -' f .. L-LL f f P if f 3, . f -X 3 . , , - 7 V .iv RYA f - if ' :Q g S' 4 . 1 jig 3 ' ' 7 i K ., K , m 'Y 1 f .Q A .Q k -af 1 '? A -Q f , ,, 2 LA if L X l wi' Q A 70 Q Qi Q35 W.. A L Ms ,Nj el Siu r-' i aa. .fr 'is SENIOR STORE I4-ft In right: Kathi:-cn Nmuk, Donna juli, llill P:-arcc, liarlnara Kocur. Nancy Wildc. llic Scnior Slurc. undcr thc management of Donna juli, providcs a place for lll'IllSliblillylll1'il'Sf'll0lblSllI1I1llCS. This ye-ar T-shirts and scarfs were added to the list of regular supplies. LIBRARY STAFF Sfwillvll, li-ft lu right: Hrs. llmunf-r. john Rindfle-ish, G1-rry Martino. Janice- Wright, Nancy Shook, ,Iulm V4-rlwck. Standing: Mary Kowal, Sharon Wclmftcr, Nlary janc Yannutti. Sylvia Scllmokc, Kay Ward. 'L ww ,1 X My N.-, Nl 7 ,. .wg Pj, ZZ'Vl'ff6 " UNL. MQ '.x'..'1 " .'- f N. .-n Nn.,vl:l',,,2,5 t:g,y ' X1 1 A, Wvgfw w wf, ,. .4, ' W,.:,,!dv fu? 0 Nm" fp O. . I I I V K A Ea I 'ffiuk X.. l .V ff 1 IA.-,.f,:g'5 54,10 I fs, -- 1 ewffzwf-"v "' ff'-5-f'-YY 'Ninas Seated, left to right: John Verbeck, Chuck Jorgensen, Andy Rindfleish, Bob Smith, Harold Sanders, Don Grosbeck, Mr. Shotwell, John Kowal, Fred Ryan, Charles Verbeck, and Chuck Goodsell. Standing: Jack Anthony, Jack Lawrence, Bob Burnett, Don Marsh, Fred Knapp, Charles Black, Charles Minturn, Fred Barns, Earl Lytle, Gary Thurston, Dick Talbot, Mike Fitzgerald, Dick Treat, Albert Lawrence, Jerry Jorgensen. F.F.A. ACTIVITIES During October Mr. Shotwell and Robert Sanders attended the National F.F.A. Convention at Kansas City, Mo. Gerald Jorgensen represented the chapter at this con- vention and Robert Sanders received the American Farmer Degree, the highest award offered by this organization. In November a banquet was held in the school cafeteria. At this time awards were made to all Green Hands. Mr. Howard Sanders received the Honorary Farmers, De- gree, the first to be offered by the Frontenac Chapter. Six boys received officer pins at this time. They were: President, Don Croesbeckg Vice President, Richard Delanyg Secretary, John Kowalg Reporter, Robert Smith, and Sentinel, Fred Ryan. F.H.A. The F.H.A. organization is set up with fourteen goals in mind. The one goal which the Frontenac chapter feels is most important and is trying to foster, is improvement of our democratic ways for home and community life. For entertainment, there are rallies every spring and fall at various schools which our girls may attend. They find out the activities of other F.H.A. organizations and share their interests. The Frontenac chapter sponsored the Baldwinsville rally in October, and expect to hold the rally at U.S.C.S. next fall. The convention was held in Plattsburg to which Mary Lou Pratt and Frances Jones were delegates. The girls spent May 14-15-16 at 1'lattsburg State Teachers College, experiencing dorm life as college students. The officers this year are as follows: President, Frances Jones, Vice President, Nancy Blaisdellg Secretary, Ann Prestog Treasurer, Nancy ,lorgensong Historian, Arlene Bennett. Seated on floor, left to right: Millie Walters, Wilma Treat, Virginia O'Connor, Kathi Novak, Gloria lletzel. Middle row: Nancy Jorgenson, Frances Jones, Mrs. Morris, Nancy Blaisdell, Ann Presto, Arlene Bennett, Elaine Henderson. Back row: Betty Atkins, Nancy Lawton, Priscila Hall, Angie Martino, Sherrill Young, Betty Horning, Beulah Pethybrige, ,lanice Bradshaw, Barbara Kocur, Sandra Langley, Celeste Salato, Brenda Warrick, Crave Walters, Mary Lou Pratt, Carolyn Pineknev. Bottom row, left to right: Larry Newman, Kenneth Cashohm, Sharon Walters, Sylvia Schmoke, Carol Webb, Suzon Scofield, Charlotte Rymph, Marion Resak, Richard Langley. Second row: Lester Day, Beatrice Benham, Mr. Eldred, Dale Chisamore, Margery Campbell, Bud Lawrence, Thomas Jetty, Bruce Angus. Third row: Susan Lee, Sharon Warner, Margret Connors, Robert Lytle, Rechard Bower, Robb Newman, Judy Jetty, William Jones, Carol Hargett, Pat Ryan, Pat Lawton. Top row: Michael Van Orman, Richard Roberts, Lois Wright, Harold Verbeck, Jeffrey Ward, Lynne Perkins, William Walker, James Healy, Charles Bunnell, Audrey Cook. FRONTENAC ISLAND YORKER CLUB Under the leadership of Tom Jetty, President, Buddy Lawrence, Vice President, Margie Campbell, Secretary, and Dale Chisamore, Treasurer, the Yorker Club expanded in its second year. Activities were started with a trip to Niagara Falls which included a walk over Rainbow Bridge into Canada. An Almanac containing the con- stitution, lists of committees and songs to sing on trips was published under the direction of Lester Day. Margie Campbell and her social committee held a gala Christmas Party. Lynn Perkins and Larry Newman directed a group that made a Yorker Banner in the official colors of Red and White. Later trips were to Seward Mansion, Utica, Corning Glass Works, Jamboree and State Convention. FRENCH CLUB The French Cluh this ycar is composed of a group of seventh graders who meet once a week to continue the study of French started last year in grade six as Conversational French. The cmphasis continues to he on spoken French, but the members of the cluh are also learning to read simple stories in French. Games, played in French, movies and film strips vary the routine of cluh meetings. Front row, le-ft to right: Nick Moon, Chas. Lawton, Dick Fvans. Marion Pc-sch, Charlotte Rymph. Kathlcen Mullally, Ks-nnard Walter, Dick Langley, David Clark. Middle row: Catherine- Tanner. Paula llunrlas. Carol llarlic-rman, Kathleen Smith. Mrs. Smith, Betsy Pratt, Nelson Hitclicock. Ronald Ioncs, Ted Simmons, Bruce Simmons. Back row: Doug Marsh. Rose-ann Martino, Lynne Perkins, Shirley Prohst. Ella Hoffman. David Wright. Michclcne Lavcy, Susan I.:-e, Judy Ludwick. Harold Edmunds, Us-atrice Be-nham. Seated, left to right: Marlene Fries, Wilbur Osborne, Donna Juli, Bob Seitz, Barbara Kocur, Jerry Jorgensen. Standing: Bob Ray, Dorothy Pinckney, Kathleen Novak, Donald Foster. Kenny Rouse, Dianne Bouley. Nancy Wilde. TRAFFIC COURT The traffic court is composed of a group of students who try minor cases of traffic violations of students attending the school. Members of previous driver education classes, who serve for a twenty-week term, make up this court. Rules and penalties are added to the list by each class. A THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student: Council was increased this year, thus each class had four representa- tivesq two representatives serving for four-year terms and two serving for two years. This system offers a more active Council because of their adept previous experience. Our initial aims this year were to increase the power and respect of the Council in the school and to raise money for the Foreign Student Fund. At the time this is written, we have potential plans for the organization of a National Honor Society at Union Springs Central School, with election of all mem- lvers. and sending representatives from Union Springs Central School to Europe for the summer of 1956. We have sponsored a dance, carnival, and skating party. All were highly successful. The officers for the 195556 school year are: President , .,,,, .,,., , . ,Iaquelyn 0,Hara Vice President , , , Lucile Hoxie' Secretary ,,,, ,, Carolyn Wheeler Treasurer . . i Dick Reohr Seated: Doug Pinckney, Dick Re-hor, Carolyn,Wheeler, Jackie 0'Hara, Nelson Cammans. Lucile lloxie, Hon Jones. Holi Ray. Standing: Lester llay, Ralph Foster, Ann Tanner, Pauline Granger, George Kenoyer, Helen McKeen, Tim Quinn, Bobby Newman. Pat Cans, Don Nickerson. I R- RECREATION COUNCIL ' Front row, seated, left to right: David Stryker, Nancy Cunningham, Dorothy Pinekney, Robert Sheldon, Bruce Davis. Standing: Claudia jorgenson, Martin Davis, Donald Ward, Susan Lee, Marilyn Scofield. NEWSPAPER STAFF Front row, left to right: Ruth Ann Sawyer. Angie Martino, Mary l.ou Pratt, l,ucile Hoxie, Marlene Fries. Carolyn Wheeler. Middle row: Pat Roloson, Elaine Osborne, Jeanette Stalbird, Willmur Osborne, Jerry Farnham. Mr. Cartlner, ,loretta Scofield, Dianne Bouley, Donna Juli. Back row: Bob Sheldon, Ray Barnard, Barbara Kocur, Ann Presto, Fred Ryan, Dot Pinckney, Dave Palmer, Pris- cilla Hall. Joan Hopkins, Celeste Salato, Nancy Wilde. 5 .Z 'ijt N-an Front row, lt-ft to right: Joyce Cans, Kay Wartl, Arlcnc llcnnctt, joan Hctzcl, Sandra Downing, john Rindflcisch. Marian Saxton, Clara Louisc Smith, Junc Pickard, Maxine Jorgensen, Cracc 'l'avncr. S1-cond row: Miss Rhode-s, ,loan Kufta. Cracc Wlaltcrs, Elaine' Hcndcrson, llrcnda Warrick David Mycrs, Susan Palmer, Auclrcy Painter, Mary Lou Pratt. Nancy Shook. Third row: Bc-ulah l'cthyl1ri1lgt-, lzctta Foster, Charlcnc Wlard. Carolyn F1-rrcll. Kcn Rouse, llrucc llavis, llctty Atkins Ce-na ll'Agostino, Ruthanne- Sawycr. Chcryle Young. Fourth row: Barbara Kocur, Mildred Waltcrs Joyce- Vt-rlwck, llolm Ray. llon Ke-noycr, Davc Strykcr. Charlcs Cykandall. Angie Martino. Kathy Franco, Ann Pre-sto. SENIOR CHORUS Thr- Scnior Chorus reprcscnts the highest achievements of our students in the vocal department. Members of the Chorus are chosen from the Senior High School student lnorly for the-ir intcrcst and alvility in choral singing. They take a great deal of pride in their organization and work hard to improve their standing in the Cayuga County lfostival and the State- Contests which arc held annually. lluring the Christmas season they appeared in the Parent-Teachers, Christmas program at which time they gave a very fine performance. They are now busily pre- paring for the Cayuga County Festival and the State Contest and we wish them a great deal of success. ff awww? X ff.3.M:1 SFT Q K .. - 1 - T: 55 X N 5 -3 -gg ' ihk A. 1 V WM , ,V .. 'I f if Q . , . 'W is? 5 ' YV., 135: i ms? K - 1' 3 . ' 4--"" 5 -u f,,.' , .. I ,K . y ME 'K X: E A C A I 3 a 1 ww 52 eff" ff, Nw g Li , i f If in N1 . m I -I 'sf ga: Q lf N . In sig Q. X ,M Q Q hs, 3 Q ff' , 4 S fy .exif 9 ur 'Q , xx . ,.. an N 'H if NL' ffujfxs-LLM ' W . 11 . 5 X1 ' E k... Q, v ,i .,1, . . K J W , X QI ' L , , F , 0 EX ye' Q - Y S I 6 1 R5 'Z g ss. i , I fl 55 . 5 wi f av . V, - W .J W it X KW A ,gf ff N, 4- vw !.-it 4 f I -an Q bw ' - 1-wfvryfw ' Q.. A ' ashzyyif' n:4f 'w 9 ,, QW h ww t ,W og S rigidly ar I 5 inf Q 'W S1 glxhf, 'Qwln,,"fffSw 5135, Sfgiwierlfli' Q fssw A .menu I .fin if A Q., 5 ,ge ,S ,, 1 A 7'1" ' l , gf Sw K 'o x - X l . . . - 5 .Qs . mi , is . .Ei ESR: R sg I x x XS Back row: E. Tanner, P. Kinney, K. Walters, J. Walker, J. Smith, R. Minde, R. Martino, B. Pratt, B. Bowman, N. Schenck, Mr. Klock. Middle row: G. Francis, R. Ray, R. Bower, S. Scofield, K. Hitt, K. Downing, L. Dox, S. Tata, A. Newman, J. Jetty, N. Shook, J. Ward, R. Jones. Front row: R. Evans, N. Moon, G. Kenoyer, L. Perkins, E. Smith, M. Connors, K. Emery, A. Wolfe, M. Yan- notti, L. Blaisdell, S. LaDouce. JUNIOR BAND The Junior Band, this year, is composed of students from the fifth through ninth grades. We feel that this band is a good stepping stone to the Senior Band, therefore, we attempt to do music which is as close to the level of it as possible. Our Junior Band, like the Senior Band, is also growing this year and has thirty-five members. Music for the Spring Concert, here in Union Springs, and for the festival in Ithaca, is being planned. Many of the members of the band already have ribbons for solos and ensembles which were won at previous exhibitions. SENIOR BAND After completing a successful summer-parade schedule, we started in the school year hy working on our concert music for the Christmas program. Our Senior Band is bigger and better this year with 53 members. This is an increase over last year of 48 members. After the Christmas vacation we began working on the Spring Concert music for the Festival which will come in April. We are working on grade three music this year, the first year this band has attempted this grade of music. The Union Springs Fire Department has donated a pair of beautiful flags to the band. One is the United States flag and the other a purple and white school flag. These, plus a new painted rifle and a new color-guard uniform should make us a pretty nsnappyl' band when we parade this summer. First row, left lo right: Lois Wright, Sandra MacDonald. ,ludy Osborne, Joyce Gans, Paulene Granger, Angela Martino, Marcia Mosher, Marilyn Scofield, Lucile Hoxie, Pat Gans, Marilyn Myers, Audrey Ott. Second row: Beverly McBride, Don Kenyor, Alec Davis, Bob Ray, Ioretta Sco- field, Nancy lrleinreich, Arlene Bennett, Helen Black, Dale Chisamore, Glenda Davis, Sylvia Sclnnoke, Margery Campbell. Third row: ,lohn Fox, Roy Smith, Robert Newman, Tom Jetty, Harold Sanders, Gloria Hetzel. Nancy Wilde, llruce Davis, Doris Smith, Elsie Edmunds, Don Chisamore, Ken Rouse. Fourth row: Ron Deering, Art Graham, Don Nickerson, Bob Shutters, Ken Shutters, lloln Sheldon, lietsy Pratt, Grace Tavener, Eileen Connors, Nancy Murdock, Janet Terpening, Diane Dundas. Hack row: Mildred Walters, Mary Lou Pratt, Betty Horning, Frances Hamilton, Joan Kufta, Brenda Warrick, Grace Walters, Georgene Pinckney. Nancy Cunningham, Caroline Pinckney, Mr. Klock. ,Lim g?fa9f'9 wr .JM Jwufl JJWJ T" iff 5 J www W jr if M f ra 1 H f 5+ iii F W H' Jw? W I1 I M! F jj E JM .2 ,E . 952 ' T' ,WL 1' , 3 w?:f"lmef, c wb ' X 'aww Uvwvw, ' 'mlwgv h ,H ' N "'w:-aw , ,-1 N bporfs fp ff? K Q N f o zsgq' . 5 D 3 20 xi!! 4 lo l5N J.V. AND VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Kneeling: Larry Mosher. First row, left to right: Coach Mulligan, Ray Barnard, Bob Ray, Ralph Foster, Doug Pinckney, Ron Jones, Coach Clifford. Second row: Dave Stryker, Terry Jorgensen, Dave Palmer, Bruce Davis, Ken Rouse, Don Crosebeck, Dave Emery. Third row: Dick Tavener, Dick Talbot, Dick Holmes, Chuck Ward, John Fox, George Minturn, Bill Cummings. Fourth row: Russ Cooper, Dick Mahalik, Bill Ryan, Bob Joyce, Mike Fitzgerald, Harold Crane, Dick Moon, Bob Sheldon, Jerry Farnham. FOOTBALL The football team this year, although unable to gain a position in league standing twon 1, tied 1, lost 63 made great strides in building character. The first team was comprised mainly of seniors who this year will leave the way open for the JV's. .V , The boys had lots of fun and even took part in some eleven-man football in practice. No one boy stood out for we have no Ronny Knoxes in our school but each put his best into each game. Here,s hoping we can do as well next year. Front row, left to right: Mr. Connell, Roland Campbell, Bob Smith, Duane Babbitt. Bill Delaney Ray Walawender. Dale Halle-t. Back row: Joe Mulvey, ,lack Lawrence. Jack Ludwick. Don Chisa more, Harold Baity, Richard Dann. CROSS CUUNTRY Two teams of Freshmen and Sophomores started out their second year of Cross Country at Union Springs. The team held several meets and a country meet was held with Port Byron, par- ticipating for the first time. The high point of the season was the outstanding victory at the country meet for Union Springs Central School at Port Byron. Top team runner was fleet-footed Bob Smith who shows great promise of making a stellar runner. Second best runner was lluane Babbit. Also outstanding as the Captain was one of the school's top athletes, Roland Campbell. Harold Baity was the Assistant Captain. The team also journeyed on an overnight trip to the sectionals, accompanied by Nlr. Smith and lVlr. Connell, where Bob Smith again proved himself top runner. Standing: Charles Cuykendall, Harold Crane, Mike Fitzgerald, Fred Ryan, Bob Smith, Duane Babbitt, Dick Talbot, Jack Lawerence, Joe Quinn, Mr. Kane, Bob Joyce. Front: Tom Jetty, Charlie Ward, Ron Mahalik, Roy Smith, ,lim Stebbins, Bill Delaney. J.v. BASKETBALL The 1955 IV basketball team, under the supervision of Mr. Kane, finished a success- ful season this year. The boys fought hard to come out on top with a record of seven wins and five losses for the regular season. The team ended the season tied for third place with Moravia who beat them in the Cayuga County playoffs by a score of 50 to 47. Several of the boys were moved up to the Varsity for the finals. J .J .V. BASKETBALL Kneeling, left to right: George Kenoyer, L. Dunham, R. Sanders, Dave Clark, Buddy Lawrence, Charles Lawton, Roger Jorgenson, Paul Kinney, Hollis Robbins, Herb Mcllride. Bark row: Lester Day, Bill Ryan, Carl Pethybriclge, Paul Stryker, low Mulvey, Bill Jones, Robb Newman, Tim Quinn, Jeff Ward, Gary Chase, Don Kenoyer. SCORES 15 Moravia , , 29 U.S. ,,,,, ., ,, 25 Weedsport U Q , 33 Genoa , , , 21 U.S. ,7C., C.,,,. 2 8 Savannah U S 33 Sherwood , 34 U.S. , , ,, 7 28 King Ferry ,, fling .b H Y- J! VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Dick Moon, Dave Stryker, Doug Pinckney, Ralph Foster, Marty Jones, Ken Rouse. Back row: Bob Ray and Dave Emery, Managersg Roland Campbell, Bill Pearce, Dave Babbitt, Bob Seitz, Jerry Jorgensen and Mr. Mulligan. Af fx 1' ttilx 'flb zf lr Union Union Union Union Union Union Union VARSUWfBASKETBALL This year's Varsity basketball team won the Cayuga County Championship for the second straight year and ended the season with a "story-book" finish. Unable to put' together a substantial winning streak in the early part of the season, a spirited team took the floor in the last four games winning them all by decisive margins. The last two of these were over Moravia and Sherwood and won the County Championship for the Purple and White Cagers. This year's team, which lost five games and won nine, outscored its opponents by 107 points. Top scorers were Bill Pearce, Doug Pinckney and Bob Seitz with 223, 184 and 14-4 points respectively. The U.S.C.S. team went into the play-offs as underdogs, but defeated a good Moravia team on West High School's court in Auburn by a 56 to 4-7 score. Again playing the underdog role, the Wolves met Sherwood on Auburn's Central High School hardwood. This was a tremendous victory over a team which had been beaten only once previously. The U.S.C.S. team took the lead early in the first quarter and never relinquished it. The final score was, Union Springs 58 and Sherwood 44. Doug Pinckney and Bill Pearce, whose outstanding play sparked the team to the championship, join the rest of the Seniors in wishing Mr. Mulligan, our coach, and the rest of the team a very successful season next year and every year to come. SCORES Springs ........ 37 Cato ...................... 42 Union Springs ........ 48 Cato .,,....,..... Springs ........ 81 King Ferry ............ 38 Union Springs ........ 52 Port Byron -. Springs ........ 61 Moravia ................ 60 Union Springs ........ 70 Sherwood ..... Springs ........ 54 Weedsport ............ 75 Union Springs ........ 66 Moravia ...... Springs ........ 65 Savannah ................ 43 Union Springs ........ 66 Genoa .,,,... Springs ........ 55 Port Byron ............ 56 Union Springs ........ 56 Moravia ...... Springs ........ 61 Weedsport ............ 37 Union Springs ........ 58 Sherwood ..... Back row: Bob Joyce, John Anthony, Roland Campbell, Jerry Jorgensen, Harold Craine, Larry Mosher. Middle row: Dick Mahalik, Bill Ryan, Ken Rouse, Dick Moon, Roy Smith, Will Osborne, Mr. Mulligan. Front row: Doug Pinckney. John Kowel, Dick Dan, Mike Fitzgerald, Bill Pearce. VARSITY BASEBALL The 1955 season, with a seven and five record, proved to be very successful when compared with previous seasons. The pitching staff was sparked by Roland Campbell, John Kowal, and Bill Pearce. Larry Mosher, Jim Mosley, Tom Quinn, and Wilbur Osborne set the pace in the hitting department. U-S Weedsport U.S Port Byron ,,e,,, US Cato .e,e.., US. ,,,, ,,e,e, 1 1 Moravia ,,e,e 7 US Weedsport US Genoa ..,.,ee ,, US King Ferry US Cato .,,..e... US Moravia ,,,,, ,A 7Y,,r U,S Sherwood eee,e Y, U5 Port Byron U.S Savannah ,e,,,,r Lf-ft to right. kneeling: lion Ke-noyer and joe Quinn, Nlanaggersg Ralph Foster. llaxe Pa Standing: lliek Harshherger. Hill Eddy. Ray Barnard, Duane llahlmitt. TRACK The traek team. in 1955. defeated two outstanding teams and took one lows at Homer. The U.S.C.S. team beat Ovid in the first match of the season and beat Skaneatlas in the last mateh. Both meets were decisive vietories. Captain l.arry Quinn went to the state finals and took sixth place with a jump of over twenty feel. He won in the sectionals at Homer and Cortland and at the zonals whieh were held at Cornell and Rome, with a first plaee at eaeh meet. Larry Quinn was voted the outstanding athlete of the traek team. lfaeh trac-kman in the pieture eau well he proud of heing a memlwer of one of l'.5.ff.5.'s top athletie teams of l'255. Front row, left to right: Peter Kowal, George Minturn. Charles Herrick, Bruce Davis. Second row: ,lohn Rindfleish, Thomas Schcrmcrhorn, Charles Black. Third row: Donald Chisamore, William Eddie. Charles Minturn, Ronald Marsh, Mr. McBride. WRESTLING This year. under the capable direction of Coach Harold McBride, Captain Bruce Davis, and Co-Captain Charles Herrick, Charles lVlinturn and Donald Chisamore participated in the sectional wrestling meet at Bainbridge, New York. Though failing to win any matches, these boys worked hard and gained quite a hit of experience. Because the majority of the team was composed of 'gfirst year" members, the squad as a whole had a large set-back. Better luck next year on a job we know can be done. GIRLS, VOLLEYBALL TEAM Tliesu girls participated in a volleyhall playday at Moravia Central Sch fnmn l, March 17, 1955. They were accompanied by several members of thc Class of '55. Although they did not place, all the girls enjoyed the opportunity to play with other teams from Cayuga County. L1-ft to right, front row: Elsie Emlumunds, Nancy Wilde, Donna Nlcllridc. Se-cond row ,loan Hopkins. Doris Smith, Marlene- Fries, Dianne- lloulvy. GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM Front row: Nancy Wilde, Donna McBride, Doris Smith. Second row: .loan Hopkins, Elsie Edmunds. 98 ln the spring of 1955, the girls, softball team had a playday at Cato under the supervision of Miss Andrews. Many of the girls from that team graduated with the Class of ,55, and are not shown in the photograph. The girls played exceptionally well and managed to come out in second place. G.A.A. OFFICERS l.:-ft to right: Doris Smith, liarh Kocur, Marge Campbell, Claudia Jorgenson. Diane Dundu jackie 0'Hara. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association of Union Springs Central School is: l. To offer to every girl in school the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities regardless of her ability. 2. To offer to those girls possessing a higher degree of skill, the opportunity to par- ticipate in play days, and inter-school activities. 3. To promote student leadership for those who show special interest in the pro- gram, and who possess capabilities for leadership. 4. To organize a girls' program in which the ultimate aims and objectives bring out and develop a well-rounded and well-developed personality, both in school and for future years. The Girls" Athletic Director. Miss Andrews, acts as advisor to this association. Left to right: Wilma Black, Claudia Jorgensen, Ceorgene Pinckney, Ann Tanner, Beverly McBride, Glenda Davis, Marilyn Kahler. Back: Judy Osborne, Manager. J.V. CHEERLEADERS The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders this year were again under the guidance of Miss Flora Andrews. They cheered for the football and basketball seasons of 1955-1956. They wore their purple and white uniforms with beanies to match. The cheerleaders enjoyed cheering for the boys whether they won or lost. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS As usual. in tht- lull ol l'I55. tlu-rv was the lvuzz ol 1-'u'itt-int'nt as to who the nvw vlim-rlvaclt-rs would he-. Tlu-re was ll tiv. lic-muse of close vompvtition. thus our teams wt-rv "lull-ssl-cl" with 1-ight t'llf't'l'll'1ltlt'I'S. lluring tht- footlrull svuson wt- only haul the opportunity to 1-lu-1-r at two glllI16'S lrwulm- our lic-ltl w as untlvr t'onstrur'tion. l"or uniforms. wt- wort' t'lllll't'0i'll grvy slavks with white sweatshirts, antl when lmskt-ll-ull svuson arrive-tl wv we-rv 4-onfrontc-cl with tho problem of anothvr uniform. Wa- tl.-1-ith-tl to lvuy white- V-ncvlc swvatws. the rage this year. to wvar with purplt' skirts. 'I'ht- t'lwvrl1r'zult-rs hutl thvir "ups" untl "clowns" liut on tht- wholv, wt' worked clili- gm-ntly :intl haul ai stu-ct-ssftil svuson. Starting ut l2:ll0, vlovlq-wi-4-: Kuthln-Q-n Nmult. llonna Nlvllritlv. Nlurlvnm' Fri:-s, Nzinvy liunning hum, ,luqut-lyn U'lluru, Mary l,ou l'rutt. lliunnt- lloulvy. g.. ' Sf . ,W gilt gtk . QTL . Km 1 , ,fx 112 YW aff ,,.. ,ff W -f"'4 1 Q: gm, L.- 4 A 4. A' Q.. ""u.. EK . r' 1+ It-r gfmff W' 4 H9 , ,,,v . -y fl f r 1 Q A nf -Q a'1ferf1'.s'z'ng Vmmxlff Ngi v.,...,,.,,,,,,,, 'I Q YEEK X2 S? 3f7'S5f"'3X 'Sv X 'Q 5 YQQ-QQ? JENKINS LABORATORIES, INC. I7-I9 Wall S'I'reei AUBURN NEW YORK -.Fig 5 I CHFVSOLLJ I 'll i Pi' Besi' Wishes 'io fhe Class of '56 Fr gl are GGRDON C. PALMER CHEVROLET-New and Used Cars Frigidaire Appliances Mobil Produc'l's ' SERVICE WITH A GRIN "We Are Noi Salisfied Un+il You Should Be" if I M - H Mehilass I04 CITIES SERVICE GASOLINE FUEL OIL KEROSENE C. G. GEORGE 81 SONS HEATING SHEET METAL Acme "Qualify" Painfs R. D. No. I Auburn, N. Y. Dial 3-534I HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS and SINCERE BEST WISHES Io I'I'le Class of I956 THE BIG STORE Auburn's Qualify Deparimenf SI'ore I4I GENESEE AUBURN, N. Y. SPECIAL AUTO INSURANCE RATES TO DRIVER TRAINING GRADUATES AND GIRL DRIVERS W. P. SCHERMERHORN COMPLETE INSURANCE senvlce Including Life Insurance Counseling Auio Life Fire Polio R. D. NO. I AUBURN, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS Class of I956 MATTHEW'S DRY CLEANERS CompIeIe Laundry Service Phone 7-2I22 UNION SPRINGS. N. Y. Com plimenis of THE COWLES DISSGLVER CGMPANY Manufadurers of Chemical Processing Equipmeni THE BAG WITH THE STARS E 0 T' A 4 T T 4 1 4 Be nny Wifh Congra+uIa+ions and Besf Wishes io 'The Class of I956 fffi' Beacon Feeds and Beacon Service I 2 - "' ' DEVELOPED THROUGH 36 YEAR OF 1 FEEDS 4 S Q 1' if RESEARCH AND FARM TESTING 1 A- 4 4 V BEACCN THE BEACON MILLING COMPANY, INC., CAYUGA. N. Y. YORK, PA. LAUREL, DEL. EASTPORT, N. Y. IO6 BEST wlsr-:Es ED KELLY Wafer Hauling Ph. Aub. 22965 or 24074 THURBROS CONSTRUCTION CO General Confracfor Phone 2-5932 ERNIE THURSTON R. D. No. 5, Auburn Complimenls of GREAT GULLY FARM Complimenis of LEWIS' RESTAURANT 302 W. Genesee S1'ree'l' Auburn, N. Y. UNION SPRINGS HARDWARE CO. Boflled Gas Appliances Plumbing Healing Phone 7-734l GASTON'S SERVICE STATION Union Springs, N. Y. Lubricalion Federal Tires WILLIAMS CITIES SERVICE Gas Oil Lubricafion Tires BeH'eries Accessories Complimenis of "THE STAMPS" ELLEN AND LAMONT Barber' and Beau'I'y Shop Complimenis of CUSTOM CLEANERS 8: TAILORS 203 Siege Slreei R 60 Norfh Division Sfreef Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of TATA'S GROCERY 283V2 Clarlc Sfreei' AUBURN, NEW YORK SMOKEY'S TAVERN Lunches Legal Beverages O S 'I Allublylzecgishyes AUBURN, N. Y. We Also Ca+er fo Clambalres Complimenls of THE IDEAL CLEANERS Phone 3-35Il 247 W. Genesee Sfreei' AUBURN, N. Y. FORD Sales-Service ISince I9I7l HENDERSON 8: LATHROP, INC. Auburn, N. Y. The LiHIesI' S Treals You Besl' ai' SCHRECK BROS. I4-I4V2-I6 E. Genesee AUBURN, N. Y. KALETS Cenlral New YorI:'s Fines+ Shop for Women 3-5-7 Slafe Slreei' AUBURN. N. Y. HARRY F. ALLEN AND CO. Fine Foofwear I44 Genesee Sireel' AUBURN. N. Y. ' Complimenls of AUBURN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. GENEVA BAKING COMPANY THE BEST FOR CLASS OF '56 Sunbeam Bread and Rolls Geneva New Yorlc BENJ. F. LONG Insurance and Real Esiale Phone 7-763I UNION SPRINGS NEW YORK KING'S GARAGE 81 SUPPLY e.M.c. SALES AND SERVICE General Aufo and Truck Repairing Relail-Glass-Wholesale 264-268 CLARK STREET Auburn, New Yorlc Dial 2-954I SAVING 81 LOAN ASS'N OF AUBURN 96 Genesee S+. Auburn, N. Y. MEMBER FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INS. CORP. CompIimen+s of SUNNY BROOK ENTERPRISES UNION SPRINGS. NEW YORK EDWARD F. JONES GOLDEN GUERNSEY MONROE 8: DAVIS CO. Happy Cooking "Me+ered" BoH'Ied Gas Leheigh Valley Coal Millc-Cream-Millc Producls-Eggs I Appliance, lncinemors L R D ' HOME DELIVERY V622-:'s Healers S232 Healers SI-ln5e'I' 4-5433 ' Refrigerafors Auburn, N. Y. 3-825I 2-474l Make Your Appoinimeni' Early for CAP AND GOWN PORTRAITS Qpggtfa Md: .9 MFE ' ,, q e.e4,.,,,um 7 WILLIAM AUBURN. N. Y. We Supply Cap and Gown aI' I'I1e Sfudio 'for Your Graduarion PorI'raiI's "ART MILLER'S" ROTARY SERVICE 68-74 NorI'h Sfreei Auburn, N. Y. GENERAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION UNION SPRINGS. N. Y. OuaIII'y Molded PIas'I'ic Prod uc+s Elecfro-Mechanical Assemblies A Good Place 'Io Work! BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I956 FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE I l RONDINA FURNITURE CO. 56-64 S+a'Ie I23-I25 Main Auburn, N. Y. Porr Byron A Compleie Line of FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS AND G. E. APPLIANCES Complimenfs of JAY'S SHOES 66 Genesee S+. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of ROSE'S BAKERY 286V2 Wes+ Genesee Sf. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of EDDIE'S FISH FRY AUBURN, N. Y. JAS. ROE STEVENSON Cayuga Fruii' Farm Nor'II1 Side of Cayuga Village RT. 90 APPLES IN SEASON Bes+ Wishes WlLSON'S FOOD MARKET 262 Genesee S+. AUBURN, N. Y. JOHN WORZBYT Aufomafic Healing Aufhorized Lennox Dealer SAL - ES SERVICE-INSTALLATION Cayuga, N. Y. Aub. 3-5522 JULIANA Infanfs' and ChiIdren's Cenfer, Inc. TOTS TO TEENS l34-I36 Genesee S+., Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of WM. R. SMITH JEWELER Union Springs, N. Y. THE DOUGLASS BOOK STORE Books-Sfafionery-Porfable Typewriiers FOUNTAIN PENS-PENCILS Greehng Cards for All Occasions II6 Genesee S+. Complimenfs of JOBSON'S GARAGE Union Springs, N. Y. Complimenfs of McGLYNN'S 5c TO SI.00 Union Springs, N. Y. Complimenfs of THE WILLOWS GRILL Old Lalre Road-Seneca Falls B. NICKERSON-"NICK" In Cayuga Counfy Nearly Everyone Wears Panfs and Slacks From AUBURN PANTS FACTORY I0 S+a1'e S+. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of S. L. BOWEN 8: SONS Complimenls of FREEBRIDGE RESTAURANT Complimenls of O'HARA'S GROCERY . GEORGE 84 GREENE Hea'I'ing--Sheel Me'I'aI EAVES-TROUGHS Dial 2-534I Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of CLARKE FLORIST 27I Clark Sfreel AUBURN, N. Y. Flowers for All Occasions JIM 81 FLOYD'S RESTAURANT SpagheH'i and Meal' Balls Pizza STATE STREET AUBURN, N. Y. WEBSTER POULTRY FARM "The Ho-me of Webs+er's Reds" Baby Chicks and Breeding Sfock IV2 Mile Wesl' of Auburn, N. Y. CLARK ST. RD. DIAL 3-87I4 CAYUGA COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Our New Building Reflecls Our Faifh in Auburn and Coyuga Counfy III-II5 GENESEE ST. AUBURN. N. Y. Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion Complefe Banking Service THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MORAVIA, N. Y. Member of Hue FEDERAL DEPOSIT INS. CORP. Member of I'he FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Congrafulalions Io 'Phe Class of I956 HARRY'S TIRE 8: SUPPLY CO., INC. 6-8-I0 Garden S+. Auburn, New York RUMPF JEWELERS 24 Granl' Ave. ai' Five Poinis AU-BURN. NEW YORK Keepsake Diamonds-Walclmes Jewelry THE FOOD MART Groceries and Meals Beer and Ales AII Popular Brands 36 CLARK ST. AUBURN, N. Y. AUBURN WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 22-ZZV2 Clark SIree'I' AUBURN, NEW YORK Phones 3-6267 3-6268 HARRY MARION Service Slalion Complimenfs of GREY'S TEA ROOM GAS QIL Aurora, New York "Bed of Luck.. Complimenfs of P' M- BRYAN eARuccIo's MEATS OPTOMETRIST BETTY'S RESTAURANT 27 E. Genesee Sf. AU'BURN, NEW YORK C. E. MINER, INC. Ford Sales and Service Corner Brufus and SOUHI Sis. WEEDSPORT, NEW YORK Phone 766I Besi Wishes CAYUGA I. G. A. CAYUGA, New YORK Complimenfs of AURORA GRILL Aurora, New York Complimenfs of McMAHON'S 5 8: I0 Moravia, New York Complimenis of WOLFE COAL YARD Blue Coal and Oil Union Springs Phone 7-2245 Complimenfs of Lawrence Nedrow's RED 81 WHITE STORE Groceries and Mears KING FERRY. NEW YORK Besi' Wishes of THE GILES FARM, N. Y Complimenfs of FRED H. TUTTLE Ford Sales and Service KING FERRY, NEW YORK Complimenfs of BOB SCHRAMN'S BARBER SHOP Besf Wishes io C I. F Class of '56 omp lmenis 0 MARYRUTH'S BUD'S SODA BAR BEAUTY sl-IOP Momma N Y Moravia, N. Y. ' ' ' Complimenfs of AURORA TAXI OLIVER WEBER Phone Aurora 382 I WELLS SUSTATION Aurora, New York Complefe Sunoco Service EUGENE CHANDLER. Prop. . Complimenfs of Compllmenfs of AURORAUS THE AURORA INN L G. A. STORE AURORA, NEW YORK W Roberi' Clark Complimenis of MORAVIA MOTORS, INC. S. Main Sfreei Moravia, New York HILLTOP LUNCHEONETTE Gel' 'rhe Besf-Ge+ SeaH'es+ ELEszAR, Prop. Gifis for All Occasions ai' THE GIFT SHOP In Moravia, New York GERRY AND KAY WHEAT POULTRY Live or Dressed Fresh E s W. T. TANNER. AND SON 30 Homer Sires? UNION SPRINGS. NEW YORK Complimenfs of MORAVIA HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Tires-Sporfing Goods-Appliances Firesfone Dealer Sfore MORAVIA, NEW YORK Complimenfs of FRANK RICHARDSON UNION SPRINGS. NEW YORK Complimenfs VAN'S DAIRY BAR Moravia, New York "THE BEST OF EVERYTHING" ' Success +o 'Ihe Class of '56 and for Success Againsi' Pesfs Call CENTRAL ' I EXTERMINATING CO. JORDAN, NEW YORK HUGHES CLOTHING STORE Everylhing for Dad and Lacl MORAVIA, NEW YORK DEER HEAD INN CAYUGA LAKE STATE PARK Seneca Falls, New York Complimenfs of DON'S BEAUTY SHOP CompIimenI's of HOWARD BROTHERS 3I E. Genesee S+. AUBURN, N. Y. VILLAGE MARKET Bos MYERS, Prop. Fresh Mears Groceries Frui+s and Vegefables Phone 7-733I-Union Springs GODIFREY SERVICE STATION 3I Gran'I' Ave.-Auburn, N. Y. TEXACO PRODUCTS SCHICHT SYSTEM SHOP Office Supplies-PrinI'ing GoId Sfamping 34-36 S'I'aIe SI.-Auburn, N. Y. PHONE 3-942I FENNESSY 81 TRACY SHOES LUGGAGE HOSIERY PURSES I6 NorI'h S+.-Auburn, N. Y. VAN DUZER APPLIANCE CO. Sfoves and Refrigerafors Frigidaire Sales Backed Wiih Faciory Service Dep'I's. 23 NorI'h S+.-Auburn, N. Y. Phone 2-3422 STREVY'S TYPEWRITER STORE Royal Sfandard, EIecI'ric and PorIabIes SALES-RENTALS-JREPAIR I5 Exchange S+.-Auburn, N. Y Besi' Wishes Io Ihe CIass of I956 MARTLEW MARKET AUBURN, N. Y. FERRY'S RED 81 WHITE STORE 284 W. Genesee SI. AUBURN, N. Y. Phone 3-692 I HUNTER DINERANT Auburn, N. Y. CompIimenI's of LARKIN'S GROCERY CompIimen'Is of FLEMING LUMBER CO. Longbell Kiichen Cabineis MASURY PAINTS Building Maferials of AII Kinds Fleming, N. Y. Aub. 2I095 NUGENTS I07 Genesee S+. AUBURN, N. Y. Women's and Misses Wearing Apparel Complimenfs of AUBURN FISHHOOK CO., IN-C. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenfs of ROTARY SERVICE STATION 228 Clark S'I'. Deal-Your-Way-Wiih Norihway SEE us BEFORE You suv NORTHWAY CHEVROLET. INC. Auburn, N. Y. FRED H. GARDNER General Insurance 7 Cen'l'er S+., Union Springs, N. Y. Tel.-7-7483 NOLANS SHOE STORE Glamour Debs For Girls and Roblee for Men AUBURN, NEW YORK SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK AUBURN ARMITURE CO. EIec+ricaI Power Equipmeni Mofors, Generafors Venlilafing Equipmeni' Phone 3-8342 29I GRANT AVENUE AUBURN. NEW YORK Besf Wishes JOHN BUCHKO, BUILDER S . I. . . SPORTING GOODS STEEL ANBeiI3g3iJ IKITCHENS Dial 3-5432 Pl"0f'e 1 GENESEE STREET Z-gg: A"b""" New York I7 COTTAGE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of WORDENIS AUBURN PAINT HEADQUARTERS S. M. RIDLEY, Prop. CEMENT PRODUCTS CC' Wallpaper, Pain'l', Varnish INC, Venefian Blinds, Window Shades Dial 2-336' Pic+ure Framing 22-24 PERRINE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Phone 2-9593 48 Genesee Sheet AUBURN, NEW YORK CongraI'uIa'I'ions Io 'Ihe CLASS OF '56 AUBURN SAVINGS BANK Under Ihe Town Clock Genesee a'I' Soufh MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CompIimen'I's of FARMERS' PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF AUBURN COOP. G. L. F. SERVICE, INC. Feed, Seed, FerI'iIizer Grinding, and MaI'I' Phone 3-7379 THE COOP. G.L.F. FARM STORE Freezers, Hardware and Home Appliances Phone 3-8432 Congra+uIa'I'ions 'Io I'he CLASS OF '56 THE NATIONAL BANK OF AUBURN MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. ' Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Branch af Locke, N. Y. ue. SCOFIELD HARDWARE Hardware Painfs Housewares Wesiinghouse Appliances SENECA FALLS. NEW YORK GUARANTEED PARTS CO.. INC. Congrarularions and Besf Wishes fo +he Class of .I956 SENECA FALLS. NEW YORK MASTEN SUPPLY CO. G. E.-BENDIX HOME APPLIANCES GOULDS PUMPS Phone 760 Seneca Falls, New York BEE LINE Compleie Alignmenf Service BLAINE M. BAKER Siafic and Dynamic Wheel Balance Frames, Axles, Rear Housings Sfraighfened Phone 2-283I 2 SEMINARY AVENUE Auburn, New York BORST BROTHERS, INC. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALERS FOR 42 YEARS Equipmeni' for Farm and IncIus'I'ry Phone 2-553I II2 CLARK STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of AUBURN MACHINE 81 TOOL I5 Wadsworlh Srreei Auburn, New Yorlr Complimenis of THE SENECA FALLS SAVINGS BANK MEMBER OF F. D. I. c. Seneca Falls, New Yorlc Complimenis of AUBURN HARDWARE QUALITY MERCHANDISE "If I'I"s Hardware We Have I'I"' Phone 2-35I2 I74 STATE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK FINGER LAKES TAVERN Famous for ITALIAN-AMERICAN FOOD AND PIZZA PIES Nighfly En'I'erI'ainmenI' Par'I'ies and Banquefs Dial 2-9938 CLARK STREET ROAD AUBURN. NEW YORK BLUE MOON COAL COMPANY Burns Ho'Her-Lasis Longer PiHsI'on Coal CHARLES A. RICKET, Owner Phone 2-I3II I39 Clark Sireef Auburn, New York DEFENDORF'S I. G. A. Table-Rife Meafs Fresh Fruifs-Vegefables I56 SOUTH SEWAIRD AVENUE AUBURN, NEW YORK METERED AND BOTTLED GAS Call L. P. GAS AND APPLIANCE SERVICE Phone 3I5I KING FERRY. NEW YORK Complimenis of .AUBURN BUTTON WORKS, INC. Auburn, New York GILLING 81 NEDROW, INC. Sales and Service Farm Equipmeni'-Trucks Surge Equipmeni' Phone 223I KING FERRY, NEW YORK Complimenfs of CAYUGA OLIVER FRED WHITEHEAD HAROLD PINCKNEY R. F. D. No. I Auburn, New York CompIimen'I's of CHARLES M. SHAKELTON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone Aurora 332I CLARK 8: WHALEY Fuel Service CiI'ies Service ProcIuc'rs Old Company's Lehigh Coal R. F. D. NO. 3 PHONE 2-9832 RED 8: WHITE FOOD STORE Groceries and Mea'I's EARL TURNEY-HENRY EMDEN Union Springs, N. Y. Phone 7-22I I HARRY O. COSMAN TOBACCO SHOP Genesee and Souih SI'ree'l' AUBURN, N. Y. CompIimenI's of TOWN TALK ICE CREAM Iihaca Division Complimenfs of FIRST NATIONAL BANK AURORA. NEW YORK Complimenfs of CASTELLI'S MARINA Fooi of Basin SI'ree'I' UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. Congraiulaiions From CARMEN SUPPLY CO. 88 Genesee Sireei' AUBURN. N. Y. Phone 3-539 I Appliances-Housewares-Hardware FABRIC AND MILL END CENTER Besi' Known Names in Fabrics 89 STATE STREET Phone 2-I I I3 Complimenfs of THE O'HARA FARM Oakwood CompIimenI's of NAMlSIAK'S RESTAURANT 99 Norfh Division Sf. AUBURN, N. Y. Your School Jeweler L. G. BALFOUR CO. LELAND use Complimenfs of LEJA FUNERAL HOME 225 S'I'aI'e S'I'. Auburn, N. Y. Auburn's Favoriie Men's Siore DOWD-LEO'S I27 GENESEE sr. MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE TRACTORS Power Farm Equipmeni' FOX and GEHL Forage Harvesier MULKEY ELEVATORS R. F. D. No. 2 Canandaigua, N. Y Phone Canandaigua I34I-R CORYN FARM SUPPLIES SAMUEL B. SILBERT oPTlc:lAN-DISPENSER Eye Glasses Sun Glasses Binoculars Microscopes Baromelers Opfical Specialfies Phone 3-7032 I2 William Sfreei' . Auburn, New Yorlc HARRIS-BUICK-PONTIAC INC. Bes+ New and Used Cars in Cayuga Couniy Phone 622l WEEDSPORT, NEW YORK Complimenis of HENRY J. COILEY Complimenfs of BOB NOLAN'S SPORTING GOODS CHRYSLER,PLYMOUTH "We Se+ +he Pace in Sporis" Sales and Service Phone 2'l72l Phone 276 49 GENESEE STREET MORAVIA, NEW YORK AUBURN, NEW YORK AUBURN OFFICE SUPPLY 81 EQUIPMENT School Supplies A. T. "GUS" PINE Phone 2-I73l 7 EXCHANGE STREET AUBURN. NEW YORK CLYDE C. LOWERY Gracle "A" Pasieurizeal Mill: and Cream Guernsey Homogenizecl Mill: FRESH EGGS COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 7-2I I3 Union Springs, New Yorlz PERFECTION DRY CLEANERS THE H. R. WAIT CO., INC. HENRY M. FAMBURG, Mgr. "TW W-WS FW" Phone 3-544' 77 GENESEE STREET 57 NORTH STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK . AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenfs of W. E. BOULEY 81 COMPANY Congraiulafions 'Io Ihe Class of '56 From F 8: T MACHINE SHOP I Chapel Sfreef UNION SPRINGS. N. Y. DELOS L. HOSKINS J. I. Case Farm Implemenfs Hudson and Rambler Aufomobiles CLARK STREET ROAD Roufe 5 and 20 KILBORNE BROS.. INC. Farm Machinery-Milk Coolers Truck Tires-Oil Freezers-Refrigeraiors SALES PARTS SERVICE Phone 3 Phone 4 Moravia, New York FRED L. LANES HOME TOWN MARKET Re'I'aiI-Wholesale 25 NORTH ST. AUBURN, N. Y. Complimenfs of AUBURN FREIGHT DELIVERY F. S. JOHNSTON 'PAPER CO. 24 Markei Sfreei' Free Delivery Bari Azzarelli, Prop. Over 30 Years Experience-Auburn Owne ROYAL DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS Phone 2-255I Auburn. N- Y- 35 E. Genesee S+., Auburn, ,N. Y. Men's Shirfs Phone 2-I86I CompIimen'Is of ROXY'S SHOE STORE 7 Norih SI. Auburn, N. Y. THE POWDER PU FF Florence Faniacone, Prop. Auburn's Leading Beaufy Shoppe Where Price and QuaIi'Iy Prevail Specialisfs in Permaneni' Waving I SOUTH ST. PHONE 2-0I7I WALLPAPER PAINT W JgFREY'S Sh omen's armenfs oppe D' L' NASH Ooais, Dresses and SuiI's I2 SWIG ST- Missy and Wo-men's Sizes Cusiom Framing I03 GENESEE ST. AUBU'RN, N. Y. RED 81 WHITE FOOD STORE Groceries and Mears EARL TURNEY-HENRY EMDEN Union Springs, N. Y. HARRY O. COSMAN Tobacco Shop GENESEE AND SOUTH STS. AUYBURN. N. Y. Complimenis of TOWN TALK ICE CREAM Complimenfs of FIRST NATIONAL BANK AURORA, N. Y. Complimenis of CASTELLI'S MARINA Foor of Basin S+reeI' Union Springs, N. Y. CongraI'uIaI'ions CARMEN SUPPLY CO. 88 Genesee SI. AUBURN, N. Y. PHONE 3539I AppIiances-Housewares-Hardware C0mP'i'ne"+S of SHAW 3. BOEHLER COSENTINO FLORIST Floris+s 139 DUNNING AVENUE 140 DUNNING AVENUE AUBURN. N. Y. AUBURN. N. Y. If WAG Brand Foods Always Tasfe So Good Disfribuied by BENTLEY SE'I'TLE 81 CO., INC. Wholesale Grocers Complimenis of CAYUGA PLATE GLASS CO 4 Eas'I' Genesee Sireei' Phone 3-6332 and Ins+i+u+ionaI Suppliers AUBURN. N. Y. 233 W. FAYETTE STREET Syracuse, N. Y. Complimenfs of VlN'CE'S DANIEL 8: STONE RESTAURANT 3I-39 Garden S'IreeI' and AUBURN' N' Y' TRAILER CAMP Dodge-PIymouI'I1 Dodge-Rafed Trucks WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL Clark SI'reeI' Road Auburn, New York LUKE WILLIAMS 81 SON, INC. Lumber and Building Supplies I9-2I Norrh Green Sireei' CLUB DICKMAN Dancing Every Friday Safurday, Sunday NigI1I's AUBURN, N, Y, AUBURN, N. Y. GEBART, TRYON 8: LATTIMORE BIQNDQ BEAUTY SALON General Insurance EDITH Rossman ADAMS, Prop. '9fiflf' Dial 3-352I CompIimen'I's of COTTON SHOP I2I Genesee Sfreei AUBURN, N. Y. AUBURN MUTUAL AGENCY, INC. 92 Genesee Sfreef Auburn, N. Y. CompIimen'Is of HOMICK'S MEN'S SHOP Clofhing, Shoes, Furnishings Formal Wear Ren'I'ed Open Evenings I59 S'IaI'e Sf. Auburn, N. Y. Complimenis of GENEVI EVE BEAUTY SHOPPE I7 Chase Sf. Phone 2-3728 SAMUEL SCHWARTZ, SONS, INC. Iron and SI'eeI-Nonferrous MeI'aIs 23 PERRINE STREET Phone 3-6205 Complimenfs of SEAL'S CAMERA STORE Cards II Nor'I'h Sireei' AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of BENNET AND TRACY Shoe and Luggage Shop 82-84 GENESEE STREET AUBURN, NEW YORK Complimenfs of MUTUAL CANDY COMPANY 4I Wall Sireef AUBURN. NEW YORK Complimenfs of Complimenfs of VANS BAKERY WHEAT BROS. Auburn New York Moravia New York EMERY'S GRILL Cayuga SI'ree'I' Complimenis of The Grill E. D. EMERY, Prop. Complimenfs of CAITO'S BAKERY 40 Washingion Sfreei' Auburn, New York DRANCSAK'S MARKET 86 N. Division Sf. Auburn, New York Complimenis of COURTESY MOTORS Phone 2-844I I7b Clark SIree'I' AUBURN. NEW YORK CompIimen'Is Io fhe Class of '56 MR. AND MRS. RICHARD WRIGHT FOSTERVILLE NEW YORK C 8: Y HOME REMODELLERS I-XL Kifchen Cabinefs I07 STATE STREET AUBURN. NEW YORK Phone 2-8833 CompIimenI's of CENTRAL NEW YORK FREIGHTWAYS. INC. Syracuse LyncII1ursI', N. J. 344 SixI'I1 SI., N. 69 Terminal Rd. Phone 74-4686 WeI::sIer 9-06I3 or Longacre 3-0865 Receiving SI'aI'ion 689 Washingion SI. NEW YORK CITY Servicing Mefropoliian Area and Ups'I'aI'e New York W. W. PATTERSON, JR.. Presidenf LESTER E. BREW LESTER E. BREW, JR. Funeral DirecIors Phone 3-6293 48 SOUTH ST. AUBURN, N. Y AUBURN MUSIC STORE 7 Genesee SI'reeI' WU RLITZER ORGANS AND PIANOS CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Your Yearbook PI1oI'ograpI1er RICHARDS 81 DONAHUE Websier, New York nfs '- GOLDEN GUERNSEY Give Golden Guernsey a Trial- Be Convinced of lfs Superiorify CHILDREN LOVE GOLDEN GUERNSEY Children who ordinarily refuse milk soon gef fhe GOLDEN GUERNSEY habif. Mofhers find fheir worries and froubles are over wifh GOLDEN GUERNSEY. Chil- dren prefer if fo ofher foods and ifs complefeness of food value makes if un- necessary fo urge children fo eai' foods for which fhey do noi' care. Scienfisfs fell us fhaf fasfe buds on fhe fongue grow less acfive as age progresses, perhaps fhese youngsfers can make a choice for fhemselves so long as fhey have plenfy of milk- Two fhirds of a glass of GOLDEN GUERNSEY gives as much nourishmenf as nearly a full glass of ofher milk. The appefizing habif forming flavor of GOLDEN GUERN- SEY may be due fo fhe exfra milk sugar of fhe increased bufferfaf. Profein, minerals and vifamins give if a "fuller bodied" flavor. AUBURN GUERNSEY FARMS, INC. . W. GENESEE ROAD Phone-Auburn 2-6332 i JOHN SEXTON 81 CO. 'F JAMESWAY BARN CLEANERS CLAY BARN CLEANERS JAMESWAY POULTRY EQUIPMENT PAINT OF ALL KINDS ATLANTIC PRODUCES The Nafional Chain Wholesale Grocers Gas. Fuel Oil, Mofor Oil, and Grease, Feed Seed, Ferfilizers, and Bean Seed P. O. Box 423 G. P. O. L. V. Coal HEWITT BROTHERS INC. Moravia Tel. 9 and 26l New York, N. Y. Locke Phone Poplar Ridge 326I I26 Besi' Luck and Good Wishes fo fhe Graduaiing Class MID STATES SALES CO Q, L. F. Auburn, New York PETROLEUM PLANT FOOD DISTRIBUTORS York Sfreei' SINCE H30 AUBURN. NEW YORK Aufographs I27 TOGR PHS The Bun Yilrboolu Arr TAYLOR-MADE YAHOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DAllAS. TEXAS 1.-rifww r gg v1 . Q , - ' eiwzsivfggfsf' ' " ' 5 ' Ji.5iQ+'f-ww " Q Y Q ws-V' f k kk - A fjfff. Y k ' 1511 1 f dl w+.s,:amm,,. . , ,M,,.Mmu,wm,W..m.,.. v.-...umm ,W f w-M'-M1-'-1:-"M ' mx.: -1-U-1-muywmv-f11,.,,N,.,.,.w,,,fvw -MW 4'

Suggestions in the Union Springs Central High School - Frontenac Yearbook (Union Springs, NY) collection:

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