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5! gs, Q' 5 .as Q if 2,1 22 .wi 52, f , , 13Qf?1- QQQQ, 1 x- A5 ,NNN jr x gawk -G 11 .kg Wk xv u. any -n .fa fn, , A, f 2 K , up 3""i:'fEff'f J M wh 3 , W T' ex f 'W 4 f--- Lg, 7' 'P l n W fmrwwf FOREWORD Our class of 1954 invites you to look back with us through our Senior year of school. We hope you will have as much enjoyment reading this book as we have had producing it. lt has been a big job, but very much worth the etlort. Hit brings back happy memories to you as you leaf through its pages, our task has been suc- cessful and our purpose accomplished. THE FRO TE .kk .f' 'xx --'gs' ""'- 'Tu' f ,J V , L ' -. ..,,.1.. .1:i:E?-?.fP "' 15' 3 'T' Q V , f,,.,L,,: , 'n- """' ,,, V' ' 5 " ' ,Lia , 1, L ., ,A iff, V022 "" ' owen sggzgagss cmnzAL swoon' - If-4. T-L o , EQ ,1,,E,,,,ef V IMT- Q: ,521-g. T".x. sh. '35'f ' -- 4, V-3 -in 1- "e,2"- " . Il 5 I1 Ci Ll j ' iw' 1 Q4 gf, Y: '- E fi A if Nwfflxg 'V X.. 35 Nl l xrwig E: ff? T 1. , z I' , ,, al 5? ' We ' A ? ' 'fa -- -ra a" 1 if if '31 -. , '- -1 A A ,, I 5,,,..Ei:z... fl Q 54 sd S' 1 W , ll. , ,Q wi' ll:'x.QaiQ M su i I, 13 5 I ' , v' -:ES 'i1ji.1 :. ,,' ,' f X 1 R' M - ff v ----- YY ' 'ir-m,fQl.1.1..... A, 7 ttf 5 1 ,4 -, ,A . A Y' U pm'-Y:-1 m f ffwfn f 2'-ree?-Q"' ' Qtr- ' V -'Pt I954 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1954 Union Springs Central School uNloN svnmes, N. Y. CONTENTS Page Title Page ...... ....-.. 1 Contents .... 2 Foreword ...... ....... 3 Dedication ............. ....... 4 Yearbook Staff ............ ....... 5 Board of Education ........ ....... 6 High School Faculty ........ ....... 7 School Staff ................. ......... 8 -9 Administrators .......... ....... 1 0 Senior Division Page ...... ....... 1 1 Senior Honor Roll ...... .......... 1 2 Individual Seniors ................ 13-18 Class History ............. .......... 1 9 Senior Statistics ........ ......... 2 0-21 Snapshots ............ ......... 2 2-23 Baby Pictures ....... .......... 2 4 Senior Play Cast ....... ....... 2 5 Can You Imagine ........ ....... 2 6 Class Will ................. ....... 2 7 The junior Prom ........ ....... 2 8 Classes Division Page ................ 29 The Class of 1955 ................ 30-31 Sophomores .............................. 32 Freshmen ................................ 33 Freshmen and Eighth Grade .... 34 Eighth Grade ............................ 35 Seventh Grade ...................... 36-37 Snapshots ................................ 38 The Elementary School ............ 39 Cayuga School Cafeteria Staff and Maintenance ................ 54 Activities .................... ....... 5 5 Student Council ........................ 56 Recreation Committee .............. 57 Senior Band and Majorettes .... 58 Page Senior Chorus ............ ......... 5 9 junior High Chorus ...... ......... 6 0 Commercial Club and Newspaper Staff ................ 61 Debate Club and Rifle Club .... 62 Junior High Science Club and Driver Education ........ 63 Future Farmers of America and Future Homemakers of America .......................... 64 School Life Division Page ........ 65 Guidance Department .............. 66 School Departments .................. 67 School Cafeteria 8: Office Staff 68 Our School Library .................. 69 Industrial Arts and "Ag" Shop 70 Bus Drivers and Mechanics ...... 71 Maintenance Staff ...................... 72 Sports Division Page ................ 73 Physical Education Dept. ........ 74 Girl's Athletic Association ...... 75 Girl's Basketball ........................ 76 Girl's Hockey and Soccer .......... 77 Varsity Football 1953 ................ 78 Varsity Baseball 1953 .............. 79 Track Team .......,........................ 80 Mr. Chisamore, Principal ........ 40 Elementary Faculty .................... 41 Elementary Grades .............. 42-52 Elementary Band and Library 53 Wrestling Team ........................ 81 Varsity Basketball ................ 82-83 junior Varsity Basketball .......... 84 Basketball ........................ 85 Junior Varsity Football ............ 86 ' ' 87 Advertising .............................. 1 4 We 3 2 - f- Q b2e ee e Ni f 1-cg fffffffin we-spa? SA .....f-X,x R-Af! 2 -do -5-"'f'-A - S our -- e ...x NEAR CAYUGA'S DEEP BLUE WATERS EDWARD BOBBETT June 21, 1937 - June 1, 1954 The student body, the faculty, and all the people in the com- munity were greatly shocked at the sudden death of Teddy Bobbett who was struck down by a bolt of lightning on June 1, 1954 while he was on the athletic field. We respectfully pay this tribute to his memory. Teddy's smiling face and cooperative spirit stood out among the students. He was also an outstanding example of courtesy and good cheer, setting a pace we might each try to copy. Mere words cannot adequately express our feelings about this loss of one of our student body, nor can they completely convey to his close friends and the members of his family the bounds of our deep sympathy. "gf X EY on--qc Fmmllllu tI c-he -T-10 STANDS THE scl-lool. we Love so WEG.qWvLFffQ DEDICATION R TO MR. SHOTWELL Our Class Advisor RICHARD ALLEN SHOTWELL The class of '54 is proud to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Allen Shotwell. Mr. Shotwell has been our faithful class advisor throughout our Senior high school years. His cheerful attitude and capable guidance have kept us working toward success. During the times when we were in great need of help, he was always there to offer his services. His wise supervision has helped us in many class money-making projects which have made us financially successful. We are grateful to Mr. Shotwell who has made our senior high school years full of enjoyment. We extend to him wishes for happiness and success. , E M H f Ar -1 A 1 V -1- - if X. 4 WITH THE GREEN FIELDS CLOSE BESIDE HER i Sir YE v OUR YEARBOOK STAFF ..,, , V, -7-. .V Agni-maine Str k , M . if sgslsszzzi-rgggf rsszspsfsrsazzezesfnsargfnafswrghff , 1, ve yn ares Jeanne Perkins Bev Ang are inc ney Faith L I ' , bony, Dot Temple tarol Roaqg i mig. jean Osborne Business Manager Beverly Anthony Assistant Sports Editor Bernard Wright Editor-in-Chief Jim Whitehead Boys Sports Editor Evelyn Hares Advertising Manager Bob Kwasniewski Assistant Sports Editor Jeanne Perkins Assistant Advertising Mgr. Margaret Pinckney School Life Editor Lois Hubbard Literary Editor Claudia Anthony Asst. School Life Editor Faith Langley Assistant Literary Editor Carol Pratt Circulation Manager Elaine Stryker Art Editor Carol Romig Assistant Circulation Mgr. Dorothy Temple Girls Sports Editor Year Book Staff Message As everyone knows in this day and age "speed" is every hot rod's dream, but we believe our yearbook will bring these hot rods to a standstill long enough to en- joy the work of the class and the yearbook staff. We hope you will enjoy the con- tents of our book. Remember if its school memories you are looking for, look for the "Frontenac of '54." We have chosen to use our Alma Mater as the theme of the book and at the bottom of almost every page you will find a line of this beautiful song, illustrated with a pen and ink sketch. We think this really makes our book unique. . , I rf-ik-4 . .1 -Q-A -... , QS f 1 Mz aixwrz " 1q1-yn q 71111 1111111 3 f " I H. :Z '17 kb ,,-------LQS5, 1 .Ai fig fri gg If I f'?Anm1 7 F 1 7,1 .-I -1 3 771 1777 --X BS-'1 'IJDJ .gp " 74 , ZZ , J , Z -Q -JJ! Q-6162? 3. ' J 6' 7 -1 4... '- ts 3 1 I rf' if-r TREES AND SHRUBS AND HILL AND DELL CJUR BCARD OF EDUCATION L11 A l l l Riff i?iO5T'a2aga.x,113r.V1j5g533rfj Alamo Mamws, Newliqaii' rliifghiiarfif. Harold Orchafd- Mr, 0 fl ' Mr. Harvey Smith The "unsung heroes" of the Union Springs Central School are the nine mem' bers of the Board of Education. They give hundreds of hours of service annually without even one penny of reimbursement for the time sacrificed from personal busi- ness or for the expense of travel to the many meetings they must attend. Their eager- ness to learn the duties and res onsibilities of their office, their interest in the girls and boys of our community, andatheir willingness to put service to their school ahead of personal gain and pleasure merit the respect and gratitude of every resident of the school district. rx ,ff-il oi? rd ---5- 6 U. S. C. S. SPEED THE ECHOES RINGING AT THY CALI Q ,--..., nrcola Boomer ,.., .wuerr Herst, Beulah Pethybridge, Laura Wheat, Jeanne Corcoran, Richard Moon. Back Rows Smith, Catherine Hockeborne, Enid T ' Mulligan, E ' anner, Leslie Shaw rwin Kane, Frank Vasquez, john Connell Coman Chappell, Harold McBride, Cynthia Parsons, hard d21Y'5 Wofk Mr. Ch2lPPeu after a Mr shotwell and Preparing for the junior Prom. ,N C' 3-f ,- J .rm angle! L THE BEST OF A'- MATER. LovED 1 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Andrew 1. Smith .... Supervising Principal of the District Richard J. Moon ........ Assistant Principal and Secondary Education Supervisor Raymond Chisamore Elementary Principal 8: Supervisor OFFICE STAFF C. B. Black .................... Clerk of the Board of Education Blanche Forsythe ...,.,.........,................,....... Office Secretary ends her time Helen Pethybrid e ..... ...,,....... ' d P g ................. Office Secretary - It Io ' QS S me Pet vkggping us'llIC JUNIOR - SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING STAFF Arcola Boomer .....,.... ,..,., ........... ,,... ......................,. L i b r arian Harold Boomer ......,..... Industrial Arts - Adult Education Director john Connell ..... ' Science Fred Gardner ..v......... ........ Business Subjects Robert Herst ......,..........., ,. ..,... Social Studies Catherine Hockeborn ........ ..... M athematics Laura johnson .................. ...... E nglish - Latin Mrs. Franc Morse ...,. Cynthia Parsons .... Agnes Purcell ........ George Ruggles ........ Homemaking English Mathematics Science - Mathematics Leslie Shaw ............ Allen Shotwell ....... Social Studies Agriculture Ida J. Smith ....,....... Enid A. Tanner .,.,. French - Health English ed Frank Vazquez ....... ....... S ocial Studies- English - wski has his teeth dean Katherine Wheat ...... .......... S ecretarial Subjects Bob Kwasmiy Mrs- Schenclc SPECIAL 7 Flora Andrews ...................................... Physical Education B. Coman Chappell ..... ..............,.. A rt Director Erwin Kane ........,.....,....,.................... Guidance Counselor Earl Klock ............................................ Instrumental Music Harold McBride .... Driver Education - Physical Education Robert Mulligan .................................... Physical Education Beulah Pethybridge ................,............,,...........,...,..... Nurse Jane Schenck ..,,....r., . ...... Dental Hygienist Margaret Wolf ...,... .......... V 0Cal Music f fit g L01 'fl' 'N-5 UM A " L COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Left to right Mr Gardner Ruth Ben nett Joan Rancler Mrs Wheat 4-'N-f-Z STAFF CAFETERIA Cayuga Division Gladys Drown Karin Olson Union Springs Division ' kl Cafteria Manager Charlotte Nic es, Janice Smith Gladys Davis Doris Walker Nellie Mosher BUS DRIVERS William Conrad, Head Bus Driver and Grounds Man Charles B. Allnatt Lloyd Schenck William Connor Glenn Walter Jefferson Gaston Howard Langley Clyde Lowery Earl King GARAGE Frank Walter, Chief Mechanic MAINTENANCE Union Springs Division Lewis A. Chapin, Building Engineer Edward Connell Keith Brightman Arthur Davis Glenn Gaston Fred Gleason Wanda Davis Cayuga Division William Reichenbach Beatrice Dennis ft L S q C jf V N LL S 'U Miss HOCkebOrn and Ed Larkin work out Math problems Miss Johns o discussnlsgguggg. Smith s Home Economics girls work supe u l under the rvlslon of Mrs. Corcoran OUR SPEAK SMXTH RPN J' . - Pjgervxsmg PrmcxPal As we sing our Alma Mater, do we take time to think of the advantages which we enjoy every day? Folks from all over the world visit our beautiful Finger Lakes country to RlCHARD J. MOON feast their eyes on its natural beauty. Our fertile farms keep the nation physically strong and vigorous With grain, meats, fruits, and dairy products. Our hills and dells cradle industries vital to our national economy and safety. Do we appreciate our school and the educational advantages it affords? Are we grateful for the privilege of living in a state which helps communities provide good schools for all the children, wherever they may live? Are we thankful for the Amer- ican way of life? We shall show our love for Alma Mater by being strong, industrious, self-reliant, loyal, God-fearing Americans. Our lives will reflect the prestige of U. S. C. S. and through our accomplishments, great or small, the glory of Alma Mater will live and grow and inspire. Best wishes to the Class of 1954, Hf9l1 School Principal Andrew Smith. Every year, at about this time, comes one of the pleasant parts of my job, an opportunity to congratulate another senior class on a job well done. Please accept my sincere congratulations. This is an accomplishment in which you and your parents can take a great deal of pride. This year, there have been many articles written for our national magazines, criticizing public high school education. Most of these articles, I believe, are unduly critical of public high schools in general but to be sure that this is not true in our school system, we need your help. Please help us to keep our schools meeting the needs of the young people and adults of our school community. Lots of luck, to you in your future. Richard J. Moon. ADMINISTRATORS EQ -W 5- M wk-Q --- X L--A------ flI'1I 311111 1132311 11111111 nun-5 . . .1 ,L - - NWS 'N JN 1111, "- 31111213 11111111 f'zf"3'5""'.F-55' - .. '- -4. ,,. 9549 'f"5!Y'f- Q J, Ov .six -xr HERE WE ARE "THE E l0R " l954 ,HORN R VXXCR SOLL CDE THESE OF OUR NUMBERS HAVE GAINED OUR RESPECT AND ESTEEM -Fig CLASS OF 1954 QAverage of 80 or above for 3M yearsj Jeanne Perkins, Valedictorian Dalton Foster, Salutatorian Honorable Mention Wesley Bedell Lynn Carlton Lois Hubbard Barbara Leiger Robert Mekeel Jeanne Osborne Margaret Pinckney y Carol Pratt Carol Romig l Lowell Sanders k Carolyn Saxton Bernard Wright 5 CLASS FLOWER ......... ......... W hite Carnation CLASS COLORS ............ ................... B lue and Gold CLASS MOTTO ........... ...... ' 'Rowing Not Drifting" J f fffff CC xt ' 'C E be 'C ' Y ...Y-X,X ALA'-Jae Ae -'ee "A-- A.:-c'w:?Q.g-4f,A 5 .-f V' A"' '2 MAY OUR LOVE FOR THEE GROW STRONGER PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Evelyn Louise Hares Beverly Anthony "Tootsie" "Bev" She can be imitated by none, nor paralleled by any but Can we ever have too much of a good thing? herself- Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Band 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 junior Prom Queen 3 Chorus 2, 3 G.A.A. President 3, 4 Class President Yearbook Staff 4 Civil Service 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Play 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Senior Store Mgr. 4 Vice-President 4 Auburn Telephone Company SECRETARY Lowell Sanders An easy-minded soul, and always was. Class Secretary 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 State F.F.A. Band 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Rifie Club 4 President of Band 4 All-State Band 4 College 3,4 3,4 TREASURER Herman R. Wilde "Blue Eyes" His mild and magnificent eye Baseball Mgr. 1 Varsity Football 2 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 County F.F.A. Treasurer State F.F.A. Convention 3 National F.F.A. Convent'n 4 Senior Slass Treasurer 4 President Rifle Club 4 Class Plays 2, 3 Oratorical Contest 4 U. S. Navy Evelyn Amerman Claudia Ruth Anthony Joan Anthony Joyce A. Bartley uS00kYn "Pete" Friendship is to be purchased HTIUYH ' Born with the gift of laughte The blush is beautiful 5 but il only by friendship. faking and humor are pleas- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 it sometimes inconvenient. Junior play 3 ant,' and often of extreme Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 2 Wim?- G.A.A. 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Soccer 1 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Queen's Court 3 Usher at Commencement 3 Class Play 2, 3 Usher at Commencement 3 Usher at Commencement 3 Housewife Senior Chorus 3, 4 Class Plays 2, 4 G.A.A. 4 All-State 4 Usher at Baccalaureate 3 Auburn Community College F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Delegate to F.H.A. Camp 3 Usher at Commencement Baton Club 3 Baton Club 1, 2 Cortland State Teachers Auburn Memorial Hospital College 1 X - 3 'f it .If cg 3 3- X 'WU WMM ,M - so , I , C I "A" ,V AS THE YEARS GOA SPEEDING BY. fm '-JQC13 Ruth Bennett Politeness costs nothing and gains everything. F.H.A. 2 Usher at Commencement 3 Housewife Wesley W. Bedell "Billy" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Wrestling 2, 3 Rifle Club 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Sentinal F.F.A. 2 President F.F.A. 4 Senior Play Mgr. State Convention F.F.A. 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Farming of Armed Forces Lynn Carlton .Karen Such joy ambition finds. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 3 Senior Play Football Mgr. Boy's Magazine Mgr. 1 Intramurals 3 Newspaper Staff 4 General Motors Institute Harlow Casler nsamn Let every man look before he leaps. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural Track 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Chorus 2 Senior Minstrel Show 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Track 4 Mason Douglas Chisamore john Richard Cooper Elizabeth Ann Daratt Kenneth Walters Davis "Doug" "jack" "Ann" "Porky" Every man should measure I am slow of study. A penny for your thoughts. I am not'arguing with you himself by hi-9 Own Smfldafd- j.V. Basketball 1, 2 Transfer from Central I am telling YOU'- j,V, Basketball 2, 5 Varsity Basketball 3 High School 3 J.V. Basketball 1 Track 3 Football 2, 3 F.H.A. 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Football 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Drafting Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 3, 4 Girls Intramurals 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Debate Club 2 Chess Club 3 College Volleyball 2 Cheerleader, Mgr. 4 Army Usher at Senior Play 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Undecided M fsfNfXf,,,- ,Nz-Sfx? ,Y -' f""VN pixma!" 1- 1' SZ 154- , - 4-gi' ,,,,... - If x, 14 BE THY NAME REMEMBERED EVER Roger Day ..Rog.. W hat, shall the mob dictate my policy? Basketball Mgr. 2 j.V. Basketball 3 F.F.A. 2, 3 Sophomore Play 2 Senior Play Mgr. California Dalton Peter Foster "Molecules" Only when genius is married to science can the highest results be produced. Vice President 2 j.j.V. Basketball 1 j.V. Basketball 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice Pres. Student Council 3 Pres. Student Council 4 Vice Pres. Debate Club 3 Pres. Debate Club 4 Class Play 2, 3, 4 Empire Boy's State Honorable Mention in Westinghouse Science Talent Search College Evangeline Gaston "Bannie" Evelyn Faye Gaston "Webbie" Both short and sweet some Love is love for evermore. say is best. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 3, 4 Cheerleading 4 Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 1, 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Usher at Play 3, 4 Undecided Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Library Club 1, 2, 3 Usher at Play 3, 4 Undecided Helen Gleason "Chickie" If the good were only better, would the wicked be so bad? F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Girls Intramurals 1, 2 Maxwell Haines ..Max,. Such strength as a man has he shall use. Football 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Lois Aileen Hubbard llltoieil To be awake is to be alive Basketball 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Eleanor Hussey "Ellie" Much, that well may be thought, cannot be wisely said F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 3, 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Track 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2 NCWSPHPCI' Staff 4 Rifle Club 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Class Play 2, 4 Pl'0mPfff at Plal' 2 F.F.A..2, 3, 4 Band 1 Usher at Commencement 3 Ushlff at PNY 3 Undecided Senior Store 4 Library Staff 1, 2, 3 Semof Store 4 , Usher at Commencement 3 Secretary Auburn Community College Usher at Baccalaureate 3 Housewife I I Q15 ' 'Q' , .L-M. ,-- f - .... 'N , 3:55 F - JTQ: 2 Dqxlaaa -, -71111 1111-111 - ..- 164' 'JRE' Qiilvffff. 117 fi 'r 7111-u 1111117--X - --'M' 'Q 2 11 3! 1 ' 64- Q- 1.55 ZZ. A U MAY THY GLORY NEVER DIE I5 Robert Kwasniewski "Kwas" Nothing endures but personal qualities. Football 3 j.J.V. Basketball 1 j.V. Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2 Yearbook Staff Senior Store 4 Senior Play 4 U. S. Navy Kenneth Jorgensen ..Ken,, Enough work to do and strength enough to do it. J.J.v. Basketball 1 j.V. Basketball 2, 3 Varsity Basketball 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Class Plays 3, 4 All-State 2 U. S. Navy Faith Frances Langley I hate scarce smiles, I love laughing. Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Glee Club 1 Debate Club 2 junior Play Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 G.A.A. 4 All-State 2, 4 State Music Sectionals 1, 2, 3, 4 Ithaca College Shirley Lee "Leaker" Softly speak and sweetly smile Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Usher at Play 3 Undecided Barbara Leiger "Barb" W e should have much peace if we would not busy ourselves with the sayings and doings of others. Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Secretary Jean Lewis "Louie" Good humor may be said to be one of the very best articles of dress one can wear in society. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. President 4 Class Play 2, 4 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Usher at Baccalaureate 3 Library Staff 1, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 College Robert Mekeel "Chubby" As merry as the day is long. Baseball 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2 Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2, 3 F.F.A. Secretary 2 F.F.A. President 3 F.A.A. Vice-President 4 King of junior Prom 3 College J J: f.,,,....- Jean Osborne "Jeanie" Those who do not know her pronounce her quiet, those who know her pronounce her jolly. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. Secretary 3 Yearbook Staff 3, 4 Citizenship Conference 3, 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Class Treasurer 2 Oswego State Teachers College ' ,. sf? -QZQEQXZ. . 16 U. S. C. S. SPEED THE ECHOES RINGING AT THY CALI Jeanne Perkins --Pei-kyn You are not only good your- self, but the cause of good- ness in others. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Recreation Committee 1, 2 Student Council Vice--President 4 G.A.A. lnterclass Director 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Class President 2 Debate Club 3 Yearbook Stal? 4 Class Plays 2, 4 Queen's Court 3 Cornell Margaret Mae Pinckney Robert Pinckney Carol Pratt llpeggyll NBobll llceepyll I never like being hit without Sleep is sweet to the laboring Honest lame awaits the truly striking back. man. good. Student Council 1, 2, 3 Football 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer Student Council 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Chorus 4 Secretary Student Council 3 Intramurals 3 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Majorette 3, 4 Undecided Alternate Varsity Cheer- Head Majorette 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2 Girls Sports 1, 3, 4 Class Plays 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Library Staff 2, 3 Rifle Club 3 Secretary leader 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 F.H.A. President 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Athletic Treasurer 3, 4 Chairman Basketball Worker's Squad 3, 4 Queen's Court 3 Usher at Commencement 3 Usher at Baccalaureate 3 Cortland State Teachers College Travis Murvill Robbins "Mert" No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor. Football 2 Class Play Stage Mgr. 3, 4 California Carol Romig eco., joan Russell Carolyn Saxton "Butch" "Saxie" A good heart is better than Suit your manner to the man. C1355 Play 3 all the heads in the world. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 4 Gifls SPOFYS 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1 F-H-A 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer F.H.A. 4 Cl'l0I'US 3, 4 Queegfs Court 3 Cl'10l'llS 3, 4 F-H-A 2,. 3, 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Glfls 5P0ffS 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President F.H.A. 4 Oratorical Contest Winner 4 G-A-A 3, 4 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Basketball Worker 2 All-State 1, 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Auburn Community College Yearbook Staff 4 Secretary Senior Store 4 Central City Business Inst 'JN J- 1 L C vw - "' ,FI J J' lg ..-g U. S. C. S. ALMA MATER. LOVED THE BEST OF ALL Martha Jane Scott ..Mm,, In quietness and confdence shall be your strength. Band 1, 2 Chorus 3, 4 Debate Club 1 G.A.A. 1 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. 3 Library Staff 1 Usher at Play 3 Business 18 Elaine C. Stryker Whatever she does, wherever she goes, grace orders her actions and follows her move- ments. Jr. Chorus 1 F.H.A. 2, 3 F.H.A. Treasurer 3 Chorus 2, 5, 4 All-State 4 Usher at Commencement 3 Dance Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Queen's Court 3 G.A.A. 4 Basketball Intramurals 4 Fashion Designer Dorothy Louise Temple ..Dot,. Gentle in manner, strong in performance. Transferred 2 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 F.H.A. 2 Yearbook Stall' 4 Queen's Court 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Auburn Memorial Hospital Henry Wilde ill-lanktl liTobyY7 Every man has three charac- teristics: that which he ex- hibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has. Football 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Outstanding Wrestling Trophy 2, 3, 4 Section 4 Class B Wrestling Champion 3 Section 4 Class A Wrestling 2nd Place 2, 3 Class Plays 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 5, 4 Sect. 4 Class B Champion 4 Outstanding Wrestler of Meet 4 Section 4 Class A Finals Champion 4 Wrestling 3, 4 College Bernard Eugene Wright "Bernie" There is no easy road from the earth to the stars. J.V. Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Yearbook Stal? 4 Class Vice-President 3 Boy's State 3 Class Play 3 Recreation Committee 1, 2 West Point james F. Whitehead lllimfi Those who play with cats must expect to be scratched. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 J.V. Basketball 1, 3 Basketball 4 Wrestling 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 2, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State 2, 4 Class Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Store 4 Recreation Committee 3, 4 U. S. Navy Ralph Walawender "Wally" Baseball 1 Football 2 Wrestling 2, 3 F.F.A. 2, 3 College THIS IS OUR STORY CLASS HISTORY The class of 1954 started the Freshman year by electing Robert Mekeel, Presi- dentg Kenneth Jorgensen, Vice-President, Lowell Sanders, Secretary, and Wesley Bedell, Treasurer. Miss Agnes purcell was our class adisor. To get our Treasury started, we sold over 31,000 worth of magazine subscrip- tions and held a dance. We made a nice profit from both. At the end of our Fresh- man year, we had our Junior High Graduation and moved on to our Sophomore year. In our Sophomore year, Mr. Allen Shotwell became our class advisor for the rest of our Senior high years. Mrs. Eileen Davis assisted Mr. Shotwell in our Soph- omore year. We elected Jeanne Perkins, President, Dalton Foster, Vice-President, Lowell Sanders, Secretary, and Jean Osborne, Treasurer. This year we had a play, a dance, and sold refreshments at the basketball games to increase our treasury for our Senior trip. The Junior year was full of activity. We elected Robert Mekeel, President, Ber- nard Wright, Vice-Presidentg Lowell Sanders, Secretary, and Lynn Carlton, Treasurer. Kenneth Jorgensen and Jim Whitehead were elected to represent us on the Saturday night recreation committee. Dalton Foster and Margaret Pinckney represented us in the Student Council. We held a dance and produced a play entitled "Lights Out." To boost our treasury, we sold stationary which netted us a nice profit. In the Spring came the big event of our Junior year, and something we had looked forward to during all of our high school years, the Junior Prom. We chose for our theme, Spring Gardens. Beverly Anthony was chosen queen and Robert Mekeel was our king. On the queen's court were Claudia Anthony, Carol Pratt, Jeanne Perkins, Joan Russell, Elaine Stryker, and Dorothy Temple. Darby McBride was crown bearer and Beth Shotwell was flower girl. Later, on Awards Day, eleven Juniors proudly received their class rings. Thus ended our Junior year. As the Senior year began, we elected the following officers: President ..................................................... ... Evelyn Hares Vice-President ........................................ Beverly Anthony Secretary .................................................... Lowell Sanders Treasurer .................................................... Herman Wilde Margaret Pinckney and Jim Whitehead were elected to represent us in Saturday night recreation and Dalton Foster and Jeanne Perkins represented us in Student Council. Early in the fall we held a dance and sold Christmas cards. Later, we sold individual pictures to all the students in school. In December we put on the play, "The Devil's Eye," which was directed by Mrs. Jane Beswick. We also had a Snow Ball. As this History is being written, we are looking forward to our trip to Wash- ington and maybe a Minstrel Show. Then will come commencement, and each of us shall go our separate ways. Our high school years have been our happiest and most memorable. Our only regret is that they have slipped by so fast and are drawing to a close. .ft .ef-S , c - ,, -L.-N - f 9 -MUS - - . Us X --ff t Y,-g Q A V Y mmm U CURIOUS FACTS SENIOR NAME ALIAS CHIEF A'I'TRACT ION FAVORITE SONG Evelyn Amerman Sooky The Irish With These Hands Beverly Anthony Bev Short Hair Dragnet Claudia Anthony Pete Long Fingernails Until You Said Goodbye Joan Anthony Joan Long Hair Shot Gun Boogie Joyce Bartley Tilly Tiny Feet Changing Partners Wesley Bedell Bill Personality Vaya Con Dios Ruth Bennett Ruthie Pretty Hair Stranger In Paradise Lynn Carlton Kate Queer Shirts Oh My Papa Harlow Casler Sam His Eyes Let Me Be The One Douglas Chisamore Doug Laziness Lazy Bones Jack Cooper Coop The Nose Secret Love Ann Daratt Annie Eyes Lover, Come Back To Me Kenneth Davis Porky His Fancy Shirts Bell Bottom Blues Roger Day Arnie D. A. There Stands The Glass Dalton Foster Molecule Personality Laura Evangeline Gaston Bannie Hair P. S. I Love You Evelyn Gaston Webbie Her Tiny Feet Heartbreaking Waltz Helen Gleason Chickie Pony Tail That's Arnore Maxwell Haines Max Hair To Be Alone Evelyn Hares Tootsie Plaid Shirts Because of You Lois Hubbard Loie Brown Eyes As Time Goes By Eleanor Hussey Ellie Height Oh Kenneth Jorgensen Jorgy Eyes Anytime Robert Kwasniewski Kwas His Physique Secret Love Faith Langley Faithie Her Eyes You'll Never Walk Alone Shirley Lee Leaker Hair Bell Bottom Blues Barbara Leiger Sleepy Quietness Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Jean Lewis Louie Food Stardust Robert Mekeel Chubby Wave In Hair I'll Leave No Stone Unturned Jean Osborne Jeanie Quietness My Secret Love Jeanne Perkins Perky Green Eyes Laura Margaret Pinckney Peggy Hair Let Me Be The One Robert Pinckney Bob Brush Cut Heart Of My Heart Carol Pratt Ceepy Brown Eyes Unforgetable Murvill Robbins Mert D. A. There Stands The Glass Carol Romig Co Friendliness Stranger In Paradise Joan Russell Butch Her Sweaters Getting Sentimental Over You Lowell Sanders Lowell Slowness Chicago Carolyn Saxton Geo Quietness The Jones Boy Martha Scott Mart Her Hair Answer Me My Love Elaine Stryker Skipper Her Figure Ebb Tide Dorothy Temple Dot Her Smile Heartbreaking Waltz Ralph Walawender Wally Shortness Secret Love James Whitehead Jim His Red Hair Stranger In Paradise Henry Wilde Hank His Wrestling Ebb Tide Herman Wilde Blue Eyes Blue Eyes Oh Bernard Wright Bernie His Smile Wheel of Fortune S ' A 'o 9 J J Shy- I V W , ' f ...QM Q f,,.. , Y 20 U. S. C. S. SPEED THE ECHOES RINGING AT THY CALL ABOUT OUR GROUP STATISTICS WANTS TO BE USUALLY FOUND FAVORITE EXPRESSION WHAT HE OR SHE LIKES 1. Physical Ed. Teacher VC'ith Don Hi! Doll The opposite sex 2. Telephone Operator At Senior Store I'm sorry Dancing, cheerleading 3. A Secretary In Auburn Oh! Well Pizza, roller skating 4. Housewife With Claude Who Goofed Claude 5. Nurse Adirondack Mts. Hi! Hi! Hi! Hillbillies 6. Farmer Foster's Garage What da ya say! To tinker with cars 7. Housewife With Dick "Dirty Girl" Dick 8. Engineering Make Out Doing nothing Oh heck Sports 9. Mason At home "Huh" Girls, Sports, and Dancing 10. Able to take the car Loafing Gee Whiz To do nothing 11. Bartender Holiday Inn What's your game Sports 12. Accountant With cheerleaders Come now Spaghetti 13. Draftsman "Mollers" Kinda makes you wanta cry Fords 14. Mechanic Holiday Inn Smell You Good drag with Mert 15. An engineer In the Lab Buddy jazz, science 16. A Secretary With Larry Well for crying out hotdog Larry 17. Housewife With Gary Hoosie Gary 18. Almost Secretary Doing Nothing Huh Men 19. Coach Home "Gee" Sports 20. Bookkeeper Waiting for Mr. Smith Oh, Hung Sports 21. Housewife Bothering Peggy George To argue with Mr. Gardner 22. Housewife Home Oh Fudge Dancing 23. Sailor With Joan Well now Basketball ' 24. Pro ball player By Donna's locker "What" Basketball 25. Housewife 8: music teacher At Ann-Ella's Scratch Boys, music and sports 26. Bookkeeper Drug store Jeepers Sports 27. Secretary At the Reva Gees Skating 28. Dietician Langley's jazzy To eat 29. Mechanic Home tha hal Beats me Sports 30. Teacher Home Really Music 31. Kindergarten Teacher With Dalton Hi Scratch jazz 32. Secretary With Claudia and Sooky Nuts Sports and garlic 33. With Carolyn Smoking Well Chestertields 34. Thin With Scotty Colbert Oh, Perch Song and dance 35. Race car driver Working on the '49 Too expensive Fast car 36. Medical Secretary Clowning around jeepers Hot jazz 37. Secretary At the drugstore Larry Ballet 38. Agriculture Teacher Home For Petes Sake Popular music 39. Kindergarten Teacher Roller Skating Rink Oh No Math 40. Medical Secretary Auburn It'll do in a pinch Good music and food 41. Fashion Designer Schine's Auburn Theater Can you beat that Ballet dancing 42. Nurse Looking up at Tom Holy Cow Cheerleading 43. Electrician Loahng Oh Sports 44. Sailor West High Hotdog Women 45. Millionaire At Sharon's What do you say To ride around 46. Admiral of Navy 47. General at West Point Marilyn's house O'Hara's Don't be bitter Oh for crying out loud A good hot rod drag Food 7 Ji L-'SJ .N-Hg. V, ,NG ...QMS J U. S.C. S- ALMA MATER- LDVED TI-IE REST DI: All REMEMBER THOSE Y 1 2 Q Yea Team Sla pped 7 Posing? e 1. Who's Who? .kfk K fa? . 5, i yn W H Brains and Muscles R 2 V' R 7 Relaxed Q ge ,L' . M Sf, KA ' f -ikr Z, ew' - digg - ,. A of 5 VVS! L ,Q 'S :i,Jk' fm V :ggi Wha Happened? Worried! Could This Be Love? 15832 7641475 f L ffffffffnlpassl -1. -I A I.,-,..,.-...Z i-axff' 22 HAPPY DAYS AND TIMES -it s 14 Baby Sitter See! We Do Study Sitting On Top of the World Heep Big Hunter Hi Doll! Chicks -Li A .wil ii H -it A 'gtg fvwvvx t H A g-N- .-JO' , ,i H ,MEX A17vi'bvL ,-Z: 23 MM WHEN WE WERE F in E' M .2 M N I ask ' gag? A ,E 51 1 2 J 1 'mi i 'QW 2 5? Q. 5 ia , A 2 , if Q W ' is 4 3 Q we M yi 63,w'H E W ie e 'W' .. ..' Q 5 . 3 8 .M N I3 Dot Toots Joanie Ceepy Peg Jean YOUNG AND GAY Lois Helen Eleanor C I aro Perky OUR SENIOR PLAY MIum.,.Mr '11 5 3-..":.."fg 3"n...""'i 'hw-...,, s1fN1oR PLAY CA ,. . f ST - F' - , . .lor.kcnsc-n,jcr1nnL. pcrkins Nirsr Row-Llcimor Hussey Second R Kwgisniewskj Ji' A S, argarct P- , 0 ,S . ' v Wi - , lrlckncy, 4 ' Vw Ivfrs. By Y -. fx , az on Oster - , o , Jack Cooper, Roger Our Senior Play, "The Devil's Eye", was presented the eiglitli and ninth of December, under the direction of Mrs. jane Beswick. Practice took most of the nights in the week so that we had little time for leisure. The cast worked hard to make this mystery-comedy a success. After the play, parties were given at joan Russell's and Margaret Pinckncy's. r r..,r, 5 25 KIDDING OUR CAN Y-OU IMAGINE Sooky Amerman without Donnie Bev Anthony being fat Caludia Anthony without her Auburn pals joan Anthony without Claude Pala Joyce Bartley being serious Wesley Bedell without his Ford Ruth Bennett being short Lynn Carlton not playing basketball Harlow Casler not singing Doug Chisamore acting his age jack Cooper being on time for classes Ann Daratt coming to school Kenny Davis ever going to Willy's Roger Day with any ambition Dalton Foster being a farmer Bannie Gaston not in love Webbie Gaston not going with Gary The Long Journey Home Helen Gleason not being a hot-rod Max Haines going with a girl Tootsie Hares with blond hair Lois Hubbard getting above average from Mr. Shaw Eleanor Hussey not gossiping Ken Jorgensen playing the tuba Bob Kwasniewski not being sharp Faith Langley not working Barbara Leiger being noisey jean Lewis not having pajama parties Shirley Lee walking to school Robert Mekeel without his gun , Jean Osborne with a temper tantrum Jeanne Perkins not asking Mr. Shaw questions Margaret Pinckney not being teased Robert Pinckney without his trumpet Carol Pratt getting along with the sophomore girls Murvill Robbins without his car Carol Romig having a tantrum Joan Russell not flirting Lowell Sanders hurrying Carolyn Saxton being noisy Martha Scott without her cigarettes Elaine Stryker not being able to draw Dorothy Temple as tall as Tom James Whitehead going steady Henry Wilde not wrestling Herman Wilde not going to Cayuga Bernard Wright a general at West Point Ralph Walawender being tall ma Party All Dressed Up Cheer Leaders? mfflilzi -f-ma, , A v l- - xg v xl.-Y -v Af- - Yi , , 26 SELVES ALONG . LAST WILL 81 TESTAMENT We, the class of 1954 of Union Springs Central School, being of sound mind U1 do hereby declare the following as our last will and testament: Sooky Amerman leaves her self-control to Sharon Davis. Beverly Anthony leaves her cheering ability to Shirley Baker. Claudia Anthony leaves her rollerskates at the rink. Joan Anthony leaves for the church. Joyce Bartley leaves her small feet to Frances Jones. Bill Bedell leaves his innocence to Bob Ryan. Ruth Bennett leaves to be married. Lynn Carlton leaves Jean to the rest of the wolves. Harlow Casler leaves his ability to Andy Reindfleish. Douglas Chisamore leaves his shovel at home. Jack Cooper leaves the remainder of his books in a Ann Daratt leaves her "tall tales" to Vera Fausak. Kenny Davis leaves the girls to find their own way to Moller's. Roger Day leaves for the benefit of Mr. Shaw. Dalton Foster leaves his molecules in the science room. Bannie Gaston leaves her height and heart to Larry. Webbie Gaston leaves Gary to the sophomore girls. Helen Gleason leaves her "hot rodding" to June Jorgensen. Max Haines leaves his quiet ways to Doug Carter. Evelyn Hares leaves her athletic ability to Carol Wimble. Lois Hubbard leaves to be with Bert. Eleanor Hussey leaves her height to Clara Walawender. Bob Kwasniewski leaves everythin but Donna. Kenny Jorgensen leaves his basketiall ability to John Clark. Faith Langley leaves her sportsmanship to Paula Wright. Shirley Lee leaves her smile to Kathy Novak. Barbara Leiger leaves her quietness to Pat Nickles. Jean Lewis leaves her sweaters to Joan Rancier. Bob Mekeel leaves his making out to David Emery. Osborne leaves her t in ability to Bob Ryan Jeanne . yp g' h . . Jeanne Perkins leaves her scholastic ability to John Jetty. Margaret Pinckney leaves her way with men to Carolyn Benderly. Bob.Pinckney leaves Miss Parsons to argue with someone else. Carol Pratt leaves with Scottie. Mert Robbins leaves his sarcastic remarks to Herbie Arnold. Carol Romig leaves her chemistry ability to Bev Clark. Joan Russell leaves her musical talents to Caroline Pinckney. Lowell Sanders leaves Janice to argue with Mr. Shaw. Carolyn Saxton leaves her mathematics ability to Diane Bouley. t leaves her ci arettes at her randmother's. Martha Scot g g Elaine Stryker leaves her daintiness to Ellen Sloan. Dot Temple leaves Tom to his basketball. Ralph Walawender leaves his English book at home. Jim Whitehead leaves his "good looks" to John Sawyer. Henry Wilde leaves his muscles to John Reindlleish. Herman Wilde leaves his baby-blue eyes to Joan Fries. Bernie Wright leaves for West Point. Having thus bestowed our worldly goods and attributes individu- ally we leave as a group, the hallowed halls of U.S.C.S., convinced that the underclassmen will carry on and uphold our reputation. Signed and Sealed this 29th day of June, 1954. Signed the Class of 1954 EVELYN AMERMAN PEGGY PINCKNEY heap. Sleeblnn R--. . Make-up Magic Morning After Pedegogues A 1-,1-yn -7 -71 1 1 '1 1111111 f- -- 1 'S' 572.3 NA fl! se 6' ' -..L......L.. , -ug - x W 1. . F J fs C- -4,211.15 3 1 H., 77 'VI 6.39 I Jmslgl Q W ? rgP'1'11 1 'rmww 1'rm'nv --X -4 H vi, , Zi J . X -- -..-- Q a:67"L 'J I ... -' lb 2' H ff' '-S. 27 THE JUNIOR PROM WILL YOU EVER FORGET IT? Our Small Attendants--Darby McBride and Beth Shotwell, The Court, from left to right-joan Russell, Claudia Anthony, Elaine Stryker, Beverly Anthony, Robert Mekeel, Dorothy Temple, Jeanne Perkins, and Carol Pratt. Lois and Shirle O Darby and Beth Y decorating table S V na Rouse Secsrsiinsfazzeftiw I'-.fx Lg 'm Ns ' ' - ' 'ff .r , SL' 'ff - 'I T S 4 ZX, U O r,,e e F e X .5 -1 X Q52 U f-f e ,,x A y o I -A 28 W cm 'SS T - K F -7 A 'gi' 'X L---S---M www IJJIJJ nn II FTIIJTV' - k 'Ida' ng JJ .,3331'JJ 953 N756-aim Plfi iir- Uni 133311313 3,1373-5 Jr S 412 . il. -f-:QP - . l'9.',Z "?-ziggy Qs .:- - -' '93- b- I X S, CLASSES THE CLASS CJF 1955 THE CLASS OF '55 MR. SHAW, Advisor First Row-james Mosley, Sharon Davis, June Jorgensen, Janice Bennett, Joan Fries, Shirley Cummings, Roy Knapp. Second Row-Mr. Shaw, Marion Tanner, Paula Wright, Noel Simmons, jean Roudabush, Frank Roberts, Arlene Morrison, Annette Smith. Third Row-Tom Quinn, Ronald Klock, Herbert Arnold, Kenneth Delaney, Douglas Carter, Patricia Nickles, Donald MacDavitt, Ronald Daggett, Carl Foster, Clyde Newmiller, Vera Fausak. l ,-ff-i'- THE CLASS OF '55 MRS. WHEAT First Row-Mrs. Wheat, Katherine Eddy, jane Sanders, Shirley Baker, Joan Rancier, Helen Koch, Clara Walawender. Second Row-Marge Ward, Joanne Blackman, Ruth Fitzgerald, Marlene Scott, Ann Mullally, Vera Haines, Rhea Denman, Joan Downing, Beverly Clark. A Message To The Class of 1955 We the class of 1954 feel that our years through high school have been success- ful, but there is always room for improvement. We hope that the juniors will find and use these improvements. There haven't been any overly large loopholes in our citizenship, but as we look back we find that we could have been better citizens. At times our cooperation has not been good. Remember through cooperation all will be able to enjoy their senior trip. Your senior year is one of the best you have in high school. Enjoy it, but don't forget that your senior year prepares you for your future. We wish you good luck, one and all. The Class of 1954 J' J'- QC. P We -Nfl ' ,JJ-I A J Q. l SOPHOMORES - Mrs. Smithg Left to Right: Row 1-Donald Foster, Bessie Bacon, Joan Hop- kins, Nancy Jorgensen, Joanne Watkins, Jacqueline O'Hara, Andrew Rindfleisch. Row 2-Mrs. A. J. Smith, Warren Doney, Marlene Fries, Earl Spears, Donna McBride, Robert Mosley, Dianne Bouley, Richard Tavener, Edward Murray. Row 3-Joel Chappell, Robert Ryan, William Pearce, Richard Januse, Wilbur Osborne, Douglas Pinckney, George Kowal, Stanley Tyler, Ronald Jones, Donald Groesbeck, Raymond Barnard, Gary Chapin, Bruce Davis. SOPHOMORES - Mr. Gardnerg Front, left to right: John Sawyer, Joan Robbins, Marilyn Myers, Audrey Ott, Nancy Heindenreich, Nancy Wilde, Bud Shutter. 2nd Row-Mr. Fred Gard- ner, Elsie Edmunds, Bob Lawrence, Kathy Novak, Jerry Sylvester, Carolyn Benderly, Harold Sanders, Donna Juli. 3rd Row-Ed Larkin, Dave Babbitt, Dave Emery, Charlie Jorgensen, Larry Mosher, Dave Palmer, Richard Delaney, Ralph Foster, John Jetty. John Clark, Ann Presto, Ronnie Smith. rjggmfafcff ...., ri- ' ffffffffi .Q.aafQ.zwlQ - L bww Q: 3 my X: , w uv Z ,,,,.,, E if V fe Q XX gas R QX Xl B 55 XX Q 5? .T X 'N S 'iluumnx-X X 1 ,N , , .- X KX SX ,Q E v an 3 :ig NK X2 X X S 1' QX XX ' 75' X 3 XX 5 X .XXX X1 K ,. , fs XG X XY X X X X X X ,N 5, X X X X 5 Xe K X FRESHMEN - Miss johnson, First Row-Frank Homrighouse, joan Cheeseman, Janet Heiden- re-ich, Sandra Langley, Marilyn Wilbur, Pat Mosher, Nancy Cunningham, David Speed. Second Row-Miss Johnson, Pete Russell, Janet Phillips, Eric Van Buskirk, Eileen Connors, Donald Nickerson, Marilyn Mekeel, Richard Rehor, Shirley Sloan. Third Row-Ted Bobbett, Larry Quinn, Bob Seitz, Paul Crolick, Gordon Teachout, joseph Young, Betty Akins, Ruth Sawyer, Richard Dawley, Leslie Excell, John Barry, Joan Gable, Lucile Hoxie. GRADE 8 - Mrs. Tanner, Left to right: Row 1--Beatrice Dauberman, Gary Thurston, Charles Black, Wilma Bartlett, Charles Cuykendall, john Kowal, Barbara Mosher. Row 2-Mrs. Tan- ner, Georgene Pinckney, Edward Brightman, Sally Edwards, David Nickerson, Kay Ward, Donald Chisamore, Helen Homrighouse. Row 5ARonald Derring, Richard Verbeck, Robert Joyce, Wayne Scott, William Shutter, Richard Treat, Kathryn Macko, Louis Salato, Linda Mac- Donald, Patricia Gans. Not pictured-Lorraine jobson, Richard Harshberger, Peter Armenia, Donald Lee, George Staples. Qifwme L vet: ,q .,,.g...f-hed-, ,X ln I - Y-vi,-T 4 ,Y - x EIGHTH GRADE - Mr. Connell, Left to right bottom-Carlton Benham, Claudia Jorgensen, Nancy Connors, Steve Thurston, Sandra Walters, Diane Dundas, Thomas Schermerhorne. Second Row-Mr. Connell, Marilyn Kahlcr, Brenda Warrick, Richard Mahalik, Beverly Avery, Joan Kufhta, Charles Healy, Karen Perkins. Third Row-Burton Hussey, Michael Fitzgerald, Bob Dawley, Marcia Mosher, Judy Osborne, Janet Quinn, Carol Bobbett, Gena D'Agostino, Bob Smith, Bob Burgclorf, Carol Graham, Beatrice Leiger. EIGHTH GRADE - Miss Parsons, First Row-Sandra McDonald, Charles Herrick, Harold Baity, Nancy Lawton, Jim Eaton, Richard Dann, Elaine McBride. Second Row-Miss Parsons, Arlene Bennett, Alev Davis, Marcia Mundt, Charles Ward, Naoma Minde, Roy Smith, Nancy Tanner. Third Row-Harold Crane, Roland Campbell, Robert Shelden, Gerald Jorgensen, Rob- ert Brambley, Joyce Gans, Barbara Maleski, Francis Hamilton, Marion Saxton. C' W ' ff:-lug K ri 111117 7111 7111711 T J-flfen 22'-E 7'1"l"l W 1713777 EIGHTH GRADE - Mr. Herstg Front Row, left to right -- John Carmody, Joyce Anthony, Hazel Knapp, Sally Cheeseman, Virginia Wertman, Wilma Black, David Myers. Second Row- Mr, Herst, Gloria Gilfus, Patricia Roudabush, Phil Scott, Catherine O'Connor, Beverly Gove, Leslie Pratt, Grace Walters. Third Row-John Verbeck, Coral Moulton, William Eddy, Rich- ard Marsh, John Lawrence, Doris Kellogg, Adelbert Covert, Richard Sylvester, Sharon Hamilton. SEVENTH GRADE - Mr. Vazquez, First Row,-Glenda Davis, Fred Barnes, Charles Scott, William Delaney, Maxine Jorgensen, John Rindfleisch, Raymond Walawender, Judy Clark. Sec- ond Row-Mr. Vazquez, Nancy Lytle, Fred Knapp, Nancy Murdock, Joe Quinn, Patricia Ham- ilton. Third Row-Frank Palega, Robert Burnett, Albert Lawrence, Angela Martino, Kathleen Fronce, Sherrill Young, Jule Blaisdell, Dick Wertman, Grace Tavener, James Smith, Cathrine MacDonald. FN-.fx .5 H as - e A fr J gnwfv "l"fVs'jZ'JX"N-" qqg L. . x S Cx- U U Y 5 U2 ,UK .l""' L X, as X ,,,5iwJ7Laa. Sf , ,Q .. W, Y K S X M, S 1 fggxym Lf m 1 ' I .1A .q q kb . X f' A 'w'5 2 E ,'? K Q?wfx.Q ' x .ww awww. . ESF? E5 if '-F X ! W ff. K . . V25 M xi b.',. 3 -P-'b I Y L 1 . . 3 ' ' ' . N '61 Q. f I .. C 4' Q. - 2 2.1 , 4, , Z- W? ,. 5 ' 'SN' is V . gg. f 5 , I L B-""' ......., fi? A+ f . A fx . W g QQ IIQ .Q-..' A ' MM Wwppmmmy gm- ,A.Y .-nwwwwwmmmwmmWWWm.WMW.. ,,W,1 ,gk 2 S 2 U f.,,,, 3' V '. , ' 5 3 1 5 , Wxtjf Q if ,bf gf M A-ff' mf I f f f 5. f if Mug i 1. . . M.- ......-. 4 Q. .- . .LWA ,,L., L . .. nw 2 Q Q21 Nf . 5? ,..A . 5 E W ,,...: U I . . Q 5 ..?'w Nba K E if-gf. -fwkpi . gs I fv,g.gA5,g W x ,f :um K Q 1. . -Q kk k t N , -f ,ae ' . - 2 EMg,,M' .w5 -.5?MS Wwe 5 S P2 , NNE , ' an gs . 5 S FK 1. ."-wx an 5- . Q QM . X W- f L v W as 'mm , x wr A , ff? .Q fawkw .Q f ' A 'Q 1 Q. . ,. N. .WNwkf. ggng figs Ms g -1-swf nil W +saasN. vb. , Z , 'Q ., -. I ,, 4 :Q 4 ,mf .m g 4 A 5 xgwmw TY SSSMV My M,?13f'Xg.x we X.. - . w . fm... .Q . K , . . . X ' . '- . . kzqx.-5 . x X xv k i . ' Q , . 1 J .5 . New-iaf Si NXQQE . wwf X - s L , V Our Boss Conversation Look at the Birdie Loqeia Eat it L 5 . ff-lsgrwg-f 'fk' wif ..,, , ,- - 4 -. , ":' '.' . : Forward March .--,, 'ki Tmk Lfkfef, H f 'A'A ere Boy L'g1,j-v ,1- --" X ,S - X f'W-EY -6 gi N ' Q sg ..Q U U W , ' - Y f x"l-' 'U ss Y -:Y Q-v BQ 'If--Q :G-WL ,gli-Q E fl f-XX f-- ----- un-11 711131 nn 31113333 'M , g 3 333 313 -I ,SFQ5 3' 7 ' zulu' J Q55-q'.A5.il3,3 JU! 0,5 1111213 1113111 -'i . , QQ, - Q-3 I-fl ,f -,, 'WK'-5 E 333175 .T - ,.. 9240 'I-'i-11": X. THE ELE If TARY cnool 40 MR. CHISAMORE, Elementary Principal. confers with a student The Elementary Department wishes to congratulate the Seniors on their graduation. This is an occasion to which pupils look, through all their years in school. We feel that the success or failure of children in high school is often determined by the attitude and skills developed in the elementary grades. The child's attitude toward school, his teachers and his fellow students makes for success or fail- ure. A deflnite program is inaugurated to teach the child to be cooperative, respectful, responsive, independent, respon- sible, persevering and to meet adversities cheerfully. We en- deavor to teach the pupil how to study and how to make his maximum achievement in the skill subjects, reading, writing, arithmetic, English and spelling with which he must work on higher levels of Education. Vocal and instrumental music en- riches his life. When we congratulate the Seniors we hope that each suc- ceeding class will do as well, or even better, than this year's class -- Congratulations. Raymond W. Chisamore. , of? J A 1' ---11-- - - - Y ,....-i ,,.... CAYUGA Rosemary Pratt Nellie Hewey Bessie Tanner Eunice Anthony Ethel Ure Donald Fordham Doris Muldoon THE ELEMENTARY FACULTY DIVISION Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Head Teacher Grade 6 UNION SPRINGS DIVISION Eleanor Colgan Kindergarten Louise Pearcy Kindergarten Martha Hopkins Grade 1 Evelyn Wolfe Grade 1 Catherine Healy Grade 2 jane Myers Grade 2 Hazel Robbins Grade 2 Cora Brigden Grade 3 Mildred Connor Grade 3 Margaret Barrett Grade 4 Miriam Davis Grade 4 jane Chisamore Grade 5 Edward King Grade 5 Vera DeLap Grade 6 Malcolm Fish Grade 6 Nadia Klock Library and Reading First Row-Flora Andrews, Rose Mary Pratt, Cora Brigden, Doris Muldoon, Nadia Klock, Cath- erine Healy, Eleanor Colgan, Louise Pearcy, Rose Worzybt, Evelyn Wolfe, Jane Schenck, Mil- dred Connors. Second Row-Ethel Ure, Nellie Hewey, Margaret Wolf, Eunice Anthony, Miriam Davis, Hazel Robbins, Margaret Barrett, Jane Chisamore, Vera DeLap, Bessie Tanner, Martha Hopkins, Robert Mulligan, Malcolm Fish, Edward King, Earl Klock, B. Coman Chappell, Harold McBride, Raymond Chisamore. f L C T 'UNL ,, , N Jn f-"5-' ,rf .4 "XIX ""N ' J N-, I gr L1 KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Colgan, Table 1-Charlene Verstreate, Monica Bratek, Barbara Pesek, Pauline Smith, Richard Kowal. Table 2-Charlene Stone, Wanda Hares, Charles Guy, Kathleen Scanlon, Timothy Marquit. Table 3-David Lynn, James McGeever, Kathleen Rey- nolds, Marion Benham, Kathryn Jarvis. Center Table 4-Howard Davis, Allan Minde, George Willett, Betsey Kufhta, Beth Shotwell. Table 5-Ina Hoffman, Donald Rooker, Robert Walter, Judith Beede, Penny Dougherty. KINDERGARTEN - Mrs. Pearcyg Standing-Billy Stamp, Janet Rehor, Michel Trumble, Roger Ward, Bobby Ward, Jane Savey, Ronald Bower, Paul Schenck, Rebecca Loomis, Richard Anthony. Sitting-Carolyn Weisenham, Bobby Healy, Barbara Osborne, Stanley Heath, Michael Van Buren, Stefanie Hecht, Pasquale Tata, Raymond Pike. Kneeling--George Bakielarg, Vir- ginia McLary, Margaret Butts, Donald Woodruff, Laura Cuykendall, Stanley Hoskins, Darby McBride, Steven Scofield, Joanne Osborne. On Floor-Jach Kapcha, Bobby Beyea, Kenneth Feruson, John Raymond, Edward Duckett, Nancy Clark. Mr---"+"' ,.... wi 5 1 E3 - as . . ' .: as . ,, .. faQE.SNM.x. if Gi 'gc 9 X L- S Ni x fx 5 'sg s aww 5 fl' I Q W A Q Q ' WN ' 4-Q R S we F Q,-f f M N Q Q 1 X K ' sl X xv Qs as Sy .P Q A gw Q gk X an X W Q s -S 4 C5 K Wm W? wx wk. wvuqmmkx A H A N . , , " K G A - WA L-'gs I it M if - ' I X f' K Q w 4 ff f K A N 4 A At, LV X 4 f xx 1 6 .As . W f J A ff f hi. 6 X , , f , 4 S , X ff ' Q ,MV , Q A V f-Q, A 5 'M Q 'E Nw ,ya M , . -'Q 5 ' 1 xx, , W ef, . ' 19' 'X A X-A "' .. 1-: my P .X 'Q 1.-dw", Y HU gi Mfvrz x ,hy w':.4f 1 x A ' ' S 'M ' 'I K ff ' Y 'fi g Xi it J , ty '- 14 -iw ,SF , :K X, M if K 1 2, hh A V MWA, N , ww Mi! ,R ia ' .Q S- L- Q,,,gz.f' ,. . , ' . - . f 1 :gurl-M 9 I if - W. U, -A ' 'fm X :mi ff QCA? W fm W 2 L N 315 Q 4 M 'V 1 , ag p f4'2'i'3lE ?':ffi:fh 2 If 1 few M? " , Qf. if M, , 2: SECOND GRADE -- Mrs. Healy, Standing-Byron Worick, William Crolick, Keith Hitt, Sally Clark, Gary Barnes, Harold Smith, Leona Van Horn, Clifton Blaisdell, Linda Smith, Bonnie Sincerbeaux, Robert Bower. In Chairs-Lawrence Kane, Edward Butts, Gary Knolls, Margaret Maleski, Cleo Tarmble, Patricia Conrad, Diane Kahn, Larry Joyce, Joyce Ingulls, Stanley Wal- ter. On Floor-Penny Jorgensen, Sandra Walter, Paul Norzow, Margaret Clark, Scott Coap- man, William Luther. SECOND GRADE - Mrs. Meyersg First Row, left to righthCarol Clark, Marion Gulliver, Philip Patterson, Ann Tate, Paula Kane, Yvonne Blaisdell. Second Row-Joe Culver, James Salvage, Robert Covert, Mary Pine, Jack Raymond, Duane Groesbeck, Jean Downing, Linda Minde, Steven Hall. Back Row-Shirley Allwood, Alan Kelly, Harold Stone, Llewellyn Arnold, Lavonne Benda, Julia Knapp, Milton Cline, William Lawrence, Walter Stevenson, Robert Daub- erman, Mary Mosher, Jane Myers. my Mu 5 f, ,, l f k 5 x E M? S I P ar K if ' :F 4 7? 2 l lg hw. I - MV f , M-shi? . I 'I ,grail ,C THIRD GRADE - Mrs. Brigdeng Front Row, left to right-Linda Spinney, Richard Tate, Kay Downing, Allen MacDavitt, Judy Tratt, Sandra Stamp, Charlene Ford. Middle Row-Linda Hures, Roger Fries, Judith Platten, Jerry Dauberman, David Morton, Robert Rymph, Margaret Mullally. Last Row-june Winger, John Pearce, Robert Orasi, Roger Reif, William Patrick, Corien Ingalls, Ted O'Hara, Clayton Proctor, Janet Jones, Robert Reohr, Donald Teachout, jean Hitchcock, Paul Pickard, Stuart Hoskins, Mrs. Cora Brigden. THIRD GRADE - Mrs. Connor, Front Row--Joan Herrick, James Sloan, Thelma Graham, Betsy Evans, Marsha Black, Betsie Lane Ward, John Healy. Second Row-john Treleaven, Bill jetty, Charles Chappell, Neil Webster, Susan Myers, Bonnie Gulliver, Thomas Golden, Judy Lawrence. Third Row-William Clark, Fred Delaney, james Pearce, Susan Powers, Karen Wer- beach, Sylvia Covert, Carol Walker, Pamela Hoey, James Mosely, Ronald Clark, Roger Doty, Donald Lowery, Fred Gardner. Back-Mrs. Connor. THIRD GRADE - Mrs. Anthony, Back Row, right to left-David Lenton, Donna Infanger David Terpening, David Gelsi, Robert Newmiller, Sally Van Orman, Robert Young, Michael Costisick, Thomas Walters, james Swarthout, Karen Costisick, Duane Hopkins, Ronald Mahalik. Middle Row-Mrs. Anthony, Carol Watkins, Robert Schmoke, Mary Lee, Thomas Sproull, Sharon Lawton, Kenneth Robenolt, Laura Patterson, Robert Yannotti, Thomas Northrop, Karen Lawton. Front Row-Royal Howard, John Baity, Carole Schmoke, Ronald Hopkins, james Sproull, Leslie Granger, Gary Power, Carl Amerman. FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Barrett, First Row-Archie Lowery, Thomas Connor, Michael Clark, David Conley, Gail Orchard, Stuart Burpee. Second Row-Gerald Wells, Donna Culver, james Minde, Kathleen Sedar, Shirley McLaren. Third Row--Eleanor Lee, james Forsythe, Ann Bob- bett, Roger Post, Charles DeGroll, Sandra Wilson, Louis Connell, Nancy Duckett, Betty Smith, Michael Moon. Back Row-joseph Lavey, john Smith, Sherman Swank, Robert Minde, David McGeever, Audrey Winger, john Walker. ...H :fri f a 5 " ' my ' . .. in . ' ' A I V QMS K V K X X y NW ' A 5 WWW X a -N - . .. Q ' Q .-ig 21' X Q, .Q Q 4- t mx xx' Q H5 fi ' ' . .- is W Xi L-X- X - ' 6. Q V l -vw 1 .. a t 5 u ' A Qs 3 , I ' an L t' 1, 2 - -A H x X if wgfgk M if F' . X ,,-. , S X., i g P 4 2 X 3 2 . K F T' JSE: X gf f 4 " ? f ' . if X 1' 'iv is Hs., ' I K .- ws, 5 ' ii 65 L ff y 1 mm Mmm ,fm 'W' 1., H. Mmm W X H xlxx wvw-REV' H-Q-.um-M V ' mr f T l , JW 5k LY l!.!l".,,f1?j! ,xxx M 1,.3W,Yj ::!f,- h,51'V ',,:,,1Qfw1gff,,'1'. 1?j'?!lM"' " Wm qw W ,wfwmu w g"' H N Ifljflwi '-,' 'N :X 'Y wMF!EiQh.'i1e'FY '3f!i'1!':fqy4xi:, ,A Kid' FIFTH GRADE - Mr. King, Row 1-Susan Scofield, Nicholas Moon, Veronica Wertman, Richard Evans, David Scott, Constance York, Elizabeth Kowal. Row 2-Gary Whitehead, Paul Kenney, Louis Fritz, Leonard Dox, Richard Langley, Paula Dundas, Charlotte Rymph. Row 3- David Sawyer, Gary Delaney, Thomas Whilfen, John Sloan, George Kenoyer, Richard Middle- ton, Nelsa Hitchcock, Eleanor Smith, Catherine Tanner, Joyce Smith, Janet Weisenhorn. Row 4 -Mr. Edward King, Glen Francis, Charles Fletcher, Ella Hoffman, Harold Edmunds, Joy Van Nostrand, Michelene Lavey, Carol Dauberman, Nancy Mahoney. FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. Chisamoreg Standing in back, left to right-Theodore Black, Mrs. Chis- amore, Claudia Chappell, Marion Pesek, Kenneth Raymond. Seated, left to right-front to back -Bruce Simmons, Dennis Morton, Helen McKeen, Mable Sawyer, William McLoud, Audrey Cook, Bonnie Day, Beatrice Benham, David Clark, Sharon Graham, Ronald Jones, Susan Lee, Roger Jorgensen, Katherine Owen, David Wright, Nancy Schenck, Catherine Shutter, Judy Jetty, Donald Ward, Carl Pethybridge, Carol Webb, Carol Phillips, Jeffery Ward, Ronald Day, Hollie Allnatt, Kathleen Mullally, Robert Lytle, Sally Doremus. .Q -3. 3 , MA w 3, . " wr Q , 'W w 1 1 f A 12 F Af Q f f L Nw fa , ,I qw A K .ws ,w N K K i G , W ' . my K its I Q1 K wi Q' T xg 3' f k V :V H 2' -www ' .ik QM 1781 kv . E., ." :3'f'-is m , , V , - ' ,H - Y . - .f " its X' X -- 53 fi! "if 1 Jw' V all 'Q . lf' Wulf' ,i ' ' x X V! X25 ' 1 N uf' M -' . - G fm-xx ' ' ' f X Q, -, A g . i ' " 3 A , J " 'iii if Q I 41 X 1: A S J . - 1 ,. , f M- - 5 Q, ff Z 5 5' 5 ' g Q K ,, 'f ,W 'gg I I ' X 1 gg . , 121 i ii? K 5 , ,, ,.M,,L...f WM 3? QQ 3 3 ,Manx Ov NN x ww , X iw.. ,SQ M8 N. P 2 K 5: K 1 . 5 W Y ,NRS is Hg- 3 'Xia W .QQ xkQ--' . N 1 1 .fl 1: - ' -ffi Q . X , .V X. Si N Q, M., v. 5 A .ar ,gg hm.. si m X ..--""W J 6? M, f-.i' 1 X V' x E V W , 3 ,WF 'Q t Y MM , 5, X ir as .I f ..'. .A f .L,, V ' -',' A ,S f' ..,,,k , ig -Vkr f ,L P1 . , , -' A 1 1 if 5--,..,. , -k' -XLSYQ 1+ 31 ,v Q hw w v 2 M. Q as Mr. Relchenbach lceeps everything "ship shape" at the Cayuga School Mrs. Drown ancl Mrs. Olson operate the cafeteria at ihe Cayuga School ,-.JN ' eff f he - e a QJ.9k'J1' 'o 'Z qf2Jm1JX"'x""'a asi .Co Vu o o o o ju ff NH -f A 'H 1 ,---1---- warn H1111 1111 n 31173333 , ,3- .SJQSS5 5' 9 nada, lg. L H -f .Q-M.-I , JJJ 1111, 131111213 31111111 ""'..-.3 hw! :,..!'1i Eff we Nd., ws 51141 0 : - -' -14 '21-'f'1"-'-1-A " iii CTI ITIE kglel-51, Lu...--V I G1nda.U,,..,. f . d left to righ"W1ima 2i:r?dingiMan1yn Kamen Lm 8 on Floor, ter Mr. R0beft Heist. bell Lawrence M05her' glailgliisngolgetel' SalaK0, Roland Camp , O 7 THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of Union Springs Central School is a student government project which is made up of two representatives from each of the classes. The Coun- cil meets every two weeks to talk over the problems of the student body. This year the Student Council has worked on three main projects. Our first pro- ject was obtaining school buses for transportation to the school basketball games. Our second project was an attempt to arouse the student interest in getting a foreign exchange student to attend our school for a year. Our last project has been the setting up of a student court. Under this plan, rules and regulations would be outlined for our students to follow. A violation of these rules would result in the culprit being brought before his fellow students for sentence. This project requires a great deal of work and has not been fully accomplished. The Council has been under the advisorship of Mr. Robert Herst, whose assist- ance has helped us greatly with our work. We expect greater results from this organization in the near future. TQVWWW ffm f' 7 C :C ffffffffilgesgwyl "X, X - J -C In e "Y-e - f-ac' Q, -7 -4--.UN mcg d l , -,,... xlulnn, U' ri 6, Frederick Ryan, Margaretlijllnlclqaf-fxjbliglelgaglavei Pglmer, Sally l af , avid Speed RECREATION COMMITTEE Each year two representatives from each class are chosen to serve on the recrea- tion committee. These representatives plan the programs for Saturday Night Recrea- tion. The students play games such as basketball, volleyball, checkers, ping-pong, and enjoy dancing. The different classes alternately sponsor recreation and serve re- freshments. These parties attract many students and everyone has a good time. a-a - A E Eiffel' -I E EJ Xb New NMJNN ll UW , ,N -fr Y 1 D Jylfli, ' rwggav, la. 1V1B.Lun-v, -f UH, xJu...-.- y J R w 1 Judl' Osborne, Plnlglires Pat Gans' Audresbon Ken0Yeft Alec Daflijw 5 OI' 1-ight, 0 T' , Caro 1 - Bennett, 1 McBride. tiizrroranglev- WWiliikriavifilckneya gout Marion Tanner' sea Baker, Helen Blac i tion Rice, Mafvlou :alloy Smith, Gloria 'etzefiastom etta Scof1eld,Tere C oline PinckneY, Mar 5 'th, Martin 10965, h. more, Evangeline N CY Mildred Vlalltxsak, zlioland CafQ'lPlEghEr?5vs7 fBl0riS Smith, Dgfld gagilefs, Eileen gogrgpfpagw agob morqekxifl Joan Russelli,.ElT2reeY Mr Klock. Rpw 112-Hlarrank Roberts, Ronal net 3 M 5 aret mC 1, ' Hy Sy ves C , EvelYU Gaston' ibgvis, NanCY Wllde' Je Murdock, Bruce 3 Shutter. Senior Majorettes Left to right-Margaret Pinckney, Evelyn Gaston, Evangeline Gaston wfvx S'-xx ,ww SENIOR BAND The Union Springs Central School Band began the school year with an enrollment of forty-eight members. We were quite active throughout the summer months marching in seven parades and taking hrst prize at Moravia and second prizes at Sennett, Cayuga, Seneca Falls and a third prize at Canoga. During the fall, football season introduced half-time shows with formation letters and preci- sion marching. After Christmas, we began rehears- ing for the County Music Festival in Auburn, April 303 and the State Contest in Syracuse, May 155 at which time the band, soloists and ensembles are graded according to how and what grade of music is played. Preparations were made for summer schedule of parades. These summer parades start the new school year. 'fvx M Y ,xx-vxxr ,C t .XA-CIA-X 'Ai' JN-JA-it-L25 58 I 1 - , : f - x,- -Y, ,Y S g- a- C d ' rlziyn sCfung'MHrgaret Wolf P' F :- arren Doncyv Hem 1anoNLois Hubbard. F V' VHnNorst. d Y Ilde, Ev 1 rom R0 1 . ffszfa,Pf:i"isffif'1+f?fL'1t,1f..1,?0wff,r Blair igfykgi seiiozzsieiiafheffne Ed- - ra, 'ld . '- UR v. ce 1' ,err ' S ROWRBHFIMFL Walters, jean Ogbosw, left to rightNEVg1::g, :ob Lawrence, Marglflg? ' - n . Harlow Caslcr 6?fUI', Sandra Cossgrove ifjedllflff Perkins. Carol Rmefmafl. Carol Pratt Mott' , .irolyn Saxton, Ken Rollseat Nickles, jim Whiteheafzimagi, .lgyce Bartley iroui-1:-iz, - , er A ' D SENIOR CHORUS One of the musical organizations which we are fortunate to have in our school is the Senior Choir. This organization is made up of those boys and girls in the senior high school who have accept- able singing voices and are interested in this type of musical expression. The choir had a busy season this past year. They participated in the annual Parent-Teachers Association Christmas Program. After Christmas, practice began for the Cayuga County Music Festi- val and the State Contest. At the State Contest the choir is given a rating for the perfection of the performance. As this book goes to press these events are in the near future. We wish the Choir luck in all the competitions in which they enter. The cafeteria staff wishes to express their sin- cere appreciation to the entire student body and the faculty for helping to make this one of our most successful years. Feeding everyone in a school this size every day means planning carefully and then working the plan. If at times the going has seemed rough - let's work together to smooth out the bad spots. mold, Ed Larkin A All-State Contestants First Row - Lowell Sanders, Beverly Anthony, Faith Langley, Sharon Davis, joan Russell, Mr. Klock. Second Row - jim Whitehead, Patricia Nickles, Joyce Bartley, Mrs. Wolf, Elaine Stryker, Carol Pratt, Herb Arnold. 111-V31 '1 '7'l'l'1'1 7111111 sfm 0 ea ju... 7177w 1717777 -fx -..L...4.. , 'Q Ugg f, if . - 1 K 'T Q - I J ...- -,ljg QQZQQLW U J s wr -J ... 57, 34 4 .N 'XL 59 C JUNIOR CHUKUJ ' Mundt Nancy Shook, Sandra McDonald, Patri- Nancy Tanner, Kay Row 1-Marilyn Kahler, Sally Edwards, Marcia , " dabush, Helen Homrighouse, Wilma Bartlett, Sharon Hamilton, Karen Perkins. Row 2--Kathleen O'Connor, Claudia Jorgen- l Knapp, Elaine McBride, Maxine h r Nancy ua Rou Ward, Carol Graham, Patty Gans, sen, Sandra Walters, Glenda Davis, Sally Cheeseman, Haze Jorgensen, Judy Clark, Nancy Murdock, Joyce Anthony, Dianne Dundas, Barbara Mos e , Lawton, Nancy Connors, Patricia Hamilton. Row 3-Mrs. Wolfe, Georgene Pinckney, Marian Saxton, Charlene Ward, Ann Tanner, Joyce Gans, Beverly McBride, Fred Barnes, Charles Cuy- kendall, John Carmody, John Rindiieisch, David Meyers, Joe Melby, Jim Stebbins, Grace Tavener, Barbara Maleski, Doris Kellogg, Arlene Bennett, Beverly Avery, Brenda Warrick. Row 4--Bea- trice Leiger, Kathy Fronce, Gena D'Agostino, Kathy Macko, Janet Quinn, Marcia Mosher, Ron- ald Derring, Mike Fitzgerald, Donald Kenoyer, Stanley Thurston, Charles Beaty, Bill Ryan, David Scott, Richard Verbeck, Judy Osborne, Beulah Pethybridge, Carol Bobbitt, Joyce Ver- beck, Sherril Young, Carolyn Clark. Music Department Left to ri ght-Beverly Auth Nancy me, Mifaxffriaii PM S Mx Eff ' 'ce . u.vYJl'fXl"tR rront-Carol Romig, Sh' l G ir ey Lee, Lynn Carlton, Jeanne Perkins, Mrs. Enid Tanner, Mr. Fred ardner, Harlow Casler. Second Row-Evelyn Amerman, Carol Pratt, Ann Daratt, Dalton Fos- ter, Helen Gleason, Dorothy Temple, Evangeline Gaston, Faith Langley, Eleanor Hussey, Bev- erly Anthony, Carolyn Saxton, Kenneth Jorgensen, Lois Hubbard. Back-Bernard Wright, jack Cooper. All Ready for All-State. Wherels the Bus! SanderS, , ' St ker, I-OWEN - Left1t0Prl5htBZ1e5?1rlinthoiI1Y, Pat Nickles, Jim N C ro fa v Wllhitehead. C' L fl-' - J Jil UJSL. ENR l 1'- l, gm W . ,::'1r:s'S" 1 Q I ,, Vg 1' , , 1 qv v X' f M215 L M wt x P , .... .. - .. .. Q , W. EQ P75 ,M Q . ,Ag , ,. 1g44,MwMQMww QQ5?MWW5iEE wwf- ' - M- " 1 'QQ Q S - . A 'I 'I' H ,F QQ! fy if in Q I Aga www 'Q J ' W 4 efivkng if gg it 1 gg midi - JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB Demonstrating-Mr. George Ruggles. Row 1-Hazel Knapp, Elaine McBride, Kathy O'Connor, Grace Waltc'rs, janet Quinn, joan Kufhta, Linda MacDonald. Row 2--Gena D'Agostino, Fred Knapp, Robert Sheldon, Robert Dolly, Richard Mahalik, Frank Palaga, john vefbefk, Ronald Dc-rring. . Driver Education is a very popular subject - here Jean Osborne receives some pointers from Mr. McBride. g p -T r e , no o -B51-'lf'r"" 1-GC ' ii M A C4-D263 l,,, A , we .,,A, bw W e H uv? X Wk Y Q: 7 gig 2- 'L gf-f. u .,,gX,YSKwf, 's ' SS? A 2 11 x f ,Q-if- s wf' 5 2 - , 5 w E ' xx f fl Q gy qi 3' M XIX , f n is if 15 sf 5 I W " J' 1 IL W ' HK K Dfw 2:- 15 V HL KF? ,gm 'W 51 Q., 1 ,LQ Q 1 ' Q 1 3 1 'Q' A 6 av- ,, ' A ,px www' it K ...ML Q N , Q 5 'fa Z if fm , If by X ..VV KA.. i fri? J, 5 M 6 31, S51 nv ,, , W, 'ff-his ae fi K 4 ,..! 1 K gi 2 A f. 'K 14 Q Z fi as -. ,. wikis ,A :- X f M .fl f. L 9 5 f' E2:' -' 5' Q1,i 2 M Aw f' 5 f . , -gig W e Y' 351 ' 'J' ' in T559 1 - f E ' ' ' We gm ,,,. 1 I QF? - , I ' - ..., 3 7 M 1 ' - ., :.,a,L3g J , A, , , 'K sfgf k 3142, Q , , - ni 'P 2 K 4 xx ii! ESQ --v-F-.L I: lj ' MQ M!CTMWumUmUmUWmm1 , .1-su. 15, Jm 31111211 311111111 --"L Wd, 5 "" f-uf in IL. Gila' .- X CHOOLIJFE . Kane AXAV' Erwin CE COU GUXDPXN Guidance has always been a part of good schools but it is only in recent years that it has become departmentalized under the direction of a guidance counselor. Most of us will recall certain teachers and principals to whom we went for counsel during our school years. However, as schools grew in enrollment and in scope of program the principal became more and more engrossed in administrative details. Teachers saw more pupils but generally only in one specific subject situation. It became necessary to have a coordinator in charge of collecting data for each pupil, sifting of this material and interpretation of the results to the student who then may plan his course of action. Thus the guidance department and the counselor came into being. The main emphasis of the guidance program is upon the normal problems of normal students, the problem of making better choices, adjusting to courses, planning for the future both educationally and vocationally. It has its basis in individual con- ferences between student and counselor. The guidance counselor collects information on job opportunities, administers tests to determine individual interests and aptitudes, confers with parents and stu- dents on school program and post high school education. These are but a few of the specifics of guidance. The guidance counselor is interested in helping each student to achieve to the limit of his potential and welcomes the opportunity of working closely with parents, administrators and teachers to achieve this end. EQZPTW Xfx-N. c f--,ff -.elf fJ M 'Nf'wx,- ,-, 66 V V ,2' -Z4 A v-f"1 vc, -Y V YY v in TTY r GUIDANCE DEPART OUR MENT II ' x-. S C M E E R iatffisisstgiiia DEPARTMENTS OF OUR SCHOOL Jumo ' Left ro riggitsalzlagg Department Beverly Avery, anctv 125,22 lfiierst, Citizenship Education Department Left to right-Mr. Herst, Mr. Vazquez, Mr. Shaw. Second row-jerry Sylvester, Nancy Wilde, Richard Tavener English Department Science Department Left to rightvMr. Ruggles, Joan Kuhfta, Left to right-Mrs. Tanner, Miss Parsons, and Mr Connell Mr. Vazquez and Miss johnson 'IAS yy,-V,-I q 1111'1 -n-m-411 arse,-Q-fs.i'3'5--fi -'33 5 gf, eg,-,-X i k au dm' ff' 'H 67 -...L.-.-..J...- l 'N S r " .1 "-BN at 'V-'M'-'D I Y ' 1 3 I 0- T7 '1'1 --- 472 .. W 1, . ..... ,-,,,... Q- 1gQZQ'L,nF ,, ' J dc' W th v' i OUR SCHOOL CAFETERIA AND OFFICE STAFFS ji Nrklssi Mrs Smith, MiEkS.EaV1S Leis 10 '1gl22TMr4.MOShef, Mis. wal Mr. Charles Black, Mrs. Helen Pethybndge Mrs. Blanche Forsythe ,.Ae, , W-Q , rl,--"1-i' - xqiibff THE LIBRARY J- UW 1. xxfk Seated, left to right-joan Downing, Nancy Law- ton, Mrs. Boomer, Maxine Jorgensen, Nancy Shook. Row 2-Sandra Downing, Clara Walawender, Vera Haines, Carol Bobbctt, Gcorgene Pinckney, Marion Saxton, Marcia Mundt, Joyce Gans. A typical view of time Library - a place to read and study which is always in use. , .o"Lg y I X """'- INDUSTRIAL ARTS Left to right, First Row-john Rinclfleisch. Second Row-jim Day, john Carmody, Albert Blaisdel, Ray Walawender, Joe Quinn, Charles Scott. Third Row-Wilfred Alnutt, Fred Knapp, Frank Palega, jim Smith, Elbert Lawrence, Alvah Graham, Don Kenoyer. "AG" SHOP Left to right-Robert Mosley, Richard Delaney, Frank Roberts U' , ZW fffff ff .1 be XT Z ii 'S fffffWiQAf.f2Ql.Q Standing, left to right-jeff Gaston, Leland Frank, Glenn Walters, Peter Walters, Clyde Lowery, Robert Rief, Gordon Bowen. Seated -Glenn Gaston, William Connors, Lloyd Schenck. OUR BUS MEN Mr. Lewis Chapin is our Mr. Fixit -we keep him busy at Union Springs as well as at Cayuga. Mechanics Left to right-Frank Walter, Bill Conrad 1, X, - r do in Q5 We mmm wr iw .N ,W L li A V -V AvA A 829271 The Men Who Keep Us Clean and Warm Left to rightfLXoyd Holland, Fred Cdeason, Lewis Chapin, Ed ConneH, Keith Brightman Mr Cha . Che k mechanical cjrgvznproblem in Jack Cooper! for f -.5 v-fggs .xv f. QW - WM A X -."' 72 d' am AU 'SQ -1--E -- M Bula- ......- . 'Ng L--- -k--M warn JJJJJJ nn I 31113731 - my '2 ,MBI liz: H N , umm ' jUi iggf I, WE. 133 JJJJ, 1 1111113 311111111 -.1 .1 -f '1'- AN, 412 -4 .,, ,lflglp gm Hi Pj? ' - -Q, . ' ' S-21 PORT A THE Physical Education Directors Left to right-Miss Flora Andrews Robert Mulligan, Harold McBride The Physical Education Department is one whose objectives in education are compatible with those of education in general. It is the phase of education that aids in the development of mind and body and teaches young people the democratic prin- ciples of fair play, and the ability to get along with others. Through a balanced program that begins in the first grade, activities are taught that are essential to the physical development and growth of youth. Through a diversihed program that on the elementary level centers around the development of neuro-muscular skills and coordination, these objectives of physical development are met. In the high school the program is centered around the further development of these skills in games of high organization as Well as the development of individual skills. Some of the activities participated in from the elementary to the secondary level are basic rhythms, tumbling apparatus, social and folk dancing as well as indi- vidual and group games of high and low organization. It is through activities like these that the basic needs of the pupils are met and the development of health, social and economic efficiency and culture are carried out so that the pupil may take his place as a citizen and realize the achievement of life's objectives in a democratic society. m sm , - ,ff-X It J ,cc g A , - " v 7 x 1 -.1-i lk- if - PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT THE G. A. A. G. A. A. Officers Bottom - Claudia Jorgensen, Beverly McBride, Beverly Anthony. Second Row-Ruth Fitzgerald, f in f J 9 r Donna McBride, Jeanne Perkins The Girl's Athletic Association was organized at our school in the Spring of 1953. This organiza- tion was formed to set up girls' athletic activities and devise a new point system for the girls' intra- murals. At that time the girls in grades 9-12 elect- ed the following officers: Beverly Anthony, pres- identg Jeanne Perkins, inter-class directorg Donna McBride, social chairrnang Ruth Fitzgerald, secre- tary and treasurer. Claudia Jorgensen and Beverly McBride were elected seventh and eighth grade representatives. The group sponsored a dance which was suc- cessful. All the girls in grades 9-12 paid yearly dues of fifty cents. This money went towards the dance that was held April 23. In the Spring there was a Sports Night Banquet at which the girls received their letters. . V Y I Y H Y i , :S F ,.g ..:.3.1 " 111191 3 S In as '17 rg 'I'l F- QL.-.-ffiq-ESQ. ' ga g? 1 ft -yy, i-'ix -la ' '-fi 4 V' 'Jn' -- ---Mfg' if 47420, ' + ' J " -C 4- 3, 7, V J- ff' 'H -1 -71111 1111111 1 'zfmww 1'z1'1'n7--N 75 GIRLS BASKETBALL left to right, Row 1-Judy Clark, Claudia Jorgensen, Nancy Connors, Nancy Keidell, Jackie O'Hara, Nancy Wilde, Helen Koch, Evelyn Gaston, Dianne Dundas, Clara Walawender, Evan- geline Gaston, Glenda Davis, Betty Horning, Helen Mosher, Maxine Jorgensen. Row 2-Sandra McDonald, Joan Robbins, Dorothy Pinckney, Bev McBride, Virginia O'Connor, Joan Hopkins, Joan Fries, Marilyn Kahler, Joan Cheeseman, Ann Tanner, Charlene Ward, Shirley Baker, Ther- esa Baker, Arlene Bennett. Row 3-Wilma Bartlett, Helen Homrighouse, Dot Temple, Rhea Denman, Bev. Clark, Vera Haines, Joan Downing, Joyce Verbeck, Dianne Bouley, Donna Juli, Kathy Novak, Elsie Edmunds, June Jorgensen, Shirley Cummings, Pat Mosher, Gloria Hetzel. Row 4-Linda Kierst, Gena D'Agostino, Carol Pratt, Joan Russell, Evelyn Amerman, Margaret Pinckney, Carol Bobbett, Beatrice Leiger, Bev. Anthony, Marlene Scott, Sharon Hamilton, Bev- erly Avery, Miss Andrews. Row 5-Jean Lewis, Arlene Morrison, Ann Daratt, Barbara Kocur, Barbara Leiger, Marlene Fries, Donna McBride, Priscilla Hall, Evelyn Hares, Jeanne Perkins, Doris Baim, Janice Bradshaw, Nancy Cunningham. Row 6-Eleanor Hussey, Pat Nickles, Marion Tanner, Vera Fausak, Carolyn Saxton, Betty Akins, Jean Roudabush, Georgene Pinckney, Marsha Mundt, Marilyn Wilbur, Wilma Tratt. . a or I, pf GIRLS SOCCER AND HCCKEY Left to right, Top Row-Eleanor Hussey, Pat Nickles, Marion Tanner, Vera Fausak, Carolyn Saxton, Paula Wright, Betty Akins, Carol Romig, Jean Roudabush, Sandra Crosgrove, Mildred Walters. Row 2-Jean Lewis, Arlene Morrison, Ann Daratt, Barbara Kocur, Barbara Leiger, Marlene Fries, Donna McBride, Priscilla Hall, Sharon Davis, Evelyn Hares, Jeanne Perkins, Doris Baim. Row 3-Linda Keirst, Gena D'Agastino, Carol Pratt, Joan Russell, Evelyn Amer- man, Margaret Pinckney, Carol Bobbett, Beatrice Leiger, Bev. Anthony, Marlene Scott, Joretta Scofield, Sharon Hamilton, Beverly Avery, Miss Andrews. Row 4-Georgene Pinckney, Francis Hamilton, Marilyn Wilbur, Dot Temple, Rhea Denman, Bev. Clark, Vera Haines, Joan Down- ing, Joyce Verbeck, Dianne Bouley, Donna Juli, Kathy Novak, Caroline Benderly, Faith Lang- ley, Elsie Edmunds, Junie Jorgensen, Shirley Cummings, Marcia Mundt, Pat Mosher, Janice Bradshaw. Row 5-Arlene Bennett, Sandra MacDonald, Gloria Hetzel, Joan Robbins, Dot Pinck- ney, Beverly McBride, Virginia O'Connor, Joan Hopkins, Joan Fries, Karen Perkins, Marilyn Kahler, Mary Graham, Joan Cheeseman, Linda MacDonald, Ann Tanner, Charlene Ward, Shir- ley Baker, Theresa Baker, Nancy Cunningham. Row 6-Helen Homrighouse, Wilma Bartlett, Claudia Jorgensen, Nancy Connors, Nancy Leidell, Jackie O'Hara, Nancy Wilde, Helen Koch, Evelyn Gaston, Dianne Dundas, Clara Walawender, Evangeline Gaston, Glenda Davis, Betty Horning, Helen Mosher, Maxine Jorgensen, Judy Clark. We . g C ,N P JK JL A' we jfs' c- .Pu BASEBALL AND Seated Front--Peter Salato, Lynn Carleton, Charles Combs, jake O'Connor, Ronald Pearce, Bob Colbert, james Mosley. Standing-Coach Bob Mulligan, Larry Mosher, Kenneth Jorgensen, Tom Quinn, Bob Ryan, Harlow Casler, Kenneth Weldon, Dick Tavener. Standing back-David Stry- ker, Fred Ryan, Donald Nickerson. The team of 1953 had a record of seven wins and live losses. The boys showed good sportsmanship and had one of the best records in recent years. The team was sparked by the effective pitching of Jake O'Connor and Harlow Casler, who ended up the season with good records. Lynn Carlton and Ken Jorgensen led the team in batting average. The boys are looking forward to a successful season in 1954 with the help of their most able coach, Bob Mulligan. if Wfiilfi ..., -r ffffffW.lgqfQ.,e.l.. -J. 'I C . 78 .Y FCOTBALL 1953 Left to right, Front-Max Haines, Bernard Wright, Bob Ryan, Harlow Casler, jim Whitehead, Bob Mekeel. Left to right, Second Row-Mr. McBride, Noel Simmons, Dick Tavener, Kenny Weldon, Henry Wilde, Ray Barnard, Bill Shutters. Left to right, Third Row-Lynn Carlton, Dalton Foster, Bruce Davis, Bill Cummings, Ted Bobbitt, Donnie Groesbeck, Ronnie jones, Tom Quinn. In our opening game with Lansing, a team previously unbeaten in three straight years of competition, the boys gave a preview of what was to come by beating them easily, 32-7. The eagerness and drive displayed by our boys throughout the year was a major factor in completing a most successful season. The following week we met a strong Weedsport team in a night game at Weeds- port. Our squad was again successful in winning 33-28. We continued our winning ways by defeating Moravia 65-32 and Port Byron 47-25. At Cato we suffered our first defeat by the rugged Blue and Gold 62-19. How- ever, we picked up our winning streak and finished the season by defeating Savannah 54-18 and George junior Republic 39-13. The team loses nine of its regular members this year. The Seniors are: Bernard Wright, james Whitehead, Harlow Casler, Kenneth Jorgensen, Robert Kwasniewski, Henry Wilde, Dalton Foster, Max Haines, and Bob Mekeel. But the outlook for next year's squad is promising. Although it will be an inexperienced team, it has boys with potential skill. The Senior Class joins together in wishing the boys good luck next year. 1, Xe 54-at iNNNxuwi3 t'- .fin , 'Mui' 1 A: ui P22279 7"RW'1 TRACK 45i.iI,a Kneeling, left to right-Roger Proulx, Maxwell Haines, David Palmer, Kenneth Rouse. Standing -Coach john Connell, Dalton Foster, Arthur Smith, Larry Quinn, jim Whitehead, Ted Bobbett. The U. S. C. S. Track Team played a brilliant season with five wins, one tie and two losses. Larry Quinn was captain and was also champion at the Broad jump with 20 feet 4 inches. He played in the Sectionals and Zonals. jim Whitehead ranked high in the 100 and 220 yard dashes with 10.4 seconds and 23.4 seconds respectively. Arthur Smith has 56.0 seconds in the 440 yard dash and Max Haines 5 minutes 7 seconds in the mile run. Dalton Foster took honors in the high jump at 5 feet 8V2 inches. He also won for the second time, the annual U. S. C. S. track trophy for the outstanding track man. He also had "shot-put" honors with 38 feet 6 inches. Other members were Ted Bobbitt, R. Proulx and D. Palmer. Managers were A. Davis and K. Rouse acting as head manager. Coach was Mr. ,, sw U 0 "Q, O -i J. Connell. f fl at R Q 'fl if 'nf T' , I X s 4 TQ U . r X .5 0 X M aj WRESTLING Henry Wilde receiving Trophy as Outstanding Wrestler of Class B Left to right, kneeling-Max Haines, Henry Wilde, john Sawyer, Bruce Davis, Adelbert Colvert. Standing - Charles Herrick, Joel Chappell, Bill Eddy, jack Anthony, Harlow Casler, Don Young, Herman Wilde, Coach McBride 1953-1954 was the third consecutive year of wrestling at Union Springs Central School under the coaching of Harold McBride. Twelve boys finished the season. The team as a whole won two matches and lost seven. However, this didn't discourage the boys. Each of them work- ed hard and is hoping to do better next year. The boys elected Max Haines and Henry Wilde as co- captains at the beginning of the year. Nine boys entered Class B Sectionals at Greene, New York. Henry Wilde and Max Haines placed first and second respectively. This allowed them to represent U. S. C. S. at the finals held in Vestal, New York. Henry Wilde, wrestling in the 138 pound class, was voted outstanding wrestler of Class B at Greene. At Vestal he won the championship of Section 4 which included Class A and Class B. Max Haines entered the 145 pound class and was de- feated. However, he made a good showing and deserves much credit for the work that he did. Here are the statistics: Homer ................ 26 ....... .......... U . S. 18 Cortland .............. 15 ....... ...... 2 1 Seneca Falls .......... 20 ....... 36 Geneva ................ 37 ....... 36 Homer .... ......... 2 9 ....... 8 Auburn .... ......... 2 3 ....... 22 81 I VARSITY Kneeling, left to right--Bob Ryan, Bill Pearce, Bob Kwasniewski, Ken Jorgensen, Bernie Wright, Lynn Carlton. Standing, left to right-Freddie Ryan, Tom Quinn, Larry Quinn, Mr. Mulligan, jim Whitehead, Ronnie Klock, Bob Mekeel. Varsity Cheerleaders Left to right-June Jorgensen, joan Fries, Evelyn Gaston, Beverly Anthony, Evangeline Gaston, Dorothy Temple, Carol Pratt. Right-Ann Daratt. UNEXCELLED RECORD Romulus ..........., Savannah .......... King Ferry .......... Cato-Meridian Port Byron ........,, Weedsport ........ Sherwood .......,.. Port Byron .....,.... Moravia .......,.... Weedsport ........ Genoa .............. Cato-Meridian Moravia ............ Cato-Meridian King Ferry .......... Cato-Meridian Newark-Valley Waverly ............ Walton ......,....... Binghamton Ctl. 34 ........ .. 57 ............,....... U. S. 66 86 53 ........ 72 45 ........ 43 30 ........ 66 42 ........ 84 35 ........ 84 33 ........ 61 41 ........ 70 47 ........ 79 53 ........ 92 52 ........ 59 40 ........ 67 46 ........ 67 56 ..,..... 64 38 ........ 32 32 ........ 69 44 ........ 48 51 ........ 54 78 ........ 58 WFW , -Kxvl-gl-Vs fsfbxxrfmfxfxfgkg 'Nfwxx .,- - .Z--f-vw ,xx- 82 if X-A i BASKETBALL SECTION 4, CLASS "A" CHAMPIONS The Varsity Basketball team has had a most successful season - first in the local league and Class A Sectional Champions. To the student body of U. S. C. S. and to the community the team are heroes of the hour. We salute their success, their teamwork, and their good sportsmanship. We wish them good luck in the future in sports. But as we rejoice with the varsity boys, let us not forget the boys on the bench, on the junior varsity, and on the junior high teams. These are the boys who have made scrimmage possible and who have stood ready to take the place of one who might have taken training lightly or the hard work of varsity competition with too little effort. A very good team we have had but a good team means good, perhaps un- heralded, reserves, and a loyal, enthusiastic following of fans. Union Springs Central School may well be proud of its basketball teams and the ardent crowd who followed the teams to the very end of the season. 5. ' -if Class "A" Championship Trophy Larry Quinn receiving "Most Valued Player trophy from Mr. William Court of Square Deal Furniture Company , PQ - l.. F-J-in-I A -A ma-Yi- L , 3 rig F is 7 111111 ,H 1 11111 1111111 f-'-C.,-7 I IRL' lg flg i li f, 1. AA111 Q y 1 1111 1 1717777 --X ru 1. -A H ' Z . , X -M -lj! Q- j ' J ' -6'-c 7 -J- - S . . 4 5.651 at 83 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling, left to right-Ray Barnard, Ralph Foster, Joe Young, Earl Spear, Bob Lawrence, Ken- ny Rouse, Dick Tavener, Pete Salato. Standing-Jerry Jorgensen, Mr. Gardner, Ted Bobbitt, Dave Babbitt, Bob Seitz, Dave Emery, George Kowal, Doug Pinckney. Romulus ....,....... 34 ....... ....... U . S. 35 Savannah .......... 1 1 ....... 41 King Ferry .......... 26 ....... 23 Cato .................. 34 ....... 25 Port Byron ....,..... 29 ....... 26 Weedsport ........ 42 ....... 29 Sherwood ,,,,,,,,,, 25 ....... 41 Port Byron .......... 18 .....,. 39 Moravia ............ 30 ...,... 24 Genoa ................ 42 ....... 47 Moravia ............ 38 ....... 41 Moravia ............ 21 ....... 24 "King Ferry ........ 34 ..,.,,, 27 4' Play off game - f--.FNZI 4 at f A - A 'X x., .fv 22 2 - .f' r"f'Anl"X"'M-" q J . A x. V S ., U U , 7 V, , 2 2 ,S sl x LL Y U 'Z-6, it G A 2 -.-- 84 J. J. V. BASKETBALL Left to right, Row 1-Peter Kowal. Row 2-joseph Quinn, joseph Mulvey, William Ryan, james Stebbins, Donald Kenoyer, James Eaten. Row 3-Charles Ward, Robert Joyce, Harold Crane, Roy Smith, Richard Mahalik, john Kowal, john Rindfleisch. Row 4-Charles Minturn, Martin jones, Mike Fitzgerald, Roland Campbell, jerry Jorgensen, Richard Moon, Mr. Ruggles. Weedsport Sherwood King Ferry Genoa ................ Moravia Moravia Weedsport Top to Carolyn S. 39 . 45 55 34 ....... 43 38 ....... 45 31 .-..... 30 39 J. V. Cheerleaders bottom - Marlene Fries, Kathy Novak, Benderly, Linda Kierst, Elsie Edmunds, .Iaquclyn O'Hara, Donna McBride. Right-Dorothy Pinckney J. V. FCJCTBALL Front Row, kneeling-Ronald jones, Kenneth Rouse, Ted Bobbett, john Groesbeck, Ralph Fos- ter. Standing-john Lawler, Mr. Mulligan, David Palmer, Pete Salato, Douglas Pinckney, Bill Cummings, Bruce Davis. This year the J. V. Football team had a fairly good season. Most of the boys were inexperienced players but they still managed to win two games and lost two. Bill Cummings, Doug Pinckney and Pete Salato were high scorers during the season. We wish the team a lot of success in the future. The scores of the games were: U. S ..................... 26 .......... ....... L ansing 53 54 .......... ....... W eedsport 25 26 ......... ....... M oravia 13 26 ......... ....... P ort Byron 31 rims Jr' M - -f o " e .tx .. U 5 sl 'U as it B ,- -I -T.. 1.-. - . ..........-. un: I: 'Q w """"' ,.....4,1.......-. ....,,..... M- Y lm JJ 3.1113-lJJ33131'JJ 1 , ------A w - 31 --- - ,Z fa . 'I 11 ' Q lu n ' 131 JU! ,fm 37331311 3111111 -5 -A. .- -t.- yy!! 1 ! I 1 I PATRO EGBERT'S Auburn, N. Y. Arrow Shirts Interwoven Hose "Dress Well ond Succeed" CHECK-R-BOARD Purina Chows and Sanitation Products ' Phone 2-5312 Auburn, N. Y. Compliments of Ruston's Food Store Corner Seymour and Holley Sts Auburn, New York BENJ. F. LONG Insurance 6' Real Estate Phone 7-7631 Union Springs Compliments of Auburn Cement Products Inc. 22-24 Perrine St. Dial 2-3361 Auburn, N. Y. Russell Service Supply Co. 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Y. 2-1441 The Book Store with Year-Round Gifts Fountain Pens and Pencils Lovely Stationery, Pictures, Leather Goods and Cards for All Occasions THE EDNA MOON BOOK STORE 12 South Street Auburn, New York N U G E N T S 107 Genesee Street Auburn, New York Congratulations to the CLASS OF '54 ieNa1lOHal 155211 0 gl BANK or AUBURN AUBURN, NEW Yom: Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System Branch at Locke, N. Y. lamesway Barn Cleaners Clay Barn Cleaners Jamesway Poultry Equipment Paint of all kinds Atlantic Products Gas, Fuel Oil, Motor Oil and Grease Feed, Seed, Fertilizers and Bean Seed L. V. Coal Hewitt Brothers, Inc. Moravia Tel. 9 and 26l Locke Phone Poplar Ridge 326i Cayuga County Savings Bank Temporarily located at 6 State Street Auburn, N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Bill's Restaurant Fine Foods -- Legal Beverages 346 W. Genesee St. BEE LINE Complete Alignment Service BLAINE M. BAKER Static and Dynamic Wheel Balance Phone Z-283i 2 Seminary Ave. Auburn, N. Y First National Bank Aurora, New York FRED L. LANE'S HOME TOWN MARKET Retail - Wholesale 25 North Street SIMPSON'S J EWELERS 1 North Street Auburn, New York Central New York's Finest Shop for Women K A L E T ' S 3-5-7 State Street Auburn, New York Compliments of COTTON SHOP 121 Genesee Street Auburn, N. Y. WILBUR L. MANROW G' SON Dealer for John Deere Implements Ontario Drills - Hinman Milkers Harder Silos - Farm Equipment Goodyear Tires Compliments of CRISTELLO"S Television - Radio Sales and Service "All Work Guaranteed" Phone 3-7814 92 State Street SOUTHERN CAYUGA PRESS Publishers of SOUTHERN CAYUGA TRIBUNE UNION SPRINGS NEWS AURORA GRILL MainStreet Compliments of MR. 8: MRS. WALTER TOWNSEND Compliments of GREY'S TEA ROOM Aurora New York HUNT'S GULF STATION R. A. HUNT, Prop. Gas - Oil and Greases Tires - Batteries and Accessories Phon e 3661 Poplar Ridge, N. Y. Compliments of WILLIAM COLLINS 'rExAco PRODUCTS Compliments of A. CIMPI'S EXPRESS LINES Compliments of Hq. Co. 3rd Battalion 108th Infantry NEW YORK NATIONAL GUARD State Armory Auburn, New Y ork Compliments of TRAVELER'S INN Route 5 8: 20 Clark St. Phone 2-8902 Rd. GEHERIN'S MUSIC CENTER 22 North Street Auburn 3-7513 "Reliability is our Watchwordn Compliments of McGLYNN'S 5c to SI.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System Auburn Trust Co. Auburn and Port Byron Clyde C. Lowery Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk and Cream Guernsey Homogenized Milk Fresh Eggs Cottage Cheese Phone 7-Zl l3 Union Springs, N. Y. BYRN'S SPORTING Goons l Dial 3-5432 7 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. MARSHALL'S Clothing Store Auburn's Leading Store For Men and Boys 131 Genesee St. Thomas R. Ryan John Deere Farm Equipment Studebaker Sales General Service Phone 24: Night Phone 25 22-28 Central St. Moravia, N. Y. Fennessey and Tracy I6 North Street Auburn New York Shoes - Hosiery - Luggage Bob Kwasniewski Tom ulnn 239 points 346 pornts Compliments of JOBSON'S GARAGE Union Springs, N. Y. Compliments of AURORA'S I. G. A. STORE W. ROBERT CLARK Compliments of Lawrence Nedrow's RED 8' WHITE STORE "The Small Town Super Market With Super Market Prices" SMOKEY'S TAVERN Lunches - Legal Beverages Our Specialty All Style Dishes Auburn, N. Y. "We Specialize in Fine Spaghetti" FRANK'S SPAGHETTI HOUSE North Street Auburn, N. Y. PAUL E. ZELLERS PHOTOGRAPHER Portrait and Commercial Weddings and Babies Phone 5145 Aurora, N. Y. Compliments of AURORA RED 5' WHITE DON and ANN LEE Compliments of ASTORIA HOTEL Union Springs, N. Y. FRANK 0'BRIEN, Prop. Compliments of GEORGE A. YORK, IEWELER Specialists in fine Watches and Jewelry Repairing 1695 E. Genesee St. - Auburn, New York Compliments of THE SENECA FALLS SAVINGS BANK Seneca Falls, N. Y. Member of F. D. I. C. Compliments of "THE STAMPS" Ellen 81: Lamont Beauty'Barber Shop Compliments of SENECA BOOT SHOP JIM 6- FLOYD'S RESTAURANT Spaghetti and Meat Balls - Pizza State Street Auburn, New York JOHN'S BEAUTY SALON 15 South Street Auburn, New York CAYUGA GARAGE R. s. WILEY Cayuga, New York Best Wishes to the Class of '54 MR. 6' MRS. RICHARD G. WRIGHT Fosterville, New York Rumpf's Jewelers 24 Grant Ave at Five Points Auburn, New York Keepsake Diamonds - Watches Jewelry First National Bank of Moravia, N. Y. Member Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments Nolan's Shoe Store Quality Shoes Moderately Priced SENECA FALLS AUBURN Compliments of Freal H. Tuttle BEST WISHES A. G. TARBY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Auburn New York Saving 8g Loan Ass'n. of Auburn 96 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. Member Fed. Savings Loan Ins. Corp. Compliments of Auburn Freight Delivery Auburn, New York Phone 3-5304 BEST WISHES Arthur T. Morgan FUNERAL SERVICE King Ferry A b r Compliments of GENESEE SERVICE STATION RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Genesee at Columbus Auburn, N. Y. Compliments of AUTO-EAT RESTAURANT GERTRUDE J. MOTT, Prop. 7 miles west of Auburn on Rt. 5 8: 20 THE H. R. WAIT CO., Inc. "Try Waits First" 77 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. BLUE MOON CO. COAL Call 2-1311 JOE'S SERVICE STATION Corner York and State Street Auburn, New York "You Always Gain At Ganey's" W. D. GANEY - HARDWARE Phone 3-8542 31 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. Godfrey Service Sta 31 Grant Ave. Auburn, N. Y. TEXACO PRODUCTS Compliments of A F R I E N D N. FANELLI TAILOR. and FURRIER 23 Genesee Street Auburn, New York AUBURN MUSIC STORE 14 GENESEE STREET Wurlitzer Organs and Pianos LETTER - PRESS or PHOTO - OFFSET FINGER LAKES PRESS, INC. 26 Aurelius Avenue Auburn, N. Y. Dial 3-9331 Compliments of Fleming Lumber Co. Longbell Kitchen Cabinets, Masury Paints Building Materials of all kinds Dial Auburn 2-lO95 Fleming, N. Y. Eshenour Motors, Inc. 5 Lincoln Street Auburn, New York Fults Furniture Store "Where Your Buck ls Still A Two Fisted Guy" Phone 6491 Weedsport, N. Y. Gilling 8. Neclrow Sales and Service Farm Equipment Refrigeration Trucks Phone 223l King Ferry, N. Y. Best Wishes Logan Paper Company 123 West Park Avenue Auburn, N. Y. Langham Funeral Home Dial Auburn 3-5369 Bernie Wright Ken Jorgensen 77 points 69 points First on the list, the Capitol George Besemer lOur George "Ah-Chee Remember rule number one? Dig this crazy group!! No 'feeling at this point Congratulations to the C L A S S O F ' 5 4 :I L u urn V x SAVINGS BANK Under the Town Clock-GENESEE AT SOUTH Munn nnuun. nlrosn' msuuucl courmurmn Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. il CITIES Q SERVICE GASOLINE FUEL OIL KEROSENE C. G. GEORGE 81 SONS Heating Sheet Metal Acme "QuaIity" Paints R. D. I Auburn, N. Y. Dial 2-534I Mount Vernon Perched No Sleep!! If Washington could see this? Sm, iglbdliif Dig this "Busy Day" Parlez-vous Francais? "Cal'donia" ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The class of 1954 of Union Springs Central School would like to "point up" the following facts: The excellent photography displayed in this volume is the work of Richards and Donohue of Webster, New York - Specialists in school photography. The printing was done by the Finger Lakes Press of Auburn, New York. Our sincere appreciation to both of these organizations - without their help, what would we have? XXX Xi fm M E N Q5 Q 5 ,. Q fm.- L s '1- if if f lm 474. :sl :ri - g., af.- of .+L 'S 1 Q 5: a if!!-r .- yi fu , H ,Q Zi. 2 1- -H "iw " ,ME -1-9 K .. E! F- 1 mn- Iii an .""--w..,,hs ---6..:. .Q yea, ,J ir, I X in H, f A A Y, , 'V 'V , 14 , 1 1 J.,y'r', A W 'K . ,. , , ik 'lf J A .. I Nt , ,, if' KL Q W fu if , 4 3 -14 - vi Q' , A, ' , A I SH, A J 1 rr ,V A an A ' V, 5 if Ji i I ff - We A f " 9 f A ,A . , , y-gf, 4, V2 ff-if ,qi 15 ,, k f if W ", ,ii 531755 , fb E wx JJ ' A , 4 Q 9' r W 3 v, e s. gn 1 4' 5 y E Q 3 .. ,,: T. Sf, .1 , P' A '17, tQ,, M, ' ,, 1ffwrwaf'1 f M1 1 - 'K w44,,.N.+fge.,wQysW,, -V if f A Y f if , ,,h, 3, H x . my 4. e Q - N" ,w L ,meno- it ,. ,, saw ,, ,, . M wr -e :K v

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