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-ef..,o, pw rg. rx? V' M, ,,.. Q x 0 ,W .2-AM W ks 5 M hffaNx2f-,SE N W lv 5 ! A I 1 1001781 -- ' W-fr ,fri -A .3i,-f- -ff . v -- 'P-4, Qp',w:e.Qf2f,1qh :-, ms.: .2 'r 'Af' 1f:,u.::.' :f,.'.x-:f1: .. ':.g.,. fff,'-M -21,21--fhwfyg 5-FA51 fT12.g- f-.iM.ff. '11-fbf'f2'f'A"fx-1' '- g,.- N- 1 fvflkx-3, ,wS.11gg1:. vE- ,f 'Z QW ' ' ,Q a g: 'rash X -Q 1 N 4: 4, . '- zz-'-'. Us' 'fi -1- -ff, fx:-, f - A-H -T if: - -gr1.'-fa 1.-N' fp' -f.z1:fw::wn- '. - Mw1...fQ.v, 2-. :v4.wYR.,f.eeMv-,-M-. g,,.,,,.M2,1j'.,,:,1f.f .f V -mg:-:.1,f-fx rn, '59 ng- -,-,.. ., , ,.,,.,3 - 7 L -1-,fv.f.r': '.,f..r ...4.-ff 43' -' - - -X V - 1::::: is :J.:r:f1.M.4-HQ-15911.mga-43,6-ggi.: , -:EQZ1-?-f:1.,i2:1-muff. 1: . f1w,fw,.nf -4 4' 'f kr' f fr':1A+?'-xrv1:g'r','z:2:11. P9131 54 -P4 -'vt!1l31,- f3'Z:f1z53'ff1f?-'-..- Jirzifyzfff T' ?,FTf:-127 iifitifi .1 74. . ' L71 lf . , . . YJ T5 F: ': A f j-4 552 g .- A 1 ' 5 .1 -1 '25 .1 : 1:-3 1 1-1 I Li 1 I K. I ,-I i . Q xf E LIBPIS CX , XX 5? ,ff X""' X .ff X1 -ff V? " qf f? .1 , f AQ if f ' f NX f X X. J . -Z-'J v . I , h xx, ' 4 - fx, X l ,V 4 f f . A s f'A I Y 1 , ,1-" " k X I , lf! x ,Y gr 1 1 f ,I V -. xx . hx ' ,ff 5 v Y 1 r-S - N , A?" ,ff Hfffffnigifs , ff" ',, riff-:'.--, ...fr-59' ' ' '-'-'S'-"" ..-Q' f'f-- ' f X A-.ff Z.,-' I if.. ZZ, 1951 l 5 5 5 I l 5 i -.H,N.R -, iQfx. AL umof' Loc f f xxx H HIGHSC X Q5 95 2? ix X f oO" f 7 f f f f f , ,X X, DEDICATION ug...-I We wish to make this first dedication to our advisor, Mrs Kraft, who has stood by w1th many helpful suggestions and much advice Though sometimes we were discouraged, Mrs Kraft always kept our spirits up de wish to express our deepest appreciation 1 9' A W W 4""W M 553 na. s ' o Q 0 Y 1 DEDICATION JP A The second dedication we would like to give to Mr Howe, who has been our faithful and dependable adv1sor since our Sophomore year H has shared our disappointments, problems, and also our pleasures He was always willing to help us in anything we did. We, the Senior Class, would like to thank Mr. Howe for making this 19514 Unorama possible. tulrilvf. ' 5: , a vlii' y .qaii5f"' 7 Xisiea Q 4' 5'3.,' ' , ..f"f!j,,, . I . K 4 'I , O Q B Q Annual 5' aff Co Editor willaro hocsovsky Layout nditor Sue Kissel Business Manager Norma Full Advertising Managers uc cnonds Pat Hairston Art Editor Charlotte Danals Paul Butenschon Sports Yvonne Thompson Jim Rakestraw Reporters Shirley Baker Penny Mowrey Photographer Chuck Lambright Staff Marlene Clark, Nancy Blust, Ruth Feaster, Pauline Perry,Caroline Hart,Ellen Bowersock Francis Whisler, Don Backensto, Gene Tennant Chuck Ritter, Harold Rader, Dick Holmes, Fred Wolf, walter Shoup Merle Shaffner Q8- nj f 5a A n Editor--Loeta Cook r 1 f un- I -,Ta-1-.l "1 AJJ. V .4 v. 1 M my 3,04 Fac u J 1 - .rv fx M nw., H.. J ,M rw.-1' w mfr" 1 111. 'ww -r ..-' qh' . lk P .y, It is difficult to put into a few words , the feelings accumulated over the year However, I would like to put into words my deep appreciation for all that the school year 1953 Sh has brought Union has been a good school, not because of the effort of one or a few individuals, but because of the cooperative effort of students, parents, teachers, and board of education. To these groups, I express W profound gratitude for personal help, encouragement, and faith in the school. We are grateful to the Anmxal Editor, staff, and advisors for this book. They have worked diligently for its success. Hay the messages and likenesses seen as we look at these pages recall the school days of 1953-Sh. EUPERINTENHENVE MEEEHEE Mr Meffley Degrees B S Education College Oberlin, Ohio Northern, Ball State Pastime Howdy Doody and principal Mrs Tomasello Secretary Pastime Getting new ideas on Modern interiors Permit me to thank you for giving nethe opportunity of writing a word for your ammal. I deem it both a privilege and an honor. To you and the student body wnom you represent, I would like to say the following: Union High School is a fine institut1on.Fi-he f0I' its ac' complishmente, its hopes, and its asirations. The thing to remember, however, is that all of these fine things have been the result of the hundreds of young people who have enteredits portals,eager to grow in intellectual and moral stature and then have gone out to work and to serve.Somehave achieved :Ln a large measure than others, lt is true. But all have not been endowed with the same measure of capacities and po- tentialities. It is important to remember that it is not so much the number of talents one possesses but how he uses the ones he has Unlon High School will rest secure in the knowledge that such a student wall everstrlve to brzmg hlmself and so ciety to higher and nobler ends. fr? . . . - Z Q Q . - . . . . . .. . . ,':- Q-",jIR'5 5 -.1:'7 ,I.ji'."'v .Q-QA -JZ'-17' :' :J-' . 1-:'2Ig,z,'S V' .1g1W5J4.'?: yazfi-i1g.::j--.1 -A l 9 t s-'j-"F-':'?f5'- 3321531-iif12." lr Ferguson Degrees B S Agriculture M A chool Administration College Ohio State Yestime Reading, Farming Traveling Miss Bell College Ohio Univer ity of Athen Ohio State Iastime writing Letters Fnitting Hr Gross Degrees College Ashland Pastime. Sports Mr Blu Degree College Pastimo lementarj Life Certificate Vent, A hland Gardening, Television , , 2 Q. . . , A ' 2 A , Q ' 7 H C A i S 1 A X Ek. ' Degrees: B. Science of Home Bc. ' f . st E25 ' H I : : B. S. Mr Howe Degrees B cience College fshland, lent University lastime rishing, Reading Mrs. Kraft Degrees: B. Science College: Wheaton Pastimes Keeping House iBak1ng7 Marimba 4rs O tranoer Degrees B Arts College Jooster Pastime Grading Papers Mr Terman Degrees B Arts College Spring Arbor Jr College, Ashland 'S X 1 I u C' . u H I 'x 2 . 4 'T O 0 : . : . Pastimes Sports :A n S 1 : . 1 Q? "' 1-4 Mr Tomasello Mr Waggoner College Youngstown College Ohio State Degrees B M Education Degrees B S Argicultural Education Pastime Mechanics, Woodwork, Pastime Photographing, Traveling reading, listening to music GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS FIRST ROW Mrs Edwards, Miss Grimwood, Mrs Jacobs, Mrs Lesley, Mrs Sir Louis, SECOND ROW Mr Richardson, Mr Brown, Mrs Hale, Mrs Ferrell, Mrs Donaldson Mrs Gwirtz Q . I , . , . : C O : O C ,AJ , . , f . ,F .J an ,Q - SL. ,. I , G ' 0 if -. ,, " O I 0 V MM' 3 Q : 3 , I' Q 4 '4 If : O I O O U e e a a Q I O C Q B O A R D R P Gramly V Presi H S Pittenger Clerk jx E D T I Paul Lantz dent Russell Wolf Hugh Clingan O F U C A O N Carl Baker--President ooks Standing Kneeling Q Frances Hershey Helen IlSSSl Wary Boyce ossl lhrush NJ Janitors Tom Thrush Gene McGill Bue Drlvere l t ow Bob Hawk n3VlG Yuhn Doyle Io ar Qno Row Bob Vuhn Roscoe Anderson Oherman Hen y 4erle Hoover Henry rlttenger Bob Yissel Wyle luhn l 2 f-v ,, -A ' T 5'-'s 1 5- 'K ,I fhwwq MSR A, tnnxxn JA " z- ' R 1' in 'rx x -J? I f M W e U if f 15 R ll XXX We N W WAKE 4 Q E. Q!! ,.Y 0 'Wil' or ld P clensto HqTCll9 C vorlte Sqylne Tom bout That lreasurer 1 tucent Council 1 M nnu 1 Qtaff L 1618 Ba ketball l,2, M Ba eball 1,2,3 M Tracl 1,2 U ub l,2, Horecoming cort 1 Shirley Baker llly' Lavorite saying Oh tuoent Council Annual taff A Homecoming Attendant r H A l,2, 1,2,3, Chorus l,2,3 Aixec Choru 1 2 3 Nancy Blu t NIL uvorite Saying 'ChlFor Heaven ake Treasurer M neporter 2 lewspeper 2 nnual Staff Ll atin Club 2 3 tar Cheerleader M ay Day Attenoant 2 F H A 1 2, , G A.A. 1 2, , Chorus 1 2,3,M Hixed Chorus 1,2,3,M Softball 1 Ellen Bowersock 'llie' Favorite Saying 'Why Sure New paper 3 Annual Staff M Volley Ball l Bible Club 1 Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus l Paul Butenschon nBootie Favorite Saying uOhl A Wise Guy, Annual Staff M Basketball 2 Track M FFA 2,3 Aarlene Clark Marn Favorite Saying 'Ohl I Get So P Secretary 3 Newspaper 2 Speech Club 2 Cafteria 2,3, May Day Attendan Play 3 . .A. 2 1 QAQ Q l IAQ Chorus l 2 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Annual Staff M All-Star M t Huh? " if Xa 7 Q Wm f 'fl 3 W O M ! .QWWC n J " 'S Loeta Cook nCook1en Favorite Saying UI Mean, You Known Reporter 1 Secretary 2 Annual Staff M Cafteria 2,3,h All-Star 2,3,h Soft Ball 1 Volley Ball 1 Play 3 Majorette l Bible Club M F.H.A. l,2,3,q G.A.2. l,2,3,L Chorus 1 Charlotte Danals uChar1otte Favorite Sa ing 'Ohl Fine Reporter 2 Annual Staff M Soft Ball 1 Bible Club 2 FHA 1,2, , GAA 1,2, , Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 M Bruce ndmonds Bruce Favorite Saying Annual Staff M Ba ketball l,2,3,h U Club M Homecoming scort 3 Queen Lscort A F F f 2 3 A Track 3 4 F.T. . A YI 1 , X f 1 . . . 3 L, . . . 3 Ll- I 2 v ll ll .5 4' ff' , 5 HCensoredH nv S M --0. . I 4 a I' 1 . s.. 9 3 9 Ruth Feaster Ruthie Favorite Saying Oh! My for H Vice President M Annual Staff M Hay Day Attendant Play 3 F H A 1,2,3,U Choru l,2, 17ed Cho1u , , Norma Fulk Norm Favorite Saying Fat Headu Treasurer 3 Newspaper 2 Annual Staff M Speech Club 2 All Star 3 M Volley Ball l lay Day Oueen 3 Play 3 Magor-ette 1,2,3 P H A l 2, G A A l 2, Chorus l,2,3 A Mixed Chorus l,2,3, Crown Bear M latricla Hairston Pat Favorite Saying Oh! tudent Council Newspaper 2 fnnual Staff M Speech Club 2 Cafteria 3 M Play 3 F H A l 2, , G A A 1 2, , F.T.A. M Chorus l,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 H H " - at d i l D- O G.A.A. 1.2,3,h S 3 IU . ' S l 2 3 l 1 xv, n 1 UHhat's It To You 4 A ' s I Q 'Q 0-0 I 331+ a or u I 311+ r , 'S 'Il Il ll 1 H H S 2 I . . . , 3 lr . - - . 3 LL RiCh3PG Holme Dicl Favorite Saying nYou Don't Say Newspaper 2 3 F F A l,2, , Janet Sue Lis el nSuS1G avorite Swying HI'll lue You Vice lresioent l tudent Pouncil A Newspaper 2 Annual Staff A Speech Club 2 Cafteria 3 M All Star l 2,3 M Volley Ball 1 Homecoming Attendant Play 3 F H A 1,2, G A A 1 2, Jillard Kocsovsky Willie Favorite Saying ou Dum Head President 2 Student Council M Annual Staff M Basketball 2,3,u Baseball M Track 3 May Day nscort l F F A 1,2, Boy's State 3 Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Homecoming nscort Play 3 ll Q :ll S ll ' .v . . . 3 A - 1? S in C K ll 1 " a 1 Soft Ball 1, e 0- e 3 ill' Q e e Q 311+ Fn T 0.5L e ll V. ll I! HY II e e 0 331+ . - L, W AA 'fs Y' x ll :IVV .bud .:.:l.g'f 5 un ,,,:::"E- slant! Charles Lambright HChueku CHLambranenJ Favorite Saying HOne Never Knows, Does One. No One Doesn'tn Reporter 3 Newspaper 3 Annual Staff M Speech Club 2 Basketball l,2,3 Baseball 1,3 Track 3 Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h dixed Chorus 1,2,3,M Penn Iowery Pen Favorite Saying Oh! Crap! Student Council Annual Staff A Iatln Club 2 All Star 3 M oft Ball l Volley Ball 1 Band l,2,3 4 Play 3 Hagorette l Bible Class l A 1, , AA 1,, A Chorus l,2,3 A Pauline ?erry Polly Favorite Saying HCrazy Ian Cra y fnnual Staff M Volley Ball l Bible Club l,2,3 A Chorus 1 H1xed Chorus l fi-...Z'-l-" l 1 Y I' ll W B n n . J . 3 af Kgs V J . 13 X M ' 3 ' fo X rl' W ' 3 ATF f F.H... 2 3,H 3.5. . M 2 3,H : ' 'b K ll n ln" Q' H! f ' I z " ft A. 'lkat- llll-Star' I4 i55i:3"'3'z1 Q, ' :5555efSI ' "ml F.H.- . 1 ,'::::21mu gy 6 df lbb 4 'f Harold Rader Harold vavorite Saying nOhl hut Up' Annual Staff Track 3 FFA J.,, Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus James Rakestraw Jim Favorite Saying nBat Breeze' President M Student Council 3 Annual Staff h Basketball l,2, M Baseball l M U Club 3 M Homecoming Escort FFA 1,2, Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Charle Ritter Chuckles Favorite Sayin nwherefs The Woman Vlce President 2 Student Council l Refere CG1rlsD 3 Baseball l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3 U Club 3 May Day Uscort 2 Play 3 F F' A 1,2, Chorus 1,2,3,h 2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h fffa9 41'- 47' , l' l f'iZl Slubl xllf D ,fur Francis Whisler uFranc1e Favorite Sayi nYou're Kiddin' President 3 Treasurer 2 Reporter A Annual Staff M Basketball l 2, Baseball 3 Track 3 U Club M May Day Escort 3 Play 3 A l, , Chorus l,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 A Yvonne Thompson Vonnie Favorite Saying 'Boyl You Kn Itn President l Student Council 3 Newspaper 3 Annual Staff M Homecoming Queen A Homecoming Attendant F A l,2, Chorus l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Gene Tennant Gene Favorite Sa ing no Dry Up Reporter l Annual Staff M Cafteria 1 All Star Refere 3 A Basketball 2 3 Baseball 2 3 Q Track 3 M U Club 3 M F F A 3,u , A n ' me O5 I s 3 F.F. . 2 3 F.T... M n n ' ow .H.-. 3,h ' 7 G-A-A- 1:2a3:u I 9 X ' u n 9 - , 1 I I I 3 li S .f""" num' walter Shoup Walt avorite Saying 'Hope to Kiss Duck' Annual staff A Bible Club 1 W A 1, , Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Bookmobile 1,2 Caroline Hart Queenie' Favorite Saying Chl Darn! A Homecoming Attenda Mixed Chorus 1,2,h Chorus 1,2,h Merle Shaffner Merle Favorite Saying ' Suppose Annual Staff M FFA 12, ,ecretary M Fred Wolf Fred Favorite Sa ing 'I Suppose Annual Staff M Basketball 1 3 Play 3 Chorus 3 M Mixed Chorus 3 M VU nt 0 5' SR CLASS HISTORY THE YEAR 19 O THE PLACE Union High School THE EVENT The first day of high school for 37 Proud Freshmen The first class meeting was supervised by our advisor, Miss Lonsinger The fol lowing able bodied officers were elect d Pres Yvonne Thompson V Pres Sue Kissel, Sec Gene Tennant, Treas Don Backensto, Student Council Rep Shirley Baker and Charles Ritter, News Reporter Bruce Hasenzahl The Senior Class took great pride in initiating us Yvonne Thomp son was elected class attendant for Homecoming with Don Backensto escort ing her Majorettes from our class were Norma Fulk,Penny Mowrey and Loeta Cook Don Backensto served on the Var sity team, with Bruce Edmonds, Francis Whisler, Chuck Ritter, Chuck Lambright The Girls All Star team had just one Freshmen girl, Sue Kissel Ruth Feaster was chosen attendant from our class for May Day,and Willard Koo sovsky was her escort At the end of the year we lost John Lajack, James Walker, and William Van Over The beginning of our Sophomore year,we gained M new classmates Betty Newland, Orleanis Sloane, Emma Church and James Rakestraw Class officers were Pres Willard Kocsovsky,V Pres Don Backensto, Sec Loeta Cook, Treas Francis Whisler, Student Council Rep Pat Hairston and Russell Owens Shirley Baker was elected Home coming attendant with James Rakestraw as her escort Don Backensto and also James Rakestraw were on the Varsity team, while Charles Ritter, Bruce Ed monds, John Rock, Gene Tennant, Chuck Lambright, and Francis Whlsler served on the Reserve Gene Tennant, Charles Ritter, and Don Backensto were on the baseball squad Don Backensto was also on the track team Sue Kissel and Loeta Cook were on the Girls All Star team Norma Fulk was again majorette Nancy Blust was May Day attendant with Charles Ritter escorting her During the year, we lost Orleanis Sloane, Howard Price, John Rock, Joyce Culler, and Delores Brooks Three fourth of our way thro ugh we began the year with Miss Lon singer as our advisor, and also Mr Howe Officers were chosen as follows Pres Francis Whisler, V Pres Chuck Ritter, Sec Marlene Clark,Treas Norma Fulk, Student Council Rep James Rake straw and Yvonne Thompson Sue Kissel was Homecoming at tendant with Bruce Edmonds as her es cort Don Backensto, James Rakestraw, Bruce Edmonds, Francis whlsler, will ard Kocsovsky, and Gene Tennant on the Varsity team Reserve team was upheld by Charles Lambright, Charles Ritter, Fred Wolf, and Jack Garrison On the Girls All Star was Sue Kissel, Loeta Cook, Penny Mowrey,Norms Norma Fulk, one of our major ettes, was chosen by the student body as May Day Queen, with Marlene Clark, escorted by Francis Whisler, as one of her attendants Our Junior play was held April 19, entitled 'My Cousin From Texas The most out standing activity was pre paring for the Junior Senior prom,held in the gym, May 9 with the theme of "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star Our final year, for which some of us have been waiting, we have as our advisors, Mrs Kraft and Mr Howe Officers to share the responsibility are Pres James Rakestraw, V Pres Ruth Feaster,Sec Merle Shaffner,Treas Nancy Blust, Student Council Rep Sue Kissel and Don Backensto,News Reporter Francis Whisler Ellen Bowersock and Caroline Hart joined our class Nancy Blust was chosen from our class as cheerleader to help cheer the boys to "victoryl"Don Backensto, James Rakestraw, Bruce Edmonds, and Wtllard Kocsovsky were on the Varsity Penny Mowrey and Charles Lambright were in band all four years This year our out standing sc tivities were selling ads and working on the annual, of which Loeta Cook is editor Continued after class prophecy ----- 5 e 3 - e 2 e g Q . ' a .. 'O and Willard Kocsovaky on the Reserve. Fulk, and Nancy Blust. rf I .II I 1 ' on THE CLASS WILL OF l95M We, the Senior Class o Hl95h of Union Hi School,of Richland County, in the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and body, do make this last will and testament to be published We, have solemnly decided to part with our beloved possessions follows Item I To the Teachers will our squirt guns Item II To the Juniors bequeath our dignity and manners Item III To the Sophomores grant our list of excuses to get out of study hall Pat Hairston wills her Marilyn Monroe figure to Joyce Bishop Caroline Hart leaves with the school the shy and scared feeling she brought with her, which was overcome by the friendliness of all the Student body Dick Holmes wills his loud ness to Ken Shaffer Sue Kissel wills her ability to get around to anyone who can top it Willard Kocsovsky wills all his brains to Floyd Culler Chuck Lambright wills his drums to Marvin Pifer Penny Mowrey wills her ability to keep out of mischief to Robert Sto ner Pauline Perry wills her brown eyes to Mildred Adams Harold Rader wills 30 pounds to Item IV To the Freshmen teachers Item V To the Janitors W leave our messed up chalk boards Item VI To whom it may concern Don Backensto wills his black, curly hair and basketball ability t Stanley Young Shirley Baker wills her diamond to anyone who has nerve enough to try to get it Nancy to cheerlead Ellen bra to Leona Blust wills her ability to Marcia Crunkilton Bowersock wills her alge Danals Paul Butenschon wills his in telligence to John McCormick Varlene Clark wills her yellow Chevs o anyone who thinks they have a prettier one Loeta Cook wills her ability to have boys call her 'Bashful' to Judy Pittenger Charlotte Danals wills her tem per to Joan Mount Bruce Edmonds wills his height to Johnny Berns Ruth Feaster wills her ability to keep her man to Carol Crunkilton Norma Fulk wills her quietness to Luana Au Jim Rakestraw wills his ability not to will anything to anyone who is willing to take his will Chuck Ritter wills his hotrod member ship card to Duane Maxwell Walter Shoup wills his Chevy to Dick Shaffer Merle Shaffner wills his ability to hit bridges to Bob Milum Gene Tennant wills his Junior girls to anyone who can get them Yvonne Thompson wills her abil ity to stay with one man to Virginia Coutts Francis Whisler wills his legs to Evelyn Garver Fred Wolf wills his Toni' to Coach Meffley In the presence of the under s1gned,we,be1ng the Senior Class, have signed our name to this our last will and testament, this Second day of June in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four THL SENIOR CLASS WITNESSES Jerry Lewis Gordon Howe Dean Martin I ff H de 0 8.8 - ------ : We . ----- : We ' -- : We - ----- : We will our ability to get along with the Melvin Zehner- ------ : e - O e - ' ll U J E I I CLASS PROPHECY Dear Penny, Having heard that you are now home on vacation, I thought I would write and bring you up to date on our fellow classmates How are you enjoy ing your job at Union, having taken over for Mr Tomasello as music in structor? I've just arrived home from a fun eral at which most of our classmates attended Can you guess who has de parted from usq Well, it was very sad Mr Howe's faithful and dependable dog Fleabait, met up with Fred Wolf, who was driving his motorcycle which he and Merle Shaffner designed in their s op, nThe Y Not Wreck It ' The funeral was held at the Lam bright Funeral Home walter Shoup, a retired pastor, had charge of the ser vice A comedy team of Donald Backen sto and James Rakestraw, successors to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, sang the plated a movie nThe Union Globe Trot ters, which is now playing in New York On the way to the cemetery, I saw Nancy Blust and Gene Swineford, who are still waiting to get married Nancy is a private secretary for the USwine ford Body Shop U Following, was Gene Tennant Gene is an electronic in structor for the Air National Guard, lohth Bomber Squadron,at the Mansfield Municipal Airport Behind Gene was the Bachelors' Club of Union, to which be longs Bruce Edmonds, Paul Butenschon, Dick Holmes, and Harold Rader They had just returned from a convention in the west So much for the funeral Marlene Clark is now a big exe cutive for the Grange Mutual Insurance Company The other day when she went out to inspect a wreck in front of our Alma Mater, guess whose oar it was? June 2, 196k The new physical education teacher's, Sue Kissell Sue was telling Marlene that Pat Hairston is now in business for herself She runs a drug store and soda fountain I learned that Pauline Perry has a Paris Dress Shop at Five Points,Ohio and that her coproprietor is Charlotte Danals Another classmate,Ellen Bower sock, purchased her wedding trouseau for her near future marriage, from Pauline's Shop Sue also said she attended a wed ding at which Mrs Dick Curry, Cformer Yvonne Thompsonl attended the bride, Mrs Francis Whisler, lformer Ruth Feasterl Ruth and Francie spent their honeymoon with Chuck and Norma Ritter, Cformer Norma Fulkl The Ritters' are living in Florida Willard Kocsovsky has a large covered another oil well I won't be long before he can retire Loeta Cook 1 now assistant t the assistant manager at Montgomery Wards Remember our new classmate whom we received our Senior year, Caroline Hart? Well,she is an elementary teach er at Union I know we are all looking forward to sending our children to her well, Penny, that is just about all for now I was so glad to hear that you were home, I had to write Oh! I alrost forgot, you knew I had twin boys, d1dn't you? They are 6 years old now It is about time for Donnie to give them their flight les sons, so I must not make them late Hope to see you and our classmates as soon as possible Love, Shirley h - - - .' . . hymn. These two boys have just com- ranch In Texas. The other day he dis- n - - ' 0 O ' s o CLASS HISTORY lCont1nuedD Serving on the Girls All star team were Sue Kissel, Penny Mowrey, Norma Fulk, Loeta Cook, Pauline Perry, and Marlene Clark Yvonne Thompson was chosen as Homecoming Queen We were very glad to have her receive this privelege Caroline Hart was chosen by the class to take her place in Yvonne's court Caroline was escorted by Willard Koc sovsky while Bruce Edmonds escorted the queen CLASS COLORS Red, white, and Blue jf? K The Senior play was held March 26, of which was entitl d "Special De livery Male On June 2, we finally come to the end of our journey with sad hearts I'm sure we will be looking forward to seeing our fellow classmates in the years to come, and they will never be forgotten Shirley Baker fin Q14 rn' CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose 3, CLASS MOTTO We have lighted the candle of our future, and now we will walk in the path of its light SENIORS AUTOGRAPHS Qygw 27:7 Mr fer, W kx QR AHA fff,f'9p Q02 49" E f r O A bww WJ bl M frim' ff mdk-4 ,AML M.:Q""V MJ? fmwl L ,f Y A K LhMbY1A"' Nick ijL4E2n- 2 g f e' , 54" 0 n SQ sz.. ,. , Ueqgfij A g gg I 00611 5 kc' 'Q-O wx W 0 W! G .9 67, 'N 5 49 1 , My 'S so xv' 7711-v vb d Ink K5 VK Lx ' A QMW .xqggd 0 Q 6 G K9 W6 ' f CW bf V z 05+ jf ' qiw if I f X L? uc I frrifyb . CLASS POEM Now is the time to say our goodbye's Some may be shouts and some may be sighs The shouts for the thought of being on our own The sighs for leaving the good times we've known when we entered as Freshmen we were timid and sh But we soon overcame these as the days went by, we learned by experience there was nothing to fear And became more mischievous by the end of the year As Sophmores for assignments we were given the book And Ughl that Shakespeare in English we had was enough alone to drive a Sophomore mad By the time we were Juniors we'd conceived every way, To get out of Study Hall day after day Uventually the teachers got wise to our tricks So we had to find new ones to get out of this fix And finally as Seniors, how busy we are e annual, the play, now the trip is not far, The halls will seem emptv without us, you bet! But the friends that we made we'll not soon forget Penny I J ya I But we got them done by hook or by crook, , Th 421 mm Af' Affine. "1 Q . Ji 1. 1 . 1' ' f F' via if k Holmes Coutts Jennings l gf 3 Pittenger JEL455f' 6? ,f"' a5f!F5KT ktfffm fsJQ75" Qu-X .Al'l' umx. 'xf 1 Hyatt Garver Stirp Adams Clark Laribee Racer King A. v. ' W ' B. ' n x E3 a vl Q S f I., I if .H,5k, -W.A1 .. 1 an E' X A 5? ?' ff f .. f. f , " Z 7 Q X T. a E. , K P. S' Mo V i QL. , iii Q R. ' 1 Q K. N 1 J. Q 4 K , Boyce Stimpert Pittenger Zehner Hershey Baker Lantz Durkin 9 Absent Owens Kaiser Coutts Mount ains Downs Humbert Love . Milwu L. Au F- F ' I F' ' . , ,zv ez V? 6' e, e 2e,e 'i evv, 'gf ' 7 ,.. W W' 'V 6, .M Q Q1 G. J. Q Nw To as J. - ' , Pc C ' P. D. OL Q D' ' x A A B Q ' rf APN, Y 0 KI 'IV 10 1 'P rf' A r Q I' fillets: F If Elf fi, ...Eddy 5,0 ff i IC' M,m.."m"" af' fha .LH A9 512' I f'7 0' 19 if 7' ff , , X ,Q , M I Q 1 "1 x 4 T, I i OX .E YZ' F - I 5- ! ' MB' wx 'ff 1 ' 7" A l H K2 my 4' g I f, I V, K l " I , 4,35 A JN, 4 l 1 K' lb. . V L' , , fi If V J ' ,, ...f 'L ,Lg I in I .. , ,F " 'ff' A 'fy cw - -,.i j .- I N M A c cf MC' 34 W Y Y V' 'V r 1 A lffm P f Any H-gt , - . m e Ye ,pai Z jk XXV X A 1 M ,E , ,f 5 jf Sk. ,Q R- , 'ig g - 1 21 7 Q " g 5 V142 f I U ' , g f A K I H 3 xy . . V' h A V 'iff' ' ff' E41 W - 4-- y ' ' . L 111.1 ,, ffwf ' f 4.5. A V u v 4 w t'5fLf' s I A " . 'Q Q , lwmores IOP 'ZX B. Deweese R. Markel D. Maxwell ,C ,, E Sapp S Howe x N K Shaffer N Tennant L Laribee E Stewart P Mellick K Clingan Absent Crunkilton McFarland Young Johnson R Groff D Oswalt R Stoner P Fulwider M Pifer B. Mercer M. Racer D. Houston M Taylor S Pruner B Markel W'55!liaf1JE" M mg, 5'-.V K A f 1335 YET SCH' QL 51 K, wi 54515 D 'E wanna-su Uh '5 'VIL 4 x, mm , 4, fl , G 'Eil3.' H f , Q. ",, ,V . Yi Q Lu , ' 'vu liw L-'RJ - .sl'.7h'. Ygsi freshm en ff ' 'x1L B Blust C Ball T Edmonds I V S Hyatt qs ,,,f4'Q5N J Duff J Mount J Cordrey J Hinz J Kohler L Baith H H111 15? J Owens Pettit Ackerman Trumpower Shoup dh 4' .Q :Wx ,Q ,HPF . . Cox D Lambright N Neer Q, x af! J Clark D Clingan ij F Snyder Hinz Hoover Johnson Danals Bisel Stimpert J Bishop Shaffer Upson L Rain R Baker M Crunkilton Absent M Racer D Durkin R Reiner R Hershey M Atkins Burns Culler J Jennings Oswalt McCormick QW Wm- . , n V QCX 1 B haffner, C taoffer, B dame, J c uate, J Fraig, I Clln n Hart, Fthel, P Swieher, W u rty U Lulwider, 1 I1SQ61, R Day, I 'hiteo Barber, S,G1b on, L 'c orwicx, S Thorp on, J Ioore, B Leedy, WC 113461 T Ting, J Sprunger, S Rhodes, I Ball J .arke1, E Tlmme, R Stoner, R ororey, W iaylor, J olf, G Strong, B Vo hel, J Ilng B Lantz, F P1fGP, U G walt 1 Iochheiser, J Neer, fx gnrwweeggnm loan, J nfder, ti o , Taus, J Janover, I ferrd, naab, Heieney, 1 Bwver, YC 3 une J lingen, Chambers, oc o 1 nn Urolf, uhm F ewie, Boyce, QC! o T Butenschon, Jowne Fl a 'hited, L Hess, Q ellick, J Jrofl, R ilun, T Groff, 'illfor O, L Pend toa, J . MT . .3 .i ' .A -. .BIL. .o K. ' ga , D. ' S.L . - K.fl he , ,CN 2. S.T W.1' - .J 1.2 M, I. ' S 4.L 3 J K . u S .5 . .JH 3. C. Q' . 1 - . .. , . . N . - .xx - . - . J. , f 1 Q A- - .KJ ,.m .H . ' . S .i' . .J . ' M. s 1 , U Iv- I , A Q ' 4 Q 'ax 9 HOU 1 : J.IcCorneck, J.Campbe1l, J.Zajack, T.Hout, R.Griffeth, C. illians, D.Wolfe RCU 2 : J.C f. .2 5 1 T.3 rl, 3.Ier5e1 J.Au, I. . F. ' - I.- v B.ic' - I.f o-' f m. .. .JH : 3.D' ls, .C . I. . , A.B ka, j.j9h n, J.m2 er, B.n 0 C.K J.I - C. . D W : . , D.' , g.5c, e Q, l.Fu1k, B.h U.. 1.2 .A ' .H . -. F.h 0 fi-,L 1 nfxllu .4- V W I HL1 TE1 JR dam , J cQuate, 1luheartJ H fy S' ENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW R Taylor, C William, L Fulk, T Butenschon, R nellich, SECOND ROW orcrey, J Zajack, R Stoner, J NcCormack, D Downs, D holfe, THIRD RCW J Groff J o , Sprunger, C Kissel, S Rhodes, 1-. , -1 4- I .- ff If l , f z x -iv- f- 17 ,-,U mv Aw.-3 -, , 4 V M .. UJUISK L- .111 .1 1LL,"'w.D :I B. xt. .S . A. 7 V A . - -Q . ,, wx .- 1 .Q Y' " -.1 X ' -' H . Q i f .Q X7 ' ji as 1- B 5 y ..., . K7 7 lr- 4 k 4 i xv' -T , 1 21-'E Y' f . A .L Q ' , fo 4 W- ' X if J - A ,Q , ' . q 1- , V, - H--W .J s D . K Q , ' ' Y 2 'r EZ' . . . 1-.1 . L.. I O Q l I O 9 Y R,C E , 9 g A x Q ' QA : u .lv W T ,J Efe ug Q a AND FIRST ROW J Moore, P Hershy, J Hyatt, L Kocheiser, L Rain, D Clingan, J Hinz, E Mahon, SECOND ROW S Howe, G Lewis, E McClead, S Toss, J Craig, K Melick, D Mercer, THIRD ROW P Mowrey, B Blust, D Lambright, D Wolfe, J Zagack, J Sprunger, E Hess, J Shoup, LAST ROW D' Racer, J Clark, J Oswalt, L Ackerman, C Lambright, M Kuhn, J Clingan, Band Dlrector Mr Tomasello ... - - Fa fl JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS FIRST ROW J Sloan, J Snyder, W Owens, E Mahon, T Baker, P Hershy, C Merkel SECOND ROW J McQuate, L Clingan, C Stoffer, B Shaffner, D Hart, L McCormack J Craig, J Moore, THIRD ROW B Ieedy, S Fulwider, B Adams, P Swisher, J Au, M Kissel, S Toss, R Day, H Fluharty, S Ethyl, H Barber, J Clingan, E Danale, LAST RCM: Hr Tomaaello, D Downs, J Au, F Wilford, L Fulk, E McC1ead, R Stoner, J King, E Tims, F Pifer, L Bail, J Near, L Kocheiser B . . . . .... . . . . : . . . . . ' . Q . 2 1. . . . . Q I A w a Q . . 2 Q 1 n e 0 u o . I I I Q I I U I I C l U ' ,mils in 1 ,,,,,..,i,,,, v-MA 'f Y H F .- Mfa39w--A Aqjrgmm. Q, ,, - , . :ww X -L ,iii " -va . f 474 ' N- V ,JA . V. A ' uf ,JH ,f ' W A -f f f ' I ..f f ' if e"7 , .pf-W 1 f--1' L 1,...lwsf3.. , ,. .i X , -ixx .W x , A., X, U25 , 'A' QW "' ,ox 0 f .L ,L , E5 BACK ROW Wir Brown, D Kochheiser, J Motu te, If keipp, H pellman, W Iruner, D Nlagers, T Duff, C Bricker, D Perry, J Eittenger, J Nawhorr, D Stoffer, NTIDDBF ROW J Rlsner, D Mercer, B Trwnpower, J feaver, If Tidler, J Fox, S :opina R Jaynes, P Mock, L Bocka, L Qlbrlght, FRONT ROL 4 Yatimer, P1 nyder, A Robert son, P Rogers, J Mcladden, Rhodes, I elliok, J hyatt, C Rlsner COLL, nnnq Gap.-.,,y iCI'T Rb! Jennings, C Baith, 'X Bowers, Bishop, B Dlingan, Y Ifissel lfrenpel, Durkin, Danal , B Hoff, Houston D iCv 11 asley J rre pel, ftlfins, ling J Howe, D Garver, x thel, Q Young, J Jayne'-Q ick Hair ton 3 A ' f V - N 1 ' I A Q 1 F Q ' ' 3 xg - -A. ' I n I I I U I K l V- . . V ,A . ., 1 , J . 1- 4. . A Q .1 X. nu Q x ' .Y 1 f- , u ni o Q. 1: 1 4.4 .' 0.3 A Q. ' w 11 xg f -.Y , v . g 4' . ' ' .Hu xg .u 1 ' o EW' 'fx " ,H bf' .f Xi . f . "S V. W . ' - L MA 14 -A M ff 'U , ,X ,a 4' 5,, -gf ' ' 1. 't V . , 5 5, v,.1 , . ., ' ' . . J 1 'W f A x , 1, Y I .f ' 'ff , I ' .A f 14-i ml Jn: . XT. . U sl. b U Q. . J ' V' J Q 1' HLTCCNT , -f f - 1 hu . .. 0 1. 9 Q .-.J u A 1 . ' FS Q 1. , s L ffl G x "Y l " LC ' 0 - - -u - , - . . . ... L . . ,, L s SUN . R0 l J nyoer, B Dick, Aoams, C Castor, L Cnanber , G Groff, D Dow art, A Beer, RCV 2 Ir Richardson, D Allen, Iuhn, A Frontz, Calhoun, Meyer, T wigart, J Cline, D Taylor, A Upson RO 3 R Cordrey, D Shoup A Beer, J Iagani, D Io uate, R Imhoff, B Cox, T Brooks, D Chaffer, J Maurer, F Bocka, J Osbun, G Smith, C Mowser, R 'hited, R Robison Alu .JBL I -LL B Stoffer, I Iatimor, J hochheiser, ou , C Terre RO! 'iss arimwood, R Culler, B Bqith, D Beard, R Wyers, A Psion, S Boubary, RO l L Boyce, C Hlll, ilford, M Tuttle, harp, n Tustin, ilm , L fendleton, JW : . 3 ' . 5. " J. 7. ' u S . . - . ., V . ., . . In , C . . Lu. x ' . L1 . C' ' " T17 o Q19 ' . .1 4 e . Q o HJ . Q Q 4 Q Q Q, ' . Q Q 1 Q -J Q If Y. ' ' 0 Q Q n 0 i'- Q A T N RCW 3: S. Laribee, JEulw1jer, D.jickson, J. Schaub, J.Groff, H. Au, C.Gibson, . . - . . ' 3. COX, J. Sh p '. Y 5 l. Q 2: rl N 0 KJ a f- ' Q .ll ni i A . I . .- D.H n. C.? V.: C.H n .4 ' All. ll! I-N f-I Alu. f 7:H FIRST ROW o Young, L Craig, D Barber, B Frontz, D Backensto Y Au S Pagani, N Pettit K Whited SECOND ROW L Tanner, K Trumpoaer, W,VHnover, W Lewis M Kuhn E D 1 , , ana s, B Jennings, N Shaffner, THRID ROW Mrs Hale, F Kohler L Hart, S Clingan, M Smith, L Fulwider, N Lesley, D Merle D Mount 3,532 ll FIRST ROW F Wilford, L Robinson, N Lee, S Fenton, L Kuhn, S McFarland, P Hout, J Au SECOND ROW A Hsttery, K,Meyer, M Rowan, S Lsribee, C Claypool, C Sloan, J Baker, M Oswalt, THRID R0 A Pendleton, G Dishong, R Rhodes, D Majors, D Qtims K Sprunger, D Kimble, J Hess, R Cox, B Snyder, D Griffeth 4. A ' H. Bricker, ABSENT2 D.sherry,'c.Adk1ns, c.Mecorm1S12., ' ' ' ' SM' S-.. - FRONT ROJ C e fert, T wisher, J Hoff, S Snyfer, J Beaty, C Rohoy, 1oFadden IIDDT ROM S Ha e, D SWl , Gram y, J W on, L Son nt L Penn, L Ialmer, M Bckels, BACK ROW I Risner, Q ergel, J Yochnei r T Moore, I Austln, F Danals, R Stewaro, F Lee, I Iantz, F Reiner, B Lehman, M Hershey Teacher Nrs F rrell ,ML FRONT ROv I harbula A Peyton, B brempel, 1 Hyatt, Fulwider, I Sch ub S McCormack, B Tuttle, JIDDL RON H Poth, r Bocka, D Sharp, L Keipp, Terle B Burchett, G Gushard, BACK ROW, B Oordrey, V Frontz, S Owene, J erle, O Peyton R Franzen, H Smith, D Bisel, R Dewberry, Teacher Mrs Dongle on , Y 7' " i ' A v 2 Q -D 1 n t., Q Q .4 Q Q wr , 'p v - -. S. s . I O LB : . 1 . L th M. Ml . ils . O a , 11 f 1 0 o L A Ala : n A Q 11 Q - se . . ,, u .Jo a Q o A 1' o J Q -1 Q o 2 A n S 'Z v- ' , P - - - - - - .r ' r , . , . . .. E l f- 4. . . u I , 5 . I , - ,QF 5' ' .- X V - . A ' Ax v Lv f Q f -Q A , vi L. , Q Q . '1Q v Q ' u. 3 , x qw 1 , v- fu v! 0 0 ' LJ Q Q o s u v 0 'Q 1 Q 'F Q Q Q J 1 , , Q.. ur. u . Q L Q . Q Q - S Dwell A A 440.6 3 FRONT ROV I Beer, lUrphy, C Henry, J Honey, P Hall, V Hetler, MIDDL ROW h Thomas, Q Beer, B Beekwan, J Ying, 1 Sloan, D Craig, S Clark, f Snyoer,BACK RCf 'rs GWlTLZ, teacher, R Sturgill, J Blust, D Clajpool, C Olson, D cCill R Hock R Fischea, L dkin Yuhn, L Iuhn, L Rai er, D Powell, FQCNT RC Leech, otterer, H Beard, L rluharty, S Dorwart,Y Bell, J Au, Kuhn, P Duff, 'IDDL RO' 're ir Loui , A Meyer, 5 Casler, M Barber, D Frontz Youn , J Kuhn L u tin, N Latimer, BACK ROW M Hale, R Frontz,P Ackerman lfrey, D oline, T Beith, L Fenton, J Calhoun, D Groff, T Clingan, R Cox, T Laqley, Ab G Clark, L Frontz, A Dickson, J Caine - '-- ri A f .. " A +1 ' 1 Q ,. Ili ig lxgl I l O I ...V - Q f f f 1 1 1 ,- ', . M. . M4 ,ll ff ll. .u ' . . Il. 1 'JI u' ' . T .X vm .1 Q 0 . AJ. 1 .U J , Q A 1 .' - . an S, l1.x . - .x S a ' -. ' ' ' , , ' Q- T - .. fm , . x , , -. .. -,,' .- X ' ' . . .. A - . - C -. - I -v -- -N, -. - la ' A ' ' 9 4 s j 1 ' " Q l N -, X . ,,. v f, fx .1 . I K 'll A-I KJOLX I U C Xu O i "1 I 'W ""l Cu - o an 'L uw: :L ..p C S n 4 . 0 . . S. E 1 , .r. S 1. . H: u . . B A A .11 1 . e . 1 Q . . .. . So . . . a f. JV QW? 'sf' ' 5 gf 5 E7 G 5 l aff , W., If 5 Q3 6 2 iz. A' 2 . i l ' e , r 1,1 3,143 , p f We WH , N . -- i W "A -: A . I - Q P fir, ' It 4 A Z xv , ?1.MK'm R 1, A X' - A - 'A Q . , , 2' ul I rid' ff' T Ji Qgvf FRONT ROW D Backensto, F whisler, E Boyce, K Shaffer E Racer, BACK ROW Mr Meffley, J Rakestraw, H Rader, D Humbert, B Milum, G Tennant C Ritter FRESHMAN TEAM: D. Lambright, J. Duff, R. Heinz, T. Edmonds, B. Blust, BACK ROW Mr. Terman, J. Cordrey, J. McCormack, D. Clingan, J,K0h1er, D. Johnson R. Riner ly Y I l 14 'W 1 W w ' D vs "J, 1 Wi no P . X v ,Q Q 5 . 7 ' A? riff! I 9 Z H+ .Q 4-o ,, Qs Q' 4 'I . , - I 11- l ,.,.,f f- 'A I I I l A -- s' ,ni . .1 -i 4, Home ommg 41' 4 W 1 7. Queen and her Court Yvonne Thompson Caroline Hart June Keiaer Elaine Stewart Janet Clark Susan Bruce Edmonds Willard Kocsovsky Tony Stirp Stanley Young David Clingan Clark John Blust We 'Y' From left to right J Rakestraw,D Backensto,W Kocsovsky B Vdmonds,D Humbert, T Stirp,Coach Meffley 'fi 1 'OACH Dale Melfley COACH Donald Terman 11 I i , . I , . K. 'A f w No , . .- L .QQ A Mft' X mark I ' . a c 0 o 3 1.4 Q O wx J fn fry, ' 1 , 55:1 A . .L.,,.. ,V J t , ,....,... L V, 5 im .W . 4 . I G I NJ 0 0 Ray Clark Bob nilum Junior Junior Guard Stanley Young Center oophomore Guard QF Duane Maxwell Sophomore Forward ww? Don Backensto Bruce mdmonds Senior Senior Forward Dave Humbert Jim Rakestraw Fgrwapd Junior Senior Center Guard T Willard Kocsovsky Pat tirp wenior Junior Forward .Eddie Racer Guard Iarry gtimper-13 Junior' Junior GUHPU Forward 3 i 'Q-ff N-J Vi 5 '35, ag? v 21:14, Sfw 'fll V mg yx0 f'15 fig' ,M K x .7 . 1, Ag if fp? , X , Q if F if Q 2 gl' 2 ' gr ag 2 X X! Q4 lst Row W Kocsovsky, E Racer, R Clark, S Young, J Cordrey 2nd Row R Gross fCoachl, D Maxwell, J Rakestraw, D Clingan, G Tennant, K Shaffer, D Backensto, P Downs, P Stirp RST 1 COACH - Dick Gross ,Q fi s iT:-L 3, ty 'W' 1953 Way fxueen 193D Vay Vwueen .nv-M Us mv-"' fps? 'nun-n1"""4' I Norma Fulk Twyla Coutts .wi --Q 'V 'W' " v '?w - Y S 1 is ' 4. I :Q A 1 . . . . GIRLS ALL STAR SEATED L Cook, N Fulk, Mrs, Kraft, S Kissel, H Clark, SECOND ROW .J Jennings P Mowery, S Pruner, N Tennant, R Merkel, THIRD ROW J C1arkCManagerD E Boyce Score Keeperl E Pittenger, M Adams J Pittenger, M Durkin, P Perry, K Laribee - V l 0 Q A ' ' 5 si, M, L 1' 5 'Q 1 N ki 'Z 3 4 -A J -N b 5 . . , V, Mk ff ' , my . X go R. wb... x 4 . ,W ,Q ' i I I ' ' 2 O D O O O I C 5 . . I O O I I I O O I I O C I T 5 C 0 'A VARSITY Mari Lynn Racer Nancy Blust Yileen Boyce Cheerleaders RECnRVE Llsie Pittenger Joanne Owens Shelia Howe 'I' ...,.,.,.,..,..,-. MAJORETTS V Counts T Coutt M Durkin - l L UQOIT 101 J Cw n I Ba1t1, Love, Boyce,v ox,J Hlnz, tewar , run leton I oott ,S 1runpower,J lark 1IuDIn ROM B Hershey, runlilton, J Bi hop, R arkel, ittengcr,L Au, I Larlbee, T Pittenger, 1 Heir ton, Iis el, Y Thompson, R Feaster, N Blust, N bulk, Baker, ook f ,owrey BACE ROM urs nraft, J Jennlngs, J Iettit, L Danels,Q Hyatt, T outt , P iulwidor, D Oswalt, N Tennant, F ling n, J Keiser Fruner J Uanals, 4 Howe, H Racer, C Ball J 1 A an .. BIBLE CLASS FIRST ROW M Adams, L B81th, J B1Sh0p, M CPunk1lt0n, L Cook, C Baker, SECOND ROW J OSWEUT, M Zehner, B Clinvan, F Synder, Mrs Hettirwer, C Tcfa h D Ill Ill An- JL gg, Al 415 IQ T ROW Jwens,L Baith,D ove,n Boyce,W Veer, How , runxilton,U tewa Baker,J Bishop,R Stimpert,P Hairston,b kiss 1,Y Thompson,R Feaster,N Blast W Fulk,P 1oarey,L Cook THIRD ROW E HittQnger,L Danals,Q Hyatt,T outts,P Fu1wider,D Oswalt N Tennant, K Clinga J L r, Pruner,V Wanals,C Bal1,J : 0 o n a . , 2 o n 1 3 a Q is -1.-C 61" A A .. F.H.A. F -S 1 : 7.' . .1 '. L.1 S. e 3.3 ' 4.5 r M.Adams,V.3outts,S.Trumpower,W.Atkins, SECOND ROW: Miss Bell,J.Pittenger,L.Au Cn a u 1 an Y S . A A n . L a .ni V e 1 : QT .1 . Vu: .C Q 0 0 I nl a3Y45:Se Sq No.1 a , rt Y . .3 l A FIRST ROW D Lambright, E Racer, J Mount, Mrs Ostrander, P Aowery,J Clark SECOND ROW P Hairston, S Kissel J Kohler, S Howe, L Cook 453m l STUDENT COUNblL K Clingan, J Owens, SECOND ROW B Blust R Clark, D Baokensto 4 lo of E Sapp, T Hyatt F.T.A. CC Q 2 I I 2 I O OU 0 I! C- FIRST ROW: E.Boyce, S.Kissel, J.P1ttenger, J.Keiser, Mrs. Kraft, C.Crunkilton, o u 2 o 9 o 0 J!""Y: CS 'Sky "' All I'i SENIOR CHORUS FIRST ROW R Stimpert, C Crunkilton, B Mercer, M Adams, J Jennings, N AtPlHS, Merkel, C Hart, C Danals, C Ball, J Owens SRCOND ROW J Petit, S Pruner, Racer, S Howe, E Sterart, S Hyatt, M Crunkilton, N Neer, L Danals, J Mount Mowrey, I Beith, N Fulk THIRD ROW S Trumpower, J Kieser, T Coutts, D Love Boyce, b Wolfe, D Clingan, D Humbert, K Shaffer, C Lentz, M Zehner L Rain Thompson, N Blust, V Coutts, FOURTH ROW Mr Tomasello, C Lambright,C Wittef Kohler, J Duff, R Riner, D Tambright, R Clark, B Blu t, B Racer, J McCormack Hoover, F Snyder H Hill, L Ackerman, J Oswalt, J Shoup, R Hershy I-N r, fn5 any f'N f-3 'gg ff5 4:5 il. pn, F F A FIRST ROW D Holmes, R Stoner, D Johnson M Pifer Aenher B Upsgn C La t glust, W Shoup, SECOND ROW M Shaffner: L Laribee, K Shaffer, H Ruger, RnC:ark, Cacer, D Shaffer, L Rain. J Mount,THIRD ROW Mr Waggner, D Bisel, D Lambright, OPGPSY: R Hienz, R Baker,J Duff, J Kohler, L Ackerman, F Snyder, R Johnson, iE::gilFOgRTgLgE2gs5bRgnET,bT Eyegtiig Stimpert, J Rakestraw, W Kocsovsky um er B D Clingenz Paul Butenschon , an, Edmonds' C Ritter' G Tennant' - A ., A Ru . 'ua' Q . Us .. o -I .n 2 I L.: N 5 W. . . . . . , . . P, J, . n I nf . au . E. 1. .O . .V do ' I Q . , Y. u au : a o 0' J, . . .L . . s T. .. C D. . Q - . . . . fa f ' v , 3' li. 49' 'Q f QIQQ 7 -7' I' . ' -- r Xltvn N 4 ' sf Bo :Q . . 3 0. : bi. H 0 . Ee o u 5 : . . . . J. . . , , , ' ' Jo 2 , . . . D. . . . ' , ' ' ' The f1rst game played :Ln our new gym The Homecoming game with Butler The beginning of the inside of our new gym U Sue and Marlene look- The laying of the 1, mmdation for the ing over the new build ing site. new grade school rooms an a 5 Ixl I II HND CKMFRX SHJP XOI J I II 1 an f7IOItlff0!1LlLL fa 411 the 111611111 111 In 611111 1011 111 11l!u1111 f1!1r1m Q llfllc mul 111 ffl Ilflllt SMUCKER STUDIO AND CAVIERA SI-IOP NSI OHIO u I LFIX 'I U NIA ' Q SM'L'CKEl' ST If DIO . I ' II. 1 1 f C ' 'R PIII 'I'OCiRAI'IIIC HIQXIJQIIARMIQRS for the SCIIIIOIQC tfzzj' year, and look for- zmz' gl' f' 11 - 7 kfllf " 'uv' cf I I M.-Xff "IIfI,IJ, 'rI SL Mulb- Q40 teel Iitohen Cabinet Floor Covering Slip Covers Oraperies O H e Llttle 'hlt6 House on Central Parku 32 outh Park treet Phone 18f7 C an field, Ohlo Q.9l1,j'W ,T,25 48 Park lv nue est ansflcld, Ohio 1 n A hland Ohio IDt9Phlt1OHWl Tmucl Fern quiolent Farnall 1ractors 333 Park Avenue Last bansfield, Ohio T D FOR Qchool uDDll8S Typewriters Office upplies Gifts and Cards 10 lest Ieln treet Ashland, Ohio hansfleld Typewrlter Company Ve serv QOUI school ray we serve you 3L fest Thlrd treet Ianslield, Ohlo Tyoewrlters all makes old, rented, repaired FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES LOWE BROS PAINT SPORTHKSGOODS MARTIN HARDWARI: CO Ou The Square Iviansficld Ohxo Phone 7207 0 Heffelfinger's Ieat arket eudlitj Teats wncv Groceries 1O fest fain treet Ashland, Ohio Heffelfinger Prop 9 . H 11311-111131210113 Th ' M ' I 111 S ' .2 COMP ine 'GS G.Ie.ROG2RfT, of , . C ms. KHESGE HOSTE TLPRS CO1-ZPLIIVIENTS or ft' ' S ' A --on -- L ' 6 M L E -1 I COMPLIMENTS OF ROETHLISBERGER SHELBY PAY STREAK HATCHERY Shelby ohio T R A N S F' E R Phone 11.122-1 8c 14123-1 Phone 3207-2 Shelby, Ohio T PP N RANGE super capacity yo! only 30 Inches LET YOUR LOCAL DEALER DEMONSTRATE The Tappan Stove Company Nlansfleld Ohlo Both GAS and ELECTRIC MODELS JACK LOVE r 0 ,H f THE TIRE MA Phone 22714. 6 Shelby, ohio FARM BUREAU Co operative Association Inc Ashland Ohio if ' IQ ae '," ASHLAND comm E ..xf.".i-L Z . N E A G L E R U B B E R JAMES E. FREDO C OHPAITY INC . HMWR,MmTWE American Finest Rubber Cottage at Erie R. R. Playball' and Balloons Ashland Ashland, Ohio Ohio I Compliments f The Class of HSM NOWHITE CLLANERQ INC W1l1O' d6l1 Nursery Five Points Rt U2 ohelby, Ohio Ashland Dial 21311 Ohio CONGRATUIATIONQ TO METS AUTO UPPLY TH GRADUATES! Jobbers of Automobile Ladies Appeal of Distirotion Parts and Equipment Main tore 86 N Hain treat lansfield, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio F R V GANYTRD' TOGGEHY Buick Automobiles Everything To Wear Oliver Farm Inpliments or Wen Who Care 108 U Main Street Ashland Shelby, ohio Ohio Y COIIGRATULAT ONS TO 0 M n C l 1 1 ll 11 " .MADISON'S K ROXIJO I ll NA l F D' ' H Covnpfmehfs I Of HOXJBYJ C.Wo1fe Buyer for KEA RNS PACKING HOUSE Mans? eld Oh o e 223 N afumlly ICE, Gas DHIO FUEL GAS CO K sfo! BGURGEQIS 5' Shfby Oho Fone 2 G The R H nc! E cfm: Co THEOLD REUAI3 E Mamsf ld Plwon 3524 5 9 68 PAT AV6.XA!CS.C i X i phon 0-6 mem ief , Ohio ic a le ' . Pontiac Packard I , Inter ! Trucks Q 2 Dt amond J,y"'..,.,A ' UI L, 4 Ie , Ohio C 7 I - Q ' In I2 -I I Q X 1... X Mansfield Radio Sc Hobby Shop Phone 1141 6 for Ffncral Elcrtrzf Tclelzszorz and Afmlzanref 143 East 4th St Mansfield Ohlo BAKERS BODY SHOP Painting and Metal Work Work Guaranteed Mervin Baker, Aanager 131 Snyder etreet Mansfield Ohio JONES PoT TO CHIPS ALWAYS FRIJSH AL WAY? GOOD CHAS RITTBR CO Kochheiser Vlce free Mansfield Ohio AN 33 i 1ZZM41 Ny 2 7777 J s w s L nv O MEN MATTHLS CLOTHING 1 Main treet Phone 2620 6 RD SWANS CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY D 'I 6 Water Street All Forms Phone 3187 0 Insurance 8a Surety Bonds Qhelby, Ohio Real Estate Service 1114. Park Ave Phone 314,25 6 Mansfield Ohio , me . 0 . R.E. M F S F I E L o -5 'NEST c MPL1 TS OF s A M " , Q, Q' .. us. 3 lil -TL1 ...ManSf1e1d, ohio x "', J -1 1-IN C1- 1 nose ' TX GO ON H. ENor1NeER as co. Mansfield Structural and Erecting Company FABRICTORS AND ERECTORS or srm, BUILDINGS ------- ----------------------- BRIDGES ----- --------------------- sTAcKs ------------------------ M29 Park Ave. East Mansfield, Ohio GOLD MEDAL C 69' Canned Good D1Stf1bUICd By The Tracy and Avery Co MANSFIELD OHIO A M B E R H E N Olivesburg, Ohio Larson Alu inum Boats Euinrude Outboard Motors I N S U R A N Crawford County Fire Ohio Windstorm Grange Farm Liability offcc ' 5 C H L A I N A N D R Y Deep Freezers ---------- Lightning Rods ---------- Milk Coolers ..- C E..- L H hens and Boys Wear Ashland Ohio P T O R E Exclusive Dealer for Pianos and Musical Instruments l28 W Nth Otreet Mansfield, Ohio Phone l8Q3 HFor 3h Ye Manufacturers of QHEI B UADL Dairy Product Wholesale Dial 22251 Retail Qhelby, Ohio H N Q DRUG QTORE The complete Drug Store l6 E Main St Ashland, Ohio WHERL YOUR DOLLAR WILL BUY HOREH Prescriptlon Upecialists' P I E N T D A V I M A R Q hain Qt Mansfield Ohio BEST WISHEQ TO THL CLAQS OF Sh E R I E T 65 N Main St Mansfield Ohio Own Your Own Pome T L A L T nChoice of 300 Homesn CONGRATULATIONS TO HE CLASS OF SM T H E N A T I O N A L F I N A N C E C O M P A N Y 30 South Park 166 W. Nth St. Mansfield, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio 'rs OF COJLIA NT HO PE'SI-IUSICS 4 Mos ER: -6 + arsn Jo s--wE1.,s :SHELBY PURE MILK co. 11 Tp L N ' J. I com L14 s or s. KET LIB TY sHo s ons LLl4SN,Q"f LTQ I I .1 T :STA ERRE Y M the square Mansfield Ohio MAXINE SHOP Over Qiegenthalers All styles Ck rts, Blouses and Sweaters 722 N Hain Qt Mansfield O G N 72 S Main St Mansfield Ohio C 16 south Hain Mansfield, Ohio On the square FERGUSON SALES PURE OIL DIQTRIBUTOR KIS EL TRACTOR SALES SHENADOAH, OHIO Adario 8535 HE FARMERS SAVING and TRUST COMPANY Richland County's Oldest Bank mber I Mansfield Ohio GRANGE INSURANCE AND TEACHERS PROTLCTIVE LIFE G E TUCKER Olivesburg, Ohio HE FIRST INSURANCE CONPANY IN MANSFIELD Organized 1850 RICHLAND MUTUAL INSURANCE Phone l288-6 K O ' I T O ' S On ou 1 . B E R C. W. L A U B S H E R . DRY CLEANERS JEWELER n Q 0 O ' Ste ll I! T Me S F. D. . C. T M P R T K E V I 31 South Broadway Street The best in Cal' Maintenance Shelby 01110 NUFACTURED UR GHBOR ,Q Q1 N BUILD wml PBRMANANCB BRICK FOR :QE 5 AND BEAUTY THE TEAMWORK OF HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A POLICY The R1chland Shale Brlck CO AMOY PAVON IA ROAD PHONE l l 15-6 A NISHED T CE RI W TI I H A T R Y F R D Shiloh, Ohio PINE AND SPRUCE FOR LANDSCAPING AND WINDBREAK PLANTINGS WHOLESALE CHRISTMAS TREES TRUCK OR CARLOAD LOTS CO LIMENTS OF BE 'S SUNOCO SER CE MA AND SOLD BY YO NEI S 'Xwp ,', Q. Z-Ei:-?':., or O 0 O WE LSO FUR HE FA B CK ON THE NE ADDI ON AT UN ON TE TREE ARM . .1942 J O H N E R E S A L A N D R V I THE OLD STAND BY LEVERETT IMPLEMENT CO WAGONS ELEVATORS ALLIS CHALMER5 FARM EQUIPMENT MANURE SPREADERS 435 spfmgmlll Sr MANSFIELD OHIO WAGONER IMPLEIVIENT STORE Ph 21671 Shelby Ohm Farmall Tractors Mefformzelq Farm Equzpmenl Interzzalzomzl Refrzgerator 6? Freezer New Idea Farm Equipment D E E S S E C E n n GANGES, OHIO PHONE--2hS2 SHILOHNN O . . 1 3 PJH LULEJ HEHLHNU EUUHY EXEHHNEEEU UHHATEH LUHUH HEHLHNU UHHI P NE 3781 PHRM EUREHU HER 5 NU URYPUELIE I EE SERV Q wmj UUUEEPLNMUUTH IHEKE H DUDEETUEKE H EUUIHE PHUNEb733b FHUNE5I7E MHN5fELD,UWU EHELHYZUHHI SWL HEY CHICKS THEYEHR RULIND FIRRU FEEDS GARDEN EEEDSI EVERY PULILTRY D5 INHL HEEEW im , IU ' HU I 959 T A KERR ND EHL S IEE 4 HWY. I VW' ANYWAY ANYTIME ANYPLACE On busmess OI pleasure tl IDS we ll make you1 au 1a1l or steame1 arxangements and secule lange for slghtseemg touls map your ltm e1a1y and assist you Wlth our folelgn car pu1chase shlpment and lental SGIVICCS Membership 810 00 Per Year RICHLAND COUNTY AUTOMOBILE CLUB IT PAYS TO BELONG 66 Mulberry Street Phone I3I06 Mansfleld Ohlo F1rst Natlonal Bank In Mansfield SIX CONVENIENT OFFICES TO SERVE YOU START BUILDING YOUR FUTURE TODAY WITH A "FIRST NATIONAL" SAVINGS ACCOUNT TTEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. ' Le! us know. you go I I I . I I. 1 I I . I, I ' 1 I 1 1 I your tlcketsg make hotel I'9S91'V3t1OI'lSQ ar- ' Q J i . . Q I , . , I I . . Q 0 - H FRANK C cCHIlFER AND COWPANY Wholesalers Cigarettes Cigars Candy um ba? f',ff Shelby, Oh1o Aiiha is in school upplies N R A hast lain street helby Ohio VANITY BEAUTY QHOPP E Main treet Ashland, Ohio Phone 0307 M Nargie vinreck Grace Kemery CITY AUTO WRECKING 602 Virginia Avenue Ashland, Ohio Gin? L ASHLAND CIIJTIR AND DYERD Ashland, Ohio Phone 36561 Your Success From E D R 52 Nest Hain treet Qhelb Ohio nl IDIUI lmlillb lx N Kuhn and Fanily The Topping Brothers Company Fourth and Union Streets Ashland Ohio TRANSPORTATION AL O . 'J 7 ' AI . , I p S ' P H A I H A N 1 s ' Xl x ,Q D "1 fx l 0 0 Ark' 1 X ,' S .. G . !!5 T . j I . ' S 1 ' L fall' 5-?l?"'I K nlg QUE ffsfesif CQ? C O M P L I N U N T S O F ' T1IT C C H ' L E N M R H A N U G V A' 3 e Y . I 'H-T--1-1 1 fav wav- --- ' c. . . ,. S 0 s o n i GRANGE fWUWJM.CASMAfVTCO !WELLKW4INSAGENCY Ama M 8333? Ph 2887 RA E QOMPLINENTS 'FLOYD BENNETT Lum ld 5 L ALASR f Aucd IAXYHWLLY . 6 fic!! Wayne EHICR PMOTWB V one, GU Par ve asf Rd. Ronde 2 fVXam51field,Gl'UO Sl"ulo?'1,OHio OF ivexf amd Bu! ev Sulppfues As L-CTW. "" . . Oli Q42 S 671 ,CDPNIO COVIPLIVIENTS The U,Neil CO. QT'66.tSSt DGPRYZSTUQU-I: Sim M GTTSHGIJJ Good Luck To You K O B A C K E R ' S DEPARTMENT STORES, INC. The Best Quafity For The Lowest Price Mfun Street Mqnsflelcl Ohl0 WHITEHOUSE HAMBURGER SHOP H mburgers French FFICS M1114 Shakes 62 EAST MAIN SHFI BY OHIO FUNKY ISLAND 3f1V!VXAlN ST 1 aff!!! 1 If ff X if "!'!!l" ' Ulu 'o " ' D ' ' YJ s if I, , ' L4 1 ' 'f ' if M A , , 1 X ,, ,, , ly! f yf' ' f X' C fy' fl 77,17 Aff ,ff X. If M, L 1 ' .' ,S ,f..'L.f4...f Xzciy, - . , Sa'L' i-S:--?25.i'f-'-c , I D R U cor PLIMENTC of HAROLD 'OTORS ND P w I Plymouth Dodge Your International Harvester Dodge rated trucks Refrigeration Packard Cars 333 Orange St Ashland Ohio Ashland, Ohio Phone 3722 l T1 E R T Pxcavate Grades 6OO onnor Drive Mansfield, Ohio Phone 8862 6 Compliments THE HOU EHOID SHOP lll W Main St Shelby, Ohio Dishes Silver Fine 'hina Glassware Linens DAVI QUPVR MARKET 66h Bowman Mansfield, Ohio Bef! Regards PITTENGER Sc SON Clcneral h4erChan1hsc PANWDNIA. OIJIO T H E C O V E T R U C K S T O P Route M2 Between Mansfield and Ashland, Ohio Open 2h Hours G L E N N R O O F I N G E S U P P L Y C O. Corner of Cottage A Ohio St. Ashland, Ohio ASHLAN 'rl CK 4, U ,H A IM LEMANT- Nc, ' """""" of ZIMA1 RAN co. s C , 01' Stun M CORNNLLL QHOE COMPANY of a Friend Flne Footwear Fit hor Food nooks Ashland Ohlo and Comfort hinz's Hoadside Market Route 96 ohelby, Ohio FAU! E "iuWMfW ll G NLHAL CANTHACTOR OF ALL KI Db CABINTEDH FR E nbTlMATLo M36 Madison btreet Mansfleld, uYlO Phone 3008 7 TRA DTN Q POST NO l HANNEY THE TRADER GUNS AMMU ITION GROCERILQ KITCH NNARL New nd Used Appliances of all minds Ne BUY, DQLL, TRAD Jlivesburg ohio H YATTS S OHl0"'+l'15E RVICE Tires Repaired U. S. R Tune ups Complete Lubications Mufflers and Tail Pipes Installed oute M2 Mansfield, Uhio co PLIME,NlI'.S 5 P' o ' f N " CARPENTER Norm, AND use FINE KITCHEN ll U N N as at f f COMPLII-TENTS COMPLIMENTS OF of THE A HLA ND J 'IOOIUO H BANK Bc SAVINGS CO A shland Ohi o V. EN HLA L OMPA SHELBY EQUITY EXCHANGE mst 111 H IIAN HILLD BU INEQS SCHOOI LVERCLT C TARIA South ice Lublio quare All food prepared and IIan5,Lield, Ohio cooked by women The way you cook at home PIC? INC NUT 8c CANDY CHOPPI' Third 8: Walnut Phone 3386 5 LL9 3, Dain Qtreet A shland , Ohio Mansfield Ohio , J. s' 1' ' 1 navel, rg G xlgggri Q K. eg COMPLIM 'rs OF 5 Cx Uk- QW Y A s ND VAU T C NY fo QF kj 1 ,f LIVESTOCK GASOLINI2 107 VV-3 NfI1'I St. SHELBY, O IO SPUNGER S ush or Spray Paln Inter1or Exterlor Full Insurance Coverage WF SPFCIALIZE IN QUALITY WORK FOR RILSIDIJNTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PLANTS MANSFIELD OHIO Phone 6742 6 or 1055 9 COMPLDUDHS COMPLDUDUS QF IZIFAPWTHIRS HAWK M3454 mm Maln Street A U T 0 G R A P H S The Senior Class of 195A would like to take this opportunity to thank GPOVBP wens for his assistance in the Art of this annual 7 Br ' ting R. F. D. 2 Route 545 North I OF A Y P TRONS LOUISE SHOP 28 N Diamond St Mansfield, Ohio ROGERS 8 CO 38 N Main St Mansfield, Ohio RICHLAND HARDWARE 2hl2 Ashland Road Mansfield, Ohio SHEGLEY'S JUVENILE SHOES 2h N Diamond St Mansfield, Ohio SMITH MUSIC 8 APPLIANCL 2 n Main St Ashland, Ohio ll Park Ave Nest Mansfield, Ohio BELL AUSIC 8 APPLIANCES 2 Park Mansfield, Ohio MILLER'S JEWFLRY Next to Park Theater TREVA'S BEAUTY SALON l2l N Fourth Street Mansfield, Ohio HURSH DRUG STORL Mth R Diamond Mansfield, Ohio VINCINT F MONTGOMERY Jeweler R Donut Shop O E hth Street ansfield, Ohio MANSFIDLD PRINTING CO SM E Fourth Street Mansfield, Ohio HAMILTON'S SHOP 71 West Main Shelby, Ohio M2 hh Nest Main st Shelby, Ohio BARRLTTS OFFICE EQUIPMENT 145 West Main Qt Ashland, Ohio M D SHILLING, M D U08 Center treat Mansfield, Ohio 3507 6 Ashland, Ohio 3 '- M 6 F . HARINGS JEWELRY STORE BEN FRANKLIN STORE 1-w I rw 1-1 qw 6 S. ' . S . DICK CUMBERUORTH AGENCY Genera 1 Ins uranc e Shelby, Ohio KENNEDY ROBINSON CO Shelby's Finest Men's Store Shelby, Ohio Dr Frank P Ritchie 15h N Mulberry St Mansfield, Ohio 2h83 6 W G McCready R Sons 200l W Fourth St PEOPLES STORE 76 W Main St Shelby, Ohio FIRESTONE STORE Shelby, Ohio ETHELBELL BEAUTY SHOP S Main St Mansfield, Ohio 2711 6 KALER BEAUTY SALON 112 Fourth St Mansfield, Ohio DR RIEBEL R DR HARLEY Ashland, Ohio HUFF REALTY COMPANY W Fourth St Mansfield, Ohio GAULT CLEANERS IOS E Second St Ashland, Ohio THE BAKER AGENCY W Main St Shelby, Ohio CAREX FLORIST 15h Park Ave West RUDYS GARAGE Commercial Avenue Ashland, Ohio ASH AND OLIVER STORE 732 Clark Ave Ashland, Ohio MR Mc's RESTAURANT Park Ave West Mansfield, Ohio SMART'S MUSIC STORE 6 S Main Street Mansfield, Ohio WALKERS FAMILY SHOES 83 N Main St Mansfield, Ohio ll . . o s Q o Mansfield, Ohio MANSFIELD, OHIO 595 - - 56 - - il RCOGTEP Kansa - LLE IA liffi' HSQMEHYC1.:

Suggestions in the Union Local High School - Unorama Yearbook (Mansfield, OH) collection:

Union Local High School - Unorama Yearbook (Mansfield, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Union Local High School - Unorama Yearbook (Mansfield, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 64

1954, pg 64

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Union Local High School - Unorama Yearbook (Mansfield, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 92

1954, pg 92

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