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Ml -.. 5 ffl . ai ' I S i gl i L v ,W , Q, X, bi 1 . 1 9 ? S rr 1 N - 2 I , 5 ?' I L, 7. H 1. L S, Q' f. 5 E P in- 2 I X F 3, af ' H. L I ' 4 I if--f f f --'W U35 UNI UN I-KA.10B 4' WESTPAC 1969 , . I 4. I, - . . ' qzqzf ni 2 ,fm ,.X. 1 ., , - ,-, V uf, Av -, - - , - - . ' - gif-' -11.-, " 123- l'5":f--'35-. At. .W -,aj , egg.. ,fy--:f - ' l -.wwf x. 1'-nj Whig K -ff K' ' ., 1 i ,G .31 1,E'fx'.S2lSH:5ii 1. L i, , - L 1 . Y I F J KA-1069 F okfc e , KA I m ceal in Korea. . She subs I UNION resuppli s last resupply tri ION, having res loF5 ,,'- Islands andthe se bilfots previously in I atelj? fused to transport troops and ing QIPI' landings in Pohang Dong, lnchon, and cl G Islands inthe Bering Sea. This was the con such operation r las the 1' supply, the UNION brou ,OO0.00. cargo of seal skins combat l il CGMMANDING OFFICER CAPTAIN FRANK T. HAMLER, USN Captain Frank T. Hemler is a native of East Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Shaw High School, attended Purdue University, and went to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was part of the Reserve Sixth Battalion, the original "Ninety Day Wonders." Commissioned in 1944, he was assigned to the destroy- er USS MCNAIR QDD-697D as an engineering officer. He became a qualified engineering officer, an OOD underway, and then was accepted into the regular Navy. Captain Hemler then served in the USS ABBOTT, the USS ERBEN, and USS BUCKLEY, rising to Executive Officer. Flight training came next, at Corpus Christi, Pensacola, and Jacksonville. Subsequent squadron tours in All Weather Squadron 33, Attack Squadron l2 and 2l2, and Carrier Air Group l. Most recently he was Commanding Officer of VA-212, flying off the carrier USS HANCOCK. Captain Hemler has a master 's degree in Aeronautical Engineering atM. l.T. He's had duty in the Propulsion Branch of the Office of Naval Research. He had served as the Navy representative on the NACA committee for propulsion and then on the NASA com- mittee for propulsion. He has completed the Command and Staff Course at the Naval War Col lege.A combined tour of the Naval Electronics Laboratory, the Fleet Anti-Warfare Training Center in San Diego, and the Fleet Computer Programming Center, Pacific, enabled him to become a computer programmer, manage programmers makingaStrike Warfare Program, and be in charge of installing the original Navy Tactical Data System at a shore activity. a in em er a erve as eN v re re en ive .o he .loin S fices . ll Epffibie flgobtlOr5:E,i.5?dClp1CflgQl E-Jorlfnlqniagfl E1ndggbL1ftigbl,la3:l Slim' If ' Ins. 'Ml I A llfgllllfillllllllfllli'fllflllllltlllllll' Q fly if ff y . .gf .'f 'lil ' ey QA' F Muff Q fizlfiailllllill-f,,lll g'iml'lZlm'flToc 1 ': Ca tain He' 'li .fqri ai, if liA.1lft a a i X E-5 2:51..1hf.y.:Q5lfliiflil...Qlll.i lllllllltlfflfllfm 5 N lllllll' l lm 'tglllllll 5 4 Commander Louis C. Potter was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma on 2I March I928. He joined the Navy as an Aviation Cadet on I2 July I946 following two years of attendance at the University of Missouri School of Engineering. On I2 December I946 he became Aviation Midshipman and served in that rank as a flight student and Naval Aviator until he was commissioned as an Ensign on I3 December I948. He served for 3 years with Patrol Squadron 2I in Atlantic Fleet Operations. Following tours with Ground Control Approach Unit I4 at the Naval Air Station, N.Y., and Air Transport Squadron 2I in the Pacific, CDR Potter attended the University of Kansas where he majored in Industrial Management and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in January I958. CDP Potter complyeged the General Line School at Monterey, California, in September I958 tiiindfgraduated from the Air Intelligence School in Washington, D.C.,,gin July I9Q,22zSubsequentIy, he served las Air Intelligence Officer on the unwkywoygember I96I. Commander Potter reported ?fne5ct.g,o Patrolesigib afisiziiervedfas, Q eratn,aM.f,,,Offgcer until December He then proceeded to Qrgef rf27e5z2.UfeI3?9eQC.e,duyfeayonce Qesaim Air Vdnzeetsrf fficer Straw I I! f A tafthe I UN I ON 0 Sepfernbeftl iI?968,yQomrnvndsmilktter. was fare 0 b"'9f I o ' Q N ifiialifor- .swfwv gf 1 SQf IW I .vulgar I waz 9.wP'ifffSn f GNQZ: is , , iHff5U sf H f W EXECUTI li OFFICE COMMANDER LOUIS C. POTTER I I I 'A 3 I wx 2' I I 6 I COMMANDING OFFICER United we Iond USS UNIUN 1 L I Inq '06 I fifi I I Q13 1 QUT! 'FfgiQEF::?lo32- 4 5 ' -Q ' Lf If I I, 41- ' fy 'I' 1' DECK I234 SUPPLY ENGINEERING OPERA"IONS A B E R OR OI OS OE MED CAL M NAVIGATION -,I .4 , I I ' I 'S 13 "Q X ' laI.luwlJiml I 'll IM 46, QQ? Ingham Jima NXNXIXX asv 9 ra I I , u.zow,, I xg, P+ . NN -,ua I , Ahnllnu Q5 XQWI ,IIAIIII-Im-Im-wr., QA gp I . ' ' X, 147, . K'i""n'ff 6. Nd :If ua- xg Q9 4 U19 Q 'A I- X ll. Belklnn ''MMN"'?6h3"",?A,Ky3'94M3"I::i mb GY, RIO Umxpp1ITuUpPU S0100 SX '51 I ' - 'iq N I 'QR II -I...N......eo Swv N, 4.-I' Eronow Imlxro SX. . - ' I . I - . I' 6 B Rinda - mb 'J' torofu To S Q 5 I 15 ' 64 A ' 72555 Z WMI-irq gmshiri Shifnn Sw I 'Q if, HOKKAIDO .f s"""""" Sh""" Vladivn 1 . - . '- . Q I . ww- Ak mu' 'xv I 'X.."' Qt, ' Q uolmum 'I "' R ku 'M 5 4? I zzmmuan .AQ G ag I yum MTI' r:.+u..uImxi S .,s"""""' 265' -"wi in usmmq I U-I-Odbfb : Q Imaam! - -1 6445 fffnf I II ,im . ,ilu 36 n""k"" lm.. Dun 2355 Qnliffgflh TSUGARU 'WKYO' I nn h E "' Q III """h"':yI' Ia....,I1.,.1 - " S 'qfkw . I ' I Z f - - f -95 " - ---- JAPAN SEA - - - -W-W ' 2- + f Peluqnmg V W I Bonn .. 'QI Todo , : N P I- I . 1 rum' :bn ll Q : ,Qian Q I ' f ,bmw IHf,..AfCln3:n WMI '1 3.5.1. 5' Ummm! ' '.. 41- I. 5 5 D, E, I Z N num if ,Ig "Hr I ,. iff' W n n saflngfmnmd I II r.n1wfmniunf. - 'gg , Fwfffff' . oxyanz-as Sim-v-'TO ' 'M' qi ? I A HWWH' - s...unmg.Ji1wxgI7- the-In IW". Noaovem 2 13, I I ,,.af"""p of P' 'I' KOREA -Nl I1 hai... ' Hoxsrm Z' of mwsw K6 04g:"'w'o 4' ' 10 ' 2 I-I 4,' YELLOW SEA - Q I 'Yhhvlmmaa - f F II II Pnnn IIIOQ- 0 JI I ogy , Za I I HW 'ff I-A M-.nD.ff 1 I -. I- I ,H I QW. I Z Q I . r II" IA L' ,QI Q ' ' A0 t 1: V Ima . chef Do A Q " + ,rv " I Z " 15.1.20 1.39 4 '1"I: , 4, T, 'Y' lHnchijoJima Q aa, Crow Onan., had 5 so za, -'ooo I of , , Um . ,Q If P 41 1, lhngwwulblunlcnlru XQX 210 I NIU!-Chl!!! .: I Iw.I-.j.IuunI04Ig 304.0 lx -Q U,-...U I ff!!! 20 I . N III or . 1 I . f In M Shnnz-haioln vfa be 's"""""i"" ffflhflff 0 '9' Ian -10 'I - .- 4' Im - . . . I I Haig , I SAST CHINA SEA Qxo!Tmuega.Shu1-In 3 Q 1- Tu:-ISh1mx UIIIIIIIIHHIHII IIIIIIIIIXNHXIX. Yin-hlignn .Q Jtmtlmm Tahari! G'mi04Q':SuwnnnseShi1na O II 04.1.90 Anim . ,nk Ji 6, 'I I e"YushauLinhIxm In , NANSEI SHOIIIQ Q. II Yun: chin I l .DM SMWIIIII IIJAfn.1mi4ISlIinm H III I ' Iw"'cho"I " . . . 1.2 lukoshxmn Rettb If , 'Okino-crlbu Shim: Nmhmo Shlml I -, Ogasm Mrk Guuw - 6 4I,,-ivzbfaw flmum-a Shima 5' Hlhvhiml Retw PU-'BW 'a Af, 11,91-mnsm .xImmIIusmm. 1 I 9' P " - ' Mxmx sm Inf. I7 ' - Kam' new? wx .III-Z. ma MW iii! I II! Llmkossmu ...IIImwn..II.-fa.I.m lvoucanol I ' 0 In Im shaky I nqytumx Kuhn I Jim! Is.....I"",Q my Iggggggg, I I I I , 'rmiim I - 41V:.g"Q we-v'I 4- '-,ke sh., . I I INN .4 Yu QQ LUZON smwr . ' iivhmtaa Tliauu ln ,iyu-,1y,n 4, yijmm AA II 2 .G I ' ' I I--b ,II ilu ,II-ill ' mms , 4- -Q ff--I I ee? egem een' y- ---------f am! li, Cm" . ivzgalwyuuuin . . h - Q IF I I d b A h . b QFWHXP sq? lm- 1-1 - vwcm ' c.nf.gm PHI L I PP INHI July WI'I' mme-chons, o owe y. mp I - II' H I ' , 'I' W 1' Wt Difln 59 'I ' ' ' Iq I1 d k .I 'Y 'MGI QQ' 'W' f Q Ious QR ,mas ,ef""'5F'rcInIng. T e or wor' 'I ' O ' '3 Su M--Q ' N' b f II Hama! M-du 'n AOTU ond d'cln'T - - 3 pawn QI GQCIFI OI' O 'l"I Q - I QI xanga. ,mba . . , suyu , , , I - I - IW I CI I we I, I4 I . Je, I . S E -4 en nh we re oc In Son DIGQO In De- fu-Igwnn:...SI.,I,. 5I- ,WN V Dfnimladumxxen ' ' o .II quam-m an SOUTH CHINA ss4 pa-1 - I h I ,u,,,,,L,II .Q X -- fp cem er. Hewews ow If went: 1 II Bhhoangli. Dun . 'q. I I I QEMBODIA .M""""'-'Bn I,---, 'mf' Q 2: U . I Smnar I nk,-,,f, 49533 """"A fII.,,,, C.Puxlu-sn -D"'3"g 6... .-,A-' f - P-I f 5 , ' Q QI rznawf-wxwjp UI 5 3 ' Im, Q, ,P I W"-' If . 'W ' .I Q I ' fu., Jw... I I I? oh yo sawn gala ix O I .gg Is U I . W'-'10T,tjkl1qS ' ICIWJI' ov! I ofjkkmvg ' ' '-' 'We jf--9' ., ' "" :": 'ui QI . U-I" '-DSW Ku-Igpll-lu ...,.., ' "V I.-Ihhqv I, Q -I'o,c....I..e -993 gf' nf-nh 0 N 1 V.,-..x-fp: W-'md uhnf? ..,-:--H-QIIQ. U3""3l H- 6:11 i'.f""1""1nl"3 5' I ,Imb-gmc II B'f?t"'eb 'Bmw AEA 'S'J""' MINIMNIIU .I gal" ' es.-mx , ' .JMD-1 -q.u:n1..1er ,mis lr W'-1 'Z . fo I - V- v--. . 17 Q I I I Q ,D Iralauh - Bnbemm Qhum-w 1-If. - IIh.,,1,,k 40 -q mp., rl I . smxxwnn .4 4, f ,Q . .4 AP wo, I. , f. I ,MT H. 415 I Q IX J +9 I Q 4, I . Qt sum IQ I HI , I1I...- cu ,, 1 :.hIhm-utr. .jyI.II- F11 s Q, 215. Q. III I . 'SVU' IW' lehu Q .. . . . Hmm . A -I XI , UU -MN I nm.-IIA I., Ixmmm -. - xl-only zo -334.59 'I' 'QI -' IL 1 :J fi-,SULU , C.SImAgua4in I' 56' A ' -rug.-1 In . .-, . . I .- ' ,.p.1,,,,,. 0 A ...N-moms . - . 1' - 'I' 'I ""1""?'f il- " II , ' 179, - . -I I ' ,-. gvlsqnhk , Q, ,C Q, f - II-IA NN II Ir III 1 n I .f MmInPbI'AG0 on aswmx--II In CA R N:-:nails-I1I ' I .Kusnm ,T '- CID o' ' 9 'nm ' Q , ' ' ' - A . .- I'nloAnnaf I O L ., I" ' 5 -e' I If-:II SQIQMN-www 'Wy- "Paging Mm mwah? 1? T"l""' 'iM""i' 1 A E ,-fvgmi-1. II D . qhrmm I I iwm. 41.5. cH1.h7rEs,9'1.x f23,,,n,, TMI.. HH k I " ' ""' ' WMM Good' gifs If sim fr mm-.um " 6966 Nmviai 'I U ' nm :'Am'R I st - ne? Q ' I -:?. If 5 5 ' B II II . Potnu-., Q I . -.I -9 Q 'lag I . I I gd . I., Hd mun'JE,5".' I r"--.f"' 1- 14 - gl' 'P 1-U ' HALMAHEIIA Aug' QT-I.. , e " 9 -vu . QV ' Q' 03+ G 3 . Qxxuph 'liikapiufanum-aug 'S IJML ' .. I. . . - Q - . ' - .- Gr' I-I " - " ' I , ... .. Puntumak BORNEO 63 . cIv.IIIIpIIIII,II I-MMP-I-IMI? IIIIIIINIQII f QIIMIULII- gf! I 4253. I 99' Xe QA I: -,,,. , --f . c I - - I I A4 - I .mf '51 9 Ixaw M' if If ff I M +A If If B':'n'3:"f'Y ' sawn - ' Q . 43. Eb-if 5. 5 . '55 ' . III,,..I1'f,IfIII"' 2252, IFIIIQQ-...II .ff 'Sf' cf T"5SI" i - - , Cl'-"'-9 -' 'I 11 'Q' - J I " H., ' 'I Q0 0' I I I ILIQIPQ I if M., I -wmqy, Q R 5 II Gumu EMM 9' "hun, II ,. . II Or? XIIJWW IIIIIIIIIIX, LI 5 ' fQ.vIQ ,Im If' -' Q i Q Q if ' .. 3 I .I I I If w fha IIS IIIII Q. 91 I Ig ' QI, I ,WN iv I if nxsmmcx Ancuxrsmco :eff If IIIIIw,Iq- 5 " 'un . 0 ' . num L., Q S , " , - ' 4.9 Q , I . J-"."A SEA 0 ' Q ',"'X,o" f3"' - .. B X-KM ,Mo NEWIGUINEA 9- . 2.f5""h, 2-TW" N""""""""f" If I I ,I lgmwdgggyn IIIIY. Cd W Q 4? , -I G 0 :qf ' i .Alfmlaln-IL o . Q -3,5 I,Iy.II..ug.vI-WII ,S .' Bw' ,553 ,,v'f:- I Q ' 0 HANDA sz-:A ... ' 1I-W 1 Q New Q ufmgIum-iII.- . ,w"""'TVS'S H Q' "QQ:-Q " LTI, ' TW!" F- I, 'J f I C"7"'i" Blifilhl " "1 """""""r '- 9 I I J A ., .I G?IIIIIIj....f- J .44 IIII Ay If QI I: I 'Lac I ,IMG ,I NL.-,iwnl I 5. gf? 11 ,Q , A 2" . ZR. Q ff 5 ." Q o- "rnI.nI... ! . V-III-I..-I-Q-11.55 SIJIJEIIIIQIN Ismxxnsz 1,2 ,P 'Q -, ' ' I- I ' 'L' ' " Cvnxuch ' 1' 'QR ' Q ""'M 5 III--II.-Im-Is F' RI- ' ' . 1 ' J 4 0 uh. fl I-II .1 . ,y Slrwuri ls 7, 4 , , 4 : .ta uf" ' - Woodlnrk - n'9auq'- 5 LJ - . ARAFURA sz-:A I f A N, w I Mar-um Q! 7' 1? If SUIWUE I ,gb -. .,.. . V252 IW 1 cgi' - . -: HW' Hww-lik' .Q sANr,xI:m'z is .Qxrhtmu Ie, xi' SUQIUIJB- nII?'AJ I "gi 39 TOIYRES SIZRIF I III, s 2111611-Ini:Isf1"+"1IS fhxml:xII:nnn.l ' I:j'SIIII NHPHHQQII FQVQINN N Hou C.Vuu THexurII4'-I I C.W0:ss44-I . I ff' mmm In l kg"i5""M'1 :C7N'l"'-'I 3 - I I I - . .' 1. Q I mam: I I I II :gi ef' C.. THWIR SEA ' A ' - " flffmmn 'f' 'wig-In H' U nm Qm.-Im.-u x'....II..-WIII. -I "'QQj,uq,., Q 9 1 ' G.Ax-nhem '1 . I III Q " lJQIII,IIa,,1'1,y,,I.IIII W I.III fl III I Tukovfl II II if '- I QQ I ' '. , I I I-I-I-4-I. Q1 I I Sanfbf . Q: vgoqqo Blullld 'nlnwm' 7'17l"1'H C 0 ItA L 6 E.A Vmmn Luvn 9' 1g,,Q,,1,Q, 1, QI. Yr-kSd': Q . . - GL'1.roF , 'Q A s. I.m.rin- 1? 0 ,, 'f I"""""'B' ' Q1R1"L':v1v1If1A ' , . II, ,W,h.II Q Q I U4 . I r.Sl.I.-.I..s-I..el.Ij Alnwo I I III I1 3-. rom' D A II Ml Dune Bt IQ . I I ,I C'7""SI"' ' " ' 'Q ' 4- 'H Of' 2 In H . 'L Eolxmbrim . - . I ,. 9 ' I I.-I ngllnluxno Gays ly - tx II QI mgsa. Q ,. , an-mg.-15,7 wax- CI 5 .I 2.1 G xzu-umm 113 I - 'fu 11' nur .- ' ,Q ' Hwhrhu II IIII I II6 .. l.m....nr - ' " IIIIII Immn 'Q',Q6l'.!u1-- I I' .I fwrfiw I Iq, I , . I, :I , -I Ig, I I., hmr..-nf ,I , XI I noaouei, Towuwxun.-' "Q!f?,,II, ,gfllnrion IW hIIIII,IIIIIIWI., 9' gmubh IIIIIII II '-J-,?I::::ngn 'Ri ' A' I - - f ----I---M . I 1 Z- ' 1 -- " ,-.... ' . I Inhdbm .Ilkmyon -,I Q50 I Lung! Q -oe. .OJTKEEIIIII XI H"""'I' ' W'1""'f4'i If ' ,.,Fm1I-If,-If nf ' U S1,ifo'Q, 'i 2 om... -- I I K""""" Nm 1g.,u....?3 I I B""""'M' 5'wd-9-1 2 .5 .,..-'HI-1 "Am""'n'M N...u.,.-.I 'S' uma.-w YW - .I II QIWMIIQIQ f-II-...In I CIW:-If-:nm Q gag., 434,16 nIm,.I.m.I, """l' , Bmnicrl , num! I II ' I I Ijxlurmu, A T R L I IX u:.:.g,.,, MISIIIIIIYI nm. I,I.,q,,g . ,q,1,4,,4,,,,,.Q I I .. B,m,,,m,, ,M..mI. In I I Inf-m......Imfifj, Q Bgbln GP ' fleruldum Ballina - I N...'n,u. I. -'Nuldla-lun III I Hlixnlrih .Rf ?-1-Y lyllfl. .011 Pa If f 1 M fo 9 h Q 71 'o -QQ . 1 Ju-Y '22 SE 7-18 ..lU-Y E 1-8 AUG X ,L .2 ,nf , Q ...,.....h..-...l o . .ii- ax .Q 9-10 A S 11-22A ef xg UG UG s 23-28 AUG Pre-training readiness inspection by COMPHIBTRAPAC - Amphibious Refresher Training Enroute to Pearl Harbor - Co voy S JUAN or rua 'Q c , ts Q- L, WWF? can-bun. Allah G afklkal Ynflna I-,un C.Bllnoo 70.160150 Cllhdodno In port, Pearl Harbor Enroute to Yokosuka, Japan In port, Yokosuka kin 2 H-nndnco inducing l na-nllanlnqz Sqn Sink!! , . mov. , VM 5? 29-31 AUG Enroute to Okinawa D aw- 1-4 SEPT ln port, Ohinawa - Three days of RWM 5 fy? Amphibious Exercises with Beach- H, it 1111151 master Unit ONE 'yy 1'll'l1hXW H A W 5-8 SEPT Enroute to Da Nang, Vietnam -2 A I I 8 SEPT Joined Ready Group BPAVO - Loaded ' ""' '?f"m'??fJI.f1-.m.m..m A Iv Landing Force Material G"1"""" I n X 12 SEPTS ARG BRAVO conducted deception land- 1 umm' t'I"37?3?wmg 6 ing in support of'Operation "Defiant 1 'iGmh'Tmn'm' 'qsiwndn N A . .h-mhmg-wsu ' 30 SIEPTNM Rehebrqsal landing in Da Nan arbor 15 OC:j222WO1PQ63tiLglpated in annual Vietpg, ,Wie L. - 1 Ceremony- offXtyD1glllNmn fl "'f"'7fff,,,f 20 OC' 1 C"6"n't is-laced loadiwxxlblieystong Carda- QWWZ ' y ina ' cargo 38 "mi . W' Z ' i""L2'1"-25 OC' Enroute to Olgisiibiiifva +2 25 OC' Offloaded "K5y'itone Cardinal' SQ 27-28 OC' Took USS Wg-RSHTENAW COUNTY CLST- 52 Q Q 11661 alonggigde at anchor and transferred E Landing Fojfcce Material ' gi 1 NOV Enrout51F?'a-Nang 4' "3'E""' ,fl iv, 5-9 NOV Loaded "KQy5tone Cardinal" aargo U Q la 10-13 NO,N4.9,..,:Rf Enroute ot Qlginawa A S S 1 14 mOffloaded "lG?y,stone Cardinal" cargo 'E 0 its-nd retrogra3,e1'for the States- Con- 55' "QL, ducted amphibfQ3s exercise as ship SQ :,,,,,,,u,, en'1ei:ue'd harbor Ziff' 2, Q 'SS 'T' 2 20-21 NOV TME ' Mfffdzl Q., M -1 no M AQXNN "1" .L.grfI?""" 22 NOV Off loaded ammo in Su8i8fffff,l,,,,1,1tlahimmtlmtxmlw 1' if ' 22-25 Nov Enroute 50 Okinawa C d I I .. . ""'AT5f5f 26-28 NOV Offloaded' "Keystone ar ina ' cargo 29 NOV-17 DEC 1 Enro'i.'ft'e'to Seal Beach, Calif. 7 DEC- Q ...,.. stopped for two hours at Midqwagelto I 151318: M 1313- ukuno tggagsfer injured Marine tQll1iQ'tpli,tqql 'S' u"m""" 'i"" DEC-assisted-in restorai'iQ TEM" "fli?lLf' 1 LORAN station at Tern Islan :Trench ,.5.,,.,,v,. F Figflfe 5110015 T U A M 0 T U Sn""HiP- 17 DEC Offloaded remainiggy'gvlj'r1o.Q-mn-.1SeaLhBeach V To mmfmyQjs2.i TWe,4++g,f5:2Q "mr ,,,, m 18 D EC AFertvedgsimmieggxaitriig24 CQ viii.-MIQLLLE g,.,,,I, :L JP-im -r-u mm, I V ei? V' 6 'V,, 'I JA ' x .n4.yu .ff JK- 'mf' 1 qlll cl sav. 9.1 0- A-1-mlrlwh ,gy 'S jg' . . wukmwkl, 0 5'-' L- rv-9?-ii' .ui nl,,,,,,,9,,,, ,,,., , ...... ,,,......,,.,.,,......,.... , ...LJQTZJ HA::gkfifx:rL...T...i.. Cv ""'f"' 4 -wnufjgifsfxw ryfmg' Q0 Nim-nu HI. W mnhxrt , ls yt ,N L4-'vgs um-M 3 mn-vue .- mf ' lgnonanzu-N 5 Oeno Sllixnbei -U Dada eflhrairn RD CERE ADVANCEMENTS Advancements come through study, practice, and hard work. One must prove oneself capable, particularly of accept- ing additional responsibility. Those advanced on this cruise were: LCDR Ross H4197 BROOKS L'CigD MONTEITH L-Cigl SPELLMAN L -fig, KERR ' DC CS LATHROP B-C CROSS SD2 CERVANTES B-2 WASHENFELDER B-2 GABERDIEL B-2 FERGUSON B-2 WAILES EN2 LEBEAU MM2 MCILLANEY MM2 WORLEY RD2 NEWMAN RD2 TOMKOSKY SFM2 MAGUIRE SH3 BLOUNT CS3 GALANTINO SD3 RAZA SD3 SAYSON MM3 MARCHLEWSKI EN3 VOLKMAN RD3 PERONTEAU SK3 RITTER EM3 WOLF Ykllfgix' K - , V , ,Q , .K A - - ,VV V V V ,N-W. .4 I 'V V -if --N A- -r-I-.U ,V,. 1 .5--.lk y ,Wi A --4 ',.,vi,5. ,J -1,-ff V .,:1, ,:- I Q N l GPERATIG DEP RTMENT LCDR Fl. B. lVlcQuay Operations Officer The Operations Officer is responsible for gathering and dissemination of information by any and all of several complex channels: the combat information center, the naval communications system, the registered publications system, etc. He also is responsible for keeping all interested parties in the naval chain of command thoroughly informed of UNlON"s status, by means of the many complicated reporting systems to which he is responsible. By means of a small, but welletrained team of men, LCDR McQuay always kept things in perspective and always seemed to have a "book" solution to any problem that a- rose. Mr. McQuay's leadership is of a personal yet authoritative nature, brought about by his natural friendliness, com- bined with a high degree of skill and com- petence at his iob, which inspires and encourages those who work with him. Operations types will remember: KEY- CARD, SPECIAL VAC-TEAM, ONE- ALFA, "STORE", OPAREA BARBARA BRAVO THREE and FOUR, CASREP, SITREP, MOVREP, and UNREP, and other unforgettable "Navalese." OR DIVISIO LTCjgJ R. Batchelder RNI3 L.N. Brigner RM3 A. Derrickson CYN3 D.C. Frank RIVI3 K.T. Glaze The Rcldiornon's lite seems cm bit soft to outsiders who know nothing of eight hour watches through the night, but long watches tell only ci port ofthe story. A BOAT Rodiomcin can be ci mighty tired individuolfcis well os .mighty frustrated. Bod news to ci Rodiomon is cl missing number.. Good news to o Rodiomon is CI guordshift. RNICS L.L. Lindenmayer RMC D.W, Cooper I RM1 w.vv. Kluttz fx SN RP, Sage WX FtIVi2 J.H. Watkins , X, Si! f fi fe f re g KX or 3 gs JI, Sk y ff! X X X XXX fy SQXX .2 1 2, L. i X wa! Z4 eff yi! fly? f 01 DIVISIO i W "IF we can't see it - it's not there." Or too small - or something. In Fact, it was mighty small if UNlON's. Radarmen couIdn'tFincI it. Boat control was our t specialty, from AOTU throughout the cruise. "Rico-f chet" kept us hopping, and "Chernung" kept us gagging i i RDSN J.A. Carmeci LT-C195 PLE- Penny RD1 G. Janzen RD3 J. Pernteau RD2 M.J. Steiniger ' ' 3 RD2 FR. Tomkasky gal-iv,.,tlx N .: I :Y M f 'Hts i .441 I W Emu X V 4 A fn QT., 9 M ,Q j' QR ff Q ps f ww OS DIVISIO LTCjgJ R. Nlonteith OS Division is composed of the UNlON's capable Sig- nalmen, or shivvie-wavers, if you prefer. Respon- siblefor visual communication by any and all of sev- eral means, a Signalman spends ,long hours practic- ing on the light and flags. During all of UNlON's boat operations, the Signalmen were there, and although often referred to as second- ary comm, they were many times the only way of reaching the ship. SIVI3 J. Doniere SM3 S,P, Lomp SIVISN JR. Romero SN W.D. Shelley SN C.J. Sanderson SNISN C.A. Seifert , I e 4 if V RQ T yu 5 .ec. 5 if l L we Z 7 f f , ,M-W 4 , f 4 ff WZ f i sf ZA? f ffi f Wwfff sf QQ X ' , f Q ,Z fy f " Z I n ' . 5 fx' , Y I .,,, ,I gy fxzgf f WX 2 41474: f fb? ff? f f 2 ff X k k X ZX Qs , jf W4 ww QW FE' is ff- ? 'X' L 3 41 E 'W if f X f X Qzwy 1 XXX Z, fb I X I Q4 y W I Y WS X , f XQQ X X y i i , , 1 .wma 1 or aww, OE DIVISION The ship's Electronics Technicians are in charge of repairs and maintenance on the ship's radars, radios, fathometer, LORAN, and occasionally, the Xerox machine. On this cruise, a small gang of ET's kept up with a large number of headaches. Among them: the SPS- 4 RADAR, URC-9's, the seal around the transducer, and the girls of Village Two fhow about it, Electrode?l. ETC C.lVI. G reenlee ETR3 F. Cipriano ETR3 W.F. Hamaker SN J.C. Little , C. Nash ETR3 W.J. Nevens ETRSN J.T. Rush I MU, J ! f W I K 1 11. l l ' V Q N L 1 V 1 9 VIETNAMESE AWARD CEREMONY On October l5, l969, the UNION, along with the rest of Amphibious Squadron ONE participated in the Eighth Annual Viet- namese Awards Ceremony, during which several coveted awards and medals ofthe Republic of Vietnam were presented to American servicemen. Key dignitaries resent included Adm John J H land, p : . . y c'lNcPAcFn.T, T.-on This-n Khiem, Prime Minister, RVN, Vice Adm. William F. Bringle, COMSEVENTHFLT, and.Rear Adm. Edwin M. Rosenberg, COMPHIB- FORSEVENTHFLT. The ceremony was highlighted by a dem- onstration of amphibious tactics and maneuvers designed to demonstrate the versatility and mobility of amphibious forces during a military striking opera- tion. UNlON's participation was an excellent opportunity to "Show our stuff" and we were organized. well in advance. lf the letters and messages that came in afterward were any indication, one would have to say the ceremony was an out- standing success. x E ff 4 S V? , Q. S X M .,..vwN,,, .fwmvmww wmwwxwwwwwmw 1 Z 1 1 2 i '2 1 1 Vi V .. .... i I X DEC DEPARTMENT LCDR W,W, Ross Deck Officer The Deck Department of USS UNION- saw the maiority ot' the action on the cruise, that is, if loading ARG material For 24 hours straight through the first long, rainy night anchored in Da Nang Harbor is what anyone calls action. Rainy nights loading cargo in Da Nang were the rule in November as UNION made lifts of marines and cargo to Okinawa. But despite long hours and little sleep, the deck hands moved countless pallets, CON EX boxes, vehicles, and crates of all shapes and sizes, without a hitch, and always in record time. Advancements in rate in Deck Department came through hard work and study ofthe Boatswain's Mate rating. Of all the advancements that took place on the cruise, the most significant was the advancement of Mr. Ross to Lieutenant Commander. His leadership and devotion to duty were an outstanding example to us all. IST DIVISIO ENS W.J. Cornish BIVICS H. Large For lst Divison,'WESTPAC '69 was a challenge, an experience, and many emotions. Responsible for all deck spaces forward of the superstructure, the men expected a lot of work but never dreamed how much. However, behind the leadership of a fine group of petty officers, they effectively met and conquered Da Nang, Ready Group Bravo, Keystone Cardinal cargo, .lifts to Okinawa, and aid to the Coast Guard at French Frigate Shoals. WESTPAC'69 meant more than hard work however, shopping sprees in places like Hawaii, Japan, and Okinawa, beer bashes in Da Nang, the deck party in Koza City, Okinawa, and the development of strong friendships with shipmates who had previously been only new faces. The cruise wasatime of ambition and despair, ioy and disappointment, but especially, pride in a iob well done. The men in First Division and the men of UNION were a team that pulled together unself- ishly in service to their country. Such a service will always remember and be proud. SA R. Ainsworth C X SN Ni. Bernstein BIVI3 D.F. Byars C Gg X X X f S X W. , 2 V, XXX, fvhxx I Xwqyyf A . fe psig N x N X fxxx X ,X X X C cf X Y XX X N X xx Ygkxg N KKK f f SNZQNWS C SA RE. cole - A SN G. Espinosa SA R.J. Fontenot A ,,. x N WN XX S X S X X X! C X S N N Cf X A S N X S A N sv X E C , N Nu! .W x N-,CS A Q-mi 'fx fx, S, Q N, woes X X !Y"II" I Z 1 ,. il S 54 is l i . . ? 'A Ki . 'l A R 1 . ! t XXQ, , X V A X A x.V,":f1 N' N. N ix fx l Q -Q xs Xxx? , 1 X X XS X X N Q N s W Q --., x 'Lf' ' f v V 5. . A 4 5 75' f f S v f, 5 Sims asks " ir... jyg y- Q, 7 x Wm ' X ' ' fax sg' X ffs , 4 X 2 X f VNU X f f NW xx gs 4 X X 1 7 f X f Nays X X X X f X f V X Sf S X , X X W N fx Q 0 f 9' 7 S' I. Wgylt. ,sg ix., ' 'NNQQV I A K-g ff N A Q Q' f- We, 2 ' . , Q .4 X X :pq Q ,q W. X . MSM , M . RQ, 4 , V X 5 X ,, 7 s A is ' ss N1-effif s X X 5Mf1fSi.::W?: if . n ' 2- V 15' 'VK N W . 'K ' A KQXQ s s. "' X 35 ,945 sf :WW 41 ? BM2 RE. Gibson SN J.E. Harris SN C.D. Johnson SA P. Johnston SA FLW. Koons SN BR. Mann BM1 C.D. Orris SA W. Quintana W K "3 M f ff . ,V X , A S ,f f - f f 'ZS S fi' Q: , .t , 12 we ' ' 5:14 it 'I riffs?-2 x Ax f x xf ,wfwfmgfg SX f' N f wx X f K is ax f Xa Q: fx AQ Y, V w. x , J X xN x X 0 X f xlqxwv X X 7 Q x 7 1 a 45 1 Q .rx a s GX! N X xv X XX xg W NK SA W.C. Washmgton ZND DIVISION LTCjgJ T,lVl. Spellman WESTPAC'69 proved to be an extremely busy time for Deck Department. Second Division, responsible for everything aft of the superstructure, was no ex- ception. From helicopter details to i Alfas with the handling of "Keystone Cardinal" lifts in between, Second Division seemed to be ever-present on the decks and piers with their swing boom, 'grinding winches and grinning faces. Although the hours were long and the work hard, the men seemed to thrive on this new found comradeship. From Refresher Training and Amphibious Training to Del Mar on I7 December, the spirit never died. Second Division, "Second to None", and nobody better say anything different! SN KR. Anderson BM3 J.B, Beason SN D,A. Becker SN DR. Boelter y wk , R p SW-W f S f W :ing Q Ii, has , gv f x x' If SN ED. Carrillo SN D,L. Cleveland SA Cook SA O.C. Crump SN W.C. Diem SA J.J. Difatta SN C. Gallegos SN Ft. Gerstenberger ' i X' W ' gy Afgf W-ff! 'K f, f' SA K D Gllbreth SA N Guarm SA C J Lormand SN J P lvlartm ff'-sgx 4 W f 2 , X 5 F25 I af X Xxx ' f X 2 n n A f W. , , X f J Z u f N. f X X f Kg gi Af fxSwW fy S 75 ?Z xy g 1 n W 7 ' Q vifgffffqf V . . ixmfggv, b.:,.,, I ,Q f 'Zmv X W X X ff Nw y 'fx f xg 4 2' X 7x f Sf f xv f W f 1, , 1 S X XV ff N ff 7 f f K9 ff f M I MX 9 X f X f A I SA W.E. Sampson fx, QW, f ff K z , T SS S SA D.E. Martinez 'SA FLW. lVIcCIenden SN PLE, Pollock SN FLG. Queck A A f A A , . Q K f, 4 , n ' 114 f 5 4 m f? f 'My . S SW T ff 5 A W is Y .zgrq if X, X I Q wg , 7 4 X 1 , 5 0... I ' , X 14 X 45? ,xijx .:. N by X X N X X X X X MQ ' xx N E S S N g X x 4 'fx N 5 X X X X X x fy! S, ,V HQ 2, Q QW Q Qi X N A Z xg : X ' Vf 'a f 5 NA. 2 gy NSS I f . X ' frfi 21, . f x ,, M - .1Qw.a' , '., ki sm r I .WH 'M A -K uf 'Nw 1. 'ff rx 'wxfbffg 1-M s' , Q. Aviv f--.GQW 5 mx www. -n- ..--.Q ,.V.v-ff"' , w new trap M 7'Kf'zt, Maw, ,QW fu ,f WI' ,f fy, f M MW 'Ks 'YQ 'WW - -1 , - f- 'AFT' 'A 4 W. I, 5 W ,Z ,, M .f My K A -V Ve- ' ,, - 1- .. " , ,,m'.. ' ,. - if 4 "iv ',.m,,-'L f 'r ,ii ,M ,QM 43,- ,W ,A f ' 'vw-xmrif. ,.:' Q.Tv.+x pf ww' gf- , M 5 V MJ- x , 10 ," '-4. T"'Q"Q,...w' , .9 M WZ, mf S' cy ,, , hx i . - f A - ,S , A , .. X x Q , 1 X Q VJ Q X f it . :.. 0 ?M,.M- N , fx Q XX , 7 .XM Q 'X M N S X P X P3 N X' I AWS AS O V5 S Z. SW WWA .X Q f X Q S W S ,, ff ,S QQ S. ,, :N l f -f M gi ., 5 7 Si S , EJQEWQ , 1 A 'L xv, E KN A-,, 4 A ff ,in I m, X if f 3 , f f X X W n lx X f .S ,f -N ,Q byhs , ,- f ff S4 K ,, N. - 'N SZ, f f Q Z2 ' W 7 1 f ff QM y ff Q w A Xf X Q X Cf f , x fxw Z X f Q S S, Y ., , K S Sw? V Wi fswjg f S: as X , 1.9 J' "5 6 SA C. Smith SN RP. Snipes SN FLD. Vigil BM2 J.W. Watts SN F,J. Weglos SA D.J. Young 1 3RD DIVI IO LTCjgJ T.E. Strasbaugh The maiority of the action on the cruise was seen by the boat group. With the loading and offloading of UNION and other ships in Ready Group Bravo, Third Division worked many long hours in occasional tropical downpours, sweltering heat and even the pitch .black of night. The boats were also employed in Operation "DEFIANT STAND" in September, a practice amphibious landing in Da Nang Harbor in October, and numerous trips to Red Beach, Tien Sha Landingtand Buckner Bay Boat Basin for those well- deserved and well-spaced liberty runs! Who could ever forget the comfortable wardrobe the boat group was sup lied with lflak iackets under kapok's with helmets or the outstanding night accomodations at the fuel barge inn, Da Nang! But with a hard-nosed effort we all survived the cruise and were very happy to see it end. elvis P.G. Brbbs BNI2 L. Brown 25? LTCjgJ A, Kerr SN D,w, Burtus x BlVl3 O.J, Dickinson SA J.T. Gallaghea , ,QU Q 'N f -X yy V. .- . NN ig. N, :rw-M :HA,6 NNmw,fNw ' A his aysspfxssfgt ,gs Q N X S S XSND Q sy X Q, if wx' fps X ..,:-. J SS O KW X X7 X X X Q we we X xx X X X Q W X QR X V N N X? X t x gx f W was fxmxq' Q . wwf amy K fx 7 2: X X .- f 1, Q .S 0 'KRW .Q ' if Xie W Q ywxx S V Q SN Q N X mf fy X 1 X S f N Sf? 'HI' XS I S Q A S - s Q X ' g QQ S X x N X X 4 N 1 ' W 4 X wAK Q, X M R ' ,J . f SS If Sf S I ff X a vg, WWW , , MW,f,,lV ,N Q X if yy 'f x f yf 'CBJ' 4 Wi.. M, Offs-,' W I Wg, TMIAM X fa SSSS Y A M I f y f I ,Q 7, aw X- zwfmifhvfw ,S hw WW MM 'V I , 1, ,T ,V A W. .V W , W ,,, W f vi Q v f WW +,, fW ' ' I 4 f' 1 2 Z hs Z f W if Z Z rs 7 BM3 FLJ. Garda SA L, Jefferson SA L.G. Kullos ' SN K.E. Lindblom BM3 GR. Sherblom Ya X , X ,,,,..f":1m.,, ygzw t .'44'4N'Xw,i,-x,w.Af1..-4410-xv I f if 5. ,wfffff ' Q 7 si' W4 f ,ff f f lg S f A ' ' WS f ag! X s w.w,...X.x M f R 1 Q f f ,. MMMQ SN D.D. Mack SN J. Mayer SN G. NlcColIom Q' ,fx Q Q X I f -f , n-wa? 4 ,gf . , 'KS S S, '- my Six -. I 'tc f Q , A , , ir 4 , f' Q QT f ,, w x f, 'klix X : J , X' ' X 'Z X S' f X Q - t W F Sy 1, ,V QW X- -. ' X -Q W , Q 23 22 Ap S S ,S C. 3 GKZH3 'wb ff 'tx f'f'f1y:q , f X .xiii wi NN Q X 1 Q- V x,':w"z-vi S Swv M ' asf . X f '-N ,Sffxas S, N ,QQ .,,. .. Q " JW' " 1'-TN f V-5'Q"F' fs 5, Q . yy f , K- ff 3 M W, X ' yn W QW 143' A Q X , Q1 SA J.L. Norton SN E.A. Rodrigue SN J.B. Sparks ,nu l One ofthe many responsibilities of 4th Division dur- ing the cruise was to insure that all aboard were A 'qualified to operate all weapons From a .45 cal. pistol to .50 cal. machine gun. This, combined with other proiects like maintaining UNlON's armament, 40 mm gun mounts and small guns, in maximum operation condition, kept this division quite busy The results of these tasks were evidenced by the efficiency ofthe mount crews during all gunnery exer cises from target sleves to navigational hazards X W XZ 'V ,X CQXX-1 C l C I Q l O s Q C I Q 0 u a 0 ,- KZQQ X v ww ff' ,X A ' ,XV f M if W ff! Y Q Z f X W W J ' A Wx? sf 5' X if 1 f W 1, w f f ,y Kg ,,, 7 X 4 XC W. 5 is X , zz X. W X f f if X Ag fx M Wnifm V f ff X 72 -X X yr, W f iQfQ,1:5Q, X "Nc , yk 7 1' f Q f f X ' ...WX f X Q 7 XX X XX 'fQ.g:f : X4 X XQEW XXX y XX f wix Wjw Q 1 j ' f 'W fp? WSSXW fX2S fs-7 o of e, is V yf Nvsff ' ' gs f fag? ,, X f X DW Wfcjf sf We X X7 X 1 X W 1 f 1 My f ff NJA ff X safe 1 ' 9 KW i ,ff f' ,fi ,jf ' 'N we 'W f N f 1 ,SJ ,M WX XX Q? f X X W AQKXV ' f QV N X a Xxffi X X 1' xX X fZ,X?j1 EF X' Af 2 X X XXX- 996351 f , X,-L ' - Nz X swf A f f We XX ,1X, X: fx ' QQ1 ,V Q X' Q X fx -,X X , ' .cc. X, X XXX XZ , vk 543: 9 , A f I Xmxgf iwce-f 7 v. gs.. f X QX- -, Xml. f S :Q - W ,-X X2 X - f t X- to XX N QAM w., , 55s,5 ,Q X2Xf X , X, WQIX, Q, X, X ,X V K is z ff f X' X E ,X X X l x XX X Q Z? COMBA T CARGO 4 Awww WDW 1st Lf. Fi. Caudill f 1 !Z xN x - 'Lx I, ,fifllifib are xv 4 'Q ffl Z2-Z IX :W , 7 The Combat Cargo Officer on an LKA usually ends up as a ship's secretary or legal officer with the distinction of always being the "only Marine" aboard. Both a movie critic and the butt of many of the wardroom's jokes, lst Lt. Bob Caudill went up to the bridge and became a qualified underway watchstander. However, the true function of a Combat Cargo Officer be- came known with the "Keystone Cardinal" lifts. Arranging for the swift and smooth operations of these lifts, it was necessary for him to make several flights from Okinawa to Viet Nam., He proved to be a credit to both the UNION and the Corp. in his work and contributed signifi- cantly. to the overall success of the "Keystone Cardinal" lifts. is ii 5 ! X my ff ww 4, N W X wx W W ,f f f H M .E 0 X Nw QQ. W'WNxi X I Q' x w MQNZ 9, fx N. , Q w UPPLY DEP RTME T LT R. Emery, SC Supply Officer This cruise was a working one for Supply as it was for the rest of the ship. We found ourselves using many new sources of supply from the new, fully-automated AFS to the AO with its limited supply of fresh provisions. We seldom saw a supply center and often had to use our imagination and ingenuity in seguring the- things we needed. Several of our people tackedon crows, Galantino, Blount, and Ritter all made third class and Cervantes made second class. 5 Supply was not untouched by the beard growing craze as Greer, SHI, Cunningham, SH2, Boyer, SH3, Simonian, SN, and Emery SKS, all sported whiskers for several months. Only Emery and Greer stuck out to the end, however. We will remember many things from this cruise as we go to our seperate duty sta- ' tions but those that will remain foremost in our minds are: 47,928 cans of soda sold, 7735 gallons of milk drunk, 4552 dozen eggs served, S286,606 paid, rainy box splitting inreps, deck sentry and plot board watches, the galley underway, and the rol- ling. sleepless nights we suffered together. I F i SUPPLY LTCJQJ Greene, SC SN J.N. Alfard SKSN S,N, Anderson SH3 IVLW, Bayer SK3 S.H. Emery SI-I1C.L. Greer CS1 C.E. Herrera DK2 D.G. I-Iurtis BM1 A,C. lVIaxson AKCIVI PLN, Emmons f yff fb Mx f V4 ' 13, 211 S7 X xv' P :ill-','f 'iv' H ff Q27 X X X X X -' X saw If ,fx 'f .X Sffff ' - i 1 I X7 X X is X N v QYVN Wx X N 2 9 A Q xf A ik XX X QX X X X X X 5 X X XX XX X X X X6Xf x X -, Xl , W S Q Z Q f y , ,J ff new ' as I Ny S N, 7 fiwf xg i ,mee vw, ! X git!!! CS2 W, Palafax SN lVl.J. Renfro SN J,P. Reyes SK3 W.D. Ritter SN S. Simonian SN N, Trujillo SK2 J.D. Vore SN PR. Watts SN S,lVl, Wilkinson 39 STEWARDS ,w, fx f x 6 K. kj f .Z ffwkff QS - ,:- Q' may . , ,f 4 ,R X , L-:C , 5 I ,Sf Q. , if sk W ' +7 ' 34, f X Q ,, w fglwj , , f2i.:X.,'-3 If :ff 4 af M 411 2-V pew, .. , I X Xxx, Q-my -, N 1, C 1Q1lv-25 . 'Q S A puff.,-Q 7 lf : ax Nm ' f Q5 , CZ , TN C.D. Rivero TN T.lVI. Sayson TN A.V, Abweg SD1 lVI.B. Burgos SD3 C.C. Cervantes TN l.lVI. Closas TN NLH, Fajardo TN H.B. Gaters TN I.Nl. Paje SD1 L. Palmer TN A.C. Raza 4' iq 3 is 5 5 Z F 4 Q 1 X H L 1... , AO ' CARGO LOADING AND UFF-LOADING Onloading and off-loading of cargo was the name of the UNlON's seemingly endless game in the autumn of I969. We took on Hand- clasp in San Diego and unloaded it in Okinawa, where we took on L- form. The we went to Da Nang, where we took on Ready Group landing material and Marines. Late in October, we loaded the First of Keystone Cardinal freight for Further transfer to Okinawa. After off-loading that Freight in Okinawa, we off-loaded our Ready Group and L-form material onto the USS WASHTENAW COUNTY QLST-l l66l. Then we were off to Da Nang for another load of Key- stone Cardinal. .Q- i 3 . q if ,, , I Q , x 2 ,,, Q q C ,U , M f . L 'LF '1 'K . Z., in is y 1, 7 5 . 6 f 2 Q. U1 ffx' Y, .I , . , we . - , f X N ' ex N M15 X 4 Q jig? yy Q , 5 ,. K 1 , Q MS X ,N -cs. W W Ni Q NQ Z I X 1 Q i NM NES? ff f K N N , 1 XSS Q f f N Vflugx f N X f' f ,E fx Q NYC X X N 1 4 :Q llgti x X til W ky ff f X mio! , N" sf qs Q f ' ,, f 3 f f f, i On the 9th of November it was all loaded l and we took off for Okinawa, returning to Da Nang a short lO days later for another load. That must have been a record for a ship of our class. v l The lastload was safely in Okinawa, retro- T grade was onboard and we were underway 2 for CONUS on the 29th of November. ' 1 I t The happy reunions were many when UNION T made it home for Christmas, and many thanks are due to the hard-working men who labored. long hours under poor conditions l so the UNION could meet an impossibly 1 tight schedule. 1 I The Deck Department, led by Mr. Ross, the l First Lieutenant, 'assisted by Mr. Caudill, Q the Combat Cargo Officer, worked without l a single serious injury to any UNION per- l sonnel, which was the most outstanding achievement of all. 1 l l A , , l i i . l Q C5 g ,M But the high-speed runs between Da Nong and Okinawa couldn't have been mode without the ship's engines being in peak running condition. Anytime you have a ship thot's 25 years old still making the top speed she was designed to make, for days on end, you've got hard-working boilermen and machin- ist's mates who know their stuff. Just ask CHMACH Jim Bergan, CWO-2. It was o team effort by all departments thot got the UNION home in time For Christmas, and the spirit ot teamwork which was the highlight of the cruise, will not be forgotten. ffff V , WW' wf"' f Gy M"""J7 2 xy, " H ff X NW A ,NV 'F f if Z 'Q f' " -1 . Y, .. II A -- x . - - , I .177 , ix M, gf' V ' 5 Y - 1 9 " - 81 i A x 4' jf X58 Z E' f Z , fvrfiv' -gl-Q X '., I, -I : --f ., , Y, X. K E V , , 1 Y- , ,Q 7'f 3 V -, N jf, - Q x- .1 .. . L, , X 4 K A , - - .wxggf L 1 -4,.- , ii- - IN- gf ' ' - Nil'-V , . ' X- 5 - -' 3 ' - 'A' 'W .. , ,, ww: V . . ., - ,, --1 ' . Z K '- ' ' - f, X . x kan E GI EERI G DEP RTMENT This cruise was a hard-work cruise For Engineering Department, just as every- one else. The hot watches in the engine room were tempered by an occasional "smoke watch" topside fthe only open- air "engine room" watch you'll ever standl, but the men of M and B Divisions continued to look for relief to the scuttlebutt in the forward end ofthe engine room. "A" Gang worked long hours keeping boats running that just couldn't seem to see it. But run they did, For practice landings, ' endless loading and offloading evolutions, and oh-so-sweet liberty runs. R 'Division will always remember their helicopter platform, truly a commendable piece of work, especially at mail call. And the duty electrician Cwhoever he wasl in E Division will never forget falthough- we're sure he'd like tol being summoned to number three hatch. LT J.F. lconis Engineering Officer Most of all, the Engineering Department will never forget cleaning Firesides and watersides underway as the UNION steamed toward a rendezvous with Christmas in San Diego. Or was it Tern Island? A DIVISIO LTCjgD R, Akeley ENC W.L. Barnes E EN3 D.P. Nordberg FN D.E. Ogden FN C.W. Richter The UNlON's main battery, her boats, was given a rigorous workout in amphibious underway training iust before the ship deployed to WESTPAC. The experience was invaluable for the assault boat . engineers of "A" Division and it enabled each one to assessthe capabilities and problem areas of the engineering plant in his boat. When the UNION per- formed a practice onefalfa in Okinawa it was expected that all boats were again ready to meet all commit- ments. By the time the UNION reached Da Nang, all boats were ready. Every assault boat engineer remembers the frequent choice they had between standing three section watches in the hole or spending the night on the boats in the pouring rain. Both Aguilera and Tarro fondly think back to the days when the gig and the LCPL ' demanded somuch of their attention. Taking the . heads off the engines seemed to be a weekly occur- rence. The,l.CPL, had the most enviable record, though---two overhauls and one new engine. "A" Division's most conspicuous success was lo- cated on the fantail. The mechanical monstersthat caused the crew to sweat during much of the last cruise, kept the compartments cool this year and even enabled cokes to be cooled when the ice machine was locked. Warfield assumes much of the credit because of the salt water cooling system he originated for the starboard air conditioning diesel. 'RE X N N NWA N X xx V. QQAQ Q S N X MA X Q , , V f r .X T' Q U. . FN D.L, Rouse A in A FN St H - so A NI.J. ephenson A " ,i if, it Q O Q V'-M W X mis sf N Q f, N5 X- x vw vm . -v . ' c f V S Q, xgpggi c Q Q-W 77+ E DIVISION EMC T.W. Ignisaban Of the many divisions that aided in the overall success of the ship's deployment, "E" 'Division efforts cannot go unmentioned. Although new to the ship, joining here in Yokosuka, EMCS Street, together with EMI Barker, formed a most effective working team. Through rainy' weather, frequent offloadings of boats and three quick round trips between Vietnam and Okinawa, thanks to "E" Divison, the deck winches held up under the great strain. Their 24 hour services enabled the equipment to be ready for all requirements, even though two winches required new armatures. While the crew would tend to forget the "crash" items during the cruise, like boat light checks and forklift battery recharging, they cannot fail to remember the duty electrician rapid responses to the call of the IMC, summoning him to number 3 hatch. EIVIFN D. Buncie IC1 H.S. Grant EIVI3 Ft.F. I-Iowick fiffwif J f ss LII EM2 J. Lewen FN W, lVlcReynoIds EIVI3 A. Menard FN D. Shepard EIVI3 J.IVl. Volkman EIVI3 J.J. Wolf 'n ,353 's 'Q fi- ,lx I W -Nl "v 'L'-. . ,X '1 ?: . Q 'A A f fx ' 1 . ,N jN4 I X'-f L, WW , Ea! f ' 'Nm f ' 1 . high S 1 R f Y , . , 2, Ak f S f if f X 7 4 x 5. 5 w xl is 4 ' ,, S ,Z R DIVISIO LTCjgJ Brooks CWO-2 Tony Setcyk The building of the Flight deck, the retirement of CWO-2 Setcyk, and LTligl Brooks' "Firecrackers", the Special Fire Team, will be the most outstanding memories ofthe cruise For R Division. Sandwiched in between will be memories of C and R watches, Fire drills, plumbling problems lHey "Flush where did you go?l and others. We were all proud to see Chief Lathrop advanced to E-8 on this cruise. FA D. L. Bogany SFIVI3 E.J. Bougger DCFN H.J. Hagan FN A. Korinek DCC L.L. Clayton DCCS T.D, Lathrop FA K.G. Krinkler SFIVI3 J.E. Maguire FAIC. Myles Q., 1 , by ,. ,Ss , X , EQ .M 4, x WW JJ!! , Q W W , V. , Q iw W, W :H 'Kwik E, f f V 1 W X , we W X f ,HM-,f ,, A sf f f ,, ,f.ff,e,,4Wf, X i ,S sn Q ,ssfffff NM f d MWA I s fo Ni W , sc XQWM 1 W X I a f f fwitfswfezgw 2.1 I My .17 swf,.f, Aw ,Q few 1 6 4 S, I PZ' ' isftggja? QV! is K ,Rfb an an WN? f x f ff 4. ,rw f Q Q 2 'Y 'Ei H1 53 VY 'FU 5 E 3 mu 2 H ...K The retirement of Chief Warrant Officer Anthony Sefcyk in August, T969, was the occasion for two emotions: pride and sad- ness. The pride was in a job well done, in twenty- two years of service, hard work, and devotion. The sadness was that sadness which always comes when a cherished friend and respected shipmate "swallows the anchor". Tony Sefcyk was not, and will not be, forgotten by the men he led and taught so much. M DIVISIO CWO-2 E. Bergan IVIIVICCSSJ L.C. Hoeffler M Division is responsible for the ship's propulsion machinery. This machinery was put to the test on several high-speed runs between Da Nong and Oki- nawa and during extended at-sea time in Amphibious Ready Group operations. ' Thanks to M Division's hard work, supervised by CHMACH W-2 Jim Bergan, it performed beautifully. All engines ahead Flank, indicate 85 RPM's!! V ,. A, ,VS ,W MM2 FLE. Bi-eau , 1 C Fi B t A if SW iff K , , 3, I' , f ww! ,f ws! , , , A f, 5,4 ,'- f- f' , X fb, V, gs K. yy -fix-, 6:5 "-sv , Q f :F fn 7 gw, -'z - f MNIE Ft. Dorma IVIIVI1 R,L. Goodall IVIIVI3 H,V. Guertin FN IVI. King MM2 E, Longendyke FN S.J. Nlarchlewski ,, Nwgx W ,, , X XXX X! W 1 ,W X X f fx , x M WN W Q Q xx Wxg ZZ X I XWMANQEWZ XSXWW?NXF' if S yfx XX ,V Nl X Sf lVIlVI3 J. Nlclvlaster lVIIVl3 FLD. Shoppell lVllVI3 T.E, Worley A .Af ,V x is '1I'!fj,."'- -2' H , .9 f, Q wi-b-r-N,,',f5,. , mg-X J. ..:,--ww A ,, 1' fx , Q. Q f f ," X X ,,,, 7 50 , ,445 a K 1, ' , ,WW Q ,' ,NU qiy Xl f, I , W2 i, . , f A X ,QQ X X A 5 J f Q A -A 5 .fox 7 ,, . x.!5w5f '9-'X x f fy 'ff ff 2. M. Q R 'sf - V -M-sf 4, , X X f X , M JAX' -lb --1-ww V f 'W 31-swag B DIVISIO BTC T,B. C ross FN G. Bentley FN K,L. Bishop SA C.E. Chism FN W,S, Favre BT2 J.NI. Ferguson BT3 J.D. Gaberdiel FN K. Keen SN D,P. Murray B Division is charged with the responsibility For maintenance, cleaning, and watchstanding with the ship's two section-header type boilers. That word cleaning will invoke memories to BTC Cross and his men, who labored hard and fast on both watersides and firesides in order that UNION might meet an extremely tight schedule and be home for Christmas. ' rf!! X f Z 0 1 S 7 X y gl , s f X f , X WW ZF K I X J X , Z 3 is ,swf f 4 l fw ff gig f , 2 -K f s f sz Q' , , X I it fuel ff A BT3 D,washenfelder F .yu X 3 X i as , 7 W f yx i , We ,W ' fyfff 'X 15 uw ww i 1 F M , :I ' ,D f if r ml 13 X l 1 I ir 5 ! 5 5 5 ,i I f 1 5 1 l r i I I K I 1 1 E, I 11, :iam ff M , - 3 gw , W m, 0-f xw Z' ,Q 1 5 :if - 4 222.2 BTC CROSS FIRST "MEAL" N CPO ME S H DIVISION LT B. Chong, IVIC I-IMC K.W, Spence The only thing longer than a chow line is a sick call line on working party day, and the only thing shorter than a captain's mast line is the sick call line on the first day of liberty, or so it seemed to the corpsmen. Medical sewed up 40 sailors, performed 5 minor operations, dispensed 3000 aspirins and Fiorinals, - 5000 Cepacols, 5 gallons cough syrup ........ and l5 medical quarantine chits. HIVI2 E. Forney HNI1 W,A, Z,oet DIVISIO The ship's Quartermasters, under the watchful eye of tion well, almost dailyl and charted safe courses, mostly From Da Nong to Okinawa and back again. The most interesting course was the scenic route we took coming home, via Midway and Tern Island We travelled over 30,000 miles on this cruise and didn't even come close to "shore duty". LTCjgJ D. Roth QIVIC W.A. Hazelton QNI3 ER. Blakeman QM2 PLL. Morris SA T.H. White WR if , N, ff' A , ' ' 1 I ,"f AHS X 'I-fs, -'ft "af, - W' 1 , WF, 'S Syl Q75 'QW 'S 'S s 0 4 Wy 5 ' ' ,, y Ju - fmxlj , , N ,X is gg l ,nafy if sv ff LTCI I Don "The Owl" Roth, daily fixed the ship's posi- X DIVISIUN LTCjgD J.Q. Adams The bo s who load and unload UNlON's cargo and those who stand those "Hot" watches in the engineroom may think that X Division has it easy, but who puts the mail from home in their hands and who makes sure that'Seaman Jones is ad- vanced to Petty Officer Third Class on time? You guessed it--X Division! The preceeding was iust two of the jobs we havep those service records must be up to date, the Captain's letters must get t ped, the POD must get out each day and the direc- tives which we hold have to b'e kept up to date. X Division is the UNlON's contact with the Navy chain of command and handles the thoughts which you have put on paper. Notice comes to us when we don't, instead of do-- -remember the Captain's orders--we'd like to forget that one. Lastly, no one comes aboard or can leave UNION unless that paperwork is- done and we try to keep on top of it at all times. Many is the night when the 'midnight oil' is burning in the ship's office. Headwork can be as tiring as physical--in many ways. YN3 FLD. Hueston YN2 D,lVl. Smith SN J.W. White i T 0' at M nv 47" 1 i X 5 i L Q 'x F 5 X '- i i 5 . y p . 1 Q k. Q -'f-ip5i1'x::?2zL:ffwEekevft ,1.-.f2"""""'111r,,1,.f5rM-x, 4l . .f , f .- 2-Q-,. -L -- '::- Lf:-fzw .--V--.. -. , . 7 ,-FM.-4. W-, L., -I-d v - -J -.Tae51551321211-i?.',":,-fr:-'f'-: 5? -fm-ta -1'-fi:Z?': 1 4-vf : iii.. AJ-ffG,Tf'i 1"",7T'5?zf-7-C4L1--I'T3'-Ti! ,- :T-' -Y - 'ffszfim' -.K :fi Q +tc', ..f- 1-T11-mehr -Q.:z5I?1.---QQ .:, . ., J V, - - - N. -. -- ,,f V -- .--ff - . .f--:- .. Q- . -.-:pay--1-,. -.V Ag. -24-f f ,., ' 'f-.':+ ' -,Q-wfmr.-.2g.2,.::L4.L:-..,1 ,L4..1.2 21,4 .J - Lf! .L,.., -1 ' ' T -A.,-,3,1-- ., 3..- :Lg , Lin, -, :-,.+.,jfp,,:5- .,,..,:,ffs,:4..A,::., . .,-71:11- - J-,.a:,, f...,9-w ::.11m:--1:-.:.,'3'f4.-,g:,:'v-,.- :L ,r.,:.-:rw-,--.f na: -.i . -fb .,,f.. -W. , "ff-, fr. -,.. -, - f- -fv--f --1-r-A --r ,. 4 - J, A-A'4"1 -.r ff.. P--.---- 4fJ:x'.:1,.. 'L :---.-:,-v:1'-'-- ,-.1,,: 1-A.-1-,wi-4 .:f::.--'::.1:::.-F. -ff-1'-'-' -Af1'2 -16.1-C "iii" " "' "' . 'J' 2'A'7'-LfTA7- W- K. J, ,,.,..,,,,,5-, , . ,K ,, , ,V ,. ,A -.. .- . ,,,,...-4 . , , ,..f,.,,, , , . 3' ,, ,f ,Q I' :pi -ag: nf,-3.':,mL9 -k-1.535-1 QQ : ff 57:11 - s - 'fQ.j.-- .1112-f h,js7,j:,--:fggrg ' ,.z'.-1-L:':ev '- .:'i11,.--' g 'rv-:1 ':'1+':- - -FLYT'-' - A L - -' -" ---:iw-'-. 2 ., ...gs , .,-. .4 4 .gp 1.4 '. - A ,-. -. ,'.-- -my :X ax, -f.- ', .-aff -.4 - f-. 1,1-,f'A-,1::"r.. 1.111 --I ' " ' - f1fl,.:-'2 1.1 X-.' cur' --ff - .',11-Ng-tsl--f-. -. -. 1 x -' '.-- Q-'M 4--,- . -1,5 f- mr. - 91- xvf- -, 1 - L -- - J -. - V- . A.. .N ,...-- -,,. .-hw-1 .f . ---ff r - in-.:.','ff :tw N. A-"fs 'J :-:A ..-. Lf'-f -:.v-- '- --:X - ': 1-11- , .4 -,:,,-,v .., A .4 ,,- -,., -lk., Q .-'-1 QM. A.. fr.,--3-. ,.',,-,..-,-.,.: ,. 3:15. ' 'fvzizln'-'1 xr.. . '1.T2-'?'- "1 - . fm- 1,5,4,,..-,,- ". A-... -1--5-.'-,:,....L ,- - ---'M .+,. ---,1-'.-Vf'fA- -- - ? ?rff:,:4sY-1 51fA'-l'4-Q12-S215 ii-,:gg:1':-lsr:-'ilf 121:25-I-'54 1 ,T 15.221 " F1-Q .212 ,gp-g 5g,g'.Lf. .4 'K X -- 11-. H --2 3.1139 - ' "4 f Z1 .55 27 -Lg, , , f-V ,, 1,45 QLIYL-if - .Z I - - V -,fq-. ..-1 A. .V.,-C. ,X ,.-, .f . 'Lf1f,-f.:-4-1:-QL : '."Q' Lf-,.-:1lj'vf, P. -- -L. -1 QIA, J VA,-.. 5 ilvlv , . , - N9 A565 FWSGYQ- " 'Nf 0 ? WF' '7 ! 2 Z . 1 I ,in xr Z UffQ Q XJETV Q Aw, WN X-W ff A W, ,, Qxggi My A ZSW? f NWN , '1WS f :W W X 'SQQ QR X Q S756 NAM JN M.. gg X W S ff 7 ww 67 , 5 xy W Q w 1 V ii I V, , 1 .F , , ' , ff' I Ii f' Z V , ,,,,,,. . , N w,'fV"""wwm.,L ,A , O, ,W -, ' V . : 'f n ,NW 'Wim-wmm Xxx. - is-, ' A M 1 - Jimi WAX- ,W f . , - ' ' X42 W . ,X 1 , , ' , - f 4 ,Wg f' V, Z, 4., L 2,-ff f, 7-ff VWIWK if-' A . .. ' WWYW 'xv ,I - W 2 A 4-Ly ,H ,, gf-E W M 733, 0 Q W ,N - .I V 9 f-. M21 A., 1, 1 ,Y 'L ,Z XM ,LC X ms 5,2 I . M 2: x g l, W I4 I, .W If , 5 I I se " fy R20 2 f ' 3 - f' x ' ' I, '- gf' QMQQ- , 2- . z ,gf 1 Wi jaw , , V ' fn ,, -' ,f f X 5 Y 'Z 5 , 1 :A .R QS, Nab X9 4 ,, , f 0 WW I ,A .. 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W, ,xg XXXW V75 ,M M f K G 4' fx ' ' 1' "f 7 WY 1. 1: fgwz QW Q- ff: A ' f CJK , af- -wwf 'ws QF x lg Q' GLZQWQW X A D515 M V -X f lwv,,W, , Wy N w, , ,, . V. I .x 5 LN A gf ff .slim Xl, gwgwgwifxffv H9259 SQ, fmvwf N. 7, Q, ,z2igwfgxfv,,,,f ff Q X' ,1 ' - .'.,yqj:',M , gy, -,f ,. k,yd,ggv, wjilxw Q.. ,W ff X4 QZXQWVQQ W gl 1,3 N ygs-J, WY x. 6 fivwwffm, vs f f Q ,f , 'fa WS- ,M X M ff, g,i,Zf,,,f, wwf ,, x wwf V' x fb Awwxv, 4 Q .S, ,c Q ,,, w,,.wW XX- , ak- W i , -f wwf -f A :M WW vw W 1 X wx Wa vi-wmww QWMS , , . , X ,, f, f X , ,, ,, Xl 4 , , ,MW JW H ff X ,9':W,.X..y ,N .Q . ' f 'Q 0 'X -NWA wi vxkmy VH? y "'SW x',""4S'W Q! f vw f Sm? NW-w.Qw.WSfY'xfw1f Zi WFS , s f f3'ZS.fVNv ,fax I 5 g ,K MQW ,mf f rw-Q ,,gf, fx X Nh? XX ff .J .mkqfxdf sf :f 4-M.f!,xQ mn, f-X-W xv' afx WMQW wkfxwym ww J f fs M , f, 'ff Wa up if WNW Q f ,ff My X- ff ' ff . f X x Q' THQ '1 3. 1 Q- -- va . H N Q ,MBV 'X I' "NW Sf? 'Q ' 0 1 f-f"f" "N 'xf' Uf1'J.r., ' ,,' Y, . if y ' 2 f S X , 5 ,SWK f 3 -1,,,f..-- f rv i' gfiyfb-Nw, 1 ' , l f Q V, as ff, 2 21 X, Q f x M 'f . W :zfw , W ,X I f ,M f . Y MQW4 . x f-v ,Q M S:,.y,,V.-7 W? 1 M , ZH, ,L N M 74S.7i,x M282 NM X , , V !,,,,.Q,Z,SxW,5i.!7,1 1 pg y s, W' , - ' ' g f , A - ' il k' Q , . WM fl ..1:,,,sM H W rw g,',,4Q.sw Q-an WW E -513, ' mi' 5 Z ' T, ff 1 f 4 ,,, '7' 5 ,I fx if - 4, I :W ""'rm 1? '27M m'4f-N' M . "PW" "i " 'WA ""' 1 544 fl f ' A fish 22 f 'TF ff 5 ff' x f 'W ffk ,,'.nhf,, - M ,W ' ' ' .Q .1 , -, ,,. , S f'1fQ ff j W5 Wx-xy, .. ,j,,Qf,CfW , f V 4 I - W X W Z f , ffkiyf f. X. V . H4 5 7 A gzf , ,vmxvyg x iw Wi 3,09 gf wf wwf A ,Q f F' Z7 -li wi 'f'lTX74js X 5 ' f 2871837 ff 5 0filf Q Siwiffff I S: 4 - 1 4 my f Y ,ffj:g,N, f41.::vWf xfjif ' ' 'ff 5 , W xx fb-gif fi K 'f if l "" JW ' ' fd vw f WN- ff A ,, Q, fx f, X. w fy f fi W Q , Wx S5 Am QWN.-,7 gx W xg ww 7 My ,Q .Q-W, H ffffm my M H M I X mm, .- Z , W -A f 6 , ,f A I ?X XIWAQSVLWEL Zmiwfwffx fag? 3 aff? I. 47 QN',mf,1? 'V F M1 www .- 1 'V H f f WWKM Aw, ', ,mm.2M,fw A ,w w,,,,,f. , -an f f x 1. il 'x 3 1 mm 4 3 4 1 t . .N,g- 5 z ? 1 ffm -of ,Q YS !FiS1H 1 ,4 A S zz l if 5 fi fi 2 i 2 11 2 fi gi ve IN CLOSING... We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Terry Henry of the ,WalAsworth..Publishing Company, ,Marceline, Missouri, for his invaluable i assistance in the layout and write-up of this book. We also extend our thanks to those crewmen who submitted personal photographic work and to the Fleet Training Center Photographic Office, San, Diego, for development and print- ing services. The Editors LTfigD Spellman ,LTligl Monteith T T I? S li WAI-SWORTH C B ok sales Offices PUBLISHING E H hel Stree 7730 t CQMPANY L J n C lifomia 92037 Marcehne, Mo,, U.S.A. X rv. S .Xi 'Hr M -Sis SSL 5 F x.,, gm A ff4"9Z 00 lf? mm X XSN N Nx X N ,V Fi ,fa 4. . 1. 1 fr ' 1' 'L, 75. :1 5 , , -y,.,-ia? Tx H 'cfm fl, ' fwfy ff , f f 41 ff X7 , fn of 1 W M1 0 5 Z1 W, xv ' - 5 4 X dh Q 0 f , v 1, KL, f 'W ,.-,,Am.,.,.M.-.L.... ., JW:-.g,.,,,.....1..fh4...f WW wwf-syffffli-21.1.1-111--fgnag-19. ' 'W , X A A . Mk LN LX -xx 'M A i' Q .-1 in is 1 Q Q- ' . ,lat c ' U . L ,,..4.Q- . 'ff 5 Q A My ,,, X M'

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