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I I I l y J X THE TIGER VIRGINIA BEACH, VA DEDICA TION We, the last graduating class of Union Kempsville High School wish to dedicate this, our last Senior Class Annual, to all of those who have gone before us and who, by their accomplishments here, have made our academic growth a little less crowded with " growing pains, " and a little more endowed with the imagery of years well spent in the pursuit of an education. Many of us have been inspired by the pace set for us and are eager to reach for the torch which has been passed to us so that we might find our way to the pinnacle of suc- cess . We hope to prove worthy of the legacy left to us by some of those who have made their marks in the areas of education, the arts, medicine, athletics, the business world and in all the areas where good people serve, satisfy and succeed. We were given a challenge by our faithful administration and a devoted faculty who have been true standard bearers of truth and enlightment. We were given encouragement by those faithful patrons of the community who dreamed of greater opportunities in education at Union Kempsville and WORKED to- ward that end . We were given hope by those who achieved scholastic honors and recognition in the physical form of plaques, certificates, ribbons, and medals in the areas of art, mu- sic and athletics --as these honors served as daily reminders that success could and did begin HERE. Our debt to ALL who have worked for us, with us, and before us, is great. So this Class of Nineteen hundred and sixty -nine takes this opportunity to thank ALL of them by dedicating this annual, THE 1969 TIGER, to all our teachers, our friends and all the graduating classes of yesteryear . " What a time for a test--just before a holiday! ! " Reflections on times like these will make the memory of U.U. Days bitter-sweet. Below: Larry Uzzle and Warnell Fletcher wearily make their way home after a " hard " ??? day. Eileen Brown and Linwood Skinner " spot " a " Tiger " football game. Work is also a part of the school day. The Yearbook Staff keeps its workroom humming with activity. Left to right are Louise Willie, Joyce Skinner, LaVerne Peebles, Cynthia Murphy, Deborah Peebles, Linwood Skinner and Leon Carrington. At left, Linwood checks the bulletin board for his work assignment for the day. Below: Joyce checks the shipping check sheet before completing this senior page. Below, Linwood re-draws another 3R Form for that " just right " touch. " Art Editor Carrington glances up and is caught off-guard. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING School " daze " images may be those mental pictures of how things would be if . . . students moved quickly and quietly when passing to classes, th is is our idea of how the corridors would seem to be. SCHOOL " DAZE IMA GES It is the dream of every teacher to have such full attention. Mr. Sellers has it. Can you imagine walking into the library and seeing ALL students so busily engaged? Warnell Fletcher pauses before entering Staff room. There ' re only a few moments of the day when one can be still and reflect, so Linwood Skinner and Evonne Foreman do just that while riding home on the school bus. TAKING TIME A little time taken here to catch up on one ' s reading. These industrious fellows take their leisure time to learn the fine points of upholstering. PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE Congratulations to all who contributed to the publication of this very interesting and revealing yearbook. It is self-evident that you will recall from these pages the hap- piest and most cherished experiences of your high school career . As you are led into reminiscence, may each memory increase your appreciation for the sacrifices made by your parents, teach- ers, and others who helped to make it possible for you to gradu- ate. Do not let this achievement be the end of your educational en- deavor . It is only a foundation upon which you may become more refined, and prepared for a suitable vocation. The experiences of your recent successes should give zest for a continued search for knowledge. It is hoped that each of you will realize the ambitions, dreams, and aspirations that have been so challenging while at Union Kempsville High School. In your future efforts to develop a more refined individual you have our very best wishes . Though we lose you as a student through the formalities of grad- uation, we hope you will soon become a scholar in some institution of higher learning and continue your education . AD MINIS TRA TION yj Mr. Boykin would be one of the first to admit that NO office runs smoothly without the help of an efficient secre- tary. Mrs. Velma Haynes, " Girl Friday--Class A-l " , takes a letter for the principal as he prepares and organizes his schedules for another busy year. OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. Joseph V. Boykin, Sr. 10 The door to Mr. Willis ' office opens and closes constantly as students trail in and out--some with pleasant solutions to problems; some others with problems of their own. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Charle s A. Willis ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Mr. Robbins keeps a schedule running in tip-top order and is caught here engaged in one of his more leisurely tasks. Mr. John W. Robbins, Jr. A small group of students talk and listen to Mrs. Brockett, Counselor. Mrs. Mary B. Brockett G UIDA NCE Seekers of career information can find answers in abundance in our Guidance Department. Group, as well as private counselling sessions, can be arranged with either of the counsellors . Warnell Fletcher gives serious thought to his plans for the future. Mr. Robert L. Gordon 12 TIDEWATER SCHOLASTIC TEAM— 1968 Pictured above are: Evonne Foreman, Carolyn Jones, Christine Holley. STANDING: Mary Ambrose, Larry Brinkley, Michael Lee, Deborah Peebles, Earnest Jackson, Tidewater Scholastic Achievement Team for the Fall of 1968. Members of the Scholastic Team are elected each year in recognition of their excellence in scholarship and are so honored in order to encourage others to higher academic achievement. 13 TEACHER OF THE YEAR KIWANIS CLUB HONORS MR. JACOB WHITEHURST Mr. Whitehurst takes a coffee break in loun ge- Mr. Whitehurst, a social studies teacher, was honored by the Kiwanis Club of Virginia Beach for his work with students . Mr . Whitehurst is the very active sponsor of the Bachelors Club, a male branch of the Future Teachers of America . Mr. Whitehurst is a graduate of UK, as is his wife, the former Barbara Wood - house. Mrs . Whitehurst teaches at Mal- ibu Elementary School . 14 FACULTY Mr. Norman L. Halladay General Mathematics Geometry Mr. Charles L. Harvin Biology Life Science Miss Olive Daughtry General Mathematics Algebra SCIENCE MATH Right: Mr. Quiton D. Owen Physical Science Left: Mr. John L Perry Physics Physical Science Mr. Clyde I. Siler Department Chairman Mr. Joshua Darden Coach Tigers Football Team : PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Rosa C. Edwards Mr. Darden appears to be planning his line- up for an upcoming game. Mr. Goss and Mr. Darden confer on the schedule for intramural games. Mr. Judge Goss Mrs. Agnes J. Knight 17 Mr. Roy A. Re id Band Director Mrs. Leola Coles Special Education Miss Rose Mary Hooper Art Mrs. Jacqueline Coleman Choral Director Mrs. Bernice H. Greene French Mrs. Mattie B. Patterson Spanish 18 Mr. Herman L. Valentine Agriculture Mr. H. L. Robinson ICT Co-ordinator INDUSTRIAL AND VOCATIONAL ARTS Mr. Joseph R. Hassel Drafting .. ••- Mr. C. C. Farrar ICT Co-ordinator Mr. Alexandre Woodhouse Woodshop 19 Mrs. Carnell Clay Librarian Mr. Watson frequently uses his expressive hands to get over to his class a point he wishes to stress in history. Mrs. Linda Paulson Geography Mr. William J. Watson Government TT n Mrs. Louise H Carter American History Far Left: Mr. Jacob Whitehurst World History 20 Mrs. Mary G. Garrison ' - Mrs. Sarah W. Re id Mrs. Matilda Freeman READING Mrs. Cora W. Wilson, P.N. HE A L TH AND NURSING SER VICES Mrs. Ruby M. Riddick Mrs. Shirley Mirman Registered Nurse 2! Mrs. Siler checks to see that a machine is in working order. Mrs. Jean O. Siler Business Education Mrs. Louise H. Reid Business Education Miss Patricia S. Wallace Miss Hattie L. Goodman English Mrs. Alice A. Durgan 22 ' . Below: Mrs. Velma Haynes Head Clerk Office of Principal HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Fredrica R. Ballard X ENGLISH Mrs. Evelyn W. Smith Right: Mrs. Ruby Moore Far Right: Miss Claudette Shav CLERKS Mrs. Versie Hassel Guidance 23 CUSTODIAL STAFF A tidy school is a good school. Mrs. R. Fitzgerald, Mr. S. Dildy, Mr. J. Newan and Mrs. Miller team up to spruce up the school. CAFETERIA STAFF The culinary arts are ably practiced by Madames E. Jackson, L. Johns, T. Gilchrist, B. Boone, D. Russell and E. Wright who make possible the healthy, hot lunches which are prepared daily. 24 . . . of diligence on Senior Annual staff . . . tension while watching a football game 25 MEMBERS OF 1968 ACADEMIC PROCESSIONAL FIRST ROW: Gordon, Willis, Boykin (Prin.), Bentley , Freeman, Cleary , Diggs. SECOND ROW: Owen, Edwards, Reid, Allen , Riddick, Durgan, Robinson, Patterson. THIRD ROW: Silver, Haynes , Valentine, Reid, Hassell, Daughtry, Greene , Whitehurst, Hairston. FOURTH ROW: Griffin , Darden, Smith , Watson, Siler, Brockett, Capps , Rasberry , Coles, Farrar. FIFTH ROW: Goodman, Knight, Woodhouse, Thomas , Robbins, Goss, Perry, Setzer , Carter, Robinson, Ballard. Transferred Pictured above is the last full faculty group to march in the Academic Pro- cessional which had become a tradition of UK graduation exercises. Though many of the above staff had already been transferred at the beginning of the current school year, they were still felt to be part of Union Kempsville High. 26 SENIOR S Stella Banks Houston Bailey Hobby: Sports Ambition: Phy. Ed. Teacher Bachelors Club Sylvia Bailey Hobby: Reading Ambition: Interior Decorator Xinos and Girls Club Elsie Barham Anthony Braithwaite Hobbies: Football, Basketball Ambition: Brickmason Mildred Brockett 28 Eileen Brown Hobby: Singing Ambition: Secretary Xinos Club Bessie Brown Hobbies: Singing and Reading Ambition: Music Spanish Club Dorothy Brown Hobby: Reading Y-Teens and I.C.T. Club iA Ml Irvin Bunn Hobby: Reading Ambition: College Audrey L. Caffee Hobby: Riding Bicycles Xinos Club Ernest Caffee Hobbies: Tennis, Hunting Ambition: Automatic Transmis- sioner Specialist Industrial Arts Club 29 Leon T. Carrington Hobby: Bowling Ambition: Doctor Spanish Club Lucy C. Cason Hobby: Reading Ambition: Dentist I.C.T. Club - V ., Brenda L. Cason Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Seamstress Y-Teen Club Mftrc Hester Cheatham Donnell Creekmore Hobby: Golf Ambition: Teacher Louis Cross 30 Mary M. Cuffee Hobby: Reading Ambition: Teacher Xinos Club Raymond A. Dailey Hobby: Auto Racing Ambition: Businessman Bachelors Club Shelley H. Cuffee Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Key Punch Operator Xinos, Dramatic Club ■Ik. ! h I JKOTFi If Dennis Davis Jesse Davis Joseph M. Etheridge Hobby: Fishing Ambition: Welder 31 Leon Flora Hobby: Football Ambition: Businessman LOT Club Douglas Evans Hobbies: Bowling, Basketball Jestine D. Fitzgerald Hobbies: Dancing, Reading Ambition: I.B.M. Technician Dramatic, Xinos Club Serafio E. Fontanilia Hobby: Outdoor Sports Ambition: Military Evone Foreman Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Biologist Xinos, Dramatic Club Willie L. Foreman Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Electronic Engineer 32 Elizabeth Franklin Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Social Worker Paula Gardner Hobbies: Dancing, Singing Ambition: Model Rosalyn L. Freeman Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Interior Decorator Reuben A. Gilchrist Hobbies: Singing and Boxing Ambition: Pro-Boxer Terry Gilchrist Hobbies: Outdoors, Sports Ambition: Engineer Levon Gregory 33 Barbara Harris Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Chemist Albeeta A. Harold Ambition: Health, P.E. Teacher Nelson L. Harper Hobbies: Art, Tennis Ambition: Commercial Artist Donnell L. Hassell Hobby: Slot Car Racing Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Edna M. Hawkins Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Phy. Ed. Teacher Joyce M. Herbert Hobby: Sports Ambition: Phy. Ed. Teacher 34 Erven Hoggany Gwendolyn Hogue Y Teen Club Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Barber Calvin E. Hoggard Hobby: Drag Racing Oscar Hymons Ambition: Military Drafting Club Ethel M. Johnson Hobby Dancing Ambition: Secretary Vivian D. Jones Hobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary Y-Teen Club 35 Clayton L. Jones Hobby: Tennis Ambition: Aircraft Mechanic Pearlie D. Land Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Nursing iff! Jlhn Gloria J. Macer Hobbies: All Sports Ambition: Health G Phy. Ed. Teacher James Mahone Hobby: Drawing Ambition: Working with Hands 36 Darlene Mason Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Teacher Waverly L. Mills Hobby: Football Ambition: Teacher Sandra R. Mayfield James Mitchell Wade Morings Hobby: Driving Ambition: Electronic Engineer Clement L. Murphy Hobby: Sports 37 Cynthia D. Murphy Hobby: Dancing Ambition- IBM Operator Shirley R. Olds Hobby: Singing Ambition: Secretary Doris Olds Frank Owens Juanita Owens Deborah A. Peebles Hobby: Reading Ambition: Secretary Yearbook Staff, and Xinos Club 38 Mildred Riddick Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Nursing LaVerne C. Peebles Hobbies: Music, Reading Ambition: Secretary Xinos, Dramatic Club Herman L. Phillips Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Armed Forces Wicke Riggens Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Business Management Theodore Robinson Ronnie Rouse Hobby: Slot Car Racing Ambition: Secondary Education 39 Patricia A. Shaw Hobby: Dancing Ambition- Fashion Model Linwood S. Skinner Hobby: Basketball Ambition: Business Management Joyce M. Skinner Hobby: Mathematics Ambition: Accountant Dale E. Smith Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Nursing Shirley A Smith Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Nursinc Shirley L. Sawyer Hobby: Pool 40 Gene Stevenson Jacqueline E. Taylor Hobby: Basketball Ambition: Teacher Y-Teens Club Judith Stewart Hobby: Reading Y-Teen Club Barbara J. Williams Hobby: Cooking Ambition: Nurse Dramatic Club Christine Williams Gwendolyn A. Williams Hobby: Reading Ambition: Help Humanity Y-Teens Club 41 Shirley A. Williams Hobbies: Dancing, Singing Ambition: Teacher Louvenia Willie Hobby: Singing Ambition: Secretary Dramatics Club .» % rx-k: ill Louise Willie Hobbies: Typing, Singing Ambition: Clerk Typist Dramatic, ITC Clubs William C. Wilson Gloria Wood Gary Watkins Bachelors Club Xinos, ITC Club Hobby: Sports Ambition: I.B.M. Key punch operator 42 Alvin L. Gregory Hobby: Collect old Coins Ambition: Welder Bachelors Club Annette G. Gerogory Hobby: Reading, Dancing Ambition: Music Teacher Charlie Snowden Hobbies: Basketball, Football Ambition: Movie Star 43 Harold Lawrence Gloria Pinckney Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Secretary Girls Club, Y- Teens. Sirley Sawyer Hobby: Slot Car Racing Pool riilm Donnette Washington Hobbies: Bowling, Dancing, Sewing. Ambition: Key Punch Operator Xinos, Future Homemaker of America. 44 CAN THESE REALLY BE IMAGES OF THE FUTURE Teacher? Decorator? Architect? Businessman? Designer? Machines Operator? Businessman? Housewife ? T 4 tx Computer Expert ? General? Builder ? Artist ? President ? VI, i . 1R 1 ft If Key Punch Expert? Social Worker? Biologist? 45 RICH MAN, POOR MAN, BEGGAR DOCTOR, LAWYER, DO WE HAVE HERE A . Pugilist? Hydraulics Teacher? Engineer? Chemist? Physicist: Physical Therapist ? Actor ? Areospace Mechanic? Colonel? Stenographer : Tax Assessor? Gridiron Ace ? Gold Medal Olympic Runner? Circus Barker ? Rembrandt? MA N, THIEF . . . RAILROAD CHIEF? Steno? Professor? Chauffeur? Farmer? C.P.A. ? Supermarket Manager? Choral Director? Social Worker? Missionary Fashion Model? Receptionist? Designer? Biochemist? Lawyer? 47 MOST PLEASANT Shirley Olds, Anthony Braithwaite MOST POLITE Gwendolyn Williams, Leon Carrington MOST PROMISING: MOST BRILLIANT: CLASS SUPi TALLEST Patricia Shaw, Ruben Gilchrist SHORTEST Marvin Baxter, Cynthia Murphy 48 William Wilson, Audrey Caffee Willie Foreman, Evonne Foreman ERLATIVES MOST DRAMATIC Shelley Cuffee, Ruben Gilchrist MOST MUSICAL Alveeta Harold, Wade Mornings MOST ATTRACTIVE Warnell Fletcher, Jestine Fitzgerald BEST DRESSED Patricia Shaw, Marvin Baxter 49 MOST POPULAR Houston Bailey Gloria Macer THEY ' RE MOST ATHLETIC Houston Bailey Joyce Herbert - 50 NEATEST Linwood Skinner and Bessie Brown MOST POISED Rosalyn Freeman and Serafio Fontanilla THE MOST.. NOISIEST Clement Murphy and La Verne Dildy 51 MOST JOVIAL Jesse Davis and La Verne Peebles MOST TALKATIVE Barbara Harris and Terry Gilchrist 52 MOST RELIABLE Joyce Skinner and Kenneth Bowe 4 4 VZ) BEST LEAST RELIABLE Nathaniel Willie and Paula Gardner 53 MOST ATTRACTIVE Darlene Mason Achwood Benjamin MOST ARTISTIC Mary Cuffee Nelson Harper 54 CLA SSES Robert Albritton Vivian Ambrose Noah Boone Richard Bright Jesse Britt Frank Battle Clyde Bryant Ernest Christian Charles Conyers Alvin Cornick Clinton Diggs Louis Cross Ellen Dillard Levi Cuffee Carol Edmonds Mildred Davis Leroy Fletcher Shirley Davis Winfred Felton 56 Isaac Forbes Clementine Foreman Linda Foreman Mamie Foreman Bruce Godfrey Irene Goffigan Michael Goffigan Deborah Gregory Albert Harold Brenda Harold Walter Harold Samuel Harper Ronnie Hawkins Ronnie Haynes Alexander Hodnett Gene Holloman Ernest Jackson Carolyn Jones Catherine Jones 57 Bernette Jordan Vernon Lawrence Troy Murphy Brenda Olds Charles Owens Sandra Owens Norma Owens Lessie Owens Vincent Price Kenneth Privott Diane Sanderlin Barbara Riddick Diane Sanderson Daniel Riddick Carolyn Smith Junior Riddick Larry Sneed Ruth Robinson Melvin Spence 58 Vincent McCoy Shylene Smith Jacqueline Stewart Nathan Stiff Clarica Swimpson Claudia Tabron Yd Thourogood Prentis Winslow Bernadine Wilson Lawrence Willie Mary White Marshall Woodhouse 59 Mary Ambrose William Allen Barbara Barham Leonard Brickhouse Inez Brickhouse Larry Brinkley Clifton Bryant Nancy Brite Kathron Bryant Bernard Burnham Donna Cason Yvonne Cason Laura Cherry Larry Conyers Lillie Corprew Diane Cuffee Richard Cuffee Cephas Davis Dorothy Dildy Frances Dillard Alexine Elliott Robert Etheridge Vincent Etheridge Edward Fitzgerald Laura Flora Loretta Fuller Jane Gilchrist Jo Ann Goffigan Norman Gordon Margie Gregg 60 Joshua Griffin Ellen Green Bernard Griffin Bonita Harold Curtis Harold Sylvia Harper Deborah Harris Charles Haynes Cheryl Harris Mable Hines Amos Hodnett Tyrone Hoggard Robert Holloway Ernest Horton Josephine Hughes Sharlene Humes Joyce Hyman Gloria James Larry Johnson Geraldine Jones Ella Jordon Joanne Joyner De lores Knight Cheyenne Lewis Jennette Lindsey Edward Mc Cants Stanley McCoy Joan McPherson Hermine Mitchell Linda Morris 61 Minnie Morris Garland Mosley Patricia Munden Helen Olds John Painter James Palmer Joanne Perry Norma Piatt Eleanor Reeves Virginia Ricks Arthur Riddick Donnell Riddick Reginald Riddick Larry Riggens Gale Sanderson La Verne Sanderson Herbert Scott Janette Skinner John Smith Larnell Smith Jesse Sneed William Sneed Diane Spellman Corine Stevenson Joseph Stevenson Marjorie Stewart Brenda Stiff John Sutton Barbara Tabron Arlethia Thomas 62 Milton Thomas Warnell Walker Wynell Whitehurst Lilton Whitehurst a Delores Williams Earl Williams Thomasine Williams Clinton Wilson Juanita Wilson Rickie Wilson Charles Winslow Datton Worlds Timothy Wright Sharon Wallace 63 Melvin Allen Rickey Alston Patricia Babbs Roger Baxter Sherry Baxter Diane Baxter Percy Ebron Catherine Beale Clyde Bly Cynthia Boggs John Boggs Mary Brickhouse James Brockett Robert Brickhouse Juanita Brite Joanna Brite Vanessa Britt Herbert Burke Willis Butts Clyde Caffee GRADE NINE Troy Campbell Demetria Carrington Barbara Carter Betty Cherry Maurice Conquest Hagins Conyers Virginia Corprew Virgie Cooper Patricia Creekmore Philip Cross Ronald Cross Edith Cuffee Stevenson Cuffee Barry Davis Regenia Day j m 64 Otis Etheridge Grady Everett Queen Felton Phyliss Ferebee Joyce Fitzgerald Linda Floyd Walter Floyd Linda Ford Carolyn Gregory Brenda Hamberry Betty Harold Rickey Harold Thaddeus Harold Ruth Hawkins Rosemary Hawkins Patricia Hill Edith Hodnett Paul Hodnett Rita Hoggard Shirley Hoggard Christine Holly Vivian Hughes Cynthia Hunter ELsie Humphrey Therlean Gilchrist Bernice Johnson Dwight Johnson Helen Johnson LeSander Johnson Patty Jones Roy Jones Wanda Jones Larry Joseph Anthony Knight Michael Lee 65 Patricia Lundy Willie Mahone Mary Macer Shelia Mitchell Jacquelin Owens Mary Owens Jerry Painter Mary Palmer Richard Palmer J. Phillips Samuel Pinckney Ethel Price Clarine Pritchard Vernon Ricks Mary Riddick Jerry Rose Terry Rose Steve Mahone Patricia Sanderson Theodore Sanderson M Stanley Sheppard Marion Shaw Linda Smith Brenda Smith Elsie Tann Patricia Thomas Patricia Tyler Lizzie Uzzle Arthur Whitfield Josephine Whitehurst Larry Whitehurst Randy Willie Deborah Williams Jeanette Williams 66 P. Austin S. Baker C. Barham L. Baxter L. Benjamin M. Boyd M. Bright R. Butts H. Britt C. Brown J. Brown C. Bryant V. Bryant Z. Bryant R. Burnham R. Burnham E. Campbell J. Campbell R. Corprew B. Crawford C Cuffee A. Davis H. Davis J. Dejournette R. Dildy R. Dozier T. Edmonds S. Elliott N. Ford F. Foreman B. Gilchrist S. Goodman C. Gordon C. Harris M. Harris F. Hill L. Hilliard L. Hines S. Hines R. Holloway 67 F. Hughes A. Hymes E. Hyman M. Hyman D. James D. James D. James J. Jones L. Jones W. Jones E. Joseph M. Joyner B. Hughes V. Lambert C. Land K. Lane W. Land L. Langley D. Lee P. Lindsey T. Little C. McCoy E. Miles G. Mosley N. Nimmo R. Owens W. Olds B. Owens P. Owens R. Owens R. Owens R. Painter I. Perkins G. Robinson J. Robinson B. Rouse N. Sanderlin F. Sanderson T. Smith N. Smith 68 H. Smith G. Smith S. Williams M. Williams B. Williams C. Williams B. Williams P. Wiggins C. Smith E. Smith J. Smith D. Sneed B. Spence B. Spence R. Sutton E. Tarbon P. Thourogood J. Tyler R. Waler S. Wallace T. Ward J. Waters C. Whaff J. Whitehurst D. Wiggins B. Williams M. Williams S. Williams A. Wilson L. Wood B. Woodhouse W. Woodhouse L. Worlds S. Worsley M. Wright W. Valentine M. Vaughan 69 GIRLS DRILL TEAM N| B . -1 v 1 1 iw 1 M m 5 ' ■ A J Shown above are Barbara Riddick, Diane Sanderlin, Brenda Harold, Shylene Smith, Carol Edmonds, Prentis Winslow, Bonita Harold, Vivian Ambrose, Helen Smith and Mary Ambrose. Kneeling are Mr. Whitehurst and Carolyn Jones, Captain. These snappy young misses with their drill coach, Mr. Jake Whitehurst give outstanding performances at half-time during the basketball season and in parades. THE MARCHING TIGERETTES, clad in gray and white, treat the audience to precision cadence marching and flank movements as they execute maneuvers in double step, turns and kick steps. ALL RIGHT, GIRLS, NOW DOUBLE TO THE REAR AND FREEZE!!! 70 A THLETICS TENNIS, ANYONE? Above: Leon Carrington, Linwood Skinner and Nelson Harper each display their respective receiving stances. Right: Leon Carrington gets set for a back hand stroke acrosss court. 72 Cheryl Harris Eileen Brown Cynthia McCoy Up: Alveeta Harold, Shirley Smith, Gloria Hilliard, Paula Gardner, La Verne Dildy, Barbara Harris, Cynthia Murphy. Clement Murphy, half-back for the TIGERS re- ceives a pass during practice period. THE FIGHTi Pictured below is the ' Fighting Tigers ' Team and their coach, Joshua Darden. FIRST ROW: Joseph Etheridge, Willie Foreman, Leon Flora, Oscar Hyman, Gary Watkins, Dorsey Moore, Erwin Hoggany and Jessie Davis. SECOND ROW: Richard Brite, Bruce Goffrey, Neal Floyd, Toye Murphy, Walter Harold, Larry Nicholus, Clement Murphy and Larry Uzzle. THIRD ROW: Samuel Harper, Jessie Britt, Herbert Scott, John Dozier, Alvin Gregory. BACK: Louis Cross, Leroy Fletcher, Coach. r • - $ ,£ - - " .-fy est 74 " Lucky " Larry Uzzle, end. WG TIGERS " 32— 46— 78— Hut, Hut! " • - Getting ready for an all important scrimmage, these TIGERS tense for the signal ■■ .• - " Dazzling " Dorsey Moore, Fullback 75 • tf Terrific Trio — Willie Foreman, Maurice Etheridge, Linwood Skinner. BASEBALL Below: FRONT, Leroy Fletcher, Trainer; Maurice Etheridge, Outfielder; Ernest Christian, Pitcher; Marshall Woodhouse, Shortstop; Larry Sneed, Catcher; Willie Foreman, Outfielder; Linwood Skinner, Pitcher; Gene Hollo- man, 2nd Base. 76 BASKETBALL— 1969 VARSITY TEAM KNEELING: Larry Uzzle and Warnell Fletcher. STANDING: Terry Gilchrist, Bernard Jones, Linwood Skinner, Melvin Allen and Coach " Chuck " Harvin. KNEELING: Vincent McCoy, Douglas Evans, Leroy Fletcher and Roger Baxter. STANDING: Larry Johnson, Eugene Holloman, Robert Gatlin, Clinton Wilson and Albe Barham. CROSS COUNTRY SPRINTERS TRACK TEAM Alvin Gregory, distance runner; Albe Barham, half-mile runner; Jesse Davis, relay, sprinter, broad jump; John Dozier, hurdler, sprinter; Ervin Hoggany, relay; Larry Johnson, half-mile runner; Bruce Goffrey, two-miler; Clement Murphy, hurdler; Toye Murphy, pole vaulter. ' What makes a fast runner run faster? " 78 ACTIVITIES Miss Shirley Olds, Senior, Miss Homecoming HOMECOM Miss Homecoming with her attendants, Alveeta Harold and Isolean Jackson, both seniors, are pictured as they pass the reviewing standing at the Homecoming festivities. 80 Shirley is crowned by Syliva Brown, Miss Homecoming of 1967. Pictured with her are her attendants and their escorts: Isolean Jackson, Jesse Davis, Linwood Skinner and Alveeta Harold. NG—1968 Miss Homecoming and Her Court Mr. J. V. Boykin, Principal, Kenneth Bowe, Isolean Jackson, Jesse Davis, Miss Brown, Miss Homecoming, Linwood Skinner, Alveeta Harold, Carlos Wilson. 81 C. C. Farrar, Instructor c T Industrial Cooperative Training gives to many students the opportunity to " earn while they learn " in on-the-job training situations . INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING From carpentry to cooking, I.C.T. has proven profitable for most of the students engaged in the program. While some of the students attend classes for a part of the day, then report to their respective jobs, most of them follow a full day-time schedule and report to their respective jobs after school. H. L. Robinson Instructor 82 BRUSH AND PALETTE CLUB Miss Rose M. Hooper, Instructor; Juanita Holloway, Erma Smith, Shirley Williams, Beatrice Williams. 2nd ROW: Robert Albritton, Mary Cuffee, Gwendolyn Williams, Junius Riddick, Nel Harper, Leo Halliard, Irene Goffigan, Juanita C " wens, Carolyn Whaff. 83 NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA These future homemakers are learning to appreciate the joys and rewards of homemaking and to improve the present family situation. Their projects in cooking, sewing, decorating, child care and home nursing are designed to help them find satisfaction in home making. The Home Economics Department affords these young ladies an opportunity to experiment with the latest in household gadgets, from electric can openers to electric floor waxers and dish washers . -TOWARD NEW HORIZONS ■ - -Motto 84 GIRLS CLUB " A Beacon of Light " Mrs. E. W. Diggs, Faculty Advisor Motto: Building Minds and Bodies for Responsible Womanhood Aim: To promote high ideals in working for the school, com munity, church and for recreation . The Girls Club, each year, rededicates itself during Girls ' Week. During the year, they fill Christmas baskets for the needy, award scholarships to graduating members and present cultural programs. This year ' s active member- ship includes (FIRST ROW) Betty Harold, Clarinette Pritchett, Margaret Hyman, Juanita Tyler, Jane Gilchrist, Pamela Murphy. (SECOND ROW) Patricia Tyler, Erma Smith, Hollis Wiggins, Evelenia Privot, Barbara Owens. (THIRD ROW) Thomasine Williams, Sheila Goodman, Theressa Edmonds, Lorraine Worlds, Ellen Dildy, LaVerne Hines. (FOURTH ROW) Mildred Webster, Joanne Goffigan, Ivy Perkins, and Frances Dillard. 85 Representing the STUDENT COUNCIL are Betty Joyner, Geral- dine Jones, Mildred Jones, Helen Olds, Dorothy Brown, Cynthia Murphy, Dorothy Dildy, J. Whitehurst, Argenia Felton, Carolyn Jones, Juanita Holloway, Louvenia Willie, Jeanette Skinner, Jes - tine Fitzgerald, Evone Foreman, Deborah Peebles, Shelley Cuffee, Douglas Evans, Darlene Mason, LaVerne Peebles, Elizabeth Franklin, Carol Edmonds, Sylvia Bailey, Annette Gregory, Bar- bara Harris, Bessie Brown, Mildred Brockett, Pearlie Land, Noah Boone, Christine Williams, Hester Cheatam, Paula Gardner, Gloria Wood, Gloria Hilliard, Alveeta Harold, Gloria Macer, Issac Forbes, Kenneth Bowe and John Smith. These chosen people are responsible for keeping noise on the corridors to a minimum during the passing of class and when classes are in session. STUDENT 86 These STU- DENT COUNCIL members take their assign- ment seriously, and stand ready to direct the flow of traffic between classes . COUNCIL Neophytes at the job of maintaining order are Rhonda Holloway, Robert Brickhouse, Cynthia Cuf fee, Stella Banks, Pamela Hines, Catherine Jones, Queen Felton, Naomi Parker, Beatrice Williams, Teresa Edmonds, Norma Owens, Eleanor Reeves, Warnell Fletcher, Vanessa Britt, Bonita Harold and Mary Cuffee . 87 Holloway, Jones, Brown, Dildy, Davis, Banks, Gregory, Smith, Smith, Pinckney, Whaff, Smith, Freeman, Cuffee, Williams, Hawkins, Williams, Wilson, Cason, Franklin and Reeves, Skinner, Williams, Williams, Taylor and Hogue. Y-TEEN FRONT: Edna Hawkins, Gwendolyn Hogue, Dale Smith, Rosalyn Freeman, and Dorothy Brown. BACK: Joyce Skinner, Christine Williams, Jacqueline Taylor, Shir- ley Williams, and Mrs. A. J. Knight, Advisor. 88 DRAMA CLUB " Behind the curtain ' s mystic fold The glowing future lies unrolled . - -Harte FRONT ROW: Mildred Brocket , Mildred Davis, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy Dildy, Welton Olds, Barbara Riddick, Noah Boone (STANDING). SEC- OND ROW: Jestine Fitzgerald, Sandra Mayfield, Deborah Peebles, Shel- ley Cuffee, Louvenia Willie, Shirley Smith, Louise Willie. THIRD ROW: Hester Cheatam, Catherine Jones, LaVerne Dildy, Shirley Williams, Bernadine Wilson, Ethel Johnson, Cynthia Murphy, LaVerne Peebles. FOURTH ROW: Evone Foreman, Richard Brite, Jacqueline Taylor, Mary Cuffee, Eileen Brown, Joyce Skinner, Lawrence Willie, Welton McCoy. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Harris, Christine Williams, Joyce Herbert, Al- veeta Harold, Gloria Macer. 89 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Alexandre Woodhouse, Instructor Motto: " Progress, Our Most Important Project " In addition to the construction of worthwhile projects, these students have an oppor tunity to learn more about Industry and the many products of Industry . The Indus - trial Arts Department ' s philosophy includes the point of view that it serves the entire community, as well as the students immediately involved, as they are training citizens who have a better understanding of Industry and who are equipped to support the American market by having a greater purchas- ing power . Pictured above starting with FRONT ROW are Walter Land, Michael Joyner, John Robinson, William Woodhouse, Welton Olds, Bernard Gilchrist, Vaughan Bryant, Brenda Olds, Reginal Dozier, Garcia Swimpson, Paul Thorougood, Debra Gregory, Richard Cuffee, James Smith, Grady Everett, Garland Moseley, Herman Phillips, Donnell Hassell, William Sneed, Richard Palmer, Ricky Wilson, Michael Goffigan. 90 NEWSPAPER STAFF The " Hi- Lighter " Staff gets the paper to press before that DEADLINE through the tireless efforts of (FRONT ROW) Evone Foreman, LaVerne Peebles, Vivian Jones, Mildred Davis, Sandra Mayfield. (SEC- OND ROW) Shelley Cuffee, Warnell Fletcher, Cynthia Murphy, Elizabeth Franklin, Shirley Olds, Debr -Ja Peebles. (THIRD ROW) Gloria Macer, Mrs. L. H. Reid, Faculty Advisor, Alveeta Harold, Barbara Harris, Christine Williams, and Ernest Jackson. News of classes, clubs and the community may be found between the covers of the . ' . . HI- LIGHTER 91 SPANISH CLUB " Se encantan hablar la pintoresca como lengua de una gente tan Los Espanoles . " FIRST ROW: Christine Holly, Argenia Felton, Catherine Jones, Brenda Olds, Deborah Gregory, Bessie Brown. SECOND ROW: Bernadine Wilson, Vernon Lawrence, Dale Smith, Shirley Williams. THIRD ROW: Michael Plum- mer, Junius Riddick, Nelson Harper, Kenneth Bowe. Translation: " It delights them to speak the language of a people as pic- turesque as the Spaniards . " 92 BACHELORS Dedicated to building better lives through service, honor, and high ideals, these members of BACHELORS exemplify finer manhood through their school- wide and community projects. Helping to carry on the work of their predecessors are (1st row) Houston Bailey, Jesse Davis, Ervin Hoggany, Linwood Skinner; (2nd row) Carlos Wil- son, Douglas Evans, Louis Cross, Clement Murphy, Harold Lawrence; (3rd row) Kenneth Bowe and Johnny Drewitt. imsl 93 MIXED CHORUS The MIXED CHORUS has continued to prove that young voices sing from the heart. The unique harmonizing of fifty melodious voices raised in song is a treat for the listener and a lasting remembrance for those who have shared the wonderful experience of being a part of this great group at UNION KEMPSVILLE. This last experience of the UNION KEMPSVILLE MIXED CHORUS has been under the direction of Mrs. Jacqueline Coleman. Carolers pictured above are (1st row) Celestine Gordon, Doris Olds, Cynthia Cuffee, Louise Willie, Juanita Holloway, Linda Morris, Dorothy Dildy, Mildred Brockett, Bessie Brown, Annette Gregory, Mildred Davis, Robert Brickhouse, Shirley Davis, Ellen Greene, Nancy Brite, and Sylvia Dildy; (2nd row) Queen Felton, Mable Hines, Paulette Cuffee, Gloria Wood, Juanita Owens, Alveeta Harold, Sylvia Bailey, Eileen Brown, Patricia Shaw, Paula Gardner, Joyce Woodhouse, Jacqueline Taylor, Gloria Macer, Mary Mason, Kenneth Bowe, Brenda Rossen, Darlene Mason, Vanessa Britt, Mildred Webster, and Pearlie Land; (3rd row) Shelia Mitchell, Charles Conyers, Vincent McCoy, Reuben Gilchrist, Jesse Britt, Richard Cuffee, Nathaniel Willie, Linwood Skinner, and Noah Boone. 94 CONCERT BAND R. A. Reid, Director 1st ROW Larry Whitehurst Clarinet Demetria Carrington Clarinet Alveeta Harold Flute Yvonne Cason Flute Brenda Harold Tenor Saxophone Paul Hodnett Alto Saxophone Rickey Dildy Alto Saxophone 2nd ROW Larry Brinkley Trumpet Jannette Skinner Basson Nathaniel Ford Alto Horn William Allen French Horn Richard Bright Baritone Saxophone Isaac Forbes Baritone Ronnie Sutton Trombone Winfred Felton Trombone 3rd ROW R. A. Reid, Director Joseph Etheridge Bass Melvin Spence Snare Drum Gary Spence Bass Drum Ronnie Haynes Snare Drum Stanley Sheppard Cymbals Ti XINOS enjoy a certain degree of pride when one of their members is honored, as was DARLENE MASON when she was chosen " Sweetheart " by members of the Bachelors. A7 N ' Future Teacher Leading an energetic group of girls are the officers of XINO-- Deborah Peebles, Evonne Foreman, LaVerne Peebles, Deborah Gregory, Carolyn Faye Smith; SECOND ROW: Argenia Felton, Clarica Swimpson, Audrey Caffee, Brenda Olds, LaVerne Dildy; THIRD ROW: Cynthia Murphy and Janette Skinner. Those who aspire to become XINOS make up this happy group of PLEDGES shown here with their Deans of Pledgees. 96 XINO also means SCHOLASTIC EXCELLENCE. Three of the members were chosen to represent UK on the Scholastic Team for the year. These honor students are DEBORAH PEEBLES, EVONNE FOREMAN, AND CAROLYN FAYE SMITH. r PS ■f America " Active in all areas, these super- active XINOS are also members of the cheering squad and can also give a loud cheer for XINOS- -Rah! Rah! Rah! 97 MISS XI NO 1968 Linda V . Butts Lovely LINDA reigned as XINO Queen of 1968-69. Mrs. E. W. Hairston, Basileus of Gamma Mu Chapter of Na- tional Sorority of the Delta Kappa, crowns " Queen Linda. 1 The XINO ROYAL PARTY made a most attractive court at the coronation ceremony. The ladies and their escorts are (left to right) Shirley Smith and Nathaniel Willie, Mildred Davis and Clement Murphy, Linda Johnson and Willie Holloman, Barbara Hoggard and Curtis Wilson, The Queen and her escort, Bryant Nelson, Cheyenne Lewis and Curtis White, Joyce Edwards and Kenneth Boggs, Cynthia Murphy and Jacob Woodhouse, Francis Griffin and Clarence Cornick, Gloria Macer and Houston Bailey. Flower girls are Sharon Daughtry and Brenda Fletcher. 98 STUFFED CHAIR, ANYONE? These students have become remarkably efficient in the art of recovering and refinishing furniture. They turn away no project because of age or condi- tion, and the finished work come out looking like new. Here is a scene of one of the classes in UPHOLSTERING taught by MR. JUDGE GOSS. Shown with him are Bernard James, Clifton Bryant, Joyce Skin- ner (alas! a lady!), Achwood Benjamin, Percy Ebron, Harold Britt, Clinton Wil- son, Randy Flora, and Alvin Cornick. 99 READING HIGH STORIES TWEL VE IS RUU ' 10NG VOWEL SOUNDS ■ I ■ ■ ■ a , ■ READING LABORATORY And more stories are being built in the READING LABORATORY where continuous efforts are being made to enhance the students ' skill in speed read- ing, comprehension and reading for enjoyment. The highly individualized attention received, as shown here by the students who take advantage of the course, pays off. Not only have some seen great improvement in their ability to read a wider range of literary works, but many have discovered the adventure and sheer delight in reading for pleasure. 100 A D VER Tl SEME NTS PATRONS Thank You For Shopping At Fashions for the Family Downtown Wards Corner Janaf Princess Anne Plaza Compliments of JAMES H. KABLER Compliments of IVAN D. MAPP Commissioner of Revenue City of Virginia Beach GAVEL INN " The Newest in Old Princess Anne County " Country Cooking at Its Best Across from Princess Anne Courthouse Serving You with Pleasure RICH ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANTS Tidewater ' s Largest " A Company of Quality " Atlantic Cleaners and Laundry Service, Inc. 4 Locations To Serve You 207 21st Street—Hilltop— Bayside— Drive-In: 31st and Pacific W. W. McClanan, Prop. Tele. 428-1525 Congratulations Grimstead Market from FRIENDS 110 Virginia Beach Boulevard (at Seatack) to Specializing in Good Meats Seafoods Fresh Vegetables You, Seniors Phone 428-9824 Congratulations, Seniors NEW LIGHT ENTERPRISE FACULTY Fuel Oil Automatic Re-Fill Service OF SEA TA CK ELEMENTARY 1204 General Street Virginia Beach, Virginia SCHOOL Phones Day Nite 420-1985 420-3875 411 Birdneck Circle Va. Beach, Va. Miss Mary L. Johnson, Prin . Mrs. Mary M. Williams, Clerk Josten ' s Company " QUALITY SINCE 1897 " 703 Second Street Martinsville, Virginia Phone: 638-7571 WILL 1 AM W . E DWA R DS Seiving SCHOOLS INDUSTRY COLLEGES THE ARMED FORCES Class Rings Diplomas Class and Club Pins Medals Trophies Service Awards ond Honois Yeoibooks Commencement Invitations Announcement Cards Peisonol Caids Announcements 23 Fast Radio Dispatched Trucks NORTHAMPTON SUNOCO Princess Anne Plumbing Electrical, Gas — Oi 1 — Ti res — Accessories Inc. Minor Repairs Wheel Balancing Tune-Ups Road Service Two Places To Serve You rtN jTTJTjI Princess Anne Station (Opposite City Hall) Virginia Beach Blvd. ■K 427-1660 428-1660 R. Mclnnis, Mgr. 5832 Northampton Blvd. 464-9841 Congratulations Hairton ' s Funeral Home James W. Hairston, Director Christine Elizabeth Williams " We Do the Kindest Thing— in the Kindest Way. " from 1 1 1 Birdneck Road Your Parents Seatack, Virginia Beach, Va . Day Phones 428-9321 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Williams, Jr. Nite Phones 428-3421 428-6746 HAROLD ' S fpUREI 0IL 1565 East Princess Anne Rd. Phone 622-4793 Service — Record Service — Wash Jobs fPV if VALLEY POULTRY Wy$ ? and % n $ produce, INC. Much Success to You, Seniors R. R. McCHESNEY 5657 Ruby Road Norfolk 2, Virginia High Constable Modern Arts Studio FRED SOSKEL PHOTOGRAPHER Photographs Live Forever . School Photographs . Studio Portraits . Wedding Candids . Identification Photos . Copying of All Kinds . Oil Coloring by Experts . Anything in Photography 704 Church Street Norfolk, Virginia MAdison 2-7941 BEGIN BANKING ON A BETTER LIFE NOW Whether it ' s a separate checking account for you, a savings account for your vacation earnings, or an account for your class or club, F M can help you start off right . When you bank on a better life at First Merchants, you ' ll find banking services are always easy and convenient to use . at FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC Congratulations Elizabeth Franklin From Sisters Miss Carolyn V. Franklin Mrs. Vivian Butts Mrs. Joyce D. Druitt Ray L. Harris President michelinQ The Original Radial Steel Cord Tire HARRIS TIRE CO., INC. 1469 N. Military Highway (Lansdale Traffice Circle) Phone No. 855-6021 Norfolk, Virginia J. S. BELL, JR. AND CO., INC. Wholesale Meats, Produce Confections 637-643 Chapel Street Norfolk, Virginia Phone No. 622-5351 Herbert Harrell Prop. HERBERT HARRELL FLORIST F.T.D. Wire Service " Flowers at Their Best " Virginia Beach and Vicinity 1041 Laskin Road 428-8732 Congratulations TOWN CLUB Virginia Beach, Va, TOMMIE DOWNING INSURANCE AGENCY 4509 Co I ley Ave. Norfolk, Virginia 23508 Phone No. 622-3621 T 1 Phone 464-9853 3139 Shore Drive, West " We Specialize in Crab Soup " Charlie ' s Seafood Restaurant Virginia Beach, Va . Alaskan King Crab — Steaks — Chops — Seafood We Cater to Private Parties Shore Drive Between Lynnhaven Bridge and Ft. Story on Route 60 Best Wishes, Seniors DR. STANLEY SALASKY Optometrist 300 Boush Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510 at Thalia One of America ' s Most Unique Fine Furniture Stores Since 1892 Phone 340-2112 Decorations Gifts Accessories VIRGINIA BEACH FLORIST 993 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Virginia Tel. 428-1481 Jack W. Brothers C. F. Marks Proprietors 1 m Zales Y JEWELERS PEMBROKE MALL SHOPPING CENTER Virginia Beach, Va . Tele 497-3559 Congratulations, Seniors from THE JACKSON AMOS FAMILIES Anthony H . Amos Sandra Amos Ossie Amos Henry Jackson Michael Jackson Serving All of " The World ' s Largest Resort City " K el 1 am- Eaton Ins. Co. Two Locations To Serve You 311 Pacific Avenue 428-9161 2406 B Princess Anne Road 426-2600 Real Estate Rentals Insurance Compliments of Burger Chef BURGER-CHEF SYSTEM HAMBURGERS 3601 George Washington Highway 208 E. Little Creek Road 1455 N. Military Highway 3232 Shore Drive 5085 Virginia Beach Boulevard 942 West 21st Street 1616 E. Indian River Road 248 Granby Street Serafio E. Font an ilia —Best Wishes- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fontanilla Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead Mr. Leon Knox Mr. and Mrs. Ward Best Wishes from A FRIEND PATRON " Trust Your Car to the Man Who Wears the Star " TftAaN miller ! J J EDWARDS CAVALIER TEXACO 1224 Cavalier Bldv. Day 487-2373 Portsmouth, Va. Nite 487-1550 CONGRATULATIONS Achewood Benjamin Floyd Beale Shirley Olds Alvin Gregory Louis Cross Annette Gregory Donnette Washington ST. STEPHENS CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Elder T. Burden, Pastor Deacon T. Olds, Chairman of Board Congratulations from A FRIEND Best Wishes to the Graduates of the CLASS OF 1969 PATRONS Mrs. Bettie Abbott Mr. Edwin Abbott Mr. Alonzo Adams Mrs. Emma Adams Mrs. Verlin Adams Mrs. Matthew M. Amb rose Mrs. Annie Armstrong Rev. Elijah Arnold Mrs. Sarah Arnold Mrs. Pearl Askew Mr. James Bailey Mr. Albe Barham Mrs. Elsie Barham Miss Rozanne Barton Mr. Mrs. Theodore Basnight Mrs. Rosetta Batista Mrs. W. M. Bazemore Miss Brenda Bell Mrs. Lessie Mae Benn Miss Betty Berry Mrs. Flora Blanchard Miss Alice Blount Mr. Bennie Blount Miss Bessie Blount Mrs. Doris Blount Mrs. Dorothy Blount Mr. Clifton Blount Miss Estella Blount Miss Geraldine Blount Mrs. Gladys Blount Mrs. Hester Blount Mr. James Blount Mr. Joshua Blount Mrs. Margaret Blount Mr. Nehemiah Blount, Jr. Mr. Sandford Blount, Jr. Mr. Sandford Blount, Sr. Miss Shirley Blount Miss Viola Blount Mr. Williams Blount Mr. Charlie Blackshear Mrs. Catherine Bly Miss Patsy Bly Mrs. Blanche Boone Mr. James Boone Mrs. Elizabeth Bowser Mr. Bernard Bowser Joshua Braye Mr. Anthony Breathwaite Mr. John Brickhouse Mrs. Sadie Brickhouse Mr. G Mrs. Clarence Bridges Mrs. Jessie Bright Mr. Walter Bright Mrs. Annie Brinkley Mr. Henry Brinkley Miss Ellen Brockett Mr. Floyd Brockett Mr. George Brockett Mrs. Mary Brockett Mr. Mrs. Moses Brockett Miss Ruth Brockett Mrs. Sadie Brockett Mrs. Regina Brooks Mrs. Mable Brown Mrs. Virginia Brown Mr. James Burke, Jr. Mr. Charlie Burress Mrs. Mary Burress Mr. Ronnie E. Burton, Jr. Mrs. Robert Busbane Mr. James Earl Butts Mrs. Annie Bell Caffee Miss Bertha Caffee Mr. Mrs. Johnny " Ronnie " Caffee Mr. Mrs. Roy Caffee Mr. Theodore Caffee Mrs. Edna Cameron Mrs. Sadie Campbell Mr. A. W. Carnham Mrs. Ella Carrington Mrs. Helen Carrington Mrs. Viola G. Carrington Miss Cynthia Carter Miss Sandra Carter Miss Brenda Cason Mr. Ed Cason Mr. Eddie Cason Rev. Harold Cason Mr. Harold Cason, Jr. Mrs. Isabelle Cason Mrs. Ruth Cason Mrs. Sandra Cason Miss Stella Cason Mr. Thomas Cason Mr. Virgie Cason Mr. Walter Thomas Cason Mr. William Cason Mr. Robert Cherry Mr. Larry Christian Mrs. Marian Christian Mrs. Mary Christian Mr. Randolph Christian Mr. Leb Coleman Mr. Prentis Collins Mr. William Cooper Mr. Willie Cooper, Jr. Mrs. Mable Cornick Miss Carrie Corprew Mrs. A. W. Covington Rev. Wallie Cowell Eugene Cross 111 Mr. Willie B. Crumble CUFFEE ' S APPARTMENT 723- 19th Street Mr. G Mrs. Cuffee Mrs. Alice Cuffee Mrs. Bessie Cuffee Levi Cuffee Mrs. Marie Cuffee Mr. Mrs. Walley Cuffee Mr. Walley Cuffee, Jr. Fredrick Dail Mrs. Ommie Daniels Mr. J. Darden Mr. Walter Darrell Mrs. Ernest D ' Astoli Mrs. Annie Davis Mr. Elbert Davis Mrs. Margaret Davis Miss Mildred Davis Mrs. A. De Young Earnest Diggs Mr. Mrs. Savastia Dildy Mrs. Mary Dillard Mr. Walter Dreuitt Mrs. A. A. Durgan Miss Betty Franklin Miss Carolyn Franklin Mrs. Maude Freeman Mrs. Pearlie Mae Freeman Mr. William Sonny Freeman Mrs. Isadora Gallop Mrs. Lorraine Gary Mr. Robert Gay Rev. Elijah Gibson Mr. G Mrs. Al Gilchrist Ralph E. Givens Mrs. Beulah Goffigan Mr. G Mrs. Dermis Goffigan Mr. Abraham Goodman Mrs. Erma Goodman Mr. Lewis Goodman Miss Lottie Goodman Miss Sarah Goodman Miss Sadie Graham Mrs. Carrie Graham Mrs. B. H. Green Mrs. Willie Pearl Gregory Mr. Roy Gregory Mr. Leon Griffin Mr. Oscar Grimstead Mrs. Shirley A. Eaton Mr. Leon R. Edney Mrs. Louise Elliott Mrs. Beatrice Elliott Mrs. Ethel Elliott Mrs. Jennie Elliott Miss Mable Elliott Miss Mary Elliott Mr. Leroy Ellis Mrs. Marvis Ellis Mr. Mrs. Joseph Etheridge Mrs. Lula M. Etheridge Mrs. Eleanor Eure Mrs. Annie Mae Eure Mrs. Addie Everett Mr. Tom Everett Mr. Melvin Fenner Mr. Mrs. Fenton Mr. James Fletcher Mr. John Fletcher Mrs. Cassie Flora Mr. Isaac Forbes Mrs. Lillian Forbes Mrs. Grace Ford Mr. Aldred Thomas Foreman Mr. Mrs. Clifton Foreman Miss Deborah Diane Foreman Mrs. E. Foreman Mr. Rufus Foreman Mr. James Haines Mr. Melton Haines Mr. June Hall Mr. Mrs. William Hamberry Miss Carolyn Hamberry Major David Hardy Mrs. Easter C. Hardy Mr. Samuel Leroy Hardy Mrs. Alcoa Harold Mr. Mrs. Clarence Harold Mrs. Ellen Harold Mrs. Ida Harold Mrs. Versie Hassell Mrs. Annie Harris Mr. G Mrs. Henry Harris, Jr. Mrs. James Harris James C. Harris Mrs. M. L. Harris Mr. G Mrs. Richard Harris Mr. Mrs. Robert Harris Mrs. Thelma Harris Miss Virginia Harris Mrs. Marie Harrison Mr. Herman E. Haynes Mr. G Mrs. Leroy Haynes Mr. Mrs. Willie Haynes Miss Marie Hedgepeth Mr. G Mrs. Franklin G. Helton Mrs. James Hendrick Mrs. Isaac Herbert 112 Mrs. Thelma Herbert Mr. James Hicks Mrs. Martha Hider Miss Clarie Hill Mr. Rudolph Hill Mrs. Esther Hines Mrs. Flora Lee Hinton Mrs. Hattie Wright Hodges Mr. £ Mrs. Eddie Hoggard Mr. Edward Hoggard Mr. Joseph Hoggard Mrs. Mable Hoggard Mr. Mrs. Robert Hoggard Mr. £ Mrs. James Hogue Mr. £ Mrs. John K. Hogue Miss Christine Holley Mr. G Mrs. Franklin Holley Elijah Holloman, Jr. Mr. £ Mrs. Joseph Hollomon Mr. Mondozia Holloway Miss Margaret Holly Mr. Floyd Hosley Mrs. Hester Hosley Mr. Thomas Hosley Levander Hughes Miss Susie Hughes Mrs. Gladys Hunt Mrs. Ida Jack Miss Angie Jackson Mrs. Zelda Jackson Mr. Mrs. Alnorva James Miss Jennie James Mrs. Harris Hennings Mrs. Jeanie Jiff in Mr. James Joe Miss Ella J. Johns Mr. Joseph Johns Mr. Warfand Johns Mr. Mrs. Cleo Johnson Miss Eva Johnson A C Johnny Johnson Mr. £ Mrs. Warner Johnson Mrs. Beatrice Jones Rev. £ Mrs. C. K. Jones Mr. Chris Jones Mrs. Cora Jones Mr. Elijah Jones Miss Evelyn Jones Mr. Forest Jones Mr. £ Mrs. Gene Jones Mr. £ Mrs. James Jones Miss Joyce Jones Mrs. Mary Lee Jones Mrs. Mildred Jones Norris Jones Mr. £ Mrs. Ralph Jones Miss Regina Jones Mrs. Sharlene Jones Mr. £ Mrs. Therman Jones Miss Thomasine Jones Mrs. Wilma L. Jones Mrs. Lucille Jordan Mr. £ Mrs. Ralph Jordan Mr. William Jordan Mrs. Aneva Joyner Mr. Earl Joyner Miss Novella Joyner Mrs. Josephine Kate Mrs. Dora B. Kenon Mr. Michael Kent Mrs. Delois King Mrs. Sara Knox Mrs. Rosetta Lamb Mr. Franklin Lane Mrs. Dora Laughinghouse Mr. Oscar Laughinghouse Miss Shirley E. Lawrence Mr. William Ray Lawrence Mrs. Christine Lee Mrs. Louise Lindsey Mrs. Nellie Lineau Mr. £ Mrs. H. Locklear Mr. Bill London Miss Ada Lundy Mr. £ Mrs. Dennis Mason Mr. £ Mrs. Jessie Mason Oliver Mayfield Mr. Rudolph Mackey Mrs. David R. McAllister Miss Sharon Ann McAllister Mr. £ Mrs. George McCoy Mrs. Fred McFinney Mr. £ Mrs. Freddie McNair Mr. Clarence McPherson, Jr. Mr. Clarence McPherson, Sr. Mr. Elmer McPherson Mr. £ Mrs. Americus McPherson Mrs. Evelyn McPherson Mr. Haywood McPherson Miss Mable McPherson Mrs. Minnie McPherson Miss Ozie Bell McCoy Mr. £ Mrs. R. McPherson Mrs. Ruth McPherson Mr. £ Mrs. S. McPherson Mr. Simon McPherson Mr. Harry McGhee Mr. Harold Newborn Mr. Frank Miles Mrs. Elen Miller 113 Oliver Miller Mr. Ernest Mills Mr. John D. Mitchell Mr. Mrs. Morant Mrs. Alma Morant Mr. Mrs. Gransville Morings Mr. H. C. Morings Mrs. Theodore Moring Mrs. Jennie Morris Mrs. Madeline Morris Miss Minnie Morris Mrs. Bernice Moore Miss Earlene Moseley Mrs. Rosetta Mosley Mrs. Sarah Mosley Mr. James Murphy Mr. William Nedab Mrs. Lrice Newton Mrs. Lucy Nichols Miss Lucy Nichols Miss Millie Nimmo Mrs. Dorothy Olds Mr. Alfred Olds Mrs. Delois Olds Mr. A. D. Owens Mrs. Elnora Owens Mr. Luther Olds Mrs. Magalena Olds Mr. Vernon Olds Mrs. Vernice Olds Mr. Willie Olds Mrs. Beulah Owens Mr. Charles Owens Mr. £ Mrs. Elijah Owens Mrs. Evelyn Owens Mr. Kenneth Owens Mr. Matthew Owens Mr. £ Mrs. Otey Mr. Harrison Parker Mrs. Lena Mae Parker Mr. Rufus Parker Mrs. Richard Patterson Mr. £ Mrs. Willie Peebles Mr. James Perm Miss Lillian Marrie Penn Mr. James Pernell Mr. John Perry, Sr. Mr. Clyde S. Phillips, III Mr. Herman L. Phillips Mr. Jay Phillips Mr. Jerry Phillips Mr. Percy Phillips Mr. £ Mrs. Samuel Pinckney Mrs. Estella Plummer Mr. C. A. Porr Mr. £ Mrs. Albert Poyner Mr. Joseph Powell Robert Pratt Mrs. Ethel Price Miss Forrestine Price Mr. £ Mrs. George Rainey Mr. Joseph Ramsey Mrs. Shirley Ramsey Mr. £ Mrs. I. Reid Mr. Roy Reid Mr. Steiland Reid Mr. William Reid Mr. Gus Rengonto Mrs. Ruby M. Riddick Mr. £ Mrs. William Riddick Mrs. Mary Roberts Mrs. Martha Robinson Mr. Willie Robinson Mr. Cleveland Rogers Mrs. Roberta Rudd Mrs. Harriet Ruff in Mr. £ Mrs. Earl Russell Mr. Francis Russell Mrs. Gertrude Russell Mr. £ Mrs. Herbert Ryland Mr. Raleigh Sanderson Rev. David Sanford, Jr. Mrs. L. M. Sanford Mr. Hawthorne Sawyer Mrs. Mariette Sawyer Mr. Richard Sawyer Mrs. Shirley Sawyer Mrs. Zenobia Sawyer Mr. Mrs. James Shaw Larry Shaw McCoy ' s Barber Shop Mrs. Samuel D. Simmons Mr. Joseph V. Simpson Mrs. Laura Simpson Mrs. Laura Simpson Mr. Council Sivels Mrs. Lizzie Sivels Mr. Roman Sivells Mr. Frank Skinner Mr. Herbert L. Skinner Mr. Herbert M. Skinner Mr. Linwood Skinner Mrs. Minnie Skinner Miss Addie Smith Mrs. Catherine W. Smith Mr. Mrs. Clyde Smith Miss Diane Smith Mrs. Dorothy Smith Mr. Mrs. Eugene Smith Mrs. Eunice Smith Mrs. Shirley Smith Mrs. Ida Smith 114 Mr. Jetton Smith Mr. John Smith Mr. Mrs. Lonnie Smith Mrs. Nancy Smith Miss Rose Smith Mr. Mrs. Charlie Snowden Mrs. Ernestine Sneed Mrs. Elaine Snowden Mr. G Mrs. Sam Snowden Mrs. Elizabeth Sparrow Mrs. Louise Steed Mrs. Gladiola Stiff Mr. Jiles Stiff Mr. Charles Stith Mrs. Betty Stewart Joseph S. Tate, Jr. Mrs. Georgeanna Taylor Miss Jacqueline E. Taylor Mr. Ronald Taylor Mr. G Mrs. Virgil E. Taylor Mrs. Alean Thorplains Mrs. Pearline Thourogood Mr. Lewis G. Trent Mrs. Caretha Tucker Mr. Alfred Turner Mrs-. Estella Turner Mrs. Nellie Turner Mr. Theophlise Twitty Mr. Herman Valentine Mrs. Rose Valentine Mr. Paul Vaughn Mrs. Gertrude E. Walker Mrs. Nora Walke Mrs. Teresa Walke Mr. Walter Walls Mr. Amos Ward Mr. Amos Ward Mrs. Essie Ward Mrs. Rachel Ward Mr. Jimmie Wells Miss Amelia White Mrs. Augustine White Mrs. Cecelia White Mr. Harry White Rev. Charles White Mrs. Eliza White Mr. Bennett Whitehurst Mrs. Florence Whitehurst Mr. Randolph Whitehurst Mr. Mrs. Roosevelt Whitehurst Miss Anna Wiggins Mrs. Ethel Lee Wiggins Mr. G Mrs. Donald Wiggins Mr. Leander Williams Mr. Alvin Williams Mrs. Carolyn Williams Mr. Charles A. Williams Mr. Corethious Williams Mr. Daniel Williams Mr. Dave Williams Mr. David Williams Eric C. Williams Mr. Eugene Will iams Mrs. Geneva Williams Mr. Mrs. George Williams Mr. James Williams Mr. G Mrs. Jerimiah Williams, Sr. Mr. Jerome Williams Mr. John Williams Mr. G Mrs. Johnny Williams Miss Judy Williams Mr. G Mrs. Leonard Williams Mr. Leonard Williams Mr. M. J. Williams Mrs. Melva Williams Mrs. Marion Williams Maxine Williams Mrs. Neva Williams Mrs. Pearl Williams Mrs. Rebecca Williams Mr. Roger Williams Mr. Mrs. Ronnie Williams Mrs. Rosabelle Williams Mr. G Mrs. Rudolph Williams, Sr. Mr. G Mrs. Rudolph Williams, Jr. Miss Shirley Williams Mrs. Virginia Williams Miss Leverta Willie Miss Tommie Willie Mrs. Vivian Willie Miss Alice Wilson Mr. Billie Wilson Mrs. Cora Wilson Mr. George Wilson Mrs. Helen Wilson Mr. Mrs. Leo Wilson Mr. Mrs. Leroy Wilson Mr. Lionel Wilson Mr. Mrs. Lionel Wilson Mrs. Martha Wilson Mrs. Rosa Lee Wilson Mrs. Barbara Willie Mrs. Dramon Winfield Mrs. Gertrude Winfield Mr. Henry Winslow Mrs. Handie Wood Mrs. Virgin Wood Miss Virginia Wood Mr. Leon Woodhouse Mrs. Elnora Wright Mr. Jessie Wright Miss Martha Wright Mrs. Mildred Wright Horace Wynn 115 PHOTOGRAPHS 116 PHOTOGRAPHS 117 AUTOGRAPHS 118 AUTOGRAPHS 119 MY FONDEST MEMORIES " 120

Suggestions in the Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) collection:

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