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frNm . % f «SV5! r - -- ' ' ' ■• ' . THE TIGER 1968 UNION KEMPSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Virginia Beach, Virginia " World ' s Largest Resort City " Sylvia Brown, Homecoming Queen, 1967-68, won her honor by combining her ability to be both studious and " nice to be around. " Mr. Willis crowns Sylvia, " Miss Homecoming, 1967-68, in im- pressive ceremony held in the school gymnasium , I Sylvia pauses at her locker to be sure that she ' s ready for the next class. 1 " It ' s a cinch that Honor Students achieve that status by just plain hard work: Pictured are E. Foreman, C. Jones, C. Holly, D. Peebles, L. Butts and C. Floyd. I " Helping Hands " These students relieve instructors of a great many tedious duties by being of- fice helpers, library assistants and hos- tesses in the Home Economics Depart- ment. Left are Gloria Macer, Barbara Hog- gard, Eula Bryant; Bottom left are Dawn Holmes, Frances Griffin; Bottom right are Barbara Boyd and Barbara Holloman . " Busy, Busy Days " Pounding the keys, assembling the school annual, enjoying lunch hour and doing research for that all -important term paper --one can ' t say that a day is ever dull here at U.K. In spite of opinions to the contrary, students are really serious, " n ' est-ce pas " . TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Activities Organization Athletics Advertising Geography isn ' t so terrible when you put your mind to it . . . . . . and even General Math holds the attention of those who concentrate . . . but Geometry has " spirit, " and must be fun if the expressions here are typical. o so J.V.B. DAY " In Appreciation of ... " Mrs. E. Smith and Mr. R. L. Gordon commend Mr. Joseph V . Boykin, Principal, on the occasion of " J.V.B. Day. " Pictured below are Mr. E. E. Brickell, newly appointed Superintendent, Rev. H. C. Benjamin, Mrs. Boykin, Mr. Boykin, Joseph, Jr., Mr. M. P. Strickler, Assistant Superintendent, and Mr. R. L. Gordon, Master of Ceremonies . 10 tt%.,siir$ x % Ll " Smile --You ' re on Candid Camera. " Faculty members caught off guard- -just being themselves --make interesting subjects. Mr. Boykin poijrs punch and appears to enjoy it. Overdue fines are carefully recorded by Mrs. J. Robinson. So this must be the exam she ' s preparing, eh, Mrs. Edwards? Candid camera man, John Robinson, is himself caught off-guard Mr. Siler believes that a cigar makes him here with Mr. Hassell. look distinguished. 12 FACULTY 14 FROLICS 15 p ,W■: TEACHER OF THE YEAR Mrs. Ruby L. Allen ' U.K. ' S FAVORITE TEACHER FOR ' 67 ' Each year, the OPTIMIST CLUB of Virginia Beach honors a teacher, chosen by the student body of his or her particular school, as " Teacher of The Year. " The student body at U.K. bestowed this honor upon Mrs . Ruby L . Allen for 1967. Mrs . Allen was chosen for her bub- bly personality, her patience, her dil- igence with any school -wide project, and particularly for her outstanding work with the school chorus . 16 A little known fact about our principal, Mr. J. V. Boy kin, is that he was Broad Jump Champion while at Shaw University where he received his B.S. Degree in English and His- tory . He was awarded the Master of Science Degree in School Administration and Super- visor from Hampton Institute. An avid gardener, Mr. Boykin is also very active in civic and church affairs . He was most instrumental in securing membership for U.K. in the Southern Association of High Schools and Colleges . Mr. J. V. Boykin, Principal ADMINISTRATION Mr. C. A. Willis, Assistant Principal MR. CHARLES WILLIS wears two hats at U.K., serving in the two capacities of Assist- ant Principal Instructor of Science . Mr. Willis earned his Bachelor ' s Degree from A T University, and has done further study at Peabody College, Univ. of Va., Nor- folk State, Va. State and Hampton Institute. Mr. Willis enjoys traveling when he isn ' t in school. Not Shown: Mr. J. W. Robbins, Jr. Principal in Charge of Instruction. Assistant 17 w MRS. L. H. CARTER is an ardent traveler, having journeyed as far North as Canada and as far West as California. Chairman of the Social Studies Department, Mrs. Carter received both the A.B. and M.A. Degrees from Hampton Institute. Mrs. L. H. Carter SOCIAL STUDIES Reading and playing cards are the favorite pastime activities of MRS, ANITA A. THOMAS. She attended Morgan State College where she earned the A.B. Degree in History. %f ' ' 1 9 |gMt PF. 18 During his leisure time you may find MR. AMOS J. WHITEHURST engaged in or spectat- ing sports. For quieter relaxation, he enjoys reading. New on the U.K. faculty, Mr. Whitehurst received his degree in Social Science from Norfolk State College . Mr. A. J. Whitehurst DEPARTMENT Mr. W. J. Watson MR. WILLIAM J. WATSON is so involved in the task of teaching that he rarely has time for leisurely pursuits . Well -qualified in his field, Mr. Watson was awarded the A.B. Degree at Virginia State College and earned his M.A. Degree and Professional Diploma at Columbia University. 19 MISS HATTIE L, GOODMAN spends her spare time producing and directing plays in the school auditorium where she puts her dra- matic talents to work. She also likes to read and travel . Miss Goodman received her A.B. Degree in English from St. Ausgustine ' s College and her M.A. Degree from Hampton Institute. Miss H. L. Goodman ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. E. W. Smith Beautification, fine arts and flower arrang- ing are avocations of MRS. EVELYN W. SMITH. A stickler for correct grammar, Mrs . Smith received her B.S. Degree in Education from Virginia Union University. 20 Morris Brown College, Atlantic University and the University of Va. are all called " Alma Mata " by MRS. ALICE A. DURGAN. Mrs. Durgan hold the A.B. Degree in Education. When her busy schedule permits, Mrs. Durgan reads or sews for sheer enjoyment and relaxation. 4 s. A. A. Durgan Bowling, singing and Pinochle --all loves of MRS. BERNADINE A. RASBERRY. Mrs. Ras- berry ' s Bachelor ' s Degree was awarded in English by Va. Union University and her Mas- ter ' s Degree by Hampton Institute. Mr. R. C. Setzer Mrs. B. A. Rasbeny An enthusiastic fan of most outdoor and in- door sports, MR. ROBERT C. SETZER is also a member of U.K. ' s coaching staff. His B. A. Degree in English was awarded by Virginia State College . « 21 A man on the go is MR. RODNEY H. GREENE. Mr. Greene is a dedicated teacher who also loves cars . He received the B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Virginia State College and has done advanced work in the field of Mathematics. Mr. R. Greene Mr. J. L. Haines MATHEMATICS MR. JOHN LYMAN HAINES doesn ' t believe in total idleness, and so he entered the teach- ing profession after his retirement from the United State Navy. His naval training was re- ceived at the U.S. Naval Academy where he earned a B.S. Degree in N aval Science. Our retired Naval officer --turned teacher-- enjoys golfing and painting for relaxation . 22 MISS OLIVE F. DAUGHTRY has been solv- ing puzzles and entering contests for fun. We haven ' t heard of a " win " yet, but she enjoys competing. Mathematical puzzles are her favorite, naturally . Miss Daughtry is a graduate of Virginia Union University. Miss O. F. Daughtry DEPARTMENT Mr. E. Smith Bachelor MR . EDWARD SMITH has plenty of time for reading, fishing and playing bil- liards, all of which he enjoys greatly. Another mathematics pro, Mr. Smith is a graduate of Norfolk State College where he earned the B . S . Degree in Math . 23 The school chorus has been on the receiv- ing end of numerous honors and awards for their grand performances under the capable direction of Mrs. Ruby L. Allen. In addition to the mixed chorus, she directs the Key Notes . Mrs . Allen attended the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College, and received her B.S. Degree in Public School music from Virginia State College in Petersburg. When Mrs . Allen isn ' t busy performing with the school chorus, she can be found dabbling in paint, or in photography, reading, sewing or knitting. Mrs. R. L. Allen, Choir Director MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Roy A. Reid Band Director MR. ROY A REID is a " do-it-yourself-man, and loves to tinker around with automobiles . His interest in music runs the gamut --from Jazz to the 14th Century Classics . Virginia State College is the school he calls " Alma Mater. " 24 MRS. JEAN O. SILER organized the Busi- ness Education Department at U. K. after receiving her B.S. Degree in Business Edu- cation from Virginia State College. Away from the classroom, Mrs. Siler spends her free hours reading, growing flowers or playing bridge . Mrs. J. O. Siler BUSINESS EDUCATION Mrs. L. H. Reid MRS. LOUISE H. REID stays in trim by dancing and swimming- -For quieter re- laxation she enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing the piano . Mrs. Reid holds the B.S. Degree in Busi- ness Education from Virginia State College. Mrs . Sudie Reed Student Teacher Business Education Norfolk State College . Mrs. Sudie Reed 25 MR. JOHN L. PERRY has combined his hobbies with his work. A person who lives with his chemistry and physics, Mr. Perry works on radios and in electronics during his spare time. He has done extensive work in his field at American Youth University and at Penn State U. where he received his Masters Degree. Mr. J. L. Perry, Chairman SCIENCE Mrs. J. C. Griffin MRS. JOYCE C. GRIFFIN believes that studying can be as relaxing as playing and so has spent several summers studying at The College of William and Mary, Hampton In- stitute, University of Virginia, and City College of New York. She received her B.S. Degree from Saint Paul ' s College. She also enjoys reading for pleasure and spends some time sewing. 26 A great believer in the adage, " A dog is a man ' s best friend, " MR. QUENTIN D. OWEN, spends his time away from the classroom romping with his thoroughbreds, who often accompany him on his hunting trips --another of his favorite pastimes . But enjoying his vo- cation as much as his avocation, Mr. Owen teaches science with the same enthusiasm as he puts into his hobbies. Mr. Owen received his training at V . P. I. where he was awarded the B.S . Degree in Engineering and Sociology. Mr. Q. D. Owen DEPARTMENT Mr. C. L. Harvin Card games, swimming and entertaining for his friends are favorite past -times and a part of the personality of MR. CHARLES L, HARVIN, SR., who also is one of the best coaches U.K. has ever had. Mr. Harvin attended Maryland State College where he received the B.S. Degree in Physical Education and Biology . 27 Mrs. LEOLA T. COLES, a graduate of State Teachers College, Elizabeth City with a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education, stud- ied History and English. She has done further study in the area of Special Education at the University of Virginia. She enjoys reading and singing in her spare time. SPECIAL EDUCATION MRS. OLA P. CORPREW loves the quiet life and so usually sews to relax. Mrs. Corprew holds the B.S. Degree in El- ementary Education from Virginia State College. She has also studied at Hampton In- stitute . MRS. OLA P. CORPREW Photo not available 28 An active, vivacious personality, MRS. MATTIE B. PATTERSON travels, performs with the local amateur group, swims, enjoys dancing, and, in a quieter view, reads. The Spanish language is her true love, and most of her class room conversations are in that language . Mrs . Patterson has studied at North Car- olina College, University of Pennsylvania and ODC. She holds a B.A. Degree. Mrs. M. B. Patterson FOREIGN LANGUAGES MRS. BERNICE GREENE simply doesn ' t have time for hobbies as she is kept very busy raising two sons . Her degree in French and English was earned at Roasevelt College . She has done further study at Chicago Teacher ' s College and the University of Oregon. She has also spent a summer in Paris, France " to better learn the language . " 29 Mr. C. I. Siler Mr. J. Darden, Jr. PHYSICAL MR. CLYDE I. SILER, Chairman of the Health and Physical Educa- tion Department is week-end angler. Trout, bass, spot, cat- fish- -anything that will bite, he reels in . A graduate of Johnson C . Smith University, Mr. Siler teaches Driver Education and Health Physical Ed- ucation . MR . JOSHUA DARDEN, JR . , Head Football Coach, was a star athlete himself in both high school and col- lege . A graduate of Norfolk State Col- lege, where he earned the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education, Mr. Darden is a stickler for absolute physical fit- ness. He spends his free time tin- kering with automobiles . Student Teachers Left: Mrs. Thelma S. White Right: Mr. Charles Williams 30 Mrs. R. C. Edwards Mr. J. Goss EDUCATION MRS. ROSAC. EDWARDS, a native of Hollywood, Florida and a graduate of Florida A M Univer- sity, loves participating in sports as much as she does being a spec- tator. Mrs . Edwards coaches the Cheering Squad, the Tennis Team and instructs the Modern Dance Group . MR. JUDGE GOSS, Athletic Di- rector and Health and Physical Ed- ucation instructor, holds the A.B. Degree in H PE from Texas Col- lege . He has done further study at Virginia State College and the Uni- versity of Michigan. Norfolk State College Left: Mr. Richard " Pop " Pitts Right: Mr. David Cromwell 31 Mrs. M. B. Brockett Counselor Mrs. K. C. Bentley Counselor GUIDANCE Mr. R. L. Gordon Head Counselor MRS. MARY B. BROCKETT holds the B.S. Degree from Shaw University and the M.S. Degree from Virginia State College . She en- joys working in the soil, and is somewhat of an expert in Horticulture . MRS. KATHRYNE C. BENTLEY is a grad- uate of Landers College and the University of Richmond where she received the A.B. and M.S. Degrees, respectively. Flowers and needlework are leisure-time pursuits. MR . ROBERT L . GORDON is known the area over for his gourmet cooking. His dishes are truly a work of art . Mr. Gordon graduated from Clark College in Georgia and received his M.S. Degree ' from Virginia State College. 32 MRS. FREDRICA R. BALLARD likes to read good books and take in good siiows--on television and on the legitimate stage. Mrs . Ballard studied Home Economics Education and Science; and she earned both the B.S. and M.S. Degrees at South Carolina State College in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Mrs. F. R. Ballard VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Mr. H. L. Valentine MR . HERMAN L . VALENTINE trains " til - lers of the soil . " A major in Agriculture, he received his B.S. Degree in that field from Virginia State College in Petersburg . 33 In addition to teaching classes in Drafting I, II, III and IV, MR . JOSEPH R . HASSELL also teaches Mathematics and General Sci- ence. Mr. Has sell was awarded the B.S. Degree from Virginia State College and has done fur- ther study at Hampton Institute and Union Uni- versity. Mr. Hassell is a real angler, but enjoys playing bridge when he cannot get to the fish- ing piers . Mr. J. R. Hassell INDUSTRIAL Mr. A. H. Woodhouse Another one who has been bitten by the " fishing bug " is MR. ALEXANDRE H. WOOD- HOUSE . An Industrial Arts instructor in the area of Woods, Mr. Woodhouse received the B.S. Degree from Virginia State College in Peters- burg. 34 MR . HARRY LEE ROBINSON formerly taught Agriculture at U.K., but for the past few years has been placing and supervising students in the Industrial Co-o perative Train- ing Program . He received both his B.S. and M.S. De- grees from Virginia State College in Peters- burg. When Mr. Robinson isn ' t busy with civic activities, he enjoys playing cards. ARTS Mr. C. C. Fa M m V P Kf • • " • • • • • • • • • • • • • A newcomer to the faculty at Union Kemps - ville, MR. CLIFTON C. FARRAR also works trainees of the Industrial Co-operative Train- ing Program . A graduate of Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro with a Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree in Agricultural Education and Economics, Mr. Farrar enjoys music, par- ticularly singing, as a hobby. 35 MRS. SARAH W . REID finds teaching Cor- rective Reading particularly enjoyable as reading is her favorite pastime. A graduate of Elizabeth City State College where she was awarded the B.S. Degree, Mrs . Reid has done further study at the Nor- folk Division of Virginia State College and at Old Dominion College. Mrs. S. W. Reid READING Mrs. M. S- Freeman It could be said that MRS. MITILDA S. FREEMAN never takes a holiday as she also spends her leisure time reading. Mrs . Freeman has done graduate study at Columbia University where she earned the degree of Master of Arts . 36 Formerly a teacher in the elementary schools of Virginia Beach, MRS. RUBY M. RIDDICK, came to U.K. two years ago as a Corrective Reading instructor. Mrs. Riddick received her B,S. Degree from the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College, but has done extensive studying in the area of corrective reading. Mrs . Riddick enjoys her work as much as she does her hobby --gardening. Mrs. R. M. Riddick Mrs. J. P. Cleary All the way across the country comes MRS. JANE P. CLEARY, who is a native of the state of California and a graduate of the University of the Pacific . Mrs. Cleary majored in Elementary Edu- cation and Art and still spends a good deal of time with her art interests. In addition to sketching, she finds time to relax while sew- ing. 37 MRS. JACQUETTA P. ROBINSON calls Vir- ginia State College in Pitersburg " Alma Mata. Holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Li- brary Science, she formerly worked as li- brarian in the Norfolk City School System be- fore coming to U.K. Mrs. Robinson likes to travel, enjoys reading and relaxes by the television. Mrs. Jacquetta P. Robinson Miss Dadie J. Capps MISS DADIE J. CAPPS wears many hats. A graduate of Hampton Institute, she teaches speeches and art. Miss Capps has directed both speech and drama groups at U.K., and has herself appeared in dramatic presenta- tions . 38 Mrs. Velma Haynes Head Clerk Office of the Principal Mrs. Haynes enjoys reading when she finds the time away from her tasks as housewife and mother. She holds a certificate in Secretarial Sci- ence from Norfolk Division of Virginia State College. CLERKS Mrs. Bernette Gregory Clerk Office of the Principal Mrs . Gregory likes to do nothing better than to read poetry . She attended Norfolk Division, Virginia State College. 39 Mrs. Ruby G. Moore Clerk Office of Administrative Assistants MRS, MOORE attended the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College where she received a certificate in Secretarial Science . Her favorite pastimes are as follow: Read- ing, and window shopping. $ r " CLERKS Mrs. R. Canulla T. Martin Clerk Guidance Department MRS. MARTIN is currently working toward a degree in Special Education at the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College, but finds time to read and paint for relaxation. 40 % Lillie Beary .«r X Bobby Anthony Margie Baxter Randolph Christian Rosa Boone Kenneth Boggs 42 Jackie Bowe David Brown Barbara Boyd Annie Brodanax James Williams Willie Brown Sylvia Brown 43 Eula Bryant Deloris Burgess Linda Butts Sylvia Butts Joyce Cason Lloyd Cooper Larry Christian 44 Clarence Cornick Charlie Davis Ruby Cornick Charles Daughtry Ernestine Coston Cheryl Dildy Van Davis 45 Jocelyn Edwards Carolyn Floyd Jeannette Etheridge Shirley Eure t ' t Alfonzo Eure Anderson Freeman Carolyn Franklin 46 Sarah Ferebee Gloria Freeman Rosetta Freeman Tyrone Freeman Bernell Gatlin Bettie Gregory- Evelyn Gray 47 Ernest Gregory Frances Griffin Raymond Harold Vernetta Harold Frances Hawkins Carolyn Harris 48 Milton Haines Dawn Holmes Joyce Hawkins Barbara Hoggard Hattie Hinton Levander Hughes Willie HoUoman 49 Ann I very Micheal Knight Tom James Bertha Johnson Rudolph Lewis Charlie Lawrence 50 t « R: Howard Macer James Nimmo Jackie Miles Judy Mumford David Mitchell Kenneth Owens Cornell Owens 51 Sandra Owens Jay Phillips Percy Phillips Forestine Price Ida Roberts Brenda Riddick 52 John Robertson Rufus Rouse Frank Simmons Terry Simmons i ai». Annette Savage Robinette Smith Earl Smith 53 Vincent Steed Yvonne Snowden Robert Stevenson Jiles Stiff Lovel Toran Curtis White Vivian Tyler 54 Barbara Williams Curtis Wilson George Williams Joyce Williams Jacob Woodhouse 55 Gloria Dozier Arthur Morris Joseph Smith Minnie Wiggins Bryan Nelson Roger Wright Bessie Worlds 56 Principal ' s Message Felicitations to the graduates for successfully achieving a major objective of secondary education. It is hoped that your recent experiences will enable you to face the issues, and accept the challenges that lie ahead. To the loyal, faithful, and understanding parents of this class of 1968, I congratulate you. The sacrifices you have made to assist these graduates in their achievements are invaluable . Throughout their ever-present quest for intellect at Union Kempsville High School, the graduates have received the final touches of a widely experienced and competent faculty . With masterful strokes and perseverance, another citizen is born, bred, and sent forth to spread his light to the world . But the far-reaching results of the teacher ' s work remain to be assayed by the future . Nostalgia visits us all and we would live once more the best years of our lives . You are invited to reminisce and retrace precious memories of steps to a happy ending. Here- in is recorded high lights of the fleeting moments of your high school days . May they serve as cherishing links between you and your beloved friends at Union Kempsville High School, your alma mater . J . V . Boykin, Principal 57 CLASS HISTORY " MEMORIES " Three hundred fifty seven eager, frightened and slightly bewildered young 8th grad- ers entered the doors of Union Kempsville in September of 1963. None of us knew what to expect, nor what was expected of us . But we learned quickly, and some of us soon became actively affiliated with the school ' s organizations by joining the school choir, band, the Student Council, and var- ious departmental clubs; while still others of us made our mark with the athletic pro- gram or brought recognition to the school by participating in and winning ribbons and awards at the Science and Math Conference or other scholastic competitive ventures . In a city -wide art exhibit held at Pembroke Pall, Shirley Eure, Yvonne Snowden and Anderson Freeman distinguished themselves by winning awards for their special art entries . Jackie Bowe and Ann Ivery represented U.K. at the Optimist Club ' s annual dinner honoring outstanding teen-agers in the area. Tyrone Freeman and Carlos Wilson have become Tidewater celebrities of a sort by their frequent appearances on a local television program, " Youth Questions and Answers. " This Senior Class also boasts of 5 four -letter men--Lewis Floyd, Houston Bailey, Bryan Nelson, Willie HoUoman and Frank Simmons. And Earl Smith became the I9th basketball player in the district to hit the 1000 -points mark in a single season. It was our own Joyce Cason who placed first in the Senior Division of the Public Speaking Contest which was by the Virginia Beach 4-H Club, while Jeanette Etheridge scored high when she appeared in the I.C.T. Talent Program. We expect to hear great things of some of our classmates --especially those who in their senior year were chosen to be listed in WHO ' S WHO, a national publication profiling outstanding seniors throughout the nation. We ' ll remember the impressive ceremony held in the school gymnasium at which Sylvia Brown was crowned " Miss Homecoming of 1967. " We ' ll remember our trip to the General Assembly, the trip to Virginia State College in Petersburg for College Day, the Senior Parents ' Tea, the Ring Ceremony, the Senior Play, Class Night --and most important. Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises . Yes, the past is all History, but we hope that our five years at Union Kempsville will also prove to be the Prologue of great things to come . Jackie Bowe Linda Butts Class Historians I 58 JUNIOR CLASS " The real essence of work is concentrated energy. " --Walter Bagehot 59 Jimmy Anderson Houston Bailey Sylvia Bailey Stella Banks Floyd Beale Major Blount Kenneth Bowe Anthony Braithwaite V Mildred Brockett Bessie Brown Dorothy Brown Eileen Brown Audrey Caffee Ernest Caffee Lucy Cason 60 f 1 M Flora Cason Brenda Cason Hester Cheathem Louis Cross A . :H Mary Cuffee Shelley Cuffee " ■ . ' - l Raymond Dally Dennis Davis Victor Davis Leverne Dildy Sherman Dozier Joseph Etheridge Douglas Evans Leon Carrjngton 61 I Jestine Fitzgerald Wamell Fletcher Leon Flora ik Serafio Fontanilla Evone Foreman Elizabeth Franklin Paula Gardner Terry Gilchrist Alvin Gregory Annette Gregory iii. M. Willie Griffin Nelson Harper Albert Harold Alveeta Harold 62 Barbara Harris Edna Hawkins Joyce Herbert Calvin Hoggard Gwendolyn Hogue Barbara Holloman Juanita Holloway Oscar Hymons y Siliii Isolean Jackson Clayton Jones Matilda Jones Vivian Jones Gloria Macer Darlene Mason Sandra Mayfield 63 Wilton McCoy Linda Newborn Gloria Mitchell Wade Moring BRl HiH m tmM Clement Murphy Cynthia Murphy James Mitchell Shirley Olds Deborah Peebles La Verne Peebles Herman Phillips . S || Wickie Riggins Ronnie Rouse Phyllis Scott 64 Anthony Rotan Joyce Skinner Linwood Skinner i Dale Smith Shirley Smith £hd Gary Spence Gene Stevenson V T " Judith Stewart Jacqueline Taylor Jacqueline Trotman Donnette Washington Gary Watkins Dianne Wiggins Louise Willie 65 Louvenia Willie Nathaniel Willie Barbara Williams Gwendolyn Williams Maggie Williams Shirley Williams William Wilson Gloria Wood 66 SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 70 Sylvia Griffin Brenda Harold Janice Harper Gloria Hilliard Sincular Smith 67 ( i i ' rf v. " ' ' » « laaj B. Godfrey I. Goffigan D. Gregory F. Buttle N. Boone Jr. R. Bright J. Britt C. Brock W. Brock C. Bryant J. Cason E. Christian C. Conyers E. Cross L. Cuffee M. Davis E. Dillard C. Edmonds L. Fletcher W. Felton N. Floyd I. Forbes C. Forman 68 S. Harper R. Haynes D. Hassell R. Hawkine J. Hill D. Hines A. Hodnett E. Hoggany G. HoUoman E. Jackson R. James D. Johnson L. Johnson C. Jones C. Jones D. Jones B. Jordan V. Lawrence C. Lindsey R. Mc Clary P. McClee V. McCoy M. McKants 69 : s. Jr D. Rainey B. Riddick D. Riddick J. Mosley V. Mosley T. Murphy A. Nichols I. Nichols L. Nichols B. Olds R. Olds C. Owens F. Owens G. Owens G. Ownes L. Ownes N. Ownes S. Ownes L. Penn M. Plummer V. Price K. Privott P. Reid 70 R. Riddick S. Riddick J. Robertson R. Robinson D. Sanderson D. Sanderson R. Sanderson V. Sanderson V. Sanderson L. Shaw C. Smith L. Smith S. Smith M. Spence J. Stewart C. Swimpson Y. Thourogood C. Tabron M. White L. Willie K. Wills P. Winslow L. Yancey 71 J. Albritton L. Allen E. Askew A. Barham B. Barham B. Barham H. Barnes R. Beale W. Beale F. Blackshear C. Blount C. Bly CLASS C. Bly J. Braithwaite I. Brickhouse M. Brickhouse L. Brinkley N. Brite C. Bryant C. Bryant R. Bryant S. Burks D. Cason Y. Cason L. Cherry L. Conyers L. Cooper V. Cooper L. Creekmore D. Cuffee J. Dancy C. Davis 72 OF ' 71 R. Etheridge V. Etheridge E. Fitzgerald L. Flora C. Foreman J. Foreman L. Fuller J. Gilchrist M. Gilchrist ]. Goffigan C. Goings N. Gordon M. Gregg B. Griffin S. Harris C. Harrison E. Hawkins S. Haynes R. Highter G. James J. Davis K. Davis S. Davis C. Diggs C. Diggs D. Dildy S. Dildy F. Dillard J. Dozier J. Dunbar R. Edwards E. Elliott 73 S. Harold M. Hines N. Hodnett T. Hoggard R. Holloway E. Horton C. Humes J. Hurdle E. Jardan L. Johnson R. Johnson A. Joyner J. Joyner G. Keeling B. Kelly D. Knight G. Knox C. Lewis J. Lindsey S. McCoy N. Mitchell J. McPherson L. Morris M. Morris O. Mosley G. Mosley H, Olds V. Olds J. Palmer L. Penn N. Piatt E. Reeves 74 A. Riddick P. Ricks R. Robinson G. Sanderson T. Sanderson C. Skinner L. Tarbon D. Riddick R. Robertson C. Russell L. Sanderson H. Scott J. Skinner D. Wilson J. Hyman 75 CLASS A. Albritton W. Albritton D. Allen D. Anthony P. Babbs H. Banks D. Basnight D. Baxter B. Billups C. Boggs M. Boyd R. Brickhouse J. Bright J. Bright H. Britt R. Britt V. Britt J. Brockett J. Brown B. Bullock H. Burke W. Butts C. Caffee T Campbell D. Carrington C. Cuffee R. Dimston G. Everett 76 OF ' 72 E. Cuffee E. Cuffee G. Dailey B. Davis R. Day R. Dildy R. Dildy T. Dozier P. Ebron L. Ellsworth O. Etheridge M. Evans Q. Felton H. Ferebee P. Ferebee J. Fitzgerald R. Flora L. Ford L. Floyd W. Floyd C. Godfrey 3. Carter C. Cheatham B. Cherry C. Hagins C. Corprew M. Conquest E. Corprew D. Cox V. Corprew L. Creekmore J. Crumble n D. Freeman P. Freeman Y. Galloway B. Gay D. Gay C. Gilchrist S. Gilchrist T. Gilchrist R. Gist C. Gregory E. Gordon T. Gorham R. Hamelin R. Hawkins D. Hargrow B. Harold R. Harold T. Harold R. Hawkins P. Hill L. Hilliard R. Hilliard W. Hines L. Hinton P. Hodnet R. Hoggard S. Hoggard E. Hognett C. Holley L. Holloway E. Holmes V. Hughes 78 p. Jones R. Jones P. Jordan R. Jordan A. Joyner A. Knight C. Knox P. Land K. Lane J. Latham W. Latham L. Lawerce L. Linsey S. Lynch P. Lundy M. Mason M. Mills C. Mitchell D. McClary D. McCoy E. Humphries C. Hunter O. Hurdle E. James W. Johns B. Johnson C. Johnson C. Johnson D. Johnson H. Johnson R. Johnson K. Jones 79 E. McCoy M. Mitchell M. Mitchell K. Mitchell L. Mosley M. Olds T. Olds J. Owens M. Owens R. Owens E. Palmer M. Palmer S. Parker I. Penn R. Perry M. Phillips J. Phillips M. Phillips S. Pinckney E. Price C. Pritchard C. Pritchard J. Redmand V. Reids M. Riddick C. Roberts E. Roberts M. Robinson G. Rouhlac D. Rouse F. Wiggins L. Wiggins 80 E. Tann N. Tann E. Taylor M. Thomas L. Thorpe P. Thomas D. Turner P. Tyler L. Uzzle M. Vaughn W. Ward W. Watre M. Webster J. Whitehiu-st L. Whitehurst L. Whithurst R. Whitehurst W. Whitehurst C. Williams D. Williams P. Sanderlin A. Savage W. Sneed A. Smith B. Smith B. Smith J. Smith L. Smith V. Snowden J. Stevevson M. Stewart B. Tabran 81 H. Vaughan J. Waters D. Williams E. Williams M. Williams P. Williams P. Williams T. Williams R. Willie A. Wilson A. Wilson E. Wilson D. Wilson R. Wilson R. Wilson C. Winslow D. Worlds L. Worlds T. Wright R. Austin J. Campbell C. Goffigan L. Davis O. Davis P. Hamberry F. Hicks L. Johnson J. Cuffee E. Joseph L. Joseph 82 Throughout the year, THE STUDENT COUNCIL, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Bernadin A. Rasberry, perform services which prove to be invaluable to the total school program . To see to the orderly passing of classes and to check and keep traffic on the cor- ridors to a minimum during classes is one of the daily tasks performed by these . , . i KEEPERS OF THE CORRIDORS ? 9 Left: Brenda Riddick and Eula Bryant check cor- ridor passes. Right: Frances Hawkins performs another Student Council duty- -keeping classes. 84 The LEDGER-STAR gave recognition to nine Union Kempsville students for aca- demic excellence for the school term 1967-68. Selection to the Tidewater Scholastic Team is focused on scholastic achievement and serves to pay tribute to the accomplishments of the exceptional st udent, as well as encourage other students to emulate this select group. Many of the 1967-68 Team are repeaters, having been selected for two or more semesters. a i FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE 9? SEATED: Deborah Peebles (6); Evone Foreman (5); Linda Butts (3); Carolyn Floyd (1). STANDING: Carolyn Smith (3); JoAnne Joyner (1); Ann Ivery (7); Ernest Jackson (4) and Linda Morris (1). The BACHELORS CLUB sponsored socials and a faculty basket- ball during the year to raise funds so that they could purchase foot- lockers for their graduating members. The footlockers will be pre- sented to those Bachelors who have been accepted at the college of their choice . MEMBERSHIP Facing page, SEATED: Richard Smith; Jesse David; Kenneth Bowe; Donald Mitchell; Clemment Murphy; Frank Simmons. STANDING: Mr. J. Whitehurst, Sponsor; Howard Mcer; Clarence Cornick; Lewis Floyd; Carlos Wilson; Bryan Nelson; Jacob Woodhoiose; Kenneth Boggs; Houston Bailey; Johnnie Drewitt, Mr. E. Smith, Mr. R. Greene, Sponsors. Preparing for a Well-Rounded Manhood 86 txrf 1? % " Cy BACHELORS CLUB Officers SEATED: Richard Smith, Secretary; Clarence Cornick, Vice-President; Bryan Nelson, President; Jacob Wood- house, Treasurer. STANDING: Howard Macer, Sergeant- at- arms; Frank Simmons, Chaplain; Kenneth Bowe, Business Manager (Absent from picture). 87 The girls pictured below, having met with all the requirements of an aspiring Xino - -written a book report, an auto- biography, and participated in some worthwhile community project --are ready to display their industry, intel- ligence, diplomacy and resourcefulness as Xinos . Pictured below are (1st ROW) Linda Butts, Carolyn Harris, Peggy Ricks, Sheila Haynes, Syliva Dildy, Brenda Olds, Carol Edmonds, Eileen Brown; (2nd ROW) Charlene Hughes, Donna Cason, Shir ley Davis, Cheyenne Lewis, Argenia Felton, Deborah Gregory, Clarisa Swimpson, Charleen Smith, Mildred Riddick, Carolyn Harris; (3rd ROW) Claudia Tabron, Deborah Wilson, Janice Cason, Loretta Fuller, Ann Ivery, Hattie Hinton, Donette Washington, Dorothy Dildy and Jeanette Lindsey. Ervenia Hoggany, who was crowned " Miss Xino " at the annual Xino Green and White Ball is pictured above at the coronation. XINO PLEDGEES XINOS— FUTURE TEACHERS Below: Willie Brown shows off his shillalah after being voted St. Patrick by the student body. OF AMERICA Pictured above are (1st ROW) Joyce Hawkins, Ruth James, Joycelyn Edwards, LaVerne Dildy, Paula Gardner; (2nd ROW) Frances Griffin, Deborah Peebles, Carolyn Smith, Barbara Hoggard, Evonne Foreman, Cynthia Murphy and Shirley Smith; (3rd ROW) Gloria Wood, Janice Harper, Sylvia Brown, Gloria Hilliard, Sylvia Griffin, Phyllis Scott, Inez Nichols, Jacquelin Trotman, Flora Cason, Audrey Caffee, Judy Mumford, Barbara Williams, Betty Gregory; (4th ROW) Catherine Jones, Sandra May- field, Jestine Fitzgerald, Shelley Cuffee, Sylvia Bailey, Linda Johnson, Gloria Macer, LaVerne Peebles, Gloria Mitchell, Darlene Mason, Cheryl Dildy and Rosejean Joyner. 89 Y-TEENS Service — with a Smile Serving the community and school is the pri- mary purpose of this energetic group of young ladies . The front of the auditorium is beautifully dec- orated by a tree donated by the Y-TEENS each year. The proceeds of the Faculty Frolics, which they sponsor, go toward scholarships. At right, Elizabeth Franklin and Joyce Skin- ner proudly display one of the many baskets they filled and distributed at Thanksgiving. 90 Building Minds and Bodies for Responsible Womanhood MRS. EVELYN SMITH, faculty advisor to the GIRLS ' CLUB, stresses preparation for the future in the activities carried on by these girls. In their effort to promote high ideals in working for the school, community, church and in recreation, the club rededicates itself each year during GIRLS ' WEEK. Their good deeds include preparation of Christmas baskets, awarding of scholarships to graduating members and the presen- tation of cultural programs . 91 MUSIC MAKERS The school band, though small in number, has held captured audiences in concert. Basically concert performers, the band gave beautiful perform- ances at Christmas and at their annual Spring Concert. Mr. Roy Reid is band director. im- 92 UK Concert Choir is one of the busiest in the area. Under the direction of Mrs . Ruby L . Allen, t he choir has performed at meetings, churches and assembly pro- grams, in addition to their annual Christmas and Spring Concerts . Their final performance of the year. Commencement, is always filled with nostalgia as many of the carolers per- form for the last time with the group . THE SOUND OF MUSIC ' M, A 4» THE PAPER MUST GO TO PRESS The news must go to press with a full staff of copy writers, typists, snoopers and interviewers, Mrs. L. H. Reid has all spinning when its time to " put the paper to bed. " The " Hi-Lighter " Staff puts out four issues per year and includes such features as editorials, student of the issue, library corner and roving reporter. Classes and Club news is featured. 94 .- - - , , f,- ' (», " ' 5rM A ■»■■ PROGRESS, THEIR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT The Industrial Arts Club which draws its members from boys enrolled in Drafting Industrial Arts Woods Classes measures its progress by its finished products . Along with emphasizing shop and industrial safety, the group progresses from stages of cabinet-making, wood turning, fur- niture making, wood finishing and spray painting to mechanical drawing and designing. Finished products are entered into competition at State Indus- trial Arts Exhibits, Virginia State College in Petersbury at Hampton Institute . 95 KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING Practitianers of the culinary arts, tenders of the young and old, and creators of comfortable surroundings, these Future Homemakers of America put into practice home economics acti- vities in their parental home and prepare for the time when they, too, will establish a " nest. " Pictured above are officers of the F.H.A. Club. SEATED: Joyce Hawkins, Vemetta Harold, RubyCornick, Bettie Gregory, and Barbara Williams. STANDING: Linda Newborn, Judy Mum- ford and Barbara Wilson. 96 Aprendiendo Hablar La Lengua de Espanol Members of the Spanish Club are: FIRST ROW: Bessie Brown, Ruth James, Dale Smith, Brenda Harold, Diane Sanderson, Cora Lindsey, Linda Morris, Gertrude Keeling, Barbara Riddick, Anita Nichols. SECOND ROW: Michael Goffigan, Michael Plummet, Junius Riddick, Noal Boone, Vernon Lawrence, Cornell Ward, Sandra Owens, Patricia Knox, Sylvia Griffin, Janice Harper, Norma Owens. THIRD ROW: Bruce Godrey, Jocelyn Ed- wards, Clyde Cheatham, Ronald Cason, Jacqueline Trotman, Eileen Brown, Shirley Williams, Gloria Mitchel, Darlene Mason, Flora Cason, Vincent McCoy, Bernadine Cornick, Inez Nichols. EL CLUB ESPANOL c « o -, t i7Sw««KlE a W. Eula Bryant, Evone Foreman, Matilda Jones, Louvenia Willie, Victor Davis, Mildred Brockett, Cynthia Murphy, James Nimmo, and Barbara Riddick rehearse for a scene from " Hippies Come To U.K., " one of their Fall original productions. DRAMATIC Above left. Miss H. L. Goodman, Club Sponsor, is presented a gift at the Christmas performance. Above right, are pictured Dawn Holmes, Matilda Jones, and David Mitchell in a scene from the Christmas play. Right: Some of the players discuss a scene being prepared for the Fall Induction Program. 98 CLUB Scenes from the " Winter Fasions " set of the Christmas program. A spoof on their daily routine, a group rehearses a scene from " The Unknown Teacher. A part of the " Hip- 1 pie " cast goes over some of the " hip " i V 1 lines. 1 f n 1 inpiril H The Play Is the Thing 99 Barbara Williams and Richard Bright join in a duet to ren- der " If This World Were Mine. " Below: Kelly Jones seems to really " caught up with it " crooning with Willie and TTie Soul Sensations, a really swinging combo. JUNIOR CLASS I ; imiY mfT ' ' ' ' L TALENT SHOW ♦ ♦ Yes, Little Jimmy Brown ' s sure got the feeling as he riffs the hit, " I ' ve Got The Feeling. " Right: " Sitting On The Dock of A Bay " is Grady Everett. 100 ftC«fcx MISS HOMECOMING yUETHEttEN f MISS SYLVIA BROWN Sylvia, Who is she? She ' s Miss Sylvia Brown, a senior, who reigned as " Miss Home- coming of ' 67 . Mrs. M. B. Patterson presents Miss Homecoming and her court in the school gymnasium. Left to right are Mrs. Patterson, Sylvia Brown, Joyce Skinner, Evonne Foreman, Sandra Owens, Eileen Brown, and Shirley Eure. 101 Janice Harper and Ruth James kick their way through the dance routine of " Some Night. " 4 6 STRANGERS ON THE SHORE 9 9 M.] - -J- 5rJ The Grand Finale finds the entire modern dance group unwinding to " Un- wind The Twine. " WELCOMED AT DANCE RECITAL Cynthia Murphy, Barbara Harris and Alveeta Harold spring up to " I Think I ' m Going Out Of My Head. " 102 X 4X 1 f Vi ■•«♦„- ' ' Frank Simmons, left tackle for the UK Tigers gets in a 3-points posi- tion ready for " the kill. " 104 SPORTS (Cont ' d) Left: Members of the Junior Var- sity Basketball Team take " a time out " to pose with Coach Robert Setzer. Pictured are Donald Mitchell, Joseph Williams, Carlos Wilson, Michael Mitchell, Ronnie Hawkins, Rufus Davis, William Eure, Waverly Mills, Warnell Fletcher, Leroy Fletcher and Coach Setzer. Right: Willie HoUomon, offensive end, receives pass. I ' gg RAH, TEAM, RAH! 105 LEWIS FLOYD, dazzling defensive line backer LARRY UZZLE, elusive end man OK, MEN, charge and attack ! JACKIE BO WE, ce lebrated center CLEMENT MURPHY hustling half-back BRYAN NELSON, " ferocious " full-back , ' % .- FRONT ROW: K. Hoggany, Uzzle, Floyd, Riddick, Bowe, Foreman, Simmons, Hollomon. SECOND ROW: Hyman, B. Hoggany, Davis, Nelson, Bailey, C. Murphy, Hawkins, Gregory, Mclntyre, Coach R. Setzer. THIRD ROW: Drewitt, Fontanilla, T. Murphy, Fletcher, Price, Smith, Snowden, Coach J. Darden, Coach C. Siler. BACK ROW: Trainers Gilchrist, B. Jones, L. Fletcher, Coach C. Harvin. SIC EM, TIGERS HOUSTON BAILEY QUICKSIGHTED QUARTERBACK LARRY SMITH FLAWLESS FLANKER BACK LEWIS FLOYD " mighty, mighty Floyd " i!i.jk.- :., - U.K. DISTANCE RUNNERS TRACK TEAM Mr. Joshua Darden, Coach Jesse David (second from left, FRONT), Clement Murphy and Frank Simmons (Pictured fourth and fifth on FRONT ROW); Jimmy Anderson (BACK, left end) and Bruce Godfrey (second from right, BACK ROW) entered Relay competition at the Hampton Relay Sprint Medley held in April . The team includes hurdlers, two-milers, quarter-milers, shotputters and a 220 -runner . Coach Darden sets a fine example for his boys as he works out daily with them when they are in training. 108 r i Imt L i ji - " im Yvonne Snowden, Shelley Cuffee, Deborah Peebles and Sylvia Dildy line up for a big CHEER! WHOOPING IT UP FOR U.K. Barbara Harris, Cynthia Murphy, Alveeta Harold, Shirley Smith, Syliva Brown, Gloria Macer and La Verne Dildy warm up the crowd just before game time. Rah, TEAM, Rah! 109 m A " 1000 POINTER AMONG THESE CAGERS Pictured above are Coach Charles L. Harvin, Barnard, Hollomon, Houston Bailey, Smith, Skinner, Williams, and Gilchrist . Play was halted and the news flashed when Earl Smith reached the " 1000 points " mark in his basketball career this year. At the end of the season. Earl had wrapped up a total of 1277 . Seasonal points are Houston Bailey Charles Barnard Willie Hollomon Cylester Shaw Linwood Skinner Earl Smith Sinclair Smith John Williams Larry Uzzle Forward Forward Guard Center Guard Guard Guard Forward Guard 276 24 180 160 162 550 36 31 169 110 o O c 5 ALBRITTON, MARY Club: Future Homemakers of America Hobby: Drawing Ambition: To become a Secretary ANTHONY, BOBBY Hobby: Playing Football Ambition: Apprentice ASHBY, DARNELL Hobby: Sports Ambition: To become an Artist BAXTER, MARGIE Clubs: Library Club and Hi -Lighter Staff Hobby: Sports Ambition: Go into the Service BEARY, LILLIE Clubs: Girl ' s and Spanish Hobbies: Reading and writing letters Ambition: To become a Social Worker BOGGS, KENNETH Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Working with automobiles Ambition: To be an Auto -mechanic and own my shop BOONE, ROSA L. Clubs: Drama, ICT Hobby: Sports Ambition: Seamstress BOWE, JACKIE Clubs: President of SCA, President of Senior Class, Advisory Court, Foot- ball Team, School Choir. Hobbies: Wood carving, and playing records at dances Ambition: Lawyer BOYD, BARBARA JEAN Clubs: Student Council, Library Club and Girls Club. Hobby: Going to the movie Ambition: Becoming an Elementary Teacher BROADNAX, ANNIE Hobby: Sports Ambition: Becoming an Accountant BROWN, DAVID Hobby: Sports Ambition: Going to college BROWN, SYLVIA Clubs: Xinos, Student Council, and Cheering Squad . Ambition: Social Worker BROWN, WILLIE L. Club: Bachelor ' s Hobbies: Drawing and playing pool Ambition: Enter the Air Force --Air craft maintenance BRYANT, EULA Clubs: Dramatic, Student Council Hobbies: Dancing and singing Ambition: Becoming a secretary BURGESS, DELORIS Clubs: Dramatic Club and ICT Hobbies: Reading, drawing, and sports, Ambition: An Artist BUTTS, LINDA Clubs: Student Council Association, Xinos, Hi-Lighter Staff, Yearbook Staff, Future Business Leaders of America, Secretary of Senior Class. Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Business Administration BUTTS, SYLVIA Club: ICT Ambition: Seamstress CASON, JOYCE ANN Clubs: National Association for Girls, Hi -Lighter Staff, Student Advisory Court . Hobbies: Gardening, Music, and Writing. Ambition: To be a Professor of History CHRISTIAN, LARRY Club: ICT Hobbies: Football and Basketball Ambition: To become a Draftsman CHRISTIAN, RANDOLPH Clubs: Hi -Lighter Staff and ICT Hobby: Baseball Ambition: Teacher COOPER, LLOYD Club: ICT Hobby: Singing 112 CORNICK, CLARENCE Clubs: Bachelor ' s, ICT Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Track. Ambition: Data Processing CORNICK, RUBY Clubs: Future Homemakers of America, ICT Hobbies: Sewing, Cooking Ambition: Seamstress COSTEN, ERNESTINE Club: Future Homemakers of America Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Seamstress DAUGHTRY, CHARLES Club: None Hobby: Fishing Ambition: Going to college DAVIS, CHARLIE Club: Basketball Team Hobby: Listening to music Ambition: Policeman DILDY, CHERYL Clubs: Xinos, Art Hobbies: Dancing, Bowling, Reading. Ambition: Business Teacher DOZIER, GLORIA Club: Future Homemakers of America Hobbies: Swimming, Reading Ambition: Seamstress or Nurse EDWARDS, JOSELYN Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Baseball, Tennis . Ambition: IBM Operator ETHERIDGE, JEANETTE Clubs: Dramatic, Girls Club of Amer- ica, Hi -Lighter Staff. Hobby: Styling hair Ambition: Laboratory Technician EURE, ALFONZA Clubs: Industrial Arts, ICT Hobbies: Swimming, Auto repairing Ambition: Auto Mechanic EURE, SHIRLEY Clubs: Future Business Leaders of America, Dramatic Club, Lambda Chi. Hobbies: Skating, Reading, Dancing. Ambition: Attend school for IBM Programming FEREBEE, SARAH Clubs: Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Dramatic Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Seamstress FLOYD, CAROLYN Clubs: Hi -Lighter Staff, Yearbook Staff, Future Business Leaders of America. Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Listening to records . Ambition: Business Administration FRANKLIN, CAROLYN Clubs: Dramatic, Girls Hobby: Collecting records Ambition: To become a teacher or nurse FREEMAN, ANDERSON Club: Art FREEMAN, GLORIA ANNE Clubs: Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Choir Hobbies: Cooking and reading Ambition: Nurses Aide FREEMAN, ROSETTA Clubs: Y -teens. Future Homemakers of America, Future Business Leaders of America . Hobbies: Collecting records, dancing Ambition: Executive Secretary FREEMAN, TYRONE Clubs: Debating, Basketball, Football, Track . Hobby: Writing poetry Ambition: To go down in history GRAY, EVELYN Clubs: Y -Teens, Girls Glee Club, Future Homemakers of America. Hobbies: Playing the piano and organ Ambition: To become a musician GREGORY, BETTIE Clubs: Xinos, Future Homemakers of America, ICT, Student Council. Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, reading. Ambition: Nurse 113 GREGORY, EARNEST GREGORY, LEVON GRIFFIN, FRANCES Clubs: Library, Dramatic, Xinos, Future Homemakers of America. Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, collecting pictures . Ambition: To become a Social Worker HAROLD, ESTRALITA LAVERNE Clubs: Xinos, Dramatic, Library, Con- cert Choir, Student Council, Hi- Lighter Staff. Hobbies: Dancing, Drawing, Typing. Ambition: Secretary HAROLD, VERNETTA Clubs: Future Business Leaders of America, Future Homemakers of America, Dramatic. Hobbies: Dancing, Basketball, Tennis. Ambition: IBM Operator HAROLD, RAYMOND HARRIS, CAROLYN Clubs: Xinos, ICT, Future Business Leaders of America, Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Dancing, Skating Ambition: To become a IBM Operator HAWKINS, FRANCES Club: Art Hobbies: Drawing, Picture collecting Ambition: Artist HAWKINS, JOYCE Clubs: Xinos, Pep Squad, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America, Dramatic. Hobby: Listening to records Ambition: Business Administration HAYNES, MILTON HINTON, HATTIE Clubs: Xinos, Hi -Lighter Staff, Year- book Staff, Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America. Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Traveling. Ambition: Executive Secretary HOGGARD, BARBARA Clubs: Girls Club, Xinos, Student Council. Advisory Court, Library Assistant, ELBA, Hi -Lighter Staff. Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Listening to records . Ambition: To become a Secretary HOLLOMAN, WILLIE Clubs: Bachelor ' s, Football, Basketball, Baseball . Hobbies: Playing Baseball and Basketball Ambition: Health Physical Education Teacher HOLMES, DAUN Clubs: Library, Dramatic, Future Homemakers of America, Art, Xinos . Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Modeling, Skating . Ambition: Psychology Major and to be a Model HUGHES, LEVANDER Clubs: Industrial Arts, Track Hobbies: Taking pictures and developing films Ambition: Mechanic IVERY, ANN Clubs: Xinos, Dramatic, Girls, Student Council, Exchange Manager of Hi- Lighter, Senior Class Treasurer, Advisory Court. Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Reading. Ambition: Secretary JAMES, TOM Clubs: Dramatic, Band Hobby: Music Ambition: Music Teacher JOHNSON, BERTHA Clubs: Y -Teens, Future Homemakers of America, Xinos . Hobbies: Making rugs. Golf Ambition: To be a teacher JOYNER, ROSEJEAN Club: Xinos Hobby: Art Ambition: Teacher KNIGHT, MICHEAL Clubs: Football, Basketball, Track. Hobbies: Dancing, Football, Basketball. 114 LAWRENCE, CHARLIE, JR. Clubs: French, Dramatic, ICT. Hobby: Tropical Fish A mbition: Social Worker or Law Major. LEWIS, RUDOLPH Club: Bachelor ' s Hobbies: Mathematics, Sports Ambition: IBM Operator MACER, HOWARD K.. JR. Clubs: Bachelor ' s, Advisory Court, Spanish, Track. Hobbies: Swimming, Table Tennis, Track. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher MILES, JACKIE Clubs: Bachelor ' s, Dramatic, ICT. Hobbies: Art, Singing, Dancing. Ambition: To major in Government MITCHELL, DAVID L., JR. Clubs: Dramatic, Student Council, In- dustrial Arts, Football. Hobby: Football Ambition: Electrician MUMFORD, JUDY Clubs: Xinos, Future Homemakers of America Hobbies: Collecting records, Sewing Ambition: Teacher NELSON, BRYAN Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Dancing Ambition: Business Administration NIMMO, JAMES A. Clubs: Band, Dramatic, Spanish. Hobbies: Bowling, Fishing, Dancing. Ambition: History Teacher OWENS, CORNELL Clubs: Bachelor ' s, ICT Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Dancing, OWENS, KENNETH Clubs: Library, Art Hobby: Cars Ambition: Lawyer OWENS, SANDRA Cli±)s: Dramatic, Lambda Chi, Girls, Spanish. Hobbies: Reading, Dancing Ambition: Business Administrator PHILLIPS, JAY Clubs: Lambda Chi, Hi -Lighter Staff, ICT, Spanish. Hobbies: Reading, Sports, Cars. Ambition: Engineer PHILLIPS, PERCY Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Reading Ambition: Lawyer PRICE, FORRESTINE Clubs: Xinos, Student Council Hobbies: Dancing, Softball Ambition: Airline Stewardess RAINEY, RUSSELL Club: Industrial Arts Hobbies: Making lamps and tables Ambition: Commercial Pilot RIGGENS, MINNIE Clubs: Student Council, Girls Club Hobbies: Art, listening to records Ambition: Secretary ROBERSON, JOHN Clubs: Yearbook Staff, Art Hobbies: Taking pictures, repairing radios RIDDICK, BRENDA Clubs: Xinos, Dramatic, Choir. Hobbies: Dancing, Singing Ambition: To further my education in Music ROBERTS, IDA Clubs: Girls Club, Dramatic, Hi -Lighter Staff Hobby: Sewing Ambition: Nurse or Chemistry Teacher SAVAGE, ANNETTE Club: Spanish Hobbies: Dancing and Pop Music Ambition: Business Major SIMMONS, FRANK, JR. Clubs: Bachelor ' s, ICT, Football, Track. 115 Hobbies: Mechanical Drawing and Electronics Ambition: Architecture SIMMONS, TERRY Club: Boy ' s Glee Club SMITH, JOSEPH Club: Bachelor ' s Hobbies: Basketball and Dancing Ambition: Brickmason SMITH, RICHARD E. Club: Bachelor ' s Hobbies: Singing and Dancing SNOWDEN, ONNE VELMA Clubs: Hi -Lighter Staff and Dramatic Hobbies: Dancing and collecting records Ambition: Registered Nurse STEED, VINCENT Club: Bachelor ' s Ambition: Welder STEVENSON, ROBERT Clubs: ICT, French Hobbies: Fishing, Chemistry Ambition: Scientist STIFF, JILES Club: Sports Hobby: Singing TORAN, LOVEL Clubs: FBLA, Choir, Hi -Lighter Staff. Hobbies: Art, Dancing, Cooking. Ambition: Interior Decorator Leaders of America Hobbies: Dancing, Music, Typing. Ambition: Business Major WILLIAMS, BARBARA Clubs: Xinos, Future Homemakers of America, Dramatic. Ambition: Nurse WILLIAMS, GEORGE Clubs: ICT, Art Hobbies: Fishing, Dancing Ambition: Business Major WILLIAMS, JOYCE Club: Future Homemakers of America Hobbies: Singing, Dancing Ambition: To be a Singer WILLIAMS, RUSSELL Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Sports Ambition: Professor WILSON, BARBARA Clubs: Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, FBLA, Library, Student Coun- cil. Hobbies: Reading, Dancing Ambition: Nurse WILSON, CURTIS Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Basketball WINS LOW, LOUIS Club: ICT Ambition: Auto Mechanic TYLER, VIVIAN Clubs: Dramatic, Lambda Chi, Girls Club, Hi -Lighter Staff, Advisory Court. Hobbies: Drama Ambition: X-Ray or Lab Technician WHITE, CURTIS Clubs: Dramatic, Future Business WOODHOUSE, JACOB Club: Bachelor ' s Hobby: Mechanics Ambition: Dealing in Computer Programming WRIGHT, ROGER Hobby: Music Ambition: Music Teacher 116 I BOOSTERS MISS GLADYS BEARY FAMILY THE BOWE FAMILY 1017 Fairlawn Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. GLADYS BROWN DAIRY TWIST 1 1716 Virginia Beach Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. HARRIS FREEMAN 124 Church Street Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. JOHN HINES MR. MRS. JAMES HOGGARD FAMILY Route 5, Box 501 1 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23457 MALBON AND GRESHAM GROCERY 19th Street and Cypress Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia JULIAN NEUBURN MRS. REBECCA POWERS MR. COLUMBUS ROBERTS MRS. COLUMBUS ROBERTS MISS IDA ROBERTS PATRONS Mrs. Margaret Albritton Mr. Mrs. Robert Albritton Mr. Roy Albritton Mrs. Emma Allen Mr. Henry Allen Mr. Rostin Allen Mr . Therman Ames Mr. Willie Anderson Mr. Junious Archer Mr. James Arnold Mrs . Frances Artis Mrs. Ella Ashby Mr. Belvin Bailey Mr. James Bailey Mr . Mickey Bailey Mrs. Odell Baker Mrs. F. R. Ballard Mr. Pete Barbee Miss Ernestine Barnard Mrs . Mary Barnard Mr . Leroy Baxter Mrs. Margaret V. Baxter Mrs. Lizzie Beale Mr. John W. Beary Mrs . Doris Bellamy Mrs. Kathryne Bentley Mrs. Charlotte Berry Mrs. Suie Billups Mr. Charles Blackshear Mrs. Mary Blackshear Mrs . Hester Blount Miss Geraldine Blount Mr. Sanford C. Blount, Sr . Mr. Charlie Biy Mr. Percy BIy Mr. William F. Booker Mr. Bill Bowden Mr. Frank Bowe Mrs . Lucy Bowe Mrs . Sarah Boyd Miss Malissa Bray Mrs. Doris Braye Mr. Mrs. Anthony Breathwaite Mr. Bruce Breathwaite Mr . Mrs . Curtis Breathwaite Mr . Mrs . Rodney Breathwaite Miss Neomia Brickhouse Mrs. Sadie Brickhouse Mrs . Annie Bridge Mrs . Marie Bridge Mr. William C. Bridge Mr. Brindle Brockette Mrs. Goldie Brook Miss Eileen Brook Mrs . Elise Brown Mrs. Gladys Brown Mr. Joe Brown Miss Rachel Brown Miss Sylvia Brown Mrs . Teresa Brown Mrs. Willie Belle Brown Mr . Joseph Brite Mr. Neal Bruit Miss Bernice Bryant Miss Cora Bryant Miss Deloris Burgess Mr . Robert Burks Mr. Joseph Burnell, Jr. Mrs. Elmer Butts Miss Gracie Butts Miss Linda Butts Mrs. Rosie Butts Miss Zelma Butts Mrs. P. M. Caldwell Mrs . James E . Call Miss Edna A. Cameron Mrs. Saddie Campbell Mrs. Martha Carter Mr. Mrs. R. Carter Mr. James Cannady Mrs. Annie Cartwright Mr. Mrs. Bernard Cason Mr . Charlie Cason Miss Emma Cason Miss G . Cason Mr. George A. Cason Mr. Mrs. Ervin Cason Miss Ethel Cason Miss Flora Cason Mr. Mrs. H. Cason Mr . Pernel I Cason Miss Ruth Cason Mr. Mrs. Thaddeus C. Cason Mr. Willie Cason Dr. Mrs. James Charlton Miss Hester Cheatham Mr. Mrs. Ralph Christian Mrs. F ranklin Christian Mrs. Mary Christian Mr. Cleaners Mr. Melvin Conley Mrs. Shirley Conley Mr. Woodrow Conley Mr. Nathan Conley Mr. Mrs. Lloyd Cooper Mr. William Cooper Mrs . Mary Corney Mr. Alvin L. Cornick Mr . Deat Cornick Mrs. Lillian Cornick Mrs. Virginia Cornick Mr. Mrs. William Cornick Mrs. Estella Corprew Mr. John Corprew Mr. Mrs. Leandes Corprew Mr. Mrs. James Coston Mr. Willie Coston Mrs. Bessie Crumble Mr . Leon Dai ley Mrs . Myrtle Dailey Mr. Julius Darden Mrs. Ellen Davis Mr. Mrs. Howard Davis Mrs . Lil ly Davis Mrs . 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Ivery Mrs. Pearl Ivery Mrs. Bowman Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson Mrs. Gladys Jackson Mrs. Hermoine Jackson Mr. Martin Jackson Mrs. Norvella Jackson Mr. Stephen Jackson Mr . Albert James Mrs. Alexandria James Mrs. Annie W. James Mr . Bernard James Mr. Mrs. Charlie James, Jr . Mr. Mrs. Charlie James, Sr . Mr. Clifton James Mrs . Helen James Mrs . Janet James Mrs . Lil lie James Mr. Mrs. Moses James Mr. Robert James Mr. Mrs. Theodore James Mr. James E. Jefferson Mrs. Manie P. Jewett Miss Ella Johns Mr. Floyd Johnson Mr. Mrs. George Johnson Mrs . Ida Johnson Mr. Mrs . Ulysses Johnson Mr. William Johnson Mr . Albert Jones Mr. Mrs. Andrew Jones Mrs. Beatrice Jones Mrs . Bessie Jones Mr . Clinton Jones Mr. Douglas McArthur Jones Mrs. Hattie L. Jones Mr. Mrs . Herbert Jones Mr. Horace Jones Mr. James Jones Miss Juanlta Jones Miss Regina B. Jones Mr . John Jordan Mr. James Jordon, Jr. Mr . 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Wire Service 1041 Laskin Road 428-8732 23 Fast Radio Dispatched Trucks Hairton ' s Funeral Home Princess Anne Plumbing Electrical, James W. Hairston, Director Inc. " We Do the Kindest Thing— in the Kindest Way. " Two Places To Serve You Ill Birdneck Road Seatack, Virginia Beach, Va . Princess Anne Station (Opposite City Hall) Virginia Beach Blvd. Day Phones 428-9321 Nite Phones 428-3421 428-6746 427-1660 428-1660 Real Estate Rentals Insurance Kellam- Eaton Insurance Co. Two Locations To Serve You 31 1 1 Pacific Avenue 2406B Princess Anne Rood GRIMSTEAD MARKET Wi W 110 Virginia Beach Blvd. at Seatack at Thalia Specializing in Good Meats Seafoods Fresh Vegetables One of America ' s Most Unique Fine Furniture Stores Since 1892 Phone 428-9824 Phone 340-2112 Compliments of Congratulations IVAN P. MAPP JOHN V. FENTRESS Commissioner of Revenue Clerk of Circuit Court City of Virginia Beach City of Virginia Beach Tele.: 497-8903 Congratulations, Class of 1968 G. A. DOWNS SONS, INC. 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Suggestions in the Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) collection:

Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Union Kempsville High School - Tiger Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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