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in THE TIGER , : vi-yfc; -W ; : £ jUir J ' National News — P J 1 A Wave for Friends — Cuban refugees waved to Cuban exiles on shore as their coast guard cutter approached Key West last fall. Such emotional scenes occurred frequently after Castro announced his " open door " policy, allowing certain groups of Cubans to leave his dictatorship. 2 Pwntu in Space- .Astronaut Edward White stepped from his Gemini IV space capsule and into the void of space last June. Maj. James McDivitt, his companion on a 3V2-day orbital flight, had to coax White back into the capsule after he had traveled 20 minutes sus- pended from Gemini IV. Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad were the next space twins to orbit the earth. They completed their 8-day flight in Gemini V during August. 3 Medicare Bill Signed — President Johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law July 30 with former President Truman at his side. Witness- ing the event that had far-reaching effects on Social Security benefits for the elderly were (left to right) Lady Bird Johnson, Vice President Humphrey and Bess Truman. The ceremony was held in Truman Library in Independence, Mo. 4 Temporary Mood — Dodgers Manager Walter Alston ' s mood of de- jection after the Minnesota Twins won the sixth World Series game did not last long. The Dodgers emerged victorious in the 7th game and captured the pennant. 5 Double Space Spectacular — Astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford got this view of the Gemini 7 spaceship December 15 while traveling in their Gemini 6 craft for their historic rendezvous adven- ture. Schirra and Stafford rode their red-hot craft back to earth the following day, but Gemini 7 completed a 14-day mission before its re-entry. Making the longest and most significant voyage in space in Gemini 7 were Frank Borman and James Lovell, Jr. 6 Plea for Peace — Pope Paul VI stood before the United Nations General Assembly in New York on October 4 to deliver his plea for world peace. His unprecedented, one-day visit in the U.S. was the culmination of plans by men of all faiths. 7 After Surgery — President Johnson was photographed in a reclining chair at Bethesda Naval Hospital the day after his gall bladder op- eration on October 8. He conducted the work of his office from his hospital room and his Texas ranch during his recuperation. 8 Proud Student — Charles Craig, 19-year-old freshman at Iowa uni- versity, demonstrated his criticism of draft-card burning incidents by- displaying his draft card on his jacket with the note: " I ' m a draft card carrying American and proud of it. " Our role in the Vietnamese war sparked the incidents. 9 Blackout — The glittering metropolis of New York City was thrust into darkness on November 9 by a massive power failure affecting hundreds of miles along the eastern seaboard. City residents and commuters were stranded in offices, railroad and subway stations for hours before service was restored. The crippling condition was caused by a faulty relay at a Canadian generating station near Niagara Falls. 10 New Ambassador — Arthur Goldberg was named U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations by the President after the death of Ambassa- dor Adlai Stevenson on July 14 in London. Goldberg was secretary of labor under President Kennedy and a U.S. Supreme Court Justice when named to the U.N. post. Startling Fashions — Bold and contrasting blocks of color were the youthful fashion note of 1965. The eye-catching designs even ex- tended the length of campus stockings worn with the costumes. 12 Royalty on Tour — Princess Margaret and her husband, Lord Snowdon, arrived in New York on November 4 for a whirlwind tour of the U.S. During their visit, they took time out for fun-filled activi- ties such as a ride on a cable car in Frisco and gala parties in Holly- wood and the nation ' s capital. 10 11 Foreword HIGHER He followed his dream, and men counted it madness; He followed his dream up the mountain ' s steep side . " See! here in the valley are music and glad- ness; Why take the highway the hard way? " they cried . At length, from above them we heard a faint calling. His scorners turned quickly from feasting and play To look up to the mountain height, grim and appalling. " The luck of a fool! --he has treasure! " said they. With ropes and with staves they toiled after, and found him Midway of the mountain, his treasures out- spread. " Let us share them! " tney clamored, Pressed rudely around him . " Take all -- it is yours; I go higher, " he said. -- Jessie Brown Pounds " This is the year that was . . . " JUN 1 SUN MON TUE IAICD THL 1 1 s 6 7 8 9 UNION KEMPSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. £66 FRI SAT 10 4 11 The Tiger 1966 We Remember . . . Dedication " TRIBUTES TO THE TEACHER " " Apples " for the classroom teacher Yes, red roses, orchids, too For generous faithful service Making ideals and dreams come true . " Honors " for the dedicated teacher Perfect understanding of the child, Seeds sown for a great harvest Causing life to be more worthwhile. " Thank You ' s " for the master teacher The human touch, the cherished memories, For all of God ' s given talents Building for life ' s eternity. -- W. A. Bozarth Mrs. J. O. Siler Yearbook Advisor The Year ' s CLAY blmTH STRDfUM | s«r Contents Seniors Faculty Administration Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eighth Grade Activities Organizations Athletics Advertisements Patrons Autographs ilJJJOJj :4 h?zj nz t Seniors Marguerite Harper and Joan Johns Pause Between Classes to Collect that " Almost Forgotten Assignment " Seniors QUIET PLEASE! Carolyn Margaret Ames " Amiable " Charles Rogers Ballard " Jolly and Jovial " Betty Jean Bailey " Quiet " William Battle " Lively " Inez Elaine Bailey " Effervescent " Clifton Robert Baxter " Ail-Around Athlete " 1 |; I Mm ' — -» Jf 1 ASh 10 Maude Marie Barber " Sedate " John Willie Beary " Quiet " Florence Barnes " Reliable " James Allen Belin " Musical " Raba Andretta Bass " Vivacious " James Alexander Bridgers " Studious " Ida Claudine Benjamin " Lively " Thurman Bridgers " Late, but there " Betty Jean Berry " Lively " Welton Braye " Nonchalant " Helen Beary " Quiet " Bennie Blount " Reserved " iti n Cynthia Emmerita Boone " Lady-like " Courtney Jackson Butts " Friendly " Regina Yvonne Breathwaite " Musical " David Leroy Capps " Cool . . . Calm . . . Collective ... " Arcancis Bryant " Quiet " Abraham Lafayette Cason " Smoky " Margie Lee Cason " Alert " John Tee Cherry " Quiet " Stella Mae Cason " Intense " Albert Francis Cooper " Fun-loving " Frances Louise Cherry " Pert " Roosevelt Wheaton Cornick " Athletic " 12 " Pretty smiles conquers miles " Bernadine Virginia Cornick " Effervescent " James Patrick Davis FINALIST NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST Jeanette Cornick " Lively " Robert Davis " Fun-loving " Carol Ophelia Cross " Neat " Shervette Daughtry " Reserved " 13 " A step in the right direction. " Rosa Mae Crumble " Intelligent " Ella Davis " Quiet " Marvin Dillard " Quiet " Pedro Herbert Ellis " Late, but there " Phyllis Ann Davis " Flambuoyant " Rufus Anthony Eure " Gay " 14 Linda Lee Foreman " Sedate " Johnny Lee Evans " Intelligent " Elizabeth Gardner Godfrey " Lively " Roger Alexander Felton " Pace-setter " Lydia Juanita Goffigan " Intelligent " William Edward Grimstead " Happy-go-lucky " X H ' i Janice Lynnette Gordon " Lady-like " Ronald Dwight Harris " Lively " Annie Vista Lee Gray " Musical " Robert Lee Harvey, Jr. " Active " Class President Marion Elizabeth Gregory " Forever Likeable " Stephen L. Hobbs " Intent " ■ ► J » ' . sf i L ' ■ i % w ■k KSSS 15 May I help you? Sarah Elizabeth Hodnett " Serious minded " Jerry Augustus McCant " Musical " Sandra Faye Hoggard " Reserved " Ralph Moore " lively " Carolyn Holloway " Lively " McKinley Caldwell Jamison " Talented " 16 iarolyn Juanita Gregory " Poised and Proper " James Hogue " Musical " [arriett Jacquelyn Griffin " Lively " Kevin Hunter Holloway " Athletic " verly Maureen Grimstead " Very Active " Sec. Senior Class .vlicheal Tynes Holloway " Debonair " rguerite Lauretta Harper " Vivacious " Larry Vance James " Reserved " ernard Earthin Hughes " Reserved " irginia Lorraine Harris " Intent " Daniel Lewis James " Musical " Irenda Patricia Hassell " Aggressive " 17 We XiJk Carolyn Evelyn Hawkins " Glamorous " McArthur James " Athletic " Marionette Delores Highter " Aggressive " Cornell Jerome Little " Comical " Mary Lousie Hodnet " Quiet " Ernest Little " Quiet " Mary Elizabeth Ivery " Gay " Simuel Donnell Johns " Talented " Joan Virginia Ann Johns " Amiable " William Henry Johnson " Friendly " Nannie -Bell Beula Johnson " Reliable " Lucas Jones, Jr. " Debonair " 18 " In the mood! " ) Mary Elizabeth Johnson " Lively " Oston Jones " Intent " Carolyn Jones " Vivacious " Harvey Lee Joseph " Jolly " Alice Christine Jones " Shortie " Dennis Lee Haynes " Reserved " 19 " Do I make myself clear? " Mary Louise Jones " Sedate " Raymond Alphonso King " Pace-Setter " George Lee Kimble " Quiet " Hazel Jean Joseph " Intent " Mildred Deloris Jones " Intelligent " Thomas Eugene Marshall " Athletic " ' . v 20 Etheleen Delores Kimble " Glamorous " John Baptist Munden " Lively " Sandra Colleen Lewis " Lady-like " Willie Owens " Quiet " Annie Mae Lindsey " Reliable " Ronald Clarence Owens " Reliable " n m f Z ' m Mary Helen Mayfield " Lively " Thomas Alexander Owens " Debonair " Ann Jeanette McCoy " Gay " Charlie Ray Parker " Sauve " Lillian Lorraine Mitchell " Vivacious " John Henry Skinner " Neat " 21 Bettie Irene Moore " Serious -minded " John Anthony Petty " Neat " Deborah Ann Murphy " Active " Calvin Lee Phillips " Lively " Marzelia Neal " Radiant " Miss Homecoming 1965 Ernest Etheridge " Quiet " Beverly Ann Newsome " Intelligent " Miss Cotillion 1965 Ernest Plummer " Quiet " Naomi Nichols " Quiet " William Edward Price " Athletic " Barbara Ann Owens " Reserved " Cylester William Shaw " Lively " 22 " To have and to hold " Katherine Lenoil C vens " Quiet " William Cornelius Snowder " Athletic " Walter Clinton Snowden " Debonair " Ella Phillips " Quiet " Betty Jean Perkins " Lively " Ray Vaughan Spain " Sedate " 23 Barbara Jean Privette " Lively " Augustus Spence Smith " Reserved " Jacqueline Sylvia Re id " Talented " Richard Columbus Smith " Lively " Mary Frances Re id " Quiet " Thaddeus Clay Smith " Sauve " Senior Class Treasurer Patricia Voashell Ridley " Lively " Allen Sylvester Sneed " Reserved " Daisy Mae Russell " Neat " James Curtis Somerville " Lively " Carolyn Francis Smith " Poised " Robert Lee Tabron " Quiet " 24 -a " Take Five . Gloria Jean Turner " Lady-like " Jessie James Tyler " Reserved " Jean Deloris Veasy " Lively " Anthony Tyson " Quiet " Betty Ann Walker " Reserved " Herman R. Whitehurst " Neat " 25 ' Bewitched and Bewildered " Mary Ward " Quiet " Corthious Williams " Calm " Audrey White " Reserved " Elisha Willie " Gay " Catherine Louise White " Reserved " Emanuci Lee Willie " Quiet " 26 Deloris Mae Whitehurst " Friendly " Stella Mae Whitehurst " Friendly " Stanley Lamar Wills " Gay " Madie Marie Wilder " Quiet " Anna Lee Wiggins " Poised " Leonard Thurman Wright " Friendly " Jane Louise Wiggins " Lively " Mary Lee Williams " Intelligent " William Leonard Wright " Friendly " Adrean Sylvia Williams " Quiet " Audrey Regina Williams James Edward Wood " Suave " 27 Journalism Staff at Work Yvonne Marie Willie " Lively " Juanita Wilson " Gay " Gloria Jean Wilson " Friendly " Shirley Ann Wilson " Lady-like " Roscoe Edward Woodhouse " Neat " 28 29 § " Most Talkative " James Somerville and Bernadine Cornick " Most Popular " Jeanette Cornick and Robert Harvey " Most Handsome " Michael Holloway " Most Glamorous Most Debonair " ' Raba Bass and Lucas Jones 30 " Class Prevaricators " Coruthious Williams and Gloria Wilson ' Most Dramatic " Joan Johns " Class Tease " Charles Ballard " Loudest " Cornell Little and Patricia Ridley 31 " Tallest " Deloris Whitehurst and James Belin " Most Artistic " Beverly Newsome " Most Comical " Regina Breathwaite and Cornell Little 32 ■ ! " Shortest " Abraham Cason and Mary Jones " Most Attractive " Marguerite Harper " Most Athletic " Deborah Murphy and Roosevelt Cornick 33 " Most Reliable " Robert Harvey and Beverly Newsome " Most Polite " James Davis and Cynthia Boone " Most Pleasant " James Bridgers and Joan Johns " Most Likely to Succeed " Jeanette Cornick and James Davis " Most Versatile " Beverly Grimstead and Robert Harvey " Most Musical " Courtney Butts and Sylvia Reid " Most Brilliant " James Davis and Lydia Goffigan " Most Poised " James Wood and Anna Wiggins " Best Dressed " 5everly Grimstead and Roscoe Woodhouse 36 " Most Creative " Johnny Evans and Lorraine Mitchell " Friendliest " John Petty and Linda Foreman " Neatest " David Capps and Etheleen Kimble 37 We We 38 Ida Benjamin Is How Michael Holloway Inez Bailey ' e . John Petty V Raba Bass Betty Moore 39 ■ Cynthia Boone Marionette Highter Gloria Wilson • • • C i short Marvin Dillard Carolyn Ames Robert Baxter Daisy Russell Oston Jones a William Wright Herman Whitehurst Shervette Daughtray Jolm Cherry Madie Wilder Jerry MCCants Garland Harris Mildred Jones Lucas Jones Etheleen Kimble 1 40 time later i Ya Shirley Wilson Rufus Eure Betty Perkins Abraham Cason Beverly Newsome Bernadine Cornick Betty Walker A. Carolyn Hawkins Sandra Lewis Thaddeus Smith W —MB " t Jeanette Cornick Sarah Hodnett Phyllis Davis Jane Wiggins William Grimstead Carolyn Smith Joan Johns 41 Faculty English Mrs. M. Freeman Mr. W. Daniels Miss H. L. Goodman Mrs. L. C. Harold Miss R. A. Perry Mrs. B. A. Rasberry Mr. R.C. Setzer 44 Mathematics Mrs. B. M. Robinson Mr. A. L. Weston Trigonometry Mr. R. H. Greene Miss O. F. Daughtry Mr. S. R. Brown Mr. E. J. Smith Math Department In this world of atomic power, more and more emphasis had necessarily been placed upon the mastery of mathematics. In keeping up-to-date Union Kempsville has expanded extensive mathematical curriculum. One is intro- duced to Algebra I and II, geometry, and Trigonometry. For the student with other interest, courses in consumer ' s math and mechanical drawing are offered. With such a diversified curriculum, the interested student can be amply equipped to go on to more advanced studies in mathematics. 45 History Mrs. L. H. Carter Mrs. J. W. Jones " History is a pageant and not a philosophy " -- Augustine Birrell Mrs. D. L. Knox Miss E. E. Morgan Mr. W. J. Watson Studying the " drama " of the past and of the present, prepares us for the future. As the curtain goes up on the future, we hope to be equipped to meet our responsibilities in " The Great Society. " 46 Science Mr. A. W. Young Mrs. J. C. Griffin Mr. C. A. Willis Mr. J. L. Perry Science Department (Wonder of New Knowledge) A knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, and physical science is of great practical advantage, not only to scientists, engineers, physicists, biologists, physicians, botanists, and the like, but also to anyone who wishes to keep abreast of our changing world. Our age is the age in which science is playing an increas- ingly important role. Our Science Department is playing its own part in this Age of Progress. 47 Fine Arts Mrs. R. L. Allen Choral Music General Music Mr. R. A. Reid Band Mrs. I. C. Wilson Art Appreciation 48 Business Education Mrs. L. H. Reid The Business Education Department strives to prepares those who desire to enter the business world to make money in an honorable manner. Type- writing, stenography, economics, business law and general business along with bookkeeping and accounting as taught at U. K. prepares those who endeavor to render a service for a profit . Mrs. J. O. Siler ' 49 Industrial Arts Mr. A. H. Woodhouse Industrial Arts Mr. H. L. Robinson I. C. T. Mr. J. R. Hassell Mechanical Drawing Mrs. F. R. Ballard Home Economics Mr. H. L. Valentine Agriculture and Vocational Education 50 Mr. C. I. Siler Photos Missing: Mrs. D. W. Nance Mr. J. Darden Health and Physical Education Mr. C. L. Harvin Mr. Judge Goss 51 Mrs. M. B. Brockett Guidance Mr. R. L. Gordon Through Guidance information services, students are made aware of information concerning education, occu- pations, and personal-socio relation- ships . 52 Librarian " Ever ready to serve " Clerks Mrs. P. T. Young Mrs. V. M. Haynes Mrs. B. W. Gregory Foreign Languages Mrs. B. H. Greene Mrs. B. M. Patterson Por favor! Si vous plait! If you didn ' t know that, you were at U.K., you might think that you were in Madrid or Paris. The learning of a foreign language is assuredly difficult, but when mixed with dashes of fascinating customs and understanding of different ways of life, whether it be south of the border or across the sea, it is easily accomplished with Mrs. Bernice Greene and Mrs. Billy Patterson. 54 Administration ■g Mr. J. V. Boykins, Principal Administration Good, better, best never let it rest ' til the good is better and the better us best . . . These are the watch words of the fine administrations at the Union Kempsville. Enforcement of rules and regulation to achieve this object. Mr. D. E. Morgan, Assistant Principal 56 Juniors Georgia Ashby Algeria Barcliff Anderson Barnes Annie Baxter Jacqueline Benjamin Shirley Blount Charlie Bly Larry Boggs Deloris Braithwaite James Brinkley Shirley Brockett Fentrell Carter Bernard Cason Joe Cason Clara Cherry Perlean Cherry LaVern Conley Ronald Cooper Christina Copeland Katherine Cowell Irswell Creekmore Lena Cuffee Rufus Cuffee Clifton Davis Clinton Davis Jeanette Davis Susie Diggs Larry Dildy Larry Dozier Charles Etheridge 58 © © t? Q I Ida Evans Euphus Fentress Violet Fentress Regina Floyd Clifton Foreman Gloria Freeman Portia Gardner Walteina Gatlin Hazel Gould Frankie Gregory Norman Harold Audrey Harris Carolyn Harris Maurice Hawkins Holly Herbert Ida Hinton Ervena Hoggany Margaret Holly Barbara Holloway Isolean Jackson Richard James Ella Johns Barbara Johnson Thomas Johnson Evelyn Jones Stella Griffin Donell Grimstead Hilton Hanson Charles Harold Estralita Harold 59 Bernice Jordan Georgia Jordan Alexander Joyner Arvella Joyner Ernestine Joyner Joyce Keeling Sandra Knox Anita Lamb Paula Lambert Russell Lawrence Beverly Lewis Brookie Lewis Lavonne Malbon Emma Mayfield Sylvester Mayfield ©8 Brenda McCoy Roger McCoy Franklin Melvin Betty Mitchell Hilda Mitchell Patsy Mitchell Lawrence Moore Ernest Nimmo Barbara Olds Deloris Olds Marjorie Owens Charles Pace Geraldine Parsons Deloris Perry Donald Petty 60 Anthony Barnes Margaret Privott Carolyn Reid June Riddick Roxanna Robinson £t£l Josephine Rudd Annette Savage Jacquilyn Skinner Addie Smith Barbara Smith Carolyn Smith Claretha Smith Jeanette Smith John Smith John Smith Ronald Smith Sandra Smith Frances Taylor Barnett Thoroughgood Dorothy Turner Vivian Tyler Leon Vickers Jean Walke Marvis Ward Diane Whitfield Eley White Gloria White Rebecca Whitehurst Deloris Wilson Samuel Wilson 1% v 1» 61 Sebra Wilson Charles Williams Ronnie Williams Rueben Williams Elijah Willie LeVerta Willie Queen Worlds Sarah Winston Alvin Woodhouse Frank Riddick George Johnson Jackie McCray 62 Summer School Graduates 1966 63 Nathaniel Brown James Coston Kermit Matthew Evelyn Simmons Inez Smith Cleophus Williams Matthew Woodhouse 64 Sophomores A fc Lillie Berry Ernestine Coston Gwengolyn Hogue Rosa Boone Shirley Cowell Arthur Lassiter Willie Brown Gloria Dozier Shirley Lawrence Linda Butts Alfonza Eure Howard Macer Prentis Collins Annie Gay Kenneth Owens Ruby Cornick Annette Gregory Jay Phillips Aubrey Silvers Joyce Cason Tom James Beryl Skinner Geraldine Dailey Jeanette Lee Barbara White Cheryl Dildy Rudolph Lewis Kenneth Boggs Mary Ebron Bryon Nelson Jackie Bowe Robert Gordon James Nimmo Sylvia Brown Milton Haynes Ida Roberts Earl Smith Woodrow Smith William Spence Vincent Steed Barbara Wilson Ralph Wilson Horace Wynn Aundra Bridgers Eula Bryant Joyce Hawkins Bernard James Bertha Rose Joyner Charlie Lawrence Howard Price John Roberson Robenette Smith Johnson George William Clarence Cornick David Melba Williams Stella Williams Bessie Worlds Larry Christian Mary Cooper Mitchell Carolyn Franklin Willie Goins Bettie Gregory Erenest Gregory Jeanette Hyman Elizabeth Author Morris Connell Owens Percy Phillips Frank Simmons Curtis White Albriton fcfc Darnell Ashby Wallace Goodman Lorenza Jones Marie Babb Frances Griffin Yvonne Joyner Deloris Burgess Willie Griffin Geraldine Keeling Van Davis Deborah Harris Pearlie Land Shirley Eure France Hawkins Forrestine Price Anderson Freeman Lucille Jeffery Russell Rainey Brenda Riddick Cecil Carter Levander Hughes Yvonne Snowden Herman Corprew Ann Ivery Audrey Smith Jeanette Etheridge Bobby Mclntyre Sherman Spencer Edward Foreman Sandra Owens Jacqueline Boone Diane Harrison Carolyn Pace James Butts Thomas Hobbs William Stancil Robert Stevenson Lovel Toran Ruby Turner Vivian Tyler Alton Uzzle Janice Lloyd Cooper Charles Daughtry C arolyn Floyd Lewis Floyd Rosetta Freeman Brickhouse Evelyn Gray Levon Gregory Vernetta Harold Hattie Hinton Donald Mitchell Bernell Gatlin Alice Owens Margie Baxter Dorothy Juanita Owens Elaine Robinson Terry Simmons Edward Stieff Roger Wright Ebron Mary Albritton Barbara Boyde Annie Broadnax Flora Cason Ruby Cornick Minnie Yvonne Hill Willie Holloman Alvin Jone s Jackie Miles Elna Owens Riggins 41k Jesse Davis Barbara Williams Joyce Wilson James Shaw Richard Smith Joyce Williams Jacob Woodhouse Carolyn Walker Judy Williams Willie Yarn Jennie Wilson 70 Freshmen Debra Ovens Paula Pinckey Robert Rainey Robert Riddick Doris Robinson Vanita Skinner Joseph Turner William Tyler Elsie Barham Dorothy Brown Bessie Brown Willie Brock Willis Brown Lucy C ason Lewis Cason Gerald Cason Donnell Creckmore Joseph Etheridge Carol Freeman Elizabeth Franklin Stanley Mitchell Wade Morings Gloria Pinckney Theodore Robinson Elton Rudd Phyllis Scott Shirley Williams Christine Williams Roselle White Jimmie Anderson Betty Broadnax Vivian Butts Leon Carrington Ernest Caffce Audrey Caffec Barbara Holloman Edna Hawkins Gloria Maccr Darlenc Mason Gene Stevenson 72 Sherman Dozier Jessie Hill Filmore Hughes Joyce James Michael Mitchell Kenneth Owens Doris Olds Louis Powell Anthony Rotan Tyrone Redd Jessie Speller Clifton Sanderson Linwood Skinner Samuel Savage Layfayette T abron James Williams Barbara Williams Laverta Willie Louise Willie Mary Watson Wickie Riggens Louise Cross Hester Cheatam Shirley Olds Sylvania Henderson Gloria Mitchell Marva Sears Herman Phillips Russell Williams Omelia Wilson Major Blount Floyd Be ale Josephine Cherry Mamie Foreman Rosalyn Freeman Ervin Grimstead Alvin Gregory Michael Goffigan Rueben Gilchrist Mary Hinton Ai " W Marvin Baxter Brenda Cason Lawrence Elliot Ervin Thomas Juanita Etheridge Walter Fentress Warnell Fletcher Evonne Foreman Nelson Harper Joyce Herbert Taritha Kimble Jacquelyn Smith Shirley Smith Edward Smith Jacquelyn Taylor Gary Watkins Nathaniel Willie Raydel Williams Peggy Williams Gloria Wood Paula Gardner Sylvia Bailey Anthony Braithwaite Gloria Coston Shirley Cuffee LaVerne Dildy Scrafio Fontnella Jestinc Fitzgerald Alveeta Harold Delois Jones William Lindsey Waverly Mills Wilton McCoy James Mitchell Debra Peebles LaVerne Peebles Cora Ricks Ronnie Rouse William Wilson Larry Yancey 74 James Askew Eileen Brown Raymond Dailey Ardelia Elliott LaRosa Gatlin Oscar Hyman John Keeling Emma Mitchell Wallace Moore Clement Murphy Cynthia Murphy Flora Neal Cathy Neal Linda Newborn Jeanette Robertson Melvin Gatlin Patricia Shaw Joyce Skinner Deborah Walker Dianne Wiggins Maggie Williams Gwendolyn Williams Stella Bly Amme Brickhouse Mildred Brockett Brenda Brock George Cason Huge Cason Lillie Corprew Dennis Davis Dorothy Elliott Douglas Evans Willie Foreman Calvin Hoggard Fred Hollow ay Clayton Jones Delois Johnson Ronnie Knight Lydia Lawrence Rosetta Miller 75 Barbara Harris Sandra Mayfield Patricia Mayfield Leon Flora Evelyn Ferebee Princetta McClee Juanita Holloway Lawrence Elliott Brenda Kelly Ethel Johnson Benjamin Lamb Welton Williams Melvin Simmons Deloris Snowden 76 Eighth Grade ,lVVi» Brenda Anthony Edward Askew Frank Battle Walter Dildy Alexander Elliott Tyrone Fontenella Belita Forbes David Freeman Roger Gilchrist Irene Goffingan Brenda Harold Ronnie Hawkins William Hawkins Ronnie Haynes Lessell Hinton Valerie Jones Charles McCoy Jesse Mosley Elmer Murphy- Larry Nichols Marvin Petty Kenneth Privott Vernon Riddick Ronnie Robinson Vernice Sanderson Dianne Simmons Juanita Skinner Pernell Snowden Nathan Stiff Claudia Tabron Cornell Ward Conner Williams Sandra Allen Willie Artis Victor Bailey Willie Brock Carolyn Brock Alexander Burch Brenda Burch Warnell Conley 78 V) y[ l Charles Conyers Alvin Cornick Levi Cuffee Shirley Davis Ellen Dillard John Doles Leroy Fletcher Leland Forbes Shirley Freeman Alexander Hodnett Shields Holsey Josephine Hughes Ruth James Catherine Jones Sharon NcNeill Floyd Neal Jeanette Perry Mary Lee Roberts Vandelia Sanderson Larry Sneed Josephine Shepherd Jonny Snowden Pernell Speller Oisborne Wilder Lawrence Willie Willie Alexander Aaron Bell Elizabeth Cuffee Rose Cuffee Dorothy Dildy Evelyn Gordon Renae Graves Sylvia Harper Margaret Jones Annise Joyner Arthur Joyner Jesse Joyner William King Rosa Lewis Aaron McCoy 79 Janice Neal Vincent Price Phyllis Reid Joyce Ricks Rosa Sanderson Dianne Sanderson James Turner Mary Valentine Francis Vaughan Mary Williams James Wilson John Winslow Clyde Bryant Earnest Christian Nelson Dailey Norman Elliott Carol Edmonds Joseph Evans Issac Forbes Bruce Godfrey Sylvia Griffin Walter Harold Gloria Holloman Ernest Jackson Carolyn Jones Vernon Lawrence Anita Nichols Inez Nichols Willie Olds Norma Owens Eugene Plummer Walter Reid Barbara Riddick Daniel Riddick Diane Sanderson Carolyn Smith Shylene Smith Melvin Spence Ronald Thompson Prentis Winslow 80 ik£ Edward Basnight Richard Bright Linda Creekmore Richard Cuffee Mildred Davis Doretha Davis Thomas Evans Clementine Foreman Edward Hoggard Ruth Johnson Jane Joyner Patricia Knox Mary Lamb Marshall McCant George Owens Larry Owens Charlie Owens Sandra Owens Lessie Owens Delores Rainey Sarah Riddick Raleigh Sanderson Margie Williams Carrie Williams Raymond Woodhouse Robert Albritton Laurette Allen Donalda Boston Elma Cross Barbara Coley Micheal Cuffee Clinton Diggs Norman Gordon Deborah Gregory Janice Harper Samuel Harper Gloria Hillard Robert Johnson Bernette Jordan Clarence Joyner 81 v »l.fc ft Willie Kellam Cora Lindsey Brenda Olds Gerald Owens Clarica Swimpson LaVerne Vaughan Mary White Johnny Williams Barbara Wilson Leonard Berry Jancie Cason Wanda Council Winfred Felton Doris Hines Debra Johnson Jacqueline Mitchell Vincent McCoy Rosa Mae Olds Rueben Peebles Ruth Robinson Larry Shaw Marjorie Stewart Cheyenne Taylor Fred Thourogood Bernadine Wilson Janice Wilson Ivory Williams Gail Knight 1 " W 82 A ctivities - , Miss Homecoming and Attendants Lovely Gracious, Charming . . . Marzelia Neal Miss Homecoming 1965 - 1966 and her attendants, Misses Joan Johns and Marquerite Harper reigned over U.K. ' s homecoming activities in the fall of 1965. This WAS a good year. 85 Homecoming 1965 Three gracious ladies reigned over Homecoming activities during the past year. PICTURED ABOVE are Misses Marguerite Harper, Marzellia Neal (Miss Homecoming) and Joan Johns. At FAR RIGHT, Marzellia is crowned by 1964 ' s queen, Marilyn Lewis. Mr. Boykin (BOTTOM PHOTO) congratulates " Miss Homecoming -- 1965 " .4M 4 1 t f M i •■ %k s I : w " ' . " 1 m Br 87 Work or Relaxation it was a good year at Dear Ole UK . Above are pictured Mr. J. V. Boykin, Principal; Attorney Victor J. Ashe, long-time friend of the late Mr. Thaddeus Clay Smith; The Reverend Thomas M. Venable; Mr. George Ferrell, Chairman of the School Board; Mr. K. L. Jard, former member of the School Board; and Mr. Frank W. Cox, Superintendent of Schools. T. C. Smith Stadium Dedicated The new stadium was dedicated to the memory of the late Thaddeus Clay Smith, first principal of the school, and admired teacher and friend and benefactor to many in the Virginia Beach Area . Mr. Victor J. Ashe, long-time friend and fraternity brother of Mr . Smith, and a leading attorney, delivered the Dedica- tion Address . 89 Annual Staff Phyllis Davis pounds away at the typewriter trying to make the " deadline. " Beverly Grimstead ponders over pictures before drawing a layout 90 Busy, Busy . . . Busy?? PICTURED ABOVE are members of the Annual Staff. SEATED: Josephine Rudd, Lorraine Mitchell, Beverly Grimstead, Phyllis Davis, Joan Johns and Bernadine Cor- nick. STANDING are Ida Evans, James Davis, Raba Bass, John Petty and Barbara Privette. 91 ■ %i|| A • • " i ■ • Jl • m m Mrs. Jones with Adm. Hogle James Davis with Briefing Team Mrs. Greene chats with Lt. Belfort. Nato Visits UK Vice Admiral Reynold D. Hogle, United States Navy, Chief of Staff, SACLANT introduces NATO Students sit and listen attentatively to NATO briefing. MISS VIRGINIA, 1966, Miss Jean Inge with other guests. Adm. Hogle reviews the Pershing Rifles, VSC, Honor Guard Organizations I.C.T. The I.C.T., in addition to participating in sev- eral conferences, sought to help students to help themselves by providing practical job experience and wise job advice . Lambda Chi The purpose of the Lambda Chi is to pro- vide a token of distinction for the high scholar- ship and char- acter distinctions of our students . 94 Ready to " Meet Todays Challenges " The Girls Club The Girls Club of Union Kempsville High School started the school year of 1965-66 with the topic of " Girl ' s Week " with their theme " Meeting Today ' s Challenges . " During that week we were happy to say that we had two members from our club to take part in this great event. Sandra Lewis served on the In- terracial Panel and Ann McCoy served as Mistress of Ceremony. Topics for discussion were: Religious Emphasis, Community Service and Citizenship, Arts and Craft, and Culture Announcement. Objectives for observance were: (1) To direct the Attention of girls toward those factors which are important elements in their preparation, to bear the responsibilities of the future. (2) To let the girlhood of our race know that the community is interested in the welfare of each girl. This event took place at Queen Street Baptist Church of Norfolk. During the fall season, we as members of the Girls Club, have had several activities! During the Christmas season, the Girls Club was able to present a basket to an unfortunate family. The club ' s goal is: To grow in friendship with people of all races, nation- alities, and religions, to make a better impression on today ' s life. 95 V The Bachelors The Bachelors, a branch of the Future Teachers of America, are brothers to the Xinos. During the year, they sponsored a " Can-Can " Dance in order to collect goods for needy families. Bachelors with Pledgees, " Dogs " ■j 96 Fentrell Carter and Lovel Toran rehearse a scene from " Macbeth. " The Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club gave performances during the year, among them were the in- duction performance which is given each Fall; and the annual Christmas pageant . 97 Future Teachers of America . . . Xinos These young ladies, a part of the Future Teachers of America, proved to be a volcano which erupted with spirit and energy dur- ing the past year . Exemplifying high ideals, they sponsored several projects among which were the annual Xino Green and White Ball and sev- eral fund raising activities for their scholarship fund. Each year, the Xinos award a book scholarship to all of its graduating members . A Branch of Future Teachers of America Pledgees 99 Industrial Arts Club To foster the development of a strong foundation in the skills, knowledges, and at- titudes regarding technical matters, is the goal of the Industrial Arts Club. The club participated in the National Industrial Arts Exhibit with their coffee tables, woodwork, and candle holders among other projects. A year which was marked by progress and achievement . Brush and Palete Club • The Brush and Palete Club worked diligently decorating the school and creating the proper moods for " Career Week. " In addition, they recreated the " Twelve Days of Christmas " and following the theme for the Junior-Senior Prom, " A Night In Hawaii. " What a year! The Brush and Palete Club was buzz -bee and busy too. 100 f F The Y-Teens, the energetic and vivacious Lady Kempsvilles, sponsored several projects in conjunction with other state and local chapters . Inculded were a Thanksgiving basket to help needy families; a Christmas Ball and sev- eral fund raising drives. The Y-Teens truly helped to make this the year that WAS active and purposeful. The Debating Society ■ .- . .. ' . ' AIM MOTTO: To uphold logic and foster reason, 101 Spanish Club v Pfe fea vz to SPEAK the Language ' Sports Club Active, as the name implies, the Sports Club sponsored this year ' s swinging Valentine Dance and injected " pep " into the school spirit campaign. Their aim: " The whole man -- brainwise, social wise, health wise, otherwise. " 102 National Honor Society The Union Kempsville Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secon- dary Schools is a member of the National Council. The purpose of our organization is to create an en- thusiasm for Scholarships, to stimulate a de- sire to render service, to pro- mote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of our school. The Student Council The Student Councils sponsored a Christmas gift campaign for the Infants Clinic at the new Virginia Beach Hospital. In addition, it sparked a Christmas Week and Rejuvination of U. K. campaign. A real success! ! 103 Future Homemakers of America This year the overall goal of the Future Homemakers of America was to help improve personal family and community living. In fulfill- ment of its motto, the F.H.A. visited the Infants Clinic of the New Virginia Beach Hospital bearing gifts. In addition, they sought TO- WARD NEW HORIZONS. Motto Toward New Horizons " School Choir Ml - ' ■ -»» r Second Period Choir Mixed Chorus ■W+ f ym Mrs. R. L. Allen, Director Mixed Chorus The Choir has won city and state -wide acclaim with their appearances on radio, TV and in concert . 106 = Athletics CLRY 9i!TH 5TRWUK SS I Captain Roosevelt Cornick Co -Captain Kevin Holloway m . . j " A ' ■ ) j " .- $ ■ ' ■;• :- 109 » - i X •1 • ' •■ This was a The UK Tigers tied for VIA District Championship for the first time in UK football history. They placed second for in state -wide competition. The Tigers had an exceptionally good season under the coaching of Head 7 QA 110 . -V ' • • Q % year for champs! Coach Joshua Darden with the able as- sistance of Coaches Charles Harvin, Robert Setzer and Clyde Siler. The coaches believed even at the beginning of the season that the team had the " feel of champions. " V c 111 Go- yeofl 1 ' ? - • " - £»-- 7 112 Go -Go Tigers! " Baby Junior " Hawkins holds that line as he brings down one of the " Fighting Bookers " as the TIGERS slaughtered the BOOKERS 19 -14. What a year! What a team! The Tigers move in for " the kill " on a Booker T. of Suffolk " Bears . " Final score, 33-6. We did it again! ! ! W Football - 1965 The Mighty Tigers held their own throughout a season which turned out to be the best in the record of UK football history. On the rainy night in October when the Tigers slaughtered the " mighty " Bookers of Norfolk, one spectator was heard to comment: " And even the Heavens Cried. " We did too -- for joy! 1ft w Basketball, An all -American sports -- Basketball. And one of favorite sports at U.K. The U.K. Tigers were dubbed the most im- prov ed teams in the Dis - trict for the 1965-66 " Where the Action Was " U.S.A. season. Coming up from the bottom at the begin- ning of the season, the tigers went on to have a smashing season, after all. The Members of the Fighting Tigers are ready for action anytime. Baseball Team 1966 The Homefield of the Fighting Tigers. r ■ %. ' v ' ; -. " ... I Tennis is always fun and here at U.K. , Tennis is put into action. Having fun in the sun Tennis :i9 Cross-Country Runners, Those Tigers U.K. ' s Track Team usually a persistant winner, was no ex- ception this year. The team pre- pared diligently to maintain past records secured in the Penn- State Relays. The team ran their way to gain a successful, timely, finish. This was the year that was every mile of the way! !! Track Advertisements Boosters Patrons R. Pretlow Son THE FABULOUS EMERALDS Heating and Air Conditioning " The Best Sounds in Rock ' N Roll and Jazz " Fuel Oils Roofing 1 rx V%) Jl-3 [ -X Aaron Williams, Organ LZ5H William Brown, Bass Nathaniel Brown, Guitar ■X William Wiggins, Vocalist R. Pretlow, Jr. 2313 Tidewater Dr. Reginald Hayes, Drums Manager Norfolk, Va. 23504 William Brown, Manager Telephone 622-2577 Phone: 625-1868 Air Conditioned Hi-Fi Television Room Phones Swimming Pool EL CAMINO MOTEL Putting Green Congratulations Banquet Room RESTAURANT Lounge A FRIEND Phone 703-464-3586 TWX. 8550011 1808 Diamond Springs, Virginia Beach, Va . Near Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel 1 JAMES E. DILDY HA LE COMPANY Motion Picture-Song Writer Morticians 501 Newtown Road 950 E. Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia (Also sellers of the best wigs in town) Matthew ' s Barber Shop Matthew Johnson, Owner Open 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Also by appointment Just For You Expert Barbers " Specializing In Hair Cutting of All Types and Styles ' Catering to Men, Women and Children Phone GArden 8-9473 Virginia Beach, Virginia Princess Anne Plumbing Electrical Suppliers Inc. Plumbing-Heating Electrical Air Conditioning (Contractors) 2 Locations to better serve you Radio Dispatched Trucks 431 Virginia Beach Blvd. 428-1660 Princess Anne Station 426-6216 Virginia Beach, Virginia Kellam-Eaton Insurance Co. 311 Pacific Avenue 2406-B Princess Anne Road Two Locations to Serve You REAL ESTATE RENTALS INSURANCE Phone 428-9161 Virginia Beach, Va. Josten ' s Company 1 i l " QUALITY SINCE 1897 " p 703 Second Street Martinsville, Virginia 1 | Phone: 638-7571 1 |§J WILLIAM W. EDWARDS m Servmg m H SCHOOLS INDUSTRY COLLEGES THE ARMED FORCES S 1 1 Class Rings Diplomas Class and Club Pins Medals Trophies Service Awards and Honors m Yearbooks Commencement Invitations Announcement Cards Personal Cards 1 Announcements ID ' Best of Luck, Seniors Mrs. Vivian Butts and Sons 1720 University Avenue Bronx, New York i Modern Arts Studio FRED SOSKEL -- PHOTOGRAPHER Photographs Live Forever School Photographs Studio Portraits Wedding Candids Identification Photos Copying of All Kinds Oil Coloring by Experts Anything in Photography 704 Church Street Norfolk, Virginia MAdison 2-7941 FOR YOUR HEATING NEEDS Call Community Oil Company SERVING THE CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH DAY PHONE: 428-2639 NITE PHONE: 428-4917 Bank of Virginia Beach CONGRATULATIONS MEMBER F. D. I.C. PRICE ' S, INC. Appliances Since 1905 . Maytag . Kelvinator . Magnavox .RCA . Motorola .Zenith m " ' i ' ' — ' m T r ! l 7 V l Tr TT m HONORING A FINE CLASS iJllN; A:i GREAT SCHOOL THIS CLASS IS OUT- STANDING AMONG THOUSANDS OF OTHER CLASSES ACROSS THE LAND BECAUSE YOU ARE A MEMBER; THIS IS YOUR CLASS; THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL. AS THE YEARS GO BY YOUR FINE CLASS RING BY BALFOUR WILL BECOME INCREASINGLY PRECIOUS AS A SYMBOL OF ACHIEVEMENT, A MARK OF RECOGNITION, AND A LINK TO MEMORIES OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS TOGETHER. EDWARD C. SMITH P. O. Box 146 Richmond, Virginia REPRESENTING JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN CLASS RINGS AND PINS • CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS • TROPHIES • PLAQUES • DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS i r i i i i i i i 1 1 i 1 1 Compliments of MRS. EVELYN WILSON SMITH to the 1966 Graduating Class in memory of my late husband THADDEUS CLA Y SMITH, SR. IN MEMORY OF MRS. MARGUERITE E. PRESTON Miss E. E. Morgan, Sister CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS Faculty of SEATACK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 411 Birdneck Circle Virginia Beach, Va. Miss Mary L. Johnson, Principal Mrs. Mary W. Williams, Clerk Tel: 464-9888 BAYSIDE FIREBIRD SERVICE STATION Casey Davis, Prop. Complete Tune-Ups Minor Repairs Road Service Wrecker Service Hwy . 652 Independence Boulevard DON ' S BARBER SHOP AND TAXI SERVICE 714-B Vi rginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. Telephone Don Sanderlin 428-3232 Proprietor WHITEFRONT MmKK ET Pick-Up and Delivery Service 2408 Kimble Terrace Norfolk, Virginia Tele.: 625-2652 Phone GA 8-2981 Res. GA 8-2001 VIRGINIA BEACH LUMBER SUPPLY CO, Lumber and Plywood Cut to Size W. K. (Bill) Macdonald - Owner 565 N. Birdneck Road — Va . Beach, Va . Phone: 428-1481 VIRGINIA BEACH FLORIST Gifts - Decorative Accessories 993 Laskin Road Va. Beach, Va . Jack W. Brothers C. F. Marks Golden Triangle Motor Hotel Monticello At Onley Road Norfolk Thomas P. Rusnock Phone: General Manager 627-5555 Compliments of RICHARD G. BRYDGES THOMAS C. BROYLES JAMES R. McKENSEY BRUCE C. MURPHY Hairston ' s Funeral Home Seatack Virginia Beach, Virginia We do the kindest things in the kindest ways James W. Hairston, Director 24-hour service Night phones Day Ga8-3421 Ga8-9321 Ga8-6746 (fsso) Princess Anne Esso Princess Anne Road At Park Ave. Norfolk 4, Va. Tires - Batteries Minor Tune Up and Repairs Budget Terms Road Service 24-hours Compliments of PEOPLES CO-OP CREDIT UNION 4655 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois LANDSCAPING AND GARDENING Expertly Done By Roland C . Griffin, Sr. Tele: 497-7507 Free Estimates VIRGINIA NOVELTY MUSIC AMUSEMENTS 613 Crawford Street Norfolk, Virginia D. E. Morrisette R. C. PITTS TRUCKING CO. Sand and Top Soil and Fill Dirt. Bednarick ' s AMERICAN SERVICE Electronic Tune-Ups Wash Wax Tires Acc. Road Service Lubrication Open 6:00 A.M. Close 10:00 P.M. Phone 464-9825 facts at your fingertips . . on any subject every day FRANK T. WILLIAMS ' FARMS Dealer-Grain-Seed-Fertilizer Route 3 Box 31 11 Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone 426 6465 A. B. C. SERVICE COMPANY 625 Glenoak Drive " Septic tanks cleaned, repaired and installed Phone 853-2098 CARNEY ' S BEAUTY BARBER SHOPS Al Carney, Prop. 954 St. Julian Avenue - Shop 830 Hayes Street - Home Phones Barber Shop — 625-9095 Beauty Shop —625-0153 NETTIE ' S BEAUTY BOX Hair Wave Technician Specializing in Hair Styling Tinting - Dyeing - Permanents Scalp Treatments - Wigs Mrs. J. T. Dyson, Prop. 428-9653 or 428-8195 Virginia Beach Compliments of PUNGO INSURANCE COMPANY COMMUNITY DRUG STORE 7015 East Sewells Point Road (Ample Free Parking) Phone for your prescriptions 855-3321 Congratulations J. S. BELL, JR. COMPANY Congratulation Seniors 1966 ®ljr journal " One of the Finest in Weekly Newspaper " 719 E. Olney Road Norfolk, Virginia JU 7-8721 BRATTEN PONTIAC CORP. 891 Little Creek Road Norfolk, Virginia JIMMY ' S Featuring 190 Ft. Slot Racing Track 1700Va. Beach Blvd. Oceana THE RATHSKELLER LOUNGE 2014 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia " Best of Luck, To Class of ' 66 " JOHNS BROS., INC. Heating Oil Coal Phone 622-4687 Compliments of JARD ' S REALTY CO. VIRGINIA -CAROLINA BARBER SHOP Ladies and Children Invited Chair 3 Chair 2 Chair 4 Hazel Bill Chick Where Your Business is Appreciated 619 Church St. Norfolk, Va . Boosters AL AND THE HEARTBREAKERS Virginia Beach, Virginia A. BARTLEY SONS Norfolk, Virginia MRS. VANESSA BUTTS Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. JAMES BUTTS, JR. Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. COURTNEY BUTTS, JR. Virginia Beach, Virginia CAPTAIN SMITH ' S BAIT HOUSE Virginia Beach, Virginia CARNATION SOCIAL CLUB Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. WILLIAM CASON Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. LUCY CASON Virginia Beach, Virginia COOPER ' S JEWELERS, OPTOMETRISTS Norfolk, Virginia DOUGLAS CLAYBONE SONS Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. ANANIASE FEREBEE Virginia Beach, Virginia FLAHERTY ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Norfolk, Virginia FRANK ' S BARBER SHOP Norfolk, Virginia GLAMOROUS ACES SOCIAL SAVINGS CLUB Virginia Beach, Virginia GRAY ' S PHARMACY Virginia Beach, Virginia GRIMSTEAD ' S MARKET Virginia Beach, Virginia GREAT NECK GROCERY Virginia Beach, Virginia GLENN -TILL MASONRY Virginia Beach, Virginia GRANBY ' S CHICKEN IN THE BOX Virginia Beach, Virginia HERBERT HARRELL FLORIST Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. G MRS. LEE E. HARRIS Virginia Beach, Virginia MGGY ' S CLEANERS LAUNDRY Norfolk, Virginia MR. JOHN IVERY Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. PEARL IVERY Virginia Beach, Virginia JORDAN ' S BEAUTY SALON Norfolk, Virginia KNIT-A-BIT Virginia Beach, Virginia CPL. GEORGE LAWRENCE Virginia Beach, Virginia MARCO ' S CONFECTIONERY Virginia Beach, Virginia MELVIN MOORE, CONTRACTOR Virginia Beach, Virginia MERRIWING INTERNATIONAL, INC. Milwaukee, Wisconsin MR. MRS. C. L. MURPHY Virginia Beach, Virginia NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Norfolk, Virginia OTTO ' S MEAT MARKET Norfolk, Virginia PLAZA ESSO SERVICENTER Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. VINCENT C. PRODIA Virginia Beach, Virginia PUNCO ESSO SERVICE CENTER Virginia Beach, Virginia ROBBINS CORNER GROCERY Virginia Beach, Virginia ROCK ' S MOTEL Virginia Beach, Virginia A. E. SAVAGE, BRICK PLASTERING Virginia Beach, Virginia SAXONY GIFT SHOP Virginia Beach, Virginia S. D. SCOTT S COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia SNYDER ' S GROCERY Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. CUTIE SPENCE Virginia Beach, Virginia THE HUNTER ' S SOCIAL AND SAVINGS CLUB Virginia Beach, Virginia TOWN CLUB Virginia Beach, Virginia TWELVE HUNDRED CLUB Virginia Beach, Virginia VIRGINIA BEACH CLEANERS Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. JAMES SOMMERVILLE Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. LEONARD WRIGHT Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. MAHRA VEASY Virginia Beach, Virginia MISS SHIRLEY VEASY Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. ELIZABETH VEASY Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. EDNA WHEATON Virginia Beach, Virginia MRS. CHERRY SAWYER Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. HORACE WILSON Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. JEFFERSON LUNDY Virginia Beach, Virginia REV. MRS. M. R. BOONE Virginia Beach, Virginia MUNDEN ' S GROCERY Virginia Beach, Virginia LIBERAL CLOTHIERS Norfolk, Virginia DR. J. H. BOYD Norfolk, Virginia TWELVE HUNDRED SPORTSMAN CORP. Virginia Beach, Virginia PLANTATION MOTEL Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. RICHARD WILLIAMS Virginia Beach, Virginia MURDEN GROCERY Virginia Beach, Virginia MR. MRS. MARVIN ETHERIDGE Virginia Beach, Virginia Patrons Mrs. Gertrude Abbott Mr. James Adams Sgt. G Mrs. Johnnie C. Adams Mrs. Verlin H. Adams Mr. Isaiah Addison Mr. Relewz Alandore Miss Evelyn Allen Mr. G Mrs. Earl Anderson Miss Essie Ashby Mr. G Mrs. Jessie Ashby Mr. John Ashby Miss Lucy Ashby Mrs. Thelia Ashby Mr. Walter Ashby Attorney Victor Ashe Mr. Mrs. Clarence Askew Mr. Mrs. Herman Askew Miss Betty- J. Bailey Miss Inez E. Bailey Mr. John W. H. Bailey Miss Linda Bailey Miss Luda A. Bailey Mrs. Martha Bailey Miss Sylvia Bailey Mr. Leroy Baker Mrs. Frederica Ballard Mr. Mrs. William Banks Mr. Leon Baptist Mr. Mrs. Joe Barcliff Mr. G Mrs. Maurice Barco Mr. Robert L. Barco Miss Ernestine Barnard Mrs. Hattie Barnard Mr. Mrs. Earl Basnight Miss Raba Bass Mr. Baston Mrs. Wilhemenia Baston Mr. Mrs. Ray Batts Mrs. Roberta Baughan Mrs. Alice Baxter Mr. Edward Baxter Miss Helen Baxter Mr. G Mrs. Lonnie Baxter, Jr. Mrs. Rosa Lee Baxter Mr. Wilfrod Andre Baxter Miss Georgia F. Beary Miss Helen Beary Miss Lillie Beary Mrs. Florence Beasly Miss Mary E. Beckett Mrs. Doris Bell Mrs. Ella Bell Mr. Fred Bell Mr. Hazel H. Bell Mr. Richard Bell Mr. Russell Bell Mrs. Ruth Bell Mr. Mrs. William Bell Mr. James Bellamy Mrs. Lessie Mae Benn Mrs. Ernest L. Benson Mr. Mrs. Berry, Sr. Mrs. Charlotte Berry Mrs. Minnie R. Berry Sgt. Mrs. Zien Berry, Jr. Mrs. H. C. Bickley Mrs. Ruth Bilale Mr. Lee Billups Mrs. Leamon Blount Mrs. Charlie Bly Mr. Charlie Bly Mr. Fletcher Boddie Mrs. Thelma Boggs Pfc. Warren L. Boone Miss Cecilia Booth Mrs. Regina Bowe Sgt. James J. Bowen Mr. G Mrs. John Bowman Mrs. Benjamin Bowser Mrs. Evora Bracey Mr. Mrs. Lee Braswell Mrs. Doris Braye Mr. Salmon Braye Mr. Mrs. William F. Braye, Sr. Mr. Anthony Breathwaite Mrs. Catherine Breathwaite Mr. Curtis Breathwaite Mrs. Evelyn Breathwaite Mr. Rodney Breathwaite Mrs. Sadie Breathwaite Mrs. Florence Briggs Mrs. Doris Brinkley Mrs. Odessa P. Brinkley Mrs. Josie Britt Mrs. Sarah Brock Mrs. Charles W. Brockett Mrs. Zelia Brockett Mr. Louis Brodnax Miss Katherine Brooks Miss Carrie Brooks Mrs. Maude Brothers Mr. Augustas Brown Mrs. Ella Brown Mrs. Elsie R. Brown Mrs. Hazel Brown Mr. Johnny Brown Mrs. Lena Brown Mr. Lloyd Augustus Brown Mrs. Mary Brown Mrs. P. H. Brown Miss Rachael Brown Mrs. Rachael Brown Mrs. Rebecca Brown Mrs. Rosie Lee Brown Mr. Alvin Bryant Mrs. Florean B. 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Cason Mrs. Rhoda Cason Mrs. Rodie Cason Mrs. Russell Cason Mrs. Ruth Cason Miss Shirley Cason Miss Stella Cason Mr. Thaddeus Cason Mrs. Virgie Cason Mr. Walter Cason Mr. William A. Cason, Jr. Mr. Willie Cason Mr. William C. Chambers Mrs. Irene Chamblec Mr. Maple Chance Cpl. Lewis M. Chapman Mrs. Ella Chares Miss Bobbie Cherry Mr. Joe Bobby Cherry Mrs. Lillian Cherry Mrs. Norman Cherry Mr. Mrs. Walter Cherry Mr. Whit L. Cherry Mr. William Cherry Mrs. Marian Christian Mr. Randolph Christian Mrs. H. Clark Mrs. Sandra Code Mrs. Vastan Cofield Mr. George Coma Mrs. George Coma Mrs. Annie N. Conley Mrs. Shirley Conley Mrs. Corrine Cooper Miss Elizabeth Cooper Mrs. Flossie Cooper Mr. Joseph Cooper Miss Margariete Cooper Mrs. Mary D. Cooper Miss Bernadine Cornick Mrs. C. Cornick Mr. Clenton Cornick, Sr. Mr. Herbert Cornick, Jr. Mr. Herbert Cornick, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Sidney R. Cornick, Mrs. Virginia Cornick Mr. G Mrs. William Cornick Mr. Raymond Corprew Mr. Andrew Coston Jr. Patrons Mrs. Laura Coston Rev. G Mrs. Moses Coston Mrs. Pauline Covenington Mrs. Dorothy Cowell Mrs. Ellare Cowell Mrs. Martha Cowell Mr. Miles Cowell Mrs. Charity Creekmore Mrs. Neolio Creekmore Mr. A. B. Crews Mr. G Mrs. Plummer E. Crumblt Mrs. Clara Cuffee Mrs. Mable Cuffee Mr. Roosevelt Cuffee Mrs. Ethel Cummings Mr. G Mrs. Kenneth Dale Mrs. Lula Daniels Mrs. Medith Darden Mr. Walter Darrell Dr. Heinz Datnitsching Mr. Clifton Daughtry Mr. Clifton Pernell Daughtry Mr. Linwood Daughtry Mr. Mrs. Timothy Daughtry Pfc John D. Davan Mr. G Mrs. Abram Davis Mrs. Beatrice Davis Mrs. Ellen Davis Mrs. Gladys Davis Mr. Jesse L. Davis Mrs. Lucy Davis Mrs. Margaret Davis Mrs. Naomi Davis Rev. P. C. 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Fauntleroy Mr. Wesley Felton Mrs. Amy Fentress Mr. G Mrs. Euphus Fentress Mr. Nathaniel Fentress Mr. Willard Fentress Mrs. Elizabeth Ferebee Mr. Greenwood Ferebee Mrs. Joseph Ferebee Mrs. Louvinia Ferebee Mrs. Sara Ferebee Mrs. Teresa Ferebee Mrs. Virginia Ferebee Mr. William Ferguson Mrs. Jessie Filhiol Mr. Ernest Fitzgerald Mrs. Mabel Fitzgerald Mrs. Rebecca Fitzgerald Mr. John Fletcher, Jr. Mr. John Fletcher, Sr. Mrs. Cecelia Flora Mrs. Letha Flora Mrs. Annie H. Floyd Mrs. Doris Fontanilla Mrs. Mary Forbes Mr. Robert Forbes Mrs. Annie Foreman Mr. David Foreman Mr. Leroy Foreman Mrs. Lucille Foreman Mr. Raymond Foreman Mr. Robert Foreman Mrs. Adda Forrest Mr. Celsea Francis Mr. Mrs. Wiley Franklin Mr. Mrs. Freeman Mrs. Bernice Freeman Mr. James Thomas Freeman Rev. Leon Freeman Mr. Paul Freeman Miss Rosa Freeman Mr. Warren Freeman Mr. Mrs. William J. Freeman Mr. Willie Freeman Rev. Fuller Mr. Ben Fuller Mr. Charlie Fuller Mrs. James Fuller Mr. Maurice Fuller Rev. N. J. 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Greene Mrs. Ivia Cora Greene Mrs. Joan Greene Mr. G Mrs. Johnny F. Greene Mr. Alvin Gregory Mr. Perry Gregory Mr. Robert Gregory Mrs. Sarah Gregory Mrs. Sarah Frances Gregory Mrs. Deloris Griffin Miss Harriett J. Griffin Mr. Mrs. John Griffin Mrs. Mable Griffin Mr. Roland C. Griffin Mrs. Vernice Griffin Mrs Viola Griffin Mr. G Mrs. William Griffin Mr. Willie Lee Griffin Mr. G Mrs. Lonnie Grimstead, Jr Mrs Marion Grimstead Mr. G Mrs. Oscar V. Grimstead Mr. R. A. Guide Mrs Lavern Guinn Mr. James Hairston Rev. Jeremiah Hall Mr. William Hamberry Mrs. Charlie Harding Mr. G Mrs. David Hardy Mr. James Hargrow, Jr. Mrs. Geraldine Harold Mr. Mrs. Roosevelt Harper Mrs. Willie N. Harper Mr. Cleon Harrington Mrs. Alice Harris Mr. Clarence Harris Mr. Mrs. Ernest Harris Mr. Ernest H. Harris, Jr. Mr. Joel Johnson Mr. John H. Johnson Mr. Pump Alfonzo Johnson Mrs. Purmella Johnson Mrs. Roline Johnson Mr. Rufus Johnson Mrs. Versie Johnson Mrs. Amanda C. Jones Mrs. Barbara Jones Mrs. Beulah Jones Patrons L. Cpl. C. B. Jones Mr. Carey C. Jones Mr. Carey C. Jones, Jr. Miss Carolyn Jones Mr. Chavis Jones Mr. Clayton Jones Miss Emma Jones Miss Evelyn Jones Mr. Forest Jones Mr. Hazel Jones Mr. Herbert Jones Mr. J. C. Jones Mrs. J. W. Jones Mr. G Mrs. Jerry Jones Mrs. Joyce Jones Mrs. Martha Jones Mrs. Mildred Jones Mr. Robert E. Jones Mrs. Sharlene Jones Mr. Spence Jones Mr. William T. Jones Mr. Willie Jones Miss Deloise Jordan Miss Georgia Jordan Miss Nellie L. Jordan Mrs. Vera Jordan Mr. William Jordan Mrs. Zelpha Jordan Miss Arvella Joyner Mrs. Bertha Joyner Mr. G Mrs. David W. Joyner Mrs. Flossie Joyner Mr. G Mrs. Jesse W. Joyner Mrs. Novella Joyner Mrs. Hattie Mae Keeling Mrs. Betty Kellam Mr. James Kellam Mr. Perry A. Kellam Mrs. Samuel Kellam Mr. Minor Kennedy, Jr. Mr. Isael Kenon Mrs. Cora Kettrel Mrs. Alcora Kimble Mrs. Susie Kimble Cpl. Eugene Kipper Mrs. Bertha Knight Mr. G Mrs. Charles W. Knight Mrs. Melvin Knight Mrs. Morve Knight Mrs. Phyllis Knight Mrs. Doris L. Knox Mrs. Georgia Knox Mrs. Sarah Knox Mr. Alvin Lamb Mr. Cornelius Lamb Mrs. David Lamb Mrs. Gloria Lamb Mr. Horace Lamb Mr. Kenneth Lamb Mr. Leroy Lamb Mrs. Louise Lamb Mrs. Marie Lamb Mrs. Rosie Lamb Mrs. Nilhe Lambert Mr. G Mrs. Jonas Larry Mr. G Mrs. Harry Lassiter, Jr. L. Cpl. Arthur Lawrence Mr. G Mrs. B. H. Lawrence Miss Barbara Lawrence Mr. Early Lawrence Mr. Harvey Lawrence Mrs. Mattie Lawrence Miss Olivia Lawrence Mr. William R. Lawrence Mrs. Carrie Lee Cpl. Willie Lee, Jr. Mrs. Essie Lenoie Mr. Herman Lesbit Miss Betty Levie Mrs. Rosa L. Levie Mrs. Annie Lee Lewis Mr. Ben Lewis Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis Mr. G Mrs. Eugene Lewis Mrs. Lula Mae Lewis Miss Marilyn Jean Lewis Mrs. Amvie Lena Lindsey Mi. Connie Lee Lindsey Mr. James Lindsey Mrs. Jennie Lindsey Mrs. Lena Lindsey Mrs. Louise Lindsey Mr. William Lindsey Mr. G Mrs. M. Liverman Mrs. L. L. Locken Mrs. Ruth Lonesome Miss Edna Love Mr. G Mrs. William H. Lubals, Jr. Mr. Benjamin F. Luck Mrs. Fannie Lundy Mr. Jeff Lundy Mr. William Lyles Mrs. Vivian Macer Mrs. Virginia Machell Mrs. Carol Magwood Mrs. Lucille Manegie L. Cpl. Robert Mann Cpl. Robert M. Mann Mrs. Mary Manning Mrs. Atla Manns Mary ' s Delicatessen Mrs. Nellie Malbon Mrs. Vivian Malbon Mr. H. B. Malbrone Willie Martin Hazel Mason G Mrs. Jesse B. T. Mason Willie Mason Mrs. Mary Mayblin Mrs. Mary E. Mayfield G Mrs. David McAllister Joe McClary Idabelie McClenny Dortha M. McCoy Frank McCoy Howard McCoy John McCoy Miss Margaret McCoy Mr. Robert McCoy Ruffin McCoy Willie McCoy Wilson D. McCoy G Mrs. Sandy McDonald G Mrs. Ralston Mclnnis Roland McKay Mary McNeill Linwood McPherson Simon McPherson G Mrs. Raymond Melvin Frank Miles Henrietta Miles Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Sgt. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. W. Miles Mrs. Connie L. Miller Mr. Henry Miller Mr. Kenneth L. Miller Mrs. Lillie Miller Mr. Alfred Mills Mr. G Mrs. Alfred Mills, Jr. Mrs. Catherine Mitchell Mr. George Mitchell Mrs. Gertrude Mitchell Mrs. Nettie Mitchell Miss Patsy Mitchell Mrs. Roylee Mitchell Mr. Roy Wayman Mitchell Mrs. Inez Moody- Miss Annie Moore Miss Bettie Moore Mr. Clarence Moore Mr. G Mrs. H. G. Moore Mrs. Lummie Moore Mr. G Mrs. Melvin Moore Mrs. Mancy Moore Mr. Samuel Moore Mrs. Dorothy Morgan Rev. Edmond E. Morgan Mrs. Hattie Morgan Mrs. Lillian Morgan Mrs. Alfred Morris Mr. Earl Morris Mr. Early Morris Mrs. Jenny Morris Mrs. Mary Bell Morris Mr. Allen Mosely Miss Charlotte Mosely Mrs. Cleof Mosely Mr. G Mrs. Edward Mosely Mrs. Clifton Mosey Mr. Allen Mosley Mr. G Mrs. Rufus Mosley Cpl. Richard L. Movin Mrs. Lillian Mumford Mrs. Carolyn Munden Mr. G Mrs. George Munden Mr. G Mrs. Herald Munden Mr. James Murphy Master Cassius Neal Mr. G Mrs. Charlie Neal, Jr. Cpl. A. H. Neuman Mrs. Edna New Mr. G Mrs. Frank G. Newsome, Jr. Mr. Frank G. Newsome, III Miss Aretha Nichols Miss Loomi Nichols Mrs. Mary Nichols Mr. Samuel Nichols Mr. G Mrs. William Henry Nichols, Jr. Mr. John Nirarao Mrs. Athelma Nix Mr. Enoch Olds Mrs. Enoch Olds Mr. Isaac J. Olds Mr. G Mrs. Walter O ' Neal Mrs. Irabel Overton Mrs. Bernard Owens Miss Calthlie Owens Rev. G Mrs. Clarence Owens Mr. Frank Owens Mrs. Goldie Owens Mrs. Hattie Owens Patrons Mr. Mrs. Hugh E. Owens Mr. Mrs. James Owens Mrs. Julia Owens Mrs. Marie R. Owens Mr. Matthew Owens Mrs. Maude Owens Mrs. Ruth Owens Mr. Mrs. Theodore Owens Mr. Warren Owens Mr. Willie J. Owens, Sr. Mr. Zan Owens Mr. Kyte Painter Mr. Mrs. John L. Pair Mrs. Margaret Palmer Mrs. Emma Panell Mr. Mrs. Jerry Parham Mrs. Irene Parker Mr. Willie Parker Mrs. Willie Parker Mr. Mrs. Edward Parson Mr. Aaron Parsons Mr. Ervan Parsons Mr. Willie Parter, Jr. Mr. Mrs. David Payton Mr. O. Peele Mrs. Ruth Peele Mr. Roy S. Perm Mr. Howard Perkins Mr. Oscar Perkins Mrs. Reginald Perkins Mr. Mrs. E. Perry Mr. Roland Perry Mrs. Vera Peyton Mrs. Elbera Phillips Mrs. Hazel Phillips Mr. Jesse Phillips Mr. R. C. Pitts Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church Mrs. Cattle Powell Mr. B. T. Power Mr. Jerald Preston Mrs. Ethel Price Mrs. Naomi Price Mrs. Annie Privott Mrs. Hattie M. Purnis Mr. Arthur Raba Mr. Fred Randolph Miss J. Sylvia Reid Mrs. Laura Reid Mrs. Leroy Reid Mrs. Millard F. Reid Mr. S. W. Reid Mr. Mrs. William Reid Mr. A. L. Richards Mr. Billy Riddick Miss Brenda Riddick Mr. Cladwell Riddick Miss Evelyn Riddick Mr. Mrs. Jacob Riddick Mrs. Jeanette Riddick Mr. Luther Riddick Mr. Matthew Riddick Mr. Timothy Riddick Mr. James Ridley Mr. Mrs. Melvin Ridley Mr. Guy W. Riggs Sgt. Mrs. Samuel Rivera Mrs. Gene Robert Mr. Columbus Roberts Mr. Mrs. Linwood Roberts Mr. William Roberts Mrs. Viola Robertson Mrs. Omia Robins Mrs. Hazel Robinson Mr. Jasper Robinson Mr. William S. Robinson Miss Eva Rogers Mrs. Clara Rooks Mr. David L. Ross Mr. Robert Rucker Mrs. Roberta Rudd Rev. Clarence Russell Mr. Earl Russell Mr. Mrs. Earl Russell Miss Gertrude Russell Miss Grace P. Russell Mr. Roland Russell, Jr. Mrs. Roland Russell, Sr. Mrs. Annie Sanderson Mr. Clifton Sanderson Mr. Clifton Sanderson, Sr. Miss Mamie Sanderson Mr. Mrs. Alfred E. Savage Mrs. Beatrice Sawyer Mr. Farmer Sawyer Mr. Nathaniel H. Sawyer Mrs. Shirley Sawyer Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Scott Mr. Ernest Scott Mrs. George Scott Mrs. Mary Ellen Scott Mrs. Emma Seaworth Mr. Robert Seaworth Mr. Robert Setzer Mr. Russell Sharpe Mrs. Eliza Shaw Mr. James Shaw Mr. Melvin Fantz Shaw Mr. Melvin Fantz Shaw, Sr. Mrs. Louise Sheppard Mr. Russell Sheppard Mrs. Sarah Sheppard Mrs. Harrison Ship Mrs. J. Sidwell Mr. Mrs. Silas Mrs. Minnie Siler Mr. John Silver Mr. £ Mrs. Henry L. Simmons Mrs. Mable Simmons Mrs. Mamie Simmons Mr. Waley Simmons Mr. Wally Simmons Mr. Mrs. Walley Simmons Mr. Rufus Simp Mrs. Leaihi Sivels Mrs. Sarah Sivels Mr. Mrs. James Skinner Mr. James H. Skinner Mr. Linwood Skinner Mrs. Melba Skinner Mr. Raymond Skinner Mr. Mrs. Richard Skolnick Mrs. Bertha Slogan Mrs. Alexander Smith Mr. Allen Smith Mr. B. J. Smith Mrs. Charlie Smith Mr. Cornie Smith Mr. Edward Smith Mrs. Ella Smith Mrs. Elsie Smith Mr. Ernest Smith Mr. Femondus Smith Mr. George Smith Mr. Mrs. James Smith Mrs. Juanita Smith Miss Lenora Smith Miss Mary Smith Mrs. Mary Smith Mrs. Nevada Smith Mr. Robert Lee Smith Miss Rosa Smith Miss Susie Smith Mrs. Sylvia Smith Mr. Thaddeus C. Smith, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Weston Smith Mr. Joseph Sneed Mrs. Snowden Mrs. Alice Somerville Mr. H. Sonaka Mr. Mrs. Sparrow Mr. George Sparrow Mrs. Maggie Spence Mr. Reuben Spence Mrs. Beatrice L. Sprague Miss Corrine R. Spratley Mrs. Lillian W. Stackhouse Mrs. Lee Stalling Mrs. Mayle Statan Mrs. Mable Stevenson Mrs. Vilethia Stieff Miss Celestine Stith Pfc. Stanley Stone Mrs. Hazel Streets Mrs. Ethel Summons Mrs. Marjorie W. Sunders Mrs. Evelyn Sutton Mr. Mrs. Horton Taylor Mr. Mrs. Leslie Taylor Mrs. Lydia R. Thaxton Mrs. Elaine Thompkins Mr. John Tillett Mrs. Katherine Tillett Mrs. Carrie Tolliver Mrs. Pauline Tolliver L. Cpl. R. L. Torres Mr. Mrs. Touchstone Mr. Mrs. Alarice E. Towns Mrs. Alarice E. Towns Miss Shirley Tucker Mrs. Alice Turner Mr. Benjamin Turner Mrs. Esther Turner Mr. George Turner Mrs. Vernice Turner Miss Burley Uzzle Mrs. Mary Uzzle Mr. Willie Valentine Mr. Eugene Vaughan Miss Barbara Vickers Mrs. E. Vickers Mr. Cleveland Vincent Mrs. Madeline Wade Mr. Mrs. Clarence Walke Mrs. Ivia W. Walke Mr. Louis Walke Mrs. Shirley Walke Mrs. Armstead Walker Miss Beatrice Walker Patrons Mrs. Larry Walker Mr. Mr. Henry Walton, Jr. Miss Mrs. Joseph Walton Mrs. Mr. Joseph Walton Mrs. Mrs. Thelma Walton Mr. Mr. Amos Ward Mr. Mr. Mrs. Clar ence S. Ward, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Essie Ward Mr. Mr. Henry Ward Miss Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Ward Mr. Mr. Roland Ward Mr. Mr. Mrs. Russell Ward, Jr. Mrs. Mr. Russell Ward, Sr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Vernon Ward, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Edna Ware Mr. Mr. Leonard Ware Mr. Sgt. Booker T. Waterhouse, Sr. Mrs. Mrs. Alice Watson Mr. Mr. Charles Watson Mr. Mrs. Grace Watson Mr. Mr. J. F. Weathers Mrs. Mrs. Willie Weathers Mr. Mrs. Josephine Whaff Mrs. Mrs. Emma B. Wheeler Miss Mr. Dallas Whitaker Mrs. Mr. E. Whitaker Miss Mr. Mrs. White Mrs. Mrs. Brunetta White Mrs. Mr. Butler White Mr. Mr. Earl White Miss Mr. Henry White Miss Mr. James White Mr. Mr. Jim White Mrs. Mr. Johnny A. White Mr. Mr. Linwood White Mr. Miss Mildred White Mrs. Mrs. Otelia White Mr. Mr. Walter White Mr. Mrs. William White Mrs. Mr. William White Mrs. Mrs. Algic Whitehurst Mr. Mr. Anthony Whitehurst Mrs. Mrs. Evelyn Whitehurst Mrs. Mrs. Hattie Whitehurst Mr. Mrs. Lenora Whitehurst Mr. Mr. Levy Whitehurst Mr. Mr. Luke Whitehurst Mrs. Mrs. Mable Whitehurst Mr. Mrs. McGirtha Whitehurst Mr. Mrs. Mildred Whitehurst Mr. Miss Rebecca Whitehurst Miss Mr. Rudolph Whitehurst Mrs. Mrs. Sevilla Whitehurst Mr. Mr. Stanley Whitehurst Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Whitfield Mr. Mr. William Whitfield Mr. Mrs. Eva Whittey Mrs. Mr. L. Widdey Mr. Mr. Mrs. Jimmie Wiggins Mr. Mrs. Lydia Wiggins Mr. Miss Mary E. Wiggins Mr. Mrs. Sarah Wiggins Mr. Mrs. Edith Wilder Mr. Mr. T. Wilkin Mrs. Mrs. Williams Mr. Mr. Alfred Williams Mrs. Mr. Arthur Williams Rev, Mr. Mrs. Davis Williams, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Dorothy Williams Mrs. Mrs. Ethel Williams Mr. Mrs. Garfield Williams Gertrude Williams Grady Williams Hazel Williams James Williams Mrs. James Williams John Roosevelt Williams L. Williams Lavern Williams Mrs. Lawn Williams Mrs. Lee Williams Mary Williams Neva Williams Otis Williams Otis Lee Williams Primes Williams Rosa Williams Mrs. Russell Williams Willie Williams Mrs. Willie Williams ELroro Willie Emuel C. Willie, Sr. Jennie Willie Juanita Willie Tammie Willie Tommie Willie Vivan Willie Catherine Willis Reubin W. Wills Adline Wilson Barbara Wilson Mrs. Charles Wilson Elton Wilson Eugene Wilson Mrs. George W. Wilson Helen C. Wilson Herbert Wilson James H. Wilson Leveada Wilson Lillian Wilson Marvin Wilson Mary T. Wilson Queen E. Wilson Mrs. R. Wilson Mrs. Ralph Wilson, Jr. Mrs. Ralph Wilson, Sr. Riley B. Wilson Mrs. Robert Wilson Mrs. Willie Wilson, Sr. Russell Winslow Sarah Winston Albert Woodhouse Alexander Woodhouse Geraldine Woodhouse Joe Woodhouse John Woodhouse Margaret Woodhouse Marshall Woodhouse Mrs. Miles Woodhouse Mrs. Robert Woodhouse Mrs. George Woodies Joe Woodis John Woodis Helen Worlds Archie Wright Cora Wright , Dove Wright Mrs. Drall Wright Ida Wright Mrs. J. H. Wright Mrs. Hattie Wright Mrs. Loine Wright Mrs. Mable Wright Mr. Milton Wright Mr. Meaco Zley Mr. Luzetta Ashburn Mr. Leroy Balcer Mr. Melvin Billups Mr. Eugene Brothers Mrs. Gertrude Carrington Mrs. Virginia Cartwright Mr. William Cooper Mrs. Charles Crawford Miss Doreatha Crawford Mrs. Gwendolyn Crawford Mr. Ray Dyson Mrs. Geraldine Forbes Mrs. Cecilia Freeman Mrs. James Gallope Mrs. Sudie Gallope Mr. Ralph Gillington Mr. Luther Kenneth Gray, Jr. Mrs. Caesar Greene Mr. Robert Greene Mrs. Annie J. Harris Mr. Ronnie Herran Mrs. Christine Holloway Mrs. Evelyn Holloway Mr. Richard Holloway Mr. Richard Holloway, Jr. Mr. John Jackson Mrs. Anne Jiles Mrs. Amanda C. Jones Mrs. Joseph Jones Mrs. Sharlene Jones Mr. William T. Jones Mrs. Vera Jordan Mrs. Cora Kettrell Miss Marie Knight Mr. David Langley Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis Mrs. Hattie Lockett Mr. George W. Manley Mrs. Doris Nance Miss Anita Nichols Miss Beatrice Nichols Miss Helene Nichols Miss Inez Nichols Miss Juanita Nichols Miss Lucy Nichols Miss Naomi Nichols Mr. Mrs. William H. Nichols Mr. Edward Parker Mr. Jesse Parker Mrs. Emma Seaworth Mr. Robert Seaworth Mr. Linwood H. Skinner, III Miss Margaret Skinner Mr. Junies Smith Mrs. Rachel Statlings Mrs. Walter Stiff Mrs. Lu Walker Miss Carolyn Williamson Mrs. Linwood Wilson Mr. Mrs. Samuel H. Wilson, Sr. Mr. Milton Wright Sixty -Five -Sixty -six was a good year at Union Kempsville. " We stepped out in front in many areas - - and we all had a grand time. We round out the memorable year with a big blast on the horn and to the sound of rolling drums, as we continue to march ahead like our mighty school band. We shall march on! but we ' ll remember this year as . . . This Was the Year That Was SCHOOL BAND --Mr. Roy A. Reid, Director • 7 W i i £Sjr " »- WVW News— 1965 I Humanitarian Dies — Dr. Albert Schweitzer died in September at Lambarene, his primitive hospital at the African jungle outpost of Gabon. The famed physician, who reached his 90th birthday in January, worked most of his life to relieve the suffering of jungle natives. 2 Queen Speaks — Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the John F. Kennedy memorial at Runnymede, England on May 14. Mrs. Kennedy is seated to the left and Prince Philip to the right of the queen. Carolyn Kennedy is seated between the queen and her mother, and Sen. Robert Kennedy stands behind Mrs. Kennedy. 3 Miss Universe — The reigning queen of beauty in the universe dur- ing the year was a representative from Thailand. A Bosch Returns — Former Dominican Republic President Juan Bosch was vehement in his address at a rally September 25, shortly after his return to Santo Domingo. 5 Wins m Run- Off— Charles deGaulle polled 55.2 per cent of the vote in a run-off election against Francois Mitterrandon December 19. The vote gave DeGaulle the French presidency for another 7 years, but the strength of the Socialist-Communistic candidate corroded the popularity of the 71 -year-old president.. 6 Agrees to Cease-Fire — Pakistani Foreign Minister Zulfikar Bhutto (right) agreed in the U.N. Security Council on September 22 to ac- cept the Council ' s cease-fire order in the undeclared war between Pakistan and India. Pakistan ' s announcement came after India had agreed to the order. 7 Abortive Coup Fails — Indonesian President Sukarno was toppled from power for a brief 20 hours last fall. He gestured at a cabinet meeting on October 6 during his first public appearance after the coup, which seriously shook his one-man rule. 8 Soviet Winner — Russian author Mikhail Sholokhov was vacationing in the Ural region on October 18 when he heard he had been awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize for Literature. The December award ceremony was held in Stockholm. 9 Return to Desolation — Hundreds of families returned to the wreckage of their homes, destroyed by eruption of Taal volcano, south of Ma- nila, on September 28. Volcanic ash covered a six-mile-square area. The death toll was estimated at 500. 10 Price of War — The number of casualties increased as the U.S. stepped up its military action in Vietnam. American advisors took part in many helicopter missions, carrying wounded soldiers, both Vietnamese and American, to copters on makeshift litters for evac- uation to Saigon. 1 1 Reason to Celebrate— Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of West Germany- waved to a cheering crowd in Bonn after his Christian Democrats surged to victory in the September 19 parliamentary elections. Mayor Willy Brandt ' s Social Democrats suffered defeat in the voting. 1 2 Colonial Rule Shaken — Rhodesian Premier Ian Smith broadcast a proclamation of sovereign independence for Rhodesia on November 11. The split from Britain was made in an attempt to insure a white minority rule of the African colony. It was the first such move against Britain since the American colonies broke away in 1776. Britain re- taliated swiftly and took the problem to the U.N. Security Council, which asked all nations to enforce an oil embargo against the Afri- can colony. W iH m

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