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I TH i i TIGER - THE I G E R 96 UNION KEMPSVILLE VIRGINIA BEACH. VA. ■ dedication President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963 ' His bright light will forever illuminate the world and hearts of men. foreword The great work of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a champion of liberty and free- dom for all people has been indelibly written in the scrolls of time and the hearts of mankind, even into unknown generations . They, too, will catch the bright light of his torch in its truest reflection and illuminate the nation and the world. We hope that scenes captured within the covers of the 1965 TIGER will bring forth pleasant memories in the future years and serve as inspiration to keep the bright torch burning. table of contents Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Initiates Activities Organizations Athletics Advertisements Patrons ■W .4 ' ' . J principal ' s message I congratulate the members of the graduating class for having successfully attained their high school objectives. It is hoped that the training and expe- riences acquired during their secondary school career will enable them to face -up the issues, and accept the challenges that lie ahead. I commend the loyal, faithful, and understanding parents of the Class of 1965. The sacrifices that they have made to assist these graduates in their achievements are invaluable. During a short span of study at Union Kempsville High School you have received ths final touches of a widely experienced and competent faculty. With masterful strokes and perseverance, the staff has sent forth another citizen to spread his light to the world. But the far-reaching results of the teacher ' s work remains to be assayed by the future. On these pages are captives of a time that is now history. You are invited to reminisce and retrace precious memories of steps to a happy ending. Herein is recorded high-lights of the fleeting moments of your high school days. May they serve as loving ties between you and your friends at Union Kempsville High School, your Alma Mater. principal Mr. J. V. Boykin assistant principal Mr. D. E. Morgan - english Miss H. L. Goodman Mrs. B. A. Rasberry Mr. R. C. Setzer Miss R. A. Perry Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the four main streams of communication within the hu- man family regardless of racial identity or national origin. Whether the avenue of communication be physical or mechanical, one of the four main streams must be employed for the smooth and successful operation of communication. Mr. W. Daniels 10 english Miss E. E. Morcan Mrs. L. C. Harold Mrs. A. A. Durban Mrs. E. W. Smith The Teachers of English at the Union Kemps - ville High School are " pooling " their efforts to help their students READ with understanding; WRITE with purpose, power, and organization; SPEAK with clarity; and LISTEN for knowledge and comprehension. Mrs. D. W. Knox On Leave of Absence 11 social studies Mrs. J. W. Jones History Mrs. L. H. Carter Social Studies Miss A. L. Alston Social Studies Mr. W. J. Watson History The Social Studies in the Union Kempsville High School compose a field of closely related subjects that deal with human relationships . Basically, this field includes Geography, History, Government, Civics, Sociology and International Relations. We believe that the social studies should aid in the development of such attitudes as respect for individuals, belief in democratic processes and rational solutions for social problems. Mr. J. H. Finney Social Studies 12 social studies Mr. R. H. Greene History science Mr. J. L. Perry Physics " I am a part of all that I have met ... " The Science Department of Union Kempsville makes every effort to develop each student as a fulfillment of the above quotation, by offering a program diversified enough to meet most of the needs and desires of most of our students . That each student may be made aware the past, part of the present, and help in the development of the future, is the aim of all in the Science Department . Mrs. O. W. Walston Chemistry Mrs. M. C. Allison Geography 13 science Mr. A. Young Science Miss J. L. Carter Biology Mrs. J. H. Stephens Biology Mr. C. A. Willis Biology 14 mathematics Mrs. E. D. Reid Algebra Miss O. F. Daughtry Mathematics Mrs. B. M. Robinson The Mathematics Department of the Union Kempsville High School consists of those course units of instruction and activities designed to con- tribute to the common and specialized Mathematics needs of secondary school students. The depart- ment strives to develop (1) Understanding, ac- curacy and facility in the fundamental process of computation; (2) the ability to use the problem - solving method in all situations; and (3) an understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics so that students can apply it . Mr. A. L. Weston Trigonometry Mr. C. K. Wilson Mathematics 15 foreign language Mrs. M. B. Patterson Spanish Mrs. B. H. Greene French Mrs. J. O. Siler Business Education Within the ever narrow- ing boundaries of the world, it has become evident that the ability to speak a language fluently, intelligently, and confi- dently is not only an ad- mired accomplishment but a definite necessity. business education Instruction (and experiences) in the field of Busi- ness Education is primarily to enable the present- day student and tomorrow ' s adult to function more adequately as a citizen in our democratic and eco- nomic society; to facilitate the growth of the student so that he develops competency; and to prepare those students who wish to further pursue the intricacies of the business world by studying the various phases of business on a higher level. Mrs. L. H. Reid Business Education 16 physical education Mr. C. I. Siler Coach Mr. J. Goss Coach Mrs. R. H. Brown Physical Education in our school program serves to provide opportunities for the normal physical growth and development of all pupils through all types of wholesome activities . Attention is given to the development of social and emotional qualities which contribute to mental and physical health. Driver education, a part of the physical educa- tion program, teaches the students to use motor vehicles with responsibility, safety, and efficiency. Mrs. D. W. Nance 17 physical education Mr. J. Dardcn Coach Mr. C. L. Harvin Coach home economics m • The purpose of Homemaking Education in the Union Kempsville High School is to help students put home economics activities in their parental homes and to prepare for establishing their own homes in the future. 10 vocational education Mr. A. H. Woodhouse Industrial Arts Mr. H. L. Robinson I.C.T. Mr. H. L. Valentine Agriculture Vocational Education is an integral part of the general education program of all youth; its in- struction shop work provides all youths with sound educational experiences that contribute to the satisfaction of their purposes, needs, and wants by offering those learning experiences which assist boys and girls in understanding the indus- trial and technical aspects of modern industry. Mr. J. R. Hassell Mechanical Drawing 19 art JmSm Mrs. I. C. Wilson The main objective of the Art Department is to effect the integration of Art with the total school curriculum . We further aim to provide for the specific needs of students with special interests and aptitudes in order that they may reach their highest level of achievement . Mrs. R. L. Allen Choir Music music The Music Department of the Union Kempsville High School provides opportunity for enrichment in the areas of choral music and band. It also provides opportunity for community music education through its annual spring and winter concerts . Competitive experiences are provided through the participation of the band choir in Regional and state music Festivals held in various Virginia cities dur- ing the school term . Mr. R. A. Reid Band 20 Mrs. J. P. Robinson librarian The Library exists to make materials of learning available to the faculty and students here at Union - Kempsville High School. Books and all forms of audio- visual aids are housed in the library which is striv- ing to reach its fall status as the " nerve center " of the school. clerks ft Mrs. V. M. Haynes Mrs. P. T. Young V . ' fw Mrs. B. W. Gregory 21 guidance Mrs. M. B. Brockett Mr. R. L. Gordon Guidance services, as applied in the Union Kemps - ville High School, are thought of as organized ac- tivities designed to give systematic aid to pupils in solving their problems and in making adjustments to various situations which they must meet. These activities assist each pupil in knowing himself as an individual and as a member of society; in making the most of his strengths and in correcting or com- pensating for weaknesses that interfere with his progress in learning about occupations so that he may intelligently plan and prepare for a career; in learning about educational opportunities available to him; and in discovering and developing creative leisure interests. 22 « Clarence Nelson, Jr. Class President Captain Football Team, Track, Debating Club . Ambition: Social Worker Jackie Thurman Hill Football, Choral Music, Sport Club . Ambition: Engineer Earnestine Lindeel Smith Drill Team, Spanish Club, Student Council. Ambition: Laboratory Technician class officers Jacqueline Lapaze Carter Y-Teens, Xinos, Modern Dance Club. Ambition: Business Education Regina Jones Xino, Music Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Elementary Edu- cation Harry Robinson Basketball, Drill Team, Football. Ambition: Civil Eng . Shirley Goodman French, Tri Hi Y. THE " TIGER, " Stud. Ambition: Bus. Ed. Co. Claretha Ashby Popular Dance Club THE " TIGER. " Ambition: Business Ed. 24 Marvenia Allmond Xinos, French Club, Modern Dance, Hi -Lighter ' s Staff. Ambition: Elem. Ed. Prezillia Elliott Xinos, Cheering Squad, Y-Teens, Hi -Lighter ' s Staff. Ambition: HEP.E. Ruth Harold Nimmo Xinos, Tri-Hi-Y, Hi- Lighter Staff. Ambition: Bus. Sec. seniors Jessie Ashby Football Team, Track, Boys ' Drill Team. Ambition: Draftsman Gloria Askew Sports Club, Cheerleader Ambition: Military N. Barbara Jean Barber Alberta Barnes Tri-Hi-Y, Drill Team, Sports Club. Ambition: Social Work. Raba Andretta Bass Xinos, Y-Teens, Majorette . Ambition: X-Ray Tech. 25 Brenda Hope Belle Y-Teens Music Club I.C.T. Ambition: Physical Therapist Wallace Bradford Varsity Sports Club Ambition: Paratrooper Bobby Breathwaite Varsity Band, Basket- ball, football, baseball Ambition: Lawyer seniors Clevean Bryant Hobby Club Ambition: Lawyer Juanita Caffee French Club, Sport Club, Girls ' Drill Team Ambition: Social Worker Alice Patricia Carroll Sports Club, Spanish Club, Girls ' Drill Team Ambition: Joan L. Cason Xino, Dramatic Club Modern Dance Club Ambition: Beautician Russell Cason 26 miss homecoming MISS MARILYN JEAN LEWIS SENIOR CLASS " »-v ' Gayle Faye Cheeks Xinos, Y-Teens, Choir, Drill Team. Ambition: Phys. Ed. Peggy Ann Cheeks Xinos, Choir, Sports Club, French Club. Ambition: Secretary Rosa Bernice Cornick Cheerleader, Xinos, Scholastic Team, Honor Society. Ambition: Lab. Tech. seniors Wilhemena Naomi Cornick Xinos Club, French Club. Ambition: Teaching Thomas Cuffee Sports Club. Ambition: Brickmason Xtl Raymond Foster Davis Student Council, Scholastic Team, National Honor Society. Ambition: Math. Clara Dreuitt Mod. Dance, Drill Team, Sports Club. Ambition: Elem. Ed. Charlie Elliott Sports Club. Ambition: Brickmason 28 Daniel Maurice Elliott I. T. C. Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Brickmason Annie Mae Etheridge Drill Team, Tri-Hi-Y, Xinos. Ambition: Elem. Ed. Estelle Etheridge Drill Team, 4-H Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Nurse seniors Wesley Felton Hi-Y Club, Choir, Ind. Arts. Ambition: Sports Patricia V. Ferebee Mod. Dance, 4-H Club, Dramatic Club. Ambition: IBM Oper. Vernon Ferebee Sports Club. Ambition: Movie Star George Fitzgerald Baseball, Basketball, Sports Club. Rufus Goffigan Art Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Artist 29 Dorothy Gordon Sports Club, Camera G Photo Club. Ambition: Registered Nurse Lola Maria Gordon National Honor Society, Student Council, Xino. Ambition: Pediatrician Regina Portia Graham Xinos, French Club, Y-Teens. Ambition: Social Worker seniors Eula Gregory Dramatic Club, Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club. Ambition: Teacher Patricia Gregory Drill Team, New Home- makers Of America. Ambition: Practical Nurse Joyce Loretta Gray Sports Club, Xinos, Modern Dance Club. Ambition: Nursing Maurice Harold Sports Club, Hobby Club. Co-Captain Football. Ambition: Pro. Football Hermon Eugene Haynes Sports Club, Hobby Club, Spanish Club. Ambition: Doctor 30 Doris Jean Hines Xinos, Y-Teens, Mod. Dance, Drill Team. Ambition: Dancer Gladys Mae Hoggany Tri-Hi-Y, Xinos, Band, Choir. Ambition: Music Lenarette Melvene Hoggard Hobby Club, 4-H Club, New Homemakers. Ambition: Elem. Ed. seniors Ulysses Holloman Baseball, Drill Team, Sports Club. Ambition: Electrician Kenneth Holloway Sports Club. Ambition: Auto Mech. Leon Hughes Drill Team, Hobby Club. Ambition: Eng . 31 Ronald Lee Hyman Thomas Lee Hyman Sports Club. Ambition: Teacher Albert Lee James Sports Club, Hobby Club. Ambition: Serviceman Juanita Clara Jefferson Mod. Dance, Xinos, Dramatic Club . Ambition: Biologist Jerry Mae Johnson Drill Team, Sports Club, ICT Club, Music. Ambition: Seamstress seniors Lucy Jane Johnson Mod. Dance, New Homemakers. Ambition: Stenographer Emma Rebecca Jones Sports . Ambition: Secretary Lillian Earsell Jones Y-Teens, Mod. Dance, Majorette, Choir. Ambition: Elem . Ed. Gregory Kiah Lambda Chi, Future Scientists . Ambition: Life ' s Goal April Delores King Xinos, Choir, Mod . Dance, French Club. Ambition: X-Ray Tech. 32 Connie Lassiter Modern Dance, New Homemaker of America. Ambition: Interior Decorator Barbara Sue Lawrence Sports Club, Dramatic Club, Student Council. Ambition: Secretary Virgie Lee Xino, French Club, Drill Team, Dramatic Club. Ambition: Home Ec . Marilyn Jean Lewis Y-Teens, French Club, Xinos. Ambition: Social Worker Sarah Love Drill Team, Spanish Club. Ambition: Beautician June Isabelle King Y-Teens, Music Club, Xinos, Sports Club, Girls ' Glee Club. Ambition: Jazz Vocalist Patricia Knight Xinos, Y-Teens, Music Club, Honor Society . Ambition: Social Worker Mary Rebecca Knight Y-Teens, Xinos, French Club. Ambition: Social Worker Laurice Yvonne Malbon Xinos, Sports Club, Cheer- leader, Future Teacher of Amer . Ambition: Pharmacist Ronald Alexander McCoy Sports Club, Hobby Club. Ambition: Engineer James Mclntyre Hobby Club. Ambition: Policeman Oliver Morgan Sports Club, Lambda Chi, Football. Ambition: Lawyer Carl Moye Sports Club, Football Team . Ambition: Engineer Dorothy Olds New Homemakers of Amer . Ambition: Secretary Carolyn Ann Owens Drill Team, Y-Teens, 4-H Club. Ambition: Nurse Thomas Les Owens Hobby Club. Ambition: Marine 34 Zan Byron Owens Evelyn Pace Barbara Parker Music Club, Sport Club, Dramatic Club. Student Council, Football, Baseball. Ambition: Speech Therapists Dramatic Club, Xinos Club. Ambition: Ambition: Lawyer seniors James Earl Palmer Football Team, Baseball Team, Sports Club. Ambition: Joseph Phillips Dancing Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Social Worker McRay Plummer Dancing Club, Hi-Y, Sports Club. Ambition: Social Worker 35 Ella Privott Y-Teens, French Club, New Homemaker of America. Ambition: Registered Nurse Barbara Roberts Sports Club, French Club. Ambition: John Linwood Robinson Hobby Club, Spanish C. Ambition: Minister David Lee Ross Hobby Club. Ambition: Singer Deloris Rudd Xinos, French Club, Club. Ambition: Home Ec. Art seniors Aaron Bernard Russell Hi-Y, Band, Student Council. Ambition: Ped. Marva Louise Shaw Y-Teens, Drill Team, Mod. Dance. Jesse Franklin Smith Sports Club, Band, Debat- ing Society. Ambition: Politician James Snowden Art Club, Football. Ambition: Ind. Arts Linwood Lee Sprue 11 Sports Club, Baseball, Foot- ball. Ambition: Airplane Elect. 36 it 4? Raymond Stith Art Club. Ambition: Artist Randolph Sumner Sports Club Ambition: Social Worker Selma Thomas Xinos Club, THE " TIGER, " Tri-Hi-Y, French Club. Ambiton: Nurse seniors Jimmie Thompson Girls ' Glee Club Ambition: Beautician Marionette Tillery Y-Teens, Choir, Xinos. Ambition: Biologist Benjamin Turner, Jr. Sports Club, Hobby Club, Art Club . Ambition: U.S. Army Barbara Ann Tynes Xinos, Choir, French, Modern Dance Club, Drill Team, Sports Club. Ambition: Math Science Carolyn Ann Veal Y-Teens, Drill Team, French Club, Modern Dance, Debating Society . Ambition: Elementary Ed. Joyce Naomi Walker Cheerleader, Xinos, Y-Teens, Mod. Dance, Basketball Team. Ambition: Social Worker James Edward White Sports Club, Art Club, Spanish Club. Ambition: Pro. Football Michael Bernard Williams National Honor Society Cheering Squad, Sports Club. Ambition: Lab. Tech. seniors Patricia Williams Xinos, Y-Teens, Choir Majorette. Ambition: Model Elton Wilson Sports Club, Hobby Club. Ambition: Electrician arol Wilson inos, Drill Team, Sports lub. mbirion: Secretary Steve Wilson Football Team, Baseball Team, Basketball Ceam. . Leroy Clifton Woodhouse Football Team, Sports Club, Track Team, Drill Team. Ambition: Psychologist 38 Juanita Woodis Y-Teens, Sports Club, Homemakers of America. Ambition: Nurse William Woodhouse Sports Club, Drill Team. Ambition: Mechanic Beverly Ann Worlds Sports Club, Music Club, Xinos, Y-Teens. Ambition: Elementary Ed. Raymond Jefferson Sports Club, Hobby Club, I.C.T. Club. Milton Wright Hobby Club, Spanish Club, Drill Team. Ambition: Scientific Eng. Robert Lee Willie Sports Club, Hobby Club. Ambition: Electrician John Woodhouse Robert James Sports Club, Hobby Club, Sports Club, I.C.T. Club. I.C.T. Club. Anthony Yarn Hobby Club, Sports Club. Ambition: Doctor 39 SENIORS AT WORK 40 Cynitha Anderson Linda Ashby Carolyn Ames Mamie Artis Betty Bailey Inez Bailey Delphine Baker Charles Ballard Florence Barnes William Battle Helen Beary John W. Beary Ida Benjamin Cynthia Boone Welton Braye James A. Bridgers Connie A. Brinkley Pattron L. Bronson Arkansas Bryant Courtney J. Butts 42 Wilmus Burden James Belin Betty Berry Maude M. Barber Robert Brown Roosevelt Cornick Jeanette Cornick Stella Cason Frances Cherry Margie Cason John Cherry Bernadine Cornick Rosa Crumble James Coston Katheryn Cowell Carolyn Cross Abraham Cason Albert Cooper Annie R. Cherry Ogie Clayton • ATk 43 David Capps Phyllis Davis James Davis Shervett Daughcry Ella Davis Robert Davis Mary F. Dozier Gloria Dunbar Percell Freeman Celestine Fitzerald Linda L. Foreman Johnnie Evans Rufus Eure Earnest L. Etheridge Ebron Eula Elizabeth Godfrey Alexander Gregory Janice Gordon Lydia J. Goffigan Beverly Grimstead 44 Griffin Harriet J . Grimstead William Gould Hazel Gregory Carolyn Gray Annie Ho How ay Micheal T. Hobbs Stephen L. Marion E. Gregory Harris Hattie Harris Virginia Harris Ronald Harris Garland Holden James Higbter Marionette Huges Bernard E. Hanson David Holloman Fredia M. Harvey Robert Holloway Kevin Hawkins Carolyn 45 Carolyn Holloway Dennis Haynes Marguerite Harper Sandra A. Hoggard Joan Johns McArthur James Larry James Mildred D. Jones Mary L. Jones Hazel J. Joseph Mary E. Ivery Harvey Joseph Carolyn Jones William Johnson Cston Jones Mary Johnson Joyce Jones Simuels Johns Nannie Johnson Daniel F. James 46 Alice Jones Mary Mayfield Ann McCoy Lorraine Mitchell Ralph Moore Murphy Deborah Beverly Newsome Thomas Owens Ronnie Owens Charlie Parker Betty Perkins Deloris Perry John Petty Ella J. Phillips Raymond Price William Price Leroy Privott Barbara Owens Helen Owens Willis Owens ▲Tk 47 Kimble Ethaleen Raymond King Arthur Knox Annie Lindsey Cornell Little Paul Lamb David Langley Sandra Lewis Kermit Matthews Jerry McCants Betty Moore Jacqueline Murrell John Munden Calvin L. Phillips Mary Re id Jacqueline S. Re id Clyde Riddick Patricia Ridley Daisey Russell Cylester Shaw 48 Agustus Smith Carolyn Smith Claretha Smith Richard Smith Thaddeus Smith Allen Sneed Walter Snowden William Snowden Ray Spain Pauline Stevenson James Somerville Robert L. Tabron Gloria Turner Jessie Tyler Anthony Tyson Audrey Williams Mary William Barbara William Stanley Wills Jean Veasy 49 Evelyn Simmons Betty Walker Mary Ward Catherine White Audrey White Stella Whitehurst Deloris Whitehurst Diane Whitfield Anna Wiggins Jane Wiggins Madie M. Wilder Adreanne Williams Carthious Williams Elisha Willie Emuel Willie Yvonne Willie Gloria Wilson Shirley Wilson James Wood Roscoe Woodhouse 50 Bernadine Woodis Tyrone M. Woodis Lenard T. Wright William Wright fv Lucas Jones 51 Parlez-vous Francais? Third-year French students. Jacqueline Murrell, Ernest Etheridge, Barbara Owens, Ernest Plummer, Courtney Butts and Lucas Jones; J uniors pose in front of campus. Junior officers . . . SITTING: Lorraine Mitchel, Cynthia Boone, and Beverly Newsome. STANDING: Carolyn Ames, Michael Holloway, Robert Harvey, president; Cynthia Anderson, James Somerville, Lydia Goffigan. Bernard Hughes, Ray Spain and Carolyn Ames doing research work. « ■ A mm tWT ' -- v JW«iii ■tf V ' .♦J .—.j - , ••A. • CO- 3 F. Bailey D. Breathwaite L. Conley D. Didly V. Fentress W. Gatlin F. Gregory C. Harris R. Harold M. Hawkins I. Jackson A. Joyner E. Joyner J. Keeling S. Mayfield M. Privott J. Riddick J. Rudd S . Knox J. Smith E. White L. Wiggins S. Wilson A . Barnes Al4 E. Cason L. Cuffee R. Cuffee P. Cherry E. Hoggany T. Johnson B. Lewis P. Mitchell L. Moore A . Owens B. Smith E. Johns C . Parson C. Smith J. Davis D. Wiggins S. Butts R. Christian S. Cowell S. Diggs F. Dozier M. Jackson R . Johnson A . Joyner G. Ashby M. Barham M. Baxter S. Brockett J. Caffee J. Carter C. Cason L. Cooper C. Davis C. Davis E- Fentress J. Ferebeee C. Foreman P. Harrison M. Holley B. Holloway D. Jones G . Jordon B. Keyes A. Lamb P. Lambert F. Meloin H. Mitchell L. Moore T. Nelson B Olds C. Reid F. Riddick J. Robinson J. Skinner J. Smith F. Taylor S. Troutman D. Turner L. Vicker J. Walke L. Watkins G. White J. White R. Whitehurst R. William R. William W. Williams E. Willie D. Wilson S. Winston G. Worlds Q. Worlds C. Allen E. Allen L. Ames F. Carter B. Cason C. Copeland D . Ebron R. Floyd J. Foreman M. Foreman L. Goffigan S. Griffin D Grimstead E. Hargrow C. Harold N. Harold B. Hassell H. Herbert L. Jeffries B. Johnson K. Johnson B. Lewis L. Malbon C. McClee ft E. McCoy R. McCoy N. Nicholas C. Nimmo B. Olds W. Perry D. Petty M. Russell J. Shaw L. Williams L. Willie R. Wilson 56 E. Albritton S. Bailey R. Baker G. Blount J. Butts K. Boggs L. Boykins S . Brow n D. Burgress R. Davis J. Bowe L. Butts J. Brinkley A . Broadnax C. Didly G . Davenport A. Davenport S. Eure L. Evans J. Etheridge D. Ebron C. Freeman D. Foreman D. Foreman R Freeman T. Freeman A. Freeman R. Floyd E. Gray A. Gay B. Garner Y. Hill M. Haynes D. Holmes M Hinton R. Jones F. Jones T. James R. Lewis J. Lee J. Mum ford D. Mitchell M. Kent J. Nimmo B. Nelson G. Pace I. Roberts . M. Riddicks C. Reid H. Simmons Y. Snow den B Snow den S. Smith E. Smith C Walker B. Wilson J. Williams J. Woodhouse A. Uzzle W. Yarn M. Albrin M. Babbs L. Beary J. Boone L. Boone A. Burford A. Bridges C. Carter E. Cason E. Cason J. Cason L. Cooper M. Cooper G . Cross C. Cornick R. Cornick E. Coston R. Coyner D. Etheridge C. Franklin S. Harris J. Hawkins S. Herbert W. Hodnett B. Hoggard G. Hogue W. Holloman W. Jones R. Joyner S. Kellam M. Knight C. Lawerence H. Liverman J. Mason D. Michell A . Morris C. Owens L. Perkins F. Price H. Price R. Rainey B. Riddick G. Sears B. Skinner A. Smith J. Smith Y. Smith W. Spence S. Spencer L. Toran D. Washington B. Whitehurst B. Williams C. Williams J. Williams M. Williams G. Williams C. Wilson ML i HT w I " " " «fcai 1 S|L f Wl W rl k 1 D. Davis V. Davis M. Foreman W. Foreman R. Gordon D. Harrison F. Hawkins C . Hoggard R. Jones D. Moore A . Owens S. Owens P. Phillips M. Riddick R. Stephens D . Turner J. Turner V. Tyler C. Williams R. Williams W. Wilson D. Woodhouse J. Woodhouse R. Wright initiates J. White L. White L. Williams S. Williams 60 J. Anderson H. Bailey S. Bailey D. Barnes W. Benn B. Bernett A. Brown D. Brock V. Butts A. Caffee E Cuffee L. Cason G. Cason L. Cason D. Creekmore G. Degnet S. Dozier D. Dunbar J. Etheridge S. Barge H. Filmore M . Foreman R. Freeman A . G re gory E. Grimstead B. Harris I. Harold E. Hawkins B . Holloman F. Hollow ay M. Hyman J. Hyman B. Mclntyne P. Haynes G. Jackson J. James D Johnson D . Johnson R. Johnson R. Knight B. Mack R. Marsh W. Mason R. Miller W. Mills M. Mitchell H. Owens S . Palmer D. Peebles M. Perry H. Phillips J. Phillips T. Redd W. Riggins T. Robinson A. Rouse E. Rudd P. Scott J. Selby L. Skinner T. Albritton E. Alexander J. Askew S. Baxter F. Beale H. Billups C. Bisco L. Bly P. Bly R. Bly W. Brown J. Cherry J. Cuffee J. Dewitt L. Elliott M. Etheridge J. Fitzerald L. Fletcher L. Foreman C. Gregory C . Harold N. Harper J. Herbert M. Hinton E. Hoggrow J. Hollow ay O. Hyman B Kelly T. Kimble E. Johnson D. Jones B. Lamb J. Lamb D. Macer G. Macer P. May field C. Murphy C. Parker M. Parker J. Riddick J. Robinson J. Rouse J. Skinner E. Smith D. Smith S. Smith L. Sneed D. Snowden J. Tabron M. Taylor E. Thorpe L. Uzzle G. Watkins D. Waters D. Wiggins J. Williams R. Williams R. Williams G. Wood M. Yarn s. Banks L. Bazemore C Bernard c Breathwaite R Bridges L. Brinkley M ■ Brockett B. Cason H Cason D Clayton J Corprew G Cos ton A Cross S. Cuffee R Dailey J- Davis D Elliott O Evans S. Fontinello R Gatlin E. Gilchrist R Hawkins E. Hunley D Johnson E. Jones B. Kelly S. Lawerence H. Lawerence M Lindsey S. Mayfield J- McCoy M McMickel C. Murphy C. Neal F. Neal W Olds E. Owens L. Peebles L. Powell G. Ricks M Sumner R. Riddick D. Robinson S. Snow den H. Speller G. Stevenson J- Trotman J- Tyler J- Tynes E. Vaughan C. Williams E. Williams G. Williams M. Williams S. Williams L. Williams L. Willie A. Wilson J- Wilson J- Wilson homecoming 1964 ABOVE: Marilyn Jean Lewis, Miss Homecoming 1964, being crowned by Patricia Ferebee. ABOVE RIGHT: MISS HOMECOMING as she was escorted to the field by Anthony Yarn. BELOW: Earnestine Smith, Attendant. BELOW RIGHT: Attendants, Lillian Jones, Patricia Ferebee; Miss Homecoming; Earnestine Smith, Attendant. Group of students relaxing on campus. YEARBOOK STAFF at work! FIRST ROW: Selma Thomas, Ruth Niramo, Joan Johns, Clare tha Ashby. SECOND ROW: Shirley Goodman, Editor; Beverly Grimstead, Asst. Editor; Prezillia Elliott. THIRD ROW: Jean Jones, Bernadine Cornick. Going home time 68 Some industrious seniors " bone " up on their studies. The school choir, with Mrs. Allen directing, entertains at a chapel assembly. Lunchtime at U. K. 69 Grandma tells off a relative in " GRANDMA ' S BEST YEARS " Seniors ' Class Play, 1964. Dona tori um . . . " CLASS NIGHT 1964 " Deloris Rudd tearfully emotes in " DRAMATIC CLUB ' S INDUCTION PROGRAM " Fall, 1964 Members of Dramatics Club in skit on " INDUCTION PROGRAM " Fall, 1964 Moments of distraction . . . Miss Naomi Esther Doles who is an African Missionary in Liberia, signs autographs for students after chapel program. Mr. Boykin, our principal, caught while thoughtfully giving final approval to candidates for graduation . . . 71 Rev. M. R. Boone giving Thanksgiving Message . . Mr. Joe Echols, coach, Virginia State College Norfolk Division, delivers main address on Awards Day at U. K. Spring, 1964. Below: Mrs. Myrtle Craw- ford, Public Relations Per- sonnel of Norfolk Alumnae Association of Fisk Univer- sity, presents a Certificate of Honor to Mr. Boykin for having graduated a student enrolled at Fisk University in the Freshman Class. This student, Miss Jesse Sydnor, made the dean ' s list as a freshman. Shown with Mr. Boykin and Mrs. Crawford is Mrs. Jesse Sydnor, mother of the honor student. 72 p h y s e d Below: Volley in Action! Above: Drivers Education in action. I n a c t i o n Above: Artificial respiration in action . . . 73 christmas scenes 1964 74 graduation 1964 Above: Dr. L. B. Brooks, Provost, Norfolk Division Virginia State College, delivers main address at Commencement Exercises. Right: Rev. D. P. Felton, Pastor of St. Mark AME Church, Oceana, 1964 Baccalaureate Speaker. Above: A senior receives the long awaited award The DIPLOMA. Right: A serious, but jubilant moment . . . 75 journalism staff Jean Jones, Selma Thomas and Marvenia Allmond prepare the lay-out mats for the " 1965 TIGER. " Joan Johns and Bernadine Cornick double -check each page and en- velope in preparation for shipment. 76 n G A P HV Hk W M Ml N 1 H A Z MtM • ■ II k HI A Kaw V flB H T I J . 1 kJ J l l 1 1 B H L J| Oi N presenting the clubs OF union wmm ' Our clubs are the backbone of our school. 78 K ; :( i ■ ; •■ ' •• ' r- ' i - rs- .. . ' fj r, •W. ? l y ■ ■ -■;. •.■ ■■;•■ ■VV ' r T r r f I i ' The pursuit of unique hobbies is the aim of this group. " hobby club 80 girls ' club The Girls ' Club strives to develop moral, mental, and material growth among its members. The " Johnson Girls, " shown below, campaigned for Presi- den t L. B. Johnson in 1964 and actively participated in the welcome of Mrs. L. B. John- son to Norfolk during the presi- dential campaign. 81 82 drill team performers, all the dramatic club fi -■ . •- 83 industrial arts club Building skills and character is the goal of the vocational training clubs . We believe in immediate application of all skills learned. Membership in either of these clubs fosters that belief. 84 science club ' From experiments come . . . new inventic n.f.a. New Farmers of America 85 future teach xin BACK: Wilhemena Cornick, Marvenia Allmond, Jeanette Cornick, Jean Jones, Prealla Elliott, Jac- A D VI STANDING: Mr. C. A. Willis, Mr. J. L. Perry. SEATED: Mrs. B. M. Morgan, Miss H. L. 86 ers of america os queline Carter, Linda Cooper, Brenda Has- sell, Bernice Cornick, Beverly Grimstead, Maria Gordon. S O R S Goodman, Daughtry, Durgan. Miss O. F. Mrs. A. A. 87 88 bachelors off.t.a. FRONT: James Somerville, Raymond Davis, Robert Harvey, Michael Williams, Michael Holloway, Oliver Morgan. BACK: Mr. J. L. Perry, John Robinson, Celester Shaw, Clif- ton Baxter, Ronald Harris, Mr. C. A. Willis. Anthony Yarn, Thaddeus Smith, Jackie Hill, James Snowden. Below: The Bachelors are pictured at their Christmas Party. 89 musicj music music! Mr. Roy A. Reid, Band Director, poses with mem- bers of the varsity band in the school stadium. attention of her choir members as they perform. 91 le cercle francais Le Cercle Francais is for the purpose of promo- ting interest in the French language, French people and their culture. Students read letters from their French correspondents, listen to French music (from the classics to modern jazz) play games, see movies about France and occasionally present a French play . 92 debating society La Logica (The Debating Club) Here is a thing which I would willingly have you agree, that is, dispute and not to quarrel; for friends dispute between themselves for their better instruc- tion, and enemies quarrel to destroy one another. -- Plato " Principles have no real force except when one is well fed. " Mark Twain 93 new homemakers © ICES . W YOU CUT our Jo CREED We, the New Homemakers of If there is kindness There will be beauty If there is beauty in There will be harmony If there is harmony There will be justice If there is justice There will be peace 94 of america America, believe that and truth in the heart, in the spirit. the spirit, and love in the home . and love in the home, in the Nation. in tne Nation, in the world. fe i it « • i " •■ ' »♦« « 95 SPORTS CLUB The SPORTS CLUB is ever striving to promote good sports- manship among the student and lending to the athletic teams moral and financial support in their contests . 96 FRONT: Coach Siler, S. Wilson, B. Nelson, C. Nelson, Jr. , J. Petty, C. Moye, K. Holloway, M. Harold, R. Cornick, J. White, R. Harris, Coach Darden. 2nd ROW: Coach Setzer, J. Bowe, M. James, R. Cooper, L. Woodhouse, C. Baxter, J. Palmer, J. Snowden, R. Smith, T. Free- man, Coach Harvin. 3rd ROW: Trainer C. Harris, R. Goffigan, W. Owens, W. Price, L. Floyd, R. Harold, M. Hawkins, R. Harv ey, K. Holloway, K. Mathews. 4? JJ ' Atr 98 Clarence Nelson, Jr. Captain, 1964 If N " , " «A ■ v- YEAH, TEAM! ! 99 cheering Laurice Malbon, Joyce Walker, Bernice Cornick, Deborah Murphy, Prezillia Elliott, Jacqueline Carter, Erveena Hoggany. Right: " Baby Junior " Hawkins strikes out for the coal line . . . but is brought down just short of scoring. 100 101 baseball team " t 102 basketball team J. Shaw, A. Woodhouse, R. Williams, B. Breathwaite, Oliver Morgan, H. L. Robin son. 103 track + JcJjfyd st - F. T. Williams Farm Grain Seed Fertilizer Route 3, Box 3111 Phone 426-6455 Virginia Beach, Virginia £sso DEALER H. D„ Plemmons PLEMMONS PLAZA ESSO SERVICENTER Va. Beach Blvd. Rosemont Rd . Virginia Beach, Va . Phone: 341-3017 Compliments of BURROW-MARTIN Drug Store 4848 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone 497-3575 Reg. No. 5960 Compliments of CITY ROOFING CO., INC. 206 West 25th Street Norfolk, Virginia Phones: 627-0100 627-0208 627-0256 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS NETTIE ' S BEAUTY BOX Hair Weave Technician Specializing in Hair Styling Tin ting -Dye ing-Permane nts Scalp Treatment-Wigs Cutting, Shaping and Manicuring Mrs. J. T. Dyson-Owner Phones: 428-9653 or 428-8195 Virginia Beach, Virginia FA CUL TT OF SEA TA CK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Route 1, Box 21-E Virginia Beach, Virginia Miss Mary L Johnson, Principal Mrs. Mary W. Williams, Clerk JOSTEN ' S COMPANY " Quality Since 1897 " 703 Second Street Phone: Martinsville, Virginia 638-7571 William W. Edwards Serving SCHOOLS NDUSTRY COLLEGES THE ARMED FORCES Class Rings Class and Club Pins Medals Trophies Service Awards and Honors Yearbooks Commencement Invitations Announcement Cards Personal Cards Announcements Diplomas FOR YOUR HEATING NEEDS Call Community Oil Company " Serving the City of Virginia Beach " Day Phone-. 428-2639 Nite Phone-. 428-4917 Coke «OTTl£0 UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY NORFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, Inc. HAIRSTON ' S FUNERAL HOME James W. Hairston, Embalmer-Director Modern Chapel and Slumber Room Lady Attendant " We do the kindest things in the kindest way . " Phone: 428-9321 Nights, Sundays, and Holidays 428-3421 111 Birdneck Road--Virginia Beach, Va. Compliments of BATTAGLIA PRODUCE CO., INC. 104 S. Witchduck Road Virginia Beach, Virginia NEW LIGHT ENTERPRISES, INC. Fuel Oil 1204 General St, Virginia Beach, Va„ Phone: 497-1226 Nites: 497-7464 497-1530 " Growing with Virginia Beach " Automatic re-fill service Compliments of A Friend DAVE ' S CENTRAL T.V. AND APPLIANCE 927 Liberty St. Norfolk, Va. " See Dave . . . and Save " We repair all makes of electrical appliances. All work is guaranteed . Phone: Kl 5-9189 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS A Friend Compliments of A FRIEND " When convenience is essential " PRETLOWS, INCORPORATED Funeral Directors and Embalmers 1002 Whitehead St. Norfolk, Va. Phone: Kl 5-4732 Day or Night " Best Wishes " CARNATION SOCIAL CLUB Mrs. Alice P. Lawrence, Pres. Virginia Beach, Virginia " Felicitations! " N.A.G.C. Ethel Richardson, President Sandra Lewis, Secretary Mrs. J. W. Jones, Faculty Advisor Compliments of RICHETTA GREENE ' S KINDERGARDEN 1120 Millers Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia BEST WISHES FENTRESS BEAUTY LOUNGE Specializing in Individual Hair Styling Mrs. Clara Fentress, Prop. 812-19th Street Va. Beach, Virginia Phone: 428-9823 ROBBINS CORNER GROCERY G. H. Watlington, Prop. 1500 Pleasure House Road Virginia Beach, Virginia CREED ' S TEXACO SERVICE E.T. Martin, Owner Operator General Auto Repairs Phone: 426-5664 Compliments of a Friend and Patron Matthew ' s Barber Shop Specializing in Haircutting of All Types Hair styles created for men, women and children Open Daily from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. (also by appointments) 721 Va. Beach Blvd. Phone: 428-9473 Matthew Johnson, Owner CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES — A Friend patrons .Mr. Mrs. James Adams Mrs. Mary Adams Mr. Mrs. Robert Albritton Mr. R. T. Alex Rev. Mrs. J. 0. Allen Mrs. Thelma Allen Mrs. Hazel Allmond Miss A. L. Alston Miss Anita Anderson Mr. Mrs. Edmond L. Archer Miss Doris Ashby Mr. Mrs. Jessie Ashby Mr. Walter Ashby Mrs. Gladys Ashwell Mrs. Elizabeth Babbs Mr. Leroy Baptist Mr. Robert L. Barco Mr. Mrs. George Barnard Mrs. Martha Basnight Mr. Mrs. William Baxter Mr. W. A. Beamon Mrs. Edna Bazemore Mr. P. Y. Bozeman Mr. Mrs. Richard C. Bell Mr. Mrs. Richard Bell Mr. Russell Bell Bishop Mrs. Garland Benson Mrs. Malissa Berry Mrs. Roberta Birdsong Mr. Bennie Blount Mr. N. Blount Mr. Raymond Blount Mr. V. R. Blue Mrs. Florence Bly Rev. M. R. Boone Mrs. Rebecca Boone Mr. Mrs. Charles Boyd Mr. Mrs. J. V. Boykin Mrs. Annie Brinkley Mr. Mrs. William Brinkley Mr. Brindle Brockett Mr. Mrs. Charles Brockett Miss Amy Brown Mr. Mrs. John L. Brown Mrs. Lettie Brown Mr. Lloyd Brown Mr. Mrs. R. G. Brown Miss Rachel Brown Miss Alma Butts Miss Emogene Butts Mr. Mrs. Henry Butts Mr. Charles T. Cabarr , Jr. Mr. Charles Caffee Rev. Mrs. Paul M. Caldwell Mr. Mrs. James Call Mr. Mrs. Alphonso Carney Mr. Alfonso Carney, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Leon T. Carrington Mrs. Sarah Carrington Mr. Mrs. Cecil Carter Miss J. L. Carter Mrs. Mary Carter Mrs. Mary Cash Miss Ethel Cason Miss Janice Cason Mr. Mrs. Russell Cason Mrs. Bernice Casterlow Mr. Mrs. Arthur Cherry Mrs. Earlean Clayton Mrs. Earline Clayton Mr. Mrs. William M. Collins Mrs. Bertha Comer Mrs. Bertha Comer Mrs. Hester Cooper Mrs. Virginia Cooper Mrs. Helen W. Copeland Mr. Mrs. Preston Copper Mr. Clinton Cornick Mr. Curtis Cornick Mr. Mrs. Herbert Cornick Mr. Mrs. Robert Cornick Mr. William Cornick Mr. Mrs. James Coston Mr. Joseph Credle Mrs. Ivy Creekmore Mrs. Mary E. Darden Mr. William H. Daniels, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Joshua Darden Mr . Meredith Darden Miss Olive Daughtry Mrs. Iris H. Davis Mrs. Margaret Davis Mrs. T. C. Davis Mr. Roy Denson Mrs. Eva Diggs Mr. Mrs. Sebastian Dildy Mr. Charles Dillenger patrons Mr. Mrs. Jessel Doles Mrs . A . F . Downing M Flora Dozier Mr k Mrs. George Dozier Mrs Doris Drewitt Mrs Lenell Dunn Mr. Mrs. King Durgan Mr. Leon R. Edney Mrs. Nellie Edwards Mr. Meaco Eley Mr. Mrs. Allan G. Elliott Mrs. Barbara Elliott Mr. Mrs. George W. Elliott Mr. James Elliott Mr. Mrs. Leroy Ellis Mrs. Elsie Etheridge Mr. Isaiah Etheridge Mrs. Margretter Etheridge Mrs. Mildred Etheridge Mr. Vernon Etheridge Mr. Merkey Fentress Mr. Mrs. J. H. Finney Mrs. Mildred Fleming Mrs. Annie Forbes Mrs. Lillian Forbes Mr. Mrs. Joseph Ford Mrs. Eva Mae Franklin Mr. Mrs. D. Freeman Mr. Mrs. William Freeman Mr. Charles Fuller Mr. Mrs. John Gaithen, Jr. Mr. Vernon C. Gary, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Frank Gatlin Mr. Mrs. James H. Gatlin Miss Rosa Gatlin Mr. Gibbs Gilbert ' s Dental Lab. Mr. Mrs. Willie Glenn Mrs. Eliza Godfrey Mr. Arthur Goffigan Miss Hattie L. Goodman Mrs. Vera Goodman Miss Janice Gordon Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Gordon, Jr. Mr. Si Mrs. Willie Gordon Mr. Judge Goss Mrs. Judge Goss Mrs. Gladys Gooseline Mr. William Grady Rev. Si Mrs. Arthur B. Graves Rev. Sj Mrs. John R. Gray Mrs. Thomas Gray Miss Annie Green Mr. Leroy Green Mr. Mrs. Charles Greene Mr. Si Mrs. Herbert H. Greene Mr. Jeremiah Greene Mr. 81 Mrs. Freddie Gregory Mrs. Joyce Gregory Mrs. Martha Gregory Mrs. Emma Grimstead Mr. Mrs. Joseph Grimstead Mr. William Grimstead Mrs. Essie Halsey Rev. Mrs. J. M. Hall Mr. Sj Mrs. James W. Hairston Mr. Si Mrs. William Hamberry Mrs. Pauline Hardy Mr. Sj Mrs. William H. Hardy Mr. Mrs. Andrew Harold Mr. Si Mrs. Charlie Harold Mr. Si Mrs. Daniel Harold Mr. Sj Mrs. Jeremiah Harold Mr. Sj Mrs. William Harold Mr. Sj Mrs. Arthur J . Harper Mrs. B. T. Harris Mr. Sj Mrs. Charles L. Harvin, Sr, S Sgt. Si Mrs. C. T. Harris Mr. Earl Hawkins Mr. Si Mrs. Edmon Hawkins Miss Mary E . Hawkins Mrs. Thelma Hawkins Mr. Si Mrs. W. T. Hawkins, Jr. Mr. Si Mrs. Walter Hawkins Mrs. George Haynes Mrs. Georgia Haynes Mr. 81 Mrs. Leon E. Haynes, Jr. Mr. Si Mrs. John R. Hazell Mr. John Hennerson Mrs. Marinda Hill Miss Hazel Hilliard Mr. Sj Mrs. Charles K. Hinton Mr. Ivory Hodges Mr. William Hodnett Mr. Si Mrs. Erving Hoggany, Sr. Mr. Si Mrs. George H. Hogge patrons Mr. John Hogue Mr. David Holley Mr. Franklin Holley Mr. Mrs. Fred Holloway Mrs. Paul Hughes Mrs. Rebecca Hughes Mrs. Roberta Hunley Miss Harriett Hurdle Mrs . Mary E . Hurdle Mr. William Hurdle Mrs. Beulah D. Hutchinson Mr. Mrs. Sidney Hyman Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson Mr. Mrs. Gus Jackson, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Henry Jackson Mr. Mrs. Alnora James Mr. Mrs. D. James, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Earnest James Mr. Mrs. Shephard James Mr. James A. Jefferson Mrs . Joycelean Jeffery Mr. Mrs. Eric Jenkins Mr. Mrs. Harris O. Jennings Mrs. Roberta Jennings Mrs . Mae Jernigan Mr. Mrs. John Johns Mr . Mrs . Clyde Johnson Mrs. EmmaK. Johnson Mrs. Myrtle Johnson Mr. Mrs. Obadiah Johnson Mrs. Versie Johnson Mr. Mrs. William Johnson Mr. Mrs. Jerry Jones Miss Palmeda Jones Rev. Mrs. W. P. Jones Mr. W. W. Jones, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Waverly Jones, Sr. Mr. William T. Jones Miss Bertha W. Joyner Mr. Inez Joyner Mrs. Eva Joyner Mr. Mrs. Elijah Jones Mr. Albert Joyner Mr. Forest Jones Mr. Mrs. Leander Kellam Mrs. Dora B. Knox Mr. Mrs. William Kent Mrs. Maggie Kettrell Mr. B. A. King Mr. Bernard King Mrs. Isabelle M. King Mrs. Loretta Knight Mrs. Phyllis C. Knight Mr. Mrs. Rufus Knight Mrs . Geoeva Knox Miss Joanna Knox Mrs. Viola Knox Mr. Lang-horn Mrs. Dizzer Lawrence Mr. Harvey Lawrence Mrs . Mary Lawrence Mrs. Mary Lawrence Mrs. Mattie C. Lawrence Mr. Mrs. Russell Lawrence Mr. William Lawrence Mr. Mrs. Leon Lawson Mrs. Ellen V. Leaks Mr. Lenard Lee Mrs. Pearl Lewis Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Lewis Mr. Melvin R. Lindsey Miss Rosa Logan Mrs. RuthM. Lonesome Mrs. Sarah Lowery Mrs. Carrie Lundy Mr. Mrs. Jefferson Lundy Mr. Jefferson Lundy Mr. Mrs. Howard Macer Mr. Joseph Malloy Mr. Mrs. Daniel Mason Mrs. Vivian G. Mason Miss Beulah McCoy Mrs. Marjorie McCoy Mrs. Mary McNeil Miss Renee McNeill Miss Janette McPherson Mr. Mrs. Alolphus McWilliams Mr. Allan Miller Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Miller Mr. Waverly Mills Mrs. Mary Minns Mr. Mrs. Alfred Morgan Mr. Mrs. CM. Morgan, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Donald Morgan Rev. Mrs. E. E. Morgan Miss Emily Morgan patrons Mr. Mrs. William J. Morgan, Sr. Mrs. Hester Moore Mr. Mrs. Isiah Morris Mrs. Madeline Morris Mrs. Martha Morris Mr. McKinley Morris Mr. Allen Mosley Mr. Mrs. Willis Mosley Mr. Mrs. Hill Moss Mrs. Dolly Munden Mr. Mrs. Harold Munden Mr. Walter Munden Mr. Frederick Munford Mrs. Doris W. Nance Miss Barbara A. Neal Mr. Mrs. Charlie Neal Mr. Clarence F. Nelson, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Clarence F. Nelson, Mr. Frank Newsome Miss Mollie Nimmo Mr. Mrs. Leonidas Northern Mrs. Virginia Olds Mr. Mrs. Thomas Otis Mr. Judge T. Overby Mrs. Isabelle Overton Mrs. Jestine Overton Miss Antionette Owens Mrs. Catherine Owens Mr. Mrs. J. L. Owens Mrs. Ollie Owens Mr. Mrs. Owens Mr. Mrs. Charles Pace Mr. Charles C. Pace Mr. Manuel Palmer Mrs. Bernice D. Parham Mrs. Amy Parker Mrs. Sarah Parker Mr. Mrs. Aaron Parson Mr. Mrs. Charles Patillo Capt. Mrs. Horace Patrick Mr. Frank Pegram Mrs. Janette Perkins Mr. Mrs. Hubert H. Perry Miss R. A. Perry Mr. Mrs. Warren Phelps Mr. Clyde S. Phillips Mr. Mrs. Samuel Pinckney Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Dr. Moses Powers Mrs . Albert Poyner Frances Pretlow . Florence Price Mrs . Shelton Price Mrs . Oliver Proctor . Pansy Rambeau Fred Randolph , Bernadine Rasberry Mrs . Tillman Rasberry Milton S. Reid, Sr. Roy A. Reid Roy Rials A. L. Richard Jessie Richard M. Frances Richardson Doris Riddick Elie Riddick Mrs. Samuel Ridley Jacquetta P. Robinson Mrs. Howard Rudd Aaron Russell Mrs. Clarence Russell, Jr, Mrs. Clarence Russell, Sr. Mrs. Edward Russell Lloyd Russell Mrs, Mrs, Mrs, Mrs. Mrs, Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Sr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Rev. Mr. Sgt. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Clyde Siler Mrs. Clyde Siler Mrs. Nancy Sills Mrs. Walter Simpson Mr. Mrs. Alexander Smith Miss Barbara Smith Miss Carolyn Smith Mrs. Catherine Smith Mr. Mrs. Charlie Smith Mrs. Evelyn W. Smith Mr. Harry Smith Mr. James Smith Mr. Mrs. James Smith Mr. Mrs. Jesse A. Smith Mr. Mrs. Jesse B. Smith Mrs. Juanita Smith Alvin Sanderlin Lelia Sanderlin Annabell Scarborough Mrs. George Scott Mrs . Robert C . Setzer Eliza Shaw patrons Mrs. Mable Smith Mrs. Mary Smith Mrs. Thelma Smith Mr. Mrs. Charlie Snowden Mrs. Ruth Snowden Mr. Mrs. Paul Sparrow, Sr. Mrs. Shirley W. Stancil Mr. William Stancil Mr. Kernard Staton Mrs . Louise Steed Mr. Mrs. Harry G. Stephens Mr. George M. Sutton Mrs . Molly Taylor Mr. Lora Terry Mrs. Leitha Tillery Mrs. Turmiller Timmson Mr. Mrs. Eddie Tolentino, Jr, Mr. Pauline Toliver Mrs. Lillian Trotman Mrs. Florence Turner Mr. Mrs. James Tynes, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Herman Valentine Mr. Herman Valentine Mr. Mrs. Antinonia Vastano Miss Virginia Vincent Mrs. H. W. Walker Mr. Sidney Wallace Mrs. O. W. Walston Mrs. A.J. Walton Miss Susie Walton Mr. Mrs. Washington Ward Mr. Mrs. Troy Warren Mrs. Dollie Watson Mr. Mrs. Alfred Weston Mrs. Josephine Whaff Mr. Eley White Mrs. Wlizabeth White Mr. Mrs. Theodore White Mrs. Ruth Whitney Mrs. Ethel Wiggins Mrs. Hattie Wiggins Mr. K. H. Wilder Mrs. Daisy Williams Mr. Freddie Williams Mr. Lee Williams Mrs. Leola Williams Mr. Lloyd Williams Mrs. Marie Williams Mrs. Maxine Williams Mr. N. G. Williams Mrs. Sadie Williams Mr. Mrs. Sherman Williams Mr. William H. Williams Mrs. Bernice Willie Mrs. Jennie Willie Miss Tommie Willie Mr. Mrs. Charles A. Willis Mr. James Wills Mr. Mrs. George B. Wilson Mr. Mrs. Herbert C. Wilson Mr. Melvin Wilson Mr. Mrs. Riley B. Wilson Mrs. S. R. Wilson Mr. Tha ddeus Wilson, Sr. Mr. Mrs. William Wilson Mr. Lucius C. Winder, Sr. Mr. A. H. Woodhouse Mr. Mrs. Eugene Woodhouse Mrs. Rachel Woodhouse Mr. Mrs. Lennard Wright Mr. Roy Wright Mr. Mrs. Ernest D. Anthony Mrs. Rachel Brown Mrs . Margaret Davis Mrs. Annie M. Forbes Mr. Dennis L. Harvey Mrs. Emma Harvey Mrs. Georgia M. Knox Mrs. Sarah Knox Mrs. Ada V. Miller Mrs. Connie L. Miller Mr. Kenneth L. Miller Mrs. Inez Williams Mrs. Eddie Everett Mrs. William Hambury Mr. Charles C. Pace, Jr. Mrs. Sam Snowden Raymond Davis Leroy Woodhouse James White Aaron Russell Kenneth Holloway Rufus Tabron Zan Owens Linwood Robinson Thomas Hyman Herman Haynes Gregory Kiah Clarence Nelson, Jr. Michael William Rufus Goffigan Thomas Hyman Raymond Stith Milton Wright Jackie Hill James Palmer Vernon Ferebee James Snowden Robert Willie Oliver Morgan Carey Jones Maurice Harold Ronnie Hyman Harry Robinson class superlatives Most Brilliant Best Athletes Most Musical Friendliest Most handsome Boy Most Attractive Girl Quietest Noisiest Most Poetic Tallest Shortest Most Ambitious Most All -Around Most Popular Slimmest Stoutest Most Reliable Most Lady -Like Most Gentlemen Neatest Most Comical Class Chewer Most Poised Slowest Best Dressed Most Dramatic Class Procrastinator Class Prevaricator Most Likely to Succeed Bernice Cornick Joyce Walker June King Jean Jones Raba Bass Regina Graham Prezillia Elliott Deloris Rudd Evelyn Pace Eula Gregory Gladys Hoggany Laurice Malbon Gayle Cheeks Selma Thomas Marionette Tillery Jacqueline Carter Marilyn Lewis April King Wilhemena Cornick Marvenia Allmond Patricia Knight Mary Knight Maria Gordon Barbara Parker Patricia Ferebee Claretha Ashby Shirley Goodman autographs ex)]. j-Vf autographs memos vi ■ 9 Bet v A-i S- ' .% fee ■ V OOI m

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