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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1961 volume:

' ill ' 11 } . h 1 i YEARBOOK OF THE CLASS OF 1961 THE TIGER Princess Anne County Training School Norfolk Virgini nia Table of Contents Dedication Administration Faculty- Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Junior High Athletics Organizations Activities Advertisements Dedication To Our Parents " Though this Yearbook be filled with the memories of the years we have spent at Princess Anne County Training School, may it also serve to remind each of us, through the years, of our beloved and devoted parents who in ways too numerous to enumerate on these pages made possible the wonderful exper- iences of our ' school days. ' May we be forever grateful to them. " Class of " 61 ADMINISTRATION PrincipaFs Message Congratulations to the members of the Graduating Class of 1961. May the incentive of this educational achievement beckon you on to higher levels in your quest for knowledge. To the loyal, faithful, and understanding parents, I commend you for making it possible for your sons and daughters to reach this goal. May you rightfully share this and other honors to be accomplished by your dear ones. Your mental development during a tender and formative period has received wholesome and rich instruction from a faculty of competent training and wide experience. The far-reaching results of their work remain to be assayed by the future. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous life. To obtain this experience, 1 commend to you the following verse from HAMLET by Shakespeare: " This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man. " J. V. Boykin, Principal Greetings - - - To the Graduates of 1961. We are happy to congratulate you on your first major educational achievement. We are very proud of the progress that you have made through the efforts of yourselves, your parents and jour most dedicated teachers. i pward, outward, M inward, are the three directions American education must take if it is to keep pace with the nation ' s future. It must exteftd upward to become a process that will last through life; it must extend outward to all people; it must extend inward to pierce the community with new ideas, new informatior and new practices. This is a task that befalls the graduates of your class. Move forward to meet the challenge. Lourena S. Archer Assistant Principal MRS. NELL E. JONES, Clerk Office of the Principal MISS ELLEN WALKER, Clerk Office of the Assistant Principal FACULTY MRS. ALICE A. DURGAN English MISS HATTIE L. GOODMAN English MR. ROBERT L. GORDON History French MR. JUDGE GOSS Physical Education Coach MRS. FREDRICA BALLARD Home Economics Class Sponsor MRS. MARY B. BROCKETT Guidance MRS. LOUISE H. CARTER Civics MISS OUVE DAUGHTRY Mathematics MR. RODNEY H. GREENE Arithmetic MRS. BERNICE H. GREENE French English MRS. DORIS L. KNOX English MR. WILLIAM PRICE Science Physical Education Coach Pfcture Not Available MRS. BERNADIN RASBERRY English Class Sponsor MR. ROY A. REID Band MR. HARRY L. ROBINSON Agriculture Chemistry MRS. JACQUETTA ROBINSON Librarian MRS. AUDREY R. PATRICK Business Education MISS JUNE R. SETZER Physical Education MR. ROBERT C. SETZER Arithmetic History MR. CLYDE I. SILER Driver Education Science Coach MR. THADDEUSC. SMITH Biology MRS. OSCELLETTA WALSTON Chemistry MISS AUCE WALTON English History MR. WILLIAM J. WATSON History MR. C . KENNETH WILSON Algebra Geometry MR. ALEXANDRE WOODHOUSE Industrial Arts MR. ARMISTEAD YOUNG Science Arithmetic MRS. RUBY L. ALLEN Choral Music MRS. INEZ C. WILSON Art MR. LANGFORD L. WESTON Albebra Science Staff CLINIC Dli CTOR fs %. r Y r W- 1 ' ' A ]h l ' OPlA STAFf BUS OWVER SENIORS DANIEL RANDOLPH BRIDGET! " Chilly Willie " Band, Les Gourmets Ambition: Accountant MARY KAYE BRINKLEY " Kay-Kay " NACG, Les Gourmets Amb ition: Nurse BARBARA JEAN BROADNAX New Homemakers Ambition: Beautician CHARLES EDWARD BROCKETT " Murphy " Sergeant-at-Arms, Student Counci Drill Team, Yearbook Staff Ambition: Electronics Technician CAROLYN BERNICE BURDEN Ambition: Teacher HERBERT LEE CAPPS, JR. " Herb " Les Gourmets, Indusuial Arts Club Ambition: Building Conuactor HARRIETT ELIZABETH CARROLL " Carol " Yearbook Staff. Choir, NACG, DramaUc Club, Music Club Ambition: Secretary WILLL M LEWIS CHERRY " Bunk " Football, Baseball, NFA, Sports Club Ambition: Mechanical Engineer FRED EDWARD CROSS " Freddie Boy " Football, Spori Club, Track Trainer, Basketball Trainer Ambition: Army Career NORIvlAN CUFFEE " Cecil " Sports Club, Spanish Club, Track, Football, Drill Team Ambition: Electrical Engineer ISUH GLENN DAUGHTRY " Tom " Camera Club, Industrial Arts Ambition: Businessman CAROL LEE DEDMOND " Carbo " Popular Dance Club, Dramatic Club Ambition: Secretary JUNE ISABELL DOZIER Popular Dance Club, Les Gourmets Ambition: Registered Nurse DOROTHY MAE FLORENCE " Boot " Band, Les Gourmet, French Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Yearbook Staff Ambition: Psychologist IRVING GARY UI " Bobby " Football, Les Gourmet, Baseball, Band, Track Ambition: Electrical Engineer VERNELL GAYLE LLOYD BERNARD GREENE Sergcant-at-Arms, Sports Club, Foot- ball, Baseball, Les Gourmet, Track Ambition: Lawyer ALICE VIRGINIA GREGORY Les Gourmets, Dramatic Club Ambition: Teacher BOBBY E. GREGORY Football, Drill Team, Track, Baseball Ambition: Professional Football Player MELLIE GREGORY, JR. " Malibu " Dramatic Club, Band, Drill Team Ambition: Lawyer PERCELL McARTHUR GREGORY " Lefty " Football, Baseball, Sports Cub, Track, Basketball Ambition: Electrical Engineer GLADYS INEZ GRIFFIN Les Gourmets, Dramatic Club, New Homemakers Ambition: Accou ntant STELLA LOUISE HARDING Choir, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Cheering Squad, Tri- Hi-Y Ambition: Teacher JOHN EDWARD HARDY, JR. " Johnnie " Cheering Squad, Les Gourmets, Popular Dance, Industrial Arts Ambition: Mechanical Engineer JOYCE MARIE HAROLD " Texas " Modern Dance Club, NACG, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Home Economics Club Ambition: Airline Hostess ETHEL GUANITA HAYNES " Shortie " Chaplain, Home Economics Club, Cheering Squad, Modern Dance, Spanish Club, NACG. Ambition: Social Worker HAROLD HENDERSON " Little Red " Sports Club, Basketball, Baseball, NFA Ambition: Teacher MARY CATHERENE HENRY " Bobbi " Dramatic Club, Basketball, Cheering Squad, Popular Dance Ambition: Model EDNA MARSHLENA HILL " Babysis " Library Club Ambition: Nurse GLORIA JUANITA HILL Dramatic Club, Band, Popular Dance, Spanish Club Ambition: Cosmetologist DOROTHY L. HOLLEY " Dot " Les Gourmets, Popular Dance, New Homemakers LINWOOD HOLSEY Vice-President, Dramatic Club, Stu- dent Council, Les Gourmets, Cheering Squad, Yearbook Staff, Modern Dance Ambition: Accountant MALVENE LORETTA HUGHES Les Gourmets Ambition: Registered Nune THADDEUS HUNTER " Spooky " Camera Club, NFA, An Club Ambition: MUitarv DELORIS JEFFERSON " Dee " Dramatic Club. Popular Dance, Cheer- ing Squad. Basketball Team Ambition: Secretary ELUAH JONES " Lijaboy " Sports Club. Band Ambition: Engineer HERMAN McCLEE LAWTON " Professor " Football, Les Gourmets, Baseball, Track Ambition: Dentistry VERA LEE McCOY Dramatic Club. Les Gourmets. New Homemakers, Tri-Hi-Y. Spanish Club. Yearbook Staff Ambition: Accountant LARRY MELVIN Vice-President, Les Gourmet. Sports Club Ambition: Electrical Engineer ALFERETTE DELOIS MORGAN " To jo " Les Gourmets, Dramatic Club, Choir, B and Ambition: Music Instructor ELIZA LOUISE MORGAN Choir, Les Gourmets, Spanish Club Ambition: Nurse EDWARD ROY MOSLEY " Moe " Les Gourmets, Popular Dance, Cheering Squad, Basketball Ambition: Mechanical Engineer LYNDA RAYE MUNDEN Band, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club Ambition: Secretary JESSE RANDOLPH NIMMO " Zack " Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Les Gourmets Ambition: Fighter ARTEMUS LEE OWENS Art Club Ambition: Band Instructor SYLVU ANNE PARKER " Butch " Dramatic Club, Modern Dance, New Homemakers, Majorette, Tri-Hi-Y Ambition: Sociologist BRUCE L. PERKINS " Brutus " Drill Team Ambition: Architectural Engineer AUDREY JUNITA PRICE " Dimples " Treasurer, Les Gourmets, Basketball, New Homemakers, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club Ambition: Secretary MARY ALICE REDD " Rump " Dramatic Club, Popular Dance Club, Choir Ambition: Dramatic Instructor COR.A LEE ROBERSON " Drip " New Homemakers of America Ambition: Clerk Typist CORNEUUS ROBERTS " Nealey " Camera Club, Art Club, NFA Ambition: Military CLEMENTINA RUTH SCHOFIELD " Tina " Recording Secretary, Yearbook Staff, Choir, Music Club Ambition: Medical Technologist ALBERT LEE SHAW " Geese " Sports Club, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Industrial Arts Club Ambition: Physical Education Teacher ELLA LARUE SHAW " Tulu " Dramatic Club, Popular Dance Club Ambition: Secretary ETHEL MARIE SMITH " Smitty " Band, Spanish Club, Art Club, Les Gourmets Ambition: Commercial Artist BARBARA M.AXINE SPARROW Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Popular Dance, New Homemakers, Library Club Ambition: Pharmacist JOHN THOMAS SYDNOR " Doc " President, Track, Les Gourmets, Dra- matic Club, Sports Club, Spanish Club Ambition: Physician and Surgeon HERMAN TURNER Camera Club, NFA, Art Club Ambition: Military MAUD UZZLE " Babysis " Cheering Squad, Dramatic Club, Popular Dance Club, Basketball Team Ambition: Secretary LEE ELIZABETH VALENTINE New Homemakers of America, Dramatic Club, Les Gourmets, Yearbook Staff , Drill Team Ambition: Secretary CHARLES WALKE " Tub " Baseball, Football, Sports Club, French Club Ambition: Social Studies Teacher ERNESTINE WIGGINS " Tina " Les Gourmets, New Homemakers of America Ambition: Clerk Typist WELTON BERNARD WILLIAMS " Dunk " Student Council, Drill Team, Spanish Club Ambition: Blueprinter, Commercial Artist, and Woodworking BERNETTE WILLIAMS Pres. Student Council, State Sec. Tri- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club Ambition: Secretary VERA WHITEHURST " Pigeon " Dramatic Club. Spanish Club, Les Gourmets, New Homemakers, Tri- Hi-Y Ambition: Accountant DORIS MELISSA WILLIAMS Les Gourmets, Popular Dance, NACG Ambition: Nurse MAXINE VIRGINIA WILUAMS " Max " Band, Dramatic Club, French Club Ambition: Surgeon SHIRLEY JOYCE WILLIAMS Library Club, New Homemakers of America, Les Gourmets Ambition: Doctor EVELYN DELORIS WILLIE " Lois " Financial Secretary, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Home Economics Club, Modern Dance, NACG Ambition: Elementary Education CORA JEAN WILSON Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Cheering Squad, Les Gourmets, Tri-Hi-Y, New Homemakers Ambition: Junior High Education CURTIS WILSON. JR. Sports Club, NFA Ambition: Elecuonic Technician GEORGE WASHINGTON WOODHOUSE, JR. " George boy " Les Gourmets Ambition: Architect ROBERT BERNARD WOODHOUSE Football, Baseball, Band, Student Council, Sports Club Ambition: Mechanical Engineer JAMES E. WRIGHT Baseball, Sports Club, NFA, Drill Team Ambition: Engineer NAOMI WRIGHT Corresponding Secretary, Student Council, NACG, Spanish Club, NHA Ambition: Air Line Stewardess Class Prophecy When it was decided that the 1961 Senior Class Annual should include a prophecy, the ball was tossed back and forth with such vio- lence that it was feared that it would surely be broken - for you see that ball was made of crystal. Luckily, it was of durable stuff and truly " crystally clear. " This mysterious ball reveals, upon close scrutiny, that Linwood Holsey is bending over stacks of books which seem to contain columns of figures. Rub the ball a little and you can see the sign on his desk. " Public Accountant, " it reads. Peering a little deeper into this satin-smooth sphere one sees a number of young ladies busily pounding away at the keyboards of rows of typewriters. Deloris Jefferson, Audrey Price, Ernestine Wiggins and Lee Valentine have realized their ambitions to become secretaries and are now employed by a large law firm headed by Mellie Gregory and Bernard Greene. Abruptly, the scene changes, and into view come a huge jet airliner. Passengers are boarding and at the top of the ramp greeting them are two very charming stewardesses who bear close resemblance to Naomi Wright and Joyce Harold. Through a haze now the picture gradually clears and the outlines reveal that one is now visiting the corridors of the largest hospital in the city. The trim nurses hurrying about on their rounds of duty are •Vlalvene Hughes, Eliza Morgan and Doris Williams. Further down the corridor a door opens and the white-coated figures emerging from a medical staff meeting (says the sign on the door) are noted person- alities in their field. There ' s Dorothy Florence, hospital psychologist; Ruth Schofield, Technologist and John Sydnor, physician and surgeon. Come on. Pick the ball up from its velvet-covered pedestal, rub it a little more and gaze again into its magic circle. But of course, this pictlire comes as no surprise. It is a school and it appears that we have entered as classes are changing. As the students hurry into the rooms, we are able to get a look at the teachers standing at some of the doors. Just before we place the ball back on its pedestal, the smiling faces of the teachers seem to look vividly like Cora Wilson, Stella Harding and Alice Gregory. Well, handling the ball that time proved to be a great mistake for now it is all smudged and no more pictures show up clearly. Fantasy??? Well, what do YOU think ' . ' Class Superlatives BOY GIRL John Sydnor Robert Woodhouse Fred Cross Bruce Perkins Irvin Gary Curtis Wilson Bernard Greene Linwood Holsey Randolph Bridget: Charles Brocket: Herman Lawton Linwood Holsey Albert Shaw Curtis Wilson Fred Cross Harold Henderson Welton Williams Linwood Holsey Jessie Nimmo Irvin Gary Larry Melvin Linwood Holsey Edward Mosley George Woodhouse Charles Walke John Sydnor Albert Shaw Most Brilliant Most Versatile Friendliest Most Lackadaisical Most Handsome Most Attractive Oiietest Noisiest Most Likely to Succeed Class Procrastinator Most Reliable Class Prevaricator Most Literary Tallest Shortest Stoutest Slimmest Slowest Most Ambitious Most Comical Best Dressed Most Gentleman-like Most Lady-like Most Dramatic Most Popular Fussiest Most Sportsman-like Most Musical Most Poised Best Athlete Maud Uzzle Dorothy Florence Ruth Schofield Carol Dedmond Bernette Williams Cora Robinson Barbara Sparrow Cora Wilson June Dozier Harriett Carroll Stella Harding Sylvia Parker Cora Jean Wilson Ethel Haynes Alice Gregary Maul Uzzle Anne Owens Maxine Williams Naomi Wright Audrey Price Vera McCoy Sylvia Parker Dorothy Florence Lee Valentine Delores Jefferson Alferette Morgan Bernette Williams Delores Jefferson SEATED: STANDING: Linwood Holsey Copy Editor Dorothy Florence Feature Editor T g y e S t Edward Mosley Sports Editor y Lee Valentine Photos Vera McCoy Advertising, Typist Barbara Sparrow Subscriptions Harriett Carroll Treasurer Charles Brockett Editor - Business Manager 1 JUNIORS Stanley Armstrong Ernestine Barnard Bessie Bell Inez Bell Sanford Blount Leroy Boone Faye Brinkley Sandra Brock Eva Brown William Brown Barbara Burden Vernon Butts Howard Carr Shirley E. Cason Shirley M. Cason William Cason William Chandler Allen Clark Robert Cobb Elliott Creekmore Clifton Cross Juanita Cross Velma Cross Velma Davis Kathalia Drake Roland Edney Emily Etheridge Henry Foreman Lorraine Foreman Maurice Gary Ruby Gatlin Gladys Goffigan Joyce Goffigan Arthur Gray Robert Gray Barbara Gregory Dansby Gregory Deloris Harold Margie Harold Shirley Harris Ida Hawkins Carolyn Haynes Fannie Hodnett Vivian Hollo way Maude James Dyanne Johnson Vivian Johnson Carrie Jones Contance Jones Dollie Jones Lucille Jones Nellie Jordan Shirley Keeling Elbcri Knight Irvin Knight Wilbert Lawrence Thcophilus Lawton Etta Lewis Ruth Lewis Ella Marsh Leonard McCoy Ernestine McMichael Ethel Miller Patricia Mitchell Dollie Moore Robert Mosley Melvin Owens Shirley Parker Johnnie Phillips Annie Privott Porta Raney Florence Reid Clarence Riddick Chester Rouse Grace Russell Harvey Russell Arm Shaw Audrey Smith Bennie Smith Roland Smith Joseph Somerville Henry Spence Barbara Spruill Joyce Thompson Patrick Thompson James Valentine Virginia Vaughan Cora Walke Wayland Walke Melvin Wall Jack Wallace John Ward Janice Westry Charles Wiggins Floyd Wiggins Frances Willie Officers JOSEPH SOMMERVILLE President THEOPraLUS LAWTON Vice-President FLORENCE REID Secretary HENRY SPENCE Treasurer GLADYS GOFFIGAN Sergeant-at-Arms LUCILE JONES Chaplain CATHALIA DRAKE MRS. H. R. PLEASANTS ) MRS. M. B. PATTERSON ) Sponsors MRS. O. A. WALSTON ) SOPHOMORES SECTION TWO MR. C. K. WILSON, Sponsor Valeria McCoy, President; Ora Smith, Vice-President; Carolyn Wilder, Secretary; Palmeda Jones, Treasurer; Roy Sykes, Sergeant-at-Arms; Therman Ames, Chaplain. SECTION ONE MRS. LOUISE CARTER, Sponsor Jean Hyman, President; Elijah Barnes, Vice-President; Ives Elliott, Secretary; Doris Freeman, Treasurer. MRS. DORIS KNOX, Sponsor FRESHMEN SECTION ONE MRS. AUCE DURGAN. Sponsor SECTION TWO MR. RODNEY GREENE, Sponsor SECTION FIVE MR. WILLIAM WATSON, Sponsor SECTION THREE 5) MR. ARMISTEAD YOUNG, Sponsor 1 JUNIOR HIGH o n 4 .«.4 Eighth Grade . ylim- o fl III f.. Ll 5 e c t i n IV Eighth Grade s e c t i o n VI « ' s e c t i o n V Eighth Grade ATHLETICS The Fighting Tigers BasketbalL Varsity Baseball T r a c k J u V n a • I r s r i t y Basketball Girls ' Basketball Team The Cheering Squad 1 1 1 1 ¥ ORGANIZATIONS D r a m a t C J c Officers BERN ' ETTE WILLIAMS President SYLVIA PARKER Vice-President MARY HENRY Secretary DELORIS JEFFERSON Treasurer BARBARA SPARROW. SHIRLEY BRIGHT - - Sergeants-at-Arms BERNARD WILLIAMS, ETHEL HAYNES - - Chaplains MISS H. L. GOODMAN Sponsor a jtf Tri-Hi- Y f Y T e e n s « i i( Student Council Library Club Drill Teams T . [ W Ki}rM . I J f ■ 1 l EH L [ B Vr l ' ft - " ' TVett; Farmers of America n d u A s r t t s I a I Clubs Espanol rv c US niit ' ts Officers NAOMI WRIGHT President ETHEL HAYNES Secretary AUDREY PRICE Treasurer MRS. F. R. BALLARD Sponsor r ' tHjJ ' E -■ Ip bv 3 m v T flr -ff Hr ' V jHh m . 1 ' ■ mP Ihjv LJf ' -3 b b BI K BH H « V H »J m L 5B M [2 ■ji i 2Ug B 1 Officers CORA WILSON ALFRETTE MORGAN LARRY MELVIN AUDREY PRICE MR. R. L. GORDON - Sponsor T h e S P o r t s m e n c I u b MISS AUDREY PRICE Miss Homecoming 1960 ACTIVITIES V a r s t y Ch BT " B a n d oir HAMPTON ' S SELF-SERVICE MARKET Groceries Meats Produce Virginia Beach Boulevard at Chinese Corner FOR THE BEST IN CAMPUS COVERAGE READ BOTH GRAVES DRYWELL CONSTRUCTION CO. Sheet Rock and Plaster Work Rte. 1, Box 788 Virginia Beach, Va. Phone: GArden 8-4157 7% t Jaa -Aib WtSb afl e -. fev ADVERTISERS JOHN exton fi CO. National Wholesale Grocers P.O. Box 508 Philadelphia 5, Pennsylvania Chestnut and Delaware Sts. Phone - WAlnut 5-8144 FUEL, FEED AND BUILDING SUPPLIES CORP. Established 1927 All Departments at Corner 19th and Pacific Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone - GArden 8-4222 Seniors ol 19 (- ' 1 Printers Commercial and Publication Home of Good Printing Where Quality and Service Costs No More 522 E. Bute St. Norfolk 10, Vei. PET DAIRY PRODUCTS Pet Ice Cream Phone - Kimball 5-2485 430 S. Military Highway Norfolk 2, Virginia MATTHEW ' S BARBER SHOP Virginia Beach, Va. MATTHEW JOHNSON, Prop. GRIMSTEAD ' S MARKET Va . Beach Blvd. at Seatack Phone - GArden 8-9824 HARRELL ' S PHARMACY lOth and Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. uuvirUjon. rOOD PIODUCIS, INC. Gem Building Corner Church Street and Olney Road Norfolk, Virginia Over a Million Prescriptions Filled ADAMS BROTHERS PLUMBING CORP. Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning Phone 428-6731 P.O. Box 3 416 17th Street Virginia Beach, Va . Princess Anne County ' s Newest Colored Funeral Home HAIRSTON ' S FUNERAL HOME Lady Attendant JAMES W. HA IRSTON Director and Embalmer Seatack-Virginia Beach, Va. Phones: Day GA 8-9321 Nite GA 8-9321 and GA 8-6746 WALSH FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings 17th Street at Baltic Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. E. K. WALSH Phone GA 8-3291 A FRIEND masters Sruj tore PRESCRIPTIONS Free City-Wide Delivery L. D. MASTERS AND W. W. JONES At Your Service Call UL 5-3321 7015 E. Sewells Point Road YtAllOOXS o. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks- Are Taylor-made " Vi I

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