Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ)

 - Class of 1955

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1 f L L 5 E 5 F 1 5 2 f 5 H ' K - X -- , is-1.u,w1 ,V H, , , .- -L --.':w.-Qaemefwgu-:.r.4 w.qw , mw S' ' J vb If Q S, 1 A Q 99 01:39 Unio The 705' M graduating ala of llllllghS ll t A R ..E-i3,ff,?15,1 Q f . e: , MN: S Mx' ...x?'. N vff Y K iw :mx Li wx.. . n aa, X . A ,us Q. 1 'N fwhsu ' In sf UK !wrnA Z s an ms fm 1 5 T Q K 'h""?" K X I . ,N 2 i x FASTSlI4KH:'A,N' X xvwgwsr U U' Tn AF4 ax s 2 E ....?.. ,.,. , Fiyrm If 2 ,u S ma.. , Y Vnlcnnn in A Q MM ff: if I K ,E X V Tfszammxx m ' U' DS" ,QBNHUN Intermix vw ix' A H R I A 1' xww-1 nv 1, y E fv Ai, 'H wx., 1 Sf 3 gs, Ai5.i1'Q,lfH, 4' fix. -A hw- f auxin xv' va 9 J 7 5 ,W - t ff avi? . g s uv 4 le. - new e E !'iwa'i.w ra f fi, Q, ' n-,a,,:,. 3,-Y, 4 :Am-, , 1, :Mu as-'Ms N 5 av, In In' am. 2 - gcasw-ey. 6. : A 4' :J , W' wx , gn:X2,T'NgNi-Ytff1.,RQMi1i,:,,ffb 'ik 29 M9 - A L ' .8 L 3, . M A m v 'MVHXY t' P4 x img S Va i , x AN if Y , -- 'wxgye X .N m QRTQ ,Q T MQ N f Lundy 1 6. X . V, 5 Q53 Q - ,Q f M A JL A N 4531, , , D W f.:..,,f. A . lf , g . Lwkih' 08 f J ff' Q H, i ' N 'p?ig,34g'5-3,-ggugfx 557 t 1 5"'g3gJ'f'h . Q 'lf' E1 . f fx,-lfxsiyd 1 A iff" 1 A Q' 1? x H1 73 rig' A f' N57 X' x Nl, 5 5. f husk 1.--'Af . F Q G R E V-Lv.. X a mm 1f'V' X vb.- H in wma WL.. a "'I0rr -, . 14. - V, 'W"11'H Qurw, fxzwwv .. I ffm., N .. 5 N' .nm e'.5fmm.n.Af Eu KTTH 1- A Sydney - H I 2. , J A X ,UA ,K - A Q Ir' K ,,.,.7h w..14aX,2.f.V.4f,3r I ,XM Nwr!?1h..w1L KJ f ip T H knkwfig ,giw mm , am ff sz mf - " ' Q Sza"',q:f fi :H A K R3 44 ,f Y 1252 'X 'hi-1 , . In .,.' 1 4: f ' My V' , , , Q zvfnn 1 and ai Y V K K ,U A I if il 5 ., Q ' 'W-'M Flwzvft 4 . ,f L Quads: 1 5? f ' W ff, if f F . -4 -N 2 1 1 m ' 3 A i ,g ' 0. f 2 l ll 0 B I3 ll 5 1 5 . i , I C Gm.4.Mif,m anssm s. ' A ' ff A , ,Q A , Q 249' gffsw f ' + W, , 4 , E " 4 ix-rw s ,Q I .fn f nu A rf h el inf, H14 V r., if K.. ' Q ,fnhlnrxvi f.. ww y 0 ' i 1 f Q QNSAH 4 .L A .Q - A .- U ' xx M039 FA gs- ' Q . 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I , I Mlm swf-gfw, fx 3 V 1-z.4.Q in 5 4 N W E mx rmm z- -K, mmm mm . - ' Mum? fx Y X ! - M4450 5 5, 5 i . . Q 'A ' 'gli M"N""r"5"'-- X FW PN .-M ,,,,, ' K 7 D455 5955 X z .nuff M ,gfgf u , :vez-v::r:::',.: ,A f x, x0q1.' 2 K llwfw 5 K 9-A wtzlifiiigsigciiwix J Q M Qiftye equal rights of men and women and of A K 3 2 of f c' TED t th 0 e -X-fx Q 0 ' , I lted ations 5 , PEOPLES OF WE THE GRADUATES OF -----f NITED NATIONS UNION HILL HIGH SCHOOL ed determined X jfgsave succeedin generations from the scourge To do our share to preserve our educational h tgp , 3, 3 p i ffgifi, which twice in our lifetime has brought system for the advancement, not the destruction his sorrow to mankind, and of civilization, and 1 '-1 513,19 o rexxaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, i W, dignity and worth of the human person, t 5 6, F'-,,f X'ons large and small, and ,N kgwblish conditions under which justice and gg for the obligations arising from treaties omer sources of international law can be Q mai 'L if d and ' lx ogq social progress and better standards o freedom, S f if ,AXZ ese af u ,- its M 2 f 4 3: AM z.. Q L YY! W Vrsgknw Q , A To practiwxplgpnce and live together in peace ,and withr ' A as good neighbours, and fgi, V A 2, To unite our strf-Emil? to ,maintain international peace and secireitigrgaxd To ensure, by the acgeptangie of principles and the institution of methvdsw force shall not be used, save in the commongfgterest, and lint .,,..,, , was have C+ ' Mus, To reaffirm faith in the fundamental efforts of continued education and practical experien which will develop youth and bring to th benefits and possessions which they desire 1 life, and at X p To establish the foundation for such life u sf which intelligent and secure decisions Ii t made at all times, and 7 X: g. l To promote the highest form-of :fig g -I 'lui . and standards in our educative syst I I and for these ends I To practice good citizenship lpz d l:i" xpil Q, . wgether in harmony and success, a .lqq To join together ou fli f- forts to foster our rights and ci 'l5,,,, , fl ,, a lifl To .,'i ia-r fl Principles that the hing and learning in school , Ng? . To employ international machinery for the To put to work all our facilities for the promo- ,i motion of the economic and social advappefiient of all peoples, moist ,ra aa .few .self . ttf' have resolved to combzrwhour efforts to accornplis ,fiilhese aims. of educational advancement for all, no have resolved to " ne our efforts to accomplish aims matter ' race, religion, or creed, Q., . l Aeknowled ent To you, Mr. Satz, the Class of june 1955, expresses its heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your continued efforts in advising us. Your ever present willingness to lead us and your unfailing patience with our problems will remain in our hearts and minds as but a small contribu- tion to the many successes you have formulated. As future generations of students come under your respected guidance and influence we know their lives will be enriched just as ours has been. Until We meet again, may Cod bless you and keep you. Mr. William B. Satz R 5,54-ei: 'Q . YM, az.- ggi? . W? g .W-' 5. stiff,- if, ' 'V it 1 - at la., 'LW :J -:, :. ,,g,ia- , we :iv-ffm , W e, N .5 . X iw 2 . wwi, L M, 2322 Q .. if 'fi A J Wifi? ififil - sim ala, ' - Mgr ' Sm? Q Q we nge, Sail V ', ,gf :amp ,1 Z rw 1. :Q 'fffifft wp 1 iiz, U ,SH Q' ui Wi 2 s 1 HR ISN!! ggw y ilk :iii 1- Sf: :mi f f, QW! 'iq We Q Q. 7 5,1f,k5,Vgg 1 ,wi P . .' U, ' if K S iifiili X . T.. .. my K K its K5 ' iw. , aw if ,, ,K :wx iss Ella Bank ppreeiation . 4 lm ' .AA-. , Words can never really describe an outstanding.personwlilie Yank N through your have given us have aided us years to come. important you patient and sincere guidance, have molded ouri r- . . . V fi' if 'l a true sense of value and responsibility. Your advice . . . . . . . liiii W While at Union Hill, and will continue to aid and guide us in , You will always be remembered as an able leader, but still more will be remembered as a loyal friend. 6 iw' JP ' My , 'XMWWQQWN rihute Through the years you have proven to be an expert educator and an out- standing person. You have imparted knowledge to many, and have been a friend and inspiration to innumerable others. At this time we would like to extend our sincere appreciation, and wish you luck and happiness in the future. We are all proud to have known you and will always remember you. Aufwiedersehen. Miss Viola Diehl mi Q I, , S in if Q ff: 'Q-A 5. X M' -vs WN ? M HF 1' 5 ' Q I 5 5 2 ,1 . 52 f fill? 4 KP t 6 5' , J 2 M. all l wg my """""'K nouns., -gal, .4-nnuu..X -so-, A wf ' 'S' ' H' W ww '7 gf 3 ff I K Qglw hwiiiiiizsiii'SM--K4?35biliiF75 1 ,, P w ggz T fr l i i?'f'TL"' . V353 ,NW ' ' X mx ,, K, ef., g m ik I ji. 5, sg .Zh li sa kwa - D :H ' sf ,-" ?? Q if ie M4 T' fxwilfl 6:29 "af A,SfQ'i5" 3: 11" 'gf T4 ,f,-fm f1vi:,,'E?' nik, 'figlfif A 1 Q ,4 f? 1 .2 I lg X if , X K z k 9 4 s S 3 L v 2 ? X ,Q 5 1 5? K -Z1 . iv.. 2: if L :K s 1 A . Us A f ' ,Q 14 4 1 2 Q, 2, 5 6 1 WERW YFFV2 Fin fy :Mizz 1' f mi ttf:- 'fi' 52 ,. ,, g 0-L . ,, . 4 ' .1 I B r ,G l-513, ' - Y-in si M H i A .i ,N 3 T SE 1 U rf 7 'Qff57i 7vfi3 Z'?-,wir . . A 41:-LawQifWf'J ' W My-M s f qw 4'-,, X KE' X Mm' w E1 iii K Q, U A X . V1 1 53 . K, . new? - 'D i f 3 315 M 252 - :fx A , fy if ff 'LS Zz. is S ..,g 5- 153 - :,1 3 E sf n?g2iQMQ'g gugagiiiwg iffiwgfw ixfugfif' bi EE 510551-iff Whig 'Hg " 4,25 W-:S E is .159 ' 2s3EaE Emssggie 3 E 22 1 2 ,K egg ? gig E fi? if X ,, pm, M N 'Q' ik MQw?fa54w:,?g3,f J, "WQ '25,'s,f2Q4-U:,n5?i0fe'wQ3f,X, X' "is ai4f"Q" cf 2 1 S 've 4 4 Q ,' ,wp 1 if V W ffrrrrefgw-,,,,, , 5 ffi+wi'5,"SA1sy,, QMIQQ a,g.L',"AK11 K.. ,v47.,4'w 2 . ff? M .W an U .., Q u. ' 6' ,Y X if' i 22 'Hi' if .ie Egf wx. . .4 is Q 6 J fgm W ,rf ,pf 1 X. -als ,...-up. M- 5'9" Qt' W my M B. ,, ,,nll' 3 it pill!! ,ann W'A, """'hL fx A rf' I fi Q, .N 4 Af U 5 I R 1 ,,,,-0. ' il' x ,M .Q 'Mf ' 5 V 1 , qu-J P5 1 .. n fffff,k:f-h mm 1, , ,. ' I D V, , fy , at . 'I f X Q 2 5 Ex fi? A 2 Buurd of ALBERT C. PARKER Superinterident of Schools 2 1 PEKCY LT H0 me K IE PATRICK President of the Board , , Wx Q , 1935 X qw 'K Y Ki 1. q 9 BERT GALASSO 1.ixQgg, 4,.i.,X. 72 ,M kip x X52 K Sw ei' K A ,k., , A KK'kk 41 .- . , V.4dw9 " ,- F V K' ' k I k V ' Stahler PRINCIPAL I One can not help thinking of you, when think- irlgfgof Union Hill, for you are more than just the Principal. As the perfect combination of scholar- ship, sportsmanship, and friendship you are a of the Union Hill spirit and way of life. Mr. Alvin ll. I I Schaediger IASSQISTANI PRINCIPAL V X , , HQ We In the Shortjtixney present position you have and considerate as l Your first thoughts are for the wfklfare'of students, and your endeavors on our behalf are sincerely appreciated. Thank you. 11 Neiman ,am o Com m erclal . Ai-W l O 1 A 0 I -Phu, O C O I I 1 I I 0 I l ' DR. CHARLES F. HAINFELD MR. JOSEPH BRICCOLA Department Head U l I C . l U if 5 i wb U MRS. GERALDINE DOEBELE MR. JOSEPH GREENWALD Miss GLADYS A. NIVEP. MRS. FLORENCE PINSAN 6 i 0 6 U 8 MRSA ELVIRA R0551 MR. WILLIAM B. SATZ MRS. MARGARET SCANLAN if iv U 5 0 5 lv 5 5 U s s s s sms a 1- s a. English I I I I I I I I I I I I MRS. ELIZABETH CIRELLI MR. MATTHEW CERTOSIMO Department Head MISS WILNA N. CONKLIN MISS MILDRED C. MABIE MISS RITA MOREAU MISS ELLA RANK Counsellor Counsellor 'fha MISS ALICE WALTER MRS. ELIZABETH ROGLER MR. SIDNEY ROSENTHAL MR. HERMAN SIMON C0 581101- . Counsellor . . ' . . . xl . 5 I'I I I13I I I I I H i S t 0 lf y Mu. GEORGE E. FALTINGS 0 0 ' o 0 l a o I 0 I 0 9 0 o 1 o o o 0 0 o Q 0 MR. T. OTIS PRICE Department Head Department Head ' . Q 1 Q MR. HARRIS J. HANES MR. ROBERT MODARELLI MR' HERBERT OSTROFF MR. DANIEL A. PRIMONT MR, HARRY SHOTWELL MR. KENNETH EVELAND ? MR. FRANK KORBETT MISS CATHERINE SULLIVAN 0 Q I 0 ' ' ' ' ' 4' g Q 0 1 Q 0 U , 14 Mathematlcs 4 MISS ELSA C. MILLER MISS ROSE BUONGIORNO Department Head D Miss VIOLA DIEHL Q Q MRS. MARIE GARDINIER MISS ISOBEL RICHARDSON Mp., DOMINIC H1220 0 0 5 Q 0 ' ' Q O O Ph S1031 Tralnln Language 1 4 Q 'N 5 Q 9 1 V 4 4 Q Q Q Q E Q H af-W' i F MRS. ANNA BOCK MRS. VIOLET SPITTLE MR. HENRY SHABABB MR. JACK WRIGHT 0 O U 5 ' .. l I ' M Science O O A I l I .LZ ' a 5 Miss EDNA WAGNER MR. JOSEPH OALABRIA MR. JOSEPH DQBRNEDICTIS MR- LAWRENCE GLIGOP- Department Hegl in U O I 6 I fl U t IP O O L 1 h r a r 1 a n MR' GEORGE LEIDEP-MAN MR CARMINE SI PO MR. HERBERT STISKIN Mxss LEILA BROWN 0- if hr iv 2 5 me as 5 an Health Art MRS. PAULINE DWYER, R.N. MISS CAROL FIESSELER, R.N. MR. RICHARD FLANAGAN MR. NORMAN SCHATELL Music Speech O O L. ... Q ' D 6 MR. HENRY 'CRUNEWALD MR. VINCENT HORLBOGEN MR. DOMINICK PASTORE MR. BEN HARRIS Orchestra Vocal Band ' I I I O l U U J C O 0ffice Secretaries I I I O I I O O O MP1SbL0RETTAIA:CER . MRS. DOISJTHY LINN . MRS ANNA NEV2IS . . 4 Manual Training Cooking and Sewing fb a W MR. WALTER MARKLE MR. ALBERT PARDEE MISS IRENE KATTENHORN ' MISS ETHEL MILLER Mechanical Drawing Shop Cooking Sewing at UNITED NATIONS Kgim NATIONS UNIES QSC 4? NEW YORK nuns Nzwvunx- an :N EFLY F z sz Duc: E Nu It is with great pleasure that this opportunity to greet the students High School, and to express to them my of their action in dedicating the l955 I avail myself of of the Union Hill personal appreciation issue of their Year Book to the United Nations. It is indeed encouraging to those of us who serve the United Nations to know that the young citizens of our country give active support to United Nations and its ideal of a world in which all shall Upractice tolerance and live together in peace one another as good neighbours ...H Since every one the peoples with of us today has it in his power - in our daily living, in our attitudes and practices - to contribute greatly to the realisation of that ideal, I trust that you, who are soon to assume those full responsibilities which are the rich privilege of every American citizen, will continue active support of the United Nations. For the United Nations can be no stronger than we the people make it. I wish for each of you who is about to graduate all good fortune in the years ahead. 13 Hal? Ji. Buncne IIWW The United Nations Charter which came into force just ten years ago expresses a practical belief - that international teamwork can keep the peace. In these years we have seen the United Nations play a decisive part :l.n - - extinguishing threats of communist aggression in Iran and Greeceg - preventing open 'warfare over Kashmir between India and Palcistsng - the advent of Israel and Indonesia as independent nations 3 -- the successful fight of sixteen free nations to repel the bloody communist aggression in Koreag -- achieving the Korean Armistice, which retained the vital rule that no prisoner could be sent back to communism against his lillg - condemning the communist atrocities against our troops in Koreag - stopping the Soviet plot to torpedo the Monroe Doctrine and take over Guatemalsg - keeping Commu.nist China out of the United Nations - thus keeping the United Nations feithhxl to its character as an organization of "peace-lovingn nationsg - condemning by an overwhelming vote the Chimes Communist trial of United States airmen -- thus dramatically announcing to the world that the United Nations stands up for its fighting meng -- and in moving forward on a world-wide scale with President Eisenhowsr's Atoms-for-Peace program, :Ln order that "the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death but consecrated to his life." We have accmnplished big things through the United Nations. Let us remember to use it to the full. S I n" V I,,,. 2 PARK AVENUE New Yoluf IG. N Y Nlluu Hum :I sam UNITED STATES MISSION 'ro 'rue UNITED NATIONS February 9, 1955 Dear Larry: At long last I have the picture of Ambassador Lodqe and his statement for inclusion in your Annual. We do wish you every success and feel that it is quite unique to be dedicating your Yearbook to the United Nations. with best wishes Sincerely yours, Luella Reckmeyer Public Affairs Officer Mr. Larry Korn, 5508 - 2nd Avemxe, North Bergen, New Jersey. ANTHONY I oPROT0 Vice Presndent ,fm sn EVM, 'sw NORMA KOLISCH Treasurer if linac.. lass onors For four years We all have worked with fervor and enthusiasm in an attempt to achieve a high scholastic average. At times our studies have kept us working many long hours and deprived us of other activities. But, among us are those five students who have surpassed all others in their studies. They have continuously worked and have succeeded in reaching a long sought goal. To them go our congratulations and best wishesg that they may continue to march tri- umphantly up the ladder of success. if ELAINE RACAGLLA MANUEL OLIVEIRA Valedictorian Salutatorian FRANK MILO Third Honor iini Wi 92' ,n S3 A his ,ffl Quiet, tame the ball IS pretty busy. john plans to leather Working industry, Latin Club. -Vw.: WI-S efvg.:-H532-, iafglgi.. ,'VQ"2:1?.f?.1'.-if fIfifVf.V'.i1.f3Ef7 R 'KH TI.. ?.g.g::Q'I. '.Ask'15,in57.15-:gTkz51.i":'fif.iE2g3j.6151 -fzYg.ijj.gT. 1.51.3-gt'y..15i',,fT 3,jiQ..g.e.sg. ., . lg.. -ww V..-, -.WV ..-.,,.gf,.,53.Q.q L lt 'I S' i.i'Xf1a'L .. ..L,i..g. , .... VV rs we-fv. ,....,,V., V..-V,,f ........ .. ., .-.,, ...V V .vs V V V..,.x . tttltlkt 3 , Wwnwg tlnnt ,.,. , k,,.,, . .f ..,. gn '?:.S'3?fQf ...mm -...vxzmg - V --5. 1? 1' iff. 5 if l k 'V' 'Q UE 'l.il?.5i4'-nfs . ., V., Q 4 .lxifiiltfxl f - ' Q, ffX!qi.J5fQis?x . if miata vx .fasvf 'uw 1 . .,...t, .,.. if i , X 1 .. . 5 ,K 5 L.. V. 2,-W ls 323523923 ' . E ,T , V.-Vg. -- ..e1.f-. W.:-ii.. V V V V .., ,,,. .L .V 1 .. .S .. ww...-V. . . , 2. - ,, V, .V .,..,k Vkk, . F ,ki kkry Sw.. k,kk ,, Steno C1VbflAFPCl?bfN lll J t sa Historyyprum' V Vg ! th mf. 'E M.. ., M... . ,. fi? ftbygts. MQ ,mt V ' ,V-. V --'- ,V -V V '1:sfiH'. 2' ' -- 'V x ' ' VVVV , . V f , ,- , , , V'--Vx . . ', ..w-H .0 "11'..lr tl: T.!--z-'-.l:?'f.'..:'7f.5.+V '1..' V - ,,,- 4 . , W, --V.-.V ...,,...,. V.., . . 5. ,,,..., . ,,.. , .,,....VV,....V VL t Mary has OHIYWQU Wlfh-Us plal3QS to ,enter use fhe in her time her. l ll lltV Vt..j fffwf tt .'Q . Bwmw 1 ,.,.V, .V N l ll V 22 HH gt., , .,,. l 1 a quiet, lad who has. the and pigeons- He has a madef quite a name for himself ljkisebalilteam. "Billy intends to enlist in if m W , LL ,.ee Baseball Team Italian fl lem al Profession- nlnle ellg nell nnel ' E. B llel 5 l elnl i if l C1v1l durmg Echtor O K .,,L pu, 23 ?55 wg,g,,,k -:wmv 'figs-nn:-,,g,,uw,Li-'ini vu: , W . . r ,:.:f,,,z,- nf .wp ..... , nw K- '?,..m::, .,.. 1 -I fu, . Gym Sergeant. john is a serious minded young man who finds high school the most enjoyable part of his education. He is an avid photographer who takes particular care with each pictureg he plans to make this his life work. john spends much of his time sports and Working with the Fairview Volunteer F iremen. p John Ilickhardt p . ffjohnniff i ' M ilimry Service ian slaa A , ' I V' -7 I F "rf-awk" pf ' Umzwgded Q Light-footed Frank is our Dancerfl Pletssissta curly hsiredr fellow with a wontlerflilfsense of and loads of personality. Fifanklllplansllto,follow his secret ambition and beoome aisinger, perhaps his own show. l s K ' - Commercial Arithmetic Cliilaplffilikfi Clubp History Fonim, Biologyfilub, Science - English Club- ' V ji f V S A Navy h1s mam mterests after that elther be a P P Y""'wQIZl'4'W,iL"""f..7.L1 fF'?'i7W'7W?'X' f"'7W f --7 i WL " . My " A 55,11 3? 1931? as ,wx A ,gwz ff 'F ,iviilfyf M .:,,-. g, gisf W , 29 ' H f ,W f og? k B sra5, Advanged Art N ,Dx-hmificsf V Merry-Co-Round 'f?f?'gO5iCe ,, Practice XV f Q Englisii S f sf g ' ,, - 2 . . Q H1 WJ- K L and lil ?Q12. I-met y J on billboards iif if After graduahon John plans and make h1s future from there. Dramatms Club, Hxstory Forum, Engllsh Club, Math Club, Spanish Club. bf A German Club, English Club, Gym 'Sergearm "Rich" is our "Million Dollar Smile" boy. His pearljfl white teeth and keen. sense of humor can easily icleilfifyf, him. "Rich" is an expert speed ice skater- e many awards for his lskill at this spert. He to enlist in the service er find a goedlpositienllsaflwmkllf he likes. s l l ll l Bicharll'B0eSfeh1 "Ricky u s slslllle ff s Fbrbese S s he euellus - lls1l s eusfsf s lsils 1 , , ,- 5 , V,,,5:,,-l.f:W-3,2ls:-,. 5 Ann actlvities has offered Helen many and fnends. She can always be de- a dlifzcult yob doneg that IS what to us. Helen plans to study m a has as her secret arnbrtlon to travel world. y 0 6: B Staff, Geography Club, Lnglxsh Club, Office- Practice Club, Typing Club, History Fomm. S Gym Sergeant. "Bucky is a short, quiet, fellow who is friends with evelyone. He enjoys sports very much especially base- ball and football and has attended most of the Union Hill games. "Bucky plans to enlist lin the Navy upon graduation and there learn a trade which will benefit him in later life. l Charles Buckel "Buck', Navy Latm Club Spamsh Club F History Forum Gym Sergeant, Minstrel Show, Mechanical want E1 good dlscusslon or argument knackfor leadershlp and his class. He is as diplomat and Mel VVorld She has a 1 lookmg, School or so versat1le she could do she makesgherl choices she is and dancing, finds ractlcc Club, Club, Club will was English ciub, Italian Clgb,lI-Iistozy Forum, Sewingflluh, Tglping cms, World Merry-Go-Round,A New Iersey State Group, Biology Club, Latin Club, Safety Patrol, Usherettes, Senior Chorus, Civilian Defense. "Dee" is 21 real swell girl with lots of personalityin her small stature. She finds great interest in school activities and spends much of her spare time making and sewing her own clothes. "Dee" plans to study nursing and hopes to tlo so in the Hackensack Hospital and then practice there. Together with her sister she was elected as "Best Dressed" in the class. P Diana Cirelli i "Deen: 'lssls W College L Florence Cirelli "Flo" Beauticirm "Flon is a short pretty miss who, together with her twin, Diana,'was chosen as "Best Dressed" in her class. She plans to continue, her education but in a beauticialfs school, and someday to open her own beauty salon. "Flo" is very active in all school shows and programs. Clce Club, History For 1111 1, Italian Club, Drum Majorettes, World Merry-Go-Round, junior Red Cross, English Club, Sewing Club, Biology Club, Science Club. he . . r'Mei..,,, l . National Honor Society, O 61 B Staff, A Prom Committee, Executive Council, Student Council, Student Program Committee, French Club, Latin Club, Math Club, History Forum, World Merry-Go-Bound, Dramatics Club, Debating Team, English Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers of America, Junior Police, Biology Club, Dance Committee, Civilian Defense. , Frank is aysineere, versatile fellow with a wonderful personality. He enjoys traveling and finds local pleasure in dancing, art, swimming, ice skating, and dramatics. Frank plans to study at Rutgers University to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. tHe has some menagerie at homej. . Frank Colenda "Frankie" 'Medical College . i S31 . q,-f , ,.,, W:--f 0 Bt B Staff, Steno Club, Italian Club, Secretarial Club, History Forum. p Arlene is a quiet miss who is looking toward the future with great apprehension and expectation. On the definite side she will study in college and then work as a sec- retary. On the dreamy side she hopes to do something radically dilterentg to travel to many countries and see the world. She nows enjoys swimming and ice skating. Arlene Il. Cortese l "Ar" Secretary :ie-gy,e Ig-15 :TEE Deanna Corhisiero "De" - Nursing "Dev is the type of girl who tries to get into everything and does a good job of it when she does. After school she plans to go to F aii-leigh Dickinson Nursing School for two years. She likes to swim and ice skate. She also has interests in dancing and singing. National Honor Society, O 81 B Editor Staff, Glee Club, History Forum, Italian Club, Minstrel Show, Executive Council, Dance Committee, Typing Club, junior Bed Cross, New Jersey State Group. A Steno Club, Business Machine Club, History Forum, , World Merry-Go-Round, Secretarial Club, Typing Club, English Club, New Jersey State Group, Safety Patrol. "Chip,' is a cute bundle of fun with a sparkling smile anda willing hand, who is our "Class Cutie? When she p is not busy with her fiance, she enjoys swimming, dancing, bowling, cooking and sewing. "Chip, plans to be the career girl-wife type, for she hopes to secure a position in office work. Joan llellesare "chip" Secretary - Marriage ,..,,wm..f E 1 2, 3 x 1 2 E Z E f rrfghfsfgf QR e,f?gs,v,wf srg'f's,5I1zsQ,2frgwZzQze- vsgrf -was wg -wrggexmr uf'-Zi:iwfif:7rfa ses?Ylflvfsei-'VFswfzwsw,r-MJ fgssw -, fine,-sfgf '1'7.y..r,s-3 f-vH',-r,gr-'fsggur swr,1'rg..f-,'m,.w:-qi ,.s.uw:.l L. 1.4 1 sf-reefs fy, s,--www-'ff ,-'?5f'kP5 C ' er i ill -fR0me" he liil s ,-sf: es we - 'S 5121351 -'fggggg 5 is , V, , -viii!!! .4 .ee-: ' V 1 , V ,:, - -,.:g:s:51sgiy excesses: i "B0nnie" is altall, dark,V,quielg, '14-' Cf?-gfdlifsi' most ,of his lifeut Union eanfgsee W, Liijbfs. ,., 5 4 Km e l - eeseo 1 lslos - l . eslee that he enjoys his schoolzsliieasskilire swyzsl C ii l slil something doingg: ,I like ,itll ' L s :J ' . .gf ',,,' around machines anclplans to1emakefftlris,el,worire'mse 1 im. sl f e ,,-, ul.-sep., r English Club, Typing Cluhg, V - , . ,-f,-sir' gase- -- sp,-si Q ,V is V so ' -be qi .1'f??'iiQbau- ,, . English Club, History Forum, Secretarial Club, Office Practice Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Geography Club, Steno Club. "Glore' is the sort of girl who takes life fairly easy, but does the job' when it must be done. Her hobby is baking, but she also enjoys semi-classical music, tele- vision and movies. After graduation she plans to attend Burroughs Business Machine School to prepare for the future. Her secret ambition is to spend each vacation in a different place in the world. Gloria lleI.uise W "Glare" S ecretary Undecided to tall, husky have his own ranch in before he can accomplish this the call of his country and enlist in Forum, Marketing Club. Loretta lleNe-seo "Reita" Business Loretta is sweet, dark-eyed and wonderful. She adds a pleasant touch wherever she goes. She enjoys school and is very active in the many school clubs. Loretta, plans to study business machines in the Burroughs Busi- ness School and make this profession her future. With- out a question Loretta was elected for the "Best Person- ality" in her class. Steno Club, Office Practice Club, History Forum, English Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Secretarial Club, New jersey State Group, Safety Patrol, Biology Club, Senior Chorus. Italian Club. "Phila can always be found around a car. He is at home in a car motor which needs fixing. N o matter how difficult the job looks, he is always willing 'to help his friends. "Phil" plans to become a bricklayer, a job at which he has often worked. And perhaps a State Trooper. S Philip neniso "Dyrmtone Phill' . State Trooper Katherine DeSim0n "Kathy" Berkeley College "Kathy" always wears a bright smile and carries along bei' sharp sense of humor as a by-line. She is the athletic type and enjoys all outdoor activities and dancing. After high school she plans to attend Berkeley College. World Merry-Co-Round, Spanish Club, English Club, History Fomm, Civilian Defense, Biology Club, Math Club. Italian Club, English Club, History Forum, Gym Sergeant. "Mike" is a dark, curly-haired fellow who is known for his friendliness and personality. He can always be found with "the boys" doing something or the other. He en- joys and is very active in all sports. "Mike" plans to find a position he likes or enlist in the service. Michael DeSim0ne "Miken Armed Service Math Club, History Forum, Science Club, Tennis Team. Otto is the class linguist and traveler, having seen many beautiful countries of the world and mastering their, difficult languages. While only in our class for two years, he has mastered English and is admired and re- spected by all. 0tto llrozd "Juggler" Engineering 0 Gifice Wvrk l C e ilii liilil lf? is llia eeaaeeaa e i i ,V Q i-'a m1l,, 'il' Q21 1 "eel Q. "i,e lliii ,neg .,'. 'm'e '-Fl U l 'lF1o" is a shy, quiet girl with a pleasing personality. l i p Her unsellish devotienfto her class and school has made s us realize valuable talents. "Flon plans to work in an office doing typing, filing or bookkeeping. f , l English Club, Steno Club, Secretarial Club, Office Practice Club, Typing Club, Senior Chorus. Carol Eschweiler g "Carol" Secretary C "Carol" plans to secure a position as a secretary until she Ends herself able to attend college for a business Course. She is the type of girl who will "stick to her guns" even though it means long hours in night school. Carol enjoys roller skating, reading and sewing, and has shown strong contrary opinions against washing dishes, and cold winter mornings. . Clee Club, Secretarial Club, Steno Club, Typing Club, Sewing Club, Officelliractice Club. Gym Sergeant. "Hank" is a shy fellow who likes to putter around machines. He also enjoys hunting and is not above being proud of bagging a full limit. After graduation he hopes to enter Miami University and study the com- plexities of aero-mechanics. Henry Georges Euler "Hank" Y e ' Armed Service V Mary Fattizzi "Muir" A Secretary "Mair"has that bright smile' which attracts everyone to her. She enjoys her life in Union Hill, for she has many friends. "Mair" has been an active member of the Dmm Majorettes since her sophomore year. For the future Mary plans either to study in business school or find a position in an office. Drum Majorettes, Italian Club, Steno Club, Secretarial Club, .Typing Club, World Merry-Go-Round, English Club, Senior Chorus. s Spanish Club, English Club, Dramatics Club, Business Machine Club, History Forum, Usherettes, Typing club, VVorld Merry-Go-Round. Dancing is "Aud's" favorite sport,,hobby,i pastime, and main ambition in life. She hopes to become an Arthur Murray-instructorg with her figure and talent she should do veryawell, "And" was also elected as her class "Venus" iWith these qualifications she should go far. Q A Audrey ylferendo V 'iAudU ' 2 x Secretary German Club, Gym Sergeant. The out-of-doors is for "Bob"5 he greatly enjoys hunt- ing trapping, and fishing and many other sports of this sort. "Bob" plans to enlist either in the Navy or Air Force and study in radar work or another division of high eleotronics. Robert A. Fetzer l "Bob" Navy Eileen Ferger "Ein Burroughs School Cute Eileen is one of our favorite majorettes who has never missed a basketball or football game. She is a lovable girl who always has a bright smile and many friends. Muclrof her time is spent listening to Frankie Castro records. Eileen plans to enter Burrouglfs busi- ness School after graduation. Majorettes, Faculty Cheerleader, Safety Patrol, Student Assembly, Minstrel Show, A Vlforld Merfy-o0-Round, English Club, Typing Club, New Jersey State Group, Office Practice Club, Secretarial Club, History Forum. History Forum, English Club, Math Club, Spanish Club, Gym Sergeant. "Fitz,' is a stocky, interesting fellow who never runs out of stories about stock car racing, which is his favorite diversion. He plans to study radio, radar and other electronics in the Navy, and make a career for himself. ' Charles Fitzgerald "Fiiz'i' Umlecidiid "Shirl,' is a demure young miss who business machine school. She loves popular is constantly improving on her dancing. Much of her time is spent roller skating and 'horseback ridingg two it diversions at which she has become quite adept. Al- though quiet, Shirley can be counted on when the going C gets rough. n English Club, History Forum, Worlds Merry-Co-Round, Secretarial Club, Stenography Club, Typing Club, Business Machine Club, Sub-Treasurer, Geography Club, Spanish Club. Spanish Club, History Forum, World Merry-Go-Round, Math Club, junior Red Cross. "Essie,' recently came to us from Mexico City, but right away became one of us. She is active in many clubs and holds several offices. After graduation she will go on to college to major in Social Studies. Esperanza Frausto Lois Carol Franz "Lo" Secretarial Sci zznf JI Active and alweys ready to give a helping hand is our "Lo". She con be seen at club meetings and enjoying school activities. Lois plans to he a secretary and will receive her education in this field at W ushington Secre- tarial School in New York City. Student Council, English Club, History Forum, World Merry-Co-Round, Commercial Arithmetic Club,- Oflice Practice Club, Secretarial Club, Typing Club, Geography Club, Steno Club, New jersey State Group. Bruno Fregonese "Rody Automobile Mechanic "Red" is a fellow who is always found with the boys from Fairview. He is a quiet but smart chap who usually keeps things to himself. He finds pleasure in skating and bowling. "Red" has no definite plans for the future but- hopes to find a good position or enlist in the service. Spanish Club, Typing Club. National Honor Society, Cheerleaders, New I ersey. State Group, English Club, History Forum, Office Practice Club, Typing Club, Italian Club, Secretarial Club. This sweet miss plans to work in a travel agency and aid others to travel where she dreams of someday going. Doris is a cute blonde with a ready smile and friendly nature that pleases everyone. She has been most active with the school cheerleadersg a pleasure she has become quite talented in. Doris was elected our "All Around Hillerv. Doris Gardner ' National Honor Society, 0 6: B Staff, Spanish Club, History Forum, English Club, Sewing Club, Cooking Club, Dramatics Club, Senior Math Club, Typing Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Future Teachers of America, Usherettes. Sweet "Sheila is our "Million Dollar Smiley girl. She has performed in many benefits, radio pietures and stage shows, singing, playing acting. She is very friendly with many men. She plans to continue her schooling at News jersey College for Women and then to the school of her dreams, U.C.L.A. Sheila Greenfield "Sheff, College George blond He enjoys is quite an ardent his future in radio Italian Club, English Club, Typing Club. p Donald Greite "Donn ' College "Donn is a cute fellow who can be found on off-hours at the roller rink, where he has developed into an excel- lent skater. "Dons, favorite subject is math and he plans to follow this into Engineering School and then to prac-Q tical life. "Don" is a hard worker and usually succeeds at whatever he does. just look at some of his "T1ig7' problems. p O Gt B Staff, Spanish Club, Math Club. French Club, Junior Red Cross, History Forum. Shapely, pretty Ninette has a wonderful personality and a sweet sense of humor. When not with her boy- friend, "Mickey", she enjoys skating, dancing and parties. Her plans for the future include only one thing, marry- ing and being a housewife to a rich fellow. Ninette llardesty r "Frenchie" Marriage 0 Gr B staff, German Club, Stage Crew. "Chuck" is a fa11,uwel1-built, u usually be found 5 ChQQ1j 15hO1j B116 fhing or another. His u stamp coin collectiugg piausj Jtb enter thg uNa'9f' upoujgraduafiouw u uu u Charlesru Helm Hchuckf, u Q1 uuu u u Navy 1 uuuuuuuu: Q uuuuuuu fu, ,fu uuf 2 ,,,. ., ,ty .,kk ,,., W, W S 3 f ,L if ,,.,, ,,.-,f f Union Hill Singers, Biology Club ' Nurse's Helpers, Language , From the "Most Musicalv we expect Qgafeagtf xilpsical comedy star. When "Millie" canggndlher isewingor with "Bobby", but doing dishes if -she can help it. ieililil 5 fMl'1lliB"l Y s K as National Honor Society, Clee Student Program Committee, ' Red Cross ,B A M5 9' Undecided I always be, found his spare time in He enjoys work- fo become an airplane Sewing Club, Office Practice, Secretarial Club, Geography Club, English Club jean finds herself very much at home in Union Hill for- she has made many friends and participates in many activities. She plans to continue her education in busi- ness school and then secure an office position. Her pas- times include reading and dancing. J can llinsch "lean" S ce retary d "Rho" , V Business n i Together with "Ronnie" Rhoda makes up our "Class Sweethearts". She enjoys ice, skating with "Ronnie'i, with "Ronnie, and dating with "Ronnie", Her isdto teach "Ronnie" how to Mambo, but to be having trouble. Rhoda plans to practice office work after graduation. Clee Club, Secretarial Club, Office Practice Club, Typing Club, History Forum. A L Spanish Club, History Forum, English Club, Future Teachers of America, Biology Club, Math Club, A. A. Show, Football Team, Basketball Team, Baseball Team. 'Tiichien is a real all-around fellow who knows and is friendly with everyone. He is our "Class Athlete", and has played top-notch varsity football, basketball and baseball for four years. "Richie" has gained innumerable honors in county and state. He has been invaluable to Union Hill for his efficiency, sportsmanship, and talent. Richard Paul Hoffman "Richie" flollege i 5 i,.1l , M cchanic spends a great deals he is quiet, he has by all. After grilduation an auto-mechanic and some day own own. 5 nzsuddysn "Buddy',, a tall blond with a terriiic great lover of outdoor sports especially C' He plans to vacation in Canada and then Navy. His goal for the future is to become a artist. M- , Math Club, German Club, English Club. ..-W . ,..,. N. . are K -- - -,..f.- : .M . ,. 5-were . . i . W, Spanish Club, English Club, Steno Club, World Merry-Go-Round, History Forum, Press Staff, Office Practice Club. "Mary Ann" is a tall, pretty miss who finds there are fa many opportunities in the business world and plans to s 1: make this work her future. To prepare, she will attend Washington School for Secretaries. She enjoys swimming i and attending football and basketball games. Mary Ann E. llumpeler "Mary Avml' r prpp V s l . C .sl.. ,r if gf. rf - 7 7 :.,: ui, ii it a quiet, likeable fellow who to say. His interests include, and dancing and can't see any the mommg. Frank plans to to be a high school teacher, jersey State Group, Typing Club, Math Club, Art Club, World History Forum, Safety Patrol, junior Gym Sergeant. Italian Club, Typing Club. "Lou" is a swell fellow with a terrific sense of humor and a host of friends. He is very active in all school activities. Upon graduation he plans to enlist in the Army and when he is discharged he will become u State Trooper. Louis lovino "Lou" State Trooper Gemian Club, English Club, Typing Club, History Forum, World Nlerry-Go-Round, Civil Defense, New jersey State Group. "Marie,' is a quiet, unassuming girl who is industrious and not afraid to work. She is always doing something for one of the various clubs she is active in. Her great ambition is to enlist in the Womerfs Air Force, Marie Louise Johnsen "Marie" Womens Air Force 52 fellow who great and asouping upv in the service and then at has M M- Y ..,,.. .-i W, + gfsfwaeiiwr if ii! ii ' K 2 E Jones Mechamc s short stature, he is quite an energehc .ls i l lffellow. Hunting, fishing, swimming and traveling atom compose his busy life. After graduation he plans to become a mechanicg work which he indulges in during g his free time. ' ,Stage Crew. if v I, wif 1 ' E Literary Editor of O Sz B, Math Club, New Jersey State Group, Spanish Club, English Club, History Forum, Art Club, Ushcrettes, Nurse's Helper, Biology Club. Busy "Ann" is always running from one club meet- ing to another. She enjoys art and cooking and has won many awards for her cooking. "Ann" has done wonder- ful on the Literary Staff of her yearbook. "Aung plans to attend college after graduation. Ann Kazanehy "Arm" ' College ' 53 Kerr . "Dane" Undeczded "Dave" is best known for his singing and his friend- ship. He can be found in almost all assembliesg his loud, clear voice booming forth. When not rehearsing, he enjoys swimming, hunting, boating, fishing, and all other sports. He has been a great asset to the Union Hill Singers all his years in high school. Union Hill Singers, German Club, Clcc Club. O' Gt B Staff, Clee'Club, Usherettes, Future Teachers of America, World Merry-Go-Round, Student Program Committee, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, New jersey State Group, Typing Club, History Forum, Safety Patrol, Office Practice: English Club, Minstrel Show. "Mickey,' is always full of personality and fun. She takes part in all school activities and does them well. She plans to be a secretary for a few years after gradua- tion, then marry and raise a large family. "Mickey,' has as her secret ambition to be an actress and a dancer. Dlargaret Kesar "Mickey" K Business 54 Football Team, Italian Club, English Club, Iunior Police, Gun Sergeant, History Forum. happy go lucky air, and his sense of humor a popular fellow. His training on the lmacle him a big man on the team. to fulfill his lifelong ambition and attend a degree secure a good position. 'l0SePh K0'-tl' I is , f College 'sei ff-11 i sex l :f air we ' - ggxiw "Freckles" . ' Women's Air Force Rose Marie is al quiet but interesting girl with whom you can have a good time, especially in French Class. Her main interest is sports fbasketballl and has won for herself the title of "Class Athlete? She enjoys art and needlework. Rose Marie plans to enlist in the Women's Air Force after graduation. O 6: B' StaH, Art Club, French ClulJ,'Dramatics Club, Senior Play. ' National Honor Society, O or B Staff, Basketball Team, Football Team, Track Team, German Club, History Forum, World Merry-Co-Round, Math Club,'Student Program Committee, Dramatics Club. "Bohn is an all-around, regular fellow who has the "Best Personalityl' in our class. One of his main interests is athletics, especially basketball, a sport to which he has given his all for his school. "Bohn plans to continue his education in college, perhaps within the line of his favorite subjects: history and science. Robert W. Kopchains 56 "P0lr1ck', C allege Norma "Norm" V I . V 'L C Colleged "Most Likely to Succeed" is our Norma. She is one of our most active classmates, belonging to many clubs and participating in all activities. She has represented Union Hill at Girls State and other programsg Norma will attend college after graduation and is sure to be a big success. National Honor Society, Financial Editor of the O or B, Treasurer of Senior B Class, Executive Council, Student Council, Press Staff, German Club, Debating Team, Sewing Club, Usherettes, Future Teachers of America, Girls State Representative, Student Program Committee, History Forum, C English Club, World Merry-Go-Round. A. A.. Show, Civil Air Defense. V National Honor Society, O 6x B Editor Staff, , ,French Club, Language Club, Debating Society, V History Forum, English Club, Student Program Committee, Drarnatics Club, , V K New Iersey State Group, World Merry-Co-Round, V Student Council, Civil Air Defense, Latin Club, - Math Club, Boys State Representative, Senior Play. o ,"Larry", our "Most Likely To Succeed", is the silver 'tongued orator of our class. He has entered and won many public speaking and debating contests. He has done his greatest work in the production of his "O or B" aisl one of the Editors in Chief. He has also represented Union Hill at various discussions, "Times Youth Forum" and Jersey Boys State. "Larry', plans to follow his hobby of public speaking and study law. y Lawrence Korn C V ,A W "Larry" College Undecided who always can be friendsg her personality is the active in all school activities, very much. The future has her looking a position as a secretary. Diane, with her was elected "Most Populari' in the class. History Forum, English Club, Steno Clubg Olfice Practice Club, Secretarial Club, Club, Safety Patrol, World Merry-Co-Bound, Jersey State Group. I clubs . joan plans to enter the How does a married career girl English club, Biology Club, Spanish Club, Typing Club, History Forum, World Merry-Go-Round, Sewing Club, Senior Play Make-up Committee. Italian Club, History Forum, English Club, Gym Sergeant, World Merry-Co-Round. iy"Ca1-1" is a robust, lovable fellow who has been elected as our 'Class Comedian". His antics and humor always give us a good time. "Carl" enjoys sports very much and is also activeiin many school programs. He plans to attend college upon his gracluatimig ' Carl LaManai l 'Carr' C s - college jf English Club, Italian Club, History Forum, Sewing Club, Typing Club, World Meny-Go-Round, New Jersey State Group, Drum Majorettes, Biology Club, Latin Club. "E" is a short, dark-haired bundle of dynamite, only five feet tall. Both in and out of school she is very active in clubs and sports. She plans to attend beautician's school after graduation and someday open her own beauty salon. Elaine Liberatore "E" , Beautician n 59 z 3 ww Society, Ao , x7 ,l on i o V , m i :1 Student CogmllflMathllalfumlyloff ommggfoleffsggggfball lTeam, c:IQ5,l l , o o ltmionl Hill Smgefg, BoyS' cIgCllCit1bgyGafogef1g 1-zfllpeg' ' l l ' l . l l ' ' '. fix' L 'TBHl'11S.T62l1Tl, KA. A. IIelper,r Student Pragrami, - ' A ll ' ",',, if -y . Minstrel Slmw, Future Tcuchcrs'0f Ameiimi, ,A" ' XVorld Mer -Co-Round, Civilian Ilefeiisell ry' . -f v Latin-C1ub,,Scni0r Play, Gym Sergeant Q1 I7 , . .o 1 Q- iff? ,,ll Q' ,, . A . l . f l il Blond 'fTed 15 one of our more actwe boysg particle l , 'ALI i . l n ' i . in , V g many 21Ct1V1f16S omcluding managerl'0fihgQmgr ' ,e, V ,, . K l ' f TP? team, 'Ted IS well known tl'lI'Ol1ghOL1f"H19, .f 2 fiff32Si2iQ?iSchool'l'lfor hlssln 111 and dancm f. Hxs secret ambxtxon , ":: 5 ,-: -' If '-f- " B ' , . , . - ,- L V l-,1 ' , K , A ' ' g IS tokbe anoratoro but he w1I1 attend Genera1 o Mlotors 3 oll l o l o 2 as .iffgE,3fM:- i , K V , . , , . . , f Sohooldzcwglloarn engmeermg. l l ' l o o 2 'E ' llz' 'HZ 5 ol,-, I i ' . SffEV2Fl2l5l?E3 f H .fl ' ' -:V 1 - llooo ooll ' Q : 3ffi'ed 1 l College f so ' ' X8 classes. Wh1Ch he has also a professlonal boat boat andgfwlrmilng mggyhiigfyyards Club, Gym Sergegg3i11ggiTrz1c'fifI' 'l'Z.:. :'-if 7 , ', ' i1"?E?W'JYM sglilhaslnidonei much to foster rn your Senior Play and our l l lwhat a of our class, Class, H ,iCo-Chairman of Dance Committee, Senior Chorus, s l rom Club, nmmaucs ClulJ,f Biology Club, ,, . is Student Program Cozirmitteer Christmas Pageant, Co-Chairman of Senior Prom, Sales, nfloriirnittee, V English Club, Gym Sergeant, Latin Club, ' V History Forum, Stage C , it Senior B President, Student Council, National Honor Society, Executive Council, French Cluh, Math Club, Prom Committee, Student Program Committee, Civilian Defense, Gym Sergeant. President of the Senior Class is only on of the many high positions Harry hasiattained. He is a versatile fellow with a large collection of popular and classical records and has an interest in model airplanes. "Harry" has attained the position as "Most Dependable" in our class because of his interest, in hisiclassrnates. He hopes to attend M.I.T. upon graduation and study aeronautieal engineering. S i s S s me Harry Mah "Herry" A i Y V A il College ' Maleta "Larry"' W College "Larry" truly Hts his title of "Class Dreamerv, for his thoughts are forever wandering. He enjoys basketball and going out nights to dance and have fun. He attends all Union Hill sport events. "Larry's" secret ambition is to someday own Melosh's. He plans to work at Ford Motor Company after graduation. French Club, Gym Sergeant. English Club, Italian Club, History Forum, Math Club, Worlcl Merry-Co-Round, Marketing Club, Biology Club, Gym Sergeant. "Tony" is a muscle bound young man who is every- oneis friend. He is just realizing his secret ambitiong to enter the field of forestry. He has shown his preference for the out-of-doors life opposed to his present city 'life and plans to prepare for- his future in Florida State University, "Tony" also hopes to Continue his much favored sport of gymnastics. He was elected as our class "Adonis". - Anthony Joseph Marino A "Trmy', College Italian Club, History Forum, Gym Sergeant, Typing Club. Shy, quiet, Fred has developed into an all-around fellow during his years at Union Hill. He has developed, a personality with which he wins many true friends. After graduation he plans to enlist in the United States Navy, and perhaps there learn a profession he is inter- ested in. Fred and his clear, true voice has won himself the position of "Most Musical, in the class. Fred A. Mariano i "Stretch" Armed Forces fe lrr ,Q l Anthony Louis Marino V "Tony" Army Big, strapping "Tony" has attained the title of "Best Looking" in our class, perhaps because he loves to "beauty, sleep more than anything else. "Tony" enjoys all sports but shows special preference for basketball. He plans to enter the Army after graduation and there learn a trade which will benefit him in later lifel s Italian Club, English Club, Gym Sergeant, History Forum, Basketball Teafn. O or B Staff, Italian Club, Steno Club, Typing Club, Secretarial Club, New Jersey State Group, History Forum, English Club, Senior Chorus, Usherettes, Safety Patrol. "Gen', is a swell, all-around gal with a wonderfully exciting personality. She enjoys football and basketball games, swimming, and school, especially Union Hill, and can be found in one or another of the school activities. "Conv plans to make secretarial work her profession in the future. Genevieve Mastropietro "Gen" ' Business A "EV ' ' Secretalfy ' "El" is a swell gal with loads of good humor and good fun. She is always working hard with school and outdoor activities. As yet "l?.l', has no definite plans for the future, but she has a few ideas of what she would like to do after graduation. German Club, Senior Chorus, Secretarial Club, Rapid Calculation Club, Steno Club, Art Club. enyoys enlist in the study technology. Gym Sergeant. Service who is gone of and spends most of his He is active in many especially baseball. forces or attend German Club, Gym Sergeant. Blond l"Ray" is an amiable fellow who can always s be found with the North Bergen crowd. He is kept going with many school and outside activities. "Ray" plans to enlist in the Navy and when discharged he hopes to ' go into the printing machine field. s aymond William Mehr, Jr. "Ray" Armed Service 65 ff . ? in ,. - Typing Club, Senior Chorus. X S QW ,,,-H. .i 4 J AM F Typing Club, English Club, Gym Sergeant, History Forum. 4"Ray" is a real tall, lanky fellow who finds great interest in sports, especially baseball, basketball, and swimming. During vacation time helfglso fishing and hunting. But, of course5 hisff2wbrite is going Out with his girlg l l V fe a 'mond G. "Fran', can always be anywhere in Union Hill work and "Tony" to attend a business college her chosen field. 0 Gt B Staff English Club, New Jersey State Group, W Typing Club, ,ff 7 -.,-- M, -11, Football T eam, Gym Sergeant. "Bda is a good looking all-around fellow who has been a great asset to Union Hill's football team. He has a wonderful personality and 21 fine sense of humor. After graduation "Ed', plans to enroll in college and then work at a good position. Edward Anthony Messina "Chalk,' College 67 National Honor Society, Italian Club, Gym Sergeant. Frank has a wonderful sense of humor but is more at home with serious thinking. He is the sort of fellow We all envy, for his mental alertness and clear thinking always shine forth. He finds keen interest in the fieldlof philosophy, and can quote Plato. Franks interests are forever wandering but we can all see a successful future for him. . s I Frank sMil0 "Milo" l Undecided quiet girl hobhles Club Steno her favorlte IS qu1te an athlete and CRITI way 1 to l describe Harry. and always which can be heard l diversion in model afeollecfion of these unique toys., Sports omni quote the case historyiof many sportsmen. French Club, History Forum. Sewing Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Latin Club, Biology Club, Typing Club, Office Practice, History Forum, English Club, Science Club. "Pat" is a swell girl who is always loads of fun to be around. Her smile and personality make her very popu- lar. She plans to enter business school and perhaps someday secure a position as a private secretary and then meet the man of heridreams and marry. Patricia F. Murro M "Patti" o Comptometry School 69 Michael Nunziato "Old-Mari' Undecided "Mike,' is a quiet, likeable fellow who seems to be in on just about everything. He can be found at prac- tically all times with the "North Bergen boys". Mike plans to enter the Armed Forces upon graduation and hopes to plan his future from there. Italian Club, Gym Sergeant. ' ..,:j12g:'E-7 .f 3.4.4 'TT ws. , :x,. ffl 5 ,.i-1zl 'iiifiwfx 21 We A K 2 c s,eee e,e e -1 1- 2, :ef -if J 1 -Nix l. ' ': K f-,k.. .gf ins W , .4 ,...,, W., -,e:7g:g32fp,c . I 1"1i41'misI Q . is is -es - 12515325 fsgiiiisiixsf . - egg if 3 , '5l.5'ffli9,1:ie 1 - i.:ffi'f7:Y2-il - -s fa:-erzlisgs I We English Club, Filifigyclubg Typing Club! llistery? "Bob" is one of our sports as well as studies. He and field, and football, me has mme' lisc for p p pjpp I hirnself in e1ese,lslisHiggplf1,eml plenum ciss aligned definitely iilii sppp l decided, but he seeslfo if thetllchepxnokels good in anything he weston i i l . l up f Robert mm-ien ' "Babb l l W' c lf so l Service A 70 . A. A. Office, Sterlo Club, OfficepPractice Club, ' Italian Club, History Forum, English Club, New Jersey State Group, Glee Club, Typing Club, A Secretarial Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Usherettes. "Pat!' is a pretty girl who can be found at almost all times in the A.A. room. She plans to enter the secretarial field and has as her interests-sports, swimming, danc- ing, stenog and for the future, children. "Pat,s,' secret ambition is to lmow all the students in ,her graduating Class. i llatrieia Ellen 0'Dea ' "Pat"' ' Secretarial Field .,, l Alice E. 0dd0 "Alice" College A "Alice,' is a very quiet girl but is always alert to all happenings. As Club Editor of the "O 61 B", she has aided greatly in its publication. After graduation, Alice plans to travel quite a bit, perhaps even to Hawaii, and then to become an actress, a field in which she has shown great talent. p Club Editor of 0 Br B Staff, Executive Council, Usherettes, Math Club, Senior Chorus, Italian Club, Future Teachers of America, English Club, History Forum. 72' it ...W -www mf... NWWN. .W-v. ,MW .Ma WW at he . ' 0-fiffwefqf WMLX ' 'J 'Jr ..,, VAVV A Myriad! M My ffilrsffxff y .... V 'v 'M ' s 1 -' . i' ,fs fy.. ,gf.-Kwyow -, . C 4, www. .cial 'National Honor Society, O 81 B Edkor Staff, Union Hill Singers, Boys' Glee Club, History Forum "Manuel,' is a real swell fellow with a bright smile and friendly personality. He is very active in school pro- grams and is one of the editors of the "O :Sz Bn. His favorite activity is the Union Hill Singers, of which he F is a member many years. "Manuel,' plans to study teach- y ing at Montclair State Teacheris College. Manuel J. 0liveiral "Manuel,' College . Barbara 0,DODHBll "Bnbbie,' Secretary "Bobbie" is our "Class Flirty and is'also Co-Captain of our Cheerleaders. Her wonderful personality can be seen in the cheery "hello" she has for everyone. She is very active in many of the school doings and plans to enter the secretarial field upon graduation. Cheerleaders, History Forum, English Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Spanish Club, Sewing Club. "Tony" is a big, strong, husky fellow great asset to Union Hill. He enjoys bball, and swimming and has shown football the school with "Fran,'. After graduation will stud Anthony I' ' "Ton O Br B Staff, Italian Club, Football team. He can usually be y business administration in college. y" ' Service while in later in life. Business does well at what- how difficult it may to become a member Of our he hopes to train if L. 59 5 rrly y'sy l of the in winning the attend college and study to coach Union Hill basketball. O or B Staff, Basketball Team, Track Team, Senior Chorus, Math Club, Italian Club, History F omm, Student Council, Dramatics Club, World Merry-Co-Round, Mechanical Drawing, Civilian Defense, Executive Council, Committee, Gym Sergeant, Art Club. Cheerleaders, Italian Club, Office Practice Club, World Merry-Go-Round, Sewing Club, Typing Club, Senior Chorus. Shining black hair and a cheery describe our "Jong She knows everyone and lends a bright note wherever she goes. "Jo" is very active in school and is one of our best cheerleaders. She plans to make her way into some phase of dress designing work which she does in her spare time. Lightfooted "jon was elected as the "Best Dancerv in the class. Josephine Pitarresi "Jon Burroughls School of Business 1 a tall, slim, girl enyoys working and rust denvmg pleasure She hopes to work express company. A Natronal Honor Society Club, Steno Club, Student Program, History Office Practice Club, Nurse's Helper, Enghsh Club, Secretarial Club, f V-J yum 'MZ 'Mfg my I 1,1 English Club, Typing Club, Spanish Club, History Forum, Office Practice Club, Usherettes, World Merry-G0-R0uncl, New jersey State Group, Senior Chorus. L Cute Doris is a girl who enjoys school for the friends she has made and the fun 'she has had. Her hobby is collecting dolls from foreign countries. She also enjoys skating, bowling, dancing and hopes to become a part- time dance instructor. Her secret embition is to travel to Europe on a luxury liner. Doris plans to attend busi- ness school and become a secretary. Doris Plander "Dorn , Secretary eff? E ff , ,-:fs s .eil ffl' , -eff 'iff 455 , ,,,s R, iz' ,V N, wa W National Honor Society, Clee'Club, English Club, 'Spanish Club, Civilian Defense, Sub Treasurer, Sewing Club, Biology Club, Xvorltl Merry-Go-Round, Drumatics Club, Student Program Committee. ,C ,"Ifene'f is a sweety pretty, all-around girl who has attained the title of "Most Dependable? in the Senior Class. She isvery active in all club and assembly pro- grams. After graduation "Irene" plans to enter Katharine Gibbs Seeretarial School to prepare for Sher future. Irene H4 Pammy "Irene" ' S , Katharine Gibbs 76 ,VSL 4 Ml who has to follow his in or a commercial compassion for art Art 15 cluefully Class Pals Club, Senior, Chorus, Gym Sergeant. ??iii?QVtf5Ei 7L1 nlvmz r-- fi - k gsfzzmsw f. 1 1 .L ..,, dgensesofehumor all add up to "joe" able friend. He is an ardent ' tion he intends to enlist in the Army s future from there. "joe", with his and happy-go-lucky "'MOSt Popular" in the Senior Poll. lv? History Forum, Typing Club, English Club, Office Practice Club, Commercial Arithmetic Club, ' Science Club, Sewing Club, Home .Economics Club. "Rad, is one of the quiet, lovable, athletic girls who is great fun and a wonderful friend. Her secret ambition is to be the owner of the New York Giants, but until q. this dream comes her way she will study to be a nurse. r Rachel Principe l Elaine Theresa llagaglia "E" Secretary - Marriage Elaine is a swell girl who takes on more work than it seems she can handle but always comes through. She has been indispensable as a member of the "O or B" staff. She, loves to eat at alll times. Elaine has been elected with Ann as "Class Palsv. She plans to marry within the next year and raise a family. Editor O or B Graduate Staff, National Honor Society, English Club, Executive Council, Prom Committee, Safety Patrol, Iunior Red Cross, World Merry-Go-Round, Secretarial Club, History Forum, Spanish Club, Steno Club, Usherettes, Typing Club, Senior Chorus, Civil Defense, Biology Club, Spanish Club, Biology Club, World Meyry-C0-ROl1I1C1, History lforuin, Future Teachers of America, Gym Sergeant. A "jimmy" is a quiet, humorous fellow who is friendly with everyone. He is active in many school programs and enjoys school studies very much. njimmyi' plans to work for a few years after graduation and then if pos- sible opena business of his own. James Ilhinehardt nfimmyl' Business 78 ,If ,k:., . . , , ,,,.. ,,..,,h K u .... .,.. 3 my my s,eu1.ee.s.,,mea-..,,s.fm-. -rim PQ ia, ,H ass , s , Ls. as . ', Q s A .Q . A sfsirw Q-2'?Lr'u -f1u": :--.rf f!?2zg'tQ,:f25 :E-r' W? 'S s -as s U, 5, se? 1 4 ei me M ek. 4 J' oefsf W WP' i sf Pennsylvania. Spanish Club, Math Club English Club, Red e f'Artie" is a slim redhead who is a natural cc with his own style. Although he is a 'johnny lately" to our class, he has made his place among us. 'fArtie', plans to enter the field of accounting and hopes to prepare for this profession at Wilkes College Arthur Bogovin yes mme" s wakes College which Senior Club. ,Secretary who is pleasing to jersey City. She enjoys school doings. For the secure a secretarial position, shown a greet talent. National Honor Society, History Forum, Sewing Club, I Press Staff, Oifice Practice Club, Secretarial Club, English Club, Senior Chorus, World Merry-Go-Round, Typing Club, Math Club, Commercial Club, Rapid Calculation, Junior Red Cross, Spanish Club, K . ,Biology Club, Steno Club. "Joann is a girl who is sincere in her ambition to become a secretary. Being possessed with the fine qual- ities of dependability, initiative and honesty, she will no doubt make a good one. After graduation she plans to attend Burroughs Business Machine School and study for her future. Joan Sardone "Jeanie" Business 80' l 'fjackien . 1 S Undecided ' "jackie" has that appealing sense of humor which is hard to find in most people, He places his aims high and almost always succeeds in attaining them. To him money is a "nevv vvorldv and abides his time carefully with it. If you should ever visit the, Catskill Mountainsg just give a loud 'llackien and you will find him With his trusty gunand hunter's outfit. 1 as f, H 5,11 I Italian Club, Basketball Team, Gym Sergeaait. "Rabbit" isa serious-minded fellow who pins fo ge to college even if he has tojoin the Navy to accomplish ambition. He is interested in sports and has ishewn at greamfffnify for basketball and bfwebau. He can often fouhd around his car trying to keep sit in running Golidiiion. l A K i l Ilohert Schaffner 'Ttalgbif' ' X College ff ,J F Secretary of Senior Class, Faculty Editor O Bt B eswi-I, Chairman Dance Committee, Executive council, V ' English Club, Spanish Club, Typing Club, Clee Club, History Forum, Math Club, Usherettes, Biology-Club, Sewing Club, Latin Club. Edythe is a pretty, personality-plus girl who has attained the title of "Best Looking" in our class. She is very active in school and is secretary of the Senior Class. Edythe has very ably organized our Iunior Social, Senior Poll Dance and Senior Prom. After graduation she plans to study nursing at Fairleigh Dickinson College. Edythe Je-an Schwartz "Edie" Nursing School l it Gym Sergeant, Civilian Defense, Kosten is one of those quiet lads who go for the outdoor life and devote a large part of their time to the Naval Reserves. After graduation he hopes to enter the field of science, perfect his favorite division, and special- ize at a later date. t Kosten Sernekos "GuS,, Undecided Special Features Editor 0 51 B Staff, Executive Council, Prom Committee, Usherettes, Senior Chorus, Civilian Defense, Safety Patrol, junior Red Cross, Press Staff, History Forum, English Club, Typing Club, Spanish Club, Sewing Club, World Merry-Co-llouml, Biology Club, V Math Club. Ann is an all-around girl who has given her all for her "O 81 She enjoys mostly the science subjects. Her secret ambition is to be a trapeze artist but plans to study nursing at Christ Hospital and then become a laboratory technician. Ann has been elected with Elaine as our "Class Palsn. Ann Carolyn Sheridan "Sherry,' Nurse ' English Club, Office Practice Club, T l "Chickie" "Chickie" can always be seen moving busy with something lmportant and has asset to herclass and school. She is verv doings and does Well IH whatever she aClliClCi6,, plans to secure .1 position in .in Dramatics Club, World Merry-Go-Bound, Circulation StaE. Club QF 'U' ff- :-f':1a?' -:wg wi:-f.:"'Ei'za:' .,, W .arg ik y pvgw f 32 J N K ggv' as 6 as Italian Club, Scnlpx H , V English ll -fxs1f4f2, iWe .L v,.. Q. ,, 1 s fpgguwfagwv fl F , . , ml,?f,f5?E.mzzssf. ww 14: H Mg , . ,-f:wf'f2s2sym5. I W.. . , ,f .QS , V A Qvzmyf-LSQM-W-Iszzfu Z V 1f.Sl2w- ' fl Egfeiilfzgisln 2 gg. Q,-,39g1.4QffgsW 3, sw - ' L flililiiu e f Spanish Club, Cym'SCi'g'13:ant,, Dramlatics Clulx A taunting teachers. Aside: froxngtliis lpa5ti1ne, model lair- r. X 7.,1:ggpg35f 55l5f9ff'7 N. . . M. .fl 6 Wilffirf? 1, 1 , s. mf ., ,Y l 5 1,2 Liiffiiif- ' 1 1 .' if 1 ' , - ., .,,. Li. gl yg::.g5:5fT,l .aw- .mm , ,e f,..,,--f 2 1 -1 QA 'I , fl. 3 plana . building ig' his n After graduation he plans to . ing- Just ask him .n .l l . +1 l.n. ll. ,ln nn. - , llnl l 1 ln.l .n..l great Slqlyl l. l . + l . Jill . I LLLkL,L lykktl I ki: V . n . l l1. . l M H Ron IS a swell, fellow sports. His secret ambition IS to of the water when he 1S water slcung. he has been elected as our Class Sweet- done invaluable work in producing Society, Sports Editor O 81 B Staff, Gym Sergeant. at ,-Q,-My , , A I. my I . F ,Y ,, JM: A is-.X "i1L..s11gQ ,j::Q:j!Q:! . 'I ,:. 123141 1 , ,,kk.. 5,53 ' 71 - EYES? " 791:55 A G ' -M- M N, . ,KW5 -.ww - F .. . , fe, f -W . , 1' .. :FJ .-...stil f1fk:im.,J . -W, we l Spanish Club, Stenaiqlllb,,lCefjgi'9I5l1YLCluh,'A ttll ,l, it 1 English Histofyyflorzilii, lf.-ll: J iii Oiiice Prz1ctiiie:ClubgilTyping Club. ' t,iE Saucy ,,yel 'i'l Sher , t is llel ibut ef ll e she will in Whatever she ellee i, qi llli e ,t. l t telt 1 se tle fc. t Cwwlille Spears .K . ,L dfrarolineg , ki ...y- kk fi.kI .,tLf 5 ,. ,E Business 3 gun! 4 ,r 1 6521 ' 5 giffgxl Qgkwf Q we yriifaiw if get ,,,:Qf:5x,:f,e2gi .5 digs: H f L, 5..sm:tf:23,,..g54z-:ww -wixsgtigifgf yLg,3wiff,1fqe- af HW, wits ' gu i me '- f ..N......,,t,,l.,W.W.,,,,W,4MM, ,,,,i.,-i I - . ,fff . , ..,. .. ,,7,W ,, q ,iq ,lg M ,ii .lf m . , ,Mig gailisr ' e Cross, Usherettes, Steno KH 1U Viv IS elected actlve ln ambitwn IS to study Receptionist girl who has been prepare our class. She is Very of school. Her secret fashion model but will O St B Staff Executive Councxl Club, nb ,Nationlall Honor society, o as A V m'DramatiCs Club, Italian fall, Sweet and Wonderful girl She is a 1 in pwdllction ofl her a court and has as a eeess 1aiS1eser+ l e mk1,- ,. - T z, I " . -. W- ,, .wMfw?'z EE ..,,,,,,,,,.,. , . , - - :5, ef i f zsx isw-zsagfl 117 W 'vii-'T 2 ,M Union Hill Singers, Glee Club, Office Practice Club, Senior Chorus Joyce is a short, pretty"Southern Bellei' always wear- ing u bright smile. She is well known lfor her beautiful voice which she has displayedyin many assemblies. She enjoys reading but her main interest is singing and music and plans to attend music school after graduation :ind then Work in the field of religious music. Joyce Turnage "Southern Belle" Juilliard School of Music V L 5, gs wfief ft V, f V - , , .V . , Mt,-:jg,j, f - ,559 ggi 31 -firm, i i l tt Frank is 'ai tally quiet iheinclsorfie 'ladtwlaol interested in sports lfootballj andschool. is l all-trades for he has worked at,,y?QHlnd can do But, as yet, Frank hash? dfbiiimitely decided occupation that he would preferifor hisfuturef il s s.iif Club, Football Team, English Club, Chorus, Senior Play, 'Sergeants -A is Wonderful per- He makes up very much He IS 'Active IS kept pretty busv wlth out- ub N'I'1rkct1ng Club Latm Club Hmstqry Forum V 'Italian Club, Football Team, Math Club, Gym f'Tony'l is a fellow who makes greatestof ease, for his personality is Qlylbvakdef lie has done rnuch for his fjinffclass work and I5 1l fl plfflnsrto enter into the l "grg.ilug1tfbf1f"a11d is now studying this Anthony f7""ll'f'ns ssrs' srll lkxr S E VFWK 7 I irk, r tlrr ffl? . hearts and act1v1t1es study nursing O St B Staff, Math Club, Forum, WVorld Merry-Go-Round, Biology Club, Typing Club, Defense, Library Helper, Staff, Senior Chorus, Minstrel Show, Program Committee, Dramatics Club. W-in . , ' 'ifubgfiffgg .g :k, Ja? 1, J 5 O :Sz B Staff, Steno Club, Secretarial Club, V Spanish Club, Civilian Defense, Majorette of Drill Team,- Ofice Practice Club, junior Police, Senior Cliorus, History Forum, English Club. , "Bobbiev can always be found daydreamingisaboutl .,-fx soxnething or another, usually another. She Qnjoysjdgnogzol ing, roller skating, ice skating and swimrningt intends to go to Burroughs Business Machino School si l after graduation. i C s 1 - Barbara Frances "B0l'Jbie,' I 2- i,inl , - - . J , ,ir -ff:w5,fSF'ffir " 1 istis w on , ' , " ' ' . , , 7 Q- ,,,' .. 'L' 5' " Y 15, 11?'5'Q5.s:-fi?'ff.lgS:51', iii' . , ik. who and outslde work. fxshmg and has many He has no defmxte to secure a good posltxon. A Spamsh Club, Prom Art Rapid Calculation Club, Our Miss Brooks". an active girl who takes great interest in her school. She can usually be found husying herself in the art room where she has done much creative work. Harriet plans to enter Burrough's Business Machine School then obtain a position as a secretary. Harriet M. Wolfson 1'Hurrv Bttsirtess ., '91 i5',:'fi I il V ' , A ,M Liss3iI.i,fg+ti 1 .Irwin J .. V4 -Secretaty plans o hecom ff -1 aw 7f7S2-W 7.-7 ,1- yx abil, 5.5 .gnqgv .124 .--exif ' 55125 ,g . 7-'nf .775--7 K ' l :vw 5.51470-7r' , 7' 5- Ms. r, .Q-717' ..Qig-47-7-- ' -F 1,-7--Q, ,-37'-ff- 1. ,anti ,f ffXff..7. .ff. 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Second How: Rita Schactcr, Sheila Greenfield, jane Schmidt, ,loan Sardouc, Anna Marie Tcrranova, Carol Pitk- witz, Doris Gardiner, Marie Lazroe, Elaine Regaglia, Mildred Herrmann, Buck Row: Ronald Spangler, Theodore Loop, Frank Colcnda, Lawrence Korn. O O "Senior Throughout our years at Union Hill we have striven to raise ourselves to a higher scholastic, communal and social level. Among us are some of those who have achieved this goal. Their repeated efforts on behalf of their classmates and school have borne fruit, for they have been rightfully honored by admittance into the realm of superior achieve- ment, the National Honor Society. 93 onor Soelet Mr. joseph Briccola, Facility Adviser, Class of january 155, pinning the new inductccs at Honor Society induction. Ma my fs , 'ZW 2 i S A W EEF fs ap ,ww W xi 2. Ei' i s .1 K W u , I if QW W u X 3,1459 Q K xx -fx f,,1.fLi'fg5Q v '-ev: 5 X WL X xg M, AQ FH, 2 :- Q , S Q Q W 6 ! , 1 3 551 v'.,r 2 y xi ,, K av an N . ,. af-x... 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C ........... .... ..... ..-Ce nB udso H 09 ....- ...., 87 gm-.. lln Yo ITBIDB S e I Comin of Age Most of us entered the portals of Union Hill High School in September of 1951, full of youthful exuberance. We left grammar school, where we were a part of things, to enter high school comparatively friendless. During our first day, Mr. Stahler welcomed us to Union Hill. This made us feel good, almost as though we were a part of it all. Soon we thought we had leamed all there was to know. We learned our schedule Ca prodigious feat in itselfl. We leamed the names of our teachers fthere were so many more than in grammar schooll. But we couldn't learn when our gym days were Cmost embarrassingl or the "Up" stairs from the "Down" stairs. A few months later we saw our first big assembly, the Thanksgiving Day Program, where we experienced our first "pep rally" for the Turkey Day Game. Thanksgiving Day greeted us cold and clear. It was strange getting up at nine, accustomed as we were to rising about one o'clock. But "When in Union Hill, do as the 'Hillers' do." After the game we had nothing but a battered program and a vivid memory as souvenirs. Then we came upon a new facet of life in Union Hill. EXAMSI Every night for three weeks we could be found locked up in our rooms, buming the midnight oil over our texts and praying for good marks. We passedl CMost of us that is.D Next came the Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game. Faculty-Varsity Game? What's that? At the game we saw our teachers in ludicrous costumes and trunks that didn't fit. Were these the same stiff-collared ad- ministrators of Science and History that we knew? We were soon to find out that it was all in the spirit of fun and good humor. By this time we had learned many things about life in Union Hill, but we hoped we could know EVERYTHING. By September 1952, we had reached that all important status of Sophomore. New students arrived to join our ranks from Secaucus, Fairview, North Bergen, and other commun- ities. We now came in contact with pressure groups and lobby- ists. Seniors came around to sell us combs that we didn't need, book covers we never used and tickets to dances we were afraid to attend. We saw our second Thanksgiving Day game and were still impressed with the pomp and pageantry of it all. Things came in stride now, things that used to disturb us in our Freshman year. Things like changing periods, homework assignments, gym days, and study hall. We even said "Hello" to Mr. Stahler when we passed his office and when he answered us we felt rather important, al- most like a Senior. Toward the end of our Sophomore A term we found our "one and only". fThis was it. This was the real thingj We joined our first real club, went to our first party, and "cut" our first class, which was not a smart move for we got our first detention from Mr. French. For exams this year we still took all our books home but now we only opened the book, glanced at a page and prayed. Our first day back at school we were given a warning over the?g'A about throwing snowballs in front of the school. fW'ho me Things ran smoothly except during the latter end of the semester when we received "nights" for only taking off one, short, single day to go swimming. i The Iunior Social, "Varsity Ho ", was our first big dance and we were really in the swing of ffiings. Now we thought we knew EVERYTHING. In our junior A year we leamed that we were to elect our class officersg and after much heated discussion and deliber- ation we chose those who we thought could fill the positions best. We set about looking for a Faculty Adviser. We hoped for someone who would lead us carefully and conscientiously down the road to graduation. Our choice was Mr. William Satz. An Executive Council, composed of two members from each home room and the class officers, was established. This group was to be the eyes and ears of each Senior Home Room. It enabled the officers to make decisions democratically. Our yearbook staff was selected by the officers and Faculty Adviser from competitive compositions. With our officers, Faculty Adviser, Executive Council, and yearbook staff functioning, we were an organized class. Our first cooperative effort was our Iunior Prom, "Le Jardin D'- Amour" The boys romised to mow lawns in order to buy corsages for the new best girl in their lives. Girls stayed a full day at the beauty arlor, and the decorating crew hurried home at six thirty to tafce a fast shower and get back by eight o'clock. "Le Jardin D'Amour" was a tremendous success, financially and socially. Our yearbook staff had already started planning their future publication. By the end of our junior year we were filled with mixed emotions. We were glad to be Seniors, but sorry that such an eventful year had to close. It was such an eventful year that we neglected to take time to leam,the "Up" stairs from the "Down" stairs. We did study for exams though. Anyway, we opened a book, then invited the gang over for a party. Now, surely, we knew EVERYTHING. We had finally reached the upper echelon. We were now SENIORS. This meant that we could get excused from study, buy sandwiches early, and hand homework in late, sometimes. After getting through exams strictly on prayer, we started planning our Senior Poll. Votes were tabulated and on March 4, the first of a series of climactic events had begun. The Senior Poll Dance was a closed affair which, in a pleasant atmosphere, brought out the very best in our class. On March 19, we followed our red-hot basketball team to Elizabeth, where Union Hill beat New Brunswick for the Group .IV State Championshi . Later that night we realized that this championship was lilge a going-away present, for we were the first class since 1919 to witness such an event. After basketball had died down slightly, we began think- ing of our Senior Play. We were fortunate because twelve of our classmates had parts, four being the leads. Their acting was so professional that most of us forgot that we were watching students. Next we came to Senior Snob Day. It was such a serious affair that Senior boys told their under-class girl friends that they would not talk to them on this day. Another milestone was on Student Day. We had finally leamed everything fexcept the "Up" stairs from the "Down' stairsl and were ready to take over the teachers' places. Our Senior Picnic was the next step. At Forest Hills Lake we had a wonderful time. One of the highlights was a chal- lenge softball game, featuring: "Guys vs. Dolls". The grand climax was our Senior Prom. Boys had a hard time getting used to their "tux", and girls had a harder time finding a gown that would make them "Queen of the Prom". After the Prom we all left for points East. Monday rolled around a little too fast. We had not com- pletely recovered from those loooong weekend nights. But it was graduation and we had to go. A few hours later we officially ended our four year stay at Union Hill High School. But it could never really end, for we would always carry an undying memory of Union Hill and the "Union Hill Way of Life." WE KNEW EVERYTHING. l . , LA TONY LOPROTO W ff' , ,,,, fe 'rj A 'Lv' sf, f kv! 'P fl ,.,. Q . ,Q , gf, W K mf YMA1 I Led by Mr. Stahler, the voice of Union Hill is carried b tl t f l - PM WEN y mese speakers o acu ty and students throu h 1 H' ' g lssemnles and other programs. MR. STAHLER nion H1 Speaks S ! BOB .1-dw. 55' 2 119 "Le Jardin II' m0ur9' alie Iarclin d,Amour,,' our junior Social, came during. our junior B term. At this time we were just beginning to recognize our responsibilities to our school and to society and were striving to make it the success it finally was. It was our first organized class social event and will long remain in our memories. Can you remember the inviting Ifarisian atmosphere that surrounclecl the dance floor and the happy feet keep- ing time to the music of the hand? We did it :M ff, ? :nat w If ,aa ""f"7' we---....... Q I L 1 D yan v ,fY' 4.9 mi . 'C ' N11 'Ut- 3 5 itf?,1fr fd"-f' .4 I , fps fu5,w4 If Ha La Q Crux? Titkftf' , an wk? 1 3 fi if 'fx wk E l ' wan 'Y i . . ..... .. 5 -:.,s,..,,,v-:sg , 4 ?' , 5 sw 5 g 5 Sw 'W The Doublsl Sharps give- out. 'mv EY A 12245321 MM A ,, , L M .,. .. ,P ,M wg gg 4 A l hum 21? L xv, f-,- X 5 'V Q M-:xr-W 4 2 Q4 nf , fi fikf, Q f A - 5515 f N 3 A f 'af Q i W Q i Q , M 1 ,l,. 4? A . , 'X I 9 X 3 as X' JiXiggfq QT ' .,.. " A'- -VA gf' ,. :ff it A I V , V " 5' ' gan. if v' -K' 1' ' I Ar X1 ' , Lv 4 """"'f" ,A If 3, MLK, W M, 'NT 'E 'S' zf ,Q , ,Jn Q., Q- , L Q , gm-W 523911. JSE- l f, 7 Mr. and Mrs. M ' 1 ? , V? 4: 1 ,r r sw E , in ' A , ,i Q ,L . -w-.-.-,'..s-x Q., ,Q . , - . . ln, M '-34 V V up V 1 1- , 4 'V n l' L , Q1-A I Q f E A ? , ,., s ing, 1,1 M Q TQ, um MA A Ni"3H4i.. -11 'lr 9 V ST 5 fog 4 . ,.. 1 A, ' T LLQL - ,V 4 5 U A:,5f, 5 " git A 2, I t S 'W Q' 'X ff ":"a.Mfg. fb 'Y ' ' -Vw! A i 'f H235 inf: - , 4 I? 1 W 1 V?'Hi25 f' T , 1 f 1 H ., , f 5 it H3 32 M Y iw 3 . t 47 S vm Q., ' 4 L gl 4 in .1 Q V' Q . 10 .ni-Ev if I an '1' ,7 Q J' Harry's Best. V . "Wifi Q gg Iini if, 1252 ,91 ' 5 ,3 Q W 323 if Q' Q -.. by .rv 1 ww qu, 1 g n 24.95, ' Jr' www I If . v,,. W H t -:IHS Tryout No 1 12 5 , Q lf' Q1 if!-if ggf"'Imq 1 Iv' ww , I ffl W, 3 .1 ,fweywwff L4Q-:A1,,: ws: S'-L1 4 K' " ' 1 Vx 5 QE W 1? x - V L Q Y gi -55, ,+ V1 k , 5,-if ' 2 'R 'K is W5 Tryout No. 3. x y...--an adm BUYER Tovl ,S?i3i"2f ,,L Q-,-n-M Af ff ff - WJKQQVQWWM, A., ww uwfmwwumw s ,, "" W I M., ,mf . A . Kyiv! f, W"" MW, 4 A- ' YM 'MN ' ' V ' lu' .Mp-I ., , 'I BUYER 9 . S k , v 4 wx 2 E ..Q,,.,., In 5' 3515 fkfl E 5 ff? ,. If N1 'ff' ,f BOOM! Pour u little of this and . . . J A Z1 5 www-S ,sb-qu. f4f 1 2- '1 x ik 5 if 2 f R -wllz, If in if ,M ef 3 Thv Board of Edl1L'1lti0ll in action. Z ' f 4 Q25 Q f 5 I i Q 5 J-5 . 2 E LM? 1 :QM V 1. is xnxx' Unix vin II1tiX1'StlI1'cli7H 'MAKE -vi ' d ' , Xmx' turn tu lugs l-37. if Msilvnim - A nc w house H' ffgrvf Wi as gh www' Q 6, Y' f A -up 5 ! R :nw ,W .8 1' 1 W gigs ' 'fx 4 W gill-Tlfviif ff I fi if 'Q 1553 ' XGA.. F ' 3 mu - Q 'E I QQ , fa, ,z Tw nm Z "uw 1? -U , ,Qs ,ma - W- . .. :., :: .2::5E'Q A iw: --+'f!'f- 'F fum, U, ,VLH ,W W my My a. i'1".....,,u "msg K kwa -, Editors-in-Chief Manuel Oliviera, Deanna Corhisicro, Larry Korn range and lue Staff 'WVhere is the copy for the cluh section? How is the sports divider coming? I think we are missing a faculty pict11re?v These are some of the more frequent calls that you can hear throughout the halls of Union Hill when the "O 81 BD is in progress. In much of our Junior year and all of our Senior year the "O ESI Bn Staff has worked late hours in preparing this publication for printing. They have given their all in mak- ing their yearbook a success. XVell deserved thanks are theirs from all of the class. 130 ,ggnik iiiihs- " x'+,,'i?-H K, in Savvy! Special Features Ann Sheridan Kliditorj, Anna Marie Tcrranova Frank Koch Photography Robert Bertrand Cliditorj, john Bickhardt 7ATl0N'S RECEIPT Tha hu 1955 Onnll and Ilia union mu mah when union cm. new :mn . , . W.. -,.,s.w5.,. mama-..... ....,. MW. .......-. 1 mm-:marinus www-1 mea bv rm-5-M ,-....,..... 5 TH! NNI INS ORANGE AND ILUI union wsu loin Knock union crm. Nrw :snsfv l95 Yau are rumor-:ed to .nun my mme in me Plum Lin of Tm iw ross umm, nm my. Sami Annu.: for which I am willing lc Day the pvke ol Sl 0010: same Subicribefs Signature . Y Y W. Studenfx Sfgmmre , .. . ., ,, .. um Q.. .1 r-.--. -. mu- mam Faculty Eclytlic Schwartz fhlflitorj, Frances Mcsiti, Liama Vizulis. Graduates Mark Galley No. R-82 Sopnralely on Each Proof Fund ln Dummy UNION HILL ,,,, 10867 ,,,,. eddie ,.,,, .V ,.Y.v. ,,,,, . .r Bill Brenneck, lack Fallon, Ray Cole, Frank Bardolf, LeRuy Fish, Lawrence Nolan. Edilori-in-Chief Manuel ouvsm, Deanna cnfbnim, Lany Km. "Where is the copy for the club section? How is the sports divider coming? I think we are missing a faculty picture?" These are some of the more frequent calls that you can hear throughout the halls of Union Hill when the "O 6: B" is in progress. In much of our junior year and all of our Senior year the "O Gr B" Staff has worked late hours in preparing this publication for printing. They have given their all in mak- ing their yearbook a success. Well deserved thanks are theirs from all of the class. Elaine llagaglia Klfditorj, Donald Grcite, Anthony Marino, Genevieve Mastropictro Clubs Alice Odclo Cliditorj, Carol Pitkwitz, Sheila Greenfield, Marie Lazrov, Margaret Kcsar 131 Sports Honalrl Spanglcr flfditmjl, Doris Cardnvr, Rhoda llill, lilllllxft Kupclmains, Rayimmd Pvricola, liicharcl llorlmall Art Frank Colcnda Klfflilurl, Xin-liolas Policastro, Ianct Hillman, Flora-rico Circlli, llosc Xlaric Knapp can sun num: my l-1!11nhrr5Q3e,ll1!- . '- D k shun number 1 2-gm '- 1,,. wpLw.n-uy,a...b1. .Pwr ... .- nhdoaadr- rn. ug-1 A..-my nr mum 'aww in new-mtv! llkllhlilf - num 1- nn. .ma-vm. -4-puwaw. nn an Rival' in us puwqm mpunmq qmmun- an-e nu buns um boron xt' han 1 mass In mmnn n 1. en... urwghe baron Ml Inhmatiand on-b than artttumls- K fm. mg-nu-mon 1- up vu nunnv mann ot 01151-sd is-hop. llgmxn-Ly under lv. is tbl Spun! knoll. 'han oqnklsiim so: . me n erm. nu uecxuxancnntdvnimntqorhliqndiglln brought to it, ' V 7 Literary Ann Kazanclxy Ilfziiturj, Vivienne Tcdolcli, Barbara NValclic, Mary Ami Miller, Diane Kordis, Lois Franz, Anthony LOProl0, Mlrk Gnllly No. R-84 Snplrltsly on hell Proof Pllhl tn P00511 UNION HIl.l. H1867 ,.,...,,,.. Thiw sn-.xson Union Hill has a muord which every u-.nn in thc state have only dreamed of. Finally, despite .ill ulxsku'le.s before them, Coach ,George Faldngr and his mhnlnns five have come up with the hottest com- lminatinn r-ver to come out of Hudson County, Our coach and mnn have broken nearly every record that Union Inn, They broke our all-time scoring record by shellaek- ing Sr. joseplfs with 106 points. This wasrf! enuugh for nur r-hnmpions, they had tn score 106 points again on llbcluznxvken High Sol-mol's champion team, Our ieam lmmkx- through another record by coming through the sr-.mln with 27 consecutive victories. Hull-man was 4-lmsr-n "Mos! Valuable Player", Ramming led the county in individual scoring and Perimla, probably the most improved player of the year, came up with an all-dmc assist record. Then we came tu a show-down with Did:- innm and we really showed them up hy snatching the County Title right out of their reach. Our coach and n-nm have given us at Union Hill a record which will never be forgotten. 132 fA'll0N'I lil!! 1'luhnI1SS9nqcnlllun uuuonanlullllxalum umwcvmmwniv ,.....Mi-r9x.. mu UN 5049! of SI W. ny...-1 we by ,..,a.,A.....:. 'lill NNI l955 ORANGI AND ILUI uvmu mu mon semen. umm cm. New msn ., A,19SY vw gf. wi-wana 10 mm my mm. in fn. mm un d 'nu 111111955 umm r-1.11 mga sawn lwml, favaaai 1 nwaloing to pay me page 01 51 oo 10' Wm Subncn'bu'1 Signltuuh, , ,T , smmn sag-iw. 1.... , .. uuumaeuu--n-:ummm Circulation Theodore Loop fEdit0rj, jean Cassens, Melvin Cehulash, Carol Eschweiler, Helen Bruzgis, Andrey Fc-rendo Claire Seyfferth, Doris Plancler, Anthony Paloinbini 1 Harry Mah, Anthony Lo Proto, Edythe ma Kolisch, Raymond Perieola, Dea ' Frank C0l9nda, Alice Odclo, Vivienne Marie Terranova, Robert Bertrand, Clai Sheridan, Elaine Hagaglia. 133 Anthony Villanella Executive Council Schwartz, Nor- nna Corhisiero, Teclolcli, Anna re Sefferth, Ann Finance Norma Koliseh fcllllffflllllli, Rita Schietcr L1 uni Vmnhs Josephine Pitarresi, Irene Ponnny Shirley I Ltzcr Mark Galley No. R-83 Squutoly on Each Proof Fund Ia Dummy UNION mu, 10B67,,.-.- ,i,. ,. i-,,,,,,., St. MId'sael's, Lacuna .MW Demamat M- Lyndhxust Memorial me Bluomield Tellll SL joecph's,- Enixensou ..-..... 1 U 11 m. 9 x Ma., ,V V H . L , H V, ,U 'F'-'QA W2 K' , -W ,X M, '11 , . , ,4 WM Fi M - Ei 'Pg wi if 42 .Q G M 'fam .S , ,fm f fly: I 1 4,6 ek . gm 41 J 1- wu- f X ir,L,,,N A s -1, -.,, 5+ H 7, syw amgf' ut! yy .Vt f ,fx-1 . vu- X ,m.sfJ7xn,H, U ' I A 5 U-.41 Him A va nv, .Lekv3pliNS31' ' 4,31 A., 1 5-,iii , if I, xv- -vu: -114: mr wma -.-4. ,Nw-n, my W . , V, mg, - , ,, , fm Lah I 5 ! , 'iw' nhl, M. 17' Q .. ,,vWfv'gT-any Q16-nlqnmv1,W ' , -4 fi, ' fi V . , ' If ff A ' 1 4'9" an xx., "L "Y 'Q' 'WC' w ' 1 ,...-5 um HelSII1. Heisinqfofs i as i QW M Heksmki pawn- up 'M Y 1 J x 1 , w 'MMM .1 w,,,,..w ,W MLW' 1: - A m ix K ,-f - M wi 1 'K nrt .. V N b ' WINSQF ., .r ""HIf'1'151 A? Q 1 iw-l-b9,r,vHg.A gigs,-,g2!Eb.lV Q03-5- 3g , 11,3 i,a.A.:?: 2 ,A A L ..n V 1-fa SW f V ' Q " AH . W" .A if ' VW' JF.. km!-r V K W, ... .. .. ,. V rv 142' I., I sfw'-If may 4, ,V 41 M 1 f x .f 5 W2 Sv 1 'Q 641413 "M W' ww-wezsxr 35" 'WMD' f?' ' A." A 1 A .,,, .,AA, ,A.A , . .225 Wk - I fr V ..,, 1' V "' V VV 'V E' 'Q ,.. ,, ., I ,EQ if K . I V 1, ,I I LV L :,. V V , V A 'L 'L ww " V ' , ' VR: ' S, kW ?,. Z .-- -- ' V ' v 1 HG , 1 ,, VV LfVW,'i- 5 wg l x. VV .., m,, ,V M ... W ,., . W... ......... V' , ,V :I V ' M" ,.'24'1f f---2" :fI ' " :E:'r?,zI - k Q '1 k " K, I fx '. V 7 gy V "fw ig '1' ' " Y, . , :Zis- M E 163 1' f . . 5- KV A V . . 5 V ,L,, .f,Z g1Q : Q uw . w Y+ QM " YW , Y-is-2531.3 2 P M , :vw f'-1-f'.h5 VV ' ' K L. f , 4 . f' ' " ,. +,,gqxZLi 1 1. , V 'QA-iff' W " ' -, -, - if , 1 V ' Vg H M ' . A :W , 1' .NV Q ' VV Vi 7 , V Z ' ' I- i f 'V ,Vw " WV 5 N A gf' ' ' -. 1 V gm "5-V' x W ' , ' - ."'. , ,,f " '- Q6- : X " " -' V W 1' , .. ' f y 'wg - 'I--, 5 Va V V - Q' V V ,V . 1 5 ,. ' "V ' ' I' ff V 4, , V ,K V V ff. 4 .VV M ' . V L- V 3 'I ' fi' J an ' 1, ,. ':" z-A :W 'U VK '. un, if 93- I 1' ' ' . t M' 2, my " ' nw' ' g f , ff -2, " , 4 'S' f 'VY .. W M17 ff' f ' V """' W A A MR. HENRY KIEL Front Row: Pat Sinisi, jerry Halbach, Richard Hoffman, Thomas Novembre, Frank Koch, john Yanukhs Coach Bori Olla, Robert Kopchains. Second Row: Robert D,Angelo, Ralph Furfaro, George Turner Anthony MR. MATTHEVV CERTOSIMO Assistant Coach Villanella, Everett McGrath, james Roselle, Nicholas Ciffarettos. Third Row: Jim McGrath, Joseph Clam brone, Thomas Kopilar, Thomas Mohr, Dolph Hildebrandt, Louis LaMana, Raymond Schwenk John Del Grande. Fourth Row: Coach Kiel, Joseph Sinisi, Francis Del Nero, jerry Emst, Richard Colle Bernard Petroliello, Assistant Coach Certosimo. Back How: Russel Ackerman, George Ramming, Donald Woodcock UNION HILL finished the 1954 Grid Season successfully with five wins, two losses and one tie. VVe won decisive victories over St. Michaells, Leonia, Demarest, Bloomfield Tech, and St. Josephs We lost a 12-13 thriller to Lyndhurst, were defeated by Memorial and tied Emerson in the traditional Thanksgiving Day Game. The fine performances we've shown on the gridiron this season are the direct results of the effective coaching we have had. We owe a big THANK YOU to our coach, Whitey Keil, and our assft coach, Matthew Certisimo, for the hard work they have put into producing a season record we can be proud of. Graduating seniors in- clude, Richard Hoffman, Tony Villanello, Nick Cifarettos, Frank Koch, Robert Kopchains, and Edward Messina. 136 Here it Comes. WN may ' g f6S-1 .zv- V215 ' eww 1-39 9 . , . ' gi A J an 1 rv 3' 5 K.,-U - - f k l 2: ff! f 'Q' -' -4 x' I 1 if Lf PAA if ' ' x if , 7 'gl-- gi wp' . J 1 ?L ' M - c M 7' 4 Q J 4 ,m , 1 in lu., 'u -4y..,, , Down on The Forty. "MA ,- :MMM R m Don't do that. - 1 K ,, 'QYKK S f if 5? 5' ff 'N 6? I' jj! lgl Q f gg f il 1 Q K I n., x X X REQ " sly? .T .Llilru.,3'W4vQI'H2:!l Yi?-ffiafel ,.l 44" Hin' fi" 5n M-.-M. .- lf if , K 1 . . V., ," 1 A, , f wh tk X 3 .sua Robert Kopchains filled his position as end to a T. Shifty and fast on the offense and hard hitting on the defense are the words that hest describe Boh. The opposition found it tough when they tried to pass his end. ft, 1' ,fff Richard Hoffman, Union's offensive and de- fensive end, will long be remembered at Union Hill. Dickis powerful kicking leg led us out of many end zones and gave us those reassuring after-touchdown placements. We were proud to have him wearing our colors on the gridiron. 'mf Frank Koch, a master in Union's baekfield, had 21 fast, elusive way of running. His precise rugged hall handling could make any opposition's knees knock. Ile played to his capacity and came through with Hy- ing colors. ,fi Nick Cifarettos will be remembered for the stamina and courage he had at his position as guard. Niek's performances showed their worth in exhausting the opposition's spirit when they made those powerful fourth down drives. Tony Villanello, whose line blocks stopped the opposition Hat, excelled in his position as guard. Tony developed a habit of nail- ing the opposition on their offensive drives, which merited him as a valuable part of Union's team. Edward Messina was unable to finish O11 t the season this year because of an in- jury. We know he would have come through at the halfhaek spot if he would have heen able to. The team lost his sup- port on the Held but they gained his sup- port from the sidelines. MR. GEORGE FALTINGS Cnach ASKETB LL This season Union Hill has produced the most powerful team that has ever come out of Hudson County. Our coach and unbeatable team have .climbed a long ladder of 27 straight wins to achieve the glory that is so due to them. Union Hillis team has made itself the Group IV State Champions. After beating 23 teams to become County Cham- pions, they went on to beat Bayonne, Dickinson, Camden, and New Brunswick in decisive victories which clinched the state title for Union. The picture on this page is the picture of the coach and team that just couldn,t and wouldn't be beaten. tr .1 141 it as Kneeling: Bob Kopchains, Richard Hoffman, Raymond Pericola, Donald Altomare, George Ramming. Standing: Mr. George Faltings, Edward Bodtman, James Fucci, Frank Del Nero, Harry Orlando, Robert Schaifner, Ioseph Ciambrone, Theodore Loop, Allen Maggiore. TM 'F ax www? Richard Hoffman was the captain of our undefeated teain. llis quick thinking and fast drives accounted for u sizeable portion of the final score, He scored 256 points in the regular fourteen game season, giving hiin an average of hettcr than seventeen points per game. Because of his mannerisms on the court hc hccarnc known as the calm, cool and collected floor general. To top off his sparkling performances all through the season hc was selected as the most valuable player of the year and made the all-state team. , gs HRW ll K ipkg 'Lin Qs 1 H X .,EmpXA Robert Schaffner tht list of our four radu ating seniors fillul in is guard Bo hid the material to be on our vxrslty squad hc cause we could clcpnnzl on him When WL nccdccl a rc pl ucnunt 1 xx 415 Pericola was truly a credit to the A, V had a clever way of handling the yy We stymied oppositio e e ' n v ry perfonnance game will long f Ray set'an all-time record assists in fourteen games. A l made the sports writers call most improved player of the year. 4 Q ,W S' ' 'TK fx. was chosen for the second all-state team. CUUNTY This season Union Hill has a record which every team in the state have only dreamed of. Finally, despite all obstacles before them, Coach George Faltings and his fabulous five have come up with the hottest corn- bination ever to come out of Hudson County. Our coach and team have broken nearly every record that Union has. They broke our all-time scoring record by shellack- ing St. Iosephls with 106 points. This wasnit enough for our champions, they had to score 106 points again on Weehawken High School's champion team. Our team broke through another record by coming through the season with 27 consecutive victories. Hoffman was chosen "Most Valuable Playerv, Ramming led the county in individual scoring and Pericola, probably the most improved player of the year, came up with an all-time assist record. Then we came to a show-down with Dick- inson and we really showed them up by snatching the County Title right out of their reach. Our coach and team have given us at Union Hill a record which will never be forgotten. Robert Kopchains, who was not a regular starter during the season, was always ready when he was needed. He played forward poitipn when he was in and he played it we . tr.: ffl ag S . , 2 lx f , it by 3 i' L. f t Q lf , pf K V ifrfi ' l 3 Front Row: john Macari, Ernest Volz, Ralph Furaro, Stanley Klein, Ira Cebulash. Back Row: joe Sinisi, Vin- cent Cinque, joe Aeinapura, Mike Harrison, Phil Gagli- ardi, john DeLaroche, john O'Malley, Ray DeSimone, Coach Herbert Ostroff. 144 ost aluable la er In the picture below Richard Hoffman is being formally presented with the "Most Valuable Player" award. Carl Martin, secretary of the Sportswriters Asso- ciation, is making the award to Richie. He was chosen as the most dominant Hgure in the state by the sportswriters of New jersey. 43 ' -.1 i m . , fix, Y sp 1: K, f .ff n ew aaa . M i.,1 ,r 3 l -1 3?-we ,M ,c,,r,,,y, M- 5 Front Row: Raymond Perieola, Harry Orlando, Mr. Carl Martin, Richard Hoffman, Robert Kopchains, Mr. George Faltings. Second Row: Donald Altomarc, George Ramming. Buck Row: Ernest Volz, Francis Del Nero, james Fucci, Ray Dt-Simone, Robert Schaffncr, Teddy Loop. These are our hopes for next yearis campaign. Our junior varsity team is under the fine supervision of coach Herbert Ostroff. You'll be seeing some of these boys on our varsity team next year. ust lk rm u W, A.,, ,nf 129- , A.,, . My va f , ' 4 fsllmf Sw, .1 4 if . x' X 2 x, ix! lla lllrs Ill1Ull,ll ilu 'XII ,, f- ,luv pi, If :gf vi, .,., , I 4 QI? 'E' -gg y z 4-:gr 'G M ,L XM.,- Q O 9 v B My "si , ,- 2 V Q Q "i A T 7, "Q-Q-..,,7 an 2 f 4-9' M 1 Q ' -. 'uf ' -7 ii? .,.,. 'iw' BY-- F1ontRow: Ben Montenegro, Robert Schneider, James Bianco, Don Mcllvecn, Eugene Romer, Richard Mastro- polo, Ralph Furfaro, Michael Harrison, john Haherstein. Second Row: Coach Larry Gligor, Charles Viggiani, Bill Bianchi, Rohcrt D'Angelo, Ilarry Orlando, Rohert Conklin, Frank Del Nero, james Fucci. Back Row: John Hodel, Richard Hoffman, Arthur Baxter, jerry Lanzalotto, George Friedel, Ray Pericola. Up to this point in our seasonis schedule our coach and team have given us a very successful record. We have confidence in our team and the spirit with which they tackle each foe. NVe therefore feel very hopeful towards the outlook of the completion of our schedule because of the fine record we have so far. 146 5 RIC ARD Huis OH cool cour' fa -vt-.af amygfsgv 9,1-,Leven-wa' 1, K 3- ,ar .ig Ei - sri? v Mya f A aww W W 5 K 7 Q 4 1 ra K Front Row: Alfred LaMana, john Gabriel, Robert Novak, Robert Carafolo, Dolph Hildebrandt, Ioe DeDiorgi, Anthony Carbora. Second Row: Don Seliaek, Bob Leathen, Louis Seiarra, Joseph Almodovar, john De La- Roehe, Joe Lucia, Robert Kruse, Robert Denson. Back How: Mr. Frank Korbett, Thomas Tucker, Ronald Mott- ram, Walter Keeek, Frank Ciambrone, George Humming, Otto Drozd, joe Montanez, jim McGrath. can be proud of. track team, has tht shunma and courage - necessary to win. He has helped our team unselHsh1y and we are proud of him. OT'jI'O PROZlJ3 the only 'graduate on the 148 . atm, r.,,., ,5,, ,m ,, f,f ,QM W 8 ,,-il S vi?-ffQffyffzj-rl-E"?2'ie5iQ'xifi'1fi?Ef-3' Even though we only have o11e graduate on our track team we feel that our coach, Mr. Frank Korbett, has developed our team into something that all Hillers Joseph Acinapura, Iohn Bodmer, Otto Drozd, Theodore Loop, David Kerr. Our tennis team under our able coach, Mr. Robert Modarelli, has performed well up to this point in our season. Although they have not been completely successful, they have the ,enthusiasm which will carry them to many more victories before the close of their schedule. ig ' i f i N fvt fn-r if f x .eff I 7 fx' ,, ,A , yy . ,LVV V ,W , .V , qykyvv L TEDDY LOOP the third of our-graduating DAVID KEBR, Union's second graduating asset, has turned in sterling performances Ar each game that he has played. He has con- gibuted much towards the fine record we ave. OTTO DROZD, the first of our three tennis stars, has contributed tremendously toward the victories our team has won. One of 0tto's many valuable assets is his ability to move about with the ease and speed so necessary on the court. players, has been playing, like a star all through the season. 1t's fellows like Teddy who assure us of the successful completion of our schedule. n 1 'Q , ffm by i v V3 1 'S 1 53. . ,, M l V ? f , W T vt 5. IMQIQ ,A fx, 'L E1 M Q 1 wwf' W, . Sw M , 1 -M Q gi 7 3 , 4 11 'Mr 0. J AY-VE E 5 " cz? fi N X J-:fab 4. A 24. J be . Q 9 P . Vg x 2 i I Front Row: Ioan Gee, Valerie Moghe-se, Rose Sinisi. Second Row: Ann Boesch, Ioan Healy, Josette Leonard. ,R 40 KNEE 5 fi if o f ob :gf 1 f f' Q " 'o'f'w"' f:a-iff? X' 'f he, I 5 W Qgagz Y-M-M S?"f!?1C df,kQg,,':, v i. 3 x Eg ' H fnif is V ,YY ,, 3 f ,. K "anna" 'Q-1 V I W .wi 2, fg -of if .5- Ehi TAX K yaflif Q "L ' yn, ' V Wu .ef -0 E52 Eg Vw 5 f 5, Kg L f if if 4 'Q W W ' f" V ' Asif' M., . .V ily W o ,. nine. wi N Q' new .Vi is - ' I x Y P' f it i . DIANE KORDIS, one of our shapely high- stepping seniors, is the captain of our twirling squad. Diane is one of the reasons why Union looks so good on the field. S S 5-.lulli MARIA LAZROE, the third pretty member of our graduating trio, has played her part well in our twirling exhibitions. The efforts that she has put into becoming a maiorette show why Union always looks so good on the Held. ll N., ating twirlers, has a professional touch when it comes to handling a baton. She played her part well in making Union outstanding. . :,, . D if EILEEN FERGEE, another of our gradu- ff, no Diane True, Marie Esposito, Eileen Ferger, Marie Lazroe, Vivian Campanella, Diane Kordis. Majorettes Union Hill,s majorettes have practiced hard and the results show. Through their efforts they have come up with picturesque formations and expert twirling that we ut Union are proud of. Vivian Campanellu, Eileen Ferger, Maria Esposito, Diane Kordis, Marie Lazroe, Diane True and 11 LL . SN HJ? B X Front Row: Ioan Goldschmidt, Bernadine Swift, Ioan DeLuca, Patricia Miller, Elaine Anderson, Rosemarie Capone. Second Row: Stanley Ilemsley, Fred Diek- man, Robert McKevitt, Philip Ochs, George Neye, Rudolph Nordman, XVilliam Hazelton. Back Row: Frank DeLuca, William Lane, Charles Guerra, Arnold MR' DON PASTORE Bauer, Robert llenkel, Harry Mutcliler, George White. Director rill eam This group of boys and girls, under the direction of Mr. Jack VVright, is the one we've seen over and over again during half-time at our football games. The drill team along with the color guard make a colorful showing for our school. 153 The conscientious boys and girls in our band are under the able leader- ship of Mr. Pastore. He and the members of the band have organized their efforts together in order to produce the music We hear at assemblies and athletic contests. They have done a good job, and we are proud of them. B. Barulich, B. Bodmer, M. Colenda, G. Delapia, D. Francine, I. Michaele, A. Mohr, L. Schep- pler, E. Sciarra, D. 0'Grady, D. Bachmann, A. Cobaich, P. Ferrara, I. Mcllveen, K. McKen- zie, M. Grafeld, I. Siletti, E. Moran, M. Knapp, L. Koop, Larsen, H. Hatzgeld, A. Rossi, B Tompkins, M. Menist, B. Holland, J. Guttermuth, B. Cohen, G. Gerkhardt, Michaele, M Albrecht, J. McGaul, B. Waldic. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President, Norma Kolisch Vice President, George Frim-del Secretary, Laima Vizulis Treasurer, Deanna Corhisiero Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Marie Gardinier The ideals of the National Honor Society are: to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, to encourage the development of character in pupils of Union Hill, to de- velop leadership among students, to stimu- late a desire to render service. STUDENT COUNCIL "Upper Diuisionv President, Harry Mah Vice President, Vincent Ascolesc Secretary, Donald ,Ieck Treasurer, jerry LaForgia Faculty Adviser, Mr. Ilarry Stahler Parliumentarian, Mr. Daniel Primont This newly developed organization is com- posed of the presidents of the clubs of each department of study. It is the senior coun- cil and has the duty of reviewing all hills of student government hefore they are finally passed. STUDENT COUNCIL "Lower Divisionl' President, Larry Korn This organization, also newly developed, is the most numerous branch of student government. It is composed of the presi- dents of those clubs affiliated with the "Upper Division." Both divisions have the great responsibility of producing good stu- dent government for the benefit of student as well as school. 154 SENIOR A OFFICERS President, Vincent Ast-ok-se Vice President, Connie Lucia Secretary, Arvcda Stcpanian Treasurer, Rita lloffspicgel Faculty Adviser, Mr. Frank Korbctt JUNIOR B OFFICERS President, jerry LaForgia Vice President, Diane True Secretary, Alexandra Rosencrantz Treasurer, Elaine Muh Faculty Adviser, Mr. Larry Gligor In the Junior A year of every class at Union Hill the students have an opportunity to elect their own class officers. These officers are responsible to their re- spective class for good government, advice and organization. The officers must possess leadership qual- ities, eagerness to work and "get the job donei' and ability, because the duty they must perform becomes quite difficult at times. "Cooperation, is the motto of these officers, for without the combined help of their classmates the goal to be accomplished would be a fruitless task. JUNIOR A OFFICERS President, Donald Jeck Vice President, Robert Martin Secretary, Eda Paolini Treasurer, Patricia Boese Faculty Adviser, Mr. Carmine Sippo 155 HISTORY FORUM President, Raymond Pericola Vice President, Arvcda Stepanian Secretary, Esperanza Frausto Treasurer, Robert Kopchains Faculty Adviser, Mr. George Faltings The History Forum, studying mostly cur- rent events, has sent many students to the New York Times Youth Forum. They also discuss the possible effects of world situa- tions and what they can mean for the future. NEW JERSEY STATE GROUP President, Rosalie Sciarra Vice President, Ann Kazanchy Treasurer, Frank Tota Faculty Adviser, Mr. Robert Modarelli Our own state is discussed and evaluated by members of the New jersey State Group. They visit the many points of interest and then report at their meetings of their experiences. VVORLD MERRY-GO-ROUND President, Katherine DeSimon Vice President, Caroline Spears Secretary, Shirley Fetzer Faculty Adviser, Mr. Herbert Ostrolf The VVorld Merry-G0-Round tries to de- velop in the student an interest in world events. They then attempt to co-relate these events with past history and form definite opinions on their findings. 156 FUTURE LEADERS OF AMERICA President, Ronald VVilcomes Vice President, George George Secretary, Ralph Jacobson Treasurer, Paul Rank Faculty Adviser, Mr. Harry XV. Shotwell The Future Leaders of America deal with the elements of Parliamentary Procedure and conduct their meetings upon a strict basis, discussing current World situations and controversial issues. ENGLISH CLUB Chairman, Sandra Lappas Board of Directors Grace Miller, Elaine Picciano, Pat Rayburnc, Beatrice Trotola Faculty Advisers Mrs. Elizabeth Cirelli, Miss XVilna Conklin The English Club, one of our larger and more active organizations, has given stu- dents a renewed interest in the English language. It has also reawakened interest in the Classics and English Literature. LATIN CLUB President, Edna Mackey Vice President, NVilliam Keogh Secretary, Eleanor Hunt Treasurer, David Holley Faculty Adviser, Mr. Dominic Rizzo The Latin Club has brought a new mean- ing to the Latin language. It has shown that even in our modern-day-world there is a place for it. Extra-curricular activities have laid a foundation for the future study of other languages. 157 LANCUACE CLUB President, Edna Mackey Vice President, Raymond Pericola Secretary, Larry Korn 'I'reusurer, Esperanza Frausto Pulilicity Chairman, Robert Kopchains Faculty Adviser, Miss Elsa Miller The Language Club, composed of the pres- idents of the various Language Clubs, has as one of its many projects the collection of funds for worthy organizations and is now engaged in a collection for UNICEF. The members also aid counselors when in- terviewing non-Englisb-speaking students. .. ITALIAN CLUB President, Raymond Pericola Vice President, Joseph Sinisi Secretary, Frank januzzi Treasurer, Josephine Pitarresi Faculty Adviser, Miss Rose Buongiomo Through a study of Italy and Italian customs this group has gained a new mean- ing to the language. By studying the lib- rettos of Italian opera the student begins to realize the lyric quality of Italian. FRENCH CLUB President, Larry Korn Vice President, Frank Colenda Secretary, Rita Schacter Treasurer, john Lupo Faculty Adviser, Miss Isobel Richardson The French Club fosters better relations between the language and the student through games and discussions. Period- ically the members attend French theatre productions to aid in their studies. 158 SPANISH CLUB President, Esperanza Frausto Vice President, Grace Miller Secretary, Elaine Hagaglia Treasurer, Mildred Herrmann Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Marie Gardinier The Spanish Club has promoted a better understanding of Spain and its language. Through numerous visual aids and discus- sions, students have a renewed interest in Spanish culture. IUNIOR RED CROSS Iiepresentatiues, Eleanor Hunt, Arlene Klahre Facility Adviser, Mrs, Pauline Dwyer By being charitable and gracious to un- fortunate children in other lands the junior Red Gross has created an atmosphere of friendship and good will rather than fear and hatred. 159 GERMAN CLUB Presiderit, Robert Kopchains Vice President, George Friedel Secretary, Sandra Lappas Treasurer, Philip Ochs Faculty Adviser, Miss Viola Diehl The German Club has reawakened in its members a vigorous interest in German culture through films and discussions. The club attempts to give the students 21 fuller knowledge of the language and people. NURSES HELPERS President, Arlene Klahre Vice President, Eleanor Hunt Faculty Advisers Mrs. Pauline Dwyer, R.N. Miss Carol Fiesselcr, R.N. These girls have assisted the nurses of our school in their duties. They are versed in elementary first aid and able to take care of an injured person in the event of an emergency. STUDENT PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman, Gertrude Natovitz Faculty Advisers Mrs. Elizabeth Cirelli, Mr. Benjamin Harris The "new skit and speechv assemblies have put across the vital purpose of each assem- bly. Although many programs have a pro- fessional quality, all are written and staged by members of the Student Program Com- mittee. 160 UNION HILL PLAYERS President, Judy Rank Vice President, Grace Miller Secretary, Sandra Lappas Treasurer, Rhoda Lampidis Faculty Adviser, Mr. Benjamin Harris In their short history the Union Hill Players have risen to one of the more prominent and widely recognized groups in school. Their outstanding assemblies have brought about an awakening to prac- tical dramatics. FRESHMAN MATH CLUB President, Betty Bodmer Vice President, Carol Ann Collins Secretary, Kathleen McKenzie Treasurer, joan Flynn Faculty Adviser, Mr. Frank Korbctt The purpose of the Freshman Math Club is to promote a better and thorough under- standing of mathematics for freshmen, pre- paring them for future years in the study of mathematics. STACE CREVV Co-Chairmen, Charles Helm, john Bjcrke Faculty Adviser, Mr. Albert Pardee The stage is set for assemblies and shows by our Stage Crew. Members must have a working knowledge of lighting and scenic effects and must care for all proper- ties and stage equipment. SOPHOMORE MATH CLUB President, Dolph Hildebrandt Vice President, john Both Secretary, Raymond Martignone Treasurer, Nancy Raimann Faculty Acluiser, Mr. Kenneth Evcland The Sophomore Math Club fosters the stu- dentis interest in geometry while enabling him to practice the practical use of this subject. lt also prepares the student for the study of higher mathematics. 161 BIOLOGY CLUB President, XVilliam Keogh Vice President, Mary Ann Michaclc Secretary, Edna Mackey Treasurer, Marie Lyddon Faculty Advisers Miss Edna Wlagncr, Mr. Canninc Sippo The Biology Club helps the student to ex- plore social biological implications. It also aids students to develop a comprehensible knowledge of life on this world of ours. 162 JUNIOR AND SENIOR MATH CLUB President, Martin Kramer Vice President, George Fricdel Secretary, Philip Ochs Treasurer, Eileen Muh Faculty Adviser, Mr. T. Otis Price The Junior and Senior Math Club prepares the student for the day when math may become prominent in his life. They achieve this goal by viewing demonstrations such as radar and other electronics in the mathe- matic fields. FRESHMAN SCIENCE CLUB President, Arlene Brown Vice President, Io Anne McCaul Secretary, jullict Minassian Faculty Adviser, Mr. Herbert Stisken In this club, Freshmen are introduced to science as a practical aid in life. The stu- dents are taught the principles of experi- mentation and are trained in the use of laboratory equipment. LIBRARY HELPERS Faculty Adviser, Miss Leila Brown The members of this group develop an understanding of the workings of the library and aid the librarian and students in finding the books they seek. They are responsible for the fine working condition our library is kept in. COMMERCIAL CLUB President, Ethel Von Thadden Faculty Adviser, Dr. Charles Hainfeld The Commercial Club, composed of the presidents of the various commercial de- partment clubs, sees to it that each respec- tive commercial club is successfully organ- ized and Working well. SECRETARIAL CLUB President, Ethel Von Thadden Vice President, Anna Marie Terranova Secretary, Ioan DeCesare A Treus-urer, Doris Gardner Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Geraldine Doebele This group is primarily interested in de- veloping girls for careers in the secretarial field. Through visits to business concerns the members learn the duties of a secre- tary and how to conduct themselves on the job. 163 STENO CLUB President, Joyce DeDet-ker Vice Pre.x'izlent, Arlene Potthoff SL'cr'etary, Virginia Geher Treasurer, Nydia Del Villa Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Geraldine Doebelc The Steno Club has enabled Stenography students to realize the importance of this subject by aiding the members in securing jobs in offices and in the business World in general. TYPINC CLUB President, Ioyce VVuesthoff Vice President, Judith XVo1'sley Secretary, Lora Steinkrauss Treasurer, Arlene Potthoff Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Florence Pinsan This organization is composed of advanced typing students who have shown excep- tional talent in this field. It attempts to further the knowledge of the student aside from routine exercises and forms. OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB President, Kathleen Roehm Vice President, Theresa Lucarella Secretary, Florence Deimer Treasurer, Anne Mettler Flllfllllij Adviser, Mrs. Margaret Scanlan The Office Practice Club gives students an opportunity to acquaint themselves with office Work and related fields, thus famil- iarizing them with Work they may be doing in the future. 164 COMMERCIAL ARITH M ETIC CLUB President, Betty Bodmer Vine Pre.siclcut, Charlotte Cloistein Secretary, Margaret XValsh Treasurer, Dorothy Franciu Faculty Aduiser, Mr. joseph Creenwald The Commercial Arithmetic Club enables the student who wishes to enter the busi- ness world and related fields to better understand the more intricate phases of this subject. MARKETING CLUB Presriclent, John Bjerlce Vice President, Eleanor Greenwald Secretary, Dianna Hugo Faculty Adviser, Mr. joseph Briceola The Marketing Club develops students for business by teaching them the latest sales techniques and opportunities. It shows them the various aspects of salesmanship and business management. 165 BOOKKEEPINC CLUB Preyizlent, Frank Tota Vice I'rusident, Connie Lucia Secretary, Marilyn Shelton Tremvurcr, Dorothy Sinionetti l"u1rully Adviser, Mrs. Elvira Rossi This club has established a program of varied phases of bookkeeping to enrich and develop student interest in Certified Public Accounting and prepare them for other fields along this line. Y -- -H -' --r -r uname' PRESS STAFF Editor, Norma Koliseb Faculty Adviser, Miss Rita Moreau The Press Staff is Union Hillis official "town crierv. The members go through the various journalistic stagesg cub, assistant, and reporter. Their most notable achieve- ment is the weekly column, Union Hill Press Notes, in the local newspaper. STAMP AND COIN CLUB President, Larry Korn Vice President, George Friedel Secretary, Robert Berger Treasurer, Herman Kiepert Faculty Adviser, Mr. VVilliam Satz The main purpose of the Stamp and Coin Club is to enlarge and develop individual stamp and coin collections. It does this by attending stamp and coin exhibits and keeping informed where they may be bought, sold and exchanged. CIVILIAN DEFENSE Captain, Larry Korn Lieutenant, Raymond Pericola Faculty Adviser, Mr. George Leiderman Our student Civilian Defense is composed of well trained students who know what to do in the event of an enemy air attack. They must evacuate classrooms in order to protect the lives of students and faculty. 166 SAFETY PATROL Captains, Eileen Ferger, Doris Gardner Lieutenunts, Diane Kordis, Maria Lazroe Faculty Adviser, Mr. Daniel Primont Here are our guardians of school safety. The Safety Patrol directs traffic in the streets and stairways to prevent accidents and make possible orderly dismissals. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President, Judy Rank Vice President, Ruth Tischler Secretaries, Alexandra Rosenerantz, Elaine Muh Treasurer, Pat Fortunata Faculty Adviser, Miss Irene Kattenhorn These girls are preparing themselves for entrance into one of our most important groups, that of the homemaker. They learn domestic science and the culinary arts through lectures by home economists and visits to food kitchens. CAFETERIA HELPERS Helpers, Mrs. K. Paul, Teddy Loop, David Kerr Faculty Adviser, Miss Irene Kattcnhorn The food in the cafeteria is prepared and served by these efficient assistants. They see to it that the food is properly distri- buted and handled. 167 SEWING CLUB President, Virginia Schnorrbusch Vice President, Arlene Corbiach Secretary, Arlene Klahre Treasurer, Patricia McGlone Faculty Adviser, Miss Ethel Miller The members of the Sewing Club meet and learn new ideas and methods in sew- ing. Periodically they tour factories and hospitals and acquire knowledge to aid them in practical life. A. A. HELPERS President, Patricia O,Dca Faculty Adviser, Mr. Albert Pardee The distribution of athletic equipment is a responsible position. These students see to it that our athletes are properly attired and safeguarded and also aid in planning ath- letic programs. ADVANCED ART CLUB President, Frank Colenda Vice President, Robert Bertrand Secretary, Harriet Wolfson Treasurer, Mary Baumann Faculty Adviser, Mr. Norman Schatell Creativeness and originality are the pri- mary objectives of the Advanced Art Club. The members of this group gather know- ledge by visiting exhibits and museums and by constantly exercising their talents. 168 MECHANICAL DRANVINC President, Teddy Loop Vice President, Philip Ochs Faculty Adviser, Mr. VValter Markle The experience these boys receive in the Mechanical Drawing Club soon gives them the proficiency needed to enter advanced architecture and engineering. Blueprint- ing and drafting are taught which will aid them in the future. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President, Ruth Tischler Vice President, Frank Tota Secretary, Patricia Fortunata Treasurer, Arvcda Stepanian Faculty Adviser, Miss Catherine Sullivan This group is our contribution to the future teachers of America. They have recently visited Montclair State Teacheris College where they were interviewed by practicing teachers and were shown new develop- ments in education. DEBATING TEAM President, Larry Korn Faculty Adviser, Mr. Sidney Rosenthal The name of Union Hill has been honored and respected whenever the Debating Team competes in a debate tournament. Poise and ease in speaking comes natural to the members of this team when speak- ing before groups. 169 c ii 'buf PHOTOGRAPHY CLU B President, Stanley Klein Vice President, Robert Martin Secretary-Treasurer, llenry Minerva Faculty Adviser, Mr. joseph Calahria The Photography Cluh delves into the art of photography with technical regard for developing as well as taking pictures. They hold discussions on the composition and effect of pictures and how to improve them. PROJECTION CREW Presiclerzf, Martin Kramer Vice President, Charles Fitzgerald Treasurer, Larry Qualiano Faculty Adviser, Mr. joseph Dcllenedictis This group is expertly trained in the pro- jecting of the visual aid Hlms for clubs and athletic associations. They add a necessary touch, for Without them, visual aids, neces- sary to many teachers, would not he avail- able. ORCHESTRA President, Stanley Ilemsley Vice President, joan DeLuca Sezrretrzry-Treasurer, Sandra Lappas Librarian, Bernardino Swift Faculty Adviser, Mr. Henry Crunewald The orchestra has provided the cultural background for our programs and assem- hlies. lt has induced many students to learn and enjoy music and to play a musical in- strument. 170 UNION HILL SINGERS Faculty Adviser, Mr. Vincent Horlbogen "The Singersn have added inestimably to the prestige of? Union Hill. They have ap- peared before numerous club and luncheon groups where their music is enjoyed and always eagerly awaited. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President, Mildred Herrmann Vice President, Sheila Greenfield Secretary, Carol Pitkwitz Treasurer, Rhoda Lampidis Faculty Aduiser, Mr. Vincent Horlbogen The Girls, Glee Club, one of the largest school clubs, is one of Union Hillis favor- ites. They practice and work hard through- out the year to present the Christmas Pageant and the Spring Festival. ' 171 BOYS, GLEE CLUB President, Paul Rank Secretary, George Fricdel Treasurer, john Bodmer Faculty Adviser, Mr. Vincent Ilorlbogen The Boys, Glee Club, comprised of those boys interested in choral singing, enter- tains the school at various assemblies. These masculine voices blend with those in the Girls' Glee Club to produce beauti- ful music. ,, Qrlgrotulotions T , 5 1 v 51 Hi yi 1 I We M1 so w,1 I 'D I A Edward Albrecht American Laundry UN ion 3-0858 Ann's Cu and Saucer Arnco Teljevision Service CO., Inc. B Bell Biscuit Co. Berkowitz Fat Co. Miss Maddy Bianco Bill's Cleaners Herman C. Bittman joseph Boehm Gail Brown C The Cabinet Campus Sporting Goods Co. Capitol Restaurant Carl's Auto Repairs Frankie Castro Central Esso Service Station Chappieis Florist Barbara, Peggy, and Leila Ciongoli CireIli's Shoe Service City Camera Shop Helen Conover Beauty Salon Corduroy Village Crown WVine and Liquor Co. D DeCesare Family DeMussi's Beer - VVines - Liquors Dickinson High '39 Otto Drozd E E. VV. E. Auto Seat Covers Eickmannis Flowers Elaine and Nick Elaine Novelties F A. F aresich Oil Burners Mr. and Mrs. Ferendo Fiesseler Embroidery WVorks - Mr. and Mrs. G. Fitzgerald A Friend of Rosalie G Gag-O-Rama-Novelties and jokes Ted Gaynor Giant Market-North Bergen The Gilsenan Piano Company Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam Glade Dr. Herman Gordon George A. Gottberg "The Dairy On The Boulevard' Consolidated Dairies, Inc. GrassO's Dairy Mr. and Mrs. Sid Greenfield H Hammann's Ice Cream Parlor Harmony Hall Conrad Hauf, Inc. Electrical Contractor Mr. and Mrs. NV. Hendra Hillside Terminal Radio Cabs Hollywood Florist Holthausen's H. R. 5-1, Mr. Sippo I H. R. 10-1, Mr. Shotwell A H. R. A-2, Miss Richardson ll. R. 2-2, Mr. Rizzo H. R. 292-2, Miss Buongiorno H . 10-2, Mr. VV. Satz H. . ll-2, Miss Scanlan H . 1-3, Mr. Liederman H. . 4-3, Miss Conklin H. . 6-3, Mr. Hanes H . 7-3, Mr. Ostrotf H. 8-3, Mrs. Doebele H H H pzczwsizui . 9-3, Miss Sullivan . . 10-3, Mr. Stiskin . R. ll-3, Mr. Simon Hudson Auto Radiator Hudson Tailoring Co. me I Imperatore Quality Furniture J George Iaeger Paper Hanging a Specialty jay-Ar Formal XVear J. D. Television, Inc. johnsenis Doll Hospital 1. T. Machine Co. K Keystone Fuel and Appliance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koch Mr. and Mrs. Harry Korn Kracmcr 81 Co. L Frank LaRoSe Association XVillia'm F. Lazroe and Family Bob Lizer Louis Meat Market XVilliam Luckert-Palisade Inn Lynn's Ice Cream Stores Bob Lizer I M Mr. and Mrs. T. Maleta Margolis Stationery Co. Mr. and Mrs. A. Martin Martinu Cleaning and Dyeing Corp. Massare Bros., Asphalt and Cement Mastro Lumber and Millwork CO. 4 N Newkirk Manufacturing Co. New Moon Restaurant Niccolai's Stables james Nolan, Inc. ' North Hudson Twirlers . P People's National Bank of Secaucus jules and Dot Pericola Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pericola Dr. A. R. Piccolo Pioneer Dairy Pop Joe's Rainbow Room Secaucus, N. I. R . L. I. Rad, Jewelers Raritan Valley Farms-joseph P. Pommy M. Rieff-Mount Moriah Cemetery Louis A. Rossi-Real Estate S Sam's Kosher Meat Market Schacter's Sportswear Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schacter f S. Schlesinger, Inc. Schulman's, Inc. Andrew Sernekos Sola Chateau, Palisades Park The Spangler Family , , Stein-Tobler Embroidery Co. T Temple and Mayfair Theatres Theatre Luncheonette The Thomas Family john J. Tobler, Inc. Sporting Goods Trenz Market, Sccaucus Trueis Delicatessen U Union Hill Cheerleaders v Y Van Iohnys Self Service Market Y Yat Bun Sing Restaurant Yore Flower Shop, Inc. N. R. DRILLING OO. A FRIEND T 1 COMMONWEALTH TRUST CO. STAR SHOE STORE HENRTTKIEL at SONS, INC. WINSTON JEWELERS 4 69 ., UNION HILL BOOSTERS ASSiN .f ' - 4 - f VL 4 if A x can O g H . 7- f f 4 CTV' 'Ssms f Aueuaii ' 4 " ' In 4 ,Q1rsar.eood A Abbaite's Dry Goods Russell Ackerman Mrs. George Adams Mrs. Adamson Aetna Petroleum Albee Toy Shop Ambassador Restaurant john F. Amberg, Insurance The Anderson Family Andrew's Jewelers Andy and Frank Angela, Carol and Marilyn Angie and Dom r Annette and Paul i Ann and Ralph Ann S. and Johnny B. An Old Alumnus of 1928 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Apone and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Appel Archie and Angie Josephine Arcuro - Cecelia J. Armellino Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnold Mr. Meyer Aronson Vera Augenti Mrs. Joseph Auriemma B Archie Ball A Mr. and Mrs. Ballan Barney Stock Shops Mr. and Mrs. R. Barone and Family Hilda and Gus Baum Mrs. Catherine Baumann Marge and Phil Bautz Mr. and Mrs. John Beasley Robert and Joan Beasley B 81 E Cutters Jack Bender Mrs. Caroline Bender Helen M. Bererich ' Bergen Hardware f ' Bergen Scrap Iron Bergen Service Station Bernie and Eddie Mr. and Mrs. R. Bertrand Mrs. Theresa Bianco Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Bickhardt Binders Dairy Mrs. Ida E. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. William I-I. Bishop Herman C. Bittmann Mrs. Frances Bittmann Mr. Henry Bierke Blacky' Blanche, Duke and Carol Margaret and Louise Blatz Mr. William Blau Mr. and Mrs. John Block Val Block Clothes Bob and Frank Bob, Lillian and Carol Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bode The Bodmer Family Kay and Bill Boese Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boettcher Mr. and Mrs. P. Bogardo Mr. and Mrs. H. Boiles Mrs. J. Bonardi Mr. and Mrs. Bonin i Lucille, Emira, Vincent, Maryann and Tony Borelli Miss Eleanor Born Mr. and Mrs. George Born Ann and Vinny Borselli Al 'Boucher Stephen Boyko Gloria Boyko f Margaret Brady Y Maryanne Brancale Louis Brandes Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Breidenbach Mr. and Mrs. Brendlen Mr. and Mrs. Britsch Helen L. Brod Miss Brown Y Mr. and Mrs. William Bruzgis Vincent K. Bruzgis Al Buchanan's Sport Shop Buchwalds Joe Bums Elizabeth Busch George H. Busch Mr. George Busch Grace Butler Buttcrcake Bakery C Rose Cabibbo Cabrini Mending Betty Campbell Edw. T. Campbell Rose Cappittelli James Caputo Gertrude Cardinali julia M. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Carney Carol, Mario and Serge ' Caroline and Tommie Mercede Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cassidy Castro Music Studio Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cebulash Celentano's Stationery Store Center Food Market Paul Cemek 6: Son F. L. Chamberlain Aunt Charlotte Charlotte and Emil Chic Dress Store Chris, Cathy and Baby Lawrence Michael Christian Danny Christiano Mr. and Mrs. Christiane Mr. and Mrs. Nick Christiano Joe Choromanski Chris Ciongnli Debbie Cirelli Mr. and Mrs. E. Cirelli Beatrice Cirincion Class of '85 Carol Clover Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Colenda Nettie and Chris Columbo The Columbo Family Comfort Mattress, VV. N. Y. Claire Connolly Mrs. Helen Cook Conperlnan's Accessories Mrs. Marguerite Corbley R. H. Cordts Dolores Corte Mr. and Mrs. F. Cortese Danny Costello Crazy Joe's Eye Legs Danncy Crocitto Benjamin J. Cueto Mr. and Mrs. T. Cullen D Mrs. Daffner Dale Dance Studios David, Mary and Ray Mr. and Mrs. William Davies Mr. and' Mrs. VVilliam Davis Maureen, Richard and Robert Dea Al DeCesare Al DeCesare Ralph Dc.-Cesare Ralph DeCesare Bart DeLanzo Ida Dellarobba Elinor DeLoreto Emil DeLoreto Gloria De-Luise Miss Jeanie DeLu'ise Mr. A. DeLuise Mr. and Mrs. A. DeLuise Elizabeth DeParto Judy DeParto Tessie DeParto joe DeSantis Joseph A. De-Simon Mrs. A. DeSilnon Joyce DeSilnone Michael DeSimone, Sr. Ray DeSilnone - David Daniel Devine Mrs. M. DiChristoforo Anna Diemer Millie Diemer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Diemer , Luckf ffl.. H Mr. and Mrs. Louis Diemer . L7 - Otto Diemer I Mr. William Diemer ' 0 Mrs. Dixon, Richard and MaryJane 0 oo Belle Dodge Dolores and Gabe O O9 Donald and Elfrieda 0 Helen Donohue - Carroll H. Doran N Doris and Richie Ed Domer Dotty and Don Mr. and Mrs. R. Doubetta Mrs. Alfred Doyle Mr. and Mrs. George Drewes Otto Drozd S. A Otto Drozd S. Otto Drozd S. Otto Drozd S. Otto Drozd S. ' William Dueltgen Cutlery E Mary Eckmayer Mrs. Tony Egizi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eglolf El and Frankie 0 Ellie, Sheila and Diana " Helen T. Emerson 0 Mr. and Mrs. J. Emslie og E Dorothy Erickson Eric's Candy Store Ernie and Jackie Elizabeth Euler Lee Euler Mrs. Henry Euler F Vincent Fasula A Angelina Fattizzi Anthony Fattizzi Barbara Fattizzi Lee Fattizzi Q Fay and Joe O Marie Ferraioli og Mr. Joe Ferrante Aldo Ferrari Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferraro v Louis Ferraro A Mr. and Mrs. William Fetzer, Jr. and Debra Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam Fetzer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fetzer C Marion G. Fetzer Robert A. Fetzer August Fink Kenny Fink Sam Fink Frank Flagg Florence and Clayton Edward Foley Mrs. M. Foley Former Union Hiller V Adelaide Forte Paula Fortunato Fran and Roger V Frank and Margaret V Frank's Hair Cutting Shop Frankfs Shoe Repair A!2C Donald R. Franz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Franz, Ir. 0 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Franz, Sr. 5 Ramon Frausto od H. C. Fredrick Mr. C. Fregonese - Q 5 Mr. and Mrs. A. Fregonese Y Mr. and Mrs. G. Fregonese Paul Freund Mary Frey Mr. and Mrs. George Friedel Mrs. Frank Friezo G Mr. and Mrs. H. Gagauf Mr. and Mrs. A. Gallo and Family , Mr. and Mrs. M. Garabo Richard Gardner Rose Gardner . Garma's New and Used Cars Eva Garrity MaryAnn and Ralph Gazzillo Bill Gemeinhardt V. Gemeinhardt 1 X b 1 ' v ' A, , T . . Nu A QA 4 - . vu -- P f , 1 ygla' r -' , Y w 1 -I ju x 1, A , 'r Q "N 1 . f r 2 UNX P L fi f....." D -5 A nn n 45' t 1 '7 '7P..., I QT :Ill 5. 4 J' Hi Al 4 1 yr ongrotulotions W George and Diana Gin and Mickey Ginger and Eddie Ginny ancl'Agnes Judy Glade Mrs. WVilliam Glade Mrs. Anna Glade The Gladiators S and A M. Glantzherg The Globe Restaurant The Globe Restaurant Dominick Glovio Rosa H. Goehrig A Good Friend Dr. and Mrs. Jack Goldstein Mrs. M. Grahner Mrs. G. E. Grahner Grace and Billy Phyllis Grasso Mr. and Mrs. F. Grasso Grec0's Rock-n-Roll Luncheonette Two Greeks and An Orphan Roy Green Raina Greenfield Anne Greite Don Greite YVhitney Grosch H Mr. and Mrs. H. Haack Mr. and Mrs. XVilliam Haack Mr. and Mrs. Hahedank and Family Dr. A. Hachadoorian Mr. and Mrs. John Hagen Arnold Haimowicz Pvt. VVilliam O. Hampel + We Q i I is U Mr. and Mrs. Hampel IIank and Millie Hank's Delicatessen Edith Hansen Mr. and Mrs. J. Hargaden and Family Mr. Pete Harries Mr. Ben Harris Harry's Super Market Mr. and Mrs. T. Hastings and Susan Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Heitzmann, Jr. Viola Heitzmann Irma and Harriet Helhle Mr. and Mrs. F. Helble Mr. William Helgesen Arlene A. Helm Mr. and Mrs. C. Helm "' "' ,Q ss , rr I Mrs. R. Helm VVilliam Hendra Mr. and Mrs. YValter Henkel Herby Connie Herring Mrs. Hershberg Evelyn Marie Hill Mr. and Mrs. H. Hill Hilltop Food Store Mr. and Mrs. George Hinsch XVa1ter Holly Ann Holzworlh Arthur XV. Holzworth Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Holzworth Homeroom Homeroom Home-room 2-B, Mr. Certosimo 3-B, Mr. Calabria 3-B, Mr. Calabria Home-room 10-B, Mr. Markle Homeroom 6-1, Mr. Greenwald Homeroom 7-1, Mr. Gliyzor Homeroom 8-1, Miss Moreau Homeroom 3-2, Mr. Rosenthal . Homeroom 4-2, Mrs. Pinsan Hoxneroom 6-2, Mrs. Rossi Home-room 9-2, Mr. Eveland Homeroom A-3, Mrs. Gardinier Homeroom A-3, Mrs. Gardinicr Homeroom 3-3. Mr. De-Benedictis Mr. and Mrs. George Howe Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hrhek Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ilumpeler Mr. and Mrs. YVilliam A. Husser Hygrade Cleaners if 2 4 Emilia lanniruherto Frank Ianniruherto Louise Ianniruberto Lucy Ianniruberto Mr. and Mrs. Iovino and Family I John's Luncheoncttc Jack N Lou Norman Herhert Jacobson Jacgi-r's Bakery Janet Ck Kitty Jean, Joe and Heather Mrs. Roslyn Jcck Jen, Howie, Howard and Elizabeth Jcrry's M'hiti- M'ay Barber Shop Joan. Bita, Ilarriet and Norma Joi-'s Grocery Harold Johnsen, Class of 1950 Mr. and Mrs. O. Johnsen and Family Jay and Al Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnson The Johnston's Jolly Cousins Jolly Cousins Mrs. Helen Jones Josette and Freddie Josie and Mike Josie and Biehie Joy and Jimmy Judy and Tony K Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kastcn, Sr. Kathryn's Beauty Salon Kay and Joe Kay's Curtain Shop Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kazanehy Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaxanchy Mrs. ll. Keeler E. Kelelis Dotty Keller Mr. and Mrs. YV. T. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Jolm YV. Kelly Alice Kc-ndcl John Kcndel Kens Stationery YVilliam G, Kent David Kerr Mrs. Josephine Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kesar Mr. and Mrs. C. Kesar Kcystone Fuel tk Appliance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Kides Mrs. P. Kicyitt Florence King Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klima Phyllis Kohiash James Kopchains Rohert Kopchains Victoria Kopchains Mr. B. Kopchains Mrs. M. Kopchains Douglas Kordis Mrs. Marie Kordis Mrs. Korn Maddie and Jolm Kraljeyieh Krampft-rt's Grocery Store Mr. and Mrs. George Krantz August C. Krieger 1.inda Krieger Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Krieger, Jl'. The Krzastek Family Mary Kuhn L Margie I.. and Bohhy U. George T. Laccetti Miss Hose LaCroce and Family Laiiua and Manuel La Mae Shops Carl LaMana Al Lamparelli Alvina 1.aPuma Laura and Pete A 2C Elmer Ledvina Mrs. Frances Lee Carol and Johnny Leonard Mr. and Mrs, J. Leonard and Family Mr. and Mrs. H. l.ihcratore Mrs. XVilliam Lillis Linda, Eileen and Caroline Francis Liptak. Class of '34 "I-inm"' Mrs. Ruth Lizcr' Rose and Mike l.oBue ' Lois and Bill ' Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lomliardi Mr. and Mrs. Il. T. Loop Tony l.ol'roto Tony l.ol'roto Mr. and Mrs. Anthony l.oProto Lorellc and Jim l.orry's Menswear John .l. l.ucieh Lucille and l.oui Eric Lundquist Lt. J. G. Bohcrt ll. Luton- Mr. and Mrs. Lyddou M Miss Mabic lrene MaeCloud Mack and Seymour Mae, Agues and Margaret Madeline and Kathy M. A. ll. Katherine Maihack Mr. and Mrs. G. Il. Maihack, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Maleta Mr. and Mrs. J. Malt-ta Ann Malloy Margin-rite and Maryann Maricaimc and XVarncr Marie and Bolvhie Marie and Johnnie Marilyn and Alice Judy and Tony Marino Mrs, I.auretta Marino Mr. and Mrs. E. Marino lfrcd Marioue, Sr. Sl Street Market, N. B. Bose Marrone Martha's Valet Artic Martin, Jr. Emil Martinu Mary and Eddie Mary's Grocery Mrs. F. Mastropolo Mattie and Lennie Maureen, Martha, Susan and Marie Anna Mausitte Mayor Bros. John McCoy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McVickcr Mc Mr. John Mead Mrs. Jolm Mead Mcadowyiew Service Station Meadowyiew Sweet Shop llclena J. Mehr Marilyn Mi-hr Otto l". Mehr llohert L. ,Mehr Member of Class of '55 lleucc Mcuasse Mr. and Mrs. llohcrt Menke Danicl Mcresca Edward Messina Mr. and Mrs. J. Messina Elena Mcsiti Julius Mesiti Mr. and Mrs. A. Mesiti Myra Messmer Tommy Messmer Jack Meyer and Family Mickey and Conrad Mickey and Ninnctte Mike's Barber Shop Mika-'s Meat Market Mildred and Bob Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller Mr. and Mrs. XV. Miller Mrs. Claude Mitchell Betty Moleta Monday Nite Cluli Grace, Diane, Camille Mougicllo Mouroc Tavern Gertrude Montgolnery Mrs. Ruth Morano and Victoria Mr. and Mrs. N. ll. Morris August Moser Mr. August Moser Ernest Moser Mr. Ernest Moser Bobs-rt Moser Mr. Bohm-rt Moser v 4 ..' . .r -f .sf- ," .l:ervicligsiMi.AuQup,i 1 '4 V. All pl i ll on 1 .- LUJD A-.4 xl. A .,,,,r57?,,l v Harry C. Mosier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mosier Mr. Harry Mosier, Sr. Mrs, Florence Mosier Mr. and Mrs. A. Moskowitz Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moskowitz Harry A. Muecke Charles Muller tk Son, Contractor Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. A. Murro Mr. and Mrs. S. Murro Mr. and Mrs. J. Murro Miss Mary Murro Louis Musee N N. 8: H. Army 6: Navy Stores Harold Nadler Nancy and Eddie Helen Navalance Nick and Dolores Ninette, Sheila, Rita, Irene, Sandy and Corky Tom and Edith Nista North Bergen Vallet Bobby Novak fBicepsJ Noveck's Pharmacy Jake Nunziato Nunzio Accordion School Br Record Shop O Harry "Eppie" Oakene Artie Oberteufer Ginny, Helene and Tommy Oddo Mr. and Mrs. V. Oddo Private Philip Oddo Mr. and Mrs. R. O'Dea Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Donnell Mrs. Mary Oliveira ' Ray Orsin P . Mr. and Mrs. D. Paladino Miss Lillian Palombini Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palombini, Sr. The Five Pangiones Mrs. Kate Papelette Mr. Roger K. Pardee Parkside Gift it Card Shop Mr. and Mrs. F. Parma and Eddie Mr. M. Pascale Dick "Red" Pasch Mrs. E. Pasch Paul 8: Betty's Candy Store Pauline Shop Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pearlman Pearl Metal Products Henry Peiper, Furrier Humphrey Pennyworth Peoples National Bank of Secaucus Mr. and Mrs. E. Pepe Perry's Record Shop Fred Pesce Arlene S. Pete Little "Pete" Bernadette Peters Mrs. L. Pfister Flo Phalon Phyllis, Larry and Larry, Jr. Barbara Pintak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pintak Mr. and Mrs. Carmine A. Pirone Edward Plander Mr. and Mrs. E. Plander Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polise Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polise Irene Pommy Jinx and WVillie Pommy Joseph P. Pommy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Pommy Alberta Porreca Anthony Porreca ' Joey Principe Mickey Principe Principe's Family John T. Pugsley Debbie Pulver Joseph M. Puso Puso's Confectionery Q The Quarrell's Joe Quinn R Mr. and Mrs. F. Raimann Miss Isobel Raine Randa's Miss Ella S. Rank Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rank Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ranzau Ray and Harlie ' Louis H. Reiser Margaret Rennet Edna Rihar Carol Richardson Rocco Shoe Service Rocco Shoe Service Roe and Lorrie Elizaheth T. Rogler Mr, and Mrs. Morris Rogovin L. D. Romano "Ronnie" Ronnie and Jean Angie and John Roscitt Rose's Stand, River Road Louis A. Rossi Harry Rothstein Paul Rotunda William C. Roy The Flying R's Rudolf's Bakery Russ and Loretta Ruth, Bill, Lois and Penny Ryan's Confectionery Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rzempoluch, Sr. S Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Salch, Sr. Jim San Jennie Sardone Mr. Frank Sardone The Sarclone Family Rita Schacter The Schaeffler Family Adolph XV. Schatfner Kathleen Schaffner Mrs. M. Schlanger Mr. and Mrs. L. Schlenkler Jane Schlepfer Jane Schlepfer Mrs. Theresa Schmitt Kenneth J. Schnahel Mrs. Anna M. Schubert Mrs. Anna T. Schubert Schulman's, Inc. Nora Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schwartz Miss Mary Schwartz Miss Margaret Schwartz Mrs. Ruth Schwartz Dan Serneraro Helene and Tony Sena Jennie and Mary Sendik Mr. and Mrs. Sengstacke Anthony Sernekos Servilio's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Seyfferth Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shahabb Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Shea MaryAnn Sherengos Mr. and Mrs. Elmore A. Sheridan Mr. Michael Sheridan Jimmy Sheridan N. Siderides Siegel's Dress Shop Sigma Pi Sigma Sorority Psi Chapter Toni and Eugene Signoretti Beldeen, Marsha and Gloria Signoretti Claire and Paul Simeone Anthony .Simpatico Palma and Virginia Simpatico Martha and Tony Simpatico Carol Simsek Mr. and Mrs. Carmine C. Sippo Six Corners Bakery Mr. Ray Slocum WValter N. Smeltzer Caroline Smith Mary and Richie Smith Trudy Smith Mr. John A. Smith 41, , Sorrenti's Mr. George M. Spangler, Jr. Charles J. Spears Mrs. Olga Spears Violet R. Spittle Mr. and Mrs. WV. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Standacrt Harry Stoler Strauss Store Studio One Photographers Style Rite Hatshop Sugar Bowl Susan and Eileen Mrs. F. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. A. Sylvester T Joseph Terminello Mr. and Mrs. Fred Terranova Tessie and Veto Texas llot YVc-iners Theater lainclieonettc Fred J. Theemling Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Theemling Yvillium Thoens Harriet Thomas Mr. Bill Thomas Mr. and Mrs. NVilliam Thompson, Jr. Faye Thronherry Mr. and Mrs. C. Timms Tippy and Cinny Tommy and Arline Toniis Beauty Parlor Tony and Judy '1'ony's Luncheonette Mr. ami Mrs. J. Toronto Mr. and Mrs. A. Trotta Diane True Joseph Tupy U Union Fur Shoppe Union Hill Basketball Managers V Helen Van Micrt Joseph Veltri Phillip Veltri Miss Genevieve Vicelich Mr. and Mrs. A. Vigunas Mr. and Mrs. Sal Vince Mr. and Mrs. D. Vituartus Mr. and Mrs. C. Vogel John Vogt W Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Waeckerling Elizabeth XVaetjen Mr. and Mrs. H. Waetjen Mr. and Mrs. VV. Wagner Mr. XV. Waldie Mrs. XV. Waldie Dr. Irving Wallace, Optometrist Walsh Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh Mr. John NVarncke Irene YVarning Harold Warth Mrs. E. Weite Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weite Mr. and Mrs. John NVeite Mr. and Mrs. Wermuth Marvin VVexler Susan and Alan XVilensky Mrs. H. E. YVinter Bob Wisdom . YVarren VViskidensky Mr. WVarren VViskidensl-cy Gloria VVisniewski Arthur J. YVolfson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Wolfson Wonder Knit Shop Woodcliff Radio lnc. Billy NVorman The VVorwetz Family Y Charles Young Mrs. Margaret Young Z Mr. and Mrs. James Zaccone Norbert Zauchin Ed Zihowich Mrs. Mary Zurburg , Y Q 4 4 w ., 2 L 1, 41 1 'E I' A 1 lf X xx A Q " ' 9 U V ' ' Mi. if -No.5 , S. A X Q F 9 l raw P"'l 3 il 4 N. 5 " A ' lava? , P is at at O ND. 6 r' C 0 7? IJ 0 .aa o ff I 0 o all J 'Y Y , A 'fm' A I W lid? I I .H I I' I f 1 dll, WWW 7 5 .EA 1 4 f Q, 1, '51 1 w P -s. ,, u W 1 .4 A1 1 k u -an 4 ,1 .1 14 'g'15.,4 V .4 1 1 , .wil Leif +2 :f 11215 ' xxf. 1 5g":,hi, J., 3-:gif ' ' 253424, 03431. W , W, , 1 Lap: I qffw afsff' 1. ,':?':::Ii"4E:f3-'liff 'V I 1' 1 .. ...f ,- fi X ' " Z:-5:,n'f1i-' '

Suggestions in the Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ) collection:

Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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