Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ)

 - Class of 1946

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Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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j Q f -r 1 - I P ? e i X 5 Q 1 Mft if Lfgigfn 522320 cfZ62CfZmz!946 Uliii GE dill BLE Qpufbklel ly fzie Sonior Class lhdon HiH High Sohool Union City, N. J. .ax oreworil Dear old Union, we say good-bye lt's time for us to part But the ideals that you stand for Live forever in our hearts. With your true guiding spirit Your traditions firm and true You have given us the background To form this Orange and Blue. We'll never forget you, Union Your torch will lead the way And your memories will always be Through each and every day. And as we face the future With ambitions to fulfill Any success we may achieve We'll owe to Union Hill. with eili ation MRS. ELVIRA ROSSI O you, Mrs. Rossi, for your untiringl help in our class activi- ties and thefsincere cooperation you have given us to make a success of all our undertakings, we dedicate this yearbook. We were indeed fortunate to have received your generous advice in all our social activities. Your kindly leadership, un- bounded enthusiasm, and inexhaustible energy have been the inspiration for our book. Words are inadequate to express our thanks. Acknowledgment MRS. LAURA BRUBANS TO Mrs. Brubans, who gave freely of her time and patience in order to guide us through our school curriculum and activities, we offer our thanks. We are indeed grateful for her kind and wise advice. 6 F 2 Q E 5 f Q 1 1 53577-3 Cf W XG KS Z Mr. Albert U. Parker TO Mr. Parker and the Board of Educa- tion we owe a debt that would be hard to repay in any form, except with genu- ine thanks. For your aid and thought given us in our school years we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Board of Education Mr. A. C. Safyer, Mr. E. Groth, Mr. C. A. Brown, President, Mr. P. E. Musto, Mr. C. J. Rieman Mr.llarry S.Stahler 'PRINCIPAL E thank you, Mr. French, for the kind advice you have given us dur- ing our years at Union Hill. We shall always remember with pleasure the days we spent under your supervision. For this our gratitude is extended to you. OU, Mr. Stahler, have been the main factor behind all our school success and progress, thus, it is hard to express our gratitude and appreciation. The thanks we owe you for the helping hand you gladly extended and which led us through four happy years of high school life will never be forgotten. As we are preparing to leave high school now we can see clearly the benefits we derived from the spirit and leadership with which you endowed us, so again may we say, many thanks for the time and efforts you gave so unselfishly. Mr lsaao French ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 1 i 1 MISS EVELYN ALLEN Latin MRS. HELEN ASTON English MISS ROSE BUONGIORNO Italian MRS. ANNA BOCK Physical Education MISS MARY CIERI Commercial MR. JOSEPH DeBENEDlCTlS MISS VlOLA,DIEHL Science Mathematics .hh Fa till MISS LEILA BROWN Librarian MISS MARIE CONCILIO Spanish MRS. PAULINE DWYER Nurse MRS. LAURA BRU BANS Commercial-Counselor MISS WILNA CONKLIN English MR. KENNETH EVELAND Mathematics MR. VINCENT FALANGA MR. GEORGE FALTINGS Spanish History Commercial Science Head of History Dept. MR. JOSEPH GREENWALD MR. JOSEPH A. GREENWALD lllflli MRS. HELEN GRUMER Commercial DR. CHARLES HAINFELD Secretarial Training Head of Commercial Dept. MISS IRENE KATTENHORN Domestic Science MISS ADELE KAEMPF Commercial MRS. ETHEL LOAN E Mathematics MISS MILDRED MABIE English-Counselor MISS ELSA MILLER Spanish-German MISS ETHEL MILLER Domestic Science MR. HARRIS HANES History MISS NETTIE KLEINFELD English-History MR. WALTER MARKLE Mechanical Drawing MR. ROBERT MODARELLI History MR. ANTHONY GREGORY History MRS. HELEN HENNE Spanish MR. GEORGE L I EDERMAN Science MISS AGNES McLEAN English MR. JOE MOHAIR English Head of Language Dept A Head of English Dept. MISS RITA MOREAU English MISS HELEN MORTON Counselor MISS ANTOINETTE PIANA Commercial MISS ISOBEL RICHARDSON French-English MISS F. HELEN NESSLAGE Art MR. T. OTIS PRICE Mathematics Head of Mathematics Dept. MRS. ELIZABETH ROGLER German lla ulty MISS GLADYS NIVER Commercial MR. DAN I EL PRIMONT History MR. SIDNEY ROSENTHAL English MISS ELIZABETH ROSSO MR. GATES SANBORNE MRS. MARGARET SCANLAN English English Commercial MR. ALBERT PARDEE Mechanical Arts MISS ELLA RAN K Counselor MRS. ELVI RA RCSS I Commercial MR. ALVIN 'SCHAEDIGER Science Head of Science Dept. 1946 MR. HERMAN SIMON Mathematics MISS ALICE WALTER Counselor-I-I istory-Eng I ish ii . 5 gf sv:-. f s . i MR. HERBERT STISKIN Science MRS. ELIZABETH WEYANT Music "2fI5 i!'5I??T.ig . .. :,. :. . 1 if. I .- . - I ,,,, -li. .. '-'- MISS CATHERINE SULLIVAN Mathematics MISS MILDRED WOODS K Science MR. Joi-IN WRIGHT MRS. DOROTHY LINN MRS. ANN Nevms Physical Training Office Clerk Office Clerk . WFS A R 95 - ' M -Q " Z 5 Ii . ... ' I ' il:'EMzivW.l M2 'ff' z' .. .. A MR. WILLIAM McCANN MR. A. LOUIS SCARMOLIN DR. LEON BLOCH Director of Band Director of Orchestra School Dentist MR. HARRY SHOTWELL History MISS EDNA WAGNER Science MR. COURTNEY WRIGHT Director of Physical Training MRS. ETI-IEL TRYON Office Secretary DR. ANTHONY SALADINO School Doctor H .air llur Class History H yes, we were timid young Sophomores the day we stood at the entrance to Union Hill. We trembled in awe at the prospects of the future for the next three years. We looked at and listened to the lofty Seniors who were so sure of themselves and fwhom wedared not ask directions to our new home rooms. Those of us who had attended the Annex felt more reassured than the out-of-towners but still our confidence was a trifle unstable. We stumbled along to our rooms, gazing in bewilderment at the maze of rooms, stairs, and corridors, we wondered if we would ever become familiar with this seemingly terrifying place. Our first classes were frightening ordeals. At the first as- sembly bells, we gave up in hopeless despair the thought of ever knowing what was going on. ln a daze wepassed our first year at Union Hill, still fearing our teachers, studying our lessons and acquiring good marks. We returned from vacation. How quickly we forgot that just a few months ago we had been sophomores, for we lost no time in taunting the in- coming sophomores. This was the year we formed our class organization. It was then that we really began to feel important. Mrs. Elvira Rossi started us off with work immediately and we knew, or thought we knew, the workings of the senior machine. We gave our first dance-"The Jr. A Bobby Sox Parade," which, much to our astonishment, was quite a success. This was fol- lowed in our second term by the "Jr, B Juke Box Jump," our second big hit as Juniors. Yes, by this time we had learned a few things. We no longer thought that school was all work, that our teachers were frightening "crea- tures" and that good marks were the only important factors. Once again vacation caught up with us. lt was September! Only ten months of school left. Yes, we were now those lofty Seniors, and we reacted just as every other Senior class has done in the past. We condescended to speak to the Juniors, snubbed the Sopho- mores, and completely ignored the Freshmen. By this time, we had lost some of our boys to the Armed Forces. Somehow, they seemed to leave an empty space in our crowded plans. Slowly we began to realize that we had better get to work if we expected to graduate in June. Our grades took a noticeable jump for the better. After sending the Senior B's off with the Starlight Prome- nade, work was hurriedly, begun on our Yearbook, The staff was selected, the various assignments and responsibilities undertaken, our rings were ordered, our graduation pictures were taken. We really were Senior B's. Our school days bowed out to the tune of the Hawaiian Reception, tendered us by the class of January, 947. The melodies we danced to will continuously recall to mind memories of our Senior Prom. A certain nostalgia and longing for the good old days crept over us as we faced the uncertain future, but we were expectant of the best. So thus we close behind us the familiar doors of Union Hill. We shall be everlastingly grateful for all she has given us in knowledge, friendships and understanding. Our years at Union Hill will al- ways remain as part of our most cherished memories. , , . ,, ,, , .. .. . , , , A ,H ., . . . V. -4 , .. . i WD WU 1 w . , Z I l WSW k 4 llm, ,,,,.. f -"',,,,. -gMM,,,, ,,,,.,. ,limi f , if, ER President Vice President HENRY lGGENA FLORY DANISH June 1946 Treas S C,-etafY H urer MlNlaA NXCOUC FRED SToLTiNG Standing: Robert Butler, Virginia Zur Heide, Shirley Pindar, Evelyn Froenner, Joseph Sugar. Kneeling: Fred Stolfing, Vincent Manalio. Blass Honor HERBERT FINK Valedictorian VIRGINIA ZUR HEIDE JOHN ROZANSKY Salutatorian Third Honor 3 MARY BAYER CORNELIA VANDERVEER Fourth Honor 17 Fifth Honor "Achie" Undecide I Italian Club, Gym Sergeant Hi 714 tory Forum, Intramural B ball, O G B Staff. I 1 Y Personality, Sinatra tp ,jlf Sable, ' Al l'.1 P 5 smi eifar Y A 1 HJJ l J xl uf ' ff Q I! N ii John B. Achinapura ' d - l J Ml if . l I ' ' 'if l , . J V, George Allen "Gyp" Undecided B. Staff Hi-Y, Field Day, O. C1 Gym Sergeant. Smile, jokes, blushing, crew cut, dancing ' -42 fn J ." 'X x v X V 0 V, I Q' it ' l l 4 llrange aynil lilue Tina Abate "T" Undecided Italian Club, Senior Chorus. ' brown eyes, Bobby socks, tiny, cutie, long hair. hony V Angelini Ant . "Tony" Armed Forces italian Club, Gym Sergeant, ln- tramural Basketball, History Forum, J. V. Basketball, Current Events. Tall, modest, friendly, shy, sports. i8 ll. ll. Dominick L. Alagia Marines ,,Mim., ' F rum. italian Club, History o Pipe, debonair, dependable, slick black hair, quiet. Frances H. Amadei "Fran" Nursing Latin Club, History Forum, O C1 B Staff. Quiet, dependable, friendly sweet, long hair. 4 O C William R. Baarck "Bill" Engineering Spanish Club, Gym Sergeant, Current Events, History Forum, O Cr B Staff. Stretch, quiet, wavy heir, good looking, smooth. J .qr,.f ,i il X -,If ' H .V ll Gilbert 'Bandel "Gil" Armed Forces History Forum, Track Team, Gym Sergeant. Peg ged pants, Callife, lanky, quiet, basketball. Estelle Antonoff "Kancly" Undecided Spanish Club, English Club, His- tory Forum, Junior Red Cross, Senior Chorus, Biology Club. Talkative , brown eyes, dimples, dancing, flirt. fi Gilda Lia Baresi "Gil" Undecided History Forum, Victory D Committee ance , Student Program Committee, Girls' Basketball, Pep Cards, O Er B Staff. Cute ga , y, friendly, clothes, talkative. l9 x., fin. Ruth Balaban "Bali" N. Y. U French Club, Spanish Club. Clothes, studious, shortie, quiet, likeable. pf i l,' . '25 k!',i6, Wf' V 1 if 'L'-'Q 5 11' f , 1,6 lffztk June 1946 l . HUM Susan Adelaide Bassemir "Needles" Nursing zine Drive Chorus, Maga Senior 's dreamer Green eyes, Dori , neat, quiet. 1 l Charles L. Bechtold College Chairman of Program Commit- tee of History Forum, O Cr B Staff. Q State Guard, adventurous, science, studious, understand- ing. T llrange and gm Patricia Barton Business Hpatrf man Club, Glee Club, Junior Cr B Staff. Ger d Cross, O - o-lucky, Re Navy, sweet, happyg neat, likeable, Blu John Biango "Bingo" College Captain of Football Team, Track Team, Italian Club, History Fo- rum, Gym Sergeant. Muscles, football, popular, curly hair, fun. 0 A Bayer Mary . "Mary Ann" Valparaiso University t of Latin German Club, Presiden Club, Student Program Commit- t e Assistant Literary Editor of uage Club. e 1 O G B, Lang Tall, dimples, riding, books. clever, d H Bencini Rolan . Armed Forces History Forum, Italian Club Current Events, Gym Sergeant O C1 B Staff, Quiet, wavy hair, shy, dreame thinker. 1 1 f O C Albert Blum f.Kid,. Quiet, brown I eyes, pleasant, crew cut, smile. John Callahan "Mo-Mo" Navy Latin Club, Magazine Drive, Gym Sergeant. Popular, corny iokes, amicable, nice smile, fun. Undecided Kenneth Birdsall ,.Ken., Marine Corps Press Staff, English Club, Span- ish Club, Track Team, Editor of School Activities of O G B, Mixed Chorus, Freshman His- tory Forum, President of New Jersey State Group, Football Team, Commencement Usher, Prom Committee, Boys' Glee Club, Spring Concert D Committe , ance e, Current Events Group. Blue eyes, sharp ties, skating, flirt, smiles. Josephine A. Celli Jo" Business Gregg Award, O Cr B Staff, Ma- gazine Drive. Smiles, short, bowling, gum- chewer, likeable. 2l p Pi Crf-1 -' .1 J ffl' . 's Ez E Robert W. 'Butler ,,Bob,, Navy go-Editor of O Cr B, Editor of ress Staff, President of English Club, Student Council, History Forum, Spanish Club, New Jer- sey State Group, Current Events Group, Hi-Y, Assembly Pro- grams, Dance Committee, Com- mencement Usher, Christmas Plays, Sub-Treasurer. "lpana Smilef', active, depend- able, likeable , agreeable. Fred Carlton "Freddie" Navy German Club, History Forum, Track Team. Y Flirt, imagination fri , manners, endly, dreamer. Q .lime 1946 , , ' , ' i - . ff ,,,. g 'fi an gr ,J fl 'fi 'i l l l i i 'i Lewis Cicirelli 'Sharky" Undecided Group, Mixed New Jersey State Union Hill Singers, Boys Chorus, Chorus, Hi-Y. Dependable, manners, flirt, wavy hair, easy-going. Adeline Cirelli Bus iness School "Addie" Club History Forum I e Club - Spanish , America on the Air, Ge O Cr B Staff. Field Day, laughing Pretty, quiet, clothes, dependable. llrange and Blue , n s Eugene W. Chinery "Gene" College Gym Sergeant. Freckles, smile, dancing, popular, smooth. Kathryn Connolly Kay" Business Press Staff Typist, History Fo- lish Club, Secretary of mmittee rum, Eng Student Program Co , Graduation Usherette, Co-Chair- man of Prom Committee, Vic- tory Dance Committee, Girls Basketball, L? Cr B Art Edito Gregg Awar . f lend- Loquacious, witty, clever, r ly neat. 22 l ll. ll. Frances Cimicata "Fran" Business panish Club, ltalian Club, His- tory Forum. smile, eyes Sweet, hair, records, J hn Claeyssens 0 "Dutch" Navy Football Team, Baseball Team Gym Sergeant, History Forum Quiet, tall, baseball, footbal crew-cut. Angelina Cottone "Angie" Designer Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Span- ish Club, History Forum, Amer- ica on the Air, Field Day, O Cr B Staff. Swimming, sincere, cheerful, neat, art. R 1 " X: flfs' f A' .- Q 1fz'fAl"' O fi f as F f J ' -UN' 'Ai 3 1 J' ' 5:1-fi' Y A94lL,g,,i . AJJJ' rf , ' xl Q i V I e ' 7 ., . my , . 1 I 1- "mis ' fi Q he , r A , .tr - A William CQ-lk "Bill" Musician Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Union Hill Singers, O C1 B Staff, Ger- man Club. Cheerful, jazz, flirt, popular, bass. I if -Eal- Frank Costantino "Costa" College Spanish Club, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Gym Sergeant, Intramural Basketball. Dancing pe , gged pants, clarinet, fun, smooth. Flory Danish "Flake" CoIleQe Captain of B aseball Team, Vice President of Class June, 1946, Gym Sergeant, History Forum. Cute basebl , al, smile, friendly, understanding. , ice smile, c pendable Louis D'Andrea HLOUH College Histo Anne Patricia Couch Business Club, Spanish Club, O 5' B Clothes n' ute, de sweet. rym Forum, Italian Club, Spanis Club, O G' B Staff. Understanding, pleasant, write blue eyes, calm. V, 4 'l une 1946 ,- Q -J X. ju J f 9 C J 1 C D 5 Z y M . . J if A. Carmine Deer "Kemp" College . I . Football Team, Basketball Team, A Tennis Team, Track Team, Ital- r If ian Club, History Forum, Co- 'U 4 Chairman of Prom Committee, J l E 1 O Cr B Staff, Dance Committee. if F , -f Athletics, dancing, pretty girls, -I f J personality, nice smile. . F fa- JVV ' 5 f N . ' Q Va l l X I' aw AJ ,' xf X M Ns ., I L ji, X.. fl' , 9- w Joan E. De Ferrari "J. D." Nursing Robert A. Degen Treasurer of Latin Club, His- College tory Forum, Victory Dance Com- F tb H T mittee. oo a eam. Short, friendly, clothes, depend- Good looking, dreamer, Adonis, able, smiling wavy hair, pegged pants. 1 , .4 , ." u , , -- ' . J 1 5 . Josephine Ann Delguidice " li' , " "JO" Business O 7 Italian Club, Press Staff, Gradu- ' tation 6.Jsl'gregte,StP?om NComn-iit- Mafe P' Ddlada ee, a , agazme H f . ,. ' - ' e, Bond Drive, Senior'Chor Chem? , Montdalr Commmee' Co-Editor of O G B, Junior Red Cross, Secretary of History F0- rum, English Club, Senior Cho- rus, Debating Cfub, Current Events Group, New Jersey State Group. ' blushes Driv Victory Dance us,. ' cords, friend- Clothes, dimples, re ly, personality. llrange and Blue L Alfred De Luca Air Corps ,Alu Gym Sergeant, Italian Club, His- tory Forum, O Gr B Staff, Cur- rent Events Group, New Jersey State Group. opu- avy hair, modest, p Shy, w lar, comedian. 24 Studious, long hair, laughter, well-liked. o ..f AX I I Grace M. De Vall "Grade" Undecided History F orum, Bond D' Cross, M ' rlve, Red agazme Drive, Senior Chorus, Field Day. Piano, blonde, green fingern 'I ' eyes, long ai s, quiet. June C. Doris "Scotty" Business Glee Club , Circulation Editor of O 6' B, Graduation Usherette, Prom Committee, Victor Dance Committee, Spanish Cluii. Loquacious, feather cut, skirts, flirt, carefree. f '- Michael G. D e Phillips "Mike" College i3Zf.'3?.2'Z,a!' cUii"Efu'QZiIiC'E0.flZiii Cute, tall t' , riendly, athletics, trustworthy. ft Elaine Durando "Blondie" Business History Forum, Junior Red Cross, Field Day, Magazine Drive, Q C-r B Staff. ' Good-natured, hap sincer y-go-lucky, e, cheerful, bizznde. 25 Ronald Dundatscheck "Ronny" Armed Forces Hist cry Forum, Magazine Drive. Quiet ' , movies, reading, tall, likeable. June lllflli 4 f ff' 'C' ,1- A'-ex.,-...Z vii? . --A-!W.'.! .417 vi.: - o Irwin Dobrow , l "Dempsey" College Q German Club, Gym Sergeant, i Band, Orchestra, History Forum. l Driving, mechanic, music, curly 1 hair, flirt. D Duroska ' Business Emily o. ,Emu Spanish Club, Vice President of English Club, Language Club, Press Staff Typist, History Fo- rum, O 6' B Staff, Student Pro- gram Committee, Prom Commit- tee, Dance Committee, Gregg 'e Drive, Senior Award, Magazin Chorus. Dependable music, smile. , friendly, clothes, "Bumper" U. 11. 1 I l Edwin' Einarsen Armed Forces North Hudson Harvey Dwork College Historfy Forum, J. V. and Var- sity Basketball, Track Team, Gym Football team 5e'9ea"" All sfars, o G B Sports Editor, Nice, basketball, talkative, brown Sym Sergeant, Intramural Bas- eyes, smile. e 5" Personalig, dimples, popu h sports, " asey". V3 0 ,A C rl, o V I if Q , AL! . 1, 2. L' 7 " . l Edward Ende 1 J V "Nd" Undecided W Spanish Club, History Forum, X! a'l n . fkilll Magazine Drive, Field Day. fl , l HQ'-k" 1 , Undecided Quiet, manners, shy, studious, I ' , h sweaters. Vg PYEWWT of ilflfl Cll-lb, ' X or nce mittee. '1Art, rso alitf sweet, bangs l igk . G lf X .fi M f J l 7 " f '- '1 Qr-'-J'- !! t ' My Flora Farber V ff..-'. 41, JZ 'FIo" Business f N M. GI Cl b, M' d Ch us, Span- " 4 'di-"-""""""""', .xv isl'?eClubI, Histvcfy Fortulrn, Amer- , ica on the Air, O C1 B Staff. ,. , K , A' P o al'ty, friendly, swimming, ' if ,T x"""'.'q Jw magic? Ilate room. i -'W ,Zo ' l A l LJ'-Q, l i .L ' i llrange and lue 5 Y ' 26 l ,V 1 I l I - , ! A 1 y o 0 M1 - . if na Mae Fuck iff, Wd" Unde A ed Germ Clu Tri i-Y, Girls' ,Af Glee ub, e Jersey State . Grou reg ward, Junior Red Cros t Forum, Field Day, Maga ' rive. ' imples Herbert A. Fink 'Herbie" College iterary Editor of O G B, Span- Eh Club, English Club, History orum, Co-Chairman of Debat- ng Team, Orchestra, Chairman of Student Program Committee, Stage and Scenery Crew, Biolo Study Club QY , Current Events roup. ependable, brains, "Spanish", ooperative, sport-clothes. Evelyn Mar guerite Froehner "Ev" Business Graduation U sherette, O G B Staff, Prom Committee, Bond Drive, Magazine Drive, Sub Treasurer, Victory Dance Com mittee, Senior Chorus. Nayy, Pepsodent smile, dimples, popular, personality. , appy, frie rolle - ' ndly, letters, r skating. Howard Geiler "Howie" Armed Forces Gym Sergeant. ' Ford, mechanics, cute, likeable, blond. Q27 Elaine Fox H F0XleH Undecided Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Basketball, His- tory Forum, Magazine Drive, Senior Chorus, Literary Staff. Athlete, likeable, friendly, bobby sox, Grace. Nicholas A. Gallo "Nick" U. S. Navy Current E vents Group, History Forum, New Jersey State Group, Spanish Club, Gym Sergeant. Quiet bask , etball, likeable, man- ners, dependable. June 1946 -I Odette V. Graf 'O" Business Gregg Award, Tri-Hi-Y, Prom ' Victory Dance Com- ' Assistant Committee, mittee, Bond Drive, School Activities Editor of O C1 B, Chairman of Writing Paper Drive, Magazine Drive. ' t smiles, Sports, dancing, nea, popular. Greiner "Al" Business English Club, Gregg Award, Mixed Cshorus, Prom Committee, ta Alice C. O 5 B . ' ' iggles, Skating, ambitious, g bashful, dependable. llrzuige and Fred W. Germer Navy "Biff" ood Happy-go-lucky, pug nose, g looks, blonde hair, clothes. Neil J. Guiliano "Lee" Armed Forces I Basketball, History Current lntramura Forum, Chairman of Events Group, O Er B Staff, French Club, Dance Committee, nt Gym Sergea . ' irls, Mischievous, smile, friendly, g art. Blue P U. ll. aham Richard G. Gr Servig Umcki. refree, girls, smiles, di Nice, ca pendable. I i Ann Grimm College Vice-President of French Club, Senior Chorus. l te sodas Pleasant-lsmile, choco a sition, friendly, lab sweet dispo technician. S. I. l I 1 . , i if K X ! f . 5 y f ,ff f we 1 4 Le! V' Fred Heilmann Blinky" Armed Forces ierma n Club, Gym Sergeant, 'rack Team, Varsity Basketb ntramural Ba Dolores Hauck 6 Busines Junior R ed Cross M Drive Pat S agazine ron Agent of Senior C O Er B horus Bond Drive Prom Committee Gregg Award Field Day Dependable dancing bowling amiable sweet Ruth Heller Ruthie Nursing School O G B Staff Junior Red Cross, Student Program Committee. all, Magazines pins, fingernails, sketball, O E1 B Spanish helpful. taff. fencing, blond, likeable, sports, a . Herman J. Herb "Herby" John M. Hellesto Swede" Marine Corps 'reasurer of French Club, His- :Jry Forum, Student Program Committee. Quiet, blonde hair, mysterious, aretree, friendly. Armed Forces Intramural Basketball, Italian Club, Vice-President of History Forum, Publicity Manager of Current Events, Football Team, O 6' B Staff, New Jersey State Group, Dance Committee, Gym Sergeant. Carol Hohnhaus "Carol" College Girls' Basketball, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, History Forum, Stud- ent Program Committee. Brainy b , asketball, neat, ambi- tious, nice. Crew haircut, temper, talkative, girls, sports. 29 June 1946 1 -I i 1' -w I, vu f' C ff f A l 0 0 mL I , Helmut 0. Hornung , I ff 'l.efty" Army i President of German Club, Track f, f Team, Junior Police, Orchestra. 'X Blue eyes, violin, prankster, girls, f ' 2 chemistry. .I J V ff A l V. Otto H. Huetsch "Hutch" Undecided I Biology Study Club, Spanish Alfred Iasillo Club, O Cv B Staff, Prom Com- mittee, Assistant Chairman of "Al" Army Student Program Committee, History Forum, Stage Cr Scenery History Forum, New Jersey State Crew, group, tO C1 B Staff, Gym, ergean . Good dresser, personality, danc I . I ing, smooth, swimming. Witty, aviation, car, art styzf flirt. f i M t f 1' I 75 X l , , X ,i ,i 1 , 3,15 Jw J' f '. f 7, I I l' " ' . L, 1 Henry lggena F f "Hank" College Hi-Y, History Forum, Current f, aomfigy Mllgyichny Events Group, Prom Committee, , 1 O G B Staff, Field Day, Presi- ' , Businegg dent of Student Council, Presi- E , 15, dem of Class- Gregg A ard, Tri- i-Ywvartish Club, Pro 4Com 'tteef ictoryg Bashful, clever, humorous, Dance fqpmmeayo G, B Sfaffll clothes, tall. Maga7ng Drug-U, y Personality, clawing, smoothf popular. gi ' l K fi ,. llrange and Blue Jadwinski Frances Business nfgranu Greg g Awa rd. ' neat, Wavy hair, reading, quiet, brown eyes. 30 K. .,,5.Y . O l Emily F. Jur Kovic "Lee" College Red Cross Girls' Basketball, Ad- vanced Art, Magazine Drive, Senior Chorus. lntelli gent, drawin ing, g, flirt, skat- feathercut. 4, Gloria Janssen "Jan" Business School English Club, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Prom Committee, Girls' Basketball, Student Program Committee, Gregg Award, Senior Chorus. Clothes V , enus, talkative, care- free, popular. John Kanaske "Lefty" Undecided Hist ory Forum, Varsity Basket- ball, Current Events Group N Jersey State G , ew roup, Gym Ser- geant. Sports, tall, shy, likeable, cour- teous. Arthur W. Kaufmann "Artie" U. S. Navy Harvey Karmlller History Forum, Current Events Heonesf, College Group, O C1 B Staff. Basketball Team, Captain of Sgr' blown lilies' dreamy' like' Tennis Team, Baseball Team, a e' congema' Prom Committee, Gym Sergean 'Tall, sports, fun 'ilfeahl go-lucky. il n 1 l - iff f f Q .A J ,J 1 X Rosemarie Kirchmer in - "Roe" Business School TZ yy History Forum, French Club. , Skating, smiles, clothes, dream- ,XJ i er, quiet. J, . , l if if l X l 5 l if 31 June 1946 Wilt? l l al l Alice M. Koch Business Kochie" Program ff Student ketball Press Sta , Committee, Girls' Bas , Prom Committee, Graduation Usherette, Greg Award, O G' B Committee, Pep Staff, Dance Card Drive, Magazine Drive. e eyes, smooth, cheer Cute, blu ful, talkative. Grace M. Koeser Business O Cv B Literary Staff, Senior Committee, Grad- Chorus, Prom ' ette uation Usher . ' iet, Likeable, bowling, dancing, qu Girl Scouts. i llrange and Blue l Joseph Klein College when ish Club, History Forum, Span ' Club, Biology Study A'r, O Er English erica on the I m Com- Club, Am B Staff, Student Progra ' Field Day. mittee, h ertul, de- Conservative, ads, c e pendable, ambitious. K' Wilma A. Koster 'Wil" Business O Er B Staff, Gregg Award, O Cv B Agent. es, blonde, Understanding, blue ey cute, likeable. 1 l l l O I l . 5, Leona D. Koch "Loni" Business ' d Cho- Union Hill Singers, Mlxe rus, Glee Club, Dance Commit- tee, Graduation Usherette, Prom Committee, O 6' B Staff, Gregg Award, New Jersey State Group, Chairman of Dance Committee. Smiling, fun, sincere, dependable personality. Virginia Koester uGinnyn Punctual, qui ing, carefree. 5 32 , S Undecided O G B Staff. et, sociable, bowl O O Kenneth H L . abiner "Lab" Armed Forces Spanish Club, Gym Sergeant, History Forum, Intramural Bas- ketball. Music, quiet, crew cut, football, pleasant. Arthur Lasky "Artie" College Freshman History Forum, Stage Crew, Advertising Editor of 0 G B, Gym Sergeant. Freckles 'k , smile, fun, talkative, io es. Evaline E Kw . eselait "Lynn" Business Senior C horus, Prom Committee, German Club, Current Events Group, History Forum, Gregg Award. Blue eyes, art, ambi.-ous, rib- bons, hair styles. Ruth Levine "Ruthie" Business Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, History Forum, Field Day. Quiet, sweet , music, smiles, de- pendable. 33 4 ,. reamer, caref ciable Henry J. Lease "Little Lease" Navy Italian Club, O 6 B Staff. Quiet , car, pleasant, sport shirts, lanky, June 1946 i 1d Arthur E. Larson "Swede" Army Hi-Y. Crew cut d ree so , quiet. Corinne Rita Logio 'Renee" Business Red Cross, Spanish Club, Ma- gazine Drive, O G B Staff, Cho- rus, Girls' Basketball, Bond Drivei Carefree, soft eyes, cute, smiles, amicable. rie Maloney Beautician "Snooky" ew Jersey State Rosema Latin Club, N Group. Amiable, witty, sin make-up. llrange and Blue cere, studious, Theresa Lewandowski 'Terry" Business Gregg Award, O Ev B Agent, O Cr B Staff, Senior Chorus, Bond Drive. Reliable, tblonde, friendly, clothes, nea . Muriel Loewin "Muna" Secretary Bond Drive, Spanish Club, Red Cross, Magazine Drive, Girls' Basketball, Chorus, O C1 B Staff Ag . shing, friend- ent Dancing, sports, blu ly, wavy hair. 34 Lillian Lucht 'Lil" Business ior Chorus. Gregg Award, Sen Nice, dependable, studious quiet, courteous. Vincent Manalio Navy UDOPEY., ' lice, Prom italian Club, Junior Po Committee, O Cr B Staff, Gym Sergeant. Tall, dancing, ' flirt sports. talkative, Lillian Margiotta uLHu Business Junior R d e Cross Hit Senior , s ory Forum, Chorus, Spanish Club, Bond Drive, Magazine Drive, O C1 B Staff. Giggling, likeable, talkative, blue eyes, neat. Alfred 'Marozzi "Al" College Italian Club La G , nguage Club, ym Sergeant, O C1 B Staff. Un pegged pants, carefree, cheer- ful, corny jokes, popular. William Manzo "Bill" Undecided Quiet, blonde, likeable, shy, dreamer. Nelda E. Marini "Nei" College History For um, Dance Commit- tee, Prom Committee, Co-Cap- tain of Majorettes, Graduation Usherette, Junior Red Cross, O C1 B Staff, Girls' Basketball, Biology Study Club. Pretty, darpingl fun, twioingm' smooth. 1 5 . ., A ai' ' AY .L . ' 7 ,f 1 L ' ' T 1' l ' Gerard Marra "Snookie" Rutgers Latin Club, Magazine Drive, Gym Sergeant. Cheerful, trustworthy, corny iokes, soda-ierk, amiable. l l Lawrence Marshall "Larry" Army o r Aeronautical School Ge rman Club, History Forum Gym Sergeant. Mechanic, Ford V8, basketball, friendly, tall. June lllflli 3 4 3 1 .rua 4 4 'a nl ,U EV Viola Mazgal "Vi" Undecided History Forum. Movies, dimples, blushing, quiet, blondie. H cKenna Eileen F. M Ei" Undecided Girls' Basketball, English Club, Glee Club, Prom Committee, Graduation Usherette, Student Committee, O 6' B Staff Program reliable, Smooth, looks, moody, nice. ilrange and Blue F 1 Vincent Matera SS "Chick" Armed Forc Gym Sergeant, Italian Club, Bas- ketball Manager, Intramural Basketball, Current Events Group, C: B Staff. O ants, sports, Dancing, pegged p smiling, friendly. iller Robert A. M 'Miller" Armed F Gym Sergeant, History Fo , Captain of Track Team, Football Team. Friendly, football, talkative, blondes, witty. OFCES FLJYY 36 ll. ll.. Donald G. McDonald "Mac" U. S. Army Track Team, Junior Police, New Jersey State Group, Gym Ser- geant. Thinker, clothes, smiles, ami cable, jokes. George J. Miller "Tex" Music chestra History Forum, Sergeant. Band, Or , Mixed Chorus, Gym Sax, sleepy, shy, car, carefree Rose Monte l Louise Minkus ul-cuff Business Co-Captain of Majorettes, Press Staff, Student Program Commit- tee, Victory Dance Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, O Cr B Staff. Sweaters, dancing, popular, cute, personality. SZIIO Monty" Business New Jersey State Group, History Forum, Senior Chorus, O C1 B Staff, Prom Committee, Gre Award. QQ Tiny, cute, talkative, fun, brown eyes. J. Newton Milliken "The Flute" Chemical Engineer Junior Police, Biology Study Club, O G B Staff. Corny jokes, friendly, ' tual, ch ' ' Intellec- emlst, quiet. Emil F. Mraz "Moose" Navy Spanish Club, History Forum. Brown eyes, fun, slim, sports, likeable. 37 Alfred Modarelli History Forum. Tall, quiet lik , eable, art, depend able. David G. Morrison "Hook" College C . aptain of Basketball Team, Gym Sergeant, History Forum. Basketball cre , w cut, build, blue eyes, popular. r 1 June 1946 T 4 Teresa Mutschler 'Mickey" Journalism '-H'-Y, Senior Press Staff, Tri I Chorus, Field Day, Magazine ' Gregg Award, Service Drive, ' Committee. Men s records, Smiles, dependable, generous, friendly. icolich Erminia S. N Business "Nickie" ' '-Y Press President of Tri-Hi , Staff, Gregg Award, Magazine Drive, Field Day, O 6' B Staff, f Class. Secretary o ' ' dimples, Dependable, smiling, friendly, sweet. llrange and Blue P Joseph Murphy 'Murph" Armed Forces Baseball Team, Football Team, Intramural Bas- Gym Sergeant, ketball. Fun, smiling, ba ' tall. seball, nice, ia A. Ortell 'Pat" College Co-Captain of Cheerleaders, O 5 B Staff, Prom Committee, Dance Committee, Freshman History Forum, Spanish Club, Senior Chorus, Magazine Drive, Graduation Usherette, Junior Red ss Patric Cro . alkative, fun, Cheering, cute, t dancing. 38 I I Doris Nelson "Dee" Business . C -Captain of Maiorettes, Gregg taff, Dance Com- o Award, Press S mittee. ' ndly strutter, personality, Frie , cute, skating. 41 Evelyn H. O'Brien Syracuse University History Forum, Service Men's Committee, Chorus. d friendly, Navy, Good nature, cheerful, writing letters. , i 1, .. i I J .V , Lorraine Palatella "Lorry" Undecided Pro ' m Committee, O E1 B Staff. Drawin g, quiet, records, coif- fures, fingernails. Wilbur A. Pawson "Bm" President of H' College :story Forum, President of Band, Student Council, Student Program Com- mittee, Photography Editor of O Ea' B, Latin Club, New Jersey Group, Orchestra, Gym Sergeant, Chairman Pep Card Committee, Vice-President of Current Events Group. Bow ties, drums, talkative gician, ' ,4 , ma- genial. ll. Carolyn R. Osak "Dolly" Business History Forum, Chorus, Field Day, Writing Paper Drive, Dance Committee, Girls' Basketball, Junior Red Cross, Magazine Drive, Bond Drive, Prom Com- mittee, O C1 B Agent. Cheerful de , pendable, quiet, un- derstanding, personality. Helen D. Pataky "Shorty" Q Business SH3rt,SweZgreeable, gymnastics Richard' D. Peressini "Perry" Business If ' alian Club, History Forum, Current Events, Gym Sergeant, O C-r B Staff. V 19,-l nfl gg? J ' n c .t 5' n E. CD :r F CD hl E hm 3 hl . Shirley Pin dar "Shirl" Business History Forum, Graduation Usherette Juni , or Red Cross, Prom Committee, Sub-Treasurer, Gregg Award, Bond Drive, Field Day, Magazine Drive. Quiet, blond' I ie, roller-skating, dreamer, slum. 39 5 June 1946 i-1 ' L Bari-oloi F. Raffaele 'Bart" College ' Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Boys Current Events Group, History Forum, Spanish Club, O E' B Staff, New Jersey State Group, Gym Sergeant. 't friendly, studious, clari Qule , net, enthusiastic. ' . V Richard Rienii' "Dick" Armed Forces ll YVarsity Baske ball Gym Ser- ' geant, lntram ral 4BasketbaIl, O , cf B Staff. i ' A XFrienHlly,' pegged 'pants, sports, ' popular, personality, We . if E, il? fi ' ilrange and L Frances Ponteliona 'Sis" Undecided Graduation Usherette, Prom Committee, Field Day, History Forum. eyes, Attractive, quiet, brown dimples, clothes. ohn Rozansky J "Dixie" Art School History Forum, O G B Art Staff ' ' clas- Baseball, ticklish, artistic, sical music, amicable. Blue . . Joan Reid "Blondie" Undecided German Club, Gregg Award, O Cv B Staff. Blue eyes, blond hair, quiet, tall, dancing. Marg ueritei Rod rigues ' s "Mike" Busines Junior Red Cross, O 6 B Staff, Chorus, Bond Drive, Magazine Drive. ' bright eyes Personality, smile, likeable, fun. Antonia H. Sa Ivatore "Toni" Business Secretary of Spanish Club En lish Club Gre 1 Q' , gg Award, Senior Chorus, O G B Staff, Magazine Drive. likeable, cute f , un, understand- ing, dependable. Patricia Scharf l i "Pat" College . Haney sa""'e's Tri-Hi-Y, Field Day, Mixed cho- w Couege rus, Glee Club, Spanish Club, l Girls' Softball, Girls' Basketball, i French Club. O G B Staff' l - ' Musical, active, dependable, i Eggygggggfgr' quiet' serlous' friendly, basketball. Murray Schoenholtz "Lefty" College Jeanne D. Schneitzeir "Boots" Business Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, O C7 B Staff, Magazine Drive, Bond Drive, Senior Chorus. Pa e g -boy, likeable, blue eyes, re- served, nice smile. William F. Schuck "Stumpy" Navy History Forum, Current Events, Gym Sergeant. Tall, smile, carefree, talkative, personality. 41 History Forum, Latin Club, Gym, Sergeant, O C1 B Staff. Wavy hair , pegged pants, witty, quiet, sports. June 1946 -4 Rosalie G. Severino Juilliard School of Music Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Vice- ' Glee Club, Union c President of Hill Singers, Italian Club, Fren Club. clothes, a " i- Piano, able, talkative. mbntlous, am Ruth Spector "Ruthie" College Biology Club, History Forum, Glee Club, Latin Club, English Club, Co-Chairman of Debating t Program Com- ve, Team, Studen mittee, Chorus, Magazine Dru 6 B Staff, O Cr B Agent. O ' humba, drama- Sophisticated, r tics, flirt, dreamer. llrange and Blue t A Seeman Ernes . Ernie" Armed Forces Press Staff, English Club, Cap- tain of Junior Police, Track Team, O 6' B Staff, History Fo- l'Ul'Tl. l'kea'ble, Quiet, shy, blonde, I sports. Virginia M. Steup "Ginny" Beaver College New Jersey Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, State Group, O G' B Staff, Band, Prom Committee, Dance Com- mittee, Spanish Club, Girls' Bas- ketball, History Forum, Senior Chorus. d music od nature , eaters, Sports, go lover, skirts and sw friendly. 42 l Lf ' r . A' J fm Lf! K ,f u 1 1 1 .- i fl ' I li f w f r Rayman Snyder Washington C1 Lee "Whitey" University History Forum, Publi-city Man- ager, Current Events Group, Press Staff, English Club, O Cr B Staff, Spanish Club, Gym Ser- geant. Sports, ambitious, flirt, swim- ming, writing. June O. Standen Business School Prom Committee, Graduation Usherette, English Club, Glee Club, Girls' Basketball, Student Program Committee, Senior Chorus, Dance Committee. Clever, congenial, neat, music impulsive. naobn I l K Jacqueline Stern "Jackie" College O C1 B Staff, Spanish Club, Treasurer of English Club, Press Staff, Girls' Basketball, Biology Club, Advanced Art Group. Fun, clothes, flirt, cute, curly top. Robert Strobel Navy Athletic Association, Stage Crew, Latin Club, Senior Chorus. Intelligent, ambitious, crew hair cut, witty, likeable. Rose L. Standish "Bunny" College English Cl b u , Spanish Club, Latin Club, Senior Chorus, Girls' Basketball, C u r r e n t Events Group, Bond Drive, Magazine Drive, O 6' B Staff. Pleasant b I , alet, friendly, rings, red hair. Raymond Ten Hoeve "Ray" College Secretary of Hi-Y, Spanish Club. Tall, good l' - ine, wavy hair, danc- ing, smooth. 43 fi? Fred C. Stolting "Freddie" Undecided Class Treasurer, History Forum, Spanish Club, Prom Committee, Victory Dance Committee, O Cv B Business Manager. Flirt, dependable, courteous, wink, "Chevy". Joseph Ro bert Sugar "Sugar" Music Schoo Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, Or- chestra, Chaplain of Hi-Y, Vice- President of School Band, Sub- Treasurer, Baseball Manager, Junior Red Cross, M Drive, S ' agazine enior Chorus. Trumpet, comedian, happy, likeable, talkative. A i 4 June 1946 A . - , I ff! "3 . 1 eff Lg , c .. eu l " eq, , , Qt, ald D Tierney in J Don . J,Don" V A Marine? Hi-Y, Spanish Club, J. V. Bas- ketball, History Forum, Track Team. Blonde, blue eyes, tall, athletic, dreamer. J... Stanley Udelsman "Gert" College nish Club, Vice President of Spa History Forum, Track Team, C , Gym Sergeant, O G B ancing, Buick, "Artie", Army. llrange and Blue l L basketball, Lillian E. Thorpe "LiI" Undecided C tain, Tri- Cheerleader Co- ap Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Chorus, Magazine Drive, Girls' Basket- 1d Drive. ball, Boi athletics, Good dancer, cute, popular, likeable. Cornelia Vanderveer "Cornie" Business Forum. Latin Club, History Pretty, short hair, nice smile, clever, clothes. 44 Virginia L. Tre Beautician ,isinnyu ' Club, Junior Red Cross, Latin O Cr B Staff. Bangs, sweet, smiles, cute agreeable. Mary K. vaiia Business "Butch" O G B Staff, Junior Red Cross, Magazine Drive, Gregg Award. Blue eyes, likeable, horseback riding, smile, carefree. i 2 Anni Vom Ort College Tri'-Hi-Y, German Club, New Jersey State Group, Junior Red Cross, Field Day. Friendly, personality, smooth, smiles, dependable. fy , A .Xl J . 5 0' 1 Carl P. Volkert "Carl" College History Forum, Field Day. Quiet ne , at, drawing, math, dependable. Evelyn Von Hassel UEVYU Business Chief of O Er B Typing Staff, Gregg Award, Magazine Drive, O G B Agent. Gray eyes, friendly, horseback riding, Navy, gum chewer. I , W Corinne Vozza 1 gf? i "Connie" Music College ' French Club Daniel Vosburgh 'V0g" Music mic., C?-,'Cl:leSE'i'sf..R?'iCe Com' Comedian I , sax, popul well-lik ar, dancer, ed. 4:- Doris L. W aeckerling "Wackie" College Senior Chorus, Magazine Drive, Pep Card Committee. ice skating, Susan, blushing, dreamer, nice clothes. 45 , Spanish Club, Eng- lish Club, New Jersey State Group, O C1 B Staff, Field Day, Magazine Drive, Senior Chorus Glee Club, History Fo ior Red Voice ami rum, Jun: Cross. ', cable, sweet, gay, per- sonality. 5 June 1946 Dorothy Welch 'Dof" Business Chorus, Junior Red Cross, His- tory Forum. Tall, curly hair, friendly, giggles, Navy. George J. Welsh 'Smiley" College History Forum, Spanish Club, Field Day. Blue eyes, "Stretch", bowling, Miller, Navy. lirange and . if Elaine M. Walker Penny" Jersey City State Teachers Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Gregg Award, O G B Staff, Prom Committee, Victory Dance Committee, Graduation Usherette. ' endable, Talkative, dancing, dep likeable, boys, Blue Leland Williams Navy ,,Lee,f Deamer, good natured, wave I' freckles, cute 46 George Welch 'Captain Swampy" Army History Forum. Sports, tall, quiet, strong, like- able. Arlyne Carol Wenzel "Artie" College English Club, Spanish Club, O F1 B Staff, Chorus, Magazine Drive, History Forum. art, witty, starry "Stanley'f, eyes, smile. l' Business nr Chorus. , obliging, brown eyes, dly, serious. Raymond Yenco "auncho" alian Club, History Forum. lgeable, courteous, c-heef 'own hair ' ' r ul, , jovial. Sidney Zaslavsky "Mr. Z" Trenton College Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Magazine Drive, Track Team, Tennis Team. Shop, track, tennis, Walter, Ply- mouth. Lois Zur Heide Army Wilma Wilson "Willy" Business Chorus O , Cv B Staff, Gregg Award, Junior Red Cross. Pig-tails, mischievious, amicable, cheerful, understanding. Bertha Yucker "Bert" College Red Cross, Spanish Club, Latin Club, O Cr B Agent, Magazine Drive, Chorus, Hit O C1 s ory Forum, B Staff. Clothes, bangs, giggles, flirt cute. Elaine Phyllis Zimmerman "Elly" Undecided Spanish Club, English Club, His- tory Forum, Chorus. Tall, blue eyes, curls, dimples, agreeable. Virginia Zur Heide "Ginny" Business Sub-Treasurer, Magazine Drive, Junior Red Cross, Hist rum Chif ory, Fo- , e of O Er B Typing Staff, Gregg Award. Typing, wavy hair, bowling, de- pendable, amicable. .lune 1946 "fr eniors in Service THESE boys departed from our ranks during the last two years to become the esteemed servicemen of our class of June l946. Our appreciation and gratitude for their sacrifices in helping to win and hold the hard-fought-for peace could never be expressed in mere words. Through this honor we bestow, it is hoped that we are repaying in some way the enormous debt we owe to them. May this page serve as a lasting tribute to these servicemen of the class of June I946. -etc N l l N.. l ll . 'rf i lu i FT WON usg A, EDWARD DI GIACOMO JOSEPH MAURO 'NBVY Navy SAM WILSON CHARLES FRIEDMANN Army Army GEORGE FOLEY JOHN DELMOUR Marines Marines EDWARD DI GIACOMO AND JOSEPH MAURO WERE BOTH AWARDED WAR DIPLOMAS . Music. A Kwai l M A i1 i l J l T W w M WW . Q g i ,L I.-A 5 I' ffl-1 U: ,J 5 ,Ll Q H 4 f 5 4 f F i if .E T fb J F H ?i..,,",f.. .E ' 3. M' , D ..., . f . krk. , '54, mgsia:-vLff'.:k, , 7 ' , ' , ' ' f f k .L J:Zig2254-7l53LT2ii5i'ii1Q5Efi'Q-21"V '1 , J 2 , , ' , ' ' f x , - ,iw 1,-'ilk ' , - , . , . ,, , , , ,.. ,V ,.,,,m,21.5g.mf.:w V-gf. 3 Faculty Adviser ' MRS. ELVIRA ROSSI i I 3 i 'mr isgigleihhpllx MA First Row: Arthur Kaufmann, Newton Milli- ken, Joseph Klein, Carl Volkert, Murray Schoenholtz, Sidney Zaslavsky, L 0 u i s D'Andrea. Second Row: Erminia Nicolich, Virginia Steup, Grace Koeser, Dolores l-lauck, Emily Jw Kovic, Ruth Spector, Anne Couch, Gilda Baresi, Joan De Ferrari, Virginia Trenz, Alice Greiner, Antonia Salvatore, Theresa Lewandowski, Cornelia Vanderveer, Patricia Barton, Mary Valla, Flora Farber, Ruth Hel-' ler, Evaline Kweselait, Adeline Cirelli. Third Row: Th Schneitzer, Doris Waeckerling, Susan Basse- mir, Lorraine Palatella, Gloria Janssen, AI. . ice Koch, June Standen, Edna Fuck, Jose- phine Delguidice, Elaine Durando, Eileen McKenna, Patricia Scharf, Rose Montesano, Wilma Koster, Joan Reid. Fourth Row: Gerard Marra, Alfred lasillo, Frank Costantino Vincent Matera l-l , , oward Geiler, Fred Heilmann, Charles Bechtold, St l aney Udelsman, Raymond Ten Hoeve, Henry Lease, Alfred Marozzi, Raymond Snyder, Richard Peressini Daniel Vosbur h f Q 1 William Cronk, Fred Carlton, Alfred De Luca. eresa Mutschler Jeanne llrange and liluii rw EE CHPJRMEN Kochi Maw PM TT COMW Durosiaai Fagsihnvima Maririii h Enqllxfn Dofofhxl auger' NSSSEXV iieisc ' eema ' - e W VOM f one lrlemesx 5 8, Eiaira Evelyn co-ECW' ER oaetfe Gm ' in pldiifiiaide' an BERT BUTL W ' ' U' 9,0 1 not Slloviremla June w HERBERT FINK JUNE DORIS KENNETH BIRDSALL LWGVBFY Circulation School Activities WILBUR PAWSON JACQUELINE STERN Photography Graduate Activities ..,...nmM KATHRYN CON NOLLY Art EDWIN EINARSEN Sports ARTHUR LASKY MRS Rossi AT WORK Advertising D . C0-EoiTOR5 AN FRED STOLTI NG Business Manager -d ff' 1 ..,, 'b r' Y f,-..m.. - .,.,.,....,.-- djw-nv" Hmm . L4-fiat - gr -bu. I ff, ,- fa' V2 slr," 1 5GKI5C','J' I ff fu I3 I f,.x4e,V, I V 5s.fW,.:.,.,, 'mf ., ,.., .1.... ...-Q41 .KW , f" f - I 1 A .a X . .v I . 4: , S , D? ' ' ff A-f"' 2 .A-'I--w..,.,....,.., Aff VN. . 4--.'-, .M-f,.1,.. aw 5 . f. ra' .1. de.. MOST TALKATIVE' LEONA KOCH FRED HEILMAN BEST .HT ERBUGS LILLIAN THORPE DANIEL VOSBURGH ummm-www., Y V... f,,mw4-.nw I X. 4--1. ,wx-f, 1. GLORIS JANSSEN --.- ROBERT DEGEN -www-M, I lg X CLASS FLIRTS " JUNE DORIS FRED STOLTING 'VENUS' AND ADON IS ,ww K' wr enior CLASS BABIES ROSE MONTESANO FLORY DANISH M 8 L W C 'Q ,A I'-w If . f I f 'W-iv I,WI S' x ff , , S , I I IISII ,SSSIS , w BEST GLIDERS OLGA BARBANO EUGENE CHINERY all BEST DRESSED JACQUELINE STERN OTTO HUETSCH Mosr POPULAR LILLIAN THORPE JOHN BIANGQ Kd CLASS COMEDIANS LEONA KOCH DAN I EL VOSBURGH IN V' 60X 5 Z MQST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MARIE DELLAPIA HERBERT FINK 'I 4 13' .gl MILLION DOLLAR SMILE EVELYN FROEHNER GEORGE ALLEN X . H 4 JJ P N0wELAyrN4 I . Bflc I-I S bn BHREBAP ' M 'SWQL CLASS MUSICIANS X ROSALIE SEVERINO 1 WILLIAM CRONK 4 1 SKA EMQLY DURO , CLASS DREAMERS FRED ST OLTWG OLGA BARBANO -z QLLIAM BARRACK gi L J CLASS BRAINTRUSTS MARIE DELLAPIA HERBERT FINK A ,' ? X W 9 BEST LOOKING N CORNELIA VANDERVEER ' ROBERT DEGEN 1 Z KV X QWSSA, SWELL PUBLICATION nmtu Htnntn SOMETIME, l956 "All The News We Can Steal" PRICELESS Met Welcomes New Star by RAY fScoopj SNYDER Last night at the Metropolitan Opera House, a new comer, Corinne Vozza, stole the show as "Elsa" in "Lohengrin.,' Kay Connolly, emi- nent artist, who attended the opera, described Miss Vozza's voice as sen- sational. Otto Huetsch, well known man -about town, and Henry Iggena, vice president of General Motors Corporation, also raved about Miss Vozza's voice. After the perform- ance, a party was given in the star's honor by Rosalie Severino. Miss Severino, whom critics hail as one of the best concert pianists of the time, is staying in North Hudson with friends. At the party, advertising ex- ecutive, Robert Butler acted as toast- master. His references to high school life jogged the memory of everyone including another speaker, Kenneth Birdsall, president of the New York Accountants Club. It seems that many of the people attending were members of the same high school class, Bill Cronk and his famous swing orchestra entertained. joe Sugar with his "hot trumpet" and Josephine Del- Guidice, rising band vocalist, were surprise soloists. Some of the not- ables seen at the party were: jacque- line Stern, recently voted one of the world's 10 best dressed women, ' LDGJ LBEPS by ERNIE C011 the Spotj SEEMAN The Yankees won an exhibition today behind the 3 hit pitching of Dutch Claeyssens and the hitting of veteran catcher, Flory Danish, and Centerfielder, Ujolting Joel, Murphy. The Yankees beat by a score of 19-1, a team composed of stars from the professional N a t io n al Basketball League. Dave Morrison, Bones Kar- miller, Carmine Deer, Mike De Phil- lips, Fred Heilman, John Kanaske, Harvey Dwork, Don Tierney and Richie Rienzo kept the packed stad- ium laughing if not interested. The game, played just for laughs, was a lot of fun. BOSTON CMAss.b-Two more val- uable players were signed by the new International Football League this morning when john Biango and Ed Einarsen signed contracts in the of- fice of the League president, Vincent Matera. lContinuedJ Frank Costantino, who plays juve- nile roles at M.G.M.g Nelda Marini, Miss New jersey of 1955, Smiling George Allen, Pepsodent ad model, Gene Chinery, new comic, starring in Broadway's latest stage hit, and Gloria Janssen, Pat Ortell and Eve- lyn Froehner, Conover Models. EINSTEIN THEURY DISPRUVED PRINCETON CN. 1.1-In a dispatch released today by the heads of Princeton's research and experimen- tal staff, the Einstein Theory of Rel- ativity, long accepted, was branded as slipshod and full of errors. The disbelieving scientists, J, New-ton Milliken, Charles Bechtold, Wilbur Pawson and Herbert Fink, said they first started to doubt Mr. Einstein's theory when they found some mis- takes in it at the time Mr. Alvin H. Schaediger was teaching it to them back in their high school physics classes. RIOT PREVENTED3? NEW YORK LN. YJ-With a mis- take that brought on a near riot, the Waldorf had a hard time regaining its dignity this afternoon. The Beta Sorority, which had hired the Wal- dorfis Ball Room for a meeting at 3 p. m., caused quite a commotion when they saw that another group had command of the Ball Room. Through some mistake which the Waldorf management finally ex- plained to the Sorority, someone had allowed the Ball Room to be rented Q out twice for the same date. When the Beta Sorority found out that the R other group was a reunion of the it 4? Union Hill Class of June '46, they forgave the management and joined the reunion. This was possible be- cause some of the So'rority's members had graduated with this class. H G gli ,, 'X r 5 2 Qin x A ww-.,. s ik ff? fi. w URW E Q I I1 ? Y B "ICN" "" III' XII igggi f?MIN I I I I .Ia - : , I- sl . ,l Q .E .9 : 5 R. gi. V Q, 2 3, : 'D E U2 I 2. 2 L 5 23 S 2 y 2 I- 2 .c I EE' 9' M 3 E if . 2 o .2 +1 su C 32 UI N: -. I. cn +- ,-sui .- fo .-D 5 x.,,, 4- 3 Y- Ogg EI SUI: 01.1.05 an-: 0 III -- 2 SIEL, QQ'!I1'1 :'-F-49327-Q 'U-g U, 'S 4"-fu 5,5 41715 5',igO'52QjE-EEIIISR 34- E- S QLD E-S O 3 EUNN GIQNC Enbwfjqx 'UU OI ed20Za3afiIE2z81E3E Ee? Er L. 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I I I II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I IIIIVFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'IIIII IIIIIIII-IIIIIII.IIII1I,5I5fI,II :III II I I I I.2II.iIfIifIII I I Ig I I I -- I - ' I 'I III'III I IIII I IIIIIIIIII I I I IU II'III'IIIIIIIIIIIIIMII "III" III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII".I' -II.Ig Im I I I I I I C I'SalIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,II'III'III III' III IIIIIIIIIIIII'aI'IIIs.''IIIIIII,II1III',f':IIIIIIIIIIIIII . 'III'IIIIIII:IUI I E' I I I I 5.5.0 I I,,I'IIIIIIIIIzIII.I'I.I'II ,III III..IIIII'IIIIIIqI,II 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMI IIII, III Im 5. I 33-9: 5: -- I 9. III III II' IIIII3I'III.MII'I ,ISI II 'IIIII'I.I" III, ICD H: I? GGUU5 I8 IIII I III III UG C C S S Q5 gr II :Ig I 5 5 g 0 CEE P.- 1: 'E 7 QI-155-35139: w - Jez--fr.- "" 7 " I- mimaieif 157 U -Q3--C C CDDQZQ IIU: C 33 N -JE P 4534 . f : Ilfiiifb- - -'fffkeeilgaf - - ' ' 7 - '4- Hwy? 1- f . E525-559'-, .J 4:51.71 '6 ,+-f P I.: IIIJSUI "2IflIi'5:iIa-If-, 5'.g,'-lT.I..III'5Ig33faI"'IfI,i mm C Cp. ,UI UQUVU 4,54-C HI-3: QQ: .:.c W-C Iv C.: -S I0 4' '- WIE' ms IIII' W5-"'IEiI"5 4. 4. g 3 3 4- Q0 4...---YI' COO- 5I,EIIIIvIIIII'IIII III 'II.IIIDl,II,I II.II II,, - II ooo 9 2 Iv:EIn g:ooT,cooo:mIn,I: OIIQWIIII 'II III IIiIII'IIIIIIFI'TI.,, I I if I I lu' IIIIILMIIII MIIIII QIIEIII,11gII,IlIIl5IIIIIIII I - I ' 'XIII ,,,, 2NE?Emmstsf253m?8aG QWUHINM I- I- I-.- I- I- II! I mn-:I-vmmmkoexoer------kqvjm I-Ie-ff-?I'I'II'wIf-I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TIIII III'l'IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIgIIl'gIIIIlIII IIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIII I,I,'Jg,,IIII,..UII, II,,I. IIIIQIIIIIIIIIII-III IIIIII IIII'U"lII,IIIIIOIII IQIIIRQ INMINEIIIIIIIIIEII: Iggy. I4- I'5'EnIETII1IIcIIC-':IJu'EIf,'3 I2-'IIB .JS II1ggj4:oI-I-2ITIg.J2E'v'U'5I'o cam: :-- I N- P- O .- N C fu I'U va I- C0 I- fu ID E ICQ-'g,If2Ie:I'SeQIgIII'Im52IIa ILUU5 "' ai I0 "' I ' '- 'ITI-C-Iffs IOGIBSFGII -IIIIIIDCCRILI -33504. -99 .nv . 54- no D3 O - nam U 44-gk-,I ,img ,nn N2 E-,Im-C Gi gg no .2 fu' '-- ' ' U... ' -IIII.f35I'5IIIEIIIII:?-II5'f'f5E'fE VIH? '35 IQCEI-C.C::.C4Um"':gZ'-mcg gggw "C C-C omE2I'jSUIP.4-InruEB-Cu, .CILIIIIUI gm I22c5'3ut4uZ'3mL55i5a"33EoIr2w:Ir2Ut2B if I . .. - . v-- Y- -I I...----- .-....-., I Q Angelina M. Cottone---Q-5: --- I3 I SABergenline AIIIe,,fIUriigigI City---.Q-.. Late Room ...,..,......,,......,,.....,v,, , With a smile ..... i ...,,.,,.......,v,.....,,.,. "Hey! Hey!" X Anne F. Couch ...A.... ..,-LI-L .,.... .71 Second Ave., Qgqaliitus-g-Qg ........v,... .gf.Hand in hand .with "Cornie" ...... You've got me .............,........,..I I-.--."l likeglthaitl I WIiIllNiam H. Cronk--QQ-QL-p ....,,, .ZIQ - 74tlfII St., ...... ...,.,, f 'Iflfhe Downbeat Club ...,.,,....,,,,,,,. By notes .,...........,...........,.... ..,..... . "Good Deal!" MIMII D'Andreaj-,-- .......,. .4515 Cotjbge PIIIQ ....,v -- .... 45th Street ....................v.,....., . Good luck ............ ....,........v - ------"Are you kidding?" ' 'NQQgAnish 1 - 495fh Stl, nib 3 2517- --556-1 CHS S3-.Fa U in Joan EI ...... I ..........., Waiting for Marilyn and Ginny--- Bluffing -------.------- - ------------- -. --------. ' 'Are igfseams straight?" Kgbert ...- .4143-figtfifiijf, Union ..-.----.--..-- With the Gang -------- .-,-,- ---- -ig ---- . By luck ----.- - --.--- ---- - --------. f 'MQIFFIH J6sephinefEiFffjIf4fiQIJ1diCE..,. IjIZ.5g2fgjifSt., -..--..-....- - With Evelyn and Olga .--------------, With my fingers crigsl? di..---: -------- "Are you kidding?' Marie Pi DelEEigig.p......T.4-,,, .....-..--- In an O Er B huddIIeL---I- -------------- On anIA'ahd a prayiggg --------- ----- ."Oh, my aching feet !" Alfred R. NYIQIIIQI .....-.-....... Hudson County Pgplk ----.------------- Somel'5bdyelse's hoihilzwork ---- I -------- ."Hubba! Hubba!" "Michael G. -.......--.-----.- Playing basketbalLlIIIII ------------------ -StucfyIIIngrILIIIf ------------- ------------------, ' 'You annoy me," I GFBCG M. ..-.-........--.-. 48th St. POSI' -------- --------- . With flngers crosskd ----,------,- ---- ' 'Who's got the Spanish?" Irv I I Favorite Expression How We Got Through Where Usually Found Address Name 0 th 3 U X 0 I- J O P- gum 41 N i IN NE , :I C ': QD -o C O 3 ': uz E . . I I , fu .s 3 ff With Bergen- :E 25 Z ai 7 42 5 E U1 IN Q. '9 I I . . . I . UI ': o D '5 L NI U 0 C 3 7 I' s Irwin Dubrow .,,..............,. fe-.9209 Hud. Blvd., North Bergen ,....,v,,,, , Ice cream parlor .......,.,........,,.... , Holding doors for. teachers ,,,,,,d,,.,,,, -"lt's nothing!" Ronald P. Dundatscheck ....,, --74214 Cottage Ave., No th Bergen ,,,,,,,, Movies ......................,,,,,,, ,..d,, - By repeating ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gV,., "Nice going !" Elaine M. Durando ........,..... -226 Roosevelt Ave., Union City ......,,,,,, Flirting ..,.,............ ,........ ,,....N,d B y being pushed ,,,...,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ---"Are you kidding?' Emily O. Duroska .........,........ ISI 4 90th St. North Bergen ,,,.,,......,Y, Club meetings ......,............,....... That is the question .,.........,,....,...,, ."Oh, how nice!" Harvey W. Dwork ................. 9QQ8iThird Ave , North Bergen ..,.,...... Playing basketball ............,........ That's debateable- ............,.......... ."Ah, stop it!" Edwin R. Einarsen ............,... 45U9lrlud. Ave., Union City ................ With Casey ...,.......,.,v..........,,.... C and a prayer .........,..... ...,.,,.p,,. - --"Let's go for a walk." x c P : . . I . I I I . I . . I . . I I . I I . . .sz L o 3 GJ E o .c or .E Ps Q. o U I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4- GJ Q3 L 4-4 an .c 41 ON Tl' c O I I I I I . . I I I I :- Z' U : .9 c D 4-I an .c 4- ox S11 ,. Cl in . I . . I . I I I I I I I I I I aa 'U c I.l.l l- 'U L N 3 'ca Lu s Fx. Marilyn C. Erkau ......,v.....,.... 56th St., Secaucus .,,...........,,....... Writing to Timmy .........,,.,,,..,,,, , On my jokes .......,,,,,.,.,....,,,,,,p,,,,.,., ' 'Give me your lipstickl' Flora M. Farber ,,,.,,.............. 4U3affl,f5th St., Union City ,,................. Waitin for a ' 44" bus .....v,,........ On an excuse and a prayer ....,....,.,,,, ' 'Got anything to eat?" Edna Mae Fick ............Av,....... 656fDay Ave., Ridgefield, N. J. .,.... .... R ollerskating Rink ..,...........,...,.. -With my dictionary ..............,.... ..... ' 'Holy Moses!" Herbert A. Fink .,..,,v............. 320 - jflfflth St., Union City ................... ln the Library ......,-..........,-....,-., Studying, ........,..,...,..,,,..., ,.,,.,,,, - --"I think I flunked !" Elaine E. Fox ..............,A.. ..v. . 3 I 744th St., Union City .............,.... .Playing basketball .,......... .,,...e,. , Ran through--. ------------------- ------------- , 'Who's got the espanol Evelyn M. Froehner -------------- .4l f4lst St., Union City ------------------- ,With "Betty" and "Joe" ------------ With a smiling expression ------- ------- ' 'That's great! ' Michael A. Gallo ------------------- 4l5 st St., Union City ------------------- ,Candy store -----.------------------------, By pure luck ---------------------------------- "What's your name?" Howard Geiler ---------------------- City Union City --------.-----------------. Ice cream parlor ----------------.------- , Cooperation ----------------------------------- 'What's on your mind? Fred W. Germer ----------------.-- .7Cl7'Posit Pl., Secaucus ---- -------------------- . The Plymouth --------------------------- By luck ------ ------------- - -------------,-, , "Hog wash! " Odette V. Graf -------------.-----.- 7500r'Durham Ave., North Bergen ------- Ice cream parlor ------ -- -------------- Reading magazines ------- ----------------, ' 'Good Deal !" Richard G. Graham ---------.--- IOSO Poplar St., Secaucus --------------------. The Plymouth ----------- --------------- H ard work-- -.--------- --- ------,------- ,"Aw, nuts!" s I I I I I' I I s .E me I I s fe I. -ii 7 A, Alice C, Greiner ------------------- , lilflo ff72nd St., North Bergen ------------ Skating ------------------------------------- Are you kidding? --------- ---- -----,---,-- ' ' Are you kidding?" Anne E. Grimm -------------------- 368gBioad St., Fairview ----------------------- With Ruthy --------------------- --------- H oping for the better ----- ---------- ----- ' ' That's great!" Neil John Guiliano ---------------- 3?l2iClift St., Fairview ------------- ---------- R estaurant --------------- ----- - -- ------ Lucky, I guess --------------- ---------, ---- ' ' Smarten up!" Dolores M. Hauck ---------- -- --- 447th St Union City --------------------- Union City ----- ----------- - --- ----- By using notes -------------- --- --------- ,"Oh! Fiddle De De!" Fred C, Heilmann ---------------- -PRIZE 36th St., Union City ------ ----------- . Ice cream parlor ------------ --- ------- . Cooperation -------------------- --- ---------, "Yea, sure!" Ruth E, Heller ------------- ------- ,. 5505- 80th St., North Bergen ----- --------- W ith Evey ---------------------- ---------- S miled my way th ough ------ ------ - ---"You really mean it!" John M, Hellesto --------------- 47,157 Park Ave., Union City ----------------. In a strange place --------- - ---------- No one knows ----------------- -------- ---- ' ' Get oft my backl' Herman John Herb ----------- 51-34422 Jersey Ave., Fairview -------------------. Restaurant -------------------- -- ------- Praying.- ------------------ -- -- ------------ "Oh! My aching back! Carol Hohnhaus -------------- -L---BQI 8 New York Ave., Union City ---------. Basketball Court ----------- -- -------- lt's still a mystery -------- -- ------- ------ ' 'Oh Murder!" Helmut O, Hornung ------ -3-,--,ENJQSI 7 - 9lst St., North Bergen ------------- Hudson County Park ------------------ I don't know ---------------- ----------------- , "Chicki, the teacherl' Otto H, Huetsch ---------- si--h--f.,fZlO7 - 43rd St., Union City ------------------- Any place but home???? ------- ---, Naive stupidity ------- --- -- ----- ----- - --,"Smarten up, will Ya!" Alfred G, lasillo -------- si-34523-26l Walker St., Fairview---. --------- ------- I ce cream parlor ------------------ ----- S low but sure --------------- ---------- --,--- ' ' Bilge!" Henry C. lggena ---- -4--fi-,--fy---.Sl 7 - 45th St., Union City ------------------- Ice cream parlor ---------- -- -------- Studied -------------------- ----we -------- -. 'lt's miserableiff Dorothy Ann Ilovichnyi-W--Q -- 7429 Durham Ave., North Bergen ------- . Ice cream parlor ------ --- ------------- Sinatra's picture for couraggg, ---- ,4egg"Good 'Deal Frances M, Jadwinslgisi --------- l 38 County Ave., Secaucus ----------.------ At home ------ ---------------------------- l don't know --------------------- Vggg !" Gloria I. Janssen-S.-3-31 ----- ----. 2 22 - 73rd St. North Bergen --------------. Great Kills, S. l. .------------ ----------- E ating dog biscuits ------------- ' Emily F, Jyurlihiiic--51 ------ ------- 2 I8 - 48th St., Union City ------------------- Ice cream parlor ------------------------ Going in one door and out John J,,,Kanaske-j -------- -- ---- I I I5 - Slst St., North Bergen ------------- -"All Amercian Sport Shop"--- ---- Getting Mr. De's lunch --------------- got the ECO! Hadgvey,Karrjgiller ------------------ 7Sl 5 B'line Ave., North Bergen ..--.------ Sleeping .----------------------------- ---.An apple a day -------- -- ------------ !" Agcftliur WfsKautmann, Jr. ------ 84 Anderson Ave., Fairview ------.-.-------- With Al DeLuca --------------- -- ----- Diligent application to studies ----- me! ' ,,,,fi?Rose'ngSrie Eg Kirchmer ---------- 77 - 69th St., Guttenberg .------------------- In Fairview with Rosie ---- -- -- ----- Laughing ---..----------------------------- !" 'jg' Jisepih Klein-, ------------------- -- Sl I - 40th St., Union City --------.--------- , KIein's Fish Market ------ -- -------- Blood, sweat, and tears ---- -- ----- aff. jklice M, Koch ----------- ---------- 8 Ol 7 Hud. Blvd., North Bergen ----------- With the crowd ------- ------- - -- ---- Positive intellect --------- -- ----- it!" Leona D. Koch ---------------- ---- - 854 - 7th St., Secaucus ------------------ ---- A round town ----- --.-.- - . -.-- .---- E xcuses galore --------.--------.-.- fffjfe Grace M, Koeser ------------------- I49 - 48th St., Union City -------- --------- G rove Reformed Church --.---- ----. B y using notes,-,.,-.,5ees.- Virginia S, Koester ---------------- 737 Minnie Pl., Secaucus -------------------- Walking with Cliff --------------------- 'll ii' Wilma A. Koster --------- -------- 7 05 1 StI3,S.t.,,,Secaucus .......---..-..-.--..-- .Corner of Fifth and Centre .-----. Q Iili ,IIS ,, , I ,.l. .,'i . ' we ""' i 1 I' W A " G ""i J i' T2 I .I I., -I - as .E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 :Z Q, s Q54-7 .Him WEE fow- 22" --I 'Im xo 'JSE 1 111 311 J E1 .gif s. ,O 'U '4- cfm fr-Ez 1:5561 011. :QI Qui.: c 9122 q.C 222 I3-Q. . .- ogg.: IIu'1o.Q J L. N D. .Cb- 1-I fu on Z u fs 2 - T6 CD D 'U o o LD - -A I Eo 1 1 ms .E .C 4- O 0 .C +- E O of Q 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ua 4- 5 O E .ro mire-H? o -f 1 2 5 1 2 3 7 4 1 2 2 5 2 1 1 1' li J U' U N William F. Schuck, Jr. ........... 1517 - 41st Ernes E. Seemann ................ . 1600 - 79th H 5 9 2 -3 .4 -1 p-- -4 -1 U S e Ster fe S elin ia M. .E U7 .': P 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 .D 9 4- U1 LD a-.C 150. .D O nc GJ um 3 U X GJ I- 111:gE1fL- 'U P- -um ' 1 1 1.1,f, 11: ':w1'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -4 1 iff" V 1 1 1 V7 L QD .C U N .52 3.2 L4- -ca- 4,fU U1 B: 5 :E D. ---------, S ga, wflxagc -1110 111 1111 1111 1111 l'l 1111 1111 1111' 111 ru Z' 11 -- Cow ph E-. 4-f 3' c 02' So -? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 19 111m VW? 53 15:- o 2: 3 11 1 E3 1 .- .C CE 2 -E N ,EU 5.2 U 4- 4-Y .54 - 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 Favorite Expression How We Got Through Found Where Usually ddress A tu E to Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 C 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 -. -r 5? 1 ,W .wa - 41.41 f a 1Lf,F,f sa aa -i Evaline E, Kweselait ..,, A,,, 4 14312 Gehr PI4, North Bergen44 44 4v!4-4---- Skating.. ...,.. .e.,, . 4 44 4 4 4 .4,,, Studying the stars44 44 44 4 44"Oh my nerves!" Kenneth H. Labiner .k,,-, .A,,-,- 2 86,00 Seoond Ave, North Bergen --MA.4L,- School? ,..r,.,.,,.,.,, 44 ,,--, 4 4,,,,,-, Luck ..,,,,,,,..-A,,,--,A,, 4,-, 4 4 4 ,--A 4"l'm nowhere, man! ' Arthur E. Larson ,,,.,,A,,,, 4 --,A 3803 Palisade Ave, Union City -------4eee, Eating apizza-- ,Aa,,4,-, 44 4 4 -eeee Slaved444 ,,..,,,,-,- .,e, ,,--e, 4 4 4 44444 444"Don't be a tool! ' Arthur Edw. Lasky .e,...e,, -4 . . 1005 - 79th St., North Bergen 4444444444444 Hudson County Park ,,u,. -- -- I don't know ,.,,.........,u,.4,,44v, 444444 4 44"I gottcha !' Henry J. Lease, Jr. -. -- - - 1 ljl - 47th St., North Bergen ,444 444444444 4 Ice cream parlor ......e,,..4,4 4- 444,, Somebody pushed me 4e,,..,,444,.44444444 4"Bilge !" Rufh Levine .-- - -- .- . - 4 New York Ave., Union City 444444444 indulging in a cat session ....,,,,.., Studying and guessing 4,,.,.,,,44,44444444 "WOW! Sharp!" Theresa Lewandowski ..,,,s. l6'lE 'Lewis St,, Seeauous 4444, 444444444e444444 L istening to music ..,..., ,,.4. 44,4444 4 C ooperation from reliable people 44444 "Phony!" Muriel Loewin 4,., 4 4 44444 44444 5 20 - 37th St4, Union City 444444 44444 4 44 4With Mel 444444444444444 44444 4 444444 B y smiling 4444444 4444 444444444444444444444 4 4 "Did you do the Spanish?" Corinne R. Logio 444444 44444444444 5 34 - 36th St4, Union City 444444 4 44 44 4With L. F. 4444 44444 4 4 44 4 4 444444 Laughing through 44444444444444444 44444444 ' 'Hey, Ballitty!" Lillian T. LLICl'li' ...v.....444..444444 4 l 66 Centfral Lane, Secaucus 44444 4 44 44444 Typing Room ,4.4444 -- 44444 4 4 44444 By the grace Of the teachers-4 4 44 444"AW, GSS! ' Rosemarie F. Maloney 44444444444 8534- 7th St4, Seoauoue 44444444444 44 44444 4 Down the Road 44444444 4 4444444 Guessing 44444444444444444444 4444444444444 444444 ' ' Stop beating your gums!" Vincent F. Manalio 444444444 44444 4 1 141 - 50th 5t4, North Bergenu 4444444444 All over 4444444444444 4 44 4 4444444 Going on errands for teachers 4444 4444"Who's got the homework?' William J. Manzo 4444444444 444444 1 128 Fartn Rd4, Seoaugug 44444444444 44444444 4 Secaucus 444444444 44 4 444 4 44 44You've got me 4444444444444444 4444444444444 4 "Why didcha -do it?" Lillian Margiotta 44444444444444444, 47214 Rai-ii Ave4, North Bergen4 4 44444444 4With Rosie 4444444444444444444 444444444 4 With my fingers crossed 44444 44 44 44444 "Got any gum?" Nelda Marini 44.4.4444 44444444 4 541 L 44th St4, Union City 444444 4 444444 At the dances 4444444444444444444444444 4 Copying homework 444444444 4 4 4444444 4"Where are the XL'S"' Alfred A. lviarozzi 4..4444444444444 135 - 72nd St., North Bergen 44444 44444444 B etween 39th and 49th Street444 You'll never guess-. 44 4 44 4 4 4444444 "How are they treating you?" Gerard A. Marra .4444.44.444 4444 4 1285 Plaza, Secaucus 44444444444 444 44444444 4 Graham's Express 4444 4444 44444444444 T e acher's Sympathy .4444444 -- 4 44444444 "Tough !" Lawrence C. Marshall 44444 44444 3 83 ,Aurora Ave., Cliffside44 44444 4 44 4444 4 Ice cream parlor 444444 44 44 44 444444 Pure luck ......4 .444444444444444 4 4 44444 44"Sez you !" Vincent M. Matera ..,.. ..4444444 2 30 - 45th St., Union City-. 4444 4lce cream parlor 4444444 44444 4 444444 W alking behind t ach rs .. 44 'What an instigator! ' Viola H. Mazgal--- .444444 444444 4 5S4Cliff St , Fairview 444444444444 4444444 l n Fairview 44444444 4 4 44 4 444444 With my fingers crossed---- 4 4 4 4 "Are you kidding!" Donald G, McDonald 444444444444 3Q1f- 759th St., North Bergen 4444 44 444 4444 4The lake- 44444 4 4v4444 4444 4444444 4 4 44444 L ucky! Lucky! 444444444444444444 4 44 44444 "Yubrah-Haresi !" Eileen F. McKenna 444444444 444444 2 O8 - 75th St., North Bergen 444444 4444444 4 Great Kills, S. l. 4444444444 44 4 4 44444 Eating dog biscuits 444444444 44 4 4-4 44444 "Where's the Elephant-boy?" George J. Miller. 44444444444 44444 4 1702 - 73rd St., North Bergen 44444 4444444 4 Late Room4-4 4444444 44444 4 44 4 4444Sheer Intellect 44444444 44 444444 444 4444"Just bored of Education." John Newton Milliken 44444444444 8311 - Sth Ave., North Bergen 44444 444444 H udson County Park 44444 4 4 4 444 Heaven only knows 444444 44 44 44444 444 4"Heaven only knows!" Robert A. Miller 444444444444444444 41311142 2- 35th St., Union City 44444444444444 4444 E ating apizza 4444 44444444444444444444444 H ard work 444444444444444444444444 444 444444 4"Let's go!" Louise B. Minkus .4.444.444444444 .4535 - 48th St., Union City 444444444444 44444 W ith Johnnie 444444444444444444444444444 Heaven only knows 4,,4444444444 4444444444 4 "You see a crowd?" Alfred E. Modarelli ..44444444 444- 45408 Hud. Blvd., Union City 444444444444444 Struggling over homework 4444 4444 C ooperation .....44444.444444444 44 4 ..."O! You're killin' me!" Rose G. Montesano 4.444.444.44.44 114204 - 43rd St. North Bergen 44444 44 44 4On your Door Step 444444444444 44 44444 Typing for "Doc" Hainfeld 4444,, 4 ---."You Beast!" David G. Morrison ..4...4 4.44 . -.g-,.4O - 74th St., North Bergen 44444444444444444 Playing basketball-. 4444 4.444 4444 4 D iligent studying ...... .....4.44. ...4 4 4 4"Joe sent me." Emil F. Mraz ......4..... 4-4 ...... .f71O - 6th St., Secaucus 44444444444444 44444444 I n the Plymouth .... .4444 4 44 4 4444 Working hard .4........ ...4.. .44..4. anriitgsbetlfegiffii JOSeph V. Murphy ..... s--s-----421 - 78th St., North Bergen 444444... 44444 Ice cream parlor .... ..444444 4 44 4 44 Luck ...... ......4... - -- .4.. Teresa E. Mutschler-- .... 4 ......4 301 - 48th St., Union City 444444444444444444 44With Erminia 44..444 4 4- 44 4 4 44444 4 Brains.-4 ......... --- .-- ..44..... 4, ,X Doris P. Nelson-4... .... -ff-- ---4-.9l OO Hud. Blvd., North Bergen 44444444 ,X Out with Roy 444.. 4 -4 -4 44 444444444 X Heaven helped me .......4.4...4 Erminia S. Nieolich-44.1 44.4444.4 x'239 - 47th 514, union city 4444444 ' 44 444444444 with Mickey 44444444 4.4444444 44444444 B r aims ...4.444444444.4.4 -4 4 ..444 Evelyn H. O'Btien ..4... ...4 4 -- 1301 - 51st St., North Bergen 4444 4444444 l ce cream parlor 4.... 4444 4 4 4 44 4444 By "lrish Wit" ....4 4 4 -- 4 4..444 keral! ' . I PafriCja'AiOrteli .4.... -44 ..... 541 - 44th St., Union City 444444444444444444 4 Ice cream parlor ..4444 4 .4.444 44444 I wonder! .....4.............4..........44444 do the hom4ewQiile?if Carolyn R1.'Qsak ........... -4 ...- 553 - 41 st St., Union City .4.4.4.. .-44444444 4 Candy store-. -.-.... -..-.....- 4 4 ...44 Looking over someone's " 4 J:0rraI4ne41J. Falatella ...--. - .--.. 201 - 79th St., North Bergen 444.4. 44444444 I ce cream parlor .--..- --... - - 4-444 On my nerves -.---......--...--..-.......- neck! 41 4l'lelein49f Pataky ...-.....-.4.4 4- -4 1451 - 52nd St., North Bergen 444444444444 At the Gym .4..4....-444444444444 44444 4 4l hoped and prayed ...-.-..4. ..4. 4 . "'Wiihur Arthur Pawson .--4.. ----88 Anderson Ave., Fairview -4... .....-44444 F airview .--.-.......-...- ...-.... ...4..44 T h e hand of tate ..-...- ..--. . you vfljblesalelu 5 ,4fl,3RiChard D. 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L,..'-'w- .W -if Q-.. ,umm I w i Wiz LEARN FAST! 1 Notes should be kept in ink in a notebook. Notes should be typewritten. Notes should be kept in pencil. Why keep notes at all? Knows nothing concerning the books of Karl Marx and Shakespeare. Knows nothing concerning the books of Karl Marx. Knows nothing concerning books. Knows nothing. Geometry deals with "right" angles. Geometry has few "square" deals. Geometry drives you in circles. Geometry is just a "Plane" pain. lt's healthful to walk to school. Might as well use the new bicycle. The bus is handy as well as energy-saving. No use letting Dad's car get rusty. We must study tomorrow. We must study tomorrow. We must study tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Freshmen have it all over Grammar School students. Sophomores have it all over Freshmen. Nothing like being a Junior. The privileged Senior is tops. Nice new lockers are for books only. Such a lot can be put into lockers. Why be tidy? Just throw them in. Look out, avalanche. She likes sophomore fellows. She likes eleventh grade fel- lows. She likes out of town fellows. She likes fellows. The prom is not for us. The prom is for sophisticated Seniors. The prom is a necessary ex- pense. The prom means father takes the bus. Oh! assemblies. Assemblies are educational. Assemblies are getting bet- ter. Assemblies mean no work first period. Never be tardy. Being tardy is shameful. Being tardy means getting a bawling out. Being tardy means time off first period. The O C1 B is just another book. The O 6' B is the Seniors' yearbook. The O G B is 75 cents. The O Cv B is a lot of work. ,,i 'lhafllhe the lla . .. They discharge the truant officer. When there are no Chem Lab odors. Elaine Fox misses the basket. That Fred Carlton ignores a girl. Nobody crams for English exams. They stop ribbing Secaucus students. Marshall beats the 38th Street red light. When Kanaske doesn't go down for Mr. D's. lunch. Mr. Sanborne forgets a quotation. All seniors show up for Chorus. Herbert Fink and Marie Dellapia flunk. We haven't an A-l basketball team. Helmut Hornung doesn't have a smooth line. Students chew gum in Mr. Mohair's class. Otto Heutsch and Jackie Stern aren't up on the fashions. Mary Bayer forgets the correct answers. That Hank lggena doesn't blush. When the KJGGE's break up. The fellows approve of girls wearing slacks. That Fred Stolting says hello without winking. Helen Pataky chews gum without snap- ping it. Richie Peressini doesn't ask Mr. Eveland about geometry answers. The Union Hill elevators are in proper working condition. When Bill Cronk plays classics. Pat Ortell and Mike DePhilips aren't sar- castic with each other. Danny Vosburgh cracks a good joke. September rolls around and we wish we were back. Corinne Vozza doesn't sing operatic se- Iections. Kenny Birdsall isn't clothes conscious. Doris Nelson stops seeing Roy. When Emil Mraz doesn't know Eco. June Doris and Frances Ponteliona don't work in a twosome. Anthony Angelini isn't seen with Grace. N 65 .1 BW' That Teresa Mutschler and Erminia Nico- Iich are separated. Artie Lasky doesn't talk in Sales class. When Muriel Loewin stops chewing gum. Sid Zaslavsky leaves teachers alone. That Wilma Wilson isn't seen with The- resa Lewandowski.. When Al lasillo teaches Leona to drive. That Achinapura downs Sinatra. Estelle Antonoff doesn't pass a cute remark. When Kenny Labiner stops reading the newspaper. Pat Scharf and Jeannie Schnitzer stop writing letters in class. That Gilda Baresi makes the late bell. Corinne Logio isn't fooling around. Rosie Montesano reaches Billie Baarck's shoulder. When Bill Schuck stops moaning. Lillian Lucht becomes inefficient. When John Rozansky finishes his sym- phony. Ginny Steup doesn't look happy. Bill Pawson has nothing to say. F That Dick Graham's car isn't on the blink. Dorothy llovichny stops giggling. That Al DeLuca doesn't have Esquire pin-ups. When Ginny Trenz isn't talking. That Ray Snyder stops flirting with women. When Junior Marra isn't bookwormish at lunch period. Bob Strobel lets his hair grow. Alice Koch isn't so shyish. Ann Grimm looks like her last name. When Johnny Hellesto isn't filled with Marine talk. That Olga and Louie aren't going for a walk. Gene Chinery's freckles disappear. Doris Wackerling isn't so shapely. When Johnny Biango's fame has died. Joe Murphy isn't so lrish. WE HAVE A: Couch ............. Danish ....... ut ut F10 .........,.. fMeetlme Gargn sofa ring Deer ........ ut no ............ ..,....... l amb Baarck .......... ut no ............ ......... d og Bayer ............. ut no ............ ....... a spirin Standish .................. but ............ .......,,. M iles Pawson ....... ut no .................. Richman Walker ....... ut no ................,.,,, carriage -l3l'1SSCr1 ..................... but V10 .......,.... .......,,. d airy fVlCD0r'lBlCl .... ut no ............ .,.....,,, f arm Miller --.-----..... but no ............ .......... b aker Stern ,,........... ..,....... b ut no ............ ........ b ow Grimm ---------- ut F10 .................,......... smile Greiner ..................... but no ...............,,,,., chopper KOGSTEV ------------------... but H0 ............ .......,,, d rink l-BVSOH ------. ut no ............ .......... b read Butler .......,.. ut no ............ .......... m aid arch Fox ........... .......... Reid ............ .......... but but wolf ...ice cream Stand-en .................. but movie star Marshall .................. but no .................,,,, General Ste-up .......... .......... b ut ........,, porch Sugar ..... .......... b ut .,....... tea Graf ........ .......... b ut .......... chart Herb ........ ......... b ut ,,,.A,4,,, spice Seeman ....... .......... b ut no .............................. ship Ende ............ .......... b ut beginning Welch .......... .......... b ut no ........................ rabbit Tierney ..................... but no .................. Dillinger Lease .......... .......... b ut ...... contract Graham .......A............. but no ..................... cracker Gallo ............. .......... b ut .......... wine Huetsch .................. but ...,.., rabbits oi ime Spellbound-Asked to the Prom Do You Love Me?-Day after the Prom Postman Always Rings Twice-Truant Officer Love Letters-Passing Notes The Hour Before Dawn-9:00 A. M. Passing Bell A Song to Remember-Alma Mater Lady Luck-Passing l2B English Paris Underground-Gymnasium From This Day Forward-June 24 Adventure-Sr. B Picnic Because of Him-Failing an exam Cornered-No excuse! A Walk ln The Sun-Lunch-time stroll Blue Skiese-Before report cards Blues In The Night-After report cards The Very Thought of You-Late room Pardon My Past-Seniors Gang's All Here-Pep Rally Spiral Staircase-Fire drills Shock--A's on the report card The Green Years-Freshmen City Without Men-Typing Class Prison Without Bars-Union Hill Walti Time-l2 o'clock session Johnny Comes Flying Home-Johnny Rosa The Corn ls Green-MacD-onald's jokes The Rains Came-Plaster in lO-3 Best Foot Forward-Going for diploma Comin' ln on a Wing and a Prayer-After Senior Exams Deadline at Dawn-Senior Essays Detour-Girls' Room Terror by Night-Cramming for exams Christmas Holiday-No School Sentimental Journey-A Trip to the Draft Board Can't Help Singing-One Session Devotion-Dot and Dan Forever Yours-Union Hill High Till We Meet Again-Class Reunion .. .. . .... .... .. .. . .... A, ,mv M, ., A 4 A, . --MN A.-'fw:rzf"' -- - rm A - M vm.m:.A,-A-A A.. " ' ,ff-.AA ,S- Am,-W A " ' .--- - "" ' f'-f'EE1"- " ' W '-55--A-.A-L ' QA,r,,g3,fv Af. -A -sf iid -Aw T -S yfr S gr' www H ., 5159 ifgf-sw-u N 1- fs-Sk, Lug 41 Egfr I 3 x Q f- Egg s -sg g yu Q Awww , Aiffws Ag 'Q-fix' AEA- A S U' . . .. . .. . .... .. .. . .. -- .. - .... -- M: .. .. ..- A ,r,. .,.. . ..... - . .::... -Hn .:,, ...r-:A.:m- -, .:. - -:-. -:-Au..,,, .: .1 ..K,,AA.. - ,..,, .- --... ..-- -- .. 1 -5-.ef-" A A -51.45-:'., -'- '. A--' ,Ai,". -gs . isf.----"., me-" "--': .--,,".Q,4s-,,-,f- 5..":,.f--,-:.,.5..-,,".., :'fL'f.!-:9's.'...-Law?-----:'5---,,g:'.A.---,-.sn--Af, -- .ra-:: -.-:"A--vs'QQ--'nh...--'-'-":.A. --F--'r. AA' .-wr.-... " " '-W-f., M -.5-' ' '- QEQ EAAW- 'SSW Aw- 5151. -e-A A ,HA AA W V A , ,, .MA M MA .,--- '. :.5'?X'f'1-.AA WA -1 A A 5 - - A- A -A5 .ASE Ski , " eww ' S WEA A L ,- ' ,. ' .,.. - ::':"': 'J A . : 'f.. :.- - J. ...-:....-: Av -- ', 'L ' . fi '.. 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AA 972- -:AAA-Afa-vfAz"2mA?L.ww'A-.--w,,9fTATQZ.szfif.:4n :. - J M ,AA KAA gm A-A---mfws-TLAQW21-'fLff'?iLgsw.AA'JA5-fA vw -iz A., v,AAAAAA-- , ,AA A- A -, AM: ,, ,... ,,,, A, ,,,, A A ,ef 4.15 - -A AA-sf - -an ' A----- ,f ggwfmw :W-Awgwf, ' gf , .. -.,-may . -s - - 5 1 ,,,, ,, -w,Amw5f-AA- , .A Y, -e--fd'gAgUAAAff-ApwAM-mAgfA-f-Q- 2. Am !- W S? Hr un- 4323 V' 'M Rising at an early hour, Racing to catch a bus In snow, sleet, or shower- lt's always the same fuss. Striving for those B's and A's Never neglecting fun, Attending various sport relays, Kidding with everyone. Whispering when not allowed, Chewing gum on the sly, Committing acts we've been avowed Never again to try. Taking part in the noon day dance That provides so much fun Discussing a school romance Which seems to have begun, Waiting for seventh period to end Hoping to "be saved by the bell Eager to share with a friend News that's new to tell. Activities atter 3:l5 Which you're anxious to attend- Socials, chats, a happy scene You wish would never end. Years that cannot be retraced, The best part of our teens, Where our efforts have been placed- That's what high school means. These events and others too Will with us always stay, ln our lives the things we do Will reflect upon today. E. D. ' tw K 2 S w u, K. .,cg..g:-:.-Q23 ' 3 L, P-' ' QA' .Ny .- V .253 f"' . , ., .,1...':L. President HENRY IGGENA Vice President FRANK TOSCANO Secretary WILLIAM WHITE Treasurer ROBERT WINTZ Faculty Adviser MR. HARRY STAHLER STUDENT COUNCIL THE Student Council, an organization composed of the presidents from outstanding organizations in the school, arranges the schedule for class meetings and afternoon dances among the various clubs of the school. The success the Council enjoys is due to the inspiring leadership of our principal, Mr. Stahler. CLASS OF JANUARY, i947 IT has been an exceptionally active semester for those peppy Senior A's, On March 7 they sponsored an Alumni-Varsity basketball game, a huge success financially and socially. March I5 will long be remembered for the marvelous time everyone enjoyed at the St. Patty's Dance. The attractive Union Hill kerchiefs the girls are sporting are products of the Sr. A's, too. June l4, the evening of the Sr. Reception, marks the end of a highly successful semester for this dynamic group. The Hawaiian atmosphere of the Reception, the music of a name band, the 'beautiful gowns and girls, all are memories which will linger in the minds of all who attended the party. 70 President FRANK TOSCANO Vice President A-NGELO MAGGIANO Secretary GERALDINE MANGO Treasurer ANITA NORIAN Faculty Adviser MRS. ELIZABETH ROGLER Sub-treasurers of Class January i947 President WILLIAM WHITE Vice President JAMES BATHER Secretary HARRIET HELBLE Treasurer ELIZABETH STIRRIT Faculty Adviser MR. HERMAN SIMON CLASS OF JANUARY, I948 HIS newly organized class, under the in- spiring leadership of Miss Rosso, has be- gun a program called "Let's Get Acquaintedn. The purpose is to bring the classes closer to- gether. The group sponsored its first dance on May 3, and it was a gala affair. We extend our best wishes to them for success in all their future undertakings. CLASS or JUNE, 1947 HE Junior B's, with Mr, Simon as adviser, have lent their aid toward making this term one of the most active of all. Their Spring Festival gave promise of many more activities which will be worth noting and following. We wish them luck and may success continue in all future undertakings. Sub-treasurers of Class June i947 President ROBERT WINTZ Vice President HARRY APPLEGATE Secretary THOMAS WALLACE Treasurer ADRIENNE BRIED Faculty Adviser MISS ELIZABETH ROSSO Sub-treasurers of Class January l948 English Club THE English Club was formed for the pur- pose of stimulating interest in English, Drarnatics, and Literature. During the term, the club plans to attend different radio broadcasts and a tour behind the scenes of radio broadcasting. Recently, there was a renewal of the Club Constitution, and we hope that future mem- bers of the club will prosper under this new system. President . . . . . ROBERT BUTLER Vice President . . . EMlLY DUROSKA Treasurer . . . . JACQUELINE STERN Secretary . . . . . CHARLOTTE SUSSMAN Faculty Adviser . . MISS WILNA CONKLIN 475 Press Sta ff "FREEDOM of the Press" is a quotation which comes to life in the Union Hill Press Staff Columnppublished weekly in the Hudson Dispatch. The aim of the 'Press Staff is to disseminate, in an accurate and inter- esting manner, school news and events. The cooperation and hard work of the members of this staff is worthy of special recognition by the students of Union Hill. Editor ......... ROBERT BUTLER Secretary . . . . TERESA MUTSCHLER ,Faculty Adviser . . . MISS RlTA MOREAU Student Prog ram Committee THIS organization is better called the "Minute Men of the Assembly." The chairmen report to theteachers-in-charge of each program and inquire whether the teacher needs the assistance of the Com- mittee. E One of the most important activities of this group is the decorating of the Christ- mas trees and the auditorium at Christmas time. ' Chairman . . . . HERBERT FINK Co-Chairman . .... OTTO HUETSCH Secretary . . . . KATHRYN CONNOLLY Faculty Adviser . . Ml-SS ELIZABETH ROSSO Italian Club THE Italian Club was organized to foster a better understanding of Italian art, liter- ature, and language. Under the excellent supervision of Miss Buongiorno its progress has made it one of our foremost clubs. Much credit should be given to the Italian Club for their part in relieving the misery and suffering of poverty-stricken and home- less orphans in Europe. By the money which the members donated! a number of orphans have been fed, clothed, and housed. President . . . '. VINCENT MANALIO vice President . . . ERNEST RoFoLo Secretary . . . GLORIA CLERICUZIO Treasurer . . . ELAINE CAMPANELLA Faculty Adviser MISS ROSE BUONGIORNO Language Club THE Language Club is a composite organi- zation with units representing each tor- eign language taught in Union Hill High School. Under the aggressive leadership ot Miss Elsa Miller, the Language Club is con- tinuing its work in a drive to acquire a Bell and Howell-Filmo-Sound for the students this coming semester. President . . . . . ALFREDO FONSECA Vice President . . VINCENT MANALIO Secretary . . . . HELMUT HORNUNG Treasurer . . . . . . MARY BAYER Publicity Manager . . MICHAEL DePHlLLlPS Faculty Adviser . . . MISS ELSA MILLER Spanish Club WE, the class of '46, can be proud of our Spanish Club which has proved to be one of the most intellectual and interesting clubs of our school, lt closely follows the Spanish customs, activities, and habits, and gives the members a clear background of life in Span- ish speaking countries by going on trips to Spanish 'movies and broadcasts. Hats off to Miss Concilio and members of the Spanish Clubl President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Faculty Adviser . ALFREDO FONSECA STANLEY UDELSMAN ANTONIA SALVATORE . CAROL HOHNHAUS MISS MARIE CONCILIO German Club THE German Club has always been one of the largest and most active school organi- zations. It deserves merit for the marvelous job done by its members in the different school activities, especially the Magazine Drive. The success of the club in accom- plishing different plans is due to the cooper- ation of the students to the utmost of their ability. President . . . HELMUT HORNUNG Vice President . . EARL HUBBARD Secretary . . . .... JAMES BATHER Treasurer . . . . . . HAROLD PETERSON Faculty Adviser . . . MRS. ELIZABETH ROGLER Latin Club THE purpose of the Latin Club is mainly to give an opportunity to all Latin students to engage in various extra-curricular activi- ties in connection with the study of the Latin language. Under the capable leadership of Miss Allen, the Latin Club has enjoyed a bountiful year byiparticipating in all school drives and numerous other activities. President . . . Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Publicity Manager Faculty Adviser . . . . MARY BAYER . . MARILYN ERKAU CORNELIA VA-NDERVEER . . JOAN DeFERRARI . . . RUTH SPECTOR . MISS EVELYN ALLEN 75 French Club IN keeping pace with the other noble language orgsahizarsons in Union Hill, the French Club strives this year to keep burning the torch of France. The French Club, under the efficient guidance of Miss Richardson, believes that the plight of France, emerging from a war-torn world, makes it imperative for all students of French to resolve to pre- serve the spirit, traditions, and culture of the France that once againiwill be great. President ....... ALFREDO FONSECA Vice President . . . STANLEY UDELSMAN Secretary . . . , . ANTONIS SALVATORI Treasurer ....... CAROL HOHNHAUS Faculty Adviser . . MISS ISOBEL RICHARDSON Central Committee WE extend our thanks to the Central Com- mittee for the help they have given the various History organizations. lt has aided the students in understanding world problems- and the solutions of these prob- lems. Through their untiring guidance they have made the History Organizations one of the most active groups in the school. We are assured. that their 'helpful aid will con- tinue far into the future. President . . . . . WILBUR PAWSON Vice President . . . HERMAN HERB Secretary . . . . . MARIE DELLAPIA Publicity Manager . .' RAYMON SNYDER Facuiiyyftiiiigiggpyr y. MggARQs...yGEoRGE FALTINGS The p THE Current Eventsgroup, most active organizations in the field of mod- ern history, has developed into a fine group of students. They discuss problems of world their -." a nd alsovyiifyiijosslble ways oi 'll"i r eadjustingfviorld difficulties. At- tendance of the "Forum For High SchooIs" at the Waldorf-Astoria highlighted this term's activities. President . . Vice President . Secretary . . . Publicity Manager Faculty Adviser . . . NEIL GUILIANO . . WILBUR PAWSON . . ARTHUR KAUFMAN . . . HERMAN HERB MR, GEORGE FALTINGS 76 New Jersey Group THE purpose of they New Jersey.5.Croup is to 5 'promote interest throughf 'complete knowledge of the home state. Such a living interest is vital to successful state citizenship. President. ...... KENNETH BIRDSALL vice President . y . DONALD ZMQDQNALD Secretary l . . . -T . ROSEMARYLMALONEY Treasurer . . . .... ELINOR OLSEN Faculty Adviser . . . MR. ROBERT MODARELLI Hi-Y THE Hi-Y, an active, alert group which is becoming one of the leaders in school activities, started otflts social calendar by giving a successful Hallowe'en Party for the Union Hill Tri-Hi-Y. Besides sending rep- resentatives to the State Older Boys Confer- ence in Woodbury, they also managed to place two boys in the Model Legislature re- cently held at Trenton. Another of their activities was a jointly sponsored Basketball- Dance affair at which the Union Hill Hi-Y played a Stevens Academy Hi-Y Team. X President ....... KENNETH KIRCHER Vice President ..,... ARTHUR FRANK Secretary . . . . . RAYMOND TEN HOEVE Chaplain ........ JOSEPH SUGAR Faculty Adviser . . MR. JOSEPH Dc-:BENEDICTIS Debating Club THE Debating Club was formed for the purpose of training pupils to discuss current events in the form ot formal debates. By doing this, they also increase their knowl- edge ot world activities. The Debating Team, which comprises members of the club, holds debates between schools, on the topic selected by the Forensic League. Co-chairmen . . . . RUTH SPECTOR . . . . HERBERT FINK Faculty Adviser . . . MR. SIDNEY ROSENTHAL Tri-Hi-Y THE purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of character. Besides extending their help- tul services throughout the school, the girls enjoy many outside activities such as bowl- ing, dancing and swimming. President . . ERMI-NIA NICOLICH Vice President . 'A-NNE IVERSON Secretary . . . MARlLY.N HANSEN Treasurer . . JEAN WALDRON Chaplain . . CAROL HOHNHAUS Faculty Adviser MRS. HELEN HENNE The Band THE Band has done a tine iob this year piaying at tootbaii games and assembiy programs. They have aiso piayed severai concerts tor the grammar schooTs. The practicing and time spent by the members together with the zeai and iri- terest shown by them, combinesto make ou band one ot the best in the county. Th whoie student body appreciates their wo' and shows it by the enthusiastic recepti aiways attorded the band. President ..... WTLBUR PANNSOK' vice President . . . .JOSEPH SUGP Secretary ..... FRANK TOSCN4 Pubiicity Manager . . FRED GOLDHPJ Facuity Adviser . . .MR.WNi. MCCN Dont-is Orchestra THE orchestra, under the ieadersip ot Mr. A, Louis Scarmoiin, devotes its ettorts to ciassicai music. The group, which practices every Monday and Thursday morning, can weii be praised tor their work in assembiy programs and graduation exercises. They can be especiaiiy proud ot their part in the Baccaiaureate Services. The orchestra can aiways be expected to turn in an ear-pieasing and deiighttui per- tormance. We hope the group wiii contin- ue as successtuiiy as they have during this term. Mixed Chorus WE extend our sincere and heartteit thanks to the Mixed Chorus, under the direc- tion ot Mrs. Weyant, tor their earnest co- Opefation in making our assembiies more entertaining. To them, the boys and giris who constitute the Mixed Chorus, wiii come continued success with their music in the future. . . .... RONALD DiETRiCH President Secretary ........ BERT T ERHUNE Faculty Adviser . . MRS. ELiZP.BETH WEYANT Union Hiii Singers THE Union Hiii Singers, organized 3 years ago consists ot members ot the Mixed Chorus chosen by Mrs. Weyant. Their mei- iow voices and pertect harmony reveai their unusuai abiiity. This group s shown by their pertormances at has promising taient, a various assembiies. Giris' Giee Ciub THE Giris' Giee Ciub, a group consisting ot h ient beauty to our various sixty giris, as assembiies, notabiy the Christmas testivai. tirst organized in T925 This group was Without them, the assembiies wouid iack the tinai touch w hich music aiways adds. We know their good work wiii continue h a abie guidance ot in the tuture under t e c p Mrs. Weyant. ' ELMNE CAMP ANELLA President . . . . . Vice President . . . F,OSPtLiE SEVEPJNO Secretary . . . .... EUNORE OLSEN CAROL BERNAS Treasurer Facuity A ayisef '. l. 'Mris eilzxaeri-i wewiut Junior Red Cross THE Junior Red Cross, under the excellent guidance of Mrs. Dwyer, has received renown tor its cooperation in 'many drives held this year. Its work, in regard to the Thanksgiving Baskets, Servicemen's Kits, In- fantile 'Paralysis Drive, Cancer Drive, etc., is highly commendable. The group has worked silently, making their worth felt rather than heard, and we are sure this will continue in the future. Executive Committee DORIS VICK WILLIAM SAVIN Faculty Adviser .... MRS. PAULINE DWYER Advanced Art Group THE Advanced Art Group, organized by Miss Nesslage tive years ago for the pur- pose ot teaching to pupils the advanced techniques of art, will miss her excellent guidance in the future, Miss Nesslage will retire trorn school this month. We are sure that we will never be able to forget her able leadership. Through her untiring efforts, the Advanced Art Group has risen to a posi- tion of high esteem, especially in oil paint- ings. May we take this opportunity of con- gratulating Miss Nesslage for her excellent work and wishing her continued success. President ......... EDITH ROSSI Vice President . . . MARGARET SCHULTZ Secretary . . . . ELIZABETH MATTOSIAN Treasurer . . . . ELIZABETH MATTOSIAN Faculty Adviser . . .MISS F. HELE-N NESSLAGE Junior Police THE U.H.H.S. Junior Police has again this year been most active in guiding and directing our students to and from school. Too much credit cannot be given these boys for the job they do and the time they sacri- tice. Captain . . . CALVIN SCHMIT Lieutenants . . . JAMES GILBERT . EDWARD THOMSON . LYNFORD BROWN Captain Lieutenan . . . ARTHUR KASCHEL Faculty Adviser .... MR. ALBERT PARDEE 80 .. 5 - Q -' G--ff sx 2 ' 1 .K -- ,J ,Ml - . "K , f ig' K HEI' f b -A, SX 5,-,jx -- vl' I Y Q- L In 'A 4 1 uni.. - A W 1 - f 7 X ' V 1 1 ,r ' 'T-I' I ., "' I V f -- ' " fg , -1ff?,:Q:i f , " ' ' . D . - , ' .V V M' - ' f 1 A--V '5 2 4 f" ,, ' 1 'lf---L.. V f X' 1f'f..'-ig 3 ' x jggylw ju- ,'s'.f'5- 3 - H mf f' A 1 " .0 A --15, 4 A .3 --i-mr. X - - ' f . V -1 . uw :vm . . wh- 1 'K 5 QM N? V 45-i,fg,i,Q,.5,,,3,.,f.34j,i, H 32 - 'Z' f ' Wil ff' ' - 5 .. X- 4 x . , f . ' iff-Lf: 7 X mx :WEMQEG X j ' xi V F. "1g,,?g'g. , 'Qga-5 Az- f""g,?5.w. 1 5, ' " - ' J ff .- x S- fx- 'T We-fa-??-1-'Hi'-:IW-FT? - . . -' . , 1" -W -.Wei . ' fr . . ,-- , ., -. , -,Q , ff, , pm -w I5 " L f - . - , "vu Q. . -Tu -'gz'-.iv .Nm-1:1-T".-f - .zz ..w- f :TY21ff'HfQ'?i-lww ' 'Qfs--4,-, ' "-ff-w - ksi2iQa.jz"x'Pf'1:iQfff.'-JQQQEQQWQ -- We!--' N W .14 'Cin' ' -"1:?'4SQ:YPp-.'.-.,"Pfe -313' 1 -.4 , 1- .' 1. -- - , .- . ic: 'W Q ' , -, -A - ' " 'm"-'- ".,'-.j.Q,',:.,' :', Hu-.'1.i3f bfijifkv'-.I -4'T'75:L5?31, : ' xy! - j' v 5? fi. "ij: - . H, ,., ., . , ., X-., ...-?. ., vp . 'Es-ff-g-5 f ' ' 'Viv' 59-.-x. my -315.5 ' ' -H 72.5-A W"- - . 'ff - 1.1 P --wad -T1"93E' - A . P . :fin-..f-mpg-3g.i.f.5 'f-fs-grw-1 , fg- H343-,-g A- s ,, -'Lg f w 1- Q N - -5'-:,i'.Qlfiibf-1-'Hgiti . - y : 1 --wrpxy'-1-,Q -:ri ' . .- - - P vi f. Y, , ul M-xm , 'gkeg -, XX Q X, TM ,Y AA- ,, 5. N " a M .--if--f'fs+ f- ' - Y - - uf- . WK X A 1 . KN . . -xg? f, gf- .- . ff-U X 1 Q- - 5 f W - f . KA ' ff . ,. . f --M - N X ' I 5 I j 1 -.':x'f21i'Y:f-,fag-'-1 I 1.3 L . if in ff ? ' H ' ' Q' Q. J p.. v-1 E. .g..1lg-V-11, f ,H ' . - Q Y ,- f , , I - V Ag Riga. K - f -' + ,xr-y.f w X N . ,L . my - , p ' -- N .3. f' 5 0 9 -7' -,,,,, , - Q 'W of --. T "if, f - ' J' A ' -- 24. - ' 1 - .iii .. f """' .Lg fy' ' ' S-ff ,. f u Z .K l' A - pi-V+' -ifififii 4? .X X-,. if Q - - -,K-iqVx:.u:,. f , 9, N.. , 4' . N X ' I A A 5 - -,whk W- '- , -V -.. ' - ' - ff ' J f 3. .1-1':.f ' . N' 5:1 Q" ' '.'1. - . '11 "sf ' ' - fa... 12 mr..-3-fx.S g , -,.j-53.25 1-z f rj X f f--fsgew . . , -kiw- -s 'I- ' ' -' - ' x .15 J ' f X ,ff J 'V i gq. '.yg'1.- . - - - 2 . 4 V, bu 1' - j-lr . 1- ' in 4- f ' f if Q - , 5,-ff " Q9 'Q -L 'far 5.2 2 N ' - In 0 la I I ,, ,- ' 'V 1 EA'- ' A A .3 . Y - .- . XZ Pfmlfj k-,- 'I - if f rx H . at-, jf-if V , X N' " Q Q1 - 1 gif- ' , .fm Q--N M l f Z ffw. " 1 ' , A F A X li 1 Ma'g y ..,w- Lf. V' -f XA t M A .,. - .'-- lh ' IYA, -.. 1 !':5.""5. '.4 A ff . - ' ' Z' XF ---. 1' --4' Q. KNNA it A-sv 'ff-F4 -.Qs1Q,. I-. 3 -L, fav 1.41 .- M A1MonAR'eu.o , MR, RICHARD FLANAGAN Football Coach 5 MR. T. oTls PRICE CARMINE DEER Athletic Director F0 c ED EINARSEN KEN BIRDSALL 0 'dn s OACH DICK FLANA 1. ese es much praise for his work in developing this ye r-is-sfoo All eam. Although at the be- ginning of the season he 'Y onl ,1 - 9- lettermen returning, he succeeded in molding his l f. '15 Captain John Biango, the only holdover with any previo H ex eri nce. By placing the em- phasis on "teamwork" Coac A . g n received splendid results. The lack of experience was ,S - et ing t at could not be overcome in such a short time, but ur so - wer in there fighting all the way. Seniors on the team we '52 ptaii fl Biango, Carmine Deer, Edwin Einarsen, Joe Murphy, i ' Birdsa ll Degen, John Claeys- sens, and Herman Herb. .Nix R 'N gi 1 ff . Season Record U. H. Opp. O ,,,., ,.,.,. S T. MICHAEL'S. ...,.. .,... 2 6 7 .,... ,..... L INCOLN ....,... ,.... 6 7 ...,, .,.,,, B AYONNE ...... ..... 7 6 ,.... ,,.,,. F ERRIS .a...,..a ..... l 3 32 ..... ....v . DEMAREST ..... ,,,.. O 6 .,... .,..,. M EMORIAL ..... .,... l 4 MR. ROBERT MODARELLI O -"--' s"'-"" C URTIS. -"-' 's"' 2 4 FaCUlfY Advise' O ...... ..,... E MERSON .... ,,s. l 4 JOE MURPHY JOHN CLAEYSSENS BOB DEGEN 83 JOHN BIANGO Captain IHERMAN HERB 1 lla lletli all HE basketball team, Coached by Mr. George Faltings, gained itself high standings in county and state compe- tition as well as in the minds ot its followers. Captain Dave Morrison, only starter from last year's state finalists, was the hub ot the team. However, the boys did not leave it all up to Dave as was proved by the splendid record that they compiled. We want to wish the best ot luck to next year's basket- ball team in keeping Union Hill up where she belongs . . "With the Leaders." Seniors on the squad were Captain Dave Morrison, 'Car- mine Deer, Harvey Karmiller, Mike De Phillips, John Kanaske, DAVE MORRBON' CAPT' Fred Hellman, Harvey Dwork, Don Tierney, Richie Rienzo, and manager, Vinnie Matera. l MR. GEORGE FALTINNGS VINCENT MATERA CARMINE DEER Coach Senior Manager 1 4, :clww KJ f' M i JOHN KANASKE RICHIE RIENZO DON TIERNEY MIKE DePHlLLIPS FRED HEH-MAN ' HARVEY DWORK HARVEY KARMILLER f, -i FLORY DANISH, CAPT. JOHN CLAEYSSENS Ba ball LTHOUGH the Union Hill 5 Sap. baseball team did not enjoy a successful of the lack of sufficient veterans, coach s" 'X , ht has done an ex- cellent job in molding a credit ex E n outfit for this com- ing season. This time he is i'. capped, in as much as there will be nine letter me p ' rmi ,I "Skeets" has a six- teen game schedule alread larm6df-and ropes to get the JOE MURPHY West Point Plebes on the l's . ' g g The graduating me I he te r : Flory Danish, captain, Joe Sugar g. o- .zgq v Q' phy, and John Claeyssens. I ,, ,, ., ,. Q JOE SUGAR MR. COURTNEY "Skeets" WRIGHT Senior Manager Baseball Coach Q. Lf ,WP ,,.., ., ,, ..,2. gL',-L.'l f 'G ' -Y "Qs, -, iii , A , i 'H my mi-fx. 'TW-1 nl fvyi- T7 ufif K J lin, f ,-mais , ,Ai V 4- fk-,, 1 f 4 S 1 3 f -Nw in W A HE Union Hill High Sch rack Team this season, as in the past has given ur, school a creditable out- squad of veterans, fit. Starting the season the team, under the able utelagedbfg oach A. F. Pardee, fit participating in man i - , ia 1 ', . ",: , ,'- well seasoned out- city, and national the University of Pennsylvania Relay Carniva WR ge ood Relays, Bayer- town Pa Track Carnival ' nie Track Meet, Perth Amboy Relays, Northern "W " e sey lnterscholastic s ho tic Athletic Asso- t dependence Day has worked hard and dev lq ed mv contests. Chief among Athletic Meet New Jersey l ciation Meet, and the Uni Track and Field Carnaval Graduating this June a of one of the Northern New sey Javelin hurling rec- ords, Ernest Seeman, speeds ,., Helmut l-lornung, dis- tance runner, Donald McDon d, Sr. Manager, and also Gilbert Bandel, Robert Miller, and Fred Carlton. enneth Birdsall, holder 1, t,-. ,,,Q,-f ,,..,,m,,. ., , . f 1- t Astra-1 - ir' -'.',lg?:s:VffP1st3?- kg .,,,5y,l., .,,, E, ,. GILBERT BANDEL HELMUT HORNING R MR, ALBERT PARDEE DONALD MCDONALD EARNEST SEEMAN Track Coach Senior Manager BOB MILLER 'lenni UR tennis team hasfcomipleted a successful sea- son under the noble assistefllice of its coach, Mr. Robert Modarelli. The team has added some new- comers and four senior B's s a re listed in its squad. Richard Graham is their playingg manager and Harvey Karmiller, Captain. The first ooening game with Dick- inson was a four to one C4-ll victory and in all re- spects they had the showings of a fine team. Other seniors on the team are Carmine Deer, and Sid Zaslavsky. MR. ROBERT MODARELLI Tennis Coach . ,if gk HARVEY KARMILLER CARMINE DEER RICHARD GRAHAM Senior Manager ELAlNE FOX CAROL HOHNHAUS Girls' Basketball League THE Girls' Basketball League under the supervision of Mrs. Anna Bockfreached a new high this year with eight teams participating. The schedules were played out with the result that the Starettes finishecbgundefeated. Something new for the school happened when one of the girls' basketball teams played in the preliminary game ofthe Faculty vs. Varsity game. lt is hoped that the teams will continue with the success they enjoyed this year. PAT SCHARF MRS. ANNA BOCK VIRGINIA STEUP Girls' Basketball Coach '5,,,, A.-...-,,-,,, . ........nu-anal Cheerleaders mix ff,n.x wwxx fig X.:f-H, ,' XF aa ee 'Z 1 am r 't Y. Em r' X Egg? " 11 . ima YW f ' Q C'w,,,,,,M 1 1 , Q E 5 f 1 : F if 1, if 2 Q X X 1 gig' wS Ixn 12 Commencement Servic Commitfee . 3,..X 1 3 R k.,,L. , -'lx , 515 , Q' 4 Y 8 Xm,m me ar Senior Prom Committe 1 32 L-Q' r 1 ,f :"' , Qi, , 'Ig ii K 5' ,, . 5 i r Advertisements 9 91 NU M M5 7 5.1 'l.' l .' '-I I A sv H5-A' u,l ' el xl in .Q X llil., A sl Q . rl ' I I A .Y J 1 Tfnnuiurd 222331 gm e 24, Mrs. L. DeLuca , Mr. and Mrs. A. Bencini Allen Rich Ines Peressini Mr. and Mrs. Edward Welsh Mr. and Mrs. R. Degen Mr. and Mrs. A. Krone Mr. and Mrs. H. Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maloney R.L.M. Embroidery Cutting Union City Embroidery Shop Mr. L. Vogt Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Grimm Mr. and Mrs. John Early Mr. Peter Di Biase Mrs. Daniel Kovac Mr. and Mrs. C. Bechtold Mervin Herzfeld Alfred E. Modarelli Jack Guarracino Mr. and Mrs. M. Fishman "Beta Sorority" Carl Futter R. Ruzinsky Mr. Anthony Di Biase Your Dad Dr. l. Nemoff A friend A friend , Mr. and Mrs. V. Pedoto Mr. and Mrs. J. Pedoto Arlyne and Stanley Dotty and Walter Mr. and Mrs. 'P. Ende Chet Welch Frank Maffetona Muzzy Martin Barry William Goldberg Chick and Chuck Kenneth Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Derringer Eric Hauschild Miss Ann Romano Dominic Saviano Joseph Manzo Fred and Harry Warren Kuhn Tom Scarpo Mrs. Geo. Mutschler Mrs. William Trenz Marie Trenz Caroline Koster Fred Koster William Koster Mrs. W. Koster PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. G. Vanderveer Mrs. Remy Dr. and Mrs. Fink and Son George E. Burger, Jr. S. R. Sharpe Co. John Schwerer William Hill Mrs. Rose Dellapia F. Narieffo Jack Cucchiara Mrs. John Standish Miss Mantone Miss H. Bechtold Miss A. Bechtold Mr. David Gannon A friend Mr. and Mrs. J. de Ferrari Mrs. E. Wenck Doris Wilson Mrs. Margaret Pawson Arthur F. Couch Mr. Ed Kelly Mrs. Ethel McDonald John Georgette Mr. and Mrs. Lester Goldsmith Miss Grace Kump Miss Joan Flyge Miss Ruth Kump Mrs. Anna Schroeder Mrs. Mary Kump Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Koch Eleanor Gettmann Mr. and Mrs. H. ZurHeide Gloria and Jack Mrs. W. Woehlman, Sr. Mrs. C. Entner Mr. L. Entner Mr. W. Woehlman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Sofio Miss L. Graglia Mr. and Mrs. A. Altamura Mr. and Mrs. Ed Durando Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. L. Gettmann Miss Lillian Kump A friend Tommie Koch Carolyn A. Koch Mrs. Viola Larson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rossi Dr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Rogler Harry L. Udelsman Mr. A. Goolheim Miss Florence E. Schaffner Mrs. Eugene C. Steup Mr. and Mrs. W. Walker 92 Mr. Eugene C. Steup Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Davidson Mrs. G. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Samler John B. Branagan Allie Manzo Herman W. Grip Richard G. Werbin Mr. and Mrs. J. Callahan Mrs. E. Williams Mrs. E. Halligan Patrick Coviello Mr. and Mrs. S. Nicolich Mr. Robert J. Tierney James Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brownson Mrs. P. Nussbaum Mr. Wojcicki Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Rossi Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room Room ZB, Miss Diehl BB, Mr. Stiskin lOB Mr. Markle 41, Miss Moreau 51, Miss Woods 61, Mrs. Aston 71, Miss Wagner 91, Mrs. Henne lO1, Mr. Shotwell l l1, Mrs. Rossi A2, Miss Richardson l2, Mrs. Grumer 22, Miss Allen ZV22, Miss Niver 42, Miss Kaempf 52, Miss Buongiorno 62, Mrs. Scanlan 82, Miss Sullivan 92, Mr. Rosenthal lO2, MissfPiana l l2, Miss McLean 43, Miss Conklin 63, Mr. Hanes 83 Miss Rosso A3 Miss Concilio 73, Mrs. Rogler 93, Mrs. Loane Mr. Walter Ropers Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Standish Larry Walsh Edmund J. Wojcicki Mr. John Standish H. Macnnle Mr. and Mrs. M. Jurkovic i COMPLIMENTS OF Home Room 113 L" " . -will 1: 'jf' H. Dwork H. lggena H .d,...W,- W M, I E. S7 Lf ' . J. Stern F. Danish C. Volkerf J. Biango H. Samuels E. Anfonoff adv lf ll F 'as .J xiii? i. 'fl ' R. Butler R. Montesano L. De Andrea C. Hohnhaus J. CIBSYSSSYWS E- Zimmerman D. Camaro F. Cimicafa N. Milliken J. MurDhY H- Lease E4 Ende Mr. K, C. Eveland S. Zaslavsky T. Abate G. Welsh R. Peressini K. Birdsall E. Kweselaif G. Allen E. Fox -W . I 'l -1' . I . . 4 le l l 5. A E 5 ,5 h G. DeVall R. Heller K. Labiner J. Reid H. Pafaky E. Jurkovic R. Standish F. Ponteliona A. Blum A. lasillo 3 COMPLIMENTS OF Home Room f- , -:W ,. ,ig 4- . .. . A 5 fe t is Y I if , 7 Y an 'U hffki f 9 "' Qs M' " ,' T .M x e . A A ,L., i ... I gf I 'Vu -.fl , 425-'Si fe gf ' 35 gg in f X -- J. ,-'ifvm K . , .V Sui 9 3 W ' ,r ,Q I ' W S, T. 3 " if I Q., 4 - 4 Q is, ,. I A ,P . il F x A T' Q h "?f1.iiV 22"""1 , - , lL. M ,, 4, 1 . K, ,Q S X ,fix V . - X W J' , Sf-2: . .9 V 1 H COMPLIMENTS OF Home Room 5 U' ' Y fi 'nf 1: Y i fm fi- I Ei Q, K .:.. f ff? .IW 45? ff -1 was if 1 f 1 - 5. v Q 5, 1 Q V , -' 'L , Pr 'W' fer' 3 , 'V 12214 . Q ,- . .fu A f 4 X K nf 5 -' K f' 2 ,M as 2' ,aw ,,..,,L ,, , ,A f v,,, Q, V. , fin f -w My 1' Qiwwifk R SQW QM JJMZMW ff ff Qiigff M CWEWM4 X X 326. EQ 9 E Q XS 5763? E Q7 O4 N v M glffww f K1 Www wif Www COMPLIMENTS OF Home Room 33 COMPLIMENTS OF The Commissioners of Union City Hon. Harry J. Thourot MAYOR AND DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY 'Henry Specker DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS Arthur J. Lapham DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Frederick Berke DIRECTOR OF PARKS AND PUBLIC PROPERTY Thomas A. Nolan DIRECTOR OF REVENUE AND FINANCE 97 F W This is the mark: WEAREVER that marks the pensg I VER Zenith . . . H5 that are made by: . f Ldfqesf f gfltfef' a J' W 5' Amerlkunfazh E11 Iwi Z EA EVER f A FOUNTAIN PENS 0 MECHANICAL PENCILS v REFILL LEADS DAVID KAHN, Inc., North Bergen, N.J. Board of Education BOROUGH OF FAIRVIEW E CHARLES O'CON NOR, President JOSEPH E. BROWNE, Vice President Eugene C. Steup Paul Romano Daniel Focarelli Pat Damiani Otto Bonin Dominic Mantone George Peters Gerard DePhiIIips District Clerk 4 +A,v'sf'- lv' - fit- v - COMMONWEALTH TRUST CO UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY Main Office-BERGENLINE AVENUE at 22nd STREET SUMMIT AVENUE at 7th STREET BERGENLINE AVENUE at 39th STREET Woodcliff Office-75th STREET 'at BROADWAY Weehawken Office-PARK AVE, at 36th STREET Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Our Offices are open Monday Evenings from 6 to S COMPLIMENTS OF The Commissioners of North Bergen PAUL F. CULLUM, Mayor Director of Public Safety HARRY BUESSER Director of Public Works JOHN J. ROE Director of Public 'Affairs GABRIEL A. MACHETTO Director of Revenue and Finance ANTHONY FUGMAN Director of Parks and Public Property IOO N. R. DRILLING co. Official Jewelers for UNION HILL HIGH SCHOOL CXSQIB LZDGXJ 130 West 46th Street New York City I vi-vgfvfgp-,flQfl-,ff v ff -4' fi ONE GIFT THATS NEVER DUPLICATED Dear Graduates - Congratul to s d II b t hes That we y g t II th t hppy c os y It sthe bdg shofy fend dyo ph tog ph CLARA MATERNE Mateme Studio COLONY THEATRE BUILDING 140 - 48th Street Union City, N. J UNION 7-3042 O fi T lephones MOrsemere 6 4683 4 Auto-Heat Oil Company Q 1179-95 EDGEWATER AVENUE RIDGEFIELD, NEW JERSEY I LfL h COMPLIMENTS OF TH E MU RPHYS In Hudson County COMPLIMENTS OF iT's BARRIE Specializing in Outfits for KIDDIES TEENS JUNIORS MISSES YOUTHFUL LARGE SIZES O 59th STREET and BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N. J. I STUDY IIT PACE I Fall Iresbrnan classes in Ilxe courses Iisled below are rapidly being filled. The number ol available, place! is limiled. Reservation NOW is strongly urged. SECRETARIAI. TRAINING ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE C. P. A REP I P ARATIONQ MARKETING, ADVERTISING AMI: SELLING Courses II red are in the field ol high d cation and are accrediled by N. Y. Stale Education Dept. Day and evening. Coeducalional. Bullolins on request. Tel. Blhclay 7-8200. PACE INSTITUTE 5 IO4 LO Q 5 9435 GENERAL GARMENT CORP H. HYMAN DRESSES AND COATS 253 WEST 35th STREET NEW YORK CITY ',r'fi'.1A ,fQ1'4f',di1A I -- W v - -fAviA.1L.1A.17t- il- QA- ls. hone CLiffside 6-1774 Trabulsi Stitching Co. Contracting Men's Mufflers 90 ANDERSON AVENUE FAIRVIEW, N, J. A COMPLIMENTS OF George R. Koester, SM Bfc u.s.s. Ecu, can NQ542 -,A Qvf- A - -fp' 1- agp!-1-545 f-1A fan' -E- 1 Fascination Amusement CO. VISIT OUR GAMES WHEN IN PALISADES AMUSEMENT PARK . ROLL A LINE POKERINO CALIFORNIA FORTUNE FASCINATION COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. Woolworth CO. 36th STREET AND BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY 1?ev1-9 --f +-- 14,1- - , - - - v v - - O 'ififidx Ili' .Af 714 J- v? -14 -1-4? vpggl - BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE JUNE 1946 GRADUATES Callite Tungsten Corporation UNION CITY, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF Trenz's Market 315 CENTRE AVENUE SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY v1" ,Ai-A v A 4-T vl' - ' .'-A-1-Yu-T YL- lr IOS , .19 vvv. - - - J. - - -4 Y? UNlOn 3'98l7 We feature a varied selection and attractive prices PLAZA RECREATION RUDY MRAZ, Prop. . 0 0 1. 1 .. 1 Hall to Hire for All Occasions I 21 l'1j 'l Ellll BEFIliEl'll.ll1E FIVEl'Il.IE. ll . 11 O O GRADUATION The attainment of one of Life's major goals can best be commemorated by a 1309 PATERSON PLANK ROAD SECAUCUSI N' J. lasting gift of jewelry or a fine watch. HOboken 3-7800 - 3-7801 UNion 3-0154 - 3-0155 lNight and Dayl rr's NICE T0 DEAL wm-I A Goon HOUSE J. J. CULLEN PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Plumbing, Steam and Factory Supplies WROUGHT FIPE - VALVES AND FITTINGS ALL MAKES OF RANGES AND STEAM BOILERS 121-123 GARDEN STREET 701-703 HUDSON BOULEVARD HOBOKEN, N, J, NORTH BERGEN, N. J. ,X 1 Advanced Secretarial and Accounting Superior Secretarial Courses W KT PLACEMENT ZW FREE BUREAU Business College I DAY and NIGHT COMPTOMETER, DICTAPHONE, ADDING MACHINE COURSES 910 BERGEN AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. Phone: JOurnaI Square 2-7156 -vpn-v-,-Y,---v '-', '-'- A-'+f'-J'-A-'-Y'-'-'gf ,'?.1'Q.p'Q.plQ 109 -554,79-A. v v-7 Y1- v - J,- - l W I WW 0 When your name is called for dicta- tion , . , or promotion . it's because you are good in your job. Berkeley School not only gives you the technical skills necessary for advancement but also the liner overtones of secretarial performance. Hundreds of Berkeley graduates hold top-Hight secretarial po- sitions Comprehensive and intensive courses. Distinguished faculty Effective placement service. Send for Bulletin. BERKELEY SCHUUL 22 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. 420 Lexington Avenue, N. Y. 17. N. Y. 8 Church St., White Plains, N, Y, viii' STANLEY FURNITURE C0 John Udelsman, Prop. Largest Selection - Lowest Prices 6425 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N. J. UNion 3-0965 UNion 7-1075 CITY CAMERA SHOP PHOTOGRAPI-uc EQUIPMENT Repairs CAMERA Supplies 4216 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. PFIOHS UNiOr'l 7-2749 Furniture and Carpets ARTISTIC UPHOLSTERY SHOPPE UPHOLSTERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES K. and V. Mattosian, Props. Custom Built Living Room Suites and Odd Pieces . SLIP COVERS AND DRAPERIES MADE TO ORDER 4401 BERGENLINE AVE., coa. 44th ST. UNION CITY, N, J. HO - - - , A v1- we vin'-1-554-5 v'- Ag-v -- A-v'vf"v -T4-'J-A INDIVIDUAL ADVANCED INSTRUCTION COURSES 63rd YEAR SECRETARIAL COLLEGES A dependable school for High School Graduates 900 BERGEN AVENUE JERSEY CITY JO. 2-2875 4808 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY UNion 7-0943 WILLIAM KOSTER Distributor MIDDLETOWN MILK 0 705 FIFTH STREET SECAUCUS, N. J. ,1'.L',!'h-4'-nf 4-'vfinf-!', -uf COMPLIMENTS OF TOBLER'S SPORTING GOODS ISI 507 32nd STREET UNION CITY, N. J. CLiHsid e 6-3646 FILIPPI WINES "Wines from Our Vines" PALISADE AVENUE CLIFFSIDE PARK, N. J. Opposite Palisades Amusement Park Ulxlion 3'52l 2 Auto Entrance -1--7 -,A 1- 1- - - - - - - - - Y, -vf5,,- v Y1- -1-we v-f -114- UNion 7-0243 We Telegraph Flowers o "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" ELLA B. REIS, Pres. GEORGE JUNGERMANN, vice-Pres. 5l3 - 4lst Street Union City N. J. Best Wishes to the Class of 1946 Ewe's 4220 Park Avenue Weehawken, N. J. Science Unlimited lSClENTlA INFINITAJ Our Motto Zwn mov, Oas arano CHARLES lFara-clayl BECHTOLD ARTHUR lPulaskil KAUFMANN NEWTON lPriestleyl MILLIKEN WILBUR lLavoisierl PAWSON SchIesinger's Bergenline Avenue at 58th Street VVest New-York, N. J. UNion 3-7658 Nat Stern R E A L T O R Insurance ' Mortgages 7l2O Bergenline Avenue North Bergen, N. J. Compliments of Jersey Prep School ' it ' Tel. union 5-7873 We can and Deliver Hi-Grade Cleaners Cr Dyers F u R R I E R s H. Harnamjian 46l4 Hudson Avenue - - Union City, N. J. un-'tl-A ge' - A-fl v-7 v - v-fvf v - - -Y,-JA J: -f,- --7 v ' 43 W A v-,A 7- -Q 2 Dolores Arszal Therese Barone Marie Bencini Loretta Chambers Dolores D'Andrea Lucy Di Mauro June Finsterle Adele Garino Eleanor Gill Marilyn Gray Edith Hugelheim TH COMPLIMENTS OF E CLASS OF 8-I MISS NETTIE KLEINFELD Helen Kloser Joan Kraemer Anna Mae Lora Hildegarde Mager Helen Moore Kathleen Muller Eleanor Nunziato Janice Rosenbaum Charlotte Rosenbluth Frances Scimone Pearl Shamikian Antoinette Spagnolo Josephine Strukel Josephine Verbovsky Josephine Vitali Eleanor Wurst Robert Brady James Deer Robert De Lizza Anthony Fochesato Robert Foley Gaetano Galiardo John Guido Robert Hickman Richard Klee Alfred Lang Robert Reinhardt Le Roy Schipper Peter Sullivan Herbert Swerdloff Warren Warth Harry Wurst Zeno Zigrossi Compliments of Homeroom 2-,I ,.' '. Miss MARX JCIERI Leif 4 C ,rr , P J' ,g .I K , f' f . fy , . Compliments of Judge George W. King Clerk Wm. T. Maloney SECAUCUS POLICE COURT Compliments of Dr. FrancisJ. Heimbuch Dr. Frederic J. Heimbuch 65' Fulton Street Weehavvken, N. J. f 5 Tel. Lwkiaon 3-2660 Peter J. Lally FLORIST Cut Flowers - - - Funeral Designs 45l3 Bergenline Ave,, near 45th Street Union City, N. J. Flowers by Wire to AII Parts of the World UNion 7-7038 Erwin's Jewelers DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY 4545 Bergenline Ave., opp. 46th Street Union City, N. J. Best Wishes From Ferrara Photo Studio Poitraits - Candid and Studio - Weddings Baby Photos at Home or in Our Studio For an Appointment: Phone UN 7-4027 402 - 36th Street Union City, N. J. I- ,V -5- - v v J- - 4' - - A ,4Tr, A , - v A gif v 'ltLT LA v '.-,A ll3 'hu Phone CLittside 6-2365 L. 6' S. Used Cars USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD 1 10-1 18 Broad Avenue Fairview, N. J. D. Laetzo V. Santangelo UNion 5-5368 John Becker's Prime Meats Cr Poultry 4210 Park Avenue Weehawken, N. J. Tompkins Ice Cream Co. Inc QUALITY MADE IT FAMOUS 4020 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Greco Zig-Zagging and Lace Novelties 6235 Hudson Boulevard North Bergen, N. J. Compliments of George Vanderveer Compliments of Wm. Kuehnapfel CIGAR - STATIONERY STORE 3337 Park Avenue Union City, N. J. Liberty Motor Freight Lines Secaucus, New Jersey , - - - A - A - Q Phone UNion 5-8176 Carl Meyer GROCERIES -:- DELICATESSEN 200 45th Street Union City, N. J ,A v A - A - A v A v-,A ,A ,1A,pA -1A,n,'vn-ffnfif Phone UNion 7-9722 SAM'S ORIGINAL Texas Hot Weiners Stop in and take a Hot Weiner Home 4415 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. SAM BOU KA, Prop. Tel. UNion 3-1124 Corbisiero's Market QUALITY MEATS - FANCY POULTRY 4524 Bergenline Avenue Near 45th Street Phone: Union 7-3471 Ludovico Severino GENERAL CONTRACTOR 5418 Tonnelle Avenue North Bergen, N. J. Telephone UNion 7-9646 Neddermann G' Mirbach CONFECTIONERS 126 - 48th Street Union City, N. J. Park View Meat Market 3351 Park Avenue Union City, N. J. Hohneker's Dairy, Inc. PROCESSORS, WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS 807 - 74th Street North Bergen, N. J. UNion 3-0050 - 0051 Gilsenan Piano Co. 4521 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Stemmermann's Delicatessen Z Ex- Vets -- John and Al Former Union Hill 7818 Hudson Boulevard North Bergen, N. J. Phone UNion 3-O017 Comfort Mattress Cr Bedding Co. BEDDING, FLOOR COVERING Maple and' Juvenile Furniture MATTRESSES AND QUILTS MADE OVER UNion 3-6969 Sam Zaslavsky Cotton 8' Burlap Bags Also Butter Tubs and Egg Boxes 3518 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J Warehouse: 4301 Park Avenue Opp- Holfhaugen 4500 Brown St., Apt. B-2 Union City, N. J. Phone UNion 3-2933 1 Macude 8, Company Towne Men s Shop TI-IE HOMIE or QUALITY ELECTRICAL Union City and West New Yofk APPLIANCES 4407 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. 52nd YEAR , , Eagan School Phoenix Slippers Inc. Secretarial, Shorthand, Accounting ' and Business Machine Courses Compliments Of DAY and EVENING Louis and Harry Antonoff Capitol BuiIdirciiigrergetnllinsobgve. at 48th St. Summer Term Begins July l to 8 2200 West Street I ' H Call, 'phone or write for Catalog UNION CIW, N' J' Phone: UNion 7-0615 Compliments of Rodney Clothes Shop Mayor Kane and 3520 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J UNion 3-6835 SECAUCUS, NEW J ERSEY Compliments of Jagel's Union Hill Popular Candy Shop mp' vm' .nf :f Jfar' -tif-Q ,cf vi- W1-vikfhnr' 1-Tl - - JA v A v -tn-tif ',pfv ,'. Compliments of Joseph Rinaldi Phone Union 7-7234 Edy's Modern Art Studio We Photograph Anything - Anywhere - Any Time GRQCER wsoomss PoR'rRAi'rs coMMERclAL All Work Done on Premises 1227 - 43rd STREET NORTH BERGEN. N- J- 4106 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Annette Dress Shop 2369 GRAND CONCOURSE BRO-NX, N. Y. Compliments of UNion 5-8llO Henry Keil G' Sons North Hudson Representatives BETHLEHEM OIL HEAT FUEL OIL - COAL - COKE 3408 HUDSON AVENUE UNION CITY, N, J. C. Rad A' shale' GREETING CARDS CLASS OF 'l9'l9 4503 PARK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 4711 BROADWAY UNION CITY, N' J. Compliments of Gertrude Tusch 45I8 HUDSON AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Famous Foods lnc. 3800 NEW YORK AVENUE U-NION CITY, N. J. GREETINGS Dr. G. W. Danielsen DENTAL SURGEON SECAUCUS NEW JERSEY Compliments of Standard Coat G' Dress Inc. 3608 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Charles Krampfert, Jr. Tel. CLiffside 6-4337 THOS. IASILLO, Prop. Iasillo Brothers HARDWARE - LOCKSMITH - BUILDERS' PAINTERS' AND JANITORS' SUPPLIES Window Glass and Shades 261 WALKER STREET FAIRVIEW, N. J. Phone UNion 7-9442 Secaucus Service Center Formerly Secaucus Auto Supply COMPLETE INSPECTION SERVICE i263-65 PATERSON PLANK ROAD SECAUCUS, N. J. Compliments of 0 I Wemreb s Drug Store S. A. WEINREB, Ph.G. SAFETY-Prescriptions Double Checked Tel. UNion 7-4495 4709 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Opp. Capitol Theatre Mr. 6' Mrs. Ralph W. Pawson 36th St. Stationery Store 36th ST. and NEW YORK AVE. UNION CITY, N. J. UNion 3-9374 -,,-,,,-gp' - 'An' .-f - A if - T .fs-f 'agp-vfvfhf -1' -1-1'-P'-1'-Fir' I i 'im CLiffside 6-2086 M. O. CUVIQIIQ, Mgr. Tel. CLiffside 6-3532 Morningside Service Station A h G A COMPLETE MonERN SERVICE rf ur reve Batteries Charged While-U-Wait ACCESSORIES - TIRES - TUBES MODERN OPNCAL SERWCE 366 EEROEN BOULEVARD FAIRVIEW, N. J. '35 ANDERSON AVENUE EA'RV'EW' N- J- Corner Morningside Avenue Opp, Lincoln School UNIQI1 7-2949 Established 1919 , Compliments of Weinstein Co. O FURNER5 Sylvia Dress Shop Furs Cold. Storaged 4522 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Near 45116 Sffeef 61 ToNNEI.I.E AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. ' TEI. UNion 5-0661 Since 1889 Compliments of A n d r e s Clarendon Laundry W SCIENTIFIC WATCH REPAIRING 759-761 SIXTH STREET SECAUCUS, N. J. N9 - 48th STREET UNION CITY N. J. UNior1 7-9680 S. Lampidis, Prop. Compliments of Quality Candy Shop FIscher'Beer Flve 8' Delicious Home-made Candies and Ice Cream 4710 BERGENLINE AVENUE 308 WASHINGTON STREET I-IOBOKEN. N. J. STATE-CAPJTOL BLDG- UN'0N CJTYI -N- J- Compliments of Complimems of L r in er Dr- B' - G ad 9 Rose Greenberg DENTIST 226 ANDERSON AVENUE EATRVTEW N. J. 2 SOUTH HAMILTON STREET POUGI-IKEERSIE, N. Y. Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Cirelli's Food Store 520 LINCOLN STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Dwyer's Candy Store 5006 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N, J. Compliments of Emily Armbruster Phone CLiffside 6-4079 V COR, AN erceIli's Esso Service COMPLETE LUBRICATION Battery and Tire Service DERSON G JERSEY AVES. CLIFFSIDE, N. J. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '46 E. M. Temple 594 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON, N. J. 46 FULTON STREET WEEHAWKEN, N. J. IAY1? glvr- ,5T' - A - ' - - -7 '-E?-" ,' 118 gl, ' -A '-1' v v v v - - J, 7 112- 41- L. Schaller, Prop. Sunflower Tea Room ASTROLOGICAL READINGS From I to IO Daily . . . Closed Sundays CORNER PALISADE AVE. - 48th STREET I FLIGHT UP UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of C. Donges 8' Sons LAINDSCAPERS AND CONTRACTORS Compliments of Two-Tone's Tavern SECAUCUS NEW JERSEY Compliments of Buntan's Candy Shop LIBERTY PLACE STADIUM HOUSE PLAYGROUND Compliments of Pulaski Provisions 96 WEGMAN PARKWAY JERSEY CITY, N. J. Mr. M. Hrynkiewicz, Prop. - Tel.: DEI. 3-8208 Compliments of Margolis Stationery Co. 3506 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. UINion 5-6029 UNion 7-9722 THE ORIGINAL Texas Hot Weiners CireIli's Shoe Repair FOR FINE ORDINARY OR ORTHOPEDIC SHOE REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed I-UNCHEONFTTE 4708 BROADWAY UNION CITY, N. J. 4415 BERGENLIINE AVE., NR. 45II4 sr., UNION CITY UNIOH 3-7230 Tel. UNion 5-7873 We can and Deliver Complimenfs Of ' o H"G"3de Cleaners 5' DYe"5 A. J. Dlttmar Pharmacy rumuzns 46,4 HUDSON AVENUE UNION CITY N J 6514 BERGENLINE AVENUE west NEW YORK, N. J. H. Hamamjian UNion 7-9021 Union City Produce Market WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 4537 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, -N, J. Compliments of Minna Hat Shop 4008 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Phone UNion 3-5500 Draesel's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTIONS William A. Draesel, Ph.G. 7917 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Tel. HOboken 3-0902 F. Glaeser's Sons CLEANERS SINCE 1860 I32 HUDSON STREET HOBOKEN, N. J. Works: 3I Sanford Place, Jersey City TT 11? 1 ' f Y Q 19141 ' E II9 Compliments of Merkel's Pork Store 6048 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N. J. UNion 3-4467 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Schneitzer Mr. and Mrs. Baile f' ?4' - ' .1A,LAv ' - ' -A 'J--4341-' 47.11, - ,-,gA.L' 41" vang? Compliments of Collegiate Billiard Academy HLEOII Y 412 - 38tI'I STREET UNION CITY, N. J. PRODUCED B Compliments of Bob Sillins A PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL METHOD OF PRODUCING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS Texas Weiners O 44I5 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-9722 New City Printing Co. 14 Gampleie Gallege VIRGINIA CLEANERS W, School iqnnual Sefwice 200 - 48th STREET C f H d A d 48th St t 802-806 SI'P STREET UNION CITY, N. J. orner o u son venue an ree Telephone UNion 7-2400 UNION CITY, N. J. AN APPRECIATION ALL THOSE WHO HAVE IN ANY WAY CONTRIBUTED TO THE PUBLICATION OF THE JUNE 1946 ORANGE AND BLUE THE O 8' B STAFF A A A A A -A A A - A A - , A A 1. ,F 1 - A A - I?-1'vl'-v---,QI-,,-v------v-Y Q I2O WW ,QWW

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