Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ)

 - Class of 1943

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Union Hill High School - Orange and Blue Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1943 volume:

URANGE AND 6'lA5'5' OF JUNE 1943 BIUE UNION I-llll HIGH SCHOOZ UN ON CITY, NEW JERSEY I-'OREWORD THIS ANNUAL IS THE PRODUCT OF AN EARNEST DESIRE TO IN- CORPORATE WITHIN THE COVERS OF THIS O AND B NOT ONLY A RECORD OF THE SCHOLASTIC YEAR BUT THAT INTAN GIBLE SOMETHING CALLED SPIRIT AT TIMES IT HAS SEEMED AS THOUGH THE PUBLICATION OF THIS VOLUME WOULD BE AN IMPOSSIBILITY BUT THROUGH THE COOPERATION OF ALL WE HAVE MANAGED TO BRING FORTH TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY THE LIVING PICTURE OF OUR FACULTY AND STUDENTS THE ORANGE AND BLUE FOR JUNE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE LOU IS GARTNER Editor gf X... 'Tb' I - I I I I Y ?i I f 7 I 5 4 DEDICATION MISS VIOLA DIEHL NLY through the guudance and cooperatlon of Mlss Vnola Dlehl have we been able to accomplnsh that whnch we have so strongly deslred an the past the success of our class and of our publucatuon the Orange and Blue of June l943 We want her to know that we greatly appreciate all that she has done In maklng our hugh school days the happnest In our young hnstornes ln all snncenty we the Class of June l943 dedicate thus Orange and Blue to our competent advuser and frlend ACKNOWZEDGMENT MRS LAURA BRUBANS O Mrs Laura Brubans for her admirable work in guiding us through our high school days we entend our smcer tinued success in the building of Americans e est gratitude and our deepest appreciation. We wish her con- ADMINISTRATION 5 4 N- R BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr A C Safyer Mr E Groth Mr C A Brown President, Mr. P. E, Musto, Mr. C. J, Rieman. E extend our sincerest appreciation to the Board of Education for mak- ing our high school years happy as well as educational ones. A debt of gratitude is also due to Mr. Parker. Without his ingenuity and understanding, our school lite would not have been the success it has been. MR HARRYS STAHLER R STAHLER we owe to you one of our deepest debts of gratntude lt was your fruendly encouragement ever ready smile and your helpful suggestions whnch have prepared us to enter a war torn world We are grateful to you for being lust Mr Stahler a wonderful friend and a never ceasing source of counsel and advnce thank you MR HARRY S STAHLER Prlncupal NR P-59430 SP- KQV X999 OU Mr French have always been there with your quuet ard and patient teaching It will Indeed be dlfflcult to fund a frnend such as you In our years after school Yl 9 A MOL e 2 XS nt-la sl a 0355 A K E are proud and happy to acknowledge the lnvaluable and that our faculty advusers have extended to us you gave freely of your valuable tnrne to make our years at school successful of SL QA tl 9,01 330 a wt 5 l CW Q94 X wrt 2 P- sl X'-X'-X4X4?.'XX'X YN C,Xas X 5 X9 A 0x,x,N N4 00 UN 55 :ORS I XfP-XXL 69-0 X4 Xxx Q X'-S Xass X42 S QAA eaxl E9-X 06 X XS C, 'X X 5 X XG Xedge X'X CXas COX 3 X 'Coe Xkoo 5 XX 'oe 9 0 se mo moo YN XX XNXXYX XXOXN X ot skep 0 XxX5eXXX 'xo nc, XNYX oxda XX'Xe bask SX NX S vXeXxvX CXass X A' NX A SS pX,XC, pq, Ban 9 X1 P4621 K Noe 0 A QNX X ss X se Cxa C,Xa Sansa XS XX, 9-Xa X 9A if I 1 I MR, WILLIAM AICHELMAN Economics Head of Hlstory Department MISS EVELYN ALLEN Latun M ISS ROSE BUONGIORNO ltalnan MR GUY CORSON Scnence MR GEORGE FALTINGS Problems Economncs Basketball Coach Actnng Head of Hrstory Department 0111? FACUHY MISS RUTH BASKOWITZ History and English MISS ALPHA CALIANDRO English MISS VIOLA DIEHL Algebra MR WILLIAM FISHER MRS ANNA BOCK Physical Educatnon MISS MARIE CONCILIO Spanish MRS GERALDINE DOEBLE Steno MISS HELEN FREIMAN MISS LEILA BROWN Llbrarlan MISS SYLVIA CONCILIO Chemistry MISS ANTIONETTE ENRICO Buology MR JOSEPH GREENWALD MRS LAURA BRUBANS BOORKEGDIDQ Class of MISS WILNA CONKLIN English MR KENNETH EVELAND Geometry Arithmetic Counselor 'lass of January 1944 MR JOSEPH A Chemnstry and Scnence Engllsh Law Salesmanshnp and GREENWALD Bookkeepmg Scnence and Algebra E V 3 5+ .a 1.4, , X I, I 1 I ' 943 4' "P 'gh I 'sl :M R I , I Q f R .X L, , 5 1 MR. ANTHONY GREGORY History MISS RUTH KATZ Biology and English MRS ETHEL LOAN E DR. CHARLES HAINFELD Secretarial Training Head of Commercial Department MISS IRENE KATTENHORN Home Economics MISS MILDRED MABIE Geometry and Trigonometry English Counselor Class of January l946 MISS AGNES MCLEAN MISS ELSA MILLER English Spanish German Head of Language Department MR. HARRIS HANES Problems of American Democracy MISS NETTIE KLEINFELD History and English MR WALTER MARKLE Mc hanical Drawing MISS ETHEL MILLER Home Economics MRS. ROSE JAMESON English MISS ANNA KUGLER French and German MR WALTER MATTHEWS Music MR ROBERT MODARELLI History Tennis Coach I MISS ADELE KAEMPF Typing and Commercial Geography MISS RUTH LEBISH Physics MR EDMUND MAZZA Chemistry MR JOE MOHAIR English Head of English Department J MISS RITA MOREAU MISS HELEN MORTON MISS F HELEN NESSLAGE MISS GLADYS NIVER MISS HELEN PAJONK 50911571 EHQIISYI Fine Arts Typing Stenography Typing Stenography Counselor Class of June I945 3 A I '-4 N 1 1 1 Va X ' 3 ' r 1 . . l A N Q - via. IZ.-J I MR ALBERT PARDEE Mechanucal Arts Track Coac MISS HENRIETTA REED School Nurse MRS MARGARET SCANLAN Typlng Stenography MISS ALICE WALTER Hrstory Counselor Class of January 1945 MRS DOROTHY LINN Office Clerk MRS FLORENCE PINSAN Junlor Business Trarnlng MISS ISOBEL RICHARDSON French MR ALVIN SHAEDIGER Physlcs Aerodynamlcs Head of Scuence Department MR RICHARD WEIDMANN Latln German MRS ANN NEVINS Otfnce Clerk MR T OTIS PRICE Algebra Athletlc Advuser Head of Mathematucs Department MRS ELVIRA ROSSI Bookkeepmg Typmg MISS RUTH SCHLANGER Typmg Bookkeeplng :uc MISS MILDRED WOODS no ogy MRS ETHEL TRYON Offlce Secretary MR DANIEL PRIMONT Hnstory Problems of American Democracy MISS ELIZABETH ROSSO Annex Counselor MR HERMAN SIMON Algebra Mathematncs -QS. MISS ELLA RANK Enghsh History Zi' MR GEORGE SAN BORNE Engllsh MISS CATHERINE SULLIVAN Geometry Counselor Class of June 1944 MR COURTNEY WRIGHT MISS ELEANOR ZWEIG Physlcal Educatlon Spamsh I 50 Q4 DR JOSEPH SHAPIRO LEON BLOCI-I DDS Med cal Dlrector School Dentlst . 5? , I l h I ' 'W 0 ' I R,N, ' . . ' I ,fy I . b, T 1 , I , V I 5 . . . I G 0 V5 ir Q.. -wx -. fn --'is-+A. CLASS' 0FFl6'El?S' HOWARD HEINSIUS VILMA KRUSE Presldent Vice Presldenf RUTH DESSART BETTY BIRDSALL Secretary Treasurer SUBTREASURERS Leoma Saner Mary Groth Grace Habedank Marnon Pappas Antolnetto Mulo I I ORANGE AND BZUE EDITORIAZ STAFF SHEILA KRISOW LOUIS GARTNER RUTH DESSART Assocnate Edntor Edlfor Managmg Educ, ARNOLD R055 ELEANQR FISH HOWARD HEINSIUS ROSE STILLINGS Art Editor Advertusung Edntor L'fefa"Y Edlfor Clrculatnon Ednfor FLORENCE BECKER DORIS GALLAGHER School Actnvmes Edutor Sensor Poll Edutor ELEANOR REYNOLDS WALTER REIGLE NORMA STRUZZI ROBERT VELDRAN Photography Edntor uraduate Actnvmes Edutor Typmg Edxtor Sports Edlfor . A , A NX A 9 fi g Y , Q X W , X , ' L ' .lx 1 A 5' All 1 . A , ' ,, J fl Y ' L sl S HONOR STUDENTS SHEILA KRISOW AUDREY TITELIUS Valednctornan Salutatonan JOHN NOON Thvrd Honor UNA DE CANDHJO ANTIONETTE PISSANTE Fourth Honor F'fth Honor I8 f ' 4 ll .Q " O 'o-1 , 'off' K 37' 1 NJ 'F s. ORANGE AND B Otto Arcona Marines Field Day, Snappy dresser, girls, flirting, boutonmeres, executive air, Albert Avallone Teaching Engllsh Club. B o o k s reserved do , , odler, quiet, early-bird, Gladys Bansch BUSIHESS History Forum, German Club, Gregg Award. Good natured, Lorry, COITYDO- sure, sincere, cherry cokeS. Nicholas Achinapura Art School History Forum, Press Staff, O. and B. Board, Basketball Manager. Typing, cartooning, affable, chubby, placid. Lorraine Barnes Business History Forum, Gregg Short- hand Award. Gaiety, Allan Ladd, consider- ate, ambition, conservative. HIE "Achie" "Albee" "om" "clause" Loffle Julie" .1 f Jewel Bassemir Business Commercial Club, Junior Red Cross, Gregg Shorthand A- wards. Tall, resolute, willingness, quiet, studious, "Vee" Vera Baxter Mount Holyoke College Girl's Basketball, History For- um, Debating Club, L a t i n Club, O. and B, Board. Powder blue, mademoiselle, blond hair, jewelry, basket- ball. Lee Becker Business College Latin Club, History Forum, O. and B. Board. Bangs, petite, loquacious, slimness, eating. irseckyii ORANGE . it fx Florence Becker Business Junior Red Cross, History Forum, Majorette, President Tri-Hi-Y, School Activities Editor O. and B. Board, Prom Committee. Absence, twirling, smiles, Committee, Usherette. Bella Berman Bus ness History Forum Edie telephoni 9 dry humor Joe, talkative. Helen Becker Secretary History Forum, Commercial Club, Junior Red Cross, Girl's Basketball, Gregg Shorthand Award, O. and B. Board, Magazine Drive. Bowling, jitterbug, snapshots, talkative, red hair. rfRustyrr rrLeerr rr 1 AND Bllllf r . ,ir lx ,A ,F ! A Gloria Bertrand Business History Forum, Gregg Award O. and B. Board. Spearmint candy, dancing amiable, pretty, shows. r 1 Doris Bindewald Katherine Gibbs Latin Club, Spanish Club, O. and B. Bo. rd, Field Day, Magazine Erive. S h o r t, cute, clothes, eye- lashes, pompadour. Ruth Buechle Business History Forum, Gregg Short- hand Award. Green eyes, coifture, soft spoken, sweet ways, quiet charm. "Glo" ffpow ,,Be,,S., Ne- Betty Birdsall Business School Treasurer of Class, History Forum, French Club, F ie ld Day, O. and B. Board, Usher- ette. Blond, sparkling eyes, cherry cokes, amiable, Harry James. i l l I Winifred Buesing Beaut ician President English Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Press Staff, Student Council, His- tory Forum, Commercial Club, O, and B. Board, Usherette, Gregg Shorthand Awards, Field Day. Billy, skating, blond hair, buoyant, reliable. "Babe" l u i Edith Bruno Bookkeeper Girl's Basketball, Secretary Italian Club, History Forum, Junior Red Cross, Commercial Club, O. and B. Board. Bella, Army, attentive, de- termined, willingness. "Ruthie" "Blondie Frances Cahn Secretary History Forum, O. and B. Board. Talkative, Essie, black hair, confused, letter-writing. Concetta Carfi New Jersey State Teacher's College Vice President Latin Club, Chairman of usherettes, O. and B. Board, Christmas Play, Spanish Club, History Forum, Prom Committee. Giggling, Sheila, witty, primp- ing, pleasant. , , i Dorothy Chambers X Business History Forum, Spanish Club, Field Day. Accommodating, books, quie- tude, bowling, reticent. ORANGE Robert Caso Undecided ltalian Club, Boy's Chorus. Bashful, music, parallel bars, neatness, brunettes. '3 , f il' 1 5' Edna Chilcote Business School History Forum, Band, Junior Red Cross. Drums, kibitzing, talkative, mischief, friendliness. S fa A I Jean Cesaretti Business College History Forum, Italian Club O. and B. Board, Gregg Shorthand Award, Commer- cial Club, Field Day, Maga- zine Drive, Junior Red Cross Counci I. Feather curl, Betty, dancing demure, dark eyes. Hconniefi "Jeannie" "Dot" "Chic" AND BHIE John Cirelli Army Air Corps History Forum, Track Team V Field Day, Gym Sergeant Baseball Team, Band. George Cicala E vous, lateness, shorty. Undecided History Forum, Field Day. Likeable, excuses, laughing, witty, thoughttulness. Andrew Cottone U. S. Arms' Italian Club, History Forum, Field Day. Skating, girl', Casanova, sparkling smile, swimming. 1 1 Congenial, amusing, mischie- Carmella Conte Secretary History Forum, Italian Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Gregg Steno Award, O. and B. Board. Sunny smile, friendliness, wavy hair, Glenn Miller, will- ingness. i Loretta Cusanelli Business History Forum. Tiny, chewing gum, quick wit, sweaters, dancing. John Constantino Army Air Corps History Forum, Inter-class Basketball. Bashful, basketball, St. Roc- co's, personality, quiet. "Bud" "Johnny" "Nec" "Const" "Andy ...Lk Mary Czimmeek Business Glee Club, Mixed ChoruS. German Club, O. and B. Board, History Forum, Maga- zine Drive, Usherette, Junior Red Cross, O. and B Agent. Jokes, singing, argumenta- tive, loquacious, laughing. ,J 1, . 1, Lina De Candido Business School French Club, Spanish Club, Treasurer History Forum, Usherette, O. and B. Board. Charm, engaging smile, wavy hair, neatness, poise. ORANGE A LIICHIB De H3311 Business Ge"f""3"' Club, History For m Junior Red Cross, Usheregtei Strawberry blonde enth ' , usi- aim, Coquettish e ' James- 1 Q mal, Harry I I 5 i Rosalie De Loreto Business Junior Red Cross, History Forum. Magazines, quietude, bows, confused, pleasant. Fred Del Vecchio Army Air Corps History Forum. Writing, good nature, se- rious, quiet, reserved. Marie Delguidice Business History Forum, O. and B Board, Junior Red Cross Usherette. I Chic, hair-do, clothes, bowl- ing, bows. Zlmmyu ,,Lee,, ,,Lun nDel,, nsisn uFreddy , AND BHIE fill' 1 Irene Dembski Designer English Club, Latin Club, His tory Forum, O. and B. Board, Magazine Drive. Ambitious books uiet i i fl , Ve' liable, friendly. Cosmo De Mitri New York University Band, Orchestra, Lieutenant on Junior Police, History Fo- rum, French Club, Italian Club. Wavy hair, Junior Police, oo- lite, likeable, quiet. V ' ,lit I I if Marion Deyo Training History Forum, Field Day, Girl's Basketball. Soort clothes, records, snap- shots, bashful, Marty. r i ii X i Jeanne Dering Business College O. and B. Board. Dreamer, slim, chewing Ql-lm, "Veronica Lake" hair-do, deb. Myrle Diehl Business School Junior Red Cross, History Forum, Latin Club. Loquacious, skating, bows, smilinc Navy. ,ilu Hoannyif "Ruthie" is vi: X Ruth Dessart Business Secretary Class, Managing Editor O, and B., Secretary Glee Club, Secretary Student Program Committee, Secre- tary English Club, History Forum, Press Staff, Mixed Chorus, Field Day, Usherette, Prom Committee, Gregg Awards, Commercial Club, Christmas Festival. Leo, petite, busy-bee, wit, congenial. "Marion" "Gabby ' Philip Dobken Armed Forces History Forum, Basketball, Field Day. Red hair, athletic, polo shirts, laughing, fun, ORANGE Edward Domb Undecided History Forum. Baby-face, book-worm, quiet, chubby, grin. Edward Donovan College Varsity Basketball, History Forum, Petite girls, basketball, sharp, lanky, smooth. ll Joseph Dragona Navy Football Team, Band, Gym Sergeant, Field Day, Baseball Team. Mischievous, llateness, milk truck, low voice, comic. J , Alfred Emil' Ruth Fedderman Navy Business Field Day. English Club, History Forum, , O, and B. Board. Corny jokes, faculty jams, noisy, A C1 P, Yankees. Witty, enthusiasm, slacks, Betty, congenial. Fi-Fi" f'Ed" "Movie" Hpeddy" rl, 9, 4,9 ffm ..-ribs AND BLUE Edward Ferda College History Forum, Orchestra, Band, Gym Sergeant, Field Day. Butcher boy, blushes,' neat- ness, ladies' man, g'nial na- ture. Eddie" Vincent Ferrara Mechanical Engineering Trade School Field Day, History Forum, Gym Sergeant. Jalopy, excuses, bewildered, grin, friendliness. Eleanor Fish Undecided Latin Club, History Forum, Magazine Drive, First Aid Squad, Advertising Editor O. and B. Board. Hair-do, sparkling Smile, friendly, soft-spoken, blue eyes. "Paulie" Robert Feucht Chemical Engineer History Forum, Field Day, Captain of Patrols. Photography, skating, socia- ble, dependable, Harry James. X Loretta Fitzmiller Undecided History Forum. Uo-sweep hair-do, sultry, glamour, sweaters, tall. "Ellie" Paul Fisher College French Club, History Forum Track Team. Sharpie, sports, heart-break- er, friendly, loud shirts. ' Fitzie Marie Forster Business Sh rin uiet amiable, ,Y Q , ,Ci , wistful, placid. u ll ' Helen Fnwler Undecided French Club, History Forum, Current Events Group, Field Day. Peaches and cream, blond curls, finger nails, Frank Sin- atra, Anna. Doris Gallagher Bethany College Vice President English Club, Secretary History Forum, Captain Debating Team, Stu- dent Program Committee, Press Staff, Latin Club, To- tal War Club, Girl's Basket- bal', Senior Poll Editor ot O. and B. Initiative, suits, dependable, serious, amiable. "Billy" ORANGE William Froelmer Naval Air Corps Gym Team, Radio Club, His- tory Forum, Band, Orchestra. Music, crew cut, smiles, sharpie, self-confident. P. , . lf If Evelyn Funk Business History grum, Dancing, blondie pep Jean affable. ' ' ' Louis Gartner College Editor O. and B., Co-Editor Press Staff, President of A. A,, President Biology Club, French Club, Radio Club, History Forum, Christmas Play, Student Council, Stu- dent Program Committee, "A A.", Howie, lab, deter- mined, knitted ties. "Evie" "Dorey" "Louie at "Lynne ' I 8 S27 AND BLUE Jennie Giotfini Business History Forum, Italian Club Sweet ways, quiet charm, curls, neatness, genial. "Marv" Mary Groth College German Club, Orchestra, His- tory Forum, Girl'S Basketball, Magazine Drive, Sub-treasur- er, O. and B. Board. Debbish, clothes, athletic, blushes, violin. i Howard Heinsius College "resident Senior Class, Presi- dent Student Council, Presi- dent Student Program Com- mittee, Editor Literary Staff O. and B., Co-Editor Press Staff, History Forum, Radio Club, Winner of "United We Win" Essay contest. Hats, executive air, populari- ty, Louie, curly locks. "Gracie" Edward Hairnowicx Casey Jones School ot Aeronautics HISYOYY FOrum, Bageball Grace Habedank Field Dev, Gym Ser Teacher History Forum, Latin Club Magazine Drive, Usherette, Sub-treasurer, O. and B Board. D5"lC'f1Q, Hffable, jovial, Frank, friendly. I l i 1 Grace Hendricksori Business History Forum. Sailors, Laura, considerate, ice cream, composure. "Eddie" Witty yes-man, talkative ness, amiable, wavy hair. "Howie" ' Terry Estelle Hoberman Business School i 7 History Forum, O. and B Board. Sociable, absence, Air Corps letter-writing, engaging smilef Mildred Hotchkiss Packard School President of German Club, Vice President of Language Club, Secretary of Junior Red Cross, History Forum, Field Day. Studious, shy, reliable, blush- ing, soft voice. Raymond Johnson Armed Forces History Forum, Field Day. F r i end l iness, conservative, neatness, sports, considerate. ORANGE Elo Hoybo Armed Forces Track Team, History Forum, Band, Field Day. Roller skating, Columbia Park, green jacket, reticent, horseback riding. Satenig Karagosian Secretary History Forum, Gregg Short- hand Award, O.and B. Board. Tiny, congenial nature, knit- ting, giggling, air corps. Margaret Hug Research 5Danishl Club, Chemistry Club, History Forum, Inter- Ameriran Friendship Club. Retiring, sincere, unaffected, friendly, quiet. "Essie" "Mil" "Bob" "Margaret" "Ray" "Sats" 54.9 AND BHIE George Katz High Estate University History Forum, Band, Pho- tography Club. Cameras, jokes, argumenta tive, 'Times", waves, Zeldee" Q 9 James Kinlin Business History Forum, Gym Ser- geant, Field Day. Shortie, jokes, impish grin, iovial, gravel voice. Sheila Krisow Montclair State Teacher's College English Club, La t i n Club, French Club, History Forum, Prom Committee, Field Day, Student Program Committee, Magazine D r i v e, Associate Editor O. and B., Christmas Play, Student Council. C I e v e r, Connie, giggling, braintrust, shoulder-bag. "Jim" "Jimmy" James Kopchains College History Forum, Press Staff, English Club, O. and B. Board. Obliging, flustered, home- work, slick hair, late slips. . .. Ji Elspeth Krueger College German Club, History Forum, Christmas Play, O. and B. Board. Tall, athletic, poise, quiet, industrious. iicarln Q., v Q. I- L. ii "She-She" Carl Kopmann College History Forum, Field Day, Gym Sergeant. Serious, intelligence, ambi- tion, conscientious, reticent. nsln 9 Vilma Kruse College History Forum, Glee Club, Field Day, Latin Club, Debat- ing Club, Vice President of Class, Chairman of Prom Committee, O. and B. Board, Usherette. Red slacks, quick wit, laugh- ing, dancing, glamorous. Anthony Lamanna College History Forum, F o o tb all Team, Varsity Basketball, Field Day, Inter-class Basket- ball, Gym Sergeant, Track Team. Popularity, curly hair, St. Rocco's, football, wise-cracks. Ethel Leahy Nursing History Forum. Roller Skating, polite, quiet- ude, sincere, reserved. Vicki" "Hook" "Joe" ORANGE Joseph Lanxalotta Armed Forces History Forum, Italian Club, Track Team, Football Tearrn Gym Sergeant, Projection Crew, Boy's Chorus, Field Day. Personality, Gloria, smiles, io- vial, strong. ,V 1 3 V l , i lf . Lf Laura Leathem Business Girl's Basketball, Junior Red Cross, Magazine Drive Agent, History Forum, Gregg Short- hand Award, Field Day. A t h I et i c, accommodating, chewing gum, dancing, Army. "Tommy" Thomas Lateano Navy Italian Club. Late slips, quiet,.baseball friendliness, amiability. "Lefty' -my AND BLUE Shelden Liclltblau Armed Forces Polo shirts, teasing, con- trary, Fifi, girls. Lorraine Madreperl Business History Forum, Usherette, Dramatic Club. Glamour, ,costume iewelry, sedate, coiffeure, fellows. Marie Maroon Business History Forum, Italian Club, Gregg Award. Readin uiet, dreamer, n Q. Q music, Pam. Edward Malakoff Virginia Military institute History Forum. Debating, cameras, Sheila, slick hair, intelligence. Y . X , 'N X ' A Gloria Marini Undecided History Forum, Italian Club, O. and B. Board. Queenly air, poise, clothes, Anita, charm. Jerome Malek Steven's Tech Publicity Manager ,History Forum, Radio Club, Field Day. Geniality, mathematics, Boy Scouts, early-bird, zealous. "Shel" "eddie" Merry., UMW.. "Glory" iii Wilbur Marusich Army Air Corps German Club, President His- tory Forum, Radio Club, English club, Field Day. Waves, studious, S5 words, argumentative, orator. Emil Masciandaro Armed Forces History Forum, Italian Club, Field Day, Gym Team. Witty, imitations, hard -work- er, gay dresser, sharpie. Dorothy Mende Laboratory Technician History Forum, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross Council, O. and B. Board. Poise, chewing gum, Harry James, complacent, brown. ORANGE John McCreary Music President Band, President Or- chestra, Boy's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, French Club, History Forum, Student Pro- gram Committee, Student Council, Stage Crew, A, A. Musical, girls, blue eyes, like- able, willingness, Michael Mercurio Navy Italian Club, Field Day, Boy's Chorus, Band. Casanova, wise cracks, accor- rlion, girls, friendly. f I 1 Irene Mclnerney Business Hi5f0"Y Forum. Sweet W-3YSf quiet, Iris Chafm, courteous. l'1, Curly" "Ra " Y "Colonel" "Mac" "Dotty" .,Mike AND Bllllf i T Antionette Milo Christ Hospital Latin Club Histor Forum f Y I Girl's Basketball, O. and B. Board, Field Day, Sub-Treas- urer of class. V i c k i, talkative, sweaters, walking, nurse's aid. John Molli College Student Program Committee, Magazine Poster, Scenery Crew, Prom Committee, ltal- ian Club, Press Staff, Eng- lish Club, History Forum. Studious, energetic, witty, imitator, black hair. Gerard Naszimento Navy Football, Baseball, T r a c k, History Forum. Football, late room, dreamer, good looks, Betty. H1-onli: uEiu iiAnna1r i' x Eileen Morgan Journalist History Forum, Press Staff, Magazine Drive, Vice Presi- dent Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Award, Usherette, O, and B. Board. Sincerity, blushing, blue eyes, Irish, ambitious. Archie Niven Business History Forum, Spanish Club, Red Cross Council, Field Day, Gym Sergeant. Red hair, friendliness, lpana smile, good looks, Plymouth. uRoddYu .-l -E. f i Anna Murphy Undecided French Club, Current Events Group, Field Day. Quiet, A hazel eyes, murder mysteries, reserved, sedate. nNivn ORANGE Augusta Noon Business English Club, German Club History Forum, O. and B Board, Gregg Awards. Reliable, Pearl, intelligence, Bob, industrious. Gussie ' "Johnnie" 1 John Noon Business President Latin Club, Treas- urer Language Club, History Forum, Debating Team, Stu- dent Program Committee. Brain-truster, sly grin, ar- gumentative, wisecracks, po- litics. William O'Brien Business History Forum, Field Day, xGym Sergeant. Blue eyes, shy, plaid shirts, silence, unassuming. Emily Oelllricll Business Commercial Club, Gregg Awards, French Club. Joe, cute, dreamy, blue eyes, shy. "Big Bill" Peter Olivo Navy Field Day, Italian Club. Humorous, quiet, baseball, industrious, compatible. Henry Oclls U. S. Marines Track Team, History Forum, State Crew, Field Day. E x c u s e s, hefty, retiring, placid, Track Team, 11 1 1 11 oxu 11M 1 ' Pete AND BHIE V' li I Marion Pappas Business School History Forum, Sub-treasurer, O. and B. Board, Junior Red Cross, English Club. Chewin um late slips Q , Q f , , sunny smile, congenial, loqu- acious. "Marion" "Ann' i V If V , .. - -'ww 'l 1 f 5 M J 5 Antionette Passante Undecided Music, studious, high heels, seriousness, sincere. Mario Patti Business l-listory Forum, Italian Club, Field Day, Photography Club. Cameras, retiring, cooper- ative, laughter, quiet. Elmer Petty Navy History Forum, Inter-class Basketball, Junior Police, Manager Tennis Team, Field Day. Theater, newspapers, socia- ble, blondie, sleepy. 0 .. ,I 'AJ-J: l l Arlene Pioroni College History Forum, Usherette. Ruth, sailors, convertibles, athletic, witty. ' 'PMN "Peters" Mary Edna Peters Army Nurse 'ice President History Forum, :hairlady United Nations Sroup, French Club, Usher- ette, lntra-American Friend- ship Club, O. and B. Board, Junior Red Cross. Sincerity, self-confidence, earnest, ambition, ice skat- ing. "Olly 1 Peter Poulos Marines History Forum, Field Day, Football Team. nl dreamer nonchal- Ma y, i ance, De Molay, football. 'Shep" "Lefty" Joseph Provede Farming Manager Football Team, Track Team, History Forum, Field Day, Gym Sergeant. Slick hair, flirting, Gold's, St. Rocco's, cheerful. Paul Raines Armed Forces Gym Sergeant, Field Day, Baseball. Late slips, tieless, Giants, rapid speech, intelligence. HRBYH ORANGE Norbert Pushkarow Armed Forces Captain of T e n n i s Team, Track Team, Prom Commit- tee, Field Day, History For- um. Flirting, teasing, laughing, excuses, noise, Frances Ranuro Business School History Forum, Gregg Short- hand Awards, Junior Red Cross, O. and B, Board. Feather curl, friendly, jovial, singing, laughing. "Paulie" Raymond Quina U. S. Navy Field Day, Gym Sergeant. Pleasant, quiet, stocky, guns Navy. "mn" 0 --s-"' 4 AND BLUE Bernard Reichert Navail Air Corps O. and B. Board, Radio Club Mathematics Club. Blushes, engaging grin, Giants, Frenchy, amiable. "BernY" 1 Walter Reiglo Aeronautical Engineering History Forum, German Club, Student Program Committee, Editor Senior Activities O. and B. Board. Witty, ambitious, Ross and Ryan, swell fellow. William Rochford Armed Forces Football Team, History For- um, Field Day. Reveries, amiability, slow, grin, placid. nwaln Philip Restuccia U. S. Navy Band, Italian Club, R a d i o Club, Field Day, Camera Club. A m i a ble, trumpet, grin, cheerful, Band, Marion Roenbeck Nursing Hi5f,0fY Forum, German Club, Junior Red Cross, Intra- American Friendship Club. Complacent, 9 rings, sense of humor, skating, composure. nphiln iiNor1' 1 A 5 Eleanor Reynolds Nursing Glee Club, Latin Club, His- tory Forum, Field Day, Mix- ed Chorus, Girl's Basketball, Collegiana, Magazine Drive, Photography Editor O. and B. Petite, pleated skirts, sing- ing, giggling, dancing. "Matsy K ' P r 'Pi ..f " 2 lo Harold Roman U, S, Marines French Club, English Club, Field Day, Author of Alma Mafef, Track Team, Cross Country Team, Boy's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Quar- tet, All State Chorus, History Forum, Debating Team, Poetic, bathtub tenor, flirt- ing, self-confident, cars. Sidney Root College Boy's Glee Club, History For- um, Mixed Chorus. Studious, Noon, radio, sing- ing, serious. Anne Salisbury Journalist Press Staff. Talkative, friendly, industri- ous, sincere, witty. ORANGE Arnold Ross Naval Air Corps Radio Club. Athletic Associa- tion, Press Staff, Art Editor, O C1 B Board, Magazine Pos- ter, History Forum, Prom Committee. Art, Varga girls, Reigle and Ryan, bow ties, likeable. Leonia Saner Beautician Sub-treasurer of Class, GirI's Basketball Team, History For- um, Field Day, O. and B. Board, Usherette. Dancing, hair-do, Ruth, trankness, dimple. Edward Ryan Naval Air Force German Club, Radio Club, Field Day, O. and B. Board. Sea Scouts, Reigle and Ross, industry, genial, Harry James. "Jack" "Eddie" "Annie" rrLeeH .fag WWTQ V9flllR 'f' 0 T ii .i-A W dm AND BLUE Pllilomena Scazafave Business College Italian Club, History Forum, O. and B. Board. Comedian, congenial, noisy, Cut-up, cheerful. x 1 Q , 'Phil" "Herman Rufhle BufCh Ame Charles Schmidt ORANGE Business Studious, serious, typing, i friendly, shy. , Mildred Schmidt Business President French Club, Ger- man Club, Hl5T0fY Fofum- Ultra-feminine, fluffy hair, high heels, frills, pleasant. fi Myrtle Schmidt Beautician History Forum, Junior Red Cross. Blonde hair, excuses, tall, , , , composure, absence, WIIIIBI11 sllhmldf Naval Air Corps History Forum. Engaging grin, sociability, baby face, neatness, ties. x I Alice Schneider Bef-fy Sghwarfgffub Business Katherine Gibbs French Club, German Club. History Forum, Junior Red I Cross, O. and B. Board, Ger- Reticent, long nails, library, man Club, sweet ways, quiet. Clothes, vitality, ticklish, pigtails, cute. Milner. ,.MY,,H "SChmitty" ,, ,, "B tt Lorry e Y AND BHIE 4 Leo Scodellaro Armed Forces President Italian Club, His- tory Forum, O. and B. Board, Prom Committee, Language Club, Field Day, Track Team, Gym Sergeant, Magazine Drive. Ruth, dependable, wavy hair, amiable, sincerity. l i i Catherine Sharp Business School History Forum, English Club, Magazine Drive, Field Day. Neatness, pleasant disposi- tion, placid, soft-spoken, in- dustrious. Palma Simpatico Business Italian Club. Reading, tall, thoughtful, sports, Nelson Eddy. HJ 'Scottie" "Kay" eanne" Jeanette Silllard Marie Simeone Nursing History Forum, Latin Club, O. and 8. Board. Feather cut, cute, brown Waves eyes, smiles, sociability. Sailors, Ruthie, excitable, feather cut, eating. Ralph Slack Armed Forces History Forum. Red hair, teasing, pranks, tall, pegged pants. "MMV" "Slack 'F' as if Q O u -v... Lawrence Solomon U. S. Army History Forum, Captain of Gym Team. Reserved, soft-spoken, good natured, unassuming, placid- ity. Ruth Springstead Business German Club. Sailors, bowling, Jeanette, talking, cheeriness. ORANGE Gearge Steets Naval Air Corps Sleepy, cleats, hair tonic, quiet, reticent. Rose Stillings Nursing School Latin Club, History Forum, Circulation Editor O. and B., Field Day. Smiles, curly hair, witty, pug nose, ice cream. S i I , Anne Stirrat Nursing Latin Club, Glee Club, His- YOYY Forum, Girl's Basketball Field Day, Magazine Drive, Collegiana, Varsity Show. Laughing, singing, Scotch, Air Corps, loquacious. Harriet Steinert Business History Forum, Gregg Short hand Award. Genial, chair, pleasant, choco late cake, accommodating. "Ruthie" "Har" "Rosie" "Nan" AND BHIE V X ' S Y ' l Norma Struzzi Business History Forum, Vice Presi- dent Italian Club, Junior Red Cross, Gregg Award, Com- mercial Club, Editor Typing l:!x' 4l Rosemary Studor College History Forum, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, lntra- American Friendship Club. Sociable, easy-going, studi- ous, tranquillity, complacent. F anlr Stone r Staff O. and B. Armed Forces Unaftected, reliable, Ronnie, History Forum, Boy's Chorus, m0V'e5f reserved. Gym Sergeant, Field Day. "Lake" wave, girls, smooth- ness, genial, neatness. James Taglieri Armed Forces Sharpie, dancing, soda ierker, sport jackets, genial. Hgockyn nNo,H NRO., Joseph Temple Army Air Corps History Forum, Baseball Team. Girls, sport clothes, baseball, tall, lettuce and tomatoes. 7 X 1 xy! it all 'il Ethel Swanson College History Forum, Girl's Basket- ball, Tri-Hi-Y. Athletic, blue eyes, friendli- ness, basketball, placid. HENYH Hjimmy k. QQ Histor Forum Gre Award 2 i Vera Thompson Undecided French Club, History Forum. Shy, "shorty", freckles, sweet, wavy hair. Vera" "Ly,-mi' qs Madelyn Tierney Undecided History Forum, French Club Field Day, O. and B. Board. Green eyes, sweaters, Navy, Mae, cute, if ORANGE F. .i l Audrey Titelius n Business Junior Red Cross, History Forum, O. and B. Board. Hamburgers ultra-feminine, colds, intelligence, retncent. k ' 'i Elilabefh TUIIY Virginia Turnalnian Business Bethany College Y i QQ i O.vand B. Board, Magazine Drive, Commercial Club, French Club, Usherette. "irish," jovial, Jean, viva- cious, loquacious. "Audrey" ds- '47' 5 French Club, History Forum, Girl's Basketball, O. and B. Board, Field Day. Coquettish, impish grin, en- thusiasm, dancing, sincerity. iisenyf. Edward Tschupp U. S. Army Radio Club, Gym Sergeant Field Day. Serious, placid, studious, con- fidence, soft-spoken. "Ginny" AND BLUE V 'l 1 iii Ruth Vaccaro Business College Latin Club, History Forum, Usherette, O. and B. Board. Blushing, considerate, Harry James, green eyes, good na- ture. Ruthie" "Bob" Robert Veldran U. S. Marines Tennis Team, O. and B. Board. Sports, Edna, Ewe's, regular fellow, Vaughn Monroe. Joseph Wilcox Armed Forces Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Track Team, Gym Team, Varsity Show. Girls, comedian, late room, iokes, sport, "Annie" . ,, , l Anna Vozza Montclair College O. and B. Board, Secretary Latin Club, Secretary Press Staff, History Forum, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Usher- ette, Field Day, Commercial Club, Treasurer English Club, Magazine Drive. Jovial, personality, studious, brown eyes, Barbara. Barbara Willmott Business Junior Red Cross Council, Gregg Award, Field Day. Friendly, "Poppy," sodas, quiet, Annie, ,rMa,,ty,, X, fi Martha Wells Training Spanish Club, Latin Club, Field Day, History Forum. Sport Clothes, p e r f u m e, Hitz's, brown eyes, Marines. "Jolting Joe" "Babble 'I X I. Anita Wilson Undecided All State Chorus, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, History For- um, Collegiana, S t u d e n t Council, O. and B. Board, Field Day, Scenery Crew, Gi rl 's Basketball, Student Program Committee. Skating, dimples, singing, June, laughter. Doris Wilson Business Junior Red Cross, HiSf0fY Forum Gre Shorthand , QQ Award, O. and B. Agent. Bicycles, tall tailored 'ensem- bles, friendliness, willingness. ORANGE Pearl Wolf Spanish Interpreter Student Council, President Spanish Club, President Lan- guag Club, Debating Team, Student Program Committee, Latin Club, O. and B. Board. lndustrious, black hair, Gus- sie, red bows, dependability. Kenneth Woodley Merchant Marine Field Day. Lanky, chewing gum, blushes, shy, sleepy. ' Neets" "WiIly" 'fpeaflien as David Wynne Army Air Corps History Forum. Dreamer, reticent, polite, Sf1Y, hunting. NRO., V i , X N' i' , y lil . ,,. V i I li if ii Rhoda Wollman Business -listory Forum, Gregg Awards, Press Staff, O. and B. Board, Commercial Club, English Club. Wit, accommodating, person- ality, Ruth, dependable. "KennY" "Davey k 1,k A' AND BZUE Mabel Yerex Undecided History Forum, Field Day, O. and B. Board, Magazine Drive. Earrings, "oh boy," laughing, blue eyes, strawberry floats. Albert Zoller College History Forum, Gym Ser- geant, Field Day, Orchestra. Corn jokes sociability Y I friendly grin, embarrassment blushing. "May" UAV, X s . i ssswif .. .5 - za . kxsxjfil s ,A .4 . Q . 3-X AUXILIARY EDNA WAGNER W.A.A.C , If FACULTY IN SERVICE 2nd LT. BERNARD DEUTCHMAN PVT. HERBERT OSTROFF U. S. Army U. S. Army 'fl ' PVT. SIDNEY ROSENTHAL 2nd LT. GEORGE LIEDERMAN U' 5- AVVWY U. S. Army MARCELL GLEYRE Federal Bureau of Investigation Best Dancers EVELYN FUNK JAMES TAGLIERI s IB SENIOR Pau fb p'm gf5 1 J' 1 I g Q :VI 3? ,wk I '51 5 3 .4-X 0 7: fl CNW Q9 Tilt Best Dressed MARIE DELGUIDICE LOUIS GARTNER Best Lookmg GLORIA BERTRAND EDWARD DONOVAN Miz'-1 2 ' 4 ' s yf A. iv., g Class Babues ELEANOR REYNOLDS Mug L,kely fg WILLIAM SCHMIDT DORIS GALLAGHER ARNOLD ROSS 7 I I , CI . 2 'LX Class Brainhusters c',j51,f"ggQ:':Qf' SHEILA KRISOW JOHN NOON LEO SCODELLARO -fx av" eff 46" 'E' Most Talented vw .l I fr ANITA WILSON WlLLlAM FROEHNER Class Comedlans PHILOMENA SCAZAFAVE JOSEPH WILCOX 45, Class Dreamers JEANNE DERING GEORGE STEETS W ,f seLxf, ,A es X Class Wits RUTH FEDDERMAN JOSEPH WILCOX Mx J!! Class Athletes LAURA LEATHEM , GERARD NAszlMENTO ependable EALLA GART nun. CD- f Jw F x M L, x ff 1' Z . T .- ' fm ' ' 'YT '- ei' Hl gfy .S ,, 'll Q. E I if Q, ' ,J Class Smoothies GLORIA MARINI HAROLD ROMAN Best Lnked Y, RUTH DESSART "ff ff-if JOHN MCCREARY 45 Q 411. 6 af 9, 2 ' f M' if , 4. 5 Wg. f s " 15.9 J. fl 'n,,gi. JW, f If fd-if 3 5-F' 91541 2 ,, 8 I A If ,s 4, . 'Q 1 i if W: I T 051' 3- f 1 Q J' XY-..,,. 'WIC Q Q X 1 ,z X K or ,ff 1 7:30 A.M.-"Ya Gotta Get Up-Ya Gotta Get Up." 7145 A'M--"HBV f0'daY, QOUC f0'm0"VOW GJ' Q I2 45 P M The Spacnous AA Room I OO P M One O clock Jump G! v-5 -Ev 3 43 P M The Frosh She Left Behmd 4 30 P M The Long Way Home Roos. The under or garir-Lak 'reno , angef Ores-r XN 'r uhcr s Khe s STOOEHT OOHCXL 'dems ok Ofrrorw YT'rXX's oursrahdmg he presrdervr oR Khrs group. Thrs 'X' ' acrwrires have 'mcXuded rhe arr cheduXe ror 'che schooX fheexkogs. roup Ks composed ok Khe V errror Oass 'rs auKOn'NaK'rca Yxekhsrus, the Srudehr Co aq aherrroorw dances and rXhcrpaX Nw , YN. S'rahXer. Thrs g resrdervr oi Xhe S rhe Xeadershrp or Xdoward of 'rhe scheduNe for rhe Yrkd dsirser Ror Khrs group 'rs our p mem The 'racuhq a ruoeur vmooww commfiec he Srudehr Vrografh Cofhfrfrkree 'rs a rrewhl orgarir-Led group vlhxch 'rs respohsx'oXe ior Khe d preserrrarkoh ok our weevdq BSSGYYTUN programs. Thxs orgafrrcarroo Ks cofhprksed rrdmg 'wr rhe drafharrc and fhusrcaX YreXds. Pas Rh Khe case or Khe Srudehr Seriror C,Xass 'rs aurorhaK'rcaXN QYZSXGBOK ok rhrs group, rhe resk ok ear's okhcers 'mcXude Howard Xderrrsrus, Vresrdehv, Vsurh Rosso, The errrerkarrirhg and 'rhskrucrwe programs cess or Khrs orgarrrcafroh, 'Y arafroh 30 ems oursra dem ok 'rhe 6 Thrs X4 'rs Nfrss E. Xe, Khe suc PVC? srud r Cir oknre . kser ' husxr a ok rhe Couhcd, xhe p 'rhe o'r'rrcers are app Oessarr, Secrerahf. The adv presenred 'ro Khe pasr year cXearN r 50 SENIOR A'S Stepping up to take our place are the competent Sensor A s who we belleve wall be a great success under the very capable Mlss Helen Palonlc SENIOR A OFFICERS AND SUB TREASURERS Presldent Eclwln Llghtcap Vlce President Charles Reed Secretary Justune Campanella Treasurer Kathernne Yacono Sub treasurers Edgar Love Zabel Dabbaklan Mary Gullnano Justln Campanella JUNIOR AS Thus the newest of our organnzed asses has started :ts career Unlon Hull wlth a bang Although only orgamzecl for a few months thus group has to tts credut a successful dance and an equally successful theatre party Thelr faculty advlser Mlss Ruth Baskowltz assures you and we concur that thelrs wlll be a class to remember JUNIOR A OFFICERS AND SUB TREASURERS Presldent Cadvan Grnffeth Vlce Presudent George Wuesthoff Secretary Dolores Smlth Treasurer Patrlcna Rhode Sub treasurers Joan Jannung Bella Saylor Marvln Greenberg Dorothy Berthkelser Dolores De Lorenzo JUNIOR B S The Junlor B s have already made thelr mark IH Unlon Hull by showlng themselves to be on thenr toes and on the spot wuth new and orlgnnal Ideas Ad lng to thus the fact that Mr Anthony Gregory IS thelr adviser how can they fall? JUNIOR B OFFICERS AND SUB TREASURERS Presudent Anne Volpe Vlce Presldent Robert Margolues Secretary Rose Youmatzo Sub treasurers Wllllam Brandes Anne Matera Grace Kruschz Ruta Aleffl lngeborg Jaeger Ruth Bauer leln Carolyn Koch . 1 , f , - I , , , I - , d' 4 . TVSBSUFS-I' ,,,.,,,,,,.Y.,,,,,, .,,Robert Funesti - : I I I ll I I I - I CI I - ,, 1, at f . f , f , - Q ' I I I I , . ORANGE AND BZUE BOARD We have done our best to make thus Orange and Blue one to be proud of Now It as up to you to decade we hope we have satnsfled you ART Arnold Ross Edltor John Moll: Associate Anita Wulson Luna De Candudo Glorna Marmu Phllomena Scazafave Irene Dembskn CIRCULATION Rose Stnllrngs Editor Edrtor Concetta Cart: Assoclate Edutor Antuonette Mulo Mary Czlmmeck Eulleen Morgan Anne Stnrrat Betty Tully Dorns Bnndewald LITERATURE Howard Hennsrus Edutor John Noon Associate Edntor Dorls Gallagher Wlnufred Bueslng Sidney Root Dorothy Mende . , . 1 1 1 1 ' ' . 1 ' ' I ' ' . , . f I f I W f I ,' .t . 1 ' . ' Edntor LOUIS GARTNER Assoclate Editor SHEILA KRISOW Managung Edltor RUTH DESSART SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Florence Becker Edltor Anna Vozza Associate Editor Vera Baxter Satenng Karagoslan Estelle Hoberman Madelyn Tnerney Helen Becker ADVERTISING Eleanor Flsh Edltor Bernard Reuchert Associate Edntor Augusta Noon Lee Becker Ruth Vaccaro Pearl Wolf Marte Slmeone GRADUATE ACTIVITIES Walter Reuqle Edntor Betty Bxrdsall Assocnate Edntor Rhoda Wollrnan Leonua Saner Vnrgnnla Turnamsan Frances Cahn Marlon Pappas Ruth Fedderman 62 PHOTOGRAPHY Eleanor Reynolds Edltor Edward Ryan Assoclate Editor Leo Scodellaro Robert Feucht Grace Habedank SPORTS Robert Veldran Edxtor Mary Groth Assocnate Edntor Betty Schwartztrub Vilma Kruse Elspeth Kruger TYPING Norma Struzzl Editor Jean Cesarettu Assocna e Editor Glorla Bertrand Nlcholas Achlnapura Ednth Bruno Jeanne Derlng Marne Delgulduce Frances Ranuro I E5 ,getaw- f 1,5 : A wa.. 1,nP.M'f,. .. Union Hill High School H' H H H My I Ili, l'l.'l.'S.S' .Nl ll I" 3' X lhxnmn of the llngliih til :hi A, li CC I QQ gf-Q3 Union Hill Higlzm Sclzoo lly THE I'lfla'S.S' ST.-ill' KA llisisinn nf tho Eluglisll llnhn 21. v 1 ,3- 4 'Z 1 X Th.- ,...................,,.. I 4 Q.Q.QL., .. , 6 Z i S H ,az ' " Y ' ' ' ' ' ,J - vw r IZ- Hum Q Nga- simon READING GROUP ' N ': 1.-"El , h H 1 4 54: -- o -if 'Q V1 f 'i- lnzon , H H Hy X Q. Lfjulf 'A Di Aivpcr R V Eg 1..1l--- .-. I-Lditnrial P ,. mx- will umm true'-. bo- hnmvlmz. are v.m'Mng m Loop hz, Mime Sofflxrfx ,. '!?2.-. -1- , 'IIMYMJ all iIlif.11mln.f'::r n 7:uiI,l 'Ann plug, 'toll Lmlofi FYHLWQ NIH-g SHlm1mHIslandSxs XQHH- af1.n,,,f,,,n ,N , V ,V 'avifim' horicon, HWY' 3Wl.p1'rwwir-111 x-.ng new c!w":1f- i., who tho xrnrnirxrv 14' rvnl r'--,4..s.. .,,.,- ,.. 1... g.,. of o' -o Miss Xkdrngnf-r .Ivins XX."X.U'i ' f' 'MMS E-liima V. :m..:,' Q. :1 f1f""' 1 r' faf'z,1Efj.A ww" WV 4 M 5 ' , A e X1'fX.Xsf W X -f f-t'Q,,5 Ip :mx . . . .fi , l hm' fiwf 011' H' - W,g,m Q A Ulf, Blgf .qw g 1.-.1-mhlp Vu QIQHII 'mn' ' V -' 1' '-, :,, 4, V, , X W- I .MI li'-r "- fad ' ,, Ja wx 1 C X ,IO rl MAGAZINE GROUP JUNI ,de .,,,f,iV I --mf . , ,.p' -, ,,,An,v . 'mn Hz11 High! School 6 Hy THE Pnlfsxsn .s'1'.1N' Unfnn Hflfnfffgh 5511091 T CLUB SS STAFF numb cxum A V ham a V , I If- ' 1 L QV' ' ff-. ..f:f'Z1 W . 4 . -Auipuzifrri may H L . JH mi mf mfmb Langu J" I ,,. PRESS STAFF TECLN if T'C "E A2'E:' i' W' CW CZMEE T r 1 I V. ,.. . fl X , here. 1 Qnrm "" 41..- SLAB!! 4. 1' F' pref 92" F ' ,Ns ra: waefy G tri WH" T06 :L-Qiilrcr, cf f' 9 ' n j':,,,3 as Lum furffer J '4 K L, ,Q Lf,-,E 1 V 7 E . P' fvAl7C5.4 , By , L .. The 5 fr' 'l VE 'QW , Tp 'fwZ'pQ'W"',ifC vw av mari I f Week? lxmeligh' Milffsff 1133 R 4 Larwqlzmlff K 'I' Rffwx 5 iff- ii., gf: r1Ycre,T,ng A Vw cfemfs. ,. . .. nf, . y. Hug. QA :iw 'mn 'G' WWI. """ 1mLf1l'ldlY'lpf f I-1 xwfflw 1 . . z Dlx' , '-punk-In C lub , ,A Lf' "if '1 V K. .HL 1-!1,.t,fJrQv E1 -. V., Lf 1 1, Ugg ,1 H WNY k"3f"5 'f'if1Hi?i rlgvmf ' K vliirriw' ,, .,fH. in l'1,iqf1-Jv, Hr, ,, ' U ' - STH NI' I'Hi1F'1 HU! Elf!! 11111 ,A , ,,',,Y.y4,, H h Ffa faanrmf Sll?Jj'W'Yx HW ' YL, X3',A43,?H , , - ak-Q mf-M-fw ff -- - --- -E avi P'-wglixll :mal S119 ' film A ,F fy 1Mfrw,Uf'- 1- , , ,,, GENERAL ENGLISH CLUB 'g , A C 5 Axel-HINY I M , "flu QE.: H-fw4:E1'P3E'w1, A.x,.6A , Npnmr of tr W:lQ:frCGGEL1i'E! x ,"x"'v'i'""',vjf'v'i?fjtfAk- H VM, .J LL Ami- A Rufi Diiff ti A Nxvil., l'rr-7-hg1i.,L Hx P N lvmfllhl Miki Anna kit: 'W' ' V "V U5 ' ' ' I. ' 'Iam V561 sis-r:E,'.-'v W f 71. " 1" "1 M h U Vx as VJ, Cywk L 'gaiimz mme as fglkms. ,, 1..1g- A -.mfgvsxgs r -yd WW E er- . - -- I -' f , V N Q """ U ' H'lI H' lz S , ,. f By IHL P1cE,,s.s .SIAI 1, ,TTU 4 2 f . , L, 1IH'W'?'f1l" li,.H.M, M, ,V A3 CA Disisiml of the lilwgluh L luhl L on Niivs. ' rf.: gin?-1 V ,Ml V 7 uf H4-:Eli A , :A':wa?,11ag 5-'11 .. SHORT sToRY GROUP , , ,rj F gh X 1 .wus '53 f- Al- Sf' 'A A mx 4 u'LiC1 I QS, 4 and N551 'd'l""E 3 Mfg wil: nl l if ,jii": TSJCVL, 4 Inca? ghg -' --3':- " Q' me alt , A rs V!! ,. 'V-+2171 - ff' wry., uzhlv lr R L L.. M f1f!Uiis!? LSU? l'Hl I'lQl'S'S ST if-Sl' 1 . ...Lawn Gal 90, ',fsf.w,- A I i , a Enix 1 ix , 'P in Xia M, , X O -v 3-5 1 I . " ' 'nv- " A -' ,Q-2. V R - aff' s J' A f .465 4 o" X" ' ' M xii' ' -W YN 2 xr I QV 2 "'A' 5 ' N V, ? 4 ,ry 4 .193 1.5 a Oi? 'S ,ps r mx V07 P I 'I v .ff ,H , ,W - ,.- as. ,,,, 'ii 'Q If' t 56.542-v 7 -0- N. 5 I nz' 'a . wg 441 , Mu.. Y QW' .. I . J xl "I NSR Q r ' I ' GERMAN1. F Jenmurks Havn ESON sound T 2,22 5 " , 1 hbrutay 0 R UM0f QPE I BEAR I,l ARENTS CURRENT EVENTS GROUP THE TOTAL WAR GROUP ' Pt WVVTEV7 3 s Ga 'agtwer A vtser, Mr G, Faltmgs IAR TICIM ISLES 4 Buy ul Hismq Fxmsterre . Ascsmsaou I. IBM ST HELENA I,- tBy u imiiill- Tn study of current events I at to the p asc 0 Stal w trar pmtataon, prcductnc , mor le and wmbat, 7' OUR STATE hatrman, John Provitera dvtser, Mr, R, Madarefh This state. It ts a part of New Jersey Hnstortcal Soctety, ' 4,11 Gulf 0 Y' 3770 N RISTAN DA Cv. -1. 'Bm FRESHMAN FORUM-THE FIGHTERS FOR FREEDOM Chatrman Jcseptt K39 Ft Acwser, N' ss N, Kleftlfd True pqrpcse it tms gr:,: ss t: sung: avert and keep tresf tn tfae mmds cf our students the teachmgs ot tHe mmth graje imstory classes. -- Bouv ET 1 oNoruuy, dub ts orgamzed T3 farm!- tarxze tts members wth the history the hlf JA JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross a supple ment to the Red Cross has been organized under the very capable supervision of Miss H Reed W have this group to thank for our service flag and Thanksgiving Day baskets. FIRST AID SQUAD Another fine accomplishment which Miss H. Reed has to her credit is the organization of the first aid squad, every member of which is qualified to go on duty at a moment's notice in case of hos- tilities . . . a most pracical group. 70 DEBATING TEAM Doris Gallagher Captain Pearl Wolf Herman Klein Norman Crystal Mr S Rosenthal Coach The aim of our Debating Team is to develop poise self control and self expression Our obiectives are to learn to think quickly ana lyze clearly and organize infor mation concisely JUNIOR POLICE The Junior Police is a fine organ- ization which is worthy of much praise for its work in keeping the areas around our school protected against traffic violations which might prove hazardous to the stu- dents. We salute you-members of the Junior Police. , Xaffab ' ,ir lm' wands' gthe The Isa pxeasuigqe beenpxe O0 our o viii wax xfcrvaxienx pe ful 3 bel? N BROW Miss N-ULF E have the annual Magazine Drive to thank for the many up-to-date books that now adorn our library shelves. It is through this annual event that the many outside friends of our school are able to help our fine library. We are happy to know that we have contributed in some way to the success of this truly worthy project. . i-,cf Q I P t SENIORS WHO PARTICIPATED IN MAGAZINE DRIVE te wygh xcjloiaare . B 5' rxan A f0f Servo' wofa tw? E hat as 3 mned mile libm . W K 5K3 ma . h K0 Sim? Ur 91 has Q05 le' YO afY we moi," irfep e of 0 P6 one 0 :meow . i X- f A , . . wi-' -Q -X . i- -. .ml . XX - NX i X x XXX 1 - . x- 1 iv . K X. VSW' i ' X Y, X . U" c XV i 509k , i 4 wjx ' . QV .xx W w. ii it . ixf ,. .xx ,, FRENCH CLUB XQQLXX XNNV' President, Mildred Schmidt K. YJ Adviser, Miss E. Zweig .A N QHMXXX ' nil X. VX X X'-X XL X., i W- .lrl 1:7 - fm, , .A.! ! H This group keeps the torch of France aiive, and exempiifies Frarwcc's mottof"L.ibertc, Equalite, Fraternitef' V, xx , ,. .- .mtv X. ,, wx- X -,ur x - X ..yX .-X AW' -X ' ' K x QW -.Q--X-'N in W ., 1. , - ' - X , " w ' u X . ,, X X 'ff' I 1.N,,. . LH- YXX XX' kxu XX ' it :glut ff' 1. K, ai K 4 . Al 'X i A 'XOXX' x 9 .xs.3'. 1.,lQiW . :iff T' CJR A , X 0 GX . X ' .-ii -ix ' XxX'- Xc .Yi ' .pix f XX VY X 565 X Y KQX s XX wxvft UA6' uxkx . x .-' .- N. . ,yi E. MX xi , . ,x, . X X X .- t I 'X .U . .L V V VX.. XXL 1 , QW! V X .Hx H Officers 1- ' . . x.. v General Language Club ag. 5 , . ' C 'X A PWS USF? Pear- Woif R- 3 , .62 Vee Presideie' Midred Hitchkiss - X 1-' . 30655595 Secretary Miidred Schmidt Li K Q'-39 RX TVCSSLNGF Jzrin Nocv UWC 4696 ,SQ01 ix " egxfylv X Adwiser M155 E A519-1 959 W, 'Z 5x ' . 1 semi V, XR W Y vane I 3-ix" " A .AI fi i 3 iexxk KVM xx XX M fix ' V.iiv"' 16s e 'X' ' X we .. .web ii! 011 i V WJ , fb- NX" L ,NJ EGU K Ov -V' ' CN-,0q' . UXW MGM'-D .Tai U 1-NX R 0 4 .1 RGC" -,,1, , :WHY x 6 G0 1 ac on f. .. 41144. s!QL niflbrri- 'lllwui' I C. UW ffl, I 4 is 'fo I A f. A qi , Q, b 1 9 lrmixl 1' fy I U I I! V nl ,,, lo.. - 7 ' rfb! U,-,lj fflrjo V 4. lo 1,1 Y ' 6-U, 1001! 'ff, I. l,f S. jj' . 64" If! 9 'fhfjp ffm- , 'A 6:1 fl N-U15 "N ffl . 'jjj - ,' fl H' . J In - fu . -'I j. .sun -V 1, . il lp QM -, jf -1 ,775 llllfrz ,i ff. I. f' 'f' X. I P1 xi, f '7'.v'1 ' UVIQ,-, . ' ff ff1.,,hl'f!. SPANISH CLUB f-a1,,, 'J .1 - ,., . NIU ' " President Pear! Wolf 'X- rj f ,Ili . ,, Li, ' Adwser, Miss M Conziiio 'fi 1,i,. ,M "Ln, I "X my. 1 -,,, , ffm, "E Crm 3 Espzagriy' erfdeavsrs to 71, ' WN, f,,, t lj,l. ,JZ accentuate :dr frierid7',f fee mg to- in " L' ward :dr ggpd rweigrwbzrs To the 13 I south " 11, ,X r f I I XIV., 7115, J. ill If ,X V 1 In .will ,Var 'fxff Uh Iwi Vw., A -"!'4!f.I,, I 1,1 lfhfq 1 W4 X 1 f X., I K fffhjfvl , f X. ii, I 'nf .. Agnus I 4 1 ,AU f .ll . V, . f , ' 1- . , 1,110 . 'f V. 'ff l, IIP I' li I2 - ff ir' ii., sf " . ,I " iii ,. iff i ,ptr fij- :A Inu, . I! fy! V, lv I I X 3,131 . , .L ,V , Y E ,l I I , I . ,M W ff' fre '-IH". IAM, I Irffl 'I -I' I If . .J 'ff g, W, ' I . Uk A , Y i.-Win I , -1,1 fl ' b 11 x . I 'IU' X I I' , I I 'yfiji . I INN, X'Iff'i.'wi, I-'fi-' , If-IH? ly .nfl J xi. :V X I, My I K It i i V K . vli itil ,. F I 4 My 'K ,V fb! i. 'll ln'..rb. ' .' vw. IM. ' ' . . .. I U1 I' , y fit Jfdlbl, I X lrjbwfj I , " 'lflllfj ' V ,jl .i Hin 'jf' . , Ii - , 'Q M i ,, 'V I- ,- UIt7n.1rn - H7115 . Ijff it JPU1 GERMAN cLus 1 Iii-V, 7 wwf, H ji, 671 C President, Mifdre-:I Hotchkiss I X I I Q I 1, K. Q 4 Qi, ,, Mi I x X , X, SX. XX, V ,M ililw Nl i '14 XX xxx ., vigil IU. ' X - X K T' ' N ' N- I i CN we Ki At sx , 1, , X FJ 0111. X -T .XX ' -X0 k6:f y. ' .'iiI , ,yr 5 C J, Xxgexqs-. LATIN CLUB ii 01, K. . I-562 .Q Chairman, Jahn Noon yex' K6 .0 Q Q I 'xxx l Adviser, Miss E, Ailen 9,9 . QC .SIA Xxx xg xxx ' 65.9 Q The sbiect of thrs cfdb is to heip .X +0X C N ' ' sv 5 XQOX the Lat.n student to understand the X QXVK . iii' AQ histcry of the Roman Ernpire, This BXC X564 xiygqfsf grsup contrasts the peopie of Rorne -' In ix. , . with the people ot ta-day, . . . C'x xx 5x . Q. X kbxo -X. X - x X. ,xy s . XX XXXXXXI. xxxx I Qx 0 ' X +T I -C - v. N5 Q0 0 if- W Y XX' 0 . , . px Xt xx X NX '30 Q0 -. Q .W -iz-0 -.+ -9 Nt s N 4. -L9 X .xv Qx 0 .5 X0- xx i . - .r x t Y x X X xx ,Ns . A . X .X . ' , fbi ,K It xx- , Q5 49' XX' -5 Q5 X - X N Q? x xX .V ' xv . AX xx .N in Adviser, M.ss A. Kugier 1 . - If gf., I, ' This efub c:rnb.nes the serious- Ofi ness of Eearneng with the joy of so- fv N ciai activity. Its members strive to - Keep ahve true learning of Germany U "I 5 ruthIessIy stamped out by the dig- Ill ,j tators. - Ivlgiill Jlvfkk "UZ X lv, . ll!!! ,XY , j,'j,'i il,I! WV - X an tb F' flllqflb ivgw. L 1111,-I' Ulf like Xfr ,IIA ll 0 Am, 'Qlijl F WUI., lin, 1, UNH' fn e My x I 'lg xIfi'f"A- I: . Ihflllfji Q UI? X arllf. I i I 11110, f,.IyL,l iillyf. f fnxx ll' jwdgvl ,I 24,12 It- ifaift C 111 Wh Ulf fr' I ein: In ta.qP1T..,--Il't ' Z' Irna I'I.Y ii .vm '43 xff x N ' 0- Q .xv -or , KU , ' .Av- ' sw? xt '- S0'V.r3t't .N .AM --W :F '. -x QC - '. -X" YV l . ci 'Q . .09 X ,. Xvx . . x ox X XIAX I 'Y00 L ixxit XXXO 'UR ? ' xl. X Q0 l .XC XX . X0 0 A .pf '. X i ...XXI ' , AN I AXXX vo +G? q"?Ru-'V Q.-W I ,vw , Qc' QXXX XAY5 1-0 ' IP' xXx K xxx . . - xx I X rye? S5 t ' -0 -W' ' ITALIAN CLUB A GA . . ' 60' 935 "5 QXQSXQYXI Pre-sderit Le: Sesdeiiarc N X 5-3' .AGI if Ajv Sgr, V55 Q, Eusngierna I X 'XNC , y . , 'XC V8 N - ' Tnas crcup ce true German .9 N . - . 7 I I ii -i QXV ' K C um see-Qs tc Keep a ve tne feat ' . . A Kxxxw c.,iIture et Itafy, naw buried be- X959 Xxx' A xxx- neath tne hee. of tne oppressor. 'XQQK XC ' 'XX N Y X N NAL XXVI I 0 Mx Vx, - . .X I A av' A csv gg XX b SX-5 XX N .X-X KAX X0 C1-Q 909 X X5 Q- 'JW' XL' ,X .-C- . -5 -' ,XV 'I .W i. if NX Af' 1- V ...LW W0 KN , Ax . .XXX-X, NA' .QKO , x X" ,AAG .W -X -x ' sv f .CX xXx 1 'X C- gs - +I X -A' Q0 ,nc .VA wqxki ix . NO' X . Ck XX ig X .. . Ag X 69 -5-' I N - XVI' 'IX . w xvxx QI XL dvi x . Q0 X W f f ? lfx KW 1 'r lv- P A 'ff I 9a we 53' KX Tiki, M U S ICA! 3, ' QQQ' wb 'bf mql X 'Vg Q0 Q dx T02 avi Rpm wwbg 1-- QQCXXX B 2, XX QBVVXZ 0 0 'XYXQXJ X X0 JRE N66 S 5 lv XXXQ XX XS Xi RD' D New XX be X32 4 1, X X Ywdcfflwxj fx 'W XN' my A , XKQUQC 6,3 YCYOGQXAKBUXQ NCXE-ZSXXX f QMQ Beanie QVBXXWQ my QL Moc acfX5fJ'XK OW UUH5 we 9 nohdcok 'XYXGX VX X5 we OK K we abc ax ca V 5 Q.g1X,u 'X'-1 Voc 3 fc C., J YN' 3 A 004211 v igav ' Y v.'mc,Xw XX K 5Q3w:XN3XC Q: Xozmi is O C Om 'Gao ':-CXYDOXXAS X'X'XO9X BCM " XX xg we ozwaxiw 'X gm Dwi XS VWK X1 I NNE 3:5 QXQXJLXQJR-1 K X Z J: zfjscw 'X 0 XX'Xe s XK52 DXXCSI X 5 Xeav e Xaxc. at XLC X K! we a auf oA 'la O X Q NX? f 4 0 -K ORC C, Jqf. - lr ,QQ A SC, AKVO LIN Tm: a 5 'm I 'Q N, Tr 1 .N Clirtepv - f- 3, v , ,X ' fxf, ,OVTQJ GFP 'Hai V -JJ, 3? C, ,frm X 'enfp mme , mt 1 a T Baccal au rea Ye EK Cr :fel 4 aw .1 at -JV Y Cr ,. Vw Y VT HSSK f xl' C' f , , Q X If g S XEX5 'r 5. 0 R 6' A N I Z A T I 0 N 5' Q ' .x fx X 12 5 5 'f N I '11 ' K ' 'X N. X x J , xg 'XL XX Xxx A f - 'X X X XX -if S xg If, ft f i' 1 ' Xxx z Q. 'X W ' . X!! -36 P X ffldxfjxllgi L k , X x R X xx 'Aff N1 .1 x XX X X x X , on fgxxxk X -X jig., q . f SG LQ. f f fy, rf L H . r 2' O 1.5 , 55 L r J xkkxx N6,,p6p,xQf5? xg' - fo: ' X Y ,,F"'f,f ,f'fw, NN X X 4 , '-11,1 R -N f ffm G Xi- Q W C I mmxk K Amar XxxXxjNTli , b A 1, GK X XSL -Ki.X x W4 I W , X XQx4lilxQiT X i K X 7,5 L5 1,0 if X 2llfpf'wXX31'TxfifxfTx . Ef, Xxx Q 5, , k ,G - ,f fm 0760,- 5 Xffx X f Qr- ik I 'x , xx f. K. 2 , l I . ' lil, 4410, jx ,Q 1 I . v f,V 1 ff ,C ', ,U , 1,55 .fax 4. E ,X ,o 'rf x U 1 ,j, X X 01, 0 1. "IO 0 -' , X1 lt' I .' soY's cHoRus -- W' 3 4 1 5 -5 T2 'f 3 " In 2 3' I N. Q If 'f, f ,Q NX., 11 K. fx? s .C Q fr. . ff Q !' 1 fgx .C . L, 1 Y? A r x A 1 TRI HI Y The Tru Hu Y Club us a newly founded organuzatuoru connected wuth the Hoboken Com munuty Y Tru Hu Y stands for the three fold lTrul purpose of the Y M CA exemplufued by hugh lHul school gurls who are affuluated wuth a branch of YMCA lYl The expressed purpose us To create mauntaun and extend through th home school and comrnunuty hugh standards of Chrustuan character The slogan of the club us Pure thoughts pure words pure actuorus STAGE CREW Thus group of talented and ambutous students create the tune scenery that adorns our audutoruum durung the annual Chrustrnas Festuyal Thus noteworthy organuzatuon us supervused by Muss Helen Nesslage u . - - - C . , . ., I l . ,, , A . . 1 1 - 1 1 - - uf 4,uu . . , , , - n r , it 47 X 1 r u r 'A " .sir A , -" . N V y .XX x I I 'il HY SPEED LONGHAND CLASS Thus class was orgamzed for academnc students who are unable to xnclude shorthand ln ihenr schedules It as under the supervnsnon of Mnss R Schlanger 'v MORNING TYPING CLASS Another addmon to the extra currncular actuvmes of Unuon Hall thus term ns the Morn :ng Typing Class under the dnrectuon of Dr C Haunfeld The purpose of thas group IS to gave the Acadernnc Sensors an understandnng of the proper use of the typewrnter W 'Wie :aff 'S ' K 1 E '. T 1 . 2 4' . USHERETTES We are proud of these gurls who so ably assist ed at the commencement of January 1943 78 -nd"'I 'Q 5 . 'W 4 L 1 xx K . ' if . - Ei, Ei , A2 , n is me 3 I-IZETI FOOTBAU TEAM Union Hill I8 .,.,.,,.... O .....,,. 6 ,,.,,,,. 34 .....,. 32 .....,.. 46 ,,.,..,. 45 ........ l8l If -Ag! A Y A 155' ,A-it UQ it of f . 1' 1 'fr' 23, 1 -- ' 'iff .9 ' 'ww-R we-'Q , SQ? JA-f2Ef,.tV , jpg-fa, 9,4 jr.-S' "Q,-. ,J K ' Fgt-0vL-- HIS year's football team ranked as one of Union l-lill's greatest. Its stamina, spirit, and ability to register en- ormous scores completely astounded all gridiron fans, V f Oppone nts 6 ,,,,,,St. Muchael ,,Lincoln,... ,,....Bayonne.., Snyderw. , ,,,, , Memorial , Dickinson , ,,,,,,Emerson,,, Total Points 80 "ff 6 l 4 ,.,,,,l3 19 24 MR. BERNARD FINN THOSE who have had the good fortune to know and to have been coached by "Barney" Finn have realized what a real "pal" and a wonderful friend he was-those who did not know him could not help but hear the wonderful compliments that were given him all over Union Hill . . . he was truly a fine teacher and a wonderful coach. Mr, Finn has left Union Hill to teach and coach at Teaneck High School, and we say with all our hearts and with true confidence that it is Teaneck's gain and Union HiIl's loss. To replace him will be a difficult task, but we wish him all the luck in the world. We say sincerely that the students of Union Hill shall always remain faithful to him, and hope that some day he may return to us. BASKETBAZZ Helm OACH FALTINGS molded hrs l942 43 basketball team around his co captalns George Frlcke and Whitey Usnak A newcomer Eddxe Donavan played brulllantly all season and succeeded nn gaming the acclalm of all basketball fans Thls year s team proved to be both speedy and aggresslve and had a fairly successful season '57""l'TJ.4 ' 1 a ai' , Q 1 5 K' f. -9 R II 1 ' ll ' ' ' I I ' I , . asa' 2 tag' kfwcxi, - V ra? g , ' ,' V- N In I N' A 5 'xv G . " BASEBAZZ TEAM f.- -A-MERICPUS favorite pastime also ranks verv high in Union Hill. This year's coach, "Skeets" Wright, early in the season, held competitive tryouts for the vacant positions. The results proved to be a strong, well-balanced team, forecasting a successful season. 84 THIS year's track team under the able coaching of TENNIS' TEAM S. OACH ROBERT MODARELLVS tennis team, yt .xxrgi pemave matches. T RA EK TEA!! sW"Qf Mr. Albert Pardee again succeeded in creating a name for itself. Led by its fleet-footer captain, George Wuesthoff, the team brought many honors to Union Hill. though not as impressive as those of past years, l never lacked the fighting spirit in the face of the greatest odds. These boys must be congratulated for adopting this "do or die" spirit in all their com- fl v-N OU CHEERLEADERS Robert Snarpe Glsela Schneider Dolores Lorenzo Dorothy Pushkarow Paul Mastropolo Florence Pully Leonard Be ker Dons Carry Jeanne Gunsef Eleanor Llebman Marty Thorpe CHEERLEADERS Thls group of boys and gurls as an actrve and falthful unrt of our athletuc system It IS they who snr our loyalty and cheer our teams on to victory U 1?-a N1 is f"' TWIRLERS The twrrlers of Un.:n Hlll Hlgh have dlstlngoashed then'- selves through therr aglllty and aptness. They are The spark that glves color to all our large athletlc gatherlngs, ll WWII ll NDS 6M'lf wHEEuE7 Z, l YO S S Jw: 5 as K gc mwms, w.Y. x uowif 3 Hs gg SS You KERRY " Louie GowL or Bnmues' S ls' gT Wg an Ronan L X22 gggiwg Joucev? H RYAN ff? 'Lmuzs's uw7s?u DORIS X 5' snrmwr vow LOOK, Qu MDRQIE' 'I nr hulu' Juli 0 wlkl vymf -Aven n1"'Y vm,-ws qny, MHC? QEFGLE WI IYT TNI Z' FEUC N I Scn FKOOTIN SEQTTLE, ELO my N0 MORE! NNRTN rmy R STON E L.: 1-as BSS VAN IXEIGLE A R 4 A4 GHQTN R Qw Q 9 HEINSI S D BT fo I-74051 "AN A-CARD ISNT ANY GOOD THESE DAYS, ANYWAY "X s mann 9 gt XE' !XxU-was wx- Q-Wmv N Lo af' Yi K xi Q' 9654 Gm-X' L E n eq. L0 NEW mm QNCP R y9 00 gwgig A' Ga LS CLUB BETTY many CROTH VIRGINIA aaa JL' MAeLe max MADELINE T MAE BOW mum vmomx LEDNIR K" RUTH W pn-lu. ,K 1,6 'ik N W LENH ,Q tx W6 +Q 9 3 fe- .RA ,QB VIZH Rl MI MBI ll BONDS BUMBS BU 1 W A ll BUNDS R 0 W , - f"' Qi-. W Q a U l o ' V 1. ,I ,b 2 ' "LVL Q S' Q Q 6,2 Q S ,X ow B. o 1 4' ' 1 ,- I 2 f A E A60 - 550 ' ... 6 E OX rf? ' 1 v' Z o f ., 9 1,15 xl L I C' 774 P f 1 ' . A M - . IS VW' A' r' T CQ K 3 4 . 6 2 AY fo if T. v fn , K " 1 x' 1: . lf fi' , N L: QQ 'fi ' "f f J 5 55' 1' :TV N K.. xr In ' '41 1 A' - -Q M '13 sl -fa +' 25 1 . 1-w,,,,- Y- ' " J X N 1 43 E1 - ' Q . 1 1 1 ff 'L' 2 ' , -- 4 , 1 S 1 1 ' - C If jxwljv. 4 I , 'L .L4. M Q' 1 'JA' ,A ,451 I. ' ,A ' V 1? ' 'V 'if j' uk Lf' 1."'1" 1 1- 11 ' AW -V 'HX K " 3 ' jf s. ,. - 1 4 - - ff ' , 1 I 7 5, 1 4 if ' H 4 V K A Q 0 5 , 213 , ,H - ue 2' y ,r P 1 l',.! JA 1 , Ae 1 N I vi T 4 1,1 ff Patrons DR IRVINGJ FINK MR AND MRS F BOEFF BEST WISHES HERMAN MR EDWARD MCCREARY Jr MRS EDWARD MCCREARY J MRS H SHARP MRS LAWRENCE WEISS CATHERINE SHARP DUGAN MAN PETER P PISANO D D S MRS A STILLINGS LIEUTENANT MILNIS MRS SCHWARTZTRUB A FRIEND IL CIRCOLO ITALIANO SPANISH CLUB 90 MISS CHARLOTTE SCHWARTZ , , r. ONE GIFT THAT S NEVER DUPLICATED f'X Da G daes g o IIIJ ses py 0 C so 5 o yo e o phot g CLARA MATERNE Ok? MATERNE STUDIO COLONY THEATRE BUILDING I4O 48th Street Union Cnty N J UNION 304 --4-------?2lee+ . I I9 Ie? e t 1- Co tlt'nsancIa.est 'I'1. That e y gai meet on all the I1 p ' S I yo Ife ' th bd' g ' I1 t fri nd d y ph . - . . I . Tel UNlon 7 0623 Andrew Zoller Manufacturer of Swuss Embroudenes and Novelhes I2O 37th STREET UNION CITY Best Wnshes Leddlng Embroidery Company 583 54th STREET WEST NEW YORK N J Complaments of M A Tefankjlan New York Lute Insurance Co Compluments of Mr and Mrs H Karagoslan e UN1on 7 7817 Hommer s Market MEATS PROVISIONS Tel UNnon 7 2749 Furnlture and Carpets Artlstlc Upholstery Sho UPHOLSTERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES V MATTOSIAN Prop Custom Built Llvmg Room Suits and Odd Plecec Shp Covers and Draperues Made to Order 4401 BERGENLINE AVENUE Compluments of Max Axlerod G' Son BROOKLYN NEW YORK Tel UNaon 3 9755 DAY and NIGHT SERVICE The Twelfth St Garage A Garage of the Better Kmd 618 622 TWELFTH STREET UNION CITY N Complnments of Welll s Knlttlng Shop FHTandHFG Compllments of Mr Russo I26 ANDERSON AVENUE FAIRVIEW Tel UNuon 5 5532 Hans Hansen DELICATESSEN BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Home Made Salads Fancy Grocenes Table Luxurres 3509 PARK AVENUE UNION CITY N J Compllments of Dlvera Sportswear, Inc Dependable Cuttmg Co 5I 5 Gregory Avenue I9OI Summit Avenue Weehawken N J Union Cnty N J 1-1, 1-- ' I I C 118- - , N- J- - , - - IU o 0 , . c 0 9 T I. ' - - ' - ' n O O ' P 521 - 35th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Cor. 44th Street UNION CITY, N. J. o 1 a n 0 1 0 o o o - , . J. o , , N. J. . a g e , . . I I , . . 92 -Q-1--2--1-2---gr 45---Q COMPLIMENTS OE Standard Ring Company OFFICIAL JEWELERS Ol' UNION HILL HIGH SCHOOL I30 WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK CITY Tel UN on 3 0304 0305 MARTINU Cleanlng and Dyemg Corp EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANERS 49th YEAR EAGAN SCHOOL Secretarlal Shorthand Accounhng and Busmess Machme Courses DAY an EVENING STATE CAPITOL BUILDING BERGENLINE AVENUE at 48th STREET UNION CITY N J The EAGAN SCHOOL enjoys a large Hugh School Patronage OH C9 and Plant Summer Term Beglns Fall Term Begms 3501 07 NEW YORK AVENUE JuyIto8 SeIII'o8 Call phone or wh te for Catalog Phone UN on 7 0615 9 . I - , I I d I 1 ' - I p . UNION CITY, N. J. 1 ' ' I I - --1414--Au---2--1-Q-1 COMPLIMENTS OF The COmm1ss1Oners Umon Clty I-Iarrv J Thourot Mavor DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Henry Specker DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY Frederlck Berke DIRECTOR OF PARKS AND PUBLIC PROP Thomas A NOIan DIRECTOR OF REVENUE AND FINANCE Teleph e UNION 7 9690 3 9727 Playdrome 32 BOWLING ALLEYS HUDSON BOULEVARD Cor 4ofIq STREET UNION CITY N I 94 ' ' Of Harry E. Little Tel UNuon 7 0943 60th YEAR SECRETARIAL COLLEGE A COLLEGE DEVOTED TO THE HIGHEST PRINCIPLES OF MODERN BUSINESS TRAINING Wrnte or Phone for 1943 Bullehn 4808 BERGENLINE AVENUE Opposnte Public Servuce UNION CITY N J UNIon 7 4976 Deliver Dave Nehelhopf s 7907 EERGENLINE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN Compluments f Summit Window Cleanmg Co SIDNEY WOLF Prop UNlon 3 4193 Complnments of H Betta and Sons AUTOMATIC JUKE BOXES Tel UNION 7 2096 Rosenthal s LINGERIE SPORTSWEAR BAGS HOSIERY and GLOVES FULL LINE OF BEACH WEAR 6149 BERGENLINE AVENUE Near 62nd Street WEST NEW YORK N J UNlon 5 7422 PAUL M PHILLIPS Mgr Prentns Clothes Factory to You Save 20M to 40'o 370I BERGENLINE AVENUE 37th STREET UNION CITY N J Tel UNnon 7 I309 IOpp State Capitol TheatreI Umon Cnty Typewrnter Exchange TYPEWRITERS New All Makes Used Check Protectors Addmg Machmes Sold Rented Reparred Exchanged Dependable Service 332 48th STREET UNION CITY N Tel UNlon 3 SI34 Hollywood Florist UNIQUE CREATIONS 3212 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY Compliments of The Jersey Cnty Tobacco Company Compliments of Behrens Bros BLUE COAL Tel UNxon 7 2700 Tel UNnon 7 9427 Orders Delwered Aronson s Kosher Restaurant and Delicatessen We Specralze In ZION KOSHER PROVISIONS HOME COOKING 408 37th STREET Bet N Y and Bergenlme Ave UNION CITY N Tel UNlon 3 9330 Joe s North End Market, Inc PRIME MEATS and VEGETABLES I606 PATERSON PLANK ROAD SECAUCUS N J Tel UNnon 5 6029 Margolus Stationery Co Statloner and Offuce Outfntter PRINTING ENGRAVING LOOSE LEAF SYSTEMS 3506 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY N J , : I O - f AT 3 1 - - u u O - ' ' , .J. 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U, ' C A S T L E ' S ' e 95 COMPLIMENTS OF SECAUCUS BOARD OF COUNCIL MAYOR KANE CHARLES DIEHL HENRY FLAIG ALFRED A RAISCH JOHN SCHMITT ADAM ZENGLE ANDREW GIEGOLD BE READY FOR A .IDB IN THE FALL APP N V S Secretarial Training Accountancy Bookkeeping SH S ENDG A EXYOITIIIG COIWERSATIDNIL SPANISH SPECIAL SUMMER CUURSE mu: uh mn IIIII as in Eastmgk ILC QAINCS 1.8 Pro 441 LEXIIGTUII IVE mu. su I Y ru ss: vo I n 1 3 Ocean Restaurant QUALITY and SERVICE 4 A 37th STREET UNION CITY e UN on 3 4369 Moss Hatters FROM MAKER TO WEARER 702 HUDSON BOULEVARD UNION CITY N J Nea Paterson Plank oad Bet 7th a d 8th St Wllllam Rose G' Son DRY CLEANERS 729 Lrberty Avenue North Bergen N Formerly IU State Caputol Theatre Bulldung Unuon Cnty N J Shoo UNIon 5 3575 Res UNIon 7 3883 connechon wnth any other cleamng store ALL MAKES OF PHONOGRAPH RECORDS ARE ON SALE Gllsenan Plano Co F538 Bergenlune Avenue Unlon Cnty N Dance Records Vocal Records Symphomes and Operatnc Selectlons Come In and Llsten to Your Favorites! Tel UNION 3 9648 Estabhshed 1889 Andrews Sclentrflc Watch Repalrlng J E W E L R Y II9 48th Street UNION CIty N Standard Coat Cr Dress, Inc Bergenhne Av at 37th St Umon Cnty N Tel UNIon 3 0596 I I , . J. , . . ' 1 ' -1 ' No . . . . 31' a n O , . J. . . . Train of an roved' Szhool ' 'All comm nl lmammn momma me Annroveu hy . . me Dent. ul Eduunon . Am SPAN: 1 R vnv umnh Imrmem wIw1'I:-It rn I a ll ur . . . . . III Amuun mln ur nun anon Vlnilon Wulwml. Bullelm on Reuuesl . , ., 9. ., . . - - - J u.l n. umy III - sn I - - I8- , N- J' . I- . T I. I - e. . , . J. 1 - - ' - ' r r . In . 97 4'-1-:Ai-::Qg-ll-Q--Lil "BEST WISH ES" Pvt Edward McCreary UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Tel. UNion 7-2080 George Reich DELICATESSEN 4107 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, , . Tel. UNion 3-2552 S. CASCIO, Prop. Modern Meat Market 7704 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN Complnments of Mrs G Habedank Mrs C Stone Compliments of Wlll Eyermann STATIONERY and SODA 505 47th STREET UNION CITY N Compliments of Mr and Mrs Vedlus 4200 PALISADE AVENUE UNION CITY Compluments of Engraving Company Complnments of Schleslngers WEST NEW YORK NEW JERSEY Tel UN:on 3 9565 Sally Ann 38I5 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY Tel UNnon 7 9079 Helde s Fme Confectronery and Ice Cream 4616 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY Tel UNl0n 7 9575 Lutzenberger s HOME MADE ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE ZOO 38th STREET UNION CITY N Compliments of 4300 PALISADE AVENUE UNION CITY N Compllments of M o m Tel UNlOn 7 9I5I The Brollator 520 39th STREET UNION CITY N J Vrncent Sorey COACH and VOICE INSTRUCTOR Prepares and Instructs New Talent In Raduo Concert Studnos at Metropolltan Opera House l425 Broadway N Y Tel PEnn 62634 2 State Hughway No 5 Palusade N J Tel CLuf -o I5l8R Audrtlons by Appointment Only Mr and Mrs A A Mende N J cl , N. J. ' I - , . 1. , N. J. I , N. J. ' , . J. Dial and Instrument Dr. P3t'el1I'II'lI - DIUQQISI' , .J , N. J. ' - I - 98 4--- Compliments of Tel. UNlon 7-9273 GREETING CARDS Giant Shopping Center, Inc. Rudy's Confectionery CANDY - SCHOOL BOOKS 1095 BERGENLINE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. ON 49111 STREET UNION CITY, N. J ll- Tel. UNlon 3-6277 up I RWMCI-IITZ Jr OPTOMETRIST Mufrays st0fe Specializing m Su Ellen Fabrics 3 4606 BERGENLINE AVENUE Near 46tn Street UMCN UTY N , UNM 7 4 40 3610 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY N Compllments of A Friend Compllments of Sam Cohen Tel UNuon 7 9634 Molloy Bros CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES 1452 51st STREET NORTH BERGEN Compliments og Clarendon Laundry UNlor1 3 9855 759 61 IXTH STREET SECAUCUS N GOOD LUCK KIDS Roenbeck Family Cirellis Shoe Rebuilding Rebuulders of All Expensive Makes of Shoes 4708 BROADWAY UNION CITY N Tel UN:on 7 2532 Unlon Hill Photo Co DEVELOPING and PRINTING Prompt and Efficient Service 332 49th STREET UNION CITY Compliments of Cantina Erwin s Jewelers DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 4545 BERGENLINE AVENUE Opp 45th Street UNION CITY N J Tel UNuon 7 9262 ED REIMANN STANDARD ESSO DEALER Atlas Service Station Atlas Batteries Tires and Accessories Complete Lubrication Servace General Auto Repairs 3670 PALISADF AVENUE Cor 37th Street UNION CITY N J Tel UN1on 3 5882 Beauty Culture in All its Branches Lena s Beauty Salon Specualuz ng m PERMANENT WAVING and HAIR DYEING 1905 BERGENLINE AVENUE Bet 19th and 20th Sts UNION CITY N Tel UNlon 7 5478 K y s BAND and ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS STATE CAPITOL THEATRE BUILDING BERGENLINE AVE at 48th ST UNION CITY N J iQ-If-l-ar img, gq n . . . , , N , . J: 0' . . . . . UI . ., I I -,4 . .J ll 0 ll , o - I N- J- - , N. J. ll 0 ll - s ' ' , .J. ,, ,, Tel. UNnor1 7-7038 0 I a m1 a n , .J. I 7 ' V U I I 3 . . , .J. - ., . , ,, 99 SIGNED SEAZED DEUVERED T TIMES WE VERY SERIOUSLY CONTEMPLATED MURDER AND MORE OFTEN SUICIDE BUT IN THE LAST HOUR WE MANAGED TO SURVIVE AND BRING FORTH IN ALL ITS GLORY THE ORANGE AND BLUE WE HOPE THAT WHEN IN YEARS TO COME YOU LOOK BACK AT IT YOU MAY AGAIN RELIVE SOME SMALL PART OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE WITH THIS WISH WE PRESENT IT TO YOU FOR BETTER OR THE EDITORS b NEW CITY PRINTING QQMIDAN ICO UNION CITY N I FOR WORSE. P d 4 Y E 9 tone K 0

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