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 - Class of 1940

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Y u .,1r ,Q ju, 5733? .kai X' rr-1 n . n if 5 2 , sg. 3 ,fa 3 '11 44,4--ni 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 A JM? 1527? 3 7-ffm! '5 'WML 1 WWW? 'W if MJ-dig Qfyff i f'f'4U'?91f0'LLQ Q . l ,485 247201 1 1 ff 1 . f 63' ' .U WW 1 Tfymvrwgfavfgi? J Q 1 1 N X , S ,aaa Jwaaawifl . Aww 9 ggdwicamwww ,WML In Mm tg:-1 ancll ue EFLWL ' ' D2 A fm' e ' 'asitiima is the ftlweaff W- 'mf MTW it June 1940 is ' WM ,MLM gases, M?ALW ,CMD away HUZQ High School IA-UMV 2 award ' j ,B on City, 'VL cjfau-ii Lkhjyg, 777' afjifrfw. g QUR ORANGE AND BLUE "In this, our first issue, it seems quite appropriate that a word be said in regard to our new school building"-such was the opening line of one of the edi- torials in the lirst Union Hill Orange and Blue. Nowadays many Stlldellts purghase U and Hs. but seldom dogthey wonder about its origin. VVell, during the month of April, 1914. the students of Union Hill enthusiastically welcomed their lirst school paper. Previous to this, there ha'd been many smaller class papers, but nothing as important as this tinal book. This tirst issue was composed of contributions by the studentsg two pages were wholly devoted to editorials and humorous sayings, and nearly three to popular sports. Club news and alumni notes were especially important, and it is interesting to notice that many noteworthy citizens of today received men- tion in these articles. The following year, 1915. saw the publication of two Orange and 'Blues and in lfllo, with growing prestige, it became a monthly edition with a price of tifty cents a year. A novel change took place in 1917, when the tirst graduation issue was presented in addition to the regular monthly copies. This edition was called "The Prometliianf' Even at this early date our book had risen to a rank occupied only by the foremost school papers in the country. During these years, the issues were Hourishing with pictures, and individual graduation poses were be- ginning to appear. lfrom this time until 1922, there continued monthly issues, but during 1923, it was edited six times yearly, including two graduation issues. This policy con- tinued right up until 1935. lVith the '35 term the book was enlarged, and published twi-ce a year, 'lime and February. liven to this day. the Orange and lllue consists of contributions handed in by the students who make up our O and ll lloard. To conclude this brief summary of "ancient" history. we would like to give credit where credit is due, and so. hearty appreciation and congratulations go to the numerous advisers from past years to the present, for their co-operation in maintaining this splendid book. - --Grace Conran. Jfiatonlg ot clinton J'ltfUl High .Schooll . QMYTARCE SCHOOLS from small beginnings grow. About fifty-two years ago. the first class of Union Hill graduated, consisting of five girls. Sme that time Union Hill has graduated several thousand students. The school was started under the supervision of Otto Ortel, and a very small staff of teachers, in the old grammar school which was torn down and replaced by Washington School. VVhen School Number 2, which stood on the present site of the Capitol Theater building, was built, the "advanced classes", as the high school grades were then called, were transferred to this place. A few years later they were moved to tl1e second floor of the Town Hall. Graduation ex- ercises were held in the Turn Hall, which stood where the Hudson Dis- patch building now stands. Wlien the Town Hall became crowded, some of the students attended classes in Jefferson School. Later on, all classes were moved to the present high school building, which was erected in 1914. The first classes had a faculty of only four members. They were: Clif- ford Morton, Nathan C. Billings, Mae I. Bumsey, and O. VVatt. Compared with this modest beginning Union Hill now has a faculty of sixty men and women. Up to this time Union Hill has had four Principals: Otto Ortel, Nathan C. Billings, Clifford Morton, and our present principal, Harry Stahler. The first class to have formal graduation exercises was the "Class of '96". This group contained five boys and eleven girls. Some of the members were: Philip Brill, valedictorian, who becalne an engineer, 'Charles Kappes, who is a prominent lawyer in our city, Harry McCrokey, who is prac- tising medicine in East Orange, N. J.: John Behrens, a successful coal and f'ue1 merchant, Bertha Giphers, Sarah D. Smythe, Louis Houlis, Euretta Valient, Julia Uppelpy, Albert Curr, Lottie Dugley, and Julia Quatlander. It is interesting to note the majority of girls in the early graduating classes. It was two members of this class, Charles Kappes and Edward Hollander, who started tl1e Alumni Association. This organization encouraged ath- letics in the high school, and offered various medals for high attaimnents in sports. One of the first persons to receive one of these medals was Frank Rinauldi. Two I. VV. tlowen. a graduate of the "Class of 'EIT' estahlished a scholarship to Rutgers, which helped many a worthy student through college. Mr. Schaediger received the first scholarship. Mr. Faltings. the third, and Mr. Eveland, the fifth. The first graduates of the Commercial Department received their diplomas in 1915. Since 1917, two classes have heen graduated eaeh year, in .lanu- ary and June, each one having a commercial and an academic division. During the VVar many Union Ilill lligh School graduates and students served in every department of our forces. and many even sacrificed their lives for this country. - In recent years, l'nion Hill has heen among the highest. hoth in scholastic standing and in athletics. lsler students hold all kinds of responsihle posi- tions: many are prominent in this community, and many in other places. l'nion Hill is proud of her graduates. and in turn, they are proud of her. They are always loyal to her and al'e pleased to have the privilege of say- ing, "Union Ilill is my Alma Mailer". Tl11'c'c' F 1- 'E t I t t 5 Qs .X DEDICATION T0 MR. A. PARDEE To Albert F. Pardee, we, the Class of June '40, with full heart and et'erlasting gratitude do dedicate this, ami Year Book Mr. Pardee, making his initial appearance as a faeulty adviser, took under his wing a group of untried but eager Juniors, with but one thing in eonnnon-the will to do. lliith a host of ideas, presented to him by the elass mem- bers, he undertooli tl1e tedious task of narrowing them down to those few that have made the Class of June '40 one of the most progressive in the History of Union Hill. lllr. Pardee has sueeeeded in every task put before him by us. He has set up ideals whieh na elass nzeznber eau ignore, and as we rapidly approaeh the day when we shall have to leave Union Hill. we pause in our hurried flight and say to hint, "Thani-Vs again". Thanks in blaele and 'IUiIIii4' may seen: a small and insignifirant trihute to pay, but we, the elass, know that our faeulty adviser, Mr. Pardee will appreeiate the efort put forth on this page. Four DEDICATION To MR. STAHLER Ur SiflIflll'l', do you know tulmfj' 7i1Il'l'1".Y .volllrflzilly about you, iw film' a lot. ll'.v -vmn' ivuznzg and IIlItll'I'.YftIlItHlIfj mwly, Ymfrv om' of us, from day in ffl!-Y. T11 7'l11'j0.v.v fllllf all of HX fwxxz'.v.v For lzawing lsmmvz you, as wr do, ll 1- wf vm' rm' fmv wnrrlx fha! nm 4'.1'fw'vx,v omm' in you a fl'I'l'lllf fllnfx f1'lIl'. ' w-faf ' ff' DEDICATION TO MR. FRENCH . ,, ,,f 'Y !,"""k"f 'ff II'iflmuf Mr. l:I'l'lIt'fI 'zvlluf mlllfl fm' dvi' IVifl1 all our .n'l1va'11i'v fl'0llI7l!'.K', Tm' l1I'ZUU,X'.S' NHIIV tu VVOII. Yau are lllfL'K1vY.V r4'a1rl,x' to dn gvour par! '--W llvlfvizzg us, -zviflz all -vmrr lll'UI'f. llflmuylz fm' .vvldunz lzvar from -von, ll 1' 1l11dr1'.vIaml ll1v1'v'.s' work you do. Tlziflyx nfl! lll'T'4'I' knufu almzrl, To -Will. fun fjI.7'l' flIl't'l' vlzvvrx-a .vln rt! l'1?'f' BQWJIN r mf' '15- MIQ, rf. ICIIZXIXX M R. A. SA FYER ' MN. LI .x. nreowxi DEDICATION T0 Olll' Ivrm of srlmul is nvarly flI1'0I1jjlI .llnrlz of our l'l'l'lllf'S clue lo you. 7111? Hmzrzl of l5ll'IlL'fIfl0lI has dmzv Ilwir luzvf for us Nom' of flu' 1213 SllIlI'l'IIf5 will l'f'UI' mzzlm' u fum. llllllIj".Y llzv .Yt'l"Z'lt't' ,X'0Il"Z'l' 1'v1ulc'm'4l Illis ,war llr'lf'il1y in .Yf7l'l'IYll youll llvalfll llllrl C'lIl't'l'. lljmu all lluzw llzingx 'fix plain In sm' .HI flzr A'lIlllL'lI,.Y 1't'lIllllVX' 1Iljl'l'1', THE BOARD OF EDUCATION A. C. PARKER Supc1'iut011deut uf Schoolb M li. P. MUSTO M R.. E. GROTH i.r lass of ffune 1940 S i Z Q : XCQE 3 2 2? x i 3 WZ 2 9 1' 3 5 ' dx f xlib! x R M T I fwxpgnl 'Z'-VN my 1' 'e i ffm' + REST STILL Ll fplllltlbgflllbllj' Llnltustb ,4 i CQCLAA Gttlcena John Murney Grace Conran President Vice-President Marion Cochrane Harriet Husted Secretary Treasurer Eight Nine CQQM J-lonona Harriet Husted Fred Gerlinger Third Honor Second Honor Helen Baker First Honor Ruth White Alan Margolies Fifth Honor Fourth Honor 3 1' ' Ij I y l 5WHIlIWI lU!!'WIIWE itll? 7 1 if E' N- X-W 3 ,f.,. . 'lf' f f 5 ..,4 T' ii 4 4 f jk v w I!llmlIIIIHIVHlIiIHI we 'W l 1 A mf:-A gmmiwmumllmlnnw' 'nww1fwn11,lf1151Wmf IV 'Hi l M i MISS CONCILIO T011 5 E S rl? if LYYJQLL Joseph John Colaneri lloran' llfann Staff Tva4'lu'rs Collvgv, .Vv'zc'arl.- Trade Tram, C'oll0gian.a. Junior Polirf, Dramatic and Languogv Clubs, History Forum. A plvasant disposition, a rlvwr mind and willingness to assist makfs .loc a fcllow wcll worth liawng for o friend. His flashing snnlv is rnznvrl by many. Edward Conlon Wasliington, N. B. Collage Littlv ran be said about Eddy cxrrvpt tliat liis plvasant prrsonality and rwrlasting sfnilv niakvs Izini lil-'rd by all. HQ' lzopf' opportunity will lu'forc1'rr knorleing at his door and will do liar wry brst for lzini. Robert Ernst ll'asliington, N. B. Lincoln, Nob. History liorum. Slzy and i'i'svr'z'vzl, Rolwrt has done liis part in lcrcfving up our scliool spirit. Hvsidvs llawing an intcrfst in aI'1atwn, Robvrt Pnjoys sailboating. 3 Virginia Ferrara lfooszwvlt Businrss Collvgiana, llranzatir Club, Languagr Club, History Forum, lfivlrl Day, Snb-Tr0as1m'r. Virginia is a wry artirr and ambitious girl, 'wlzo will go far in this world. Slir lilcfs baslevtlzall, swimniiug, alanring, and to attrnd all Union llill Sports. Edmund Geier lil-IHll'0t' lligli Svliool Busiufss History lforum. Iiginiumi is a tall, blondv follow and 07't'l'J'0Hl"S frirnd. ltr' can usually lm found studying or doing his basl to liclp someone clsv. i Elcztcn 7 .rl r' -' ' an Robert Gordon Horan' Mann Attiation H istory Forunz. Robert is eons1'r'zfatit'e in his studies, but his 'willilzgnvss to work, and his ability to fonzjvrehrnd will be of great fialuz' to him in thf aviation rareer in 'whieh his hopes of surevss Ura plated. Horam' lllann Cfoptain of Junior Polivv, History Forum. l'l'ith his haif slevl ed ball ana' an oaqlc 0 te lcd u on '- f A . A I9-' Pr his patrohnen, Captazn 1-tall can generally bo found chatting with a fcw of his nunzvrons admirrrs. 1 J l I 1 Charles Hall 1 Navy Charles Jialdini St. Brigid Seton Hall History Forum, Italian ana' Language Clubs. Charlie is snzallrr than tht' awragv boy, but ho never frets at that. His grvatost troublv is getting to school ' . on tinuv. Mnfh of his pastinu' is taken up with sport ,A I' aetiffities, fl .. ' f M V ft 'I K 4 K l . ' sf f X 4 ml It John Kern ,, 0, ,t , . gl r F 'I X R o oscrfel t ', A ss I 3 'ff ,, V ' , History Forum. X l outstanding points about John.. Hr tahrs a great interest in tha girls and does et'eryth1ng in his flower to please thorn. John Leonard Franklin, N. B. Avromlutics History Forum, Commercial Club. folzn, is often in drffaznland while in sehooll, but bv hook or crook his work gets done. His main. intorost-is avi- atzon and hr's sure to yo far zn this chosen held. Tiwlw Curly blond ll-flll' and blue eyes are only a few of the . N, .fn I e..s+r we N ' .X .W JK Q- .14 ,t , . O - .. C C' - VU'-' Xu-M-H V-.4,L,Q Edward Maguire PV. N. V. P. S. .Vo. 6 College English Club, History Forum. Although Eddie has red hair, his temper is quite nor- mal. He is obligiug, very friendly and 'well-liked by all his classmates and friends. n Ferdinand Natoli X .1 Gutteuberg No. 1 Business l Varsity Basketball, Baseball. ' "Ferdie" is a sleepy. good-natured fellow who did a -X swell job on our basketball team. The "midget of the X ' team", "Ferdie" made up for his laek of height by his ability to dribble past all opposition. Walter Joseph Rehbit T Roosevelt Louisianna Collegiaua, Varsity Show, Baseball. , , A smooth dancer, a lively wit. a pleasant smile and an lull around good fellow. All these describe our very ' popular Walter. George Sturges Washington, N. B. College History Forum, llleeh. Drawing Club. George is a swell fellow with a strong will to succeed in whatever he does. I-le delights in reading the funny sheets, but he ean also look at the serious side of things when it's necessary. Robert Waneck l Lineoln Business Football Team '36, '37, '38, History Forum, Skating Club, Traek Team '36 and '37. Bob is a good looking fellow with a pleasing personality and is a true Union llill good sport. This is 'what makes him. one of the most popular boys iu our sehool. Thirteen Matilda V. Weil Roosevelt Business Chain Liglzfuiug, Collegiana, Dl'0'WlClfll' Club, Language Club, Ari Club, History Forum, Girls Basketball, Field g Day. Danriug, setting and playing basketball are only a few of Mat1lda's hobbies. She is nlrvays willing to do otlwrs ' a good turn and is a swell frimzd to lzaw. ' Lorraine Helen Wicker Cliffside Park Junior High Nea' York Institute of Dietetics Lorraine has brrmn starry eyes, red hair, and a smile that zcarms flu, hearts of ez'cryour she meets. She is ambitious, sfudious, and u uilliuy u'o1'leer who succcfmlf in erierytlzing slip does. r 5 f l f " P ff'-i . f 0 - - l, 1 , ,rYi', . 1,1 , VVHAT VVOULD HAPPEN IN A3 IF- l.-liertie Natoli, the Uliuttenburg Flash" would stop talking about the popula- tion of his burg and their police force. V 2.-Walter Rehbit didn't belong to the "couch club" and could keep quiet and stay out of mischief. 3.--Cody would stop making his soap box speeches about the "couch club." 4.-Fred Korker, another member of the "couch club", gave lletty ll. a break. 5.-Frank Plantamura, also a member of the 'couch club' wasn't thinking of Peggy Dunn from XYilson. G.-Fred Matthews, another member of the club should be late meeting Marion Strobel. 7.-Edward Conlon would stop talking about the girl from St. Michaels. 8.-Charles hlialdini came in early. 0.-.lohn Kern didn't like Marion C. 10.-Edward Maguire didn't work. ll.-Robert Ernst wasn't such a nice guy. 12.-Virginia Ferrara stopped acting. 13.-Lorraine Wiicker would stop flirting. 14.-joe Colonari became tempermental. 15.-Charles Hall wasn't on the junior police force. 10.-Miss Concilio lost her patience. -ily the "Couch Club" V Fozirteelz li l X I . CZ. r I i 1 -Q I'-Iffffll MISS ALLEN fwkfl J Qld JSJX ' s 'I- igiggigfhgg. I, 1:'.,u gg53:5..,,,,i-f : f- :ta - ' 4 ,E ..,. .f , 2 N ii15Ti'ifizI.,,Qv ,f - - ',4.g12'V:fw J 1 -- - W I -vw my .. . - ,V ., MY HEART IS IN THE HIGH SCHUUL tII'1'fl1 all dm' tI1f'UIlIfjIt'.Y tn lfulvvrl lfzzriisi Ifztrewell to the high sehuul, fz1rexx'eII tu its gIee. The seat uf z1II Ieztruiiig, fm' you zmcl ful' meg I"urever I'II love it, zmtl always he true. The praise to um' eulurs, urzmge zmcl hhie. My hearfs in the high school. my heart clues nut stray: My heart's in the high schuul, l'ClI1l'lIII7Cl'IIIg the chiysg Remembering the sweet cI:1y. :mil Iuying my tlmuglits, My hez1rt's in the high selioul, :md ezmnot he IJ1llIgIII. I"areweII to the itezielu-rs, the heat in the Izmcl. Ifarewell to the songs amd um' weII-wisliecl h:mcIg Iiarewell to my fri:-mls zmtl ucqiiaiiitzlliees fine, I'i1ll'CWCII to the good sports, fm' them I will pine. My hc-art's in the high school. my heart clues mat stray: My heart's in the high seliuul, 1'CIlICllIIJl'l'IlIg the clay: Remembering the sweet QIIIY. zmil Ioviiig my thoiigllts. My IICZIITIS in the high school, :mtl czmnut he hmiglit. -tllorizi I'imI:ir. I I .J .s ' , , V , . ' , fj t , ' 1 if l J if 'J' ' JJ , A 1 ' I ' 1' M , t Evelyn L. Avella , J' J Hftlilllllflftlll, N. H. lfosllion Afoflcuzy 1 Slraflm Club, S auislz Club, Dramativ Club, Historx' I .I i . Q H V , j Forum, f,IH'lH1'l-t'I'l'llll C lub, Cnr! s Basketball Tarun, Sub- ij Trvasllrfr of Class, Clldlll Liglzfuiug, Collvgiaua, Ficln' Day, Porvzzfs' lvlfjllf Play, Gregg Sll0l'llIUlIll rl'ZQ'lll'lll.V. Dork llllll' and fl sfvarkliuy sruilu fouzlwirml with o win- uiug f7l'l'.YIUlllll'fj'. is a fw1'fm'l flcsvrlfifiml of "lf1'u"'. 5110 is fond of almzrzruf mm' luv' ulirlrllv :umm should br "Jif- I rbugff' Slu' is 1-3's gift to flu' latr room, ' J ' Marguerite E. Axcelson jp XJ St. B1'fg1'tfl's Busiucss , .S'ka1'i11g Club, History Forum, COHlHZl'1'l'lUl Club. "Pvggy"- is o rvul sport aufl a pol fo vz'c'r'ym1r. Siu' is if T'1'I'j' quwfl mul sludious around flu, srlzool but a'ou'l ' - ' lvl fllat fool you, Xlu' is f'sju'ru1llyfo:ul of Skofiauf. 27 V'-1 ' ci Alice K. Baresi Horan' .llnuu Xml' York LlJIl'Z'l'l'.Yllj1 Cluliu Liglztuiuy, History lforum, Slcotiug Club, Girls' l Huskvtlulll Tvom. jc "1lour'y' is .YUCIIlllIAIllj' Ilflllllfl' oull shy, but fvolfll your , A 42 sfrp wlzvu "Dol" ond sim on' logfvtllrr. .Sim is an oftzru' f .1 sufwfforfvr of all our tll'l1T'lfltHY ond run lu' joulul ut any tlllllvf. Charles Boyton l llorfliug, Bt'I'4fll'lIf'lt'lll l'lulr'cizlvrl X History IIUVIIIH, Hasfball, Foollzoll, lIIf1'l'-1'ltlXA' l?askvf- lmll. I 5 Sllllfl, sforky uud usually up to sonic' lllisvlllff. "Chor- V Ho" always lots you know 'ZC'llI'lI lu' is around. H'lu'u uof up fo his usual fvrouks lu' is 0l'ZC.'ll-YA' zvzllmg to do .V0lll1'- one o youd turn, Carl E. Christiansen llornrr Noun, N. B. Husiurss "Curl" is tall and blorul and umw' svvu wilflrouf his oruzjul of books. Ho is 'zwry qulvt and is usually study- ing or lmlpiuy .S'l7Illl'0llf' otw' flu' rough spots lu flu' rlay's' lfssous. Si.rf0Cu I M7 1111111 wi lfmfvdfww 44' 1M'f""""f 1 f' ' 1 wfcvcafaflf A' 1 f'L"4V0!, H7 f7,1,zQ." Marion Cochrane 1 1' 1'flrr kliu 1 xlll1 11 S1111111111'11f111v Club, 111511111 111111111 1 1111111111 C 1 L1111111111111' Club, S1111-T1'11 1SIl1'11 NN C'111.1.v. Loretta Dieckmann 111111111 1511111111 B11.1i111's.1 511111111 Sllll-T1'1'llSI11'1'l' of C'111.v.v, C11111'gi111111, l'111'1'111x' N111111 1,111-Y, Hi.v1111"v 1'-0I'1l11'l. 5111117 111111 .r'w1'1'1, full 11f pap, 111111 111'11'11y.1 Vfllllj' fm- fun 111111 111is1'11i1'j, 1.111'1'1111 1.111 1'1'111 111111111 r111111'1' 111111 1'1111 111' 1v1'1'11 111 any 1111111111 1l1x11'Z'l1.V. Richard Diehl 11111'111'1' .'ll111111 C'111111111'1'1'1111 1-l1'1 C11-15111101 of O K 13, S1'1'11f1'y 111011111101 of Stage Crmv, C'111111111'1'1'1111 611117, Trark Tram. "11'1'1111'l1i1"', 711011 1'111111'11 f111' 11is abi1i1y 111 skrtrlz, is a ftlpllltll' .h'1'1l11l1' B. AI11111111111 1111'ss1'11 717-111 11'111f11'r111111'111111 11111111119 111' 'will 1111111 111' 1'1'1l1l'llll71'1'1'fl for 1115 11111'1111v. Florence H. Donald 1111r111'1' .'l1a1111 H11s1111'.f.v 511111111 11i.11111'xv lf111'11111, B11111'k1'1'f1i11g 111111111f111'.v Club, 1711111111- lil' Club, C'111111111'1'1'i111 Club, 51111111111 Club, C:l1'l'.Y 131151101- 111111 '1'1'11111. Q1111'1 111111 s111di1111,v, is your jqlllf i111p1'1'.vxi1111 af l'1111'1'111'1'. 17111 'ZE'l1t"ll you k1111w llfl' l11'111'1' you 111111 111111 s111' is a 1111 af an Illlf 111111 IS f111'vz11'1' lll ll fr11111-1101111 111111111. SU7'f,ll,l,f1l Baby l11'1111'11 vyrs. a .11 lllllllll 1 l11'1111 aj 11111-131 1'11f1f1c1' 111111 1111111111111 11 111 ll 1111 1 1 2111 111111 fl 11'111f11'1' 111111 -1111 1 11 111 1 1111 .r111111'111a1111 ix lljlltlllj' Xlllllllfllllt 11 111 11 111 111 ll 111 ll 1 Donald E Denny 1"1'11111'1i11 Xu. 3 1111111111 .S'1s111i11g Club, 11151111111 15111 11111 ulllllltllllu is usually 11111111 111111 s1111111111.1 111 v 111111 11111 1 1'1'1'1' r1'1111y 111 1101 11111111111 1 1 11 1 111 1 1111111111-1'111 111111111 51111115 111' 1111101111151 ll1 IY 111211111 511111 ing and is a 11'11r 111111111111 Q., ,f iff Us 'Vi ffrh W r f J ,Z Doris G. Dornbierer , l ,,' lluran' Mann Busiurss Svlmal X ' llramativ Club, Cauzruvrrial Club, History Forum, Cfrvgg Sllfllfllllllll rlwarzls. A f f Quivt and rrsvi'-rail iu hrr rlassrs, with a fflfasiug mau- uvr and fvvrsarialily. Ilaris is a sufvr-salvslady and . K5 bf' shauld ga far with hvr ability ta sjwals. 1' ' I , W , 4, v rf' if ,IK l i' ' f fi Marjorie Fulhaber llarafc Manu lbilfrvd .'lfadvu1y Skating Club, Histary Ifaruuz. Tall, bland ana' vcfiusauu' in a dvuiurv way, wlzcrcwr ar 'ZC'lll'IIL"Z'I'l' yau svv har shi' is surrauudvd by a large frawd af admirers. Marjarif' is surf' ta make the grade. W h Arthur G. Groth , Lbzralu, N. B. Busiufss X History Forum. A szwll hard uwzrkiug fi'lIazn'2x'l1a should ramp aut an tap in 'wltatrwi' l?l1fl'Yf'l'lA.Yl".Y hr uridvrtalevs. llc always I11l1lgll'S with athcrs and has the ability ta uzahr rval friends. C Roger J. Hall St. .losvfilfs Busius fl .IN N -bv - Camnivrrial Club, Gregg Sharthaiul .-lwarrls. A rvally jovial fallow wha always krrfvs uirrrimvut at its lzighrst pitch- with his tyffival Irish humor. :lu iutvr- csting cbmwfsatiaualist who rvally has sauivtliiug to say. Hr' is au U.'l'!'!'llf'Ill studrut with a rvraral ta bc' praud af. D Julia H. La Fiura 9 Liumlu Sfhaal Na. 5 Business ,f Language Club, Skating Club, Grvgg Shorthand h l .1lfc'a1'cls'. V "Julia" at first would lm-zu' thc iitifirwssiau af bving a quivt shy girl, but aftfr yau know hz-r a while, you find that sho has that "Gift of Gab". Shi' can usually br fauud with the girls giggling at suuif' jakv ar vhattiug offer the days ezwits. High trvn j of hcr drrastating smile. Shr is a good sfualvul and f' A .Q r-1 P. xr " ' ' Ruth Lown I ,lf . fx' llorarr' Jlauu liusiruxvs R , r I Hislorhv Forum, C0lllHll'l'l'l.Ul Cllulv, Grrgfgf Slmrlhaurl .Al'ZUtIl'dS. Blwulr Hlfufllir is l7t'A'f'fll'.S'l'l'llN'Ii as llfllljl "Ti1uul as u un,-usr." Sha is wry quu-l mul usually is flu' firsl our iu Ihr vlass sfzulyiug for fhv day's lvssous. Slu' always takes Ihr lvriglwm- szalv of fllllljhi' mul has a smilr for vfwyozzv. Leonard Nicolich llvtwlllllflltlll Blur lx'irl41r lutrr-rlass, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Baskvflulll. fl llll'llIl7L'l' of flu' T'Ul'.Sfll-V lulskrtlmll sqmul, "Riff" a hard zs'nrl.'rr, dvstiuvd to yo fvlarvs and do tluuys Ill Ihr futurv. llis l'l1I'l'7'f1lllll'.T.Y has madr hilu llllllljl jffoluls. Louise Raffo Nolrvrf lfullou, No. .2 BlI.Tlll1'.YR llistory Forum. Roally fun-lofvinuf and always youu' ruough to fry any- fhiuy ourv, Louisa is um' of fhosv rarr' iudi-:'irluals who mu laugh af tlllyllllllfl rf'r'u if thc jnkv is alrouf har. Sha' is a good sludrut and 'will drlvafr owr any topiu lwrouyhf up in vlass. 0 v XNQXW -Nb Mix P ' r A , Doris J. saydah p 'I lla fl4"1'JJiUl1H Pralt lnsfifufv ' . .V . . , , . . . . 1-,' ' xrafluy Clulv, History Forum, Cham Llfjllflllllfl, Cal- X Isl' lvgzaua. A y 1 ,X J X, ' .Sha was wry aptly dubbed by our 'Of our trm'l1crs as . V Mfg "Thr nvarvst thing to prrfvvfual uzotmu, tha! fhis world J has leuozc'u." Dol is raally a dyualuir fwrsvu, always on flu' go. and has ua1'vr horn known to lu' fu, our fflarr lnugvr than our minute. Marion J. Strobel llYl1.S'lllHfIl0lI, X. B. ..Busiurss Srlzool Sfvauish Club, Dramatic Club, History Forum, Safra- lary of Shaflluf Clulw '38, Grogg SlI0l'llllIlIll .-lwards, Clhaiu Ligllfuuzg, C'0l'lf'ylaua, Parrufs' Nighl Play, Co1111r1m-ricll Club, Girls' Baskvllrall Tram, T-vfuug Hou- orarhv Clulv. f "LlllIIf7ll'.YH as slu' should br callad is rosy'-yoizzy and Q srrms lo tulsa' lh1'ugs as tllvy rome. Sha usually gets Nhat slu' waufs hy a mazwuruf of hrr ryrs and a flash WW should yo far in thc' world of lvusiuvss. l Ninrfcwz - Gladys Young ll'n.rl1iugfon, N, B, Bu.vinvs.s linglislz Club, Commercial Club, Gregg Slzorllzand .'ltuard.v, Gladys is a swell girl who is rtmsidrrrd lofts by z't'rfry- one in our floss. Shri is an cxrelleut student, who does not keep ber knowledge to l1l'l'Jl'lf, but inijiarlx it to tlmse who find the going rough and rorky. Slit' is :mary- Imdylv pal. Marie A. Zally Robert Iiullon Business Hi.s'fory Forum, Commercial Club. Au oddity indeed for .elle fan blush and giggle at the slightest disfiirbanccf A real .flmeriran girl funn' of the outdoors and play, but not forgetting or sliirking her work. NEQCIM 35654 VVHAT VVOULD HAPPEN IN 13 IF- -lulia l.aI"iura forgot to compliment the girls. llvelyn Avella stopped saying. "Yes, llliss Allen, No. Miss Allen." Loretta Dieckmann didn't ask for dues. Marion Strobel stopped erasing the boards. lX'lZll'gllC1'll6 Axcelson stopped talking about roller skating. lflorence Donald wasn't making queer noises. Marion Cochrane went to the late room. Doris Dornbierer couldn't show her love letters. Louise Raffo didn't ask for a magazine. Marjorie Fulhaber stopped asking about the English homework. Alice llaresi didn't talk to Doris Saydah. Marie Zalley stopped giggling. Ruth l.own began to make noise. Doris Saydah stopped telling jokes. Gladys Young kept her knowledge all to herself. Arthur Groth was late for school. Donald Denny came to school everyday. Richard Diehl -couldnt draw. Charles lloyton wasn't in some mischief. Carl Christiansen didnt study. Roger Hall wasnt flirting with the girls. -Marion Strobel. Twen fy lp ll H - MR. GREENXVALD Vw I FOUR SHORT YEARS IN UNION HILL Once we all were Ifreslnnen, back in 'SU Our teachers were all kind to us, and so we learned the tricks. Ile started with the Annex Pride and then our lfreslnnen I'layg The road was sort of bumpy so we struggled all the way. Our second year passed faster, for then we made new friends, XYe started for our peak "Success" on the road that never ends. lYith danees, plays. and -class clubs. we did still better tasks And so we tell our story to anyone who asks. To class we all brought money for the dues in our third year So we would have a treasury when Connnenceinent Day drew near. Of our teachers we grew fonder, and our principal so dear. The thoughts of leaving school would make some sigh or shed a tear. At last we became Seniors and so were very proud. To remember our .Al1I1Z1l1l2ltCf was what everyone had vowed. Graduation Day came tinally and we all got a thrill To think we had been students of good old Union Ilill. -A. lfthel l'oulos. Ttvcrzty-O nc ,A J f ,K 1 U1 4 11 . .f " ,I 1 4' f 1 117 X Pk lx'1111.v1"z11'lf Cfr1111111111r 511111111 1J'11.Y1111'.v-Y .S'1'1'1'1'f111',v of 1l11' lf111,1l1'.vl1 Club, lfzlyiixlz CQIIIIY 5110111 '33, ll1111111'11r,v C'111111111'1'1'1'11l Club, H1'sz'111'Vv FUVIIHI. ll1'l1"11 is .v1'1'1'1'l111'y nf 1111r lflljlliifl Club, 111111 ll I1'11d1'1' 111 ull .fl11' 1f111'.v, .S'l11".v 111131 111111' 1'l11'1'1'y, tllld 'luv ull kuwtu' fllllf l'11i1111 llill 1.1 l11.v11111 KI .s'11111'1'11l is-1111 IX 11111' 111 11 l111ll11111. I lx'1111x1'-:'11lt GV11111111111' .Sil'!lI7lll .Y111'.v1'1111 511111111 l"i1'l1i ,Jil-V, llixf11rWv 1'.17l'HIlI, 1311111111-v Club, 1.111111111111111 L'l11I1. u nf .U111'i1'l is ll 1'l11'1'1'f11l girl, full of N11' jny nf I1':'i1111. S11 f1 j A l11'1' l1'11.vl-111111'll11111'x.r, 1'1'li11111'l1t,v, and ll1'l' s01'i11IJlr 1111111- Helen Baker Margaret Muriel Boschert 1' 11115 1'11:'1'11 l11'1'.r1'l ' ll -:'1111111l1l1' 1'l11ss 1111'111l11"1' H11-0111 Edna Bourden llisfar-x' IIUVIHII, C'1m1m1'r1'i11l Club. "l"1'1'111'!11'1"' l111.v f1l1'11ly of x1'111111I .xfiril lllltf 7Ill1A'l'.Y 11 ':111111f1'1'f11l 1'11111f11111i1111. If xl11' ix lull 11 f11'11xi'z'1' 1111111d, -v1111 11111 111' x111'1' Sfll' is fllillkflljl up Ll f11'1111L' I11 play 1111 s111111' 1111.v11.ff11'1'1i1111 jr1'1'111l. Helen Bruno Il'11xl11'1111111u U111111111111' S1-1111111 B11.f1'111'.v.s lli,s11zrAv l7111'11111, l711'f1f 171152 'vu 1.1 ll 1'1111s1'l1'11l11111.v 111111' f1l1'11.v1111l 1111.s'.v 1111111 1'1111 111' 1l1'f11'11111'1l 11111111 111 1111 l11'1' b1'.v1' 11I 11ll t11111'.v. Sin' 1.1 111'z'1'r .r1'1'11 711111111111 111'1' 1'11u1f1111111111, "jl1l,51 , Mafalda Cirelli .H1:v. ll'11f11.v of llll' C11l11111111' IJCIICQII, TI11' li11zf11'r01".r Gur- 1l1'11, ll1.vI11r,v l"111'11m, C'11n11111'1'1'i11l Club, HlllI0l't1l'VX' .S'l1'11A 1P1fl'tIf'1IvX' 611111. .S'l11v1'I, lfllf .S':k't'4'f, 711111 11111 l11'11-zu11 1'y1'.v, '1ll1't.:i" f111.v 1111111y llliIlIiI'1'I'X. lJ1'.x'f11'11' 11111111 11 flirxl, .vl11' ix tl 11111r11' .vf111f1'111. 11111' 2111111111 H11' 11'111'!11'1xv l1l"I'l'I' 1'11111pl11111 11I11111I. Jw lx'1111.v1'i'1'l1 ff!'llIIIllllH' .S'1'l11111l I?1111f111'1! l91'1111l,v :l1'111l1'111v H'11.vl1i1111l1111 G111111111111' 511111111 li11.v1111'.vx ,WMM Grace Conran 1f01IS1"Z'l'11 Gl'U1ll11I11I' .S11111111 I-111.vi111's.x' .S'1'l11111l brit?-P1'P.Y1l11'l11 of CQIUSX, Co-editor of Prvss Staff, Girlfv Bl1X131'112l111, C011U1lll11Ill, 11111111 Day, I-lixtory Forum, Cdl!-11'11'I'10 C1'1'w. 151111111111 111111101 bv s111'd.11b11111 uG1'1Ii'1I'-' 11111' of t111' fri1'1111- 1i1's1 111111 :zu1'1'11'.11 SFIIIUVS, 1111111 has glwrz 11111111 of 11l'V 1i1111' 111 s1'111ml as 1'i1'1'-fv1'1'si111'111 of our 1'111ss, 111111 11.1 1'11-1'1111or of 1111- Press 51115. W Eff ov!-v""'J1 . 1 fm. Lottie Dombrowski 11'11.vl1111yl1r11 f11'1ll11l1ltI1' 5411111111 B11.vi111'.v.v f11'1'11lU1l Club, l-1111g1111g11 611112, Hixlory lforum, 1:i1'l11 lpllbv, 1l1I1j11.Y1I Club, H01lfll'01'j' Co111m1'1'1'i11l Club. 11'1' 1111 kumv 111111 I.11111'1' lx 11 1.11is1'11i1'1'1111.v 1115K in 111'1' X111l1-X' 1'01ll1l 4-2 t111' f0111'111 p1'r11111. .Vcf'1'r-t11c-11'ss, she is 11 11111111111 1'1'1'11111r1' 2111111 1111.1 ll11't'1Il1,V .r1111'11'11 111'r 11111117 up 1111' "l.111111'1'r of S111'1'1'ss." ' 1 Edward Eccleston 11'1r1rx1't'1'11 Ci1'11111u1111' 51110111 1lf1f11'l'111l'f1 11111'r-m11r11l 1311x1r1,tl1111l1 Co-1'11fvf11in, History lforzrm, f'011H11l'1'l'1.U1 Club, 11'l1'1'.Yf1l111j T1111111. lfddiv is 11 swf!! f1'i1'1111 1111111 f1111.v 1111 111' 11111 111111 his .v1'1l1ml 111'1if'i11'1'.v 111.111 s11A11l1vs. 11'1-111 111.1 11111b11w11, l'1l"f'1'1'- 111215, H1111 511111131 1l1xfws1111r11, Ill' IS sim' 111 .v111'1'1'1'11, 1 Doris Virginia Focht e R1111.v1"z'1'11 fffdlllllldl' S1'11o11l H11-filll'-W 1 f'0Hl1HI'1't'1f11 Club, History Forum, Fivld Day. Doris is 11 girl 1111111 111k1's 1111-11115 115 1111111 t'U1ll!'. S111' ix 17 1111111 1111r1'1:1fr111111 ll 1'l1'11r t11i11k1'r who will 11111111' 11 good .Y1'L'1'l'1111'j'. 14111111111 1r1111'r 1'1l1H1l.T, llorix k1'1'f1s X11'Ul1j' , 1'1m1p1111y 1111111 11 1'1'1'111111 Sl'll1U1', 11 . 5. Audrey Foerch 1x'111fs1'f'1'11 frflllllllllll' 511111111 1u'11.vi111's.v 511111111 llixtor-v lforum, c10111H1Cl'L'1!ll Club. f1Hli1'!'j' 1.1 tl girl who is fond of 1111 11t11l1'1i1' sfwrts, 111111 wr can 11'1I 5111111 111111 svluv ffllilllhllfl 111 1l11's1' by 11L'1' 11111 l'1'K'1'f fvosturr. g'V1'z'1'r1111'l11.rs, lzvr .vc111mIwo1'1: is 111'1'1'1' n1'ylv1'11'd. 'I'11'v1zty-T111'v11 I lf ' 1 , ,J V X Qzfffafff HJ H No -IPL I I of ,ff ,K rl L. sa .4 , 5 V ,4,,.4 - I Hilda Gust lxumsr-z'f'll frflllllllllll' Sflzool Busuzoss llisfory lforuwu, llouorary Sll'lI0gl'f1f7lI.V Club, Fivld llov. 1 lliligvzm' and llfll'1Ill'Z'FlIC'5.Y zlrsrrilm llilda, in bollz luv' Xl'll0Ul and outside aftiwitivs. Slzc looles lilac flu' quirt lylu' 'ZUll1'H slu' is alozw, but wlufn slw is with a rrowd, slzv is usually flu, lifv of flu- party, Harriet Husted llovlziuglou Sflllltll l'l'r'lls Collvgv 'l'1'mls111'm' of Class, Chain l.lfjl1llll'1Ig, Ltlllgllrdgf' Clulw, liuglisll Club, History Forum, A-lfclclvuzif Co1mnorr1'al flulv. llarriof, our vlass trvasurvr, is always asking us for ll1ll'X. Slu' has dom' a sfvlvudid job in supporting our sullool ovlf-vitivs. uzuflz of our suvn'ss luring dur fo luv' 1 llllfllr Tvorlr ourl 1.llllll1ll'I'!'. I Doris Kay Knapp ll'aslziuglon Grouuuar Sclzool N. Y. U. llrosiclmzl of Drainolif Club, L',I'l'P-Pl'l'.YI.llt'lIl of Frvurlz flulw '39, Pirdios of PL'l1SOI1i'l', Language Club, Gln' Club, History Forum, Field Day, Orrlufslra, County Clzorus, Stuclmzt Couuvil. lloris, more, familiarly known as "Katia"' has fakru par! lu uzouy of our C'.l'lVU-A'lll'I'lt'lIllI ac'li'z'ilu's, Slu' f7lll'Vl"ll tlzr fliouo at luauy of our assomlvlivs, and oll in all no llllllk slu"s om' swvll girl. Margaret Koenig lficlrl Day, llisfory Forum, Honorary Stmzo Club. .S'wm'f, dollglllful, and wry lllfl'Ul'fl'I'f' is this miss, Margo. Much of lzvr time is takvu up with lzcr studies, lm! slzr lcawos soma for ll. U., who is iudcad a lzzrky l71IV. Carol Kuhlkin lx'oosvr'oll Grauuuar School I ndvfulml 7 History Forum, Lauguagr Club, Gorman Club, Honor- fuy Yypiug Club and Slmzo Club. Carol is flu' rr'rr-suziling lass who is always :wal and mall-drr'ssvd. llvr popularity is dun' to liar gay and Clldfllllllg manner wlzirlz has won cz'rryour's lmarf, vsvfwiolly llurl of "k'..S'." from o uvnr-by lliglz school. Twenty-F our 'S 44 ff A , l. 1 f6.3'.' 'ibig V fy A , 1,1-',,3 1,-yr afar-5 C . I . 4.111 1 1 , L 4 Lap.- f, fl , ' V 94141 4 ahoaf - lx'oo.n'-z'vll Gram umr Sflllllll Busuu'.v.v Jtfthf Kenneth Leber U. H. Band, Limztfuaut of Junior Palivv, llistary Forum. nlX'L'lI" is thv abligiuy glt'lIll1'lI1l1II wha plays all thi' latrst swing numbrrs fm his buglr. :ls yan pass tlu' lieutenant at his post you can usually hear him sing- ing sonic ucw sony of Glmi .'lIillvr's. "Km: is am' of Glf'u's attrrztiw fans. i f C Luther Leeger ll'ashiuytau Grammar Svhnul Clvlluyt Callvgianna, Christmas Fvsti1'al '38 If you sm' a bay wha struts alauy wliistliuy all thi' timc, a bay zz'lm's iutvrvst is in his svhaal tvarle, ana' 0l'l'f1Xl0H-Ullj' an flu' girls, -Vflllvll know it's l.uthvr, a swvll fallow. 'W 5 Q Ernest Malberti lx'1w.Yr't1'lt Grammar Srlmal Caaprr lluiau , lllrs. Wiggs of the Cabbagv Patch. Cumbinf a srusr nf humor with artistiv ability and yau haw "Eruy". Hr' is jovial and friendly, although the ll'I1t'll!'I'.Y art' kvpt an their tovs zulzrrxmnz- his arnuml. 5 Marion Miller S If ansvfwl t Busiuvss v I History Forum, Language Club, Dramatif Club, Girl's lm'aslrc'tbalI. .fl swvll girl, aua' a good sport, Marion is a frifnd ta all. llfr plvasiny fifrsoziality and szawt fart' are twa vliarfzrtcristivs that 'will hvlll hvr an thf raaa' to surrvss. Betty Mitchell llarafr' lllauu Grammar Sfhual Busiucss Coumzrrvial Club, Gcrmau Club, History Forum, Gi:-l's lfashvtball, Shorthand Awards. Bcity is a tyffival Lllllllll Hill srholar with lwr auivt, uicrr-x. and fu'rsvz'r'1'i11y mamwr. A plvasaut smilv ami a ur'-:'r'r-jazlzug "hz'll0 ', Betty has what zt takes to makc many friends. 's l .NIR N .IX P-fd 4- T'ZC'C'1lfj'-Fl7.'Cy,f' , -1' K 1 .rl ,, vm In , xv l. 1 1 lfuus4"I'f'lt Grammar Sflllilll lfitsilluxs f V f V A-W' ff X. xi XJ I I I o 'Ja ,, 75'-if-Q Muriel Marie Muller C2 Cggf lfoosviwlt Granztnar Sfllttlll Businvss C'ollr,qv "JS History lforuln, bioltl Dov, Conzmorvial Club. xx 'X . . My .X lilondv, aimpu-5, and full of fun, is Muriel, who is al- 4 Wt 'ways nialciny 81711100110 laugh, Hvr twinkling tom' will kft. I ,f ' l1'a'z'o in our minds thoughts of a groat ".littorbuu". Marion Joan Noeding lx'onsor'vlt Granzniar Sflzool Businvxs W llistorxv l"orum, Cq0H'Z171f'l'l'llIl Club, Fiola' Day, Langu- agi' Club. ll'lu'1'1'7'm' tltfro is fun you'lI find Marion. Sho's a light- lzvartvtl, fvrotty girl, who's made many friends. .S'lu"s boon a grvat help to thc rlass and has supported all its actititivs. I, ,, , . 1 LL J ,fi'ff.41L 1"f'fflf I ' ' Xyw, N71 fffaf-Q Gloria Mae Pindar lfoosowlt School l'VlI.S'l1llIflf0lI Sfhool for Svrr1'tc11'ivs N , Cltain Lightning, lfuglislz Club Slzow '38, Drama-tif J 'Yp Club, lzuglzsh Club, Pross Staff, Lauguago Club, Clor- ,Ji OX, . pf ' nzan Club, Honorary Stvno Club, History Forum, ff 'O HH' ll'la'g.a:n1o Dritio, U. H. Band. 1 J " Gloria is a lihablo girl who is tvvll known by hm' hilarious gzgglv. A bright studvnt and a good buglv playin' in our band, "G, P." has :nada inany loyal frionds. l v I ltfff r Athanasia Ethel Poulos l '-" ,w ldooscrziclt Grainnzar School Businvss A . , -f A 1 ' ' I' Rrcordzng Sevrotary of C,'ou1mr'rvial Club, Honorary L, ' " Stono ana' Typing Club, Spanish Club, Histor-v Forum, 1,-' ,-I - l'u'ld Day. -lf ,. , , . . . fl "I:thrl" is onr of 4-2s IIIUJY.llIlXl'llIl"f'U1l.Y nszssvs. ft ll"lu'rm'm' tlwrr ts a lot of noisr you ran ln' surf' "lithcl's" around. Howowr, shv's a wry vonsricntious zuorkor and wc just rouldn't get along without hor. J Frieda Scott ," Ji in ' Noosa-volt Granzniar Sfhool Hospital Training 1 . . . . Al' M Collegzaua, Varsity Slzow, History Forum, English W Club, Cafrtfria Crew, Ficld Day. J,-' Nqr? Frieda has boon ont' of our brst piano -fvlayors and wc LQ ' couldn't do without hcr. llfitlz her ability to ,ovt along 7 -N ' 1- ' ' 'Huw j, A A 'I' -'ith one and all she will without doubt brfonze artiti tx , . . - 'if' in tho social world. N " f X P - l fi J. U' Twerzty-S-ix V 1' X fC,t4!f.- V xi 1 1 lx'1111.v1'-:'1'11 C1111111111111' .S-61111111 1'1111'1'1'1111'11 111.11111-kv lf111'11111. .Sl11l11'f1Il11Il1' .11f11111'11.v, 17111111 1111v, 1l1111111'111'v ,S'11'1111 111111 .. i..1....1 -T William Smith 11 1115111 111111. ' 1111s .v111m'11 .lll'l'lIf f1111'111' 111 111'1' 111111111111 111 1111 11111' 11.0-tl will x111'1'1'1'11 111 f1'1111t1":'1'1' .v111' 11111'.s'. lx'1111.v1'-I'1'11 fzlftllllllllll' 511111111 l'11111'1'1111'1l llis1111jv l"111'11111. ll1'1'1' is I1 11111 1111111 11115 111111131 ll f1'i1'1111,' 111' is ll 111151 7u'1111 f111ls 1111 111' 1'1111 111111 111.1 ':1'111'1' ,ll .v1111f1' 111' 1.1 11.1 111111111 11.1 11111 11f111'1' f1'Il11-tv. 51111111 111'111'1'1111.v 1111111111 11'w111f.s' 111111. Magda Martha Steiner lx'1111.v1"z'1'Il U111111111111' 511111111 lf11.v1111's.v fiflllill 1-111111111'1111, TI11' .lfllll 7111111 11111 l311'I1111'1' llllf, llixf 111rv 1f111'11111, H1111111'111'v -81111110 Cl1II17, Cf1'1'I'.v 1?11.vk1'I111111, 511111111 111111 111l111'1111l1'. ".ll111'f1111" is 11111' 1111.15 f11'l. S1111 Irs, -1 of t111'111. 1111 11111110 s111' Raymond Teschner g 0111' t'1l1.Y.Y 1111111111 11IlI't'1'l1 111' 11151 211111111111 "R11.x"'. :IIl111111g11l 111' ix 11111' uf 11111' .v11111l11'.rI 1111-vs, 111' 1l11111.Y ll 11117111 l1l111'1' 3 Ill lllll' 111'111'1.r. .ll113' 111' 1'1'11111i11 11111'111111111'd 111 1115 fllfll1'1' 111-12 Elinor Rose Thompson lx'1111x1'i'1'1f ffftllllllllll' 511111111 H11.v1111'.vx '1'.Vf1i11g f11l117, 1li.v1111'-v 1f111'11111. 1 1 fplll' of 15111111111 f11-I'111'1t1' f1u.rfi1111's is 51111111111 lil! 'ZU1I11'1I .v111' 4'.l4iAf'l.Y. S111' IX 11 11tlfif'j'-fill-lllfkj' girl, f111l uf f1111 111111, 11111 111'111'1'111ly 111' s1'1'11 1111111 ".llLIVf111l.H Charles Van Schaack 1x'1111s1'1:'1'11 fiftllllllllll' 5111111111 1'11111'1'1111'11' .l11'.v. 11'i111f.v of 11111 C111111111111 1,1111'1I, .h'f'lIlIlA.V1I f41I117, ,.t1l1' 1111111111 L11111. t'11111'11'1' is ll f11'111111 f111.vx1'.v.v111- uf 1'1'11 1111i1' 111111 11131 l"l'll.l'. II1' IX tl t1111r11f11:'1' 11111 1111111-11111111 .v!1111'1111t. 7111111 1i111111111.v 'Zl'lf1l 1111y11111' 1v11r11 111' 1'1111t1'.r 111111 111' ix riy11t. Tf1'1'11fy-S1'z'1'11 'NSY 4 21 if Q 0 61. WWW NMMA PM Elizabeth Wehnke ll'tHl.Yt'T't'H frftllllllllll' .Yelnml HIISIIIVNN llixtmjv FUVIIWI, C'onwzw'eiaI Univ. .-I fiery quiet but flvusmzl miss is our lull, Inlmnl. "Betty", lim' friendly sruilr, and fflrerful rcuys are tim assets wliirlz will help her to bevouir a .vm'ress in the lrnxizzess world. Marilyn Witcover lx'no.w'relt Granzzmzr Srlzfml Bztsirlem 7llULlXlH't'1' of filiiflll'-V Forunz, Cvflffflltll of C11lUl'I'It"d'l!'l'l'.Y, tizrllv lhzskvflnill Team, filllllill Ijylzlzzing, Collegiamzu, ,fUll0l'tII'xX' Steno and Typing Club, Field Day, C0-ed-ffm' of Orange and Blue. Cufvtain nf c'1It'l'l'IULldUl'.Y, gllaril-vu 1111.9 indeed won her- self II flare in the llniuu llill lliglz rm'Ur'cls, not only for lm' .wlmol spfrif and -pap at fllt' -'I'tll'ItIII.Y aflzlvtirx Imf also Iwmzzse of her jvpe sflmlasfzt' rating. WHAT XVOIILD HAPPEN IN 42 IF-- l-tiloria llinclar stoppecl talking. 2--Marilyn Witeover stayecl in the homeroom. 3-lletty Mitchell clitln't have a late excuse. -likluriel Muller clicln't have any jokes. 5-Helen llaker stopped stuclying. fm-liclclie liccleston tlicln't hlush. 7-tirace Conran clicln't smile. 8-lireitla Scott mlicln't take the pass. U-Marion Noecling clicln't talk herself out of late room. lOiHarriet Hustetl forget to collect class clues. lla-Karol Kuhlkin and Edna llourclen stopped passing notes. I2-Marion Miller wasn't late. 13-Mar-tlia Steiner didnt use pet expressions. I4-Doris lfocht macle a lot of noise. 15-Auflrey Ifoerch went to the late room. Altayinontl Teschner grew up. -llilliam Smith came to sishool on a rainy day. -MARION MILLER. SENIOR GIRLS Don't fall for a football man, he'll tackle anything. llon't go with a track man, he's too fast. IU 17 llon't love an aviator, he tlies high. lJon't marry a surgeon, he's a little cut-up. Don't wed a minister, he-'ll preach. Don't marry a tennis player, he has a racket. lt' you love a boxer. handle him with gloves. Watch out for the baseball man, he'1l strike you out. l5on't marry a jockey, he'll ride you hard. IQICINIEMBEIR, there are two reasons for divorce: inatriuiony and alimony. -GLORIA PINDAR. Tzventy-Eight Wjf rl!-1 rp Q pf fyyff X7 2'7g Lx QQ , 9 9 MR. DEITCHMAN 'ft"f"fQ:', .' fg, 5 E? ' Ttvvnfkx'-Ninc' Robert Bachmann lfobcrl lfultr rrz, X. B. Rulgvrs Football Tram, History Forum. Bob is loll, lrloud, and lols of fun. .fqlfllflllgll lu' did Il grruul jolv on our footlmll from, lu' is llapfvzrsf 'lC,',Il'lI lu' is umssiug around 'wifh rlzrvuivals. Frank Barberis lflfrorv lllouu, X. li. Casr-v .loucs Srlzool of .4'Z'll7flUl1 lfrunk is o grand follow. Hr rmlly is ratlzfr quifl, lzut rlmfl lot tlml fool you, lu' rs olzcoys rmuly, wzllmg and morf Hum alvlr. Elsie Bartel lfairfiew Chris! Hospital Cllllllll Lightning, History Forum. Elsie is a grand girl. Slzr is fall and grofvful mul one of our lwst drossvfl girls. Sho knows no lurrdslups for she slzalrrs llleolll of 'wlfll a shrug and a farffrec' suule. Dorothy Baumann lloraff Norm, X, H. BIl.9ilIf'5-Y lirlilor-in-Clricf of Press Staff, English Clulv, History Forum, Dromaliv Club, Clzaiu Lightning. lfiuo lash' in flollws, a winning smilc, mul o flzcery laugh, put fllflll togctlufr and you hare our Dol, who has shown' markvd ability as thc Edztor of the Press Slab". Marie Bernardo . ll llilllllglllll Business Sorrriary of Prfss Staff lEuglisl1 Clubj, English Club .-'luuual Slzows, Hislory Forum, Con'1mm'4'ial Club. l vffj' pcrilr and c'lc'z'f'r is our Mario. S0lIll'dllV slu' may fmfh our fluldrcn. and 'ZUI"l'l' sure we fould not wislz for auyom' more mluzlflv. Tlll'l'lj' L u Y I N 2 W ff' Henry Bourquin ll"ashington Businvss Gym Tram, Varsity SIIUIU, Track Tram, History Forum. An empty hood rattles the most, and sinfo an unrallvd for sound has tzvwr form' from yon, your hvad must bi' flaflevd with somvtlting of enormous raluv. lt's a gift to know a lot and say littlv. Carolyn Britt lfaslzington Husinvss linglish Club, .-lnnual English Club Plays, History Forum, Honorary Commrrria-l Club, Firld llay. Good tlnings rome in small pafkagvs, thry say, and wv'rv inrlincd In belifw it. For Carol is always rvady to lnflfv us in any way sho ran. llrr fh'a.mnI fnirsonality has attraftvd many frirnds. Marvin Cahn Horace Mann, N. B. Collrgv llistory Forum, Language Club. lllarwin is a grvat faworiitv dospito thc' fart that he is a quirt chap. You will always find him studving his own work, or helping somvonc' also oz'rr thc rough spots in tllcifs. Lillian Cameron Wcisliington C0111-gg Gorman Club, Language Club, History Forum, Honor- ary Commorvial Club, Shorthand Award 100. , Aocfoff. f,'l'6L14, Lillian is a tyfiiral lzomr girl, quift, studions and good- natured. Shc'lI sucrved in anything she undertakes, and its 141 if silcnfe is golden, sl1c's worth a million .' Nello Cesaretti ylf lfasliington, N, B. College I, - h y Vive-Prosiilmit of Italian Club '38-'30, Prosidvnt of the S W Italian Club, Gym Tram, English Club Christmas Play, if ' Dramatif Club, Language Club, History Forum. U , This young man with his wavy hair and Grrrian profilr ,yl has a way of smiling that makes the offpositz' sm' sigh. Though a quiet fellow lu' is a grvat favorite throughout the rlass. Thirty-Ono 0 '1 I-J'I 1. l'l'11sl1i1111fo11 l.11111111ag11' Club, History Foruuz, Drauzafiv Club. .Allfl1o11gl1 1111.1 -zuillz us long, Bobs lltljllll takvu any great 111114111111 of llllll' lo 11111k1' ll good 1111f11'csslo11. lf'c"rr ap! lv lit' p1'o111d11'1'1l 111 l11'r fl1T'0I' no llltlllfl' wlurt sho flops. V. . ll'11.vl1i1111t1111 C0llt'fjlt1lItI, ClIl'illl1l'I'l'lUl Club, History Foruru. lx'r1bl1y is ll full, ll'tIl'lf, l1fllldS0lIII', lrisl1111a11 'wlla is a fIl'I'lIl fc1f'o1-irc with flu' girls. llf also Illlllifi a big hit with tllv fzfllows br1'c111sr' lu' 11111 lrzkr f1 jolcc, as 'well as play omf. Barbara Cruthers B usinvss Robert Donovan - Business Raymond Douglas I 1 '11.vl11'11g1o11 314501055 Gym Tram, History Forum. Ray, 11 swrll fellow, will br 1'c'111c'111ln'r1'd for his adirfz' nork ou, flu' gym 1011111 arm' llis .S'llj'llI'.Y5 wl1irl1 is so br- lxflllllllg. l'l"'f hopz' lu' will find his fufurr' as pleasing as lu' was to llis flr1ss11111t1's. Elizabeth Failla Sf. B1'igid',y, X. B. Business llisfory Forum. floppy and s11zili11g, lilicabftlz llltffltlf about school, al- mays ruslzvd for fllllf. You mu lvll that slzf' is vnjoyirrg lIt"l'SPlf by fllf, sfrarklv ill lmr fyvs. E. Lila Fischer llor111'c M111111, N. B. College Girls' Glow ClIll7, History Foru111, County Chorus, Clza-in l.111l1t11iuy. "lfur'v you any 111011031 for 111e,"', is Lila's pc! phrase 1:11011 collfrting dues for room 5-3, but own as sub- fl'fH.Y1ll'f'l' sl1r is our of our faf1oritc's. Abou' all wc' must 11111 forgot lzcr swcc! suzgzug. Tlz irty- Two Nora Fish l'lf'llSlll1lgf0!t Business History Forum, Art Club, Collegiaua. v- .Vora is our working girl. We think and know that she is most likely to succeed because of her ambition, and animated interest in any ldertaklng. fp., bequh ffl 1-el hal. Fred Gerlinger Ffa 'L 6-cV'7Cl1 Q 'A U. S. Grant, IV. B. Stevens Institute Treasurer of the German Club, History Forum, English Club, Language Club, Senior Debating Group, llle- chanical Drawing Club, Magazine Drive, Math. Club. Fred is tall, good natured and one of our more brilliant fellows.. He always knows his- own work and is more than wzllmg to help others with theirs. ,.- X, ' ' . RED HA 1 R, Henry Goedeke PKDDUCEJ' GL Robert Fulton, N. B. Columbia E U T ' Football 238. yo U fimf Y ON Henry is a good natured fellow with a grand sense of 'K'i.1E. ,I humor. However, he has no intention of joking his I K life away for his main ambition is to be one of our best doctors. Florence Golding f 4 Cliffside Park No. 4 College Collegiaua, Commercial Club. We really cun't say much about Florence because she has not been with us long. However, in the short time we have known her we lurzte found her to be a grand girl and pleasant company. George Landsberg Horace Mann N. B. Texas A. 81 M. History Forum. George is one of the best liked fellows in our class. His sense of humor and ready wit get him in and out of many scrapes. Neiter-the-less he has his serious mo- ments and is a grand fellow in general. Thirty- Three I: 01,-9' Vincent Logio lilashington Business Band, History Forum, lllrestlinig Team, Chain Light- ning, lnter-Class Basketball. Dark, wavy hair, sparkling eyes. contagious smile and a pleasant personality, seein to be the combination set forth bl' "Vinny" 5-3's "what the well-dressed U. ll. Student will wear" clothes model. Alan S. Margolies X Robert Fulton, N. B. N. Y. U. ' Ifresielent of Mechanical Drawing Club, Christmas Play '38, History Forum, Math. Club, German Club, Biology Club, .Uagasine Drive, Debating Society, Eng- lish Club. .fllan is one of our best students. His faworite haunt is the library. Newer failing to pass a quiz, he certainly can look forward to a brilliant future. He is one of , our outstanding debatars. L l l Robert Matthes West New York No. 1 Business B0b's face is always wreatlied in smiles and his voice may be heard cracking jokes at all times. Ilis nickname might well be Chief Feet-in-Air because his feet are always perched on some convenient article. Edith Millstein Horace Manu, N. B. Parsons Collegiana, Language Club, History Forum, Commer- cial Club. Edith is small, petite and utterly feminine, but this is no sign that she is not capable. She has been more than helpful in making all of our class activities successful. Robert Mixson Robert Fulton. N. B. College Bob is rather a quiet fellow, Although he doesn't talk very much, what he does say is certainly worth while. Success and lzappiness should be his for the asking. - Th irty-Fo ur . JMX fw- -vi, 1j,vvvY"'c t N J Eugene Olivetti Wosllifzylou Husiuvss History Forum. Gmn is fl lilflo 5,1011 in smfurv but not in v11vr'gly. llc is tcflmt migllf be fvrmrd flu' lluuum dynamo, lu' is always on the go. He can usually be found wrztmy poffry. Lawrence Quinlan H'tlJlllIl!lfUIl .Vow York lnsfilufv of Rodin llistory Forum, Lauguago Club. "Larry" is a qufvl, slly, blond follow with uumm'risms 'ZUlllc'l1 you vounor wry wcll olzsrrw zvrflmut fvvlzng sun- fluzt lui will suvfvvd in wl1ofm'vr lu' docs. .. Q0 F " Norwood Reck ll 'asllinytouv fl!'f0llllllllll'j' I"'ia'o-P1'osidmzt of Commorfial Club, Past Treasurer of Gorman Club, History Forum, Lauguagv Club. A smilv von win Il vfiffory grvolor flum l'Ullt1lll'Sl will: o sword. If is a rorv thing to smilc easily and alwoy s, and will furry Norwood fo yrml lzmgllls. Michael Refolo I ljllilllllklllllll B usinoss lntvr-Class Baskvlball, Colloglana, Band. ljlllff-ljllllfj Toam-. ll's grvaf fo be uliw! AI lrosl thafs rlzv impression uw got 'ZK'll!'Il Miko is around. Wo hopv vou'll ol'zs'avs bv rarvfror' and lmppy. Lvl flu' world clulugv, lm! Sllljl os you arc. June Ryan Waslzinylvu Husiuvss History Forum, Commercial Club. ll'lll'flll'l' you 'want I1 lofwly umirlvn or fl 'very lzumlzlo objrd drown, you mu rfly ou Juno lo yin' you o drow- iug of prrfcvtiou. Slzorl, slim, ond prolly all dvsrribv our Juno. Tlzirfy-Fiw U72 3r,f"' jd uf . - fwle 'fork' x 55 s ,, 1 ,f lui NY. "C, 3' Lucille Schatzberg F. S. No. 220, Brooklyn N. Y. U. Pink for l,l'0f70,YlllS, History Forum. "lou not latr, am l."' is "I.u1u's" password. Sl1c's al- ways quita braatlilvss brvausa of mounting three flights of stairs iu two minutes flat, to arrive at liar home- room just in time to br' too late. Bernice Singeisen Horace Manu Art College Language Club, History Forum. Hrruiva is wry quiet and modest and any one who a'ocsu't lenoic' lzfr will zufwor tltiulc that she is o wary talfutvd artist ana' tlle firido of room 5-3. T Charlotte Sonntag ll vsf ,New York Mo. 5 NIU'-VIII!! Lauguayv Club, Chain Liglztuiug, Collvyiaua. "l3loiulia's" sunny tlisliositiou is lzvr lliygvst assft, but liar brooal smile and good fltlllfllljj follow flosi' llflllllll. Slit' is lvrautiful but vvrtoiuly uot iluuzb. and l"Z'f'I'j" body's pal, Shirley Spierer - ll lllSlliIIfjl0H1 Paflcaril linglislz Club, History Iforuuz, Honorary Commvrviul Club, Gorman, Club, Dramatic Club, Laugfzzagv Club, Mrs. lViggs of flu' Cabbaga Patfli, 100 fuora' trausvrif- tion .ltvard, lfuglislz Club .-luuual Slzofvs, l7ii'l'rl Ilay. Slzirlry will vertaiuly make a lzit with lirr boss, as slzr has with us. Slit' talcvs sliartliaud at IZO auzl tluit ttvinklr in liar cya 'will uawrr lululvr liar suru'ss in tlus world. l i l William Steinbach St. lllicliavls Olrloliouio jiwr. "Hill" llas grant popularity with t'1'vryom'. llis quivt fllarui is a quality few lzigli school boys possrss. l'Vr"rv surf you-'ll find fame and fortune 'witli wry littlc trouble. C ' T11 u-u--.su Varsity Basketball, Baseball, History Forum, Gym of- .mpo WNV f 'NV fi? .K ll 'uxlliu l'l1r1'l".v 11 lol l7l'lllHll llml .vilvul front, Hill, uml wr kllllfk' wlml il ix. Il'.v folly fun 'lm' c-:'vrAvmn', ll'.v luvvull-v, mm'- Hflu , . ' nl-i.w1l lHflA'llll'I' In form flzv nlwliyillgf fvllfm' you arc. Dorothy Thompson lI'a.vl1iuy1m1 l?l1.v1'llr.v.v llulmmajx' C'0HIllIl'l't'llIl C'l11l1. "Nur" is u quivf mixs, 1n1fv1'rlr11I1'n11.v, lull rwr fuillfflrl, und fvlnllr-:u'r .vllv llurx, sllv llovx mrmxvlly mul -Null. Alu' lmx nun1'v tl grvul runny jrzvuclx Ill I'. ll. George Thompson ll 'uxllingflnu lm'u.vim'.v.x llixlmjx' lfornuz. li A'A'1'lll.Y flux! lllv Jllflllllllt' TlI0ll1fhVUlI is :fury fmfular ulmnl .vrll frfr l, lm! if 1':v I'-114' will m"I'4'1' lu' 1'1r llfllxnrl will: uupvum' vin' lu'ru11.vr lu' ix zwll lx'll4"lk'lI rllrnnylmul lllt' srlnml for lux jolly .vfvlrrl unrl -:v1ll1ug1m'.v.v In lrrlff nllwrx. . VVilliam Thompson glnu L'u.vvy .lnmxr .Yclluul nf .Al-riulim: mul 1115! Ihr r'1r1l1I unmunl nj lmzzvsl mrzrull, ull Howard Uhde Il'u.rl1i1ryt1u1 lf11.vil1r.Y.v lJl'l'SlllUlll of llixfrzl'-x' lforzrm, llmmrarhx' c40llllllt'l'l'lUl Q A Clulf. A A QA T if lluzvurd IS lull, lmlmul and shy. Ill' ful-'vs u grml lnlrrrxl -Q in his .vllldivx and lm.: dum' tl -lll'L'tIf dull lu fnlimm' flu' A ' ,9 lllslwry l"urum, Ill- um' mm' lu' will sxlufuvd in wlml- A L' ' vim' ln' ullvlnpls. Carol Wenneis lx'nln'rl lfultnn, X. B. lx'ullmrim' Cillrlrs l'rr.viflm1f of Gln' Clulv, l'irr1ffs of l,t'lI.CfIlIt'l', Collvglaml, q A ll cvlllll, lli.vtm'X' l"or11m, llranzufic Clulv, fqtllllll-X' 1 lznglzx 5 X f'lIOI'll.V, All Stull' fwll0I'll.Y, SlIlflUl1l fvflllllfll, Flvlcl lla-V. Clxwl ix flu' .YUVl3ll7l'I'll of l'. ll., and has dl.Yllllgl1ll.Yllx'll K ln-rsvlf for Im: yvurx in flu' ull stall' rlmrns. Pvlitv, . A nj utlzvrs may vnjuy llrr 'win' as tm' lmt'v. Tlzirfj' YK Nfl und u -:'ul'y mnlulflv fwrxmr, iw lmfn' llIUll.Yl1lIll.V . -.S l"I't'll Ruth White ll ltlilllllflfilll Denial r1.t.rixlt1nt lil't'AllI't'lIf of Gvruzan Club, linglisli Club, English Club ,-lunual Slzbtes, "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch", .S'lmrtl1ana' .'f'ZL'lIl'Cl 100, History Forum, Dramatir Club, Ltlllfjllllfjt' Club, Honorary ci07l11l'lt'l'FlUl Club. Small, dainty, and pelile are just ti few of flu' adjccfiivs wlrirli dc'.rrribe Ruthie justly. Slit' is one of our busiest girls and luis proved lN'l'5Flf to be iffy mfiable. Muriel Wolterding llurtlinu Junior lliglz, Bmyeiijielcl Busil1vS.r History lforum. .lluriel is a sweet girl, wry quiet and wry shy. t Slit' is always lzurryzug about srlwol llnreutlzlrss. lunr flying, eyes bright, and looking e.1'vr'ed111g1ly luipfvy. WHAT XVOULD HAPPEN IN 53 IF- .Xngelo lioccasecca signed a peace treaty with the class in general, to refrain from mentioning the size of his nose? lloward L'hde forgot he was a gentleman, and joined the class rowdies? Vincent Logio took voice culture? Nora liish were seen with a boy other than l.. T.? ? lllarie llernardo ever left her class dues book home? tlmpossiblel llarold Lee took "de-stretching" exercises and came down to earth with the rest of us shrimps? Uarolyn llritt left her lollypop home at noontime? Ruth White grew a fraction of an inch? Norwood Keck lost his infectious smile? Louis lfailla did his Spanish homework? llobby Klatthes took li. to the prom? I Somebody gave bill Stembagh a bobby pi11 to keep his curly locks in place? -.I une Ryan. UTOPIA BY A BROOK l passed a bubbling brook one day And paused a while to think. The wind in willows seemed to say: "Stop a bit, and take a drink." The water was so cool and rare, lt made my foolish troubles die, And left me with no single care. And from me came a happy sigh. l'ye found my Happy Land, at last. l'ye found that l'm content: l've found my troubles all are past.- Bly little worries spent. fulune Ryan. Tlzirty-Eight 3 Tlzirty-Ninv H Mli. AICHELMAN 'S Q ,- '- ' ' : Q fy? . 1 , Lx ' , '-:xx x A, ' f U 22i :5: gf Lffezif' - . ,N -,,,,,, ,. ,,,--V-..V 0 Qliiiiiiiiiiig ' 1.-Lawn 1 UUUF BEEEEEEEEFQE V UQHHQLQMWN giiiii Q1 ' X9 iiiii, , Y , + ' " ' ias 'W xii' ?FF5"'55FFF5'?i K iiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiilimlli vi'NLMU!ll,2'LllH1LL'UL2v22fQ'QI425252393 snassaaiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wzmiwmihiggfiikmiwkifv 25 ggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiii m'E'EZfLZGHZiiZffWW mm i Wlllllllllill M5555 . 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Carpenter 11'11.v111'1111l1111 15'115i111'.v5 511111111 111.Y1111'wV 1'1111'l1l1l, 15111111 11f1.l'. .ll111j1111' 1.1 ll '1'1'1'y 111'1'111111' 1111'1 'ZUI-111 1 11'1 111111111 1711117 1'y1'.1, 1111111111-.1 1v11 1.11 111 11111111 111111,111111i,:1-11 C. B. f111 1111i11' 51111111 1l1Il1'. A1111 1.1 111111'11-11.1 Tk'l111Il11 111 1'11-111111111111 lll 111131 'ZK'llj', 11 11111111111 x111'1' 111 111'111 111131 f'l'1'S111l .v111'1'1'1'11. Eileen Clancy 11'11.v11i111111111 G111111111111' 551111111 .-1'z11'1111'1111 1'1i.v1111jv 1"111'11111. 1511111111 111111111 11111111111 11.1 "I1'1x11" 111111 11 11'11.f1'1111 1'1111111'1'ly 711111111 is s111'1111s51'11 11,11 11111112 l1111"1ik1'111111' 111'1'x111111l1t,V 11111 11111111 111'1' 111111151 A11'11'1111.V 111111 111111 s111'1'1y 111' 11 11111111 111'111 111 LlL'1ZI1"Z'11111 111'1' 11111111111111. Eleanor DeGili0 1"1'111111'1111 c11'LlllIl1l1ll' 511111111 l'111'1'111'11 Cf1'1'1111 .5'11111'111111111 .11'z1'111'11, C'111111111'1'1'1111 C11111, HL11lf7l'1ll"l' .S'11'1111111'111111Vx1 fl1ll11, 111'.v1111'-11 1f111'11111, 17111111 111IVV. 121111111111 is ll 11111 1111111 t'1l11 11111111115 1111 111111111111 1111 f111' 11 111111111. H1'1'1111.v1' 111 11111' 11-11111 1'111'1'f1'1'1' 1111111111113 .v1111 1111.1 Illllllj' fl'll'11t1X 1111111 111111 111'ZK'1I,l'.Y 1'1'1111'111111'1' 111'1' fllll' 11111 51111111 5171117 111111 11111 ix, Alfred Dellapia I 51. .111.v1'j111'.1 f11'll1I!1lI1I1' 511111111 .Y1111'1' 11111111' 5 , 1311.s'k1'1111111, P1111111'11y ML1111111111' nf L1111111111111' C11111, His- ' J 9 'N 1 1? 11111' I:111'1111l, Cf'0111111111'1'i11l 611117. ff' ' ' sg N 1 . - - .11 IS 11111' 11-1 11111.10 11111111 1111311' 1111111 11115 lllllllj' 1111111111 9 ' 1 1 111 l". H. 11. 5, T1111111111 111' 1111.1 111111s11111c 11'11111111'11111111111 3 - V KI 1111'1r1'1' f111' 111.9 1111111 1111111111111 11511, 71'1' 1111111' 111' 111'1111'1 1"111111111111'1' ililxl' 11111112 3111111 11i11c11'11111'1'.1 lll 111.1 11161111112 W 1 'll 1"o1'1Av 111111, I'11'1'fl 1'l'.N'1lfl,111 11f lm'11111111v f.'1I111, L1111111111111' C11111 1'111111111'1'1'1111 611117. 1v'11111'1'1 1711111111 f11'11lI1llI11I' 5111111111 C1111111111111 L'11111'11.' Y-1'11111.f, H111111. lx'1111x1'z'1'11' 1'11111'1'1111'11 S'l1111'111111111 .1'z1'111'11, .S'11111'111111111 111111111'111'5v 111117, 111'.v1111jv 1'.01'l1III, 1511111111111 'l'1'11111. Angelo Demarinis .11111111111'1', 111.v1111'y l'101'l1w11I. f'1111111.111' l1.Y.f1'1.V, 711111111 1111.1 11'1111 111111 1111111-V 1l'1l'1 1 Marie Dragonetta , 1 .. ,-, , . .. . 1-1..,f1-. . 1111' .v111111'111.v 111 111111111 11111. Marie Durso 11'11.v11111111'1.11 1,'1'11111111.11' 511111111 11111111 C 11111111 ly1.l,.Y1fil'11l of 1fl11111S1I 011117, 1'11'1'-1'1'1'.v1111'111 of 1111111111 J 1.111111 C'11111, 1'1'1'.s'.v S11111., 111s111ry 1"111'11111, 1-1111111111111' .-1 11,111-1111111 f1111'1.'1'1, 1111111 11 11111' s1'1111l11.v111' 1'11111111, .11111'11' 1.9 11111 1l.V.Y 1111111111 111 1111 111'1' .1'11111'1'. 111'1' 1'11'11.v11111 j11'1'.v1111- 11l11v 111111 111"Z1'11-V.: 141111 1ll'1' 1111111-v f1'11'1111.v, 111111 i1'1' 111'l' f .v111'1' x1I1"11 1117 -1111' 111 -z1'111111'-1'1'1' x111' 11111'111111.v. 5 Lawrence Elbaum 1 '.11ll'1',VH 1x 171111111 1111'1'.v 'I'1'1'.v11111 111- 1'1'1'11".v 111111 1111-12 x 11'111'11 111' 1.1'11'1 11111111111 11111111111 111 1111' L'111'1111.s'l1'-v 1'111.v.v 111' P1111 111111111131 111' 111111111 111113111111 11'11111x, 111 711111111 111' 1.1 1'Sf11'1'11111j' 1I11l'f71. George Engel 111111111 .1l111111.s 11111111111 l111' 111-I'111'1l1'.1 111 11111' 1'111.vs, 1111' 111111111111 11'1l1Il 1.1 .1'111'1' 111 IIl1.X'.V 111.1 1'11-11111'1'11111111 111 11111111 1111111111 111'111'111' is 'z1'1'11 l11'1'11 111'1'1111.v1' 111' is .v1'11111111 fk'1.111- 11111 tl s111111'. 17111'1-x"O111' - ll U-1111111111111 .Y11l1'1' 11111111' .1. I . 1111.v1'1'1111111, 1v'I1'.Y11X' 1111.v1'1'1111111, 1111.v1'111111, 1111111111111 f 1111111' 1111.1 11111111' 1111111' 11 11111111' 1111- 111111.v1'l-1 1111 l111' 1111.v1'- 111111 11'11111. .-I 1v11'11.v11111 f11'1'.v1111111i1-1' 1.1 11111' 111' 111.1 11111.11 1 1111 11'11.1111111111111 1x'11111111'1111' fill-111Y.V 1fII1111.Y1I C'1l11P, 1111111111 f'1Il17, .11'1 f'1I117, l11.v111rv ,'1l11'11111 c1l1I1lI 1.1111I1II1lI11, c111Z1l'!11f111l1, 1'111'1'11f.v' N111111- 17111K 7.1111 111111 t1lll'L' '21'1111 f111'111j' 111 1'1l111'1ll .111l1'11".Y 11 .1111'1 711111 1.1 .11111 111 1111.1 1111 1l1'X 111 f1111111.x 1111111111 .x111' 11111'.v. T111' 111.11 111 1111.1 111.11111 .f11111'111'11'1' 111111 1'1'1'1111111-v 111' 11'11 111 'L X 'ss if 3 ,1- K 1 L+ K. x N 3 11 1 1111'11l11 11111111111111' S1 111111 Laura Fede 1 11'11.vi1111xx S1-1111111 1l1.11l111',v ,'x111'11111, C'111111111'1'1'1'111 611117 1.11111'11 1.1-11 11111111 1111'1 1111111 1.1 1:'1'1'y 1'ff11'11'111. 111'1' 1111111111111 11:111111111' 1111.1 1111111 111'1' Illllllhl' 111111111 111111 fur 111'1' .f111'11 s1111 1111111 .x'111'1'1'1'11 111 'z1'1111l1':'1'1' 11111 111 Mark Fusco 1I'11.vl11111111111 11111111111111' 5111111111 5171! V ,-Ullffllllffl' 111111. , VL! ,1W'X ui 1 1 1151111 .11ll1'L' 1'1'1'l111111y 1111.1 11111111 11 I11k1'.r 11,1 11111 111171111 7111111 1I1.l' 1111'111' 1'1'1'1'11' 111 f1'11'1111s. 111' is 11111211115 111 11 111711111 111111111 111111, 11111l1' 11 11111111 r111111'1'r 11111, T110 11111111 T'f'J'j' 11111111 1'1'- 111'1'1.v 111.v11111 .v111'11 11 11111111 111111111 'Q 111 x ucv' 1 V 1 .1 11 1 1 1 1 1X1 V " '1111'x' 11f 11111111 '59, 11'1'1'.11111111 T1111111, 111s1111'Av 1"111'11111, . 1111'Si'1 5111111111 Anthony Giottini 1.i111'11111 lf11.v111rs.v 511111111 .S'11111'111111111 .'1TUl1I'l1.Y, .S'11'1111111'11f111,v 111111111'111'-v C11111, 111.1- 1111'y 1f01'11111. "Gil" is tl 11111111 111131 1111111 111115 1115 11111111 1111-11. llix f1'11'11111y IlIl!1l1I1'1' 11115 7111111 111111 llltlll-V 1111111l1111111111.v. IV1' 1-1111211 111111 111' will .Yl1I'1'1-V 1111 f111' 111111 51111111111 111 11111111- 1'-I'1'1' 111' lI11K'Il1fV1A'. Lillian Guthrie 1511111111111 l311.v1'111'.v.v 511111111 C'1111z111111'1'1111 C11111, l1i,v1111'-v 17111-11111, 171'111111111'1' C11111, F111111' 111132 B1'111w1 1111113 1111111 031115 111111 Ll 51111111 f1Ill1'S 1111111 111 110111, L11'.f ll .m'1'1'1 f111'11sa111, 111111111 girl 1111111 1111.v 1111111 111'1111y j'1'i111111s 7111111 111'1' C11Ul'I1I1Ilf,l f7f'1'S0lltl111j'. Marilyn Hendl If '11.r111111111111 1Y111'.v1' 1'11'1'-P1'1'.v111111z1 of Hix1111'v F01'11111, .S'1'1'1'1'1a1'v of flll1I'01' l1ix1111'y lf111'11111., C1Illl'lI l.,1111111Il'11f1, L11111111111111 C11I117, .-11'1 611117, .--1ss1s111111 Ma111111111' of 1l11111111.:'11111 171'1f11'. N111 1111111 is l.j'11Il KI 1'1111.r1'11'111i1111.v .v111111'111, 11.11111111111- 111111'k1'1- 111111 1l'lll' fl'1l'1lI1, 11111 s111' 111.911 111111111115 Illllffl 111 111'1' 111116 111 11 t'CI'fll1I1 l'. N. 11'1' 1111f11' 111111 1111f1111'11111113' tr1111'1 11111 111 1.'11111'1r 111 111'1' 11111711 1:lJI'f-l"T'IQ'0 XM Y X1 11, - .... . Jay Houghtling .lily ix Al lull j'vllo:u, tulm is .vo quiet you 111'-wr kim-zv ln' V ix 11r111md, 11 ffllnu' of fllis lxvfu' shall l'l'l'llIl'lIl-X' 111- 111i.v.vvrl Ivy flu' l1'111'l1m'x. Cinml lItlllH'4'll uuzl frivurllhv ln' will ul- wivs ln' 1'1'111v111l11'n'd as um' of us. Agnes Keating lll11y11.:'i11v llrif r. "l"1'v1'L'iv" ix ll tiny and quivf girl fvlm lmx 'ZUUII ln'l'.n'lf immy fl'i1'11d,v lllfllllfllljl 41 i'vVluiu lx'. S. Alu' fun tll'ZUll.VX ln' dvffvridvd iiffuu to l.'1'1'f up a grmfl Xl'1ll71ll.flif' railing. .S'ki1l1'1lg1 ix llfl' fa':'m'ilv flllilillllf. IYAUU-V1'T'1'll l?11.vim'.v.v -We fl'-f"f7ll'-Y. 14111111111 l:'11.vir1vs.v - Joseph Kovacs ll Vllilllllfllllll C'11lli'g11' llvllfll you nivrt .luv you uri' sim' to vrimiuzlvr ll j'1'1'i'mlly .wuilii Tlmllgfli lic is Ilillclll-X' quivt mid rutllvr r11r1.n'1'i'11- li:'r, fm' is likrrl l1y l"I'I'7'j'UlIl' and ix SIIVA' to 5111 fm' in liix zuralvrlul.-irigs. John Kramer lx'm:.n'I'1'lI l?11.vi11v.v.v l',Vf1i11y and .S1f0II0fjl'tIf7ll'V lflolzorarvv Club, :lrf Clulv, llixlziljv li111'11n1, C'nn:11zv1'1'iz1l Club, Ltlilglltlfjc' Club. .lurk mul f,'ln11'liv uri' t'lJH.YllIl1i l'lllllf'lllllUlIX. lfmirlux l7UiII-If ll ymul Sfllllfllf and well llkml by his rl41.f.f11141lrs, ln' t'lIj'UVV.V .vkvlrliizly 'ZUifll ru'11f4'r i'11lm'x, 'lvlllfll lu' rlmxr fu-ry Tvrll. Kathryn Lippencott lx'imlyujii'lfl Furl' fillllllllllll' Stlltllll b'l1.rim'.v.v ffirl',v l?41skrll111ll, liivlcl llny, "Old lfliglixll C'a11'ol.v", fil'1'ggj .S'l1orll111ml .-lfuurrl 11001, C'0nz1111'1'riz1l Clulf, llUll0l'lIl'.V .S't1'11ny1'z1f1l11'4' Clulf, lfnglisli Club, l:l'f'lIt'll Clulw, l-1111g111c1yv Cllzlv, Ulm' Clzzlw, llistm'y I'1Ul'lllll. liuvv mzm' mu fm iv lx'i1v'x nmltn. .el ifirl iulzu is ul- mixix my and liujifvy and tl-lljflllll .vf11a't'11f4rlf'.rj1il1' thc far! Ilmf xlu' m1'1':'r1lv.v iuufll of lfvr firm' lu Ulllxlcli' 11vli:'iIivs. l'if?I'lVX"Tlll't'L' of ff " V. I? Bernice Mackolf lx'o11s1"r'1'li l-1111111111y11 fllllll, History Fo1'11m, .Sub-Treas111'1'r, Field llay. lt1'1'11i1'1' is lllll' of the few girls 11l1'sLv1'd with natural 11 11z'y llflll' I11ll'llljll'lI1'1' 111111 11 f1l1'11s111g f1l'l'S0llUllfj' all oj 'ZK'lIIl'lI IX sure 111 make her 1111 1'.1'1'1'lle11t nurse. Alice J. Mattern lx'1111s1"I 'elf Cl111i11 Ligl1t11i11g, C11ll1'gia11a, History Forum, Field l7oy, c1flllZll'll,l'CiflI Club. .All11'1' F1111 usuolly be fouurl 1111111111111 or 1l11111'i11g. Slle is ll girl, 'Nlllll lhlflllj' of s1'l111ol Jfllfll tllld pep, who has l11k1'11- ll 11111 part 111 our floss 11et1:'1t1es. College B ll si ll ess Phili Melnick D 1 f1'H1'1'so11 filllllllllflt' School Penn. State Varsity Gym Team, History Forum, B111111, .rleademie Commereial Club, lUClg0,S"l'J'tL' D1'i1"e. QI Phil has 101111 l1i111self quite Cl plate in the Aflj'H11lGSfll' I u'11rld. His graduation will leave Ll gap i11 our Gym 71011111 and 111 the Sl'l100l as ll whole. Good uatured, friendly 111111 fl swell sport, will always be for you, Pl1il. l John Meyers l1'asl1i11gto11 Gt'l1Ill11'I0l' School Notre Dame Baseball Manager, Collegiaua, Clzaiu Liglztuirig, Var- sity Slzozci, luter-floss Basketball '36. 11111111131 is sllort and chubby, but not basliful when it 1'11111es to arguing with the opposite sex. He is well liked a111o11g his fellow stzideuts for he is an all around good Sport. Truman Moe Ill-Ul'1lL'l' 111111111 Gfdtllllltlt' Sfliool lfllllf. of Minn. 'mx' if-' Treaszzrer of Commercial Club, Collegiaua, Christmas 1 o l'lav, En1lisl1 Club, Historv Forum, Sta1 e Crew, Traele Y! H . .1 I i , . J CK leam, Sl?ClfH'11' Club, Varsitv Show, Houorarv Book X 1, n H .1 . . DMS pb! h1'ep111gCl11l1. S! XPC X Moc is a tall blonde lad 111110111 you 1'a11 111111115-s.depe11,d f If - , upon, to do his best espedally for elass.a1't11'1t1es. He 9 x 5 -'Q I possesses Ll p1'rso11ality that is very pl11as111g to all who X-55 J U k111111' and 1'1111sider him a friend. u 2 - Q -, xx 5 ' Forty-Four 'x tx 1 4 5 5 , .," X l' c me -ax XNOX N, 'W J 0" 'X 2 I X v Q 1 - 1 'rx QFQN ' A ,Fi ' 0' .1 ' 1 Jul QA! XXX V John Murney l'Vashiugton Gfaniniar School lx'utyors Collage' Prc'sia'ent of Sonior B Class, l'rosulonI of Stuzlvnt Counfil, Trarle Tram, Gym Team, linglish Club Plays, History Forum, Biology Club, English Club, Magazine' Dri'z'f'. Johnny is our class prcsiclont. You van usually final him at a piano and talking about his baud. Ili' is tall, dark and not hard to look at. May ho .YNt't't't'll in his fu- ture education. Jennie Pannuzzo History Forum, Commorcial Club. Jrnnir is a sweet and friondly girl who fartunatvly pos- svssos wavy hair. Her quwt, slualious nianurr lirlfs to make' hor a valuable assrt to Union Ilrll. John Pannuzzo Lincoln Grammar School Businfss Baud, History Forum, Stcnografwlzir Honorary Club. John is a lad who wo fan not justly describe, hc is quiot and studious. lVo ran always dcpvnd upon him for fo- olvvratiou. lVr are surc that the future will bf bright for him. Agnes Perego ll"'asl1iugtou. Srhool North Iludsou School of Nursing Fivlil Day, Biology Club, History Forum, Commcrrial Club. Sally 'u'ouldu't lu' tho sonic girl 'without hor bow and bfau. Sin' is a good stualrnt and a swvll girl who is suri- to rvavh hrr final. Although short in staturv, she is uc"z'cr short of friends. Helen Polahar Mclfinlcy School lVashiugtou School for Secrctarirs History Forum, Commorrial Club. Fizu' foot two, with eyes of blur is our Holcn, quiet rur- vvpt around P. R. May she surrfrd in hor futuro adn- mtzon and in any other undertaking. l . X F ort y-F iw i Linroln Grammar School ll usiuuss lilo, 1.vX14!g1y5 f.. cl I -o - 7 W. r J WX Alex Rengstorff llorarr' Munn Bu.vinv.v.v llixlory Forum, Coinmvrvial Club. film' is a small lzld, with plvnfy of prrsauality. AI- tlmuglz lu' ix ratlivr quivt lzr has gaiufa' nzany frimulx in lnglz Xfllfllll. ll'r tvixlz .-Ilm' .Y1lt't'!'.S'5 in the futura. .ff-g,L' l .C ,v, .KJ f mb , Ruth Renken J, il' llorofz' Manu lfvdfral flrtx ' I' Collvgianna, History Forum, Conznzvrrial Club, CirI'.v lifzxkalliall. Tull and blourl is our jittvrbug Rutlliv. llvr rarcfrm' 1l1.fpo.v:tion has made lifr one of Ilan most likeable girl.: in- flu' rlais. ll v arf' cvrtaiu slit' will nvffrr lark frirurls. Leo Ring G' M g 90 he X in fc? I K ilfllg Vfflk . If "' , ,l X . X Qi 'G I l -Q X X E 1 X I L ' " l6aosrz'c'lt Callcgz' 7'l'PClSllJ't'l' of English Club, SUl'l'ClCll',V of Orc'lz0.vtra '39, English. Club Play, Bond, Magasinv Drim' '39. Couufil- num to Junior Historic Sovivty of Hudson County, Da'- baliug Club, History Forum, Junior Polira, Varsity Slzofu, Pros. of Junior History Group, Language Club. Loo is a wry vnvrgvtif lad, wlio has certainly done wry iwli in our History lforuni groups. Very initiatiiu' and dvpwulalilr lic is on idfal student with an inflination toward bring zz musician. Madeline Agnes Rogers lv'ob4'l'f Fulton llni-z'. of Rlfllllllllltl llislory Forum, Coinmvrfial Club. llladvlina is a girl who is .vurv to lu!-zu' luv- lzoniv-worl' drum". She luis a slnilz' for l7'Z'L'7'j'IIllf' and fan always ba found in a gay mood 'wliivlz znakrs luv' popular with all of liar many friends. Charles Sarkisian li'oo.rv1'f'lt Cjranzinar Srlzaol Court 5'tr'1mgl'af1lu'r Pros. of Commorvial Club, Vifo-Pres. of .-Irt Club, English Club Clzristr-nas Play, Gregg Aniaralv 41201, .S'of'y. of lfurofvrau l7if'ision History Forum '38 Hue tory Forum, linglisli Club, Proxy Strczff, Languagc Club. '36, Clarion Rvforffr ana' Tyfiist. .Yat only is Cllllflll' lll1l.YlCIIll'l'lllt!l in .fvllool 1u'Iifitii'.v but lll:Y ffrfv and ability liaifc won many frivndx for llllll. May lu' go far in tllv businvss world. if x ,?' Forty-Six f S '-X - - --f - --- -W I I f x :J- may li,147l'x4!LJ X x X xf - i- Joseph Schneidler U. S. Grant N- V- ll. History Forurn, Bookkeeping Honorary Club, Coni- mercial Club. Joe can usually be found chasing a girl or two into a class rooni. Ile is o well liked student with true sports- manship, and will prove to be an asset in the business 'world Harold Shub Public School No. 8 Ull1l!'4'llll'd Pres. of Biology Club, Science Club, Man in Bowler Hat, Rifle Club of Penn. Shub is a brilliant student. Ile is always discussing one or another of our gozferninent problems of today. From this he has acquired tl1e name of "Shublthe Politician" He 'will surely succeed in liis undertakings. Eleanor Steiger Robert Fulton Grammar School Business Commercial Club. Eleanor is a quiet, likeable girl with attractive hair and blue eyes. She has a very pleasing personality which has made her well-liked by her classmates and also 'will hclp her to obtain success. John Winters Washington Gram-mar School Undecided K, Wrestling Team, History Forum. Johnny is a good looking and likeable lad with a per- sonality lhat will enable him to go far in the world. He is a good student and a dependable friend as we all know. Raymond Young Lincoln College Gregg Shorth-and Award, History Forum, Honorary Stenography Club, Honorary Bookkeeping Club, Com- mercial Club. Raymond is an excellent student who during his four years of High School, has had his share of A"s. A shy retiring fellow whose capability will surel win him a 'Z l 1 J sit ski . 37 place in the business world. Forty-Seven hfbiailfe 1 NIH. MODARELLL. It J! I -f J K -.1 214.5 ' 1 I I' ' ' :'W . , . ' ' .. 5 I' DREAMS Setting by the fireside in the evening, And as some people would say, dreaming, Many scenes of my life pass before me. First, as an infant scarcely three That cannot possibly be me! .lust beginning to toddle with ease, And learning to say. "If you please." Then, as a mere child of six Learning naughty inischiveous tricks. Starting at school with a. b, c, And winding up with history. Ilan that be me? 'l'hen to High School and another sphere. Where things are different and friends are dear I see myself in freshmen year Filled with a dread unknown fear. But as the months passed by, I no longer felt as if I'd cry, When things were wont to go wrong And I was almost laughed to scorn. I gaze into the Sophomore year I am tilted with bursting cheer- For no longer will I be subject To jokes and names with no respect. To the .Iunior year I looked forward with For soon I would graduate and be free, lint little did I think that in Senior year I would be wishing that I could stay here And so as I came this far in dreams. I. return again to earthly streams. --GLORIA FRANK. glee 15o1'f'X'-lfix " ,J .1 Marie K. Bendel lifllllkllll l911.v1'111'-1.1 fll'l'1j1j .A1r1'111'11s, Sk11f1'1111 C-11117, 11i.vl111',v 1f111'11111, 611111- 1111'1'1'i111 Cllllll. .-111 i1111'11.v11'i1111x 11111 1111111 1111911-l'.f 111'f.v llxl' -:1'111'11 f111' 111111111 , 1101.1 111111111 5 -1111111, kllltl 111111 .vzu1'1'l. '2f'l'.l'1' -1111111 .ll111'11' 1 is 111111 11f 115. ,llay 11111 1111111' nf 11f1f1111'f11111lxv 111'r1'11y.v 111' 111 111'1' f111l11. l . 3 D 3 Madellne Therese Clauss 1 11111511111-1111111 Uf11'1'11li1111 .X'111'.v1' 1 3 1111111l,.1.1111111111111' C11111, 171'1111111l1'1' 611117, 1f111111.s'11 f41ll11, 111.11111-v 1f111'11111, .S'1'11l111g 611117, 1'i1111f111'11, C'111111111'1'1'i111 C'11111' H1'11111g,y C11111. .l111111'li111' 1111.1 111'1'11 xlly. l1l1'11.v11111, f111li1'11l 111111 ,li1'111 lll 1 111'1' .11-1111111 'X'l'll1'.S',' s111' is tllTl'1l-VX 1'1'1111'y 111 1111 111'1' 111111, ll 111'1f1 11l111'1'.v. Tl11' 11111111 will l'l'l'11llll1j' 1111'.v.v tl 11111111 - 1 17lly1Fl'. 1 9 1 1 ' 1 1'11'1111kli11, ,l1111l1'1 ' ' Lucille Jane Coyle J l71'1111111Ii1' C1ll17, ffllfllll 1.igl1111i11g, 11i.vt11r-1' F111'11111. l'ir'111'i1111s, liwly 111111 full nf 11171. d1's111'1111's 1111.1 1'11111'111- llljl 111.v.v. 111111 111'1' 1lllflflAl' 11ixf111.r1'l11111 111111 1'111'1'1'f111 .r111111' .vl11"ll 111'f'1'1' 11111' tl 1111711' jll'l1llf? of f1'11'1111'.v. Harold W. Eck ll1ll'1ll't' 11111111 11'11x1'111'x.v C'11f1111111 of C'1a,s'x T111111, J. V, 1?11sle1'l111111 '38-'30, lvfIl'N11vV B11.vk11f11111l '39-'40, Grvyfg S1101't11a1111 Awf11'11s, H1sfc11'y 1"111'11111, 111111111 H111 19111111. Il111'11111' N115 11111'1' tl 1111.v11f111 1111-V, 11111 Sllltxl' 11l".V 11111' uf llll' 'I 11111111 1111sk1'l11111l f1111y1'1's 111' is l'I't'1'j' 1111'1'.v l11'1111, 1'll'1t'llI11lll1'.Y.Y 111111 1'1111l1'11f1111'11f 11r1' tl1TKlllj'.Y 111111111 111111, r1'l111'l1 1.1 ll 11111111 1111151111 I11 11111111-z'1' 111111 111' will 1111 .v111'- 1'1'.fsf11l 111 11111 f11I111'1'. Katherine M. Faller l.i11 1'11 111 11'11.vi111'.1'.v 11Illl17l'ill'WX' T.l'f't"ZL"l'I'l1lI1l C1lll7, C11111111f1'1'1'111 611117. l1111 llllll' 11111116 1XVlll11V is ll 1111i1'l 111is.v 11111 111111111 111111 101111111 11111 111'fl1'1' j'1Ill'l1'flllf1 ,v111' ix 1l1'Zl'llj'J 1'1'1111y f111' 11111111 f1111,' I1r.v1d1'.v 1111 1111.1 11111 flfffl-V 1101111 l1111d.r 11111'f1' ll 1111. F111't'x'-.Y1'111' il, R I N ' 3 xse! sk. .ntl Y, XX, .-'I , urn 1 . 5' f 'A V" 1 3. ' . 0 .S - Emma Fedder auf' lloraee llfann Business S-Elllllll ' I 1 - fu 1 a - , i Chain Liglztning, Collegiana, Varsity Show, Skating R f Clnb, Girl's Basleetball. ' linzma is just filled with U. II. spirit. She is our elass tom-bay, a regular ehaser of gloom, an outstanding player on the basleetlrall team and is tops for ha'z'ing fun. Cyril Fedderman Robert Fulton lVisconsin llniiersitgv Tennis Tearn, Collegiana, English Club Show, Varsity Show, Chain Lightning, Gregg Awards, English Club, Debating Society, History Forum, Magazine Drive, 619, Language Club. , F 2 xyvaffbal blaek eurly hair, blaele eyes, a happy smile and an ,g 'N intelligent brain describes Chieg in elass activities he n ' is always right there doing his best. 5 Haley Ralph Fonseca lxoosi I di ide Stage Criiu Hen s a lad with 'ua x blail hair and a big luight smile uha is aluaxs iheelful and frzendlx ll hin d tx za v hes aluavxs theie to da his fait nth trui ll ll vfnrzt Glorla Frank .St Mau s C olli ge Hixtoq Fozum Language Club Collegiana Gregg flwardv C iils Basketball Maga ine Drzze zen Gloria ualls by thi Uale hearts iant stand still She is lots of fun and ani grand gul zaham me eeitamly will miss when shes gone if Anna Grabher J, Horaee .Mann Bnvimsf Ilistorx Forum Comme: cial Club Tall statelv and serene is our Anna In ilass she s aunt 7 and alwags worrying until hu homeworks done but outside of class Annas just Hlled with fun F1 ty l 'A sa A r 1 X . ' 'welt ,ln 'e' il Q . I , "M, ' - ,- ,, T, .F - - ,- FE P ' ' ' 'j ' C " ' 'K ' All I' ,. s ' gl .I K f 'L ' ' ,1 Q - ' , f C, , , ' . -I . W '-' '- g .Lg f H , v ,R ', , V, lA " if 10 A" ., f"' v V, S' . '-'. WI t ' V f ,V H A f ' Vyy A' '. ' '. . " it Q, ' r ' ' V ' I '- . A i , ' - ' v f , , Q N , . l C Xl' ,lv I Tug.- ' ' kx' - 1 .F s I I l X .1 lf' , 4 iv" lf K lp Q Lillian Grob Collogiamz, Girl's Gln' Club, Hualsou County Chorus. Lillian, you vm doubt lzazw' lzvard, llas a 'wry nrvlorlimrs fwvirvg not rzvulmilfzzl of luv' studios slu' is a szvvll pal who has a plan' in all our llvarts that will lu':'f'r faa'v array. Violet C. Grosch lfroukliu .lo11rual1'sm Gregg -'lwara's, Gorman Club, Ldllgll-ilyt' Club, Skaling Club. Coum1cn'1'al Club, Honorary Sfvuo Club, llisfor-v Forum. Tlzrrz' arc .voruv frofvlv who arv fvlva.vauI Ia knots' lu'- rausr tlzvy l'1ll'l'!' and l'Hl'f7lH'llfll' us zvllvu our sfvirils arf lowg of tllvsz' lffofvlr Vmlvf IX om' and iw all aclorv ll1'l'. lloravv .llauu lirrsiruxvs .-Z' 1 . C C F L L , lx Lotte Grothusen 1 ' K ' 5 9 lloram' .llanu lg1l5lIH'5S Crvgg Slrorflzaual :lwara's, History Forum, Commvrvlal , ,. , Club. f Brains and boauly fomliinrd arf' prvlty rarv but uol 6 with l.ollir',' u ffm' rating ilu liar svlmlasrir work aua' llzouglz slu"s always rollcrfmg dum slu"s v1'f'rylmdy's pal. Dorothy Herbert ll'UXlll11gl0lI liusuzrss . Hislory Forum, Slzorflzaud .-lwards, Skaliug Club, - Typ:-sf for .lftIgU.S'IllIl' llriw, Couzmmrial Club. Dot is blvssra' with vfficimzcy df"I'lII!',' slu' is always rlzvfrful, 5-l'llIf7Ufl1!'flt' aua' a frm' friwul uuzliug a girl y that is bard to bcal. .S'urrvss, rw are surf, lzas found unotlwr 'zuforflry of its titlv. l ell 'M , I Frances Hoynoskl , Ifraukliu Bll.Yl.Ht'5.Y SlIOI'fllllHIl rlzvurds, liuglislr Club, Typist for lllaya- :luv Drlw. Commvrvial Club. .-1 vlmvry girl who is always smiling, Fraurrs van al- 'X ways bv drpcudfd upon wlzrn lzvlff is nvvdr'd,' and wluvz La, youfrr' fvrliug low, slu' shows you lifos 7vorrlm'lzilr. ' C Fiffy-0110 ' all V-, .X r Y , 1 F... 51's iii 1 .Sl-i'1'vt411'y of Skating Club, Slzartlzaud .-lwards, His- Pix U I .1 A Eleanor Hunecke Tvi111m'l.' .luuiur lligh ,Skllfml llusiurss tory lfarum, Calrilliwviczl Club. A friendly mauuvr, a y'rvqztm1t siuilv and a hfart that's trurg lzlrauar is tops with us. Ilvr many good drvds will uvfurr bi' fargattcu. Irene Ann Johnson ll"'ll.S'lllllfll0ll, N. li. U1ulm'id1'rl Chain Lightning, Collvgiaua, Slmrthand Awards, Girl's Hasla0tlu1'll. lrcm- is a fuirsou with a bright 'word for vrcryozzc. She is always wry guynaud mustautly rcarly to do her all vuhru duty calls, ll e are sure she will reach hcr goal. John Koerner ll vlljlllllfllllll Callrgr llistory Forum, Lauguagr' Club. John is thi' dvvil of thi' class, foustautly fvlayiug smut' misvltifrfaus trifle with his humor that is full of sfficf. ll"lu'n hc taflelvs a job, l1au'm'c'r, we can always dvpeud au him to do his wry bvst. Jean LeBreton lirauhliu, Busiuvss .S'll0I'flll1lIll .'4'Zl'Fll'flS, Laugua-gf' Club, German Club, llis- tory Forum, Skating Club, Honorary Stvno Club, Com- 11'lf'l'ClGl Club. fran! is the clzattvrbos' of our vlass 'mlm is farrvvr gig- gling. She is a clewr girl and the apfvlr of ther tfafllvrs vyv bfvausc' of her brilliaurr zu hvr studies. Dorothea Marie LaMore Levesen ls'rrasvf'vlt Businvss Callvgv tflvr Club, Slsatiug Club, Language Club, History Forum. A truv frivuzl who is sinfvrv, Dat is as vffivivnt as shi' is pretty, so rvsrrfwl, uzadvst and very swrvt, wr wish hvr sucfess iu wlidtewz' she mulvrtalrvs. - Fifty-Two W .Ml 1- ,4 VT Lillian Machovec Field Day, History Forum, Commereial Club, .YHHIS Festival, Gregg Aiuorois. Sort of Coy and rather shy, with her auburn loeks and lots of poise her friendship is worthwhile ,' l.il doesn't shirle work and though quiet she's lihed by ull in her class. lloraee lllann Business ii , . John Mahony l 1- 1 w . 'sb' ' Y. Ifoosevelt .-llfred College of C eratttuxv 1' ', ' it President of Orrhestra, Gym Team, Cross-eouutr-v f ,l" i' l Tea-m, Student Council, History Forum, Matlzettzatii' f C Club, Stae e Crew, Baud, Bov's Glee Club, Lamuare L V Y-1 b .l . J J v- C u . f .3 ,J . John is always busily oeeufwiecl either on our Clzampiou t ' 'X gym team, taking part iu eloss diseussion or doing his I A l share iu- some other school oetiwity. ll-'e 'will alicia-vs re- , kj' Xiu 1 member him for the parts he played in the daily upris- 4 F P' , ing in 7-3. s 5 l f' "A " N Doris J. McIntyre - - Lineoln No. 5 Business X . 'Q Gregg Shorthand Awards, History Forum, Commereial Club, Honorary Steno Club, German Club, Language Club. Slmrt. petite, good-notured and quiet are I?ot'is's assetsg. 'with these fine qualities she is sure to be sueeessful m wluitmfer she undertakes. Elizabeth Audrey McManus V774 Horoee lllanu, Business .S'elmol F ' t -i '-' llistorv Forum W . ' V She is verj' quiet in elass and hos been of great assist- anee to her elassmates throughout our four years as- soeiution. with her,' we are sure that lilisobeth will be sueeessful in zvhatef'er field she enters. Herman Monsees Xu. 5, ll'est New York Business Gregg .Sihorthaud rl words. Ilermau is rather ll quiet lad, and just a little shy, but he is the kind our teoehers adore beeouse of his studious disposition. ll'e are sure he will win many more friends in a prosperous future. Fifty-Three YN , .J as UND! ' , J John Nicholas Monzione 11'1,xl,j,,.,,1,,,,' X, 134 B11s11111.f.Y l11.v1111'31 17111'11111, 1.1111g11111111 611117. 11'1' .v11l1111111 1l1'1lI' 11 111111111 f1'11111 .11111111131 111111155 1111's 111 ll 111111111111 111111111 111111111' f'11I.V1ll1l 1111 '11111111111111 11111111 11111 11111111' f1111.v. X11-:'1'1' Ulljffbl' 111171 1l1Tk'1I'l'.Y 111 Ll 111111111111 111111111. 111' 1.1 111 311111 'ZU1.f11 11.1 1111 11111 1'111111' 111 .f111'1'11.r.v. Hilda Natterer ll111'111'1' .U111111 1f11si111'.f.v 611111111 L1111111111111, c40I11l1!fif111f1, H1s1111'31 F111'11111, L'7,G1'S1f3' 51111-111, l?1111A11111'1'f111111 671117, C'1111111111r1'1111 611117, G1'11g11 .S'l1111'111111111 .11':11111'11. 11111111 1.1 ll j11l'1 7111111 ll x1111l11 fur 111'1'1'3111111', 1111111111 1111111111 111111111111111 1111111 11 11111 1116 111111 1111's1'11111r11111s 1131115 1111.1 .v11111111 1111111-X' 11 11111s1'11111111 l111111'1. 1l1'1' 11111111 11111111'11'1111s 1'117a1111'111111 111111 1111111 tl 1:11'1'31 11111111 1'11'1'1c 111 f1'11111ds. 3 NNN Richard H. Pasch ,K i 1 11111111-111111 ,Y111'111z1111s1v1'11 N J 111111111' l'1ll'.91f,l' 111111 1'yfl1'.f11VX' H11.v111111111l1, 1i11x1'111111, 1117'- ' . 51131 Slzoiu, Hijtlll'-X' 1"11r11111. 61111111111 111 11111' 1111.vl11111111111 11111111 "lx'1111" 15 111511 llll 1111 fx q 11111111111 111111111115 l1l'I'!'1' 111 1111 f111'1111111'11 1131 1'1111111 ll11l 111 11111 111111131 3111111',f 111 111111111 11'11 111112111 31111 111 11111111 11 11111111 j1'1111IU. Louise Reiner . 11111'111'11 11111111 H11s1111'.vx 5111111111 1 C 11111'11111111111, H1x1111'31 1'111'11111, L11111111111111 C'11111, 1i'fll1jll.S'III1' l11'1z 11, S1111 13 11111111-111111111111 111111 111111g111g 111 1't11'1'31111111. 1'11'ZUllj'.i' 31111111111 111111 111 1111 1111111 51111. 1-1111 211111 1111t11'1' 1111 f111'1f11111111 1131 111111 1'111s.111111111.v 111111' 211111 .YH7'l'1-V 1111 as s111'1'11ssf111 115 s111' 1x f11'11113'. i Marion Marjorie April Rottmann l1f11'111'11 11111111 C11s1131 ,1111111.s' 111-21111111111 511111111 X11z11.v Plllhl' '38, 6711161111 L1'g111111'11g, f.'0111'f1I'fl11G, Vvllliiifjl Sl11111', S11111111111111 1411111111 100, Hi.v1111'3' 1'l01'11H1, 51131111111 C41I111, Cf11'1'.v Ba.v111'1111111 T1'11111. 1l1111'11111 1.1 tl 1111111131 3111111111 1111.111 11111111 13 fll11 11f j1,111,' LI 1112111111111 l111rs1111 11111 11111111 31111 111 11111111. S1111 lllld F111 11r11 1111115111111 1'11111f1111111111s -1111111 11111 11314111131 110 f111111d 111 11111 111111.11 111 tl fj1'UllfV of 1'1ass11111111s. Fifty-F0111' 1x'11111'1-1 1511111111 1'11111'1'1111'11 15111111111 1.11111 1'111wv, .l1111111.ti111' 171'1f" 1 11.111 f11'1111, 11i.v1111',v 1"11l'1l11I. 11'11.v11i11111111, l111.vi111'xx Mae Dorothea Schalfner .l11'1x'11111'-V .111111 ix 1111' 111'-:'i1',v 11l11Av1111111'. .f111"1I x111111 V111111' 1111 111.11 11.1.x1.11.1, 51111 11111'1' 11t'11xl' .l'!11'1S .Y1ll1fl1-l' .x":1'1' 1111.v1111'.v.v .S'1I1ll'11I1I11lI' 1If1'111'11.v, 111.Y1111'AX' 17111'11111, c'f11111111'1'1-1111 1.11117 I 1'111'1'.Y l1:L'1lvX',' 11 11111111 111l1111't' 111111 11111111 .v1'111v1' 111'1' 111111' l'Z1'11 111 11. x 2 L74 1 f ff- of ,42 ,ff V m , 1 yd M ,AJ I Rose Marie Schlegel LA C'-fa la 1 ww A V" 1x'11l11'11f 1511111111 1'111'1' 111.v11111l1' A il 15111111.1111 C'11111 lylllrv, G1'1'111f S1IU1'11Ill1I11 .A1f1'111'11.v, 111.11111--1' 1 1 l'1U1'I111I, 1'1'1'.v.v 511111, 1f11111i.v11 011111, C1'1'1'1111111 f-11117, .S'11'1111 11' ,. 1 jg: 111111111'111'v C'11111, .l1111111.:'1111' 111'I'I'1' KW. , 1-I-Wg? ' ' ,11, . if ' 11 1111 1111111111'.v 111 111'1' 1'1l1'1'1'.v 111111 1'1'11 111111' 111111 11111 11111111111 T, 'il 1'y1's TA'1l1l1 11111'.v 1x'11.v1' .l1111'i1- l111'1' 1,1111 1'1'1111x 1111.1 ' .1 ' 111111111 111111 11111111,x' 111.v.v -:111111 11 f1111' .x'111111111.v1111 l'1'11111'11 r,k 4,3 i ' K ,. Pauline R. Schweiger 111111' 1',v1'.v, 1111111 171'11'IC'1l 111111' 111111 ll 1'11111'1111.1111 f11'1'.v1111- 11111,v. -11111111 111111'1' 11111 1111' .my 111111111 1'111111111',' 1111 11111- .vl11111l11111 .v111111'11l 111 111'1' 1'111x.v':1'111'1' 111111 Ill 111111 111'lr:'1111'.v. George William Sharp 11111 T1'11111. .11 -111'111111'111 1'111111 '11'l111 -1'1i1'1x 'ZK'1.11I 1111 1111' ,1111'1.f, G11111311' ix as ll 111111' 1111111 1111111 111'1'1'1' 'z1'1'1111v 11 -1-1'17'fU . 1111:'1' 1":'1'1'111x111111 .v111'1'1'.f.: Ill f1'111111'1'1'1' 111' 11111'111111.v. Rachel H. Simoneau Sf. .111.v1'1111 11'11.vi111's.v 111.Yf111'.l' l'l111'l11ll, C'111111111'1'1'1111 111111, 11111111 .Sll1U1'fl1l111l1 1-:1'111'11x. 1-1 111'1'11x' 11111111 1111111 111'1'11111v 1'v1'v 111111 11111'1' 111111' 1x'11 iv 1 1 , 1 .1 , 11111.12 S1111 I1111'.v 111111 1ll1L'.V 111111 111'z'1'1' .vl1111x, 11111:'1'1'-1111'-11'.v.v 3 ' t1'1' 11111111111 1111 ':1'111111111 111111 S111' 1111.v 1'11.v11y 1'111'111'11 111'1' ' 11111111 111111'k.f. 3 1 1111-1f'11111 f' 'la '11,l. 1' ,L J 1 iw 1 'S dx Lglff, f- 'Q- s ,ui i n fslfffw' Helen Elisabeth Stosik l.iui'ulu, X. li. Sllllflllllllfl .'lm1ra's, Civrmau Club, Language Club, His- tarv lforuuz, liuglislz Club, Cauzuzrrrizzl Club. Siu' may bv quits small iu stature' but iu wit slu"s liaril In laaat, llvlwu is a studiuus girl 'zvlm always says "llusiuuss lu'fbl'u f1lm1.s'111'u." .llay Uf7flUI'f1lllIlj' lu' lzfrs fur tlu' 1ISli'lllfl, Catherine Ann Thomson lluran- .llanu Husiufss J ffivgfy .Slmrtluilul .-ltvarfls, Histbry Forum, Cammvr4'ial Club. , J .-I umillv, smlati' and filvasaut -ljll'l-ClIlll1'I'lIll' is lilrvd by 1' all, slu' is always lvuclilzy a llvlfiful luzlul and maleiuy u sailzrmu' llalvlw. Ill' lmfw tllat Sill' may always haw' lu1fif1.'m'.vs aurli fvrnsfwrity. 9 Busiuvss Sclzaal Emily Helen Ullrich Waslziugtau, Little lim-ry Busiuvss Couzincrt'ial Club. Emily is small bluud, and tfcry futv, a girl iulmm W0 are rrry fuurl of lrvuzzusv slit' is alliecl-x'.v'-r's'1',i' -flufvrful ana' gay. .llay slla IIt"Z'l'J' rluiuyv tlzzs clzsfmsztum altar llvr sclmal days llllih' mulvzl. 1-J AY - W I 11, L 1, ,- F ' ef", fVk,".,-Q.: 1 Florence Isabelle Volpe ' llurarr lllauu Casvy .lauvs xl-2'iativu .S'i'luml Girl's Baskvtball, Clzaiu Liglztuiug, Collegiaua, Varsity Slime, Clzristuicls Play, Slmrtlzazul .lfuards, History FIIVIIH1, Lauguagv Club, Skating Club, Girl's Gln' Club. lilo lzas 'i'lll1, vigor, Vitality and pI'l'.YOIllIllfj' plus, you urvcr a dull uzamcut milieu sl1c's around. llvr sports- manship is of tlze bvst and so is lzer flassworle. Emil Vrydaghs l-luI'a1'1' .lfullll Collvgl' Track Team, Slzortlzaua' Awards, History Forum, Lan- fjllllfjl' Club, Dramatii' Club, lutvr Class Bczskvtball. lfmilr' just laws tu watflz tlzc girls, 'ZUll1-Ull mic he lilecs ltr rau't dvfizl'v, wr gurss lufll ga on all lzis life saying, "wily, lruwzy, rainy, uma." ll"v lmpe l1v'll vt'c11t1lally fiual our zs'l1a'll fflvasv liiuz. Jffffy-su . MISS M1-LEAN .f-f TR IB l"l'l'I 1 - 111- - ll 1 A111111 111111 111 111111 111111 1111 11111' 'I1'11v 1f111' 5111111 vifvijl 111' 1f1'11111111111111 lilly. 11'1' 1111'11 11ll1A'1 11'111z'1' 111'111' 1'1111111 11111 11 '111'1'1' f11111' .v11111'1 .x'1'111'.v -:1'11,v 11111' 1111111 1111111. .Y11-rv 'r1'1' 11111.11 A'1l11'1 11111' 1'1'111 1111111 1111 15171111 11111- l1ll1xX' 'Zx'1"11 111':'1'1' ,v111'1'1'. 11 14 1 11 1'l1.v1111':1' 11111 1 1111111 -:v1'11 111' ,1'11l,, 1113 711711, 111 11111' 1'111111'.v, 11111 1111111111' 111111 l11111'. f1l11' 1'111.V.Y 11f l'1-10 1111-z'1' 111111 fl11I 111111 f'11IX' l'1l'UIl1 1111, 1i111l' 'z1'1' :1'1'1'1' ,'x1'1w.fl1111l'11 111 11111' 111'111111111i1111 1 7111 11111' .1111111-f1l1111'1' ':1'1' fwlbx' 11111' 11'1111111'.v 1f11l' I11 I111' 111'.v1 .v1'1111111 1"z'1'1'-7u1"11 1"1'1' 1'1'1111'111111'1' v1111 -1f1lyll1c Shzuv. ,V--3'1"r'1'11 F v . Q W' L i Jil' ., k , ,yi LBQQ 4 QL X Z' E 'I -ll ,L XQ' l l QQ! 'N lip-rf? , in yi V ' 7 1 s , Joseph Acinapura Sf. .losvfilllv Svlzool Businvxv ".liu"' ix alivays fllvrr with a "Pardon nm" or "f'.rfusf' fll'tI.Yl"' if no! for liiinsrlf if's for sanironf' vlsix' but it .viwizis lo niahv u hit with flu' girls so 'why should hr mind thi' kizliliny handca' out by the fellows. Gladys Ackerman Buffalo, X. Y, Business Program Conzrnitfm' of C'ommrri'ial Club, Histor-v lforum, Girls' Glow Club, C'orrzmvri'ial Club. "mia vuiv as a baby Pdlldlln. "Gladir"' is that futv litflr niixx who ix izliuiyx Sllllllllfl-l71lf ilzvn who wouldffl .rniilv if thry had a xrnzlr lzlrv slzc. Robert Aldrich lfooxrfflt Svhool .rlvcoiinlanl lzzlm'-i'las.v Baxkftball, Honorary Club, CHlllll1t'l'l'l'tll C lub, History Forum, Slzorflzano' .47varzl. "Ay nirrry as C4l1l'l5llllt1.YH. "Bob" ix Ihal lilllv rvd hood with Ihr yvnial smilv and quirk wit wliifli hi' ix apr to shoot at you at any lima. Howard Bothe l?oa.vvf'clt School Callcgv Cafvlain of Gym Team, Trafk Team. "flowir" is thc noufvaral of flu' parallel bars and rz'cry- ozufs friend. Ili' has .vliouldcrs that orc i'-zwz broadvr than an EllQl1Sl1H1UlI'.S' Ak. My J'-' l a,,uM7"'G"'V" .- ,V P ' 1 N 'I ljlVk!,aY,!rJ,.L I John Cerutti lljgliiugrim lVrsf Virginia ll"esylan Varsity Football, C0llPfj1'Cl7I0, l',Ul'X1.lVV Show. ' Union HilI's all-county rmifmq and an all-round .rwoll fallow, Cvrutli is the lad who drliyhts all with his hand- sornr affpfarancc and pleasing 'voice and pwsoiialzty. Fiffy-ziiglu Frederick Jacob Coons Ifoosvzfrlt Srhool Casvy .lanes Travk Tram, Cross Country Train, History Forum. "Like a lawn inowwr-ho inows 'mn down", "Frrd" oasily takos a daro and usually varrivs it out to thr fullest c.1'tvnt. You can always be sure of a laugh when Fred is around. Louis Dell Orto Paramus No. 1 Business Baseball, History Forum. "Like thr vonvvitod fellows hoad, hr' swvll". "Lou" tho typo of lad who is always in a fvlrasant niood. Hfo 1 D , .N knou' hc'll nzako good in this world. X pk-X . . X 2 J, E' K l li Q' I 7' O5 ,awrence Dessart I . g llioly Family Colloyv X- E , .. Trark, lilf'rostliil!!. Captain Cross Country. Varsity I i F Shozu, Chain Lightning, History Forum. f L R , "Liko a door knob, his hoad can vasily bo turned." 'X ' "Larry" along with being one of thr best drrssfd boys of tho flass, is tho shiok of 9-3 and is known for his famous saying "Is :ny hair Il'I1l-Y.Vf'd'I. K Dorothy M. Dolan St. .losopl1's, Bogota liusinvss I ' 7 i 1. Commorczal Club, Honorary .S'horthana' Club, Honor- SUI ary Typing Club, Shorthand' Awards. . 'Klllorv rurls than a rorksi'rc'w". lVl1onvz'rr you sez' a l?'l'l1'l1, of tlvldvn rurls rornr' bobbing down tho corridor, look just bvnoath thorn and yon'll find tlu' smiling fan' 1 of our "Dotty". l Francis A. Downs St, ."ill1lll5fllll',S .5'uranton llnizu 5 Travk, Chain Liglzlning, Collvgiana, Varsity Sliow, - History Forum. "Frank" is tho social lion of thc' Juni' '40 Class. l1'v attends more functions than a dvbutant. If you want to D know anything about U. H. H. Sfs fitlzlotif History, just ask Frank. Fifty-Nine ' ' ii? Anthony Dragona Washington School Undecided Chain Liglztning, History Forum, Shorthand Award. "Tony" is hard to know because of his quiet character but onee you get to know hint-you'd be surprised! lle's a swiell sport and is always there with that bit of homework tlzat we forgot U5 to do. Florence Eisenring wif Roosewlt Sehool Business History Forum, Shorthana' fl-ward. ".-ls sweet as a Bonnie Baker recording". "Flo" is wry quiet and a sweet girl. She doesn't rnalee a lot of noise to attraet attention, hut she seems to get it anyway. Lawrence Ferrero HWl6'0H Univ. of Paris llfrestling, Chain Lightning, History Forum. "He's as well-liked as a rieh uncle". "Larry" has a heart as. big as a eensus talfer's questionaire. He has more friends than the kid with a bag of gum drops. Dominick Ferriero Waslzington Business History Forum, Shorthand Awards. "l.ilee the man who wasift there he's little". Unlike the . little nian "Dom" is always there with a bit of advice or , ,L some nlueh-needed hotneworle. l William Fessner Ix'o0sei'elt Business Chain Lie htninc, Colleciana. xy! .I .1 J ' V "Like a Torn Mix fan, he's a straight shooter". "Fess- ner" is sort of quiet until you get him going, but all you have to do is 'wind him up in the morning and he'll yo all day. .N ' . , J W "' Sixty x l Le' f fl Q! lv l.074!' . l If diff. WW 1 , .A Lv 1 ytcifu 'x.4N spa .s I 'Ji .f .- ul ,ia U-'UV Edward Adam Gemeinhardt ' lfllasltington Technical lfngineering History Forum, illatlz. Club. "lnilvulsif'e as a soap-box radical". "lid" is that cosmic "Wizard of Ours". If you don't know the answer-ask Ed hc knows them all and 'will give tliern to you with liis cheery smile. Robert Gianattasio lfooserelt Pate Institute History Forum, Manager of Basketball Team, Band. "Like tlie inmate witli the paper dolls lll'l.Y a cut up". "Rocco" is gifted with a lot of good nature and school- spirit and made a swell manager of the basketball team. Ruth Happell i Roosevelt College Captain Girls Basketball, Christmas Festiz-al '38, Field Day, English Club, Co-Editor O Sz B, Academic Com- mercial Club. "Rufus" is the one girl wonder of 9-3. Sl1e's here, she's there, sl1e's eweryuilzere, sliowering lier good nature and sportsnianslup over all. Eileen Hennessy Roosevelt College Girl's Basketball, History Forum, Art Club. "Noddy" is a gal with an abundance of wit and a liglzt, easy going manner. Sl1e's probably the best "study poet" ever produced by Union Hill. Leonard William Hirsch Roosevelt School College History Forum, Varsity Football, Track, Inter-elass Basketball, Chain Lightning, Collegiana, Varsity Slzow. "Hector" put the "aw" in audience, lie's a natural en- tertainer and can play any part well. His original jokes are well known by any freslue or any senior. ol Y is F f bf J K x i - , 13' .1 v ' Arthur Kaiser H'f'41S1lilI.1,'1UtI Selzool Busiplggg History Forum. "S'11ort as a Ifordam football ployer's name". "Artie" is one of t11e tall, silent type who always llos a good 'word for sonieonef never putting anyone on tlie "porin, Joseph Keenan Wastizigtorzi School Business History Forum. "Happier t11a1z a dog with 11 bone". "Joe" is tlE'i1Ct' serious. He's 'always maleuig up funny gags, t1iat's what makes 111111 tl1e "Popularity Kid of 9-3." 1 .. l......11..-11-- Ruth King Robert Fulton Business History Forum, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Eug- lzslz Club, Slzortlzand Awards. "Ruthie" is quiet iii floss and you tllflj' be sure t11at.s1ze always lzas lier work ready and waiting for any subject. S11e's a 'willing worker and you eau always depend on ller for aliytltiag. Genevieve Kirschner Qt. Augustine Business Commereial Club, Field Day. "Gen" is t11e eute little trifle in 9-3. S11e's our jitterbug and always on tl1e go-just eanlt seem to sit still a minute, but when you do get lzer to sit still you'll and sheis a swell pal and a real tamker. James Lazroe Roosevelt Loyola "Las" is one of those easy going fellows, rarely loses lzis temper and lzas a sense of liumor equoled by none. His keen wit and pleasant personality make liim o,swell person to know. ' S i.rt y- Two 'D later-Class Basketball, Varsity Show, History Forum. , ' O I !,Q, 1 Jerome Martin Levlne J Il P. S. .Vo. 64, Bronx lllielligan Stale ' Magazine Drive, Christmas Play, Armistiee Day Play History Forum, Debating Team, German Club, Math Club, .-leadernie Shorthand Club. "Jerry's" the fellow who introduced tl1e Senior hats to Union Hill High. He's also distinguished for hishper- petual two day growth of beard and his t'0lllf7ltI1HIIljl about things in general. 1 V. .4-f, Boris Liftman 3"',4f'.Z' , . , r ' Roosevelt N. l. li ., , Wrestling, Track, History Forum, .fleademie Commer- ,,..LVV7V l eial Club. . .X-X "More personality than a Fuller Brush salesman." , . A "Bob" is a real dapper and no mean hana' with the girls, ,- not to mention his popularity with the boys. 7f1wf' l , , George Ryan Mahoney . ,- , fi MWM lfoasevelt Georgetozcu Publieity Manager of History Forum, Manager of Traek and Cross Country Teams, Debating Society, Arazlemie Commereial Club, lllagasirte Drive. "Modest as a W. P. A. 'worleer's pay eheele". "Georgie" keeps himself well liked by being a quiet and even-tem- pered fellow at all times. He has one of those all Irish smiles which he is always flashing. William P. Morris Roosevelt School Businpss Inter-Class Basketball, History Forum. "Miele"'is.a chorus class Caruso, his 'Voice has more eraelrs zu zt than an antique wase but l1e's a swell laid and helped to put our elass basketball team on top. Carl Ortelli Wasliington. Business History Forum, Commereial Club, Shorthand Awards, Collegiaua. "As refreshing as a bottle of Pepsi-Cola". "Oats" can be seeu at any corn fest, in there pitching with the best of them. Carl is the "pieolo pete" of 9-3. A s loisr with the whistle. I Sixty- Three mx X-'Q O-1 YQ " 2 H g an 54, MM 11 -L- , ..-,Ll 1,4111 Vera Peters l.i11l'11l11 S1'l111r1l Busim'sx C0111111v1'4'ial Club, lli.vt01'-v F111'11111. ".S'1lv11l as Ilzv .YlIlIlIl'L'l'llljj Vllfllllu. 01111 1u1f111ld llllflllljl k1mza' that l'l'l'll was 111 flu' 1'11f1111, sl1r"s that quzvfg 11111 11 rmlly 'lkllllllffl s!1r'x l1lTL'fl.l'S fl1r1'v I11 do lm' 1105! lfvf ' 111' div i11 flu' Ullfll 1 I -lk' 1'1" 44, Q x., Anneliese Margaret Scholz ' 'Q I' lx'1111.rr1'r'lf Pc11'ka1'1l TI'lYI.YllI't'I' nf film' Clllllfv C'l1ai11 Ielgllllllllfj, C0ll'vyi11111a, CIN1111111 Club, fll'.Yl0I'j' lJUl'llH'l, Cll7llIIlVl' C'l101'1l.v, Fivlrl lilly, C'01111111'1'f1al Cllllll, CIi1'l's Hczxlevflvnll. ".Yig1l1li11g141l1' nf 0-3". ".'l1111" l'l'f'l't'Sl'l1lS 9-3 111 flu' llllllllll llill lligll Ulm' C'l11l1, mm' 1.c':'v1'y llIll'7'!'SlI'!l in its lIl'll.'I'lllt'.X'. S1111 lItI.V also lzvljwd in 111111131 ways to lead' l fllll' flax? Ull ff fn H ix lfac Evelyn Alma Schroeder I. S. X11, IZ lf1rsi111's.v tory FOTIHI1. ".S'l1y ax tl ru! ut 11 day ,vl111u1". "lf-Dey" is lcind of slly lm! 1111u' ,vnu gr! I11 lc11z1w llL'l' .l'UHl'll find sl1v's a swrll pal 111111 ll girl 1x1l111111 yilllvll lv j11'111u1' nf 0lIxl'lE'llf'f1.'. Edythe Elaine Shaw ll 'z1.vl1i11gft1111 B11si11vss lgllllllfjxl' f'lIll7, H1st111'-V l7z11'1111z. '!PlFU5UlIl us 11 1570111 niglzt 111 ,ll111t'H. "lily" IlllC'Sl1vl say 111111'l1 lllflf 1'.1' rrlzwrys 1u'illi11y tn llSll'II, iu'l1ifl1 is tl youll f111'11111lr1 fm- f't7f7lIllII'lf.l', tlmflv wily .vl1v'.v xv wrll lilerd by 0T'L'l'-l'0Hl' Wim lIlt'l'lX lll'l'. Bernadine Silodor L'fl1411'111' B1lsi11v.v.v l'll.Yl0l'xl' l7r11'11111, Sl1r11'il1a11fl fl'ZK'tll'lI'.Y. "l.1'kv ll ftlllfkl' skalw, sin' cuts ll 11161111 fiy111'v". UBc'l'llj'n is 11 t'Ulllf7tIl'lIll7'f'lj' uric' f411111'1' In flu' 1'u11lss of 9-3 lm! slzr is 5Ill'l1 a .vwfll p1'1'.v111a that sllv is 1111741 Ullf' of 11.9 and is klllliilll by all. Sl.l'l'X'-FOIH' X7 ,X 'Z' i 'fff' 'xii ff 7 .- 1' " -,, ,w L.,-4 Lkfvx, ,f1ff.fQ,1, -' lr' ll ' Warren Sprtiyregen llosliiuglozz Srlzool Corruvll Collrgiauo, English Porouts' Night, Varsity Show. ling- lislz Club, History Club, Ping-Pong Toam, llvbofzuy Tram, Louguagr Club, Hiology Club. "Sf2r'ay's" woiff' is llze prulv and joy of 9-3. Hr mu bv lzmrd owr rwryoizr vlsv wl1vru'1'rr ln' wants to and uvlimvirr Miss llIcl.f'au dorsu't wont llllll to. Florence Steinmann lx'oosv:'1'lt Uudcrulva' ,,,- lflorvurv is fllllf quid shy girl wlzosv molto is UlIt'llt'f' lutr flluu 1u':'vr . Mu' s o stwll fYf'I'XUlI vvlioru you mu rrolly lurro jun zwtll. Werner Stumper R00-Yf'i'f'lf Business lfrourlz Club, Plzofografvlzors Club, Biology Club, His- fory Forum. "ill vr1:" is roflwr quid uufil lflf' 'word basvlvall is mou- t1our'q'. Hz' mu rradily toll you about any of tlzf' major or uuuor lleagur' foams and is always rrudy fo trll you who is going to win Ilia fwuzuzut. Patsy Trotta ll 'asliingtou Srlmol 0.1-ford futor-Class Baskviball, Dramatic Club, Hislory Forum, '37 Trark, '37 Gym Tram, Chain Liglitniug, Collvgiaua, PfHllf0I'P. '37 MU!lf1S'1'i1o I,l'i7.'F, '36 lVrrsfling Tram. 'llolm Stoll" is illo I'llj'll1lIl :Hou in flu' 9-3 jam sfssious, lu' s Ihr' fluff swzugstor and a swvll follow who surf Iruows lns lziw. 1 Genevieve Vicelich Liurolu Srlwol l'm'kurn' Commvrvial Club, History Forum. "Gm" is the life of tllv floss. Hvr flzvuzc sony is "l'Vhal's fill' maftor with 1ur'."' Up lo uow no our luis born oblv to find the frnswvr. Personally, wo dou't flziuk A then' is one. Sis ly-Five .v J 3 .Q y - x. Robert Williams Roosevelt College History Forum, Commercial Club. "Curly" is quiet and is a fanatic for any kind of soda es eciall' if it comes rom "BillJs Cand Storeu. H P A , t 11 0 can generally be found tlzere gussling his favorite drink. Adele Wilson Roosevelt Scliool Jersey City Medical V liuglislz Club, Magazine Drive, Secretary of History Forum, Cirl's Basketball, Language Club. "Adele" will surely get her due in life, judging by the . ' I .fi 1' ' r I 1 1.1 OZ!! L V u , U way slze gets her dues in school. Slze's a real go-getter ,Lif- aud you just have to pay what you owe to get some i J' If peace. lf' f ' lf 1 WHAT VVOULD HAPPEN IN 93 IF- "Gen', Vicelich wasn't talking. "Dotty" Dolan lost her curls. "Eddie" Gemeinhardt moved fast. Carl Ortelli didn't say "Who me!" George Mahoney and "Bob" Liftman weren't together. Fred Coons wasn't always yelling out loud. Frankie Downs came in early. "Ann" Scholz didn't take out the pass. "Ruthie" Happell came in class sometime. Eileen Hennessy wasn't making up poetry. Gladys Ackerman didn't smile. "Howie" Bothe didn't have his swell build. "Gen" Kirschner wasn't so cute. Jimmie Lazroe, Lennie Hirsch and Warren Sprayregen didn't harmonize every noon time. "Jerry" Levine couldn't take it from the gang. Edythe Shaw was noisy. "Bob" Aldrich didn't have red hair. Anthony Dragona wasn't always lending his homework to someone. "Dommie" Ferriero wasn't so polite. Adele Wilson wasn't asking for dues. Evelyn Schroeder suddenly talked loud. The class was quiet when someone came in to make an announcement. I hadn't written this silly stuff. --EILEEN HENNESSY. Si.rty-Six ui r ' - Jfaat Cllifillli and 'Telxtamc-:nt Vile, the class of June. 19-10. presumably sound in mind and body. hereby publish our Last XVill and Testament in accordance with the rules prescribed by law. VVe bequeath the following: To Mr. Stahler: Our appreciation in guiding us carefully through the past four years. To The Faculty: Our sorrow U1 to depart from their tests. To Our Homeroom Teachers: Peace after constantly listening to the chatter of the boys and girls. To The Celebrities: Urehestrasfthe piano playing of Frieda Scott, and Jolm Murney. Bette Davis--fthe dramatic ability of Louise Reiner. .loan llavis'-f-the impersonations of Ruth Renken. Jack llennyn-the wit of Lenny Hirsch. Glen Miller aanother jitterbug like XValter Rehbit. Fred Astaireafatlie dancing of "Red" Pasch. Claudette Colbert-enthe eyelashes of Mafalda Cirelli. Myrna Loye 'the red hair of Marilyn YVitcover. Carmen Lombardo the yocalizing of .lolm Cerutti. To The Business World: .fThe Toothpaste Ads ffthe captivating smile of Bxiggggxijgjelilegel. ff Albert Tangora -the typing ability of Charles Sarkisian. The Art Galleries the art work of Richard Diehl. New York Times shorter articles in the paper. To The Freshmen and Student Body: The football playing of .lohn Cerutti. Bob XVaneck, and Lenny Hirsch. The basketball playing of "Red" Pasch and "Ferdy" Natoli. The baseball playing of "Congc" llemarinus, ami VValter Rehbit. The ability of Larry llessart to carry the books of the fairer sex. The jokes of Fred Coons. To The W. P. A.: The future unemployed of the June Class, 1940. The following are the desired last will and testaments of individual students ol' the graduating class of June. l94tl. l, Truman Moe, bequeath to Mike lilnegl a successful football season for 1940. l. John Kramer, do hereby bequeath to Muriel Zimmerman lny ability to get out in four years. l. Harold Shuh, do hereby bequeath all my scholastic fortunes to my unknown successor. demanding that hc puts them to his best use while associated with l'nion llill High School. l, George lingel. do hereby bequeath my notes in History to .lohn Tierney. l. .lohn XVinters, do hereby bequeath to Fred Brown my seldom used English book. for I know hc will live up to its traditions. I, Joseph Sehneidler. do hereby bequeath to thc Freshmen. all that l used while in l'nion Hill High School. l, John Murney, do het?-by bequeath to Frank Johnston my ability to do the wrong thing every time and always get caught doing it. bil.t'f,V-.SiF7'c'lI .Z I, Mark Fusco, bequeath to my enemy Rocky Brown my seat in the late room. I, Charles Sarkisian, do hereby bequeath to my brother Edward my ability to run around the building in one minute. I, Alex Rengstortf, do hereby bequeath to Aram Dilberian my gum which is stuck on the inside of the radiator in Room 10-2. I, Lawrence Elbaum, do hereby find it a pleasure to leave with Leonard Colonna, my good standing with all teachers. I. .Iohn Pannuzzo, do hereby bequeath to Sam Baglieri my study seat in 8-3. I, Marie Dragonetta, do hereby bequeath to Mary Demarinis my ability to talk all day long without losing breath. I, Ruth Renken, bequeath to "Ginger" Leber, my gum that is stuck under a certain seat in room 6-3. I, Alice Mattern, do hereby bequeath to Eleanor Bauer my locker on the third tloor. I, .Iennie Pannuzzo, do hereby bequeath to Marie Cabibbo my seat in the last row of the auditorium. I, Helen Polahar, bequeath to Millicent Durham the ability to fall asleep in a certain study period and not hear the bell. I, Sally Perego, bequeath to Pat Keating all my enormous hair bows to wear in her flowing tresses. I. Eleanor De Gilio, bequeath to anyone who can recover it, the eraser l dropped in a typing desk in room 10-2. I, Laura Fede, bequeath my congratulations to anyone constructing a special pair of shoes for falling arches, resulting from climbing four flights of stairs each day. I, Kay Lippencott, bequeath to Virginia Leber my good standing with Mr. Sanborne. Marilyn Hendl, do hereby bequeath to Phil Reiner all my worries and troubles while in Union Hill High School. I. Lillian Guthrie, do hereby bequeath to Muriel Kohberg, my seat in 4-2 where I ruin all my stockings. I, Madeline Claus, hereby bequeath to future seniors my home room desk. I. Mae Schatfner, do hereby bequeath to Isladys Nagel, my broken strap on the 22 Hillside bus so that she may have a "strapping good time." I, Helen Stosik, do hereby bequeath to Eleanor Cameron my seat in 7-3 and may she enjoy it as much as I have. I, Gloria Frank, bequeath to George Miskam a part of my hall locker. I, Catherine Thomson, do hereby bequeath to Gerald Nagel my ability to pass without studying. I. Frances Hoynoski, hereby bequeath to Ethel Raap my power to talk all study period and get away with it. I. Dorothy Herbert, do hereby bequeath to Lillian Sablich my ability to keep awake during study periods. I, Katherine Faller, bequeath to Rita Maiocchi my home room seat in room I, 7-3. I, Lucille Coyle, hereby bequeath to Margaret Kemp llly ability to get an "A" in French. I, Eleanor Huneeke, bequeath to Lillian Wolpe my ability to play hookey without getting caught. I, Violet Groseh, do hereby bequeath to any girl who desires it, my ability to put pulls in my stockings from wooden chairs. I, Anna Grabher, hereby bequeath to all future seniors, the small typing desk, in room 10-2. I. Lottie Grothusen, bequeath to Alvina Rinckhotf my ability to chew gum in classes and not get caught. I, Haley Fonseca, bequeath to Anthony De Luise my habit of reading news- papers in study periods instead of doing homework. I, Elizabeth McManus, do hereby bequeath to Mary Simpson my lunch hour at Grants'. Sixty-Eiglzt -Z I, Pauline Schweiger, bequeath to Fred liorker my ability to write business letters so that he might write his own for a change. ,f I. Rose Marie Schlegel, bequeath my seat in the auditorium behind a big, fat post to Angelo ltoceasecca and 1nay he see as nmch as I did. I, Emile NV. Vrydaghs, do hereby bequeath to Ilobert Thorpe my uncanny ability to think up excuses for any and all occasions. I. Cyril Fedderman, do hereby bequeath to a senior, my ability to come in late and talk the teacher into a good mood. I. Lillian Groth, do hereby bequeath to Michael Iiluegl my place ill the Girls' Glce Club. I. Iimily Ullrich, bequeath my gym shorts to Lydia Stoner. I, Irene .Iohnson, do hereby bequeath my table in the basement to all persis- tant sophomores. I. Itachel Sinloneau. do hereby bequeath to Charlotte llesslcr the ability to keep her mouth from moving when chewing gum. I, Doris Mclntyre, do hereby bequeath to Lenore McCullough, my exemptions in Iinglish from Mr. Sanborne. I, Margaret lioenig bequeath to .Ianet Shaken my excuses for getting out of late room. I. Doris Knapp, bequeath to Mildred Whyte the ability to come in late and getaway with it because its lots of fun. I. Charles Van Schaak, being of sound mind and good looks t?l bequeath my seat to the next person who gets it. I. Lottie Dombrowski, bequeath to Dorothy Opel the right to have a cheery greeting in store for Mr. Greenwald every day. I. Betty Wehnke, bequeath Steve IluII'enach the ability to pass subjects with as little eII'ort as possible. I, Audrey Foerch, bequeath to my sister Norma the picture tacked in my llllllll'-I'00lIl desk in 4-2. I. Muriel Muller. bequeath to ltose Fontana the two pieces of gum under my desk which are slightly used. I, Betty Mitchell, bequeath to .lean Casper, the gym suits that I have always borrowed. I. Gloria Pindar, bequeath to some poor Junior my rouglles gallery in the last seat of the first row in Mr. Greenwald's room. I. Iidward Iiccleston, bequeath to my darling brother Itay my seat in the Iate room aint the gum under it. I. Helen Baker, bequeath to my sister Ililda my study seat in Mr. Greenwald's bookkeeping class. I. Athanasia Ii. Poulos. bequeath to my brother, Pete, the study seat in Mr. Greenwald's class for the purpose of reminding him of his pest. I, lluth King, bequeath to Audrey Casper my trusty Itoyal typewriter in room I0-2. I. Charles Hall, bequeath to any Senior my ability to stay awake in a solid geometry class. I. Matilda Weil, bequeath to my sister, Sadie, the ability to keep her temper in control at all times. I. Lorraine XVickers, bequeath to Itaymond Iiuntz, my seat in 5-3 with the hope that he may fit in it better than I did. I, .Iohn Kern, bequeath to .Iames Gus Poulos my luck ot' staying out of major contlicts with the Faculty. I, Charles Jialdini, bequeath to any fortunate Senior A pencil stubs, erasers, paper or ink that I may have left in the hustle of departure. I, .Ioe Colaneri, bequeath to .Ioe Poglinco my ability not to play hookey when the rest ot' the gang becomes sick. Jerome Levine, bequeath to'the next graduating classes a hat which will gain the same prominence that ours has accomplished. I. Anthony Ilragona, bestow upon .Iohn I'rovede the power to take at least one book home each day. I., Si.rf't'-Nine L2 I, Dominick Ferriero. bestow upon .I. W. the right to continue on where I left otl' with F. G. I, Robert Aldrich, bequeath to R. Ii. the art of coming in late and not getting caught. I, Patsy Trotta, leave to Sam Constantino the power to guard Tina Aletli while I am away. I, Frank Downs, bequeath to anyone who wants it the power to talk to Sopho- more girls ami study during a study period. I, Eileen Hennessy, hereby bequeath to anyone who can acquire it my ability to fall asleep anywhere aml everywhere, and to "BilIy" my ability to forget things. I, Leonard Hirsch, bequeath to anyone who gets it, my seat in 9-3. I, .lim Lazroe, in bony body and wi-thout benefit of brains do bequeath to any Junior, that I could enjoy disliking, my ability for not having any ability. I, Ruth Happell, do hereby bequeath my ability to collect ticket returns with- out the use of a gun, to anyone who wishes to risk his life. I, Henry Goedeke, bequeath to Ed. Morris and Bob Jinger that luxurious ride on that darn "air-conditioned" 23 Palisade Bus. I, Charlotte Sonntag, bequeath to Margaret Sonntag my ability to listen to someone talk and not know what he is talking about. I, Shirley Spierer, bequeath to n1y sister, Miriam, my standing with the teachers. I, Louise Reiner, bequeath my seat in front of Mr. Mohair to whomsoever may choose to sit there for their senior English. I, Fred Coons, bequeath to anyone who wishes it, my title of "The Annoyerf' I, Robert Donovan, bequeath to Angelo Rocco of 5-3, a book with lessons on "How to Box." I, Marie Bernardo, bequeath Phil. R. my ability to collect dues from the home-room. I, Robert W., bequeath to Red Chamberlaine my endurance to stick to a thing until it is finished even though it may take many years. I, Vincent Logio, bequeath to Angelo Rocco, the tilt word Shorthand certificate behind the blackboards in room 5-3. I, Norwood Reck, bequeath to Gerard Slack the ability to have a good aim when throwing apple-cores at his brother. Ralph. I, Marilyn Witcover, bequeath to my brother, .Iule, my position on the cheer- leading squad and hope that his mouth will prove to be as big as mine was. I. Marion Strobel, bequeath to my sister, Dorothy, my ability to chew gum in class without being caught. I, Marjorie Fulhaber, bequeath to Betty Brown my ability to play hookey ami not get caught. I, Alice Barese, do hereby bequeath to Antoinette Randazzo, the ability to get a pull in my stocking from every seat I sit in. I, Louise Ratt'o, hereby bequeath to my .lunior friend Jean, my ability to crack Indian nuts in a study period. I, Doris Saydah, bequeath to Ann Randazzo 2-2, the ability to get to school on time. I. .lulia La Fiura, bequeath to Helen liohberg my seat in 8-I at 3:15, every Tliursday afternoon, to listen to Mr. Sanborne's bugle class. I. Marguerite Axcelson, of Room 1-3, do hereby bequeath to Ellen Klix ot' Room 8-2, my senior problems seat in Mr. Aichelman's. I. Florence Donald, bequeath to my friend Georgiana Puccio, my ability to pass examinations without studying. I, Marie Zally, bequeath to my sister, Dorothy, my ability to get a "D" with- out trying. I, Donald Denny, do hereby bequeath to Kenny XV., my ability to always be well-dressed and still keep clear of the girls. I, Arthur Groth, being of sound mind, t?i do bequeath to Ermando C., my ability to pass all my subjects without studying. I, Carl Christiansen, do hereby bequeath to my classmate, Cecil Hartson, Sewizty my ability to be the valedietorian with the least effort in 19--'? I, Marion Cochrane, bequeath to some fortunate senior my seat in l-3, til's in the corner by the blackboard.J We hereby appoint Mr. Harold H. Stahler as sole exeeutor of this will. V ln Witness XX hereof, we the Class of June, 1940, do set our seal to this, our Last Will and Testament, on this day in June, A. D., One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty. wit,,l.SM.S. nas. ETHEI. TRYON 1.-nn. ALVIN SCHAEDIGER 2.-Mn. Arisrznr PARDEE Nomar PUBLIC l. 2. 3. 4. D. lv. 1 . H mp. 10. ll. li. 13. 1.4. 15. lf- I7 lea ll! ll' ll. 71' 312 24. 25. 2 -, 27. ZH. ZW. Stl. Sew 35242 HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF lloston Tea Party ..,. lfinaneipatit in Act ,,,. lloston Massacre o,,.wY.,. hlohn llrown's Raid ..,.l Ilrain Trust ,,,........,,... Cnclerground R. R. League of Nations ....... Meat Inspection Act .Al.., l'ony lfxpress .,....,.... The tiold Rush ..,....,.................. X Y Z Affair .......,.,,.............,...... lieelaration of Independence ....., National Hank Chartered .......,,.....A,, Yirginia and Kentucky Resolutions , . llattle of Ilnnker Hill ,,........,,,....,,..r. judicial Department .,,.. Open Door llolicy .........,A....... . Lewis and Clark lixpedition ,,..... Louisiana l'urehase ...,,.,,......... lira of tiood Feeling ..... Hartford Convention ...... War Debts ..,........l..,..... Spoils System .....A.,......l The New Xlliig Party The :Xbolitionists ....,,, Speeie Cir-:ular ........Y,..........,.....l Claims to Oregon Territory ...... . Pnnislmient of llflassaehusetts .,,,., Monroe Doctrine ......................... Slavery ,,,..., .....,.... nfy-Om: ,,......Cafeteria ,.,,..,,,.X'aez1tio11 Passing lletween Classes .....,...,,,,,-.l31lllL'C Crashers llonor Roll ljZ1SSlllg' Test Answers Language Club Medical lfxamination Track Team To Lockers at 3:15 Algebra Test Diplomas For Class lines To tiradnate in hlune, '-lil Emerson vs. Cnion Hill Teachers Late Room l"reshmen's First Trip to C. ll. Senior Hats All Holidays Class Meetings Class lines Teael1er's l'ets .lunior A-Ys Hookey l'layers Posters for Senior Dances Arguments Over Study Seats 20 Nights in Late Room To All Our Rivals llonlework ICILEIQN IWITCNNESSY and MARION MILLER Name Evelyn Avella Alice Baresi .lohn Cerutti Grace ,onran Angelo D0lll2lI'll1llS Larry Dessart Richard Diehl Dotty Dolan Frank Downs Marie Dragonetta George Engel Emma Fedder Lila Fischer Nora Fish Margie Fulhaber Fred Gerlinger Lillian Guthrie Ruth Happell Eileen Hennessy Lenny Hirsch Irene .lolmson Julia LaFuira George Landsberg John Mahony Marion Miller Betty Mitchell Ferdy Natoli Richard Pasch VValter Rehbit Louise Reiner Marion Rottmann Charles Sal'kisian Doris Saydah Anneliese Scholz l ose N 'irie Scl egal Pauline Schweiger Frieda Scott VVilliam Steinback Magda Steiner Marion Strobel Florence Volpe Robert XVaneck Adele XVilson Marilyn XVitcover Raymond Young CHARACTERISTICS Weakness Absence Tennis Girls Height Baseball Brunettes Art Horseback riding Driving a ear Dne long fingernail Ships Getting excused Tripping Being coquettisli Hikes Dictionary Dancing Doing work for school Tardiness "Hector" Sitting on stoops Gossip Sports Gym Team Sweets Borrowing homework Dribbling Basketball l'sher at Capital Talking Curls School books Si uging lee-skating Acting childish Piano playing Basketball Dancing Being nice Airplanes Fickleness Laboratory work Buying bats Baslifulness Remedy Truant officer Swimming Marriage Growing tall Practice Blondes Sur-realistic art 10 mile gallop Telephone pole Scissors Sea-sick Teachers getting wi Glasses Deserted island Snow storm Funny sheets Phonograph broken Graduation Detention Hollywood Catching cold Isolation Homework Girl friend Diet Homework wrong Bib Basketball Baseball Getting tired Rainstorm Diploma Adhesive tape Summer Love Untuned piano Slippery floor Sore feet Treated nice First Flight Love Explosion Go without a hat Parties SC -Fl Result Present Sunburn Divorce Everyone's surprised Showers Undecided Snap-shots Eating off mantelplue Riding on a bus Broken heart Land lover 20 nights Homely Shy and timid Staying home Slang Love seat P. G. course More tardiness XV. P. A. YValking Newspaper Sports No gym team Venus "D" on report card Champion All-State l'ueniployed Thank God!! No more curls Professor Quiet Sun-burn Grown up Radio listener Wood burns Stay-at-home 12 ' -ryones friend Automobiles Going steady Commercial course Buy more hats Don Juan .URENCE VOLPE. Seventy-Y it 0 SENIOR ADS DI Varieties , ,,,,77,, , 4 ont of 5 have "it" , Ask the man who owns one W Children ery for it When it rains it pours ,,,, , lt tloats ,, e l'd walk a mile for a ,,7,, They satisfy ,, , llasn't been scratched yet Say it with, llowers ,, ,, ,, , Good to the last drop ,,,, A sure sign ol' superior quality liventnally, why not now For the morning after Date on every label llealthful for Ghildren lteduee. the easy way Look for the "blue ribbon" Bigger and Better in everytl1ing.E A gentleman's drink sinee 1865 The fragrance men love Tattle Tale Gray , Three rings Best thing on wheels , ,, Seniors Union Hill Girls . , A Diploma Passing Marks . Half-day ot an' from any Senior . Period Show Marks e New desks Prom night Study periods , Any Senior , Graduation Sleep in study periods Gonnnercial Steno Awards , Vacations Gym lixereises Honor students Class of June, '40 , Water Chemistry experiments Worry before exams , .. Gym Team Our chariot -l'Ill.liEN lll'INNliSSY. SONG HITS 4X l.ittle Rain Must lfall .,....,..........,...,..,..., ..Y,..,,,,.,,,, ,,,..,,,,,,, I l alf-day Nay. Nay, You L,'an't Catch Kle .... llookey Player Hive It liack To The Indians ,Y,., ,,,,. .....,,.Y...,..YYY,.,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,, ' l 'he Pass Stop. lt's Wonderful ......,,,Y.... iticial Respiration ttiirls' Gym Ulasst-sy l'2ll'0lCSS ,,Y.,..........V.,V.....V.. - V.,,,.........,,,,,......,....,...,.,,,.,,., Until lfxams SL'lltll'1"lil'lllll ,,...,.......,....,,i, ...,.. l freshman ,-Xll The Things You Are .,,. ..... S enior tiirl lfaithful lforevei' ,,Y,.,....,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, .,,,,.,,,,,,,. Alumni The Klan XX'ho Came To Um- llo i,,,, e,,,, ' l'rnant-t Jtlieer Uh. .lohnnyl ....,Y,,....,7,.,.,.,,,,,,.,.,,...,,..., ,...,......,.. h lohnny Cerntti In the lllood ......... Klany Dreams .Ngo XYay llack in 10343 A. ll. ,.,,,,,...,,,,,, , -I-i 1 l lJidn't Know XX'hat me lt XX as More Than Yon Know .........,e.... Running Wild ,,...,....,,,,,.,, Dancing at Noontime lfreslnnan Year limerson llame Yisit the l.ate Room , ,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ltxams and lests Second llefore The l.ate Ilell Tratlic .lam ,,.,,,,,..,, . ,.,,, ,.,,,,,,,, , -Xtter Passing lit-ll lllll lillflj' as a llee ,,,.. ,,,,.......,,,,,..,... X Yorking on Senior lissay My lll'Zlj'Ul' H ., ,.... . ..... To he .Nsked to The Senior Reception xYlSlllllg ..,.,.,..............,,....,,,. ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,.., .,..,,.. l ' 'or lfxemption You Look tiood To Me ,,,,, ,,,, H H lliplomgi l'arewell lllnes ,,,.... ........ .,,..,,,,ll,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,...,,. A,,,.,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,., t , 1 'actuation M.sXI,lCli NllX'I"l'liRN and t ill llllgk l7lQ.'kNlQ. .5'U'Z'c'llf-V-Tflfva' .2 Class Tot Most Active Class Talking Machinee Class Pals Class Poet Most Studious Class Athlete Book VVorm Class Singer Walking Encyclopedia Class Politician Most Popular Class Artist Most Optimistic Class Jester Speediest Happiest Most likely to succeed Class Musician Most good-natured Class Dancer Best dressed Woman hater Class Beauty Class Sheik Most Dignified Class Sport CLASS BALLOT Alex Rengstrofl' Richard Diehl John Mahony Moe, Diehl, Kluegl Patsy Trotta Raymond Young Howard Bothe Charles Sarkisian John Cerutti Raymond Young Leo Ring Red Pasch Richard Diehl Eddie Eccleston Lennie Hirsch Charles Sarkisian Walter Rehbit Fred Gerlinger Leo Ring Roger Hall Red Pasch Larry Dessart Howard Bothe Larry Dessart Basketball Mitzie Cirelli Ruth Happell Louise Riener Hennessy, YVitcover, Happell Eileen Hennessy Helen Baker Ruth Happell Helen Stosik Carol Wenneis Marie Durso Doris Knapp Grace Conran Marilyn Witcover Eleanor Hunecke Eileen Hennessy Marion Miller Marion Strobel Marie Durso Frieda Scott llilda Natterer Magda Steiner Evelyn Avella Marie Dragonetta Harriet Husted FIRST RAINBOW-1940 Miller Seventy-Four lass Qlctifuities Qu O , '5l.l3tE1E6?9f ,ijkxxjzfl :Z7,. jg! if C-1 42 c'Si?U,,'N Q Qu 4646525 5 .. Mimi Vunvf' - 39.31 I L: am T, 3 it 3 ll.. fff-'i A 'di IEICST VOMIK' 1l'h t graplmy Lu t tl CQCLAA Jitatontg ..... APPY AND EXCITED, we entered into our High School Lives-ee' embarking upon this new experience with amazement. As fresh- men, we earnestly supported all athletic activities and did our share to put the magazine drive across with a bang. The "Annex Priden, a monthly paper, was our first really independent activity. Our daily rou- tine was broken, now and then, by trips to the main building for Industrial or Domestic Arts and assemblies. Thus with incredible speed, this first year of our high school lives vanished. More excited than we had been before, we took our places in thc main building as Sophomores. NVe arrived with a rather important at- titude which left us quickly when we became lost in a maze of superior looking Juniors and Seniors who were always hurrying about. Although, as yet, We were not an organized class, we continued to support and take an active part in the various school organizations and activities. And again, the year slipped past. Juniors now and well at ease. The tilne had arrived for us to tell the "young bewildered sophs" where they could find their classes and guide the freshies to their destinations. Early in November, at a well at- tended lneeting, we organized the Class of .lune '40, VVe elected our of- iicers and faculty adviser at this meeting. In late November we held our first afternoon dance. In early December, Mrs. Aron was granted a two year leave of absence and the class elected Mr. Pardee to take her place and guide us through our remaining school years. Many enjoyable class meetings were held during this year, in which many of our comedians proved their wit, as well as two very succcessful and well attended after- noolr dances. Under the guardianship of Mr. Pardee we began to function as a well-oiled, smooth-running unit. Satisfied with the success of our adventures and pleased with the co-operation of our members we laid plans for an active Senior year. Seniors at last. Readily and eagerly we participated in over twelve activities in this our most active year. VVe introduced new ideas and customs, often challenging and casting aside tradition. All our activities were tremendously successful both financially and socially. Sr1'elzty-Sin' SENIOR DANCE ll e 11re proucl to say that our hrst llllllll' ot the bemor teru1 w11s Zl great success hoth socially zincl llllillldlllly. Hui' Class of 'lime '40 h11cl the 1JlCllSllI't' of opening the social sezlson of the Septemher ter111 hy presenting tl1e Iirst l"ri1l11y afternoon llZlllL'l', 11nrl were joyously welcomeci hy Il recoril 2lltCllKl1lIlCK' of 225 students. lllusic for the occzision NYIIS furnishetl hy the Yorlishires Quartet. whim made their tirst 11ppe11r11uce ill El Union Hill afternoon cltmce. The highlight of the Ilfflill' was ll jitterhng exhibition put on hy "lf,lmlie" F-ghuler Zlllll "lXl11rg1ie" Kl'2llliL'll with aclnlitionnl entertainment goutrilmntetl hy "jimmy fllllillln. Emil "lied" l,ZlSL'll. The meinhers of hoth the enterl11in111ent and pnhlieity cinnniittees deserve much creclit for their time and hearty co-operzitiou, for without their 11icl :mtl tlllll of our fiwllliy ziclviser, Mr. l'11rmlee. we wonltl not l111x'e h11fl the recorml clzmce that we flicl. lllemhers of the committees were: l.lIl'K'liIl llieckmnun, Ruth ll11ppell, illilfl- lyn llitcover, liileen llennessy, ,l2llllL'S l.11zroc. co-chairman :Xngcllo RUCCZISCCCZI. Marion Miller. Co-chairmzin Klrzice Lionram. lletty Mitchell, lfloreuce Yolpe, :incl lfriecla Scott Zlllll Harriet Hustecl. THANKSGIYING DANCE The 'l'llZI1lliSglVlllg ilance sponsorecl hy the Senior Classes of 1040, 111 Roosevelt School on 'l'l1urscl11y evening, Novemher nineteeueth, was incleecl ll vics tory cl11nce3 for that morning the Union Hill lligh School foothztll ffdlllll succeeclecl. for the second consecutive time, in clefeuting limerson. The clecorations of the evening were unique. Upon entering the Zlllilltllfl- um, one w11s zlttrncterl hy Z1 lll2l.SSlVL' "UH" on tl1e center winclow curtziin, lllililt' llll of grotesque 111111 comic f11lse faces. :Xrouncl the llZll'lCC tloor were sc11tterecl corn stalks and numerous clununies representing the various walks of life, from the hal- cony suspenclecl hy orange 11n1l hlue crepe streztmers were cloutlmle masks lllllglllllg just ahove the KlZl1l'L'Ql'S, zmcl on the stage. with Il lmclcgrounrl of colorful masks, some clummies were 2l1'1'ZlllgL'il in Z1 realistic scene with corn st11llcs zmcl Illltlllllll leaves to complete the setting. The ceiling' was covered with llZlll0llS of llllllly colors which Ho11teml clown through out the evening. Colorful, iucleecl, w11s the evening. even to the llllltllllll players. several of whom, were sporting cliscoloreml optics. while others hore llltllCllllUllS of 21 h11ril fought game. 'lillilt the evening w11s El soci11l success is uuquestiou11l1lc. Sefwzfy-Scwnz The Thanksgiving Dance was the social and financial success that it was because of the diligent and sincere efforts of the committee: First Roteq Caroline llritt. Alice Mattern, Marilyn Witcover. Marion Noeding, Muriel lloschet, Chairman tirace tfonran. Second Roteq Richard Pasch, Ruth Happell, Trumann Moe, .lames Lazroe Marion Miller. Leonard Hirsch. Third Roteg George lylahoney. Angelo Roccasecca, Michael Kluegl. Eileen Hennessy. lloris Liftman. Mark lfusco. Luther l.eeger and Lawrence Dessart. Howard llothe, Edward Plccleston, lirieda Scott, Edward lionseca and john tialione. CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON DANCE t On December eighth, we sponsored. once again, a most successful after- noon dance with orchestral music, The gay red and green tickets in the shape of Christmas trees invited all to come and "Swing and Sway with a Sr. A". The cmmittee consisted of Ruth Happell. Chairmang Caroline llritt, Retty Mitchel. .lames l,azroe. lfileen Hennessy, Edward Eccleston. lilorence Yolpe, Richard Pasch. lllarion Miller, Marilyn XYitcover, Philip Klelnick. Rarney Aledi and Richard Diehl. CHRISTMAS TOYS DISTRIR UTED The spirit of Christmas was far from lacking in our Class activities. All during the month of December, dolls, kiddie cars. toy autos, trains, aeroplanes, games, hooks and other playthings were collected. The industrial Arts and Do- mestic Science departments were kept very busy repairing and reconditioning these toys until they were as good as new. Then, on December twenty-third, you could have found several students in school. liven though it was a cold Saturday morning, Room -ll! buzzed with activity. Dust cloths where in operation everywhere. toys were sorted into groups according to age and then "expertly" wrapped. Green and red Christmas tags were tied on the bundles which were loaded into waiting arms and delivered to 46- children in our school district. XYords cannot express how much the many children and their parents appreciated these gifts. Setwzty-fiiglif 1110L'l1lllH1111l't'011115151111 111 1111111 l1n11p1-11, X1:11'1z111 111111-r, 12111111 Klillstcm Muriel 1111x0111-1't. -1311105 1.z1z1'111', 1AZll'1 1.:11's1-11, 1Cr1x1':11'11 1Q111Y:l1l, 1fr1x1':11'1I 1'1UIlS0L'2l hlosepli 1Il111111, 1.1-111111111 11i1'sc11 111111 11Il1'1 StL'11i'l'. SENIOR liECHl"l'l0N 11111 Class 11-11111-11-11 ll 1'CCCIl11llII 111 the 1112158 uf .1IllllIill'f'. 111-10 1111 .l:11111:11'1 11111111-c11t11, in thc 1Q1msvx'1'11 :11111i1111'i11111. S111'i:111y it was ll t1'c111c11111111s slicu-ss 1':Yl'l'Y1Jl1C 112111 Zlll l'Xk'L'l11l4lll1l11X' 1-11i111'z11111- L'X'l'll1llLf IIS ll11l'91L'K1 111' 1111- 111111111 ll1L'1l1l'i' 1111- z1ttc1111z1111'v, jlli1Q'1'11 115' 1111- 11:11 clivck 1'rc1-ipts was cxu-111-111. t11tz11i11g In f1ll'l'l 1111111111-11 111111 sixty-11111' 111111-11111s, 711110 11:11 clivrk 51511-111, lirst 115011 111 11111' '11111lll1iS- giving 1'1'1m1, 11115 1111 i111p11r1:111t 1i1lC1IIl' 111 111-i'1'z1yi11g 111l' rust ul' 1111- :111':1i1' 111111 pci'- mitting' us 1119111111111 uf 1lK'1l1g 1111- 11131 :Ima 111111 11111 lltbl zlssvss its 1111-111111-rs for i11- vit11ti1111s, 1lll1 11cx'1-1'-t111'-11-ff, was z11111- 111 ll11l1iK' Il s11it:11111- prulit. 1111- 111-1'f1-ct co- 1111c1'z1ti1111 111141 51113171111 111. 11111' class 1110111111-rs 1111s 1-11111111-11 us 111 11l'L'l1111Kl ll 11111 l'1lII1i- ing grmip 111- L1111I11l llill lligli. .S'1'r'1'11I-x'f.N'i111' The girls dressed in gay and colorful evening gowns, pink and blue predom- inating, and their handsome escorts, many in tuxedos, made other decorations ab- solutely unnecessary. The excellent dance music by the Yorkshire's was, indeed, worthy of this occasion. This affair was one of the most successful ever given by a class of Union llill High School and credit should be accorded to the committee, whose hard work and diligent etiforts were responsible. The Committee is as follows: adviser, Mr. .l'ardee, james Lazroe, Nlarion Noeding, Eileen llennessy, john Klurney. Frieda Scott, Ruth Ilappell. chairman, Marilyn Witcover. Michael Kluegel, Alice Mattern, Florence Yolpe, flrace Conran, Leonard Hirsch, Edward Eccleston. Fred Korker. and Richard Diehl. GRADUATION USHERS The ushers for the january 1940 graduation were selected from the Class of june 1940 tSenior A's l. The white and green invitations were collected by the ushers, for reserved seats. in order to prevent their being used more than once. The girl ushers wore shoulder corsages on their evening dresses, while the boys wore buttonieres. They conducted themselves and did their jobs in an efhcient and courteous manner, being a credit to the Class of june lf74O. Ushers were: Ruth Happell, Edith Millstein, Richard l'asch, Florence Volpe, jolm tferutti, Frieda Scott, james l.azroe, Michael Kluegl, Edward Ec- cleston, Adele XYilson, George Zacharan, Truman Moe, Muriel lloschert, Alice Mattern, Leonard llirsch, Klarilyn XYitcover. Eileen llennessy, Marion Noeding and Richard Diehl. VVASHINGTON DANCE On February 23, our class celebrated George XYashington's llirthday by holding their most successful afternoon dance. Yocals by john Cerutti, Carol Xllenneis and Doris Saydah, also an impersonation by Lenny Hirsch made up the entertainment. Over two hundred and fifty students attended the affair. The committee consisted of Anneliese Scholz, XYalter Rehbit, Frank Downs Ruth Hap- pell, Nello Cesaretti, Robert liorden. Co-chairman, Richard Pasch, Mike Kluegel, james Laroe, Co-chairman, Florence Yolpe, Michael Refolo, Dorothy Dolan, jolm Cerutti, Edward Eccleston. Marilyn XYitcover, Truman Moe, George Engel, Henry lioedeke, june Ryan and Richard Diehl. E iglz ty 1 Q HATS OFF l I l "Au lfrnfverur in his niglitrajv feoultl not llIl't'f with half Ihr' rcsfvccf of an l5H1f't'l'Ul' with a C'rcm'n".-Golzf.vmifl1, The Class of june, 1940 presented to its Senior ll's for the lirst time in the history of the school, a Senior Hat. The Hat Committee. which consisted of: Chairman, .lerome Levine. Iloris Liftman, George Mahoney, Ruth Happell. Marilyn Witcover and liileen Hennessy, together with Mr. Pardee, Faculty Adviser for the Senior Class, acting in the ca- pacity of general adviser, attempted to pick a hat which was best suited to the tastes and ideas of this large Senior Class. After constant deliberation involving much thought and discussion, the Committee unanimously decided that a Crew llat would gain the most favor with the Graduating Class. For a long time, Senior ll's have sought something whereby they could he distinguished from their underclassmen, In the history of the school, many ideas were attempted by Senior Classes, but success was only temporary, since these symbols only lasted a week or so. However. in choosing a Senior Hat. the Class chose something that was not temporary, but an idea that would gain recogni- tion and prominence for the entire semester of tive months. lfrom the outset, the proposition was a success. The low price, which was only accomplished thru the etlorts of the entire committee and Nr. Pardee, whose only thought was to cover expenses and not the protit motive, all added up to prove that this undertaking was one of the most successful in the history of the Class of june, 1040. ljiglzfj'-One 1 Q COLLEGIANA The show was over, and although the cast felt relieved, there was also a feeling of sadness at taking leave of the wonderful times everyone had lmeen en- joying during the rehearsals. There is no douht in our minds that our acting did not compare to that of llette Davis or Spencer Tracy, however, our audiences were wonderful and seemed to realize that we were amateurs. Our earnestness and sincerity seemed to make np for our awkwardness. although the audience conldn't help laughing at us oe- easionally. The play. one hased on college life. and the etlorts of a clumsy. dumlm lmoy to make the footlmall team, was znhly coached hy black Cluhley. lfle was a wonder- ful friend to the entire cast and a great aid to all. To him goes our sincerest thanks and appreciation. Leonard llirsch was the star of the show, and he was superh in his acting. The female honors must he divided hetween Marilyn llitcover and Carol XYCINICIS. Others who gave help to this program were. Adeline Ahher. llen Rihzuildo. Frank Yallone, Tom ljolicastro, XYarren Sprayregen. "hlimmie" Callan, Cyril lfeddermau and Margaret llillard. Sincerest thanks nmst also he extended to all those who took part in the various choruses of the show. The Senior ll ushers and usherettes were smartly clad in collegiate attire The girls wore Union llill Cheerleading outfits and the hoys dressed in their loudest plaid shirts and socks, turning up the cults of their trousers to he sure their socks would he visiihle to all. Ushers and usherettes were: lidith Klillstein, Nora lfish, liileen Hennessy. Klarion Noeding, lXluriel llosehet. Klatalda tfirelli. Adele Xl'ilson. Richard Diehl, lfdward Rowan, George Zaeharau, blames l,azroe and lfdward liecleston. .Vote our High School dclys are over, and ultlzouylz we look with longing al the fast four ycarx tulzzclz fvelw crorvzlrd 'zuilli fini and frolirf note, 'with 116111115 zlfvliffvd and lzigll lzofuxv X for the future, we Icaw. i lfigyllfy-Tivo mlnlnlnuuunml W II a X f lun, Jmnnllllllllllll W' ,ww f f wmwm, qnllll' lm' Mum mn Q mml HTHLETIQS D QQ , , 74,2 ,fij ? I-x N ' xw R-x X ,...--'- ' N. 111 TIM Ml VIDXY XRD MIVYI NCHH BASKETBALL HISTORY llasketballll Here at last is the sphere in which Union Hill is supreme. here is her opportunity to avenge the blow dealt in other sports. The athletic reputation of Union Hill, a firm reputation unharmed by transient periods of dis- aster, was erected chiefly by the brilliant basketball teams. Diving deep into musty volumes, we discovered that, as the preserved O and lTs go back only to 1917. the history before that time is surrounded with mys- tery. Nevertheless, for many years prior to 1917. Union Hill had successful teams that laid the foundation for the famous teams later on. The 1917-1918 quintet under Coach XVallum rolled up a great season. About twenty triumphs were gained, one over Emerson being prominent. This proves that the traditional rivalry with Emerson really started in basketball. Cnly later was football to steal the show. But in both, Union Hill has maintained a great advantage, winning 12 out of 17 basketball tilts with the Blue and White. Then in 1918-19 "Skeets" lVright assumed the role of coach. He per- formed his duties so well that in thirteen years eleven titles adorned the school, while numerous stars were produced owing to the excellence of his system. That first season was a glorious one, the powerful combine winning 23 out of 25 games. Nine county wins won that title. Then they went on, in the first official Tournament. to overwhelm Trenton and Passaic, gaining the first State Basketball Title. Their feat was like beating Notre Dame, so highly were those teams regarded. The heroes who brought Union Hill her only State Championship were lienzoni, Ilird, and Eckert. In 1919-20-Again Union Hill enjoyed a great season, winning over 20 games. Invincible in the county, seven straight victories won the County Title. In the Tournament. Union bowled over Plainfield and E. S. Newark, but Passaic avenged last year's defeat in a thrilling game. 1920-21-Once more over 20 victories showed the team's mettle. In these years great New York teams were repeatedly beaten by Union Hill. Even col- leges were encountered and beaten. 1921-22-A fair season, 15 out of 27 games being won. lint in the Tourna- ment, Passaic defeated us only after a thrilling battle. 23-27. It was at this time that Passaic's VX'onder Team was ruling unbeaten for five years, piling up 159 vic- tories. 1922-23-This year Union Hill returned to the heights, dropping but 2 out of 23 games. Six straight county games gave us the third county title, Emerson and XV. N. Y. falling twice. For the only time, we did not enter the tournament. 1923-24fUnion Hill embarked on another great season, gaining 25. Six- teen straight victories were rolled up, until in New England, Dean Academy de- feated us. In the third round of the Tourney. Demarest defeated us in a great game. llenny Solomon. whom "Skeets" has declared to be one of the best men he ever had, was the star of this season. 1924-25-Twenty-six out of twenty-nine games again shows a powerful season. In the county, hotbed of basketball. where fierce opposition was always encountered, nine straight triumphs won the fourth county title. Dickinson, Bay- onne. VV. N. Y., Trenton were mowed down in the Tournament, and we gained the sectional title. In the final round. great Passaic defeated us 33-26. 1925-26-Xlfith Krakovitch, great ace of Passaic, now in our ranks, the most colorful and dramatic season was enfolded. The County Title was once more gained, while in the Tournament, Englewood, Demarest, and Dickinson were cut clown. Then when the State Title seemed in our grasp, Passaic protected Krako- Eighty-Four vitch and after great controversy the final rounds were called off. lint again Union issued from a Tournament unbeaten and with as much glory as if the round had been played. 1926-27-For the first time. Union sank beneath the 500 mark. winning 10 out of 24 games. Emerson defeated us for the first time in 9 years. llut in the Tournament Union Hill fiashed. E. S. Paterson. Lincoln and Dickinson fell and the Sectional Title was won. 1927-28-XYhile basketball was under a cloud, football was in her golden age. Nevertheless, this team broke eve11 in the county and fought hard. lt is such periods of disaster that steel players and make them fit to finally rise to the heights. 1928-29-Another mediocre season was played but out of the wreckage a quintet roared to bring back the memories of a Golden Age. 1929-30-Gerken, Strauch, Pozner leading the team. Once more 20 vic- tories were gained, once more county teams fell before the onslaught and Union came within an ace of the Title. lint it was in the Tournament that they blazed with glory. Ridgewood. W. N. Y., llayonne fell. Another Sectional Titleg Then Passaic was beaten in a wild game. lixhausted by the struggle, forced to play the very next night. Union Hill was eliminated in the finals by New lirunswick. 1930-31-C Jnce more a great team races triumphant through its schedule. Twenty victories for the ninth time are gained by "Skeets." Union, however, lost out to Dickinson by one-half of the county championship. The hard schedule was climaxed by the good record in the Tournament, Kearny losing 42-5, and powerful Ridgewood falling. Union. however. lost to Emerson i11 the third round. 1931-32-Union Hill won 14 while losing 3. The outlooks for next year's team looked promising because the team as a whole was returning. 1932-33-"Skeets" turned out another one of those fast stepping basketball teams which represent Union Hill. They displayed a brand of passwork and de- fense that was impenetrable as seen up at G-len lfalls, when they won the liastern State Championship as well as that of the county. 1933-34--Again Union was powerful, winning well over 20 games and los- ing only 4. To mention the star of the team would be out of the question, be- cause everyone was -capable of being a high scorer. 1934-35-Union Hill again won the County Championship and was a Yllll- ner up in the State and Eastern State Championship, winning 29 and losing 5. 1936-Union, under the new coach, George lialtings. had a good year win- ning many games. showing great scoring power, and great passing attacks. l937-Union Hill again was a sparkplug of a team and it again showed that they are the school to beat. 1937-38-Union Hill rose again to the heights. winning 21 games while losing 6, and they moved into the sectional finals only to lose to Memorial. 1938-39-Although Union finished fourth in the county, she had a very good average. She advanced to the sectional finals, winning 3 games before bow- ing out to lXlemorial in the sectional final. 1939-1940 Another banner year on the basketball court was enjoyed by the boys of Union Hill. Union Hill had a schedule of 17 games for 1939-1940. They won 14 and lost 3 for an average of 824. Of these 17 games, 10 were league games and of the ten league games, we won 7 and lost 3 for a county average of 700. We fin- ished in second place in the Northern Division Race, Memorial taking first and later defeating the Southern Division Team to win the .county title. Because of a good showing in the County Conference Games. Union Hill was invited to participate in the State Tournament of the Group Four Schools. Eiglzty-Five 111- 111111 '1111' first 2 11111111-s 111 1111' t11111'11:11111-111 111-11-11ti11g: 1 7 1'11i1111 l1i11 31 111111111111---.1l1. 1'11i1111 llil143'7 'lil1l1S. -11-l1t'1-N1111427. 111- 11'1-1'1- 111-11-1111-11 111 X11-111111'i:1l, 111111 1111-11-1'i1111, 111' ll sQ111'1- 111 37-Sl, 111 1111- 1.311Il1'11'1'-l'il1111l5. 'l'l11- 11-11111 1111s 1-11111111111-11 111' H111-11" 1'11s1'l1 111111 1111- 1111-111111-rs 111 1111- 11-11111 111-- s1-1'11- El 1111 111' 1'1'Cf111 1111' 1l1l'11' S1J111'li1111g 111111 Zlllll s11111'1s1111111s11i11, 11s 111-11 11s 1111-ii' 111111-h, N111 l"11lti11gs. .Xs 1111' 115 i1111i1'i1111111s gn, 111- 11IlY1- f111111's 111- 1'1111 111: 111111111 111-. 111417 111 111111-h 11111111- 1111- 1-X11-C11111111 11-111113 11111111-11 lliuk "lQ1-11" l1llSL'l1, 111111 l'-'1'111111i1- l1l2l1112l111111'21. 11111111 1-1-1111-1'1111111. l'11x1-11 1111ish1-11 S1-1-111111 i11 1111- 0111111151 1111' 1111i111 s1-111'i11g 11i111 21 g1'11111l 1111111 111 152 111111115 l-H1' ll 1111111 111 15 i111i111s IIYt'1'11g'l' 111-1' g111111-. 111- 111511 111'11l11- 111111111 111155- 111i111-1"s 1'1-1-111'1l 111 ZS 1111i11ts 11i111 El g1'1l11C1 1111111 111- 33 1111i111s i11 11111' g111111- 11i111 1 J1'111Z1l'0S1. 1'1Ill112ll11111'1l 1111s Il S1il1XX'Zll'1 1111 11-111' 11i111 his 1111i1i11 111 g1-1 1111- 112111 11111- 1111- l1111'l11111111'11. llis 111ss 1111s S111'9lj' 11-11 i11 thc N11-111111'i111 111111'11111111r11t 15111111-. 111- still 111-1i1-1'1- 111111 111111 111- 11111 11-11. 1111- 1 1l'I111Ql1 111111 111111- cl1111 j'H1ll1g'S1L'l'S 1111111111 111111- 111-1-11 i11 11111 S1-111i-l"i11111s, 1-'i1111ls 111111 l1l11l111', 1111- 811116 L11121111lJS. l71-1'11i1- N11111li, 1111- 1i1t11- i1111'1111gc 111 111'1111111i11- 111-c11s 1111 1111-111i1111, 111-0111150 21111- 1111111 11h11 S1111 11i111 111211 l1111111s 111111 111- 1112115 his 111-1111 11111 i11 1-11-11' gIl111i', 111111 111- 11-1111s his 11-11111 11i111 11111zi11g S111-1-11, 111-ing just 111111111 1111- 111-1111-st 111111 1111111111-1' 111111 111'i111111-13 this s11111- 1111s x1-1-11 1111' Z1 1111111111-1' 111 j'l'Zl1'5. 111- 111511 11-11 1111- 11-11111 11i111 assists. I 12111111-1 ,1111-111, 111111' S11-i111111cl1, .Xiig 11 R11-5011, 111151 l'11'l'l1 Kl111t111-11's c1111111l1-t1- 1111- 1'l1S1L'1' 111 s1111's, l1Zl1'11C1' .X11-111 1111111-11 1'-11 1111 xx1:11s1111 1111111g 11i111 l1i11 S1ci11l111c11 211111. l'il'L'f1 311111111-11s, digging iii 1111111 511111 '121j'111g 111-1111s 1111 111111. 111101-11 5111111111-11 1111- 1111i11ts 11111-11 XY1' 111-1-111-11 1111-111 11111st. . --.1 1 l'11111'l1 l71111i11gf. 1111il11s his 11-11111 111'1111111l1,-17. l'l11111:1111111'11, 11. .-X11-111. lf. Nl1111111-11s, .-X, 11111-1-11, 'lf 11li1u1', 111111 ll. ,-X1'1111lQ 111-1'c's l11111i11g 111211 1111-1 CZll'l'y 1111 1111-11111 t1'111li1i1111 111111 111-1-11 111111711 11i111 1-1115111-1111111 11-11111 1111 11111. - H 1.. Q X . , 111- 111-1'1- 111511 1'l'111'C'S1'111l'i1 111' 111-'1 l'51s1t11 111111 l'1'1111l1 l'11111111111111'11 111 1111- Illlllllill .-Xl1f1'11111111' 15111111-, 1111111-11 111-1'111-1--1f1111Q1- L'l'1IX1'f1 111 C1111111111i11 l12lI'li. .X1tl11111q11 1 f I L'1lL'l1 1111111-11 1111 1l1lliJllS111g 11-:1i11s 1111-1 11111151-11'1-x1'1-111-111 111111. l K 31.-- . 1111514 1 1 "I ,I J 1' UCL' W L'11111'l1 if M11 11. 1:2-11111125 11112111ll2Cl' 11. 11ia11111t11si11 - 1 Y s 1 ffliflfl tj'-.5'i.1' GIRIIS BASKETBALL -4 ' K 9 Coach f " - I n 4 1 is ,L 1 1 . Q ' gl 4 Nlrs. Ilock 1 The sports-minded girls of the Class of .lime '-10, under the leadership of Mrs. llock, were responsible for the revival of basketball as a girl's sport. lformer- ly, L'nion llill had llirl's Yarsity teams who made history through their excellent playing, which will long be remembered. The lirst faculty adviser was Miss lYells. ln the beginning, any girl was eligible to try to make lirst or second team. ln 1017 the varsity team received as an acknwiwlerlgement of their advancement. Later "Skeets" lYright took charge of the team, and still later, Miss Halligan took over. lnterest in the sport slowed down until lllrs. llock 'began anew in '36, The present activity of our teams, although limited to combats between the elasses of Union llill, has made a great deal of progress in recent years. This year all girls who are graduating and have played three years of basketball, or two and a half years if they came from North llergen, received gold basketballs as a reinembrance of an esteemed sport. The system of paying a small amount of dues per month has been initiated with the hopes that our followers will carry on the award to all worthy graduates, and if possible, improve the fair play, good sportsmanship and fun that we have had. The following girls will graduate this year: Marilyn lklitcover, liloria lfrank, Marion Rottmann, Emma liedder, Capt. Florence Yolpe, lletty Mitchel, lfileen Hennessy, Capt. Ruth llappell, Magila Steiner, Adele Wilson, Anneliese Scholz, tirace Conran, lllarion Miller. liiylzty-3t't'v1z HISTORY OF FOOTBALL IN U. H. H. S. The History of football in Union Hill has been one of stops and starts. When our school was lirst opened, there was an effort to organize a team, however, because of the lack of material with which to build a team, these attempts were doomed to failure. For a long period of time, at least seventeen years, football as a school sport did not exist in Union Hill. It was not until 1917 that the sport got its start, for at this ti1ne Mr. Ruck, of Steven's College took over the reigns as coach of the first Union Hill team. These teams were doomed to failure, be- cause although the spirit was there the material was lacking, In the hrst few seasons that the team played they lost almost all their games. In 1919 the lirst Emerson Game was played at Hudson County Park before a small crowd of onlookers. lt is interesting to look at a picture of one of these early teams. Their uniforms and equipment are extremely inferior to our modern well cared for team. The squads are smaller, but the spirit which is still driving on the teams at the present time can be seen in the faces of these young men who at that time repre- sented our school. 1927 This year the team, under the guidance of Coach XVherry, scored two upsets, beating Emerson and Kearny by very large scores. 1929 A new coach took over the reigns from the retiring Mr. NVherry's hands. This was coach Manalio who was to guide the destinies of the team until it was taken over by our present coach. Under his guidance the team 'came through a very successful season winning all their games. 1930 1Yith the new coach becoming accustomed to the material on hand, he built a team that became the North Hudson Football Champs. In 1937 the reign of coach Manalio came to an end. ln his place came Harney Finn who was destined from then on to guide the fate of the team. Under the guidance of coach Finn the team has come along beautifully. Due to the great playing of such men as Ruhle, Shader, Coniglio. llauer, Kluegl and Rizzo, the teams have always given their opponents a tough light. At present Union Hill teams have won over three-fourths of all the games they played. FOOTBALL 1939-1940 Although our team had its share of bad breaks, due to injuries, we declared the season a complete success by soundly thrashing our closest rival, Emerson, by the score of 18 to 6 in the Annual Turkey Day Struggle. 3 In doing so, we broke a tie existing between us. The record as 'it now stands, reads something like this: Union Hill won IO, lost 9, and tied 2. The team worked magnificently that day by using spinners, reverses, and one or two trick plays. It was so decisive that statistics compiled against Emerson were startling. To single out one or two men, and say they were good would not be fair to the team as a whole. Kluegl, XYilson, Rizzo, Mirabella, Korker, Arzoleski and Regati worked well in the backlield as did Galasso, Bachmann, Eighty-Eight Klzizzziway, lnckwoucl, lfvnns, llirsch, L'ci'ntti, lfisv11l111iie1', l.1-c :incl lN:lil'lik'l' slum' Yeuiimn scrvice un thc linc. tl ul lll Nlikiv Klnvgl, wlin was ll 1111wvi'l1111isc- ull clay, scoil-cl un ll 111-vcptivv lilllllgt' iruugh thc lin:-. lYils1n1, after 21 fcw ininntcs hurl clzipst-il. ht-gain tlirimwiiig pxisscs, Jlllll unc ' S, il lung liezinlifiil spiral. tlimtc-cl :incl mini rn-sta-il in tht- 1lI'lllS uf inn' 1-wi'-:1lci't flflflllllllt lizilassn. who tiickcil thi- hzill ziwziy :incl 1':1rc-cl for thc goal line. nu unn- cvcn getting near hini. h 1 ln the second quzirtc-r, l'ninn sturtc-fl lu pull liuciis-puciis tricks zinrl llll nys in hlnv scrzitcliilig thcii' hezuls. L'ni11n scum-ml again un il lltillllllillllj' 1-xvciitcrl incl pt-rfcctly tiniccl plnnhlc rt-x'e1'sc cniiiplctvly fouling l':lllR'l'SUll :incl cu-i'yl111cly in thc stands. The hull went fruni lilnt-gl tn XYils11n tu l'iiSL'l1l1ilL1L'1' fin' ll lXX'Ullfj" iii 'Q yznwl gain and ll tuiicliclmvxl. lXlC1lll,K'l'S of thc t1-:nn wliu :mf grzicltiziting' 1lI't' liil-Qlllllilllll, llirsch :incl Livrutti. All nf those lmys plzlyml ll11l'4l :incl ulcxin funtlmzill uncl it will hc- ll1ll'il lu rcplace them, 'hut cnucli lfinn uxpvcts tn fnriii Z1 strrnig llllk'lt'l1S with his llllllly V eterzuis. llcrt-'s hoping that kiuziuli lfinn llllll' tnrn out 21 linc tc-:nn fm' thc Uillllllg ll?-lO Liziiiipziigii. Ray l'ilSt'llllllIlCl', Xictcrzni lfncl. was cle-Ctvrl tu gnirlc thc tc-:nn as captziiii next fall. fuach Mr. B. F. lfinn 5 ,fl .,,' 1 J Q 1 L 1 ,1 I .' IWW 4. 'if Jgljni A yp' .47 " C - 1 If igli fy-Xiizz' ll tht' TRACK V This season the Track Team of L'nion Hill High School. under the very ahle tutelage of Mr. A. F. Pardee, has done exceedingly well. ln fact they have done so well, that they have surpassed all the marks set by the teams that formerly repre- sented Union Hill on the the lield of glory. Starting the season with a small squad of veter- ans, they succeeded by developing the material at hand, so that when the season actually got under way the team presented a very formidable front. The first track meet of the season, witnessed hy several lnmdred spectators, was held in Roosevelt Stadium with lklemorial High School offering the l opposition. The close of the meet, during which the BEST AXCTIOX field events had been omitted, found Union Hill ll'l"'l"3'ml'llY F"'ll'f5ll the victor hy the over-whelming score of 35 to l0. The tirst real test of the team occurred on the 26th and 27th of April when the team journeyed to the -ltwth annual running of the l'enn Relays at Franklin Field, I'hiladelphia. Un Friday, April Zoth, the Union Hill quarter-mile relay team ran against a tield of forty-live of the Atlantic Seahoard's hest High School teams and finished third in their heat, having the eighth hest time of all the schools. Un Saturday, April 27th, the Union Hill Mile Relay Team, competing against a held ot picked teams from the states of Delaware. l"ennsylvania, Maryland and New -Iersey, succeeded in heating their nearest opponent hy a distance of eighty yards, liach of the hoys tllill Klcliee, Larry llessart, Truman Moe and Frank Korkerl received medals, and the High School received a bronze placque, Cred- it should he given to the two snhstitutes Richard Axt and Loyal l'arks who ac- comlianied the team on their trip and stood ready to give their hest for the team if their services were needed. The same team took lirst place in the Une-Mile Relay at the Newark Academy Carnival. During the season the team entered such competition as the Northern New Jersey lnterscholastic lXleet, the l3i:kinson Evening Meet, the Hudson County Novice Meets, and the Hudson county Championships at Lincoln Park. ln the come petitions, and the duel meets that the team enterefl they did the hest that any Union Hill Team had ever done. Ninety L'IlllL'1' Nr. l':mlvv's U'11irl:111uc- tlu- Ik'1lll1 11:15 1'k'1lCl1t'lI 5 lu-xx' lu-igllts :xml Ivy ull illllidllilblli ilu-5' xxill multi In rvzwlx l'Yk'Il Ql't'ZlIl'1' lwiglux. Iilil. XY 'I'IC XXI MQW, IVMNZIVI. K-Izxvll l':u'1lu-, Klrlxcv. lxurkvl' Illll' 1 , 'Q v X 1I'll11l.wI llI!lX l mm 1 Q1 if XII. l'.n1 'dw ln' ' lx Ulla' GYM TEAM The Union Hill tlymnastic team was first founded in the fall of 1035 by Mr. Marcel tlleyre, who was an ardent gymnast and a member of the United States Olympic team that went to the Hlympics in Los Angeles. During the llrst two seasons the gym team carried on their business with very little publicity. During this time they met and were defeated by Morris High of New York City and Lincoln High of jersey City. lloth of these schools had had teams for a number of years and were. therefore, very experienced in Gym- nastics. ln the season 1036-37 the team held the Metropolitan A. A. U. Gymnastic championships in XYashington School. Although the team did not win the team championship, it did manage to place itself with the hetter teams and win a few individual championships. l'rominent among these were Charles Diorio who placed on the Flying Rings, XYilliam lfuchs who became a champion on the Side Horse, and XYilliam Hansen who placed second in Indian Club Swinging. At last, Union Hill had emerged from their Embryonic stage and was beginning to assume its rightful place among the schools. During the season of 1937-38 the team showed great promise. They defeated all their competitors, save l.incoln, in duel meets and they only lost the State and lX1etropolitan championships by the narrowest of margins. During this year firegory Pichel was elected Captain and succeeded in scoring over 200 points for the team during the season. It was during this season that the State Championships were held in XYashington School. ln the 1938-SU season the tileyremen at last hit their full stride. Under the Captaincy of Harold Eby, the tiymnasts swept all competition before them and won both the State and Metropolitan tiymnastic Championships. At last Union Hill was supreme. When the smoke of the battles had cleared. Union Hill took count and found that they had four champions on their team, Val lllock, Hal Eby, Howard liothe and Harry Robinson. This year the tiym Team started the season under a serious handicap, for of the Championship Team of last year there remained only tive regulars. On this foundation M r. lileyre attempted and succeeded to build a team that not only equal- ed ibut surpassed the teams that formerly fought to uphold the honor and glory of dear old Union Hill. lt was his tirm belief that he could mold a team that would overshadow the records set by any former teams. The success of his endeavors may be witnessed in the results of this year's team competition. GYM TEAM 1940-1941 The team starteil the season with a bang by defeating Emerson and Dick- inson High Schools by the score of 20412 to 18,55 and 21. The team then jour- neyed to the United States Naval Academy where they were defeated by an ex- ceptionally strong Navy Team to the score of 35 to 19. Still suffering from the effects of this defeat, they were defeated by Lincoln High School in a very closely contested battle. Almost whipped by these defeats, the tileyremen met and crushed limerson High 'by the score 42-12. They then met and defeated Prince- ton, and Dickinson High, both the scores being -14 to lO. This still was not enough, however, they invited Lincoln High School to our own gymnasium and defeated them by the score of 33 to 21, thereby avenging the defeat suffered at their hands earlier in the season. Xinzcty-Tivo Nil . ,J GYM TEXM CHAMPS Bnilrqniii, Melniek, llnthe. Zinzi At the emnpletion of these rhiel meets, Lfniun llill was the liyninzlstit L'hznnpion of Hudson County. The tezun then went into intensive practice. :mn ll t the encl of El months time einergecl as hoth Stale :incl hlL'tI'4llJllllllIlIl Llizunpimis Blneh of the credit for the sneeess of the teznn shunlcl he given tn Mr. Nlzu' eel flleyre, who is the coach of the teznn, fm' were it not fm' his nntiring eH'm'ts the teznn wonlcl never have zlehievefl the sneeess which it chfl. It is the fervent hope ut everv Q!'1Ul112ll1llQ' inemher ot the teznn that Nlr llleyre will CZl1'1'y on the work whiehihe has heen doing su sneeessfnlly, :incl than he will he zlhle to inolrl together teams as great us thuse he has hzlcl in the past Thus we have lmrunglit yon the history of the Lvniun llill tlyln 'l'eznn frm its inception to the present clay. Xxvllill the future holrls I'CI1l2llllS tu he seen hut from all incliczxtions it appears that it will he il lung time hetore the L'niun i foaeli Mr. M. Gleyre Il'f,V-Iliff lill gyninasts will be hetterecl. als Jill BASEBALL file Coach Mr. C. Wright 1 V JJ .J A 'J il jx js ' After a long awaitecl opening of the season, Union got off to a slow start, hut now is coming along in grancl fashion. Losing to St. l'eters in the opener was a little disappointing, as were also the games played with Lincoln ancl Memorial. llut Union linally got going against XYilson, beating them -l to 3 in a well played game. Then still showing no mercy they lxowlecl over an unclefeaterl llayonne High nine hy a score of 6 to 4. Union lflill also alily helcl the powerful hitting eluh of St. Miehael's. to a 5 to 5 tie game i11 a nine inning affair. Hy the bright outlook for the future Union llill looms as a serious eontenrler for the County llaseliall Crown. The smart think- ing ancl hitting of our men as well as the pitching of our two mound aces Stein- lxaek and Nakish puts our team in the thiek of the iight. To single out one man as the star would be unfair to the team as a whole. .As to the inlielrlers, Rehliit ancl Miraluella seem to outshine the others. while in the outhelcl, there is reason to believe that we have three of the eounty's greatest lielflers. The men who make up the team for Union Hill this year are: Paseh, Natoli, Rehliit, Aszoleski, Capt. Alirahella. XYilson, Rengstorlf Eek, Steinbach. Nlaliish Lockwood, Demarinus, Danish, Keil, Polieastro, Thompson, Regati ancl blialflini. CHEERLEADERS RALPH KNOPP VEROXlCA DESSART OTTO GUST GRACE PETLY MARILYN XYITCOVER ANNE PULLS' THOMAS QUINN ' Captain ALFRED HARTURCKSON Ninefy-F010 K. R111 11111111111-111 11115 jL'2l1'S 111-1 s1111:111. 11111- 111 1111-11' !11ll1I1111j' 111 114111- 111':11'111'1- N1-15111111 11:15 I111'1 111111 111111' 11111111-1':111- s111-1-1-55. 1111111-11-1'. 1-11-11 111111 11115 1111111111-4111, 1111- 11-:1111 11:15 1111111- 1'1'1l1111'1i2l 11'1- TENNIS 1121011 11. 11111111111 1111- 5111215111112 I'2lL'1Il11'1 111 11-11111 1'1111-1 :11111 1111- f111'1- f11111f 111- 111111, 1'l111:111111 .11111 1i:1111'111z111: 1111- 11-21111 111111111 11111 111111- 1111-1 111111 111k' 5111'1'L'5N 111111'11 1111-1 11111. 1141115 j'l'Zll' 1111- 11-21111 11115 s1-111-111111-11 1.'111I'1L'C1l 1111111-111-5, 11111'111g 1111- 1-11111w1- 111' 1111- N1-4151 1111-1 11111 1111-1-1 s111-11 11-:11111 515 11-11111113 131111-1x111' 1111111111111 111151111 1.1111-11111, 1'1-1115. 51. l'1-11-11 X11 -111111'1z11, I311'14111s1111 211111 111111111111-. 111111 1111- 1112111-1'1:11 111 1l2l1111, 111- 1-1111 1111111 111111 1111- 11111111- 111111 1-111111111-111-1-. 1'1-N1111g 11551111 1 111:11 if 1111- 1-2l11'5 ll1'L' :11 1111 1i11111. 1111- 1110111115 '1'l'Il1!1 1111111-1' X111 X111111111-11iX g11111:1111-1- 11111 1-111111 4-111 1111 11111. I1'f'1'-f:1T'1' 1111 lasses and 6114195 A iqIlwlllswllMNWIIMHAAHIIIHIIIMIIHIDMQI-NA-M' Q gsylliwmulul v xi Y zaesaaa 3 ll Q 'xdnunl rlvllll 1, I 1' I -Liiiiiasaaesa H misss H yy N twill: Inullv I Sp I L M,umInmnunwlunmmmnnxzfnuuamlgfllmmlllgnm H :45?le5,f:Q, l'1'incEpa! H. Stahlcr .Yiazvf-V-.5'i.1 M r. Leiderman CLASS OF .lANl'.-XRY. 15141 XYhu Sl'1llllSlll'L'il um' pruiii? 'lliuse nutzihle Senior .YS of euurse. Zlllfl lilv C'X'CI'f'll'Illlg else they have 1ltlCIllIJlk'll. it xxzu Zl mvell success. l.e:1ve it to this progressive group In emnluet ll Swing selnml, give ffmtlu rlanees, XiZllClll'lllC ClZlllCQS. lixvrml tickets tu games its ilum' prizes. :mil lust, but not least, that must successful z1Hui1' given at liwusevelt Sehuul St. l':1tly's night. lnterviexving XX'lll'l'L'l1 Gullztglier. presimlent uf this class :mil Nlr. l.L'lfll'l'lll1lll fa-eulty zulviser, we tinrl that the zmilmitimis ul' the elzlss ure: In increase m-iiperzitimi develop social l'ClZltllJ11SllllJ, he proucl of their selmul, elzmss, Zlllil elzlssmzttes. :mil t v leave an enviable reeurml hehiml them. The other uilieers are: V A -v if . 'V 'Miss Sllllltiflll Yiazrtux'-.5'a'twz Leu MlIlllL'k'l ,,,,, ... ..,,. .... . .. ,, ,, .... ,.,,,.,.,,, X 'ire-l'I'eSitlelll llnrutliezi liuplin llilrla llakei' ,,,, , ,, ,.,,. Treasurer Secretary CLASS Ol" .ll'Nlf, 1941 I -N reglllzlr hee hive is the .lit ll. Class uf ll-ll. lf there zlre mi flame ftheii' eu-operutiuil fur the St. l'z1tty's Cl2l.llCL' was :1 true lllZl.IllfCSlllIlHll of Lvllltbll llill spiritl and what nut tn bother theinslves with, they start a stationary driyel This drive, in which all -Ir. ll's sold stationary tn students anzl outsiders for pe- tuniary gain, was su successful that it was held over to this semester. Their suc- cess is unduuhtedly due tn cu-operation, co-operation uf ineinhers with utticers and their farulty adviser. Bliss Sullivan. 'l'he purpnse uf this group is to ereate hetter relatiunship ainimg the pupils ul their class, and they are fast uhtaining their glial. 'I'he nllicers elected are: Italia Lalifvcca .. ,,,,. President Preston Stegenga Vice-l'resideut lfvelyn iilattfelfler ,. . ,... Secretary lfrank Yallnne . . . ,,.., Treasurer CLASS OF JANUARY, 1942 Mr. Deutehnian XXX-'re ierv f'i'rv certain that this Offfillllllltillll is fninv tu he notahly suc- , . D h .. cesstiul, what with that girl wonder. lilizaheth Christie as President tthe lirst of her sex since - - -J and that strong school spirited Mr. lleutclnnan for faculty aflviser and other utlicers as: llick llursu .,,,,,,, Vice-President Katherine L'rhan ,,,,,.,, Secretary lflurenee Carlsen .... ,,.. . , ,.,, ,, ,.,..,i,,.. .,,,.,,,,.. ..,.,,,,i, T reasurer Regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month to prmnnte tellnwship and an enthusiastic schwul spirit among the students and of course, to discuss social activities which always are u big success. :Xu enihlein contest was held in April tn which the pupils responded enthusiastically and a class elnhletn was chusen. These and lavish looking tennis sweaters in the school culnrs were stild to inenihers, and, no need to say. they "went like lint-cakes." Niizcty- li ight 'Q .K X. 5' ' l'II.l,Ul May we present ourselves? XVe're the cluh and class Q editors, who for months after receiving this assignment were most perplexed as to how to ot1'er our contribution to this year hook. This week, however, our inspiration walked up to the door and rang the hell. YVondering who it was we opened it. Ah the census taker of C0llI'SE'. In he walked with a countenance full ot' lack. perhaps hecause of the expectancy ot' a hit ot' ohstinance on our part. llowever, the only necessity of tact was in gently refusing our most persuasive invitation which was accompanied hy the enticing aromas ot' cotfec and pie to join us in our afternoon snack. So here we stand before the large, dignified and imposing huilding which emhodies our alma mater. Union Hill, two eager seniors. heladen with pencils and pads ahout to play census takers. VVanna' come along? 'I'here'll he prompt answers in most cases. and if not, it will he through lack of information. rather than personal resentment. Here's a hlank you may follow. and now. A l.et's go! I. First Meeting. I. VVhen was cluh t'ounded'.' 2. First faculty adviser. president and otlicers. ttlhosen or electedj . J. Rules for eligibility. -t. Outside activities. 5. Typical meeting. ttieneral procedure of meetingj. ti. Purpose and aim of cluh. 7. Meetings'-fwhen and where? 8. Any recognition of memhership? 9. Name, .foreign or English? II. Changes. l. Ally changes in cluh procedure, adviser. constitution. etc., during lifetime ot' cluh. 2. Notahle events in Clulfs History. III. Present Day Meeting. l. Questions I. 2, Ii. el, 5. ti. 7, 8, tt, ot' first meeting. P. S. Diplomatic creatures that we are, we have decided to avoid any partiallily and, as all ambitious people do, start from the hottom and work our way up. ,Yinlcthy-Xiaze C.-X1fE'1'lil1lA 1't1l1tlXXll1g 11111' l11l5l'S. 11'1111'11 l1li1- 1,l'l'If11111l1l1f15 11-1111 115 I1l1I1lg 11 1l'2ll1 111 1111- llllflglllllg 111l111' 111 ll'1'lllQ,' 11Z1llll1l1l'g'l'i'S, 111- 1'111111- 111 1111: 11111 111 1111 st111l1-111s 111-111'ts, 1111- C 1111-t1-11111 ll1-1'1- 111- s1-1- t11'11 l111s1' l11111- 11111111-ss1-s ll2lS1l'l1lllg 111 111111 11-11. 1-1-11-1111 51-1111 111111 t11'111'1- 1'11111'1111. 1111- s11l1- 1'1-111111115 111 1111- g1'1-111 01111-11-1'111 s11111 111 l11'g11111- 1l'11's 711111 -s1- t11'11 1111-'1s'111t '1l1-1'1 li1tl1- 1-1111-1'1s 1l'11l1' l1l'll121QL' 1111- 11"11'1- 111 111111is111-11 st111l1-11ts 111111-11 Sl11'g1'5I1WlAt11lgll tl11-l111lls 111 lI11l'S1 111' 11111s1- 111sci1111s, 1lllCllll2l1L'll L'11i1111 II111 s11111111'11'l11-s 11-s111-1'i111l1' 1111- 1111111 1. '1'l11-s1- s11111111'11-111-s 1s111'l1 il 1111111111111 11111111- 1111' s111'l1 l1'llllllllIQ' 1ll'11S11'f'1 1111- 11111111- 1111 111 Nlrs, 1i1l1l11111s 11'1tl1 1111- 11111 111 s1-1'c1'111 s111111-111s lllL'11111ll1g lli11l11 112llii"1', lfi11-1-11 111-1111css1'. 111111 N1:11l1-l1111- 131- St11s111. Miss 1iZll1Cllllt11'll 1tl1c 11111st L'l!llL'll'1l1 1-1111ki11g tc:11'l11-1' 111i1'1-lb 111'g1111iz1-11 1111- llI'Sl C1111-11-1'111 stall 111111' 1021145 11g11. 111111 11111-11111 11111111111 11111111111 L1'1s111-. 121111 1.llX 111111 1111111 1111111-11 215 its 1111111111111-11t 11111'1s. 'l'111-s1- 111-111111-, 11l11- 111tl1- T111111111' '1'111'l11-1', 11'111'11c11 1111' tl1ci1' 1111-111s 11s is still 1111- 111'111't1c1-. Y11 11.11 1111ti1'1- 1111- l1111's 11111111-s 1111 1l1is list. Illlll 1'1-1'11g111z1- 1llL'lll 11s st111' L71111111 llill 1111111-11-s 111' 1111- 1111s1. 11111 1111 11111 11111111 1111-111 11111 111 11l111'1- i11 Z1 1'1111l1i11g 1'1111111. 1111' 1111-1' 1-1111111 s1-111-1'1111- 1111 1-gg 11'i111 1111111111- 111 1111- girls, 111111 11'1111t's 1111111-, 1111 girl 01111111 1-1'1-1' l111li1- Z1 011110 11s 111-11 11s 1111-1' 111111 XX l-l'UllI N11 l1is 11111111- A1-ll. 111111 C1'l'12l1Il1j' XX'2lSlll1 111111111 11'111'1c, s11 let 115 111111' 111110 llll 1-x1111111l1- '. 1,Zll'C1l'L'.5 V1l1'l1Cli '1'1-11111wf-11'1111 1'1-:1-i1'1- 1111-11' i11s11'111'1i1111s 11111111 here i11 111111 s111'1111 1111 111 1l1c lirst 1111111 11'l11-1'1- 111- l'l1g1'I'1y 111111c1111111- 11111111 activity. i11 Il 1'1111'l111'is1- 111sl1i1111, 111- lirst c11111c 11111111 Z1 1111-1-ting 111 "ll 11i111l111", 1111- 1111111111 111111. 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' .abs J I 5 Mr. Hain ft-ltl Out' l1'IlI1tI1't'tl, Six 1 I Flilu- 4rlliL'L'l's, clvcla-rl liy flimsy-il llzlllut :in-2 lAllZlI'l0S Surlcisizm ,, , ,, . , ,, , ..,. l'l't'Sltlk'lll litlu-l l'uulus ,,,, lin-cuiwliiig Sn-rn-l:n1'y liznluwiiu- lll'lllll , R'ui'i1-slmiicliiig Sm-U11-l:il'y Tflllllllll llluc .,,. .... 'l'i1-:mm-1' .xllll YL-lim ..., A .Xssistzuit 'lil'l'ZlSlll'K'l' liiclmrml lflzuiagzui ,,,, llistiwiziii PRESS STA Fl" lzvn-n tlurugli this riumi is xi littlc- will ut tlu- wzug V011 czm rn-at .usiiri-rl tlizil mi lfrirlzly :uul Nlmuluy zifturiuunis it is ci ra-gulzn' lu-liiw ul' zictivily, with iu-us 1'X't'llIs puppilig llll, l'L'lllll'llll'S llll1'I'j'll1g in :uul wut, iu-xx' zissigiinu-ina :uul tlu- cmistzuit click, click uf lyIK'XYl'llL'l'5. In lu' Unix-1'c'1l ln ilu- spring uf N37 tlu- lirsi l'r4-se Stull' was mgziiiiza-il. Nlrs. lllzuizlzi :mil Nliss XYz1lu-1' lluvc tzilcn-ii :wc-i' tlu- zulviu-ixliip ul' tlu- stzilli. Supluiiiiuix-s :uul .liniiurs wlui lizux- pruvcxl tlu-ir ziliility :mil iiilm-rn-at in writ- ing nu- vligibla- fm' nu-mlu-rsliip wliicli is lu-pl clinwii In il quulzl ffl' 25. lil-vw am- :1wz1i'llwl In grzuluzitliig IllCll1llL'1'i wt ilu- stall. Sunu- iunlrilmlc 1'Yt'lllh liuvc- lu-cu: 'llvurs uf iu-wspziiu-1' plums, tlu-:lu-r p:ii'1ii-N :mil ziimilul f.fl'ZllllI2lllllg purlim-s, .ff f' l llfux-rs lm-Z f Qqfaf ' llmmlliy lluiinizmii , , , liilitm'-iii-l'l1ie' - s firzuw- lkniiiiii :mil iii-in'gc 'lizmilw , lliu-:lim 5 X' " ' lXlziru- llc:-iiaiiwlu , ., , , .. SL'l'l'l'lll1'j' ND x. I ' f Mis XxiZllll'l'5 1' - , V ,h m en Q i i L , r N 55 ,i . +91 f if Q! Mix. lllzuula I XYUH- lm-ii tclliiig fzilsn-luuuls, fur lu-rc we 2111- on ilu- tliiril uiul lust Illuir willi Ulil si uizuiy L-luliu ui mu-i', Tlmigs :irc mlelinitr.-ly nun ax 4-my zu iw lizul aliitiripzm-il. XM-ll wiilliniu 1 , iiumi iiul iltliimf li tluu N my nu 1 flwxxli In ilu- curl wwf tlu- luill, wc Iiiisl llliw llzirtlik liiniu--' , 1 1 4 ing in lu-rv, in-'iw mix- iw vain nlitziiii ilu- num iiiflmiizitiiiii l'4IllL'k'I'lllllg llizit 1-ur in zwtivc lllf- tury lfuruiii frmii lu-r, tlu- lu-acl wi' tlic lli4t1Ii'y lin-imrtiiu-lit. Um' llzfziclrvfl .S'i"r'r'11 HISTORY FORUM Miss Barth Organized by Miss Tate in 1917 it was known as the Civic Forum, and there was only one division of the club, carrying, however, many activities. Miss Lamb and Mr. Beaty as- sisted Miss Tate until her retirement in 1930, when Miss Barth. present faculty adviser car- ried on. The purpose of this club, a most advancing and educational one to say the least, is to acquaint students with world affairs. and to enable them to Judge well in political issues. The general discussion group or roundtable meets on Monday, and the Current event group on Thursday. lloth are very ably conducted by our History teacher, Mr. Aichelman, who is so understanding and sympathetic in all that he does. The debating team, which meets on Friday under Mr. Rosenthal's guidance has staged lively debates in the auditorium for the past two years. These have been presented in co- operation with the hnghsh club and we just leave it to your imagination to Judge the quality of speech and content when these two oldest and most active clubs "got together". There has always been a fourth group to discuss Pan-:Xmericanism under the super- vision of Miss Barth but it is not active this year. Otiicers which were formally elected are now chosen according to their ability and scholarship. Oftices are held by: Howard Uhde ...,... ....,,....,..., P resident Marilyn Hendl ,,... .,t, V ice-President Adele XN'ilson ,.,,,...., .,......... S ecretary Marilyn Witeover .... .,..... T reasurer George Mahoney .... .... . advertising DEBATING SOCIETY Sidney Rosenthal's Debating Team, a branch of the History lforum, has become an organization which has brought both honor and fame to a school which typiiies those virtues. Since its inauguration in the Fall of 1039, the young Eng- lish teacher coached a group of hopeful yet in-experienged boys into the New jersey State Iiorensic Debating Championships at Princeton. A sensational feat when you take into consideration the fact that the members of the team were without any inter-scholastic competition whatsoever. One Hundred Eight As its lirst representation in "Speech" tournaments. the Debating Society. in December of last term, sent .lerome Levine to llayonne. as a speaker in the New -lersey Oratorical State Championships. llowever, the real work of the team came in the Debating Semi-Finals at Montclair. XYith the topic of debate: -resolved "that the United States Government shonld take over the Railroads", and with a team -composed of Atlirinative: .leronie Levine and Alan Margolies and Negative :-I.eo Ring and XX'arren Sprayragen. the boys set out to bring honors hack to Union Hill. ln the semi-linals. they won all their matches: defeating such teams as Dwight Morrow of Englewood, llelleville ll. S., St. llenedicts of Newark, and llayonne ll. S. The team unfortunately succumbed in the elimina- tion tinals at l'rinceton, yet succeeded in ranking as one of the ten best teams in the state. The climax of the season occurred in our school auditorimn where both Afiirmative and Negative debated against each other for the benefit of the students and teachers. Those who witnessed that conflict will long remember its lire and general appeal. Although the entire team is graduating. Mr. Rosenthal hopes to build a team of sophomores and juniors and so, through successive years of competition, bring the State Championship to Union llill High School. THE MAGAZINE DRIVE Again we have achieved success! This past campaign was the greatest of all our accomplishment. XYe triumphantly passed our goal of 551500, the linal results being almost 551800. All this was due to the co-operation and entlmsiasm of the students. The Magazine Drive is the only income for our library, and it has succeeded in increasing its value considerably both in quality and quantity. The campaign was supervised by Mr. Xl'illiam Aichelman. who was as- sisted by Miss Alice Xlialters. Mrs. Scanlon, Miss Najarian, Bliss llrown and Mr. Ustrott. The students who also co-operated were: Theodore Meth ,,... ,.....,,,.,.,,........ M anager Harold LTdhe ...., .Xssistant Manager Marilyn Hendl ,,.... ......,,. , ...,... .,......... ............ . ' X ssistant Manager Ifloor managers were llernard llrill, .lerome Levine. Arthur llreakstone, Alan Margolis, Armand l.a Rocca and Leo Ring. Om' Hundred Nine ENGLISH GLUB .ff-f, li The lfnglish Club of Cnion Hill High School was organized in 1917 under the advisership of Miss Rumsey. lYithin recent years, however, it has been under the supervision of Mr. Mohair, head of the English Dep't. The club has been subdivided into serveral groups. The tirst and oldest unit of the English Club is the reading group. Cnder the guidance of Miss Conklin, the members read and discuss plays. both present and past. lt's purpose is to develop the students ability to read and to ap- presiate typical plays. A second unit of the Club is the junior or Magazine tiroup. Here. under the supervision of Miss Rosso, the members are fast acquiring a knowledge oF the better magazines. They are learning how to express themselves. and how to iead with understanding. Another division of the English Club is the Sophomore Short Story division. This group is rapidly becoming interested in and acquiring a good knowledge of the short story. which will be of great help to them in studying American literature, under the advisership of Miss Morton. The major outside activity of the lfnglish Club is the annual period show or play. ln addition, the linglish Club sponsors two evening assemblies, namely, our during' liducation Week and the other just before the Chrismas holidays. Marie Durso .,,,. ........... President George Tamke ..... ,... X "ice-President Helen Hal-:er ,..... ...,,,,. S ecretary Leo Ning ....... ..... T reasurer Om' I1'1u1dred Tru FRENCI1 C1113 lt S1-1-111s 111111 11111s1 111- 1111- l111'1i1l1I1H 111' 1111- 1.1111g11z1g'1- 1411111 11111'1- 111-1-11 111115 1'1-1f1-11111' 11111111 11-11. 131-1111'1- 111- 111111-1-1-11 111'11111111 1111- 111-11-1 111 1111- 111111, 11-11 1'1s11 1111 1'1'1-111'11 111111 1111' Zl 11-11' 1111111111-1 111111 11111-1'1'i1-11' N111 111l'f'1'l'. 1.1111111151 1ll1X'15L'l', 11111111 115 1l1S111l'j'. 1.1151 1'ez11', Klixs Z11'i1-gg 111111 1111- 111a11i1'11111111 1111' 5111111 llll 111Ag1111iZ1111lf11 2l1l'1 l11'1-S1111-11 :Is 1?lC1l11Y 2lf1Y1SK'l'. '1111lx 111's1 111N11fl'1'5 XX'1'1'l' I11s1-11111111- 1Ql11111l1111, 1111-51111-111 ' 1 -1 1?U1'1'1'111 uf!! X -111sc1111111L' 1111111111111 ,, 1'1'1-51111-111 111-ris 1111111111 , , 1111'-1'1'k'r1l1k'lI1 Priscilla 1111111511-111 . , SC1'1'l'1Ell'j .111111i111-1t1- 5111111111111 , 'l'1'1-1111111-1' L'1111rl111t1- 1.lll1gJ,t'IA , . , 1'1111111'111' 1X11lll2l2L'I' B11-111111-1511111 is 11111-11 111111 111 11111s1- 11-1111 Zlll 111'1-1'11g1- 111' I3 111' 1111111'1- 111111 111-11 11 ls 1111' 1-11111-1 1111-1-1111gs. 115 11'1-11 115 Nllllgi. g111111-A 111111 111111111 1lU111'l1IL'S 11111111-1111111-11 1 111 11r1- Clll111l1C1L'C1 1Y111l11j' 111 1"1'1-11111 111111101-111115 1'1'I'!l1lA'Zl1S1. .-X1 11l'L'5l'111 1111- 1111111-1's 111'1-: 1A1121l'1lJ11L' SL'SS1l'l' , l'1'1-51111-111 1211-1111111' 11ll112iglk' . 1111--111-1-51111-111 .111111i111-116 1111111111vz11 , S1-1'r1-1:11'1' 111111111 111-1 .. . '11l'l17lFl1l'l'I' 141111111 T1-s1'11111-1' I'11111i1-111' N12ll12l2l'1' M r. M. 1i1C'y1'C 1' lI111111'r1'1l liI1'f'1'11 MATHEMATIC Cl,l'l3 OF ll. H. H. S. ,Xnother one of those little elnbs for serriee is the Klzitlieniztties Club of Lf ll. ll. S. livery XX'eclnesclz1y rt group of about 8 boys glnml girls meet for :tn hour or so with their generous faculty ztclviser Mr. livelzlntl tone of our most popnlzlr teuehersl zlnrl further their knowledge of inzlthenizities profoundly. Blr. livelancl fonnclecl his group in 1038 with the purpose of proviiling Il ineans for tliseussing problems usually founcl on college entrance exzuns unrl some portions of inntliemzities not generzilly eovereil in 21 high school course! .-Xll slr. ll or Sr. math stnrlents who are genuinely interested in the snbjeet are eligible for nienibership. This intelligent little group boasts no ollicers, but ure gnicleml by their will to learn zincl their znniztble aulviser. LATIN CLUB Now. hzilf way 'ronnfl the floor we clrop into 21 meeting of the Latin Club, llliss Allen, faculty ztqlviser. presiding. 'lihe S. l'. 2 R., twonclering what it means? So are we, but regretfnlly stzlle it's the inost :incl probably only gnarclecl serret in U. ll.l is the most recent club fountlecl ztncl opens ineinbership to all stnflents of this language who are also members of the l.z1ngnage Club. Meetings, helcl every other Blonrlzty supplenlent the elass rooin stutly of l.z1tin in lllllllj' interesting vzirizltioiis. llowever, this club is not a place of :ill work and no play: these gatherings also serve :ts soeiztls. which often have refreshments :incl entertziinnient. The otlieers ure: fharlotte Kessler , , ,,,,,,., President fZlI'IllQlll1 lieeellea ,,,, ..,, X 'iee-l'resiclent lfthel Meleher ..,,, ,,,,,.. ,,., , Secretary , .Xlbert Roth ...,.,,. ,,,,, .,,, ,,....,, ' I 'reasurer Q lfvtlyn filzlttsfelmler ,, ..,, Publicity Manager lx' vf. ' fe-91-'f N ,. ,1-l 5' P Miss :Xllen Om' llzoidrrd Treelrw 1 .Xc11. 1111s is 1111 11151 11111-, 11111 111111 XXQ'2ll'j' 1111111111-rs! 11111 WL'.l'C 111-111111111 11 1 11 1 1' 111-ru wc- are :lt 1761 17l'lI1S1'1ll' XYCl'k'1l1. 11-1111 111111 1'11'111'i1111s fa1'1111y 11111151-11 Mn R11 1 21 V1-rx' livclv gr111111 '11111 Q11 111- 11111111 11'1-'1'1- 111 1111' 1111'1111' 111 11111 , f 11111 1111x1111-as 11111111-s 111-f11rc- ll1L'2lsl1l'L', su 111- 1111 11115 111111111011 111 1111- 511111151 111 10.35 111111-- 11' 111'1-s1-111 w111111- 111- 1111- 1111111 1l1Nl 1111111 111155 . ,, .. 1'1'1-si111-111 11-1111s1-111 -11-1111 511111111111-1' , 111-0-1'1'1-si11c111 1011-U11-111 .Xr11111r 11r11111-1 N1 ' .. ,, '1'1'1-11s11r1-r 11-11-1'11-111 1.I1.t12l11l' 11111111-rs , .... .. . S1-1'r1'1111'1' 1611-011-111 - 1 1111- 1'1l1CS 111r 1-ligihility 111-111111111 1111 111'1-1'11Q1- 211111 111 11-1151 11111- 11'l11 11111 '11111 111111 111s111s 111 111r11111 111 1111111111r ' ' 111g 11f 1111- 11lllgl1Zl.Ql'. ' ' N 1l111'l'1'sl Ill 11C1'lll2il1, 211111 111 111CI'C'2l5C 1111lr H111 llN1 T1'1111'111 111151111-sn 1111-1-111115 111'111 1-11-rx 111 111111 1111 1"1'111'1v 11 'll - I ,, D , 1 111 111 l'll11k1 r111 ,, 1111111111-rn 111111 11is1'11S511111 111 111-11' 111111 11111 111151111-wa. 1"1111111xi11g 1111- 1111-1't111g, :1 1111111111111 IN 1r 1'1111g1-11 t'l111L'I' hy 1111- 111'11g1'11111 1114 11111s11- 1111111111111-1-, 11111'111Q 11'111L'1I lIlL'Il111L'l'S z1r1 111111: part. 1'1l1ll? 1.L'1lX'l' 11 111 11115 11111111 111 112111 1111-1111 111' 11. 1111111 11-1111 111-1-1110 1111s 111 ll '11 111111 g'r:111l111111111 1111r111-s, 111111111111 11111111-5 111111 1'1s111111- - -' ' rs 11111 1'1- 11l11111's 1111 1111 Q11 X1 1111- 1-1111 111 1-111-11 1L'I'1l1 Li gI'Zl11l!Zl1l'1ll llllflj' if 111-111 :11111 11:11-11 g1'111111111111g 111c111111r 11 11111111 111111 Il Sung 13111111 11s il 111111-11 111- 1115 1111-111111-1's11111. T110 111151-111 1111111-rs 1111-' 1411111 XY11111- 1q'1'1-S1111-111 Mike 1X11l1'g1 ,, .. X111--1'r1-s1111-111 1:1'1'11 111-1'1i11g1-1' , ,,.,.. '11I'L'2lSl11'L'1' 111-111' 111111-111-11 S1-1'1'1-tary 11 Mrs. 1x11g1e1' ly ll111111'r1'11' Y'l11'1't1'1'11 C0-IilDI'l'0lRS Marilyn Wilcuvvr ASSISTANT ElJl'I'UliS Doris Knapp Sl'Uli'l'S l"l'zmk lluwns CLASSICS AND Cl,l'l5S Mario Durso AIJVICIQTISINQI Hl'l'll2lI'll Brill Alun Malrgolivs PROSIE Athzmzlsiu Poulos Ruth Whitn- xvilliillll Thompson Blurgzlrct C2ll'DL'l110I' 5I2lI'iOll Cockrum- CONTlilBL"I'OliS Nm'wuod Rock I.uomu'4I Hirsch XVZIITUII SIJl'2lyl'l'QL'l1 'l'Yl'lS'l'S HL-ll-n Banker Clmrlcs Surkisizxn :Xl2ll'i0ll Strobcl l"I'zlm'0s lioynoski Harold lick lloroilly Dolan :xlill'i0l1 COClll'2lllL' Onanqe and! Uilfue dfloancf liivhzlrxl Din-hl licrnicv Singciscn .luhn Mzllwny llorotlly B2llllll2lI1ll l.o1'm-ttn llivckluann Nlzulvlilu- Clzluss liilvun Hcnncssy Puulinv Schwm-igur Carol WL-nncis Rohm-l't Govdulx Friwlzl Scott lirlytho Shaw .ll'I'OIlll' L1-vine Marion Non-ding lilm-ulml' Steiger Shirloy Spiurur .In-an L0 lirclon Gcm-vicvc Vicclich liulh Whitv Ailmllusizl Poulos Ruth Huppm-ll Iidwallwl Gclm-inhzn'cit .Izuncs I,nz1'oc . 1 r ' x X HUSUIIIZII y Bchlcgvl 'l'1'uman Moc John l.cm1z1x'ci -l1 1l--- MR. ALVIN SCHAEDIGER Faculty Advisor Om' I,Ill1dI'1'fI' l'x0IH'fl't' 1 cfldfuertisements 9 5 LZ nv : 5 k , f E 9 Va i: ' 2 V 3 ff n-nlif,-XW XF5Q"V p , JJ W Film. nl! J s K- S '7 FX., X XM ! Q j g f 1 'XE JN ,f xe f M1 Keg? Q 11 iffvvn COMPLIMENTS OF The Commissioners of UNION CITY HARRY J. THOUROT, Mayor llircclor of Public All':1i1's HENRY SPECKER llircctol' of Public NVu1'ks HARRY E. LITTLE llircctor ol' Public Szlfcly FREDERICK BERKE llircctor of Parks and Public Propcrty THOMAS A. NOLAN llircclor of Iicvcuuc and Finzmcc '23 NORTH BERGEN PAUL F. CULLUM, Mayor llircctm' ol' Public Affairs HARRY BUESSER llircctol' of Public NY01'ks LEONARD F. MARCY llircclol' of Public Snfcfy CHARLES H. LENDER llircctor of licvcnuc und Finzmcc ANTHONY FUGMAN llircctor of Parks and Public Propcrty O23 Om' llzmdrca' .5ll.l'fc' zz llIIllIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIKllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIII!llIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIJ ONE GIFT THATS NEVER DUPLICATED '23 XVI'l'll all ol' llio moncy slorvcl in llw mini, lll0l'l' is one gift no om- could possibly buy- your photograph. lt is ai priceless possession that makes only il modest clolnzlml on your hunk hal- uncc. This your. ln-slow ai gift that will lu- lrousurvcl for many yours to como. '23 MATER E STUDIG Colony Theatre Building E 140 48th STREET UNION CITY, N. 1. HIlllllllllllillllllllllllIUIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIllllllllll' Um' H1u1flri'i 1' Svr'4'f1lm'11 Tel. Journal Square 2-7156 Day and Night Classes F XL, Accounting and Einance Superior Secretarial Courses 910 Bergen Avenue, Near Journal Square ADVANCED STENOGRAPHIC COURSES FOR H. S. GRADUATES Free Employment Service Oflice Machines Open All Year PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS! COMPLIMENTS OF .IOBST MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND GBOCEHIES FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Palisade 6-2575, 0848 Private Licensed I-Imploynn-nl Agency PLAZA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Help of Every Description-Male or Female Kffczwzcrs Cnrefzllly lu'z'e5tiyult'd 31 Bergenline Avenue Cuttenlierg, N. -I. 679 Bergmlille 'XW3'Imml 21531 New York' N' J' Tellv Umm, 7,5573 Telephone PAlisade 6-6936 Tm' T BEN VINE J- JENSEN s1'enExT snov BAKEHX' fltllllfllfft' Ozlffiftfrs for B0-vs and Ynruzg ,llrrz 750 Bergenline .-Xve. l'nion City, N. J. 131 42lltI Street l'nion City, N. nl. .xl 318th sm---1 OUR ADVERTISERS DESERVE YOUR BUSINESS. ll THE SAVAGE SCHOOL A Established 1890 l -l offers a three year course preparing high school graduates l l Q to be teachers of l RECREATION, HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION T in colleges, schools, playgrounds, recreation and community N l 1 l centers, camps and industrial organizations . . . Graduates ot' 1 l W l this course may complete Bachelor of Science Degree require- 1 ' ments in one additional year at certain recognized colleges, 1 REGISTER NOW FOR CLASS ENTERING SEPTEMBER 23, 1940 ,' At St. Nicholas Ave. Cntulng upon request - 1 - Ell1f7IUj'lIll'Ilf bureau for xtudcnfs and gmdmilvs 3 A 454 West 155th Street, New York, N. Y. V Convenient to all transit IIIICS I One H11 ndrcd Eigll fren COMPLIMENTS OF 4 HILL lv Reproduction C0 LQ, Qu 227 West Seventeenth Street NEW YORK. IIIIX 4 57th YEAR l f x f 2, gf f ' -Q, SliCRE'l'ARlAl. COLLEGE A College llovutorl to thc Highest Principlcs of Modern Business Training. Write or Phone for 1940 Bulletin BOI'QOIlllllt' Avc. Opp. Public Servici- UNION CITY Nvw .lcrscy Tcl., l'Nir1n 7-0943 C'lwrnfrufillrzfirfllx and Hvxl ll'1'.vl1r'.r In lin' C'l..'l.S'.S' Ulf ,ll'.Ylf 1940 sinnvnno com masse 728-736 lil'l'gl'llllllU Ave. Union Cih l'lif1nc l'Xii1n 7-H074 TRUE'S DELICATESSEN llll01llilllliS Zllltl TAl5l.l'l l.I'XI'lllliS 943 lh'uarln'ay Xlhmlcliff, N. ,l MARGOLIES STATIONERY C0. 7414 1:Hlcc3PiNl.lxii iwlzxvii Union City, X. ,l. Affiliate: BERKELEY SCHOOL :Ast ouuol, New nnsn 'lwo-year comprehensive and one- yeor intensive secretoriol courses for high-school graduates ond college women exclusively. Distinguished send faculty.Attroctiveterroce- fpy garden studios. Effective Bulletin placement service. GIAYIAR llDG., 420 IIXINGTON AVI. BEHKELEY-llEWEllYN ..,. MUrrsy Hill 5'34lB COMl"l.lMEX'l'S mf A FRIEND Our H11l1drr'u' Yl'IUl'1Ilj' 116mg cb G3 2-.5 Q KTUMUPLIIMEENTS UF STANDARD RHNG QU, U1F1 l'7llCllA1l1, JHEVVELERS UNHUN HULL HHGJHI SCHUUH., WSW 115 JOHN STR1ElE'll' NIIEW YORK CITY Q2 S2 Q9 Q4 A Om' fflllllllft f I I U COMPLIMENTS Ol' E. A. KERRY, D. D. S. P.-Xlisacle o-5413 "Say ll II'illz Iflfmuws' CAPITOL FLORIST Cianattasio Brothers Funeral Designs - Wedding Bouquets 951 BERGENLINE AVENUE Opposite Capitol Theatre Cnion City, N. J. P.-Xlisade 6-9156 FILIPPO TRETOLA GROCERY and DELICATESSEN ZCU 35th Street Union City, N. J. Phone, Pfilisacle 6-0631 A. R. PARENTINI PHARMACIST BOO I".XI.ISiXDE AVENUE Cor. 43rd St. Cnion City, N. C N ion 7-C1342 MAHLAND STOVE CO. Oll. BLYRNERS GAS RANGES Ph one, U N ion 7-2271 l"1'1'.v11 From .S'trr'a1r1 or Sm or Lake For You to l'r,v or Broil or Bakr' COPPOLA'S FISH MARKET I . 1 '. FRICID IRES I MIBIVATIOM - In A ALL SEA FOOD IN SEASON .Sin-W fart.: and Rt'f7LlU' larfx 984 IWQRGENLIXE AVENUE 995 llergenline Aye. Cnion City, N. J. Het. 32nd and 33111 Sts. North Bergen COMPLIMENTS or LEONS GROCERY L'Nion 7-9249 DEW DUCK INN QVALITY FOODS and GHOCERIES Ellen - Coupland - Joe 953 Ilroaclway Union City, N. j. 41st and Hudson Ave., Union City PAlisacle 6-95511 JOE'S RESTAURANT Joe Cristini, Prop. COMPLIMENTS Ol? the SEA SCOUT SHIPS of Alexander Hamilton Council S. S. S. FALCON S. S. S. SEA GULL 1085 IRERGEXLINE AVENUE s. s. s. MAINE s. s. S. RANGER Cnr. Robinson Street Yorth Iiergen. N. I. Commodore L. VV. Dornbiel-er Phones UNion 7-6587 R. L. Broderick, Mgr. Candy madv on the Prcnzisvs UNion 7-2423 FRANK VRANA, INC. Mother Hubbard's Candy Cupboard HOME MADE CANDIES Qualify FI.OVVEl'lS .S'4'rf'irv 1 ..1,-lnwtws by livin,-1 All 4 1lUt'l7I!lfl'S7504' tl lb. 879 Ii'line .-Xve., at 44th St. Cnion City, N. J. 802 Ilergenline Avenue Cnion City, N. j. l".Xlisade 6-9245 "Huy at Hn' lfxsn Sign" THOMAS MANION SERVICE STATION Cor. Illvml and 7th St. West New York Phone, CNion 7-4495 WEINREB'S DRUG STORE SAFETY-'Prescriptions Double Checked 953 HERGENLINE .XYENUE Opp, Capitol Theatre Union City, N. j. Tel., L'Nion 7-2031 LEON S. BROWN GROCER 4580 Hnclson Blvd. Cnion City SANITARY FOOD CENTER, Inc. NORTH BERGEN, N. .I. O nv H It uzfrvd' T'IL'L'I1fol"TTt'0 HM V E QIDNY A 1 1 11Oll10V2lI't1 and Montgoillery Street JERSEY CITY. N, .1. 11' .JH X. fam ? Conlplete 0N'0ll1Ilg-CIIl'I'1L'll1ll leading to the degree of Iiaelielm' of Science with lll2ljOI'S ill Accounting, Generzll liusiness and 1,111-1.2lXV Course. Accredited in New York State as well as in New Jersey. t1OMP1.1IN1EN'1'S Ol" .I. Sz J. McMAHON AGENCY Heal Estate - 1I1Slll'ZlI'lL'f:' - Bonds 299 SUMMIT AVE., at 15th ST. HOWELL BROS., Inc. Furniture-Refrigerators-Radios "11ONV NVEL1. WE PLEASE" N1-1111111 A' tirzllnl Stx 111111 St. N 11l'lLl'l'll11ll1' .tum 11111411111-,x, N. .1. W1'1S'l' N1411' Yunlt, x, .l. llnion N. J. 1lU11u1w11 IZ-121-IS 11NiUlI T-38-13-38-14 ORDERS DELIVERED Tel.. UNiDn 7-8795 Tel., UNi0n 7-0140 "Printing in All Its Branches Home-Made Famous Brands me Cream 0, Candy JOHN A. RANK Specialize in P - t sow c'1zEA1v1 and FRESH FRUIT SALAD rm er Hot and Cold Luncheons Served i . 319-321 37111 Street l'N1ON CITY, N. J. 731 1J2Il'1i Avenue l'111o11 t11ty. N. .1. U Ill' ll 1HIt1,l't'tf T'r1'1'11fvv- T11 rm' PAIisade 6-5134 WISHINC YOL' CONTINIIED SUCCESS HOLLYWOOD FLORIST Tel. PAIlsade 6-9596, UNion 7-5198 WILLIAM F. YOST MILK DISTRIBL'TOR 4152 liergenliue Ave. Union City, N. J. 225 ROUSBVCII ST- LIUIUU CIT!" N- .I- Phone, UNion 7-9696 T7 Karl Kno erzer , Prop. Tel, PAlisade 6-3131 IL? RALPH RASSANTE CARES ROYAL PRINTING SERVICE DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 120 I6 Rergenline :Xvit 24th Streetliiitteltlmerg, N. I. 346 49th Street Lvnilm City' Nl J' Cl IIII plinlents of C F- LEO BRAVERMAN, INC. DR. WM. C. HITZ . I onromsrmsr ' J' N I ON S41 liergenline .-Xre. Union City, N. I. 93lll'U'1ll-UNIIVI-Nll'400llST- F UNION 7-4359 um union env. va. 1. umm- 1-sua Tel.. UNion 7-6063 I. Deulschman, Prom- nr RT Y H I 'YNY' iz N Deutchman's Quality Dairy Market UIMPUMENT5 OV FANCY GROCERIES MR. AND MRS. T. WEISS 903 Hergenline Ave. Union City, N. J. UNi0n 7-0657 Phone UNi0n 7-ESSQHY-7 - H An- Delivery Service COMMUNITY HALL Spacious Banquet and Meeting Hall For Dances, Weddings, Banquets and Card Parties Church Lane and XYillow Ave. North Bergen WALTER'S SERVICE EXCLUSIVE RETAIL DRY CLEANERS 5546 Hudson Blvd. North Bergen, N. I. WILLIAM PERZIN COMPLIMENTS Ol" DR. IRVING NEMOFF GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN 721 RERGENLINE AVENUE 748 Edna Place North Bergen, N. J. West New York, N. J. I KWH-nn' -V UNion 7-3906 MATTHIES .IAGELS HOIlIOII12lKIO Ice Cream and Fruit Ices 772 BERGENLINE AVENUE Union City, N. I. BOULEVARD FLOWER SHOP BONDED FLORIST I'llvn1IIr'r Tvlvyraph Dcliz'Ury .5'err'irr' 5520 Hudson Blvd. North Bergen. N. bl. Near 38th Street Tel. UN ion 7-0509 GEORGE BUCHLEIN GRAND CENTRAL MARKET Dealer in Choice Meats New York Ave., cor. 43rd St. Union City Telephone, L'Nion 7-4599 EUGENE DUDRAP 81 SON FINE PROVISIONS S66 36th Street North Bergen, N. J. Om' lI'l!lIC1'I'l'tIi Tfumlfy-l"0111' Established 1900 Tlirifly Home Makers Choose CA TLE' First O For Quality O For Largo Selections 0 For Lowest Possible Prices O For l':l'OIlOllllC'ill Crm-ilil Only 30 A Your For Time Puylnenls. Castle Furniture Company 4901-07 Hudson Illvil. NORTH ISICHGICN New .lorsvy Open Every Night. 47TH YEAR EAGAN SCHOOL Scvlw-l:1l'i:ul Sliorllmml, Sli-llotypv. Banking and Accounting.: Business Blzlvhinv Courses. STATE-CAPITOL BUILDING lil'l'Ql'lIllIll' Avenue all 48th Street UNION CITY, N. J. The EAGAN SCHOOL enjoys a large High School Patronage Summon' Term begins Full Term begins July I N18 80111.23 to Ili Call, 'phone or wrilv for llululoglu- lll1Ulll'Z l'Nion T-1Nil5 Glenn Miller YVVV T TX Adi' sm v 1 ir m Tommy Dorsey ' 1 Hal Kemp , Li . Bing Crosby Benny Goodman Get your latest "HIT PARADE" records AT Gilsenan Piano Co. 924 BERGENLINE AVENUE Union City, N. J. We also lmvc an Complete Red Seal Library Tobler's Sport Shop 507 321111 S'l'lil'llC'l' UNION CITY, N. J. Um' f1'11111l1'i'fl 'l7Ii'4'11I,x'fl"ff'v OFFICE MACHINES SUPPLIES Union Hill Typewriter Exchange Branch of: DOBKE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 720 NEVV YORK AVENUE Telephone UNion 7-1801 CHARLES A. SCHEURLE ccor. seth sm UNION CITY, N. .I. FUNERAL HQME UNION 7-6437 , , , v STANDARD MAKES SOLD - EXCHANGED 689 Tyler mace W est New lofk NEW and REBUH-T REPAIRED ' RENTED Bet. 17th 8. 18th Sta. 2 blocks East of Bergenline Ave. PORTABLES Plmng. LiNiOn 7-2340 Telephone, UNi0n 7-6079 CHARLES MEILLER HEIDE'S CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES Fine Confectionery and Ice Cream 725 NEYV YORK AVENUE 944 Bergenline Ave. Union City, N. J. Bet. 36th and 37th Sts. Union City, N. J. Near 47th Street UNion 7-7277 C I Never Closed You Can Take Your Clzoivv But it Pays to PARK lVif.1I Us COUNTY PARK GARAGE Telephone PAlisade 6-2409 Tuxedos to Hire D. ORTEGA TAILOR and CLOTHIER General Repairing - Battery Service .Sianifvlv Clolfiing Our Sfwcvizzlty 1103 BERGENLINE AVENUE 654 Hergelllille Ave. LTIIIOII City, N. Cor. 37th St. North Bergen, N, J. Between 32nd si 33rd sts' f f - Phone UNion 7-0420 Fred Heerwig P-Alisade 6-6277 BUSY CORNER MURRAY'S SILK STORE DELICATESSEN Q I 1 Y V Q 1 Y ' Pmmpi Dt,HWri!,s SILRS - NX OOLENS - LOTTONS S507 Hudson Blvd North Bergen, N. J. 730 BCl'tI9l1liUC AVC- Lvlliflll City- N- J- Tel., UNion 7-9855 WILLIAM CROWLEY Stationery and School Supplies 416 38th Street Union City, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF PETER J. LALLY FLORIST 909 Bergenline Ave. Union City. N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT J. FRANZMANN D , . D. S. 35th St. Pkway and Bergenline Ave. NORTH RERGEN, N. J. P.-Xlisade 6-4377 ROSENTHAL'S LINGERIE and SPORTWEAR Hosiery, Gloves, Bags Ifull Linz' of Bcaflz l'l"'vaI' COMPLIMENTS OF HI-GRADE CLEANERS, DYERS AND FURRIERS 954 Hudson Ave. Union City, N. J. CIRELLI'S SHOE REBUILDING Rebuilders of All Expensive Makes of Shoes 689 Bergenline Ave. VVest New York, N. J. 968 BTO-Hflwily I-Illi0l1 City. N- I Union City Typewriter Exchange NEW ALL MAKES USED 5' K TYPEXVRITERS CHECK PROTECTORS, ADDING MACHINES I " Sold. Reine-d, Re1IaiI's'd, Exclialigwlq l7t'llt'lltliiIJlt' Hoiwim- 'MNEWYUYKA 'UN C'T"'N" 332 FoIeTv-EIGHTH STREET UNION - 7'005l qopp. State-Capitol Theatre! UNION CITY Telephone, UNion 7-1309 One H llI1dl't'C1' Twelzly-Si.I' I I .l afflllhll E. C. GAINES, Il. B., Pres. Reilstered hy the Iicbcnts. Day and Evening ' Secretarial Training Accountancy L' Bookkeeping Conversational Spanish Spanish Stenography mmive Instructorsl FREE Imflrynzczt Scrrirn. Lcw Tuition Fees NUT ILFILILTUJ Wllll ANY DIIIER SCHUUL Visitors Welcome. Bulletin an Request 441 LEXINGTUN AVE., 144th su N. Y. Eli. 1853 Tel. MUrray Hill 2-3521 UNion 7-8874 Journal Su. 4-9130 SCHROEDER'S H01 Luncheon-W-Toasted Sandwiches 11114: cnlmil - cxxxm' DUN l3vrq'r-nlim- .Xu-. 23210 lk-unlml Aw. XM-sl Xu-xx Mvrlx. X, .l. .lo-Iwi-hx Vili, X, J, JUHN F. BAUMANN MFG. CS... ifag?gi'Qf?Q4lwNfN055HA0f5 N l Ouvaoffs ?omf-4 N...--i- www Jpffilfflflff i 2 P' !"1 'O53 lf5.l9?J?'iI'EfWC 'lll i "M N i v ill W. uw' iiliililliliiiiiilie Q gr VENETIAN Bl.lNDS PAIisade 6-4040-4041 Wholesale and Retail Moser-Kueng Lumber Co. Sash, Doors. Blinds. Trim, Lumber Draesel's Pharmacy XVIII. A. lh':ivs1-l, l'li.G. 5139 lluclsun lilwl Norlli l'il'I'Qt'Il lllimw. l'Alismlc li-5500 in hospitals, hotels, schools, clubs, laboratories, steamships, institutions, etc. Restaurant operated by and for studentsaffordsManaqerialexperionco. Radio Speech Technique. Co-Ed. Day or Evening. Placement Service. Visitors Welcome. WRITE FOR CATALOG 18 NEW YORK INSTITUTE 0F DIETETICS 660 Madison Ave., N.Y. C. Tel, Rlgent I-2207 lclAVli US SIIUVV Yfll' AN liX'l'l'1NSlVE DISPLAY Ulf' Hamilton Elgin Gruen Waltham Longines Bulova Watches prior-ml ln l'0IlIlJl'llS2llt' your lmuyingl for cash f.l7?aQ. IERGIILIIIE AV! arl6"SI. KTUIWYORI. ILJ. Moser Fuel Corp. Milli! ul4'l4'I4'IC XXI! Xlll.l, 135 Ii: 5:5:35f:553i5 ::: 5i::i5.1I3Ef:l:E5 .vvr E5E5f5:5f??EE5fCQ55".r55?E5f "'Ii 12252 1" '1 ,irlr 5-12 "':f:':"" E5': ':"'1':': E:f'f:f:ffE1E5f5ff1"1i''if' "iff" I lillitiill N fill! H2431 5ll1 Sl. -lliilf' llulilvuml .il Sill Sl, XlVll'l'll lilililil-IX, X. .l, Nl'li'l'lI lil'Ilt!Ql'IX. X. fl. Om' flllllllfflf 'I'-:wazlj'-.S'r"r'v11 IWWWWWWWMWWWWWMWWWMWMWWWMWWWMWMWWWNWWWWWMWMWWWWWWWWWMWMWWWMMMMMWWMWWW This book was printed at the office of Michel SL Rank, Inc. PRINTERS i f 102 New York Avenue at 41st Street Union City, N. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWI Om' lil! n m1'r4'd T'zi'i'11f-v-lil' WW 5ifi 5E?3fi1 A j UQYTLXQA 5 21-M-V . gm QM Img, 32 MTQ 'EBSQ ff W gd L WM V ,Q , fdlzrqf A K, wr--f, ffl, f UM 'mW+a,D4 WL . X 21. 1, 1 A ,, 4.-, .ssnmf -. - ',,f-. .Av ' " 9 .. -- 'Y .-www: -:-.wp r-- Wi'-,Ji L I 4 Qt

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