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'N r N. :QL W - f CPMCL ' . fx Off M 0? if - TVAMXLS En 'NA X5 M 5 w ,W vw' You W M Wy Vt, Q71 Tun ALA- pamx JJ MMM 'WD . ' , F-S .ix wi.. U' wg D' 1 V , A ., -raw , 1 bax x L XX? QM W' WA: , , .. ,A. V kQff jf 'i X3 L X , ,H N X554'?iJJf, A , ' W L . Q Ximb CNELQ9 4, , MQ V 4 I , A W SAXL ' , f V Mf,W eg Q CM Q 0 4101 . Om N 'P WW OA . JL ' fx 1 ' ,N ' - f S"gi45'.5 ' h 'j'x343iQOO,fwO gm? ' q i u fr 4 ' U 7 iff' UW YQ M WA - 5 YNM MSW' QW . Ny 5,xvNkQK'W EQ fnqxg Y ' eww? 3,12 5, ' V06 LO uf? JL is . Wifi U-4529-,.' 4, aj k gf I D I .. L .:-fl:-at f Q ini : 51 ,14 jgwfki , hid" afodr, Sli lin Aw K X ' i MN 'iw be'2,fM +1 gf w if X ' MV -J 0 J KR Y -1 X , uf' kvmb ,Jcl Hof if ,Q x W bWwf'4W . Km? ' ' gf - . VA A 9 fn Esjvxk, A Q 1 f1",fwe,,lMj if E mwix "'JswWm 72 2 Qlggifl Allgec 70,1 pd' ., swf! ' Align HW, . - , ,--,r,',14,fL""fgf- K. F . 1 - . - ,-1 .-. , ,. -Q,.,.,,5 . .f '1 ' 'N COMM . N, MMM fO f ' 'WQQJJ E F if 47' 0953? -0 W5 J '!2SfT1G?fQ?m4?C WQXJQQQ67 XDUXOL X7 azfijf W 5512190 '-y, - R X f P , E x V 1DfOCmvxQww IN F figs QNX Wm 'Wmjo Qggiaimmqh ' 3-' : - 'X - r jf ff ' Wgpfavivx r , g f V ' Q I of . K Lei I as ,-,- . 253 .51 ' -" V l J X. , 'r T. -iff ' K+ M W ., - ' M4 :MW 6553 hy? my W i 51 I ,X XX," giilzj'-' fn hvi, - 2:2 'V lf-l.. 19 7Z ! f--3 2551-f--' 1 1 M i L qglf f, x,g+,- Y Q 4 1 ' s Cmzol. Hope you had QHLVN yecza YDGQOMQQ I 6Vm'Q, dad, Tm glad youe coming back vxexlv yeaa 50 11 Cam See' l2O75g'gE?i85kKciUVY7V779K H3 yan? QC? lDoGGLd you QCQH Wm LUVVCHY do L f1S2ci kb wg 0 4 , , 9 V if 'TESC' miie my Pfam C0660 +R Hue QQQOQW Page nm' d ou cmd you Can wlelt mg CHL ME Held CMKCH WCG- ke! N, -IDI Knox BOVOM Know yank Peqffy gpggltllf +G mel is E dv 'HEGCUS me ifkg VOM do I Lo K +V If IV! Show km 5' UQ WN I f I SIDMQQHVMC' F go KTOQ5, Louq QDAUQ, IPS. PM 95 695593 Siibm Wig. Lfbfrv fail 'D-407 vwf .f44Qj 7f"Oj4 fav TWH Wig 42' ?f'7f 4f'7 f07fff' 'Lf f 7594 M7-A'71l pdf 'JW' U.H.S. Presents . . . Volume Table of Contents Introduction ..... 1-1 7 Student LU'e .... 18-29 Seniors ......... 30-51 Sports .......... 52-89 Juniors ........ 90-105 Organizations. 106-139 Sophomores. . . 140-155 Activities ..... 156-1 75 Honor ........ 1 76-195 Administration 196-219 Index ......... 220-223 Union High School Roosevelt, Utah 84066 Editor ...... Clark Draney Advisor. . .Nancy Percival Staff: . .Kristina Harrison Suzanne Smith Teresa White Angela Anderson Raema Barney Alimina Lee Photographers: Nathan Powell Hollee' Vanderkratts Artist: ........ Kelly Cook TITLE I ff ,Zia ,Lv it fn Q In-.rv ff has ag? fgifuwff- 4 'Y m, , QQ: W5 4-1. 1' b 2 L x 5 ,, '1 A279 . X . T 1 W :-M ,Q 4 rr P 'W X4 2 UNION A s VI. I 'Vw KJ Q. 1 1 4 Q1 . .m+M, A 1 i i P P W 1 f' -, T, A'v 2 5 T1 V FRF! UNION 3 Our upper classrnen prove that Seniors 0 Il. 1 or S It's okay Tony W she'll be her never fall. Wayne G. thatfs not a basketball, it's A tomorrow. a fellow senior. Penny B. and Lesa B. don t be so hard on the underclassmen. "You guys, listen, " says Linda J. E K , Y 5:19.- 4 SENIORS Nz. r i Q ou can't y ask for more than ythe... Vlichelle M and DeeDee T. pigging out qgain. r i N r -X-Ns Xxx NNY . aww' 'I You sazd lt all, Jzll S. Class of 84! ' zM. Simon says, "Su y Seniors rate. " ow us how Father Espanozas marrying fwofhef happy a ' SENIORS 5 Jeff B. is conternplating where Io make his next move chess, while trying to beat his opponent. I 2 r Q 1 1 l af xi' ull 1 ' 'Tr' C i ..-" - . .M-fs 5 + u 6 JUNIORS That 's O.K. Cindy C. and Tammiel business will pick up. Charlie D. and his new blue wig. X4 r iA,Z',,Wr r All Jeff M. needs now is a tutu. --1 .f" f!,,. K I P Are n Top Cf It All! r i K'orrie's favorite pastime is nudbathing. "Oooooeeeee . . . How I like my mom- ma 's fried chicken!" comments Scott J. to his best ffiend Mike B. x' " . 17,1 "We baaad! " says Robbie B. to Jamie L. Cristine A. and Jodalee C. look soo en- thused about pep rally. M Wwe Q Jyvut ,QJJJ17df7- X JUNIORS 7 Bonnie L. and Maria H. obviously have l L a lot in common. Ryan L. is caught enjoying his gourmet lunch. 8 SOPHOMORES 0 ph 0 m 0 fe s Ready for study with books and pop in hand, Lance M. and Bryce W. find something to talk about instead. Shh!!! . . . Nile F. is concentrating. N at is 4. RW. 'uf ?..i-: P Li . ' 5 'E ... 2 'Eg ' nm w . . 3 f Q, .. i- ' x Candy H. and Steve B. vie for contr after riding their horse in I Homecoming Parade. .Z truggle for urvival I 5 1 1 'e'll show you Jrs. and Srs., that iphomores have spirit too! ,gi J K Craig L. shows how a Sophomore has to survive. We "eewf4ff,N 116117 11011406 ff! 04,3 ' Connie 0. definitely has the upper hand on Christine R. as they "discuss" a common topic - boys. Gina G., Sherilyn J., and Michelle B. can 't be beat for classey dress, during Cougarette initiation. il .XEDYACPCDX QYWLQ lcpxitubl, l J SOPHOMORES 9 f A jf 1 X Homecomlng - hgh "This isn't our kind of football game, " . r' Who's the sweet pose for Angela A says Chad R. W LB I I H , V' ' It ' MXN. 'Fr 1- Y ' i A L' e ' J' ' .f j "'A 1 5 1 ' . E ' 1 . nf 7. F L 5 4 Y 1 ', 5 .- 'A 4 'I , f .' ' X 5 N4 ' 4 1 f L 5 ' 1 " D gf F Y. 'T-,Qs . Class of '85 shows spirit with their P E float. Dianne S. and Shelly B. turned into ' Golden Oldies for FU'ties day. , DE CA 's float was a perfect description of what Emery looked like. 10 HOMECOMING WEEK h :Xi i t 21 Ild, III as Seniors had the lll hall. D, Hollee' V. and Joe A. were honored as Queen and Kmg r l 1 4 X '. . 1 ' X 1 S e f x! ix ' wiki xx. ,QV M.- ' ., ! Y ,. Kellie B., Shannon F., Sonnet S., and Wendy N., please swim in water, not mud. The Lundstrom Gansters take on Homecoming week. HOMECOMING WEEK ll There's Standing Room Y. r 1 Because of many painful hours of practice, great deter- mination, ana' a fabulous coach, Miss Walker, Union High School has won the State Championships in 2a schools for the past three years in the sport of Gymnastics. This team was the State Champs for 1982-83 school year. The participants ana' , ww"L of results for that season wereg front row: Marlena Spencer Clst place barsj, Wendy Nebeker llst place vaultj, and Karen Beavers flst place floor exercisej. Back row: Kaelynne Spencer, Shan- non Frandsen, Rhonda Davis. 12 STATE CHAMPS nl The Top ,, lb If you put a lot of hard work, a winning attitude, and an outstanding director like Mrs. Dunsmore, together, you come up with several State Championships in the field of Forensics. 1982-83 State Champions. First Row: Daine Berggren, Raelyn Eldredge, Penny Rawlings, Becky Larsen, Wendi Powell, Tina Heaton. Second Row: Greg Jones, Stephanie Alexander, Amy Dennis, Tammy Stewart, Pauline Pappas flst place debatej, Mike Dastrup, Dale Madsen, James Call llst place Legislative Forumj. Third Row: Jeff Madsen, Malinda Jordan, Hollee' VanderKraats, James White, Sonnet Swain, Beverly Mortensen llst place debatej, Cecilia Collier. STATE CHAMPS 13 The famous Mrs. Bolton, art I4 FACULTY l class. 'Vind now, the rest ofthe story . . . " was a line heard by U. S. History and German students in Mr. Corry 's class. Taking a break with some of his students was a natural pastime for Mr. Wood, this year, gi Mr. lvhtchell, vice principal and his ever present 'Q 4 diet Dr. Pepper. V Mr Merrill calls roll durmga tough scten tart fiiilii lr. WoUf always gets the dirty work, like jereeing at the mud-wrestling during Yomecoming Week. dto "We have our Eggs-Lax, just like we use . . . , " Mr. Allen sang during a very spirited pep assembly. Hoping for a victory, Coach Meritt encourag- A - ed football fans to come and support the team. The N. Sanpete Chicken Hawks paid a visit to Union this year and Mrs. Grwin and a few of them showed us just what they're made of FACULTY 15 f Exqx, lk' ' , VX Q53 Q4 A Mya ffl? U J J my J I Q i 4 C25 G5 6 9 A 'EM QF fwx . 'L7 I -v -Li 'Xu , .-X 5 fWQi!LJ1X1,3pS'j'y NY V! .y,1, 1. 063, D fl C ,eg Qfjijipi K 731161 A ,-I-in-. XJMEQFD' 5 J f 6 PZ? 'ia' QN-N S pq K-liqkli flzlijxxs HN :J gg xg, ii? Q, U, xx f" X 7 -5 54 f M J 5, ivxfx X 6532 wfoigy ff V. 2 332 Ui Eff Lu U A X A' 'N 5 5' JJ N 9 Q CQQMC ' i 'x V94 f ' J ' ' V -' J CL Qfx f 1 5 fbwlggj f U 'W ff Q "?f'f?U25 A J l N' KMQA Cf 4N..f 35 V 1 Cy Qty h ,N K K X Q 2? 1 .ia ' XJQ ,U U, ,j K0 N I 6? ' R11 9 UM K-65 X A-TJ X NL H x V R", W , V XX awww T: 'fVf'. X JPX N A' is W W f K - ff! - I -up Q mf, L K 12 .f 'X V9 ff!-Tb Z 'N H7 Q, f,, 5 'pl hi U! Wi Aj Q K ,Q ,, AJ M, 1-'fx 5 Xi , S if V x JVA z Q- 95 .' In Q ,. G fjwf X' f ff, sfQ'JN ,f '4"hm'HJ V I X X K , xg 5 4 -fl. -, fi! Q ' ox 16 FACULTY? I X' , f- VaQ?15Q -fx ffflhmgggbb- ,ff X X213 if Q L C9 0 Ixxffg? -fftf. 'M f Jn VIWVHQ A. Qvif5'1T' L ef AFX' QN gf A ,-. Q r Jaxx N Ai lv- lv 1 ,BQXR VESQ A I i X f Vkww ' fx -fx sgfib' X fx -xy ' Q f u I' X' x X X A 1 x A b - 1 , 1 X Zi' I XX ,f 1 '5f'Qii ' f H u -5 fl! x R f , ,ffx '. 1 ' A m 'c'7,XXX ff L' ' ' ' 3 X Mgt' '. Lf! 1 1 .X XM XX by ' f w, Lzg: .N Q Q kj X 3 f F 1 'N gg U 4755.95 51 C 4 Ljfj I Nrfq,-IX ' ' k 9,3 x tag:-F5 N J 3 ' 'Q sf YL L2 'fm' Q V ff ffiw .arm N , X wh fig? LX Lgffu ff KX ' 11 ff 'IMQM fig - if f ,Le-va-5 --- --' ' f I 4'-XXX T -X x . 1 X X X X-X LFN fm f H941 x ' X1 X SSRN :ggi :LJ 53: C , x ff' ,A 5 - Eff 'wivli Q 'l ff"f7X VKX f' 931. Lx J XQ 6 ., XX Rm 3, Ji: M, R . f X KM? Q 3' F N 1 W W W X212-QNX X 'ww + Q6 L ,fm w. V W 4 X T xx' X--Vjjx J MATH +2oMPurzg!' ' X L -- X' W Vfiaxj gseiitzfxg 1 X gg U Q V Q g WW ffa? ' I ' Y' 'fcxw F 1 J 'K 1, AJ v ' K QR ! Xjextzrgi dis X! A M eff , ,wif Ng , f f W STN , X A V 71 M Y' FACULTY? 17 t began as a N.A.H. S. project and soon grew to be much more. Many students eventually worked on the big mural that was hung in the Cougar Den. Thousands of hours were spent by the students painting the individual blocks, ty- ing the blocks together with a giant rainbow and Hnally putting on the j7nal touches. Mrs. Bolton, art instructor, oversaw the entire process but allowed a lot of creative license. The scenes depicted on the mural range from a Skoal can to a S2 dollar bill. They included wood shop, a chemistry lab, computer-headed people and Adolf Hitler with a ghetto-blaster. Union can be proud ofa talent that not only includes athletics and academics, but also art. This mural shows it all. ZS ed "4-.-.wi gb, xx. Dedicated art-students, like Heather made the mural as great as it is. , ,, . Q., ' K 1' s 51 -- f kk.k 3 K T gk 1 i ural Front Row: Clark Long hours put in by many with a superb W 'Q SY! lzll Sanders, Larry Squire, David Espanoza, Dennis Nelson. Back Row: Kelly Cook, Tom Hadden, Liesle Grover, Alison Evans, Heather Wilson, Alison Hubert, Ronnie Curry, JaCina Wilson. 18 MURAL 762' xx' Art students like JeffJ. like to have thingsjust right. Dane G. works on a cartoon of Hagar the Horrible. . ,,. . s "' "" nv 'J " .1 Studen the Month Robbie G. in "Stained Glass" Michelle M. was an Art Student of the Month also. ART 19 cience Fair va-Si carrot clones were judged closely. acid-rain. ents or Annan Third-Place winner, Greg with his project on DNA. 20 SCIENCE FAIR in cid rain and Carrot cloning. What? Yes, these and about a dozen or so other subjects were well covered by science fair students at the annual Duchesne County Science Fair held at U.H.S. Dedicated chemists and physicists spent weeks in preparation for the big event. The aromatic smell of something? combusting drifted from Mr. Merrill's room at all hours as Ronnie Mortenson concocted genuine acid- rain in his home built apparatus. Tyler Jensen spent an entire morning trying to fl! a graduated cylinder with soap suds for his ex- periments on the speed of sound. When it was all said, sweated through and done, Union came out with two of the top three places. Ronnie took first place and Greg Jones captured third. We also won the traveling trophy twhich hasn't done much traveling because no one but Union has ever won itj. Our ingenuity and intelligence had shown through again and we came out atop the heap. Mortensen developed ways to rid the world of Physics Rocketr Lundstrom, Heather Wilson, Ron Mortensen, Mr. Merrill. Back Row: Kent Ashton, JefjfBurton, Dayne Medlyn, Scott Wilson, Bryan Elderege J Madsen Ron Winterton Tyler rontRow: Smith, Dennyj ' 'E' '-vw, Since the launcher didn't work, wires on the end of batteries had to do. hizz! BANG! A rocket blasts off into the morning sky, and explodes. 3rd hour physics is up to their usual antics. This new class pulled a few stunts through the year. Fourth hour physiology often came to class smell- ing popcorn. Third hour had the stuff many times. The biggest event of the year was the building and launching of model rockets. Despite delays due to cold weather all the rockets were launched for attemptedj, Some blast offs met with disaster, for instance, Laney Smith's glider craft exploded almost immediately after launch and came down in a quag-mire, nose-first. Tyler Jensen's exploded after launch also. His came down in a rain of pieces. 2sz.w.rfr1s.:l:-s'.ea..fve'4ssa',.f:.4:.::.-w,xw,zr .ezrmr ess 7- , . Jensen. Laney S.'s glider wrecked ajier it's engine blew apart and knocked it way off course. Ronnie M. gets set to launch one of the successful rockets. PHYSICS 21 ,Ishii .134 . " I -I I ff ,f . .. Y . x ' , Q A ,,. 4 - -it 2 3 ff V' 499 -' .- up 5 12 f A 2' 3 f 'b if , :Tv ,ff -:..-7 gif' W 1 'F 'val f. wif- .W A fu , f,.'3m .-p ' feyhff, ' . Q R . There were times you wondered gf Ricardo was an l C a r d 0 escapee from an insane asylum. . A 1 , . ,, 4' His big smile lit up the halls of Union for nearly three months. 22 RICARDO CALASANS Calasan or those of us who got to know this black-eyed, dark-haired from Sao Paulo, it was a little chunk of our lives we won't forget. Ricardo Calasans Urom Brazilj arrived here during the third quarter. At j7rst he sat by himsehf in all his classes and at lunch. Gradually we began to notice him and he became more open and friendly and talkative. By the time he left in March he was talking our ears off He obviously liked it here in Roosevelt. Over and over again he said he would like to come back after awhile. What did he like the best here? According to him, he liked his friends. Then, with a laugh, he said, ". . . and the pizza, we don 't have pizza this good in Brasil. " Jr. Ring : Preciou etal 6 6 et me see your ring. sounded through the halls of U.H.S. on December 9. A Josten 's America representative was in the school with jr. rings. The line to pick up the rings began to form during lunch with eager juniors waiting to see their ". . . expensive, but worth it. " rings. Finally the man asked the j7rst person in the line, . . name?" The time had come. After he figured out your name this hear- ing didn ,t seem to be very goodj and found your precious little plastic bag he asked for the balance of your ring 's cost. That ,s where peo- ple started to faint. Some balances were as high as 5200. 00 for real gold tgenuine metal, the real stuffj. Others were as little IU' you call it littlej as 390. 00 for marvelite. Except for a few 'fattyu fingers who had to send their rings back to be resized, everyone was pretty much happy. If we don 't lose them, our jr. rings will be a great reminder of our junior year. Junior rings are precious metal. I fxfki-Sgr "Wow, I'd like one ofthose!" thinks Lydia K. of Debbie J. 's ring. Shaugn O. inspects his precious metal. I Happiness is a new junior ring to Honie R. CLASS RINGS 23 LeAnn T. "works" at sanding a board her Ornate designs adorn Ron W.'s beautU'ul cabinet. 24 WOOD SHOP ood hop Cut, lue, sand, turn, shape, stain and polish. 1665 'mm-fs -mf 4 ' M :few L Brad R.'s bed isn't long enough for him so he made this table to sleep on. ii? NXXXXX Cedar City participants were: Front: Kent Ashton, Brad Rassmussen, Connie Richens, Josh Anderson, Shawn Lewis, LeAnn Taylor, Advisor Dallas Reynolds. Back: Ron Winn, Clifford Lee, Trevor Birehell, Aaron Reary. Many students participated in the Haunted House. Q , 1 Haunted Hou e ad doctors, vicious killers and grue- some dead peo- ple. Visitors for victirnsj to the Second Annual Haunted House enjoyed the ghouls and spooks. Probably the biggest fund raiser in the school, it was a big success with jr. high and high school age kids. According to Mrs. Dunsmore, HU' it wasn 'I for the Haunted House, we wouldn,t be able to do a musical production. " 'x I ..,, X . N4 HAUNTED HOUSE 25 amvong Our first ,attended- game SEUSOVI tudent Life 'Ve M s , A ,ur :Q l 1? 5 'I I M , ,N Am K .4 V 1. , 1 I 1 , Q ,Y s ls Tana S. looks at what zs left Mr. defeated Park City 14-12. they were roasted one weekend by a faulty thermostat. 1 E Qui 1 v- 4,3 '---1 ,4 1 zz Chad R. was crowned king after he got the most "Big-Mouths" to open their's. Cosmo gets down at the pep-assembly before our last football game. This floating grin t initiated into the new belongs to Alison EJ was ofthe N.A.H.S. S X Fourth hour physiology and another 'lterrible" lab. Scott J. and Brett W. work together. The life of a senior is never dull, at least not when Shelley J. is around. 6 6 guess that's why they call it the blues-time on my hands that Could be time spent with you." There is that fckle time, once in a while, when we are waitingfor things to get up and get going, when We comes up to us and whacks us on the funny bone. We squint our eyes and pueker up at the weird pain and try not to get sidetracked from our routines. But, then something in our brain goes A'eliek" and we say to ourselves, "Oh, why not?" Doug B. and Kevin L. to pick up all the cards we spilled. "Oh well, why not'??" STUDENT LIFE 27 The Great Wheel Robber 1 One of the culprits took off to Boo-Boo Africa with his wheel. 6 6 can 't lecture without my wheels!" exclaimed Mr. Corry. One fine morning, the Big "C" came to his classroom and found all the wheels of both his carts missing. The culprits remained anonymous for awhile, but, eventual- ly, began to bargin with "Spaz-attackf' They wanted to get extra-credit points for the return of the wheels. One day there appeared a poster in Mr. "C's" room. It was a wanted poster for WheelDro and Rolland. The reward for the return of the wheels and apprehension of the criminals was 100 extra-credit points. The Big "C" declined the proposition. 28 STOLEN WHEELS The mysterious wheel thieves struck repeatedly ana' without warning The victim had his own rebuttal to the incident Finally, after threats from Mr. Wohf the culprits returned the wheels. All of them that they could, that is. One was gone, far across the ocean to Austria, with Laney Smith. 'Tl' 1 1 x 1' J-Q ifa A, s is Vi sl J- ..r' .vh- Joyce Bolton-8 rs. teachin N , , si fter eight years of teaching art at West Jr. High and Union High, Mrs. Joyce Bolton is retiring. Many of us knew her and had classes from her and will miss her. Mrs. Bolton became interested in art when she saw a contest to draw a wallpaper design. She entered and Won! Her design was published in a magazine. To quote her daughter, ". . . it was awful, but she won." She meant, of course, that the styles then and now are dU'ferent. Mrs. Bolton is recognized and ap- preciated for her work in the Fine Arts Fair and the sterling scholar program. Her sterling scholar in art last year Won! This has got to say something for this fine woman. She has inspired us, helped us and made us achieve what we wanted from ourselves in art. We will always thank her for her ability to work with students no matter what their ability. Her many paintings of elves and trolls is evidence of her greatest personal attribute, as stated by her close friend, Mrs. Grgf- fin, "She believes!" ,mi . K . 57, J , ' 1, MRS, BOLTON 29 W5 30 SENIORS , O ,450 Z M W - f W-v:6,ZOMJXf'QJOQ59QJ11i.fQ' WP W:Wwy5YX43FWU 4.54, . if 0 LU U ff " Al fy S4373 W9 5 'xx .fx Mffffyfy-WP Q ,dbwgf 9 Gb Lf- wx 0411445 J Seniors Spirit and Pride forever more We're the Class of '84 .4f"1 J A- A i Scott Wllsgn pfesldenf AIIISOH Hllbeff secretary 32 SENIOR OFFICERS W7 David Espanoza Suzy Mower historian vzce preszdent enior fficers The world of crazy, wonderful love notes enguU's Senior girls. 699 Ryan Adams Gerald Alexander Melody Ambuehl Marilyn Anderson Sherri Anderton Joe Arnold Kennelh Asay Ken! Linda Bastian Ashton SENIORS 33 Hilda Bedonie Diane Berrgren Arty Beveliegh Don 't Shoot! A violent senior, Jolynn G., takes aiin. 34 SENIORS a , K 'H-s..,, -f., N, 'fl I Robin Bright Penny Brolherson N-'N Lesa Brough Steve Brown A tough schedule keeps seniors Raelyn E. anal Suzy M. on the ran. Staci Bullock Adeania Bush James Calhoun Shannon Carlson Kevin Casper Roberla Cesspooch SENIORS 35 Clayton Ch Charles Crozier ristensen Kelly Cook N-..Ar" Shawn Cach Laurie Jo Davis 36 SENIORS Greg J. and Penny R. pleased large audiences with their performances ff , E A 2 is E X Q s 5 1 2 5 4 2 of ' 'Hello Dolly Amy Dennis F., .--.0 eing a senior has its ups and downs. Graduation is a big up, heading out into the world all by yoursehf is a down. Turning 18 and being considered an adult is an up, turn- ing 18 and your parents still won 't let you stay outpast 8.'30p.m. is a down. Becom- ing a senior and realizing that your girU'riend is now a senior too is an up, becoming a senior and realizing that your boyfriend has now moved on to college is a down. Having American Problems with all seniors is an up, having World History Uor the third timej with all sophomores is a down. Passing all your classes the last quarter is an up, flunking the Constitu- tion Test again is a down. Ruling the school is a defnite up, having Mr. WooU crack down on you is a real down. The Class of '84 can be proud because they helped make this year a Big, Big UP!! Tony Davis Brad Draper Bryan Eldredge Rael yn Eldredge Evelyn Elder David Espenoza Kenny Evans Lori Fenn Toni Frandsen SENIORS 37 Shannon Frandsen i Faith Gibson Connie Gilbert 38 SENIORS Catherine L. has Bryan E. in the palm of her hand. Mat! Freestone John Gideons 1 I N P P - V1 5 ,,,,, ,, 1 , z I '4 1 Linda B. proves to her locker who's boss. 1 Jolynn Gillman ve Q'-If iv- ,Y I ., f v--M-f ff' f Steve M. demonstrales gutling fish. Wayne Gingell Tracy Hall Toni Hadden Holly Hamblin Roberl Hamblin Mike Harrnston David Harper Marilyn Hawk Kristina Harrison SENIORS 39 Tina Healon an Z , , 4 Steven Hemstreet "Tough-Guy" Wendell H. waits for his bus. 40 SENIORS Wendell Henrie Kris Herbei Janilee Hicks 54' i x Biff! flfzl C, Bobby Hoff Teresa Houston Alison Hurbert X Charles I vie Scott I vie Dale Jenkins Il's a slicer, it's a dicer. Richard S. takes a knife to Diane S. at the Haunted House. SENIORS 41 Shelly Jenkins Greg Jones Jeff Justice Tyler Jensen Brenda Justice Linda Justic Diane Kettle Gordon Lee 42 SENIORS e Lisa Killian 1 Dreaaled disease? National Art-Honor Society members Allison H. and Ja Cina W. are initiated by painting on new faces. ivan f7- fel- .fry Look morn, one hand."' says Ron W. Todd Larsen Rose Lewis Shawn Lewis Calherine Lundstrum Shane Mecham Steve Miller Hank Mitchell SENIORS 43 Suzy Mower Ron Mortensen Cheryl Dawn Murray Michelle Munden Rexeen Mezenen Wendy Nebeker - I '-ss "Where oh Where, has my little dog gone?" sings Tana S. as she teaches her friends a new song. 44 SENIORS Willie Nickel 102 '. 'lx N 7 A Sherry Nielsen Shirley Nielsen Bill Oldson Robin Olpin Billy Pace Carol Percival avi This is what baby fish look like. Judy Olsen SENIORS 45 Rich y Peterson Tracy Phillips Ken Powell Brad Rasmussen Penny Rawlings 46 SENIORS Donnie Reed f ft "E"" K un: "Something has got to be wrong with my schedule, " complains Ronnie R. "they put me in Home Ec. " :Q Seniors sometimes have to beg to make it through their day. Shawn L. takes eagerly and Larry S. thinks about it. Ronny Rich Chad Richard Mike Ross Jill Sanders Steve Secrest Richard Shelly SENIORS 47 Glen Shelton Stephen Skinner Merikay Sorenson 48 SENIORS "1'd like to thank the Academy for this Oscar and also my mother and also all the little people," drones Todd L. Larry Squire Dianne Steinhorst Tammy Stewart Sonnet Swain fm' 2. Q , Laws of Physics. Scott W. Tyler J. work out some tough equations. Shauna Tapoof Dee Dee Taylor Michelle Todd Michelle Uresk T Paul VanderKraats Stracy Vernon ,gwrfhf ' . Daniel hWall I in Healie Warren Jacqueline White SENIORS 49 Teresa White Kenneth Winn Ronald Winn 50 SENIORS Ryan A. stuffs marshmallo ws for the seniors at the Homecoming Peo Rally. 'Vi -una., Ryan Winn Tony Winn Yi, 1 hiv' X 'lfjdv Alicia Winterton Ron Winterton Neil Wilkerson ,S Ytvv' Heather Wzlson Ja Czna Wilson Scott Wilson MUD' JO YOUWL' 4 Being a senior has its ups and downs, alright. This is one of the ups, right Suzy M. !?!? SENIORS 51 Ebwlfggiffy J Jjfcg-bt' 09? ifvofwjfq wagify 9 WQQJA T , Qwffi www MZQSM K V I :fix Sport fr SPORTS 53 . E 35 im in at s o 44 Mike Afvrd !i80 Gerald Alexander P0SiIi0n-' QB, DB Position: TE, DE QQ AL if -" V' I . ,. L .B rv' -H -I 'il' 2 1 , ' 'WFS 55 z . .--N :- B Fl' lvgfigi ' ' Q54 Bryon Brown Position: G, LB ggiig iirf it J B . l u if W Q ' ,,,Se swag? 'A 1- lsmvgwnwjg UN 'J ,, ,Ln W2 Brian Allred Position: QB, DB i""i L - " Q Might as well JUMP! 442 Alan Chapman Position: FB, LB 7i'i'i'i" 'i'i --I ,fit 4bM , N I- k X 'M M ,h ll UI' . J lil? B X vlqh L :lll -. E 33251225 t Pee :mme H4 Ryan Eldredge Q72 Ricky Fenn Position: TE, DB Position: C, DT 54 VARSITY FOOTBALL -I1 ""-'-'lm 112 1552 -5- - 131 1 Iii vi, 3 Q mms r---L new 1 fmwiwg 111 Tk Q1 . it L Hmm I1 95 Q' P 4 "P Si In "1 'gg' .F X I , 'Nll36 Wayne Filimgfm A' Position, FB, LB 'iv aah- ri my 984 Kent Ashton Position: TE, LB -1. This is football not wrestling E, E' 2 X 4' 332 Andre Gray 41 Kevin Hirschz H52 Scott Jennings Position: FB, LB Position WB DB Pggmgn G DE "" ' :,. fi- J 4 , , H In , Z H Q ,A ., Z, 1 Inns Ph? Q Q 25 L it Mmwwawffgidwwws :'W 5' T tt86 Todd Larsen H6 Chris Lloyd 518 Jeff Madsen Position: SE, DB Position.' WB, DB Position: WB Cougars T XTWHYE , is 068 Steve Miller Position: 71 DE -H-' H til T 7 W New .- ,, ff' ,W V3 "'lm2'f,,aMu-- -3 I T if + ill ggggm : ,g--. W- ' ,,i "las 7 "7 it .. .. fliiliiff L Where's the ball? B M V 324 Mike Olsen Position: TB, DB Mm' Zfiff- Hg , . 5 ,,,, so ,iii -t??xr1f!: f" 1:?vmvggeaa M6 Donnie Reed tt8 Chad Richard 628 Richard Shelley Position: WB, LB Position: QB, LB Position.' TB, DB 56 VARSITY FOOTBALL tn.. , ,, ,,M7,, wa, uri., ake it Great! , f Z5 ' We . .,,, M, 'T , iw 19 W E i I 2 4 3 W 3 W sgaiwngg i un J: 'lim , ,,,1i A H ' --, ,, . ,Q , a t ,..., V V 4. ."-ff'f'b..,...- " . W2 Troy McGhee 630 Jeff McManigal Position: WB, DB Position: FB, DB Ti What's the ball doing up there? to ' P -' 131212 mmm. M, ,677 Shane Townsend F76 David Whife EH EN 534 Rodney Mezenen Position: TB, DB W89 Russ Nielsen Position: TE, DB Yflta- 'Q-R? 461 Billy Pace Position: G, LB e 1 f ----J . ".. 5 .-.1 488 Scott Wilson P05iti0n,- 12 DT Position: T, DT Position: TE, LB VARSITY FOOTBALL 57 1-" me W W ??t:i1'i:-M so ,"' in - 'F if 'F img F20 Tbny WUHH 585 Bren W0nner Position: TB, DB Position: SE, DB Lee Marrett Kim Peterson Head Coach Assist. Coach John Vallentine Assist. Coach wins - 2 losses, 2nd in Region ith a new coach and an experienced QB, the Cougar football team started out the 83-84 season strong, defeating Park City on Miner turf From there on win after win came, joyously. We beat both Wasatch and Uintah, after losing to them last year. Then came the Region championships. Many loyal fans traveled to far-off Morgan to watch our team com- pete. In freezing cold, Union fans watched them go down for the first time of the season. It sure made for a long ride home. State play-offs were next. When UHS met the N.S. Hawks on the field, they gave us the biggest upset of the year. Through the first ham we dominated the scoreboard 21 -3. Then in the fateful second ham the "Chicken"-Hawks found some secret reserves of energy and came back to win 28-21. Seven wins and only two losses is a great season. None of it would have been possible without determina- tion and guts from our team. Cougars, we think you 're GREA T!! 58 VARSITY FOOTBALL imma IH ' 3 i g. B ls mf as IU? Y' s'z'w...'irQ'4?'s3 4 866 Troy Zufelt Position: G, LB 1 ' 'id' 'X In 'x ,QA X ' . r-P5':'w"' .: , Wayne Kittrell Assist. Coach 14 .... Union Union 19 .... . . Union 13 .... ............ ......Park City 12 ...Pinedale, Wyo. 7 ...Uintah 12 fO.T.j "tUnion 27 ........ Homecoming ........ Emery 6 9tUnion 6 ..... ................... G rantsville 0 Union 7 ....... ................ F ruita, Colo. 0 ifUnion 29 ................,......... Wasatch 13 "QUnion 7 .... Region Championship .... Morgan 21 0Union 21 ......... "'Region Games OState Play-Off Games ............North Sanpete28 Tony Winn - All State Player Chad Richard - Region Russ Nielsen - Region S , . . Football Front Row: Rodney Mezenen, Dean Clegg, Troy McGhee, Dean Carter, Craig Labrum, Jeff Bur- ton. Back Row: Robbie Pitt, Mike Acord, Ryan Eldredge, Ricky Fenn, Bryon Brown, Bill Dulen, Nathan Powell. Lights, Camera, Action J.V. FOOTBALL 59 i QS? N l. W N Xw 1 fx S' g l ens Y 3 5 f JennUF8r Bailey Allison Bell fill lf' gf' 2 f W Q S 13 55" L f -Z ,ig L " f I f Kellie Brown Joyce Burton Alison Huber! fi M 1 'Qui' Carol Mieure Sherry Nielsen Shirley Nielsen 9 wins - 8 losses, 2nd in Region, Sth in tate. 60 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Kayla Walker Dallas Reynolds Coach Coach Kellie B. sets up for a perfect spike! efeat! It was joyously ground into the souls of Wasatch. Our Cougar volleyball team beat the Wasps on two occasions, both by 2 games to one. In other games, the girls faired well winning 53'ha of their games. The team travelled to Green River, Wyoming jbr a tournament. There they lost to both Rock Springs and Evanston. In state play-ojfs, the Lady Cats beat both Morgan and Grantsville. Then in the actual state tournament, they lost to Manti and again defeated Morgan. Ron Mortensen Manager Cindy Campbell Manager VOLLEYBALL 61 Q E5 Q. .Ri W m if ,. QM! .Q.L...x. A . RIBY5 L S Debra B. serves for another point. Lady Cougars ha ve lots of spirit. E .j Sgs K.-rx Q I Su ifi i s k -f gk Go for it! Debra B. 62 VOLLEYBALL Union Union Union. . . Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union. . . Union. . . Union. . . Union Maurleen O. completes an excellent block Varsity Scores ...O Carbon ..... . . .2 Intermountain . . .2 Morgan . . . .. . . .2 Wasatch, . . . . . . l Grantsville. . . ...l Etnet1v...... . . .2 Intermountain ...l Morgan . . . .. . . .2 Wasatch. . . . . . .2 Grantsville. . . ......0 Etnery.... Greenriver Tournament . . . . . .0 Rocksprings. . . . .0 Evanston . . . Tournament . . .2 Morgan . . . . . . . . . .2 Grantsville. . . Stale Tournament Manti.... . . .2 Morgan . . . X Debra Brown K orrie Henderson ' Q7 A i Y 'if' i Xl X is N wud' X ' i I L 3 i 1 Kim Himes Becky Mitchell Kathy Nielsen w"""' 8. nlxisiliq fsnfgz' Suzie Nielsen Connie 0'Drise0ll Maurleen Olsen Qx . 'ff Lf, Q4 ' l Pip' N -N. 1'-I .., ,eie J dis? L! L eh eg W, Home Revnolds Chris Rose f Della Wlnrerton J.V. VOLLEYBALL 63 LADY CA S 2nd in 2A tate Basketball wdnf' State Runners-up: Front Row: Kellie Brown, Kathy Nielsen, Alison Hubert, Suzy Nielson, Teresa Hougon, Connie O'Driscoll, Sherry Nielsenp Back Row: Coach Stan Allen, Shelley Bastian, Joyce Burton, Allison Bell, 'ia Fresto Maurleen Olsen, Shirley Nielson, Connie Richens, Carol Mieure, Coach Kayla Walker, Coach Shirl Raw ings. 64 STATE CHAMPS ZND PLACE V Girl's Cross Countr F r0ntR0w: Maria H unt, Dara Winger, Cindy Crozier, Shannon F randsen, Wendy Nebeker, Rebecca Williams, Kaelyn Spencer. ...feq pl' or the first time in the several years that there has been a cross-country team at U.H.S. was a full team of girls that participated. For all the girls it was their first experience running cross-country. In State competition they ran against 3 7 other l A and ZA teams and placed a very respectable third place. there CROSS-COUNTRY 65 Girls Basketball l 1st in Region l 2nd in state 1 Q 4 x W . l K rf? G l , ' .. -rv K , X I-d,..,. -.2-..a --sy V L 's l Front: Connie Richens, Joyce Burton, Alison Hubert, Teresa Houston, Sherry Nielsen, Shirley Nielsen, Maurleen Olsen. Back: Coach Allen, Allison Bel isa Freslon athy Nielsen, Carol Mieure, Suzie Nielsen, Kellie Brown, Connie O'Driscoll, Coach Rawlings. Stan Allen Kayla Walker Shirl Rawlings Head Assistant J. V. 66 GIRLS BASKETBALL V!"""'N'9" 4.?""'? Ronnie Mortensen Shelly Bastian Student Coach Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Teresa Houston Senior Captain 58 ....... 52 .... 54 .... 61 .... 72 .... 67 .... 66 .... 62 .... 68 .... 60 .... 50 .... 50 .... 57 .... 63 .... 53 .... 1 MMM is an Kellie Brown Junior Captain . . . East Carbon 34 . . . Altamont 43 ..... Uintah 50 . . . . . Duchesne 44 . . . East Carbon 33 ........Uzntah 49 . . . . North Summit 52 .........Emery 43 . . . . . Duchesne 69 . . . .Grantsville 49 . . . . Wasatch 49 . . . . Morgan 56 ........Emety 50 . . . . Grantsville 61 .......Wasatch 39 M' 67 .... .................. N orth Summit 66 71 .... ......................... M organ 50 State Tournament 74 .... ........................ S an Juan 41 51 .... ................ .... W a satch 50 49 .... ....Manti 63 Manager Kathy Nielsen Sophomore Captain irl's basketball has never gone so far in the history of Union High School as it did this year. With a Region championship title and a 2nd Place win at the State Tourney, the Lady Cats won 17 of their 20 games. This was undoubtedly the best record ever achieved by the girl's team. GIRLS BASKETBALL 67 Jovc e Burron Allzson Bell "'-my ,ew We M -I Carol Mieure 436. 1427 Sherry Nielsen 1 Suzie N. grabs the ball! Kellie B. lakes basketball seriously. 68 GIRLS BASKETBALL -1 f""'Y Shirley Nielsen All State Academic f4dn?"" Maurleen Olsen 'OO' if WL, Suzie N. uses her height. A '- h ' i P- Connie O'Driscoll 9' YQ37 My Qfl m , qx,-Q , ,, 5 5. if 9, Q ik 5 10' X .Dv Suzie Nielsen Connie Richens Wen will --2 'f Sv I ' q i JJ Joyce B. makes a perfect shot. Go for it! GIRLS BASKETBALL 69 restlers Region IX Champs 3rd in tate Front: Glen Funk, Craig Phillips, Tony Brooksby, Shawn Cnch, Shane Frost Middle: Bryon Brown, Steven Brown, Ronny Rich, Dean Carter, Jene Carter, Ken Winn Back: Barbara Eldredge-Stats, Ryan Winn, Tony Winn, Todd Mair, Lloyd Bingham, Billy Pace, Dye-Stats rv? 431 ,M ' Wayne Kittrell Ron Wolff Head Assistant 70 WRESTLING Steve Secret, Becky -. Q I- is QR S I Q N r V xi Bi A ' E S Statistics-Becky Dye and Barbara Eldredge Tony W., leave his head on! Carter shows a Ute Wrestler wh0's boss. . A jc-. if Ready Set G0 . . . Craig P. Todd M. helpsahgsmzgp onentsee down. WRESTLING 71 gf? My Lloyd Bingham Tony Brooksby Bryon Brown Steven Brown 72 WRESTLING "--I' "Say Uncle,', Union 51 Union 23 Union 43 Union 16 Union 42 Union 24 'Y says Todd M. N. Summit Uintah Morgan Wasatch Emery Carbon West High Tournament Richardson Tournament Meker Tournament Viewmont Tournament Green River Tournament Region Placings 98 Craig Phillips 105 Shawn Cuch 112 Shane Frost 119 Ronny Rich 126 Gene Carter 132 Steve Brown 138 Tony Winn 145 Todd Mair 155 Lloyd Bingham 167 Billy Pace 185 Ken Winn HWT Steve Secrest 2nd lst 2nd lst lst 4th lst 2nd 3rd 4th lst lst 15 40 16 33 9 36 4th 4th 4th 8th 9th State 5th 2nd 5th 2nd lst 2nd 6th 2nd I g Dean Carter Gene Carter Shawn Cuch Shane Frost li Glen Funk Todd Mair 'Es . A W 1 .1 , ,sk ...x, 5 N, yi e 5 Billy Pace . AQ," X ns. si Xl . W. "Who's Emery," Says Lloyd B. Ronny R. makes another Wasp bite the dust. Qgmwf gif X Ronny Rich A. Aeli. A is X we . ks Steve Secrest ef-P-. HM ,b R , . Ken Winn R , X K N . Q . K . 7 Wilt . f f M e , Craig Philips Ryan Winn Tony Winn WRESTLING 73 Basketball 3 .semi Front Row: Scott Wilson, Mike Bowen, Jejwey Madsen, Ron Mortensen, Jeff Crinklaw, Chad Richard. Second Row: Mr. Peterson Coach, Ryan Smith, Chris Lloyd, Mike Ross, Brett Wymer, Wayne Gingell, Dan Allen, Russ Nielsen, Mr. Vallentine Coach. asketball was the name of the game when our boys stepped on to the floor. They made a team ejfort to Go Fight Win. The team won the annual Cougar Invitational. The participants were Union, Palisades, East Carbon, and Uintah. The Cougars won one game with a score of over one hundred points. In the jqrst game against the 'ABees", the Cougar team dropped behind early, but came back to tighten the score from a I 7 pt. trail. The crowd was wild with excitement towards the closing minutes ofthe game. With the score tied, an ill-fated call by the ref gave Wasatch one more penalty shot. They made it, and the game was over. Y 'N Dan Allen Mike Bowen Jeff Crinklaw 74 BASKETBALL ll If ! tt :' f.?:.w 1 i sl - .Q 3 1 , While holding back the opposing team, Russ N. and Chad R. are ready to snatch the ball. 5-...M N All righl, you're all under arrest. Hands up. Union Union Union Union... Union... Union... Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Altamont ........ South Summit .... Carbon ...... Duchesne .,...... Dugway ...... Intermountain .... Palisades ..... East Carbon. . Emery ....... Juab ....... Grantsville ....... Wasatch .... Morgan ..... Emery ...... Grantsville ....... Altamont . . . Morgan ...... Wasatch ......... Intermountain .... Wasatch ...... Morgan ...... San Juan ..... Pine View .... The players wait anxiously for Chad R. to grab Mike Ross the ball. Ryan Smith . ws? kg .- Q ' 5.4 . '.i. , Scott Wilson Brett Wymer fir Q I , ,WW ' k . ,, "Qv-n- H 'ifj,f,2!i:5iasif??1i J ' I n, ' , ,f f' -iff ! 1 at ' ,. l 1'-'M 3? is' f f ,fi .wi f ff? R J, 'iff AQ-f f rf f X 41 -t' XM! ' 4 ang- Jw, L""- , ' . g- m , ,V f i if W W 5 l -A J Kim Peterson Coach , g 4 ' Cosmo shoots for two. John Vallentine Coach ophomore Basketball -new-wi Xumszn.. QS' F has W Front Row: Roy Young, Tracy Ross, Merrill F clllseff, Darren Wilkens, Jeff Murray, Rodney Mezenen. Second Row: Brent Jarrett, Ricky Fenn, Ryan Eldredge, Mike Olsen, Brian Allred, Thorton Serawop. BASKETBALL 77 Weightlifting Strength shows through on Ronnie C.'s face. fe! 1 596 Pg? f Kevin C. can lyft hundreds ofpounds with ease. 'E Q 1. i X . "vp e . 1 1 -. . V -.,., , t 2 W1 1' g - X 5 W .pw-""""'k Brad B. shows the agony of success. uild those biceps, thicken those thighs and ofcourse, flatten that fanny. Members of the weightldting classes had these goals constantly in mind. To get this way, the weightlqfters push, pull, pump, ana' IW thousands of pounds. Tired and sore muscles accompanied their daily workouts, but it was worth it. Many kids lift weights to get in shape for another sport they enjoy, while others just want to improve their physique. Let's face it . . . kids are .starting to shape up. I l i 3 i N.. Alan W. uses a helping hand. l Are you sure? ,,,". M , , , 4, l Felicia P. concentrates on lhfting a hundred pounds. - Brad B. and Ronnie C. show of their muscles. ,I x, K Chris L. relaxes while giving orders Io his classmates. Donny R. shows his strength by using one hand. WEIGHTLIFTING 79 4. . Coach Brent F ieldstead Mike Bowen Bryan E lderdge Pitcher and catcher confer. 80 BASEBALL Awxiiji-,V -Wagga, , . N ,, . 5, 1-A Mike Acord Joe Arnold Alan Chapman Mark Crozier xx' 4' Ryan E lderdge .1-fe M x QP 11 - B Wayne Gingell Tracy Hall Stene Gingell 3 Sf? 1 2 1 fi i ,M 'J Pete Jones Rodney Mezenen Willie Nickel g' Mike Olsen Wayne G. connects for a good hit. Chad Richard Ross Ty-acy R055 BASEBALL 81 Back rows: J.D. Mitchell, Brian Allred, Troy McGhee, Gerald Alexander, Jason 'Fox' Kelly. FRONT: Clayton Christensen Shane Hemrie, Bruce Wight, Mike Olsen. GOLF Sth in tate vi 82 GOLF TEN N 3rd in tate Lee Marreil Coach Bottom: Jeffrey Madsen, Kent Ashtonq Top: Glen Funk, Michael Eldredge, Ronald Winn. , 14 , 1 1 j M I 3 1538! INT I TRA J -W-X k-Q5 . V,,.,,wm ' ' "'ffJ'i"Q-lmjfyggg f 5 ' U 'wail 'K 1 .1 1-5-x L, ,Q .W 4 . I z,1E,, V' M :hw ,Q : , I , ,M 7'ff5i7 1'h ? 'M " gig 5' 'P' '- hfgmihfor 'vgaws' QZ W, g li- , M y ef -fwfr? -A -. V 14 +, ,. m t 3:1 . '.Q-,Q - f.' . Ji, . V -In V . I. A gn K U K. I I .A V .N L. ,, dj Q A I lm 4' r ' c 5 -W., , Av-, I A U ,5m7'lx, . X J M 3- J t mg, H L , , i , ,, .,, , if, .q'K' Front: Gwennita Tahguv, Kara Watson, Ginger Peterson, Lareel Asay, Rodney Mezenen, Brad Butcher, Ronnie Curry, Troy Zufelt, Tod Mair,' Back: Brett Wyiner, Rebecca Williams, Marlene Olsen, Wayne Fillinghant, Bill Dulen, Les Farnsworth, Scott Jenn- ings, Ken Winn, Ricky Fenn, Brian Allred, Jeff Burton. W f 'W' CAPTAINS ag 2 ViAnn Pope Wayne Kittrel John Valentine Todd Larsen Carol Mieure Scott Joyce Burton Shane Mecham 84 TRACK .. 5 'YAQP-wha ,, if B ' fl' U s K Q 'MCE V i 'LA L X - . 1 l 4 -mf i 'wk' mf,-A7141 'Nfl' M Front: Brett Wymer, Dean Hatch, Ronnie Curry, Gina Goodspeed, Brad Butcher, Chris Rose, Tawnie Shurtzg Back: Diane Kettle, Joyce Burton, Marlene Olsen, Rodney Mezenein, Shane Carter Shane Mecham, Jeff Burton, Brad North, Trisha Ames, Rebecca Williams, Mike Reidhead. 1' A Q as K-. 4 I 1 1 11 -who .. we-is fl, J' Q . QW'-5'6lml'.wl .uv Q Front: Joyce Burton, Liesle Grover, Janilee Hicks, Rebecca Williams, Carol Mieureg Back: Josh Anderson, Nathan Powell, Kent Wilkerson, Steven Skinner, Shame Knolden, Mike Winterton, Larry Squire, Ricky Fenn. TRACK 85 G mna tics Danielle Ashmore Alysa Bu 5 i iqx f 5 ii i 5 We i i Cindy Crozier 86 GYMNASTICS x Debra Brown Dara Winger practicing on the bars. g, r Shannon F ranson .. Maria Hunt Wendy Nebeker """"'. s i g Kaelynne Spencer Rebecca Williams Dara Winger smmmM,....n., --..,. W. ,f Maria shows the Beam. Lori Vernon Lori V. strains for perfection. exceptional balance on Wm VVVV7 A -4, ' .,, evil GYMNASTICS 87 -v-M........ 4 G mna tic t ...Q , ' a K N . ww-: , , .. ...W , , .. f. , . , . ., 1. . 5 5 i Q . ,....,. . "' A , . it " . ' 5 . 'S 5 are-AIR QW Ugg ,M 3 as 53sNmWx X . iw 5 is i NN S H xnxx S Q -vi. Front: Debra Brown' Middle: Danielle Ashmore, Maria Hunt, Kaelynne N 'rw' 0- L , K ' was 3 'QW a.- 1 A .125 encer, Alysa Burkman, Wendy , Sp Nebekerg Back: Dara Winger, Rebecca Williams, Shannon Franson, Cindy Crozier, Lori Vernon. N Coach - Kayla Walker 88 GYMNASTICS he Gymnastics team has out done itsebf by going undefeated for three seasons. They accomplish- ed this by holding practice every morning at 7:00 a.m. Because of lack of participation in 2A gymnastics this year, the 2A schools competed in 3A and 4A com- petition. A special meet was held to determine those who l would qualU'y for the state competition. Union, Emery, Park City, and Richj7eld participated with Union coming out on top. We scored 173.45 points to 2nd place, Park City's 141 .45. Three girls qualdied for the state meet from Union.' Wendy Nebeker, Kaelynne Spencer and Maria Hunt. X1 if 1 -iii A 1 - A M 'I a f f Y , I ,W , ' ,,,,, ' f ki-.jg ,W 'Ja' ' - V 5.- nf' A-v""' WWF """"' ,aw-' " 2 ,.. .,,, ,, M , .. .,,, 1 . A if Mae-a,f'f ,, HW' l Lrrfeh Mmm - , W'-L13-M--H 'ff . f . M H f A ff ,N-S. The beam helps Danielle A. perfect her balance and grace. Wendy N. has all around skills in gymnastics. "N-m..., -. Balance helps Shannon F. in her routine. . fi Cindy C. shows excellent form. sus.. 'E cw... fs X-MMM GYMNASTICS S9 S., ff W w WNY I Q, We M73 4, .f W W I f f N R 2" M .Q ! , MQW uf X X 90 JUNIORS 'Ka Juniors We are bad, we take no jive We're the Class of '85 1 . 1,1 ,,. ' . .,. .,...A...1 , ,Jigsaw ' .A ,g , , ix-, f . X. Nix' 'R . - x 'N ,x I ' X 4 x ' . ' XVY., xkX.j A hx as ,M f "Ng: , I x My X if K" - 45 x- 47,1 . , M . K I 3 I 9 sf f JUNIO Shane Frost vzce preszdent Tammie Bostick president 92 JUNIOR OFFICERS Sondra Rockwood hzstorzan Joyce Burton secretary unior fficers Scott J. must have "someone" on his mind. if iw,-3 W Homecoming week brings out the artistic talent in all of us. 3 4. - ,,,,N,,,,,.,.1 Mike Acora' Tam my A dams Dan Allen Tricia Ames Angela Anderson Crisline Anderson Laurel Asay Natalie Atwood JennU'er Bailey Raema Barney J UNIORS 93 Shelly Baslian Allison Bell Richard Berggren Sharmel Bertoch Allen Berquisl Wendy Beverleigh Lloyd Bingham Garn Birchell Treven Birchell Rob Blake Tammie Bostick Lisa Bowden I V ' fs I, -up 4 , QV x.. fa' w, if M0 w , 1 V 1 'K X Li 9'l'2'.'-f- X' ., E., XM 'F 'Alf--as 1 5 VS 14- ,R alfa "M y ankle bone is connected to my shin bone . . ., " sings Jayne S. and Nila De M., while participating in the haunted 94 JUNIORS Drs. Arnold and Vanderkratts experiment with different techniques on patient Bostick, during the Haunted House. 2 t ' 51 X I 3 f X W tum 5, W eing a Junior has its ups and downs. Getting a class ring is an up, but paying for it is a down. Getting through the first quarter and passing all of your classes is an up, but knowing you have three more to go is a down. C-J ,,.' eff .t t .f ft Every Junior should be sixteen, so getting a driver's license is an up, but paying for the gas is a down. Being able to date is an up, but, for the guys, pay- ing for a fancy steak dinner is a down. Mike Bowen Babette Brown Kellie Brown Jeff Burton Joyce Burton Brad Butcher Rodeana Calkins Brett Campbell Cindy Campbell Sixta Canto Jodalee Carter Alan Chapman JUNIORS 95 96 J UNIORS Cindy Chase! Dean Clegg Paula Cooper Regina Coonrod April Cordle Jeff Crinklaw Ronnie Curry Doug Dahlberg Clark Draney Bill Dulen Charlie Duncan Sheila Duncan I nu: V ...lV, if yy ello 1, ,f M H kk,, Joyce B. i 2 1 L, has its happy times. ni L 1,-' W , 0 ,' K, , sp, .if ,qi il, 'MHA ' Ou Y Tfpl , ,fs mu ,, , X K-Pl . Darlene W. and Robin B. are caught in one of lU'e's crazy moments. fe at lunchtime is rather boring, especially to loyd B. t f . i , 1 A A we Q Becky Dye Barbara Eldredge Alison Evans Dana Fabrizio Monty Frost Shane Frost Tara Gale Greg Gardner Rob German Kara Gibson Richard Gideons Marilee Gilbert J UNIORS 97 98 JUNIORS Danny Golden Tammie Goodrich Staci Grate Liesle Grover Rich Hadlock Chad Hamblin Kelly Hamby Samantha Hansen Dean Hatch K orrie Henderson Warren Henrie Kim Himes Clayton Hullinger Thomas Jamail Scott Jennings Tony Jeppesen X fflfg 1 K 1 a Y? l he QW' 1? 19" A k mv Q: -51 4' rf' we-fr W Barbara E. is excited about the Jr. Prom That tongue again Darlene W.? iff' ,,v--'jd K vvviovyyf I . s 1 X, Shelly B. is ready for the Wasatch Wasps. Debbie Johnson Stan Jorgensen Chris Justice Lydia Keller X Deborah Kettle Rena Lefler Clyford Lee Dawn Lindberg Darci Lira Kevin Lister JUNIORS 99 Jeff Madsen Kerri Mair Stephanie Malnar Paula Martin Lori Martines Brian Mathison Jeff McManiga1 Derwinda McKewan Troy McGhee Carol Mieure Jesse Morrow Chad Mortensen Bill Murray Bonnie Murphy Donna Murphy Owen Murphy 100 JUNIORS ff' Ypg? 'I " ,....-1 " Q l gk f . 4 ew I riff-A ' K- ,.,,h,, .. 'tM's," ,J V f' E' 3 Z "But Mr. WOUL it was Joyce who put your shorts on the flagpole, not me. " complains Jennyer B. Debra Murray 1 xx . f f X,.M ,fx Xg,... tiff f"J Y I There 's nothing better for w0rse?j than school lunch, at least April C. thinks so. Russ Nielson Shaugn Ostrowski Nick Pappas Rena L. and Lani P. are tremendously happy with the 7 wins, no loss football record. JUNIORS 101 if ll f, f ' wa? W fl ,mf W , ., , J 4? wr Q if If W 17, f f. ,Z 17 if 4 :4 N, X ' , X V ' W . .ffff 4 4 If 2, ff fa 4' r I Harmonia , ,-... 1 . . Belia W. and Korrie H. are carefully mixing a potent love potion. X . I -Z T Toni Scott Jamie Seybert Jayne Shelley Tamie Sixkiller Randy Skinner Laney Smith Ryan Smith Suzanne Smith Marcy Solmonson Brad Sorenson Kaelynne Spencer David Sperry JUNIORS 103 104 JUNIORS LeAnne Taylor Michelle Thompson Shane Townsend Holee' VanderKratts Lori Vernon Kara Watson Kathy Wiegand Bruce Wight Dolli Willie Dara Winger Darlene Winn Delia Winterton a ...x he 2 , , , QE ,J J' ,y xx' ef' i J, W ' 9. 3 t . 1 nb' lf , U Suzanne S. and need a little T. was Qi Angela A. . . ana' they Q, 'T ,gli 4 if ...zz My ,. li. I 5 l i assing the Constitution test the first time through is an up, but taking the heavy history book home for a month is a down. Going to the Prom is an up, trip- ping during the promenade is a down. Looking forward to being a Senior and how great the Seniors will be, is an I 0 up. Knowing you have to wait a year before getting a chance to rule is a down. Not getting called a Stupid Sophomore is an up, but getting call- ed a Jerky Junior is a down. But on the average the year 83-84 was an up. 14' lcjffpl Jeff B. is enjoying the use of the computers during lunch. Alan Winterton Mark Winward Debbie Wisener Ruth Wyasket Brett Wymer Francis Yazzie Kurt Young ,Troy Zufelt J UNIORS 105 1 ff j: ,K .ff I , . ,Q 106 ORGANIZATIONS E 2 s i 5 1 n P - ...,. ' K 'lr' - V- -- ...-A A-4 ,, I ,Q f ,,., ,,,.a -' , ,f ,f z f' , , L E ! . E 3 1 5 I E i f T 1 i 3 1 1 l X ,Z "Im I 4 Q W--. - ,W x. ""' 'Q .XX -xx 1 W 7', W, J' aff, X.. x ,.., -f -ef X . ,' ,'., ' 1 N ,N .xx . rganization ..-A-,,. ,Ur V 4, .,f , xv 1 225' ,L , F A.. GX. ,J-X: fi. M! ' -R it w 'x'-, ., .I ,X , -YA - x f , , MQ , J f . ff 'Q 'W V ,I 14? , pin,-if ,Z ,. E w. A 6 'LAX if. 'Z .L H ORGANIZATIONS 107 wgffffdfy, Carol Percival vice-president, Todd Larsen studentbody president tudent Leaders STUDENTBODY OFFICERS 109 as x ' Y sr.. qw X -n-.W Front Row: Carol Percival, Kristina Harrison, David Espenozag Middle Row: Tammie Bostick, Bonnie Leger, Karma Mortensen, Catherine Lundstrom, Heather Wilson, Sondra Rockwood, Back Row: Suzie Mower, Alison Hubert, Scott Wilson, Todd Larsen, Merrill F ausett, Mr. Corty tAdvisorj. he Student Government consists of not only the student Body Qfficers, but also the Class Officers. Together they discuss many G 0 e topics concerning the students and school as a whole. Each group of class fUCflC'C'l'S plan activities -for their individual class. All the ohlicers as a whole go over the school constitution and see if it needs updated. They work together to make things better for the school as a whole andjor the individual student. 110 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Cougar Band V38 if -A he 5 W 12? . gn ,s uv .35 .Xp Y 1 ? Kg, .TJ Front Row: Brenda Henrie, Marianne Duncan, Laura McCormick, Becky Mitchell, Blaine Merkleyg Middle Row: Darvell Hunt, Nathan Powell, Matthew Hamblin, Glen Funk, Darin Osmond, Chad Hamblin. Back Row: Pam Szymanski fAdvisorj, Dennis Nelson, Charles Ivie, Kent Wilkerson, Jim Curtis lAdvisorj. raetieing every morning before school, is not the only thing that the Cougar Band does. They have provided us with the ehanee to listen to their tnusieal pieces at every home gante. The Band also had the privelage to play at B.Y4 U. Hotneeotning. Throughout the year, the band steadily gains strength with their new ineotning members. COUGAR BAND 111 4 ' Troup - Zu .aw ,,, Q tw f,w'ff f,,, :Wit W -f J W ff citing ff T 'WWW it ff: f" ' 3,4 555597-if -, nl" ,'-Will", lL,'fi5Sf. ft tm, f vw. ,t U4 , ' t ssssi it it Front Row: Holle Vanderkraats, Tammy Bostikg Second Row: Jayne Shelley, Gina Goodspeed, Amy Dennis, Je, Bailey, Sonnet Swain, Greg Jones, Tammy Stewart, Penny Rawlings, Diane S teinhorst, Joyce Burton, Michelle Buchfznang Third Row.' ClQj'ord Lee, Les Farnsworth, Diane Kettle, Julie Shields, Stacy Vernon, David Antwan, Adam Gardner, Row: Troy Evans, Chad Mortensen, Robbie Duncan, Jeff Madsen, David Winterton, Brett Campbell, Ky Hubert, Hamblin. imp 112 TROUPE v+.,gg-M' l i, Tana Dunsmore, Advisor Pat Stringham, Advisor roupe had an ext year this year, performed for ernor Matheson, farm bi Secretaries Luncheon, State Credit Union Associ 'infer Back Matt citing they Gov- ireau, Utah ation, Chamber of Commerce, lflolley Fair, and the Roosevelt City Christmas Party. This 1 formed group is compris music and drama students. were organized to give students interested in performing arts a chan 1 e wly ed of They those th e ce to develop and show their talents. WC' 6l'lC'0lll't1gC' IIIOFL' Sfllde, ll'-YU!!! HKU -VENT. 'IIS to W Chorus W, XX aff f f Front Row: Tammy Ledbetter, Kristy Smith, Sixta Canto, Samantha Hansen, Kelley Davis, Shannon Parkes, April Cora'le,' Middle Row: Josie Davis, Tammy Farnsworth, Marilee Gilbert, Debbie Johnson, Kris Herbert, Blaine Merkley, Back Row: Pam Szymanski lAdvisorj, Janeall Cooper, Wendy Tomlinson, Amy Dennis, ClUj'0rd Lee, Diane Kettle, Faith Gibson. CHORUS 113 ootball Cheerleaders Bottom: Raelyn Elderageg Second Row: Marilyn Uresk, Julie Shields, Becky Dye, Shannon Frandsen, Kathy Nielson, Suzy Mower, Loni Pectol, Penny Brothersong Third Row: Danielle Ashmore, Wendy Nebeker, Kor- rie Henderson, Hollee VanderKraats, Lori Fenn,' Top.' Kaelyn Spencer. Somehow, the N. Sanpete Chicken-Hawks kidnapped our cheerleaders, they tried to imitate them but we saw through their disguises right away. 114 CHEERLEADERS ith limitless determination 0 cheerleaders stuck to the jc through rain or snc fliterallyj they cheered us on to victor The contest to choose I. cheerleaders took place last spring so t girls practiced together through a got portion of the summer. These sixteen girls were an importa ingredient to the year in sports and we enjoyed their antics and colorful postefs. ur tb vw J 3' he he 9d l'Il ll Cindy Chase! K orrie Henderson Kaelyn Spencer x x Shannon Frandsen Suzy Mower HA. .L H ollee , Vc1nde1'KraaIs Basketball Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS 115 TQ? lib Danielle Aslunore Penny Brotherson Raelyn Elderage Head Cheerleader Wrestling Cheerleaders 116 CHEERLEADERS Q. Veg, Sl, f Lori Fenn Wendy Nebeker Julie Shields 1 5 . J ', Becky Dye Kathy Nielseh l Marilyn Uresk Loni Pectol A win las we did a lot this yearj usually sparks en- thusiasm. A lot ofthat rubbed offon usfrom these spirited chicks. G0 Cats! Officers 1 18 OFFICERS Cougarettes! Kellie Brown president Xu, Catherme Lundstrom vice-president ide 'KS 'ii ix l ll 1 Tammy Stewart ' 5' X historian i tix , N:-2 W - Toni Frandsen secretary Llsa Brough drill mistress Ronda jr. drill MW .. A f 1 Wk Michelle Buchanan 1 ' QXXR N. 'X Q 1 99 5 Q Q.,-,, F W X SW 3 X x K 1 xxltitv BN? 5 Y' S SA xx x br 'ik 'H xxx W A ,Q X: A N w W XX K 5 X c 'X Joyce Burton W! , A ,gm Q S f h ,1 M g ' V A L x V L ' .. he "" 5. E , e tif' Barbara Eldredge Penny R., Sonnet S., and Tammy S. show off the Rice-Krispie cake they presented to the football team at our last game of the season. 120 DRILL TEAM Iva ,. , Gina Goodspeed Jill Harper Kristina Harrison Tina Heaton Maria Hunt Cougarettes at the Region competition held at Morgan High School. S.A. United Spirit Association. Cougarettes I attended the U.S.A. Camp in Logan during the 1983 summer. They received an Excellent rating in performance. Their personalities and enthusiasm brought them the spirit stick and the Friendship Boot. In Region Competition they placed third overall and third in military and dance. At the state competition, the very next week, they took first in military dance. l no-an ,fmwaerwMWw4'lk' ' ' ' -' ' Hours of practice paid off with a third place win at region. Some of those hours were spent in the wee hours of the morning. . .5 g - . 'D gum x Sherilyn Jenkins Jayne Shelley "1 it . he i lrg Penny Rawlings We t . , .sax I 5 5 ,eg .V I 2 Av Carol Percival Sonnet Swain ,W i ii N U 'W Alicia Winterton DRILL TEAM 121 FOREN S CS 5 wwe l E 3 I ii ? Impromptu-FrontRow: NilaDe McKenna, AngelaAnderson, Tara Gale, Stacey Vernon. Middle Row: Joann Barney, Gina Goodspeed, Jayne Shelley, Regina Coonrod, Diane Berggren. Back Row: Julie Dalton. Oratory-Front Row: Debra Brown, C ristine Anderson, Joyce Barton, Raelyn Eldredge, Tammy Stewart. Row. Leslie Shisler, Rose Postrna, Je U'eQBailey, Paula Cooper. Back Row: Holly Hamblin, Ky Hullgrt, Michelle S 0' rj: Legislative F orum-F ront Row: Hollee VanderKraats, Kandi Hansen, Chad Simmons, Richard Berggren. Row: Tyler Jensen, Ron Winterton, Jason Kelly, Paula Martin, MattHamblin, Danny Golden. Back Row: Warren Wilson, David White, Ken Winn, Les Farnsworth, Mike Thompson, Ron Goodrich, Greg Jones. 122 FORENSICS I f' -Q A. 3-is Ny" fa: an w- ' Extempt-Front Row: Adam Gardner, Chad Simmons, Kandi Hansen. Middle Row: Marr Hamblin, Brett Campbell, Tara Gale. Back Row: Nick Pappas, Becky Williams, Robbie Duncan, Shane Carter. , l M A My Debate-Front Row: Ruth Ann Jensen, Diane Steinhorst, Hollee' VanderKraats, Tammie Bostiek. Middle Row.' Shaugn Ostrowski, Amy Dennis, Lisa Killian. Back Row: Nick Pappas, Ky Hubert, Greg Jones, Shane Carter. , fc: - Ou , AN b, LincolnlDouglas Debate-Front Row: Paula Cooper, Kandi Hansen, Diane Steinhorst. Middle Row: Julie Dalton, Julie Shields, Hollee' VanderKraats, Ruth Ann Jensen. Back Row: Mike Thompson, Jason Kelly, Adam Gardner, JennQ'er Bailey, Gina Goodspeed. FORENSICS 123 UV! l dpi 'gl Drama fy aff' B. . , Pantomime-Front: Paula Martin, Chad Sitnnwns, Rielzarcl Berggren, Joyce Burton. Micldle: Tyler Jensen, Les F arnsworth, Jennifer Bailey, Tammie Bostiek, Hollee' VanderKratts, Ron Winterton, Matt Hamblin, Warren Brett Campbell, Ron Goodrich, Ky Hubert, Greg Janes. Leg Um.. Dramatic Readings-Front: Leslie Shisler, Regina C 00nr0a' , Raelyn E ldreclge, Penny Rawlings. Back: Jayne Shelley Goodspeed, JoAnn Barney, Holly Hamblin, Tammy Stewart. 124 DRAMA Q, ' 1,3 X , .S Gzna .KX ,l e J x .A . X K Y l JT as '- Km NE-2. bifwv In Z , . f. X' X ff ...f 5 ' . Sf ' ""' .k:':: D K 3 lk.. ix ft l -A Q , . . Q if K , if . legs X H umerous Readings-Front Row: Kandi Hansen, Hollee' VanderKraats. Middle Rowf David Anrnian, Adam Gardner. Back , Row: Greg Jones, Shane Carrer, Ky Hubert. r l Mono Act-Froni Row: Stacey Vernon, Paula Cooper, Tammie Bosfick, Joyce Burlon. Middle Row: Mike Thompson, Diane Berggren, Hollee' VanderKraats, Jennjer Bailey, David Antwan. Back Row: Diane Sreinhorsr, Amy Dennis, Greg Jones, . Ky Hubert, Shane Carter. Scenes-Front Row: Cristine Anderson, Tara Gale, Kandi Hansen. Middle Row: David Espenoza, Angela Anderson, Hollee' VanderKraats, Tommie Bosfick, Jennier Bailey, Joyce Burton. Back Row: Beclqv Williams, Debra Brown, Julie Dalton, Michelle Thompson, Ken Winn. DRAMA 125 a QTL? 65" 5. A'gY55,,ffxsi3!', X K " ,Q S is rw "9" , .S ,GF ,, slfw f NJ Front: Penny Brotherson, Alison Hubert, Heather Wilson, Suzanne Smith, An ladvisorj, Lesle Grover, Alison Evans, Tana Simmons, Dawnie Murray, .laCina Wilson, Jill Sanders. Back: Clark Chad Hamblin, Larry Squire, Carol Mieure, Kelly Cook. gela Anderson. Second Row: Mrs. 1 A K 'X , 'rv'- Larly Squire, president Clark Draney, ,vice-president Alison secretary Carol MCHIFC, F6100 X 126 N .A.H.S. five n,,.......- N x K E. : U ..,.. L4 .., ffl' QV... I In .- .M,i I I I ,M ,,.,., , 2nd hour GU'ted Art, only the bestl a Q I ixf ' .M-.Naya , I W k, Vw' , 3, pihf V. x , 5 gpg A AJ: 3 E I 1 Thi y never cease trying for a "perfect" picture. wo cancelled trips during the year. Twice National Art Honor Society members got geared up for held-trips to various art shows, twice they were let down by bad weather. With the only chapter in Utah, Union proudly boasts nearly 20 members. These members are chosen for their talent in, you guessed it, art. Not only that, but attitude, citizenship, and scholarship. N.A.H.S. members have had many chances to boast their talent. The museum in Springville has exhibited a lot of work by Union students. Local exhibition included a display in the District office in Duchesne and the Fine Arts Fair. In March, N.A.H.S. members attended the USU High Sclzool Art Workshop. They spent the night in Logan. New members were sworn in on April 26th at a banquet at Frontier Grill. Most of these were sophomores. ' Water color, oil paints, you name it, they do it. Art Students of the Month Front: Penny Brotherson, Michelle McKee, Jill Sanders. Back: Clark Draney, JaCina Wilson, Tana Simmons, Kelly Cook. fo., B gag f svi N.A.H.S. 127 Friend hip Club . the Y 3 Xxs S ' E kmwxi ow' -L. X ginagfk 'CSE sg Front Row: Orlanna Taveapont, Freddy Cornpeaeh, Kora Tapoof. Back Row: Lee Ann Pinnccoosc Gwcnnzta Tahguv Shana Wopsoek, Bart Stevens, Adeania Bush. K ora Tapoof, President 2539933 Ed Cueh, Advisor 128 FRIENDSHIP CLUB s--PWS!" Shana Wopsoek, S eeretarv he Friendship Club begins the year fnfwith an open house in which the members sign up. Throughout the year, members participate in parties and meetings. Sleigh riding was one ry' the events enjoyed by the members. They discuss basketball, volleyball and intermural programs. The planning and preparing of Indian Week and Intermountain Friendship Days are part of their activities for the year. ational Honor H' , lm ociety ,X 4 , , , Ronnie Mortenson president Stephanie Malnar vice-president t the beginning of almost every home basketball game you couldn't help but notice the tantalizing smell of popcorn around. The National Honor Society provided us with this treat, at a price, ofcourse. l They used the money to spend a great evening at the Capri Fun Center and their trip in the spring. The criteria for entrance to the N .H .S . was .WW A minimum of 3 .6 IA-J grade point average was required. If the members fell below this mark they received a letter of n - probation. Two quarters in a row below 3 .6 and they were expelled. Needless to say, members made a conscious xt 5 5 3 1 effort to stay above an A- average. , Jeff Madsen treasurer Jayne Shelley secretary 'll 5 r,1i"iiU1ii . ,W A' Q xw Front Row: Stephanie Malnar, Raelyn Eldrege, Sharmel Bertoch, Dawmie Murray, Alison Evans. Second Row: Sherrie Nielson, Diane Steinhorst, Liesle Grover, Toni Scott, Jayne Shelley, Penny Rawlings, Toni Hadden. ThirdRow: Mr. Merrill ladvisorj, Stacey Vernon, Tyler Jensen, Todd Larsen, Jeff Madsen, Clark Draney. Back: Troy McGee, Stan Jorgenson. N.H.S. 129 Bleacher Busters . . . N .Q ET' is 4,5 Front Row: Steve Miller, Alan Winterton, Tyler Jensen, David Harper, Wendell Henrie, David Espenoza. Back Shawn Lewis, Willie Niekell, Alan Chapman, Bill Murray, Ron Winn. David Harper lSeeretaryJ, Wendell Henrie fPI'6SldEI1Ii, David Espenoza fVit'e Presidentl. 130 BLEACI-IER BUSTERS leacher Busters is a group of vivaeious, creative guys. They attend the various games throughout the year. At these games they create a little pep and excitement with the dhfferent ideas they have carefully planned out. Beating stuffed refs to a pulp, shooting a cowbo y, and burying the In- termountain mascot by carrying a eoffn as the Cheerleaders ana' Drill Team hummed the Funeral March. 1 r W Chess Club 2 Darvell Hunt, Kent Wilkerson, Wade Uresk. John Weight, Advisor. Front Row: Jeff Burton, Terrill Dalton, Second Row: Brian Mathisen, Dania! Wall, Brian Allred, James Riehens, Kenneth Pratt, Z! Tyler Jensen, President Brian Mathisen, Vice-President MV. J0hfl Weight, AdviS0f he Chess Club this year looked forward to winning the State Chess Tournament, as they did last year. They played Chess throughout the year during lunch hour. The state tournament was in the spring this year in Salt Lake C ily. We took a number of students with us to help us win. CHESS CLUB 131 Dance .sf .45 'wg if 3' . Z. if Front Row: Raelyn Eldredge, Lori Fenn, Staci Bulloch, Honie Reynold, Rena Lejler, Lani Pectol. Second Row: Merikay Sorensen, Dee Dee Tayor, Diane Prichard, Tara Gale, Julie Shields. Third Row: Matt Payne, Kaelynne Spencer, Wendy Nebeker, Kim Himes, Bonnie Leger, Danny Golden. . 2, 3, 4. . .STEP, 2, 3, 4. Afterall the time the dance club pills' into practicing their dances, they are readv to petjfortn. Tlzey get into L'0SIlllHc', go on Stage, and give it their best. Sweat licconzes noticeable on tlzeir smiling jktces. After ttzitztites Qf'l'l1Q0llI'0ll.S' danc- ing, they come to ii lmlt with the lteitt of tlze music to give a trenzettdoiisjinislt. aff 'll-if Honic Reynolds Historian, Marikay Sorensen President, Lori Fc-:nn Vice-President, Staci Bulloch Historian 132 DANCE CLUB iw 4 32 M Tammie gf , Connie Bostick Gilbert President 5' Vice-President D i , Q 'fi W 'I Laurie Suzanne Davis Smith my Secretary Treasurer 5 ikii i .4 ki ki bums got up early to meet at the high school. Even tlzongh they were tired, they were still e.x'cited to ski tlzejirst day. After everyone was piled into the cars, they were on tlzeir way.jirst stop. Solitude. At the end of the day. the skiers were ready to hit the sack, tjter spending some time in the jacn::i. Day two, Snowbird. Skiing was better, for they had practice from the jqrst day. The day was jqnished of with afew short-sheeted beds. Day three. Another day of skiing, another day ofsore muscles. Ajier skiing for three days, the ski club members were ready to head for home. They returned with raccoon sunburns on their faces to come back to the regular hassles of school. ' Front Row: Mr. Garner-Advisor, Danielle Ashmore, Julie Shields, Mike Olsen, Rodney Mezenen, Craig Labrum, Tammie Bostwick, Dee Dee Taylorq Second Row: Alan Chapman, Darren Wilkens, Lori Fenn, Gerald Alexander, Mike Bowen, Kelly Dastrup, Bill Murray, Diane Prichard. Yew- l0f'0Spffe,. 'L 5 mah Z-Hiram' SKI CLUB I33 liz, Q31 5 , , . ,,.. new .H mf l 1 Shannon Carlson, Felecia Pike, Lisa Killian, Mr. Weatherston ladvisorj Steve Miller. istributive Education Clubs of America is more commonly known as D.E. C.A. During the year, the members are involved in several activities. A leadership training conference at Snowbird is just one of these. Members are involved in such fund- raisers as: selling candy, seafood, pom-poms, and holk- D.E.C.A. ing booths at the Holly Fair. D. E. C.A, also creates a float to ride in the Homecoming Parade. Front Row, Cathy Weigan, Steve Miller, Gerald Alexander, Willie Nickel, Faith Gibson, Tracy Phill, Tana Simmons Middle: Toni Scott, Alan Chapman, Toni Hadden, Debra Kettle, Donna Murphy, Mary Jo Young, Alicia Winterton, Mrs. Merrill ladvisorj Back Row: Dawn Lindberg, Toni F randsen, MeriKay Sorenson, Sherry Nielson, Jolynn Gillman, Sondra Rockwood, Shirley Nielson Alison Hubert. B.L.A. is short for Future Business Leaders of America. In this club, members participate in many activities. Area, Regional, State, and Na- tional Competitions are just a few. The ofhcers travel to Spokane Washington for a Western Regional Leadership Conference, and to a State Leadership Con- I34 DECA AND FBLA F.B.L. . ference at Snowbird. Money making projects, such as.' Holly Fair Booths, Santa Claus pictures, Scones, and the Fishpond are to pay for competitions and Leader- ship Conferences. V.I.C.A. -me--J . ' g 5 f xv We ' 1 gt x iy sf VW Q V, ax, 'wir-M ,,, ,jg " 4 ri 1 ,sr 'WI K A, 5 vw A A Front Row: Adeania Bush, Rexene Mezenen, Hollee' Vanclerkrats, Tammie Bostick, Dee Dee Taylor, Clayton C hristensen, David Espenoza, Jodi Olsen, LaRae Workman. Back Row: Lee Mecham, Rodeana Calkins, Billy Oldson, Steve Secrest, Ken Winn, Steve Brown, Kenny Evans, Dwight Pitcher, Lisa Tabbee, Ginger Peterson, Cassie Smith. ave you ever wondered what V.1.C.A. stands for? Well here it is, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. Having parties in the hills is not the only thing that the members participate in. They have gathered wood for raising funds. During V. I. C.A. week, members take part in the daily activities. A snow sculpture contest with other clubs is just one of these. The state ofj?cers meet at Union and stay overnight. A major event of the year is a convention held in the Utah Technical College in Salt Lake City. Members of the club participate in several dqfferent skills, such as: carpen- try, mechanics, etc. They also have a display in which Union V.I.C.A. members have won almost every year. Front Row: Rodeana Calkins, Hollee' Vanderkratts, Tammie Bostick, Lee Mecham, Back Row: Ken Winn, Steve Brown, David Espanoza. VICA 135 German Tammie Gookrich, Jef Burton, Diane Berggren, NilaDe McKenna, Kim Himes, Robin Olpin, Tyler Jensen, Brett Campbell, Linda Bastian, Steven Skinner, Heather Wilson, Dane Medlen, Craig Labrum, Diane Steinhorst, Larry Squire, Stephanie Malner, Charles Ivie, Mike Acord, Jejj' Corry, Carol Muir, Amy Dennis. Diane Steinhorst Heather Wilson President Vice President Jeff Cony Hollee' Vanderkratts Advisor Secretary 136 GERMAN CLUB panish 'UMM Mr. Weight Diane Steinhorst Jason K. working on his Advisor President pinata. The Spanish Club does various projects during the year. They learn many traditions and customs including making their own pinatas and learning to prepare Spanish pod. WIT Back Row: Tammie Wilkerson, Ruth Wyasket, Steve Miller, Darvel Hunt, Wade Uresk, Mr. Weight, Kent Wilkersong Front Row: Jackie White, Sharmel Bertoch, Maxwell Cuch, Cindy Prescott, Carla Allred, Jason Kelly, Michelle Thompson, Cindy Chasel, DaNette Justice. SPANISH CLUB 137 F.H.A. .4 i ,. nfl? 5 Back Row: Becky M. Lewsle G. Jill S. Darlene W. Karma M. Jodalee C. Kellie B. Kathy N. Carla A. Shelly B. Connie R. Tammie W. Shelly M. Suzie N. Sondra R. Jolynn G. Middle Row: Cheryl M. Nila De M. Con- nie R. Carol M. Jamie S. Cindy P. Gwennita T. Carla A. Kristina H. Shirley N. Donna M. Front Row: Kellie D. Julie D. Angela A. Tara G. Alison E. Jayne S. Almina L. Deborah K. LeAnne T. Teresa H. Merikay S. he F.H.A. is an organization to help youth to welcome new members. They entered afloat in the develop leadership and honiemaking skills. The Homecoming parade, and worked with the F.F.A. on members have the opportunity to improve the Harvest Ball. The Region F.H.A. convention was themselves in all areas. Such as "Families and Futures" hosted by our F.H.A. Chapter. and Peer Education. The F.H.A. participates in many conventions and This year the F.H.A. has participated in many ac- service projects as well as a lot of fun parties. tivities. An Opening Social was held early in the year 57 . , . a'7 Q .W ' ' s". Oficers: Jolynn G. Shirley N. Sondra R. Teresa H. Kristina H. LeAnne T. Marykay S. Sherry N. Donna M. Miss Crook Advisor. 138 F.H.A. I .iv ,., 'WR' rs ,En ei W' iff Ist row.' Shelly B. Teresa H. Raema R. Adenia B. ,' 2nd row.' Mr. Wood, Saul W. Byran M. Owen M. Aaron R. ,' 3rd row: Ron K. Clayton H. Steven H. Chad H. Brian T. Kelly N. Kelly T. ,' 4th row: Kristina H. David E. Todd C. Doug C. Bruce K. Shawn L. shane F. he F.F.A. is an organization which offers a wide variety of opportuni- ties. lt gives a large amount ofmem- bers leadership opportzazites as well as training in Parliamentary Procedure, Pab- lic Speaking, Care and Knowledge ofcrops and animals. The F.F.A. also teaches re- sponsibility and service. This year our chapter started out with the annual opening social with the highlightfor this being afrog jumping contest. We clidn't have Greenhand Initiation, but replaced it with an orientation to better inform our Greenhands of F .F .A. We sponsored the Sweetheart Contest, Donkey Basketball, and co sponsored the Harvest Ball with the F.H.A. The BOAC projects were shoveling snow off the greens at the golf course and painting picnic tables at the park. Officers: Mr. Wood advisor, Linda J. Shane F. Teresa H. Garn B. Kristina H. Craig P. F.F.A. 139 MWWMJQ fQQWw4y ffw J? VME? IW! VQQWEW iff W Milf . i r' ,w,ff"7W ,4inQ?f ' A Sophomores Juniors, Seniors, we don't mix, e Class of '86 f-vagal , I ,. Bonnie Leger Merrzl J. Fausett vzce preszdent president NS . Karma Mortenson Jill Harper hismrian ' uh W 142 SOPHOMORES hh ophomore fficers Brian Allred Carla Allred Carla Lee Allred Gail Ames Josh Anderson Anthony Appawoo Daniel! Ashmore Av...- -1-v M Kellie Bastian A Darren Brandt A Q lk' ,r GA? ff P 1, Q 3 V ' 1 N , And ihey lived happily ever after, " reads Dennie W. SOPHOMORES 143 Tony Brooksby Bryon Brown Debra Brown Doug Brown Michelle Buchanan Alysa Burkman Dean Carter Gene Carter Shane Carter Steven Cesspooch Cathy Clark Doug Clark Vickie Clark Joyelynn Click Jonni Collins Marcella Cornpeach 144 SOPHOMORES , A X, ww sk ,,. ,,,,- I .- . f iii, 1 f i ,.,, "Raise your hand U' you 're sure, " sings Jill V -XP' fm tp 2 -f 7-Q ia Shane H. models for Standard Optical. X 'da '93 Jasen K. sleeps through the Haunted House. Cindy Crozier Teresa Daniels Julie Dalton Kelly Dastrup Josie Davis Kelley Davis Marianne Duncan Robbie Duncan Mike Eldredge Ryan Eldredge SOPHOMORES 145 Leslie Farnsworth Tammy Farnsworth Merrill Fausett Paul Fausett Ricky Fenn Nile Fowles isa Frest Glen Funk Adam Gardener Barry Gilbert Darren Gilbert Stephanie Goff Ronald Goodrich Stanley Goodrich Gina Goodspeed Leah Hamby 146 SOPHOMORES W X 1" , My 'f I '59 Laura M shows us her new dentures 9-. , Q W: X T, l."4f, Q61 ' -""gfj?, Q- 7 SA 40" 'K M! X - ,, ,, Ay VM! " N4 ,fee ag V ' 14 L 42 L 1 Kandi Hansen LouAnn Hardinger Troy Harmston Jill Harper Karen Haslem Korinne Haslem Brenda Henrie Shane Henrie Bob Herra Ky Hubert Tracy Hudson Darvell Hunt Maria Hunt Darwin Jack Troy Jacobson Brent Jarrett Johanna Jenkins Sherilyn Jenkins Dennis Jensen Ruth Ann Jensen SOPHOMORES 147 Aaron Jordan DaNette Justice Greg Keel Jason Kelly Tammy Kerson Bruce Kettle Kim K ynaston Craig Labrum Shaun Labrum Tammy Ledbetter Almina Lee Bonnie Leger 148 SOPHOMORES fn! an i T V Ti ff, he . i 'P' I fi I A - ,Q ' Hwy: I , X mf , L ' g 5 rv ,,, -,rue ,ii g Z 1 N -, ,,,,,Bf E 2 Sophomores feel the vibes of the dead at the Haunted House. E . E. T. is reaching out for Tracy R. 's help. etting out of Jr. High is an up. Being on the bottom of the ladder is a down. It is definitely a down, when it takes you two class periods to find your first hour class. Walking down Sophomore Hall is a down, but eventually making it to the Jr. Hall is an up. Attending Sophomore orientation is a down, however, getting out of class is an up. Competing with a Senior for the Spirit Stick is a down. Being 16 is an up, but being 15 is a down. Getting to drive is Q-mf ' 1' F- 'Ffa-.M 4 J an up, but wrecking the Driver's Ed. car is a down. Making it on the Drill Team is an up. Getting to date is an up. Being able to eat lunch at Dove 's is an up, but having to clean up your hall is a down. Being tardy is a down. When at the end of the year, you'rejinally us- ed to being teased about being a Sophy, it is an extraordinary up. Living in fear of "Sophomore Kill Dayv is complete- ly a down. It is dejinitely an up, when at the end of the year, you realize there was no "Sophomore Kill Day! " Linda Lewis John Lightfoot Matt Livingstan Ryan Lundstrom Nephi Manning Jim Markey Antony Martinez Renette McBride Laura McCormick Michelle McKee Mila De McKenna Tina McKewan SOPHOMORES 149 Da yne Medl yn Blaine Merkley Rodney Mezenen Becky Mitchell Shelly Moore Vernon Morrill Louie Morrow Karma Mortenson Jeff Murray Kaelinne Murray Raymond Murray Roy Murray Kelly Nebeker Dennis Nelson Skylar Nelson RoseA nn Nephi 150 SOPHOMORES MV will f, f Qs. it, 5. - ' V 'IZ' f5..s,2'h "l , "One down, two to go, " thinks Wendy T. at th .M Q M ttt,' Haunted House. GD Sf 4 V mf T ,V E 1 fm '-'X QTTP V . A tyyyyy tit, ' f . 5 fi or ,E dv-42 . Qhi'M my Julie S. shows her excellent taste in today 's fashions. Tina Pitcher Danny Pohl Kenneth Pratt Cindy Prescott Carl Price Aaron Reary Annette Reynolds Babette Reynolds Connie Richens James Richens Raema Richens David Riding 152 SOPHOMORES Aff- Q,n' ,1' ,sfznn Q'-" ,, , :ff 5 5 fri Q 4 I 1 Y' Glen F. proves that Sophomores can be tough. ,K V .f 1 ' MNA, inhuman!! ' , W s jf 5 .. A 1 Ax a -, xx J H, 1, 4 ix I M f fu " G f R 1 Q '-M f V ' if iff we V t,, N. 2 ai. Roy M. has decided to move to a new school? U , X ' 1 6 M' o lawxfi. N l Sophomores "think,' lhey're bad! TA, y me , ,Ji Frm Q f Kevin Ridley Kelly Roberts Chad Romans Tracy Ross Tonja Schimmels Tawny Schurz Thorton Serawop Julie Shields Leslie Shisler Chad Simons Pam Simmons Melanie Sommer SOPHOMORES 153 Kevin Stoddard Lisa Tabbee Gwennitta Taghuv Orlanna Taveapont Kris Taylor Wendy Tomlinson Tucker n 'e Gurner Marilyn Uresk Wade Uresk David Voyles 154 SOPHOMORES A lan Walker Qfif' if If gy , i f f . 4 ,K -X . . .k.. .,w,Q. 5 2 T new-M., fi Michelle B. and Nila De M. show the Alright Rebecca W., typical Sophomore enthusiasm. it out " W 4 'wx " X A of "Na-O' qw, L li I W - 4 'I w X J 53 EOS Sign, Drill team initiation brings out the true identify of these sophy girls. Julie Weight Kent Wilkerson Dennie Wilkins Warren Wilson Dione Winger David Winterton Saul Winward Leanna Wopsock LaRae Workman Leslie Wright Bryce Wyasket Roy Young SOPHOMORES 155 Q-'Av ,. .-If 4,',.f '9' ,L ' 'I .ea ' f ,a - -1. A ,,.,,f MWI 'fl XXI'-E ix' Y -.,'. H. ii , X f X , ff f 0 I 1 ' I -"Q: I 'Y-:L M. I J: 156 ACTIVITIES f x .f,,. ,-- . ,f gf' 4, I, Xu N Xxx . x S. xx. XX N, "t' qu 5 'Fx 3 43 QII. A, XX- fi. ax 'I ' XXX W H Zz f f T! , , , , , X -- , ...W y aff!- - ..,, - . I ,, ': .f N ' -VF' . ' 'H EI Ili Ii: I " " TQ V I I 'I ' 5 ,'-. -.e x ' x. X-1 'if ,, V',efg!.fgs-3 if g ' x ,ff ir? LE iv '. ,I gg"f?i'f H vi I' ,,fwL'fii: Hx I' I f fk: I ' . A if , V i f I ,,, , ," :l H ,- I - ' .gl -- J uv! Q: I 'Q U7 A 'WGS ' 55 5:5 Y X4 ggi' ,f l f, I ' V' ' 1 1 1" 4 1 fl' X f g.,.. -A - ' 7 If I1 I Q I cti ities x I , 1 1 I H f I 1 X I ax gi, I . I - - ' I -.N 0 3 X N ug. - ,I "3 4 I GQ - , hd ' XX I 4 ' I Ig I I 7. 3.1, If xxx? Q : X va .1-I ev 3 I f -. x A X v . 1.-5 f ,v , .' -'A ffff -. - - cf '--.12 " , - ,. , ,.-2 ,' N., xi x by . . '3 ,. - A I,-. .. turf X -. xx X XXX If -H X I r N xg I Q s L IJ: as 11 1 Rx.. , I ,f 'gy xl X 747' 'I K, I fi I' ' ' 'Z I 1 . . 1 I I f f . A 'L :, :V E7 I :W H If JI, I WM I fJfHf3IAi , U , I 1, ,W M 2 '1 .I 31,1 f ff ' Zffzfi' I -xg fgggfflf , xff I .X J :Q 71 p:ij,f,,:. , X- 1- I' " W, f ,f I 'X X - 1. fi gf V X ,x,, I , - ' 'L' txijhh '- ' I 2 mi 52 2 1. N I . I ,, , , . I '--: ' ,, .. - -- - ' " I w if" -I f ' , .-'fhgflff 5-55' 3 , wx: , I g 3, f I f " ' ff" , W-fn' I .,, ""-Jff -'K I I ' ff , 'ff'-fil ,:i'i--" I , ' 'E . - ' I 1-, 2:2 44 oo V L ' ACTIVITIES 157 Homecomin Tiny Cat Paws. Dot the faces Homecoming Parade. CUZ M. on the day f .en 158 HOMECOMING Ute pride shows on the faces inf this Indian royalty Coach Kittrel and the old mare mosey on down to the stable after the parade The class of '86 float depicted the "Spartan Steed Defeated." The "enthusiastic" Senior class took the .spirit stick at the Pep Rally, although they a'on,t show it here. gli Rebecca W. traveled back in time to help her class. She took a record 15 min. to empty the baby bottle and Come in 3rd. Beetle for Homecoming. Marshmallows. Joyce B. is well on her way to staffing her way to victory. ln keeping with tradition Jeff "Big C" Corry again decorated his infamous VW HOMECOMING 159 my Homecomin ' 6We're Still Standing' 9 The cheerleader-drillteam mud wrestling was a popular first at Home- coming '83. Korrie H. Chad R. puts up a poster in the hall. The seniors took first in the hall competition. "Go Cats Go. . . " U .H .S . cheerleaders Chant. They boosted team spirit to help us win our jirst Homecoming game in a long time. 160 HOMECOMING gets taken flown into the muck. will I "AuntJemima', Hollee' V. was namedHome- Cougarettes pedormed for the large Home- coming crowd at the game. The Colgate shaving cream piles high. Tammics B's mound wasn't quite high enough to beat the senior's however. 27-5 Victory oarr! The mighty Cougar football machine rose out of the dust of obscurity ana' made history. They defeated the Emery Spartans. For the first time since just about anyone can remember we won our homecoming game 27-5. Little Red Riding Hood, Carol Burnett, Aunt Jemima and Grasshopper attended a great assembly during the week of Homecoming. Each was trying their best to reign proud as Homecoming Queen and King. Hollee Vaderkratts and Joe Arnold were named to the honors. JFK IN K ia. Homecoming Week broughtsome time to relax in the Mud splattered everywhere. Innocent by-standers even got plas halls. Suzanne S. glug, glugs her Hires. tered. JJ, .. HOMECOMING 161 Hello Doll "Before the Parade passes by . . . " Cornelius and Burnaby jumping to ge! away j9'om the cornmuslz explosion. 162 HELLO DOLLY Ambrose and Ermengarrl planning to elope Irene and Minnie Fay are very interested in Horace Vcmdergelzlcfr. Horace and Ernestina meet at the Harmonia Gardens. he school musical this year was a great success! It had one of the biggest crowds in years. Closing night it was sold out, and they were still selling standing room tickets. The set was fantastic, one if the best we have ever had. It was rented from Granger and Taylorsville High School. "Hello Dolly took more time and practice hours than any other play, because of the very large cast and the many singing and dancing numbers. One of the biggest challenges was trying to teach the boys to dance", said director Tana Dunsniore, The costumes were very elaborate. Some were especially made, others purchased, and some rented-from the Wedding Train. Many people went away saying that they thought the play was very professionally done. Joyce Burton plays the schoolteacher in the opening scene. Tana Dunsmore, Director HELLO DOLLY 163 Rudolph, the very distinguislied Head Wairer. Mrs. Levi frying to keep Horace occupied so he won't see Barnaby or C ornelius. 164 HELLO DOLLY The polka dancers perfknvnirzg at the Harmonia Gardens 'Qspf X . 11 1 N f.+'fv if ,T .. e ' 'J . rv . The waiters in their famed Pyramid. Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi-Penny Rawlings Ernestina-Lisa Killian Ambrose Kemper-Robbie Duncan Horace Vandergelder-Greg Jones Ermengarde-Raelyn Eldredge Cornelius Hackl-Jeff Madsen Barnaby Tucker-Ron Winterton Irene Malloy-Sonnet Swain Minner Fay-Jayne Shelly Rudolph-C had Mortensen Cook-Nick Pappas Director-Tana Dunsinore Music and Vocal Director-Pat Stringham Lighting Director-Ken Winn Cast Dancers Angela Anderson Tara Gale Diana Prichard Tammy Steward Stacy Vernon Julie Shields Regina Coonrod Stephanie Malnar Dawnie Murray Gina Goodspeed Bonnie Lager Leslie Shisler Tina Heaton Rebecca Williams Teresa White Laurie Davis Paula Martin Jennifer Bailey Waiters ClUf Lee Troy Evans Dale Jenkins Brett Campbell Blaine Merkley Les Farnsworth David Espinoza David Winterton Adam Gardner Richard Berggren Matt Haniblin Joe Arnold David White Ky Hubert Keith Mangan HELLO DOLLY 165 Junior Prom -19 4- Delia W. and her date waltz au! onto thejlaor Shelly B. and Brett W. take a time-our to enjoy in Advisors Betty Griffin ana' Dallas Reynolds took tickets, arranged lines, called ou! names and generally kepl things in order . . . ' I66 JUNIOR PROM 6 the luxuries he A wide range of sizes and colors dotted the dance floor. 1 'Fl V traight The Heart Time spent with that special date. Juniors and their dates in the prom An elegant backdrop out by the pool was the scene for prom pictures. ' w A long formal and a top hat. Carol M. and Clark D. came dressed in style. 6 6 've got Levis on underneath this . . . " Crooked ties and hoop skirts were the norm at the class of '85 junior prom. Many if the guys were a little uncomfortable in their tuxes and wished they could wear their comfortable old Levis. The tuxes ranged from a regular black tie to white tails and walking stick. The dresses were long and beautnful. For the-first time ever, the junior prom was held away from Roosevelt. The Sheraton Inn was the scene. Elegant clothes were everywhere. London Bridge was set up in the Fin and Feather Room, playing the tunes at about a million decibals. Dave Boonder was swooning the ladies and snapping the pictures out by the pool. There was a lot of juss over where the prom was to be held. Finally after the many phone calls and newspaper articles, Mr. Wow' made a decision ,' whatever the class of '85 decided would be jinal. There was a vote and the controversy was over, the 1984 Junior Prom was held at the Sheraton lnn. JUNIOR PROM 167 Homecoming R0 altie S5 fr Q Queen: Hollee' Vana'erKraats, K ing: Joe Arnold Senior Prince QQ Princess: Larsen, Suzy Mower 168 I-IOMECOMING ROYALTIES 1-96 iv' 'Jef ,A f i fi Todd Junior Prince QQ Princess.' Jeff Madsen, Kellie Brown ' gy-ev lst Attendants: Joyce Burton, Larijv Squier 2nd Attendants: Tammie Bostick, Wendell Henrie 'Q ' Sophomore Prince di Princess: Robbie Duncan, Cindy Crozier Harvest Ball R0 alt -v-5' 'f King: Shane Frost, Queen: Rebecca Williams HARVEST BALL ROYALTY 169 Sweetheart Ro alt 2nd Attendant: Catherine Lundstrom, Queen: Amy Dennis, I st Attendant: Joyce Burton 170 SWEETHEART ROYALTY Jr. Prom Ro alties Front: Joyce Burton Prom Queen Junior Prom 1984, Russ Nielson Prom King. Back: Vanderkratts Maiden, Kellie Brown Princess, Shane Frost Prince. Brett Wymer Knight, Hollee' JR. PROM ROYALTIES 171 PED? FP"-'WU Erma wibn Front Row: Barbara Elclerdge, Carol Percival, Maria Hunt. Second Row: Jill Sherelyn Jenkins, Michelle Buchanan, Kristina Harrison, Toni F ranflsen. Third Row: Alicia Winterton, Kellie Brown, Penny Rawlings, Ronda Rockwood. Fourth Row: Tammy Stewart, Tina Heaton, Tricia Ames, Sonnet Swain, Jayne Shelley. Back Row: Lisa Brough, Amy Dennis, Joyce Burton, Jennifer Bailey, Alison Bell, Gina Goodspeecl, Catherine Lundstrom. 41' Of-ZMUPODP ZDFEPEHPGMU Bryan Elderalge, Diane Steinhorst, Willie Nickel, Tyler Jensen, David White, Raelyn Elderdge B A S K E T B A L L Je1TCrinklaw, Jef' Madsen, Dan Allen. 172 WORKSHOPS F. A. YK ,? N A T I O N A L 8: S T A T E F. H. A. Sondra Rockwood, .lolynn Gillman, Shirley Nielsen, Sherry Nielsen. F. Linda Justice, Kristina Harrison, Teresa Houston Q B A S E B A L L Wayne Gingell, Bryan Elderdge. H17 gil 55. E02 'ETHNIC CUZ'-'CFML' Front Raw: Penny Britherson, Raelyn Elderdge, Marci Sol- monson, Kaelyn Spencer, Lani Pectol. Second Row: Lori Fenn, Cindy Chasel. Third Row: Julie Shields, Shannon F randsen, Danielle Ashmore. Back Row: Korrie Hender- son, Wendy Nebeker, Becky Dve. WORKSHOPS 173 X v- ,Vx . X :vi , M., gililwfv ffm i 1 , 2-. x 1 V ss wwf' N5 5 Sl tx 'xx a ,V X 5-f in xx . h ,V ,, Q' X gf" . g 2-, XX I Q R fi ,4 1 49' 1 , , ' ' . . , .A . gd, I V . R E Front Row Diane Kettle, Sherry Nielsen, Kristina Harrison. Back Row: Suzy Mower, Shirley Nielsen, Penny Brotherson oting, government rules and appreciation offimerica were a few things girls from Union learned at Girls State. It was held for seven days in Cedar City, Utah. During their stay, they had to elect senators, judges, governors and other city officials which made up each individual "city". All the cities then joined together to make Girls State. The Cedar C ity police force came for a day to show the girls what goes on in a court of law. Judges and attornies, who were elected, participated in the mock-trial. fNew friends were made and experiences sharedj At the end cy' Girls State the girls as a whole elected a governor for next year. The new governor is to return next year and reign over the new Girls State. 174 GIRLS STATE Girls State .I un 1983 Boys State ood fght! The guys at Boys State had many of these. One ofthe best was the pizza fight. Along with these happenings, many got stuck in the elevator. The guys really got rowdy. Staying up all night and sleeping during the lectures about the government was a usual sight. Everyone had to get up at 6:00 every morning for reveille. It was an June 1983 easy way to wake those tired bones. The boys stayed one week to learn government rules and elect city ojjicials. It was a great experience that everyone shared. STAT . 025 ST?-T mf .g JS E ,tes L . t ' F 91531285 Ltuttsj 1 'txtmasa aww, H bi 93' 'iii' ' , NNQ First Row: Charles lvie, Willie Nickell, Richie Peterson. Second Row: Richard Shelley, Greg Jones, David White. Third Row: David Espanoza, Larry Squier, Brad Rasmussen. Fourth Row: Mike Ross, Todd Larsen, Scott Wilson, Bryan Eldredge. l75 BOYS STATE 5 ,JV First Row: Heather Wilson, Michelle Todd, Staci Bulloch. Second Row: Angela Anderson, Richy Peterson, JaCina Wilson, Tana Simmons, Linda Hardy. Third Row: Linda Bastian, Niel Wilkerson. Janilee Hicks, Wendall Henrie. Fourth Row: Shawn Lewis, Sherri Anderton. Suzy Mower. Fifth Row: Ron Winn, Rich Hadlock, Greg Jones, Tyler Jensen. i he most newspapers published in the recorded history of Union High has been ten issues in one year,' however, this year the Cougar Outlook Staff has improved considerably. The Journalism class published 30 issues, breaking the school record. Union is the only high school in Utah that prints a newspaper every week. The paper is seU'-supporting because of the ads sold each week. All graphic art and typesetting is done by the students, no other 2A school does their own typesetting. Keep up the good work! Miss Pope Advisor Joumalism 176 X N 41 ,fs ' EIC 2 .Bm d ,,. k i 'S Q .yqaq b ""f,u:fi'J4'7r-5 . 'Y ' 'r Jalfrr- A typlcal day In class J,,.,,, is vm, P JaniLee, on rhe job. I bet you didn I know, I 7 Q S' fha' Editor in-Chief F ' Advertising Editor Say Cheese! , , . Graphzc Artzst Edztor W WWA was in Jourrzalisfn! U Janilee icks U Asszstant Graphzc Artzst Editor JOURNALISM 177 ns gud!! 2'-gun-u Raema B. checks exacting measurements. Yoon- Yun Sta Clark Drane y 6 Editor-in-Chief X8 Q it ,ti Wir Nancy Percival Advisor f lick! went the camera as another picture was taken. Hundreds of rolls of film were used to take thousands of smiles and surprised glances. The staff spent many hours after school and during class to finish the book. Aggravation and frustration went along with those hours as any one of them can tell you. They will also tell you that the satisfaction is well worth the "strain,' on their brains. "2ff?"'f"r-f Front: Clark Draney, Angela Anderson, Teresa White, Suzanne Smith,' Back: Raema Barney, Kristina Harrison, LeAnn Taylor. 178 YOON-YUN STAFF 3 S i i Thousands of little decisions added up to a BIG headache, sometimes. Raema Barney Staff Kristina Harrison Staff J Suzanne Srmth Angela Anderson LeAnne Taylor Staff Staff Staff -1..1.,, Layouts, copy, pictures? Where does it all fit? Hollee' VanderKraats Photographer YOON-YUN STAFF 179 Qi X TN ' 69 M ww M V 180 HONORS I HO OR X N if M XX I . 'f f' L' ,f , ' r '4' A F Q 1 f lf 'X , f - .rx - L f5?,Z,.!,, If 2' , f" ,f 1' , ,,f"'1'Y? ' . , ' ,' , ' fx. t f -.-- 21-Y,, 3 .3 NX ' . QQ N ' X. X 1 ,. " .' x. '. """,, ' I ' Q . -41-5' -- M3 -wiza- 4-M., ,N A .-.. ., -- 2" ."' ., ---q1 +- . s' fs. ,I A, f' - .' f K, .fn 1- gf ., 1 f ' Lf , ' , C! fi! I f " 1 fr jf" P H l IS W xx X, mf HONORS 181 enior Toni Hadden Tina Heaton Roosevelt City Chamber of Commerce Roosevelt City Chamber of Commerce Business Award enior Honors are ten awards designed to give pecial recognition to those students who have set an example of excellence during their years at Union. Two of the awards are from the city, six are selected by the faculty, one is selected by class rank and one by vote of the cheerleaders and student council. For the frst time the Roosevelt City Chamber of Commerce has contributed to these by selecting someone in the Weld of Business Raelyn Eldredge Citizenship Award and by commending a student who shows good citizenship. The Outstanding Scholar Award recognizes the student with the third highest G.P.A. while completing a minimum of 12 solid courses. The Gracious Womanhood Award and the Paul Murphy A ward are given to the boy and girl who best display honesty, citizenship, humility and a concern for fellowmen. Outstanding Scholar Award Penny Brotherson Tyler Jensen Gracious Womanhood Award Paul Murphy Award 182 SENIOR HONORS Honor r T0dd LGVSHVI Carol Percival Distinguished Leadership Award Distinguished Service Award tudents were sought out who had displayed some very special talents in Leadership and Service and were recognized by the Distinguished Leadership Award and the Distinguished Service Award. These honors are presented to the students who have been outstanding in leading the school activities and organizations and by giving outstanding service to the school through time spent get- ting the tasks at Union ac- complished. The Gordon Jen- ,fbi Qfw-f..a.t..f4"f Scott Wilson Gordon Jennings Award nings Award is given as a tribute to a man who showed great concern for others and is given to a Football player-Eagle Scout, and exemplary citizen whose personal life parallels Gordon ts. The Cougar Spirit Award is given to the student who has worked and helped the school develop spirit and uni- ty. The Rex Curry A ward is an award for the Native American student who has been a partici- pant in school activities, suc- cessful in academics and a leader among students. N 1--'wwf 'WQQMV Wendell H enrie Cougar Spirit Award Adeania Bush Rex Curry Award SENIOR HONORS Out tanding Bo Ronnie Mortensen he honor of Outstanding Senior Boy is given by tlze faculty of Union High to the boy theyjeel has been an excellent example ofthe educational process. This stua'ent must have been a hard working student and an outstanding example of good citizenship. He will also usually ltaygarticipated in a large variety ofactivities. He must be willing to give of his own time in the way of extra-curricular activities and requirements ofboth students and staff Ronnie has done these things. He has been on the basketball team for three years, cross country team for two years, a participant in the Science Fair each year and winning first place with his senior project. He has also participated with tlze school in the Model U .N . organization, He has been the manager of the girls Volleyball team and was a Student Coach for the Girls Basketball team. He has been in the Honor Society and has shown outstanding knowledge in tlze areas of General History and the Constitution, which he displayed in the district Knowledge Bowl. He received the Student ty' the Quarter award, was recogni:ed as a Student of the Month and is the Sterling Scholar ty' Union in thefield ofSocial Studies. He has been an active member cfthe Student Council-for two years in both elected and appointedpositions and was chosen as "Hardest Worker" by his senior classmates. During May ofhis junior year he attended a Freedom Leadership Conference sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge and traveled throughout the Washington, D.C. area through this scholarship. Ronnie is truly an Outstanding Senior Boy. 184 OUTSTANDING BOYlGIRL Senior he award of Outstanding Senior Girl is designed t recognize a student who is outstanding and a excellent example ofthe type of an individual Unio can be proud of Penny Hts this criteria. Her outstandin vocal talent has been enjoyed by all on numerous occasion and her flashing smile shows her enthusiasm. Penny ha been active in the Drama-Forensics department-for all thre of her years at Union, being a member ty' the 1982-8. Forensics State Champion Team, participating in debat and dranzatic readings. As a sophomore she was Hrs attendant to the Sweetheart Royalty and was an attendant tt Roosevelt's Junior Miss. She has been an active member 6 the C ougarette Drill Team her sophomore and senior yea and was Football and Basketball Cheerleader her junio year. She participated in Guys and Dolls as a junior and thet played the lead role in "Hello Dolly" her senior year. He scholastic abilities are evident in her membership in tht Honor Society and as the Salutatorian. Her senio. classmates recogni:ed her as the '4Most Talented " and sht is the Sterling Scholar in the-field ofGeneral Scholarship These credentials definitely show why Penny was selected bg the faculty as the Outstanding Senior Girl. B Out anding Girl l Achiever Salu atorian enny has been named Salutatorian with a 3.959 overall G.P.A. She lzas worked hard and has put a lot of time into the necessary study involved in an achievement fy' this type. Penny has been Student ofthe Montlz and Student ofthe Quarter while attending Union. She has participated in various beauty pageants and has an exceptional musical talent, Penny has been active in Drama, Forensics, Drill team, Troop, Honor Society, and Varsity Cheerleader. She played the lead in tlze school proa'uction of Hello Dolly. Penny is the Sterling Scholarfrom Union in the area of General Scholarship. She has been enrolled in the college classes and the advanced classes at Union. Through her lzard work and dedication Penny has truly earned the honor 1y"Salutatorian. Penny Rawlings Diane Steinhorst Valedietorian lot of time, hard work, and dedication goes into receiving an honor of such great esteem as that of Valedictorian. Diane has truly earned this distinction because of her 3.975 overall G.P.A. She moved from Wisconsin, where she was Representative of the Sophomore class, to Union at the beginning fy' her Junior year. Diane has been active in debate, foreign language, Honor Society, Academic Decathalon, Model U.N., and Troop. As well as being involved in these activities she has excelled academically through taking several college classes during her Junior and Senior year and also enrolling in advanced classes at Union. Diane is Union's Sterling Scholar in the field ijjoreign language and has worked very hard to attain this honor 1y"Valedictorian. VALEDICTORIANlSALUTATORIAN 185 M' If if Ron Mortensen lst quarter, 1983-84 tudent of the uarter Penny Rawlings tudent af the quarter is the recognition to the top studenffor each of Ilze jbur quariers. Criteria includes acaa'emic excel- lence, citizenship, andparricipalion in activities. 2nd Quarter, 1983-84 l Elva Ames Jolynn Gillman 4th Quarter, 1982-83 3ra' quarter, 1983-84 186 STUDENTS OF QTR. t . ,iw,ivf??3i' f . - 9 1 if X 1' gg i' A 5 A - K K, Q ' + ji' . ew Ei 3 x I A v Q- Lg 5513 E 130' y 'X Q-6 fs al c' xi fs l x First Row: Tyler Jensen, Todd Larseng Second Row: Stacey Vernon, Penny Rawlings, Tina Heaton, Kristina Harrison, Shirley Nielsen Tana Simmons ' Back Row: Toni Hadden iane Steinhorst, Amy Dennis, Raelyn Eldredge, Shannon Frandsen, Suzy , , , D Mower. Honor Senior onor Seniors are chosen on the basis of their GPA. Tlze requirements are that they must be on the honor roll a minimum ofl0 times, be enrolled in at least3 solid units per quarter, and rnnst have ci GPA of3.65. HONOR SENIORS 187 tudents of the Month f 1 ,If September October Todd Larsen and Kellie Brown Greg Jon ne girl and one boy are Chosen eaeh month by the faculty members to be Student of the Month. They are selected by their Citizenship towards other students and faculty members. Also for their achievements in various activities and organizations for the month they are chosen. es and Jolynn Gillman November Deg-gmbg Kristina Harrison and Kelly Cook Janilee H 188 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH ry' I' ieks and Jeff Madsen 'Hr ,.,,...-nn-an-!v""' s January February Ken Winn and Penny Brgfhersgn Tyler Jensen and Shirley Nielsen T H 3 y yjiy. ,, V T4 levi ' HT mi". VVV- ly ,VV,r 7 , A March Mike Ross and Toni Hadden April Ron Mortensen and Lori Vernon Suzy Mower STUDENTS OF THE MONTH 189 Best Dressed: Scott Wilson and Sonnet Swain S V55 .......,,,,, 9 Most Preferred: Penny Brotherson and Steve Miller l90 SENIOR PERSONALITIES Senior ig M 5. ,,..,:,a',fe, . ' ," 'FSE 1, X Cures! Smile: Mike Ross and Melody Ambieul Sparkling xeyes: Alison I-luberr and David Harper S Personalities Qu ,R S f N if . Most Talkarive: Ron Winn and Jill Sanders Happiest: Wendy Nebeker and Wendell Henrie Biggesr Flirt: Joe Arnold and Lori Fenn Best Sense of Humor: Suzy Mower and Tracy Hall SENIOR PERSONALITIES l9l enior Per onalitie Hardest Workers: Raelyn Eldredge and Ron Mortensen Most Stylish hair: Shannon F ranson and Bryan Eldredge 192 SENIOR PERSONALITIES Most Talented: Todd Larsen and Penny Rawlings Most Masculine and Feminine: Chad Richard and Jolynn Gillman 2 .5 'vp-v fr .Y V R! . i ug ' MMM ? Y' '- ,, , , , -.,q,,f,11,5,-:J iftmff, 'im -. . i , -i f.Wf,fi,. i1fqf!,.f,.,,-make, Q 9,5 , 4 V :::.2i'1?". if .,,25+5 Biggest Worriers: Amy Dennis and Troy Evans ,df K-I Q Z '55 5. UQ 9. 3 QQ ffl I Q 2 Q Q Q, Q .. ,Eu .,,., 3 ' Q N' R25 is 5 m '3 1 f?f15:.,,? L'i3lN5x:f1,fEi' sf' - 3 4 ,,,, N IE an Q Tfgml' it 5-fi ' -IQ? W l' w Y , f:::-wg had Richard inf' mf' sf' Most Intellectual: Tyler Jensen and Diane Steinhorsl SENIOR PERSONALITIES 193 terling Scholars '49 Steve Miller Jolynn Gillman Business Home EC. gh aj? VVnV 'Ns ,, ,,, f' Kelly Cook Diane Steinhorst Art Foreign Language Willie Nickel! Krislina Harrison Math Vocational Education 194 STERLING SCHOLARS Ronnie Mortensen Social Studies terling scholars are a select group of students who have pat together a portfolio showing past accom- plishments. There are twelve diferent areas in which the students compete. They competed with others from the region to get a scholarship in the area they have chosen. This year the competition was held at Uintah High School. More and more students get involved each year with this program. lt's a terrUic way to earn a scliolarship. Raelyn E ldreclge English Greg Jones Penny Rawlings SpeechfDrama General 1 'U' 'qu Amy Defmief Tyler Jensen MM-WC Science STERLING SCHOLARS 195 ' f , --,x ,Q. I "' I l f ' I 196 ADMINISTRATION 1 dministration Mix A M Q A I gx . igig: V .- xg... -,Xb X . - "'. ,ff f f f Z f" . Z , - 'ivy' W., ,J I ' 'll' ' Nu' -1-1-.I ., . I - ,, . ----- 4, . ,g k A , j.,T-l,4 4 gSi Ti' i5 ,. . : " I , - jr 'v- . ADMINISTRATION 197 School Board Front row: Superintendent Lowell Caldwell, Ellen Rawlings, Clerk Phil Thompson. Back ro w: Keith Nielsen, President Kent Rust, Art Taylor, and Ralph Ercanbraeh. hejiiture will coine, despite what we do: will we and our schools be prepared to cope with the 21 st C entury? To meet the challenges we inust plan now-for tomorrow and prepare students nowjor a different world, Toda-v's industrial giants do not lack such vision and coininitinent, in fact, it is because ofthis vision and planning that they have reached their present levels ofsuccess and will continue to grow and prosper by changing and adjusting to what lies ahead. Our schools are this nation's largest industry, they too, should grow and prosper because cn' visions, planning and commitrnent to the future. - P.R. Thompson - 1 believe that each person is different and that we need to recognize and accept the individuality of each person and tailor our educational program to fit the needs of individuals. This means that each child cannot be forced into a like mold in which they move along step by step or course by course. Ar educational system should prepare people to be successful adults and positive contributors to society. -A.L. Taylor - X un u X .. c - ax .,.,.,---M' eff' 'QQ fc -- RA f Ron olff Principal uw" believe the purpose of secondary education is to help each student experience personal success while being provided the oppourtunities to develop basic skills and gain a better understanding of lik. I hope our e.x'perience at Union High School will make us "winners" Mthe game of life. As we depart from this shared experience, I hope we will be dedicated to the concepts ofequality, freedom and justice. I also hope that we will have gained the necessary skills and desire to continue to learn throughout the rest tj our existence. A man truly dies when he is no longer willing to learn. -R. Wolff - 4, ,N,. - PRINCIPAL 199 5 .744-rv P4421 Qvlvt J l 200 VICE-PRINCIPAL he young people of today are in a special situation because they are neither small children nor adults. Still, much is expected of them. In public schools, a program must be adopted to meet their needs, therefore, emphasis needs to be placed on their preparation for lU'e. Reading and writing skills are critical, along with problem- solving skills. Administration, faculty and staff must set goals with students which will ac- complish long-range achievements with every student. J.D. itchell Vice-Principal Coun elin ffice Ll izt., 5 . . moms x 0. I if Qu, ' M .. Edwin Cuch and Stan Allen spend many hours with students. t Union High School we adhere to the philosophy that each student is a unique individual with individual dnfferences, possessing varying abilities, in- terests and attitudes. We feel it is the role of the school counselor to be an advocate for the student in helping him to obtain an appropriate education and in providing the opportunity for him to develop toward his potential. New this year, Gary Black has also helped a great many students. . 34, COUNSELORS 201 ur Facult . . . l l l "The goal of Educa- tion is to help students help themselves. Jef' Alexander My goal is to help educate my students by filling their minds with light, their hearts with joy and their souls with hope. -Betty Barker - I fx 'Hier 202 FACULTY "Teach them to see! " -Joyce Bolton - . . .Step number two, fasten buckle firmly, pull strap to tighten. . . N l l l "This one looks interesting, " says Mrs. Griffen to Michelle Thomson. l "llll never do that again." says Miss Gillis I can't lecture without my wheels!" ex- claims Mr. Corry Walker on the walk. J ejj' C orrjv Karen Crook 1 'When I teach music, I am trying to teach sefrnotivation, disci- pline, technical aspects of music and that harder-to-define area of feeling and emotion which brings music away from being a science and turns it into an art." -Jim Curtis - "In time of peace pre- pare for war. Winning is imponant - There is standing room only at the top of the hill - Winning is a struggle but Il's all wonh the effort - Losing makes me Physically ill. -Tana Dunsmore - FACULTY 203 ww Yr' 204 FACULTY -ff! Jana Gillis "Students - 'Know thyseU' and 'To thine own seh' be true.' " -Betty Grqfen - "Students should have the opportunity to de- velop a wholesome attitude toward learn- ing with extendive opportunity given to develope individual ta- lents and philosophy of lie, that will help stu- dents adjust to our society. " -David Hunt - Wayne K ittrell Mr. Wood is rounding up the troops with his little plastic bucket ,mf :ii gc, y . A Very typical day for the crazy wood shop teacher, Mr. Reynolds. .' lik e f' JS "Did you hear the one about the. . .asks Coach Kittrell to Coach Vallentine. Mr. Weight spending time with his best friend. Marlene Luck Sr- Nu Lee Marrett "Our science program exists to serve the pre- sent and future needs of our students. If these needs are not being met, then we have failed in our de- sire to deliver a quali- ty education to them. -Randy Merrill - "The more we learn, g the better we are able , " , V to make the right l V I ' choices in our lives. -Alan . t Vffi:H.j MYWP - - - rtt 5 r rrr . ,.e 1 FACULTY 205 Pam Nielson .IA -3 Jay Omer "The day ana' age when people can earn a com- forable living entirely by physical ejfort and no in tellectual requirement is gone. Today's way of lype demands educational knowledge and intellec- tual power. Be readv! Get prepared! Meet the Challenge! -Nancy Percival - Kim Peterson n Onward with Union. . . " Vianne Pope Muses Sm 3 2 "Bang! you're dead." -Shirl Rawlings - I' 1 x is A S "Students should not only learn the 'basie', but should learn how to become happy, productive members of soei FACULTY 207 Dallas Reynolds ou may think, after so many years teaching. teachers would become immune to the ups and downs in school. Actually they don't. Their lives are one giant roller coaster ride, just like ours. Taking valium every morning helps give the day an up. Having the wheels stolen off' your cart is a down. Missing your daily Tab is a down. Having lunch with the boys at the Having your tropical fish, salamanders and hogs roasted over the weekend is down. Once a week, giving a test to unprepared students is an up. Teachers sometimes get dizzyjrom all the ups and downs, but they survive and, in the end, they help us all survive. We say "thank you" to them for that, at least. "School years should be looked back on with fondness and they should teach all that is needed to begin a successful second phase of lufe. -Pat Stringham - Rawlings' Bologna Joint is an up. Leaving the Tums home before a trip in the Drivers' Ed. car is a down. ,tm . . , X ' Becky Thacker f :.L I N s , T John Vallentine Q . .. 5 ,, SNK? . Mr. Myrup and his best friend. i'Joe Cool" Corry strutts down the hall, on F Ufties Day. i .wan ma 3 dw 1-Kai! Ooooo. . .that valium sure did the trick this morning." says Mr. Merrill. Kayla Walker John Weight "Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored." -Cheryle Wingfield - "Intelligence or the ability to reason is the thing that separates us from the animals. Henrjv Adams said: "They know enough who know how to learn.." -Kirk Wood- ,A .. Q-J 4' will FACULTY 209 Personnel 5NT""' 3 WX Ellen Stubbs Carma Reagan Attendance Secretary Financial Secretary 210 PERSONNEL Jodie Kelley Debbie Peterson Records Secretaijv Records Secretary Dorothy Powell Barbara Scholes Peggy McArthur Cook Cook C0016 Willis Wymer Custodian C harman Justice Custodian Bruce Jarman Custodian ' A, ' ff at ' L 9 Y Kenneth Harrison Custodian PERSONNEL 21 1 Keith CI'Vfl1g the "best i11Ic'r'c'.s'ts ofihcf Sill- , , 0 ,A 4 dont" ITIIISI be the ZIIICICWI-Vfllg phi- B t .1 c. -r '- -A 4' losoplzy of all policies, gzrifllirzas' 555 K x """"'? "'- and pl'm'c'dz4r'os that are e.s'tc1bli.s'l1c'dfor ,iw h ' llze c'omluc'I ofpublic' C'dllC'llIf0lI. Eclzfm- ' ' o Q Q - . ., ,w , . . t . . Administrator , .X 3 , Kp non 1.x the .single most Ill11J0lIllIlI.fl!lC'I of 4 Fi if Q: 0lll'4ft'L'C'ffl'l7I0C'I'llffC'SI2l'fL'I.VlllIIlfl7t'kl'.YI0 4 a fx it A v g wo! M pvrpcffuufzon of the vonstztutzonolly o P ' 1 I A SQ , .5 ostobIi.s'l1ed rights and privilicfges of o 'H t .vig ',, . F- V ' I I . 1 . fn ,f 5 Amermcm C'II'lZOI1S 611161611N'0dllCIlVU. Com- It 'wwt f f S g.,..t potmvo economy. o , .h E A. X E K h,: in A A 5 xi is 5 f Q to "A ' 5 Q Q W .j A I 0 W' K kk fix, it ' Q tht ' "if , L Y' S ,Af 1 X W 1 t o 212 VOCATION CENTER F'I 5 m Beverly E vans Coordinator VOCATIONAL CENTER 213 nasal 086 wannabe 4 Vocational Center Facult "You do it like this, Tammie B. says Mr. Weatherston. 5 X ii When I grow up I'm going to be a secretary, " says .lolynn G. to Mrs Merrill. 214 VOCATIONAL CENTER Education is more than the three R's. It also includes refining thinking abilities. . .both logical and creative it includes embracing ethical standards, it includes helping students to be aware of their obligation in a communityq then enriches We Dennis Garner .sw Business U I teach petroleum because I feel that there is a great need for trained personneljor the oil feld in the Basin. With the training j5'om the petroleum program people can better attain, high-paying occupations. Bruce Brighton Petroleum ' Every student has a right to be ' trained in his or her profession and interest. As a vocational educator, I feel obligated to help in this accomplishment and hope that the technical information I can pass on will be of lU'elong beneft. Dick Jones Trades and lndustry fi 1 believe that Adult Ed. is an educational solution to meet the needs lj students whose needs are not or have not been mel in other educational settings. I feel that helping them complete studies for High School credit is a rewarding experience in which I learn along with the students. Carol Henley Adult Education VOCATION AL CENTER 215 l feel like education is one of the most important things in every young persons lie. If high school will take advantage of the education opportunities they have and do it with a positive attitude, there is no end to what they can learn and do. Lee Mecham Leather 216 VOCATIONAL CENTER Karm Merrlll Business V.C. A good education provides principles which help us solve problems and make wise decisions. Nothing is as exciting as learning something new. What you have learned no one can steal from you. Perhaps it is the only thing we can take with us when we leave this earth. Arva Redden Business The most important objective in education is not what a student learns, but what he learns how T0 1456. Joe Richards Electricity A good education is very important for someone pursuing a career in drcwing. A person who does not spell well, communicate well or who does not have a good backgound in math will not go far in the work force. Sid Scholes Drafting Students who take advantage of carpentry can obtain basic job skills. However, working contractors will select only the best qualnied carpenters and top students. There is, as always, room at the top of any trade for the person who really wants to be there. Norman Shelley Building Trades me. When they lear mechanics. Garth Sorens M, X X , ie Auto Shop . i ' To help students learn a skill or trade is a great pleasure for n and perform, I also learn CII The schooling you have had l thus far is only the beginning of your education, not the end,' education should last a lU'etime. Education is like a ladder - You can't reach the top J some of the rungs are Bruce Weatherston Marketing missing in the middle. Willard Honeycut Welding ' ,gm l Z 5 VOCATIONAL CENTER 217 ocational Center Personnel giij- , Richard Brown Maintenance Kerry Denny Gloria Butcher Secretary, Adult Education Vocational Counselor Zela Hansen Sheila McCully Receptionist Clerk, Treasurer 218 V.C. PERSONNEL Marilyn Peterson Receptionist Linda Otterson Administrative Secretary Jamie Snaith Pauline Scott Enterprise Clerk Purchasing Leo Tiongson Maintenance nv- Harty Scott Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds it TQ 1 ' 3, ,WK ,V V .' ', " , M . . Is. , n Q ,X a K xl M W f I t , , i Q f 2' ff 1 f , , ff ' .,'2",fA, " V ' mx: -, E ,.aib'J.:i..- , . l - HV ,. , -- I .. , x hp 'i .. A, U W.. A , fi... .,1' H M , , vu ' Barbara Swain Registar, Financial Aids V,C. PERSONNEL 219 INDEX Acord, Mike 11126, 10.54, 59, 80, 93, 136 Adams, Ryan 1122 33 Adams, Tammy 1112 93 Alexander, Gerald 1122 33, 54, 133, 134, 82 Ahfaro, Greg 1112 Allen, Dan 1112 93 Allred, Brian 110254, 143, 131, 82, 84 Allred, Carla 1102 137, 138, 143 Ames, Gail 1102 143 Ames, Tricia 111293, 172, 85 Andrews, Chad 1102 Anderson, Angela 1112 10, 11, 93, 104, 122, 125, 138, 1 Bulloch, Staci 112235, 231 Burkrnan, Alysa110286, 88, 144 Burton, .1eff1112 6, 21, 55, 59, 95, 105, 131, 136, 84, 85 Burton, Joyce 1112 60, 64, 66, 68, 92, 95, 96, 119 124,125,159,168,170,171,172, 84, 85 Bush, Adeania 1122 35, 139, 183 Butcher, Brad 1112 95, 84, 85 Calasans, Ricardo 1102 Calhoun, James 1122 35 Anderson, Cristine111293, 122, 125, 7 Anderson, Josh 1102 143, 24, 85 Anderson, Marilyn 1122 33 Anderton, Sherri 112 2 33 Calkins, Rodeana 1112 95 Campbell, Brett 1112 94, 123, 124, 136 Campbell, Cindy 1112 6, 61, 93, 95 Canto, Sixta 1112 95 Antoine, David1 2 125 Appawoo, Anthony 1102 143 Arkansas. Colleen 1122 Arnold, Joe 1122 11, 33, 80, 168 Arnold, Shertjv 1102 Asay, Kenneth 112233 Asay, Laurel 1112 60, 93, 84 Ashmore, Danielle 110286, 88, 133, 143, 148, 173 Ashton, Kent 1122 21, 33, 55, 24, 83 Atwood, Nalilie 1112 93 Bailey, JennU'er 1112 60, 93, 119, 122, 123, 124. Carter, D ean 110259, 70, 72, 144 Carter, Gene 1102 70, 72, 144 Carter, .lodalee 1112 7, 95, 138 Carlson, Shannon 1122 35, 134 Carter, Shane 1102 123, 125, 144, 152, 85 Casper, Kevin 1122 35 Catha, Bruce 1122 Cesspooch, Roberta 1122 35 Cesspooch, Steven 1102 144 Chandler, Ronda 1102 Chandler, Todd 1102 139 Chapman, Alan 11126, 54, 80, 95, 130, 133, 134 Chapoose, Shaun 1112 C hasel , C indv111296, 137, 173.6 125. 172 Barney, JoAnn 1102 122, 124 Barney, Bastian ,Kellie 110233, 136.143, 11 Bastian, Raerna 1112 93,1 Shelly 1112 10, 64, 67, 94, 99, 138, 139 Bell, Allison 111260, 64, 66, 68, 94, 119, 172 Bedonie, Hilda 1122 34 Berggren, Diane 1122 13, 34, 122, 125, 136 Berggren, Richard 1112 94, 122, 124 Bergquist, Allen 1112 55, 94 Bertoch, Sharmel 1112 94, 137 Beverleigh, Arrv 112234 Beverleigh, Wendy 1112 94 Billings, Bill 1112 Bingham, Lloyd 1112 70, 72, 94, 97 Birchell, Garn 1112 94, 139 Birchell, Treven 1112 94, 24 Black, Rodrick 1112 Blake, Rob 1112 7, 94 Blanchard, Danny 1102 Bonnesen, Thamar 1122 Bostick, Tammie 1112 6, 92, 93, 94, 110, 123, 124 125, 133, 161, 168, 214 Bowen, Mike 111255, 67, 80, 95, 133, 7 Bowden, Lisa 1112 94 Bowman, Lisa 1102 Brant, Darren 1102 143 Bright, Robin 112234, 97 Brooksby, Tony 1102 70, 72, 144 Brolherson, Penny 11224, 34, 173, 174, 189, 193, 182 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Babelte 1112 95 Bryon 110254, 59, 70, 72, 144 Debra 110263, 86, 88, 122, 125, 144 Doug 1102 144 Kellie 1112 11, 60, 67, 69, 95, 118, 138, 168,171,172,l88 Christensen, Clayton 112 2 36, 82 Clark, Cathy1102 144 Clark, Doug 1102 139, 144 Clark, Vickie 1102 144 Clegg, Dean 1112 59, 96 Click, Joyelynne 1102 144 Collins, .lonni 1102 144 Cook, Kelly 112236, 188, 1 Coonrod, Regina 1112 11, 96, 122, 124, 25 Cooper. Janeall 1102 Cooper, Paula 1112 96, 122, 123, 125 C ordl e, April 1112 96, 101 Cornpeach, Freddy 1102 Cornpeach, Marcella 1102 144 Cox, Juan 1102 Crinklaw, Jejj'1112 96 Crozier, Cindy 1102 64, 86, 88, 145, 168 Crozier, Charles 1122 36 Cuch, Cuch, Cuch, Cuch, Cude, Billy 1122 Louwanda 1112 Shaunda Al1102 Shawn 1122 36, 70. 72 Claudia 1122 Curry, Ronnie 1112 96, 84, 85 Dahlberg, Doug 1112 96 Dalton, Julie1102 122, 123, 125, 138, 145 Dalton, Terrill 1112 131 Daniels, Teresa J. 1102 145 Dastrup, Kelly 1102 133, 145 Davis, Josie 1102 145 Davis Da vis .Kelley 1102 138, 145 , Laurie 112236, 133 Davis, Tony 1122 37 Dennis,Amy112213,36,119.123, 125,136,170 Brown, Steve 1122 8, 34, 70, 72 172, 193, 187 Brough, Lesa 11224, 34, 118 Draney, Clark 1112 96, 189, 167, 178, 224, 126, Buchanan, Michelle 1102 9, 119, 144, 172 127, 128, 1 INDEX Draper, Brad 1121 37 Dulen, Bill 111155, 59, 96. 84 Duncan, Duncan, Baldwin 1121 Charlie Jo 1111 6, 96 Duncan, Marianne 1101 111, 145 Duncan, Robbie 1101 123, 145, 148, 168 Duncan. Sheila 1111 96 DuShane, Nesa 1111 Dye, Becky 1111 70, 71, 97, I Elder, Evelyn 1121 37 Eldredge, Barbara 1111 70, 71, 97, 98, 120, 172 Eldredge, 192 Eldredge, Mike 1101 145, 83 Eldredge, Rae1yn1121 13, 35, 37, 122, 124, 132. Bryan 112121, 37, 38, 80, 172, 173, 175, Goodrich, Stanley 1101 146 Goodrich, Tammie 1121 98, 136 Goodspeed, Gina11019, 122, 123, 124, 146, 120, 172, 85 Grate, Scott 1101 Grate, Staci 1111 98 Gray, Aundrea 1111 55 Grover, Liesle 1111 98, 138, 85 Hadden, Toni 112139, 189, 134, 187, 182 Hadlock, Rich 1111 98, 177 Hall, Tracy 112139 Hamblin, Chad 1111 98, 111, 139 Hamblin, Holly 112139, 122 Hamblin, Matthew 1101 123, 111, 122, 124 Hamblin, Robert 1121 39 172, 173,192, 187,182 Eldredge, Ryan, 1101 10, 54. 59, 80, 145 Espanoza, David 1121 4, 5, 32, 37, 110, 125, 130, 139, 175 Evans, Alison 1111 97, 138 Evans, Kenny 1121 37 Fabrizio 1111 97 Farnsworth, Les 1101 122, 124, 146 Farnsworth, Tammy 1101 146 Fausett, Merrill 1101 110, 142, 146, 153 Fausett, Paul 1101 146 Fealy, Tom 1111 Fenn, Lore 1121 37, 132, 133, 173 Fenn, Ricky 110154, 59, 146, 153, 84, 85 Fillingim, Wayne 1111 54, 84 Flores, Luci 1111 Fowles, Nile R. 11018, 146 Frandsen, Shannon 1121 11, 12, 38, 86, 88, 118, 173, 187 Frandsen, Toni 112137, 134, 172, 11 Freestone, Matt 112138 Hamby, Kelly 1111 98 Hamby, Lean 1101 146 Hansen, Kadi1101123, 124, 147, 8 Hansen, Samantha 1111 98 Hardinger, LouAnn 1101 147 Hardy, Linda 1121 Harmston, Mike 1101 39 Harmston, Troy 1101 147 Harper, David 1121 39, 4, 130 Harper, Jill 1101 120, 172, 142, 147 Harris, Kenna 1101 Harrison, Kristina 112139, 120, 188, 173, 172, 188 4, 109, 110,138,139, 174, 187, 1 Haslem, Karen 1101 147 Haslem, Korinne 1101 147 Hatch, Dean 1111 98 Hawk, Marilyn 112139 Heaton, Tina 112140, 187, 182 Henderson, Korrie 1111 7, 63, 98, 103, 160, 173 Henrie, Henrie, Henrie, Henrie, Henrie, Albert 1101 Brenda 1101 111, 147 Shane 1101 9, 147, 82' Warren 1111 98 Wendell 1121 4, 5, 40, 130,168,177,193, F reston. Lisa 110163, 66, 68, 146 Frost, Monty 1111 97 Frost, Shane 1111 70, 72, 92, 97, 139, 169, 171 Funk, Glen 1101 70,73, 111, 146, 152, 83 Gale, Tara1111l1, 97, 122, 123, 125, 132, 138 Gardner. Gardner, Gardner, Adam 1101 123, 125, 146 Greg 1111 97 Vance 1101 Gerker, Dane 1101 German, Rob 1111 97 Gibbs, Gerald N. 1111 Gibson, Faith 112138, 134 Gibson, Kara 1111 97 Gideon, John 112138 G ideons, Richard 1111 97 Gilbert, Barry 1101 146 Gilbert, Connie 112138, 133 Gilbert, Darren 1101 146 Gilbert, Marilee 1111 97 Gillman. 192, Gingell, Jolynn 112134, 38, 134, 138, 173, 188, 214,186 Wayne 11214, 39, 80, 173 Glines, Lori 1121 Gojf Stephanie 1101 146 Golden, Danny 1111 98, 122, 132 Goodrich, Ronald 1101 122, 124, 146 183 Hemstreet, Steve 1121 40, 139 Herber, Kris 112140 Herra, Bob 1101 147 Hicks, .lanilee 1121 40, 177, 188, 85 Hill, Brian1111 Himes, Kim 1111 63, 98, 132, 136 Hirschi, Kevin 1111 55 Hubert, Alison 11215, 32, 41, 42, 60, 64, 66, 68, 110, 134 Hubert, Ky 1101 122, 123, 124, 125, 147, 150 Hudson, Tracie 1101 147 Hunt, Darvel11101111, 131, 137, 147 Hunt, Maria 11018, 64, 87, 88, 120, 147, 172 Hoff Bobby 112141 Houston, Teresa 11214, 41, 64, 66, 67, 138, 139, 173 Inglis, Kelly 1101 11, 136, 175 Ivie, Scott 1121 41 J Jack, Darwin 1101 147 Jacobson, Troy 1101 147 Jamail, Thomas 1111 98 Jarrett, Brent 1101 147 INDEX Jenkins, Dale 1121 41 Mahkewa, Yolie 1121 Jenkins, Johanna 1101 147 Mair, Kerri 1111 100 Jenkins, Shelly 112142, 172 Mair, Todd 1121 70, 71, 73, 84 Jenkins, Sherilyn 1101 9, 121, 147 Malnar, Stephanie 111120, 100, 136, 25 Jeppesen, Tony 1111 98 Jennings, Scott 1111 6, 7, 10, 55, 93, 98, 84 Jensen, Dennis 1101 21, 147 Jensen, Ruth Ann 1101 123, 147 Jensen, Tyler 1121 42, 122, 124, 130, 131, 136, 187, 182 Manning, Lance 1101 8 Manning, Nephi1101 149 Manning, Ted 1121 Martinez, Antony 1101 149 Martines, Lori 1111 100 Markey, Jim 1Toater1 1101 149 Johnson, Debbie 1111 99 Johnson, Jannette 1111 Jones, Greg 1121 13, 20, 36, 42, 122, 123, 124, 125, 175, 188 Jordan, Aaron 1101 148 Jorgensen, Stan 1111 99 Justice, Brenda 1121 42 Justice, Chris 1111 99 Justice, Linda 11214, 42, 139, 173 Justice, DaNette 1101 137, 148 Kearson, Tammy 1101 148 Keel, Greg 1101 148 Kellar, Lydia 1111 99 Kelly, Jason 1101 122, 123, 137, 148,82 Kettle, Bruce 1101 139, 148 Kettle, Deborah 1111 99, 134, 138 Kettle, Diane 112142, 174 Killian, Lisa 112142, 123, 134 Kimball, Chris 1111 Kinsman, Chad 1121 Kolilis, Ron1101 139 Kynaston, Kim 1101 148 Knowlden, Shawn 1101 85 Labrum, Craig 1101 9, 59, 133, 136, 148, 153 Labrum, Shaun 1101 148 Lankford, Gary 1101 Larsen, Todd 1121 43, 56, 109, 110, 168, 175, 188, 192, 187. 84, 183 Lawrence, Carl 1111 Ledbetter, Tammy 1101 148 Lee, A1mina1101 138, 148, 1 Lee, C1Qj'ord1111 99, 24 Lee, Gordon 1121 42 Lee, Jamie 1111 7 Lefler, Rena 1111 99, 101, 132 Leger, Bonnie 1101 8, 110, 132, 142, 148 Leninger, Keith 1111 Lewis, Linda 1101 149 Lewis, Rose 1121 42 Lewis, Shawn 112143, 130, 139, 24 Lightfoot, John 1101 149 Lindberg, Dawn 1111 99, 134 Lister, Kevin 1111 99 Lira, Darci 1111 99 Lira, Ventura 1111 Livingston, Matt 1101 149, 25 Lloyd, Chris 1111 56 Lucero, Christin 1111 Lundstorm, Catherine 112121, 38, 43, 109. 110, 118, 170. 172, 11 Lundstrom, Ryan 11018, 11, 149 Madsen, Jejj'1111 13, 21, 6, 56, 100,168,172,188, 83 Martin. Paula 1111 100, 122, 124 Mathisen, Brian 1111 100, 131, 139 McBride, Renette 1101 149 McCleary, Robin 1111 McCormick, Laura 1101 111, 149 McGhee, Troy 111157, 59, 100, 82 McKee, Michele 1101 149 McKenna, NilaDe110194, 122, 136, 138, 149 McKewan, Derinda 1111 100 McKewan, Tina1101 149 McManigal, Jzjf11116, 10, 57, 100 Mechom, Shane 1121 43, 84 Medlyn, Dayne 1101 21, 136, 159 Merkley, Blaine 1101 111, 159 Mezenen, Rexene 1121 44 Mezenen, Rodney 1101 57, 59, 81, 133, 159, 84,85 Mieure, Carol 1111 60, 64, 66, 68. 100, 136, 138, 158, 84, 85 Miller, Steve 112143, 56, 130, 134, 137 Mitchell, Becky 1101 59, 63, 111, 138 Mitchell, Hank 1121 43 Mitchell, Pau11101 Montgomery, Robert 1101 Moore, Shelly 1101 138, 159 Morrill, Vernon 1101 159 Morrow, Jess 1111 100 Morrow, Louie 1101 159 Mortensen, Chad 1111 93, 100 Mortensen, Karma 1101 110, 142, 148, 138, 159 Mortensen, Ron 112120, 21, 4, 61, 67, 189, 192, 184, 186 Mower, Suzy 112135. 5, 32, 44, 110, 168, 174, 189 193, 187 Mundcn, Michelle 1121 5, 44 Murdock, Garrick 1111 Murdock, Perry 1101 Murray, Bill 1111 100, 130, 133 Murray, Bryon 1111 Murray, Cheryl Dawn 1121 44, 138, 158 Murray. Debra 1111 101 Murray, Dennis 1121 Murray,Je1j'1101159 Murray, Raymond 1101 159 Murray. Roy 1101 9, 153, 159 Murphy, Bonnie 1111 100 Murphy, Donna 1111 100, 134, 138 Murphy, Owen 1111 100, 139 Murphy, Terri 1101 Nebeker, Kelly 1101 139, 159 Nebeker, Wendv112111, 12, 44, 88, 87, 132 173 65 Nelson, Dennis 1101 111, 159 Nephi. Rose Anna 1101 159 Nelson, Skylar 1101 159 Nickell, Willie 1121 4, 44, 81, 130, 134, 172, 175 Nielsen, Kothy1l0163, 64, 66, 67, 138, 151 Nielsen, Michelle 1111 Nielsen, Russ 1111 57, 58, 101, 171 INDEX Nielsen, Sherry 112245, 40, 64. 66, 68, 134, 138 173 . 174 Nielsen, Shirley 1122 45, 60, 66, 64. 69, 134. 138. 173 174 189 187 R ichens Richens, R ichens Riehens. David 1112 102 James 1102 153 Jodie 1102 Raema1102 139, 152 Ntasenl Suzie 11012 63, 64, 66, 69, 138, 151 North. Brad 1102 151, 85 Nyberg. Debra 1122 0'Driscoll, Connie 1102 9, 63, 64, 66, 69. 151 Oldson, Bill 1122 45 Olpin Olsen ,Robin 1122 45. 136 Chffs1y11o2 151 Olsen Jody 112245 Olsen Ken 1102 151 Olsen Olsen Olson, Marleen 110263, 64, 66, 69, 151, 84, 85 Mike 1102 10, 56. 81. 133, 151, 82 Shelby 1102 151 Ortega, Fernando 1102 Osmond, Darin 1102 111 Ostrowski. Shaugn 1112 101, 123 Pace, Billy 1122 45, 57, 70, 73 Pappas, Nick 1112 101, 123 Parkes, Shannon 1112 102 Paslzlakai, Vergena 1 10 2 Payne. Matthew 1102 132, 151 Payne. Tammy 1102 151 Riding, David 1102 152 Ridley. Kevin 1102 153 Roberts, Kelly 1102 153 Rockwood, Ronda 1112 102, 118, 172 Rockwood, Sondra 1112 92, 102, 110, 134, Rogers, Connie 1112 102 Romans, Chad 1102 153 Rose, Christine 1112 9. 63, 102, 85 Ross, Mike 1122 47, 81, 175, 189 Ross, Tracy 1102 9, 81, 149, 153 Sanders, Jill 1122 5, 47, 138 Satala, Daniel 1112 Satala, Darlene 1102 Santio, Kathy 1102 Schimmels, Tonja 1102 153 Schurz, Tawny 1102 153. 85 Scott, Toni 1112 103, 134 Secrest, Steve 112247, 70, 73 Serawop, Thorton 1102 153 Seybert, Jamie 1112 103, 138 Shelley, Jayne 1112 94, 103, 121. 122, 124, 1 172, 175 Shelley, Richard 1122 41, 47, 56 Shelton, Glen 112248 Shepherd. Robbie 1102 138, 17? 38, Shields, Julie 1102 123, 132, 133, 151, 153, 173 Pectol, Lani 1112 101, 102, 132, 173 Percival, Carol 1122 45, 109, 110, 12 Perkins, Jenny 1122 Peterson, Ginger1102 151, 84 Peterson, Ri1'1zy1I22-16, 70, 175, 177 Pltillips, Craig1l12 71, 73. 102, 139 Phillips, Tracy 1122 46, 134 Pike. Felicia 1112 102, 134 Pitcher, Tina 1102 152 Pitcher, Wayne 1112 102 Pitt, Robbie 1102 59 Poll, Dane 1102 152 Poolaw, Kathy 1122 Postrna, Rose 1112 102, 122 Powell, Ken 112246 Powell, Nathan 111259, 102, 111, 85, Pratt. Kenneth 1102 131, 152 Prescott, Cindy 1102 137, 138, 152 Price, Carl 1102 152 Pricltard, Diana 1112 102, 132, 133 1, 172, 183 1 Shisler, Leslie 1102 122, 124, 153 Shurtleff Cristy 1102 Sibello. Marita 1112 Simmons, Chad 1102 123, 122, 124, 153 Simmons, Pam 1102 153 Simmons, Tana 1122 134, 187 Sixkiller. Tammie 1112 103 Skinner, Randy 1112 103 Skinner, Stephen 112248, 136, 85 Smith, Cassie 1102 Smith, David 1102 Smith, Laney 11126, 21, 103 Smith. Ryan 1112 103 Smith, Suzanne 1112 ll, 104, 103, 133, 161, 1 Solmonson, Marcy 1112 103, 104, 173 Sommer, Melanie 1102 153 Sonney, Danny 1102 Sorensen, Brad 1102 103 Sorensen, Merikay 112248, 132, 134, 138 Sowsonicut, Charlie 1102 Spencer. Jerry 1122 Spencer. Kaelynne1112 12, 65, 87, 88, 103, 132 Rasmussen, Brad 1122 4, 46, 175, 24 Rawlings, Penny 1122 13, 36, 46, 124. 172, 185. 192, 121, 187, 184, 186 Reary, Aaron 1102 152, 24 Reatjv, Trisha 1112 102 Reed, Donnie 1122 46. 56 Reidhead, Mike 1112 102. 85 Reynolds, Annette 1102 152 Reynolds, Babette 1102 152 Reynolds, Honie 1112 11, 63, 132 Rhaadis, Becky 1102 Rich, Ronny 112246, 47, 70, 73 Richard, Chad 1122 47, 56, 58, 81, 160, 192, 10 Richens, Connie 110264, 66, 69. 138, 152, 24 193. Sperry, David 1112 103 Squire, Larry 1122 4, 47, 48, 168, 175,85 Stanley, Renee 1102 Sleinhorst, Diane 1122 10, 41, 48, 123. 125, 136. 137, 172, 185,193, 187 Stevens, Bartholomew 1122 Stewart, Tammy 112248, 122. 124, 118,172 Stoddard, Kevin 1102 154 Swain, Sonnet 1122 11, 13, 48, 121, 172 Tabbee, Davis 1102 Tabbee, Kevin 1122 Tabbee, Lisa 1102 154 Tabbee, P.J. 1122 Tahguv, Benny 1102 Tahguv, Gwennita1102 138, 154 Tapoof, Corrina 1112 1 INDEX Tapoof, Kora 1121 Tapoof, Shauna 1121 49 Taveapont, Orlanna 1101 154 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Bryan 1111 139 Dee Dee 112149, 132, 133, 5 Kris 1101 154 LeAnne1111l04, 138,24 Pebbles 1111 Thompson, Michelle 1111 104, 122, 125, 137, Thompson, Mike 1101 122, 123, 125 Todd, Michelle 1121 49 Tom, Donavan 1111 Tomlinson, Wendy 1101 150, 154, 159 Townsend, Shane 1111 57, 104 Tucker, 1eff1101 154 Turner, Angie 1101 154 U resk , Uresk, U resk , Marilyn 1101 154 Michele 112149 Wade 1101 131, 137, 154 Van Ausdal, Shayne 1111 VanderKraats,Hollee' 111111, 13, 93, 94, 104, 122, 123, 124, 125, 136,160,168,171, I VanderKraats, Paul 1121 49 Vernon, Lori 1111 87, 88, 104, 189 Vernon, Stacey 112149, 122, 125, 187 Voyles, David 1101 154 W Walker, Alan 1101 154 Wall, Daniel 112149 Warren, Heidi 112149 Watson, Kara 1111 104 Weight, Julie 1101 155 White, White, White, David 1121 57, 122. 172, 175 Doug 1121 Jacqueline 112149, 137 Wilkins, Darren 1101 133 Wilkerson, Kent 1101 131, 137, 155, 85 Wilkerson, Neil 1121 51 Wilkerson, Tammy 1101 137, 138 Wilkins, Dennie 1101 155 Williams, Michelle 1111 Williams, Rebecca 110165, 87, 88. 123, 125, 159, 169, 84, 85 Williams, Susie 1111 Willie, Dolli 1111 104 Wilson, Heather 1121 21, 51, 110, 136 Wilson, JaCina 112151 Wilson, Scott112121, 32, 51, 49, 57, 110, 175, 183 Wilson, Winger, Winger, Warren 1101 122, 124, 155 Dara 1111 87, 88. 64, 65, 104 Dione 1101 155 Winn, Darlene 1111 97, 99, 104, 138 Winn, Ken 1121 70, 73,122, 125, 189, 84 Winn, Ronald 1121 50, 130, 24, 83 Winn, Ryan 112150. 70, 73, 152 Winn, Tony 11214, 50, 58, 70, 71, 73 Winterton, Alan 11116, 105, 130 Winterton, Alicia 112151, 121, 134 Winterton, David 1101 155 Winterton, Delia 1111 63, 103, 104 Winterton, Mike 1101 85 Winterton, Ron 112121, 50, 122, 124, 24 Winward, Mark 1111 Winward, Saul 1101 139, 155 Wisener, Mike 1101 Wissiup, April 1101 Wopsock, LeAnna 1101 155 Wopsock, Marjv 1101 Wopsock, Shana 1121 Workman, LaRae 1101 155 Wright, Leslie 1101 155 Wyasket, Bryce 1101 155, 8 Wyasket, Ruth 1111 137 Wymer, Brett 1111 6, 10, 58, 171, 84, 85 White, Steve 1101 While, Teresa 1121 50, 1 Wiegand, Kathy 1111 104, 134 Wight, Bruce 1111 104, 82 Wilkins, Cherjvl 1121 Young, Mary Jo 112151, 134 Young, Roy1101 155 Zufelt, Troy 11116, 58, 84 he spectacles of experienceg through them will you see clearly a second time." From the outside, looking in, many ofthe accomplishments and projects we see seem insignifcant or not worth-while. We, too ryften, fail to realize the work and dedication put into them. High school yearbooks are like this: you never really see the work until you' ve done it. The work and dedication put into the '83-'84 yearbook by the Yoon-Yun stajj"-far surpasses almost every accomplishment fy' the year. CN f 23X,,,.g...."fbOQfx2C7, ,2' ,Keg 'VJJ 5 O'LQ'7' J X, i KJ Q CD X X czb Plc, C F g -it PQ QS, C - - -v. QX 5 5 aff 6 ,CT 1? 6 "2 Q Q bf 'X C2 11 f 1 Cx C1132 Q 47: 'D'-fgvz? Q za? 'ly elve- O h ff 425 P12 69 12 ig? '1,4f If 53 Q-J' J 7 'AP ,s NX Q6 --S. GQ Mn me emo emcarm ' f L O , , , my mah M Qtxmegffq QQOQ MGD M Q JSM cfm mn -'Wa OCWC COM '. J JAMQ 5mm Wevgufxm WC ' Q ?n Cf. JQL5 LQ Ojkly UJXYQXXQUQ ,436 Afffg Q WY8LU" Elma JOULQJ71 Q KQOUUL fx QSMQU QQ gb N CMGWHQI 2? QQ L, Sjgy MM Q75 QW fgxif Q0 X2 Q52 SQ M! 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Suggestions in the Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) collection:

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 187

1984, pg 187

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 155

1984, pg 155

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 223

1984, pg 223

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 104

1984, pg 104

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 61

1984, pg 61

Union High School - Yoon Yun Yearbook (Roosevelt, UT) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 116

1984, pg 116

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