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, 1 1 , ,, .ANVV , I . , Y..-.., .. -.P- hr.. V V- ml' - , ' 'E I T ' v . . 4.9. T., ,I . V . W-, - , 'f' '-'agf". :ww 1. ' 'J-1-' f-'a,'- .fm ., ,.-1-'SEQ M ' Ta 1'7?'3- 2 f"f 'ew' '- V 'T Y . .A ' - , . 1 .s,..,,. ','f'.1'4 1' ,, - -,M 1 w " 1 w f 1 1 3? n n '55 , N.-5.1, ,. I , . 1 v 'a,.31efIpf - , -5.-.., 1 . 1.15 .4 QQJTT A 1. "' ' -lr .EJ H . ff . . ,Q wi If r ,. , Mi, 17,141 Y V 3-. . ' f. 'fi 5 .3 -gf. fr w X? 6 -fv:-1.n.'-' ', .- Ly Su . Qi, X ,Q v 14 ,. A , -. " 1-"4 4 va gg ,Af .W , . Yin, .A-fu, . 1 1f",w :,f.?3.1'5 Q Q , 'ii ii' 1' "ft rg lg V ' 4 K? " . , Q. F J T 1 , Q' ' 1 1 . .. , A F 4, . A . , ,K .--.Q . ,, :gil X -'ri 1.9, 'fir u is I. 1 A ' .I 2-4 -L 51 "1 , ff' V, " -33, ' If ,Q Q 7 s R' 5- All ' 1 561 Ll.: ' .ev A 5 w4l1:a.,.',w . 411' 1 .5 1 t 'VI .- ' Y-1 Ax, --we - sg-3915. 2 ,- ' 'TL 7 I :V ' . . . f'f,'gf 1' E?,,'fLA . . gil, f . 113 .wi 1- 'f,lA'M?'-. , " , . U xr- ,Qty V LN . ,,,i '- ' - 8, W '45Fl4'm:,j: 4 augur Q ', ffm ' . ' ' ff ,4'f':w9ir-1-.. ' :- Lili. M is V 'VA . , , 'gixl .I if V - W L-if 1- Q - -'Ji ' X Q'ifAW2QL1'. - ' ff' 'lf-3-' ' 4 v Y M1 . . ,-, . ' .. .VJII1 ' '.Z H. -.su ..t.mL. ' A' , 1, .- !1-.,,, h 5 K .. , A5 :pw F . r ' L L 1 , 1 ' ' 'r V Yi 1 V .X 4 1 j -,' ,. .- if 'E?2" 1- . ,aff 7 ' H A ,gm ' gut . , . . 'M .. 1 . .wg , . . 2 9 I , ,K 1 - , , 4 A Q , 1r.,1' f J' ' 1 I ' 1. ,,,v . ' I -fiifv' f " 0 A I J ff, iw 1 1 er r ' 1 H 1 1 J xr K , H1 me-1. M . 1 ' Q , A x 1 fv J-xf ' "A, f 1 11-. neg, 'k fl ' 31" ' 5144- .1- "" :K fy- , 'rf 'Rf' . :-R-1 .44 5 ' 1"' r. ,fr "E V ' ' '- A 5 7"l'1 ' 1. ' 5117 4-PM ' F' .1 1 ' "-1 ' :.,1' U ' 'A i :iw +1-1, 1 1 .-- X: f ' ' ' lynn 111, Q D , k .1 1-11 ' i1 ,1 ' . , , 1 1 4 . 1.1. L V Hi 'I .. 1 . f fo if A N . , 1 I 1 Y ,1:v ' ,.1,f1: ' . X , :1 -S' 1 5' 'E 1-'513f jyf,1 .- S' 4: , 4. ' rm 'F ' SsS4f1'?"1" Q . -, . 5" 14 1, - ' .1 ,. :S 'Mrk Q I - I: sxgfi, 1115 - , . . r . . L - . ,AL ,' ' x in " Xi' ftp" 1 1 .' . .13-'hF"'vf', , 1 ' . J iff. Ji?"I'2'gH' 1152.1 f 'ff ' 51' fi ai 'fa A, 4' 3 2. . F 1. Q13 e1 IQ 1' A 1 'vig ' J - f. eh, -1115 'aw- ,.r. 'IM 'fs A all-X ." '-.1 " .11 1 . 1 'L 'N " . 1 '1 ' ' 4 1 11 .xl . .1 3 .,I . 1 , 1 1 -1.41, ,I , '.-,gn ' .' 1 -1.1, sf' ,, 953 UTOPIAN U NION HIGH E W C H H HHH HHH HHH N A . SCHOOL THEME HENEVER we see a scottie, the members of the class of "1953" will always think of sch l ' oo spirit and pleasant memories of days spent in Union High. It was in 1946 that our mascot was born, and since that time he has been a cherished part of our school life. He marches out with our band and helps cheer our team on to victory. One of these popular cheers, "Come on Scotties, lets go," suggests the fiery spirit and enthusiasm with which our student body undertakes a task. Whether it's on the football field, assuming a school responsi- bility, or a problem in life it lf " ' ' se , the do or die" spirit of this frisky little mascot will go with always. 2 .f 1-3 ' E, the class of 1953, to express our appreciation to Mr. Hart for all the many kindnesses he has done for us, dedicate our Utopian to him. Dedzm a-hge Front Row Left to Right: Mr. Ray Bailey, Mrs. Gladys Farrington, Mr. Peter Grittie Ir. Back Row Left to Rightgl Mr. Fred Vannatten--Secretary, Mr. Ralph McConahy--President, and Mr. Milton Pattison--Vice Presi ent. HOOLBO RD UR school board had done all within their power to give us tools and materials necessary to our educative process. They spend long hours in school board meetings. We, the class of 1953, are very fortunate, in- deed, to have witnessed the splendid improvement provided by our board with the fine co-operation of our principal, Mr. Turek. We got new stage curtains, new folding bleachers, new cafeteria, new tiled floor in the main corridor, new home economics room, new sidewalks and paved parking lot during our senior year. We appreciate all these improvements because without the co-operation of our fine school board, these things would never have been accomplished. We, the class of 1953, have been fortunate to have had witnessed the approval of the new Elementary school for which ground should be broken before our school term opens. 4 MR. J. ARTHUR TUREK Our High School Principal MR. TUREK' S MESSAGE LASS of 1953, you are one of the very fortunate groups to be commencing life in this the age of scientific progress which is equal to no other period of any generation that has gone before us. This is a wonderful world in which we find ourselves, but it is an awful world. It is a world of great things to come. You are about to receive your diplomas attesting that you have completed the necessary requirements of a secondary school of this Commonwealth, and you are entitled tothe diploma which you will soon receive. You will face a complex contemporary society with all its problems. I feel that our high school has prepared you to meet these problems. May I wish you all the success in all your life's endeavor, and may you be vigilant at all times against en- emies of our government and foes of the welfare of our freedom. May the Great Architect of the universe guide and protect your footsteps until we meet again. SENIOR' S REPLY C E, the class of 1953, are about to embark upon the sea of life. For 12 years we have been preparing ourselves for a place in life. Now we are about to try out our knowledge. Many will not go to college and others will go into the service of -our country. But, whatever we undertake, we will all try to do our best. The whole senior class joins in saying "Thank you" for the help and advice you have given us during our high school years which is the foundation of our future undertakings. V Shirley McKinley Irene Plano Mrs. Berdina Covelli C Rs. BERDINA COVELLI has been a very faithful and very efficient secretary to Mr. Turek. Dina, as she is known to us, has always been courteous and helpful in conjunction with duties of our office. She is leaving us and we wish her all the luck in the world, her hus- band, and the blessed event which she is awaiting. OFFICE GIRL FA CULTY f SCIENCE Mr. Patterson, Mr. Roussos, Mr. Wolfe HISTORY Miss Rentz, Miss Robinson, Mr. Hart LANGUAGE Standing: Miss Shields, Mr. Morris, Miss Nichols Seated: Mrs. King, Mrs. Role VOCATIONAL TRAINING Mrs. Fox, Mr. Hoke SPECIAL TEACHERS Mr. Gibson, Mr. Beichner, Miss Kisthart BUSINESS EDUCATION Mr. Venturella, Miss Kissick, Mr. Keil PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Hart, Miss Nichol, Mr. Schamz M!s'f"'A ' on MATHEMATICS Mr. Williams, Mx. Wolfe QLASS Hi TORY ET'S take a stroll. The sky is a pale blue veil covered with patches of white. As we walk along, this world fades from view and we begin floating along on those white clouds. The magic carpet we are on soars higher and higherg wait a minute. What's that over there? Let's go and see. As we draw nearer, it becomes plainer. Yes, it's a crystal ball, and ever so big. It must be packed full of news. Let's take a look and see what we can find out. This mysterious crystalline sphere begins to reveal facts as soon as our eyes focus into its cold depths. There's a class, a significant class, turning from their junior high days toward the thrill of their first year as "Green Freshmen. " The name is traditional, so no com- plaint is cited for its use. For the freshman year our freedom was restricted, therefore, no officers were elected. No activities took place this year either. Our advisors were Miss Holmes, Mrs. Krause, and Mr. Patterson in charge of rooms 210, 201, and 109 respectively. After a wonderful summer vacation was over, the tedious task of studying began when the sophomore year commenced. The year started with a class meeting on October 20, 1949. Bob Meyers was elected president, Ronnie Gall as vice-president, Carole Frye as secretary, and Logan Doyle as treasurer. Our advisors were Mrs. Shields in charge of 203, Mrs. Hughes supervising 207, and Mr. Nicastro and Mr. Davis sharing 204. The class rings were ordered in November of that year. With pride, Peggy Hamia was elected Queen of Hearts at the Valentine Dance on February 14. Her very capable at- tendents were Shirley McKinley, Carole Frye, Irene Plano, Joanne Aller, Sally Salzman, and Virginia Torchio. This second year of high school ended in a wild fling at Idora Park. The junior year, significant in the lives of every student, opened with a roar as Bob Hart was elected president, Darrell Dess as vice-president, Marilyn Brown as secre- tary, and Bob Myers as treasurer at our first meeting. The faculty personnel advising us were Mr. Roussos and Mrs. Hartford commanding rooms 202 and 208 respectively. A successful Harvest Moon Dance was centered around Carole Frye, the Queen, and Bob Hart, t.he King. This occasion was held on November 2, 1951. The most memorable event of the junior year was when the class rings were received. To top things off nicely, a magazine contest was held, to which the total net receipts added up to 52063. 75. For this achievement in salesmanship, a trophy was awarded to the class. As customary, the losing room, which was 208, gave 202, the winning room, a party. The scene is fading, something's wrong! No, the moisture, from me eyes of boys and girls entering their last year of school, was clouding the crystal globe. They must be regretting the times when they should have applied themselves to their studies alittle UIOPG. Now that the view is back to normal, we can see that Bob Hart was elected as presi- dent, Don French as vice-president, Marilyn Brown as secretary, and Ronnie Gall as treasurer. The officials for this last memorable year in Union were Mrs. King and Miss Robinson. They control rooms 206 and 205 respectively. The responsibilities were many, but the restrictions were eased somewhat. One of the last activities of the complete school was the Christmas Dance. After that dinks, announcements, and name cards were or- dered in the rapid trend of events. The Junior-Senior Prom was one of the many incidents which was working toward a stupendous climax. This climax took the form of a "grande finale" of high school. This "finale" was graduation, the place where a dream come true was realized. And so as this episode of a class making its way up through the ranks of education closes, a filmy grey mist slowly settles over and shrouds the sphere of glass. Then as we become conscious that we are back on our magic carpet once again, free to soar or glide wherever we please. All track of each other is lost as fate forms each destiny. By Donna Blackford Logan Doyle Ed Jenkins Marilyn Brown 10 A 4-.20 ,- - SE IO -1-e-rf--. v'I::IQ.-Le' -. '.-.- H. + . fm.. -,.,4-,. , 5-:E -' 5.-gf t .-my-r. qs .-,, .. -ws - V .-pf-' -xv - +g.-'.-,.- gf... ,. . . -'f-.-'v'S'2-FaEgg.-gb-,.:g.-5 'cgi '- - f- W, .W . . . ,.- .f. .. . '. g.,3-: - "'-Z-W.-. 5 .. ., A3?:?"5".-. .K vs .-,.,.. . -I J... ,V :E7.4..,?:3':..'.4'!t iw, .Z " .-wr. -.-5-. 44. Q, .A.., 354. I fi ' A W 1 .-,- if my 4122111 11-z- 41522211 ww: ZAVL M . -.5552 . -,.-' 3.51.-'-my :- ifl' -' I R . 3- ., . , .J f, ,fqipzwig z'p',:,v- 1- av. .. , 5 f - ' 4 0' P13 'E :-- V . A .' 1- ' ' . '... "z"'1'f"-f'2':5A-" v H' " 2' ' '. A-31173 b' . .' ' '. 6- 1 :QI-:Y-LZ J 1'--vi," , . .f - -1 2 ' -' - v. 2-5-af-fa-:1 1- -- V-1 V. . ' : V 3 B '6 . -2-33.3525 .5-ai .-VZ: b- . " - A - ' V - - f -- uk- s 3:53:12-:V ja' , , ' . 'h - . .' . 1' :gffgqgf 4,1 ,Q 1, 1 V v ., V . . 4, -1.-sg'-5 -- ,, . 1- 1 j " ,Az 1 1',f-,ji ' Q' V. - 31 5' -. '4' 45-vi-Q 1' ' ' ' 1- 1 ., , , ' ' A 31153: 1 'zz , , .A 3, ,- ., .. If . ' 553.3 ,-1.-1 3.1 ' 3 .. gf -g V Qieffiit 5 ,-f'115E1'2."11.'.51,-if-',11."ix ' fi 'fi' -:--:--9.-. - -iv-"1-."f:v:11-'1-1111.-151:-2 ,e f , .A . X iii'-39:3 S 51' ,-4-1'.E1:1'1"-12.1 -1- x ' ing."-ggb , j I:1'g11gz.'.1:g-1-,g.p-' 4 ' v . N ., .Q:!g,..:g.:' :H-3 1. :,:-,QQ,11f',- -1' 4 l Q J 8- .. gifgiliffy Q:g,'-.1:""':-jipzgz'-Qg,',,Q,1Af,f.':1' 'I P X . A :1ixf-.'- 'Lv' I '-,-5:51-1121-',-.2-111:-' 2 . X. X 15-fa..a,.:2121.1.af.::. 1: :X f' 4- E.'F:fS:W'f- f.j.1.1E'132512:1'.1:3E1213,:21Ei5,3:113:-. " A ' sf N ,Q - 25, "'.'f:'::':n1-N -,IZ11'-2-2:1ff1'1',fj-1:1-111121.1-Zzfjzijif..,1'lQ:1yj:,', ' "' +1114 ,1-'z-,Q 1-11-21211111:1Q:5f1g:3111e13131E111Q1'g 1 Q + " "I1fl5:EQ3E2-r-. . -1:1E"1'31'p1'.-31115.21351E1EI211?122E121:?512131155511123' Q w ,, " ' '-:Mai-I ' 31E1z1E":1'Ei95' 425'1111121212112:Hi13Ei111Ei3:4111H1:1'1" ' " ag,g1g:1:3gg11.1z3g1g1,:Zzipwg-' KN Q. 'E11E1E1E1-5:11Ei111121E1E911E1?E121 v' "QP I ' 1 7 - 1.0 "M-gag!-:. ifz1z11.1:1:1:g1i11:11'1 liz' f '-11- '.-1-4-:. '3191-1-1-1311':4:g11112:-:-2- ' . '-,ff 15:-FI-.1 1-.-:-:5.1.:-:-.3-1-1-:-2- I :gg:'g1:11Q:, 11.1:':113:1:511z3z.2n' ' Q' , -.'-14-Z-X41-1 513111-'r-113:52-211' v '.'QQ.3z1'jg1Q:32g 'fig 5g1g:3:'g13:2ig1' , 4 ':1:2'v'1-.1111-p'.,, 1Q:7,f.'1:21E2Qi Q' , 1 ". Q'-, Q. 2-E1'1E53:'.i?.21'e'9 351122113 2 X '- .3-1-z x-.. ' o 1 .1 '. 3.111333.g113:,g,:f,g., ":Q,g.-,315 . 1, w -x '1'.j-1'1'I'- . Wig! , ti ' - , Q9 ,f sv... ili-'E'11E'5''Ei111E2:2221,:E1: -5. X ' X 2':111121H1:12?'2111:-11211111511 '-. Y- X K f" 3-g.1g.guQ:2Qg.gp3:3:'3.35:-.',:1 xx ,Rx 0 C Qzvfj511'11j513:21gZ1112:Q:3Z:?Q:Q:g-. 2. X K .-111.izgziif111311g1g:3:2g.15,3:2g51,11Q,Q13:1XH,.-X X X 'M X .-SSSXQNB 0FlICER PRESIDENT John Robert Hart If I Go to college VICE-PRESIDENT 7 Donald James French 4lDOn! 9 Batchelor TREASURER Ronald Andre Gall C KHankY I Go to college SECRETARY Marilyn Joyce Brown "Mil1on" Undecided ADVlSOR MRS. HELEN KING MISS ELMA ROBINSON ' i , lil A J Joanne Ruth Aller 46.1077 Beautician Marilyn Jane Bartlett "Janie" Elementary music teacher Robert Edward Aller G fB0b7 D Undecided Margaret Ida Mae Bees Clpegg-yi! Nurse 13 James Howard Barnhart llJim!! Lawyer Donna Lee Blackford ' ' Dawn' ' Dancer Joanne Angeline Bova Mary Ann Carmel Bova HJOQS ccMary Ann!! Secretary Undecided Gerald Brown 4 Q.-ferry: a Undecided Joseph Campbell uJ'oeU Work at Bell Telephone James Braho lcJim!9 Own a farm Betty Jean Cervone HB G D! Shorthand teacher 14 W ,fa ai a X RX Joseph Tony Chill "Chubby" Business school Carol Joan Cox Hcarolii Beautician Q f u is v KE 117: 1 My V Patricia Ann Citanski I 6 pat! ? Dental nurse Thomas George Criswell "Suzie" Industrial engineer Richard Jerome Cole "Bunny" See the world Bernard Davis HBO! 7 Mechanic gf 'ff I, 'M .,A, ,Q c Wilson Merle Davis Anita Louise Dess "Willie" "Nita" Get easy job Way to get out of school William Clarence Double L90 -T 059911 DOUgherty "Bill" "Mort" Batchelor Join navy s 4 Darrell Charles Dess "Brub" Go to college Logan Edward Doyle GCI-Jed!! Live this life well Albert Peirce French HAI! J To see the world Lincoln Odell Hartford "Stinky Linky" To lead happy life Connie Lee Fronius 4 c Lee!! Marriage Harrison Hugh Hester I r Sonny: 1 Undecided 17 Carole Jean Frye "Carol" Undecided Ruth Ellen Hilke "Bubbles' ' Secretary Ralph Andrew Houk ' 'Bucky' ' ' Carpenter James Joseph Kearns "Looney" Play professional baseball ,,.. . vm -nfl e r a 5 try, y .. N K is f' Iii. E125 . 5 J . sf, 112 . -1 L ik' -: 1 ya rx 3 I gg lv J, 1 3 Anna May Hunt "Annie' ' Teacher Dorothy Ann Lancaster ' 'Satch' ' Secretary Edward Laurie Jenkins uBig Ed!! Business executive John Roger Misja "Jocko" Become a Priest Robert Kenneth Myers John William McClanahan "GUS" "John-A-Bee" G0 to eellege Electrical engineer Shirley Ann McKinley Larry Ray Phillips "Shirl" "Larry" Secretary Business College Paul McConahy CfPau1II To quit school Irene Marie Plano "Renie" Secretary 1' ' 19 sl uf E in VV 1 Donald Eugene Rogers Edward Raymond Rudzik Mary Jane Schweinsberg KIRog7! tlRudy!! ggMaryyy W0rk Mechanic Missionary Rebecca Ruth Skaggs Patricia Clara Slavin Philip Claire Teece "Becky" "Pat" "Pheezer" Get married Undecided .T et pilot 'M' JE. A ,. ,Vi H ,, L, .3 - 1 Q ,gf X ss 1.5. I . K-gr: 4 f gs:,,s Lai x , Q gr .ll Ex' F iffi gl ld YM NH, f q A, . ,. if Mary Jo Troupe "Empty" QM. T. D Nurse Robert Dale Wallace "Crooner" Carpenter ' Q -. x,.,. M , lm, Robert Leroy Veon lGBob,, Minister Virginia Mae Wilson 1 acinny! J Nurse John Richard Vesco "Cookie" Undecided Charles Lester Yarletts "Chuck" Play professional baseball SENIORS CONTINUED James Young llJ'im!! To quit school PPRECIATIO C-'O Mrs. Hartford, who always gave her undivided time and attention to us, helping to prepare each for the trials and tribulations of life. 22 UND ER 4, z .1 5 Nt" s . --.'- .,.,., . 1.-, -52, ...,. . .J gf .,.,., 1 ex 'f4'l'f +f'f'f K Jw " ' 55255 y fx LK ' , """ W? 1 "" ' F" X '1-'. .. -3 .-9:-554 f- 2-11-11525: ,,K- X R , ' H . ,gi .-,- 'X ' ' ' ,,.,- 5 HQ" .. N . ............ . .... Q WF -W. .,.A, pix ixQNgyQ A 23353. ffUJ!ff"rf' 'HUM 1 , "" x E1:i?:'te.i'!!1 L 2 VI IA MX5' ..-.4, -.-.4. - -.4'.-. ' -'-5534" 1: -.--. . "'-. iv--.1 ,fa-Zzcw-1"-1 2:-1:-1-114' 1-11-1-.1-2:-11-rr. -'A- ' if ba ' ",A ' - - . ,a - UNIOR Officers President ........ Don Smith Vice President . . . Russel Stump Secretary ........ Martha Jo Hill Treasurer . . . . Ronald Felger fix ADVISORS Mr. Roussos and Miss Rentz Row 1: R. Rankin, D. Monn, A. Vannatten, Fr. Kauffman, Fl. Kauffman LA, Wallace, T. Petrella, S. Verenski Row 2: K. Stewart, S. Morrissey, E. Langiotti, L. Levensky, T. Latimer, M Smith, T. Kriner. Row 3: E. VanHorn, E. Zelinski, R. Nelson, R. Kratofil, G. Safranic, T. Troupe, J. Robinson, F. Thomasec. Row 4: I. Reed, R. Taafe, D. Iacobson, J. Tindall, E. Phillips, R. Stump, M. Yannucci. JUNIOR CLASS Row 1: A. Fleeger, J. Crawford, M. Hullinen, R. Jones, B. Allen, M. Heasley, K. Errico, M. A. Nogee. Row 2: L. Double, F. Attman, H. Beight, P. McKinley, 1. Baugman, K. Frye, D. Primavere. Row 3: S. Mullen, V. Dexter, B. Capitola, E. Martinko, M, Metre, J. Mattocks, E. Langford, D. Heasley Row 4: D. Smith, A. Janovick, B. Mitlo, J. Henry, R. Jones, D. Leeper B. Clayton, R. List, R. Felger. NDER the leadership of Miss Rentz and Mr. Roussos, the new Junior Class held their first class meeting in September 1952 and elected the following of- ficers: President-'Donald Smith Secretary-Martha Jo Hill Vice President-Russell Stump Treasurer-Ronnie Felger The first dance of the year was the Harvest Moon Dance, held on October 22, 1952, and was sponsored by the junior class. During the year, the class sold pencils, scarfs, and held a magazine campaign, all in an effort to raise money for our classes future activities. Row 1: S. Torchio, S, Houston, E. Hanna, P. Benkosky, E. Goddard, J. Valiensi, J. Taylor, D. Bowden. Row 2: P. Ryhal, M.I. Hill, N. Wingard, S. Hepler, S. Sniezek, J. Gordon, R. Seltzer. Row 3: B. Bailey, J. Hudson, P. Huff, D. Cwynar, P. Rudesill, R. Bator, J. Diamond, R. Doyle. Row 4: J. Vogus, N. Sams, K. Welker, G. Clark, D. Smith, J. Slick. 25 Mrs. Shields, Mr Kell Advisors 1 Row l: F. Gettings, B. Beck, C. Kelley C. Coates, E. Broadbent, R. Bowden, A Boyer, R. Exposito. Row 2: J. Baughman, G. Liddle, J. Allison, P. Fees, I. Klenzing, T, Jenkins, E. Heath, N. Jones. Row 3: V. Bissett, S. Campbell, R. Budd, I. Duff, R. Burkey, D. Beight, D. Aller, S. Biddle, G. Colmer. Row 4: S. Harry, J. Emig, R. Crespy I. Eyler, D. Driggs,, C. Barnett, J. Flynn, B. Farcnc. CHHE Sophomore Class, under the supervision of Mrs. Shields and Mr. Keil, held their first meeting on September 22, 1952. Officers were elected. The class was very successful in all of their projects this year. We have sold bracelets, basketball pencils, T shirts, hard tack and chocolate candy. The biggest highlight of the year was our Valentine Dance held on February 11. Hester, R. Peterson, H. Hartzell. R. Parks, W. Cwynar. Row 1: I. Lowry, J. Pearce, A. Minutello, C. Ward, D. Iendrysik, R. Patton, C. Storti, W. Vanatter. Row 2: C. Ratcliff, P. Iaworski, K. Thornton, M. Lewis, O. Owoc, B. Minner, H. Jendrysik, M. Restino. Row 3: I. Mott, J. Vogus, J. Hromyak S. Presnar, E. Peplowski, P. Micco, M. Mateja. Row 4: E. Jenkins, D. Shields, R. Pierce. I. Seamons, R. Moore, A. Montswil, R. Pitzer, F. Lombard. Row 1: R. Rudzik, P. Fleeger, L. Pagley, T. Cervone, A. Golba, L. McCurdy, R. DelPrincipe, P. Rogan. Row 2: R. Padivano, J. Sankey, P. Cutter, J. Ferrese, S, Sankey, S. Grell, H. Sloan, F. Watt. Row 3: J. Roberts, J. Cooper, J. McCart, E. Headings, I. Row 4: B. Clark, C. Blakely, F. Brogan, J. Schass, P. Ratvasky, K. Schick, From left to right: Row 1: P. Minteer, R. Hardisky, B. Reynolds, L. Bator, A. Safranic, E. Kimmel, J. Chutz, B. Moorehouse. Row 2: I. Lombard, S. Minteer, E. Seamans, L. McConahy, C. Eckert, U. Eppinger, S. Luptak, A. Goist, S. Cox. Row 3: D. Jones, M. Mulhall, D. Thomas, R. Sheeler, N. Barnhart, R. Eyler, L. Cifra, T. Thamko. Row 4: H. Kupiec, A. Doyle, D. Brown, B. Emig, T. Kelly, H. Doyle, N Coman, H. Kelly. Advisors Mr. Williams, Mr. Wolfe, and Mr. Venturella from left to right. FRE HME , . xx Yegoxxax' wh Yxooy, aid . C' 135' C, 5 ON, x. Q. 39 wr YQ N11 063. 0650 R0 SY 'SY Q NW' Wy P" swvegovwd QV! ' M' Ye' Vs 5,1 3. fri rx . 9-Ewxxma Row 1: J. Yachabach, M. Caiazza, A. Torchio, N. Natale, A. Arnold, A. Heaslcy, F. Petrella, G. Spencer. Row 2: E. Smialowski, V. Merolillo, A. Marino, D. Cwynan, H. Heims, C. Heasley, A. Cooper, D. McConnell, B. Pagach. Row 3: J. Hammers,L. Rishel, J. Plotrs J. Jenkins, B. Unangst, J. Busin, W. Lutz, A. Sankey Row 4: R. Salman, J. Hnat, B, McC1eary, D, Eckles, B. Marino, R, Plano, H. Nofsker, R. Paglcy, D. Hall, R. Cameron, P, Galbraith. 29 6.95 fi 650 Os CLASS WILL C E, the Union High School, nineteen hundred and fifty three graduating class, being of sound mind and body, heretofore, leave the following as our last will and testament: Joanne Aller leaves her headaches as head ma- jorette to Laura Double. Bob Aller leaves his high school nightwork to his younger sister, Delores. Jane Bartlett leaves her singing ability to Judy Roberts who has a great start. Pe Bees leaves her position as captain of e c eer eaders to Alice Vannatten. Joanne and Mary Ann Bova leave their split per- sonalities to Carl Stewart who hasn't quite dis- covered which half to use. Jim Braho leaves his love for farm life to the younger F. F. A. members. Jerry Brown leaves his ability to knock books out of peoples hands to Jim Hudson who doesn't need much help. Marilyn Brown leaves her shoes to the Palace Theater. These are the ones she couldn't find after all of the movies during the past year. Joe Cam bell leaves his sleepy attitude to Chuck Ratcli who needs a little calming down. Bett Cervone leaves her giggle to Janice Baug man w o can take on where Betty leaves off. Joe Chill and Bob Wallace are leaving for Holly- wood to get a job as "the two tons of fun. " Pat Citanski leaves her job at the Harbor Diner to anyone who can acquire the nack of slicing onions without slicing fingers. Richard Cole leaves his natural blond hair to the girls who are trying to get it the artificial way. -Carol Cox and Chuck Yarletts leave to meet at the alter, we hope. Tom Criswell leaves his headaches of the U-Hi- News sport section to anyone who has a good supply of headache pills. Bernard Davis leaves his easy going manners to Bob Jones who is too easy going. Wilson Davis leaves his summer paint brush to anyone who wants extra spending money. Anita Dess leaves her ability to get high bowl- ing scores to Virginia Dexter who could use some. Darrell Dess leaves his masculine build to Don Bowden to help keep him from getting hurt next year during football season. Bill Double leaves his taxi to any other lucky guy who wants to cart the girls around. Leo Dou hert leaves his brilliant remarks in is ory c ass o anyone who can get away with them. Logan Do le leaves his posture to Peggy c in ey w o could use a few lessons in walking. Albert and Don French leave their crew cuts to Jim Diamond and Jim Reed. Connie Fronius and Becky Skaggg leave their a- bility to play hookie to Rachel Rankin and Helen Beight who already are doing well. Carole Fr e leaves some of her shyness and a- ility to e seen and not heard to Barbara Capitola who could use them. Ronnie Qall leaves his flirting Ways to Don Smith who doesn't need much coaching. Bob Hart leaves his casanova ways ..... uh, on second thought, he had better take them a- long for further use. Lincoln Hartford leaves his dry sense of humor to Dean Driggs who can carry on where Lincoln leaves off. Harrison Hester leaves his ability to get along with girls to Tom Kriner who doesn't seem to be having much trouble. Ruth Hilke leaves her vocabulary to Bill Emig who needs to better his. Ralph Houk leaves his height to Pauline Fleeger w o coul use a few inches. Anna Mae Hunt leaves her brains to Jerry Tindall. He only keeps his on the girls. Ed Jenkins leaves and is glad. Jim Kearns leaves his second home, Peggy Whiteford's house to Bob Pitzer. Dot Lancaster leaves her ability to get expelled for playing hookie to Shirley Verenski. John Misja leaves his water guns to the office to trac down truants. Bob Myers leaves his ability to being a leader to Barnum and Bailey Circus. John Mc lanahan leaves his sparkling personal- ity an popularity to Gary Clark who will carry on where John leaves off. Shirley McKinley and Irene Plano leaves an order or dfto soap for next years office girls. Larry Phillips leaves his friendly spirit to Bill ai ey w o needs a better look on life. Don Ro ers leaves his sly tricks to Jim Hester who is o to a good start. Ed Rudzik leaves his conversation on stock cars to Harold Mott who drives like a stock car racer Mar Schweinsber leaves her ability to get the car or year oo work to the business manager of next years staff. Pat Slavin leaves her ability to go steady with one oy or a long period of time to Jane Ann Wallace who will learn in time. Phil Teece leaves his alarm clock to Neal Sams who could use one. Mary Jo Troupe leaves the mythical character, George Bones, to sit through school with Ruth Jones. Bob Veon leaves his wave set to any under- classmen who have trouble putting waves in their hair. John Vesco leaves his sense of humor to Russ Stump who has an overdose. Vir inia Wilson wills her ability for arriving to sc oo a e o Chris Rogan who already has that trouble. Donna Blackford leaves her wrestling books to Georgiana Colmer. James Barnhart leaves his front seat in all the classes to anyone who is unlucky. 30 S PORTS Front to back: P. Bees, captain A. Vannatten, co-captain D. Monn J. Baughman K, Frye B. Capitola UNIOR AR ITY Left to right: Jackie Pearce, Judy Baughman, Pauline Fleegcr 32 ,A E Rowl I Young R Gall D French B Wallace D Leeper G Clark H Mott F Brogan K Stewart B Jones N Sams B Hart Row2 Coach Hart Coach Schantz P Jaworski B Bailey D Dess R Stump R Parks R List L Doyle A French R Felger I McClanahan Coach Roussos IN 3 Row3 J Gwin B Veon B Ratclrff B Clark J Schass H Hester P Vanater L Phillips B Kratofrl ' Q I Diamond ZW f We 1.3, X fi- ,-:4:-:-:-:-t::?:- 145:37::1:gI:1:1:1:1:f:2:2:-:-1-:zz ,.,. . , . . hi 19 -4 ':::5:1:5:::5:3:::g3g35g:g:3. -2155552313:::I:3:1:5:I1::Z:,:3:g:gQ:f:::5:5:g:g:3.. , rg-3-3-1-1+:53.5, V,3.54.3-1.:+:-:-2-:-:-111313.55g.3.5.g-1-1-1+ .4.4.-1-ir:-:V:-1-::::1:T:2:i:5:1:Az-3:55 , --:-:-1-1-14:gZgZgI1I:Z:i:i:i:1:1:1:-:-:-:-:5:4:3:- E2E1E1E1EIE1E2E1E1E2EQEQifiiiiiififiiirilifii. xi E525E5E5233212IEIE2EIEIEQEQEQEEEQEEEEEEEE' COTTIE GRIDIRO PLAYER FOOTBA LL UR fine football record had its start on August 19, 1952 when 70 boys came out to begin training for the difficult task which lay ahead. Our team was capably coached by Mr. Jack Schantz, who was assisted by Mr. Socrates Roussos and Mr. Richard Hart. All the boys worked hard and were rewarded for their work by coming out on top and winning the Lawrence County Class "B" football champion- ship. They had a fine record of 5 wins and only 3 losses. The whole school celebrated when the team defeated Bessemer for the second consecutive year. They did an excellent job of holding the Cemen- ters scoreless and securing 25 points for themselves. 33 be ITF' be 1106 J im Young Larry Phillips E IOR John McClanahan n M: my 2.3 U K R ,,A.,, 5 1lbKiL A be ' in 1.5 ",. il, f H G00 34 000 te leon me G H11 Logan Doyle so '91- uv 11509 HE sports coaches for-the 1952-53 eason were Mr. Socrates Roussos, Mr. Jack Schan z, and Mr. Richard I-Iart. These are the wonderful coaches ho have lead Union High Schools Athletic teams. All three oaches worked to- gether to lead the team to winning the Cl ss "B" Champion- ship in football in Lawrence County. Th y also guided the teams through many basketball and base all victories. Individual Yardage Gained Rushing- Name Yds. Gained Yds. Lost To l Times Carried Av. Tries J. Emig 23 0 23 3 7. 6 D. French 92 0 92 13 7. 0 D. Dess 154 0 134 24 6. 42 F. Brogan 344 11 3 3 52 6.4 D. Leeper 11 0 111 2 - 5. 5 J. Young 296 8 2192 55 5.3 R. Jones 73 5 168 16 4. 2 B. Hart 128 7 121 29 4. 1 P. Jaworski 9 1 3 3 3, 0 A. French 21 o 121 6 1.8 Team Statistics . Scoring Record Union Opponents Name D. Extra Pt. Tot. Pt. 61 1st downs 37 1 1226 Yds. Gained Rushing 767 Gall 1 6 8 44 96 Yds. Lost Rushing 90 Young 5 30 1130 Total Yds. Rushing 677 Samst 3 2 20 984 Yds. Gained Passing 292 Brogdn 2 1 1-3 2114 Total Yards Gained 969 gess 2 0 lg ar Frencih 1 6 1 20 11 131 N M- ROW 1: R. Felger, J. Diamond, R. Stump, R. Exposito, I. Hudson, J. Hester, C. Ratcliffe. ROW 2: Ass't. Coach Mr. Roussos, F. Brogan, P. Jaworski, L. Yasher, G. Lawrence, B. Ahrens, B. Galazia, D. Ross, I. Young, P. Niglio, Coach Mr. Shantz. Row 3: J. Schass, R. Yachabach, F. Zappia, D. Rogers, R. Gall, D. Dess, D. Leeper, J. Gwin, B. Veon. BA EBALL CWHE 1952 baseball season was very successful under the leadership of Mr. Jack Schantz, J and Mr. Dick Hart. The baseball section was divided up into two different groups. Our opponents were Bessemer, Wampum, Mt. Jackson, East Brook, and Sharpsville. Due to the fact that Union's baseball season doesn't open until after the publication of this book, we cannot put this year's statistics in our yearbook. Instead, we will put last year's records. But aside from this handicap, Union wound up with five wins and three losses. Several boys have received jackets for this sport. Union Union Union Union Uni on BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1 952 Opponents Union Opponents 2-0 Sharpsville Union 1 3 -2 Wampum 2-1 Wampum Union 3-1 Mt. Jackson 6-4 Bessemer Union 3-6 Bessemer 1 -3 Mt. Jackson Union 3-8 East Brook Union won 5 Lost 3 Union scored 33 runs while their opponents scored only 25. 37 BA KETB LL ASKETBALL practice for the 1952-53 season began on November 1, 1952, under the direction of Varsity Coach Socrates Roussos, Junior Varsity Coach, Richard Hart, and Junior High Coach, Jack Schantz, who all proved to do very good jobs. As in other years, Union wound up their pre-season games with a very good record. This record showed six wins and three losses. Also, they did very well in their league games. The tournament games this year were held in the New Wilmington College Gym, in which our team entered. With the splendid sportsmenship and co-operation of the team and fine coaches, they were able to contribute to the students of Union High a beautiful trophy, secured in these games. Two added attractions of the home games this year were the newly finished floor, and the new fold-away bleachers. Left to right: J Row 1: I. McClanahan, D. Rogers, B. Houk, B. Myers, R. Gall, D. Dess, J. Schass, N. Sams, K. Stewart. Row 2: D. Hart, M. Mateja, W. Monstril, B. Pitzer, H. Mott, J. Diamond, B. Bailey, E. Jenkins, S. Roussos. Row 3: T. Latimer, W. Davis, F. Rogan, D. Smith, B. Cwynar, D. Bowden, D. Moore, D. Bowden. Union 41 - Union 61 - Union 38 - Union 54 - Union 66 - Union 63 - Union 55 - Union 86 - Union 45 - Union 43 - Union 64 - Players Gall Myers Dess Sams Houk Schass Stewart Rogers Diamond Mott McClanahan Brogan Pitzer BASKETBALL SCHEDULE West Middlesex Mars Sharpsville Fredonia Freedom Ursuline West Middlesex East Lawrence Hickory New Wilmington Wampum F. 149 57 47 39 38 17 10 3 5 4 2 1 0 -298 -114 - 94 1952-1953 Points' 38 Union 55 - 50 Mt. Jackson Union 61 - 69 Bessemer Union 86 - 38 Darlington Union 56 - 29 Shenango Union 39 - 53 New Wilmington Union 47 - '71 Wampum Union 56 - 46 Mt. Jackson Union - Bessemer Union Darlington Union Shenango F, S, Total Points 109 407 31 145 35 129 29 115 25 101 is 52 19 39 3 14 0 10 1 9 3 7 Q 2 1 1 'Includes Pre-League Games fi ' 5.9 .if ' ' i 4 ff ff N Jn... Ronme Gall eu D955 S E N 1011 , Ralph Houk I ohn McClanahan Bob MyerS Cllass Peggy Bees is now a registered nurse and is oing a fine job. Donna Blackford will be giving competition to Cora Combs, the all-star wrestler. lim Braho is now running his own farm after the training he had in F. F. A. class. Betty Cervone will be starting her own chain store called, "Cervone's 5 and 10, " after the experience she had at Neisner's. Q Campbell will be manufacturing wool seat covers rom the sheep he raises, for all Ford cars. Richard Cole will be a gym instructor at Union High in the future years. Anita Dess will probably be the manager of Pat's Dairy Bar in the near future, with QQ Lancaster as her assistant. Lo an Doyle with his brains, will be the editor of EIS own magazine, "The New Life. " Carol Frye will be modeling for all the fashion magazines. Ronnie gall has retired as a football player, because it interferes with his dating girls. Q9-lg Hart will be campaigning for the United States President. He did such a wonderful job as class president, he thought he would make it a lifetime job. Mary Schweinsberg is lending a good hand and is over in other countries as a mission- ary. Jane Bartlett will be the star singer at the Metropolitan Opera. Patty Citanski will probably be driving hot- rods at Pulaski Speedway. John Vesco is going to sign up to be aclown at the Ringling Brothers Circus. Bob Veon will be another Rudolph Valentino making love to all the girls Virginia Wilson will be owning her own photography studio.u b bl b f I Mary Jo Troupe wi pro a y e a pro essiona actor after t e part she played in "Curtain Going Up. " Jgz. Chill has opened a reducing school for others who like to eat and yet be slim. Shirley McKinley will be running her own park- ing lot by the looks of her house at nights. Wilson Davis will be following his parent's footsteps and become a teacher. Larry Phillips has followed his uncle's foot- steps and is now the owner of PHILLIPS BROS. ss after finishin man ears of pro Darrell De , g y y football, has retired to coaching his own team. Bob Wallace has opened his own contracting firm. Lincoln Hartford was spied by a talent scout and is on his way up to being a great star. QQ Double practiced ice skating so much dur- ing his school days that he has finally been signed to join the Ice Capades. He's got a job sweeping the ice. Jerry Brown joined the army and became head bread baker after his experience with Tip Top. ,Pto?hccy Joanne Aller has opened her own Beauty Parlor and Has many customers from the graduating class of 1953. Joanne Bova and Mary-Anna Bova are now managing their own super market after many years of experience at Joseph's. Marilyn Brown is now a registered nurse after two years of experience as a nurses' aid. Carol Cox and Chuck Yarletts are now married. What e'lse??????????????? Leo Dougherty couldn't keep away from school, so he was ired as janitor when he isn't taking papers. Don French is now a naval officer and is making flinavy his career. Connie Fronius will be spending the next few years at the Army Base with Jim. John Misja and Ralphl Houk now manufacture their own model airp anes after working with them during their school days. Eddie Rudzik is following in his brothers foot- steps and joined with the Midget Auto Racers. Harrison Hester now has his own body shop with the experience he got at Chambers. -BQ Aller is now on the New Castle News staff after being a newsboy for many years. Tom Criswell is busy making blue prints for the new firm of Criswell and Criswell. QQ Rogers has been hired by Jack Benny as a script writer. He sure proved his skill at Union with his dull sense of humor. Bob Myers will be another Paul Arigone with his abi ity which he displayed at Union. Anna May Hunt will be a teacher in a one room school, because she does so well in everything at school. Eddie Jenkins is winning debates in court just like he did in History class. Irene Plano is now a Big Time Operator as a stenographer after the experience she got in the school office. Q Kearns is now the Sports Headliner for do- ing so well in the Major Leagues. Jim Barnhart was always quiet in school, but he is doing well as a lawyer in winning his cases. Bernard Davis now has his own jive band after many years of playing with the Elks band. Phillip Teece is now one of the nations top game hunters, thanks to his experience on school time. Patt Slavin is now working as a secretary in the new "Baby Bottle" factory. Ruth Hilke is often seen doing work in industrial arts. She plans on making this her life's work. John McClanahan has opened his own hobby shop on the side. His steady work is building air- plane models for the government. -IQ French is now president of the F. F. A. fFu- ture Familymen of Americal. Becky Skaggs is now going to Slippery Rock College to e a one fan cheering section. CT WW LM X hy, 1i 1A M wr' 111 1 ., .A4 11 'ki ff ZZAA 'ff'q'lf' fv ' wax .,A , fl ! W Mfffz W1 ' 1'l '4' Standing left to right: D. French, L. Hartford, H. Hester, Mrs. Keil, Mrs. King, Miss Kisthart. Seated left to right: S. McKinley, M. Schweinsberg, C. Frye, V. Wilson, C. Yarletts, P. Teece, I. Plano Editor .... . ...... Don French Ass't Editor ...... Phillip Teece Business Editor. . Mary Schweinsberg Advertisements . . Lincoln Hartford Art Editor ........ Harrison Hester Sports Editor ..... Chuck Yarletts Literary Editor, . . Carole Frye Photography ...... Virginia Wilson Typists ...... . . . Irene Plano . . . . . . . . Shirley McKinley Advisors .... . . . Mr. Keil .. . . . Mrs. King . . . Miss Kisthart Standing left to right: J. Baughman, Mr. Keil, Mrs. King, Miss Kisthart, D. Leeper, G. Clark, B. Jones, R, Stump. Seated left to right: B. Capitola, B. Allen, K. Errico, E. Goddard, J. Crawford, B. Bailey. 42 U H1 NW ' x U-H1 iws Seated front left to right: C. Cox, M. Schweinsberg, J.A. Flynn, R. List, J. McClanahan, M. Hartzell Seated left to right: I. Plano, S. McKinley, M. Brown, L. Hartford, L. Doyle, C. Blakely Standing left to right: J. Vesco, R. Stump, M.J. Hill, A.M, Hunt, E. Goddard, M,A, Nogee J Mattocks, T. Criswell, L. Phillips, Miss Kisthart. U-Hi-News HE U-Hi-News Staff of 1952-53 was very successful in publishing an interest ing paper every month. Everyone looked forward to reading all the latest news in it. The advisor for the paper was Miss Kisthart. The staff responsible for this special paper was: Editor ...... . ......... Ass't Editor .... Business Editor . . Art Editor ..... Ass't Art Editor . . Cartoons ...... Class News . . .Senior . . . . . .Junior. . . . . . .Sophomore. . . Sports .... . . ..... . . Activities and Clubs scurue-Butt ..... ' ' ' ' ' Literary ...... Exchange . . Typists . . Printers , , 43 . . . Logan Doyle . Ethel Goddard . . Russell Stump . Mary Ann Nogee . . . Harry Hartzell . Charles Blakely . . Larry Phillips . . . John Vesco . . . Carol Cox . .Joan Mattocks . . Jean Ann Flynn . . . Tom Criswell . . Marilyn Brown Mary Schweinsberg . Lincoln Hartford . . . Anna May Hunt . Shirley McKinley . . . .Irene Plano . . .Martha Jo Hill . . Dorothy Cwynar . John McClenahan . . . Richard List HARVE T M00 DA CE The Harvest Moon Dance HE Junior Class held their annual Harvest Moon Dance on the night of October 22, 1952. The gym was beautifully decorated in blue and white, with glittered silver stars shining from an azure sky. At the intermission, Mr. Roussos and Miss Renta were presented with gifts. Then at a magic moment, Kathleen Frye and Gary Clark reigned over the dance as king and queen. The dance was a great success and enjoyed by all. 44 l l l ANTA WI G af? ne p13n0. . www- he Carole Ftye d Gan' Ribben' ben HBH.: l . . R0 - xey. Rona d left to nght. Xe Mclfln Seate' left to fight: Shit Y Standing ' , Santa's Swing HE Santa's Swing was held on Wed d nes ay evening, December 17, in the Union High auditorium. It was decorated with red and white paper and several Christmas trees decorated for the occasion. At th e intermission, Mr. Turek named th Most beautiful girl ...... Most handsome boy .... Most popular girl ....... Most popular boy ........... Girl with best disposition. . . Boy with best disposition .... auanaua an 45 e outstanding Seniors, who were: . . . . . . .Carole Frye ...........Bob Hart . . . . Shirley McKinley . . . . . . . Ronnie Gall . . . . . .Irene Plano . . . Bob Myers ALIINTINE D HE Sophomore Valentine Dance was held on February 11, 1953. Queen of Hearts was Marilyn Brown. Sophomore girl attendants to the queen were: Martha Lewis, Kay Thornton, Sandy Grell, Shirley Harry, .T oan Klenzing and Judy Baughman. The dance was a huge success and credit goes to the class advisors, Mrs. Shields and Mr. Keil. Sitting: Sandra Grell, Martha Lewis, Joan Klenzing Standing: Kay Thornton, Shirley Harry, Judy Baughman 46 MW wiv W W vm Gan IGNITY and sophistication marked 'Ronald Plano the 1953 Iunior-Senior Prom held King' ,U-eve in the Cathedral ballroom on May 15. Queen' The gay couples danced to music provided by a local orchestra. The climax of the evening was the crown- ing of Irene Plano and Ronnie Gall as Queen and King. To all who attended this night will be one long remem- bered. Miss Rentz and Mr. Roussos directed the arrangement. Left to right: J. Baughman, R. Felger, K. Frye. D. Leeper, M. Hill, R. Jones, R. Gall, A. Vannatten, crownbearer, I. Plano, D. Dess, M. Brown, R. Myers, S. McKinley, R. Hart, C. Frye. 47 BU IOR E IOR 4 . . , , , s i 5 3 5 ? 1 I r I PLAY E s r f . y I I 'X K ff? Left to right-front: I. Vogus, R. Stump, B. Hart, B. Veon, R. Gall, L. Hartford, D. French. Seated, left to right: A. Dess, M.I. Troupe, J. Crawford, M. Brown, C. Frye, I. Plano, J. Baughman, S. Sniezek, C. Cox, P. Bees. Standing, left to right: M. Schweinsberg, M.J. Hill, P. Rnyal, I. Bartlett, B. Capitola, B. Cervone, S. McKinley, I. Mattocks, P. Rudesill. N Thursday evening, November 19, 1952, the Juniors and Seniors presented their play, "Curtain Going Up. " "Curtain Going Up" was a comedy in three acts by Gregory Johnston. This play, "Curtain Going Up, " the like of which was never before presented in Union High School, was a hilarious production from beginning to end. It was a story of a young high school teacher directing her first play. The story evolved around the problems that she encountered. She had trouble with the old janitor of the school, who tried to give her advice on how to run a production. She not only had trouble with her high school actors falling in love, during the play but she, herself fell in love with one of the young men teachers in the high school. But, just as the old saying goes "All's well that ends We", she presented a fine production, cleared us some problems for her students and herself. Mrs. Helen King was presented a gift, on behalf of the cast, for her untiring work in helping to make the play a success. Each member in the cast did a fine job. Miss Irene Burgess-Irene Plano Lorry Fuller-Carole Frye Nancy Leveridge-Joyce Crawford Miss Carolyn Moran-Mary Schweinsberg Miss Henrietta Rivers-Jane Ann Wallace Elsie Hunter-Anita Dess Sylvia Moore-Marilyn Brown Janet Young-Janice Baughman Joan White-Peggy Bees Kyle Roberts-Mary Jo Troupe Mr. Norman Carter-Bob Veon Andy Fullbright-Bob Hart J ocko Guthrie-J im Vogus The cast was as follows: Mile Sanders-Russell Stump Buck 0'Hara-Ronnie Gall . Mr. Tony Peterson-Don French Mr. Richard Liveridge-Lincoln Hartford Mrs. Young-Carol Cox Women- Stella Sniezek Joan Mattocks Pat Rudesill Usherettes-Jane Bartlett, Shirley McKinley, Betty Cervone, Martha Jo Hill, Pat Rhyal, Barbara Capitola. 48 i mlm ll Q. f' - cw'- wsi Kimi' rxtxitenfm' cgi. ve5C0- ' C- 3. BPS. veoih M- 'UO' s R' Ov till? ' x. VW, L. W M scmweffgiwl- Bmw A P. Beeskoti -ri. He . seam ' L. Had Yagi' ggilch' 3,651 U? . D- F gy sxailfm CN' HE delightful comedy "Cheaper by the Dozen" was presented by the Senior class on April Q! 17, in the school auditorium. The plot evolves around "Dad" the beloved member of the family, who hopes to prepare his children for life in such a way that they will be able to face the responsibilities of life with- out him. The cast is as follows: Mr. Gilbreth. . . Iohn Vesco Anne .... Irene Plano Mrs. Gilbreth .... Mary Troupe Lillian .... Peggy Bees Ernistine .... Mary Schweinsberg Martha .... Mary Ann Bova Frank .... Bob Veon Mrs. Fitzgerald .... Carol Cox Iackie .... Bob Hart Dr. Burton .... James Barnhart Dan .... Don French Joe Scales .... Lincoln Hartford Bill .... Albert French Miss Brill .... Donna Blackford Fred .... Harry Hester Larry .... Larry Phillips Mrs. Helen King directed the play. 49 i-". r,. JA , , I T, Criswell. hi Row 1: MI- Han' ML 56505. Sdvlgliaczlfrzeigxl lgrgtuart. W- DaViS'VD' Eo?rsy:,15llrsFr:lCMott. V1SOI1 ' ' l O U , ' ' ' Row 2: MLYSSIZRZZID5 Leeper. I. McClanahan, Fi Brogan. I 3 Row 3: C. - 513114, L. Doy 2- Row C 4: L. Pmlups. R- Wallace- G' Bob Hart ..... . . . President Ronnie Gall . . . . . Vice-President Darrell Dess .... . . . Secretary Tom Criswell . . . . . . Treasurer Front row: H Hester A F second row: R.. S . . rench. B. KraL0fi1' D. Bowden K tumP. D. Leeper, B. Veon, G' Clark. N. ganasStFarav1l? Rogers, Mr. Han 50 HI-Y Left to right: Row 1: Mr. Venturella, I Tindall, G Clark, C. Yarletts, T. Latimer, R, Veon, Mr. Williams Row 2: E. Peplowski D. Bowden, B. Cole, D. Bowden, R. Exposito, B. Bailey, J. Duff. Row 3: E. Heading, E. Langford, M. Mateja, J. Reed, R. Parks. Row 4: D, Leeper, P. Patvasky, 1. Vogus, B. Pitzer, D. Smith. Q OR the year 1952-53, the Union Hi-Y officers were: President. . Chuck Yarletts Vice-President. . Gary Clark Secretary. . Ted Latimer Treasurer. . .Terry Tindall Chaplain. . Bob Veon Every other Wednesday, the club met at the Y. M. C. A. for a meeting. They en- gaged in sports such as basketball, swimming, tennis, pool, and bowling. They were also shown numerous movies and heard various speakers. Their business meetings were all conducted at the school. Their schedule of events was as follows: Sept. 26, 27, 28 - Officers Training Camp. Chuck Yarletts and Ted Latimer were the delegates from Union. ' During football season - Balloons were sold at the games. Nov. 14, 15, 16 - Older Boys Conference. ChuckYarletts and Gary Clark attended. Nov. 29 - Autumn Harvest Dance in the gym. Feb. 26 - Father and Son Banquet. Speaker was Rev. Fletcher of New Castle. Spring - Spring Dance in the school gym. 51 Reading from left: Row 1: I. Lowry, S. Houston, E. Hanna, C. Cox, M. Brown, S. Sankey, Miss Rentz, P. Bees, V. Wilson. Row 2: J. Goodge, P. Kerr, C. Frye, T. Petrella, A,M, Hunt, M. Schweinsberg, I. Wilson, L. McCurdy, A Boyer. Row 3: S, Sniezek, S. McKinley, M,J. Hill, I. Bartlett, B. Capitola, S. Verenski, S. Hepler, E. Marrinko, P, Huff, J. Mattocks. Row 4: B. Cervone, S. Grell, A. Stockman, A. Fleeger, G. I-louk, L. Double, L. Levensky, D. Kendra, R. Hilke Advisor, President-Carol Cox Secretary-Shirley Sankey Miss Rentz Vice-President-Marilyn Brown Treasurer-Elvie Hanna Reading from left: Row 1: C. Perrotta, N. Vanater, M.I. Shaffer, L. Foss, S. Genova, E. Broadbent, L. Pagley, LA, Wallace, B. Aller. Row 2: B. Moorhouse, S. Hromyak, P. Fee, I. Klenzing, J. Sankey, N. Jones, T. Heath, M.A, Nogee, P. Montgomery, P. McKinley. R w 3: C. Ammons, J. Bova, l. Plano, S. Harry, D. Aller, M. A. Bova, E. List, K. Thornton, I. Crawford. O Row 4: S. Biddle, S. Morrissey, B. Minner, L. Sankey, J. A. Flynn, C. Barnett, D. Brown, I. Mott, J. Ferrese, S. Cox. 52 - TECLB B Capitola, S Genova Standing- L Rishcl M Veon G Spencer Miss Kisthart advisor 1 ll' vrx 'M Seated left to right: A, Vannattcn, HA Hestexr, B. Bailey. Standing left wright: l. Paglcy, M,A, Nogee, LA, Mott, M. Yannucci, Miss Kisrhart, advisnr. 53 lv. M, M.. l Row 1: Mr. Hoke, I. Braho, R. Veon, C. Yarletts, J'. Campbell, P. Ratavasky, A. French, D. Jacobs French, E. Phillips. Row 2: I. Busin, H. Haggerty, R. Doyle, R. Bator, F. Thomasec, R. Burkey, D. Beight, R. Sheeler, McConahy, K. Shick, J. McClenahan, N. Coman. on D L. Row 3: B. Emig, K. Welker, B. Double, J. Robinson, J. Henry, D. Heasley, J. Slick, L. Cifra, T. Kirker I. Stoner, F. Lombard. HE F. F. A. took part in many interesting events in 52-53. The first event being Leadership Training School, in which all the officers learned about parliamentry procedure for the F. F. A. meetings. Our field trips consisted of picking apples and corn, in which the members obtained money as well as knowledge. The Farm Show as the main event of the year in which all members participated. The F. F. A. Banquet was held March 19 at the Mahoning Grange, at which. a demonstration was given by the Penn Power Company. Last year the chapter participated in the Chicken of Tomorrow and came out tenth in the state. With the good showing, we decided to enter again. Th annual F. F. A. Roundup was held April 24 with all members of the Tri-County district attending. The Keystone Farmer Degree was attained by Dave Luptak. In the Wildlife Contest, Daniel Spellick won first place. 54 l 8 IV I- A - A - 5' I 1' Color Guards: L. Powell, D. Johnson, B. Ward, I. Mattocks Row 1: L. Changoway, P. Hanna, I. Rudesill, L. Sarver, M. Caizza, I. Hilyard, H. Grittie, F. Siggelow, A. I-lorchler. Row 2: D. Wright, B. Lowry, M. Cross, L. Henry, B. Martin, P. Thornton, B. Slater, W. Vanater, B. Houk, P. Petrella. Row 3: D. Bowden, R. Adams, T. Powell, E. Hoffmeister, J. McAdams, I. Davis, L. Johnson, B. Minner, A. Montgomery, W. Krueger. Row 4: A. Symons, L, Eisner, B. Wright, C. Withers, C. Janiel, R. Bradley, J. Vanatcr, A. French, R. Veon D. French, J. Arthur Turek--Scoutmaster, W. Aeppli--Ass't Scoutmaster. Left to right: Mrs. Birt, J. Hritz, Dr. Warner, Mrs. Farrington. 55 Class Poem In Union High, these years gone b With memories more than few, We look around at everyone And think "What will we do. " It seemed like such a long time From first grade right on through, But every year went faster As we learned something new. For the past twelve years We have met each test Trying to prepare ourselves For the job we will do best. Class Song- -1953 Lincoln Hartford and Janie Bartlett Here at dear old Union High School, Where our lives have passed their way, Now that we are leaving, how we wish we could stay Oh you soph-o-mores and juniors, Who've a few more years to go, As departing seniors we would like you to know. Our teachers one and all Who catch us in the hall, Even tho' they "Bawl" us out, There's many things they've done To help us with our fun, To them appreciation-we now voice. And to dear old Union High School, Students, teachers now us hear, We'll remember and we'll love you The passing of each year. IIIOTB To the tune of "Halls of Ivy" Y, We'll say good-bye to all our friends And to Union's blue and white, We wish for the underclassmen, A future unmarred and bright. Phillip Teece Carol Cox Alma Mater Our strong band ne'er be broken, Formed in Union High. Far surpassing, wealth unspoken, Sealed by friendships tie. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Deep graven on each heart. Shall be found unwavering true, When we from life shall part. 56 ,- 'iw 1. sf. " H .,.. v . HM -1. 1: Yrxx Wd . ,ops -'5 .z'b',.2-354.55 A A t ,, .-,. ,. a-'.- .0 - . ' '.-3. 1-: 'f:1'f'-4g.- , '30 41. , .:,,g:3,..- .5--sq. . . ..,g:,::5:-- .Q .9 ...f L- dllw -Q A - I Q 'K' X X '.-1f.g1'41jf. x s A ' ww N3 xi " - I? xxejlp, . .-:wi-:5g1f5:f-ga! :fffi ' ' -:ffr-sfgffrewsf . .-42-3a.'Z-'sd-3.01 '-".-2?-'-'D-'. , . . 1 'W' 5:23163-'. , .-,--..-.-..-. - - ..-.-,...-.c.-,.-,.1-.554-,.q.Q.2- -.---.2- - - - ww.:-:U ,.- .A .I ,n.4,.e,,5. ,...v,.- I M - ful".-ig . ,, I. - - -1,-.-1.,..,s - L, H - Q .s '-3'11111215-1:111:11-1,:1.1.i.1A. I .V..'3-1g-5,w1', M . fix Y' ms, if Left to right: Row 1: L. Foss, L. Hartford. Row 2: J. Valiensi, W. Davis, L. Changoway, F. Folding, C. Campbell Row 3: S. Campbell, B. Stoner, E. Peplowski, M. Conti. Row 4: P. Hanna, M. Minner. Standing: M Yannucci, P. Huff, R. Hilke, P.Micco, B Thompson, I Allen, S. Svniezek, S. Iaworski. Left to right: 1. Aller, C. Coates, A. Fleeger, L. Double, M.I. Hill, P. Citanski, S McKinley, I. Plano, S. Morrissey, S. Verenski, E. Hanna. 58 a- . , , . A ...W Left to light: Row 1: MJ. Shaffer, E. Langford, S. Grell, J. Diamond, C. Ratcliff, P. Iaworski. Row 2: D. Jacobson, K. Welker, R. Felger, F. Lombard, l-l. Hester. Row 3: R. De1Principe, D. Driggs, R. Cameron, S. Skaggs, T. Hixon. Row 4: D. Eckles, J. Leasure, J. Stoner, J. Mattocks. Standing: R. Ferrell, M. Schweinsberg. LA. Flynn. J. Mattocks, Mr. Gibson. Officers for the band are: President-Dean Driggs Vice-President-James Diamond Secretary-Stella Sniezek Treasurer-James Valiensi UR band was represented at Midwestern District Band in West Middlesex, on ' - ki coronetist January 15, 16, 17, 1953 by Joan Mattocks, flutist, Pete .Tawors , . Twenty-four students have participated in the Lawrence County Band Festival at New Wilmington, on April 18, 1953. The band has had a very successful football and concert season. We are looking forward to an even better season next year. 59 H011 i Left to right: Row l: D. Jendrysik, M. J. Hill, P. Fee, J. Bartlett, S. Campbell, S. Grell, H. jendrysik, M. Morris, R. Row 2: Mr, Gibson, K. Frye, L. McCurdy, C. Ratcliffe, D. Bowden, T, Lattimar, I. Hudson, J. Hester, H. Hester. Row 8: J. Taylor, S. Jaworski, B. Skaggs, P. Bees, M.J. Troupe, F. Artman, M. Yannacci, L. Phillips. Row 4: P. jaworski, R. Hart, D. Driggs, J. Tindall, R. Veon, R. Wallace, K. Welker. - 60 Q 7 Hilke HM? C He Union High School Chorus presented a Christmas program under the direction of Mr. Claire Gibson. The chorus also took part in the District Contest at Edin- boro, Pa. Mr. Gibson has worked many tiring and patient hours to make our chorus a success In September 1952, the chorus held its first business meeting and the following of- ficers were elected: President--Robert Hart Vice-President--Harrison Hester Secretary--Larry Phillips Treasurer--Elizabeth Langiotti We, the Senior Class of Union High School are proud of our chorus and hope it will continue to live up to its high ideals. Left to right: Row l: I. Mattocks, S. Sniezek, E. Langiotti, I. Ferrese, P. Cutter, J. Klenzing, K. Errico, J. Gorden, J. Pierce C. Coates, F. Kaufman. Row 'X J. Chill, W. Bailey, T. Kriner, J. Barnhart, D. Presnar, P. Huff, C. Fronius, C. Cox, LA. Flynn, M. Schweinsberg. Row4 D. Smith, P. Teece, E. Jenkins, J. Diamond, J. Gwin, R. Taafe, T. Troupe, L. Hartford, W. Davis, J. Vesco. 1 Nu Row 2: T. Jenkins, G. McCart, P. Rogan, R. Del Principle, R. Bowden, I. Plano, A. Vannatten, J.A. Wallace. L Y' KL I 7, N , .D 61 ...SW V 9 . ? 62 if .N, -v QVVKE Y 'E Q .4-mums. -nl 4--law1.1vfsrufz:..1' , ....,.... W., Nm., ' Installment of new bleachers: Left to right: Mr. Roussos, Mr. Beichner, Mr. Keil, Mr. Shantz, Mr. Venturella, Mr. Hart, Mr. Turck 63 ISNUUALIY Bob Aller believes in that old fable, "Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, " and he sure sticks to it. If you have wondered why Joanne Aller comes to school in a dump truck, it's only to haul the make-up she wears. Did anyone ever tell Jane Bartlett that she could sing like Marion Marlowe? No! Then, Iwonder where she got that idea. If James Barnhart thinks as much as he talks, his nickname would be thoughtless. Someone must have told Peggy Bees that boys really exist, because she actually looked at one the other day. Donna Blackford doesn't mix with the kids at Union. She prefers her wrestling friends and movie stars. The Bova twins, Mary Ann and Joan might look alike on the surface, but when it comes to noise, they surely differ. Gerald Brown has everything it takes to make a loaf of bread except the dough. I wonder why Marilyn Brown suddenly quit at the hospital. Could it be they were getting too many young male patients? The way Joe Campbell keeps his Ford shined up, you'd think he had a girl. I wonder why Joe Chill stays away from the butcher's room when meat is so scarce. If you've wondered why so many people come out of the Harbor Diner feeling sick, it's be- cause Patty Citanski works there. If you're ever walking through the halls of Union and think you hear a horse whiny, don't faint, it's only Betty Cervone giggling. This year Richard Cole took off from hunting to go to school. I wonder who Carol Cox is really going to mar- ry? Could she just be stringing along acertain person from Union. It's a race between Chuck Yarletts and Tom Criswell as to who will get their draft notice first. Girls aren't the only ones who wear nail polish when they get dressed up. Ask Bernard Davis about this. It's a toss-up between Anita and Darrell Dess as to which one is going to college and play full- back for Notre Dame. Don't be too surprised, Darrell. Bill Double doesn't need company when he goes a movie because his lau h kee shim com an to ' 9 P P Y- All Leo Dougherty needs is a fishing pole for that line of his. Logan Doyle says that at the end of the year he will be able to bend a steel rod. I wonder if the milk cans have anything to do with this? If it weren't for Al and Don French's crewcut, they would be asked many times, "Which twin has the Toni?" It seems as though Connie Fronius can fall a- sleep anywhere. Even in boys gym classes. Carole Frye's middle name should be "Rite, " Then she could be manager of the "Fry Rite" Company. Speaking of boating, where did Ronnie Gall get those shoes of his? They're undernourished canoes. that's what!! It's usually the girls who peroxide their hair, but it looks like Bob Hart has taken up the practice. If ou ever ha pen to be sitting in any of your Y P classes and all of a sudden your papers are gone: Lincoln Hartford has just sneezed. - Ruth Hilke seems to be the quiet type. Maybe she can't think of words since there are so many handsome senior boys. If you see Ralph Houk bringing a suitcase to school, it's not his overnight bag it's only his lunch. Anna Mae Hunt seemed to cheer very loud at the football games this year. I wonder how loud it would really have been if she would have opened her mouth? The Senior Class votes for a longer lunch hour so Philip Teece and Ed Jenkins can get back to school on time. Jim Kearns is known as the seniors "Silent Man. " Not many boys know things about him. What about the girls, jim? ? ? ? ? If Dot Lancaster studied as much as she sleeps, she would give the Senior brains some competi- ion. The way John Misjatells those yarns, itwouldn't be surprising if the state issued hip boots to everyone. I Did you notice the smile on Bob Myers' face when you paid him your junior dues last year? You'd think he and Shirley McKinley were going out on it. John McC1anahan should be called "Stubby. " He is always printing tickets for dances. It's just a good thing that all the boys follow Shirley McKinley around because with that strut of hers, she's liable to topple over anytime. Larry Phillips is the only boy in the Senior Class who doesn't have to worry about repair bills on shoes, he hasn't walked to school in three years. Don Rogers is campaigning for a part in the Dick Tracy comic strip as "Mumbles. " The only thing that must have grown on Eddie Rudzil in the last three years is his vocal chords Mary Schweinsberg always flirts and tries to tease the boys. Could it be because the boys won't flirt with her? I wouldn't say Pat Slavin was small, but that ring of Bizub's on the chain around her neck looks like a bracelet. Mary Jo Troupe should have a rhumba school after the way she walked across the stage in the Jr. -Sr. Play. Bob Veon really gets the rabbits when he goes hunting. What can you expect when his hair is the color of carrots? The way John Vesco goes around the school, you would think that he was practicing for his part in the gym exhibition all year. Bob Wallace wonders why his Mercury won't go any faster. Shall we tell him the maximum weight the car will hold is 300 lbs? Virginia Wilson should make a perfect photog- rapher when she graduates if the proverb is true that, "People learn by mistakes. " You'd think Wilson Davis is 6 ft. tall by the amount of noise he makes. Becky Skaggs is a terrible driver. But just think, anyone who can drive as badly as that couldn't possible hit anything. When Irene Plano graduates her father is going to sell his car for an antique to put her through college. The reason 205 is so drafty is because Harrison Hester always has his mouth open. Jim Braho is quiet all until he gets in 207 with junior girls. . Anita Dess John Vesco Shirley McKinley Ronald Gall SE IOR CTIVI IE 2-.3 Joanne Aller Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11-12 Majorettes 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 Gym Exhibit 11 Robert Aller Jr. Sportsman 11 Gym Exhibit 10 James Barnhart Chorus 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 Gym Exhibit 10 Intramural football .0 Jane Bartlett Chorus 10-11-12 Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11-12 Bowling League 12 Usherette 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Margaret Bees Chorus 10-11-12 Teenettes 12 Cheerleader 10-11-12 Captain of Cheerleaders 12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Donna Blackford Home Economics 10-11 Harvest Moon 11 Joan Bova Teenettes 11-12 Usher 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Y-Teens 10 Mary Ann Bova Teenettes 11-12 Usher 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Y-Teens 10 James Braho F. F.A. 10-11-12 Hi-Y 12 Gerald Brown Hi-Y 11 Class football 11 Marilyn Brown Class Secretary 11-12 Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11-12 Vice- President Teenettes 12 Gym Exhibit 10 Bowling League 12 U-Hi-News 12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Joseph Campbell Band 11 F. F. A. 10-11-12 Betty Cervone Teenettes 11-12 Y-Teens 10 Gym Exhibit 11-12 Usher 11-12 Bowling League 12 Squad Captain 10 Joseph Chill Gym Exhibit 10 Chorus 10-11-12 "Life Begins at Sixteen Camera Club 12 65 Patricia Citanski Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11 Chorus 10 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Majorette 11-12 Bowling League 12 Richard Cole Hi-Y 12 Jr. Sportsman 10-11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Shop 10-11-12 Carol Cox President of Teenettes 12 U-Hi-News 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 Usher 11 Camera Club 12 Bowling League 12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Squad Leader 10 Gym Exhibit 10 Tom Criswell U-Hi-News 11-12 J. V. Basketball 10 Football 10 Baseball 10 Intramural football 11 Varsity L Club 10-11-12 Hi-Y 11-12 Treasurer of Varsity L 11 12 Bernard Davis Jr. Sportsman 11 Gym Exhibit 10 Hi-Y 1'1 Shop 9 Basketball 9 Wilson Davis Chorus 10-11-12 Band 10-11-12 District Band 11 Midwestern Band 10 Basketball mgr. 11-12 Varsity L Club 11-12 Hi-Y 11 Intramural football 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Anita Dess Teenettes 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 "Life Begins at Sixteen" 11 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Darrell Dess Varsity L Club 10-11-12 Secretary of Varsity L 11 Vice-President of Class 11 Hi-Y 10-11 Treasurer of I-li-Y 11 Gym Exhibit 10 Football 10-11-12 Intramural football Coach 11 Basketball 11-12 Baseball 11-12 William Double F. F. A. 10-11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 Hi-Y 12 Leo Dougherty Class Basketball 10-11-12 Gym Exhibit 11-12 Intramural football 11 Logan Doyle Football 10-11-12 Basketball 9 Varsity L 11-12 U-Hi-News 11-12 Editor of U-Hi-News 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Class Treasurer 10 Albert French F. F. A. 10-11-12 Varsity L 12 Football 11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Donald French F. F. A. 10-11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Football 11-12 Utopian Staff 11-12 Utopian Editor 12 Varsity L 11-12 Class Officer 12 Connie Fronius Teenettes 11 Y-Teens 10 Chorus 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Carole Frye Teenettes 11-12 Class secretary 10 Camera Club 12 Secretary 8: Treasurer of Bowling League 12 Utopian 11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Ronald Gall Football 11-12 Baseball 10-11-12 Basketball 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11 Varsity L Club 12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Treasurer of Class 12 Vice-President of Class 10 Vice-President of Varsity L 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Intramural Football coach 11 Robert Hart Chorus 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Varsity L 11-12 District Chorus 12 Midwestern Chorus 10-11 Camera Club 12 Forensic 10-11 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Intramural Football coach 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Class President 11-12 Varsity L President 12 Chorus President 11-12 66 Lincoln Hartford Band 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 U-Hi-News 12 Utopian 1 1-12 County Chorus 12 County Band 11-12 "Life Begins at Sixteen 11 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Octet 10 Forensic 1 1 Orchestra 11 Intramural football 11 Bowling President 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Harrison Hester Chorus 10-11-12 Band 10-11-12 Varsity L 12 District Chorus 12 Midwestern Chorus 10-11 Camera Club 12 Forensic 10-11 Gym Exhibit Chorus Vice-President 12 Utopian Staff 11-12 Bowling League 12 Football 10-11-12 Scarab Art Club 12 County Chorus 12 Anna May Hunt Bowling League 12 Teenetes 12 Y-Teens 10 Squad leader 10 U-Hi-News Usher 1 1 Camera Club 12 Ruth Hilke Chorus 11-12 Band 12 Teenettes 11-12 Y-Teens 10 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Usher 11 Edward Jenkins Football 11-12 Varsity L 11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Bowling League 12 Chorus 10-11-12 Ralph Houk Basketball 10-11-12 Varsity L Club 12 Gym Exhibit 10 Intramural football 11 I James Kearns Baseball Dorothy Lancaster Gym Exhibit 10 Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11 John Misja Gym Exhibit 10-11 Basketbaii 10 John McClanahan Football 10-11-12 Basketball 11-12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Advanced shop 10-11-12 U-Hi-News printer 11-12 Hi-Y 10-11 Varsity L Club 11-12 Sportsman Club 10-11 Paul McConahy Basketball 10-11 Band 10-11 Chorus 12 Shirley McKinley Teenettes 11-12 Majorette 11-12 Office secretary 12 Bowling League 12 U-Hi-News 11-12 Usher 12 Y-Teens 10 Gym Exhibit 10 Utopian Staff 12 Robert Myers Basketball 10-11-12 Varsity L Club 11-12 Hi-Y 11 Class President 10 Class Treasurer 11 Intramural football 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Larry Phillips U-Hi-News 11-12 Football mgr. 10-11 Football 12 Basketball 10-11 Varsity L 11-12 Forensic 10-11-12 Camera Club 12 Chorus 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 Chorus Secretary 12 Gym Exhibit 10 Baseball 12 f I!-l Irene Plano Teenettes 11-12 Majorette 10-11-12 Office Secretary 12 Chorus 10-11-12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 Bowling League 12 U-Hi-News 11-12 Y-Teens 10 Gym Exhibit 11 Utopian Staff 12 Mary Schweinsberg Band 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 County Chorus 12 Forensic 11 Teenettes 11-12 Bowling Club 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11 "Life Begins at Sixteen" 11 "Curtain Going Up" 12 U-Hi-News 11-12 Utopian staff 11-12 Camera Club 12 Rebecca Skaggs Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 Patricia Slavin Y-Teens 10 Teenettes 1 1 Chorus 10 Gym Exhibit 10 Phillip Teece Ass't editor of Utopian 12 Chorus 10-11-12 Intramural football 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11 Mary Jo Troupe Chorus 11-12 "Curtain Going Up" 12 "Life Begins at Sixteen" 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11 County Chorus 12 Chorus librarian 12 Robert Veon F. F. A. 10-11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 Varsity L Club 12 Football 11-12 Baseball mgr. 11-12 Sportsman Club 11-12 Forensic 10-11-12 67 "Curtain Going Up" 12 "Life Begins at Sixteen" Hi-Y Officer of F. F. A. 12 Officer of Hi-Y County Chorus 12 John Vesco Bowling League 12 Adv. Art 10-11 Ceramics 11-12 Chorus 10-11-12 Camera Club 12 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 U-Hi-News 11-12 Shop 11-12 Donald Rogers Basketball 11-12 Baseball 11 Intramural football 11 Hi-Y 11 Varsity L 12 Gym Exhibit 10 Edward Rudzik Gym Exhibit 10-11 Robert Wallace Chorus 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Varsity L Club 10-11-12 Intramural football coach Gym Exhibit 10-11 Virginia Wilson Utopian staff 11-12 Camera Club 12 Teenettes 11-12 Commencement usher 11 Squad Leader 10 Library 10 Charles Yarlettes Hi-Y10-11-12 Hi-Y President 12 Baseball 10 Basketball 10 Varsity L 10-11-12 Bowling League 12 Camera Club 12 F. F. A. 9-10-11-12 F. F. A. Sentinel 12 F. F. A. Treasurer 11 Gym Exhibit 10-11-12 Utopian Staff 11-12 Intramural football 10 Sportsmen's Club 12 James Young Football 10-11-12 Baseball 10 11 11 W'VsMk:'N 1 ,194 'CIP ,'l 1 if Z' F fm! --CALENDAR-- SEPTEMBER 3 First day of school. 4 Books handed out. 10 First senior class meeting. 12 Pep meeting for Redbank game. 13 First football game at Redbank. We won 1 3-6. 16 First junior class meeting. 17 Filled out schedule cards. 18 Started collecting ads for the Utopian. 19 Pep meeting for the Mars game on Satur- day night. 20 We won Mars game 12-0. 22 First sophomore class meeting. had a dinner and elected officers 24 Teenettes - 25 J. V. football game at Ben Franklin. We lost 27-0. 26 Pep meeting for Evans City game. We lost 26-14. 29 J. V. game at Evans City. We won 13-0. 30 Junior class meeting. Elected chairman for Harvest Moon Dance. OCTOBER 9 Pep meeting for the Wampum game. We lost. 12 Vocational Ag. went to Harrisburg for the Farm Show. 13 Basketball game at Mt. Jackson. We won. 16 Pep meeting for basketball game at Bes- semer. We lost. 17 Box Social sponsored by Varsity L. 20 School excused to watch inauguration in the gym. Basketball game with Darling- ton. We won. 21 Semester tests. 22 Semester tests. 23 No school. Teachers making out reports. 26 Second semester started. 27 Basketball game with New Wilmington. We lost. 28 School excused to see Riding High at Cathedral. Buzzing impressions in the office for Darrell Dess. 29 Memorable impressions in the office for , Bob Myers and Ronnie Gall. 2 Pep meeting for Bessemer game. FEBRUARY 3 No school. Teachers institute. 3 pep meeting for Wampum game. we lost. 4 Bessemer game. We won 25-0. 9 Students were shown safety films. 10 Pep meeting for Zelienople game. We lost 7-6. 13 J. V. game with New Castle. We lost 24-0. Six weeks tests. 14 Heard an address from Mr. Walker of Governor Fine's Cabinet. 15 Six weeks tests. 16 Report cards. 17 Pep meeting for Shenango game. We won 27-0 20 J. V. game at Shenango. We won 25-7. 22 Harvest Moon Dance. 23 Class pictures taken. 24 Pep meetingfor Bellevue game. We won 21 -6. 28 Saw safety films in assembly. 31 Pep meeting for Mercer game. We lost 14-13. NOVEMBER 11 No school. Armistice Day. 12 Parents night for the football players at the school. 13 An assembly for the high school. 18 Safety films shown in the gym. 19 Junior Senior play presented to the students. 20 Main performance of the play in the evening. 26 School excused early after an assembly. Rev. Fletcher gave a Thanksgiving address. 27 No school. Thanksgiving Day. 28 No school. Thanksgiving vacation. 30 Autumn Harvest Dance sponsored by the Hi-Y. 23- DECEMBER 2 Pep meeting for first basketball game . with West Middlesex. We lost 42-41. 5 Basketball game at Mars. We lost 61-34. Pictures taken for Utopian. 9 Basketball game at Sharpsville. We won 38-31. 12 Basketball game with Fredonia. We won. 16 Basketball game with Freedom. We won. 17 Santa Swing sponsored by the seniors. 18 U-Hi-News issued. Christmas assembly. 19 School dismissed early. Christmas vacation started. Basketball game with Ursline. We lost. 23 Basketball game at West Middlesex. We won. MA 4 Special impressions by Mr. Turek on the fol- lowing students: Phil Teece, Ed. Jenkins, Bernard Davis, and Chuck Yarletts. 6 Basketball game with Mt. Jackson. We won. 10 Basketball game with Bessemer. 11 Valentine Dance sponsored by the Sophomores 19 Senior class party. 26 Father and Son's banquet--Hi-Y. MARCH 4-5 Six week's tests. 9 Report cards issued. 13 Senior sponsored afternoon program. 19 F. F. A. Banquet. 20 Junior Class magazine contest party. 25 Girls' athletic play day. 26 Athletic Banquet. -28 District Forensic and music contests. APRIL 2 County Institute at Union. 3 Good Friday--vacation. 9 Matinee for Senior' play. 10 Evening performance of senior play. 13-14 Auditions for Variety Show. 15 Spring music concert for P. T. A. 16-17 Six weeks tests. 21 Report cards issued. 22 Pre-school clinic tea for parents. 25 State Forensic and Music contests. 27 Senior dinks distributed. 30 Senior I. Q. tests given. Y 1 State scholarship examinations. Union Variety Show sponsored by the seniors. 6 Mother's-Daughter's Banquet. 12-13 Senior final examinations. 15 Junior-Senior Prom. 18-20 Senior trip. 21 Graduation list posted. 22 Senior picnic. 24 Baccalaureate services. 25 Class day and senior awards. 26 Commencement exercises. 26 Basketball game with East Lawrence We won. 28 27 UIIGGFCIHSS awards. 30 Basketball game at Hickory. We lost. J AN UA RY J UNE 2 Basketball game at New Wilmington. First league game. We lost. 5 First day of school after Christmas vacation. S 69 -,--.gk m-V -29 Underclass examinations. 1 Students do not report. 2 Idora Day. 3 Report cards issued. 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Flynn Russell Shaffer Ray Hulling Calvin Higday Howard Cox David Spiker Ted Kerr BOWDEN'S CLOVER FARM Self Service Store The best in meats and Fine foods Route 224 West State St. Extension Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Wright Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert Naugle Mr. Sz Mrs. Fred Vannatten Mr. Sz Mrs. Donald Keil Mrs. Emma McCune Mr. Sz Mrs. Du Wayne Allen Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul French Education Week Assembly Oct. 14, 1952 "Our Commonwealth Defends Freedom"was the subject of our speaker David M. Walker, Secretary of Labor and Industry of our State. Our students were highly honored by his presence who was accompanied by State dig- nitaries who were introduced to us by Mr. Turek. ' I f i. K f K -59 , ,V x kiw- i ff , W : . J .- A N. YU 8 si! 2 , Q . Q. Q' ,..- k N z " X MW. f x, T PR N sv Sign Slim Q 1 Sw we N ,R , : i i BE . ' 'WL x.--0 fewui F . a f . ?l A g w A ,,. . u f, ,, W- Y ...r ' ' ..,v 1 ' 1 ' 5 K I I l' L 1 x u 5 s 1 n .4 V 7 I u r x ' I .ff I v ,.l x pls- T X '. ! 'qi A Il L, wg, I 4 L12 - li.-V4. i , 1, , ' .iffy f X ' H at .WR ,. r 1 "1:.'iVA Q , SFP. X ' , 'f 5 I W .- 1 , .' 'L 4 ,.Y.r:, 4 .mFL1...'-L 1 E F: r I -1v- -r - N.-gm Ve 5. 1. li. S, H. Lv fi I ' 1 I , . l 5 1 , , ,gf .., sw- f , 'r . 5 V 'Q-. ' . ' A Aft' 1.::"'5, ,IL 'HQ' 'A TE! P, Lf F if -Q We- 1 'SJ ' ' F , 45-3' ' . 1' .ol- , V 'J. F7181 ' R' H ,Q . .Q P, . .5 , I 51" '- I' . -9, F., ' 1 ,. L' ,V , .' A, W' 'V , fl: I Yfsff .cf 'AL 3 'I -, F2 I . . X 'Q - Q . . . K '.-we-.-... -, .ff Wm , , :d.a51:5iliihl'fialz.,4.5eAI::E,..1.Q2fC',:in1I."..Qi-'.rFl'lzas'n i"fj" 11 ,:' 'f' 36 H -w ix, V: '55 X ,f x 4 v, -4. fs ..4 - I" r E 1 xi, A V, -'J -:Qi '13, 'tfic ELM .rg r iii Q ,c , An 5 Q95 V gm .-F I n. 1 43. ,-. fw T1? P! ' '15-ra . g

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