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if: :. 1 11 52 R 91. Q. A 1 57' QE 22' ?i 15 ,fi 5? 27 3 if g. F' fi K, 3 .N fa ?i 42 9? 3, E. .,.x...., ,IE UT0111 oi U N I 0 N NEW CASTLE, PENNA THEME ' LL the world's a stage and the people only players." These are the im- A mortal words of Shakespeare from his play, "The Merchant of Venice. " They could have been written today and still be true. Look around you and see. Our everyday life is really a great big play where each of us -- you, I, our friends, neighbors and people we don't even know, -- play the eading roles. Where each of us is a star in our own act. Let's use our own school, Union High, as an example. It isn't the whole world, we know, but if you look close enough, you will find that Shake- speare's words apply even here. Now it's time for the curtain to rise. Take a close look and find out who the players are in our ploy of the year -- "Showtime, U. H. S." 2 STAR OF OUR CAST M EET the star of our play--Mrs. Helen King. We say the star, because she really has had astarring role in all our lives. Maybe all her work hasn't been done directly with us, but she has been there, somewhere, work- ing tirelessly for our good--in school and in play. And so, we the senior class of l952, proudly dedicate This Utopian fo her as a token of our appreci- ation For her excellent help and understanding, especially in our senior year here at Union High. 3 Reading Lett to Righ It Seated:-R. Bailey, G. Farrington. Standing:-F. H. Vannatten, Secretary: Ralph McConahy, President: Milton Patterson, Vice President: P . Grittie. N back of everything worth while, there is always one or a group of sensible men I and women guiding things along ina smooth way. In our case, it is our school board. They realize that our education is of utmost importance to us and are willing and able to help us in any way they see fit. To them, we can only say, "Thanks, " 4 SCENE I STOCKHOLDERS DIRECTOR Our High School Principal MR. TUREK'S MESSAGE CLASS of l952, you will receive your diplomas in a Few minutes, an award signifying that you have met the re- quirements prescribed For graduation in this, our great com- monwealth of Pennsylvania. You will soon commence life more or lesson your own. We , as your teachers and counselors, feel that we have given our best to you in preparing for your lite's iourney. We hope that we instilled in you a quest for greater knowledge so each of you may become a symbol of the ideals which have characterized outstanding personali- ties all through the years. Your class has been outstanding in many ways, especially in having members among you with exemplary characteristics. You have all been endeared in our hearts as a class. My good wishes and blessings go to you for a profitable and happy life. 6 5 Q i Reading Left to Right: Standingz- Frances Carbone. Sittingz- Berdina Covelli, Barbara Shoaff. WRITER OFFICE STAFF LAST minute announcements and the constant ringing of the tele- phone tend to make any job hard, but it is especially so of the office staff. This year's office staff consists of - Berdina Covelli--secretary to Mr. Turekp Barbara Shoaff and Frances Carbone, student secretaries. Clerical work so very important in our office along with many announcements which are typed and sent to proper channels of the school are ably performed by our office staff. 7 FAC LTY MARY BEARDEN Geneva College, A. B. English, Geography EUGENE J. BEICHNER California State Teachers College, B. S. industrial Arts, Mathematics ALFRED S. DUGAN, JR. Penn State College, B. S. Vocational Agriculture ZELA W. FOX Penn State College, B. S. Homemaking, School Lunch Manager RICHARD C. HART Penn State College, B. S. History, Visual Education ANNA L. HARTFORD Geneva College, A.B. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry PAULINE F. HUGHES Grove City College, A. B. English, Latin, Spanish JAMES W. JAMES Carnegie Institution of Technology, B. F. A Instrumental and Vocal Music 'DONALD W. KEIL Grove City College, B. S. in commerce Bookkeeping, Law, Business English, Sales manship HELEN E. KING Geneva College, A. B. American Literature, English Composition MARY B. KISSICK Westminster College, B. B. A. Shorthand, Type II WINIFRED J. KISTHART Edinboro State Teachers College, B. S. Art, Advanced Art, Ceramics HARTLEY ODEN Thiel College, B. S. General Mathematics, General Science WILBUR T. PATTERSON Westminister College, A. B. University of Pittsburgh, M. E. Biology CARRIE MAE B. RENTZ Westminster College, A. B. Pennsylvania History, Economics, Civics, Sociology ELMA L. ROBINSON Westminster College, A. B. University of Pittsburgh, L. L. M. World History, United States History SOCRATES C. ROUSSOS Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B. S Chemistry, Physics JOHN R. SCHANTZ Slip ry Rock State Teachers College, B. S Health, Physical Education CLAIRE SHIELDS Westminister College, B. S. English, Spelling, Writing, Literature SAMUEL VENTURELLA Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. Typing, Business Arithmetic, Office Practice ANNE LIVINGSTON University of Pittsburgh, B. S. Physical Education, English ELEANOR BIRT R. N. Jameson Memorial Hospital School Nurse GRATITUDE Our teachers are always so faithful and true, They always help us in things that we do. They clon't care if its in work or in play. They're always there to show us the way. But now we are leaving with all of our pranks, And to all of our faculty, we only say thanks. I0 SCENE Il SUPPORTlNG CAST 0F SENIORS E IOR 0FF RICHARD PITZER Basketball 9, I0, II Football II Baseball IO, II Hi-Y IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club IO, II, I2 Class Treasurer II, I2 ICER DONALD FORREST WINGFIELD Football IO, II, I2 Hi-Y IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club Il, I2 Hi-Y Treasurer II Hi-Y President I2 Varsity L President I2 Class President II, I2 Class Volleyball 9 Utopian Staff II, I2 Coach of Intramural Football I2 Gym Exhibit II DOLORES BENDER I Class Secretary 9, II, I2 Band 9, IO, II, I2 Chorus IO, II, I2 Forensic Trio II Mixed Ensemble I2 Library 9 Y-reenw, lo, II Teenettes Vice-President I2 Squad Captain II U-Hi-News 9, IO, II, I2 U-Hi-News Editor I2 I2 DONALD FRED ROSS D Basketball 9, IO, II, I2 Baseball II, I2 Varsity L Club Il, I2 Class Vice-President I2 Class Volleyball 9, IO Intramural Football I2 Hi-Y Secretary I2 Varsity L Secretary I2 Hi-Y Club lo, 11, I2 Utopian Staff II, I2 Chorus IO, II, I2 Boys Quartet II, I2 Gym Team IO Sportsman Club 9, IO, II, I2 Coach Intramural Basketball I2 E IOII ANTHONY AMBROSIA F. F. A. 9, IO, II, I2 F. F. A. Reporter 9, IO Gym Exhibit II Class Volleyball 9 Intramural Football I2 PE GGY AN NE ALLE N Gym Exhibit II Teenettes I2 EMMA Amomiom Gym Exhibit in BLANCHE BAKER Teenettes I2 I3 WILLIAM AHRENS Football IO, II, I2 Hi-Y IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club IO, II, I2 Vice-President Hi-Y I2 Class Basketball 9, I2 Class President 9 Class Treasurer IO "Beauty and the Beef" II "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Baseball 9, IO, II, I2 U-Hi-News Il Utopian Staff II, I2 Gym Exhibition II DONNA LOU BARBER Teenettes I2 Y-Teens 9, IO, II Squad Leader Il Squad Captain Il Gym Exhibit II Cheerleader I2 U-Hi-News I2 "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Camera Club 9 JEROME BATOR F. F. A. 9, 10, 11, I2 Class Volleyball 9 Gym Exhibit II Intramural Football I2 MARIE DEL PRINCIPE Teenettes I2 Cheerleader 9, IO Squad Captain II CLAIRE BOSTON Y-Teens 9, IO, II Teenettes I2 Band IO, II, I2 Library 9, IO, II, I2 BE TTY BURC HE TT Y-Teens 9, IO, II Treasurer of Y-Teens II Teenettes I2 Squad Captain II Squad Leader II Band II, I2 "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 U-Hi-News I2 Library IO, II Gym Exhibit II Play Day IO Chorus II, I2 Y-Teens I0, II Gym Exhibit II BETTY CWIAKALA Teenettes I2 Y-Teens IO, II Squad Captain II Gym Exhibit II I4 FRANCES CARBONE Office I2 Cheerleader 9, IO, II Vice-President 9 Chorus IO, II, I2 Y-Teens 9, IO, II Teenettes I2 Squad Captain II Gym Exhibit II GRANT DIETER RONALD DUDA Class Volle ball 9 Y Football II, I2 Class Basketball 9 Varsity Club H, 12 F F A 9 I0 II I2 U-Hi-News II, I2 Baseball. IOI, I I, I Intramural Basketball I2 l'll"Y lor ll' I2 Class Volleyball 9 GYm Exhlbll II Coach Intramural Football I2 Chorus II, I2 "Beauty and the Beef" I I Football I2 "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Intramural Football Coach I2 Varsity L Club I2 DUANE FARRINGTON Class Basketball 9 Class Volleyball 9 Hi-Y IO, II, I2 Band 9, II, I2 Baseball Manager 9 County Band I2 SHIRLEY FINLEY Chorus I2 ' Sca Rab Art Club I2 I5 DIANE FARRINGTON Gym Exhibit II Y-Teens 9, IO, II Teenettes I2 Y-Teen Vice-President II Teenette President I2 Chorus I0, II, I2 Band 9, IO, II, I2 Squad Leader II Squad Captain II Play day I0, II District Band II County Band I2 State Band II "Beauty and the Beef" II "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Dance Band I2 U-Hi-News II, I2 Utopian Staff II, I2 Class Vice-President II RICHARD FOWLER F. F. A. 9, lo, 11, Gym Exhibit II NANCY GEARHART Gym Exhibit II Teenettes I2 Chorus I2 Squad Captain II JANET GRAY ROBERT GALAZIA Baseball 9, IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club II, I2 Class Basketball 9 Intramural Basketball I2 Intramural Football I2 Class Volleyball 9 Hi-Y I2 Gym Exhibit II Teenettes I2 Usher II "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 EDWARD HOUSEHOLDER F. F. A. 9, IO JOSEPH HENSLEY Band I2 Chorus I2 Intramural Football I2 Intramural Basketball I2 Mixed Ensemble I2 District Chorus I2 I6 LOIS HILKE Chorus IO, II, I2 Band I0, II, I2 Drum Maior I2 Y-Teens IO, II Teenettes I2 Librarian 9, I0, II Dance Band I2 U-Hi-News II, I2 Utopian Staff II, I2 Gym Exhibit II Squad Leader II Squad Captain II Mixed Ensemble I2 MARGARET J ONES Usher II Gym Exhibit II JOHN JENDRYSIK Varsity L Club I2 Varsity Basketball II I2 Intramural Football I2 Junior Varsity Basketball 9 I0 JUNE KELLER Y Teens9 I0 II Usher II Squad Leader II Teenettes I2 Art Club I2 Gym Exhibit II VIRGINIA KIELAR ChorusI0 II I2 Y Teens I0 II Teenettes I2 Squad Captain Ii Color Guard I2 I7 PATRICIA JAWORSKI Cheerleader Captain I2 Cheerleader IO, II, I2 Y-Tee,ns IO, II Chorus II, I2 Teenettes I2 Squad Captain II Gym Exhibit II JOAN KOELLIKER Chorus I0 II I2 Forensic Contest I0 II Beauty and the Beef II Secretary to Athletlc Association II Teenettes I2 Squad Leader II Gym Exhibit II ROBERT WILLIAM LARGE Class Volleyball 9 Class Basketball 9 Chorus IO, II, I2 Mixed Octet IO Forensic Music Contest IO, I I, I2 "Beauty and the Beef" II Boys Quartet II, I2 Midwestern Chorus II Color Guard II Band II, I2 Gym Exhibit II Dance Orchestra I2 MARY LEON HARDT Chorus II, I2 Y-Teens Squad Leader II Usher II Teenettes I2 Librarian II, I2 MICHAEL LAWRENCE F. F. A. 9, IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club 9, IO, II Class Volleyball 9, IO "Beauty and the Beef" II Gym Exhibit II ZANE LEEPER Hi-Y I2 Gym Exhibit II Intramural Basketball I2 I8 GE ORGE LAWRE NCE Football IO, II, I2 Baseball IO, II, I2 F. F. A. 9, IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club II, I2 "Beauty and the Beef" II Chorus IO, II "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Gym Exhibit II Class Basketball 9 Class Volleyball 9 MAY LE ASURE u-Hi-News 11, I2 Gym Exmbaf II MARLE NE McABE E Camera Club I0 Usher II Squad Leader II U-Hi-News II, I2 Utopian Staff II, I2 Mixed Chorus II, I2 Teenettes I2 RICHARD MATTOCKS "Beauty and the Beef" II Hi-Y IO, II, I2 Gym Exhibit II Band 9, IO, II Camera Club I0 Utopian II, I2 U-Hi-News II, I2 DAVID LUPTAK F. F. A. 9, IO, II, I2 Football IO, II, I2 Varsity L Club I2 Class Basketball 9 Class Volleyball 9 Gym Exhibit II .- -:im .' . :QQ I ff: 11 V. ,'as5Y""' il 'I 'isis 'S I 1 ,S ,1 i i fi in I j I , fi 5, ,' X fa 1 1 RICHARD LIVERSAGE Class Volleyball 9 Class Basketball 9 MARION MOTT Library II, I2 Usher II Teenettes I2 Squad Captain II M9 DUANE MULLEN FFA9IOIII2 c'h0fLs1'o '11 '12 ' EILEEN O'NEIL Y-Teens 9, 10, ll Teenettes I2 Class Treasurer 9 Chorus IO, ll, I2 Octet Ii "Beauty and the Beef" ll "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Squad Leader ll Utopian Staff ll, 12 Gym Exhibit ll Mixed Ensemble 12 RUTH ROBERTS Usher II Gym Exhibit ll Teenettes I2 Squad Leader ll ALBERT PAGACH JAME S RE PAS KY Baseball 9 Class Basketball 9 Class Volleyball 9 1011 I2 F. F. A. 9, , , Football IO Hi-Y lo, ll Gym Exhibit Il Intramural Football 12 20 PAUL PHILLIPS Class Volleyball 9 Gym Exhibit li MARJ CRIE PL OTTS Gym Exhibit ll Y-Teens 10 ELSIE SALMEN Chorus IO, II, I2 Band II, I2 Squad Leader II Teenettes I2 Y-Teens IO, II Sca Rob Art Club I2 Gym Exhibit II MARGARET SC OPIO Y-Teens II Teenettes I2 FRANK ROMEO F. F. A. 9, io, 11, I2 Class Volleyball 9 Gym Exhibit II Intramural Football I2 EDWARD ROG AN Hi-Y II, I2 Varsity I. I2 Gym Exhibit II Intramural Basketball I2 Intramural Football Coach I2 DOLORES SN IEZEK Y-Teens IO, II Teenettes I2 Chorus IO, II, I2 Octet II Usher II Mixed Ensemble I2 Sca Rab Art Club I2 Usher II Squad Leader II Gym Exhibit II BARBARA S HOAFF Office I2 Cheerleader 9, IO, II Class Vice-President IO "Beauty and the Beef" II "Life Begins at Sixteen" I2 Y-Teens 9, IO, II Teenettes I2 Squad Leader II Gym Exhibit II 2I DANNY SPELLICK F ot all I0 II 2 Varsity L Club II I2 Class Basketball 9 Class Volleyball 9 Gym Exhibit II MARTHA VAN METER Y Teens I0 Squad Leader II C orus IO, II, I2 Teenettes I2 Squad Captain II Gym Exhibit II FRANCES SNIEZEK Chorus I0, II, I2 Chorus Secretary and Treasurer I2 Y-Teens IO, II Teenettes I2 Teenette Treasurer I2 Squad Captain II Library II, I2 Girls Trio II Cheerleader I2 Forensic and Music I2 U-Hi-News I2 Y-Teen Inter Club Council II Vice-President Inter Club Council II RONALD YAC HABAC H Chorus I I, I2 Chorus Vice-President I2 Hi-Y I2 Class Volleyball 9 Intramural Football I2 Class Basketball 9 Baseball II, I2 Intramural Basketball I2 Gym Exhibit II Cctet II, I2 Quartet I2 LILLIAN WILLIAMS STANLEY VE RENSK I vafsify L Club 11, I2 Hi-Y Club II, I2 Class Basketball I0 Intramural Football I2 Class Volleyball I0 Y-Teens 9, IO, II Teenettes I2 Chorus I2 Color Guard II, I2 Camera Club 9, I0 Sportsmen Club I0, II Basketball 9, I0, II, I2 22 FRANK ZAPPIA FFA9l0lll2 Baseball ll Class Volleyball 9 Intramural Football I2 Gym Exhibit ll ELSIE YOUNG Squad Captain ll Teenettes I2 Sca Rab Art Club l2 ALMA MATER Our strong band can ne'er be broken Formed in Union High. Far surpassing wealth uns oken, Sealed by friendship's tie. Alma mater, alma mater, Deep graven on each heart. Shall be found unwavering true, When we from life shall part. 23 LE ON ARD YAS HER F. F. A. 9, i0 Chorus 10, I2 Intramural Football l2 P 0 E l2 years of school are ending at last, And now as we say this, we think of the past. We think of the Friendships and pals we have made As we advanced through Union, grade by grade. As each year came on and we learned something new Our minds and hearts grew right along too. We wandered through readin', and writin', and math And met all the obstacles that were in our path. We joined lots of clubs or played in the band And supported our teams in a way that was grand. serious and times we were sad, There were times we were But most of the time we were all very glad. But at last to our sorrow and tearful delight, Commencement exercises are looming in sight. So now we say farewell to old Union High, Which we'll always remember as years go by. BY Lois Hilke Richard Liversage ., CLASS SONG fTune of "Working On The Railroad", We've been working here at Union, Four long happy years. We are sorry to be leaving- The school we hold so dear. Here's to all the fun and mem'ries, Classmates good and true. All through life we will remember- Union, here's to you. BY Marlene McAbee Dolores Sniezek 24 CLASS Ill TORY THE long and highlighted history of the class of 1952 began in early September, 1940. Our parents took us by the hand and led us into the little one room school houses to begin our 12 years of higher learning. We accomplished by the trial and error method, the great goal of our ambitions, completing our first 8 years of grammer school and look- ing with anxious anticipation toward our freshman year at Union High School. Gathering together from Union, Mahoning, Pulaski Township, and Edinburg lndependent District some ninety in number we formed the freshman class in i948 destined to be one of the most progressive classes in the history of Union Township High School. We were assigned home rooms in 109, 202, and 210 under the guidance of Mrs. Krause, Miss Burton and Mr. Patterson. Early in the fall a class meeting was held to elect the class officers. Bill Ahrens became our president, Frances Carbone, our vice-president, Dolores Bender our secretary, Eileen O'Neil, our treasurer. Being dubbed as greenhorns, we were restricted from having social functions the remainder of the Year. In the fall of '49 we gathered together as sophomores, one step farther on our way. Elections for our new officers were held in November at which time Jim Young was elected president, Barbara Shoaff, vice-president, Joanne Taafe, secretary, Bill Ahrens, treasurer. A ring committee was then appointed and they met with the agent to choose the style of ring for the class of '52, The annual Valentine Dance, our first activity, was held on February 17, when we elected our Queen of Hearts. Largely because of the help of our advisors, Mrs. Shields, Mrs Brettell and Miss Frohm, this dance was a success. On the last day of school we spent an enjoyable day at Idora Park. Under the two class advisors, Mrs. Hartford and Mr. Roussos, we started a successful junior year. In the latter part of September we elected our class officers. Don Wingfield became our president, Diane Farrington, our vice- president, Dolores Bender, secretary, and Dick Pitzer, treasurer. Our first event of the year was the Harvest Moon Dance, when Eileen O'Neil was chosen Queen. Following closely on the heels of our dance came the junior-senior play in which a few members of the junior class participated. On February 6, 1951 our Magazine Campaign got under way with the traditional battle between Mr. Rousso's room and that of Mrs. Hartford. Early in the race room 202 took the lead and remained ahead during the entire campaign. Our final figures reached a staggering 2000 dollars, 500 dollars above the previous records. Room 208 having had the coolest thermometer put the campaign on ice by throwing a party for room 202. With the breath of spring in the air we began planning how to break old traditions and came up with a junior- senior prom which the parting seniors could truly say they enjoyed. On May 19 at the New Castle Country Club, Chuck Kelso and Mary Lou Devite were crowned King and Queen, topping an enjoyable and long to be remembered evening of dancing. To the shrill whistles of the referees and the high excitement of the football fans we, as seniors, began a year of great enjoyment and happiness which we will never experience again in our lives. Soon after our first classes resumed a meeting of the seniors was held to plan the final lap of our journey, we e- lected class officers. President was Don Wingfield, vice-president, Don Ross, secretary, Dolores Bender, and treasurer, Dick Pitzer. It was also decided at this time to have our senior pictures taken at Seavey's Studio. Late in November the members of our class helped in the presentation of the junior-senior play entitled "Life Be- gins At Sixteen". The Sno-Ball, final dance to be presented by the seniors was held in the gym on December 12. A beautifully rounded Christmas tree filled the center circle and the ceiling was illuminated with Christmas lights. At intermission Mr. Turek presented gifts to the following students: most beautiful girl and most handsome boy, Eileen O'NeiI and Bill Ahrens, most popular girl and boy, Margaret Scopio and Don Wingfield, the girl and boy with the best dispositions, Diane Farrington and Don Ross. Semester tests came more quickly than we realized and eagerly we started upon the final semester of our high school careers. We hoped to make this the best and happiest semester of our lives. An early reminder that we would soon be graduating was the ordering of our name cards and announcements, which were carefully selected by the class members. In another few weeks our dinks were ordered in the color and style desired. How proud we were to wear them. It was wonderful being a senior for we were happy, carefree, and ready for excitement, but it was also ex- pensive. As spring rolled around some of our class bid farewell to the high school stage as the presented the senior class play. lt met with approval and was a job well done. There were many things that highlighted these closing months of school-games, banquets and the prom. Each will always have a very special place in our treasure chest of memories. We realized now that the curtain was going up for the last time as we proceeded to take our final high school ex- aminations. A feeling of joy mingled with sadness found its way into our thinking. Very soon, experiences which for twelve long years we had been having would be a memory and no longer a reality. The class picnic and class day provided the lighter side of our more serious commencement activities. These events were chalked up as two more rollicking successes of the class of 1952. Then came baccalaureate and we appeared for the first time in academic cap and gown. We heard an inspirational message which struck a keynote in our being, and stimulated us to nobler and higher living. ln a few days--Commencement, the crowning achievement of every students life. The goal reached, the dream realized. We hope that we shall be able to individually accept the challenge of that night and prove ourselves to be not only a credit to our school, but an asset to our communities. ---B. Ahrens, L. Williams, M. VanMeter, D. Mattocks. 25 CLASS ILL WE the classofNineteen Hundred and Fifty Two, being of sound mind and memory, do publish this, our lastwill and testament. To the school we leave numerous handkerchiefs to absorb the tears you shall shed when we are gone. To the faculty we leave our sympathy at their loss of loud noises, girls giggling, undone nightwork, lost books, failed tests, and broken pencils, plus a check for the four years supply of aspirin, alka-seltzer, and any other medical supplies' needed during our school years. To the iuniors we leave our kind and wonderful guidance, and hope you follow it. If not--Oh, horrorsll To the sophomores we leave our hard struggle for credits and honor points. To the freshmen we leave the name "Green Freshmen". We had it for a year too. Bill Ahrens leaves his ability to get along with the women to Fred Brogan who doesn't really need any help. Peggy Ann Allen leaves her 'ob at Joseph's Market to the Bova twins. Tony Ambrosia leaves his roller skates to Darrell Dess. Emma Antoniotti leaves her ability to draw ictures during history class and still pass to anyone who wants to take the risk. Blanche Baker leaves her quiet wa s to Shirlpey Hepler who doesn't know what the word means. Donna Barber leaves her childhoocflpranks to the fifth and sixth graders. Jerry Bator leaves his blushes to Bob Veon who gets red enough on his own. Dee Bender leaves the problems of the U-Hi-News staff to Logan Doyle. Claire Boston leaves her little book to the remaining girls who aren't engaged. Betty Burchett leaves her extra pounds to Anna Mae Hunt. Frannie Carbone and Barb Shoaff leave their ditto soap and Mr. Turek's lastminute announcements to next years office girls. Betty Cwiakala leaves her excess height to Joanne Mott. Marie Del Principe leaves her ability to laugh at the wrong time to Mary Schweinsberg who doesn't need much coaxing. "Toot" Dieter leaves his ability to milk a cow to "Hank" Gall who never saw one. John Misia is the receiver of Ronnie Duda's self praise. Diane Farrington leaves the Utopian to Don French, next years editor. Duane Farrington leaves his ability to getout of trouble to Alex Monstwill who isn't always as fortunate. Shirley Finley leaves her book on how to get a man to Carol Frye, who seems to have a hard time keeping one. Richard Fowler leaves his ability to stay out of school to Marilyn Brown who never misses a day. Bob Galazia leaves his trips to Florida to any one elselas lucky. Nancy Gearhart leaves her compass and road map Q method to find her way to school I to Mary Jo Troupe who sure can use it. Janet Gray leaves her art ability to Joanne Sabol iust to keep it in the family. Joe Hensle leaves his tall tales about Kentucky to anyone who will believe them. Lois Hilke lleaves her poems to Carol Cox. g Ed Householder leaves his lc'ar?D to anyone who has a girl with lots of energy to push. Patty Jaworski leaves her double dip super duper formula to make sundaes and get sick fast to Irene Plano. John Jendrysik leaves his name "Racer" to anyone else who thinks he is fast. Margaret Jones leaves the numerous cars usually parked in her driveway to a used car lot. June Keller leaves her blonde hair to Anita Dess. Virginia Kielar iust leaves school fperiodli. Joan Koelliker leaves her dignified ways to Connie Fronius. Bill Large leaves his ability to play the drums in dance band to Tommy Younger. George Lawrence leaves the iunior and sophomore girls to Larry Philli s. Mike Lawrence leaves his marriage license to Chuck Yarletts who might take the hint. May Leasure leaves her A's to Caroline Richards. Zane Leeper leaves his good humor to Bob Wallace. Mary Leonhardt and Marion Mott leave their iobs at Murphy's to anyone who wants to become a future manager. Richard Liversage leaves his brainy ways to Joe Pitzer. Dave Luptak leaves Scotland Lane free of accidents since he won't be driving to school any more. What more scould we ask? Marlene McAbee leaves her candid camera to Virginia Wilson. Dick Mattocks leaves a lock of his red hair to "Susie" Criswell as a taillight on his car. "Dewey" Mullen leaves his ability to be heard and not seen to Don Smithwho is seen and not heard. Eileen O'Neil leaves her Irish eyes and sweet disposition to Shirley McKinley. Albert Pagach leaves his pirate club to one of his younger associates. Paul Phillips leaves his constant chattering to James Barnhart. Dick Pitzer leaves his crew haircuts to his younger brother, Bob. Marjorie Plotts leaves her post as a teacher at Vesco's to "Cookie" Vesco. Jim Repasky leaves his luck in driving to Jim Shaffer who hasn't had any so far. Ruth Roberts wills her bashful ways to Jim Young, who is far from bashful. Ed Rogan leaves his ability to come to school in the morning and meet those going home at noon to his younger brothers who are following in his footsteps. Frank Romeo leaves his polite ways to some of the iunior ruffnecks. Don Ross leaves all of his spare time to Peggy McKinley. Elsie Salmen leaves her ability to get along with everyone to Bernard Davis. Margie Scopio leaves her sparkling personality to the school. Dolly Sniezek leaves her voice like a canary to Stella Sniezek. Frannie Sniezek leaves her job as treasurer of Teenettes to anyone who hasa get rich quick idea. Danny Spellick leaves all his coon dogs to Harold Mott. Martha Van Meter leaves her formula of -- Stick to one man to Jane Bartlett. Stanley Verenski leaves his basketball ability to Kenny Welker. Lill Williams leaves her ability to play hooke to anyone who wants to take the risk. ,Don Wingfield leaves the iob as president of the senior class to Bob Hart. 'Ronnie Yachabach leaves his parties to anyone who can afford it. Leonard Yasher leaves his ability to mess up in lab class to Soc's who always has to clean it up. Elsie Young leaves her membership in the Junior Sca Rab Club to any A student in Art. Frank Zappia leaves his art of cattle raising to the French twins. -----Claire Boston, Donna Barber, Dave Luptak, Dick Pitzer 26 SCENE III JU 1011 3, .y.r.......uru.n A - H' - A A .J Q - s Reading Left to Right: Row 1:- Mr. Roussos, Mrs. Hartford, C. Cox, R. Hilke, P. Slavin, V. Torchio, A. Hunt, M. Troupe, P. Bees, V. Wilson. Row 2:- D. Rodgers, R. McConahy,- B. Myers, P. Teese, I. Vesco, I. Ohlesby, B. Skaggs, M. Brown, C. Fronius, A. Dess, C. Frye. Row 3:- B. Aller, H. Hester, B. Hart, I. Chill, L. Phillips, D. French, B. Double, A. French, B. Veon, I. Braho, B. Wallace. Row 41- S. McKinley, I. Plano, P. Ciranski, I. Aller, S. Salzman, B. Cervone, I. Sabol, M. Schweinsberg, D. Lancaster, J. Bova, M. Bova, J. Shaffer,B. Davis. Row 5:- L. Doyle, T. Criswell, E. Jenkins, R. I-louk, E. Rudzik, B.C0nne1'1y, W. Davis, J. Misja, I. McClanahan, B. Cramer, I. Campbell. Row 6:-C. Yarletts, I. Barnhouse, R. Gall, L. Hartford, D. Dess. JUNIOR CLASS HE iunior class under the supervision of Mrs. Hartford and Mr. Roussos, held their first meeting on Sept. 21, 1951. Officers were elected as follows: President - Bob Hart. Vice-President - Darrell Dess. Secretary -- Marilyn Brown. Treasurer -- Bob Myers. The first activity sponsored by the iunior class was the Harvest Moon Dance held on Nov. 2, 1951. A magazine campaign was held in February. The iunior homerooms, 202 and 208, competed against each other insell- ing magazine subscriptions. They have surpassed all former Standing Left to Right- D Dess B Han classes by selling 52,049 in subscriptions. B. Myers. Sitting:- M. Brown. 28 OPHO ORE QQQ Reading Left to Right: Row l:-B. Bailey, K. Stewart, M. Nogee, V. Gamori, E. Goddard, K. Errico. F. Artman, E. Langiotti, C. Gallagher, P. Rudesill, T. Petrella, Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Kiel. Row 2:-J. Hudson, R. Seltzer, T. Troupe, J. Vogus, I. McCart, F. Kauffman, I. Garden, F. Kauffman, J. Mattocks, E. Van Hom, S. Sneizek, S. Iaworski, J. Crawford, D. Mann, E. Martinko. Row 3:-T. Griner, R. Felger, R. Jacobson, R. Clayton, A. Janovich, M. Orris, L. Levinski, M. Morris, P,'Benkowski, R. Jones, R. Kupiec, R. Pennachio, D. Primevere, J. Taylor, M. Hoolihan, B. Bradley, M. Heasley. Row 4:-C. Rogan, J. Tindall, R. Kratafel, E. Zilinski, D. Presnar, D. Cwynar, M. Hill, A. Fleeger, L. Double, S. Morrissey, E. Hanna, S. Verenski, P. McKinley, B. Allen, R. Rankin, S.Hep1er, P. Huff. Row 5:-W. Quinn, D. Leeper, P. Neglio, J. Baughman, K. Frye, A. Vannaten, S. Torchio, S. I. Houston, S. Sankey, N. Wingard, S. Mullen, B. Capitola, M. Smith, H. Bates, V. Dexter, E. Phillips, G. Sarfranic. Row 6:- R. Bator, E. Langford, B. Nelson, D. Heasley, J. Slick, I.Diamond, G. Booth, F. Baker, I. Robison, F. Thomasec, M. Yannucci, I. Reed, R. Jones, F. Rogan. Row 7:-I. Valiensi, I. Henry, P. Vanater, R. Doyle, I. Ramsey, N. Sams, J. Pitzer, K. Welker, R. Asdell, J. Gess, R. Taafe, R. Stump, D. Bowden. HE sophomore class is about the largest class in the history of Union High. It consists of l24 pupils who we are very proud to say had all their dues paid before Thanksgiving. We held our first meeting to elect our officers with the following results: President, Donald Smith, Vice-President, Russell Stumpi Secretary, Ethel Goddardp Treasurer, Joan Mattocks. We have been very busy this year and raised quite a few extra dollars by selling pencils with our basketball schedule printed on them and we also sold Union High sweat shirts. We plan to keep up our hard work in future years. Our largest event of the year was out Valentine Dance held on Feb. 13. Our sophomore advisors include Mrs. Shields Standing Left to Right:-D Smith, I. Mattocks, Mrs Hughes and Mr Kei' . , . , R. Stump. Sitting:-E. Goddard. 29 FRE HME Reading Left to Right: Row 1:-I. Baughman, I. Klenzing, S. Harry, B. Minner, C. Ward, E. Heath, H. Shaffer, G. Colmer, T. Cervone, I. Pierce, P. Fleeger. Row 2:-Mr. Patterson, A. Golbo, G. Liddle, E. Headings, P. Robold, I. Allison, S. Grell, M. Lewis, S. Biddle, I. Mott, D. Aller, Mrs. Bearden, Mr. Oden. Row 3:-J. Lowry, K. Thorton, I. Flynn, J. Hester, B. Pitzer, M. Mateja, W. Cwynar, S. Campbell, H. Jendrysik, Krisby, D. Shields, R. Crespy, N. Natale, A. Minutello, C. Coates.Row 4:-A. Heasley, B. Berry, J. Jenkins, L. McCurdy, J. Plotts, R. Exposito, E. Peplowski, I. Cooper. J. Roberts, T. Jenkins, P. Ratvasky, F. Lombard, D. Driggs, R. Bowden, B. Ferrenc, M. Restino. Row 5:-O. Owoc, C. Reynolds, V. Bissett, R. Burkey, R. Patton, P. Cutter, E. Ernst, M. R. Hudock, B. Beck, I. Emig, I. Sankey, E. Broadbent, R. Merolillo, L. Kelly, I. Chutz, J. Edebum. Row 6:-N. Jones, D. Jendrysik, H. Gearhart, D. Beight. P. Parks, J. Schaas, R. Rudzik, R. Burkey, R. Pierce, B. Clark, H. Hartzel, R. Peterson, P. Micco I. Eyler, K. Shick. Row 7:-F. Geddings, I. Hromyak, B. Shieler, R. Haggerty, K. Trimble, C. Blakely, J. Seamons, R. Parks, R. Moore, F. Edebum, R. Smith, H. Noskifer, H. Sloan, I. Duff, R. Vogus, C. Storti. FRESHMEN HE freshman class of l95l was one of the largest ever to attend Union High. Organization 'and leadership were in the hands of 3 capable teachers--Mrs. Mary Bearden, Mr. Wilbur Patterson, and Mr. Hartley Oden. We sponsored no dances or such, but concentrated on our work and are looking forward to the time when we too will engage in these activities. 30 XQINI IV SPORTS xrmwmfmmemmc, ii Q 5 I Kneelin S'md1'1s:-Mmuvmsmm. ' ' ' - - es. P. nwmm. g:-D. Barber, A. Vmmtmen, K Frye F Sntezelr P Bg CHEERLEADER " YEA! team fightl" These are very Familiar words to all of us. They represent spirit, ef- A fort and hopeg three words which very ably describe our cheerleaders. They were at the games in rain and bitter coldp Fighting and using all their effort to bring spirit and hope into our players' hearts when the going was a little too rough. They worked together and reioiced together, and deep in their hearts they knew they did their best. 32 -x . yt 1 he fl I-"""' k D. DBS5v R' Uuua' U' , Gall, C. Clar . F ch. D, A W 1.-D. Spemck, E. Rogan, EAIQ?-1nSwi11aC6. L. Doyle, Hi,ie:f31tt.Il3lW:E3s' B' Reading 1-ef' 'O mghuliiiin ia. Wingfield. Row 2:-NCQ Dieter. B. um, R. Jones' Hlrikins Pblaworski. 1. Lawrence' Ii:MccT11ali Ierfkins. F. Bwgan' iiowsdwfr if--I. McCart. Z' Leeperlg. lissg: P ilanater. W. Wught Leeper. A- 'cnc ' 'F 1 er B. Veon. R- Wt' QV Quinn. Row 5:-ML 0 ' , 5 R0 an, R. C S ' H dson. - saucy- F g f 1 McC1anahan.I- H . 4, C. Ratctif e. - t S hamzn tlzzza.. 1. Gm. R- M1 C FOOTBALL THE first football session was held at the school on August l7. At this time the boys were given their physical examination by Dr. Jones. The boyz worked hard under coaches, Schantz and Roussos, and got in shape for t ir first game three weeks later. The boys gave their best and won the Lawrence County Class B football championship. This is the first county championship won by o Union football team in 20 years. Even though the boys didn't better last years record the student body as well as the coaches are proud of the work and effort shown by the squad. 33 v B. Ahrens D. Luptok G. Dieter G. Lawrence D. Wingfield 34 E IOR SENIORS Reading Left to Right: Row 1:-R' Gan B wana D ' ' Ce- . Dess E R0 ' ' gan- D. Wingfield L D ' - Oyle. G.c1ark, Row 2:-B, Ha I r, I. McC1anahan. F. Brogan. B. Ahrens R D d 1 . Ll 3' VAR ITY THE 1951e52 Scottie football eleven is one which wi ' h lls of Union High School. II always be re membered in the a I d. ra e and determina tion will be long recal e Their startling cou g h ear for the greatest thrill in a lifetime. This is the year this F otball Championship. This is t e y won the Class B County o same football team ' h first time in 20 arch rival Bessemer, t e lt started when they beat their long years. d th n Bessemer came along and upset them to 8. These are came Shenango an e h' ince the year 193 Then up f' t County Champions up s 1951-52 Varsity Eleven. give Union their urs the same 12 boys who dominated play. This is the 36 CHEDULE September 7 ----- ------------------------------ A way Union - 2 Rochester-30 September I4 ---- --------- A way Union-25 Mars-I8 September 22 ------ ----------- H ome Union-0 Evans City-27 September 28 ---- --------- A way Union-30 Bessemer-7 OctobET-67:-7' ---- ------ 73371513 me Union-12 Zelionople-26 October I3 ----- ------------ H ome Union-T3 Shenango-13 OctoEe7Z'O'3: ----- ----- 7:7155 Union-6 Hopewell-33 October 26 ------ ---------- H ome Union-I2 Mercer-O Won Lost Tied 3 4 I LTA 37 l Reading Left to Right: Kneeling:-Mr. Roussos, Mr. Schantz. Standing: W. Davis, K, Stewart, S. Verenski P, M C h c ona y, D. Dess, B. Myers, K. Welker, R. Gall, 1. Schaas, R. Houk, N. Sams, J. Jcndrysik, D. Rlnss, I. Vogus. VAR ITY BASKETB LL Don Ross S V 'ohley XOVU -,V erensk 1' xenaris SE IOR M.-M f ' 1 Mr Shantz S, Veremki- I'N:EgZl1y:hly' Welkiil TJha:3dgersm2:3 - . w 1- - ' , - ' ' i . - ' Reading Left tg lx2Ti'yRcllogus. I. Pitzer. K'PS2eganf Pmamond, I. McC1anahan. L- Pm P MI. Roussos. 0 Row 3:-H. MOU- B' iz ' ' D. Bowden. W' Dams' Clark. BASKETBALL Name Goals Fouls Total I. Gall ------ ---80 ----- ----- 3 3 ---- ---- I 93 2. Jendrysik ----- --- 61 ----- ----- 3 l ----- ----- l 53 3. Ross --------- ------ 46 ---- ----- 1 2 ----- ---- 1 0 4 4. Verenski ---- ----- 2 8 ---- ---- I 7 ---- ---- 7 3 5. Myers ------ ---32 ----- ---- 8 ---- - ---72 6. Sams ------ ---- l 6 ---- ----- 0 ----- ----- 3 2 7. Dess ---- ---- 6 ---- ----- I 2 ----- ---- 2 4 8. Stewart ---- ------ I ---- ---- 3 ----- ----- 5 9. Houk ------- ----- l ----- ----- O ---- ------ 2 l0. McConahy ---- ---I ---- ---- 0 ---- - ---2 ll. Pitzer -------- ---- l ---- ----- 0 ----- ----- 2 l2.Schass --------------- 0 ---------- -------- 0 ----------- ------- 0 THE above are the statistics for the preseason gomes, and also includes the first half of section play in class B county competition. The section this year was changed from 23 to 20. 39 -- Left to Right. ROW 1 B - 2- . Galazia G ' G. Lawrence, R, G 1 . ,' ' Dlefef. E. Rogan D 5 - E. Jenkins B 3 1' L' Phllllps. D. French, c, Y ' 'mth' D' lgupfak, J. Jenarysik, D . . Wallace, J. MCC1anah.m, al'1eUS. S. Verensla. Row 3:-B. H ' Ross' Row 2i' art, D. Dess, L, Doyle J CK T INNER THE boys shown in the above picture have earned iackets by participating in the various sporting activities offered by Union High School. Some of them have earned them by par- ticipating inbasketball, baseball, and football. Jackets were given out this year in an assembly by the coaches-Mr. Socrates Roussos and Mr. Jack Schantz. Credit goes to these boys for their hard work and good sportsmanship shown on the playing field as well as in their everyday life. 40 CHED November 30 ----- 42 LE A D -----an--..- Union- December 4 ---------- Union-54 December 7 -------- Union-59 December ll --------- Union-57 December I9 ----------- Union-26 December 21 --------- Union-55 December 28 ------- Union-49 January 4 -------- Union-40 January 8 -------- Union-44 January ll ------- Union-45 January I5 ------- Union-41 January I8 ------- Union-38 January 22 ------- Union-60 January 25 ------- Union-51 January 29 ------- Union-46 February 1 ----------- Union-50 February 5 --------- Union-45 February 8 ----------- Union-48 February I2 ---------- Union-38 February i5 -------- Union-58 February I9 -------- Union-36 41 CORE West Middlesex- ------Away Fredonia-43 ------Away Plaingrove-26 ------Home Mars-31 ------Away Ursuline-50 ------ Home West Micldlesex-43 ------Home Hickory-51 ----------Home New Wilmington 43 ---------- Home East Brook-53 -----------Away Wampum-80 --------- Home Mt. Jackson-43 -- -------- Home Bessemer-42 -----------Away Darlington-56 --------- Home Shenango-32 --------- Away New Wilmington ------Away East Brook-68 ------Home Wampum-80 ------Away Mt. Jackson-64 ------Away Bessemer-52 ------ Home Darl ington-60 ------Away Shenango-33 Sta d' . n il18LefrtoRf8ht:-Mr- shamz. B. Galazia G were B . . r. .Ahrens G Lawrence ' ' .P. Ni lio M, R Kn 11 e mg Left to R1ght:-D. Ross, D, Dess' D' Pitzer R . . Gall, T. Criswell, C, Yarletts B . oussgg, BA EBALL ETER THIS yeafs baseball team has many veterans back from 195i . Those back -are--George Lawrence, catch, Bob Galazia, 3rd base, Darrell Dess, Leftfield, Ronnie Gall, catch, Bill Ahrens, Pitch, Grant Dieter, Pitch, Pete Nigleo, 2nd base, Frank Zappia, Rightfieldp Don Ross, Shortstop. C 'swell Dick Pitzer, Pete Those gone from last years team are--Tom ri , dt Chuck Yarletts, Fred Coates, and Jack Simpson, Ronald Wolfbran , Montgomery. Th team hopes to be as strong a contender in the W. P. I. A. L. as they e were last year when they entered the playoffs. 42 A FOR, 1952 SCENE V ACTIVITIES UTOPIA STAFF Dim: Farnngton EDITOR Dick Mattocks ART EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR ReadingLeftroRight: Seated:-C. Frye, D. French, M. Schweinsberg, C. Yarletrs, L. Hartford. Standing:-Miss Kmharr, Mrs. King, P. Teese, V. Wilson, H. Hester, Mr. Keil. JUNIORS Donald French ------------------------ Editor Philip Teece--- ----------------- Ass't. Editor Lincoln Hartford ------------------ A dvertising Mary Schweinsberg ------------ Business Editor Harrison Hester -------------------- Art Editor Carole Frye ------------------- Literary Editor Virginia Wilson ----------------- Photography Chuck Yarletts ------------------------ S ports V Vg! ,1-, '- f- 'i.- L. , ,fsflmw 1 're5.sfff.t,j K ' ' . . . ' , r ats 1 . ls vfrfgfkf . , . .V 531 5, 'EEFWWTZ-'15 i:. V . 1 .z, as . I. L 'g-i9S2?ii2W2g3f,-',zJQl- ' ' ' A f , " . dl' ' B111 Ahrens Don Ross ADVERTISING MANAGER SPORTS EDITOR EMBERS of the Utopian staff this year worked together in close harmony and as a result did a fine iob. Eileen O'Nei1 ASS'T EDITOR DNV BUSINESS Mlllene McAbec Lois Hilke PHOTOGRAP 44 HY gguuuv-L THE iunior class held their Harvest Moon Dance on Friday, November 2, l95l. The gym was gaily decorated in orange and black During intermission, Mrs. Hartford and Mr Roussos were presented with gifts For their help and advice. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Carole Frye as queen and Robert Hart as king. The evening was greatly enjoyed by all . 45 Carol Fry 4...- 4 ---'W ' S ated--D. Barber, B. Ahrem- I' br:y'H:rtfAordi TrouPe, M. 5ChW81I15D5'5' "' Reading Leffw mghu 6 -' D. Fminsfonf A' Dess' ' . Mrs. KU18- szandmg: B- Yam' Shoaff. 1. chin, B. Bufcheft' 'GLIFE BEGI SAT IXTEE " " IFE Begins At Sixteen." This very entertaining play about a group of likeable teenagers and their problems was well presented by members of the iunior and senior classes on Nov. 29, l95l. Lt Eileen O'Neil and Grant Dieter as the twins started the play off with a bang and filled the audi- ence with delight and then suspense when they proved that Bill Ahrens was nothing but a crook. A very heartwarming play that delighted the audience from beginning to end! Paul Hollis ------ --- Grant Dieter Frannie Hollis ----- ---- E ileen O'Neil Marjorie Hollis ---- ------- J anet Gray Mrs. Hollis ----- ---- M ary Jo Troupe Mr. Hollis ------ --- Lincoln Hartford Snookie Hollis ----- ---- D onna Lou Barber Hilda ------------ ------------ A nita Dess Crandall Smythe ----- ----------BiIlAhrens CAST 46 Boots Bennett ----- Daisie Jenlcins--- Pidgie Miller--- -----Betty Burchett - ----- Barbara Shoaff Mary Schweinsberg Elsie Taggart .......... ..-. D iane Farrington George Gordon-- Theo Arbuclcle--- ----------------- Bob Veon - ----- George Lawrence Fattie Zimmerman--- ---------- Joe Chill " "-lwsfon. E. owen. D. R . . i' osS. D. W1ngf1e1d, B. Ahrens 0-BALL HE Sno Ball was held on Wednesday evening, Dec. I2 in the Union High auditorium. The gayly decorated gym was highlighted by a 20 foot tree in the center of the floor and Christmas tree lights on the ceiling. During intermission, Mr, Turek named the outstand- ing Seniors, who were: Most beautiful girl ------- Most handsome boy ------- Most popular girl ------- Most popular boy ------- Girl with best disposition-- Boy with best disposition--- 47 Eileen O'Neil. Bill Ahrens. Margie Scopio. Don Wingfield. Diane Farrington. Don Ross. VALENTINE DANCE T HE annual Valentine Dance was held on Feb. 13, by the sophomore class. The gaily decorated gym was but a backdrop to the long anticipated moment when Frances Carbone was crowned "Queen of Hearts." Sophomore girls had the honor and privilege to 'l:iF5rTdants. They were--K. Frye, P. McKinley, M. J. Hill, S. Verenski, S. Mullen, E. Hanna. The dance was a huge success and credit goes to the sophomore advisors, who are-- Mrs. P. Hughes, Mrs. C. Shields, Mr. D. Keil. 48 11-1- Reading Left to Right: kg G, Dieter, D. Mullen. Q I Gm ' Fmt Row:--R' LiversafisftLTJY?ciic:l'DlT.Bti1lill::RcD. Farrington, E. O'Neil. L. Hrlke. C. Boston. Y Second Row: B- BUYC ' ' . . - . - - P. Ph 111 S- WS' Kms' nge, 5, Ahrens, D. mm, D. wmgfreid. 1 P E lllll PLAY T HE roars of the audience showed that the Senior Play "You Can't Take lt With You," was a rousing success. Third Row:--R. Yachabach. G- Lame There was no leading part, but it centered around Martin Vanderhof - "Grandpa", and his family. All of them had a hobby except Alice who seemed to be the only sane one in the family. The troubles Alice encountered over her family almost broke offlher engagement to Tony Kirby, son of a prosperous businessman. But as the saying goes - "All 's well that ends well" - and Alice gets her man. The auditorium filled to capacity rang with cheers and laughter over each new episode, from the fireworks to the trouble over Grandpa's income tax. A wonderful performance of a very human play held on April l8, at 8:15 P.M. Music during intermission was provided by a small group of -band members. Mrs. Helen King was presented a lovely gift as a token of appreciation for her help in making the play a success. CAST Martin Vanderhof -------- Don Wingfield Tony Kirby--- ---- Bill Ahrens Penny Sycamore -------- Betty Burchett Mrs. Kirby ------------ Lois Hilke Paul Sycamore -------- Don Ross Mr. Kirby--- ------- -Dick Pitzer Alice -------------- Eileen O'Neil Boris Kilenkhov -------- Grant Dieter Essie--- ------ Janet Gray Mr. De Pinna -------- -Ronnie Yachabach Ed ------- ---- D uane Mullen Henderson ------------ -Dick Mattocks Donald ----- ---George Lawrence Gay Wellington ------- -Donna Lou Barber Rheba -------- Diane Farrington Olga Katrina ---------- Claire Boston 3 Men -------------- Poul Phillips Richard Liversage Leonard Yasher 49 Reading Left to Right.- First Row'--Frannie Ca ' rb S d Carole Frye. one, June Keller, Margie Scopio, Peggie Bees Irene P1 econ Row:--Don Ross Stanl ' ano' shmel' McKin1 - ey Veren k' . , ey' Bob Myers, Bob Hart. S 1' John -lendrysrk, Eileen O'Nej1. Don Wingfield Ronald G - all, JU IOR- E Iilli PROM d I on May l7 1952. Though grad 'I' HE Junior-Senior Prom this year was held at the Cathe ra , uotion and parting seemed so near, everybody forgot these things and had a very enioyable evening. The highlight of the evening was when Don Wingfield and Eileen O'Neil were crowned King and Queen. Their attendants were: Seniors: Margie Scopio, June Keller, Frannie Carbone, John Jendrysik, Stanley Verenski, Dan Ross. Juniors: Irene Plano, Shirley McKinley, Carole Frye, Ronnie Gall, Bob Myers, Bob Hart. Crownbearer was Peggie Bees. After the crowning, lovely gifts were presented to members of the court and to the iunior advisors, Mrs. Anna Hartford and Mr. Socrates Roussos, by Carol Cox. 50 iilb, 1. Sankey 'B 'BQQF L' ragley. Row 2--K Tibrrlbnumw' U' Faffiflgwn Missizemz . ' - , . ' ' ' . K. ' - M- L Wmgard. S. MCKir5i1ey Iglegmg- ROW 3:-A, Dess, S. C-impliigli. FIYC, V. Wilson, J, G1-ayeznhgdf' giagtinio, M- Van Meter -M oxIEZeby3eS.RV:e?cski. Row 4:-S. Grelli 23121338 C, Boston. J. Wallaoe Livter' . urc ' ' . . '1 ' - one, E, H ' - en- B- Shoflff. J. Koeluker, P. cimaiisif' K- Bamerr. J. Flynn, Row 5:-S . mth- 1- Plano. E. T E E E T T E 1. M. Schwemsberg, S. Sa1Zman..IB1s:ii, L. Williams, .....1-1: """"""' - 'aka1a, U- baron' L' U H'-qvannarten. E. Hanna. J' . 1:-P. xaworskl- B' Cm . B nman, A. - ' e, Reading'-efuomgkg' 2.23321-1. Allison. I- Amer' D' A1qger'Rfiyn0TriE. T. Petrella' 5- WP13' i'l525Si3IfCgF E. Ytiung' giliioia S' Mullen' Row 2:-lllox?i?12IhBangkaiiSS I. Bova.M.B0v3' Ei Siligxcgleks' L Hilke. D- Cwor.- ,' 4,-. -- ' ,. " Iriieller. M. SC0P10vP'REbQ1:l.R5g:V 5.-c. Gallagher. B- Allen' N' Gwhm Cervone, M. Brown. M. Huff' 3, Baker. Sniezek. P' Amen' V' Kle ar' Officers for 1951-52 were: President --------------- Diane Farrington Vice-President ------------ Dolores Bender Secretary ---------------- Mary Leonhardt Treasurer ---------------- Frannie Sniezek nn1. , Row 2--J Diamorgar--I ""' u""- Ulefef. Mr Oden D win f- """""""' ' ' I1 , Z. Lee er E ' ' - gleld B. Ah: R w3:- . . P . . Ro an, D' .U ens, D, R ' , Ki? S I. Mlsja' B- Amer' In Robisonlgcl Y Mattocks, B. Galazia, J. Vogus. Ev lass D. Dess. D. 'Puget' I Rerugrr. R. Yachabach, s, Verenski H I-izrlerrs, R. Gall, R. Mcconahy J Tindaiilgsrd. T. Lammer. - C . I - BS ' ' ' , .- . . K. Welker. I. Pnzer. D. Farrington. .ifriliiiielfilslfllif-Js'g'.ChE1. D. Leeper. Row xggngigg' - - nswe , ' ' 1, HI-Y HE Hi-Y this year was under the expert management of Mr. Samuel Venturella. Like all other clubs, there was a lot of gayety and fun, but they had their serious moments too. On February 27, the annual "Father and Son's Banquet" was held. The delectable dinner was enioyed by all. Officers were elected as follows: President -------- Don Wingfield . Vice-President---B. Ahrens. Secretary ------- Don Ross. Treasurer -------- Darrell Dess. 52 ,. rr 1 l Y 1' ii? ' , L- laU"""' "' . Heas16Y. iw" -'- " ' 1, Robinson R Kyauful, D. mbard 1, . :R W 1:-ML D'-'San' . p, Parks. - q D uble, F. L0 ' Reading Left iolmghli 1:aSSertY- R' Burkey' Dil BalgesFrer1Cl1- Row 414' Emi? 3 ellick. R- Aiden' K' Row 2:-B. Shre H51-.gk F Tomsac. P- Rawas y'w 5.44 Schick. I- Bawr' ' P T. Ambrosia. I- I 1 , G. Lawrence- RO F-2PaSky' F' XF aciiij 12 li1l13Ti:oG. 'Dieren I- Campbell' Welker. 5' e ' ' FUT RE FARMER THE F. F. A. fFuture Farmers of Americal is a national organization. We have had an active F. F. A in our school now, for four years. Officers for this year are as follows: President -------- David Luptak. Vice-President--- Albert French. Secretary -------- James Robinson. Treasurer -------- Charles Yarletts. Reporter --------- Richard Jacobson. Sentinel --------- Carl Stewart. We have had field trips on corn picking and also held the third annual "Father and Son's Banquet" on March 19. We also had a group of boys representing Union Twp. High at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show, Slippery Rock F. F. A. Roundup, and the State College Contest. David Luptak was awarded l5th place in Sows and Litter in the State Farming Program record contest and received a Bronze Medal a- ward. Also for his over all Farming Program in his first three years of Vocational Agriculture, David gecimeined the Keystone Farmers Degreep the first such Degree received by any boy in Union Twp. High c oo . 53 ln-........ V ---- -. U. . , . - rauerrs, R. Duda B Galazia Loyemck, D. W1ngf1e1d D Ross T 4:- . . U V , . . , , C - I I . R. Gall. Mr, Roussos, Mr, gchamjregskg.Row 3:-B. Wallace, D.Des?slge1kh5ow2'-L' PMHIPS. C. ' ' 112913 G. Lawrence, ' ' eng' 1- Hendrysik. Row VARSITY L CLUB u NDER the direction of Mr. John Schantz, the Varsity L got off to-a good start. As you know this club is composed of students participating in the athletic program of the school. The boys worked together harmoniously and the thrilling day came when they received awards and iackets for which they worked so hard. This well- formed club proved that the boys can and do show good sportsmanship other than on the athletic field. Officers are: President -------- Don Wingfield Vice-President--- Dan Spellick Secretary -------- Don Ross Treasurer -------- Tom Criswell 54 ks M McAbee . d L Doyle D Mmm lk d. Left to Right- seared:-M. Leasure. gagigioni' Darisgvillelir B Burchett I Mcclanahan L Hx e Rea HIS . ' A Hunt C. Cox. - ' ' Kg,-119, I Plano din 1-Miss Krsrhart. ' ' M, No ee, S. MC Y ifaiiescii, L. Phuups. D. Barber. R. Duda' g -H- I E THE U-Hi-News this year became something of a password among the students Dolores Bender with her capable staff behind her, proved that it could be a really good news paper. New ideas, among them- the mystery personality contest, helped to boost the sales and made everybody eager to read the next issue. Senior s who are leaving the staff are: Dolores Bender ------ Diane Farrington ---- Dick Mattocks ------ Mae Leasure ------- Marlene McAb ee ---- Donna Barber ------- Betty Burchett ------ Frannie Sniezek ---- Lois Hilke --------- Ronnie Duda ------- 55 Editor Business Man 09 Art Editor -Typist Typist Scuttlebutt Activities Exchange Literary Editor Printer el' CARAB RT LB Reading Left to Right: Seated:-E. Young, L. Williams, M. Scopio, E. Salmen, S. Finley. Standing: Miss Kisthart, K. Barnett. BOY COT L... Left to Right: Row 1:-L. Busin, B. Ward, G. Booth, L. Changoway, J. Vanater, I, Barron, L. Shaw, R. Montgomery. Row 2:-D. L. Eisner, M. Monaco, L. Sarver, E. Arnold, M. Conti, R. Plotts, L. Henry, I. Mattocks, L. Powell. Row 3:-D. Fleming, D. Wright, I. Rudesell, G. Rotgaber, P. Thornton, D. Anthony A. Symons, T. Anthony, T. Latimer. Row 4:-J. Uber, E. Bowers, 1. Busin, H. Grittie, R. Burchett, F. Polding, J. Leasure, R. Horchler, L. Matteo. Row 5:-W. Vanater, C. Coates, J. Cooper, F. Gettings, E. Mrozek, R. Bradley, R. Martin, W. Thompson, W. Plorts. Row 6:-G. Woerth, H. Anderson, F. Baker. Row 7:-Junior Ass't. Scoutmasters R. Mattocks, R. Veon, J. A. Turek-Scoutmaster, Mr. Hart, Ass't Scout- master, Color bearers American Flag-R. Adams, Troop Flag ---- R. Johnson 56 EEI MU IC Reading Left to Right: Mr. James, L. Hilke, L. Hartford, G. Booth, I. Valiensi, D. Driggs, D. Farrington F. Lombard, B. Large, C. Ratcliffe, H. Hester, I. Mattocks, P. Iaworski, L. Foss. H Reading Left to Right: Row 1:-J. Mattocks, L. Foss, M. Conti, R. Montgomery, L. Hartford, W. Davis, J. Valiensi, Di. Farrington. Row 2:-S. Grell, B. Burchett, N. Burchett, T. Ezzell, R. Stoner, L. Changoway, S. Campbell, P. Hanna, J. Rudesill, E. Langford, R. Jacobson. Row 3:-Du. Farrington, P. Jaworski, K. Welker, F. Lombard, J. Campbell, J. Diamond, S. Jaworski, H. Hester, C. Ratcliffe, R. Felger, R. D. Principe, J. Hilyard, D. Driggs, J. Stoner, M. Yannucci, L. Sarver, G. Booth. Standing flstj:-Mr. James, J. Aller, J. Flynn, C. Boston, J. Hensley, D. Bender, M. Schweinsberg, I. Allen, B. Thompson, B. Large, T. Younger, S. Verenski, L. Hilke. Standing f2ndj:-A. Fleeger, L. Double, S. McKinley, I. Plano, M. Hill, J. Pitzer, E. Salmen, V. Kielar, B. Pitzer, S. Salzman, P. Citanski, S. Morrissey, C. Coates, E. Hanna. B A practice p QppeCI'Gf1C showings. H F ORWARD M football d r the supervision of M ARCHIU And then you S field or marching down the awthe band uppedflngo street. Thet' made G fine r. Jgmes W. James. Showing un e . d A lot of hard work and drilling d after day during the practiced UY e of the schoolYeo"'lheir aid Qff, finally, When lhe went into this as the ban summertime. All this bqnd made their first first of mU"lY fine 58 n the ,11-i A..-1 es E Salmen S Sniezek, M. D. Principe, L. Williams, R. mme, ll l. Plano, I. Reading Left to Right: Row 1:-Mr. Iam , . , . N. Gearhart, S. Finley, M. Schweinsberg, M. Van Meter, M. McAbee, I. Roberts, M. Hi , Gordon, S. Iaworski. Row 2:-D. Presnar, I. Koelliker, B. Skaggs, F. Carbone, P. Iaworski, M. Bees, D. Bender, F. Sniezek, D. Farrington, E. O'Neil, F. Artman, M. Troupe, C. Cox, E. Langiotti, D. Sniezek, Row 3:-J. Mattocks, M. Leonhardt, L. Yasher, T. Kriner, I. Barnhart, D. Bowden, R. Bowden, J. Valiensi T. Latimer, I. Hudson, B. Bailey, G. Booth, I. Hensley, L. Hilke, V. Kieler. Row 4:-W. Davis, K. ' I. O lesby, P. Teese, E. Jenkins, D. Driggs, H. Hester, I. Shaffer, cet, Welker R Gall, D. Smith, B. Large, g ' d ll L. Hartford, R. Yachabach, L. Phillips, M. Yannu HIS singing group of around 76 members delighted the people P. Iawdrslti, D. Ross, B. Hart, J. Chill, J. Tin a , G. Dieter, B. Wallace, B. Veon. of Union Tw ' p many times throughout the year. Their Christmas ro ra P 9 m was well presented and they made a fine showing of Edinboro in the Forensic music contests. A lot of Fr' 1 mg work, as well as the love of music, wenf info these fine program d . s an was made possible under the supervision of Jdmes W. James, 59 Ser S SallmanlwLj"2?g!:r1slIgL0l'i2SSeI:E1E. gleieinski, J. A11er,L. Double 1 P13 5 ' l ' ' cKm1eY' C. Coates ' ' no' landing:-E Hanna lVlAJ0llETTE THIS year Union's high stepping maiorettes did a fine job and made Union very proud as they represented us in parades and football games. At times, it is not easy for any of us to perform our iobs in bad weather but our maiorettes were out there doing their iobs well at all times. Maiorette captain this year was Joanne Aller, lieutenants were Suzanne Morrissey, Irene Plano, and Shirley Verenski. All of the maiorettes did a fine job and deserve a lot of cred- it For their fine co-operation and skill in performing their tricky twirls. 60 ----1 Pli0PllECY CURTAIN going upl The first act in foreseeing the future begins at 8:30 P.M- The cast consists of the Senior Cl955 of i952- iien years have passed now, and it is the year I9Q2s D ' I The beautiful scenery has been created by Margaret Scopio and Elsie Solmen. They received much experience in advanced art class years ago. Their ability in art certainly is surprising. I Notice the smart styling of costumes. Credit goes to Janet Gray, who is o French clothes designer . Well, this is only a preview to our play. Make yourself comfortable, and enioy the play. ' ' l Zone Leeper, padre of the Old Spanish Mission,is leading his congregation in prayer. Group singing is conducted by Dolly Sniezek. May Leasure has a secretarial business training school for young girls, interested in typing. Mary Leonhardt had so much experience as secretary of Teenettes, that she received a free scholarship to attend May's school. After many years of highly-graded education,we see Bil Ahrens digging ditches for a living. I Peggie Ann Allen has cut her finger so many times at Joseph's Market, that Brazil Coffee Company wants to have her on their payroll. Tony Ambrosia has taken over his uncle's trucking business,and surely is rolling in the dough. Betty Burchett has a steam bath and gymnasium for chubby girls interested in reducing excess pounds. Martha Van Meter won so many first prizes at the baking contests at Canton Fair Grounds, that she is steadily employed. Nancy Gearhart decided to buy a kitchen, so now she ired Martha to work at Nancy's Kitchenette. ' Marian Matt finally reached her goal. She is president of G.C. Murphy Company of the New Castle area. In later years,I imagine she'll have enough money to retire for life. Blanche'Baker has ah apartment house on Fifth Avenue in New York City. She got so lonesome living in No Man's Land out by Dewberry's, that she wants to live neu' excitement. Duane Farrington ovims a Used Car Lot in Cleveland. Now he won't have to worry about buying a new car every day. Ed Householder is a prominent cigarette manufacturer of fine tobacco down in South Carolina. Patty Jaworski lives in Florida now. She owns a beautiful hotel for tourists. She has beensosuccessful,that MargaretJones openeda bath house next to the hotel. Since they are graduates of the some Alma Mater , no hard feelings were caused. Now plans are being made to enter intoa prttnership. A Inoticed Madam Lillian WilIiam's Beauty Solon sign at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. She is making lots of money at hair styling for New York's ham actors. Eileen O'Neil has been chosen Queen of Hearts and Dan Wingfield, King of Clubs for the Deck Manufacturing Company. I always said they were a couple of cmds. Frank Zappia has settled down in Texas on his 800 acre ranch. He also has 350 Hereford Steers and 75 horses. A few oil wells can also be seen on his property. Duane Mullen is wearing a pair of sti lts to make himself taller . He carries a sign for an important business concern which reads: "Eat at Joe 's Restaurant". David Luptak is a radio announcer on station F.A.R. M. on the Hayshaker's Network. Don Ross and Stanley Verenskiare now playing basketball with the All American Redheads. Dick Pitzer and John Jendrysik iust aren't themselves nowadays. They have painted houses by the square foot. They took them away after they painted a round house. Iilave you read in Popular Science where Professor Edward Rogan has devised the last step in the metric system where lO00rogameters equal l mi imeter? Didne Farrington has become very popular while achieving her accomplishments. She is nowa solo clarinet player on the Fred Waring Show. dog Shirlpy Finley has taken over Aunt Pol ly's Pet Shop. She has had good experience at home helping her parents selling dogs, dog food, and supp ies. Have you read the advertisement page in the New Castle News? Bob Galazia was elected as President of the Mouth Club. He was the unanimous winner out of I00 other candidates. P.S. He sells house trailers on the side-line. Lois fPoei Hilke has just finished her own book of poetry. Itwas published by Dolores Bender who finally got her own printing press. Albert Pagach is now playing the part of Saboo, the Alligator Boy in Ringling Brothers' Circus. Paul Phillips is on the ballot in this season's Sports Election. He isa whizz at fishing, and I know he will win the electionhas Game Com- missioner for Canada. - Ronnie Yachabach constructed his own building in which many men are engaged in working at radios, electricity, automobile appliances, and T.V. sets. He hired June Keller as his business receptionist. do 'Virginia Kielar hasa wonderful iobas Home Economist for the Future Wives of America. Every modern housewife should listen to her i y program. Joan Koelliker has worked so hard at Dewberry's Curb Service and Penney's that American Beauty Rest Mattress has offered her an easy iob of demonstrating their beds. Bill Large is a well-known minister at Pulaski Presbyterian Church. Frank Romeo has gas stations and restaurant stops every 20 miles on the Queen's Highway. Howard Johnson has made lots of money on the Turnpike, and Frank wants to follow in Howcl'd's footsteps. Ruth Roberts has perfect qualifications for being an air hostess for Trans-Atlantic Airlines. She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and weighs- about I20 lbs. She'il probabl meet a very important delegate from France, or a handsome doctor. Mariorie Plotts is plrgfing the accordion for the Wilkinettes on Wilken's Amateur Houron T. V. I imagine she'll have her own show pretty soon . Jim Repasky is Hea of the Street Car Department in Pittsburgh. The lady customers are always giving him a hard time. Of course, it never seems to bother Jim. Emma Antoniotti has an abstract painting in the New York Art Museum. She wan 90,000,000 at the art exhibit, and won't have to paint pictures of pretty girls for a pastime, now. Donna Lou Barber has become an old maid after all that worrying she has done over her boyfriends. Someone should pay a visit to the home which was built in memory of her. ' Jerry Batar goes to the Silver Mine in his spare time . He is hunting for money. Jerry liked to go hunting for animals, but never seemed to catch any. Claire Boston and Jae Hensley have a little log cabin in them thar hills of Kentucky. They don't think there is any nicer spot than where they are now. Frances Carbone signed up as catcher for the Bloomer Girl's Team. As you know, she was one of our best mushball sluggers. Betty Cwiakala is employed at Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation in the Efficiency Expert Department. Marie Del Principe is Head of the Complaint Department in the Shorthand Office for the New Castle News. Bullgrant Dieter, a great Romeo actor of the West, is co-starring with Rin Tin Tin. Their show washeld over for 3weeks at the Radio City Hall I mg. Ronnie Duda is now playing his saxophone in the R.C.A. Building in New York. He writes and prints his own music, also. Mike Lawrence is a handy man at Frank Romeo's gas station. He does general repair iobs on tires, washes cars, and fills gas tanks. When he gets a vacation, you'II find him out in the woods, coon hunting. They tell me Red Fowler is still in the milk business, but now he is working for himself. He has his own dairy. Dic Mattocksisa Scout Leader now, and hasaroorn at the Y.W.C.A. Seems as if he just couldn't tear himself away from the Y. Marlene McAbee is a social worker for any organization which needs her help. She enjoys helping those in stress. Richard Liversaga is the second William Shakespeare. He just had a very interesting play published for Broadway's Show. Any time I see a circus, I think of George Lawrence. He is such a clown. Maybe a baseball team will offer him a iob at clowning up a game for a benefit show. ' Barbara Shoaff ison efficient secretory for the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. She received wonderful experience at Union's Office. Frances Sniezek is a singer for the Dick Haymes Show, and also makes recordings for Capital Records. Danny Spellick has a iob as nightwatchman for Pennsylvania Power Co. Leonard Yasher is undecided about his occupation. He 'ust hops from one freight car to another, looking for something to turn up. 'gre Miiisionary Society has a kind worker for them. Elsie Young was asked to give her service, and now she may be sent over to Europe to p ot rs. This is the last oct of our play. The curtain has been drawn, but our cast must go on living for the future. We hope that the future classes will follow in the footsteps of the Class of l952. Good luck and farewell to our fellow classmates. ------D. Bender, Betty Burchett, D. Wingfield, G. Lawrence 6l WITTIEST PRETTIEST HAIR NEATEST Bob Galazia, Lil Williams Tony Ambrosia, Donna Lou Barber John Jendrysik, Betty Cwiakala MOST ARTISTIC PRETTIEST EYES BEST DRESSED Dick Mattocks, Janet Gray Frank Romeo, Martha Van Meter Don Ross, Joan Koelliker HO' H0 MOST ATHLETIC BEST MUSICIANS BIGGEST FLIRTS Don Wingfield, Diane Farrington Duane Farrington, Dolly Sniezek, Joe Hensley, Delores Bender Bill Ahlells. Barbara Shoaff Mosr LIKELY TO succsso sPoRT1EsT QUIETEST SHYEST Dave Luptak, Diane Farrington Margie Scopio, Dick Pitzer Albert Pagach- MUY Leonhardt Mal' Leasufe- Ieffv Bawr 62 KOKER OR l2 long years, we kept our feelings to ourself. Now when we are leaving we want everybody to know themselves as we know them. If Mr. Roussos would run out of hydrogen peroxide, Bill Ahrens and June Keller would be brunettes. When Peggy Allen is in class, she is so quiet that you can't even hear a desk fall. If talk was music, Tony Ambrosia would be a brass band. . When giggles were being passed out, Emma Antoniotti wasn't hiding. Blanch Baker must have left her voice in Ohio, because she surely doesn't use it here. Have you ever seen Donna Barber without a boy or driving down the road on four wheels instead of two? Jerry Bator would rather look at a field of corn than talk to a girl. The seniors must not be good enough for Dolores Bender, she prefers underclassmen. l ' lf Joe Hensley would keep his mind on driving instead of Claire Boston there would be fewer automobile accidents. Betty Burchett will be a mere grease spot after graduation, because she will not have other peoples lunch to eat. Frannie Carbone is in the office so much she is beginning to look like a typewriter. Ribbon and all. It seems that Betty Cwiakala is the master mind of many mischief making schemes around the school. But who pays the pen- alty? Not Betty. Never ask Marie Del Principe what is going on in class, she only has her mind on one thing. Billl Three great eyentsoccurred during our football season. We beat Bessemer.We won the County Championship, and Grant Dieter made the varsity eleven . There's no conceit in Ronnie Duda's family. He has it all. Everyone knows that Diane and Duane Farrington are twins: the way they hot rod they act like sister and brother. The rumor is at Union that Shirley Finley is engaged. Let's hope it's not Puppy Love. Dick Fowler is the senior class's 5 o'clock red shadow. , Bob Galazia is always yapping about why he doesn't get good grades. Well, if he was in school sometime, he'd get them. Ask Nancy Gearhart about her future and all she will say is "What a past?" It's said at Union that Janet Gray makes all her clothes, but where does she find the time? fln the back seat of Paul Phillips car with a certain Crandall Smythe?, Lois Hilke thinks she's another Longfellow. l guess we'll have to wake her up. Ed Householder actually broke down and talked to a girl the other day. He must be in lovel Patty Jaworski still can't get over the initiation they gave her as a cheerleader. Mr. Fox is pretty nice. Huh, Pat? Racer is the perfect name for John Jendrysik. Somebody iust woke him up the other day. His only reply was: "What Happened?" Margaret Jones must find the boys at Union prett boring, she just can't wait until she gets home. lf Virginia Kieler drove her Chrystler as fast as she walks, she wouldn't have had her accident. Why is it Joan Koelliker is always going home at noon? Must be who she knows. Bill Large said he could sing tenor this year. fTen or twelve miles away.J Danny Spellick and George Lawrence are the two play-boys of the senior class. What, playboys? Mike Lawrence is one of the few men who said "l don't like girls. " Now he is signed, sealed, and delivered. Margorie Plotts one aim in life is to play the accordion like Dick Contino. Oh well, everyone has to start at the bottom. Jim Repasky despises females, but he likes his girls. Ruth Roberts can chew gum faster than Wrigleys can make it. When Ed Rogan sees a girl, his face lights up the color of his hair. Frank Romeo is acquainted with all the girls in Union and most of their parents. Union's baseball team will never have a shorter shortstop than Don Ross. School takes up 8:40 Eastern Standard Time, but 9 o'clock Elsie Salmen's Time. Margie Scopio wants her hair cut short. Pretty soon she will change her name to Crewy Lou. Mae Leasure worked at Axe's Market, but at first glance you'd think she worked as a gym instructor at the Y. W. C. A. Zane Leeper's favorite saying is "l'm not fat, I'm iust chubby." Nlary Leonhardt and Marion Mott are said to be friends to the end and this is the end. Everytime you see Richard Liversage, he is carrying around the Free Public Librar . fAll Books, Dave Luptak has so many relatives in every state and such a good line that he willlprobably end up in politics, if the rel- atives back him up and the line holds out. When you look around for Marlene McAbee, ou never see her face or do you? lt's only the camera. Dick Mattocks had one minor accident in his life. The day he was born. Duane Mullen has switched to taking out small girls, his car can't take big ones. lf Eileen O'Neil even catches anyone spelling her last name wrong, they will lose their life. In all six years at Union High no teacher has even pronounced Albert Pagach's name right. Paul Phillips was voted by the class as Daniel Boone ll Dick Pitzer is the romeo of the senior class. Go ahead and ask any of the girls. Barbara Shoaff is one of the girls in the office who loafs all morning and then gets excused from school to work. Delores Sniezek wishes she were the April Stevens of the senior class. Frannie Sniezek is taking singing lessons, so she can sing pretty for Harry, Jr. Martha Van Meter is sometimes nicknamed the "Flying Dutchman" from the way she drives her tractor. Stanley Verenski worked at the A 8. P last summer, but A 8. M fits him better. "Available Man". Lillian Williams can twist around more names, but iust look at hers, Willian Lilliams. That's a killer. Don Wingfield went to California this summer, and when he returned, he was asked if he was homesick. He replied, "Heck no, I'm sick of Home." Ronnie Yachabach says he wants to work in the radio business, but he iust can't find the time with all the girls he runs after. You've heard the saying "Back to the farm". Frank Zappia has taken it seriously. ' Elsie Young could be the Esther Williams of the senior class except for a few minor details. Leonard Yasher wrote a book entitled "I Keep Coming Back Like A Song. " They say it does you good to get things off your mind. How true that is. Now we can leave Union with a clear conscience, hoping only that we have not really hurt anyone's feelings g ' ------D. Ross,B. Galazia, F. Carbone, Di. Farrington. 63 Q 1 fx Fx W 1 1 iw Q9 6 09, 5, E523 4 yi 1 an ,s iii .zz iw 0 'Liss-R 7' I I QP' QT if . , . M 3 mggg 5 MWQQQQQ Wwiwff wwp':W :sig '.E. 1 . AAV- 5232 b ,-" Y William Ahrens I mimi DIFEERE CE . Shirley Finley Well-known Sincere Neat Kind hearted Attractive Friendly Peggy Allen 19. Richard Fowler Personable Roisterous Affable Joker Attentive Facetious Anthony Ambrosia 20. Robert Galazia Affable Roisterous Likeable Dutiful Attentive Garrulous Emma Antoniotti 21. Nancy Gearhart Earnest Nonchalant Benign Ardent Attentive Genial Blanche Baker 22. Jane, Gray Benign Jaunty C0P"-'ble Genial Benignant Donna Lou Barber '23. Joseph Hensley Dainty Jocund Lighthearted Reputable Bland Humerous Jerome Bator 24. Lois Hilke Jovial Likeable Friendly Mgdegf BOSl1fUl Delores Bender 25. Edward Householder Dashing Earnest Attentive Regpecfful Benign Helpful Claire Boston 26. Patricia Jaworski Cute Personable Bland Attentive Blithe Jaunty Betty Burchett 27. John Jendrysik Earnest Jovial Jaunty Jocund Bounteous Jounfy Frances Carbone 28. Margaret Jones Friendly Mannerly Cute Modest Betty Cwiakala Jocoge Benign 29. June Keller JOviGl Thoughtful Cute Jaunty Marie Del Principe Kind Modest 30. Virginia Kielar Jovial Vigorous Diligent Likeable Personable Kind Grorgezlgfr 31. Joan Koelliker Likeable J"Un'Y , Dashing Debonaxr Ronald Duda K'nd'hear'ed Roisferous 32. William Large Jovial Resolute Distinctive Well-groomed Diane Farrington Lighfheqrfed Debvndif 33. George Lawrence Genuine Geniol Finesse Reliable Duane Farrington Likeable Eggggggs 34. MikiALawrepce Friendly I-.inner Y . I eable May Leasure Mannerly Reliable Loquacious Zane Leeper Zealous Energetic Learned Mary Leonhardt Modest Mannerly Lovable Richard Liversage Reasonable Earnest Laconic David Luptak Attentive Diligent Likeable Marlene McAbee Mannerly Reticent Modest Richard Mattocks Genial Reliable , Magnanimous Marian Mott Modest Earnest Mindful Duane Mullen Dutiful Diligent Mannerly Eileen O'Neil Entertaining Lovable Obliging Noble Albert Pagach Attentive Genial Pleasant Paul Phillips Ponderous Naive Pleasant Dick Pitzer Reputable Genial Particular Mariorie Plotts Mannerly Respectful Personable James Repasky Jocund Likeable Reputable Ruth Roberts Respectful Kind Reasonable Edward Rogan Energetic Thoughtful Reliable Frank Romeo Fervid Attentive Respectful Donald Ross Delightful Faithful A 'Reliable Elsie Salmen Earnest Sensible Sincere Margaret Scopio Modest Affable Sincere Barbara Shoaff Bountiful Likeable Sincere Dolores Sniezek Diligent Modest Sincere Frances Sniezek Friendly Jovial Sincere Danny Spellick Diligent Reliable Sensible Martha Van Meter Modest Ingenuous Virtuous Mannerly Stanley Verenski Sincere Capable Virtuous Lillian Williams Likeable Jaunty Wil lful Donald Wingfield Discreet Friendly Worthwhile Ronald Yachabach Respectful Likeable Youthful Leonard Yasher Persistent Lighthearted Youthful Elsie Young Earnest Capable Youthful Frank Zappia Fervid Reasonable Zealous CIIO0L GALE DAR SEPTEMBER d F h I JANUARY 4 First a o sc oo . 4 Pe meefin for ' ' 5 BOOICS IWZNCISCI OUT- 8 Bagketball game EII6IsItmBlI14'?dEn game. 7 Pep meeting for Rochester game, we lost. II Basketball game with Wampum I I2 Teachers meeflngf 5CI'100I DUI e'3"IY- I5 Basketball game with Mt. Jackson I4 Football game at Mars, we won. I8 Pep meeting For Bessemer game, I I9 Seniors and athletes X-Rayed. 22 Basketball game with Darlington. 2I Pep meeting for Evans City, we lost. 23-24 Semester tests, 28 Pep meeting Ie' Bessemer, we won. 25 No schookl, teachers correct tests. Basketball game wit Shenango. gg gtusengineceive report cards. OCTOBER as et game with New Wilmington. I School out at I0:00 because we won over Bessemer 2 Shortvgay in preparation of Teachers Institute. 3-5 Teac rs Institute and senior ictures taken. 6 Zelinople beat Union. P FEBRUARY , 9 All girl hayride for Teenettes. I Boskelball game Wifh EGSI Brook' . . I2 Pep meeting for Shenangogame, was q fie, Movie 5 Basketball game with Wampum.Junuors begun on fire prevention. sell mcgczmes' 15 p1QY cast listed' A 8 Basketball game with Mt. Jackson. I6 Hayride sponsored by Teenettes. I2 B95I4eII9eII Qeme with BeSSemef- I7 1:1-ee cokes for students- I3 Valentine Dance sponsored by sophomores. 13-19 51, Weeks 1651. I5 Basketball game with Darlington. 2Q U,-110,-1 loses fo Hopeweu. I9 Basketball game with Shenango. 26 School out early to see Bessemer beat Shenango. 26 Fflhers and Sons BC'nqUeI Sponsored bY IIIe Union gets Class B football championship. Union 29 S"Y- d b T w1ns over Me,-Ce,-1 ance sponsore y eenettes. NOVEMBER 2 Harvest Moon Dance sponsored by Juniors. MARf3H SCOU1 Banque, 6 Football Banquet for players and parents. 20 F. F' A. Banquet Ig gee1?FI:5::'::Z: Saver- 2I Spring Dance sponsored by Hi-Y 20 F. F. A. sponsors movie. 2I Out early for Thanksgiving. 22-23 Thanksgiving vacation. APRII- 1 . 27 Individual student pictures taken. I7 Senior PIGY mehffee- 28 Junior-Senior play matinee for students. I3 Semol' PIUY eVe"I"I9 Performance' 29 Junior-Senior play given at evening, 30 First basketball game at West Middlesex. MAY I Athletic Ban uet. DECEMBER I8 Baccalaureatl. 3 'Movie sponsored by U-1-11-NEW5. I9-2I Senior Trip to Washington, D. C. 4 Basketball game with Fredonia. 23 Commencement- 7 Basketball game with Plaingrove. 26'27 Semesfel' TESTS- 11 pep rneeting for Mars game. 28-29 Students go to Idora Park. I2 Sno-Ball dance sponsored by Seniors. I3 Individuals pictures given out. I4 Out early because of deep snow. I9 Grade school presented Christmas program. 2I Football and baseball players receive iackets and letters. School dismissed at one o'clock. 22 Christmas vacation starts. 67 A 1 ' ti :'J1l.NAffl f' t- f:l1?J2-2 iwl -:f 'Wm-K 1, i- Q 95:3 -r 3:52. ik - ,,. ,,:Tf'E' 1,'sfp' JW- k - Bw--'fur' -ff-wf4:3,g3h:7.?1X,41x -::,gg,gi.q,.4.:fm Q v . .. A f - 4, 3-f ,' .1 bmi'-X QL, 1, , ,,,L , V 0 . f14M6',2Zg4f,Y ...q . BM .X MM ,,,,I:f'm!c?jd'4.f,, :'L4z',f23, J-ffm-' ,ff ,,yL15W, vw ' ' ,ww :- LL-- i 'AN I ig-Q. aff W' L A' im. , fi. . .. ' A. 465511 3- 5' .. 2, Wi A My dcvsif ukjmsm A 3' .g4g,.mB..:-ff. 4 lingua sa is - 0 M. fl L ' I ,.::,w,sf--,V . ,M ,. .. .. X M W, 1 I LV f 4 5 ji K T 4+ W Q' x w Z' 45 Wg . ff wi: limes: ,f " ' V' frrdw 'W WSH H if W WTF 'f WX- Lqffia 1 ' , vfiu-cf , - f L" 4, x ,f5,Ji,,,,Li ' W" - , le m - W A 35,1 , R I 4' 4 .H KZ , gk , 'H Q 'Q , , 3 t .Q S if is ff uw ,, 1 wig' 64 My lm .,t.,f A f 52,12 ,ai an ff Rd-ffrat Af , 3 5 , fi 1 'gg ,. I 3 , JH ' R - 2? .fi W. ,J-xc-f N '. ., , . g-. ,.., . N ,ww ,' .zi .,.. LAR, M . Y, . .rr-i-H , .4411 ." V VIS- F 'iff V 7 ....f M A ,LW-,is-ax ' " xv wg. 1 ' ' 'A'5'f, ,,.k 'iv-7ffS,': f n, , fzwfz ' via 1' 'fvifml 4' f if ff N V , . I ' iff' 5, filiffiifl 55, ,,,,,,,Up.., is ' 431 ' 1 Ll 5 cgi, f fl' ,11 'N whvw . iw 3 A T if . ,Q pg F Q i V 7 ., Q :W FQQ iw X, . 51: .. .... ..,. K , ..,i'?,iPf"w1':fsf? L P 4.4! - -ww. .. M?- ' A uf' . ' 1 gk! I-11.11-11" WWC Kg 1 Qs W 5 L Z SEA K SSL 5 my W MH? X Q ?, XS 11: 'ga' .1 H' 'Q Y 9 an ff W , Q ' 'S f L Us Y J ef 4 ,Q 31- NG , W ' ,f , i f7f42.f.vu1 A vi.4,4.-we wwfi x D X, X ,a . . c9"?,f2fZE 1 I M 5 ,urn ,, M'f'S"Qaw kr N wan., MOUTH CLUB Officers: Pres. Paul McConahy V. Pres. Wilson Davis Sec. Joseph Hensley Treas, Richard "Rube" Mattocks Board of Directors: Founder, Donald "Sam" Ross Chairman. William "Willy" Ahrens Fellow Member. Robert "Benny" Galazia Faculty Advisors: Socrates Roussos Jack Shantz Z Iyr I, ,, :J M kbp w .gx .Wx Compliments of ARTHUR MEEK JEWELER 323 East Washington Street New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments PERELMAN S JEWELRY New Castle Pennsylvama Compliments .IOEYS RADIO SERVICE 506 South Jefferson Street New Castle Pennsylvania SEE US FOR ALL MAKES NEW PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS ALSO RENTALS CONVENIENT TERMS OFFICE MACHINES SILVERMAN S ECONOMY SHOE SHOP The Store Devoted to Better Futtnng Shoes For Better Health IIO E Washnngton St New Castle Po Compl :ments 8 SEAVYS STUDIO 2 N Mull t Phone 2400 New Castle Pa Phone 230 New Castle Pa of I of of I. 's. ' ' 74 MILESTONES Graduatuon us an Important mulestone It represents the successful completion of one protect and the begmmng of another It us not a pomt to stop and rest on one laurels Lukewuse a malestone un busmess Johnson Bronze recently com pleted fnfty years of progress nn Sleeve Bearings lf IS ot restung on nts laurels but contmually nmprovlng nts product and expanclung its lnne JOHNSON BRONZE Footwear For All Occasuons Compllments OUR POLICY Be qunck to klck If tlwangs seem wrong MOONEY BROS SUPPLY CO BU, luck fo Us And make If strong make things right The Home of ewes Us delight we CFB WI'Of'lg Qualnty Bulldmg Materlals" And you are rught JACS SELF-SERVICE SHOE New Castle, Pa. I6 N Mull St New Castle, P . . . . . . .S . . . l . n S. Mill Street New Castle, Pa. of To ' ' lf I 75 VALLEY MCTOR FREIGHT AN N'S FCQD CASTLE IEEE . ICE CREAM 8. DAIRY BAR i q P PARKSTOWN CORNERS Compl :ments Feed Gram Ferhluzer READY MIXED CONCRETE New Bedford P Phone 2701 Compl :ments THE AMBROSIA COAL 8. CONSTRUCTION CO Commercial and Domesflc Cool Excavulmg Grading Road Bu: ldlng Box L20 Edmburg Pc Telephone New Castle 8014 J22 1.. ll ll I " ETI H. N. EPPINGER 81 SONS Compl :ments J B NIELSON Il East Washington Street New Castle Pennsylvania We Specialize In School Rings Phone 772 R Compliments JESSE N KERR Famous for Diamonds 5 North Mull Street New Castle Pennsylvania Compl :ments CHARLES LUMLEY Penn Theater Building New Castle Pennsylvania Compliments RICHMAN BROTHERS New Castle Pennsylvania Compl :ments J C TUCKER GREENHOUSE Corsages and flowers for special occasions W Washington Street New Castle Pennsylvania Compl :ments CURRAN 8. RANEY OIL COMPANY Distributors of Richfield Products P h o n e 2 2 5 6 129 W Washington Street New Castle Pennsylvania of of of of Professional Pharmacist "Fine clothes for men and young men of of 78 Compl uments SUNNY ACRES Walt 8- Gertue Lynn 227 Youngstown Road Compl :ments DEL S Complete Automotuve Service State Inspectuon Amoco Gas Oul General Auto Repairs Phone 5342 W Washmgton Street Ext YOUTH CENTER Speclallzxng nn Infants 8. Chrldrens Clothmg 34 E Washnngton Street Compl :ments CARM AMABILE West Washlngton Street New Castle Pennsylvanua Compl :ments THE DANISH PASTRY SHOP Makers f fnne cakes and pastries Phone 3523 28 N Mull Street Compl :ments NEW CASTLE STORE Compl :ments PATS DAIRY BAR 8. SAMS CITY SERVICE Youngstown Road New Castle Pennsylvama ' of of of New Castle, Pa. Phone 8352J Shoes Repairecl-Dyed-Refinished of of I . . I o of 79 Phone NEW BEDF ORD AUTO COMPANY 24-Hour Towing Official lnspection Station N. 2721 BUTZ FLOWERS For 100 Years New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments PARKSTOWN RECREATION CE NTER Compliments J C PENNY COMPANY New Castle Pennsylvania Compl :ments DE VAUX JEWE LERS Hamilton Elgin Movado Fine Diamonds 120 East North Street Phone 3434 Best Wishes from THE LADIES STORE 108E Wash St New Castle P Compliments R D WALTER CO McCormick Farm Machine and Refrigeration Where Servnce Counts We Wnn Phone New Castle Pa 224 E Congratulations to the rom STEVENS BAKERY or Pastry At Its Best Washington St Ph 1634 of of of '- , a. Class of "52" of F f 80 AL'S MARKET ALFRED M. KEGARISE, PROP. QUALITY GROCERIES, MEATS 8. PRODUCE Phone 4073 1244 W. State St. PAGLEY SHOE SERVICE SHOES REPAIRED AS GOOD AS NEW I7 North Mill Street NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA DON MOONEY S SPORTING GOODS Where you buy the best for less Best Wishes rom ALLERTON S DINER Youngstown Rd SHOP RIZIKA S FOR FINE JEWELRY GIFTS Dramonds Watches Jewelry 30E Washmgton St Compl :ments KING S JEWELRY STORE 218 East Washungton Street New Castle Pennsylvama McGRATH S FLOWER SHOPPE I3 N Mull St New Castle Pa Phone 9 WELKER S GREENHOUSE Harbor Road D No Phone 2877 New Castle Pennsylvoma f of Compliments ' of R. . . 2 81 Compliments of THE THRIFTY MARKET 420 West Washington Street New Castle Pennsylvama Compliments of GUS MEN S AND BOY S SPORTWEAR Rawlrngs Sportlng Goods 106 East Washmgton Street Compl :ments SOTUS Fnnest Candles New Castle Pennsylvama Compl :ments LEN S MEN S WEAR On the Diamond I2 East Washmgton Street Featurnng Sportwear for men and young men also a complete lune of work clothes Compl :ments gvnammmmwmsmsmxs 00 me me Xt E ,101 THE Q85 9' V' X MUslcf0, Q Q ZZSM llSt I NEW CASTLE PA Open eve tull 0 tall Compl :ments J ACK GERSON Your Jeweler Convenient Credit For All 200 East Washmgton St Phone 63 REYNOLDS 81 SUMMER Fashions For Men And Young Men H4 H6 E Washmgton Street New Castle Pennsylvama ' of of of A of r q E 'hive irrrrrrrif ' ' 6 hx Lx: 1 We ' I i Www , Q . ' 8:3 Sat. ' 6:30 ,. . .- of - . ' 82 Compl :ments SPORTING GOODS STORE New Castle Pennsylvanua Compl :ments HAMMON D MUSIC STORE 209 East Washington Street New Castle Pennsylvama Compl uments LAPINS LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO New Route 422 Compl :ments CONEY ISLAND LUNCH I22 W Washmgton St Phone 6670 New Bedford Phone 2701 New Castle Pennsylvama Compl :ments SNEES ESSO STATION Tnres Greasmg and Car Accessornes Youngstown Road Compl :ments KING S MOTEL 8. SERVICE STATION U S Route 422 Ohno Penn State Lune SPENCER S PAINT SUPPLY I5 South Mercer Street New Castle Pennsylvanla of of of . of "Place Where The Boss Works" I of I of I ' 83 E AUTOGRAPHS C Q r 'Q w' Q. 1 H 1 ,, L Q Q X I gr J 1 Q 4 L 1, 1 1 x 'E 4 1 aa 412 i, . fm- 1 ' Y 1 ' " ' Y ' nut" 'sl . ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ,iw-,fx-' . 'PE :'-5' +q-'.w-- .Uv 5.4 gf "Q, ,.-9 -f D' '-f -. ' ,,',.6,1,n,-.a- ' ' ' - - ' , f f , ' , in-1' -- Q, Y 1 ' E' ' 'f."J',f 1".'2'V? Q' ,,:A?,fe 'fS'l.v. -' F-5'4" 'E mf 51? 212, Y'1"'Q.L.- viii- Lu, - 9-L J "-Lf - fmwwg, A ' A ' Y ' X ' - lv fr Q. ri ij I. Sf, J HJ 1 ig, . I ' E' 1 M-- H F fi, K' 1. W' Y- 5, Y, 9 ik, J' .AIT if Y' , 5? f ' 35,14 ze, fu, , 'Yip -x L, V .rg , P., a -, 1. ," -' I-1 fv- wf f ' -,.-, I V 1--'L ina- :Img-HK' 1-1-1. H: g- .1 -4-, -5 -I ww- , if f -.V ..:- J- +1 -X . M -A,-wh.,-,.--. - V ,V -Q T Y . , vw ,, A . . ,,. -nf.. ,. -.. TNQ:f,L.1 Q?2,'fZi,:1ff glw- 1.1 f, 'f- - M,fufc.:-'.?f.f.4.M,af -mf., 'N - 'wtf if- '.P11.z2'f,v.'SZ-: fi 9j.fw.,i?',g -fy-L -.1fv21?-LH, gf, '

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