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Fffi 55435521 - '. 5 ' f"" fewvfmcvfmy--1flwrfnw-mw1':1-gwqwu:2,..a.A-,FM K ' '-'A lin 'l::i1.'fEf " 42?-31:-11.3 .Y--1-.5Nf..-.-,L--f,LfA-ft' -'11 gap--1 v ,101 V- - A- M , H -f- f N- - Q--- , -1.,f-.-- ,-576-714,10,f,'f14f,3,f'- f--Pm,-f f QBQNQQ 1.5,--g,4- 5 U ?3 Q3 sl 51 1 ' ' , '.K!'l"E.lH4' K ' 6I1'H25'lii'h1vR733MJ:',:l,63,5Av'aLf?v,:i14'H5 599521361 5 i 5 3 1 I Q Q J 1 , . , C I ? 5 E i 1 1 S 3 . 4 3 v! I . E 3 84 1 .a A fi UTOPIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL New Castle, Pa. 1951 FGREWORD Our senior year in high school is a year of happiness and plea- sure as well as hard work, but the end comes much too fast. During our school years we haven't realized what we would experience, leaving our friends, and going out into the world on our own. We have just lived from day to day completing a new page in life's history. So, we hope this concise volume of our past will be a treasured memory of our school days and will he cherished by all. 2 DEDICATIO Iohn R. Schantz In appreciation for his outstanding achievements and untiring work in the field of athletics, we, the Seniors of Union High School, Class of '51, dedicate our precious keepsake, the Utopian, to our able athletic director, and fine friend. 3 THEME "The children of today mold the future of tomorrow." More and more we realize how true this saying is. Ours has been the experience of living in the age of hot rods, square dances, and Sloppy Joes. Over night the favorite hangout has become the corner drug store and our favorite pastime, square dancing. But along with these happy times are many serious thoughts. For soon we will close the door on our school days and open the one labeled "future" The past 12 years have been spent in careful training and preparation for the step we will soon take. We have learned fair play from our sports and from our social life, compatability. Hop aboard our jalopy and ride along with us as we look back over the activities that have helped to make our school days such happy ones. ap- ! " o lv ll I fi! C! "A " X :L 4 SCHGOL BO RD l Top Center: R. McConahy President' To ' . , - H - - , p Left: R. Baile , Vice President. Top Right: F. McPheetersg Lower Lefil: J. Ellsworth: Lower Rtght: M. Pattisong Lower Center' F Vannatten, Secretary. ' ' Each school district is headed by a group of five men called the District School Board. These men give much of their time and energy in working together to improve and provide the needs for our schools. Our school needs are no different from the needs of neighboring schools. Union Township is growing fast in popu- lation and the immediate need at the time of this article is more accommodations for our elementary students. Our school board is cognizant of this fact, and has taken steps to provide these needed accommodations. 5 A Message to the Seniors Members of the class of '51, it seems but yester- day that you started your high school career in the freshman class. Each class seems to have had a distinct quality of its own and each one leaves its individual imprint as it passes from these halls of learning. Your class is no exception! You have striven to complete your high school work and you have accomplished that. The uncertainty of world conditions has prompted some very serious thinking during the year. However, I am sure that regardless of what the future holds for you, you will be equal to the situation and face it with undaunted courage. Ciffff Seniors' Reply As we seniors finish our last year at Union High School, we pause to reminisce over our school days. Out- standing in our memories is Mr. Turek, who was always ready to advise us in our petty, as well as greater prob- lems. As we go out into the world, we shall always re- member Mr. Turek and his helping hand. 6 l .-'T'ifo1-2-Z01"L'T'?Ls'ol-1-?-B. 7-L-I7'fl'L-?T3fofZ'7'75-1-'TLZZZSLQ-"?L'I'Db'T1l'1,' -1'Z-L'Z'5!a",s'7'C0?i'1-fo!-P. Wfififvl-T-I '1'Z'f3'Z-1931-2-7.-T-.-'vid-Z-T'1'I'Z-Z'l'1ZI31-5'I-.-20121-."L'2'2-PII-I-I'2-'4Z'J2-Z1?Zf-.-'-IC-I-Z'Q-".,TvT'-1-Zo" ,-'.:'.-'T'Z1141-f'LfZ0S!. '-7-1-Zvi5-I,L'3-Iwi-164-fZ'?.-:L-I'Sf'gvZ-Q . - 9 11.1-' Y., - . :-l'-"f'Le'fE"f1Yc Q. q'5:fL3Ec.'f'3-zA42:???iuBs . r '-33' NC2 -J-95: z-L. ng, ' fu,-gin '.-.x -3 --, A - -.. .. .- , si-.waz--'-' V'-S-swam --,-721:95 ,'.-ff-'ft Gp, 2- iii, 4 -3S,'c:v1'5 .YQZSQF - ,n pr. 9-2-'pr' 2"!"5 -lid, 5 iss- - f axial: fdvi . M -:fy .-1 I no . I 1 : 'rv -v . "1 ilrfzgrfrrg ,ggi -133 -QIQQN-"m . 4 -' Y e w-.szzffll """' T529 but --Yfirl Q2-'Trl-, o H340 sjfa fs, 1 fi: E7-l,gs".,:2i 4 . 1 u , . 'YI 2' "l2I9"S:g-3 fowl' ' J- 'I .iiafp f'-7' MSF' --5255. .MQSU i2,.pry-u ,Q flag: E-'iffy f 1' gtuva ' 5' if - ,' Aa A n . Q ' I 'P'-W .f"-Fas ah... :eggil 'mini'-.Gp !3.,1:,..-.ixgy -np 5:52:12 'f35r,.tjBe:,?-aga. 'H n 'G nj" Q e, ' 1 D 1.1 -.-r , '- ' ' '2yQQe,mav.+f--ffa' ima'-wrfav.-.-.-ffaf -lQ.2L,'go3V A MA MATER Our strong band can ne'er be broken, Fornfd in Union High- Far surpassing wealth unspoken, Seal'd by friendship's tie. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Deep graven on each heart, Shall be found unwav'ring true, When we from life shall part. 8 AY:-a25r3ni2f"'F' FACULTY EUGENE BEICHNER California State Teachers College-B. S. Industrial Art and Mathematics JACK W. Bocas Geneva College-B. S. Mathematics NANCY J. DOVERSPIKE Clarion State Teachers College Slippery Rock State Teachers College Certificate to teach English, Physical Education and Hygiene ALFRED S, DUGAN, JR. Pennsylvania State College-B. S. Vocational Agriculture ZELA W. FOX Pennsylvania State College-B. S. Hornemaking, Visual Education, and School Lunch Manager LYLE D. FOX Slippery Rock State Teachers College-B. S . General Science, Health and Physical Education ANNA L. HARTFORD Geneva College-A. B, Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry and Trigonometry GEORGE S. HELLMANN Slippery Rock State Teachers College -B.-S. History PAIILINE F. HUGHES Grove City College-A. B. English, Latin and Spanish JAMES W. JAMES Carnegie Institute of Technology-B. F. A. Instrumental and Vocal Music HELEN E. KING Geneva College-A. B. American Literature and English Composition MARY B. KISSICK Westminster College-B. B. A. Typing and Ojice Practice WINIFRED j. KISTHART Edinboro State Teachers College-B. S. Art, Advanced Art and Ceramics XVILDA R. KRAUSE Slippery Rock State Teachers College-B. S. English and Geography LOUIS M. NICASTRO Westminster College-B. B. A. Business English, junior Business Training, Commercial Law and Bookkeeping WILBER T. PATTERSON Westminster College-A. B. University of Pittsburgh-M. E. Biology CARRIE MAE B RENTZ Westminster Coliege-A. B. Pennsylvania History, Economics, Civics and Sociology ELMA L. ROBINSON Westminster College-A. B. University of Pittsburgh-L. L. M. World History and United States History SOCRATES C. ROUSSOS Slippery Rock State Teachers College-B, S. Chemistry and Physics ALBA N. ROSSI University of Pittsburgh-B. S. Shorthand, Business Arithmetic, Transcription and junior Business Training JOHN R. scHANTz Slippery Rock State Teachers College-B. S. Health and Physical Education CLAIRE SHIELDS Westminster College-B. S. English, Spelling, Writing and Literature i . yeh'-55:51 ,Q fM'f..,, G -p, ' it fa fa ri S shift N-A x as ' .5 . . f, A V X X t X 'f 4 c.- Q-,S 12 SEN IGRS SENIOR OFFICERS Presxdent. ea., dsc ' l"e,., Secretary: 14 PHILLIP MARONDE President "Phil" Hi-Y 10, 11,12 Football 10, ll, 12 Forensic 10, ll, 12 Class President 10, 12 Class Vice President 11 Varsity L 12 Chorus ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 4 0 9 95 56419 v -asc" Q2 C Y' X 'L 'f '90 09-216 '6' x-X 0 04 'ersli' Q'-eff 'Wi .X 9 '90 'fr' . X 00' XG CZ 0' 4 my 'Y' 'N vw' 0 ol x'7f ,396 O41 'Q 1 O Qoopewboqgfbcvx -X650 xy? QT- bead' JQ J Yv"g+C"x1c9 Yieiasxo 5656 J "life-P 60014 I fa --x 0 - 'I 0' 1 c2sf5'fy'lB'2- Q4,ejl'Z0jf.v,,,'4 ,sf If 1 ee' 05XcL 0 sg 6010 ' dis JEANNE MILLER Secretary "Petie" Chorus 12 Y-Teens 10, ll, 12 Cheerleaders 10, ll, 12 f 4 I ' 465' ' afzvlg , .gh , " " -03 .Q,rV'1',,.AP'tf' 1 . .,3f,'!i If ' 33' if . J if . , -f ' za f - fe nw' . QW, 15 SALLY LOU AEPPLI "Sallie" Band 10, ll, 12 Chorus 11, 12 Y Teens l0, 11,12 Squad Leader l2 Squad Captain 12 Camera Club 10 DONALD BACON HDMI., Hi-Y10, ll, 12 Class Basketball 10 junior Sportsman 10, ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Class Volleyball 10 Basketball 10, ll ROBERT BARBER "Pete" Football 10, ll, 12 Basketball ll, 12 Baseball 10, ll U-Hi-News ll, 12 Utopian Staff ll, 12 Varsity L Club 10, ll, I2 "Beauty and the Beef" 12 junior Sportsman 10, ll Utopian Editor 12 WILLIAM BARBER "Bill" F. F. A. 10 H1-Y 10, ll, 12 16 RUSSELL BROWN "Brownie" Hi-Y 10, 11,12 Band 10, ll Chorus 10, ll, 12 Utopian ll, 12 Class Volleyball 10 F. F. A. 10 ALICE JOANNE CARTER "Alice jo" Chorus 10, 11,12 Band 10, 11,12 Camera Club 10 Y Teens 10, ll, 12 Squad Leader 12 Squad Captain 12 MARY CATHERINE CALLAHAN "Mirkey" Chorus 10, ll, 12 Y Teens ll, 12 "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Squad Leader 12 Usher ll SHIRLEY CASTO "Pooch" Y Teens10, 11,12 MARY ANN CHUEY ..Mac,. Library 10 17 FRED COATES "Freddie" Football 12 Baseball ll, 12 Varsity L Club 12 Hi-Y 10, ll, 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 junior Sportsman 10 MARY LOU DEVITE "Devie" Cheerleader 10, 11, 12 Y Teens 10, ll, 12 U-Hi-News 11, 12 Utopian Staff 12 Library 12 Girls' Basketball 10 Squad Leader 12 Squad Captain 12 Chorus 12 FAY DEXTER ..Dex,. Usher ll DOLORES DUDA HARLAND FLOYD ALICE FREED "Dolly" "Harley" "Fredz.s" Ofhce Secretary 12 Chorus 10 ll 12 Usher 12 Girls Ensemble 10 18 DOROTHY GENOVA ..DOt., Cheerleader 10, ll, 12 Y Teens 10, ll, 12 Chorus 12 Squad Leader 12 Squad Captain 12 "Mother Is A Freshman" ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 IACQUELYN FUNKHOUSER ufafkifu Y Teen President ll, 12 Y Teens 10, 11, 12 Forensic 10, ll, 12 Drum Major ll, 12 Chorus ll, 12 U-Hi-News ll, 12 U-Hi-News Editor 12 "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Squad Leader 12 ANN GIERLACH funn.. U-Hi-News 12 Chorus ll, 12 Library 12 Squad Leader 12 EDWIN GORGAS uzew.. Football 10, ll, 12 Basketball 10, ll, 12 Varsity L Club ll, 12 Class Volleyball 10 junior Sportsman 12 Hi-Y 12 Class Basketball 10 Track 10 19 JOAN GORGAS ..-Io.. Y Teens 12 PEGGY HANNA .1 P e gn Cheerleader 10, ll, 12 Office Secretary 12 "Mother is a Freshman" ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Y Teens 10, ll, 12 Squad Leader 12 Y Teens Treasurer 11 SOPHIE JENDRYSIK HZOSU Usher ll, 12 Class Secretary 10 Squad Captain 12 AUDREY JEN KINS "Audie" Y Teens ll Camera Club ll JOANNE JOHNSTON ,. 10,, Chorus 12 Y Teens ll, 12 "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Utopian Stalf 12 Squad Leader 12 20 VIVIAN JONES " Vive" ANN MASLYK "Hania" Usher ll Y Teens l2 Chorus 11, 12 U-Hi-News 12 Squad Captain 12 RICHARD MAYBERRY "Dick" Class Basketball 10 BARBARA LEVENSKY "Barb" Usher ll Camera Club ll LEE MCNEISH "Shorty" Junior Sportsman 10, ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Class Volleyball 10 21 KENNETH MCPHEETERS "Chicho" Varsity Football 10, ll, 12 Varsity Basketball ll, 12 Track l0 U-Hi-News ll varsity Club 11, 12 Hi-Y 10, ll, I2 "Beauty and the Beef" 12 Utopian Stalf ll, 12 Camera Club ll junior Sportsman 10 JENNIE MEROLILLO .flenv Chorus 10, ll, 12 Class Secretary ll JOANNE MILLER If 10,, Chorus 10, ll, 12 Y Teens 10, ll, 12 Cheerleader 10, ll, 12 Forensic 10 DONALD MILLIRON DONNA JEAN MOHR JACK MONTGOMERY ulnonu nchicu ujackien Y Teens 11 Baseball ll, 12 Camera Club 11 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball ,l0 Chorus ll, 12 I 22 ROSEMARIE MULCAHY "Pigeon" Y Teens 10.11, 12 Usher ll "Beauty and the Beef" 12 MARTHA MYERS "Marty" WALTER PATTON JEANNE PETRELLA f1Dubn njeannieu F. F- A- 10. ll, 12 Y Teens 10, ll, I2 Squad Captain 12 Squad Leader 12 23 PHYLLIS PHILLIPS nphyl.. Chorus 10, ll, I2 Trio ll, 12 Squad Leader 12 Y Teens 10, ll, I2 Vice President Y Teens Il U-Hi-News ll, 12 Cheerleader 10, ll, 12 "Mother is a Freshman" ll "Beauty and the Beef" I2 Utopian Staff ll, 12 Forensic 12 REGINA POLDING "Reggie" Chorus ll, 12 Band I1 Squad Leader 12 Squad Captain 12 Y Teens ll Camera Club 10 Usher 12 MADELYN RAMSEY "Red" Camera Club 11 ROBERT SALMEN "Sallie" Varsity Football Mgr. 10, ll Varsity Basketball ll, 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 Varsity Club ll, 12 junior Sportsman 10, I'I Chorus 10, ll, 12 VIRGINIA SANDERS LORETTA SIEGEL "Ginny" "Rena" Y Teens 12 Chorus ll, I2 Squad Captain 12 Y Teens 12 Usher 12 24 Squad Leader 12 Squad Captain 12 ERNEST SMITH "Smitie" Class Volleyball 10 F. F. A. 10,1 LEWIS s1MPsoN "Pere" Football 10, 12 Baseball ll, 12 Varsity L. 12 Basketball 10, ll Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 F. F. A. 12 WILLIAM STUMP "Bill" Junior Sportsman l0 Class Volleyball 10 Hi-Y 10, ll, 12 LOUIS SZEWCZYK "Louie" Band 10, ll, 12 Class Volleyball 10 Class Basketball 10 Junior Sportsman 10, 25 ll MARLENE VALIENSI "Lamzie" U-Hi-News 12 Camera Club ll Y Teens 12 a JAMES VAUGHN ..Jim,. Chorus 11 DONALD PAGLEY "Quill' Football 10, ll, 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 junior Sportsman 10, ll Varsity L 10 JOSEPHINE WEICH alan Y Teens 10, ll, 12 WANDA WHITE "Wanda" Y Teensl0, 11,12 Chorus 12 Usher ll "Beauty and the Beef" l2 Squad Leader 12 Library 12 RONALD WOLFBRANDT "Ronnie" Football 10, ll, 12 Varsity Club 11, 12 Varsity Club President 12 Hi-Y Club 10, ll, 12 Hi-Y President 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 junior Sportsman 10, ll Utopian Staff 10, ll Hi-Y Basketball 12 Class Vice President 10 26 HARRY WRIGHT "Hotrod" Varsity Football ll, 12 Varsity L. 12 Varsity L, Vice President 12 Junior Varsity Basketball ll Utopian Staff ll, 12 U-Hi-News 10 Hi-Y ll, 12 Hi-Y Vice President 12 Hi-Y Basketball 12 junior Sportsman 10, ll Varsity Basketball Mgr. 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Volleyball 10 CLASS POEM SENIORS LAST FAREWELL Tonight as we leave Union, We will bid you all goodbye: We're off for a brightening future, Though we leave here with a sigh. Some will seek higher knowledge, And others will rise' to fame, But all who leave dear Union, Will ne'er forget its name. Now as we leave Union High School, As classes have left by the score, We leave for the classes behind us, This little reminder and more. There's a land where the birds are singing, And the skies are always blueg On the other side of the rainbow, Where your future waits for you. WANDA WHITE ill . ' 'files Q lg' CLASS SONG MARCHING ALONG TOGETHER Gather the gang together Sadly we leave Union High Listen and hear the laughter Echoing from days gone by Many an hour was spent here, Swiftly the days passed on. We'll ne'er forget the friends we had Who stood by us so true. We leave it all, but Union High We'll always remember you. Gather the gang together Now's the time to say good-bye. Pi-ivLL1s PHILLIPS 27 CLASS HISTORY The senior class of 1951 really began in 1939 when we put on our starched pinafores and neatly pressed trousers for the exciting trip into the world of learning. Our first years were of great importance in preparing for high school days. After finishing our elementary grades we gathered from many sections of the county to make up the Class of Green Freshmen at Union High School. Although we were considered green, our freshmen year started off with a bang. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hartford, Miss Hartford, and Mr. Roussos we elected Ronald Wolfbrandt, presidentg Phillip Maronde, vice presidentg Peggy Jo Campbell, secretary and Chuck Kelso, treasurer as officers to guide us in our class activities for the terms. Our first great undertaking during the freshmen year was in the form of dra- matics. With Miss Hartford as director, members of the class did a fine job in putting on a Thanksgiving Program. Our second venture was the first ever experienced at Union. Our freshmen class was the first to ever have a dance. It was held during the Easter season and was appropriately called the Bunny Hop. Although it wasn't a huge success, all of us still remember the thrill of preparing for our first dance. To conclude our activities as a freshmen class, we, with the upperclassmen, spent one exciting day at Idora Park. The next September, feeling that we had risen in the eyes of the upperclassmen, we stormed into Union not quite so green. Our first thrill of the sophomore year was the ordering of our rings. A com- mittee, selected the ring and presented it to the class a few days later. The ring was accepted and will always remain as a symbol and memory of our high school days. . A This year we sponsored the Valentine Dance. With Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Brettell and Mrs. Hughes as advisors, we planned for days. Finally in the gym, beautifully decorated in red and white, the students danced until intermission at which time our president, Phillip Maronde, crowned Betty Vigne as Queen of Hearts. At the end of the dance we went home with a few more happy memories of our sopho- more year. Those who led us in our activities were: president, Phillip Maronde, vice president, Ronnie Mlolfbrandtg secretary Sophie Jendrysik and treasurer, Chuck Kelso. Hoping to achieve greater heights than before we soon settled down to the hard work that always faces juniors. For the second time in our school years we again had a chance in the field of dramatics. A few students took part in the junior- senior play, "Mother Is a Freshman." After the play we began preparing for a dance. This year we sponsored the Harvest Moon Dance. In a gym decorated for the Halloween season, Ronnie May, our president, crowned Phyllis Phillips, Harvest Moon Queen during intermission. As a highlight of the crowning Phyllis was drawn around the gym in a buggy pulled by Pete Barber who was dressed in the garb of a witch. One of the great tasks facing the juniors was the magazine sale. Before the campaign, it was decided that the loser should play host to the victors at a party. Mr. Roussos' home room, 202, and Miss McKee's home room, 208, became bitter enemies. The feeling of competition grew as fast as the thermometers. At the end of the contest 202 was victorious and the feeling of friendship returned at the party given for them. During our junior year all of us were guilty of one vice, pride. It was during this year that we received our rings and we were quite proud. 28 Continued Page 50 CLASSES IU OR CLASS -ll'Nl0RS lx! 7iIIZl'.' Nl. Yan Meter. ll. lleiiiler. Nl, Saf'i'auit', li. Marko lf., 0'Ncil, Y, Silvis. 1.. Sochia. Nl. l.L'1lSlll'C, li. Xntonoille li. Young. Nl. l'lolIs. C. Boston. 2114! 7'IIIl'.' M. Nlt1Xl1ee. Keller. Nl. Siopio, R. Livctsage, l'. Phillips. l. l.eeper. .X llilflilfll. Bator. lf. Romeo. 13. Mullen. lf. l,apia. ?7'Il roizu N111 Roussos. Nl, Nlofi. D. Sniclek, D. lhtrlmer. R. Roberts It Niglio, l'. -laworski, I., Hilke, D. lfillililllglilll. ll. Bur tliett, li, Salnivn. Nliss Rossi. Ill: 1'r1z1'.' NI. Lawrence, D Spcllick, D. l.uplak. D. lfarriiigtoii, C. Dieter. Repaskv R. Duila, I., Daugherty. D. Nlallocks, B, Xhrens, li.fi2ll2lZl21 ll. Large. ill: roiiu' Kollickr'1'. B. Shoafl. I.. YVilliams. 1" Clarlmone, ll. llwiakala. Y. Keller, M. Leonliart, S. lfiniey lf. Snielek. Nl. Del Principe, M. jones. 6111 rozv: G. Law- i"nce li. Houschohler. Cam uhell, M. Aller, S. Verenski L . L 1 I ' D. Ross. R. Yacliahack, T. Ainhrosia, li. Rogan. D. xvlllg- field. B, Brishee. l'nder the supervision of our homeroom teach- ers, Miss Rossi, and Mr. Roussos, our class has heen very successful. XVe held our first class meeting September 21, at which time the following ofhcers were elected: President Don Hfingfield Vice-President Diane Farrington Secretary Dolores Bender Treasurer Dick Pitzer Our first event was sponsoring the Harvest Moon Dance. During intermission Eileen O'Neil was crowned Queen. February 6 started the magazine campaign. Our goal was 251300 and the campaign lasted for 3 weeks. The member with the highest amount of sales received a wrist watch. Desk pens were given to the boy and girl from each home room who had the next highest sales. Profits from the campaign were used to sponsor the Junior and Senior Prom, which was a gala affair ending our school year as juniors. wt.. , SOPHO ORES l'lit' Solihoinoics' first tlass int-ctiiig was helcl Octolwr 20. lt was supervised lay Mrs. Shields, s. lluglics, anal Nlr. Nicastro. The rcsult of this citing was thc clcction ol' ofliccrs as follows: Rolicit Nlyvrs l'rL-siclcnt Ronaltl Call Vice-l'i't'sitlt-lit Logan Doyle Trcasurci' Clarolc lfryc Secretary ln Novciiilrcr thc class orclffrccl their rings. . N L . ' ' 7 - ,faq x f ' 13-31 I A ' 55 I . . . . , . Our first activity ol the ye-ar was thc- X all-iitiiic Danft' on l"cln'nary lil. During thc'inlcrinissioii a svnior Quccn of llcarts was ctrowiictl. Slic was attcfiiclccl hy Shirley Nltkiiiluy, Carole' lfryv, lrt-nc' l'lano,1lo Ann Allcr, Sally Salfinan antl Virginia 'I'ort'hio. Now our sophoniorc yvar is ovvr anal we arc eagerly looking forwarcl to being juniors ncxt year. 10th GR.XDliC1I..XSS l'IC'l'llRE Isl min, lvjt In riglil: llaillcll, S. lNIc'Kiiih-y, ll. Skaggs V. Tortlno, A. Hunt, l'. lim-s, CZ, Cox, Cl. lfryv. V. XVilson. M. Troupe, l'. Slavin, ll. l'll'2lllL'l'. glllf roar: Mrs. Shit-ltls, Mrs. Ilughs, AI. Chill, ll. llc-slcr, I.. Pliillilis, W. Davie, R. Bishop, l'. lNft'CIonaliay. ll. Nlcvt'rs, D. Rogt-is, Mr. Nicastro. 3111 rmu: I. Plano, .-X. Doss, M. llrowii, M. H'iinlt'i', M. Bova, B. Rot-lnitk. M. Nlviiiu-i'. D. l.aiuaslc'r, R. Hillw, M. Scinans. l'. llilanski, Bova. -Ill: row: ll. lNlt'.XlJct', D. Sinith. Ycsfo, QX. l'iI'Clllill. 'lf Klriswvll, llarnhart, R. Call, D. Tlioinas, ul. Shaffvr. IS. Davis, Il. Mt'- Clanalian, ll. .Nllt-r. 5Ilz row: li. Rnclzik, I.. Doylc, B. C.ianit'i', Mishra, K.. Xarlvtls, R. llowk, l.. llailfornl, Allcr, C. Ifronuis, S. Salzincn, ll. Cvi'voiic. 6111 imw: Brown, I'. 'liccuy B. H':ill:it'c, B. llarl. B. Yvon, llraho, li. Icnkins, B. XN'alkcr, IS. Clonncrly, B. Double. 'jlli row: D. iDcss, 'li. Bixuli, D. Frcncili. D 1. A , FRESHME lxt nm' flwfl In riglzlj: F. Kauffman. M, A. Nogee. J. Gor- don, M. Morris, li. Langiottc, M. Hill, D. Cuznar, D Presnar, li. Zelinski, J. Mattocks, S. Jaworski, N. L. Win- gard. 21111 mzu: Mrs. Krause, J. Tindall, G. Booth, B Bailey, D. Leeper, G. Clark, J, Hudson, J, Reed, M. Yan nucci, R. Seltzer, D. Bowden, Valiense, R. Nelson, R l.ist. Mr. Patterson. 3rd row: J. Dagan, H. Height, K Frye, D. Hamill. S. J. Houston, V. Dexter, R. Rankin, D. Primavere, M. Heasley, B. Allen, K. lirrico, R, Kupiec, li Ciotldard, lf. Artman, S. Mullen, J. Vogus. -ith rozu: S. Mor- rissey, li. Hanna, C. Rau, J. Kelly. J. Ramsey, R. Felger Slick, T. Kriner, L. Kelly, l'. Niglio, R. Bator R. Clay- ton, R. Stump. A. Monstwil, J. Pitzer. 5th rmu: H. Shaffer l'. llenkosky, I., Levensky, L. Double. M, Smith, D. Monn S. Sniezek, S. Hepler, E. Martinko, J. Crawford, R. Jones M. llullihan, A. Flecger, P. McKinley, R. Doyle, 0. Peluso 6th rozu: I. Young, T. Petrella, J. Baughman, A. Vannatten J. A. Wallace, E. Van Horn, M, Orres, S. Torchio, Tay- lor, P. Rudesill, N.J. Czubek, C. Gallagher, .'X.Janovich, F Coates, J. Yarletts. 7th row: T. Latimer, D. Heasley, R Kratohl, Henry, F, Tomsac, E. Phillips, R. Jacobson, K Wvelker, K. Stewart, P. Vanater, J. Robinson, G. Safranic, E. Langford, and T. Troupe. One hundred-fifteen Freshmen enrolled in our class at the start of the school year. Since the September enrollment we have added six new members and lost six of the original class. Two of those leaving school are now in the Armed Forces. Our class stands high both in scholarship and athletics. With this realization we fully expect, in the three years ahead, to contribute much to the improvement of Union High School. 1 t , ACTIVITIES UN IOR A D SE OR PLAY Ginny Allen 4.,. George Allen Laura Allen l.ester Allen .,.. ., . Professor Barton Franny Barton . Beef . . . , .. . Molly lvoods .... Foggy Ryan .,.,. Miss Bigby Scaffold . ,.,,. , . v ' ' re . 5 ear s Jlllllo t intl enthusiasm 50 tbl Y . . ' And so il teres 1 - hgol sp0fl- to create in hifh SC . - red Fall and lootbiiu lseiiggntion around that 30931351 agors and aetresiJeS Siiugmd . nterec 21 four big SC C . 1 will C Senior Phil' Ce - h 3 romp 0 . vemng, N BUY ber lil g . L 6 C was on Novem 1 ' at least or OU the role ol another Personality . erience. memories ol H115 HHPPY exp BEAUTY AND THE BEEF Isl row: I.. McNeish, Koeliker, D. Bacon, G Lawrengg 2nd razu: D. Mattoeks, K. M" ' K , v ,- . , el heeters, P. Phillips, E ,lNLll, C.. lxelso, Johnston. 3rd row: Mrs. King, W White, J. Funkhouser, D, Genova, P. Hanna, M. Callahan. B. Shoaf. R. Mulcahy, P. Maronde. 4th row: D, Farringf ton, B. Abrens, B. Large, R. May,.P. Barber, M, Lawrence G. Dieter. l CAST Phillips Steve Lawrence M-Heli' Maffmde Bubbles B. Ahrens Johnston Betty C, Callahan 1535011 Dot Genova Mattocks Mitzi H Hanna 0'Neil Barbara shoaff Mcpheefffs Miss Spenser Farrington Koflhkfr Wallace Woods Dieter KCISO Ambulance Drivers lvhite Barber 34 Large, L. McNeish Football Players .......... ........ M . Lawrence, R. May HOLLY HOP 1-ffl lo 11,1 . Kelso ani M, C. Callal , L L Dame ian, K. IW,-phcctms - ' '-', R. Ma , Y, C.. orked VVhen Christmas time rolled around again, the seniors w out their plans for the Holly Hop. The Christmas colors pre- dominated and a beautiful tree with all the trimmings graced the stage. A melodrama, And Christmas Came provided enjoy- able entertainment with Funkhouser, D. Genova, Johnston, L. Simpson, and D. Bacon taking part. The highlight of the dance was the presentation of the awards to: M. L. Devite, IIIOSI beautiful girlg K. MePheeters, rnost handsome boy, P. Phillips, most popular girlg R. May, most popular boy, M. C. Callahan, girl with the best disposition, C. Kelso, boy with the best dis- position. 35 SENIOR PLAY l s f'fif Ki. helm:- M'ller 'Mid row sm fu' Vaucnslv , v ' , P. Hanna' 1 i A- , Mulcahy, 1 I.f'ff to Right: D Cenova, V- limmpgi lvkllahnlil. Callahan. D- Mohr' R A 'Sf ww Sl,a'.f'dglll7llii,1lQf R. Polcllng' Bilmctint ii l'eiYClla' P. Maromlc- ' A- ali D. Duda, D- a A J, Johnston, S- A cpl l'Ve Shook the Family Tree and Thursdays at Home - two fast moving comedies launched the senior activities for the class of '5l. lVe decided to present a "double feature" this year, thus giv- ing more people an opportunity to appear be- hind the footlights. In We Shook the Family Tree, a three act comedy, Hildagarde is especially anxious to get a date for the senior prom. She does-but with Freddie in knickers. To her, this is a disgrace she cannot endure, but everything works out to a happy climax. Tlmrsrlzzys at Home is a hilarious'one act farce. Maybelle Larkin believes women should be kinder to agents and so sets aside Thursday to receive them. The agents come, but they don't go and the lun gets funnier until the grim house- keeper strides in and settles things. lVE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE Hildagarde ..,,.. Mr. Dolson Mrs. Dolson ...,... Sally ..........,.,.,,. . Bob . .,.. .. Jiinmy ,....., Paige . . ..... .. lizzie May ...,... jill ..,..., . ,...,.,,....,... . Phyllis Phillips ..........,.Phillip Maronde ,Jackie Funkhouser , Peggy Hanna ..,...,Ken lNIcPheelers Don Bacon ,Dolores Duda lVanda ll'hite ......,Dorotl1y Genova Freddie Shermer ...,.. -.--.-4 - Chllfk Kelso Mrs. Shermer ........ ..... .... K I oanne Johnston Mr. Shermer .....,.., . .,....,...............,....,..,.., Ronnie ll'0lfbrandt THURSD.-XYS - AT HOME Mayabelle Larkins ..........,....... Sarah . .....,... . jane Post ,....,,.,.... . Prudence Pearce .,.... Mrs. Meltz ..... ...... Hilda Dumper ..... Henrietta Strate ,..,.. Rhea Bates ,. ...,.,. ., Vera Ketchum ,. ., Sally Lou Aeppli .-.Marlene Valiensi Regina Polding Martha Meyers Jean Petrella Joanne Miller Donna jean Mohr Mary Catherine Callahan Rosemarie Mulcahy UN IOR SENIOR PRC 5, -455 l . - '11, 0'Ncil M Callahan M. L. nevite, B- Sllflafl' M' Swim - - ' - Genova, V- Hanna' ' A ' Left to Right' D' C Kelso D Pnler, D. Xvmgficld. B. Ahrens. .. .p,,May, 1. l" 1 'heeters, l'- COMC5' 2nd row: K- NU This year's prom was a gala event, held at the New Castle Country Club, Friday, May 18, at 8:30 o'clock. The intermission program consisted of a Coronation, which was very well carried out. The King of the Prom was Chuck Kelso, and the Queen was Mary Lou Devite. They were attended by six seniors, and six juniors as follows: Mary Catherine Callahan, Dorothy Genova, Peggy Hanna, Kenny McPheeters, Ronnie May, and Fred Coates. Barbara Shoaff, Margret Scopio, Eileen O'Neil, Dick Pitzer, Don Wingheld, and Bill Ahrens. 37 ffl to Righl: M' S HARVEST OO DANCE 1 . lfl, Q H 0-Nun' B, Shoah. Al- 'X kiopio, If. Sniezek. Nl- xlbxhu' ii Eileen O'Neil captured the coveted title of Harvest Moon Queen on X'Vednesday October 25, 1950 when, flanked by her attendants, janet Cray, Frances Sniezek, Barbara Shoall, Joan Koeliker, Margie Scopio, and Marlene Mc,-Xbee, she was crowned by Donald W'ingHe1d, president ol the junior class. The queen was presented with a lovely eorsage of yellow roses while each attendant was given a single rose. Music was provided by the Royal Ambassador Orchestra and entertainment during intermission by members of the junior class. Mr. Roussos and Miss Rossi, class advisors, were given lovely gifts for their help and support. 38 nn ALE TI E DANCE .'1+3wM, 1. , , On February fourteenth the Sophomore Class sponsored the annual Valentine Day Dance in the high school gymnasium. A red and white color scheme was used in decorating the sides of the gym while the ceiling consisted of multi-colored balloons. With the untiring efforts of the committees and advisors, Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Hughes, and Mr. Davis, the dance was a success. During intermission several musical skits were given after which Peggy Hanna was impressively crowned "Queen of Hearts" by Robert Myers, Sophomore class president. The attendants were Shirley McKinley, Carol Frye, Sally Salzman, Virginia Tor- chio, Irene Plano, and Joanne Aller. The queen and her attend- ants were given attractive corsages and the advisors were pre- sented with gifts from the class. 39 HI-Y CLUB H1-Y 0 1 row! D- K uvinqhelcl. -nr , . K - W lflnandt, D. - - X I B, Stump sl ters H VN right. R .0 ton 3111 row, 11. Maroncey renskl, E h K, Nfl ice r- ' 1117 rung - f, S. 'Q Ist 1'!J1l'bN2k'1ht:!l1:1:gQ,AlH'Cl1S, R, MR3Y"BWBr?,::1g3Cr, Li Dieter. Montgomery mmm' ' ' -mei n. Ross- 41' 'W' ' - F, Coates, M. A 1 Rogan. The Hi-Y Club ol Union High School, directed by Mr. Hell- man, has proved to be one of the most active clubs in our school. Meetings were held every Mfednesday alternating from school the Y.M.C.A. At these meetings numerous speakers and movies dotted the program. Swimming and basketball was provided for those boys who wished and the club as a whole participated. One of our biggest functions was the sponsoring of the annual Father and Sons Banquet on February 27, which proved to be a great success. 40 Y-TEEN S Y 'rrrws Lffz fo Right Ist wwf 15 0-N . ' Fm-ringmn. M Iell, C. Boston, V. Keil . . . ,.,,1,,', ,I ?lI.F,S .. SWHUI, IJ, Bcndl, JUIIL, HA tlwmkamv F- C 5llCZlllx.NB. Burt-hett, Miss R - . Mlllfally- 3111 .Ui in' Bnlihcr' M- Del l'r'ir1"ar.,m:L' Il" Milcko. Zrm' mp, amz' M'nkh0USCr. D lxardt, j. lklattrgggi' Il' nlvlfifiil, M. CallahaniluliLf'!,,.t'l2iW,i"Ski- M. Valiensi. ij' .CWYIlar, bgmlrniston. R- Hillm' Marge, ll, llitanski, J' Hoya Si lgfbpli, L, Hnkcl .D gasto, R, 4. .ant ers, M, gm ' ' ' ' ' m1Cl',D, p,-imavc 1 - . 1 .- ova. 'llll 1-,,,,,. D -' Y - - Leoni lt. iwafllllko ' V 1310. flfl l'01p4- p pf- . rc' Rallklll B ck , ' ' c'Cn0Vii. W lvl i ,I fA,.m,f Q Y .- nll1ps,j, Mp.. , ' . tcrmne, C, p. . V 1 nte, Skull l' ' md, M. Snntl 9 I U' 1' H2111 '. S ' ' V . mmm' S- 5fll' 1 I FIN . liccs, M. Brown' M. willyylglj jylorussey, li. Hanna Qi! summit' S' Hcliler, IJ, A?:,l,m' , 1. Salman, I.. Williainls- llqglbck' 6'l1 rmv.- It Hunt lil, ., . . mall. lwckinjcf - . 'M Barr- ie I' J' 'liner' I' Hallo. J' N'allace 'I'he eighty girls who are members of the Y- I'eens organization of Union High School are tlso members ol' the Young x'VOIll2iIlyS Christian Association. ' ' r club is twofold. We are The purpose ol ou not only a social organization but also 21 ch-ari table organization. Our philanthropic activities this year included the sending ol' chocolate bars to overseas young- sters and the collection of food lor the needy at Yuletide. We also made our annual contribu- ' XfVorld Fellowship Fund tions to the Y. NV. L. A. ' ll he World Fellowship tureen when we attendu t dinner at the Cathedral and in appreciation for assistance to Father Flanagan's Boy's Town we were lnade an honorary citizen of Boys' Town ' ' ear. for the SCCO Ilil C011 SCLU IIVC Y 1 ide X'Ve started our social activities with a hayr and later sponsored our annual Sweater Hop but most of us leel that the highlight ol' our social ' ' ' M ther-Daughter Ban- calendar qllet. I h 1 Y-Teens have been directed in their activities this year by President, Jackie Funkhouserq Vice- President, Diane Farringtong Secretary, Franny Sniezekg Treasurer, Betty Burchett and Mary Lou Devite who represented us at the lnterclub Council meetings which are held at the Y once nth. Faculty advisor is Carrie Mae Rent! is our annual 0 Zi IIIO VARSITY L CLUB SITY L CLUB d w: D. VAR lfbrandt K. McPheeters, 1' Stijniiiiiliiifsy K Wal- . 1 uv: - ssos R. M-HY' H' VvnghlbRTNViI:gheld, V- Mamnqc. T3,TdSiriiPson, M' Lawrence, D lst Tow: S' AhrenS. R' Dull? ates. 4th row: D. Spelhck, - 1 ,R,Bar 1 I mp, 0 Eli cyb. Dcssy D, Ross.iR.l?a me smiih, E, BiS1PfT' Cmwe ' The Varsity Letter Club is composed of boys who have earned a letter by playing in a varsity sport. They may have either a letter in baseball, basketball, track, or football. The manager for two years in any of these sports also receives a letter. This year we purchased jackets for both junior and senior lettermen and these jackets will serve as standard jackets. We worked hard for our jackets by raising money and they are appreciated by each who has one. The ofhccrs of the club elected by the members are: President Ronald Wolfbrandt Vice President Harry Wright Secretary Ronald May Treasurer Kenneth McPheeters Our helpful and worthy advisors are Mr. Schantz and Mr. Roussos. 42 SQUAD LEADERS I NZM- r""" J. lft-1.1110 .t 5, , GYM SQUAD U'lU1ERs K . Etigel, Ir Hamm, Hx' vfiirltell, D. Genova, M. I. D-V' - lox. D. l'2llTlll t UC. R. Poldinr ' L Hal- Funkh - Koellik -. E On, D. Bend- 5' .lv Iflhnslon N . UUNI. S. I t, - tl, D. Munn, 13. L Harm, Iii Blll'l'llCll,-I Hnkl. Qallahan, gladAgYLuLIJIil1.x2:11l row. ' 'r. Macko F bu. . 'Y . vm 1,-1 '. ifckinl. , .. Nm! gi 4- -Nfl ruzp' X ,U Ly' . - A . . , Hum, The Squad leaders this year were under the direction of Mrs. McConnell who was with us the first semester. This was the hrst time in recent years that this type of an organization was de- veloped. The squad leaders' chief function was to aid in the de- velopment of physical education in that individual help was given to those who needed it. They did a fine job and we wish to commend them for it. 43 F TURE FARMERS , 1 . - 2 Romeo, M1 . - MLRS fk. I-. IAHPPW' l' . Furl URPJ LXR 'e 'X French, D. Mullen' Brisbec, B. Vcon' Ri . . Bizuby G, Lawrcnc , . . . 1 C' Ymlcllsy J. Bai c ,I 4 Rohmgnn, B. Don 1 . From Tow' L 1 lawrence, D. Spelhtk' . . K, hrosia, D. Hcasley. Rc msky, j. Lam Dugan' 2nd ami: N AVVelker, D. lamlismgj llihioiiiosic Hency, C. Dieter, l 3rd row! J- lla phillips, B. Kratolil, '- ' ' F nch. 4111 mu-, ,- bgii, K. stewart, 0- 5f'lfa'm The Future Farmers of America is a National Organization. In every school in the United States, which has a Vocational Agriculture Course there is an F.F.A. chapter. Ours is one of a large number of chapters. The Union Township F.F.A. has 35 members all enrolled in Vocational Agri- culture. Our chapter is progressing along a program of work set up by the mem- bers. All members have a chance to help in the running of our organization. This year we had Held trips in apple picking and corn picking. Five members went to the 1951 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg with the chapter advisor. We are planning an F.F.A. Round-up of Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties to be held at Slippery Rock on April 27. Some of the fellows will attend the annual state F.F.A. Convention at State College in June. 44 I SQUAD CAPTAI S A. 5 A L'b,.' . ISI nn,-. P I Y ' f1lf.kl.'1'11 S y V iiqvhci 2'lfl'd1i:1iiii?kl' AXI' Dcuililllfllle F 9 ' QLAD CAIVFAAUNS 'ilson V Ki! - 1- .Villiamw B ..n1e7ek,l" C A .,.A,i. ,arh , SIIICICR, M. Strfigs, jiri mum' D. C-enmi.mn.' I," ASWHCI, Voz? S' Alcpllll, A, Ca,-IC. R. Roberts, 13 lu xl- Kellar, V. Silvis J, ln. Salincn, 1, y,m31""fll'1'S, B. lgurdyct lf 1- Petrella, M -A ohr, L. Sochia, N 'nl'r"Wf'-'H.Clwaik1lH 1? Farrlnglorl wi' ij. Binder, V . , . oellikgr p M- 3 .eoniarrlt D 1 . :K ' Y 1 1 inlcy, hu youu The Squad Captains were a new organization this year. One of our teachers, Mrs. lNlcConnell started our new system. The girls volunteered for the position, then she appointed us to dif- ferent classes. Each captain had eight girls in her squad. It was a unit in itself. The girls kept health notebooks and the captains checked them every week. This gave the captains a lot of responsibility, but it was also good experience. 4-5 S' -HI NEWS STAFF U-H1 NEWS STAFF L Haute D. Farrington, A I ' ' Bender, lrunkhouser, . i V Koclliker, A. D wite l' Phillips, D. 161- C Cox, D. Matocks, I ,. - , 'fht: M- C' ' ' -- 1 P Barn Szltmg, left fflvflb . , ,l I rigllli B. Ahuns, -- M. McAbec. 5llA'fT:ilHi,Izjiierlraclii R. Duda, D- Smith' Maslyk, M- Va 'L u The U-Hi News has been prosperous this year QP' - PP and has worked hard to keep the issues up-to- 3vF4 46 ,Nb date and interesting. - - O 0 . 'rf A new interest in the paper was the many jokes ' O 9 0 0 and cartoons which our Art department worked 04 ri 0 H hard to produce. 'QL fha Coroperation among the staff was wonderful l I-E and we all worked together to gain one thing- ? 'X' Success. 1 1 ' Our profits were used to buy a new printing I it machine which we hope will contribute to a 46 still better paper for the future. Sitting Left to Right -Ioanne Johnson Harry Wright Russ Brown Pete Barber Phyllis Phillips Chuck Kelso Kenny McPheeters Mary Lou Devite Standing Left to Right R. Mattocks D. Ross M. McAbee D. Farrington L. Hilke E. O'NeiI D. Wingfield B. Ahrens R. Wolfbrandt Mrs. King Mr. Beichner Miss Kisthart not pictured SENIOR STAFF Editor P. Barber Assistant Editor P. Phillips Advertising Manager H. Wright Business Manager R. Brown Photographer K. McPheeters Sports R. Wolfbrandt Art M. L. Devite j. Johnson Literature C. Kelso 4-7 CHORUS H Hester R Salmon Isl row, ld! to righl: D, llentler, B. Skaggs, L. Siegel, D. Sniezek, A. Maslvk, . 5 , . . Chill. XY. Davis, IL. Lawrence, Tintlall, V. Kielar, Merollilo, P. Slavin, F.. O'Neil. 2nd Tow Koelliker, D. Genovzt, P. -laworski, C. Cox, M. l.1-onhartlt, F.. Sallnen, l.. llilke, M. Yannncfi R. W'allare, Al, l-lntlson, NV. Bailey, T. Kriner, D. Ross, 1. johnston, D. Farrington, P. Rutlesil 'frd row: XV, XN'hite, R. Polcling, D. Mohr, F. Sniezek, l.. Phillips. F.. jenkins, l.. Hartford, D Mullen, R. Veon. NV. Large, 1. Shaller, P. Tecfe, R. Hart, j. Bartlett, l. Plano, P. Citanski, M Del l'rincipe, M. lNlc-Alice, P. Phillips, -ith row: ql. Miller, Al, Fnnkhonser, A. Gicrlach, M. Troupe. M. Bees. F. Artrnan, Vescio, C. Kelso, D, Smith, K. XNelker, D. Pagley, R. Gall, G. Dieter, R Yachalxach, F. Carbone, S. Aeppli, M. Callahan, M. Van Meter, Mattocks. Not pictured: Cartea, Miller, M. Devite, A. Freed, E. Mattko, llarnhart, R. llrown, R. May, G. Morrison fNavyj. We the senior' ' , f - , WH I s o Union High, class of 51, give our he . S165 and congratulations to My Jan W artlest music director. - les . james, our new Mr ILIIHCS Wor ' ked for man h - ' ours, - make our chorus a success This Was :ith much patience, to w . ' O Christmas Program waS given this Yflarl Ven when the annual We as the scni i A or class hope and beli , . . eve th ' - Lhorus will continue to live uP to its high 'jlt tlle Umon Hlgh 1 ea s. 48 c.........---an BA Lwfl In riglzl: R. Mzirmc-ks fstzindingj. I, Plzmo, H.-Hester. S. Vcrcnsky. S. jaworski, R. Moore, I'. jziworski, Czirllplwll, D. I"2lI'l'IIIg'IOII, K. I1'eIkcr, II. IIl1rc'IlvlI, Pelersml, R. lives, li. Ijlllg- furd, Allvr, I'1lllIkilUIISL'l', Drum Major: R. llarohson, C. Booth, D. Driggs, Valicnse. . . rington, P. Nfffiflllllily, Il. Ilcmivr fslzlndingj. I.. Hartford, Mzillocks, YV. Davis. I.. Szewrlyk, Mr. jznnrs fstandingb, S. Campbell. S. Morrissey, I. Young, AI. Canter, S. Mcziscl, S. Aeppli. Colm' Guard: M. Yzmnuiri, Ii. Salmen, I.. Hilke, IV. Large. Nur 11ir11n'nl: J. Flynn, C. Boston, G. Morrison fNavyj, and C. Peterson Mrniyj. Under the Capable leadership of their IICW di' . f uade rertor Mr. Iames W. James' dw band has I x 1 1' 3 ypearanc frequent Du J inc I I nd foorball games. for this year WHS .Iackle esz1tI'CP mffelingsf Pa' f2ldCS, 2iSSCIIlIJIlC5y P ay 3 The drum mzijoretle . ' A 1 I yn Funkhouser who did 3 Splendid JIJlinlnJa1f2jdes.g the band on the football Held,-am rhisl ear and The band has made fine Pmgressu d Ile . , - V or . deserves much credit for J Job we D I' 'ir- MAjORE'l'Tl'1S I Plano' S, Morrissey, Mcasel. Allcr, S- VCYCWY, and CLASS HISTORY fC0ntinued from page 28j Our junior year was almost over except for the main event, the junior-senior prom. Although the other dances required planning, the prom required even more, because we wanted to show the seniors a nice time. On the night of the prom Dolly Rogan, dressed in white, was crowned Queen of the Prom. Frank Presnar was her King and they reigned through an evening that was another happy memory of our school days. The officers for this year were Ronnie May, president, Phillip Maronde, vice president, Jennie Merolillo, secretary, and Chuck Kelso, treasurer. As the autumn leaves began to fall in 1950, we found ourselves coming to school foruthe last time. Knowing that we had no time to lose, we met and elected officers. They were: president, Phillip Marondeg vice president, Ronnie May, secretary, Jeanne Miller, and treasurer, Chuck Kelso. At this meeting we decided to sign a contract with Seavy's for our graduation pictures. During teachers' institute everyone put on their best smiles for the photographer. This year we made our final stage debut in the first of two plays. The junior- senior play was "Beauty and the Beef." The last dance to be put on by our class was the Holly Hop. It was held during the Christmas season and so the gym was decked out in white, green and red, with a huge tree decorating the stage. During the intermission Phillip Maronde presented awards to the following: most beautiful girl and most handsome boy, Mary Lou Devite and Kenny McPheetersg girl and boy with best disposition, Mary C. Callahan and Chuck Kelsog most popular girl and boy, Phyllis Phillips and Ronnie May. Toward the end of january came the semester tests. We buckled down to try to make amends for the failures we had experienced so far. After the tests we began ordering our name cards, announcements and dinks. Those were exciting days because as seniors everything had to be perfect, so many excited discussions took place before the orders were sent out. Suddenly it seemed as if the days had dwindled to a very few. The first notice of this- was the arrival of our dinks and name cards. The second notice was that we were again taking tests, only these were our finals. After the tests, hoping against hope, we waited for the graduation list which was finally posted in the main hall on the bulletin board. Also during those few days we had the annual "Kiddies Day." Even though many of us had outgrown our pinafores and trousers we struggled back into them and created quite a sensation. From then on the days took on a more serious note. First came Baccalaureate but again there came a joyous memory, Class Night. During this evening our year book came to life and was presented to our parents and friends. Finally came Commencement Exercises. Although there were many sad faces, we ended a job well done. These are a few things we succeeded in doing at Union. But all of us know that we accomplished much more. We learned the spirit of cooperation, honesty and of accepting failure and success together. These accomplishments will aid us in the world into which we have now stepped. BY SOPHIE JENDRYSIK LORETTA SIEGEL BILL STUMP JIM VAUGHN 50 SPGRTS 3 4 L i I x X A E5 Ei fs I , 4 , 1 3 5 i 1 F 5 S a 4 EF! P GU HARD Left to right: I.. Fox S. Roussos, S. Sliantz FOOTBALL Co-Captain C0-Cllflltlill Ronnie W'ollbrandt Pew Hamer Isl row: R. May, li. Corgas, H. Wiright, R. Barber, tioacaptain, I... Simpson, E. Biznh, D. Smith D. Pagley, D. Dess, M. Lawrence. 2nd row: D. Spellick, D. Luptak, K. Mcl'heeters, D. Wingneltl R. NVolfbrantll, co-captain. B. Allrens, R. Dnrla, li. Rogan, P. Marontle, R. Casio. 3rd rozu: L Doyle, H. Mott, l'. Vanaler, B. Clark, C. Ratclifle, R, jones, R. Call, R, Hart, jenkins, F Coates, J. Schantz, coach. 4th row: I.. Fox, assistant coach, S. Roussos, assistant coach, Mc Clanahan, manager, T. Criswell, F. Brogan, R. Wallace, D. Let-per, H. Hester, K. Stewart, G Lawrence, L. Phillips, manager, D. Ross, managerg R. List, manager. 1 Q FOOTBALL 1950 'I 5 - rg f 4 First row, E. Gorgas. Varsit "Eleven,' P le L Simpson E Bizub, D. Yvingfield, P. left to right: K. McPheeters, D. ag Y, . , . 2,14 ,-ow: H. Wright, R. May, B. Ahrens, R. Wolfbrandt. On August 18, 1950, forty-eight anxious, football minded boys t rned out at the Scotties field. Under coach Jack Schantz and u assistants, seven letterrnen and a host of junlorthlgh players ussle. Work and teamwork rounded into shape for the first t paved the way as Union rolled to two easy victories before getting the sting of defeat. The season was very successful, however, ' ' ' S niors 'th the Scotties winnlng five and loslng only four games. e wi are leaving and it is our sincere wish to see the team victorious again and again in 1951 and seasons hereafter. 54 Barber Varsity Iacket Winners Kneeling, left to right: D. XVing6c1d, D. Pitzer, R. Dnda, B. Ahrcns, D. Spcllick T Ciiswcll Standing: P. Maroncle, E. Gorgas, F. Coates, L. Simpson, K. Mc1'hccIcrs, R. May NI Lawrence D. Pagley, H. Wright. SEASON'S TOTALS Union 130 Opponents 150 1689 yards gained rushing 1623 97 lst downs 86 141 yards lost rushing 174 1549 Total yards 1446 600 yards gainedpassing 466 2149 Total yards 1813 55 ' 52 MXQV' ' A L N L F e S 4 3- 22? ,A Y j - aglff L mmm f Lffgd. gi fg ga if ,Q ' ' A fi fL,f gg? 43143 L,f5y,., L LL L LW 0' mxmLammg......m n . Q :fo AVA? Gggdiia A kv at LA !agda1'agtll.uhing.,......w L 'fig f. ,fi ,ff 1911, ,Ta 91 'L edt grass muym .. 9 I 'X 533 Qi bi' CQ xg 4521 fijxl , I 592' 'S xi hiiivmtfhnl -L X r S. ff get ,E 3535. ,Lf 1- L 29 fcgigluriaztienn .. ' ,JL ' aff f . NA . - ,, , ...... '...... ' "' M " -, Lifb Z2 Q2 ', I ,bEq,5'Q Eflhsmblzs lbnovered 3A ,L , f , L Q. 9 G rv L - A X ' X ' K H. Q26 Y, ,,i f' 2 Qf Te. v0Q5'5xe ax 26555 123983 A possesszon on only 5-'ny ,f- fx, fv- f Ls xx? 'CG 0 9 .Q . ff W Riffs 'si Q 3 A if 0 K Y' fi 'IP Q92 an 556 N Xcff",JNIays run wif- ROH- Ronnie May Q Q55-'Fw ,fp Q33 324 as ' W ' 'f Xbeeoefsvf? ciqgv .56 Ye Barbey account . J ,. . n, '5 ,Q KK, 0 Q, vg, ' 8 I 5, n QE, .,, 53 L GV 64 Lesoneqgz 9 9 iwvelarter fxrst downs - f-,Q - A t , , , . Both Scofhe TD s ff 5,1 2 yi 924909 Ecxbe L 0,50 455 yaxds- hBd1'bf?1 V ,Lf rj Ci ag! 2379 XA tggxeyoe C0506 we from 1 e one Ummm tuwmhap hlgh schuui 13" z '1 ' X fvated Mars 12-U Szmlrdayf 'C Q ,, W ff I X under Ihr' lights :al Lfniun iicrlci iv 5" vs, 'gk T52 xx k' 92 513' QX , QA. - f-25, 'X 'G 6650 X56 E' X55 QQ 6? ' x 55. 5 xp O1 5' Q29 Q. 9 093 0' W NW ld march, ' W v took Wolf' 'xd riszm end nts Second straight win of th? li-'iii ' , f Q55 KQV QC' ffndt muon. L 'YXQJ9 5X9 Q Ronnie NIIIX' 5CUl'f'Cf both Qcoitl -. k QQVZOYVQ, Lvffdm? fwuchdcmns on runx rn'-fund right 5 ' M K ' 'QQW 'drag hp f-mi, 'Vim f1rSt cznuf i.n,r Eu- X af XXQSXNGKL ' Risk gqyng mmnd quarter afw- .f f gb YQ 'T Mg .Q oo f' AA smut Aww L'nzon Pm t sv 42 xxx Kc its 'NRG 'nth Wars 23-yard line V ttf QQQSSKX 2. XR txgyweqxxg um-rf wrmhe 1 . gefi' X 3 y owe? ,el e W6 'mi for I8 yard- 1 A mf W 1:-" vet 96 ,L 60696 -,109 Wg' 'il 5366 09 .U take lm- bm! s Nc' Q Logxxgafvbg 3 Q65 99' 1699 G65 wi isa' Q35 , T-lazy pn'-kcd up lv P 5 QV' 'Pxxafl +465 fax", 125' yew QLSVL mix '0 L f n ,- s XC L PLN QM ,QC fb .bk Q V3 to A N ww Off W' ew-2' wif Dawg cw S wiv W2 .4-Zig 1, K x fm KW .rnund Z'1gr'F,if fam fQI"g,1b' 5 xq:w'XQOf:, QGGEQALBC, 5' J ,QL ,EAYJ5-fig, Kita 5 hr' wow 1- ' I7 " ' 419 65 "' ."' ' 5, Q3 ' 1 6 if 0 A Qi- ' ' ' f U' 90 W9 .-' v' iX QV' xg fl.-v6" 0 9' Q0 ww Ba' 'fix M06 ,M lv .- .- my 'eff Q '5 00 39 . .L Y- X0 .' PX G' ,. 19 0 'O 'X ,Xtra ppm ,ik A ,cfQn,x.k vgozvaa tg Q Ang? , deff? A X , N Af. ,G ed' gr. Q . W 6 Q' if 'Y 6 931 4 X Q 'pg v',,,vKj,,+4X'Q,a fa ,aff 6, 9.4 Of 0 Q f W Uniczrn' I M ut z in fl-1f':l,t Sg1e5iMv"? - 'A Q6 GQQWOJXQAZQQ F3426 G 0 mf Hum i 'ai Q Ta.. 02+ 2.90 Xml fp QQ, en 9' J' 'Ib gf C Kurtz-si 0,' v K9 'Yale' Lf' Wvb 'V CP 13' Q36 'fir 'S N 1, ., W ,599 . AX' .vid W9 og, eh 0' 6 4 cf P f-'IF V- f - , H, - .guy 90:1 46, 6 qxg, ef, 43, voip. C .Hill mwvll -rzffl W, ?' WX 'b'9ff"f3, '9 j 9 A Q ' x . Q Q' Q' ,, , ., A . ,Q A qi' M, fa le .unnu May ,L -5. .- s . Lgsxix N V?-L, 4.6, ., 615.06 659' ,622 'Z F. 3 'ight end wif eh Aa 3' N5 dw,2",f'iV'3?. fs L QQ 0, . 91? I 'sw '55 If, p 4 dork by Don ' cm , ' Q5 'ig Agfdff 4,732 ,045 'TQ -fjbeaoqg, ' qlc regsi Wright 0 was wg li 1: ,JQQQ 'A GQQ' 5 , 4 49.51 04, PQ 1 11 5 1 f' 4.9 'ff "M f '99 eff u' ' we v 1 rw ,. fa. ,Q ' '19 QQ . 9, . L - ,- ' 0 fv. mough f t and ni. 6 f ,xp 2 3 'ij 4. Q norm!" ,Q ,v n ww ppm. A ' fb 9' I Q2 7,4 'P - 4' 2 Q A 7' . , . . ,.N.,..,...,,,,....., -, ", x 0 F ,Mi ,X f-'.f33!?'3A ,Q 1 4, . . fgwifgfiafg 6 , Q1 e Stqhshcs 5 ,ja jp ,gg Qin- ' 2- QP, 5 ' 4 f ' mmm - KMARS 2, Onfvghi 'Igfg fs ' 7, 'fgp 6,95 of !!l.,.. . Hrsi Dnvms . .,.. . HD, 5' 6 Q,'5g"3" Q fx 699113 -xx, ...,. mfug lnliihfd Rushing , .4,,L ues Q iyk 44, LL 3 T....L , Yards Lost Rushing .... . ' Q' 4: K O 1 G 'F - f xo... .... Yum Lost Penxltirs .. Q A 9 6' wp Q f' 'QA QA ,ff-f vjpaf 0 H ..... I'-uses Mlempled . fig ' Q F Q ,lj fr, K x V ' Passes Completed 5? Q 0' 1356 f, Q cg, K lg ..... , Yards Sxiygdi Passing ., .Y A Q Q' 55,-1, , .,... . .C ill! .4 ...xo -"S ' . Q G39 ! - r . Sa 'vlk 4, 9 I 7 4, X fs, ,Q 2 . f .5 Kr Q 'JA 99 -. Xa 2 'Q' 74' 4 X I ..','.- 0 Z."-,QQ .- . f, '.'0iu'. A---I Ay. . . . nxQn FOOTB LL SCHED LE Union 12 Union 12 Union 12 Union 13 Union 0 Union 34 Union 7 Union 19 Union 19 UNION VS. DARLINGTON In their first outing, Union rolled to an easy victory over Darlington with Gorgas and May scoring for Union. Gorgas took a pass for the first score and May made a brilliant 60 yard run for the second. Barber kicked both extra points. Union 12 Darlington 0 I6 lst downs 4 202 yards gained rushing 78 I7 yards lost rushing 35 ll3 yards gained passing 61 90 yards lost, penalties 55 298 Total yards gained 104 57 Darlington 0 Mars 0 Evans City 31 Bessemer 34 Zelienople 26 Shenango 13 Hopewell 20 Mercer 6 Brookfield 0 UNION VS. MARS Union came out with their second victory in as many starts as Ronnie May scored twice on elusive runs through tackle and Union beat Mars for the first time in their history. Union 12 Mars 0 I8 lst downs 5 217 yards gained rushing 96 7 yards lost rushing 34 107 yards gained passing 2l 80 yards lost, penalties 70 317 Total yards gained 83 fContinued on page 587 FOOTBALL fContinued from page 571 UNION VS. EVANS CITY The Scotties finally met their equal, the big red from Evans City. Stunned by quick scoring by the Rams in the first half Union came back in the 3rd quarter within 7 points only to lose their first game in 3 starts. Wright scored on a 7 yard pass and Barber plunged from the one yard line. Union 12 Evans City 31 10 lst downs 9 173 yards gained rushing 268 28 yards lost rushing 12 59 yards gained passing 0 205 Total yards gained 256 UNION VS. BESSEMER The old jinx prevailed again as Union was outweighed and outplayed by the Bessemer Ce- rnenters. May ran 24 yards as Barber plunged from the 7 and kicked one extra point. Union 13 Besesmer 34 7 lst downs 13 104 yards gained rushing 338 10 yards lost rushing 3 21 yards gained passing 32 195 Total yards gained 367 UNION VS. ZELIENOPLE Union dropped their third straight as they had their powerful offense stopped for the only time in the season by the Zelienople Bears. Union 0 Zelienople 26 8 lst downs 15 166 yards gained rushing 282 31 yards lost rushing 9 13 yards gained passing 9 148 Total yards gained 280 UNION VS. SHENANGO After being tied for the first half, Union broke loose in the 3rd quarter and final quarter to belt Shenango 34-13. Ahrens ran 16 and 6 yards for the first 2 scores of the game and Barber plunged for the third. May then took the ball on a re- verse and ran 29 yards to pay dirt. Harry Wright received a five yard pass and ended the scoring for the day as Barber booted 4 out of 5 extra points. Phil Maronde banged the Wildcat line for 55 yards only to have his score called back because of a penalty. Union 34 Shenango 13 14 lst downs 10 363 yards gained rushing 235 14 yards lost rushing 59 yards gained passing 117 408 Total yards gained 313 58 UNION VS. HOPEWELL Union traveled to Hopewell only to suffer a defeat at the hands of a great passing and run- ning attack. Union was not defeated until in the dying minutes as Hopewell scored the clincher. May scored on a 9 yard pass and Barber kicked the extra point. Unign 7 Hopewell 8 lst downs 17 128 yards gained rushing 150 4 yards lost rushing 0 78 yards gained passing 182 202 Total yards gained 332 UNION VS. MERCER Union took on the Mercer eleven and after spotting them 6 points early in the second quar- ter, came back to score three times and taste vic- tory for their fourth win. Ronnie May slid off tackle from the 5, as Pete Barber took a short pass for the second score. In the dying minutes, Lewis Simpson intercepted a Mercer pass and ran 35 yards to pay dirt. Barber's point made the score 19-6. Union 19 Mercer 6 13 lst downs 6 119 yards gained rushing 90 23 yards lost rushing 30 98 yards gained passing 32 194 Total yards gained 92 UNION VS. BROOKFIELD On a wet soggy field, Union went wild again as Barber opened the scoring by a plunge from the 2 yard line. Then early in the third quarter May ran around fhisj left end for 8 yards and a touchdown. Wright ended Union's scoring for 1950 when he recovered a Brookfield fumble and raced 5 yards to pay dirt. Barber kicked one out of three. Union 19 Brookfield 0 3 lst downs 6 137 yards gained rushing 85 7 yards lost rushing 12 39 yards gained passing 12 169 Total yards gained 86 Page 58 ....,..,.....,.......... 39 1950 VARSITY BASKETBALL 22 Don Ross 25 Dirk l'ilzer 3-- 24 Robert Meyers 34 Ken Mcl'heelers Robcu Bzllibcr 20 John IL-ml,-ysik 33 Rmmm can 31 Iiliomasufmiswell 23 1'l1lM'lIl Corgas Mr. Roussos, coamhg Harry XVright Uber! sahmln 32 Orlando Peluso manager. ' i 21 Stanley Verenski January 2, l95l Section 23 made its debut, alter making an impressive pre4season record. Union faltered in the hrst hall' to lose some close games and came out on the end ol' a 0-6 record. Rallying the second hall, the Seotties, paced by Dick Pitzer, won 2 straight before dropping a rough game to the undefeated XVam- pum Indians. Although out of the race the Scotties played hard, winning respect from league leaders. They will also participate in the Tri-county Tournaments and have high hopes of success there. 59 ...tim Coach "Sons" Roussos Pete Barber . Yule' Dxcvs MCP 1165-ters ken Ed Gorgas Tom Criswell 60 Bob Salmen CHEERLEADERS -J Q 5,4 .QQ Dorothy Ccnma ,,....'2'i.'9 Nlary Lou Devine Lmnig Xllllcr Phyllis Phillips Peggy Hanna loannc Miller 61 Varsity Basketball Schedule December 5 December 8 December 12 December 15 December 19 December 22 December 27 December 29 january 2 january 5 january 9 january 12 January 16 January 23 January 30 February 2 February 6 February 9 February 13 February 20 Alumni Darlington NVest Middlesex Freedom Ursline Mfest Middlesex Fredonia Hickory New Wil111ing'ton East Brook WVa m p um Mt. Jackson Bessemer Shenango New Wilmington East Brook VVampum Mt. Jackson Bessemer Shenango Home Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Home JUNIOR VARSITY BASKE'1'BALL Rou I left to fl ht: P. McConaby, D. Ross, S. Verenski, Pilzer, D. Dcss, C Xarletts Ron left lu rzslzt Mr Roussos, j. Misja, O. Peluso, R. Houk, R. Gall, J. jendrysik R Meyers L llnllips Manager Harry Wright. 62 ww... 5 it 1 W' A nf I 'V ' Mascot ackic Pearce Patty jaworski .Xdusor Miss Dovcrspikc Mascot Pauline lflccgcr Peggy Bees main? ffnofe Schov, Th 44 f-f PRCPHECY As we graduate into this troubled world, we sometimes wonder just where our paths will lead. Each of us will go in a different direction and each will reach a different goal. What that goal will be, we know not, but with the aid of our crystal ball we visualize ourselves in these various walks of life. Hollywood critics were mourning the retirement of Hedy Lamarr but they go over it quickly. You see, her place was filled by Phyllis Phillips. She's doing a pretty good job of it too. Sally Lou Aeppli has opened her own beauty shop which caters to hair cutting. It seems Sally just has a fancy for short hair. Kgn McPheegei-5 is in California still chasing babes. Of course he uses the camera as his excuse. We hear that down in Florida jack Montgomery and Bill Barber are making out all right. They're employed by the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Their clown- ing has Enally paid off. Oh, yes, official barker for their act is none other than Don Pggley, A person with a bark like that couldn't be anything but. Alice jo Carter, after all these years of being a car hop, has saved enough money to open up her own dairy bar. Shirley Casm has moved to Texas where she is fulfilling her life long ambition, bronc busting. Fred Cones - The Casanova of New Castle is being married again for the l7th UIUC. The new history teacher at Union is our own Lewis Simpson. He seemed to have a special talent for teaching. Mary Lou Devite's pamphlet reading has finally paid off. She is modeling French bathing suits along the Riveria. 'Die author of the book How to Build Up Your Body in Ten Easy Lessons is Ronnie Wolfbnndt, After all, what does Charles Atlas have that Ronnie,doesn't? Deep in the jungles of Africa we find Rose Marie Mulcahy where she is learning the hula dance. She was always trying to learn new dance steps. The new Ford manager is Bill Model T Stump. He had his old '31 so long they decided to give him an interest in the company. Television has made such a name for itself nowadays that we even have some of our students as participants. Eddie "Zeus" Gorgas has become the Dick Contino of television. Also on the stage we find the blues singer, Peggy Lee, has finally succumbed to her competi- tion Wanda Whit. Speaking of television Lee McNeish has become official sound effects man for it. At least he can ring the door bell if the phone won't work. If you're ever, by any chance, passing the corner of Mercer and North Streets, you'll see the new driving school Learn with Hanna, owned and managed by Peggy Hanna. At least there's one good thing it keeps Dr. Loretta Siegel and Sophie jendrysik in business and of course the junk yards. I had my house remodeled lats month and I called in to do the job the famous interior decorator, Mickie Callahan. Mick was on so many decorating committees and had so much experience with decorating that after graduation she just con- tinued at it. Ernest "Bullseye" Smith need we say more as to why his report had so many absent marks on it? Phil Mm-onde, speech maker of the class, is now running for president. More power to you, Phil. Robert "Salli" Salmen is still carrying papers but of course he advanced a little. He's got a bigger paper sack. Donnie Bacon with his nice wavy haiir has become a hair stylist so he can give the other guys a break and tell them how his wave stays in. Dolly Duda has become secretary for Carnegie Steel in Pittsburgh. One nice thing about it, Dolly, is there's no announcements to carry from room to room. Louis Szewczyk looks so much like Morey Amsterdam that they have two of them on Which twin has a Lilt program. Harry Wright has become a traveling salesman. After all these years he still forgets to write down who he sells what to. Marlene Valiensi has taken jack Benny's place on the radio with all that dry humor she kept stored up for future reference. If you feel your unsure of your dancing, don't hesitate-See joe. That's the sign you see flashing over Josephine Weich's home. She's instructor for Arthur Murray now. Richard Mayberry wrote to the president the other day and asked him to declare Monday of every week a holiday. Dick never did care for Mondays. lf you don't believe me just look at his report! 65 Way back some years ago there was a contest for the girl with the prettiest red hair. Too bad it wasn't now for we're sure Madelyn Ramsey would win it. FOI' once that old saying "Red hair means temper" doesn't hold true. Pete Barber was coach at Pitt University. I say was because I just received news that his other hobby, bowling has finally won out over the rest. Being pin boy wasn't so bad after all. The author of Somebody's Mother must have had Joanne Johnston in mind when he wrote it. The poem sure suits her. Official mattress tester for the Sears and Roebuck Co. is Jim Vaughn. He always looked badly in need of one while in school. Chuck Kelso has been the founder of a short cut to Grove City. He traveled that road so often that he wore the main road out and had to search for a new way. If you're ever around Ridge Street and you hear what sounds like an opera singer on the loose, don't call the police. It's only Joanne Miller practicing. She was signed up the other day for Metropolitan Opera. Ronnie May signed up for a job with the F. B. I. and almost had the job when they saw him driving past the other day. They signed him up all right, but not for the F. B. I. He's now Speed Demon Ronnie of the Indianapolis Speedway. Another new teacher at Union is Walter Patton. He's taken over for Mr. Dugan who is retiring because of old age. Jeanne Miller has worked for the New Castle Store so long they decided to give her part ownership in it. They just can't seem to get rid of her. Jackie Funkhouser, with her natural ability for leadership is Y-Teen Counsellor for the United States. She did such a fine job of it in school that she decided to try her hand at National affairs. Vivian Jones has decided to retire. After Chemistry this year, I can't blame her. Russell Brown has advanced to chief wrapper for the Ward Bakery. You all know, of course, he advanced from chief cook and bottle washer. Mary Ann Chuey is in California visiting the Walt Disney Studio. She's bound and determined to talk like Donald Duck. Fay Dexter is taking a course on How not to be so Bashful. Fay always was so shy that when she spoke the other day Mrs. King almost fainted. Regina Polding is the reformer of the class. She's over in Africa as a missionary. Her kind heart finally got the better of her. A new metal was discovered the other day. Our scientist of the class Harley Floyd was just walking along when he tripped on a stone. That's how the metal was discovered. Harley always.did take his time. The Danish Bakery Shop has just had its name changed. It's now known as Gert's Bakery. That's our nickname for Anne Geirlach. Chief baker is Joan Gorgas. She always was good at making cakes. Barbara Levensky, although she always was so quiet, is now working in an in- formation bureau and talks all day long. I saw Jeannie Petrella the other day and believe it or not she's still as small as she always was. I guess those Vitamin pills she took every day didn't help. Maybe she should try Grow Pup. We see Audrey Jenkins the master of her household. By the way she makes a very good one. Jennie Merolillo is an ace secretary and is she making the dough. Those years in bookkeeping and secretarial work at Union High really were worth while. I met Donna Jean Mohr the other day. She's still as talkative as she used to be as you can well tell from her recent job. She's running for senator for Pennsyl- vama. I was in the New Castle library the other day. Upon looking in the novel section, I saw a book titled M artha's Dream. The author was Martha Myers, one of our former classmates. I bought a brick of ice cream down at lslays the other day and the make of it caught my eye. It was called Anne MasyIk's Special. She worked at the Islay's store so long she learned how to make ice cream. Its good too. Alice Freed always had such a hard time wtih Miss Robinson's true and false tests and now I hear she's a teacher. Boy, you ought to see the tests she can make out. When you hear the name Ma Perkins always look for Dorothy Genova. The name really suits her as she is a famous cook who gives recipes over the radio. I attended an Eastern Star meeting the other day and I wasn't in the least sur- prised to find one of the Rainbow board members to be Virginia Sanders. S116 really puts her heart in what she does. BY JACKIE FUNK1-xousiak RONNIE Min' Donori-iv GENOVA DONNIE BACON 66 Q 00'-161309 ,, 0' .Dx 0? ll if P93 og Fi' EE Nh-so mmvssam 32:52 BEE USEW :E mugs am :Nm 0255 :MES mam :GENE 236 U-EG are :cam Sm PMN: EBF SEER! U:Em EES! 302 QSO 3-DN as SBU img ENEUMEE QE: rm-:NA gg :wad :Nm OES-Q ZOEIUQMFPQ H5250 mags MO EO ONS N E E593 MEHESH :E U5 E gsm :E HE? OED! :Nm In lv! 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KERR Famous for Diamonds 5 North Mill Street New Castle, Pennsylvania ' ' ""I Compliments Of ARTHUR MEEK JEWELER 323 East Washington Street New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments of F LEMING MUSIC STORE 29 North Mill Street New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments of BORDEN'S DAIRY BAR Our Own Quality Candy Youngstown Road Compliments of PAGLEY SHOE SERVICE Shoes repaired as good as new 17 North Mill Street New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments Of BUTZ FLOWERS For 99'Years New Castle, Pennsylvania Sept Sept Sept CALENDAR 1950-51 . 5-School started. . 8-First pep meeting. . 9-Football game with Darlington. Union won. Dance after' the game. Sept. ll-Cafeteria opened. Sept. 15-Senior Class Meeting. Dedicated Uto- Sept. Sept pian to Mr. Schantz. I6-Game with Mars. Union won. Dance after the game. . 18-All seniors were X-rayed for tubercu- losis. ,Varisty L. Club began selling foot- ball pins. Sept. 21-Pep meeting. . Sept. 22-Union vs. Evans City. Union lost. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. . 29-Pep meeting. First issue of U-High News came out also. . 30-Game with Bessemer. Scotties lost. 3-Movie was enjoyed by all. 4-School was dismissed at 2:15 due to a Teachers Convention. No school 5th or 6th of October. 6-Game with Zelienople. Union won. 10-Tryouts for Junior and Senior Play. 13-Game with Shenango. Union won. Pep meeting before game. 21-Game with Hopewell. Union lost. . 23-Film "The Spoilers." 25-Grades were issued. 25--Harvest Moon Dance. Eileen O'Neil was Queen. Jan. Jan. ll-Midwestern Chorus was held. F. F. A. students attended State Farm Show. 12-Orders taken for Utopians. We played' Mt. Jackson away. Jan. 16-We played Bessemer away. jan. I9-Y-Teens held the annual Sweater Hop. Jan. 22-Chorus members had their voices tested. -Ian. Jan. jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 23-We played Shenango away. 29-John Cornwell, famous baritone, and Paul Garabedian, famous pianist, presented a program. Junior class meeting. 30-We played New Wilmington at home. End of the first semester. 1-Band Festival at Sharon. School was dis- missed at 1:00 due to weather conditions. Sophomore History class went to see joan of Arc. 2-No school. We played East Brook away. 5-Report cars went out. Junior magazine drive started. 6-We played Wampum away. 7-Hi-Y vs. Jr. Varsity in benefit game. 9-Played Mt. Jackson at home. 13-Played Bessemer at home. 14-Sophomore class sponsored the Valen- tine Dance. l5-Movie sponsored by F. F. A. Oct. 28-Union vs. Mercer. Union won. Dance after the game. Oct. 30-Musical Program by Mr. Nutchuk. Nov. 3-Pep meeting. Game with Brookfield. Union won. Dance after game. Nov. 15-junior and Senior Play matinee "Beauty and the Beef." Nov. 16-Junior and Senior Play presented in the evening. Nov. 22-26-Thanksgiving Vacation. November 27 - December 3-No school because of weather conditions. ll-Y-Teens Initiation. l3-Christmas Dance sponsored by Seniors. Dec. Dec. Feb. 20-Played Shenango at home. Feb. 28-Played Darlington away. March 1-Hi-Y sponsored Father and Son Ban- quet. March 6-Chorus sings for Lions Club at Castle- ton Hotel. March I0-Forensic Contest at New Wilmington. March 22-Movie sponsored by Hi-Y. March 29-District Forensic Contest. F. F. A. Fathers and Sons Banquet. March 31-Y-Teen Formal at Castleton Hotel. April 13-Gym Exhibition. April 19-20-21-State Forensic Contest. April 26-Play Matinee. April 27-Play by Senior Class. May 1-Seniors receive dinks. May 2-Y-Teens sponsored Mother and Daugh- Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Ian. Ian. jan. I5-Game with Freedom-Away. 19-Game with Ursline-Home. 22-Game with West Middlesex-Away. Christmas Program presented and school dismissed early. 29-Game with Hickory-Away. 2-Returned to school after vacation and played New Wilmington away. 4-We joined the Safety contest. 5-We played East Brook at home. 9-We played Wampum at home. ters Banquet. May 4-State Scholarship Exams. May I8-Junior-Senior Prom. May 24-Senior Tests. May 25-Senior Tests. May 30-No school. May 31-Moving up exercises. Senior Picnic. June l-Class night. june 3-Baccalaureate service. june 4-Commencement. june 5-6-Underclassmen Exams. june 8-Last day of school. 1' - -l APPRECIATION The Utopian Staff of l95l wishes to express their appreciation to all those who have helped to make our Utopian a success. will-Elf THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONE-EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET 94 0 SUFFM- Q i 1 I 1 ! 3 5 ,E Y 3 . 4 i 3 i 5 I , 2 5 1 ? . i . s I f 5 4 , 1 i . 1 1 1 i a 5 x ! , 1 3 Y 5 5 ! PN, M- ,Q,,x,..A-.f--- p Y -- .5-.' 3:a, ::.i--.r:LS--

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