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L+ S STAFF Editor-In-Chief ------- ----Albert McNeer. Assistant Editor ------------- -Jimmy Kidd. Business Managers ----- Helen Bolt, Eva Mae McNeer, and Mildred Wallace. Production Managers ---- Anna Shue, Bill Shirey, Gretis Ratliff, and Jeanette Pence Sports Editors ---- -Richard Ballard, Bill Martin, Lewis Ellison, and Bob Shirey. Social and Literary Editors--Louise Foster, Louise Peters, Catherine Shires,and Mildred Taylor. Art Editors ---- -Gretis Ratliff, Russel Roles Vernon Atkins, and Bill Munsey. 3 ' DFIDICATION to MR. E. V. CORE ' Principal Union High School 1934-1938 We, the class of nineteen and thirty-eight, On this day WThe Union Jackn do dedicate To our principal, lr. E. V. Core, who will not be with us any more. Since he has for the last four years Guided us througm our joys and fearsg lb wish for him continued success, Long life, good health, a d happiness. xv xy xy xy X4 lv xy x1 xv f i xv W W W X7 xv x 1 1 1 1 f 4 1 l Q I 15a3"v3, r.. .1 L.. , ,- PRINCIPAL E. V. CORE M. R. SHIREY O. R. PARKER G. O. DRANSFIELD L. S. SHAFER ELIZABETH JOHNSTON HAZEL TURBEVILLE COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT GUY H. BIGGS SECRETARY: ADA SUE YOUNG , ifif , W9 vii -IE N H IE , , 2 J is , V QUJWQ OFFICEAS President Junior Miller Vice-President Richard Ballard Secretary 1 Eva Mae McNeer Treasgper Lewis Elligon GRAY NEEL UNION Gray Neel who plays in the band, Can jump around like a Sally Rand. JUNIOR CROSIER KEENAN CLUB: ATHLETIC, BASEBALL. Junior Crosier is not a big lad, But at playing baseball he doesn't do bad. ALBERT MCNEER SALT SULPHUR SPRINGS CLUBS DRAVAIIC, PRESS, CAMERA. BASEBALL. Albert NcNeer doesn't need to turn over a new leaf, For he is already our editor-in-chief. JAMES KIDD SINKS GROVE CLUBS: CAMERA, PRESS. BASEBALL. Because at making pictures he is good, We'll hear of Jim some day in Hollywood. RUSSEL ROLES SINKS GROVE CLUBS: CAKEXA, ATHLETIC. We have a boy named Russel Roles, He goes to Wolf Creek and catches colds. P' L..k, ww- I W J 1 1 JUNIOR MILLER PICKAWAY CLUB: ATHLETIC. BASKETBALL, BASEBALL. Junior Miller is our class president, In the town of Pickaway he is chief resident. JICHABD BALLARD UNION CLUB: ATHLETIC. BASKETBALL, BASEBALL. Richard Ballard, Union's pride and joy, Has now become Hthe most countrified hoyn. BILL MARTIN SINKS GBOJE CLUB: ATLLETIC. BASKETBALL, BASEBALL. Lerty Martin is handy with a ball, Be will be missed from our diamond next fall. BILL MUNSEY PICKAWAY CLUBS: DRAMATIC, PRESS. Billy Munsey, a farmer born, Takes great pride in raising corn. LHJIS ELLISO? UNION CLUBS. DRAMATIC, ATHLETIC BASKETBALL, BASEBALL. Lewis Ellison will never be a failure, Since he'll live to outshine the great Robert Taylor. 4 MILDRED TAYLOR KEENAN CLUB: MANNERS . Mildred Taylor, the Says few words, but VIVIAN WEIKLE SALT GLEE, MANNERS. Vivian Weikle hails If she doesn't pass belle of Keenan, with lots of meaning. SULPHUR SPRINGS CLUBS: from the Salt, , it'll be George's fault MILDRED WALLACE PICKAWAY CLUBS: DRAMATIC, PRESS. Mildred Wallace is fair of face, She always walks with dignified grace. CHARLES TAYLOR KEENAN CLUB: ATHLETIC. Charles Taylor around But when he gets out, VERNON ATKINS KBENAN Vernon Atkins Will be school is quiet, he is a riot. CLUB: CAMERA. richer than the dutch, Because of his farming, fur buying and such. T r KYLE SCOTT SINKS GROVE CLUB: ATHLETIC. A little Scott boy by thc name of Kyle, Writos his papcrs in a vory good style. BEN VAN STAVERN SINKS GROVE CLUB: ATHLETIC Bon Van Stavorn is hard to plcasc, Bot ho likes girls by tho nsmc of Louise. MLLCOLM MCDANIEL SINKS GROVE CLUB: IEUIMTIC. Because hc is always making a jest, Malcolm McDaniel was elected school post. BILL SHIBEV UNION CLUBS: DRAMATIC, PRESS. Bill Shirsy is every ladies man, But he goos to Hinton whcncvor he can. BOB SHIBEV-UNION CLUB: ATHLETIC BASKET- BALLU Bob Shirey thinks thcro is none finer, Than tho girl we know as Mnrgory Einar. ELIZABETH MOORE PICKAWAY CLUB: MAN Elizabeth Moore has hair of red, But she has s good disposition--'tis BIHLHFE BOSTIC Berlene Bostic Studies to say WILLOW EEND CLUB: D from Willow Bend way, Parlez-vous Francais? WILLOW BEND CLUB: is shy and sweet, She speaks French toute de suite D JEANETTE PENCE Jeanette Pence MMA SHUE UNION CLUB: YTANNERS. Anna Shue is our school's best poet, We hope that the world will some day EVA MAE MCNEER SALT SULPHUR SPRINGS DRAMATIC. Eve Mae has eyes of blue, And to e preacher she is true. NERS. said. RAMATIC. RAMATIC. . kno w it CLUB: GRETIS RATLIFF UNION CLUBS: DRAFTTIC, PRESS, ORATION. Gretis Ratliff is slated for fame, If she keeps on orating she'll make a great name. HELEN BOLT UNION CLUBS: DRAMATIC, PRESS. Helen Bolt is a good-looking girl, To give all the boys such a big whirl. LOUISE FOSTER SINKS GROVE CLUBS: DBAMATIC POETRY. Louise Foster is a little blonde, And of Lewis Ellison she is fond. CATHERINE SHIRES UNION CLUB: DRAMATIC. Catherine Shires likes to ride every day, Especially in a Chevrolet. LOUISE PETERS UNION CLUBS: DRAMATIC, NATURE. Louise Peters, that angel without wings, Likes a red-headed boy from White Sulphur Springs. F V i PQ, 5 , xf y ? ? . i s 2 Q r Q i l ' I 1 i 1 A J W I 5 i I 1 A1 N H 1 M xii 4 Y! 11' X. I I ,1 W I xv A xii Q, ,E ESQ :If If xy 35 'Gig Nl QQ 3 ,ie 5 S fu vgf Q A -.7 . JUNNUIQS 5 , I gg ,, , ,A , Q ,W M .. ,.,. fs .,.,,,,- 2 L ,,,,,, ,A ,,,,,,,,,,,, -M ,.,... -..,,.,...,,,-,,,,., .,w,--. ,- -..H ,.....,-.M..,....-....,.. ,.., M......M- -..n......-.m , . f 2 E Q ga .- mph X.. mf., 1 , , lj ul ,WI f' 'x it? .1 E'-I M, as ,X 14 5 5+ .,' m V4 r, Y Ng" Q' we 7' 'j' 41 P 5 gf Qi jg ' W1 2 W , 'ff ,W ini' Q, x 1 2 1 QV Nfl X 5 xgl 5 X aff N1 5? HQ! Wi 32251 Q 1 wif xv Qi W 6 e ,' :Z Q, sl 1. , ,X 1 FW Eggs! .1 gmvf ' .f W Q I 1 A 2 I 5 1 My nv? .4 N? ,f D 4 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ANNA MCNEIL SECRETARY-TREASURER BILL BALLARD SPONSOR - ll. R. SHIREJY COLORS OLD ROSE AND GREY MOTTO iiiteh your wagon to a star. CLASS ROLL Mason Atkins Keenan Bill Ballard Salt Sulphur Springs Kathryn Caldwell Keenan Donald Fisher Salt Sulphur Springs Russell Hinkle Sinks Grove Pear-ilee Jarvis Sinks Grove Virginia Kidd Sinks Grove Margie Lockhart Sinks Grove .Albert Lugar Sinks Grove Mayo Martin Sinks Grove Anna McNeil Sinks Grove Jean McNeer Salt Sulphur Springs Geneva Patton Sinks Grove Margery Riner Union A Roy Scott Sinks Grove Hazel Shrader Pickaway Sudie Mae Vest Salt Sulphur Springs Elsie Weikle Sinks Grove Virgil Wiseman 'Willow Bend Edwin White Sinks Grove Hazel Wallace Willow Bend Beulah Wickline Gap Mills class . - ACCOMPLISHMILNTS OF THE IEAR The Jumo Cla e of 193' was unsuccess ful in presenting tbevr p ay, "Mail Order Brides", due to the fact that "Sky High" and our play were being presented at the same timer We decided to treat strangers kindly in order that they might speak kindly of our The class -raised the money for the an nual Junior-Senior Banquet by assessing each X., class member the sum of 31.00. The banquet XJ! was held May 19 the Presbyterian church X7 basement. The menu included: Q4 - 1 FIRST COURSE X' Cocktail Salad X .SECOND COURSE Q4 Creamed Potatoes Chiclfen Green Beans . Pick es X7 Olives 'Bifrkcld ' Apples X., Sugargdfgarrots l o ee I Q4 l THIRD counsaz Ice Cream Cake YI W XY I W I Sf - hx III!! QQQQQ 2' 5G6QGGG5" 'I CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT LOUISE WETZEL VICE-PRESIDENT CORA POMPHREY SECRETARY-TREASURER MINNIE LINTON SPONSOR MISS TURBEVILLE COLORS BLUE AND GOLD MDTTO We plan our work, we work our plan. CLASS ROLL Eloise Allen Pickaway James Baker Union Bernard Bailey Sinks Grove Mildred Bailey Sinks Grove Edith Ballard Salt Sulphur Springs Charles Beckner Union Hypes Boggs Second Creek Jody Boyd Union Wilbur Carter Union Violet Compton Union Irene Foster Sinks Grove Marguerite Hicks Sinks Grove Goldie Holland Salt Sulphur Springs Helen Knight Union Jean Klepfer Sinks Grove Bill Leach Gates B Helen Lemons M Sinks Grove' Adelle Lewis Union Mary Lewis Union Minnie Linton Union Frances Martin Sinks Grove Izetta McNeil Sinks Grove Audrey McPeak Union Frances atton Sinks Grove Janie Patton Sinks Grove Hazel Pence Willow Bend Charles Peteli- Is' Union !--- -4 ,. AAL, , xv xv 25 x X! W W GGGGGGGG44' Cora Pomphrey Pickaway B111 Shirey Union Roy Tomlinson Union Conley Wallace Pickaway Louise Wetzel y Union ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Sophomore Class has presented two assembly programs this year. As a usual custom of the school, the sophomores gave a party to honor the Fresh- men of Union High. The party was a great success. A great ma of our prominent Sophomores are in the schogl clubs, band, and orchestra. Most of our fine ball teams come from the athletic boys of the Sophomore Class. One of the leading interpreters of poet- ry in the Monroe County Literary work of 1937 was Irene Foster of this Sophomore Class. Those who took part in literary work in 1937 were: Mary Lewis, James Baker, Goldie Holland, Conley Wallace, Eloise Allen, Frances Patton, Helen Lemons Irene Foster, Helen Knight, Frances Martin, Audrey McPeak, Minnie Linton, Adelle Lewis, Violet Compton, Cora Pomphrey, Billy Leach, Marguerite Hicks Hazel Pence. Those who took part in Field Day were as follows: A Mary Lewis, Eloise Allen, Violet Comps. ton. - Those who are in the band and orchestra are: Conley Wallace, Eloise Allen, and Irene FOS't.6I'o fjfff QQQQQ 'X"Qx"Wl'X" Nf Xl N7 W W W Y! CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT JUANITA CROSIER WICW PRSSIDBNT MADRLINE TOM INSON SLCRETARY AND REASURE RUTH RINER STUDHNT COUNCIL VIRGIL GIJENS REPORTER MARY VAN STAVERN SPONSOR MR. PARKER COLORS BLACK AND GOLD MOTTO: A good beginning is half the battle CLASS ROLL Frnaces Allen Salt Sulphur Paul Allen Pickaway Fannie Bare Salt Sulphur . Lewis Brown Union Zeda Beckner William Beamer Roy Burwwll p 'Edwin Carter X Raymond Collins V Juanita Crosier Billy Davis Mildred Dowdy A Betsy Dickson Kathleen Duncan Harman Falls Harold Falls D Eugene Foster Russel Givens Virgil Givens Newton Honaker Euell Irons Wellington Johnson Lester Helm ' James Hines Charles Kidd Eva Leach Hazel Lemons Sylvia Looney, Stella McClary James McNeil Salt Sulphur Sinks Grove Sinks Grove Sinks Grove Salt Sulphur ef'Union Union Union Organ Cave Union Zenith Zenith Sinks Grove Keenan Keenan Hollywood Sinks Grove Sinks Grove Sinks Grove Willow Bend Sinks Grove Gates Sinks Gorve Keenan Union Sinks Grove 'Q-C224 III!! .WX 32G6f:6"7'f:-15' .1 'f Dane Martin illow Bend Agnes Hiller Iillow Bend Louise Mohler Salt Sulphur Josephine Neel Union Ruth Riner Union Madeline Tomlinson Union Mary Van Stavern Sinks Grover Hazel Vase Sinks Grove Martha Vasa Sinks Grove Vera Walker Union ?anda'WEIIace Willow Bend Edgar We ikle Sinks Grove AGCOIIPLISI-MEETS The Freslunan class has presented two assembly programs during this year and helped with the assembly proggzm at Christmas. The Freshnuux class organized a Civics Club which meets on every Friday at Civics period. Very enjoyable programs are presented. Everyone in the Freshman class tried out for the Literary contest.. Five were chosen to go to waiteville. Those who took part were: Martha Vasa, Virgil Givens, Vera walker, Juanita Crosier, and Charles Kidd. The five students from the Freshman class who are in the band or orchestra are: Eugene Foster, Buell Irons, Lewis Brown, Charles Kidd, Vera Walker and Jose- phine Neel . """"" "l' """f" CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT PAUL MCCLARY SECRETARY-TREASURER SYLVESTER ALGER QSPONSOR' MR. DRANSFTELD FLOWER LILAC COLORS GREEN AND WHITE MOTTO Don't stare up the stepsg Step up the stairs. CLASS ROLL Sylvester Alger Union Lucille Carter- Union Samuel Clark Union Arnold Copeland Union Beecher Crim Union Calvin Crim Union Roscoe Ferguson Willow Bond Mildred Fisher Union Margerite Fisher Union ilffffffffffffjjfff 'QQQQQQQQQSQQQQQQ Mary Katherine King Union - Irene Lewis Union Irene llcCarthy Union Paul Mcfllary Union James Mitchell Union Ralph Patton Sinks Grove llary Catherine Pyles Union - Helen Ryan Union Jinnny Roles Union Anna Shires Union Jimnielveikle Salt Sulphur Springs SEVENTH GRADE PRESIDENI' JUNIW HAWKS VICE-PRESIDENT CLAYTON COMPTON SIEXIRETARY JUNIOR VANDYKE SPCNSOR MR. R. H. LINGER FLOWER VIOIET COLORS BLUE AND WHITE MUI'I'0 Life is a picture, so paint it well CLASS ROLL Richard Bare Salt Sulphur Springs Josephine Brown Salt Sulphur Springs Clayton Compton Union Junior Compton Union S Bernette Fullen Union Thomas Fullen Union Milton Humphreis Union Orville McNeer Sa t Sulphur Springs Elwood McPeak Union Fred. Moran Keenan Oswald Peters Union Carl Shires Union Junior Vandyke Union SEVENTH GRA E The Seventh Grade of Union High, we think it is a dandy, For manners, looks, and brilliancies, We'l1 surely take the candy. Here we meet Fred Moran, Who says WHsy! You Teacher,W And also Josephine Brown, 6- A quiet little creature. Carl Shires an English Shark, Likes to be a-talking, Oswald Peters and Bernette Fullen, Is also fond of squscking. Milton Humphries seems very quiet, Because his grades are low, Junior Cbm ton and Wickline too, In English are very slow. McNeer getsxhis lessons well, Hawks lags ndtibehind Thomas Fullen s not loud,e Clayton Compton tries to mind. Elwood McPeak is slow too, And never has his lessons up. Junior Vsnnyke looks good in blue, Richard is a Bear, not a pup. Don't critize this seventh grade, And at us please don't rage, But think for once how you obeyed, when you were at our age. -ANNA SHUE Senior,-1938 M W 39? f A I Q Q 7lIlll1'llllllllllll .QQQQNJQQQQSZX 'QQQQQ LSELIJ.-f. 2.0.-'Di o. rn. PARIGSR Emi-62 ME. -nmrouunuan mwrsmmsow EMQLQE nsnawnrrm EFQWM BAILEY MMTIN EEOILINSN SIIREY CKNER ELLINN BALLARD HINKLE 6 N W W W 4466 1111214111 XSSSX 5666 'f BASKETBALL.SEASON The Monroe County basketball season opened September 7. On this date the four teams in the county league started training for the several games ahead. In the first game the Red Devils defeated Greenville by the narrow margin of one point. Tomlinson led the scoring pace for the win- ners with a total of twelve points. The game was a hard-fought battle throughout the 32 minutes, and the score was deadlocked many times. , On September 26 Union journeyed to Peterstown where they were defeated 26 to 20 in a fast and exciting game. Hambrick was the bright and shining star for Peterstown. In one of the upsets of the season the Red Devils annihilated the Gap Mills boys by piling up 48 tallies to l8 for the losers. The following Friday the great Scarlet and White of Union repeated their act by again drubbing the Gap Vills cagers. A . This string of victories was broken by the hard-fighting Greenville basketeers on their court, after most of Union's regulars were sent out on fouls. Our subs fought gallantly until the final whistle blew, which found Greenville leading 18 to 14. Cn the next Friday the team from Peterstown came to our court, which was very slippery, and in some parts covered with watery nevertheless, the game was played to a hard-fought finish, which found our puddle ,pf jumpers leading by a lopsided score of 45 to 18. Thus closed the county league, leaving the championship balanced between Union and Green- ville, who had won four games each. The play- off was set for November.3, at the Alderson Gym 11111111111 'ifsf'sfw:1QFs:NQW5fiQ'qfsQ the floor on which both coaches agre d to olev Long before starting time the stands were packed by enthusiastic Vonroe County fans, who were there to support their home team. The rest period found the Red Devils with a slight advantage of four points, but in the second half the strong Greenville outfit tied the score several times. Only a whirlwind finish, which was received with great en- thusiasm from the Union stands, saved Union from defeat. The 5un sounded after the present open court champions had piled up a six point lead. . SUMMERS-FONROE TOURNAMENT The Summers-Vonroe County Tournament was held at Talcott on March ll-12. The six teams included in this year's tourney were: Hinton, Sandstone, Talcott, Union, Greenville, and Forest Hill. The games got under way at 2:00 ?. M. Friday afternoon with Forest Hill meeting the Hinton Bobcats. The Bobcats held the boys in yellow and blue scoreless in the first half, while they were piling up 54 points, however, the lads from Forest Hill camo out in the . 2 second period to score 15 points, while Hinton was making a total score of 71. The second game of the afternoon was between Talcott and our Netate open-court championsn CUnionD. This was, beyond doubt, the most closely contested game of the tournf ament. At the rest period the Pirates were leading the Red Devils 9 to 16, a small lead that meant very little with a half to go. The second half still found Union unable to turn the tide of battle, and the final gun sounded with Talcott loading Union 37 to 22. X , In the third and final game of the after- noon Sandstone outclassed the little Greene ville aggregation by sailing to victory to the tune of 61 to 22. In the first game of the evening session the Hinton Bobcats defeated Talcott by the lopsided score of 40 to 15. Later the strong Sandstone quintette downed the Forest Hill open courters 61-13. In the final and sectional cham ionship game Sandstone met smashing defeat at the hands of the ever-powerful Hinton Bobcats. FIELD DAY V The an ual field day contest was held at Union on May 6. The five High Schools of the county were represented by participants in the many athletic events. Blue, red, and yellow ribbons were presented to the winners at the end of this great day for Monroe County. BASEBALL Basketball was soon forgotten at Union High when the athletes of this institution saw baseballs whizzing through the air to be caught by some up and coming Babe Ruth. Soon the locker room was packed with baseball shoes, gloves, and uniforms, the baseball season was in full sway. Practice in the first week was prevented by bad weather, but in the second week of the season old man baseball was treated very roughly by our squad, who hoped to win diamond honors this year. Some of the boys who were seen in practice were: Bailey, Martin, Miller, McNeer, Beckner, Scott, and Hinkle. r M MQMMEF 5 at ff S035 :Hag-That? na S A x I . ,,... .V,,..,. VV fax V ,.W3g,1f K' 1- a-,jg ff A A Z,, 2,., - " , tj t ,f X t. CLUBS AND SPONSORS camerauclub' M. R. Shirey nramat.-icf'-club A Elizubeth Johnston Glee Club Alma Fullen Junior Dramatic Club Elizabeth Johnston Manners Club Hazel Turbeville Nature Club G. O. Dransfield Press Club M. R. Shirey Nf'hfN:'Qns:'f'4fifNf'sfNf'sfwQ'nfwf 'Z'sf'C'wf DRALALIC CLUB PRESIDENT GRBTIS RA1lIFF VICE-PRESIDENT MALCOLM MCDANIEL SECRETARY TREASURER MARGERY RINER Billy Ballard Lewis Ellison Donald Fisher Kathleen Fulle Louise Foster Thelma Johnson Virginia Kidd Billy Munsey Malcolm McDani Mayo Martin Louise Peters Gretis Ratliff Hazel Shrader Billy Shirey Janie Wallace CLUB ROLL Helen Bolt Irene Foster Bernard Fullen n Margery Gray Hazel Hines Jean Klepfer Jean McNeer Albert McNeer el Eva Mae MoNeer Buster Mentz Jeanette Pence WffMargery Riner ' Catherine Shires Sudie Mae Vest Mildred Wallace NATURE CLUB PRESIDENT THELMA JOHNSON VICEQPRESID NT MARY VAN STAVERN SECRETARY-TREASURER RUSSELL GIVENS Mildred Dowdy Virgil Givens Thelma Johnson Helen Knight Sylvia Looney Hazel Shrader Hazel Vass Wanda Wallace Martha Vass Russell Givens Goldie Holland Virginia Kidd Margie Lockhart Janie Patton Mary Van Stavern Hazel Wallace Wellington Johnson Iflllllfflffllllfl Qi4xfQQiQQQx"JQwZQxfQQQx MANNERS CLUB PRESIDENT ANNA SHUE VICE-PRESIDENT ELOISE ALLEN SECRETHRY LOUISE WETZEL CLUB ROLL Eloise Allen Mildred Bailey Zeda Beckner Juanita Crosier Helen Knight Margery Lockhart Agnes Miller Hazel Pence Cora Pomphrey Anna Shue Hazel Vass' Hazel Wallace Elsie Weikle Sylvia Looney Berlene Bostic Edith Ballard Kathryn Caldwell Mildred Dowdy Minnie Linton Audrey McPeak Elizabeth Moore Mary C. Pyles Ruth Riner Mildred Taylor Vera Walker Wanda Wallace Vivian Weikle Louise Wetzel GLEE CLUB PRESIDENT HAZEL HINES VICE-PRESIDENT LOUISE FOSTER SECRETARY ELOISL ALLEN ' BLUE ROLL Eloise Allen Berlene Bostic Evelee Chapman Kathleen Duncan Louise Foster Josephine Neel Madeline Tomlinson Frances Allen Juanita Crosier Evelyn Chapman Irene Foster Hazel Hines Jeannette Pence Beulah Wickline v xv xy 1g.ag.fg4g,vg.vQng4f SSQQQQQQ 4f,f'4v'1f.4' 'ifwf-nfwgfwf , f 11 'GGQQ' 4141 SSS? xv xv xv W xy V J 'f CAMERA CLUB PRESIDENT JIM KIDD VICE-PRESIDENT EDWIN WHITE CLUB ROLL Mason Atkins Vernon Atkins Bill Beamer James Hines J. T. McNeil Russel Roles Edwin White Douglas Ferguson Jim Kidd ' 'Bill Munsey Charles Taylor Virgil Wiseman PRESS CLUB GRETIS RATLIFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BILLY MUNSEY ASSISTANT EDITOR BILLY SHIREY ADVERTISING MANAGER HELEN BOLT CIRCULATION MANAGER ALBERT MCNEER BUSINESS MANAGER MARGERY GRAY ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER JIMMY KIDD ASSISTANT EDITOR MILDRED WALLACE JANIEC WALLACE FRANCES PATTON REPORTER REPORTER REPORTER JEAN KLEPFER REPORTER JIM KIDD SPORTS EDITOR MARGUERITE HICKS REPORTER JUNIOR DRAMATIC PRESIDENT D. C. MARTIN VICE-PRESIDENT MARY C. PYLES SECRETARY HELEN RYAN A CLUB ROLL Sylvester Alger Lucille Carter Margurite Fisher Irene McCarthy Elwood McPeak Zeda Beckner Betsey Dickson Irene Lewis Orville McNeer Oswald Peters , may N 0 SS 0 X I I 0 'QQQ 1 fx,ffE 11111111111 w:'s:'yfwQhs2'sf'sfwfWsIwQFs, u, gil fikgm! T?iTg frildggii ff' , i,,f5gy?j W 2E5ef?5,fV Q rf if . A T II JE-SS BAND AND ORCHESTRA DRAMATICS 'Love Pirates of Hawaiin 'Oh, Professor' 'Bee Yourself in the Mov s 'Sky High' LITERARY MEETS STUDENT GOVERNMENT B ND AND ORCHESTRA The Band, Orchestra, and Glee Club gave a recital under the direction of Mr. Robert R. Linger and Miss Alma Fullen at the Alpine Theatre on March 15, 1938. It 'wfesfvlesfflfsfwf Ill! 'NS-C II sfwl GGGG' .1 was a success both financially and artistic- ally. Members of the Band taking part were: Junior Hawks, Charles Peters, Euell Irons, Eugene Foster, Josephine Neel, Kathleen Fullen, Bill Shirey, Bob Shirey, Billy Shirey, Sylvester Alger, Harold Hinkle, Junior Cror sier, diehard dallard, and Lewis Brown. , Members of the Orchestra were: dussel Kittle, Kathleen Fullen, Alma Fullen, Lva Hogsett, Margery Gray, Elizabeth John- ston, Harold Hinkle, Lewis Brown, Eugene Fos- ter, Irene Foster, Eloise Allen, Helen Ryan, Mrs. Linger, Sylvester Alger, Junior Crosier, Billy Shirey, Bob Shirey, diehard Ballard, xr xv xy v xy y xy xr QQQQQQQ W W W W "4QQ6QGQG 'f 6666 "7'Q6fG Charles Kidd, Junior Hawks, and Bill Shirey DRAMATICS 'Love Pirates of Hawaiin The play took place in a girl's seminary in Hawaii. Kathleen Fullen, the heroine, and Billy Shirey, the hero, had many troubles in meeting under the stern eye of Hazel Hines, Miss Primmer, whose heart was softened by her love for the Pirate Chief, Lewis Brown. 'Oht Professor' The Senior Class of 1938 presented 'Ohl Professor' a comedy in three acts, as part of their commencement activities. The setting was in a young ladies' school during the summer term. The main characters were: Doctor Aristotle, the Dean, Miss Fred- rica, his assistant, Michael Pemberton, a hand- some young adventurer just back from Parisg Percival Courtwrightg and Jake, the school janitor. The complications which arose after Michael Pemberton and Professor Courtwright exchanged identities make it a riotous comedy. 'See Yourself In The Moviesn Miss Bronika Tymcio directed NSee Your- self in the Movies', which was presented at the Union High School Auditorium in December. This movie showed pictures of the people and surroundings of Union. 'Sky High' 'Sky Highu, a musical comedy-drama in three acts was given in December under the direction of Miss Wedding from Augusta, Kansas. The plot centered around an air meet which proved to be a place of romance for the lead- ing characters. LITERARY MEET The county Literary meet was held at Union High School, March ll, 1938. The first place in oration was won by Gretis Ratliff, second place in extemporaneous speaking by Geneva Patton, third place in debate was won by Pearilee Jarvis, and fourth place in poetry was won by Louise Foster. STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT Bob Shirey SECRETARY Gretis Ratliff CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior Class Junior Miller . Gratis R tliff Junior Class ,nhl McHeil T, Jlsi- Ieikle Sophomore Class Louise Wetzel Mildred Bailey Freshman Class Jaunita Crosier Virgil Givens 8th Grade Paul McC1ary Jimmy Weikle 7th Grade Junior Hawks Thomas Fullen The purpose of the Student Government Organization at Union High School is to pro- mote self-reliance and self-confidence on the part of the students. ffffj ' 1 'X4 III QQX 1 x."x':f 711111 Nil FM Alu i'f 4 lHIS -aff Y A .,.., A A -MA-w,,.,,.,M.'-..wi niewztw Zlagaw 21!,4l,LZff Wifi 7754! fWQ 387710 3....,, X , dh A 4 A K i 4444411 'QSQQQ '1 1 'XMQ ffl WIQX 1' x'X"6 'Macc' 'Tl 1 i xxx xx .MJ QQ M-3 Ek K1 3, v ff 0 K CD W r 5 Mari? -4 l"T"l DP 75 an o o o , gg: ,'.. f 'l-.,...f1f..g.g"i,: L. f' fi 2 ,ff . . fffw' afffma1iv,f .L E 'qs 'u-'J if i I Q 4, " w-'78 '8,..,,,ns dana? if 4 2? kv 'Eg- MILTON BRADLEY CU. sPR1NGF1ELD, MAss. DISTRIBUTORS Boston New York Chicago Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco Hoover Bros. Inc., Kansas City., Mo. 'Demand MCDRE THAN PRICE FROM YGUR Z CAP AND G O W N RENTAL CCMPANY giggqvd, in X CJ C!!D CD CJlxXjlCx1'lC:DbJ,AxL.CJCD CD CD13 Guam 0fAc3AofMuc Closwmfas f-P' organization for the promoti f X lmproved Cap and Gown Rental Se I III!!! "X'x I Q Q SQVQQ I "x"l1 III Q48 1' wl'x."q: G'-566' IQ OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES TO THE UNDER GRADUATES TO THE SUPERINTENDE T TO THE PRINCIPAL AND TEACHERS v We hope tb p has en bl d y 1 y bet Y B k h ld O h have b p bl v HOOVER BROTHERS, Inc KANSAS CITY, Mo. DISTRIBUTORS FOR MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASS. EDGAR S KIEFER TANNING CU. Gomplete Line Uf FINE LEATHERS CHICAGO, ILL

Suggestions in the Union High School - Union Jack Yearbook (Union, WV) collection:

Union High School - Union Jack Yearbook (Union, WV) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Union Jack Yearbook (Union, WV) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 28

1938, pg 28

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1938, pg 8

Union High School - Union Jack Yearbook (Union, WV) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 32

1938, pg 32

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1938, pg 11

Union High School - Union Jack Yearbook (Union, WV) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 6

1938, pg 6

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