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gacufly FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Ann Norwood, A. B., Colby College, fFrench, English, Economicsjg Hazel Day, Husson College, B. S., University of Maine, fComme1-cial Subjectsl. BACK ROW: Winfred Kenoyer, A, B., William Penn College, lHeadmaster, Science, Mathematical: Edmund H. Gibson, A. B., Bates College, fl'-Inglish, Social Studies, Junior Business Training School Zeachef-4 They say that school is misery, The teachers are so bad, But when you come right down to it, They're the best you've ever had. Some days they give a quiz, Other days it's a test, But why argue with a teacher ? For they always know what's best. Somehow they always keep you busy, But the subjects are quite fair, Geometry, Physics, English and French, They keep me in despair. When I think of all the work, There is nothing better for me. But to go to school for another year, And then join the Navy and go to sea. Paul Leonard ' 50 3 PHYLLE ARLENE BROOKS "Phyllis" "Modesty is the citadel of beauty and of virtue." Senior Class Play Class Play Prompter 3-4 D.A.R. Candidate 4 lf sight depended on noise, we wouldn't know Phyllis was around. We hear she's interested in mstrixnony in in the near future. Best of luck to our D.A.R. Candidate. GERALD LEE CLARK "Jerry" "He tells you flatly what his mind is." Baseball 4 Class President 3 Class Treasurer 4 One-Act Play 1 ' Senior Class Play Junior Class Play 2,3 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Student Council Z President, Athletic Association 4 Manager of Basketball 3 Salutatorian. I'm sure U.H.S. will miss J'erry's widy remarks and his talent in acting. We wish you success in your future career. BARBARA LOIS CALDERWOOD . . B.rb. . "They can who think they can." Softball 2,3 Class President 4 Dramatic Club 2 Christmas Ball Committee 2,3,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Yearbook Staff 2,3 Cheerleader 3 Barb has done much toward raising funds for our class trip. She wants to be a secretary, and we are sure she'1l be sn efficient one. Hel-e's to a bright future ROBERT WILLIS DAY Bob Truly s great athlete. Basketball Baseball l.Z.3.4 Class Secretary Z Class Treasurer Z One-Act Play 1 Junior Class Play 2.3 Senior Class Play 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Student Council 1.3.4 Ping Pong Champion 3 Bob, you're going to leave a vacant place at U.H.S. in sports and dramatics. Keep up the good work and you'll reach your goal. . 1 X A V 4 WALTER ELNLER CALDERWOOD J ' "Calderwood" - ' ' , "His smile will cheer the weary way - and light his steps to fortune's throne." Basketball 1,Z,3 I H H 1 Baseball Z Y I Y Q ,A Junior Class Play 1 ' H , Senior Clsss Play 3, ' ., . Class Play Shge Manager 3,4 ' Basketball Manager and Scorekeeper 4 - ",.. , Walter is another good sportsmsn. 5 He plans to go to trade school if Uncle " " ' ' Sam doesn't interfere. Best of luck - L " from us Seniors. , pgs? ib. , 1 , , g - ' rw--n .I ' ws A - 'E , Q 'J HERMAN PAYSON 1-:SANCY P55 . V 1.-' K. " His cares are now all ended." , .Q 122, WPV' 'I Junior Class Play 3 g f 'EJ " ' I '55 Herrn plans to go int: the Navy : V --" I . 7 when he gets out of school. Beat of W5-. if A Q' y iii luck to you, and may you succeed in I , K . A all yOu undertake. 4 K .zvwfaxsgflw .gr Y .1-2fgsQ,liEas,S PATRICIA JEAN GROTTON "Patty" "I have a heart with room for every joy." Basketball 3,4 Softball Z Glee Club 3 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 Quiet as a mouse and the smallest of us all, that's Patty. lt hasn't been revealed what you are planning to do, but the best of luck, anyway, we know you'll succeed. ROBERT HUGH LEONARD ..sPot.. "Arniability shines by its own light." 'Basketball l,Z,3,4 Baseball l,Z,3,4 Class President Z Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 3 Senior Class Play 4 Student Council 4 Class Play Stage Manager 3,4 Here comes Spot, Plymouth and all. And l'll bet Marilyn is with him. Good luck, Spot, in whatever you at- tempt in the future. ARTHUR I-EIRBERT HAWES . .Arv- "l-lonor lies in honest toil." Arthur is a typical farmer and plans to continue this as his career. We are sure he'l1 be a successful one. Good luck, Arthur." MARILYN ANN PAYSON . . Mal. . "Tis the smiles ye wear that's a-making the sunshine everywhere." Basketball Z,3,4 Softball Vice-President l,3,4 One-Act Play 1 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 General Manager of Magazine Dr. 4 Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 4 First Honor Essay "Mal" is the tomboy of our class. She'd much rather be playing basketball than anything else. Her participation in sports these last four years has proved it. Best of luck in your future career. MARIORIE ANN HUNT "Marge" "Ah, what is love? 'Tis a pretty thing." Basketball 4 Class Secretary 4 Dramatics Club Z Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 Cheerleader 2 Second Honor Essay Marge, we hesr you want to be a nurse, and we know you will make a good one. Here's to a success from the Seniors. LINCOLN EDWARD RHODES .. Zeke.. "Of plain sound sense life's current coin is made." Junior Class Play 3 "Zeke has been a very good student and we wish him much success in his Army career. We are lure he'll reach the top. 5 Name Brooks, Phyllis Calderwood, Barbara Calderwood, Walter Clark, Gerald Day, Robert Esancy, Herman Grotton, Patricia Hawes, Arthur Hunt, Marjorie Leonard, Robert Payson, Marilyn Rhodes, Lincoln Wentworth, Vera Whitney, Everett To marry Johnny Business School Trade School VERA ANN WENTWORTH uvee.. Sh who works with her heart, her head d her hands is t ly tist." B k tb ll 4 S ftb ll l 2 4 Cl Secretary 1 J ior Class Play 3 Senior Class P1 y 4 Secretary-Tre r of Athletic Association 4 Cheerleader Z 3 Valedictoria Stately, quiet and always studying, Vera's aim in life is commercial art. May you reach your goal with much suc cess. Best of luck from the Senior class EVERETT LLOYD WHITNEY "whitney" "Worth makes th Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Everetfs f t plz ed but we are sure he'll do the best in anything he attempts. Here's hoping Everett has all kinds of luck. enior Siu fidlicd Ambition oc Favorite Song ' ' Underneath the Arches" Cruising Down the River" "Take Me Back From Where I Came From' ' To be a gentleman Go to college Join the Navy To grow tall Farming To be a nurse Most anything To sleep all day once J'oin the Army To see the world To graduate Bwang' ' "Mission Bells" Bouquet of Roses "Sioux City Sue" ' 'Missouri Waltz" "Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes" "Sioux City Sue" "Old Man River" ' ' Rainbow at Midnight' ' 6 Far Away Places" Cruising Down the River" Disposition Likeable Moody fGet it?l Good Changeable Unpredictable Fair HHPPY Mild Joeyful Casual Cheerful Agreeable Happv Sunny XT SEATED: Left to Right: P. Waters, J. Luce, A, Calderwood, R. Knight, G. Hannan, P. Leonard, STANDING: E. Mountainland, D. Hannan, D. Ripley, E. Cramer,, P. Wentworth, B. Soule, N. Hilt. MISSING: Annie Niemi, Eva Niemi, Lillian Spear. unior Clay President ...................... Ralph Knight Vice-President .... . . . Joseph Luce Secretary ........ .... A nn Calderwood Treasurer ........ . . . Geraldine Hannan Student Council .... . . . . . . Paul Leonard The Junior Class consists of fifteen members of which eight are active in sports. These include: Bus Knight, Ed Cramer, Eddie Mountainland, Neil Hilt, Paul Leonard, .Toe Luce, Pat Waters, and Phyllis Wentworth. Class Secretary, Ann Calderwood, served this year as manager of the girls' basketball team. Newcomers to the .Tunior Class this year are the Niemi twins, Eva and Annie: Joe Luce and Barbara Soule. Phyllis Wentworth and Ann Calderwood helped on the advertising campaign for the Reflector. These 'ls also share top scholastic honors. Three of the seven cheerleaders are Juniors. They are: Eva and Annie Niemi and Geraldine Hannan. 8 A., F5,... R ' L SEATED: Left to Right: F. Austin, A. Moore, E. Peabody, D. Cramer. C. Hanson, D. Howard, G. Lemar. STANDING: D. Rowell, S. Farris, R.. Moore, W. Lind, B. Fuller, E. Robbins, L. Boynton, H. Waters. MISSING: B. Merrifield, H. Carver, A. Martin. Sophomore Clan President ...................... Donald Cramer Vice-President. . . .... Esten Peabody Secretary ....... .... A nnie Moore Treasurer ......,.............. Carleen Hanson Our class is well represented in sports this year, the athletes include: Peabody Howard, Martin, Waters, Cramer, Lind, A, Moore, Farris, Lemar, Robbins and ' Austin in basketball and Peabody, Howard, Cramer, A. Moore, Farris, Lemar and Austin in baseball and softball. Bliss Fuller was sales manager of the Reflector and Sylvia Farris and Esten Peabody helped on the advertising campaign. Esten generously offered his "Chevvy,' Sylvia Farris and Esten Peabody have each been on the A honor roll. 9 SEATED: Left to Right: R. Spear, E. Day, F. Robbins, G. Grinnell, V. Savage, R. Harford. STANDING: H. Harding, M. Payson, C. Williams, E. Norwood, G, Torrey. MISSING: K. Bartlett, J. Upham, A. Luce, S. Watts, R. Leach, R. Goff. re4lzman Clan President ...................... Gordon Grinnell Vice-President. . . . . , , , . . . Faye Robbins Secretary-Treasurer. . . . . . . .Jeanette Upham Student Council. . . . . . . . . . . . . Edric Day The Class of '52 has a personnel of five girls and thirteen boys. The ten o'c1ock scholars are Buddy Williams and Richard Leach. The athletes of the class include: Marshall Payson, Richard Goff, Gordon Grinnell, Edric Day, Faye Robbins and Jeanette Upham. Gordon Grinnell helped on the Reflector advertising campaign. Velzora Savage is a member of our class and has taken active part in the cheerleading squad. Faye Robbins is mighty good at playing a piano. Sammy Watts and Richard Leach had charge of the ticket sale at the Christmas Ball. f 10 KX Student Council SEATED: E. Day, D. Howard, P. Leonard. STANDING: R. Leonard, Mr. Kenoyer, R. Day, The Student Council, consisting of two Seniors, one J' unior, one Sophomore and one Freshman, is elected each year by the four different classes. Its chief purpose is to help to provide for better understanding between the student body and the teachers. There are different problems which this group faces, such as: Freshman Reception, Student Teachers Day, the selection of movies, and any other problems which may arise during the year. Officers were elected at the first of the school year. They are: President, Robert Day fSeniorJ Vice-President, Robert Leonard QSeniorl Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Leonard Uuniorj Sophomore Class Representative, Dwight Howard Freshman Class Representative, Edric Day Faculty Advisor, Mr-, Kenoyer 12 FRONT ROW: Everett Whitney, Marilyn Payson, Robert Day, Robert Leonard, Marjorie Hunt, Gerald Clark. BACK ROW: Coach Miss Norwood, Patricia Grotton, Barbara Calderwood, Walter Calderwood, Vera Wentworth, Phyllis Brooks. enior Clan ffag The Senior Class play, CUSTERS LAST STAND, was presented at Union Town Hall, on December 10th and llth. The Custer family included: James Custer, played by Robert Leonardg his wife, Harriet Custer, played by Marjorie Huntg Emogene Custer, his unmarried sister, Marilyn Payson: Jimmy Custer, his son, Robert Dayg Esther Custer, .Timmy's sister, Phyllis Brooks. Other characters were as follows: Johnny Newsom, Gerald Clark: Terence Van Ayrsdale, Walter Calderwoodg Lavinia Platt, Barbara Calderwood: Lavernia Platt, Patricia Grottong Betty Van Ayrsdale, Arabelle Burns: Claire Van Ayrsdale, Vera Wentworthg Georgy Little Bear, Everett Whitney. The play was directed by Miss Ann Norwood, Phyllis Brooks also acted as promp ter and Robert Leonard and Walter Calderwood as stage managers. 13 grwlzman Reception The evening of September 24th found Union High Gym a scene of great merriment. The Freshman Class received their final initiation to high school life. Ronellow Moore was Master of Ceremonies with Mr. Gibson serving as faculty advisor. Arlene Luce exhibited hidden talent in a harmonica solo. D. Day demonstrated the method of obtaining the latest hair style with Jeanette Upham as his model. Gordy Grinnell received a few bumps as he won over Sammy Watts in a handicap race. Gerold Torrey and Kenneth Bartlett resembled rabbits when they emerged from their marshmallow-fight. "Mutt" Payson was unsuccessful in proposing to "Ve1zie" Savage. She refused to submit to his pleas. Rachel Spear was a charming mother as she fed Buddy Williams coke from a nursing bottle. After being provided with suitcases filled with clothes, Otis Robbinson and Ralph Harford engaged in a race to see who could dress and parade around the gym quickest. Harford was the winner. Dicky Goff and Herbert Harding, dressed in old-fashioned bathing suits, were sole con- testants in a beauty contest. By choice of the audience, Goff was proclaimed winner. Suddenly disaster struck. Kenneth Bartlet "dropped dead" on the stage. Ernest Norwood served as min- ister in the solemn funeral service that followed. Faye Robbins proved to be a good sport when she was target for raw eggs dropped by a Sophomore standing on a stepladder. Lucky for her that none of them hit her open mouth. Duets between each act added greatly to the enjoyment. l C Clzrwtmaa Semi-gormai Our annual Christmas dance went over great this year. It was greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended. The Seniors did an excellent job of decorating the gym with red and green stream- ers, which formed a canopy over the entire room. There was a huge Christmas tree in the cen- ter of the floor and small trees in each corner. The gym was lighted by the Christmas tree bulbs. Everyone danced to Norman Moody's orchestra, which was very good. The committee was: Barbara Calderwood, leading the Senior class in decorating. The Junior class, under Buster Knight did the advertising. Sylvia Farris and Elaine Robbins were in charge of the refreshments, while Duane Rowell and Bliss Fuller were in charge of checking the coats by the Sophomore class. The Freshman class, under Gordon Grinnell were in charge of selling tickets. This dance was a big success this year, both socially and financially with Mr. Gibson being faculty advisor. Raising Money fn Senior Claw The Senior Class hasn't been able to raise tdo much money this year for our trip or grad- uation. Although this has been a poor year, we have done a number of things. As Juniors we had our class play on which we did very well. When we became Seniors we had to give it a hard thought and we had our Senior Class Play in the fall. During the winter we had a number of food sales and good suppers which received much favorable comment, We sold candy and soda at school every day and also at basketball games. We want to thank the student body, faculty, parents of the students and other citizens in the town that have helped us out. To every other class that graduates from U.H.S., we wish the best of luck in their ways of earning money. 14 SEATED: Left to Right: D. Harman, I, Luce, D, Ripley, R. Knight, P, Waters, P, Leonard, Miss Nor Director. STANDING: A. Calderwood, R. Moore, E. Cramer, E. Mountainland, G, Harman, P, Wentworth, N. Hilt The unfor Clay Away Cast: Mr. .Tohn Maxwell. . Mrs. Janet Maxwell. . . Betty Lou Maxwell. Bernardine Smith. , Wilbur Maxwell ,... Hercules Nelson. . . Connie Maxwell. . . Craig Moore. . . Mr. Moore ..... Del Marshall ,...., Aunt Mary.......... Miss Vester Blayne. . . Credits: Director. . . . . . . . Stage Manager. . . . Promptors. . . . . . Just Ducky oc Qosmio census coin noon Ralph Knight . . .Dorothy Ripley , , , ,Patricia Waters Geraldine Harman .Toseph Luce Paul Leonard Ann Calderwood Edward Cramer , . . .Ronellow Moore Edward Mountainland Doris Hannan Phyllis Wentworth Miss Ann Norwood Neil Hilt Annie and Eva Nierni wood Characteristic :School :Sala li.4ficJ Boy Girl Best Athlete Most Popular Best Looking Best Dressed Best Personality Cutest Most Studious Best Actor, Actress Best Singer Prettiest Hair Shortest Tallest, Flirtiest Worst Gossipers Noisiest Day Dreamers Best Dancer Most Bashful Most Likely To Succeed Done Most For School Most Talkative Wittiest Most Courteous Least Often On Time Most Versatile Most Ambitious Bluffers Hater of Opposite Sex Best Natured Best Leader Most Mischievous Best Smile Best Sport Sunniest Quietest Most Dependable Prettiest Eyes Bob Day Buster Knight Buster Knight Buster Knight Buster Knight Buster Knight Gerald Clark Gerald Clark Bliss Fuller Bob Day Allan Martin Buster Knight J' oe Luce Henry Waters Edward Cramer Robert Day Robert Leonard Walter Lind Gerald Clark Walter Calderwood Gerald Clark Gerald Clark Duane Rowell Bud Williams Buster Knight Esten Peabody Gerald Clark Leroy Boynton Bus Knight Gerald Clark Eddie Cramer Buster Knight Buster Knight Buster Knight Harold Carver Esten Peabody Buster Knight and Joe Luce 16 Marilyn Payson Marilyn Payson Jeanette Upham Marilyn Payson Faye Robbins Phyllis Wentworth Vera Wentworth Marilyn Payson Doris Hannan Ann Calderwood Patricia Grotton Barb Calderwood Pat Waters Annie Moore Dot Ripley Barbara Soule Faye Robbins Lillian Spear Vera Wentworth Barbara Calderwood Annie Moore Patricia Waters Faye Robbins Marilyn Payson Marilyn Payson Barb Calderwood and Vera Wentworth Barbara Soule Velzora Savage Pat Waters Barbara Calderwood Pat Walters I Phyllis Wentworth Marilyn Payson Pat Waters Lillian Spear Barbara Calderwood and Marilyn Payson Jeanette Upham ali union High sclwof e ave Brooks but no Day but no Knight but no Hunt but no Luce but no Waters but no Peabody but no Mountainland but no Moore but no Watts but no Farris but no Spear but no Austin but no Merrifield but no Carver but no Robbins but no Wentworth but no Streams Sun Stars Find Tight Foods A Beanbody Valleyland Less Kilowatts Wheel Sword Cadillac Gloomyfie ld Serve r Sparrows Cameworth a4 union .High Sclzoof i rary Should Jvlfwe TheRoyalRoadToRomance.......... Blondieoonolcooo A Romantic Guy I. . . . . . . Love Passed This Way. . . . Self-Made Man. . . , . . . . . . Black Beauty. . . . I Stopped Short. . , , . Stars In Her Eyes. . . . Strictly Business. . . Dark Hazaz-d......... Strawberry Spitfire. . . . Its All In A Laugh. . . . Oh, I-Ienry..... .. I Reached The Heights. . . . . Looking Down.............. I Spend My Time Laughing. . . . I Look The Field Over. . . . . . Double or Nothing. . . . lf? Bob Leonard Gerald Torrey J' oe Luce Marjorie Hunt Jerry Clark Jeanette Upham Patricia Grotton Faye Robbins Vera Wentworth Robert Day Gloria Lemar Edward Mountainland Dorothy Ripley Barbara Calderwood Harold. Carver Faye Austin Geraldine Hannan Niemi Twins Refleclor Staff FRONT ROW: Left io Right: Mr. Gibson, Faculty Advisor: Paul Leonard, Marilyn Payson, Gerald Clark BACK ROW: Phyllis Wentworth, Ann Calderwood, Sylvia Farris, Bliss Fuller, Gordon Grin e Esten Peabody. Editor-in-Chief. . . . Assistant Editor, . . . , , Business Manager. . . . . Advertising Manager. . . . . Sports Editor ..... . . . . . . Faculty Advisor, . . , 18 Marilyn Payson Marjorie Hunt Paul Leonard Esten Peabody Gerald Clark Mr. Gibson jolzea Mr. Kenoyer: The book will do half the work for you. Allan: OK, I'l1 take two copies. Annie: Do you ever let a man kiss you when you're out driving with him? Faye: I should say not! If a man can safely drive while kissing me, he's not giving the kiss the attention he should. Day: I saw you the other day at the corner of Park and Main, winking at the girls. Clark: I wasn't winking. That's a windy corner. Something got in my eye. Day: She got in your car, too. The scene: A cemetery at midnight. Characters: Frankenstein and Dracula. Frankenstein: It's kind of lonely around here. Let's dig up a couple of girls. I oe: If I should attempt to kiss you, what would you do? Marj: I never meet an emergency 'till it arises. Joe: But if it should arise ? Marj: I'd meet it face to face. Mr. Gibson: Do you know where Detroit is ? Bob Day: Yes, Detroit's in Philadelphia today, and Hal Newhouser is pitching! Ed: Why did the moron go to bed in the fireplace ? Whitney: Why, I don't know. Ed: He wanted to sleep like a log! Neil: How long did it take your sister to learn how to drive ? I Walter C.: It will be ten years this fall. I oe lto his unclel: Uncle, don't you know how to play football? Uncle: No, why? Joe: Well, dad said he would like to see you kick off! ' Ann: Mummy, you know that vase you said had been handed down from generation to generation? Mother: Yes, dear. Ann: Well, this generation has dropped it. Dick: When is a fishing net like a riddle? Ralph: I don't know. Dick: When there's a catch in it. 19 2411514 of gold hat glitter-4" It was a beautiful, sunny day with all the birds singing and the hills echoing their very happiness. "Just a day for fishing," Tom had said when he awoke that morning. Tom was a small wizened-faced boy of about thirteen years, freckled, towheaded and barefooted. He was wearing a dirty calico shirt and torn britches supported by one suspen- der, the other flapping freely from his hip. His father was dead and Tom's mother made a scant living by taking in sewing and doing odd jobs for the village women. After eating his breakfast he had imrnediately set about gathering his fishing gear to- gether. There were plenty of worms in his mother's flower garden and an old tobacco can proved excellent as a bait bucket. Bidding his mother goodby and calling his dog, Bits, he commenced walking lazily across the old cow pasture. The brook could be reached by a short cut across the pasture, walking a piece down an old road and cutting through another pasture. The best fishing grounds were near the falls, so Bits excitedly led the way upstream. Alternately panting and whistling, the happy boy tried valiantly to keep up with him. When they arrived at the falls, Tom made himself comfortable in the soft green grass near the brook's edge. He baited his hook with a large worm and cast his line below the falls. Bits barked excitedly, and Tom urged him to be quiet. Not long after the cast was made, Tom's line jerked with a hard pull and a flash of gold shot above the water. Anxiously Tom began reeling in the big fish, which was now churn- ing up the swirling waters. Even Bits helped by taking Tom by the seat of his overalls and pulling with all his dog strength. After a hardfive-minute fight, Tom and Bits landed the huge fish. It was a beautiful king salmon and Tom measured it with tembling hands. "It's thirty inches, Bits," Tom exclaimed, "now Mon can have a good hearty meal with no skimping," "Say, that's a nice fish you've got there," a loud rasping voice boomed. "What?" Tom, startled, turned around and before him stood a fat, pompous man, decked out in the most elaborate fishing equipment money could buy. "How much will you take for it, boy?" the voice boomed again. "It-it's not for sale," Tom retorted, angry because his secret fishing ground has been intruded upon. "I'll give you five bucks for it, son," came a voluntary proposition from the stranger, "think of what you can buy with five dollars." Thoughts of the new catcher's rnitt Tom had always wanted flashed through his mind. If he had a new mitt, the fellows would let him be on the team and wou1dn't make fun of his being poor anymore. "Come, come, boy, I haven't all night," thundered the man, "here's your five dollars, now give me the fish." Again the thoughts of the mitt went through his mind and then he made his decision. "Yeah mister, I-I'll take your offer, here's the fish." "That's a smart kid," the stranger boomed out again, "thanks and so-long." The heavy man went tramping downstream. When he disappeared around a bend, Tom called to Bits and they both headed towards town. Running through the rough pastures and down the road left Tom breathless when he reached town, But not so much but what he immediately raced to the general store. He stopp- ed before entering and gazed through the store window at the mitt. Enthusiastically Tom called to Bits, " Look Bits, there it is! Just think it'll soon be mine and then I'll be top catcher on the team. Wait until Mom sees it, won't she be proud?" At the mention of his mother, Tom's thoughts immediately changed. "Golly, Bits, I for- got all about Mom and that big dinner we were going to give her today!" Z0 Tom stood there still looking at the mitt, but his face was sober now. Tom, deep in his thoughts suddenly broke out loud, "Gosh Bits, I'd still like to have that mitt though, but I guess I'd better think about Mom. After all I'm too good for that team anyway. I could play circles around them with my old mitt, even." He entered the store and reluctantly purchased with his five dollars groceries that would make a good meal for his mother. He had difficulty in holding back the tears when he quietly called, "Come on Bits, Mom is waiting for us and her dinner." Tom and Bits started trudging slowly home, neither one feeling as gay as the rest of the world sounded. But one in his heart was feeling proud that he had proved himself a man. You could not say Tom glittered, but he was worth pure gold. Vera Wentworth '49 np lie Big Chance The Xgirl sitting in the big spacious room was beginning to feel nervous. Why didn't they hurry up! I-Iadn't she rehearsed this enough? Why should she be nervous now? She wanted a cigarette, and leaning over, she asked the man who had been sitting across from her. With shaking fingers she lighted a cigarette. She could scream! if She inhaled on the cigarette and felt calmer. She asked the man sitting across from her fthat man with the perpetual smile, what the matter was. "A fuse blew out," he answered, still smiling. "Oh why don't they hurry," she yelled in a harsh voice. "Be calm now, Mrs. Kramer, it won't be long now." She sat there and let her mind drift back to when she had worked in the department store and had received S15 a week. She had saved half of each pay check by skipping break- fast, spending a dime for dinner and going on a splurge of spending a whole quarter on her supper. She had always wanted to be an actress and had done a little acting by imitating the big stars like Garbo and Hepburn, Everyone told her she had real talent. It took her a long time but she finally got that precious S500 to get to Hollywood. She went to all the casting offices and left her picture and address. They told her they would let her know if anything turned up but she never heard from them. They got mad because she was so persistent. It wasn't long before she was right back where she had started from, working in a de- partment store, going without her meals and never having any new clothes. lt was at the department store that she first met Morris Kramer. He was fat and ugly looking and she cou1dn't stand him. But he was rich and knew the right people to get her into the movies. So she started running around with him. He was a real estate agent and said he was the best of friends with all the big shots in Hollywood. One morning she woke up with a big head and a husband, sheawas now Mrs. Morris Kramer. It was then that she learned the nearest he had ever been the the Hollywood big shots was the tenth row back in the movie house! She got angry then: and really blew up! She told him what she thought of him! "What do you want to get int.: the movies for, baby?" he had said "you and I can get along okay together." Oh yes, she had really got hooked but not for long if she could help it. When she heard of his insurance, it made her dizzy just to think of all that money. You could really go places if you had that much. 515,000 dollars! It scared her when she began to wish that something would happen to him. 21 But here she was at last, her big chance. She knew just what she was going to do. She would face the camera and say her lines perfect. But she was beginning to get the jitters again. She couldn't remember her lines. They were all ready now. She took a last puff from her cigarette and with shaking fingers she stubbed it out in the ashtray. "Mrs, Kramer, you understand don't you, that anything you say here can be used against you?" "Yes," she answered meekly, not at all the way she had planned. "All right, Mrs. Kramer," the district attorney boomed, and with his best news-reel smile, "tell us how you killed your husband." Phyllis Wentworth '50 euenge ill: Murder The story I am about to tell is a story that took place in a little town on the West Coast named Evensburg. It involves two main characters, John Field and Henry Jones, who were at one time partners in a profitable restaurant business, until one day Henry was taken in by the police and questioned for rearranging the books. Henry was proven guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison. As the story begins it is now ten years after this event. A sharp and loud shot rang out on the busy streets of Evensburg. It came from the di- rection of J ohn's Restaurant. Everybody immediately rushed toward the place, but were stop- ped by policemen who algo had arrived at the scene. Entering the restaurant, Lieutenant Morgan found the body of John Field lying on the floor, he had been murdered. By whom and for what no one had the least idea. John was always a respectable citizen and seemed to be liked by everyone. A After the crowd had left, Lieutenant Morgan ordered the body taken to the morgue. It was impossible to have a funeral because as far as anyone knew, John had no relatives, at least not in this section of the country. Detective Moore was assigned to the case and investigations began. The detective learn- ed by checking with the police files that John Field and a person narned Henry .Tones had once been partners in a profitable restaurant business, until one day Henry had been taken in by police on the grounds of rearranging the books. He was convicted and sent to jail for eight years. Detective Moore also learned that Henry Jones had been released from jail two years before and, for all anyone knew, he was living a respectable life in a little town about twenty miles from Evensburg. This seemed to be the only possible lead of the killer. Maybe, for some unknown rea-son, Henry had not liked John and had decided to kill him. Henry Jones was picked up a couple of days later. Upon questioning from the police, he said he had been at work, but had no alibi to prove the fact. Although the police still held some suspicions about Henry's story, they released him with the order that he stay around town un- til this business was cleared up. Although Henry didn't know it, Lieutenant Morgan had sent Detective Moore to trail him constantly just in case he should unconsciously reveal any condemning facts, Trailing a man for days is no easy job, but Moore did an excellent job in keeping within sight or quick reach of his opponent. On the third day of trailing Henry, the detective saw that Henry seemed to be getting quite nervous. He hung out in saloons, and drank most of the time. Days went by and still they had no evidence against Henry Jones for the shooting of his partner, John. However, the police were quite certain now that he had been the murderer, be- came as the days wore by it was telling on him. He was just about a complete nervous wreck. Why he had committed the murder still remained unsolved. ZZ Detective Moore finally received the break he was waiting for when, on the evening of February l0, 1941, two shots rang 'out in Henry's apartment. He immediately summoned the police and broke into the apartment. There on the floor lay the body of Henry Jones with a .45 revolver laying beside him. However, as was supposed at first, Henry was not dead but very seriously sick. I-Ie was removed to the General Hospital where he received very careful attention. After about a month of treatment he had recovered enough to be questioned by the police. When questioned, he broke down and told the whole story in front of the police. It seemed that about ten years ago his partner John, had rearranged the books and as he was the secretary, he was convicted of it, leaving a very prosperous business to John. He said he had hated John for doing this and, while in jail, he had planned how he could kill him and get away with it. He said he had spent months planning it, but that he had not planned on one thing, his own peace of mind. Outside of that it would have been a perfect crime. This all goes to show "you can't right one wrong by committing another." Henry Jones was proven guilty by a jury and sentenced to jail for life. Donald Cramer ' Sl 23 ournament The lights were shining brightly, Across the basketball floor. Our hearts were thumping lightly As we thought, "What'll be the score?" The referee's whistle is blowingg The game is about to begin. The townspeople's hearts are glowing, For they all expect us to win. The first quarter is now over, And we take a look at the slate. We're ahead, but not "in the clover," For the score is ten to eight. At the half we still were leading By a very slim margin of three. "Let us keep that lead," we're pleading: "Let us take home a victory." In the third quarter we lost our showing: We just couldn't seem to click, And the officials' whistles kept blowing, Those referees really were strict. The minutes are rapidly flying, We need just four points to win. We keep on frantically trying But our shots just won't go in. The final gun of the game now bellows, Our opponents have that margin of three! We're a disappointed group of fellows As we leave the Armory. This is my last year of high school ball, And I could not restrain a tear As my teammates began to cheer and call "Oh, well! We'll do it next year." Robert Day '49 Z4 - he . When at night the wise owl hoots Out in the woods so thick and dark, Srnall creatures run for safety's shelterg ' Even a fox will quiet his bark. The owl is master of the forest, Everyone obeys his say. He swiftly glides from tree to tree Until the dawning of the day. After awhile he starts his hunt, Searching for some tasty prey: Field mice who do see his shadow Scatter and scamper from his way. The little ones who are not so fortunate Feel the clutch of his talons strongg They are lifted high in the clear, cold darkness, When the huge bird attacks, he seldom goes wrong. Older animals tell their wee ones, Whenever far from home they stray, "Be sure to get shelter before the nightfall Or the owl will come and take you away." So when you travel along a woodsroad And hear the foxes cease their howl, Wait awhile in the silent shadows: Maybe you'1l see the majestic owl. Sylvia Farris ' 51 ur gint Jaya ah union .High On our first day at Union High, We were so scared we wanted to hide, All we Freshmen stood aside, While the upper-classmen strutted with pride, Not daring to whisper, not ask any questions, We picked up our books, and studied our lessons. The third week we all did dread, With Freshman Reception night ahead, They dolled us up as they had said, And then we wished that we were dead. If they had needed a very good clown, We could have gone right to town. 25 They painted a checker board upon our face, Marched us far at a rapid pace. Our feet were srnarting and burning like fire, And we were glad when we could retire. But we didn't mind, the Sophomores paid, too, They had to stay late after school. Now all these days have gone past, We're very sorry they cou1dn't last. But next year we'll be very cunning, And make those Freshmen look quite stunning This year has been loads of fun, From starting whistle to final gun. Arlene Luce '52 flag ellealqal With our eyes stinging 'cause the stove smokes, We wait a minute for the few slow pokes. Then starting play practice, feeling silly, We think the play will be a "dilly." To begin with, Bus forgets to snore, Then the whole place is in an uproar. But just as the coach has settled us down, People show up from all over town. This is nothing, compared to the next, Which can not be found in any text. We took three chairs to make a couch, And they always cause someone to holler, And for the pants on the floor, you'll never Cause all we could find in that awful mess, Was a pillow, old and badly battered, But at that rehearsal nothing mattered. When Eddie calls for Ann, his girl, Miss Norwood's hair begins to curl. "Speak louder, Eddie," is all you can hear, But Eddie's loud voice doesn't seem to be near. As for J'oe's singing, I've heard there's none fine From here way down to Carolina. But when trying to sing, while waiting for Paul, He's just as quiet as a basketball. From way back, at least since last December, Paul can never seem to remember Which is left and which is right, Cause he exits wrong every night. Miss Norwood is doing her very best, And I'm sure the cast can do the rest, To make this play turn out swell, And help us make much money, as well. Dpi-othy Ripley 'so ze lbouchsii guess, To oy.: ' Kaaeball qua FRONT-ROW: Left to Righl: R. Phrfotd, G. Clark, P. Leonard, R. Leonard, R. Day, E. Peabody, BACK ROW: Mr. Gibson, G. Grinnell, R. Knight, M. Payson, N. Hilt. fog: , fadkelbau Squa FRONT ROW: Left to Right: J'. Luce, R. Leonard, K. Cramer, R. Knight, R. Day, E, Mountainland. SECOND ROW: Mr, Kenoyer, D. Day, D. Cramer, M. Payson, D. Howard, P. Leonard, W. Calderwood BACK ROW: E. Peabody, G. Grinnell, W. Linn, N. Hilt, A, Martin. Z8 5054 , J3a.4fzet6all Although four members of last year's championship team were lost, Coach Kenoyer took the boys in hand and rolled out a bang-up ball club. They got off to a rocky start as Thomaston edged them Z8-27. The Kenoyermen then snap- ped back to whack Rockport 39-Z8 and trampled Waldoboro 42-23. At Camden the Union team met with grief as they were soundly whipped 37-Z1. In the return engagement with Thomaston, the Eagles held out and won 34-30. A The boys took their next three games by big magins as they laced Erskine 54-243 South Bristol 72-293 and Appleton 55-16. Union took over the sunbirth of the Bulwer League by edging Wiscasset 37-34. This game was witnessed by the largest crowd of the season. Waldoboro then came to Union to avenge the beating they received earlier but were turned back Z7-24. The Eagles then beat Rockport 39-26 and ran through a heavily favored Camden five 38-31 Erskine was then pasted by the Kenoyermen to make it nine wins in a row with the score being 56-23. In an important league game the Wiscasset Redskins walloped Union 44-25. This tied them with Union for this division of the League. Two more wins were chalked up as Appleton and South Bristol were whipped 44-Z8 and 55-Z4 respectively. Because of an excellent record Union was asked to take part in the small school tourna- ment at Lewiston, There they were edged by New Glocester 43-39. At the play-off for the championship of the Eastern Division of the Bulwer League Union rode to victory as they defeated Wiscasset 44-40 in overtime. Union High School and Litchfield Academy, winner of the western division, met at Cony High Gym in Augusta to decide who would have the trophy this year. It was one of Union's bad nights and the outcome was disappointing. Litchfield won 39-Z9. League Standings Eastern Division Union ................ 6-1 Wiscasset .......... 5-Z Rockport ........... Z-4 6 South Bristol...... 0- 96111 Jiaieball Sloppy fielding was chiefly the cause of the two defeats which Union High's fall baseball team suffered at the hands of Rockport last September. At Rockport in the opener Ralph Harford, Freshman right hander, twirled a five two hitter but, because of poor fielding, lost the game 5-Z. Union out-hit the winners in this six inning contest. In the return game at Union, Harford once again was the victim of several fielding lapses, both in the infield and outfield. The Union nine led 5-3 but lost the game, while rain threaten- ed in the last inning 6-5. 29 girls lsoflbalf quad FRONT ROW: Left to Right: F. Austin, V. Savage, V. Wentworth, P. Wentworth, P. Waters, G. Hannon. BACK ROW Miss Norwood, F. Robbins, A, Moore, S. Farris, G. Lemar, M. Payson, Miss Day. Qfrla ,faskelball Squa FRONT ROW: Left to Right: F. Robbins, V. Wentworth, A. Moore, M. Payson, P. Wentworth, S. Farris. BACK ROW: Miss Day, P. Waters, G. Lemar, M. Hunt, E, Robbins, F, Austin, P. Grotten, A. Calderwood 30 girb , 5a4kei5alf Union Opponents Z7 Thomaston l 9 Z4 Rockport 2.0 Z0 Camden 47 17 Thomaston 37 30 Erskine Academy 39 32 South Bristol 20 2.2 Appleton 33 3 l Wis cas set 1 7 Z4 Rockport Z5 30 Camden Z7 Z0 Erskine Academy 28 20 Wiscasset 26 24 Appleton 31 Z5 South Bristol 8 Totals for the season: Won 6 Lost 8 The forwards, in the order of points scored are: Marilyn Payson, 1393 Phyllis Wentworth, 104: Arabelle Burns, Z9: Annie Moore, 243 Arlene King, 153 Faye Robbins, 135 Sylvia Farris, Z. Our guards who were in there breaking up the plays were: Sylvia Farris, I eanette Upham, Vera Wentworth, Gloria Lemar, Patricia Waters, Patricia Grotton, Elaine Robbins and Marjorie Hunt. The high point of the season came when we took Camden on our home court. Some- how this seemed to make up a little for the shellacking we took down the re. The girls' basketball season, although not impressive in the ratio of wins and losses is considered quite successful in light of the fact that we were mostly "greenies." We had a lot of fun and the close scores testify to some exciting games. goul Shooting In the High School foul tournament, held during the month of March, Buster Knight, '50, and Marilyn Payson, '49, emerged as the winners. Knight, regular center on the boys' team, hooped 38 of his first 40 attempts and followed this up with seven of his last ten to wind up with a 45-50 record, giving him a percentage rating of ,900. Marilyn Payson scored Z8 out of 50 to win the girls' honor. Her percentage was .560. Runners up to Knight were Neal I-Iilt, Bob Day, and Bob Leonard, while nearest to Marilyn were Phyllis Wentworth and Ann Calderwood. Earlier in the year in another contest Bob Day won the honor of participating in the State Foul Shooting tournament held in Waterville late in February. 31 Cheerleaders FRONT ROW: Le!! to Right: Sandra llnrine, '53: Grace Calderwood, '53. BACK ROW: Velzorl Savlge, '52: Geraldine lhlmon, '50: .Tenn Knight, '53, MISSING: Eva Niemi, '50: Annie Niemi, '50. NOTE: Pictures for the yearbook were taken on March 1, the day of one of the year's worst snowstroms. Due to this storm many of the students were unable to attend school. Therefore in many cases, students are missing in the pictures of the var- ious organizations. 32. KT TOGRAPH S R .Ax 3 ' 4. .., 4 cglufoy mpg: . 15-f V w'-' +4 7 L - WA L s w o R T H Lllhoqllyhbl I loulld by 'll-IUOITII IIUTHEII -ueilino. Ko., U. l. K. 35 fi The Thomcston National Bunk COMMERCIAL DEPOSITS iii? SAVINGS DEPOSITS iii? SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Member Of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Thoma ston Maine PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS And It's All Done With LIGHTS! There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spot- light there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used. . . .How easily they can reflect' your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the im- portant Senior year .... The victories of the athletic teams. . . .The brilliance of social occasions .... The Prom .... . The plays .... The debates .... The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to by the fact that over three hundred schools and col- leges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Warren Kay Vcmtine Studio 132. Boylston Street Boston Massachusetts Union Foir AUGUST Z3 -27 , 1949 CONGRATULATIONS TO UNION HIGH SCHOOL ON ITS THIRD YEARBOOK Electric Refrigerators I wish to inform the general public that I am an authorized franchised dealer in Admiral electric refrigerators, electric stoves, radios and radio combinations, the entire Norge line of refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves. the Coolerator line of electric refrigerators, and Coolerator deep freezers and Apex washing machines. If you are in need of any of the above we will be glad to serve you. I also have twenty -five electric refrigerators franchised Glenwood, electric washing machines, or a chrome breakfast set, Youngstown sinks, new white enamel end heaters with factory installed oil burners. electric combination Dual ovens. My refrigerators are all deluxe and 1948 models, several makes and models 7 to 10 feet capacity. We will deliver within twenty -four hours after sale is made. Plenty of Lynn, A.B.C. and Silent Glow high sleeve range oil burners for S30.00, septic tanks, 300 and 500 gallon white -head electric hot water heaters, copper lined gas and oil hot water heaters, electric stoves, gas stoves, white enamel end heaters, gas and oil combination stoves, wood and coal stoves, a line of white sinks with or without cabinets, floor cabinets. lhave lots of radios and combinations. Dot type oil burning heaters, several makes and sizes at 101, lower prices than any place in Maine and 151: if you haul them yourself. This place is open week days, evenings and Sundays. We have the goods and one visit will convince you all. KALE R'S A Boston Store In A Small Town Washington Free Delivery Maine Phone 5-Z5 - Route 17 and 2.20 Lcawrence Portland Cement Co. Manufacturers Of DRAGON PORTLAND CEMENT MAINROK LIME Thomaston Maine Depositors Trust Co. Member Of FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM And FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Authorized to Act: As Executor and Trustee 13 Offices in Central Maine Waldoboro Maine The Courier Gazette KNOX COUNTY'S OWN PAPER Contains A11 The County News and Essential information Published Tuesdays and Fridays at Noon Available At A11 Newstands WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL KINDS OF' JOB PRINTING Rockland Maine PAYSON'S GENERAL STORE General Merchandise Phone Union 18-4 East Union Maine .. . hu ,.. 1, TRI-COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Farmall Tractors McCormick Deering Equipment International Refrigeration Parts - Service Rockland Phone Rockland 1Z88M Niaine Compliments Of THURSTON BROTHERS CORP. South Union Nlaine J. H. Miller, Owner - - C. Harry Brown, Manager WALDOBORO GARAGE COMPANY Authorized Lincoln, Ford, Mercury Sales and Service Trucks and Cars Main Office: Waldoboro, Maine - Phone 61 Viles Service Station, Waldoboro - Phone 155, "Hap" Walters, Manager Rockland, Ivlaine Branch - Phone 475, Fred L. 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GORDEN 8z SONS Meats and Groceries Dry Goods Union, Maine Compliments of A FRIEND WEWWISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE SP Q ,e, 77 ,

Suggestions in the Union High School - Reflector Yearbook (Union, ME) collection:

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1949, pg 61

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