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, 1 1 4 1 1 jn -l H t H r f ■ l k III H Bv5 Ikvt sSS Iwv f i i ■ w STsj SMfjJK Kl t ' jclT K l MHr sI «SK-WTtfnC ' ' ?JMH STUDENTS FALL 1-15 16-73 Opening Football Couples Football Cheerleaders Getting Around Cross Country Food Band Jobs Colorguard Spiri t Drill Team VICA DECA Red Cross FBLA Big Family Powder Puff Drama Productions Administration Faculty Support Personnel oyrtpScrr- jl3j 5 WINTER SPRING SUMMER 74-143 144-207 208-224 Wrestling Baseball Yearbook Staff Wrestling Cheerleaders Softball Academic Bowl Mat Maids Volleyball Puttin ' on the Hits Basketball Soccer Closing Court Cuties Tennis Ads Pep Squad Golf Index Winterguard Swimming National Honor Society Gymnastics FCA Track Youth Alive Art Language Clubs Journalism Vocal Music History Debate Science Drama Key Club Musical Student Council Juniors Wacky Olympics Sophomores Seniors Seniors of the Month Prom National Merit Scholars Valedictorian Salutatorian Senior Week Graduation Redskin 1985 Vol. XVIII Union High School 6636 South Mingo Road Tulsa, Oklahoma Student Life 1 1. Senioritis has gotten to Brad Beam and Trevor Hulse. They aren ' t sure which way is up. 2. The run through sign at Jenks says it all. 3. Billy Cherry drenches the floor in an attempt to bob for apples during an October pep assembly. 4. Mrs. Payne pins a corsage on head cheerleader Charise Hines in celebration of the squad ' s making it to the national cheerleading com- petition in Dallas. The girls took sixth in the nation. 5. Waving the Renegades on to victory is Junior Mark Anderson. 6. Ines Westphal agonizes over an essay in Mr. Weavers class. A Season of Hits . . . a handful of fun To everything there is a season . . . Summer flames into fall; fall fades into winter; winter melts into spring; spring blossoms into summer. The cycle is complete. So our lives are a cycle; each year is different, yet the same. There is football every fall and Christmas is every winter. The prom is always in spring, and summer is a time to forget school for a little while. Distinct seasons, separate experiences, yet all blended together to where it ' s difficult to separate one year from the next. This was a season of hits. Prince and Purple Rain toppped the charts and Ghosthusters broke box office records. Eddie Murphy was the hot name in Hollywood but Bruce Springsteen was still the boss. Closer to home, from the football championship that almost was to a campus that is almost complete, we faced our disappointments with dignity and accepted our honors with pride. We completed our cycle and when the class of ' 85 made way for the class of ' 86, it was the good times we remembered — the joys we shared together, individually and as a group; a season of hope for the future. A Season of Ticklish Situations 4 Student Life worth a 1,000 words 1 i tg r j l i .x ' m 1 «■ : r I i ' Jj HHjjj l hL ' ' ' ► ' O 1. The Florafax Company used Brian Prince. Tony Snoddy. Scott Waner, Tim Gray. Mike Ahdo. Brian Griet and Brad Beam tor a Valentine ' s Day promotional f oster. The poster received nationwide distribution. 2. Kim Herron boogies down to the jungle music of the band during a football game. 3. Juniors Reoee Snider, Lisa Gilbert, and Krista Farrier tr - to out veil the Semors. 4. Darin Pounds appears to enjoy singing to Seniors. 5. Cassie Wells expresses her personal opinion of school in geneml. 6. David Ellis has only one ambition in life — to become Mr. Universe. Student Lite 5 A Season of Togetherness the magic lasts forever For some, school is strictly business. Arrive, go to class, do work, go home. But for most, the social scene is far more important than the academic world. Let ' s face it, the only reason some people go to school is to see their friends. After all, some of the best relationships start out at school. Nothing in this world is better than a good friend. When things don ' t go just right, and in high school they often don ' t, a friend will be there. These comradeships may last a lifetime; graduation from school doesn ' t break the close bond formed by good friends. Teachers even get in- volved. They get attached to a student as a sophomore and cry as they graduate as a senior. Endless soap operas dominate the school social scene. Sophomores and juniors switch loves approximately every other week. Seniors tend to engage in more stable relationships, or they chose to stay free their entire last year of high school to play the field. When the month of May rolls around, it brings on excitement and fright. Regardless of future plans, a comforting thought always remains constant. Precious moments and dear friends will never fade from memory. 6 Relationships 1. Inseparables Susie Shock and Rick Vaughan emhusiasticallv watch a Junior Varsity football game. 2. Scott Coleman tries in vain to convince buddies Tim Gray and Brian Prince that Nebraska has offered him a full four year ride. 3. Shay Braun takes a moment with Karla Armstrong to share a smile. 4. With her arm draped around Mike Gibson. Trac - Moore waves a big hello. Also in on the celebration of a Redskin viaor.- are Christine Jones and Dana Seeber. 5. Celane Cahill and Tami Pippin boo at the sophomores ' attempt to sing. Surprisingly enough. Pat Kinney ' s side kick Shellev Phillips isn ' t with him. 6. The Absolutely Adorable award goes to couple Shawna Hodges and William Wilkerson. 7. Steve EUig and Michaele O ' Neill take a break from squabbling to share a tender kiss. Relationships A Season of Getting Around we ' re on the move Need a way to get to school? No problem; students at Union use several different methods to get to and from campus. Most use one of the following types of transportation. The School Bus: Used mainly by those too young to drive, these giant yellow vehicles will stop at nothing to get to school before 8:00. Busses aren ' t as prestigious as driving one ' s own car. but they do pro- vide students with a chance to make new friends, travel through scenic Tulsa, and get nasty cuts and bruises from the bumpy ride. Driven by a highly specialized team of professionals, (students swear that the drivers can be found as drill sergeants at Fort Sill), a ride on a school bus is always memorable. Said one student, " It was a living nightmare. " Walking: Some students walk to school through rain, snow, sleet, or hail (and usually, they arrive smelling like rain, snow, sleet, or hail). Definitely the outdoor type, these brave individuals hike to school each morning and sadly, are victimized by the students in cars who race by and throw food at them. Those who walk must always remember to brmg a compass, because the school can be hard to find in the jungles and barren wastelands that surround it. The Automobile: Although drivers like to see how fast their car can go in the parking lot without hitting anyone, " safety first " is the mot- to of all students. Leaving the parking lot during lunch and after school can be dangerous because everyone wants to be the first out, but the speedbumps stop any car from moving over two miles an hour. Many of the cars here are three times as old as their owners; it ' s always fun to find out if twenty students can fit in Grandma ' s Chevy. All car owners are proud of their autos and spend hundreds of dollars on repair. After racing back and forth to lunch for a few weeks, the same owners end up paying thousands of dollars on car repair. No wonder driving to school is so popular! Whether one ' s favorite transportation is any of the above, or bicy- cle, horse, or camel, getting to school each day is a unique experience to be always remembered (but hopefully soon forgotten). 8 Getting Around 1. Billy Hickman convens his car imo a double decker bus to take Amy Rhodes. Kim Mays, Oav-id SanMiguel, Pat Senter. Mike X ' ' ise. Michelle Conway. Andrea Thacker, and Kristen E)urbin to lunch. 2. A group of sophomores load a familiar yellow bus. 3. Katina Foster takes a chilly walk to the bus stop- 4. Pat Rhees tries to get his jeep in reverse. The jeep itself is a legend in its own time. 5. Angle Pendergrass and Sidney Arrington pack up after school with tag-a-long brother Bobbv Pendergrass. Gettine round A Season of Great Taste that touch of flavor goes everywhere " Eat, drink and be merry, " seemed to be the motto of many students this year. The fine art of gorging was practiced not only during iunchtime, but during classtime too; club sponsored parties were held constantly, and cook-days were a regularity in several classes. Organizational parties are educational get-togethers where every member brings a dish. Usually, everyone brings the same casserole, and the rest of the party is spent in the bathroom. One can always tell that it ' s cook-day when all the sophomores wear their oven mitts to school. The meals prepared are eaten, but the next day half of the students get some rare food poisoning disease. During the lunch hour (Why do they call it lunch hour when it ' s only 30 minutes. ), the cafeteria staff is faced with the task of feeding hundreds of starving students. Every day, hoards of rav- aged pupils storm the cafeteria looking for a scrap of food. Sadly, three cafeteria employees were recently trampled to death in the confusion. This year, riot patrols were sent to the cafeteria to pacify the crowd with gummy bears. Despite these little drawbacks, the commisary is world-famous for its cuisine, and a regular supplier of pizza burgers to Ethiopia. Many students leave campus at Iunchtime in search of food that is not 90% soybean. Fast food restaurants are usually packed with hunger stricken students, who always remember to eat a well balanced diet consisting of the four food groups. Nutrition is im- portant to the student body; favorites include bologna McNuggets and tuna fish pudding. Is it any wonder that food is the most important part of a stu- dent ' s life. ' ' 10 Gourmet Taste 1. Kristy Males takes the Family Living taste test. Peanut butter A isn ' t to her liking. 2. Mild maooered Brian Gnef certainly isn ' t shy about the way he eats his dinner. 3. Dawn Fortney still thinks Mickey Dees has the best shakes in town. 4. Gourmet chef Mr. Brad Burnham. makes a guest appearance in the single sur ival class. Here, he demonstrates making barbeque cups. 5. Babies need formula and sophomores need mtJk. so Greg Owens makes sure he gets his daily quota in the cafeteria. Gounnet Tasre A Season of Reality 1 1. Carey Adams prepares a bacon cheeseburger at Flakey Jakes. 2. Filling orders for pop at Taco Spot are Kyle Rhodes and Mike Wise. 3. Many students have found employment at Target. Here. Leslie Stewart checks out a customer. 4. Gifts III keeps Andrea Setser busy stockmg shelves. 5. Stacy Cheatham peddles athletic footwear at the Footlocker in the Mall. 12 Jobs leads to endless possibilities From cooking burgers to selling records, a part-time job is a vital portion of a student ' s existence. The fast-paced, sleaz)- world of shopping mails, supermarkets, and restaurants is a second home to many students. Typical jobs include cleaning tables, washing dishes, delivering pizza, or selling clothes. But then there ' s always those weirdo students who work in morgues, sanitariums, and butcher shops. Most students have some type of part-time job. Advantages in- clude extra spending money (always spent on school supplies, of course), and the opportunity to meet exciting new people ( " people like some guy named Merv who ' s flipped hamburgers all his life). Disadvantages of work are the dopey uniforms (usually consist of a polka-dotted shirt, a plaid paper hat, a bow tie, and a nametag that says, " Hi there! I ' d just love to help you! " ). Another horrible side-effect of a part-time job is when pupils bring their work to school with them; several students can be seen quickly stuffing their books in a brown paper bag, indicating that they ' re honor students by day and Skaggs sackers by night. But always remember — it ' s not the money that ' s important. Every working student feels that the valuable skills and talents taught in jobs are well worth the time and effort. Who knows what the future holds for these enterprising individuals. ' ' Perhaps the piz- za boys and dishwashers of today will grow up to become the doc- tors and lawyers, or more likely, the pizza boys and dishwashers of tomorrow. Jobs 1? 1. Senior Darrin Johnston takes a swing at a car while Terry Harrell watches. The baseball team sponsored the car bash during Homecoming Week to help finance their Spring Break trip to Florida. 2. Two year starter Billy Goombi stops for the pause that refreshes during the " mud bowl " with Sand Springs. 3. Football Homecoming Queen Susie Moore flashes a beautiful smile after she ' s been crowned. . Dressed in her national plumage for Senior Pride Week ; Hster Kane. Ester is from Korea. 5. Robyn Crabiree, Bruce Dieterlen, and Pat Kinney are typical Joe Kools 6. The alive class of ' 85 gathers on the gym floor to celebrate their spirit. 14 Spir A Season of Excitement everything you could ask for Tingles run down your spine from all the energy that our school expels. Most of the time spirit is associated with sports, but spirit really applies to everything. It rings through the halls from the Vocal Department. It splashes from the puddle that always forms on the walkway after it rains. It hammers from the construction men that keep on adding more halls for everyone to get lost in. It roams nauseously in the Science wing from dissecting cats. It drips from every couple that par- ticipates in public displays of affection. It yawns through the air during ail of those early 7:30 organizational meetings. It shakes around the entire gym when everyone does " THE WAVE. " It even shocks us for being tardy seven times and getting suspended for two days. Spirit pours from everybody, (awake or not) no matter who you are, where you came from, where you are now. or where you are going. Hiic 15 ' • t - ' X ' ' - ' " ' ' Af Hk . J i?W Hr .- » FALL Section Editor: Michaele O ' Neill Staff: Missv Cain. Pam Carr, Steve EUig, Ton Morano. Michelle Xorvel 18 Varsity Football Masters of the Game There Is No Substitute The hitting of pads, the gtinding of teeth, and the sweating of bodies began long before the actual football season. These grueling prac- tices are fondly known as 2-a-days. But the vigorous workouts in the sweltering August heat turned out to be worth it all. The Renegades rolled over the Hornets of Washington to win their first ever " All City Ti- tle. " Winning the prestigious preseason tourna- ment left the Renegades hungry for more. They got it. Shutting out Jenks 17-0 was the highlight of this explosive 9-1 season. By the end of September the whispering chant of " Take State " could be heard all over campus. By October, it was a roar. The team opened the playoffs by defeating Rogers. The Renegades climbed the ladder to reach the semi-finals, the " Final Four " of high school 5A football. What a match up this would be! The Renegades were scheduled to play their old nemesis, the Washington Hornets. Both teams had been number 1 and 2 in the rankings all year. It may have been only a semifinal game; but to Tulsa fans, this one was for the championship. Spirit was high all week. At the pep assembly before the game, Mr. Irvin made a rousing speech. He said " If you want to get it, you ' ve got to want it. " The Renegades wanted it, but the excellent Hornet offense proved to be unstoppable. When it was over, although the Renegades Opposite) Billy Cherry and Tony Snoddy maul their opponent with the Union crunch. Unable to halt Union s ot- ?nse, Sapulpa is crushed by the destructive power of Keith Pearson and Brian Grief. had lost on the scoreboard, they had won in the hearts of their fans. Tears mixed with sweat as the team that had come so far together left the field together for the last time. Even in the face of defeat, the players held their heads high and showed they had not lost their pride. The team was honored by being named All Conference Co-Champs. In addition, five in- dividuals received scholarships. Left Tackle Scott Waner, Running backs Keith Pearson and William Wilkerson were chosen by Central Missouri State. Defensive tackle Tim Gray was selected by Southwest Missouri State, and the University of Tulsa took on Quarterback Mitch Payne. Football Record Team Opp. Udioq All city: Rogers 20 21 East Central 7 23 Washington 17 20 Season: Muskogee 10 20 Memorial 7 51 Hale 57 Sapulpa 7 27 Edison 24 Jenks 17 Stillwater 21 17 Sand Springs 20 Bartlesville 14 1- ' Ponca City 19 55 State Playoffs: Rogers u •28 Talequah 21 28 Washington J3 Vaisirr Football 19 We ' re Not the Prey We ' re the Predator Front row: Randall Brown. Ronnie Fischer. Jeff McKnight, Shay Braun. Mark Seehafer, Chris Humes. Scott Witte. Billy Cherry. Neal Hope. DeAngelo Williams. Michael Bates. Ken Baily. Brent Long. Keith Pearson Second row: Bob Sanders. Kelly Goodwin, Mike Skates. Biff Norman. Mike Roberts. Tony Snoddy. Charles Witt, Brian Greif. Brad Beam. Cam Williams, Shawn Lankford, Kendall Hopkins Last row: Rick Vaughan, William Wilkerson. Mike Abdo. Tim Gray. Todd Edmonds. Pat Kinney. Jimmy Lea. Scott Waner, Brian Prince. Bruce Dietetlen. Mitch Payne 20 Varsity Football 1. Ken Bailey avoids a collision as Jimmy Murray follows through. 2. Quarterback Mitch Payne trucks on down the field. 3. Taking a dive into the unknown is William Wilkerson. 4. The obliteration of this Trojan is the prime concern of junior Joe Stagg. 5. Hale finds it difficult to escape the fut ' of defensive end Tim Gray. Varsitv Foocball 21 1. TTie Renegade defense huddles around Captain Tony Snoddy to get the next play. 2. Sophomore Mike Wise prepares to plunge through the opponents defense. 3. Leaping into the air is Billy Cherry trying to intercept a pass. 22 Varsity Football Everyday They give it all They ' ve got! 1. Neal Hope springs into the air just barely missing an interception. 2. The Mud Bowl was a series of sliding and slipping against Sand Springs. A filthy, grimy Williani Wilkerson is hit causing the ball to slip out of his hands. 3. Rick Vaughan tears down the Trojan Quarterback Reg- gie Barnes. Vaisin- Football Sophomore Attendant — Jaime Frederick Junior Attendant — Carey Adams Front row: Jaime Frederick, Julie Hecht, Susie Moore. Susan Shock. Carey Adams Back row: Squire — Tony Snoddy. Sophomore Escort — Keith Pearson, Senior Escort ■ Waner. Senior Escort — Brian Prince. King — Tim Gray. Senior Escort — Mike Abdo. Junior Escort — Brian Grief 24 Football Royalty Stride to where toste runs rich Homecoming week starred out with the traditional dress up days- As Monday rolled around, the school was overrun with more than the usual nerds. Tuesday was marked with anything historic, and everyone wore their Sunday best cm VCednesday. Red and white was the theme for Thursday- The queen was crowned in the auditofium. The alive class of ' 85 won the spirit link contest, and the jammin ' juniors wcm the spirit wall con- test. The students lucked out and didn ' t have to go to school Friday, but the teachers did. The game was against the Edison Eagles. The Pep Squad tan around selling balloons and ribbons. Finally the game began The boys looked a little shaky in the first qoaner, but by half-time things were looking up. The band and drill team performed during half-time as the anendants paraded around the field in a Porsche, Corvette, and ancient T-Bird. The girls ' fathers and even a brother escorted the lovely ladies. They cheered their team on to victory from the north endzone hoping not to get hit by the ball. Post-game activities starred with the colorguard performing and then it was on to the Commons for a dance to celebrate. The dance was a rare opportunity to see Mr. Williams do the two-step with his wife. Senior Attendant — Julie Hecht Queen — Susie Moore Football Rovaitv 25 Round and Round Again 1. Vada Gulletc and Cami Lewelen lead the school in the Fight Song. 2. Cheering for theJ.V. squad is head cheerleader Missy Crisp. 3. Andrea Thacker and Kim Padgett toss Julie Pestinger off their shoulders as she goes into a toe-touch. 4. In the year ' s first pep rally, Varsity cheerleaders perform the " Lucky Star " routine. 5. Booging down to the beat of the music is senior Mindy Elzea. 6. Junior Sheri Adams helps Stacey Graham turn a back sommy. ( htcrkadci dams.JiU Onsl ont row: Mindy Elzea. Charise Mines. Susie Moore, ( mi Itwtlkn. Apr. I i la tr Ba nda Conner, Shen Adams, Vada Gullett, Stacey Graham. Tracy McDonough. Mrs. Payr 26 Varsity Junior Varsity Cheerleaders We ' re Making Waves The cheerleaders were something to brag about in 19S5. As well as pro- viding ample entertainment and spirit boosters at the pep rallies, the cheerleaders worked throughout the year on a five minute routine for various competitions. They competed at the Tulsa State Fair Cheerleading Contest against Tula Metro area schools, and took first in the 5A division. They went on to Regionals in Norman where they qualified for National competition. The Varsity squad plac- ed sixth in the National competition against 95 other squads from around the country. The Junior Varsitj ' squad competed in a UCA sponsored con- test in Edmond, Oklahoma. Tracy McDonough and Julie Pestinger were nominated for All- American Cheerleaders at NCA sum- mer camp. Julie went on to try out and qualify f or the All-American j m ■ " squad that cheered in the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders — Front row: Mrs. Payne, Andrea Thacker, Missy Cnsp, Kim Mays, Julie Pestinger, Susan Humphries Back row: Courtney Cahill, Kristin Durbin, Kim Padgett, Amy Rhodes, Jamie Fredrick Varsity Junior Varsin- Cheerleii ' i I.Jeff Ray follows through m the backficid, after a hand-off to Mike Cook. 2. With breakneck speed, Chris Cabbincss prepares to be on the receiving end of Jeff Rays pass 3. Leading the Redskins to victory, Jimmy Murray plows onward. » Junior Varsity Football Satisfaction What the fight is really about Tuesday and Thursday nights were filled by going to the J.V. games. This team served as a backup to the Varsity. They definitely had the strength and ability to do the job. They were only beaten by two Varsity teams. Seven Junior Varsity players played at least twenty quarters in Varsity games to letter. They were: Shawn Bowman, Chris Cabbiness, Mike Cook, Steve EUig, Jimmy Murray, Brad Poindexter, and David Salyer. Sophomore Mike Wise did also. Juniors Billy Goombi, Tommy Keitges, and Joe Stagg engaged in Varsity play for the entire season. Once again the Renegades proved to be champs. Football Record Team Opp. L nioD Perrv- 7 28 Muskogee 6 1} Hale 6 28 Sedan Kansas 35 6 Sapulpa 18 54 Edison 9 Jenks 31 28 Sand Springs 7 1. Right guard Steve Ellig prepares to put an end to i Plainsman. 2. Taking a break during the game are Steve Overturt ' and Danny Pavne sucking on ice. From row: Wendall WiUiams, Steve Ovetturf.Jeff Ray, Todd Zachritz. Gary Henderson, Danny Payne, Jimmy Murray, Joe LeVan, Shane Weissinger Second row: Billy Goombi, Jeff Eycleshymer. Bobby Fetreiia. Jeff Graefe, Sean Downes. Mark Anderson, Brad Poindexter, Greg Hubbard, David Salyer, Tom Scott, Shawn Bowan. Back row: William Harrell, Matt Kinney, Joe Stagg, Chris Cabbiness, Mike Cook, Darrin Brost, Biff Stephens, Pat Rhees. Kyle Rhodes, Steve Ellig. Tommy Keitges, Steve Leippert, Junior Varsicv Foocfaell 2 5 Uneasy Riders Deadly traffic on the field Varsity and Junior Varsity weren ' t the only teams that underwent grueling practices. The Sophomore team held their own through two-a-days. Their work paid off in the first game against Bartlesville. They won 19-7. As the season came to a close the team had won 7 out of their 10 games. Although Sophomores are usually thought of as low men on the totem pole, these guys knew what they wanted, worked for it, and got it! Footbal Recorc Team Opp. L nion Bartlesville 7 19 Broken Arrow 31 7 Meinorial 7 21 Male J5 Sapulpa 7 14 lenks 21 14 Miami 7 }■» Ponta Citv 21 7 Owa.ssD 1-1 21 Broken Arrow 17 28 . Sophomore Bobby Agee shows that he only plays for kicks 2. Billy Hickm.in . nil H irr ( olburn bash their adversary. 11 Sophi 1. The agility of Jamie Schumann and Scott Harptr leads opponents on a strenuous chase. 2. During one of their exhausting workouts Sophomores Lance Hulet. Troy Young. David SanMiguel, and Bobby Agee await their turn for the water after Eric Witte, ■ ' JJtLlgU From row: Duane Buffalo, Greg Hopkins, David SanMiguel, Chris Hoffarth, Lance Hulet, Wayne Christian, Bryan Robinson, Scott Stephan, Tom Russel, Ronnie Daniels, Randy Penner, Brian Stout, Mark Schlcnket Second row: Michael Martin, Bob Skarecki, Jeff Harmon, Kenny Webel, Kelly Patrick, Joe Calaza, Mike McCauley, Chris Gray, Billy Payne, Mike Mitrik, Billy Hickman, Mike Wise, John Stinchcomb, Third row: Rusty Bishop, Don Blan, Troy Young, Ray Ishee, Dan Marchetti, Eric Witte, Steve Mizell, Mark Oliver, Rodney Broccard, Scott McGuire, Jim Loucks, Robert Smith, Jeff Moore, Mark Colburn Back row: Trevor Price, Mike Allen, Hank Fries, Mark Ryer, Jamie Schumann. Thad Bibb, Scott Harper, Jim Feltz, Steve Kirby, Danny Brown, Bobby Agee, Brant Lane Sophomore Football 1. Mike Brown offers a pat on the hack (or Craig Bollinger after a hatd race at ORU. 2. Mark Allen pulls through for another win. Boys Cross Country: Front Row: Mike Btown, George Linihan. Ctaig Bollinger. David Bran- don. Back Row: Brian Corry, Todd Krier. Mark Allen. Alton Haney. Coach Keith Eidson. 32 Cross Countn Across the miles The cross country team performed well over the past season of 9H4- 9 5. The five kilometre races that they competed in took endurance and a lot of practice. This was the first year for Coach Keith Eidson, and he supported the team with en- couragement and advice. The sport and the runners do not get as much recognition as they deserve, but Todd Krier and Mark Allen changed that. Mark took first in conference and seventh in state, showing the leadership that was needed to give the team a boost. ' ai M 1. Brian Co ly runs hard to make it co the finish hne tlrst. 2. Team unity is vert important, as Eimile Ryf ..Jamie Bolhnger. and i. ' hawna Hodges show. Girls f jss Country: Front Row. Eimile Ryan, Christine Jones. Jamie Bollinger. Back Ro«- CoacF ' m Bradshaw, Kathy Martinez, Jamie Mann, Kim Nl . Sophomore Attendant — Nelsynes Huerta Junior Attendant — Heather Gourdie From row: Heather Gourdie, Kim Herron, Lisa Hurlfy, Laina Lovelace, Nelsynes Huerta, Back row: Junior Escort — Jeff Switters, Senior Escort — Jon Evraets. Senior Escort — Brian Kane, Senior Escort — Shawn Northc utt, Freshman Escort — Greg Sligh 34 Band Royalty The Lasting Impressions On February 15th the bands annual concert was held in the auditorium. The festivities following the concen were to be the highlight of the evening. The band queen was to be crowned. As the attendants and their escorts filed in, the audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The only noise was the voice of announcer Greg Fahrenbach. At last the entire court was on stage. As in all royal- ty courts, the flower girl and crown bearer proved to be a special delight. The little boy dropped the crown and the little girl kept lifting up her dress for everyone to see. As Br an Kane crowned and kissed Lisa Hurley the two little people followed suit and kissed each other. The bright flashes of cameras brought the evening to an end, but it would always be a special remembrance for the entire court. Senior Attendant — Kim Herron Senior Attendant — Laina Lovelace Queen — Lisa Hurley Percussion - Front row: Greg Boots, James Lovelace, Greg Fehtenbach, Karl Koehler, Hal Fitzgetald Second row: LeeAnn Nij;htengale. LeAnn Kimmle, Brian Twibell, Tommy Aber- crombe. Gave Cornet. Kristma Curtam Third row: Aaron Gage, Tony Custer. Corey Craig, Greg Sligh, Fourth row: Larry Mark, Mitch Pirtle. Brian Kane Back row: Mark Duncan. Doug Hester. Elliott Ryan. Michelle Matlock Trombones — Clockwise from top: Daniel Franck, Robert Jenson, Lori Hendrickson, Ken Fry, Dattell Baskim, Bobby Friehng,Jon Evarets, Eri Gourdic. Rick Craft Marjorettes — Carol Haydcn, Liana Lovelace Seriously dedicated to get the job done Another outstanding year passed for the marching and concert band. Dur- ing the first semester, the marching band competed in some ver) ' tough com- petitions that were both local and national. In their first competition, the Port City Classic in Catoosa, the regiment placed 2nd. The regiment also placed 2nd at the Renegade Review, which was hosted by Union. Next the band performed at O.U. stadium for O.B.A., an Oklahoma competition, and placed 3rd. After these local competitions, the regiment competed in two na- tional ones. First, the regiment performed at the M.B.A. Regionals in Dallas, where they placed 7th. Then, the regiment went by bus all the wav to the M.B.A. Fall Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. The band placed in the top 25, for which the regiment received a plaque as well as certificates for each band and guard member. During the first semester, the band also attended a Regional Marching Contest held at the University of Tulsa stadium. The regiment received a one, a superior rating. To make for an even higher schedule, the band performed at all but one of the football games. VIellophones — Left to right: Shawn Noithcutt, Darla Anderson. Reagan Thummel. Craig Rollinger. Jeff Switters, Allen Queen, Pam Deem Trumpets — Front row: Becky Cupp. Dusty Meriable Second row: Brian Dert, Tommy Goad. Ken Camile Third row: John Guftan, Loti Trout. Karla Slij h, Jennifer Schweitzer Back row: Steve Shipman. Tom Elliott. Charles Grove. Scott Brown. Donavan Huftaker Tubas — Top to bottom: Pat Joffe, Sean Smith, Jon Hanei. Btant Christiansen. Stacy Smith Baritones — Top lo botioroijohn I eniko. Robby Holt. Dave Catuta. Karla Houston. Bill Maddox Lxophones — Left row: Bev Byrne, Paul Zardus, Nancy Loerkc, Page llnderwood Middle row: James Archer. John Kittelson. Brad Bigps Right row: Dana litchell. Brent Adams, Kyle Copeland rlaying to the crowd rhe more you hear the better we sound Clarinets — Top to bottom: Marna Colbert. Debbie Smith, Chris Carlton. Mitzi Banks. Dawn McNabb. Nicci Wong. Michele Bowers, Diana Thorne, Stepha Shell. Sherry Griego. Beth Maxey. Michelle Plishke, Inelmar Huerta. Lisa Hurley, Carmen Creel Flutes and Piccolos - Top to bottom: Angela Perriggo. Michelle Ferris. Jod.e Hall. Lavauna Perry. Bina Shaw. Tammy Timmers. Hollev Townes. Kerry Kinnius. Suzann Burnett. Susan Cowan. Elisa Allen The Renegade Regiment 1. Band queen Lisa Hurley hugs a not-too-excited Di: Thome. 2. Karia Sligh dons her rainwear tor the dance of rain during a tootbail game. 3. The bellowing sounds of the sousaphone are supplied by John Demko, Sean Smith, and Brant Christensen. From row: Gcnyce GrilTin, Tammy Dill, Allysa Boots. Stacy Hendrickson. Tracy Leach, Shannon Pope. Stacy Boevers. Robin Crahtree, Dawn Fortncy. Susan Payne. Amy Kelmer Second row: X es Canwright. Kim Jones. Sandy Foster. Nelsynes Huerta, Tammy Keltner, Shawn Tucll. Michelle Cummins. Tina Dill. Angle Fulton. Teresa Wheller. Melissa Beeton. Kelly Cummings Back row: Julie Boevers. Lisa Wheeler. Beckv Crabtree. Andrea Setser. Adrienne Jarnigan. Heather Gourdie. Tracy Sanderson, Jennifer Knapp. Cheryl Wilkinson, Stephanie Goad, Kim Zuiches. Sherry Hailey 1. A surprising look dawns on Senior Genyce Grif- fin ' s face as she moves through the routine. 2. Tammy Dill causes the butterfly flags to flow gracefully through the air. 3. Watching her step and keeping in perfect time to the music is Kim Zuiches during a foot- ball halftime show. 1. Shannon Pope appears to be yawning and flapping her wind ' s ai ihc same time, 2. A cross between a snarl and a laujjh escapes from Robin Crabtrcc ' s mouth as she tries to concen- trate on not dropping her rifle. 3. The " Best Arms " award went to Kim Hcrron and she ' s definitely proud of it. A flash of color adds dash to the Marching Band The swishing of bright colored flags and the slapping of wooden rifles could be heard during the football halftime performances. No. the band was not having a semi-major war. These famihar sounds were contributed by the col- orguard. As an auxiliary unit to the Renegade Regiment the girls competed at various contests. The guard took fourth place at the State Championship. They made a clean sweep at regionals in Fort Worth, Texas bv recei Tng Outstanding Rifles, Flags and Auxiliary Unit. Traveling on to Indiana, thev received 7th place. The group put in long hours and hot practices to accomplish their goais. Robyn Crabtree replied " I always would get so excited and smile when I caught my four (the rifle spins 4 times in the air). " Color Guird -!5 The team ' s officers began the award winning year by winning three awards at olficer camp in Norman, Oklahoma. These were — a Creative Night Award, a Spirit Award, and a Sweepstakes Award. From there, the teamwork really began! Team camp, held at NSU, was just the beginning. Here, the team received three awards; Most Admired Team, Creative Night Award, and the Sweepstakes Award. The team then returned home to show the Redskin fans that they have what it takes. They did have what it took! At both the Arkansas-Oklahoma Com- petition and the Oklahoma State Competition the team took first place in the category of Highkick. They also received Sweepstakes trophies at both. The officers also took first with their dance routine at Arkansas. At each of the competitions an Individual competition was held. Among the finalists at Arkansas was Alison Chinn. Karann Brandt! won the title of Miss Arkansas-Oklahoma. At the Oklahoma State Individual Competition Alison Chinn, Lisa Howard, Karann Brandt, and Leigh Stewart made finals. Leigh Stewart recaptured her title of Miss Oklahoma for the second year in a row. 1. Looking like ancient Egyptians, Lisa Howard, Heather Hawkins, Marissa LeBleu, Mary Schroeder and Julie Heclit show their school pride at one of the first pep assemblies. 2. The gym is packed while the drill team treats the student body to a performance of their award winning Novelty routine. 3. It ' s easy to get all wrapped up in a performance as Suzannah Hufl- man, Alison Chinn, and Michelle Magid demonstrate. 44 Drill Team They ' re at it again Get the feeling -Aft • ' it -l- ' f v r ' " ' 1. One can always count on a Highstepper halftime at tootball games. Valerie Becknell. Leslie Stewart and Shelbv Kane execute a highkick routine. 2. Sophomore Angie Montgomer)- flashes one ot those grin and bear it " smiles. Front row: Junior Lt. — Alison Chlnn, Senior Lt. — Leslie Stewart. Captain — Leigh Stewart. Co-Captain — Lisa Howard, Junior Lt. — Christy Creger Second row: Sponsor Glenda Payne, Shelley Phillips, Mary Schroeder. Julie Hecht Third row: Karann Brandt. Suzannah Huffman, Charla Kelley, Missy Koskey, Kim Travers, Heather Hawkins. Pam Hopkins. Stacy Butler. Michelle Magid Back row: Shelby Kane, Angie Montgomen ' , Kim Harris, Shelly Parrish. Caty Glocker.Jodi Walker, Marissa LeBleu, Michelle Robinson, Kristm Etsberrv. Elizabeth Owens. Debbie Ruckman. Erin Price, Valerie Becknell. Making the bucks Vocational programs provide students with the oppor- tunity to work and receive school credit. DECA Sponsor Pam Wallace and VICA Sponsor Carol Lavendusky work with employers to locate jobs for students and then follow them through the course of their employment. Students have opportunities during the year to demonstrate leadership and management skills at various local, state and national contests. The groups also par- ticipate in various community service projects, such as helping senior citizens Christmas shop at Target and escorting Hissom students to the state fair. 1. DECA officers: Front Row: Reggie Young. Photographer Reporter; Ronnie Robinson, Parliamentariar Dcnisc Malocsay. Treasurer Second Row: Rhonda Jones, President; Eva Johnson, Secretary Back Row: Shawl Smith, Chaplain; Pann Wallace. Sponsor; Michele Goodwin, Historian 2. DECA members: From Row: Briai Cook, Dwayne Neal. Rusty Wheatcraft. Tia Hutchins Second Row: Wendy Ragan. Elizabeth Bates, Karl Armstrong, Jamie Myers. Susie Moore, Laurey Bundrick, Sonya Parish. LaTona Whiteley. Shelly Andersoi Back Row: James Tomlm. Gary Graham. Mike Tucker. Raymond Vaughn. Brent Daniel. Bill Monson, Chri Freeman. Robyn Boyles. Marnic Summers. David Ribbe 3. VICA members: Front Row: Janelle Adamsor Sara Banks. Angle Fielding. John Gray. Jason Schwicr. Second Row: Steve Williams. Kelli Middaugh. Darre Martino. Melanic Forehand. Steve Wallace Third Row: Terry Zinn, Jimmy Mctcalf. Corey Andrews. Kelli In man, Carol Brooks. Chad Cochran Back Row: John Stratman. Steve Moore, Kenny Tonihka, Sponsor Car(;] Lavendusky 4. VICA presisentjason Schwier conducts an initiation for new members. ij 46 DECA VICA From row: Mrs. Gallery, Chrissie Norris, Attonia Edelman, Charise Hines, Bruce Marsh, Ms. Kelsey Second row: Dawn Atwcll, Angela Carter, Shirin Davis, Teresa Heminger, Kay Chisholm, Treatte Honsinger, Brad Beam, Kristy Males Third row: Anna Ryan, Kathryn Hall, Jim Rexroat, Lori Trout, Rachel Hula, Kristy Duffy, Scott Witte. Julie Hccht Fourth row: Rob Eyon, Betsy Lea, Gene Phillips, LcAnn Kimmie, Teresa Blue, Chris Otte, Dana Secbcr Fifth row: Angle Noel, Elizabeth Woodard, Tina McCoy, Colin Clements, Don Curry, Julie Gotner, Mary Schroeder, Mindy hlzea Sixth row: Susanne Mason, My Luong, Teresa LeFlore, Shannon Bailey, Lacy Smith, Fatty Fratz, Melinda Conner. ' I ' racy McDonough Back row: Jennifer Hill, Amy Cagle,Jeannie Kimm, Chris Ellison, Chrissy Kennon, Kathy Bell, Lenymar Huerta Believe and succeed This year FBLA had 65 members. At Christmas they sold ornaments, whi ch was a successful fund raiser. They also had a Christmas party. In February, they had an an- nual Blood Drive through the Red Cross with 70 successful donors. In March, they went to the State Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City with 7 out of 10 in the state of Oklahoma in various competitive events. Those who took places were: Don Curry — Business Law — 10th place, Bruce Marsh — Mr. FBLA — 8th place. Angle Bowker — Ms. FBLA — 8th place. Susanne Mason — Word Processing Machine Transcription — 8th place, Kay Chisholm — Typing II — 5th place, Jim Rexroat — Ac- counting II — 3rd place, and Chris Otte — Ac- counting I — 3rd place. Service is our business Red Cross is a local youth organization devoted to community service. The chapter here, sponsored by nurse Eydie Leeds, received three or four humanitarian ser ice awards this year. Among their many projeas were filling 200 Christmas stockings for needy children and sponsoring a canned food drive. Members at- tend meetings at the local and district level. As a fairly young group. Red Cross is last becom- ing a top organization. Front row: Dawn Holt, Scot Johnson, Joe LeVan, Mark Delozier, Cathy Hernandez; Second row: Courtney Smith, Monica Sachdev, Kristi Holsey, Nancy Sherwin; Third row: Saima Makdoom, Kathy Ishee. Stacey Christlieb, Suzanne Mason; Fourth row: Aparna Mallavaram, Vicki Hernandez, Shonn Davidson; Back row: Eydie Leeds Red Cross FBL. 1. One of (he lii lamily hijjhi.ght llaiiiilrun rcnivinj; ]m pit hum a true love, 2. Shawn Lankford and Shauna Hodj;cs par (itipare in the tainuus International iport that involves chc transfer of a lifesaver from one per- son to another. 3. Jayne-Anne Waring does her ood deed by passing out Halloween candy at th e Children ' s Medical Center. All in the family A singular sensation Once again the largest school organization. Big Family provided students with the chance to help others and at the same time enjoy themselves. As alwa) ' s, this branch of Future Homemakers of America provided company and support to youngsters at the Children ' s Medical Center. Other beneficial services included the creation of anti-drunk- driving commercials; members wrote, produced, and starred in two T.V. advertisements that showed the dangers of drinking and driving. Both commercials were allowed extensive air time, giving Big Family the local recognition it deserves. The fun enjoyed by Big Family members accounts for the success and popularity of the group. Activities such as the Football Spirit Breakfast, the hayride, and annual powder puff game were the students ' favorites. Another favorite was the " Jungle Love " banquet where members donned jungle attire and were entertained by hypnotist Richard Delafont. Highlights included Dr. Delafont ' s spell on Travis Hulse, who was hyp- notized into performing a snazzy version of " California Girls. " 4S [)ig I-amily Todd Edmonds, Mitch Payne. Billy Cherry, and Chris Humes show their ' Jungle Love " it the HIF party. Vada Gullet and Heather Hawkins fall under «he hrp- notist ' s spell. Seniors — Front row: Leslie Phillips. Tracy Moote. Michelle Rosenthal. Anke Schnapper. LeAnn KimtrJe, ShcUev Phillips. Kelly Colvin Second row: Lisa Howard. Susan Schock. Julie Corner. Kristy Males. Karla Armstrong:. Michaele O ' Neill. Tracy LiUeskau. Leigh Stewart Third row: Rick Vaughn. Trevis Hulse. Charles Witt. Brad Beam. Chris Humes. Todd Ed- munds. Shav Braun. Cam Williams. Robert Foster, Bruce Dieterlen Back row: Susie Moore. Mrs. Smith. Eric Wyatt. Pat Kinney. Bob Sanders. Scott Colemaru Jeff McKnight. Mike Gibson. Tim Gray. Brian Prince. Neal Hope. Mike Abdo Sophomores Juniors — Front row; L " nn Collier. Mike Cook. Steve Leipperr. letY Graefe. Chns Cab- biness. Heather Hawkins. Lisa Gilbert. Sheri . danis. Kim Travers Second row: Lon Scott. Toni Tener, Dannv Pavne. Javne . nne Waring. Tracy McDonough, Butch Gav. Billv Pierce. Jill Oiistott. Jeff Ray. Vada GuUett Third row: Kim Geis. Michelle N " or»el. Stacey Phillips. Liz Drake. Shannon Waggoner. Qaudia Miller, Christv Creger. Svdnev . rrington. Deanna Birchim, Carev Adams. Fourth row: PatT Pratz. Melinda Con- net. Jodie Hald. Jenny Hamlm. Audra Pendleton. Jen- nifer Turner. leff Parker, Stacie Graham, Kristin Adams, Mike X ise. Jeff Harman Fifth row: Mike Bradley. Alin Snvastava. Ben Wise. P. W. Phillips, Kyle Whisder, Heather Chaffin. Tara Peterson, Missv Cain, Manissa LeBleu. Kristin Elshern. Mrs. Baker Back row: Pam Carr. Steve Ellig. Sean Solomon. Courtney- Cahill, Vender Walston. Kannn Brandt. Krisra Farrier. .-Kneie Montgomery. Shelby Kane Bi£ Famiiv 4 1. Senior team running back Charise Hines explains plays as Christine Jones listens intently. 2. There is no doubt that the powder-puff game was permanently recorded on file as Tracy McDonough, Sheri Adams. Michelle Magid. Michaele ONeill. Kristy Duffy and jill Onstott snap their shutters 3. Kendall Hopkins was one of the most attractive powder-putf cheerleaders that cheered the Big Family Team. t 0 Powder Puff Football Females with lots of clout Nothing faster on two feet Once again girls tried to enter a boys ' game! Not only did they try. but thev suc- ceeded. The annual Powder Puff game was a smash between Big Family and the Juniors. Although it was only flag football, the girls got a little rough. A few sneak tackles could be seen from the sidelines. Halftime was a treat. Dana Seeber crowned Billy Cherrs- King and topped it off with a deep dip and a kiss. Play resumed and ended with the Juniors being the victors. A few hard feelings resulted, but for the most part, the girls just had tremendous fun plaving a guvs ' game. 1. A tradition and a comedy act, the game would not be complete without sup- port of the cheerleaders. Here Juniors Darryl Clark, Kyle Rhodes and Pat Rhees start up the Union train. 2. DeAngelo Williams coaches Lori McClain and Sherry Hacker on the snap. 3. Jamie Bollinger races to the goal as Vender Walston guards and Kay Chisholm pursues her. Powder Putt Football 51 Nerves are on edge In the Spotlight The Musical is definitely not the only production that the Drama Department does. They managed to work two other fan- tastic plays in to their busy schedule. Ten Little Indians was an eerie mystery with puzzling suspense. The cast tried Passionella out on all of the English classes and took it to competition for raving reviews. The UPAC is a great asset to the school and our future actors and actresses. The drama class has made it more than just a place to have assemblies. 52 Drama Productions 1. Eric Pugh and Tr:iiy l.illeskau lUTldriii with elii- intensity ol true liroadway auorv 2. A.lmiri. truck across sta) e in pursuit ol her. 3. The scene is set in Ten LiiiU hiJimn as another Indian is metamorphosis of a poor chimney sweep to the heautiful Passionella is perlorrned liy Amy Wils must have been especially for Tracy l.illeskau. . of the heantitui I ' assionella isMi, . Itoin theshclf. 4. The 1 5. The role of Hajsionella Dnma Productions 53 Principal — Jerald Williams A-J Assistant Principal — Dcm Davidson K-Z Assistant Principal — Curt Risner 54 Administration Administration Taking Charge 1. Taking one last look ovtr the class of 1985 IS Dr. Jarnian. 2. Larry Miller chuckles as one senior bov eicla:rr.s " Mom, I made it! " 3. Steve Zemhoefer and Bryan G ats are introduced b)- Mr. Williams. chool Board: Member - Larry Miller, Member - Steve Zenthoefer, Clerk - Harold Reed, Vice President - Al.son Moore. Presid. enc — Bn-iin Coats, Superintendent — VTeslev Tsrman. Adminisciation 55 What kind of student were Carlotte Bachman — Home F.conomics ■ ' I was active in cluhs such as FHA, Stu- dent Council and FTA ' Don Bailey — Driver Education, Football " I was preoccupied with trapping and fishing on the I ' pper Birdcreek wilderness area. " Treva Baker — Home Economics " I was mostly " A " good student, but also made time for fun! " Debra Barlow — World Literature " I was the type of student who was at school everyday. I knew even way back then that I wanted to teach. " 56 Faculty you in high school: ' ? Dale Barnett — Patrick Bell — Instrumental Music Physics, Chemistry, Aeronantics, Astronomy " One who constantly searched for academic quantum jump. " the Jim Bradshaw — Psychology. Girls Cross Country " An average student with strong self-motivation. " Brad Burnham — Biologv " One who was so curious and in- terested that I had to be invol -ed with ever ' thing that was going on. " Mrs. Finley reveals her true identity as the lost Marx Brother. Raymond Caldwell — Biology " The time sulfuric acid dissolved my new pants at the belt Une, in front! " Sue Christopher — Algebra, Geometry " My most embarrassing moment was when durmg 6th hour Mr, Williams, along with two newsmen, walked in and filmed me teaching geometry proofs. It made me a nervous wreck and caused my mind co go blank ' " Gary Chronister — U.S. History, Psychology " The time my students forced me to put on a black negligee. It was disgusting! They all knew I looked better in blue " Donna Ciucci — Special Services " When I asked for the definition of the word " dike " for a story we were reading in class about flood waters. Oh. the responses! " Tom Clark — German, U.S. History " I translated the German sentence, " Ich steige aus, " which can have a decidedly different meaning in English. " 58 Faculty Donna Coplon — Political Science, U.S. History " Some students put an obscene picture of Walter Mondale on the wall, and I didn ' t notice it until 10 minutes into 5th hour. " Winston Deeds — Welding " A very pootly constfucted project made in class. " What was your most embarrassing moment: C ' Phyllis Dolence — ? Patricia Deuvall — Spanish One time I ttipped over an open file cabinet drawer. Mark Dobbins — U.S. History, Boys Basketball " I wrecked the family car the first night I had it trying to coax a little cutie to go riding around. " Phyllis Dolence ■ Journalism, American Literature " One day, my " fancy " stockings ended up in buncheraround my ankles. The kids laughed all day and I didn ' t realize I was the joke. " Jim Duncan — Biology, Geology " When the students took up a collec- tion and paid a student to eat several frog parts after a dissection and he liked them! " Mrs. Cain quietly steals the absentee slip so she can have an extra hour for lunch. Keith Eidson — Joe Elder — Kenille Elmore — J.W.Emerson — Drivers Education, Boys Cross American History, World Vocal Music, Music Theory Football Countrv History ' ' - ' " ' ' " ' had a teenage idol, " Plastic man — because he could get in " Lassie. " " Was I ever a teenager. ' in music - Eric but my favorite actor was Gregory and out of trouble just by wiggling Burdon and the Animals. " P :ck " through. " Ron Evans — U.S. History, Girls Basketball " Al Rosen (5rd baseman for the Cleveland Indians) was a triple crown winner my senior year. " do Faculty Jane Finley — American Literature, Yearbook " Mick Jaggcr — he didn ' t seem to care what anyone thought of his bizarre behavior. " I.Mrs. Koberis. Mrs. hnle . Mrs. Cain. Mr Padgett, Mrs Christopher, Mr. Slemp, Mrs. Tonej . and Mrs. Woody shosv their true colors on Nerd Day ' 2, Mrs. Yates works dMigently on Ofganizing the National Honor Society. }. Coach Dobbins kicks back after a rough weekend! Jim Fisher — Counselor " Mickey Mantle was my idol, because he was the best at what he did Janis Fowler — Jana Goforth — World Literature Art ■ " I always admired Pat Boone, for his I teally looked up to a person who was voice and foi his faith. " not famous, but influenced both my life and career choice. Mts. Carol Kiper, an ait teacher at Memorial High School. Marty Golden — Ruth Goudeket — American Literature Computers, Typing " I don ' t recall. I ' m not sute if I aaually " Perr}- Como — He was good looking didn ' t have one or if it ' s just been too and sexy and still is. " long ago to remember! " Who was your teenage idol? " Proportion boards can be lots of fun, " says Mrs. Toney. Sandy Hanlin — Baseball, Drafting, Football ■ ' My senior trip, three days and nights that ended 12 years of hard work, play, fun and success. " David Hudson — Drivers Education " I was bucked olt j hull and jar vertebra. It stunted m growth ai Nancy Hynes — English Literature " Cutting retreat my )unior year receiving one month ' s of detention! ' Jilljarman — Special services " You really don ' t expect me to have it published. Do you. ' ' Tim Johnson — Wrestling " Defeating a WPIAL Wrestling Champ my senior year after he beat me my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. " 62 Faculty What was your most memorable experience in high school? Donald Jones — Physiology, AP Biology, Genetics, Softball " It was the 60 ' s, a great time to grow up.- Ed Kenney — ARC, Physiology, Embryology " The day I teceived my teachet of the yeat award. " Connie Keller — English Literature " CENSORED!!! " Terry Keisey — Business Law, Shorthand, COB, Typing Wmning only 1 football game my sophomore. 2 my junior, and 3 my senior year. " Pamela Klein — Algebra, Geometry " Participating in our annual musical produaions. " Carol Lavenduskv — VICA, American Literature " I was chosen as one of the Hale Aquanettes. I tried out because I liked the swim team captain, but I lost that comperition. " After 9 years of trying, Mr. Weaver finally made the cover of English Teachers Illustrated. If you could be anyone else, Eydie Leeds — Nurse " I like to travel, so I guess Id be astronaut on the space shuttle. " Tony Martray — Bill Mann — Drivers Education Counselor " I would be Don Meredith so I could " King Solomon because of his make $100,000 a year singing " Turn out wisdom. " the lights " every Monday night. " Judy McCormack - Spanish " I really have never wanted to be anyone else because I feel blessed by being a teacher at UHS. When I was in high school I wanted to be a missionary in Bolivia. " Claudia Meyer — World Literature " Giptain Morgana Fey, the beautiful, but brainy 21st Century starship commander. " Camera-shy, Mr. Slemp mutters " Put that piaure in the yearbook and I ' ll dissect you for biology class! " 64 Faculty who would you be: ? Steve Miller — US Histor)-, Football I would be Sieve Miller with Jeff Moore — Chemistr} ' , Football " A millionaire chemistry teacher. " Steve Moran — Physiology, Biology, Chemistry " Albert Einstein, to have the capacity- to understand what has not already been understocxl. " Mr, Elder demonstrates his classic John Wayne impression. Deena Morton — Accounting " 1 think I ' ll stick with " me. " I know that isn ' t very original but I keep thinking of that old saying, " The grass is always greener . . . " I ' d rather not take any chances. " Cindy Murphy — Business Machines, Accounting, General Business " I like myself the way I am 1 wouldn ' t want to be anyone else. " Steve Nibbe — Stagecraft, Speech, Drama " A cross between Danny Kaye. Dick Van Dyke and Vincent Price. " Faculty 65 Describe your first car. Megan O ' Halloran — Special Services " The green bomb — a 74 Chevy Caprice, a real party wagon! " Bill Padgett — U.S. History, Football " 1954 green Ford " The Tank. " I drove my car off the side of Broken Arrow Expressway where it crosses Sheridan Road. The battery turned over on the coil and it began back firing! " Glenda Payne — Drill Team, Aerobics, Cheerleading " My first car was spony Maiibu, named Mandy! It had a standard shift. " Max Pope — Algebra II, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry " 1954 blue-green, two-door, customline Ford " Gerald Powell — June Ray — Career Education COE, Typing " My 1929 (20) Model A with Rumble " 1971 automatic red Pinto with black Seat, was my pride and joy. I was one of and white checked seat covers. " only 12 students at Rogers High School who owned a car. " 66 Faculty Jacqueline Raid — French, Spanish " I don ' t remember my first car. I am serious, my first long dress — maybe — but not my first car. " 1. With the arrival of Ross Holmes in September, the pitter-patter of little Vice- principals can be heard at the Davidson household. 2. Always eager to help are friendly librarian, Mrs. Webb and aide, Mrs. Nethercutt. Dave Reynolds - Math, Algebra " 1950 Olds, k drowned. " Bill Ricci — American Literature, English " A 1957 Rambler stationwagon. It was red, grey and rust with curb feelers and various other options. " Joella Roberts — Algebra, Geometry " A brand-new 1971 orange Camero from Daddy. " Nancv SanMiguel — Typing " My first car cost only one dollar. With a $1.00 raffle ticket, my dad was the winner of a used 1950 black Ford Sedan which he gave me. " Melinda Sears — Algebra lan — ]ust like my father. ' Buddy Slemp — Biology, Baseball ■ ' 6 ' 5 " 255 pounds, 5 ' 9 " 180 pounds ' Donna Smith — Home Economics " Nurse — dissecting in Biology made me queasy, so I changed my mind. " Elizabeth Stevens — World Literature, American Literature, Spanish " I wanted to be an airline stewardess so that I could travel to foreign countries and speak to the citizens. " 68 Faculty What did you want to be when you grew up? Mrs. Smiih runs off Reverend Keeneys script for Jimmy Lea and Julie Halvin ' s mock weddiiig. Joan Stuckey — Counselor " I wanted to be a ballerina. The grace and beauty ot the movements in ballet are appealing to me. " Diane Thorpe — Algebra. Trigononnetry, Analytic Geometry " I wanted to be a cowgirl. I grew up on a farm ranch and always loved working outside. " Mickey Toney — Geometry, Algebra Carol Trompeter — French interpreter, phvchologist. and an Phil Tuttle — Woods. Football " Architea. but the only school that would give me i football scholarship didn ' t have an architectural program. ' Dianne Walker — Political Science, U.S. History " It ' s been coo long. I can ' t remember. " Pam Wallace — Distributive Education, General Business " I went on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend to a drive-in movie. Dad found out and said no more drive-ins! " Natalie Warren — Gymnastics " On my 16tli birthday, I went out and forgot my house keys. I had to ring the door bell and wake up my parents to let me in. " Michael Weaver — ARC, AP English, English Literature Her parents took us to The Wheel. We skated to Marty Robbins singing " White Sport Coat and a Pink Carna- tion. I was only 12. " Mary Beth Webb — Librarian My mother remembers my first formal; I was so short that the part she cut off the bottom of my dress was used to cover up the top, because I was too young for a strapless. " 1. After a long ptactice, Mr. Barnett is admired and respeaed by his students. 2. Mr. Powell assists Greg Albert in writing his name. Tell us all about your first date. Mel Whittington — Area Wilson — Jean Woody — Lana Yates — Biology, Chemistry Reading Geometry, Computer Math English Literature " In 8th grade a girl asked me to a " It was with my husband when he was " It was after a Tuesday night basketball Til m :ver tell! " dance. In later years I became " best " ' at honored as an outstanding tackle in game with the " star " of our basketball the " Twist " . " football on KOTV Channel 6. Lee Woodward was the host of the dance show. " team. He picked me up in his ' 54 Ford; we went to get a coke. " Bobbi Daer — Library Aide Kathy Griffey — Linda Grounds — Daria Harris — Linda Netiiercutt — Attendance Secretary Receptionist Principal ' s Secretary Aide 2 Support Personnel Hobbie Dacr shows ofl tier liirihday prc-stni given ti; tier b)- (he custodial staff. Day f :uslodians - Lefr lo righl: Kokrt Oros-o I ra- ;, Ular.ton. jatnes . ' .; - ' .iiUi - 1 hSH :Mi ,.n. urn it ? r K C Mgr p " VM H H H HIBHI Kb i l wr " v a 1 Night Custodians — Left to right: Front row: Sonny Vaughn. goc Ngo. Futsum Kibrearb Second row: Dottie Shives. VC ' illard Richards. Wilma Nichols, Raymond Dunlap. Art Daniels. Bart Moffitt. Hazd Lechhder, Chet Pearson Back row: Karen Baker. Alice Houston. Eric Elkins. Vernon Bruton. Correl! CoUins. Art Eytchison, Dennis Beckly Cafeteria Staff — Left to right: Front row: May Freedmon, Margaret McNatt. Mar - Housdan. Barbara Hunsberger, Evelyn Wolfe Back row:Janet Hill. Bren- da Warren, Wanda Dalke. Merline Planer Support Personnel i N« ' .i - WINTER Section Editor: Michaele O ' Neill Staff: Heather Chaffin. Leah Fagundes, Dana Hamblin, Kim Hoots, Connie Powell. John Startman Winter Division 75 76 Wrestling An ominous tremor on the mat causes a takedown for 2 Takedown, Takedown — 2-2, echoes through the gym with the beat of hands on the mat. The crowd roars as he puts him on his back. Only 5 seconds left, everybody is scream- ing. Finally, the referee slaps the mat indicating a pin! Wrestling is often viewed as an individual sport. Actually it took all 13 guys to make up one fantastic team. Each wrestler contributed certain characteristics and strenuous workouts that made the team good. At 101 Mark Blue did extremely well. Scott Loud, an inspiring freshman, wrestled at 108. Since Mark and Scott were practically inseparable they were dubbed Papa Smurf and Baby Smurf. Scott Johnson, Billy Pierce, and occasionally Kip Ewing switched around at 115 and 123. Butch Gay managed to get away from his mom long enough to do a fantastic job at 130. Unfor- tunately he suffered a back injury at the Geary Tournament and later Mike Gibson filled in beautifully. Keith Kapple and Steve Hart traded off at 136. After basically starving himself down to 136, Junior Darryl Clark lighted at 148 taking 3rd place at state. Senior Billy Cherry jammed at 141. The 157 class was held by none other than 2 time State Champion Baron Blakely. A real improvement was made by Senior Mike Roberts at 168. Steve EUig and Bobby Ferreira wrestled at 178 and ISX). Steve lived in constant fear of having to get his precious auburn curls cut off. Unfortunately Bobby acquired a knee injury. Mike Skates and Steve Rob filled the gap. Last and definitely the biggest was Billy Goombi at Heavyweight. Billy finally put his mind to winning and placed 4th at State. So many talented wrestlers were available that a Junior Varsity or B-team competed. They did well and always provided excellent back up for the Varsity Team. New Coach Tim Johnson pulled the guys together, put them through dripping with sweat practices, yelled at them when they weren ' t giv- ing it their all, and managed to be a big brother all at the same time. Wrestling Record Team Opp. Union | Muskogee 12 46 Bartlesville 15 49 Sapulpa 34 27 Jenks 18 55 East Central 21 41 Webster 27 36 Bixby 24 36 Sand Springs 31 36 Midwest Cit 36 15 Ponca City 40 15 Broken Arrow 27 24 Stillwater 26 29 Quad at Shawnee: Yukon 22 39 Mustang 27 34 Shawnee 32 30 Union Classic — 3rd place Geary Tournament - — 4th place Edison Tournament — 5rd place Regionals — 4th place State — 6th place Billy " The Chief Goombi tries to take down the 395 lb. blob from Perry. Billy went on to take 2nd place at the Gear)- tournament. Senior Baron Blakely cranks on a Mid West City opponent. Wrestling 1. Darryl Clark tv-ibt a li tr intu a prttzcl position go- ing for a tall in the dual against wrestling rivals Broken Ar- row. 2. Working to turn over a Ponca City opponent is Senior Mike Gibson. 3. Before being injured at the Geary Tournament all hopes are high on taking first place for Junior Butch Gay at 1 30 pounds. 78 Wrestling Explosive Finds 4 Grapplers at State From row: Scott Zahn. Scott Johnson. Billy Pierce, Kip Ewing, Steve Hardt, Butch Gay, Mike Gibson, Mike Finley, Jeff Jordan, Mark Blue. Scott Loud. Justin Kirkland Second row-: Mike Mitrick, Joe Kim, Danny Ringhoff, Paul Payne, Jason Cooper, Ray Ishee, Keith Kapple, Vince Stephen, Ed Brodrick. Rob Gregory, David Woodard Third row: Tixld Gliddeii, Richard Sapcut. Brian Martin. Brian Gist. Ron Phillips, Kelly Patrick, Darryl Clark, Baron Blakley, Trevis Hulse, Daniel Hill Back row: Trev Barnes, Tommy Stew-an. Chris Grav. Steve Robb, David Duncan. Ray Vaughn, Tommy Gambill, Ronald Peterson Master Coach Johnson 1. Placing 4th in the Geary Tournament, Billy Cherry ' CT J f- ' avoids a takedown. 2. Scott Loud prepares to put his «-. ji " T rival flat on his back. m tmf 80 Wrestling I has a new triumph 1. At 123 pounds Billy Pierce pucs in a half to turn a Broken Arrow Tiger over. 2. Not being beaten once this year. Baron Blakeiy does a painful figure four on his adversary. Wtesdine 81 Sophomore Attendant — Julie Pestinger Junior Attendant — Krista Farrier From row: Krista Farrier, Christine Jones, Dana Sceber, Julie Pcstinper Back row: Squire — Mike Gibson. Junior Escort — Butch Gay. Senior Escort — Mike Roberts, King — Baron Blakley, Senior Escort — Billy Cherry, Sophomore Escort — Mark Blue 82 Wrestling Royalty KL. Senior Attendant — Dana Seeber Once in a lifetime s avor the magic Keeping witii tradition the wrestling court was a little different. It lacked another Senior attendant, but the four girls chosen had no problem filling the gap. The official coronation was held in the auditorium. At the match the girls were escorted across the gi,m floor. Baron Blakley and Mike Gibson trailed behind with a gorilla on their arms. This gorilla was the team mascot and he was dubbed " Sampson. " Broken Arrow, one of our arch rivals, was the opponent for the evening. The night promised to be vet) ' exciting, especially since Mr. Williams ' son, Danny, would be wrestling at 178 pounds for Broken Arrow. As it turned out he only beat Mike Roberts bv one point. Billv Goombi at heavyweight had the job of deciding the team viaon ' . The crowd was the biggest of the season and they were pumped full of energy. The gym echoed with t he chant of " head-lock, head-lock. " The final score was 24-27 in favor of Broken Arrow. It was reallv a high instead of a low because the guys gave it their all! Queen — Christine Jones Wrestling Ro}-aln- Turn him over Let him see the light The beating of hands and the chanting of voices clearly mark the wrestling cheerleaders. Going from match to match, it was quite evident that the girls were the best. Other team ' s cheerleaders couldn ' t compete. Not only did they cheer, but they were ample supporters of the team. The annual breakfast at 6:00 am was a special treat done in conjunction with the Mat Maids. The team certainly had plenty of female companionship. 1. Renae Snider gives a big smile at the first assembly for wrestling. 2. Christine Jones and Dana Seeber peek through the door awaiting their cue to go for the cor- onation. 3. Sampson, the gorilla helps Marcie Coop and Deanna Birchim cheer. Left to right: Mrs Payne. Christine Jones. Kristin Adams, Krista Farrier. Paatty Pr; Birchim, Dana Seeber. not pictured — Lori Hopper , Marcie Coop, Renae Snider. Rhonda White, Deanna 84 Wrestling Cheerleaders Front row: Michaele () Neill. Karrie Harris. Second row: Stacee Morgan. Sheila Pannell. Chris Hall Back row: Keri Byers, I.ori Scott. Roni Rierson. noc pic- tured — Francinejay. Kristin Bischoff M M ' s provide sweet things " Go Stud-muftin " shout three harmonious voices. None other than the Mat Maids were responsible tor this strange outburst. The girls formed a real group for the season. They helped the coaches, learned how to do those wonderful stats, and did special treats tor all ot the wrestlers. Balloons were given to them at the Lnion Classic, and Regionals were finished with pies from Pippins. The girls had a lot of fun traveling to all of the matches. Fond memories will be held bv ever one for the fantastic season. 1. As usual, Kristin Bischoffand Karrie Harris could Ix found j;oofint; around, look crosses Michaele O ' Neills face as she watches a bloody wrestler walk by her. A disgusted Mat Maids S5 86 Varsity Basketba Building a season of Pride It ' s a great way to win The Varsity basketball team rallied under the direction and guidance of new head coach Mark Dobbins. The spirit of working together was evident time after time, especially in such instances as last second winning shots against Bartlesville and East Central. In one of these spectacular plays, senior Marc Hamilton in- tercepted a pass from a Bruin forward, then held it until he made the winning bucket at the buzzer. The team felt their unity was due to the sup- port and personal attention not only of Coach Dobbins, but of assistant coaches Kelly Clarke and Jack Dobbins. The efforts of the roundballers were reward- ed when senior Sid Bircham and junior Mark id Burcham leaps for the winning points as fellow teammate Pat Kinney and Sapulpa players watch in astonishment, lark Thompson glides by Sapulpa playeis showing who is really in charge. I Thompson were named to the All -Conference team. Seniors Pat Kinney and Marc Hamilton received All-Conference Honorable Mention. Although basketball is not traditionally a strong sport at Union, these dedicated players never gave up. They gave their all every game and pushed basketball one step closer to earn- ing the respect it deserves. Basketball Record Team Season; Banlesville Edison Broken Arrow Jenks Edison Parkwood Yellville Jenks Broken Aicow East Central Owasso Bixby Ponca Cit ' Sand Springs Stillwater Sapulpa BanlesviUe Jenks Ponca City- Sand Springs Stillwater Sapulpa Memorial Rogers BanlesviUe Opp. Varsity- Baskethall 8 Making the tough shots look easy HK Varsity Boys 1. Vince Martin slows the tempo down to savor the victory at the VC ' ebster tournament. 2. Scoring two points is made easy by Marc Hamilton. 3. Pat Kinaev and Scott Allison dare the opponents to come r;eaj their impregnable defense. 4. Mike Frisby starts the tdst break for an easy two points. Front row: Tim Kennedy, Marc Hamilton, Vince Martin, Mike Frisby, Jeff Parker, Steve Douchette Back row: Coach Kelley Clark, Coach Mark Dobbins, Robert Belue, Lance Vaughn, Sid Burcham, Marc Thompson, Jav Dockweiler Coach Jack Dobbins Varsity Bo -s S9 Room to grow With only three juniors on the junior varsity team, the sophomores had to meet some tough challenges. Every time they played, their opponents would be older and more experienced. But despite the obstacle of being young and inexperienced, the team learned to work well together and gave 100% at every game. With the playing and leadership experience they have gained this year, the J.V. roundballers look forward to bemg a challenge to every opponent next season. ' XI JV lijskMhall From row: Sceve Cawtxjd. StMt Seminar. Joe Collins, Juan Mills Back row: Coach Kelle Clark. Jerry Williams. Brad Cole. Robert Bdue. Lance Vaujjhn. Darin Pounds. Greg Moore. Coach Mark Dobbins 1. Bobby Agee pauses to show us his late« dance move against Sapulpa. 2. Sieve Cawood concentrates on a major free throw 3. Juan Mills soars high over his defender to score two easy points. 4. Even though Jerry Williams is attacked from both sides he siill reaches his goal. J ' Bas.kerbi!l Ql Sophomore Attendant — Billye Bocock Junior Attendant — Lynn Collier From row: Billye Bocock. Susan Scliock, Cynthia Vcrntr, Natalie Edmund. Lvnn Collier Back row: Squire — Steve Doucettc, Sophomore Escort — Mark Thompson. Senior Escort — Jay Dockweilcr, King — Sid Burchman. Senior Escort — Pat Kinney. Junior Escort — Marc Hamilton 92 Basketball Ri; Senior Attendant — Natalie Edmund Automatic choice When a jjirl is chosen to represent a team as their queen or at- tendant, it is not always taken into consideration how much effort she has put forth for the good of the team. When it comes to basketball royalty, this is never a problem. The most skilled team members are chosen to be attendants. In an ideal homecoming game the boys team carried the Red- skins on to victory by a near margin. 52-51. over Sapulf a. The girls weren ' t victorious, but did a great job. Like all of the royalty groups the queen was officially crowned in the auditorium. As the procession of the queen and her at- tendants filed into the gym, a Senior attendant was missing. Natalie Edmund was visiting South Carolina University and couldn ' t be present for the coronation or game. Senior Attendant — Susan Schock Queen — Cvnthia ' emer Baskettull Roviln 3 Shooting for Success The Lady Redskins had a disappointing, but hard working, meaningful season. Coach Ron Evans and as- sistant Kelly Clarke had to work with many freshmen who were young and inexperienced, but the leadership of veteran seniors Sue Shock and Cynthia Verner was always in evidence. They assisted the coaches in pulling the team together for a challenging, building season. 1. Lynn Collier catches a brief snooze while dribbling the ball down the court. 2. Stacey Watson leaps with the ball to avoid a Sapulpa opponent. 3. Stacey Waison, being heav guarded, searches for a teammate to throw the ball to. 94 Varsity Girls ' Basketball Front row: Stacey Watson. Angela Tullis. Sue Schock, Kim Cloud. BUlie Bocock, Vendet Walston Back row: Coach KeUe Clark, Paula Dover. Christie Moore. Cynthia Vcmer. Jodi Siminar, Valerie Sargent, Kendis Fonnun, Wendy Vaughan. Lynn Collier, Coach Ron Evans BASKETBALL RECORD Team Opp. Union | Battlesville 53 35 Edison -is 47 Broken Arrow 72 55 Jenks 56 28 Edison }7 48 Union Roundball Classic Tahlequah -iS 52 Hale 54 35 Ponca City 42 31 Sand Springs 52 33 Jenks Tournament Alva 52 3! Claremote 45 40 Shawnee 45 59 SriUwater 55 51 Sapulpa 54 49 Banlesville 51 46 Jenks 52 36 Ponca City 51 48 Sand Springs 57 29 StUlwater 58 55 Sapulpa 56 49 Regionals Sand Springs 62 .39 Varsit) " Girls Baskecfaall 95 Nothing can change Front row: Lorrie Ashlock, Angela Tullis, Laurie Breitenstein, Kim Cloud Back row: Coach Kelley Clark. Julie Stillwell. Paula Clothier, Jodi Sen Valerie Sargent, Liz Lincks. Christie Moore. Paula Dover. Tyron Gerbits. Coach Evens X. Junior Varsirv Basketba the shape of things to come 1. Wendy ' aughan plays a i me of keep-away from the Sapulpa Chiefcans- 2. Kim Cloud iries ro recover her composure as she stumbles after the ball. 3. Jodi Seminar tries to i:et the point across that she ' ft-ants the ball. Junior Varsit Basketball 9 " Front row: Counncy Smich. Stacy Goswick. Stephanie Thckert, Jana Jackson, Laurey Bundnck. Oana Scbcf. Michaele O ' Neiil. Mrs, Qin; Holcwinski, Lisa Ftyhover. Shannon Howard. Rom Rierson. Karne Hatris. Shauna Hodges Third row: Ora Lynn Henry. Angela White. Suian dy Hacker. Candicc Yoong Back row: Lisa Bowman. Jana Schatz. Kelley Davidson. Tracy Pearson. Lisa Panney.Janic DcKkwciler :opher Second row: Shareita Palmer. Theresa Basham. Kathy I Metcalf. Anonia Edelman. Dathy Scoit, Donna Sullivan. Wen- Spirit is the Backbone This School Year started with a bang as over 75 girls joined the newly formed Union Pep Squad. Under the leadership of president Laurey Bundrick, spirit was high and the ex- citement was great. The Union Pep Squad worked hard making posters, decorating lockers, and learning the yells to help support our victory-bound Redskin football team. For homecoming, the Pep Squad sold 500 red helium balloons which were released at the kick-off of the game. For the rest of the season, they sold Union spirit bandanas to help wave the team on to the state playoffs. The Union Pep Squad followed the football team to every home game and to all but one away game. It was a great year to be a Redskin football fan because victory was everywhere. Next year, the Union Pep Squad will be back bigger and better than ever, and the membership will be open to guys, too. Also, watch for special groups that will be formed to support Union ' s great basketball teams, wrestling squads and the other spring sports. 1. " Cleaning up the mess is half the fun. " say sophomores Theresa Basham and Sharetta Palmer. 2. Stunned senior Shauna Hodges says " Please buy a balloon from me! " 92 Pep Club On the court again Court Cuties is an organization formed last year to support the basketball team; similar to mat maids in wrestling. The girls attend alJ of the games and encourage other students to at- tend. They decorated the boys locker room and school lockers, and gave the team spirit bags full of candy. Two Court Cuties sit on the bench every home game to make sure the players have towels and water. Court cuties ' main purpose is to cheer on the basketball team. Front row: Michaele O ' Neill, Sherrie Phillips, Julie Hecht, Kristy Males, Chris Hall, Laurey Bundrick Second row: Karrie Harris, Shannon Waggoner, Leigh Bunn. Courtney Wileman, Michele Hephner, Roni Rierson Back row: Janie Dockweiler, Lisa Partney, Jamie Cooper, Tanza Latimer, Toni Tener Couit Cuties W Flying High A complete metamorphosis Winterguard is a program which only began at Union last year. It con- sists of 24 girls who perform with flags and rifles to various musical selec- tions. This year ' s selections included the Saga Songs, " Conversations, " " Wind ' Em Up, " and " Ain ' t No Stranger. " Winterguard began practicing in late November. Their schedule consists of an average of 16 hours of practice a week. Throughout the season, they competed at various con- tests around the nation, including Regional contests in Chicago, Dallas, and a State Championship at Union. They ended the season by perform- ing their dynamic show in Dayton, Ohio at Winterguard Internationals. Last year the guard placed 6th in the nation. This year the goal was to win all of their regionals, and to receive 1st place at the Winterguard Nationals. rfn 1. Brenda Davis concentrates on walking and throwing the rifle in unison. 2. It ' s not Invasion of the Body Snalchers, It ' s Union Winterguard. 3. Shawn Tuell leads the Winterguard in their tribute to the butterfly. 100 Winterguard Front row: Jennifer Knapp, Andrea Setser, Shawn Tuell, Stephanie Goad, Susan Payne, Kelh Cummings, StaC)- Boevets; Second row: ChenI Wilkinson. Beckv Oabtree. Bienda Davis, Nelsynes Huerta. Genyce Griffin, Adtienne Jatnigan, Heather Goutdie, Shannon Pope. Lisa Wheeler; Back row: Alan Muggeiburg, TraCT Sanderson. Tammy Dill. Michelle Cummins, Kim Herron, Allysa Boots, Tammy Keltner, Dawn Fortney. Tracy Leach. Robin Crabtree. Stacy Hendrickson. Wes Cattwright. VTintereuard 101 Jeff Graefe finally gets pinned by Natalie Edmund after years of trying. Good as gold National Honor Society membership is based upon scholarship, serv- ice, leadership, and character. The goals of NHS include creating en- thusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service, and en- couraging the development of character in all students at Union High School. Some of the activities this past year include ushering for the PTSA Open House, helping set up the Arts and Crafts Fair booths, taking the North Central Committee on tour of the high school facilities, helping to organize a SADD chapter (Students Against Drunk Driving) and honor- ing teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week. The NHS raised over $1600 this year and gave $1000 in local scholar- ships to NHS members. The membership is growing continually with 124 members first semester and an additional 90 installed in the spring. The NHS is no longer an organization simply for those with high grade point averages. It has become a service organization made up of leaders rendering service to the school and community while demonstrating the high standards exemplified by Union students. Front row: Michjtrlc O Neill. Stcreiary-Treasurerjay Dockwellcr. Vice Presidcm: Mrs mn. Sponsor; Naialic Edmund. Pttsidtni; Mike Abdo, Hisronjn Second ros - Datlene Linzcy. Rhonda Jones, Shelly Philhps. Nikki Simmons. Bruce Marsh. Eric Wyatt. Charise Mines. Tracy Moore, Brad Beam. Bruce Dieterlen Third row: Tim Posey. Dawn Holt. Gene Phillips. Tami Pippm. Celane Cahill.Julie Cornet, r.ynihia Verner. Jeff McKniphi. Inelmar Huerra. Lisa Coward. Brian Kane Fourth row: Michael Black. Lon Trout. Teresa Hamilton. Gtej; Williams. Jimmy Lea. Dou Collins. Suiann Burnett. Carol Maiden. Uura Hussey. LeAnn Kimmle. Dawn Van Moose Fifth row: Kip Ewinf. Jill Onstott. Danny Payne. Jon Haner. Mark Thompson. Jimmy Murray. Kristin Adams, Carey Adams. Cheryl Smith. MolK Bradley. Shetrie Phillips Sixth row: Kyle Copeland. Aparna Mallavaram. Reafan Thummel. Tracy Williams. Suzy Huffman, Alison Chinn.John Stratman, Christy Crepet, Amy Wilson, Michele 1 lephner. Shannon Waff oner Seventh row: Jennifer Turner. Shonn Davidson. Nicole Wonp . Sarathy Srmivasan. Jay Cailin. Mark Welch. Aim Snvastava. Ben W ise. Peder Olsen. Todd Johnson. Kyle Whistler, Robert Belue Eighth row: Jenny Hamlin, Dana White, Toby Btadley, Elisa Allen. Jodie Hall. Christina Cunin, Katrina Conrad, Jodi Hamilton, Kim Beisly, Angela Chen, Bina Shah, Troy Younj; Ninth row: Audra Pendleton, Paula Mason, Kirsten Lewellen, Caimen Ajat. Sally Moore. Angela Montgomery. Shannon Pearson. Cheryl Wilkmson. Nelsynes Hueita. Jennifer Jezek Back row: Cam Williams, Mike Gibson, Amy Cafle, Tata Peterson, Kim Oeis. P, W. Phillips, David i3iandon, Kim Hoots, Michelle Thompson. Leah Fapundes. Thad Bibb. Troy Younj: National Honor Society Youth Alive — Front row: Michelle Thompson, Kim Slater, Cheryl Fenn, Nikki B Second row: Anke Schnapper. Stacey Phillips. Shelly Phillips, Kelly Colvin, Dawn Holt, Phillips, IVIelissa Stanley. Cynthia Verner,Jay Dockweilet, Gene Phillips, Arthur Grccno, Amy Hyatt :, Angela Chen. Jeff Harmon Mrs Fowler Back row: Sherrie ' FCA — Front row: Todd Edmunds, Brad Beam, Susie Moore, Cami Lewellan. Charise Mines. Julie Hecht. Mitch Pavne Second row: Pam Carr. Trevis Hulse. Charles Witt. Chris Humes. Heather Hawkins, Kim Travers, Tracy Lilleskau Third row: Krista Farrier. Jeff Graete. Vada Gullet. Lisa Gilbert. Laurenda Walston, Paula Clothier Fourth row: Jeff McKnight. Biff Norman, Brian Grief, Jimmy Lea, Cam Williams, Jeff Ray Fifth row: Rick Vaughn. Julie Pestincer. Susan Humphries. Billy Hickman. Scott Harper Back row: Christy Creger. Claudia Miller Alive with Pleasure Union can be proud of its great number of Christian students. Youth Alive is just one of the organizations that promotes biblical values and desires to meet the needs of Christian students. It is a non- denominational group under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Fowler and the leadership of senior Gene Phillips. They meet on Wednesdays to share their praises and prayer requests and to study the Bible. Keeping the faith In years past. Union ' s Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes has been a less than spiritual experience. This year, led by ORU students Trey Kent, Mary Anne Underwood. George X ' arren, and Brett Robinson, members of FCA gathered on a weeklv basis to ieajn about being a Christian. Despite the name, many involved in FCA were not athletes: it was the ' Fellowship " and " Christian " that were stressed. Along with Bible studies, testimonials, and guest speakers, the group participated in such games as the " Moo Game " and some attended the Imperials concert. It was fun time for everyone and the memories will not soon be forgotten. Most important, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of students dedicated to learn and grow in the word of God. It proved to be very meaningfiil for all its members in that they not only learned about Christianin,- but were able to share their ex- periences and crises with people who cared. " i ' outh Ali« FCA 105 1. Phuc Nguyen mode : of the newest French fashions. French Club o: off to a great start this year with a fun cookout at Haikey Creek. The " getting acquainted activities " made everyone teel welcome and excited about meeting again for the next party; a scavenger hunt at Michelle Magid ' s house. Now that everyone felt comfortable together, the pros- pect of finding items (written in French, don ' t forget!) seemed an interesting challenge. The peo- ple in the neighborhoods really enjoyed having the French Club come caroling, French style, before Christmas. After many days of learning about French cuisine from Madame Reid and Madame Trompeter, the French Club was ready to try some and they got the opportunity to in January at the Magic Pan. They also got to try their feet at ice skating. After the French food, they were ready to sample the cuisine from Germany and Spain as they did at the International Dinner in February. ».- ' jmmKammammam From row: M.ul.uiit Reid, Kim Shepherd. Inelmar Huerta, Paula Mason, Sherrie Phillips. Shannon Waggoner, Candice ' I ' oung. Carol Lyn Economus, Laura Cline, Bina Shah, Robbie Coryell, Jamie Schumann Second row: Ben Wise. Natalie Edmund, Kelly Calvin, Susanne Mason, Kim Geis. Caty docker, Cheryl Smith, Jennifer Jezek, Leah Fagundes. Madame Trompeter Third row: Johnny Anderson. Geoff Kauffman, Ncal Hope, Shannon Howard, Dinah Szeszulski. [odi Hamilton. Kim Bcisly Fourth row: Ton Johnson, Shelly Parrish. Lisa Masterson, P. W. Phillips, Sheryl Stapleton, Liz Lincks, Sally Moore, Julie Canficld Back row: Brian Beil. Chad Krier. Shannon Carter. Ron Phillips, Marissa LeBleu, Sarathy Srinivason.Jeff McKnight Dare to be different in a world of natives From row: Stacic Graham. Jeff Parker, Mrs. Deuvall, Tracy Moore, liric Wyatt, Kathy Martinez, Mrs. McCormack, Billy Pierce Second row: Sandy fijifcr. Tern Gibwm. Stacy Gobwick,Jana Jackson, l.iz Drake. Kelly f.ummings, Mitch Pirtic, Heather Gourdie Third row: Trina l.unn, Traci Deeds, Bryan Walters, Brian Corey. Malt Kinny. Sieve Ovcrturf. rharia Kclley, Michelle Roepke Fourth row: Vicki Hernandez, Kelly Twist. Molly Bradley. Shonn Davidson. Angela Chen. Janice Munoz. Allen Hood. Todd Harris Fifth row: Danette Korcsog. Nicole Hauscr. Shelley Stevens. Kathleen Ogan. Michelle Cox. Scott McNeill. Sean Solomon. Angela Perriggo Sixth row: Toby Bradley. Michele llcphner. Gayc Cornett. I.ynn Huerta. Mike Finlcy. Jeff Jordan. Kim Cook. Michelle Fancher Seventh row: Elisa Allen. Nicole Wong. Krisien Steven . Dana Luce. Scacy Butler. Kim Harris. Will Watkins Back row: Steve Simiancr.Jeff Switters, Greg Boots. Michelle Magid. Jaime Pahdoco. Front row: T Michelle Robi Karnes. Hollv rina Willyard. Mike Scher. Karen Horstman. Dawn Speegle, Andy Short — President. Kattina Conrad Second row: nson. Doug Stotler. Kevin Conley, Honer — Vice President, Kristi Holsey, Julie Lewis, Karia Sligh Back row: Ivan Willard, Beth Maxey The German Club attempcs to familiarize its members with aspects of German culture not available during class. They have had parties in which they sample German food, plav German games and listen to German music. Many members have particijjated in Tulsa ' s version of Germany ' s most famous festival. Oktoberfest. in addition to attending German films and concerts. Several students have competed in and won awards in various language con- tests. The German Club also provided tutors for those students in need of ex- tra help. Spanish club this vear has been a big success starting oft with over a hundred members. Thev had new officers with new ideas on how to make Spanish club fun and enjoyable tor everyone. Each month has been highlighted by at least one major activirs ' . In October, the club had a havride and a bonfire at the Allen Ranch in Bixby. Thev also went ice skating in Xovember. had a Christmas party- in I ecember. went bowling in January, and had an Interna- tional Dinner with the French and Ger- man clubs in Februan ' . Each of the ac- tivities has been a great success due to the outstanding cooperation and par- ticipation that all of the members have contributed. The club has had a great year and it would not have been a suc- cess without the ideas and guidance of sponsors. Mrs. E)eu -all and Mrs. McCormack. Spanish German Kf) Notorious for Melody Concert Choir has had several outstanding performances, the first of which was a combined program with the Jr. High during choir premiere week in November. The choir has many respon- sibilities throughout the year: Christmas Concert, Youth Arts week concert. State Contest, Baccalaureate, graduation exer- cises, and the final production for the choirs in the spring con- cert. Concert Choir gives every student an opportunity to per- form in a choir. The beautiful sound emanating from the sound end of the building before and after lunch comes from the Jazz Choir and Choralettes. It is an honor to be chosen to be in either one of Union ' s Show Choirs. The Choirs perform in concerts, for assemblies, at many Tulsa area civic and social functions, Tulsa area malls, and contest. Music instruction at Union presents a balance between creative skills and academic needs. Talents rightly trained con- tribute immeasurably to the development of the individual and the enhancement of community welfare. 1. Choralettes — Front row: Tracy Lilliskau. Leigh Stewart. Tami Pippin. Celane Cahill Second row: Jayna Hinnen. Erin Price. Angle Montgomery, Valerie Becknell Third row: Kim Padgett. Shelly Phillips, Carey Adams, Jill Onstott Back row: Kim Travers. Heather Hawkins 2. Jazz Choir — Front row: Mark DeLozier, Michelle Thompson, Celane Cahill, Shawn Lankford Second row: Gene Ph[llips. Tam[ Pippin. Angela Perriggo, Michelle Plischke. Cheryl Fenn, Kery Maddox Third row: Sean Downes, Angie Pendergrass, Dawn Speegle, Scott Brown Last row: Carol Hayden, Greg Hoover. 106 Vocal Music I Concert Choir, From row: Pam Deam. Cassy VCclls. Syd Arrinf lon, Anyie Hall, Yasmin Barnes, James Vannoy, Steve Sandoval, Michelle Welch, Kim Martin, Chrissy Grounds, Joann McMichael, Teresa Hamilton Second row: Kim Hoots, Kim Beisley. Stacy Hhillip . Anji Thorton, Shelly Dale, Ksthcr Kan;;, Laura Cline, Danny Hildcrbrand, Rc);gic Young, Keith Jones, Andy Moffit. Jim Nearman, Kara Whitbcck, Beth Phillips. Llamc Brami.Jeanny Boatwri);ht, Kim Walling Back row; l.ara Bennett. Robin f.rowder, hllen Ohver, Rhonda Siex. Liz Drake, Wendy Hacker, Reagan Thummel, Mike McNeil. Richard Craft, Kevin Kile, Tom Hommel, Diane White, Lisa Partney, Janie Dockweilcr, Kim Henderson. Carrie Gricbel, Brenda Boatwright 1. Lara Bennett and Theresa Hamilton enjoy sharing their talents. 2. Phillip Lavallei and Kery Maddox show that teamwork is the best way. Vocal Music 107 Controversy Under the leadership of coach Holly Stewart in debate, the Na- tional Forensics League had several students become successful in competition. Students learned how to do research on their own for competi- tion as well as for other classes. They competed at different tour- naments in the Tulsa area, neighboring cities and out of state. Bringing home honors this year were: Jon Haner and Colin Clements, placed 2nd at Jenks in the Qualifying Division and 3rd at the University of Arkansas in the Championship Division; Colin Clements was a finalist in Qualifying Foreign Extemporaneous speaking, and was a finalist at Booker T. Washington in Qualifying Foreign Extemporaneous; Ben Clardy and Mark Welch placed 3rd at the University of Arkansas in Qualifying Debate. 1. Mike Hicks and Tom Madigan enthusiastically listen to Mts. Stcwatt ' s Lectute. 2. Debaters Colin Clements and Matk Welch prepare for their next tournannent 3. Debate — Front row: Sean Soloman, Marshall Robertson, Leigh Bunn, Colin Clements, Mark Welch Last row: Ben Clardy, Tom Madigan, Mike Hicks, John Hanet, Holly Stewart, Todd Templet, Will Watkins, Ricky Reavis IliilliiiiH!! I!! Someone else ' s shoes In an extremely hectic year, the Drama Department ' s performances ranged from a murder mystery to a musical. Ten Little In- dians began the year with a touch of mystery; the next production, the comedy " Passionella " received a third-place award at a statewide contest. Fifth and sixth hour drama classes were involved with much more, including a special children ' s show, a springtime spec- tacular, and a night of scenes and one-acts for Youth Arts Week. Of course, the annual all-school musical was performed. Babes in Arms showcased the talents of not only Mr. Nibbe ' s Drama Department, but also other members of the student body. 1. Drama 1, Front Row: Amy Wilson. Reagan Thura- mel, Melissa Lucas, Shawn Lankford, Shelly Phillips. Brian Close, Helen Kenly Second Row: Holly Townes, Kristen Stevens, Carla Houston, Dana Luce, Bobby Pendergrass, Laura Robinson, Nicole Simmons Third Row: Jason Daniels, Danen Smith. Steve SandovaL Charla Kelly, Steve Bradshaw, Qiarlotte Hensley. Tami Pippin, Mark Delozier, Kim Cummings. Tante Quier, Greg Hoover, Kirk Punches Founh Row: Holly Hig- gins, Kim Thompson, Celane CaHiU. Wendy Hacker, Jerold Anderson Last Row: Donna Sullivan. Reggie Young, Mary Ann Hinkefmt, Sara Heilstedt. Shawn Lankford 2. Drama 2, Clockwise from center: Tami Pippin, Shelly Phillips, Mary Ann Hmkefint. Mr. Nibbe. Mark Delozier, Wendy Hacker. Celane CahiJl. Greg Hoover. Kirk Punches, Jerold Anderson. Tracy Lilleskau, Shawn Lankford, Nicole Simmons. Reagan Thummel A chance to shine After months of practice, our actors and actresses com bined their talents to perform " Babes in Arms, " a lavish all school musical. The popular play was about a group of young people who produced their own musical review. Set in the ' 50 ' s, the characters must struggle with a megalomaniacal Broadway producer to get their show recognized. Starring in the production were Celene Cahiil, Tami Pip- pin, Gene Phillips, Jerold Anderson, and James Vannoy. After the standing ovation success of " Babes, " Mr. Nibbe now prepares for next year ' s musical extravaganza, " Hello Dolly. " 110 Musical 1. After singing " I Wish I were in Love Aj;ain. " Kim Padgett and Greg Hooi-er act out the part. 2. As co-owners of the Sand and Surf plavhouse. Tami Pippin and lerold Anderson have a shght disagreement. 3. " This ' dressing room fun " has gone a bit too far, " thinks Mark DeLozier. 4. The cast looks on as Celane Cahill and Gene Phillips perform. 5. Celane Cahill tells Gene Philhps that she is not a. little girl anvmore. 6. Getting ready for the performance is haU the fun for Steve Sandoval and Angie Hall. Auhi JUNIORS we know how to live Junior classes have basically been the same throughout the years, but the class of ' 86 altered the usual Union traditions. From the Powderpuff football game to the wall contest during homecoming week, the Juniors continuously proved that history doesn ' t always repeat itself. Through hard work and fun times, the Juniors showed their devotion and spirit for Union. From calendars to Christmas catalogs, the Junior Board had numerous fundraisers for the prom. Led by Coach Bill Padgett and officers Danny Payne, Steve Overturf, Jill Onstott, and Andy Short, the Junior class sub- jected the school to buying anything that could possibly make money to use towards the prom. The strongest point of the Class of ' 86 is their sense of fun and celebration in all things that can be summed up in the following chant! Rocki n ' , Slammin ' Jammin ' , Pride. That ' s what keeps us all alive Having fun and lots of kicks. The awesome class of ' 86! Fauna Abies Carey Adams Kristen Ad Sheri Adams Toni Alcorn 112 Juniors Front Row: Eimile Ryan, Sheri Adams; Second Row: Shannon Howard, Sherrie Phillips, Krista Farrier, Kristin Adams, Lisa Gilbert, Jeff Parker, Stacey Graham, Mark Anderson; Third Row: Liz Drake, Angie Noel. Leigh Bunn, Karann Brandt, Cheryl Smith, Michelle Heshner, Rhonda White, Kathy Martinez, Pam Carr; Back Row- Andy Short, Coach Padgett — Sponsor, Danny Payne, Steve Overturf, Jill Onstott. .Milcc Black Tnri Boien Jnnny Bootwright Oaig Bollinger Jamie BoUinger JtAin Bollinger Ore); Boots Shaun Bowman Tammy Bradford Debbie Bradley .MoUy Bradley Kirann Braiw Naipoula Bremfcr Richard Brione« Darrin Bro« Mike Brown Tim Brown Leigh Bunn Suzann Burnett Bobby Busby Stacy Butler Kerri Byers Chris Cabbiness Ken Camillc Heidi Campbell Jason Canard Chris Carlton Pam Carr Shelly Career Elleo Chandler Corwin Chang lim Chapman Chris Chenowith Alison Chinn Brant Christensen Juniors Stacey Christlieb Darryl Clark Gene Clark Stephen Clark Brad Clere Paula Clothier Greg Colantonio Marna Colbert Lynn Collier Kevin Conley Scott Connelly Melinda Connot Mike Cook Kyle Copeland Gaye Cornert Michelle Cox Nancy Corbett Rick Craft Christy Creger Gary Cathey Kelly Cummings Michelle Cummins Erin Cunnane Becky Cupp James Anthony Custer Susan Dahme Tara-Shenena Dake Angela Davis Angle Davis Pam Deem Mark DeLozier 11-1 Juniors Joniofs 113 Michelle Goike Jason Goins Shawn Gooldy Billy Goombi Stacy Goswick Heather Gourdie Jeff Graefe Stacey Giaham Stacy Gtaham John Gray Loren Green Rob Gregory Charles Grove Troy Lynn Guffey Vada Gullett Wendy Hacker Carl Halfpap Jodi Hamilton Jon Haner Alton Haney Steve Hardt Mark Hargroves Jamie Harmon Ray Harper William Harrell Brian Harris Karrie Harris Chad Hart Heather Hawkins Carol Hayden Ronnie Hayc Gary Henderson Michele Hephner Vicki Hernandez Holly Higgins Danny Hilderbrand Andrea Hill Jennifer Hill Lori HUl Tina Hill Kristi Holsey Robby Holt Steve Williams gets the thrill of a lifetime being initiated into VICA 116 Juniors PiU Kir.vler le- . .■t: Knapp Ar. - x.-;cnt x - : ,«:-.ier M.-- . : cskCT ' r E)a -ia Lee Tereii LeF.ore Steven Le:zT«-- Joseph Levir. Uckv Lewis Tulie Le is Georce Linihan Nancy Loerke k David Lopez Trina Lunn My Luong Tom Madrgan Michelle Magid Saima Makhdoom Aparna Mallavaram Brian Martin Kathy Martinez Susanne Mason Lisa Masterson Beth Maxey Allen Maxwell Tracy McDonough Tina McCoy Art McKinney JoAnn McMichael Dawn McNabb Dann Mecher Lora Meier Angie Michael Billy Miller Claudia Miller DeDe Miller Forrest Miller Barbara Moffit Melanie Monteith Wendy Montgomery Greg Moore Steve Moore Brian Morgan Stacee Morgan Tanya Morrow Jimmy Murray Jamie Myers James Neargarder Kathy Nguyen Kim Nix Angie Noel Stephanie Nolian Ken Obrecht Tom Obrecht Rob Oden Julie Roberts works on her Christmas list to Santa Claus. 118 Juniors JiOfitCahe JillOnKoa KimOrr SceveOvemiff Paay Palma Aimet Puiih jMPuka PufiCi PiuU Danny Payw Paul Payne AngK PtrtdcTgfiM Arigela Pernggo Shtfrie Phillips Bill Pierce Greg PinJucon Mitch PInle Michelle Plischice Jamei Polk Patty Pratz Billy Puckman Eric Pugh Debbie Ritter Ste« Robb Paula Dover celebrates an unprecedented junior Powder Putt victon ' at a gathering at Mr. Gam ' s alter the came. Roberson Julie Roberts Junjots 119 Marshall Robertson Misty Robertson Carlos Rojas Charley Rogers Victor Ruiz Mike Rush Eimile Ryan Derrick Shoemaker Andy Short Mishelle Shryock Steve Simianer Lisa Sims Mary Skarecki Lisa Hyde attempts to decapitate Pat Rhees. 120 Juniors BrenSmirii Cheryl Smkh Is this the real Lynne Sparks? No one but the Great Pumpkin knows! Mms ., ' " ' Shelley Seeveos Da -id Scewan Randall Stockman Chris Storm John Scratman Janet Scroud T Kiy Sugar Donna Sullivan JettSwitrers Dinah Szeszulsid Gina Tener Selwvna Tetanpo Xhan Thai Kim Thompson Juniocs 121 122 Juniors Mark Wood Elizabeth Woodar- Tom Worcener WiUon Wrighc Brent Yarbfough V-oti Younget Todd Zachrit7 2 B 1. " Doesn ' t Brian Prince have the best legs? " Tami Viilliams asks EmUe Ryan. 2. Liz Drake shows off the new Tulsa fashions. 3. " Not another overdue book . . , " sighs Stephanie NoUan. Juniors 123 1. " Well, you see, when they cross over the line they get 6 points . . ., " explains Jayne Anne Waring to Butch Gay. 2. Eric Pugh and Ricky Craft practice " ' We ' re Out of Touch " for the annual Hall and Oates und alike contest. 3. " I can ' t believe I let you talk me into this. " says John Stratman to Pam Carr as she pins him back together. 124 Juniors 1. On Toga Day, Bobby Ferreira shows us his ... spirits ' 2. Dawn Fonney alizes from Mrs. Barlow explanations that her essay has to be retyped. 3. The awesome Junior Wall! First place says it all! SOPHOMORES we re on our way Contrary to popular belief, the typical sophomore does not rush home after school to watch " The Flintstones. " Instead one might find the typical sophomore attending an organizational meeting, practicing sports or music, cheerleading, doing homework or just hanging out. Under the leadership of Mrs. Arrowood and Mrs. Roberts; the sophomore class was very active in a variety of school functions during the year. For class funds they held a carwash and washed almost 1000 cars. They also sold carnations for Valentine ' s Day among other things. At times it seemed that the juniors and seniors were unrelenting in their vocal attack against sophomores, but sophomore spirit was not dampened. Sophomore spirit could be seen and heard in readied form at pep assemblies, football and basketball games, wrestling events and even in the halls. Sophomore officers were Thad Bibb, president; Mark Welch, treasurer; Sally Moore, vice president; and Kirsten Lewellen, secretary. 126 Sophomores Michele Bowen Shannon Bowman RobenBoyd Becky Boyies Kiik Bradford MikeBfadley Toby Bradley Sce -e Bradshaw Elaine Brami David Brandon Laurie Breicenstein Front Row: Angie Montgomery, Sarah Heilstedt, Jay Carlin Second Row: Mark Welch, Thad Bibb Third Row Stacy Phillips, Sally Moore, Kirsten Lewellen, Jenny Hamblin Fourth Row: Rhonda Seix, Lorrie Ashlock, Alii Srivastava Back Row: Sponsors Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Airowood, Jimmy Archer. Will Watkins, John Kittelson Rodney Broccard Connie Bnxfcup Sophomores 127 Laurie Breit Edward Broaddrick Johnnie Brout Danny Brown Scott Brown Melissa Brugger Duane Buffalo Michele Buck Steve Busby Amy Cagle Courtney CahiU Missy Cain Joe Calaza Brien Caldwell Mike Campbell Robert Campbell Shelly Campbell Julie Canfield Lisa Cannon Shannon Carter Kim Cartwright Jay Carlin Steve Cawood Brian Celeste Heather Chaffm Angela Chen Hoynh Chi Andrew Chisholm Tai Chompunuchtanin Stephen Christian Wayne Christian Darrell Cleaver Laura Cline Brian Close Roxann Coffin Gina Conea 128 Sophomores Sophomores 129 Robert DeArmon Traci Deeds Rosemary DeLeon :rien Tina D: Janie Dockweiler Troy Dowell Sean Druktenis iDuff Cassandra Duffer Kristen Durbin John Dye Carol Lyn Economus Nikki Edwards Tom Elliot Knsten Elsberry Stephanie Everett Leah Fagundes Michelle Fancher David Fautt Brenda Fehrenbach Jim Feltz Cheryl Fenn Eugene Finn Kendis Forsman Katina Foster Kelly Fountain Adina Fowler Daniel Franck Jaime Frederick Robert Fredrick Laura Freeman Hanck Fries Kenny Fry Lisa Fryhover Mike Gagliardo Brian Gambill Tfmm " I i: ow I look beautiful, ' says Michele Burk with a smirk 130 Sophomores Tommy GambiD PaulGaoon Tony Dothier Kim Gets TyranGerbitz Teiri GJbion BiUyGUkey Brandon GHIilard Todd Glidd«n Catherine docket Tammy Goldesberry Tonv Gooch Kathy Goodwill Da -id Goralczyk Jared Grammar ChnsGrav Arthur Greeno Carrie Gnebel Sherry Griego Charles Griffin Stao Grinter Sherr; Guenther John GufSn Julie Guida Arthur Gurmarsson Scan Ha Jeff Haas AngieHaU Jodie HaU D naHambtin Man Hamihoo Jenr.ire: Hamm Tennv Hamlin ivoa narper DoGgHarrell Sophomores 131 Kim Harns Shawn Harris Todd Harris Karen Harrison Nicole Hauser Shawn Haynes 4 ' Lori Heatne Sara Heilstedt Michelle Helton Christie Hemmel Kim Henderson Todd Henderson Charlotte Hensley Jimmy Anderson proves that the school cafeteria french fries actually don ' t taste like Joe Hensley cardboard. Cathy Herrandez Cindy Herring Amy Hiatt Billy Hickman Daniel Hill Amy Hinkefent Jayne Hinnen Debbie Hitchcock Chris Hoffarth Kathy Holewinski Jason Holloway Allen Hood Kim Hoots Greg Hopkins Greg Hosch Carla Houston Nelsynes Huerta Donovan Huffaker Robert Hughey Lance Hulet Susan Humphries Michelle Button 132 Sophomores Sherill Knigfat Mike Knowies Da -id Korcm Missy Cain, Susie Stoltz, and Tara Peterson clap even though they can t see what ' s going on below. Danette Koresog Shannie Kostrzewski Sophomores 1?5 Brad Lagers Brant Lane Chris Langley Tammy Lasley Tanza Latimer Marissa LeBleu Brian Leffler tat -Ah. Dan Marchetti Julie Marsh Kim Martin Mike Manin Paula Mason Michelle Matlock Shery Matthews Kim Mays Micah McBride Mike McCauley Billy McCarley Donald McCormick Larry McCune Tom McCune Scott McGuire Robin Mclllwain Mike McKaskie Art McKinney Robert McNiel -iK t..4 V MEM Pat Joffe emphasizes the real meaning of the word " weekend. ' X 134 Sophomores ScoctKfd eiD )chnMa6e Alan Mans Angd Meier ShariMcttwd RouMendez Viaot Meadoa MaikMesiler Suzann Meccalf Br -an Middaugh Jer: MiUer Man Miller Juan Mills Mike Mitrick Steve Mizell Andy Mobler Juli Molenda Brandy Molooy Angie Moncgomerr LaDonna Moodct Christie Moore Jeff Moore Sally Moore Becky Mollins Janice Munoz Debra Mvers . i- ' or. Ni:o»-SKT Dir;;e; NeeLLT Terrj Nersor; N ' pivec Xcuven LMAr.r. N:c-: Ci;e - :.,;. .e„e Norve! Paul Nc.-«-cs c Cr -:ei O Bar.:on Trai-is Ohis Peder Olsen Sophomores 13 Kris Oliver Nora Orsini Elizabeth Owens 136 Sophomores Michelle Robiiuoo Missy Robensoo Julie Roehr Michelle Roepke Mike Rouse Debbie Ruckmin Tom Russdl Sha»-na Rvin MirkRyer Shannon Sakmarr Sean Sanda -al E)a -id San Miguel Rochelle SaiTv Corev Schenck Da -id Schumaker Jamie Schumann Kristi Schutte LoriScoct Gregg Scott Sophomores 137 Sean Solomon Dou Solter Mark Spencer Sarathy Srinivason Aim Si Kcvm Staedel. Paul Stainaker Deanna Stanley Scott Stephan Kristm Steveni John Stmchcomb Todd Stodkstill Susie Stoltz Lisa Stone Bfian Stout Shirley Str.ckcr Scott Sullivan Linda Swain Jenniver Sweitzcr Joe Syron JiiTimy Tallcy Ju le an crsley -j ,i„ |. ■ . , , . n,„|. , , - 1 , 1 , 1 , || j „ |_, 1 H Sophomores I OiJd Ttrnpter ; ' n Ttnei Afutrea Thicker GrtiiT i DuriT,-, Tr. :r.p4on Michdk Thompson DbiuThome Tammy Timmeri Wendv Tomlin Jason Toor. Ho.ie-. To r.H Ar.ee.i T...:s JennilVr Turner Giselle Valentir.c Sua Vince fvim VanMeter Ijme? ' anfKn " Lance Vaughn Steve VdosqiKZ Jackie Viilebnm Joe Viioskv Bruce ' u Jodi Walker Natalie Wallace Kim Walling Alston Walls Georcia Ward Lori Warner Missv Warner Brian Watkms Wili Vi atkins Londa Watson Kennv Vt efc el Dana We:ncartne :!a einstein .:-; W elch .r.e Welch Sophomores lr 3 Dana White Diane White Gai7 White Wally White Julie Wightman Bfian Wilkinson Cheryl Wilkinson Jerry Williams Seth Williams Trina WiUyard Ben Wise Mike Wise Eric Witte David Woodard Molly Woods Vicki Wood Tracey Wyatt Candice Young Troy Young Scott Zahn 1. Rushing to the lunch line are Heather Chaffin and Lee Ann Nightingale. 2. Is Brian Close really showing school spirit by dressing up on Nerd Day? 3. Julie Pestinger takes time-out from cheerleading to catch up on the latest gossip. 140 Sophomores 1. Charles Griffith, Kyle Whistler, and Alin Srivastava have their daily lockerside chat about Reagonomics. 2. " Honest, we weren ' t doing amthing! " Keith Jones complains. 3. " Oh, look, yoo wore a pon tail, too! " jokes Caty docket to Kena Huerta. Sophomores 141 1. Troy Young, Steve Craig, and Darin Pounds pose for the future stockbrokers annual club meeting. 2. " No, Kristen did not do my homework, Mrs. Finley, " Mike Wise protests. 3. Chris Oliver dresses up as his favorite Roman emperor during class. 142 Sophomores 1. " You know, you really stiouldn t do that in public, " warnjjohn Stinchcomb to Mark Ryer. 2. Julie Tankersley relives those thrilling days of yesteryear during 50s day. 3. Ab- by Joseph, Danny Thompson, [iilly Gilkey, and Juan Mills are found trying to May warm but still manage to show their Redskin spirit. Sophomores 14 5 SPRING Section Editor: Kristv Dutfv Staff: Kristen Adams. Pam Carr, Lonnie Grenno. Jennifer Turner T Spring DivisitHi 145 A Wealth of Upbeat Signals All Eyes on the Ball Crack! The ball is hit! The spectators hold their breaths as the ball sails through the air. Sighs are released and cheers explode as the op- ponents ' center fielder hits the fence trying to catch another out-of-the-park home run. The players jump out of the dugout and flood the home plate to welcome in the runner. Long before the first game against Rogers on March 5, players and fans were anxiously awaiting the baseball season. As was promised, the season was successful with a record of 26 wins and 8 losses. Both outstanding individuals and superb teamwork were responsible for this year ' s vic- torious season. We had some of the best players in the city all working toward the same goals. Senior Rick Vaughan was recognized by the Tulsa Tribune as Player of the Week in mid- season and All-City Pitcher of the Year. He also received commendation as Tulsa World All- Metro Large School Player of the Year. Brian Greif led the city with twelve home runs as well as making the Tribune All-City First Team with junior Mark Thompson and Rick Vaughan. Second baseman ]tii Ray and shortstop Mitch Payne qualified for the All-City second team. The Tuba Wurld selected Rick Vaughn and Brian Greif to play on the All-Metro First team and the Second team included Mitch Payne and Mark Thompson. The Redskins are very proud of all the individuals that sacrificed so much to bring the team so far. Baseball Record Team Opp. Uoion 1 Season: Rogets 19 A Hale 11 12 Memorial 8 17 Ponca City 8 7 Ponca City 4 11 Memorial 7 8 Hollywood 6 10 Broward 5 2 Sapulpa 15 17 Sapulpa 9 7 Owasso 7 5 Washington I 10 KeUy 3 14 Hale 2 4 Bixby 4 8 Jenks 6 4 Jenks 8 9 HoUand HaU 5 21 Edison 5 15 Sapulpa 6 7 Broken Arrow 2 3 Broken Arrow 5 15 East Central 8 Edison 1 9 Sapulpa 5 14 Srillwater 4 5 Stillwater 5 12 Sand Springs 5 1? Sand Springs 6 n Regionals: Talecjuah 2 5 Muskogee 5 15 Rogers 3 10 ■ State Playoffis: 1 Midwest Citv 5 1! 1 BaitlesviUe 4 I ienior Darren Johnson catches during the Midwest City game. Rick Vaughan winds up for power behind a strike. Mark Thompson defies gravity to snare a fly ball. Brian Greif shows the devastating power of his swing that made hit " home-run king " of the metro area. Varsity Batgirls: JuIil HllIii. Christine Jones. Susan Schock, (.. Hmes. Varsity Baseball Players: First row: Jimmy Murray. Biff Norman, Darren Johnson. Jetl Ray, DeAngelo Williams, Brent Long. Back row: Coach Tony Martray, Scott Witte, Brian Greif, Steve Leippert. Matk Thompson, Mitch Payne, Rick Vaughn. Tim Aldrich, Coach Larry Arrowood. I The start of something big Under the coaching of Tony Martray. the Junior Varsity baseball team had a successful year with an outstanding record of fifteen wins and five losses. The season started out strong and the team placed in both the Broken Arrow and Bixby tournaments. First baseman Chris Hoffarth, second baseman Steve Craig, catcher Randall Stockman, and out- fielder Eric Witte made promising performances, con- tributing to a season everyone could be proud of. 1. Hurling ihe ball toward an unsuspecting batter, Tom Obrecht prepaies for a victory. 2. Randall Stockman fights to snag the oncoming ball. ■ ' . ri.i.. !u « i.iix Alk.j. o.ii, : ■O.J.J... (■ " % Junior Varsirv Baseball Players: Front Row: Ste%e Bljs?-. Ri. Is-ee. limmv Bingham. Steve Craic. Randall Stockman. Kennv W eSe:. C.--.- Hot- tarth, Randv Penner. Back Row: Coach Tony Martray. Paul Ganor,. Enc Witte. Mark Wood, let! Rarker. George Linihan, Jim Loucks. Tom Scoct, John Meade, Tom Obrecht Junior Varsity Batgirls: Amv Rhodes, Susan Humphries, Julie Pesdnger, Courtney Cahill. Junior X ' arsity Baseball H A taste of success The 1984 Lady Redskins Softball team had a terrific season this year. They played a 28 game schedule with a 17-11 overall record. The Lady Redskins didn ' t win their conference, but came back with an im- pressive District Championship. They ad- vanced to the State Tournament by placing as Regional runner-up. In the State Tourna- ment the Redskins took 3rd place. In- dividually, the Lady Redskins had some outstanding performances. Moni Johnson, Kim Cloud, and Nicci Simmons were honored by being named All-Conference. Susie Schock made All-District, and Coach Jones was chosen to coach the all-State team this summer. It ' s obvious that the team had an outstanding season full of tears and triumph. ■ i K- . ,-i 1. Front ro Forsman, Er v: Stephanie Trickett, Shonn Davidson, Nicci Simmons. Gina Tenet, Kathy Bell. Back row: Gina Daily. Kim Cloud, Melanie Monteith, Susie Schock, Chtistie Moote, Kendis h Cuiinane, Coach Don Jones. 2. Shonn Davidson hits the skin off the ball striving for that home run. 1. Even though che heat is intense. Susie Schock is ready to make that final out. 2. Kim Cloud ' s winning determination shines through as she takes another base. Shonn Davidson saves the day as slu it.i thfopp..Mn t Superb setting The volleyball program had a rough time this year, even though it was the school ' s fifth year to have a volleyball team. With only one returning senior starter, Tracy Moore, and three returning junior starters, Melanie Monteith, Lisa Gilbert, and Shannon Waggoner, and a brand new coach Ron Evans, the girls had a satisfying season. The team might not have been thrilled with their record, but they were rewarded another way, one member, Melanie Monteith, was named an All- Conference player. All in all the girls had a good season. Their hard work and dedication is deeply appreciated. 1. Front row: Lisa Gilbert, Tai Chompunchtanin, Shannon Waggoner, Teresa Basham. Back row: Tracy Moore, Candice Young, Melanie Monteith, Lynn Huerta. 2. Tracy Moore demonstrates the techniques of her winning over-hand serve. 3. Lisa Gilbert showing off het setting techniques gets ready to play a game. 152 Volleyball ,.j.» j..... v.„ - .. Fanz atime Shannon Pearson, Shelley Magruder, T i Tener fc!rbetl|te row: Ang ll is, %eijJroAsman, ; trie BecknellJai!9flKet i| Goal Tending For the second year in a row. Union High School fielded both boys and girls varsity soccer teams. The 4-85 year was the first to include state sanc- tioned soccer, which means each team would be placed in its appropriate conference and district. Inexperience played a major role in the boys team because there were only four seniors and one junior and the rest underclassmen. There was also a boys junior varsity team which was com- posed of mostly freshmen and sophomores. Trying to follow in the footsteps of last year ' s city semi- finalists, the squad scored a 6-4 record and 3-2 in the district. The season turned out to be one of the best vet. 1. Alin Srivastava concentrates hard on making a goal for the winning team. 2. Con- centrating on the game, Trina Will -ard throws the ball in to another teammate. Season of H ' " content This has basically been a " building " year tor the tennis team. Although the team is made up mostly of junior high students, the high school members of the team have left their mark. The four upperclassmen. Seniors Brian Kane and Natalie Edmund and juniors Ken CamiUe and Gina Tener, all improved a great deal this year. Both Gina Tener and Natalie Edmund went to state in singles this year, capturing the first and second spots respectively. The two girls also teamed up to take first place in doubles. Senior Brian Kane teamed up with freshman Hal Fitz- gerald to qualify for state as doubles. The team has had a rough year due to the tough schedule they had, but with the help of Coach Margie Mathews the team showed great determination. 1. Brian Kane, Ken Camillc 2. Gina Tener, Natalie Edmund 3. Practicing her underhand swing Natalie Edmund works hard. 4. Ken Camille floats with joy after winning another tournament. Trail of accomplishment The golf team completed their most successful season ever, hav- ing a match record of 22-4. Union won their first tournament in the school ' s history, in a playoff with Broken Arrow, at the Ron Streck Invitational. With the senior leadership of Bruce Dieterlen and Doug Gower, and an assemblage of young talent, the team made great stride in becoming recognized as one of the finer teams in the state. The team also laid a foundation upon which to grow, in the first year with Sandy Hanlin at the helm. 1. Front row: Shannon Pearson. Second row: Toni Tener, Jamie Cooper. Back row: Kim Harris. 2. Front row: Doug Gower, Eric Davis, Joe Colling, Danny Thompson. Second row: Richard Taliaferro, Bob Sanders, Steve Simianer, Greg Williams, Bruce Dieterlen, Justin Kirkland. Back row: Roh Warner, Brett Dieterlen, Tim Kennedy. J. Bruce Dieterlen takes a mean whack at the ball. From Re Shane Vt e : N.colc Hauler, Rob.n Kemp. Kim Cumminj;s. Chns Hjll. Lon McClain. Colleen Curtis Back Row: ,ini;er. Ton Gouch. Kevin Letcbsre. Mike Scher A splash of divine inspiration At 5:30 a.m. while most students were still sleep- ing, members of the swim team were rigorously practicing under the instruction of the new coach, Kevin Koohney. The team, although young, did quite well this season competing against teams such as Hale, Memorial, Washington, and Webster. Even though no one qualified for the state meet, several came very close. They ended the season by taking third place in the Frontier Conference. . . - . ,« »-...- - , -. ' U ' V roni Row: CvmU Natalie Warren. Sarah Gal ' lVic. Kelly Rclhert. Taininj- llarrcll. Jodi Sparkb. Amy Pennix. Assistant iiach Lea Lackey. Back Row: Holly Krerner, Julie James, I:rin Shanahan, Kim Geis, Heather Williams, Abby Joseph. Clench the perfect image This year the gymnastics team has been led through a victorious year by Coach Natalie War- ren. They have competed in various places in- cluding Bartlesville, Moore, Stillwater, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. Competing against High School teams and also private clubs, the girls have had many opportunities to claim several victories. This year ' s class IV competitors were as follows: Tam- my Harrell, Sarah Gaffke. Kelly Reibert, and Amy Penix. The class III competitors included Heath er Williams, Jodi Sparks, Julie James, Erin Shanahan, and Abby Joseph. Also, Kim Geis competed as a class II. Those who qualified for state included Tammy Harrell, Sarah Gaffke, Kelly Reibert, Amy Pennix. Julie James, Erin Shanahan who received fourth place on the uneven bars, and Kim Geis who received third on vault, fourth on bars, fifth on beam, fourth on floor, and fourth all-around. The accomplishment and dedication that was shown by the team greatly paid off. agility. 2. As Abby Joseph prepares tor her routine, she ci -es us a winning G Tnnasrics 1 Front row: Cynthia Verner, Eimile Ryan. Jamie Bollinger. Back row: Julie Roberts, Sonya Sanders. Jaymie Mann, The deternnination of Vince Martin is shown as he sets the school long jump record at 23 feet, 10 inches. Struggling to the finish Eimile Ryan defeats her opp onent. n8 Girls and Boys track Going the distance Reflection of a winner The girls track team had a successful year considering that they had a new team which consisted mostly of freshmen. The team went to the North Eastern Oklahoma track meet and placed third overall. Also, the team placed second in the Frontier Conference. The two-mile relay team, one of the biggest assets to the team was defeated only once and the team placed fourth at state. The relay team consisted of Cynthia Verner, Stacey Watson, Eimile Ryan, and Jaymie Mann. The girls who qualified for state were Cynthia Verner, Julie Roberts, Stacey Watson, Jaymie Mann, Julie Stilwell, and Jody Simianer. The team worked hard and became very close which helped them make their season challenging and triumphant. The boys track team enjoyed its best season ever this year. They placed in the top three in every track meet they entered. A lot of school records fell during the year. Vince Martin set a record in the long jump at 2} feet, 10 inches. Brian Corry set the school record for the SOO meter run at a time of 1:56A. Tommy Keitges set the first in-state record in the shot put at 55 feet, 10 inches. The 3200 meter relay made up of Jimmy Lea, Karl Koehler, Marc Allen, and Brian Corry also set a new record of 7:57.96. Marc Allen went on to be a state champion in the mile as well as Tommy Keitges in the shot put. The team showed great determination and team ef- fort in perfecting their season. Julie Roberts makes her daily run getting ready for the state tournament. -«;! As Mark Seehafer runs towards the finish, he keeps a look of determination on his face. Front row: Coach Bill Padi;ett. Coch Keith Eidson. Second row: Brian Corry. Bobby Agee. Jimmy Lea, Marc Allen. Da -id Brandon. Thomas Pearson, Vince Martin. Mike Plunkect, John Dye. Back row: Craii; Bollinger. Mark Seehafer. Arthur Greeno, Andy Short. Todd Krier, Brian Prince, Karl Koehler, Mike Brown, David Conlev. Neil Parsons. Girls and Bo -s track 159 Front Row Dawn Van Hoose, Connie Powell, Jrek Park, Mrs. Goforth. Second Row: Scon iSrden, Phillip Ramsey, Barbara Rust Charla Kelley, Lred cT;hiCr,g Missy Smith, Vince Ur, Tau.ia Robb, Holly W.llard Back Row: Billy MUler, Lama Lovelace, Frank.e Leshe, Ines Westphal, HoTst KtKt tKK M ' Clark, Michelle Cummins, Dawn McNabb. 11 Living on that creative edge Art Club grew in numbers as well as achievements this past year. Being the most enthusiastic group in years, the kids started out the year by painting the windows at McDonald ' s at 51st and Memorial and having a big Halloween and Christmas party. Some of the seniors enjoyed creating monthly designs for Paschal Carpet Company featuring their fuzzy mascot, Rascal. Each of the designs chosen for newsletters were awarded ten dollars a piece to the artists. The top art students also entered several competitions with excellent results. The Tulsa University competition awarded Ines Westphal with a $2100 scholarship. Young Talent in Oklahoma accepted Frankie Leslie as one of the top ten art students in the state, and Connie Powells painting was chosen to hang in the capitol building. Ines Westphal and Tatia Robbs works were also accepted. Fundraising was unique without candy sales this year, so Art Club sold posters for Florafax, featuring Union students. The posters were published across the U.S. Art Club ended the year with the annual Union Arts and Crafts Fai r and celebrated a great year. Ilpoks like Derek Park fin I use MjftJp wBgtpn «!t he ously he is worki ith Bol 1 Newspaper staff members Jon Morajjo and Pat Rhees briUiantly expose another •«tos- Writing off the wall Grueling deadlines. Forceful writing. Liberal opinions. These are but everyday factors in the in- tense life of a Union Journalist. Under the leadership of a new adviser, Phyllis Dolence, and a new editor, Jon Morano, the Union Voice underwent many changes. Only four issues were published, but what the paper lacked in quan- tity it made up for in quality. The ' 84-85 Voice was perhaps the most intriguingly radical volume ever. From sophomores to school policies, no subject was sacred to the Voices crack staff of award- winning journalists. During the rare moments when the staff wasn ' t working on the newspaper, they were involved in two journalistic societies, the Oklahoma In- terscholastic Press Association and the QuilJ and Scroll. Also, the stress that can be induced by hur- ried deadlines and writer ' s cramp was relieved by periodic parties. The journalism staff also organ- ized Union ' s third talent show. This year the Voice kept up its tradition of chronicling the year ' s events in a colorful, in- teresting way. The staff had to work long, hard hours before and after school but enjoyed doing it and would like to thank everyone who helped make the Voice the rousing success it was. Cront flfiT Davi3 ewart, tyrme Spa ' rk Lohman, Mike Bradley, Mark Anderson. Second RowT ™ «v., Magid, Janna Schatz, Naipaula Brewster, Vince Ur, Brandy Molony. juli Molenda " ack " Hensley, Bret Smith, Dana Weinganner. Joumilism Qub 161 History Club members storm the gym with theit menacing war chants and threatening poster. Looking into the past The History Club is an organization in which students are given the opportunity to voice their opin- ions on any subject they wish. It is a club united by the members ' common interest in history and current events. The club meets about once a week to discuss future plans and activities. Often, the club meets at a member ' s house for a large get-together. Visiting a nearby museum has become an interest for the club. All-in-all, the History Club is a free-speaking organiza- tion on the move. Coplon. Back Row: Scott Staede.rR.ch Lehman. Dann ch rf K e, S:otrKam7:M X ' " ' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' " " ' " - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' " ' " " ' " " " ' ' ' ' " " 162 History Club From Row: Jerold Anderson — President, James Burk — Vice President, Arlin Knight — Secretary, Kevin Conley — Treasurer, Second Row: Kathltrw Ogan. Kyle CopeUnd, Suuhy Srinivasan, Scott Staedeli, Larry Lewis. Back Row: Julie Lewis, Bret Smith, Julie Harrah. Bina Shah, Ronnie Fischer, Dana Mitchell. Discovering a chemical bond The Science Club, sponsored by Dr. Mel Whit- tington, attempted to utilize our new science facili- ty by providing a challenging program for students with scientific interests. Through field trips, guest speakings and lab work, Dr. Whittington attempts to make students more aware of a field that is con- stantly changing. In Science Qub, students are able to share with others their knowledge and ex- periences. By broadening their horizons and taking advantage of the latest scientific equipment, voung Union scientists are preparing to be the technological geniuses of tomorrow. Science Cub member James Burk mourns after stepping on his experimental subjea. Science Qub 163 Keying into Personal Success Key Club, an active organization in our school and community, started off the year with record attendance. En- thusiasm and participation enabled Key Club to build and paint 25 bowling ramps for handicapped people to use. They took the ramps and donated them to the Special Olympics. With the help of over 100 members, special Olympics was a success. Over Christmas, Key Clubbers volunteered their time and help to the Kiwanis Club working with Santa Claus at Southroads Mall. Key Club has also aided Tulsa Speech and Hearing with the fund-raiser " Super Sunday. " Union ' s Key Club helped from serving soup to bussing tables. All this work was rewarded at the an- nual Key Club Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas, April 25-27. 4 Jill ..-J »..ii ' ' 1 k i. $ $■ .h ' l p vJ i JP L w. ypf ' _i ' f : l ii --- ' - 164 Key Club in the Key Club chanty fund-raisei. 2. From row: Paul Pickle. Connie Powell, Mary Ann Hmkefent, Sheila Julie Harrah, Michaele O ' Neill, Chris Otte. Kelly Colvin, Jay Dockweiler, Third row: Susie Moore, Kristy Natalie Edmund, Lan Nguyen. Fourth row: Uurey Bundrick, Brad Beam. Chatles Witt, Kim Scott, Teresa ;ll. Back row: Trevis Hulse, Scott Wittc. Chris Humes, Cami Lewellen. April Flager, Kim Baldwin, Jeff c, 3. Front row: Keith Kapple, Steve Ellig. Butch Gay, Tracy McDonough. Sheri Adams. Patty Pratz, ique LeFlore. Kim Geis. Second row: Cheryl Finn. Sara Heilstedt, Julie Roehr. Katina Foster. Pam Cart, Lori Hill.Janna Kim Beisly.Jodi Hamilton. Holly Willard. Third row: Bina Shah, Jennifer Jezek, Angela Chen. Kim Shepard, Shannon Howard, Ronnie 1 Claudia Miller Mark Duncan. Jerry Williams, Chris Shockley Fourth row: Terri Gibson, Lynne Sparks, Jana Jackson. Shelley Stevens, LaFlore Bryan Walters, Mike Finley, Shane Weissinger. Billy Hickman, Steve Craig. Mark Blue, Fifth row: Stephanie Trickett. Stacy k. Greg Owens, Paul Stalnaker, Janie Dockweiler, Lisa Partney. Diane White. Lisa Craig, Ktisti Shutte. Jaime Frederick, Amy Hmkefent, Sixth row Joe Vltosky Susie Stolz, Shelley Dale. Heather Chaffin, Missy Cain. Tata Peterson. Dana Hamblin, Sally Moore, Julie Canfleld, Lynn Luong My Luong. Chtis Ellison. Seventh row: Sarathy Srinivasan. Kyle Whistler. Peder Olsen. Todd Harris. Johnny Anderson, Mike Bradley. Ben Wise, Aim Srivastava, Jay Orlin. Audra Pendleton, Jennifer Turner. Michelle Thompson. Back row: P W Phillips, Sean Kibble. Rhonda Siex. Angle Hall. Kathy Scott, Kim Hoots. Chrissy Cannon, Melanie Monteith. Chrissy Kennon, Jimmy Bingham. Mane Reiser. 1. Chris Reynolds bowls for doll; Pannell. Gerald Powell. Second ro Duffy. Laura Stilwell, Shelley Philli] Heminger, Angela Caiter, Liana A McKnight. Mary Hood, Bi Gosw Controlling the shape of the future Our student council completed a year of both important public services and diverting schooltime activities. Following the ratification of their constitu- tion, the council became a member of the Oklahoma Student Council Association, and two delegates journeyed to the state conven- tion. Members also attended a basic workshop where various leadership skills were taught. A massive paper drive sponsored by the stu- dent council provided needed funds, and at the same time, tidied-up the wastes of the city. Spirit chains sold by the council brightened the school walls during homecoming. The year wound up with the annual Wacky- Olympics, a festive tribute to the carefree days of the Greek Olympiad. From the Wacky Olympics to the Tulsa paper drive, our student council completed a year of success. 1. Student Council president Neal Hope recites the finer points of the new, revised constitution. 2. Front Row: Leigh Bunn — Vice President, Neal Hope — President. Jeft Mcknight — Secretary Treasurer, Mrs. Cain. Second Row: Kristy Duffy, Kay Chisholm, Eva Johnson, Rhonda White, Susie Moore. Laurey Bundrick. Chris Humes, Gene Phillips, Bruce Marsh, Inelmar Huerta, Kelly Colvin, Michaele O ' Neill. Third Row: Krista Farrier, Kristin Adams, Kerri Byers. Dana Seeber. Charise Hines. Tracy Moore, C™thia Vemer, Jill OnstOCT, Piin Carr, Tracy Lilleskau. Fourth Row: Thad Bibb, Jay Carlin, Mark Welch, Kathy Martinez, Stacie Graham, Jeff Parker, Danny Payne. Steve 0 erturf. Eimile Ryan. Attonia Edelman. Dana Ramsey. Back Row: Angle Montgomery, Shelby Kane, Heather Chaffin, Missy Cain, Tara Peterson, Alin Srivastava, Robert Belue. Sara Heilstedt, Rhonda Siex. Sally Moore. P. W. Phillips, Will Watkins. Student Council 165 1. Being the youngest didn ' t stop the sophomores from takmg second place in the Wacky Olympics. 2. Randall Brown enjoys the new lemon fresh scent of the football field. }. The sophomores may have won first place in tug-of-war. but definitely not in the best dressed competition. 4. Mr. Weaver cools down after hot competition in the Wacky Olympics. 166 Wacky Olympics An arresting gallery of people Idiocy and more The spirit of the olympiad was resurrected at Union in the form of the annual Wacky Olympics. Participants trained for weeks in hope of ob- taining the coveted title of Olympic champion. Although popular events like synchronized swimming and the javelin throw were not included in the contest, sophisticated entries provided joyous entertainment to the packed stadium. Entries like the wheelbarrow race and the water balloon toss added to the days culture. Putting the sophomores, juniors, seniors and faculty against each other the Olympics resulted in fierce competition and some horrible injuries. The shoe pile game ended up in chaos as players hobbled aimlessly in search of their footwear. Food was popular in the games this year; the lemon toss and the egg break proved that foodfights weren ' t out of style. The big surprise of the event was the tug-of-war. The juniors and seniors fell to the strength of the overweight sophomore team. Another great surprise was the final result; the teachers, otherwise known as the Mingo Mob, had won. Despite the fact that the scoretakers were also teachers, everyone agreed that the games were spectacular. 1. Seniors run on to the field prepared to chase otY the competition, but lose an -way. 2. Juniors show that their spirit is sky-high at the Wacky Olympics. 3. Overly excited acky OhTnpics torch hearer Senior Scott Vi ' itte runs the field for the opening ceremony. Wacky Olympics 167 SENIORS it ' s our time to dream When we were sophomores we dreamed of being a senior. Being a senior seemed like the highest honor in the world. Now, after years of waiting our senior year finally came. We got to share in such notorious activities as Senior Pride Week, the Senior Christmas Semi-Formal, the prom and decorating the school. Our Senior officers (pictured at right) were Tami Pippin, Shelley Phillips, Bruce Dieterlen, and Tim Gray. Yet in the midst of all the fun and excitement there was a little fear in every senior. We feared the reality of facing the world. We were scared of independence. Most of all, we were afraid to grow up. But before we realized it, graduation was here, and though we still have a lot of growing to do, we can face the future with confidence and look to the past with fond memories. OUR senior year was the best! Mike Abdo Lori Adams Tim Aldrich Dana Alford Mark Allen Christopher Amaro J. C. Anderson Jerold Anderson Karia Anderson Shelly Anderson Corey Andrews Karla Armstrong Gabriel Arguelles Liana Atwell Ken Bailey Susie Baker From row — Nicci Simmons. Laura Hussey, Julie Hecht Second row — Mike Abdo, Derek Park, Laurey Bundrick, Celane Cahill. Kay Chisolm. Janie Craft. Third row — Brad Beam, Shelley Phillips, Tami Pippin. Robin Boyles. Back row — Scott Coleman. Brian Prince. Tim Gray. Robert Ballard Kim Barnfield Angie Barton Teresa Battoe Brad Beam Cindy Becker Melissa Beeton Lara Bennett Scott Bever Sheila Billingslea Jill Blackwell Baron Biakely Kelly Bloom Theresa Blue Brenda Boatwright George Boevers Julie Boevers Angie Bowker Scott Boyd Senior Stephanie McDonald challenges an intruding sophomore to " Go ahead — nuke my day. " Robyn Boyles Shay Braun Randall Brown Carol Brooks Denise Bruce Denise Bulman Laurey Bundrick Sid Burcham Senior Chris Reynolds stoops so low as to eat lunch in the famous Union Cafeteria with the sophomores. Wii f h yjJ Kim Byington Bev Byrne Harry Byrne Celane Cahill Steve Caldwell Andrea Campbell Tracy Cangelosi Roger Caple Irena Carpenter Kim Carlton Angela Carter Dennis Casey Dana Caterine Jerome Qia Ted Chapman Angela Cheatham Stacy Cheatham Bill Chern- Chrystal Christmas Darren Claybrook Brian Clemmons Chad Cochran Scott Coleman Doug Collins Kelly Colvin Mike Colvin Phillip Coppedge Wes Corbett Angie Cosson Julie Cotner Lee Coulter Kathy Cox Robin Crabtree Janie Craft Patrick Crispen Chris Crossland Angie Crossley Robert Cummins Lavaunna Perry, Susan Payne and Scott Kamp take a break from their calculators and computers to pose for the camera. Brian Derr Bruce Dieterlen Tammv Dil Jav Dockweiler ieniofs 1 5 Steve Doucette Kristy Duffy David Duncan Todd Edmonds Natalie Edmund David Ellis Jay Elrod Mindy Elzea Sometimes it helps to at least appear to be studying as Mark McNitt and Don Curry have discovered. Jonathon Evraets Robert Foster Sandy Foster Stephanie Fowler Kim Fugate Tommy Goad Kelly Goodwin Eric Gourdie Adrienne Jarnagin is caught in the act of the world ' s most popular spectator sport — guy watching. Chuck Grandon Tim Gra y Lorine Greeno Brian Greif Genyce Griffin Chrissy Grounds Hrund Gunnarsson Sheri Hacker Chris Hall Kathryn Hall Susan Hall Julie Halvin Marc Hamilton Teresa Hamilton Billy Hampton Jim Hangen Christina Hardie Julie Harrah Chris Harris Kelly Haynes Julie Hecht Teresa Hemingers Stacy Hendrickson Ora Lvnn Henn- Kim Herron Mike Hicks Charise Hines Mary Ann Hinkefent Shauna Hodges Cindy Holt Dawn Holt Thomas Hommel Treatte Honsinger - ■■ 1 V ' a Mary Hood Kendall Hopkins On History Day, Connie Powell models her idea of what fashion will be like in the future. Renee Rowland Inelmar Huerta Rachel Hula Trevis Hulse Chris Humes ' 1 H f " Si ' ' . 4 | L Scott Hunt Lisa Hurley Laura Hussey Scott Waner registers a look of surprise when Mr. VCeaver informs him that his essay is due second hour on game day. Mrs. Finley has students eating out of her hand as senior Rachel Hula demonstrates. Carol Ingram Kelli Inman Eva Johnson Michelle Johnson Darren Johnston Christine Jones Debbie Jones Joe Jones Rhonda Jones Brian Kane Soo Young Kang Tim Kennedy Tammy Keltner Robert Key Pat Crispen cakes the cake as a senior nerd. Pat Kinney Jon Klingenberg Betsy Lea Jimmy Lea Tracy Leach Frankie Leslie Cami Lewellen Larry Lewis Tracy Lilleskau Brent Long Darlene Lunzal Doug McCann Lori McClain Melanie McClean- Stephanie McDonald Carrie McDowell Randy McGuire JeffMcKnight Mark McNitt Greg Mahoney Jamie Mahoney Kristy Males Denise Malocsay mi m ' ' Kt L " m H K. m By L ' M Kid m- Dana Mitchell — saxophone player by day — Rocky Horror star by night. Alan Mamrosh Bruce Marsh Michael Martin Darren Martino Dusty Meriable The wall contest is a pan of Homecoming tradition. Charles Witt adds his contribution to the Seniof entry. Jimmy Metcalf Keli Middaugh Doug Miller Eva Miller Gary Miner Brice Mitchell Dana Mitchell Andrew Mofflt Servers 187 Christine Jones and Todd Edmonds smile after discovering they have been chosen best dressed seniors at UHS. Susie Moore Lan Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Lisa Nickel Kevin Nix Biff Norman Chrissie Norris Shawn Northcutt Tyler Oestreich Kathlene Ogan Glenda Ogle Michaele O ' Neill Chris Otte Mrs. Finley informs Jon Morano that he is expected to write all the yearbook copy while vacationing in England over Christmas break. Glen Patrick Mitch Pavne Beth Phillips Gene Phillips Shelley Phillips Billy Pilgrim Tami Pippin Jay Plummer Shannon Pope Connie Powell Dawna Price Steve Price Brian Prince Kelly Ramsey Christi Rast Thomas Rathbun Kim Rawlings Marlin Reed Chris Reynolds James Rexroat Tamra Ridings Lynn Ringhoff Tautia Robb Nancy Robinson James Roderick Beth Rogers Michelle Rosenthal Barbara Rust Bob Sanders Susan Schock Anke Schnapper Senior Vince Martin auditions for the Jacksons Victory Tou Anna Ryan Mary Schroeder Joe Scranton Dana Seeber Mark Seehafer Andrea Setser Lisa Sexton Shannon Sha Cindy Shell Shelly Shelton Nicci Simmons Mike Skates Geneva Smith Jeff Smith Lindsay Smith Shawn Smith Tony Snoddy Suzanne Spratt Paul Stagg Melissa Stanlev Robert Steele Vince Stephan Brett Stevenson Kathy Stevenson Leigh Stewart Leslie Stewart Tommy Stewart Laura Stilwell Mamie Summers Shellie Swindel Ronnie Tartar Bill Thomas Christi Temme Andy Thornton Kenny Tonihka Lori Trout Shawn Tuell Bryan Twibell Lori Tygart Vince Ur Valerie Valentine Wendi Valentine Rick Vaughan Alex Veliz Cvnthia Vemer Ramon Viesca Lisa Waites Jeff Walker Steve Wallace Vince Stephan breaks training to study for the Pepsi Challenge. Rob Warner Seth Weinstein Ines Westphal Rusty Wheatcraft Roger Wheeler Teresa Wheeler Tony Wheeler William Wilkerson Cameron Williams Eric Wyatt Kelly Young Reggie Young Terrs- Zinn Seasonal Seniors Every month Student Council selects two seniors to honor for their spirit, pride and contributions to the school. These select individuals are to be commended for their involvement, character and citizenship. l ' )K Seniors of the Month [ II 1 i 1 1 mMl A January _ . HuH ' ley Phiips and BarQn Blakl Seniors of the Month 199 Dance the night away Puttin on the Ritz 1. Dennis Casey and his date take a moment from the excitement to p()se for a picture. 2. David Stewart gave Jennifer Turner the privilege of attending the Junior-Senior Prom as a sophomore. 3. Shawn Lankford and Shelly Stokely dance away to one of their favorite tunes Rusiy Wheatcraft and Tia Hutchins arrive at the prom ready for some fu National Merit Finalists — Front row: Cam Williams, Laura Hussey Back row: William Pilgrim, Robert Ballard. Doug Collms Daring to do more Academic talents come naturally to some; others have to work hard for the honors they receive. Regardless of whether the road was rough or smooth academic accomplishments are something of which to be proud. Union has a fine tradition in academics and this year was no exception. Based on their performance on the PSAT, eight students qualified as Commended Na- tional Merit Scholars. Five qualified as semi- finalists and all went on to become finalists. Three students maintained a four point grade point average through four years of high school and one met the requirements for salutatorian, making only one B in four years. Many sacrifices were made by these students. Activities were missed and midnight oil was burnt to achieve these honors. To be the best at anything is a challenge few can meet. Fortunate- ly, some do. For them — victory is sweetest. National Merit Commended Students — Front row: Jay EIrod, Mike Gibson. William Thomas Back row: Ines Westphal. Darlenc Linzcy. Shelley Phillips not pictured: Lara Bennett. Harry Byrne 202 National Merit Scholars Leading the way to the top Valedictorian — Bruce Dieterlen Vaicdictorian — Darlene Linzey Valedictorian — Cam Williams Salutatorian — Teresa Hamilton Vaiedictorians Salutarorians 205 All our best in a week Before receiving their eagerly-anticipated diplomas, students from the Class of ' 85 were treated to a special week jam-packed with excitement. As always, the senior float -trip kicked off the festival. Seniors boarded canoes or anything else that floated and traveled down the Illinois River. Of course, the trip ' s highlights were the lovely scenery and nature-filled environment. A Saturday morning tea was held for the senior girls; they celebrated the event by posting their mothers ' senior portraits on the walls. More food and drink was served at the senior picnic. At the picnic site, students played Softball, threw frisbees, and rested up for other activities. Days before graduation, seniors congregated for the annual breakfast followed by the senior assembly. At the distinguished Harvard Club, students reminisced about grades K through 12 and received an elegant gourmet meal, although most didn ' t even know which fork to use. The assembly ended with the slide show that summed up the year in pictures. After the assembly, seniors left the school forever. But none will forget the memories and magic of Union — no maner how hard they try. 1. Chris Humes and Shay Braun portray two geeks in a senior assembly sltit. 2. Mike Gibson takes a breather under a shady tree after a tough game of Softball. Mark Allen and Neal Hope finish off their hearty breakfast with a nice glass of orange juice. 1. At the seaior picnic Todd Owsley. Todd Talbett. and E arTen Johnston get ready to enjoy their steaks and potatoes. 2. Dawna Price aod her mom indulge in some munchies after the entertainment at the senior tea. ' Senior Week 205 It may be over but there ' s more to come In August no senior thought May 22 would ever arrive. By spring break, though, the days were counted and senioritis took its toil on everyone. The long awaited magic night finally rolled around along with some spring showers that didn ' t damper anyone ' s spirits. Prior to the processional, seniors primped and were told to erase writing (torn the back of their mortarboards. Baron Blakely mysteriously lost his in the parking lot, but it was recovered and a minor crisis was averted. During the ceremony seniors listened to the soft voiced Georgia drawl of speaker Tommy Todd, President of the United States Jaycees. After receiving their diplomas, there was an attempt to sing " Happy Trails " and then it was out of Mabee Center and on with life. • 1. Some faculty members were surprised chat Phuc guven made it! 2. Anke Schoapper. exchange student from Germany, stands to tie recognized. 3. Kelli Middaugh, Chrissv Grounds. Lynne Lund, and Terrie Geren wait to get in the processional line. 4. Jamie Mahooev gives Christr Temme some help with her cap. 5. Kim Bamfield shows Lisa Waites how to fix her coliir. 6- Carrie McDowell receives her diploma from Dr jarman. . Baron Blakley explains to Ntrs. Yates how he lost his cap on his way in ftom the parking lot. Graduation 207 A Season Complete Throughout the tour seasons, year- book staff members agonized over everything from last-minute deadUnes to the horrendous wrath of Mrs. Finley. During all the chaos normally associated with yearbook class, the Redskin staff discovered a few things about life and also about themselves. Seniors in the class gave this book its soul; sophomores made Finley coffee, talked a lot, but were still fun to have around. Deadlines were as always a major problem; Editor Michaele O ' Neill found that the threat of an ' F ' in yearbook class convinced everyone to turn in their copy on time. Those who couldn ' t meet deadline were inspired by Jon Morano ' s heart-wrenching tales of life in the fast- paced newspaper business. Spring-section Editor Kristy Duffy found that losing all of the track pic- tures is not a good idea. Rachel Hula, editor of the summer-section, found that first hour is a great time to put on makeup and have crises. Winter Editor Connie Powell found that in-house suspension is the result of . 5 tardies, and Lorine Greeno told Hawaiian stories to enchant staff members. The juniors in the class were taught the important aspects of yearbook production. But John Stratman and Steve Ellig attended class at Grandy ' s and Quicktrip. Kristin Adams drew dummy layouts all year, while Pam Carr realized she ' d better give up photography. Sophomores Michelle Norvel and Jennifer Turner learned to type and take orders so they can lead the next generation of yearbook editors. During fall, winter, spring, and summer, Mrs. Finley came to the rescue when everything that could go wrong . . .did. Together, this group of people assembled the ' 85 Redskin with guts, determination, and a little old- fashioned elbow grease. We only hope that it ' s always as much fun to read as it was to put together. I.John Slratman, Kristy Duffy, and Steve Ellig enjoying their trip yearbook plant in Dallas, Texas. 2. Mrs. Finley directs the class. iU) Yearbook Stall iB|P 1. Michaele O ' Neill with her camera fai usual). 2. The sophomores and juniors sing to the seniors. 3. From row: Michaele O ' Neili. Ste%e Eliig Second row: Jon Morano. Heather Chaffin. Missv Cain, Jennifer Turner. Leah Fa undes. Susan Quem Knstv Duffy, Rachel Hula. Lorine Greeno. Third row: fCnstin Adams, Dana Hamhlin. Pam Carr. John Scrarman, Kim Hoots. Michelle Nonel Back row; Jane Finley. Son Orsini Yearbook Scatt 211 A.K.A. Nerd Bowl 19«5 marked the first season of a sport that is certain to become an institu- tion here at Union, the Academic Bowl. Under the spiritual guidance of the illustrious Mike Weaver and Ed Keeney, the team, affectionately dubbed the Nerd Bowlers, embarked on what proved to be a triumphant year indeed. After months of exhausting preparation, the team set out to conquer all that stood in their path. Garbed in their ever-fashionable Nerd Bowl blazers, the Academians rallied to a first place victory at Rogers State College before go- ing on to compete at Oklahoma State University. Due to the phenomenal success of the fledgling scholars, they were invited to the national competi- tion in Dallas, Texas. The intellectual stimulation, the camaraderie, all will make it possible for the learned Nerd Bowlers to look on this year with fondness and affection. 1. " Coach " Ed Keeney gives instructions before competi- tion, 2. Mr. Ed Keeney, Mr. Weaver, and Andy Short discuss strategies, 3. Team Members Doug Colhns. Wilham Pilgrim, Kevin Conley. and Andy Short in action. Front Row: Mr. Weaver, Chris Reynolds, Anke Schnapper, Laura Hussey, Mr. Keeney. Back Row: Doug Collins. William Pilgrim, Andy Short, Arlin Knight. Kevin Conley, Academic Bowl Lip-sync comes alive " Puttin on the Hits, " a lip-sync concert sponsored by the juniors, showcased the musical entertainers of tomorrow. Cultural artists Juho Iglesias and Willie Nelson, played by Troy Donnell and Alton Haney, made all of Union weep to " All the Girls I ' ve Loved Before. " The hardcore punk of Black Flag had students slamming in the aisles, while Vince Martin ' s j ortrayal of Michael Jackson brought the house down. Although none of the jjerformers could actually sing, all showed promise of one day becoming a profes- sional air-band. 1. No, it ' s not a Pepsi commercial; it ' s ' mce .Martin " Puttin on the Hits. ' 2. David Salyer and Danny Payne say Relax. 3. Amy Wilson and Reg£:ie Young bop on stage. Puttin on the Hits Let the good times roll I. Trevis Hulse takes a break at a Softball game. 2. Anke Schnapper is going for the goal in donkey basketball. 3. Michael Black does some spring cleaning before school is out. 214 Closing . Michael Mariin plays frisbcf at the senior picnic, 2. Randall Brown plays a |oke cin Mr. Davidson. 3. Shana Birlces finds her car shoe-polished after scho(jl. Reminders and Reminiscences 1. Carol Hayden tries to igtiore Sean Downes and Bobby Fet- reira. 2. Lori Hopper finds that Kevin Conly ' s shorts ate too short. 3. Jeff Graefe slides in tor a home run in a friendly soft- ball game. i b Closing ' ' ■ y y y -jyi- y y y ' X X_ X, 5ry y " N rr- - sophomore, Troy Youn XXi X WV y - , , . X X X ,: possess,on 2. Mr. Burnha. . , , - } ' , ' ' ■ , y s - ■ . -j y " l_ - X__:_ ♦ farewell. 3. Mark Ryer and Br fi£ i g. cares tor hiS prize m ' s students bid him Long mellow out in :? t ► -m % - i ettrtfen sf The Apple Tree 7204 EAST 4l8t ST. TULSA, OK 74145 (918) 622-TREE LEARNING MATERIALS FOR HOME, SCHOOL, CHURCH Jim Robertson jewelry ' s finest CRAFTSMEN Balfour 467} South 83rd East Avenue Tulsa. Oklihoma 74145 918 664-2544 1023 N. Garnett at 1-244 Tulsa, OK 74116 (918) 438-2000 Vr]f Mcintosh Service Co. 628-1420 Air Conaitionmg • neaimg Plumbing • Refrigeration Systems Test Balance Energy Management 1404 Soum 69tn Easl 12 • (91fl) 836-6401 Fromex Develops Your Film In Just One Hour! • We develop 110, 126 35mm color print film in ONE HOUR ■ Custom Quality at no extra cost ■ All photofinishing services available ■ we NOW Develop Disc Film ■ We NOW DO Our Own Enlargements From Color Negatives! One Hour B frqWiex Photo Systems woodlanci Hills Moll • 7021 so Memorial Drive (Upper level near Main Entrance) • (918)250-0609 AND SHEET METAL 4747 SO. 102ND EAST AVENUE TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74145 918 622-4300 TUMLESON Ramon Tumleson Wheel Aligning 664-2024 • 9903 E. 47th Place 587-7854 ' 1117 E. 2nd Street Gary Tumleson Darwin Tumleson 1. Going crazy from typing class, Darin Pounds relaxes wich a head restraint. 2. Heather Hawkins looks upon her fellow classmates playing Softball with real en- thusiasm. 3. Shawn Larkford aod Mary- Ann Hinkefent tap in the hallway before class. Ads aosins 2W INDEX A Abdo. Mike 1. 2lX 24. 49. 1( 2, («. (f Abercrombe. Tommy 36 Abies. Abies 112 Adams. Brent 39. U6 Adams. Carey 1 2. 24. 49. IOC. 11 2 Adams, Kristin 49. 84. 102. 112. 113.145. U ' " ). 210. 211 Adams. Lori (« Adams. Shaun 12(1. 153 Adams. Sheri 49. 50. 112. 113. 164 Adamson.Janelle 46 Addin ton. Gina 126 Agee. Bobby 30. 31. 91. 126. 159 Albert. Grec 70. 126 Alberty. Cheryl 126 Alcorn. Toni 112 Aldrich. Timothy I4S. 168 Alford. Dawnya 112. 168 Alford.Jay 46 Allen. Elisa 40. 102. 105. 126 Allen. Mark 32. 33. 145. 159, 168. 205 Allen, Matt 112 Allen. Mike 31. 33. 126 Allen. Traci 126 Allison. Scott 89. 126 Amaro.Chrisl53. 160, 16s Andersen, J. C. 168 Anderson.Jerold 53, 109. 110. 111. 163. 168 Anderson.Jimmy 126. 132 Anderson.Johnny 1(M, 126. 164 Anderson. Karla 37. 169 Anderson. Mark 2. 29. 112,161 Anderson, Mark W. 112,113 Anderson, Shelly 46, 169 Andrews. Corey 46. 169 Antoun. Lawicell2. 126 Archer.James39. 126. 127 Arguelles. Lydia 126. 135. 139 Armstronj;. Karla 6. 46. 49. 169 Arovelles. Gabriel 169 Amnyron. Sydney 49. 107. 112 Arrowood. Deletes 56. 127 Arrowood. Larry 56, 148 Ashford. Douj; 112 Ashlock. Lorrie96. 126. 127 Atwell. Dawn 47 Atwell. Liana 164, 169 Austin, Jill 112 Autry, Lisa 126 Azar, Carmen 102, 126 Barton, Angle 170 Basham. Theresa 98, 12 Bates, Elizabeth 46, 112 Bates, Kathcrine 112 Bates. .Mike 20 B Bachman. Charletre 56 Bacon. Keith 112 Bailey. Kenneth 20.21. 169 Bailey. Shannon 47. 112 Baily. Don 56 Baker. Donald 126 Baker. Donna 126 Baker. Kory 126 Baker. Susie 169 Baker. Treva 49. 56 Baldwin 164. 169 Ballard. Rhonda 126 Ballard. Robert 169. 203 Banghart, Robin 126 Banks, Mitxi 40, 126 Banks. Sara 46, 112 Barbeau. Alan 126 Barber. Dana 126 Barlow. D, 56 Barnes.JeanneU Barnes. Trey 79. 126 Barnes. Yasi 107.126 Barnett. Kale 57. 70 Barnfield. Kimbet 170.207 Bal .Ten I 170 Beagle. Hcidi 127 Beam. Brad 2. 5. 2(1. 47. 49, 102. 103. 164, 169. 170 Beaver. Sonya 1 1 2 Becker. Cindy 170 Becknell. Valerie 45. lOf,. 127. 153. 201) Beery. Deanna 112 Beeton. MeLissa 42. 170 Beil. Brian 104. 127 Beisly. Kim 102. 10-1. 107. 164 Behar. Brenda 112 Bell. Kathy47. 112. 150 Bell. Patrick 57 Belue. Robert K. Ill 89.91. 102. 127. 165 Bennett. Lara 107. 162, 170, 203 Berna. Tracey 112 Berney, David 112. 122 Berry. Deanna 112 Bersly. Kim 112 Bever. Scott 170 Bibb.Thad 31. 102. 126. 1 7. 1C5 Biggs. Brad 39. 127 Biggs. Chris 112 Billingslea. Kelly 127 Billingslea. Sheila 170 Bills. Karen 72 Bingham. Jimmy 127. 149. 164 Birchem. DeAnna49.84. 112 Bitkes. Shana 127.215 Bischoff. Kristin 85. 12 Bishop. Rusty 31. 127 Bitting. Robert 127. 129 Black. Michael 102. 113. sl4 Blackwell.Jill 170 Blakley. Baron 77, 79, 81, 82. 83. 170. 199. 206. 207 Blan. Don 31. 127 Blissit. Randy 127 Bloom. Kelly 170 Bloss.Terry R-127 Blue. Mark 77. 79. 82. 127. 164 Blue. Theresa 47. 170 Boatwright. Brenda 107. 170 Boatwright.Jeanny 107. 113 Bocock. Billye 90. 95. 127 Boevers. George 170 Boevers. 42. 170 Boevers. Stacy 42. 101.171 Bolen. Steve 127 Bolen. Terrill3 Bollinger. Craig 32. 37. 113. 159 Bollinger. Jamie 33.51. 113. 158 Boots. Allysa 42. 101 Boots. Greg 36. 105. 113 Bordwine. David 171 Bowers. Michele 40. 127 Bowker. Angle 171 Bowman. Lisa 98. 127 ..Shai Ban , Sus. Bowman. Shaun 1. 29. 113 Boyd. Robbie 127 Boyd. Scott 171 Boyles. Becky 127 Boyles. Robyn 46. 169. 171 Bradford. Kirk 127 Bradford. Tammy 113 Bradley. Dibbie 112. 113 Bradley. Karla 7 Bradlev.Mike49. 127, 161. 164 Bradlei, Molly 102. 105. IK Bradley. Toby 102. 105. 127 Bradshaw.Jim 33. 57 Bradshaw. Steve 52. VK. 127 Brami. Elanine 107.127 Brandon, David 32, 102, 127. 159 Brandt. Karann44.45.49. 113 Braun. Shay 7. 20. 49. 171. 2CH ;in. Laurie %. 127. 128 Brewster. Naipaula 113. 161 Briones. Richard 113. 162 Broadrick. Edward 79. 127 Broccard. Rodney 31. 12 Brockup. Connie 127 Brodrick. Ed 79 Brooks. Cjrol 46. 171 Brest. Darrin 29. 113 Brost. N ' ikki 103. 127 Broui. Johnnie 128 Brown. Danny 31. 128 Brown. Mike 32. 113 Brown. Mike 32. 159 Brown. Randall 20. 166. 171. 215 Brown. Scott 38. 106. 128 Brown. Tim 113 Bruce. Denise 171 Brugger. Melissa 128 Buck. Michele 128 Buffalo, Duane 31. 128 Bulman. Denise 171 Bundrick. Laurey 46. 98. 99. 164. 165, 169. PI Bunn. Leigh 99. 108. 113. 165 Burcham. Sid III Burk. James 163. 172 Burk. Michele 130 Burnett. Suzann 40. 102. 113 Burnham. Brad 11.57. s l7 Burron. Sondea 172 Busby. Bobby 113 Busby. Steve 113. 128. 149 Butler. Stacy Lynne 45. 105. 113. 161 Byers. Kerri 85. 113.165 Byington. Kim Sue 172 Byrne, Bev 39. 172 Byrne. Harry 203 c Cabbiness. Chris 28. 29, 49, 113 Cabe. Jackie 119 Cagle. Amy47. 102. 128 Cahill. Celane 7. 53. 102.106. 109. 110. 111. 169. 172. 199 Cahill. Courtney 49. 128. 149 Cain. Ann 57. 59. 61. 165 Cain. Missy 49. 128. 153. 164. 165. 211 Calaza.Joe31. 128 Caldwell. Brien 128 Caldwell. Raymond 58 Gallery. June 47 Camille. Ken 38. 113.154 Campbell. Andrea 172 Campbell. Heidi 113 Campbell. Mike 128.153 Campbell. Robert 128 Campbell. Shelly 128 Canard. Jason 113 Canficld. Julie 10-1. 128. 164 Ongelosi. Tracy 172 Cannon. Lisa 128 Caplc. Roger 172 Carlin.Jay 102. 127. 128. 164. 165 Carlton. Chris 40. 113 Carlton. Kim 172 . Carpenter. Rena 172 Carr. Pam49. 103. 113. 124.145. 161. 165.21 211 Carter. Angela 47. 164. 173 Carter. Shannon 104, 128 Cartwright, Kim 128 Cartwright, Wes 42, 101 Carver, Shelly 113 C sey, Dennis 173, 200 Caterine. Dana 162. 173 Cathey. Gary 162 Cawood. Steve 91. 128 Celeste. Brian 128 Cha. Jerome 153. 173 Chaffin. Heather 49, 128, 140, 16-1, 165.211 Chandler. Ellen 113 Corwin. Chang 113 Chapman.Jim 113 Chapman. Ted 173 Cheatham. Angle 161. 173 Cheatham, Stacy 1 3 Chen. Angela 102. 103. 105. 128. 164 Chcnowcth. Christopher 113 Cherry. Bill 19. 20. 22. 49, 51, 77 so. 82. 173. 199.2 Chevalier. Suzette 173 Chi. Hoynh 128 Chinn. Alison 44. 45. 75. 102. 1 1 3 Chisholm. Andrew 128 Chisholm. Kay 47. 51. 165. 169. 173 Chitwood. Betty 72 Chompunuchtanin. Tai 128. 152 Chompunuchtanin. Tip 173 Chrestman. Mike 173.201 Christensen. Branr 38.41. 113 Christy. Mark 113 Christian. Steve 128 Christian. Wayne 31. 128 Christlieb. Stacey 114 Christmas. Chrystal 173 Chrisropher. Sue 58. 98 Chtonister. Gary 58 Gucci. Donna 58 Clardy. Ben 108 Clark. Darryl 51. 77. 78.79. 114 Clark. Gene 114. 160 Clark. Stephen 114 Clark. Tom 58. 162 Clasey. Kathy 15 3 Claybrook. Darren 173 Cleaver. Darrell 12S Clements. Colin 47. 108 Clemmons. Brian 173 Clere. Lee 1 14 Cline. Laura 104. 107. 128 Close. Brian 109. 128. 140 Clothier. Paula 96. 103.114 Coats. Bryan 55 Cochran. Chad 46. 173 Coffin. Roxann 128 Cohea. Gina 128 Colantonio. Greg 1 14 Colbert. Dana 129 Colben. Mama 40. 114 Colburn. Bart 30. 31.129 Cole. Brad 91. 129 Coleman. Scott 7. 49. 169. 174 Collier. Lynn 49. 90. 9t. 95. 1 14 Collins. Douglas 102. 174. 203. 212 Collins. Joe 91. 129.155 Colvin. Kelly 49. 103. KM. 164. 165. 174 Colvin. Mike46. 174 Conley. David 145. 159 Conley. Kevin 105. 114. 163. 212. 216 Connelly. Scott 114 Conner. Melinda 17. 47. 49. 1 14 Conrad. Katrina 102. 105. 129. 135 Conway. Michelle 9 Cook. Brian 46 Cook. Kim 105.114. 129 Cook. Mike 28. 29. 49 Coop. Marcie 84, 129 Cooper. Jaime 99. 129. 153. 155 Cooper.Jason79. 129 Copeland. Kyle 39. 102. 114. 163 Coplon. Donna 59. 162 Coppedge. Phillip 174 Corbett. Nancy 114. 153 Corbett.Wesl74 Corey. Brian 105. 175 Cornett. Gaye 36. 105. 114 Corry. Brian 32. 33. 145. 159 Coryell. Robert 104. 129 Cosson. Angle 174 Cosson. Jamie 129 Cotner. Julie 47. 102. 174 Gotten. Todd 129. 153 Couch. Eddie 129 Coulter. Lee 174 Counille. Lee 129 Ciiwan, Susan Kl. I. " ;. HI Cux. Katliy 17) f.DX. MrIivIIl- IW,. III. 16. ' Coxin, Killi I. " ) Crahcrec. Ik-ckylJ, 101, 12 ' ; Crahtree. Robin 11), -12, 13, llll. 171 Crafc, DanitI 129 Cra(l,Janlc lfi ' , IT-I Craft. Rick Vi. 107. IH. 12-1 Craiion.Jaiil,icnncl2y Crai;;. Cathi 129. IfiO Grain, f-O ' V ' ' ' ' ■ ' - " ' Crain. Lisa 129, IM Grain, Sccvc !- ' ' ■ ' !- ' ■ ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' 1 Cravens. I.ci; 129 Crawford. Gina 129 Crawford, ff 129 Crcpcr, Christy n. 49 102, 103. IH Crtmeens. Kevin 129 Crtthy, Gary IM Crisp, Missy 129 Grispcn, Patricl 162, 174, ISl Gritlenden, Shane 129 Grossland, Chris 174 Crosslcy, Angela 174 Growdcr, Robin 107, 129 Gumminns, Kelly 42, 101, 114, 162 Cumminns, Kim 105, 109. 129, 156 Cummins, Michelle 42, 101, 114, 160 Cummins, Robbie 174 Cunnanc. Erin 114, 150 Cupp, Becky 38, 114 Gurry, Don 47, 176 Curtin. Christina .36, 129 Curtis, Colleen 129, 156 Custer, James 114 Custer, Tony 36 D Daer, Bobbi 72 Dahme, Susan 114 Daily, Gina 150, 175 Dake, Tara 1 14 Dale, Shelley 107, 129, 164 Dalke. Paul 175 Daniel. Brent 4(1.175 Daniels. Jason 109. 129 Daniels. Ronny 31, 130 Davidson, Don 54,67, 215 Davidson, Kelley 98, 130 Davidson, Shonn 47. 102, 105, 130, 150, 151 Davis, Angela 130 Davis, Angela 114 Davis, Angle 114 Davis, Brcnda 100, 101. 175 Davis. Chris 175 Davis, Eric 155 Davis, Jennifer 1 Ml Davis, Renac 1 (0 Davis. Shirin 47, 175 De Armon. Robert 130 Deeds. Traci 105, 130 Deeds, Winston 59 Deen, Pam 37, 107, 114, 162 De Leon, Rosemary 130 Dclozier, Mark 47, 106, im. Ill, 114 delRosario, Gill75 Demko,John 39,41, 115 Dcrr, Brian 38, 175 Derr, Mike 115 Dcuvall, Patricia 59, 105 Dewberry, Mike 115 Dieterlen, Brett 130, 155 Dicterlen, Bruce 14. 20. 49. 102, 155, 168, 175, 199, 202 Diffcndcrfer,Jean 115 Dill, Tammy 42, 101, 175 Dill, Tina 42. 130, 175 Dixon, TaShonda 115 Dobbins, Mark 59, 61, 87, 89, 91 Dockweiler,Janic98, 99, 107, 130, 164 Dockweiler,Jay 89,90, 102, 103, 164, 175, l ' » Dolence, Phyllis 59, 161 Donnell, Thomas Ray 115 DonnelLTrov 2H l)osliitr,Tciiiy HI Doubles, Amy 115 Douctrte. Steve 89, .KJ, 176 Dover, Paula 95, ' X., 115, 119 Dow, Erin 115 DowelLTroy MO Downcs, Scan 29, 10 ., 115, 216 Drake, EliMbetli 49, 1115, 107, IH, 115, 121 Draper, Jerry 115 Dreycr. Eric 1 1 5 Druktenis, Sean 130 Duff, Shauna 130 Duffer, Cassaundra HO Duffy, Kristy 47, 50, 145, 164, 165, 176, 210, 211 Duncan, David 79, 176 Duncan, Jim 59 Duncan, Mark 36, 115, 164 Durbin, Kristin 9, 130 Dye, John HO, 159. 160 Economus. Carol Lyn 104. 130 Edelman, Attonia47,98, 115, 165 Edmonds, Todd 20, 49, 103, 176, 188 Edmund. Natalie 17,90,91, 102, 104, 154, 164, 176 Edwards, Kaelonnie 115 Edwards, Nicole 130 Eidson, Keith 32, 33.6(1. 159 Elder, Joe 60. 65 Ellig, Steve 1,7, 29,49,77, 115, 164. 210.211 Elliott. Tom .38, 130 Ellis, David 5, 176 Ellison, Christina 47, 115, 164 Elmore, Kenille 60 Elrod,Jay 176, 203 Elsberry, Kris 45, 49, 1.30 Elzea, Melinda 47. 176 Emerson. J. W. 60 Epple,Johnnall5 Evans. Ed 115. 162 Evans. Edward E. 115 Evans. Ron 60, 94, 95, 96 Everett, Cheryl 176 Everett, Stephanie 130 Evraets, Jonathan 34, 36, 176 Ewing, Kip 77, 79. 102, 115 Eycleshymer.Jeffery 29, 115 Eynon,Rob47. 162, 177 Fagundes, Leah 102, 104, 130, 211 Fancher, Lisa 115 Fancher, Michelle 105, 130 Farrier, Krista 5, 49. 82, 84, 103, 113. 115. 165 Fau lkner. Darran 115 Fautt. David 130 Fehrenbach. Brenda 130 Fehrenbach. Greg 17, 36, 177 Feltz,Jim31. l.W Fenn, Cheryl 103. 106. 130. 164 Ferreira. Bobby 29.77. 115. 161. 216 Ferris. Michelle 40 Fielding. Angle 4(1. 115 Finley.Jane 180. 189. 210. 211 Finley. Mike 79. 105. 115. IM Finn. Eugene 1 30 Fischer. Ronnie 20. 163. 177 Fischerman. Thomas 162 Fisher. Jim 61 Fitzgerald. Hal 36, 154 Flager, April 164, 177 Foote, David 153 Foreman. Melanie 46 Forsman,Kendis95, 130, 150 Fortney, Dawn 11,42, 101, 115 Foster, Katina 1 30, IM Foster, Robert 49, 15 s, 1 7 ' ' Fosrer, Sandy 42, 105, V Fountain, Kelly 130 Fowler, Dina HO ivler,Janis6l, 10 wier. Stephanie 177 inck. Daniel V,. 1 30 inklin. Cory 115. 121 iree. David 115 ■am. Danny 115 derick.fiinger 115 ■derick. Jaime 24. HO. IM derick. Robert 1 30 enian. Chris 16 eman. Laura HO I riehng. Hobby V, Frisby, Michael 89, 115 Fry, Kenny 36. HO Iryhover. Lisa 98. 1 30 Fugate. Kimberly 177 Fulton, Angle 42. 115 Gaffkc. Sarah 157 Gage. Aaron 36, 115 Gagliardo, Mike HO, 151 Galutza, Anthony 177 Galutza. Susan 115 , Bri I 130 Gan Tibill. Tommy 79. 131 .Mai r 177 Gatton. Paul 131. 149 Gay. Butch 49, 77, 78.79,82, 115. 124, 164 Gee. Charles 115 Geis, Kimberiy 49, 102, IW, HI, 157, 164. 209 Gcrbitz. Tyran 96, 131 Geren, Tcrrie 145. 177.207 Gibson. Michael 7, 49, 77, 78. 79. 82, 83. 177. 203, 204 Gibson. Terri 105, 131, 164 Gilbert 5, 49. 103. 113. 115. 152 Gilkey. Billy 131. 143 Gilliland. Brandon 131 Gist. Brian 79 Glidden.Todd79, 131 Glocker. Catherine 45. 104. 131. 141 Goad. Tommy 38. 117. 177 Goad. Stephanie 42. 101 Goforth,Jana61, 160 Goike, Michelle Lynn 116 Goins. Jason Lee 116 Golden, Marry 61 Goldesberry. Tammy 131 Golden, Marty 68 Gooch, Tony 131, 156 Goodwin, Kathy 131 Goodwin, Kelly 20, 177 Goodwin, Michele 46, 177 Gooldy, Shawn 116 Goombi, Billy 116 Goralczyk. David HI Goswick. Stacy 98. 105. 1 16. 1 W Goudeket. Ruth 61 Gourdic. Eric .36. 177 Gourdie. Heather 14. 42. 101. 105. 116 Gower. Doug 155. 178 Graefe.Jeff 29. 49. 103. 1 16. 216 Graff, Julie 178 Goward, Lisa 102 Graham, Gary 46. 178 Graham. Stacey 113. 116, 165 Graham. Stacie 49. 105, 116 Graham. Trent 178 Grammer.Jared 131 Grandon, Charles 178 Gray, Chris 31, 79. 131 Gray. Hank 31, HO Gray, John 46, 116 Gray, Tim 5, 7, 19, 20. 21. 24. 49. 168. 169. PS. 198 Green. Loren 116 Greene. Arthur 103. 131. 159 Grceno. Lorine 145. 178. 210. 211 Gregory. Rob 9. 116 Greil " . Brian 5. 10. 19. 20. 24, 103, 1-1 , 14,8. m Griebel. Carrie 107, hi Gricgo, Sherry 40. 131 Griffev. Kath -2 Griffin, Charles 111.1-11. 151 Gnfdn. Grnyct 42. 101. I7» Grintcr, S ac ' 131 Cruuruit. ChfiMy 107. ITK. 2U7 Croundt, l-indi 72 Crovc.Chaftnyi. 116 Curmhtrr. Shcnr Ml Guffry.Tn lld Cuffin.John W. 1 31 Guida. JuIk 131 Gulleft. Vu6a V). 103. I ( Gunnirttun. Arthur HI GunnartMn. Ilrund l(i2, 178 H Ila.Slan HI Haas. Jeff HI Hacker. Sherry 51. 178 Hacker. Wendy 9«. 107. W). 1 16 Hailcy. Sherry 42 Hairpap.Carlll6 HaM. Angle 107. III. 131. 164 Hall.Chrisl.85. 99. lyi. 179 Hall.Jodie 40. 49. 102. HI Hall. Kalhryn 47. 179 Hall. Mike 153 Hail. Susan 179 Halvin.Julieft9. 179 Hamblin. Dana 131.153. 164.211 Hamilton. Jodc 102. 1(M. 116. 164 Hamilton. Marc 4«. 87. 89. 90. 179 Hamilton. Matt HI Hamilton. Teresa 102. 107. 162. 179. 202 Hamlin.Jenny49. 127. 131 Hamm. Jennifer 131 Hampton. Billy 179 Haner.Jon 38. 102. 105. 108. 116 Haney. Alton 32. 116 Hangen.Jim 179 Hanlin. Sandy 62. 155 Harden. Kristi 131 Harden. Scoit 131. 160 Hardie. Christina 179 Flardt. Steve77. 79. 116 Hargroves. Mark 116 Harmon. Daniel 131 Harmon. Jamie 116 Harmon.Jeff31.49. 103. 131 Harney. Steve 131 Harns. Kim 132 Harper. Raymond 1 16 Harper. Scott 31, 103. HI Harrah.Julie 163. 164. 179 Harrell. Doug 131 Harrell. Tammy 157 Harrell. William 14.29.116 Harris. Buan 116 Harris. Chris 1 " 9 Harris. Daria " ' 2 Harris. Karrie 85. 98. 99, 1 16 Harris. Kim 45. 105. 155 Harris. Shawn 1 Harris. Todd 105. 132. 164 Harrison. Karen 1 32 Hart, Chad 1 16 Hauser. Nicole 105, 132. IV- Hawkins, Chris 116 Hawkins, Heather 44, 45. 49. 101. 1U6. 1 16. 219 Hayden. Carol 37. 102, 106. 116. 216 Have. Ronnie 116 Havnes. Kelly 1 " Havnes. Shawn 112 Heame. Dolores 132 Hecht. lulie Theresa 24. 25. 44. 45, 4 " . •». 10 HS. " l69. 1 Heilstedt. Sana 109. 12 " , 132, 164. 165 Helton. Michelle 132 Heminger, Teresa 4 " . 164. 1 Himmil Christie 132 Henderson. Gat 29. 116 Henderson. Kim lO ' ' , 1 32 Henderson. Tod 132 Hendrickson. Loti .36 Hendrickson. Stac 42, 101, 1 Henri. OraLvnn 98,179 Hensley. Charlotte W . I •.! Henslcy.Jcxr M2. 209 Hephner. Michcle 99. 10 ' . im. llf. llerrandez. Cathy 47. H2 Hernandez. Vicki 47. 105. 116 Herrinj;. Cindy 1 12 Herron. Kimbtiley 5. VI. 15. 41. 101. ISO lleshncr. Michelltlll Hester. Dou 16 Hewitt. Bean 1 IC lliatt.Amj 112 Hicks. Mike lOH. IKO Hickman. Billy 10. 11. 101. 1 12. M Hij;);ins, Holly 75. 1(W. llf, Hildetbtand. Danny 107. 1 If, Hill. Andrea 111 " . Hill. Daniel 79. 112 Hill.Jcnnifet 47. IK. Hill.Loti 116. IM Hill, Tina 116 Hincs. Chatise 2. 47. 50. 102. Illl. 1 IK. 165. IHO. 19 ) Hinkefent. Amy 112. 115. UK. 164 Hinkefenl. Mary Ann IIW. 161. IHO, 219 Hinnen.Jayna 106.112 Hitchcock. Debbie 112 Hodj;cs. Shauna 7. 11. AH. yK. kKO Hoffarth. Christopher 11. 112. 1 15. 1 16, 149 Holewinski, Kathy 98, 112 Holland, Tammy Holloway.Jason 1 12 Holsey, Kristi47. 105, 116 Holt, Cindy IKO Holt, Dawn 47, 102. 101. IHO Holt, Robby 19, 116 Hommcl, Thomas 107, IKO Honsmyer, Treatte 47. IHO Hood. Allen 105. 112 Hood. Mar 161. IHO Hoots. Kimbeilv 102. 107. 112. 161, 211 Hoover, Grej; lor., 109, 111, ir Hope, Ncal 20, 21, 49. IIH. lof.. 165, IKO, I ' W, 205 Hopkins, Grej; 11.112 Hopkins. Kendall 20. 50. IKO. 190 Hopkins. Pam 45. 117 Hopper, I.oriH4, 117, 216 Horn, Kcllye IKl Horstman, Katen 105, 117, 151, 160 Hosch,GiC); 112 Housdan, David 181 Houston, Catia 19, 109. 112 Howatd. Douf; 46, IKl Howatd, Lisa44,45,49, IHl Howatd, Shanntm ' W, IIM. 1 11. 1 P. 161 Howland. Renee IBl Hubbard. Grey 29, 117 Hudson, David 62 Huerta. Irelmat 40, 102. IIH, 165, IKl Huctta, l.enymar4 . 105. IP. IW Huerta. Nelsvnes 14. 42. 101. 102, 12K. 112, 141, 152 Huffakct, Donovan 18. 112 Huffman. Suzannah 44. 45. 102. 1 17 Hughes. Jetty 46 Hu(;hey. Robert 112 Hula. Rachel A. 47, 181, 1K2, 21W. 210. 21 1 Hulet. Lance 11.112 Hulse.Trevis48. 49. 79. 101, 164, IKl, 214 Humes, Christophct20,19, 164. 165. 181. 194. 2(H Humphties. Susan 101. 112. 149 Hunt. Scott 181 Hutley. Lisa 14. 15.40. 11. 181 Hutt . Tom 117 Hussey. Laura 102. 169. IHl. 198, 201, 212 Hutchins, Tia 46. 182. 201 Hutton. Michelle 112 lluy. Vu 111 Huynh. Huny 111 Huynh, I.elll Huvnh.Thu 111 Inbodv. Catol 180 Inbody. Rocky 1K2 Iny tarn. Bob 117 In|;ram, Cjirol 182 In);ram. Wade 117 Inman. Kelli 182 Ishce. Kathi IP Jackson. Jana 9S, 105, IP. 161 Jackson. Steve 182 Jacobs. Mark HI James.Juhe 157 Jatman. Weslev Dr. 207 Jarman.Jill62 ' Jarna);in. Adrienne 42. 101. PK. 182 Jay. Irancine 85. 182 Jenkins. Allen 111 Jensen. Robert 16. Ill Jezek.Jennilet 102. MM. 111. 161 Joflc. Pat IK. 111. 114 Johnson. Mob IP Johnson. Butt 111 Johnson. Btyan 111 Johnson, eva 46. 165. 182 Johnson. Michelle 182. 1K5 Johnson. Monica 117 Johnson. Scot 47. 77. 79. 1 17 Johnson. Steve 117 Johnson. Tim 62, 77 Johnson, Todd 102, 111 Johnson, Toti 1(H, HI Johnston, Datten 147. 14K, 1H2. 205 Jones. Chtistine 7. 1 1. 50. H2. 8 1, K4, 1 IH. IH IKH, w; Jones. Debbie 181 Jones. Donald 61 Jones.Joseph 181 Jones. Keith 107. Ill, 141 Jones. Kim 42, 117 Jones. Rhonda 46. 102, 101 Jones, Shetty 111 Jones, Thctena 111 Jordan, Douj; 105, 111 Jotdan.Jeff 79, IP Joseph. Abby 111. 141. 157 K Hva 101 Hyde. Lisa 117, 120.161 Hyncs. Nancy 62 Hyslop.Chrisl.il Kachura. Dave 19. Ill Kamp. Scott 161. 162.175 Kane. Brian 14. 16. 102. 154. IKl Kane. Shelby 45. 49. 111. 165 Kanf;. Lsther 14. lin Kanj;. Glace IP Kany, Sou V ' ouny IKl Kappic, Keith " i. 7q, i p. IM Kapple, Shellv 111 Karnes, Kan 105. IP Kauflman. Geoff 52.51. KM. 117.201 Keelet. Ttac) 111 Keen. Chris HI Keeney. Kd61. 69 Keitf;es. Tomms IP. 159 Kellet. Connie 61 Kellc .Chatla 45.52. 105. IIW. IP, 160 Kelsev, Tcft) 47, 61 Keltner, Amy42 Keltner, Stacy 111 Keltner, Tammy 42. 101. IHl Kemp. Robin IP, 156 Kenly, Helen 52, UW. Ill Kennedy. Tim H9. 155. IHl Kennon.Chtissy 47, IP Ke ' chef,Jamie 111, 151 Ke . Robett 181 Khan. F.rum 181 Kibble. Sean 111. 162. IM Kile. Kevin ll|-. IP Kim.Joe 9. ll- Kimm.Jeannie IMP Kimmle. LeAnn 16. 47, 49, 102. 181 Kinj;. Daifin IP Km;:. David HI Kinne .Matt29. 105. IP Kinne . Pat 7. 14. 20. 49. K . 89. 90. 181. 198 Kinnius. Kcrrv 10. Ill Kmzie. Melissa 111 Kithy. Steve 11. HI Kirkiand.Justin 79. HI. 155 Kirkley. Paul 117 Kirkley. Vickie 111 Kittelson.John 19. 127. HI Klasinj;. Kathy HI Klein, Pamela 61 Klin(;enbctf;.Jon IKl Knapp.Jcnmfet 42. 101. IP. 1H4 Kni(;hi. Arhn IP. 161.212 Kni(;ht. Devin 16. 1H4 Kni(;ht.Shefill 111 Knowles. Mike 111 Koehlet. KatI 16. 117. 145. 159 Koohney. Kevin 156 Korcso;;. Danette 105. Ill Koten. David 111 Koskey. Missy 45. 117 Kostrzcwski.Shannielll Ktener. Holly 157 Ktict. Chad KM, 111 Ktict. Todd 12. 11. 145. 151. 159. 181 Lunal. Darlene 1H5 Luinj;. Lynn 114. 164 Luonj;. My 47. us. 161 Lyons. Loti 1 1 L Lacke), Lea 157 ifien. Brad 1 14 ancastet. Metedith IP ane. Btant 11. 114 an);ley. Chtis 114 ankford. Shawn 20. 4K. 106. W . IHl. 200. 219 Lanniny. Brad 151 Lasle . Tammy 114 met. Tanza99, H4. 151 iller. Phillip 107 ;ndusky.Carol46.61 son. Kelli 1H4 Betsy 47. 1K4 Jimmy 20.69. 102. 101. 145. 159. 184. 201 Leach. Ttacy 42. 101. 184 Leathcts. Stephanie 46. IP LeBleu. Matissa 44. 45. 49. IIH, 1 11. 201 Lee. David 117 Leeds. Eydie 47. 64 Lefebvie. Kevin 156 l.effler. Brian 1 14 LcFlorc. Moniquc 1 11. 161 LeFlore. Teresa 47. 117. 164 Leippert. Steve 29. 49. IP, 148 Leslie, Ftankic 160, 184 Letzkus, Btian 114 LcVan,Joc 29,47, IP Lewellen, Cami 101. 14K. 161. IKl. 19K Lewellen. Kirsten 102. 126. 127. 114 Lewis. Jacky IP Lewis. Julie 105. IP. 161 Lewis. Larty 161. 1K4 Lilleskau. Tracy 49. 51. 101. HK IIW. 165. 184 Lincks. Liz 96. 104. 114 Liniham. Geor(;e 12. IP. 149 Linzey. Darlene 102. 162. 202. 201 Loerke. Nancy 19. 118 Lohman. Rich 114. 161.162 Lon;;, Brent 20. 148. 184. 217 Lopez. CatIa 1 14 Lopez. David 1 18 Lotvedt. Anne 160. 185 Loucks.Jim 11. 114. M9 Loud. Scott 79. SO Lovelace. James 16. 185 Lovelace. Laina 14. 15. .17. 16(1. 185 Lo s-e. Brian 1 14 Lowe. Tettance 185 Lucas. Melissa 52. 109. 185 Luce. Donna 105. 109. 1 14 Luce. David 185 Luflsin. David 185 Lund. Lynne 185, 207 Lunn.Ttina 105. US M McBtide. Micah 114 McCann. Doug 185 McCjitley. Billy 1 14 McCjuley. Mike 11. 114 McClain. Lori51. 156, 185 McCleaty 185 McCormick. Donald 1 14 McCormack.Judy M. 105 McCoi.Tina47. US McCune. Larry 1 14 McCune. Thomas 1 1-1 McDonald. Stephanie 171. 186 McDonouj;h. Tracy 17,47,49, 51. US. 161 McDowell. Carrie 186. 207 McGuire. Randy 186 McGuire. Scott 11. 114 Mclllwain. Robin 111 McKaskle. Mike 114 McKinney Art 118. 114 McKni(;ht.Jeff 20. 49. 102. 101. 1(M, 164, 165. 186. 198 McMichael.Joann 107,118 McNabb, Dawn 40, 1 IS. 160 McNicl. Mike 107. 114 McNiel. Robett 151 McNeill. Scott 105. 114. 115 McNitt.Matk 176. 1S6 Maddox. Bill 19 Maddox. Kety 106. 107 Madi(;an.Tom 108, UK Mac io, Lynn 114 Magid, Michelle 44, 45. 51. 105. 118. 161 Makhdtxjm. Saima 47 Ma(;tuder. Shelley 114. 151 Mahoney. Greg 1S6 Mahoney. Jamie 186. 207 Males. Kristy 10, 47. 49, 99. 1S6 Males. Leslie 114 Mallavatam. Aparna 47. 102. US Malocsay. Denisc 46. 186 Mamtosh. Alan 186 Mann. Bill 6H Mann.Jaymie 11. 158.159 Matchetti. Dan 11. 114 Matk. Latry 16. 184. 190 Maish. Btucc47. 102. 165. 187 Matsh.Julie 114 Manin. Btian 79. 118 Manin. Kim 107. 114 Mattin. Michael 114. 18 215 Mattin. Mike 11.114 Mattin. Vincent S9. 158. 159. 192. 211 Mattinez. Kathy 11. 105. 111. UK. 165 Maitino. Dancn 46. 187 Matttay. Tony 64. 148. 149 Mason. Paula 102. 1(M. 114 Mason. Susanne 47. IfH, 118 Mastetson. Lisa 104, 118 Matlock, Michelle 16. 114 Matthews. Matgie 154 Matthews. Shetyl 1 14 Maxey. Beth 40, 105. US Maxwell. Allen 118 Mays. Kim 1 14 Meade. John 115. 149 Means. Alan 115 Mecher. Darin 118. 162 Meier. Anjiel 115. 117 Meier. Lora 1 18 Menard. Shan 1 15 Mendcz. Rosa 115 Mendoza. Victotll5 Metiablc. Dusty 17. 18. 187 Messlct. Matk 1 15 Metcalf.Jimmy 46, 187 Metcalf, Susann 98. 115 Meyer. Claudia 64 Meyers. Debra 115 Michael, Anpt 118 Miilil.ii]);li, Hryjn I » Mi,IJau);li. Ki-h 16. IH7. JIJ7 Milk-r. Hilly IIH. M} Miiiir, Claudia W. I(H, UK, IM Milkr. DcDc IIK Milk-c, Diiug IK7 MillcT, liva IH7 Mllk-r, liirn-M IIK Milkr.Jici Milkr. Larc) • ■ Milk-i. Matt Id MillcT. StcvrA Mills. Juan yl. 1 «. I ' H Mini-f.Gaty IK7 Mitc hdl. Hticc 1K7 Mitclicll. Dana W. ir.j. ICl. IKr.. 1K7 Mitfik. Mikt 11. 79. M5 Mi fll. Stcvt M. n Mohk-y. Andy 1 15 MulTitt. Andttw 107. IK7 MulTitt. Batbara UK Molcnda.Juli 115, 161 Molony, Brandy 115, 161 Munson. Bill 16. 151, 1K8 Muntcith. Mclanic UK, 150. 15. ' . 161 Montgomery. An(;it- 45. W. 102. 106. Ii7. 1 15. 165 Montgomety. Wendy 118 Mooney, LaDonna 1 15 Mo .Alls i55 Moore. Christine 95. 96. 115. 150 Moore. Grej; 91. 118 Moore. Jelffi5 Moore. JelT 11. 115 Moore. Sally 102. UH, 126. 127. 115. IIK. 164. 165 Moore. Steve 46. 118 Moore. Susie 11. 15. 24. 25. 46. 49. 101. 164. 165. 188. 2(» Moore. Tracy 7. 49. 102. 105. 152. 165. 188 Mo . Steve 66 Morane.Jon 161. 188. 189, 210. 211 Mor);an. Brian 118 Morf;an. Stacee 85. 118 Motrow. Tanya 118 Morton. Dccna 65 Mugperburj;. Alan 101 Mullins. Hecki 115 Munoz. Janice 105. 115 Muratore. Matt 16. 151. 188 Murphy. Cindy 65 Murray. Jimmy 21. 28. 29. 102, 118, 14 Myers, Jamie 46. 118 N Nario. Michael 188 Natowsky. Aaron 115 Neal. Dway nc 46 Neargardner.Jim 118 Nearman.Jim 107 Neeland, Daniel 115 Nethercutt. Linda 67. 72 Nguyen. Kathy 118 N(;uyen. Lan 164. 188 Nj;uyen. N(;uyet 1.15 Nfjuyen. Phuc 188. 207 Nibbc. Steve 65. 109. 110 Nickel. Lisa 188 Ni);htin);ale. Lee Ann 16. 115. 140 Nix. Kevin 188 Nix. Kim 11. 118 Noel. Anj;ie47. Ill, 118 Nolian, Stephanie 118, 121 Norman, Biff 20. 101. 148, 189 ,.Chri ■47 Northcutt. Shawn 14. 17. 117 Norvel. Michelle 49. 1 15. 209. 210. 211 Norwood. Paul 115 Ohrc. Ill join 118. I 19 ()deti.J,irrell46. IIH Oestreuh.lyler 189 ()j;an. Kathlene 105. 161 (),;k-.rilenda 1H9 Ollalloran. Me(;an66. 75 Ohls. Travis 115 Oliver. Kris 11. 116. 142 Oliver. Lllen 107 Olsen. Pedet 102. 115. 161 Olyer. Tina 116 (VNeill. Michaele 7. 19. 51 . 85. 9K. W. 102. 164. 165. 189.210.211 Onstott.Jill 19. 51, 102. 106. 112. 111. 119. 165 Orr. Kim 119 Orsini. Nora 116.209,211 Ottc. Chris 47. 16v4. 1K9 Overturf. Steve 29. 105. 112. 111. 119. 161. 165 Owens. Klizabcth 45. 1 16. 161 Owens, Gfen II. 116 Owinjjs. Teresa 1 16 Owsley. Todd 189. 205 Ozero(;lu. Rccai 116 Pad);ctl. Bill 61. 6 .. 112. 111. 159 Padgett. Kim 106. Ill, 116 Pahdoco 105. 116 Painton. Dcbotah 1 16 Pain .Mir 1 116 Palma. Patty 119 Palmer. Sharetia 98, 116 Paluck, Robbi 116,151 Pannell, Sheila 116. 164 Parish. Aimee 119 Park, Derek 160, 169 Parker,Jeff49, 89, 105, 111, 119, 1 19, 165 Parrish, Shelly 45, 104, 1.16 Parrish, Sonya 46 Parsons, Neil 145, 159 Partin, Chris 1 16 Pattney. Lisa 98. 99. 107. 1 16. 164 PaS! .Don: 1 189 OBanion. Charl Obiecht. Ken 1 1 Patrick. Glen 189 Patfick. Kelly 11.79. 116 Pattetson. Caria 156 Pauls. Pattice 119 Payne. Billy 116. 11 Payne. Danny 29. 49. 102. 1 12. 1 1 1. 1 19. 165. 211 Payne. Glenda Payne. Kcllie 116 Payne. Mitch 19. 20. 21. 49, 101. 147. 148. 189 Payne, Paul 79. 119 Payne. Susan 42. 101. 175. 190 Payton. Brian 1.16 Pearson. Keith 19, 20. 24. I ' Xl Pearson. Shannon 102. 116. 151. 155 Pearson. Thomas 159 Pearson. Tracy 98. 116 Pendergrass. Angle 9. 119 Pendergrass. Bobby 9. 109. 116 Pendleton, Audra 49, 102, 1 16, 164 Penix, Amy 157 Penner, Randy 116, 149, 11 Perez, William 116 Perrier, Buflle 116 Perriggo. Angela 40. 105. 106. 1 19 Perry. Lavaunna 40. 190 Pestinger. Julie 82. 101. 116. 140. 149 Peters. Michelle 116 Petetson. Ronald 79 Petetson. Tata 49. 102. 111. 1 16. 164. 165 Petetson. Todd 190 Phillips. Elizabeth 49. 107, 190 Phillips. Gene 47. 102. 10.1, 106, 110, HI, 165, 190 Phillips, P. W. 49. 102, IW, 116. 164, 165 Phillips. Ron 79, KM. [ 16 Phillips. Shelley 7, 45. 49. 52. 51. 102. 101. 10( . m. 164. 168. 169, 190. 199. 20,1 Phillips. Sherrie 99. 102. 10,1. UM. 1 1 1. 1 19 Phillips. Stacey 49. 101, 107. 127. 1 16 Pickle. Paul 164 Pierce. Billy 49. 79. 81. 105. 119 Pilgnm.Williaml ' Al. 201. 212 Pinkston. Cteg 119 Pippin. Tami 7. 102. 106. ID " ;. 1 10. 111. M. ». IW. I ' m Pirtlc. Mitch v.. 105. 119 Plischekc. Michelle 40. 106. 1 19 Plummet. Jay 1 ' I Plunkctt. Mike 159 Poindcxtct. Btad 29 Polk.Jamcs 1 19 Pope, Max 66 Pope, Shannon 42. 41. 101. I ' X) Posey. Tim 102. 161 Poulson. Ron 1 16 Pounds. Datin 5.91. 116. 142.219 Powell. Connie 16 J. 16-1. IKl). I ' AI. 210 Powell. Gerald 6 ,. 70. UA Poyndexter. Billy 1 16 Ptatz. Patty 47. 49. 84. 119. 161 Ptewett. Kim 1 V. Price. Dawna 191.205 Price. Etin 45, 106. 1 16 .Ste r 191 Price. Trevor 11. 116 Prince. Brian 5. 7. 20. 24. 19. 121. 159. 161. 169. 191 Prine. Nita 116 Pringle. Michele 1 16 Proctot 1 16 Provan.Shari 117 Puckman. Billy 119 Pugh. Eric51. 119. 124 Punches. Kirk 109. 117 2 Queen. Alan 17. 117 ' Querty. Susan 117. 20 ). 211 Quiet. Tante 109. 119 Quish. Shawn 117 K Ragan. Wendy 46. 119 Ramsay. Phillip 119. 160 Ramsey. Adam 117 Ramsey. Dana 165 Ramsey. Kelly 191 Rast. Christi 191 Ratcliff. Danny 117 Rathbun. Thomas 191 Rawlings. Kim 191 Ray. Jeff 28. 29.49. 101. 119. 147. 148 Ray.Juner , Reavis. April 117 Reavis. Ricky 108,117 Reed. Chris 117. 15.1 Reed. Harold 55 Reed. Marlin 191 Reeves. Shelly 119 Reibert. Kelly 157 Reid. Jacqueline 67. 1(M Reibert. Steve 1.17 Reiset. Matia 117. 164 Rexroat.James 47. 191 Reynolds. Chiis 172. 191.212 Reynolds. Dave 67 Reynolds. David 11 Reynolds. Chris 145. 164 Rhees. Pat 9. 29. 51. 119. 120. 161 Rhodes. Amv 9. 11 " . 149 Rhodes. Kvie 12. 29. 51. 119. 1 Ribbe. David 46. 119 Ricci. Bill 67 Ridings. Tami 191 Rietson.Roni 85. 98,99. 119 Hike. Doug y Ringhoff. Danny 9. 119. 187 Ringhoff. Lynn 191 Risner. Curt 54 Rittcr. Debbie 119 Robb. Steve 7 . 9. 119 Robb. Tautia 160, 191 Roberson. Kim 119 Roberts, Julie lis, 119. 15S. 159 Roberts.Joella61.6-, 12 " Roberts. Mike 20. ' . S2. 8.1. 191 K fjeri«m, Chfit 1 7 Kobcfiwm, Mifthill 1(«. liTi RobtriMKi. MiM) 1 17 Rotxrrivm. Mm) 120 Kohcr(w n. Robert I i7 Robrnwrn. Bryan 1. H7. Ml Robintun. Ijuri I W. I M Robin«7n. Michelle V . Uli. H7 Robinw« . NaiKy 161. IVI Rubinvxi, Hirrvilfi Vt Rodeflck.Jirn 191 Rocht, Julie 1 17. Iftl Riwpke. Michelle Ifrt. U7 Rogers. Belh 192 Rogers. Chatle) 120 Rojas. CarlMl2r) Rosenthal. Michelle 192 Rouse. Michael 1 17 Ruckman, Debbie 45. 1 17 Ruiz. Victor 120 Rush. Mike 120 Russell. Tom II. M7 Rust. Barbara IfO. 192 Ryan. Anna 47. 192 Ryan. Eimile 3V 11 V 120. 12V IM. IW. IM. 201 Ryan. Ellicxi V . 120 Ryan. Shawna 1 17 Ryer. Mark 11. U7. 145. 217 Sachdev. Monica 47. 120 Sakmary. Shannon 157 Salyer. David 120 Sanders. Bob 20. 49. 155 Sanders. Shani 120 Sanders. Sonya 158 Sanderson. Tracy 4 . 101. 120 Sandoval. Seon-Paul 117 Sandoval. Stephen 52. 107. 109. 111. 120 SanMigucl. David 9. 51. 157 SanMiguel. Nancy 67 Sapcut. Richard 79 Sarty. Rochelle 157 Satterlv. Maree 120 Schatz.Janna 98. 120. 161. 164 Schenck. Corey 1 1 Scher. Michael 105. 120. 156 Schlau. Brian 120 Schlenket. Mark 11 Schmidt. Hans 120 Schnappet. Anke 49. 105. 192. 207. 212. 214 Schock. Susan ■ " . 24. 25. 49. 90. 91. 9i. 95. 148. 150,151.192 Schroeder. Mar 44. 45. 47. 192 Schumacher. David 15 " Schumann.Jamie 51. IW. ll " Schutte. Knsti 15MW Schwicr, Jason 46. 192 Schsveitzer. Jennifer 5S Scott. Greg 1.57. 192 Scott. Kathy 98. 120, IM Scott. Kim 1(M Scott. Lori 49. 85. 157. 161 Scott. Tom 29. 120. 149 Sctanton.Joe 192 Sears. Melinda 68 Seeber. Dana " . 4 51. 82. S5. S4. 98. 165. 192 Seehaler. .Mark 20. 159, 195 Senter. Pat9. 158 ' Setser. Andrea 1 5. 42. 101. 195 Sexton. Lisa 191 Shah. Bina 40. 102. 101. lis. 16i. 164 Shanahan. Erin 15 Shareck. Roben 15S Sharp, Shannon 19 s Shatto.Jeff 15S Shell. Cindy 19i Shell. Stephanie 40, 1 5S Shelron. Leslie 1.58 Shelton. Shelly 195 Shepherd.Jill 120. llS Shepherd, Kim ICH, 120. 1« Shephard. Leon 120 Sheram. Andrea 1.18 Shcrl. Geinger 120 Sherwin. Nancy 47, 120.138 Snoddy. Tony 5. 19. 20. 22. 24 Snodgrass. Debbie 138 Soloman. Sean 49. 105. 108. 138 Soltcr. Doug 138 Sparks. Jodi 157 Sparks. Lynne 121. 161. 164 Speeglc. Dawn 105. 121 Shipman. Steve 38 Shocklcy. Chris 138. 164 Shoemake. Derrick 120 Shon. Andy 105. 112. 113. 120. 145. 159. 212 Shryock. MisheUe 120 Siex. Rhonda 107. 127. 129. 164. 165 Simianer. Jody 95, 96, 97. 159 Simianer. Steve 91, 105. 120. 155 IS. Ginger 138 . Nicole 102. 109. 150. 169, 193, 198, 199 Sims, Lisa 120 Skarecki. Mary 120 Skarecki, Robert 31 Skates, Michael 20, 77, 193 Slatcher, Mark 121 Slater, Kim 103,138 Slaton, Melanie 138 Slemp, Buddy 61, 64, 68 Sligh, Greg 34 Sligh, Karia 36, 38. 41. 105. 121 Smith. Bret 165 Smith, Brett 121, 138 Smith,Cheryll02, 104, 113, 121 Smith, Courtney 47, 98, 121 Smith, Darren 109. 138 Smith. Deborah 40. 121 Smith, Donna 49. 68, 69 Smith, Geneva 193 Smith. Jason 121 Smith. Jeff 193 Smith. Lacy 47. 121 Smith. Laurie 121 Smith. Lindsay 193 Smith. Melissa 138.160 Smith. Mike 121 Smith. Robett 138 Smith. Shawn 46 Smith. Sean 38. 41 Smith. Stacy 38 Smith. Stan 121 Smith, Stuart 138 Snell, Terence 138 Snider, Deborah 138 Snider, Renae5, 84, 121 Spencer, Mark 138 Spencer, Mike 121 Spevak.Janet 121 Sptatt, Suzanne 193 Sptinivasan, Sarathy 102, 104, 138, 163. 164 Srivastava. Aim 49. 102, 127, 138, 141. 153, 164, 165 Staedeli. Kevin 138, 162 Staedeli. Scott 162, 163 Stagg,Joe 21, 29, 115,121 Stagg, Paul 193 Stalnaker, Paul 138,164 Stanley, Deanna 138 Stanley, Missy 103, 162, 193 Stapleton, Sheryl 104. 121 Statlet. Doug 121 Steele. Robert 194 Steitz. Cindy 121 Stephan. Scott 31. 138 Stephan. Vince 79. 194. 196 Stephens. Biff 29. 121 Stevens. Elizabeth 68 Stevens. Kristen 105. 109, 138 Stevens, Shelley 105, 121, 162, 164 Stevenson. Brett 194 Stevenson. Kathy 194 Stewart, David E. 121, 161, 162, 200 Stewart. David 46 Stewart. Holly 6S. 108 Stewatt. Leigh 44. •)5. 49. 106. 194. 199 Stewart, Leslie 13, 45 Stewart, Tommy 79. 194 Stilwell.Julie96. 159 Stilwell. Laura 164. 185. 194 Stinchcomb.John 31, 138, 143 Stivers. April 121 Stockman. Randall 121, 149 Stockstill, Chris 191 Stockstill. Todd 138. 153 Stokely. Shelley 194. 200 Stoltz. Susie 133. 138, 164 V Stoni 1138 Storm, Chris 121 Stotler, Doug 105 Stout, Btian 138 Stratman,J ohn 46, 102, 121, 124, 153, Strieker. Shiiley 138 Strickland, Ray 68 Stroud, Janet 121 Stuckey,Joan 69 Sullivan, Donna 98, 109, 121 Sullivan, Scott 138 Summers, Mamie 46, 194 Swain, Linda 138 Searengin,Joe 194 Sweitzer, Jennifer 138 Swindell, Shellie 195 Swiners,Jeff 34, 37, 105, 121 Syron,Joel38 Szeszulski, Dinah 104. 121 Tackett. Todd 182 Talbot. Todd 205 Taliaferro. Richard 155 Taldy. Jimmy 138 Tankersley. Julie 138. 143 Tanar. Rex 158 Tanar. Ronnie 195 Taylor, Brad 139,155 Temme. Christi 46, 195. 207 Templet. Todd 108, 139 Tencr. Gina 121, 150, 154 Tenet, Toni 49. 99, 139, 155, 155 Thacker. Andrea 9. 159 Thai. Nhan 121 Thayer. Gregg 139 Thomas. Bill 195, 203 Thomason, Darin 139 Thompson, Dana 139 Thompson, Danny 139, 143. 155 Thompson. Kim 75. 109, 121 Thompson, Mark 87. 89. 90. 102. 122. 147. 148 Thompson. Michelle 1. 102. 103. 106. 139. 164 Thorne. DianaC40.41. 139 Thornton. Andrew 195 Thorton. An|i 107 Thorpe, Diane 69 Thummel, Reagan 37, 102, 107, 109, 122 Timmers. Tammy 40 139 Tomlin. James 46 Tomlin. Windy 139 Toney. Mickey 61. 62. 69 Tonihka. Kenny 46, 195 Toon, Jason 139 Tabit, Paula 122 Totty,Kim 122 Townes, Holley 40, 109, 139 Travers, Kim 45, 49, 103, 106, 122 Trickett, Stephanie 98, 122, 150, 164 Ttompeter, Carol 69, 104 Trout, Lori 38, 47, 102, 195 Tuker, Michael 46 Tuell, Shawn 42, 100,101, 195 Tullis, Angela 95. 96. 139. 153 Turner. Jennifer 49. 102. 159, 145. 164. 200. 210,211 Turner, Pam 122 Turtle, Phil 69 Twibell, Biyan 36, 195 Twist. Kelhe 105. 122 Tygart. Lori 195 Tygan. Randy 122 Valentine. Giselle 139. 161 Valentine. Valerie 195 Valentine. Wendi 195 Valliete. Jimmy 122 VanBrunt. Vetonica 122 Vance. Stacy 139 VanHoose, Dawn 102, 122, 160 VanMetei, Kim 139 Vannoy,Jamcs 107, 110,139 Vaughn, Unce 89, 91 139 Vaughan, Rick 7, 20, 23, 49. 103, 147, 148. 195 Vaughn. Ray 46. 79 Velasquez. Steve 139 Veliz, Alex 195 Verner, Cynthia 90, 91, 94, 95, 102. 103, 158, 159. 165. 195 Viesca. Ramon 196 Villebrun. Jackie 159 Vitosky.Joe 159. 164 Vu. Bruce 139 r u Underwood. J. Page 39. 122 Waggoner. Shannon 49, 99. 102. 104. 124. 152 Waites. Lisa 196. 207 Walket. Dianne 70 Walker. Jeff 196 Walker.Jodi45. 139 Wallace. Natalie 159 Wallace. Pam 46. 70 Wallace. Steve 46. 196 Walling. Kim 107. 159 Walls, Alston 139 Walston, Laurenda 49, 51,95, 103, 122 Walters, Biyan 105, 122. 164 Waner. Scott 5. 19. 20. 24, 181, 196 Ward, Georgia 159 Ward, Kristi 196 Waring,Jayne-Anne 48. 49. 122. 124 Warner, Lori 159 Warner, Missy 139 Warner, Rob 155, 196 Warren, Natalie 70, 157 Watkins, Brian 159 Watkms, Will 105, 108, 127, 139, 165 Watson, Londa 159 Watson, Stacey M, 95. 159 Watters. Mark 122 Weaver. Mike 63. 70. 75. 166. 177. 212 Webb. Bryan 122 Webb. Mary Beth 67. 70 Webel. Kenny 31. 139. 149 Weingaitner, Dana 139 Weinstein. Paula 139 Weinstein. Seth 196 Weissinget. Shane 29. 122. 156. 164 Welch. Chatles 122 Welch, Mark 102, 108. 126. 127, 139. 165, 209 Welch, Michelle 107, 139 Weldon, Tracy 196 Wells, Qssandra 5, 107, 122 Wenglewski, Ken 122 Westei. Mike 139 Westphal, Incs 2, 160, 196, 205 Wheatctaft,Jeff 159 Wheatcraft, Rusty 46, 196, 201 Wheelei. Lisa42. 122 Wheelet. Roget 196 Wheelet. Teiesa 42. 101. 197 Wheeler. Tony 197 Whistlet. Kyle 49. 102. 159, 141, 153. 164 Whitbeck, Kata 107 White, Angle 98, 159 White, Dana 102, 140 White, Diane 107, 140, 164 White. Gary 140 White. Janell 122 White. Rhonda 84. 115, 122, 165 White, Wally 140 Whiteley 46 Whittington, Melvin 71, 163 Wightman, Julie 140 Wileman, Courtney 99, 122 Wilkeison, William 7. 19. 20. 21. 23. 197 Wilkinson, Brian 140 Wilkinson. Cheryl 42. 101. 102. 140 Willard. Holly 105. 122. 160. 164 Williams. Cam 20. 49. 105. 197. 198. 202, . Williams, Chen 197 Williams, Dawn 197 Williams. DeAngelo 20. 51. 148. 197 Williams. Greg 102. 155. 297. 201 Williams, Heathei 157 Williams, Jetald 54, 55 Williams.Jetiy91.140. 164 WiUiams. Seth 140. 153 Williams. Steven 46. 116 Williams. Tami 123 Williams. Tammy 197 Williams. Ttacy 102 Williams. Wendall 29 Willmann. Brebt 122 Willyard. Trina 105. 140.153 Wilson, Amy 53, 102, 109. 122. 213 Wilson. Atka 71 Wilson. Cindy 122 Wilson. David 122 Wilson, Leigh 197 Winett,Joe 122 Wingo, Shawn 197 Wingo. Scott 197 Wise, Ben 49, 102, 104, 140. 164 Wise. Mike 9, 12, 22, 29. 31. 49. 140. 142 Witt. Charles 20. 49. 103. 164. 187 Witte. Eric 31. 140 149 Wine. Scott 20, 47, 148, 164, 167 Wong, Nicole 40, 102. 105 Wood. David 122 Wood. Mark 123. 149 Wood. Vicki 140 Woodard. David 79. 140 Woodard, Elizabeth 47, 123 Woods, Molly 140 Woody,Jean61,71 Worcestet, Tom 125 Wright, Beth 153 Wright, Wilson 123 Wyatt, Eric 49, 102, 105, 197 Wyatt. Tracey 140 Y Yarbrough. Brebt 46. 125 Yates. Una 61. 71. 102. 207 Ycdzaman. Hassan 153 Young. Ondice 98. 104. 140. 152 Young. Kelly 197 Young. Reggie 46. 107. 109. 197. 213 Young. Sean 12 Young. Troy 31. 102. 140. 142. 217 Younger. Scott 123 Zachritz, Todd29. 125 Zahn, Scott 79. 140. 153 Zaidus. Paul 59. 125 Zenthoefer. Steve 55 Zinn. Tetty 46 Zuiches.Kim42. 123 COLOPHON Seasons blend together and another year comes to a close. This " seasonal " yearbook is brought to you by the eighteen members of the 1985 REDSKIN staff. 1,000 copies were printed by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. The 224 page book is printed in black ink on 80 lb. enamel paper with 16 pages of four-color. Headlines were printed in Garamond and Palatine Italic in various point sizes. Body copy is 10 pt. Gara- mond and picture captions are 8 pt. Garamond. The cover is red facricoid with smythe binding. The grain is Cor- dova and each copy was hand rubbed with black ink. All printing is blind embossed with the Renegade (drawn by Connie Powell) covered in gold metalique. Because producing the finest possible yearbook requires skills beyond those of the staff, we found it necessary to call upon the services of individuals whose contributions to this book were in- dispensible. The adviser would like to personally thank Ms. Megan O ' Hallocan. The staff extends our deepest, sincere gratitude to . . . Les Petersen and the staff of Petersen ' s Photography (ot photographing and processing the senior portraits, royalty and other special events. Jim Williams of the Broken Arrow Ledger for his excellent spons photographs. Enterprise School photos for photographing the underclassmen. DeWayne Wilkerson, district photographer, for the use of his darkroom and printing. The faculty and staff for their cooperation in helping the staff meet deadlines. All the students and sponsors who helped the staff by writing copy and identifying photographs. Mike Weaver — this spuds for you! Terye Myers and Phil Baum of Taylor Publishing for showing us the slopes (oops! ropes). We wouldn ' t have made it without youl

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