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Student Life Faculty Sports Seniors Features CUNTENTS ,,....--.:."""..... 1 Organizations 130 18 It Juniors 154 32 Sophomores 172 88 Ads 188 1 16 Index 204 -fn f NN A0 X V, - -gg' X V 1, A Xu, . ., ,, -W .. wmmgggvw . 'Qi ' N., 'L 3 REDSKIN Vol. xvu Union High School ' 6636 S. Mingo Rd. ' Tulsa, OK 'lint 1. The Class of '84 showed their spirit during Pride Week by dressing up every day. Here, Brad Mullen and Kevin Flowers sport Hawaiian attire on Senior Lei Day. We still don't know what was attracting their at- tention on the ceiling, 2. "We will succeed!" shout seniors Jennie Seehafer, Janet Harris and Tona Bes- sent. The seniors set a good example for underclassmen in what spirit was all about. 2 Student Life Y J , 0 .. C 15.8 C . "V mi ' K. I 4 vii QV' ' an e ,M vfv S ' . fsplntj Spirit - Webster defines it as that essential quality, a pervading animated principle, such as the spirit of the times. At UHS, we captured the spirit of 1984. lt showed in our dress, our choice of music, our dialogue, our lifestyle. A yearbook should reflect the spirit of the year we shared together. Homecoming, Pride week, playoffs, formals, prom Catch the spirit and keep it forever. fire, , -Q 1. Homecoming is a time every senior looks forward to. Phil Rhees, Paige Tieszen, Bryan Craig, Shanna Marlow and Karla Bradley enjoy their ride on the senior float during the homecoming assembly. 2. There are some that say that there are only two beautiful things in this world: brides and homecoming queens. Karen Duke, a member of the homecoming court for three years and this year's queen, tru- ly lives up to that statement. 3. The Miss FCA contest gives us a chance to get a different look at some of the macho men of UHS. So, is that Rob Byers, or his twin sister chatting with Susie Sutton? Student Life 3 4 Student Life nergized 1. Bobby Sue and Billie Jo, also known as John Ecton and Carl Cab- biness, show off charms we usually don't see at school. 2. The Drill Team represents Union at many competitions and activities in the region, as well as our own assemblies and games. Here, the girls await their performance cue. 3. With a victory smile, Senior Laura Ken- nell raises her hand in salute to the Redskins. Laura has been a cheerleader for three years. f nb" l. Pep Assemblies are one way to let out all your energy and give it all to the Redskins. Here, Rick Vaughan, Debbie Brown, Chuck Hodges and Shawn Teeters do just that. 2. Most people don't get that upset over a broken egg, but when it's your baby it can be a little unsettling. Lori Adams mourns her dearly departed little one in child development class. The eggs are used to teach the responsibility of child care. 3. Highsteppers do more than perform at halftime. Here, Kim Travers, Stacy Butler and Michelle Magid cheer in the stands during a chilly Ponca City game. Student Life 5 6 Student Life C 31? hat We Wear What to wear? At UHS that wasn't much of a prob- lem as '84 was a year of anything goes. There was no peivading fashion look and students sported everything from polos to Cowboy boots. Punk was popular too, but it was seen more in the form of hairstyle and bright Colors. "l think students dress up more than they used to," said senior Phil Rhees. "Image is importantg you want to look nice." Despite dress-up trends, jerseys and sweatshirts were still popular and many students wore brightly col' ored bandanas in a variety of ways. Said senior Karla Bradley, "Fashion is whatever you feel comfortable with." 'lil' Y tl! re 9 L A A lille Clockwise from top left 1. The cowboy look has always been popular at LIHS. Big belt buckles, hats and boots are the standards, and James Harrison completes his outfit with a rope. 2. Lynn Ringhoff shows off the ever-popular sweater vest with a classic oxford, while Kristi Duffy is more casual in a sorority sweatshirt. 3. Bandanas were the most fun fashion fad in years. Connie Powell loops one around her neck to add a little color while Mary Ann Hinke' fent sports a tiny braid. 4. Jerseys are still the most comfortable thing to wear to school as Tami William's smile indicates. 5. Sleeveless sweaters were the hottest item this summer. These sweaters could be used for dress up or for informal get- togethers such as this where Christi Creger shows off one of the Charlie Brown variety. 6. Most students went punk in the form of hairstyles, a fun way to show your originality. Here, Laura Stlllwell models a classic punk cut. Student Life 7 We finally got it together Then came Schedule B Pep rallies and assemblies are a vital part of the education system, but how can they fit in- to the busy, hectic schedule of a modern high school? The answer - Schedule B, a remarkable creation, that allows the students to attend all classes and still have time for an assembly. This new schedule in- geniously shortens each class by ten minutes, leaving an ex- tra hour for "activity period." These activities include such valuable learning devices as football, basketball, and wrestl- ing pep assemblies. Schedule B provides students with an ideal chance to leave campus after third hour, giving them an hour and a half to wreak havoc on the mall. Schedule B always manages to confuse everybody. When does lunch end? No one seems to know. Three-quarters of the student body arrive late from lunch. About three tenths of these students care. There's always one person in every class that never shows up at all after Schedule B. Besides shortening all classes, this new schedule is an automatic excuse to be late. Will Schedule B ever be understood? It really doesn't matter, as all of Llnion is preparing for an all new, even better Schedule C. ip.-sg X IS. 2 ill l1C,fX,.:.' fin- 'riff app 4. .ry x- s, X K - -15 - X-R Aklfi -. . lffxfi-..rs....i5q.t ff. xpesiimfrc frhgtt -J., Qgbu K Os. 60 -.if f ff'-X, A. ,f.g,gX1A.k 'EA fi xx Q x L X Ax wx Nxlqbgt' X"-. 1 x K: Q ' L- X,,Kk,f . ,fx ,x W x ia ,RVKX a' Q1 'g gg .c .. X , xg tr, -, Kip xr I t R K ,qc K w1k,,',KMkH,k,,i '- J- R x xi x, xii 1, u x L 3 K it QQ-bi,,SxY,lx'L Q Q Q r Sxxxgx RRBKNKQKK gt ,' X3"' "'x ,. ' f' ' .. ., t- Y, Ax 'x x 2 fx Qt. yi gg ky ,apex x, K x x Q K Vx x x x x x -, N K K t K 1-,, ,X ,A Q ,s av x x Q x Ng xwx .xx xg xxwk K xA X x t x Q t Q Q Q ,'f,A--YEQ. 'X x k x s xl '. :L 1 ,xA xlykt Q x A K. Q, 2 x x -. '. u . -L I, , , r, AQ .' f V... x Q KS x K. x K 'Z' xxx K, K 4 K 1 ' l Y" 4 H '- 1 R 1 x 'IQ' L-..alQ3wa-Mrf'f"'2'5!4"?V. 4 1' ' Q I L s A x x R x Q Q ' x z a -. ,xVmA 2,,,Q Q A 'z lg?-A-,l,4,a.' ' H V. . 1-3 .f.','.. WE UI 'Rum "uw 'W r V Av W. . u l fxx 'N ' A sxk ,. . -r 4 ,il X uw Qs- X Clockwise from top left 1. Although the junior float prediction for a state champion- ship was not fulfilled, the Redskins did come close, making it to the quarterfinals before they were defeated. 2. Being a cheerleader can sure mess up your hair. Kathy Brown and Karen Duke attempt to put theirs back in order during a break. 3. Due to construc- tion, the smoke hole found several new homes during the course of th.: year. 4. Seniors turned the school into a Hawaiian paradise on Senior Lei Day. 5. The Redskins lay out the welcome mat for Jenks. Student Life 9 GREAT ESCAPES Our time spent in high school is said to be the best time of our lives. Many factors contribute to this, but nothing makes these three years so great as our social life. Several places stand out as "hangouts" where Llnion students meet to socialize or just have a good time. During the week, many familiar faces can be seen at Woodland Hills Mall, where students are either running around spending money, or working at one of the many stores earning it. But as soon as Friday arrives, everyone is ready for the weekend. After a Friday night football game, Mr. Gatti's seemed to be the most popular place to get together for pizza and video games. After football season, a large crowd from Union could be found jamming down on the floor of the Caravan. Since it opened its doors to teens on Friday nights, the Caravan has put dancing shoes on many students during the school year, as well as during the summer. More recently, another club has at- tracted the under-18 crowd. With the added attraction of a stage to dance on, Ziggy's lets us dance our way through Saturday night as well as Friday. With hangouts such as these, there is something for everyone, and Llnion students have plenty of opportunities to "Let the Good Times Roll!!" lO Student Life .4-sid' v-.. 'A -"Q, . 'F 3 i . P N.. mmf it f ,Q -.-1--1 lt... 'i ' A Q , . 0 Y 213 ' 1 Clockwise from top left 1., Powder Puff is fun for everyone, but especially the players. Debbie Brown and Paige Teiszen take a break from the action to pose for the cameras. 2. In Family Living, guys learn that dishes don't wash themselves and even someone has to load a dishwasher, Robert Shears gets his turn after a class dinner. 3. The DECA clown troupe is a familiar sight at parades, assemblies and wherever a face of cheer is needed. Here, Denise Bulman, Eva Johnson and Cheri Williams perform at the Homecoming assembly. 4. Burton Copeland reveals yet another hidden talent - playing the ukelele. 5. One of the more frequent sights at UHS was that of Jim Crable and Shelley Stokely acting crazy. 6. De Angelo Williams always stands out in a crowd. Student Life ll Q, fs For many students, lunch is the highlight of the day. lt is a time when everyone is free to leave campus and enter the world of fast-food restaurants. lf you hurry, you might have a whole fifteen minutes to spend at one of those distinguished eateries. One such place is McDonald's, affectionately known as "Mickey D's." This restaurant is the home of that world-reknowned sport "Chicken Mchlugget fights," originated by Llnion's sophomores. Another lunchtime hangout is Arby's, where you can still purchase a real meal for under six dollars. Then there's the mall, where Haute Cuisine you can buy anything from Okie Fries to chicken chow-mein. As if that weren't enough, another favorite is the ever popular Taco Bueno. Sadly, this restaurant leaves with its customers a trademark distinguishable from all others - the dreaded disease known as "Bueno Breath." For more elegant dining, there is the internationally famous Union High School cafeteria. Here, a variety of cuisine is served: everything from local favorites like pizza burgers to exotic dishes like cheese-on-a-stick. Yes, there is something for everyone during lunchtime at Union. 12 Student Life ff , ll at Q 4Q.- Q X W fliiiiwt Wifi .. M 5'9" at f -wx WI! ll- fav x Y t use ,-t Clockwise from lower left l. Lunch is the best time of the day to cut loose. Here, Tony Snoddy does some strange things with a napkin. 2. Senior Leslie Randolph studies intently. Many students opt to use their lunch hour for academic, rather than recreational purposes. 3. Taco Bueno is another favorite eating di-f spot. Here, seniors Mike Quihuis and Brad Latting risk the dreaded Bueno breath by consuming burritos. 4. Woodland Hills Mall of- fers students a variety of fast food cuisine. Students can enjoy anything from egg rolls to pizza. 5. Sophomore Gene Spencer en- joys some of the fine fare available right here in the UHS cafeteria. t X M0 ,Z K. i Q Student Life 13 : sag,-'-rug. r 2 A. 4 1 X 3 ff' . .'l l X. I f if Asn F'- 3 'Q 1. There's nothing like a good softball game on a fall after- noon. This year's team won the district championship. 2. Displaying the latest in fashion, the plastic bag, Coach Joe Holladay waits for his pie. 3. Sophomores Jean Dif- fenderfer, Lori Hill and Lisa Gilbert put up the sophomore wall as their first class project during homecoming week. Faces in the Crowd ft- 45 fl fi at i . W Wir in 1. Family Living classes are a favorite -- especially on cooking days. Kathy Starkey gives a smile as she enjoys a piece of Christmas pumpkin pie. 2. Mr. Weaver gives a smile to yearbook photographer Michaele O'NeilI as they are caught in a rare moment in front of the camera rather than behind it. 3. Football captain Jeff Hines puckers up, but the question is - for whom? Xu Y: r "Veins ,Jive My . in L 24 V T' i Student Life 15 f . 'Q Q DQ 5 5 Q -ff QV 'L fi The Spirit Lives Un Stirring up spirit for the Redskins was no problem for the cheerleaders this year. Enthusiasm was high with pep rallies in the stadium and the football team in the playoffs. Llnder the direction of Mrs. Glenda Payne, the cheerleaders turned each pep rally into a grandiose production, featuring the Drill Team, gymnastics squad, the band, or the players and coaches themselves. "What l remember about the pep assemblies was that the Seniors yelled more than the sophomores and the juniors," said sophomore Biff Stephens. "I guess it's that way every year." "We had fun decorating the stadium M1114 -V. if-. ., , m for each game," commented senior Susie Sutton. "lt was a real challenge to try to do our part to intimidate our opponents." Senior Pride Week was a special time for everyone. Seniors were honored at the Ponca City game, and underclassmen looked forward to the time when THEY could do all that run- ning around on the field. Dress-up days were another highlight of Senior Pride Week Qwho could forget Senior Lei Day?j, along with the annual pie in the face contest at the first pep assembly on the new gym floor. Redskin spirit crested the week of the Jenks game. Highsteppers sold "Beat Jenks" painters caps and both students and faculty wore "Beat Jenks" T-shirts. Special signs Csuch as Welcome to Union Americaj decorated the stadium and school. Victory was sweet as the Renegades stopped a 17 game streak by beating the Trojans 13-12. Said junior Robert Foster "Beating Jenks was the highlight of the football season. To paraphrase Howard Cosell 'the Renegades snatched victory from the claws of defeat'. lt was totally awesome." Totally awesome .. . a good way to describe the '84 Redskin spirit. if l. There is strength in numbers and the Red- skins cheer together. 2. When in Rome do as the Romans do - and Senior Kendall Brumley finds traditional Roman attire can be fun on senior Toga Day. 3. Mark Seehafer and Gina Tener celebrate at a victory party. 4. Todd Ryon and April Flager share a special moment. 5. The band's new plumage gave them a different look this year. If-' 4 1 -4: Student Life 17 Q3 Cf M6 6' 92535 .. x 'fx 1ww155g:'5 Q91 A 5 . ,,..h .A Vg K ' .. .Z 5 T' 7 :LEE-L 15- "h' : X ' , MN 5 3 E E wnuwgwmw ? FACULTY Faculty 19 Board of Education Dr. Wesley Jarman, superintendent Harold Reed, president 20 Board of Education Alison Moore, vice-president Bryan Coates, member 5. Phil Morgan, member Vaughn Brower, clerk Administration Jerald Williams, principal Don Davidson, assistant principal Curt Risner, assistant principal i K Administration 21 Dolores Arrowood - American Literature Larry Arrowood - Physical Education, Baseball Treva Baker - Home Economics Don Bailey - -V A-, Driver Education, Football W AA'i..', '--- , ---A' i ' i ' - Debra Barlow - t. V World Literature .f - it t-,-r Dale Barnett - A ,qxb lnstrumental Music ,,. ---, s ,L gs:-wg-5:,,,-gm. xisse :Hi :i - fi: 12255 S , t 1 S ' X L Patrick Bell - ysics, AP Chemistry, Aeronautics, Astronomy , Jim Bradshaw Psychology, Track Mr, Barnett must be listening to some excuse of a desperate parent. 22 Faculty Mrs Calvert gets into the PUNK of things. Raymond Caldwell - Science Monetha Calvert - World Literature Sue Christopher - Math, Pre-Algebra, Geometry Dona Ciucci - Special Services Winston Deeds - Welding Patricia Deuvall - Spanish Faculty 23 Jim Duncan - -- 'mBWmQyvGC hd0QY"' F Joe Elder - American history, World history Kenille Elmore - Vocal Music, Music Theory J. W, Emerson - Football Jane Finley - Journalism, Yearbook, English Jim Fisher - Counselor 24 Faculty an Who would ever believe they actually teach us something!!! :W A l X I 2 Hu iwnvf fs 4 .nl I fs ' , 'V ,r ?,, ,QM I ff? f , ' Ulf' , " W, is is ' fr i? W if r r Janis Fowler - World Literature Carol Goddard - Physical Education Jana Goforth - Art Marty Golden - American Literature Cindy Goodsell - Business Machines, Business Ruth Goudeket - COE Computer, Typing General Faculty 25 Mrs. Roberts discusses a grade with Janell White. Pam Grabruck American Literature World Literature Joe Holladay - l,.D.LiaLer.Educa ' David Hudson - Driver Education, Football Donald Jones - Physiology, AP Biology, Genetics, Softball Sandy Hanlin - Drafting, Football Ed Keeney - Physiology, Embryology, Physics Connie Keller - English Literature, Special Services Terry Kelsey - Shorthand, Business Law, Typing, COE 26 Faculty A min, ill! Tony Martray - Driver Education, Football Judy McCormack - Spanish, English Literature Steve Miller American History, Sociology, Football Carol Lavendusky VICA Eydie Leeds - Nurse Bill Mann - Counselor 4 "Birthday parties at McDonalds make me feel young again!" quips Mr. Keeney as he opens one of the many gifts bestowed upon him at his surprise party. Faculty 27 .K 1 F- 4 :J EI.,-F Jeff Moore - Chemistry, Football Steve Moran - Biology, Chemistry Deena Morton - Accounting Steve Nibbe - Drama, Stagecraft Megan O'Halloran - Special Services Roxe Ann Olson - Math, Geometry, Pre- ,EH S W .,.. .ii QQN 1 ,, lr ,f ...,.,, zz 1 J' il' , J' 3 Gerald Powell - Career Education Bill Ricci - American Literature Jacqueline Reid - French, Spanish June Ray - COE, Typing Joella Roberts - Algebra, Geometry Nancy San Miguel- Typing 4 ,. 'y Q. 1 in 'Q Q " snarls P i Rhees Donna Smith - Home Economics Ray Strickland - Geometry, Calculus Joan Stuckey - Counselor Diane Thorpe - Algebra, Trigonometry Andrea Tight - Special Services Mickey Toney - Geometry, Algebra Carol Trompeter - German, French Phil Tuttle - Woodcraft Dianne Walker e Political Science, History, Track Pamela Wallace - DECA Michael Weaver - American AP English, Photography William West- Physical Education, Wrestling 30 Faculty K Mary Beth Webb - Librarian "'Z?"u' Jean Woody - Geometry, Computer Math Melvin Whittington - Chemistry, Special Services English Literature Lana Yates - "Will this cat do for dissection, Mr. Keeney?" queries Miss O'Halloran. 1 Aim 1645 Karon Bills - Registrar Glenda Braun - Attendance Secretary Betty Chitwood - Library Aide Bobbi Daer -- Library Volunteer Kathy Griffey - Attendance Secretary Linda Grounds - Receptionist Darla Harris - Principal's Secretary N85 NL Q39 Q 1-gs f, 'Xi as bf A235 , Lg K wi: X X e x N X N WG A Q , 5, ' J X . N Xe K P V Q Qakfiwi P : K Q 'lr X i , , gx fl ' ' - ,. ,N sup, ,fi -.QQ K? Q Sports ,,,l Sports 33 34 Football 1. Mitch Payne rounds the corner to meet a Wildcat defender. 2. Mitch Payne struggles to gain a much needed first down. 3. Rob Byers and Keith Pearson discuss the game as they rest between sets of downs. Opposite 1. Keith Pearson finds daylight. 2. Another interception by Mark Hulet. 3. No room for mistakes in the backfield. 4. Union's winged receiver, Carl Cabbiness. We W -is it xx . Q, f . ww,-aw 1 ,,,, . A Q '4 ' 'QM wx sv,5r'N :Q IM' . ky, --'K wow k ' Q ' 'wg-Q X I -W K .ww .ws A . nw , K. . wr' J , I .. .N Our Champions Y . Q S1 hw ,X Q' A .fp NMFA- if W-4 15355 Whyunnw kk G o ku A f 1 3 I2 :V Football 35 , i .. r ' V -W , A of W ' H Z ' ' ii" "" ,, . .. , gg, i , .. . H H U V ..,,,, , . V ,V ,, y , , W IFI 'Wy 'lr V K Wi 4 , V , W kf,- I K V 1 hz I i M H r M to H M r is , M 'haiku lst: Jack Cherry, Tommy Durbin, Mike Steel, Carl Cabbiness. Znd: Mark Mead, Mark Patrick, Brian Daniels, Darrin van Horn, Greg Brown, Matt Saint, John Ecton. 3rd: Jeff Hines, Mitch Wood, Mark Hulet, Tommy Marrs, Shawn Teeters, Chuck Hodges, Rob Byers. 4th: Jeff Bishop, Kerry Planer, Trandy, Birch, Chris Kaiser, John America, David, Dick, Joe Callery. Football trainers Bottom, L to R: Steve Pruitt, Brian Dugan, Jeff McKnight. Top, L to R: Jeff Kaufman, Charlie Hicks, Troy Daer. C 36 Football I Coach Emerson ff. is 5 2. Jeff Hines and John Ecton take a break from the action. 3. Coach Miller watches the intense game from the sideline. Where a man belongs The Varsity Club The 1983 Renegades surprised fans, coaches, and op- ponents as they accomplished a season full of victories. Although the Renegades' performance in the All-City Preview supported the predictions of most skeptics, they powered over Muskogee, Hale, Memorial, and Jenks to win their first four regular season games. Of those four, the in- tense rivalry between Llnion and Jenks found Carl Cab- biness pulling in a desperation pass in the remaining seconds of the game to clinch the victory for the Renegades, 13-12. Congratulations! Football 37 38 Football Vengeance is ours lt was the night that will live in the hearts of Union players, coaches, and fans for eternity. The final seconds gripped fans as they watched the dramatic finish of a hard fought rivalry, the Jenks "war." Following the dramatic win over Jenks, the Renegades were caught off guard as Edison outscored them the following week. The disappointing loss only sparked the Renegades hit the warpath winning the remaining games in a 9-1 record breaking season. .-?f yn ffl' L ne' f 'aw' 4. " 1. Brian Prince leaps to deflect a Jenks' pass. 2. The scoreboard speaks for itself. 3. Shoulder pads clash as quarter- back Mitch Payne prepares to hand off. i 2 , tr 45 K W we .1 ,f 1 X Vs , I 'xr M 9.5 4' 'a l. Rob Byers l'33j clears the way for running back Keith Pearson 0343. 2. The referee makes the score of- ficial as Carl Cabbiness H221 puts another six on the board for the Renegades. 3. Shawn Teeters makes a dramatic catch for a Renegade first down. af Football 39 El GAQQH. 4, -,-,ww '51-W r ' Clock wise from above left: 1. Jeff Hines U'76J leads the way as the Renegades prepare to line up. 2. Coach Emerson and Coach Tuttle ponder the intensity of the game. 3. The Sapulpa quarterback gets an unfriend- ly welcome from defensive end Chris Kaiser. 4. Homecoming Queen Karen Duke and her court reign over the homecoming assembly in the stadium. 5. Chris Kaiser stretches as he attempts to intercept a Chieftan pass. 6. Mark Hulet runs back an intercepted pass. 40 Homecoming 8 Homecoming 1983 . . . The tradition continues Student council made an effort to make '83 Homecoming the best ever. Students dressed in '5O's attire, new wave punk, outlandish togas and Sunday best. Spirit was high, and the Renegades were ready for the big game with Sapulpa. But all the efforts of all those involved could not stop the onslaught of rain that fell on game day. The field was a mud bog and hair went limp, but the 1983 homecoming was a regal affair. Karen Duke was crowned queen in front of a miserable, but loyal crowd and the Renegades washed out Sapulpa 21-O. YF-A , wk . uw. 44" C' f' If 1 if A . 1 .uns 5, 5 1- Q xx N R. 5w.f'S' Homecoming 41 Queen for a Season When she reigns it pours ,i The 1983 homecoming court reigned in the rain the night of the game, but were able to stay dry for their studio portrait. lst row: Matt Saint, John Ecton, John America, Jeff Hines, Mark Hulet, Chris Kaiser, Jeff Bishop. 2nd row: Jill Onstott, Kendall Brumley, Karen Duke, Kathy Brown, Charise Hines. Homecoming Queen Karen Duke escorted by King Jeff Hines The Best of the Rest Teamwork is an important part of a successful football team, but it is the effort of individuals that unifies the team. Individual honors this year went to seniors Jeff Bishop, Chris Kaiser, Carl Cabbiness and junior Keith Pearson for their leadership abilities as well as their ex- ceptional play on the field. These talented athletes together amassed a total of 22 awards or honors. Jeff and Chris received full scholarships for their outstanding ability. Carl led the team in scoring with 62 points and Keith will return next year to break his team leading 44 Outstanding Football Players l,l92 yards in rushing. Because of the contributions of these players, the Redskins marched to their best regular season record in the school's history. Jeff Bishop - All Conference, All City, Honorable Mention All State, All District, and Outstanding Offensive Lineman. Chris Kaiser - All State, All City, All Metro, All District, All Con' ference, and Outstanding Defensive Lineman. Keith Pearson - Second Team All City and All Metro. Carl Cabhiness - All District, All Conference, All City, 2nd Team All Metro, Special Recognition All State, and Outstanding Offensive Back. was ..i,,iL , . X gg 3 f C l 2Q . ., 1 xl 4 Left to right: Mindy Elzea, Susie Moore, April Flager, Charise Hines, Cami Lewellan, Kathy Brown, Rhana Thornburgh, Karren Duke, Laura Kennell Back center: Sponsor Glenda Payne SHOUT IT CUT Cheerleaders are the pride and in- spiration of every athlete. They work hard, look good, and are responsible for the spirit of an entire school. Our varsity cheerleaders proved their excellence early this year by receiving four blue ribbons at summer camp at T.U. They also were awarded one red ribbon and the spirit stick. Under the leadership of sponsor Mrs. Glenda Payne, the varsity squad also qualified for finals in Award of Ex- cellence competition and captured run- nerup position. "Cheering at UHS is great," said newcomer Mindy Elzea. "The students have a lot more spirit here, except at pep assemblies. Union students have real pride in their school and their teams." 1. Junior April Flager shares a laugh with the Renegade Rooster. 3. With her arm raised in salute, senior Kathy Brown, cheers the Renegades on to victory. 1--ui" CHEERLEADERS 45 4 J.V. J .V. equals Varsity record of 9-1 The Junior Varsity foot- ball team finished this season with an impressive 9-1 record. Though the at- tention was focused upon the Varsity team, hard work, team spirit, and sweat was put into this 1983 squad. Coach Hanlin and the team finished out the season with a 21-20 overtime win against the Bartesville Bruins. Coach Hanlin promises an equally successful season next year including many hopeful sophomores. With the completion of this season, some of the players played on the varsity team which beat East Central in the first round of the playoffs but lost a tear jerker to Broken Arrow in the second round. The Renegades have a tradition of exceptional Junior Varsi- ty team, and this year's squad lived up to their reputation. if 'I' ' PfZ?"' Bottom L to R: DeAngelo Williams, Mike Skates, Darren Easily, Billy Cherry, David Ellis, Mark Seehafer, Neal Hope, Ron Fischer, Brent Long. lst: Chris Humes, Shay Braun, Scott Witty, Kelly Goodwin, Tony Snoddy, Roger Wheeler, Randall Brown, Biff Norman, Mike Bates, Charles Witt. 2nd: Keith Pearson, Brad Beck, Brian Greif, Shawn Lankford, Michael Martin, Bart Benson, Michael Macoubrie, Brad Beam, Rick Vaughan, Mike Roberts, Bob Sanders. 3rd: Brian Corry, William Wilkerson, Mitch Payne, Kendall Hopkins, Bruce Dieterlen, Tim Gray, Pat Kinney, Jimmy Lea, Scott Waner, Brian Prince, Mike Abdo, Cam Williams. 1. Opposite: Junior Rick Vaughan, J.V. quarterback, runs for a first down. 2. 2. The J.V. team if led by running back Keith Pearson. 3. Juniors Mark Randall Brown shows his intense outlook towards the game. 3. Juniors Seehafer and Ronnie Fischer relax after another victory. Shawn Lankford and Bruce Dieterlen watch the intense game from the sideline. J.V. Football 47 t ., Aw., J lq S r 8ge'-'--"- ?Q,x .... , A VV N M. H K .,x. E, ,it Q A-hh ,. 'A' S, ' N w , biz: Q lil. an 3 Q 'Q - R.. C S G " S C S ,, ,A , my ' . - ' . I we Q wx N gf ., K I ,, I, Q . .7 Q :1 , y Q HH . i ': .. Q f me .N-' - - -t .. .. . . . ag?-' keizi i . ::, j L Q S ' 0 f 9 N 5 Q 3 mx 3' new sz..-, . qw , ,, sv x ai .af Six it L ,S K - 3 .-M I gt , gt 3 . at g ,v:,, C at egeyt I f rf A vw . N his it -, QS X N ek i- av wr 5? rt, I f ,e q 'Ig 'F 'Z ., ii:: -A U53 ,ml llt row: Mark Anderson, Danny Payne, Steve Gverturf, Todd Muthert, Gary Henderson, Robby Gregory, 2nd row: Biff Stephens, Shawn Bowman, Greg Hubbard, Mike Cook, Chris Kinnison, Jimmy Murray, Steve Mathis, Darrin Brost, 3rd row: Wendall Williams, Brad Poindexter, David Salyer, Jeff Graefe, John Green, Steve Leippert, Darryl Clark, Shawn Downes, Brian Martin, 4th row: Jeff Eycleshymer, Billy Goombi, Bobby Fereira, Chris Cabbiness, Mike Duke, Tommy Keitges, James Watt, Steve Ellig, Shane Weissinger, 5th row: Andy Short, Ken Isaacson, Matt Kinney, Joe Stagg, Mark Thomspson, Terry Harrell, David Malwick, Kyle Rhodes, Pat Rhees, Future Stars Q---Q , ,M af x tam 48 Soph. Football M 1 ' ll Ji. v - Right to left: Renae Shider, Deanna Birchem, Patty Pratz, Sherry Adams, Wendy Montgomery, Stacey Graham, Jill Onstott, Kristin Adams, Melinda Conner, Tracey McDonough Rehearsal for '84 lts hard to imagine a sport without cheerleaders. They raise spirit for the team, decorate the school, bake cookies and cakes for the players, and get hoarse from yelling during a close game. The job bf a J.V. cheerleader is especially difficult, for they are responsible for supporting two teams at the same time, the sophomores and the junior varsity. Under the direction of Mrs. Glenda Payne, the J.V. squad at- tended camp at T.Ll. and brought home four blue ribbons. They also qualified for state competition held in January of '84. "Being a cheerleader is fun, but it's hard work," said Wendy Montgomery. "You really have to stay in shape. But I enjoy it, school spirit is important." , i.. .... , R if aie? - 2. J.V. cheerleaders lead a cheer at a football game. 3. Sophomore Patty Pratz prays for a victory against Sand Springs. J.V. Cheerleaders 49 BATTER UP! The 1983 girls' softball team finished out the year with an impressive 22 and 6 record under one arm and the district championship under the otheri Slowed by inexperience at the first of the season, the team eventually got into the swing of things, and finished with a respectable record. Of course Coach Jones is looking forward to next season, with more victories and trophies. aldrin, 50 SOFTBALL 'hw' api' -,fe ' , M , , K 1 ww , ',.,u., ,,, M V, K -r W ,AMW Mr, fn ,H ,tu W M - I ,M . t , W ,, My W s ,Qw A 4 rv Af' "fA 4 X. MQ Q ,,,,,,, V l Y 'ww V. , r I nl fafym W ,J , f A , ,wan f' 4 . ,A A, A.-rm-1, A- 4 V we 4-" ' ,.. 'Wy 4' , ' 2.4 . . M -' , Qu . A ,H ,,.' f mr , f' ffffw., r 5 , V 1 4 - V ' f: fffrgv x A 1 , iwfgn' f , Tiff' A 1 fA ' 1 ' 3 A Q , .A rr' f " V, V 4, f . 31" - , . f A-jig , Alix., , ,.k ,' N, ' M '-'Af,gAi7,.sA,,1 AA-ww 4 V ffm? ,- 1-Q' A, - U " " 3 f , " ,, "" 4 A. : ffiwiifiiiiq A va .: 4:2 A I 1 Af: 1 A an if 4- -.. 1' ' 'L Y uri , H ,, 5f,.D-Z,, 4, 2 ww f A yt ' A, J A -I 4 V 2- .. gg, .Q 7 rg, M j,,.MJ'Q' "ff Q' V' 5 "Aw 'V yy ' 'Ta-0' :wi Aff ' " K ' '1 ' ' J b , , ,A 'G " .Mft-Q sw' 7 6,1 mu ' lf 4 ,Msgs , ,V . J 1' C wswgzgw A' V .z',wf,,wJ"f" ," t gl Af A- A JW. 1+ 51, , AX , 1 ,A .wi - Q "ff "'.,,, 4zf '.-y . f A!- Qfgf fr MA l A t A, , . A ,. . I x A It 2 aww "Sf f .V ,f ' "W ,1 'K AW . ,Q Y ,fave 1 , , Myra! 'W f A, , 'I 7,7 H Agri f 3 A t if A -A A A libs f -,sg ,r 'ff' ft r V H, sfwfr 392 M133 ' in 'ff f ' V f L "WWE - we It ' K X MGM Top row, left to right: Coach Jones, Angie Pierce, Janet Harris, Vicki Hernadez, Sue Schock, Stacey Hendrickson, Gina Daily, Tammy Dill Bottom row, left to right: Jennie Seehafer, Nicci Simmons, Gina Tener, Shawn Davidson, Tina Dill Clockwise from upper left: 1. As Stephanie Todd and Moni Johnson look on, Sue Schock sets her sights on a pop fly. 2. Once again, Stephanie Todd barely beats the throw to first. 3. Adding another run to the score, Gina Tener trots past home. 4. Warming up in the on deck circle, Stephanie Todd gets ready to bat. if we X. 31 s, W X A, ,E,,,s .. wg, ,E M., L, 3 K . .wr V ' - to at 1' A K Xu X vi f . ,,,,Ng-ask k ww 2 New K .- I C, K 5 .. SOFTBALL Redskins Prove Themselves A team with no full time returning starters, this years roundballers showed that hard work, determination, and a winning drive can make a great team. The team finished the regular season at .500 C11-IU and 12-13 overall. The Redskins defeated Muskogee in the first round of the playoffs, thus becoming the first Union team to do so in many years. Also, the Redskins gained the honor of Regional Runner-up. Coached by Joe Holladay, the team was led by seniors Brian Finley, Darrin McDonald, and Randy Hayes. These seniors along with junior Mitch Payne provided the most power at the offensive boards. The team showed that they could not be beaten when they lost six in a row, but came back to win six in a row. Coach Holladay said, "I'm as proud of them as any team l've coached." swim EE ga -, . l is l 4 uni ,gif X 1 35 Left to right: Steve Frazier, Randy Hayes, Phil Rhees, Darrin McDonald, and Brian Finley. t ai? Clockwise from opposite left: 1. Darrin McDonald anticipates another Brian Finley point. 2. Darrin McDonald watches as Mark Thompson wins a re- bound, 3. Brian Finley 0321 waits as Darrin McDonald shoots over a Jenks defender. 4. Mark Thompson 0221, Brian Finley, and Randy Hayes watch as Pat Kinney takes a six foot jumper. 5. De- fying gravity, Pat Kinney lays another one in. 23' if if 'is - N. .1 i -.... 2 BASKETBALL 53 A Fresh Start Basketball has really been a trying sport for the varsity girls' this year. Despite their 4-18 record, the girls' gave it their all! Basically, they had a rebuilding year. With only four returning seniors, the girls had to rely on their spirit to get them through. The underclassmen made important contributions, too. Junior Cynthia Verner led the team in scoring, and freshman Denise Ogburn showed promise in her first year on the varsity. Another accomplishment was that senior Tommie Smith was chosen as a Mercantile Bank Athlete of the Month. The girls' are to be commended for their spirit, dedication and Union Pride. - Ii Left to right, Top row: Coach Cheryl Ford, Stephanie Todd, Janet Harris, Karen Tabor, Tommie Smith, Carolyn Walters, Lori Huckabee. Ist row: Kendis Forsman, Lynn Collier, Nicci Simmons, Teresa Holmes, Susan Schock, Cynthia Verner, Denise Ogburn, Kathy Bell, and Billye Bocock. 54 BASKETBALL I ,f 'Wig :.. W .eb 'ln 2 Clockwise from opposite left: 1. Heidi Campbell looks for Lynn Collier to in- bound the ball to. 2. Tommie Smith makes a pass to Lynn Collier for a set up. 3. Heidi Campbell attempts to trap a Lady Cat player. 4. Lynn Collier 14340 watches as Cynthia Verner launches another 2 points. BASKETBALL 55 YFLESELERS 1 59W Clockwise from above left: 1. Mark Thompson Q'22j and Mitch Payne 0' 151 head down court as Sid Burcham grabs a rebound. 2. Jay Dockweiler looks for a teammate to rebound to. 3. Brian Finley, Tim Gray, and Darrin McDonald 14231 wait for the ball from Mark Thompson. 56 J.V. BASKETBALL I H I ,X ' 1 A Muff H v www www i Left to right, Top row: Coach Mark Dobbins, Todd Edmunds, Sid Burcham, Pat Kinney, Ist row Mark Hamilton, Mitch Payne, Tim Gray, and Jay Dockweiler. Muni l U -59' Left to right, Top row: Coach Cheryl Ford, Laurenda Walston, Tonya Morrow, Christine Moore, Shannon Bowman, Paula Dover, Heidi Campbell, and Coach Ron Evans. 2nd row: Lynn Collier, Kendis Forsman, Kathy Bell, Billye Bocock. Ist row: Nicci Simmons, Teresa Holmes, and Susan Schock. . , ii if 41, X Looking Ahead The boys J.V. basketball team ended the season with a disappointing record of 4-11. Although the season was frustrating in terms of the record, it proved to be very instrumental in the future success of the squad. The Red- skins were led in scoring by Mike Frisby, but the whole team contributed a great effort. The 84-85 season looks promising. The girls J.V. basketball team strug- gled to a season record of 5-IO. The team, made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores, proved they could play together and showed promise for next year. l. Susan Schock looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. 2. Denise Ogburn drives through the lane to the basket and 2 points. T 32 .. Wy K 1... .. Haw mae: I i 3 Movin' i Bell, and Billye Bocock. Left to right, Top row: Mark Thompson, Joe Stagg, Coach Kelly Clark, Mike Frisby, Mike Vines. Ist row: Carl Coler, Kyle Rhodes, Jeff Ray, Steve Mathis, Jeff Parker, and Chris Hawkins. 58 SOPH. BASKETBALL Left to right, Top row: Coach Cheryl Ford, Laurenda Walston, Tonya Morrow, Christine Moore, Shannon Bowman, Paula Dover, Heidi Campbell, Coach Ron Evans. Ist row: Lynn Collier, Kendis Forsman, Kathy Above: 1. Mark Thompson leaps to avoid a Sapulpa defender and make a shot. 2. Mark Thompson attempts to tip the ball to an awaiting Carl Coler, Q, 0 X-f L. JQM4 ra at -6 0 S . ,, . A I ...N . ,lc .. l I . 1 I ,- 1f,.,,.,,1. -AMW .. cm-, rm . 'fav- .-J Front row: Karla Bradley, Stacey Downes, Cindy Schlosser, Dawn Gullett, Kelly Niles, Kenda Dulaney Back row: Kim Travers, Adrienne Jarnigan, Vada Gullett, Chris Hall, Heather Hawkins, Michaele O'Neill Not Pictured: Cindy Broderick, president, and Tona Bessent gl A vu ,S .. - sas, t 4. -N Behind the Scenes A new auxiliary organization was formed this year to serve as assistants to the boys' varsity basketball team. Fondly dubbed by Coach Holladay as the "Court Cuties", these girls basically served as managers and spirit boosters. The girls gave water and towels to the players during the games and decorated the locker room and the halls with spirit signs. They also made spirit boxes for the team during Homecoming Week and a Christmas party for them was hosted by Coach Holladay. Two cuties, Michaele O'Neill and Tona Bessent, traveled to Springfield, Missouri with the team for a tournament. The Court Cuties were an at- tractive addition to this year's team. ,wand Basketball 59 QW? Xa 47' 1 X MW ' I' H -A N'-.W 0' 4 1' 'Q , W 'W 1. Junior Pat Kinney jumps to regain control of the ball. 2. Queen Janet Harris seems to enjoy the pressure on her lap of Flower Girl Mandi Morton. Mandi is the daughter of accounting teacher Mrs. Deana Morton. 3. Tomi Smith vies with a Ponca City player for the tip off. Despite supreme effort, the girls' lost their bid for a homecoming victory. Homecoming Memories It was the best of times The fans and team supporters looked on intently as the Red- skins put on a spectacular show during the homecoming game. The boys worked hard and had one of their best seasons ever. Despite their loss, the girls' team had pride and spirit during a year of working and rebuilding. Janet Harris and her court presided as the Redskins whipped the Wildcats of Ponca City 52-45. The seniors had an outstand- ing homecoming game, but the underclassmen's contributions were also important. The highlight of the homecoming game, though, was the premier performance of the Union Winterguard. The guard per- formed to standing ovations at both the assembly and halftime of the game. Looking back, seniors can remember 1984 homecoming as a time of success and a time for memories. ...M i ssss tt W - T ' '-6 . - . V ,., .V -T N an . mu e mmu. aueuaarmu. unumnmuurn muciulcanmn gg i W .. mu owns ' V 1 ' WW WV ...,. .mm .....,.... Q 4 Q X !VV,uk,, 5 A 8 iii 1. Pat Kinney leaps over a Ponca City defender for a two point lay up. 2. Cynthia Verner takes a jump shot from the top of the key. 3. No homecoming is complete without the traditional kiss. Crown full of Energy The feeling is priceless One of basketbaIl's leading ladies, Janet Harris, received the recognition she deserv- ed for three years as a varsity player, as she was crowned 1984 basketball queen. She is pictured below with her court. Back row: Steve Frazier, Lynn Collier, Mark Thompson, Randy Hayes, Darrin McDonald, Brian Finley, Sid Burcham, Cynthia Verner, Phil Rhees. Front row: Lori Huckabee, Janet Harris, Karen Tabor. THERE'S ONLY CNE WAY TO TAKE IT DOW The 1983-84 wrestling season officially started December 1, but long before then the wrestlers were engaging in grueling one-on- one combat practice. Pulling weight forced these courageous young men to go as far as skipping their Christmas meal for the good of the team. Although the season started off with a win against Sand Springs, the majority of Union's students caught a first glimpse of the team during the Llnion Classic. This year's team ended up with an overall 64 Wrestling season record of twelve wins and six losses. After defeating Webster in the last duel of the regular season the Redskins went to Regional Competition and captured first place. This win qualified six wrestlers for State Competition. At the state meet, two wrestlers, Baron Blakley and Jack Cherry, walked away with state titles. Johnnie Walker placed fourth in his weight class and the team placed fourth overall - an impressive finish to an im- pressive season. Clockwise from opposite page 1. With his arm raised in a victory salute, sophomore James Watt wins another decision in the heavyweight class. 2. State champion Baron Blakley goes head to head with his opponent. 3. Junior Mike Roberts tries to escape his precarious position on his way to a decision. 4. Jack Cherry gets some strong armed advice from Coach West. 5. lt's not the latest dance, it's junior Billy Cherry trying to take down his opponent. Wrestling 65 lt's a satisfying decision Ist row: Billy Ruckman, Jack Cherry, Mike Gibson, Billy Pierce, Mike Finley, Jeff Jordan, Kip Ewing, Corwin Chang. 2nd row: David Adair, Johnnie Walker, Darryl Clark, Baron Blakely, Mike Roberts, Shawn Lankford, Jeff Walker. 3rd row: Scot Johnson, Joe Kim, Brian Gist, Steve Hardt, Terry Zinn. 4th row: Mike Bates, Vince Stephan, Keith Kapple, Trevis Hulse, Thad Dale, Paul Payne, Kelly Goodwin. 66 Wrestling , Ak Opposite Page 1. Coach West discusses valuable strategy with sophomore Butch Gay. 2. With one minute left in the second period, Jack Cherry tries to psyche his opponent by staring him down. 3. Junior Baron Blakley goes for a pin on his way to the state championship in Stillwater. Brian Prince takes advantage of a time out to get some extra coaching from Tim Johnson and Coach West, WORTH THE PRICE THEY HAD TO PAY This year's wrestling team produced three special individualsg Jack Cherry Baron Blakley, and Johnnie Walker. All three of these young men placed in competition at the state level. Jack and Baron walked away with the number one ranking. All year long these wrestlers have worked for the teamg always striving to reach their per- sonal goals. Both Jack and Johnnie are seniors and so their wins at state topped off two very impressive high school wrestling careers. Baron, a junior, has another year with new successes to look for- ward to in 1985. These three young men deserve recognition as outstand- ing team members, and outstanding individuals. 68 OUTSTANDING WRESTLERS State Champs: Baron Blakely 11481, Johnnie Walker 11309, Jack Cherry 11233 , .1 .. ,,, el U H S U1-is 3' 5 H uns uns If 14 Ut. Q06 My W 'ma ,V I' .im vt' 5 " 1 Top row: Glenda Payne, Christine Jones, Meredith Lancaster, Cindy George, Dana Seeber, Vada Gullet. Bottom row: Carey Adams, Celane Cahill, Stephanie Hollands, Tami Pippin, Krista Farrier, gv r it ,Q W In 1. Christine Jones waves hello to one of our photographers. 2. Sophomore Carey Adams and Krista Farrier along with senior Cindy George pause for a moment of fun during one of the many wrestling duels. OLIR SPIRIT IS ALIVE WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS 69 i 'W 'N if . Q 70 Homecoming 1. Billy Cherry pins down a struggling opponent. 2. Victory is won by Senior Rob Byers. 3. Sweet, one second kiss given by Johnnie Walker to Cindy George was actually caught on film during the homecoming assembly. 4. Christine Jones anx- iously awaits the homecoming ceremony. 5. Junior Brian Prince gets a firm hold of this Cardinal. 6. The queen and her court observe our winning team. omecoming Success Redskins take down Cardinals Nothing is sweeter than a homecoming victory, no matter what the sport. The Red- skin Wrestlers won their homecoming duel against East Central decisively with almost every wrestler winning his match. Spirit, long practices, and dedication contributed to the victory. The cheerleaders decorated the gym and the lockers and distributed spirit boxes to the wrestlers. At the assembly Cindy George was crowned queen and she and her court presided over the assembly which included performances by the drill team and the cheerleaders. "We were all nervous," commented senior Johnnie Walker, the queen's escort, "but we made it!" The queen and her court were presented again that night before the duel and cheered the wrestlers on to victory. Redskin pride, team unity, and superior performances by everyone made 1984 homecoming a success and a happy memory. "svn 1 S fx " ' G rs S Homecoming 71 - The Choice is Clear Cindy 's the one The dream of every American girl is to wear the glittering crown of a homecoming queen. For Cindy George, this dream has come true. The queen and her court as follows: Back row: Butch Gay, Billy Cherry, Rob Byers, Johnnie Walker, Jack Cherry, and Baron Blakely. Bottom row: Tina McCoy, Christine Jones, Paige Tieszen, Cindy George, Dawn Gullett, and Dana Seeber. Queen Cindy George escorted by King Johnnie Walker 3 ' U' ' Muff ffl, x y Q 'yu et Q' I I1 Jiffy 11" I I, 1 QQNQ? KN -ul sy t -.. I it - M.E!m::.x K Kids .':: I 1 4 ta-'stat dag, V ,yy iv ,Puff Ml Senior attendant Paige Tieszen Senior attendant Dawn Gullett escorted by Rob Byers. escorted by Jack Cherry Junior attendant Christine Jones Sophomore attendant Tina McCoy Junior attendant Dana Seeber escored by Billy Cherry escorted by Butch Gay. escorted by Baron Blakley 73 Season Seems Short But Sweet rr The 83-84 girls track team had a very good season this year. They plac- ed second in both the Union meet and Broken Arrow meet. The mile relay team which consisted of Cynthia Verner, Eimile Ryan, Stephanie Todd, and Lori Bushyhead placed first in Regionals and Conference. The two mile relay team which consisted of Julie Hecht, Cynthia Verner, Eimile Ryan, and Lori Bushyhead placed first in Regionals and Conference. These girls put in long hours of hard work and determination which helped to 74 Girls Track bring Union to a second place tie for ninety points at Regionals and second place at Conference. The track team had six girls qualify for state finals. They were Cynthia Verner, Julie Hecht, Janet Harris, Eimile Ryan, Lori Bushyhead, and Stephanie Todd. Despite losing three Seniors, the team hopes to do as well next year. The Redskins appreciate the effort the girls put out that helps make Union one of the best schools ever. 1. Senior Lori Bushyhead, concentrates on her determination to win. 2. Senior Stephanie Todd, giving it her all while competing in the 100 yard low hurdles. 3. Front row: Jamie Bolinger, Eimile Ryan, Ashley Thompson, Stephanie Todd, Lori Bushyhead, Shawna Hodges, Tina McCoy. Back row: Cynthia Verner, Julie Roberts, Julie Cotner, Tammi Williams, Janet Harris, Julie Hecht. N YOUR MARKS 1. Seniors Mark Hulet and Carl Cabbiness broke records in the 100 and 200 meter dash this year. pgsww W-.Q-fem.. sv K. The 1984 boys track team sprinted through the season by taking first place in the Frontier Conference Tournament as well as the Cen- tral Invitational and the Union Invitational Tournament. The track team also placed se- cond in the North East Oklahoma Invita- tional, Broken Arrow lnvitational, and the Regional Tournament. Many long time school and conference records were broken. Mark Hulet in the 100 meter dash, Carl Cabbiness in the 200 meter dash, and Jimmy Lea in the 400 meter dash set individual con- ference records. The relay team of Mark Hulet, Carl Cabbiness, Bryan Corry, and Jim Crable shattered the 400 meter relay race. The 1600 meter relay record was broken by the team of Jimmy Lea, Carl Cabbiness, Bryan Corry, and Karl Koehler. Memories of the year's track team will reign supreme not only in the minds of those who participated, but those who were lucky enough to see them run. . - Q... Ye-C. RN' Top row, left to right: Coach Bill Padgett, Jimmy Lea, Brian Prince, Andy Short, Mark Allen, Mike Cook, Chris Cabbiness, Kendall Hopkins, Tod Krier, Carl Cab- biness, Jeff Hines, Mark Hulet, Doug Collins, Bryan Corry, Eric Pugh. Bottom row, left to right: Alton Haney, Mike Geis, Jeff Law, Tom Keitges, Greg Moore, George Linnhan, Fred Slatcher, Mike Miller, Mark Seehafer, Mike Brown, Lance Hulet, Jim Crable, John Stratman. Notpictured: Assistant Coach Chris Keller. -. "ff Boys Track 75 Une Step Ahead 1. Mark Allen, Mike Gels, and Tod Krier stand exhausted after running. 2. Tod Krier strives to win at State. 3. Victory is ahead for Tod Krier. 4. Jamie Mann passes her opponent. 5. Emilie Ryan, Sophomore, gives it all she has. Left to Right: Tod Krier, Mike Miller, Mark Allen, Doug Collins and Mike Geis. 76 Cross Country i i ,A 4J N 4 A W 'Wie J' vf ,, K - . 7 --'. mu- u 5' ,Q -51,5 , .., -M.. t Top Row: Ashley Thompson, Lori Bushyhead, and Julie Hecht Front Row: Julie Cotner and Eimile Ryan. sw .X Q .si W, I+. 4' W The sport of Cross Country evokes images of running in the cool fall air, but our Cross Country team started running in the sweltering summer heat, working and sweating with the hope of going to state. Coaches Jim Bradshaw, Don Jones, and Diane Walker coaxed, trained and encouraged the run' ners through hard practices and close meets. There diligence and stamina paid off as the Red- skins won the conference meet and sent nine run- ners to state. Competing for the girls' team were senior Lori Bushyhead, juniors Ashley Thompson and Julie Hecht, sophomores Kim Nix and Emily Ryan, and freshman Jamie Mann. The boys' team sent senior Mike Creis and juniors Todd Krier and Mark Allen. "Running this year was a really rewarding ex- perience for me," commented Lori Bushyhead, "I was the only senior on the team and l was honored to be the captain of such a great group. I am proud that the entire girls' team qualified for state. This was a fun year.!" Running long distances takes stamina, concen- tration, and a great deal of dedication. Our Cross Country Redskins have what it takes to be winners. 78 ut Z i Record Season The i984 Redskin varsity baseball team finished the year with a regular season record of 20-8. This marks the sixth con- secutive year the Redskins have produced twenty or more wins. Many long standing records were broken this season, one being the most home runs in a season. The team knocked 38 over the fence. Third baseman Brian Grief led the team with nine round trippers. Not expected to do well this season because of the many underclassmen, the Redskins turned the heads of the fans and the sportswriters by finishing the regular season sweeping a doubleheader from Jenks. This gave them their third straight conference cham- pionship. They went on to cap- ture the regional title which gave them a berth in the state playoffs. Baseball ,jan IM! 1 1 Ribs 'wi in .. Mg. . W4--Lf First row: Matt Saint, Jimmy Murray, Biff Norman, Jeff Ray, Brent Long, Coach Arrowood Second row: Rick Vaughan, Brian Grief, Tim Aldrich, Robert Shears, Darren Johnston, Bryan Craig Third row: Coach Hanlin, Mike Rohi- ing, John Ecton, Mark Thompson, Kerry Planer, Mitch Payne, Coach Payne X if S Q' , ' :- 5 5 g. 'E ' , ,,:- ,,,: E . ,, . QF aw KVQQN is-tefenfrlg -.- .. it-Q ff fzksiiifsi ur wr- bxx 'aft , Race Toward State Almost A11 the Way The Redskins charged into the playoffs with a feeling of excitement in the air. The first round game was against the number one team in the state, Del City. The Redskins held their fans on the edge of their seats by coming back from a 4-O deficit to tie the game in the bottom of the seventh. They went on to capture the victory 5-4 in the tenth inning. Ex- hausted after four straight days of play, the Redkins lost in the second round to a well-rested Moore squad. The season ended with a 23-10 record and a sense of great pride. ANTERS T,-95.39 7 Ne -:ti it are t. ste, .wi A A Clockwise from upper left: Anticipating a hit, third baseman Brian Grief gets ready. 2. The man behind Egg Q X --.N iii Q.:- -na.. f s i i'N NEW KH. i X the team, Coach Larry Arrowood. 3. Senior catcher Mike Rohling throws the ball back after a strike. 4. Rick Vaughan hurls a pitch toward an unsuspecting batter. 5. The throw to first baseman Kerry Planer is a little late to catch the baserunner. sit ,-,W .W Q +5 of Baseball 79 Our Best Get Better Follow the Leader The Jr. Varsity Baseball team had a very suc- cessful season. They finished the season with a 12- 4 record and won the consolation bracket of the Bixby J.V. Metro Tournament. They were led by junior Scott Witte, with a .429 average. Biff Nor 1 , I K! f K K ff!! fl!!-f'f!rj'f'l'Ifj' Y ss, 1. Warming up for the game, Jeff Ray takes a -f few practice swings. 2. No it's not a scarecrow, it's Tim Aldrich throwing a pitch. 3. Coach Payne, Coach Martray, and the rest of the team S wait in suspense for the next pitch. man and Brent Long were also major assets to the team. Despite being rained out of IO games, the squad's spirit and determination never faltered. The strong record of the J.V. Redskins promises a strong varsity next year. sql R. B M-Q. Q A4 2 E S K l E 5 E E l l s 2 l 5 l 3 3 2 T' as K Y' 80 JV Baseball 1. Kerry Planer follows through after a hard hit. 2. With the look of deter- mination, Mark Wood prepares to release a pitch. 3. Gritting his teeth, Mike Roling tries to wind down after hitting a game winning home run. Baseball 81 41 at 1 - , Ln, i R.. w sv Bending Gver Backwards The gymnastics team had a winning season. The hard work and dedication of these girls certainly paid off as each girls placed at every competition and most of them placed as high as third or above. The girls put out all of their effort to make their team the best by attending gymnastics workshops and practicing long hours every day. 82 Gymnastics ln the past gymnastics has not re- ceived much recognition, but this year the team showed their school spirit and pride by performing at pep assemblies. They also gave an excellent halftime performance at a basketball game fpic- tured abovej. Coach Cheryl Ford trained and guid- ed the following girls: sophomores Kar- rie Harris fpictured abovej and Lori Smithg freshmen Heather Williams and Kim Geusg and eighth graders Michelle Stanfield, Debbie McCarl and Shannon Braun. Na .wugw -A fs T 14 sk .W uw-e-'K ,Z"'f"t""" --xr-. ' -'wa-sa,.,, ,.,n,1,,. .,, o--' I i 'res sh 3 A' . , o ' X 4' ..3 , Grass Kickers Another sport was added to the athletic department this year. Girls and boys soccer finally emerged as a varsity sport. Over fifty boys tried out for the fifteen man squad coached by former Tulsa Roughneck Alan Woodward. The boys finished with a record of IO-2. The only losses came from a 2-1 beating by Holland Hall and a 4-2 loss to Jenks in the city semi-finals. Don Cooper coached the '84 girls team. The girls started out slowly, but got the ball rolling by the end of the season. W. .MQ-H-anna 'L 2 ' A f W"""-- ' I ,.' 5 f-'F'-4 W , ...ww A , W 1... Clockwise from top left: 1. Sophomore John Stratman demonstrates the importance of keeping your eye on the ball as sophomore Mike Mcltliel Comes back to help. 2. Settling ball, senior Ken Dugan sets up another attack while Matt Muratore sprints down the wing. 3. Freshman Chris Reed challenges an Edison forward for the ball. Although a group shot of both teams was unavailable, the members of the boys varsity are: Chris Langley, Todd Cotton, Jimmy Hampton, Robert Foster, Kenny Dugan, Chris Reed, Bill Monson, Matt Muratore, Bill McHugh, Mike Gels, Brian Morgan, John Stratman, Barry Bulman, Ron Poleson, and Mike Mclhliel. Members of the girls team are: Trina Willyard, Cathy Clasing, Toni Tener, Janie Cooper, Dana Hamblin, Robin Paluck, Jamie Ketcher, Kim Hender- son, Tanza Latimer, Kristen Schuster, Shannon Pearson, Beth Bulman, and Kristy Fielding. Soccer 83 Front row: Bruce Dieterlen, Bob Sanders, Doug Miller, Rob Warner. Back Row Jennifer Harrison Greg Williams Steve Slmianer Doug Gower Tim Kennedy. Hmmm! fha Country Club View Par 3 One of the Redskins' best kept athletic secrets is the golf team. With an increase in team size for the boys and girls both teams had .a winning season. Despite the fact that rain played a domi- nant force in the golf season, the girls took se- cond in state while the guys just barely missed qualifying for state. "Golf is one sport where you play as an individual, but score as a team," said senior Jennifer Harrison who has participated in state competition for four years. 84 GOLF 40 Love One may wonder where to find our tennis players sixth hour. These individuals are at Haikey Creek every day after school practicing their volley and their serve. With all this practice Llnion's tennis team has perfected their craft and pulled off a surprising season. For the first time ever the guys had a doubles team, Jimmy Lawbaugh and Richard Lopez, qualify for state. The girls team also sent Gina Tener to state for her second competition. clockwise from left 1. Sophomore Gina Tener engages in an intense volley. 2. Junior Natalie ---- 'M - Edmond pulls back for a serve. 3. Senior Dar- ren VanHorn practices his swing. ,..,...- ' Front row: Jimmy Lawbaugh, Natalie Edmond, Ken Camille. Back row: Richard Lopez, Gina Tener, Brian Kane. i 4' mf TENINHS 85 W,,, , 5, 'W ,f H VVVVVV l, sw: Vfi' iw, 1. Steve Pruitt, Tony Gooch, and Steve Overturf try to see if Kelly Niles really is unsinkable. 2. Power and grace are displayed by Kelly Niles as she performs the very strenuous butterfly stroke. 9 4 6 I .1 Ist row: Shane Weissinger, Steve Overturf, Melinda Conner, Lori McClain 2nd row: Steve Pruitt, Damon Waggoner, Kelly Niles, Chris Hall Splash! The two year old Redskin Swim team did very well this season considering the size of the team. The swim team won their first trophy at the Oolagah invita- tional with a third place over all out of the seven teams that were there. Kelly Niles took two first places: one in the 100 meter backstroke and one in the 200 meter individual medley. Steve Overturf also captured two first places: one in the 100 meter backstroke and one in the 50 meter freestyle. Kelly was the only team member to place at the state meet. She took fourth place in the 100 meter backstroke and eighth place in the 200 meter individual medley. Swimming W Q s . 5 There's Only Gne Way to Play It The volleyball program had a rough time this year, considering this was only the fourth year to have a volleyball team at Union. With only one returning starter and a brand new coach, Cheryl Ford, they pulled through with a six and nine record for the regular season. They might not have been extremely M ' K - , k K it ,K 2 thrilled with their record but the team was rewarded in another way: Two members, Jennie Seehafer and Karen Hamburger possessed enough talent to make the All-Conference team. All in all the girls had a good season. Their hard work and dedication is deeply appreciated. it -., --ee sf" A A me gif . .J . ff' ,,.w"'l'Sl . ye' A+ .ws to fs- ' X 40' ww if 1. Junior Tracy Moore, backs off before suc- cessfully returning the ball to the opposing team. 2. Junior Karen Hamberger, starts her serve. 3. Jeannie Kimm, sophomore, practices her serving techniques. 4. Front row: Kim Jones, Tracy Moore, Lisa Gilbert, Jeannie Kimm. Reem Habib. Back row: Lenymar Huerta, Vender Walston, Karen Hamberger, Jennie Seehafer, Shannon Wagner, Melanie Monteith, Sandy Foster. Not pictured: Michelle Cummins. Volleyball 87 YN xc, Q50 we qi QQ- was dxf, , 'fx Jananne Abbott Mike Adams Wade Adams Kirsten Anderson Barbie Anhalt Jeff Arnold Preston Bacon Tracey Baddley Monty Baker 90 Seniors Q Karen Barrett Valisa Barton Debbie Batson .x+,,.,,-, John America S ttttt X Kathy Ashlock Beth Barclay Mike Beard Dana Beisley Derrick Benson C i W: Egfr-:swf ,J Senior Class Officers from left to right: Phil Rhees, treasurerg Janice Payne, secretaryg Bryan Craig, presidentg Karla Bradley, vice presidentg Mrs. Judy McCormack, sponsor. The class officers organized and carried out many senior ac- tivities. Bryan has been president of the Class of '84 since ninth grade. Andi' Bess Tona Bessent Todd Bever Lisa Billings Jackie Billingslea Seniors 91 I Halloween fell on the first day of Senior Pride Week, so Susie Sutton donned a long-forgotten uniform on Senior Costume Day. S BX EA Wi iii- W., -, gli?- X: Andrea Blankenship Lisa Blaylock 's Sqfzwfliffx Kevin Brase Richard Brasel 92 Seniors Bobby Bingham Trandy Birch -Nw! Jeff Bishop Shauna Blair X . t . ,. Vkh. X i - Q - S - ' . , 5 hqvdiiax: -A+ l.e, ,, W ,, QQ Q. y , 1 1 ,M-Q4 5 S E . l Karla Bradley Mark Branson rv' if Cindy Broderick Cammie Brown Deborah Brown Eric Brown Greg Brown Kathy Brovsm ee Ng? is Q -' A f , f-.73 ' - 5 -: -- f, l i '55, sew ,, ,- . - we .,,.:k, A...: , F g m g 1 .... W EX if R , if 'J gl? F 4 ,V si 'ffessid A Q R . 'N Q .. Kendall Brumley Eddie Bryan Barry Bulman Jennifer Burger l ,if Kayla Burgess BIG B ' ILWI Lori Bushyhead No one has more fun on Powder Puff Day than the Cheerleaders. Here, the Big Family seniors try a high kick routine. From left to right are Mike Beard, Troy Daer, Steve Frazier, Damon Waggoner, Phil Rhees, Johnnie Walker, Mike Steele, and Randy Hayes. Seniors 93 ei, Q fi Sf! xt Barbi Buster 'like .I wal .- Rob Byers Carl Cabbiness i Seniors Joseph Callery A Robin Carter ,s ff, Betsy Calk Laura Camp 'Hhs 'ZR Hansuk Chang Computers are a relatively new addition to the math and business program. Here, Thad Dale seems a little in awe of the thinking machines. Bil Canfield Kellie Carper Jack Cherry Mike Christi R i Andy Christian Burton Copeland Devra Colvin , L Jim Closson ir ,f Kelly Colvin as r , M115 MW Q C E: D Q. Bl , 0 O -1 U' fb rv 1-0 i at 2 -fl' ..A. .K 'ii-E .1 fffif-ss X X Cheri Cochran Karen Collier xg Chris Conley Mike Converse Staci Cortner Cherry Cottingham Jim Crable Bryan Craig Craig Cummings Dawn Cummings Seniors 95 I 5 , X r K 'lwwm-N--1 W-.....A...,,,M '5a.,.a.,...s Vuwwswma nuns umm -h....f.ne..w ,s ...mmwwttm f "5-:wrxw'Q' N IX Before the addition of the Union Performing Arts Center, the stagecraft class had to meet in some strange places. ln the classroom to the woodshop, Eric Litsey and Keisha Marion read a play before they start to build the set. sv-+5 Susanne Daigneault Thad Dale Glenna Dane . if A Chris Davidson Shawn Day Dolores DeArmon 96 Seniors John Cunnane l Troy Daer is Brian Daniel Robby Decker I I :QQ M -H -Sgr of K Cathy Denson David Dick Cheryl Dickmann Lisa Diffenderfer Teri Dikeman Stacey Downes SanDee Dragoo Brian Dugan ff? flu Kenny Dugan Karen Duke , y fy 52' W ,M Wi I n f ' A V V 1 X, 1 4 f Kenda Dulaney Misty Dunbar ifc , lm . it looks as if Kathy Brown and Karen Duke have a secret ambitions to be a cud- dly baby and a clown. The girls' were dressed up for senior costume day. Seniors 97 Tommy Durbin John Ecton Julie Elam Robin Ellis Steven Etter Kellie Escue A -.il ,nfs ff! Tracy Findley Michele Finn Brian Finley Steve Frazier Susan Franklin Tom Freiling 98 Seniors Todd Eller 'fl i s Darin Farr i Kevin Flowers i 4 .wk my ,- I ,: Brian Fergerson Teri Gatewood Terry Gee igkgrkr 1 me fi 1- Q ,wks WP , ,W - A .L S X Q v 4 ,g5.g..i1i?'1 ref?" . XM 3' U.. , w- 'S K ii af" me wf Q Q,- efi L SM- . reef Q-sea. ,g,,N5,,i grasp., ,W . A 5. Senior class president Bryan Craig looks tired after spending all afternoon call- ing realtors on the telephone. Mike Geis 'a : EH Karen Gettings Sarah Glocker Michael Grimes Cindy George i Tonya Gibb Kelli Graybill Dawn Gullett Seniors 99 Peter Gunderson Janine Hamilton Jeff Hardt Shelly Harmon 100 Seniors Cheryl Hagin Teri Hailey 'mm -----..,.,,m Not just another pretty face, Jimmy Lawbaugh flirts with the camera, Rumor has it Jim was on his way to Rocky Horror Picture Show, but stopped in to deliver an essay to Mr. Weaver. ,,,..4.,4,. Teresa Harper Janet Harris Celeste Halstead ' K .. .. r . ' 1 . g V ' -9' - Sym X L. . is " Jennifer Haner Michelle Harmon af -4 " i s - if I "lf A if .. 5 :,: .5 . VV Z hltt tt Jennifer Harrison Scott Hastings Jeff Hartung Philip Hayden Randy Hayes Terri Heath Darren Hensley Charlie Hicks Brian Hight Jeff Hines Chuck Hodges Gwen Hodges Stephanie Hollands Chris Hoover Chris Hosch Malissa Howell Dan Howard Seniors 101 E QQX f 3. X , A 2 V YSL A Bill Howison Cindy Hubbard Lori Huckabee Marleny Huerta 'IQ if Mark Hulet Gina Humbyrd Scott Hunter Karen Hurn Vien Huynh Tacy Joffe Kyle Johnson Lynelle Johnson Renee Johnson Randy Johnston Ricky Johnston Rena Jones 102 Seniors Q95 EF? L, Senior Board lst row - Karla Bardley, Janice Payne, Stacey Downes, Lisa Knowles, Susie Sutton, Dawn Gullett, Debbie Brown. Jennifer Koskey, Yun Hui Kang, Kurt Snodgrass, 2nd row - Bryan Craig, Mrs. McCormack, Phil Rhees, Darshi Shah, Tona Bessent, Lisa Diffenderfer, Jennie Seehafer 3rd row - Steve Frazier, Bur- ton Copeland, Tina O'Banion, Lisa Blaylock, SanDee Dragoo, Sarah Glocker 4th row - Chuck Sigman, Lori Bushyhead, Darrin McDonald, Damon Waggoner, Terri Tinker, 5th row - Wade Adams, Tommy Durbin, Darren VanHorn, Kris Perry 6th row - James Harrison +41 Robert Jones Vickie Jones Chris Kaiser Yun Hui Kang Tracie Kennon Stephen Kelley Laura Kennell Stephanie Kern Seniors 103 lam Qi tl bij to Q0 ,aw X K. Massive overdoses? No! Mike Adams and Brad Mullen are under the influence of hypnosis. v 1 1i.s H f ' , . H -K ri. f W W' sms .X xl ,Q , S . Lisa Knowles Jennifer Koskey 2 Jimmy Lawbaugh Dan Lehman 104 Seniors 1--fm: n ---- f. . V- 1: gffggl K . .:.- .. .. i iv :- ,.' if .::. W , M V . ...w my v- 'N ex. L 'ZX -,ya ., 3 ,ti 3,1 H, , , - 'I' fer' .-,-- . ,- 7:23 S Steve Ketring Tiffany Keitzman Kevin Krieser Janet Lewis Ruston Khavarian John King . x Gig' :::.:.:-E5EE:11lEl1:::,. I l..y,i rrli, it. , Ili I lrlrrr:.,,l., Q ,i illllslllllil....:.llr,Qs,,, ,,-,.35:,Qf1.wg-li -Q:-rim. 13, L il W -' 'Z it 5 Q53 Q. 2 I . so A 'PSS fi. . .X . it .. 4 ' st Brad Latting Julie Lindsey Eric Litsey Richard Lopez -4? 1 K 1 jl . l Gary Lytle PR' VY Roni McFarland fm Zandra McGraw -MASQ i I rf- J' t, f A K 6 MJ Jody Loud Corinna Luciana " 'NNY Arthur McCune Chuck McDonald Darrin McDonald 5 . Pep rallies in the stadium were new this year since the gym floor was being replaced, and the seniors found they liked be- ing outside to cheer. The class of '84 showed the rest of us what unity was all about. Seniors 105 C f Ted McMorrough Lisa Maddox Darren Van Horn enjoys some delectable delicacies at a French Club party at Madame Reid's home. The French Club enjoys delicious French cuisine whenever possible, Shanna Marlow Tommy Marrs Rhonda Martin Chris Maxey Crystal Mayo Mark Mead X l 3 - . We l Mike Miller Jack Mobley Jeff Mobley Roger Morrow 106 Seniors Brad Mullen Eric Nazim Kelly Niles 5 Tina O'Banion Mark Muratore Tracy Newby Randy O'Bryan David Olson Carmie Murphy Christy Myers "l'm sure glad you're wearing a slip," grins Tommy Marrs as he carries Michelle Harmon's train. The couple was married in a mock wedding as a part ofthe marriage unit in Family Living class. Seniors 107 Sung Joon Park Mark Patrick Janice Payne Dayna Penix 2 3 QTXYH' Sherry Penner Kris Perry Kelli Petsinger Kerry Planer l i if 'K Robin Price Steven Pruitt Renee Purget Mike Quihuis Leslie Randolph Scott Reibert Steven Reiser Dee Dee Reisinger 108 Seniors Laura Reynolds Kelly Roberts - T X. 5 'TQ Q X 5 1 Barry Rogers Karen Ryer Tiffany Reynolds Phil Rhees Anna Riecken X Eric Rock Carl Cabbiness gives a dashing rendition of Elvis Presley's "I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You". I ' Mike Rohlmg 118 N'-4-if .K .,,...., Todd Ryon Matt Saint Mike Sanderson Seniors 109 Debbie Sasser if ti? Todd Schwier Q 5 Darshi Shah Robert Shears I IO Seniors Daine Sarey , ' M Q' L ' L' - , J. as -"- . ls- t '- . Q? X - . .. Ef-gsffs: U - K: .V A. Q Jr 1 Q 5 ,K ff Jim Scott fs -we Julie Sharpe Rhonda Shelton 'YQ .ami vs., f .. " if if ew . Mike Schlenker Cindy Schlosser S ', K ii 3 5 L5 "?X""'T'!9" Vi Y Kenna Seaton Jennie Seehafer J' Every senior will hold the everlasting memory of our exciting varsity footba team. They carried us to the state championship playoffs with a 10-2 rece' and left us proud. Caught up in the romantic mood of the Christmas Formal, John Ecton gives Rhana Thornburgh a kiss. I Fred Slatcher Ernie Smith .wang Kurt Snodgrass Kim Somers Charles Sigman Brenda Simmons fb 517 Tommi Smith LuAn Sills Cristy Skinner Fi IQ'- Denise Snodgrass Derek Sparks X- Kristi Spohrer Seniors Ill if David Spreeman Sudha Srinivasan Carla Stamback Lisa Stapp Kathy Starkey Mike Steele Bill Stein Steven Stevenson Tony Suri Susie Sutton Karen Tabor Richard Taylor 'E' E' I x E i 2 Lori Teel Shawn Teeters Rhana Thornburgh Tammi Thornton 112 Seniors .-sf Paige Tieszen Terri Tinker Lisa Tucker Angela Turner Scott Tobey Stephanie Todd Donna Turner Steven Twist Al K 'Q Q if , ' S it eae is 1 Robin Vandiver Rhonda Vanderboegh Darren VanHorn Laura VanMieghem Lfffs-9 Tommy Vannoy Wendy Vasquez K K Greg Wadsworth Brent Wagner Seniors 113 Damon Waggoner Daniel Watkins Mike Wheeler Dawn Williams 114 Seniors fini Troy Waites Johnnie Walker Carolyn Walters l R Tara Watson Denise Weingartner Kari Wells Chris White Scott White Van Widick 1, 3 4 ., . Susan Wilson Robert Wolf Kristi Wolfe i ,. K I 2 If Angie Wood Mitch Wood John Worcester Christine Wyatt Tom Yates Jim Zell "" 'nr Lisa Zell Sandra Zachry Stephanie Zane Charles Zang gl S Alt M Q " Si' i .. X Q , Senior Pride reaches its peak during the pep assembly of Senior Pride week. Sporting their senior tvshirts, the class sits behind the football team and gives them the confidence for victory. Seniors 115 CN M x 636' 'Y 116 IQ Fiddler on the Roof Rave Reviews When the curtain rose at the annual musical, the audience experienced a new realm of feelings. For the first time ever in history, students and parents alike were able to view a large scale pro- duction in a real theater. Each scene of the play flowed expert- ly together. Set changes were made with ease and the orchestra pit added a new dimension to the feeling of "real theater." The audience became so engrossed with the story line that many commented the performance seemed professional. Darin Farr gave a hauntingly realistic performance of Tevye, the Jewish man stuck on tradition. His leading lady, Elizabeth Kenley, playing his wife Golde, complimented Darin with her own excellent performance. All in all, the actors and actress of the musical Fiddler on the Roof put on an excellent show. 118 Musical -2 i 4 .fr 'Killers .Q A M 1. Out of desperation, Tevye, concocts a dream to convince his wife Golde Qportrayed by Liz Kenleyl that their oldest daughter should marry Motel the tailor. 2. The entire cast adds special haunting effects to depict the "Dream Scene". 3. Chris Hoover as Motel and Tami Pippin as Tzeitel join hands in ho- ly matrimony. 4. During the dream sequence, Leigh Stewart as Grandmother Tzeitel attempts to persuade Tevye fDarrin Farrb to have Tzeitel marry Motel. 5. During one of the many rehearsals over a two month period Senior Jimmy Lawbaugh and Darin Farr diligently practice the "To Life" scene, Musical 119 Our Hearts Belong to Grandpa On March 30, 1984, three firsts took place at Union High School, The first student assembly was held in the new Performing Arts Center, The National Honor Society held its first tapping ceremony, And, to top off the festivities, an honorary graduation was held for a retiring staff member. Gene Cherry, affectionately known to one and all as i'Grandpa Cherry" was retiring, thus ending his seven years' career as building engineer at the High School. His many friends wanted to do more than have just a retirement party, so they decided that the special thing to do would be to have Grandpa graduate as a member of the Class of '84 The graduation ceremony began at the close of the National Honor Society's tapping ceremony when Brian Craig, Senior Class President, introduced Grandpa to the student body. Brian had Grandpa don the appropriate graduation cap and gown. Then, the Presi' dent of NHS made him an honorary member of the Society by giving him his own honor stole. Once seated before the student body, Grandpa was treated to a special routine created and performed by the Union High Steppers. After that the student chapter of the American Red Cross Society presented him with a honorary membership and plaque in appreciation of his service to others. Mr. Harold Stockstill, representing i i Yusuf'- l2O Grandpa Cherry W...,,A'f' the District Administration Center, also presented a plaque of appreciation. Then, the Choralettes entertained Grandpa with a personalized rendition of "My Heart Belongs tc Grandpa." Grandpa also received some very neat gifts from his friends. Gil Cloud, Athletic Direc tor, gave Grandpa a letter and letterman's jacket with his name in large block letters on the back as well as two lifetime passes to all school athletic events, thus making him an honorary letterman for his support of all the school's athletic endeavors. The cafeteria ladies, with whom Grandpa lunched daily, gave him a handcrafted quilt depicting eventf during his tenure at Union. Finally, since no graduating senior would leave school without a class ring, Jerald Williams, High School Principal, presented Grandpa's clas ring to him, To complete the ceremony, Dr. Wesley Jarman, Superintendent of Schools, presented Grandpa with his honorary diploma making him a member of the Class of '84 graduating class. The program closed with the cheerleaders leading the student body in a rousing cheer that they had created uniquely for this very special man on the occasion of his retirment. - E W,.4vnW'f"" Grandpa Cherry 121 When Quality Counts f :,, , kb 5 ,. E- ' ,-: ,, , - -- . ., - ... - V R ,, Cindy Broderick Tacy Joffe N s Valedictorians Gur Best Get Better Cammie Brown Salutatorians ff ... fx A C'2 IFJ Q 'u From left to right: Burton Copeland, Finalistg Tacy Joffe, Finalist: Tommy Vannoy, Commended Studentg Cindy Broderick, Finalistg Bil Canfield, Finalistg Kevin Kreiser, Finalist, ational Merit Scholars y 124 Seniors of the Month 1 Never Quite Like This The week that was ours It all came down to one week. A crazy kaleidoscope - a patchwork quilt. The memories, the madness of a year we would never forget. "More in '84l" we cried as we burst on the scene as sophomores. We fulfilled our prophecy - we were not only the largest, but the best! And for one week, through a whirlwind of activities leading up to May 22 - the world was ours. From the awards assembly to the senior breakfast - we caught the spirit and made it our own. We delivered what we promised. We left our mark. We leave behind our shoe polish and our memories to enter a world where friends are not as close and time goes by too quickly. Carry on - the spirit of a senior will never die. 4 Clockwise from left: l. The Senior Assembly is a time to have fun and show off as Chris Kaiser, Jeff Bishop and Mark Hulet imitate a Beach Boy version of The Pips. 2. For three years Jimmy Lawbaugh has charmed audiences with his magnificent voice. Here he performs at the Bac- culaureate service held in the Union PAC. 3. Diane Sarey, a Highstepper for three years, loves to dance and she got her chance to solo during the Senior Assembly. 4. Wendy Vasquez pins a corsage on her mother at the Senior Tea. This year, Home Economics teacher Mrs. Donna Smith was the featured speaker. 5. No one can delight an audience more than Darin Farr - or is it Prince? 6. Kelli Graybill and Cindy Broderick don't seem sure of their meal at the Senior Breakfast held annually at Indian Springs Coun- try Club. Senior Week 127 End of a Beginning The Final Day lf only time would stop And let me do what I forgot. lf l could have another chance, l'd surely take a different stance. But since the day is finally here And l must put aside all fear, Now it's time to say "l can", To meet this challenge like a man. by Kenneth Dugan 128 Graduation 1 --Q 4 W N35 W 'Y gy 3-. Q if g Organizations Imagination Just Becomes Reality for enegade egiment Queen The auditorium was all a hush as the Band court filed down the aisle. The girls in their beautiful dresses and the guys in their tuxedos were sparkling with anticipation. The court in- cluded: Sophomore Attendant Heather Gourdie escorted by Jeff Switters, Junior Attendant Andrea Setser escorted by Tommy Goad, Senior Attendant Kirsten Anderson escorted by David Olson, Senior Attendant Gina Humbyrd escorted by Chuck McDonald, and Queen Kelli Graybill escorted by Mike Grimes. The imagination of Kelli Graybill just became reality for an evening, but tomorrow would be more hard practice at 7:00 in the morning. 1. Dressed in white, Mike Grimes places the honorary crown on Kelli Graybill. 2. The Court is admired by the audience. 3. With a big smile, Junior Attendant Andrea Setser listens to the music. 132 Band Royalty fm vii 'ga , f 'N .1 ,K L . ? , mf f f mm, W1 4 5 'as .. ,,, . AA2E tt.. H liking Nothing Good Happens Fast Without Hard Work The Renegade Regiment Colorguard began the year with new instructors, new equipment, and new uniforms. Practice was held every morning for two hours and sectionals were two more hours after school two to four times a week. The changes were for the better and their demanding rehearsals paid off as they won the Best Guard trophy at the Pryor Contest, the Best Rifles caption award at the Marching Bands of America Regionals Contest in Houston, and the Outstanding Guard trophy at the OBA State competition in Norman. One of the most welcome additions to Redskin organizations was Winterguard. This newly formed group stunned the stu- dent body with their premier performances at pep assemblies and impressed the judges at contest placing first in their first two attempts. With bizarre costumes and precision movement, the Winterguard let the Redskins know that they had arrived! ttt , ,,.. .... A A ,, . I ., , l. Joking around after hard work is Genyce ' F - 't' I " ,.., , .,, ,... , Griffin, Susan Payne, Denise Weingartner, t, , ,ggi mgqyT H ,f I A , I I V .-- Ji' V 2' Tammy Dill, Valisa Barton, Lisa Billings, ,,..,,. ,, .,.. . ....,, ., .,,. ,, 1, ,g , . W , . ' I ,,.." 1, ' I : H ' - 4 Stacy Boevers, Stephanie Zane. 2. Imltatmg ' Q," ,3 4' , r 3 . X gg 1 ' .R J T "'f 'L an Arabian woman is Cindy Broderick with f f' Y , ' ' ' , 3 , V L, " her butterfly wings. 3. Kim Herron dazzles t Q W 5 - - 2. 1? l ' " '1 Q2 ' the crowd at Skelly Stadium. ...Fi i-f - I A Q fs.,-H . A -L ' V1 -t .Y-, 1: .- , Q E .. I l ' - vt' , L " K' .x ' ' , ,. .r--f" 1 L N -I t ,. V :wh V elm .L .4 gi . 'ft A Q .fl 7:4 .wh I I - .l ' u - Q Q 2 WW I It Q N V V A , H., Q ,,..,, --. W . all 4' 're 2 l T S , H -few 9 . ........ .., ' E , , f FQ... .. . .. Front row: LuAn Sills, Denise Weingartner, Cindy Broderick, Tracy Leach, Shannon Pope. SUS-an Payne- 56' cond row: Kelly Cummings, Sallie Wyatt, Tammy Dill, Genyce Griffin, Kim Herron, Brenda Davis, Saima Makhdoom, Brum Khan. Third row: Rene Booker, Kim Zuiches, Angie Fulton, Karen Gettings, Stacy Boevers, Lisa Billings, Stephanie Zane, Dawn Cummings, Andrea Setser, Melissa Beeton, Teresa Wheeler. Fourth row: Wes Carwright, Dawn Fortney, Heather Gourdie, Robin Crabtree, Sherry Penner, Adrienne Jarnigan, Lori Teel, Christine Wyatt, Jennifer Knapp, Alan Mueggenborg. Fifth row: Tammy Keltner, Julie Boevers, Stacy Hen- drickson, Tracy Sanderson, Shawn Tuell. Colorguard 133 134 Band Tubas - left to right: First row: Sean Smith, John Haner, Second row: John Demko, Third row: Brant Christenson, Andy Bess. w :--, fileffpx- - . Flutes - First row: Left to right: Joanie Temple, Rhonda Martin, Second row: Suzann Burnett, Aparna Mallavaram, Third row Dana Mitchell, Brenda Behar, Michelle Cummins, Aged for Smoothness The Band Plays On The Renegade Regiment marched to the beat of a different drummer this year. Under the direction of Mr. Dale Barnett, the band captured first place in the Pryor Street and Field Competi- tion and the Catoosa Port City Festival. They also received a superior rating at District Marching Contest. One of the highlights of the fall season was the trip to Houston for the Marching Bands of America regional contest. The Regiment placed ninth overall and was recognized for outstanding rifles. At the Oklahoma Bandmasters Association in Norman, the band placed first in Class 3A and third overall. They also received awards for outstanding percussion and outstanding colorguard. In the spring, the Renegade Regiment made another trip to compete at the Canyon City Blossom Festival in Colorado. They placed first in field competition, second in parade and captured the runner-up trophy for sweepstakes. With a caseful 'of trophies and fifteen all-district band members and three all state orchestra members, it's easy to see why the Renegade Regiment is smiling, boasting and mak- ing future plans. Trumpets - Left to right: First row: Dusty Meriable, Becky Cupp, Brian Derr, Second row: Karla Anderson, Jeff Hartung, Todd Tackett. Third row: Arthur McCune, Ken Camille. Fourth row: Lori Trout, Charlie Grove. Fifth row: Karla Sligh. Saxophones - First row: Dan Watkins, Second row: Eric Nazim, Gary Lytle. Third row: Paul Zardus, Kyle Copeland. Fourth row: Beverly Byrne, Kris Lovelace. Band 135 ,Nw V 'L' Drum Majors - Left to right: Darin Farr, Gina Humbyrd, ion. 136 Band 1 I 3 I E r E i I J I I ss Brass - Left to right: Frist row: Robbie Holt, Terrie Hailey, Second row: Bob Greener, Jeff Switters, David Olson, Tony Custer, Renee Glover, Third row: 5 af W N l E Percussion - Left to right: First row: James Lovelace, Eric Brown, Larry Mark, Mr. Larry Anderson, Brian Kane, LeAnn Kimmle, Second row: Chuck McDonald, Steve Boots, Elliott Ryan, Carol Hayden, Third Row: Jeff Arnold, Kirsten Anderson, Regan Thummel, Fourth row: Eric Gourdie, Richard Kraft, Fifth row: Amy Wilson, Jon Evraets, Nancy Corbett, Not pictured: Paul Stagg. Aaron Gage, Fourth row: Greg Boots, Karl Koahler, Fifth row: Greg Fehren- bach, Robert Jones, Sixth row: Bryan Twible, Kelli Graybill, Gaye Cornett, Not pictured: Mike Grimes, Joe Callery. Imperial Regiment Clarinets - clockwise from top: Melissa Stanley, Beth Maxey, Dawn McNabb, Mike Dewberry, Inelmar Heurta, Michelle Plischkie, Pam Deem, Lisa Hurley, Laura Hussey, Teresa Hamilton, Debbie Smith, Ed Evans Band 137 Just Listen to Lls! One of the biggest public relations arms for Union Schools is our Perform- ing Arts classes. The Music Department makes up a large part of it with Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, and the Choralettes. The biggest music group is Concert Choir which is a mixed group. These people have shown the most growth this year. They have five public con- certs plus competed successfully at the State Contests. Mrs. Elmore beams, "This group is the highlight of my day. l love those lush, lush choral chords." The ensemble of couples is the Jazz choir. These eight couples performed at radio station KBBJ for one of their "Put' tin' on the Ritz" celebrations. Their voices were also heard at national, state, and business conventions, elementary schools, carnivals, and retired groups. Perhaps the best known group is the assembly of all girls. Dubbed the Choralettes, their cheery faces, lovely soprano and alto voices, and unique dance steps charm any crowd. They showed off their talent at a variety of places similar to that of Jazz Choir. Musical Notes that drift through the Performing Arts wing and the new Auditorium accompanied by the jet black baby grand piano are definitely worth listening to at any time. 138 Concert ChoirfJazz Choir Concert Choir Top row: Teresa Blue, Mary Rozell, Tonya Morris, Reagan Thummel, Eric Pugh, Roger Caple, Greg Hoover, Tom Hommel, Pat Crispen, Dan Lehman, Ricky Craft, Tom Yates, Brenda Behar, Dawn Speegle, Erin Dow, Janie Craft, Gaye Cornett. Third row: Monica Moore, Laura McCune, Anna Ryan, Liz Drake, Deren Jackson, Grojean Stephen, Terrance Lowe, Kevin Kile, Sean Downes, Kellie Escue, Dawn Holt, Beth Phillips, Michelle Plischke, Renae Snider, Second row: Mary Hood, Tracy Williams, Ellen Oliver, Shelley Reeves, Mike Mcltliel, Joe LeVan, Andy Moffit, Mark DeLozier, Steve Ketring, Alison Chinn, Pam Hopkins, Brenda Boatwright, Julie Lindsey. Bottom row: Lisa Hurley, La Vaunna Perry, Cassey Wells, Pam Deem, Randy Williams, DeAngelo Williams, Brant Christiansen, Renae Booker, Elizabeth Bates. 'eee Jazz Choir Left to right: Carol Hayden, Brad Mullen, Chris Hoover, Cammie Brown, Dawn, Jimmy Lawbaugh, Brian Twibell, Suzanne Huffman, Tammie Pippin, Gene Phillips, Robin Price, Grojean Stephens, Steve Boots, Shawn Lankford, Angela Perrigo, Leslie Randolph, Neal Hope, Andy Bess. 1. Jazz Choir couple Shawn Lankford and Angela Perrigo sing a special song to the teachers to commemorate Teacher Appreciation Week. 2. Mrs. Elmore directs Gaye Cornett on the new, beautiful baby grand piano. 3. Twins, Leslie and Leigh Stewart not only double as sisters but Choralettes and High Steppers, too. svn Top row: Lisa Billings, Celane Cahill, Second row: Leslie Randolph, Sandee Dragoo, Carrie Adams, Heather Hawkins. Third row: Shelley Phillips, Michelle Rosenthal, Stephanie Hollands, Jill Onstott, Rena Thornburgh. Bottom row: Leslie Stewart, Leigh Stewart. Choralettes 139 That's Imagination Students who strive to better themselves as artists and prepare for a future in the wide field of art are involved in the Art Club. The many students who joined this year supported the art department in maintaining its ex- cellence of quality and character. Some of the activities art students participated in included raising money by selling the ever popular suckers to help buy equipment and supplies and finance trips to local and state art com- petitions. One special trip was taken to attend Young Talent in Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Two students, Connie Powell and Jeff Mobley represented Union with their two art pieces for this show. The club also took a tour of Philbrook Art Museum. Besides competitions, Art Club got together for Halloween and Christmas parties to maintain its social attitude. Sharing talent and experience give art students a good start to a bright future in art. Persuaders Under the leadership of debate coach Holly Palmes, the National Forensics League doubled its membership this year. This is Miss Palmes' second year with the program and the debaters have much to be proud of. The squad qualified three students for regionals: Tom Freiling, Janice Payne, and Leigh Bunn. New students also did well in novice non-qualifying tournaments. The team traveled all over the state and competed out of state several times for a total of fourteen tournaments. "A good debater must spend many hours outside of class doing research," commented senior Janice Payne. "Also, many of our weekends are taken up in tournament competition." lt takes dedication, long hours, and a sacrifice of social life, but this year's team was certainly rewarded for their efforts. The quality of their skill is a good representation of our school and its ex- cellent debate program. 140 Art j Debate - 5 A D I. -' 7 E V! :F f if 1: X 5' 'F ' aa: ' S ges- A' -sink-r--"N....f First row: Charles Grove, Sean Crook, Kim Allen, Charla Kelley, Connie Powell. Second row: Renee Johnsor Leon Shephard, Darren Johnston, Vince Llr, Susan Wilson. Third row: Fred Slatcher, Chris Amaro, Bo Greener, Ines Westphal, Tatia Robb, Jana Goforth. 'Q L to R: Kelly Haynes, Laura Hussey, Dana Caterine, Amy Wilson, Janice Payne, Miss Palmes, Tom Freiling Leigh Bunn, Jon Haner, Marshall Robertson, 755 i 'front row: Paul Payne, Joe LeVan, Saima Mahhdoon, Mark Delozier. Second row: Eydie Leeds, Jodi Hamilton, Wendy Vasquez. Third row: Scott Johnson, Michelle Kanitz, Denise Snodgrass, Susan Wilson, Suzanne Mason, fourth row: Apama Mallavargin, Eric Pugh, Marleny Huerta, Lavice Antoun, Chris Davidson. 96' rug! First row: Kathy Starkey, Lisa Waites, Janine Hamilton, Corinna Luciano, Eva Johnson, Tommy Stewart, Karla Bradley. Second row: Kris Perry, Laura Reynolds, Lisa Zell, Rhonda Shelton. Third row: Crystal Mayo, Brian Dugan, Dawn Atwell, Mrs. Goudeket, Tona Bessent, Angela Carter, Karen Barrett. Fourth row: Lynelle Johnson, Mike Christi, Bruce Marsh, Rhonda Martin, Mrs. Ray, Tom Yates. Satisfaction of Service Red Cross is the newest club at Union. Designed as a service organiza- tion, the goals of the group are to ac- quaint young people with the programs of the American Red Cross and to become involved in a vareity of developmental opportunities and experiences. The Red Cross chapter kicked off its rookie year by having a canned food drive. They also counted school spirit ballots for radio station KELI. ln December the group filled 255 stock- ings for the Tulsa Human Services Department. The Christmas goodies went to needy children. Other activities included a used clothing drive and volunteer work for a CPR course at the fairgrounds. For its dedication and service the Red Cross chapter received a Humanitarian Award Plaque presented to sponsor Ms. Eydie Leeds. ln addition, the group received certificates of appreciation for each project they completed. A new organization means another success story for Union students. Working 9 to 5 FBLA fFuture Business Leaders of Americaj is the national organization for all high school students participating in business and office programs. The pur- pose of the organization is to provide, as an integral part of the instructional pro- gram, additional opportunities for secondary students in business and of- fice education to develop vocational and career supportive and to promote civic responsibility. The major activity in the school year is the drive sponsored through the American Red Cross. Awards come through the competi- tion of students when they participate in the State Leadership Contest held an- nually in Oklahoma City in April. competencies and personal the course of annual blood Red CrossfFBLA 141 lt's Worth It One of the most active groups in our community is Key Club. This organiza- tion aids in city projects and helps the handicapped. This year some of the ac- tivities included special olympics in which the students helped the han- dicapped bowl. They ushered for plays and the auditorium dedication and helped with Santa Claus at Southroads Mall. The club also donated a Christmas tree along with decorations to the Alpha House for the mentally handicapped. The main highlight of the year as usual was the annual convention. This year it was held in Dallas. Key Clubbers from all over Texas and Oklahoma at- tended this. It was a chance to meet new friends and learn more about Key Club. Two girls also were awarded scholarships this year for their work in the club. First row: Dana Ramsey, Missie Lucas, Nancy Robinson, Cheryl Everatt, Marnie Summers, Susie Moor Tracey Findley, Yun Hi Kang. Second row: Michelle Kanitz, Kim Beisley, Mary Ann Hinkefent, Roni McFarlan Connie Povrell, Darshi Shaw, Zandra McGraw, Michelle Harmon, Nicci Simmons, Chrissie Grounds. Third ro Celeste Halstead, Tim Posey, Lisa Hyde, Mike Rush, Angela Carter, Natalie Edmund, Tracey Lilleskau, Lori M Cune, Laura Kennell, Kathy Brown, Karen Duke, Cristy Skinner, Janice Payne, Kelly Horne, Kim Jones. Four row: Tanya Morris, Dawn Atwell, Mary Hood, Jeff Smith, Charles Zang, Lisa Howard, Tony Snoddy, Ki Baldwin, Dana Beisley, Mark Christi, Carla Stambeck, Kenna Seaton, Cheryl Dickmann, Mr. Powell. An., 142 Key club -sf-Q--in-M-st,-N..,.,,,, Swim an ff if , EW? of Aw if' Step in Time One sport that goes year round is the dynamic Drill Team. The girls start off practic- ing in the summer, attend camps, and then start right into the school year preparing for A football season. Competition season follows. The Highsteppers have been Oklahoma State Champs for three years out of the four years it has been in existence. Spring is a time for per- formances at basketball games, and communi- ty performances, plus preparing for the next year. Being a member of the Highsteppers en- courages the girls to learn to work together as a team. lt teaches them discipline, responsibility, and to be confident. Most importantly, the girls gain friendship that will last throughout their lives. X if " " NAL -NX--ev , x Auf-'X' K K Wvlflilihf- N K 'S ' Q- c . M ...ei . . .. . . sw , X ,sith N! QQQ www , ' --3 fs- ' - ... -S f Xi' TY ,N sing, ' ,g K : 1 S V' X C. . L Q, 4 --Lk i . . A t A M' S me mr wg gn:-wx N uk 3 Q ,mi V+ I ik I gm. b we .Q X- at nr A is X A .3 waitress' s "s 's , .L if p----- -- . " as i mm . at 1 NUR... if X Q.. .M ,. Front row: Junior Lieutenant Leigh Stewart, Senior Lieutenant San Dee Dragoo, Captain Michele Harmon, CoACaptain Sarah Glocker, Junior Lieutenant Lisa Howard Second row: Cari Ann Brandt, Shelley Harmon, Michelle Magid, Suzi Huffman Third row: Mrs. Deuvall, Yun Hui Kang, Stacy Butler, Senior Lieutenant Diane Sarey, Allison Chinn, Charla Kelly, Leslie Stewart, Mrs. Payne Back row: Kristi Creger, Angela Turner, Heather Hawkins, Kim Scott, Kim Travers, Kim Baldwin, Missy Koskey 1 1. All smiles, the girls manage perfect balance. 2. The award winning novelty dance is performed by Miss Oklahoma Drill Team, Leigh Stewart. 3. The Highsteppers kick off their shoes for Grandpa Cherry's assembly. 'fl 'Fife' if Drill Team l43 Taste the Good Times Being the largest organization in the school, Big Family got many students involved in extra-curricular activities. The powder-puff football game was one of the highlights of the year. lt was filled with goofy guys in skirts and makeup cheering their team to con- quest and roughed-up girls ready for the battle. Halftime activities consisted of the crowning of the king, which left Mark Mead to reign over Big Family's victory against the Junior class. Not only did they learn sports like ice skating and judo, but participated in projects to benefit others. They gave a Halloween party at the Children's Medical Center and treated athletes, parents, and teachers to a homecooked breakfast. Since Big Family is associated with Future Homemakers of America, the group attended a convention at the Myriad. Governor George Nigh made a brief appearance, but the highlight of the largest convention in Oklahoma was an entire row of people, toppled like dominoes, dozing off during the speaker Jack Forbes. The day wound up with racing at Malibu Grand Prix. Phil Rhees displayed his driving ability by knocking over the orange cones and taking detours through the grass. They also had a hayride, picnic, and a Hawaiian Banquet at the new Marriott. But the year wouldn't be complete without, once again, selling Blue 6 Gold sausage. This is Big Family's Biggest fund raiser. 144 Big Family Row one: Shanna Marlow, Diane Sarey, Karla Bradley, Damon Wag- goner. Second row: Lisa Diffenderfer, Leslie Randolf, Teri Tinker, Tam- mie Thornton, Kathy Starkey, Jennifer Koskey, Kelly Niles, Phil Rhees, Stacey Dimperio, Stephanie Kern, Julie Sharpe, Janet Harris, Mark Hulet, Susie Sutton. Lisa Knowles, Third row: Tara Watson, Tracey Baddley. Celeste Halstead, Yun Hui Kang, Janice Payne, Angie Wood, Barbie Buster, Troy Daer, Mike Beard, Kurt Snodgrass, Tracy Findley, Kathy Brown, Karen Duke, Carl Cabbiness, Stephanie Todd. Fourth row: Kay Sue, Lisa Zell, Michele Finn, Lori Bushyhead, Rhana Thorn- burg, Dawn Gullett, Debbie Brown, Betsy Calk, Kristi Spohrer, Cindy 'vw Q Row One: Tracy Moore, Charise Hines, Nicci Simmons. Second Row: Chrissy Grounds, Lisa Waites, Tracey Bryan, Brent Daniels, Daren Jackson, Kelly Young, Shelley Stokely, Eva Johnson, Rhonda Jones, Teresa Battoe, Stephanie Hollands, Susie Moore, Tracy Lilleskau, Cami Lewellen. Third row. Chris Humes, Brad Beam, Charles Witt, Christine Jones, Karrie Harris, Kerri Byers, Tami Williams, Shawn Smith, Roni Rierson, Kim Scott, Kim Baldwin, Chris Reynolds, Laura Stilwell Fourth row: Ginger Sherl, Molly Bradley, Kathy Scott, Jana Jackson, Claudia Miller, Christy Cregor, Lisa Hyde, Kathryn Hall, Julie Harrah, Angie Michael, Elizabeth Woodard, Tina McCoy, Lynn Collier, Kim Travers. Hubbard, Vickie Jones, Jim Crable, Gwen Hodges, Kris Perry, Mike Steele, Greg Brown. Fifth row: Zandra McGraw, Shauna Blair, Jennifer Burger, Tona Bessent, Jennie Seehafer, Randy Hayes, Lori Huckabee, Steve Frazier, Shawn Teeters, Chris Kaiser, Kerry Planer, Rob Byers, Steven Pruitt, Johnnie Walker, Paige Teiszen, Valisa Barton, Cindy George. Sixth row: Darrin McDonald. Stacey Downes, Michelle Har- mon, Dee Dee Reisgner, Beth Barclay, Matt Saint, Laura Kennell, Cristy Skinner, Jack Cherry, Tommy Durbin, Andrea Blankenship, Bryan Craig. Seventh row: Donna Smith, Mark Patrick, Robert Shears, John Ecton, Jeff Hines, Treva Baker. Heather Hawkins. Fifth row: Angela Davis, Veronica Van Brunt, Natalie Edmund, Jeff McKnight, Michael Skates, Angie Noel, Jill Onstott, Krista Farrier, Patty Pratz, Sheri Adams, Stacey Graham, Tracy McDonough, Melinda Conner, Meredith Conner, Julie Hecht, Kristy Males. Sixth row: Michelle Kuchel, Renae Snider, Lisa Howard, Leigh Stewart, Kim Barnfield, Dawna Price, Lori Tygart. Karla Armstrong, Mike Gibson, Vada Gullett, Bill Cherry, Michaele O'NeilI, Leslie Stewart. Seventh row: Mlndy Elzea, Kathy Cox. April Flager. Michelle Magid, Stacy Butler. BIG AMILY fx. 4 'V' 1-is K A 'S X 5 LY fl., L 1. Mean Joe Green, alias Jennifer Koskey, shows the Juniors just how tough the Big Family team is. 2. Haikey Creek is the site for Randy Hayes to show off his tummy, for Darrin McDonald to pretend he's shy and for John Ecton to act like his usual self. 3. Powder Puff King, Mark Mead, attacks his attendant, Tona Bessent, with a royal kiss. 4. Lipstick is luciously applied to cheerleader Phil Rheese by Betsy Calk. Big Family 145 A Moving perience God's spirit combined with the excellent sports program at Union has been the main drive in this school's fantastic sportsman- ship. FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is the embodiment of Union's faith. FCA had many memorable meetings, each starting with a devotional by coaches Bailey and Hudson. Many outrageous ac- tivities followed, including the Miss FCA contest. Each of the participants, decked out in drag, portrayed a philandering female. A scavenger hunt sent people running to retrieve such things as Lisa Knowles' signature, stained underwear, rubber fishing worms, and a Chi Chi's menu, just to name a few. Skiing trips are a big part of FCA life. This year's trip was to VailfBeaver Creek. The topic of the devotionals during the week was centered around the causes of teenage stress. As usual, everyone had enormous fun, although some people couldn't manage to stop without falling down head first, and some people didn't even make it off the ski lift. Llnion has produced many talented athletes. Their hard work, dedication, and their faith in the power of God has paid off! We Believe in the Power Youth Alive is an organization com- posed of Christian students, and all are welcomed. With Christ being the center, they pray, share, and discuss current and rising problems among students. Often solutions are given by students and leaders alike. Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Yates are the sponsors who lead and teach the group. They invite special speakers to speak to the group and students to give individual testimonies. lt is a great uplift placed right in the middle of the week. Youth Alive is a family, and is enjoyed by all. 146 FCAfYouth Alive ,ii.....t,,.W..W 5 First row: Steven Pruitt, Susie Sutton. Second row: Kerrie Byers, Jack Cherry, Steve Frazier, Michele Finn, Lisa Diffenderfer, Nicci Simmons, Jennie Seehafer, Janet Harris, Mark Hulet, Rob Byers, Darrin McDonald, Debbie Brown, Phil Rhees, Third row: Rick Vaughn, Mitch Payne, Brad Beam, Jeff McKnight, Jim Crable, Vickie Jones, Kellie Pestinger, Cindy Hubbard, Kelly Niles, Dawn Crullett, Lori Bushyhead, Tommi Smith. Fourth row: James Watt, Jimmy Murray, Pam Carr, Chris Humes, Charles Witt, Lisa Gilbert, Sydney Arrington, Michaele O'NeilI, Vada Gullett, Heather Hawkins, Shawn Teeters, Chuck Hodges, N9 Kerry Planer, Angela Pendergrass, Chris Kaiser, Julie Roberts, Jean Dif fenderfer. Fifth row: Sean Downes, Steve Cipert, Julie Hecht, Rhan: Thornburgh, John Ecton, Jeff Hines, Jeff Bishop, Stacey Downes Bruce Dieterlan, Pat Kinney, Cam Williams, Karen Duke, Kathy Brown Laura Kennell, Cristy Skinner. Sixth row: Tracey Findley, Tracey Lilleskau, Susie Moroe, Karrie Harris, Lori Huckabee, Randy Hayes Kristi Spohrer, Shelley Stokely, Charise Hines, Biff Norman, Kendal Hopkins, Christine Jones, Billy Cherry, Natalie Edmonds, Mark Ancler son, Matt Saint. First row: Celane Cahill, Tami Pippin, Christine Jones, Shelley Phillips, Kelly Colvin, Lan Nguyen, Jackie Lewis. Second row: Gene Phillips, Eric Wyatt, Sid Burcham, Wade Adams, Jay Dockweiler. Third row: Mrs. Fowler, Dawn Holt, Lisa Fancher, Jimmy Lawbaugh, Liz Drake, Denise Snodgrass. ,..- cv f'-W u QQ, , ff ,.A,.. , AW . TA fl A First row: Jerald Anderson, Karen Ryer, Darshi Shaw, Sudha Srinivansan, Bill Canfield. Second row: Andrew Moffitt, Angela Carter, Teri Hailey, Vince Ur, Tacy Joffe, Burton Copeland, Lynne Atwell, Pat Crispen. away ' z ii , if . 'X Q EI: if First row: Luiz Pires, Zandra McGraw, Christine Wyatt, Second row: Pat Bell, Darshi Shaw, Teri Hailey, Lan Nguyen, Michelle Mirzaian. Third row: Charles Zang, Tacy Joffe, Kenna Seaton, Lynelle Johnson, Debbie Bat- son, Burton Copeland. Fourth row: Kathy Ashlock, Bill Canfield, Arlyn Knight, Doug Collins, Craig Cummings, Cindy Broderick. Fifth row: Carla Stamback, Dawn Cummings, Natalie Edmund, Sudha Srinivansan. Relating to the Past The History Club is a collection of students bonded by their mutual in- terest in History. This club provides an informal forum by which students can express their views. The activities of the History Club are whatever the membership designs. Above all, both in and out of school, the History Club is an organization in which students can relax. The Chemical People The Science Club is an organization designed to provide a community for students interested in science. lt also provides a forum in which students may share their knowledge and ex- periences. In Science Club, students ex- plore science through guest speakers, group activities and science oriented field trips. History 1 Science 147 . .-,. Future Leaders The Distributive Educational Clubs of America - otherwise known as DECA - is an organization whose program of leadership and development is designed specifically for students enrolled in distributive educationjmarketing. DECA is the only national youth organization operating in the nation's schools to attract young people to careers in marketing and distribution. Distributive educationfmarketing students have common objectives and in- terests in that each is studying for a specific career objective. DECA activities have a tremendous psychological effect upon the attitudes of students and many have no other op- portunity to participate in social ac- tivities of the school or to develop responsibilities of citizenship. DECA members learn to serve as leaders and followers, and have opportunity for state and national recognition that they would not have otherwise. The chapter is the "show window" for student achievement and progress, and it is the public relations arm of the distributive educationfmarketing instruc- tional program. Little Business People VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, assists the student's educational and maturation growth into the world of work by exposing himfher to develop and utilize leader- ship and citizenship qualities through the following activities: Target Christmas Shopping Day assisting the elderly and handicap- ped with gift selection and purchase, Vocational Open House for the com- munity's patrons, Employers' Ban- quet honoring the district's par- ticipating employersg Student Leaders' Equity Workshop introduc- ing the equality and abilitiesg and Legislative Day at the State Capitol observing governmental procedures. l48 DECAjVICA N.:- Back row: Kurt Snodgrass, Chad Wittaker, Stephen Kelley, Michael Martin, James Tomlin, Bryan Hanson, Kevin Corcoran. Second row: Robin Ellis, Shelley Stokely, Chrissy Norris, Susie Baker, Susie Moore, Stephanie Hollands, Mrs. Wallace. Third row: Beth Barclay, Dayna Penix, Dawn Williams, Jennifer Burger, Kathy Steven- son, Kim Rawlings, Sheri Williams, Chrissy Grounds, Michelle Goodwin, Kim Smith. Fourth row: Barry Bulman, Mickey Fowler, Eddie Bryan, Shelley Anderson, Denise Bulman, Eva Johnson, Rhonda Jones. f- t -' if SQ, -S K Jmsfg. Q' f W., rf. .ss -pgs aff 2-1 . . . Elin tu X. Sv sas, - , . ,. , . f-- K .V 0 ,, f 1 Bottom row: Larry Lewis, Thomas Rathborn, Ramon Viesca, Christi Temme, Rachel Hula, Jason Schwier, Todd Schwier, Carol Brooks, Keli Middaugh, Kay Chisholm, Kelli Lawson, Stephanie McDonald, Rhonda Vander- bough, Teresa Harper, Betsy Calk, Angie Cosson. Top Row: Corey Andrews, Melanie McCleary, Bill Monson, Ms. Lavendusky, Darren Martino, Doug Howard, James Hitchcock, Matt Muratore, Alan McCoy, Derrick Ben- son, Mark Muratore, Beth Phillips, Kelli Inman, Sally Shaw. Back Row: Soon Jun Park, Barry Rogers. sw- Us A i VI' """" -N are 'sc-X. First row: Diane Sarey, Jimmy Lawbaugh, Tracy Lilleskau, Tacy Joffe, Darrin Farr, Keisha Marion, Chris Hoover, Robin Price, Eric Nazim, Stacey Graham Second row: Mike Brown, Renee Glover, Gerald Anderson, Meredith Lancaster, Tyler Larson, Donna Sullivan, Tonya Thompson, Angie Michael, Jana Schatz, Tracy Leach, Adrienne Jarnigan, Jeff Kaufman, Mary Ann Hinkefent Sitting: Mr. Nibbe, Elizabeth Kinley ,,,,.null"""" A Front Row: Kim Robertson, Donna Sullivan, Pam Carr, Vada Gullett, Jill Onstott, Melinda Conner, Lisa Gilbert, Sydney Arrington, Mary Ann Hlnkefent, Leigh Ann Bunn, Sean Downes. Second row: Tammie Thornton, Cheryl Everett, Coach Padgett, Stacey Downes, Neal Hope, Tom Freiling, Mrs. Cain, Michael Skates, Tina O'Banion, April Flager, Rachel Hula. Third Row: Tracy Lllleskau, Kurt Snodgreas, Jennifer Koskey, Susie Sutton, Lisa Knowles, Lisa Dif- fenderfer, Michele Finn, Karla Bradley, Tona Bessent, Jennie Seehafer, Eva Johnson, Celeste Halstead, Dar- shi Shaw, Leslie Randolph, Lisa Hurley, Laura Stilwell, Tracy Moore. Back row: Phil Rhees, Darrin McDonald, Jimmy Lawbaugh, Pat Crispin, Cynthia Verner, Damon Waggoner, and Steve Seminar. The Great Escape The finest high school auditorium in the state opened in February. lt came complete with a hydrolic orchestra pit that raises or lowers to three different positions, magnifi- cent accoustics, and elaborate lighting. lt was greatly appreciated by the Drama Department. The outstanding performance of Fiddler on the Roof christened the auditorium. The English classes were entertained by the Drama people with a one act play called The Real Inspector Hound. Darrin Farr was selected as one of ten members of the All- State Cast for his acting in this play. They wound up the year with "You Can 't Take It With You, " while Drama I students performed George Gertie and the Garbage Grabbers for surrounding grade schools. lt was a delight for the children. Two Drama members, Jimmy Lawbaugh and Darin Farr expanded their talents. Jim- my played in Oklahoma! at Discoveryland while Darin worked on The Music Man at the University of Tulsa. Make FCI Less Work School spirit really buzzed through the halls this year. lt was greatly ac- credited to our student council. Football Homecoming was one of the highlights. Students dressed up as punkers, olympians, and Mad Hatters to show their Union spirit. Their excite- ment prevailed as Homecoming night arrived and so did the rain. The Renegade Rooster was another boost, as Todd Ryan stumbled along the field entertaining the fans. Not only was Student Council a part of spring sports, but also basketball in the winter. The Beach Party Dance was a big part of Basketball Homecoming. With a live band and snacks, students were able to "cut loose." The year could not have ended without the annual Wacky Olympics. Students and teachers competed in Llnion's Special Olympics thanks to Student Council. DramafStudent Council l49 Foreign Affairs The French Club was a little more ac- tive than usual this year since they held many get-togethers at different houses. Twenty lucky students ventured abroad to Paris and other surrounding cities in France. A number of picture parties were held following the trip as well as a croissant breakfast. Breakfast entrees were ordered from Arby's and eaten ear- ly one morning before school. This year saw the addition of a new professeur de Francais, Mrs. Trompeter, who also teaches German. 150 French Front row: Joni Temple, Stace Morgan, Lori Hill, Michelle Rosenthal, Angie Fields, Charise Hines, Stacy Graham, Elizabeth Woodard, Tina McCoy, Meredith lmncaster, Julie Cotner, Cynthia Verner. Second row: Cindy Steitz, Lisa Masterson, Karann Brandt, Celane Cahill, Chris Otte, Tacy Joffe, Amy Wilson, Rhonda Martin, Darshi Shaw, Michelle Magid, Jean Diffenderfer, Angie Noel, Kim Travers, Monica Moore. Third row: Madame Trompeter, Kenna Seaton, Laura Stillwell, Natalie Edmond, Madame Reid, Chris Davis, Dawn McNabb, Kristi Spohrer, Lori McClain, Rachel Hula, Lori Buchart, Scot Johnson, Steve Moore, Melissa Stanley. Fourth row: Kathy Ashlock, Dana Beisly, Christy Creger, Missy Koskey, Kelly Colvin, Ines Westphaul, Kerry Richards, Jimmy Lea, Teresa Hamilton, Brad Beam, Lisa Hurly, Bruce Deiterlan, Pat Kinney, lnelmar Huerta, Bob Sanders, Cam Williams, Greg Williams, Bill Thomas, Brian Martin, Steve Robb, Kyle Copeland, so v Assassin it ,J in-KX -1 1 qqqqlq ' N Front row: Pam Hopkins, Gina Tener. Sandee Dragoo, Stacy Dimperio, Sarah Glocker, Tracy Bryan, Kelly Young, Cindy Broderick, Kris Perry, Christine Jones, Cherry Cottingim, Bev Byrne, Dana Mitchell, Debbie Batson. Second row: Becky Cupp, Tracy Sanderson, Angie Pendergrass, Lisa Gilbert, Aprana Mallavaran, Sellwyna Tetangco, Michelle Kanitz, Jodi Hamilton, Laurice Antoun, Suzanne Mason, Paul Zardus, Bill Canfield. Third row: Janelle White, Sherrie Phillips, Jill Shepherd, Dinah Szeszulski, Lori Ishee, Michelle Cummins, Robin Price, Julie Roberts, Lisa Wheeler, Kim Beisly, Treatt Honsinger, Mary Ann Hinkefent, Fourth row: Sonya Beaver, Mike Gels, Bill Thomas, Steve Robb, Darrin VanHorn, Randy McGuire, David Berney, Sid Burcham, Mike Abdo, Mark Hulet, Carl Cabbiness, Steve Frazier, Shawn Teeters, Mitch Wood, Brad Beam, Jeff McKnight, Jeff Kauffman, Randy Williams, gala 1. 'Mine Sitting: Mrs. Deuvall. Front row: Jana Jackson, Liz Drake, Genyce Griffin, Laura Hussey, Jacki Lewis, Chris Hall, Tami Pippin, Jennie Seehafer, Dana Seeber, Stacy Goswick, Jennifer Haner, LouAnn Sills, Dawn Cumme ings, Michelle Mirzaian, Leslie Stewart, Brian Kane, Leigh Stewart, Sandy Foster. Second row: Dawn Atwell, Lennymar Huerta, Lisa Fancher, Lisa Stapp, Tara Watson, Brian Dugan, Kathy Martinez, Kim Baldwin, Lisa Howard, Kathleen Ogan, Eric Wyatt, Cheryl Dickmann. Back row: Kim Scott, Marc Hamilton, Arthur McCune, Ashley Thompson, Mark Seehafer, Cam Williams, Pat Kinney, Tracy Moore, Bruce Dieterlan, April Flager. 3 Y 4 Front row: Mrs. Trompeter, Mike Scher, Kenna Seaton, Jim Closson, Missie Lucas, Mike Gibson, Jon Haner, Hans Schmidt, Jeff Kleier. Second row: Gene Phillips, Robert Jones, Matt Delozier, Brad Poindexter, Trevis Hulse, Mike Adams, Burton Copeland, Karen Gettings, Vince Llr, Nancy Robinson, Ed Evans. Second Native Tongue Any student enrolled in Spanish 1, 2, 3, or 4 could be active in Spanish Club. Mrs. Patricia Deuvall was the sponsor. With such active officers as president Tami Pippin and vice-president Jennie Seehafer, Spanish Club sponsored many activities. During Christmas, members had a party and caroled in English and no doubt in Spanish at Franklin Memorial Hospital. They presented the children's ward with little stuffed animals. Several members took a trip from June 7-14, a 4-city tour in Mexico. Those cities included: Mexico City, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, and Puerta Vallarta. All who went were very ex- cited and enjoyed attempting to speak the language to natives. Hitler's Jive A new language hums through Mrs. Trumpeter's room. To the ear it might sound quite harsh and irritating. Actual- ly it's just the gutteral tones of German. Enough students were interested in the course so it formed a club. They met once a month and experimented with German main dishes and desserts. Topics of conversation centered around comparing the German and American cultures to one another. The group bought sweatshirts that said "Deutschland" which means Germany. A German restaurant welcomed the group as they tried to decipher the menu. SpanishfGerman 151 1. Members of the Society Jennie Seehafer, Bill Canfield, Cindy Broderick, Janice Payne, and Bryan Craig present Grandpa Cherry with his Honorary gold ribbon. 2. Their Homecoming float which took se cond place begins to parade with Darshi Shaw, Bil Canfield, Neil Hope, Janet Harris, Kenna Seaton, Tona Bessent, Jennie Seehafer, and Cyn- thia Verner. Perfect All Ways National Honor Society membership is based upon scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The goals of NHS include creating enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service, and encouraging the development of character in all students at Union High. The local chapter has become more active and visible this year because of the many service activities available. Some of these activities include hosting and ushering for the PTSA parent- teacher Open House, and the ninth grade orientation, and helping the PTSA Arts and Crafts Fair artists set up, handing out Christmas stockings and candy to the Children's Medical Center and helping the counselors with enroll- ment at the beginning of the year. This year's membership of NHS can truly say that they have become an organiza- tion of service and leadership as well as that of scholarship. The greatest accomplishment of this year's membership was creating an an- nual scholarship fund in which at least Sl,OOO was raised, with S500 going toward the scholarship fund. 152 National Honor Society ' o f-ifw-fx- ---- -V w - , -, f"' T " 5U!' 1 1'-in -... R Hrst row: Rhana Thornburgh, Cindy Broderick, Mrs. Yates, Bil Canfield, Jennie Seehafer. Second row: Brian Dugan, Dawn Cummings, Teri Hailey, Tacy Joffe, Teresa Hamilton, Lynelle Johnson, Shelley Phillips, Darshi Shaw, Carla Stamback, Natalie Edmund, Paula Demke, Sudha Srivinson, Rhonda Jones. Third row: Janice Payne, Dana Beisly, Glenna Dane, Celeste Halstead, Enlamar Huerta, Sarah Glocker, Kathy Ashlock, Tona Bes- sent, Lori Bushyhead, Carolyn Walters, Kenna Seaton, LeeAnn Kemmle, Kirsten, Anderson. Fourth row: Michelle Harmon, Laura Hussey, Janet Harris, Susie Sutton, Andrea Blankenship, Bryan Craig, John Ecton, Jeff Hines, Kenny Dugan, Jay Dockweiler, Mark Hamilton, Burton Copeland, Debbie Batson. Fifth row: Craig Cummings, Charles Zang, Cam Williams, Bruce Dieterlan, Mike Geis, Darren McDonald Knot a memberj, Jeff McKnight, Steve Ketring. One VOICE at a time lt's two days before the VOICE is due at the printer. The layout editor is making last minute adjustments and the rest of the staff is working on an essay for Mr. Weaver. Suddenly a frantic voice cries out "There's nothing on the front page!" Nine journalism students scramble for stories and photographs. Headlines are writ- ten and the front page is completed. The VOICE staff has met another deadline and Mrs. Finley has escaped another nervous breakdown. Working together was what Journalism ll was all about this year. Nine seniors who worked together last year learning newswriting and journalistic principles, combin- ed efforts to produce the award winning VOICE. When extra stories were needed, Journalism l students always provided well written copy which added to the overall quality of the paper. That quality was recognized at the annual Oklahoma interscholastic Press Association Spring Conference, where the VOICE received a rating of high honors. ln ad- dition, Bryan Craig, Cindy Broderick, Arthur McCune, Standing: Jon Morano, David Stewart, Nancy Robinson, Stacey Cheatham, Cindy Broderick, Phil Rhees, Arthur Qeiesge Halstead, and Janice Payne received awards for McCune, Kayla Burgess, Elizabeth Kenly, Lisa Maddox, Steve Overturf, Charles Zang, Diane Sarey, Tim Posey, individual writing. Derek Sparks, staff artist, was Seated: Jane Finley, Derek Sparks, Bryan Craig, Kim Fugate, Janice Payne. Not pictured: Celeste Halstead. f . an .I,,. I f Q ! s ilk Ik egf, A 'I fr , nil W A' P Q .1 4 X 1 -I I ig s - ss, 1 5 ,ul f ff' ir - sf' ,C .,c"" .N -is X' ,Xe s .i NW .... V X , sg. 4, rit, C it wqgxfydk WM Ye t 'I oss. j'?...'-if 44 honored for his outstanding art work. But journalism was more than just winning awards, it was a unity of spirit and a celebration of individual achievement, Through the bad times, when deadlines created tension and the good times when a fellow jour- nalist received recognition, working on the VOICE staff created memories which will last a lifetime. 1. With traditional coffee cup in hand, adviser Jane Finley shows what ill effects deadlines have on a person. Arthur McCune, Celeste Halstead, and Charles Zang look thoroughly disgusted with her. 2. On behalf of the yearbook staff, Lisa Diffenderfer and Michaele O'Neill show their true ap- preciation for Phil Rhees and the entire newspaper staff. Yes, that includes you, Bryan Craig. Journalism 153 W Qx N65 m 6 Wqhkk H3 X I Khrrkr 'Q if Juniors 155 Mike Abdo Tim Aldrich Dana Alford Mark Allen Chris Amard J. C. Anderson Jerold Anderson Karla Anderson Corey Andrews Derek Arnold Jose Arquelles Karla Armstrong Dawn Atwell Susie Baker Kim Baldwin Robert Ballard Kim Barnfield Frauke Bartels Teresa Battoe Brad Beam Mike Beats Bart Beason Brad Beck Cindy Becker Lori Benedict Scott Bever Sheila Billingsly Jill Blackwell Baron Blakely Theresa Blue Brenda Boatwright Melissa Boeter George Boevers Julie Boevers Stacy Boevers David Bordwine Angie Bowker Scott Boyd Robyn Boyles Randall Brown Shay Braun Carol Brooks Randall Brown Denise Bruce 156 Juniors ,sf " .Q W 1 l 5 R r .f ss V ri gs C.. . .. 1-5 -1 ..-.ik . s any .. A ,W-wiv ' 5' a ,ff 1 ,? A , , W , X 5 .94 .vfiiswtm 4 v 1 , -QZQVHJ , 1' I A .av ' f ly' L M , 4, ' , , NSF A K SIP? - .. .+. .... A Q QQ. silt t I .viil 1 f r -S . N X is if SQ QWW Powder Puff cheerleader, Tim Gray gives a rousing cheer for thejuniors. Q tt N Q xx SX' Mike Abdo proves how laid back he can be, even under hypnosis. Q was 'K 'Nl Tracey Bryan Sid Burcham Sondra Burrow Bobby Busby James Burk Kim Byington Bev Byrne Harry Byrne Celane Cahill Stephen Caldwell Andrea Campbell Roger Caple Ray Carlin Irena Carpenter Angela Carter Dennis Casey Dana Caterine Jerome Cha Ted Chapman Stephanie Chapa Stacy Cheatham Bill Cherry Kay Chisholm Mike Chrestman Stewart Christian Chrystal Christmas David Clardy Darren Claybrook Chad Cochran Scott Coleman Douglas Collins Tiffany Collins Kelly Colvin Mike Colvin Phil Coppedge Wes Corbelt Kevin Corcoran Kim Corcoran Bryan Corry Angie Cosson Julie Cotner Juniors 157 Kathy Cox Robin Crabtree Janie Craft Pat Crispen Shawn Crook Chris Crossland Angie Crossley Ben Curtis Gina Daily Paul Dalke Brent Daniel Brenda Davis Chris Davis Shirin Davis Brian Derr Bruce Dieterlen Tammy Dill Jay Dockweiler Kristy Duffy Tom Duncan Todd Edmonds Natalie Edmund Melinda Elzea David Ellis Jay Elrod Cheryl Everett Jon Evraets Rob Eynon Roger Farley Greg Fehrenback Kristie Ferguson 158 Juniors P wg 5 WW A ,, It 12, W ,v , , , 1- N A , 5, ' 'wt 1 jf my 7 g -nur K W Wham I -na. ,Mum -, Q 'N-. "Wh ww my ...Q 7 W1 .,. 7 WWWK .-wfi.WMb.mwq E-W M 'aw gr 1 E DeAngelo Williams get hot around the collar during the Powder Puff game, as co- coach Shawn Lankford looks on. Ronnie Fischer April Flager Robert Foster Sandy Foster Kevin Fowler Stephanie Fowler Chris Freeman Kim Fugate Eddie Gammon Karen Gee Terrie Geren Mike Gibson Anthony Galutza Tommy Goad Kelly Goodwin Michele Goodwin Eric Gourdie Doug Gower Tim Gray Trent Graham Gary Graham Chuck Grandon Brian Greif Genyce Griffin Chrissie Grounds Hrund Gunnarson Nanda Halaswamy Chris Hall Kathryn Hall Susan Hall Cindy Halstead Julie Halvin Karen Hamberger Marc Hamilton Teresa Hamilton Stephanie Hamlin Bryan Hanson Christina Hardie Michelle Harmon Julie Harrah Juniors 159 Chris Harris Kelly Haynes Julie Hecht Teresa Heminger Stacy Hendrickson Kim Herron Mike Hicks Charise Hines Mary Ann Hinkefent James Hitchcock Stephanie Hollands Teresa Holmes Dawn Holt Thomas Hommel Mary Hood Neal Hope Kendall Hopkins Kellye Horn David Housden Doug Howard Lisa Howard Renee Howard lnelmar Huerta Rachel Hula Trevis Hulse Chris Humes Scott Hunt Lisa Hurley Laura Hussey Gullen Huyelh Ken Hyde l60 Juniors K-.9 Fix , ,,... K, Junior officers: President, Stephanie Hollandsg Vice-President, Tami Pipping Secretary, Celane Cahillg Treasurer, Shelley Phillips. Nad? Rocky Inbody Carol Ingram Kelli Inman Francine Jay Adrienne Jarnigan Eva Johnson Darren Johnston Christine Jones Joe Jones Rhonda Jones Roger Jones Brian Kane Tammy Keltner Kevin Kenett Tim Kennedy Robert Key Erum Khan Leann Kimmle Darrin King Pat Kinney Deedee Kish Jeff Klingenberg Jennifer Knapp Devin Knight Llng Ko Tammy Koltner Todd Krier Shawn Lankford Gana Lawrence Tami Lawson Kelli Lawson Juniors l6l Jimmy Lea Tracy Leach Frankie Leslie Larry Lewis Betsy Lia Tracy Lilleskau George Linihen Darlene Linzey Brent Long James Lovelace Laina Lovelace Terrance Lowe Melissa Lucas David Luce Dave Lufkin Lynne Lund Michael Macoubre Greg Mahoney Jamie Mahoney Denise Malocsay Kristy Males Alan Mamrosh Larry Mark Bruce Marsh George Martin Michael Martin Darren Martino Doug McCann Lori McClain Melanie McCIeary Laurie McCune Stephanie McDonald 162 Juniors Todd Edmunds, Mark Seehaufer, and Kendall Hopkins show their Ieep and their curls as they rally behind the juniors. I 'NLSK f 5-m,,1..,,,Wm.w,f1.w, ,W N, , ,, h , ,,,, Xmwwrym W M A ,,,, f WW , ,ww -,V ff,fw ,wf .N-N gm ,. M Wm,-W VM" Q f' 1 f X W W Wm if Y, f V f , , 1 , 43' W W ff if M ir W 1 ,. 'fi W as ML W HA , , W ,, ,, A K, J V Vvzl X , V , '- , W f .4 OW if x fm 1 V ,W .TAM ,, gm, The junior class huddles up for the powder puff game. , ' f u : f f,,:, . , my Carrie McDowell Randy McGuire Jeff McKnight Tina Meadows Dusty Meriable Kelli Middaugh Doug Miller Eva Miller Johnny Miller Gary Miner Michelle Mirzaian Brice Mitchell Dana Mitchell Andy Moffit Bill Monson Susie Moore Tracy Moore Jon Morano Tanya Morris Matt Muratore Mike Nario Lan Nguyen Kevin Nix Phuc Nguyen Quang Nguyen Biff Norman Chrissie Norris Tyler Oestreich Kathlene Ogan Glenda Ogle Michaele O'NeilI Juniors 163 Todd Owsley Peggy Partain Donna Passini Glen Patrick Mitch Payne Susan Payne Keith Pearson Lavaunna Perry Todd Peterson Beth Phillips Gene Phillips Shelley Phillips William Pilgrim Tami Pippin Liz Pires Dawna Price Steve Price Brian Prince Jay Plummer Shannon Pope Connie Powell Christi Rast Tony Ramir Thomas Rathburn Kim Rawlings Andrew Reed Chris Reynolds Jim Rexrat Eron Richard Tammie Ridings Laura Rinehart Lynn Ringhoff Mike Roberts Ronnie Robertson Jim Rodwick Gilbert Del Rosario l64 Juniors it ' Q i Q..-y Q Junior Boardg, Top row: Jeff McKnight, Laura Hussey, 2nd row: Lori McClain, Charise Hines, Kelly Middaugh, DeAngelo William, Chris Humes, Shawn Lankfcrd, Pat Crispen, Cheryl Everett. 3rd row: Rachel Hula, Laura Stilwell, Shelley Stokely, Tracy Lilleskau, Steve Wallace, Nicole Simmons, Dana Seeber. 4th: Kelly Colvin, Natalie Edmund, Eva Johnson, Ronda Jones. 5th row: Stephanie Hollands, Celane Cahill, Tami Pippin, Shelley Phillips, Pam Wallace. Tony Rose Michelle Rosenthal Anna Ryan Jesus Salazar Bob Sanders Frank Schmeck Mary Schroeder Jason Schwier Kim Scott Joe Scranton Joelle Seaton Dana Seeber Mark Seehafer Andrea Setser Sally Shaw Cindy Shell Shelly Shelton Susan Schock Nicole Simmons Shaye Sims Mike Skates Geneva Smith Jeff Smith Lindsay Smith Mary Smith Shawn Smith Juniors 165 Yvonne Snell Tony Snoddy Sherri Sparks Suzanne Spratt Donald Squire Paul Squire Missy Stanley Robert Steele Vincent Stephan Grosjean Stephens Brett Stevenson Kathy Stevenson Leigh Stewart Leslie Stewart Tommy Stewart Laura Stilwell Chris Stockstill Shelley Stokely Marnie Summers Joe Swearengin Shellie Swindell Todd Tackett Ronnie Tarter Christi Temme Bill Thomas Ashley Thompson James Tomlin Ronda Tomlin Kenny Tonihka LiLiene Triggia Lori Trout 166 Juniors .... ire L Highsteppers Leigh Stewart and Chris Reynolds reach for the stars tw X 'mf' fi X he as sttte a 3 Q a Q ? il 5. -as ..kk 3 F. Zfk. Kelly Colvin plays the ever popular spoon game. Michael Tucker Shawn Tuell Bryan Twibell Lori Tygart Vince Ur Kim Vanderboegh Rick Vaughan Alex Veliz Cynthia Verner Kim Vu Lisa Waites Steve Wallace Scott Waner .Kristi Ward Doug Warner Rob Warner Seth Weinstein Tracy Weldon lnes Westphal Rusty Wheatcraft Roger Wheeler Teresa Wheeler Tony Wheeler William Wilkerson Cam Williams Cheri Williams DeAngelo Williams Greg Williams Tammy Williams Wendall Williams Shawn Wingo Charles Witt Scott Witte Beth Wright Michelle Wood Eric Wyatt Juniors 167 Terry Zinn Kelly Young 168 Juniors 1. Mary Ann Hinkefent, Julie Halvin, and Karla Armstrong attentively watch Union defeat Jenks. 2. Celane Cahill and Laura Stilwell huddle up to keep warm dur- ing the playoffs. 'Q ,J rrrarr Q B sl 1. Tim Gray looks to classmate, "And they think I dress strange." 2. Michaele 0'Neill dressed as a sophomore for Halloween. 3. David Duncan sneaks an arm around Karla Armstrong. 'F' Juniors 169 1. Mark Seehafer receives a loving pinch from a loyal fan. 2. Shay Braun, Charles Witt, Shelley Phillips, and Scott Witte wrestle around at the Jenks game. 3. Michael Martin is struck by surprise when asked to share the joke with the whole class. 170 Juniors -if -Q I if-ss..,, is! Q i 1. Kristy Males shows off her "baby" egg. The child development class uses the eggs to illustrate the responsibilities of child care. 2. A group of juniors listen intently during an assembly. The class of '85 avidly supports school activities. Juniors 171 ww f------ GM V 172 Sophcmores ,,'iQ,, SCDPHOMGRES M52 M, if Em- H g f 1 ' 1 "1 , f 1, ,"1 5 ,,,L,, .',, ww -if Sph E E S David Berney Christina Biggs Deanna Birchem Michael Black Jeanny Boatwright Craig Bollinger Jamie Bollinger 149 Renee Booker Shawn Bowman Debbie Bradley Molly Bradley Karann Brandt Richard Briones Darrin Brost Kelly Brown Mike Brown Tim Brown David Bruce Michelle Bryant Leigh Bunn Lori Burchart -- wWW..,..MM..,,,,,aq9, , www. ,,,, ,,.h .1 M MWw,m,,,,,,,V . ra., ,, rrrr Y M, W ' - fWMvwr,i,Q,f, ll Suzanne Burnett W ,, ,,,, MM' WW Y Www V we ,L Stacy Butler W' ,,i,WW, WN, ' ,,,, M , lk, , 'yr fl'--,,WfiiIn . H Air' r r Jfwmmm, F ,,,, 1 ,,,,.. ig , al ' 'wuwwq Q DM Kerri Byers ' Jacque Cabe -I man, ,, V Chris Cabbiness Brock Calkins ,, llll l ll Ken Camille I Heidi Campbell 1. f0pp. pagej Heather Hawkins and Vada Gullett take time to smile while cheering at the Sapulpa Robert Campbell game. 2. Carl Koehler takes a break and a bow as the band warms up for the Houston competition. Pam Calf Sophomores 175 Shelly Carver Gary Cathey Ellen Chandler Ben Chang 'ev Corwin Chang Jim Chapman Chris Chenoweth Alison Chinn Brant Christensen Q- Mark Christi Stacey Christlieb Darryl Clark Gene Clark Stephen Clark Chuck Claybrock Lynn Collier Greg Colantonio Kelly Commings " 1 Kevin Conley Scott Connely Melinda Conner Brian Cook Mike Cook Kyle Copeland Nancy Corbett is , xg 24 ii- Gaye Cornett Michelle Cox as as Richard Craft .S Michelle fl K I Cummings XXX XX Erin Cunnane Becky Cupp Kristin Adams gets ready to hit the books. 176 Sophornores WSWQUQNQ QNX' -ilk! Blind' Tony Custer Susan Dahme Tara Dake Angela Davis Angela Davis Greg Davis Pam Deem Mark Delozier John Demko Mike Derr Mike Dewberry Jean Diffenderfer Tommy Donnell Paula Dover Erin Dow Sean Downs Liz Drake Jerry Draper Mike Duke Mark Duncan Kaelonnie Edwards Johnna Epple Jeff Eychlyshymer Steve Ellig Chris Ellison Johnna Epple Edward Evans Ed Evans Kip Ewing Krista Farrier Lisa Fancher Krista Farrier Bobby Ferreira Angie Fielding Mike Finley Robert Foster Sophomores 177 Marc Folta Dawn Fortney Cory Franklin David Frazee Dan Fream Ginger Fredrick Mike Frisby A ' F It , , A , , , ngle u on Isn t Pam Carr the epitome of Sophomorlc sophistication? Aaron Gage Susan Galutza Teresa Gauthier Butch Gay Lisa Gilbert Brian Gist Renee Glover Michelle Goike Jason Goins Shawn Gooldy Bill Goombi Stacy Goswick Heather Gourdie Jeff Graefe Stacie Graham Stacey Graham John Green Loren Green Bob Greener Christy Greger Dawn Griffin Charles Grove Troy Guffey Vada Gullett Reon Halib Carl Halfpap Jadi Hamilton John Haner 178 Sophomores Xx 0 is ,,...q .1 Q ,X , 35 Steve Hardt William Harrell Vicki Herrondez Brian Harris Karrie Harris Chad Hart Ronnie Haye Carol Hauyden Chris Hawkins Heather Hawkins Mark Hargropes Ray Harpa Ronnie Haye Gary Henderson Michele Hendrix Michele Hephner Dean Hewitt Jennifer Hill Lori Hill Kristi Holsey Robby Holt Greg Hoover Pam Hopkins Karen Horstman Tabatha Hottes Shannon Howard Kevin Howell Lenymar Huerta Greg Habbard Jerry Hughes Kelly Hurd Suzannah Huttman Hung Huyah Lisa Hyde Brad Hinds Wade Ingram Sophomores 179 Ken Isaacson Kathlyn Ishee Daren Jackson Jana Jackson Bob Johnson Monica Johnsor Scot Johnson Kim Jones Jeff Jordan Michelle Kanitz Keith Kapple Ivan Karnes Jeff Kauffman Mike Keeling Charla Kelley Tommy Keitges Christina Kemn' Kevin Kile Joe Kim Jeannie Kimm Kenney King Matthew Kinney Chris Kinnison Jeff Kleier Jennifer Knapp Arlin Knight Karl Koehler Missy Koskey Michelle Kuchel Tom Kurtz Meredith Lancester Jeff Law Theresa La Hore David Lee Steven Leipport Joe LeVan 180 Sophomores ,- ,J I Kerrie Byers and Wendy Motgomery keep warm at the Ponca City game. 3 Xxx 5 as L fi' N X55 s so' ex Q x , ' 5 XX 'X 4'- ski N X ' X , X T2 - is X A egg? may , S-a, ' 'wap gi L .X . R4 - Q--p NX ix i so is x 1 Jackie Lewis Julie Lewis Mitchell Lewis My Luong Trina Lunn John Mackey Trim Madigan Michelle Magid Saima Makhdoom Aparna Mallavaran David Malwick Brian Martin Kathy Martinez Suzanne Mason Lisa Masterson Steve Mathis Beth Maxey Tina McCoy Tracy McDonough Dawn McNabb Darin Mechen Angie Michael Claudia Miller Forrest Miller Robyn Miller Barbara Moffin Melanie Monteith Wendy Montgomery Greg Moore Monica Moore Steve Moore Brian Morgan Stacee Morgan Jimmy Murray Todd Muthert Jamie Myers Sophomores 181 Phu Ngo Kathy Nguyen Kimberly Nix Angie Noel Rob Oden Jill Onstott Kim Orr Steve Overturf Rojas Pancho Jeff Parker Melanie Paulsgrove Danny Payne Paul Payne Angie Pendergrass Angela Perriggo Sherrie Phillips Billy Pierce Mitch Pirtle Michelle Plischke Brad Poindexter James Polk Tim Posey Stefani Powell Patty Pratz Pokey Pugh Tame Puier Dana Ramsey Phillip Ramsey Billy Ray Jeff Ray Shelly Reeves Kyle Rhodes 182 Sophomores x x wi xt 1 X- X X wr . P f . X ex -f-w me W. --N 'ry E5 .,,. N , H ig ,Q Eli ix X X it ,. . N. I X .. y t . 'Aw Sophomore Officers: President, Danny Payneg Secretary, Jill Onstottg Vice President, Leigh Bunn .-Q., 48 wr-Q, 'J-.LIU im? 'iv M., Cl? 1. Mark Wood gets caught amidst the crowd. 2. Michelle Maggid, Monica Moore, and Kim Travers look so happy to be here. Pat Rhees David Ribbe Kerry Richards Roni Rierson Daniel Ringhoff Debbie Ritter Steve Robb Julie Roberts Kim Robertson Marshall Robertson Shawn Rodgers Wendy Roger Charley Rogers Carlos Rojas Billy Ruckman Mike Rush Elliot Ryan Eimile Ryan David Saluer Shani Sanders Tracy Sanderson Janna Schatz Mike Scher Hang Schmidt Kathy Scott Tom Scott Jill Shepherd Kim Shepherd Leon Shephard Sophomores 183 Ginger Sherl mi Nancy Sherwin Andy Short Steve Simianery QQ: Lisa Sims Mark Slatcher Karla Sligh Cheryl Smith Debbie Smith Lacy Smith Courtney Smith Debbie Smith Lacey Smith Laurie Smith Sean Smith Renee Snider Monica Sochdev Dawn Spregle Gene Spencer Mike Spencer Janet Spevak Joe Stagg Sheryl Stapleton Cindy Steitz Biff Stephens Shelley Stevens David Stewart Pat Stewart Randall Stockman Chris Storm Doug Stotler John Stratman 184 Sophomores T ,,,A .. A , E.,:15A M y .A 1 I ww r4 ual W 24461 wld' v v v I Lkv L : A i s . We .. L , 1, I : 5 i.. .. Sophomore Board: Top row: David Stewart, Carol Hayden, Julie Roberts. 2nd row: Tim Posey, Kathy Martinez, Lynne Collier, Leigh Bunn, Jill Onstott. 3rd row: Sydney Arrington, Lacey Smith, Leon Shepherd, Angela Pendergrass, Tracy Williams. 4th row: Michelle Magid, Lisa Gilbert, Pam Carr. If Q t,,,, gt Q - . -fe' W.. - N i N y -T rf 'X f l l . ISS - yi-an .L - , E- - v ' Tony Sugar Donna Sullivan Jeff Switters Dinah Szezsuliski Greg Tallman Joanie Temple Gina Tener Selwina Tetango Kim Totty Nhan Thai Mark Thompson Regan Thummel Stephanie Tickett Kim Travers Luigi Triggia Cam Turner Randy Tygart Paula Torbit Kellie Twist Jimmy Valliere Veronica Van Brunt Dawn Van Hoose Ky Vargas Shannon Waggoner Laurenda Walston Bryan Walters Sophomores 185 Jayne Waring Candice Washburn Mark Waters James Watt Todd Webb Shane Weissinger Charles Welch Cassy Wells Darren Westbrooks Lisa Wheeler Janelle White Rhonda White Holly Willard John Williams 186 Sophomores 'xf-I --wg, if lr, Q Lisa Masterson disguised as Cousin lt. ,,,.. M ... l ,. f if 7 Qi 5 ,,,. 3' , Mfifwyl ' F",sz.:x,z,:z ' , ,, 7 . if Q ' f ae ' A . A , , W M ...., X V V ',,, I , fr lf", X f x i ,' , I an ve. f-i'l, 1 KW ,,,, Q22 'W ff i""'f7 bv, ,M Y E 'X DM S w K SV ii L v 44,25 , Qs tt. 4 .5 '-"ilk Av , 'ill"i?ll '5f3wtX'wLnKwe gilwllalil i Randy Williams Tami Williams Tracy Williams Brent Willmann Amy Wilson David Wilson David Wood Mark Wood Elizabeth Woodard Tom Worcester Wilson Wright Sallie Wyatt Brent Yarborough Scott Younger Paul Zardus Kim Zuiches Sophomores 187 Cf QQ N X Qs- Cafeteria Staff: Back row: Wanda Dalke, Merline Planer, Evelyn Wolf Front row: Barbara Huntsberger, Rose Chisholm, Mary Huspeth fl gl, ADS gm ' 1 , 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN REPAIR WORK RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL REPAIR - REMODEL - NEW INSTALLATION HEATING REPAIRS ELECTRIC sEwER M - FuRNAcEs AND FORCED AND DRAIN SERVICE AIR HEATING 24 Hour Service 1 DUFFIELD PLUMBING 8: HEATING INC. 3323-U E 51 51 AND HARVARD 628-1420 Fromex Develops Your Fllm In Just One Hour' I We develop 110 126 8. 35mm color prInt fIIm IH ONE HOUR I Custom Ouallty at no extra cost I All photofmeshmg ser JICES avaliable I I We NOW DO OLII' OWI1 EI'II3f'QeI'T1EntS FFOI11 COIOI' NEQZIIVGSI One Hour woodland llllls Mull 7021 So MGITIOTIBI Drlve Iupper level near M3111 Entrancel 19181250 0609 11I1I 11,. i V Photo Systems 190 Ads BROKEN ARROW TAG OFFICE 717 South Main 918 251 0011 Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 DAW5 Olh5ID1'EL 1 0E1I' 437 3980 FINE JEWELS AND GIFTS OF DISTINCTION Q oyaos n sauna DIAMONDS ik Woodtand Hllls Mall GEMS Home of the famous Gyro and American varlatlons CUSTOM DESIGN i"x PLAZA WW ' : Red Bud CHILMARK STATUARY ' ff' r-X 95553 ' mm Food Centers 11th and Garnett CRYSTAL RON LEE cLowNs 0P""""' WP" Clocks 8: Watches Bulova Hamllton Longlnes Wxttnauer Repazr 82 Restoratlon tIwWM50g.s Q9 QIIIMW ig X-1 R523 fa 252 2559 8 5 82 2 E 71 gt" Centre 71 JACK 81 CORDIE GRFCOFIY E576 X XY' C 3 MCDONALD S SALUTES THE UNION REDSKINSI McDonadz's' 4935 So Memorlal J on Tulsa OK -If if if -If Four Star Restaurant FREE DINNER WITH THIS COUPON Buy any Dmner at Regul Pruce and Get 2nd Dmner FREE THE ONL Y SPANISH LA TIN AMERICAN RESTAURANT IN OKLAHOMA International Restaurant 9403 E 31 st I n" 3 I at ' Pogaitvxtgxw I' 2 JJ fst?59:" CEN f EL rwstaufam - gm shop pow and gasoume ua i I Imck Parkmg uno' B Q P368 , F R RV I I-44 and Eat! 11th St. 191 1 t ' ' 9 - N ' vs 'E n 1' 2 . S f ' wc.f,., E' gt N. AQN '4 . -'Ny . . . ' . --at 5 iff ' ' 'u "'.. 5 'uv N W- K . ' fra ' L Q. . 8,90 V 5 F Q an ' gli' - gi, . . . . aff' . lvl I-I fi' .gf I . IJ I Ig" I Q 4 I 91 ' l.l' . . 4745" - y . , Q - . .::x- , H- 0 I i:,. , G 0 ,A ,, Q -, -p sstxx f' IIN ' - , ' 'I ' .w . W -I '::- 2 I4 ' -5 if ,1 i Q Q12 ggi' - Q I -' A A ar - ' VZ- pa '- - ' -4' .1 - If, -7, L. I ' l A f X, . Just West ot Mmgo on 31st Street, Longwew Shopprng Centerp A . ' - J N if 2 . ' ' W ff .ft 21- Q, , Y ' Q TQ K A I -If 1 l I V, 1 I I 1 6-9' N I J ' Ads 19 INSURANCE E'E'E'E'E'E'E'm 5 I M Avo O Pleasant Inside Dining Q Fast? Efficient Bruce scnune, C.F?C.U., c.1.c. Dnve Thru Jim Beavers, C.I.C. .ffm Buchan, M. ann mexlcaurooo H 122 SOUTH MAIN BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA 74012 FA .f 11 258-6681 Bfoken Qrrow Supply, Inc, 'W P'O9'H"' D'SC0""'C"""' 504 North Redbud Lynn Baker ma8OT7.m5 W mme Phone 19185 258-1510 Owner Spg 81 Both ShOWrOOm R Bob Paynes Automotive I 836-8874 10211 G 516353-244 H' 3707 E. 11th SI. Tulsa, OK 74104 C9181 438 2000 A. LEON STAGG, CLU 7204 EAST 4145185222 Tgglisfn. OK 74145 -gig? L1S2"223?+?QfEf'?Uf.e 119 LEALNHIG Mk-TERMLS A 8:Li?'9?m:Zar::a8 galaxies.: 4810845 The Applenee FOR HOME, SCHOOL, CHURCH I S' 1901 DAYLIGHT DoNuTs comp,im,,,,, of: 6548 E. 91 st St, - Hoalhoridge Shopping Center l . 19102211-fgls'id8fID Mike Bingham, C.P.A. oPE'2:fnT2'i?3li3fnT'5'J.'3115's"' ' C'a"dia - '82 Bobby - '84 192 Ad Custom VAN mterlors M and plckup if-.f 112 East Tenth St Tulsa OK 74119 Phone 583-9053 BAKER S VANLAND Mclntosh Servnce Co Co dton Q Heat Ptu b Q Refrge atom Syste s Test 8. Balance E e gy Ma age e t TOWN 81 COUNTRY BANK snfflge flllllllflf PFIUIICIS flllllf Blxby oklahoma 74008 11911 South Memorial P 0 Box 10 Telephone 369 2011 A C BARDIN We Have an Interest ln You 738 EA9Tz1r TULSA OK 4131 wtayzsoafw FAMILY PRACTICE 9509 E. 61st St., Tulsa, 74133 WOODLAND PARK CLINIC Affnllated With Glass-Nelson Clinic OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE MINOR EMERGENCY CARE t61st and MIIIQOI Phone 250-1515 -, K VI ' 1? ' I ' ' .4 'Af ff., nf C X vt, .4 fy- at L M, ' J O Q ' . , . Aar ntl In - mg EI m rn - i r I U1 M rt r rt rn n 4Sol.tP169th Eastflve -Tatsa O , -l I - . l I s - . . H-, , A s I -I , 7 , 4 1 Q Ads 193 OKLA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD SENIORS Technical Training for a Full Time Job Pay Whale Learning Extra Monthly Income Enlustment 81 Educational Bonus Life Time Retirement Income Life Insurance Over 179 CALL YOUR LOCAL COUNSELOR OKLAHOMA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 744 0299 3902 E 15th St Tulsa OK 74112 194 Ad TWO LOCATIONS IN TULSA 11333 East 21st, Street , 437 - 0577 4020 So. Yale - 627-0500 lAcross from Southland and . Southroads Shoop' g Cent J SALES and RENTALS TuIsa's No. 1 in-stock rental shop for Proms and Weddings BAIIK Ill 'l'l'IE LLEK 213 Valley National Bank PERSON TO PERSON BANKING - TULSA STYLE 8080 SOUTH YALE TuLsA29og:3:?7rg6x 74136 M T K E N 'S PIZZA Buy the Slice Supports UNION HIGH SCHOOL REDSKINS PIZZA Buy the Slice Woodland Hills CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from TULSA PAINT 81 SUPPLY CO Phone 744 7475 Brmg this ad and proof of being an 84 85 Unlon senlor and get 10'M1 dlscount off any fme Pratt Lambert product VOID when other special are ln effect Ron Davrs 2126 South Yale Tulsa Oklahoma QUALITY' Q X'1S1lkssreen 3' Hlgh Schvol HY X lbeed todp f 52298 Peorla Tulsa 742 9814 BUEL HULSEY FLOOR COVERING 9902 G EAST 43rd STREET TULSA OKLAHOMA 74145 OFFICE 19181622 5359 RESIDENCE 19181622 7490 LookForTbeGy TERMITE AND Pssr CONTROL 1 The R d Sb '11 commsncm. 6 nesloENm.L 6 mms EMMETT L SMITH P O BOX 45824 19181663 0613 TULSA OK 74145 STEWART WHITE and ASSOCIATES INC Consultants Foundation Engmeerlng Drlllmg Testlng Souls 1716 East 7th st Tulsa 74104 19181584 3681 R D PATTERSON REAL ESTATE COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE PHONE 251 7879 115 W BROADWAY Broken Arrow OKLAHOMA What klnd of A 216140 1 stereo dgvyggu 1 'fYp'caLu21f26 4 4 604144194 622 6111 4324 S hgngo 4 PBIIIAI. A U3 snunn 953042 3 FLORIST 222 ,225 GLENNA R BOOTH FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 6955 EAST 71 K STREET TULSA OKLAHOMA 74133 Lal I Weddings our spec ty Best m the bloommg business I I n I l lllllfl gallery ' U ' I Woodln a Hllln 6112 E asm sa 1 T In om-nom 74133 918 1 252 3652 Cimencaq 'Rrgohng AND SHEET METAL 4747 SO 102ND EAST AVENUE TULSA OKLAHOMA 74145 918 X 6224300 Ramon Tumleson TUMLESON Wheel Allgnlng 684 2024 9903 E 47th Place 587 7854 1117 E 2nd Street Gary Tumleson Darwm Tumleson I I I ' . I I ' - A la ' - I I I . 2 -, . . I p . n 1 - x . ! 1 o h - L L ' I . ' A 2 p 1 2 V 2 , Q , - . 4 , ' , I G . ! ' a, , ' , 1 ' 2 f v 5 1 4 , 1 . '- V 2 . N U 2 ' . 4 ' , I - 1 . , I' 2 v 1 ' 2 Just off the roken L2 , U 2 L - Arrow Expressway. , f 2 . 2-2 2, 2 . 9 , A . I , A IIUSIUITI Unlon I - -2 2 K See us lor evsrythin our group S I orcu n sinimprin s ortswear. Shir s, iacksts, caps and mors. I I 2 , - 2 .1 - - - .1 N 1 I n , - , ree u A, , 6 " u J n e 1 " ' 1 5 l ' . . . . O . - 6 I - I I o 2 Q - Ads Dick Ready Manager YouthlMarket Cold DrInk Coca Cola BottIIng Company of Tulsa Inc 1224 N LewIslTulsa OK 74150 Phone 585 5655 BOOSTERS CHOICE WESTERN BEEF NO BONE X. wmwm I 1 zz fl n :tux nous: m MIK? JM OUR MEAT IS NEVER FROZEN CUT FRESH DAILY X ll SALAD SHRIMP BAR DINNERS 27 ITEMS T0 SELECT FROM CARRY OUT SERVICE A VAILABLE Banquet riClllllCS available Mon lhrn Thur Q 747 9932 as ' 'UP 835 8442 ' ' 6510 E 21ST KCORNER SHERIDAN G 21STJ 245 9647vD 258 7649 1600 W KENOSHA JIM ROBERTSON JEWELRYS FINEST CRAFTSMEN 4673 South 83rd Eur Av B In Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145 a 918!664 2544 Compliments of Boyle 81 Associates Drive Train Specialists, Inc. 115 West Broadway 9809 E. 44th Pl. Broken Arrow Tulsa Phone 664-1371 Don Thornton Ford Cherokee Village Barber Stylist 9725 East Admiral Place 11115 E. 21st St. Tulsa Tulsa Phone 437-8136 Broken Arrow Family Clinic Oklahoma Truck Supply, lnc. 161st St. East and W. Oakland Ave. 1890 N. 106th E. Ave. P. O. Box 208 Broken Arrow Tulsa Phone 836-1725 Lora's Beauty Shop Linda's Flowers 7904 Charles Page Blvd. 11113 "B" E. 41st Street Phone 245-6564 Tulsa Phone 664-5957 196 Ads Sand Sprmgs Trophy Co Yale Cleaners 212 N Lmcoln 5953 E 15th Sand Sprmgs Phone 245 2517 Tulsa Phone 836 6507 The Catts Company Steel Fabricators C8lC Tlle and Carpet Co P O Box 6131 1319 S Harvard Tulsa Phone 425 1324 Tulsa Phone 744 5511 Crawford s Radlo and TV Servlce NuSheen 6220 S 101st East Ave Tulsa Phone 252 2989 C8lR Machlne Works 5505 E Archer Metro Typewriter Inc 1539 E 11th Street Tulsa Phone 592 1134 K8lL Camaro Salvage 13603 E Apache Tulsa Phone 437 1881 Leon s Mufflers 8 W Taft Sapulpa Phone 227 0487 McFarland Farms 8520 E 12th St Tulsa Phone 834 2296 Hardman Master Cleaners 4801 S Memonal Tulsa Phone 663 6313 Henry Langston 81 Sons, lnc 49 N. Trenton Tulsa Phone 583-1134 1636 E 6th Tulsa Phone 582 4341 The Royal Razor Sulte 806 4th Natlonal Bank San Sprmgs Foreign Cars 10528 W 67th St Tulsa Phone 446 8771 Murray s 5 81 10 Stores 203 S Mann Broken Arrow Phone 251 4342 U S Navy Recruutung 11524 E 21st St Tulsa Phone 438 0380 Tulsa .Phone 836-7444 Tulsa Phone 582-0500 A if ,J -A - W i ,, l. Sophomore Karrie Harris tries to show that she can really drive now. 2. Using a moped, Tony Snod- dy displays his dynamic weightlifting ability. l 98 Wra p-up l he JT LY XHTX fi" We've got what it takes to Change the World 9 . 9 9 4 2 1. High school drag race trophy winner, Tommy Marrs, is caught with the front end up at the Spring Nationals Race. 2. John Ecton waits in a private moment of anticipation. 3. Chris Kaiser attempts to get Adrienne Jarnigan and Robyn Crabtree to sing to him during Senior Pride Week. Wrap-up 199 MefUCfieS last forever and even then Clockwise from top: 1. The baseball team watched intently during the final game in the state playoffs. 2. Coach Holladay asks that penny winning question, "What was the score of our last game?" 3. ls it possible? New York City Slicker, Juan Ortega, is dressed in duds compliments of James Harrison. 4. Leann Kimmle and Gina Hymbyrd study their competition dur- ing a drizzly contest. 5. Going out for a night on the town is Keri Byers and Jack Cherry in the famous Mustang Mobile, 6. Basketball homecoming queen, Janet Harris, compliments Steve Frazier on playing the part of "Daddy" so soon. ,li . X - - f ,x ,t Wrap-Up 201 The excitement really begins o matter what you do! A ff ff! Clockwise from top: 1. Senior Kenda Dulaney plays with Silly Putty given to her as a birthday present. 2. Darryl Clark stands by as his friend- ly Boa Constrictor smiles for the camera. 3. Ap- pearing to be afraid of heights is Tommy Keitges with girlfriend Julie Roberts. 4. Karen Duke gives her buddy, Matt Saint a hug. 202 Wrap-Up ' 'lx gn. X Clockwise: 1. Decked all out for the occasion, Bill Canfield shows his disapproval for the other team while cheering at a basketball game. 2. All smiles, Tim Gray gives his campaign speech for the office of Senior class president or perhaps it's an acceptance speech since he ran unopposed. 3. Dissecting a cat for 9 weeks really gets sickening according to Brenda Davis, James Corbett and Rob Warner. it is WW Wrap-up 203 aA Abbott, Jananne 90 Abdo, Michael 47, 156, 157 Abernathy, David 174 Ables, Fauna 174 Adair, David 66. 174 Berna, Tracey 174 Berney, David 150, 175 Bess, Andy 91, 134, 138 Bessent, Tona 91, 103, 14 145, 152 Bever, Scott 156 Bever, Todd 91 Biggs, Christina 175 INDEX Butler, Stacy 143, 144, 175 Byers, Kerri 144, 146, 175, 181, 200 Byers, Rob 33, 34, 35, 36, 39, 70, 72, 73, 3' 1441 94, 144, 146 Byington, Kim 157 Byrne, Beverly 135, 150, 157 Byrne, Harry 157 Adams Adams Adams Adams Z Sherry 49, 144, 174 Adams, , Carey 69, 139, 174 Kristin 49, 120, 174, 176 Mike90 104 151 208 Wade 90, 103, 146 Adamson, Janelle 174 Albright, Kelly 174 Alcorn, Toni 174 Aldrich, Tim 78, 79, 80, 156 Alford, Dana 156 Alford, Dawnya 174 Allen, Kimberly 174 Allen, Mark 75, 76, 77, 156 Allen, Matt 174 Amard, Chris 156 America, John 8, 33, 36, 41, 42, Anderson, J. C. 156 Anderson, Jerold 147, 149, 156 Anderson, Karla 135, 156 Anderson, Kirsten 90, 132, 136, 152 Anderson, Mark 48, 146, 174 Anderson, Shelly 148 90 Andrews, Corey 148, 156 Anguiano, Julie 174 Anhalt, Barbie 90 Antoun,Laurice141, 150, 174 Arguelles, Gabriel 156 Armstrong, Karla 144, 150, 168, 169 Arnold, Derek 156 Arnold, Jeff 90, 136 Arrington, Sydney 143, 146, 174, 189 Ashford, Douglas 174 Ashlock, Kathy 90, 147, 150, 152 Atwell,Dawn141,142,147, 151,156 bB Bacon, Keith 174 Bacon, Preston 90 Baddley, Tracey 90, 128, 144 Badgewell, Deon 174 Bailey, Shannon 174 Baker, Monty 90 Baker, Ron 174 Baker, Susan 148, 156 Baldwin, Kim 142, 143, 144, 151, 156 Ballard, Robert 156 Banks, Sara 174 Barclay, Beth 90, 144, 148 Barnes, Jeanne 174 Barnfield, Kim 144, 156 Barrett, Karen 90, 141 Bartels, Frauke 156 Barton, Valisa 90, 133, 144 Bates, Elizabeth 174 Bates, Greg 138, 174 Bates, Kathy 174 Bates, Michael 47, 66 Batson, Debbie 90, 147, 150, 152 Battoe, Teresa 144, 156 Beam, Brad 47, 144, 146, 150, 156 Beard, Mike 90, 93, 144 Beaver, Sonya 150, 174 Beck, Brad 47, 156 Becker, Cynthia 156 Beeton, Melissa 133 Behar, Brenda 134, 174 Beisly, Dana 91, 128, 142, 150, 152 Beisley, Kim 142, 174 Bell, Kathy 54, 57, 58, 174 Benedict, Lori 156 Benson, Bart 47 Benson, Derrick 91, 148 Austin, Jill 204 Index Billings, Lisa 91, 133, 139 Billingslea, Jackie 91 Billingslea, Sheila 156 Bingham, Bobby 92 Birch, Trandy 1, 9, 36, 92 Birchem, Deanna 49, 175 Bishop, Jeff 8, 35, 36, 41 , 42, 43, 92, 126, 146 Black, Michael 175 Blackwell, Jill 156 Blair, Shawna 92, 144 Blakrgey, Baron 65, 66, 67, 68, 72, 73, 15 Blankenship, Andrea 92, 144, 152 Blaylock, Lisa 92, 103 Blue, Teresa 138, 156 Boatwright, Brenda 138 Boatwright, Jeanny 175 Boevers, George 156 Boevers, Julie 133, 156 Boevers, Stacy 133, 156 Bollinger, Craig 175 Bollinger, Jamie 74, 175 Booker, Renee 133, 138, 175 Boots, Greg 136 Boots, Steve 136, 138 Bordwine, David 156 Bowker, Angie 156 Bowman, Shaun 48, 57, 58, 175 Boyd, Scott 156 Boyles, Robyn 156 Bradley, Debbie 175 Bradley, Karla 91, 92, 103, 116, 124, 141, 143, 144 Bradley, Molly 144, 175 Brandt, Karann 143, 150, 175 Branson, Mark 92 Brase, Kevin 92 Brasel, Richard 92 Braun, Shay 47, 156, 170 Briones, Richard 175 Broderick, Cindy 92, 116, 122, 123, 124, 126, 133, 147, 150, 152, 153 Brooks, Carol 148 Brost, Darrin 48, 175 Brown, Cammie 92, 123, 138 Brown, Debbie 8, 93, 144, 146 Brown, Eric 93, 103, 136 Brown, Greg 36, 93, 144 Brown, Kathy 8, 41, 42, 43, 45, 93, 97, 142, 144, 146 Brown, Kelly 175 Brown, Mike 75, 149, 175 Brown, Randall 46, 47, 156 Brown, Tim 175 Bruce, David 175 Bruce, Denise 152 Brumley, Kendall 41, 42, 43,93 Bryan, Eddie 93, 148 Bryan, Tracey 144, 150, 157 Bryant, Michelle 175 Bulman, Barry 93, 148 Bulman, Denise 11, 148 Bunn, Leigh 143, 175, 185 Burcham, Lori 175 Burcham, Sid 56, 62, 63, 146, 150, 157 Burger, Jennifer 93, 144, 148 Burgess, Kayla 93, 153 Burk, James 157 Burnett, Suzann 134, 175 Burrow, Sondra 157 Busby, Bobby 157 Buifhghead, Lori 74, 77, 103, 144, 146, Buster, Barbi, 94, 144 CC Cabbiness, Carl 9, 35, 36, 39, 75, 144, 150 Cabbiness, Chris 10, 48, 75, 94, 175 Cabe, Jackie 175 Cahill, Celane 69, 139, 146, 150, 157, 160, 165, 168 Caldwell, Steve 157 Calk, Betsy 94, 144, 145, 148 Calkins, David 175 Callery, Joe 36, 94, 136 Camille, Andrew 85, 135, 175 Camp, Laura 94 Campbell, Andrea 157 Campbell, Heidi 55, 57, 58, 175 Campbell, Robert 175 Canfield, William 94, 123, 147, 150, 152, 202 Caple, Roger 138, 157 Carlin, Ray 157 Carpenter, Irena 157 Carper, Kellie 94 Carr, Pam 143, 146, 175, 178 Carter, Angela 141, 142, 147, 157 Carter, Robin 94 Carver, Shelly 176 Casey, Dennis 157 Caterine, Dana 157 Cathey, Gary 176 Cha, Jerome 157 Chandler, Ellen 176 Chang, Ben 176 Chang, Corwin 66, 176 Chang, Han Suk 94 Chapa, Stephanie 157 Chapman, James 176 Chapman, Ted 157 Cheatham, Stacy 153, 157 Chenoweth, Chris 176 Cherry, Billy 32, 47, 64, 70, 72, 73, 144, 146, 154, 157 Cherry, Jack 36, 65, 66, 67, 68, 72, 73, 144, 146,200 Chinn, Alison 138, 143, 176 Chisholm, Kay 148, 157 Chrestman, Mike 157 Christensen, Brant 134, 138, 176 Christi, Mark 142, 176 Christi, Mike 94, 141 Christian, James 95 Christian, Stewart 157 Christlieh, Stacey 176 Christmas, Crystal 157 Clardy, David 157 Clark, Darryl 48, 66, 176, 202 Clark, Eugene 176 Clark, Steve 176 Claros, Robert Claybrook, Darren 157, 176 Closson, James 95, 151 Cochran, Chad 157 Cochran, Cheri 95 Colantonio, Greg 176 Coleman, Scott 157 Conley, Kevin 176 Connelly, Mike 176 Conner, Melinda 49, 86, 144, 176 Converse, Mike 95 Cook, Brian 176 Cook, Mike 48, 75, 176 Copeland, Burton 11, 95, 116, 123, 125 151, 152 Copeland, Kyle 103, 135, 150, 176 Coppedge, Phil 157 Corbelt, Wes 133, 157 Corbett, James 203 Corbett, Linda 95 Corbett, Nancy 136, 176 Corcoran, Kevin 148, 157 Corcoran, Kim 148, 157 Cornett, Gaye 136, 138, 139, 176 Corry, Brian 47, 75, 157 Cortner, Staci 95 Cosson, Angela 148, 157 Cotner, Julie 74, 77, 150, 157 Cottingim, Chervy 95, 150 Cox, Kathy 144, 158, 161 Cox, Michelle 176 Crable, Jim 11, 75, 95, 144, 146 Crabtree, Robin 133, 158, 199 Craft, Janie 138, 158 Craft, Richard 136, 176 Craig, Bryan 78, 79, 91, 95, 99, 103, 11 120, 123.124,144, 152, 153 Creger, Christy 143, 144, 150 Crispen, Pat 138, 147, 158, 165 Crook, Shawn 158 Crossland, Chris 158 Crossley, Angela 158 Cummins, Michelle 87, 150, 176 Cummings, Craig 95, 147, 152 Cummings 151, 152 Cummings, Kelly 133, 176 Cunnane, Erin 176 Cunnane, John 96 Cupp. Rebecca 135, 150, 176 Curtis, Ben 158 Custer, Anthony 136, 176 Cypert, Kevin 146 dD Daer, Troy 93, 96, 144 Dahme, Susan 177 Daigneault, Susanne 96 Daily, Gina 51, 158 Dake, Tara 177 Dake, Todd 66, 94, 96 Dale, Thad 66, 94, 96 Dalke, Paul 158 Dane, Glenna 96, 152 Daniel, Brent 144, 158 Daniel, Brian 36, 96 Davidson, Chris 96, 141 Davis, Angela 144, 177 Davis, Angie 177 Davis, Brenda 133, 158, 203 Davis Davis Davis ,Chris 150, 158 ,Greg 177 . Shirin 158 Day, Sean 96 DeArmon, Dolores 96 Decker, Robby 96 Deem, Pamela 137, 138, 177 Delozier, Brian 177 ,Dawn 95, 133, 134, 147, Collier, Collier, 173, Collins, Collins, Colvin, Colvin, Colvin, Colvin, Conley, Karen 95 Lynn 54, 55, 57, 58, 62, 63, 144. 176, 185 Doug 75, 76, 146, 157 Tiffany 157 Devra 95 Kelly L. 146, 150, 157, 165, 167 Kelly R. 95 Mike 157 Chris 95 Delozier, Mark 138, 141 Demko, John 134, 177 Denson, Cathy 97 Derr, Brian 135, 158 Derr, Michael 177 Dewberry, Mike 137, 177 Dick, David 36, 40, 97 Dickman, Cheryl 97, 142, 151 Dierterlen, Bruce 46, 47, 84, 146, 150, 151, 152, 158 Diffenderfer, Jean 146, 150, 177 Diffenderfer, Lisa 88, 97, 103, 116, 125, 143, 144, 146, 153,208 Dikeman, Teri 97 Dill, Tamra51, 133, 158 Dimperio, Stacy 144, 150 Dockweiler, Jay 56, 146, 152, 158 Donnell, Tom 177 Doolin, Angelia Dover, Margaret 57, 58, 177 Dow, Erin 177 Downes, Sean 48, 138, 143, 146, 177 Downes, Stacy 97, 103, 143, 144, 146 Dragoo, Sandee 97, 103, 139, 143, 150 Drake, Liz 138, 146, 151, 177 Draper, Jerry 177 Duffy, Kristy 13, 158,208 Dugan, Brian 97, 141, 151, 152 Dugan, Ken 83, 97, 152 Dukeg Karen 9, 41, 42, 45, 97, 142, 144, 14 Duke, Mike 48, 177 Dulaney, Kenda 8, 97, 202 Dunbar, Misty 97 Duncan, David 169 Duncan, Mark 177 Duncan, Tom 158 Durbin, Tommy 36, 96, 98, 103, 144 eE Easiley, Darran 47 Ecton, John 8, 36, 37, 41, 42, 43, 78, 79, 96,98,111,144,145,146,152,199 Edmonds, Todd 56, 158, 162 Edmund, Natalie 85, 142, 144, 146, 147 150, 152, 158, 165 Edwards, Kaelonnie 177 Elam, Julie 96, 98 Eller, Todd 96f98 Ellig, Steve 48,1177 Ellis, David 47, 58 Ellis, Robin 96, 98, 148 Ellison, Christina 177 Elrod, Jay 158 Elzea, Mindy 45, 144, 158, 161 Epple, Johnna 177 Escue, Kellie 96, 98, 138, 177 Etter, Steve 98 Evans, Edward 177 Evans, Ed 137, 151 Everett, Cheryl 142, 143, 158, 165 Evraets, John 136, 158 Ewing, Kip 66, 177 Eycleshymer, Jeff 48, 177 fF Fancher, Lisa 146, 151, 177 Farley, Roger 158 Farr, Darrin 98, 116,,118, 119, 124, 126, 129, 136, 149 Farrier, Krista 144, 177 Fehrenbach, Greg 136, 158 Ferguson, Kristine 158 Ferreira, Robert 48, 177 Fielding, Angie 150, 177 Findley, Tracy 98, 142, 144, 146 Finley, Brian 52, 53, 56, 62, 63, 98 Finley, Mike 66, 177 Finn, Michelle 98, 143, 144, 146 Fischer, Robert Fisher, Ronnie 47, 159 Flager, April 45, 143, 144, 151, 159, 161 Flowers, Kevin 98, 108 Folta, Mark 178 Fortney, Dawn 133, 178 Foster, Robert 177 Foster, Robert 158, 159, 177,208 Foster, Sandy 87, 151, 59 Fowler, Kevin 159 Fowler, Mickey 148 Fowler, Stephanie 159 Franklin, Cory 178 Franklin, Susan 98 Eynon, Rob 158" Frazee, David 178 Frazier, Steve 53, 62, 93, 98, 103, 116, 124, 144, 146, 150,200 Fream, Daniel 178 Frederick, Ginger 178 Freeman, Chris 159 Freiling, Tom 98, 116, 125, 143 Frisby, Ken 178 Fugate, Kim 153, 159 Fulton, Angie 133, 178 Furgerson, Brian 98 gG Gage, Aaron 136, 178 Galutza, Anthony 159 Galutza, Susan 178 Gammon, Eddie 159 Ganthier, Theresa 178 Gatewood, Teri 99 Gay, Butch 66, 72, 73, 178 Gee, Chuck 176 Gee, Karen 159 Gee, Terry 99 Geis, Mike 75, 76, 77, 99, 150, 152 George, Cynthia 70, 71, 72, 99, 144 Geren, Teresa 159 Gettings, Karen 99, 133, 151 Gibbs, Tanya 99 Gibson, Mike 66, 144, 151, 159 Gilbert, Lisa 87, 150, 143, 146, 178, 185 Gist, Brian 66, 178 Glocker, Sarah 99, 103, 143, 150, 152 Glover, Renee 136, 149, 178 Goad, Tommy 132, 159 Goike, Michelle 178 Goins, Jason 178 Goodwin, Kelly 47, 66, 159 Goodwin, Michelle 47, 148 Gooldy, Sharon 178 Goombi, Bill 48, 178 Goswick, Stacy 151, 178 Gourdie, Eric 136, 159 Gourdie, Heather 132, 133, 178 Gower, Douglas 84, 159 Graefe, Jeff 48, 178 Graham, Gary 159 Graham, Stacey 49, 144, 150, 178 Graham, Stacie 149, 178 Graham, Trent 159 Grandon, Chuck 159 Gray, Tim 47, 56, 156, 159, 168, 203 Graybill, Kelli 99, 126, 132, 136 Green, John 48, 178 Green, Loren 178 Greener, Robert 136, 178 Greger, Christy 178 Gregory, Robert 48 Greif, Brian 47, 78, 79, 159 Griffin, Dawn 178 Griffin, Genyce 133, 151, 159 Grimes, Mike 99, 132, 136 Grounds, Christina 142, 144, 148, 159 Grove, Charles 135, 178 Guffey, Troy 178 Gullet, Dawn 72, 73, 99, 103, 144, 146 Gullet, Vada 68, 143, 144, 146, 175, 178 Gunderson, Peter 100 Gunnarsson, Hrund 159 hH Habib, Reem 32, 87, 178 Hagan, Cheryl 100 Hailey, Teri 100, 136, 143, 152 Halaswamy, Nanda 159 Halfpap, Carl 178 Hall, Chris 86, 159, 151 Hall, Kathy 144, 159 Hall, Susan 159 Halstead, Celeste 100, 116, 128, 142, 143, 144, 152 Halstead, Cindy 159 Halvin, Julie 159, 168 Hanberger, Karen 87, 159 Hamilton, Janine 100, 144 Hamilton, Jodi 141, 150, 178 Hamilton, Marc 56, 151, 152, 159 Hamilton, Teresa 137, 150, 152, 159 Hamlin, Stephanie 159 Haner, Jennifer 100, 151 Haner, Jon 134, 151, 178 Haney, Alton 75 Hanson, Bryon 148, 159 Hardie, Christina 159 Hardt, Jeff 100 Hardt, Steve 66, 179 Hargroves, Mark 179 Harmon, Michelle 100, 107, 116, 124, 142, 143, 152, 159 Harmon, Shelley 100, 143, 144 Harper, Ray 179 Harper, Teresa 100 Harrah, Julie 144, 159 Harrell, Terry 48 Harrell, William 179 Harris, Brian 179 Harris, Chris 160 Harris, Janet 32, 51, 54, 60, 61, 62, 74, 100, 144, 146, 152,200 Harris, Karrie 82, 144, 146, 179, 198 Harrison, James 103, 200 Harrison, Jennifer 84, 100 Hart, Chad 179 Hartung, Jeff 99, 135 Hastings, Scott 99 Hawkins, Chris 179 Hawkins, Heather 179, 139, 143, 144, 146, 175 Hayden, Carol 136, 172, 179, 185 Hayden, Phil 99, 138 Haye, Ron 179 Hayes, Randy 52, 53, 62, 63, 93, 99, 144, 145, 200 Haynes, Kelly 160 Heath, Terrie 99 Hecht, Julie 74, 77, 144, 146, 160 Heminger, Teresa 160 Henderson, Gary 48, 179 Hendrickson, Stacy 51, 133, 160 Hendrix, Michelle 179 Hensley, Darren 99 Hensley, Scott Hephner, Michele 179 Hernandez, Vicki 51, 179 Herron, Kim 133, 160 Hewitt, Dean 179 Hicks, Charlie 99 Hicks, Mike 160 Highfill, Bobby Hight, Brian 99 Hill, Jennifer 179 Hill, Lori 150, 179 Hinds, Brad 9, 179 Hines, Charise 41, 42, 43, 45, 144, 146, 150, 154, 160, 165 Hines, Jeff 8, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 75, 99, 144, 146, 152 Hinkefent, Mary Ann 142, 143, 149, 150, 160, 168 Hitchcock, James 148, 160 Hodges, Chuck 36, 99, 146 Hodges, Gwen 8, 99, 144 Hollands, Stephanie 99, 139, 144, 148, 160, 165 Holmes, Teresa 54, 57, 58, 160 Holsey, Kristine 179 Holt, Dawn 138, 146, 160 Holt, James 136, 179 Hommel, Thomas 138, 160 Hood, Mary 138, 142, 160 Hoover, Chris 99, 119, 138, 149 Hoover, Greg 138, 179 Hope, Neal 46, 47, 120, 130, 143, 160 Hopkins, Kendall 47, 75, 146, 160, 162 Hopkins, Pam 138, 150, 179 Horn, Kellye 142, 160 Horstman, Karen 179 Hosch, Chris 99 Hottes, Tabatha 179 Housdan, David 160 Howard, Danny 99 Howard, Doug 148, 160 Howard, Lisa 142, 143, 144, 151, 160 Howard, Renee 160 Howard, Shannon 179 Howell, Kevin 179 Howell, Malissa 101 Howison, Bill 102 Howland, Renee 102, 129, 144, 146 Hubbard, Cindy 102, 129, 144, 146 Hubbard, Greg 48, 179 Huckabee, Lori 54, 62, 63, 102, 144, 146, 200 Huerta,lnelmar137, 150, 151, 152, 160, 179 Huerta, Lenyhar 87 Huerta, Marleny 102, 141 Huffman, Suzannah 138, 143, 179 Hughes, Jerry 179 Hula, Rachel 143, 148, 150, 160, 165, 208 Hulet, Mark 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 75, 102,116,125,126,144,146, 150 Hulse, Trevis 66, 151, 160 Humbyrd, Gina 102, 132, 136,200 Hume Chris 47, 144, 146, 160, 165 Hunt, Scott 160 Hunter, Scott 120 Hurd, Robert 179 Hurley, Lisa 137, 138, 150, 160 Hurn, Karen 102 Hussey, Laura 137, 151, 152, 160, 165 Huyah, Hung 179 Huynh, Le Ctuyen 160 Huynh, Vien 102 Hyde, Ken 160 Hyde, Lisa 142, 144, 179 . 11 lnbody, Rocky 161 Ingram, Bolt-l:y Ingram, Carol 161 Ingram, Wade 179 lnman, Kelli 148, 161 Isaacson, Ken 48, 180 lshee Kathlyn 180 'J Jackson, Darren 138, 144, 180 Jackson, Jana 144, 151, 180 Jarnagin, Adrienne 133, 149, 161, 199 Jay, Francine 161, 164 Joffe, Tacy 102, 122, 123, 147, 149, 150 152 Johnson, Bob 180 Johnson, Eva 11, 141, 143, 144, 148, 161, 165 Johnson, Kyle 102 Johnson, Lynelle102, 141, 147, 152 Johnson, Monica 50, 180 Johnson, Scot 66, 141, 150, 180 Johnston, Darren 78 Johnston, Randy 102 Johnston, Ricky 102 Jones, Christine 13, 69, 70, 72, 73, 144, 146, 150, 161 Jones, Cindy 69 Jones, Joe 161 Jones, Kim 87, 142, 180 Jones, Rena 102 Jones, Rhonda 144, 148, 152, 161, 165 Jones, Robert 103, 136, 151 Jones, Roger 161 Jones, Vicki 103, 144, 146 Jordan, Jeff 66, 180 kK Kaiser, Chris 36, 41, 42, 43, 103, 126, 144, 146, 199 Kamp, Scott Kane, Brian 85, 136, 151, 161 Kang, Yun Hui 103, 128, 142, 143, 144 Kanitz, Michelle 141, 142, 150, 180 Kapple, Keith 66, 180 Karnes, lvan 180 Index 205 Kauffman, Jeff 149, 150, 180 Keeling, Mike 180 Keitges, Tommy 48, 75, 180, 202 Kelley, Charla 143, 180 Kelley, Steve 103, 148 Keltner, Tammy 133, 161 Kemm, Christina 180 Kenley, Elizabeth 119, 149, 153 Kennedy, Tim 84, 161 Kennell, Laura 45, 103, 142, 144, 146 Kennett, Kevin 161 Kennon, Tracie 103 Kern, Stephanie 103, 144 Kerr, James Ketring, Steve 104, 138, 152 Key, Robert 161 Khan, Erum 133, 161 Khavarian, Ruston 104 Kietzman, Tiffany 104 Kile, Kevin 138, 180 Kim, Joe 66, 180 Kimm, Jeannie 87, 180 Kimmle, Leann 136, 161,200 King, Darrin 161 King, John 104 King, Kenney 180 Kinney, Matt 48, 180 Kinney, Pat 47, 52, 53, 56, 60, 61, 146, 150, 151, 161 Kinnison, Chris 48, 180 Kish, Dee Dee 161 Kleier, Jeff 151, 180 Klingenberg, Jon 161 Knapp, Jennifer K. 161 Knapp, Jennifer L. 133, 180 Knight, Arlin 147, 180 Knight, Devin 161 Knowles, Lisa 103, 104, 116, 125, 129 143, 144 Koehler, Karl 75, 136, 175, 180 Koskey, Jennifer 103, 104, 143, 144, 145 Koskey, Missy 143, 150, 180 Krier, Todd 75, 76, 77, 161 Krieser, Kevin 104, 123 Kuchel, Michelle 144, 180 Kurtz, Tom 180 Lancaster, Meredith 149, 150, 180 Lankford, Shawn 46, 47, 66, 138, 139, 154,159,161,165 Larson, Tyler 149 Latting, Brad 13, 104 Law, Jeff 75, 180 Lawbaugh, James 85, 100, 104, 116, 118,125,127,138,143,146,149 Lawerence, Gana 161 Lawrence, James Lawson, Kelli 148, 161 La Hore, Theresa 180 Lea, Jimmy 47, 75, 150, 162 Leach, Tracy 133, 148, 162 Lee, David 180 Lehman, Dan 104, 138 Leippert, Steve 48, 180 Leslie, Frankie 162 Levan,Joe138, 141,180 Lewellan, Cami 45, 144 Lewis, Jacque 146, 151, 181 Lewis, Janet 104 Lewis, Julie 181 Lewis, Mitchell 181 Lewis, Larry 148, 162 Liiieskau, Tracy 5, 142, 143, 144, 146, 148, 162, 165 Lindsey, Julie 104, 138 Linihan, George 75 Linzey, Darlene 162 Litsey, Eric 96, 105 ' Long, Brent 47, 78, 79, 162, 201 Longstroth, Ben Lopez, Richard 85, 105 Loud, Jody 105 Lovelace, James 135, 136, 162 Lovelace, Laina 162 206 Index Lowe, Terrance 138, 162 Lucas, Missie 142, 151, 162 Luce, David 162 Luciano, Corinona 105, 141 Lufkin, David 162 Lund, Lynne 162 Lunn, Trina 181 Lytle, Gary 105, 135 mM McCann, Doug 162 McClain, Lori 86, 150, 162, 165 McCleary, Melanie 148, 162 McCoy, Alan 148 McCoy, Tina 72, 73, 74, 144, 150, 181 McCune, Aurther 105, 135, 151, 153 McCune, Laurie 138, 142, 162 McDonald, Chuck 105, 132, 136 McDonald, Darrin 52, 53, 56, 62, 103, 105, 143, 144, 145, 146, 152,200 McDonald, Stephanie 148, 162 McDonough, Tracy 48, 144, 181 McDowell, Carrie 162 McFarland, Roni 105, 142 McGraw, Zandra 105, 142, 144, 147 McGuire, Randall 150, 162 McKnight, Jeff 144, 146, 150, 152, 162, 165 McMorrough, Ted 186 McNabb, Dawn 137, 150, 181 McNieI, Mike 138 Mackey, John 181 Macoubrie, Michael 47, 162 Maddox, Lisa 106, 153 Madigan, Tom 181 Magic, Michelle 143, 144, 150, 181, 183, 185 Mahoney, Greg 162 Mahoney, Jamie 162 Makhdoom, Saima 133, 141, 181 Males, Kristy 144, 162, 171 Mallavaram, Aparna 134, 141, 150, 181 Malocsay, Denise 162 Malwick, Dave 48, 181 Mamrosh, Alan 162 Marion, Kesia 96, 149 Mark, Larry 136, 162 Marlow, Shanna 186, 144 Marrs, Tommy 9, 36, 186, 107, 198 Marsh, Bruce 141, 162 Martin, Brian 48, 150, 181 Martin, George 162 Martin, Michael 47, 148, 162, 170 Martin, Rhonda 106, 134, 141, 150 Martinez, Kathy 151, 181, 185 Martino, Darren 148, 162 Marzaian, Michelle 147, 151, 162 Mason, Susanne 141, 150, 181 Masterson, Lisa 150, 181, 187 Mathis, Steve 48, 181 Maxey, Beth 137, 181 Maxey, Chris 186 Mayo, Crystal 106, 141 Mead, Mark 36, 106, 117, 144, 145 Meadows, Tina 162 Mecher, Darin 181 Meriable, Dusty 135, 162 Michael, Angie 144, 148, 181 Miaaaugh, Keii 148, 162, 165 Miller, Claudia 144, 181 Miller, Doug 84, 162 Miller, Eva 162 Miller, Forrest 181 Miller, Johnny 162 Miller, Mike 75, 76, 186 Miller, Robyn 181 Miner, Gary 162 Mitchell, Brice 162 Mitchell, Dana 134, 150, 162 Mobley, Jack 186 Mobley, Jeff 9, 186 Muffin, Andrew 138, 147, 162 Moffitt, Barbara 181 Monson, Bill 148, 162 Monteith, Melanie 87, 181 Montgomery, Wendy 49, 177, 181 Moore Moore Moore Moore . Greg 75, 181 Moore, ,Steve 150, 180, 181 ,Susie 45, 142, 144, 146, 148, 162 ,Tracy87,143, 144,151,162 Monica 138, 150, 181, 183 Morano, Jon 153, 162 Morgon, Brian 181 Morgan, Stacee 150, 181 Morris, Tanya 130, 142, 162 Morrow, Rodger 106 Morrow, Tanya 57, 58 Mullen, Brad 104, 107, 138,208 Murature, Mark 107, 148, 162 Murature, Matt 148 Murphy, Carmis 107 Murray, James 48, 78, 79, 146, 181,201 Muthert, Todd 48, 181 Myers, Christina 107 Myers, James 181 nN Nario, Mike 163 Nazim, Eric 107, 133, 149 Newby, Tracy 107 Ngu Phu, Vinh 182 Nguyen, Lan 146, 147, 163, 182 Nguyen, Phuc 163 Nguyen, Quang 163 Niles, Kelly 86, 107, 144, 146 Nix, Kevin 163 Nix, Kim 77, 182 Noel, Angie 144, 130, 182 Norman, Biff 47, 78, 79, 146, 163 Norris, Chrissie 148, 163 oO O'Bqnion, Tina 103, 107, 143 O'Bryan, Randy 107 Oden, Jarrell 182 Oestreich, Tyler 163 Ogan, Kathy 151, 163 Ogle, Glenda 163 Oliver, Ellen 138 Olson, David 107, 132, 136 O'Neill, Michaele 18, 144, 146, 153, 158, 163, 164, 169, 208 Onstott, Jill 41, 42, 43, 49, 139, 144, 151,173,182,1B5 Orr, Kim 182 Otte, Chris 150 Overturf, Steve 48, 86, 153, 182 Owsley, Todd 164 pP Pancho, Rojas 182 Park, Sung Joon 108, 148 Parker, Jeff 182 Partain, Peggy 164 Passini, Donna 164 Patrick, Glen 164 Patrick, Mark 36, 108, 144 Paulsgrove, Melanie 182 Payne Payne: Janice 91, 103, 108, 116, 124, 142 Payne 146 Payne: Paul ss, 141, 182 Payne, Daniel 148, 182 144 152 153 :Mirah 34, 35, 38, 47, 56, va, 79, 164, 201 Susan 133, 164 Pearson, Keith 34, 35, 39, 47, 164 Pendergrass, Angie 146, 150, 182, 185 Penix, Dayna 108, 148 Penner, Sherry 108, 133 Perriggo, Angela 138, 139, 182 165, 170 Phillips, Sherrie 150, 182 Pierce, Billy 66, 182 Pilgrim, Billy 164 Pippin, Tami 119, 138, 146, 151, 154, 160, 164, 165 Pires, Luiz 147, 164 Pirtle, Mitch 182 Planer, Kerry 9, 36, 78, 79, 81, 108, 144 l 146 Plischke, Michelle 137, 138, 182 Plummer, Jay 164 Poindexter, Brad 48, 151, 182 Polk, James 182 Pope, Shannon 133, 164, 179 Posey, Tim 142, 153, 182, 185 Powell, Connie 142, 158, 164,208 Powell, Stefani 182 Pratz, Patty 48, 144, 182 Price, Dawna 144, 164 Price, Robin 108, 138, 148, 150 Price, Steve 164 Prince, Brian 38, 47, 67, 70, 75, 164 Pruitt, Steve 9, 108, 129, 144, 146 Pugh, Eric 75, 138, 141, 182 Purget, Renee 108 qQ Quihuis, Mike 13, 108 rR Ramsay, Phil 182 Ramsey, Dana 142, 182 Randolph, Leslie 12, 108, 138, 139, 143 144 Rast, Christi 164 Rathbun, Tom 148, 164 Rawlings, Kim 148, 164 Ray, Billy 182 Ray, Jeff 78, BO, 81, 182 Reed, Andrew 164 Reeves, Shelly 138, 182 Reibert, Scott 108 Reiser, Steve 108, 122 Reisinger, Dee Dee 108, 144 Rexroat, James 164 Reynolds, Chris 144, 164, 166 Reynolds, Laura 109, 141 Reynolds, Tiffany 109 Rhees, Pat 48, 183 Rhees, Phil 29, 53, 62, 91, 93, 103, 109 116,124,143,144,145,146, 153,200 Rhodes, Kyle 48, 182 Ribbe, David 183 Richards, Eron 164 Richards, Kerry 150, 183 Ridings, Tamra 164 Riecken, Anna 109 Rierson, Ronie 144, 183 Rinehart, Laura 164 Ringhoff, Danny 183 Ringhoff, Lynn 7, 154, 164 Ritter, Debbie 183 Robb, Steve 150, 183 Roberts, Julie 74, 146, 185, 183, 185, 202 Roberts, Kelly 109 Roberts, Mike 47, 65, 66, 164 Robertson, Kim 143 Robertson, Marshall 183 Robinson, Nancy 142, 151 Robinson, Ron 153 Rock, Eric 109 Roderick, James 164 Rodger, Shawn 183 Rogers, Barry 109 Rogers, Charles 183 Rohling, Mike 78, 79, 81, 109,201 Perry, Kris 103, 108, 141, 144, 150 Perry, Lavaunna 138, 164 Pestinger, Kelli 108, 146 Peterson, Todd 164 Philips, Gene 13, 138, 146, 151, 164 Phillips, Beth 138, 148, 164 Phillips, Shelley 139, 146, 152, 160, 164, Rosenthal, Michelle 13, 139, 150, 165 Rousset, Brent 138 Rozell, Mary Ruckman, Billy 66, 183 Rush, Mike 142, 183 Ryan, Anna 138, 165 Ryan, Eimile 74, 76, 77, 183 Ryan, Elliot 136, 183 Ryer, Karen 109, 147 Ryon, Todd 109 sS Saint, Matt 36, 38, 41, 42, 43, 78, 79, 109, 144, 146 Salazar, Jesus 9, 165 Salyer, David 48, 183 Sanders, Bob 47, 84, 156, 165 Sanders, Shani 183 Sanderson, Mike 109 Sanderson, Tracy 133, 150, 183 Sarey, Diane 110, 127, 143, 144, 149, 153 Sasser, Debbie 1 10 Schatz, Janna 149, 183 Scher, Mike 151, 183 Schlenker, Mike 110 Schlosser, Cindy 110 Schmeck, Frank 165 Schmidt, Hans 183 Schock, Susie 50, 51, 54, 57, 58, 155, 165 Schroeder, Mary 165 Schwier, Jason 148, 165 Schwier, Todd 110, 148 Scott, Jim 110 Scott, Kathy 144, 183 Scott, Kim 143, 144, 151, 165 Scott, Tom 183 Scranton, Joe 165 Seaton, Joelle 165 Seaton, Kenna 100, 123, 142, 147, 150, 151, 152 Seeber, Dana 72, 73, 151, 165 Seehafer, Jennie 9, 51, 87, 103, 110, 116,125,144,146,151,152,170 Seehafer, Mark 47, 75, 151, 162, 165 Setser, Andrea 132, 133, 165 Shah, Darshi 103, 110, 122, 142, 143, 147, 150, 152 Sharp, Shannon Sharpe, Julie 110, 144 Shaw, Sally 148, 165 Shears, Robert 10, 78, 79, 110, 144 Shell, Cindy 165 Shelton, Michelle 165 Shelton, Rhonda 110, 141 Shephard, Kim 183 Shephard, Leon 183, 185 Shepherd, Jill 150, 183 Sherl, Ginger 144, 184 Sherwin, Nancy 184 Short, Andy 48, 75, 184 Sigman, Charles 111, 103 Sills, LuAnn 111, 133, 151 Simianer, Steve 84, 143 Simmons, Brenda 111 Simmons, Nicci 8, 54, 57, 58, 142, 144, 146, 165 Sims, Lisa 184 Sims, Shaye 165 Skates, Mike 47, 143, 144, 165 Skinner, Cristy 27, 111, 142, 144, 146 Slatcher, Fred 75, 1 1 1 Slatcher, Mark 184 Sligh, Karla 135, 184 Smith, Cheryl 184 Smith, Courtney 184 Smith, Debbie 137, 184 Smith, Ernest 111 Smith, Geneva 165 Smith, Jeff 142, 165 Smith, Kym Smith, Lacy 184, 185 Smith, Laurie 184 Smith, Lindsey 165 Smith, Mary 165 Smith, Sean 134, 184 Smith, Shawn 144, 165 Smith, Tommi 54, 55, 60, 111, 146 Snell, Yvonne 166 Snider, Renae 49, 138, 144, 184 Snoddy, Tony 12, 47, 142, 166, 198 Snodgrass, Denise 111, 141, 146 Snodgrass, Kurt 103, 111, 143, 144, 148 Sochdev, Monica 184 Somers, Kim 111 Sparks, Derek 153 Sparks, Sherri 166 Speegle, Tomi 13, 184 Spencer, Gene 184 Spencer, Mike 184 Spevak, Janet 184 Spohrer, Kristi 111, 144, 146, 150 Spratt, Suzanne 166 Spreeman, David 1 12 Spregle, Dawn 184 Squire, Donald 166 Q Squire, Paul 166 Srinivasan, Sudha 112, 147, 152 Stagg, Joe 48, 184 Stagg, Paul 136 Stamback, Carla 112, 142, 147, 152 - Stanley, Melissa 137, 150, 166 Stapleton, Sheryl 184 Stapp, Lisa 112, 151 Starkey, Kathy 15, 112, 141, 144 Steele, Mike 36, 93, 112, 144 Steele, Robert 166 Stein, Bill 112 Steitz, Cindy 150, 154 Stephan, Vince 66, 166 Stephens, Biff 48, 184 Stephens, Grojean 138, 166 Stevens, Shelley 184 Stevenson, Brett 166 Stevenson, Kathy 148, 166 Steveson, Steve 112 Stewart, David 153, 184, 185 Stewart. Leigh 119, 134, 143, 144, 151, 166 Stewart, Leslie 139, 143, 144, 151, 166 Stewart, Pat 184 Stewart, Tommy 141, 166 Stilrzgll, Laura 143, 148, 150, 165, 166, 1 Stockman, Randall 184 Stockstill, Chris 166 Stokely, Shelley 11, 144, 146, 148, 165, 166 Storm, Chris 184 Stotler, Doug 184 Stratman, John 75, 184 Sue, Kay 144 Sugar, Tony 185 Sullivan, Donna 143, 149, 185 Summers, Marnie 142, 166 Suri, Tony 112 Sutton, Susie 8, 92, 103, 112, 116, 124, 143,144, 146,152 Swearengin, Joe 166 Swindell, Shellie 166 Switters, Jeff 132, 136, 185 Szeszulski, Dinah 150, 185 tT Tabor, Karen 62, 63, 54, 112,200 Tackett, Todd 153, 166 Tallman, Greg 185 Tartar, Ronnie 166 Taylor, Richard 112 Teel, Lori 112, 133 Teeters, Shawn 36, 39, 112, 144, 146, 150 Temme, Christi 148, 166 Temple, Joanie 134, 150, 180, 185 Tener, Gina 50, 51, 85, 150, 185 Tetangco, Selwyna 150, 185 Thai, Nhan 185 Thomas, Bill 150, 166 Thompson, Ashley 74, 77, 151, 166 Thompson, Mark 48, 52, 53, 56, 62, 63, 78, 79, 185,200 Thompson, Tonya 111, 149 Thornburgh, Rhana 45, 111, 112, 139, 144, 146, 152 Thornton, Andrew 143 Thornton, Tammi 112, 144 Thummel, Reagan 136, 138, 185 Tieszen, Paige 10, 72, 73, 113, 144 Tinker, Terri 103, 113, 144 Tobey, Scott 1 13 Todd, Stephanie 32, 50, 51, 54, 74, 1 13, 144 Wells, Carrie 114 Wells, Cassy 138, 186 Westbrooks, Darren 186 Westphal, Ines 150, 167 Wheatcraft, Rusty 167 Tomkoria, Manju 148, 166 Tomlim, James 148, 166 Tomlin, Rhonda 166 Tonihka, Kenny 166 Torbert, John Torbitt, Paula 185. Totty, Kim 185 Travers, Kim 143, 144, 150, 183, 185 Trickett, Stephanie 185 Triggia, Liliane 166 Triggia, Luigi 185 Trout, Lori 135, 166 Tucker, Lisa 113 Tucker, Mike 167 Tuell, Shawn 133, 167 Turner, Angela 133, 143 Turner, Donna 113 Turner, Pam 185 Twibell, Bryan 136, 138, 167 Twist, Kellie 185 Twist, Steve 113 Tygart, Lori 167 Tygart, Randy 144, 185 Ur, Vincent 147, 151, 167 vV Valliere, James 185 Van Brunt, Veronica 144, 185 Van Hoose, Dawn 185 VanHorn, Darren 36, 103, 106, 113, 150 Van Mieghem, Laura 113 Vanboegh, Ronda 113, 148 Vanderboegh, Kim 167 Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Lisa 150 Mike 114 Roger 167 Teresa 33 Tony 167 White, Chris 114, 128 White, Janell 16, 150, 186 White, Rhonda 186 White, Scott 114 Widick, Van 114 Wilkerson, Bill 47, 167 Willard, Holly 186 Williams, Cameron 47, 146, 150, 151, 152, 167 Williams, Cheri 11, 148, 167 Williams, Dawn 114, 148 Williams, De Angelo 10, 47, 138, 165, 167 Williams, Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams v Greg 34, 150, 167 John 186 Randy 138, 150, 185 Tammi 74, 144, 167, Tammy 167 I Tracy 138, 185 Wendell 48, 167 Wilson, Amy 136, 150, 187 Wilson, David 187 Wilson, Susan 114, 141 Wingo, Shawn 167 Witt, Charles 47, 144, 146, 167, Witte, Scott 47, 167, 170 Wolf, Robert 114 Wolfe, Kristi 114 Wood, Angela 115, 144 Wood, David 187 Wood, Mark 81, 182, 187 Wood, Michelle 167 Wood, Mitch 36, 115, 150 159, 187 170 Vandiver, Robyn 113 Vannoy, Tommy 113, 123 Vargas, Ky 185 Vasquez, Wendy 113, 127, 141 Vaughan, Rick 38, 46, 47, 78, 79, 146, 167 Veliz, Alex 167 Verner, Cynthia 54, 55, 61, 62, 63, 74, 143, 150, 167 Viesca, Ramon 148 Vu, Kim 167 WW Wadsworth, Greg 1 13 Waggoner, Damon 86, 95, 114, 1 16, 124, 143, 144 Waggoner, Shannon 87, 185 Wagner, Brent 113 Waites, Lisa 141, 144, 167 Waites, Troy 114 Walker, Jeff 66 Walker, Johnnie 66, 68, 70, 71, 72, 93, 114, 144 Wallace, Steve 165, 167 Walston, Vender 57, 58, 87, 185 Walter, Bryan 185 Walters, Carolyn 54, 114, 152 Waner, Scott 47, 167 Ward, Kristi 167 Waring, Jayne 186 Warner, Doug 167 Warner, Rob 84, 167, 203 Watkins, Daniel 114, 135 Watson, Tara 114, 144, 151 Watt, James 48, 64, 146, 186 Watters, Mark 186 Webb, Todd 186 Weingartner, Denise 114, 133 Weinstein, Seth 167 Weisinger, Shane 48, 86, 186 Welch, Charles 186 Weldon, Tracy 167 Woodard, Elizabeth 144, 150 Worcester, John 115 Worcester, Tom 187 Wright, Beth 167 Wright, Wilson 187 Wyatt, Christine 133, 147 Wyatt, Eric 146, 151, 167 Wyatt, Sallie 133, 187 Yarbrough, Brent 187 Yates, Tom 115, 136, 141 Young, Kelly 144, 150, 168 Younger, Scott 187 ,zZ Zachry, Sandra 115 Zane, Stephanie 115, 116, 133 Zang, Charles 115, 142, 147, 152, 153 Zardus, Paul 135, 150, 187 Zell, Jim 1 15 Zell, Lisa 115, 141, 144 Zinn, Terry 66, 168 Zuiches, Kim 133, 187 lndex 207 1984 REDSKIN staff: Catchin' the rays from left to right are: Robert Foster, Brad Mullen, Adviser Jane Finley, Kevin Flowers, Mike Adams, Michaele O'Neill, Lisa Diffenderfer, Connie Powell, Rachel Hula, and Kristy Duffy. We Caught the Spirit . . . ow We're Catchin' the Rays! ln the beginning there was the sprit of the Redskin - and the year- book staff tried to capture that spirit and preserve it in a book. Now, after accomplishing our goal, we are ready to reflect on some things we've learned together. fAfter all, isn't that what school is all about?D Kristy Duffy learned to type and alphabetize. Rachel Hula learned never, under any circumstances, to ask Bryan Craig to write baseball copy. Brad Mullen learned that sports deadlines are impossible and Kevin Flowers learned to deal with Brad Mullen at deadline time. Michaele O'Neill learned lOl new ways to get out of every class ex- cept yearbook, and Connie Powell learned to decipher Michaele's handwriting. Mike Adams learned to hug everybody so they wouldn't gripe at him for not having a picture ready, and Robert talias 'Baboo'J Foster made everyone laugh. Lisa Diffenderfer learned that it is not cool to show yearbook pic- tures to 'outsiders', and Mrs. Finley learned to pick up the pieces when everything fell apart. Putting this book together was an experience we'll never forget. lf it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it makes you capture some forgotten emotion or find some forgotten dream - then we have been successful. We're proud of the '84 REDSKIN and the 1200 people who made it possible. We hope you are too. Meanwhile, we'll lay back and catch some rays and relax. There's not much time left before we have to start work collecting memories for next year. There are many cliches about saving the best for last and the last finishing first. ln the case of this book, we just wanted the final word. Qbwvwwwii ' 'rw p , ,kiffi Bw fwfr, Awww . if .2 if -C., LxiL,X.f , elm Kitties ow X-N t if 208 Yearbook Staff 9 I t CQLCDPHO f ' Kfter nine months of "catching the spirit" tamong other thingsi, the 1984 REDSKIN 'staff is proud to present their finished product. 800 copies have been printed by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. The 208 page book, the largest in Llnion's history, is printed in black ink on 80 Ib. enamel paper with 16 pages of four-color. Headlines were printed in Korinna, Garamond and Palatino type in various point sizes. Body copy is 10 pt. Korinna and picture captions are 8 pt. Korinna. The cover is grey fabricoid with smythe binding. Renegade art is by Connie Powell. 3 t , Because the staff was,concerned with producing the finest possible yearbook, it was necessary to call upon the serivces of individuals without whose contributions, this book would not havebeen possible. We extend our sincere gratitude tof. . ' . ' 'H Les Petersen, and the staff of Petersen's Photography for photographing and processing the senior portraits, Royal- ity, and other special events. Jim Williams, of the Broken Arrow Ledger, and James Inman l of Neighbor Newspapers for allowing us to reuse their ex- cellent sports photographs. ' Enterprise School Photos for coming to school and taking the Junior and Sophomore pictures Duane Wilkerson, district photographer, for his photographs and processing Jon Morano, Bryan Craig, and Diane Sarey of the VOICE staff, for their help in writitng copy. u The faculty and staff of GHS for their support and cooperation in helping the staffgneet deadlines. T Terye.Myers' of Taylor 'Publishing for his guidance and pa- tience. We couldn't have done it without you!

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