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., X . N X 1 V .x Q4 Pi' , ' 1 1 . T -L I 'x, K3 . ,, M .xy , Us rf 1 W Volume I5 Union Hieh Sohool 6636 S Mineo Tulsa, Dklahoma Student Life Classes Organizations Faculty Sports A s Honors Index On Broadway. This was the feel- ing of students throughout the year as we found ourselves under the spotlight. Whether in academics, sports or thru organizations, Union students shined. For the 2nd year in a row four Union students were named Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalists. The Renegade Regiment brought fame to the school by taking 7th in Na- tionals and winning the State Championship Color-Guard from undefeated Broken Arrow. The Renegade football team ended their season 10-3 taking District and Regional Championships as well as All-State players with them. Spirit and support were the main factors of this successful year. Students were more involved this year than ever before. This credit is given to the organizations and clubs that backed our 111 school. Patrons and parents were out in full force as was evident by the large crowds at all events. True dedication and enthusiasm was how Union got to the top. And students here know how it's done! E Y l l w r V 3 Student Life . . . 11,1 AA SecurityBank Now showing at Union High School - You! In the pages of the 1982 yearbook, we have recorded the greatest year in Union history. Lay back and let the past year unfold in front of your eyes! Uji.-r-If o ,Q If-.. , i 3 , ,,11..,1. pi. Where the Action IS M ,Ai ,,.hAu P . I ,A nf 5 .5 'Q T ,. M P"'f": aff' Involvement this past year reached a peak that couldn't be beat! The entire Union District put forth an effort unparalleled in the school's past. The football team received the most support of any team in years. The new scoreboard and the miniature footballs, were both examples of the spirit exhibited by local businesses and Security Bank. Spirit signs were seen constant- ly around the school. Pep assemblies were different, this year, they had pep. The student body was able to blend its school spirit with artistic ability in the ever popular pastime of shoe polishing cars. Union will go down in history for making this activity a fine art. "Without us, there could be no school!" A statement from the Drama dept.'s production of "Up the Down Staircase" poses the question, "What would school be without students?" CA studentless school, no doubtb Union has many things going for itg good faculty, good facilities, and a thriving student body. Not only were we spirited, talented, friendly, we were also creative, especially with our language. From Union, such classics evolved into "Kick," "mellow," "jam," "Blow it off," "lay back," all of which we did on a large scale! The 1982 school year was a momentous one with the increasing activities. Another year goes by proving once again "Union is moving Up." A Studentless School? cn. N F r 4 Y A My ,N ,il , ,,,., , ,rf fr V vt., z F 5 X ,E Xi? 'W Ser. N ,r L , wvfg .-QP e 'xxx --si Union Goes Drenny Beware! You have an alligator on your shirt! Preppies were the rage this year and oxford, izods, polos, docksiders, pen- nyloafers, Nikes, Levi button- upsg nickers, Lee jeans, two shirts and no socks were still the fad. The famous Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein were showing their faces again as well as the blazer look, worn by both boys and girls. Union students really knew how to show their stuff! D Ji!! hill I! The beat goes on at Union. This year the students experimented with a new sound in music, punk rock. This music was unique, therefore it quickly became accepted. The student's interest varied from good ol' rock n' roll, country- western and the widely appreciated Christian contemporary. ln essence, the student body would listen to anything you could put on a turn table. Music is an influence on everyone's life and is an important part of the flow at Union. Kirsten Whealy - Ice Skating Q1 rw. N x Xw XX NX xx 975551 Leonda Gage - Vibrophone Xkxx Hobbies Kirsten Whealy has been ice skating for seven years and a member of the Tulsa Figure Skating Club for six. She has been in numerous competitions, advancing to the Southwest Regionals in both Intermediate and Novice Ladies. Leonda Gage has been playing the vibrophone for seven years. She was chosen outstanding soloist at the Tri State Music Festival, has received solo superior ratings for the past four years, member of Tulsa Youth Symphony, All State Honors Band, and teaches percussion and performs professionally. Ricky and Randy Johnston, sophomores here at Union, have been racing bikes for a year and a half. During this time both have won many outstanding awards and have taken first at Expo Racing Track here in Tulsa. Ricky took lst in the expert division and Randy took lst in the open division. ----....,,, .41Gsv'iiu-Q4 Ricky and Randy Johnston - Dirt Bike Racing Participation in the Homecoming activities showed the true colors of both students and faculty and their involvement was overwhelming. The sophomore, junior, and senior classes competed in a wall decorating contest and a float con- test. Various dress-up days were held which gave the students the opportunity to show his or her school spirit. 14 9F7- 1 Dreanizations . . . Ma un. Ei 1 X X f If ff og . X f . . V , , x I , -M Z . . t. Q i4 -. , 1 e it iv A' - I Organizations are the most what the cost. Without this sup- vital part of school activities. port, we would lack the They provide spirit and back togetherness that keeps us lil! school programs no matter 4 .A "ffm ,,V,,,,..ah was -. -, sm. I ' p . 1 K 'Y . fx, g - K , ',, 53, . 's ' AL , L ' ex an " L 17 Dettim nt ules The Renegade Regiment has been very successful this year. They attended the Marching Bands of America national competi- tion in Whitewater Wisconsin and also Southwest regionals, which was held in Houston, Texas. At Houston they received the distinctive rating of third place. They also went to the Oklahoma Bandmasters Associa- tion state level of field competition and received awards for best over-all music, color guard and percussion. Also they were award- ed the trophies for second in class 4A and from finals competition first runner up. At the district level they were given a superior rating. Also at the Pryor Invitational, drum majors Chip Doudican and Lynda Higley won best over-all drum majors. The band also won the class 4A parade competition at the , Catoosa contest, defeating Broken Arrow. 3 Both the drum majors and parade awards had never been won by Union before. These many achievements represent not only the hard work of the band members, but also the outstanding leadership of the band director Ray Bell, assistant director Ted , , , Auwin and the color guard instructor Douglas Chlp Doudman Lynda Hlgley Henderson. l l Front Row - Chip Doudican. Lynda Higley, lst Row - Terri Hailey, Jennifer Haner, Jeanette Hester, Stephanie Zane, Vicky Wilcox, Scott Tobey, Shalla Redford, Lori Tee, Shelly Altom, Rhonda Gunter, Melissa Erwin, Kim Featherston, 2nd Row - James Wallace, Greg Wadsworth, Jeff Hartung, Paul Garcia, Tracy Green, Celeste Holstead, Kelli Graybill, Julie Sharp, Denise Weingartner, Rhonda Martin, Larry Randolph, Lois Queen, Christine Wyatt, Jeff Arnold, 3rd Row --- Michele Kaleda, Kirsten Anderson, Michele Freedlund, Tommy Vannoy, Eric Dryer, Mel Campbell, Craig Cummings, Gary Bilbrey, Kelly McDonald, Wayne Williams, Rick Poyner, Teresa Schulster, Tonya Widick, Susy Sutton, Tina Haney, 4th Row - John Davis, Greg Beasly, John Damewood, Beth Burton, Timi Richardson, James Welch, Shannon Sixkiller, Gina Humberg, Karla Bradley, Tim Geren, Cindy Findt, Shane Arnold, 5th Row - Arthur McCune, Gina Durana, Gaby Jones, Angela Lucas, Eric Nazim, Mike Grimes, Eric Brown, Charles Emerson, Ricky Lewis, Randy Matlock, Andy Bess, Jamie Lawson, Tom Yates, 6th Row - Wade Adams, Bryan Mcllroy, Phil Hayden, Mike Clingan, James Collins, Ed Spreeman, Robert Jones, Lisa Burton, Eric Lee, Chuck McDonald, Scott Nightingale, Bill Canfield, 7th Row - Dan Watkins, Steve Hendrickson, Brian Gallatin, Joe Callery, Chris Vyhnal, Brad McCombs, Jeff Wheeler, Brad Mulloland, Tod Dow, Kent Williams, Darrin Farr, David Olson, Bryan Keadle, Chuck Tackett, Theo Wisenborn, Win Featherston. lv-A0 'ah NW f, ,,,a GGIN ZEBR , 1 ii ., , M - U.-:M tm.. ,.hf., ,c..,.,,t....,...,...,:.,,....s.. ...,L,.,., L, .,.,,- Front Row - Deanna Hamilton, Audrey Nakashima, Pam Bullock, Tammy Smith, Reney Cook, Claudia Bingham, Rosolyn Holecome, Stacey Strickland, Denise Fortney, 1st Row - Dawn Cum- mings, Cindy Eagen, Julie Seigfried, Debbie Brown, Carla Stamback, Luan Sills, Sonya Payne, Sherry Somers, 2nd Row - Nancy Lee, Heather Dreyer, Lisa Billings, Jane Law, Cindy Broderick, Sherry Penner, Dianne Duckworth, Leeann Hawkins, Nancy Wilkinson, 3rd Row -- Sheryl Riffey, Brooke Callery, Maria Chronister, Cindy Hommel, Kim Stephens, Laura Stepp, Jill Shatz, Ginger U, ,, A .. . N 1 'Hr EER Summer Success The Renegade Regiment went to Whitewater, Wisconsin for the Marching Bands of America national competition this past summer. The contest was held at the University of Wisconsin. The band received a high score in preliminary competi- tion and qualified to be one of the top twelve bands to march in the finals competition. In finals they received a score of 68.75 which gave them the trophy for seventh band in na- tional competition. Through hard work, giving vasts amounts of time and devotion the members of the Renegade Regiment proved themselves as one of the top bands in the nation. PI 21 Musica Ma ic! The music department has had a successful year. Several new classes were offered for students and the response was great. Chamber Singers was a newly formed choir which performed at the public concerts held four times during their school year. Concert choir concentrated on "pop" music, performing music by Dan Fogleberg, Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand, Styx, and others. Jazz Choir was of- fered for the first time as a credited course, singing vocal jazz songs in showcase arrangements. The Choralettes were an all girl perform- ing group which incorporated choreography into their musical presentation. They performed throughout Tulsa at civic and social functions, and at the concerts held here on campus. Front Row - Tammy Smith, Renee Cook, Diana Moore. lst Row - Ginger Younger, Sandy Dragoo, Lori McQuary, Dianne Duckworth, LeeAnn Hawkins, Mary Jacobson. 2nd Row - Keith Bland, Lisa Baker, Stephanie Roberson, Deanna Hamilton, Julie Schock, Erica Heinzelman. Back Row - Chuck Tackett, Gwen Gooch, Brooke Callery, Greg Hopkins. Not Pictured - Kris Carter. 22 Front Row - Teri Haily, Leslie Randolph, Sandi Dragoo, Tom Yates, Bryan Gallatin, Jeff Baumer, Kim Ross, Carla Stamback, Jeanine Durbin, Any Bess. lst Row - Julie Sharpe, Chris Hoover, Jerry Barlow, Chuck Tackett, Jim Lawbaugh, Bob Miner, Cammie Brown, Liesa Griffin. Back Row - Lynn Phillips, Dana Beisly, Brad Mullen, Scott Craft, Richard Lopez, Joe Raney, Duane Gooch, Allison Hen- drickson, Nancy Lee, Sevena Bates. J ,e ' i V Q. tttt A -Q i fxf 1 Q M . Front Row - Leslie Randolph, Diana Moore, Leonda Gage, Ginger Younger, Julie Olzawski, Cammie Brown, Julie Sharp, Lisa Griffin, Lynn Phillips, Carla Stanbaugh, Janine Durbin. lst Row - Chris Hoover, Eric Ramsey, Steve Tannehill, Jerry Barlow, Joe Raney, Jeff Wheeler, Duane Gooch, Jimmy Lawbaugh, Jeff Gibbons. Back Row - Michelle Freedlund, Greg Hopkins, Charlie Emerson, Chuck Tackett. LQXXXXXXIIXXXX Front Row - Teri Haily, Leslie Randolph, Sandi Dragoo, Tom Yates, Bryan Gallatin, Jeff Baumer, Leslie Cherlotte, Carla Stamback, Jeanine Durbin, Andy Bess. lst Row - Julie Sharp, Chris Hoover, Jerry Barlow, Chuck Tackett, Jim Lawbaugh, Bob Miner, Cammie Brown, Liesa Griffin. Back Row - Lynn Phillips, Dana Beasly, Brad Mullen, Scott Craft, Richard Lopez, Joe Raney, Duane Gooch, Allison Hendrickson, Nancy Lee, Sevena Bates, 'tw S Council rovides School Sunnort Of all the student activity in school, the student council may have the best opportunity to provide guidance and direction for students. Student Council encourages the T development of positive student at- titude, works for effective com- munication between students and the school community, and assumes responsibility for student leadership. When the council sees itself as an important student group con- tributing to student welfare and helping create a harmonious school atmosphere in which all may learn to the maximum of their ability, the council is then close to the heart of the purpose of the school. ,,,t is 1 , s, , ,ti,,,,,,, Q ,,,,,,gt T -- NA.. 11 . "" Front Row - Connie Bass, Mark Metcalf, Greg Hopkins, Charolette Zackharian, Mary Battoe, Claudia Bingham, Dianne Duckworth, Renee Cook, Deanna Hamilton, Melissa Carlin, Cindy Tallman, Teresa Dill, Betsy Bollinger, Terry Tinker, Jerry Cox, Kim Vaughn. lst Row - Mrs, Joella Roberts, Mike Petty, Chris Gray, Lisa Baker, Kelly McDonald, Julie Aldrich, Kristi Wells, Con- nie Brown, Janelle Anderson, Keli Mays, Kathy Welch, Sherry Summers, Kim Riddles, Leslie Randolph, Jeanine Durbin, Rhonda Collins, Tracy Spears, Michelle Montieth, Chris White, James Wallace, Roz Holcombe. Back Row - Tammy Nearhood, Carey Joels, Brad Mulloholland, Eric Snodgrass, Suzanne Duncan, Marty Paden, Chris Mills, Bryan Coday, Mike Patrick, Mike Steal, Mike Beard, Kendall Brumley, Lisa Knowles, Lori Bushyhead, Kathy Brown, Christy Spore, Tiffany Kietzman, April Bryant, Brian Doogan, Scott Craft. 24 C 9 Q GIVE BII1 izl "lJ"! The Varsity Cheerleaders are leaders among leaders, striving to unite Union with Spirit. They at- tended camp last summer and came back with five superior ribbons and won the spirit stick every night. They were also selected in the Award of Excellence. The cheerleaders are constantly working to raise school spirit by making signs, selling ribbons, and always putting on a good perfor- mance. Before the football season, the girls provided fruit for the players after practice and during the season they decorated the school, stadium and lockers. The girls work- ed very hard all year and are com- mended for their fine work. 26 Front Row - Beth Olson, Erica Davis, Vicki Bitting, Beth Beatty, Tisa Hunt. Back Row - Margaret Jay, Mary Battoe, Lisa Klingenburg, Melissa Connor, Angie Strickland. pg.--. .H fr: I ik 'UIQ' s ,X N- -.4l - 1 .g..,N-5 .- k J r. Varsity IZDIIDWS Thru The Jr. Varsity squad cheers for both the Sophomore and the Jr. Varsity games, therefore, they are constantly working hard to encourage team support. The Jr. Varsity squad came back with 4 superior ribbons and 1 excellent ribbon during camp last summer. g s K in ,vw . f e. M . sv' f- '21 - - , 1-fa. :-.fp1wr5,.,- . A f f" ' - ' my s ,N Q , Q........ .. 'Rub if xg .X t r-'s Iii -QL EWR .113 28 5 U . ., Q,- :lui Front Row - Karen Duke, Kendall Brumley, Valisa Barton, Stacey Downes. Back Row - Rhana Thornburgh, Shana Marlow, Tiffany Kietzman, Cindy George, Kristi Spohrer, Kathy Brown. f 1 A, T vs! bil - " -"2-J-""mf-'r-rm. ..:?.. If sf X ff! hi! V 5 , , ,f 3 33 'I Tm' -up-gg Fi fl ,, .udtfff , lx 3 I ,. . - ' lb llx-X,-,K ,7lxL...., A45- Front Row - Michelle Anderson, Diane Morgan, 1st Row - Claudia Bingham, Lisa Baker, 2nd Row - Brooke Callery, Kathy Welch, Margaret Weeks, Janice Hampton, Back Row - Julie Shock, Pamm Bullock, Stacey Clover, Kim McMillian. WrestIin2's BBSIL Side! The main goal of the wres- tling cheerleaders is to promote spirit and provide support for the wrestling team. The cheerleaders attend all wres- tling matches, tounaments and meets throughout the season. While at school, the cheerleaders make signs and sell ribbons for the next match. Mrs. Terri Kelsey, cheerleading sponsor, helps organize the meetings and back the girls in decisions they make. This past year there were a total of 12 cheerleaders on the squad and through their efforts the season was one of the best. 29 Stenners Shine Strong, l:Ell1l1HSIiC Kicking high, looking sharp, begin precise, and smiling, these along with grades, and teacher recom- mendation are the qualities a highstepper must possess. ' Captains, Debbie Barnett and Lezlea Hallmark, have led their unit to the Arkansas High Kick and the Oklahoma State Drill Team cham- pionship. Last spring the Lord Mayor of Dublin invited the drill team to in- ternational competition in Ireland. The routines are made up by the girls although some routines come from camp. Music for the routines is chosen according to the type of au- dience that will be present. Televi- sion appearance, college athletic events, and parade marching outline the year round drill team program. 30 Front Row - Michelle Harmon, Janice Payne, Angie Wood, Brenda Simmons, lst Row - Cindy Waldrift, Melissa Carlin, Kathy Brown, Rhonda Collins, 2nd Row - Alice Johnson, Dawn Birchem, 3rd Row - Lori Kanitz, Sheila Allen, 4th Row - Sheila Ewing, Cindy Lopez, 5th Row - Debby Barnett. ,.,. , A - t ....,, , """""" Q , ,, K f' K , . . ,,,,,' Q., --Mp-l'lt'i1!5'!.P. .. f . .V M I xt I V .... KQEQIQ r i sr let. t etir f T wir h ' ,,,,, ,. -W"l re' if Z sue 2- ,-. - Af , W-it Q 1 'f f ,A A ,. ' 2. -ff. A f--Aff in 4' M' ' Avy ,, f U R! i E . w x W M " if 1 i ' Q gf' , ' if 3 X x A , - I If A Sk 'Q ' , 6' f' '- V A S RQ M , . I . h Q QA 31 Family HBIIJS Community Big Family is a club that in- volves the whole school. There is a wide variety of activities such as, the powderpuff foot- ball game, the Blue and Gold Sausage sales, hayrides and dif- ferent parties for all the holidays. Big Family does many community services, such as, passing out Halloween bags at Children's Medical Center and serving refreshments to Osage Manor Residents. Pictured at right are Michelle Anderson Vice Presldentg Janelle Anderson - Treasurer and Janice Hampton - President. 32 s f"n'l:,5': I gx U :.. f Front Row - Janice Hampton, Kristi Wells, Renee Slater, Margit Verhulst, Michelle Anderson, Melinda Bright, Marci Holcombe, Margaret Jay. 1st Row - Anna Riecken, Margaret Weeks, kelly Holden, Claudia Bingham, Chris Wiley, Angie James, Pamm Bullock, Janelle Anderson, Angie Strickland. 2nd Row - Jay Bush, Julie Shock, Terry Weryavah, Kelly Smoot, Lezlea Hallmark, Charlie Bushyhead, Donny Jay, Jeff Long, Mrs. Winkler. 3rd Row - Rachel Williams, Wanda Sage, Bryan Anderson, Leslie Williams, Rhonda Holloway, Debbie Barnett, Sharla Cruce, Coy Harris, Connie Brown, Suzanne Duncan, Mrs. Caves. 4th Row - Damon Waggoner, Donnie Norwood, Jeff Shockley, Darren Dennis, Chip Doudican. Back Row - Renee Cook, Neil Siex, Mary Baxter, Joni McHugh, Scott Smith, Mary Jacobsen, Mike Thompson, Paul McDonald. ill' f'l'0l11 llSt fail' This year's musical "My Fair Lady" was presented to the Union District on March 8, 9, and 11. Directors Jane Finley, Bill Peterson, and Stan Hughes held auditions ear- ly in January to give the cast of twenty Union students two months to present an excellent showing of both acting and musical ability. Rene Lyman portrayed Eliza Doolit- tle who was taken off the curbstone as a flower girl and transformed into an English "Lady" in an experiment by Jimmy Lawbaugh portraying Prof. Henry Higgins. Other Union students having lead roles were Scott Walker, Chris Hoover, Charlotte Zakharian, Charlie Emer- son, Tacy Joffe, and Lori Kanitz. The rehearsal pianist for the production was Leonda Gage. F53 - l 34 1 f l l ,M,... M 3. 1 Y M W , w E55 w FCS New Fellowship of Christian Students formed this fall as a sister organiza- tion to FCA. This new club, headed by Senior Wayne Clark, Sophomore Debbie Batson, and Junior Debbie Duffer found as its main purpose to "Spread the light of Christ at Union High School." Primary activities to reach this goal included weekly Bible study, prayers and occasional special events. In the final 9 weeks, FCS received new direction through affiliation with the national Christian Campus Outreach organization, Youth Alive. Youth Alive which is geared to all students, organized and led lunch meetings once a week with the help of adult advisor Jonathan Smith. Lunch meetings featured singing, sharing, fun activities and special guests. A highlight this spring was a mini-concert by composer and recording artist, David Stearman. I FCS sponsors this year were Mrs. Janis Fowler and Mrs. Carole Liston. ...,,h.'i U "'0!X1gw-W-mu WFT? Us n .MN Agn w.,,,,uz A ,fx me--., wx, I wr . 4 36 .uw-14' ff"""-.-vu-h-A -R-,W 36 .Q J Front Row - Vicki Jones, Cindy Hubbard, Betsy Calk, Glenna Dane, Julie Shock, Debbie Brown, Dianne Duckworth, LeeAnn Hawkins, Terry Heath. Back Row - Randy O'Brien, Cara Shimpkus, Lisa Bowman, Jeannifer Koskey, Scott Lutten- burg, Coach Slemp, Tiffany Kietzman, Brett Freeman, Rob McKnight, Vicki Foster. hl'iStii':ll1 AthI6t6S The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization designed to provide an opportunity for students. to share their Christian ex- perience. FCA meets weekly at a dif- ferent members house. Here they discuss many things such as Bible, School, Athletics, drugs and so on. The highlight ofthe year for FCA was their annual ski trip. This year they took 60 people to Crested Butte, Colorado for the best trip ever. Sponsor Coach Slemp and all of the members of FCA said they had a great year this year and are looking forward to a better one in 83. giwm is-F Pictured above are FCA officers Lisa Bowman, Sponsor Coach Slemp, Brett Freeman, Dianne Duckworth. 37 BDII DUI' During this year the French Club has kept itself very busy. They attended a version of the play, "The Little Prince" put on by a traveling show company. They also dined out at Josephines and enjoyed some quality French cuisine. Madame Reid also took some of her French students on a tour of Europe. 1'4" ik My-fi 38 .,,., "---A-. F Pictured Right to Left - Cathey Denson, Lisa Griffin, Ernie Smith, Troy Deare, Bill Canfield, JaDene Stricker, Sheila Allen, David Cape, Kerry Planner, Cammie Brown, Chris Hoover, Scott Herring, Tomi Smith, Dana Beasley, Jeff Hines, Cindy George, Angie Wood, Susie Sutton, April Bryant. T" XX l ' , , 431, C if ,,.s .2 H . I i X New Pictured above are the students who went to France - Front Row - Angie Wood, Dana Beasley, Scott Herring, Bill Canfield. Back Row - Jeff Hines, Ernie Smith, David Cape. DECA l'id8 The purpose of the Distributive Education Clubs of America is to develop occupational competencies in the field of marketing and distribution and promote understan- ding and appreciation of our free enterprise system. Membership in DECA is open to any full-time stu- dent enrolled in a Distributive Education instructional program. The Union chapter of DECA has 42 members. As DECA members, Students have the opportunity to associate with others who share common career interests in the field of marketing and distribution. , 3 N E. f Q15 ti it .. ,nw 39 Key -lub The Key Club is a service organiza- tion that was put together to help local business. This year the Union division of the Key Club furnished a game room for the Tulsa Speech and Hearing Association. Throughout this year the Key Club has sold candy and donated all of their profits to the heart fund. In April they set aside a Saturday and painted Shephard's Fold Church Camp. This is a Kiwanis sponsored camp for children who can't afford to pay for themselves. The officers also attended a national Key Clubmeeting in Dallas during April. Pictured Left to Right - Shelly Buckallew, Tracy Buckallew, Cindy Lange, Karen Pearson. 40 Front Row - Shauna Blair, Lisa Diffenderfer, Angie James, Shari Summers, Tracy Finley, Michele Freedlund, Jennifer Burger. lst Row - Kayla Burgess, Kevin Collinson, Lori Teel, Gwen Hodges, Kristi Spohrer, Kenda Dulaney, Sandra Goins, Sheila Harris, Robbin Stockman, Tricia McGuire, Ron McFarland. 2nd Row - Bobby Bingham, LuAnn Sills, Janet Pearson, Tammy Nearhood, Steven Pruitt, Lynn Woods, Gwen Thia, Tracey Buckalloo, Shelly Buckalloo. Back Row - Jamie Lawson, Karen Pearson, Tina Haney, Charles Zang, Stacey Downs, Laura Stepp, Cindy Tallman, Melinda Bright, Kelli Smoot, Rosalyn Holcombe, Rena Jones, Linda Cubicle, Chris Kaiser, Cindy Lang. .GW v af 59" ' DYHWIHQ Dower The Art Club, a local chapter of the National Art Honor Ilax Society, strives to further the t creative abilities of its members and to foster excellence in ar- tistic expression within the E Union High School Fine Arts program through field trips, great artists and special 1.3 workshops. Among the club's accomplishments for 81-82 are the tour of the Kansas City Art Institute, the first Union Championship Mud Wrestling Competition and their annual winning of the Homecoming Float Contest. it . Nr - sro Y Front Row - Manual Garcia, Todd Reynolds, Don Woods, Steve Mullins, Gary Smith, Suzanne Duncan. Back Row - Robbyn Robinson, Cindy Tallman, J. C. Wildman, Mark Williams, Tammy Smith, Nancy Crossely, Patty Hebron, John Smith, Jeff Wade, Rhonda Hudson, Kevin Raatz, Lisa Mason, Bryan Andrews, Paul Garcia. 41 FBLA Grows Developing strong aggressive leadership in America's future businessmen and women is the primary objective of the Future Business Leaders of America. Thorugh leadership activities and skill competitions at the local, state, and national levels FBLA members learn to compete honorably with fellow students who share similar goals. They learn to engage in in- dividual and group enterprises and how to lead others and direct the af- fairs ofa group. iv-k s ,',f,,. .V , ,F 42 Front Row - Tena Failla, Melissa Connor, Gina Zell, Kim Zin, Lisa Zell. Back Row - Mrs. Goudeket, Marci Holcombe, Allison Hendrickson, Debbie Batson, Scott Craft, Mrs. Ray. V CA CII the DVB The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America is a national organization of young men and women enrolled in vocational trades, industrial, technical, and health education pro- grams. The Union Chapter of VICA has 47 members this year and is looking to enlarge next year. VICA also promotes high standards in trade, ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety and is the tool used to develop the ability of students to plan, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects through the democratic process. Jimmy Rush Back Row Chris Lane Tony McPhail Joe Goins VICA Sposnor Mrs. Shipman l'l0l10l' Otielly This year National Honor Society is under the direction of Mr. Ray Strickland. The groups officers are Gwen Gooch - Pres., Allison Hen- drickson - Vice Pres., and Deanna Hamilton - Secretary. The members actively participated in Senior Pride Week and the Homecoming Float Competition. Their "Yellow Submarine" took third place. However, the work they did was not always for themselves. A week before Christmas break they conducted the "5 days of Christmas" as a tribute to the teaching staff of Union High School. This spring there are fifty-two new inductees for next year, and we hope their years with the society are as fruitful as this one. 5 A... 44 1 ..-4 xx-A l National Honor Society - Lee Ann Hawkins, Lori Kanitz, Alice Johnson, Beth Olson, Allison Hendrickson, Gwen Gooch, Deanna Hamilton, Renee Cook, Julie Seigfried, Susan Leiding, Jeannie Seahart. 1st Row - Tracy Buchalloo, Gwen Thai, Cindy Findt, Leonda Gage, Sharon Myers, Melissa Irwin, Dianne Johns, Marci Holcombe, Erica Heinzleman, Rachel Williams, Kim Vaughn, Rhana Thornburg, Tacy Joffe, Shirley MacGregor, Cindy Broderick, Dawn Cummings, Michele Freelund, Kim Stevens, Cindy Hommel, Tami Gates, Wayne Williams, Mr. Strickland. Back Row - Steve Tannehill, Steve Riser, Phil Bryant, Er- nie Fisher, Pat Kinnison, Jeff McClain, Dianne Duckworth, Bryan Craig, Charles Zang, Doug Gibson, Jeff Roach, Jeff Swearingen, Ed Spreeman, Burton Copeland, Wayne Clark, Tin Tu Cao, Ricky Lewis. 3, W Q E T , . E , Front Row - Burton Copeland, Ken Dugan, Ann Kleir, Jimmy Hampton, Angela Lucas, Stan Hughes. Back Row - Darrin Brock, Mike Grimes, Tammy Moore, William Vest. Comnetitive Sneec Competitive Speech at Union High has had a busy but very fulfilling season this year. The tournament squad has brought home trophies from Washington H.S., Memorial H.S., Norman H.S., S.W.O.S.U. at Weatherford and Miami H.S. The squad consists of students from Mr. Hughes' Introduction to Speech Class and Competitive Speech and Debate Class as well as students in Mrs. Finley's Theater Arts and Drama Classes. Members of the squad qualifying for regionals are Greg Hopkins, Keith Bland, Darren Farr, Bryan Craig, Janice Payne, Tammy Moorland, and Burton Copeland. H8513 1 iii A ...ali 45 Science lub The science club was formed early in 1982 to promote an interest in science-related fields at Union High School. Students were invited to at- tend regular Thursday morning meetings in which we talked, held in- formal discussions, and had guest speakers. Our main activity this year the sale of poster calendars for a fund-raiser. We also conducted a school-wide survey involving crea- tion and evolution. Future plans included a Rubik's Cube contest, and field trip to the Omniplex in Oklahoma City. The science club has finally gotten its feet off the ground and our 1982 members feel that we have set a solid foundation for the science club in the future. ,ugttkix Front Row - Darci Shaw, Wayne Clark, Steve Tannehill, Darrin Keller, Vikas Bangla, Mr. Bell, Craig Cummings, Daniel Howard, Debbie Batson, Charles Zang, Sudha Srinivasan. W1 'gg S 4- J-' Xi ,,,.,.ff A " " X Front Row - Jane Law, Shelly Collinson, Robert Kassanavoid, Vic Bangia, Rene Lyman. lst Row - Louis Mosler, Tena Faile, Julie Olzawski, Charlie Emerson, Renee Cook, Kathy Welch, Steve Tannehill, Melissa Erwin, Cristi Skinner, Bill Vest, Brian Craig. Back Row - Kurt Schmidt, Keith Bland, Greg Hopkins, Russell Stout, Keith Horne, Cheryl Holsey, Sheila Allen, Diana Moore, Gina Courington, Susan Lee, Tacy Joffe, Robin Price, Kim Featherston, Janie Jones. Ykhf 5'ifi'I I ' gf, 44 , Q l i fir, Www? Sight 1 yl1i'il11iC Dl'Hl11ii Union's Fine Arts Department has grown with great leaps and bounds. They started off the year by presenting "Up the Down Staircase." It was soon followed by Union's first annual dinner theatre. An Olio was presented, then followed by a melodrama with the tradi- tional good guyfbad guy and maiden in distress. Our melodrama "Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch" was also presented to the student body. The annual Spring musical was "My Fair Lady" and was a smashing success. Competitive speech became popular among drama students. "Runaways," the contest piece, placed fourth at Regionals. We were also able to qualify many students for regional speech competition. Drama club's main purpose this year was to entertain the Union audience and have a good time doing it. Officers were: Pres. - Greg Hopkins, V.P. - Jane Law, Sec. Treasurer - Renee Cook. -0- av, ' 47 Voice Sneaks Cut Beginning their work early in June, members of the jour- nalism staff attended a summer workshop at Oklahoma Univer- sity. Those who attended were Jeff Planner, Alan Taylor, Wen- dy Schettler, Linda Bell, and Mrs. Oswalt. Here they learned new ways of laying out the paper and ideas for publishing a better one. During the year, the paper was entered into competition for each months issue. Special awards were given to Linda Bell for indepth article, Kelly Quar- ticcio for newswriting, and Gary Smith for most original advertising. . 's , L ' .L vi-ji i' -- . , Front Row - Michelle Eeds, Carey Joels, Jeff Planner, Kelly Quartuccio, Charlotte Zakharian. lst Row - Jeanie Oswalt, Kenda Dulaney, Wendy Schettler, Cindy Findt, Mike Ellis, Cindy Lopez, Melissa Carlin, Claudia Bingham, Manuel Garcia, David Beam. Back Row - Duane Claybrook, Jeff Roach. Rob Pohling, Vikas Bangla, LeeAnn Hawkins, Joe Thompson, Robin Winters, Margaret Weeks, Kelly Holden, Linda Bell, Alan Taylor. Not Pictured - John America, Brian Coday, Daniel Lehman, Keli Mays, Larry Robinson. ! 48 hyd, ' a QQ' lx - Ml' Kneeling Front - Jeff Gibbons. Back Row - Melanie Ripley, Lisa Burton, Kenda Dulaney, Julie Olzawski, Claudia Bingham, Pamm Bullock, Eric Stageman, Mike Davis, Brent Lankford. We Did Ill The goal of the 1982 year- book staff was to put out a book containing the people and events of the past year. Under the direction of advisor Mike Weaver the ten member staff spent the entire year working on each section separately to make sure it was done right. Surprisingly enough, through all the chaos and fighting they managed to put out a book the students could be proud of. --4, r w as sslt ...... . J gui ' g 5 NBXTLA X- l N ffm l ' i" .- i .t l sn. 49 'K' ' M wlpGlu4w x L Photos courtesy of Steve Jennings .,,,,- .f"" YJ 'D , This is it! The best season complished as much with the X Union has ever seen in sports. strife and ability our athletes Never before has a school ac- have shown this past year. i my .t 19,1553 v 4 if lo' ' "4 11 X h,N 1 x ix X KVA , 'Q ,,,, A ,ik 47 V .i r.w fr . Jw or i r so M .R ? mia' 'Q,g:7 ij: - 'V , 4 o if isa f I 'Si , be ,,A , it f 1 ag, i r - outa , f i ,i t sw ? i"4Q A ww 5 .Q we xhtl , 7 Na M? K , I , VQQATV 5 i r v ff i , i r ww ff' . t , 4 f Vi A i- - 1 W ' i Z , I r Riva, Mx' an 4 ttf e a o - NJg tl '- if ? ' i 4- - ff, i M n V ,x,,h if W-ug , H ws, :Q lx , , , V 5 if vd ig Q ' ttisf X ,Li ve , i r rm i i , o 'af s 'r wi .6 new tai ' 3, vi 1 ' A 51 District, 511818 illhili D630 The 1982 football season was the best ever in the history of Union High School. The Renegade footballers, under the direction of head coach J. W. Emerson, celebrated their second consecutive District Championship and qualified for state playoffs. Union returned 12 starters along with 12 more returning lettermen. Of those 24, 20 were seniors who saw action last year. To top that, the Renegades were rated lst in preseason polls. For the 1st game, Union was matched up against Stillwater. After a tiresome battle, Stillwater won 27-14. This dropped the Renegades down to 9th place. The next three games were more convincing though as Union defeated Sapulpa 48-O, Sand Springs 36-15 and Tahlequah 15-6. But the foot- ballers' victories came to a halt. irl rated Bishop Kelly was next on the schedule and the team knew it would be tough. Kelly upheld their ranking and defeated the Renegades 17-3 dropping Union to a 3-2 standing. The Renegades weren't through as they proved by winning the remaining five games and taking District Champs. The final scores were Union over Jenks 10-7, Webster 35-22, Bartlesville College 35-14, Owasso 13-3 and Bixby 40-21. The Renegades regular season record ended 8-2 and were ranked 2nd in the state. 52 - , Front Row - Donny Jay, Jeff Planer, John Glover, Brian Quish, Brad Naifeh, Todd Stiedley, Jeff Long, Ray Hall. 1st Row - Jeff Rogers, Lyle Fulton, Pat Kinnison, Scott Walker, Neal Siex, James Henderson, Dan Patrick. 2nd Row - Jeff McClain, Scott Adams, Kyle Irvin, Brett Freeman, Tom- my Daignalt, Shannon Dobson, Doug Gibson, Danny Watkins. 3rd Row - Coy Harris, Joe Thomp- son, Danny Gellner, Stan Fields, Donny Norwood, Phil Bryant, Todd Bullock, Bill Antoniesse, Mark Thompson. Back Row - Lenie Martain, Mike Cook, Eric Roupke, Mike Chasteen, Ernie Fischer, Jim Nelson, Steve Madar, Craig Frank, Mike Fishcer. , J if 55:32 N it ' Q fl S' , i W' 73 so 70 -5812248 .4 -3 yu Vw, N -N f it . - h jr- .. T B zfffffi Eiieil 3 5- f is l ii ab , 5 to ll, ' ' ,g Ja .T Q W ww V i i V ,AM , ,gy N ' , ,W ,A A ,i.f 'Q-mv-wiv-ff V ff f 2 53 Tr ians ite ust On October 9, the 7th ranked Redskins defeated Jenks for the first time in 12 years. On a third down at the 21 Irvin fired to Mike Cook for 11 yards and a first down at the Tro- jan ten yard line. Irvin later passed nine yards to Jeff Long on the one. Then on a pitchout around the right side, Stiedley plunged the final yard making the first score of the even- ing 7-O. Jenks came on the rebound in the fourth quarter when Greg Hollinger scrambled from the ten yard line to make the score 7-7. But the Union defense wasn't through yet. With 9:58 on the clock, Bill Antonisse kicked a 45 yard field goal to put the Redskins on top 10-7. Suddenly the game began to change for the Trojans. Hartshorn rambled his team for 39 yards to Union's 26 and were threatening to score. On a fourth down play, cornerback Joe Thompson intercepted a Hartshorne pass on the Union ten yard line to clinch the Redskin victory. 54 .ee-W' Ol ' T 4 ik . ,, -..:i..,.. .IPAQ Front Row - Doug Henigan, Russel Stout, Rodney Mauwik, Shawn King, Marty Padon, Kurt Schmitt, Chung Ding, Alan Ward. lst Row - Paul Lazara, Raymond Wallace, Kieth Horn, Paul Hickman, Sergio Banerjee, Jessie Thomp- son, Kent Grissom. 2nd Row - Danny Clark, Bill Whitney, Chris Nickels, Kenny Adams, Robert McKnight, Scott Lut- tenberg, Jeff Hanson, Gary Goodwin. 3rd Row - Darren Dennis, Pete Mann, John Guffey, Bobby Bookout, Robert Stone, Tom Badley, Darin Lagers, Mike Patrick, Jay Hines. Back Row - Butch Decker, Sammy Christian, Bryan An- drews, Joey Fayrier, James Stephens, Tracy Hayes, Scott Ramsey, James Frihart, Ashley Ederer, A ,, , I .,w.,,,,,,ff l, W YLt:Z..,.t J C ,S 1, '1 :F so QQ ofQ74-E A ji li N :lj Kziiaq, 'vi , ,A 'Q vc 1,11 f , ' f Li' , n fn . , ,fA. I . Front Row - Mike Steel, Tommy'Durbin, Mark Muratory, Jack Cherry, Brian Dugan, Brian Craig. 1st Row - Charlie Hicks, Mitch Wood, Carl Cabiness, Darren Vanhorn, Mike Wallace. 2nd Row - John Runnane, Robert Shears, Greg Brown, Matt Saint, Jim Crable, Roger Marrow. 3rd Row - Robby Decker, David Dick, Mark Hulet, Jeff Bishop, John Ecton, Kevin Collinson, Mark Patrick. Back Row - Randy O'Brian, Barry Rutsoff, Jeff Edwards, Kris Kiser, Kerry Planer, Jeff Hines, John America. From Left - Todd Bullock, Stan Fields, Todd Stiedley and Ernie Fisher. These four were All-City players. n menu This year four of our football players brought additional recogni- tion to Union High School. Seniors, Ernie Fisher, Stan Fields, Todd Bullock and Junior Todd Stiedley were selected as All City players for their tremendous abilities shown on the playing field. Further honors were awarded to Ernie Fisher and Todd Bullock as All Metro players. The highest awards given were to the two same players honored as All-Staters, Ernie Fisher and Todd Bullock. Congratulations go to these fantastic players and their achievements. w'.,f,' .W -K: .. All-Stater Todd Bullock L- mm Xxx , .1 ' QT . ijt A 5 Y ff ' 'KN Cf.: i -I , ' 3 All-Stater Ernie Fisher :mm ik .',':, '. E , , , . ,egg t ' 'duff mf ,wt ,, aw 4 wi 'fwfff -S 05, 6 , g am 631' 1 if 51' I-,s.,x,,. , 1 sf ,- 'f wi 'V-ii? +R-'Ai' fl ' V' -, , j sv . .l ec- m.., - Y 'A C oser to State The Renegades advanced to playoffs with a convincing win over Bixby 40-21 as they began a must- win, every game situation. Offensively and defensively Union held McAlester to only one touchdown and dominated the en- tire game. As a result the Buffalos were defeated 44-6. Moving on to quarterfinals Union met head-on with Claremore. But the Renegades were too powerful as they romped over the Zebras 28-7. For the first time in history Union made semi-finals. Their match - Bishop Kelley. What looked like an advance to state playoffs was only a dream. Ear- ly in the game, Kelley took the lead and continued throughout the game with the Comets on top 42-21. 57 I3-l3aII on Debound The basketball team got off to a good start December 5 by defeating Bartlesville College. This year head Coach Ron Sumner's team returned 4 of 5 starters and 9 of the top 10 players for the new season. Before the season started, the team members practiced daily on basic skills and drills to prepare them for their future games. Drills consisted of passing, dribbling and running and other skills needed for a quality player. The team also participated in two tournaments throughout the year. At the second annual Redskins Roundball Classic, the team placed overall. At the 4-State Classic in Cof- feyville, Kansas the Redskins placed. 2 Q-... ..i F'R' 58 ix. ll x eu Wi", ., ,r Front Row - Jeff Swearinjun, Randy Hayes, Randy Gordon, Raid Elauf, Jay Onstott, Mike Beard, Charlie Bushihead. 1st Row - Bryan Finley, Phil Reese, Darren McDonald, Shawn McDonald, Chris Gray, Steve Hendrickson, Darrin Goralchek, Mike Rooling. Back Row - Pete Gunerson, Chris Hockinson, Mike Alderman, Coach David Hall, Coach Ron Sumner, Coach Robin Bobbins, Mike Thompson, Ernie Fisher, Mike Cook. 1 1 ,fn- fn3f""'-I? r 1. .- Workine! For Goals The Lady Redskins returned strong this year under head coach Carol Goddard as they opened their season December 5. All season long the girls perfected their quickness in defense and offense as well as in shooting and guarding skills. The girls knew that team ef- fort was important. With the help of Coach Goddard and the practices they had all season, the ladies felt confident that this was the key to their success. .K , t gy.,... .EQ , gg . T Y 1.11 f at 1 ,el ,. vialbsilqjklqf 5810348 mi! has Lu I0 Xu., N Q - II Y 43: 45' HU i , 45344, lgvfgggfwfulow F , 33i A 1 V + --.f , A ' 5, , ... Q-'ef-M P A 1 T 'f .J F5 it f fcfftoee L-an t,.i:,-ll -j e w TI IU! H N .l f ' , " P "" Q . V- ' . . 'lg W lt we :N ef 2 ff e e W. -C t I I' Yr:-f we . if if - V , - ,,., if 1 , I . From Left - Coach Carol Goddard, Stephanie Todd, Terry Weryavah, Kelly McDonald, Tracy Spears, Michelle Montheith, Sue Leiding, Tommi Smith, Debbie McDonough, Janet Harris, Cindy Durrough, Colleen Cunnane, Coach Cheryl Ford. 60 I 1"" sf, , 5 iffx ff-ly-f 5 New 0 C HSS 4! The 1981 Cross Country season brought new accomplishments to the team. After their second year of competition in 4A sports, the boys team advanced to state finals for the first time. To prepare themselves for the season, they set up a schedule for practice. Every morning each team member ran six miles and in the afternoon continued by running Sprints. Under the direction of Coach Jim Bradshaw, six returning senior starters were the key to this success. ffm -if we Q -: C A -.W at e- 2-155 , f .. wtf .L ,gg -,Q V ' , L- ,ff .5 ,. 62 ig.: .ik A-A W tw 1 -.E V, ik-Q Front Row - Kevin Gerty, Jeff Williams, Cecil Delrosario, Charlie Bushihead, Mike Gels, Jeff Roach. Back Row - Jeff Schokly Bruce Brenner, Matt Edwards, Mitch Steitz, Damon Wagner. ...., 'L' .,.. . 5 . ' ....... M., . 4 'un xl' . : , Vi, V . swf! sf-'iw-4 .. , . ,,,, .. . A ww ,M .t-.www-W. State Champs The girls Cross-Country team, for the fifth consecutive year, captured the 3A State Championship and the sixth State Crown. Coached by Jim Bradshaw the team had three all- staters honored who were Lori Bushihead, Rachel Williams and Bridgette Robertson. Other players were Julie Schock, 15th and April Bryant, 25th. "These girls have a lot of pride," said Coach Bradshaw. "l was kind of scared towards the end, but the season turned out great. l'm just glad this year is over." Front Row Shelly Stokely Jamie Bollinger Julie Schock Jamie Mann f 'fi + "'PH"' First Row Tammy Brewer Lisa Mason Lisa Jones Reney Slater Back Y A i ' -i g Row Margit Verhulst Janice Hampton Rachel Williams Julie Schock W ,QW Bridgette Robertson Lori Bushihead April Bryant i M ' A' J rf 4 .3 3 State Chamns State Chamns State Char GYHDDIBYS Win State The Redskins made their first appearance in class 4A state wrestling this year and left a big impression. Union ended their season with a 10-4 dual record and a 3-0 tournament record. But the main accomplishments were regional and state champs. At the end of the season Union was rated 4th as they entered regional competition. Here the Redskins qualified nine wrestlers for state finals to be held in Norman. The following placers were lst - Brent Fergeson, Todd Stiedley and .lack Chamberlin. 2nd - Jack Cherry, Steve Koskey and Todd Bullock, and 3rd - Kent Grissom and Harlan Trout. Once at state Union followed closely behind Midwest City un- til the fourth and final round. From then on the Redskins were neck and neck with the Bombers down to the last match. Union trailed Midwest City by three points after the 190 match and needed Todd Bullock's win to clinch the title. Bullock was to wrestle East Central's Doug Rawlinson who had gone undefeated for the past two years and had previously defeated Todd five times before. As the match reached its end, Todd was leading Doug 12-3 and won not only state championship for heavyweight but pulled the team from behind and won the competi- tion. The final score was Union 101 V2 to Midwest City's100W. IIS State CHHIIIDS State ChamllS State Cha w l l xm.i+.L 65 tllttfwff 1? . A nam., 4 . 's+ ' sf. 1 ,sau-v""""'. ,anus . , W ......- . ,MW 4 f LmAA h L1.,, A LKKIY zzl A ff as C I , . FZ.. ,h,... ,, .fswl X- '- 'C 1 ' -- - as 5 g 1- f C , KKk.k' , ' Q, 4 as ..-M--W S..-' 4 ' W , if , . U ..--f C t in-4 395 Charm The Union Matmen traveled to three tournaments during the past season and dominated in each. At their own Union Classic, Union tied with East Central for first place with 152k points. They traveled next to the Geary Tournament held in Geary, Oklahoma. Here the Redskins top- ped Midwest City and East Central with 137W points. The final tournament was held in Yukon, Oklahoma. Union won the tournament for the second year in a row and proved this with easy win of 165V2 points over the closest team, Catoosa, with 127W At the conclusion of the season, senior Jack Chamberlin was named All-Stater along with Brent Fergeson and Bill Loud as lst team alternates. 66 , 5 . MN.. 4. xt fr! f Www, A V 'WA K Front Row - Eric Roepke, Mike Steel, Paul Hickman, Doug Henningan, Marty Padan, Tommy Durbin, Mike Patrick, Todd Bullock. lst Row - Danny Snellgroves, Jeff Hanson, Gary Goodwin, Pete Mann, Mark Patrick, James Frihart. Back Row - Jim Hill, Greg Brown, Robert Stone, James Stephens, John America. Not Pictured - Donny Jay and Jeff Long. UNUU Q' L -.,rr , is V ,,,, I ile, ,Q Dower I.iflS As one of the newer pro- grams here at Union, the power lifting team has cropped many new athletes into competition. Coach J. W. Emerson leads an eight member team into prac- tice every day starting with basic lifting. At lifting meets, members are given three lifts in each category: bench press, squats, and dead lifts. After lifting one weight, the lifter increases the amount of weight on the next two lifts. At the end of the com- petition the lifter with the highest total of weight added together, is determined the winner. Special recognition goes to Donny Jay for being the outstanding lifter for the past two years and to the entire team for placing first at the three tournaments they entered this year. 3 time outstanding lifter: Donny Jay. ff' . 67 'ir Front Row - Tim Sheebert, Steve Hicks, Mark Hulet, Jim Crable, Mike Beard, Keith Peters, Jeff Hines. lst Row - Coach Padgett, Jeff Sweringin, Jay Hines, Mark Faiis, Doug Waters, Jay Onstott, Bryan MacElroy, Coach Bailey. Back Row - Bruce Brenner, Craig Frank, Ernie Fisher, Pat Kinnison, Donnie Norwood, Cecil Delrosario, Jon Smith, Jeff Roach. ' um' N 5'9ffaLuqg fiffli-' s. M i' ' "1 -:j f . ,... .,,...,, '. -, A x , , " M N 9.1: .Q ff . , ' M 'Q - ' ..-, ... ,, A W. Y q 3715 I r ..3V.,q1Ll-airf ph M, ,V will . . x wx' . .V VA A ff --A-rv' L .- W . ' NV. : . w . 'A My i H tr .- , . .. we 'iss f M .-is - f. ,1 ,. V . , HffA.. wi.n ,, .15 lg? ,. .. -4 -4- -act . - - new ... g A -2 7 ' 2 2 fw fr., , 'nr 1 '-- ' - 3551 g -. , . 'ly ,V '-' iiqgf. , sq , - V, J -., ,X , ' A' .' ' V W' m m iw . K " WV 'W , - N 4- ' ri . g i. ""P' Tq 11 . .x. , 1 , "H, .1 me .1 4 -' if-1 r - ' . 1 -1 V5 - . 'wk '- .1 MW , , ir. . ' u i ' 'J' -V' Front Row - Rachel Williams, Janice Hampton, Margit Verhulst, Melinda Bright. lst Row - Coach Jim Bradshaw, Cindy Darrough, Brigid Robertson, Julie Schock, Lisa Jones, Coach Don Jones. 2nd Row - April Bryant, Lori Bushihead. Back Row - Julie Cotner, Julie Hecht, Ashley Thompson, Kristen Jones. lll1l1il1Q9 0l'Kil1Q Practice, practice, practice is how the track team stays 111. Each day members practice in the specific areas in which they compete. Some members may enter more than one area if they specialize in it. Competi- tion ranges from shot put and discus throw to pole vaulting and sprints. Other areas include hurdles, long jumps and high jumps. Union is known for a strong athletic program and the track team proves this. 69 BW SIIOIT "',,,,,'g,,,w"' Gf0Win9 Starting their second season here at Union, the volleyball team began practice in early January. Team members Sue Leiding and Janet Harris were selected all-conference players and the team itself won 2nd at conference this year. Coached by Carol Goddard, the team has improved their skills and is making volleyball a major sport .gr 70 Front Row - Laurie Smith, Joelle Seaton, Karann Brandt. 1st Row - Kell Mays, Tracy McDonough, Kim Gels, Jill Onstott, Dianne Duckworth. Back Row - Coach Ellen Jones. sz..-nuunuaw-K. 1.1 vwswtt. .. as w-vuudi-HIQIWSNN --....., zi- ,. We 3 4 ,,,.,,,,,,,i f kg . i,,e . ,S 5 .J- HIHHCB Skill With an increasing interest in gymnastics, the program grew very well this year. Under coach Jones the gymnastics team worked each day to better themselves in their routines for the oncoming meets. The girls competed on the parallel bars, the balance beam and in the floor exercises. Seniors Dianne Duckworth and Kell Mays led the team members thru the season and helped prepare them for next years competition. . tif' 4-fqmg .rtyt in 1 -K A Q- . , M 1. WJ rrlw N v': I ff' . l or 4 ,, "V is In gl 'gg ff H , af - ' -. i"' ' r"i Dractice Days Dff The golf team has made great im- provements in their pgoram in the past few years and it has paid off in this season's showing. The team won 3rd at the metro tournament and 2nd at the conference meet with the help of coach Robin Robbins. To prepare for the year's competi- tion each member played eighteen holes per day and hit on the golf range for an hour. Five guys and five girls were then selected to play in the matches, which averaged three each week. This dedication is sure to make the team stronger than it already is. A 'li' A1 fry I Front Row - Billy McHugh, Jeff Long, Jimmy Rush, Keith Horn. Back Row - Coach Robin Robbins, Mitch Stietz, Lenie Martain, Brad Naifeh. ms! 5 - :ny n , 13, K5 I 's , . . F, 1 . . '4' - i, 'I fl' A I' . rin . T fa., ,Y '4- 'f From Left - Jennifer Harrison, Vicki Wilcox, Coach Robin Robins, Cindy Tallman, Debbie Brown. 72 en! I .-W: it-Nga IIIZBYBSIZ EXIIEIHCIS The tennis teams opened their season against the Sapulpa Chief- tians on March 10 as they began their climb to the top. Under the direction of coaches Lisa Cole, and David Hall, team members practiced daily and ranked themselves on a ladder. Positions on the ladder range from 1-6 singles and two doubles teams. Right now the main goal is to build up the team over the summer for next year's season. exam- ' f U. 'Wit' Y X . f., V Q. . - 9 Br,-,eoc,1.,,Eq,CA I Q Y ' 'fl 1 E ' 1 .1 X Front Row Audrey Nakashima Natalie Edmund Front Row Paul Garcia, Manuel. Back Row - Darren Dianne Duckworth Back Row Donna Baucom Goralcheck Richard Lopez, Scott Hunter. 73 State in iew Self discipline, devotion, and hard work are just a few of the qualities an athlete must have. To sharpen these skills, the Redskins baseball team began practice in mid January. Union returned eight seniors from last year's team pro- viding the experience to make them one of the best teams around. On April 17, Union Captured the Metro Tournament title at Sutten stadium by defeating highly ranked Rogers High, 3- 2, Key hitting by Shannon Dobson and Phil, Bryant gave the Redskins just the points they needed to defeat Rogers. Junior Kyle Irvin recorded six strikeouts, allowed only five hits, and blanked the Rogers the final six innings to clinch the title. The team, coached by Larry Ar- rowood, is determined to go to state this year and it looks like they are on their way. A LX"'W5"""'? Q x K Yva 74 The Redskin Basketball Team ended their season with a 24-12 record. Coach Larry Arrowood lead this team into Regional playoffs and won 1st by defeating the Memorial Chargers 7-O. The Redskins ad- vanced the first round of state playoffs and were defeated by Moore 2-1. I ,exif 75 Front Row - Shannon Dobson, Darren Dennis, Steve Heck, Scott Smith, Rob McKnight, Robert Shears. lst Row - Tyle Per- rin, John Ecton, Randy Gordon, Phil Bryant, Raid Elauf, Kyle Irvin. Back Row - Coach Sandy Hanlin, Brett Freeman, Mike Rohling, Bryan Anderson, Joey Farrier, Brent Mills, Butch Decker, Coach Larry Arrowood. 76 iors Colleen Cunnane 1st Row Cindy Durrough Lisa Knowles Cheryl Hagan r B DiStl'iCI1 The softball team did an outstanding job this year as they ended their season with a 17-6 record. This was accomplished by the 15 member team and of those, six were returning starters. Union's schedule was pretty tough but with a good team they did well. "Our hardest team we played was Bartlesville Sooner. They were defending state champions with eight return- ing starters," said head coach Don Jones. Despite this fact, Union went on to take District Champs for the 1981-1982 season. A 77 nions New et Snort Starting their first year here at Union, the swim team began working early building the program for the season's competition. Practice for team members con- sisted of running and lifting weights to develop strong arms and swimming sets like runners do in track. The girls set up their practices throughout the year, working before and after school and on weekends. This year at state, Kelly Niles, Union's only qualifier, placed 2nd in the 100 yard back stroke and 7th in the 200 freestyle. The main goal is to develop the team for a bigger year next season. a-uv-lllnounnng-1,-,, iw-'unsung' 1 USU 78 ,,. n " " , fog . ' ,V f ,W ...gf g A if Q .3 4,.,,,,:M V G , ' W fn 1' x , ,. . ff r t o Q ,-P ,t ,, .. ., se' i,...9'yr. V Q., f, ,Q qv., f-..Hy,-A, A N.. 1 :ai 0 . yr: ,525 Y . Z ' v' .v. ' - I 'g J A f, , ,f ' . " W v 1 , 1, . .mf-5 E ... ' . Q ' .S , s wi- -if' ' -als is ,VH .v' A ze . x: ,J 'f 1 i. M' , 3, . - 'rv A Q Team members are: Coleen Cunnane, Coach Bill Padgett, Kelly Niles, and Dennis Casey. QM --,W 11 ii N: . -- 111 ' VL ..,,. 1.. 3 i YE SL, 31 37 43 21 45 59 a ' .,-NH 3 - 39 3 3 'fix - s Q . 3 21 if 29 3 33 J 11 ' " 42 3 V, 5 + ' M3553 Q W3 w, fig, Q? Q is ax? 4 .5 . Hz. QA... y H 1 ah. ze., I' . ,,1. 4 . g lk 1395- f" ' QW fj2'3f5 f'L if J x 1 4 S ..,1. V. . A 1 1. , - . im., :nk 5 . L. -- -Q E my A W al, Tournanfge ts Yukon fst Geary? 3 t Classic STATME - f 2 wk' ,N ...... M, wil, w , - rv -Q - 0l10I'S Q . Q M f JANLVE1 Q'WiPYr2 Q '53,-wiv? 1 g wjfgwxw f 5 xy Q .1 A 1 K, VJ V- M - W - . M YK 5 of f X L lb' EQQTEQL-..v K +k..x -Ca! 'Xt ww NfW5 ?5ff' 2 X Li9WZ,.Zi.' . 0' NN Q E- u . A v'u-L.. Wg xy ' Eff, QQ' ,Q .L M Lu ' .. 5 H. rf' Q W '3SfWi'ig' iw., T, 33556 If 'ff' ,F gf ' ' Q' Tw , f . M!! X 1 ' , Q-sf v Wtfum., V. .x f J ,-'Hep' W""h ' . ,K ,M..f.. ' X k if 'Y K ' - Q '-gg :f,i.r,s - mf? iii? -JF? V' . at ,vi . W, ,, . .g,,.,,, P 5 ? 5 x 0 , M' an ' f ff' J . -vgfifw-aff ' J' , J , S C 3 x X ' Um -.ZA X Q 'N 3 V 1 x J' Q " , X we K ft .- ,zQ5,y+yg9, fu z fi vfxsf il I, ,, -f xi. U fm' ' 'ff' Q3 fl' H- fi .ly 5 1. 5110 'L f f 47 Q " wx, 1 . wi" x' M X .my , QQ? ,, I' Alf! ' ' '-x -...?'HH,g"-14 'A N Q s 3 ,. 5 TY x I - fff5VQ"'5K 43 'i 1 i , I at , -faq-wg ,W , fa ,.... W, 1 A- Q - . ff , W - , "'- '-uf :I:21'im:,f4.y ... : . Qs , w- wr , 4 45.7" ,.-1.5 :Ay .1'.g5?4,f'2N riff' N .eff wx my-f4,,i.f-.W ,. ? -' x x-w , -,S-W.:-2. .,, :'Ti'iig4,w:- . 1 1 These honors are not only school related, but also show a tremendous amount of com- munity -involvement. 81 WEE? 6 Dlbllbiill Senior Attendant - Dianne Duckworth and escort Stan Fields Junior Attendant - Kirsten Whealy and escort Phil Bryant Senior Attendant - Mary Jacobson and escort Todd Bullock Sophomore Attendant - Karen Duke and escort Shannon Dobson The Court- Phil Bryant, Kirsten Whealy, Stan Fields, Dianne Duckworth, Brian Quish, Michelle Anderson, Mary Jacobson, Todd Bullock, Karen Duke, and Shan- non Dobson. The Autumn night at Union Stadium was highlighted by honoring Michelle Anderson as the 1981-82 Football Homecoming Queen. Michelle has been active in colorguard, a wrestling cheerleader, and officer in Big Family, and will be representing the state in the national Homecoming Queen contest in Las Vegas this summer. Michelle's escort was Brian Quish. Brian has been playing football all four years at Union. xx 2 W, :gg .WV ew -wexe J x k . jj-iq :ggff - - H " X V H -- ' P .api-'af. Q f i ' V A .wffgk giilfts H N Awim 5 , X WY N .sgmgg mi , Z . Mr? gg: 3: V4 .. -i W- gy,-E2xg.ff-g-ifwfsgg 'f 'WEV 1 wg Q Q95 X qw l3i'iSk6tbi':lll 0 Y Senior Attendant - Debbie McDonnough and Junior Attendant - Michelle Montieth and ' escort Jay Onstott escort Mike Cook Sophomore Attendant - Stephanie Todd an escort Mike Rholing "'7 if 3. gg o f . The Court - Michelle Monteith, Jay Onstott, Debbie McDonnough, Mike Cook, Terri Weryavah, Ernie Fisher, Stephanie Todd, and Mike Rholing. On February 11, the Redskins won their homecoming game against Webster. Terri Weryavah was crowned as basketball queen. Terri has played basketball and softball, and is also in Big Family and FCAA. Her escort was Ernie Fisher. Ernie has played basketball, football and run track for all four years at Union. He is an All-State Football Player and an All-State Track member. .- 4 1 WrBSIlin2 endant - Claudia Bingham Senior Attendant - Dianne Duckworth if' 'arf dant - Stephanie McCollough Sophomore Attendant- Kendall Brumley On February 4, Union hosted the East Central Cardinals at their homecoming match. To highlight the evening, Margaret Weeks was crowned the 1981- 82 homecoming queen. Margaret has participated in track, basketball, Big Family, and has been a Wrestling Cheerleader. She was escorted by Jack Chamberlain, who has dedicated himself totally to seven years of wrestling. wewvav--if-.af44C1...,M K :VV N 1, 1 5 it Senior Attendant - Charlotte Zakharian and escort Brad MulHolIand Junior Attendant - Kelly McDonald and escort Steve Hendriekson I3i-Ind g I2 0 I I Y Lynda Higley ai Senior Attendant - escort Sophomore Attendant - Suzi Sut- ton and escort Robert Jones At the winter concert on February 8, Leonda Gage was crowned the Band Queen. Leonda has been in band for eight years. She has received the honor of being in the 1980- 82 All District and All State Honor Bands. Twelve Superior ratings have been awarded to her in percussion, specifically the mallets. Leonda was escorted by Charles Emerson. Charlie has also been in band for eight years. He is a member of the All-District Honor Band and an alternate to the All-State Honor Band. He also participated in the All Senior Honor Band and was head of the Renegade Regiment percussion section. Leonda and Charlie are both in the percussion section of the Tulsa 89 Youth Svmohonv. vHl0diCt0fiiln ln the 1982 school year, four Seniors graduated from Union with a 4.0 grade point average. Steve Tan- nehill, Renee Cook, Julie Seigfried, and Allison Hendrickson have main- tained straight A's for four con- secutive years. The person who received the second highest grade point average, being named Salutatorian, was Gwen Gooch. These students were not just "book worms" in high school, but they have all been very involved in many school activities. Steve has been in Select Choir, Jazz Choir, and the Science Club, Renee has been in Colorguard, Choralettes, Drama, a class officer, and plans on making a career in per- forming arts and dance, Julie has been in Colorguard and the soccer team, Allison has been in Select Choir, Chamber Singers and Madrigalsg and Gwen has been in Choralettes, Presi- dent of National Honor Society, French Club, and an active member of FCA. """f' WI Valedictorian - Steve Tannehill -LH 1 ,sg Huw R if F3 X it J, g it s y ' 7"f fi ,lf .if 1 ,..,. M.-. Valedictorian - Allison Hendrickson Valedictorian - Renee Cook 1 Valedictorian - Julie Seigfried Salutatorian - Gwen Gooch Athletes EXCBI!! Outstanding Athletes for 1982 are Ernie Fisher and Rachel Williams. Ernie has participated in football, basketball and track. As defensive end for the Union Redskins, Ernie was the nemisis for many op- ponents. For his outstanding play was named to local all city teams and was one of the team's all-state members. ln addition to the awards, Stanford University selected him to become a member of their nationally recognized foot- ball team. Rachel, a pretty Union senior, is one of the state's outstanding track stars. She has run for four time coach of the year, Jim Bradshaw the four years she has attended Union High School. An all-state win- ner six times, Rachel runs cross- country, the 2 mile and mile relay for the Union Track team. Good Luck, Rachel and Ernie. 91 Todd Bullock has been a very active student during his two years at Union. He has played football during his four years of high school and helped lead our team to the state play-offs. He was chosen for the all-state football team in 1982. He has also wrestled for three years and achieved the honor of being a heavyweight state champion wrestler. He also participates in track and is the photographer for Family Living. 0 n "' lil' Diane Duckworth has attended Union since ninth grade. She received the honor of being both a wrestling and foot- ball attendant. She has been a member of National Honor Society, vice presi- dent of the Senior class and secretary of FCA. She participated in choralettes, was captain of colorguard and played tennis for two years. She also was co- captain of the gymnastics team and made state for three years. ,Ms-f 1' 1 l S0l1i0l'S of the NKOIIIZI1 September - Rachael Williams and Jeff Gibbons November - Claudia Bingham and Erj nie Fisher F I February - Charlotte Zakharian and Todd Bullock E25 '- October - Dianne Duckworth and Mike Chasteen December - Mary Battoe and Jeff ,Rogers iii X 'S ' ' -' A 1' 2: l,W' March - Melinda Bright and Stan Fields Being chosen for a Senior of the Month is quite an honor. The students are nominated by the Stu- dent Council for their leadership, pride, and accomplishments they have achieved throughout their years at Union. These eighteen students represent the excellence Union is known for throughout the State. L?,is,.xt Lx.. M L January - Kathy Welch and Darren Brock if 1 K' Iti- V -fs iizy V M ' Ir ' ' ' . . g " 'sis . 1 April - Rene Cook and Charlie Bushyhead raw 2 55 May - Allison Hendrickson and Phil Bryant diff' T Blind This was it, folks! The Senior class of 1982 bid their teachers and peers farewell throughout the week. Beginning with the Senior Tea for the girls and their mothers and the awesome Senior Showcase, ending with the Breakfast and Graduation. At the Senior Showcase we had a sneak preview of the 1983 Union Borallettes, JoJo and the Dodes, the Union Lubeners, and who can forget the bathroom skit? The morning of graduation Seniors woke early for their Senior Breakfast which was held at ln- dian Springs Country Club. Mr. Davidson was the guest speaker. The week ended with Graduation held with mixed feelings as the Seniors headed off into a life on their own - all representing Union with spirit and pride forever. mfr buf' nl l""""" ... , fm. I t ,tsl A 1 1 9' if - Q 54 I Q ' 'Q' ,. National Merit Finalists - Jeff Gibbons, Gwen Gooch, and Doug Gibson Lynn Phillips - All State Chorus Leonda Gage - All State Band L ' l " af 'is' v -44 V- , ni . if T .QQ My 4' I U Y Q , l '- ff v A XA K' 'Q' f ' P+ ' T .f f , "' 6. ' if i ii 4 if 'P at .ff 4- 1' .L ' A -Af vs. 41 . ' U- .X EVM' t 1 ' th - ,, A f'--Y - 1 , t Q r ,xg 1 . - :J a "A, . , ,t L ny . W.-fi'-.N n, .st '. A 4 Jack Chamberlain - All State Wrestling Michelle Anderson - Miss Oklahoma Homecoming Queen nilllll-B This page is dedicated to those Union students who have gone beyond the average saga of school life and expanded upon their talents. CWe could only put a few here.J Union has been very lucky to have three students qualify as National Merit Finalists. Xoug Doug Gibson, Gwen Gooch, and Jeff Gibbons were in the top .5 percent in the nation in their scores on the PSAT and the SAT. ln addition to the Finalists, Wyn Featherston was chosen as a Semifinalist. Leonda Gage and Lynn Phillips made it through very strenuous auditions to make All- State in Band and Chorus. Leonda's music has brought her a scholarship to Tulsa University this fall. Lynn sings in numerous choirs in school, but is also the lead singer for the Heaven Generation Singers. Michelle Anderson represented Union in the Miss Oklahoma Homecoming Pageant and won. She will be representing Oklahoma in the national contest in Las Vegas this summer. Jack Chamberlain was Union's only qualifier for All-State Wrestling. He has been wrestling for 5 years and has qualified for state for three. Rene Lyman was a contes- tant in the Miss Keystone Pageant and the Miss Tulsa Pageant where she received Most Talented. In the Keystone Pageant she was first run- ner up and in the Tulsa Pageant she was third runner up. Congratula- tions to all these students. Rene Lyman - Most Talented in the Miss Tulsa Pageant. 95 Commencement Steve Davis' stirring speech to the dassof'82.Thethunderousovahon to Rod Cameron and the advice of the vmedmtonans hghhghted the graduahon of the 61st graduahng cmss of Unmn Fhgh SchooL Orm Roberts University Mabee Center was again the site of Union's gradua- Hon.Thelarge audmnce appmuded and cheered on then' favorhe graduate as he received his diploma. Three hundred thirty-five seniors graced the stage, culminating in Pres. Mike Chasteen's memorable coup de grace. '- f .aft . my ' 4. V , , if if fig- A . ' 7: ,458 ' -'ink X ,V iawffsfff 97 ,fi wif C HSSES ... ff f V 4 f 77" Class section shows your real you is what you'll find between side of life. The close up of who these following pages. Q you are and how people see M xxx. 99 00 5 Q : 5 cw : : L A Critlly Crew, WVBQYH .....-.- Vifrkers jf PER QALLQN E W- 5 SELF SERV H Q h aw GD fr ,sa Vlckgi gg GOOD LUCK CLASSES OF '82 oak 63" 4: .g K 4. , Q. if 5 5 uf' the Awesome C ass of 1982 Lisa Acosta Judy Adams Scott Adams Jackie Admire Pam Akin Bill Alderman Julie Aldrich Bryan Anderson Michelle Anderson Janelle Anderson Bill Antonisse Harminder Atwal Lisa Baker Brian Balenti Vickus Bangla Dana Baucom 02 2521, . Wfit"'if'31' ? ' i QM W3 Jerry Barlow The 1982 class officers are president Mike Chasteen, vice president Diane Duckworth, secretary Kathy Welch and treasurer Renee Cook. During the year these officers made excellent choices on the Senior announcements and the designing of the Senior tee-shirts. We appreciate their dedication. Debbie Barnett Beverly Baskin Mary Battoe Mary Baxter Greg Beasley Beth Beaty Terri Beck Tammy Beeton Richard Bias Claudia Bingham Karen Bishop Natalie Black Kelly Bolen Lisa Bowman Traci Buckallew Todd Bullock Lisa Burton A, ol Beth Burton Charlie Bushyhead Donnie Braden Bruce Brenner Melenda Bright Tim Broccard Darren Brock Connie Brown 03 O4 Kathy Brown Scott Brown Sherry Bray Phil Bryant Gina Calaza Brooke Callery Mel Campbell Huy Cao Taun Cao Tin Tu Cao Melissa Carlin Adele Carter Jack Chamberlain Mike Chasteen Tami Clair Wayne Clark l li 2 Rick Calantaonio Steve Collier James Collins Carla Compton Melissa Conner ,. Mike Cook Renee Cook Genie Cooper 5, L H Kevin Cooper Lloyd Cooper Julie Cox Greg Culling l 1 O O6 Scott Craft Debbie Crain Sharla Cruce Tom Dagnault Jacki Daugherty Chip Doudican Choi Davis Mike Davis Mark DeWeese Cecil Del Rosario Denise Dendy Roger Denson Chris Denton Shannon Dobson Heather Dreyer Dianne Duckworth F C Q Raid Elauf Charles Emerson Melissa Erwin Tommy Esque Santena Failla Win Featherston Brent Ferguson Steve Ferguson Stan Fields Cindy Findt Mike Fischer Ernie Fisher 7 08 Craig Frank Brett Freeman Todd Freeman Lyle Fulton Leonda Gage Manuel Garcia Tami Gates John Glover Kim Goss Paul George Jeff Gibbons Brent Gooden Gwen Gooch Greg Griffith Clayton Hale Ray Hall Lezlea Hallmark Janice Hampton Deanna Hamilton Coy Harris LeeAnn Hawkins Randy Haye Alison Hendrickson Lynda Hertsell Lynda Higley Kris Hill Rhonda Hinnen Marci Holcombe i Will Tammy Holcomb Kelly Holden Rhonda Holloway Marlene Hohn 09 0 Linda Hotaling Rhonda Hudson Roger Hula Mary Jacobson Ronna James Sheila James Donny Jay Margaret Jay Kw, f f . Xl Mike Jones D'Anne Johns Yolanda Johnston Daniel Johnston Jerry Jorden Michelle Kaleda Shannon Kaiser Robert Kassanavoid Todd Kemp Jennifer King Pat Kinnison Jill Knight Steve Koskey Linda Kubeca Greg Lamp Brent Lankford iw N Mark Latimer Jane Law Brad Leathers Paul Lee Charlotte Leslie Jeff Long Cindy Lopez Bill Loud 2 gt. X Angela Lucas Cheryl Lufkin Renee Lyman Steve Madar Shannon Mahoney Lenie Martin Becky Mathews Randy Mattock Keli Mays Jeff McClain Brad McCombs Joe McCormick David McCreary Paul McDonald Debbie McDonough Don McKinney Tony McPhaiI Mike Messier Gregory Miller Brent Mills Bob Minor Tammy Monlux Sean Moore Tammy Moore 3 4 Louie Moser Shannon Murphy Sharon Myers Brad Mulholland Brad Naifeh Jim Nelson Wendy Newman Regina North Don Norwood Will O'Brian Beth Olson Julie Olzawski David Overbey Lorene Pagano Dave Panchot Daniel Patrick Rosemarie payne Sonya Payne Janet Pearson Tyle Perin Derma perryman Wynne Peterson Rose Pina Jeff Planner Leigh Ann Plummer Jackie Pounds Kelly Quertuccio Phil Quihuis Larrie Randolph Jennifer Reinhardt Corey Reynolds Todd Reynolds 6 fiii ' Q 5 John Richeson Melanie Ripley Jeff Roach Eric Roepke Jeff Rogers Rob Rohling Juan Romaro Kimberely Ross i.: Jimmy Rush Maria Sabala Neil Siex Jill Schatz Wendy Schettler Kay Schlosser Julie Seigfriend Jerry Scott Q2 l S f h Z' W, , , 1 ww, W f 'Q Kim Stephens Jason Stallings Ed Spreeman Danny Snellgrooves Kellie Smoot Tammy Smith Scott Smith Denisa Smart Renay Slater Pam Skates Lisa Silva Jeff Shockley 7 8 Rhonda Stockman Angie Strickland Stacy Strickiand John Sullivan Dana Szeszulski Cindy Tallman Steve Tannehill Alan Taylor Kevin Temple Quynk Thai Joe Thompson Mark Thompson Mike Thompson Tawnia Thorton Harlen Trout Diana Veliz ,ll David Way Joey Webb V ,tw , Q ' ' ,V.L Margaret Weeks Theo Weissenborn Marget Verhulst Jeff Wade Kim Wakashima Chuck Waters 20 Kristi Wells Teri Weryavah Jeff Wheeler Kelly Wheeler arf! 33. Lisha Whiteman Sally Wickham John Wildman Leslie Williams K-ng Rachel Williams Richie Williams Pam Wilson Robin Winters Andrea Wolf Sally Wolfe Saylor Wood Ginger Younger Charlotte Zacharian Gina Zell Kim Zinn Jeff Quayle "U, X, Donna Partlow . WR' JI 2 A a 4 ,,, ,. " ' ig., 'J I' A - :v .,.-:Lg is I IL s V DIA E93 Fncrdamg 19 annum me 1' Q In X'WK,+"2Q we mama ' X, 41,5 "2 f- .A Q , fr 'R -. , 4 W V ,J ,,,' - Q .3 ,Q K1 . A -gg 4 V ""' f f ' . lv ' ' ' A V .-1 .. -. .I -'A S ,. Q T 4 wg '-X f Q5 .v. ' Tj' ' .g.f,Qf'Fs L , ' am K 5 A Q, -- - . K -ul , N h 'EQ . .. 22 Acxo wo F P - unwrs 123 Jill Abbott Kenny Adams Mike Alderman Sheila Allen Shelly Altom Mike Anderson Bryan Andrews Melissa Arevalos Vic Arnstead Kevin Armstring Shane Arnold Ladonna Ashford Darla Atwood Joni Austin Tommy Baddley Tom Baldridge Surjo Benerjee Dawn Baucarn Jimmy Bayura Don Becker Pam Bell Gary Bilbrey Dawn Birchem Vicki Bitting Tommy Blackwell Nancy Blades Deanna Blalock Keith Bland Kerry Blankenship Jeff Boley Betsy Bolinger Bobby Bookout David Bowen Rhond Brady Tammy Brewer Pam Broccard Cindy Brook Elizabeth Brown Shelli Buckallew Belinda Buckner Pamm Bullock Barry Bulman Mike Burton Jay Bush Kent Byrd Kelley Carbiener Merilisa Carr 124 'nw W Gina Durana Cindy Eagan Roger Eastman Ashley Ederer Bill Edmund Pam Elam Paul Ellison Anjie Epple Steve Etter Sheila Ewing Stacy Faires Helena Farnum Larry Farrar Joey Farrier Kim Featherston Manny Ferreira Debby Fisher Scott Fisher Angela Foremen Vicki Forrester Denise Fortney Vicki Foster Niki Franklin Michele Freedlund James Frihart Bryan Gallafin Paul Garcia Diana Gellner Tim Geren Kevin Girly Chris Glover Greg Glover Sandra Goin Gary Goodwin Dwayne Gooch Darrin Goralezyk Don Gordon Gary Gordon Randy Gordon Chris Gray Tracey Green Lynne Gregg Kent Grissom Rhonda Gunter 126 'W ali. Chris Hakenson Jeff Hanson Sheila Hanson Jeff Hardt Cliff Hardy Teresa Harper Charlie Hart Jett Hartung Kevin Harris Sheila Harris Bobby Harvey Julie Hay Tracey Hayes Patti Hebron Steve Hecht Erica Heinzelman James Henderson Steve Hendrickson Doug Hennigan Patrick Herd Scott Herring Jeanette Hester Paul Hickman Ron Hill Traci Hilton Jay Hines Roz Holcombe James Horne Keith Horne Cheryl Hulsey Frank Hummel Tisa Hunt Crystal lngersall Warren Ingram Kyle Irvin John Isaacson Angie James Vaughn James Michelle Jennings Carey Joels Alice Johnson Carl Jones David Jones Gaby Jones 127 Janice Jones Lisa Jones Vincent Joseph Lori Kanitz Curt Kea Bryan Keadle Darren Keller Shawn King Tami Kinker Ann Kleir Lisa Klingenberg Nquyen Lac Kenny Lacey Darrin Lagers Cynthia Lange Jamie Lawson Paul Lazzara Sue Leiding Ricky Lewis David Lin Julie Lindsey Donnie Lucente Karen Ludewick Hung Luong Scott Luttenberg Cherri Lytle Karen Mackey Susan Madigan Tami Majors Todd Males Rodney Malwick Pete Mann Kathy Martin Liza Mason Jeff McAnaIIy Phyllis McClure Stephanie McCullough Kelly McDonald Shaun McDonald Alan McDowell Shirley McGregor Cindy McGuirk Brian Mcllroy Rob McKnight 128 .lui I I , ' I ,QM ,, Kim McMillan Lorrie McNeil Lori McQuary Tony Meister Ben Meyer Chris Mills Michelle Montooth Diana Moore Mario Moreno Diana Morgan Marcia Morgan Nicki Morris Lori Mullspauch Lisa Muthert Lisa Naumann Vinh Nauyen Tammi Nearhood Richard Newson Scott Nightengale Chris Nikel Jay Onstott Melanie Orr Marty Paden Kristy Patrick Mike Patrick Dayna Penix Mike Petty Eric Phillips Lynn Phillips Karen Popken Lori Pope Rick Poyner Lois Queen Kevin Raatz Kris Ramsay Scott Ramsey Sharla Redford Mike Reiser Brian Renwick Timi Richardson Donna Richeson Stu Rickner Kim Riddles Sheryl Riffey 129 Tracey Riley Brigid Robertson Stephanie Robertson Larry Robinson Barry Rogers Billy Rose Cyndi Rose Wanda Sage Jesus Salazar Kurt Schmidt Julie Schock Jeff Scott Tanya Scott Shannon Sixkiller Larry Smith Eric Snodgrass Sherry Somers Tracey Spears Eric Stagman Cari Stanley Todd Steidley James Stephens Laura Stepp Robin Stockman Robert Stone Mike Storm Russell Stout JaDean Stricker Jeff Swearinger Chuck Tackett Danny Teague Rodney Thacker Chris Thompson Jesse Thompson Robbin Thompson Kim Vaughn Chris Vihnal Vince Von Stetton Cindy Waldraff Raymond Wallage Allen Ward Steven Way Mike Weir Mariann Weston Kirsten Whealy Billy Whitten Van Widick Chris Wiley Nancy Wilkenson Jason Williams Jeff Williams Kent Williams Robin Williams Wayne Williams Brent Wilson Chris Winston 130 23? as gan ' fs-we ' 'lf 4, tg, ,Q 'silt' 'W S H 'Q 32 IAN MINE S IJh0l110l'B 'tif ' 'H Q if ' -+3 QX MIX 2' I. M I 4 Secretary: Lisa Knowles, President: Bryan Craig, Vice President: Lori Bushyhead I - ll ,sr The Sophomores have shown school spirit this year by winning first in the spirit chain contest, second in the wall decoration contest, and participated in the homecoming parade and carnival. They are well on their way to building a class that will lead to new heights of school spirit at Union. 133 Jananne Abbott Mike Adams Wade Adams Yves Allenspach Rosie Arguelles April Armstead John America Kirsten Anderson Jeff Arnold Kathy Ashlock Pam Atherton Debbie Avis Preston Bacon Tracey Baddley Brenda Bankston Valisa Barton Connie Bass Sevena Bates Debbie Batson Jeff Baumer David Beam Michael Beard Dana Beisley Derrick Benson Andy Bess Tona Bessent Adrineh Betcheri Lisa Billings Bobby Bingham Trandy Birch Jeff Bishop Shauna Blair Martin Boone Karla Bradley Mark Branson Kevin Brase Rick Brasel Cindy Broderick Cammie Brown Debbie Brown Eric Brown Greg Brown Kathy Brown Martin Brown 134 0? Kendall Brumley Eddie Bryan April Bryant Barry Bulman Jennifer Burger Kayla Burgess Robert Burross Lori Bushyhead Barbara Butcher Carl Cabbiness Joe Callery Betsy Calk Bill Canfield David Cape Kellie Carper Robin Carter Jack Cherry Andy Christian Brian Christenson Cheri Cochran Kevin Collinson Devra Colvin Kelley Colvin Chris Conley Burton Copeland Gina Courington Bryan Craig Gerry Cox Dawn Cummings Criag Cummings Robert Cumpton John Cunnane Sue Daigneault Troy Daer Thad Dale Glenna Dane 135 Brian Daniels Chris Davidson Sean Day Mark DeBeradinis Rob Decker Cathy Denson David Dick Lisa Diffenderfer Stacy Dimperio Richard Downes Stacy Downes SanDee Dragoo Eric Dreyer Brian Dugan Kenny Dugan Kenda Dulaney Karen Duke Misty Dunbar Tommy Durbin Rick Eakes John Ecton Jeff Edwards Julie Elam Todd Eller Robin Ellis Darrin Farr Tracy Findley Brian Finley Michelle Finn Kevin Flowers Laura Goddis Terry Gee Mike Geis Cindy George Karen Gettings Sarah Glocker Clyde Goins Kelli Graybill Lisa Griffin Mike Grimes 136 A , iii vii 5 , Zggfffsr, ,, 4-gg? N- "1 4' I ,rl ff' ' ,,' 1 ,W f ss, 1 phgyw 1- ,fm Peter Gunderson Cheryl Hagan Teri Hailey Celeste Halstead Jimmy Hampton Kelley Hancock Jennifer Haner Jeff Hardt Michelle Harmon Sheller Harmon Janet Harris James Harrison Jennifer Harrison Phil Hayden Randy Hayes Terrie Heath Darren Hensley Charlie Hicks Brian Hight Jeff Hines Gwen Hodges Chris Hoover Charles Hope Chris Hosch Daniel Howard Trina Howard Melissa Howell Cindy Hubbard Lori Huckabee Marleny Huerto Steve Huffman Mark Hulet Gina Humbyrd Scott Hunter Karen Hurn Aileen Hutchison John Isaacson Angela lsenberg Tacy Joffe Lynelle Johnson Renee Johnson 137 Randy Johnston Ricky Johnston Vince Johnston Rhena Jones Robert Jones Vicki Jones Chris Kaiserr Stephen Kelley Jim Kerr Steve Ketring Tiffany Kietzman John King Lisa Knowles Jennifer Koskey Chris Langham Brad Latting Jimmy Lawbaugh Eric Lee Nancy Lee Susan Lee Dan Lehman Janet Lewis Eric Litsey Richard Lopez Jody Loud Steve Lucente Gary Lytle Curt Magnuson Shanna Marlow Tommy Marrs Rhonda Martin Mark Mauldin Crystal Mays Alan McCoy Arthur McCune Chuck McDonald Darrin McDonald Shane McDonald Roni McFarland Patriccia McGuire 138 1'-pi 9 St., 4. Bill McHugh Mike McKinney Ted McMorrow Mark Miller Doug Mitchell Jeff Mobley Diana Montegani AI Morgan Rodger Morrow Brad Mullen Mark Muratore Carmie Murphy Christy Myers Eric Nazim Tracy Newby Kelly Niles Tina O'Banion Randy O'Bryan Sean O'KeIley Tommie Orcutt Mark Patrick Kim Paul Janice Payne Sherry Penner Kris Perry Kerry Planer Robin Price Debbie Pritchard Steven Pruitt Renee Purget Mike Quinhuis Amy Ramsey Eric Ramsey Leslie Randolf Barry Ratzlaff Scott Reibert Steven Reiser Deana Reisinger Kim Remington Tammy Remington Laura Reynolds 139 535 Terri Tinker Scott Tobey Stephanie Todd Donna Turner Steve Twist Rhonda Vanderborgh Darren VanHorn Laura VanMeighen Tommy Vannoy Wendy Vasquez Huynh Vien Corry Volz Greg Wadsworth Damon Waggener Brent Wagner Troy Waites James Wallace .Johnny Walker Carolyn Walters Dan Watkins Tara Watson Denise Weingartner Carrie Wells Mike Wheeler Chris White Chad Whittaker Vicki Wilcox Dawn Williams Susan Wilson Tony Winter James Wolfe 141 Kristi Wolfe Robert Wolfe George Wong Angie Wood Mitch Wood Paul Woodard Lynne Woods John Worcester Chris Wyatt Tom Yates Stephanie Zane Charles Zang Jim Zell Lisa Zell 42 M, F ff2""'f . l,lh Q' QW .. r3 Q 43 filllult . . . ,4 My M . 4- ,,,, yy, ,-L,- Q,.f,,, ,A , HY 'Tuff I H' 4. 'CL- . SA". gW., ,.2 , , f 44,497 r 44 1,4,,m5,,,M, . FW"' fm 'Ie 1 ' -4 iq. gfjwfggai, .,,: . f rw-f' I 1 Our leaders, our friend, and our educators. Without them our. education would be nothing. Through all the tests, homework and the long hours of study the teachers here at Union were behind us all the way. .h ' ll 145 46 Gerald Williams Bill Grove Don Davidson Principal Assistant Prin Under the new direction of principal Jerald Williams the 1981-82 school year was a success. Mr. Williams brought new and fresh ideas from Edison where he was principal last year and turned them into something great. Along with the principal we had our vices. Mr. Don Davidson and Mr. Bill Grove supported Mr. Williams and kept things going. Mr. Grove, after serving as vice- principal for four years, retired this year but he still worked with the school district. We're fortunate to have these fine men as our leaders. cipal Assistant Principal CDUHSBIDYS I af u if Jim Fisher Bill Mann Joan Stuckey Reamonelle McEIlhaney One of the most utilized groups of faculty is the one residing in the guidance office. These people deal with the whole spectrum of the human drama. They have witnessed the suc- cesses and failures, solutions and problems, joys and pains of countless youths. But they are not here merely to bear testament to the humanity that parades before them yearly. They help grease the cogs in the process of educating the pillars of 21st. century American society. And they care . . . all t Of,- 'xl . 6, if 47 48 SCIIOD Dr. Wesley Jarman Darwin P. Maxey Alison Moore Richard L. Tallman Vaughn Brower Louise Grissom The Board of Education is a dedicated group of five people who are elected by the community to serve in the best interests of the parents and students in the district. , The school board meets once a month to make deci- sions concerning personnel, finances and building. It is the ultimate goal of the Board to provide the best possible education for each student within the district's eight schools. Dilfd Harold Reed ' office Staff Karen Bills Glenda Braun Kathy Griffey Darla Harris Carolyn Wall I B -' f Dur Nurse Eydie Leeds Jeb'- All Y The office personnel play a big part in a student's day. Between answering phones and keeping track of absences, they're writing passes and sending students to class. If it weren't for office aides, these women would be in big trouble. We're thankful for such dedicated secretaries! 14 50 Delores Arrowood Lana Yates Jeanie Oswalt lfl1QIiSh I lg, Q Debra Barlow Mike Weaver Janis Fowler Carole Liston Carol Lavendusky Yvonne Mann il,3,,eiW ML? Q if w.. .0 The English Department is the largest one here at the high school. During the year teachers prepare students for college in writing and reading skills by going over what they've learned in previous years. A Senior's year is full of essays, term papers and the dreaded Shakespeare stories. Through it all students do understand the English language better. SCiBl1CB Ed Keeney Pat Bell . f Q Don Jones 'N' 'eee . . K i -in E Raymond Jeff Moore Caldwell o Q Q i i! i i iiiiii I I N ,eee,.e N, eeeeeee , eeee l it Robin Robbins Buddy Slemp Plant life, human life and the solar system are just a few of the classes of- fered through our science department here at Union. So large is the interest in it, that many students have com- pleted all the courses offered and are now taking college classes in chemistry and physiology. Future plans of the department are to broaden the courses available and build a green house for further plant study. If you want to know who our president was, ask any history stu- dent and you'lI find out. Our history department has grown considerably in the past years with help from its outstanding staff. Students were taught about our democracy, economics and our heritage as far back as possible. No one can ever say - history is not important. 'Lg it If: , , figs i , T Et. ZII f we an-We 'S X ............-.-1-gg ' Mathematics ffl' 2 il . Diane Thorpe Ray Strickland Ron Sumner Marilyn Brinkman Joella Roberts Max Pope Mickey Toney 4 ,,,. 1, 12 - willw' ff - sp 41" f mp.. wigs,-.. , J .3 43 li ii ...,.1 T M 'Q i 5. Can you add and subtract? Mathematics department at Union is the best one of all. There is a wide range of classes for the business bound student. lf you want the basic math skills there is General Math, and those who plan to major in Math may find Calculus to be the answer. You might not enjoy Math, but with good and understanding teachers you may begin to like it. Math is 2 good 2 be 4gotten. 15 3 if IB --,girl ,, 1,.sggtjifis , g e r . T Y ' -Q : i f A sg l . -- ' 'fi' 'L.:- 7,-L if 1 ii- 1' vi r 1 my Xl! Larry Arrowood Jeanie Buck ?i ,a 'TS- si 'E l '-in .iv 41937 . .., Mr-1,,i,, X li? V X ' 3 4 wi' ,gr a t' f i x NS: x N' 35 . i.. ,D 1 Ellen Jones i ai t T llly ,AA 2 ' Q ih- Besides athletics, Physical Educa- tion is one ofthe most active classes in the school. Students are subject to ac- tivities such as volleyball, softball, and physical workouts, as well as basket- ball and lifting weights. Having a choice of what kind of class you wanted to be in really made it easier. There were three classes - Girls, Boys, and Co- Ed. The P.E. teachers felt that with a choice of the class the student could be in, it was easier for them to participate. BUSINESS 4 Q i Nancy San Miguel Ruth Goudeket ?,2 elf is Patty Deuvall Terry Kelsey S as Beth Shipman June Ray .Q I Av W lf you've ever wanted a taste of the working world, the business department is the place to be. Throughout the year, typewriters are working away setting new goals and calculators are out in full force. Students learn shorthand, business management and typing skills to help them before they graduate and begin working in the business world. The teachers show the students everything they know and thanks to the good equipment and facilities here, it makes learning it all so much easier. ff ..,-KN Fine AYIS Ray Bell Bill Peterson Doug Henderson Don Wood r I I The Fine Arts department has achieved many goals this year as they began their climb to the top. The drama classes presented one act plays throughout the year with great success. The music department performed at dinners and social events throughout the city of Tulsa. Both the music and drama groups combined did an outstanding job and deserve the credit they've earned. 56 Jane Finley vig Vw' 1 Stan Hughes .. , Q, f '3 av Q 'E 5 X W vm, N ,. A , ffix 1 4? vi ,W K 4' fwggw af ' ii , 4 1 A , Q J Q 4 f ,- 3 Qi?-iw: W ,X e r f, QI -ff ' r f 1 15 7 15 H08 Amleo Parlez-vous francais? Habla usted espanol? If you can answer either one of these then you know Union offers French and Spanish. You learned about other countries' culture as well as their language. Both classes go on a trip to the country they are learning about which only adds to one's knowledge. lf you don't do well in English why not take a foreign language. Au revoir! f .llliiiltbz rr ,iv Q R at ....-19" e Q N 1 " 53 1 i Q 5 " ff fm '51 4, in 1, .t Q- .. x Q. Jacqueline Reed Patricia Deuvall 31 x . Q H 1 ., . V -. .,, 7,1 ,,, ngvula' - i,.,4,:... -v A W 8 L53 ifif Aff, ll1dUStl'ii:ll AYIS Union has a terrific industrial arts department and it shows thru their program. Students enrolled learn skills in welding, Woodcraft and mechanics. Most who enroll have usually chosen one of these as a career and are ready and willing to learn. Q v . wo, N I' Kurt Reisner Don Bailey Driver's Ed is where most students get their first experience in driving. Teaching this to the students is a large responsibili- ty and ours were the best. In Driver's Ed students are taught not only how to drive and operate a car but are taught proper maintenance of a car. Along with that, this was the first year students were re- quired bythe state of Oklahoma to com- plete driver's ed before receiving their license. ivel' Ed David Hudson S0l'ViCBS Connie Keller Donna Brown Andrea Tight and Donna Ciucci try to provide their students with creative work and a warm atmosphere. Mrs. Tight, as the Special Services coordinator, takes care of the referrals and testing of all students. Connie Keller as the A.R.C. CAcademic Resource Centerj co-ordinator, feels that, since the program is new, there is ample opportunity to try different ap- proaches and techniques. .- -I. nf .1 Andrea Tight N J' L 1 Becky Caves Donna Winkler earning ive, Goo Home Ec students found themselves quite busy this year as they were taught everything from sewing on a button to preparing a full course meal. Students interest in family living and single survival in- creased with a large part of these being male. Guys wanted to learn how to cook and do household chores just as much or even more than the female members. ls this surprising or is this surprising? is JK H ry ,ttt ff 4. X X , I t Mt.. 1 ., .... t fs,-, ty H. . , X st. .kk W 4 l, tts: Q, . , t V ,,.... ng,---' 161 'R nf 62 I ki' c .fr M., 5 9 if . ti t Q if fi JoAnne Bradshaw Mary Beth Webb 4, Qs i it f7"" ,ht . if V 0 4. ' x 8 ,ji f r, qu fi N "f ... i to wif , it JM 'gg ' -A L' 4. I it ' ' 'l il W. ids' of WHY UD Our growing library has been mosi helpful this past year. The librariar worked hard keeping it nice and nevi books for the students' con- venience. Since the library has beer moved over into the new section everything has been more organizec and easier for students to finc materials they need without hallway congestion of the past. Congratula tions go to the hard work oui librarians have done. Front Row - Alice Hudson, Fran Pearson, Barbara Hunsberger. Back Row - Evelyn Wolfe, Wanda Dalke, Merline Planer, Mary Housdan. Cooks and Cleans The janitor and cooks are seldom recognized the work they put into our school. Here at Union we have a very qualified staff who spend many long and hard hours cleaning our school and preparing our lunches for us. Without them the school would be one large pit full of starving kids. Thanks for your help! A' Mx, 63 Adssoo 64 1 Att VII This section is what makes patrons and sponsors that have the 1982 yearbook possible. supported us all year long. We would like to thank all the Thanks! WK' ui!! 165 lr' 11 AMKIEIDA 'gm TYPE 9 .23 . JUST Qi' fx-1, . BECAUSE . . 0 ff" ' , A fo Bride's Shop X U Complete Bridal Service ' 0 ij' 10X5a OK Specializing in 'gqggiggggfgg Programs and Books U sa' a' 5459 so. 101 E. Ave. ses-2333 Good Luck Cal Randy to Grads of 1982 compnmemsof BRCGDON SERVICE MIDWESTERN C0- Mechanical Contractors - Refrigeration - Heating - Air Conditioning 5412-C S. Mingo Tulsa, OK 74145 9504-A E. 54th 664-4970 918-662-1684 Tulsa, Okla. 6 R.D. Rokelv :mow Patterson RECII EStCltE NSU RANCE QENCY complete . Real ESt8te SGFVICE 115 w. Broadway BTOKGYI AITOW, Okla. 2 5 1 -1819 Bruce Schutte James Beavers 122 south Main 1 ursery an scapxng P-O- B OX 1 59 L::::'.1L:2:r.... T MGE BROKEN ARRUW, OKLA- T275 'os 252-4214 25555 ML yi 25842681 930, .1 GARNE,, Welcome Home Steak Lovers. Come in for Reasonable Prices, Hearty Steaks Broiled to Order. And Delicious Steak and Seafood Combinations. All Served with Baked Potatoes or French Fries and Sizzler Toast. At Sizzler, Satisfaction ls Our Promise. We Back Every Bite. Open 7 Days a Week Lunch Thru Dinner ,ji ' r 1 fi 'in if +----W M-- .l1..-.,..l-1 THE HOME OF STEAK LOVERS Two Locations to Serve You: 252-3232 744-5416 8140 E. 68th - South Tulsa 1881 S. Yale 1 Blk. North of Woodland Hills Mall 7 LINDA'S ' FLOWERS AARON s Complete Floral Service FONTAN1' DX ' ' Open Saturday Major Credit Cards 51st and Mem'-Vial - Accepted TUI88, OK 74145 664-5957 ' ' cmsmsh I C ' 4918,622-0835 ' Offset Printing 0 f 11113 B. E. 41:IrIT1i1 :Aide Ima, 6224758 ' N C R Fo rm S Garnett, Tulsa iq, 0 Prog ram s tlonlvf . ' Business Cards qAgq guy v Stationery FONTANA BARBARA sHoP C3II--- Font n Shoppin SP ' 9 - aC1nter g EP 'WP P JM D -I 51st and Memorial N " T E "' d TuIsa'oK 0pen11iMID T 'dC y0t C S Id 621-0610 21 50- . err an 320 W. Kenosh B k A Tulsa, Oklahoma FQ R D Ford Authorized Sales and Service AMERICAN SUN at SK' ROOFING Fo::m:Arng:e:aerI Isoeaa: 11115 E. 41st AND SHEET METAL At Your Ford nearer Tulsa, OK 665-6666 47II.:,2?g'kI::2:1E3:::ge' JIM NELSON FORD, INC- I91a7 6224300 324 E. Kenosha 251-9684 INDUSTRIAL AND EQBLHEFIENT CTILTETSLAL AND Republic Dani-4 S"""LY'NC- Tulsa: Okla. 24145, 10800 E' 518' 81 t I' LI st office 19161 627-7811 T"'23?:gg145 Your Financial Partner 1700 S. Sheridan 0 PO. Box1656 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101 0 MemberFDIC 8 'k Wx?-ks "4 x f Xxx gpg .gui I Vhc Kwik Kunr Printing While You Wait! 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Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Phone: 19183 627-7521 WEDDING SPECIALISTS Gowns Tuxedos Invitations 5635 South Mingo Road Tulsa, OK 74145 Photography Receptions Flowers Allen Deiter Loretta Deiter Owners f918l 252-9730 The Printer's Alley 252-4547 James Connel For All Your Printing Needs . . . 56498 South Mingo Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145 BAKER PACKERS We're Going With A Winner! Go Redskins 3000 N. Hemlock Circle Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 455-3000 A Division of Baker Oil Tools, Inc. 72 MOORE FUNERAL 492-5500 HOMES Member FDIC CROSSBOW Serving Barnes Mutual AMERICAN BANK SYBII-,S Fl-ORIST Burial Assn.'Inc. DAYLIGHT Pre-arran ed Burial Trusts 9 QFTULSA DONUTSHOP ..nz"."1.'::',1:::.. Warren Professional Bldg. 4:30-2:00 Monday-Saturday I I - ' - M9m0fY Ch9P9l 6465 S. Yale Carole and Jack Dilley 5P90'8l'2',n9 In Wedudlngs Drive-In 6150 s. Yale owners And Bridal Catering 627-2044 Eastlawn Chapel 11115 A E. 4181 5534143 I 5224155 1403 S. Peoria 1908 S. Memorial Dr. L P t C. 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Service Is Our Specialty Good Luck Seniors STEELCO INC 0' ' ' M 10828 E. 55th Pl., Tulsa, OK 74145 1918, 664-6551 ALPARSONS 73 HESSELBEIN TIRE OF OKLAHOMA, INC. "A Tire for All Your Needs" At Prices You Can Afford to Pay Over 30,000 Tires in Stock Cordovan Multi-Mile Gateway Gumbo Mudders Grand Prix and Grand Am Tires Keystone Wheels - Front End Aligning - Wheel Balancing - Brakes - Shocks 2 5 Join the Move to Michelin - Passenger - Earfhmover . Truck - Aircraft - Farm ' New - Industrial ' Used Recreational Vehicle Headquarters Boat Trailer and RV Tires and Wheels Nationwide Distributors Q Wholesale - Retail for . .... if 664-0140 31st and 129 E. Ave. ,e sac 1 174 Bob HoIder's it K X i Remember Us for Your Portrait Needs Best Portrait Studio in Union Area 518 South Elm Place - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012 - 251-6913 7 76 4911 I will ,fa-Q - N - " . , . . ,, ., , HA , I i 1 N1 , , . , . , , , 4, , . , . . , ,, f . V ' , A. ..,. 4.,.:-" , -'- 1- f' :..-- -N i -x. . 4 , ff' V ' ' - -. I vf.. . '. xl..-M xr ---'A 4z,--.,.-,A- ,v Q L"- ..A P. - -- - 5- f .. ,M .-.. A M vm. A N , J s

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