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Union High School - Redskin Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Presenting The REDSKIN if ,i l was wi? f 'W 721 H! QL' ,QA bfxjf 4 J .EY W1 xi f M! f ,W rg Mzfmw, U-XE SENXOIQ C1455 UNION CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS B lc A 0 O Q N . I, 1 4 ff? X . ' N: x . X7 ' Tiff 4 MW f M Q eff- " 7X '.f?"" 1 ,. I 'gif if ', A1121 Dir: :I , ff ' ' 7 L, I Y L 41 1, ' 5 ' ' iff f I 2 , O. ' , ., V 5- 2 ,n -SSW Wai if " X "U, 4 gl' yjf 1 ,f ' L frffxf' 5 . x, ml :'.l, v xl j ll V +A r IV ro en rr W, Hahomcz 1Uur School A school is judged by the products it turns out Union High School is justly proud of the boys and girls who have been Graduated from it Especially, are we proud of this fine class of l91+8, who have worked so diligently to give us this fine yearbook It gives me a great deal of pleasure to have had a part, even though it be a small part, in your educational experience As you turn through the pages of this book in the years to come may they recall pleasant memories of happy times spent in Union High School, your Alma Hater As you go on to broader fields of endeavor, may you ever keep before you a vision of courage, faith in yourself, and hope for .Z -3 the future M best wishes go with you Q x X 1 We, the Senior Class of 1948 W1Sh to dedicate this Annual to Mr Geor89 Boevers His emiability and willingness to help us at all times and most of ell his true friendship to us is greatly appreciated O. G. Schubert R. B. Grove George Boevers Elsie Lafon Lena Pitson Jack Griffin Sara M. Stagner Eileen Jackle Maude Schuttler Alma Hyden Virgie Gibson Nell Reding Mabel Schubert Inez Hogan Mae Albin FACULTY Superintendent Principal, Soc. Science, Coach Vocational Agriculture English and Speech BUILDING CUSTODIAN T. H. Cantrell Commerce Music Home Economics Mathematics Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade First Grade BOARD OF EDUCATION l'l"4. T. W. Peters Mrs Guy Miller W. M. Hines FQ ig? hr' jr ,...f' -1' 0 G Schubert Grove ww: I-'v git' lk 1' Elsie LaFon George Boevers Lena Pitson -vi X Jack Grlffin X 55 if uni -41' lable Schubert Virrie Gibson gba ' 146 'HQ Nell Reding laude Schuttler al'- 1' Alma Hyden nnua J6n9 an Queen of CLARA LOUISE EJEVHRS J' D ROBLNSONI Nrxf LOIS MARIV SHOOI ClSt8 Tree urer Junlor :lay berlor rlay Haber bt ff Glee Club Library O'fi e 'C Wi 'rt vHAHLnS L L nhHSbN Class President F A President Redskln Klng Senlor Play Junlor Play Paper Staff Basketball Softball JAChIP RAY TC1LF Vice President F F A Treasurer Senlor Play Jun1or Play Paper Staff Basketball Dramatice Softball ,lf JFXELL LEE YqITT1NGlCv Band Library Junior Play senior Play Paper Staff Veledictorien President F H M 0 i' 3 5 r N vw K ' 0 , - fu., ' -.f"m , Ai. - Q , - ' gtk-'fi -K K . r,f5r,x 4 Zen, ,Qs-'. I . :ix ,x K ' 1 H : J. . ., t ,. : . - N, ,W N 4.4 A'-vi . F. . . af' ' f 1 rf' 0' , ff 'X X ' N ',p Dramatics f XX n din .. 'lg ZA. Lf! Q xi fy 'P ' 1 W' KE : 1 ,A ,. I 1 f I ' M'if X - . . . A H , A ' m N- .. M . - . n,- Mis J Q ' ', 1 " ' ' wr' .LL 1 3 , X . N F.H.A. f 'W", - VERTA HOLLOWAY Band F H A Office Junior Play Senior Play Speech Play Glee Club Trio Library Massed Choru Paper Staff 8 of qfyg, CARL RAYMOND MILLER Band W A Secretary Softball Ba k tball Senior Play Junlor Play Paper Staff JUHIOT fresldent SPIRLEY ANN WILLERTDN Band H Softball Basketball Speech Play Junior Play Senior Play Paper Staff Salutatorian a"' IF 'IEW 'Dx IARY JO HARRELL Band F H A Office Junior Play Senior Play Library Paper Staff CLARA LOUISE BOEVERS President of F H Annual Queen Senior Play Junior Play Softball Office Speech Play Glee Club Jasketball EDC Library 4-H Club Y' ,L Hrs! 'CF' fm Hg 5 nr- 16' ,WW J D ROBINSON F F A Softball Senior Play Jun1or Play anrual Klng Basketball LUCILLE KATHERINE SKIDMOHh H Softball Basketball Smwhrmy Senior llay JUHIOP Play silllfm '5- DARCL MAREr JOWNSON Library H Glee Club Qpartetue Dramatzcs Junior Play Senior Play Paper Staff Offxce Staff .,d:f'f"z', 124' 1 ,, T'Qff: 2 'r' 'Ne,,, 2 . Bill Kennard Oleita Poplin Lo r sua James Gaylor K.. 41' R'? Barbara Sexton Betty Jordan 47.9 K 6- 4?-.9 .Teanelle Martin Nw' Barbara McCu1l ick ,,... Janice Tinney 1 4. 9-' ' ,,,. Jw. - ff" F '-Q Charlotte Inelee Mrs: Pitson 1'--Q D0D8ld Shook Kathleen Lancaster r""7 Jack Jones Joan Ginan Q6 Johnny oarasuu Virna Miller Onis Meier Ollie Nright Neil Moore B1ll1e iunter . 3 Q Q 3' " .ie - 9 -1 1- 4- fr y ' ' V . Q - 7 -1 K Yu H fi? ew I 5 V r S 1 Y x F , if x A b R 5 , 1' " , .1 C Sa Q " s 6 1 li! Q' M S X ' I ' .A - . I 5. , , -cw' ' f A' - , 2 of 3- 3 H : K , g3mA as x jf, J . ?? if , ' ' -SSB? - - , f - 1 ,: , x X x f "9" X3 T CZJM v ,.. 1 1 K, N 1 Ly f y ,f - xW.h',L J ' f f S . f' In-j he , ll A J Y , 'Q' .9"0"' 7 Ronald Hedge we-' Buddy Hardcastle Tommy Justus gg, as K al. Yi R""' Ora Bell Lawrence Miller nr-v Wanda Tlnney Betty Brown Bernice Reese Freddie Hunter Bobby Shook Junior Cody .35- I' Dorothy Reese ,pu-ll Q, u Mary Bell Ruth Kelly Elsie Gene LaFon Jackie George Paul John Lewis k ...v ak G47 , , ,., , . ' di 9 ' Qa.'L 61 A X Q "s rig Q5 w I . K l. um r ' , Q' 4' ' J .1 J J F 'Y X i L Kg biz r if-'rc ..-J Wei, . , Q f Le. ' .4 ' ,A 1, j d, fr? J We J 'J x , 1' 4 'd 2 , - A 4 1 1 4 8: 77, 'AI' 2. 2 3' A 'I y A VJ, fi-2-aff f l r l , ei or H E Sy, Q egg ::1EfyjE if' X - ' f . . I A N Genevieve Zerbe was 3' 'Q '91' Don Downey 'Q Jerry Bethel Jessie Mae Vright 20- 4.-" Lenor GGY101' 1 Bonnie Sellers 1 Dorotuy Holladay -mf" Iva Mae Newman Helen Haworth Shirley McDan1els pm 'B' Donna Whittington he 519' Billy Jones we Darrel Hayes ' 1 Edward Jones wig 8 Jimmie Hardcastle Betty Edwards L VPTH Sellers Hilda Jones Inia Neuman Floyd Davis Kenneth Medlin Billy Boevers Luonna Hendricks 3 Y 5 , ' mf' 1: 'g ' -. 1 2:0 4' ig: 'La ? ' CQg'x 435' !K iwnm xt N. gk ,v , Q A k Q A ' 9 ' ag:?ab if w'N g,fi59x 1 , W YH, y F :T A 5 Q, L . , ,gd J ' 4 I X ,,.l 1 V Vs. Billy Bob Wilson 5 ior ohnson Harvey Donald Davis Nora Yi' Carolyn Inslee l Barbara Bumgarner Nadine Scott I 1- p v 811:22 I-fe Sy'-lbert Carol Nimerick nr-v Joyce Phillips James Kindley 'iq-s. GI.- 'C' cr u. Juanita Bowes Bobby Cleveland Kun 1? 'C' Mary Jane Autry Gertrude Pendergraph x. A V ei 3' an PUSSY C0I1tI'0l1 Howard Sparks Shirle Ridgway ' X ,1 a, 6 X l df dk Mary Charles 1f""Y Bobby Kennard fC'rO- l Margie bickens my WP Gi' Mac Cook 1110 Q"" Na Sue Miller Shirley Fields 110' 'QQ' Norma Tinney .-,N wr Joslene Toon ,ig n. -r-9 Hazel Johnson K X Jimmy Sonzer 7th Grade ling. ahh gh i Susan Edwards John Bethel Ka Shook AQ -u Jodie Sarasua Donna Taylor All at Claud Lenerd 17" Orin Harris Genevieve Richards lr Ruth Medlin fl fi Henry Wright T"" Billie Knight 10' Dan Wickersham Aaron Bell gg an ull' Francis Gallagher Sammy Lewis 8610- 'sv Z Imogene Haworth Betty George C5 Juanita Lewis Paul Gindt ax I Patty Mcnanields Inle C8rnBS 496: Georgie Scott , . ,X , g A I I Q ,! "'A 5 I 'V . :f::37 5 h'v 74257 we 1- Q ,rg Y ' 5 G g ' f 'I ' , W Q x X - . 'M' i L1 .1.- L-v gy N - S h 4: G A f jp H F .. 4 M., K Pk fo if 'Q 8 JK 1, M, 4 4' 0 ,I 'Q f L K 5' 1 ' V ,V 6' , S 'f" a ,QV I f.,, - w o 1" 5 ,ix 'fi' Q . ' X 'L Msn- 'N,,. x I f x H, ?gE74" , aw, N ffZE:5 -' 9 Y I Q - x g . I . 1 in - A' " f N 3 i . fu' X I-. G N.. Q ' ,I - 4 -S W M y 1 I ' 1' tin: : ' g. L I 5' I I x Lf V S ' ' ' to ,-.- f--' .Q ' he Ly W S 4 X be ,4 gd, hu: , gh T , 'fi Us I, 1 ' - ' Nl ja I Kinley Carter B Henke P Holt Sparks F .Tone s 4?- 4--'v 6th Grade .T N Hunter we 'D' R Kelly B Little M Jones B Poplin 196' fg ' C McPhersonH Gallagher R Robinson .TE Parnell S ev U? Cook N S Dagger D Gilbert M Hardcastle .T Ford lla. ah. VV' Q ' -vs:-' ,,-,,,,, c Crumb D sem-515 B nose M Edwards C 'Finney D T1m"'Y -T Ed"81'dS -T Bowers 7 BA., -Q 1 Newman C Smith J' Perrvman B Gindt K Cole D Day P Nickene Q gangster f,.... i Y K A B Ridsevey v Hun B Howard J B1-me D seners I' Grade First Row Miss Gibson, Patty Howard, Jo Ann Grayson, Barbara Poplin, Lillian Gilbert, Lutie Cline, Karen Boevers, and Patty Hardcastle Second Ron Harold Fields, Roy Cook, Jim Smith, Charles Cosper, Or vis Crowson, Joe Sparks, and Johnny Simmons Third Row Sylvia Leeds, Gay Dell Goodwin, Molly Hampton, Billie Doss, Michael Keefe, Cecil Hatchett, Kenneth Hull, and Robert Ewton Fourth Row George Bell, Virgil Martin, Franklin Ewton, William Brown Margaret Day, Helen Nightingale Martha Sue Keen, and Cora Lenard 15 1 N Grade First Row Irs Hyden, sul Jones, Donald Clev land, Richard Edminsten Beauford Clements Charles Orsburn, Bobby Peters, Roy Orsburn, Cla hae Davis Second Row Jackie Apple, Pat Little, John Evans, Donsld hoo B,tha Newman Donna nocnell, Delores Sexton, Julia Sarssua Third Row Jane Lewis, Wilma Bwton, Mary Frances Lewis, Darwin Maxey Roger Nickersham Charles Hendricks, Hubert Adamson Jim Vestal Fourth Row James Woodward Wayne Lancaaster, Raymond Overcash B ckie Ewton Bobby Zerbe Glenn Bray Ed Parnell Ronnie ,oore . , ,. ' ' . A - X 5 it "' 1 K 4 6 o -Q ' A . 5 '.:' Q. ' r 4 - . v , , I I f' . V8 X ,' 1 , , 4 J 1. . I if 1 bs I 9 '-' X ' . fl, .- 2 U4 V 1 an , ' A ' is I I 2 Q . 1 . Q . s . ' 1 I l 1 I . , 5 . . ., f 4 '. ' . f 'Y' " F . . , A - .ITT I I v - 1 , Al. -, 'L , , . 1 A 'sl . I , . , J ' A . - . ' , , 7-i .- E5t11 f -- 2 -L : if - e ' 1 , Q -- ' , I ., A r .V . . . . . , ' - '. A . Z 1 : . 1' X e- , A A ' 2 1 S. RL, A , 7, 7: s I ' 9 Y A 1 , . . . A I Y I Q ll , , h 0 me ,. ,4 -. ...,..,. n Grade First Row Debora Wilkinson, Ronald Gillespir, Bill Rothrock, Jack Poplin, Patricia Andersen, C 1 H lsman Grace Evans Sizzzd Rgw Mrs Schubert, Patty Ann Keefe, Gene Gallagher, Charles Johnson, Jerry Leeds, 1 C1 ments Wade Andersen Tracy Ree EET:deROWe Susan Keim, Mary Jane Brown, Brucidean Fetterolf, Annette Poplin, Patty Ann Felkel La Gatha Toon, Peggy Cosper rourth Row Jimmie ser sua, llmeda Hull, Sardra Reeves, Alfred Burnham, Henry Massey, Charles McDonald, HBTC16 R1cha1dson Richard Dotson r Grade E1rlt Row Paul Cook Marcia McDaniel Frank1e Skidmore, Carol Clements, Johnnie Dugger, Warnest ine Andersen, Earl ne Clayton, Mildred Davis, Margaret Justice, and Carlene Crumb Sneond Row Hrs Peding, Harvey Holt Ronald Deese, Tommy Peters, Jimmle Cllne Wanda Mason Carolyn Wilson, Judith Nightxngale, Verna Jo Duty, Phyllis Whittington, Helen Grayson, Barbara lolf Third Row Janie Felkel, Keith Woodward, Harold Gentis, Jacqueline Brauetlgam, Virginia Lewis Zelda Adamsom, Lovenia Hamllton, Delores Meir, Scott Tinney, Bennie Hull, Mosey Jones, Gary King, Forth Row Harvey Richardson, Inn Jordon, Hobart Kelley, Tommy Dav, Richard Martln Frank Bowes R1 hard Lewis, J W Wright, Floyd Daniels, Ronald Molt, Donald Humbyrd ' : V I o , . 1 i . : 5 I A - . , i , 4 r ' ei - 4'f- . , I 5 . . I xv ' - ' ' ' Q .. n ' ,. jf. r ,n ,Q A , F:- : , , ' n e ' ' . ' : . . , ' ' , . 7 0 2 - ' . ' . c . . . First Row Gene Palmer, Norma Stephen, Nillean Wvans, Norma Justice, Tommy Cantrell, Mary Lenard, Jerry Fields Second Row Miss Hogan, Betty Martln, Shirley Jones Paul Hamilton, Michael Kenslow, Ger ald Shook, Ronny Scurlock, Philip Jones Third Row David Wolfe, Earnest Adamson, Betty Humbyrd, Phyllis Gilbert, Jerry Hatchett Doris Slaughters, Mary Clayton Fourth Row Leonard Martin, Randy Flud, Phillip Mason, Sylvia Woodward, Nancy Boevers ls Grade First Row- Judy Bell, Lillian Jones, Arlene Hull, Opal Elvington, James Leeds, Gerald Moore, Jim Evans. Second Row- Mrs. Albin, John McDaniel, David Jones, Eugene Robinson, Beverly Ann Roth- rock, David Cottingim, Jimmy Doss, Jack Richardson. Third Row: Freddie Watts, Bennie Wolfe, Adren Shook, Jimmy Lewis, Clarence Wright Ronald Ridgway, Lon Tinney. fi ' " 7 - f- . , v T - 5 ' In f I f A ' QQ - , ,, lx", I P J- Y F Q S y Grade k 1. : 1' SCHOOL ACTIVITIES iQ students nerd at work in Study Hall Making use Q -I' -Us-1. 11 of the Library AQ, Q Mrs Cantrell, Supervisor of the Cafeteria and Mrs Hall and Mrs Harris, assistants I 1 7 J. C' B-sh: 'fs-6 Teachers enjoy eating too COMMERCIAL CLASSES 5 'ff-,A.4i'a-A Typing one nqgl paper Staff Annual Workers Co Editors ass't Editor Artists Production Circulation Sports Reporters Typiat Sponsor PAPER S TAFF Shirley Willerton Jewell Whittington Jeanelle Martin Jackie Metcalf Charlotte Inslee Charles McPherson Billy Kennard Joan Gindt Shirley Willerton Carl Miller Jewell dhittington Charlotte Inslee Wanda Tinney Lenora Gaylor Lois Shook Mrs Pitson E' Snorthand Class XA I-' FUN WITH POETRY if 'ro E ii Sd QI ii ll Q., Q1 1. Patsy Cantrell and Bobby Cleveland in 'Aunt Emenal1ne.' 2. Kay Shook, Sue Miller Margie Nickens, Susan Edwards, Genevieve Richards, Norma Tinney and Shirley Fields in 'Gypsy Lore.' 3. Billie Hunter in 'Maud Mu1ler.' 4. Orin Harrie as 'Huck Finn.' 5. 'Angelina' with Billie Jean Knight as 'Angelina Johnson,' Paul Gindt, Jimmie Song er, Henry Wright, Mac Cook and Shirley Fields as the 'Colored Fo1k.' 6. 'The linuet' with Barbara Bumgarner, Carolyn Inslee, Joyce Phillips as 'dancers', Joan Smith 'the reader.' 7. Wh1tt1er's 'Barefoot Boy' with Billy Bob Wilson. 8. 'Schooldays' with Lawrence Miller and Oleita Poplin. 9. Charles McPherson and Janice Tinney 'a-Courtin' 10. Carole Lee Schubert and Howard Sparks in 'No Sir Not' 3. w t, A - 1 I vvxfhx n - ' 4 A Al. 1? ' ee " I : .1 , -,3-'fha , A 1 10 1 3.23 I j-,Ijj . "forge: 5 A' ' X U K T 1 ,,llf' Q V 3 r....-.-- , P A Q I -, .X . I - T a ' a , . N , . . -sq.. f - : : ' 'M J., P4 wma ' g g , L f - 4 6 J - A : ". NN Y- 4 A. U I I! N . . 4 ,ll 3 I . I ' 54 .' f U ' u, "' h -.5 my vt. .' ' 1, 5 4' L 4 - HEN SALLY COMESTO TOWN JUNIOR PLAY 1946 47 Lord Cecil Raleigh Esther Parker belly Simple Uncle Joshua Perkins IW Theresa Holbrook Ruth Birdie La Rouge Lance Wellington Felicia Winston Lorlng Parker Mrs Ethyl Parker Play Director Class Sponsor Stage Managers Prompter CHARACTERS Left to Right Dan Benson Shirley willerton Betty Holland Charles McPherson Lucille Skidmore Dorothy Wilhite Clara Boevers Jackie Metcalf Lois Shook Carl Miller Mary Jo Harrell Elsie Gene LaFon Mr George Boevers Andy Crawford J D Robinson Jewell Whittington ie.. Fi ir A , Le First Row Lola arasua Vera Sellers, Genevleve Zerbe, Wanda Tlnne Luonna H9DdT1CkS, Barbara Sexton, and Dorothy Holladay Second Row Mr GT1ff1D, Verta Holloway, iilda Jones, Charlotte Inslee Jeenelle Martin Iva Mae Newman, Lenora Gaylor, and Darce Johnson Third Row Joan Glndt, Bonnle Sellers, Inia Mae Newman, Barbara Mc Cullick Lois Shook, Helen Haworth, and Shirley McDaniels P A iv uv 'Wil 5. i L Dorothy Hollnday Darce Johnson Alto Solo Jeanelle Martin Soprano 5010 Metzo Solo ri Jack Griffon, Director F. F. . 1"-- Y .4 'if 'gli ,MZ q Q' 'H X T1'nL Qo'5"9"xf" x A - '5 D - Ja 1 , 9 c o ' C Q' ggi 'L l Q-Q rronz Row George Boevers, Randy Smith, Jimmie Hardcastle, J D HODIDSOD, Billie Kennard Edward Jones, Jerry Bethell Second Row George Cline, Ronald Hedge Freddy Hunter, Don Downey, Gerald Bray, Carl Mil er Bill Boevers Third Row Johnny Sarasua, Onis Me1e1, Bobby Shook, Junior Cody, Paul John Lewis, Ollie Wright Jackie George, Neil Moore Fourth Row Billy Jones, Charles McPherson, Jack Jones, Donald Shook, Lawrence Miller C.- 1 of 3 W X x A 'lhese three boys represent the Union F F A POUICPY 50481118 'mam of the year of 1947 48 They have won two State Conte t and one County Cont st From left. to rxght Georg? Boever Oris Meier, Chai' 95 Mcphers'-'mf N911 f J MODIS Q mmwmwn ' ""'-'X -as f' -':, 'Y 5' i. gl Y . " K K 1 . X 4 ' 5 f C .. Q .V r X . C' -- h . 'I J ' x Ni l K SW ' A . ' e , 4 1 if f A A sv XR X " 52 .1452 Front Row Hrs Stagner Dorothy Holladay, Barbara Sexton, Janice Tinney,Betty Jordan, Louanna Hendrlcks, Bonnie bellers Second Row Genevieve Zerbie, Wanda Tinney, Mary Jo Harrell, Jewell Whittington, Lucil e Skldmore, Jeanelle Martin, Oleite Poplin Tlird Row H1lda Jones, Iva Mae Newman, Shlrley Willerton, Helen Haworth, Shirley McDaniel V ra bellers, Lenora Gavlor Fourth Row Inla Newman, Barbara McCull1ck, Clara Louise Boevers, Billie Hunter, Joan Gindt fm Learning to use the proper table manners 1 Learning to sew and use the seving machine properly Y 'V . A . 6 , 5 ,A V! . .X . . E . , f V ' . X 1 K 5 gs. I - , . 1 ' . - , e ' . . . 1 1 ' S 0 Jw t , L - 1 ,gm 51' QQ ' fgfl I 1 f A . K F' ig.. v MA . A xi ' 4 193 - fp XL, ' . "' H Club lst row: Lrs Sonuctler, Uaul Uones, Dorothy Seller, Gay Dell Goodwin, Tillian Gilbert Baz-Dara Jo Poplin, hollis -iampton, Billie Doss, Slyvifi Leeds, Joan Ann Grayson Keren Boevers, Ray ook, mr Boevers 2nd row Joe DQS. ke Pfac Co1k Roger wlchersham, Lonnd Snork, Jacnc Boevers, Georg1e Soon, James Woodward Bobby Sparks bicheal Keefe, Orvxs Crovson, Jim Roy bmltn Zrd row J1m Vestal, Bonnie Moore, Iarwzn Maxey C1c1l has neu, wayne Kancaster Paul Holt Betty Ridgeway vir 11 Martim cnarles aendrifks Cora Lenard, alan rd Martln Bobby Peters Nth row, Wilxiam Broun, Frank Bowes, Donald u1ble1t, Bob ie aerbe Joe Ned huntf-r, Brent how rd, Bucky Edton Susan nduerns, Geneviexe nicnurn, Barbara Henks orema McPnerson 1 'W'-rev .' N9 W fr? ixts 1 Y'-an 293 Jack Boevers admiring his wo B,eg151ge1 ed hampshire Pigs and Georgie Scott with his Gxanafntner Mr scott holnlng G60TR15'5 VUHmP10D P01ltry , . , ,. ' l - ' . . , . . . , N .. J . : . r ' A I , x. . J . Y I A . . .. , I h . . , A A ' U V - 1 o 3 1 f , g , . , , . .2 I . ' v , 3 'v' , . Q. -v 4 NJ ' v '1 , - , .. . ' C s - r ' ' ' "Qgz w.. , .e W, .fv . .'Q , ' 1 q 1 ,Z ,A ,,. -- f A gg' a , ' 5 ,I I X : . . 1 V f. 3 -. . ' 5 , fxfw- '. 1" 5 . , ' 4, Af I f' -. V QQ ' - 4 k- "U, 3. A . 5 Q I ., A Q W 1 1.,, ,Q ,, 2J.f -if -Q 1 f - 'f...r- j ,- 43 ,A "'r"- A , ' " nfs- Q I L ,, - .' , A 4 3 -ex I , Q . 'f' -X 1 X '. b M-bp., ' H -m . . E- ...ffgf j-V. .. QQ ' . .' . ' v Y . - " ' N b I l ' u Band r P P P lst Row Mr Griff1n,Ole1ta Poplin,George Scott,Richard Edm1nster,Pat Little,Shirley Keys, Mac Cook, Jack Boevers, Bill Little, Shirley Willerton And Jeanelle Martin 2nd Row Lola Sarasura, Carole Schubert, David Cook, Joyce Phillips,Carol Songster, faul Nickens,0rin Harriss,Dorothy Holl'day and Betty Jordon 3rd Row, Carolyn Inelee Barbara Sexton, James Ford, Barbara BUmgBTH6P,JBU1C6 Tinny and Sue Miller 4th Row, Jimmy Hardcastle,Jewell whltting ton, Rowland Holmes, Verta Holloway, Marg Charles, Joan Gindt, Patsy Cantrell,Lenora Gaylor and Mary Jo Harrell 5th Row Johnny Sarasura,Charlotte Inslee, Bill Boevers,Tommy Justice,Lawrence Miller Clara Boev rs,Paul Lewis,Carl Miller,Donald Davis, Sammy Lewis, and Buddy Hardcastle . 5 . ' S Margie Nickens, James Kindley,Wanda Tinny, 3 'fl Q f"9 N. pts J 701' Z1 JI orothy Reese Ruth Kelly lie Vi rna Miller Bi 11 1 e Hunter N I X I 1 'I Mary Bell Betty Brown Lucille Skidmore ,fTD21IgN I ,affv , ' ,- e g-44, .5 1 Ziff, 5 ' 11 QLZIHX- .2 I 'f .2 ,' 1 " ? ,fi 1' 'ef af-ff ni ' M .1 f, ,J -5 gg? 'l,:.:, - ' 4 . ,Y u. ' 1' ' x A L I 4, Nly . ., ff X X " I Q' x Be its. 5hi1'lf'I1' . dan 1': v ""'7 wolr Berni Pl", Q- GQ 'fax 6 1 I I AX LITTLE SEVEN BASKETBALL SCORES Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union union union Union LITTLE SEVEN CHAMPIONS VIPSL Row Cleita Poplin, Dorothy Reese, Bernlce Reese, and Betty Jordan Second Row lr R B Grove, Coach, Sh1rley hillerton V1rna killer, Ora Bell and Lucille Sk1dNOT6 Third Row Billie Hunter, Betty Brown, Mary Bell and Ruth Kelly Glenpool Owaseo Keystone Berryhill Liberty E Central Glenpool Owasso Keystone Berryhill Liberty E Central Billie Hunter, uuard and Oleita Poplin, Forward They were chosen on the All Tournament Team at the 1948 Invitational Tournament , W N 4 27 15 :so eo 41 18 17 18 - se as R, as . 17 as as - 40 13 sa 21 as 21 24 22 Q .. . 19 - acr Jones les Mclanerson James Gaylor SZDIOY6 J4 C fl!!! ax- JRE 0 O O lst Row Mr Boevers, .Edward Jones, B111 Boevers, and Jerrv Bethell V 9 P E . rn cr 1 lnu Delegates of tne State F F CODV8HC1CH Eu! www I sl Best Athlete WHO S WHO Dramatic! Beat Farmer SBR Delegatls o tht Qtate F COPVGHCIOD T. F. Carnival King and Queen B A' 6 I' H' A' Best Athlete If df-Q Valedictorian Salutatori Milk Maid WQN wwww.. ,A r lthful RH lost Popular Boy StUd1OHB Girl Best home maxer st C1t1 f I mquat Spggkep Hungry Yeao I S I I 4 H,- , S A '- ,gl if Q P z, ' 1' W ' I X . Q, Q V' - .wa .wr 1 Q . 1 ,mp . NYS' . W as i A 4 L- t i- Q ' ,H ., Q- A gr N5 Er,-L A i t wr . . ? 1 32, Ju xv L '- .g 'S' it I .Q Z A ,x :A O .t in H' or , KH ' ' . X A- x w.m Hvxnws Qi Q , K - ' 2 X xx . , . :E 2' f'X , ' - 4 , Q . V- N ' . I i ? 'V . f 29' L 2 Q- 'w , J, g N' A .x .. . 4 5' h ' Q fuk X lg., V Y' V1 'A 1 Q 1 M 1 V s rx: ix . Xi ' e. J i' Y, 'a' he ' 'Zeus .K 'X,, . I . I H Q - '46 kv, H h f I , , I 4 'A . 4 - ' v U . 1 1 . ' , . , L I A X Q Q X W ,e ' f - i 'ii Q x 1,1 S Charles McPheroon 43:4 ipbagifzlf' 'gr "ii" Lucille Skidmore 'S lunar-?""""' 'fi' IM, ,--""' ,Agp ,vn- TODAY THEY LRE SENIORS Jewell Whittington A gag Snirley Willerton 4 Lois Shook L-'TY Jo Harreu Clara LOQ1S6 Boevers J' Carl Miller Verta Holloway Jackie MegQa1f , 'a f 5 4 rf' V .rlr --.0 f 2 5' ' E s ' .V 1 K C f E il fl r Wu 5 ,. 1 2 3 Q ' 5 ,n" 5 3 K 1 ,K ,: V ! i j 3- 4555 -K. Y ' .. ' wif' 3 . V ,W :..:, W l V .W , exeifj' Q v . I 1 - f . Y -- 1 - ' 1 5,-:-A - . v 1 ' f I , cpl- .dv A X ' F .b '.- A A '.-'hr ' ' , 1- Q.---Q , 3 Mme'--+ f ' K A ' l"J-mfg.-Wx'-L' ' - , 4 , '.:,g.', ,,4.q,x:T9,i, S I, It , ,, I ,fi , Q.. ft , I-' -1,34 -- --1 1 ,. al, t C I . ,Ae A ga.. ', X Y L -F .- VQEQ- A- 1 -9 -. .,.. 1, A . V, , j ai --...... K --i...,, . . .............. --........... 4- wl'--'- if ,.........N ..w,.......-- ,,,,...- x.. ff "W ef' "5 C ., '- Z 5 x, W . , ' bra -1, ,, gr., ' ' Q g' ig g ' .. I h A Q TX Q' rv N .' - 0 Kfaaa .Nwfory 'All aboard, all aboard"l' was the cry Thirteen adventurous boys and girls busied themselves to board the Union Flash Stream lined train J D Robinson, Lois Shook, Betty Holland, Marcheta Mayfield, Carl Miller, Delores McDonald, Kitty Bumgarner, Jewell Whittington, Lucille Skidmore, Shirley Willerton, Marion Jones, Charles Lee McPherson, and Clara Louise Boevers all were ready to start on the journey around the high school world Trav ling by this streamlined train 1945, we traveled through Freshman Lands, with lr Boevers englneering our course The fam ous Gardens of General Math, The English Mountains, and Civics Lake were the popular scenes of interest, while the Home Economic and Agricultural Valleys were visited by some After stopping to present our class assembly, being initialed as green freshies and having had Billy Rains, Dan Benson, Nonna Barnes, Fay Sanders to join us, we preceeded to May 1946, where the year ends, honors studious pup1ls and we rested for a while awaiting our next trip In September 1946 twelve members met excitedly off the decks to continue on the journey having Norma Barnes, Fay Sanders, and Tipton McCurley go astray in Sophomore lends Our mode of travel was by the steamship U S S Unlon, and we were golng to make our trip over the Sophomore Sea Admiral Boevers carefully steered our SHIP Our assembly program 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness preview of the life of the future, rolled the audience in the aisles The Algegra Islands, English Islands, General Science Peninsula, Home Economics and Agricultural wanders of the Deep were the main items of nature on the trip W picked up Dorothy Willhite and Jackie Metcalf and continued on our way As Juniors, in September, 1946 we boarded 'The Spirit of Union' destined for Seniority Our passengers was 1ncreased with Mary Jo Harrell going w1th us With Mr Boevers still as our pilot, we Speech Art, Democracy, Bookkeeping, Blology, Geometry prevailed Lucille Skidmore and Shirley Willerton were the star basketball play ers of that year We were sorry to lose Delores McDonald at mid term Our Senlor rings were received in February and proved to be the center of attraction The Tunior Play 'When Sally Comes Tb Town was given February 19, while our assembly program, Reverend Byrd of u8thOd1Bt Church of B oken Arrow was our Master speaker Our money making ideas were put at work and we entertained the Seniors of 1947 with a 'Garden of Memories Banquet' and 1n return the Senlors enter tained the Juniors with a very nice Sunrise Breakfast At last we were ready to climb the famed Senlor Road to the top of the mountain to Graduation Having lost Betty Holland, Andy Craw ford, Dorothy Willhite, and Dan Benson we gained Vbrta Holloway and Derce Johnson With Mr Boevers, our sponsor for four years, once more we continued Our Senior pictures were the main attraction and were taken January 21 Sneak Day was taken early ln the spring, and our yearbooks were distributed near the end of the school year Finally we find ourselves at the place of great expectations an patiently waiting Graduation nveryone rejoiced, as well shed a few tears Looklng back upon our entire school life we f1nd, Carl Miller, Lois Shook, Jewell Whitt1ngton, Clara Louise Boevers, Lucille Skxdmore receiving their education of 12 years at Umion High School We deeply regret losing our loyal friends, classmates and the many happy times we had together We also wish to give our sincere gratitude to the faculty, our guiding light in our four year journey of our trip through the higx school world and Now we leave to scatter the seeds caught within the grasps of four winds of destiny May fate be kind to you, freind and class mate, as we say adieu to dear old Union high o ' . e wailed on through the blue. Agriculture, Home Economics, English, d ," as PWM? The sky was a beautiful blue against the whiteness of the clouds on e spring day in 1958 A plane was gliding over the field preparing to make a landing when to the pilot's amazement, the clouds begin to form pictures of the old school days at Union Jackie Metcalf, the pilot, slowed down to a stand still in the new HQIICOPLY plane he was testing A face came into view ln the clouds It was the great movie Casanova, Rudolph Romero alias Carl Miller of the Senior class of U8' He was acting a love scene with a gorgeous siren of a girl by the name of Mares Valentino alias Lois Shook, the oomph girl of 58' They were the lovers in the play 'When Sally Comes to Town' back in high school Next comes a remembered face of a future farmer, Charles McPherson You guessed itl He now has the biggest hog farm in the U S and is perfect ing a new type of hog pen On saying a few words Charles remarked he has raised pigs for I I A shows so long that it was just natural to make his life work of it 0 yes he is trying to make his bank account big enough to someday accommodate a wife We see a beautiful recently young widow stepping from the Reno plane She has Just gained her ma1den name Whittington back for the third time and is planning to resume her practice as a psychiatrist for men CThat must be how Jewell met her ex husbandsl A red head breaks the whiteness of the clouds Its our own Darce John son and she has 5 of the most beautiful children in Coweta, Oklahoma Darce has been married U times but at the present is single and intends to stay that way A circus tent is seen in the distance A tent with the sign 'The Little Strong Man of the World ' as we draw closer we see it is the sma11 hundred pound weight with one hand We never dreamed he was so strong H has never married since he was Jilted the year after he graduated Bug, rumors say he ls planning to marry the girl lion tamer Another plane zooms out of the clouds In it we see a woman pilot It is the greatest woman flier of the time, Clara Louise Boevers She has made the highest parachute jump of any man or woman in the world and she is going to take up testing inventions on planes soon She makes so much money that she says men do not matter to her But her current beau is the great movie star, Van Johnson A farm house is seen in the clouds The washing is on the line and a woman ls seen at the cook stove preparing dinner as we look closer we see it is that engaged senior girl, Verta Holloway She is happily married and little J T is 6 years old and attending school at our own Union They own their own farm and are specialising in raising hounds We see a wrestling match decision The girl yelling for the winner seems to be Lucille Skidmore Her husband is now the wrestling champion of the world and her small girl is playing basketball in school and proving to be every bit as good as her mother Lucille says she is very happy travel ing around to the big citles with her husband A horse race is in session in the next scene The broadcaster ls giv ing the events and the woman Jockey, Mary Jo Harrell is in the lead on her great horse Silver If she wins this race she will be the only woman to win the National horse race She has held the state horse racing champion ship for more than five years She cares more for horse then for men Next is a picture of a popcorn factory The woman in charge ls none other then Shirley Willerton, a senior from Union She runs the factory and her husband runs the ranch at Jenks She says they are working to attain enough money to put their 9 children through college. The picture slowly fades and only the whiteness of the clouds can be seen. Jackie starts the plane motor and is happily contented to land and say his test was a success. and indeed lt was, as now he knows what has happened to his old schoolmates of l9U8. The seniors of NS' were a lucky group in all vocations and he knows that wherever they go they will always remember those Memories of school days at Union High School. senior boy of NS, J.D. Robinson, in a pair of blue tights, lifting a five- ' e Q QI' ffl 7' 5.1! sh- L. I x p... PW'-' I xl f and 3 me-1 fa 'Q san-if 'Wi' x-'ini is is. Wifi all M P 'U , 'r W 1 71 E:-4?"'-'::f -- C -: 1- """ 11 1 -1 '- T if 5' It l . U Lx xi X, . M I -J -.,1 Q In :in ml -In IS' . fi 4 nm 190 I a i ' r 3. -n nr Q Q' D -. -1 " 385 WED QM U Meg P X Zxiifff A f R gs, Z MQ? f . iv- 5 ' Nw if 9 .1 4256! I H wan. -555' at W N EL f x VON Fff' V? Q' T 'S f ' ' Xgjf if - 5 , V 5 0 ' ' a 1 I WN 'T x 1 t 7 ' 1,,, . r . 0 . ,g 'fl ff A J W1 'f A QQ. 54,211 i 4, .iff 1 ww 741- Q - fi ' M ' . E' ig S Y, ' HAL-,Q 1.,,,,,.L,sf' - ' f' T ,f , Q A I f-if A GH! f A' - X W L 9 iff -'Z a - fx - - QQQO 7-n A A- J. X , f j, QX X xX V M CONGRATULATIONS FROM CHINA' AND ART PEE T STANDARD PAPER COMPANY ,693 TELEPHONE 4 9524 P O BOX 2596 TULSA TTTTQSY klr-d'+A RALPH MILLER FURNITURE CO RALPH WENT 72 VEARS AT UNION WED RATHER SWAP THAN EAT SO COME ON IN AND SEE US 1525 E ADMIRAL TULSA OKLAHOMA C ONGRA T ULA T IONS TO THE SENIORS OF 7.948 HUNSECKER S BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA i Tx? 5 F ,f Vi ' U ff J T'Tr 'A , . -SELQN.-ssh - , N- ig!-Q A.: f I 'I ' I 9 L. E. SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO B o X 1 6 9 2 T U L s A, o K L A. 1 4 o 4 s. F R I s c o BOTTLED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE cocA COLA co BY cocA COLA BOTTLING co or TULSA, OKLF 1 I 1 i .1 1 T 1 5 i H w ,A-1, A, -, WWW! ,. , Y.4,-- ...,,.,-..V . M-.. ,, -..L .........4..... 1 Q 3 .xo FIRST NATIONAL BANK BROKEN ARROW OKLAHOMA OFFICERS DI RECTO RS A L GRAHAM PRESIDENT A L GRAHAM CE FOSTER CE FOSTER VICE PRESIDENT FS HURD L8. H IMPLEM ENT COMPANY IN TE RNA TIONAL M C C ORMIC K DE E RING TRUCKS TRAC TORS IMRL E ME N TS SALES SSERVICE BROKEN APPOW TELEPHONE 252 DICKASON GOODMAN LUMBER AND FURNITURE BUILDING M,.fER,,.L5 OVER 50 YEARS 6525252 BROKEN ARROW TULSA PHONE 375 PHONE J 5151 CU RRELL LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIAL HEADQUARTERS QUALITY- COURTESY - SERVICE PHONE 278 BROKEN APPOW I ' J w WAI TON BRYAN nf BLOCKER, CASHIER BRYAN w BLOCKER - KELLY TRACTOR AND I MPLEMENT COMPANY ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM AMCHINERV BEAN MFG. COMPANV POWER SPRAVERS J Z CASE COMPANY FARM MACHINERY DE LAVAL SEPARA TOR COMPANK MILKERS AND SEPARA7ORS TELEPHONE 3 9431 711 E THIRD TULSA OKLAHOMA THERE IS N0 FINER VOCAT ION THAN 14 V IA 7- f ON coupusrf rua!-rr counsfs mr BE Fnv,-wcso HANGAR 5 51578 SHERIDAN BROWN AIRPORT APPROVED FOR VETERANS Huosom BROTHERS MoToR co NUSHO anoxffv Amon' oxLA1-foun THE EAMMV T HEATER BROKEN ARROW H H JUDKINS LEE8 COMBS FLWN6' SERVICE TWIN OAK ACRES anowzv Afnponr 7I.S'7' STREET PHONE .9 4787 TULSA I I Y u L , ll 1 n an l I 1 n w nn nu I l 1 YOUNG 5 LAUNDRV HELP YOURSELF 40.3 S MAIN PHONE 4757 NOLEN S CONFECTIONERY BROKEN ARROW Bus STA TXON LOYD S GROCERY 8. MARK E T BROKEN ARROW DOWNS RANDOLPH SCHOOL SUPPLXES 20 E SEVENTH TULSA WAREHOUSE MARKET BROKEN ARROW PAUL S GARAGE BROKEN ARROW LEONARD FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE BfxBr 3 BROKEN ARROW 277 VOUR COMMUNXTV PAPER BROKEN ARROW LEDGER COMMERCXAL JOB RRfNrfNO PHONE 377 HARRY KA rE5 PUBLISHER BROKEN A RROW 7410 S MA!N BROKEN ARROW TUCKERS BARBER SHOP BROKEN ARROW ESKRIDGE S IVELLV DON DRESSES BROKEN ARROW COFFEE SHOP BROKEN ARROW OKLAHOMA TIRE 8.SUPPLY BROKEN ARROW M' CUISTON AUTO SUPPLY BROKEN ARROW PHONE 27 6 THE KEN NARD S FUNERAL D! RE C TORS I I I " I , 9 I , . , . - I I I 1 ,S BEESLL-2Y'5 O. E. MORROW ' L . , ...... 9 HOPE LUMBER COMPANY WALTER R KELLY MANAGER 2802 E ELEVENTH PHONE 62107 CRUCE BUTANE COMPANV COMPLETE GAS SERVICE PHONE 6 7.387 6707E ELEVENTH P O BOX 676 PURE WHITE DAIRY C0 ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS 90 w THIRD PHONE 00101 TULSA MOODV IMPLEMENT COMPANV JOHN DEERE SALES8 SERVICE ADMIRAL 8 LEWIS PHONE 2-69.30 5 SI 054 BOTTLING COMPANY 701 W THIRD TULSA OKLA MEEK S ELEVENTH 8 PEORIA TULSA E CONOMV LUMBER CO rf-15 FRIENDLY LUMBER mm 528 E FOURTH PHONE 4 67.57 TULSA 4 6152 ROUNDSKPORTER LUMBER CO LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL SQUARE DEAL LUMBER CO 807 E FOURTH PHONE 2 4741 TULSA MICHAELIS CAFETERIA .507 S BOULDER PHONE 4 3514 P Q- I . f HARDWARE - .. - FURNITURE 51-lARp5 GRQCERY I COBB MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET 8. SALES AND SERVICE 202 E FIRST PHONE 2 6666 TULSA 5 48666 407 S MAIN PHONE 4077 TULSA FEED COMPANY FEED AND SEED POULTRY SUPPLIES PURIN4 CHOWS FIRST AND ELGIN COMPLIMENTS OF PETE WILSON CLARK DARLAND HARDWARE MAIN STORE STORE NO 2 7770 72 S HARVARD PHONE 6 937.9 STORE NO .3 145.3 N CINCINNATI PHONE 4 27.33 BAKE RS MARKET STOP AND SHOP ARKANSAS VALLEV 6500 E ELEVENTH 6-2986 COM PLIM ENTS AN D BEST WISHES CA MAVO I COM PLIMENTS OF- STATE BANK A GOOD PLACE TO BORROW A GOOD PLACE TO DEPOSIT BROKEN ARROW HVLAND CLOTHIERS 76 W THIRD TULSA I W I 779-23 E FIRST PHONE 4-7725 I 1 I

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