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WE PUBLISHED TdE SENIOR CLASS OF UNION CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL 1945 0I"8l,UOI' In an attempt to keep pace with the ever changing times, our paramount desire has been to create a book that will be of the most interest to the entire student body It is our privilege to present to you students a review of the period when our pleasures whlch to us now are treasures were not fully appreclated Although the war has changed many thinps at our school, we must not feel indlvidual, because throughout the world changes have taken place We should remember the numerous rights and privlleges we hold and be thankful for them The right of which we students should indeed be proud is the right of educatlon Perhaps sometimes we forget what a great privilege education is being able to choose any school, being able to do what we please at that school, without the fear of a spy So as you turn the pages of this book, be ever con scious of the treasures contalned thereln 444 -lil vi me LCC! tL0l'l Although the war of 1917 18 was the war to end wars, in 1941 we were again called upon to defend our lands and pro tect democracy It is to Raymond Cradduck, S Zfc, a former member of our class who is today missing in action, and all the former students of Union High School serving in the arm ed forces, that we dedicate this year's 'El Aguila' www rx f - P cl' ' A l2EgZ76ll11l ily Cf:1iCltf6liQC7Il ll IGS GL1yF killer W M Hlnes T W Peters Member PT6S1d8Ht Clerk iff dw 0 I :m 'i.EF , Y gy- 'L , E' " uloerin fenclenf l'il'lCly9Cl 1 ' 'N ' it 1 ,J 29, Y f 3616146 C'-55 Theoue Price Nell Carter Music Tulsa Unlverslty George Boevers VOC8t1ODHl Agriculture Oklahoma A A M Sc1ence M8thm6t1CS Durant Teachers College 1- Sara Hellewell h 0 0 ' 8 S Vocational Home Economlcs State Teachers College Okl h a A. . a om Warrensburg, MiSSOUr1 Sponsor of El guila , 4 Cfaxideqi Qfl L 0l"Cf Nanda Bounds Geraldine Harris F H O Glee Club Secretary Librarian Assistant Editor F r O Glee lub There's Something About A Soldier Basketball A130 A Sailor 'Show re The Way To Go Home Eugene Jackson President Arthur Peet F.F.A. Band F'F'A' Band Debate Honor Roll Debate Honor Roll Editor nEl Aguilan nHigh1ights, Scouts Business Manager "say It with Music' "Milk CO" Blues' 0 . l' 1 1 , 31 I N- - I Y Qv-. . C "cg: ' nz , H ,xg . , 011Ll7I25 Beverly Petris B111 Reese Vice President Glee Clfghe Men I Love F F A Basketball 'On Motorcycle Built for Two .iii MBT? Jane Robinson Charles Skidmore Glee Club F F A Baseball Is You Is, or Is You Ain't 'qu the gm-ing a Y uns Ma Fancy I 94 , F.H.o. P - W n o o a 1' Q F.H.o. , , , N 7' A o n's 'Cin bU'lLOI'6 First Row Erma Mills Ruby Peters, Olive Mae Whittington, Ellen McDonald Second Row Dolores Blissit Joan Holt, Janice Poplin, Margie Wafford Rut Moore, June Shook Third Row Loyd Holladay, Herman St Clair, Paul Vestal, Burl Bagwell Leonard Hedge, Clifton Reding President Paul Reavis Vice President Clifton Reding Secretary Treasurer Paul Vestal Reporter Joan Holt In September 1944, the enrollment of the Junior Class was seventeen the beginning of the second semester Paul Reavis moved to Vinita and Margie Waf ford enrolled at Union The annual junior carnival was in October, with the nat proceeds amounting to about two hundred dollars Ruth Moore and Clifton Reding were the junior candidates for Queen and King In November, every member of the class took part in the Junior Assembly February 22 was the date set for the Junior play, The Big Blow Up'. It was a 5-act comedy starring twelve Juniors: Dorothy Shook, Burl Bagwell, Clifton Reding, Olive Whittington, Ruby Peters, Herman St. Clair Dolores Blissit Joan Holt, Paul Vestal, Erma Mills, and Janice Poplin. Loyd Holladay was the'sound affect man. The Senior rings for this class arrived in April, in time for the Junior Senior Banquet . 8 I T I O Dorothy Shook, Mr. Gesin , "' a 2 h --- , , . At vv - v 9 30,9 0l'l'l0l'eZ5 1'-it I3 it G1 First Row Ruby Holladay, Charlotte Slmpson, Evelyn Poolin Betty Haworth, Nilma Parnell, Mattie Benson Second Row Jim Lester, Bill Taylor, Herschall Darnell, Helen Hardcastle L Nell Garoutte, Delores Garten, Robert Root Third Row William Owen, Cecil Kelly, Jim Key, Alfred Meier Patsy Cosper Billy Zerbe, Franklin Vright P25 men Flrst Row J D Robinson, Billy Rains, Lois Shook, Betty Holland Narcheta Mayfield Carl Miller Second Row Dan Benson, Delores McDonald, Vitty Bumgarner, Jewell Vhitt1ngton Lucille Skidmore, Shirley willerton Third Row Marion Jones, Clara Boevers, Charles lcRherson Norma Barnes Fay Sanders 9 1 I ' e I 14 I ! . A 1:1 . D , v --- A A , '-' qu 1 ' T , . T ' A i V V il A . -' ' 19? X . A J X D ? g 1 I 1 Fi 3 , ' -" 4 0 1 ' I -..- ,, 'u . , "' 'Z - 9 9 Sth Grade First Row Bobby Mills, Lola Sarasua, Betty Albrecht, Jeanelle Martin, Gloria Roy, Mary Kepler, Oleita Poplin Onis Meier Second Row Donald Shook, Charlotte Inslee, Mary Ruth Evans Dorothy McCord Billie Hunter, Barbara McCullick, Kathleen Lancaster, Carol Ledbetter Third Row Neil Moore, James Gaylor, Gaylord Ellis, Bobby Watson David Baumer, Jack Jones, Gordon Kirby, Ollie Wright, Johnny Sarasua Dx 'l - 7th Grade First Row Betty Nelson, Ora Bell, Dorothy Reese, Joanna Cosper, Bernice Reese, Mrs Albin, Mary Bell Second Row Velma McDonald, Joan Farrar, Mable Snead Ruth Kelley, Billy Smith Ronnie Hedge, Freddie Hunter Third Row Phillip Judkins Bobby Shook, Buddy Hardoastle, Jack George, Charles Evans, Lawrence Miller 10 Q, Sv' ' V X Stl .. L 5 ,, -. . . 5 ' t Q I 3 K I .B N 1 "' 9 --- v , - 1 . , If v . , V- A u I A. x xl ' ' lx . , ul . , . . :J 'l S. --- , , "' 9 First Row Marcheta Mayfield, Charlotte Simpson, Janice Poplin, Lois Shook Evelyn Poplin, June Shook, Betty Holland, Ruby Holladay Second Row Shirley Willerton, Geraldine Harris, Ruby Peters, Olive Mae Nhitt ington, Delores Garten, Ellen McDonald, Lu Nell Garoutte, Betty Haworth, Jewell Whittington, Wilma Parnell Third Row Clara Boevers, Lucille Skidmore, Patsy Cosper, Beverly Petris Joan Holt, Ruth Moore, Wanda Bounds, Mattie Benson President . . . . . . . . .Betty Haworth Vice-President . . . . . . Wilma Parnell Secretary-Treasurer . . Geraldine Harris Reporter . . . . . . . . . .Patsy Cosper Song Leaders . . . . . Charlotte Simpson Evelyn Poplin Sponsor . . . . . . .Miss Sara Hellewell One of the main events of the year was the joint F Mother Banquet. It was held Thursday evening, November J. Harper from A. k M. College was the guest speaker. was used with each person receiving a pumpkin program There were 150 present. On January 6, 1945, eight F.H.0. members had the .H.o. , F.F.A., rather, 16, 1944. Dr. Horace A Thanksgiving theme and a turkey favor. opportunity to broad- cast on The Farm Youth Show over KVO0. Shirley Willerton, Evelyn Poplin, Clara Boevers, and Delores McDonald told the objectives of the club, about their home projects, and about their club and class work. A quartet of girls sang two numbers. The homemaking girls have knitted an afghan, made two bathrobes, twelve scrap books, sea bags, and hospital slippers for the Red Cross. Also, they made toys for the Crippled Ch1ldren's Home. .- W UA: A--Vg Y f" Q ! D Xa u N l x , 'N I , I X C . . "' n --- 1 Qlliin --n1i11n11-.lu I Ill """""g! 1-1 inaruv- 'Ill un! llliuuaw un4lS "i'L4f ,,-fy'-:auger-nail iQ P. ' First Row J D Robinson, Herschall Parnell, Arthur Peet, Pugene Jackson harles Skidmore, Robert Root Dan Benson, Billy REIHS Second Row Alfred Meier Jim Lester Marion Jones, Villiam Owen Clifton Reding, Billy Zerby, Charles McPherson Franklin Vright, Perl killer, Mr Geo Boevers Third Row 'ecil Kelley, Billy Reese, Paul Vestal, Herman St lair Jim Key, Bill Taylor, Leonard Hedge, Loyd Holladay President .... . . .Arthur Peet Vice President . . Loyd Holladay Secretary . . . . . Eugene Jackson Treasurer . . . . Charles Skidmore Reporter . . . . Herschall Parnell Sponsor . . . . . . . Mr. George Boevers The F.F.A. aims for this year were to produce and conserve food for victory and supply the necessary materials for the boys on the flghting front. The chapter exhibited a booth at the Luskogee State Fair, and won second place. Many improvement projects have been carrled out under the supervlslon of Mr. Boevers. Some of these progects were terracing,plant1ng trees, and crop ro tation. Plans were made for the March Show. Calves and sw1ne were shown, and Unlcn won its share of the honors. The Unlon boys have particlpated 1n all poultry shows in thls part of the country and have won lots of prizes. Next year they hope to enter bigger and better poultry shows. . ,.. v nos - - ---- - -- -- - ' . Uv, A 1 . I-II ' ' An . la' w """ E ' 5 an ga in , , . ,. M.-. - N M- . I , , g 7 , , .,... I 5 31' - 1 0 ' "' 0 0 .4 , n . v , . . v I l ' ! - u , 1 .1 . l . . . V1 ---V A J , l . i all First Row Don Downey, Carolyn Inslee, Barbara Bumgerner, Carl Miller, Patsy Cantrell, Donnie Davis, Jimmie Hardcastle Second Row Charlotte Simpson, Betty Haworth, Ellen McDonald, Kitty Bumgarner Charlotte Inslee, Joanna Cosper Third Row Johnny Jack, Jim Lester, Eugene Jackson, Leonard Hedge, Bobby Watson Floyd Davis, Lawrence Miller, Johnny Sarasua Fourth Row Jeanelle Martin, Gordon Kirby, Marion Jones, Arthur Peet, Burl Bag well, Clifton Reding, James Geylor, Bobby Mills The first concert of this year was given at home for the purpose of raising enough money to purchase uniforms Two hundred dollars was raised at this con cert and pie supper Later the band played a concert at East Central School which was enjoyed by both the students and teachers On March 9, 1945, the band was invited to Bixby to play in a mass band con cert They played two numbers alone and four numbers with the mass band the spring a concert was given at Union and was later presented to the student body at Broken Arrow. This year the band had an added attraction---a twirling section. The girls in this section were: Delores Garten, Carol Crumb, Evelyn, Janice, and Oleita Poplin, Shirley Willerton, and June Shook. : il w ' A . e X H. n X I A , 4 ' J: "' 9 "' 1 ' 0 . . 12 'I4 7 GIRLS December 15, East Central 20, January l Locust Grove , January , Berryhill , January 27, Glenpool February 6 Mingo Z?aaLefAaf Union Union Union Union Union First Row Lawrence Miller Lo Holladay, Herschall Parnell Second Row Charles McPherson, Paul Vestal, Billy Reese 15 QM gaalfefgaf First Row---Evelyn Poplin, Ruby Holladay, Wilma Parnell, Janice Poplin Second Row---Mary Jane Robinson, Geraldine Harris, Lucille Skid- more, Shirley Willerton Third Row--Erma Mills, Ruth Moore, Dorothy Shook BOYS Union Union January Berryhill 0, Union Union Union December East Central January l Keifer January 27, Owasso O February Mingo 5 S f CH First Row Miss Theone Price Kltty Lu Bumgarner, Marcheta Mayfield, Char sotte SIMPSON, Ruby Holladay, Evelyn Poplin, Lois Shook, June Shook Betty o an Second Row Joan Holt, Geraldine Harrls Jewell Whittington, Janmce Poplln, Margle Wafford, Delores Gartln, Lu Nell Garoutte, Betty Haworth, Mattle Ben son Third Row Faye Sanders, Patsy Cosper, Mary Jane Roblnson, Beverly Petr1s, Ruth Moore, Ellen hcDonald, Norma Barnes, Delores hcDonald, Wanda Bounds The high school glrls' glee club has given several programs during the year Among them were the Christmas program, the glee club assembly, and the spring band concert For the concert we invited some high school and seventh and elghth grade boys to Join us in some mixed chorus numbers, one of which was accompanied by the band The high school girls' quartet is made up of members of the glee club Betty Haworth, Charlotte Simpson, Ellen McDonald, and Janice Poplin are the regular members and Joan Holt is our faithful substitute who is always ready to take any part at a moments notice The quartet took part in the high school vocal meet at the University of Tulsa, March 13 and l4 The rehearsals and concert were under the d1rect1on of Bob Shaw, the stylist for the Fred Waring radio chorus d ' Af... ,-,,, W e" U... Y I V I F, , . 1 I 1, x ., , , ' 1 4 1 ee U, o 1-N-A , . Q 1 . up D . , . ' . QCLFAOOL ueen an L 9 Q. ml' szzgwfff ,4,1,,cf,1 aaa wfor 'All aboard, all aboard"' was the cry Seventeen adventurous boys and girls busied themselves to board the Union Flash streamlined train Morne Yetter, Geraldine Harris, Margie Haddox, Lola Mae Shahan, Marie Slankard, Helen Buske, June Hunter, Mary Ethel Henry, Vivian Henry, Raymond Cradduck, Arthur Peet, Billy Reese, Elvin Bumgarner, Eugene Jackson, Charles Skidmore, Dalton Thomas, and Forest Truitt all were ready to start on the journey around the high school world Traveling by this streamlined train which left the Union depot in Septem ber, 1941, we traveled through Freshman Lands, with Mrs Victor Grant engineer ing our course The famous Gardens of General Math The English Mountains, and 'ivics Lake were the popular scenes of interest, while the Home Economics and Agricultural Valleys were visited by some After stopping to present our class assembly being initiated as green Freshies, and having had Harold Dodson and Doris June Miller to join us we pro ceeded to May, 1942, where the year end honors were bestowed upon the more stu dious pupils and we rested for a while, awaiting our next trip In September, 1948 twelve members met excitedly at the docks to continue on the journey, having had Elvin Bumgarner, Harold Dodson, Dalton Thomas, Forest Truitt, Lola Mae Shahan, Marie Slankard, Doris June Miller and Helen Buske to wander astray in Freshman Lands Our Mode of travel was by the steamship U S S Union, and we were going to make our trip over the Sophomore Sea Admiral Boevers carefully steered our ship Our assembly program 'Our Life in 1955 preview of the life of the future, rolled the audience in the aisles The Algebra Islands The European History Peninsula, English Islands, and Home Eco nomics and Agricultural Wonders of the Deep were the main items of notice on this trip After losing Mary Ethel and Vivian Henry, we picked up Alpha Jones As juniors, in September, 1943, we boarded 'The Spirit of Union', destined for Seniority Our number having dwindled to eight, we discovered that only Morne Yetter, Geraldine Harris, Eva Lee Haddon, Margie Haddox, Arthur Peet, Bill Reese Charles Skidmore, and Eugene Jackson remained Raymond Cradduck, our class president for the past two years, did his part in the war by joining the Navy in October, 1943 With Miss Sara Hellewell as our pilot, we walled on through the blue Agriculture, Home Economics, English, American History, Typ ing, and Pre Flight Training prevailed Billy Reese and Geraldine Harris were the star basketball players this year O r junior play, 'Two Days to Marry , was given on December 3 while our assembly program 'The Moron Marriage' was presented at an earlier date Our money making ideas were put to work and we entertained the Seniors of '44 with a 'Wishing Well Banquet' At last, we were ready to climb the famed Senior Road to the top of the mountain to Graduation Having lost Eva Lee and Margie Haddox, and Morne Yetter, we gained Wanda Bounds, Beverly Petris, and Mary Jane Robinson, making a total of eight With Miss Hellewell as our sponsor once more we continued Our rings, received in September proved to be the center of attraction, as well as did our senior pictures Sneak Day was taken early in the spring, and our yearbooks were distributed near the end of the school year Finally, we find ourselves at the place of great expectation and patient waiting Graduation Everyone rejoiced, as well as shed a few tears We deeply regret losing our loyal friends, classmates, and the many happy times we've had together We also wish to give our sincere gratitude to the faculty, our guid ing light in our four year journey on our trip through the high school world Now we leave to scatter as seeds caught within the grasps of the four winds of destiny May fate be kind to you, friends and classmates, as we say adieu to good old Union High School This ends the last chapter in the history of the class of 1945 a,JL!L ll OO! O 4 O ' 9 NJ 1 . g " 1 D I A I U D 0 O . v1 9 D , - and continued on our way. 0 , e 9 O ' , . u W ! 9 3 O e ' Q l 0 , . O " U o , - O I O 18 of af W an eafamenl .Sinner Cfaafs, 'IJ KNOW ALL MEN BY THWSF PRESENTS That we, the Senior Class, l945, of Union Consolidated High School, Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, U S A , being of sound mind, although somewhat disabled physically and mentally due to our four years of continuous effort in trying to obtain those sacred documents often referred to as diplomas with the minimum amount of study, and publish this our last former wills by us at any and the maximum amount of stupidity, do hereby make will and testament, hereby revoking and cancelling all time made during the present century We appoint Miss S N Hellewell of Union Consolidated High School, the Executrix of this our last will and testament, and direct that she shall act as such without bond Joan Holt, I, Eugene Jackson, will my secret formula of reducing Margie Wofford, I, Wanda Bounds, will my levis Ruby Peters, I, Geraldine Harris, will my victims of the sunshine ffrecklesl June Shook, I, Beverly Petris, will my ability to love men Leonard Hedge, I, Bill Reese, will my bashfulness P S It's about time you had some, Leonard Paul Vestal, I, Arthur Peet, will a pair of mud chains Janice Poplin, I, Wanda Bounds, will another bucket of red paint Erma Mills, I, Mary Jane Robinson, will my last pair of nylons Clifton Reding, I, Charles Skidmore, will my soft, whimpering voice Burl Bagwell, I, Arthur Peet, will my speed tests in typing Loyd Holladay, Herman St Clair, Ruth Moore, Dolores Blissit, Dorothy Shook, and Ellen McDonald, we, Beverly Petris and Wanda Bounds, will our sacred ex cuses for uncalled for absences the the the and the Freshmen, we, the Senior Class, will our deepest sympathy Sophomores, we, the Senior Class, will our quiet manners Juniors, we, the Senior Class, will our dignity, our seats in assembly, all of our financial debts Faculty, we, the Senior Class, will a box of Ease Up tablets in hopes that they will remove those headaches that we so graciously left In witness whereof, we, the Senior Class of 1945, have to this our last will and testament, consisting of one page, subscribed our mark this lst day of May, 1945 'I9 our THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 Mark I Cl L 0 be wh e ! -rl fl - I3 " To . To . To . To U . To . . . To . To . To U . To ' . To - . To . To . To . To To - X Lille WarcAeA ga A illhenl First Row Charles Skidmore, Mary Jane Robinson, Geraldine Harris it Second Row Wugene Jackson, Beverly Petris, hands Bounds Third Row Billy Reese Fourth Row Arthur Peet 20 Lille GPC Q6 We, the senlors of bnlon Plgh On our usual Saturday spree, Stampeded to the movles To observe what tnere was to see After snoozlng through the feature nd swoonlng you know why, We slurped up and toon notmce Of tne WPred1ct1ons of 'SK' le glggled at the fHSTlOHS, and asped Wltr horror at the change Of the halr styles and dress lengths Wh1Ch seemed fasclnatlngly stran e We shrunk to lower dlmenslons, when we found tnose thlnvs were us And upon T6g81HlHU our senses, We gazed wlth some dlsgust Scene one was 1n 'No al's Land' Feraldlne Warrls lS tre star She's stlll lOOK1H7 and yelllng, 'Cl1pCOH, core out wherever you are A coffee pot wlth neon llghts, Came banglng Wlth a Jolt Of the power of the former T135 Bolt At Congress stood our arthur Peet Nlth a volce so frall and f1rm, Stlll campalgnlng for flS new dlscove Shoutlng, NRoosevelt gets slxtr term And way out 1U New Iexlco Galloped llSS Janda Bounds We saw her hlttlng the wlndlng trall Wlth her stately cayuse and hounds Beverly Petrls agaln ln Reno For the S1XtH and flnal tlme Declarlng to all frlends and foes, That she has no secret llne The flags were wavlng trlumphantly, as Superman was seen It was General B111 Reese Vake up B111 it's only a dream Upon the screen a herd of plgs Came SQUBBIIHU lHtO focus At thelr heels panted Farmer Skldmore Followed by orny and Pocus Plugvlng away at her Job nt the plant ln Sacramento, We found Lary ROb1HSOH stufflng an ollve wlth e plmento The play does end, the bells do Cllme nut ever onward marches tl e 1' . A , . , . ,.N N O A ' v ti . ""' Y ni ' f . . . , o . H . . I L ,' 3 . 1 ' Y u A . . LD - , g . 'A A . 2 ' O 1 n I O f . . I . -9 U J 44 L I . . 5 , V ' H J. xl g f , g . i Eugene Jackson was the victim . J' . . ' 3 . I . . A. I . 3, 'A .ll I' 2,1 M u. I 0 - . . ' . . - Q , 1 9 . I O . n , I , , A 7 Q A Q . . , O . Q 9 . -3 1 - . C' n w A A . , . 0 , . . . . 1' , r ' m . 2 Yearbook Rovalty candi dates Beats walkln Genluses at work All aboard for TT3Vll1 onn Little 'Professor 'Oh ye h Fave you told Qinley The little Whlte cottage ' 1 !l 1 L - H Veronican V YI I 8 f? Y! A Q 22 There must be an easier way Watch the 'birdie Ruby, the giant Just some mugs And thelr shoes were number 9 plus 10 So that' where she gets those baggy levls The little Wolf Pac Leg Art Children must Play Step lively Umm sweet 'Freshies Way under classmen mil .1 ffLMWw?fAm7 fdlewfv EMA 302 ,J www QAM 277 Gum!! LUMHEH EUIHPAHY are lb 9 BROKEN ARROW OKLAHOMA est mwqe ewww or rr Efwimv CMAAMU fvlffw I 'EMT 5+I0 EWU 24 . i , .l i I 1' i Q i Q if i Q 'I Q If fi + -K. l-ll Egrq QUALITY . . . coUm'EsY . . . srznvicrs , A l f N I . . ft fumlwefz an uc an gupplaes 11 I .. if f O . , K 1 4 1 f W ern A Auto Associat Store , f:owNsRA 108 South Main Street r . Broken Arrow, Io omo D8 Ti 1 per Wi Ba ' ' N' M M K A M. H9ihfE OFZBETTER VALUES E 1, O or QUALIW PIKE ASSOCIATE STORE I XJ Broken Arrow J l4 A .I Oklahoma jarutor Supply Company M I CIIPH S Tlll flfade S5012 IIlcLUlJflUI1 We pay highest prices ' 0 for used c rs BROIGIN ARROW R Okl h CONIGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIORS OF 1945 Q Q Q CIOC UNSECKERS . . Q Q Q Q Q BROKEN ARRO BLCBY ZEMHAM ,arafuare,cgurfn1Lfu're, 15041601 rn em, rmw omee 1 0 H Mmufacturers md Distributors of Chemi , isin ectxnns ups md Jmiro ppli s - - 8814 sa, oma , S J rl, . E Q MOTOR COMPANY e PONTIAC CARS and INTERNATI NA TR CK OLESALE AND RETAIL PAR hu ' Q Bro en Arrow, a oma T F W - , 1 - 1 THL SENIOR cube WLSHUQ TO TIMNK Field's Bakery 3a Cafe 1 Flelds, Prop Au OF THE CONTRIBUTING ,DWRTIQ Ro WHO HELPED MAAL THIQ YEARBOOK It Food Foods PQQSIBLE til Good PI'1C6S Good Servlce VJ'-TSX! wolf IMS FQ., Ft3IT"'ID., LEWT BRQKEN ARROW 1629 SOUTH PEQRIA AVE SEMCO COLOR PRESS OKLAHOMA CITY Qc1ool Qup lles on fyqlr -nm Lunches d!- :li 4314 ee a Y' As C-rocerles is 4 ef' Stock Feed feHurcl rcs-N Insurance BROMN MQROVX 01LUH0p LET? Tauwon ,jzta-4Qz,av FUVEUICQ y KZQMMHAWM -md' QQ I wif LK GI- LE-St iff- WA Ill Illlllllll BRIITHERS I I 26 q. -- x-. v- no 1- i , A. v. ' . . U .553 , ,- A OE O 1 H1'.o:,:, 'cur' ','.' 1 'f 1 51 J ' C' ' D 1 f X ' :J x JS 'N JNY5 'v'fF,...7'-' A. L, 9 f 2, ' . -: fW wnnru' if. 1 Ummm 5 ,J P re I N 1 r rf G f'zmf::.wx of ffsm Nlfvrnff ,lf:v1f:.n'.X . . , V 'I L f- ' J A op ., S Q ' Q ' H 5 "3 ,.: Y . 'r ' v .X - . ' x f X e .Q B . e 'M " ' ' ,, .ax I . I xy, 9 -T 7 . I 2 , , ,f-1-.A 1 , . f ff: 54 Q .una 1' . ci ofna.. f ' I Omen in gfmmfj wt!!-15 ssavuce F A ' --. Broken Arrow, X1 " - or Q, eau at the ,HK WASHING ---- GREASING S 1, - ' .- -u -x'-'i .X. ., Road Service Repairing 102 South Mein Phone 306 Broken Arrow Q A wholesale, RQ1-ml 'lftffib P 0 CCF il-,ef GET YOUR APPLES HERE" JU mamma QUMPANY Re rxgeratzon and Electric Servzce BROKEN ARROW OKLAHOMA DOWNS RANDOLPH COMPANY Auto Repairlng Snru,o'cAf 1945 5 T32 v THE FIRST NAIQONAL BANK MOTOR COMPANY A L GRAHAM P v anvm w BLOCKER c sh s1eu.A L JENSEN cash BROKEN ARROW OKLAHOMA 27 . 9 s , 9 0 KM' A 0 X- V I3 . I O 4 . I O ICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT - SCHOOL SUPPLI 1,1 20 EAST 'lm s'rns:'r, TULSA, oxLAuouA 6 ,as 5 if , -- A 9 c If o D 5 0 -Q, X. Q - ' I . . , , ni . O E , ice-Pres. . , Q ier . , Asisrant iev I P! Pete J

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