Union High School - Messenger Yearbook (Benwood, WV)

 - Class of 1959

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Union High School - Messenger Yearbook (Benwood, WV) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1959 volume:

I 1+ ...ri- ,,M,q,,..-0-M---M-""W LWHWW -'WMV WWWWM.W-,..,,..,..,,..-,M,M,,-,.,.0,-,V,...M., W.--WW Q lf ,,,,.,.....--uw. Mf ......,....V,..,,-....mM- ,.,..,.W-....,......,.,.,,...,..W ........,,,,,,,,,,,...N-w.- ,,,,,,,.,.,,........---f-d--- M---W-""" M'W"""LMvmm-Q A h,W.,.-....,,,., - -N ,,,,,...,.....W.--.ff-4 -'Wf"""""" -,,,,,..,,...,..----- ,,,,,...,,,,,...------ - f . ' " ' ' RWQYEM 'N U ' Q?3'f5ffh'7!z91lZ'?fJ'l', - 'i 1xv'!ltzL.x1a1S:.ninliiii112iLxWrzel.:1:4:?!rJ- . :xg Umiwvl-h'If:-if-,r 1,-,: V ' ff'.1,,w+' line4L,L ,ff -1 I TIME MESSENGER A s Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of UNION HIGH SCHOOL Benwood, West Virginia VOLUME XXXX PRINCIPAL C. S. Wiseman 1959 EDITOR Robert Mays ASSOCIATE EDITOR Judy Lee Greathouse BUSINESS MANAGER Barbara Eakin FACULTY ADVISOR J. D. Lannan LZ 5 5 fu i 5 0 r Coach Fred Tweedlie Words are poor tools with which we seek to capture our elusive thoughts. lt is with this in mind, then, that we say to you Mr. Fred Tweedlie . . . "You'll always be our coach." Because you gave us your time without reservation, because you gave us a smile when all seemed without joy, he- cause you gave us a strong hand when we were weak, and because you cared. We, the Senior Class, respectively dedicate this the 1959 Messenger to you. x A X 4.35.11-' V A if , L 'H X kk Qs. 5 E' SX? 3 X NY X Q Q iw , 3 ,N . 51. ' X X xi S, Sag 5: .S MESSENGER STAFF Left to right: N. Wayt, B. Wagner, J. Rine, C. McElroy, J. Creathouse 1Assistant Editorl Bob Mays KEditorJ Barbara Eakin iBusiness Manager? L. Rea. L. Stephens. Foreword In the years that come each of you will be engaged in various activities. You will be re- moved from high school, and in all probability from high school life. Your days will perhaps be crowded with increased responsibilities and obligations, and you may forget at times what transpired during your days at Union High School. It is with these conditions in mind that we edit this, the Messenger. We have attempted to depict life at Union as you have experienced it. Written within this book are the great mile- stones of your educational journey and between the lines and around the pictures your memory will write those personal experiences which have made Union a rich part of your life. We hope you may recall and cherish your memories with the greatest of pleasure in time to come, and may this book be the key that will unlock the door leading to those fond days of yester- year. Sincerely, Bob Mays, Editor Contents I. Adminstration II. Seniors III. Juniors IV. Sophomores V. Freshmen VI. Football VII, Basketball VIII. Baseball IX. Organizations X. Activities XI. Advertising Faculty i a 5 5 a IZ C ,,,,,.,,w-v 8 S 9 6 Charles S. Wiseman To the 1959 Senior Class, Principal One of the greatest satisfactions to educators comes from seeing those in their change succeed in their endeavors. The thoughts of your achievements during the past four years kindles a glow of pride in my heart. It is my fervent hope that you continue the development of your mental and spiritual qualities so that you will be able to live a life that is most useful to your- selves, to your families, and to society. May God grant that you maintain a zeal for further knowledge, so that you will continue to grow, and thereby be able to cope with the crises that present world tensions have thrust upon this generation of Liberty-loving Americans. Sincerely, CHARLES S. WISEMAN MILDREIJ ADAMS B S Home Economics MARGARET APPLEGATE A.B., M.A. Library DOROTHY BLAIR A.B., M.A. English AGNES COX A.B., M.Ed. Commercial MARY CON N ER A.B., M.S. Social Science JANET DEEGAN A.B. English ROBERT EATON A.B., M.Ed. Physical Education MARY FAHRION A.B., M.A. English JOHN HIGGINS B S Practical Arts PATTY HOUSTON A.B., M.A. English, Latin M. A. LANE A.B., M.I 'n. Biology JAMES LANI AN A.B. Chemistry YVONNE LANNAN Physical Education ANN PARKINSON A.B. Typing ROBERT PASTORIUS Practical Arts GERTRUDE PEEL A.B., M.A, Social Science RAYMOND PONZO B.F.A. Music LEILA TIPTON A.B. Mathematics FRED TWEEDLIE A.B., M.Ed. Social Science ALBERT YANNI Practical Arts DOROTHY TRIBETT Secretary CHARLES WISEMAN A.B., M.S. Principal Se nz 0 rs Class President CHARLES HICKS Blue and white College Preparatory "A smile as strong as a sword." Football 4- yrs., Basketball 4- yrs., Class President 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Choir 1 yr., President of Varsity Club 1 yr., Student Council 4 yrs., Student Council Treasurer 1 yr., Student Council Secretary 1 yr., Varsity Club 3 yrs. CLASS COLORS Vice-President BOB BUTTS College Preparatory "He's courage in cleats, power in pads, and hope in a helmet." Basketball 4 yrs., Football 4 yrs., Foot- ball Captain 1 yr., Track 4 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs., Treasurer of Junior Class, Vice- President of Senior Class, Student Coun- cil 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Ironman of the year, Vice-President of Student Council. Secretary ALBERT KOLIBASH College Preparatory "I f it's good, Alby did it." Football 4 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Varsity Club 1 yr., Hi-Y 3 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., xi Student Council 2 yrs., Vice-President of Hi-Y, Secretary of Junior and Senior Class. Treasurer FRANK JAMES Practical Arts "Jesse James on the Hi-way of hearts." Track 1 yr., Football 1 yr., Treasurer of Senior Class, Hi-Y 1 yr. CLASS MOTTO . . . "Wealth and wisdom we have gained, now we're out to strive for fame." FRED ANTROBUIS Practical Arts "Put on the pressure and heill pour in the points." Baseball 4 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Varsity Club 3 yrs., Vice-President of Varsity Club, CAROL BAKER . Commercial "When opportunity knocks, she'll answer the door." GAA 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., Library Assistant 1 yr., School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs. FRANKLIN APREA General "He's short and he's wiseg He's a terror for his size." Basketball 4 yrs., Track 1 yr., Minstrel 1 yr., Hi-Y 3 yrs., School Choir 1 yr. JUDY BERRY Commercial "Patience and gentleness is her great power." FHA 3 yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs. FRANK BLAKE General "There's no business like monkey busi- nessf' Baseball 3 yrs., Football 1 yr., Basketball 1 yr. NANCY BOREMAN General "Always leave them laughing." Minstrel 2 yrs., Girls' Club 2 yrs. JUNE BOGERS College Preparatory "Personality personifiedf, Band 4- yrs., Majorette 1 yr., Drum Major- ette 1 yr., Girls' Club 4- yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., Commencement Chorus 1 yr., Office Assistant 2 yrs., Quill and Scroll I yr., Senior Homecoming Attend- ant. ALICE CALMBACHER Commercial "As good as gold." FHA 3 yrs., GAA 3 yrs., Girls' Club 4- yrs., Cheerleader 3 yrs., Captain of Cheerlead- ers, Minstrel 3 yrs., Quill and Scroll. LORETTA CANESTRARO General "Her Izmir is serious, but loolfs are rleceiz ing." Student Council 2 yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., FHA 3 yrs.. FHA Historian, FHA Presi- dent. Minstrel 2 yrs. HARRY CARR College Preparatory "It takes ll wise man to rliseorer happi- rims." Traek l yr., Basketball 3 yrs., Football 3 yrs,. Band 2 yrs. MARY CANESTRARO General "She slapped talking long enough to get her picture taken." Girls' Cluli 2 yrs.. Minstrel 2 yrs. MARVIN CA'l'LE'l'T College l'rcparatury "As lmeonquerable as eliewing gIll!I.,, Foutlmall l vr.. Minstrel 1 yr., Track 1 yr. RICHARD CECIL College Preparatory "He has his reservation in the hall of fame." Band 2 yrs., Football Manager 1 yr. HOMER CHARNOCK College Preparatory "He has a cool horn and a hot car." Band 4 yrs., Treasurer of Band, School Choir 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Minstrel 2 yrs. EDITH CHALK Commercial "School breaks up my whole day." Girls' Club 4 yrs., GAA 3 yrs.. FHA 3 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs. ROBERT CLISER College Preparatory "A classroom comedian." Vice-President of Freshman Class, Band 3 yrs., Football 4 yrs., Track 4 yrs., Min- strel 2 yrs., School Choir 2 yrs. A SARAH CONTI Commercial "Pretty blondes are hard to find but l'rn a brunette." Cheerleader 2 yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., Ser- geant-at-Arms of Girls' Club, GAA 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., School Choir 1 yr., Minstrel 1 yr. ELSIE DANIELSON Commercial "Silence is more eloquent than words are il fun. GAA 4- yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Girls' Club 2 yrs. JACK CURTIS Practical Arts "Some say he's bashful, others doubt it." Band 4 yrs., Shop Club 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Library Assistant 4 yrs., School Choir 2 yrs. SHARON DEFIBAUGH College Preparatory "She's 5 ft. 7 in. of nice." Girls' Club 4 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Quill and Scroll, Band 4 yrs., President of Band, Band Librarian, School Choir 2 yrs., Min- strel 2 yrs., Commencement Chorus. BARBARA EAKIN College Preparatory "She's young and innocent but has a de- sire to be rlevilishfl Girls' Club 4- yrs., Girls' Club Secretary, FHA 3 yrs., School Choir 2 yrs., Quill and Scroll 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs., Student of the Month, Student of the Year, Student Coun- cil 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Spotlight Staff 1 yr., Commencement Chorus, Messenger Staff 2 yrs., Business Manager of Mes- senger. RICHARD EMBLEM College Preparatory "Where the willingness is great, the diffi- culties cannot be gf0!ll.' 'J LARRY EBBERT Practical Arts "The greatest thing since . . . N Shop Club 2 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr., Basket ball 4 yrs., Football Manager 2 yrs. ETHEL FISHER College Preparatory 'SA trim miss with a smile in her talk." Freshman Class President, Girls' Club 2 yrs.. FHA 3 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr., School Choir 2 yrs.. Commencement Chorus. KAREN FISHER General Course "Love is a dream, gosh! 1'm sleepy." Girls' Club 4 yrs., CAA 3 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Girls' Club Treasurer 1 yr., Com- mencement Chorus, School Choir 2 yrs. PATTY GARVICK College Preparatory "The surest way not to fail is to determme to succeedf' Band fl- yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., MaJorette 2 yrs., Captain 1 yr., FHA 2 YIS-y School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Commence- ment Chorus. vi-s MICHAEL FRANKO College Preparatory "He walks hand in hand with ability." Football 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs., Vice-President of Sophomore Class, President, of Hi-Y, Var- sity Club 3 yrs., School Choir 1 yr., Min. strel 1 yr. FRED GONGOLA Commercial "An athlete that scores in more ways than U one. Varsity Club 1 yr., Football 2 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., School Choir 1 yr. DAVID GOODWIN College Preparatory "Looks mild, but so does dynamite." Band 4 yrs., Vice-President of Band, Hi-Y 3 yrs., Track 2 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr., School Choir 2 yrs, IU DY LEE GREATHOUSE College Preparatory "Gaiety was nothing until she was bornf' Band 3 yrs., Assistant Editor of Messenger, Minstrel l yr., Quill and Scroll 1 yr., Girls' Club 4- yrs., School Choir 2 yrs., Spotlight Staff I yr.. Commencement Chorus. PENELOPE GOODWIN College Preparatory "A Penny for your thoughts." Girls' Club 3 yrs., Vice-President of Girls' Club, President of Girls' Club, Band 3 yrs., Cheerleader 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., Minstrel 3 yrs., Commencement Cho- rus. HAROLD HALL Practical Arts "The height of his ambition is about 5 ft," Shop Club 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs. GEORGE HART Practical Arts "A tall pliysique leares room for a big heart," Band 4 yrs.. Minstrel 2 yrs., School Choir 1 yr. CARY HOSKINS Collage Preparatory "The arisivrr to ll fQ'l"lIllg!' prayer." llaskt-tball 3 yrs.. Football 4 yrs.. Baseball 2 yrs.. Track 1 yr.. School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Band 4- yrs., Varsity Club 2 yrs., Secrotaiy of Varsity Club 1 yr. LINDA HOHNER Commercial "She honors a friend's sutcess without entfyfl Girls' Club 1 yr.. School Choir 1 yr., FHA 3 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr. RAYMOND KELLY Practical Arts i'H0's a rwilipwif far pulling his foot in il." Shop Club 2 yrs, ROSE KOSTELECSKY General Course "She's little from top to toe, She's a brimful of life and gof' Girls' Club 3 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr., Band 2 yrs., Majorette 1 yr., Freshman Homecom- ing Attendant. FRANCES KUTEK Commercial "Woman came after man . after him ever smcef' she's been JOSEPH KRAMAR Practical Arts "Mr, Wonderful." Hi-Y Club 1 yr., Football 2 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr. ALICE LOY Commercial "The word 'impossible' is not in her dic- tionaryf' FHA 3 yrs., Band 4 yrs., School Choir 1 yr., Minstrel 1 yr., FHA Treasurer 1 yr., Office Assistant 1 yr. CAROLYN MCELROY College Preparatory "The very 'pink' of perfection." Cirls' Club 4- yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Secretary of FHA 1 yr., Commencement Chorus 1 yr., School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Spot- light 1 yr.. Messenger 1 yr., Quill and Scroll 1 yr.. Library Assistant 1 yr. ROBERT MAYS College Preparatory "He is going forward to something great . . . who knows what?" Football 4- yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Hi-Y Club 3 yrs., Band 3 yrs., School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 1 yr., Editor of the Messenger, Messenger 2 yrs., Spotlight 1 yr.. Varsity Club 1 yr., President of Jour- nalism Club 1 yr., Commencement Chorus 1 yr. GEORGE MANNING Practical Arts "Faith, Hope, and Charity . . . The greatest of these is he." Shop Club 2 yrs., Varsity Club 3 yrs., Min strel 1 yr., Basketball 1 yr., Baseball 1 yrs., Football 2 yrs. RUTH MEYERS Commercial "All the world may not love a lover, but all the world watches her." ALBERT OLSON Practical Arts K'So quiet . . . so smooth . . . so 'wow' " Shop Club 2 yrs. GERALD PADLOW Practical Arts "Unions answer to Don Juan." Football 2 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., Treasurer of Student Council 1 yr., Varsity Club 3 yrs., Shop Club 2 yrs., Secretary- Treasurer of Shop Club 1 yr. f H 2' ftwsu-szw w:tt5iaaAm2eS54 t ,. .. ts-1rsfG,sQtzt'fssm51te2 PHYLLIS OPIC Commercial "Quiet, sweet and perfect." Girls' Club 4- yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., School Choir 1 yr., FHA Historian 1 yr. J ACK PENN YBACKER Practical Arts "He never dreams of the future . . . he prepares for it." Football 4 yrs., Track 4- yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., Varsity Club 3 yrs. FRANK PETRONE Practical Arts "INS not that lie loves srurlies less, he just loves fun moref' Shop Club 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs. MILLIE POLUS Commercial "Sl1e's certain to be seen where fun and mischief I1eam.', Secretary of Freshman Class, GAA 3 yrs., President of GAA 1 yr., Secretary of GAA 1 yr., Girls' Club 4 yrs., Treasurer of Girls' Club 1 yr., Sophomore Homecoming Attendant, FHA 1 yr., Minstrel 2 yrs., Band 2 yrs. LARRY PICICCO Practical Arts "If all the world loves a lover, why doesn't someone love me?" Machine Shop 2 yrs., Band 4 yrs., Track 1 yr.. Minstrel 1 yr. CHARLES PORTER College Preparatory "An ear for music, an eye for Sarah." Band 4 yrs., Vice-President of Band 1 yr., Hi-Y Club 3 yrs., Secretary of Hi-Y 1 yr. Basketball 3 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., School Choir 2 yrs., Student Council President 1 yr., Student Council Representative 1 yr. ,WH GEORGE PYLE Practical Arts "I seen this year that I weren't gonna learn no English." Shop 2 yrs., Treasurer of Freshman Class. LORETTA REA General "The beauty of life can be seen only through happy eyes." FHA 3 yrs., Girls' Club 4 yrs., Messenger Staff 1 yr., Spotlight 1 yr., Minstrel 2 yrs., FHA Reporter 1 yr. Ncxs:xNa?m4sf5,..:, :-.fi 1 JUDY RANDOLPH General "She's intent, intense and interesting." Girls' Club 4 yrs., GAA 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs JOYCE RINE Commercial "Softly speak, and sweetly smile." Girls' Club 3 yrs., FHA 41 yrs., School Choir 1 yr., Office Assistant 2 yrs., Quill and Scroll 2 yrs., Vice-President Quill and Scroll, Historian of Quill and Scroll, Mes- senger Staff 2 yrs., Spotlight Staff 1 yr., Minstrel l yr. CHARLES SCHULTZ College Preparatory "His light heart will live longf' Band 4 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs. LYDA STEPHENS College Preparatory "Smooth, sultry and sweet." Girls' Club 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Spotlight Staff, Messenger Staff 2 yrs., Quill and Scroll 1 yr., Cheerleader 1 yr., School Choir 2 yrs., Minstrel 2 yrs., Junior Homecoming Attendant, Commencement Chorus. ROGER SINGER College Preparatory "His good humor makes even school tol- erablef' Hi-Y 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., Minstrel 1 yr., Choir 1 yr. JOYCE THACKER General "She will capture your heart with sweet novelty." Choir 1 yr. JAMES VARGO College Preparatory "Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar." Football 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., Track 4 yrs., Hi-Y 3 yrs., Varsity Club 3 yrs., School Choir 1 yr. RONALD WARBLE College Preparatory "Bubble gum's greatest booster." Football 4- yrs., Track 1 yr., Hi-Y 2 yrs. fw i m N s gf rrsxss::wasasaisislams:fm-fzsaifriiiaszsi WILLIAM WAGN ER Commercial "The object of every girlls affection." Messenger 2 yrs., Spotlight 2 yrs. NANCY WAYT General "Tiny, Terrific . . . and Torn's." Band 2 yrs., Spotlight 1 yr., Messenger Staff 1 yr. .Alix .A.h A t - --LL- A Xt X RONALD YANIK College Preparatory "A coaelfs dream rome trnef, Baseball 1 yr., Football 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Baskvtltall 1 yr. Homecoming ll66'll GEORGE YATES Practical Arts Spotlight 1 yr.. Minstrel 1 yr. Senior Homecoming Attendant MISS SARA ANN CONTI MISS JUNE ANN BOGERS "If at first you a'on'z .weceerl try, try again . . . for the honor rose." Shop Club 2 yrs., Messenger Staff 1 yr Q , S , Most Likely To Succeed PAT GARVTC ALBERT KOKIBASH Most Xllhlelic BOB BUTTS MILLIE POLUS 'E 1 ag- ,F w ,E S f g Hes! Dresser! SHARON DEFIBAUCH IACK PENNYBACKER 1 5 J Most MiSCllI.6170Il.9 PENNY GOODWIN HOB CLISER Best Dancers BOB MAYS LORETTA CANESTRA Underclassmen G. Angahch K. Berry M Blake C Bowers President S BOSWORTH B. Brak K. Brandon Vice President R. BRAUTICAN M. Burke J. Caldabaugh Secretary D. DAVIS D Callett M Clarke L. Contl J. Coulter Trvusllrr-r N. VIDONIC X wr' . yn i1 L X H. Cvvtanovich L. Duvxs F. Fantauzzi M. Ferriv R. Filuk . if W . 4 ' S. Ccorgo P, Cfwkstettvr W. Cordon B, Holtsvlzlw M. Hnltsclaw R. Horvut C. Jablinske M. Kuprul A. Karr Q.. ff' xx , X , J. Kc-ndull S. Knight N. Koclmlka J. Kolilmush ax X!! 1 P. Kudlak D. Logsion S. McKr-nm-n S. NIf'P1'L'k I., Marsh 3I I i 4 Y: fi' 32 gl ff . 5 'M' ':-:::p- .X i- f,A . S C. Morgan I.. Pustorius H. Petrone R. Putronc H. Pm-Hit S. Pisarrzyk R. Rhodes R. Riddlv J, Simqlrif-K S' '-.QJX '9- N. Scott G. Sidiropolis C. Slonuker R. Smith S. Smith fs Q. xg: X, J. Suu-r K, Triln-tt E, Vain Meter F. Walker E. Wullurv E. Wurlmlc A. Warsinsky C. Weekly D. Weir i J ,K A -M R5 s B. Welling N. Zelic Junior Attendant MISS LOIS JEAN PASTORIUS R -x. . Xi . A Q TEN. z' if we X ,X x -4 025' :Tp A S . 45 . wg j fm Q5 if , -in , S51 uk 4 i Q, WSSM Y iy, 4 , FTS fx ' P 5 ,urs -gg ks. 'f 5 . 1 - 0 Fluharty L Freeman uk -fi! Cl S S I Fu 0 W Flllln him Q Cmn Old C. Hamilton B. Harpold J. Harris J. Hawk J. Hossman P. Karpiel NI. Kavunas B. Keck C. Kendall Whip- A. Kulukowski K. Kulluyda h L. Kullayda C. Kuln-ns M. Kutck Secretary Treasurer R. ZILKA P. FURBEE M. Kostvlvcsky 6-f "S" I.. Im- B. Mm-Km-nm-n S, M1'M4'ch1'n H. Mugvr C. Marsh T. Manly '. , N W Q . f- . M IN. . j X bw..-N if 2.1 sg Q- i Qx X T, Minor C. Mrmrf' S. Mulclrvw T. xIlll4ll'0W R, N1-ff S. Nivkvsun 36 .I R. V4-llv D .AQ ur s. K, Plllfil' Plr . A T . IH-rlllylmckvr R. Ray F. Rilylll0l1d F , ...Q .I"f:'li .. . . fi- 4 T222 Q wx. ., '! iiiE:wi ! zz- j? 1 . .wp ,R A . F JG. 9 3- I '. ,. ,gi K ggi . ff - N Kg si 1 Efil, Vik . x ,. , ...lf pe x -.wif we ,K 'Avuifiyg ikki K: 55... f 7 I 'K R, Rexx N. R4-invkz' U. Rivlmrrl S. Rivlnnund R. Rinv L. Rodgvrs Q iixzif X .X 5.X'f. N 5 -ekzgmx sfw 1 .,xx. xxx, wi . REX 2 . . .xg u - 4 I QJM iff SX . N. .EXW V . 5 i VTQ. 1 ' My X -V ..-- C. Yurkovitclx 1 R. Xvliv W J. Zilka . VNQN IIOINli0l1lln,. Lxttrm .ml lf'pI'tSlI1llIl the sophomore class. S. R. J. R. C. Sf-on Sluun Stulvy Thurllhm Wfulkvl' SANDY CUNNOR a K ' , - x E x Q S x Q is g v Q. .-.X f--.X k hx 55 Y Freshman Class Secretary J. ANCALICH . su? 55,3 BBBCB A az 4 A S. Andreas C. Baker J. Barker N. Barnes A. Barlulovich D. Beatty E. Blake W. Briggs J. Burgess L. Burkey S. Butts A. Carpenter B. Charnock P. Chavanak P. Clarke F. Coen N. Conner R. Corvino D. Courtwright O. Cox Treasurer S. ZINK Vice-President B. SIDIROPOLIS 'flaw 'X President GALLACHER Criswell Cuchta Dawson DiColu Diflrcuse Eddy Flagler Cc-urge Cordon Haclum Hull Hall Hamilton Hamilton Hartman Hindman Hindmun Hornek Hossman Hummel Husk lckler .luergens Keller Kelly Kirker Kutck Lander Luicurt McClellan McElwain Mager Marshall Martin Materkosko JK 45? 'N' X 1 Q QW x If x T saw ' yt? 1 fn . Vv !'8 '-' V53 L -R553-33::2f5 A A Ii XRB-XRA SIDIROPOLIS P, VllN'l1'k U, x1lll'llI'l'k H. Nurris R. Parr J. Pylfe NI. Rlt'llilI'1i lf, Nmlgvrs H. Iill,U,1'l'SUIl ,l, Slum W. Siuuuw C. Sloan E. Smith R. Smith K. Sprillgfivld M. Spruuls U, Strugunuc J. Stllrlniurd ll. Smmn M. WQ'1'kly L. Wm-Iling HOIIlL'C0llliIlgI attendant rvprn-sm-11ti11g1 thu fTl'SIllIlL1Il class at thc 1958 Homvcoming Rnvmw Q6 X11 Most Popular Best 10016.11 1 5 NIE WARBLE , 1 1 if JUNE 'im ERS RON SARAH c:oN'r1 CHUCK PORTER Hot Rod Kzng and Queen JUDY RANDOLPH BUTCH CHARNOCK Most Intellectual Best PCVSOYIUUW CAROLYN MCELROY DAVE GOODWIN BARBARA EAKIN CHUCK HICKS Football C 0 A C H T W - ff- - 4 f,f, : E - . i B. BUTTS-Fullback E D L I E wi B. CLISER-Guard Semor M. FRANKO-Guard G. HOSKINS-Guard C. HICKS-Center A. KOLIBASH4Guard G- MANNINCYETM ASSISTANT ' .QW quad "' D. VARGO-Tackle C 0 A C H E A T 4 . O B. MAYS-End N J. PADLOW-End 7 ... F. JAMES-End J. PENNYBACKER-End f ,....4ie.-. 254' I -A W fffff fain? 2 veg., ' ,waqg . ...... 5 nfl R. WARBLE-Halfback R. YANIK-Quarterback 43 Try 19 Sweep again X Central Maroon nlushed by Ironmen! 1 Ironman FIRST ROW, SITTING, left to right: J. Studdard, R. Sloan, C. Morgan, R. Thornton, R. Cliser, R. Rogers, R. Rine, W. Gordon, Coach Eaton, R. Cecil, R. Poland, C. Conti, A. Kolibaslx, R. Brautigan, W. Bosworth, A. Karr, E. Warble, B. Brak, D. Weir. if f 35 hi 1" Si' 5 K, . . .A ,Q x J q 5l,0H1'.S Q ' Q .. . x J 'Tgufm L 'Q , 'H . : Q 4, 4' J :if Q9 gp 1 wi ' J 2 ,ak ,fu . in A A 0 ' 5 .. V .. A , kg ft I gf Q, 1' Wei :,. ,H-,, ' gn , W, x X 4 tug 3 had f 5 E .4 i wx x - slit , , T K' M ' K., , .,,, hgh t .mi X: uikai X. is A N -5 Q 3- fir, L 3' M 4 Q ' . K K . . S . K, L11 K N if .F S .L si . X S A Q K . -ix I 4 Y is K Q 5 Q A Q -ww' mi M' A S Q ' gg gg 'W-W -.W Q iz, Y A V x . A 3 5 K, 1 r W . Q S 'E gm as , i W Q m Q Q . QS 41 M if Q if Q N Yr We Rv 35 dk 2" ,k,, S, lf' - -:. -2: 5, '- ,. 1 . Q., 1 i ri sw,-.- K , Q 1, L ,297 g ,Mm . W U 1 ,, ,,, 1 "M ' ' 'Q' 1 w iii' 9, t N M, , W M M 'L J 4 in all wg A' Triadelphia moves the ball, but only good enough for a 6-6 tie. A Triad being given an assist . . . to the ground. A Moundsville carrier stopped in his tracks. 1958 tatistics The Union Orange and Blue closed the 1958 gridiron campaign with a -1-5-1 record. The statistics were exceptional in view of the record. The lronmen gained a total of 3,112 yards in 157 carries for an average of 5.9 yards per carry, while the opponents carried the ball 502 times for a total of 2,836 yards, averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Union scored a total of 132 points in ten games for an average of 13.2 points per game, while the opposition scored only 86 points for an average of 8.6 points per game. Bob Butts was the leading ground gainer, tearing out 1,349 yards in 198 carries for an average of 6.8 yards per carry. Ronnie Warble was runner-up in this department, ripping through the defense for 561- yards in 83 carries for a 6.79 yards per carry average. The trained toe and fleet foot of Jack Pennybacker was a valu- able asset for Union this year. Jack, punting consistently every game. averaged 31 yards per punt during 1958. He also caught ten passes for a total of 77 yards. Eddie Warble scooted for 22 yards in receiving 2 passes, and cflessv Padlow pulled down two for a total of 26 yards. Ron Warble received fl' passes for 55 yards. Ron Yanik was on the heaving end of 35 of these passes, completing 15 of them for a total of 96 yards. These statistics are much to the credit of our lronmen, and help to offset some of the distaste of defeat. By way of sum- marization it can be said . . . the coaching was outstanding, the effort supreme . . . the good fortune minimum. Football is more than a bruising sport for brawn. Football is the loyal spirit of the alumni. .I MW A , . . the fervent cry of the crowd. . . the post-game congratulations, win, lose, or draw. . . . thc anticipation of watching your fleet fontcd hack being swarmcd by charging tacklers. 'ww flllllll? of tim Year. X RA f S' ff - '.x!-N, K X Q' , K K W , AQ' A L If 2 'X ' , .7 ,. . ,W w 4.fw9w J . 'Y -, 1 Lf, 4 ,., . ,f 1 . -',' , J ,W rf- an ns-ur "ilIiilf'ilf wrmul Ihr- l1'wrm1r'u lvzllllvrl willl ilu- XIUIIIHIFXIII1' Ir'1yl.1vu- fm' Ilmw' ruggwl Ilf'l'i4lflN I nlx HI tlw fmlrlh Iu'r'lml I num XH'iIl'xl'Il4'4l ummm-rll l'lI'llK. zmfl xlUIlHfINXlHt' fc-mwl lm:-1' will um' mn- xel iml. VIl'Il'gl2IIIll'lPfllI1'fl'ill' k-p:11k1-nl In lrzulilifnl ll l'IX'IlI'N fVll!lll'VfI IIVIIHII "1lIllI'1' mth il lr'f-rrwlul IPZIIII r'ffm'I, ll MICKEY FRANKO All 0.V.A.C.-Hon. Mention Tri-County-Hon. Mention DAVID VARGO All W. Va.-Hon. Mention All 0.V.A.C. 2nd Team Whg. Intelligencer-Hon. Mention Tri-County-Hon. Mention Those receiving honors . . . ROBERT BUTTS All W. Va. 3rd Team All O.V.A.C. lst Team fcapt.J Whg. Intelligencer 2nd Team WWVA Radio All-Star lst Team Mr. Touchdownw-Ohio Valley Tri-County lst Team CHARLES HICKS All W. Va. 2nd Team All O.V.A.C.-Hon. Mention Whg. Intelligencer Ist Team WWVA Radio All-Star 3rd Team Tri-County lst Team RONALD WARBLE All W. Va.-Hon. Mention All 0.V.A.C. 2nd Team Tri-County-Hon. Mention JACK PENNYBACKER All W. Va.-Hon. Mention Whg. Intelligencer-Part. Hon. Ment. WWVA Radio-Part. Hon. Ment. Tri-County-Part. Hon. Mention The 1058 season was not a vietorious one for the lI'UllIllQIl. Plagued by lack of depth and oc- easional injuries the squad finished with a 4-5-1 record. Nevertheless there were many bright spots to look back on, and many people to whom we would say wfhanks for the memory." Thanks to you . . . . . . Dr Dickey for your medi cal attention rcndtred re,u larly and generously . . . eheerleuelers for your enthusiasm, . . . and thank you. lronxnen for mikm Us proud to he Umonitm v""f31 v-"'1i""""1 1 i"'Y"" A '1'i U Q' '4 Dill .. Q I, N !"tw....W The Big Two Say 'LHOW sweet it is p F . 1' 'ae W' . .:.i., W -Z? V 1 fl W J n fi ,X-v:f'p 4, u-:Q 3, I iq, 3 . i E 2 i f, gi f if Basketball Q hh. ll' The Big us . t. J" K N 0 5- Q 'u ,gk f -is U' :- E ' Q ev 5 Nl H 84,13 Q hiiigfgsi ibxagkigw I wav s I hir' S Q B ,. S New if F 5. W ,L I 5247 1 Q Padlow Hxcks 'Mini Ho E IV mi I Us Varsity quad FIRST ROW: L. Ebberts, R. Yanik. SECOND ROW: A. Bowers, G. Angalich, J. Pacllow, F. Gongola, F. Antrobius, H. Pettit. THIRD ROW: R. Butts, D. Vargo, C. Hicks. C. Porter, R. Horvat. COACH ROBERT EATON SEASONS RECORD Union 05 Union 5111 Union 73 Union 52 Union . tl-lt Union ,, 67 Union 5,11 Union 57 Union , 72 Union 71 Wlifrelirlg , Follansbec Wellsburg Moundsville Central Follansbee , Warwood Magnolia ,, Bridgeport Martins Ferry ,, Coach Eaton and the Union High Varsity Basketball Team are cer- tainly to be congratulated for winning the O.V.A.C. AA Basketball crown for 1958-59. This year's team was composed of five stout and dependable starters in Bob Butts, Chuck Porter, Chuck Hicks fCaptainl, ,lerry Padlow, and Rudy Horvat. These five were backed up by such able-bodied performers as George Angalich and Fred Gongola. Also other reliable substitutes were Larry Ebberts, Ron Yanik, Dave Vargo, Tiffie Cox, and Kieth Tribett. The scoring and rebounding was very well divided among the starters. Bob Butts led both departments with an average of 15.5 points per game. Close behind in the scoring column was Chuck Porter with 13.5 points per contest. Butts gathered in an average of 13 rebounds per game with Hicks right behind with an average of 12. Porter had the best percentage from the floor with 7107? and Horvat led the defensive department by blocking A1 shots per game. Padlow had the best outside shooting percentage with -l-UQ?-, mainly because of his deadly set shot. We cannot end without praising Coach Eaton who did a fine job in coaching the boys and in keeping up their hustle, teamwork, and growing desire to win " 91 Union H 57 Bridgeport 56 Union , 82 Moundsville U ' 717 Union 62 Triadelphia ' Q0 Union 71. Cameron ' " 10 Union 611- Central " Union 56 Vlfarwood ' 18 Union , 75 Triadelphia "" gg Union 73 Magnolia ' 56 Union WCllSl3llffI7 'iBook was sent to publislzf-r before this game was played. R e s e r 11 e COACH TWEEDLIE The Union High Reserve 'lleam under Coach Fred Tweedlie U produced a winning season of which we are all proud. Among the fine looking prospects are Tiffie Cox. Kenny Berry, Bill Bosworth and Don Clutter. Cox was the leading scorer while he was playing with the reserves. But Berry and Bosworth took over the scoring honors after Cox was moved to the Varsity. Stanley Gongola did a fine job i11 filling in for Cox. These Reserves have shown fine team play, great spirit, tre- mendous hustle and an overwhelming desire to win. Of course we vannot let the season pass without mentioning our Freshmen. This year Coach Higgins and his mighty mites turned in a T-T record playing many opponents much bigger than they. The l"reslnnen have also displayed a fighting spirit and plenty of hustle. l l COACH IIICCINS CHUCK HICKS CHUCK PORTER e n i 0 T S FRED ANTROBIUS W. ?' ,W'fV" 'L my BOB BUTTS JERRY PADLOW m :Xf FRED GONGOLA LARRY EBBERTS S e n i o T S DICK CECIL RON YANIK DAVE VARCO 'QNIU ff-:L EW!! 'W L-5"" . F l gnu: , Q 4 1 ' 4 Q Q X X F, 1 ,rf-QA, . .2 X 'Q wk Q. fx' "" - The ,r LN 5 5 x Q XL s X f 96?-, 'wb r N ff The Night We Won the 0. V.A.C. AA Crown! Io U :AWN 'swag ' an Basew 'K ' -xg 1 SECTIONAL-REGIONAL CHAMPIONS Coach . . . ROBERT EATON 1958 F1535 IEOW, left to right: F. Blake, G. Manning, F. Antrobius, E. Gongola, T. Cetkosky, . o eszwa. SECOND ROW: B. Elson, J. Padlow, T. Gongola, B. Butts, G. Angalich, R. Tribett. THIRD ROW: S. Gongola, J. Mestrovic, B. Hoskins, F. Gongola. The 1958 baseball team went all the way to the state tournament, before losing in the first round of play "down state." The team won eight straight games before being blanked for their first loss by Triadelphia. With the exception of a 6-5 loss to Moundsville the Ironmen finished the season, un- beaten. Overall, during regular season play, this champion squad won eleven games while dropping two. In the state tournament the strong arm of Tom Cetosky weakened and Union bowed beneath a 6-0 score administered by Buckhannon High School. 1958 RECORD Union-1 1 Union-4 Union--1 1 Central-3 McKinley-3 Moundsville-5 Union-6 Union-13 Union-8 Magnolia-1 Warwood-4 Central-5 Union4l- Union-7 Union-0 Triads-2 Magnolia-2 Triads-8 Union-5 Union-8 Union-6 Moundsville-6 Moundsville-3 Wellsburg-0 Union-1 Union-0 Wheeling-O Buckhannon-6 COACH EATON 55 94? 0 4' Xa 7324 Nags. FIRST ROW: S. Gongola, A. Bowers, G. Angalich, D. Weir. SECOND ROW: G. Manning, B. Butts, R. Yanik, J. Padlow. THIRD ROW: F. Blake, G. Hoskins, F. Antrobius, F. Fantazzi, F. Gongola. As a follow up to last year's team, we again have a great squad. Through the untiring efforts of the boys, Union students and friends have a team they are proud of. ' Even though Tom Cetkosky, Reese Tribett, Bob Hoskins, and Tom Congola graduated. The baseball team still has great potential. The team is anticipating a season as commendable as last year. iffy! w!i"'!,! 7 at Q Q ,g??f x, ""' Q ' ' ,ea 5, ' , K 3 4'2' X W 2-317' 8 LE FRED GONCOLA GARY HosK1Ns 1 GEORGE MANNING MWY3' K y--N-:ww-1-,F-...?, , 4,- JERRY PADLOW S e n i 0 T S FRANK BLAKE ZF RONALD YAN IK FRED ANTROBIUS, BOB BUTTS Cl The Library Assistants are well named for they are Continually husy assisting other students in the use of our library facilities, under the Capable direction of Librarian Mrs. Applcsgato. At the lwginning of thc' yvar students volunteer to become nieniliers of this fine group. Those who are acvepted are thvn instructvd hy Mrs. Applegatv in Lihrary pro- ccdures . . . checking hooks in and out. stocking she-lvfls. etc. This group is an important part of the l'nion niavhinv that helps kcvp the wheels of progressive eduvation turning. Assistants Tlrlllll C. Marsh, B. Rf-ti. S. Muldrcw. C. Mr'Elroy, J. Rgimlnlph, K. Kuli xydtx R Hmm! 1 t'lff'fll. H. Pctronc. R. Ray. J. Warzinsky, K, Pulpit-, Varsit Club FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Bowers, E. Warhle, G. Angalich, A. Kolibash, R. Yanik. SECOND ROW: F. Antrobius, G. Hoskins, R. Warble, S. Sloan, F. Congola. THIRD ROW: G. Manning. FOURTH ROW: T. Cox, J. Padlow, R. Horvat, M. Franko, D. Vargo. FIFTH ROW: R. Butts, J. Pennybacker, C. Porter, R. Mays, C. Hicks. President Secretary ROBERT BUTTS GARY HOSKINS Vice-President Treasurer FRED ANTROBIUS THISTLE COX The Varsity Club, an organization of long standing, is an active and select group. Membership is restricted to those who have earned at least one letter in any of the major sports. The club holds, as one of its primary objectives, the attainment of the spirit of good sportsmanship. Members are urged to take pride in fair play both on and off the playing field. MR. EATON, Advisor 69 FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Rine, J. Randolph, P. Opic, C. DiCrease. L. Rsa, L. Canvstra. SECOND ROW: K. Fislle-r, 1"l'1'0asi1rs-N C. McElroy. L. Stephens. E. Chalk, J. Rerry. THIRD ROW: J. Rogers. M. Polus. J, Crm-athouse, N. Bore-man. FOURTH ROW: C. Baker. J. Calmhachvr. P. Carvic. FIFTH ROW: P. Goodwin. ll'rvsiilc-nt! S. Conti. SIXTH ROW: S. Defihaugh. R. Eakin. 4'Svcra-laiyl. NI I S S ' I 9 C U' S 0 FIRST ROW. li-fi lo right: S. Smith X SECOND ROW: L, Marsh. C. Aprea. THIRD ROW: George. .I. Caldahaugrh. NI. Clarkv. FOURTH ROW: B. Holtsclaw. L. Pastorius. N. Reincke, N. Kochalku. FIFTH ROW: K. Brandon. R. Riddle. S. Knight. S. Pisarczyk, V. Nickerson. SIXTH ROW: L. Davis. D. Davis. IVici'-Pre-side-ntl M. Hollsvlaw. V. Cuichta, C. Jahlinskc. I5 Welling. SEVENTH ROW: J. Kolihash. H. l'n-tronc. M, Burke. Ii. Vanfucfter. S. McK0nnen, R. Smith C. Minor. v FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Connor, D. Pennyhacker, P. Furbee, L. Kuhayda, R. Ray. SECOND ROW: B. Keck, C. Marsh, K. Palcic, T. Muldrew, B. McKennen, L. Davis. THIRD ROW: A. Conti, S. Nickeson, L. Crow, L. Lee, S. McMechen. FOURTH ROW: B. Rea, C. Kuhens, M. Chavanak. FIFTH ROW: M. Curtis, M. Kostelecsky. M C SIXTH ROW: A. Kolakowski, S. Muldrew. I 0 S . S Club 2 ff N i N s o r E R FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Sidiropolis. SECOND ROW: P. Clarke, F. Materkosko. THIRD ROW: S. Zink, S. Butts, S. Andreas. FOURTH ROW: B. Hall, D. Juergens, D. Straganac, N. Criswell. FIFTH ROW: L. George, J. Hossman, I Gallagher, E. Fogle, N. Conner. SIXTH ROW: S. Martin, R. Ickler, M. Richards, B. Luichare, B. Hall, F. Burkey. 7I 'Vik Left to right: C. Manning. L Elmberts. Mr. R. Paslorius, J. Pad low, F, Pc-trnne, S. Hall. """i Left to right: C. Pyle, M. Ferris. T. Nowicki. B. Balderson. J. Zilka. J. Sandrick. J. Parr, R. Rhodes. A. Cvelanovitch. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Porter, Mr. Pastorius, J. Padlow. SECOND ROW: B. Keck, E. Warble, B. Butts, J. Kolihash, T. Mealy, F. James 3 v President CHUCK PORTER Vice-President RUDY HORVAT Secretary CHUCK HICKS Treasurer JERRY PADLOW FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Conner, R, Horvat, C. Hicks. SECOND ROW: M. Landers, A. Karr, R. Poland, L. Canestra, A. Bowers, C Hamilton A Kolibash, S. Bosworth. The Student Council, besides undertaking various important projects, presents regular assembly pro- grams calculated to vitalize our already broad school program. The group, elected by the Student Body, strives to cre- ate friendly and purposeful relations between students and faculty. To this end, under the direction of Mister Robert Pastorius, the Student Council is rapidly progressing. .Aff ' s' "f'TflR4?' Editor of THE MESSENGER non MAYS FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Yates, B. Wagner. L. Rea. J. Thacker. N. Way'i. SECOND ROW: C. McElroy, L. Stephens. . Blix 'U im -7 HI 4' - Editor of THE SPOTLIGHT MARY BETH CLARKE '--.... is-'Bmw A-..... Left to right: R, Brautigan. D, Catlett, G. Sidiropolis, S, Pisarczyk, M. Clarke, N, Kochalka, D. Davis. J. D. Lannan, Advisor. 76 we-a-...M NRE SEATED, left to right: P. Opic, J. Calmbacher, Mrs. Adams, L. Horner, A. Loy. S'l'ANUlNll: J. Rinc, J. Randolph. J. Berry, E. Chalk, L. Cancstraro, 1l'1'4-sidvntl L. Ht-a, ff. Mt-Elmy. 184-rn-ta1'yl C. Baker. S. Defibaugh. B. Eakin, E. Daniclson. 5. Conti, l.. Stvplu-ns. , .4 9 a Q ...- . SEATED, le-ft to right: M. Clarke. 1ViCv-President? S. Knight, S. George. STANDING: J. Caldabaugh, J. Kolillash. E. Vanllvtcr. M. Hultsvlaw. N. Knchalka. 1. W loft to right: S. McKc-nnvn, C. Aprt-a. K. Jablinski. 5 I ANDING: K. Brandon. S. Pisarczyk, S. Smith, H. Pt-trmw. C, Minor. 17 G.A.A. initiates undergoing "the treatment." l,l'f'.YilIf'I1I MlI,l,lE POLUS Vim' 1,fl'.Nl'lIl'I1! S A RA ll CONTI Thr- Girls, ,Mhleliv lxSStPl'l2llltlIl. vmisisting of llH'llll'l.0l1l' sviwl, IIlt'llllll'I'S is unc' of tht- IINIH' zlvlirv Hl'll1lllllllliUllS of tht- high svlloul. Nit'lIllH'I'S of Ihr' vhllm am- l'lltlSt'Il frmrl fix 1-ry rluss. Thu GAA. is1'um'c'l'l14'1l primarily with vrvul- ing a spirit of fair play Zllllilllg its rnvrnlwrs. ln aulclltmn lu an informal llllllllllllll. lhv m-is lllt'lIlibt'l'h llIlflt'l'gIU a formal initiation which instills in thc-m primio through rncrnhvrship. G.A.A. 'l'rwas11ra'r I HELEN l'E'I'RON li Suvrvlary MARY IRETH CLARK! MRS. YVONNE LANNAN, Advisor STANDING, left to right: B. Rea, S. Muldrew, C. Baker, K. Fisher, S. Conti, M. Polus, E. Chalk, E. Danielson, J. Calmbacher, P. Karpiel, L. Davis, A. Kolakowski, H. Petrone, C. Kendall, M. Kostelecsky, J. Randolph, S. George, L. Marsh, S. Pisarczyk, J. Caldabaugh, M. Clarke, B. Keck, E. Raymond. 'IR 4 President MICKEY F RANKO Vice-President ALBERT KOLIBASH Secretary HLY Treasurer DAVID GOODWIN Sergeant-at-A rms DAVID VARCO CHARLES PORTER Left to right, in triangle: C. Conti, F. Aprea, D. Goodwin, J. Warsinsky, A. Bowers, K. Berry, G. Angalich, D. Vargo, R. Horvat, C. Porter, M. Franko, B. Mays, N. Vidonic, A. Kolibash. Co-Advisor, J. D. LANNAN The Hi-Y, whose initiates are chosen by faculty repre- sentatives and Senior members of the club. was organized, for the purpose of promulgating the principles of Chris- tian Brotherhood. The club is composed of members from all religious denominations, who work together to create a well-rounded social and religious atmosphere. Co-Advisor, J. HIGGINS uill and croll FIRST ROW: J. Greathouse, J. Randolph, P. Garvic, J. Calmhacher, J. Rine, C. McElroy. SECOND ROW: J. Bogers, S. Defibaugh, H. Carr, B. Eakin, L. Stephens. THIRD ROW: B. Mays, D. Goodwin, B. Cliser. President Secretary BARBARA EAKIN JOYCE RINE The Quill and Scroll is an Honorary Journalistic Society established for the pur- pose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in the field of journalism. The members must be at least a Juniorg in the upper third of his class in general scholastic standing at the time of election. They must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor. Applicants must be recommended by the advisor, and have to be approved by the Executive Secretary. The society consists of LL honorary Junior and Senior members. xlNlEPNA'lCNA, ' IT I1 HQQBQK ,J , f in .L Spy St-niausli Activities Yi , 1, L ,Ar . . V., ..,,.-,. swxwk-fqwgmvwrfypm wail-Q-Ami -11 wry 1-www ..,X. ,ww-QW-H Q- - K W f .4 0 . - 1 5, Q K, it 1 1 J 9 Y xg! I' E xi w. . ' ogy ' X -- Q A ..A. L, . . 1 Y - A ' .... .. . may ww. .H 4 .tk Yarn-9 QI! ul, ,x ' 1 y X X mx K 6 K J xxx 1 A r g N ff SQW5 fini' 1 X s jggy X .. -Y , ' 3. ix :xx QQ5 l X Q swf R A A . , . I X vf . K ,K ,RL . . . . f- fi .L - Q WL V. Wi g lgi 9 AE? ri 1 Q5 W 2' if B fi? G as H: E, ' .K P -enum W The school choir, under the direction of Mr. Raymond -Ponzo made its grand entrance during the Christmas Season of 1957. With the encouragement of the faculty and other students they continued their fame. They have contributed their harmonious voices in such places as the Elks Club in Moundsville, the P.T.A. Conference, and school assemblies. Many who have heard this group, have spoken of their desire to hear them again. Everyone will agree that this group of boys and girls shall always be remem- bered. Without the continuous drive and determination of Mr. Ponzo, the forming of this choir would never have materialized. A vote of thanks for the entertainment they have brought, should be given by everyone. MR. RAYMOND PONZO Ch 0. lf T NATIONAL HONOR soclsrv S 'Q 5 2. f 3 7 Q vi ALBERT KOLIBASH ROBERT MAYS l JUNE ANN BOGERS BARBARA EAKIN CAROL BAKER N PATRICIA GARVICK LYDA STEPHENS SHARON DEFIBAUGH CAROLYN McELROY CHARLES PORTER National Honor Society These eleven students were picked out of the upper third of the Senior Class, according to their scholastic ability. Choices are based upon the students' ability in scholar- ship, leadership, service and character. The scholarship basis is stablized by their grades. The teachers vote upon the remaining three principles and from these results N.H.S. members are selected. ROBERT BUTTS 85 L X L ,...,..m 86 q 5551 23,151 M . , . msn- JUNE ANN BOCERS Senior Attendant LOIS PASTORIUS Junior Attendant SANDY CONNERS Sophomore Attendant MISS PENNY GOODWIN Szvcetheart Queen MISS SHARON DEFIBAUCH t Attendant Year "Ironman of the Four a lot they mean--taking part in athletics, playing game--F or what have you! Giving of time, strength, and ability, to make a team in the tradition of Ironmen standardsg 35? of a possible 100 points for this achievement. Then another 1527 of points comes from the gentlemen who come nearest to seeing the athlete as he really is--the coaches. Another group contributing a possible 12927 of points in- cludes the teachers who express their approval or disapproval of the athlete as a student. The top 253 of points is based on the type and quality of academic work done, so it pays to study! While participation in school activities other than athletics may add 13-SZ, more to the total number of points. Out of 100 possible points the "Dream Athlete" might score, Union's "Ironman of the Year" tallied 84.8175 points to win the coveted honor. While ranking second and third, the nearest competitors averaged 763 and 7173 points, respectively. And now who is our Union "Ironman of the Year?" ROBERT BUTTS--a fair fighter, a good student, and an all-around "good guy" who is nice to know. To you, Bob, a salute and good wishes for the future. Ji Unionfs Queen, for the All-Star Football Game . . . Mi.S.9 ,func Ann, Bogvrs Q A Candid Views ' 'YV . J v Y :ii fix f N Qi? '53 HJ? JV 'f YI 131 1 En 11131-y C l cz Home Economics S S 6 .S ,E 13, 7, f- 1 1 ., f 7'-24 7 Physical Education English 9 ix X - P 4' ff f if X uv 1 7 X X Z X H SNCN Ha Advertisements , Cvmplimem LouuE's LUNCH GARDNER CompIlmenI's F of GREENHOUSE AND O DICK'S FINE Foon H M d P. NURSERY A 723 La'fayeHe Ave. ome- a e 'es Rou+e 88 FRIEND MouNDsvu.LE Ha"'b"'ge's SHERRARD' W, VA. w. VA. SCHWEIZER MAX CRCNE GULF SERVICE L. D. SLONAKER Marky Shed Complimenfs 444 Na+ionaI Rd. AGENCY Wheeling W Va of and 5I7 Marshall S+. varsny -I-own A 39+h J b S+. BT MCMECHEN, w. vA. Clow, FRIEND an mo I3I2 RouI'e 40 TRIADELPHIA SHERMAN'S BAKERY 27-I2+I1 S+ree'I Ce 2-5945 WI'1eeIing's Newesi' and Fines? QuaIi'Iy Bakery-FuII Line of Baked Goods Baked on I'I1e Premises. GREEN'S DONUT SHOP 28I6 Eoff S+ree+ WHEELING. WEST VIRGINIA Phone CEdar 2-8570 CompIimen'Is of SENIOR CLASS CongraI'uIaI'ions MCMECH EN'S Frgm ROLLA-RENA POSIN'S JEWELERS Your House of Fun and Recreaiion Home of H16 Finesf in Diamonds and +I1e Newesf in Wafches and Rings DANCING ROLLER SKATING I306 MARKET STREET PARTIES Ph C cl 2 9626 l 1- l 1 BECKERS, INCORPORATED IO54 Markei' SI'ree+ WHEELING. WEST VIRGINIA McGONIGAL GORMLEY Designers WHEELING FLOWER SHOP I 4-I0 Markei' SI'ree+ PHONE Cedar 3-3320 CARPENTERS JEWELERS WHEELING STEEL BUILDING Phone Cedar 2-2990 lofh STREET GARAGE ASHLAND STATION Aufo Repairs McMECHEN, WEST VIRGINIA W. A. FRITZ 81 CO. SCHENK, JEPSON 81 CO. I4I4 Markef Sfreef I4l4 Markef Sfreef WHEELING. W. VA. WHEELING, W. VA. ,.::IZIl,.I. fr..." opllll V I0 005' YOU nlrpnlll IHIINIZ ,lam ...IUC 'IO OOCIU' Q General Insurance General Insurance Phone CEdar 2-3900 ELMER W. LONG WM. R. M. HARNEY Phone CEdar 2-3900 HENRY G. JEPSON ALBERT SCHENK THE INTERSTATE HEATING Complimenfs of H9BBI1'f9f5E a. AIR coma. co. I209 a I f. CEOIS MUSIC WHEEUNGIT Qi. VA. 229 Jefferson Avenue SUPPLY Phone ma, MouNDsvII.LE, WEST VIRGINIA 3307" I Phone Ti 5-3852 THE TOWNE SHOPPE THACKER'S FARM C9mPIImenI'5 Dry Goods MARKET of and News HERMAN I.AAs cI TREET QI4-Zn S Phone Bwd. 426 Sheriff of Marshall Counfy MouncIsviIIe, W. Va. Congratulations, Class of '59 THE HUB L. S. GOOD 81 CO. STONE 81 THOMAS HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A CAREER IN RETAILING7 Dignifiecl, Inleresfing, Sfeacly, Dependable Complimenfs of MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Marshall S+., McMechen F. Emerson Wood. Paslor FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Fo h S h uri' I., McMec en T. N. Logsfon. PasI'or EIGHTH ST. CHURCH OF GOD M h cMec en V. A. Woodall, Pasfor ST. MATTHEW'S LUTHERAN B n oggs Ru R. D. Josephson, Pasior BENWOOD METHODIST Main S+., Benwood W. E. Jones, Pasfor FIRST CHURCH OF GOD Tenlh and Logan SI's.. McMeche ArI'hur Ealrin, Pas'I'or THE NAZARENE CHURCH FiH'een'I'h SI., McMechen James Woolums, Pasfor GLEN DALE METHODIST Wheeling Ave., Glen Dale E. David Dubois. Pas'I'or GREETINGS FROM THE CHURCHES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD h WALTER SMITH STUDIC Photographs of Class of '59 P rl' 'I' Commercial Pholography Mur I I220 MARKET STREET WHEELING, W. VA. Experl' Piclure Framing COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Wheeling West Virginia Complimen+s of DOBKIN BROTHERS ,.-t...?,-.......,,. MCMECHEN VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT "One of fhe Bes+ in Wesf Virginia" Congra+ula+ions From POSINS JEWELERS GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE I6+h and Jacob S+ree+, Wheeling CE 3-I8l2 Home of ihe Finesf in Diamonds and S soon :An N SERVICE STORE R I306 MARKET ST. PH. CE 2-9626 X ADDRESS nouns PHONES PEPSI-COLA Distributed by PEPSI-CCJLA BOTTLING CGMPANY M a ii wes+ virginia THE BANK OF MCMECHEN MMECHEN w. VA. MEMBER I I RANCE COR Complimenls of MELODY MART 329 Jefferson Ave. MOUNDSVILLE. W. VA. MELO DY MANOR Norlh S'l'ree1' NEW MARTINSVILLE, W. VA. Record Heaclquarlers BEN HOSSMAN General Contractor fpf +he 2216 Marshall s+ree+ Ol-no Valley , MCMECHEN Open Evenings Tin 9 PM Bwd- 529 The Place of Qualify Food KING COLE RESTAURANT MOUNDSVILLE. W. VA. OWATONNA. MINNESOTA Fine Class Rings Yearbooks Announcemenls, Awards, Execulive Greefings NULL PACKING COMPANY 4339 Eoff S'rree+ WHEELING. W. VA. Complimenfs of MORRIS PLAN SAVINGS 81 LOAN CO wi-IEELING. w. vA. The Financial Ins+iI'u'I'ion for Ihe IncIivicIuaI MARKET AT FOURTEENTH ST. WheeIing's Largesi' Pa nfs S+ore THE MEN'S SHOP I066 Marke-IwS+. WHEELING, W. VA. Complimenfs of GLADYS BRANDON Jus+ice of I'he Peace 2200 Marshall S+. MCMECHEN Bwd. 732 GRIEST CUT RATE STORES WHEELING MOUNDSVILLE Warwood Shopping Cenier WE GIVE T. V. STAMPS BECKERS, INC. I054 Markei S'I'reeI' WHEELING. W. VA. Ohio Va'!eY'S c:ALDABAueH's HARDWARE Largesf Men s S+ore 700 M h H S+ BERNHARDTS CLOTHIERS MCMECHEZ aw QM I225 Markei' S+. PHONE gwdjgl I WHEELING McMechen's Complefe Hardware Sfore Freeman Shoes DEEGAN COMPANY BeNwooD, wesr vlRelNnA WILLIAM HIGGINS CAPITOL RADIO 909 Marshall SIreeI' MCMECHEN, 'NEST VIRGINIA Phone Bwd. 797 SMI LEY'S RESTAURANT Open Daily Half-Day on Safurday Homemade Pies Our "SpecialI'y' MCMECHEN, WEST VIRGINIA RUDY'S AND EDDIE'S 300 Garfield SI'reeI' McMECHEN, WEST VIRGINIA Phone Bwd. 639 BLAKE BROTHERS POST NO. 46 AMERICAN LEGION Benwood, WesI' Virginia SUTTON'S STERLING SERVICE 3rd and Marshall Sfreei' MCMECHEN, WEST VIRGINIA Phone Bwd. 9399 5INE'5 SMIITY'S ESSO SERVICE HARLEY DAVIDSON SALES I0i'h and LafayeH'e Ave. LaIaYeHe Ave- Exfenslof' , YYY HI-WAY TAVERN 2222 Marshall S+. BENWOOD. W. VA. RETA'S FOURTH STREET LAUNDRY Com pIe+e Pressing Delivery TI 5-3934 Service When You Need M MECHEN W VA e I+ Com plimenis of UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Recruiring Sub-S+a'l'ion POST OFFICE BUILDING WHEELING, W. VA. FIGARETTE' S Resiaurani' of Dis+inc'l'i 24 HOUR VALET b0I Marshall Sfreei' Phon Bvlfd. 22 0 Naiional Road ELM GROVE Wcls. III7 LEEDS CAN DIES 6b-lI2I'hv Sjreei' WHEELING Phone CE 3-2240 Genera EIec'l'ric Appliances for 'l'he Home BOB LINEBERGER APPLIANCES 5 I 2 Marshall SI'reeI' McMECHEN. W. VA. Phone Bwd. 605 MOUNTAIN-KNAPP POST 9965 THE AMERICAN LEGION McMechen, Wesf Virginia BLUE RIBBON CLUB 732 Main S+reeI' BENWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA KINNEY'S SHOES Home of EDUCATOR SHOES CHEROKEE CLUB BENWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA Arrow Shiris Bo+any Suifs MENDELSON'S BELLAIRE, OHIO McGregor SporI'swear Jarman Shoes Lee Hais JIM'S LUNCH MOUNDSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Phone TIIcIen 5-920I BOSAU SHOE STORE Men's High Grade Shoes 47 FourI'een'Ih SI'ree'I' WHEELING. W. VA. WKWK RADIO Wheeling, Wes+ Virginia HOME LOANS INSURED SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES SCHOOL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS h, M FEDERAL smuss Q gm. 2. LOAN Assn. Igmy ullqllhl Al-5XJ'ALVA7'0Pl'PP5-9 V M.FKAMPf1'fEYER ll -ini ',, , T THE ROSE BOWL Formal Wear and Cos'I'ume Sales ancl Ren'I'al RESTAURANT WICKI-IAM COSTUME SERVICE CHM 2-8545 or I02I Na+ionaI Road CEdar 2,9463 WHEELING. W. VA. Open Daily 9 a.m. I'o 5 p.m. PHONE WOODSDALE I6I'I1 ancl Marlcei Wheeling, W. Va. PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY l509 Maple Sheei' Scranfon 5 Pennsylvania "Drink Sun Drop Golden Cola" BoH'led and Dis'I'ribu'IecI by TRIO BEVERAGE CO. 33rcI ancl McCoIIocI1 S+. WHEELING, W. V. PINK ELEPHANT I92I Marlcei' S'I'. Wheeling, W. Va. Complimenfs of MIKE'S SEAT COVER SERVICE Complimenis of SAM'S DRIVE-IN JIM'S LUNCH Moundsville Phone TI-5-920I I 3-vv Happy Mo+oring FISH ER'S ESSO SERVICE 7I 3-7'l'h Sfreei Wheeling, W. Va. Moundsvme W. Va. Complimenfs I0'I'h STREET JOE MACK of CLEANERS SUNOCQ A 9I9 Marshall S+. A-Z Lub FRIEND MCMSCIM- W- Va- R-C-A- Philco 1 AND MARSHALL sr. Mayiag HOLKER'S - WINDY RULONG C0mP"me"+S LI'ITLE'S 24 HOUR SUNOCO f TEXACQ SERVICE 0 GROC' 'III' I-afaYeHe Lafa eHe Ave 4I8 Main Sfreef Mounasvalle. w. va. Y ' BAKERY BENWOOD. w. vA. Moundsville W. Va. C"mP'i':e"Is CHUCEIT- Lewls WARSINSKY MARYETTA a RUTH 0 PURE SLENDERIZING MATT SERVICE SALON 200 Marshan SI' Grocers and Meais BENWOOD. W. VA. Benwood, W. Va. Phone Ben. 9I4I Phone Ben. 263 Moundsville, W. Va. Phone TI 5-6670 Enioy Life and Eaf Ouf More Of'I'en" af fl-ie TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Jefferson Avenue MOUNDSVILLE. W. VA. Congrafulafions, Seniors! PETER'S PHARMACY THOMAS P. HATOSY, R. P. McMechen SINE'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER I0fh Sfreef and Lafayeffe Ave. MOUNDSVILLE. W. VA. Tl 5-9I70 J. H. BEAM DRUG CO. 263 Jefferson Avenue MOUNDSVILLE. W. VA. Complefe Drug Service PHONE TI 5-4230 JULE RIVLIN'S SPORT SHOP Ohio Valley's Mosf Complefe Sporfing Goods MYERS DRUG STORES "35 Main S" MouNDsviLLE GLEN DALE WHEELING, W. VA. W D CE e elVef' C0mP'imef"fS REILLEY, INC. of Aufo and Truck Repairing EDWARD C. PASTILONG CLASS OF 1939 Fronf End Alignmenf f' Wheel Balancir' GLENDALE. ' I BOGGS MOORE S RUN BENWOOD, W. VA. Where Union Friends Gafher l.OUlE'S Complimenls Besi' Wishes STEELE Of CAFE ANTOlNE'S 9I2 Marshall Sf. ROWS 2 2208 Marshall- S+. B. B. STEINFIELD Benwood Moundsville McMECHEN D,D,S. W, va, W. Va. MARSH'S C I- 1, IN ompnmen s 2' EIP IN BLIEFUS BAR 81 LUNCH of oosevel Ave' 750 Main s+ree+ sENwooD Bemod A W- VA- MEAT MARKET Bwd. 9200 FRIEND ' Com li n'rs MENS ELM GROVE PACKING co. if PLACE THE 5II Marshall S+. , MCMECHEN Planf 529 Mme Sireel' JOURNAL-ISM W. VA. ELM GROVE WHEELING, W. VA. CLASS For Exclusive 'R . Coals-Sui+s-Dresses H 0 R N Visii "The Fashion Corner of WheeIing" WHEELING W. VA. CompIimen+s MATT's ffl MEAT MARKET STAR CLOTHING and GRACE LEE SHOPS VIC MOJER JEWELER WaI'ch ancl Clock Repairing I 65-6I'h S'I'. McMechen Bwcl. 720 JOHN WENZEL COMPANY Processors of Maple Brand Meals WHEELING. W. VA. CLARKE PAPER CO. I2 I 0 Main Sireei WHEELING "Paper for Every Purpose FU LTON'S CAMERA SHOP 2403 Cha pline S'l'. WHEELIN6 Phofographic Supplies and . Qualify Pho'I'o Finishing Q f in xy, 'V 5 W ki- , ,rv a, xy .kk . uk. -fe E' 41 , ' 1. V135 .1 f--,, . ,IQ ,Qff-1 - ' r h 1 f miazv. sw. mzinii U ,1,, ".w'g.K,Yg A ,, .5-.Aff . ,g ',.,q kr ' K " " , ,- an wtfff be S Q ' ' 'F l?Qa'Tfi+ X -57s fwf. 1 I- QWA6 1 . x KL V.V-My 72 Gvxf ' ws' ' f- 'fwfr Q: .i,,ff5?Qf ix .sn "x ,, 1-. .Wigs-'gf'gg.3gm .-e.q,-h:Q,Q5fij-X ,f. giewfzavgfi "Sgr: gina?-L1 'vm 121 3. ' N.. V1 7 . avg.: L, V ' 4 E QA - ,xh ,E ' 'ffwfzs Q. Q. A i ,,,..,...----'-Y f '-.MW w,,,,q..,M V gomhawumwkw ww M, ,.,.,..,...W ,..., .... .M 4- M M 'ff i 5 1 E 1 1 E 1 Q 5 3 2 I E 2 1 1 I I 2 1 1 1 E 1 5 ,,,.,,.........---'-f ---- -"""""' 'MRMN ,,,,,...,..AD'w---'-""" A-M,,,,,..,-.-M---'M' ,....- ,,,...,.W,...M,,,,.,....n.W IL-WWMM H-'HW .... f"X nv , ,.,... ..,. f H-F9 998701 1 . 1 . V

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