Union High School - Memory Lane Yearbook (Rimersburg, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1956 volume:

X xx x XX . -.N N. X-' . QX-,. xi. N 33- .1-'ag j-U - L-- 1- fx. j1--Q-mf: 1---S 5--,-ff.-.jx 1:-. 17-wg.. ey,-5,1-.ff .-fi.. .. -fvfere-'--'1" 1-7'-'sf--',j:yjggg,gf.5v .v-ga::,g--,-qw-55,f,-,y4yi+g:vgz17q.-QQQ.isgriz-g.g,f5f,-jQ-gfage-'w-1:53 Q ,--.W U-f NR R ,. . R, . - h.--X, ' 4- - '.x-5, '- - . -. L-xx-. 3 . A-.-gf 3 ,-x:,,-- - ALMA MATER "Loyal men of Union High Blue, gold, and white will ever fly. Raise your voices loud and strong ln this, our song." "All our battles we will meet, Never thinking of defeat. Alma Mater to our school, Hail Union High." Sponsored by Barger's Chevrolet, Inc., Rimersburg fr it "Flu- OUR SCHOOL if X X I QQ5, t "" x f X 5 FOREWORD As you leaf through the pages of thxs year's MEMORY LANE 1t1S our s1ncere hope that you obta1n a true p1cture of student l1fe throughout U J I-I S May the fun the work the problems the Joys that we as students encountered be yours as you glance through th1s our yearbook l f X Sponsored by Mxller s Funeral Home R1mersburg 3 V y ,gy i n . fur a ' ' X ' , - X 1 ' x , Z if ll! "' l ' -1' A ' N f 'I 'lv 'vi' ff - l xx , M f 5' L-2 -,N r- X ' ' I I . , . FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION D. H. HIWILLER High School Principal CHARLES W. HETRICK Elementary Supervisor PAT KLINGENSMITH SHIRLEY CONNER Sligo Secretary Rimersburg Secretary 5 qi' in X 7 1 B. G. CORLISS Supervising Principal x ,LX Sponsored by Cook's Market, Rimersburg l 'As-Q. ft. 53 7.6 W4 Q gs pn 1 il 1 SEATEDg Slaugenhoup, Matijak, Ciccarelli, George, Beckner, Cobbett, STANDING: Baker, Powers, I-lelinski, Slaugenhaupt, Bodnar va. RIMERSBURG FACULTY '71 641 I 2 1'-"0 , , H 3 s : 1. 'I sr. -I CLAUDE MORTIMER Rimersburg Janitor RALPH H. BAKER DeWAYNE SLAUGENHAUPT VERNICE MATIJAK WILLIAM BECKNER Business Education Science Librarian and Latin Mathematics Rimersburg Building Principal JOHN BODNAR SARA CICCIARELLI BESSIE COBBETT WILLIAM POWERS Social Studies Physical Education and English Home Economics Physical Education WALTER SLAUGENHOUP MARIAN GEORGE JOSEPH HELINSKI Social Studies and English English Instrumental Music Sponsored by l-lawk's News Stand 84 Alma's Beauty Shop, Rimersburg 6 SLIGO FACULTY CLA IR CONN ER Sligo Janitor VIRGINIA MEANS Home Economics CATHERINE MYERS Librarian and English sr if ,L, wmv I it E . I SEATEDg Means, Myers, Sternmerich, STANDING: Guesrnan, Young, McCoy DONALD STEMMERICH IVAN YOUNG BERENIC THOMPSON Mathematics and Basketball Coach Science School Nurse ' FRANK GUESMAN BARBARA MCCOY 7 Social Studies Business Education Sligo Building Principal Sponsored by Chester J. Randolph, Rimersburg 7 SENIORS 1 Q it 1 EDITH ELLEN ANTHONY .... General Chorus 1-2-3, Minstrel Show 2, Junior Play. Spring Concert 1-3-4, Dance Club 1, F.H.A. 2-4, Travel Club 3, Fashion Show 3, Girl's Basketball 4, Vice-Pres. of F.H.A. 4. VERNON D. BARGER. . . . .Academic National Honor Society 3-4, Class Com- mittee 2-3-4, Class President 3, Class Vice-President 4, English Club Presi- dent 4, Junior Play, Band 1-2, County Band 2, Mid-Westem District Band 2. Spring Concert 1-2, Basketball 2-3-4, PromAttendant3, Yearbook Staff, Bac- calaureate Attendant, Latin Club 1-2, Dance Club 3, Travel Club 4, Sports Editor 4. BARBARA J. BARTLEY. . .Commercial National Honor Society 4, Class Com- mittee 4. Yearbook Staff, Chorus 1-4, Travel Club 4, Usher Baccalaureate 3, Dance Club 3, EnglishClub4, Latin Club 1, Fashion Show 1, History Club 3. Sponsored by JACK BEST . . . . . Scientific ELLEN RUTH BISH ........ General Usher for Commencement 3, Mock Wed- ding 4. Chorus 4, Spring Concert 4. Dance Club 1, Fashion Show 2. SHIRLEY ANN BISH ....... General Dance Club 1, F.H.A. 2-3, Minstrel Show 2, Mock Wedding4, Travel Club 4. Usher for Commencement 3, Chorus 4, Fashion Show 1-2, Spring Concert 4. Eshbaugh's Repair Shop. Rimersburg, Pa. 'Ui f' 9 ' 'Mr W! ...... BETTY JEAN BOWSER . . . Commercial Dance Club 1, F.H.A. 2, Usher for Com- mencement 3, Student Council4, News- paper Staff 4, Fashion Show 2, Basket- ball l, Minstrel Show 2, Secretary to Mr. Beckner. VIVIAN IRENE BUZARD. . Commercial Dance Club 3, Prom Aid 2. Music Club 1, F.H.A. 2. TravelClub 4, English Club 4, History Club 3, Stage Hand 3, Bas- ketball 2. ELLEN CLAUDINE BOWSER. . .General F.H.A. 2. Dance Club 1, Basketball 3. Sponsored by Gal1agher's Store, Sligo, 10 DARL CA LLEN IR. ....... Academic Class Vice-President 1, Class Commit- tee 2-3-4, Basketball 1-4, Football 2- 3-4, Editor of School Paper 4, Varsity U Treasurer4, Latin Club 1, Dance Club 3, TravelClub4, English Club 4, Year- book Staff 4. JUDITH CARMICHAEL. . . Commercial Junior Play 3, Travel Club 3, Band 1-4, District Band 2, Forensic 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Secretary to Mr. D. Slaugen- haupt4, SpringConcert 1-4, Dance Club 1, Amateur Show 1, Basketball 1-4. BARBARA CENTORCELLI. .Commercial Newspaper Staff 4, F.H.A. 3, Fashion Show 2, Secretary to Miss Thompson 4. Music Club 1. Pa. A x Q. X 4 Y' T' lf 1 ALVA MAE CHARNEY . . .Commercial RAY A. CLARK . . . . Scientific- Dance Club 1. F.H.A. 2, Usher for Com- Band 1-2-3-4, Spring Concert 1-2-3-4, mencement 3. Minstrel Show 2, Fash- County Band 2, Dance Club 1-3, Sports- ion Show 2, Basketball 1-2-3, Secretary man Club 1. to Mr. Baker. BERT CHRISTY ......... Academic Band 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Spring Concertl -2-3-4, Travel Club 3. Dance Club 1, Varsity U 3-4, Latin Club 2. ANITA M. CICCIARELLI . .Academic National Honor Society 3, Band 1-2-3- 4, Choms 2-3-4, Play 3. County Baud 2, Distric Band 2-3-4. Class Treasurer 3, Class Committee 2-3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Baccalaureate Usher 3, Dance Club 1, Latin Club 2, Travel Club 3. Sponsored by ROBERT L. CLARK ....... Scientific Football 2-3, Varsity U Club 3, Sports- man Club 2, Dance Club 1-3, Intramu- ral Baseball 2. MAX R. CONNER ........ SCl8l'lflIlC Band 1-2-3-4, District Band 2-3-4, County Band 2, Chorus 2. Arner's Florist, Rimersburg, Pa. 11 if RONA LD L. CONNER .... . Scientific JAMES H. CRISSMAN ..... Scientific Band 2-3-4, Male Quartette 4. Mixed Dance Club 3, Sportsman Club 1, Foot- Ensemb1e4. Chorus4, Camera Club 3-4, ball 3, Baseball 1-2. Sportsman Club 1. A. JOANNE CRAIG ...... Academic Class Treasurer 1-2, Class Committee 3, Class Secretary 4, Spring Concert 1- 4, Band 2-3-4, Usher for Junior Play 3, Music Club 1, Latin Club 2. Travel Club 3, Amateur Show 1-4, Intramural Bas- ketball 1-4. EVELYN M. CROWLEY . . Commercial Newspaper Staff 4, Mock Wedding 4, Secretary to Mrs. Matijak 4, Home Ec. Club 1. JOHN CRAIG . . . . ...... Scientific ROBERT CROYLE . ........ General Sportsman Club 1. Camera Club 3, Bus Football 1-2-3, Sportsman Club 1, Mock Patrol 4, Chorus 3. Wedding 3, Varsity U. Club 3. 'li' Sponsored by Sun Side Feed Store. Sligo. Pa. I v JA NET MA RIECULBERTSON . Scientific Student Council 4, Travel Club 3, F.H. A. 2, Basketballl-4, Chorus 3-4, Spring Concert 3-4, Dance Club 1, Minstrel Show 2, Fashion Show 1-2, Mock Wed- ding 4. JA NET ELDER ........ Commercial Chorus 1-4, Christmas Canata 1, Candy Shop 3, Travel Club 4, Dance Club 3. Baccalaureate Usher 3, History Club 3, Fashion Show 1, English Club 4, Prom Attendant 3. SHIRLEY JEAN FAGLEY ..... General Cheerleader 1-4, Fashion Show 1, Class Secretary 2, English Club 4, Travel Club 4, Prom Aid 2, Class Play 2, F.H.A. 3, Chorus 1, Homecoming Queen 4, Class Committee 2-3. Siar BETTY LOU FORSTER .... Academic Dance Club 1, Latin Club 2, Travel Club 3-4, Usher for Commencement 3, Spring Concert 4, Chorus 4, Fashion Show 1. Mock Wedding 4. JIM E. FOWLER ......... Scientific Footba112-4, Varsity U 2-4, Vice Presi- dent of the Varsity U4, Intermural Base- ball 1-4, Basketball 1, Mock Wedding 3, Intermural Track 2, Travel Club 3, Dance Club 1. DILBERT GARVER . ...... Scientific Sportsmans Club 1, Camera Club 3. In- termural Baseball 1. Sponsored by 's Market, Rimersburg, Pa, Q. .xl MARLYN A. GRAY . . .... Scientific Football 2-4. Varsity U, 4, Sportsman Club l. Camera Club 3-4, Band 1-2. CHARLES L. HAWK ....... General Travel Club 3, Band 1-2, Chorus 2-4, Dance Club 1, Camera Club 4. LOIS JEAN HELLER ........ General Fashion Show 1, Chorus 1-4, Spring Con- cert 1-3, Prom Aid 2. Christmas Canata 1, Dance Club 3, English Club 4, Travel Club 4, Stage Hand 3. PATRICIA ELLEN HELLER . . . General Class Play Usher 3, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Chorus 1-4, Spring Concert 1-4, Prom Aid 3. Christmas Cantata 1-2, Fashion Show 1, Librarian 2-3, Dance Club 3, English Club 4, Travel Club 4. gx s 'Q' ,Y ., DAN HAWK ........... Scientific BARBARA LEE HETRICK . . . Academic it , Football 1-4, Varsity U 3-4, Inrermural Trave1Club 3, Class Play 3, Dance Club gg-.-, Basketball 1-4, Track 3, Dance Club 3, 1, F.H,A. 2-4, Intramural Basketball 2- rv.. Mock Wedding 4. 4, Minstrel Show 2. Wiv- Sponsored by Iim's Barber Shop, Sligo, Pa. 14 ?'X '1- A LFRED LeROY HOOVER .... General Dance Club 3, Camera Club 3, English Club 4, Band 1-2, Spring Concert 1-2, Football 4, Basketball 1-4, Class Com- mittee, Vice President 2, Junior Play Stage Guide 3. RICHARD B. HORNER . . . . . Scientific Band 2-3, Camera Club. President 3. Dance Club 1. Spring Concert 1-2. MARSHA HOSEY ......... General Varsity Cheerleader 3-4, J. V. Cheer- leader 1-2, Course 2-3-4, F. H. A., Vice Pres. 2, F. H. A., President 4, Class President 1. Class Committee 2-3-4, Fashion Show 1-2, TravelClub 3, Dance Club 1, Spring Concert2-3-4, Girls Bas- ketball 1-2-3-4, Class Treasurer 4, Class Secretary 3, Ir. Play 3, Amateur Show 1. Attendant Snow Ball Dance 1. LARRY W. IRELAND ....... General Football 1, Sportsman Club 1-2, Dance Club 3, Mock Wedding 3, Assistant Li- brarian 4. BETTY E. KERR ........ Acedmic Latin Club Vice President 3, Latin Club 2r3, Camera Club 4, Newspaper Club 1, Mock Wedding 4. GA LE KING ........... Scientific Dance Club 1, Baseball 1, Football 3. Ord Randolph's Market, Rimersburg, Pa. I 5' I BETTY LARIMER ...... Commercial National Honor Society 4, Class Com- mittee 2-4, Yearbook Staff 4, Librarian 3-4, Travel Club 4, Chorus 1, Baccalau- reate Usher 3, Candy Shop 3, Christmas Cantata 1, Newspaper Staff 4. History Club 3. Dance Club 3, Latin Club 1, Fashion Show 1, English Club 4. ALBERT RAYBURN LERCH . . Academic Band 1-4, English Club 4, Dance Club 3, Chonis 4, Glee Club 4, Instrumental 3, Spring Concert 1-4. BILL LBZCH ........... Scientific Sportsman's Club 1. Dance Club 2-3. DIANE MATHIAS ..... Commercial National Honor Society 4. Senior Class President 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Editor of Newspaper 4, Band 1-4, Girls Ensemble 4, Chorus 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 4. County Band 1-2, Secretary to Miss George4,J. V. Cheerleader 1-3, Candy Shop 3. County Chorus 1. MARY LOU MATHIAS .... Scientific Cheerleader 1-3-4, Junior Class Play 3, Intramural Basketball 1-4, Spring Con- cert 1-4, F. H. A. 2-4, Music Club 1, Minstrel Show 2,Chorus 3-4, Band 1-3, Amateur Show 1, Fashion Show 1,2. DONALD RICHARD McCA LL . Scientific Basketball 1-2, Newspaper Staff 4, Latin Club 1, Travel Club 4. English Club 4, Dance Club 3. Sponsored by Sligo Clover Farm Store W 5 Qu v PN any Vx vi. .Wy . KAYE ARLENE MCCALL ..... General Dance Club 1, Prom Aid 2, F,H,A, Club 3, Travel Club 4, English Club 4, Stage Hand3, Sophomore Play 2, Fashion Show 1. NORMAN McCOY ,,,,,,, Scientific Boys Quartet 4, Junior Play 3, Travel Club 3-4, Spring Concert 3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Bus Pa- trol l, Dance Club 1, CAROLYN IUNE MCKINNEY . . General Dance Club 3, F,H,A, Club 3, Travel Club 4, English Club 4, Baccalaureate Usher3, Junior Play Usher 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Fashion Show 1, Librarian 1-2, Sophomore Play 2, Chonrs 1, JANET MCKINNEY ,,,,, Commercial Christmas Cantata 2, Newspaper Staff Class Committee 3, Chorus 3-4, Band 3- 4,Trave1Club4, Dance Club 3, History Club 3, English Club 4, Latin Club 1, Fashion Show 1, MEDA BELLE MCKINNEY , , Commercial National Honor Society 4, Travel Club President 4, History Club Secretary 3, Dance Club 3, Christmas Play 2, Usher forlunior Play 3,English Club 4, Fashion Show 1, Class Secretary 1, Librarian 2, Latin Club 1, LAWRENCE McLAUGHLIN . . Scientific Basketball 1-4, Varsity U, Club 3-4, Intramural Baseball 1-4, Track 3, Cho- rus 3-4, Varsity U, Secretary 4, Travel Club 3, Camera Club 3, Sponsored by Conner's Grocery Store, Rirnersburg, Pa, 17 'Ds ,'f .11 an O2 ,1- X A lem 'Dx ia A ...,,. , 1-. DON MILLER ,,,,,,,,,,, Scientific Football 1-3-4, Basketball I-2, Dance Club 1-3, Varsity "U" 4, Mock Wedding 3, Intramural Basketball 1-2, THOMAS R, MONG , , , , , , Scientific Sportsman Club 1, Football l, Chorus 3, Intramural Basketball 1, WINAN S MONTGOMERY Gene ral CECIL P ,MURRAY ,,,,,,, Academic Footballl-4, Varsity "U" 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club 2, Dance Club 1, Class Play 3, Class President 4, Class Committee 2-4, Varsity "U", President 4, Basketball 1, Mock Wed- ing 3. SHIRLEY ANN MURRAY , , Commercial Majorette 1-3, Secretary to Mrs, Cob- bett 4, F,H,A, Club 2-4, Junior Play 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Fashion Show 1-2, Minstrel Show 2, Candy Shop 3, Chorus 1-3, Dance Club 1, Intramural Basket - ball 2-3, ARNOLD POT TER Scientific , "' 3 Basketbalil-3, Chorus 2-4, 'sfpfmg con- English Club 4, 'D'ah6e'c1'uB 3, Chorus cert 2-4, Band 2, Dance Club 3, Sports- man Club 1, Bus Patrol 1-2, 4, Basketball 1-2, Football 2, Rosie's Restaurant, Sligo, Pa. 35 "hp X 1-, KATHLEEN A PRIESTER General TravelClub3 Intramural Basketball 1 4 Minstrel Show 2 F HA 2 Mock Wedding 4, Fashion Show 1-2, Camera Club 4, Dance Club 1. ROSE MARIE RAMSEY .... . . General Majorette 2-3, Drum Majorette 4, Usher for Spring Concert 1,4, Chorus 3,4, Fash- ion Show 1,2, Minstrel Show 2, Basket- ball 1,2,4, Secretary for Mr, Helenski 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Dance Club 1, F,H,A, 2, Travel Club 3, WILLIAM L, RAMSEY . . . . . Scientific Band 1-2, Spring Concert 1-2, Travel Club 3, Dance Club 1, Sponsored by NITA IANE RANKIN Commercial Chorus 1 4 Band 2 4 Spnng Concert 1 4 NewspaperStaff4 Jun1orPlay Usher 3, Travel Club 3, Dance Club 1, Sopho- more Class Committee 2, Girls Ensemble 4. SARA M, RANKIN , ,,,, Commercial Student Council 4, Senior Band 2-4, Spring Concert 1-4, Newspaper Staff 4, Chorus 2-4, Junior Band 1, Dance Club 1,3, Secretary to Mr, Slaugenhoup 4, GARNET LUCILLE REED, , Commercial Class Committee 2, Junior Play 3, Bac- calaureate Usher 3, Librarian 2,3, Cho- rus 1-4, Spring Concert 2,3, Christmas Cantata 1, Travel Club 4, History Club 3, English Club 4, Dance Club 3, Candy Shop 3, my ..,-s O, C, Lindenpitz and Son, Rime rsburg, Pa. SANDRA LEE REIGHARD , , Commercial Junior Play 3, F,H,A, 2-4, Usher at Commencement 3, Candy Shop3, News- paper Staff 4, Minstrel Show 2, Intra- mural Basketball 1-4, Dance Club 1, Secretary to Mrs, Cobbett, DORETHIA ANNE RETTIG , , Academic Home -Coming Attendant 4, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Commencement Usher 3, Received Latin Award 3, Intramural Bas- ketballl-2-3-4, Latin Club 2-3, Spring Concert 2, Mock Wedding 4, SHIRLEY LOUISE RETTIG , , , Academic Received Latin Award 3, Latin Club 2-3, Spring Concert 2, Fashion Show 1, Sec- retary and Treasure Camera Club 4, Intramural Basketball 1 -2 -3, Mock Wed - ding 4, Dance Club 1, BETTY LORRAINE RHODES , , , General Dance Club 1, F,H,A,2 -3, Minstrel Show 2, Fashion Show 2, Mock Wedding 4, CONNIELOU RHODES , . , Commercial Dance Club 1, F,H,A, 2, Minstrel Show 2, Fashion Show 2, Newspaper Staff 4, Secretary to Mr, Baker 4. JUDY IOANNE RUNYAN . . . Academic Latin Club 2-3, Latin Club Treasurer 3, Dance Club 1, Camera Club 4, Chorus 4, Spring Concert 4, Lincoln Theater, Rimersburg, Pa, WU' ,NOIX DONNA LEE SEYBERT ,,,, Academic Homecoming Attendant 4, Usher to Commencement 3, Intramural Basket- ball 1-4, Latin Club 2, President 3, F,l-l,A,4, Candy Shop 3, Mock Wedding 4, Newspaper Club 1, Spring Concert l. LUCILLE M , SALVO ,,,, Commercial Band 2-4, Chorus 2-4, Spring Concert 2-4, Travel Club 3, Sec, for Mr, Bodnar 4, Junior Play Usher 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Class Committee 2, Dance Club 1, Girls Ensemble 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Ir, Band 2, WESLEY E,SHERMAN ..... Academic Class Committee 2-4, Prom Attendant 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Dance Club Treas- urer 3, Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, Travel Club 4, English Club, Vice President 4, Newspaper staff 4, Basketball 1, Latin Club l, School Paper Humorist 4, Sponsored by KARL SHOOK ,,,,,,,,,, Scientific JuniorPLay 3, Dance Club 3, Glee Club 4, English Club 4, Travel Club 4, Cho- rus 4, Freshman Reception Play 1. BARBARA SIMPSON ,,,,,, Academic Dance Club 1, Latin Club 2, Travel Club 3-4, Junior Play Usher 3, Mock Wed- ding 4, Amateur Show 1, MARY ANN STEINER ,,,,,,, General Travel Club 3, F, H, A, 2, Chorus 4, Spring Concert 4, Mock Wedding 4, Dance Club 1, Farm Show 2, Salvo's Market, Rimersburg, Pa, 21 1 . vg 'ww- is QN- 554 "5- MARY KAY STELTZER . . . Academic National Honor Society 3,4, Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, County Chorus 1, County Band 2, District Band 2-4, District Cho- rus2,3, Forensic 3, Spring Concert 1-4, Class Play 3, Class Committee 2-4, Class Vice President 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Dance Club 1, Latin Club 2, Travel Club 3, Intramural Basketball 1-4, Girls Ensemble 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, EDDIE STEVENS ,,,,,,,, Scientific Student Council4, Basketball l,2, Dance Club 1, Sportsmans Club 2, Travel Club 3, Spotter 2-4, Latin Club 1, MARY KAY STEWARI' ,,,, Academic Majorette 2-4, Class Play 3, Chorus 1- 4, Latin Club 2, Travel Club 3, Senior Prom Attendant 3, Dance Club 1, Class Secretary 1, DICK STEWART ,,,,,,,, Scientific Student Council 4, Travel Club 3, Sen- ior Band 2-4, Junior Band 1, Spring Concert 1-4, Instrumental 1-4, Junior Play Stagehand 3, Sportsmans Club 1, THOMAS A, STEWART . . . Academic Band 1-4, Chorus 3-4, Football 1,2, Spring Concert 1-4, County Band 2, District Band 3, District Chorus 3, For- ensic 3, Class Play 3, Dance Club 1,3, LatinClub 2, National Honor Society 4, Male Quartet 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 4. SHIRLEY KAY STITT , , , Commercial Dance Club 1, Secretary to Mrs, Cic- ciarelli 4, F,H,A, 2, Minstrel Show 2, Fashion Show 2, Mock Wedding4, News- paper Staff 4, Pictures for this book were taken by LEWIS STUDIO of Knox, Pa, 'ml y 1 , yf A 1 - 0 ,Yr Q.. LEE G, SUMMERVILLE . . . . Academic WANDA LEA TAYLOR , , ,Commercial Band 1-4, Chorus4, Glee Club 3, Dance Christmas Cantata 1, Fashion Show 1, Club 1-4, Spring Concert 1-4, Insrru- Chorus 1, Travel Club 4, English Club mental3,4,Trave1 Club 4, English Club 4, History Club 3, Dance Club 3, Junior . P187 3. . - ffm U 0 MILO H, SUMMERVILLE , , , Scientific MYRTIEA,WOMELDORF , Commercial Travel Club 3-4, Spring Concert 3,4, Newspaper Staff 4, Fashion Show, Sec- Junior Play 3, Chorus 3-4, Bus Patrol 3, retary to Mr, Johnson 4, Intramural Bas- Sportsman Club 1, ketball 4, KENNETH R.TAY1-OR ...... General DONALD R, YATES , , , , , , Scientific I W X -G- I Band 1-3, Dance Club 1-3, Chorus 2-3, Dance Club 1, Camera Club 3, Intra- Instrumental 1-3, mural Baseball 1, FRIENDLIEST: Janet McKinney Dick Stewan BRAINIEST: Shirley Stitt Vernon Barger MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Barbara Bartley Cecil Murray SENIOR -4 'X :M Jll'n P - '-ef--1 4-i BEST LOOKING Shrrley Fagley Don Yates X X we 5 Q5 ff 4 -- S QQ ix N mn' 2 , 4 ? .W Maxim-L ' 1 M Qzfifisfwiszbffylk "ff if 'iEii,Qfx-' J .Lu Y", 'V ry: .Nm CLASS WILL We the graduatrng class ofthe year Nrneteen Hundred and Ftfty Stx berng of partrally sound mtnd and body do hereby swear thrs to be our last wtll and testament and bequeath the valuables of our hrgh school year to th I EDITH ANTHONY wtll my abtlrty to crawl rn wtndows and not get caught to anyone who wants rt I VERNON BARGER, wtll my penctl stubs and tablet remarns to Kay Myers I BARBARA BARTLEY wtll my abtlrty to sell candy at basketball games to anyone who lrkes to flrrt wtth all the boys I JACK BEST wtll my seat tn the Senror class to anyone who wants rt I ELLEN BISH wrll my oral book reports to anyone who ltkes them I SHIRLEY BISH, wtll my good ttme m Baker s class to anyone who can get away wrth I BETTY BOWSER wtll my smrle to Joanne Rrrffner I VIVIAN BUZARD wtll my class rrng to Kaye McCall because she never has one I ELLEN CLAUDINE BOWSER wtll my only parr of overalls to Maxrne Culbertson and Sue Swttzer I DARRELL CALLEN wtll all my love to Yvonne I JUDITH CARMICHAEL wtll all the fun that Cecrl and I have had tn Hrgh School to Denny and Karen I KAY CENTORCELLI wtll my seat tn Shorthand class to any lazy Junror who thrnks he can get by wrthout studyrng I ALVA CHARNEY wtll my Mother s chtckens Iwtth her pemussronj to Mr Baker I BERT CHRISTY wtll my abllrty to htde my stolen goods from Mr Stemmerrck to Honest John Galbratth I ANITA CICCIARELL1 wtll my abrlrty to laugh to Denny McLaughlrn I RAY CLARK wtll my abtlrty to play football to Itm Fowler I ROBERT CLARK will my abrlrty to pay atteutron and be alert at all umes tn Mrss George s Engltsh class to Mtss George I MAX CONNER, wtll my mustcal abtltty to any deservtng student who hkes bands I RONALD CONNER, wtll my abtlrty to play basketball to my cousm Goose altas Max Cotmer I JOANNE CRAIG wtll my abrlity to get tnto culverts the ntght before football games to Carole Slaugenhaupt JOHN CRAIG wtll my abrlrty not to tell brg stones to Dtck Crarg JAMES H CRISSMAN will my Jap srzed feet to John Galbratth EVELYN CROWLEY wtll my love for Shorthand to anyone who thtnks he can stand r ROBERT CROYLE wtll my abrltty to get to school on trme to Denny Hetnck JANET CULBERTSON wtll my long harr to Maxrne Slabe JANET ELDER will my abrhty to keep quret when I should to Alverta Stants SHIRLEY FAGLEY wtll my posrtton as cheerleader to Judy Schreckengost BETTY LOU FORSTER, wrll my abrlrty not to mrss every other day of school to Ken aylor JIM FOWLER, wtll my dark complexron to Tom Smtth DILBER'I' GARVER will my homeroom to anyone who ltkes Room 4 MARILYN GRAY wtll my hunttng abtlrty to Jack Conner who really needs tt CHARLES HAWK wtll my abrltty to square dance to Ronnte Rhodes DAN HAWK wtll my lrghter complexton to Tom Smtth JEAN HELLER, wtll my seat tn the early bus to anyone that wants rt PAT HELLER, wtll my long harr to anyone who wants rt BARBARA HETRICK wtll my abrltty to get out of gym class to anyone who can stand the scoldtng from Mrs Ctcctarellt I AL HOOVER, wtll my basketball tnmks to Dave Gteenawalt I RICHARD HORNER, wtll my abtltty to play hockey and not get caught to Ed Courson I MARSHA HOSEY wrllmy place rncheertng to a future Vatsrty Cheerleader or to any one who ts crazy enough to stand out rn rarntng and freeztng weather and strll enjoy It as much as I have I LARRY IRELAND wtll my Phystcs book to Mr Slaugenhaupt I BETTY KERR wtll my short structure to my fnend Beanpole alras Betty Rhodes I GALE KING wtll my abrlrty to get out of work to anyone who can get away wtth tt I BETTY LARIMER, wtll to Mary Belle Lerch my share of the mrrror rn the grrls base ment because she takes tt anyway I RAYBURN LERCH wtll my band surt to my sweetheart Alverta Stants I BILL LERCH wtll my herght to Terry Bnceland I DIANE MATHIAS wrll a room tn my Old Mards Home tn Kentucky to Mtss George I MARY LOU MATHIAS wtll all the fun I have had tn Varsrty Cheerleadrng to Nancy Hawk and Judy Cratg I DON McCALL wtll to Carl Shtrey my posrtron on the Devrlment Sheet tn Mrs Mc e followrng Coy s study hall I KAYE MCCALL wtll the parkrng lot tn front of the school to anyone who wants rt I NORMAN McCOY wtll my abrltty to say No to Drane Mathras I CAROLYN McKINNEY wtll my mrxed up schedules to anyone who wants to take sub jects wrth the Sophomores and Junrors for two years I JANET McKINNEY wrll my abtltty to make tnps to Clanon to some girl who has a temfrc cnrsh on some Clanon boy I MEDA BELLE McKINNEY wtll my Monday noon dates to Carolyn Botzer who really needs them I LARRY McLAUGHLIN wtll my abrlrty to play basketball to Davrd Hetnck I DON MILLER wtll my abtlrty of berng late tn Mr Dewayne Slaugerthaupt s room to anyone who lrkes heanng semrons I TOM MONG wtll my Irregular attendance to anyone who can get away wrth rt I WINAN MONTGOMERY wtll my abrltty to play basketball to Verle I-lenry I CECIL MURRAY wtll my front Seal tn physrcs class to anyone who thtnks they won't get sleepy rn that class I SHIRLEY MURRAY wtll my abrlrty to eat sweets and stay slrm to someone who can t I ARNOLD POTTER, wtll my abtlrty to tell the grrls storys the etghth perrod to Don Shearer I NITA JANE RANKIN wtll Dan Hawk to Jennte Smtth I KATHLEEN PRIESTER, wtll my abtltty to eat candy rn Mr Bodnar s 5th penod study hall and P O,D class to anyone who can do II wtthout getting caught I ROSE MARIE RAMSEY wtll my love for outdoor lrfe to Judy Runyan I GARNET REED wtll my lrttle blue Oldsmobrle wrth a Marrne drrver to Carolyn Bot zer who may need htm tn the future I BILL RAMSEY wtll my hay fever to Mr Baker I SARA RANKIN wtll my nervousness to play a duet rn front of people to anyone who does not get scared I SANDY REIGHARD wtll my abtlrty to hula to Mrs Cobbett I DORETHIA RETTIG wtll my small features to John Galbratth I SHIRLEY RA'I'l'IG wtll my ablltty not to smoke to all teachers who can t watt until after 4 00 o clock I CONNIE RHODES wtll my abrltty to collect a dramond to Mtss George I JUDY RUNYAN wtll my hetght to Etta Faye Gray I DONNA LEE SEYBER1' wtll my abtlrty to parnt to Grandma Moses I LUCILLE SALVO wtll my abrlrty to work ut our frurt store all day wtthout srutchtng apples to John Galbratth and Larry McLaughl.tn I PAT SHERMAN wtll my abtltty to be senous to Prerre Krauss who goofs off euttrely too much I KARL SHOOK wtll my wetght to Zrgbum Lerch who needs tt I BARB SIMPSON wtll my abtlrty to get along wrth Mrss George to the Iunror boys I MARY ANN STEINEIL wtll my abllrty to call Mrss George Mom to any under class mates I MARY KAYE STELTZER wrllmy growltng out seat tn band to anyone who has good ear p ugs I EDDIE STEVENS wtll my lrght complexton to Tom Smtth I MARY KAY STEWART wrll my abrlrty to be late for school to anyone who can get away wrth tt I DICK STEWART wtll my abtltty IIOI to gossrp wrth teachers to Mr Baker ll T034 STEWART wtll my tuba chatr to Fougherty so hts arm won t get ttred holdtng ts tu a I SHIRLEY KAY STITT wtll my abrhty to study to anyone who wants to stay on the Honor Roll I LEE SUMMERVILLE wtll my abtltty to get out of work to Wendell Wensell who over works hrmself I MILO SUMMERVILIJE wtll my abrlrty to draw prctures of Mrs Matrjack to anyone who thrnks he can draw I KEN TAYLOR wrll my excellent grades to Joe Engro I WANDA TAYLOR wtll my place at the Mrdway Dnve In to Shtrley Henry tn case her speaker won t work I MYRTIE WOMELDORF wtll not wtll my wtll to anyone but a WILL I DON YATES wtll my abtltty to sew and cook to a certatn Sophomore who needs rt Z6 it, . l U I . - I' ' . . . . . I 1 . ' ' ' ' I ' I , . . : . O I: ' ' ' - ' 'L I, BETTY RHODES, will my height to a very nice friend, Shorty Kerr, I, , ' ' ' ' ' , I . . I, , ' ' ' , - - , , I' . I 1 I . . - - ' f . T , - . I' . ' . ' . - . . . I, , ' , . . . l, , ' ' ' ' , . ll . . . . 1 . ' . .. . ,. . I' . . . . I 1' ' ' U D ' ' . ,. . l l ' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY S ophomore days were the begtnrung of our class htstory Thts was the year that our two classes became a Jotnture ntertatntng the Freshman was our ftrst aCllV1ly' It was really fun getttng ready for thrs Remember that sk1t'7 ew face thrs year Evelyn Crowley came to our school from East Brady and became a member of our class n our Jumor year our class was really holdrng rts own We had fellows on the football team the basketball team varsrty and I V cheerleaders and lh1S was the year that the Band went to the Inaguratton parade tn Harrtsburg, n to Statell Thts was the year one of the members of our class recerved a Supertor Rattng at State Forensrc emember the Prom and the fun we had gettrng ready for 1t'P Our theme was Aprrl rn Parts How bout that ftsh pond? H onors were bestowed on some of the luruors Frve members of our class were elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety nto our Semor year we came' ll We were erghty nme strong ambrtton Graduattonl nt more tn our class were elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety thrs year And those commrttee meetrngs prckmg the class motto class flower and all the other trtmmtngs that come w1th berng Senrors T he football games were a brg thtng th1s year wtth Jrm and Cecrl as the captains n to basketball and all the thnllmg games Larry and Butch were the co captarrrs R emember the plays and the Sprmg Concerts the dances pep meeungs classes and all the other ltttle thmgs and then frnally earbooks Senior day and Graduatron And the Class of 56 passes from the realrty of classrooms 1nto the pages of hrstory at Unton Iotnt Htgh School 27 N ' . . I . y t ., 1 U U 1' , , . o .. - - - t I . . -. I .. , ,. Y. "l .I ' . . . CLASS PROPHECY After twenty frve years of farthful servrce at Unron Jornt Hrgh School Ralph H Baker rs now retrrrng Wrth hrm at thrs trme rs his favonte class the Class of 1956 The occasron rs takrng place at Saylor s Palm Room The orchestra for the even rngrs the famous Conneratron All Brassette led by the well known conductor Max Conner Chuck Hawk and Mrlo Summervrlle who are the rnstructors at the Frne Art of Square Dancxng School are dorng the callrng tonrght Shrrley Murray wrll be the featured yodeler One group at the party rs certarnly rn a tumrorl wrth therr ch-rldren mnnrng all over the place There rs Betty Crarg tryrng to keep all her lrttle sprouts together whrle Judy and Cecrl are sendrng therr lrttle football team around the room sellrng eggs Joanne and Jrm s football team refuses to practrce because they are too busy chasrng Shrrley Fagley s lrttle cheerleaders The former Evelyn Crowley now Mrs Ray Hosey and the former Kay McCall now Mrs Brll Smrth are gettrng a lot of enjoyment out of the whole affarr Barb Hetnck now Mrs Ted Anthony rs strll havrng trouble keeprng her knee rn place as she dashes all over the place after her lrttle Teds Meda Belle McKrnney rs keeprng pace wrth her gathenng her krds as she goes Pat Heller has Just arrrved rn Carl Shook s bus wrth all her lrttle Overs Wanda Taylor and Vrvran Buzzard are srttrng rn the comer comparrng notes on therr krds as they are now srsters rn law Hey! I ll What sthat rumpus overrnthe corner? Looks lrke Nrta and Sara Rankrn are frglrtrng for the next dance wrth Chuck srnce Dan Hawk couldn t make rt be cause of rllegal excuses Anrta Crccrarellr and Barb Srmpson are out on the dance floortryrng toteach Dennrs and Tom how to dance Won't they ever leam'?'7 Domra Seybert and Gale Krng are lookrng rnto each others eyes as they dance There s Dorethia looking down at Bob as they dance srnce she got her new elevated shoes Don t they make a cute couple""'7 There s Bert demonstratrng hrs Chnsty Home Pemranent for Men on Jrm Crrss man fDoesn t Jrm look cute rn prn curls'PJ Larry McLaughlrn and Don Mrller are Two members of the class have been very successful rn the entertarmrrent freld Bob Clark and Betty Kerr have therr own hour long T V show whrch rs nrrmrng competrtron wrth Uncle Mrltre We hear that they have hrred Larry Ireland and Bob Croyle as therr chref wnters due to the great success Larry and Bob have had wrth therr very popular Joke book Just recently publrshed Kathleen Prrester Mary Ann Sterner and Rose Mane Ramsey recently vrewed the show rn person rn New York Crty It seems the grrls have gone back every year srnce the frrst trme proved to be so successful Therr chauffeur on the last tnp was Brll Lerch who showed them the srghts rn hrs new rocket motor scooter In New York Crty they also vrsrted wrth Norman McCoy who has been Staylllg rn New York Crty dorng guest shots on T V srnce he was named one of the ten best dressed men of 1976 Judy Runyan rs also dorng very well rn show busrness She Just srgned a contract to play Senator Flag hom on the radro Well look who s comrng nowl Janet McKrnney and Drane Marhras Janet rs strll tryrng to get her shonhand speed up to 80 words a mrnute so she can be a bettersecretary and Drane has Just perfected a new method of typrng and shorthand that rs more modem than the out dated R. H Baker style Keep rn practrce grrls Srnce Vemon Bargerrs now the manager of the new department store that rs nrnnmg Penny s out of busrness he wrll need an effrcrent secretary And say when Butch Callen rnherrts hrs frrst mrllron he ll need a bookkeeper Maybe one of Betty Lanrarers busrness puprls could frll the brll We hear she rs an expert busrness teac er What is that awful bangrng clangrng norse'7"'7 OH! lsee lt s only Raybum Lerch strll tryrng to get hrs yellow Studebaker up those hrlls And say who s that behrnd the car pushrng sooo hard?" Well I ll bel ll lt s Gamer Reed helprng poor Raybum to get up those mountarns What they need rs one of those new space shrps desrgned by Don McCall We hear they are the last work rn style and speed You should see the one that Marsha Hosey and Edre Anthony are hostesses on lt rs th new Flrer between Rlmersburg and Huey and Just set a new worlds record H comes Don Yates Just back from Hollywood where he Just completed latest motron prcture On hrs way here he stopped off at Florrda at the Salvo Fnrrt Markets and brought Lucrlle back wrth hrm He found her sun bathrng on the beach Oh here s another local boy who went far away to make hrs fortune Lee Summer vrlle He rsnow the owner of a 2 000 acre ranch deep rn the heart of Texas Marlyn Gray rshrs foreman He loves the wrde open spaces where he can be alone untrl hrs harr becomes the color of his name We hear that Pat Sherman rs gorng to be jorn rng them soon He hasn t found hrs mrllron dollar baby around here and so he thrnks maybe he wrll frnd one rn Texas Shrrley Strtt certarnly proved herself as an artrst She rs now the Professor of Art at Belah Unrversrty It seems Just yesterday that she was dorng the covers for the Rambler And speakrng of professors and such Drck Stewart rs the new successor to B G Corlrss and hrs lrttle brother Tom a brrllrant scientrst has Just drscovered that there rs a mrstake rn Elnsterns theory And have you heard about Mary Lou Mathras'7 She rs now the chref Fashron Ed rtor of McCall s Magazrne and Betty Lou Forester rs her head desrgner Just as the fashron team of Mathras and Forester rs now known rn fashron crrcles everywhere the names of Culbertson and Womeldorf are knovm where ever people enJoy good food Janet Culbertson and Myrtre Womeldorf are rn the restaurant busrness and have con cocted many new recrpes They buy therr goods at the A 8a P where Ray Clark rs strll a clerk Hrs posrtron has rmproved however srnce he got a push cart to haul the packages around Janet Elder who has made a career of takrng care of the old folks at the Clanon County Home has frnally taken a well deserved vacatron She rs accompanyrng Jean Heller to England where she wrll make another attempt to try and swrm the Englrsh Channel IfAl Hoover gets the parnt scraped off hrs car he wrll dnve them out to the coast But rf he rsn't frnrshed rn trme Amold Potter wrll dnve them rn his '75 ThunderJet Convertible Srnce Ed Stevens became Edrtor rn Chref of the Huey Herold the Records com petrtor Brll Ramsey has been buyrng up most of the advertrsrng space He rs very proud to have been named the successor of Shaffer s Pymarrd Statron rn Wrld Cat The advertrsrng space that wasn t used up by Bill has certarrrly been put to good use by Alva Chamey and Ellen Bowser The grrls are begrnnmg early to advertrse for therr new dungaree factory the formdatron for whrch was lard lately The sports sectron of the Huey Herold constantly contarns thnllmg accounts of the games that Mrs Crccrarellr s grrls basketball team plays They have had a wrrrnrng team ever srnce Sandy Rerghard took over the job of coachrng them Jack Best Bud Garver and John Crarg are busy rn the comer strll tryrng to per fect therr push ups so they can go to the Olymprcs Wrnan Montgomery who rs now the chref Chrropractor rn Sandy Hollow rs busy along wrth hrs assrstam Kay Centorcellr keeprng them rn shape Ron Conner rs busy puffrng away at hrs famous bakrng powder crgarettes Ken Taylor and Tom Mong are qurte rnterested they thrnk that perhaps thrs mrght be the answer to therr lrfe long quest for a sleeprng prll wrth longer lastrng results What sthrs we hear'7'P'7 Oh rt sJust Mary Kaye Steltzer still determrned to frnd mrddle C on the prano Somebody thought rt was Shrrley Rettrg srngrng her new song I Won t Blush Anymore Betty Rhodes appears to be rn sort of a daze She s strll dreamrng of what rt would be lrke to have a srster Connre Rhodes and Mary Kay Stewart weren t able to be present Connre thought that the answer to her matnmony problem mrght come up and she drdn t want to mrss rt and Mary Kay rs nursrng rn the Mannes somewhere rn Puerto Rrco She s lookrng for one named Gary The feature event of the evenrng was the fomral debate between Ellen and Shrr ley Brsh They were debating the age old questron Whrch rs better'P'P'P Rrchard s Ford or Barry s Chevy? It wasa memorable occasron and Mr Baker was thnlled beyond all expectatrons when he was presented wrth the keys to hrs 1976 Ford Statron Wagon fThe old blue one frnally wore outlllllj Bert's chief models, - I ' - ' l ' ', I . y , l ez: . , ' ' ' u . 28 UNDERCLASSMEN -I ROW 1: Mrs, Cicciarel1i,Seybert, Shearer, Nellis, Hawk, Conner, Clark, E, Guntrum, B, Guntrum, Anthony, Craig, ROW 2: Smith, Slaugenhaupt, Wise, Summerville, Sedok, Mazzoni, Smith, Mortimer, Bailey, ROW 3: Stuart, McCul- lough, Coon, Manson, Hosey, Buz- zard, McLaughlin, Sponsored by Gnemo Distributor and Rimersburg Hotel. Rimersburg, CC QCA ' JUNIOR CLASS ROW 1: Mr, Beckner, Millern Slaugenhaupt, Womeldorf, Hutchi - son, Culbertson, Hartman, Mohney Holben, Lerch, ROW 2: Conner Fischer,Summervi11e, Dai1y,Spring- er, Rankin, Yates, Anthony, ROW 3: Courson, Summerville, Greena- walt, Hankey, Best, Montgomery, -L Ji.. IT-1 Q, In-1 O 90' O L.. ' , f,-1:. y, swf.. I... l ROW 1: Mr, Guesman, I. Schrecengost, Byers, Craig, Dunmire, McKenney, J, Myers, Beck, McDowell, ROW 2: Lerch, Curll, B,Myers,Botzer, H,Schrecengost, Black, McHenry. Henry, McBride, ROW 3: Barger, Krauss, Reid, Potter, A, Myers, Shearer, IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ff wfq- f X 5? 'Q WJ? If rage? 2 EXE PRESIDENTH... ........CarlShirey J Q C V, PRESIDENT , , . , , Carole Slaugenhaupt R SECRETARY , , , , , , Bayonne McDowell TREASURER , , , , , , Eugene Mazzoni CLASS SPONSORS CLASS COLORS Mr, Beckner Red and White Mr, Guesman - - - Sponsored by Mrs' Clcclareul Bix1er's Bakery and Mortimer's Radio-TV Service, Rimersburg, 31 ROW 1: Mrs, Cobbett, P, Craig, Hudak, George, Bowser, Crissman, Hawk, Kline, Henry, Hollobaugh, M,Craig, ROW 2: Hosey, P, Bow- ser, Flick, Hoover, Bobbert, Aites, Engro, Hetrick, Culbertson, ROW 3: D, Bowser, H, Goodman, Hosey, Buzard, J, Goodman, Douthett, Kerr, G, Hawk, R Craig, so Q1 ROW 1: Stuart, J, Murray, C, Stitt, Rhodes, C, Rankin, ROW 2: Mr, Bodnar, McKee, Wagner, S, Switzer, J. Rankin, Slabe, Wyncoop, Rider, Russell, G, Murray, J. A, Murray, Myers, Summerville, ROW 3: Smith, Stevens, Stanford, Watterson, Yates, Kunkle, Milliren, Salizzoni, King, J,Stitt, Seyben, ROW 4: Simpson, Sleigher, B, Rettig, Weincek, H, Rankin, H, Rettig, C, Switzer, S, Stitt, Priester, Trump, Sponsored by: Rimersburg Hardware 8: Ben Franklin Store, Rimersburg, -ll w-'-,-- -iv- .,ii....?....i. A 93 VZ in 'H- mf fy QW I F 4' cxf, .4 , 77960 5 Q' ' '- I ,' 1" 17 I 4 fx. V ROW 11 Mrs. Moore, Shook, Sedok, Bartlett, Stants, Pago, George, Wilson, Hoover. ROW 2: Wagner, Burns, King, Lee, Duncan, Womeldorf, Sedgwick, Lewis, Custer, Garver. ROW 35 Smith, Stitt, Forringer, K. Stitt, Greenawalt, Muir. B Sponsored by "Dan", The Insurance Man, Rimersburg 33 y 1 ROW 1: Mr. Slaugenhoup Rankin, E. Ruffner, Hollobaugh Centorcelli, J. Ruffner, Bump, Nolker, Bish, Adams, Beggs Barger. ROW 2: Walter Melnek, Sehons, Slaugenhoup, Laughlin, Briceland, Galbraith Conner, Myers, Ramsey. Best. ROW 31 Sleigher, Henry Crick, Buzzard, Craig, Fields Hooks, Stewart, Eshbaugh. Sponsored by Hoover Motor Co. and Moore Funeral Home, Rimersburg. FRESHMAN CLASS ROW lr Mr. Slaugenhaupt, Wise,Hawk, Clark, Henderson, Mortimer, Walters, Trernba, Gray, Smith. Schreckengost. ROW 2: Craig, Shearer, Ramsey, Womeldorf, D. Hetrick, Courson, Conner, Custer, Murray, Dunkle. ROW 3: Husing, Painter, Carrni- cheal, Wagner, B. Herrick, Switzer, Mohney, Corle, Smith. 3..- qi.. W- ..,....-,,.,., w-l-P: .T.. Y... NX. f 'Haw 1 P-Q ROW 1: ROW 2: ROW 3 4 n' Mr. Young, Potter, Magrini, Bowser, Clutter, Beck, Sherman, Slagle, Barger, Krauss, Yates, Shirey, Kennedy. George, F. Saylor, B. Saylor, Elder, Hartman, Shook. Elder, Simpson, Myers, Culbertson, Pollock, Bobbert, Wilson, Reichard, Sedgwick, Best, Stewart, Wensel, Recdy Smith, Guntrum, Larimer, Botzer, Lerch, Conner, Giles, Myers, Summerville, Courson, Stitt, Yates, Karpinski, Burkett, Kline. 35 FRESHMAN CLASS Sponsored by: Armagost Garage 8: Chester E. Young Upholstering, Rimersburg ORGANIZATIONS SLIGO NEWSPAPER STAFF RLJXR' 1: Jhlftll, R. Xicllowcll Draycr, Lrscnnnrz., nlaglu ROW lg ligkrnrmy, Bargcr, B Nicllowcll, Cjnlicrr, wujok Karnrnslu, Mrs. Nipfjoy. ROW 3: McHenry, Botzur, Hunry Yates, Srrcrrnan, Llcfjall Myers, Srnrrh, 5.1cK1nncy Larrner. if RIMERSBU RG NEWSPAPER STAFF ROW 11 Mr. Baker, Still Crowley, Rhodes, Rcighart Worncldorf, Rarnsey, Marlnas RUW 21 Carnnclmul, N Rankin, Bowser, 5. Rankin Salvo.Ccnrorcc1li. Sponsored by Forsrer's Taxern and Ray Hcrr1ck's Plurnbinq and Heaung, Rirnersburg Lx F ex 'O 7 URE H .W 4bp 'li gm L ? wx!! f X fv K an Wx xv C7 Z Z df, W O , fs , MNA ,, ARD Mc Q-ow -, vm. C,o'o'ocu,1vmvoa, Cmq ,6e.xq,ex,N'4 mm , eoxoicmix. de-x0S.?PQ.Q,S. aww! axxex ,XA?xoRioe,s. RLOXN 'L-, Csdxq., Cxxssqmo,KNNoxixq0ei.vNaxXixas, ?s0Q0O0i. XQXQQA, smxqogwxxxa, Q-qixxXx,SoXYsex , SXxe,mex. 'ROW 3-, Saks, Sexyoexx, ' xx, N'-X isa , Yxsk, Cxawk, BXXYXQ, 5cXxxe,cXkcoQ.osx, SXzoqe,oXxwQx. New 'dosei , Qc Wbcuxcv, Bmw- a S Pon Rim Sorcd crsbur by H il QC rc! L Ulhbcr ago 38 RIMERSBURG TRAVEL CLUB Sponsored by The Thrift Shop and A S Thompson Rimers bun, 01 , ' ge ROW lg Wynkoop, Hosey, Kunkle, Rankin, Stevens, Hawk, George, Hudak, S ' Slabe, Anthony, Switzer,Culbertson, Simpson, Conner. ROW 2: Hetrick, Yates, - 9: Q, Priester, Buzzard, Rankin, Summerville, Sedok, Hosey, Douthett, Manson, xml, Mazzoni, Mr. Beckner. ROW 31 Rankin, Courson, G, Summerville, Hoover, 'A Q ' Hosey Rimer Goodman Switzer H Goodman Stuart Murray Rhodes ROW 4 Ramsey Bish Smith McCullough Wise Forster McCoy Greenawalt B Stewart 39 L .9 SLIGO TRAVEL CLUB -r-4-r --f Y--1-1--. Sponsored by Kunselman's Esso Service SL THE RECORD. Rlmersburg ,,.,,J 01 ROW 1 Reed Bartley Elder J McK1nney Laumer M McK1nney Fagley C McKmney P Heller ROW 2 Potter Buzzard Taylor McCall J Heller D McCall Shook, Sherman ROW 3 Callen, Hoover, Barger, Summervxlle 40 xxx it 4 " ' T' ' "T""'T ' A A V , Y A Y WM- I A V hu M ' lv E I lvlr, jew, ,-.yyg'w4g, .y y y E O' .ff r3:'f7' 4' '- T J' g T ,, ff i , Hr L ' ' ll -.- G V7-A, I ,, ..f. . C- ' -Tillie' f x ' 1 4 4 -'Tjflr' xffiii ' . 9 Q' Q 1 Q , ' ,, 49 K , Q tsl' 4 Q QP It jj, fx xl ..... H ,W A H " ' E3! SQ j l k J' fi' ' V' ,'.'?f,f. ' I Q 1.1 sl QOH! ji. Haw A Hoop QOH' Aglqyer QOH! 3 GC S041- . C0017 5 Q Alu QOL!! 4 eCe'78ost , Cray, poner "ak Gallery '. 'L Afllrrajc 17,0 - '5"?71I!7, - Cxbfllff .veg Aff- powers' it Afcdaugblzb, 4. HOOP 681765: 1 er. 17604612 14636, kgjukey had d C an ey' Dew . Jim' bers' ri! bY Tkef' d 431' Sgfe ,S YN Sponpefry d an 41 J 4 19.577 ' h1"X 4 P ig 'I '. '93, ll " t we xy C '57, 4 - '." u'-'-Z" Q '. '. ' Gyf. l 5, ai -,.. J: if 'TF "'.-f A . 1 -J.: "-.4, 'hiitg-. .-,', X - 7 , "'qh"s- ll A LKXNQ S .r My we , liar, ROW 1: Montgomery, B. Rettig, Dailey, H. Rettig, Seybert. ROW 21 Craig, Gray, Best. Stitt Salvo. I 'Q 'D ROW lg George, Courson, - f , ' v Sponsored by Tl1olnpson's Clover Farm Store and Cooks Furniture store, Rrmersburg I-s BUS PATROL ' 1 L, I 1 W 71 f l Tian -1 aaa aaa fi as I5 ll 4' as V Q!! v' Zi I hun ,F-f-L Q. 1 'L-r 'S' CAMERA CLUB STANlJlNGg Mr.Slaugcnlraup1 Rankin, Summerville, Hawk Wagner, Painter. SEATED Culbertson, Runyon, Kerr Conner, Grey, Prlester, Rctlig Salizzoni. bponsored by Walter Haske1l's Furniture Co. and The Miner's Store, Rimersburg hFS Bk lp fn I , X . l A K Mvvz-'v"'P". ' i ' ' , A I' A .- 'Fi ' In 1 X X , 5 , . f K f , 5 41. X MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! Wt ' . FRONT Slabe G Beck ROW 1 Rhodes I Culbertson Rrder Radaker Swrtzer D Conner Ramsey K Clark P Culbertson Nlortrmer Yates Lewrs Stewart Hosey ROW 2 Mr Helmskr Heater 'vi Walters Barger 1 Hartman Carrnrchael Shearer Parnter Ashbaugh Steltzer Slaugenhaupt Crarg R Lerch Crouse P Botzer M Lerch J Walters ROW 3 Frnnefrock Mathras Holbcn McDowell Wynkoop C Walters Crtck R Clark Adams Hrle Rohr Lrndenprtz Gray Crrssman NlcBr1de Beggs ROW 4 Darley E Beck Dunmrre Salvo Stans Polock McKtnney C Botzcr Crccrarellx Burns Sedwtck Wrlson S Rankm George ROW 0 N1 Conner R Conner Bunker B Redxck Wagner T Stewart Summervrlle D Stewart Laughlrn Chrrsty A Rankrn Klrne JOSEPH HELINSKI Dlrector 5 1' ,f N15 3 Sponsored by Arthur I James Agency Rlmersburg D :ri-4 1 .4 . t . . A, A v Q YZ , . ,. 2 ., . 1 ., 5 ,L , . , , . ., . , 3 1' . 1-I Wgtai 4- Sponsored by The A 81 P Store and R L Donluscr HIGH STEPPERS TOP Ramsey Stewart Lexus Clark Yates P Culbertson 46 BOTTOM1 Conner, Elatiaker, j,. Culbertson, glider, Switzer. ,le - 4,6 . I .. -A--'. 1 ,Y W va - v' ,4 is ,hid v t - gilzls ff , It 'lf 'XF h fl .rl cf as ' few 1 'Se' GIRL S CHORUS SEATED1 Mathias, Sreltzer Culbertson, Rankin. STANDING Salvo, Holben, Cicciarclli. 4, L W 'x if , Y i Sponsored by Summerville Feed Store ca W. T. Clark, Electric Co., Rimcrsburg F U5 05 Io 2.1, C0 vw-4 .5 an-c :- gogm Hgh-n 1"mZ'-l -,- f"'-l 9119 Oo osx: .-. F79 'I 'r- Emil -. '30 :1:r7 3 :r FO' ms-. ,'-'O g:rT:r -4332 2 o 111:93 s.. ...wg-M Q -fl SLIGO MIXED CHORUS X .. WW' xx, ,. J' . F.. B--4 ...x --Q. ,gif .giwx -,7" . , f1'e -L T'-Erik ROW l: Mr.Iohnson, Custer. Kennedy, Pollock, Yates, Lee, Garver, Bobberts, Krauss, Slagle, Beck, Sherman, Wagner ROW 2: Dunmire, Elder, McKinney,Bowser, Sedgwick, Magrini, I. Potter, P. Heller, Bartley. McDowell, S. Sedgwick J. Heller, S. McKinney, Stants, Henry, Culbertson, Simpson, Hartman, Lewis, Byers. ROW 3: Shirey, E. Beck, Burns Curll, Shook, Lerch, I. Potter, Summerville, Callen, Sherman, Myers, Reed, McBride, Barger, Wilson. Sponsored by Archway Cookies Rrmersburg 48 ROW lg Rankin, A.,Stewart, M., Hetrick, Mortimer, Hartman, Culbertson, Lerch, George, Tremba, Rttffner. ROW 2: Hutch ison, Barger, Salvo, Cicciarelli, Runyan, Mathias, D., Holben, Steltzer, Forster, Mathias, M., Hosey. Anthony, Reighart Walters, Culbertson,1, ROW 3: Mr. Johnson, Centorcelli, Crissman, Craig, J., Ruffner, E., Henderson, Seybert, D., Slattqen- haupt,J,,Cu1bertson, M., Switzer, S.,Walters, I., Bish, S., Kttnkle, Smith, M., Ramsey, N., Bish. Womeldorf. ROW 45 Slabe Steiner, Stevens, Hudak, Rankin, S., Bish, E., Slattgenhaupt, C., Conner, D., Ramsey, R., Charney, Rankin, J., Wyncoop, Adams, A.,Schreckengost, Beggs. ROW 5: McLaughlin. D., McLaughlin, L..Sumtnervil1e, Crick, Douthett. Rcttitg, H., Hawk C., Taylor, Summerville, M., Conner. M., Hosey, B., Montgomery, Stewart, T., Fischer, McCoy, Hankey, Stewart, A. Laughlin, S-xpnsored by Sa1vo's Markets and Eccles Nursery Rimersburg 49 RIMERSBURG MIXED CHORUS ATHLETICS "WHEN UNION'S STURDY MEN FALL INTO LINE" I "1 , ' WILLIAM POWERS " HEAD COACH "" F31 ffv - .0'- - ' . ' no XJ - -: 'QQ' ,-,, ns 0' I XA! -so 9, I.- ..v I-.a9':f"'3SA9' ROW lg Hawk, Coon, Wise, Murray, C., Fowler, Herrick, Bailey, Weincek, Callen. ROW 2: Mr. Bodnar, Murray. J.. Potter, I., Schreckengost, J. Hoover. Miller Rimer. Hosey, Mr. Guesman. ROW 3: Engro, Goodman, Henry, McCullough, Custer, Gray. B. Buzzard. A. Hoover. ROW 4: Shirey, McHenry, Wentzel, Rankin Galbraith, Rettig, Yates. ROW 5: Stuart, Hankey, Sedok, T. Buzzard. Sponsored by Stephens Grocery and Mortirner's Service Station, Rirnersburg. 51 GA!! .l ..v"" It 'lknvvf My " Sponsored by Swnzer s Auto Wrecklng and Holllngsworth Implement Store Rxmersburg X ,T ' V fy Q' 351 Q? SENIORS " , gif ' 4 , Q 0 , UNION BLUE JAYS ij T +L LEFT TO RIGHT: Shearer, Smart, L, McLaughlin. Callen, Christy. Conner, Scdok. Hoover. D. MLLaugh11n Wemel Shlrey COACHES: Sremmerlch. Gucsruarm Sponsored by Pau1's Market, Sligo, Pa. ! ff' X Xx X N Xi Q THE MIGHTY JAYS p d b RLH X LOC I-xll f"m'N Ps Q cm Q 5 '?f xx W' . r X7 , ' 4 x 1 f 1 'fr W N rg Fi f X A ,iii , wr ' l 6 XXX Xb P . , xc! ' x 49, 3 .xl rf'-Q X X If I Vf tsx x S ODSOIC Y A ' NNHX , ' J' 28 'f if-fiiaarf X 1 N L Sponsored by SHERRY'S Drug Store, Sligo, Pa. sirrmc: Karpinsky. Good- man, Switzer, Briceland Duncan, Priester. Muir STANDING: Mr. Guesman Stuart, Murray, Galbraith Larimer, Ferringer, Smith Mr. Stemrnerich. 'V' 1....J"'k'-I 'Y' V'-f I MANAGERS Hankey 61165 Greenawalt Smxth Lerch Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb BASKE TBALI.. SCHEDULE Tue Frl Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Frx Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue S S S S S S S S S S Fr1. Tue S Frl. 1955 56 S1ge1 Summerv111e Brookv111e Parker Summerv11le Reyr1o1dsv1l1e Parker Karns Clty North Clarmon New Bethlehem Clarlon Karns Clty East Brady Keystone Away Home Away Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Home Away Home C1ar1on-L1mestone Away North Clarmon Slgel C1ar1on Reyno1dsv111e East Brady Keystone Home Home Away Away Home Away C1ar1or1-L1mestone Home Sponsortd bx suphen 5 urmarx. R11mrsb1r,,z Pa n -Y -ks-f -1 - ' V- - I -a....,......- " le PAAL 1 - "I A 2 . Lili' cf I. it 2 ' ' 7 , 'Q ' P if . ' 4 iron- 1 ' .29 . ' 1 . 2 '. ' 1 . 9 '. ' .13 . ' V .16 '. ' .zo . . 6 '. ' '- gi . 10 . ' . . .13 '. A . 17 . ' ' .zo '. ' F .24 . K A .27 '. ' - .31 . ' ' . Y , 3 5 - . . 7 . ' ' .10 '. ' .14 . ' 17 ' Z1 CHEERLEADERS Spon o ed by Eccles N se v R1mersbu Q P !7E Y 1, W 'X 5 Shlrley Iagley Jenny Srmxh an-7 K wx Lorllee 5lI1lIh Mary Lou fX13Il1l3S Janet MLKIHHLB Marslm Hosgy Sponsored by Hawk I unudl Home Sligo Pa YN -- - 1.5 X W y ,. x H f' ,S .fl Q 1 f y A E' - , . ' qxgxys-Q nov- - Y' W I' g X o - ,- -'x"i"' X x' -Lag fx " Us X 'F' ,. xx , I J. V. CHEERLEADERS LEF 41 T TO RIGHT Nancy Hawk, Shelba MrBr1de, Karen George, Ellen Steven: . Sue Burns, Judy Craig sponsored by Switzer Auto Wrecking, Rimersburg, Pa. ,U ACTIVITIES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1 C Slaugenhaupt D Mathlas B Bartley B Laumer ROW '2 Mr Guesman M McK1nney A C1cc1are111 B McDowell M K Steltzer Mr Baker ROW 3 M Barley T Stewart C Murray M Conner V Barger sponsored by W A Rhea Men s Furmshrngs Store Shgo Pa 1 I 2 . , . . . . . . I . . . n . , . ' . . . . . . I . . . . . I . . . . , , . . , . . 1 1 3 37 L 5. Mary Kaye Stehzer, Vernon Barger, Anita Cicciarelli YEARBOOK IGN L5 x kN-1-f - 4, . n +4ggrwfww3 V .Ng . t. w QQ 7 H Mrn Baker Berry Larimer, Ilianc Marlmmf xponsurcd by Hulllngswnrlhk Implcrncnl store, Rirncrfbnrg, Pa. Darre11Ca1ler1. Joanne Craig, Wesley Sherman Barbara Bartley Sponsored by Meyers T. V. Service, Sligo, Pa, Mrs- NCCU? SENIQR CLASS COMMITTEE B Bartley Sponsored by H B Beels 8LSon Insurance l-xnfx P I I SEATED: M. K. Stelrzer, J. Craig. D, Mathias, V. Barger, M. Hosey, W. Sherman. STANDING: B. Larimer, C. Murray, D. Callcn . ' . . . ' . ' , . a. UNDERCLASS COMMITTEES IUMORS C Shlrey B Myers B McDowell N Hutchinson C Slaugenhaupt S Womeldorf S I-Iolben S McBr1de E Mazzom SOPHOMORES C Crrssman W Ferrmger L Sedok D Hosey B Douthett S Sedwxck A Hosey M Culbertson C George I Murr FRESHMAIN G Palmer I Cragl I Elder P Culbertson K Myers G Svurtzer I Walters V Barger I Karplnskr R Smrth sponsored by Morumer s Servrce Stanon Rrmersburg Pa 67 , ' . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , - , . , . ,. . . V, . . . ' - - v - I - - - v - 1 ' v - 1 - n - 1 - f- . , . . . n n - STUDENT COUNCIL G P A Stuart I Murray B Douthett ROW 1 S Rankln B Bowser S Holben A Slaugenhaupt N Rrder ROW '2 E Stevens arnter S Tremba J Culbertson C Murray ROW3 R Hankey D Stewart I Galbralth I Walters A Adams M Klme Mrs Matrjack . - , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , - v - . . V . . . . , . , . , . . , . I , . ROW4 G Swrtzer D Honey F Darley B Retug Sponsored bv Kaetzel s Pharmacy Rrmersburg Pa 66 MIXED ENSEMBLE 3+ 'S ROW 1: D. Mathias M. Conner M. K. Steltzer L. Salvo ROW 2: A. Cicciarelli N. McCoy T. Stewart R. Conner N. Rankin Sponsored by Donald Myersimplement Company Sligo Pa. 67 MALE QU f ui uv' l LEFT TO RIGHT N1 Conner Tx McCoy T Stewart R Conner Spo R 1 vi J ' +1 L r ,- T 4 44 'Q-I I ' 'V ,- M' f R T A nsored by rmersbnrgz Plumbing and Heating Co. OH STUDENT LIBRARIANS ini X 'W--1 LEFT TO RIGHT M Hosey N McCoy B Hetrxck L Ireland Mrs Matagak Sponsored by I P Keener Slrgo Pa 69 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY ::z2r......... ii -9.4 .--1-u gi lj! POW 1 Smrth Barger Krauss Curll ROW 2 Conner Shrrey McDowell Dunmue Hankey Mazzom Mrss Myers ROW 3 M Lerch Schrecengosr Holben Stuart Slaugenhaupt B Myers ROW4 Yw1CBl'1dC I Myers Sponsored by Sligo Servrce Statxon 70 x 1- Q, 'it 51 14 SNR' pi' ,ff 1? In fbx 4'6- b 6 4-1- SENIOR CLASS STATISTICS MOTTO: Success Awaits At Labor-'s Gate COLORS Green 81 Whxte FLOWER Pmk Carnat1on CLASS SONG OF 1956 We Semor s now are leav1ng Our years of hlgh school days W1th grateful hearts we re smgmg Our songs to thee of pra1se And through the years that are to be May our Alma Mater be rn our memor1es ITUNE Fordham Un1vers1ty Alma MaterI Somervllle JosephReg1s Jr Bole'sGarage Saylor sD1ner Dr Donald Rose Dr Dorrumck S1ta J Clyde D1nger Car ney s Restaurant Mrs I-Ialhe Conrad 4 . , . PATRONS: Dr. O. G. Latshaw, Dr. D. W. Briceland, Lucy PATRONS McDowell Plumbmg and Heatmg Shgo P Norma Sanesl Shgo P Fzve Maples West Freedom Pa D1ck's Rad1o and T V Servxce Shgo Pa Dunlap Feed Store Callensburg Pa Herb Wensel Dunlap Store Callensburg Pa Connell H M1ller Heeter's Meat Market Callensburg Pa College G1-111 Clar1on Gallagher s Store Dutch H111 Pa Haskel1's Furmture Co Clarlon Pa Young SCTVICC Stat1on West Freedom Pa Rhea s Motel Fuller s Servlce Stat1on Perryv1lle P L Sf R Deeoratmg Co ClaI'1OH Pa Sllgo Hardware Company The Thr1ft Plan Clarxon Pa McK1nney S Market S11g0 Pa Putman's Meat Market Clar1on Pa T R Slaugenhaupt Sl1go Pa Fu-st Nat1onal Bank Knox P Naom1 S1lv1s Sllgo Pa Charles W11helm Alfa Lewls Shgo Pa Arthur G1ll1ng 10 -- , B.. -- , 3.. -- , . . . " , -- , , -- , , . -.. , , -.. I . . -- . " , . . , - . . -- I , . , . . . . . -- , an '-- , . -- , l . , - . . - , , ..- , , . . "' , . 7 y a.. an-n , . . -- , . ' er AUTOGRAPHS 7v.-+w-.-r'-v'.f,,-.-..,,1..,,w,:,,,A 57.-.1x4f1f,,,f,.,..,.,.p,.,5,..,,,,, . - wr -. .. .. , . , . .. V - Q ,. , V, V.. ,., , bfi. - A-., U ,. , V 1,7 , ,JI ' , . Y - . nf'

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