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 - Class of 1955

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Union High School - Memory Lane Yearbook (Rimersburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Z Co Editors Nancy Mllllren Janet Mulr Faculty Sponsors Ralph H Baker Richard Bancroft Dedication We the Class of 1955 ofUn1on .Iomt H1gh School gratefully deduzate th1s year book to Our Parents who have glven lov lngly thelr tlme money and energy to brlng our h1gh school years to a happy and successful conclus1on May we ever Just1fy then- love and fa1th 1n us 2 O O ingly, willingly, unselfishly, and unceas- 1 4,1 Underclass Officers JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS Presrdent Vernon Barger Pres1dent Shxrley Holben V1ce Presrdent Mary Kaye Steltzer V1ce Pres1dent Allan Myers Secretary Marsha Hosey Secretary Mary Belle Lerch Treasurer Anlta C1cc1arell1 Ass't Secretary Nancy I-Iutchlnson Treasurer R1chard McHenry FRESI-IMEN CLASS Pres1dent Anne Hosey Secretary Barbara Lewls V1ce Pres1dent Brlan Stuart Treasurer Denny Hetnck 4 ' nolnlillrl . lllliulloo ' . 1 ' use . 1 . again!!! are nan . . . I ooo ' consul: . ' sclgtls acl can lan - ' 1 . IOC O0 . -us I on ' X f ff? A HQ Wk Freshmen Autographs Apply' . 1, ZW!! f ! NX!! Freshman Class 4- I TOP PICTURE lst row Stuart Stmpson Seybert Ktng Murray J Stttt Sletgher 2nd rowJ Bowser Culbertson Slabe Russell Stevens Murray Summerville Watterson S Swltzer Wynkoop Kltne Wagner Mtss George 3rd row Prxester Gtles S Stttt Mtlllren Xwelncek C Swttzer P Bowser Buzzard Trump Rtmer Johnson 4th row Attes W Saltzzom Douthett Blau J Bobberts G Bobberts Martm Retttg Goodman Engro Hoover BOTTOM PICTURE 1st row P Cratg Rankrn Hudak Stanford Myers Hawk Ferrlnger Henry Buzzard Seybert Mr Slaughen haupt ond ron Hetrrck D Hosey Kerr Retttg A Hosey M Cratg Rider Murray Mc Kee Kunkle Yates George Smtth Crtssman 3rd row M atterson Rankrn Goodman S Saltzzom G Hawk Wyman F11Ck Cra1g Bowser D Bowser Rhodes 6 4. - F, K A, s 5 - A. ' , A if Q - .W I .- ' 1 ' . Q ' G t ' A Y I - R 49 I lr' 1 lf' 5 " ' N It ' 2 -'fa . 1 - 1 K 4 ' fr I 1 - I I I I .I I I ' I I . ' -- ' I ' y Q I I I I I ' I I I I I - . . , . . , . . . t I -I ' . I I ' I ' I ' I . I I I ' V- I ' I I I ' I ' I I I I I ' - ' I I ' . I I I ' I I l I I I I I I I - - - I V' I r - 1 n v f n - v ' vi ' v I v h f I I ' - I I I ' I ' I I I I Freshman Class '1?5,r. f'7 Qi 6-no Fust Row Lew1s Burns Sedgwxck Garver Wagner Barlett Lee Pago Mr Doleck1 Second Row Muxr Fonnger K Sutt Wensel Hoover W1lson Custer Shook Sedok George Stants Thlrd Row R Smt Green awalt Gardner Duncan D1vens Drayer Smlth Freshman Class Officers Pres1dent. Vlce-Presldent Secretary .... Treasurer. . Sponsors . 7 . Anne Hosey . . Brran Stuart . Barbara Lew1s . Denny Hetr1ck . . . Mr DOleCk1 Mr Slaugenhaupt M1ss George Sophomore Class 'UI ri v9 Uv... wr TOP PICTURE lst row P Saltzzom Hutchxnson Wome1dorfHolben Lerch Seybert E Guntrum Hawk B Guntrum Moh ney Mrs Elsworth 2nd row Hartman A Slaughenhaupt Hooks Yates Mrlluen C Slaughenhaupt Smtth Morttmer Nellrs Hagan Shearer 3rd row Greenawalt Manson Summervtlle Hosey Spnnger Sedok Ran km Montgomery BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Courson Cratg W Anthony Conner C Anthony Culbertson Conner 2nd row Stttt B Best Coon Stewart McCullough McLaughl1n Smrth Wrse Barley Hankey Summervxlle 3rd row Yon Attes Maz zom Summervrlle Darley M Best Buzzard 8 1 A v N P V 5 f , Q ' A 4 - a 5 g xv tj: i ,R B B W 'F " 75 5 ig ' if f' 5 J' L ' ' 3 ' ' X ., f' . l IQ., ' P I 'A ev .x 'H i 4 - C . 1 lx ' t. . - ,. .A , r ., V- ' i " 1, As ff - --I ' - j if . " . 2 , y , -' . . ' h 7 - 71 ' i I , 5" V T V ' n ' 5 I - i. I ' . , . . I - ' I 'I ' . ' ' .' . ' ' I - Sophomore Class P' .6 ra -.J V1 lst row Confer Botzer Byers Cra1g Schrecongosr Henry McBr1de McK1nney Myers 2nd row Hartle Lerch Black McDowell Krauss McCall McHenry Dunmue Erlckson Beck Myers 3rd row Shire Curll Barger Myers Mr Young Schrecongost Reed Potter Shuey Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Ass't Secretary. Treasurer . . . Sponsors. . Sh1rley Holben Allan Myers Mary Belle Lerch Nancy HUtCh1HSOn R1chard McHenry Mrs. Elsworth Mrs. Mat1Jak Mr Young iii g -V iigf if M rfliiei if ' Q ,Zi .M s- cgi eeee 1 e 5 i nf' A ,ii-T-ff -AL fl' Z ,,,,,Q lf, 3 I 1 I.--Y pak fn of vii: 511 2242?-ff-'Q 'giefsfi H X , I lip' gf ' " "TT ., ' ' A H M , .Y U 4 ' Q 1 . , , M L N ' 9 Junior Class TOP PICTURE Ftrst row Stevens Hawk McQueeney McCoy Secondrow Srmpson Hetnck Salvo Prrester Hawk Mathras Seybert Culbertson Charney B Bowser Stemer Mr Beckner Th1rd row M Stewart Hosey M Mathtas Murray Rrchard T Stewart Steltzer Adams Runyan Stxtt E Bowser Rettlg Kerr Fourth row Ireland Croyle Montgomery Mrller M Conner Chrxsty D Stewart Clark Summervrlle R Conner BOTTOM PICTURE Fust row Crowley B Rhodes Centorcellr Ramsey D Retttg Myers E Bxsh S Rankxn Forrester N Ran km Clccrarellr Mrs Crcciarellr Second row Garver Cralg Horner McLaugh1m Crtssman L Stewart Flrck S Btsh Anthoney J Crarg Carmtchael Curry Thud row Lerch Hawk Kmg Yates B Ramsey Clark Fowler Murray Taylor Mong Best 10 - 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' - ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 ' - .1 ' 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Junlor Class ...,...,.r.. :I.......,.4..' "r45 10 lst row Mr Flemmg Taylor M McK1nney J McK1nney C McK1nney Reed Lanmer Bartley Mrs Means 2nd row Sherman Shook Potter Mc Call Heller Buzzard Fagley P Heller Elder 3rd row Callen Gard ner Barger Summervrlle Hoover Lerch White Presxdent V1ce Pres1dent. . Secretary .... Treasurer. . Sponsors. . Vernon Barger Mary Kaye Steltzer . . . Marsha Hosey . . Amta C1cc1are111 . . . Mr. Beckner Mrs. C1cc1a.re111 Mr. Flemlng Junlor Class Pla AN Sophomore Autographs Junior Autographs O ,mi W S - W' t mf 521244 Senlor Officers Pres1dent Vxce Pres1dent Treasurer Sponsors B111 Glenn Max Myers Janet Mu1r Mr Baker Mr Bodnar Mr Bancroft O O Secretary .... .. .. I . . Jean Elder 16 CLASS HISTORY Durmg our Freshman and Sophomore years 1n Hxgh School our crew worked on separate sh1ps At the beg1nn1ng of our Jun1or year we all boarded the U S S UHIOH for a two year voyage As Jun1ors we were ass1gned to decks3 4 8: 7 Mr Beckner Mrs Elsworth and Mr Pohl adv1sors of our crew p1cked a spec1al com m1ttee to plan the aCt1V1t18S of the year They were lR1mersburgl Carol Brogan Pearl Murphy Kaye Fowler B111 Glenn and Fred Holben 4511 go! Jeanne Elder V1rg1n1a H11es Max Myers Ron Gr1mm 81 Lyle Heeter We then elected our sh1p off1cers B111 Glenn Pres1dent Roberta Slau genhaupt V1ce Pres1dent Janet Mu1r Secretary 81 Charles D1v1ns Treasurer Our f1rst stop on our voyage was at Jane Hartman's Farm for a get acquamted w1ener roast One day 1n Nov everyone was called together on deck 2 where we each ordered our long awa1ted for class r1ngs We thought March would never come It d1d though and along w1th It came the r1ngs We toured on and stopped at a brxghtly colored mard1gras of the north our W1nter Carn1val After the crews many weeks of pract1ce the sh1ps f1nally docked for the presentat1on of our play "PECKS BAD BOY It was a great suc cess l1mburger cheese and all Aga1n some of our crew earned spec1al awards They were our members of the Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety Pearl Murphy Jeanne Elder B111 Glenn Max Myers Our last stop before dock1ng for the summer was on May 14 at our Jun1or Sen1or Prom We hoped everyone had a wonderful t1me Ur1on for the summer August 31st we boarded the Shlp 77 strong for our second but last voyage together The cres adv1sors th1s yearwere Mr Baker Mr Bod nar and Mr Bancroft Our deck ass1gnments th1s year were 1 5 8: 8 Th1s t1me the crew elected the spec1al comm1ttee QR1mersburgJ Pearl Murphy Nancy M1ll1ren B111 Glenn M1ke Hudak and Ranny McGu1re QSl1goj Janet Mu1r Jeanne Elder Max Myers Jan Gallagher and Rod ney Heeter Our off1cers were B111 Glenn Pres1dent Max Myers V1ce Pres1dent Jeanne Elder Secretary and Janet Mu1r Treasurer For our Chr1stmas present we rece1ved our bemor P1CtUr6S Every one was well pleased Our f1rst stop th1s year was March4at our W1nter Carmval Every 'hmg was ga11y decorated 1n the class colors of P1nk and Black Our spec1al honors th1s year were g1ven to Lucy Nolder Nancy M11 l1ren V1rg1n1a R1mer and Lloyd Slaugenhaupt who are our Nat1onal Honor Socxety Members From here we traveled to see the Sen1or Class Play There Go The Grooms " We all enjoyed lt a lot even though M1ss George was a nervous wreck for a month after lt was over May 13was our most 1mportant dock1ng the Prom Everyth1ng was very prett1ly decorated 1n P1nk and Black our class colors The mus1c was n1ce and as usual everyone enjoyed themselves very much Our last two stops are certa1n1y not the least 1mportant two May 22 Baccalaureate and May Z4 Commencement the long long awa1ted for Graduat1on Some are happy some are sad but we shall never for get any of It 17 ' H - On June 4 after a short trip to Conneaut Lake we docked the U. S. S. . ' ll Xl tv ' va HELEN ADAMS Sweette Commercxal Course Saylng I ll thmk about ll Song You You You Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 4 Band 2 4 Travel Club 4 Cho rus2 4 Newspaper Staff4 Sprmg Concert 2 4 Instrumental 1 2 Jumor Band 1 Secretary for Mtss George 4 JOHN BIGLEY ohn Sctentrftc Course Saymg Great Caesar s Ghost Song Hearts of Stone Dance Club 1 4 Spottsmen Club 1 4 Intramural Baseball 2 BEVERLY BONNETT Kay General Course Saytng Oh' Shucks Song l Need You Now fi 195 KAY BOTZLR KIPDY Commercxal Course Saymg lust lrke that Song Secret Love Band 1 4 Sprmg Concert l 3 Forensrc 1 Latm Club 2 Dance Club 4 Travel C1ub4 Camera Club 4 Fashron Show 1 2 Prom Commrttee 3 Prompter 3 18 1'-v CAROL ANN BROGAN Carol Sclenttflc Saymg How about thatl Song Smcerely Dance Club 1 2 Travel Club 4 Class Commlttee 3 Chorus 3 4 Band 2 4 Candy Shop 2 3 Jun lor Play Sprlng Concert 2 4 Q ' X ' . if I -dr' f x W s A K , I . 5 A n I x K . a . n I N . . . WJ n ,C , ,' J, 7 z"' . 43 7 ? - , - r 'V 'W E "' DONNA LEE BUMP Bump Commercral Course Saylng Yeh' You are Song Srncerely Dance Club 1 2 Fashron Show 1 3 F H A Club2 4 Mrnstrel Show 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Sec retary for Mr Beckner 4 Ox WAYNE BYERS WILLIAM A CHARNEY Chtng Decon General Course Sctentrftc Course Sayrng Huh? Saytng Oh Baloneyl Song Thrs Old House Song Thrs Old House Travel Club 4 Dance Club 1 Movre Projector Operator Bus Patrol 19 MAUREEN ELOISE BUZARD Buzz Commercral Course Sayrng Well I ll be darned Song Let Me Go Lover Dance Club 1 2 Fashron Show F H A Club2 4 Bac laureate Usher 3 Class Play Usher 3 Mrnstrel Show 3 Newspaper Staff4 Secretary for Mr Beckner ey? CAROLE BEVERLY CONNER Bev Commerctal Course Sayrng I shoulda went outsrde and sald that Song If I Grve My Heart To You Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 2 3 Travel Club 4 Class Play 3 Mrnstrel Show 3 V Presrdent F H A Club 2 Mock Wedd1ng3 4 Edrtor of Newspaper 4 Home Economrc Reporter 4 Mrs Els worth s Secretary 4 'f 'R G? l"l WANDA DARLENE COON Possum General Course Saymg Not Thrs Krd Song That s All I Want From You Travel Club 4 Chorus4 Mock Weddlng 4 AtVandergr1ftH1gh Chorus 2 3 Hrgh Walkers Club Q' RUTH L CONNER Ruthre General Course Saymg You don I know do you'P Song lf You Dont Somebody Else Wlll Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 2 4 Fashlon Show 1 3 Chrous NANCY E CONINER Nancy Commerclal Course Saylng For the love of Mlke bong Schuberls Unflnlshed Symphony Band 3 4 Chorus l 2 Dance Club 2 4 Arts and Crafts Club 1 INewspaper5laff4 bprlng Con c I 24 Muslc Apprccratron Club 2 InsLrumenlal3 4 Junlor Band 3 Lrbrarlan 2 Chrlsrmas Program l 4 Secretary IO Xl Slaugenhaupt 4 I I S' MARY E COURSON Mary General Course Sayrng Holy Cow Song When The Saxnrs Go Marchrng ln Dncc C1ub12F H A Cub 3 4 Chorus4 Fash1onShow3 70 T' DOYLE CRAIG Doyle Scxemrfnc Course Sayrng, Drop Dead Song Hot Rod Race Camera Club l Football 1 Sporrsmen s Club 2 Track 2 ln tramuralBaseball2 Class Play 3 Dance Club 4 f 9 ao' ' . ,, . , 4 . l I 9 ,' . I . 1 n' N ' n . ' ' u ' --.Q I 1 -- . .. -- U 3 ' ' -- , 3 . . . 1 C ' I n I 2, 3, 4. U 'X .. - l x I ' A 5522 X K X ' R . - fiif ACM 2 - . x X M A I . ,i N , . I . ll I1 Q1 7' W Y 3 , 'Q 8 , Q 4. . . 1 I Q 2 ' er A- I . . . Q: . 2 ' ' I ' A f. '55 'T' T77 P GARY CULBERTSON Gee Screntrfrc Course Sayrng ls that rrght'? Song Thrs Old House Varsrty U Club 3 Dance Club 1 Travel Club 1 Football 1 4 I V Basketball 1 Varsrty Basket ball 2 SUE EDDINGER Sach Commercxal Course Sayrng You don t say Song Skokkran Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 2 4 Fashron Show2 4 News paper Staff 4 Secretary for Mrs Crcctarellr 4 CHARLES DIVINS Cook Screntrftc Course Sayrng ls that rrght'7 Song Make Yourself Com fortable Class Treasurer 1 3 Class Sec retary 2 Basketball 1 4 Travel Club 4 Dance Club 4 Band 1 IEANNE ELDER Jeanne Academtc Course Sayrng lt wasn t easy Song That s All l Want From You By layeP Morgan Lrbrarran 2 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Class Commrttee 3 4 Prom Commrttee 3 Dance Club 4 Travel Club 4 Chorus 1 2 Fashron Show2 Class Play Usher 3 Chrrstmas Contata 2 l-lomecomrng Attendant4 Latrn Club 2 3 Commencement Usher 21 ELEANOR ESHB AUGH Eleanor Commercral Course Song OnThe Road To Nlandalay Chorus 1 4 Instrumental 3 4 Intra Mural Basketball 3 Lrb r ran 2 Ir Band 3 Band 4 Sprrng Concert 2 4 Chnstmas Contata 1 4 Arts8L Crafts Club 1 Musrc Apprectatron Club 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Secretary for Mr Slaugenhaupt4 A .. K l . 2- 5 , . gr- it A yu, 4 dl' V K ' ---' - ' U- ' --" 'n ," Saying--'Geel Goshl' . 9 : . : I , , :' 3 , ' ar.. ' : Q Q 9' 3. ' ' 'E ANNABELLE FERRINGER Anne Commercral Course Sayrng Who told you? Song Teach Me Tomght Dance Club 4 Travel Club 4 Chorus 1 2 Chrrstmas Cantata KAYE FOWLER Kaye Commercral Course Ban 2 4 Dance Club 1 2 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Inua N1ura1Bas ketball 1 2 Class Secretary 1 2 Class Commrttee 3 Cl ss Play Usher 3 Baccalaureate Usher 3 Spr1ngConcert2 3 4 News paper Staff 4 Secretary for Nhss George 4 Klock Weddrng 3 F H A Club 3 Class Valentrne Queen 1 Mu1strelShow3 Prom Ard 1 'N E ff' 'H JAN GALLAGHER Freddle Screntrfrc Course Sayrng Take two and hrt e t Song Lords Prayer Bas etball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Band 1 2 Travel Club Chau man 4 Dance Club 4 Fashron Show2 Play Ground Commrttee Class Commrttee 4 22 C' JACK FOX Foxy Screntrfrc Course Sayrng No D1ck Tracy Song btncerely Vars1tyU Club 3 4 Footballl 4 V Basketball 1 2 Var Basketball 4 Dance Club 2 Camera Club 1 Travel Club 4 Chorus3 4 Track2 Instrumental 2 Class Play Stagehand 3 Sprrng Concert 3 4 ELLA M GARVER Ellre Commercral Course Sayrng Oh Gosh!! Song Mr Sandman Dance Club 1 2 F H A Cub 3 4 Nirnstrel Show 3 Fashron bhow 1 2 3 Newspaper Staff4 Secretary for Mrss Thompson 4 YT? CONN ELL GATHERS Speed General Course a mg It seems Aw u Dangerous Song Hearts of Stone Dance Club 4 Travel Club 4 1-Q ov. 65152 NADA LEE GEORGE Chtck Commerclal Course Saymg Honest to Pete Song Let Me Go Lover Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 3 Fashlon Show 2 3 4 Class Play Usher 3 Mmstrel Show3 Sprlng Concert 1 Newspaper Staff 4 Secretary for Mrs Ctc clarellt 4 rf Pete Sctentxftc Course Saytng Got any Jakey Buns'P Song Out Behmd the Barn Band 2 3 4 Football Manager 1 4 Nattonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Sprrng Concert 1 4 Class Play 3 Dance Club 1 2 Varsrty U Clu 2 3 4 Travel Club 4 Basketball Manager 3 Class Commrttee 3 4 Class Prestdent Z3 'll 5- WILLIAM GLENN RONALD GREENAWALT RONALD GRIMM Bugsy Flreball General Course General Course Saytng Well I ll be a rrty Saytng I don t Know b1r Song Heart of My Heart Song Thrs Old House Travel Club 4 Travel Club 4 23 Pearle Grnny Fred C' -F-17 JANE HARTMAN ane Screntrfrc Course Sayrng Way to peel Song Mr Sandman n 1 4 Dance Club 1 Travel Club 4 Chorus3 4 ln tramural Basketball 1 2 Class Treasurer 1 2 Candy Shop 2 3 Class Play 3 Spr1ngConcert1 4 Forensrc 4 Prom And 1 2 341 fe Commercral Course Sayrng It makes me feel so go od Song whrther Thou Coest Dance Club 1 2 Intramural Bas kcrball 1 3 4 Fashron Show2 ll X Club2 3 Travel Cu 4 Class Play 3 Mrnstrcl Show .3 Baccalaureate Usher3 Nlock kweddlng, 3 4 lxewspaper Staff 4 Secretary for Nlr Powers4 13" Commercml Course Sayrng You don r say Song Nlr Sandman Chorus 1 2 Chrrstmas 2 Latrn Club 2 Class Play 3 Class Commrrtec 3 Prom Com mrttce 3 Lrbrarran .3 4 Dance Club 4 Prom Ard 2 Traxcl Club 4 Fashron Show 1 2 Cantata 24 A t f 53's ugf RODNEY Hl:ETl:R RO Academrc Course Sayrng 2 rn a hrll Song Thrs Old House Basketball 1 4 Band 1 2 Class Presrdent 2 Dance Club 4 Class Commrttee 4 Travel Club 4 J-Q Vx Y" Sclentrfrc Course Sayrng You dont know you'P Song Thrs Old House F otball 1 4 Basketball 1 2 Chorus 4 lorcnsrc 4 varsrty U Club 1 4 Dance Club 1 Travel Club 4 Class Play Stagehand 3 V . . 'J v' 4 I' dn Ba C1 - .: I . 2: U ' : I. : P Q . . N js f 1 of 4 1 .1 Q- ' rf' ,.,, J ,K Q ,7 -- X, A V rl uf -R ... ' if ' f X Cf I PEARL HENRY" VIRGINIA HILE FRED l-IOLBEN :, ' -... . ' .. ' ,,-I -. ,N 'S ' ,,-v . 1 .I do , 4 , Q Q if I ' '1 U ' R b Q Q 5 'O ' Q 'K ' 5 " 15 3' : I - 4 c: rf 'vw Qin- f WESLEY D HOLLIINGSWORTH Wes Sctentrfrc Course Sayrng You goofedi Song You You You Dance Club 1 2 Travel Club 4 Chorus 2 Sprtng Concert2 In strumental 1 Llbrarran 4 Iunror Band 1 2 TS? T' RAYMOND HOSEY Ra Sctenttftc Course Saying Watch out' Song Thrs Old House Dance Club 1, 2, Basketball 2, Track 2 IN 'R -Us MICHAEL HUDAK Mtke SCl6flllf1C Course Saytng What the Heck Song Let Me Go, Lover Travel Club 4, Class Commrttee 4, Prom Attendant 3, Class Play Stage Hand 3, East Brady Hrgh School Class Offtcer 1, Basket ball 1, 2, Volley Ball 2, Senror Club 2 25 NANCY VIVIAN HORINLR Sagebrush General Course Saytng M155 George Nlay I slt wtth Mort? Song No Parklng Here Chorus 2 3 4 Sprrng Concert 1 4 Dance Club 1 4 Mustc Ap precratlon Club 2 Class Play Prompter 3 A-0? f '5 Y-7 eq! DONINA LOU KAUFMAN Donna General Course Sayrng Drg that crazy ktd Song That's All I Want From You Dance Club 2,F H A Club 3, Travel Club 4, Mrnstrel Show 3, Class Play 3, Fashlon Show 3, Candy Show 2, 3 F GERALD KING Grlbert Academrc Course Sa Ing That s acrock of Song The Hrgh and the Mrghty Dance Club 1 Sportsmen Club 2 Latrn Club 3 4 Movte ProJector Operator Bus Patrol 1 4 Chorus xt. I Q ff, '06, 'hw' ff. -Q- A RANDALL MCGUIRE Ranny Screntlfrc Course Saymg So I do Song Let Me Go Lower Dance Club 1 2 4 Intramural Baseball 2 Class Play 3 Class Commtttee 4 Prom Attendant 3 SYLVIA MCNAUGHTON 1 Academlc Course Sayrng Tell you sometrme Song Stardust Dance Club l 4 F H A Club 2 3 Newspaper Staff 2 Intra mural Basketball 1 4 Chorus 3 Sophomore Assembly 2 Sprlng Concert 3 26 I '-' -x 'T""'-9' I' X .. N Y FRANK MCCALL Curtams Sctentlftc Course Saylng The brg boys told me Song Teach Me Tomght Dance Club 1 Sportsman Club 2 Travel Club 4 Class Play 3 ff 'T' NANCY MILLIREN Nancy Commercxal Course Sayrng Oh My Gosh! Song The Frnger of Susptcron Points at You Intramural Basketball 1 2 4 F I-I A Club2 3 Dance Club 1 2 4 Class Play 3 Baccalaureate Usher 3 Class Commxttee 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Offrce Secre tary3 Mxnstrel Show3 Home comxng Queen 4 tsatronal Honor Soctety 4 . I I .J 4, 3 'I as ft- i ' S' L' . xp xv, If sqft 0 llr' X ' 1 .ll :Y ' II. 'K 4: "3 i tw .+ 'Y i' JAMES MORTIMER Mortley Screntrfrc Course Sayrng Howdy sagebrush Song Out Behlnd the Barn Chorus 4 Class Play 3 Sprrng Concert 1 4 Band 2 4 Mrnstrel Show 3 Dance Club 1 2 Travel Club4 Basketball Scorekeeper2 10 fit l' G IOANNE MYERS Commercral Course Sayrng Oh Golly Song The Blue Skrrt Waltz Chorusl 4 Travel Club 4 Cam era Club 4 Class Play 2 Class Play Usher 2 3 Fashron Show 1 2 Dance Club 4 T PEARL MURPHY Murph Sayrng Oh forever Song Srncerely Band2 4 Drstrrct Band 3 Chorus 4 Dance Club 1 2 Lattn Club 3 Travel Club Secretary 4 Class Play 3 Intramural Basketball 1 2 Candy Shop2 3 Class Com mrttee 3 4 Natronal Honor Soc rety 3 4 Sprrng Concert 1 4 Jr Band 1 PEGGY MURRAY 98 Saymg W shed thrs was Frrday Song Hearts of Stone Intramural Basketballl 4 Dance Club 1 2 F H A Club 3 Mtn strelShow3 Travel Club4 Mock Wedding 4 27 Janet Muxr Re Sclentlfrc Course Song Mystery Street Bandl 4 Chorus2 CounryBand 3 Forensrcl Chr1stmasCantata 2 Fash1on Show 12 Home comrng Attendant 3 Lrbranan 3 Tlmekeeper 34 Scorekeeper 4 Class Sec 13 Treas Co Edrtor Yearbook 4 Travel Club 4 Camera Club4 Stage Gurld 2 Sprmg Concert 1 4 Prom Attendant 3 Ard 2 Latrn Club 2 3 . . . W W . 'Jon 'Ui K in ' I 'I , - at ., 1 NX I ' 4 . - l . ,, d n N up n ' ' ' Academic Course. General Course. Saying---'You better believe it. - --n 'W ' ,," ' ----- g : . : L ' .' y 2- : I D. , . . . 4: ""'N 5 'Y is Qt-r' 'C MAX MYERS Hands Academtc Course Sayrng Take thrngs as they come Song Let Nle Go Lower Basketball 4 Dance Club 4 Travel Club4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Vrce Presrdent 4 Class Commrttee 3 4 Natronal Honor Soclety 3 4 LUCY INOLDLR lucy Academic Course Saying You know! Song Teach Me Tonrght Natronal Honor Soctety 4 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 4 Chorus4 Homecomlng Attendant 4 Prom Attendant3 Latm Club Presrdent 3 Travel Club Treasurer 4 Chrcora Hrgh School Cheer leader 1 2 Chorus 1 2 Sprtng Concert 1 2 VIRGINIA INULPH Grnny Commercral Course S3y1Ilg Gee XNhy2 Song Melody of Love Dance Clubl 2 4 F H A Club 3 Newspaper Staff4 Chorus 1 'virnstrel Show 3 Intra Mural Basketball 4 Fashlon Show 3 Secretary for Nlrs Elsworth 4 RICHARD PAINI' LR WILLIAM POLLOFK Drck Butch Screntrfre Course Screntrfrc Course Sayrng Your 'xiouth 15 Open a mg be a rum tal L Song, The N aughty Lady of hxppo Shady Lane Song Sh Boom Dance Club4 Football 1 Basket Camera Club 1 4 Sportsman ball 1 Camera Club 1 Chorus 4 Club 2 Band 2 3 4 Chorus 4 A P if V 4, . . KV .A x y A f gi L I4 Q 3 - I .f -in Y Q r M. v A -57 1' I , 1' ' f 11 l ' A , 5, . - X Ai A -XX 4 A 31 xi ' , l lf, X 4 'A' xx B If: I I A ' 1 4' .' ' S 1-1-511 l ' L-' . -- . ' , -- A' 'H 28 is E BETTY RANKIN Peanuts Academtc Course Saytng Te Amo Song Dream Dream Dream Dance Club 1 2 4 Class Play 3 lntra Mural Basketball 2 3 4 Instrumental 1 Lattn Club 3 Sprtng Concert 1 Chorus 4 JACQUELINE AINNE RIDER Jackre Sue General Course Saytng Hot Dawg' Song I m A Fool To Care Dance Club 1 Band 1 Intra Nlural Basketball 1 4 Ixewspaper Staff 2 Class Play3 Mtnstrel Show 3 F H A Club3 Sprrng Concert 3 Chorus 3 Fashron Show 3 Travel Club 4 Mock Wedd1ng4 'Z-34, NANCY RIDER Loure General Course Saymg Te Amo Song Put Your Arms Around Me Honey Dance Club 1 3 4 Sprrng Con cert 1 F H A Club 3 Mrnstrel Show3 Chorus 4 Instrumental 29 'vi .1 UU LLOYD REICHART Rerch Acadamrc Course Sayrng Gad Dang Song Hearts of Stone Camera Club 1 Sportsman Club 2 Lattn Club 3 Travel Club 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 4 '19 VIRGINIA RIMER Gtnny Academrc Course Saytng You dont know do you'7 Song IBe11eve Lattn Club 3 Natronal Honor Socrety4 Travel Club4 Dance Club 4 ,ln J ' 7 Q I , I l - I I , by X R I L A 1 ' ' 5 ' 5 t - 1 , . 2 I . ' I' -- I I . I L f 2 1 . FRED SHICK Globy Sclentrfrc Course Sayrng Duty Jabronre Song Srncerely Camera Club 1 Varstty U Club I V Basket 1 Travel Club 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Instrumental 2 Class Play 3 Football Manager3 4 Football Spotter 3 4 Sprtng Concert3 4 Class Treasurer 1 K' 'EN' 1 DONALD SLAGLE Banty Sctentrftc Course Saytng You never can tell Song Hearts of Stone Baseball Team 1 Camera Club 1 lntra Mural Baseball 2 Dance Club 2 4 Prom Attendant 3 Class Play 3 DORIS ANN SHIREY George General Course Sayrng Bless You Song My Own True Love Clarton Htgh School Intra Mural Basketball 1 Dance Club 2 4 F H A Club2 3 Chous 1 4 Mtnstrel Show 3 W LLOYD SLAUGENHAUPT Slaugre Academrc Course Sayrng Oh No' Song Hearts of Stone Camera Club 1 Sportsman Club 2 Latrn Club 3 Travel Club Vrce Prestdent 4 Class Play3 Football 4 Chorus 4 Varsrty U Club 4 Duraglas Bowl 4 30 ROBERTA SL AUGENHAUPT Bobble Academrc Course Sayrng No wonder Song Let Me Go Lover Dance Club 1 2 Lattn Cl b Treasurer 3 Sprtng Concert 1 Travel Club 4 Class Vrce Prest dent 3 Cheerleader 1 4 Class Play Usher 3 Homecomtng At tendant 3 Prom Attendant 3 Chorus 1 4 Instrumental 1 Intra Mural Basketball 1 4 '-'sb K-Q wg.- '05 CHESTER SMITH Chet Screnttftc Course Sayrng Take tt easy Song Mr Sandman Ba 1 2 3 Dance C ub Travel Club Vrce Prestdent 4 QAM' T' 7 'E--f I as--v WILLIAM STEWART Globte Screntlfrc Course Sayrng T ake er easy Song Thrs Old House Dance Club 1 2 Travel Club 4 Varsrty U Club4 Football 3 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 Chorus 4 Duraglas Bowl Game 4 4-vii, -4, YN 'Q fviz kv F Wa! SHIRLEY SUMMERVILLE Sktp Commercral Course Sayrng It mrght be all rrght Song Lrttle Thlngs MeanALot Dance Club 1 2 4 Chorus 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Secretary for Mrs Matrjak 4 CONNELL D SWITZER C D Screnufrc Course Sayrng Holy Cow Song Naughty Lady of Shady Lane Dance Club 1 2 Football 4 Travel Club 4 Varsrty U Club 4 Chorus4 Duraglas Bowl Game 4 Class Play Stage Hand 3 Sprrng Concert 4 31 JANE SWITZER lame Commercral Course Sayrng Aw Let s go to New Bethlehem Song Teach Me Tonrght Dance Club 1 2 Intra Mural Basketball 1 3 4 Fashron Show 3 Mmstrel Show 3 Class Play 3 Travel Club 4 Mock Weddmg 4 F H A Club Hrstorran 2 News paper Staff4 J V Cheerleader 2 Secretary for Mr Bodnar4 x I X I mi x 'X f , nd--, ., . I 1 43 t-- I , 3 , 5 A f Q A l 1 i y .Qf Q' a . ', A , at xy X uf "- ' I 4 fQ 11' 4-" SYLVIA TRAISTLR 1 Commercial Course Saying Oh Shucks Song Make Yourself Comfort able Ban 1 4 Dance Club 1 4 F H A Club 2 Intramural Basket ball 4 Class Play 3 Spring Con cert 1 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Homecoming Attendant 3 Fash ion bhow 1 Secretary for Mr Helinski 4 ts ff JOYCE ELLEN WRIGHT Slim Commercial Course. Saying-- How about that! Song--Hold Nly Hand. Dance Clubl 2 4'F. H. A. Club 2 3- Spring Concert 1- Minstrel Show 3- Newspaper Staff 4- Sec- retary for Mrs. Fxlatajak 43 Fash- ion Show 3, 9- 'vi Q' SHIRLEY MARIE WETZEL Snooks General Course Saying Oh George Song Sincerely Dance Clubl 2 4 F H A Cl b 2 3 Chorus4 Minstrel Show 3 RQ, INAINCY WYNKOOP Chicken Commercial Course. Saying- 'How about that! Song--Moonlight Serenade. Intramural Basketball l -4- Dance Clu 2 4-F. H. A. Club 3- ho- r 1-4- Class Play 3- Band 3- Minstrel Show3g .I.V. Cheerleader 45 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4g News- paper Staff 45 Mock Wedding 4g Secretary for Mr. Bodnar. La l Will and Testament To whom ll may concern We the Sentor class of 1955 of Unton Jornt Hrgh the Commonwealth of Pennsylvama being of round mmd and body do make bequeath and declare th1s to be our last wtll and testament Artrcle l To Mr Corlrss Mr Htwtller and the faculty we wtsh to express our deepest apprectauon for the sound advxce they have grven us for thetr help support and patrence tn guxdtng us through our lugh school years Arucle ll our sentor advxsers Mr Baker Mr Bancroft and Mr Bodnar we leave our thanks for a Job well done Artlcle 111 To Mr Baker we express our gratttude for helptng us publtsh thts book Artlcle 1V To Mr Conner and Mr Mommer we leave our thanks for cleamng up after us the last four years Arncle V Helen Adams wlllmy place in the hall with Wes to Patty Kunkle and Larry Gtles John Blgley will my abtllty to drlve to Lou Rankin. Beverly Bonnet wtll my Qutet ways to anyone who needs them Kay Botzer will my ablllty to get caught rabbit lurntlng ln the Cemetery by the corner gang to Carolyn McKln ney who could use tt Carol Ann Brogan will my front seat in Physics class to Mary Kaye Stewart Donna Lee Bump wtll my abtltry to skip study hall to Lots Henry Maureen Eloise Buzard wtll my abtlrty to cltmb ln wmv dows to Wtlma Anthony Wayne Byers wtll my front seat tn Physics to Ztgburn who wtll need it William A Charney wlll my seat in the bus to anyone who wants ll Beverly Conner wtll my sewmg ablllty to anyone who ltkes to run around ln skirts wxthout zippers Nancy Conner will my abxhty to pick ftghts on the bus to Donna Lee Seybert qAs if she needs ltlj Ruth Conner will my seat in study hall to anyone who ltkes to wrlte for Miss George Wanda Coon wtll my natural curly hair to Maxtne Cul bertson Mary Courson will my long hair to Mlss George Doyle Craig will my ablllty to play dumb to any Jerk who can succeed Gary Culbertson will my abllrty to play quarterback to Jlm Fowler Cook Dtvens will Mary Ann Steiner and my gym socks to Butch Callen Sue Eddmger wtll my love for Blue Chrrstmas to Mr Baker Jeanne Elder wtll my place as the only gtrl tn Plane G and Trtg. classes to any grrl who would ltke playtng dumb so the fellows won t have any homework to ha nd Eleanor Eshbaugh wtll my qutetness m typmg and P O D classes to next years vicnms Annabell Ferrlnger will my posttlon of playing records for the Dance Club to anyone who likes mustc Kaye Fowler will all the enjoyment that I ve had help ing Mr Baker to anyone that llkes to get out of class Jack Fox wtll my football trophy to Joe Engro Jan Gallagher will my great speed tn basketball to Ray Hankey Ella Garver will my qulet ways to Evelyn Crowley Connell Gathers wtll my 6 4 to Pat Sherman who is badly ln need of lt Nada lee George wtll my luck with Sligo to Barbara Simpson Bill Glenn wlllmy abtllty to restst women to Tom Snuth Ronald Greenawalt wtll my ablhty to wash teachers cars to Wendell Wensel who l am sure needs the credit Ronald Grtmm wtll my hetght to Pat Sherman Jane Hartman wtll my red hatr to anyone who ltkes tt Rodney Heeter will my Jump shot to Rayburn Lerch Pearl Henry wtll my abtlrty to cltmb out room 5 wtndows to play hooky to any Freshman who thmks they can get away with lt Vtrglnla Hrle wlllmy positron as llbrarlan to Meda Belle McKtnney Bed Holben wtll my Chevy to Jack Fox so he can vxsit Pearl. Wesley l-lolllngxworth wtll my abtltty to get along mth 33 Mrs Matljak to next years lst period librarian Vlvtan Horner will my ability to resist men with holes tn thetr necks to Mtss George Raymond L Hosey will my abllity to keep a straight face to Evelyn Crowley Michael Hudak will my wavy halr to Ed Stevens Donna Kaufman will my seat in a gray Mercury to Patty Kunkle since l ve found a new one in a blue Ford Gerald Klng will my abilxty to argue to Miss George Frank McCall wtll my glrlrsh figure to Mary Ann Stein Ranny Mc Gulre wtll my ability to restst smoking to John Cralg Sylvxa Mc Naughton wtll all my hidden talents fwhlch haven t been discovered, to Ruth Ann Conner Nancy Mxlltren wtll my abrllty to get out of class to work for Mr Baker to anyone who wants to do tt Jtm Mortimer wtll my baby grande piano to Llberace Janet Muir wtll my unconuollable yell to anyone who doesn t mind berngembanassed by lnterrupung classes Pearl Murphy will my dainty laughter to Miriam Lerch Peggy Murray will my talkatlveness to Dorethia Rettrg Joanne Myers wlllmy danctngablllty to Carol Byers who needs tt badly Max Myers wtll my key to the candy counter to Duncan so he won t have to break the door off anymore Lucy Nolder will the fun of chasmg Mr Baker through the halls to ask favors for the cheerleaders to the future cheerleaders Virginia Nulph wtll my Job as Mrs Elsworth s secretary to any Junior glrl who wants tt lick Patnter wtll my abiltty to drive to Vtvlan Homer Bill Pollock will my trombone to Fred Darly Bettle Rankin wtll my abrlxty to sneak out of classes to anyone who rs office shy Lloyd Relchart will my share of Judy Carmtchael s heart to Cecil Murray Jackle Sue Rider will my size to Mary Kay Steltzer Nancy Rider wtll my abllrty to get along wrth people to anyone that has to have his own way all the tlme Vtrglnia Rlmer wlll my ablltty to wear my glasses upstde dovm to anyone who doesn t want to see strarght Fred Shrek will my fishing abilities to Eddre Stephens Dorls Shirey will my love for children to Shlrley Wetzel Don Slagel wtll my abtllty to play baseball to Charles Hawk Lloyd Slaugenluupt will my ability to restst speeding to Ellsworth Roberta Slaugenhaupt will to the future cheerleaders all the fun of getttng out of class to sell bus tickets Chet Smlth wtll my hunung ablllty to Wendell Wensel who ls too lazy to carry a gun Brll Stewart wtll my hetght to Pee Wee Stewart Shirley Summerville will my frlendshrp with Carla Fow ler to Max Conner Connell Switzer wtll my place on the football bench to Don Miller lame Switzer wtll my clobberlngs from Mr Baker to Dottie Conner who needs them Sylvla Tralster wlll my long black curly hair to Betty Seybert Shirley Wetzel wlll my dnvers license to Dons Shtrey Nancy Wynkoop will my ablllty to sing to anyone who loves to as much as l do l Joyce Wright will my ability to make Mr Baker mad to some unfortunate Jumor commercial student To ' ' , . , . , . , ' . l ' : I' . ll , ' . l ' . t. . ' . s - 1. . . I, , ' ' ' ' . .. er. . ' . .. . . I' I . l Q . I ' . - Il . . ' A . . - ' I, a - . . aa . l --' I I, . . . . . . . 1 ' I al . I' ' I , , . I, , ' . A . 1. I , ' . ' ' . . I, ', . . . ' , 1 I' I' . ' s - . . ' . I, , ' . l . ' a ' . .4 . 1 I' . I - . ' , In . .' . . in. . , H - l, , ' ' ' l ' . I, ' , ' l . . ' . I' . , . . ' . ' I '-. aa l I I' ' . - - .. - . I' . .- . ' . . v . Il . . I l . . . . l, , TALLEST AND SHORTEST BEST DRI:SSED SHORTEST AND TALLEST Sylvxa McNaugh1on Fred Holben Jack1e Sue R1der Cher Smrrh Ca o1Brogrm Ron Grrmm txak1hgg00dUgL f url pre Where are you? books blondes BEST COOPXS XHTTILST Nada Lee george Betty Rdllklfl V1rg1m3H11g ROIlC1'r.6l'l3W3lI 1 Q mn hr. Loo at th use hgh! h rlh glow S4 "1 ' 'o "Ge :man Dfer " " :, 3, 2. Q A .. 4 W 'F 1 xl Xen X K ' r A hi . . . "c-0-l"- I X Y HYN1!Y1ITlIY'XVflZiI'S x "1 jp' " l-4 . A ' 1 CUTEST MOST SCIENTIFIC Cook Drvens DOD 518316 Lucy Nolder Mxke Hudak FRIENDLIEST BEST DANCERS QUIETEST Lloyd Rerchart Sylvra Trarster Beverly Bonnett Kaye Fowler Jan Gallagher Wayne Byers Glad to meet you? And the record goes round Dld I hear you say somerhrngz and round 35 I "Movie star material." "Elinsteins at work." GABBIEST BRAINIEST Janet Muir Max Myers Is my mouth open Books and more books MOST TALENTED TYPICAL TEENAGERS Jim Mortimer Pearl Murphy Nancy Wyncgop Bill Glenn Another Liberace and a Oh you horrible thing Patrice Munsel an X , X f 1 Gerald King Virginia Rimer BEST PHYSIQLE LAZIEST Ga Culbertson Brll Pol ock Pearl Henry I m Jusr so rrred Feel m, Fheerros' MOST LIKELY TO SLCCEED MOST ATHLETIC, Jeanne Elder Roberta Slaugenhoupr Llo d Slaugenlroupt Jficli Fox Battle crtatron Notre Dame here we come' 31 NAME Helen Adams John Brgley Beverly Bonnet Kay Botzer Carol Brogan Donna Bump Maureen Buzard Wayne Byers Brll Charney Beverly Conner Nancy Conner Ruth Conner Wanda Coon Mary Courson Doyle Crarg Gary Culbertson Cook Drvens Sue Eddrnger Jeanne Elder Eleanor Eshbaugh Annabell F rrxnger Kaye Fowler Jack Fox Jan Gallagher Ella Garver Connell Gathers Nada bee George Brll Glenn Ronald Greenawalt Ronald Gnmm Jane Hartman Rod Heeter Pearl Henry Vrrgrnra Hrle Fred Holben Wes l-lollrngsworth Vrvran Horner Ray Hosey Mrke Hudak Gerald Krng Frank McCall Ram1y McGurre Sylvra McNaughton Nancy Mrllrren Jrm Mortrmer Janet Murr Pearl Murphy Peggy Murray Joanne Myers Max Myers Lucy Nolder Vrrgrma Nulph Drck Palmer Brll Pollock Bettre Rankrn Lloyd Rerchart Jackre Rlder Nancy Rrder Vrrgrnra Rrmer Fred A Shrck Dons Shrrey Don Slagle Lloyd Slaugenhaupt Roberta Slaugenhaupt Chet Smlth Wrllxam Stewart Shrrley Summerville Connell Swrtzer Jane Swrtzer Sylvra Trarster Shrrley Wetzel Nancy Wynkoop Joyce Wrrght LIKES Wes grrls Jack S Ford s Barry Frank Mack 8: Bob Sym Cadrllacs men to cook hrllbrlly musrc Ron Stewart hrllbrlly musrc rntellrgent people Mary Kay trght skrrts hrllbrlly musrc Navy books Paratroopers Krds of U H S Pearl women Bo women ack blonds srt near Heeter rn Physrcs SYU1 musrc Olds ee sodas dancrng He len turkey suppers Evelyn all sports Cadrllacs money Huntrng 8: Frshrng hrllbrlly musrc Ranny Borler room parues to eat to be on the go Drck angel food cake skaung Fred popular musrc Fords to skrp school Specral Fords and Drrvers females women Kr grrls Blue Convertrbles Jrggers To carry on Mercury s Paul 8s Mrlkshakes Baseball and Betty Redheads Blondes Brunetts to have fun trght sweaters Huntrng at blondes cherry pre 81 Orv Grrls Musrc Bob NewBethlehem Howard Chuck Br Mllkshakes Jrm 81 smgrng Ford s Sfahshcs DISLIKES people who gossrp women drrvers concerted people work hrllbrlly musrc concerted people concerted people Englrsh Lrterature women red harr sewrng Hrllbrlly musrc sprnach Howdy Dood 'wvoovovvoovo work concerted people two faced people mrmeograph machrnes mrstletoe unfrrendly people drrty green chevy s rubarb and sweet potatoes nosey people school rarny days Semor snobs seat rn Eng Englrsh concerted people homework concerted people Scrence Storey s people who gossrp senror snobs lrars school norsy women Lrberace Chevrolets boys P O D senror snobs starters of gossrp party telephone hnes school sprnach homework brothers concerted people grrls who smoke grrls stuck up people gettrng up work Concerted people srckemng people Berng called Brarny Physrcs and Chemrstry Hosprtals Femrnrne Smokers Teachers at rarny weather Slrppery roads walkrng to school Ford s 81 getung up concerted people Parkrng Meters chrlr ram school school Hrllbrlly musrc Hrllbrlly musrc 38 LOOKS at Wes srlly quret mrschrevous attractrve devrlrsh care free Jolly unconcerned neat cute bashful happy contented Backward Athletrc cute pleasrng successful talkatrve frrendly sweet rnnocent devrlrsh agreeable unconcerned at Jack devrlrsh carefree s trny smooth at Lee meek manly lonesome nutty sober brarny cave man flrrty at Nancy successful at Ranny talented pert Jolly PCPPY wonderrng rntellrgent studrous harmless dreamy lazy at Skrp lmprsh chrldrsh plump Brarny Happy Go motherly Romantrc Handsome frrendly small Jolly quret thrn bored at Howard unconcerned exerted chubby cky AMBITION Secretary for Hollrngsworth s Prrncrple of Geo Jr Republrc work secretary undecrded lrve rn Sarah Furnace lrve rn Deanvrlle Farmer mrllronarre movre stat FBI typrst WAC marrrage marrrage Presrdent of U S ovovvvvooovvooo jet prlot to lrve rn Slrgo frrst women Presrdent of U S see the world beautrcran undecrded sports wrrter busrness manager to travel to graduate Mrs Elder own turkey ranch another Wrllre Hope Arr Force school teacher own a Cadrllac secretary secretary get a new Mercury Mrllronare farmer butcher turkeys at Glenn to get a good payrng job make lots of money ranch brllronarre Governor of Mt Arry Presrdent of Unrted States Penn State Brg executrve s secretary Manager of Glenn s Turkey Ranch Nurse on 1st flrght to moon nurse to get a Job secretary electrrcal engrneer nurse go to Hawarr Jet prlot Space Patrol Arrlrne Hostess Infantry To lrve rn Fla Housewrfe Medrcal Technrcran Operate a brg Tree Nursery Marrrage Prrnctpal of U J H S 15 Krds Nurse Mechanrcal Engrneer Gov of Bluegoose to go to Alaska Hot Rod Racer srnger professronal dancer marrrage someday Professronal srnger Be a secretary 9 I . . . - y A ' l . b . - ' by ' L ' ' . . ' 'S Donna Kaufman boys Selling UP breezy fflaf.l'iHB9 . ' ' ' ' Lu A ' Sarlrngl Scrrlrngl lt rs 1965 and the Class of 1955 has been rnvrted on a crurse on the U S S Unron owned and operated by Mrke Hudak As everyone boards the shrp they are greeted by a lovely staff of nurses Mrss Murt Mrss Murphy and Mrss Nolder As we crrculate among the guests we see Fred Holben travelrng salesman for Swanson s Cookre Factory talkrng wrth hrs old frrend Jack Fox who rs now sportswrrtet of the Rrmersburg Gazette edrted by Eleanor Eshbaugh Well look over there rs Helen and Wes They are on therr second honeymoon Therr triplets are hangrng on to the sk1rtofBeverlyBonnett who rs therr nurse mard Drd anvone rrotrce how blue Ray Hosey looks because he had to leave Evelyn at home? John Brgley rshererna strrped surt because he Just escaped from George Jr Republic He wanted to be prrncrpal but they had other rdeas Oops there rs Nancy Conner hot on hrs trarl She s a true blue F B I grrl Carol Brogan and Kaye Fowler are gorng around rn a sort of daze They strll havent decided what to do rn lrfe and they aren t getllllg any younger Connell Gathers who completed hrs ambrtron of graduatrng from Unron High School also has not decided what to do wrth hrs lrfe Connell Swrtzer rs drrvrng hrs Hot Rod around the deck Oblrvrous to all the norse are Jeanne Elder and Doyle Craig who are arguing over which one rs gorng to wrn the electron Just heard a rumor that Jan Gallagher rs unable to attend the crurse because of Busrness complrcatrons lfyou wrllpeek down inthe krtchen you llsee Brll Glenn holdrng turkeys for Vrvran Horner to butcher Jrm Mort rmer manager ofBrll sturkey ranch rs runnrng around lrke a turkey wrth rts head cut off and dorng absolutely noth rn Cook Drvrns rs relaxrng on the crurse after flyrng the first Jet rocket desrgned by Max Myers to the moon Donna Bump and Maureen Buzard have a krssrng booth on the lower deck to try to lure the handsome seamen Janre Swrtzer was srngrngrn the drnrng room but now she s out lookrng at the moon Pearl Henry rs lookrng down her nose because she thrnks the party rs disgraceful She s certarnly stuffy now that Lee rs a Hrgh School Prrncrpal Chet Smrth who consrdered becoming a mechanrcal engineer decrded to enter the musrc profession and now rs the head of the musrc department at Unron Jornt rs humming the Alma Mater and drrvrng everyone nuts fBrll Charney rs complarnrng to the Captarn because he couldn t brrng hrs Cadrllac on board but had to brrng hrs wr e rnstead Beverly Conner an actress rn thrrd rate movres rs over on the deck exe crsrng to get a shape lrke Marrlyn Monroe but so far she looks more lrke Ma Kettle Ruth Conneratop Wac rs tryrng to teach her mrlrtart posture Annabelle Ferrrnger who has her own beauty shop rs tryrng to grve her some more pornters on beauty In oneofthe Staterooms we see Jane Hartman has all the chrldren on board tryrng to teach them therr ABC s She doesn t seem to be gettrng very far as there rs too much attractron on the deck for the chrldren to study Wanda Coon who rs now runnrng a respectable boarding house because her husband rs too lazy to work rs makrng Gary Culbertson who rs now unemployed rsdrscussrngatrrp tothe moon wrth Brll Pollock and Drck Parnter Bettre Rankrn rs makrng them terribly nervous by coaxrng to go along Sylvra McNaughton rs bored by therr uneducated srllrness and rs wrshrng they d get started Srttrng rn a deck charr takrng rt easy and just relaxrng rs Kaye Botzer Nada Lee and Sue are out on deck mar velrng over the ocean because they ve never been out of Slrgo before Ron Grrmm rs tellrng them about all the Oceans he s seen srnce he enlrsted rn the Arr Force 10 years ago Ron Greenawalt rs rn hrs Stateroom studyrng to be another Wrlhe Hope whrle Ella Garver and Eleanor Eshbaugh two experrenced travelers are laughrng attherr enthus rasm If you look rn the game room you ll see Donna playrng trddle wrnks but who cares she s Just another grrl named Smrth Gerald Krng might as well be srttrng on a throne the way he s snubbrng everyone now that he s fabulously rrch I recall whenhewas the real babbler of the class He rs exchangrng a few words wrth hrs private secretary Nancy Mrllrren Rannre McGurre looks slrghtly annoyed but hrs mrnd rs really on the brg whale that he caught on hrs last frshrng expedrtron Rod Heeter rs also encountered rn the rrch group because he now owns Heeter Lumber Co plus a yellow Cadrllac convertible Frank McCall and Brll Stewart are rn the assembly room grvrng long drawn out speeches but no one rs lrstemng Vrrgrnra Rrmer rs rn there too but she s studyrng the notes of her latest medrcal experrment All rn all rt s a borrng bunch ljust sawa streak gorngby I thrnk rt was Peggy Murray runnrng frfty laps around the deck Roberta Slaugenhaupt rs wavrng a flag and cheerrng her on Roberta seems to be strll cheerrng away we hear that she s a cheerleader for U C L A Everyone rs nrnnrng toward the dance halltosee Grnny Nulph do the hula whrle she plays her Arthur Godfrey uku lele Lloyd Rerchart rs the barker forher act and I heard someone say that Lloyd Slaugenhaupt rs the busrness man ager How do you suppose he supports 15 krds on ten per cent? We hear that Joanne Myers has just been employed as hrs secretary Jackre Rrderrs rn her Stateroom talkrng to her chrldren on the phone She seems qurte hurt because they re beg grng her to have Aunt Nancy play a few notes over the phone Don Slagle rs tryrng to convrnce Fred Shrck that rndoor work rs better but I can hear Fred Sayrng Frrend rf you are my frrend I thrnk that I ll just strck to Natrrre Wayne Byers agrees wrth Fred because he Just sold hrs thousand acre farm and bought a ranch rn Texas Well there are two old chums Joyce Tascarella and Shrrley Wrllrams Bet they re drscussrng the good old days when all they drd was giggle Sylvra Trarster rs marchrng around all over the place Poor grrl thrnks she s strll a maJorette It s really sad for poor Howard Shrrley Wetzel rs callrng us all rnto the drnrng room for a meal of baked crabs cooked by Vrrgrnra Hrles who now has cookrng school on TV She rs the hostess here and her hubby rs a sailor Well I guess that I ve seen everyone sol mrght as well go rn and frll up Oh dear I don t know rf l can eat or not wrth Nancy Wynkoop screechrng at the top of her lungs 39 0 0 0 0 0 o . , 1 . . ' . . . . ' - 1 ' ' ' I I ' . , I 1 ' . ' ' . . . A . ' I , . . ' . I . .' ' . n . D . . . q . . I - D I I - g. - . . . . . - 1 . l I ' . . . . . . r , . . . . ' ' - - . . . . l . I , I . . . I . , . ' I . . . .. I . . . . ' . ' - I I . . . . , , . s . . I , ' . . sarcastic remarks to Dorrs Shirey and Mary Courson who are drscussing their wedded bliss. . . . ' . I a . . . 0 . . r . . , ' . , . D . . . - ' - . - , . . . , . . I I . . . . . , . , . , . . . . . . . , , . . . ., . I ' I l I . , ' . . I . . . . , , . . . . . q - - ' . 1 . . . . . . ' . . , . - , . . . ' . , I , . . . , . 9 ' I I I MR. CORLISS SUDEIVISIUQ Prmclpal MR. HIWILLER MR. HETRICK HlQ'l School Pnnclpal Elementary Prmcxpal 40 lk ff' 2. ,g 1 :' , zz f , M4 , ,Wm 4 f 950g O Ogg RALPH H BAKER Business Education JOHN BODNER Social Studies RICHARD BANCROFT Business Education Mathematics WILLIAM BECKNER pl SARA CICCIARELLI EDWARD DOLECKI English and Health Education Mathematics 42 ' BESSIE ELSWORTH A G FLEMING Home Economxcs Soclal Studxes Qi MARIAN C GEORGE JOSEPH HELINSKI VERNICE MATIJAK Englxsh Musxc Llbranan Latin Math Enghsh 43 T7 vi VIRGINIA MEANS CATHERINE MYERS Home Economlcs Enghsh and L1brar1an ' WILLIAM POWERS DeWAYNE SLAUGENHOUPT PRISCILLA TRAISTER Health Educauon Sclence Busmess Educauon 44 3: , 1 -.al A I 5 G 7 H :.,,.L, I 1 . . ww N IVAN YOUNG BERMCE THOMPSON Sclence School Nurse 5"!4'Il'l"l"l SHIRLEY CONNER CLAIR CONNER CLAUDE MORTIMER Secretary Bu11d1ng Custodlan Blllldlflg Custodxan fS11goj fR1mersburgJ 43 Alma Mater Loyal men of Un1on I-hgh Blue and gold w1l1 ever fly Ramse your voxces loud and strong In thxs our song All our battles we w11l meet Never thmkmg of defeat. Alma Mater to our school, Hail Union High." 46 X0 m : f Q Sllgo Camera Club f"'1IZ 'wil 46 wr 'HQ .-4 lst row 11m Duncan Mr Young Alfred Hoover Habet Mulr Howard Gardner 2nd row John Murr Kay Botzer Darl Spare Rlmersburg Camera Club 1st row Tom Buzzard, R1chard Horner, Larry Grles, Howard Rettrg, Roger Wyman, B111 Retug, Ed Kerr, Gary Hawk, Mr Slaughenhaupt 2nd row ,Iun1orA1tes,Don Yates, Tom Sedok, B111 Pollock, Ron Conner, John Cralg 3rd row Delbert Garver, Jack Best, E111 Artes, Tom Mong 48 C 3 or ,.' H ' ' ' f nj of Qi 'j:f,1tfqiff'f1T'T - ,,.,.,,,: at - -u ' 9 I 4 ! N . I - ' 14 , to ' x f ' ' :fs W 7. .ix 1 , .V I V tl sz' l , Z I V-.1 al ' ' I v - , s lr - ' I I ' I Latin Club JC 'Y 'X 1st row Mrs Matuak Judy Runyan Dorethta Rettxg Stanley Seybert Steve Sutt 2nd row Betty Kerr Shlrley Rettlg Gerald Kmg Donna Seybert Newspaper Staff 40' CQ fo-4 C' lst row Nancy Wynkoop Mary Hoffman Nancy Conner Beverly Conner Eleanor Eshbaugh Vugmla Nulph Helen Adams 2nd row Nancy Mxlliren Ella Garver Sue Eddtnger Nada Lee George Shtrley Summerville Joyce Wright 3rd row Sylvia Tratster Donna Bump Maureen Buzard Pearl Henry Jane Switzer Kaye Fowler 49 f I ' I ,Y .' S , f I Y I , Q , lf x 9 ! v Q . -5 ' - t ' . a I n . . 9 I I ' - 1 Y I ' as -. . HE-4 5 T 'A Q 0, ' 3 ' f -4 X A Ji, ry A F ' .,. ' fee as .S v - " lf ., - ,M 'P nl l h ' X h A -- . ' g x", A , ' g ' . 1 ' -2 X vi '. se l - I 3 l I Y I ' l D I 1 . Q ' . cv , , n K 1 - ' n 1 I n 1 . Rlmersburg Dance Club lstrow Frscher L McLaugh1tn T Smrth J Summervrlle C Crarg Greenawalt H Goodman B Hosev M Best J Strtt Slagle Buzard McQueeney J Crrssman Mazzont. 2nd row Brgley MCGu1re Seyben A Summervtlle E.Stevens George N Mrlluen Tratster N Wynkoop D Conner Hoffman J Culbert son J Rankrn Hudak Stanford Mr Bodnar 3rd row A Stewart Wrse D McLaugh11n Rhodes M Hosey S Rankm E Mrlllren B Rankin P Salrzzom E Anthony S Murray J Bowser Klrne J Murray E Brsh Clark D Milluen Martrn Blau Manson E Summervrlle Taylor G Kmg G Bobberts D Crarg Myers A Slaugenhaupt McNaughton G Murray Rrmersburg Dance Club lst row Courson Priester B Stuart J Murray D Hosey Rrmer T Montgomery Slergber D Bowser Simpson 2nd row G Yates B Hawk B Guntrum E Guntrum C Anthony R. Conner N Conner Nulph Horner N Rxder Bonert Shuey Mr Bodnar 3rd row N Buzard L Henry K Wynkoop Wetzel Wrtght S Summervrlle S Holben C Slaugenhaupt M Lerch Watter Q Hagan C Hartman C Culbertson 4th row McCullough B Lerch Coon Steven Saylor Palmer Montgomery Dailey Ingro Douthett Goodman. 50 o Wagner. Tates, N.'Hawk, J. Smith, McKee, J:erringer,'RLrsse11. 4th row-Ireland, Miller, T. Stewart, R: Sligo Dance Club 5 P1 -. A Ft A ig!! "'a 'Q CO lstrow McHenry Myers Shearer Curll Forrmger Smrth Murr 2nd row Heller Elder Garver Wagner Burns Sedgwrck Lewrs Sedok Mr Doleckr 3rd row Confer VlcBr1dc Pago Bartleu George Stands Lee Shook Cralg Lerch Byers 4th row Gardner Whrre Lerch McCall Snmmervrlle Barger Callen Shook Sherman. Sligo Dance Club 'Pr' ft-WCB .4., lst row Krauss Barger L Porter Shrrey C Drvms M Myers Smrth Duncan Wensel 2nd row Mc Krnney Bartley Elder Black Hoover Custer Heller B Myers Heeter 3rd row Dunmrre Beck Hartre K Botzer Erlckson McDowell Buzard C Botzer S NlcK1nney Henry J Nlyers J Myers Reed 4h row Laumer M NlcK1nney J Mcl-Crnney W Drvrns Hoover Schreckengosr Ferrlnger Taylor Hrles Murr al TQQS--f fo igl--?fgi11++ .. g 3 '51 , . A A M.-. f---- ---A J' '-j j . V. -. e 1- ---Q . lv-7...3ggL- ,":g,.-'l-sN 2, :Vi-. 1-- -e B.-.-5 li' LTT T' "1.1g:,i.q, if' -Y , if if?Pl7:1if'i ' 7' fs, x 'T , L W' A .X f 5 3 ' ' Q , i-: 1 . , 6 6 Q I - r , . Q I A Y. , ? I 0 -, A . ,......a. - , ,,,. li llil:,ig.J1..,.,,1, ' 'i4MQygf'.?:Qr: ZQQ f57:'?1' '44 Ig ' 3355 Qi f ' l 1. QQ '5 5 ' Q1 i- 1-5 ' rggi.g.11g:"i 4 514' L l M ' s 777 lk' ' 1 ' v 'ity ' -'f . I , V - ". ' , I W l . if ':::: frm 'V "V .. , o 2 L. G v 1 0 . e ' -7 -- I 1 'f' 4 Y. if ' v ' V5 ' 1, fb , ,J - A , l , , A , . I , . r l , , . A , . , . I I Rimersburg F.H.A. lstrow Cnssman Mohney Conner George Hutchrson Mathras Hooks Eddlnger Mommer Smuh Mrs Elsworth 2nd row Nelhs Curry Hosey Swrtzer Cralg Wynkoop P Crarg Anrhoney B Crarg Brsh Kunkle Rrder Slabe 3rd row Cemorcelh Garver Buzard Bump Rhodes Courson Hawk Womeldorf Clark Seybert Shearer Sligo F H A ,J-"""' ",-,,,,.f- -4,-,,,.. v,,...'- J.-rf' E 13, i lst row Confer bedgwlck Burns Lewrs Wagner Garver Wilson Myers Mrs Means 2nd row Harlle Fagley N1cCal1 Custer Black Hoover Crarg Lee Henry Stams George N1cBr1de 3rd row Pago Sedok Shook McK1nney Botzer S McK1nney J Myers Enckson Byers Beck JZ Sligo History Club 11-. i J ,K -D6 4 if of 6' IQ 9 I azi- QS' I as JD lst row Vrvtan Buzzard Barbara Bartlet Mr Flemmg Meda Belle McKmney Wanda Taylor 2nd row Garnet Reed Janet McK1nney Betty Lartmer Janet Elder Sligo Drama Club gs UU -1 lst row Harold Schrecengost Lenord Crouss Larry Barger Don Shearer Dtck McHenry Ca1'1Sh1rey Davrd Greenwalt Standmg Mary Belle Lerch Judy Schrecengost Mlss Myers Bayonne McDowell Sally Dun mtre 53 Rlmersburg Travel Club O9 lstrow Kaufman J Rider Murphy Coon Ramsey P Murray Priester J Culbertson Salvo Mr Beckner 2nd row Adams Fox R. Hosey C Hawk E Anthony Nolder R. Slaugenhaupt Hartman J Craig Carmichael 3rd row Reichart L Slaugenhaupt C Switzer Hudak Mortimer McCall Holben Glenn McCoy Rimersburg Travel Club 'Nl V v- Nu, lst row-Forrester, Herrick, Simpson, Cicciarelli, M. Stewart, Steltzer, Rimer, N. Rankin, Brogan, Mr. Beckner. 2nd row-J. Fowler, Shick, S. Murray, Henry, Switzer, B. Conner, S. Reichard, H. Adams, M. Hosey, Steiner. 3rd row-C. Murray, G. Culbertson, Summerville, B. Stewart, M. Conner, Christy, D. Stewart, Hollingsworth, Ramsey. Sl Sligo Travel Club '-1'-"""' .g. 4? 2 .Jaw ""'- i-L.-,gp xvllr' A lst row Hlle Gnmm Elder Smrth Muu Mr Bancroft 2nd row Ferrrnger Gathers Myers Heeter Drvrns Junlor Candy Shop Donna Seybert, Dlane Mathras, Sandra Rerchart, Shuley Murray, Mr Beckner no 0 rffffffl :jf 'Lo o fo Ffiffifffi fffffssffis 411----'-' gn: ,ff-T, ngr r f,'.ff-iff, r -1 or ,A rofol 1 A gg 'zoggg 'A -' 7 ' '-5 V ' ..tI'll.LL . ' - .1 - l ' " U 'C i - 6 Il .X " , P , , in I 4 ' -, S 1 ,nl U 5 W Q , 1' - I 1 A I I . I l I U ' - U I I V I U ' 7 o lst row Vernon Barger Anita Clccarellr Mr Baker Vrrgima Rrmer Lloyd Slaugenhoupt 2nd row Lucy Nolder Max Myers Jeanne Elder President Cecil Murray Mary Kaye Steltzer W111 Glenn Pearl Murphy National Honor Society On the morning of December 23 1954 eight new members were in ducted into the National Honor Society of secondary schools The ceremony was an impressive one with the members of the pre vious year Pearl Murphy Jeanne Elder Bill Glenn and Max Myers giving speeches on the four principles of the Society The new members inducted were. Juniors Vernon Barger Anita Ciccarelli Cecil Mur- ray and Mary Kaye Steltzer Seniors inducted were Lucy Nolder Nancy Milliren Virginia Rimer and Lloyd Slaugenhoupt The membership is based upon Character Scholarship Leadership and Service To be eligible a student must stand in the upper third of his cla'ss Each year 770 of the Junior Class and 15070 of the Senior Class are selected by the faculty for membership 56 Bus Patrol lstrow M1loSummerv1lle Lloyd Slaugenhaupt B1llStewart B111 Pollock Max Conner Brl1Charney 2nd row Carl McQueeney Fred Darley Ron Conner Charles Hawk Tom Montgomery Gerald Krng Llbrorlcms Cav! ir! -5 - 14298 af Left to rrght Tom Buzard Ray Hankey Norman McCoy Drck Prrester Gerald Kung Wesley l-lollrngsworth Mrs. Matrjak. 5 O I u 4' H 'lx A Q ss M 'M' 8-A L -- . , if A , M ,.'y- I fini: i iw l J - 7 "Shower given for the Mock Wedding" 4 ff - -1 Q-L I .?f 1-'55 dmv Bagk to camera Nlaureen Buzzard Left Beverly Conner Iackre Sue Rlder Donna Kaufman Peggy Murray Pearl Henry jane Swrtzer Ruth Conner Mary Courson Wanda Coon Iwancy Wynkoop Mrs Elseworrh Donna Bump joycc,Wr1ghI Nada Lee George Sue Eddlnger Nancy Rlder Vlvlan Horner Vlrglnla Nulph The Wedd ng ,R 7 rrorrgn Pram Coonl xllu o C one Brrdwrnaxd Janxe swnzer Pearl Henr Homer Gm Donnakiufwnan 1auonofHonor Jack L bug Rmdcr lun mer Larry Ireland Groom Jlm Pow Brxdc Nam I u Qu urra Brlde ald Buerly Conner Peggy Niurray Lsher WC sma Ilan Ha , r ' '1 , ' ' . -N I , , . ii i 77 I . ' V1 I I tv S 4 , , M , 5 .u 0 ' - ' ,ii 4 X - V, 2 2 N ' X 4 -1 1 V il Y i ' 1 A I Lcf 'I - . :I'W'8Ild3 , ':llC1'S'UOI1f.1 A,B b Q: j", 5- ' ' , y, lcr, ' 1 Q.'Wy1kr vp BC:IfN13Il':! 11 Si y, sm 5- 1' ' , ',' . , F 3- Jn. Qrls n. A nk. .38 Music Junior Maiorettes Left to rrght Jeanne Morttmer Dottre Conner Norma Rrder Patty Culbertson Lrnda Radaker Judy Yates Kaye Clark Mcrloretfes Kaye Clark IwormaR1der Dome Conner Jeanne Mortlmer Judy Yates Patty Culbertson L1ndaRadaker 60 o lstrow-Barbara Lew1s,Shir1ey Murray, Sylvia Tralster, Rose Marie Ramsey, Mary Kay Stewart. 2nd row- Umon Jolnt Hugh School Bond 1st row D Conner I Morttmer K Clark M Stewart B Lewts S Tratster R. Ramsey S Murray N Rtderl Yates I Culbertson Radaker 2nd row A Adams R. Horner K Wynkoop S Holben D Mathtas R Clark N Hawk G Parnter A Stewart J Mommer B Glenn J Carmtchael J Cratg B McDowell Salvo K Botzer S Dunmtre C Slaugenhaupt I Hartman S McBr1de A ClCCl8l'Cul P Murphy M Steltzer I Wtlson S Rankm S Sedgewtck S Bums E Stevens N Beggs 4th row N Conner M Culbertson B Pollock R. Conner M Conner T Stewart C Hawk L Summervtlle D Stewart B Christy E. Eshbaugh R Lerch M Mathras C George C Brogan V Barger Mr Helmskt 61 o o o L: Erickson, A. H'ose.y, J. Mulr, Adams, Lerch, Hosey. row-F. Dailey, S. Hiles: E. Beck, L Rlmersburg Chorus '5 J it 'l lstrow Russell Klme Culbertson S Murray K Clark D Mathtas J Smlth N Hawk George E Yates Steltzer B Hawk Coon B Ranktn D Conner 2nd row R Slaugenhaupt S Holben C Slaugenhaupt W Anthony A Summervllle Flscher McCoy Fox L Slaugenhaupt Manson Mcl.aughl1n Relchart R Con ner Courson Murphy R. Conner Wetzel E Mxlltren 3rd row Mong J Cralg Klng Glenn F Holben C Swrtzer Pamter J Mortlmer M Conner Pollock B Stewart Stuck M Summervllle B Hosey T Rlmersburg Chorus x Y ,. 1 0 'vu 1 lst row N1 Nlathlas Hutchlson Nl Hosey IN Wynkoop N Rlder Horner Eshbaugh lv Conner C Sey bert Ramsey B Seybert C Culbertson C Hartman K Wynkoop I Hartman 2nd row C Crlssman lNell1s Shearer Hooks E Stevens Fowler A Slaugzenhaupt E Anthony J Nlortlmer Bonnett Sallzzonl S Summer-.tlle Hoffman Shtrey S Swuzer B Cralg C Anthony G lates J Rankln 3rd row Salvo Slabe lx Rtder Nolder H Adams Kunkle L Smlth Womeldorf S Ranl-un Clcclarelll lx Rankln Lerch J Culbertson Hudak Brogan Hagan 62 O ,, , I 405, 'v' , -" ,1 Z. ' f ! . f, , ' 'J W , vp I,- 7 , 5, 0 ., l V B N, A Q 1 I Q , . is 1 ., S- , T. V . .w 'ff' A x 'V .,-- 4 ' A A ' ' K 4 - Y . I I ' Y ' I ' I V 0 , I 0 Y I ' 1 I I I I I I U ' - ' Y ' 1 ' l I L ' l l 1 I 9 1 1 l I I - I I l 1 D ' ' - I I ' Y Y l ' l . , , . , . , , . . , . , . , . , . . I . 5 no 'NW s-- up 6, I f 3 s f , I . - ' T, 'l -f ' - ' Q 4 4 '.. u J . 2 . ' A 4 -- A I , , If -12' ' 5 A: f ' ' , , 0 ,' 1' ' .II W . ' ' , eds.. , I. - ' V ' ' ' ' ' - l . l , , l . . . , l . , I 1 - , . , . Y , . . ' V, 1 y i 4 1 u 4 g J , y 0 I I r v 1 A 4 ' V , , , , . . , . , . ,. , . , . . , , . . , . , , - . . , . 36 '90- ?' 'Ng X lst row G Reed P Heller S McBr1de J Heller McKmney 2nd row Dunmrre McDowell Errckson Myers Beck Sligo Chorus As you probably have not1ced the chorus has enlarged from last year They have learned many new and dlfferent songs under the d1rect1on of Mr Pfaff They sang for the Chrrstmas assembly here at school and they sang for a P. T A. meetmg and at the Sprrng Concert. From our chorus th1s year we also have a group gomg to Forensrc at Clarron College Chapel 63 Zim l Football Coaches Left to Rrght John Bodnar Edward Doleckr W1111am Powers Rrchard Bancroft Unlon Jomt Hugh School Football Schedule 1954 55 . in ' v ' if f 1 V. I it 1 9 1 y Q, O O O 1 VARSITY TEAM 2 'nl 10 1 A A ' .H Ai, I 1. 2 - S 2, 8 pw nl if 15 ' Q 1 ' y A I. zz 1 A 1 X 30 ' 'Xa X 14 ' zo Z7 ' . 18 ' 1 - September September September October October October October October November 5 JUNIOR September September September October November 1 Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Away Home Shannock Valley Brockway C1ar1on St Joseph Reynoldsvrlle Sykesv111e East Brady Brookv111e Red Bank Valley VARSITY TEAM Away Home Home Away Home Reynoldsvxlle Red Bank C1ar1on C1ar1on Reynoldsvllle 65 W? Football Co captains Gary Culbertson Tom Smlth Senior Football f Players Jack Fox - End Connell Switzer - Guard 8: Center Fred Holben - Fullback ' ,' Bill Stewart - End K. Q-.fi Ol rf' -r fr 7 1g5Jl"' I 5 FGA' Ln ,Yogi fxgr Nh 1, Gary Culbertson Quarterback Lloyd Slaugenhaupt End Tom Smnh Halfback Bxll Glenn Manager QCenterj if 9 gi: -477 U 9 09 0311 Y Fo dna 2 0 D- I2 'J CL I-'J N 0 U N O L- o-I U I'S I' 0 Juni ty Foofba J.V. Cheerleaders 1-C lst row Shelva McBride Jenme Smnh Nancy Hawk Sue Burns 2nd row Nancy Wynkoop Dxane Mathxas Varsity Cheerleaders Left to right Lorilee Smxth Lucy Nolder Janet McK1nney Shuley Fagley Roberta Slaugenhaupt Marsha Hosey 69 , ,, Q . -' - ' ,- N 1. d .J- : . ' ' . , . : . ' O . . . JA 1 ez A ' X v ' is ' . I VW4s,n 6 - , I-. b , vk..r ' , Q 4 -'tx V .. T A V ' ' -.'- "Tal A I 9 '-rv 1' 'I . 1' A ' I ' l 1 I I l n n Cheerleaders lstrow Hosey Smtth 2ndrow Fagley Nolder Burns Wynkoop Mathras McBr1de Jack Fox Voted the best hnesman on the A11 County Team Jack was awarded the trophy he rs holdrng We are proud oflack as he was the only one from our school to recerve thrs honor 0 McKinney, Slangenhanpr. 3rd rowt Hawlt, Smith: Coaches ms, eaoea-if Left to nght John Bodner Edward Doleckr Wrllram Powers Rrchard Bancrott Smce Mr Bancroft was called to serve our country Mr Powers has been coachxng the Bluelays Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan J an Jan J an Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue Fr1 Tue S S S S S S Basketball Schedule 1 954-1955 S1ge1 H Summervrlle A Brookvrlle H Parker H Summervllle H Reyno1dsv111e H Parker A Karns C1ty H East Brady H Knox H North C1ar1on A Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Fr1 Tue s Fr1 Tues Fr1 Tues Fr1 Tues Fr1 Tues Fr1 St Petersburg H C1ar1on H Clarron Lrmestone A Karns Cxty A East Brady A Knox A North C1ar1on H St PetersburgA C1ar1on A Clarron Lrmestone H Reynoldsvrlle A A 4 If - 15 l fag, I ,F A 3 . 30 . ' . 21 '. . . 3 '. ' .25 . ' . 7 . ' . Z8 '. ' - ' . 10 '. . 1 . ' . 14 . ' . 4 '. . 17 '. ' . 8 . . Z1 . . 11 '. ' . 7 '. ' .15 . . . 11 . . 18 '. ' . 14 '. . 22 . ,' - ' . 18 . ' . 25 '. ' 71 .Q .111 -n 1 11111121.1- ,441 LQ 1110 1' 1X . - - mam 52' ' . 4 yy, N 'A If ,inn- ' N '7 N Ny A941 J. Q wi 1, Ai 'N PY 'l 122451 I F f U, d 93' f-'r'- 75 nys? C swf: I u Nr rx I H?-. Ny, LQIXQ 3694 :QQ ,sive AL T2 3 3 ' ggi. A543 1 gin Q47 X- , ,ng 7' 7,i,gr -vo 1 FN", "-ff. :Lf-9' .",-- , AH' -'nd 1 . V F- ' jx LEA, -I .:.: mgdtif. Varslty Basketball Team JL! lstrow Heeter Drvms Fox Gallagher Callen MCL3Ughl1D Hoover 2nd row Mun Smrth Mr Powers Forringer Basketball Co Captains Cook Drvms Larry McLaughhn 73 Junior Varsity Baskeiball Team lstrow Stuart Wensel Hoover Barger Shtrey McLaugh1m 2nd row Montgomery Mr Bodnar Conner Buzard Hankey Junlor Hugh Basketball Team 3' v- lst row Johnson Rxmer Preuter Trump Swxtzer Engro Hetrxck 2nd row Stuart Botzer Fagley Karptnskt Dtvrns Goodman Murray Hetnck 3rd row Martrn Mr Doleckx 4 Varsity U Club lst row Gallagher Callen Hoover Fowler Murray Coon l-letnck Hankey 2nd row Holben Shxck Schrecengost Clark Wexncek Culbertson Croyle Stewart Divms Heeter 3rd row Barley Adams McLaugh1u1 Slaugenhaupt Fox Swrtzer Glenn Smrth Wrse Hawk Mr Powers C7 5. Scorekeepers Sally Dunmire Janet Mulr 75 Union Joint School Board Left to right: 1st row: Russell Denton, Homer Myers, Wm. Gray, Shirley G. Conner, Sec'y.g Gerald Myers, Pres., J. C. Stewart, Fred L. Burns, Lawrence A. Hawk, and D. W. Briceland, V. Pres. 2nd rowg Carl M. Heeter, Roy C. Bisk, Walter I. Henry, George R. Summerville, Treas.g Arthur A. Stewart, Harold Myers, Darl H. Callen, Ronald M. Muir, ThomasM.Armogost and Emmett Mcl-lenry. Back: Charles W. Kock and James P. Shook. Not shown: James A. Bolts Ir.. Charles M. Kaetzel, Dana L. Logue, Edward C. Mortimer and Russell O. Stitt. 1 Office Secretary - Sligo Patricia Klingensmith 76 T' TW J"-..A, Homecoming Queen and Attendants Queen--Nancy Milliren Attendants--Jeanne Elder and Lucy Nolder 77 'if f"S flu sv., uf' if if 4f",?bf V all 45 il' ,:, , ,: . ,, HJ .yi-1 .Dv '. Q6 Grades 5 and 6 Rlmersburg Grade School 1947 48 lst row Gary Culbertson Jack Fox Helen Adams Charlotte Batley Nancy Wynkoop Kaye Fowler Sue Ed dmger Larry McCormack Carol Brogan Iacl-ue Sue Adams 2nd row Ronald Snyder Jack Hoover Buck Preister Fred Mrller Don Hillxard Dane F1scher Fred Holben Beverly Shoup Arlene Ball 3rd row-Carla Fowler Ron Stewart B111 Atchison Ed Stupka Fred Shxck Gary Clark Shrrley McKee Melva Yates Betty Rhodes 4th row Charlotte Yor1 Jane Morumer B111 Smlth B111 Guntrum Ed Sedok Dick Smtth B111 Eddmger Grades 3 and 4 Wildcat Grade School 1945 46 lstrow Unknown Unknown RomameRank1n Ray Hosey B111 Ramsey Maureen Buzard Unknown Unknown Un known 2nd row Un known Nellre Mae Wert Dtck Pamter Ranny McGuire Unknown Ella Garver Sylvia Tra1ster Gloria Hanna lack Stanford aids. --I if Q' fi 4 4 J ek 5.411 ..f 81 Z Patrons Lust Mr and Mrs Ord Randolph Joseph R8g1S J Mlss Jean Nulph M1ss Dor1s Nulph r r r Mrs r Mrs and Mrs Ralph Mortxmer and Mrs Joe Bonnett and Mrs Ray Brogan Etta Cr1smon and Mrs R S Murphy W M Pendlton Mr Robert Pendlton E L Murray I' Len 1' 1' 1' and Mrs Harry Courson Campbell and Mrs James Stupka and daughter and Mrs John Bodnar Crval L1ndenp1tz Arthur Sh1rey J H Watterson Lo1s Conner V C Conner Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Rev and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Merle George Rmchard L Mortxmer B Nolder EGWIH Yount Paul Glenn Eugenla Glenn Mr and Mrs O C McGu1re Mr and Mrs Bruce Hankey Logue s Sterlmg Serv1ce John Mac K1nlay Bashllne SETVICC Statxon Norma Sanes1 Elfa s Beauty Chop Gardner s Serv1ce Stat1on C M Dunlap Mr and Mrs James Fowler 83 O . '., r. M . . ' , Sr. M . . M . . M . . . . . M. . . . M . . M . . M . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Dick Welch . ' .n . I , 'I . LEWIS STUDIO Knox, Pennsylvania IPicfures For This Book Taken By Our Studiol I HUTCHINSON S KIRKPATRICK s Jewsusns Cleaners and Dyers FUR STORAGE FUR CL EANING DRAP ES RUGS Dimonds Wallis Sll rw! 61 YEARS OF SERVICE Il6W sf J fferson Stool I 9 a , c o , ve a o e e r 331 Negley Annu, Butler, Pennsylvania lor Pennsylvania W. T. CLARK ELECTRIC COMPANY Complete Wiring Service an Electric Appliances Rumersburg Pennsylvanla Compliments MRS J R CONRAD J CLYDE DINGER To the Class o 55 Complzment BIXLERS BAKERY Compliments HOOVER MOTOR COMPANY A 8- P STORE Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Floyd Prlesfer Manager RONALD W MOORE FUNERAL HOME Fazthfully at your servzce Mann Street Rlmersburg Penna Compliments CARNEY S C omplzme nts Of For your dllllllg pleasure ECCLES NURSERY of d . . f C a S l of Of Rimersburg Pennsylvania Rimefsbufgf P0nnSYlVU"'i0 0f f Compliments Of Compliments Kaetzel's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists of Chas. P. Kaetzel - Chas. M. Kaetzel Rhea's Motel Main Street Rimersburg George and Carl Heeter Together Wlth All Employees of HEETER LUMBER CO SENIORS OF UNION JOINT Complete Bulldlng Servlce Lumber Bulldlng Supplles Hardware Appliances Redlmix Cement SI lgo Rlmersburg Ne Bethlehem Pa. I . O Extend Heartiest Congratulations to the . . W Compliments Meer 8. Ea? of af the LSR Decorating Company Modem Diner 330 Main Street Clarion Pennsylvania Clarion, Pennsylvania Compliments Compliments Wem s Whntehlll s Lunch Emelefon Pennsylvania Clarion s Leading Store Congratulations Class 0 55 C 8. M Tire Service 8. Garage J R Dunlap New and Used Tires Tire Recapplng Feed Fertilizer Grams phone 7614 M Callensburg Pennsylvania David A Kaufman Jeweler I Largest Selection of Watches Gallagher S Market Ln Claflon County Wllllard Gallagher Prop Hamilton Elgin General 'llerchandlse Bulova Cruen Wadsworth Hamilton Illinois Phone Parka, 3507 Westfleld Boulevard Dutch Hull Pennsylvania USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN of of . I, , Williamsburg - Clarion, R.D. 2 Phone 20 Complzments 0 Complzments Sllgo Hardware Company Jlm s Barber Shop Tappan Ranges Crosley Applxances Maytag and Dexter Washers General Electric and Sunbeam Small Appllances Heatmg Stove, Sligo, Pennsylvania Phone 2464 Compliments 0 Complzmenls BENDER AND HENRY of Building Supplies Lumber Millwork Roofing Flrst NUNONUI Bank Cement Doors Windows Clarion Everything for the Builder Clarion Pennsylvania Phone 47 Knox Pennsylvama Of ' 1 Sligo Pennsylvania ' f Best Wzshes Class o 55 BUILD NOW Heeter Lumber Company Dr 0 G Latshaw R,m,,5bUrg Pennsylvania Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Compliments Kasco Feed Service Mortimer s Service Station Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Compliments of Davis Cookie Company Bakers of Archway Cookies Rimergburg Pennsylvania . f . t - Compliments 0 f Of Bfst Wishes to the Clas of1955 ESHBAUGH'S REPAIR SHOP Gulfprlde Olls and Greases Phone 97 L Rimersburg Best of Luck to the Grads of '55 WALTER'S GROCERY STORE Pleasant Hill CONNER'S GREENHOUSE Phone l9R111 Rlmersburg Compliments Of CHESTER E. YOUNG UPHOLSTERY SHOP Phone 145-R Pa' Rimersburg Complzments Mary and Jack Rimersburg Hofel DON F SUMMERVILLE F EED STO RE Dlstrlbutors of Buckeye Qual ty Feeds Gas Oll eed Candy Pop Phone 181 J Rlmersburg C pzmetso PAT STEPHENS GROCERY STORE Groceries Mean Pennzoll Products Phone 37 W Compliments BOLTZ FOOD MARKET of i - - F om l' n f I Rlmefsburg Pa, Rimersburg Pennsylvania Complzments Co plz ents A 8' -l Qualify Frults 81 Vegetables Coffee Shop Phone 4R'l2 8- l89 Rumersburg Pennsylvanno Congratulations to the Graduates of 1955 Perry's Market Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Compllments of Armagost Garage Hudson Sales and Service Phone 135 Rimersburg Pennsylvania m 'm of Of Salvo's Markets Soylor s Dnner Rlmersburg Mr ers Sfo e D nd Da JEFF E Ph 4901 4079 Chester J Randolph Ford and Mercury Sales and Service Phone 100 Rlmersburg Pennsylvania ' ' Compliments Of ' 'n r " ine a nee" FINE FLOWERS BY . . . if ,, The asf Brady Florlsi one - or O I J D MILLER FUNERAL HOME RIMERSBURG RECORD We Serve As We Would Be Served Your Community Newspaper CO0K'S MARKET Fancy Meats and Groceries Since I 904 Rimersburg Pennsylvania Compliments of Best Wishes to Class of '55 RimersIJurg Pennsylvania I Sun Slde Feed Store H W Terwllllger Mgr Feeds Seeds Fertnluzer Dalry and Poultry Supplies Free Dellvery YOUR SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT DEALER Bastion Bros Company Rochester, N Y DESIGNERS AND PRODUCERS OF HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY NAME CARDS ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Mr Charles E McDonald 239 Fourth Avenue 920 Investment Bulldlng Pittsburgh 22 Po Phone 2131 Sligo, Po. Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Danlel M Fllettl Broker of Insurance 20 West Broad Street Phone 229 Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Compliments of FIRST SENECA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member F D I C Sligo Rlmersburg Pennsylvania "The Friendly Agency" RIMERSBURG PLUMBING AND 5 8.10 HEATING COMPANY Phone 130 Phone 158 R m9 Sb V9 Rama sbu g BARGER CHEVROLET INC Chevrolet Oldsmoblle "Wo k Done Well Since '31 ' Pa I Phone 183 Rimersburg, Po Fred Gallagher Service C0"5"a"da"0ns Classo 55 Frozen Custard Stand Roy Hetnck Phone 4399 Sl P l lgo ennsy vcmc Rlmersburg Pennsylvanra Paul s Self Service Red and White Store Freslv Meats Produce Frozen Foods Grocerles 2 2 Sl 90 Pennsylvania Complzments Complrments Flrst National Bank H B Beals 8. Son of General Insurance Emlenton Phone 57 Emlenton Pennsylvanla Knox Pennsylvania f 9 , o Phone 2931 l l of of W. A. Rhea H. W. 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' , a. .lim Joint School for the Home Economics De- HI Of , - I a Of Compliments KUNSELMAN of ESSO SERVICE KENNETH B CAMPBELL Gas Oll - Accessorles 'Men s Wear' THE STORE FOR MEN Rimersburg Pennsylvania Main Street Rimersburg, P Compliments 1 Congratulatzons Class of 55 THOMPSON 5 ThRIFT sHoP ECONOMY STORE om and Bw Rlmerslaurg Pennsylvania Rnmersburg Pennsylvanla R L DONHBER KEN MORTIMER Radio and T V Service Rnnersburg Pennsylvania Rlmersburg Pennsylvania Compliments f THOMPSON S Clover Farm Sta re HASKELL Thrift Plus Satlsfactlon FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 200 Rumersburg Pennsylvanla Rnmersburg Pennsylvania ' a. of c C 54-10410 Sl.00 Store O I Compllments CLARION CANDY COMPANY Clarion Pe nsylvonlo Compliments of TROUTMAN S Butler Penn sylvoma Guy Hawk Funeral Home Slago en sylvan a Loomis Hotel Coffee Shoppe The Dorian Shoppe Ladles Wear The Sports Center E erything in Sports Clarion Pennsylvania Complzments PAUL KIRKPATRICK C0 plz ents Of Sporting Goods Luggage THE HUB 130 East Jefferson Street Butler Pennsylvcmo Butler Pennsylvania of 9 . n . Compliments of v ' P n i l m 'm Of HAWK'S NEWS STAND Daily and Sunday Papers Magazines md Periodicals PHDNOGR APH RECORDS AND NEEDLES Pop - Peanuts - Candy Cigarettes SENIOR GYM CLASS Autographs Autographs

Suggestions in the Union High School - Memory Lane Yearbook (Rimersburg, PA) collection:

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