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v W T i MEMORIES Union School Corporation Modoc, Indiana Volume 1 9 Whether I'm Right. . . Every day people are faced with many problems concerning their lives. Some are small and not too important, while others play a major role in their lives. Every time a problem is solved, a decision must be made. Is it the right decision or not? Only the individual can decide if he is right or wrong. This won't be the last decision Rosie has to make, Camellia and Randy practice their right lines in a school play It takes deep concentration in order for Mr, Moore to choose the correct wording of a Psychology test, 2 Gay agld joe forget any problems that they may have at the present moment. Right now they're more interested in just "downing aroun . School rules or not, Becky and Larry decide to have a snowball fight. Table of Contents Theme Presentation . , . 2 Academics ....... . . . 16 Activities . . . . . 38 Athletics . . . . 54 Seniors ..... . . 68 Underclass .. . . , 82 Advertising . .. .. 100 Rick dances around as he portrays the "correct time". 3 Yummy lqjg, A az , I X rf' , W , 'W' ' :Ir Mr. Burton shows David where his mistake is, and how it can be corrected. The right beat is necessary for band routines . . . Or Whether I'm Wrong Knowing right from wrong is one thing, but living with it is another. Since no human is perfect, we are all faced with many disgusting problems that can upset us. Sometimes these problems don't work out, but we must continue on. Mistakes can be made, but many times when we are wrong, those same mistakes can be corrected. X3 is W t r r s 1, ,., "4- ' V, , -155,121 2 ' I ,ggi 'ti :,: I --e'. K ,Q 1 W- V V vp. ' 7 ,A -4 , ., 5' Q ,, !k,,, 5, Ni ., s - j' Q25 'Y , ,K I L as V- 1 137 " 5 -r, 'V . 'J A' l L K A g. U g J. ,. . trs, , G , ,. ' ' , yjzigig. ' m gill 'M 'Qs X sa 553 Qi' g : . M 3 ' 1 Q 3, , A "" 7 V 'ij Q. ' W ..,, V , A . , , 5 if it fi at M. . a X W A i 'sr 2 XA' ' " ' 1 t 5- Q . - N V , - -A 3 it iw if , 1 - is .Q f M -J sau-,Mr 4.33, tri 5, 2 V,,., 'K X' fi ' .Qi - -, ,, -i we ,tw-f, . g " ' It's hard for all ofthe girls to agree upon a pom-pom routine. l-Ynn and Duane Seem to disagree on the leChnlqU95 Of 5h0P 4 class. i 1 Looks like Debbie opened the door at the wrong time! Gay explains her writing difficulties to Mrs. Moore, and asks for advice. As a switchboard operator, jenny must make the proper connections. w"'Nr Brad makes repairs on his car before he starts home 5 "Pink Clouds and Lemonade" the theme of the 1970-71 junior-Senior Prom, brought many anxious juniors and Seniors to one ofthe most memorable evenings of their lives. The class of '71 spent many hours of hard concentrated work to make their Prom one of the best. This is the time of the year that students want to feel, look, and act their very best, a time which will always be remembered. ' K Marjorie, Sharon, and their dates, are ready for the banquet. Whether I Find A Place 1970 Royalty: Prince, Mike Bertram, Princess, Susie Bryant, Queen, Linda Golliher, and King, Dean Haggard. Students take time out to relax before seeing, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum". 6 n This World Mike, as Master of Ceremonies, reads the "Senior Wills". Linda and Dean lead the royal dance. "Which main course shall I choose?" wonders Debbie. 7 Mike daydreams about his afterschool plans. Allen is thinking, "Okay Randy, if you're such a great typist, do it yourself!" Anything wrong Mr. Burton, or is that your natural, pleasing personality? Alone with his thoughlS, Rex Solves his Pfoblems 8 For some reason, Brad doesn't seem to think jenny's joke is all that funny. Perhaps the joke's on him! i . . . Or Never Belong As errors were made, both students and teachers often wondered, "What am I doing here?" Many times school work was forgotten for a short time while individuals took time out to ask themselves, "To what part of this big, busy world do l belong?" Lynn seems disgusted. Is it her own mistake, or someone else's? After yearbook class, Mr. Neal doesn't want to belong. 9 These Prom-goers talk and watch other couples dance. Couples dance to the music of the "joshua While carrying their dates' clothes to the car, Sam and Mike are surprised by the cameraman. 'IO 'H Donna and Merrill reign as Prom Princess and Prince. Susie, a gracious hostess, serves punch to David and julie. Mary and Brad are chosen as the 1971 Prom Queen and King. I've Got To Be Me Each student was given the opportunity to "be himself" at the 1971 junior-Senior Prom. As the Se- nior Wills and Prophecy were read, the individu- alism of each Senior was revealed. lt was clear that a motto of today's youth is-"I've gotta be me!" These Prom couples seem to be enjoying the romantic atmo- sphere. ll Gay Swindell attended a Student Council workshop at I.U. I've Got To Be Me Union students have taken advantage of work- shops in their fields of interest. The ideas and stim- ulation gained from these experiences have helped Salesman- to enrich the entire student body. Merrill Gourley received honors by being high magazine it Debbie Hale earns Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Delegates to Girls' 84 Boys' State: Sammy Loveall, lUdY Wilson, award. Barbara Urlage, joe Thornburg, and Tom Harvey. I2 Attending a cheerleading workshop were: Lora Golliher, Jacky Lee, Connie McCormick, and Renee Gregory. Gay Swindell is chosen as Union's DAR winner. Brenda Shaffer gl Debbie Warner learned editing techniques at Detroit. 'I3 5-f Connie McCormick represented the Senior class at the Mardi Gras. A flute solo was presented by Connie in the talent por- tion ofthe pageant. v - ' " ,' ,f I V ,fl Z' The pom-pom girls perform a snappy routine to "Aquarius" as they march in the Mardi Gras parade in Winchester. 14 What Else Can I Be if The band, under the direction of Mr. Collins, marched proudly as they participated in the Mardi Gras parade. Donna Powell was the junior candidate for Mardi Gras Queen. Smile, Donna, things can't be all that bad! Connie, being driven by Rick Martin, flashes a smile and waves to the crowds. But What I Am? "Take a look at yourself and you will look at others differently". Looking introspectively at our- selves gives us a better picture of ourselves and keeps us from judging others falsely. Each person is an individual and each individual is beautiful in his own way. The band is preceded by the "Union High School" banner. 15 fwieiglf ,1 I 'K 53555352 .-u Na ns w. 9 e u er 4 x Q new wa sim Nw 35? Q Wk Y B "F A MQW? . X X fm , W m kv N? .3 u SN . f P ' sax g .4 T 11 3 Q ya-aw -gg 3' , - , give Q swf 5 , ii 9 x,,.' Y 9 AXQ QRMSQQYWN E wx f GX X'X' E I X gm. x x X A ki 3 ,swf 1 :5 Q X mn fn K A J f W5 x l K z 5 2 Q Kei 5 -A , fm? Y X A y ii i? 4 361, I 5 nz Q ff :TN he X I Mrs. Nila Miller, Guidance Counselor. Donald Kutchback, Elementary School Principal. Mrs. Margaret Lewis, School Nurse. l',, Math Students Delve Into The Complex Under the supervision of Mr. Townsend, students probed into the challenging realm of numbers, it equations, proofs, graphs, formulas, and symbols. Only the math students know the sheer joy that comes from solving a perplexing mathematical problem. Mr. Townsend points out his ability to teach math. Rick displays Senior antics while surveying in math class Debbie waits patiently while Mr, Townsend calculates the problem. 20 Miss Grubbs outlines the parts of an animal in her Biology class. Mr. Goodnight helps Sharlene with her science assignment. Classes Accent The Scientific Approach Aristotle started something when he applied the scientific method to the phenomena of his environ- ment. The Science Department furthers this pursuit by giving a firm background in modern scientific concepts to some of tomorrow's researchers. Cindy disects and learns the parts of a fish in Biology class. Mr. Goodnight ex- plains to his Se- nior class the prin- ciples of physics. 21 Foreign Languages Broaden Learning ancient Roman customs, enjoying Spanish conversations, increasing vocabularies, and translating lines galore proved to be fun for the foreign language students. Another step has been taken in uniting the understanding and apprecia- tion of people around the world-past, present, and future. Roger must have his own translation of a Spanish sentence. Miss Steinhagen teaches and sponsors various Spanish activities. Spanish Club First Row: L. Heltzel, P. Clevenger, T. Golliher-Treasurer, C. Worden-President, C. Shore-Secretary, D. Huffman- Vice President, M. Price, L. Farmer, Second Row: l. Butler, P. Grubbs, 1. Dorton, L. Hobson, C. Masterson, 1. Dobbs, G. Small, A. Felton, Third Row: B. Felton, P. Ward, 1. Thornburg, S. Cross, T. Lester, K. Searcy, 1. Cross, D. Engle, Miss Steinhagen-sponsor, 1. Sitzler, R. Decker, D. Dines, F. Buck, S. Rader, 1. Warner. 22 the Knowledge of Students Latin Club Seated: M. Hall-Vice President, 1. Wilson-President, B. Urlage, Secretary, Kneeling: C. Hall, B. Cox. Standing: L. Golliher, K. Hines, S. Urlage, Mrs. Teal- sponsor, D. Hale, D. Felton, R. Ginter. The Latin book has captivated the minds of this Latin Class. Mrs. Teal helps students learn the fundamentals of Latin English Introduces New Worlds of Ideas Writing themes, analyzing books, studying expression, learning phoenetic spelling, writing plays, and reading for enjoyment were just a few of the things accomplished by the English classes. 'fCinderelIa", was presented by Mrs. Franklin's English class. Mrs. Moore pauses as she gives a spelling test to the Seniors. 24 As the class listens, Miss Steinhagen recites a humorous poem janet thoughtfully writes down her ideas in an English essay. Students Prepare to Meet Society's Needs l l Mr. Moore seems amused at the enthusiasm during the mock elections. Chairman Mike calls the Democratic Convention to order. Mock elections. ..war and peace stra- tegies. . . a South Vietnamese speaker. . . com- parison shopping. . . current events. . . were ex- amples of social situations studied in the Social Studies Department. Leanore Lumpkin returns to Union with a South Vietnamese friend. Mr. Moore waits for his Civics class to answer his questions. 25 Foreign Foods Pre- pared ln Home Ec. Mrs. Margison led her Home Ec classes into a very challenging year. Gaining many new ideas and expanding our learning by field trips, the year proved successful. Learning the right way first makes the next time easier. These girls seem to think there can be some fun to cleanin u Mrs. Margison shows Freda the correct way to put in a hem I 8 P the kitchen after baking. 26 Freud Has A Better Idea! Psychology students hunt for today's topic. Psychology class encouraged students to study themselves and others. Among their studies was mental illness-cause and preventions. Psychology class keeps Mr. Moore busy finding new experi- ments. A case study is analyzed in this Psychology class. 27 J Business Dept. Stresses y Vocational Skills Typing paragraphs for accuracy, taking dictation at rapid rates, suffering through checks and bal- ances, and operating office machines are just a few of the skills needed to enter the real world of work. Regardless ofa students' plans, vocational skills are valuable aggetg, Lora stops to correct a mistake in typing class Mrs. Franklin helps Cherri with her bookkeeping while the class busily studies. Pam stencils designs for the ele- mentary art classes. 28 Mrs. Teal explains to Valerie the importance of balancing checks. Tonya and Roberta work to solve the problem Mr. Neal helps students obtain skills for the business world. Barbara works hard to get her typing done. 29 Total Coverage: Aim Of Publications Class The Publications Class set out to cover the year's activities and to make journalistic improvements. The newspaper was commercially printed for the first time and the yearbook was enlarged and changed to a fall delivery. Lynn, Karen and Rex take a break from their hectic news work. Lynn and Kim figure up the bills from the newspaper expenses. Yearbook Staff: Cheryl Goolsby, Gay Swindell, Debbie Warner, Brenda Shaffer, Mary Ann Botkin, Mary Rader, Peggy Haney, Dan Searcy, Mr. Neal, Sponsor, and Rick Hunt. 30 Newspaper Staff: Lynn Bales, Editor, Karen Oxley, Reporter, Patty lessee, Assistant Editor, Brent Mullens, Reporter, Penny Haney, Reporter, Mike Bertram, Reporter, Christie Luelien, Business Manager, Rex Lindsey, Page Editor, Mrs. Franklin, Advisor. Not pictured: Kim Evans, Photographer, and Ernestine Small, Reporter. The Yearbook Staff seems to find time from their busy schedule to have fun. 3'l Mr. Lumpkin teaches his class how to repair farm machinery. Students Learn Practical Uses Of Agriculture This year, Mr. Lumpkin's Ag. classes had various projects. The students used their knowledge of agri- cultural techniques on a farm purchased by the school. The farm provided many responsibilities for the boys. The Seniors had an extra project when the Ag. boys traded classes with the Home Ec. girls. The boys learned to prepare simple meals while the girls learned basic mechanics. 32 These boys are well occupied by something in front of the class. Mr. Lumpkin points out to the class the parts of an engine. Industrial Arts Promote Creativity A few of the Juniors work on a project for shop class. Larry and Merrill display the detailed floor plans they designed. Training the hands, as well as the mind, the In- dustrial Arts Department guides students in making concrete objects come alive and take form. Mr. Burton shows the class the correct way to draw blue prints. The class works hard on being precise in their drawings. 33 Happiness is . . . Phys. Ed. Practice and Pla The physical education classes competed in many sports and experimented with new equipment. Many students excelled in sports and received honors for their accomplishments. The students Calisthetics develop physical potential. Mr. Young keeps score during a Volleyball game. 34 found that keeping in shape and good physical con- dition prepared them to compete in organized sports. Advanced P.E. class warms up before playing games. F Mary helps Miss Grubbs do her daily exercises. Lynn displays his award-winning art ability. Individualit Expressed In rt The Art Department's "Do Your Own Thing" phiiosopy fosters individuality and creativity. Each student becomes, in his own way, an artist enjoying the ecstacy of originality. Mrs. Maynard shows Lee how to draw correct proportions. Lennie and Dee think crea- tively while painting a picture. 35 Band And Chorus Inspire Music-Lovers The High School Band and Chorus had a year of enjoyment and entertainment. Both participated in the Spring Concert, presented a rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" at a basketball game, and gave a Veterans' Day Convocation. Mr. Collins directs the way to musical perfection. Many hours of practice were required from each band member. High School Band: First row: D. Felton, S. Cross, M. Isaacs, L. C-olliher, C. Masterson, M. Reese, 1. Warner, A. Felton, D. Clevenger, F. Bentz, D. Swoveland, C. Luellen. Second row: 1. Archer, S. Huffman, 1. Ogden, C. Goodpaster, D. Baumgartner, B. Felton, P. Grubbs, C. Worden, R. Decker, 1. Wilson, W. Lumpkin, 1. Keeling, K. Oxley, 1. Butler, S. Rader, M. Marcum. Third row: D. Mitchell, D. Cox, D. Huffman, H. Blount, R. Shore, C. johnson, 1. Cross, K. Carter, R. Hunt, K. Fouse, C. Ogden, A. Bartley, 1. Warner, R. Brooks. Fourth row: MV- Collins, M- Bertram, A. Lindsey, R. Weaver, L. Heltzel, C. Shore. 36 High School Chorus: First row: M. Rader, C. Goodpaster, B. johnson, M. Barnhouse, I. Kennedy, L. Finchum, 1. Emery, B. Allen, D. Swoveland, M. Price, C. Robinson, l. Lindsay, B. Oakerson. Second row: M. Hall, D. Nunley, T. Douglas, B. Urlage, R. Ginter, D. Dunes, R. York, 1. Hammond, 1. Glaser, A. Conner, D. Remmler, I. Dorton, M. Botkin, M. Issacs, P. Ward. Third row: P. Haney, 1. McQueen, D. Hale, S. Urlage, R. Lee, D. Sexton, l. Craycraft, B. Clouse, P. lessee, V. Williams, 1. Hernley, Mr. Collins. lt's easier to sing with a smile, right? Mrs. Watters enjoys accompanying the chorus. 37 , . ,-.V.,...,,.f.- V- Q - ' Mg A ' ww' 4, gc .V ,iw-M , J W A ' . 7 f,, 5, ,K 5 sw K K 9351 , . in-,sf '34 we-A .J v I L,,. ,S5'32lfi1-3 k . w 5 ,:..W V ,.,,, , S L,,.,, fi! 38 gs. 1 1 i f R3 1 Q. Gifs sig? fi K2 sw 'a v I eg, 'z ,w sf 11 5? Q 1 5 gin S5 K FE if 1 L, gn 5 E! , 113, I E, Eiififef I1 Q55 we E as 5 R4 The Senior girls cheer the team on to victory. Students Displa Spirit In Organizations These three organizations helped to promote spirit throughout the student body. When the spirit was down, the members rebuilt student morale and T T Spur'-ed the Rgqkefg on to victory, Expressing her joy to Ric, Renee celebrates a Rocket victory Letterman's Club: First row: B. Haggard-President, M. Bertram, I. Thornburg, R. Martin, A. Lindsey. Second row: G. Slinker-Secretary- Treasurer, D. Lindsay, L. Bales, D. Cox, D. Searcy, Mr. Young-sponsor. Third row: D. Williams, R. Baum- gartner, F. Buck, 1. Mc- Gaughy-Vice-President, T. Fields, S. Loveall, R. Rice, B. Finchum. 40 Cheerblock: Seated: B. Allen, B. Shaffer, L. Walradth, G. Swindell, 1. Halstead, l. McQueen, M. Rader, P. Ward. Standing: Mrs. Moore-Sponsor, 1. Dorton, V. Williams, K. Wright, P. Clevenger, F. Bentz, R. Lee, 1. Warner, V. Funk, B. Felton, T. Douglas, M. Botkin, C. Luellen, 1. Butler. Spirit Club: First row: S. Cross-Treasurer, j. Warner-Secretary, R. Bertram-Vice-President, B. Haggard--President, M. Botkin, 1. McQueen, V. Funk, R. Hall, 1. Glaser, R. Howell, M. Stewart. Second row: B. Shaffer, P. johnson, P. lessee, L. Bales, P. Haney, C. Shrum, 1. Thornburg, P. Grubbs, C. Worden, C. McCormick, M. Rader, R. Martin. Third row: 1. Lee, L. Golliher, 1. Archer, B. johnson, C. Goolsby, K. Oxley, R. Decker, L. Heltzel, C. Conwell, R. Shore, T. Harvey, D. Day. Fourth row: V. Williams, 1. Lindsay, B. Stewart, D. Powell, C. Bivens, M. Markum, F. Buck, D, Williams, N. johnson, D. Farmer, M. Bertram, R. Hancock, S. Loveall. Fifth row: R. Gregory, L. Walradth, l. Butler, l. Halstead, R. Bertram, D. Baldwin, S. Criswell, M. Funk, 1. Downing, R. Lindsay, T. Brooks, M. Darkis, L. Farmer. Sixth row: S. Rader, D. Baum- gartner, B. Felton, T. Fields, R. Davis, 1. McGaughy, R. Hunt, L. Timmons, S. Catey. Pep Band: First row: L. , Golliher, D. Swoveland, C. Masterson, j. Ogden. Second row: S. Huffman, M. Isaacs, D. Felton, C. Wordon, P. Grubbs, R. Decker. Third row: j. Keeling, j. Butler, M. Markum. Fourth row: K. Fouse, D. Huffman, H. Bount, D. Mitchell, R. Brooks. Fifth row: L. Heltzel, C. Shore, R. Weaver, A. Bartley, A. Lindsey, C. Ogden. Small Groups Entertain t Half Times To keep the school stimulated, spirited, and unit- ed at the basketball games, the pep band played while the Pom-Pom girls gave a performance. Lionel, as drum major, kept busy leading the marching band. Pom Pom Corps Front row: T. Golliher, B. johnson, C. Goodpaster. Second row: P. johnson, B. johnson, j. Wilson, j. A h . Th' d : .... , . . . Ml:5t2:.SOnllM.lE:eSE. Oxley' C lamb' D Powell' C Shlum C Lionel Golliher performs as the marching band drum major. 42 Ecology Club Helps Fight Pollution The Ecology club at Union is a new organization year. The club feels something needs to be done which deals with cleaning up the county. Members about pollution in our area, and they are willing to of the club collected glass to earn money for next fight the problem of pollution in many ways. Ecology Club: First row: R. Bertram, R. Hunt, M. Darkis, D. Carmichael, D. McGaughy, L. Timmons. Second row: D. Farmer, L. Walradth, S. Urlage, l. Wilson, P. Goolsby, S. Cross, 1. Warner, T. Lester, R. Bertram. Third row: D. Day, D. Terhaar, R. Hall, R. Brooks, M. Stewart, R. Decker, T. Harvey, R. Hodson, 1. Thornburg, Mr. Goodnight, Sponsor. Special Needs Demand Attention With patience and understanding, Mrs. Fleck achieves a day of work with much concern. At- tempting to locate students with special needs, she is responsible for the testing and developing of students speech and hearing abilities. Mrs. Fleck provides individualized testing. 43 I Scholastic Goals Reached B Honor Society Honor Society: Diana Felton, Historian, Gay Swindell, Secretary, Barbara Urlage, Treasurer, Brenda Shaffer, Vice-President, Tom Harvey, President, Mrs.. Miller, Sponsor, Christie Luellen, ludy Wilson, Debbie Hale, Marjorie Hall, Mary Ann Botkin, Mrs. Teal, Sponsor, Wayne Lumpkin, joe Thornburg, Cherri Brown, Wanda Lumpkin, Penny Haney, Lionel Golliher and Sam Loveall. Among the activities of the Honor Society were: Helping to sponsor a dance, and holding a banquet in May at the Heritage House during which new members were pledged and officers inducted. Tom and Mrs. Miller discuss future ideas for Honor Society. Everyone enjoys loe's clowning around at the Honor Banquet. 44 Student Council ln- volves Representation Uniting the student body and the Administration, the Student Council kept busy this year. Their proj- ects included the Christmas Dance, a movie, "A Raisin In The Sun", and a gymnastics convocation. Cathy and her guest enjoy the atmosphere of "Christmas Fan- Volunteer students participated in the gymnastics convoca- tasy". tion. Student Council representatives: Mrs. Miller, Sponsor, Lora Golliher, Secretary and Treasurer, Gay Swindell, President, Terry Finchum, Vice-President, Jacky Lee, Calvin johnson, Wanda Lumpkin, Paula Clevenger, Becky Felton, Freda Bentz, Monte Youngblood, john Baldwin, Tom Harvey, joe Thornburg, Monty Darkis and jerry Glaser. 45 F.H.A. Completes Day Care Project Making cookies and toys for children of a Day Care Center, a Mother-Daughter Banquet and a make-up party were a few of the events of the newly organized Future Homemakers of America Club. Marsha and Cathy entertain two small children. Santa Claus gives the children stuffed animals made by FHA girls. Front row: Mrs. Margison, Sponsor, B. Shaffer, President, 1. McQueen, V. Funk, M. Hall, C. McCormick, Vice-President, 1. Lindsay, Treasurer, R. Gregory, Secretary, B. Stewart, Second row: R. Newton, C. Bryant, 1. Lee, L. Walradth, J. Halstead, C. Bivens, M. Marcum, F. Bentz, M. Botkin. Third row: C. Robinson, B. Felton, 1. Butler, P. Goolsby, V. Williams, D. Remmler, C. Bailey, N. Wright, D. Hall. Fourth row: C. Hall, D. Nunley, D. Sink, R. Ginter. 46 GAA: Front Row: A. Felton, T. Heltzel, Miss Grubbs, D. Hale, C. Urlage. Second Row: M. Rader, K. Wright, P. Haney, C. Shrum, L. Bales, T. Williams. Third Row: P. lessee, P. johnson, R. Shirrell, G. Clouse, K. Hines, C. Shore, M. Price. Fourth Row: K. Brown, 1, Dorton, P. Grubbs, K. Worden, T. Anthony, B. Oakerson. Fifth Row: S. Arnold, D. Hall, D. Nunnley, L. Golliher, R. Ginter. Volleyball Team: Front row: P. lessee, C. Shrum, T. Heltzel, P. Haney, Miss Grubbs, Sponsor. Second row: K. Hines, P. johnson, L. Bales, C. Shore. Third row: A. Felton, M. Price, R. Shirrell, G. Clouse, D. Nunley. Fourth row: S. Arnold, P. Grubbs, C. Wordon, T. Anthony, D. Hall. New Sports Initiated, Sportsmanship Goal Of GAA Girl For the first time, Union's GAA was able to partic- ipate with other schools in several sports including volleyball, basketball and track. esp,-,t.firvff.' wwe:-,-3 mf: sg:"5wfrrwsifgfiiiafiggfeffs'225535i'H?f2ivrlf'i5?fs'f,1fi i t it- 'ri 'iii 1 it.ril,ffwQww.l.l.-.ww E24 sr? yn -r s -it'slii'fy1:ve- 'algal " 5, + lg 5 Q, -.Wir My rw Q. . - T Q ... ffm? Y " f ' "' ' "V " L' V "" if 'Y-X2 ga M.a'Q.e.JXS'-z Q wit' -is--'-1,.g3,.:q ',-Ifffg-.r5f51Z-Qgfgly b , . .. ' M- V .J ' A . A., f - Q . - 1 fl 'iiaifiliififiiiiilii 1 f , Vi ' 'Y 55525525 2 -2 , ' ffR?i'kfiJ6?lf'g ,Q -lil' ri, ai ' , 3 1' ' Qi L X 2 f . . Wissslifrff 'Rifle VM 91,5 K .aflll-l,sw,.' '9 1 . : f I , L I .... M1321 rf." .fwf , leaf .vm fx rf ff ii A Q lrzktgiiiirfiaif,ii 'lt... f ' -"Z.'.w P 'Limp' , rg? ,fzlsgfph Smushemimsff .... Q' by ywgs, ,L Q. we ri Q rrrllzwrfla i m6i?s' W ir. Track Team: Miss Grubbs, Sponsor, S. Urlage, M. Rader, M. Price, K. Wright, C. Shrum, D. Sink, C. Goolsby, S. Arnold, P. Grubbs. 47 Opportunities Offered In Library Science High School students learn many practical applications in various choosen fields. They assist in the library by learning new book repair methods, cataloging procedures and audio-visual training. Mrs. Poffenbarger continues to select better materials for Union. ,, Left: Audio-visual workers assist in learning enrichment. Librarians: Renee Gregory, Terry Heltzel, Karen Oxley, Connie Bailey, Cathy Bivens, Mrs. Poffenbarger. Back row: Donna Powell, Kathy Wright, Toni Douglas, Barbara Urlage, Denise Lee, Diane Hall, Karen Brown, Barbara Spurlock, lanice Hernley, and Debbie Cox. 48 Student Office Workers Pla Linking Role Students interested in public relations and busi- cations in school operations. Some of the important ness gain experience by working at the switchboard jobs are answering the phone, typing, and office and in the High School office. They learn the busy chores. routine and the importance of basic communi- Office Workers: Tom Harvey, William Smith, Sharon Rader, Priscilla johnson, judy Wilson, and Vicki Funk. Switchboard Operators: jenny McQueen, Cathy Bivens, Freda Bentz, Pat Hammett, Denise Hale and Brenda Cox. 49 Office Workers Dispatch Messages Besides offering valuable assistance to the school administrators, office workers also gain experience that can be used in their future careers. Becky Hancock does her share of work in the High School office. Guidance Office Workers: jenny McQueen, Brent Mullens, Gay Swindell, Mary Ann Botkin, and Bev Stewart. Assisting Mrs. Gordan are Middle School and Elementary office workers: Brenda Allen, Carol Lamb, Mickie Barnhouse, luanita Dorton, Shirley Smith, Melanie Reese and Pat Ward. 50 l Cadets Gain Con- fidence In Teachin Cadet Teachers: Seated: Debbie Swoveland, Kathy Fouse. Sharon uses her knowledge of office machines on the copier. Standmg: Maflone Hall' Wllllam Smllh' Blllle lohnson' Klm Evans, and Pat Ward. Cadet Helpers: First row: Charlotte Shrum, Patty lessee, Diana Felton, Ruth Goolsby, Cindy Bryant, Rosie Newton. Second row: Mickie Barnhouse, Robbie Lee, William McGee, Debbie Remmler, Phyllis Smith, Sheldon Arnold, Calvin johnson, Duane Huffman, jane Lindsay, Owen Ogden, lim Hoover, Robert York, joe Craycraft, Bruce Cluse. 51 F.F.A. Schedule Filled With Activity The F.F.A. had many new projects this year. They also worked on the school farm in which they took organized a basketball team which earned them a care of the livestock. The soil judging team did well trophy from the county tourney. The F.F.A. boys by placing high in the country soil contest. FFA: Front row officers: Mr. Lumpkin-sponsor, B. Mullens, R. Martin, M. Youngblood, D. Riddle. Second row: 1. Parker, B. Hartman, D. Abernathy, A. Gregory, M. Bertram, B. Haggard, R. Bertram, B. Lester. Third row: E. Small, L. Bell, R. Wisehart, R. Hall, D. Day, S. Criswell, D. Huffman, C. Conwell, Fourth row: B. Smith, S. Catey, 1. Spurlock, W. McGee, 1. Ogden, R. Rice, T. Fields, D. Farmer, N. johnson, W. Lumpkin. Fifth row: J. Cool, R. Weaver, M. Peden, A. Nunley, A. Hall, R. Smith, N. Brockman, M. Shaffer. Sixth row: 1. Ward, C. Ogden, D. McKinsey, L. Coy, D. Bryant. Greenhands: Front row: 1. Parker, B. Hartman, B. Smith, R. Weaver. Sec- ond row: Mr. Lumpkin-sponsor, M Peden, C. Ogden, M. Shaffer, 1. Ward, I. Cool. 52 F.F.A. Basketball Team: Front row: R. Martin, A. Hall, B. Haggard, R. Bertram, L. Finchum. Second row: D. Day, B. Lester, R. Hall, N. Brockman, D. Riddle, Mr. Lumpkin. Soils judging Team: Seated: R. Bertram, B. Haggard, D. Abernathy, Standing: W. Lumpkin, A. Hall, M. Youngblood, R. Hall, Mr Lumpkin, R. Martin, D. Hunt, B. Mullens. Dairy judging Team: Seated: R. Martin, N. johnson, M. Shaffer, Standing: D. Farmer, S. Catey, Mr. Lumpkin, R. Smith, D. Day, 1. Parker. 53 A - ' - a F 54 Mfgwgg Zgwf-Q f gy Mfg 'A ,im ,,iJ,fxf,W,+W,, A .Q M 5-255fwfigmay,gwlfmzgkirflfff-a'w1Qws? WV -iaufilw f2.fi?mQ7x.Sr,1eWf' 5? ik iff 9l4Cifii5i'f.iT 5i?FWP6?i?g5 5155 35-gmmwffgiismmre W, ,dv eq- 'ze W wi gm 555 fbi V siG5,5,f.g9b:Lg-3' agflfc Qgii ,355 bmLV SG l.VA . Mg iiiliifliil-f'5'fYi6EW?y2Q?.fi527Qq'i Sw W ?5'1.f?:fli'1?5 Track Team: Front Row: L. Hinshaw, 1. Cross, R. Shore, L. Farmer, L. Finchum, 1. Ogden. Second row: Mr. Townsend-Coach, R. Brew- ster, C. Conwell, R. Hunt, H. Blount, R. Hall, D. Williams, L. Bales, Third row: R. Deady-Manager, M. Darkis, T. Finchum, R. Hodson, D. Kolp-Manager, 1. McGaughy, L. Golliher, B. Haggard. New Records Set y Union Track Men New and unforgettable records were set by this year's Track Team. There were, of course, those days of discouragement, but even then morale was high and determination strong-strong enough to make Union forever proud of the hard working group of young men. f Q. if .eff ,ap 1 X' r' f f . . l r f f.z.,qfw.2rw,iaw --'- iffwfr:-.m.e,:f"..,M., ., ,wgwtf--'n,mf'fyfitwga--:Liaiiqm,l,,,.,,,-,.,,wm35.,.vg.gsg,fw.'taf4...'qgiw?.grw-i,,ii,a,,ttz.,gir.:2rf'i.,.frWgi..Astra, isjgilm5,izJWrfiiI'Xf?1'3g3i.1:ii5QQv,.sEff'1'j',Tm,aff,,i-risjxwz3Ei,giL1ei5gfgIR3iQis' g6in,i,iwgri?l..:,giiM.31zilqXEQ2ip3f,:i1swiss!izgyifaslisisf55555 '-'1:5:.1-Y 1" iw: 9 - f i - . 4 JsI5'I2wZEJ ","Ti2..1-"E':5?'r' .r .1 'lfiiiffgiiwii ...,. .... .. . ., . ..,, ., ., . .r .A , , . . , . nyan , 5---'MSW 'xii '.iQJ??5r2'1LsWi" 25113 1.21 ff. T -'Viv 'iliwiik' ' l3"i,.V'fi:fi?lF sfiisriii. LI ff f1i:i..fwQQiQ.ff.I"?i -'Lili' 'ffl'-I Lgstggifibjb. ' L . f ' " fi , . fif1fsi1:s...zi?iif:-: A ' ,:M-ilgzff-miti. .za.s.ws--'4g,,,,,v angst P'-5lffifief'.'f'ghfg-igisizwyi--'1196? fWffr,,i,,kwingig5gyivffiigg.:,'f1f1if.Vfw1.vssv.z-im?pie,.,,.Ugg-fw.,.21.y,5glf,g,W .ulgffmfg fgkg,-j.13,, fjl-ftisf 1fil2?i-5'f3-g5- LsrYJ:f'sg':::s1.g .'11j:.y- 5 .,.fE1f. ggvl' f ffij ffl --'zwlri 'j'ffff.sQyi 'fihar Ajjxifss ii 1 . - ., 4 .. ai 3 I . , , A W .iff 1 ,z,:ffM,t4,S21ram.f'ftfap 'gf 1 56 L.. L , ,... .... . ..... . . cc.. .... , .... Q ve1?.ii5i+' 1 A 'sfiiiff "UT k... .flwfq-' -wifvzff . was. f' Q 555:15 Z - f1:sff.?z!'fL'1f 1. Spirit is shown along the sidelines for the boys. - Sam makes an effort to do well in the broad jump. Mr. Burton calmly talks it over with a track official Despite the cold weather, these track boys still smile cheerfully. Rebuilding Year For Baseball Baseball: First row: Rick Howell, Brad Haggard, Mike Bertram, Rex Hancock, Duane Hunt, Rick Hunt, Steve Catey. Second row: Gerald Lanich, coach, David Lindsay, Larry Bales, jay McGaughy, Ric Wisehart, Gary Slinker, Sam Loveall, Randy Shore. Union's Baseball team had the spirit to play well and hard. This proved that the strength comes not only in numbers. The team was rebuilding for this particular season, but worked hard and gave their every effort to accomplish victory. 5 s.: -av W MV 'W +sWiis5VfEi353 iii -M V M fl. 2 23 W sw E M1155 " Tlfffvsi E. -f ,w MLW 3.,,,,,i,,,., W " 2 5 . ,saggy ,,.g,l my 2 k Q Q 25 . ll A ' Q, vvrf W files 55,2 W ,, wi, , . u xkliiga iii ,gi fig, x L :E ti F f ggi . if 5 ig f 21 56533325 it , 1 tn s , ?iX1 yfagw 555' li l xv Ai ,mai ii, l is if :Smit t ,gwqm - , Fifi? fiiw 2 L Eg fl Q? ,H ji ,Ql,f,W5 it ,,, , Wir, ,, ,W ,Wai 'I . ,, a t i2,??liQ5iittl i5 Sie ! . 5, m,ft,,,i,5t 15 QE , ,pfitsfw 2 ,58 if 3, K is 2 i fi ik is 3 it X ,agmw ,b f f ,E - thbs if Fi. ':-'E 3. an Qs , m y - - ' I, 1 ' ,, ,-, a,,,,,,.. .ii K Q yy, ,its , its PEE? 'L V H5 . ,emu .x 3 ag 2 ggi s ,,,,,, X, ia? 'H l ,: H X g1f.ms54:,a1', itz.. 4. L f , 5 . :Wa tvs n J. .. i aww, .5 A, Q f' ,ps 1, 1 bl li iff K, ,Q ,sax . . s-tl ' . i vi wt ' ,.V,,,k,Zi As Don watches, Larry fixes a mitt and David gets ready to catch. 58 2 2 ,pg , . . afsv W in: :f' ff N V s qg ff seg! 35 il f,,f w,',f g iw 3 X ' ,i??MMEM5 H itw zs 3 I 5, if ,iii EW .Si J ,iii 5,5 st f- fi ,, , ' R s if? 5 a 4515533 'les LW, M we SS me sf, as it , , Q Q Wr slr 1, . , - mi 1 , Q Lwlasais 'f i sl :if L4 ' A s Hifi' E . t l, Jil ia! 523 ff lE iig L 1 , l 2 r fm . ' it if 5 iiisf 5 5533 3, f'3uwr i if 3 tim New w ,ft wi t R , xt z-72' ' I JM' ' lla" ' :su ' 112 'S 5 wig? f f ,, iiititiit i L l " 'nik gill? Q s liwfgag Emil 2 ttgsiag Q Q 5 g :ti-sgiitg i' Eg 1 g I 5 3 ll 5 li E Slim I Z With Larry's assistance, MQ Lanich fastens down a base. 'W 3 f Conference Troph Won B Union Boys ii' t li, i i 5,2 5' I S' ' wr. ft ww .W t?5f,h'w, f l k ,K ,mls ,MSE T, ,M55,,t,,.1a f..,,f,..: X tt.2t.,H,, lltitlfgg - ,fi sr 7 ef sr V+' N .. A 'Q 1 sift K.,..Q' .xiii :ia-as Page iff fa - .L li . filfwv 'Y J 'K S. Q 9- .. 5 4 5 Bm lm we ww 2 tt,el..w'w.a' at fwfr Q ,.,,, , . V, Si, '-fifi'-Pkrf-a 5' 2, . M. ' .. . . H K ,..,. -. ,,,. le-1 fg115Ygy'3z?fiH? . . . it -W ., fi- W , ,J . -,- we f use x Y tflftgif flqwail-'am ' f -1. Y. .. , , W , Q 2 2 M52 we :Z . -. J' f s r:1: 7 tr MFL tk xii at'r'T'ivA WSW f E Q - We 5 lf Lnee gems if :2t1'e'ffI'3 A ' K A j fi sflgy mr .gffmffsbiw M All ,V . QWBQHEE Mr. Young prepares to start a cross country meet. The Cross Country team finished the season with an unforgettable achievement. Winning the Confer- ence and placing fifth in the sectional, the team ended the season on a note of victory. Mr. Conklin awards the C.C. Conference trophy to Bill and Terry. Cross Country: Kneeling: Doug Williams, David Cox, Manager, Allen Gregory, Lennie Finchum, Larry Golliher, Robert Rice, jerry Ogden. Standing: Dave Moore, Coach, Rick Hunt, Randy Shore, Danny Baldwin, Harold Blount, Chad Conwell, Richard Baumgartner, and Terry Finchum. 59 Golfers Swing Toward Mastery The golf team made a fine effort during the season. The boys learned that a good swing and being able to judge distance makes the difference between the pros and amateurs. Striving to do their best, these boys learned to be better sportsmen by accepting both victory and defeat. G o lf Tea m: Kneeling: Mike Bertram, Sam Lo- veall, Larry Heltzel, Standing: Tom Harvey, Reggie Brooks, Mr. Goodnight, Coach, Randy Bertram. Not pic- tu red: Ric k Martin, Dave Cox. FY- f hw 5 if a nigh Mike tseem to bein serious thought Wrestling Team: Kneeling: F. Buck, W. Lumpkin, C. Ogden, N. Buck, I. B. Smith, Standing: A. Lindsey, L. Bales, D. Lindsay Ogden, D. Searcy, T. Fields, H. Blount, Mr. Herzog, Coach. These boys practice their sit ups before a wrestling meet. Competing Wrestlers Prove Strength Union ended its wrestling season with the final count of 6 wins and 7 losses. Union had 5 men move into the semi-quarter of the sectional this year, the largest number that has gone beyond the first match. An exhibition match held during school taught the student body more about wrestling. i sw. sv- 1.. -i tfftzf. twat g,.s5sfi1f3 tg ff., -fff ' aff- ,ziweftf'1fmrfg?ew?5e2E,fiv,f? , . 1 " f f?Qi2gNff':?i?K2.?w' 152gfa'ei1:M:"x?f1tt av,'g,'L?.a21z f27.1615fgei's'i?H53'1i'f2fif3rjgQff 'S-lhfisiillwiffi iwsfrls Sz Agfa . "T:-KY-.1'fwflla-b'25i'3c5A-T' ' E33 i 3? 1jgE.LC,5fE1i17,ff'?w E,555511:i-wL3g3:ig1:.'E11i-Qgfwjfg1g?f'2' iii -ft A gif' T'7ii!1-5 X, wffaywif ' 'tri N X ff t W flzwaszi-51, mi' ex, .. cz? r,s,Ls,w N-'fwfif . Mfr. -fu " ' 7 My Log, 9,.F':'u.:'3YHsUi 2: 'AL sl 3. 521' E" ' .CL LW-14:15 J JsL2"" ' nd t.n41"ff fm Skins wi' Vic ifxfb -' ff":z1.' Yfl'-t"f-'15 :ss 321 'ififi-'1 ifzai-',,:?1+, " .. -5551, 2131? yy' ., . ,, tsggagav . , ,. .L ,Ai ,,,k - .tr K-su-wftif 'fe-.w:,ffveaf's1fv- az ,ga t f Qegfaaiqif 2.1 4 yfmt: fl,,Wts'L',A- ,-,M-k!ilsx,-tl.-92et,,.ffew wf7,,1tt:tmf,st-iw, , t..w.,, 2 Q. -.Assay-tt,a it 32" 2-L i " Ml WF' .wfiiilk--i f Aff "I, s,,itf!,T!:f' ls -1- fi'2:i1ix1g-ii i f :--:ef f --na ,ram-ff1w,f ug,7t.,.. ,ws K mg..-mga, t,.s5,apfwQ'wfwukigt s ..... .V .- Q if F Yi . Q Q K ft.-,ffzwmw as 5- ff - 15,53 , aaa 13f,ff..4,,:tffsgggl W ' 61 Fans Follow Rockets Varsity: Rex Lindsey, David Cox, john Warner, Managers. Standing: Mike Bertram, Rex Hancock, Doug Williams, Randy Shore, Chad Conwell, Ric Wisehart, lay McGaughy, Sam Loveall, Brad Haggard, Larry Golliher, and Coach Dick Young. i Little, but mighty, Mike shoots over an opposing player. Opening the season with presupposed handi- caps, the varsity proved many spectators wrong. The first game made fans think twice and following games provided them with a fine year of basketball excitements. lay goes up for a rebound in the final game of the Sectional. 62 ..,,. :f 1 M '52 'L -if? til?-7Xfr:3'9' :fl ' . if ,iii :TQ fill' affix:1'Hitwise'zs:ff.g,,,g5.w,,fxm1.:1iff: S iw iw. 52:-,.-. ,,5BMX',ff?li3, Aw ,X t3J,,f,,,g,,7, i,:,teaff,sfsxf4l,,Qgf1,isltafim- f O :fr as- x ' -L1 ff? fi 'ii!."1i5t -. gaggrfgxg f it gm 5 "" f : c M it fe ' -'Q - an use ,. - 1,-ff Q. :feast lx, ,Va 1. at :sg gm , :V lm 1, egg-, Lizfqgq, qs-f,:.fQZ.shi ii fi fl ' ww: . - -QQ' -' . ' mg: ,efrwsfrt , Wzviaiifgw weremfg-:1:Qfig3i:a2-Refiifx'iQfss?1g.:?1fS? ffissfwvw ., liiiifflfffr-QQNMS flag'-'r?f'f'r'7rfiP'7 "l?r::2:'ff?l:Q.-iszsxszgwit , V . iv S cm nite . 'fflfw f-'fait iffE?T.fsi?- 'fs if i15??.,1g:fQ' ii. i'si14'iz3a!is,21:3wg,4vv'sgQ 'wwfQ54iiy2I,,,iZ3fiE4m,LsfEi,,f3,:fisL1,43g1w51ggAagg gg img I Q' ifwifiiilf 1T"J'V 52575T-i'?'ff7:Wff K 5 Teri- WEEK1-Yf74ff:':'?51E,silmiii'Wf1li5JlJ?fa'5li-"fitLifbfri-'iiwiffHW-3Yi'if5Fi'5'2Eiyiiiffvt, L'f'3FKlt?f'Tl'WfV "-- W fa, as W. -sm. Sf - . Y l L 1 ,S f l ,,,. as - ,aa ,WM ., ,YQ 1,,w.,w+tM Coach makes a tough decision as a player gets his fourth foul. Rex, Mike and Brad all rush to the rescue when Ric needs help. The coach talks with Ric, Brad and lay take turns quenching their thirsts, and a great deal of action occurs during time Out. 63 jr. Varsities Learn Through Experience B-Team: Front row: Frank Kennedy, manager, Larry Golliher, Rick Hunt, Allen Gregory, john Cross, joe Cool, jay Dorton, Manager, Second row: Sam Criswell, Lee Farmer, Roger Hodson, Larry Hinshaw, Mr. Moore, Coach, Chad Conwell, jeff Parker, Dan Sexton, Duane Hunt. , H nrrn K K , , f,- if W., .,..,. Z ...nam :pau Vi'f?J'i'YZF'YTVE25Zi'2:53?57ff"-'sH:'f'4'f?-2W'Yf"wa. HU"M-1Q2?!'eifi?f"21E'?5?71f1Zy2753?75' xx W " ,,-- if f1if'U!1l0llrvf 1 wr'fefB'Te8mwf 0PP0nenis,1swr 2 'i . g f -M I '--' f A, , 7, ' - f 'L iv:-2 ,2 f , , , g - 1 nl 1 , -fpaleyijjg f A 35' kr- ly, 1,5 . ..,, - .i -,y , ff r W- I ' ' 'G L 45 f " f " " " sa' .ft 'Q : -, ' 'i "WV W- A ',LF5f'u4ff': "V f,Q:::X-:'g-KZQWSK1 FEW,n1ff,,2QZ2',Z5Vz,'YQi.vf::lf51f5i,.5f,'ff51 . 1 - F V f 'fm:g,fi,g,7.I'fLfii3iL,,ITU, 1i5?M5U'1Vfiif-5f51,'. -f-- ffSLfi.fL5T"5: 55135 155, :- f5??"I:f'95fTWi X asBluel1,Riyer .gi f5f,4Z ff --rr ff 1-Bfffeam.-TQ me -' "'e ' - f f , , L F 49 .V - iff- - "ifffig-"f-ff'",'fv.15w,:1'::,1f,1'p.m,I pg , gg fv ff.1,,.. egg" :-:,j,g:,g,fg,y,,pi Vg,,gk,ijgvigg:g12si,:if,:ug,s,, o Q5-.y'i?1.igfQ,?'5,,,?Fw?-I5321Quffiff-'iFiz'E?m,iifilfzlfli-'gaff.,flxvhifflf 23 ,CIW 52 ffrf 1 , ,V gg 43. -- ,,CambrgdgeyCjty 1. 'K--'A' . 5 47 S 5 , . - S , ,.., , f -. L ' ' H H --f-- 2 xg , , f. fMonroe'Gentralri . , V L ,,... f, ..,, ,. , f 54 L L46 23 W C9Vf'3'?g, f 53 . ' "ei" 49 55 f f C-Team: Front row: jack Kennedy, Manager, Larry Golliher, Larry Heltzel, Randy Weaver, jim Hin- Shaw, jay Dorton, Manager, Second row: Mr. Town- send, Coach, joe Cool, Lee Farmer, jeff Parker, jeff Huff, john Coss. 64 j URL i??Zil'Ai,f'L lm iii Qi", !'i?'f5l?2l l Wif'L5 Girls Basketball Team: P. johnson, Miss Grubbs, Coachp P. lessee, T. Douglas, V. Williams, K. Hines, D. Sink, K. Wright, C. Shore, C. Shrum, M. Rader, P. Haney Competition Encouraged In Girls Athletics The girl's basketball team was newly formed this year and exhibited a fine record of 7 wins and 2 losses. The girls practiced many long hours with plenty of hard work, but it all paid off with their vic- tories. Students and fans showed their support for the girls by backing them at the ballgames. Mary jumps for control of the ball while teammates watch. l l l l l C Penny goes for another lay-up with Cindy close behind. 65 K-l-lainie 5 " fi' 'L 7 ' a,Q1fL,xjf4ggfgz?4i?i v A , E . Varsity Cheerleaders: Lora Golliher, Connie McCormick, lacky B'T9am Cheerleaders: Neda Wflghlf Sharon Rader, DOIWH Baum Lee, and Renee Gregory. gartner, and Susie Cross. C eerleaders Boost Rocket Spirit C-Team Cheerleaders: julie Warner, Lynn Walradth, janet Butler, and jen- nifer Halstead. 66 Laziud Rockets Are Winners In Man Events The 70-71 Rockets have surprised the fans by capturing many victories. School spirit drives our Rockets on to meet old records and set new ones. The Rockets were not only victorious in basketball, but also in track, cross-country, baseball, and wres- tling. Defeat has crept in, but victory overcomes! The fans look for a victory as they chant, "We're number 1 !" Check the scoreboard-Union advances to finals of 1971 Sectional' Sam shows his winning skills in the pole vault event. Doug crosses the finish line, for ahead of his opponents, to raise Union's track score. 67 I I L I 1 i 68 .mmm ,4L, . N.: Qi .uw R, ,, sa 1 WWE-J79faifTZ1' .1 ' 13khzf?i.fgff,,, V' 22995352 f1?Q523?fSs f 550.2 3,9 Q 5555 Wvlf 1 il .M w.f 1 ,1 qe3S X, . -qfgy, 9 S WE wi-w fegizwqff M :f?5K--WQQ1 is W ' 'Bw Xwftefgi , ' A f 'QNWQQE ?g 2 me rg 1 1 A 2 an gs f if 22, sg ff Q T ,, X EW, ii E, l .Q M Q . I2 QL ' zfl: "Seniors End Onl To Begin Ag ' " The Seniors of 1971 listen as Gay Swindell introduces the Commenceme tspeaker Mr Robert Poffenbarger Union's 1971 Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises were held on Sunday, May 23rd. As the graduating Seniors marched in, their thoughts were not only on their last day at Union High School, but also on the new experiences ahead of them. College, jobs, and marriage were just a few of the many plans that challenged the graduates. As the class motto stated, the plans that were once dreams became realities. Even though each Senior will be going his own way, he has one thing in common with his classmates, they are all ending a part of their lives only to begin again. The Seniors take a break before Commencement. 70 Mr. Townsend gives the Seniors last minute instructions before the graduation exercises. Diana Felton received the honor of being Salutatorian Tom Harvey, Valedictorian of the Class of 1971. Today's Dreams Will Be Tomorrow's Realities The 1971 Seniors look at their dreams and realize that soon these dreams will become realities. A young person's visions of Proms, all-night parties, and graduation are real happenings for the Seniors. The orange 84 brown class jackets, the arguments at class meetings, preparing for the Prom at the Le Beau Monde, and experiencing a Sectional victory, are all a part of the realities of the class of '71, As the Seniors graduated on May 23rd, their last dream at Union High School became a reality. DALE ABERNATHY BRENDA ALLEN LARRY BALES RIC HARD BAUMGARTN ER MIKE BERTRAM MARY ANN BOTKIN 3 P' The desire to enjoy spring time weather makes students very restless. NORMAN BROCKMAN DILLARD BRYANT PAM CATRON DEBBIE COX LARRY COY TIM CRISWELL TED CROSS RON DAVIS RAY DEADY Career Choices Challenge Seniors As the Seniors make plans for after graduation, they must decide upon which career they wish to choose. Graduating Seniors must fill out college applications along with job applications, in order to make plans for the future. These important decisions will tell what is in store for the graduates as they meet a new world. Potato chips?-"Bet you can't eat just one!" ar' l KIM EVANS RUSTY FARMER DIANA FELTON TERRY FIELDS BILI-IE HNCHUM KATHY FQUSE VICKI FUNK LIONEL GOLLIHER 74 RICK GOLLIHER BRAD HAGGARD DEBBIE HALE MARJORIE HALL PAT HAMMETT PEGGY HANEY TOM HARVEY MILDRED ISAACS Guiding the final year are: President, Rick Martin, Treasurer, Connie Mc- Cormick, Business Manager, Mary Ann Botkin, Sponsors, Mrs. Poffen- barger 84 Mr. Townsend, Vice- President, Mike Bertram, and Secre- tary, Kathy Wright. 75 ZEi25.?lKHHEHiII2 MNBYK 'M2Ni W, BILLIE JOHNSON DENNIS KOLP DAVID LINDSAY ALAN UNDSEY REX LINDSEY SAM LOVEALL RICK MARTIN CONNIE MCCORMICK Never Ending Tests Plague Seniors Seniors find that they have many tests to take before entering college. SAT and Achievement tests are required by most colleges. Some of the students who plan to get jobs instead of going to college, must also take employment tests. All of the testing methods are designed to reveal the knowledge and skills of the applicants. joe and Gay spend part of their spare time enjoying the winter weather. 76 Debbie Warner brought honor to the Senior class by being Chosen as the 1971 Randolph Countyjunior Miss. IAY MCGAUG HY DENNIS MCKINSEY IENNY MCQUEEN DAVID MITCHELL JACK NETHERLY NICK PIERCE Seniors End-Onl To Begin Again Seniors are about to take a giant step into life. Even though their days at Union High School are about to end, the Seniors will soon begin their new careers. They will choose many paths of endeavor to reach their unique goals. The 63 Seniors receiving diplomas will take with them, memories of years filled with facts and fun. Adolescence, or just plain fun?! MARY RADER DANNY RIDDLE DAN SEARCY BRENDA SHAFFER ERN ESTINE SMALL WILLIAM SMITH BARBARA SPURLOCK GAY SWINDEU- 78 DEBBIE SWOVELAND RICK THORNBRO JOE THORNBURG BARBARA URLAGE PAT WARD DEBBIE WARNER Haplfwiness is . . . being a Union Roc et. IOHN WARNER JUDY WILSON KATHY WRIGHT 79 DALE ABERNATHY Chapter Farmer 2,3,45 Future Farmers 3,45 Vice President 35 Greenhands 15 Latin Club 15 Soil judging 1,2,3,45 Spirit Club 4. BRENDA ALLEN Cadet Teacher 35 Cheer- block 3,45 Chorus 45 Latin Club 1,2,35 Office Staff 3,4. LARRY BALES Baseball 1,2,3,45 Christmas Dance King 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Wrestling 1,45 Foot- ball 1. RICHARD BAUMGARTNER Basketball 1,25 Chorus 15 Cross Country 2,3,45 Let- termen's Club 2,3,45 News- paper Staff 3. MIKE BERTRAM Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Ensemble Con- test 1,2,3,45 Band Solo Con- test 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Class Officer 1,2,3,45 President 15 Vice President 2,3,45 Future Farm- ers 45 Historical Society 15 Latin Club 1,25 Let- termen's Club 1,2,3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Report- er 45 Pep Band 1,25 Prom Prince 35 Stage Band 1,25 Track1. MARY ANN BOTKIN Annual Staff 45 Co-Editor 45 Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,25 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Class Officer 2,45 Secre- tary 25 Secretary 25 Business Manager 45 Drama Club 35 Secretary 35 Future Home- makers 45 Girls Athletic Club 1,2,35 Secretary 25 Historical Society 25 Vice President 25 Honor Society 2,3,45 4-H 10 years5 junior Leader 2 years5 Secretary 1 year5 Latin Club 25 Reporter 25 Newspaper Staff 45 Reporter 45 Office Staff 3,45 School Play 35 Spanish Club 25 Spirit Club 4. NORMAN BROCKMAN Future Farmers 3,4. DILLARD BRYANT Chapter Farmer 35 Chorus 15 Chorus Contest 15 Green- hands 1. PAM CATRON Chorus 45 Future Homemak- 80 SENIOR DIRECTORY ers, 2,35 Latin Club 1. DEBRA COX Chorus 15 Chorus Contest 15 4-H 2 years5 Librarian 3,4. LARRYCOY Chapter Farmer 1,2,45 Chorus Contest 25 Chorus 1,2,35 Dairy judging 25 Greenhands 15 Poultry judging2. TIM CRISWELL Newspaper Staff 35 Mimeo- grapher 3. TED CROSS Greenhands 35 Track 1,2. RON DAVIS Art Contest 1,2,3,45 Cheer- block1,2,35 Chorus 1. RAY DEADY Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Basketball 15 Student Man- ager 15 Track 15 Football 1,2. KIM EVANS Annual Staff 45 Pho- tographer 45 Cadet Teacher 45 Future Farmer 45 Green- hands 45 Librarian 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Reporter 45 Office Staff 3,45 Wrestling 4. RUSTY FARMER Baseball 2,35 Cadet Teacher 45 Drama Club 2,35 School Play 35 Spirit Club 4. DIANA FELTON Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Solo Contest 1,3,45 Cheerblock 15 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Contest 1,25 Class Officer 15 Secretary 15 Girls Athletic Club 15 Honor Society 2,3,45 Historian 45 School Play 2,35 Cadet Help- er 2,3,45 Vocal Solo Contest 3. TERRY FIELDS Chapter Farmer 2,3,45 Future Farmers 1,2,3,45 Greenhands 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Spirit Club 45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Football 1. BILLIE FINCHUM Chapter Farmer 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Chorus Con- test 1,25 Crop judging 15 Cross Country 1,2,3,45 For- estry judging 1,25 Future Farmers 1,2,35 Greenhands 15 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Librarian 45 Soil judging 1,25 Track 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2. KATHY FOUSE Art Contest 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 Chorus 2,35 Chorus Contest 35 Pep Band 1,2,3,4. VICKI FUNK Cadet Teacher 45 Cheer- block 1,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Fu- ture Homemakers 3,45 Girls Athletic Club 1,25 Office Staff 1,2,3,45 Pom Pom 2,35 Spirit Club 4. LIONEL GOLLIHER Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Solo Contest 1,2,35 Historical Society 25 Honor Society 45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Drum Major 1,2,3,45 Baton Twirling Contest 3,4. RICK GOLLIHER Chapter Farmer 2,35 Green- hands 15 Poultry judging 2. BRAD HAGGARD Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 Chorus 15 Christmas Dance King 25 Class Officer 1,2,35 President 2,35 Vice President 15 Cross Country 1,35 Future Farmers 45 Historical Society 25 4-H 10 years5 junior Lead- er 3 years5 Latin Club 1,25 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 President 45 Treasurer 35 Soil judging 45 Spirit Club 45 President 45 Track 1,2,3,45 Track All Conference 1,2,35 Basketball All Regional 3. DEBBIE HALE Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Con- test 25 Girls Athletic Club 2,35 Honor Society 2,3,45 Homemaker of Tomorrow 45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 3,45 Office Staff 45 Student Council 45 Chorus Ensemble Contest 1. MARIORIE HALL Cadet Teacher 45 Chorus 1,45 Chorus Contest 15 Fu- ture Homemakers 3,45 Girls Athletic Club 2,35 Honor So- ciety 2,3,45 4-H 1 year5 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Vice President 3,4. PAT HAMMETT Band 35 Pom Pom Corps 35 Switchboard Operator 4. PEGHANEY Annual Staff 45 Business Manager 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,3,45 Chorus Contest 35 Girls Ath- letic Club 1,2,35 Historical Society 25 Newspaper Staff 45 Typist 45 Office Staff 35 Pom Pom Corps 25 Cadet Helper1,2. TOM HARVEY Boys State Delegate 45 His- torical Society 25 President 25 Honor Society 2,3,45 President 45 4-H 7 years5 Latin Club 1,25 Office Staff 3,45 Spirit Club 45 Ecology Club 45 Vice President 45 Student Council 1,3,4. MILDRED ISAACS Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Ensemble Con- test 1,25 Cheerblock 35 Chorus 45 Pep Band 3,4. BILLIE IOHNSON Band 3,45 Cadet Teacher 3,45 Cheerblock 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Contest 25 Librarian 15 Pom Pom Corps 3,4. DENNIS KOLP Audio-Visual 1,2,3,45 Cheerblock 15 Newspaper Staff 45 Reporter 45 Track 3,45 Bowling 1,2,3,45 Inter- mural Basketball 1,2,3,4. DAVID LINDSAY Baseball 3,45 Lettermen's Club 45 Wrestling 4. ALAN LINDSEY Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Cheerblock 2,35 Fu- ture Farmers 35 Greenhands 35 4-H 2 years5 Latin Club 25 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Spirit Club 2,35 Student Manager 2,3,45 Track 15 Band Vice President 4. REX LINDSEY Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Solo Contest 15 Future Farmers 45 4-H 9 years5 junior Leader 1 year5 Lettermen's Club 45 Student Manager 3,45 Wrestling 1,2. SAM LOVEALL Baseball 35 Basketball 1,2,45 Boys State Alternate 45 Cheerblock 35 Chorus 15 Historical Society 25 Honor Society 2,3,45 Spirit Club 45 Track 1,2,3,45 Golf r. RICK MARTIN Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Chapter Farmer 45 Cheerblock 2,35 Class Officer 2,3,45 President 45 Treasurer 2,35 Cross Country 25 Dairy judging 45 Drama Club 2,35 Future Farmers 45 Vice-President 45 Historical Society 25 Report- er 25 Latin Club 2,35 Let- termen's Club 3,45 School Play 2,35 Soil judging 45 Spirit Club 45 Golf 2,3,4. CONNIE MCCORMICK Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,25 B-Team Cheerleader 1,25 Cadet Teacher 45 Class Officer 45 Treasurer 45 Fu- ture Homemakers 3,45 Vice President 45 Girls Athletic Club 1,2,35 Mardi Gras Can- didate 45 Spirit Club 45 Var- sity Cheerleader 3,4. jAY MCGAUGHY Baseball 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Vice President 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Mimeo- grapher 35 Track 1,2,3,45 News Beat 35 Track Confer- ence Team 2,3. DENNIS McKlNSEY Band 1,2,35 Band Contest 1,2,35 Band Ensemble Con- test 1,2,35 Chapter Farmer 2,3,45 Chorus 2,35 Chorus 2,35 Chorus Contest 25 Fu- ture Farmers 1,2,3,45 Green- hands 15 Poultry judging 2. jENNYMcQUEEN Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Contest 25 Drama Club 2,35 Future Homemakers 3,45 Girls Ath- letic Club 1,2,35 Historical Society 1,2,35 Office Staff 3,45 School Play 3,45 Speech Contest 45 Parliamentarian 45 Spirit Club 45 Switch- board Operator 3,4. DAVE MITCHELL Band 1,2,45 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,2,45 Band Solo Contest 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Pep Band 1,45 School Play 1. jACK NETHERLY Audio-Visual 45 Chorus 15 Greenhands 3. NICK PIERCE Audio-Visual 45 Band 1,2,35 Band Contest 1,2,35 Cadet Teacher 45 Cheerblock 35 Newspaper Staff 35 Reporter 35 Pep Band 1,2,3. MARY RADER Annual Staff 45 Business Manager 45 Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,25 B-Team Cheer- leader 15 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Contest 1,25 Christmas Dance Queen 2,45 Class Officer 15 Treasurer 15 Drama Club 35 Girls Athletic Club 1,2,3,45 President 1,2,35 Girls Basketball Team 45 Girls Track Team 45 Histori- cal Society 35 Mardi Gras Candidate 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Typist 45 School Play 2,35 Spirit Club 45 Chorus Ensemble 1,25 Band Presi- dent2. DANNYRIDDLE Future Farmers 1,2,3,45 Greenhands 1. DAN SEARCY Annual Staff 45 Assistant Photographer 45 Chorus 15 4-H 7 years5 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Newspaper Staff 4. BRENDA SHAFFER Annual Staff 2,3,45 Editor 45 Business Manager 35 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 35 Business Manager 35 Drama Club 1,2,35 Future Homemakers 3,45 President 45 Girls Athletic Club 1,25 Girls Council 15 Historical Society 25 Honor Society 2,3,45 Vice President 45 4-H 4 years5 Office Staff 2,35 Athletic Secretary 45 Pom Pom Corps 1,25 School Play 1,2,35 Speech Contest 35 Spanish Club 15 Spirit Club 45 Switchboard Operator 35 Yearbook Workshop 45 Cadet Helper 25 Miss Spirit 45 Track Scorekeeper 4. ERNESTINESMALL Art Contest 15 Chorus 25 Chorus Contest 15 Newspa- per Staff 2,45 Typist 25 Mimeographer 25 Reporter 25 Office Staff 15 Cadet Helper1. WILLIAM SMITH Audio-Visual 45 Cadet Teacher 45 Chorus Contest 25 Chorus 1,2,35 Dairy judging 15 Forestry judging 1,25 Future Farmers 25 Greenhands 15 Librarian 45 Office Staff 3,45 Audio Visual Workshop 4. BARBARA SPU RLOCK Future Homemakers 45 4-H 1 year5 Librarian 3,45 News- paper Staff 35 Typist 35 Re- porter 3. GAY SWINDELL Annual Staff 45 Academics, Seniors 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Co-captain 45 DAR 45 Girls Athletic Club 2,35 Vice President 2,35 Girls Council 15 Honor Society 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Newspa- per Staff 3,45 Editor 35 Typist 45 Office Staff 45 Student Council 2,3,45 President 45 Vice President 35 Beat Re- porter 35 Student Council Workshop 35 Spanish Club 15 Cadet Helper 1. DEBBIE SWOVELAND Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Ensemble Con- test 25 Band Solo Contest 15 Cadet Teacher 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Contest 25 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Solo Vocal Contest 2,3,45 Ensemble Contest 1. RICK THORNBRO Cadet Teacher 45 Chapter Farmer 3,45 Cheerblock 45 Spirit Club 4. jOE THORNBURG Annual Staff 35 Activities 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Boys State Alternate 35 Chorus 1,25 Class Officer 1,25 Vice President 1,25 Cross Country 2,35 Historical Society 25 Secretary 25 Secretary 25 Honor Society 45 4-H 3 years5 Latin Club 1,25 Vice President 25 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Newspaper Staff 35 Mimeographer 35 Track 1,25 Ecology Club 45 President 45 Student Council 3,45 Reporter 3. BARBARA URLAGE Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Con- test 25 Girls Athletic Club 2,35 Girls State Alternate 45 Honor Society 2,3,45 Trea- surer 45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Secretary 3,45 Librarian 45 School Play 35 Switchboard Operator 35 Student Council 35 Chorus Ensemble 1. PAT WARD Teacher 3,45 Cheerblock 2,3,45 Chorus 45 Office Staff 45 Spanish Club 3,4. DEBBIE WARNER Annual Staff 3,45 Co-Editor r5 Classes 35 Band 1,25 Band Contest 1,25 Band Ensemble Contest 1,25 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,45 Chorus Contest 1,25 Drama Club 2,35 Future Homemak- ers 45 Reporter 45 Girls Ath- letic Club 1,2,35 Historical Society 25 4-H 9 years5 junior Leader 4 years5 State Dress Review Winner 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Office Staff 3,45 School Play 2,35 Speech Contest 35 Spirit Club 45 Switchboard 35 Yearbook Workshop 35 Stu- dent Council 15 Randolph County junior Miss 4. jOHN WARNER Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 4-H 8 years5 junior Leader 1 year5 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Pep Band 15 Student Manager 2,3,45 Track1,2. jUDY WILSON Band 1,2,3,45 Band Contest 1,2,3,45 Band Ensemble Con- test 15 Drama Club 25 Girls Athletic Club 'l,2,35 Girls State Delegate 45 Historical Society 1,25 Honor Society 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 President 3,45 Office Staff 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,25 Pom Pom Corps 3,45 School Play 35 Ecology Club 45 Tennis Team 25 Band Sargeant 4. KATHY WRIGHT Annual Staff 35 Cadet Teach- er 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 3,45 Secretary 3,45 Girls Athletic Club 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Girls Basketball Team 45 Girls Track Team 45 Librarian 45 4- H 10 years5junior Leader 4 years5 Spirit Club 4. Bl L 82 PM QQWMQ aff fwfi ,W Q V X 1 A ' WT? 'ZW M Shi 55:1 iyigflmf Qgfwflw 32 T 5 W Q. Q-,Hmm ff ,wgfiai xwQi gm vy,Ji1eQ34N3,kx 555 5535 fi fax 5: ig'r g?fmwT1-8 " 'EW' f'Q'im' 31535251 QMS 'W K 2 in 8 U55 NW Tk SQ L 2 WYE P 'sejks gm viii: W ,whsx,S,.v1fSxz f News 'x 1 gig? ffm 5 we fav E3 X . ,fvxgag ,S W E x M w 5,3 ,4 Myra JxxE,1g,,,g f ,W W Q, ,W MTWR, 'ix Q' MAME may mg 531,55 W fmifwmfk wlifffgfm-2 K W if' Zigwffqas sw 'gf Pa gf Q Yvibifihx' W lf 243 2 Iv H 'Y ,IQ guess: S fg.,,fM me 552133 Z' ww Qmffmm M if ew ' S4 K 1 2 M 525 iiffmi Evafisg 'S MH sl ' wr A A wg Hag 19534 N " aww luniors janet Archer Don Baldwin Lynn Bales Arthur Bartley Randy Bertram Rick Bertram Freda Bentz Cathy Bivens Cherri Brown Floyd Buck Ken Carter Gwen Clouse David Cox joe Craycraft loe Criswell Sam Criswell Dan Day joan Dobbs lim Downing Dee Farmer Terry Finchum john Fouse Max Funk Cheryl Goolsby Merrill Gourley junior class officers 81 sponsors: Treasurer, janet Archer, President, Max Funk, Secretary, Donna Powell, Brown, Vice-President, Cherri sponsors, Mrs. Margison, Mr. Burton, Priscilla Miss Steinhagen, Reporter, johnson, Business Manager, Christie Luellen. 84 wait Final Year With my FA Q f a , , , ,,,,,, V , 7' ,Q E 4 s 1 r w KQK is w,- 'um-.-.M L af ,"' L73 N,..' ' li Y' if wg x I 'C Q , "iii Wt' it f f " q"5 .f . Y Q- ---H A rsrs -,,.,:.'I-l,.-. 5' I , l l E Freda serves punch at the dance. ., saw. , 1 ll? f N S Q W' , 1 Xl Hmm ' M 1, .,,.- ., I ,,Ax. ' M . fin, I regffserfsf-Will ., ., 3 K yi! ,. H ,I 9 sa wr-Q A . .gkidrxqqxl ,Q ""l?-7-Liar. , ."'Z' if fl "ww 3- ii, ,. Q - 11. - 2 ' ni e' 1 ,ga I my I : , rrsss . . ' H f ., ly - rv- i -3 im, -ff, ,. , W 1 . , 13,1- 1 s Q Ig A All Renee Gregory Randy Hall Rex Hancock Penny Haney Terry Heltzel Janice Hernley Karen Hines Randy Houser Rick Howell Sheila Huffman Cindy Ireland Terry Isaacs Patty lessee Dorothy lones Becky johnson Nolan johnson Priscilla johnson jerry Keeling Robbie Lee lane Lindsay Roundman captures the hearts of he lunior girls. 85 Christie Luellen Wanda Lumpkin Wayne Lumpkin Marsha Markum Brent Mullens Milfred McGee Albert Nunley Karen Oxley Donna Powell Ted Pursley Melanie Reese Regina Shirrel Charlotte Shrum Gary Slinker Sue Smith Beverly Stewart Mike Stewart Daryl Terhaar Doug Williams Monte Youngblood Doug finds that the adding machine comes in handy when adding up bookkeep- ing totals. 86 Sophomores Learn Outside Of The Classroom 'es E , vas , E135 5 1: :gs we 'fs il I' 5 ,Wi " 2- ' i, l'25'rw? - siting, , fi, .. 4 K rm 2 1 if Qs "-is 43' it 5' ' W S st if-U vp? XS G i was Cindy practices various tennis tech- niques in order to keep in shape. Connie Bailey Kevin Bainter Mickie Barnhouse Lynn Bell Harold Blount Ron Brewster john Brockman Terry Brooks Cindy Bryant Doug Carmichael jerry Carnes Steve Catey Debbie Clevenger Bruce Clouse Chad Conwell Susie Cross Monty Darkis Juanita Dorton john Emery Lennie Finchum jerry Glaser Lora Golliher Nancy Golliher Teresa Golliher 87 Camellia Goodpaster Allen Greogory David Grimes Allen Hall jerry Hammond Larry Hinshaw ,-cw it " fgf' ' -1 Linda Hobson Roger Hodson ' Duane Huffman V , .MF 22 f wing . -am , Duane Hunt Rick Hunt Darrell johnson Rosie relaxes during her noon hour by blowing bubbles. it 4,,g.-Sis' 515' Qs 2,3511 YEA? liiw. .xc3p if ' 1 15 Ki,-T, ",S"', 7 -,zxn tlsi is ,k g 1 A 'f' W 'Nf3?5ti'i F1t V A Rf: liifftf as gg E, use 1 zfff, in SW.S,sf1::z?' .2 1 J' FWHAX - M ' .hilt tfmmi, fy-1 ,JE 'If 'i' 513535 R M A r W ,, A , : 'iii-, f'4::jL"' - : ' ,' ' 'l ' 1 it I, 'yy 552352, ' -. L, ooai 88 ,,, I V?" 5 is , a Q . ,E Mix: X J as as Z as we 5 i . y u ,fx l H1521 ' f afj2H1.Q4fzJ, ... X l Wfwf - 1 It it 4 As Rick acts out his part in the school play, the audience wonders, "Are you sure that's your 25' ' , I "9"l -HQ W. f s ,A robe, Rick?" . mm I' f A -5 I j fa gb"-Q., 'X Q ig M53 ' s W rn l Q X X ,, el? 13 r, R k--A 1 ggi -x t . Q. vw ' We ,M ' X 1 1 if X t km 'Z 3 S W it T 1 5, v J. 5 A s ali? S, 5 " Wx Carol Lamb jacky Lee Ronnie Lee Buddy Lester Randy Lindsay Cindy Masterson David McGaughy William McGee Rosie Newton jerry Ogden jackie Phillips Morton Radford Debbie Remmler Robert Rice Karla Searcy Danny Sexton Randy Shore Ernie Small Phyllis Smith Robert Smith jeff Spurlock Lee Timmons Ric Wisehart Robert York Sophomore class officers and sponsors: Vice-President, Cindy Masterson, Treasurer, Rosie Newton, Secretary, Susie Cross, President Roger Hodson, Class sponsors, Mrs Franklin, Mrs. Moore, and Mr. Moore. Freshmen Reflect Their School Spirit Anna Allen Tonya Anthony Sheila Arnold Sheldon Arnold Mike Ash Dan Baldwin Chuck Bivens Donna Baumgartner Reggie Brooks Karen Brown Noah Buck janet Butler Tom Carnes Paula Clevenger james Clouse ludy Clouse joe Cool Archie Conner Brenda Cox lohn Cross Robert Decker David Dines jay Dorton Toni Douglas Freshman class of- ficers and sponsors: Sponsorg Miss Grubbs, Secretaryg Donna Baumgartner, Treasurerg julie Warner, Sponsorp Mr. Goodnight, Presi- dentg Sharlene Ur- Iage, and Vice- Presidentp john Cross. 90 Dea Engle Lee Farmer Anita Felton Becky Felton Roxanne Fisher Denny Gard Rosetta Ginter Larry Colliher Lila Golliher Pam Goolsby Ruth Goolsby Dwight Gray Pam Grubbs Denise Hale Cathy Hall Diane Hall jennifer Halstead Brian Hartman Peggy Hartman Larry Heltzel janet Hernley Brad Himelick james Hinshaw joy Houser 91 jeff Huff Kathy Ireland Calvin johnson Pam johnson lack Kennedy Mary King Minta Koger Denise Lee Tannya Lester Roberta Mclntyre Rudy Netherly Debbie Nunley Becky Oakerson Charles Ogden jeff Parker Mike Peden Mollie Price Sharon Rader jimmy Reese Mike Shaffer Cindy Shore Denise Sink limmy Sink jeff Sitzler jill and Pam learn the correct way to clean up a kitchen during Home Ec. class. 92 Lynn prepares to display her cooking ability. Sharlene puts up the volley ball nets in Phys. Ed. Rita Slusher Glenna Small Brad Smith Shirley Smith jill Thornburg Sharlene Urlage Lynn Walradth jeff Ward lulie Warner Gary Watson Randy Weaver Valerie Williams Cathy Worden Neda Wright lessie Wilkinson jack Carnes Kenny Dill lay Dorton 93 Growth Continues In Eighth Grade Elick Allen Kathy Allen Dale Andrews Terri Ash Cindy Bailey john Barnhouse Tonya Benge Marie Bentz jessie Brockman Dennis Butler Gina Butler Anita Campbell Elizabeth Carnes Billy Carter Don Carter Daniel Catey Greg Cheesman jeff Claywell Kathy Coats Lloyd Cook jenny Cool Frank Cotton Dee Cox Blaine Craig Starletta Craycraft Terry Cross losie Dobbs Betty Dorton jeff Downing Terry Evans its , - "'iw-f14'3?1:,fef,z3g3Ss ' M 'Q sf! i -I .. H,i.,faMfel rf: sf - ' - fffifia it amy, 3 ' w S '23, X if 1' rr 'A il SZ qw 3. Q V i . QQ if fl QQ we? 5 ...., , , X viz 3 it 75 ,ez .,.l X., ., T . , as A . ty A . . u rs 'M '- ina " l at 'f ii A. 'J x 'CU A. ue. K iv 3 riifigv 5 'a ff ' f, ai f Z ggiilkgrl .Hi we , ,Q ,Vx -.zo as ,rv -is.. :ww -of s -1, , 1. Q o' -r nav: 433 1" .if Yfilifl'-L5Wf'fii'ff, 'B-2 Eighth Grade Class Officers: Sally Golliher, Presidentg Toni Smith, Sec- retary, Mary Martin, Vice-President, Kathy Coats, Treasurer, Sponsors: Mr. Sheffer, and Mr. Smithson. 94 S at e A lg t E 5 an 5 fl ii' 6 Vwlnf iii ,ff If .1 ga i -T My ,., Nsfllefx tif 1-.-lvl: 1 -11 2' W 3. 24, , K W if mga X l L MW an A 3 me f X 32215 1 L 2 fl Q lt f 5 l gflg, E L ,ere gl - Wifi? QUE 593 ez 13 DO NEAR. QUE Ill emi? Brenda Farmer Marsha Fleck Teresa Foutz Debbie Funk justin Funk David Golliher Sally Golliher Tyrone Goodpaster Linda Hammond Mike Hanna loel Harney Cheryl Hartman Lois Hoober james Hoover Allen jones Nellie jones Gisele Keeling Danny King Cheryl Koger Becky Lindsay joe Lindsey Danny Loveall Mary Martin Vi rgie Mounts Brenda and Betty watch as Mr Herzog checks their science papers. Wanda finishes a report for one of her classes. 95 Cindy and Linda tell about their History project. The eighth graders take time out to study in class joe Norris Owen Ogden jerry Patty Kim Paul Teresa Peeler Dan Porter Ernie Price Diane Rawlings Dan Reed Melinda Reese Mike Reese Randall Reese james Rice Shawana Satkamp Wanda Searcy Marcia Sexton jimmy Sizemore Clyde Small Doug Small Toni Smith Terry Smith Cindy Stinson Billy Terhaar Lee Thornburg 96 Karen Troxell Teresa Wagner Gary Wilson Brian Wine Seventh Graders Begin The Long lourney Larry seems to want Matt's attention for some reason or another. ' 1 -a5gp,gif41s1igiH1 1f1-'L' gfmfli-ff'-sig-lit'him may gf -Qifftglligl Q E - i 'pq iam QP, ll its E l E 2 4' an X J 'Wi 4 Mark Allamon Sheila Anderson Brian Beaty Billy Bivens lack Brockman Chris Bryant Teresa Carnes Kim Catey Paul Chandler Becky Cox Mike Cross Tom Dishman Lisa Douglas Paula Ellington Melinda Evans Kyle Fisher Sharon Fouts Vicki Foutz Lisa Freer Mark Funk These middle school students repre sented Union in the county spelling COl'1tESt. 97 These members of the lr. High Track Team earn ribbons early in their track careers. Matt Gard Anna Marie Ginter jay Halstead Pam Hammond losalynn Holcomb Lou Ann Howell LuAnn Hanna Tami johnson Steve johnson Christine jones Alfred Kennedy Kathy Knipp Barbara Lamb Regina Lamb Cathy Lindsay Ernest Lumpkin Kathy McGee Sharon McKinsey jeff Nunley Doug Ogden 98 r ,J 'usage ,:, ., 'K I Deon? n-UNI A 'KUNG TO NEAR Gb K T , " 'ftr.,: Q. Q1 5 .N if U Y rx- S ' Ft-fs i?",.. s.... HB: Q , x -vvgrvseslrgl W . .,3. - . . .' ' -, M ., 1. , ,rM...i,,L . We , .. 1. rs. xr .si Mr. Smithson wonders ahnut interruptions in his English class. Bringing honor to his class- mates, Bill crosses the final hurdle in a good performance. Larry Patty jeff Peterson Terry Pitts Frank Reeves Alice Rice Ginger Robinson loan Smith Kent Smith Rodney Spurlock lane Stamps Ronnie Stomn julia Swaim Gary Swindell David Swoveland Timothy Urlage julie Walker Larry Walradth Tammy Ward Kevin Williams joe Wilson joy Worden Terry Wright jo Youngblood Phillip Zimmerman Seventh Grade Class Officers: Mr. Lanich, Sponsorp Sheila Anderson, Treasurerg Mr. Herzog, Sponsorp Mark Allamon, Presidentg Sharon Fouts, Vice- Presidentg Sharon McKinsey, Secre- tary. 99 Ali' W Q Q . , x. A A"' Q M ' AZ i Q i 'Q' if wi, '?- . 4 ,k., J ,. 5 ZW . Q fre: ,, ,N M , . ,Q 1 66 Y. UM em .f 12 ff m W ., 9 av Q rfmwf- , W, , gm X 52 HQ ff-gig si? if bi sigsjg sfgii 3? ,L 1 2 2 K' 3 P if P' wa lv fl f Q xy im Kiwi! 6 lg, 1 ,3 is q 5 x J 5? ws u, B Q, EQ ,su FSH, iw Q 'gag W 5' 3355 lf gf-R i A Si v Egg' Ex V My ,wif i ,g 5. 5 . X piggy? 1' ' Q ggifzwg i if kg me iiwxifxmf 1, Q bg K 7,3 A wifi 'X A 'giiufx' 'A N . . 5-W "W raw-M: mls naw Jai 113 2:2 im 3 12 if 1:2 X55 WE ,,.. 51? fx 5 ? T55 5 ,., ik 2 fl, 52 ' ig! vi QM iii? 'W i f TW mm m m s1 Peoples Loan 84 Trust Company 1 X -Sidi' s:ffiQ'i:i?E??5ff- Modoc Food And Hardware Dry Goods-Packaged Goods Phone 216 Modoc, Ind. Haney Casket Shell Inc. 1,1 YOUTH SHELLS, ROUND ENDS, AND COPPERS A SPECIALTY d1,. 'iff' 44 :v""r A BOX 312 MODOC PHONE 3526 Roy Rule Sales Aluminum Siding, Doors And Windows Awning, Carports And Enclosures Modoc, Ind. Phone 2788 102 The Hagerstown Reynard Funeral Home Modoc, Indiana PhOl"le 2371 Printers-Publishers And Stationiers 115 East Main Phone 489-4121 Shaffers Flower Hagerstown Sewing Scenic Nettle Creek Valley si can Shop Road 500 W.-900 S. Modoc Individually Designed Corsages, Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces 84 Gift Items Farmers Grain Company Carlos, In Fords Regal Food Mamet Elder Modoc Corp. Hagerstown' Ind' I Paul Ellington-Mgr. Phone 489-5432 103 Modoc Sales Economy Elevator Company Grain-Small Seeds-Feeds Fence-Posts-Etc. Also Feed Grinding And Mixing Economy, Ind. Phone 2121 Blue Moon Drive-In Home Cooked Foods Parties By Appointment jun. St. Road 35 84 36 Phone 2266 Losantville, Ind. Losantville Lumber Co. Phone 2524 104 The Heritage Center Christian Bookstore 600 South 18th St. New Castle, Indiana Phone 529-0600 Bibles-Gifts-Music Church Supplies Best Wlshes Becker :1 Brothers New Castle, Indiana Get A Good Buy From A Geyer Good Guy Homer I. Waltz Geyer . . Maln Store Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc. Winchester, Indiana 210 N. Main Prescription Druggists Phone 45011 Winchester Peacock Insurance Faye S. Fisher Agency Auctioneer 8: Realtor 2335 Meridian St. Phone 2-3481 Winchester' Indiana 113 S. Main Winchester 105 KESSLER'S SPORT SHOP "IT PAYS TO PLAY" CLIFF DICKMAN RAY MITRONE BOB LUERMAN 916 MAIN RICHMOND IND. GULLEY FORD INC. FORD, MERCURY 84 LINCOLN 118 EAST 3RD ST. WINCHESTER INDIANA R.l. WEBB 8: SON IEWELERS "THE DAY YOU BUY A DIAMOND COME IN AND SEE A DIAMOND EXPERT" 115 SOUTH MAIN ST. WINCHESTER PHONE 45171 THE SPORTS CENTER SPORTING GOODS, ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 108 S. MERIDIAN STREET PHONE 46921 WINCHESTER BOB IACKSON OVERPASS MOTEL KENNY C-IRTON OWNER ICT. 27 AND 32 PHONE 28281 WINCHESTER INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF THE RANDOLPH COUNTY BANK "THE BANK ON THE GROW SINCE 1865" MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. I WINCHESTER INDIANA 106 PECPLES STATE BANK ECONOMY, INDIANA WAYNE COUNTY R.E.M.C. YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED OWNED BY THOSE WE SERVE APPRECWED AND 1450 N.w. 5TH STREET PROTECTED RICHMOND, INDIANA PHONE ECONOMY 2051 H E RMAN S H O R ES 84 S O NS GARAG E 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 2341 HERITAGE HOUSE SMALL'S MARATHON HOME COOKED FOODS AND OROCERY RESTAURANT R PARTY HOUSE ROAD SERVICE-TU NE UP-GREASE IOB PARTIES BY APPOINTMENT OIL CHANGE-WELDING SERVICE STATE ROAD 35 PHONE 774-4136 PHONE 774-4519 HIGHWAY 35 BLOUNTSVILLE, IND. 107 Mooreland Healthful-Refreshing Milk And Ice Cream Enjoy: Grain Co., Inc. Mooreland Indiana afar!!- Henry County Farm Bureau Co-op Your Health Blountsville ls our New Castle - Straughn Busmess Honey Creek Id ' ' Ba wm s Ran-Del G en eral Store Agri-Service Losantville Phone 2331 Phone 2481 Parker Parker, Indiana The Heritage Center Christian Bookstore 600 South 18th St. New Castle, Indiana Phone 529-0600 I Bibles-Gifts-Music Church Supplies The Boy's Shop -I-HE Muncie Store For Boy's Teens-Men Sizes Farah Pants Vanhensen Shirts Midwest Charge Bank Americard Cards Welcome 4 122 S. Walnut - Indiana Phone 288-5370 Muncie Muncle Diamonds Class Rings 117 W. Charles Mar shall Carter's Madison Street Market Fruits-Groceries-Meats Phone 282-7141 24 Hour Service 2304 S. Madison St. Farmers State Bank A Good Bank In A Good Community Phone 2171 Losantville Indiana A so W REO ROBERT M. FOUTz-REALTOR PARKER L05ANW'LLEf'ND- BAM' ER PARKER FERTILIZER OFFICE PHONE 2621 SERVICE HOME PHONE 3403 SERVIILE REAL ESTATE SAIJES AND FARM MORTGAGE LOAN ASSOCIATES I MOORELAND' 'ND- DANNY FOUTZ PH. 2998 LOSANTVILLE PHONE P.O. 6-2935 FARM FOR PROFIT WITH ARCADIAN PRODUCTS RICHARD L. GOLLIHER AND CHARLES V. MACY REALTORS LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA 614635 BOTTLING COMPANY ANDERSON-MUNCIE, INC. 200 WEST WILLARD ST. MUNCIE, INDIANA 47305 IIO MQOREI-AND MAHONEY ELECTRIC PLUMBING SI ELECTRIC FQQD SALES SI SERVICE E MARKET G'51Sf'S?3vQIEIi'QZ3EIvI5 IOH?62'3g'ggTON HAOERSTOwN,WATER SOFTENERS INDIANA MOORELAND, - INDIANA PHONE 4894611 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPSQIENTS ANE'S COUNTRY URL I BY C TOP HAT APPOINTMENT PHONE 2109 LOSANTVI LLE 25TH AND BROAD NEW CASTLE, IND. PHONE 529-1129 LYNN IGA CARMEN'S DRIVE-IN FOOD MARKET IF IT'S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT THE STORE THAT CARES VISIT SOUTH MADISON AT 18TH ABOUT YOU MUNCIE, IND. QUALITY MEATS, GROCERIES PRODUCE LYNN, INDIANA TOATOPSCHOOL HOI:I:NER'S MUNCIE AND MUNCIE CENTER GRADUATION CLASS BENNETT'S PHARMACY HAMMOND ORGANS AND PIANOS COMPLETE LINE OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 207 WEST IACKSON STREET HAGERSTOWN, INDIANA MUNCIE, INDIANA PH. 284-4481 III ATTLIN CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 3300 HOW AVENUE I 2 P.O. BOX 2566 0 MUNCIE, INDIANA 47302 DON BOYD HIA'lT FRANKLIN PHONE 288-3480 SOHIGRO SERVICE O ANWILLE MODOC COMPANY L 5 ' BULK CUSTQM INSU RANCE AGENCY SPREADINC MIXING ALL KINDS OF APPLICATORS RENTAL INSURANCE 0. REAL ESTATE SALES BAG 0 BULK-LIQUID NITROGEN ROBERT M- FOUU PH. 2621 LOSANTVILLE "WW . 3 765 awlmgs fg. ompany, Inc LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA 47354 112 M3322 A OE ALL KINDS MCNEIL ELECTRIC 17 RICHMOND AVE. RICHMOND TRIMBLE GRAIN FRANI05 FEf'2'I3ASTE'i'?I?.H'REG MADISON STREET CAFE CIRINDINCI-POULTRY SUPPLIES PHONE 284-7684 26TH 84 SO. MADISON pl-IQNE 2151 MUNCIE, INDIANA LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL BEAT READ IT IN THE COURIER TIMES METSKER'S TEXACO junction U.S. 35 84 U.S. 36 Losantville, Indiana Phone 2581 Art 84 Wayne Metsker 5 - - 2 AnTf.wA'rN1 I at n nnn fiifki Msrsxan Steilhkel '- Wayne Co. Farm Bureau Co-op Walnut Level Branch Hagerstown Indiana See Us For All Of Your Farm Needs DeBoIt Concrete Co., Inc. Ready Mix Concrete Asphalt Paving And Crushed Stone Winchester, Indiana Phone 25291 Kirklin-Smith Agency Insurance 81 Real Estate Phone 774-4574 Charles Kirklin Scottie Smith Muncie Federal Savings 84 Loan Association i ti l Charles 84 High Streets Phone 288-0271 Specializing In Insured Savings And Muncie's Oldest Financial Institution 114 Mutual Home Federal Savings and Loan Association Charles And Mulberry Sts. Branch: 2900 W. jackson St. Muncie, Indiana "THE HOME TEAM" Treats For The Whole Family At D-j Drive ln 730 West Washington Street Winchester Indiana Crawford's jewelry Randolph County's Only Certified Master Watchmaker Manufacturing jeweler Diamond Setter jewelry Designing South Side of Square Winchester Phone 49851 Max Halstead Standard Oil Agent Losantville Phone 2801 5 ' I 5 -.1- ll5 O7 OCCIDENTAL CHEMICALS m y 0,35 I Qxiy K 7f'f'5If!,1sx D 660. LYNN' 'NDMNA HERITAGE TOGGERY WAYNE COMPANY FARM BUREAU CO-OP WALNUT LEVEL BRANCH HAGERSTOWN INDIANA SEE US FOR ALL YOUR FARM NEEDS 81 E. MAIN, HAGERSTOWN PH. 489-5223 LADIES WEAR 84 ACCESSORIES CASUAL ELEGANCE-MODEST PRICES SHOP 'TIL 8p.m. FRI 84 SAT.-SUN. 1-6 BOOSTERS American Security Company 117 N. Main, Winchester, Indiana A. T. Engle 84 Son 125 S. Main, Winchester, Indiana Baker's Lynn, Indiana Beachler's Fine Furniture Hagerstown, Indiana Bells Grocery R.R. 1 Hagerstown, Indiana Bob's Men's Wear 213 S. Main, Win- chester, Indiana Boston Store 117 W. Franklin St., Win- chester, Indiana Camp Modoc R. R. 1 Modoc, Indiana Carpenter Auto Supply 127 N. Main Winchester, Indiana Chenoweths Lynn,Indiana Dari-Queen 624 E. Washington, Win chester, Indiana Del-Nor Lanes State Road 32 E., Win- chester, Indiana Durbin Inc. R. R. 3 Box 33 Winchester Indiana Economy Implement Economy, Indiana 116 Elder-Modoc Corporation P.O. Box 61 C. C. Murphy Co. 117 S. Main St., Modoc, Indiana Fisher Hardware Winchester, Indiana Paul R. Foulke, Postmaster Hagerstown Indiana Anna Funk, Shady Acres. By appointment Ph. 744-4393 Gilliom's Famous Cleaning 116 S. Meridi- an St., Winchester, Indiana Girton's 129-133 N. Main St., Winchester, Indiana Haflich and Morrissey 109 S. Main Winchester, Indiana Haines Rexall Drugs 106 W. Washington Winchester, Indiana Hartley jewelry 102 W. Washington Winchester, Indiana Holaday Store Mooreland, Indiana Io's Fashions 107 W. Franklin, Winchester Indiana Kelso School Supply 112 McCulloch Blvd. Muncie, Indiana Mary Carter Paint 3026 S. Madison Muncie, Indiana McCreary Furniture Co., Inc. 1321 S Madison, Muncie, Indiana Janice Metsker Losantville, Indiana MitcheII's Standard Service Mt. Pleasant, Indiana Ph. 744-4406 Winchester, Indiana Nick 84 Dave's Texaco Modoc, Indiana Nixola's Beauty Salons 107-109-111 S. High St., Muncie, Indiana E. L. Overmeyer Furniture 132 N. Main, Winchester, Indiana Robbins Gift Shop 105 W. Franklin St., Winchester, Indiana Tom and Wanda Robinson Modoc, Indiana Shaffer's Service Modoc, Indiana Shepherd's Quality Clothes 103 S. Main, Winchester, Indiana Shockney Seed Service Farmland, Indiana Shopwell Fashions 116 W. Washington, Winchester, Indiana Sipe's Wallpaper 84 Paint 112 W. Washing- ton St., Winchester, Indiana Spradlings Service Station 123 E. Washing- ton, Winchester, Indiana C. W. Swindell Carlos, Indiana Thornburg's Super Market Lynn, Indiana Turner Printing Company 120 E. Franklin, Winchester, Indiana Wilson Auto-Trailer Sales St. Rd. 3 N., New Castle, Indiana 'II7 Personal Serves School Efflclentl Aiming for efficiency, our cooks serve nutritious meals, our bus drivers provide safe transportation and our janitors maintain a clean environment Janitors: Seated: Denver Walters John Rawlings Standm Raymond Lee, Mr. and Mrs Lowell Anthony Drivers: First row: Fred Madill Dave Miller Ralph McKinsey Donnie Patterson Harley Shaffer Leonard Cross Kelsel Cromls Sec row: Howard Smith, Bud Heaton Joe Jennings Nick Best Eldon Rockholl Orls Taylor Bill Fuqua Albert Holiday Cooks: First row: Velma Blount, Ethel Short, Anna Mae Thomas, Juanita Mc- Cormick. Second row: Naomi Trinder, Cora Howell, Ethel Warner, Nancy Fin- chum. H8 1 W R x if il E l 1 5 ff E 5 5 E II9 "Whether I'm Right Or Whether I'm Wrong . . . Whether I Find A Place In This World Or Never Belong . . . l've Got To Be Me, I've Got To Be Me... . .What Else Can I Be But What I Am? As this last sheet of copy goes to press, and the re-usable materials are put back into the cabinets for the last time, and as the mountains of mistakes, wasted materials and soft drink cups are thrown away, we, the 1971 MEMORIES STAFF, would like to extend a special thanks to Bill Keever's Studio of Farmland and Larry Glaze, our Paragon Representa- tive. ,,,s 120 leant-efs,szp-4,-Iv f 12 5JtfiN"'f:- W' A75 fi ,'A' 'IQ if Ffyii lccssiss Q I s--,V ,, A f f1',,- ll fl '.l,, Ise ,. smsfwff -"- ww- swirlzmiitklfww'-fl ie ts- .- lyll . zww V1 it-rusuw 'f--' I rsffff' rw in-ekfwf we f ia, 11' tlifimnflfstbe ff . . I ff-afar- . , I I, , f ,,, ww '-., me 7. fairy-'Qs . vi .I uf I 3 , W sf In X, I 'VwW'I'tfl,At 1 'W Wikis!" 1 w f U, - ' I-kslliftiilX'T.l-,,If'14f:1'1fl:-'linkIEVIv.!f'f??N:'!fl'f5 ,v Jfwsfm tr,lysgftLllggs,.,,sig S., ,I- ,,li,, , ,nl ,I-f t fffl 2-,fm,I:1231sI-1.t'w:ay,fi2wpzQff1ilwir' MRBGUN YBBFIEDDKS i if

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