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QM ,X 0- , K! HW W ff W MO Q 3 i Uweffwfwfj' ' Q Wulf MMILES A? of QU ' 5605? N ky 'K- Q fy AJ W X N . .L , , if Q! lL , , H9 A, ,1 , U V I if V., L, rx E J 'divx 11:51 N L, AU., ii me W , L Y f K 1 Law i ,K ,Agn 1? ' J , V z 'Q 'Q' X , , 'X ' fW MQW LJ WCA Wf 'F u V my 'VW D vb J Fifi ' U ' ff v- J , fm 7' H I . ' gk." LJYCQ ' VL' ,fc?L1Lf4 Laflxft WL jf iff ff ,M 9 ya ow' ' 1 L f'x. f. if Ui ' GNN X D 4 X aim!!! ALL' fffifsbclk 90,1-,S IF f LL4 ,fgflfc V fl f S Vwfaai ,Lk 475 :Agni Ak, LL Z5 Lyle 9 GR M., fwcsnwss VW ff L' YQK ffl Lk L! gt gllmk if IL? 1.-L Q 1 X V- X1 'Youln Q5 O Ck Yqlvlpnys 5 Q-ANI ., in Bow ' We x ogg 473 1 Q'-Nu X Sm? N9 Q GMX' NX wggigyw T wx 0 Ebb 'x A Xfjv me ' S N XYQQB Sew V35 ' I N45 ,gy M ww 5015911 W' NW WD lW B wjvw W Q AM,qM1!5 Liwlw? L . WW j1Mp9SL'f3M'y Www ww Mm IQ fl. H7 " fx F I g :iff b A pfpfml E Q E 'SX , 4 'HLVQ , 9 Hyywnjv O5 5 'YW,'7'lzff"1"'+"V 'Pm A ., Kg 5 Q 5 f W W0 + E Qi 'wp 'fV497"'Vf'V1f g-ng l x If , LX M, J -VBA fg 5 is ww QM W1,mW . Xe Vwv fvxg-in SL Q lv S WmmWm""A . K if Q? g xqzmy "E"-Y , fvw M1 UM W . """'F" ' N--gf, N if 0 uHfW WW W tw W I JOWW QQSTVQ W 413 A CCA SMDM ' . . SWNDK QM .gg Hell MMU! . f "0 m Qwesi WZOQQ NIM off i Nw 1 QNf,faefDfIfM' gimp fum? NYM Qxwcxye GD Alb-vxbxj v C ' ' V . W W W f f ff, ,C X WU ,ff L93 .gig . K' V' -.qbfG,,3EsLQLGiy x -f A- W WW . infra 9 ffff W ?v?7fy-.aewff ww , WMWW X f Q ZW? ' --.,,.A,V:b 1 Y ' . army- ...:- W ,I 599 MQ MEMORIES Union School Corporation Modoc, Indiana Volume 18 ew Decade Challenge. The students enter the school. Once in- side., they will he challenged to put forth the efforts demanded of them. Not only are students challenged in studying, but in areas which will play a big part in the student's future. 1970 begins a new decade. It is the students today who will be challenged in the adult world within the next few years. As this year goes hy, the spirit and zeal students use to meet the challenges will determine spirit and progress of U.H.S. Students are challenged to make plans for the future which for some may include college. Jane Swinger and Marjorie Hall com- pare college plans in Mrs. Miller's office. 2 l New Challenges Students are challenged to be victorious in their competition against rival schools. Jerry Rodelfer and Ric Wisehart fight to gain victory in a Junior Varsity game. Students are challenged to maintain and benefit from their studies. Cindy Masterson and Linda Hobson take advantage ofthe library to study their assignments. . ,il Q ,Q.CR4,., tx.. Students are challenged to learn skills at school which may prepare them forjobs in the future. Debbie Warner takes a call on the switchboard which she learned to operate. , ME mm In 1969 man first stepped on the moon. In the coming decade, the students of this generation will be challenged to maintain progress and exploration of outer space. Kathy Wright and Don Jones examine the moon"s features. Table of Contents ' '55SP'f,1213'fzfeH557Q2'?k5i'fQq79i"5?22fiii?E1???f9eFfQ'gkfnwfi'9?mZf5b?Vs '15s'i57:"'3 1359555 " -1? - is " u i . : H' ,z 'vfi4'S'Yfs9ai i5 4,113"f?Q:ii?FZgvgf5avLif5 SQILQ-'Q..EQ'i'1-y7'!? v-H QRVQ-' UV: 1 ' fp, , " ' .. V, " " i 2, f 1 f , . -. gi . -.Y 1 . f f , 1 -- at W Y .-1,f.,,ft,3aff,-fuse 5 1 F gr R .'z,:z,,5,wgq+a?,f,fgvawal-.Sax-gmgms?rw, , tt,,,,,,r , t.,,, . W , r ,,p. , .,, , ,t,,.. , . .. E'E3f2'ffffG,,e1"f6,y5::'2fP SFA Sm , - I 's LfM.,ZVQs'fI ffilgf5l Wkiiw' 1 tw.-rn ru. .N 6' Q-6' f' M 4- 7- 9 . s .uw snuff: We ""' 'fafflf Jil 251, H, ,eg E 4 awltif affwfwwg W Es fbw.Q,m14f13ffq,ff7',H 7' we f . -- Q 1 : Q. We .gr any ar- X -: x Q Q . M' my-512mwssw'piwgwfKg Mtfa ,S-ftp!- '+1fW I 15 ffiifurflfiwibi2451?Hf'555f'mf"Xf7z1f"iE52Y1i6ir'if 'f'l"Maf5!ii3 ftw.-J '- ,f . A f 1 -' X f aa V . . . 4 5- :W W ifi v s W e- , Q ' 4 L 1 K It looks as though these prom couples are enjoying the meal which began the evening"s festivities. H .. " awaiian Paradise" Junior - Senior Prom Greeted with leis, attendants ofthe 1969 Jr.-Sr. prom began their evening in "Hawaiian Paradise." Prom couples enjoyed the dinner-dance at the L. A. Pittenger Student Center at Ball State University. The Highlight of the dance was the crowning of Becky Owens and Monty Blackburn as Queen and King, and Anita Slinker and Randy Cates as Princess and Prince. The newly crowned royalty Y 'f' sets mood for 1969 Many parents visited the dance between 10-11 P.M. to admire the lavishly dressed couples. Following the dance, activities resumed at the Deleware Cinema where everyone enjoyed the movie "Where Eagles Daref' Half awake and delightfully exhausted after bowling and breakfast, couples headed home after a wonderful evening. leading the couples in the first dance are Randy Cates- Prince, Anita Slinker- Princess, and Monty Black- burn-King, Becky Owens- W Queen. 6 "Yuk, t0mat0juice!"' Kenny Golliher, Brenda Shaffer, Debbie Master of Ceremonies, Donnie House, Lowrey, and Donnie House chat during dinner. kept prom activities moving throughout the evening. Prom couples dance amid the romantic setting ofa Hawaiian atmosphere Mardi Gras highlights fall The Mardi Gras is always one of the biggest activities of the year for students at Union High School. This year the parade included Union's High School Marching Band and Mardi Gras queen candidates, Miss Mary Rader and Miss Marcia Fouts. With confetti in their hair and squirt guns pulling surprise attacks, the students had a very enjoyable time. Marcia was named first runner-up later on that evening. Marcia helps Mary with details before the parade. 8 Marcia Fouts-Senior Candidate The marching Rockets step to activities for Union High students. 1 Mary Rader-Junior Candidate me during the Mardi Gras parade. Senior candidate Marcia smiles during the parade Out of step again! Merry Bentz checks her row. Individual Activities require extra effort Students may, if selected, attend workshops to further their knowledge in particular areas and win awards. This year Union sent representatives to: Student Council workshop at Indiana University, Audio-visual workshop at Purdue University, year- book workshop at the University of Detroit, and Snlith-Walbridge Cheerleader Camp. Students attend ing these functions returned better informed and able to apply their knowledge to improve these areas at Union. These outstanding Home Economics students are Kay Pugh who Donnie House uses some of his knowledge learned at Audio won the McCall,S Fashion award and Jennifer Carnes, named visual Workshop at Purdue University to fix the projector. Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. Jana Rodeffer and Daryl W Johnson discuss ideas they learned at workshops. Jana N Attended yearbook ' workshop at the University of Detroit and Daryl attended Student Council workshop at Indiana University. Jana also received a superior rating at the state piano contest held at Butler University. 10 Union's varsity cheerleaders Renee Gregory, Gloria Bertram, Merry Bentz, and Connie McCormick, practice some stunts they learned at Smith-Walbridge camp this past summer. Kathy pauses to read a magazine after being high magazine sales- man in the .Iunior class and breaking a school record. Union's delegate to Girls State at Indiana University was Marcia Fouls and alternate was Jana Rodeffer. ll and the students take ft' 39 time out to just be themselves .Q .mi 'I 4 .. .Aww X 'Www ,wie F , ,,.,. v K ,L we v 5 w - :sv fizlg' , vm 1,, f 5 X 4 N 1' lfii him X: 4 W zw-wsiwrrae-jf ,mzlvffy 1 ,fz-aww aeiigv am .mi 41 rw , ME' viii ga i my V , WM? Lf5wS?i-ffdkiaiffigiii Vsfws. fs' gh iw 4.w.,, I-A A - ,, fn ' Q-:wwf 'fr My mm wb f? L f X4 :Zw11"i?4? ,Y gg A 5555652 .. E' f, P 1 ,uh Jf ff' fun 117 ww Thi Y '007vQq . M., rw ,Q ww Languages focus on conversational speaking Judy Moore- Carol Lewis- English I.,IIl.,IV. English II. Elizabeth Teal- David Schneider- Latin I. Spanish l,ll. English, Latin, and Spanish are the languages that may be taken at Union. English classes also include English literature, speeches are also given in many of the English courses. These classes not only teach the student how to use his own language correctly, but they also teach the proper use of Latin and Spanish. The relationship between English and the foreign lan- guages are brought out in many of these classes. English Literature students are familiarized with many of the famous authors. A requirement in Litera- ture is to read one novel a year. Book reports are also a part of Literature. In this way the student becomes familiar with new books. These courses also help to prepare the student for his life in the future., whether he continues his education or begins work immediate- ly. English classjoin in round table discussion. The approach to conversational speaking includes skit production by some of the Spanish students. Mastery in Latin involves close cooperation. Speech contest and dramatics monopolize speech class Jennyis expression reveals the many hours of practice required to read interpretive poetry. Carol Lewis Drama, Speech Speech and Debate is one ofthe relatively new sub- jects offered at Union. In this course the students gain knowledge in public speaking. The speech student also gains composure and confidence with the careful guidance of the Speech teacher, Mrs. Lewis. With todays many organizations and the citizen taking a more active part in the government, the practical aspects of public speaking are increasing constantly. To be a good public speaker the student must acquire the ability to hold the attention of the audience, make his subject clear, and be able to give a speech that is either informative, persuasive, entertaining, or a sub- tle combination. With the many new ideas that are emerging in today's world the student should be able to present to other people their opinions. This is done in the Debate section of this course. Outstanding students in Speech and Debate are given chances to compete in various contests. Debbie appears defenseless against .Iana's tenacious attack with a gun that looks like a paper punch. Should we reveal the fact that Merrill hides his play book behind the newspaper. I7 Lab experiments and higher math challenge these students The courses at Union that may be obtained in the fields of mathematics and science are widely varied. They range from general math to trigonometry and from biology to physics. At Union one year of math and one year of science are required for graduation in order to give the student a better concept of his environment. In the more advanced sciences, such as chemistry and physics, math is used to communicate modern theories to the student. Union stu- dents have an opportunity to demonstrate their accomplish- ments in math and science by participating in the annual science fair. Mr. Dalzell enlightens Steve on a physics problem. The Trig class watches intently as Mr. Townsend does his thing. Bill Townsend- Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trig- sics 0Il0InCtfy Dalton Dalzell- Biology, Adv. Biol- ogy, Chemistry, Phy- The Trig class watches intently as Mr. Townsend does his thing. . , ,K .,.' -whether -,-w, L-thu - . rt.,,,,,glts,,,g.,,,f,,, M. Wi ww- ,-m1c,NMn rvLff,,:', v,zw xqsf . ihdhghwyuismnf with . s' A f Who would think that these boys actually have Playboys hidden in their books? I8 People, places, and events seem more real The classes offered in the Social Studies department at Union are World History, US. History, and Civics! Eco- nomics. History becomes more than just a comprehension of facts regarding man's past. Resounding the ominous words, "Those who ignore history are doomed to relive itf' the staff teach the importance of fundamental knowl- edge and application of history. The senior course, Civics! Economics, is devoted to learning the mechanics of the United States govemment and the functions of economic thought and practice in today,s society. These boys relax while watching a school flick. History students involve themselves in the teaching process. Y 5 A vm 5 fi -. -1'4" . 'wi 5,5 . ,. as V. wig I - , -.15-1, +5 - wsu!-wrt ful g. Q 7' 9 ,. -mf E T : ' 4 Dave Schneider- World History Dave Moore-U.S. History, Civics Economics au' ' Dean finds alittle time to study during his school day Girls learn from trip Judi Browne Home Economics i Yuk! Let's donate it to the cafeteria." s and much experience Home Economics, one of the most practical courses offer- ed at Union, may be taken all four years of high school. Students are challenged to keep up with todayis rapid tech- nological advancements, and they keep abreast with the times by reading, observing, and most importantly, doing. Branches of study include textiles and clothing construc- tion, budgeting, dietetics, wedding planning, and child care. Also, activities range from field trips to assembling attrac- tive displays. From the experiences gained, the Home Eco- nomics department strives to make the best possible future homemakers out of today 's girls. ' Mona and Debbie find their studies rather amusing. Many hands went into the creation of this master- piece. 20 Students create their own house plans Industrial Arts is a very practical area for the Union Stu- dent. This wide field encompasses Shop, Drafting I, II, and III, and Architectural Drafting, In Shop, one learns the maintainance, uses, and operation of various factory machines. Drafting I-Ill institute and develope necessary skills in the art of drafting. A new class, Architectual Drafting, has been added to the program. Here, advanced drafting students design plans for houses, and then put them to practical use by constructing scale models using their plans as blueprints. Robin and Ron find teamwork helpful in their work. Steve Burton-Ind. Arts, Drafting I, II, and III, Arch. Drafting The architectural world awaits talented people like Lanny Brooks, the designer of this house. Sid learns that patience, perserverance, concentration, and accuracy pay off in. his drafting work. 21 Students develope business skills Jean Konwerski Ruth J ones Bkkp. l,Il, Typing Typing I ll, Business Law ssss l is Elizabeth Teal Larry Conklin Office machines, lntroduct. to Typing i, Business, Bookkp. Shorthand l,ll l. ls it actually true thatlennifer is really working in Shorthand Il? Merry practices her typing on the sly. Teaching the student to compete in the business world is the purpose of the commercial department. These courses of study include instruction varying from mimeograph machine maintainance to comput- ing the costs of operating a factory for one year. Whether a student plans to enter the business world immediately or tackle advanced training in college, he will find background in a number of these courses useful. Even if the student finds neither of these alter- natives appealing, he will find typing and bookkeeping helpful in managing his personal business affairs. 22 "Really Mrs. Konwerski, l'd rather do it myself!" 34 5 4 0 o o 0 M.- Phil and Ron admire their creations. They were first place win- ners at art contest. Picasso, eat your heart out because Rex is here! Unton arttsts wtn ftrsts at county contest Mary Ellen Maynard Art LII Art is one of the most creative departments offered at Union. The art classes help to develop the students' interests in art and their ability to put their own ideas into the varied art forms. In Art I, commercial art and classic art is studied, and the students learn the different categories in which art is used. They also learn the different methods by which art is produced. In Art II, the students become more involved in art and learn the deeper and more technical skills of it. Every year the art students at Union further their interest in art by participation in a contest at Winchester. Landscape drawing comprise a major area of art al l'nion. 23 Union judging teams win state honors Paul Hohson-Ag- riculture, Power and Transportation, Small Motors Sophomores listen attentively to Mr. Hobsonis discussion. Sid will attempt to start this motor single-handedly. 24 ,.1,,,i,, ,, : P: omg' ' tgeug -1 Allen prepares to pile inside in order to get an A-1 close-up of the situation. Agriculture is rapidly becoming one of the most varied and complicated courses offered at Union. With the almost inexorable development and expansion in technology, agriculture has become more than just the study of simple farming. lt is, instead, the study of scientific and practical techniques used in the business of agriculture. An integral step in the course is the teaching of farm machinery, its uses, upkeep, and repairs. This varied background is es- sential for the successful farmer of the future, who will have to be a repairman, scientist, judge, business manager, and hard worker. Randy strives for accuracy inthe soil judging contests. it W r Union students probe mystery of the mind When Thales was asked what was most difficult to man 7 Carol Lewis-Sociol- ogy and Psychology he answered, "To know one 'S selff' Through the relatively new Sociology and Psychology course, Union students are given the opportunity to get inside themselves, as well as others. This proves to be one of the most interesting and exciting classes at Union, as various experiments are ex- ecuted and studied regularly. Students are introduced to the jig-saw of behavior. They begin to realize that compre- hending what is unknown is as important as understanding what is known. Hopefully, after completing the course in Sociology and Psychology, participating students will be- come better, more understanding citizens of the world. jf Ron explains that, UI can always get a job at the dumps, Jim diverts his attention from the subject matter. Paul must be checking up on his vast money supply. 25 ',,,. M P. E. builds strong bodies xg : I ssss s i Larry Conklin 9th and 10th physical education .lean Konwerski 9th and 10th physical education The mind and body are one. The mind cannot func- tion at full capacity unless the shell that houses it is in keen condition. The Union Physical Education depart- ment aspires to this goal of teaching every student the importance of physical fitness. It is a requirement of ' every Union graduate that he has attained two credits in high school P. E. Upon acquiring these credits P. E. no longer becomes mandantory, but students intent upon increasing their physical development may en1'oll in advanced P. E. courses. Here the trampoline, balancing beam, sidehorse, and parallel bars are used to build strong bodies 12 different ways. These girls are experimenting with new hairdos during P. E. Randy always did have 3 Peculiar 0'-1fl00k On things- For an encore Lora, Susie, and Jacky can tie their legs into a how. 26 Band and chorus unite in musical holiday performances Raymond Chilly Mildred Waters High School Band High School Chorus First row: R. Felton, D. Felton, J. Wilson, M. Issacs, D. Clevenger, Third row: B. Howell, M. Bertram, L. Hobson, D. Snyder, J. C. Masterson, M. Reese, F. Bentz, D. Swoveland, C. Luellen. Ogden, T. Golliher, F. Haney, C. Goodpaster, L. Colliher, J. Second row: D. House, M. Bentz,J. Archer, J. Markum, S. Cross, Warner, Jim Butler. Fourth row: R. Lindsay, D. Johnson, D. Cox, J. Downing, W. Lumpkin, N. Pierce, J. Fouse, N. Johnson, J. K. Fouse, J. Fouse, K. Carter, D. Huffman, R. Hunt, R. Shores, A. Keeling, K. Oxley, M. Markum, R. Sheppard, R. Chitty, Director. Lindsay. Fifth row: D. McKinsey, R. Bertram. First row: L. Coy, S. Cross, M. Benge, M. Reece., K. Oxley, C. Bryant, M. Botkin, T. Adams. Third row: R. Hancock, S. Davis, R Bfyallls J- Dorlon. P- Smilh, D- Remmlef, M- F0l1iS, D- Walradth, P. Haney, J. Fouse, B. Urlage, D. Hale, F. Bentz, K. Youngblood, T. Trinder, M. Rader, R. Smith. Second row: S. Hines, C. Goolsby, W. Clouse, B. Cray, M. Mettert. Fourth row: Davis, P. Johnson, J. Markum, D. Swoveland, D. Felton, K. Fouse, D. McKinsey, W. Smith, M. Dalton, D. McCaughy, E. Small. C. Coodpaster, C. Shrum, B. Johnson, B. Nunleys J. McOueen. S. 27 Rocket Write-Up is published by journalism staff The Rocket Write-Up is under the control of the students in Journalism class at Union. In this course the student learns the phases of the news writing business, with the new and old techniques being learned. Another of the responsibilities of this class is to send in various articles to some of the newspapers of this area. With careful assistance, the students become able to assemble and print their own newspaper. This class is very helpful if a student plans to go into the field of news writing. The excellence of this course is shown by the quality of school papers that have been published this year. Ruth J o nes- Journalism, Annual Nick and Richard proofread as Emestine and Barbara type then, Gay and Tim place it on layout sheets . . . to be run off by Jesse and Joe . .. so it can be stapled together by the staff and presented to the student body. 28 Mrs. Jones and Tom check final layouts for errors. Annual staff work hard on Memories The assignment of putting out the Memories is delegated to the yearbook staff. A special period was provided this year during which the yearbook staff and sponsor could work on the 1970 Memories. Selling ads, designing layouts, taking photographs, and meeting deadlines are just a few of the duties that must be fulfilled before everything can be assembled. With some of this year's staff going to summer workshops, we hope that this Memories is one of the best ever. ln anticipation of the future, a large percentage of this year's staff are underclassmen. We hope that they will be able to provide the community with progressively better Memories. ROW ONE: Gary Parker, Marcia Fouts, Debbie Warner, Tom Warner. ROW TW 0: J oe Thornburg, John Catey, Kathy Wright, Dean Haggard, Terry Trinder, Randy Bertram. SEATED: Pete Kirklin, Jana Rodeffer, Brenda Shaffer, Ron Amold. STANDING: Linda Golliher, Ruth Jones, Tom Harvey, Paul Harney. 29 i wi ii?-S 30 C.A.C. First row: K. Wright- Treas., S. Bryant-Sec., C. Swindell-Vice President, M. Rader-Pres., Mrs. Kon- werski. Second row: J. Wil- son, B. Urlage, J. McQueen, M. Botkin, T. Trinder, P. Haney, R. Walradlh. Third row: C. Brown, J. Archer, P. Jessee, P. Haney., R. Gregory, R. Newton, C. Foutz. Fourth row: K. Searcy, M. Price, B. Oakerson, B. Felton, J. Butler, S. Rader., S. Arnold. Fifth row: N. Wright, J. Hal- stead, L. Walradth, A. Felton, D. Hale, S. Urlage. Girls are enthusiastic about sports Pep Club and GAC are two organizations which Club starts the basketball season with a pep rally and stimulate interest in athletics for girls at Union. Spon- 19011 fire after school. The girls entl1uSiaStiCally urge sored by Mrs. Konwerski, GAC members enjoy bowling and swimming during the winter months. Pep our Rockets on to many victories. .sci -- t wage.. M... . .. Pep Club First row: Mrs. Moore, A. Slinker-Co Captain., K. Pugh, J. Rodeffer, B. Hancock, J. Swinger, J. Markum, L. Cris- well, A. Heaton, L. Lumpkin, M. Fouls-Captain. Second row: J. McQueen, M. Botkin, D. Warner, V. Funk, P. Ward, B. Allen, M. Hines, D. Swoveland, P. Gevedon, B. Johnson. Third row: B. Stewart, D. Powell, M. Rader, P. Haney, T. Trinder, S. Bryant, R. Walradth, K. Wright, B. Shaffer, G. Swindell. Fourth row: J. Lindsay, M. Markum, W. Lumpkin, C. Luellen, C. Brown, J. 32 Archer, B. Johnson, P. Johnson, M. Reese, K. Oxley. Fifth row: B. Vaughn, S. Cross, T. Golliher, C. Masterson, L. Hobson, J. Dorton, F. Bentz, P. Haney, P. Jessee, C. Shrum. Sixth row: N. Wright, L. Walradth, B. Felton,J. Butler, J. Halstead, E. Smith, K. Brown, D. Remmler, M. Benge, D. Snyder. Seventh row: C. Shores, S. Rader., T. Foutz, B. Dorton, T. Wagoner, M. Bentz, M. Martin, C. Wor- don, D. Baumgartner, J. Wamer. Letterman 's Club First row: B. Lee, D. Haggard Pres., R. Cates Vice, J. Catey Treas., D. House Sec., J. Burrows Rec. Ld., A. Buck, J. Halstead. Second row: T. Knipp, J. Butler, T. Warner, L. Brooks, G. Parker, S. Kel- sey, R. Jones. M. Dalton, D. Jones. Third row: R. Lindsey, T. The main supporting project of the U-Club is to clean the gym after home ballgames. Todd seems to be helping Alan look for more to clean up. Fields, J. McCaughy, B. Finchum, J. Thornburg, D. Searcy, A. Lindsey, J. Warner, Mr. Conklin fSponsorD. Fourth row: B. Hag- gard, M. Bertram, D. Cox, D. Williams, F. Buck, T. Finchum. K Lettermen not only participate in sports, but also help promote spirit by erecting signs. 33 Kneeling: D. Williams- Pres., F. Buck, D. Car- michael-Yice-l'res., L. Finchum, D. Huffman, A. Gregory. Standing: L. Hob- son, R. Lee, P. Jessee, L. Lumpkin-Sec., R. Gregory, P. Haney, J. Lindsay, J. Dobbs, D. Clevenger, P. Ward, J. Dorton, D. Snyder, S. Cross, C. Masterson,T. Golliher, W. Lumpkin- Treas., Mr. Schneider Language clubs create . We - v W-nv The Spanish Club meeting must be interesting. Everyone appears to he deep in thought. 34 Doug presides over the meeting while Leanore reads the minutes. interest in foreign countries Seated: J. Wilson-Pres., D. Felton, B. llrlage-Sec. Standing: J. Swinger, L. Golliher, B. Allen, R. Hunt, S. Brown, Mrs. Teal, D. Hunt Latin elnb members at Union enjoy regular meet' Roman customs. In addition the students relate the use ings where they don the garb of ancient Rome. They of Latin in todayfs world. learn about the history ofthe gods and the ancient The members listen while Barbara reads at a Latin Club meeting. 35 Honor Society takes five pledges. Christie, Cherri, Penny, Wayne, and Wanda are the new Honor Dr. Hammori from BSU speaks to the Juniors and Seniors about SOCICW m6mb8l'S- peaceful coexistence with the Communist world. Seated: L. Lampkin-Historian, J. Swinger-Treasurer, R. Cates- D. Felton, G. Swindell, J. Carnes, L, Swoveland, B, Shaffer, K, Vice-President, J. Rodeffer-Secretary. Standing: Mrs. Miller, G. Pugh M. Bemz, K- C,-055, S' Loveall, M. Fouls, T, Harvey, M,-5, Parker, J. Wilson, J. Halstead, B. Urlage, A. Slinker, M. Botkin, Teal., ' 36 Student Council looks to future changes. Merry adds final touches to her prize-winning door. Seated: C. Bryant, L. Tim- mons, L. Lumpkin, D. John- son, President, M. Fonts, R. Cates, M. Darkis, J. Lee. Standing: P. Jessee, J. Thorn burg, Reporter, C. Swindell, Vice-President, T. Harvey, Mrs. Miller, B. Urlage, M. Youngblood, J. Lindsay, Secretary-Treasurer, M. Funk. Student Council members have been busy this year improving the organization and making basic plans for a future teen center. Dress Code Questionnaires were distributed and tallied to find the students' opinion on school dress. A Christmas convocation and Door Decorating Contest were sponsored to add to the Yule- tide festivities. We hope that each successive year at Union will find the Student Council more involved in student activities. Daryl, Gay, Jane, and Joe look at the dress questionnaire results. 37 Future Farmers of America Sitting: J. Burrows, R. Cates, L. Swoveland, J. Halstead, D. Haggard, M. Hale. Standing: D. Terhaar, B. Finchum, D. Bryant, T. Fields, D. McKinsey, R. Colliher, R. Hall., D. Jones, B. Mullens, R. Bales. Greenhands Fifa' WW: D- Th0mbl'0, R- Lindsay. T- Adams, J- Spuflacki R- Conwell, J. Rodeffer. Third row: A. Hall, N. Brockman, R. Smith, D- Carmichael, S- Cl'iSWBll, T- Dalton- Second POW! S- Thornbro, F. Norris, J. Ogden, J. Netherly, D. Hunt, B. Lester Catey, T. Cross, T. Brooks, A. Lindsey, M. McGee, R. Rice. C. 38 Jerry Rodeffer, Randy Cates, and Wayne Lumpkin compose the Umon S011 Judging team which has represented our school in state and national competition. Union judging teams win high state and national honors Judging teams at Union completed the most honorary and award winning year ever compiled for the school and county. The Union Soil Judging team participated in state contest and won high state honors, making them elgible for the national contest held in Oklahoma where they also won high honors. The Livestock Judging team also competed in the state contest along with the Forestry Judging team, both winning high honors. Other award winning teams from Union included the Poultry Judging team and the Dairy Judging team. The Livestock team won the state contest and also judged at the national contest held at Chicago. Members include Randy Cates, .leffHalstead, Joe Burrows, and Dean Haggard. The Union Dairy Judging team includes Les Swoveland, Daryl Terhaar, and Montie Hale. 39 New addition brings new offices and Middle School Office Staff: Sitting: K. Hines., M. Rader. Stand- ing: S. Paine, M. Barnhouse, P. Haney, A. Heaton., D. Foutz, L. Cri swell, S. Bryant. Student Helpers and Cadet Teachers: First row: J. Lindsey, M. Markum,J. Lee, B. Johnson, J. Markum, J. Rodeffer. Second row J. Fouse, R. Newton, R. Johnson, D. Felton, P. Ward, T. Trinder, Switchboard Operators: Sit- ting: L. Colliher, B. Shaffer. Standing: B. llrlage, C. Bivens, F. Bentz, J. Swinger, J. McQueen, D. Warner, K. Cross. 40 opportunities for more students to help A. Heaton, L. Criswell, S. Huffman, K. Oxley. Third row: R. Ber- tram, R. Hancock, W. Smith, L. Brooks, D. Haggard, J. Halstead, A. Cross, T. Warner, D. McKinsey. Guidance Office Staff: Sitting: M. Gourley. Standing: M. Botkin, J. McQueen, K. Pugh, B. Hancock. K' l High School 0H'ice Staff: Sitting: R. Walradth, E. Small. Standing: B. Swoveland, D. Hagga rd, B. Shaffer, V. Funk,E. Evans, J. Wilson, W. Smith, C. Bryant, M. Hines, B. Allen,T. Harvey. 41 Librarians and Audio-Visual Aids Sitting: A. Johnson, P. Jessee, J. Carnes, R. Gregory, T. Heltzel. Standing: P. Connor, R. Johnson,M. Bentz, R. Arnold, C. Rader, J. Vore, D. Cox, B. Spurlock, M. Fonts, B. Vaughn, Mrs. Poffenbarger. Audio-Visual Aids: K. Evans, R. Felton, M. Dalton, D. Johnson, J. Downing, D. Jones, D. House. 42 Drama Club sponsors four outstanding plays during year Two Drama Club members prepare for the next play and seem to During rehearsals Steve and Jane work at their parts with a be enjoying the practices. diligent attitude. First row' K Oxley, M Rader B. Shaffer M. Botkin, R. R Hodson R Felton, M. Gourley, T. Warner, S. Kelsey, J. Walradth, J.'R0deB'er. Secondarowx S. Hl:H'm3H, R. Gregory, D. Ngthe,-ly, Ciriswell, S. Paine, S. Davis, R. Farmer, R. Martin, R. Warner, P. Haney, F. Bentz. Third row: T. Trinder, P. Johnson, J. Lee- Swinger, Mrs. Lewis fsponsorl, J. McQueen, M. Reese. Standing: 43 Band shows lead wmter marchmg actwztzes First row: Mr. Chitty, D. Clevenger, C. Ma sterson, M. Reese, F. Bentz, D. Swoveland, C. Luellen. Second row: M. lssacs, S. Cross, T. Golliher, J. Ogeden D. Felton, R. Felton. Third , row: J. Markum, L. Hobson, D. Synder, F. Haney, L. Golliher, J. Keeling. Fourth row: J. Downing, W. Lumpkin, J. Fouse, N. John- son, K. Oxley, M. Markum. Fifth row: K. Fouse., J. Fouse K. Carter, D. Huifman, R. Shore, D. Johnson. Sixth row: B. Howell, R. Sheppard, D. McKinsey, D. House, A. Bartley. Band members are anxiously waltlng for the parade to begin Cheerleaders lead fans in the school song as the band plays 44 Entertainment provided by music groups. Lionel Colliher-Marching band drum major. High school chorus presents Christmas program for the community. First row: J. Wilson, V. Funk. Second row: P. John- son, T. Golliher, B. Johnson, C. Coodpuster, B. Johnson. Third row: B. Hancock, C. Shrum, P. Hammett, P. Jes- see, J. Archer. 45 46 Cindermen capture MEC crown. The Rocket track and field men displayed outstand- ing ability and great desire in capturing the Mid-Easb ern Conference championship. Not satisfied with a mere championship many team members set new school records, eclipsing the old ones by sizable mar- gins. J im Butler, the greatest huddler in school his- tory, progressed into Regional competition before being eliminated. 'The new all-weather track and many returning lettermen make the 1970 Union track prospects the best ever. Randy and Paul, Shotputters Incorporated, are ready to spring into action as usual. f Lin-3 fzmf gk- fy-'f ',fnj'g?zijI1g,. rer' 5-Y, -ISE?" iff 'Hi iiEIf5ig',::?V5'f 'Y , as "ATT T 'Qj,H.f. . ,Pt lF'rc.5U3fg A ffm, pa. , , W5g57fj7"gfQT1,Mf'F.. 'f'- f 5: i1 0 4fQi,gfV1g??f9gI5 Q ""1:-Al5",J'5Y ' ' ..., 1. .f "" - .:,4.'..fle,,f, .,,-, 1,-I ,,g-5 ,,., y,,za,mgaifnew-fwfz-warg-v.s5fvv.:fz.r.-1w,'f"i:4t' ,lr-flw--mm an 2 1 ig,,,i,.,, M ,,,. ,t,,.,,.,,.,,.,,a ,,,,,,,,f . af....,,-a..i,a.21-Wfm,..f-W.-eff! ,..iz..swMsgqSift ,as ,.s..S....m,S-ae,Wav stvwagpf :ei PX-er ,gf Qi fiisiiir--AW f rfi'-is :if 3' ' A ww ',", if ""' V if i . '.ek- .'e. ' ' l . . . . . , - '-'e 211 Q I W e -V e M H Sprlng COIldlll0lll ng will pay off for these determined athletes. ffginr. Track Team: Front row: Brad Haggard, Joe Thornburg, Sam Loveall, Doug Williams, .lim Butler, .lay McCaughy. Back row: Terry Finchum, Joe Burrows, Ron Arnold, Randy Cates, Dean Haggard, JeffHalstead. 48 Baseball team: Front row: Mike Bertram, Dean Haggard, Braynt Lee,JeH'Halstead, Lanny Brooks, Randy Cates. Back row: Coach Conklin, Brad Haggard, Gary Slinker., Jay McGaughy, John Catey. Rockets complete successful summerseason. Receiving a high honor, Dean and Randy were voted to the All- Conference team by opposing coaches. The Union baseball team completed a successful summer campaign by defeating such highly-touted rivals as Cowan and Monroe Central to finish a close second in the Mid-Eastern Conference race. Defeated by Muncie South in the spring sectional the Rockets rolled from there, demolishing several capable op- ponents. Individually, Randy Cates and Dean Haggard were honored for their outstanding achievements by being voted to the All-Conference team. W sg 4: K 3 E511-4 1 :iii 'Q 5, , , A ,ssm 'K' 5 x Af, H W fW'Vf'1Hf4w,'1 zfG"f5F7 Wvxst wss N X in to ffl 'Q sis T, E fg E E.. .I , . .., , Q is ' 9-S , L iii tsv awr y . q t -lr, Miz 'P-gif mt v -,,M?4wfW'f -- 5-.F 3.1 Ah' A 1 - V - 1'-,i W + A "if '. it " WWWf55V , if S, 2 1. 3 311 .2 a t g if i sp w HF fffigksidaxfiallf wf ' K f 2 5 jgigwly-ea? My , Ts H N - .. so of ss e it-gr Mira ,t XTQQFJUQ at 'Mf4wJfVf,. -tx ,- 1 m i c islam f 5 W , tg, W fi x tl! 5, at 7 gs ,ms 4-54 ft ,.,.:'-1, -me v 1, U, -N m it L, , .. g A , eff, is 'wwe ' tiifwqfl .- I E V I L? ii , i fir my izggfmgsg it w sum, 'f w fgzwzw Sr 'P i s1l Li " i 4 1 1 Y is ,g fa Q it til-nq i :sig :, M ,igl 3 V '- " ' u , M in isiisatfigi-sf 1 ss'-' "" fft, '. s.F-Fig 5 , , K, : -f ig ., , V T M tlfg'wQai??i+aHa cf' 3 ' 3 S bg ? f fig. Mir i S 1 r, 1, Q nt, 'ii' sp 1 5 23 . 4 egg 5 'M 5, as sw it if ' :gg if S f , sf is Y r fl ea, w 5 'ff sf: 1 K ?' We Q , tg :H EM 'Zigi ' mg 5 , f. , vi if fpiix wx H s , ,g9w 5'i1 . - ., ma, ,s ,. -11 if W ,. HG . . ,'5.,A,.,,,5pf,'.f ' ,sy . , .., f.,,,,- -. Ll - A 49 -x 'fglw 5 if . ,3 , ,ae -.F " ff315?f.lA f gZ , V , Q2 o . , t t yitgtgmw tf 91 - S 4 1, Harriers Ist squad to participate in Cross Country Team FRONT ROW: Don House, Rex Hancock, Allen Gregory, Bill Finchum, Rick Hunt, Robert Rice, Lenny Finchum,Jeff Halstead. BACK ROW: Douglas Williams, Joe Thornburg, Chad Conwell, Jim Butler, Joe Burrows, Terry Finchum, Brad Haggard, Larry Conklin-Coach. ahl, , ei taelan aeaul i s Y iar 1 at it ee, rf a'Kfa 1 t 57 f elad fi tatld f ,,l., eerene Q l,,, Ytta -t, Wat-aff 1+ as-wrQssfftesr-H .:: 4st:nsrfia-YK 32 :-tfffisef, ,Q wtf.aifiaHza:M?a The Union Cross Country squad of fleet-footed wonders progressed further in tourney competition than any other team in the school's history. Finishing the autumn season with a spectacular 20-1 mark the masters of hill and dale coasted to an easy victory in Mid-Eastern Conference competition, for the second consecutive year, and placed fourth in the Sectional. Doug and Dave are amused with .lelfs problem-reluctant warm- ups. 50 regional competition. The Terrible Trio brought fear into the hearts of opponents as Joe"s antics relieve tension before the big Conference meet. they lead the team in fewest points scored. Linksmen enter Conference competition GolfTeam: FRONT RUW: Mike Bertram., Rick Bertram. BACK ROW: RickMartin, Coach Harrold, Randy Bertram. Rick becomes impatient with the weather and practices his putt- ing form under adverse conditions. 51 Rockets capture Sectional Sectional Champions: Front Rowg Steve Kelsey, Dean Haggard, Randy Cates, JeffHalstead, Brad Haggard, Mike Bertram, Dave Cox, Rex Lindsay. Back Row, John Warner, Jay McGaughy, With the final buzzer on February 28, 1970, Union High School captured its first sectional title since the Dark Ages. Joyous shouts of laughter and a sprinkling of tears from the most ardent of supporters dominated the acceptance of the spoils of victory. Being disap- pointed for many years, the Rocket partisans congrat- ulated anyone in sight as the champions accepted the tourney trophy, game ball, and completed the ritual of cutting down the nets. The trip back to school was short, as each Rocket expressed his feelings at a pep rally. The week following the victory was a scene of celebration, hectic in preparation for the Regional. Al- though the Rockets came out on the short end by seven points against the talented and much taller Shenandoah Raiders, it was a very successful year, finishing 19-5 and fulfilling one of the fondest dreams of Union High School-a Sectional victory. 52 Coach Moore, Cary Parker, Braynt Lee, Jim Butler, Gary Slinker Joe Thornburg, Coach Conklin, Mr. Hylton. Randy displays skill that earned him area scoring honors. students and fans celebrate victory. The man of the hour tells it like it is at the Victory pep rally. K K ir xifl swf ,,.--Q ft ---'a s f', '1,lf. f?,T'LzZf ,-fe lle'. , ill lllf ele' t7,. lSflT!'WiHih651i?flf ,', if 'l.l e. l eeee 1? Tiifiiiilii? elele lf f t 'f9H56ttzi?t71,694 f J e ,ele ' l . Climbliiiiite Qi!! e el .liJ?3339 if Q e,, so eR4?'3kf5Yf Zle, THE? l' ffift I' i7 H 1!Vii9Fl9U4lNT'911f5?fY llf' fifth lf 'e Q ell -f "-l "-. - ,L--V Y' 'l"ll if When you can't shoot over them, you go through, as Gary proves. Jeff, exhausted from the day's labor, takes his turn at the nets. 53 1 5,UN1o3131gB60e. ltoi O PPUSITION 1 ttet e iit, Jr. Varsities gain skill with experience F' ' W h h C B-Teamg RONT ROW: Randy Shore, Allen Gregory, Tim Criswell, Rick Hunt, Doug Williams. SECOND RO :Ric Wise art, C ad on well, Terry Finchum, Gary Slinker, Randy Hall, Wayne Lumpkin, Jerry Rodeffer, Coach Moore. q fi:-w3ljhhRHi Q ' my We ieil i if jffiNmheas1ern 37 51 Redkey l irllil ff?-R' 22 r V , 'iei i Union City 525 27 362 Monroe Centralj -jfgf , 34 V frllaleville 1330.1 45 N42 YlilfiQl0WIl Jiffiff 49' 2Qffiifeflemerville oiiiri i39yW5S?DBl in o iyri -Q38 - irerlo iiri 28 ereo 3 ereri' eygrl :gt it 43 "-' i,1i, 11ifi'fi-153 ,li 21133 -',i 3,1 ifiii 42f -'o' 'iii 'iifizii r ieyl f?qffPTfi4High H tf4giorfgr3so.o42e H iioe ioii - r oioir M32 e 'i,' Winchester' '40 Z "iii f V, C Q 43 H A-,Blue-River"' 4.31 48 R 45 ,zfi??fBfTeHm Toufnexgefi . -- 1 g, fgjgig ,- .:'-'51fwiigf?eff:fwygky- ,Q 1- g 5,- ,357 1gg,?,,,g.f,W.,,,.. .7 1. E.,,A-35.--ms.,,,,.-,1,..,AQ.. ,457 . if Nggiggyse,,,g,,,gg,gf,-ffg. , , 1,K,-,,,.ff,,gg:fg,fie2HH 5g,.q,,,g,g-gf.: Q iiii Wes-Del i?1EJ?2.T1sE.i - .. .Daleville Union VVJI' Cowan, -,,, in in rrir feeeo,.jM,0nraeeGeq R Ra ndolph'So1ifliei'n Cen tervillegf. 1 i Q ' Northeastern- . 1 ,- ,.f . .,f-ifzwg. ff,--' ,Q .. .17 ,, .-,. ..,...:fff-,w...,,., ,.i.,,i1,.,.,,, ,.-, . H ,,,f,. ,f,,.fz,,,,..,g1, - v I I, , 1,..,.,s,,m- , :tx :U ' 1-A .L A.,-sz 1, U '1ffi:3- :sir-fix-.1 -1' '- 5. f V1 ,fe if 1, mif:.m, ,-. , . Q'TCamI FFOHI r0W2 Jerry Ogden, Robert Rice, Rick Hunt, Allen Gregory, DeWayne Hunt. Second row: Randy Shore Roger Hodson Chad Conwell, Buddy Lester, Larry Hinshaw, Coach Townsend. 54 Cheerleaders build school spirit. Varsity Cheerleaders: Con- nie McCormick, Gloria Ber- tram, Merry Benlz, Renee Gregory. Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders: Lora Golliher, Betty Nunley, Jacky Lee, C-Team Cheerleaders: Teresa Colliher, Camellia Coodpasler, Terry Hellzel. Cindy Masterson. 55 , , .A,,, K A,A.,.,,,. .k., A , -- fl' rt' -"' ' , , A,,. A ,,, ,rt ,I +SgiffQ2m -f,:2r,ff1,f. if-wif.-,i,i122i mf'tit:?':ms tuYo1gs, ,w, - ew ,... ,gmU..,:-fggqgkgffggdggwgsfftttQ wevzgfgwwfetqegwigfrg.5.-.:,-gm 5Vg2fDgQgg?z,,,egMf'e..,.z:Q ,ztaigx'sstwwfrwwt ,w,fffrw,wffgg.f" we - -A P me SSS' 1-' 1mt:'vii'7ftf1Xff'Wzfgxlx-i1w'2f11f' faffwf - tfiwffffs 2i?ffE?s2t!-iw:.fif1s2'1g3Mf',4ww- 5l,ty,,g5f:2,5wpwwf Q vt't5Q,?ZX55g?55,mg5s:-issvsat arfsmsifg '+V 5115 gwfzgsqgf ztwf wit ? g-V1 quewwf2rstey,1tsR,t--it , gfgftzg-,St ., ,, , 1 W ,N1Qa,,,w -Wtwtwf 1 rf : X, fm, tt .- .. 'S lHM-95,fr- N X- .,f tr K ff, JL? "7 ' - f , t ,. Qeygcftg.: .. ,.., ,. Y . ,. -:x:'E6::?S:,:f.' A ALAV1- Q21 25' .gzi at M , ., ,.,.L :QV , ste-gf ,,., ss-sf, -V. V my M13 rx, me is ft' ,., . met: it ,.,. 1. V,L. A X f ,, f, ai l net .1 . it a e E . Q L K ,,.. me .Rm L,,, ,,2, .Mwst ,,w,t.?,,:'7,.tl!ivf:fit' 5 f,'?i?,fi,fw:m:,'f e I uf f-'-' 9 me'ws1,mf.1, ,,s-tg,W,3mat,,--,,wt, , b 9 4 tt 2e?fe:,ge"K'KLt:'flH . to 353, ,W . 3 ..,,1.tgif1 t , A L35-V, tw. frame. , Lssttfiygfk 5:1f51f5nmg,gp-if r 'v t f2,,f'f'X"' A ' it , st: ' we 'siifafm-..z.fw3:2s' si4ffsff:sitm f fi ililif '1 ikfffi MS he f "" if f Terry gets ready for the start ofthe match. Grapplers post excellent 8-4 mark Wrestling Team: Front row: Don Jones, Bruce Clouse, Ron Jones, David Thornbro. Second row: Coach Herzog,Terry Kmpp, Dan Searcy, Allen Buck, Terry Fields, .loe Burrows,Mike Dalton, Steve Paine. Wrestling, having become a conference sport, has aroused enthusiasium and a loyal following at Union. The Rockets enjoyed a successful season, finishing second in the MEC behind Daleville. The squad includes many fine and dedicated young men who are totally dedicated to the promotion of the wrestling program. 56 The wrestling team warms-up before a meet The Rockets savor victory, disdain defeat. Defeat is a time for thinking for the Cross Country team. Allen enjoys the fruits of victory. In athletic competition, there is always going to be a winner and a loser. Being fortunate to possess the physical prowess necessary for successful endeavors, Union High School has won many events in many varied fields during the year. But during the slumps that occur to any team, the Rockets suffered the bit- terness of defeat and the prolonged doubt about the fu- ture. Victory and defeat are not tallied in the final score, but the dedication and persistance that has been displayed is the measurement of success. 57 Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers :sb S 'K S.A.T. tests, job application The 1970 Seniors at Union have found this to he a year of many emotions. We have realized both the thrill of victory and the bitterness of defeat in academics, music, athletics, and 4-H. r We look to the future-a future involving the uncertainty I of the draft lottery, the anticipation of scientific and cultural advancement, and one in which we may see a classmate become an outstanding statesman. Yes, we look-and hope. 4 We make preparations for a world unlike our previous school lenvironment. Our goal is that the world will view us not as a liability, but as an asset. Finally, and most sincerely, we hope that each successive graduating class will increase the quality of men and women in our world. May they find the wisdom and in- spiration necessary to meet this challenge in our motto: "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingersf' 1 F Seniors always rock out. just ask Allen Buck or Terry Knipp. RON ARNOLD MERRY BENTZ GLORIA BERTRAM KENNY BROCKMAN LANNY BROOKS ALLEN BUCK eo dominate the fateful senior year. A J OE BURROWS JIM BUTLER JENNIFER CARNES RANDY CATES JOHN CATEY LINDA CRISWELL ALAN CROSS KATHY CROSS Senior class officers: Les Swove- land, bus. mgr.g Linda Golliher, secretaryg Don House, presidentg I ana Rodeffer, vice-presidentg and Jennifer Carnes., Treasurer. 61 Qi il 2.- 2 MIKE DALTON SHARON DAVIS il RON FELTON JOHNALEE FOUSE Seniors are sometimes late for school . . . MARCIA FOUTS RIC GLASER LINDA GOLLIHER DEAN HAGGARD 62 sometimes late for class . . . but naturally never late for dinner. MONTIE HALE J EFF HALSTEAD BECKY HANCOCK PAUL HARNEY as ANNA HEATON DON HOUSE BILL HOWELL ANGELA JOHNSON DARYL JOHNSON REBECCA JOHNSON DON JONES RON JONES Braynt and Gloria appreciate the mes- sage, "Think Yes." 64 STEVE KELSEY PETE KIRKLIN Looking back over her six years at Union, Anna finds a stack of TERRY KNIPP BRAYNT LEE books from history to Webster's Dictionary. KENNY LINDSAY LEANORE LUMPKIN JUDY MARKUM MARY METTERT PHIL MIX WAYNE MULLENS GARY PARKER KAY PUGH J ANA RODEFFER ROBIN SHEPPARD ANITA SLINKER SID STEWART Montie, girls just don't like to shake hands. 66 "EW JANE SWINGER BONNIE SWOVELAND LES SWOVELAND ALLEN TROXELL JERRY VORE TOM WARNER The solitude of the library provides Les with a chance for uninterrupted thought. rr ll Receiving the D.A.R. award made Leanore's senior year a most en- lightening one. 68 Juniors set new magazine sales record Dale Abernathy Brenda Allen Richard Baumgartner Mike Bertram Mary Ann Botkin Norman Brockman Dillard Bryant Susie Bryant Wanda Clouse Tim Criswell Debbie Cox Larry Coy Ted Cross Ron Davis Steve Davis Kim Evans Rusty Farmer Diana Felton -vb e e ,re e a Vrlbl' it ,',Vb 3 i 5 1,l. ,Q L, f is The Junior triple-treat display their talent, whatever it is! 70 ... FM V i .A km VL . 3 :f:. ., . his . ,. ,.m.f, ' V. A iii23:5li.'f.V ' gm,-,. I D -.. N ,.. M 5 Q 1 X , -4 if 1 'l if s f .eg 3 M we . as Y: ik . .., ,.., V I 5 like XC HL E 1:53, ' Q, L , A .,.. .V 4 ' H :" .. ' Ah B H fa f. iz. r . ww K 7 E 'sw ' Q-we 4 'S Q 3 , -rv f . are Q. my ' ' -A - in V as 4 . . V .,.... ...: ii T ' . V-,,,q . , .Wg 2 :Q ' U :il I lp a :fa ww ll? .za-nf, 'VE' ' ' Q Q1 5 .1 ' if-fr me fa or 5' Ju. 5 a iw -, - .,,5.s-.M-1 M Ak' anis es' .N 1 T Rick Martin Jack Netherly Fred Norris Nicky Pierce Mary Rader Danny Riddle Dan Searcy Brenda Shaffe l' Emestine Small . S , 35 1 l E 5, 1 lim my l ' ,Q r f ra 1 my .rr f' Terry Fields Billy Finehum Kathy Fouse Vicki Funk Lionel Golliher Rick Golliher Barbara Gray Brad Haggard Debbie Hale Marjorie Hall Pat Hammett Peggy Haney Tom Harvey Melinda Hines Mildred Isaacs Billie Johnson David Lindsay Alan Lindsey Rex Lindsey Sammy Lovell Connie McCormick J . M. McGaughy Dennis McKinsey Jenny McQueen Mr. Schneider seems to be very popular with Vicki and Jenny. More power to Mr. Schneider! 71 William Smith Barbara Spurlock Gay Swindell Rick Thornbro joe Thornburg we 1 Debb1eSwoveland 1 2 isa. Terry Trinder Barbara Urlage Rita Waldradth Pat Ward Debbie Warner John Warner Sam prepares defense for Albert's tenacious judo attack. 72 an as-' 1' Wi if ' v 'wt N 'fa a z it 4 ir- Geor e Watson g Judy Wilson Y Kathy Wright The Junior class officers are Brenda Shaffer-Business Manager, Kathy Wright-Secretary, Brad l'laggard-Presi- dent, Mike Bertram-Vice President, and Rick Martin- Treasurer. The Junior class had several things going for them this year. February 21, the class went to Fort Wayne to see the Fort Wayne Komets in an ice hockey game. The Juniors worked hard on the Prom which was held May 8 at the La Beau Monde. The band playing was the Chosen Few with the theme of the Prom being "Pink Clouds and Lemonade? Sophomores spend money - rings, ww' f 15? ' - :s g . gf' J . . ,S .. Q ,. H, We N' 1 J' . as ,, , .5 A 4 r A MQ' 3 V 5 Y Q We Q ' Mi . ,- ,. 539' A f'k. 131 -r A y-"i 4 wh r B 1,A.. .z 1 5 ,, ' ' B e A A fam' he ' R. fu.. V ve :serif-53,1 ' -. ' N ur Q. a 1 as .p w nh,, 3 . e - 5 , w if fi 1111 ,.,, 35, 1' blk. Z Yldilillll .A..a.u.- is lg Q kkrk jackets! Sophomore class officers are Cherri Brown-Vice-President Merrill Gourley-President, Freda Bentz-Treasurer, and Janet Arch-Secretary. Janet Archer Donald Baldwin Roger Bales Arthur Bartley Randy Bertram Rick Bertram Freda Bentz Cathy Bivens Richard Brewster Cherri Brown Floyd Buck Brenda Bruton Kenneth Carter Darinda Clouse Gwen Clouse Patricia Conner David Cox Joe Craycraft Joe Criswell Sam Criswell Dan Day Joan Dobbs Jim Downing Dee Farmer 73 Terry F inchum John Fouse Max Funk Cheryl Goolsby Merrill Gourley Renee Gregory Randy Hall Rex Hancock Penny Haney Terry Heltzel Janice Hernly Karen Hines Randy Houser Rick Howell Sheila Huffman Terry Isaacs Patty J essee Dorthy Jones Becky Johnson Nolan Johnson Priscilla Johnson Jerry Keeling James Koger Jane Lindsay Gary Lowder Christie Luellen Wanda Lumpkin Wayne Lumpkin Marsha Markum Brent Mullens ie? E v Ni 5 x 'Iii gr . ' "Q as ' . We A an' . 'wr- , f 1,1 ,K W1 5- 5? X X is 'M' , , ff' s 'fa 5' xr ci H Shi., 4 wi .Aw A ,W fi ft' 'af 3 aj. 4 Q egffx 5 "lr 1' f M '54 f' 'Yzvpa ' is? M ' N... 5 V Q 4 3' J 1 Q an a Y 1 Q- ' X 'D S fi-af 3, V 4 Wi' gil if L? 1 J if T ? ' x V V g AVA!!-ABLE 2 K ,, H , -we Freda shows her spirit with a present to the coaching staff. Sophomores take pride in their new class jackets. 74 ..i -L. ES':'55i2I52lTiiEifE' . s f ' f J 'ifili iv'-fiiiilk 1 , , , Vbvz Q IK . - ,K V Q V, E5 -vs' .. ,,5,Q,l",Q f7'lQ,Qi. .K S' - ii! I -3161? bmi" fiffigllligli if . ,J - zeal . at A figs I ,.., ' gel" ,ith i is vain fi fwfwt'-ff' . 5 s 5 ' f K 'g. Q'.' - .fi ,152 a QC ' f , 25,1 5 33 W ,, I , in X f Ti S 4 4 ,z ,x an 1' s, . , .X Q, , if c an X 3,6 5 A is 1 pf sl 1? ,. its W ,Q F ,.- ix H , .,,, K , 'L E f 'Tic J t A i f 5 it Q e C e at :,.A 1 if e .Z :.. I VQIQ .asf 1" I 1 M ..,. y , 1- X --f 4 at Y s Becky Vaughn Douglas Williams Monte Youngblood talking on the telephone. wigs is ' 7-'fwvfl' A vfdailuid Mildred McGee Betty Nunley Karen Oxley Steve Paine Connie Peden David Poindexter Donna Powell Cynthia Rader Melanie Reese Phyllis Sexton Richard Sizemore Regina Shirrell Charlotte Shrum Gary Slinker Sue Smith Beverly Stewart Mike Stewart Daryl Terhaar The sophomores are well into the swing of things and can be found in mostiactivities. They have succeeded again by showing good taste in selection of their blue class jackets. This year, for the first time, they could choose between two different styles, a jacket or a surcoat. Their main activity was the fall hayride which went off with a hang. The Sophomores tricked the tomato-throwing upperclassmen by going to a different woods. They couldn't miss out on all the fun however, so they had a tomato fight between the wagonsj Sophomores Donna and Marsha are involved in their favorite pastimeg 75 Freshmen adjust to high school life Freshmen Cindy, Linda, and Debbie bring up the rear in the stampede to lunch. Nancy Adams Tom Adams Kevan Bainter Mickie Barnhouse Lynn Bell Mona Benge Ronnie Brewster Terry Brooks Bobby Bruton Cindy Bryant Doug Carmichael Jerry Carnes Steve Catey Debbie Clevenger Bruce Clouse Chad Conwell Susie Cross David Dalton Timothy Dalton Monty Darkis Juanita Dorton Lennie Finchum Cherlyn Foutz Denise Foutz 76 502937 ua WOW duff? " " 52515 am , 3 W RQ' was 3? ' 34 vi? 950 ge 1 JW sit' 15 Q5 3 af me 'HW wi M Q' ig! t y Q Q new , X, fm A My i.,j'si J Patrice Foutz Jerry Glaser Lora Golliher Nancy Golliher Theresa Golliher Camelia Goodpaster Allen Gregory David Grimes Allen Hall Jerry Hammond Frances Haney Larry Hinshaw The Freshmen class officers are Cindy lVlasterson-Presi- dent, Cherri Foutz-Secretary, Jerry Glaser-Vice-Presi- dent, and Rosie Newton-Treasurer. The Freshmen class has had a busy year with many activities plus keeping up with their school work for their first year of high school. lVlr. Dalzell seemed to keep the freshmen stepping to get their required amount of leaves for Biology. This year the freshmen got to pick out which classes they needed to complete their schedules be- sides the required classes. This was a big decision to make for these boys and girls. The 9th grade had a dance on the 22nd of November featuring the Blu Mist. This was just one of the many things the freshmen did to keep themselves busy. Linda Hobson Roger Hodson Duane Huffman Duane Hunt Rick Hunt Darrell Johnson Carol Lamb Jacky Lee Ronnie Lee Dean Lester Randy Lindsay David McGaughy 77 Nancy keeps a close eye on Middle School study center students. Phyllis Smith Robert Smith Diana Snyder Jeff Spurlock David Thornbro Lee Timmons Ric Wisehart Robert York 78 Mlliam McGee Cindy Masterson Mike Mettert Rose Newton Jerry Ogden J aequelyn Phillips Rickie Pierce Morton Radford Debra Remmler Robert Rice Jerry Rodeffer Karla Searcy Darmy Sexton .Randy Shore Emie Small I A lla' 1 ai? ., , ff .gg + P X 1 ,ref X' K 'Ya' , . '5 I A , 6 -N :ij :Q-5. 2. , yy he , lm X' me L in M S mls is M KJV 6 - K 'i ? V R J? n , 4"5f31iiif + " i,'i':F""'1. f' ir , i,Z.,rkl,.m,iV K, Q: kdujgm g ran ts, , I t " Ms, Wa. . N Spirited 8th graders keep things moving Anna Allen Tonya Anthony Sheldon Amald Sheila Arnold M1ke Ash Damel Baldwin Jennifer takes time out of class to beautify herself. Chuck Bivens Donna Baumgartner Reggie Brooks Karen Brown Noah Buck Janet Butler Johnny Caldwell Tom Carnes Paula Clevenger James Clouse Judy Clouse Joe Cool Archie Conner Brenda Cox J olm Cross Robert Decker David Dines J ay Dorton 79 Justin seems to be the Romeo with Iemmifer. Larry Golliher Lila Golliher Pam Goolsby Ruth Goolsby Dwight Gray Pam Grubhs Denise Hale Catherine Hall Diane Hall Jennifer Halstead Brian Hartman Peggy Hartman Larry Heltzel Janet Hernly Brad Himelick James Hinshaw Robert Hopkins J oy Houser Jeff Huff Calvin Johnson Pam Johnson jack Kennedy Maria Keyna Mary King 80 Toni Dougas Dea Engle Lee Farmer Anita Felton Becky Felton Roxanne Fisher Donna Funk Denny Gard Rosetta Ginter M L2 xx 1, la d ' li ' -.2 I' , Vim 4. ,m'?1.'lllM6 fi 'IZ , ,mari 'Q s'ree 3 ,,.,, ,. yi Q? ' S iii Minta Koger Tannya Lester Roberta Mclntyre Rudy Netherly Debbie Nunley Rebecca Oakerson Charles Ogden Jeff Parker Mike Peden Stanley Peeler Mollie Price Sharon Rader M, Jimmy Reese l Larry Shaffer Glenna Sharp J im Sheppard Cindy Shore Rita Slusher Representing their class are officers this year are Lee Farmer-Vice-President, ,lim Sheppard-President, Donna Funk-Secretary, and Donna Baumgartner-Treasurer. 81 Denise Sink Jimmy Sink J eff Sitzlar , U Glenna Small f Brad Smith Wx gf Elizabeth Smith 'W Q +93 at A Shirley Smith J ill Thornburg Sharlene Urlage ' 1 -' 5 'ii Lynn Ann Walradth S Q. , Jeff Ward S '3 5 'ii S Julie Warner ' V'-- Vr ' Gary Watson ,::, I L Randy Weaver yi"r X N Cathy Worden Q -,:r 7 Q Neda Wright :in Q: Ezvi 1. Lf, D J, 5, 7 i N-f I Ii V Studying-a typical moment for 8th graders. B2 Sharlene and Anita's conversation doesn't seem to bother J u1ie's power of concentration. 7th graders prepare for high school years. 2 .,i, E Elick Allen Kathy Allen Dale Andrews Sam Arnold Terri Ash Cindy Bailey John Bamhouse Tonya Benge Marie Bentz Dennis Butler Gina Butler Anita Campbell Elizabeth Carnes Don Carter David Catey Greg Cheeseman Kathy Coats Jennifer Cool Frank Cotton Cynthis Dee Cox Blaine Craig Starlet Craycraft Terry Cross Brad Darkis Eighth grade class officers are Sally Golliher-President, Sam Arnold-Vice-President, Diane Rawlings-Treasurer, and Joel Harney-Secretary. 83 Josie Dobbs Betty Dorton I eff Downing Terry Evans Brenda Farmer Marsha Fleck Teresa Foutz Debbie Funk Justin Funk Dave Golliher Sally Golliher Tyrone Goodpaster Linda Hammond Mike Hanna Joel Harney Cheryl Hartman Lois Hoober James Hoover Edward Hopkins Edward Jones Gisele Keeling Cheryl Koger Becky Lindsay J oe Lindsey Dan Loveall Mary Martin Virgie Mounts 84 vt 3,1,Q,,i5rr:i4za.1a:,:Lf 1, qty Q 2 g??5f1egghsrr1'-la" . 1: Q I 1fQi,,, QQ f -V il L 25143225 -V frm:-r ur 5 , -92iQf"'f, l 5. K mia xr ,,raz: vi --H, if W., V 1,7 ' '1'sas- 'W f Isl? V .. , i w , . 15111 MS ' 2 I,,,r.u,1..:m.W:ag.',k :,g ..,q,w2:w5 we -, x'gn-alessy.fr.zf1i1f ' I - K ' f X fx.Sf:w::,'z-V- ,, f 2,-if ,f 1. , 'azaf 6 - r ay f if lvl' s mf 'jffif .f s rs 'mg' ll ' Y ,. fi rs,-VQM QQ yffegif -,Sl an J x ,J if ' ai QM. 'N l Y -3 ,V 'Y Ki "Hey! Now just because you're a Senior . . . " Justin gets a lift from Paul, like it or not! N I I figs,-1 'fs ' Q ik ' - Q , N ' 'K ' ,, ' , -e- f UQ, , 4 ' 1 , la. V: 956. 1 ,1 Hffsgf- -12 rp - -layrm 5 -fqw 'ea rf E 1, .. ML nr 'dui -v-HL. I'Q,'I,'f1 L ' W , gvw- f ' ' be '43 Ll gn 2 Y , , , iz, S ,. A 5 Nm! in . . ,V . it 1335 Ab - .hr H. ,g, l 1- T' .if :M , 0 sez r f 1 f 1 3, :sz arf , :V X is S4 i f i 5 W., J ffllifiw f in it ll N' nik .. -ss'-ik , elif ' ' - ,V a s A E R 1 Q Q- Ji p 4395 r 5 3 Q gifs ' -. 35,55 asf' fxgli i 2. t S J eff Ward Gary Wilson Brian Wine r, - ,lx 4 Q5 , 3 3 XZ. Q , w M if g Joseph Norris Jerry Patty Kim Paul Theresa Peeler Ernie Price Diane Rawlings Daniel Reed Melinda Reese Michael Reese Randal Reese James Rice Shawana Satkamp Wanda Searcy Marcia Sexton Penny Sheppard J im Sizemore Clyde Small Doug Small Terry Smith Toni Smith Billy Terhaar Warren Thornburg Karen Troxell Teresa Wagner Is it possible to relax while studying? These seventh graders seem to think so! 85 Administrators ful ill plans of neu Mrs. Jean Clevenger and fbelowj Mrs. Gretta Houser-Secretaries. Mr. Carl Hylton, principal Mrs. Nila Miller, guidance counselor, helps students choose their vocations. 86 addition and offer a broadened curriculum. Mr. Leslie Slinker, Superintendent Qrightj Mrs. Betty Cox, Secretary. Mr. Donald Kutchback, Elementary principal. School Board members Mr. James Barker. fstandingl Mr. Rex Cates, Mr. Raymond Fouts, Mr. J oe Freer. 87 lseatedl Mr. Richard Golliher, Union personnel do the school Braving the road every morn- ing for nine months are Union's bus drivers. lFront rowj Joe Jennings, Ralph Mc- Kinsey, Kelso Cromis, Harley Shaffer, Fred Madill, Donnie Patterson, Oris Taylor. fSec- ond rowj Bill Fuqua, Leonard Cross, John Rockhill, Densel Heaton, Nick Best, Dave Miller, Albert Holaday, Howard Smith. has 'K Xi U k": iifigfif ,, 'UP 1 3. Vi- ' Ethel Short, Anna May Thomas, Cora Howell, Juanita McConnick, Naomi Trinder, Nancy Finchum, hour rush. Custodians John Rawlings, Raymond Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Anthony work hard to keep the school in a big service 5 25. , ,. , 2 . - N and Ethel Warner stop to pose before the lunch good shape. 88 FARMERS STATE BAN K A GOOD BANK IN A G MMUNITY MODOC SALES HARRY PH ELPS GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND GROCERIES FARMLAND, INDIANA PHONE WINCHESTER 27679 BOTTLING COMPANY ANDERSON-MUNCIE, INC. 200 WEST WILLARD STREET MUNCIE, INDIANA 47305 ATTLI N Construction Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1 125 So. Madison St. P.O. Box 2566 MUNCIE, INDIANA 47302 mom DON BOYD HIATT FRANKLIN PHONE 288-3480 W I U C RADIO 98-3 Randolph County's Sound of Sports R.J. Webb Son Jewelers "The day you buy a Diamond come in and see a diamond expert." 115 South Main Street Winchester, Indiana Phone 4-5171 HERMAN SHORES and N SONS GARAGE 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE E 2341 MOD PHON OC, IND. PEOPLES LOAN 8g TRUST COMPANY PHONE 2371 REYNARD FUNERAL HQME Moooc, INDIANA BALDWIN'S GENERAL STORE LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA Phone 2331 wg-n : -fi? so Compliments of BERTRAM CONSTRUCTION CO. BOX II6 MODOC, INDIANA THE JEWEL SHOPPE DIAMONDS I I7 W. CHARLES MUNCIE THE SPORTS CENTER Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment IO6 S. Meridian Street Winchester, Indiana Phone 46921 BOB JACKSON 94 MAX HALSTEAD STANDARD OIL AGENT LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA PHONE 2801 4:5114 Ikifbxii MODOC FOOD AND HARDWARE DRY GOODS-PACKAGED GOODS PHONE 2161 MODOC, INDIANA Treats for the whole family i AT D-.I DRIVE IN 730 West Washington Street Winchester, Indiana I . . TRIMBLE GRAIN FEEDS-SEEDS-MIXING GRAIN-SALT-LIME GRINDING-POULTRY SUPPLIES PHONE 2151 LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA 95 THE HAGERSTOWN EXPCJNENT Printers-Publishers-Stationers I I5 East Main St. HAGE RSTOWN Serving Scenic Nettle Creek Valley Phone 489-4121 4, , Rickert I'lUIaLlay,S SLOTB 5 I. I Implement .56 aw ings tg. ompany, Inc. co. Momma' John Deere Sales lndlana .:5,k.-..T.,.-P 8a Service Phone 6-265I Winchester Heaclquarlers LOSANTVILLB, INDIANA I for Complete 47354 Indiana Fountain Service BOB'S WILLIAMS FLOOR AND WALL TILE Compliments of MEN'S ECONOMY CARPET - LINOLEUM WEAR CERAMIC TILE , 'MP'-EMENT u.s. 27 AND MAIN st. Winchester, Phone 2011 Ph. 847-24I I Indiana FOUNTAIN CITY, INDIANA MUNCIE FEDERAL SAVINGS ANO LOAN ASSOCIATION N' YVV' at i l Charles and High Streets PHONE 288-0271 Specializing In Insured Savings "D-R" Home Loans 'XZ Muncie's Oldest Financial Institution 96 CHENOWETHS C 8. C Williams and Son MOORELAND WOMEN'S WEAR Mlllvlllf MENS WEAR GRAIN co., INC. AND HARDWARE AND THERMOGAS SHOES MOORE'-AND LYNN. INDIANA LYNN. INDIANA Phone 35l I INDIANA Losontvil e-Mod oc I nsu rcI nce Agency All Lines of Insurance 8K Real Estate Sales Robert M. Foutz Phone 2621 LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA Thornburg's Super Market 200 S. Main U.S. 27 LYNN, INDIANA EORDS REGAL FOOD MARKET HAGERSTOWN, INDIANA Phone 489-5432 Compliments of JANE'S COUNTRY Shutters Flower 8. Gift Shop CURL Phone 2109 Lownfville Rd. soo W. . 900 s. Madge, Ind. Individually Designed Robbins Gift Shop l05 W. Franklin Street Winchester, Indiana Corsages, Wedding Boquets Centerpieces Also Permanent Arrangements and Gitt Item 47394 Shepherd's I Quality Clothes FARMER S STATE BARBER SHOP EAST Side ot Square NIOORELAND, INDIANA MOORELAND- winche,+e,, 'ND'ANA INDIANA 47394 DARI - BUCKET THORN BU RG'S STATE ROAD 36 QUALITY FOODS MQDOC' INDIANA FOUNTAIN CITY, Owned by HERMAN SHORE AND SON Operaied by MARABELLE PUGH INDIANA , , Sofi' Ice cream, sandwIches shakes, sundaes, and sofi drinks American A' T' ENGL! Security Co 8. SONS of WINCHESTER Winchesief- INDIANA 'ndiana Phone 4750! ABB0T'5 COMPLIMENTS GARAGE of SOHIGRO SERVICE 'O' 'W Phone 766-2755 25+h and Broad M0Ofe'G'1df NEW CASTLE, IND. Indiana Phone No. 529-I I29 TODAY'S FERTILIZER FOR Il I II - 0: TODAY s PEOPLE giggggigglex ,Ax-su., Phone 2282 " LOSANTVM HERITAGE TQGGERY INDIANA 81 E. Main, Hagerstown-Ph. 489-5223 Ladies' Wear 81 Accessories Casual Elegance-Modest Prices Shop 'til 8 p.m. Fri. 8E Sat.-Sun. T-6 p.m. Custom Fa rm Service PEOPLES STATE BANK Economy, Indiana BUIIC Spreading Cufmm Mixing Applicators Rental Bag 8. Bulk-Liquid Nitrogen Anyhdrous Ammonia JANICE'S BEAUTY SHOP FREE SOIL TESTING Phone 2801 Ph. 774-4532 Blountsville LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA THE BOY'S SHOP Muncie Store For BOY'S 8. TEEN-MAN SIZES Midwest Charge Cards Welcome 122 S. Walnut Phone 288-5370 MUNCIE, INDIANA l29-l33 N. MAIN STREET WINCHESTER, INDIANA New Higher Rams SHOPWELI FASHIONS 4 bfl0 Per Anum Compounded Quarterly Charles and Mulberry Sh-ee+s COMPLETE LINE OF LADIES FASHIONS MISSES READY-WEAR Hours Monday - Thursday 9 to 4:30 WINCHESTER INDIANA FRIDAY 9 to 7:30 Closed Saturday T T Muncie, Indiana NEFF'S GREENHOUSE 766-3321 MOORELAND RAYMOND DeBORD, MRG. 99 BEACHLER'S WARD AGENCY FINE HOMER J. WAITZ FURNITURE INSURANCE Carpets Drapes MAIN STORE Phone 2131 WINCHESTER, HUQSYSTOWFL Winchester, INDIANA Indiana Prescription Druggists Indiana 1015 FASHIONS FARM LOANS lg On the M PursIey's Square DEPENDABLE Barber Winchester, 1215 N. State St. 205 S. 12th St. Shop Greenfield, Indiana New Castle, Indiana Indiana Lawrence Kerkhof-Mgr. 107 West Franklin Rosiland Montrose-Office Ass't. Ph. 462-6501-Greenfield Ph. 529-2705 New Castle Gulley Ford Inc HAINES REXAll ' FORD, MERCURY AGRLSERVICES I06 w. WASHINGTON 8' WINCHESTER, INDIANA I-'NCQ'-N Parker, Indiana Phone 2-'46, II8 EAST 3RD. S+. WINCHESTER, INDIANA Food Center, Inc. Ph. 13171 489-5631 473 Is. MAIN ST. HAGERSTOWN. INDIANA Debolt Concrete Co., Inc. Ready Mix Concrete Asphalt Paving and Crushed Stone WINCHESTER, INDIANA Phone 25291 l0SANTVlllE CAFE SHORT ORDERS HOMEMADE PIES Phone 2601 LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA 100 UALITY HARDWARE H RITAGE HOUSE Q CRAWFOR DS E FISHER HARDWARE IEWEIER HOME COOKED FOODS MANUFACTURING RESTAURANT I-ICUsEwAREs . TOOLS JEWELEP ELECTRICAL R PLUMBING ' PARTY HOUSE w. FRAN T. SUPP'-IES '03 KUN S PARTIES BY APPOINTMENT Phone 2I7sI PHONE 4958' Winchesm WINCHESTER STATE RoAD as I d. INDIANA n 'ana PH. 774-4519 E.L. OVERMEYER FURNITURE JAMES HARDWARE 'I32 N. MAIN ST. WINCHESTER, INDIANA 47394 Phone 23281 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS FARMLAN D, INDIANA M- l0SANTVlllE AND MODOC LUMBER COMPANIES Losan+ville 2524 MODOC 233I HAFLICH AND MORRISSEY Compliments of Family Shoe SI'ore WESTERN AUTO Brown Buil+ Shoes Eas+side of Square Winchesfer, lndiana ASSOCIATE STORE ECONOMY ELEVATOR COMPANY complele Bmlal Smlce OVERPASS China, Crysfal 8: Silver Grain-Small Seeds-Feeds MOTEL Hartle .lewerl Fence-Posts-Etc. KENNY GIRTON, Y y Also OWNER l02 W. Washingion Feed Grinding and Mixing JCT 27 and 32 Winchesfer' Indiana ECONOMY, INDIANA Winghester, DIAMONDS In iano PHQNE 2121 REMOUNTING 'lOl RED ALLEN CHEVROLET SALES SULPHUR SPRINGS Phone 822-4166 .," II mf--H Ai,,,.,v-H. X ,.,,ff'f.' If " A WI I ROBERT M. FOUTZ, REALTOR LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA Office Phone 2621 Home Phone 2293 REAL ESTATE SALES AND FARM MORTGAGE LOAN Associates Danny Foutz Ph. 2652 Losantville ACE HARDWARE HOUSEWARES-GIFTS DFNNEY PAINTS-ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES GMC TRUCK SALES 8: SERVICE South Side of Square Phone 529. I 307 Winchesierl New Castle, Indiana Indiana SIPE'S RICHARD L. GOLLIHER WALLPAPER, PAINT, and Gm' and TOYS CHARLES v. MACY North Side of Square REALTCRS . 1 0 WI':Z?::Le" LOSANTVILLE, Keever S Stud IO INDIANA Finest Quality Photography Hofferr's Mu ncie Music Center HAMMOND ORGANS AND PIANOS Complete Line of Musical Instruments 207 WEST JACKSON STREET MUNCIE, INDIANA Ph. 284-4481 PHONE 5101 FARMLAND, INDIANA 102 OSBORNE OLIVER SALES OLIVER AND NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT Sulphur Springs 822-421 I LA MAR E HERITAGE KESSLER'S SPORT CENTER FLORISTS SHOP cgi-gLZTLgNE JUNIOR TOWN B K T R Howers for "LT PAYS TO PLAY" PRE-TEENS Every Occasion U l 600 South 18th St. i"ffPA'.i'im'1"f New Castle, Indiana 5.16 Cb 7 ,,'-g, ay l rlone, Hagerstown, K ,T Bob Luerman PHONE 529.0600 Winchester, Indiana ,4-'IS' Indiana h 8 3 kfi 916 MAIN BIBLES-GIFTS- P . 4 9-5'I I MUSIC ,E-7-w-Ay-YUM R'C"'MONDf 'NP'ANA CHURCH SUPPLIES I WEDDLE S MARKET GOOD LUCK, SENIORS MT. SUMMIT, INDIANA WAYNE CO. WOODY BOWMAN JOHNSON AGENCY SLAUGHTER FARM BUREAU HOLLINGSWORTH HOUSE Insurance 81 Real Estate CQ.OP BARBER SHOP Custom Butchering, Phone 489-4932 Cumn Wm in I Wqlnuf Leyel Branch We try the impossible- gl PP 9 Fwezing TO PLEASE EVERYONE 52 West Main Street Hagerstown, R.R. NO. I Hagerstown, Ind. Indiana LYNN' Hagerstown, Indiana Phone INDIANA Residence, MiIIviIIe 9-2539 Losantville 2364 See us for aII of your farm needs 103 LYNN I G A FOOD MARKET METSKER'S TEXACO BOSTON STORE The 5'0'e Tha' Cafes JUNCTION u.s. 35 8. u.s. so 115-117 West Franklin About You LOSANTVILLE, INDIANA WINCHESTER, Quality Meats, GrocerIes PHONE 2581 INDIANA Pfoduce ART 8I WAYNE METSKER LYNN, INDIANA FAYE S. FISHER AUCTIONEER 8t REALTOR PHONE 2-3481 M1583 113V2 S. Main Winchester MOORELAND FOOD MARKET JOHN HAMPTON, OWNER 766-2025 SmaIl's Marathon and Grocery ROAD SERVICE-TUNE UP-GREASE JOB OIL CHANGE-WELDING SERVICE MOOREI-AND, INDIANA PHONE 774-4136 Highway 35 Blountsville, Indiana Compliments of -I-HE Compliments of NDOLPH COUNTY , BANK Denms Geese Serving the people Your Local since 1865 GEI Y Member of F.D.l.C. G R N T Winchester, EPRESE TA IVE Indiana 104 MAHONEY ELECTRIC Carmen's Drive-I n Plumbing 8. Electric If it's good food you want, saIes 8' Servke Visit South Madison atI'l 8th MAYTAG APPLIANCES Muncie Indiana GOULDS WATER SYSTEMS Hagerstown, Indiana Phone 489-461 1 H?w'fJ'!fg'5 c.w. SWINDELL Kelso School STOR Supply, Inc. E CARLOS, INDIANA 112 McCulloch Blvd. Fine Musica' Instruments Phone 282-5304 121 5 Race Streei Peacock Insurance Agency MUNCIEI 233 S. Meridian Street INDIANA Phone 529-1105 New Castle, Indiana , Winchester, IndIana THE OLD HOME TOWN LUMBER CARLOS YARD GONE MODERN CASKET Compliments of RdoIhT 81C tS I,I. an P o'flnn,,n3fa1:Y UPI' Y IC SHELL HUDSON THEATRES INC. INSURANCE RICHMOND, LEONARD L. HEATH AGENCY, INC. CARLOS' QFFICES INDIANA INDIANA Mooreland Hagerstown h Ph. 766-3401 Ph. 439-4432 P one 244' Listen to MILES MARSHALL Town and Country Time ELDER CORP. 'I'I:35 A.M.-12:45 P.M. Monday through Friday Modoc Caskm Factory W C T W PAUL ELLINGTON-MGR. New Castle, Indiana 'I025 FM T550 K.C. AM 105 E ' , nloy Healthful - Refreshing Milk and Ice Cream 'Your Health is Our Business' McShurley's Shoes Fa rmers 1337 Broad Street New Castle, Ind. . Ph. 529-3618 41 years experience in Grain Orthopedic and Conventional Footwear Wolfe Sunoco Products, Inc. C0mPUnY ON THE FARM TIRE SERVICE CARI-QS, INDIANA Lynn, Indiana Phone 3431 or 3436 Fuel oil Farm Gas TRI-COUNTY FINANCE CO. CO . . H . FINANCING-LOANS-INSURANCE C F SMH Angersonls Bongfens if Eton Phone 3651 53:2 Hagerstown, Ind. Pl't0f1e 489-501 I Lynn, Indiana Apparell and Footwear for HENRY COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP C0mmefCiCtl 8- Residential THE ENTIRE BLOUNTSVILLE Contracting FAMILY 774-4373 Hvt Water Heftttng 439-4012 Hagerstown JOHN P. DORN-MANAGER A Specialty BEST WISH ES NEW CASTLE, BECKER BROTHERS INDIANA 106 Miller Brothers Farm Seeds HYBRID SEED CORN CERTIFIED SOYBEANS WHEAT OATS PHONES 284-6138 284-OI28 ROUTE 4 MUNCIE, INDIANA ELDER CORP. Mac's Hamburgers State Road 3 South, New Castle, Indiana Fast, Courteous Service Drive-Up Windows For Your Convenience aacnurnm Gene RED Parker -'B N N Parkggrvegluzer 5 E Mooreland Indiana Ph. P.O. 6-2935 Farm For Profit With Arcadian Products WOOD'S STORE 107 Senior Directory RON ARNOLD RANDY CATES MARCIA FOUTS Annual Staff 3,43 Photographer 43 Li- brarian 43 Newspaper Staff33 Runner Duplicator 33 Track 2,3,43 Wrestling 2. MERRY BEN TZ Band 1,2,3,43 Band Ensemble Contest 2,3,43 Band Vice President 33 B-Team Cheerleader 33 Varsity Cheerleader 43 Cheerblock1,23 GAC 1,23 Historical So- ciety 1,2,33 Honor Society 3,43 Newspa- per staff33 Editor 33 Asst Editor 33 Col- umnist 33 Pom Pom Corps 23 School play 3. GLORIA BERTRAM Cheerblock 13 Girls Athletic Club 1,2,33 Historical Society 1,2,33 Pom Pom Corps 13 Sweetheart Candidate 13 Var- sity Cheerleader 2,3,4. KEN BROCKMAN Chorus 13 FFA 2,33 Greenhands 13 His- torical Society 1. LAN NY BROOKS Band lg Band Contest 13 Band Ensem- ble Contest 13 Basketball 1,2333 Chorus 13 Historical Society 1,23 Lettermen's Club 2,3,43 Newspaper Staff 3g Stenogra- pher 3, Columnist 33 Stage Band 13 Wrestling 33 Cadet teaching 43 Architec- tural study 4. ALLEN BUCK Wrestling 2,3,43 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. MONTE JOE BURROWS Band 1,23 Band Contest 1,23 Band En- semble Contest 1,23 Basketball 1,23 FFA 3,43 Chapter Farmer 43 Greenhands 33 Sentenial 43 Soil Judging 33 Livestock Judging 3,43 Parliamentary Procedure Contest 33 Class Officer 13 Secretary- treasurer lg Historical Society 13 Letter- men's Club l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 Wres- tling 3,43 Cross Country l,2,3,43 Band President 23 4-H 2. JIM BUTLER Band l,2,3,43 Band Contest 1,2,33 Stage Band 13 Basketball l,2,3,43 Boy's cheerblock lg Class Officer 23 Treasurer 2g Lettermen's Club l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 Runner Duplicator 2. JENNIFER CARNES Class Officer 43 Treasurer 43 Honor So- ciety 3,43 Librarian 3,43 Latin Club 3,4. 108 Baseball l,2,3,43 Baseball Conference Team 3,43 Boys State Alternate 33 Chapter Farmer 2,3,43 FFA l,2,3,43 Trea- surer 3,43 Greenhands 13 Soil Judging l,2,3,43 Class Officer 1, President 13 Honor Society 3,43 Vice President 43 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,43 Prom Prince 33 Student Council 43 Track 1,2,3,4. JOHN CATEY Annual Staff 43 Activities Ed. 4g Band 1,2,33 Band Contest 1,2,33 Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Drama Club 33 Historical Society 2,33 Lettermen's Club 3,42 Runner duplicator 23 4-H 1,2,3,4. LINDA CRISWELL Cheerblock 3,43 Chorus 1,33 Chorus Contest 33 Librarian 3. ALAN CROSS FFA 33 Forestry Judging 33 State Forest- ry Judging 33 4-H 8 years3 Architectural Study 4. KATHY CROSS Band 1,2,33 Band Contest 1,2,33 B-Team Cheerleader 1,2,33 Cheerblock 1,2,33 Christmas Queen Candidate 33 Class Of ficer 2,33 Secretary 23 Treasurer 33 Student Council lg Honor Society 3,43 Mardi Gras Queen Candidate 33 Olfice Staff 33 Switchboard Operator 4. MIKE DALTON Art Contest 13 Chapter Farmer 23 FFA 1,23 Parlimentarian 13 Green hands 13 4- H 7 YBBFSQ Jr. Ldrs. 1 yearig B0Y'5 Cheerblock 13 Chorus 13 Chorus Contest 13 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Librarian 33 Wrestling 3,4. SHARON DAVIS Chorus l,2,3,43 Chorus Contest 3. RON FELTON Band l,2,3,43 Band Contest l,2,3,43 Band Solo Contest l,2,3,43 Historical Society 33 Librarian 3,43 Pep Band 2,33 Wres- tling 2. JOHNALEE FOUSE Band l,2,3,43 Band Contest l,2,3,43 Cheerblock 1,43 Chorus 3,43 Chorus Contest 3,43 GAC 1,2,33 Historical Soci- ety l,2,3,43 Pep Band 2,33 Cadet Teacher 4. Annual Staff 43 Activities Ed. 43 Band 1,2,33 Band Contest 1,2,33 Band Ensem- ble Contest 1,2333 Cheerblock l,2,3,43 Captain 43 Chorus 43 Chorus Contest 43 Class Officer 13 Vice President 13 Drama Club 33 Girls State Delegate 3g Honor Society 2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Librarian 4g Mardi Gras Queen Candidate 43 First Runner-Up 43 Office Staff 33 Runner Duplicator 23 Student Council 43 Speech Contest 33 4-H 8 YCBISQ State Band En- semble 3. RIC GLASER Boy's cheerblock 1,23 Class Officer 23 Vice President 23 Historical Society 1,23 Prom Chairman 33 Architectural Study 4. LINDA GOLLIHER Annual Staff 3,43 Typist 3,43 Carnival Queen 13 Cheerblock 2,33 Class Officer 43 Secretary 43 Historical Society lg Newspaper Staff 33 Typist 3. DEAN HAGGARD Baseball l,2,3,43 Baseball Conference Team 43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Boy's Cheerblock 23 Chapter Farmer 2,3,43 FFA 3,43 Reporter 3,43 Greenhands 13 Soil Judging l,2,3,43 Historical Society 1,23 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Office Staff 3,43 Runner Duplicator 3,43 Track l,2,3,43 4-H 10 years3 Basketball Confer- ence Team 3,4. MONTIE HALE Chapter Farmer 2,3,43 Dairy Judging l,2,3,43 Future Farmers l,2,3,43 Pres- ident 43 Greenhands 13 Newspaper Staff 33 Editor 33 Teen Beat Editor 33 Lives- tock Judging 13 Parlimentary Procedure Contest 3. JEFF HALSTEAD Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Boy's State Alternate 33 Chapter Farmer 2,3,43 FFA l,2,3,43 Secretary 3,43 Greenhands 13 Historical Society 1,23 Honor Society 2,3,43 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,43 Soil Judging l,2,3,43' Track l,2,3,43 Cross Country 2,3,4. BECKY HANCOCK Cheerblock l,2,3,43 Chorus 13 GAC 1,23 Girls Volleyball Team 1,23 Historical Society 1,2,33 Office Staff 2,3,43 Pom Pom Corps 3,45 Runner duplicator 2,33 Secretary-Treasurer of Pom-Pom 3. PAUL HARNEY Annual Staff-1-3 Photographer 43 Car- nival King 13 Chorus 33 Newspaper Staff 33 Columnist 33 Track 2,33 Wrestling 1. ANNA HEATON Cheerblock1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2333 Chorus Contest 3. DON HOUSE Band l,2,3,43 Band Ensemble Contest3 Boy's Cheerblock 13 Class Officer 43 President 43 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,43 Runner Duplicator 1,23 Stage Band 13 Track l,2,3,43 Cross Country 1,2,3,43 Let- termen's Club Officer 3,43 Treasure 33 Secretary 43 Audio Visual 2,3,4. BILL HOWELL Band 1,2,3,43 Band Contest 1,2,3,43 Band Ensemble Contest 2,43 Band Solo Con- test 1,23 Newspaper Staff 33 Pep Band 2,4. ANGELA JOHNSON Chorus 1. DARYL JOHNSON Band 1,2,3,43 Band Contest l,2,3,43 Band Ensemble Contest 1,2,43 Band Solo Con- test 33 Lettermen's Club 33 Librarian 43 Pep Band3 Student Council 1,2,3,43 Pres- ident 43 Vice-President 33 RBPOFICFQ Student Manager 2,33 Speech Contest 3,43 1969 Student Leadership 4. REBECCA JOHNSON Chorus 13 Librarian 43 Cadet Teacher 4. DON JONES Chapter Farmer 1,2,3,43 Chorus 13 Chorus Contest 13 Wrestling 1,2,33 Fu- ture Farmers 1,2,3,43 Lettermen"s Club 2,3,4. RON JONES Chapter Farmer 3g Chorus 13 Chorus Contest 13 FFA 1,2333 Greenl1and's 13 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,43 Newspaper Staff 33 Typist 33 Columnist 33 Runner Duplicator 33 Wrestling 1,2,3,43 Cadet Teaching 4. STEVE KELSEY Band 23 Band Contest 23 Baseball 1,2333 Basketball 2,33 Class Officer 33 Pres- ident 33 Vice President 23 Runner Duplicator 13 Track 1,2,33 Drama Club 43 President 43 FFA 23 Reporter 23 Greenhands 1. PETE KIRKLIN Annual Staff 43 Band 1,23 Band Contest 1,23 Band Ensemble 1,23 Baseball 33 Class Officer 33 Business Manager 33 Drama Club 1,33 Honor Society 3,43 President 43 Pep Band 23 Runner Duplicator 1,23 Student Council 13 Co- Editor of Annual 4. TERRY KNIPP B Basketball 23 Greenhands 13 Letter- men's Club 3,42 Wrestling 3,43 Newspa- per Staff 3. RAYNT LEE Baseball 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Letter- men's Club 3,43 Chorus Contest 33 Chorus 33 Historical Society 1,2,3,4. KENNY LINDSAY L School Service 1,2,3,4. EANORE LUMPKIN Band 12,33 Band Contest 1,2,33 Band Ensemble Contest l,2,33 Cheerblock 1,2,3,43 Daughter of American Revolu- tion 43 Drama Club 33 Honor Society 2,3,43 Historian 43 Student Council 43 Spanish Club 43 Secretary 43 Speech Contest 33 4-H 8 years3 State Band En- semble 3. JUDY MARKUM M Band 1,2,3,43 Band Contest 1,2,3,43 Cheerblock 1,43 Chorus 43 Chorus Con- test 43 Dairy Judging 3,43 Historical So- ciety 13 Cadet Teacher 43 4-H 8 yrs.3 Re- porter 3. ARY METTERET B-Team Cheerleader 13 Chorus L3 Girls Basketball Team 13 Girls Soccer Team 13 Girls Track Team 1,23 Girls Volleyball Team 13 fArizonaJ. PHIL MIX Art Contest 3,43 Cadet Helper 4. WAYNE MULLENS Drama Club 33 Wrestling 1. GARY PARKER K Annual Staff 43 Sports Editor 43 Basket- ball 3,43 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Honor Society 3,43 4-H 9 yrs. Dairy Judging 1. AY PUGH Band 1,2333 Band Contest 1,2333 Band Ensemble Contest 13 Cheerblock 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 33 Vice President 33 Honor Society 2,3,43 Office Staff 43 Student Council 13 Secretary Cheerblock 3. JANA RODEFFER Annual Staff 43 Co-Editor 43 Band 1,33 Band Contest 1,33 Band Ensemble Con- test lg Cheerblock 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 43 Vice President 43 Drama Club 43 Treasurer 43 FFA Sweetheart 43 GAC 23 Girls State Alternate 33 Honor Society 2,3,43 Secretary 43 Cadet Helper 43 Piano Contest 1,2,3,43 State Piano Con- test 43 Stage Band 13 Yearbook Work- shop 33 4-H 9 yrs. ROBIN SHEPPARD Art Contest 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Band Con- test 1,2,3,43 Boys Cheerblock 1,23 Pep Band 1,23 Runner Duplicator 13 Student Manager lg 4-H 7 yrs. Historical Society. ANITA SLINKER Band 1,2,33 Band Contest 1,2,33 Band Ensemble Contest 23 Cheerblock 1,2,3,43 Co-Captain 43 Class Officer 33 Secretary 33 Honor Society 2,3,43 Prom Princess 33 Athletic Secretary 4. SID STEWART FFA 23 Chapter Farmer 23 Greenhands 13 Soil Judging 1. JANE SWINGER Cheerblock 1,2,3,43 Drama Club 43 GAC 3,43 Historical Society 13 Honor Society 2,3,43 Treasurer 43 Student Council 2,33 Treasurer 23 Latin Club 3,43 Switch- board 43 4-H 8 yrs. BONNIE SWOVELAND Cheerblock 1,2,33 GAC 132,33 Historical Society lg OH'ice Staff43 Runner Duplicator 43 Librarian 33 4-H 6 yrs. LES SWOVELAND FFA 1.,2,3,43 Chapter Farmer 2,3,43 Dairy Judging 1,23 Vice President 3,43 Parlimentarian 23 Greenhands 13 Class Officer 43 Business Manager 43 Honor Society 2,3,4. ALLEN TROXELL Librarian 33 Soil Judging 23 School Play 33 Intermural Basketball champs 3. JERRY VORE Art Contest 43 Librarian 43 Newspaper Staff 33 Typist 33 Runner Duplicator 33 Columnist 33 Mimeographer. TOM WARNER Annual Staff43 Classes Editor 43 Base- ball 2,33 Drama Club 3,43 Future Farm- ers 33 Greenhands 33 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Wrestling 3,43 Cadet Teaching 43 4- H 8 yrs. 109 Abernathy, Dale 70 Adams, Nancy 76 Adams, Tom 38,27,76 Allen, Anna 79 Allen, Brenda 32,35,41,70 Allen, Ellick 83 Allen, Kathy 83 Andrews, Dale 83 Anthony, Tonya 79 Archer, Janet 32,45,27,73 Arnold, Ron 29,42,48,60,25 Arnold, Samuel 83 Arnold, Sheldon 79 Arnold, Shiela 79 Ash, Mike 79 Ash, Terri 83 Bailey, Cindy 83 Bainter, Kevan 76 Baldwin, Daniel 79 Baldwin, Donald 73 Bales, Roger 38,73 Barnhouse, John Barnhouse, Mickie 40,76 Bartley, Arthur 44,73 Baumgartner, Donna 32,79 Baumgartner, Richard 70,28 Bell, Lynn 76 Benge, Mona 20,32,27,76 Benger, Tonya 83 Bentz, Freda 27,32,43,40,44,73 Bentz, Marie 83 Bentz, Merry l1,9,22,27,32,36,37, 42,55,60 Bertram, Gloria 11,55,60,64 Bertram, Mike 27,33,49,51,52,70, 72 Bertram, Randy 29,41,51,73 Bertram, Rick 27,51,73 Bivens, Cathy 40,73 Bivens, Chuck Botkin, Mary Ann 27,32,36,41, 43,70 Brewster, Richard 28,73 Brewster, Ronnie 76 Brockman, Kenneth 60 Brockman, Norman 38,70 Brooks, Lanny 33,41,49,60 Brooks, Reggie 79 Brooks, Terry 38,76 Brown, Cherri 32,35,36,73 Brown, Karen 32,79 Bruton, Bobby 76 Bryant, Cindy 27,37,41,76 Bryant, Dillard 38,70 Bruton, Brenda 73 Bryant, Susie 27,32,40,70 Buck, Allen 33,56,57,60 Buck, Floyd 33,34,73 Buck, Noah 79 Burrows, Monte 27,33,38,39,48, 50,51,56,61 Butler, Dennis 83 Butler, Gina 83 Butler, Janet 32,79 Butler, Jim 27,33,48,50,52,6l,25 Campbell, Anita 83 Caldwell, John 79 Carmichael, Doug 34,38,76 Carnes, Elizabeth 83 Carnes, Jennifer 10,22,36,42,61 Carnes, Jerry 76 Carnes, Tom 79 Carter, Don 83 Carter, Kenneth 27,44,73 Cates, Randy 6,33,37,36,38,48,49, 61 Catey, Dan 83 Catey, John 29,33,49,61 Catey, Steve 38,76 Cheeseman, Greg 83 110 Clevenger, Debbie 27,34,44-,76 Clevenger, Paula 79 Clouse, Bruce 56,76 Clouse, Darinda 73 Clouse, Gwen 73 Clouse, James 79 Clouse, Judy 79 Clouse, Wanda 27,70 Coats, Kathy 83 Conner, Archie 79 Conner, Patricia 42,73 Conwell, Chad 38,50,54,76 Cool, Jennifer 83 Cool, Joe 79 Cotton, Frank 83 Cox, Brenda 79 Cox, Cynthia 83 Cox, David 27,33,42,50,52,73 Cox, Debbie 70 Coy, Larry 27,70 Craig, Blaine 83 Craycraft, Joe 73 Craycraft, Starlett 83 Criswell, Joe 73 Criswell, Linda 32,40,41,61 Criswell, Sam 38,43,73 Criswell, Tim 28,54,70 Cross, Alan 41,61 Cross, John 79 Cross, Kathy 36,40,6l Cross, Susie 26,27,32,34,44,76 Cross, Ted 70 Cross, Terry 38,83 Dalton, David 76 Dalton, Mike 27,33,42,56,62 Dalton, Tim 38,76 Darkis, Brad 83 Darkis, Monty 37,76 Davis, Ronald 23,70 Davis, Sharon 27,43,62 Davis, Steve 27,70 Day, Danny 73 Decker, Robert 79 Dines, David 79 Dobbs, Joan 34,73 Dobbs, Josie 84 Dorton, Betty 32,84 Dorton, Jay 32,34,79 Dorton, Juanita 27,76 Douglas, Toni 80 Downing, Jeff44,84 Downing, Jim 27,42,73 Engle, Dea 80 Evans, Kim 41,42,70 Evans, Terry 84 Farmer, Brenda 84 Farmer, Dee 73 Farmer, Lee 80 Farmer, Rusty 43,70 Felton, Anita 32,80 Felton, Becky 32,80 Felton, Diana 27,35,36,40,44,70 Felton, Ron 27,42,43,44,62 Fields, Terry 33,38,56,71 Finchum, Bill 33,38,50,71 F inchum, Lenny 34,50,51,76 Finchum, Terry 33,48,50,74 Fisher, Roxanne 80 Fleck, Marsha 84 Fouse, John 27,44,74 Fouse, J ohnalee 27,40,44,62 Fouse, Kathy 27,44,71 Fouts, Marcia 8,9,11,27,29,32,36, 37,42 Foutz, Cherlyn 32,76 Foutz, Denise 40,76 Foutz, Patricia 77 Foutz, Teresa 32,84 Funk, Debbie 84 Funk, Donna 80 Funk, Justin 84 Funk, Max 37,74 Funk, Vicki 32,41,45,71 Card, Penny 80 Ginter, Rose 80 Glaser, Jerry 77 Glaser, Ric 62,63 Golliher,pave 84 Golliher,'Larry 80 Golliher, Lila 80 Golliher, Linda 29,62,61 Golliher, Lionel 27,35,45,71 Golliher, Lora 26,40,44,55,77 Golliher, Nancy Golliher, Rick 38,71 Golliher, Sally 84 Gcggigifr, Teresa 27,32,34,44,45, Goodpaster, Camellia 27,45,55,77 Goodpaster, Tyrone 84 Goolsby, Cheryl 27,74 Goolsby, Pam 80 Goolsby, Ruth 80 Gourley, Merrill 17,41,43,73,74 Gray, Barbara 27,71 Gray, Dwight 80 Gregory, Allen 34,50,54,77 Gregory, Renee 11,32,34,42,43, 55,74- Grimes, David 77 Grubbs, Pam 80 Haggard, Brad 33,48,49,50,52,53, 71,72 Haggard, Dean l9,29,33,38,39,41, 48,49,52 Hale, Debbie 27,71 Hale, Denise 32,80 Hale, Montie 38,39,63,66 Hall, Allen 38,77 Hall, Cathrine 80 Hall, Diane 80 Hall, Marjorie 2,71 Hall, Randy 26,38,54,74 Halstead, J eff 33,36,38,39,41,48, 49,50,52,63 Halstead, Jennifer 32,80 Hammet, Pat 45,71 Hammond, Jerry 77 Hammond, Linda 84 Hancock, Becky 32,41,45,63 Hancock, Rex 23,27,41,50,74 Haney, Frances 27,44,77 Haney, Peggy 27,32,40,71 Haney, Penny 32,34,36,43,74 Hanna, Mike Harney, Joel 84 Harney, Paul 21,29,48,63,25 Hartman, Brian 80 Hartman, Cheryl 84 Hartman, Peggy Harvey, Tom 29,36,37,41,7l Heaton, Anna 32,40,64,65 Heltzel, Larry 80 Heltzel, Terry 42,55,74 Hernly, Janet 80 Hernly, Janice 84 Himelick, Brad 80 Hines, Karen 27,40,74 Hines, Melinda 32,41,7l Hinshaw, James 80 Hinshaw, Larry 54 Hobson, Linda 3,32,34,44,27,77 Hodson, Roger 43,54,84 Hoober, Lois 84 Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, Robert 80 Hoover, James 84 House, Don 7,l0,27,33,42,44,50, 61,64 Houser, Joy 80 , Houser, Randy 74 Howell, Bill 27,44,61,74 Howell, Rick Huff, Jeff 81 Huffman, Duane 27,34,44,77 Huffman, Shiela 41,43,74 Hunt, Duane 35,38,54,77 Hunt, Rick 27,35,50,54,77 Issacs, Mildred 27,44,71 Issacs, Terry 74 Jessee, Patty 32,34,37,42,45,74 Johnson, Angela 42,61 Johnson, Angela 42,61 Johnson, Becky 32,40,45,74 1 Johnson, Billie 27,32,45,71 ' Johnson, Calvin 81 Johnson, Darrell 37,42,77 Johnson, Daryl 10,27,44,64 Johnson, Nolan 27,44,74 Johnson, Pam 32,43,45,81 I Johnson, Priscilla 27,74 ' Johnson, Rebecca 40,42,64 ' Jones, Don 3,33,38,42,56,64 Jones, Dorothy 74 i Jones, Edward 84 Jones, Ron 33,56,64 Keeling, Gisele 84 Keeling, Jerry 27,44,74 Kelsey, Steve l8,33,43,52,65 ' Kennedy, Jack 81 Keyna, Marie 81 King, Mary 81 ' Kirklin, Pete 29,65 Knipp, Terry 33,65,56,60,33,56, 60,65 A Koger, Cheryl 85 Koger, James 74 Koger, Minta 81 Lamb, Carol 77 Lee, Braynt 33,49,52,64,65 Lee, Jacky 26,37,40,5S,77 N Lee, Ronnie 34,43,77 Lester, Dean 38,54,77 Lester, Tannya 81 Lindsay, Becky 85 Lindsay, David 71 Lindsay, Jane 32,34,37,74 Lindsay, Kenny 65 Lindsay, Randy 38,77 Lindsey, Alan 27,33,38,71 Lindsey, Joe 40,85 f Lindsey, Rex 27,33,52,71 Loveall, Dan 85 Loveall, Sam 36,48,70,71,72 Lowder, .Gary 74 Luellen, Christy 27,32,36,44,74P Lumpkin, Leanore 32,34,36,37, 65,67 Lumpkin, Wanda 27,32,34,36,4 74 Lumpkin, Wayne 27,36,39,54,7 Markum, Judy 27,32,40,44,65 Markum, Marsha 27,32,40,44,7f Martin, Mary 32,85 Martin, Rick 4-3,51,70,71,72 Masterson, Cindy 3,27,32,34,44 55,78 McCormick, Connie 11,55,71 McGaughy, David 27,77 McGaughy, J. M. 28,33,48,49,52 71 McGee, Milferd 38,75 McGee, William 78 McIntyre, Roberta 81 McKinsey, Dennis 27,38,4l,44,7l McQueen, Jennifer 17,27,32,40, 41,43,71 Mettert, Mary 27,65 Mettert, Mike 78 Mix, Phil 23,66 Mounts, Virgie 85 Mullens, Brent 38,74 Mullens, Wayne 66 Netherly, Jack 38,43,71 Netherly, Rudy 81 Newton, Rosie 32,40,78 Norris, Fred 38,71 Norris, Joe 85 Nunley, Betty 27,55,75 Nunley, Debbie 81 Oakerson, Becky 32,81 Ogden, Charles 81 Ogden, Jerry 27,38,44,54-,78 Oxley, Karen 27,32,41,43,44,75 Paine, Steve 4-0,43,56,75 Parker, Gary 29,33,36,52,53,66 Parker, Jeff 81 Patty, Jerry 85 Paul, Kim 85 Peden, Connie 75 Peden, Mike 81 Peeler, Stanley 81 Peeler, Teresa 85 Phillips, Jackie 78 Pierce, Nick 27,28,71 Pierce, Rick 78 Poindexter, David 75 Powell, Donna 32,75 Price, Ernie 85 Price, Mollie 32,81 Pugh, Kay 10,32,36,41,66 Rader, Cindy 42,75 Rader, Mary 8,9,27,32,40,43,71 Rader, Sharon 32,81 Radford, Morton 78 Rawlings, Diane 85 Reed, Dan 85 Reese, Jimmy 81 Reese, Melanie 27,32,43,44,75 Reese, Melinda 85 Reese, Mike 85 Reese, Randall 85 Remmler, Debbie 27,32,78 Rice, James 38,85 Rice, Robert 50,54,78 Riddle, Danny 71 Rodeffer, Jana 10,11,l7,29,32,36, 40,43,61,66 Rodeifer, Jerry 2,38,39,54,78 Satkamp, Shawane 85 Searcy, Dan 33,56,7l Searcy, 'Karla 32,78 Searcy, Wanda Sexton, Danny 78 Sexton, Marsha Sexton, Phillis 75 Shaffer, Brenda 7,29,32,40,41,36, 43,71,72 Shaffer, Larry 81 Sharp, Glenna 81 Sheppard, James 81 Sheppard, Penny 81 Sheppard, Robin 27,44,66 Shirrell, Regina 75 Shore, Cindy 32,81 Shore, Randy 27,44,54,78 Shrum, Charlotte 27,32,45,75 Sink. Denise 81 Sink, Jimmy 72.82 Sitzlar, Jeff 82 Sizemore, Richard 75 Sizemore, Jenny Slinker, Anita 6,32,36,66 Slinker, Gary 49,54,75 Slusher, Rita 81 Small, Clyde Small, Soug Small, Earnestine 27,28,41,71 Small, Ernie 78 Small, Glenna 82 Smith, Brad 82 Smith, Elizabeth 32,82 Smith, Phyllis 27,78 Smith, Robert 27,38,78 Smith, Shirley 82 Smith, Sue 75 Smith, Terry Smith, Toni Smith, William 27,41,72 Snyder, Diana 27,32,34,44,78 Spurlock, Barbara 42,72 Spurlock, Jeff 38,78 Stewart, Beverly 32,75 Stewart, Mike 75 Stewart, Sid 21,66 Swindell, Gay 28,32,36,37,72 Swligmger, Jane Ann 2,32,35,36,40, Swoveland, Bonnie 41,66 Swoveland, Debbie 27,32,44,72 Swoveland, Les 36,38,39,61,67 Terhaar, Billy Terhaar, Daryl 38,39,75 Thornbro, David 38,56,78 Thornbro, Rick 38,56,72 Thornburg, Jill 82 Thornburg, Joe 28,29,33,37,48, 50,51,52,72 Thornburg, Warren Timmons, Lee 37,78 Trinder, Terry 27,29,32,4o,4s,12 Troxell, Allen 67 Troxell, Karen Urlage, Barbara 27,32,35,36,37,40 Urlage, Sharlene 32,82 Vaughn, Becky 32,42,75 Vore, Jerry 42,67 Wagner, Thresa 32 Walradth, Lynn 32,82 Walradth, Rita 27,32,41,43,72 Ward, Jeff 82 Ward, Jeffery Ward, Patricia 32,34,4-0,72 Wggner, Debbie 3,17,29,32,40,43, Warner, John 27,33,52,72 Warner, Julie 32,82 Warner, Tom 29,33,4l,4-3,67 Watson, Gary 82 Watson, George 72,75 Weaver, Randy 82 Williams, Doug 33,34,48,50,51, 54,75 Wilson, Gary Wison, Judy 27,32,35,36,41,45,72 Wine, Brian Wisehart, Rick 2,54 Worden, Cathy 32,82 Wright, Kathy 3,11,29,32,72 Wright, Neda 32,82 York, Robert 78 Youngblood, Monte 37,75 New Decade ....... New Challenges 1970 MEMORIES STAFF Co-Editors ............. Pete Kirklin, J ana Rodeffer Business Manager ................. Brenda Shaffer Seniors ....................,....... Tom Warner Underclassmen ...... Dean Haggard, Debbie Warner Activities ....... ....... M arcia Fouts, John Catey Athletics ..... . . . Gary Parker, J oe Thornburg Academics .... .... K athy Wright, Pete Kirklin School Life ..... .............. J ana Rodeffer Photographers .... .... P aul Harney, Ron Arnold Copy writer .... ............. ' 1' om Harvey Typists .... .... K ay Pugh, Linda Golliher Anita Slinker 112 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost The 1970 Memories has been our attempt to ac- knowledge those challenges, accepted and sustained, which were wrought by a new decade. These conclud- ing comments are our final effort to put in words what we failed to communicate in pictures. Two points of dubious interpretation require clarifi- cation. Challenges are not confined to specific geo- graphical areas or particular student bodiesg they are shared by all people on a global level. Secondly, challenges are ushered in most noticably by definite epochs, such as decades, but they present themselves in an inconspicuous manner every living minute of every day. They may seem as many to us as stars in the sky, but nearly all challenges can be boiled down to a common denominator. It is to such a goal that we, the 1970 Memories staff, have aspired-to reveal to all people their con1n1on challenges and common cause, so that the seed of Man may remain immortal. QEREGUN YSHHBDUKB A

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