Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN)

 - Class of 1960

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Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1960 volume:

. 'dz gyfqfgf-1 .49 it n '- ' -'V ' mf' f-iffvwffl A . ' K, , . 135 fp? ave' gk: Q , n , v gg A . ji, . T I. do 'S -'E 1, r A s S AE 'if . ."3 'Y Y .J Y. 1 . x 2. 'Z ls :fa- s AQ. 9 J. g. Q 8 I. X: 1.5, I., Q w 5-4 1 ue FPL' V 1 4 4 9 , R 4' 1 4- ' FF? R xf 2 v fi , 1- 1 :X Uniqn 411:77 -Y-JG T4 - w -wg.---Asllew A., 4 .,.,-- -A A We the Seruors wlth our school year swrft ly closmg pause to catch a frnal glrmpse of the happrness and frlends we ve a Many thrngs have happened thrs year we mg closely to our hearts the fond mem or1esofth1spastyearatU H S The 1960 Memorres IS to you our frrends teachers and parents You made rt we preserved rr through word and prcture The Staff Q ' ' ' h d. shall never forget. We find ourselves hold- Dedication Administration Seniors Underclassmen Athletics Activities Advertising 1' ,, f X' 2' 7' ,,,,1lC ,.i f4auu44Z Staff Editor - - - Co-Editor - -- - Business Manager - - - Artist ------- - Assistant Artist - - Sales Manager - - - Advertising Manager Proofreaders ---- MARCELLA CORKELL - MARY ANN OHLER - - EDDIE ENGHAUS PATTI THORNBURG JERLDEAN HUCKABY - CHARLES' KIRKLIN - - DIANE KEESLING WINIFRED JARRETT NA IDA HA LLER 03273 U MUTUAL HOME Presents H E Future Leaders v f A Q Tomcbrrow LQKZQH Charles and Mulberry Streets Mxlnrie, Indiana STOP DIVIDENDS CREDITED AT THE SIGN OF THE BIG CLOCK SEMI-ANNUALLY Muncie's Largest Financial Institution June 30th and December 31st HOME LOANS Made at Home - Stay at Home Safety of Your Savings Insured TO BUILD - TO BUY - Up to 510, 000. 00 I TO REMODEL "Muncie's First Choice Save by the 10th, Earn From Home Loan P1an" the lst. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING ACROSS MULBERRY 3 mst X 3 S2 W N ,N A x --my Q Q x Q Sf, If x SXT -- ' 'TY x X X .X FQ'-I s 225 :SSS Qi' Q 'N Q- A numb .X . . T rt ES X X Q x K x SX X R X X X a i S N S .. f r 3 Q ww QQ x I gzsss DOROTHY GOLLIHER School secretary 5444465 LARRY THOMASQ A.B., B. S 12th sponsor Social science LOTTIE PHILLIPSQ A. B. 12th sponsor Language I Q ww ws-. is - Q Q I Q S .S X Ffi q A J. fu ! X +x NQNN X ' , 5 S ' 5 v EI:-. x NN X- X Q fix X. xi' x X N X Qxx wx Q XM X .TX X X N x is .. ..,.f:Q,,. Q55 'Iffix -M X L.1X . .,.1: 1 .1ik,..,. , sam X x X . Amiga ,, XX R A , jk "lx :els if ,... .. Q xx W W X' Q'-wwrwmwxww. . sf R? ' x E X E M.. A ,x ,az .. , ..: .. W .x Q ,J N, ,. ..::E.'-wQmggg- M b: in . f , if , fflgwf , M f Wm., Q v , K . , VEE: K iff' 30 X Q QN XXXL W., QM ES -Q . A i kS..M.,Q 1- E Q . XNXNXQAX , ,. -X25 -x-- f . KX X X X X X X 1, L Lf- XT Y L,--L . X 1 . ix .. - X L x .Xa-Xi 1 X4 X X 0 x I A X X X f N. X X X X .XQX Q Q QQX X Q5 S K K X .X Xi 51 .S S X172 X- 1 X Y -X X55 XX S X XX ? gr X X X S 5 X S 5. E X 2 X 1 i XX Xi N X X R N Q X2 E 3 X ,XX X N X X X X X X.X XX 5 GX X .X Xx X9 X X X XX N., Qi X X E 2 Siva g, H 2 i XX-XX X -X s X5-XXX 'i N 'iff nifiiiskiffiiix. ,W 'F 2 3 ' - s K' X ' asia xfisi XS 3 ff .E sk X . flfcisf X X N L XXX g l -2 " XX XX X15 Xwi J .X skids S Q E. g. Xi - QNX X R ki K "Xl N X. X- X. Q :X --.gi . X. . . X- A --XX-Q.-XX,X.XX XX.X,,.. Xxxx SS gig- X X X X .Ax x X .X.. X .X . S E g E X 2 X Q 1 Q X1 X . L - ...T ....... tw"-s .. .. . ...M X N Q X X . MX XX . X X .. ,XRXXNNX S X XXIQ X X' K- X.. N 'EFX' A-. XXX ax. -Q ---- - .. 1. X K - - f- :X-if - X 5-S 5 T ' gg . "'-fx XXX .X X A I K K Nh. t. 5 X ws .ia .5 xg- 5 ' .V X . .X XX X, K , W .K X i X - .X L - . - - . K. X .L H X WTA I X? K X 3' QQ Xi? XXX N X X XXX XS XX X X XX M X SNXX S X- TX-X X XX X A X351 QS Kg sg Q Q K. LX df X XX. SX QW i x K Xx XX A X x . Q XX w X FXX . 5 ii! E J I X S X T. Q E i 1' 'Y QS L X S HX im ge X. ff W ESS ,X 2X Egg 3 X K XX ' E XX X X Q X5 3 X Q K X X X233 X X X X NX X-XXSX N 52? X XX .. S. xX.- XXXNEX XXX XXXXXXX i X 'Gini'-' X XM X. XX X . N . Y QQ QXN X X ,.:f.f:. X 1- f'55S5:?: 'X X S 1 Xe su x X xx Qi k XS ' . S?QqTX 1X XY XXX ' - .X,X S X r .S s,::f3is, X.-.X . , .WX SSX fiSSwXXX .NXXXXXXXXXWXXXW N-XIX: X 5. XX 5 X im .XM X Y X X N X N A Q mx XX XS X K Ns .. K ff - -S X 1- .... -. ' N f X is K W X Q 'ff ,xx Q- N l.. X1 F 35 if xx S Q? swan is -MN-Q Q x Nz K +A S N WWW www NW, -Ns' 3 Nw-.f,.,.,,,N..ff 5 S 5? W SM K ww 5. YQQ5f , i3l9L X xg ' , I' NY , X X Q' .X g, ,X s W XS . xx 9- Q XXX X X . XX. -X QX X- -XX - S 3 ,px LX . w - Xgiax L .27 S M XX X A X S ,, X if V ss FS fi: fy ' -X. I ww-asia., - , N 3 5 ,X S' S fi - Xix X X XX .NT :ax 1 1 SX X mg ig -s 35? S35 EQ 5 is N3 Qi NU S55 5-. CHARLES B. KIRKLIN WINIFRED JARRETT WILLIAM LAFEVER QCharlieJ Center School Class President Class Play FPA Judging Team Student Council Basketball Baseball All-Conference Honor Society Annual staff 7606002 RED ROSE qWinnieJ Class Vice President Class Secretary 3, 4 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Latin Club 1, 2,3,4 Band 1. 2, 3. 4 Cheerbloc 1, 2. 3, 4 4-H 1- The Ladder of Success Is Always Upward G ,, flfq . 19 U flfiv S MISS LOTTIE PHILLIPS MR. LARRY THOMAS Newspaper Staff 4 Drum Majorette 4 6 qBeanj Class President Class Vice President Class Play Honor Society Basketball Baseball All-C onference FFA Judging Team Student C ouncil Treasurer Latin C lub ROYAL BLUE AND WHITE l 3 l, 2,3 l, 2,3 JANE SHORT ROBERT H. CROSS JUNIOR NANCY C1-1 App-ELLE Uaniej Class Play Latin Club Cheerbloc Newspaper Staff Office Staff Chorus HELEN HATTEN Cheerbloc Newspaper Staff Librarian Student Secretary QBobbyj Muncie Central 1, 2 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerbloc Contest 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff FFA Student Secretary STEPHEN SHARP fSteveJ Basketball 1, 2,-3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Cross Country 1 FFA 1 Chorus 1 Librarian Band 1, 2, 3 Drum Major DIANA KAY SWAN Beme French Cheerbloc Newspaper Staff Chorus 1. 2. 3 JOSEPH MORRIS Uoej Class Play FFA l, 2, 3 Judging Team 1, 2, 3 MARY HELEN STALEY Class Secretary Class Play Honor Society Student Council Secretary Cheerbloc Newspaper Staff Librarian Sweetheart Queen Office Staff Student Secretary 4-H LILLIE MARIE ROC KHILL qMariej Class Play Honor Society Cheerleader Cheerbloc Newspaper Staff Office staff Student Secretary Math Contest 4rH TOM SHARP Class Play Basketball Baseball Track FFA Judging Team Chorus 2,3 2,3 2. CARL FETZER Union Class Play FFA NAIDA HALLER QNaderj Class Treasurer Class Play Honor Society Annual staff Latin C lub Vice President Chorus Band Newspaper Staff Cheerbloc Chapter Sweetheart Student Secretary in Ney X 15 Q--M . ' .:ff.':',SN:Ix W ' .. N X Xl- .. . . X . S gx N X XX XX X XX-X .k,,A,NX, Q w- N ix A A X Q I k NS Q X K f X T X - - i s . " .. X . X A -f M X x .XXQXQ A-A535 ..x. ' E ..x. -xx ., Q X X X m i .- .:.-xxx Q W I. YS Y- 5-11. . - sv-::.:.X 1 A -- vm X X X sw -- Q. -if K XS 5 N Q " - . if-Q - ?'?SQ'x raw KX K L L x Y X X QS- K Nw -Q x NN A YM A - f X5 by KS. SS . - s is :wha -- . 1 :N l' I xv SX X N Q S X N XA xx V X .L -.SRX .g Av -- X W x gf .. 'rf wk-Mew, . K H " :tr If N Q 55, fs x X .k ..Efi. xi Q X X X X Q QNX S X X K X Q Y 5 . XX K S X X xx 2 X E WNX i -455 39: saga A fx .LAXx. W , . -- Q2 .i A: J -Xi .. AM x .,, ,. ,Q Q . , .x ,Q ,R -If Q Q . fi -. f X S X . :ky L A iififiafst 1 Ref fu- . .: -E'-'.:f3L - l :. X S xy X S E 'X g 5 ,,x,,.x ,... , . N x Q 1 SX X A 5 LWXSQ QQ Q -- -Q-AX-N -Q Qs -X -Q QQ, Q - - - - QQ 51 - Q X Q Q x AN X - -K ..... QQ Q E Q w RQ- ,Q s TX bg Q -QLNS I Q Sk' Q:Q N Q -s S Q wk W' TQX Q - RQ Q X-Qi S N gk -Q Q' Q ff QQ - f nf- Q Q Q Q QQQL QQQQ Qx b,,, QQIL L Q Q5 .K Q QQ.. Q AA-- A F- - 1 'Q Q Rx, Q1 - - QQ.QQQ --- wi nfl-Q. 5 ' bf Q ' ' fwlkz' -QQ X- 'Qk3f'51f:55Q -Q QQ - Q A Q QMQM XQQ NN Q Q 35 N S. 5 - :QQQQQQS QQ QQ -X:--:Q Q X - -Qi -W Hf-:w--1QQ -- A ' A x "WQ.::QQQQiQE V ' -" ' k -QW : QM -x-- Q- QN Q Y ' Q 'XS -N ag ' ii lg? Q- - QQQ Q- Q I 1 Q Q QQQQ QQQQQ Q Q eww- ' ' Qilifsxf x N .. QQQQ 5 .I b X- S Q Q Q Q ffQ...., K Q X , N S9 N - QQ Q NN -- Www Q Q -Am... QQ QQQQ Q QQ g.Q:fQ1fQgQQQg Q -Q X x m QQQN TOMMIE KOLP PATRICIA ANN THORNBURG FRED SEARS IERLDEAN HUCKABY Latm Club 1 2 3 4 President Vrce Presrdent 3 President Chorus 1, 2, 3 3 2 1,2, 3 Reporter 1, 2, 3 2, 3 3 3. 2, 3, 3, 3. 3. ,WH 1 Q2 f ---- TX I N X X X XX 5 K MXN X Q WX X XXX Q X. XX.. X..p.5.X X 'V K '-X . is 5 W A-am ik' NN . 1 .Xy XX X -1. S X X.Yx ' X' A X. ' x .. X.. . .,:X-XXX XS " S S ix - X X X S XR QQ X X X SXX' f . . AXXXX X X X' .. X X 55: . Y XX- ' NX X . Xa X- X ' X .X X Wm XXX X XSX X XX- X X X NS. 1 X N xg X 5Q XXX XXXSQS s .XX 'rw' X X X S Q w 2 S 1 Q. -4 Q:E5Q:X.'. iifi. X X A X, X 2 X X X ,X XX M XX 'X X SX G .- 5: X . A X - 'mxaiwfxiz-X- x X- XS: XFX - X., XXX .XX A-X5 . . . X X - .- .X - -X. - 5.,.XX. A - K X ' -X X53 XJ- NX -E XXX Y- " X sXX...X X S -.X is X X X X X X X .,Z S s -'Sage WXXX X. sf ' 't i i iixz X XL X AW .. X- if 911 X gg A Q' X Xi X X NE 4 X XS S NS X' K Xgtwxfa E, X e' .4 X K: ANWHQ' ,H i S .1 zz E r is gf s is si S E 'E it is Q 3 I Tj 2 ii gg to i f t w 2 BARBARA DAVIDSON CHARLES PRICE RHEA JOYCE SWAIM QBobbij QBi1lJ Uoycej Economy School 1, 2 Class Reporter Class Play Class Play 3 Basketball l,,2. 3, Latin Club Newspaper Staff 3 FFA E Cheerbloc Office Staff 4 Judging Team Newspaper staff Student Secretary 3, 4 Student Council Chorus Track l, 2. 3. GEORGE PETTIGREW JERRY GORDON FFA 2 Class Play Librarian 4 Student Council Chorus 4 Honor Society 3 FFA 1, 2, 3 President Secretary Baseball l, 2, 3 4-H 1 Student Secretary. 3 .- :J x . Kg s 3 S. . v X: K X .- Xxx as ' X X l Sw R , 2- - -ag A X S Q.. A A .-awk MNA 1 X m--Q '?-2. NM W X 1 xg X -Q .55-,sa . .Q N N A ... X. X' " ' X .Yax-Givi- X .-Sw. Q. - - . ... Rx. K, .. S .1.. . y . . XSS.. 15: f.: . .X . . N N. Q. 2. , X S A Q WW ex X Sf xi 5 5. 1xvf"" .. X 1. . ' S -we Wk: . . .....,... W 46 X as WS ' XX ' I ' X ix X S . k'N5 a K f F i E ss? h x . 5 . wg... if Lf Q: .k i Q gi x 5 .gig iw' if .is fs K. xx X. . N XXX K M X X X X I N x x . ' . 1 R F X , - a , X 2 fi. 4 ,-1 xx ---, M X 'iiiifl fi K, S -?..:.-"FRN ll Q R I A ! ..,. , . S -M533 1 av zW wmv , 31: W MW Mvwmmw 1 1 Mmmm wwfmwsew www W' I 5 5 W-.NN A ,, TXNN, NNXN, . X- " -wx M N , .M ,W A WW 17 JW ' 'M-MFMWAYMZVZ, K ' f' ' f my V IFA 11,..,Q. s Nw, S Sssfcms K fn f M ff J f 7044! fr XZ? 5? Q 0' W " S QS.- 1 if R2 X '-.:s::s Q. X - X XX X ax QX A mms , Q 9 X 59 XX 5 XQEQSXX QWY X X Q X xN X XX N 1X if Q x S xi . -- . 1.-S: X X ESX . ::.. X XX Xx X X X Ta X E s X XX i X XS? M MM S X Xi: X. S i , . is? is as SL XS is 1 X A iw Nas SQXL KX 5 E X K :..:-3.3-:K X 3 R XXQ X Xxyx XX X? if Xxx X X 5 X X3 2 5 Sf X g 5 Q ? up .X .ew uuww1iQ Wy any fm NANCY VAUGHN CAROLYN HIATT v1o1.A HUNLEY MIKE SHAW CONNIE RIDDELL DARRYL DECKER RONNIE CROSS RANAE THORN IUDY DINES DONNIE JESTER JULIE DAwsoN STEVE CARNES JAMES BAKER ELAIN 'rlxw-:Y DEAN PURSLBY PATTY ANDREWS IANICE BAUMGARTNER ELDRED KING ROBERTA CROSS LEE CHAMBERLAIN MARILYN COX NILES SHARP MCCOY VENTERS JOHN SEARS DIANE MCCORMICK LINDA RAWLINGS BARRY MACY HAZEL BEST TOM SWAN SUSAN LINDSEY ARTHUR LUMPKIN LARRY OVERLIN RONNIE FOUTS PAT CARD PENNY SHALLENBERGER MARTORIE LANTER DENNIS TIDWELL FRANKLIN POTTER BOBETTA MERRITT JAY GLASER CAROLYN DeWEESE SYLVIA FOUTS JERRY HUCKABY 3 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Obgieefw BUTCH BIRD KENT HOLADAY CHERYL MAs1'r:RsoN sus HAGY SANDRA onuza James Duncan Io Ann Lindsey Janice Deweese Ronald Oakerson Jerri Naylor Janet Wilson James Byrum Judy Fite Betty Crabtree James Stone Sherry Tutterow Kenneth Miles Rex Haney Shirley Deaton Carol Warner Steve Gibson William Terrell Naomi Golliher Mary Alice Hatten Myron Cougill Joan Hodgen Karen Felton Robert Reynard Cheryl Masterson Mike Hoover Thomas Hamey Judy Hurst Ada Lamb William Lanter Carol Cougill Judy Clouser Ronnie Stamps Richard Keesling Fred Pursley Joyce Oxley Carolyn Nunley Danny Foutz Clyde Kearney Barbara Games Teresa Cline Kent Holaday Eugene Kearney Charlotte Kellams Keith Stewart Karen Jackson Jack Naylor Linda Andrews James Petty Sandra Ohler Sue Hagy Rosemary Amold J im Stoker Merritt Freer Stephen Haynes Sue Wagner Vicki Hodson Cecil Smith Q.A ii.. X - EX I IS E Q3 X' X X X www 1 X H 3 5 X 4.1. X Xxx X . N5 fq X X' SESS 5 - 5.5 S.. Q fx YXXXZRE 2.29 ik ki ml 'Y Q . K S X, fi X A f X .gm . .. A X2 .E Q 5 . Q Ni' SQ Xi XX .. X. . . . X- N. 'X . X-1 . . .. SX S X X - W '-h' XX g -. X 1 X 5 Q . - . X .3 . --.. . .L-L N . X 1 -. X A X s' QL .NX X . X f.X-.XXX .-XX .X XX. - XX ,X . Xi 5 XS ., ,X ss X....Xxw X X.. -XX .... X X -. .. X X .XXX XXX QS .XQXNQ .. . X J' . - - N K X. XX 5 L-.- Q X. .rf :X Xf: KX K 1' X . X: XX X X XXX- Xa X X X.- N X X , X N Q as rr S Q www SX L - X A .Xi X X1 X ' .. . A :XX X' - ' gg., SXX 5' . , ' X - - X X RN . -X . Xv X A - 1 . XX X. X . K f Ss ' Q .1 S 5 Q X 1 1 X E X R . X S T S S Sk X , , X XS QNX L X M H .... XX , X S K x . R S Q 1 -' . X R X Lx-- X E . ' XS X is W -. - E .5 - g SW - - x .X .X X- N 1 ?? X . - . b XX X X X XXX . X X X -- XM XY S, X X N S333 3 SQ 5 H wx X X X Q X Q , ---.,X.X ..-. -Xa-.gi Xxg . ' X . .. NN? ll 1 1 X X .-. ...gg . Q- .gf . X535 SQXX T 'X .fm - XQXXX- XXXX X X XS"f XXX X X . . X f 6iXXQX.Qg-5 -. QNX... ...XX 'E ky NX X XX X? Xi SN .RX X X X gif QS. X X ii i: - X-X . X XXX Q - 4. - 'IE-N..5 R:Q.. 'N -Q X XX .... ,ll-,.,Il Sherril Cline Larry Marshall Sandra Bales Douglas Sharp Larry Bolinger Johnny Sharp William Brandenberg Virginia Baker y Barbara Hobson Ioan Kirklin Joe Loveall ' Steve Burton 4 Marjorie Rockhill Robert Fletcher Wilbur Seward Rita Johnston ' Maralene Heaton Mark Brewer Timmy Oxley Louise Keamey Fred Couch Richard Boone Bonnie Hodgen Carolyn Lindsey Stephen Golliher Sondra Petty John Stanley Pamela Fisher Billy Meeks Iary Dawson Carol Sue Parker Raymond Hunley Edith Melton Linda Ralston Bobby Conyers Donnie Williams Patricia Baldwin Karen Bentz Batiua Jester Rita Masterson David Hernley Brenda Sherry Pamela Rawlings Gene Criswell Becky Brown Buford Turley Betty Jo Staley Gary Poindexter Mark Card Connie Norman James Wilkinson Lee Crank George Clark Connie Goodson Robert House Ronald Rule Patricia Moore -X .X -- - - T. i..-Q . ... .5 , . - 5 . 'X--T . fs - X. .. --X -- . -. . -- .. -.- .. .XX f -f-X.imN-.. X ii.-V1-:QQ Q- . -.----QX.-LS -SX 5- -'SX N ii N-xg-X ... -W XX- -S--5 A -- -X .... X . W. XX N. 5-2. X XX -- . X -. X X X- -.- . .. - X. X .. F' - - X- T -S--X . X X X - - - N X.----.-' i-5 X X X -.XXX-'--1 F' XX X-9-1 9- -'.-,:fX- -ix--.fbwi-.' Q J- . 1. X'-T-X'--F2 .-K " - 'X--XY -'-- 1- XSXXX- XXX .X X- ' is -X xxxk--NX-A M .. 1. 2- .- ,--..s ..-1. .L --X- . X--X X.. ,-XXX,-.X X- . X... X in-. JiKX.i1iX ST5xQ4'.'-L-ifli .- -.g-5g.Q':'5X1- K g Xfffi-X'? .gQ -Xu -XXX S.-"3-42 f QNX 5 -ei X' -15-gn? X fl .. - , fu ii-.2 -- X -TY X- X? 3 "1 X X .. . . ' ? . 1:31 rfizw-N 5. my , - X -XF X--' XXX- -- -X X., X - -2 -- -X .5 . 5 5. 2 - QNX .::aQQQ..QzXf- f --- .5 . sg, . jwg X. Q... X 1 Q. Lx .5 ' - lwjiff- 'Mi A., .D .H .. i -iw X335 S3 K X .X .X X X! . ' 3 . X . ...M , .SX .XXX - X X S .... . .... -S . 2 - --" 5 - Q -- - - - . X 1.1 5 sg. 5 . if 5 1 Q Q T 1- . K 5 Q -XFX 5- 'f ix - E 5 3 X ii W E S V .... .. li i :I - E53 E' A. 1 5 4 X .. :fif . :ig as e x 4 E .E Wi-Sv S- 2 2 S RX 21 1,-2 -.EO QM-' 5535 W 12-.32 5 N552 ifik .. 4 Q 5 X f X 'X is 3 A E E555 . .S Higgs. Q 55523-5' 2 555- E 2 f 1 Q 4 Y Eg 53525 Q ' If- sil- i ' - ' . , V335 Si! X-52 K 3 1 E .3 2 .- . SX - 1 z f f ,ii . ig- I, ,Qi 5 . . -g ff . Q g f- EQ Eg . - X- : X v - X L ..-. :iw XY . .-XX X X . ..X- N Jn Ronnie Johnston Carol Hunley Lora Hunt Eddie Hinshaw Marilyn Thornburg Bobby Heaton Teddy Worden Dennis McCormick Faye McGaughy Carolyn Dines Katherine Stone Bobby Kellams Susie Foutz B Bonnie Deweese Jerry McAdams Willien Nunley Mary Ann Hamey Linda Bird Harold Haney Alan Clevenger Harold Duncan Beth Deaton Larry Grubbs Mike Golliher Clara Jane Waldron Bruce Swairn Dale Shutz David Stonebraker Nancy Weaver Sherry Nunley Kay Bertram Eddie Mason Judy Lanter Carol Loveall Patricia Haney Ronnie Deweese Robert Morris Ricky Owens Donna Black Larry Halstead Carol Moore Leon Leach Shirley Card Steve Stonebraker h,, , Jimmy Pegg Sharon Canary Pam Felton J Barbara Shaffer Gorden Fisher Judy Wolfe Donna Gable Gary Hunt Judy Bolinger Georgia King Earl Gene House Joe Johnson Jane Ballard i James Brandenburg I Oe Thompson . .vb 5 Q H.. X X X . --XX.XXSf'sfi X X . X XS fi X X .X X.. X . .. . X .XX s ...X 5 X XXX X Xsi. X-X X5 XX .. X AX RX: X1 - X X , . gym . 5 XX Q -S 5 S --.X-X -ref., ' . .Xg 'X it. ..X. X. 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Charlie Ruff Rosalyn Thornburg Janice Wilkinson Patty Mitchell Steve McAdams Robert Loveall Roberta Smith Eugene Corkell Linda Miller James Nixon Pamela Miller Lonzo McCormick Linda Fields Timothy Wolfe Linda Staley X -1 N - -.XL XNNS Xxxf' L X IL L L ,L 1 --XA L - L L L L LN L WN L gi-E33 L LA K L K f Q L L XL L L - - . 'XL L L L L X L L XM ,Lg L L L Y L Q ' L T5 f NL L X m - L LQL :L S L: K S L L LL Q Rxg L L X W SL, Q! LXEL -L NX L L it L, L L L L L, L L X L L M--Q X 'Ba - S ,Q X L Xi Q QNX w ae sl L N X ' L 5 Q Lis L 5 QQSSWS QQEL, N L LLEQXX X S L L K S if S LL ' gg L L S S VL .9-:LfLf A K fs, L- K x--wx L X L Q- AE 5 - -- N A sf L LM 'SNA M SN - X Ex X XX f k - :I L T 3 fx L 2? 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KNIPP CITY SERVICE Phone 3718 Modoc .A Car1OS Compliments of WAYNE DAIRY "Your Health Is Our Business" Richmond, Indiana FARMERS STATE BANK A Good Bank in a Good Community Lo santv ille , Indiana AULTS A B C MOTORS Used Car Dealer Muncie LA-MAR FLORIST Smartly Styled Designs for All Occasions Phone 3644 Hagerstown GEO. Sz TED'S SPORT STORE 96-98 E. Main Street Phone 4565 Hagerstown FARMERS GRAIN CO . Carlos, Indiana BLUE MOON DRIVE IN J ct. 35 and 36 Losantville, Indiana WINCHESTER NEWS and JOURNAL HERALD Your Best Bet for Randolph County News Compliments of a Friend PARSON FUNERAL HOME WARREN T HO RNBURG Lime Spreading Farmland Phone 2557 MUNCIE ROLL-A-WAY Roller Skate for Fun 2.600 S. Mock Ave. Muncie Phone AT -Z -8724 FARMERS DAIRY Buyers of Cream and Milk Carlos GOODNIG HT IMPLEMENT CO, Minneapolis - Moline - Olive r Farm Implement s Muncie SWARTZ MOTEL Owned and Operated by MR. AND MRS. CLAY J. HUFFMAN Across From WLBC-TV 3625 Swartz Drive Muncie C ompliments of LOUGH'S DRUG STORE Mooreland, Indiana COCA-COLA Drink Coke in Bottles CARTER'S DRIVE-INN LosANTvlu.E Dining Room Electronic Ordering System Jct. 35 and 67 LUMBER COMPANIES I Muncie Compliments of "Complete Building Service" C. F. SMITH Phones Compliments of AMERICAN SECURITY Losantville Modoc of 2524 2331 Winchester ' GIRTON AUTO PARTS, INC. New Parts for A11 Cars and Trucks 129 - 133 N. Main Winchester C omplime nts of REYNARD FUNERAL HOME Modoc , Indiana Phone 2371 Compliments of JIM LAWRENCE Chevrolet CARPENTER AUTO SUPPLY S. Main Street Phone 3821 Winchester, Indiana Parker, Indiana HAGERSTOWN HARDWARE Cgmplirnents of Hardware Stoves RINEHART BARBER Paint SHOP Phone 3351 Hagerstown Hagerstown Compliments of NICK BEST Modoc SANDER'S GREENHOUSE Economy Phone 2 13 9 WILLIAMSBURG STOCKYARDS Buy and Sell Feeding Pigs, Feeding Cattle, Fat Hogs Phone Fountain City 2902 Williamsburg 2621 Ph o JODY'S RESTAURANT Owned and Operated by MRS. A. W. HENDERSON The Place for Home Cooked Food ne 2471 Centerville Compliments Of RANDOLPH COUNTY SALES MCCORMICKS FEED AND GROCERY 210 N. Main Street Winchester Phone 2750 l K 8: F FEED SERVICE Compliments of KENNETH KING EVA FAUCETT MADU-'L MARATHON STATION Where Customers Send Their Friends Phone Paplax 6-3135 New Castle MARLIN HARDWARE Farmland Phone 4741 Compliments of DARI - DELITE Farmland FARMLAND CANNING COMPANY BETTY and BAKER ROBBINS ELIZABETH and HENRY ROBBINS Compliments of A FRIEND MODOC SALES ALLIS CHALMERS New Holland Parts Sales Modoc , Indiana New Idea Service CITIZENS STATE BANK New Castle Branch MR. SUMMIT "There Is No Better Place to Bank" OWEN 'S SUPERMARKET Known for Quality and Service Phone 4191 Hagerstown Prices Balance the Budget KESSLER'S SPORT SHOP 916 Main St. CLIFF DICKMAN, Prop. Richmond Phone 23075 N Team Supplies FAYE S. FISHER Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent - Winchester You Are Invited to Visit the HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO of Richmond All Models on Display Come in and Try Them Courtesy of ROBERT L. KBOBQ MILLER, Mgr 904 13. Main C ompliments of MOORE'S MOTOR SALES BY-LO FUI? N x Tecfii i ,Uc- Furniture, Rugs, Appliances Meridian at Washington Winchester DON "BILL" BROWN Plumbing T renching Losantville, Indiana Phone 20 12 Compliments of GENE ABERNATHY SINC LAIR SERVIC E FOST ER SHOE STORE Always a Perfect Fit Farmland Lubrication Battery Service BLQUNTSVILLE BICKNELL at KERLIN BLUE FLAME HARDWARE 2512353 A Main and Perr St. Ha erstown L. P. Gas Bottle and Bulk Y g J. M. MASTERSON Compliments of REXALL DRUG STORE JIM BURTON Phone 2071 Phone 2071 Hagerstown McCORMICKS PARKER INN Home Cooked Meals and Home Made HARLEY SHAFFER - 'U ples PHILLIPS 66 """"'i Owner Q OPAL MCCORMICK Modoc Compliments of BILL SWINDELL Compliments of RANDOLPH COUNTY FARM BUREAU CORP. P JO'S SHOP STANDARD SECURITY of CORP' Winchester 104 S. Meridian Winchester First in Ladies' FaShi0I1S Shoe Fashions Compliments of ROBBINS GIFT SHOP I CRAWFORD 'S JEWELRY Hallmark Cards Kodak Cameras South Side gf Square 107 Franklin Winchester Winchester WINCHESTER HARDWARE COMPANY RCA Frigidaire Phone 25341 Compliments of WINCHESTER PAINT 8: WALLPAPER By-Lo Building Phone 22 13 1 "Do Your Buying Where You Have A Variety to Select From" Richmond Compliments of KEEVER-STUDIO 'Your Senior Photographer Best in Black and White and Oils Farmland UNGER 8. STAPLETON Complete Sales and Service on Bottled and Bulk L. P. Gas 1514 Broad Street Phone 751 New Castle p SEARS Roesucx Shop at Sears and Save New Castle Phone JA 91340 C omplirnents of FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Friendly Bank New Castle MORGAN MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales and Service Parker Phone 348 1 BARTEI. 81 ROHE RANDOLPH COUNTY BANK Qffice Complete Banking Service School Member Federal Deposit Corp Janitor Serving the People of S 1, Randolph County upp ies ' 18 921 Main Street Smce 65 Richmond ECONOMY IMPLEMENT CO. Lowe Brothers Paints Westinghouse Appliances Hardware Phone 2.0 l 1 Compliments of SHORES GARAGE Modoc Gasoline Oil Auto Repairs Compliments of PIANO STRING COMPANY Moorelnd 1 SPORTS CENTER By-Lo Building Everything in Sporting Goods Winchester Phone 46 92 1 K i Compliments of CITIZENS BANKING COMPANY Lynn, Indiana PEOPLES STATE BANK A Good Place to Bank Economy A Good Place to Sell Livestock FARMERS COMMISSION CO. Muncie National Stockyards Phones Phone 253 1 GLEN RUBLE GUY WALDO AT 8-4063 AT 8-5688 I Phone At 4-3211 Muncie Compliments of CARMENS GAME!-ES The Friendl Sto DRIVE INN Y re LEO BASTION 8: SONS Winchester South Madison at 18th Street HOOSIER BARBER SHOP . Four Efficient Barbers Muncie Muncie MITCHELL'S SERVICE STATION ECONOMY ELEVATOR Mt. Pleasant Grain Your Friendly Standard Oil Dealer Feed I Coal R. BRUMOND SMITH NURSERY One of Eastern Indianafs Leading Nurseries Phone 2121 Economy 64 Acres Phone At-2-5144 MARY 'S SHOPPE 'Where the Unusual Is the Usual" West Side of Square Winchester C omplirnent s of BLO UNT SVILLE E LEVATOR Compliments of Your Congres sman RANDALL S. HARMON and CLARKE B. PAYNE Legislative Assistant KILMER FORD AT LAND OF NOD 4 , ,gums is f .-x PRISTON TOOL and DIE COMPANY Muncie Compliments of CARL BALDWlN'S CLOVER FARM STORE Losantville SPARKIES IMPLEMENT STORE John Deere 4109 N. Broadway Muncie FRED LAMB MODOC FOOD MARKET and HARDWARE Phone Z 16 1 MU NCKE Your Future Success Depends on Your Thrift , Habit Build Financial Security With a Savings Account at MUNCIE FEDERAL VINGS5 Loma QL.f.C.E.ILMS 10 Main and Walnut Streets D E R A5 in L E Muncie , Indiana KING AGENCY General Insurance Real Estate 114 E. Washington Phone 2- 1261 Winchester Compliments of WALTZ. DRUG STORE FARMERS EIQEVATOR The Best Liquid Fertilizer 100011 Soluble No Bags to Lift Phone At 8-1951 Springport I Compliments of I SHEPHERD'S, INC. 5 Formerly Duvall Clothing S A 1 1 Quality Clothes for Men E. Side of Sq. Phone 23341 Winchester P ROBERT H. CROSS Compliments of U.S. 35 at HOLLINGSWORTH BARBER SHOP , T Losantville T Lynn, Indiana Phone 2791 I LOSANTVILLE 8. MODOC C 1 f f omp iments o INSURANCE ROBERT M. FOUTZ FRAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE C. V. JOHNSON Compliments of SANITARY MEAT MARKET A Phone 2621 Losantville East Side of Square Phone 22731 Winchester BERTRAM BRIKRETE CO. Building Supplies Pittsburg Paints Aluminun Doors and Windows General C ontractors Fireplace Porch Enclosures Phone 2 196 Modoc I Compliments of PAYNE'S HARDWARE Winchester C ompliments of ENGLE'S MUSIC SHOP Winchester PERFECT CIRCLE Manufacturers of Piston Rings . and Power Service Products Q, 9605 NJ ERFEC , so E QQ A cofzf S fi? Y? . '9Ty.5cf' An Indiana Industry Since 1895 Hagerstown, Richmond, New Castle Rushville, Tipton, Indiana U.S.A. Subsidiaries Muskegon, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario, Canada Compliments of IS GOOD LYNN BREAD INSURANCE AGENCY Lynn ggmtgi phone 581 1 RICKERT 8. BERRY 10 ""'r Compliments - f IMPL. COMPANY W mm 0 CHENOWETH S John Deere Sales and Service Winchester Phone 4987 1 The Quality Store Since Ninety Four Lynn "Say It With Flowers" BUNSOLD'S Foon MARKET ' 110 E. Franklin Q xg" i 'gfifi S Winchester GREENHOUSE . 1 Compliments of Mooreland Phone 6332.1 DEATON'S APPLIANCES Flowers for All Occasions Modoc Compliments READMORE of You'1l Find More to Read at Readmore M. L. "BUD" HAGGARD 929 Main Phone 21330 Winchester Your Standard Oil Agent Phone 275 1 Losantville SUMWALT JEWELRY 102 W. Washington Winchester COX STUDIO Portraits and Photo Finishing 111 N. Main St. Winchester DURBIN AUTO SUPPLY 115 N. Main KOLP'S MOBILE FEED COMPANY "Grinding and Mixing on Farm" Supplements Fertilizer Molasses Phone Winchester 49623 Phone 4541 1 Winchester Compliments of Compliments f PARKER CLEANERS 0 B1 t ,H ACME-GCCDRICH 01111 SV1 e ELEVATORS HILLSIDE MOTEL MR. AND MRS. PETTIGREW "We Make You Feel at Home" Modoc Manufacturers of Goodrich Feeds Compliments of TRIMBLE GRAIN CO. Feeds, Seeds, Mixing, Grinding, Poultry Supplies, Coal, Salt Lime, Fencing, and Fertilizer. Phone 2 15 1 Losantville Compliments of ST . 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Suggestions in the Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) collection:

Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 37

1960, pg 37

Union High School - Memories Yearbook (Modoc, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 80

1960, pg 80

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