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,bfifig fy 665 'QQXQQJ Ov dfflfgpgmb My , Qwujfew 4,6O1'U O5 . gpm, Q ' P JWTUMW A CMT WW W fifbfffl f ' .3 WF - I MQW 2 APS bf f ff ' .QNMJQA fggvigv 5? fa3w,5mmi?Q W1 Bef if i CMR, A Q5 'Ng 15 A Qyw J 153 Xf 1 K ww Q2 QW' WU' QRWAXSQ , jfs C333 956' bfeimoyfspfv S95 0suGggQSfgJt5F'A Acwwvwigyk J, Yvjfy., 55-SN NOSJX gwyfgwwo -S? vvggjvcyqxgm Uosjw X 655' J' ff 5' 0? Y' 9371305 +954 + tQX3Dk,..Q,'Q'f' , gf5j,5i5ygs O55 XY P 1 A n aww Ssxwgm gi My I gxjmwx xxw .Semen whim S mxmm J' E 355655 iw mwwm E P , i r JJ, .' -Asmmm MAAJJJ Y E. S?52immmgm wwf XMB , X L E-ij,L,L. F U,-,. QJWANMWZSEL-N I Awning irixkk A-JM A-AAi,kA ,Zin-AAA-km N ,, . . ,Lip f ,, ,Ui , M , . .. , 'Ii i The Senior Class of 1985 Presents The Gold ll Q The Seniors would like to thank the Following people for their help. Hr, Qgdelotta for his support throughout the gears we've spent at Union High School. Luther Lofland for his work on the 7th and Sth grade sections. Max Jones at the Sullivan Dailg Times who supplied some negatives and our advisors Hr. Tom Hiatt and Hrs. Debra Stringer. f i L E 5 2 Q 2 Q1 3 I, ramen: comms Aamanigfmion 3 Sen mS 10 spans 21 Activities 45 Underclassmen 51 5meHwy 11 SCHOOL B0 RD James Case, President - Jackson Twp. Rodney Drake, U. Pres. - Fairbanks Twp. Larry Reynolds, Sec. - Cass Twp. Ronald Frye - Jefferson Twp. Howard Turner - Curry Twp. Donald Tinoher - Superintendent Richard walters - Assistant Super. VISHORS Dn Sunday, September 23, 1383, a dedication program was held in the new gym at Union High School - Dugger Elementary. Dur new Facilities were complete. Dn hand For the Dedication were Don Tincher - Superintendent, Gene Powell - Past Assistant Superintendent, Richard walter - Assistant Superintendent, Bill Aydelotte - Principal, Jack Greenwood - Elem. Principal, Dave Blanton - Architect, Joe Dukes - Health Officer, School Board Members - Larry Reynolds, Jim Case, Howard Turner, Rodney Drake, Ron Frye. Mr. Reynolds presented the key to the building to Nr. Hydelotte. with this new addition we Eell we have provided much needed Facilities For improving the academic, vocational and physical education opportunities available to our young people. The building is dedicated to that goal, and we wish to thank the many people who helped make it a reality. Hr. Bill Hgdelotte is our principal in the high school. He trulg is a Friend to the students as he helps the seniors at Union prepare for graduation. UNION HIGH PRINCIPAL BILL AYDELOTTE Mrs. Marg Fuzesi is the school secretarg-treasure a job which keeps her very busg. Mrs. Phyllis Arnold greets each visitor with a smile and alwaus knows the answers to the mang questions posed to her each dag. ll' Mrs Deloris Agdelotte Miss Donna Arnett: B.S. Indiana State Univ., Sp. A.A. Stephens College, Education. B.S., MS. Indiana State U. Jr. Hi. Language Arts Cheerleader Sponsor Hr. B.S. M.S. Hath, Assn't Fred Bogd Indiana State Southern Ill. Athletic Dir., Football Coach S . Mrs. Linda Bush Miss Jill Butcher Mrs, Rhonda Crooks B.S., M.5. Indiana State B.S. Indiana State B.S., M.S. Indiana Sta Uocational Home Ec., Jr. Hi. Hath, Health, Jr. Hi. Science, Stude FHA B Sophomore Sponsor Phgsical Ed., 8 Coaches Council Advisor. Uollegball, Softball 8 Basketball. Mr, Robert Dukeg Hr. Jesse Flogd Mr. Joe Hart B.S., H.S. Indiana Univer. B-5-. N-5- aUStiU P9aQ U- B'S-- M-5- Indiana Sta Speoial Education, Jr, Hi, Band 8 Chours, Drama Club aft, PNQS- Ed-. UaFSit Football, Special Ulgmpics Basketball, BBS9bBll X. Mr, Tom Hiatt Mrs. Jaoklgn Johnson Hr. Luther Lofland ,S,, M,S, Indiana State B.S., H.S. Indiana State B.S. Indiana State r. Hi. math, chemistry, Jr- Hi- Health, Phys- Ed-, Learning Disabilities, Qnnaul advisor, Senior Bth Grade Advisor Camera Club Advisor Jnser, Jr. Hi. Football Mrs Margo Sluder Mr. Conrad Passen Hr. Tom Phegleg: B.S. M.S. ' . 5-, H.S. Indiana State Indiana State Univ., wood B'S'? m'S' Indiana State Natal Shop Shop, Asst. Coach Cross Busggiiil-5Dgg3Tggi 8 Countrg, Basketball, Baseball, Junior Class Advisor. Nr. George Slg . - . Nr. Buford Smith NFS- UUFl5 5PFUBtt Si' "LSP, Indian? State B.s., rms. Indiana Stare HB- Ball State U- 3 099' WS- 5C1e"'CE- Guida,-,Ce T1.A. Indiana state u. hletio Trainer, Golf, Business Spanish . I l Freshman Advisor Junior Class Advisor 7 if Z V W, 24 H! g5'?i 1 fx wf Q 'J f l N . P l St l F N SU I dag B U M A Indlana State 5 N 5 IUUIBUB Sta Hlgnxscnaal 2 Jj?'TjaHiSh german Engllsh 5e"'101' 535182 ?L'fgSECeFrg2Eigr Soclal Studies Uarsitg lass 8 Annual 9dV1SDF U Footbail Beta Club G1FlS Track UPPY 5 oo l W' B Qljf Hr. Qrkie Uandeventer N155 Judy Ullllam M.S. Indiana State Unlv N S Indlana State Driver Education J 1 Llbrarg Cadet TBBCh1DQ Social Studies. 7th Grade AUVISDF ff i SE IORS Tracy Renee Church ulracn Ulf you want SENIURS Flower: Blue-Hpped th' d t t ' ' sD"'edZ"?.E2Z55ZT?.5D D While Carnallon Beta 1,E,3,H5 Yearbook E,3,H5 Drama Club 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,H5 Prom Comm. 35 Class Pres. H5 Yearbook workshop 35 Uer. Choir 25 MottolProgram Comm H Colors: lJ.8 Dk. Bwe and Silver William Scott Hale "Bill " 'lf you can't behave, be careful . " Class Uice-Pres. 3,95 St. Council Eg U-Person H5 Gol 1,2,3,H5 Tri-River Conf. Champ 35 Camera Club 3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Uar. Choir 1,2,35 Drama Club 1,2,35 Dutstanding Underclassman Music Award Eg I.S.S.H.A. District Contest 1,2535 I.S.S.H.A State Contest 2,35 FHA Hg Cross Country 15 Cross Country Award 1 5, Molto: 'Y Knowledge Hghls the wayy lo the luIHlImenl 4 Kellea Jo Plummer 0 i 0 u r Lynn SCDtt --p1u,,,-- I f "Uick" ,-The 5 t ,S is f those b "Nm iifa is so hard that whouptllan For gt-." r I g h Il e S' d r e a UUU CSf1'f Band 1,25 Chorus.2,3,45 Uar. Choir H5 ISHA State Girls Ensemble 1st 8 2nd Place Drill Team 1,2,3,H5 Capt. H5 H-H 1,Eg3,H5 Seo. and Tres.5 FHA Q5 Class Sec. 25 Tres. 3,95 Prom Comm. 35 Float Comm. 35 Notto!Program Comm.H5 Yearbook 15 Coal Miners Daughter 3rd Runner Up the way Softballg 2,35 H Shorthand Prom Comm 1,2,3,H make it easier by you take it.' Class Secretary 'H 15 PFES. 15 I,II Awards 2,35 35 Float Comm. Motto Comm. H fa Q1 Tammy Denise Qlgman LBDT1 Alfred Bsdlllell nhlzgn nBig Leonn 'Dne of the most beautiful nTFU UDUF h8FdBSt 811 the A qualities of true tima.' Friendship is to understand TFBDR and Field. B0U1iDU, and to be understood.n Cafeteria WDFKBF 1.E,3.9: Tri-Hi-y alglqi Beta qi lst Place State Bowling Drama Club E,3g Class Sec. 3g Band 1,25 Drill Team lg Basketball Queen Candidate 1,E,3,Hg Homecoming Queen Basketball Hg Shorthand I Rmard 3g,Drill Team HUP lg Attendance Eg Yearbook Hg Hotto!Program Comm. Hg Float Comm. 3,4 Dana Dawn Blake ' 'Ranan nDon't Judge a book bg its i l cover.n Basketball Mgr. H: Track score keeper 35 H-H 1,E,3,Hg Drama Club 1,E,3,Hg St. Council 15 Beta Hg Tri-Hi-Y Hg Host comical 4. 1 Michael Scott Blevens Mark Alan Bose 'Mika' uNosen 'The road is rough, so take a side path!n Uarsitg Choir l,E,3g Drama Club 1,E,3,H .Q 'q? ln? 3' ?i:'i .F ,C xA,?, XAN ,ff E Traci Neil Boyd nFred, Jon Kevin Cornelius UTD be the best, what else 0 nCorngU n nRock and Roll ain't noise Footballig gh:FBTri County . po11ution'n n1l'C6nE. H Baseball 1,Hg Basketball 1g Football 1,E,3,Hg Track 1 Paulette Rene Erdlg npete li nwithout dreams there is no need to work, without work there is no need to dream.' Uolleyball E,3,Hg Co-Capt. Hg Softball 1,E,3,Hg U-Person 1,E,3,Hg U Basketball E, 3, 'ig Co-Capt . Hg Uar. Cheerleader E,3,Hg Capt. 3,Hg Basketball Queen Candidate 1,25 Football Queen Candidate 3,55 Hoosier Girl's State 35 Spirit of Jr. Miss Award Hg Beta 1,E,3,Hg Tri-Hi-Y E,3,Hg Uice-Pres.3g Pres.H Jonathan wade Enochs DarinNEeekC0Uk5eU "The wan-us" 00 S" Football 1,a,3,ug Capt. -15 "1-BVS Det C1129-" Track 15 Pep Club 15 Choir F?05bg1i EE3,:: E35?Btb:11 1 E,3g u-ch' a,:-ag H' r - - ' HP- a ral: ' CTL? 1 is Dry 1,a,3,u,'Baseba11 1,E,3,'ig 12 Todd william Gambill ll ll Football 1,E,3,Hg Capt. Hg Baseball l,E,3,Hg Golf 1,E,3,Hg Basketball 1,E,3,Hg Capt. Hg Beta 1,E,3,Hg Pres. Hg All Conf. Football 3,Hg Bon Hickman Award H Patricia Rae Goodman uPattg Raen 'To each hislher own.n Drama Club 1,E,3,Hg St. A Q Susan Renae Fifer HSUB D UDF all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these-It might have been.n Softball E,3,Hg Basketball 1,E,3,Hg Co-Capt. Hg Uollegball 1,E,3,Hg Co-Capt. Hg Tri- Hi-Y E,3,Hg SBC. Hg Beta 2,3,Hg Pres. Hg Band 1,Eg Chorus 1,Eg Prom Comm. 3g St. Council H: Cheerleading 1,Bg Football Queen Candidate 1,E,3,Hg Homecoming Queen Football Hg Basketball Host Improved 3g Uollegball Host Kills Hg Dar Good Citizen Award Hg Typing I Award Eg German I Award Eg Jr. Miss Scholastic Award H Y Tong Alan Figg uPeachn nNo pain, no gain.u Football E,3,Hg Golf 1,E,3,Hg Camera Club 1,E,3,Hg Pres. 3g FHA 3,Hg Pres. Hg Joe Alumbaugh Award Hg Honorary Football Capt. Hg All-Conf. Football Hg Motto Comm. H I it James Michael Goodwin n5ome things speak-for Director -lg chorus 1,E,3,Hg themselves-" Uar. Choir a,3,qi FDDtb3ll 1,3,Hg Golf E,3,Hg 1.s.s.m.n. lst Place stun Beta 131 FHA 1-E-35 St- nistrmt Contest 1,Eg End Council 'fi WCB Pres- 1-E13 Place Solo District Contest Float Comm- 1,3-3-'fi Prom 3,Hg Beta Hg It-1-H1-v -1 Comm- 3 ' 13 'Richard James Hag RUBEN? JBUIBS H39 nRiChiEn nRQbn Special Dlgmpios 1,E,3,Hg Bowlingg Drama Club 1,E,3,Hg Chorus 1,2,3,H 4 Shage Kluesner nkluesn alt is not Fair to ask of others what gou are not willing to do gourselE.v Beta 1,E,3,Hg Tri-Hi-Y E,3,Hg Chorus 1,E,3,Hg Uar. Choir E,3,Eg Solo Ensemble Contest-District 1,E,3,Hg State 1,E,3g Drama Club 1 E 3 H- St. Council 3 H- Pres. H, Class Uica Pres. Eg English Award lg Football Queen Candidate 1 E- Basketball Queen Candidate 3,H, Cheerleader 1,23 Float Comm. H nNothing is impossible onc gou set gour mind to it.U Choir 1,E,3,Hg Drama Club 1,E,3,H David Land A Jon Robert Helrigel nnaddogn alt, nL1Eti: BEQQ? it, 'Jesus is mg light house, th mf 'fl feth ,Q E? Football Manager 1,a,:-1,45 B fl U B C ass' Cross Countrg 1,43 Floai Football 3,Eg Camera Club Comm . St. Council 4 E,3,Hg FHA 3,Hg Class Uioe-Pres. 3 Riokg Lee Loudermilk Kenneth w. Lgkens nBeavn vxenngn nwhen all is said and done, there is nothing left to sag or do.n Basketball E,3g Football 3,53 Cross Country Eg Beta E,3,H FHAg Hoosier Bags State 33 Class Pres. 1,25 Float Comm. 3 Brent Allen Martindale nrloggel. sl nThings aren't as hard as they seem.' Football 1,E,H ,Jw an iJ,5j5fWg7f t , a.t f' 4 has MLA? V',, ga W Jag Allan Hiller UNac Squirrel' s charlesnkggcrsff' Jr HIE gou can't be-good, be DDD as I sau not as I Food at it' I1-ack 1- Football 3 Drama Club 1,E,3,HgUChoir ' 1,E,3,Hg District Solo and Ensemble'1,E,3,H X . R Johnaggggnw acer David Reynolds 'Cavemanu Football 1,E,3,4g Golf 1,E,3,Hg ' Rog Borden Robbins nJokern R K ' ' - Z' ,,-:: V may ,.,,. fwfggi G :Sn R Tim Rogers Russel Lee Rooksberrg "RS-1-Ph" "Live it up while gou can nThe most I wanted out of St. Council 2,3 school was mgself.n CrossCountrgE,3gTrack1,E,3, Hg High Jump Record Eg Todd Eugene Talpas James Allison Taylor nShortie' ' nsladen Football 3,Hg Basketball nSometimes you have to E,3,Hg Capt. Hg Golf say...nUhat The Hecklin 1,E,3,Hg Baseball 1,2,3,Hg Football 1,E,3,Hg Camera Cross Countryg Camera Club Club 1,E,3,Hg Pres. Hg Beta Hg Uice-Pres Hg Beta Hg 1,E,3,Hg FHA Hg Host likely Loren Wiseman Award H to succeed H Lonnie Scott Todd nPooch' nTo have a Friend you must be a Eriend.nBasketball Hg Track 15 Cross Country H 1 mr 36 - DSB Larry Raymond wolfe, II nwulfeen HIE I'm not myself, than who am I? Cross Country 1,25 Camera Club 15 Drama Club 1,E,Hg Uar. Choir 1,E,3,Hg Float Comm. 1,E,3,Hg Prom Comm. 35 District Solo 1,E,Hg State Solo 1,25 Yearbook E,3, at IU Hg Yearbook 3g Beta H. Contest Contest Hg CCHSS workshop mi? Saw if .. .. "" ,. ..,, , M ? , f 74 ' sq ew, , '-'W f H f ,,.,,.,2E 1 '- 33-." I K, , ,, A 1 ,M -. , -'RPN -,: 'f?m ', : ' fa .Mn if f' 3 ' fa ,JJ V --"7" '-.. '1 4535.2 :!K?f' WLM ,Lgffl Lu 7 ' - - 'J-'LT K ' my , N 14 L1 ,, 1 2527 ,K 4, j Q , "BY VOTE OF THE SENlORS" MOST POPULAR:Darin Cooksey 8 Paulette Erdly MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED:Jim Taylor 8. Susan Filer DRESSED: Todd Talpas 8. Shaye Kluesner MOST ATHLETIC: Todd Oambill 8. Paulette Erdly MOST COMICAL: Tony Figg 8. Dana Blake "FAVORITES" FOOD ACTOR ACTRESS Pizza Clint Eastwood HeatherThomas SONG MOVIE Can't Fight This Feeling" "First BIood" by REO Speedwagon "Beverly Hills Cop' UNDERCLASSMEN Scott Figg 8. Keri Alsman 8. Leslie Dellion I -m nf H g, ees, A W f M K 4 ji? x W .. Aw 2 vi if 15 2 1 W3 ' L!,!1' fy M A . ' 2 Mix J, . VR ,.., T f 5 i .K sg , W 4 Ni XM , 's-JH ' 5 Ha .iw I MayI7, 1985 Art Award Jon Cornellus Tgplng Award Karl Hlsman Terry Booker Spanish Award: Lgnn Smith lorothg Dugger 'si Iota Xi r Sullender Award: Shage Kluesne Hrian Award: Shage Kluesner 1' . , ,W , 'Y f-. 'wr ., l Graduation Union High School graduated 39 seniors on Mag 15, 1985. This was the first class graduated in the new ggm Eacilitg. Bill Hale led the Invocation and Senior Class President Tracg Church introduced the speaker For the evening Reverand Joseph E. wilson of the Dugger Methodist Charge. Ualedictorian Susan Fifer spoke about the future and its possibilities. Salutatorian Shage Kluesner spoke on the potential of Union High and its students. Hr. Ronald Frge and Hr. Larry Regnolds, Board Members of the Northeast School Corp. presented the diplomas. Benediction was given bg Kellee Plummer. gxxflxf ' 2' 7 N' ,N ',4H 'L-J ' C ...i.l . i z' 3,,L',t, fx, Qi C ,lu ,ff -.' -f5g1ggiE t L4LP,!j Ofyfiiziiigfffiigjy , -jg- , : f s -,gJ,' " 's as f-1-f as 'lllliik-i2?' i47" ::-1':"-AJf " , .. ,M May 19,1985 ug 1 Ng Y 7 sr sronv DIRECfgD BY: Jesse Fiogd STUUENT DIRECTOR: Pat Goodman QECUNPANIST: Eagle Stanhaugh STRRRING: David Pirtle as Riff Vg5 Larry wolfe as Tang M' J Shelly Fulfafd as Graziella . Jag Miller as Bernardo Mark Bose as Chinn Dana Blake as Anita Shage Kluesuer as Maria i Q w vw1' 15- DW Bi s Mm F W Mk Ugg ,: M, x k , YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION 4, was rincess - Traci Moore ZLUQ - Darin Cookseg L Q SPORT 1983 URRSITY FUDTBHLL Rug. Sept. But. Sept. Oct. Front row: David Land-mgr., G, Scott, D. Pirtle, C. Jewell, J. Stuppg, B, Hale, R. Robbins, B. Cullinsg End raw: J. Camden, N. Hidgun, C. Ragnnlds, B. Martindale, B. Ballard, R. Dellion, B. Taglor, J. Halrigelg 3rd row: I. Boyd, 5. Taglor, B. Hunleg, C. Regnulds, D.r meddle, M. Goodwin, J. Griffith, T. Talpas, S. Strahla, Rsst. Beach Fred Bmgdg ith raw: Trainer George Sly, K. Rshburn, K. Steele, R. Loudermilk, D. Cmokseg, J. Enochs, 5. Figg, D. Regnulds, T. Bambill, T Figg, Head Coach Paula Steele. 31 Sullivan T 7 N. Central T 14 V Turkey Run H E1 Cumberland H ES Palestine H B N. Uermilliun T va g V5 ' fff' QM 2 IE Linton T 13 N. Central H "B" Team Q EH N. Central T 1 Linton L T S Palestine T ,A 5 FOOTBALL UNION NIPS PIUNEERS whenever the Union High Schoool Football :eam needs a big play, Darin Cooseg usuallg feta the call. end there was no bigger time :han Saturday Afternoon when the Bulldogs :railed Palestine 1E-S late in the fouth guarter. Cookseg caught a 71-gard touchdown pass 'rom quarterback Todd Gambill to give the Iulldogs a suprising 14-12 victory over :hePioneers in the Bu1ldog's annual homecoming game. The Dugger running back grabbed Gambill's :ass at Palestine's 30 gard line. He raced town the sideline and escaped the grasp of a living Pioneer defender at the 10-gard line .o make it into the endzone with 1:10 left in :he game. The setback mas the first of the season 'or Palestine CH-13, which was a heavg 'avorite in the non-conference game. ,W :' , Q fi 'A - :T W M' 4 ,,:3,,2,, l V ,, ,mf A M ,nf A ' ,, "fv7gQ,,f' "1. f,4 1-'gy Q , f ' fv, h'nW Mxmgg5m4Wqg,i-g ame agW4,f4,-'mvM, Q, K V .- fl., if . KL ' w,m J Ju.N L pw,-ani , iri, z 5, . A E J a Y X m , Heibfwi p 171 ,yrg 'V H ,H 2 . , juur .B..g -1 rpg 4 , ,, ,.., ,V A ., ,,, 112151, I , W V, 'M ,, l,g1 ,V . , ' 'j ", L .QU gh 'gg ,gmwfg ,,VV V ,' 1 ' 3 ' WW ' fb Q7Ww5Mw+ "" iff ,QQQ N5 2 f ugz' f,fQ ann QQMQQQS -.1 .psf 4 9 IQ, , v - '14 M , ' ' ,,,,. 1- M5 2 f ,fl ' J , ' -, ",, a "' . fl ' 'A ,g , 2 1 - . ,,,4,, -, ,f s rv- , ,g A r . Attendants Cclockwisej. Rob Dellion and Peggy Land, Steph- anie Hall and Bill Ballard, Johnny Camden and Sandy Medley Keith Ashburn and Crissy Smith Jon Enochs and Paulette Erdly, Darin Cooksey and Susan Fifer, Terry Booker and Traci Moore, Bob Hunley and Misty Smith. QUEE SUS F IF ER FOOTBALL HOMECOIVII G 84 UNION MIPS PIDNEERS whenever the Union High Schoool Football team needs a big plag, Darin Eooseg usuallg gets the call. end there was no bigger time than Saturdag Afternoon when the Bulldogs trailed Palestine 1E'B late in the fouth quarter. Cookseg caught a 71-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Todd Gambill to give the Bulldogs a suprising 13-12 victorg over thePioneers in the Bulldog's annual homecoming game. The Dugger running back grabbed Gambill's pass at Palestine's 30 gard line. He raced down the sideline and escaped the grasp of a diving Pioneer defender at the 10-gard line to make it into the endzone with 1:10 left in the game. The setback was the first of the season For Palestine CH-13, which was a heavg Favorite in the non-conference game. , if lifes? .4 Hy 'ET'?5'f ,as OLLEYB LL 4 URRSITY UDLLEYBALL U Coach Jill Butcher Susan Fife: Crissg Smith Natalie Frye Carrie Cliver Missy Near Sandg Nedleg Missy Stuppg Leslie Dellion Crgsti waiters Paulette Erdly Gina Momerg UHRSITY BQSKETBQLL Stephanie Hall Peggg Land Paulette Erdlg Marni Pirtle Jodie Nielson Hissg Stuppg Nissg Near Susan Fifer Traci Moore Coach Jill Butcher GIRLS BASKETBALL ISBH-BS Opp. Eastern EH Clag Citg 46 Rosedale ES Shakamak 57 N. Daviess HB Central S1 Sullivan Bloomfield 32 Linton 35 Palestine HH worthington H7 N. Central H3 Palestine SE Shakamak QS N. Central SQ Record 4-11 Q x je' p 6 S. K 9 3 fQ Seniors: Susan Fifer Paulette Erdlg HBH-TERM Peggy Land Sheri weddle Lora Ballard Stephanie Hall Nistg Smith Tammg Uaughn Lgnn Smith Heather Jobe Coach Tom Hiatt .ok BULLDOG BASKETBALL Q I. egg! 1985 UNION HIGH SCHOOL BULLOOGS BEST RECORD SINCE 1557 18 UINS E LOSES CLQY CITY INU. TOURNEY CHAMPIONS TRI-RIUER CONF. CHGNPIONS SULLIUHN COUNTY CHAMPIONS IHSSR SECTIONHL CHHNPIONS '23 K Uarsitg: Todd Gambill Martg Hale Lonnie Todd Todd Talpas Terrg walls Darin Cookseg Lonnie Eberhardt Darren woodward Todd Felt Joe Pigg Coach Joe Hart Opponent we Palestine EB Rosedale 53 LGM SB Eminence 117 Sullivan ES Central 75 worthington 76 Clay Citg ES west Uigo H5 worthington SE Linton H8 Shakamak H3 Montezuma B0 N. Central BH Worthington SB N. Daviess 75 Clag Citg B3 wash. Cath. HE Eastern 57 Clay Eitg 73 Sullivan 35 Owen Ualley 75 Record 18-6 iw They 63 S1 SS SB 53 BH H8 S7 HE SS 70 HE 70 7E HB 70 B3 H7 HE HS 37 B3 Sec Sec Reg of -Team: Mike Swan - 33 Jeff Wilkes - E5 Randg wiseman - 13 Lonnie Eberhardt - EH Darin weddle - ld Shane Camden - EO Coach Tom Phegleg Back Rom: Scott Hankins - Mgr. Benji Hale - E1 T.J. Frye - 15 Scott Gamill - 11 John Chesterfield - Jeff Stuppg. ww .WWW Todd Talpae was the recipient of the Loren Dale wiseman nmard. The award was presented by Mrs. wisemen in memorg of her husband. Freshmen: Nike Swan - 33 Jeff wilkes - E5 Randy wiseman - 13 Lonnie Eberhardt - EH Jeff Griffith - QE Coach Tom Phegleg Scott Hankins - Mgr. Benji Hale - E1 T.J. Frye - 15 John Chesterfield - EE Brad Collins Kevin Pigg - EH 1985 SECTIONAL CHAMPS -.X .mg A -1 A I 1-1 s-.a-N , Bulldog Mascot - Mike Higdon, Joeg Hart - Mgr., Cheerleaders - Paulette Erdlg, Leslie Dellion, Keri Alsman, Missy Near, Crissg Smith, Asst. Tom Phegleg, Head Coach Joe Hart, Lonnie Todd, Lonnie Eherhardt, Darren woodmood, Todd Felt, Nartg Hale, Todd Eambill, Joe Pigg, Terrg walls, Darin Cookseg, Todd Talpas, Managers - Scott Hankins, Bill Henderson. Union Seniors Talpas, Eambill and Cookseg presented the Sectional Trophy to Principal Bill Qgdelotte. The Bulldogs earned the right to play 13th ranked Owen Ualleg bg defeating Clag Citg 73-H5 Fridag night and Sullivan 35-37 Saturday. In the Regional, Union suffered a cold first half, falling behind bg ED points and then closing to within S before losing 75-83. v 1 3 19 ig S n Q ,,,VAA .xv 2 s . , 'K , 3.5, E49 :pk 1fA':'f"f"' - 'f ff' wr wr'-HFC gg' . 2 ,-.P iiaf., gh: nay. ffl' 0 53 f, 'F Z Q ' 4? W WT M? y',!, pM "" A 3 , Z? fm ,, ,, kff.,,, ,Z , Q ,, I 'I "." 5, :fr f ' I Mmww: W, JW?wn:,Q: 5 w'W' ' ' 4' 2? ' , W' f' Timww ,,,. if ,,.W,hMh N, 'W ,,.. hmnwv , , WH 1, A V 1 2 f r e e A Q e ,ri M 1 4 g ""' " - ' " ' V . 'fp . ,A 1, ,,,.,V iw., I, ,, ,,,,,,,, , V , , ,n,, , ,,,,. ,, ww eww. ' -+W. M M Vymf, wWWW W, ff? w,,,,- M'pl GKME' , L - 4 efef Fiedfwiwwwwwe fy f"9L4a1H WMhxJ!Zwf ' E,lQ3HWK2w Hwmwwmwww 3h'iV 'VVLL 'fWWPWW33MWWW: Xff -Wqqggj Q' 5: I 1 . h WWW" 1 ' ' V - ' -- . - 5 LW! . 71 1 V V , Q wi .: f' f ' E, ,,,, , , ,, " Nfyyyy 4- - 'L N A"""A' Mm I eg 2?-rmm www' , ,rwii g5fE? 5 . ,V --- , - f 4 ,f y :fi ,wwmf fff I' e e . KETB LL QUEEN The 1985 Basketball Homecoming Queen was Senior Tammy Qlsman. Temmg was crowned bg basketball Captain Darin Cookesg. HOIVIECOIVII G Countrclockwise: Queen Candidates and their escorts Jeff Ldilkee and Trang Enmchs, Joe Pigg and Leslie Dellion, Todd Felt and Keri Ffslsrnan. Y Clockwisez Todd Talpas and Shage Kluesner, Lonnie Todd and Tammg Alsman, Kyle Delph and Amanda Renard, TJ Frge and Marni Pirtle, Natalie Frge and Nartg Hale, Jodie Nielson and Darren woodmard. F' '31 1 'Jilll lllr , In ""! 1 57' "'9"'1F'l!E5 U1!I!!,1r 1 .ilIil' nlnlr 4151 , 1 , SENIDRS: Todd Talpas Todd Gambill 4:5 is QWTA UHRSITY BRSEBRLL Front Row: Larrg Miller B1 Ballard, Todd Talpas, Darren woodward, John Lennings Stev Nillerg Second Row: Terrg Booker, Jeff Griffith, Chad Reynolds, Darin weddle, H1ke Higdon, Nartg Hale, Scott Gamhillg Third Row: Joe Plgg John Camden, Todd Gambill Lonnie Eberhardt. Apr. Nag BASEBALL S Linton 11 Montezuma 15 Rosedale 16 Eminence EE Shakamak EH Central ES worthington 2 Clag C1119 B Shakamak S Sullivan 13 Eastern 15 N. Central ' 2-an l Q4 fn' sA .cSF, Front Row: Peggy Land, Steph Hall, Angie Brenton, Crissg Smith, Paulette Erdlg. Back Row: 9ssn't Jerrg Church Missg Stuppg, Susan Fifer, Crgsti walter, Natalie Frge, Sheri Ueddle, Gina Nowerg, Jodie Nielson, Coach Jill Butcher, Marni Pirtle. GIRLS SOFTBALL Apr. H Bloomfield T B Linton H S Sullivan H 16 Eastern H EE L 8 N H ES worthington T EB Shakamak H ES L 8 M T 30 Eaettern T Sullian T worthington H S Shakemak T 7 Central T 13 Linton T 13 Central Hf 15 N. Central 'T Nag 1 E 2 XX SENIDRS: iii? It Susan Fifer Paulette Erdlg he , W' , 1. 1 41 :Q Lzhgar Qs, .. , C4 9 K. X 'E ff, 3 Ax I ? id' A xr. 1 s A, if , a y O M iw TRACK: Front Row - John Lennlngs. Daren woodward, Todd Felt. Martg Hale, Darin Cookseg, Mark Graves. Rob Marshall. Chuck Griffith. David Pirtle: Back Rom - Coach Harold Thomas. Shane Camden. Mike Hlgdon, Mike Swan. Darren weddle, Lonnle Eberhardt. John Camden. Bart Taylor, John Chesterfield. Kevln Pigg. '- 'Nlf2f'W - : Q he TRACK f2M,"34 WHT?-MQ A 42 GOLF GULF TEAM: Bob Mason, Todd Gambill, Scott Eambill, Jef? Stuppg, Todd Talpas, Jeff wilkes, Benji Hale, Coach George Sig. This gears golf team were the Tri-River and S.w.I.A.C. Conference Champs. 41 1 u.- J,-.., 4, 1, L .- W 3399.9 W .i in ,WW 3 RT? CHEERLEADERS UHRSITY FOOTBALL Keri nlsman Criseg Smith Sandg Hedleg Hargret Rrmstrong Natalie Frge Leslie Dellion Missy Near Paulette Erdlg, Capt. H if -Y" "'-H' A . '59 :,, . - , - . " ' ef ...le EEE t t' N i?Q....M E --M--A , W I f "B"-Tsnm Sandg Medleg Margret Qrmetrong Natalie Frye .- 0-ls ami Q L 'J V, E -"xxx 'J , . 1 ' , 'Q' I Tppaxb I H 4 V 4 H lygj X , MK - x ' E x W X X Q 1 X NMWLW K URRSITY BQSKETBQLL Keri Hlsman Leslie Dellion Hissg Near Paulette Erdlg Criseg Smith CLUB . , 45 QGAAAKERS i '93 Q-X NEW H QQ 44, ' Y 2'-4...w 0 6 4? O 0 Rick Loudermilk, Jim Taylor, Kevin Crichfield, Tong Figg, Jon Helrigel, Jodg Nielson, Kellee Plummer, Mistg Smith, and Advisor Mrs. Bush. -...iv Af' ay BET9 CLUB DFFICERS: Bart Taglor - U.Pres., Susan Fifer - Pres., Trang Church - Seo., Leslie Dellion - Trees., Scott Eamhill - Student Council. iii HOME EC. CLUB: Lori Cornelius. XX N! N CwAa4c1Ll SENIOR TRI-MI-Y MEMBERS: Paulette Erdly Shaye Kluesner Pat Goodman Tammy Alsman Dana Blake Susan Fifer Tracy Church 0 U.H.S. BAND DIRECTED BY JESSE FLOYD Y 1 -saw. pn fx,-zmfi CHORUS: Rogers Pirtle Lgkens Jeff Curt Mark Rich Dobbins, Tim Jewell, David Bose, Kenng Hag, Rob Hag, Dana Blake, Pat Goodman, Shage Kluesner, Kellee Plummer, Larrg wolfe, Jag Hiller, Susan Fifer, Carmen Crichfield, emg Bedwell. CHORU Mme.. , gi ' ,f V --f -1?-fe EV H, 3, 3 3 P .3 L ff ff, Y if 1 diy ,fl l 44-f"" R D SE IOR TRIP 85 On Mag E3, 1585, twentg Eightg-Five left Dugger dags in eonng Florida. when they arrive but it off and the Sun if Orlando and Sea of the Class of for B Fun Filled It was raining quicklg cleared the graduates were able to enjog shine. Six days were spent in at wet-N-wild, the Magic Kingdom world. The last two dage were spent at Cocoa Beach and in the ocean. u mum, FLORID OR BUST Af' ' ' :'f ' f,, 1.4-1, . "ff 'X ,, .. ,,,, . ,,,, r..., N, , ,,,, ,,,, - , , , ,,,, A ME- VVVV ,,,, ,,,., c W E4 A fn I f . , , - I .' ,fig I ' K ' , l rrrrr 4 r . , V 7.3555 lr ar m 'V ,iv , 7gg,h,,,,v V Mz,g, ,Qi orare? M a eh or . ,fr r , A r 1 . Wray l N' to X" " '- ful , , 3 I ,L W Q 5. 1 V , . 7.4, I 1, 1- pf ' A , ,X I ,Mm 1 , of . Xxim, I Q ,A A r f? IM , ' 2 ,J an 3, l 'Win " ' ' H - "" f ' 4' 'X wi A f ' Q' rrrr F 1 + ,Z 'f ag fl ti J i A AA k A If T 53 ,4 :ff jM5 mi' VZgM'Q: :MJ 5 My '. --5 ..mM QKW, u.' ii 2 i Ill W Qu AL W, c4.nA',, Q'K ' ,saw +86 UNDERCLASSNIEN ' - f Traci Missg ' Carrie Moore Near Cliver St- Ccuncil Sec. Uice-Pres. JUNIDRS ,z., ff' - wr w 1 1 n - .A f , 5 Row 1: Keith Rshburn, Matt Banfield, Amg Bedwellg Row E: Angie Booker, Terrg Booker, Pam Burrisg Row 3: Bill Delaneg, Leslie Dellion, Todd Felt, Scott Figg, Michelle Fulford, Steve Hall, Mark Holbert, Row H: Kathy Lgkens, Mark Marshall, Kim Martindale, Bob Mason, Larrg E. Miller Diana Keri John Glumbaugh Rlsman Lennings President Treasure St. Council MF , Sym: is S 7177. Pficgley 5 . 2, w Row 1: Larry Miller, Gina Mowery, Hershel, Neff, Rom E: Sherry Pearison, Joe Pigg, David Pirtleg Row 3: Lisa Racer, Craig Reynolds, Crissy Smith, Joe Souders, Kyle Steele, Jeffy Stuppyg Row H: Melissa Todd, Tammy Uaughn, Terry walls, Crysti walters, Trevor wolfeg Not Pictured: Jerry Harvey, Steve Hiller, Chuck Sheffler, Donnie Strosnider, Bryan Yuodzukinas. Ls- ' C , 'D Q ' , U St. Coon. Treae. Vice-Free. Nike Natalie Darin Higdon Frye Neddle SDPHDMDFIES Qow 1: Lee Aldridge, Margaret Armstrong, Paula Arnold Row 2: Tim Eixler, John Camden, Shane Camden Row 3: Lori Cornielius, Jeff Dobine, Scott Bambill, Jamie Goodwin, Chuck Griffith, Jeff Griffith, Marty Hale 4: William Harvey, Todd Helrigel, Bob Hunley G on ouf' ei '29 QSM, Rm ani Pres. Sec. St. Coon. R-5ll'lCfY Sandy Jodie Wiseman Medley Nielson PUAYSUIKS: "','5','2,55',i',,ZL Qow 1: Curtis Jewell, Laura Mallo, Robbie 1arsha11 Row 2: Scott Pope, Chad ?eyno1ds, Tracy Robbins Row 3: Deanna Qobertson, Gary Scott, Shelly Smallwood, Wisty Smith, Bill Snead, Shawn Strahle, issy Stuppy Row 4: Mike Swan, Bart aylor, Lisa Woods, Darrin Woodward 34, ,fx ci Assam... PHo1oNor AVAILABLE HH I V St. Coon. Sec. Vice-Free.. PVE5- Tre-ae. 511- CULIN- Rodney Tracy Heather Matt Lynn EEDji Bedwell Enochs Jobe McCammon Smith H619 FRE5HMEN sfvfvfwmnifg if 4 i Z 5 2 Z' . S ' ,'5 i i B , ' 1. li, 4 - gilifggifgillk Row 1: Neal Alexander, Jon Mark Alsman, B111 Ballard, Lora Ballard, Ray Bonhomme, Angie Brenton, Angela Burdette Row 2: Joey Camden John, Chesterfield, Brad Collins, Carmen Crichfield, Kathy Cullison, Rob Dellion, Lonnie Eberhardt V I I DIDN'T HAVE A THING TO WEAR C x fifglm r Row 1: Terri Felt, Stephanie Hall, Mic Hlein, Peggy Lend, Duety Robereton, Ch Wilkes V ,ffwwfluww a , 1 , Lf John Fifer, Travie Frye, Mark Graves, Carl Griffith, helle Haeeman Row 2: Jeff Jackson, Shawna Hirkman, Mo Amy Marehall, Kevin Pigg, Marni Pirtle Row 3: Jamee Racer, rie Shelton, Joyce Smith, Jason Talley, Sheri Neddle, Jeff Fri f ,. ., ' 5 fm mwewwww ll .ma Qi- Lonnie Bedwell Lisa Brewer Leslie Earl Darrin Fifer David Figg David Fulford Traci Bambill Randy Gentry Mary Jo Goodman Bobby Griffith Tina Hadley David Scott David Jamie Danny Billy Tommy Kelly Hale Hankins Harvey Hasler Helrigel Henderson Holbert Horne Jim Howard Teresa Howard Julie Jewell Chriss Jobe Chris Johnson Angie King Karen Eoester Misty Land Dane Lee Jermey Maze Candy Pitcher CLASS 0F 1990 5 .fWWV, 4 CLASS OFFICERS Hazel Pitman Becky Reed Valarie Reynolds John Rumple Mark Sheffler Greg Swigar Greg Shelton Scott Shorter Mindy Smith Angie Trusty Kenneth Tuttle Susan Whitt Eric Wolfe Tami Wolfe Jimmy Right- Meliesa Zimmerman Brian Arnold Rent Brewer Danny Caudill Nicole Chubb Tonya Qhulmh -"' J an h n E12 i i v u" Jmanie Ciiver Melieea Ewlline Jodelle Eordier Casey Delph Jennifer Earl Darren Eslinger Zack Gilmore Sherry "" Griffith J,Dn Hell :". Jackie Hall Jwuy '-.- Hart I f.ff mmm Haeimr Libby Helrigel Derick Landis Johnny LeDune Stacey Lewie Stephen Linn CLASS Seth Scott President Tagna Church Uice-President Tracy Smith Student Council Anna Smith Secretarg Kellg Snead Treasurer cuss nr Mig! VEVz:,k Eg :k,,,i 51 Hn. iii my N l SQ ,U my-its ii? 1 ' Lulaktf wi Buford Smith Arkie Uandeventer , Not Pictured S P 0 N S 0 R S T 1991 Not Pictured: Tammy Gardner Darren Near Robbie Stickford Jenny Huntly Loren Sutton Andy Sutton Stephanie Lowdermilk Wendell McEammon Jennifer Miller Kevin Miller Tracey Myere Mike Neff John Pitcher -Trevor Racer Laura Robbine Larry Robbins Kristy Rogers Seth Scott Jack Shelton Julia Shelton Ana Smith Jenora Smith Laura Smith Michele Smith Tracy Smith Kelly Snead Bobby Swan Cammie Swigar Scott Todd David Usrey Amy Wallace Eric Walters Alaine Webb David Wright 7TH GRADE 7th GRADE UULLEYBALL Front Row: Michelle Smith, Tanga Church, Jackie Hall, Stephanie Loudermilk, Jenora Smith, Melisa Collins. Sherrg Griffith, Jennifer Earle, Jodell Cordier, Kristg Rogers. JUNIOR HIGH 7th GRADE BASKETBALL: C1-ri Kevin Miller J.D. Hall, Donnie Caudill, Darin Near, Casey Delph, Jason Hasler, Eric welters, Derick Landis Sett Scott, Kent Brewer, Brian Arnold, Joey Hart. fs, 7th GRADE FOOTBALL Front Row: Stacag Lewis, Davic Usreg, Bob Swan, Joey Hart, Kent Brewer, Darin Near, Larrg Robbins, Second Row: John LeDune, Eric walters, Kevin Hiller, Nike Neff, Coach Bob Dukes, Derick Landis, Andg Sutton, Caseg Delph, Don Caudill. SPORTS GRADE BASKETBALL: C1-rl mg Haze, David Figg, Fulford, Lonnie Bedwell, Hale, Den Helrigel, is Johnson, Eric Wolfe, Swiger, Greg Shelton, immg wright, Chriss Jobe. Jr. Hi. was coached bg ji Bogd. Bth GRADE FOOTBALL Front Row: Tom Holbert, Randg Gentrg, Dane Lee, Chriss Jobe, David Fulford, John Rumpleg econd Row: Bill Henderson-Mgr. im wright, Jeremg Maze, David igg, Darin Fifer, Greg Shelton, avid Hale, Dan Helrigel, oach Tom Hiatt. BTH GRADE Sth GRADE UDLLEYBALL Front Rom: Marg Jo Goodman, Angie King, Liee Brewer, Kellg Horn, Candg Pitcher: Second Row: Coach Jill Butcher, Traog Gambill, Julie Jewell, Jamie Haeler, Hindi Smith, Teresa Howard, Sozann whitt. 7th GRQDE BHSKETBQLL Michelle Smith, Jenora Smith, Jodell Cordier, Jackie Hall, Tanga Church, Kellg Snead, Stephanie Loudermilk. JR. H Z .f Sth GRQDE BHSKETBHLL Tracg Gambill, Teresa Howard, Lisa Brewer, Julie Jewell, angie King, Mindi Smith, Marg Jo Goodman, Suzann whitt. I. ll CHEERLEADERS 1 vs QE 8 H " JUNIOR HIGH CPUSSCUUNTRY: Front-Chris Johnson. Dan Helrigel. Tom Holhert, Derick Landis. Jason Hasler. J D Hall. Kent Brewer: Back Row- Scott Todd. Don Caudill, David Hale. Chris Jobe, Greg Swiger, Jimmg wright. Sett Scott, David Fulford. Zach Gilmore, Joeg Hart, Eric waltere. Casg Delph. E qwhi' ' JUNIOR HIGH BOYS TRACK Coach Harold Thomas, Eric walters, David Fulford, Jimmg wright, Greg Swiger, David Hale, Tommg Holbert, Danng Helrigel, Kent Bremer, Qndg Sutton, Daren Near, Caseg Delph. :."4' A3457 .f'- JUHIQE HIGH GIRLS TRACK emg wallace, Staceg Lewis, Michele Smith, Jenora Smith, Stephaine Loudermilk, Jack Hall, Tanga Church, Lisa Brewer, Not Pictured - Coach Debra Stringer. W 31 aa, JMB, fa? q,H5 L w g az-1? 53, gag QL. Mu-,y I .: f Y, NQIYKLPWF 1, nv an if 55 ai , any wwwgf 15?-uk! 35 ' WI Q0 if-+121 ,,,, 41 X, 3? fi, Q 5 kk,,, swf. 'V " 9052 ' CCR' vm 1:4 l ,Q . .gh N N ,ff f za - .xsw GR. ELEME T RY ,s:,J' Q li? H ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL JACK GREENWOOD 1 1:3 ."- 'x -. Mrs. Evelgn Erdlg is our elementarg school secretarg. Mrs. Erdlg keeps everg thing running on track. also working in the elmentarg are: Mrs. Uicki Stahl - resource room teacher, Kenga Lovelace - reource room aide, Hrs. Shirleg Holidag, R.N. - School Nurse, Hrs. Karen Bonham - Reading Program, Hrs. Nancg Frge - Reading Program, Mrs. Penng Regnolds - Title I coordinator, and Mrs. Eagle Stanbaught - Jr. Hi. 8 Elementarg Music. in "' in jsf' F-"'. Y 4 ss f' -a ff 5 2 1. N f ,A Stacie Bedwell Josh Bohnert Lane Booker Nicholas Boone Bobby Cox Jack Farmer Sarah Goodman Trog Goodman Gilena Hankins Jo Lgnn Heaton was Leigh Laceg Lennings Chad Hejean Natosha Mgers Angie NcCog Jennifer Neutzi Nathan Newkirk Jodi Talleg Nathan Talleg Nicki Church - A1de Mrs.Drew's A.M. KINDERGARTEN x x x XXX VXXXN xxxvx X DOG NXT lllll i, f ------ f xx f fx Y H 1 ,, N45 I .lr ii... Mrs.Drew's P.M. KINDERGARTEN Becky Ansorge Brandy Bedwell Jeremy Bowman Jared Chambers Davin Gamhill Justin Cottingham Erik Graves Billie John Gregory Amy Land Josh LeDune Jenny Miller Angie McCombs Jeff McGhee Jeremy Neff Richard Patten Tim Reeves Joe Rumple Charlias Thompson Travis Turpen Ray Eedwell Brock Boyd Kyle Delph Kathy Earle Kevin Eelinger Shannon Hopwood Clint Hunt Angel Linn Cami Murley Aaron Neff Ari: Neff Leeanne Ransford Nick Shelton Emily Smith Jason Smith Brent Stringer Tommy Walters Valerie Wilson Mrs Ulson J ,pr 1 VIRST GRADE Hrs. Howard Rig, ff 2 XL Z y, X 1,2445 Q 6 ' M . V ' Qi' J I ak Katie Alexander Lyndsey Barger Jeremy Eedwell David Biberstine i we Carly Eliver Adam Gilham Chad Goldman Kyla Horn Justin Leigh Gloria Marlowe Amber McCombe Dori Ming Joehua Urr Marie Padgett Adam Parr Amanda Ranard John Scott Sara Smith Mre. Howard Robert Casey Kyria Chubb Mandy Collins Joey Gilmore Scott Goldman Joe Goodwin Crystal Griffith Summer Hardesty Ryan Huff Shannon Kirkman Dea-Dea Knowles Nikki Lewel 1yn Nathan Lloyd Joseph Powell Jeremy Ransford Joni Reynolds Holly Talpas Jason Webb Jeremy Wilson Mrs. Kixmiller, No Photo Available 2 . No Photo Available W. fo, SECOND GRADE Mrs. Kixmiller Mrs. Mirkovich SECOND GRADE I .. Mrs. Mirkovich Willie Armstrong Heather Eedwell Vertis Bonham Mendi Carson Helly Farmer Nathan Figg Amber Gentry Rusti King Jeremey Land Jana Landis Mike Lewis Lori Mason Chad MeGhee Jonathan McGhee Betsy Moyer Cari Putoff Jay Smith Tony Storms Jim Todd Dottie Wright 1 A Mrs. Robertson fm r 1 1' THIRD GRADE ,f 'Rv Matt Axe Elizabeth Ballard Brandee Barger Stephanie Bedwell Tabbi Blake Ben Boyd Chad Brewer Jeremy Cottingham Kevin Elks Charity Godeey Jennifer Graves Tom Hunley Stephanie Linn Tim Manuel Corey Mitchell Ewylarxlimnqtlm Mryan Bheffler Jearmd "" Uheltmn Helly Smith Hmlly Todd Hvmn Wuherteun THIRD GRADE Kenneth Eberhardt Eric Fulford Alana Gentry Shane Goodman Larry Knowles Jason Floyd Tiffany Martindale Monty Maze Bryan Newkirk David Powel Daniel Ricketts Bruce Smith Carrie Swiger Bruce Trusty Rebecca Zimmerman Mrs. Crooks Amanda Biberstine Monica Chubb Mrs. Crook WL si V an Kyle Alexander Bobby Cornelius Beth Goodman Pam Griffith Kevin Eberhardt Jamie Hannum Jennie Hasler Leticia Hollifield Shelly Horn Shannon Land Sandy Manuel Jenn McCammon Shannon Mejean Dawn Padgett Jim Rent Jennifer Richardson Neil Stringer Jesse Wolfe Mrs. Brand ,, .V , 'W WW Y FOURTH GRADE 'F S kfrvif -Ly K 'Vs Mrs. Brand Mrs. Ale under FOURTH GRADE Hrs. Alexander Ta11i Bohnert Jon Dobbins Jason Fulford QwwWWQ-wm'WwQW 2 . s c x H Nt, in -. "s Aaron Gambill Joni Goldman Chuck Hadly Steven Haseman Tracy Hunt Jason Parr Trudi Price Matt Ranard Angie Remmel Clay Reynolds Brian Shelton Denny Smith Moses Smith Chad Talley Erin Walters Tim Alsman Bethany Eedwell Eric Blevins Kerri Booker Marci Brenton Jason Camden Jennifer Chambers Hobby Denny Jeff Eberhart Greg Ellis if m m I H Cary Gambill Marci Goodman Polly Goodman Him Hale Melissa Hale W ff: ,iEi2T, a iianwww. Q 5' 2QjQH.Wm " '. We Dggg Hall Dale Halbert FIFTH GRADI 1 V Q. 7' 'Z Q5 Mw4'f"'W"'N Greg Wilkes Mrs. Putman Mrs.Pu1num NN L!L.nllf xx 1 5 Q u in N X ' 1 Chrie Hinser Amy Hirkman Angela Layne Jenny Leigh Tiffany Leigh Darlene Manual Jim Manual Brandi Puttmff Lynn Ranefnrd Heidi Reynolda Nicole Ruff Elana Sliger Jeff Smith Tami Walters Jeff Whitt ff f Y' SIXTH GRADE Mr. Biber- stine a, Angie Aldridge Lisa Benefiel Max Benefiel Hecia Booker Leslie Carson Katrina Chubb Jeff Fulford Valarie Goodwin Tracy Griffith John Haseman Kellie Hunt Jeremy Huff Tim Hirkman Nikki Mason Jessie Maze Kenny Ming Him Pitcher Brandi Reynolds Jerry Reynolds Michelle Rooksberry Lisa Sparks Kelaina Taylor Jessica Trusty Melinda Wright Mr. Biberstien Hope Bixler Christi Burris Dottie Casey Kimi Cliver Brad Codksey Brian Gilham Terri Gilman Christina Hannum Jana Hardesty Chad Hopweod Steve King Tiffany King Terri Land Shanna Lee Hevin Lewellyn Willis Martindale Dane Piqq Tony Rent Pat Ruff Him Eheffler Chris Smith Mike Smith Renie Zimmerman Mr. Steppe SIXTH GRADE Mr. Stenne x ,S4::f!1.f?v1 I it 5 x w""""."' ":' ' ""f, 5 l Row 1: Jenny Creager, Paul Harvey, Greg Holbert, Larry Layne, Stephanie Mahwrin, Floyd Manuel, Chad Mcliammon Row 2: Ricky HcCammon, Gerald Richardson, Scott Richardson, Linda Sadler, Mrs. Harting Not Pictured: Tom Huntley, Joel Terrell, Melissa Thomas SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Hurting 4 A x V F54 in Y Vie ' ' fs..-2 X fl ,jg S ,y Mrs. Strain' Class Tom Cole Mrs. Goldman - Qide Alicia Shorter Brian wise John Rinck Mrs. Strain g . . 1 Q k if I , , X . l rx m xg F?fj 4 t W 5 Q CHA Movin' Un Mrs. Evelgn Erdlg has been a Familiar Eace in the Elementarg oEEice For 5 gears. In those gears, Eveign has Used a great mang band-aids and attended a lot of ball games. She is nom working in the Hgmera office. we'll miss goo, Evelgn. Mrs. Harting is another person that will be missed at Union. After raising a Eamilg and teaching Special Education at Dogger For mang gears, Mrs. Harting is retiring. Best wishes to goo Mrs. Harting. 5TH'GRADE BASKETBALL L 4 LA 1:f: W' ff- 6TH GRADE A BASKETBALL 'M' V, iii :SQQQWM ' " m"':'1,, 4. -v ' f , 1 'NGRIHEASI school fmt , xl? W3 aww!! xK2'f.f'r A H . M ,Jgyzfwy BUS DRIUER: Sparl-cg Exline, George Hall, George Rogerson, Karen witt, Paul Hollingsworth, Bill Lgnn, and Hubert Burks. Our bus drivers oarrg 500 students over a 100,000 miles a gear, theg are a group to be proud oE'. n rrr W ,L li, lf CUSTODIANS: above, Jim Lynn, Jim Manual below, Melvin Kendall, Gladys Daniels, Alfred 3 Kendall COOKS: Betty Page Joy Bixler Roberta Alumbaugh Judy Woods Sue Lynn '-'-T' 3' -LT ' 1' , ' g 1, ' ' YN! Tx, fx, Y M " ' . , 1 f . ,.,. an - " ' I 'I A , . , , 'X z , 2 Q ' ' ' .., ? K M by L lj,-Hg, 1-gwfqgp-L' . ' "- ' f 5 if ff f""- h - lx xizkgeiwglrrn X ,,A ,. , xi: --J-.few ,. . ,M , ,ff , ,, 'M My 2' I V' Q W . wiv " . ,V ,itym -V J .,. ., A-, f w',g . 'fm l f ,, V , I U -L N f' . 1 .-.,,4 y viii" . f":-HM ' f Q47 ,M :f2ff-7 : i-if ., ,A W .il-mv iv' Q 4, ag 3 , , . L' ww ,, v:- ., W -.ML,g,qwfgW, M M Wwgw, N .5 V ' ' ' M' f,j"uvv 5 .,7 -'.n,,zff4pw4j, .. ,. , . Jw, M 5 K .WN k I ,W fa ,K 87 .QGGI oi . 991ff5"ff35 V ,gif ,eff J 84 J Antiques Q General Lines of . 1 Ti XA A This and That BO0KER'S HI- A WAY J J Q . MARKET Q Dugger , J Compliments Of ' NEWKIRICS FUNERAL HOME 4:9 477 Lv Q ' Best Wishes To The Seniors ' oi319rUsIj23i5gLjif?'fQT CITIZENS ' HF AH MJ 1 NATIONAL Hairolileedsv fi iiiiin Y. A R41 X59 7, Dugger gy, 7 BROWN'S 35515945 ' JEWELRY STORE 268-5277 S , Linton 847-2275 ullivan E88 ' GBEi !8H8 . .BBB CARL ENGLE'S SLIGAR'S SPORTING FASHIONS FOR MEN GOOD 8a ARCHERY A X N A OA 648-3071 A qw Duggef . QROO fn RRRRRRR J R .vfx 4 f 'mf LINTON W J,-, -- ' "-! 1....., 0 M.. J ' Crooks - Re Pirtle Two LOCHUOHS To 0 S1111' an Serve You . C 2-15 . A - Congratulations Seniors IJ Q FARMER'S STATE BANK .Q Dugger-Hymera-Sullivan : exif dopo nnoooo XSERVIIQEK ' 0 BAN 1, we - QGGGGBEQBEBHEW . Cf MARLOW as SoN ,Q AUTO SALES ' ' 648-2670 Hi-way 54 E Dugger LIVINGSTON AND BURKS One Stop . Does an--' West Of Dugger On HW Q f - fi 'X A it KL is 0 5 54 I Frank Miner Photographer A Linton ,U if l IIIII'IlIIIIIIIIIIIIII V, .b f S A A YT, x Y! - WA ab' oude MEN-WOMEN-CHILDREN SENIOR CIUZEN DlSCOUNT a Patly . V IN 47582 1 , 12 2686998 ' 90 GHG LORENE'S 16 S. Court St. Sullivan MILBURN'S PHARMACY Q lgyl If You Don't Know You Drugs, Know Your Pharmacist. 268-47 37 Sullivan 142 U TERESA'S 268-5159 18 W. Washington Sullivan 288 , c. SULLIVAN STATE MAXWELL-BEVIS BANK SHOE co. iq O O 439 Wa1tSmith-J h G1 h 268-4377 268 4451 Sullivan 'I'fH-H'I"5 Blah FIEIIJKS! a ? 2,5727 5ifJf?E"f' qjfff mlm: I Hlfvc' .e L1jc1s,ff-'fb fE1f'ifL!44 H-IQGLWD. I MWF +pffJ+ AH ff' if Wm? D,f'c'?fyQ:1i 2, A K' V51 U M kwa, lip P' .f-, C,f7f"'I5fA -I-13062 f + UFRWAIQ 14? 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