Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-f 3 W IQ. I I aw MSL. lx. b ? W x K X Q m w A x K x S 4 X l , , L ' 'E ff? - 'it . 'Hg- 'FAA , ,H A 'ifbfg' ,Ma L: ff, .zu ff- S, Y , 32. gi. 1. , 1 v W fx x 1 1 P 4 w ' q 1945 957 1 cs Q7 0 Zi L E D QD f' 4 4 at 9. l f' L.-' , ' 1" f fr o Q . 4 , li I ' xl f, A A if Honor thy father and mother f i Q- Bible-Fifth Commandment . ,1 as I , nm J T, 4? x 'Pi y N- 14 V 1, 'MJ , 0 X T , Q To love our parents is the first law of nature. .xx Valerius Marimus if -' ' M mx V X 1 I , Z X ff, 4 Xi 2 L v x Therefore, we first dedicate 1957 edition of the A 'V X f Gold-U to our parents. X xy , I N 4 ' f is gi-l v e '59 if , ,YO ' ' A 1 ,tm Q 5 College does not educate you merily to X ".l earn your bread, but that each mouth- ! ful will taste sweeter. avr' 'f James Russell Lowell QN fo- .xfg V Q . N NY ! 1 NX r L 3 O I X if ' Wi X.. 1' '4 ' nl :Q 1 fi ' ' Secondly, we dedicate the 1957 ' ,r J ' 11 V edition of the Gold-U to our R, I teachers. i f 4, 'f- X. Q fi' 'X7 ii i'i' I fi 1, ,I . ,, f 1- xlf f Iii I 4' i QM E5 ' ff' 'F K Q ' Ilya ,' I 1' ' ? ,A X he I Y, x V, 'P I 1 ri' 1 , 1, ll fp t gg , -5 ,. X0 sf if tw? A A f x A il ., , ' 'Z ,Mya ow Q? 2- ,-'N fi, eelie 7 3 AQ 94 4 it V. A5 H r 5' me X it 7 I' V f L X-, A. X , 1, Q x y A ..a - . sm. A -354 OFFIUOI' We are hoping the creative art and memories of the Gold-U will bring hap- piness to you forever when you look back through the school years. The members of the Gold-U staff have tried to capture true pictures of what will some day be memories of your life. We hope that this edition will truly bring alumni and future alumni closer to U. H. S. if gf" . L-:+A -Q., - 4+ .fdzlmin Mfrafion 'rf " - - " A '71-V , - A, ,H ' J X , 'ir V. ,gi I h ' gl V N, -V . .R H g x . 'A k , ', L, ,Q x. .wa N 6.4 .X y - . I . , .-. -I V ,v,.,',. A . en ior5 ,' , -' 'f.- ..-. . .',. ,'-'f'..- -5. N K -4.- 1. -" 1 Q Un JUFCAJJIM PM Cum f .fdcfivified .gpm-la CLA, .fdiferfb in 9 'vw-11" Editor. .... . Co-Editor, .... . Literary Editor. . . Business Manager Organization Editor Music Editors . . . Sports Editors . . 5741, gon usfaff . . . Keith Coyner . . Sandra Schisler . . Sandra Sanders . . Tiny Monroe - . Belva Mitchell . . Jane Carty Katie Heaton Brent McClellan Harry Borders Mr. Hill Mrs, Evgyln Cartgp Mr. John Alfier Mrs. Abigail Chowning Aydvlottf- B, S, B, S. and M, 5. frgm B, P, E. from American Central Normal 8: M. S, from Indiana State College in Chicago Teacher's College I. 5. 'l'. C. Teacher's College. B. S. from C. Normal Substitute Teacher Shop R, Third and Fourth COHCTT Sl Social Fifth Asst. Conch Gfadf' Studies Grade H Mrs. Edna y Coyner ' A, B. from Indiana University Mrs' English Josephine Science Dudley Rt Library B- S. from Indiana Statp' MV- Joe Teacher's Craig College B, S. from First KL UVPQF Second Iowa Grade Social Studies Health, 81, , Asst. Coach jam Ag MVS. Bmnpht, Mrs. Edna Goodman Miss One-ta Pirtle Miss Dorthy Dugger Huwtin lg. 5. H, S. and M. S. from B. S, and M. S. from B. S. from Cinn. I 5 T gf I. S, T, C, I. S. T. C. English Conservatory of Music Sixth G1-huh Fourth Grade Health, at A1-ith. U. of Cirm. Music 4 Mrs. Vura Hcadlcy Mrs. Elsie Hill Mrs. Linrlic Hubbard Mrs. Jcssic A. B, - Mclicndrov C. R. S. from Indiana B, S. from Indiana IFOHS, A. Ii. M. A. U. of Illinois State Tcacher's Statie Teachcr's I. S. T. C. Llltifl 31 COU9gf3 Collcg,-. Home Ec. English, Phy- lilnglish. Third Grade Cafc, Supervisor. Ed. 81. Hkllllth Mr. Frank Pratt M.S. 8: B.S. I.S.T.C. Second Mrs. Dot Elmore I First Grade Mr. Tom Leaman B.S.8z M.S. Social Studies B.B. B. S. and C0-'fich M. S, from DY'1V9T'S Indiana Education State PHYS- Ed- Tcacher's Health College jam 4 MIIS- Mafy Alien' Mr. C. W, Stcgcmollcr Miss Glcnnovia Mrs. Dorthva Stn-gi liciwd r A. B. and A, M. from Wright, B, S, gl mollpr B- 5- frflm I- S- I- C- I. S. T. C. IVI. S. -I. S. T. C. A. B. from DL-Pziuw Fifth Mathematics. Comnwrcc 81 Tri-as, 5th and Gth Grad.-5 princlfnaf ju Jfee MR. ROBERT GINGHER MR. MARSHALL EVANS B. S. from Manchester M. S. Indiana University Principal .xdzlm in i.4fra fion Jdcluia ary gourd Wan Aera MR. EDWARD WILKES MR. TONY POPE MR. LEX BEDWELL LY 99471975515 096119 71956 195 SQ 61855 1 C0 a-. fy,- fi V3 4 'OYCE BALLARD Aotto: The tongue is like a 'ace horse, which runs faster he less weight it carries. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g G.A,A, 3,45 Tho ru S l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, lnnual Staff. DONALD CHAMBERS Duck" flotto: Make haste slowly. Leeretary Class 4, Football 3. enzorj RICHARD SWAN llDiCkll Motto. Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be. Football l 2 3 4' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Secre tary gl Treasurer 1, Play 3, 4, Betal 2 3 4 President 4' Hi- Y 1, Z, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Student Council l, 2, 3, 4, 1957 MARILYN OLSON IIOIGIY Motto: There are two days about which nobody should ever worry and those are yesterday and tomorrow. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 12 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary lg Class Treasurer 4,Cho1-L15 3 yrs. 3 Queen Attendant lg Pep Club, Annual Staff. MARILYN JEAN ALUMBAUGH "Jeanie" Motto: Love thy neighbor but don't let his wife catch you. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, An- nual Staff 4, Static 4, Librarian 4. S Pl! 10 fd JANE CARTY "Janie" Motto: It's nice to be natural, if you're naturally nice. Pep Club, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g In- dianapolis Groupg Class Play 3g Annual Staff, Sextette, Trio, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, HARRY MAX BORDERS Motto: Success is getting what you want, happiness is want- ing what you get. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2 3, 4, Beta 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres- ident 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 4g Class 4, Class Play 3 43 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Annual Staff. ROGER MARCEL ANDRE Motto: All the World is queer exceptrneandthee. Andsome- time I think thee is a little queer. Baseball 3, Track 3. 1957 GARY REECE AMMERMAN "Butch" Motto: Live while you live then die and be done with it. NANCY LOU ALUMBAUGH Motto: Smiling won't hurt any- one. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 8 yrs. , Junior Leader, Pep Club l,2, 35 Class Play 3, 4, Annual Staff, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Fil l0l'5 CA ROI ,YN HA RRISON Motto: Meet life and live it, do not shun it or call it hard l'1ZlIllQ 'S Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, Band 3, 4 ta 2,3,4: Tri- '- , Play 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. l'llYl ,l ,IS ANN CLIVICR WENDELL l,l'Il'l DAVIS "l'lul" Motto: Live, laugh, love, and "Chick" Motto: Eat, drink, and he ml- happy. itzitiv R1 Annual Staff, Chorus merry. 1,2,:a,4, ALAN KEITH COYNER Motto: He who woulclbe a man would he a non-formist. Annual Staff l,2,4: Class Pres- ident lg Class Play 4, Hi-Y 1, 2 'S 4' Beta l 2 3 4' Bandl 4 dianapolis Group 3, 4. SANDRA HIATT 'Z KATIE HEATON "Sandy" Motto: Smile and the world Il r ll kate Motto: Love many, trust few, will smile with you, Weep and PNN always paddle your own canoe. you'll we-vp alone. G,A,f., l,2,3,4: Treasurer Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, G. A, A, 2 'S Beta l,2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 4, Pep Club, nuzil Staff. Stati 1: Staff: f 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4g Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Play 3, 4: Annual Staff 3,43 Triple Trio, Sextet, ln- dianapolis Group 3,43 Office Staff. wi. ,SPH lOI'J .rr X W x DENNIS DALE ISBELL Motto: None but 21 fool is al- ways right. Football l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Beta 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3,4, Treasurer 25 Class Play 3, 45 Student Council. CONNIE MARSH Motto: Live fast, love hard, die young. Editor of Static 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. GLENDA JOANN JOHNSON Motto. Lets trade grins and be friends. Mixed C ho ru s 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff, Pep Club. 1957 SHIRLEY ANN HOUSE llsugll Motto: Never worry never fear, everything will turn out right. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Static 4. JAMES EARL MASON "Jim Earl" Motto: Girls are like breath- ing, if you don't like them it is a good sign your dead. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Senior Play5 Annual Staff5 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-Presi- dent Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 45 Chorus 1. 4 W , 4, .lu WT? gm Q5 1 1' 'g QM ai 1 1 an in Y M J 'sn JA MES FRANKLIN SPENCER Motto: Green apples will rip- en in time. Band l,3,4g Chorus 1,3,4g Student Manager 2, Indian- apolis Group 45 Class Play 4. RUTH ELLEN PARKS "Ruthie" Motto: Never argue, never fight, always say what you think is right. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Static 4. S.,,...,f, ei. f SANDRA LOU SCHISLER llsandyll Motto: Air and manners are more expressive than words. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 2g Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Annual Staff 3, 45 Queen Attendant 1, Office Staff 2, 3, 43 Play 45 Indianapolis Group 45 Librarian 4. I957 SANDRA KAYE SANDERS llsandyll Motto: When love and skill work together expecta master- piece. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, Queen At- tendant 2g Pep Club 1, 2, 3g Girls' Sextet, Indianapolis Group 4. RONALD DEWAYNE SMITH "Smitty" Motto: Live and let live. RICHARD TATLOCK llvlxntll Motto: To have Il friend is to be- one-. ELIZABETH WEBB "Liz" Motto: Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone. Chorus l,2,3,4g 4-H Club 7 yrs, Junior Loader 3 yrs, Pep Club 2 yrs, Static Staff 4. SPH l0l'.1 ALICE MAE WALTERS Motto: Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone. Annual Staff 43 Static Staff Co- Editor 4, 4-H Club 8 yrs, Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Student Librarian 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. I957 MARY SCOTT Motto: If first you don't suc- ceed try again. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Pep Clubg Static 4. BYRLE RAY WHITE "Butch" Motto: He who t h r o w s mud loses ground. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, 4-H 3 yrs. L' I ,X ' Lx . .,,5'. 1' " 1 ' ' 2 P S ,. ui , 5- X "' " 5 K Q I Q., ' Q - , . ' . xi, jx .- A 3,15 -K 4, C ' , AA, A x 5 RX 1' I sm -all u n for D. Bargar Reynolds Haskei Kin kadc I-5 Mowrey Coyncr 44' -.4 ' NEP' Wolfe Wyatt ,-:Dv Ifa Q. gn .Nw J' l 1 hz ,1- A I .J .at H-at-ld? .....,f' vt! rm inf" ' ffl fr ,k ' in my .2 . 1 Q- x 'T r-:P I if Q ,.-. Q'-H x W g wa Swan 8 Ping Bartley G. Bnrgar Engle f x Wm. Ballard ' Gambill Smith , i YE. 1 ll Wilkes 2, 6 Smallwood DeNeve 14" ' Daniels gffliy I X E rf' yr O I Q' n I E' 'invav' unior Wnsc Pritchard Reynolds Crcagcr Kendall Llrretl Arnold Rhodes qi , Ca rtcr Pirtlc W, Shephard Bedwell Johnson Ferguson Shefller Goodman Salesman Hiatt Shorter Robbmg Rains ,St2,9A0l7l0l'P I. ld FT TO RIGHT Richard Morgan l,aDonna Shorter Glen Birdwm-ll Beverly Miller Karen Sacimahorn Bill Hunley Sara Schisler Brent Wayman Jim Phillips Suv Rargar Bill Mooney Linda Shipman Nancy Walters Joel Leaman Karen Harrison Henry Gilham Jerry Chesterfield Brenda Davies Richard Wiseman Brenda Boone wil' N fl 'WU' E 2 A55,,M P , ,, as y s R I 3 nw- K xg My qb. ..,, L., V J 7 J' l 4' fi ,Ay -. 4"'l"T' ZW, him Vins-0' ' ' " " - Q 1: 50,9 A0fll0I'0 LE FT TO RIGHT Commadore Secrest Sharon Arnold Harold Clark P-earl Monrov Anna Gzinihill Bill Hatfield Judy Vaughn Bill Olson Donald Rlovens Linda Smith Loren Wiseman Kathy Reynolds Mary Pats John Bob Irons Bill Griffith Bob House Larry Chambers John Carlisle Fenton Sanders Ronnie Reeves ,s PM ,f f ' 509' l P 4:""f" ,,. f A 5 1 W' 'Mfg "A V 'P .01 ww Jin, -1.40 1 """ i 127' N A AL-N jfvj Alllall LE FT TO RIGHT Bill Stegomoller Barbara Reynolds Richard Ranard Kay Torhune Shirlvy Salesman Garland Figg Judy Marlow Dean Chubb Gordon Spvncer Carolyn Price Tom Parks Carolc Andvrs Rita Burns Lance Bwdwell Vicki Hale Bobby Tatlock Marvin Pritchard Judy Christy Ralph Stinson Sue Wayrnan i lf, Y X03 bf! .3 "" r 1-2 .- za'-f" 'F I -.nary I' 'Qi f ww jI'05Aln en LE FT TO RIGHT Vicki Ashcraft Stanley Horne Karen Moss Bill Cliver Bob Richardson Sue Moore Billy Pirtle Carolyn Crynes Sara Wilkes John Ballard Shelba Ayrnes Keith Gambill Larry Wolfe Colletta Alfier Joe Pigg Sonja Sisal Judy Bedwell Gene Hiatt Linda McCulloch Kenny Sevier 5 J um i SI I 0 'vi JP! X A ,r--' ga! ,A Wd" nu...-I' Q 1 an Q NJ K F We l 'wi' ' fl I fm .4 :eil , -L , ' f Q 315' 1 Eli lil H-ag. K., - I A , .f if . Ii .5 5 5 55? . , N r is if fi' .E J Yi' i'-I 'we' QF? vvq., GO' f 1:7 as at X -+- Q if-4 7-1- I Xl All sri? 5. is I7 iff' grad Aman LE FT TO RIGHT --I'-s... Tony Sevier Mary Webb John Quilln Phyllis Cooksey Myra Snyder Ray Brenton 'gn Bonnie Cherterfield -I Walter Goodman 1 i 4:7 5.41-' np' Y x W4-gaf fx., Bill Ellis K Rf Phyllis Miller 2 Neil Hubbard 3 ...4 I J-f-A Ann Exline T 1'-' ---' ff' . Ny Dixie Keller Darrel Hale Larry Engle John Wise --,,-u-....,,K ' pfl'-f5'e:'ff iz, ,..,, Q. ir' issarffw -,k. . 22-fl?3-W' ff-l"7 - E 'W i '17 ,ff ln I i l l I .1 , N ul X, XM X ll F W y 1 I ,,,. , h a H' 23' ...4 , , I-if I Q iiii: -. , 1 I "ww m Q 1 , ' ,ll!l'?"l Y Y, , x fi vi' .fa 8- 4, , SM QM J., is f il I I !l1W":' 'V W ,X ' 4 vnu . 5 , 1 is 4' I 2 Ulf' P: W ' ,f-I e l A yawn 'CP' - Y . A iw ,.,.' 1 I, A ' m f l: w N gg ., f , ' I 0" ., n f A W-...ff I .- lm. I, .,', N M A f N U 1 f A W h Y A , 1 l Y' -. . ,f,,,, ' , ,A ,,11,1, 1, ,JJ 4 , 'O O 'bf - M l l ROW ONE: Tom Alumbaugh, Donna King, Larry Rey- nolds, Kay Wolfe, Ray Everly, Linda Olson, Lonnie Walters. ROW TWO: Teresa Walters, Wayne Fifer, Elizabeth Rains, Mike Love, Agnes Brown, Richard Wright, Ginger McGhee, John Spencer, Sandy Walters. ROW THREE: Jon Hiatt, Pam DeNeve, Ruby DeVoto, Ronnie Lee Snyder. ROW FOUR: Lydia Putoff, Don- ald Pope, Kay Pope, Millie Ann Voughn, Alfred Ken- dall, Karen Haskett, JerryAlumbaugh, Sammy Christy. ROW FIVE: Linda Ashcraft, Tom Yates, Billy Ma- son, Kathy Brown. ROW SIX: Bobby Hunley, Jotta Seals, Everett Clark, Sandra KayEllis. ROW SEVEN: Barbara Andre, Kenneth Morgan, Melba House, Bill Shorter. ROW EIGHT: Frankie Wise, Charles Hale, Penny Smallwood, Eliza Sullivan, Sandy Stone, Shir- leyGriffith,MarionHal1. ROW NINE: KarenWalters, Kenneth Brewer, Geneva Landis, Paul Sheffler, Caro- lyn Ashcraft, Bobby Bonham. ' U get , , C N is. l '-5 .- rf 'Q -, Kgs.:-' .4 w , CT 1 lu Q Es. 'gt ffl fi. , gl ,ilu 714 QQJ., ROW ONE, Left to Right: Pam Davis, Sue McCammon, John Gambill, Alan Smith, Sue Cornel- ius, Lorna Swann, Nolan Reeves, John Pirtle, Pam Mitchell. ROW TWO: Joe Goodman, Linda Hale, Deana Moore, Monnie Marsh, Dennis Price, Darla Delph, Lin- da Brewer, Hal Dean Butler, Bob Hatfield. ROW THREE: Mike Chesterfield, Donald Cooksey, Phyllis Tatlock, Alice Kirk, Jan Chestnut, Chester Secrest, Suel- len Bedwell, Judy Mitchell, Gary Mentillo. ROW FOUR: Larry Jewell, Everett Gilham, Judy Pigg, Janice Harrison. ROW FIVE: Patricia Chambers, Ruby Salesman, Gary Keene, Glenn Bruner. ROW SIX: KennethPir- tle, Danny Cliver, Judy Fifer, Earlena Hiatt. ROW SEVEN: Dixie Deiss, Rose Marratta, Ron- nie Patton, Junior Turpin. ROW NINE: Mike Dukes, Sherrill Cam- den, Sherry Yates, Diane Boone. ROW TEN: Danny Allen, Edwin Smith, Bradley Ellis, Sherrill Hayes. b Nqbbn NG 6 Nqbb M x Nqb is f 4 I, l , S .. ff-if if Q l Q l T 5 'SV f 3 9 'N 'W' , ' , - - fa: S .3 "C, J ' -S-, H , -" ' 4' , X -f - . a "' T -., I J V' 1 fd X , vi, ,J , W, T 'f , , K ' 'nur , ,Q 7 1 V-as I ' i ii it L ..V :N r- 'Wy' V tie 'L 'soil ,. S t " 4 . ::, S ihw xl fz. A I I ' Q! All S' ' 'O' 10' Q f ' W. if "35' 5' M M. 'X u w iw T ., L ...fa . A ,Visa - i -. l "' f 1 mi 1 is '3 1 ' 4 V x V . i 'ab , Q M Q- Q. Q. ,L Ni' 5 ' N' i ' ' x V ' V 'Z' " W ,W W' , ' TEL... yd le-fi 4 W 5 V l . T fm , jwjljfe, - 1 wwmaekmmgqm 'y 4 Y, '- ,..,,! ' I ll A .1.:... T , , f i f - 4 3: . W N ,sv , 1 ' -- ' " w "1 ' , ,Q , ,, ,Q J 1' 5-, f ' :Q .5 , 40 ' Ni if 'Q-aa? 5fA gm J., FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Bennington, George Sly, Marilyn Exline, Randee Burks, Yolanda Singleton, Russell Dukes, Sheryl Clark, Jimmy Marlow. ROW TWO: Leonard Scholl, Janice Moody, Quincy Walls, Lyndell Searnihorn, Mikel Arnold, Georgia Chubb, Billy Zaayer. ROW THREE: Sandra Yates, Mike Moore, Susan Exline, Ronnie Bedwell, Mary Weaver, Brian Bedwell, Glenda Shepherd, Milford Stone. ROW FOUR: Lex San- ders, Becky Mitchell, Mike Corbin, Sue Asheraft, Keith Burris, Diana Allen, Dennis Turpen. BOTTOM SECTION: Karla Hale, Mark Ferguson, Peggy Wayman, Glen Keene, Harriet Figg, Carl Gambill, Marilyn Dyer, Mike Burns. ROW TWO: Joe McCanimon, Bradley Landis, Elise Mc- Cammon, Dennis Jewell, Richard Mayfield, Marianna Hiatt, Lonnie Rogers, Dawn Pad- gett. ' "l'h?'f H194 ', " . 'ffl' C4 feet. S, xihlci ", if 'Q g f. x "' ' iw' Q RV O , S , Q-. G , N, :lf M 'Big I lp , I 4fA gra ,lf FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Boone, Carla Olson, Brian Hiatt, Mary Jane Parks, Randy Puttoff, Pat DeNeve, Ronnie Pigg, Mike Bedwell, Gloria MeCammon, James Chesterfield, Chris Ann Clayton, Bob Cliver, Sheilah Mason, Larry Cornelius, Barbara Laxton, Larry Monroe, Nina Bul- ter, Larry Pope, Van Chestnut, Regina Alexander, James Ayrnes, Nor-' ma Ranard, Gary Patton, Shar- on Hill, Carl Delph, Dorthy Patton, Phyllis'Harrison, Frank Pate, Janet Hale, Robert Good- man, Kathy Hartman, William Jewell, Susan Engle, Elaine Arnold. ...Q-v 3f.l 7,71-4 . Ca rf er FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth Crymes, Martha Secrest, Terry Richardson, Paula McCammon, Charles DeVoto, Candy Rhodes, Ross Tacket, Judy Chambers, Ronald Clark, Rita Smith, David Ormandy, Charlotte King, Richard Sullivan, Brenda Maxey, Mike Jackson, Nancy Alumbaugh, Adren Sisil, Richard Walters, Kathy Hall, Gary Smith, Pamela Smallwood, Kent Smith, Marcy Lemon, Gary Mooney, Linda Raney, Glenda Turpin, Joyce Swan, Carolyn Cooksey, Nickie Butler, Lana Wolfe, Rose Walters, Linda Webb. FROM LE FT Wra. TO RIGHT: Janis McClulloch, Larry Hall, Russ Clark, Marilyn Secrest, Gary Mayfield, Susan Ferguson, Bert Cana- e11, Vickie Reid, Ronnie Griffith, Billy Schad, Kay Wolfe, Donald Stone, Denna Mowery, Floyd Cox, Janie Axe, Caro- lyn Reeves, John Sheffler, Linda Ran- ard, Randy Blake, Loretta Rankins, Mike Reynolds, Alice Figg, Rita Wade, Bobby Wright, Diana Ex- line, Gerald Wolfe, Elizabeth Alumbaugh, Patrick McCam- mon, Betty Reynolds, Steven Usrey. ren! W "" , ,ki ' V y v my X 5 e 5 23. Us O35 Qnfl QL. .Ip FROM LEFT 'l'O RIGHT: Steven Lippeatt, Patricia Mitchell, Paul Johnson, Linda 1.111 q ur Q- Marshall, Mike Mayfield, Regina Putoff, Monte Alumbaugh, Robert Dukes, Rita Alan, 'Terry Daniels, Susan Krumreick, '- ' Q Bob King Jacquelyn Coleman, John JI- Maxey, Thena Sevier, Jimmie Max ' ' 'Q Stringer, Deborah Keene, Michael tr, . ,Nz Laxton, Brenda Leigh, Chester Patton, Barbara DeVoto, Randy J Mi 3 y , Hale, Ruby Booruff, Danny ' Arnold, Glaye Corbin, Gary Shipman, Charlene Brenton, , ' Steventlennings, Kay Wade, 1"" 94 , W" Douglas Ranard, Linda D "" . Era-ff' inf.:-1 Keene, Robert Smith, QL ' ' ' . is Fred Swan, John Roger- ,M ..,QQ M- new 'int M' M ' f .M Son, Robert Hampton, L., ,,,,, Nw, '-W"o+,. " E Ip Larry Rainey, Larry , 'M " ' Borders, Guy Sing- " leton, Althea Ol- ' , A 'h son. K D A D , Sa- , to ,- h' I V W , P .':4:A' E i x , ih, ' 1, . W y ' X wa' J 3 , 11 if . tp In Ze'-3 f , 1 " if , H Q . X' L. if A I Pu.d"9 -fm-uni, .K i' "'ZQTwTega,f-v:ftT'1Ti'l Nr L ' I 'csv 2 X n O , fi L, P J"" ' I l sw! ,'g'U R I nf 5' 2n J 'ff -N! 'v-fm Wim. mm, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Danny Coleman, Lorenda Chesterfield, Paul Exline, Marsha Sue Evans, Mike Bonham, Judith Chambers, Melvin Pinkston, Polly A. Burch, Jay Smith, Belinda Ferguson, Daryl Borders, Shirley Jo Delph, Jackie Felker, Rita McCammon, Jerry Shepard, Deborah Hill, Larry Pigg, Derek Houck, Jill Engle, Jimmy Joe Smith, Marsha Ranard, Charles Cliver, Le Anne Daniels, Lynn Monroe, Regina Davis, Larry D. Anderson, Judith Simmons, Roger Griffith, Penny Pope, Mary Beth Clayton, Elaine McCammon, Vickie Mooney, Peggy Colvin, Susan Edds. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Walte rs, Deborah Jackson, Slenn Sheffler, Connie Single- ton, Tom Walters, Rita Sager, Authur Cox, William Simmons, Darlene House, Vernon Sween- ey, La Donna Rankins, Dan Sheffler, Gloria Mayfield, Jock Hannum, Cathy Marshall, Michael Ray King, Susan Felker, Billy Secrest, Allen Webb, Barbara Axe, Kermit Michael King, Cheryll Raney, Terry Mooney, Virginia Gilham, Tom Reed, Cynthia Pope, Dinah Pinkston, John- ny Mac White, Judy Wolfe, Kenneth Chubb, Phyl- lis Lewellyn. Isl gin Je 'hx K Masq., I F ' .nw 7' . l 75 Q .' F - I 0 W 1 1 Wi. Efmm luv 141-1' 1+ 5 XL -5. A ,-T. . hw' , - 1 ' Y ' ' -n ,Mk ,gl ,gk fl 5: 'T C'US'I'OlJI,fXNS AND FOOKS ff' f "' Y 432 mm: 'Q 5 D 'Q L Qfwfa n -. hm., gn... ,W u: ,r- MQQIJQ M-.Q , , W Q .- 1 .wg ,,ip5,,W.N L J- . A '5m T'9?3W 1f . iz? ,X1f:,1 " I 1 2 A.-1 7 1325? 2,,fs.' S5549 W tb , .,,, 13 ,X 4 1. 5 -.. A, i, g -. 1125: EAOFU J .IIXNIC SIIICINXIQIJ NlANIiI'I'1X ,-L. Q1 , yug- 5 I , 1 1. 1 HfXR'l'l,IiY 7 J X I'lf'5 Alnll ll CAoru J J n ljl.llI1U,'10Aj Jroulo ....av""' F Marluta baudrza qi' Jamcv Harrlson ,, 4 - 5 ' 4? x V. ,fx-. auf' N .3-X 7 Ax . ir lfq , 1 W 3C'bJ 1 n , 4 A f "ya Lx ff:f1"f1't'k" ggi? ,. ,,K VQ4,E,w.. 3 5 .f " . x g -MH, .,.' , ,.,.. 2 am ' . s 2 . 'P'-"fp ' tg ? 5 . ' ! .4 1 ,w in v if x Q + ug 'fix - :syn ' 75' 4. 5? Q rww '. v X WM H- V Wm I K H ' " w w gan S E ll T I ll N 1 'Q Q P 4. ,LEX LVV. ii' 3 , U q, Q gf ,,,,,,,,. QA , ' ,, U 'Dj ,X.W.w1f-.fvswa R V 3 V7 ' w :ig V gg, ,,,,, il Q H, f QR Q. 53-.Q , ! 3 , m I l ' 2:4 fskfwmz .,,f' f g. kk A f,4n,2,f ,, A .n, . Q , t ya E ' W . ' ? , , 1 ,f t ' A Q ie 1 .QV R ' ..s. we h 53. .,.x X? , V wmamaaual. W u ' H . A X , x A L ,L,, . x V K xx ix it Q x i A iff, K' -'Pm JV .I 3 W 1-J Q . M-f-.--an 'JE --n-as -wiflluunuunnapna 'eff L . I S ., ' a :if w , mx 1 f T W 5 . Y . . M J , , QR Q x V X . L..--.N . . 5, . 3 '11 7 , L Q I dl! E . f aw 9 ' 51 I . V115 -gf mx lxwxffx Q . -:f W g,, f 1 Q... . .r zii Q ,v.,zf 1 h 1195522 , i , I 'N 4' item f A QX i'E 2 Q.. v Q v .., W ff K W if , 'f:.,:fKBb-'J we W .2 W 5 Q 1,1 NX X 'Mn 'P '7 If 3 2 Y 1 A I ,Q PM 91 A ABOVE: RIGHT: BELOW: The Beginning Typing Class in action. Mary Garrard '56--Recipient of N.O, M, A, A- wards in Typewriting and Bookkeeping. Other subjects offered in this department are: Bookkeeping, Advanced Typewriting, General Bus- iness and Shorthand. United Business Education and National Office Management Association stan- dardizecl tests are a part of the program. Advanced Typing Class--Clara Smallwood, Sue DeNeve, Jane Carty, Darlene Engle, Janet Smith, Belva Mitchell, Glenda Johnson, Nancy Alumbaugh, Joyce Ballard, Markita Bartley and Miss Wright. . ,,,. Eff 'im N" non ro succ an FIT! . ...J ru: .10 A.. l 2 ,Z I PII Pfll 771. :A J afln Iii new 'mam M, - - an '-'ff-1 u gm, fluff 'Jw' Q In ,W 1" M f w .. 1 3 s Eu -A Wh ' W 2 N15 W w av" ,M 'N' ff . T , X 1 ' ' ' I, I Q U ' YQ I V . w .rams gawk 9 X -f,f,I :Liv K XS ,,,NwMm"a qi. .,,, A In . 5mv JWf3DW -'1" ! ' Q f WE! fmuw- w--M- h-- WW, - , i K K Q I K Y ,,.,,,,,..,,w,Wv I - . "Hum, gm i I K0 H 4,,,,,,.,M ,. Ki W M 5 'iA'Vw 1, Fi' L m Hr ff Y P of '15 'K A ki 3 Ng! 'WWW' -sw K. W Pi' 4:"'.",i9" ' A ,-.jp 4 W W n 'N 'A ifm ward U ' 'lr Wgli ' "'5fxmz- ' V 1 WM s -as 'mlm L Qs Q 'Fx lg, K, 5 "WWW 'mwlfh 1 5 A X I A ,. ,. 1, 'W '. If ' '!'P'Tff . :H EN wma- 14.41. L , , N, X w2"2f5:'e I Q if..w' 'N , in lv 'Q' 'galaxy - 1 -"3 LN H 'U M" M ffm w ww 'll rw ,f 1 v ,y W V H .mf L AMW -up I M' QW Q.. ' """ wmwwwlwwim wx ' w w ' P 4' ' , JV whim unior pdl? Mrs. Coyner has a busy day in our school, she is shown at work with the library staff, helping to select the Junior play and instructing stu- dent librarian Rinda Rhodes. Limfg .SL HW mtllllmafa , My Cm ' -QM ,Mg m Yfl-777 N L .vm 1 1 1 M W - ., 4- , ffj l ii E ' I x 42 ,, -- 1- lf' V , " .f?..5ll 5 E wx - 1 " aa' Z ' W ln ' 1 I A 'n 'IL . i I" ,f n ll - X G wg 'E N 'f X 3 is, .. 'S E Z A-15.71 'IL' ' .Bbw 60,04 9a 'Wifi I karen Hin 1 mon Billy Ulrson !'E'3 PNA H1141 Hl1l'l'lS Stalnlvy Norm' '54 mb- M1 m vm 0 rn in I 'v HK' fffk mix n Mm gfm Q12 ink Sw Ein-Hg' 1' X , . M , , ,Tzmwt Smith .XX N X K I 3, A . 5 kk , ff! ip , , , fx ' x x :- , .R 'Rx '0 X . .x A , -Ny., ,M if , Q f Q 40. S A ' TSW 3 Q M sign' . . .aka . . - H We . . C K K qw? fi 1731 CARO farm L, Ronnie Rcevc-S Joel Leaman Mike Fvrguson .Timmy Phillips 1 ' ' .1---v l Tom Swan Jay Daniels John Bob Irons vxww Ar W fi joofla ff Byrlc White Lloyd Creager Johnny Wilkes ani? Dale Rargar Glen Bodwell Stovo Osborn Dick Swan Donny Isbell Brent McClellan Jim Mason Harry Borders Gale Bargar THIRD Row, Left to Right: H. Borders, J. Phillips, B. White. J. Mason, lVI. Bed- ' well, S. Osborn, J. R. Rec-vos, Daniels, D. IVI. Fergus G. Bcdwe Isbell, J. Wilke1s,L.Crea- ge-r, G. Cargolr, 1 ! QI' J A . ll K M, B J' f W J9 f','f7JT, 3 'Til' ' x. f' Q? , ,af 5 1, wt .Q ,hifi ' ' Q 0 I f 'S F , fi' .. C. ,Q y X ff J ' Q Ni.. ' 'Q f A Q si -', gig, N 4 51536543 K ' a 17" nf . 4 01412 SECOND ROW, Left to Right: B. Stcgcmoller, B Olson, J. Quillan, B. Wolfe, B. Grif- fith, B. McClellan, G. Bargar, G. Robbins, 'fa fgx J. Irons, B. Hunley, D. Swan, T. Swan, S. Horne. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Rains, T. Sevier, R. Ranard, C. Hale, G. Hiatt, B. Pirtle, Garnbill, D. Bargar. Coach John Alfier Assistant Coach Joe Craig flwfia ff K. ml! . .f .. ,WS ', :X-' if .7-,. . ,xr W I I .x: , .. of if . Wg ., 9a.,,'QC , N' If 'V .6 vg,'f-X.1N- "f Z3 'ff N VE fy F' 'f'a'??' I wir if: 'YW I 4 A ug. ,pp 4' ' ,-K f' ' .V 1 ' " " 'ffw ' xiii 4fr'q"?'fI. I ' 1 1,5 A566311 Q fl, 234-i.'fQ5""2 . if is .fx- - n.zHUnMu. '33 -'vi 112123 - I E. f X iyrau 12-fiyft-g I ,X V , X . f X fr X 2 V . is fi, .N , 3 X , B j Zinn? in Vvf wgg wi M1 if is A f "3 . if m Q Y f EUAJLH if .W Osborn DLCR bwnn .hm Mason Hyrl Q Wlntc Rm-nt McClellan D4-nny Ishvll ?5"9f":fff'm E4 Jlwfga JO01 Imaman Don Iiiflklldt' Jay Danicls Bobby Wolfe Q10 Loren Wiseman ui? Gals Hargar LIC VI' 'VU RIGIIT: M 1. .If N J. fjIiVm'I" SI ,. . 'Wm' M . Clillmm . Rm-xw-5 LIC FT TO HIC' John Spa-m'vr Larry Hvyrwlnlb Hob Bonham Mzlrion Hall Bob Ilunlvy. SECOND ROW Dzlrrvll Hui. Bill Nlnsrmrl Mik 1 Love- .Tohn Hiatt Mr. A ycic-lotta-. .QM QQ. J., H. Pirtlv H. Morgan R. Hanarci. Wmlllflgll' L E FT TO HI T. lxx1l1IUbHl1Lh I SECOND HOW J. A 1lllUhZlL1f,fl1 jfd CL 67, .5 .isa LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Morgan, Larry Chambers, Bill Griffith, Donald Blevens, Bill Olson, Gene Robbins, Brent Wayman. SECOND ROW: Mike Ferguson, Gale Bargar, Bob Wolfe, Joel Learnan, John Irons, Jerry Chesterfield, Dale Bargar, Loren Wiseman, Brent McCel- lan. THIRD ROW: Dick Swan, Denny Isbell, Donald Kinkade, Byrle White, Roger Ancler, Joy Daniels, John Wilkes, Larry Hale, Steve Horne, Steve Osborn, Teddy Walters, Mr. Aydelotte. -"'Qn'- ' .1 -, 'C- w 4, 1. I 1 ,,.-uf Pig f W fo 2 yxwldh ... Q.,-b . Emla ff RIGHT TO LEFT: Jim Mason, Dale Bargar, Gale Bargar, John Irons, Joel Learnan, Bob Wolfe, Ronnie Goodman, Teddy Walters. SECOND ROW: Don- ald Kindade, Dick Swan, Roger Andre, Jay Daniels, Steve Horne, Denny Isbell, Stove Osborn, Byrle White, Larry Hale, Brent McCellan, Harry Borders. Ofhff SW! l2.,,p, 516. ff -M9 M ""w.w. , iw' M QQ Q5 J' -1 1 , I W xr Y L-C "rw, OM? SW! Wx Q., 4- 1 P- .. 'gi In I., 41 1 gh M, IQ:--H me-fa"' . , ,. EG fd n L1 1 ...I Q 1 ' -r '. Nik I V5 ADVERTISING JACKSON'S STANDARD STATION Jasonville, Indiana ELMDRE'S GULF SIM S G BRADY SERVICE Jasonville Indiana Sullivan Indiana 1--1 ROUND LEE'S STANDARD RESTAURANT SERVICE Jasonville Indiana Jasonville Indiana HAZELS DRESS SHOPPE Dresses For The Jr. Miss Doris Dodson Bobbie Brooks Compliments of Jasonville Indiana HARRISON FLOWER SHOP Across From High School D U K E ' S Dugger Phone 304 WOLF'S LUMBER CO. Duggef Indiana Terre Haute Indiana Office Phone 9 JASONVILLE HARDWARE G FURNITURE CC. JaSOHVi1le Indiana MARSHALL G. EVANS RUBY EVANS .. 5 ax ,ep N uv ff ,"SQf EVANS FU ER L HOME Y C1325 SQQTENQQQ RICHARD LEE EVANS MARSHA SUE EVANS Ward Letsing Cravens Cleaners Archer' s Grocery Osborne Dress Shop Cushings Ready to Wear Wilkinson Margaret Brewer Bandbox Cleaners 0' havers Craigs Shoe Repair Verdie Allen G Mable Eastern South Linton Coal Co. The Fixit Shop Rhodenbeck Bros. The Triangle Sullivan Oliver Co. Dr. S. M. Cornell The First G Last Chance Zesto Vowell Sewing Machine June Ann Powell Long Acre Farm Jim Moody Kathryn Troodey Mcmillians Dugger Shoe Store Margaret Chestnut Benny DeFrank Shoe Stores Mr. and Mrs. George Dudley Wolfes City Service MILAN STANDARD STA. Batteries - Accessories - Tires MC CROCKLIN 8 SON General Insurance Agent Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana CARRICO'S RESTAURANT STRINGER'S Always Fine Foods, Party, and Banquet Rooms, Restaurant WELDING G REPAIR SHOP Gift Shop Sullivan Indiana Dugger Indiana NU'wAY GARAGE Compliments of 11 N- Main St- SERVICES GREENHOUSES Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana MILBURNS PHARMACY 3 EDNA ROSENBERGER tb Women's Apparel Shop S' Phone 203 . f S ll' I d' Sullivan ' Indiana u lvan n lana RICKARD'S BERN'S G PIERCE CONCRETE FROZEN FOOD SERVICE Ready Linton Mixed Indiana Sullivan Indiana Concrete FARRIS RED and WHITE LINTON MOTOR SALES MARKET Carlisle Indiana Linton Indiana I M LVIN PIGGS GROCERY ARNOLD S NEW A 9 0 AGENCY 51--. A J Your Greeting Card Store Sullivan Indiana Phone 88F2 Cass Indiana Compliments of sTooPE's R. R. DAVIES I ROOFING G SIDING CO.. Linton Indiana Hardware and Furniture Compliments of Dugger Indiana LINTON IRON AND METAL CO. Linton Indiana P. N. HIRSH Compliments of and SULLIVAN AUTO COMPANY Linton Indiana License www 3-C I X2 Branch Television Services U Sullivan R. R. 5 S MODEL CLEANERS I l1aRa LYNN S THON Phone 1242 SERVICE STATION , , Linton Indiana Grease Job and Tire Repalr Compliments Phone 17 of Dugger Indiana LEOLA JONES Dugger Indiana Compliments BON HICKMAN of GROCERY R. E. M. C. Dugger Indiana Sullivan Indiana GAM ILL AUTO STORE Sullivan Indiana SULLIVAN LOAN COMPANY Loans - Insurance Ground Floor Location LACER'S GROCERY Ag Hifi: I., f -jg.. . .fly 'l'vvv1H'f"? JT? 5 ' 1 -L -1 R fl ' 4 Ng' ' ' Je' 1 V 'b . 16' ' Qfzi f f wi 1. , 'A gb Block East of Stop Sign Linton Indiana CARL ENGLE -1-1 HARRISON . FARM SUPPLY Custom Grinding JW 5 , , I . Purina I : Feeds 9 - , . ' ?:':l'l:':'f':. Lowell '-'-' Harrison Dugger, Indiana Sullivan Indiana JOHN MC KEE Studebaker BALLARD CARPET CLEANER and Mending - Binding - Laying I .x Packard Free Pick-Up and Delivery XX I Dealer Phone 298 Dugger Indiana Sullivan Indiana Conpliments of WILDINI GREEN HOUSE RAY Meron Indiana LIVINGSTON R. R. 3 Compliments of Sullivan Indiana RICE'S HOME REMODELING SERVICE Linton Indiana HORNES MARATHON SERVICE Washing Motor Tune-Up Greasing Auto Accessories Tire Repair Generator Service Phone 232 Dugger Indiana HINKLES SANDWICH SHOP 160 N.E. A Street Linton Indiana ELMER DAVIDSON M T. Quality Meats, Groceries Produce - Frozen Foods Phone 707 Free Delivery Our Pounds Have 16 Ounces Compliments of MAxwELL-BEv1s SHOE COMPANY , INC. The Foot Fitters Sullivan Indiana ALLEN'S FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Icis Allen, Prop. nSay It with Flowers And Say It with Oursn 310 Northeast Fst. Phone 610 Linton Indiana Smart Clothes for Smart Girls THE VOGUE CSpringer Gouchenour Co.J Sullivan Indiana WRIGHTS BAIT SHOP Motors, Boats, Guns Phone 228 Linton Indiana DIX WHOLESALE GROCERY HLushus Qualityu Canned Foods Hymera Indiana Hugh uPeten McCreery Insurance 6 Bonds Farm Credit Service PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSN. 9 West Jackson St. Phone 423 Sullivan Indiana Compliments of LINTON SPORTING GOODS Phone 44 Linton Indiana LINTON AUTO SUPPLY INC. Phone 59 97 S. Main St. Linton Indiana Compliments of WILKES' DRUG STORE Dugger Indiana LORENE'S Dresses Sportswear Lingerie Accessories Sullivan Indiana T H E BILL'S CYCLE H. W. GQSSARD CO. AND TOY STORE 79 NAU St. North West Linton Indiana The Gossard Line of LINTON DRIVE-IN Beauty THEATER A East on Road 54 Sullivan Indiana Linton Indiana Linton Indiana DAISY CIGAR COMPANY Compliments Wholesale Jobbers Candies - Cigars - Tobacco of F. M. Utterback - Proprietor BISSEL MACHINE SULLIVAN SUPPLY INC. AN D WELDING COMPANY Makers of Component Parts of The Gas Turbine Industry Jasonville Indiana Virgil W. Davis - Proprietor JOE G BILL'S GULF SERVICE 285 West Main Jasonville Indiana Compliments of SULLIVAN STATE BANK Compliments of CROWDER INSURANCE AGENCY Safe Since 1870 8 HTruly a strong bank The bank that has stood INSURANCE the test of time." THAT REALUY INSURES RESERVES IN EXCESS OF 31020002000 17 South Main Street United States phone 144 Government Depository Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Carlisle Indiana TRI-K Superwashed Coal Phone C-6095 Terre Haute Indiana GAS AND ELECTRIC RANGES HOME SUPPLY Compllments of FORD SALES AND SERVICE Complete Service on All Makes of Cars New Cars Used Cars and and Trucks Trucks WYATT MOTORS SALES GENUINE FORD PARTS TIRES ACCESSORIES Dugger Phone 77 Indlana 0 N K , 26 VKX lfi N xx 'Xl Xl N f 4 N f- 4 N4 'Q 10. UQ PQ-x p N f u IX WN ri U CN F-e?ax's 5 ff V . Lv, xl ," 74 rf n 14 kg, if my W 2' 1 ' f nf We Y' Cp: it xwivv J EWKIRK'S FU ERAL HOME Calm efficient helpful Our Ideal A Community Service of Quality At The Lowest Possible Cost HAsk Those We Serveu Phone 36 Phone 59 Dugger Pleasantville Indiana Indiana W" fi fgifawdfl fb 3 43 K 'Nfl N4 X Y. 0 W x1 KI 4 -X f N f V01 WN fo, 105 P , ix fx P IN IN lx VW 0 Compliments of BILL'S CARTER'S GARAGE senypison A sorr warn -- ---- ., 3 RENTAL senvlcs ' ' S 3. I G 5-7 ' Phone 444 Sullivan Indiana 540 South Main Sullivan Indiana x - GAMBLE wiih State Farm Muluul's HARDWARE ROBERT R. BEDWELL Linton Indiana Dugger Indiana Compliments of MARCUS BARTLEY ,,,,x Compliments of , Q JoHNsoN's , Kroger ll: 21N5Q'?' CREAMY - - Mgr. ,J3 - 'Qi ' . v Qfgggih xigdii RGN 4? .f .v.... , C I S al! ' ' vxcili 3 ,I Live Better For Less Llnton Indlana Linton Indiana HUM HREYS'S BAKER'S 'fx SINCLAIR LUMBER co. 9 Building Materials X' Good 'MQ , 5 Service State Road 54 X5 M , 'i '- -' 74579 - Phone 40 ' s X L l02 North Section Street Dugger Sullivan Indiana CONCRETE COMPANY STERCHI VAM' nyigyigf . iQ Sullivan Indiana Terre Haute Indiana I. G. A. STORE Z4 Dugger Indiana if ,ATI CHUS-TELE-SERVICE S. A. COAL CORPORATION R. R. l Jasonville Indiana Dugger Indiana THRIFT SHOE SHOP RUSSEL INSURANCE Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana PUGH EQUIPMENT BOB MC DONALD SALES West Terre Haute Indiana Sullivan Indiana I Sak' Compliments of ELSON S JZQQ, JEWELRY MC CLANAHAM gi '-1 FUNERAL HOME ' ' Jasonville Indiana Linton XXNB' X Indiana 4f'QXx JOHN SEXTON AND CO. National Wholesale Grocers . 1' P. o. Box 1531 'E I v 9 Indianapolis 6, Indiana Compliments of PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA We're continuing to build ahead, at the fastest rate in history, to make SURE you have plenty of electric power available in the future, just as you always have had in the past. We're now in the midst of a 3150, 000, 000 expansion and construction program! PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA, INC. Good, Low-Cost Electric Service to More Than 700 Communities in '70 Counties in Indiana. MID-WAY CAFE THE QUALITY STORE Effie Pigg Just The Things For Young Folks From Nursery School To Dugger Indiana Collegg Campus School Supplies, Foot Wear And Outer Wear ARNOLD' S EVERLY GROCERY Archery and Live Bait East Shelburn Dugger Indiana Compliments of Dugger Indiana Service Station 07 4'fl-KNOCYSF CHET BOOKER GROCERY Dugger Indiana Planning sum hospitality ,K ll I I Q 010 ii? , A 5, iii Q 0 .1 H, '- , - ' x " , nl ' 5 1 7 q l In A f T ll, -,P QAKBNV I, ' 5 'f ' f luv " 1' " if t., if ' tl., ' , FN as I3 eggs COCA COLA COMPANY Bicknell Indiana MARCELLA'S BEAUTY KUMERICH SHOP VARIETY STORE Carlisle Indiana Compliments W W of RIGGLES MARKETS DRI32dINN Dugger Indiana Compliments Flowers For All Occasions FAIRWAY ZSTOR SALE WOLFORDS Sullivan Indiana FLOWER SHOP Compliments Phone 198 of COULOM PLUMBING Linton Indiana and HEATING 230 South Main Street Get Your Favorite At SULLIVAN CHEESE CO. INC. Sullivan Indiana FOLLOWELL BROS. THE WHY STORE Men's Furnishings And Dry Cleaning Gerald Ushey 309 East Main Dugger Indiana Jasonville Indiana THOMAS GRILL MONROE'S Good Food 222 W. Wall Phone 3 Home-Made Pies Sullivan, Indiana Linton Phone 724 Pillsbury's Best Feeds Massey-Harris Maytag Farm Home SOUTHEND LUMBER Implements Appliances COMPANY DONNELLY'S STORE M N for Kingsridgeahw' McGregor Suits Sportswear Mallory Jarnam Hats Shoes South Side of Square Sullivan SULLIVAN TRACTOR SALES nf I . rg IME I . . . . v l ' L , , . H V V 'LVN' ' . 21029 '. "l"f'fiVm l NvA.vA.v'.".v .. .. rl.. vX',J,glf,Nv,glkqAy,U Sullivan Indiana JERRELS JEWELRY ,Miss fair X Linton Indiana WEST END COAL COMPANY Shelburn Indiana DAVIDSON'S GROCERY 401 West Donaldson St. Sullivan Indiana DAIRY QUEEN Ice Sandwiches Phone l75M Linton Indiana FRANCIS HASEMAN G SON Real Estate Phone 760 Linton Indiana WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 136 N. Main Street Linton Indiana Compliments of WILKINSON LUM ER CO. Sullivan Indiana WABASH OIL COMPANY Sullivan Indiana BUCK CREEK MINE Dugger Indiana Compliments of FERGUSON Sullivan Indiana KENNEDY SHOE STORE ani: f!!!lliI!ilil!!g, Linton Sullivan KENNY'S MARKET CHARTER BUS SERVICE 89 N. Main For School and Church GYOUPS Linton Indiana MODERN COACHES LINTON GLASS COMPANY REASONABLE PRICES "Everything In Glass" Corner 3rd "A" Streets N.E. AIR CONDITIONED COACHES Linton Indiana "To Any Place" Compliments WABASH -ARROW LIN ES, of IPJCZ' G. C. MURPHY CO. The complete variety store Vincennes, Indiana Linton Indiana Phone 45 Compliments of THE MAUMEE COLLIERIES COM PAN Coal Miners and Shippers Indiana Washed and Dry Dedusted Coals 336639903 TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Phone Crawford 2357 Compliments of NORTH WILFORD COAL COMPANY Hymera Indiana LESTER PACKING COMPANY Beef - Pork - Veal Cheston Processing Phone 904 12th St. Road Linton Indiana LADSON'S STANDARD Compliments of DAN'S CAFE SERVICE I XX A STAN DARD , H 7 Rxh-!!Corner 58 8 41 Carlisle Indiana Colletta, Fay, and John Alfier Compliments of Compliments ALEXANDER'S of FUNERAL Hom PANDORA COAL Sullivan Indiana CO R P O R A T I O N Compliments INDIANA BEST COAL f O 2 Miles East WILKINSON' s LUMBER Sullivan COM ANY Phone 161 Sullivan R.R. 5 Indiana Linton Indiana sy 0 FAIRVIEW coLLlERlEs CORPORATION ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW G ila BEULAH, PAUL, MINNEHAHMINE A N D MIKE LOVE Compliments of PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY DUGGER TASTEE-FREEZ Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. DRIVE-IN "Progressive As The Counmmity ll Meet Your Friends There It serves Enjoy A Treat . in on I Jasonville f.' Swicz City Sodas -i W! Root Beer Lions Shakes .7 W Orange Cones 2,0 Coca Cola ' A 1Ar 0,10 as Linton 4 Jasonville Switz City Mr. 6: Mrs. Troy Goodman Lions and Joe ROMA CAFE Over Half Century Famed For Excellent Italian And American Foods 4'....J CITIZEN'S NATIONAL BANK OF LINTON One of Linton's Fine Banks Qi , 1, if Linton 224 Indiana BRIGGS BUICK SALES J. V. Briggs COwnerj 109 W. Vincennes St. Ph'-me 279 Linton Indiana 502-508 North 9th Clinton, Indiana Compliments Compliments of of WEATHER JEWELRY STORE W . M . H U N L E Y 116 N. Main St. Linton Indiana fs. . compliments Q - JY, of g3fwGv .. ,H 1. ' 1' s I . x' 5 l K6 fr. v , ' ..13-3Ne- q7F:'T'k'm 1 ' W n 77971 X , 1 .',7 'fffi -X !f.wvUf2allU Phone 121 Stores For Men And YOUUS Men Dugger Indiana Linton Indiana TIP TOP CREAMERY Compliments FARM BUREAU ff "1 EUHR co-or Y- Q me pd' Sullivan Merom Shelburn L Div. of Beatrice Foods Co. Vincennes Indiana COIIlpliID.eI'1CS of U. S. CAFE JOHN METEAY 823 N. Section St. BODY SHOP Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana RIDINGI-:R's IGA MARKET BROWN LRY . 36,1 "Everyday Low Prices" -I-:ix - 500 So. Horace St. Jasonville Indiana Sullivan 1 Indiana I FLYNN S BURIAL VAULT SM TH,S DRUG ' ' STORE Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana OOTHE'S STUDIO B MDNNA D. HOPKINS General Insurance Notary Public Phones: 113 G 73 . Dugger Indiana Sullivan Indiana Compliments of ALSMAN.S 0. J. STEFFY 8 SON GROCERY 6 MEATS School Equipment Carlisle Indiana Dugger Indiana HIGHWAY CAFE B Q M 301 N. Section BODY SHOP Sullivan Indiana Jasonville Indiana FARMERS STATE BANK F SULLIVAN Complete Banking Facilities Safety Courtesy Service Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation XX X A ax Q -:rg f S139 o S 'J G' "wp SULLIVAN INDIANA 11 , 1 l JOHNSON'S ATKINSON RED S WHITE GROCERY ICE General Merchant COMPANY Sherwood Williams Paint Merom Indiana 45 STANDARD STATION Joe Exline Sullivan Indiana Sullivan Indiana WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WALTER F. WOOD Sullivan Indiana Lawyer 133 N. Main Sullivan Indiana ff,'EQ1',fv . F INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City x. ew an 4 1 ' 5 H u -5 K x 'Q H ra2"', . , 'r .1 L-K s ,. X N X Nw , +fgg+ 1-li 73' ' 1 N" .'-1:55-61 QQ V1 I g fx ' R K .NNI- 'xx . , , , N V qw. ' V' , K -.H'3'f1'liv A Tig L1-vars' ' st' f . 'E 'Hr ,I,,. L X . 5- K ' w 1 1 -...,, .2 3 , 3.55 1555? w ' iiL"f . - , uw- 5. J- ,fffgk s 9 wx. QL . Q x Q a 1, W1 w. --r i. . fp, . ,Qu J ' NS 1. QM El IN, SMI-xxx X Q 1 H X' N X x ix 'x S 5 2 'Mi X Wi 4, , " V 1 K: 'j. Sm ,X. X X 'N w. .xx xr, L,.. .,,I..,,,l, ,J J jk y-1 S V' .'N 'F ' Q XX .Vi xx .k 5 K. "F in h 11? .L :K+ 1 Sw N., Q 'q H W "" 73-' fgia2fLxg :g31gf",ifX4z+2ifzug+zg'?gj'f3fwr2 ga

Suggestions in the Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) collection:

Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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