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E716 Cscmbr ffaau ol 1,953 fraudy fredenfa ZA6 04f00? fc edffion of Uflecgzfaf U CEQCIZIQYZCOI a:Lcf74uAA.-:Zeal Zffnfon Q5'cAoaf .fjdfyfer kZ76'!Xg,?0 7 95,2 - 75.53 K ,Dedication N 4 We, the Senior Class of 1953 wish to dedicate the Atomic Edition of The Gold "U" to OUT PHTSRCS who have given so unselfishly of their time . of patience , and of funds to help make this year the most important of our entire school career Page Two .70l'elU0l' J In this, the Atomic edition of The Gold "U" we, of the class of 1953, have tried to show as accurately ae possible the work and Sctivities of pupils of the Cass Township schools during the year For all the help which we have received in the writing, and editing of this record of our school. we are most grateful. X Page Three Title Page Foreword Dedication Contents History of Union Just a. Glimpse Claes Notes Administration lbculty Seniors First Steps Prophecy Literature on the Move Juniors Sophomore: and helhmn 5 r 1 I f t 'N QQ, 4 . I nb nw oi' Page F our S 4-f X1 -sf or' . .H -A X lf 1 cw X Seventh and Eigzt Fifth and Sixth Calendar Central Beginning Days Band Chorus Baske tball football Ac tiv 1 t ie s Organizati ons Homec oming Se ni. or Play J uni or P lay Ads Aut ographa To live in this land of the brave and. the free, To go to this school that was built for you and me. Ohhvhat privileges have been given to the class of '53. Let us ne'er forsake them or never let them die. But forever be true to dear old Union High. Union Big: School was dedicated in 19213 and since that year. approximately 11400 graduates have passed through her doors and started the long climb to sUccess.All of these students hold. dear the memories of their school life. Looking back over the years. we find that many changes have taken place-. many additions have been made and parts have been remodeled to im- prove the school and give each pupil the best advantage. Among the noted changes are the new gymnasium, and the new shop building. The remod- eling of the annex gave space for the cafeteria where students may buy a warm. well- balanced lunch.EEhe addition and improvement of the foot- ball field with lights, bleachers, and house for concessions has kept Union abreast of the times in sports. Other changes and improvements have been made throughout the years, all of which have gone to make Union our Alma hater. the school we love. Page Five nion .High School f'., " ff.: ,S -..r -.2 -,.f,,:,u-, .,-.. , H., 'E-. Q , 5. ,fl A vm 3 52 - . asm ,if.9'51?!Y QQ ' A - Puffs., ,112 -.,. . a .'.'.' A4 c ,av f , sg ' fff-1145! 4. 44 af.. ff ,..., f K, fx 1 .a,. X f X25 v K 'J' -K x Page Claw GOVERNMENT To get an understanding of government in a democracy. all seniors are required to study goverment. In addition to their work in the classroom. the students had practical experience in citizenship by conducting the Student Council election. Also. the class visited the state legis- lature in Indianapolis in lbbruary. and the county officers in the spring. lr. leer taugxt government. MATHEMATICS Mathematics, a difficult but very essen- tial subJsct.ha.s been used to solve many of the important world problems. In our school this year the mathematical sub- jects taugxt were: algebra and geometry by lr. Stegmollerg and arithmetic by llrs. Bawtin and Mr. Todd. SHOP In this mechanical age every one is de- pendent upon machinery in some way. Since machinery came into use in our factories and plants, there has been a growing need for men to understand and operate it. Because some work is quite complicated, the operator needs to acquire a training In some machine shop. Union. in the shop course. has tried to offer such training. lr. Johnson was the instructor of shop. COMMERCE One of the prominent parts of Union is the commerce department.Subjects offered are shorthand. typing. bookkeeping, and office practice.Awerds are given to out- standing students. Besides class recita- tion, students visit offices. view busi- ness educational films.and attend demon- strations of office machines. Students may also take part in the U.B.B.A. and Il.0.l.A. tests.ll1.ss Wright instructed it. BOE! EC Home Economics. offered to all Union to girls. is organised to care for those. interested in becoming good hom makers . Besides learning how to ses and cook. the girls study child care .nursing procedure. home p1anning.personal grooming. leisure time. and ed,1ustments to people. Various courses are offered in junior high and throughout senior hignlrs. Harmon is in- structor. BIOLOGY One of the more difficult subjects that is offered to the Freshman students is biology. This is the study of living or- ganism. One-half of the year is given to the study of plants and one-half to the study of animals. One year of science, which is usually biology. is required in order to graduate. llrs. Coyner. who has given special study to science. is the very inspiring teacher of this subject. Page Eight .No treo JOURNALISU Journalism is the source of our means of producing the weekly school newspaper . me motto of this subject is "Speed and Lccuracyu. The students of Journalism, live up to this motto zestfully.Journal-- ism is very important to the whole univ- erse for without printing them would be little means of expressing our thoughts and the thoughts of others. This subject was taugxt by Mrs. Coyner. CHEMISTRY Could it be that someday they may drop chemistry entirely at Union? Chemistry has been declining rapidly each year.1he big reason is thought to be that Union H141 School is offbring new subjects each war. 'Ibis subject should not be slighted as it is very vital and impor- tant. LATIN Being a subject of foreign language puts Latin in a different and most interest- ing field of study.It is required of all who assume professional work of nurses, Cl0CtOI'S.and pharmacist. This subject was taught by Mrs. Headley. Page Nine SPANISH There were twenty students in second year Spanish. In addition to class study, the students have a club,Q Club Espano1.They have published two editions of a paper. Iicllfensamientos Flojos. Last year they had a llexican party with d1nner,a hayrlde and folk dancing.'hxs members pay dues to make the party an annual affai.r.0fficers: Pres. ,John Fuzes1gV-Pres. , Wanda Michael: Sec 'y-Treas. ,Katie MarshgSponsor,Mr.Near. LIURATURE Literature is a subject which takes you to all parts of the earth.to learn about the people who lived there and the ways in which they 11ved.In a way literature has a touch of history revealed in very interesting poems and stories. Some de- pict historical events and other phases of 1i.fe.Literature classes were conduct- ed by Mrs. Coyner.Mrs.Headley,ll1ss Shep- herd. Miss Pirtle and Mrs. Reid. HEALTH and SAFETY Health and Safety is a subject required of all students before they can graduate It deals with the health of individuals and the ways in which they can prevent harm to themselves and their surround- ings. This subject which is so vital to all students for means of better and safer living is taugxt by lr. Mason and Mr. Douglas. Members of the advisory board are elect- ed for a period of four years. They meet with the township trustee and advise him in his many services. They have five of the regular meetings each year which are called by the trustee for the purpose of discussing any township problem. Special call meetings may be called at any time These men deserve much credit for the work they have done .Members of the board are: Nolan Reeves. Rollie Eslinger, and Merle Headley. sanmam e unease-.sm ame Student Council was organized this year for the first time. Mrs. Headley. Hr. Near, and Mr. Todd. were the sponsors of this group. Their largest project for this year was the clean-up campaign. and claim inid tra lion 4- To most of the students who attend Union,"Shorty" is considered as an old friend. In the many ac- tivities that have been undertaken, he could he depended upon to back us. He has worked hard and played an important part in the progress of Union. We are very fortunate to have had Mr. Usrey as our township trustee,and we wish to express our thanks for the many things he has done to make Union a better school. Page Ten everybody willingly helped to make the campaign a success.'1!1e officers for this year were as follows: President. Charles Rooksherryi Vice-Pres., Joe Hallg Sec., Winkis Good.man,'1'reasurer,Norma.n Stinson. roupd -5 The person who deserves much of the credit for the work and worry connected with the operation of Union is the principal, lr. Todd. Ee is a graduate of Indiana Central College and I. U.. with an A.B. and ll. S. degree. He has been with Union two years and during this time has given his services un- failingly. To him goes our appreciation for a very successful year. Page E leuen 'Ihe Office Staff. provides educational enterprizes for secretarial workllhese girls type,file.te,ke dictation. carry noticesmrite permits, and many other things that help to educate them for secretarial work.The members of this staff are as follows:Seated at table. L to R,Mr. Toddjanda Michael. Marilyn Pope,Dorothy RobertsongSeated at type- writers. L to R,Carolyn Chambers,Sh1r- ley Dund.srgAt duplicatorjyvoma Book- ergln background,L to R.Betty McCsmmon Mary Boone, Emmedean Hampton. Rosemary Michael,Kathleen llamy.Shirley Jewell. gl WX 00 EDNA COYNER - AB Ind. Un:Lv..Taug1t biology, Eng1ish,and Journal- ism. Senior class sponsor. BLANCHIE HAITIN - BS HUBERT L. NEAR - AB. MA, Degrees Ind.State Teechex"s College and a.ttendedUn1vers1ty of lex1co.TauQ1t govern- RUSSELL MASON-BS Ind. State Teachex"s Col- VEB-4 BEADLEY ' BB 19S0g8tfv9!1dBd. Iestern llelffsndvll Colleseall Michigan ce11ege.B.1a. Univ. of Ill. Tauylt cowhgraudlt physical fnglilh- Latin- and education and neun.. U.S.History. Sponsor GLENNOVIA WRUBT- BS Indiana State Teacher's College. Taugxt commercial subjects. Sponsor Y-leon C1ub.Sen1or class sponsor and School Treasurer. Ind.State Teacher'e College.Taugxt geo- graphy, arithmetic. and history in the seventh and eighth grades at Union. DOROTHY ELMORE - BS Ind.State 'hecher's College. Attended Univ. of Vincennes. Taugxt First Grade at Central. ment, Spanish, world. h1story.H1-Y Sponsor, Student Council and sophomore class spon- sor. ONETA PIRTLE -BS Ind.. State Teacher's Col- lege. Taugxt health and English in Bidlfh and seventh grades at Union. of Beta Club. HARVEY ROBERTS - BS Ind. State Teecher's KATHBYN HARTING - BS Ind. State '1'escher's Col1ege.Taugxt First Grade at Central. cO119g!.T8'lld1t fifth and Sixth Grades at Union.Ass1stent l'.IB. coach. Page Twelve MARY ALICE REID - BS Indiana State Teacher'e College Teugxt Grade Five and lreshman Ing- lish. C.W.STEGEMOLLER - LB. MA.Ind...State TeBcher's Co1lege.1Bught geometry and algebra. Sponsor of Sophomore Claes. DOROTHY DUGGEBPBS Cin Music Cons. and Univ. of Cinn. Taugxt music in 8.11 Hades. - AB ann dil'9CtOre n Ind-.state ibachergsmlmms 'AB College . Taugxt Social llaclurray Collegeglu sum.. .nd mm.. G'01'S' P""W 001' JOHN H. JOHNSON - BS lege.Library Science Indiana State .Taught Engl1.sh.gi.r1s' phy- sical ed. Librarian Ind.State Teacher's Co11ege.Tz-mgxt voc. shop and Industrial artmlbotball coachg EVELYN CARTER - Ind. State Tsacher's Col- lege.Taught the Third and Fourth Grades at Central. 'EDNA GOODMAN-BS Ind. State Teechers's Col- lege. Taudxt Fourth and Junior elses sponsor . Grade at Central. ORLANDO 33301935 Ind State 1bacher'e Col- lege. Taught Grade Six at Union. Page Thir teen Jr Hi B.B. Sophomore class sponsor. ORA LEE ASHBY - Ind. State Teacher's Col- lege. Taudn. 'Hurd Grade at Central. ALBERTA ILHARIDN -BS Indiana State Teach- er's College. Tmudmt Home Economics.Spon- sor of ,junior clue and NH Club. BANK PRATT -BS Ind. State lbacherhl Col- lege. Teugxt Second Grade at Central. 0 my wt le started out at the age of six With different friends we learned to mix On through the grades we went lith many a scratch and dent. 'men IB began our hiya school day! And each merrily went his pleasant way lhen, graduation was here lost were happy. but some shed a tear But never fear. le'll go on throng: life 0, hrougz all the worldly strife Always trying to keep the rlgxt. So our 'brigxtest day. Will never see the darkest night. IABJORIE ELEANOB LIPPEATT llotto:It'e not how much but how well. uma cho.35 yrsgGir1e' che. 16 yregCho.Acc'p'tgTrio 3 yrs Triple Trio 1 yrgIBand 3 yreg State lair group 1 yrg State Festival 2 y-rsgG.A.A. 14 yrs: Y-Teens 3 yrs,Vlce-Pree.l yr and President 1 yrgSr. Claes PresidentgSr.playg Jxuplayg Beta 2 yreglb-H 2 yrsg Annual StaffgPep Club l yr. Page Four teen CHARLES E. ROOKSBERRY Motto: It'e much easier to be critical than correct. Hi-Y. 2 yx-egHi-Y Pree.l yr Pres. Soph. Clasegv-Pres.. Sr.C1assgPres. of Student Councilg Football. 3 yreg Basketball. 2 yrsg Annual Staffgllixed. Cho.2yrsgState IestivalgState Fair groupg Jr. P1aygSr. Pleygll-H l yr Boys' Chorus. IMHLENE SHARON OLSON Motto: "They conquer who think they can." Mixed. Cho.3 yrsg Girls 'Cho. lb yrsgState Music Festival: State Fair GroupgYear Book StaffgF.B.Queen Att. 2 yrs: Sr.G1aes SecgPres. of Fresh ClassgJr.P1a.ygSr.Pla.ygG.A.A 74 yrsgTreas.of Club '53gPep Club 1 Y1'.Sec.cf Clubg Beta U yrs,C1ub Sec.2 yz-sgY-Teen P4 yrs. SHIRLEY ANN CARLISLE Motto: The best things in life are free. Beta 14 yrsgY-Teen 1+ yrsgAn- nual Staffglixed. Cho.5 yrsg Girls' ChogState Music Ees- t1va1gState Fair Group. Page Fifteen WYVONNA. LOU BOOKER Motto: Love many. trust few and always paddle your Own canoe. Gir1s'Cho.l4 yrsgldixed 5210.3 yrg State Fair Groupg State Music Festivalg Cor-Sec.for Sr. C1a.ssgTrip1e Trio 1 yrg Y-Teen 3 yrs. .mms HARVEY RANSFORD NORMA OAKS Oflkmigiulf, Motto: The only way to have 5f0ttO::1fI?I: POPE AROUIN 5 get clif 1 a friend is to be one. Him. ish and hold Ono, The D is no W0 Mixed. Cho.1yrgAn.nual Staff: G'A.A,Ll yr -V'0l1r mans 'U' nie E, Student. councilgai-Y 1 yr: yrs, y,Tee'FSec.1 yr, B uilrsexf. Qiaqeen '5 95:53 14-H 5 yrsgJr.PlaygSr.P1ayg 3V1':J1-,playfsfgrgzpei Gifs 3 YS Nh. xgayigga Qngibww, static Staff 1 yr. Mugjafrls' dhjazqmxed Chi ' 1 3 . ' . - fsreei' .Ls 'FB' ff- Attgs stivalg , yrsisfate cifxgkgoivaiic Sw :ate Fair cfofsflizgwen Jr' ' 6J'rs, JOHN OLIVER 'c.t.ozLei'B Motto: It's better to pre- BAyyfQ0Y1'uDir1eU6'9'n xg fer honorable defeat to a. me :Yee D013 , MDYJN and rf! . 5, mean victory. M C43 Effgne gfinsgxg-ee-Qazfb Y-geygeoho Baseball 2 yreg Basketball hfstto: As :NN BORDERS G-"""2xil!v'eie?xaYzWgfv Wm Z yrsmootban 3 yrwrrack Girlffart Sous: thinketh gil' 1 ' ek xl VTE' 3 Ch , is, in Eff?-r331'f15'a50ho:5":'vEen!. qorsilal yrs: Anfuall' g'1's,MiXed 916 gf? gaff ' 9,1 tdff. Ch Q 1 51 gf 5?1::u- x5 'gtsz Safe Te env 5 1.859 S Y ' Page Sixteen mm-05 umm WOW Lola ffwm what Y 'half-lg W-,ztorie B . avoid- al' v YW think ffl: enemmezrjfy and 'rgtifl 11397 for' V, navw' 1, 2 yr" SP api!!! G-Lu HAROLD IRONS Mottozrlever brag of your fig, :UDREY MAXIM PIL before you catch him. 833110: Fortune makx netball 2 yrsgnaskeeban 2 Ch misfortuns t SB friena, yrsgTrack 2 yrsgBaseba11 lyr. Omg 1 yr, ries them, P10-C' 5 9' ,N LOVXSE ay anitbxa te ivsignonw' 531895 ' moi- ' GY ut any-Do 'LGB' 11196 Ono 'Q tningn uvff wswff ov' no - . St af' 'G1f1".ia 2 W" 5 visa FLOYD THOMAS RISINGER Motto: A laugm is worth a :LMA RUTHB Ono, REWER fragagffei vena B S MADISON to bles e of a 1-O is l11Q if B the f se that his hxmdred. groans in any market. H1-Y 2 yrsgBB 2 yrsglt-H jyrsg Boys' Cho. 3 yrsg Mixed Cho. 2 yrs:Jr. PlaygSr.P1eygStatic ' Oo: P1 snaffgszate mme resnval Mind Chg that C1-,mffs State Fair Group. y"3:Jr, ' -3 Jn-,. B Plgy prongli-1-::.8l Cho. M Page Seventeen .mms ROBERT Goomum Bm Y hind lg:-iitoi. cloud has a Tottc-3?-AmF?ANg:j: WILLIS v . Hawaii? 811 1-Ygifgooa. sbotiall-.1 yi: Baskntball :gene cxfy ,fffafusf ton uotioxo wa' 'hginxor Pmu 1 Yr: Jr- Plavzlws' 0110- 1 rrgsemflf-Then 4 yr-szrsgscgi aging -5 yggsihwn Trio- Q yrgmnual Staff. 1gfay:Sr.P1ay.V1:iG.4,4. 3 yrs Elb gf s 1-1,1 I nd Ch F 1' 1,16 Sf Cho. 14 9- 3 . Sta Annual staff.sg'1's:Stat1c Stix, State Mugi ' ate Fair Grou S c hstival. P7 109' 35,05 1. em1v"'0"Ka? Your hw T40 15 G 50' af' ,xv 1 19 'anal' ?fe1f'1C"Le, and 'fu swam ,ineen wmxkif I gui - .-YQ? 0 S YISZS YY' wi Sufi' SHPBOS a Star' goat' YNBBTTYL, NORMAN LEE HALE Motto: If the elevator to sue- SHIRLEY cess should fai1,try the stair- Uotto, S4507 GAEHARD . m 1 ww. H1-Y 14yrs.Pres. 1 yrgl-P-H 5 yrs Pres.Jr.G1assgVice Pres. Soph C1assgBB 3 yrsgFB 3 yrsg State Fair Groupghmual StaffgStatic Staffg Mixed and Boys' Chorus. Page Eighteen smiles e and Girls! Sth You, the U01-ld 2 'WSQL O' h Yrs-y 1 . bz-Brian 1 y:'1Bd Cho. SMIT'-5 hat. can 'IEBBON DA!-Er do today 191 gotten'1zeg:feunt11Bf:':Q?ga1l,1 YT s W z 35065911-o -X yr. H1,Y 1 yrz SHIRLEY ANN NEILSON - Motto: Ambition has no rest. G.A.A. 3+ yrs,Vice-Pres.1 yrg Y-Teen 3 yrs: Beta 3 yrsgPep Clubghiixed. Cho.3 yrsg Girls' Cho.M yrsgk-H 5 yrsgSr.P1ayg Majoretne 14 yrsgcheer Leader 3 yrsgqueen Attghmual Staff State Festival: State Fair. PHILLIP G11 FFITH BILLY E uonmof -4SHBU1m or all sad Pen, the word, 0 :nigh Saddg f to Baskstgzll? beemft are theggfglf JIHP1 0 ' 3 yrggro 8.y,Track 1 yr Otba-11,2 yrs Motto:True friends are found BETTY S Now owe 'Na but Seldom- Motto:-g?5tucc'uWON B1 1135501-',DQ wr an Football 3 yrsgW,I.G, Gents: :fan ,-amou:r no be 1, 1 xt , Sf ' H1-Y 2 . - Q th i mono' ::0wL'.c,.L"" Br-N993 yn 1' YT:-sho' 3 .vu-G ful logean D' Ythbf Yrazb. Trilblg ep Club: ' ins' Cho 1,109 Le9Qe1:?e,Q Q3-N1 Trio 1 yr. Librarian ' cheer Staff s Page Nine teen 1 X505 A MY W1 xi an CHESTER new Younis tw: Y, 19 Y ' . px- lgzgen 1l11i.B9v,i 1 vgkaffz Bvte. Zag-' Static nuaxesxtwz gf' may. Jr- SHIRLEY ANN DUNDER Motto: Work as thougm you would live foreverglive as though you would die today G.A.A. 2 yrs,po1nt captain Y-Teen 7+ yrs: Y-Teen Secg Girls' Cho. ll- yrsg Mixed Cho. 3 yrsg Annual Staffg Pep ClubgJr.PlaygSr. Plgyg Triple Trio 1 yr. xx O,Hg2I3id is the 818135 mleagf' sa 5 . - bn' xmo'-"omens1K'3"1' a V '-'fe Kuff' if .BBW bg. sail" u FB' ru' 0 naw' -,,'ne0',gwff: Gllzgtage 'Kia W'?1'f1af' Get ' GERALD DEAN PIRTLE Motto: Smile and the world. smiles with you. Sr. Pleyg Football P4 yrs. Page Twenty JO-F LAND ggxfszglwa cannot hope first c Others until ff Foot balgfltgoj-T ourselves , yftg at Arms' 1 511.2 1+-yrs, : o : Bas norable Menu H 1 eball' 1 yr. on UC: DEAN SHEFFLER RUQH P U71 thugfgf Senior Claw .Hia tory In the Tall of 1949, ws, the members of the class of '53. began a four year experiment-hlgx school test--the most difficult task of our lives. AB Freshmen. we were somewhat lest and 1'r1g1tsned,bux many of the fifty-five students who answered roll call were determined to graduate. During our first years. many of us took on several extra-curricular activities to divert the regular routine of our work. Some became disinterested and stopped by the roadside. Others began dreaming of the day when we would fill the ranks of Seniors. As Juniors. only thirty-eldxt continued the exper- iment. Under the sponsorship of Kiss Shepherd and Mrs. Harrison we elected officers for the year Pres1dent,Norman Hale: Vice-President, Mary Boone: Recording Secretary, Tom Risinprg Corresponding Secrstary.Norma Popegand Treasurer, Emmadean Hamp- ton. his year we attempted several of the sub- experlments. Ons of these was the presentation of Don't Ever Grow QR, which was acclaimed a success by everyone.lhe Reception, we gave in honor of the departing sen1crs.was also a succese.Ie were proud and we eagerly awaited our last year at Union. Finally. our senior days arrived! By new our num- ber had dwindled to thirty-fiye. Lt times we felt a little sad, realizing that our experiment would soon be completed. Looking back over the previous years. we saw some of our mistakes as well as ac- complishments. his year, with Irs. Goyner. Miss Iright.and lr. Todd as sponsors,we elected Eleanor Lippeatt to lead the group. Other officers are: Vice-President, Charles Booksberryg Recording Sec- retary. Marlene Olson: Corresponding Secretary. lyvonna Book:-arg and Treasurer. Shirley Carlisle. In our efforts to make money for our yearbook and trip to Washington, D. C. and New York, we were hspt quite busy. Again we tried the field of dra- matics. when ws presented the play, Annie Laurie. his costume play. acclaimed a success, will lin- ger ln the minds of many people. Looking back over the experiment, we wish to say that we have had some wonderml times, in spite of the hard work we encountered ln our stay hereg and we wish the best of luck to those we are leaving behind. Page Twen ty- one 5 Club yrophevtf on 51161195 29. 1959-4,1 stood in the hallway of the Central School building and waited for the bell to officially announce 'the opening of the new term- For the past few years I had been teaching an elementary grade in a Terre Haute schoolgbut having decided to return to my home town.I espe- cially looked forward to this year for two rea- sons. One.I contemplated adventure with the pri- mary department in the new building that had been built where "Old Central" had stoodgand second,1n the words of Goldsmith,I was just glad to return at home at last. laitlng here in the hall.I watched the children as they arrived and a little red haired boy cap- tured my attention. Why did he seem to stand out so much in my mind? Slowly. my thougxts sent beck--memories of my own school days possessed my thougzts. One individual of those past school days began to loom up out of the past--another red hatred boy--Bill Ashburnflhy did this little boy seem to remind m so much of Billu driving curiosity to know the boy's name possessed me, but when the bell rang I entered my room to per- form my first duty--enrollment. This task only added to my curiosity for there in the first row sat that same red haired boy. Aggravated at having my attention to duty so dl- verted. I resolutely began to enter the informa- tion in my register. Slyly each little newcomer stood and told me his name or handed me mother's note with the necessary 1nformat1on.A,ll the time the vision of the little boy hovered in my mind like a dancing little nymph. men up he jumped, 'ly nam is Eddie Ashburn." he stated as if he dared me to entertain the least shadow of a doubt. Simultaneously with l1dd1e's statement there was a rapping at the door. I asked the children to sit quietly while I answered the door, but was hardly prepared to have my already confused mind further reverted to memories of the past. But back to my own school days raced my attention for there in the doorway stood none other than IIIIIIBAGBD Hampton. my classmate of high school days. She covered my surprise with that ready smile of hers as she handed me a package and er- Plained that it was the books that Eddie had forgotten. 'You see he is just like his daddy," laugxed Emmadean. "Billy so often forgot to take things with him." Perhaps someone had told me that Billy and Ema- dean were married soon after our graduationgbut if so I had forgotten. Eager and big hearted as she had been in school days,Emadean generously invited me to have dinner at her house that eve- ning. 'Then we will have a chance to re-live the past and brief the bits of choice gO8SiP'18.UQOd Enmadean. I needed no one to urge me to accept this invi- tation and a chance to reinstate myself with old friends, so I promised to accompany Edd!-0 home the minute the closing bell sounded. I returned to my class and the day passed as all days must. I had my enrollment completed and had becom acquainted with most of my pupils when the bell finally sounded the close of the day. I accompanied Eddie home and when we arrived Emma- dean was preparing dinner. She gave me an apron and asked me to arrange the salad while she put the rolls in the oven. Iorking there together and discussing the events of the day it was only natural that we would start dreaming of days past: due when several from our class would gather at one home -for fun. refreshnents, and sometimes work. "You know. Dean.you don't seem one bit different Do you remember the nigxt we made candied apples at Barbara's't I asked as I placed the salad on the plates. "Gee, yes, I made some for Eddie and his friends just the other day", lmxgxed. Dean as she placed the pan of rolls in the oven. 'I wonder where all of our class mates are .Do you ever hear from very many of them". she inquired. "W'ell,I still hear from Shirley Dunder. You knew that she is secretary to Phil Gr:Lffith,the pres- ident of Pyramid Paper Coupany in Chicago."I an- swered. Oh.yee,1n her last letter she told about Kathleen Maxey and Carolyn Chambers who had just recently taken positions for office work in the same building. They should have some good times now that they are together again." "I had a letter from Norma not too long ago." said Dean. "I suppose you know that she and Tom Rieinger had married. They are in California where Tom is directing an orchestra." explained Emmadean as she went to the door to call Billy and Eddie to dinner. Father and son lost no time getting into the housenand after the preliminary greetings. as we took our places at the table to enjoy the dinner Dean and I were still in the reminiscent mood. "mere are several of our class mates still a- round here, explained Dean. 'I often hear from Barbara Willis. You know she is a dietician at Riley Hosp1tal.In her last letter she told about Shirley Neilson's wedding and Sh1rley's new home in Michigan." "Sure, and Jim was telling me today that Charles Rooksberry, Vernon Smith, and Joe Land had re- enlisted for another term in the Navy.They'll be stationed at Great Lakes this time. Tney think they will make a career of the Navy now,"offered Bill as he helped himself to a second. helping of Page Twen ty- two the fried chicken. 'Say. mommie, tonight's paper has a picture of Eleanor Lippeatt. Did.n't you say she was your classmate?" "Yes, dear, I saw the picture," answered Dean. "Hasn't Eleanor been successful in her political work." said Emmadean. "!es,"I agreed"I admire Eleanor for her progress Do you remember how our government teacher, Mr. Near. always said that some day we would have a woman for Vi.ce-President." 'In the Indianapolis News. the editor, Norman Sheffler, has done a good Job of publishing her campaign," Bill reminded us. "Say, Bill, after dinner let's drive over to Norman Hale's farm for a visit. He always enjoys talking about our high school days." suggested Emmadean. We all agreed that talking with Norman would be fun so as soon as we had finished dinner and cleared away the d1shee,Bl1l brougxt the car and. we were off for a visit. "Mommie" asked Eddie,"let's go past the library so I can have a book to read." "I think that would be fine agreed Edd1e's moth- er."EIhen we can show off our new libra.ry.You re- member Shirley G-arrard and Betty lcCammon? lhey are the librarians." Before we arrived at the library we passed a very attractive and exclusive dress shop. Emma- dean explained that it was owned by our former classmates, Shirley Carlisle and Shirley O'I-Iaver Near the edge of the town Bill pulled into a Marathon station for gas and I was surprised to learn that Bob Goodman was the chief mechanic. As we drove farther into the country I was sure we were arriving at Norman's home. for just ahead was a beautiful. well kept farm. I soon learned of my mistake for Bill informed me that this was the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ransford. He explained that Jim and Alma Brewer had mar- ried soon after graduation and had been very successful on their farm. At last we reached Norman's fam. He was elated to see us, said he had just been in town for dinner. "Being a bachelor lsn't always so nice," teased Bill. "Oh, I'm not so sure' Norman defended himself. 'You know that new restaurant operated by Mr.and Mrs. John Cliver has wonderful home cooked food. You remember his wife--she was Sharon Re1d,"Nor- men explained. "Yes." agreed Emmadean "end their other restau- rant in Sullivan. the one operated by Wyvonna Booker and Evelyn Pigg, is a splendid place to eat. 'While I was in the restaurant tonight, Sharon showed me anews article that told of Audrey Pilk and Marian Lovelace enlisting in the Waves' related Norman as he showed us into his spacious bachelor quarters."We are just in time to watch the '1'.V. show over URAB' continued Norman check- ing his watch."Did you lmow that Dorcas Borders and Ruth Patton are now with the Grand Q-I! Ogre. They will be on now" he continued as he tuned in his TN. set. 'What a beautiful T.V. lamp," I explained. "Yes, 1sn't that e. beauty," agreed Norman. 'You remember Chet Wilson? lell. he and his wife. Mary Boone,gave me that as a gift when I visited them on their ranch in Texas last summer. After our visit with Norman. B111 took me home. I made a hurried preparation of my work for the next day's teachingg then. just before drifting off to sleep I gave one last thougxt to a mol! pleasant evening. I also made a vow to keep 111 closer touch with my class mates and what they were doing. ,gf 45 .-5 Page Twenty- three Old Library on Aggembly Construction Crew at lork Books on the love x 'Literature Ever-loving' this saying held true when the li- brary was moved up stairs and established its new hole in the front part of the assembly It was changed in order to meh lore class room since the fifth and sixth grades hive been brougt out to the Union High School. 'me ceiling has been redecor- ated. the reading tables have been refinished. nes shelves have been built, and any Bl books occupy these shelves. he students are very proud of these improvements and. hope that Dy another year the glass partition can oe added. thus dividing the study hall from the library. finished Product I-ibrlrzr in Ure check your nook. Pleu- Page Twenty- four Iflmlerclaumen A792 oft ff NAME Bill Ashburn Mary Boone Sharon Reid Barbara Willis Eleanor Lippeatt Norma Pope Tom Risingsr Norman Hale John Cllver Gerald Pirtle Charles Rooksberry Bob Goodman lmadean Hampton Marlene Olson Evelyn Pigg lyvonna Booker Shirley Gerrard Betty McCemmon Audrey Pilk Shirley Dunder Carolyn Chambers Alma Madison Iathleen Maxey Dorcas Borders Shirley Carlisle Shirley O'Haver 'Vernon Smith Joe Land Dean Sheffler Phillip Griffith Chester Wilson Marion Lovelace Shirley Neilson James Ransford. Harold Irons Senior auorited SAYING I'll Be Darned My Cow! You Know Something I Don't Know Oh. No! How's Come? I'll bet ya lhat sure is ftmny. Did I ever tell you? You gonna buy D something? Ohh! Gosh Maybe Oh. dear! lhat'd She Say? Did you ever! lell I'l1 Bs! have not right. Oh. my gosh! Sure. math not rigxt. Say it isn't so. Let's see now. Oh my gosh! I'll try. See, what I mean? Hey, Shirley! I'll see. Let's don't. Nope. You do it. What say? Come on. Is that right? I feel so un- necessary Golly SONG Kaw-Liga Yours Outside of Heaven 'lull Me Why. Have You Heard Lady of Spain Anyvhere I Wonder 'Bell Me You're Mine Carolina Moon Hey, Good Lookin' Anchors Away Your Cheating Heart Till I Ialts Again With You Keep it a Secret Ion't You be Mine? Oh Harp: Days My Blue Heaven You Belong To Me Wedding Bells Mansion Over the Hilltop Ma says, Pa says. Penny a Kiss Mansion Over the Hilltop Because you're mine Keep It a Secret Are You 'basing me? Sold1er's Joy Pistol Peskin' Mama. Pennies from Heaven. Blue Skies Glow-Worm Forever and Ever. Our Honeymoon I Dream of You Bell Bottom Trousers COLOR Ligzt Green L igh t Blue Rose Lave nder Blue Pink Gray Ligat Blue Light Green Navy Red line Blue Pink Red Red Green Red. Navy Aqua Tan Purple Blue Red Red P ink Wine Ye llow Green Rust Tan Blue Lavendar Chartreuse line IDEAL Janet I-sig Montgomery Clift Farley Granger Stewart Granger Dewey Martin Jeff Chandler Marilyn Monroe Esther Williams Linda Darnell Debbie Reynolds Rita Hayworth Doris Dey Keefs Brassile Tony Curtis 'Iyrone Power Rock Hudson Clark Gable Rock Hudson Charles Carpenter Fernando Lamas Dale Robertson lernando Lamas Dean Martin Jeff Chandler Jane Powell Farley Granger Doris Day Yvonne DeCa.rlo Rita Gam Virginia Mayo Zsa Zsa Gabor Tab Hunter John Derek Jane Russell Mona Freeman Page Teen ty Si: -:,:.s5.- - Dwane Kinnett President ., John Fuzesi V ice-President Marilyn Pope Secre tary Evelyn Miller Treasurer unior Cfadd Our class.w1.th its lt-5 members. has lost only seven and gained two since we were freshmen. Our leaders in the first three years of hig: school were Pat Sull1van,John Fuzesi, and Dwane Kinnettdle enjoyed many good t1mes.such as our freshman party and the trip to Shakamakdshe sophomore all-day picnic, and our successful magazine campaign which began our Junior year.Dwane Kinnett was our star salesman of magazinesfle have had a few bake sales, which have proved a good source of income,and. se sponsored a home talent show. We also sponsored a hat and coat check booth at every home basketball game. Ls we entered into the second semester of school, we an- ticipated the annual ,junior class play and the re- ception for the seniore.We want to thank our spon- sors,M1ss Shepherd and llrs. Harmon. for their guid- ance through our happy and successful Junior year. le look forward to our final year at Union. Row I. L to B., Joe Ball, Janis Ashcraft,l'red Boyd. Vivian Mitchell. Jack lcCemmon. Judy Kennedy. Troy Richardson, Patricia Sullivan. Joe lcGheeg Row II. Yelda Sheffler. Brad Danie1s,SharonGadberry,Nor- man Hendg-1ckg,Dorothy Robertson.0rva1 Holland, F10- retta Bedwell, Bill Smith, Sharon Haleg Row III, Everett Malone, Marilyn Tackett. Don And,erson,Esse Qu111en.Jerry Scott,llarilyn Houston,Leeter Cassell Marilyn Smith,Monnle Smithgiow IV,Sue Reynolde.Je- rome Sherman,A1eda Belle Deckard. Donald Jerrells, Katie Marsh, Merl Hayes. Anna Mae Gilha.m.Fred Pat- tong Row V, Wanda, Michael, Lowell Mood.y,Pa,ul Bled.- soe, Rodney Smallwood,Don Ge.Inb1ll,Loren Dav1s,Ray- mond Reynolds, Ermel Pirtle. Page Twen ty-seven V w , ,, , Bow I,L to R, Sue Ann Ihncan,Max Bedwell,Shirley Jewel1,Da.nny Land1e,Mild.red Parks,James Kirk,Ju- dith Kenned.ygRow II,Gene Wood.ward,Beverly Meeks, Merle P1gg,Sa.l1y Ammerman,Brend.t Olson, Gertrude Wa1ters,Norman StinsongRow III,AlvinaEnochs,Curt Todd,Rosemary Gliver,Jimmle Zaayer,Ladonna Price Dean Pope,Linda, Haekettgflow IV,Bill Waltera,Jua- nita Sa1esman,Charles Walls,Bar'bara Wa1ters.John Terhuned-darilyn Shortex',Bob Carl1slegRow V, Sue Blevene,De1me.r D1ckey,Donna Burr1s,La.rry McClel- lan,Rosemary Robex'ts,Rex Ballard, Ruth Swan: Row VI,John Butler,Dar1ene TNu:pen,Phy1l1s Piggy Row VII, Reba Neilson, Fred Walters,Margaret Ridge. cq0pl!0l1'l0l'e C1054 4, Row I,L to R,Kay McChee,Jack Houee,Bax-bare Moon- eygRow II, Ralph Isbell.Sheila Besheres, Eddie Hayesg Row III, Kay Jewel1,Tommy Maxey, Christina Reynoldsgliow IV,David Greemllildred M11ler,Billy Lynn,Sandra Gambi1l,Jerry Sheff1er,Nancy Goldman Burl Christygllow V, Trenia Ashcraft,Leon Kendall Judy Sherma.n,Winkie Goodman, Rosemary Michaels, Ralph Kirk, Mary Garrardg Bow VI, Stephen Herne, Sue Ann Garter, Lyle lulfordlay Reynolds, Handy Sma1lwood,Etta Mae Jerrelle,Larry Ha.1egRow VII, Eleanor Harrison,Gordon Scam1horn,Patty Chambers Richard Evans, Judy McGhee. Bobby Robbins, Betty Brewerqliow VIII,Teddy Walters, Judy Smith.R0berf' Hiatt,C1ara Lau Vaug'xn,Jlm Watklns,Ca.ro1 Camden. Paula Gamblll. Page Twenty- e ight 91-ealmman Clan v9 Row Llarilyn Llum'baugh,Nancy Alumbaugh, Gary Ammerman.Joyce Ballard,Carol Brewer Harry IBorders,Ma.ry Butler,Helen Goxg Row II. Roger Andre. Phyllis Cl1ver.Carolyn Harrison, Donald Chambers, Katie Heaton, Sandra H1att,Kelth Coyner,Jane Cartyglloi III. Shirley House, Glenda Johnson, Dean Goodman,Bertha K1rk,Conn1eMarsh,Gary Mc- Cammon,SueMcCammon,Be1va llitchellgllow IV James Ma,son,Tiny Key llom-oe,Garolyn Mor- gan, Brent McClellan, Marilyn O1son,Ruth Parks,RonaJ.d Smith,Mar1lyn P1lkgRowV,Ja- retta B.eynolds,Al1ce Wa1tera,Jim Spencer Sandra Schisler,Ruth W11li.s,DickSwan.Ma- ry Scott, Barbara Turpin: Row VI,R1chard Tatlock,Byrle Wh1te,Elaine Woodruff,Den- ny Isbell, Steve 0sborne,El1za'beth Webb, Edward Tacketts,Dav1d SwangRow VII ,Billy Ridge, Andy Secrest, Nellie Richardson. Wendell Davis, Gilbert Pigg. wth Bow I, L to R, Judy Noble, Sue Reynolds, Donald Kinkade, Carol Reel, Kay Jarrett: Row II, Kinda Rhodes, Herbert Gambill, Mildred Kendall, Lloyd Hendricks, Sharon Br1dgewater.Harvey Green,Mary G1ose,Fred W1se,Sandra Shepherddlarvin IBedwell,Dar- lene Ingle, Jim Ballard,Shirley Gooksey: Ron III, Allen Carr,Luc1nda Deckard, Jay Daniels, Sue Ann Houpt,Tom Shorter,Janet Smith, Gale Bargar,Glara Smallwood, Gary Carter, Marjorie Sm1th,l1ke lWergueon,Lo- retta Roberts,Dale Ba.rgargRow IV, Rowena Cummings, Paul Hiatt,Kay Land1s,Alan Ar- nold, Linda Gambill, Lewis Bonham,Brenda Pigg,Bob Davisddarilyn Wyatt,GeneHobbins Kay Haskett,J'im Salesmangkow V,Tom Swan, Betty Pirtle,Pau1 Diehman,Ca.ro1yn DeNeve Bob Wolfe. Janice Johnson, Karl Coyner, Beverly Reyno1ds,John Wilkes ,Martha Rey- no1ds.Chas. Shsffler, Markita Bartley. uae Sew 0, e , Y, .,..,a.,,....,,-A , .hfth grade Y Row I: Vicki Ashcraft, Bob Beaty. Judy Bedwell, Lance Bedwell, Carole Anders. Gary Christy, Dean Chubb, Fred Cox, Carolyn Crynes, Billy Ellis. Larry Engle. Row II: Keith Gambill, Walter Goodman, Buddy Green, Gene Hiatt, Stanley Horne, Larry Hout, David Jordan. Richard King, Linda McCulloch, Sue loore,Karen Moss.Row III: Tomy Parks, Billy P1rtle,Ca.ro1yn Pope,Linda Haley, Barbara Reynolds, David. Reynolds, Karen Ridge, Bette Roberts, Shirley Salesman, Tony Sevier. Row IV:Jerry Skinner, Bill Stegemoller, Ralph Stinson. Bobby Tatlock, Kay Terhune, Donald Traviss, Sue Wayman, Mary Webb, Sara Wilkes, Larry Wolfe. 4' Row 1: John Ballard., Bonnie Chesterfield., Bill Cliver, Judy Christy, Lorena Dishman, Ann Exline, Vicki. Hale, Judy Marlowe, Joe Pigg, La.rry Pirtle, Carolyn Price, Jams Richardson, Robert Richardson. Bow II: Kenneth Sevier, Myra Snyder, Gorden Spencer, Linda Walters, Phyllis Miller, Brenda Boone, Brenda Davies, Della Hall, Bill Hunley, John Irons, Jimmy Phillips, Ronnie Reeves, Karen Scamihorn. Row I: Sharon Arnold, Sue Barger, Glenn Bedwell, Donald Blevens, Jack Brewer, Melba Butler,John Car- l1sle,Larry Chambers.Son,ia Chestnut,Jerry Chesterfielddiarold Wayne Clark.Row II:Ernest Coleman,Linda Dav1s,Anna Mae Gamb1ll,Henry Gi.lha.m,I-Iarriett Good.man,Phyllis Green,Karen Harrison.B1lly Hatfie1d,Lar- ry Hend.r1cke,Ray Jordan.Row III: Bobby House,Joel Lea.me.n.Bi1ly Mooney,Pearl Monroe,Billy Olson, Phyl- lis Patton, Kathryn Reynolds,J1mmy Ri.chardson,Sara Schieler.Commodore Secrest.Row IV:I.inda Shipman. Ladonna Shorter,Linda Sm1th,Judy Vaughn,Nancy 'ila1ters,Brent Wayman.Johnnie W1se,Loren Wiaeman,Richard Wiseman,Glenda Woodruff. V Shgthflmlgixthgfade 4 Q I v 0 Aug. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. O X 5 , st' ,g is x 29- 2- 3- U. 5- 8- 9' 10- ll- 12- 15- 16- 1'1- 15- 19- 22- 23- Zh- 25' 2 6- 29- 30- 1. 2- 3- 6- 1- 8- School started. Mr.8eMrs. Jones here to discuss taking pictures this year. Curtis Salesmn here about magazines. Curtis here for Juniors. Senior class meeting. Yell-leaders elected today. Crowell-Collier magazine salesman here for Seniors. Nominated football queen and attendants Got first static out for the year. Elected queen and attendants. First football game at Bloomington. Seniors out of school to get annual ads Freshmen are becoming adjusted. Big plans for homec oming. First home football game. Regular school. Regular school. Decorated Y-Teen and Hi-Y cars tonigmt. Out of school this afternoon to deco- rate floats. Homecoming tonigxt. Work to straighten up after homecominzx- We lost the game. Seniors out to get Ads today. Regular school. Magazine sales end today. Senior Class mee ting. Regular school. Regular school. Bangame tonight at 1a1ckm11.49 Started selling Annual subscr1Pti011B U0- day. Regular school. Seniors meet at Barbara'e tomorrow night to work on Annual. Seniors sold candy apples first time. Regular school. Played Jasonville tonight.B1g bond-fire afterwards. Regular school. Spirits high after vic- tory. Nominated Student Council candidates today. Seniors sponsored Chili Supper tonight. Individual pictures taken today. Annual staff meeting tonignt. made can- died apples. Indisnapol is group selected today. Oct. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oc t Oct Oc t Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov HGV Page Thir ty-one Chorus pictures taken today. Senior pictures taken today. Juniors sponsored first show at Cozy tonight. First grading period ended. today. Regular school. Six weeks tests today. Student Council elected today. . lr. Boston visited school today. Got report cards today. llst time this year., H1-Y-Teen Officers Conference held at Bloomfield. First Student Council meeting today. We play Linton tonlgxt. Regular classes today. Annual sales ended today. G.A.A. practice after school. G.A.A. meeting today. Losing Annual team 118-d meeting today. Regular school. Regular school. - Regular school. ' G.A.A. practice after school. Regular school. Anmnl Staff meeting tonight. Senior play tryouts. P.T.A. Carninal tonight. Senior Play tryouts. Candidates for presidency of Student Council gave speech at Pep session. Part of play cast announced.. Regular school. First play practice tonight. Student Council elections today. Glesned corn for the Seniors. Wade S837 Annual Staff party tonight. Regular school. Play practice today and tonight. Regular school. Some of club pictures arrived today. Began scenery and practiced play today. Regular school. Regular school. Birthday party at play practice. lr. Joms brought Sen1or's proofs. Regular school. Still asking scenery. Regular school. Sen1or's proofs to be turned in today. Mr.Jones back to retain Senior pictures. Took other pictures. Working hard on stage. B1-Y boys con- tinue drive for new score-board. Nov Nov. Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. o 1 s S tude nt Council mee ting. ful dresses and kilties Previews of play today. Dress rehearsal tonight G.A.A. meeting folay. Matinee today at 1:15. , Senior Play toni gut. sf. Senior Play was proclaimed one of most .beautiful ever given. Enanks giving program today. J Stags is about finished-talk of beauti-,fy . 'ia J . A K iw 5 Q ' Iirst basketball game tonight. Pep session today. Qllrs. Relds's fifth grade sang some songs., More Classes. Report cards given out. Psp Club met to-day. Regular classes. Hi-Y and Y-Teen initia- tion to-night. New score board being connected. Regular school. Beta nesting at noon. First home basketball game to-night. Regular classes. Pep Club met to-day. QElected officersl Student Council party to-nigat. Annual Staff meeting. More classes. Dreams of Christmas vac- ation. Weather more like spring. Lots of talk about the coming game. Senior pictures arrived to-day. School dismissed 8-t two-thirty for the game. Juniors present talent program. Regular classes. Student Council repre- sentatives visit State High. Chorus went to church to practice. Some classes has Christmas parties to- day. Seniors made candy to sell tonite. Pep Club meeting to-day. We play Sul- livan to-nigzt. School dismissed at ten o'clock. We had Christmas Program at nine. Beck to school after Christmas vacation Student Council meeting. Meeting of the Annual Staff to-night. Beta meeting at noon. Pep session. Football Jackets arrived to-day. Annual staff meets again to-nlgmt. Y-Teen and Hi-Y meeting during the 3111 period to-day.Meeting for the Pep Club. G.A.A. call practice session. Regular classes. Semester exams are the main topic of conversation. Beta meeting to-day :luring third period Chorus sweaters arrive. G.A.A. initiation to-night. Senior class mee ting to-day. Meeting of Annual staff to-night. School dismissed at noon to-day.QGrades to be recorded by teachersDEnd of first semester. Pep Club holds meeting Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb 'Feb Feb lab Feb Usb Feb Feb Feb Feb lbb Feb Feb feb Feb Reb Feb Page Thirty- two Bn. 811. Jan. Jan. s e Beginning a new semester. Pep Club dyed blouses for block.Moro pictures for yearbook. Regular school. Student Council meeting. Q E mily I-Ynn speaks to us.D Staff meeting tonight. ,Q '-.34 Regular school. E.. ' Pep Club meeting today. jig " Cards out today. V Regular school. ' '- Yell suits arrived today. V - eq , Pep session today. QFrank Dobson was the spesksr.D Regular school. Y-Teen and Hi-Y party committee met at noon. Beta. initiation tonight. Senior class meeting. Seniors took scholarship tests. Seniors worked on annual in the after- noon. Senior boys had a scrap drive . Statics out today. Some students are excused to go to this tourney at Terre Haute. fini Regular school. Regular school. Pep Session today. Regular school. Movies today. Regular school. G.,A.A. practice tonigxt. Regular school. Regular school. Beta. mee ting today. Senior Class meeting today. Hi-Y and Y-Teen party tonight. Regular school. Senior Class mee ting. Classes had Valentine parties. G.A.A. meeting today. Pep session today. Look our Sweetheart Day. Regular school. P.T.A. meeting tonigzt. lSenior girls played Junior girlsl Pep session 3rd period. CJunior High trophy presented to lr. Todd. Seniors visited State Legislature in Indianapolis. Mr. Marshall presented special program. G.A.A. in gym. tonight. Seniors measured for caps and gowns. Pep Session last half of 'lth period. Pep Club meeting 3rd period. Snapshots taken for Annual. Beta meeting today the jrd. period. Sophomores ordered class rings. Annual meeting tonight. Jr. Play tryouts after school. Reb Feb Feb UBI. MBT: 3' Mar Mar Mar lar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar lar Mar Mal Mar lar Mar lar Mar Apr APS' Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr. Apr Apr .lv- -5' Boys practice at Sullivan for Sectional G.A.A. practice tonight. Junior Play tryouts after school. Tourney begins. Pep session today. Contest essays due today. School out at noon. Junior Play cast announced today. "No school" March certainly came in as a lion-rain. snow, sleet. Student Goxmcil meeting today. QA Chorus at noon today. ,ws ' G-.A.A. tourney begins tonigmt. Report cards out today. 'lg - G.A.A. tourney ends tonight. Q I Vsgety program today. Sta ic out today. Basketball boys go to Vincennes today. ' More classes and more work. H Beta mee ting. - Movie today. Regular school. Chorus went to Sullivan to participate ln County Music Festival. Regular school. Student Council meeting today. Movie today. Regular school. G.A.A. practice. Material for Senior rummage sale lected. Regular school. Beta meet ing. Movie today. Dress rehearsal for play tonight. Junior Play previews today. Junior Play tonigxt. Regular school. "Congratulations, " Juniors. Student Council meeting today. Clean-up campaign progressing. Regular school. U.pril Fool's Dayj Movie today. G.A..l.. practice today. Static out today. Easter Good Friday program sponsored by H1-Y and Y-Teens. Plans for Spring Festival in progress. Senior Class meeting today. Movie today. Regular school. Y-Teen and Hi-Y meeting today. Regular school. col- Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr lsr UW Kev by Us? M81 lay Ney lay Har U83 lay MB? may Nw Nav UBI New 'S 4 B Y-Teen lnitation. G.A.A. meeting todw. P.T.A. meeting tonigxt. Sophomore Class party tonigat. Movie today. .- . f, , Spring Festival. 5 " ' g MY nfs I Ee! Regular school. ' Student Council meeting. -, QQ Movie if-Q, i' .USS-y' Sf A, Q-95-5. f f Regular school. " 'lfimifff mgy Y-Teen mee ting. " ex G77 L, 2:55 Senior Class meeting. " Beta meeting. Regular school. Movie. Junior Class meeting. Seniors talm final tests. Baccanlearaute. .,. Senior Dun Commencement. Final exams. School picnics. Receive report cards. Senior Trip. la Y 1 E , u Plane being made for reception. Movie today. Regular school. General Assembly today. Regular school. Spanish meeting. Movie today. Page Thir ty- three BUSY WORK LET'S ALL SING 1 ' I," "N, 1 . ' is Q Q, AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND WE GO JUST LOOK OUR FIRST YEAR AND WE'V'E LEARNED 'IO WRITE OUR NAMES eginning Page Thirty-four STUDY TIME CORRELATING SEEING WITH DOING NOW HURRY AND GET THE RIGHT ANSWER Saga Page Thirty-five TEE BELL THAT STARTS THE DAY Row I: Dennis Jewell, Bradley Landis, Sharon Lutee, Glenn Keene, Jimmy Marlow, Jerry Matney, George McCammon, Joe Ray McCanmon. Rebecca Mitchell, Janice Moody, Mike Moore, Elise McCammon. Row II:Loren Moore. Lester Noble, David Phegley, Larry Pope, Gary Richardson. Lonnie Rogers, Lyndell Scamihorn. Leonard Scholl, Glenda Shephard, Yolanda Singleton, Randy Skinner, Marvin Ridge. Row III: George Sly, Roee Marie Smallwood. Rose Tacket, Patty 1511-pin. Dennis Turpin, Laverne Walls. Pegg layman, Vikki. Willis. Charla Willis, Sandra Yates, Billy Zaayer, and Mrs. Harting. Row Izlllaine Arnold,Kay Lrnold,M:l.k1e1 Lrnold,Sue Aehcra!t,Br1an Bedwell.Ronnie Bedwell,Ann Bennington. Richard Brewer,Tommy Brown, Keith Bu.rris,Priecilla Butler, Georgia Chubb.Row II: David Burke, Randee Bur1m,Nancy Ghubb,Shery1 C1ark,Bobby Oliver ,Martha Cloee.Darlene Colvin,Michael Corb1n.D1ck Crawford. Delorie Davis,Russ Dukas,Mar1lyn Exline.Row III:Suean Exline,Mark !brguson,Patty l'lath,Harr1et Iigg, Carl Gamblll, Karla Hale, Bobby Hall, Scott Harrison, Donna Bout, Bobby Humphrey. and Mrs. Elmore. Row I: Brenda Andre, Barbara Lehcraft, Theresa Ballard, Dennis Bedwell, Sharon Bedwell, Phyllis Ben- net, Sandra Bonham, Janice Brown, Judy Butler. John Chesterfield, Ada Close, Row II: Sharon Cornelius Janice Davie, Winetta Deckard, Pat Douglas, David Goodman, Stephen Hall, Marion Hatfield, John House. Ronda Hout, John Humlhrey, Mike Irons. Row III: Ivan Marratta, Steve McGhee, Dottie McKay, Rachelle Moen, Mary Olson, Clifford Parmley, Vicki Pirtle. Connie Pope, Michael Price, Judith Reynolds, Sally Reynolds. Mary Sheffler. Row IV: Eleana Smith. Mary Smith Randall Smith, Sherry Sith, 'Iberia Smith. Judith Swan, LeAnn Vaughn, Paul laltere, Bobby Webb, Edward Wilkes, Dennis Young, and Mr. Pratt. ni.. 1 1 E 4 N 1 K W Y Z U N X .1 K. I 1 . 1 ,9 I A J Q N 1 i N L N w iff? Q A Q25 . L2 0 ctwbt Juudic Som where a child ln the dawning is singing, Free as a bird when it welcomes the day, Rising and falling on goes the song. Ringing with joy and with hope that is strong, We too need music to lift us and cheer us. Come then and sing. Come then and sing. Come then and sing All our cares away. Band Our band, thougx small, but migxty, has improved sing last year. Althougm we did. lose two capable seniors. still we have gained twelve pew nuenbers this year The band now totaling forty-five. To show the progress of the band, since last year, we have given several special programs at the basketball games. Elbese programs have been well received. Sev- eral of the band members plan to par- ticipate in the Sullivan County hstival larch lj. Xxxx M v X f , 'X to 1 . Clwrud Union High. well known for music, has thx-ee choral groups this year. lined chorus, consisting of seventy boys and girls. is a group that is very good. The mixed chords sang two special songs at the district festival at Sullivan. he chorus sent eighteen to the State Choral Sing at Indianapolis. 'me boy's chorus. with twenty-five mem- bers. has not been in rehearsal too long and so have not participated in any pro- grams. Girl's chorus with sixty-three voices this year is the largest for quite a- while. me girls worked very hard and gave up their noon hour once a week to practice. Page Forty QQQ' QB Qgsjmfj gb 56319569 -2, 2-X10-Jie, f' 'Gao' Eg 7-:L N2,,,e .30-4 A11 an ol: 9 gp 0 059' 'Nia E10 O5 f' cl. -pg 'OQO 2!q""2f:c1:,Qg: 'SQ ad 93 kb' ealzm a lbw 600- faurgjdiaffj, I 27f a 1' 0 bw 6,g.,4j6da,Ze jj pfw 0 ef Me 6 ff',ff'c 0 ,fag wififagfrd 5 6,5 ghgfigg, 'ff in 9, A 4,6 jeyaafv ef o160goc6 2322? 15" elf 0 P 0 M660 C0 fqw P W fic 0.58, U 1 pie' 0 W 0 F 5 . e, 05 4 ef 'K 0 05580 F!! P5 Top Row, L to R. Carolyn Blevens. Gordon Scamihorn, Harkita Bartley, Katie Heaton: Bottom Row, L to R. Gary Carter, Donald Kinkade. Marilyn lyatt.T1ny llonroe, Lleda Deckard.. Top Row, L to R. lancy Goldman, Karl Coyner. Sue Reynolds, llaanor Llppeattglkttom Row, L to R. Sandra Gambill, Duane Kinnett,Al1ce la1ters,L1nd.a Haskntt.Kelth Goy- DBI. Page For ty- two Top Row, L to B. Marvin Bodnll, Karen Scamihorn, Nancy laltors. Carol Camdeng Ruth lillia. Dorothy Robortson, Lyle ralford, Clara Smal1wood.John Ilhzosi, Janis Johnson. Bottom Row, L to R. Don Lndorson, Trenia Ashcraft, Brenda Davies. Bobby Robbins Judy licthee. Carol Heel, Paula Gembill, Sandra. Shepherd, Christina Reynolds. Jimmy Spencer, Sue Carter. Page For ty- three W ,,4...4. 'Hr fffff' E ,, I qv . M it-suv ,- igi Q""' pg iw 1 . . pf ua-nf' 7 -1- ff ,mx A ff 'W MQ XS fi H Q football has always been one of Un1on's favorite sports.1!1e '53 team was lignt and fast and. Coach Johnson's guidance,they showed improvements as to the previous year. Althougx they won only one scheduled game. they showed fighting spirit and great courage 88811159 ooibaff all of their opponents. The one defect of the team was the factor of a ligmt line. Since they lost only eight lettermen this year. they are looking forward to having an experienced team to begin next year's season with a bang. f"'l Kadfcet ball he Union Hlgx School basketball team of 1952-53 headed by Coach "Russ" Mahon has had some hard luck but they fougmt hard all year. They had a season record of six wins and twelve defeats in scheduled play.'Ihe Bulldogs advanced to the fi- nals in the Wabash Valley Prelims before they bowed in defeat to their old rival, the Golden Arrows from Sullivan. John Cliver. leading the Bulldogs scori.ng.set many new records this sea- son.He established a new all time W.I.C. record in total number of points scored in l.I.C.gs.mes, in most free throws in one game,1n higxest aver- age for l.I.C. games. He broke the record of the great All State,Clyde Lovsllette.from Garfield of Terre Haute. John is rated as one of the 'best point men in the va,lley.He also set a. new record many and four Hale, eight look- at Union Higx that will probably stand for years. Many times he scored between thirty forty points in games. The Bulldogs have seniors on the squad: John Oliver. Norman Bill Ashburn, and Charles Rooksberry. With returning lettermen, Coach 'Russ' Mason is ing forward to better seasons in the fixture. llilllllli Page Forty-six 00 0 0' 5 5 A 'SEVEN COACH BOB' Johnson A65'T auch lgssfr Cvfmh Russ' Mason HArve" Hobev'tS Page For ty-e ight Page For ly-nine .AH 4 wr ,W Q 5 Q z K Q I Q .W fb wp . mf .hr ,A A M .:,: ,. .A,:,.,,, , , , M, , , W q I'U', 3' ii 5 fff f .Q X J' Q. A 'X 5 E ., f fix 3 I 'S P X S 3' z ,...:':' ' 5 b SL, . U -' 5-e' 5 I fi QA::V' X "1-, 1 - ff 22'- W ,, , gms, A ..,:1Ai W ff .,,, A A,l.,AA :iA I --::,- V 421 .... t v . .-.. 11-g ,-.- MQ Q -W' f' E A - "" .ad f il b " . ,Qi S, 5 ,..,. Q' .fs . b v f J , , Qt W M ,Q .4 wi, ., , ,w h Q? fs ,M KBS , ., ,W 'M D vi , ww 1,,-' ,- pr. ,, , f 6 , :Q 'I " 5 is--. V 3-9:1 . l w .,,.. 1 : if ,ff - f Q f . .. Ju. e f--fjif Q W , 'Y g f ' Q. M Q: " '5 V 11, .:- W- 1 f ' , i" . QS- - f if E 'wg M, L ff- '. J - - n , 'X AP XM,-f , A- , -'lv-f ygg-5 - 1-:,:.-1, .-.. ,, V 1 QR , 3 ,Fx it 3 L j, h . . gf 33,54 .y g mmm 3' f'r-' ' ' ' ' 'Z 7' V. ' Q 15 2 K . ' 3, ' ' gi' .5 .. 6 'Q ' f. ' ' ' ' ' 'H I 4 -A V. ., ' 5 as 5 eff: k 1 A 5 , 55. ... ii y - . :Q-13: w+ k Sir 5. 5333- , 1 X x ' 'y at xii? we as Our bit for the team .v's9'b evo We're behind you, Bulldogs out for tea Serving made easy Time Page Fifty-four The G.A.A. was organized in 1928 with Mrs. Coyner as their sponsor. They had only lj members then but the club has grown just as everything else has gown at Union. 'Ihey now have as their sponsor Mies Shepherd. Some of the sports dur- ing the past year have been volleyball. badmitton, deck ten- nis. and the basketball tournaments have been a fa,vor1te.Be- sides practicing for class tournaments, the girls took part in working at the concession stands and taugmt Physical Ed.. classes in the absence of the teachez-.The officers were elected at the end. of last year and are: Preeidentjmmadean Hampton. Vice-Pres., Shirley Neilson, Secretary. Norma Pope. end Treasurer, Marlene Olson. At the end of the year,eweat- ers, letters, stripes, and plaques are awarded by the spon- sor. Row l, Barbara Willis, Carolyn Chambers, Mary Boone,Eleanor Lippeatt, Pat Sullivan, and Aleda Belle Deckard. Row 2, Sue Reynolds, Marilyn Houston, Marilyn Pope, Vivian Mitchell, Anna Mae Gilham, Evelyn Miller. Row 3. Reba Neilson, Sue Duncan. Ruth Swan. Page Fifty five ,yin -4 1 ,, , eigitsw., nflxf w' is E efgygs os, . . ..., no W :V gy Q in ' 5. JR. ' ,,,. 1,535 ' K sw ,. y - een ' ' , U Q 3' F nls he 5 ,ze his tin. i s ll-nw K Q-:ti L ,E M K-1l A 939 I.. tt .,,:.., ,..- gl 1 A t 1 18' isis' '00 : ' w e 'J V 4 n v " - e ef v, 'lhe Y-'lben members of Union in trying to live up to their purpose "To Find. and Give the Best" have been very active this year. The major project of the year was the pur- chasing of an 1883 Rogers silver tea service which is to be used for their annual Mother-Daughter Tea. This tea is always one of the highlights of the year. Other activities of the year were: initiation of new members, Valentine dance with Hi-Y, entering a float in homecoming parade. and attending District Conferences. The ,Y-Teen g1r1s,together with Hi-Y boys, attended. services at different churches. At Easter time they with the Hi-Y sponsored the Easter program. Rev. Jack Anderson of the Sullivan First Christian Church was the speaker. Row 1, Shirley Neilson, Barbara Willis, Pat Sullivan. Marlene Olson, Emmadean Hamp- ton, Sue Duncan, Wanda Michael, Reba He1lson.B.ow 2.Sh1rley O'Haver,Shirley Carlisle, Essle Quillen, Marilyn Pope, Marilyn Smith, Wyvonna Booker. Norma Pope, Sally Ammer- man. Row 3, Katie Marsh, Linda Haskett, Ruth Swan, Mary Boone, Judy Kennedy, Dorothy Robertson, Sharon Reid, Evelyn Miller. Page Fifty-six f 1 I Page Fifty-seven Ga. gyfylj V S h KL M C 4. fy'- Nei fS0fV W' I e Y 10 0 fp UI G., I if e wharf I ,l5, .. .T L- , , z .,,' fx.-1 - , Hn!! eta Club 'Dae Beta Club is e. National Honorary Societylembershlp in the Bets organisation is based upon the scholarship. achievement, character and leadership. Our motto is "Let us lead. by serving others." Ie received a large coffee urn, which we gave to the school.for selling vanilla. le also contributed to the Hi-Y for the ecoreboard..Be- sides our regular meetings we had our initiation cer- emonles. le sill lose ten members by graduation. Tasse seniors received gold seals on their diplomas for having been members of the Beta Club. Officers for the yssr were: President- Ilmmadeen Hampton Vice- President - Joe Hall Secretary - - Marlene Olson Treasurer - Larry McClellan Sponsor - -Irs. Vere Heedly le hope that the progress made by our group will make Union abetter school to attend. C 4 y fxsfe. C7 cr 4495 Hjgeff Mccfo lfa,y,. z :LY Tflrf. ,weermow ,J Nl 0- Qi. YJ Coafff N061 pevuj Ra GQYZE C fu,.SC' VSA. This year the ll-H Club consis- ted. of fifty-one members who completed at least one project Cforty girls and eleven boysj. In order to complete. the mem- bers had to enter their pro- ject at the Sullivan County Fair. lrs.H8-rmon was the BPOII- sor of this organizhtion. 14711616.14 'QCX'1'!Jf D encrs Kfhk"'6l F1,4fL'oVa' woo ,SQA Qsfa r a. ,J '1'z'tA wwe YS parm ' ' ' A ' lm ' n Re fd Wf"'J"'Lff Wdfmfffwgaifffiw hf,eisere5M,wf,:,44W,,W .,.,., -1-1 e--e--' -e'e' . r ' e- - .o.. - Q. le 2 .,-:9i1:ELg.g,Eg'555:. ' .,,. g -PI-I-f:" - , v,,, 'fef 1- -, . - 'gjjz-if - e.,, "f :?f,I-? 1 ,gf X ' .-: ff: J " ' MI- V . .... . , Page Fifty-nine HOST LIKELY 'ID SUCIID: Iyvonna Boolmr lornm Huh BBT IDOKXIGS Boreal Borders Vernon Smith PEBSOHALITYI lllndlm Hampton Joi Land my smy popularity rai ta HIST AHLEUIS: Sharon Raid John Oliver 076001547 m The night of October 17. was the big nigat. Union High's night of the year. After 8 day of feverish decorating, the floats and cars were finished by 5:30. the starting time for the parade. This pro- cession was one of the largest that Union has ever staged. The election of the queen and attendants was held -according to a primary election. The freshnen Ht- tendents were Judy Smith and Judy Lk:Ghee, the sophomore attendants were Barbara Walters and Gertrude Walters. The ,junior attendants were Alede Deckard. and Marilyn Houston. The senior attendents were Shirley Neilson and Marlene Olson. The queen of the student 'body was Eleanor Lippeatt. 1 0, pv- Q 3-'? W-'IM ww-Q, 1' ,z... f5H'Ii:1':R QPFQWEB wr ggvgw xh- W ww' W Getting ready for the big night! Gollyl What mlm-up does so a fellow. Gael Don't va look pretty? Bob Goodman and. Mary Gerrad providing sntertainnent bo- tween acts. Page Sixty-six After tour seeks of herd work, the Junior C1555 presented a. two nigt and one matinee run of the ir ?ual play. 'Robert St Cleir'e" three not comedy, Oomin' Round the loxmte1n". me. entire action of the play took plone in the dilapidated farm hguge tmted in the remote section of the Smokey Moun- s. Mani hilarious and sometimes almost ridiculous situat one arose as law and Pew Sldttere put int: action their ideas about gtting their two daugh- ters married. Each member of the out did a good Job of portraying his part but Marilyn Pope and John luzeei. as law and Per. along with their two sons. Curlyirred Boydl and Zekn QDon Gombillj wen favorites with the eudlence. lla! SHtt0rl........ Paw Sld.tters..... Zeb Skittersu... Curly Shtters...... Dizzy line Skittore.. Carney Bell Skitters Sasmy lbeter........ lllie Lou.. ........ . Robert Brecon... Edward Small. . . . . Carol Hugneen... Doris Dean. .... o oo .. . .llerllyn Pope ....John Iusesi .....Don Gembill ..........l'red Boyd ees e oesooeoeoohllyl Hiull' .lltdl BI110 mCk8Id ...uhster Cassell ..Dorothy Robertson ...........Joe Hall ...Jack IlcCsmmon ...nlsse Qullen . ...Jstio lu-eh Page Sixty-seven w , nnual Staff ONE EVENING AT WORK:Piloted. by the ed,it.ors,Emmadea.n Hampton and Barbara Willis,and sponsoramrs. Goyner and. Mins Wright, the following students worked faithfully on the 1953 Yearbook:Shi.rley Neilson,E1ean-or Lippeatt Norman Hale,Dorcas 1Borders,Shirley Car1ie1e,Norma Pope, Bill Ashburn Sharon Reidf. Wyvonna Booker, Jim Ransfordmarlene O1eon.Chester Wilson. Mary Boone ,Shirley Dunder,Bob Goodman and Shirley O'Ha.ver.The Staff was aided Py several other people who failed to get in the picture. Page Sixty-eight 1915.3 get it right' f X My ff I ,XM 675 if ji 'ff' ffl! IQ! ff f, if f ff 7 1,1 ,f 1 X big, if V , , Q I n x'xQ sq, EVANS GIUFFRE wie Pfimmg C0 BUICK SALES 0 The D. H. Goble Greenfield Indiana " Phone 115 ' f . ,P courmwzurs of BUIC a E V A N'S CARS an 'NTEEHQQQNAL D U G G E R L E G 1 o N sskvlcs ON Au. MAKE CARS and Tkuclfm Counesy of COMPLETE soov REP NG , -X S Abstract XA . 1' N ff ,1F!4'ulL 1'1: 1 X S MRA f INTERNATIONAL 5 u 'an Indiana XWW Q n A 1. m R E 1 n ' mLEvIs1oN as RADIO Rnvnn We Gum-fee 1-U1 our Worr and ag stun Service station Phone 1162 - UNION U- 5- 519101 5'-P 6 4 Q4 erdcger Womens Apparel Shop PhOne 20-'fro S S SS Sulluian BUYERS and MAJOR mms Jn aus 2. co. www? Q 1 :fl ' 4 ,Q S ,U 12. 54'-51wIfT"' 1 ,333 gfli- 4' . w 1' q g ff pf X -his ,iff X T XX Q. SHIPPERS of ALL FARM Gmus 'Q '5' Linton I ana '-" Always At Your Service - Saaalery, End H8136 SS, COl18.1' P8,dS, 1.168811 and Cgmplimenfg Tie Chains ' of Wm- S H U T T 5 At Ellis and Company Linmn Indiana SULLIVAN COUNTY Compliments of R. R. DAVIES R HARDWARE and FURNITURE e -lil HW M -A. . . g Complimenfs B111 S FEED STORE it M I .l1il1'G0H S ,SS -. Indiana . 0 d af aaa-n La' F SERWCEW L-Qullivan Indiana n 520 So., SSQQLLQJ1 Sullilan.. RUTPHV,ANDH2.SON SULLIVAN ELVA. M, QRNDORFF """'s Insurance , Attornw 8' Abstracts' Ground floor location Offices block east of stop ligmfc. 17 South Main street, and Q? KJ Phom 897 and 309 STANDARD SERV. STA. 11mm Indiana. A .S ' V 29 N'.f?c'st.- md' , AUTHORIZED Phone Compliments MOTOR SALES DEALER DUGGER INDIANA WTATT TREAT YDURSELF T0 THE BEST MDIIIES AT THE DUGGER paul ancf Beulah .foae ,,:sn.lL.,Vn:llun4-1-... , ln. , ,, , , , V ...... BON HICKMAN'S STORE HANMUM'S GROCERY GRQIERIES. MEATS. VEGETABLES, Fresh Meats Vegetables , ICE CREAM. POP, CANDY, TOBACCO. CIGARETTS, MILK, BUTTER. CHEESE, Gasoline an Oil SCHOOL, and HUNTING SUPPLIES A State Road 514 A GOOD PLACE T0 TRADE Dugger COURTESY OF ewfcirfc Z! Jerviced Our Greatest Responsibility is to Prove Worthy of Those Who Place Their Confidence in Us. ESTABLISHED 1916 RAY NEWKIRK LOWELL BRUST HAZEL NEWKIRK .IESSIE BRUST Phone 59 ' Plecisontville, lndioina I ' . I QD C. CMAGP MI:I:RcII::IcI.IN GENERAL INSURANCE SULLIVAN, mn. Gettinger and Sons INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATION IMPLEMENTS and DAIRY EQUIPMENT T l 210 103 W. Jack G U S H I N G'S V LADIES' COATS, SUITS. DRESSES. 8g MILLINERY - ARTENIES SLIPS GORDON 8: HOLPROOF HOSIERY GIRDLES 8: BRAS by LIFE Sc WARNER FARM EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL BUSIIINUS TRUCKS U. S. Highway 41 South Linton Indiana Phone 544 MILBUR ' PHAQMAQY So. Sicie Square Sullivan 1----- f- f - PIERSON-ALLEN LUMBER CO. LUMBER, PAINT BUILDERS' HARDWARE, LIME and CEMENT Hymera, Shelburn, Clay City FRANCIS HASEMAN Bc SON Business Service Real Estate Insurance- 30 South Maixx Street phone 760 LINTON, IND a a p L'1tI3.uzA. 'flatwnal Bank Our Best Advertisement Is Our 17-Yr. Record of Fine Service to the Public. Deposits Insured in I-'.I.D.C. CALL 2 2 4 CALL I0 S. Main - Llnfon, Ind. 1. , . HIGH GRADE MILL Wbiifi F' A I' S A LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - Phone 698 , NU-WAY GARAGE HuDsoN sALEs AND sekvlce R E PAI R S a n d ACCESSOR S I Cecil Wglfe Sullivan, Indiana 214 W. WALII ii- inun- ,. " S U L L I V A N New 2-'EGM n TRACTOR sues Zliuwiflzins CWHMPHII2 Agn P' ' Headquarters N, .. . I ' -Wh EVERYTHING Fon THE Home A N - ' 9 I IW I n f f, A N, LINTQN, INDIANA 44 wEs1' vlNcENNEs s'r.! N COMPLINIENTS 2 MILES EAST OF SULLIVAN Sullivan PANDORA MINE R.R. 5 BGOTH STUDIO "Good photography for any occasion" Indiana Eeenbezyir FASHION SHOP "E lueive but not expensive' Sullivan X! Sullivan Indiana Compliments of the CAFETERIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL Compliments Drs Betty Dukes F M Dukes .I E Dukes F M DUKES MD Phones: Resudence 3 BETTY and.I E DUKES MD Phones Residence 21 0 OHICB 9 Offnce 9 . of . , IO f 3 no .. ,.. I . . P on I" Q .' Z ll W B SPRINGER Grain Feed.. Livestock, Wool, held Seeds and Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery New Lebanon Indl ana POWERS WELDING COMPANY Linton Indiana MONNA D HOPKINS General Insurance Notary Public DUGGER INDIANA A Compliments KNOTTY PINE DRIVE-IN State Highway Ml No Sulhvan SQUIR ORCHARDS sr. nn, 54 LINTON IND. Compliments 14 Pjmzfff Ll ApporelShops cifllcfo Jmafffwvmen oracifcc Inf! Indiana Sullivan Sullivan Indiana ll I I jf D ND ELECTRIC RANGE llllM UPPLY U0 Phone 20 DU-age? Indiana GAS I A ll Compliments of SULLIVAN STATE BANK SAFE slNcE 1875 Sullivan, Indiana Carlisle, Indiana Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resources Approximately S8,000,000,000 Maximum Federal Insurance For Each Depositor, 510,000 HUGH QPetel McCREERY Insurance and Bonds Farm Credit Service PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSN. Phone l-L23 Su11ivan,Ind ..1f:::i2Z:? fsfi-i5:3:,. J O E E X L I N E +int '7 A "gf, ' Sullivan Ind SOUTH END LUMBER YARD PHONE 613 sul.uvAN, IND H ICOMPLIIMENTS f Sullivan 51' DA Sullivan, Indiana BIIYLL 2, MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I SALES and SERVICE ' 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 79 NIGHT PHONE 602 II-18 South Section Sullivan Indiana - NEW UNION LUMBER co INCORPORATED LI NTON 2Ios MAIN Call i"k'k OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS McMIIIan Athlehc Goeds Co Inc Terre Haute Indiana W2 Gyfoyy "The latest in wear For ladies who care" Sullivan Indiana campniients WILKINSON LUMBER C0 Snllivan India sg ELSON S JEWELERS GIFTS Store of qualxty and service Watch Repairing PHONE 515 mvnr TY sms GAMBLFS Dick Stayton Owner Linton INDIANA ARNOLD'S NEWS AGENCY 'Everything to re Greeting Cards Toys Stationary COIIPLETI FOUNTAIN SERVICE Sullivan Indiana Compllments PUBLIC SERVICE INDIANA INCORPORATED . I adll Hfuszytfrting go G4nyffIr.n9" c' 0 ' 9 of OF affair. WILDIN'S Greenhouses I FRESH FLOWERS AND PLANTS Sulhvan InII SULLIVAN MOTOR SUPPLY M1510 e0IIlFdlly BUESCHER REYNOLDS SELMER JESSE FRENCH PIANO CHARLES L STEWERT OLIVE H WILSON All Types of Sheet Music IIIIIHI SIHIEHI AUTO PARTS and MACHINE SHOP SERVICE WE TRADE TERMS ----A -L 'iKf:-"'j'i- -313: N I up AVI. Tlfff H2155 EEL E L NI 0 R E'S TAXI 4 5 5 CITY smvxcm comma ANY TIME - ANYWHERE Call Us - We'l1 Be There as ls! sr.. s. E. KENNET8 ummm YOUR I, Green County's largest fruit and.. DEALER I Vegetable Market - Quality Meats A ' Phone Sb Linton, Ind.. Phone lb Sullivan Compliments i, . of xl -. PI-IBN: 1285 . , 1 it QIIIIIIuIIIa-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINII ,jf,3DN,Q, ff QL,"fA5JA I I D E X LINTGN SPORTING GOODS SULLIVAN INDIANA Li"""" Ind' BRANS1-ETTER GROCERY onownma INSURANCE AGENCY QUALITY R. H. Crowder Meats and Groceries Faye C- Crowder "Everything good to eat" Joe R' Cr0Wder Sullivan Ind. - M Wajibzr Hour Pan:-one Sleep wen" and H f' Shegofftal 9 Assijillint v S ll? South Main Strait Phone 317 . su111va.n.1na 1 ul van n ana COMPEZWNTS I Compliments Sullivan Indiana. M I L A M STANDARD SERVICE P 1 G G T E N N 1 5 Phone 833 Sullivan, Indiana LAWYERS nv ' Sullivan Ind, Complnments I FARM BUREAU 4 CO-OP. A fw I I SULLIVAN MEROM SHELBURN Dugger M Hilndliana V ,L I - f f Y I Compliments of ILLIAMSON I , . J 'if"'jL'.gg...Jyg.,.:.ff1I'.fl 5 M I T H'S B A K E R Y 'V A ' Sullivan Ind, L. P. CARTER Specialists in HEATING, PLUMBING , Junior Size dresses AND RDDFING COMPANY PHONE 136 SPRING-ER-GOUCKENOUR COMPANY Dugger hm-am Sullivan Ind, LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY CO and Sllliplles Telephone C-1945 COMPLIMENTS J HWWEEFE 21 s.,..,h.,,,s.,,,t 'PE IPLETO TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Office Linton, Indiana I ' AL- AX School Equipment ' C H E LE I C A L G O ' L I THE MEMBERS THEIR SPONSORS WISH TO THANK ALL OUR AWERTISEBS and OTHERS WHO HELPED in publishing this LDI TION of THE GOLD "U" Phone 363 th Sectlon Street Sull1van Complaments TOCIGT' MARCUS BARTLEY I SERVICE GREENHOUSES of Nxon CLAS gffxgt, 51.4 ' of Dugger Induono COMPLIMENTS of un eg Dugger Indiana Phone 121 Compllments All Cleanlng guaranteed odorle ss Mercury cumms DUGGER IND REESE ANDERS OIN STAINED SULLIVAN CONIPLIQMENTS ,, g,g,weL4 Conrplments of HUNLINGTON LABORATORIES, INC Home Of SLAL-O-SAN Wood Floor F1n1sh Hunt 1ngton, Indlana Art Shapiro, Representative 16011 S Center Street o of e at o oo 5 A ' . e e e e 44 j 'Q or Terre Haute Ind. 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Suggestions in the Union High School - Gold U Yearbook (Dugger, IN) collection:

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