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5 In. a H 4 I I I N .4 m Juuummn.. .n. tif i 06.66717 Mar' 1 if wx tdiffon JI' I' M mm T71 ff! N of ,M E N j, QQ, Q 4 "" ve 5 4' , x Mlm 5 'RK A X tvfifevf 1 f ', 4 f In 5 f'! fl, f ' X senioftffdss 32 yZ'f !f,QXxXgNw1 umm .m,1.scA.01 flaw E I oaaffer ' and' 1- -5. .70l'8 word Since lesp year is accumulated time added to the calendar. since accumulate time is computed approximately every four peers. since high school graduation is usually oolpleted in four year periods and since this lesp year and our gedustlon coincides. we have named this the 1952 Lecp Yesr edition of the Gold U. '4- o'Q4iQ'Zi 1 z 3 4 AQ-,Q 8 9 504. QIQQ 15 I6 'A 'V' Ogg' KJ, Q QQ: 3 'f' vu fo' sf, ' ' 8' 'Vo .J N0 ' 1 y95Z-' 5 '5 11 ki AQ.. To ldna Ooynor. who hu- all through hor touching career at Union Big, 'boon g. constant clan Advisor and friend.. we the Senior Clan of 1952, wish to dedi- oah this bool: with tho intention of or- proning a. 'null toknn' of our dup np- prooiation. .Dedication Contentd Foreword Dedication Our School Administration Faculty Classes Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Grades Activities Band Chorus Football Basketball Organizations Homecoming Drama tics A utogra P h s Staff le had s difficult time getting start- ed on the actual work of our book: but once we had the plans set-up ee worked almost nigxt and day to leet our deed line. ihe most of our work was done at evenings in Irs. 0oyner's dining room. le will have many memories of the hours we spent in editing our book. Editor-in-chief -------- Becky Svw Ass't Editor-in-Chief ---- Betty Gilham Business lg. -------- Darrel Keene Lss't Business lgr.- - Rosemary Lshcraft Literary Editor- ----- Barbara Brook Lll'U Literary Editor- - -lynona Kennedy Sports Editor- ------- Gerald Keene Senior Rep. ------ Jack Corb1n.Norma Mitchell. and Frances Storey Junior Rep. ------- I lmadean Hampton Sophomore Rep. ------ Patty Sullivan Freshman Hep. -------- Rex Ballard s T Our elmo! Union, which ns dedicated ln l92l.has been the hid school hcl of lany boys and girls of Cass lbwnship. Since its beginning. approximately 1600 grsdutes have received dlplonas and have successful filled various professions and occu- pations L11 of these hold fond memories of their high school days. hring this thirty-one years many changes and improvements have been made. A new gmasiun nd shop was built, the annex was remodeled and is now used ss a cafeteria where students nsy buy a warn lunch on cold winter days. A few of the lstest llprovenents itch have been nada at the football field these arexa ligat- ing systen, bleachers, fence, and concession stand which nske the field lore col- plste. his is Union ltd: School-Our Llna later. Dear Union stands brave and true It 'holds may lenoriee for the old and for the new It has weathered the storms of the years gone by And it stands nobely against the sky. Dear Union stands for the good and for the free It has many opportunities for you and no le cone for education to help us when we are older le mah many friends and gradually grow bolder. The ties that bind us with our school Are bound together by the Golden Rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Then your friendships will last longer than ever you do. -- Charles Rooksberry 5 F W, "J V .... gat- ,,g::,, Q X . t 'fs PEA' I ., ,f . an - - - f Xxx .1 u K ' t'F '- I Life st Union in the 1952 leap year hed luoh of the usual routine of elees workg yet there were numeroue changes end ectivitiee to add color and thrill to eech deq's work. Besides those events which llb the head. lines. there were several other things that helped to shgpe end :old our eq of life. For exemple, en Agriculture oless for ex-G.I.'s was held Tuesday of every week. he ceieterie eenbers, llrs. Bartley, Irs. Delryeple, Irs. clerk. Irs. Spencer. Mrs. Iifer end Irs. Smith were elweys ready to serve ue. We mst not forget the sacrifice end work of members of the Bend Booster's Club to buy the four new bend suits needed to outfit the bend.. WW :L in The mothers in this group worlned. very hard to meet this need. hen there were the nem- bers of P.'!.A. They met once a month and were always in the picture ready to help uhen needed. Some of the works which we will remember them for are the Halloween Carni- val, the immunisation of beginners for the coming year and. the recreational materials. Other organisations that contributed to school life were: Legion: the lomen's Study Club and L1on's Club in their annual awardsg the Psi Iota'e with tickets to music progamsg the B.P.l. of Greene County with special open houee to senior girls and. again the Study Club with the traditional Easter Breakfast. Yes, it has been a full year. xazrev' ' Claimed One of the courses required for gradua- tion is government. lhere were two gov- ernment classes this year taugmt by lr. Near. Besides the regular recitation . they enjoyed a trip to legislature in Indianapolis. Closely related are the various history classes taught by Mrs. Headley. Mr. Douglas, and llrs. Hawtin. A subject that is difficult yet neces- sary on the road to success is math. It makes one think and do things more accur rately. le need math for every th1ng--- even the laws of our country are based on equality. At Un1on.math included the classes in algebra,geometry, arithmetic. and commrcial arithmetic. taught by Mr. Stegemoller,Mrs. Hawt1n.and lliss Wright. an one time or another every man may be called upon to solve a problem dealing with mechanical equipment or its opera- tion--even if it is just the repairin of the car or the tractor. 'me modern conviences of today are based upon mech- inery and anyone who is a member of the shop class should understand its opera- tion and realise its importance in the world. lr. Johnson had charge of shop. One of the most prominent parts of Union is the commerce departxmnt by the direc- tion of Miss lr1ght.'l'he subjects offered are shorthand. typing, general business and bookkeeping. Each year an award is given to the outstanding student and the one who has the quality of a good office worker. Awards are given in the individ- ual sub,jects.The typing students partic- ipate in the U.B.E.L. testing program. For girls. home economics is one of the most valuble courses offered in the en- tire high school program.'I'h1s department 1s set up to take care of those inter- ested in becoming good home ma.kers.Four complete courses of work are offered in higm school and two on the Junior high level. In these courses the girls not lnly learn to cook and sew but to get a- long w1thpeople,home nursing proceedure, child care, leisure time, home planning and personal grooming. he field of science this year included one class of chemistry. two of biology. one of health and safety. and two of ag- r1culture.Both chemistry and biology are equiped for a limited group experiment . Irs. Coyner taught Bio., lr. 0'Rourkn. Chem. and Agri., lr. Douglas. Safety. Students in Journalism try to work under the motto 'Speed and Accurscy". For cred 8 lt a student mst spend at least two hours a day in the print shop wnere he has a chance to learn how to gather and edit news, to meet a dead line, to set type and run a Job press. and to operate the mtlreoscope and mimeograph. Each year the students attend a meet at Ind..State. 'mis year students of Union were offered two foreigx language classes - first year Spanish and second year Latin. Plan are to keep this schedule rotating each year so that each person will have e chance to study either sub,1ect:two years English literature ls highly praised for its reflections of the human spirit. It has looked upon the changing life of man during every age. his year students were onered classes in literature end grammar during each of the four years. To make a well rounded program. regular classes were held in various types of vocal training for band instruments lies Dugger conducted classes at both from the Union and Central. Students of the vocal classes participate in the county district. and state choral festival. 'Ib insure physical developement as well as mental developnentmegular classes in both girls' and boys' phy. Ed. were taught.Miss Shepherd directed the girls: ltr. 0'F.ourke and Mr. Douglas. the boys. Perhaps all careless drivers are not of the teen age group---at least some of the students tried to prove this when they studied driving under Mr. O'hourke. Our class work is firmly backed by the excellent reference material in our 'big library. A total of approximately 2900 books furnish the reading unterial for the classes. 'lhis year, three girls act- ed as library ass1stants:Vanessa 'Ibrhune Betty McCammon. and Beverly Meeks. 'lhese girls have carried duties at the desk. have prepared new books for the shelves and have mended books. lies Shepherd our librarian. has had her training in the library science. She has stacked our book shelves with the best ln fiction and bio grsphy ranging from 5th grade through the 12th grade reading level. Yes. class work can be and is interesting. 1 RV ma N , seq-,VCE X Alum ro ' M FLUID!!! ily. PQL9' N L le! LJ 5 5 'YA 51dU7.20l'y Bmw! Members of the Advisory hoard are elected by the Citizens of the Ooxmity for a period of four years. he duties of these men are to neet with and to ed- vise the township tmstee in his many services. hey are subject to five regular meetings each year called by the trustee for the purpsoe of discussing any town- ship problems. Besides these five regular meet1ngs.they must attend special Cell meetings with the trustee at any time. After s board member has served for tour years hs may be ns-elected for snother tern. his yeer the board vas composed of lr. Hollis lslingerg lr. Merle Headley, President: md lr. lolen Reeves. mmodpczl lr. Todd. Graduate of Indisna Cen- trnl College snd I. U.. has sn A. B. and ll. 8. Degee, has given his ser- vices to Union Riga School in every 'sy that he found possible. He hss been with Union one year and has meds s very suooessml yesr. fran Tc e lr. Usrey, who is beginning his second term ss township trustee .has played. a big psrt in the progress of Union. Re has worked very hnrd to mains Union s school of which the students would be proud. In sports and the sct1v1ties."Shorty' has loy- slly bschd ns. wgggig 1 '- 023-,g 'L .. Suv? M Q 9 ..- 1 : v Wi Q 4.69 wg,,,f 0,5 f E .UQ-109 4 Q y ' , 1 . " ' WW A QMQ 33' . ,g.,'g5 jgf fx Mm 1 ' if? v wf Sw ""'q""m"M"" M' mf w yi, qx jfm- Q ui Wtwi s!g:35'?1f'T :L ax 'Wig-.. 4 M ww M9:wFw M ' Lf . A f vii. si 1 P .ig -, mr ,'g,:xjx,w A 'Q 'T , www-wwwwm 4,Mu"M -ix, W 1,-4, ' , A- W . V N .NM-WMA x W i . ll ll 'Im wwf Iwi? nMN' 1ww iik . -f fi 2 ms Q-N S2.s-fm qg. 5 - . A ,M A 1 :- ,, 4 W , .Q ,, W xv ' S 3 35535 +.,wm ' f Eb: W , 435 Q . ,L :fiery 5 Q H M ' 1 V ' XM Q W m wig few, -.m.A.mTi. . miQQqp5giiw NJMMNMUUWMM - -NL " W, Wri v X, w W3nf W' if , . fi i ff N ? ,M -wig- lxFk?3?5HfMfW QmwQNw1QWw MN .,,-Mfg, ,, mgyg mx -w ,,.', 5 ' .'.'HMCw'f5lQL ' :EW- .2 W , gg M515 1 -, -- wwww1wy,?sM sr xt is I ' by f v , wp' M E 535,55 'Q' , WQNQ ZA, W ww 5 New M M kg' 'ff a! ww QM 56 33 15' 1 f 'Y 4 N ,Q ,J Lsq Q Pj, b ffm ,wif M N X 1 jMgx5'.M5'2wwjW: 1 5N l 2'WwwMMvimWwu 0 Qs mf-gm -'r xW1?fwwRmggh ' , qi, W Q-fl V-' Q N ' va 23 'GW fr i W V X X agggs rfi Nl' w A v , L S fa, l ' ' ,qw X' 5 '4 Q Q if E , U SQ Q ,M in ' YQFMQ :Q f ' X' W N N v - gl 0 :A U Jw W 1 IV' 1 f H 5 U Q, Q wi ! X JW L in iQ'f Jws' Q 1 .H Q 'ff JK!!! X WLJ s iffiwvggmwvf 3 Q A . ,. ' WL' ,, .f ,lei ff I. 'TW s 1 Zi: ,. N . -qw I Wi U' SAW lL acuity Dorothy Dugger - E degree C1n.Cons of lus1o.Clnn.Univ Taugxt all grades music. Chorus H.S. and Band director. John R. Johnson.BS aegee - Ind.State Taught Industrial Artnand Voc .Shop. Coaclnfootball and basketball. Glsnnovia Wright - E neges Ind.Sts.te Comercial Subjects Y-Teen sponsor: Sr. Class spon.5 School Treasurer. C. I. Stegemollsr - ll end. Ml aegrees. Ind. State. Taught algebra and gsom. Sponsor soph.class. iii. c .ff .wo Q. .big 3. t . vga 1 A ' Sflfx 3 4 5:55 ' l ow '- 44 r- ..., , fw?4x.aw,,.. a,?'kfa?- t"A . fmfwggw. r r'H 'F' s f ...w yr. V w s ' f- f ,Q ff ,I ,... gh, . A ,ff - . Q -' Q "'- A f : jfw, K , I 26 .'WQwf fe HM 5- , 5 A Joseph E. 0'Rourks. B.d.egres Ind.Stats Taught sc1..Pny.ma. and c1r1ver's train- ing. Ass't l'!.Coach Jr.Hi.BB Coloh.Spon sor frsshmn Class. Eana Coyner - A.B. degree.Taught Eng- lish and biolog. Sponsor year book, school paper, and senior class. Hubert Hear - AB. degree - Ind.State Ltt.Univ., Mexico. Taudlt Gov.Span1sh and lorld History. Sponsor Hi-Y Hilda Harrison BS. degree - Ind.State. Taught Home l1c.Spon sor of Girls' I+-H. Lossn Douglas - AB and IB degree Ind- State.Tanght Sci. and Social Studies Frances Shephe!i.AB dagee.llacMurrayglA degree Geo. Peabody Teacher's Gol.gL1b. Sc..Ind1ana State. Taught Ing. -Girls' Phy.ld.g Librarian and sponsor Junior Class and G.L.L. Orlando Brock B S. degee - Ind.. State Taught sixth grade. Oneta Pirtle B S. degree - Ind. State 7th and Sth grades English - Sth grade health. Sponsor Jr. H1 Dramaticl. Prank Pratt B S. degee - Ind. State Taugmt Central Sec. A-. Rx L in ft le vi wg Q L Sig X 2 2 X fvgjxk Q A " 'F,gr.xF1:1H2 , x ,nf gQ T "N X , .. 1 . x SW M, ., .. .nl Y Grade - ' Elsie H111 B S. degree Ind.. State Taught Mrs. Grime's room at Union after vacation. QF X ,gp - X in Q , as n We Q X 'Q y 5 , x ,. Q SQ. x l il R '45 ,ke " 1 4' Q rw, R X sf S Q , A Rik? x XA Q ,ik was Vera Headley Al degree - Mckendell Mbdegee I1l.Univ Taugmt U.S.H1otory Eng..and Latin.Spon eor Beta Club Blanche Hawtin BS degree - Ind..State Taught 7th history ar1th.,and. geo. Harvey Roberta BS degree Ind.State - Taught 5th and bth at Un1on.Assistant football coach. Ora Lee Ashby att. Indiana State. Taught third grade at Central Kathryn Harting BS . degree Ind.. State Tauyzt let and 2nd. at Central. Mrs. Goodman Mrs .Elmore Irs. Carter -"e.. flaw .Hid tory In the fall of 19148, as freshmen, we stuted the greatest adventure of our lives - s four year study at hldx school At tllilg our days were jushpecked with thrills md friendly encounters. Int now and then they were dark and difficult. 'lhese dark days. however. only nade the brldmt ones shine lore bridxtly and they fixed memorable land aarks.a1ong our en- tire Journey. Ihu-ing the initial year of our trip. we were somewhat frldxtened and a little lost: but aany of the fifty-four who sn- swered roll call had set graduation as a goal. le aastersd the difficult tasks as they arose and began dreaming of days when we,as senlors,would tread the halls of Union. le knew that our way lay throudx the dlfflcult sopmcaore road and on to the Junior highway. but we took on several extra curricular activities to lighten our work with fun. hxrlng the scpholore days a few of the classmates becale worn and disinter- ested so they stopped by the roadside. iorty-elgxt of our original group con- tinued the course. he many adventures inch we encount- ered durlng the third year of our hip school llfe kept our interests at the highest level. low. only thirty-six of our group were continuing the tr1p.Under lay Poem On the road everybody! he trip is nip. Life has given ns a fortune. Our goal le high. le have net aany hardships: And althougx torn and tattered. le have struggled on As lf nothing else mattered. First cans the babe sale 'men cane the socks bird cans the sweat shirts Which everyone thought were tops hen with new anxieties uele the senlor play lvsryone was excited To try out that dey. Ihen the cast was chosen lech plqed his role All eapr to get on llth their last show low all is over and with noted success the sponsorship of Irs. Sweeney and lies Shepherd we elected our leaders for the year: pres1dent,Roy Lee lcclellang vice- prestdent. Rebecca Bwang Treasurer. Jack Gorbing and secretary. Barbara Brock. It was at this time that we presented our first big dramatic venture. a three act eoaedy. 'he Student Queen", inch was hipzly praised by everyone. he 'Pros' which we gave ln honor of the departing seniors was also acclaimed a big suc- cess. Yes. we were proud and happy, Int eapr for the greater days ln the senior year. finally, the senior days arrived - we were veterans now md could look back over previous days seelng both our ac- colpllahlents and our llstakes.l'cr lead- ers we elected Jack Corbin. President: Iona Mitchell. Vice Prestdentg Ranona lennedy.TreasurergBetty 01lhal.Rec. Sec- retary: and lynona len.netLv.Cor.Secretary mls year we again tried the field of draaatics with snccess.Look1ng back over the four years of hip school adnntures a few of us express a yearning to relive those four yearsgbut lost of ns are ea- ger to be on our way.le realise the days have been sons of the happiest days of our lives. and that future days will be acre difflcult.Ie will cherish the plea- smt aaaorles and hope that sole others nay have been lads a little happier by our tin spent here. Butwelustgoon Andaaketheflnnltssts le hope we have left something lhich any be an aid To those who follow Up the educational grade. low the bas ls leaving. le are on our ways. le bid farewell to each: 1e've hed wonderful daye. Ska Jack R. Corbin 'Ace' Iootball 3 yrs. Basketball lb yrs.g'2raok 3 yrs.gInd- p-ls Group R yreqlixsd Cho. 1+ yrs. Boys' Cho. 1l'l.3BOIl'Tl!flf 1 yr. H1-Y 3 yrs.glt-8 3 yrs.gAnnusl Staff 1 yr.g Treae. Jr. Glass: Pres. Sr. Jr. Plqg Sr. Plq. lotto: Life is a picture paint it sell. eniord Norma June Mitchell 'Junie' G.A.A. 1+ yrsphllnd Cho.5U y.-s.5G1rls' Cho.g 1+ yrs.: Y-Teen U yrsqlootball Queen '5lgAttend...3 yrs.gV1ce-Pres..of Sr. class: Jr. Playg Sr.PleygMotto: Give to the eorla the best that yo.: have and the best will cone beck no you. Betty Ruth Mlhsl 'Bet' Girls' Cho.. 2 yrs.g!-'Deen ll yrs.g G.A.L. 1+ yre.g Sr. Claes Sec..U yrs.g Static Staff 74 yrs.: Jr. Play: Annual Staff l yrg lotto: There are no benches on the way to success. Ramona Kennedy 'Healy' Att..2 yrs.: Girls' chorus 3 yrs.: Mind Chorus l yr.: Tx-eas.Sr.CIs.esgJr. Play lotto: Ho one le useless to the world who ligmtens the burden of somone else. lynona Yennedy 'Hony' Y-Teens M yrs Beta 3 yrs.gl+-H lb yrs.gCorreepondin Sec..Senior Class: Girls' Chorus l yrs.gM1xed. Chorus 2 yre.gAtt..2 yrs Jr..Playg Sr. Play: Motto: A tru friend is forever a friend. 11 Gerald Keene 'Buss' Bets 3 yrsgHl-Y lt yrs.gBoys' Cho. U yrsqllixsd Cho. lt years: Boys' Quartet 1 yr.g Jr. 1 Sr 1 lnd'p'ls 2y-n P 013 - P OFF Annual Staff 2 trsg Static Staff I4 yrs.gl1otto:Tak1e un- to yourself s wife, but be careful whose you take. Rabeccs Swan 'Boch' Pres. Soph. class: Vice Pres. Jr. Clusg Bets I4 yrs.g G.L.A. ll. yrs.: Y-Teens ltyrs.: Girls' Chorus lb yrs.g lined Chorus 2 yrs. mitor-in-Chief of Annuslglotto Hs who throws wud. loses gound. Roy L. llcClsl1sn 'Bod' Hind Chorus 7+ yrs.gBoys Chorus It yrs.g Varsity Bun :ball 3 yn.gn1-Y u yrs. Pres. 1 yr.g Bets I4 yrs.gBoys' Qulllitglllld Quartetg Jr. Class Pres. Jr.plsygSr.plsygInd'p'ls Group 2yrs.lotto:Charac- ter is the cornerstone of all success. Barbara Lou Brook 'Barbyn Beta lb yrs Y-Teens 14 yrs: Pres. I-TeonsgJr.p1sy Sr. pla,vgJr. Class Sec.gCheer Leader 1 y'r.3Band lf'yrs.glU.nd. Chorus ll yrs Girls' Chorus ll yrs.gTrio 14 yrsgTr1- pls 'Brio 1 yr.gInd.'p'ls Group 2 yrs: Mind Quartet l yr.gAn.nus1 Staff 2yr lotto: Give s cheerful smile give s helpful hand. and to you the world will be grand.. Darrel lee Keene 'Dulpy Hansel' Basketball 3 yrs.: Boys' Chorus 1 yr.g lllxsd Chorus l yr.g H1-Y 3 yrs.g Static Staff l yr.g fresh. Pres.lAotto:Live and Learn. Patrlcls Gayle Hunley"Pat" Bets 3'yrs.gG.A..A. 4 yrs. Trio 1+ yrs.: Mind Cho. I4 yrs.g Girls' Cho. ll yrs. Triple Trio l yr.g Band 1+ yrs.g !nd'p'ls Group 2yrs. llxsd Quartet 1 yr.gJunlor Plsyg Sr. Plsy. lotto: le lr. 'hlt H tems . Charles Bonham 'Charlie' lootbsll 2 yrs.g Basket- bsll l yr.gStage Manager Jr. and Sr. plays lotto: Just smile and the world smiles with you. fbi Earl Robertson 'Robbie' Football 44 yrs.: Beta l lt-H 1+ yrs.: Jr. and Sr. playsgllixld Cho..1 yr.: Boys' Cho..l yr.gMotto: Each man rsaps his own farm. Y-'hon 3 yrs.: 14-H 2 yrs.gG.A.L. 3 yrs.gBand. 1+ yrs.gG1rls' Cho..2 yrs: Mind Cho..2 yrsg A.ss't hs., mgr.. Annual: Ind'p'1's Group 1 yrglotto: Happy am I tres from ea.re.why can't svsryons ba like nn. Charles lilliam lilkos 'Bill' Boys' 0ho.,P-4 yrs: Mixed Cho..3 yrs.gStat:lc Staff 1 yr.g Stage Mgr., Junior and Senior playsg llottox Bs what you are ana. not what you think you are Patricia Boone 'Patsy' Girls' Gho..3 yrs.gM1xed Cho..l yz-.g lotto: Don't be bitter, reconsider. Rosemary Alhoraft 'Lou' Bsta 3 yrsg 'M Richard Hall "Rich" Boyi' Cho., 1 yr-.5 Mix:-cl Cho..l y'r.gMotto:A1'.va.ys be alert Donald Charlos Vest "Don" Motto: when there is a will there is a way. Vanessa lbrhuns 'Cooney' Girls' Cho..'4 yrsqlimd Cho..3 yrs.: Jr. and Sr. p1aysgStat1c Staff l yrg Y-Teen N- yrs.: Ind'p'l's Group 1 yr-.3 Static Conf 1 yr.: Annual Staff two yrsg lotto: Never argua, never fight. always say what you think is right. Phyllis Mooney 'Pudge' Girls' Cho I4 yrs.: Mixed. Cho., -: yrs.:Stst1c Staff l yr.g Jr..snd Sr.. Plays: Motto: A man's fortune are the fruits of his character. holss Scott "Tol"Ibov- bsll l yr.: Jr. Plsy: H1-Y lt yrs. lotto: Lib is not life st sll with out aongn. Jerry llcneniels 'Shah' Bend. 2 yrs. Boys' Cho. 1 yr. lotto: Live tsst and die young. Trsnoes lllen Storey 'Treacy' Girls' Cho. 2 yrs.: Mixed. Cho. 3 yrs.g G.A.A. lt yrs.: Bend l yr.: Triple Trio l yr.g Jr. plsyg Queen Ltt.'50g llottoxLet's trade grins and be friends. Psul D. Seerest 'Zeb' lotto: Leap before you look. ,. M.. A 4 lsrilyn Juns 6srty"June"llx- ed Cho. 2 yrs.gGirls' Cho. U yrs.: Static Ste!! 2 yrs. Sound effect. Jr. Plsydlotto If you ere thought to he s fool. don't open your mouth Ill rebvs All doubt. 14 Robe rt lloody C11 thdrssnl .F ww Lillie Butler 'Lil' Girls' Cho.. 3 yrsqlixed Cho..-2 yrs.gStst1o Ste!! 2 yrs.: lotto: The leest one can do il to try. 1 R Lee Ann Teckett 'Annie' Beta 3 yrs.g!-Teen I4 yrs Girls' Cho..14 yrsqlized Cho.,2 yrmgllotto: Greet deeds My develop from a single thougt. Jens Chubb 'Jim' lotto: Live while you live end. then die and be done with it. Harold Sheffler 'Shot' Bend. 3Qyrs.:Jr.snd. Sr. Pleysg lotto: Quietness is more effective than f.hIl.hd0!'. Ralph Renard 'Stormy' Boys' Gho.,2 yrs.:llotto:The Jour- ney of n thouesnd miles be- gins with one step. Barbers Jesu Mitchell 'Bnrb' '!-Teens 3 yrs.g01r1s' Chowk yrsqlixsd. Cho..3 yrsqllotto Silence is golden. lm-geret Isnore Miller 'llsrt' Y-Teens 3 yrs.: Static Staff lg yrs.: lotto: Speak. ect, and behave as you like 15 Clan Prophecy On the afternoon of lay 15. 1362, having been pushed and shoved from the Dugger Depot to lain Street. I stopped daaed and flustered, trying to lmaglne that this was the Dugpr that I had left only ten years ago. If I hedn't spied a neon sip blaming out the words '!eene's 0afe". I probably would have turned and hopped the next train to 'Indianapolis but the sign gave me confidence so I hurried down the street to the Cafe. I was barely inside the doorway when I recognised Betty Gllham. II old class mate, standing behind the counter. She told me that she had married Darrel Keene that he and his cousin Gerald with his wife, the former Barbara lltchell,had been quite successful here in the cafe. It was while I wae talking to Betty, that I noticed the newspaper lying on the counter. Picking up the news. I no- ted the headline, 'Bonhm for 0overnor". glarlng at me.Rapldly my mind turned back the curtains of time to our school deys and I couldn't express my thoughts. "Well, I guess the high school course ln speech is really doing some good' I commented. "Yes," agreed Betty "I'll bet llre. Headley. our former teacher, will be surprised to learn about Oharles. And do you know". she added "lt's rumored that if he doesn't win. he ls going to ask Ramona, his former heart throb to marry hlm." 'Do tell' I exclaimed. 'and to think he was voted bachelor of year while in hldx school." "Yes, but ten years makes a lot of difference' explained Betty. 'By the way, where is Ramona". I inquired begining to dream more and more of hlg: school days. 'Oh. she ls helping lorna Corbin in her beauty shop," said Betty. 'You knew of course. that Jack Oorbin and lorma lltohell married soon after graduation. I'l1 bet you hadn't heard about their twin boys. thong". continued Betty. She too. was rapidly falling into the spirit of remlniscence. Jack plans to go to collep this summer and finish the course for his football license. Be and lor- ma have been sharing their home with lr. and Irs. Boy lc0le1lan," related Bet- ty as she made chanp for a meal ticket and courteously invited the customers to return. "Yes, the whole town of Dugger has backed Roy Lee ln his coaching of the Dagger Bulldogs", continued Betty and everyone libs the way Pat, his wife. formerly Pat Hunley, hae been teaching the fifth grade at 0entral." I could have gosstped with Betty for hours. but I realised I needed to se cure a room at the hotel to get some work done. I bade Betty goodbye and went down the street in search of a hotel. I had gone only a short distance when I almost ran into a man walking in the opposite direction. Looking up to excuse my awhwardneee, I was indeed suprised to recognise another of my old class- mates.Donald Vest. his must be my lucky day for I had often wondered mat my classmates were doing. Ie talked and ,joked for awhile and Don told me that Becky Swan was a secretary for Earl Robertson and that larl with Richard Ball were dealers for the International Harvester Company. It was while we were standing here talking that we noticed three sailors com- ing down the street. I thought there was something familiar about their walk and was just ready to ask who they were when Don said. "Hell, this is luck! Here come the inseparable three - you remember Harold Sheffler, Ton Scott and Jerry llcDaniels, don't you? hey are hone for their first leave in five yeare." Ae the three came nearer we called to them and perhaps the others on the street thougxt we were a bit silly, but we eagerly began a llne of gossip. Harold said they were fortunate to have been in service together so long. low they would be stationed at the Great Lakes for some time. "!ee.we like navy life flne.' he explained when I questioned him. '!ou'd never guess who our Oom- mander ls' added Jerry in his sam old ,joking way. 'men before I had even a chance to guess he blurted out. "It's Bald: Banard.' After many comments on the past and present we decided we would have to go our various ways. but before we parted we planned to meet again soon. Don and I made a date to have dinner at the lhlte Swan lldxt Club that same evening. I was happy to make the appointment for Don had explained that the club was owned by Paul Seerest, another classmate of the class of '52. more wasn't such time now so I really hurried on to flnd the hotel. After these long visits I felt I was ready for any surprise, I was ln for many more surprises. lntering the hotel and preparing to register. imagine my surprise when I recogxlsed Lily Butler. the Clerk. Lily explained that she had married md that she with her husband had been able to serve the public. lly geatest surprise can shen the boy came for my luggage - lt was none other than Jim Chubb. Jim said that he had married Margaret Hiller who was a madd here at the same hotel. Having met so many of my former classmates certainly had my head in a whirl. I went to ly room to plan my work and then to prepare for q date that evening with Don. The time passed mnch more rapidly that I ever dreamed it could. I had hardly finished my plans when a knock on W door informed me that the time was 1:30 and lr. Vest was waiting downstairsgquickly I completed my dressing and went down to Join Don. Be had brougxt his own cu' and se lost no time getting on our war.."I think this will be mother surprise' laugxed Don as he pulled into one ef the largest filling stations I had ever seen. I thougat I was beyond surprlses.but found this wasn't true. When Don pulled in at the filling station. he told me that the station was owned and operated by another of my old classmates, Bill lilhes. lhile talking to Bill, we heard about three more members of the class of '52 - Rosemary Ashcraft. Ann Tackett and lynona Kennedy had become registered nurses and were serving in a hospital near the station. At the club that nigat, we enjoyed talking to Paul. He had been very success- ful in nidat club work and said that he had kept ln touch with several dif- ferent members of our class. He gave ue a real thrill :hen he took us behind a scene to meet some of the actors who would be on his dinner program that nldmt. It was like old times again for behind stage we met Phyllis looney sho was in charge of mah-up. lhile we were visiting and talking over old tiles. Pmul's wife called to tell him that she would be unable to come to the club that nldmt because the twins were having some difficulty with their music assipment. Paul explained that he had married Vanessa Terhune and now the twins really kept them busy. 'You will enjoy our orchestra. too.' continued Paul. 'Ie think we have the best in this locality. and you know our director. You remember Barbara Breck sho was so interested Ln music during hiya school. She teaches music. too,' Pnl continued. Later Ln the evening when we had heard the orchestra, we agreed that this was one of the best that we had ever heard. and we stayed to talk to Barbara. She told us that she had received a letter from Frances Qformsrly Frances Storsylsho was in Europe now with her husband who was still in service for Uncle Sam.In the letter Frances had told Barbara about see ing larilyn Carty and Patsy Boone be- fore she sailed. She said they were guides for conducted tours through the last. Back at the hotel that night. I made several notes of the interesting things that I had learned that dey.I had thought that it would be interesting to return to my old home town but had not mzticipated just how interesting it would be. As I relaxed for sleep. I resolved to keep in touch with more of the meebers of my class in the years that were to follow. T'Q 'F 'f I K5 1 , 4.2 . amy! br . - -,V -I -,--,a . fx saddif 41,4 " ,, , W, I - M- 5 ' ' '-:I l -MG f 'gg' wzifif- Q I -1' I ..,. ' s If E,-fu i 9 il .fx 1 .....,,. P-- e I-, -Uz.i.R!- , f',,A-ifll Y- 4-?. 6 G . 1 Y P efiy -Sefiwi 9 Qxiggiv I ,,,,... Y gg Q: Q ri 'ff ' A Qi'?,!:' .E L is fassfgf , Hag X vw M, .E .- -r UNDER 5'-M QUGUS .1234 678910 131415161718 21212223 25 2728293031 9'2- E 'bbw 8033? Q40 0 Q,-'MQ 25521 1 .G ,- otaf' " QQ: , v. Nf 5 xg 11' ga 3 9 P5 , - . 1965? 3 1 '35, '51 'G A1 'L 1- .1 EZ Yll 1 2 1.1-....., W. 1 , 1 .1121 15 819 4' 21 0 X99 'N 4 L. 'LZQAMG 159593 51 'gil 'K I gb, 3 1,1 ,,. 1 33,1 3, 76 SQ' X9 to 1 ..1....2!1?1'l-A1 "-2 SH E EA ,..,, I I 5? 'S s Q- it 49 if yx . 'U X J, an ,Qt ni: L,'i"s Jfiwt' iff" A Q JL . A . Q V ff 1-' xv i M A,,A W W , Q ' E 2- ...' . L ., Jig' y - 1 VN? Q . Q 1 Z 3, 3,35 ' .. fx f Ei AA' W ' ' 'Am .1 I 8 Q I: I. I Q.. . 41- . x 3 1 , , , h .3 www M W ' It - ll 't W .. X. um KQX. ,fr E E R 37 ss . , li x Q, " sian 3 I x 1 ' W, ,nw A A I . F . x an 5 I .- Y L' Q: 6 W ' yf P A4 2 . I lx Q. ? 1 I 4 at -H -' w Q 'on ' sg 'x K ' 2. 2 .N L. f I 5-, 5 6 1 U .,,, Wh my KX K N ,,fE,,,w- '1 1: fm as Eg Z, . . Q W, H - , r . 'h,.,yng, , . yu-M H 3 I J. ---V, , ,NJ . .5 , L. fs unior Clark! JRHAN HAL! ' resident MARY NONE Vice-Pres. TOM RISINQER Secretary DEAF HAMPTON Treasurer IUHIOR CLASS HISIORY lhen our class of 1953 came to Union as Junior nlgh students. we had sixty-two members. By our Freshman year we had only fifty-tive on the roll :a1l.By our sophomore year.our enrollment had dwin- Lled. to forty-two and now ae Juniors. we have only ihirty-eight. One of the first things we did to etart our iunior year was to elect class officers. By close margins. we elected Norma Hale ae president, Mary Soone as vice-president, Tom Rieinger as secretary, 'orma Pope as corresponding secretary and llnmadean Zampton ae treasurer. One of our outstanding projects to earn money ras the sale of magazine subscriptions. lveryone ,o-operated splendidly and. the higx salesman was la:-'Dara Willis. lor her splendid efforts. Barbara rae awarded lipstick. pencil set, and a trophy. Ae always, we elected two attendants for the 'ootball Queen. These were Ruth Patton and Marlene wlson. le feel proud of ourselves for we have taken 'art in all activities througmout the years and we .wait eagerly the opportunity to fill the senior 'anks in our remaining years. LOLL CALL Low I: Harriet Anderson. Bill Ashburn. Bill Berger. Vyvonns Booker. Row II: Vernon Smith. Dorcas Bord- rs. Alma Brewer, Phillip Griffith. Row II1:Carolyn lhambers. John Cl1ver.B1ll Everhax-t.Shirley Dunder. Lou IV: Chester Wilson, Virginia Raler,Sh1rley Car- .1sle. Charles Rookeberry. Row V: Evelyn P1gg.Jamee Lsneford, Harold Irons. Barbara Willie. Row VI: Bob Poodman. Shirley Neilson. Betty Mcflammon. Joe Land. Low VII: Shirley Garred. Gerald Pirtle, Norman Dean lheffler. Margaret Quillen. Row VIII: Norma Pope. hirley O'Haver, Ruth Patton. Eleanor Lippeatt. Row X: Marlene Olson. Kathleen llaxey, Marion Lovelace. Qs ? 353 4 . eil ' ,AL e a wh? in FW as . Q lb fx ,Q Q .H 1' Hx ? ix SE? 'PF its ' :QW .Ji 2 L 45' gb 'fi VE w Nm. mu 1139, MQ EA ii f M 1 .n 5 if lv ff 'gg 'A was as Q 552 555' 'XV 1. W 33 if A A-,wie Sighth grade Trenia Lshcraft. Wesley Bedsell.Carol Camden. Sue Carter. Patsy Chambers. Burrel Christy, Richard Ivans, Lyle Fulford, Paula Gambill, Sandra Oamblll. Mary Garrad, Nancy Goldman. Ilnkie Goodman.Ros II.Dav1d Green.Larry Hale. Elinor Harrison, Edwin Hayes, Robert Hiatt, Stephen Horn. Jack House, Ralph Isbell, Etta Jerrells. Kay Jews1l.Leon Kendall.Ralph Kirk. Billy Lynn, Tom Many. Row III.Judylk:Q1ee.Ksy Mc Ghee, Gayle Meurer.Rosemary Mioheal,M1ldred Mil- 1er.BarbaraMooney. George Pasl1cki.Stsnley Prenta Sandra Reynolds.Christ1na Beynolds.Bobby Robbins Gorden Scamlhorn. Row IV, Jerry Sheffler, Judy Sherman. Randy Smallwood, Judy Smith. Ros V, David Swan. Teddy Walters. Jlmes Iatkins. Seven lf: grade Marilyn Alumbaugh. Nancy Alumbaugh, Gary Ammerman, Roger Andre, Joyce Balla:rd.Harry Borders. Jane Carty,Phyl1is Oliver, Donald Chambers,Helen Cox. Keith Coynexnlendall Davis, Mary hidherbe. Row II.Barold Goodman. Carolyn Harrison, Katie Beaton,Sandra Hiatt, Shirley House. Dennis Isbell, Glenda Johnson, Sondra Keene, Bertha Klrk,Iays Landis. Freddie Lenn1ng.Conn1e Marsh. James Maeon,Row III, Gary llcCammon,Sue Mocam- mon. Brent McClellan.Be1va Mitchell, Tiny Monroe.Carolyn Morgan, Marilyn Olson,Ste- phen Osborne. Ruth Parks,Gilbert Plgg. Marilyn Pllk, Jaretta Reynolds. Billy Ridge, Row IV, Sandra Schlsler. Mary Scott..Andy Secrest, Ronald Smith, James Spencer.Rich- ard. Swan, Edward Tackett, Richard Tatlock. Barbara Turpin,Al1ce Ia1ters,Byrol White Ruth W1ll1s,Elalne Woodruff. 9 33 0. iv .. 5 as 13599 , x f "Wi M., wi+.QTf ,5 V ig, E af 5 1 .,Y- A wk 1 ,Q S ' 15? .Q Q :Q Qld? .. ff? zf, .law . Mg Q W' 4 m ,Q "'-in . .it xv V .52 ,gig is .UW A1115 4? A I .-'ka J I N x.- Q mf, 1 'sl 'Y 4 . 1 -f 1 MSL 'ax Nw fwwi' Aff Uv? 5 imp. va Q5 W ew-W N42 X 3 ri'-V 4,4 s. ' ,, s wx II if XV k A H V V X' ra- 'QW ,L X1 ur-14 ,, ' Ze human!! .' vl gf 111 fisy' 1 'i , Mx ax- 1. V "" Wk 'K ,gh K N XL!! si V. . W- .nu-,ol 'EX .r ,f lv 1 ,Mm s J I-QL x 5 H 'V' 5 ' !?" K ? X A y, if ' 'Q xv iw 5 . , 4,1 . MX 1 9? sv W I A .' flu , ' I Agn 4 I ' "W , 'Ia 4 -.fly 4 I I Q S wxgns FJ W- ' lm qv'a.i- fv a " M H -i ,L I :W ,N W , . M fmw, .Jill Ln vs. .1-44'-rv 5 I ' .- -n-I' Mi 1 A' f ...4nvm:'.!'unni!Qk.'w w'AA ,.'-i!"-.. 1" V ' ,.....' ' 'lk few lm Roe I: Brenda Andre. haereea Ballard. Micheal Brice. Sharon Bedeell, Sandra Bonham, Priscilla Butler. Jenis Brown. Georgia Chubb.I1'lma Clarlda. Janice Davis. Pat Doug- las. David Goodman. Stephen Hall. Row II: Marion Hatfield., John House, Banda Haut, Mike Irons, Legnn Vmgxn. Dhaela I.eDune.Ivan Merratta. Dottie MeBay. Stephen McGhee Mary Ellen Olson, Jack Peacock. Vickie Plrtle, Connie Pope. Row III: Micheal Price. Judith Reynolds. 'lheresa Smith. Sherry Smith. Mary Ann Smith, Randall Smith. Judy Swan. Ibnnle Young. Paul leltere, and Mrs. llmore. gi'-H grade Roe I:SuIllen BeclIell.Judy Bxtler.Sherr1ll Oamden.Patrlc1a Chambers. John Chester- field. Ada Close, Sue Coz-nellus.Pam Davinllnneta Deckard,Darla Delph, Mike mhes. Annetta Nsoo. John Gamblll. Roe II: Joe Goodman. Mary Green. Linda Hale. Harriett Ann Hardy, Marlena Hiatt. Jimmy Leeellyn, Pearl Ann Marshall. Judy Mitchell. Pam Mitchell. Rochelle Moss, Ollfford Parnley. Donna Phegley, Kenneth Plrtle. Row III: lolan Reeves, Mary Ann Sheffler. Alan Smith. Elena Smith, Billy 'Dodd.,ldd.ie lilkes. Melvin lrlgxt.Bharyll Yates.a.nd Mrs. Bartinge. xginu and :Second Row I QL to Big Danny Lllen. Diana Boone.Hel Dean Butler, Joyoe raye Butler.Glen Bruner. Jan Chessnutt. Micheal Joe Chesterfield. Danny Oliver, Paul Oox.Mlehee.l De- leve, Brent ldds. Bradley Ellis. Judith Ann liter. Row II, Stephen Hale. Bobby Hat- fleld.8herr1ll Hnyes.l!arlena Hiatt, Larry Jewell. Gary Reed. Keene, Jeanie llng,Joel Lee King, Alice Kirk, Rosle Marratta. James Mamey. Deana Moore, Jerry Mentillo. Roe III. Dennis Price. Judith Ann Plgg, John Pi.rtle.Iva Rldgmkmby Snlesnan.Cheeter Se- crest. lillard Sherman. Kermit Edwin Smith. Lorna Louise Swen.Phyllle Tatlock.James neu mrpln. ma ur. Press. Second grade ---n,,n-,, J.. ,Q . ,, , How I Lame Bedvell. Larry Bond, Bonnie Chesterfield. Gary Christy. Dean Chubb,B1ll Cllver, Ired Cox.Cu-olyn Crynee,Lorene Dlehman, Billy lll1e,Larx-y lngle.Ann lxline, Garland l'1gg.Bow II Keith Gamb1ll,Honer Green.Phyll1e H1ll,Gene H1.att,Stanley Horn, Phyllis llllexucarolyn Sue lloore.TomnU Parka.Judy Peaeook,Joe Plgg, Billy Pirtle, Carolyn Pr1ce.Barba.ra Reynolda. Row III David B.eyno1.de.Bette Robertnhnny Sevier, Tony Sev1er,Sue Snyder,Bobby Tatlock,Kay !erhune,L1nda la1tere.Su.e layman. Larry lolfe. and Ire. Goodman. gourth How I,QL to RJ,Y1eke Lehoraft. Barbara Andre. Carol Andere, Phyllie Amernan. Jerry Alumbeudx. John Ballard, Judy Bedwell. Agnee Brovn.Juw Chr1ety,Everett Lee Clark, David Eve:-hart, Ray Gene lverly. Eddie Iaidherbe. Row II, Ialter Goodman. Buda Greene, Vicke Hale, Karen Baalmtt, Larry Bout. Richard King,Knren lloenlenneth lor- gan. Ginger McGhee. Billy laeon. Judy Harlow. lay Doble, Linda Oleon. How III, I.-any Pirtle. Carolyn Pope. Tonita Pope, Linda Haley. Lany Reynolda, Karen Ridge. Paul She!fler, John Spencer, Gordon Snenc-1-, Bill Stegemollerdiaren laltere.Sara lilhe, n-mlm nu. ma un. cum-.5l,,,.,lam1 gourth Row I. QL to BJ, Tommy Alunbauda. Janes Anderson, Bobby Bonham, Barbara Brown,Kath- leen Brown. Sammie Chrlety, Everett Davie, Pnnela Delleve. Sandra lllinlayne lifer. Everett Gilham. Brenda Goodeon. Larry Greene. Roe II, Barbara Handley. Jon Hiatt. lelba Houee, Bobby Hunley, Alfred Kendall, Geneva Landle, Iayetta Lang. Dorie Lenn- lng. Monnie lareh, Kenneth lcGammon, Virginia lloCammon.Donald llelvimllornan lleurer. Row III, Lydia Putoff, lllbur Sherman. Bill Shorter. Penny Sma1lwood,Ronald Snyder. Sharon Todd.. Millie Vnugm, Lonnie laltere. Sandra Wa1ters,Tres1a lalternnnlta Key Io1fe.Dlck lrldxtllhonae Yates. and line Aehbynahird grade cnt ral Central. which has been the first school home for many boys and girls. is one of the oldest 'buildings in the Cass Township system. his year the enroll- ment at Central was increased and great- ly changed due to the fact that this the building now houses all the pupils of Case Township who are enrolled in the primary and intermediate level througx the fourth gade. 'mls ohang was made upon the recommendation for consolida- tion at Caes.Un1on and Centrel,the three buildings used in the system. By making the change the Cass Building was aban- doned so that the fifth and sixth grades usually a part of Cass and Gentra1.were sent to Union. he 220 pupils enrolled at Central were divided into six rooms with two rooms of mixed grades. Mrs. Hartlng had thirty-three pupils of both beginners and second and llrs. Carter had thirty- flve of third and fourth. Both pupils and teachers reported a happy and successful year with definite progress. Besides their regular class work they had time for several extra activities. They continued their lunch program set up by the P.T.A.ggarden seed were sold to raise money that was used to buy art materials, profits from the candy canteen were used to buy supple- nentary readers and other needed items. he teachers and pupils were happy with their playground equipment. On the swing slides, and merry-go round the children have spent many happy hours. All the Central group en,1oyed the various programs they attended at Union, especially the Christmas program.Severe.l of these pupils are looking forward to more happy days at Central while some in eagerness await the enrolling at Union next year. ICC 34" wav -6 ' ff Q-1 ji 34 678911011 131415161718 zomzzzagzs 2128293031 A 'L '59 sl K9 4, S 25" Qgwvx 0:5 iw fj,:T?1 , Q34 Aki E'3 '3 1'1- ZNM3 'i zo 12 19 M 35 99 11 E15 12 -1 1 ,115 2.4. 7-A 'Z- gfl ?9?" 2' 311 '1 13 gi 11, -, 18 alctiuitied .1 , 0 05 4 I-'fc' of 0.1 .1 ew F a QQJQU W . Q I' .6 if fs F .f-94,1 1-9"-f' " 'sf Y? 'K 1 'ii' xg! 13 14-M! 19 . 21 53 20 23 Music .Department BHD Union High School's Bend was forlnd in 1936-37. Daring the years up to the present tim may changes have been made in this group. some being the type of nusic in which they specialise. the else of the bend and their directors. As her first year directing a bendgwe wish to congratulate lies Dugger for the splendid work she did to retain a jolly and rhythmic group which added pep and determination to our athletic encounters 'mis year we will loose four members and have many yoxmger students sho plan to Join this group of msic makers. 'BIO 'lhe Snapperettes have entertained at many different organ1sat1ons.Lmong these are: Lions Club. Rainbow G1rls,Ilks. Psi Zotes, and school funct1ons.They believe that 'lhxslc labs the heart lighter end. lives brighten" BOYS' CHORUS Uniom's Boys' Chorus of 1952 was made up mainly of underclassmsn. there being only four seniors in this group. At the start of the year '51-'52 this group was very inexperienced. but under expert tutoring of lies Dugger. the di- rector,they developed into a fine chorus. We seniors think the comlmmity should be proud of this organisation. BOYS' QIJARTIT his qua.rtet,also under the Cll!'9CtlO!l of lies Duggsr. was COIIPOBQG of three seniors and one sophomore. The se boys were not forced into Joining this quar- tet.It was done voluntarily for one res- son only. that being, each lhdlflduh-13 love for singing. Ro doubt. the work of these boys was enjoyed by everyone. GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Glas Club consists of oz aembers. This choral group was organized in l93l.d1reoted by Iles Gladys llltchell and has been under the direction of lies Dugger since l9lv4. ihese girls partici- pate in many proprams and festivals dur- ing the school yeargthus bringing pleas- ure to many. ILIIIID CHORUS The mind. chorus consists of 60 mem- bers: 30 boys and 30 girls. le are very happy to have the number of boys being increased each year.as they are the base of a good cho1r.'l.hese students have many experiences when they participate in the different festivals. INDIANAPOLIS GROUP The month of October brings many hap- py smiles shen the announcement is made stating the names of those who have been selected to go to the state choral fest- ival held in Indianapolis the latter part of 0ctober.'B11s year l'l were chosen to take part fron Union. After a dey of rehersals,the final presentation ls held on Friday night at the Cedle Tabernacle for those sho attend the assoc1at1on.A.p- proximately 1.000 students took part in the activity this year. IIIID QUARUT his group was composed of four Sen- iors. all who snJoyed singlngdheir main appearance was the hankegtving progrel and Spring Festival. 'IRIPLI TRIO To compose this group there were six Juniors end three seniors. These girls sing at school functions and at meetings of other organisations. POPULAR BAND A small number of bend members joined together to form a group to play popular tunes. Iheir director was the student director. Patty Hunley. N4 e ' QM " 7 ajorette no 1 Shirley le1lson,e Jr..d.1d e splendid Job l 'fx ss Dru:-lleJoretts of Un1on's Bend. this N I year. Shirley has entered several 808' - tests and won several ribbons. Ie know that next year she will continue to lesd X j thebendinsuehsweythetell willbe . proud to be connected with it. "K N W?" - :XJ ' N' K S N M 1 Q V 0, X sl ff , 4' 1' w N Wm H'!lw.1,,W,4 M M A' M'1u"'M M5vlTn My ll K 'If NUI' Q I 1.3: 4 . l A Wil' 8114 , vi' '2'1...., lu Duncan. e Fresh.. hy lcflhee, etdath , " 'ii g'sde.were elwqs on head when there wee ,. ,w my twirling to be done. hxese two girls X displayed some bery skillful scenes with 4 ' ' M? their bntons. They have both been award- . ed two ribbone. Ie wish these girls luck in the mmm. I 1 2 Kar ,gm M N, 1 , W 3 Ev ml. 'M Jw w,mf.y ,Wm W' V 1 1'., 1 Mm a Mlm, "" 1' 'X-"1-gn -- . e , FWQ " 'X 'N U 'sv , ' Q my I 'g , Y dd , c W I W ' i 4 W- ,1"WW,..,.,. 4 A JMX M. V W'wN dgk nw d Y 41? , if 'ew Y f x 'N N. 7-I 5 'IW 'NI ' X W- . N WV Nm , , W., k 1 ' MWF! W N Y y' N Meu- J. W Q rar, ff X, ' Alice Mae ' pg . NSf 5 w, 2 la1tere.Judy 8 ' fl Go1dman.Sue Blev- ' ,-,. "W X I' McGhee, Nancy 1' X an-.many uonro.,s.n- wQ4y ,f' Te an snapmu-a.nuch vu- Qt of N lie Doro Robertson.Bot " fMyf,."-.gf ' s thy ' tom row. page jj. Lyle l'u1- ' M ford,Cnro1 Cemden.Xar1 Ooyner. , Carol Reel. Jimnq Spencer, Sondra , l .N dded f 1 Keene, Bobby Robbins, Katie Heaton, wb.. Harold Sheffler. Christine Reyno1ds.EI!x1s nj year the members of the Bend Boosters' or- ganisation steged e campaign for funds to buy four new suits to outfit the new members sho this year ,joined the Union Bend. -m O ' -M, ,u..,.M,,,.- f 01' X . W'-X, i Top picturox mind chorus lin Dagger director Iottonll to r Dx girls triple trio boys chorus and mixed quartet 13 i 4 I ks.. fi Top Row Kleft to rightl girls' triog Participant in State Choral lbntival at 11- 61anapo11s3Popular Band. groupg he accompanist: Bottom picture: girls' chorus. band Jwwpwli 'ks A w M551 00" swf 2' ootbafl 1 e 1951-52 sports events bagan at Union this year with the game of football. lhis is Un1on's third year in 1.1.0. Ihe Bulldogs loet three players this year in the graduation exsroiss They arexJack 0orbin.lex1 Robertson. and Ton Scott. 1 e Unionaires wore enall and in- experienced but ilprovod throughout the season. In the baokfield three sophonorss and one freshman se.: eo- tion. VC: e 1 SCB DULI Sept. 1 ' lk ' 21 ' 28 Oct. 5 ' 9 I ' 2h lov. 2 " 9 IE Y US Univ. of Bloomington SU O cunon 36 o lestville 0 6 Bicknell 35 6 Jasonvtlle 38 6 lunmgzon s 13 Linton M5 1 nz-.111 51+ o Princeton 50 6 Glrfitld 38 o wN, , .44 I QC' -.-.um rl -sri" rw-' -LLL 5' 33 3 ff is Sl nl bl 14, -fv J is Nm A 1 .. x A Ng, A J fgLU,'f3ff wi X A ' ,My R W :M lj' QQ f,K ' Y, , . ,N if ix QQ xi-Q I ' er " W-- Afnfzoeqi ..X NF"'a,C5P90D .f- - -ff , ,Q ,b RV H QM! 5 if - XX. Q g A V any ? 'Y -,:, X f H 'K .. .9 Cab S S QE-X flfardity Under the guidance of Coach Johnson the Bulldogs opened this year's hardwood season at home on November 2U against the young Sycamores of Lab. school. lith so many young and inexperienced players. the Bulldogs found some difficulty into breaking the victory column. All but two, Corbin and McClellan. were underclans- men but they looked more like vertrans as the seaeon progressed. This was the second year for the Bulldogs to compete in the I. I. C. and el- though they lost their seven games played in the conference they were rated as a hard playing team. A total of 5U8 points were scored during the season and compared to the oppo- nents total of 761 the six games won gave the Bulldogs a rating of .280. In ln- dividual scoring for the team. Oliver stood first with a total of 2h2 points and Hale ranked second with a total of 126. In third place was Lend with 1003 then Boyd and Corbin running close of fourth and fifth with 98.95 points respectively The remaining ten ranked as follows: McClellan 62,Aehburn j6,R1s1nger l+,0lson 3 Smith 2 and Holland 2. Date Nov. Nov. D000 Dec Dec Dec. D.Ce JHne Jan. Jlne Jan. Jan. libs lube Feb. lib- lbb. IUUQ 27 ao ll lk 18 21 1+ 5 5 ll 29 5 s 12 15 zo 23 Bulldogs Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Score 31+ 10+ 35 51 31 31 37 as 33 37 . J 45 N1 56 Z? U9 Schedule Opponents State Lab. ' Shelburn Clinton ' Worthington Carlisle Brasil ' liley ' Pleaeantville Garfield ' Glen lhrnersburg Grayeville Linton ' Bicknell Gill Twp. Midland Gerstneyer ' Hymera Score 7U 62 N9 25 55 68 52 U9 52 80 no U0 50 55 Nl '49 55 53 Place Here There Here Here Here There There Here There There Here here There Bere Here There Hare There f JA il. .4 Cheer aceallefd 'hm thrso yall Lsubrs this ysax' ooa- sistsd of Barbara Brock. Soniorg Bhirlsy lotlson and lar: Bocas. Juniors. Lass girls shond thai: loyalty and sports- manship to thsir schoo1's ton by their snappy polls and trying to hoop the fans spirit M0 svsn than tha taal was on tho losing sus. Congratulations go to thsso girls for their tina aqasdition as loadnrs for Un1on's ton tor the par of 1951"52o t S 5 ., : tl Ll. , 4-grae' f -, Sasaki' ' f . 2 94 3 ' ff' X Ju, -' :5 ag, W 1 , M ' v, , W . MM if 'H i wwm.. ' ff ! i' -'fi ,rim f X f 11 Wh " Q .K 1 at W fs . Sf ti' E2 fi Qi? fi 3 if 5 1 2 2 f -1 ,QQ 31 N? fx f 2 , 4 x Wi 9 W 1' lg 'L' Q 3 W W f 'fb 3 mx fs :ri -:S W , 14 - , xl ' -' Q xv .vw if 5 if 'K S5 L 5 1 wg A X4 Q 4 Q fy 4 1, ,. is , wt 7 W m , Q w. , f . A Q 4 Q I 5 Y A A - , L . K K, if f I 1 N6 5.,,3 5 N ig Swami! .gf mmbgfif WL 9. B3x 5 'JAM 293 H W z., .SS 3. LQXL ,,, ii? Q4 I y ,X- A we ,Q ffasix ml 5? V' 4? Ui M 1 x AI " mu, , Wwgafx A . W pews w Q, ...4 Y M... 'Hr-B if lu A ,ada vw 4 ,w jr- Q57 L gstwwr 1, .v 'mf M, i i X .,,,..f' 7 A 5 of K .J 1 pu h I -p ' Lf 5' - 'FJ u .. We '65 2 , , ' ' , su N4-" . I ws' 5 W-. W ' . ..4""' 'ww SM x Q.. . ev sew Q? 'RY'f""" Brom' sun 6 President NORMA MITCHELL A Vice-President ROSEMARY .SHCBLIT Secretary gala! Girls' participation ln ath- letics at Union is sponsored and promoted by the Girls' Athletic Association. When the club was first organised in 1928, it had thirteen charter members. 0.14. has made fine progress as time marched on and is nos proud to have a total enrollment of 29. At the first called meeting of '52 the four new officers who had been chosen to guide the club and assist lies Shepherd. our cap- able sponsor, took charge of their respective offices. hose officers were: Beclq Swan. Pres.:Borma Mit -chell. Vice Pres.: Rosemary Ash- craft, Sec.g Betty Gllham, Point Captain: Frances Storey, Treas. At the annual candlelight ini- tiation slx girls were made mem- bers of the organisation. Ae basketball season grew near. nlghsrpractice was held in the gym ln der that the teams would be ready for the annual girls' tour- nament. 'his proved to be a very successful arrangement. Five girls. Rebecca Swan, Betty Gilham. Frances Storey. Forma lit- ohell. and Rosemary Ashcraft, have earned points to be eligible for G.A.L. sweaters.B1e club will lose six girls in graduation this year. 6.1.3. Roll Gall Row I: Betty Gilham. Pat Hunley, Ileanor Lippeatt.Dean Hampton. Row II: Shirley Neilson. Jo Anderson. Barbara l1ll1s.loraa Pope. How III Ruth Patton, Marlene Olson. lary Boone,Shirley Dunder. Row Uzlari- lyn Houston. Anne las Gllham.L1eda Belle Deckarddlarilyn Pope. Row V: Sue Reynold.s.Garolyn Chambers,Eve- lyn lliller, Reba Neilson. How VI: Vivian llitchell,Ruth 5wam,Sue Dun- gan. Pat Sullivan. Sponsor.M1ss hepherd. FRANCES STOREY Treasurer 43 Q ..,, . I H. fs-T' ARBARA Bnzcx WM! 5 5 President 'W ' , 5-f ' Eamon LIPPELTT A ? 1 Vice-President U get 'L 1 g BICKY SWAN Q Secretary - Seen Club he thirty Y-Teen members of Union in trying to live up to their purpose 'To Find and Give the Best' have been very active this year. Belng members of the State Y-Teen Council. Barbara Breck and Miss lrlgxt attended a meet ing in Ind'p'l's last spring to plan a district meet to be held at Union Oct.. 8. l95l. State Director. J. Ben Duff, attended this district meeting. X .. WYNONL KENNEDY Treasurer Projects sponsored wereza decorat- ed car entered in box of food given County Infirmary, larch of Dimes the Tuberculosis display for the Clean-Up Campaign homecoming parade.a to members of the a campaiga for the at Union also for Assoc., a window 'I'.B. Drive. and a for the school. To build. their treasury. members helped sell concessions and spon- sored a Hidden Talent Program. Ihs I-Teen girls. together with Bl-Y members, attended services at different churches. at Christmas time they with the H1-Y sponsored the Christmas program. Bev. Robert lilllams of Cass was the speaker. Uniting sith the HI-Y. they held the annual Christmas Party and a gala affair ln Mar. A highlight of the year was the Mother--Dulghter Tea. held the afternoon of Baccal- aureate Services. Miss Glennovla Irlgxt was sponsor of the Club again this year. I-hen Roll Call Bow I: Ruth Patton. Dean Hampton. Rosemary Ashcraft. Marlene Olson. Bow II: Pat Sullivan, Marilyn Smith, Shirley Carlisle. Vanessa Terhune. Row III: A1edaBe1le Dsckard.Doro- thy Robertson. Shirley Neilson. Betty Gllham. Row IV: Shirley hm- der, Barbara Mitchell, Barbara lil- lls. Carolyn Chambers. Bow Vx Norma Mitchell. lyvonna Booher. Margaret Miller. Norma Pope. Ann Tackett. Bow VI: Sharon Gadberry. lvelyn Miller, Shirley O'Haver. Mary Boone, Katie Marsh. Row VII: Miss lrlgxt. i QI Club he Union H1-Y Club was very successful in the 1951-52 year. he club boasts of sixteen members who have been active ln work based on the H1-Y lotto 'Clean Sports. Clean Speech. Clean Living. and Clean Scholarship." One of the hid: ligxts of the year was co- sponsoring the District Conference for H1-I and Y-'hen Officers and Sponsors. Some of the projects sponsored by the boys of this or- ganisation vers: initiation of new members. entering a. float in the homecoming paradmholding Christ- mas and Spring parties with the I- hens. providing a box of food for the County Infirnary.attend1ng le- ca.l churches. and making a drive to beep our school elem. In the drive to keep our school clean the boys made posters which were placed. in the halls and in the classrooms and helped the Y- Ibens in presenting a skit before the student body. he officers this year were: President, Roy L. llcclellang Vice- Pres.. Jack Corbin: Sec.-Treae.. Darrel Keene: Chap., lornan Baleg Sgt.-at-arms. had Boyd: and the Sponsor, Hubert L. leer. Hi-I R011 Call Row I. QL to RJ. Tom Soott.larl Robertson. lorman Stinsonnlonnie Smith. Bos II. Joe Land. lax Bed- ssll.Joe Hall.John Nsesl. Row III Dean Pope.Cerald Keene.Tol Rising- er, Larry lcC1ellan.Charles Rocks- berry. Row IV. Brendt Olson. Curt lodd. Phillip Griffith. and Mr. leer. JACK CORBIN Vice Pres. IOHMAN HAIJ Chaplin ROY McCLELLAll Pre sident W. DARRIL EIN! SQC e' Dre al e IRED BOYD S gt .-at-Arms ,wx eta he Beta Club ls a scholastic honorary society. lor entrance in this club you must maintain e. "B" average in your subjects. le have a National Conference, which le held ln Louisville. Ken- tucky. on November 30 and December 1. his year we had one member to attend, Marlene Olson. She report- ed many exciting experiences to the club. At present. we have 30 members. le are proud to report that membership to our club has increased very much in the paet five years. le know that the prog- ress our club is making will make Union a better school to attend. Beta Roll Call Bow I. Curt Todd.Barbara Breck, Gerald Keene,Patty Hunley. Row II, Joe Hall. Eleanor Lippeatt, lhomas Scott. Shirley lellson. Fred. Boyd. Bow III. Pat Sulllvan.larl Robert- son. llarlene Olson. Dean Pope. Row 1V.lvsly'n lllller.John lhmeehlarl- lyn Pope. Larry lbclellan. Barbara llllis. Bow Y. Roy llcClellan.Rose- mary Ashcx-aft.Barold 8heftler.Dean Hampton. Row VI. lorma Pope. landa llcheal. Ann Tackuett. Shirley 0'- Baver. Ire. Headley. Nz , X i' F 1 4, Live? . 'WTS 2 - , i A V S FH' N Q Y F , ' rf 1 ,W 'J " f . .' 4 - ,fy . 1 , I f.,-f f I Z V 3' 5 W q of .f - .. 1 fwfr- .- 1 A 3 , h"i ' A-X 5 l 3 e' 1 ily y 1 725 A Q N ,. .,,: I I - , 'NV , ' 1 .. -fa' -- ., 'lf-Q '. ' '35 "' 'y 'N 1 5 .. A 5553- 4 1 . . 1 9 , Mn.. . ,,,,,,,.,,, he qi - ? 455955 3 Q' T ,Q ,f . 5 'Md' A ,Q I .22 :Q W - I .. , mf, 4' we X :Q ,Y Zmwf. H, ' . ?' 2 any ' 1 .gm 'C J we + :R K "Q . , " ff 5 n, ' --9. I .' , 'v - YJ- ' L of wif. in E , . ' ' '-:N .L W... ...' - A . " 2 "" 'll f?.:.gf5? . jf" NORML! BALI: Pre sldent LARRY HAL! VIC!-Plilg WYNONA KENNEDY Secretary 414 Club me lb-8 Club of 1951-52 was un- der a new sponsorship. 'lbs girls' group was under the direction of Hrs. Harrison and the boys' under Mr. Roberts. We were very pleased to have two members of our group chosen. for their outstanding achievements to take a trip to Chicago.I1l1nois The two were Barbara W1l11s.a mem- ber of the Junior class and Earl Robertson. of the Senior Claes. This year's officers were Pres. Norman Hale.V1ce Pres. .Larry Hale. Sec-.Wynonna Kennedy. Trsas.. Jack Corbin. As the club progresses it will still live up to its motto: Mak! the best better. How I:Nancy Alumbaugh,Sally Ammer mamlarkita Bartley,Helen Cox. Row II: Mary Faidherbe.Harx-lett Good- man, Diane. Hall. Connie Marsh. Bow III: Virgina Meurer. KayJarett. Carolyn Morgan. Reba Neilson. Row IV: Anetta Held, Jane Reyno1de.Kay Reynolds, Sandra Sohisler. Row V: Dale Bargar. Gale Bargar,Karl Coy- ner.Ke1th Coyner. Row VI:Ly1e lul- ford,Jamss Ransford. Randy Small- wood. Rodney Smallwood. Row VII: Richard Maurer. Clara Smallwood Elaine Woodrufhllaine Willis. Row VIII: Sue Berger. lax Bed.wel1.Dean Hampton.Joe Ha1l.E1eanor Lippeatt. Row IX:Ke,y Meuremliorma Pope.Sh1r- ley Ne11son.Dorothy Roberteon,Sara Schisler. Row X: fred Walters,ZBar- bare lil11s.Glenda loodrutf, Mrs. Barr1son,Mr. Roberts. Sponsors. JACK CORBIH Treasurer One of the newest additions to tne cur- riculum at Union is the Spanish lang- uage. 'Fhere are twenty-four students in our beginning class. In sduition to their regular class work. the students have formed s club--El Club Espanol. The club meets during the regular class period on Fridays and the students have social and educational projects during these meetings. It is the hope of the members of El Club Espanol that through movies,a.nd programs that they sponsor, that they will do some small part to- ward the developement of better under- standing between the Americas. The officers are: Pres. Fred. Boyd, Vice Presddarllyn Pope and Sec.-Trees. Wanda Micheal, Sponeor,M:r.Nea.r. One goup that remains quietly in the background doing the tasks that help to brigmten school life is the Jr. Hi Dra- matics Club. Among their projects are listed a dramatic presentation, the an- nual Christmas tres in the hallway and their annual trip to V1ncennes.'l'he mem- bers worked hard selling greeting cards and various items to raise money for their trip.Niss Pirtle is their sponsor . . L 5 omecoming To-day is Friday. October lb, 1951. But wait! what is all the hustle and bustle? It looks as if it were a holiday. Yes. it is one of Union's holidays. To-nlynt is homecoming and we play Jasonville. This afternoon cars and floats are being decorated for the parade which is to ad- vance througx town and proceed to Union for the march down the field and the crown- ing of the football queen. By a vote of the student body, Norma Mitchell, a senior, was elected to reign as queen.As her attendants two girls were elected from each of the high school classes. 'Ihey were as follows: seniors. Ramona Kennedy and lynnona Kennedyg ,1uniors,Ma.r-lene Olson and Ruth Psttong sophomores, Velda Sheffler, and Marilyn Houston: freshman,Ruth Swan and Reba Neilson. To complete the picture there will be Winnetta Deckard. the crown bearer: Judith Reynolds and Randy Smith scattering the golden petals in the path of the quesng and Clifford Parmely carrying the new football to open the game. The parade will long be remembered---the queen in white carrying red roses and followed by her attendants. also in white. making the traditional march under the lights of Union's football field.. unior Cladd flag On Friday, april 18. the curtain rose on the dramatic production of the Junior class. lheir presentation of the three act comedy drama, "Don't Ever Grow Up". by James Reach drew a full house audience and was acclaimed a real success. The scene of the play was laid in the horns of the Meadows, Mr. and Mrs. Meadows with their two daughters and one som. each of whom has individual troubles trying to grow up. The climax of all the problems was reached when Mimi. the younger daughter and manager of the neigxborhood football team. decided to kidnap Hal, her football hero rather than permit him to date her sister. For awhile Mimi. is very worried for she realises that she might have caused Hal'e death. but the problems are worked out to a happy ending for all. Shirley Dunder as Molly, the mid. supplied much of the humr throughout the entire play. CAST MOLLY - - - lthe maid in the Meadow's hom! -------- Shirley Dunder MBS. MEADOWS ------ Qthe mtherj ------- Barbara Willis MR. MEADOwS ----- lthe father! ------- Jin Ransford MIMI - ------ Qths younger dsugxterj - - - lmmadean Hampton CBAVATH ---- - fthe son! ----- - Charles Rooksberry ELAINE - - - fthe oldest child. she is 193 - - Eleanor Lippeatt DUD - - - - QM1mi's friend J ----- ----- Bo b Goodmn CARRIE - lone of the grls of the neighborhood! - - Marlene Olson VELMA ---- ianother one of the girlsl - - - - - Margaret Quillen Rae ----- Kanother one of the girlej ------ Norma Pope DIBBIE - Canother one of the girls! ----- Kathleen Marcy JEAN ---- Kanothor one of the girlel ----- Harriett Anderson GLENN la wealthy boy acts as tutor because he loves Eleinej Norman Hale HAL ---- Qthe football hero who attends Mid-State Collepb - Tom Rieinger JUDY - QE1a1ne's girl friendl ------- Carolyn Chambers JOHNNY - Cone of the boys of the neighborhoodj - - Chester Wilson SLIM Lanother one of the boys! ------ B111 Ashburn Page Fifty enior Clay y The play 'Mother Is A Freshman" which was presented by the Senior Class on March 21. 1952. was marked as one of the most prominent features of the year. The theme of this drama was woven around the may experiences of Susan and her Mother at college. The trouble began when Susan's Mother having carelessly used the rrnney left by her deceased husband. realised she must do something if she kept her daugxter in college. The chance came when she learned that the college offered a scholarship to anyone having the name Abigail lbrtitude. Since these were the names Susan's Mother had. she tried to claim the scholarship: for by careful management the two of them could attend college on this amount. The school dean, however along with many others. could not see why any adult with a daughter wanted to attend. colleg. Thus, the stay at Pointer College be- came a battle ot wits with the whole affair ending in a surprise love angle. and Susan learning that one's own happiness comes from making others happy. Gut Mrs. Abigail Abbott ----- ------------- P atty Hunley ------------- ---- -------- a widow Susan ---- - ------------- ----------- - --Barbara Breck- ------ - ---- ------ - her daughter profgssor l1ghea,1s-- ----- -------- - --Roy lcCle1ls.n-- ----------- campus heart-throb B111 ------------ ----------------- ---- J sc k Corbin- ---- --------------- ----- l 1 keable Syliwg- --------- - ---- - ------------- Frances Storey- ---------------- ---- bo ok worm Xoqig ----- - ---- --- -------- ------- Ge rald Keene- ------ ------------ go od.-natured Glu-g --.--- --------------------- V anesea Terhune- ---- ---------- s catterbrsln Bobq ------- ------------- ------ I ar l Robertson ---------------- oonceited. chap Mu-5, ...-- .-------- ------------ R o eemary Ashcraft ------------ the sweet tooth Bunny- ----- ----- - --------------- I ynona Kennedr- ---- --- ------- rather naive Jwk .-.----------- ------ -------- - - 'rom Scott ---- ---------------- - --good-natured cgrrig- .-.--- -- ------- --------------- B etty Gilhan- ----------------- happy-go-lucky Dem Gillingmm- ----- ---------------- H srold Sheffler- ----------------- -dignified ln, l111gr---- ------- --------------- Phy llis looney- -------------- the housemother No ploy could 'be a success without the help of those who work behind stage. This year the stage mangers were Charles Bonham and B111 W1lkesgPrompter. Becky Swan: Make-up,Ann Teekettsgsound effects.Ra.lph Ranardg Stage Decoration, Ramona Kennedy and Patsy Boone. Page Fzfty-one -bw. m.fL'R il 4-PM ,..1..,,f , xf' .a . I 3 A ,M ,FN . w W -, ,Wi ' . iff n 5 fl E Jain' A 7,4 if f:.uw,.. 1,, W, ,,i . W . L -Q-ig "' ' ' . 3 4 LK! v., Y. Y ff , ., 4 wa ' I ln- A -. - v. . . xy X a ALR .sg Agn : ' ,- -tu, " Q -- mf ' 22 ,205 . A J, , M , 1 iiilhnl f 4 A MA-4 4 -- W . . ,K F JH 4' s5,y8'f,4s awk '-'AMN' 9 4" -.. N 'S .Q Q S -L., 'L s 511. RUQUSQ 1 2 I0 17 6 7 s 9 13141516 18 20212223 25 2728293031 3 st 19 EE 1:5519 N 1 ff 15 ,, 1, 'f 1 '5 11 9 W' 9 1' 1 911. 5211915 ' 0212- .. asf? 'fr 39 1035 E23 1.41. 5 fl. .ig 1 alcluertiding 9 fa- 4 of 484: "ws L47-r" YQ I., U Q Q, 'U :TT 1 nu 5 7 8 9 .1 12 13 14 15 1131 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 53 1952 STUDEBAKER COMMANDER V-8 ' McKEE MOTORS 24 North Main Sullivan Phone 361 Compliments Compliments of of SULLIVAN STATE BANK SAFE smce 1875 Sullivan, Indiana Carlisle, Indiana Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resources Approximately S8,000,000,000 Maximum Federal Insurance For Each Depositor, 510,000 Drs. Betty Dukes F. M. Dukes J. E. Dukes F. M. DUKES, M.D. Phones: Residence 30, Office 9 BETTY and J. E. DUKES, M.D. Phones: Residence 21, Office 9 COMPLIhIEN'Ib of W. L. CROXTQN. DDS Phone 2 Dagger, HARRISON FARM SUPPLY A custom GRINDING 'A' PURINA FEEDS 'A' GAS AND OILS Lowell Harrison Phone 'I39 Dugger lhdidhd Drink R KENNEDY S ' NATL ADVERUSED BRANDS Fon MEN WIMOA h on ml LAmss A m A h 4 nhyf 5+ p I A' e CPHLDREN a susrzn BROVVN CaH 2119 Can --15 N. NLAIN LINTON. . 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Ind WHERE To BU, THEM Speclahsts in Junior Size Dresses M I L A M STANDARD SERVICE DPRINGTR G-OUCIENOUR COIIPANY aullivan Indiana Phone 833 5U"'V"" "'d'0n" 4 T r - .. . . Ji, "nn: 111W -1-ns l I HT I . . . , .. I A, v ull ' F a . av M A . L.4 " 1 A . . , I I- , mm L, PM SERVICE GREEN:-louses 584 South Section Street Cgmplimentg Sullivan, Indiana of Phone 363 P 1 G G and 'r E N N 1 s cOMP1IL.Em.S L . Sullivan awyigiiana OF D A V I S H O T E L WENDELL TENNIS Sullivan Indiana CGNPLIMENTS E L M O R E.5 of c1TY SERVICE CORNER SA1ITH'S BAKERY Sullivan Indiana C H R I S T Y YOUR UD' I? B A R B E R DEALER Du " I , Eger nalana Phone lb Sullivan COMPLI LENTS o f X9 O . . 06343 X 454 9621004 . 'xox vgxe P' O COMPL1 NENTS of GLOBE LEANE ' JA.CKSMI'I'H Phone M77 Sull1va.n Your Sylvinia Acros from I S Dealer in Dugger the High School f'OMl'LI 1-QFN lb ' I A R 'ullivfm LS' 'R FROLEN FOOD SERVICE meat process and cur1ng Lara renaering 1010 North Sect1on Op1.os1te Legion Home Sulhvan Indiana 9 6 C R b r-"P , X Ne X, ivvvlhe vb 'S 9 H A R R o N RADIO and T v SERVICE B R I C K A R D'S of . 1 N D N I 1 . N W ' I A U N N r U COMPLIMENTS OF HE Maumee Collieries Company W J-.f t Jwu' L L f' T WYATT'S MOTOR SALES NEW AND USED CARS AND TRUCKS SERVICE ON ALL MAKES UTHORIZED DEALER DUGGER IND COURTESY OF NEWKIRK'S FUNERAL SERVICE Our Greatest Responsibility is to Prove Worthy of Those Who Place Their Confidence in Us. ESTABLISHED 1916 RAY NEWKIRK LOWELL BRUST HAZEL NEWKIRK JESSIE BRUST Phone 59 PIeasanfviIIe, Indiana Motor Sales POWELL A MOTOR SALES GERA' D WALTERS GERALD M GHEE 5 V3 SULLIVAN INDIANA I A 81 T CHEVROLET SALES DUGGER INDIANA L Poll'-nc SALES .ln S I I E UUNNER 'l'00L 8zCU'l'TEli SULLIVAN INDIANA Compliments of CARI. ENGL! STORE FOR MEN SULLIVAN Compliments of the CAFETERIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL Po 4159 C I 4'-41' IN U G N fb 'Vo 41 fre, OW Compliments BOB'S MARKET Dugger Indiana G 5 1 H l I, ,I 4'VD Se, 8 Ollf- I N I' G sc Ofp 076777. 0 J' Sr N ' 1? Q 54 GROCERIES FROZEN Fooos MH-'WAY CAFE QUALITY MEATS D C PHILLIPPE Phone Dugger Indiana DUGGER S I N C L A I R GAS and OIL m. M. Barnard Owner Phone 141 Highway 54 INDIANA Jn affair. Ati' OUTFITTERS TO CHAMPIONS MAX PIRTLE McMillan Athletic Goods Co. Inc. UN1-ON IND Terre Haute Indiana W , 61 I I f' O O of HERFF -JONES CO. MIINUI-'Ac3'1'UR1Nc:. JI'IWIII.ERS as sTA'1'IoN1f:lzs I407-I4I9 NORTH CAPITOL AVE. , INDIANAPOLIS 7. IND. COMPLI MENTS comm 's of Porno cmps COMPLI MEN T5 o f D O N'S P L A C E Sullivan Indiana. COMPLI MENTS BROWN'S JEWELE Sullivan Indiana COMPLIMENTS J O E E X L I N E Sullivan Indiana OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC G ni C TRUCKS W H I T A K E R nc Sales Service Sullivan Indiana WILKINSCN LUMBER C0 The House of Home PHONE 161 LINTON INDIANA WW' W :sf CROWDER INSURANCE AGENCY H CROWDER PAYE C CROWDER JOE R CROWDER ur Pat.ron's Sleep Well" 17 South Main St Sullivan Indiana COMPLI MENTS EVAN'S DUGGER GIO COMPLIMENTS LINTON AUTO SUPPLY Inc Linton Indiana Courtesy of NEW UNION LUMBER CO LINTON I KENDALL 'S OLDSMOBILE Sales and Se rvice Linton Indiana of R 1 TE AL I of R. . llo X jpg 'I N -v Cv P 1 f7Jj.al.!gf!gf L X X I fu I 1 1 fx 5 , , of if L. ' rr,f , . I I www? 0 1? L I C O M P L I M E N T S of DUGGER TIRE 81 ELECTRIC REBUILT MINE EQDIPM NT ELECTRIC MOTORS TRANSFORMERS WM Dugger Indiana MOTOR WINDING GENERATORS HUNLEY Phone 121 MARKLE FEEDS GAS OIL GTIRES BATTERIB 6 ACCESSORIES PAINTS 5 HARDWARE LINTON INDIANA PHONE 145 ELSON S JEWELERS GBUS Store of quality and service Wltdh Repairing PHONE 515 Green County'a largest fruit and Vegetable Market Quality Meats Phone Sb Linton Ind COUNTY HARDWARE Hardware, Stoves E1ectr1ca1 Apphances Pa1nt and Sportmg Goods phgne 47 Sulhvan KENNETS MARKET comm. :.1EN'rs COWQLWNB of Mr. and Mrs Basil R.Tyree LEONARD'S GRILL and Bus sam na. and nas HARRY L. JONES Linton Phon' 90 Y ATT'Y ana ABSTRACTER 1 SULLIVAN COUNTY ABSTRACT co. I 1 di RUTH v. ANDERSON a ELVA M.ORNDORF? Seymore n ana sulnvan Indiana COLTLIMENTS AILBURN PHARMACY The REXAL STORE So Siae Square Sullivan COMPLIMENTS SULLIV AN D URY Sullivan Indiana FREDRICK B CLINE OIL PRODUC R Branch Ofrlce Sullivan, nd LADIES' C ATS, SUITS DRESSES G IILLINERY ARTENIES SLIPS GORDON 8 HOLPROOF HOSIERY GIRDLES 8 BRAS by LIFE 6 1ARAER CUSIIING S I of, ' Q ofl u X A 2 U S S I g'G'S . . , J . COLPLILENTS TIP TOP CKIAAERY MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS Sullivan Indiana COmPLI'ETT5 I-ifliiw Indiana Sullivan Indiana SULLIVAN LOAN CO. Personal Loans to 3500 H U M P H R E Y Qpick - Friendly Service Sullivan Indiana LUMBER co. O O MPLI '.I.'5 "Everything to build anything" of THRIFT SHOE SHOP b E. washington Dueler Inaiana Sullivan Inningu ,..:,.,, 8 ' "'1'i"' 'l::" Il"' Af.- v ,"' "l' I L WILJH' k"' 'WISH LA SE!!! "i375A sp NI Indianapolis,'Ind. S - I . of . afh I WESTERN AUTO R S R New 'Quinn Furnishing Oll COMPANY Pugiigaton Gasoline and Oils Emctric Stove' Tires Frggw-g , Easy Terms Free Delivery 24 HOUR SERVICE "Ev:-:RYTHING Fon THE Home 44 WEST VINCENNEB ST. Linton Inaia. a B B lol! LINTON, INDIANA HOME SUPPLY COMPAN 'vielr-Q.....,,,-wh Qf"""w ComPllments N SULLIVAN COUNTY REMC .... wig 'mg Ming? L""'-wn.,., GAS Uh ELECTRIC Phone 20 RANGES DUGGER, IND , A . E , ' M Q 1 ' 'Vp -M x I M K . . V 'V of -' ' ' f i K ifggjl fjkf Tiff f 2 X W2 9725 fx. :ET fn: fgf ff 5?f?'i?!3??14ff. ,Q..:s5X ,K.Mqjyfyy-N...?.I2:7'3--..,..,.'ggJ ,. Q "' " NLM kywu-wiTWU""'h--IZ..L'iA'x-- ..,Z:g,"'wwiJ."l5Hw mf Q' Q X .r':,.:1i:':g,g,yY 'ft':,::i41y- iidg.:ig1Fqimv,::if:J? 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CADWELL MUSIC HOUSE 27-29 North Court Street Sullivan, Indiana THE WHY STORE Men's Clothing wAnn's rnozm FOOD SERVICE Linton, In iana . , , 945 f T E. Vincennes Street BERN'S 'RUGS Try the Drug Store First Dry Cleaning -ll-'99e" I lndlmla TOM BARROWMAN MONNA D. HOPKINS General Insurance Notary Public Compliments of ARNOLD'S NEWS AGENCY Sullivan Indiana DUGGER INDIANA Always At Your Service - Saddlery, and Harness. Collar Pads, Leash and Tie Chains Wm- 5 H U T T 5 At Ellis and Company .Linton Qgliana Compliments of R. R. DAVIES HARDWARE and FURNITURE KROGER Live Better For Less MARCUS BARTLEY Manager 'W' Q4 Q U9 AW 7114-figfi-Zfgq ' ' f !"Y I MM? ' V-4 D fl N. C . lp Q A f '-'1 8 A Av. . I 7 Q30 M U ! 'I ff 6x 61 9 ' I Qi W y rg ' IN 119' NW, -6 IWZYCA Lvl' 5 wx j! rrv0f1. I 7 f is A 76, as Mfflff-f,'i'. 1 J ' -J I? bfi' Jilxjl . I i. 'WJ' WM ?'77, 'f"f'2 L Q Sl' 7 W 5' ' ,'- ,5 ,ff -- FN ' ' - ,' if fl ' ' ,, U -- X L, -' V l' Q-L . ' - A, , - Xa Nj . . ll ' 'l Q E- 'QI ,, , Q! xg k, Wd! jg? bl'O ,gf f Wfff mf 7f Ww 21 E W0 eff -f 4 'S' M ff-fra lv k . lu, 'w at ' . - , U , Q I , JT--u I- Il-I-- W- H I- in Wlxl nm-H ,. .A , , , 1, A . . ,.. , 1 '-.Ill . :. I. i fi T a 1 'P 5 .L- x I. WP" 'IVQ l . 4- ,E z , ,

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